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Jack & Ardon - Wings of Fury - Private RP

Torchwood 5 had undergone some considerable changes in the last 5 months or so, with the new facility revamped and redecorated to provide the dragons and the staff a homelier place to live and work had been completed.
The walls no longer had the sterile, metallic look and now there was colour on the walls, a living wall of grass, moss and flowers to give the dragons that earthly smell, to help the dragons feel comfortable being underground as well as being aesthetically pleasing on the eye.
There were more plants and amazing artistic work on display as well, all themed around the dragon academy, with famous quotes and sayings, some inspirational, some logical and some motivational to give the dragons a proper home and training facility.
The relaxation room where dragons could relax in silence was popular the boldwing Zyra as along with her Atillu Professor Melina, the two of them did meditation and yoga, to further enhance their abilities and to promote well being and peace.
The more popular addition especially among the boys was the deep, large and warmed scented pool which was indeed good at relaxing and soothing aching wing muscles, plus allowed the dragons to keep on top of their grooming of scales, the ingredients in the pool made the dragons amazing scales sparkle and gleam in the sun.
Overall the place was allot nicer and somewhere the dragons were very proud of, with some photos hung up to give a professional feel for visitors with photos done expertly of the dragons in the Academy, the only one missing from these was Veyron as he was under Marks jurisdiction as a scout, recon agent.
Another change was the arrival of the new head of all Torchwood 5 security operations, Sub Commander Holtan, a man that Mark De Santa had recommended for the job as the two knew one another from their time in the FBI.
Holtan however was very different to anyone else, having been there for 5 months, the man seemed to keep himself to himself, only attending compulsory meetings with Jack and Mark, he avoided the common areas where the dragons were and seemed to be away from the rest of the team.
Recently Holtan had now moved to a far larger room at the end of the one corridor and this was the armoury, which was moved to another secure location in the base, Holtan now occupied the very large room which was the old armoury but all the security and key codes were kept and altered with only a select few having access to the door codes.
Another odd requested was a large storage area nearby to the armoury was also acquisitioned by Commander Holtan and was also locked and security ramped up there, soon Holtan was given more space as high priority message from Amelia came in stating that their new sub commander needed more room for important EA work, Jack agreed to it and soon the man already had a good section dedicated for him.
The security officer then went on a recruitment drive and brought in security people, with Mark’s approval including Brendon Cooper, a security officer who worked with both men to take command of all security officers and agents.
More strange things occurred as Baxter was asked to install and upgrade the old storage rooms into computer and research facilities, it puzzled the professor but decided to help however the systems he insisted would not link up with Torchwood 5, that was ok with Holtan, they were to be isolated from all external systems.
It was indeed strange behaviour and Jack had wondered what was going on but the executive orders kept coming in but along with it came larger sums of funding, Jack’s eyes nearly popped out at the additional funding sums being thrown at him, all to allow Holtan to have his whims and wishes done.
Jack used this to increase the food and canteen size and to treat the dragons and to allow Melina to upgrade her labs, which pleased the professor and the dragons appreciated the more lavish food as well as more efficient cooking facilities.
These were big changes but Holtan was efficient and resourceful, all security was tightened and there was a good security presence around the base, meaning people felt safe, plus all paperwork was done on time, despite Jack not seeing Holtan much, locked away in his security area.
This month, the base canteen was decorated for the 2090 Rugby world cup with flags and colourful bunting.
Jack wanted to have the whole base and team get involved in this after some months trying to piece together issues from Torchwood 7 and of course the mysteries surrounding Daniel and Martin which still remained unsolved.
Jack felt the team needed something to get behind and to have a bit of fun, Mark refused and Holtan also would not be taking part, but the dragons and their atillu’s would, with the summer solstice on Kilara in a few weeks it be a nice thing to wind down for the summer.
Martina was in her quarters which had been done out in her team of Wales, with welsh flags hanging proudly in her room but extending onto Vonriir’s area with the bunting decorating the area in red, white and green.
Martina although having English mother, had a welsh father and always saw herself more welsh than English and so with this sporting event coming up, she decided to join in the fun.
Vonriir seemed keen as well as Martina was putting the finishing touches round their shared area, the woman in her red welsh jersey with a white dragon etched into the red shirt, it made the woman happy and Vonriir sensed this.
The big dragon seemed excited as her atillu and it was yet another ideal way for the two to bond even closer together.
"I would like to show my support for your home team, Martina," said the large dragon, "Do you think you could find me team colours or something?"
Martina turned around and looked up at the massive behemoth of a dragon and smiled softly at his words, the dragon seemed very keen to join in all the fun.
"Aww your sweet but you’re not welsh, you’re from kilara big guy, plus it’s only a little sporting event" she said downplaying it but Vonriir would sense the woman was excited and happy for this event to be happening.
"But Kilara does not have a rugby team so I will be cheering for my Attilu's favourite," grinned the dragon.
Martina sensed the dragon’s excitement and eagerness, it washed over her and she couldn’t help but smile at his willingness to be decorated out in her team colours, Martina chuckled lightly at this.
"Ok big guy let’s get you kitted out, want some face paints too?" she asked as she dragged out her other supporter’s kit from under her bed in her room and brought it out to where the big dragon was.
The dragon seemed pleased.
"Oh, sure!" he said enthusiastically as he settled on the floor and looked over her shoulder to see what she was preparing.
Martina got out the face paints and all the other goods she had in the box and looked at the giant crag backs face, looking to see where best to put the paints and other things.
" I reckon some red dragons in your bronze scales, then plaster you in welsh coloured things" Martina said as she dragged out a flag for Vonriir to wear.
The large dragon chuckled, "You any good at drawing? Cause I have no talent for it."
Martina grinned and got out her brushes and opened up the face paints.
"Watch and learn" Martina said as she began to decorate the dragons face and make the Crag back an honorary welsh supporter.
Martina and Vonriir were not the only ones getting involved in the spirit of the sporting event, in the professor’s quarters, Melina and Zyra were also getting into the swing of things, Melina had bought face paints and fine brushes as she was going to decorate her face with the Australian flag.
The professor had ensured her face was all washed and clean from lab work and spent a good hour or so using the paints to make her face like the Australian flag, it was nearly finished as Zyra watched with interest, helping when she was needed.
"That looks good, Mel," commented Zyra. “job well done. If you weren't a doctor you could paint faces for a living at festivals," she teased
Melina looked at the bold wing and smiled lightly.
"Well, the magic isn’t over, your next Doctor, though have u seen our resident mini dragon?." she asked the bold wing.
"I can't say that I have, why?" inquired the dragoness.
