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Unread Oct 22nd, 2018, 01:39 PM   #51
the listener
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Ardon and Comox set to unrolling the tent that the humans would use during the exercise. It was warm enough outside for the dragons not to need a shelter luckily.
They chose a spot that was well hidden but could also be easily defended or abandoned should they be sprung upon unexpectedly. There were two paths through the trees and shrubs that could hide them while they tracked to and from their hiding grounds.

After the tent was constructed and set in between two trees and a few shrubs Zyra brought over some branches to cover the white canvas material to disguise it from any prying eyes.
“There that doesn’t look half bad,” she said as they stood back to look at it. With Rifts help, Jack and Melina put all the equipment inside
"Excellent work team, looks like those survival books I got Zy for Easter has helped" the professor teased as Jack smiled.
"Well I figured it would help hide it a bit better," Zyra replied, "Buuut if you want to be easily visible to the other team I can take the branches off," she teased back, pretending to pull one off the top of the structure.
"I think we can keep them on Doctor, Ardon will take charge of the night shift with Rift and Veyron going to scout, I want Rift in camouflage paint, so his scales wont shine with lights" Jack instructed.

"Did we bring paint?" Asked Rift, walking up curiously at the sound of his name.
"I did indeed!" Melina grinned as she showed the spine-back the spray paint.
'Mel, would you do the honours? It will give us time for the paint to dry before I send them out," said Ardon.
Melina nodded, shaking the can as she got out some pastels that were camouflage colour.
Rift took off his gear so that it wouldn’t get coated in the wet paint and stood still as the professor sprayed the paint over the Spine back's red scales.
Rift closed his eyes and nostrils as the paint washed over his face. He sneezed, shaking his head after the cloud of spray dissipated.
“Bless you,” laughed Comox as Rift wrinkled his nose, feeling the paint dry already.
"You look like a completely different dragon," remarked Comox.
"I bet I do. Not a speck of red to be seen," said rift as he inspected his new hide coloration.
Melina finished off with the camouflage pastels on the spine back's face and stood back and grinned.
"Lets see your best army face Rift" Melina said.

The dragon looked suddenly very stern but couldn't hold the expression and laughed, "How do I look? Stealthy?" He asked, turning in a circle.
"Very, it will keep you hidden, Veyron is a dark colour naturally and sticks to the shadows so he can blend in, you will be able to get him there, get the information a quick evacuation," Jack said.
Rift nodded, looking serious about the task he was given. “You got it.” He promised.
While the group waited for dark they had gathered in the sheltered clearing and sat together in a circle, going over layout plans and Hitteki’s photos. Ardon had set down a whiteboard and given Jack markers so that they could discuss some possible plans of attack before they got all their scouting information from Rift and Veyron later.

“If you keep low and quiet, you could use this part of the woods as cover to get in close" Jack said as Hitteki showed the photo.
"Veyron could get some good shots, as long as the sub commander hasn’t blocked it off," said the Syrian.
“Speaking of him, where did Veyron go?” asked Ardon, looking around as he realized that they hadn’t seen the wraith for over an hour.
“Up here,” came the wraiths voice and Ardon looked up to see the dragon high up in the tree branches above. He was peering through his specially built binoculars to the north looking in the direction of the airfield.
“Anything?” asked Ardon, getting up and walking under the tree as Zyra looked up as well to see what the little dragon was up to. Veyron didn’t move for a moment, slowly scanning the area from his perch. Finally he lowered the binoculars and looked down at the gold.

“I see a lot. I’ll have a better idea tonight when we go though,” he said, opening his wings and gliding over to the next tree.
Zyra made note of how the little wraith moved from branch to branch silently. Only every once in a while his talons made a slight crunching noise when he climbed but it could easily be mistaken for the rustle of leaves with the way he moved. Even though the wraith wasn’t earthy tones, his dark colouration made him blend in easily with the shadows. When he kept his ruff and wings folded there was no flash of the dark crimson. It was obvious he was built for such an environment. No wonder he had pushed for his elevated walkways and tunnels. Wraiths did well up high.
“Well come on down for now, the sun will be going down in a bit so grab something to eat before you and Rift head out,” suggested Ardon.
The wraith lingered in the canopy just a little while longer before taking the gold’s suggestion of a quick snack.

It was always surprising to see the wraith in this work mode. He was still sarcastic with a biting attitude but he was more focused and driven than his usual self. He stood over the photos and surveyed them at length while he ate, adding his own notes to the board and suggesting places to avoid for now until they received intel.
Soon enough the sky began to lose the bright light of day as the sun began to set. Shortly they would be on the move.
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Black & White
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Soon night fell across the lands as Hitteki took watch by the tent, to ensure the humans managed to get a bit of rest while the scouting mission was going to get underway, Jack was outside as Melina rested in her tent.
“Ok you two, remember, keep quiet and low to the ground, keep hidden and keep noise to a minimum, your going into this semi blind, don’t take risks but keep your senses alert, get in there and get out in one piece” Jack instructed Rift and Veyron.
"You got it, boss," said Veyron as he climbed onto Rift's back and checked the gear on his belt.
"I'll get him there and back as quietly and quickly as possible," added Rift.
"We will be in contact but keep all lines quiet unless completely necessary," instructed Ardon.
Jack nodded in agreement with Ardon’s words.
“Use secure channel Alpha Veyron, utilise the silenced communication but don’t speak when in the area, just in case, now, head off, on silent paws Rift” Jack said.
"You got it," nodded the dragon. Veyron took his spot on rifts head between his horns, far away as possible from the dangerous spines.
Like lightening the spine back took off with little noise into the darkness of the night.
Jack watched as they shot off and vanished into the darkness of the forest, Jack soon lost sight of them as his golden eyes seemed to track them for longer than humans.
“I hope they do ok, I must admit its interesting to see them past a normal human’s ability, I guess I got you and Brathille to thank for that Ardy” Jack said to the gold pointing to his eyes.
"You humans are half blind usually, I swear," said Ardon with a slight smile.
"Not exactly but human vision isn't nearly as good as your average dragon for distance or low light," added Zyra thinking back to the time where she had human sight.
Jack had to smile at the comment, the dragoness knew both sides of the coin in this debate.
"I’m glad that at least one dragon understands humans, thank you Doctor Zyra" Jack said, teasing the gold lightly.
“Sorry we haven’t all been zapped into another species,” joked Ardon though he kept his eyes focused on where rift and Veyron had disappeared.
“They be fine, Veyron is in his element, so oddly I trust his judgement” Jack said as Hitteki overheard.
“I hope your right sir” Hitteki said shaking her head.

