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Forge had taken Ardon for a walk down across the beach in hopes that he could speak with him while Jack worked on the computer systems inside the building.
“Ardon there is…” started the silver but realized he had lost the little gold’s attention already. He stopped walking and looked behind him. Ardon was springing from log to log on a large stretch of bleached driftwood that had been pushed up by the rough sea. Small bugs jumped away and evaded his paw swipes and raking talons.
Forge sighed. Ardon was still just a youngster. Only a few years marked his level of experience. While his upbringing had been turbulent and unlike any other hatchling on Kilara, he was still innocent, na´ve and easily manipulated. Looking at him now he still saw the hatchling that he had watched breach the shell amidst the most terrible war of Kilara’s history.
“Ardon, listen to me,” said Forge, even more sternly than his usual tone.
This caused the little gold to stop and look up, crouched a bit submissively as the warlord approached him, “Sorry, Forge. I’m listening.”
The silver looked down at him, frowning. The severity of his look caused the young dragon to fold in on himself even further.
“Ardon, I want you to listen to me closely. This is no game, this is your life, you understand? If the humans that Jack say are coming are indeed unlike the ones from before, during the war, things are going to change drastically for you. In a way that will likely change your life forever. If you go to earth you will be in the same position as Jack has been in all these years. You will be the ONLY dragon. You will be thrown to the stars, far beyond the reach of family and friends. Nor will you have the familiar things of this world you are used to. You have felt Jack’s loneliness through the bond, yes?” he prompted with such severity that Ardon couldn’t find his words for a short moment.
“Y-yes,” he stammered. He had known that the man had longed for home, in between the moments of adventure and danger that they often faced. Due to his na´ve young nature, Ardon had always thought that he could ward off that longing with chatter, grins and his general goofiness.
“You will be the only one of your kind. In a world full of the creatures that fear you. I am not trying to scare you, Ardon. I just want you prepared for what is to come. I have no idea what your fate will be once you leave my circle of protection.” Forge had pressed on. The smell of sea air was brought in on the wind despite the tide being pulled far out from the dual moons near the horizon.
“But Jack said that they can built a door, a portal,” said the gold. “You could come visit earth too.”
Forge shook his head, “You can’t rely on that, Ardon. It might not be possible, or he might not be able to convince others to make it so. He was only a captain when he came to Kilara. Their ranking system is complex but he might not have the authority or the way to make that idea possible. These are the kinds of things you have to consider. I want you to be certain, without a doubt in your hearts that you are ready for this. You have to trust Jack but you also have to trust your own instincts as well.”
The silver lashed his tail in frustration, not at the youngster but at the whole situation that they found themselves in, “I am sorry I haven’t been able to procure a solution to Jack’s problem but your Attilu is right. This might be his only chance. My fear lies with the safety of yourself once you are in the human’s hands.”
Ardon stood a little straighter now. His confidence in Jack had waivered when he had witnessed Skahrsen had been within him since the mines but it had only grown stronger since the battle.
“Jack won’t let anything bad happen to me. If the humans come and it looks like they won’t listen to what Jack says, we can just fly away and call for someone else.”
“Ardon, I don’t think the relay works quite that way,” said Forge.
“It doesn’t matter. This will work. He had friends back on earth. His family and people he knows. They will want to help him. I know it.”
Forge drew in a slow breath. That’s all I can hope for… he thought.
He gestured for the gold to follow him again as they walked along the beaches.
“Will you tell my parents that I’ll miss them? And that I love them?” asked the young dragon, trotting to keep up with the silver’s wide strides.
Forge had a pained look in his eyes but nodded, “I will.”
“Tell them that I want to go. That I am happy to, okay?”
“Yes, Ardon. I will,” Forge said at last. That was a painful chore that would have to be completed in the near future.
The large warlord stopped and looked down between his paws. Lifting his talons, he scored the sand gently and carefully picked something up.
Ardon came around with a curious look to see what his uncle had found.
Forge opened his paw and held it so that Ardon could see. On his palm rested a stone with brilliant bands of crimson and rusty reds. Circles like eyes dotted the stone as it shined brightly in the sun, polished smooth by the fine grains of sand on the beach.
“Oh!” remarked Ardon as Forge gestured for him to take it.
“Dragon-eye Agate,” explained the large silver. “A poor replacement for your Amethyst, however.”
“No, I like it,” said Ardon, holding it up. “Thanks Forge.”
“We best go see if Jack has found anything useful in the files he’s searching. You head up there and I will gather something for us to eat. This may be one of the last times you eat real food.” Said Forge.
“Jack eats real food,” protested Ardon lightly, tossing the stone up and catching it.
“If it comes in a metal can I daresay it isn’t…”
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