"He’s picked his country and attire, trying to impress as a certain someone is coming on loan for 3 months" Melina said as she finished her face painting.
Melina and the others had been told over dinner that Torchwood 9 had been in contact and that Asuka was coming for a short loan spell of 3 months to see the work done in Torchwood 5, this news was welcoming for everyone and Veyron seemed to brighten and start perhaps his façade for the eastern dragoness.
"Oh, that poor girl has no idea what she's dealing with," said Zyra, trying not to roll her eyes at the memory of Veyron acting so out of character around her.
Melina agreed but she had to admire the effort he was putting in to support Japan.
"Well we will see, anyways you ready for your face painting" Melina asked the bold wing as she sat up, grabbing her paints and brushes.
"I am," said the dragoness, sitting down and lowering her muzzle to be adorned with paint. "Do you know who the others are cheering for? We really do have a rather diverse group here."
Melina thought for a moment, as she tried to picture the senior members of the team in her head before responding.
"Well professor Baxter is away on a conference so no idea who Comox will support, Hitteki will follow Comox im guessing and Jack is a American, Canadian mix so I guess Canada and Martina is half welsh so Vonriir will be welsh" Melina listed to the bold wing as she begun to paint.
"Hmm," replied the dragoness, trying not to move too much. They indeed had a funny little group in this facility. She already anticipated the banter to come.
"You met the new head of security operations" Melina asked as she started to do Zyra’s body painting, doing her sides first and doing mini Australia flags on her pristine white scales.
"No, not yet. Comox and I were busy with a few errands when he arrived. Have you met him?" said the dragoness,
Melina shook her head lightly.
“No, I haven’t, he keeps himself the other side of the base in that lock up he seems to of made his home, its got really dim round there for some odd reason” Melina said remembering the dimmed lights.
"Yeah I've noticed that. I'll have to make time to go and actually chat with him. I've only ever said a brief hello and a quick swap of names. You'd think with his role here he'd want to know the people and dragons that work and live here." said Zyra. "I wonder if Jack knows what the reason is behind the lights."
Melina nodded lightly.
“I imagine so, he has gone to meetings and runs the base, I seen more security patrols and checks but he seems elusive, plus with all that work going on, he has his own domain down there, I had spoken to Mark but he doesn’t seem bothered” the professor said.
"Well as long as he's doing his job that is all we can ask for," replied the dragoness with a shrug.
“True, let’s hope Ardon doesn’t go on another love me campaign again like he did with mark” Melina said with a light chuckle, remembering how the gold was with Mark and he went out of his way to make the man like him .
"Oh he's always after that need for approval. I think he's toned it down a bit though," laughed Zyra.
Melina nodded lightly.
"I agree, he must be maturing or he’s got another interest" Melina winked at Zyra with a teasing look upon her face.
The dragoness rolled her eyes, "don't start," she joked, "are you almost done yet?"
Melina took a step back from the dragoness side and inspected her work carefully before smiling.
"Ive done an Australian flag on your sides if you look, then i do your face, i need allot of blue to cover your markings" Melina said.
"I'm going to look like a different sort of dragon if you cover all my markings," laughed zyra as she turned and twisted to look. "Fantastic!"
Melina grinned, happy Zyra liked it as she got sponges and more blue paint to do Zyra;s face, it would need to cover the red markings on her face.
" yes, white makes a good platform and once I done your face we need to take photo for our family down under" she smiled kindly.
"They'd approve I think," she grinned back.
Melina laughed lightly, expecting her families reaction to the photos.
“They will, lets get this done Doctor and then the matches be on later" Melina said.
"It's going to be a rowdy day, I can already feel it," Zyra laughed lightly. "I hope you're ready for it."
Melina nodded.
“Challenge accepted” she said as she begun on the bold wings face, to transform it into the Australian flag.

Meanwhile the other side of the base, Ardon was excited for this event, any chance to goof off from work and take part in more human celebratory activities which included food was always welcome in the golden dragons schedule.
He was now trying to convince Jack to do more than just wear a Canadian jersey, the man was going to support England as they lived there but decided Canada after getting a comical photo from torchwood 7s team.
Ardon continued his nagging with the man in their quarters, he had the face paints out and seemed ready.
"Come ooooon Jack, have more team spirit than just a jersey!" Insisted Ardon, sporting their team colours from nose to tail.
Jack turned and shook his head, Ardon had thrown himself into these celebrations with gusto.
"Trust you to go full hog on this, don’t think Canadian red suits you" Jack lightly teased.
Ardon looked down at himself "what are you talking about? Red and gold makes me look like royalty," he grinned
Jack laughed lightly.
“Oh no, another vanity dragon, I have to stock up on polish and golden coins" Jack teased back at the golden dragon before him.
"I could sit of a hoard of treasure just like the old stories humans have of dragons," laughed the gold.
The man was amused by the mental picture that he had got of Ardon laying upon gold coins and hoarding jewels plus other precious metals like the stories he read as a kid, but seemed strange to have Ardon like that with the goof look upon his face.
"You would if i let you, but you prefer soft blankets and pillows" he chuckled.
"Hmm true," grinned the dragon, "anyway, come on, a little face paint won't kill you."
Jack tried not to roll his eyes as he turned to face Ardon.
"If I got to wear face paint so do you Ardy boy" jack said with a threatening gaze.
"Deal!" Said the dragon, deflecting the look with a goofy grin of his own. "Only if I get to do yours!"
Jack gave the gold a look.
"Great...." Jack said handing the face paints and brushes to Ardon.
" If I look stupid, I’m wrestling you belly up and i make you submit" he threatened.
"I'll do my best, I promise," vowed Ardon solemnly, taking the paints.
He stooped over and took the brush in his large paw. After a few minutes of painting with a very focused look on concentration on his face the dragon backed up and did his very best to horn in a snorting laugh.
Jack frowned at the dragon....."Ardon" he said as he looked in the mirror and shook his head, it would be a long night.

"What! I told you I tried my best! I have no talent like you." The dragon burst out laughing. "It.... it kind of looks like a leaf?" He snickered.
Jack gave the golden dragon a look, “Oh your in for it now golden wonder” Jack said as he lunged for the dragon as Ardon laughed as the two engaged in tomfoolery.

Hitteki had taken to supporting one of the lower sides in this contest, she had some colours attached to her tail and she had Melina dye her white fur in the colours of the team, it was a temporary dye so it would wash out.
She was sat watching the pre match talks about the team she was supporting and focussed on the information and statistics being read out, it fascinated her immensely as she watched with eager eyes.