Meanwhile the two dragons used the forest as cover as they closed in on the airfield, they had been on the move for 20 minutes and so far, there had been no resistance or patrols as yet.
“Keep to the left,” said Veyron quietly as Rift sprinted into the night.
“Got it,” nodded the red, keeping low under the cover of night.
“If they have thermographic equipment we’ll have no way of sneaking in.”
“What’s that?” Asked Rift.
“It’s a camera that can detect heat. Like body head. Anything warm blooded shows up easily and fire breathing dragons’ glow like beacons.” Explained the wraith.
As they approached closer the sound of fighter engines in the sky sounded and they were getting louder.
“Get down!” Hissed Veyron. Rift skidded to a stop and hid under a fallen log.
Soon the sound got louder and then the fighters appeared through the gap in the trees, 4 fighters in a close arrow formation patrolling low in the sky around the forest, the they flew overhead as the engine sound began to get quiet as Rift and Veyron checked to see if the coast was clear.
“Fighter jets?” Whispered rift.
“Yeah. They’ll probably be making rounds. We’ll have to see if they’re on a schedule.” Said Veyron looking at the small digital clock he had clipped to his belt.
“Come on let’s get a little closer.”
The two dragons went closer, a little more cautiously than before, as they moved forward the familiar sound of engines were coming around as they took cover somewhere else, using the natural rocks for shelter and cover as the fighters once again flew past them.
“Okay they are circling around every ten minutes,” the wraith said when the fighters passed over again.
“Okay. We’ll hide low every 9 minutes or so and wait for them to pass then,” said Rift.
“Good plan. We’re getting close anyway. Let’s find out what we can see.”
Rift slowly moved in and soon in the distance the lights of the airfield could be seen and with it more security, soon another fighter with quieter engines were approaching their position allot lower and slower than the other 5, with beams on full.
"Down," ordered Veyron and the spine back reacted instinctively. "A different ship. Martina’s, I think."
"How can you tell?" asked Rift, surprised at the wraith's ability to tell the difference.
"Her engines are quieter on the Avalon and have a slight whine to them as they pass. Listen."
Rift did so and his ears twitched as they picked up the sound. "How do you know all this?"
"Magic," was all the wraith said as he stood up and looked through his binoculars.
Soon the fighter approached near their position as light beams shone through the thick forest, lighting up the deep darkness, some animals scurried for cover as the trees moved from the pulsating engines on the Avalon.
At the next sound of engines Rift hid automatically but Veyron urged him to set himself further back under cover.
"She's got the spotlights out. Get under the brush," he hissed.
Rift wedged himself until some thick brush and lowered his head, ensuring he was protected by the shadows.
"Close your eyes too. I don't want her to see any glow." instructed Veyron.
The engines sounded loud, the fighter was close with the lights scanning the area as Avalon slowly came lower and was scanning the area.
It would become obvious it was Martina’s ship, the woman’s experience and methodical approach was on display as the way the ship moved was precise, covering allot the area.
At the next sound of engines Rift hid automatically but Veyron urged him to set himself further back under cover.
"She's one of the newer members of the team but she’s an experienced one, bonded early too so she had some idea about dragons so we have to be careful with her," explained Veyron.
Soon Martina’s fighter seemed to stop and hover in the sky near where the dragons were, soon a green laser beam seemed to be scanning the area.
“Stay still, Red,” said Veyron.
“What’s happening?” Whispered Rift.
“She’s using some laser system to look around the area.” Veyron said back in a hushed tone.
The ship moved and the green laser scanned the area, the lights shining through as the ship scouted the area, Veyron would see despite her age, she was a very formidable opponent.
Veyron’s eyes were bright and searching as he looked around the area. He wasn’t entirely sure what this system she was using was capable of and had to reassess their situation.
Finally the laser beam went off and the ship turned and slowly moved off to another area, it had been a real scare for the two dragons but Martina’s fighter moved carefully, so they waited till Avalon moved off a bit further.
“Get up, we’re moving,” said Veyron, jumping onto the dragons head.
“Where?” Asked Rift, standing slowly.
“To the area she just scanned. Look there, you can hide under that and I can get up the tree to get some photos of the main base area.”
As they moved closer the dragons would hear and see the airfield, patrolled by security guards and monitored by CCTV and automated turret systems, indeed the base was heavily fortified.
Veyron scaled up a tall tree and clung into one of the branches. Taking out his camera the wraith took a number of photos.
“Hm,” he said, impressed at the fortifications surrounding the base.
He stayed for a while up there in the trees before he finally returned to rift.
“Took you long enough. I was starting to worry something was up.”
“No, just taking stock of what we’re up against. Can’t do that kind of thing half-assed.” Replied Veyron.
Soon the ground under them began to tremble and shake, softly at first but soon it became more obvious and louder as the dragons seemed surprised about where this mini earthquake was coming from.
“Woah what’s happening?” Asked Rift, bracing himself as the ground shook.
“****. Get a move on kid! Through the trees!” Said Veyron, yanking on one of the spines on Rift’s head like reins.
The dragons soon took off before the massive crag back approached their area.
Vonriir lumbered forward, sniffing the air. He had thought he had caught Rifts scent on the wind but he peered into the dark and saw nothing moving.
“Martina to Vonriir, you ok? Anything to report?” Martina asked the crag back as she flew over heard in Avalon.
“Thought I had something but nothing out here.... keep an eye out for anything red. Rift might be out there,” he replied back.
Martina hummed to herself, she decided to ask again.
" I can go check it out if you think Rift or them have been there, just say if you feel they might of sneaked in close" Martina asked.
"Possible. about 30 metres ahead of me. Maybe in that area with the breeze moving as it is," said Vonriir.
"Ok Vonriir i swing round there and order the squadron to scan the surrounding area, keep alert" Martina said as Avalon flew off.
"Roger that," replied the large dragon, turning to the left to patrol the furthest extent of his zone. "Alert me if you find anything."
“Will do, keep your eyes peeled” Martina said as she shot off at speed, putting the light beams on and then communicating with the rest of her Valkyrie squadron.
“Martina to Valkyrie 2, Vonriir says we might have contact with intruders, 30 miles north east, close in your patrol at grid reference 345.32 and circle at slower speed, use your beams and make passes over the forest” she instructed.
“Understood, enroute now” came the response as Martina slowed Avalon down and lowered down to get a better look at the area and to see if Vonriir’s claims were true.
Avalon was closing in on the two dragons as they attempted to return to their camp undetected, Vonriirs sense of smell perhaps triggering alarms off.
"It's the damn Avalon, lose her," Veyron hissed.
Suddenly Rift doubled back and took a sharp right and zigzagged towards the furthest area of the tree cover, circling back towards their safe zone.
Martina slowed down and scanned the area as Rift took off in another direction, she turned her head, perhaps sensing movement as she turned the ship to follow her hunch.
Martina pressed a button an large red laser shot out as she brought up a thermal imaging view on her pilot visor as she scanned the area.
"Hold it. We're not going to outrun those scanners," said Veyron, "Into the mud."
"What?" stammered the red.
"INTO the mud!" hissed Veyron. "Cover yourself and your firelung. If she's using heat sensitive equipment the mud will mask your signature."
Rift felt a bit guilty getting his borrowed gear dirty but he did as instructed, rolling in the puddle of mud that he had leapt over just a minute earlier.
"Why aren't you getting covered?" he asked once he was caked in the earthy dirt.
"I can hide behind you and not get seen. No point in both of us looking like crap," the wraith replied. "Now get down. Chest low to the ground, hide that fire lung."
Avalon came overhead and the red scanner swept up and down near them, as light beams, distorted by the tall trees and leaves as Martina checked the area carefully.
"Stay still," whispered Veyron as the scanners passed over them. Rift had debris and twigs stuck all over him from the mud and the wraith hoped it was enough. This is why he hated bringing others along on missions. A wraith could hide anywhere but it wasn't the case for larger dragons even though Rift was on the small side of the scale.
The spine-back's heart raced but he kept his head low, eyes closed and still as a stone while the ship hummed overhead.
Martina couldn’t see anything on the scanner as she radioed in.
“Martina to Valkyrie 2 and Vonriir, no sign of Rift or any dragons, thermal imaging shows negative, could have been a deer or something” Martina said.
"Hm," was Vonriir's reply, "Could have sworn I caught a scent. Could have been carried up from further away. Thank you for checking."
Martina hummed lightly.
“I have a check the surrounding area, if you picked up a scent, I check more easterly just in case, Valkyrie 2 continue circling grid area 3 4 and 5” Martina ordered.
“Understood madam” came the reply.
Avalon soon moved off at speed, returning the area into darkness as Martina took her search elsewhere.
"Wait, hold," instructed Veyron sensing that Rift wanted to begin the sprint for home base. "Hang tight for a minute and make sure they don't turn back."
Rift looked up and waited and the moment Veyron was up on his head and gave him the signal he was off and running.
Back at the camp, Ardon and Zyra had been taken off watch by Comox and Hitteki who monitored the area as Melina and Jack slept, knowing no operation would happen tonight, they would rest this night and be awoken once Veyron and Rift returned.
Rift suddenly appeared in the camp, skidding to a stop as leaves fell around him.
"Stars above what happened to you?" asked Comox, seeing the spine-back caked in mud and dirt.
"Had to get little dirty," grinned Veyron, jumping over to Hitteki's head so he wouldn't have to deal with all the mud.
"They had .... thermal detecting equipment," said Rift, trying to remember what the wraith had called it.
"Oh and you masked yourself in mud. Great thinking," said Ardon.
"That would be an ingenious idea from moi," said Veyron.
Hitteki smirked lightly but eyes looked up to her head, although she could not see the wraith, she knew the troublesome little dragon was there.
“I can see your still spotless Veyron, didn’t take one for the team I see” the Syrian dragoness said.
“I didn’t need to. I had to ensure Rift wasn’t seen. My priority. Anyway i got lots of photos and footage of the base. They have that thing armed to the teeth.” Said the wraith as he passed over his equipment.
“Perhaps we should wake up Jack and the professor, they are sleeping in the tents, they did say to wake them but might as well look at the intel with fresh eyes in the morning” suggested the green dragoness.
“No Jack wanted to be woken up when they returned,” said Ardon. “I’ll at least tell him that and see if he wants to look at the photos or wait till morning.”
Hitteki nodded and looked at Rift as Ardon went to wake up his Atillu.
“You didn’t need that paint, all you needed was some mud” the Syrian lightly joked.
“No kidding,” said Rift, trying to wipe away some of the muck, “It got the job done though. Hopefully I don’t smell too bad...”
Soon Jack was up and looked at the spine back and smiled lightly, seeing the wraith spotless and Rift in mud.
“Rift, go rinse yourself off in that waterfall, by the small rocky hill nearby and rinse off, then get your head down to rest” Jack said to the muddy dragon.
Rift nodded, thankful to be able to clean up. He snuck off out towards the sound of water.
“Alright Veyron, I want to know what you got, we can connect your equipment wirelessly to this tablet here, then we can all see better” Jack said as Melina and Zyra seemed to wake up.
“Good to see you guys back” the professor commented.
“All went well, apart from Rift being muddy” Jack smiled lightly making Melina chuckle lightly.
Zyra smiled and stretched as they got the equipment connected.
“Right so we’re dealing with Fort Knox here and she’s armed to the teeth,” Explained Veyron. “We’ve got turrets here and here. Mobile. And valkyries patrol this area here and pass over about every ten minutes. Martina’s got some sort of special laser scanner that she’s using to conduct sweeps. Vonriir is bumbling around as he usually does but I think we can easily distract him.”
Jack studied the photos in detail, impressed that Holtan had called upon such resources in such a short space of time, he could see some good photos of the airfield and its defences.
“So I think we agreed we need a distraction for the Valkyries and Martina, plus our resident giant, just the amount of guys and defence turrets” Jack said.
“It’s hard to tell the amount of personnel they have on site. Some could be inside. I only saw three walking near the building,” replied Veyron.
“We will have to be prepared for anything. We have no idea what they might have inside.” Noted Ardon.
“More people. More weapons. Anything,” said Comox.
Jack nodded in agreement, seeing the photos on his tablet and looking at the details, indeed this was going to be a challenging exercise.
“I think it’s a no brainer we strike at night, they might be on alert if they suspected seeing Rift, but perhaps we can lull them into a false sense of security” Jack suggested to the group.
"How do you want to go about doing that?" inquired Comox.
Jack checked his watch at the timer.
“We got another 63 hours until the exercise is up, if we don’t do anything for now, other than plan and get accustomed to night raids, we can do a high stakes, high risk raid near the deadline, we can rush in and take the hostage to safety” Jack said.
"In the hours leading up to our raid perhaps we should have some decoys or distractions set to go off to lure some of their party away from the main area?" suggested Veyron.
"Like a fire, or some tech going off in the trees?" said Rift.
"Exactly," nodded the wraith. "Even if they just send one or two people out to deal with it, its one or two obstacles we won't have to deal with."
Jack scratched his chin and looked at Comox with a smile.
“Co..did you bring the special packages I asked you for a few days ago?, you and Baxter were working on?” the man asked the male bold wing.
Comox nodded, "They're in the tent. Blue canvas bag."
The other dragons perked up, curious as to what the mysterious package could be.
“Small EMP bombs, only last say 5 minutes but can be used to disable the turrets, giving us a bit of time and to cause confusion” Jack said to the team.
The team of dragons seemed really impressed and knew these items would come in handy.
"No way," grinned Ardon.
"Co, you made these?" asked Zyra, touching one lightly with a talon.
Comox smiled a little sheepishly, "I helped really. Baxter has all the know-how behind it but yeah I helped make them."
Hitteki smiled and nudged the male bold wing, “Nice one, I knew you were very clever Comox” she said.
Veyron inspected the devices on display.
"I call setting one off," said Veyron.
Jack laughed lightly.
“I expect no less, for now we can plan our attack and see from the photos if there is any weaknesses, then we sleep in the day under cover, get some food and practice night raids, we got time” Jack said as the team discussed the plans.
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the listener
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Veyron had set himself up in the canopy of the trees to keep a suspicious eye on what was going on at the other end of the airfield. Even though it was the middle of the night and as dark as it could be, he kept seeing flashes of colour and bright scales below, distracting him. He pulled the binoculars from his face and scowled down at the group of dragons, still talking and shifting about.
“You’re all coloured like you want to be spotted from 10 miles away,” Veyron said critically, looking down at the dragons who were settling around the camp. “Stick out like damn sore thumbs. If you didn’t bring stuff to cover yourselves with you’d all have to roll in mud. You’re all decorated like you WANT to be found immediately.”
"Just because we aren’t all pitch black and sneaky like you, doesn’t mean we can’t be useful," Hitteki said to the wraith.
“When you are as large as we are and have defences like fire or acid, you don’t have to hide away as a protective measure,” explained Zyra, pulling a camouflaged sheet to hide the rest of her scales that weren’t already covered in her kit.
“I have fire too and I’m not coloured like some idiot peacock,” snorted Veyron.
“You breathe fire?” asked Comox, surprised. He had never thought about it, he realized.
“Of course I do,” Said Veyron, frowning as he looked through his binoculars from his position in the tree. “What kind of dragon doesn’t breath fire?”
“Sparks,” whispered Ardon to the Boldwing with a wink.
Comox supressed a snicker but Veyron didn’t notice, he was keeping an eye on the facilities spotlights glinting off the patrolling craft.
Just then Jack emerged from the tent.
"Hey guys, you should all be resting, I need you all on point, not bickering or talking, come on settle, Comox can you take the first watch please," Jack instructed, the man’s tone sounded serious and assertive.
Comox nodded and immediately got up and moved off towards the spot that he was to keep watch.
“Sorry, Jack. It’s hard to sleep. Even though this is a training exercise the feeling like something dangerous is looming won’t disappear,” said Zyra.
Jack softened his approach, nodding his head lightly.
"I understand, it’s something new and different, we wanted to create this environment to hone your skills, you do us all proud, I know it, I just need you all on top form," Jack replied.
The dragons nodded and settled in as Jack disappeared inside the tent again. Rift, Hitteki, Ardon and Zyra formed a loose circle around their little camp. Zyra was thankful most of the group were fire breathers and exuded extra heat for the night was a little chilly.
“Are you not coming down?” whispered Ardon, up into the trees as he realized Veyron was still in the high branches.
“No, I’m find up here,” came the reply from above.
“Comox is on first watch, you don’t have to stay up.”
“I’ll sleep eventually. Wraiths can sleep in trees so stop worrying and go to bed,”” said Veyron coarsely.
Ardon didn’t push further and set his head down on his paws, letting out a soft sight. He stared up through the gaps in the leaves but couldn’t see stars. Clouds had come in for the night.
He could hear the gentle breathing of the group around him and finally settled down to sleep.
Through the night Comox woke Hitteki for her to take the next shift. By dawn’s morning light Zyra was the one sitting by the edge of their camp, watching the world through the branches. She had looked up through the canopy to try to see Veyron but the little wraith had hidden himself well to sleep.
Birds began to sing at first light. At the building, far away at the other end of the airfield she could see that there was only one patrol craft. It had sounded like most of their activity died down in the later hours of the night though she couldn’t be exactly sure.
The rest of the camp began to wake a short while later. Ardon gave a mighty yawn and stretched like a cat. Hs camouflage sheet slipped off his back and landed on Rift who jolted from sleep at the unexpected weight suddenly deposited on his head.
“Sorry,” smiled the gold as Rift dug himself out of the blanket.
“Did anyone see much through the night?” asked Ardon as the others got up.
Comox shook his head and so did Rift, “Nothing really.”
“There was only one patrol craft I noticed when I started my watch at about 3:45 am.”
“They only have one craft operating from 3-5,” came Veyron’s voice as he glided down from the branches above and landed on Comox’s horn.
“How do you know?” asked Ardon.
“I went back out there to take a look,” said the wraith casually. “It looks like Vonriir packs it in after 1am as well.”
“Veyron you weren’t supposed to go out there again without permission,” chided Ardon.
“Says who? You never said I couldn’t go. I got you some important details and some better pictures of the south side of the base which is where I think you should go crashing in through. Quit *****ing and maybe thank me for getting you this intel.”
Ardon frowned but said nothing else, hearing Jack and Melina coming out of the tent.
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Soon there was movement in one of the tents as Jack was the first up and dressed, Melina was also getting ready in her tent opposite, Jack stretched and yawned as he saw the dragons up and watching the sun rise.
Veyron jumped and landed unceremoniously on Jacks shoulder and promptly thrust his camera into the man’s field of vision. “Bout time you got up. I collected better photos of the base.”
Jack seemed surprised but looked at the photos on the camera surprised, seeing the wraith had gone back to the airfield without permission or the other dragons.
“You went on scouting without back up?, that was risky to put yourself in” Jack said to the wraith giving him a look.
“I think it was less risky because I didn’t have a glowing red ground flare following me around,” remarked the wraith. “I was fine. I brought my communicator in case of emergency.”
Jack seemed to let it slide as he looked at the photos the wraith had managed to take from his little excursion.
"Well least your unscheduled errand gave us an option of attack, any patterns you observed" Jack asked.
“Well it was only one night so I can’t say for sure if it’s a pattern but Vonriir stopped his patrol just after midnight and there seems to be the fewest ships in the air around 3am. A shift change might be happening then also so that might be our best opportunity for going in,” replied the wraith.
Jack nodded lightly.
"Yeah and it might work with my task to do it at the last moment, perhaps another scout tonight to confirm, but Rift to drop you off and then you meet him at a meet point" Jack said.
“Sounds fine by me,” said Veyron.
“What should we do in the meantime?” asked Zyra.
“Food is the first point of order, you all must be hungry, I brought enough rations to give to everyone plus chocolate as well” the professor said as she appeared from her tent dressed with hair tied back.
“You’re a saint,” grinned Ardon, thinking about the time of kilara and Jack’s rationing of the rare and delicious treat.
“What’s for breakfast then, anything we need to get prepped?” Inquired Comox.
“A fire but a small one and in shelter to not emit any smoke, I found a little spot the fire can go, plus the heat will go through the rock for the evening” Melina said pointing to a little enclave near their campsite.
The dragons gathered some dried wood and set to making an extra shield out of leaves to dissipate any smoke that might come through.
Ardon set the flame and it didn’t take long for it to catch.
“There,” he said, standing back.
Melina smiled as she got the food kit set up as the fire was set up, the woman was busy cooking the rations in the camping tins she brought along as Jack continued discussions with Veyron.
Ardon walked over to Mel and sat beside her. “Did you sleep okay?” He asked, lowering his head to her in hopes she might pick up the idea to give him a pet.
Melina smiled and petted his golden muzzle.
“Yeah, I slept ok, done camping before, would like a shower but I can cope” she smiled petting his golden muzzle.
“Your golden scales are looking really good Ardon, very well done” the professor added.
“I do my best,” he laughed lightly, knowing he did very little to make them so gold. It was all just luck that he had been given an aurous hide.
“Are you feeling ready to go kick some butt and take on Vonriir?” He teased.
Melina laughed lightly at the gold’s comments.
“Vonriir could bulldoze all of you over, I know its all a simulation but when he gets excited he doesn’t know his own strength at times” the professor said, stirring the porridge ion the large foldable pot over the small fire.
“That’s why I’m suggesting that YOU go take on Von,” joked Ardon. “He won’t dare hurt you.”
Melina smiled as she imagined the massive crag back coming to a halt and getting pets, but he already got that from Martina now.
Zyra walked over, seeing Ardon speak with her Attilu and catching what he was saying.
“You are not going to use MY Attilu as bait.” She insisted.
“Why not? It would be perfect. Vonriir can’t resist a damsel in distress. She would be a perfect distraction.” Grinned Ardon.
Zyra clicked her teeth at him, “she’s not a damsel.”
Melina sensed the bold wings displeasure at the golden dragon’s suggestion of her being a damsel, Zyra was protective of upholding the professor’s image and she did not like Ardon painting her as a classic damsel in distress.
“I think Ardon was joking, besides isn’t it males job to be the big tough, brawny ones and us girls the brains” Melina teased patting the thick muscles on Ardon’s shoulders.
“I have both,” grinned the gold.
Zyra rolled her eyes and smiled, “oh yeah?”
Melina chuckled.
“We’ll have a lovely group discussion on who had brain or brawn after the mission maybe? We can even put it to a vote if you don’t agree.” Laughed Zyra lightly before walking off.
Melina grinned lightly at Zyra’s comments.
“Come on now, save the teasing for afterwards, we still got Vonriir to deal with, he is going to be on form as he wants to do Martina proud, he be fiercely determined” Melina said to the two dragons, “Shes as fierce as I am in my younger years” she added.
“Younger years?” Asked Ardon, “you’re still not out of those yet I think.”
Melina smiled again, looking at the gold.
“True, shes a feisty girl and Vonriir will want to impress her, shame Forge isn’t into these exercises, he could deal with Vonriir” Melina replied.
“He needs a break from all the crazy that happens here,” said Zyra.
“I know. Well we will deal with Vonriir soon enough. Tonight we’ll devise up a plan of attack and sort that but out.” Said Ardon.
Melina nodded lightly.
“Breakfast is ready, its porridge, I got dried fruit if anyone wants some in their portion” Melina said as she got the foldable bowls for the dragons.
“Thank you, Melina,” said Zyra as she sprinkled some fruit onto her portion.
Rift took some with a dubious look but continued to eat happily after the first bite.

