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It was a brilliant day on the string of islands along the western coast of Talkiir, two months later when Forge arrived on Sunbreak. It had taken long weeks to traverse the terrain that they had covered over the years towing Jack and Ardon along with him but finally he arrived.
This archipelago, containing over thirty islands of various sizes had been Forge’s prize, the place he had wanted to make his final home before the wars with the humans had begun. He had known of this place since he was a young dragon himself and at one time he had hoped to raise his own family here. They were nestled in beautiful sapphire water, a ten minute flight from the coast of the mainland. A tropical oasis with plentiful opportunity for game and varied food sources. He had told his brother to bring his kin there and raise Ucluelet in safety while he tried to find a solution regarding Ardon and Jack.
Over this time he had only sent word twice back to the island via other dragons. He had not seen his family since he left them after the fall from the mines.
Forge stood on the beach of the largest island. He had two months to think of what he was to say to his brother and his family but now was he lingered on the white sand, every carefully constructed word seemed lost to him.
A warm wind blew in from the ocean and heat baked his scales luxuriously but he couldn’t bask in the restorative warmth just yet.
He heard laughter and looked up. A little dragoness, no larger than a small horse, came galloping out of the forest and onto the beach, chasing another brightly coloured dragon. Her scales were the colour of the shallows before a storm, a dusty teal. The dragoness she chased launched into the sky and looped around; chatter, indistinguishable at this distance followed and Ucluelet waved before the other dragon departed for another island.
Out of the trees came the familiar coppery shape of his brother, Bronan, who called to Ucluelet. The youngster smiled and trotted up to her father who dipped his head in paternal affection.
The sight was so peaceful and full of a gentle sort of love that Forge felt pain across his hearts, knowing that he had to deliver such concerning news to the family. He wanted to turn, hide until he could find a better moment to tell them but he realized then that he had been seen. His brother had lifted his head, staring stiffly at the stranger down the long length of beach. Ucluelet stepped back lingering close to the treeline while her father trotted up the shore towards Forge.
Once he got close enough to see who the silver was, the large copper dragon broke out into a hurried canter, his long strides swiftly bringing him across the beach.
“Forge, Forge,” he said, as he drew near but the warlord could see that his brother was searching for signs of his son, an increasingly worried look crossing his expression, “Where’s Ardon, what happened? Forge where is he?” his voice grew into a demand.
“Bronan, I was unable to stop Jack from transforming. He had a few episodes and Skahrsen appeared. I couldn’t beat him, I-”
“He’s dead? Ardon’s dead?” choked Bronan, horror strangled his deep voice.
“No,” said Forge, shaking his head. Relief seemed to wash over the copper.
“Oh thank the stars. If he is alive, then where is he?”
The silver shifted a bit uncomfortably. This would be the most difficult part to explain.
“Jack was able to contact the other humans, friends of his. Ones that could possibly fix this ailment that hounds him. They came and I allowed them to take Jack and Ardon to Earth so that they could-“
The copper’s usually gentle and jovial expression had transformed into a father’s rage. “You did what!” he snarled, inches from his brother’s face.
Forge remained still, and let out a breath, “Bronan, please let me explain-”
“No! You let humans, the cause of ALL of this to take my only son! They took him to the stars were we can’t save him, Forge? Took him away for Stars know what reason! You saw what they did to dragons, tortured them, maimed and killed them, cut off their wings! And yet still you allowed this? What insanity came over you? May your wings rot off you silver idiot how could you!” his voice was a roar and down the beach Ucluelet was cowering under her mother’s paws as Tahsis came to see what the commotion was about.
Forge was about to speak again when Bronan suddenly hurled himself at his brother. They tumbled into the sand, the copper snarling and snapping at Forge’s neck with rows of brilliant white teeth. The silver blocked the raking hind talons from reaching his belly with his own while they grappled noisily on the beach. Tahsis was shouting something but it was lost in the savagery of the fight. Claws swung and horns knocked together as they battled. Bronan struggled to subdue his brother, fueled by the rage only a parent who has lost a child could possess. His eyes were dark in his fury as he cursed his silver brother for what he had done.
Bronan kicked Forge in the still tender spot along his chest. The silver hissed in pain and staggered back.
The two males managed to find their feet and had reared up, grappling with their talons and teeth. Suddenly Forge swung his tail and shoved, knocking his brother backwards in the sand. He leapt upon him, one paw at the copper’s throat, another holding down a foreleg while a hind paw pinned a wing to the sand.
“Enough!” he growled, panting fiercely, “Enough, Bronan, listen to me! I understand your anger but you have to listen!” snapped Forge.
Bronan was panting and there was a fiery rage in his eyes still but he had stopped resisting, “Go on,” he growled through grit teeth.
Forge backed off and let him up. Bronan got to his feet and shook the sand from his scales angrily.
“Brother, I couldn’t find anything that would stop the man from changing. He nearly killed me more than once and nearly killed Ardon. Brathille was the only thing that stopped that from happening. Ardon possesses a power that I have no idea how to begin to teach him how to control. I found nothing, no scrap of anything useful in the years we travelled across Kilara. Every day that passed led us to another day closer for that monster to gather enough strength to rise up once again. I had no other option, Bronan. This is their best chance. The humans did this to him, so perhaps they can fix him.”
“You let them take him, Forge! What will they do with him? You have no idea? He could be dead!” growled Bronan, shaking his head in disbelief.
“Ardon would likely be dead in the aftermath of the next transformation. The separation would have likely killed him or worse, left him to a life of physical and mental pain had I let Jack leave without him. These are people that Jack trusts. He wouldn’t put Ardon in any danger. I have seen it in his heart and in his soul. He won’t allow Ardon to come to any harm,” said Forge solemnly.
Bronan rubbed his face with a large paw, still in shock about what he was listening to, “I’ll never see my son again Forge.”
“You will,” said the silver in a voice that made Bronan look up.
“The humans have the means to build a ‘door’ of sorts. From their world to ours. They will come and construct an access point here, on this island. It will take some time but you will see your son again.”
“Really?” asked the copper.
Forge nodded.
Bronan gave a choked cry of relief, hanging his head. Tahsis and Ucleulet had decided it was safe enough to come over.
“It will be alright, brother. Things will be brighter soon… I promise….” said the warlord quietly, hoping with everything he had that he was right…
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