Veyron stepped out of his large room looking rather unlike himself.
He wore a black robe and the backs of his wings had somehow been painted white around the natural red spots that dotted the trailing edge to make it look like he had small Japanese flags adoring his wings.
He spotted Hitteki and frowned. "What country is that?" He asked, not recognizing her decorations.
Hitteki turned to look at the wraith who was dressed in Japanese traditional men attire.
"Isn’t that a little overboard for supporting the land of the rising sun? And my team is Namibia" she said.
"Never heard of it," said the dragon, jumping up onto her shoulder.
"Well they are only the second African nation to always qualify for a rugby world cup" Hitteki said rattling off the fact to the wraith, it was typical Hitteki, learning all the facts of the nation she be supporting.
Veyron rolled his eyes out of sight as he climbed up to her horns. "Well let's get the show on the road miss Namibia. Might as well enjoy your brief fun with dressing up before getting kicked out of the running."
Hitteki gave the wraith a questioning look.
"How do you know Japan will get far? I know they are playing my team, so we shall see indeed who has the bragging rights" Hitteki said getting up and heading for the canteen.
Veyron laughed, eager to see how this would pan out but secretly hoped that Japan would stop her team into the round just so that he could boast about it.
Hitteki carried the small dragon towards the canteen where toby was preparing dishes for each match, each dish would be native to the countries playing, of course dragon sized so everyone was fed and enjoy their experience trying new foods.
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A short while later the gold dragon had left his quarters to head down to the canteen lounge to go meet up with the others for the opening games. He banged a fist on Comox’s door as he passed.
“Come on! Get your tail out to the canteen!” he shouted at the closed door before carrying on.
Ardon paused in the hub as he spotted who he thought to be Zyra approaching from the other side. Her red and yellow markings had vanished under deep blue paint and she almost looked like a different dragon all together. He laughed and trotted up to her, head tilting with a wry smile as he worked out just what he was seeing.
“Zy!” he exclaimed, prancing a circle around her to admire Melina’s handiwork. “Repping for tha boys down unda?” he asked, trying to mimic the accent.
“Oh of course we are,” grinned the dragoness. “That’s where Mel is from so.”
“You look so different without your red and yellow. A different breed of Boldwing.”
Zyra lifted her sail, revealing her usual colors, unable to be painted over.
“Ah, so it IS you under all that blue,” he laughed.
He then spotted Melina, her whole face painted like the Australian flag. He grinned big, loving that everyone else seemed to be going all out for this bout of fun.
“Mel, you’re looking a little blue, are you alright?” he teased the woman, sweeping a wing around her shoulder in mock consoling. “You’re dragon is bringing you down, isn’t she? Shame. Picking the wrong team will do that to you.”
Melina stuck out her tongue playfully, "I'm looking great thank you Ardy, just like Dr Zyra here, sporting a great flag," she said.
Ardon pretended to look at them both skeptically, considering, “Hmm…. I don’t know about that.”
“So you and Jack are backing Canada hmm?” queried Zyra.
Ardon nodded, showing off his maple leaves, “Going Canada this year. You got that picture from Tarok?”
Zyra laughed, “Yes we did! They look like they’re having a blast over there. They’ll be happy to see that you’re siding with them.”
“Scoring the points,” grinned the gold. “O’ Canada all the way to the cup!”
Footsteps behind their little group alerted them to the arrival of their commander. Ardon moved aside revealing him as he neared their huddle in the hub.
“Oh, Jack,” said Zyra, seeing the man approach and tried to stifle a laugh and hide a smile behind her paw, “Your…. face paint. That’s a nice…. Maple leaf? A two legged moose maybe?”
Jack shook his head lightly.
" me to have a botched job by the golden wonder, but do not worry I got my own back," he said a bit quieter to the bold wing.
Zyra lifted a brow and causally tried to look Ardon over for something amiss in his paint job but the gold had already trotted off ahead to greet Vonriir and Martina who were looking rather dashing in welsh colours.
“Come on then, let’s join the party.” She suggested as the three of them walked to catch up with the exuberant gold.
The group found Hitteki in the canteen lounge waiting for him and they all greeted each other warmly, chatting with beaming smiles about the show of sportsmanship and level of decoration that each of them had done.
Vonriir loved the streamers and bunting that were strung from wall to wall. A big poster with all the teams were listed above a chart that would check the progress of each game with spots for the winners to be written in when others were eliminated.
"Very impressive colours, I must admit this is all rather fun" Hitteki said with a small smile to the other dragons.
“Hitteki! You died your hair!” marvelled Vonriir in his booming voice. He lowered his great head to inspect the new colours. He had never seen anything like that, especially on a dragon. Paints where one thing but this was something new altogether. He was genuinely impressed.
Hitteki smiled, "I had some help from professor Melina and Zyra but yes a Syrian Dragon sporting these colours," she replied.
“Looks good,” agreed Ardon.
The group chatted and settled into their preferred spots in the lounge while the TV played some of the prematch shows quietly as they all spoke.
“You and Martina should take a picture of yourselves and send it to Draco,” suggestion Ardon to Vonriir.
The large dragon thumped his tail in approval of the suggestion making everyone start in response, “Grand idea! I think he’d be very happy knowing he had some rabid fans cheering on his country.”
“Watch that tail during the matches, Von, we don’t want a canteen earthquake,” laughed Zyra.
Vonriir grinned sheepishly and curled his tail around, putting a paw on it as if to hold it down. “It’s got a mind of its own!”
Just then Comox appeared in the wide entrance of the canteen and the group cheered enthusiastically.
He paused, startled at this welcome but everyone was in celebratory mood already.
“Oh I’m late..”
"Oh, hello Comox, you not joining in?" asked Melina.
“Yeah you’re not decorated!” Ardon pipped up. “Shunnnned, you can’t be here if you’re that lacking in enthusiasm! Veyron is even dressed up…. Wherever he is.”
"I am sporting team colours," insisted the boldwing dragon, pointing to a very small flag stamped onto his shoulder. "You guys though.... I didn't know it was such an over the top event. I guess I am underdressed…" he said, looking around at the chaotic mess of colour that now engulfed the lounge.
"Well normally not but decided to go a bit mad, but it’s all good, once in a blue moon is all good, my face paint was done golden wonder, hence the crooked maple leaf," Jack said to the bold wing.
“Oh, that’s supposed to be a leaf?” asked Comox, tilting his head to the side to make sense of the shape.
“Okay I get it! I’m not Picasso!” shouted Ardon dramatically as everyone laughed.
“You should get with the spirit of the event,” rumbled Vonriir. “One little flag isn’t enough I think.”