“So we need to start working on a plan. What do you think?” Asked Ardon, turning to Jack.
“Actually thinking about a plan first. I’m impressed.” Said Veyron.
Jack resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he answered the question from the gold.
“We have found a potential gap which we can rush in and grab the hostage, it also works with my high risk strategy, hopefully lulling them into a false sense of security, making them think they won, we can exploit the gap” Jack explained.
“Do we have a backup plan for this if things go sideways?” Inquired Comox.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Yes, cause as much havoc as possible, get Rift to rush in and get the hostage, but I am sure my first plan will work good, especially using the emp bombs which Veyron will strategically place” Jack explained.
“I look forward to that,” said the wraith. “Too bad I’m not actually blowing something up, that would be fun.”
Melina chuckled lightly.
“Well you are our recon, scout and espionage agent” Melina said as Jack smiled lightly.
After breakfast the dragons practiced hiding and doing other ground training, helping Rift with movements and how to keep a keen eye out for danger.
“Ok Veyron how long have we got before Holtan can claim victory” Jack asked as he once again reviewed the photos on the tablet again, making a note of defences and CCTV towers.
“He’s not got any claim to victory,” replied the wraith. “We’ve got 36 hours to work with and get the hostage out. I think we can manage just fine.”
Jack nodded lightly as he looked at the little map they had made on the ground, he moved a few twigs which represented defences and CCTV masts, Jack rubbed the stubble on his face that had started to grow.
“Ok, do you think another recon mission is needed tonight to make sure we got it right, then the next night, we strike” Jack asked Veyron.
“I think it’s important for us to ensure that they are sticking to routine before storming out there. Having someone set to keep an eye on things would be imperative. “replied the wraith.
“Agreed, I don’t know if its risking you going there now or at night, to make sure they have not altered anything” Jack said as Melina joined them as they discussed tactics, along with the dragons who had finished training and wondered what Jack had planned.
“I can keep an eye on things from dusk until dark,” Said Veyron. “I am the least likely to he spotted and I know what to keep an eye out for.”
“Then we move in under cover of dark once it looks clear?” Said Ardon.
“Bingo,” Grinned the wraith.
Jack nodded lightly.
“We still have enough camouflage paint for all the dragons and us, plus we got the emp bombs, 5 in total we can use to caused some issues” Melina said as it seemed a plan was in the final stages.
“What if Comox and I distract Martina and her Valkyries,” suggested Zyra, “we can out manoeuvre them even if they can fly faster than us. We could pretend to make attempts at accessing the other entry and have them chase us off and direct their attention to the far side of the building. That would leave less for the rescue team to deal with.”
“Plus with me riding, they think we are going for a two pronged attack” Melina said with a sly smile.
“What you reckon Veyron, anything you want to add” Jack asked the wraith.
“I get to set off the bombs,” Said the wraith firmly but with a giddiness bubbling up inside. “That, and I guess I’ll act as lookout and keep everyone informed of base activity”
Jack nodded.
“Ok, Melina will take the bold wings and distract the Valkyrie’s, while, Veyron is our eyes in the trees to direct us, plus he place the EMP bombs, then he set them off to help us, along with some flares to grab their attention, while all that’s going on, me, Ardy, Hitteki and Rift will go in, Rift will be our getaway driver, you grab the hostage then run like the wind” Jack said to the spine back.
“Me?” Asked rift, surprised he was given such an important task.
“I think it would be a good way to prove you’re worth keeping around the dragon academy,” smiled Ardon.
If Rift could get any redder he would have at the honour of such a responsibility.
“Plus you are fast too Rift, you could get the hostage out and Veyron quicker than us, before they knew what happened you be gone” Hitteki said, agreeing with the choice.
“Then its settled, its high risk but high reward, Veyron will go keep look out this afternoon then scout closer tonight, Rift again will do this, your light on your feet, but camouflage paint again, then drop Veyron off and then get him out” Jack instructed.
“Does anyone have questions?” Asked Ardon, looking around.
The dragons shook their head.
“Then let’s bring home that hostage. Team gold!” He Grinned.
Jack chuckled and Melina smiled as the dragons cheered, looking like everyone was willing and waiting.
“We got one more night of recon then, the last night we strike, I suggest you all train and then get some rest, you on night duties” Jack said.
“Plus, you all need painting tomorrow night” Melina added.
“We should have all been hatched as night strikers. Then we wouldn’t have to get all artsy,” Comox laughed lightly.
“Well go over plans and situations while we wait out the hours,” Said Zyra.
Jack smiled.
“I know your all eager to get going but I want to take them by surprise, we can do this, I discuss it more with Veyron and we can keep an eye on their movements, just in case they altered their patterns” Jack said.
“We do it sir, I know we can” Hitteki said with confidence.
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As the team waited for nightfall the dragons took to preparing for the raid. Comox helped refashion the Kevlar sheet to cover Rift’s spines. It would be no good to have their rescued hostage unable to hold on for his life while they escaped.
“I think we can get caps made up one day that could just slide on. They would be unnoticeable and give your peers some added safety,” smiled the Boldwing as he tightened some of the rope and pulled it through the grommets to secure it to Rift’s harness.
“That would work,” nodded the spine-back. “But for now, will that piece stop the spines from poking through?”
“If it can stop bullets it can stop spines,” Replied Comox confidently as he sat back to admire his work.
“Looks good. Thank you,” smiled Rift, turning his head to admire the back half of his harness. They had managed to get it snug enough so that it wasn’t loose and wouldn’t rattle as he ran. Melina had given him what she had called a saddle and added a different collar to his kit so that their rescued team member would have something to hang onto while he ran like the wind.

