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It took me so long to remember my password and it wouldn't send any of the password reset emails. But I got in! I missed last year out of forgetfulness and realized too late, so I made a point to get in this year!

Artist Name: Pamuya
Website: tumblr 1 (occasional 18+, warnings on left sidebar) / tumblr 2, FurAffinity (mature content marked as such and hidden for general only viewing option), TLKFAA
Religious Picture: No thank you
First Secret Santa?: Nope, participated in at least 4

Character Name: Pamuya
Species: Jaguar
Reference: Main Ref
Character Page: None (I didn't know these were a thing, that's so cool)
Extra Pictures: extra 1 extra 2 In plushie form with artist credits
Personality: Often playful and silly, she loves to joke with and lovingly tease friends. Of course, as a jaguar, she is also a silent, focused, proud, and proud hunter. She loves to swim and can be just as silent in the water as she is on land.
Brief History: Fursona since 2006, has gone through species (and thus design) changes but she has remained my me since before I joined TLKFAA

Character Name: Mngwa
Species: Spotted Hyena/Gnoll
Reference:Main Ref (feel free to make the not-quite-black colors the same)
Character Page: None
Extra Pictures: TLK-styled badge very old collab Furvilla 'paintie'
Personality: She is often irritable and snarky but she does love a good trick. She is very smart and uses that to her advantage when she wants to be mischievous. As a gnoll she doesn't talk much, but she is a strong tank and a heavy-hitter with her preferred morningstar weapon. She will not hesitate to rush an enemy to protect her teammates.
Brief History: An adopted character, no real character history.
Anything to say: Can be either feral, or bipedal as a gnoll (D&D). The scars on her head are not necessary and are only on her gnoll design.

I love and miss you all and i'm sad that Sketcher is gone because browsers don't support java anymore, but I'm so glad that we have a drawpile now! I just discovered it while grabbing artist links. (now i need to learn how to use drawpile lol)

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