"You can have some of my colours Comox, you can support Namibia like me, I got a bigger flag or two" Hitteki offered.
“Oh, um thank you,” he hesitantly accepted even as a flag was draped over his shoulders, one edge clinging to his left horn.
“Come on then, shuffle over everyone,” ordered Ardon, as a few of them moved to make room for Comox.
Veyron suddenly appeared on Jack’s shoulder, having leapt out of nowhere but almost spilled his drink on the man as he found balance on three paws. “Started yet?” he quipped.
"Not quite, but it will, your looking very dapper Veyron, very smartly dressed," Jack said to the wraith.
"It was a gift," he replied, sipping his drink. He would have never worn anything like this in a million years if it wasn’t to impress a certain someone. He knew how to win brownie points when it came to certain games like this and he took what he could get.
"Oh it was? Who from I wonder" Jack replied, having a guess who it was.
"I know you're not exactly the brains of the operation here, Jacko, but I think you could figure it out," replied the wraith as he reached down to pilfer some of the snacks that Jack had.
"Ahh there it is, the sharp tongue of a wraith dragon, was beginning to think you were going soft," Jack replied to Veyron.
“Never,” said the wraith, “You were given bad information.”
The little dragon looked around the surveyed the sea of colours, “So, you’re telling me that not a single person is rooting for England? Won’t we –a facility based and partially funded in the damn country- get kicked out for such a slight against the nation?”
“Hey, hey,” said Toby as he came into the lounge wheeling a cart of game snacks and drinks. He paused and drew back his apron revealing England’s colours. “Someone has to cheer for the home team.”
“There, we are good to continue operations,” laughed Ardon.
“Does everyone here like this ****ing sport?” asked Veyron in disbelief.
“If you don’t why are you here and dressed up?” said Zyra, turning to him.
“Because if I’m here with you lot of weirdo’s, I don’t have to work.” He said, taking another swig of his drink.
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As the weeks went on and the matches dwindled down with the teams being knocked out, the party in the base still kept alive with Toby preparing foods from the countries knocked out then countries still in the running to win.
Surprisingly Japan was still in the contest and through to the quarter finals with Wales, Australia and New Zealand, Hitteki had washed out the colours in her quarters but there were still light tinges on her fur.
Today the dragons were by the pool relaxing and the dragons were graced with the presence of the wraith who had been in a buoyant mood for the last few weeks, mainly winding everyone else up.
"Washing out the colours already?" Teased Veyron, sitting in the curve of Vonriir ram horn. "Too bad you chose a team that was a sure bet of getting knocked out so quickly."
Hitteki looked up at the wraith and tried not to roll her eyes at his comments, the wraith seemed on form today.
“I can accept defeat with dignity, it be interesting how you handle it, especially with our guest arriving in a few days time” Hitteki replied as she got out of the warm pool.
"All the better company for a win," he said confidently.
"Okay, okay," said Zyra, wanting to keep the peace and tranquillity that was supposed to be a given in the pool. "No sports talk in here or I'll melt all of you," she said, floating in the warm water.
Hitteki smiled as she shook and lay on the smooth warm floor alongside the pool, an upgrade that the professor suggested to help the dragons.
“I do have a question, has anyone actually met Sub Commander Holtan yet?, he has been here 5 months and I never see him, he seems locked away in his section next level down” Hitteki commented.
"I've seen glimpses," said Comox. "But apart from brief sightings I can't say I've held a conversation with the man or even said more than a hello."
"Same here, he seems like a reclusive fellow," rumbled Vonriir.
"Maybe he's like Mark and doesn't like dragons," shrugged Ardon.
"Veyron? You're nosy as they come. What have you heard of the man?" Inquired Zyra, looking up.
"I gather intelligence, I'm not nosy," was the wraiths reply.
Hitteki chuckled.
“No, you are nosy, you need to know everything and then you got something to bargain with or sell right?” the spirited Syrian said.
"It's come in handy," said Veyron casually.
Soon there was the sound of footsteps as the doors opened and Martina and the professor walked in, Melina waved to Zyra as Martina smiled, looking up at the crag back.
"You've come to join us?" asked Vonriir happily as he spotted his Attilu.
"If you enjoy bickering a swimming you'll fit right in," said Zyra.
Melina laughed lightly.
“Yes I might come in for a swim and do a few laps, how about you Martina?” she asked to woman.
“Oh, I thought this was the dragons pool only” she said.
“Well if you do not want to swim Martina, you could just have Vonriir cart you around” Hitteki suggested which got a chuckle from the dragons.
"Anyone is welcome to use the pool," said Ardon.
"Just watch out for Ardy, he turns it into a splash park if he's not supervised," joked Comox.
Melina smiled lightly.
“Well hes bonded to Jack, explains it all, anyways us two are going to change so keep the area clear” Melina said as Martina followed.
“I think its nice we got more females with our team” Hitteki said.
"Yeah, can't let the boys think they can run everything," hummed Zyra, closing her eyes.
Hitteki Nodded in agreement as the boys just seemed to roll their eyes at the comments, it seemed the girls who joined Torchwood 5 were always feisty and strong willed.
“How is your bond with Martina going Vonriir, it has been 5 months now since you bonded, how you two getting along?” Hitteki enquired.
"I couldn't be happier or more pleased with who brathille chose to be my Attilu," beamed the large dragon, his voice bursting with genuine pride.
All the dragons could sense the dragon was proud of being bonded to Martina, she seemed an incredible person and well suited to Vonriir.
“She is very talented, I heard music coming from your joint quarters, does she play an instrument of some kind?” Hitteki asked.
"A guitar." he said proudly, "And she is simply grand at it too, though she won't admit it."
Soon the girls walked out, Mleina wearing her custom Bold wing costume and Martina seemed to wear a bronze colour bathing suit, which matched Vonriir’s colours, the girls looked amazing and Hitteki grinned seeing them both.
"You guys actually went out of your way to match your dragons?" scoffed Veyron.
"What? I think they look great," said Zyra.
"Veyron you're such a stick in the mud," said Comox.
"Yeah, they look great," added Ardon.
Melina gave a bow and Martina had a little cheeky moment sticking out her tongue at Veyron’s comments.
“I think your just jealous Veyron, I wont be swimming for long, just an hour” Melina said as Martina went to dive in.
“The Kilara Summer solstice is soon, we going over to visit?” Hitteki enquired to the group.
"Jack said we could," said Ardon. "It would be nice to go over and celebrate."
"Yeah, your family would love to see you," replied Zyra.
"I'm game, I wouldn't mind having a visit," smiled Comox.