Veyron was sitting on Jack’s shoulder at the other end of the camp, going over his prep mission in setting up the devices that would disable a good portion of the other team’s security.
“Here you go Veyron, the EMP's they should effective, you need to place them near the gun emplacements, they will disable them, punching a hole for us to get in" Jack said.
Veyron took one of the small disks, marvelling at how small and sleek this kind of tech had got before he realized something and frowned, "Hold on- wait, these aren't the real thing," said Veyron with genuine disappointment.
"Do you really think I want to disable our own valkyrie squadron? Lose all those ships?" Jack said with a questioning look.
The wraith shrugged casually. He hadn’t really thought about it but the thought of no great catastrophe at his hands was a little disappointing. He had been looking forward to causing a little ruin. "Am I the only one hoping for just a LITTLE fire and destruction?" he asked.
"Oh the’ll be a little fire and destruction, they not exactly harmless props, IF you get them in close enough" Jack replied with a smile.
"IF? I'm not an 'if' sort of dragon. Show me where you want them and i'll get them there," said the wraith, shaking one of the EMP’s at the commander before stuffing them into a bag he would be carrying with him.
Jack smiled as he showed on the ground using props to where the EMP's needed to be placed.
"As you can see, close but not too close and it will cause some fireworks to satisfy you," Jack said to the wraith.
"We'll see about that," hummed Veyron, looking at the map, "Though I think the third emp should be placed about 20 meters north, there." he said pointing to a block above where it was currently said to go. "It would have the potential to affect more."
"Agreed, good spotting Veyron, you do that and that will cause some confusion," Jack replied

