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Reminder - Please Read!

The Lilymud Staff have decided a clarification of the purpose of this forum is necessary. We would like to remind everyone that the purpose of this forum is to praise or thank your peers in the TLKFAA community and that posts about anything else will be considered off-topic.

We do not consider "I'd like to praise my -insert number here- fans" posts to fall under the category of appropriate praise threads since they have a bragging tone to them. If you really appreciate people adding you to their watch list and feel the need to thank them for it, this can easily be done without mentioning any numbers or other quantative comparisons.

Bad example: "I just hit 600 fans! Thanks to everyone who's added me!"

Better/okay example: "I really appreciate the people that have been adding me to their list lately, it's really helped my self-esteem, thanks guys!"

Great example: "Thank you so much -insert artist name here- for how helpful you've been to me lately. I really appreciate it and wanted to publicly thank you."

Additionally, this forum is not for members to try to get others to praise them. If you want to showcase or try to get more comments on your own artwork, this can be done in the Spotlight forum. The Praise forum is for praising other members only.

If you're concerned about whether or not an intended post may or may not be appropriate, feel free to PM a staff member and ask them about it.

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