Veyron turned up his nose as the suggestion, "Count me out."
“Well, you have a guest to entertain when she arrives of course” Melina said with a wink as she jumped into the pool, once again the dive was smooth and graceful.
Veyron flashed her a grin, "very true"
"We should go, too, Martina," suggested Vonriir
“And bring your guitar?” Hitteki asked as Martina seemed a little sheepish with the mention of her musical instrument.
“Have you been signing my praises Mr Vonriir, I only paly as a hobby I never played in front of dragons or on another world for that matter” Martina said as she swam in the pool with Melina swimming to her dragoness.
"Time to cross those firsts off a list then," he chuckled.
"Yeah, no one else in the base can play an instrument. I'd like to hear," said Ardon.
“We can play a good beat on Ardon’s head, sounds like some drums” Melina said as a joke as the team laughed.
"Hey!" Ardon said, pretending to be offended and splashed water at her.
The team chuckled and continued chatting as Martina and Melina joined in the conversation, indeed the pool was a very good addition and everyone loved it.
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The next few days in the base were fairly casual, the group gathering in the evenings to watch the progress of the matches. With teams being eliminated there was a shuffling of suggestions of who would make it to the cup.
Lots of banter and chatter filled the lounge with great communal spirit during these days and it had been a lovely change of pace for the team as a group. Ardon began to feel that during these little events they were beginning to have that family atmosphere that the Canadian base seemed to have.
Games and banter aside, there were other fun things afoot.
With only a few days to go before the summer solstice on Kilara, the team members were preparing for their visit, 3 days of celebrations to be held on the beaches of Sunbreak. Ardon knew his mother and father would be hunting and gathering, preparing great feats for the inhabitants of the island. It was one of the very few social events that his silver uncle allowed.
The warlord’s islands, which had been his ideal place for retiring from his wild life, had transformed into a hub of activity every now and then. Plus, it was the stronghold for the portal and a beacon for dragons that needed help or sought out the human world.
No longer the eternal tranquil paradise that the silver once hoped for, this seemed to be a second best option now and he tolerated it with relatively good spirits. Not a dragon that loved company, he knew that it was best to keep traditions strong, especially communal celebrations. Having the humans and bonded dragons come for the festivities would lend connections to the wild communities and foster good relationships between such vastly different worlds.
Ardon was glad he tolerated these events. While the young gold loved working with Torchwood and being on daring missions and such, he was still early in his years and loved the glory of getting a group together and simply enjoy the bizarre life they had all found themselves in.

In the meantime, the dragons of T5 where going about their days, trying to get ahead of the game so that work wouldn’t get backed up while they were away.
Zyra was returning from Baxter’s office, a few borrowed books tucked under her wing from his little library. Suddenly the lights above her dimmed, making the dragoness pause in confusion.
“What?” she asked herself out loud, seeing that the lights were dimmed around the corner as well.
Zyra peeked around the corner, confused about the sudden dimming of the lights and spotted the reclusive man that they had been talking about only days earlier. She saw this as her chance to finally connect with the man and perhaps hold a conversation other than a brisk greeting
"Sub Commander," she greeted warmly with a little dip of the head as she trotted over, "Good to see you around. Do you need help with something?"
The man did not initially acknowledge the dragoness until she loomed close and looked up at her.
"Huh? What’s that?" he asked the dragoness in a rather brisk tone of voice.
Confused, Zyra tried again, "Sorry sir, it’s me, Zyra. I just was wondering if you needed help with anything. We usually don't see you up on this level."
"You’re the Doctor dragon, ummm Zyra right?" he said remembering, though the man's words seemed to lack any warmth.
"Yes, I am," she said with a hint of pride to her voice. "We were very excited to have you join our team, Sub commander, it's nice to see you about," she tried to offer a kind word to see if he would open up a bit.
"Hrmm, if you excuse me I have work to do, so much to do so little time" the man said as he walked back off leaving the dragoness there, empty handed in her attempts.
The dragoness stared after him as he walked away. After he disappeared the lights turned back on to their regular brightness but shedding no light on the strange encounter for the dragoness.
“Um, well, that was strange,” she commented to no one, looking around. She readjusted the books under the crook of her wings and walked down the long hall, passing Jack’s office towards the labs. Inside she found Melina sitting at her desk with a cup of tea in hand as she scrolled on her tablet.
"Hey Zy, you alright? What is that look for?" she asked the dragoness when she saw her approach.
"I think I just had my first conversation with a robot," Zyra said, sitting down next to the woman, still looking utterly bewildered.
Melina looked at her dragoness oddly.
"You what? It’s a bit early for me to have riddles, not until my second cup of herbal tea," she replied.
Zyra fussed with her sail as she gathered her thoughts of the encounter, "I was coming back from Baxter’s office, and the lights went really low. I turned the corner and met Holtan in the hall, and it was almost like talking to a strange AI,” she tried to explain, “At first it was like he didn’t know who I was and then kind of avoided all my questions.”
"Oh, yeah he isn’t seen much at all, he is down in the lower level, big section for him, Jack granted it apparently, hes kept quite silent, the only time I know hes about is when the lights dim" Melina said to the bold wing.
“Yeah, that’s what tipped me off to him being there in the first place. But what a strange encounter.” She shook her head and if dismissing the weird interaction, “Anyway, what are you up to today?”
"Well, we are pretty much up to date, apart from your project work to catch up on but we can look at that after the summer solstice trip to Kilara" she said.
Zyra nodded, “I’m ready to go. I’m glad Jack allowed us all to attend. It will be nice to have everyone over there. Martina has never seen it so that will be nice for her.”

On the other side of the base Veyron was working with a staff member to ensure that one of the extra rooms where up to his standard for their guest who would be arriving later in the day. The room was simple but beautiful. One wall was made to look like a rock face with glittering streaks of quarts and fool’s gold making the whole side of the room shimmer.
A large bed of plush red, embroidered with gold, accented with blue pillows was built into the floor. Veyron had put a few items that would remind the dragoness of home about the room and soon enough he nodded and approved of the décor.
Just as he was leaving the guest quarters Ardon was making his way down the hall.
“What are you doing in there again?” he asked the wraith suspiciously.
“Making sure it’s ready for her arrival,” replied the wraith casually.
“Hm,” was the gold’s response, “You spend an awful lot of time in there. Nervous That Asuka won’t like it?”
“Hell no, Goldie.”
Ardon grinned and brought his face low to the wraith, “Yeah you are… Veyron’s nervous about his girlfriend coming- OW!” he yelped, jerking his head back from the swat that the wraith administered across his snout, “Geeze, touchy!”
