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Secret Santa 2017 Sign Ups

Lilymud's 16th Annual Secret Santa Sign Ups

Welcome to the 16th year of the Lilymud Secret Santa Project. It has been 16 years so lets make this a good one. Spread the word.

What is the Secret Santa Project? (For New Members):

It is just like an art trade in many ways. But you do not know who is drawing for you in return. (Obviously that means you can't tell the person you are drawing for that you are doing their picture.)
Once you have decided to sign up you will fill out the information near the end of this post with your own information. This is to tell the person drawing for you what characters of yours they can draw for you.
At the date assigned below you will be sent an e-mail to the e-mail you have provided telling you who you will be drawing for. Keeping it secret you will come back to this page and find their information and draw a picture for them. Instead of sending it to them, send it to me. I keep all the pictures safe till the day they are assigned to be sent out. At that point within about 4 hours everyone will have their picture in their e-mails and at that point once the secret is out you will be allowed to post the picture you made in any public gallery.

Rules and Information:

Usual Rules apply still.

You have to do a picture
It must be your own work
And keep it secret.

Also I am bringing back an old one again. There needs to be at least two colours in the background. Digital or real media needs this. Unless there is a major reason to do it in black and white please do a picture in colour. If you are new to the project I need to be able to see you have done a picture for someone else in the past. A request or art trade. You do not need to post it, I will go to your gallery and find one. If I can not find any I will contact you. Pictures made for the project should be able to be viewed by all ages since all ages can take part.

NOTE: If you have not taken part for a couple of years and want to join back in, please note that I have a new e-mail. If you have taken part in any in the past year, it is the same e-mail you guys used.

Important Dates:

(If you have a phone or anything you keep important dates in you may want to put some of these in with some reminders if you are forgetful. As things happen I will turn the text back to normal instead of bold. This way if you are waiting for something you can come here and easily see if I have done it or not.)

October 28th 2017 - Sign Ups Open
November 20th 2017 - Sign Ups Close
November 21st 2017 - Names will be e-mailed out
December 15th 2017 - First Deadline (Check your e-mail if not finished)
December 22nd 2017 - Final Deadline
December 25th 2017 - Pictures go out (Around 6AM EST)

Sign Up Information:
To sign up please fill out the information below and post it below or e-mail it to me If you need help understanding what you should put for each category please go here. You will need at least one cat-like character. (Anthros are fine but allow people to draw them in feral form if they are the one character you have that is feline.)

(If you are a long time member you may want to redo your sign up information rather than just copying and pasting from previous years. There is a lot of new stuff and often links do not work when you copy and past it. Or your e-mail may be old.)

TIP: You can post between 1 and 5 characters. Before you start think of how many characters you wish to add. Copy and paste the stuff for the characters that many times and that way you can easily add the information for your characters without getting mixed up.


Artist Name:
Religious Picture:
First Secret Santa?: (With me - Yes or No?)

Character Name:
Character Page: (Example)
Extra Pictures:
Brief History:
Anything to say:


Check out past Secret Santa pictures at the places below -

Pages: Facebook , Deviant Art

Old Videos: Secret Santa Youtube Playlist


If your name is in RED it means you wont be allowed back next year. (Shown after the final deadline)
If your name is in PURPLE it means you have dropped out. People in GREEN are not talking and could be removed. (Anyone with a * beside their name has an approved extension till December 23rd. If for any reason they find the time and get theirs in before the final deadline that will be removed. If they use the extension it will remain on and their name will appear bold as they finish.)
If your name is BOLD that means you have your picture in. (Your responsibility to keep an eye on your name and make sure we have received your picture.)

Zorayda *
Sukala A.P.
Serge Stiles
Orca Owl
KanuTGL *
Timba twotail
Kasei *
Willow Fengs
Blazing Black Mage *
Leorgathar *

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