By the tents Zyra was acting as artist and painting up the dragons in the stealth paint, “Now stay still or else I’m going to get it in your eyes,” said Zyra, reaching up and sponging on the dark colour over the gold’s brow.
“There must be a faster way to apply this stuff,” said Ardon. It had taken a while to get Rift and Hitteki painted up and now, being the largest of the group, he felt like it was taking ages to go from a gold to a charcoal grey dragon with streaks of black and dark green.
“Well if being quiet wasn’t essential we could have gotten a compressor and hooked up a tank to a paint sprayer. That would have cut the time down. But, alas we can’t have that now so you’re just going to have to be patient. Now lower your head.”
Ardon submitted to being painted. His bright gold was hard to cover but the paint held well, even surviving the folding and stretching on his wing ,membrane.
“This is going to be a terror to get cleaned off after all of this is done.” Remarked Ardon.
“You better ask Jack nicely when this training mission is over or else you’re going to look like you rolled in muck for ages,” laughed the dragoness as she stood back to admire her work. It was surprising how different Ardon looked without his trademark brilliant gold colouring. “Who am I looking at again?”
Ardon laughed and put his gear back on now that the paint was dry. Zyra and Comox were the next to be painted but they left the inside of the tops of their wings unpainted. This way they could hide the bright white but stretch out their wings to become more visible if they needed to lure anyone away.
Jack wandered over to see how the dragons were preparing. "Wow, you all look very different with the paints, but it will hide you well," Jack said.
"Rift and Hitteki have been done up in the greens mostly, Ardon and the rest of us we've done in the dark greys seeing as we'll be flying for a good portion of it. Better to keep us more like the dark sky,” explained Zyra.
"I agree, Veyron will be setting the EMP's off, they will disable the turrets, the fighters will be the bold wings problem, while I go in with Ardon, Hitteki and Rift to get the hostage," Jack explained.
“We’re getting to the point where it’s going to be dark shortly,” said Comox, looking up at the light in the sky.
“Shortly after dark is when I’ll set the emps. Then we’ll start our surveillance and ensure that they are sticking to their routine,” said Veyron.
The dragons had one last meal before their mission, sitting quietly together going over different scenarios. When darkness fell Veyron packed up his things and Rift ran him towards the edge of the wood while the others waited.
“You sure you’re good here?” asked Rift, panting slightly as he crouched behind some mossy stones.
“I’m good,” replied the wraith as he slug his bag across his slim back and jumped off the red, “Stay right here out of sight. No one will be able to see you under the brush and stone ledge. Only talk through the communicator if you or I need to be at risk. Got it?”
“Got it,” nodded Rift, seeing the wraith was focused on his task.
Veyron then vanished into the night without much more than a slight rustle of leaves. In his element, the wraith grinned to himself. He scurried up a floor light standard and set an emp at the very top. No one could see such a tiny creature messing about right under their noses.
Veron opened his wings and used them to glide down to a little building on the east side of the grounds and placed another. He waited up in the shadows, watching guards walking about.
“Humans,” muttered Veyron, watching them pass by only a few meters below, completely unaware.
The last of the emps were set with only a few minutes of his allotted time left to spare. He returned back to Rift’s hiding spot and together they waited in absolute silence, holding their breath as one of the Valkyries passed low overhead.
“That ship is a bit off course but everything else is looking good so far. Vonriir was just leaving Hangar 2 when I was on my way back.” Veyron whispered to Rift.
“EMPS placed successfully,” Veyron said through the communication systems and awaited Jack’s orders.
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Jack had gotten his gear together and had put on camouflage clothing to blend in with his dragon, Melina had done the same as well as this was their last night, if they were ot be successful, this was it.
“Nervous?” Jack asked the professor.
Melina turned and looked up at Jack,, she gave a coy smile.
“A little but I be ok once we get into action, strange how this training session makes us all feel on edge” the professor said as Jack nodded.
“It will work, I promise” Jack said as soon he got a note on his communicator, he put the ear piece in as Veyron had told him the EMP’s were in place.
“Excellent, go to a lookout post, tell Rift to meet us by the small lake at the south, we meet him there, you keep an eye out and get ready to detonate the EMP’s” Jack instructed the wraith.
“My trigger finger is itching to press the button so hurry up,” Said Veyron, gesturing for Rift to go. He watched the spine back disappear into the dark while he headed up to his lookout point.
Jack suppressed an urge to roll his eyes as he looked at Melina and smiled.
“It’s show time”.
The two of the left their tents, putting out the lights inside and packing stuff away, ready to be collected soon after as the dragons approached them both, ready for assignment.
“Your gear is still sitting right?” Ardon Asked Comox.
The male bold wing nodded. “Yes. Seems to be fine.”
“I think we’re just about ready,” said Zyra.
Jack and Melina approached the dragons, the time for action was now, it had been a long wait but now Jack’s high risk strategy was now going to be put into action.
“Ok then gang, tonight is the night we strike, we must move quickly as Veyron is getting itchy trigger talons” Jack said to the team.
“Yeah let’s not have him blow up half the base before we’re even had a chance to get out there,” Said Ardon.
Melina smiled as Jack continued.
“Ok, do we all know what we need to do?, anyone not ready for this?, all I ask is you all give your best” Jack said to the dragons, Hitteki nodded lightly.
“I’m ready,” confirmed rift. The bold wing nodded and Ardon lifted his chin. “Team gold is ready for action.”
Jack smiled lightly and nodded.
“Ok then, let’s do this, Melina, take the bold wings and deal with Martina and the Valkyrie’s, I go with Ardy and the others, lets go” Jack said as Melina boarded Zyra and Jack jumped up onto Ardon as the team’s dispersed.
The evening soon descended upon the area as evening and night patrols began. The Valkyrie squadron was patrolling on schedule and Martina was in the Avalon, patrolling the inner ring of the airfield, keeping her methodical approach as she scanned the area.
Vonriir made a slow circuit around his patrol area, marching up and down the grounds before he turned and headed towards the Avalon.
“See anything out there, Martina?” He asked.
Martina looked around and checked her scanners, there did not seem to be anything as her ship moved across the woodlands above.
“Nothing here, with about 8 hours to go until 7am, they be out of time, perhaps our security put them off but I keep my eyes peeled” Martina responded back.
“It will happen soon, I’m sure of it. They’re certainly leaving it to the last minute,” replied Vonriir.
Martina agreed, they were cutting it fine.
“Alright, keep to your patrol and I am going to check out sector 2B, keep me up to date with anything unusual” Martina said to the crag back as the Avalon moved off.
“Of course,” said the dragon quietly to himself as he watched the ship fly off. “Fly safe.”
Martina smiled, hearing the concern in her dragons voice.

“Will do, Martina out” the woman said as she then communicated with her other squadron.
Valkyrie leader to Valkyrie 2 any news? I am moving to sector 2B to begin sweeping patrol” Martina said.
“Valkyrie 2 to Valkyrie leader, nothing to report, we are heading for sector 3 in arrow formation” came the response.
“Acknowledged” Martina said with a light sigh as she began her patrol in the new sector, all the while they were being watched by the keen eyes of the wraith, observing the area high above the ground, hidden among the branches and leaves.
“Veyron to Jack, Martina has taken the Avalon toward the west side of the grounds. Vonriir is still sticking to his route. What’s your status? I need to press this button before it kills me,” came Veyrons voice through the com.
Jack shook his head as he heard the wraith’s voice.
“In patient dragon, Melina are you guys ready?” he asked.
“We are ready, tell Veyron to light up the fireworks” Melina said as she hunkered down in the saddle, ready to fly fast.
“Ok, Veyron, hit it!” Jack said as he gestured to Ardon and the others to head to the other side of the base.
Veyron didn’t hesitate and hit the button while grinning devilishly.
The EMP weapons activated, shooting a bolt of lightning at the automated turrets, overloading their systems and causing them to explode, security officers looked shocked and were taken by surprise as the turret defences along with the CCTV cameras went offline causing mayhem among the security officers, totally not expecting what happened.
Veyron hooted and pulled the binoculars to his face to watch the mayhem he caused.
Vonriir was taken by surprise as the turrets exploded from the EMP charge, lighting up the night sky as the bombs worked a treat.
“Stars above!” Exclaimed Vonriir. “Martina the turrets are down.”
Martina saw flashes and looked in alarm and soon heard Vonriir’s voice over the com.
“It’s begun, they making their move, Vonriir head where there is a gap in the field, I am on my way, prevent anyone getting to the hanger” she ordered as she turned the Avalon towards the airfield.
“Valkyrie leader to Valkyrie Squadron, airfield under attack from unknown source, return to base, we must keep control of the skies around the hanger” Martina ordered.
“Confirmed Valkyrie leader, we are en route” came the response as the Avalon charged back to base.
Another turret exploded on the eastern side, making Veyron happy, seeing the amount of chaos he had inflicted on the heavily defended areas around the airstrip.
“Yeah that’s more like it,” cackled Veyron, “I should apply to be a bomb tech or something,” He Grinned to himself.
Jack and the others were waiting, hearing and seeing the flashes ahead of them as they remained hidden in the woods.
“Ok, Melina get the bold wings to lure the Valkyrie away, watch out for Martina’s ship” Jack said as Melina confirmed.
“Ok Jack, approaching base, I can see Vonriir and Martina’s fighter, we get her attention” Melina said as the bold wings sped towards the base, they were to be a distraction while Ardon and the others would free the hostage.
“Ready?” Zyra Asked, turning to Comox.
The male nodded and opened his wings. He took off first, rising into the night as Zyra followed.
“Keep an eye out, Melina. It’s good to have you as an extra set on eyes,” the dragoness told the woman.
Melina nodded her head.
"I will, look the Avalon is hovering over, we need to draw her away and von is there as well" the professor said.
Ahead they could see the large white ship hovering over the area as guards ran around, officers barking orders as the turrets still were on fire.
Zyra nodded.
“Co, well fly past the Avalon together and catch both their attention. We’ll split up and divide them up.”
“Got it, Zy.” Replied the other bold wing as they sped up.
Martina hovered over with the Avalon as she inspected the damage, with Vonriir looking around and keeping his guard.
“What’s the damage Von” Martina asked.
“The turrets are out of commission. We can’t count on them for support -oh! Martina on your left. Zyra and Comox are racing in!” Shouted Vonriir.
Martina looked as the scanners picked them up, as Martina looked to see them zooming in at speed.
“Hold position, Vonriir Fireball to light up the sky, so I can fire manually” Martina asked the crag back.
The large dragon lifted his head. Drawing a deep breath he opened his jaws and unleashed a ball of flame that rose high into the dark.
Melina’s eyes widened and pupils dilated as the sky was lit up with one of the dragon’s massive fireballs, she could feel the heat emanating off it.
“Evasive Zy!, Von’s lighting up the sky”. The professor said as Avalon turned to face them.
“Alright, go, Comox!” Called Zyra as they rocketed through the sky to lead them away.
Martina was about to open fire but the bold wings had gone past her.
“Darn it, those guys are fast, if they make another pass Vonriir, light the sky up, lets make them visible” Martina said to the crag back.
“See if you can catch them on your scanner, Martina. I don’t know what they’re up to but keep a sharp eye. I don’t see the others yet.” He replied before falling silent and attempted to listen for wingbeats.
Martina used the Avalon’s scanners and she soon saw two dots approaching, she turned the ship around and opened fire, the weapons had been modified to fire lasers but it would be harmless but it would activate their badges, the lasers had a blue tracker as she opened fire.
Melina saw the Avalon open fire, Martina was not mucking about here and her aim seemed on target.
“Dodge! dodge! dodge!” Melina said to Zyra as Avalon opened fire as her fighter hovered over with Vonriir providing support on the ground.
The bold wing dragoness rolled to the right and rocketed away, zig zagging and twisting to avoid the fire.
Martina smiled lightly, seeing Melina on one of the dragon’s backs.
“I’m going after them Von, keep area secure, don’t let nothing past you” Martina said as the Avalon’s engines roared and the fighter gave chase, just as her Valkyrie squadron was approaching the area.
“Alright Co,” said Zyra into her com, “ready... break!”
Zyra zoomed straight upwards while Comox turned rad over tail and raced back towards the way they came.
Martina frowned and was puzzled, “What the….” Martina looked up to see them change direction, Martina manoeuvred in such a way the turn was almost bold wing in elegance, as the other Valkyrie fighters approached.
“Martina’s no amateur she just turned her ship round as elegantly as you guys, let’s keep them busy while Jack gets the hostage” Melina said to the bold wings.
“You got it,” said Zyra, twisted towards the right and took off quickly.
Veyron, their trusty scout, was observing the area, high above the trees with his binocular’s and other devices given to him, watching everything unfold.