Veyron’s expression dared Ardon to try to tease him again.
“Erm… So, we’re going to invite Asuka to come to Kilara with us so she can experience the solstice celebrations for the first time. She’s never seen Kilara before and we’re only going to sunbreak so I think she’ll like it.”
“Nah, don’t bother,” said the wraith.
“Why not? Zyra and Comox thought it was a good idea.”
“She’s going to be busy enough,” smirked the little dragon. “Anyway, get lost. I have **** to do.”
With that the wraith sauntered off.

Ardon rubbed his nose and shook his head. Time to head off to Jack’s office and drag him back to their own quarters to get him to pack for the short trip.
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With the arrival of Asuka’s shuttle from Torchwood 9 coming this evening, last minute preparations were being made to make the dragoness feel welcome, it was indeed a big leap of trust by the facility in Japan to let Asuka, their prized dragoness come on loan to the academy.
Everyone saw it as an exciting chance to share what the academy had to offer and how the team and dragons interacted with one another.
Professor Melina was especially pleased Asuka had agreed to come along, the dragoness had no other dragons to talk to or interact with, she kept to strict timetables and regimes in Japan, perhaps to stop her getting bored or let her mind wander, it be nice for Asuka to interact with dragons roughly her age.
Melina was finishing the last-minute packing for their couple of days in Kilara for the summer solstice, it was a good excuse for everyone to relax and for her to see the silver dragon, the two of them enjoyed one another’s company and Forge always seemed to be pleased to see the professor, only change this year is getting Asuka to come along.
The professor and Zyra were talking about Asuka’s impending visit and the excitement of the summer solstice on Kilara only a day or so away.
"I’m glad that T9 allowed Asuka to come visit us for a time," said Zyra, "Hopefully it will build good ties between our base and theirs."
Melina nodded in full agreement.
"I agree, Asuka hasn't had interactions with dragons, it be a nice break for her" Melina said with a smile.
"Hopefully our group won't be too overwhelming," replied the dragon.
Melina chuckled lightly at the thought of the poor dragoness overwhelmed by all the dragons, big and small, but mostly small.
"I hope not, she get enough of that from Veyron, that dragon been having that poor intern running round to do up the spare dragon quarters for her" Melina replied.
"Ardon told me so," she laughed lightly, "Ugh, that little wraith is trouble."
"Indeed he is, but that is Veyron for you, you never know...she might want a rematch on home turf" Melina lightly teased, but a bit of her wondering if the doctor would rise up to the contest again.
"Nah," smiled Zyra, with a flick of her tail. "Now, are you about packed for the solstice?"
Melina sealed up her little bag up and nodded to the bold wing.
"I am indeed, Vonriir is trying to get Martina to bring her guitar along " The professor said
"She should," said Zyra, "it would be nice to have a little music. That's one of the things that Kilara really lacks."
“Yeah, but she’s been very quiet about it since we all discovered it, I am sure Vonriir is pestering her about it” Melina said as she could imagine the conversation going on.
Funnily enough, Vonriir had been speaking to Martina about bringing it, the woman seemed a bit unsure and seemed to leave the case to one side as she packed for a few days while over in Kilara, her massive dragon had not given up yet.
"Please bring it," insisted the large dragon, tipping the guitar case carefully upright with one large talon. "You make more than just me happy with your music." Vonriir said with a kind smile.
Martina turned to respond to the crag back, seeing the case before her.
"I’m just not that good to play in front of your war commander and Ardon’s family, its allot of dragons" she said putting the guitar case back where it was before Vonriir moved it from.
"Oh come now, you play beautifully. I haven't heard anything like it before," he said, using his muzzle to gently push her back towards the guitar.
Martina laughed lightly at the massive dragon’s antics.
"Hey quit it you" Martina joked pushing lightly against his massive muzzle, before looking at the case before her.
"I dont know..." she said quietly to the massive dragon, still unsure.
"Well, how about we just bring it along, and if you're feeling... musical, you can bring it out to play a song or two." suggested the dragon.
Finally Martina relented to the Crag back’s pestering.
"Alright, if you’re not cheering for me then we are no longer bonded" she said with a small smile as she took the case and put it with her other one.
"Id always cheer for you so I am in no danger there," Vonriir chuckled.
Martina smiled and nodded.
“You must think im bizarre, I fly into battles, fight in the skies, take on bonded humans but not play a guitar in front of 15 or so dragons on a foreign world through a magic gate” she said but then realised the last part sounded more bizarre.
"Never," smiled the large dragon, hunkering down. "Having an audience is intimidating. Though, if it makes you feel better, music is basically non-existent on kilara. We have songs but no music. Any tune would captivate those who can hear it."
Martina found it odd that they had no music of sorts but then again, she could understand.
“Well, I cant imagine you or Forge playing a dragon sized guitar or flute or violin” she laughed lightly.
Vonriir laughed at that, "No, I don't think you'd get forge to play anything."

Veyron leaned out of the spare room at the sound of talons, hoping it would be Comox or Zyra but frowned when he saw that it was Hitteki.
"You'll do, I guess. Get in here for a second," he said.
Hitteki stopped in her tracks and tilted her head in confusion.
“What do you want now Veyron, I am busy finishing off a job” the Syrian dragoness said, unimpressed with Veyron.
"Just take a moment of your precious time. I need this," he said, pointing to a large tapestry like hanging, "put up there."
Pointing to a bare wall over the right ride of the room.
Hitteki looked at the bare wall and then the tapestry and sighed, thinking the Wraith would probably use it against her probation.
“Alright, I put it up there for you” she said as she entered the room, looking a little surprised.
“Is this all for Asuka?, its like Aladdin’s cave” she said.
"A little piece of home. You made your place remind you of home. It was better than what it looked like before in here." Explained Veyron.
Hitteki nodded in agreement, a rare occasion indeed.
“I guess so, let me put this up then, I am sure Asuka will be happy you went to all this trouble for her, quite thoughtful of you” Hitteki said as she went to put the tapestry up for the wraith.
"I’m hoping she thinks the same," said the little dragon, surveying the room for one final inspection.
Hitteki looked around.
“Well if she doesn’t I beat her up and tell her she’s ungrateful” Hitteki said to the wraith, her light attempt at a joke.
"She'd blast you through a wall before you got a chance to make a fist, Fuzz," laughed the wraith.
Hitteki down at the wraith.
“Oh?, you that sure?, Syrians can fight pretty well and I can, so I cannot see how a lighter weight dragoness can” she replied to the wraith, the dragoness tried to sound confident.
