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Character Name: Dureau
Species: lion
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Is headstrong, cocky, and often acts without thinking.
He has an athletic build and has an energetic and enthusiastic attitude.
Brief History: Dureau was born to a family known as the "Grasslands Pride". He has three sisters, and two older brothers~ One was to take over the leadership from their father, while the other decided to leave the pride and see the world on his own. Dureau was devastated at the leave of his brother "Rian" and vowed to also leave when he was old enough. He wants to find his idolized sibling so they can continue to "adventure" together.

Character Name: Desoto
Species: lion
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Desoto is very protective of his sister and willingly follows her lead. Her safety goes before his own. He prefers to stay out of trouble and avoid confrontation, but will stand up for himself if needed. He is honest and fairly shy.
Brief History: Desoto and his sister have been travelling together since they were small. Escaping from their father who began to taint their pride and make it a horrible place to reside. At their mothers last wish; they are travelling to another pride, far away, to meet up with their aunt and cousins and hope for a better life with what is left of their family.

Character Name: Aleron
Species: lion
Extra Pictures: ~
Personality: He is rather spoilt and ignorant, but can be very loving and forgiving too.
Brief History: Sadly, Aleron in a victim of the exotic animal trade.
He originally came from a scarce light coloured pride~ Exceptionally rare in the wild and highly priced in the animal trade industry (especially those with white fur).
Aleron's parents and other adult pride members were shot for their fur, while the cubs were caught to sell as exotic pets. Each of them were declawed and defanged, and then chained and displayed in tiny cages. The living conditions were horrific and all Alerons other siblings died from a combination of malnutrition, dehydration, infection and stress. Aleron however was very fortunate to be discovered and seized by an animal rescue organisation where he received treatment and proper care. Because he is defanged and has permanent damage to all four paws as a result of declawing, he can never return to the wild.
He instead lives under the care of a young human girl whose family volunteered to raise and care for him. Despite how cruel humans were to him in the past he has a loving attachment to his human "big sister" and is very protective of her and calm in her presence. They occasionally travel around together as part of a special program which educates and raises awareness of the terrible exotic animal trade situation, poaching, and teaches the benefits of lions in the wild.
Aleron's walking is very awkward, and sometimes painful which due to being declawed. His paws are heavily scarred from several surgeries to correct his mutated toes, prevent arthritic growths and make walking less painful.
Not surprisingly Aleron is never in a hurry to get any where, and much prefers a ride in the back of a vehicle to walking.
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