“Okay boss the bold wings have got the fighters busy. This is your signal. Get a move on,” Came Veyron’s voice through the com.
Jack heard over the com and nodded, it was now or never with all the chaos going on, he knew they would not have much time.
“Let’s move now, Veyron said he is going to add to the distraction” Jack said as he urged the team on.
Ardon and his small group made it to the airfield unnoticed. Veyron has set off another device that took out the flood lights on the grounds but as they turned a corner a massive form stood in their way.
“Hello younglings,” Said the moonlit form of Vonriir. “I’m afraid you won’t be getting any further than this.”
Hitteki immediately jumped in front of the large dragon and bared her teeth, the dragoness focussed on ensuring a win, perhaps a little overly keen to impress, yet she surprised Jack and the others.
"I got this, I take him on, you guys get the hostage" Hitteki said throwing herself into the fight, Jack seemed concerned.
" Hitteki cant face him alone" Jack said to Ardon. Seeing the young Syrian was outmatched here.
“Get past him,” Ardon ordered rift, before launching forward and unleashing a brilliant burst of fire that lit up the dark.
Rift took the blinding moment to race under Vonriir tail towards the building while Ardon and Hitteki worked to get Vonriir away.
Hitteki rolled her shoulders and charged, attempting to act as a distraction but her confidence overshadowed her ability and size, Jack saw this a little too late.
"Hitteki don’t go too mad its not...." Jack said but too late as a Hitteki smacked into Vonriir but bounced off and hit the ground, the Syrian tried to get up, she had collided with a mountain and had landed hard, she struggled to get to her feet, the impact jarring for her.
“Heavens are you...” started Vonriir, stopping his facade of evildoer to see if the dragoness has hurt herself.
“Go!” Shouted Ardon, bursting forward and pushing Hitteki to her feet before buffeting Vonriir with his wings so she could get away with Rift.
Hitteki got up and shook herself as she went to provide back up to the spine back.
Vonriir seemed to remember what he was supposed to be doing as soon as it was apparent that Hitteki was fine.
He threw out his wings, blocking their way to the hangar with a growl.
Hitteki growled back as the massive dragon had blocked their way, Rift was cut off and would have to take on the task of freeing the hostage alone for now.
“Get the hostage out Rift, watch yourself, we got to deal with Vonriir” Jack said over the com to the spine back.
Vonriir blocked any attempts the younger dragons made to get past. The longer they were trapped here, the greater chance that backup could take them out.
"I'm going to lead him away as soon as I do go find Rift!" Ardon hissed at Hitteki as he leapt past her to draw Vonriir back.
He took flight, Forcing the crag back into the sky after him.
"You won't be getting away just like that, Young Ardon," said Vonriir dipping towards the left to chases Ardon towards the sound of the Valkyries.
Jack saw three Valkyries approaching at speed towards them.
“He’s out flanking us Ardon, time for some fancy flying” Jack said with Vonriir close behind them, not as fast but cutting off Ardon’s escape routes.
"Hang on, then," said Ardon before snapping his wings to his sides and rocketing away in a dive. Seconds later he pulled up and twisted away to the right, flying back over Vonriir who couldn't out manoeuvre flying like that.
Jack clung on as Ardon out flew the massive crag back, Vonriir turned slowly as the Valkyrie’s gave chase after Ardon.
“Keep flying straight, aim for the clouds, we out manoeuvre them in there” Jack said pointing to the clouds ahead of them.
Ardon took off straight up and towards some clouds so that he could lose Vonriir.
Down below from his vantage point, Veyron was watching the show with his binoculars.
"You won't ever catch him, Vonny, why are you even trying? Go park your ass at the door and actually make it a challenge for us to get past you..." Veyron muttered to himself but something caught his eye. He stood up straight, peering through the binoculars.
"Hey... HEY! Something is at your left, Ardon!" he shouted into the coms.
“What” Jack said as all of a sudden something loomed in front of them and the lights went on as Jack looked surprised as before them was the USS Jeffries, it soon opened fire upon them, the weapons adapted to fire the blue pulse beams for the exercise, it had taken the gold and Jack by surprise as the lasers clipped the dragon and Jack.
Vonriir let out a small laugh as he saw Ardon react in alarm at being struck with one of the simulated rounds, causing his damage display to light up.
"Not faster than a laser beam are you, Ardon?" he said to himself.
“What the hell!” Jack said as Ardon frantically dodged the blue lasers from the USS Jeffries, the ship turned and opened fire on the ground, its looming presence managing to make Hitteki scramble for shelter, the guards cheered seeing the surprise be unleashed by Commander Holtan upon the unsuspecting dragons.
Ardon cursed under his breath as the lights began to glow amber already.
"sorry, Jack," he said, seeing that the man had gotten hit too.
"That's a good colour for you," came a shout from behind them.
Ardon turned his head to see that Vonriir was still after them so he pinned his wings and dove again, creating distance between them.
Jack held on as the USS Jeffries continued firing, he assumed that Sub Commander Holtan was on board and this was one of the surprises he had in store for them.
Meanwhile Rift had bee lined it to the hanger entrance but there was a few guards there, keeping watch to ensure no one went past.
Rift had hunkered down behind some equipment to wait for the others to follow him. He spotted two guards standing in front of the hangar door from his place in the shadows.
"Hmm, he hummed to himself, looking around. A pile of wooden pallets sat beside a dumpster a few meters away. Giving one last look over his shoulder the spine-back let out a fireball, catching the dry wood in an instant.
“Over there, there’s a fire, let’s investigate, could be intruders” said the one man as the group guarding the hanger entrance left to investigate the fire.
With the men distracted, Rift charged forward, tackling one man to the ground. His light glowed red as the dragon got to his feet and ran for the door. Leaping, he crashed through the bottom of the hangar door, barging it open. Skidding to a halt, Rift found Sam sitting on a chair with a mug in his hands, "Oh hello," said Rift, a bit surprised but then broke out into a grin, "Your ride home is here."
Sam smiled lightly.
“I wondered if you had forgotten about me, powdered hot chocolate isn’t nice, we best move, I hop on then let’s get out of here” Sam said.
Rift laughed and knelt so that the man could jump up into the saddle. He looked around, and scanned the area for any danger.
“We best peg it, I heard things going boom outside, plus commander Holtan wont like you going under his grasp” Sam said to Rift as he hunkered down close so he would not fall off.
"Okay, hang on tight," said the dragon. Rift leapt into a sprint and surged forward across the airfield at top speed.
Rift looked up and saw the Avalon roaring above him. The ship opened fire down at him and the dragon rocketed forward, zigzagging his way across the grounds towards the treeline. He had not lost his passenger yet despite the mad dash as they disappeared into the brush.