"Try her then. I dare ya," grinned Veyron. "You don't stand a chance in the world."
"I take a bet, name your terms Veyron" Hitteki said with a sly grin.
He matched her grin and rubbed his paws together as he thought.
"Hmm let's see, when I win ... we'll extend your little assistant duties another month. And you can run any suitable errands Mark might have for me."
Hitteki frowned at the prospect of this, she did not want to do more probation work having come the last leg of it “what if i win?" she asked.
"I don't know. What do you want?" He asked.
"Weight training Mr Veyron and I pick the terms plus u serve me for a month at my beckon call" she said holding out her paw to shake on it.
"Fine, I look forward to your extended service as my butler," the wraith said, holding out a paw.
Hitteki shook the dragons hand and nodded.
“Alright, you best get your gym gear ready, we see what a wraith can really do” Hitteki said teasing lightly the wraith.
"Yeah yeah, now get out. You're cramping the rooms style," said veyron, dismissing her with a wave of him paw.
Hitteki chuckled and moved off towards her quarters, soon there was an announcement on the tannoy system.
"Control to Veyron, please acknowledge” came a tannoy announcement for the wraith.
The wraith jumped up to the device built into the wall, "Veyron speaking." He said into it.
“Veyron sir, Miss Asuka’s shuttle has entered UK airspace and will be with us in an hour, you wanted to be notified?” came one of the operators.
"Great. I'll get the welcome party gathered," said the wraith, jumping down to go spruce himself up.
Asuka’s shuttle was now coming towards Torchwood 5, having travelled far from Japan, it was indeed an opportunity for the dragoness to see the dragon academy.
After tidying himself up, Veyron called Jack through their internal communication system and waited for an answer.
Jack looked up at the flashing message on his laptop and he answered it, seeing it was from Veyron, wondering what the wraith was after.
“Jack here, how can I help you Veyron?” the man asked to the shadow wraith.
"Asuka's shuttle will be arriving in about 25 minutes if you wanted to gather everyone for a proper welcome and show her how you conduct your circus." Said Veyron.
The man smiled lightly.
"Oh excellent I let everyone else know, we get down there right away, thank you Veyron, can you let the hanger manager know, full diplomatic ceremony for our guest” he asked the wraith.
"Will do," replied the little dragon. "I'll meet y'all down there."
Once the screen went off Jack looked up and spoke to Ardon.
“Let’s get down there and greet her, diplomatic procedures Ardy” he said as the golden dragon grabbed the pins for important diplomatic visits, since Asuka was from Japan they decided to show her full diplomatic honours.
As the humans chatted on the way to the hanger, the dragons were ahead chatting about the eastern dragons arrival to the academy.
"Great that she's finally here," said Zyra as they walked together.
"Yeah, her first time away from her own base I think. I hope she likes it here," replied Comox.
"I'm sure she will," Ardon piped in with confidence.
“I hear she is a formidable dragoness, very different to all of us, I have heard she’s very clever” Hitteki said to the group, walking alongside Comox.
"Yeah she's unique that's for sure. A different upbringing than the rest of us to say the least," replied Zyra.
Hitteki nodded lightly, understanding the upbringing would be different, from what Ardon had said, the dragoness was disciplined and would be an interesting test for the Syrian.
Vonriir had taken up the rear of the group headed down to the hangar when suddenly he stopped and turned back around. "Stars! I forgot my badge! I'll be back," he said galloping away and making the whole place shake.
The other dragons braced as the floor trembled under the force of the large crag back.
Jack turned as Vonriir went back to his quarters, to get his pin, he shook his head amused as the professor smiled lightly.
Once everyone was in the hanger, the large doors opened as the shuttle lowered down and powered down its engines, soon the back ramp lowered as the two Japanese pilots came round holding the flag of Japan as Asuka came down.
She was light and moved with a very fluid like grace.
Veyron stood in the forefront of the group and smiled broadly as Asuka descended the ramp.
"Welcome to Torchwood 5, Asuka," he said in perfectly polished Japanese.
Asuka bowed her head and spoke in Japanese to the Wraith, she smiled, her eyes bright and seemed pleased to see the small wraith before her.
"I am grateful for your kind welcome, you have more members I see" she said gesturing to Hitteki and Comox, the two she had not seen before.
"Welcome Asuka," said Ardon with a nod. "You are correct. This is Comox and Hitteki, both of which did not join us on our travels to Japan."
"A pleasure to finally meet you," said Comox with a polite bow and flourish of his wings.
Asuka bowed a bit lower in respect, noticing the two dragons were bold wings.
"The honour is mine, I am pleased to of met your mate Comox" the dragoness said not realising the dragons were not mated and the awkwardness around such matters as Jack kept quiet, allowing the dragons to socialise.
The white scales around Comox's muzzle got suddenly noticeably pink, "Um uh, we're just friends," he stammered quickly while his best friend tried to keep his composure next to him.
Zyra stepped in to save him from the awkward moment.
"Comox works with our IT head and Hitteki is our rising star in the facility and currently expanding her skills throughout the base." She said to Asuka.
The dragoness nodded lightly in response and respect.
"Forgive me, I have not had allot of, how you say dragon interaction, always been use to human company" the dragoness said.
"Of course, well there is plenty of dragons to mingle with" Jack said with a smile.
"Would you like the tour, Asuka? Or would you prefer a chance to rest before the riff raff bombard you with such things?" Asked Veyron , "we've had a room set aside for you."
Asuka smiled lightly at Veyron.
“Perhaps seeing my quarters would be nice, it has been a long trip, then I can have a tour” she said offering her paw for the wraith to clamber up.
Veyron leapt up her purple hued scales and took his usual spot in her antlered horns.
"Well meet up again later," said Ardon. "Enjoy!"
“I will meet you all soon, thank you again” she bowed as she went off following the directions of the wraith upon her horns.
Once they were away Veyron spoke to the dragoness from the east.
"Looking lovely as ever, Asuka," the little wraith said in his most charming voice. "I hope you like the accommodations I had set for your stay."
The dragoness smiled looking up at her antlered horns.
"That is very kind of you Veyron, you did not have to do anything special, you know me" she said kindly to the wraith.
"You look very nice in the garments I purchased for you, a true dragon" Asuka said.
"Why thank you," he replied, "I was surprised to see something arrived here for me. So thank you for the gift, princess. Been honoured to wear them." He said though really he thought the outfit made him look ridiculous.
Asuka chuckled lightly as the wraith gave her instructions to her quarters, it seemed the dragoness was happy to see the small dragon again, despite the others knowing his true colours.
