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The evening drew in as Jack and Ardon settled down for the evening, the dragon allowing the man to rest against his side, his fire lung providing warmth and the blankets covered them both as they seemed to easily fall to sleep, the two of them content.
Ardon had been working hard to carry Jack and he was doing well but it was tiring work for the young gold and he always slept solidly.
Calisto used the time of quiet to treat the warlord, the dragoness had made up another batch of salve and herbal medicines for Forge to drink, to aid the dragon’s healing, it had worked well and her work was nearly done.
She treated the silver but the warlord dragon did grumble with the constant closeness of the healer.
"I've already had the salve today. I'm fine," he insisted though he made no further attempt to prevent her from administering her medicine.
Calisto checked his back and the sides, the healer ensuring the dragon was healed or healing up, but she wanted to finish the job.
“You recovered well Forge, I am impressed and I managed to make the scars allot less visible, especially to one on your chest, I think we are nearly done” Calisto said to the silver.
“I bet that is sweet nectar to your ears” she joked lightly.
"I have been meaning to work up the courage to tell you I mean to depart with Ardon and Jack within the next day or so. " said the silver.
Calisto gave a forced smile and nodded her head lightly.
“I thought as much, I was going to say there is no more I can do as a healer…..I have…enjoyed your company” she said with verbal honesty.
The dragoness knowing that Forge was eager to keep moving, truth be told he was ready a week or two ago but she wanted to keep them together in this forest for peace and tranquillity.
"Yours has been equally ... pleasant," replied the silver somewhat awkwardly then clearing his throat.
Calisto nodded lightly.
“I am pleased I have been of service to you Forge, you are an impressive dragon, but carry allot on your shoulders…I only” Calisto words got caught as she found herself smoothing the silvers scales affectionately and she had only realised this.
Forge moved away slightly before he could stop himself. His sense of propriety overruled any notion of possible insensitive gesture.
Calisto seemed to go quiet as she moved away from the silver, an awkwardness now coming between them.
Forge looked at his paws for a moment, drawing in a breath, "My Apologies, Calisto. Forgive an old dragon stuck in his ways and fly with me a while?" He asked.
Calisto looked up and gave a weak smile, “If you allow me to, I’d like that” she said softly to the old dragon.
"The clouds have cleared. It would be a good night for stars," he said, gesturing her to follow.
Calisto agreed walking alongside the silver warlord, she looked up at him.
“Thank you Forge, I appreciate this, I am pleased you healed up enough, just..wanted to give you all some peace and normality before you go off into that crazy world once more” Calisto replied.
"Ah, well, with a human in tow and don't think much will ever be normal again," he said with a half smile.
Calisto chuckled lightly.
“I know they are in safe paws with you, it has been an honour to treat a warlord back to health, I don’t usually see males of high stature often” she said, the dragoness sort of returning to her more vibrant self as she walked alongside the bigger silver male.
"Are we really that few and far between?" Asked the silver in an easy tone.
Calisto smiled, her scales glittering in the clear night sky.
“I live in a quiet area, I do not see many warlords, or other dragon’s, when I look back at how I spoken to you, I am surprised you did not have me belly demanding an apology” Calisto said.
"I am not a ruthless brute. Dragons of not only my standing but all should behave respectfully." He said simply.
“You would be surprised Forge, not many have manners of a gentlemen like yourself, but some males don’t expect a female to bite back” Calisto said giving a growl for effect.
He chuckled lightly at this, "well I know you are not one to let anyone cross you."
Calisto laughed.
“No sir, glad you found that out, took a while but you learnt quickly” Calisto said playfully bumping into Forge’s side before looking sheepishly.
“Oh umm sorry about that” she said quickly.
In a rare show of playfulness the silver jumped, bringing his wings down and sent a scattering of leaves, dust and small debris around her as he vaulted into the air, showing her that there was no harm done.
Calisto laughed lightly as the leaves and debris buffeted her, she grinned as she took to the air, her wings helping her rise up alongside the warlord dragon.
“I love flying in the night, so peaceful” she commented.
The silver nodded in agreement, "it is.”
The two of them flew around the area, enjoying the night air, Calisto talking with Forge about different things as the silver listened intently, he seemed comfortable in her presence but at times they both flew, enjoying the quiet and only the noise of their wing strokes.
Soon they returned to the clearing they had taken off from as Calisto landed first, shaking out her wings, turning and looking up at the silver with a kind smile.
Forge gave her a small smile and then touched his muzzle to the middle of her forehead gently in a brief moment of affection. He rubbed his muzzle against hers and gave her a small lick on the white and yellow scales of her nose before drawing away.
"Thank you for your care and kindness, Calisto."
Calisto had closed her eyes and thrummed lightly, she appreciated the Silver’s kindness and this show of affection, as she opened her eyes as he thanked her.
“It has been my honour, you take care Forge and hope you find what your looking for, I make a move for home in the morning” Calisto said as she bowed low before the silver.
He bowed low in return, "We will see you off after breakfast. I... we will miss your company."
Calisto smiled lightly.
“I miss you too Forge, you been…amazing, we best rest up, I sleep near them, keep an eye” she said to Forge.
The two of them returned and settled down near Ardon and Jack who were asleep and unaware of Forge and Calisto closeness.
Calisto settled down and was surprised and happy as the large silver came he settled down next to her, tail draped over hers as he put his head on his paws to watch the embers of the dying fire dim.
Calisto soon fell asleep, feeling safe and happy with the silver dragon near.
Forge had gotten up early, leaving the others to sleep as he hunted and provided the morning meal, it would be the final meal of all of them together so the silver brought back a good catch for them all to share, cooking it how the dragoness liked it.
Forge went to wake the other but as he approached Ardon the gold lifted his head, apparently already awake.
"Breakfast?" He inquired but was already getting to his feet.
Forge gave him a look but nodded.
The group ate, Calisto smiled greeting them all as they all discussed a number of topics, but soon the food was gone and it was time for the canary coloured dragoness to return home, her job done.
She said her final goodbye’s to everyone as Jack seemed a little sad, to lose such a good healer, Ardon was the same.
"I'll miss you, Calisto," said Ardon, trotting up and bowing to her, "you make Forge less snappy when you're around," he added with a whisper. "So thanks for that too!"
Forge cleared his throat and bowed as well, "we are ever grateful for all your help. May gentle skies see you home safely."
Calisto nuzzled Ardon and gave Jack a lick across his cheek as Jack gave her a pet.
“May the skies stay safe for all of you, keep calm and stick together, may the stars guide you true” Calisto said looking once more at Forge, a brief sad look in her eyes as she took to the skies heading for home.
Jack waved as the three of the watched her go.
“I’m going to miss her Ardon, she was a wonderful dragoness and a brilliant healer” Jack said.
"She is," agreed Forge, looking towards the direction she left. "If she has anything to do with it I doubt that's the last time we will see her."
Jack smiled, “I hope we see her again, she was a very pretty dragoness with bright scales, a majestic thing” Jack commented, unaware of what went on in the night.
Forge gave a grumble in response, "we are headed for the coast shortly now that we can finally get underway. Pack your things and we will head out once you're ready."
Jack nodded lightly, giving Ardon a pat on his shoulder as they began to pack up, it was time to move on.
“I miss this place” Jack said to Ardon as they went to get everything gathered and once more go along the path Forge wanted them to go on.
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