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Jack and Ardon boarded the EAS Apollo as it plotted a course back home to earth, jumping into hyperspace as they were on their way.
Ardon was full of questions, his golden eyes wide and everything filled with wonder and amazement at what he was seeing, the crew gave the small dragon a wide berth still unsure on having a fire breather on board but Sanders gave Jack and Arodn the biggest quarters.
This allowed Ardon to stretch out his wings and have space to rest, Ardon went investigating everything, wondering what things were, Jack had to calm the young drake down as he was like a child but with 7 limbs.
After a few hours the ship jumped out of hyper space and carried on towards earth under normal speed, Ardon had his face smushed up against the window, in awe at the stars and the new planets he would of never seen in his life.
Ardon asked question after question about them, but soon they were approaching a planet which took the dragon’s breath away as his youthful eyes took in all the wonder.
"Woah! What is that!" exclaimed Ardon, pressed up against the window.
Jack looked up from a book he was reading and approached the wide window, giving them a fantastic view.
"Ah, that is the jewel in our solar systems crown, Saturn with its rings" Jack said as they were passing by.
"It's very pretty. Do humans live there too?" asked Ardon.
Jack shook his head.
"No, it’s a gas giant, no solid core and so you fall into and get crushed by pressure so viewing only" jack said.
Ardon laughed and peered out of the window, face pressed against the glass. He was rather enjoying the journey so far.
Jack explained the other planets in the solar system as they passed by giant Jupiter, the red planet Mars and soon the young dragon spotted something that got him excited as it came into view.
"Oh, oh!" Cried Ardon, "is that it? Is that earth?
Jack got up from where he was sitting as Ardon pointed to Earth, the man smiled, happy to see home again.
"Yup, Earth my home....our home Ardon, Earth and all its tech and wonder" Jack said looking to see the young gold’s reaction.
Ardon looked back over his shoulder at the man, "are you excited?" He grinned, knowing the man must be feeling a number of things knowing that he would soon be home after being stranded so long.
“IIt is nice to be home, I must admit” Jack said with verbal honesty, as they got closer Ardon’s sharp eye sight spotted a large object orbiting Earth as they got closer now to the 3rd rock from the sun.
"Oh woah!" Exclaimed Ardon, taking in the sight of the giant space station.
Jack looked and saw the massive station, Babylon 6, the biggest human built structure in space, the station was massive compared ot the Apollo as they got closer, all around there were shuttles, transport ships and EA destroyers.
"Yes Babylon 6, biggest space station, controls all of the traffic around earth and solar system, making sure we all don’t bump into one another" Jack explained.
"That's neat!" said the little dragon.
Soon there was a knock at the door and Jack turned to answer it.
“Come in” he said as the double doors slid open as a man wheeled in a large trolley of food prepared, Ardon smell sense took over as he approached the trolley, the man a bit wary.
“That be all thanks” Jack said as Ardon came nosing to see what was on offer.
“A welcome to earth meal, Ham, egg and chips, one of my favourites and of course, chocolate milkshake” Jack said.
Ardon turned around and his eyes grew wide in surprise. The smells were intoxicating and nothing he could recognize. He sampled a few of the chips, delighting in their outward crispness. The eggs were devoured quickly and swiftly followed by the cured ham. The best was for last, however and the little dragon has chocolate milkshake all over his golden snout.
Suddenly he stopped and made a pained noise, paws covering his eyes. "Arg!" He exclaimed.
Jack looked a bit concerned but then realised what had happened and laughed lightly.
Jack laughed.
"That teach you to wolf it all down, you had a brain freeze, try not to gulp it all down" Jack advised.
"It's so good though," said Ardon. He let out a tiny puff of flame that warmed him up again, making the strange feeling go away.
Jack smiled lightly.
“I’m glad you think so, how was all the food, your very first earth meal, true not the healthiest but still” Jack asked the gold.
"I loved it!" Chirped the dragon. "I could eat that for the rest of my life," he said with a grin.
Jack laughed.
“Well there is more to try, different foods from around the world, but first things first, rebuilding Torchwood and getting the portal up and running if Dr Baxter can do it” Jack said to the gold.
Jack felt the ship slowing down and the engines going to a hum as they seemed to be taking orbit around Earth, Ardon’s adventures on Earth would begin.
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