Rift ran towards the trees however Sam looked at them and there was something off with them, the man seemed to notice ahead of them.
"Hang on...those tree's do they look..odd to you?" Sam said as he pointed to 3 lonely trees on the outskirts of the wooded area, plus the leaves were not moving in the wind.
Rift slowed down to look, feeling wary.
“Rift to team, I have the hostage. We’re in the tree line... we might not be alone.”
Soon the tree’s disappeared and revealed 3 metal tanks which opened fire with the blue laser beams, firing rapidly.
“****, dodge!” Sam said as these tanks of unknown origin fired at them with rapid succession, Sam had no idea what they were but they must of been part of Holtan’s team.
Due ot the rapid fire of the blue laser beams it had clipped Rifts tail as the red spine back used himself as a shield as he sped off, the badge changed colour to Yellow.
Rift scanned their damage badges quickly before turning on his heel and racing for the trees but something crashed down from the sky above.
Rift skid to a halt as Vonriir now blocked the way.
“Sorry, Rift. No where to go now.”
Sam looked warily as Vonriir blocked the escape route, the massive crag back blocked the way and seemed determined.
All of a sudden Hitteki came out of nowhere and jumped up onto the dragon’s broad face, distracting the behemoth of a dragon.
A roar from above signalled Ardon’s arrival.
Rift almost laughed out loud as Hitteki landed on Vonriir’s head to distract him.
“RUN!” Ordered the gold. Rift did just that, vanishing into the night as Ardon dive bombed the large dragon.
Hitteki hung on, ensuring she was a pain so that gave Rift the best chance to escape, Jack had swapped onto Comox to keep him safe as Ardon was left to deal with Vonriir along with the feisty Syrian.
Vonriir swung his head around, trying to shake Hitteki. “Get off you little barnacle,” he said in a grumble but his good-natured tone peeked through.
Ardon grabbed into Vonriirs tail to try to distract him but went flying when the massive dragon swung his tail.
Hitteki hung on for dear life as Vonriir tried to overcome the two dragons causing him problems.
Vonriir wrenched Hitteki off his muzzle and pinned her onto the forest floor. Ardon tried to come to her rescue in one last effort but the large dragon tripped him up and he was pinned alongside the Syrian dragoness.
“No escape for you, you younglings.” booked Vonriir.
Just then a brilliant yellow flare lit up the night.
“Hah! Rift did it! We won!” Grinned Ardon.
Jack cheered as the other others clapped as the Jeffries and Martina’s fighter hovered about, the woman smiling as the Avalon landed nearby as the other Valkyrie squadron patrolled overhead.
“Yes!” grinned Hitteki, she seemed a little banged up but she looked really happy.
After Vonriir helped them back up to their feet, Ardon and Hitteki flew off with him to meet up with the others at the far end of the airfield.
“Oh it is good to be on the same side again,” he grinned as he landed and walked up to Martina.
The Avalon landed on the airfield as the guards clapped and congratulated the team on their win, it was indeed impressive as Jack smiled giving a hug to Ardon, Melina also grinned giving well deserved pats to the dragons.
Rift and the others returned as the objective was complete, everyone was in good spirits, the Jeffries soon moved off back towards Torchwood, Jack decided to leave it be for now.
“Well done everyone, this has been an excellent exercise, credit to you all, especially our dragons and Captain Williams, now we just need to tidy up here and then we can all head home” Jack said as the dragons helped tidy up.
Vonriir meandered over to the younger dragons and smiled, "Well done out on the field today. I was certain Sam wouldn't escape us but Rift... you are something new to contend with." said the large dragon.
Rift gave a humble little bow, "Thanks Vonriir."
"And miss Hitteki, you must have been hatched with dragon fire in your veins. Bold tactics out there but... oh, your shoulder. You're a whole new shade. Oh dear I am sorry, Hitteki." said Vonriir leaning down to look at the damage.
Melina had looked at the damage and cringed, she had thrown herself at this exercise and caused injury.
“Oh that does look painful, Zy, can I borrow you” Melina asked as Hitteki shrugged it off, she didn’t seemed too bothered.
“Told you I can play rough” Hitteki said to the crag back.
“Yes but you shouldn’t if you get banged up like that,” said Vonriir.
Zyra gave it a look, “I think just some ice and taking it easy is all you can really do for a bruise like that.”
“It’s a nasty one, you should of warned us Vonriir that Forest Syrian’s got clout” Melina smiled as Jack seemed to cringe at Hitteki’s bruised shoulder.
“I think you should make a fuss of Hitteki, she threw herself into this..literally” Jack whispered to Ardon.
Ardon nodded and straightened up. “Fearless is a good word for you, Hitteki. You showed a lot of bravery out there and you were willing to take danger head on without question. It was a job well done.”
Hitteki smiled and bowed her head.
“Thank you guardian Ardon, I am glad I helped out” she said, pride in her voice.
Jack smiled and looked up at Vonriir and frowned lightly.
“Vonriir, I told you not to play rough with dragons, allies of crag backs of all things, look what you did to our Emerald warrior” Jack said.
Vonriir winced a bit, feeling guilty, “I didn’t mean to,” he apologized.
Jack laughed lightly.
“I’m teasing Von, I knew she be up for it, look Hitteki smiling, you don’t need to worry, she a hardy lass as James would say, her parents would be proud of her” Jack said.
“That they would,” he said, brightening. A fierce young warrior if I’ve ever seen one.”
Once the dragons had helped tidy up and clear up the mess, it was time to head back to base, once there Mark greeted them, with no sign of the sub commander anywhere nor professor Monroe.
“Head to the canteen” Mark said but gave no reason why as he followed them.
The dragons filed into the canteen and were surprised to find that the room smelled amazing and the table was filled with food.
“What’s this then?” Asked Veyron as he jumped off Comox’s head to mark’s shoulder as the other dragons marvelled at the spread.
“Well… was toby’s idea, once we were told you were success the team did you a victory dinner and drinks, so here it is tuck in before it gets cold, plus drinks, alcohol is allowed” Mark said as Hitteki looked at the bottles.
“I deserve a drink the female said making Mark shake his head, then again she had rammed and bounced off the crag back with a dark purple bruise appearing on her shoulder.
“That’s more like it,” Said Veyron, “Mark, what are we drinking tonight?”
“There is the drinks laid out help yourself, I won’t be drinking just keep it all civil” Mark said as the dragon’s enjoyed their feast and drinks.
The dragons chatted and food brought out, so the dragons could have their fill, Toby had done a buffet style thing for them, Vonriir had a large meal served for him, with some treats on the side, Hitteki had wanted to speak to Comox, to perhaps see his reaction at her efforts.
To her dismay, while Zyra was talking to the golden dragon, Comox seemed transfixed on Zyra, trying to keep in the conversation with the two of them, not really noticing the attempts by the female Syrian.
She was a little upset, she had tried to be a good part of team and hoped for a little sympathy from the male bold wing but he didn’t notice as Hitteki slunk away and drank her drink alone and sighed lightly, eyes still on the trio chatting away.
Veyron took another sip of his drink, surveying the party from his spot on the table when he noticed Hitteki looking a little upset.
“Hey fuzz face. What’s got you blue?” He Inquired suddenly from atop her head.
Hitteki snapped out of her daze, looking at Comox trying to grab Zyra’s attention subtly but her attention was on the goofy gold.
" oh....nothing nothing...heh my should is purple and red" she replied, trying to throw the nosy wraith off the scent.
Veyron looked down at her shoulder, “It is. Serves you right thinking you can act like a battering ram against Von. But noooo that’s not what you’re upset about is it?” He said, looking over at the trio of dragons talking in the lounge area.
Hitteki sighed lightly, having another drink.
"No, its Co, i work hard and do everything and his eyes are glued to her....i try my best all the time" she admitted, though she hated to say it, especially to Veyron.
“What do you want with a boldwing? The second they want to win an argument they hiss. They can melt your face off in a heartbeat. You can do better than that.” Said the wraith, taking another sip.
Hitteki looked upwards as Veyron was still upon her head.
"Oh yeah? Who exactly can handle..a sir sir...syrian" hitteki said her word slightly slurred from the alcoholic beverages the young dragoness had consumed.
“Just about anyone I imagine. You can never go wrong with a wraith though,” he cackled.
"Oh yeah?, id like to see you try...we Syrians are pretty feisty" Hitteki said as she had another drink and finishing the bottle off, putting back on the table.
Veyron downed the rest of his from his thimble sized glass. “Feistily fill this up for me then,” he said, holding the glass in front of her vision. “With the good stuff”.
Hitteki gave him a sly smile and topped his drink up.
"We need to sort this disagreement between us out how do we do that" she said as she nursed her own alcoholic drink, the only real time these two were getting somewhat along.
“You can take yourself back to kilara and stop cramping my style,” Replied the wraith.
Hitteki laughed at the wraith;s suggestion, shaking her head lightly.
"You first, you owe wraiths money, or whatever currency you guys use" Hitteki teased lightly.
"Our currency is the souls of the damned, so if I had to go so would you," he said. He had already had to return to kilara once. He wasn't about to do it again.
Hitteki snorted in amusement, the wraith making her that was a first.
"I see, well we have to keep you here then, along with me" Hitteki replied.
“Sounds ... sounds like a plan,” Replied the wraith as he took another drink.
The two carried on talking, with a few banter like jabs at one another but at least the two were talking, something that would never of though possible a year or so ago, but perhaps the excessive consumption of drinks by both of them helped the conversation flow well into the morning and soon the teams dispersed to bed, Hitteki taking Veyron back to his quarters.
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Vonriir had indulged in a large keg of beer, having discovering that he enjoyed the stuff opposed to the sharper bite of alcohol. He commemorated Martina on her impressive flying and even the Boldwings had to congratulate her on her elegant control of the large ship.
“You still have green paint on you,” said Zyra, seeing the flecks of paint on Ardon’s neck.
“It took ages to get off my scales,” replied Ardon, scratching at the spot, “It gets in between the scales when I move. I’m going to have camo green dust falling off me forever.”
“I’m glad my scales aren’t the same then,” laughed Zyra as she took a delicate sip of her white wine. She smiled as she spotted Rift as he trotted over from speaking with Vonriir, “There’s the hero of the hour.”
Rift gave a silly grin and a little bow, “I’m not a hero. Just played my part. I couldn’t have done it alone.”
“So modest, now if the others could take a lesson in that subject,” she said as she looked at Ardon.
“Hey! I’m … well,” he attempted to counter that statement but realized no one would believe him.
The group broke into laughter.
“We really did well as a team, though,” added comox after the giggling subsided.
“We really did,” agreed Ardon. “The humans test to see how we do as a group all the time but this time I really think we proved how well we work together. Maybe it’s time to put the humans out on the field and get them to run a simulation without us and see how they do.”
“Yes!” agreed Zyra with a laugh. “Could you imagine?”
“That would be something to see,” smiled Comox.
“Well maybe I’ll bring it up to Jack next time I see a good opportunity,” smiled Ardon.
“For now,” said Comox with a coy grin, “Another round!”

The next morning began was a very slow start for most of the dragons. The team had celebrated with great enthusiasm into the night. A bit of spontaneous karaoke started up at random and the canteen was filled with dragons singing… mostly off key but hilarious all the same. It was a good way to end a multi day exercise.
Veyron himself had woken to a bit of a surprise but took it in stride. The wraith dragged himself up and turned on the fancy coffee maker in his room before taking a quick jump in the shower. When he returned to the main part of the room it smelled like gourmet coffee and he grabbed the full cup and took a sip. Jumping back onto the bed he turned on his gaming console- one of the many items he had purchased with the stolen cards before Jack and Mark put a stop to that- and leaned back on a stack of plush pillows.
The dragon didn’t bother turning down the volume and soon the sound of shooting a shouting rang out as the dragon played his game, the human sized controller sitting across his lap as he used both paws to maneuver the character.
The sounds soon woke the red and green shape on the floor.
" head..what the...this isn’t my quarters," Hitteki said, blinking and looking around.
“No it ain’t,” Said Veyron, pausing his game and looking over. He still looked a bit dishevelled with a bit of shadow ender his eyes but the poor dragoness looked so confused.
"Why… why am I here?" she asked as she put her paws on her head.
“You don’t remember?” Asked Veyron with a smirk as he drank from a coffee cup. “You seemed rather keen to stay last night.”
Hitteki looked up at Veyron with a look.
"What.....what do you mean?" Hitteki asked.
The wraith just laughed and smiled devilishly, tapping his talons on his mug. He raised a brow and smirked, waiting for her to catch on.
The Syrian dragon went wide eyed at the wraith.
"Oh stars above!" Hitteki said as she grabbed a pillow and threw her face into it, feeling embarrassed.
Veyron cackled, rocking backwards and almost spilled his coffee as he sat up and walked to the end of the bed to look down at the horrified dragon. He held the look of a dragon mightily pleased about something. His tail twitched back and forth as he grinned.
“I knew no dragon could resist a wraith. Tell ya what, I’ll keep my mouth shut.... so long as you continue to run little errands and such for me.” He suggested.
Hitteki lifted her head up and frowned at Veyron.
"I never live it down, being with a wraith and of all of them you, what on kilara's moons made me want to," Hitteki shaking her head.
“Whiskey!” Laughed the wraith. “And my irresistible charm. Don’t feel too bad, you’re not the first one to.”
Hitteki frowned at the wraith.
"Isn’t it as the human's say, this classify as cheating? Now I am under your talons… again" Hitteki sighed.
“We’ve never discussed exclusivity,” shrugged the wraith thinking about how Asuka would very much beg to differ on that opinion. If she found out he’d very likely not see the next day but he wasn’t about the let Hitteki know that, “Now if you’d kindly remove yourself from my room that would be grand.” He said, sitting back down.
"Hah, had your fun and want me to do the walk of shame out of your quarters...typical you" Hitteki said getting up slowly and rolling her sore shoulders.
“Well if you don’t want anyone to see you skulking out of here you better leave now before the building wakes up from its drunken stupor and sees,” he said, making a shooing motion with his paw as he turned back to continue his game.
The poor dragoness was left to slink out of his room, with the wraith still laughing about his new secret that would keep his rival from crossing him again.

