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“Right, little drake, no flame, clawing me to death or licking me to death. The rest is all game,” Jack said, annoi
Ardon dipped into a crouch, looking like a giant golden tiger ready to pounce. He growled playfully, “You sure, you’re ready.”
“I’m always ready, young gold. You should know that,” the man grinned.
Ardon smirked back, his tail wavering back and forth in anticipation of the game. He clicked his teeth and tossed his head back and forth as if he had a magnificent crest like his uncles.
Jack put on a posh announcer voice.
"In the red corner, the current champion, the dragon tamer Jack Harkness, in the blue corner the golden wonder, Ardon the devourer of chocolate milk," Jack said with a laugh.
“That’s all the recognition I get?” asked Ardon playfully, swiping at the air with a paw, “None of my heroic deeds mentioned? I do like chocolate milk…. But…”
"Ok, the potential guardian of Earth and the bringer of peace, that better?" Jack said.
“That’s better!” crowed the dragon, clicking the spurs of his wings against the hard scales of his flank.
The two of them locked eyes, spirited yet good-natured vigor in their posture. Ardon was full of fire and burning energy of playful youth but his desire to win always won out on his restraint of keeping calm.
"Ok then, lets see what you can do now young Ardy" Jack said giving him the nod.
Ardon lunged forward swiftly but suddenly jolted away, trying to spook Jack with speed. He kept low, knowing that the man would have a more difficult time if he did.
The dragon feinted left and right and then lunged again, this time without recoil.
Jack moved quickly and avoided the dragon's lunge, the man a lot quicker thanks to his mutated genes.
Ardon let out a growl and skidded, twisting over himself to turn about and go after the man again. His wings, still folded, hovered just over his back, acting as a counterbalance along with his tail as he moved quickly about the small space.
“You think you’re quick but I am too!” said the little dragon confidently. He thought he had him this time. Today would be his day to shine and he would finally win after countless times being wrestled into submission by his Attilu. No longer was he a little pup of a hatchling, considering himself to be adequately grown now, despite being only three and a half years old.
Ardon grit his teeth and lunged again, leaping towards the man.
Jack quickly went on the offensive and knocked Ardon off his feet keep himself close to the dragon so he had control over the gold.
Surprised by this sudden turn on event, Ardon leapt back to his feet and tried to back away but the wall behind him blocked the way. Surging forward might be his only chance but that would allow Jack to turn him any which way. Seeing no other choice, the gold dragon lunged forward and tried to take Jack down with him. He immediately regretting this decision and found himself grappling for the upper hand.
Tangled in such a way, and unable to bring up his head, the dragon grinned to himself. Jack said no fire or claws, he had said nothing about teeth.
Ardon opened his jaws and bit down gently just above the man’s ankle, teeth barely touching the fabric of his trousers, seeing how far his mischievous twist of the rules would get him.
Jack kept his grip tight as he ignored Ardon's cheeky tactic and flipping Ardon onto his back to pin him down to count him out.
Ardon let out a yelp and tried to twist away, wriggling madly as he did when he had been a hatchling.
Jack went for the pin, just as he did when he was on Kilara.
"Pinned...1...2" jack counted.
“Umpf, no!” grunted Ardon, bringing his hind legs up to kick Jack away, swinging his tail wildly in the process.
Jack countered and kept Ardon in the pin.
"Got you young gold..3...4," Jack said.
His tail, failing blindly, knocked over the chair that Jack had tried to push out of the way. It fell with a loud clattering on the floor and immediately there was a knock on the door just as Jack said the number ‘5’ to end the match.
“Sir? Captain! Are you all right? I’ve heard snarling!” came a man’s panicked voice. Ardon recognized it to be one of the ensigns.
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