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Soon enough, much to the silver’s relief, the three of them were once again on their way. Without the underlying worry that Calisto would get caught up in the danger that resided in Jack, the warlord was now a little more at ease. Pangs of regret did come every now and then but Forge always reminded himself at the paramount task ahead on him.
He would search every inch of Talkiir if it resulted in negating the danger that loomed over them all. He didn’t know what solution he would find but he knew or rather hoped, that there was one somewhere in the vast expanse of his home. He had been corrupted by humans but perhaps dragons would be his saving grace.

In the back of his mind a darker voice told him that if he managed to figure out how to break the bond he could simply rid Kilara of the threat once and for all and without any further cause for concern that Skahrsen would emerge again.
He hushed this grim notion whenever the mood brought it to the surface. Over the past few years he had seen how close the two of them were tied. Ardon reveled in the man’s praise and affection. He had come to approve of Jack, in ways of course, as well. The man was brave and determined and had the ability to withstand the overzealous presence of the golden youngster.
A respect for the man had grown within him which was why it was his hope that Brathille would be the cure-all for their problem.
Forge lead them through a week of flying over varied landscapes. They camped at night and would carry on at first light.
They met a few dragons along the way and Forge often kept Jack out of sight for the ease of convenience. There was still a lot of hatred and ill will amongst the Drakine population and he wanted to avoid the risk of any needless squabbles.

The three of them now made accommodations for the night. Another forest with crags of stone that jutted out here and there. A river meandered through the midst of it and Forge had made their stop at the bottom of a stony ledge that gave them enough space yet the trees and rock face shielded them from the elements.
Forge had left for a time to hunt and was gone longer than he usually was.
Jack and Ardon remained at their camp, trotting down to the river to amuse themselves while they waited for the great silver to return with a meal.
Ardon splashed and pranced in the slower pools of the river, turning over rocks and stones. He had even managed to catch a small fish, accidentally trapping it in a pool where he had been rummaging rocks around.
This made a quick snack as he washed his scales from the dust that accumulated by travelling.
"Jack, look what I found!" exclaimed the gold, as he held up a brilliant purple rock nearly as big as the man's fist. Water dripped off of it, making it glimmer and shine even more. Little pillars of bright crystal jutted out at odd angles.
"Wow that is pretty, very unique, be careful its not heavy for you little dragon," Jack said sitting by the rivers edge.
"It's not too heavy, what do you think it is?" he asked once he trotted up to the riverbank, passing the plum coloured crystal to him.

"Hrmm, maybe quartz crystals or purple quartz maybe" Jack said inspecting the rock.
“Neat. I want to keep it. Do you mind putting it in with your gear?” asked the dragon hopefully.
"Sure we can" Jack said opening his ruck sack so the gold could put it in.
Ardon grinned and deposited the crystal.
" Seems the legends about dragons are true, stories from earth said you hoarded treasures in caves, here you are starting your own collection," the man chuckled.
Ardon laughed, he remembered Jack telling him those stories, back when he was small enough to be carried in the man’s arms. He loved those earth tales and myths and often got his Attilu to repeat them despite hearing them a dozen times over by now.
The two of them returned to their clearing to wait and see what Forge would return with. He was later than usual but Ardon didn’t worry much, too occupied with chattering to Jack about everything under the sun.
An hour later Forge had returned with a small deer, enough for Ardon and Jack to cook over a fire. He also had brought along what looked to be an entire limb off of a cherry tree. Too small for the silver to bother picking individually, he had brought a whole branch for Jack and Ardon to choose from.
“You took a while,” said Ardon as he helped drag the branch over.
“I ran into a clan of dragons and tried to get some information from them but they were a suspicious sort and I scared them off instead,” he said as the food was prepared.
Ardon and Jack had started a fire and soon enough the meat was smoky and hot and they had their fill of it.
“Oh!” said Ardon, remembering. He dug his prize out of Jack’s ruck sack and held it up for Forge to see.
“Look what I found today in the river! I’ve never seen a stone this purple.”
Forge held open his paw and took it, lifting the stone to the light, “This isn’t a stone, it is amethyst.”
“Is it rare?” asked Ardon, hoping his little treasure was worth something.
“One this size is…” the warlord started but then stopped, a thought coming over him, “Has there been any trouble since I left?”
“No,” said Ardon, confused about the change of subject.
Forge rose suddenly, “Good. I have to leave again but I won’t be as long as last time. Stay near these rocks. I will be back shortly,” said the silver before leaping into the air, taking Ardon’s crystal with him.
"Ok where is he going in a hurry" man said looking confused at the silvers actions.
“I don’t know but he took my rock,” huffed the gold, he had wanted to see how it reflected the firelight and Forge had taken off with it still in his paw.

Eventually the sound of wing beats announced Forge’s return. He landed in the clearing and folded his wings against his sides, looking less grumpy than his previous appearance.

“Where’s my rock?” asked the young dragon, not seeing Forge carry it in his paw as he approached them.
“I had to trade the stone, I’m sorry, Ardon. It was the only way they could tell me what I needed.”
The gold looked crestfallen then upset but didn’t object, knowing it wouldn’t get him anywhere.
"Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean," jack responded looking puzzled.
“I needed to trade something of value for information I’m after. They would hide until I announced I had something to offer and put it where they could see it. Only then did they tell me what I was after.”
“That was mine,” huffed the gold.
“I know. I apologize. I’ll get you something to replace it. I just had to use it. They were helpful. Jack, there is a human building just off our route to the coast. I don’t know if there will be anything left there for you but we can make the detour and see if there are any supplies. Then we are headed in a more southerly direction than I previously thought. Hopefully we will find something at the cove. We’ll leave tomorrow.”
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