In Ardon and Jack’s quarters the gold dragon was still sleeping late into the morning. He had flopped down on the pile of pillows on the floor and not moved an inch all night.
"Hey, morning golden wonder, I think a lie in till 10am is enough" Jack said to the dragon as the lights turned on in the room.
The gold grumbled and pulled a blanket over his head. “No,” he replied from under it, muttering curses at the bright lights.
Jack smiled and shook his head lightly.
"Yes, come on up, up, up" Jack said removing the blankets from Ardon's head.
Ardon growled and covered his eyes with his paws, “whyyyyy?” He moaned, obviously feeling the consequences of last night. He fumbled blindly with one paw to try and recover the blanket again as he kept his eyes scrunched shut against the light.
"Come on, stop acting like a spoilt hatching and go get a shower, you have duties to attend to Mister, as do I," Jack said taking the blanket out of reach of his paws.
“I leave you alone after a night of drinking.” The dragon lied, hoping the man wouldn’t call him on that. The gold was always a terrible annoyance whenever the man wanted a little peace and quiet. “Can’t my duties wait till later?” He complained, sitting up and rubbing his head.
Jack sighed and shook his head.
"Alright you, go on have another our or two, but if your not up by wpm im sending in Zyra" Jack said.
Ardon wouldn’t really have minded that, however and he smiled lightly, “Oh no,” he laughed before wincing. “I shouldn’t have had that last drink. Comox is such a jerk for repeatedly filling my glass when I wasn’t watching. He thought it was hilarious.”
"Well you all earned it, go on, you’re wasting precious sleep time Ardy" Jack said with a smile before disappearing.
Ardon didn’t sleep right away. He washed up and returned to the comfort of his bed, still feeling a bit miserable from the night.
After a while Jack returned and had brought out a bowl of water and some ibuprofen, Melina had modified for dragons.
Jack sat down nearby, "I am proud of you Ardon, the exercise showed how well the dragons here are trained and how on point you all were plus your leadership of the group" Jack said.
“I did okay?” Asked Ardon, “I was trying to make sure everyone had an important role.”
"You did superbly Ardon, very proud of you" Jack replied giving his muzzle a pet.
Ardon gave a little thrum, feeling better already, “Thanks, Jack”

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Hitteki was lucky that the main team had not appeared yet as she slunk away to her own quarters, trying to understand how she got into the state and situation she was in, she now knew she was under the Wraith’s control and she hated it.
Martina after so many nights on patrol as part the exercise was given some time off to recover and have some time with Vonriir, 3 or so days of rest for them both.
The morning was here and Martina was still in bed, wrapped in blankets and sleeping away, when her dragon came around to the woman’s partition of the quarters to wake her.
“Morning Martina. Time to wake for breakfast,” Said Vonriir quietly.
The woman stirred from under her blankets as the crag back woke her up, she blinked the sleep from her eyes a looked from her bed to see the massive dragon there.
"Aren’t you supposed to be hung over? that keg of beer you drank" Martina said burying herself in blankets, the dragon was in his cheerful mood.
“I only drank a little beer, unlike you...” he said, nudging her gently.
Martina looked up from her blankets and gave the dragon a look.
"Hey, I worked hard thank you Mr, I get 3 days off to recover" Martina protested to the crag back.
“Oh, so no strawberry and waffle breakfast then? Shame I’ll have to eat it all by myself.” He teased.
Martina chuckled as she looked up at the dragon.
"I do not think Toby can make it big enough for you big guy, you have eat a ton of strawberries to even get a flavour" Martina replied.
“Wont stop me from eating yours if you don’t get up,” he chuckled lightly, seeing if that would get her up.
Martina sighed and shook her head.
"Ok, ok you got me up, you meanie" Martina said throwing a pillow at the crag back, which bounced of his scales harmlessly.
The crag back seemed amused at her atillu’s actions.
“Rude,” he laughed, turning to pull out a chair for her to eat her breakfast, the woman got out of bed in her pj’s stretching as Vonriir had pulled out a table and a chair for the Captain.
"We not going down the canteen then? " Martina asked the crag back.
“I figured you wouldn’t be feeling up to going out and braving the world just yet. Not after yesterday,” he smiled.
Martina smiled lightly, taking a seat.
"Very kind of you Vonriir, least I can have a lazy day with you, well not too lazy as you need a fly, but you spoken to that little green dragoness? She asked with curiosity, remembered what happened.
“Hitteki? Last night I apologized again but she didn’t seem too worried. She’s a spirited one.” Replied the crag back.
Martina nodded and then smiled looking up at her giant bronze dragon, who seemed content to watch her eat her breakfast.
"Did you EVEN feel her charge into you?, gosh I saw the impact in Avalon and cringed, no one could match you" she grinned.
“Hah, no not really,” he admitted with a little sheepish chuckle.
Martina laughed lightly, shaking her head, remembering the impact, she also remembered how she cringed watching it happen.
"Oh dear, poor girl but Jack said she is a fire cracker but she’s brave, give her that" Martina said.
“She certainly is,” nodded the large dragon, “Just needs to work on risk assessment, as I could imagine Forge saying. She can be fearless but that might put her in danger one day. She’s a clever one though. She’ll grow to be a fine young guardian.”
Martina agreed as she spoke again, after munching her breakfast.
"Forge would be proud of your performance too, how you reacted and took on the role, plus your subtle hints of encouragement to the young dragons" Martina chuckled lightly.
"Oh he's clout me over the head if he knew I was encouraging the 'enemy'," laughed Vonriir. "You weren't supposed to hear that either."
The woman grinned at this.
"My lips are sealed, we best eat and then a fly i think Mr" Martina replied with a kind smile.
“Sounds like a plan to me, miss Martina” the dragon beamed back.

Zyra woke slowly and stretched as she blinked opened her eyes. Across the room she saw Melina reading a book with an unusual subject for the woman. Engineering and theory of space travel, she saw, Monroe’s field.
“Some light reading?” Asked the dragoness.
“In case of what?” Asked Zyra. “And was I dreaming of a kettle boiling or did you have one going?” She asked, hoping for tea.
Melina smiled lightly.
“No dream, I got the kettle on, what tea you want Zizi” Melina said teasing lightly.
“Hm, mint please if you don’t mind,” Said Zyra, sitting up and crossing her paws. “So now that you’ve conquered the human medical field, are you moving on to space travel engineering?”
Melina got up and ignored her comments about the book as she got the dragoness a mint tea in the bold wing custom made mug and then passed it to the bold wing.
“There you go Zy, a nice pick me up in the morning, least we can have a lazy day” Melina said, sitting back on her chair and reading the book again.
“Hm yes that sounds just like what we need, thank you,” she said, taking a sip.
Melina smiled as she continued to read the book, a moment of silence between them as Zyra seemed to click on that the professor hadn’t responded to her.
“So,” Zyra tried again, “What’s exactly got you interested about this subject?” She asked, besting to the book with her nose and raised a brow.
Melina looked up from her book and looked at the bold wing.
“Just interested in what professor Monroe’s area is all about, never really got it as a student or a graduate, thought I try now” she said to the bold wing.
“Ah, And how are you finding it now?” Inquired the dragoness.
Melina closed the book and chucked it to the side, it bounced off her dresser and the woman sighed lightly.
“Does that answer your question?” Melina said, the bold wing would feel the frustration bubbling through the link, until Melina realised and tried to block it out.
Zyra set down her tea and fetched the book, “Mel...” She consoled as she leafed through the book, “I don’t understand half the words in here... you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself... or the book. It’s done nothing to you,” she said with a small smile.
Melina smiled lightly, sensing what the bold wing was up to.
“Yeah, thanks Zy, was just trying to understand it a little, still as confusing now as it was then. Least I know some symbols and calculations” Melina replied.
“Maybe Baxter can lend a hand with studying if you want his help,” suggested Zyra. “It’s a bit closer to what he’s good at.”
Melina nodded lightly in agreement.
“Perhaps so, when he is back from his jolly abroad in France” Melina said, pouring a cup of tea for herself.
“He might be able to give you the basics so you can apply that to the more difficult stuff,” Said the dragoness, sitting back down with her own tea.
Melina nodded.
“I think a shower and some relaxation today, no labs, no Monroe and definitely no alcohol” Melina joked lightly.
Zyra laughed, “I wonder how the others are doing. They had a little more than I think they intended.”
Melina shrugged.
“I imagine the boys will be asleep and Martina resting I guess with Vonriir and Veyron nursing a hung over” Melina chuckled.
“Let’s hope there is no emergencies”.
“We’d be in bad shape to respond to anything dire right now.” Said Zyra.
Melina smiled lightly at Zyra’s comments, agreeing, she could just picture the dragons limed up all looking a little worse for wear after their celebration last night.
"Without our heroic gold to lead us all" Melina said as she got up and settled at the bold wings side.
“Yeah... he did hold back this time and let everyone else have a piece of the praise, it was nice to allow Rift the role of saving Sam.” Replied the dragon.
Melina smiled, Ardon was indeed a leader and he really did show that, with Jack at his side, the young gold seemed to have a confidence and ability to lead and be mature with his decisions.
"Very mature and showed great leadership skills, very Forge like" Melina added, thinking of how Forge was.
"Yeah he kind of was. He's learning.... slowly at least," smiled Zyra.
Melina laughed lightly at Zyra’s comments as the two girls chatted for a little bit as they woke up slowly, knowing it would be a lazy day today, the professor was lucky that they were working with flexibility in their shifts, allowing the humans and dragons time to rest together.
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