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The silver dragon moved one of his pieces but the grim line on his face marked that he already knew he had lost.
"Let me sleep on it before you do, Jack," Forge said then, unable to make up his mind in these quick few moments of revelation. "We can talk again in the morning. And I want to confer with Ardon, though I can already anticipate his response."
"Alright Forge and Check mate" Jack said as his queen took his King.
"Next time," promised the silver with a dip of his head.
"I look forward to it, good game for your first try Forge, picked it up well."
To this the dragon nodded and rose to his feet, pushing the tiny chess pieces to the center of the board with a giant talon.
“Goodnight, Jack.” Forge moved away and laid down in his spot close to one of the back walls but did not sleep. His mind turned over and over with the conversation he and Jack had. There were so many things to consider. So many decisions he had to make on behalf of his brother and his mate. Could he really be the one to decide his nephew’s fate?

The next morning, just as the sun began to peek over the horizon, Forge was awake, staring at a bright pink dawn as the sky began to take on beautiful streaks of colour. Rose tinted light filtered in through the window instead of the dark gloom that had shrouded the base for the last two days.
Jack woke up and yawned stretching, seeing Forge already up he walked over slowly. The dragon made no indication that he knew the man was even there. His stoic presence was statuesque as he looked out the window and to the beach; tide receding from the shoreline.
"Have you made a decision, sir?" Jack asked.
The silver ignored this initial question, "Tell Ardon we will be right back. The storm has broken so you can walk with me outside," said the warlord, nodding towards the sleeping gold.
Jack seemed to understand and approached Ardon and smiled.
"Me and Forge are going to have a chat, stay out of trouble and I found something for you" Jack said revealing a bar of chocolate.
Ardon was laying on his size and he stretched lazily, reaching for the treat after just barely cracking an eye open to inspect what had been offered. He hugged it to his chest and gave a sleepy thrum, “Mmhm.”

Jack had followed the dragon out of the warehouse and turned off the weather shields before they walked together in silence outside and onto the beach. The day they had arrived they hadn’t been able to see it, the clouds had been so dark and ominous. Now it was beautifully lit and the waved lapped at the beach gently as if they had forgotten the violence of the storm the night before.
The great silver dragon was quiet for a long time, sitting at the shoreline with Jack as he collected his thoughts.
"I...” he paused for a moment, “I will allow you to contact your people. As much as it pains me, you are correct. I could fly across the whole of kilara if I could and still be unlikely to find more than I already know. The humans are your greatest chance to rid yourself of him. I wish I could have fixed this, but Skahrsen is out of my realm of ability." He growled, “I don’t have the knowledge of Brathille to even know if it can cure you…”
Jack nodded lightly.
"Thank you Forge, I appreciate it, I will ensure Ardon is safe but what about my other idea?" Jack asked.
The dragon looked down at him to clarify what he meant.
"Ardon shouldn’t suffer, he would suffer being stuck on our world, he needs you and his family, I might have the answer," Jack said.
"Which would be?" the silver prompted, trying not to be impatient. He did not like having to prompt others for answers that they obviously had.
"Using Torchwood technology, have our people build a portal to connect our worlds," Jack said.
This made the dragon pause at the thought. He was silent for some time after this but finally found his words, "You mean like that story you told Ardon, a door that opens into another world? I thought those were only tales you told to keep him occupied. Though, I shouldn’t be so quick to discredit them. Humans have shown a ridiculous understanding of things like this… A door that leads into both worlds… That could be potentially very dangerous, Jack. I will not stand for another invasion. Or have the door manipulated to harm my kind again."
Jack shook his head, "not time travel a connect our worlds but we both have keys.. no one else just us," Jack explained.
Forge sighed, "You think this is actually a possibility? There is so much that could go wrong. I can just see the ships coming in once more causing terror."
"Trust me on it, I know who to call," Jack assured him.
“Trust you?” said the dragon, an ironic half smile crossing his face, “I don’t think I even trust myself with these decisions.” He let out another breath, “Go on and wake my nephew and ensure he is okay with all this first. Then you can call your people.”
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