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“Well, that was a little more short lived welcome than I had expected,” said Ardon, taking off his pin. After Asuka walked away with Veyron.
“Well….” Said Zyra with a bit of a sigh, “She did just disembark from a very long flight for the very first time in her life. She’s probably tired.”
“And easily persuaded by that wraith,” added Comox, handing Ardon his own badge. “Ever since you got back from that mission in Japan he’s often glued to his phone and I am willing to bet that he was talking with her.”
“No doubt about that at all. What she sees in that little sneak I’ll never understand.”
“Now, now,” rumbled Vonriir behind them, making the younger dragons jump in surprise, forgetting he still was looming around. “Love come in all shapes and sizes.”
“I don’t know if I would call what emotion Veyron is feeling love,” Zyra said, wrinkling her nose up, making the others laugh.

The dragoness was right to have a bit of a rest before being met with a whole facility tour and the very likely chance of having a lot of chatting dragons to contend with.

Asuka has been given a brief look at a few of the halls that lead down to her quarters but now the real tour could begin.

Veyron navigated the way back up the halls they came, turning left towards the center of the facility. The team and staff referred to this massive room as ‘The Hub” as from it led an assortment of hallways, staircases and elevators to every part of the building. The room was mostly spherical in design, giant white arches lending support to the structure. The round ceiling was crowned with large, false skylights, giving the massive room plenty of what appeared to be, natural light. A fountain stood in the middle of the room, as water gently bubbled around the Torchwood and Dragon Academy logos made as statues in it’s center.
The walls were a mixture of brilliant white, and a deep, denim blue and along two of them stretched the living walls, alive with moss, lichen and climbing vines.
To the west lead a wide staircase that reached down to the lower levels, where one could find the staff garage, the hot spring pools, gym and Holton’s expanded quarters.
A curving white staircase lead up from the reception desk, reaching up to the second level that was reserved for human staff quarters.
“This is what we call the Hub,” explained Veyron, ”It’s a bit overwhelming with all the exits and entrances here but you get used to it soon enough. We’re taking that wide entry to your left here. That’s the cafeteria, or the canteen they call it, and the lounge. You can get anything you want to eat here. Toby is our chef and does well enough. You’re welcome to join the group for dinner or have food brought to you. There’s no set mealtimes that you’re required to attend. Pretty much come and go as ya please.”
The dragoness paused to look around the grand space, taking it all in before following through with the next step in his navigating suggestions.
"This a very elegant place Veyron, I can see my home may of inspired your team to.. borrow some ideas" she said looking around with a satisfied look upon her face.
"Perhaps." He grinned down at her. "It was a little.... sterile looking before in most of the main areas. Took a little time to spruce it up. I think the golden wonder was a bit jealous of your digs. I wasn’t one to complain about a little decorative upgrade."
"Oh I see, Commander Summerfield wanted the base to be a living, breathing hub, intertwined with Japanese culture, it is…. strange to see this design of base" she commented.
"It's a big mix of... well everyone's tastes really. Everyone got to throw something in, design wise." Shrugged Veyron.
"Well its very unique and I approve, I also noticed your little gangways, an ingenious thing, you clever thing," she smiled.
Veyron could have thrummed with the pleasure that comment brought but refrained.
"Ah you did notice. I was wondering. I almost got that idea vetoed out. Anyway, angelface, turn left here into the canteen and prepare yourself for the riff raff."
Asuka chuckled lightly at Veyron's comments and moved with a smooth, gliding grace to the canteen.
The dragons had gathered in the lounge to wait for her arrival, chatting as they took up their usual spots on the padded floor in lieu of couches.
At first they didn’t notice her approach and Veyron was about to clear his throat to get them moving but one of the boldwings turned, realizing.
"Hi Asuka," greeted Zyra, the first to notice her return. The others got up politely in turn, welcoming her.
“I hope you got a bit of a breather after your long flight. We had your things unloaded and will take them to your room shortly. Did you care for a quick snack before you get to see the rest of our home?” asked Ardon.
Asuka nodded lightly.
"I would indeed, what food do you all eat here? I was told you have different culinary delights," Asuka replied.
“That we do. It might be quite a bit different than what you’re used to but the menu is usually rather varied from day to day. You won’t get bored of eating the same thing every day,” said Vonriir. “I have the pleasure of having many tasty meals here since my own arrival.
"I think Toby had something special in mind for your arrival. I'll see what he's prepared," said Comox while Ardon gestured to the long table that they moved towards to sit together.
The dishes had even been upgraded in the renovation. The dragons no longer ate out of utilitarian steel bowls and plates but something a little more decorative and homey while still being durable for their size.
A cottage pie was brought out for each of them. Normally a full meal for any human, this would serve as a light snack for the larger members of the team.
"Oh, I am eager to sample this" she said moving forward with the other dragons.
"THIS is something special?" Scoffed Veyron, unimpressed with the dish offered as he sat up in her antlers. This was by far the least impressive looking dish he thought could be offered aside from perhaps macaroni and cheese.

"What is the matter with it? That is a nice gesture from Toby, just because it hasn’t got alcohol in it, doesn’t mean it isn’t good" Hitteki said to the wraith.
He ignored this while the others dug in.
"I must compliment you Toby, this is a different yet very delicious meal" she said with a small smile. The man smiled broadly at the compliment and thanked her before returning back to the kitchens.
"How do you keep so many dragons here, the base feels it is massive and deep underground, though I enjoy the decor" Asuka said to the others.
“This place was constructed with the plans to home many dragons in the future. It was built to be the dragon academy and has been designed with dragons in mind. Having it underground ensures that we are kept under the radar but also gives the building extra stability for the larger employees,” said Ardon, gesturing to Vonriir who chuckled a bit.
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Asuka’s official tour of the facility began, with Veyron positioned in between the eastern dragonesses antler horns, Ardon, Zyra, Comox and Hitteki led the way, with Vonriir taking up the rear, Jack decided to let the dragons take their new guest round the base themselves, allowing them to have the interactions.
He hoped that this would be better and encourage Asuka more to perhaps pursue the academies philosophies and values, rather than those that Torchwood 9 had given her, there was more to life being a guardian dragon on earth than yoga, endless training sessions and learning to be battle ready, but to get life experiences and interactions with other dragons around her age.
Hitteki looked up and spoke to the massive crag back, noticing that Martina wasn’t with Jack or Melina in the canteen.
“Where is Martina Vonriir?, I did not see her in the canteen with Jack and the others” she asked.
"Martina had to leave to do her patrols today," said the large dragon, looking down at Hitteki "A shorter shift today though, she shouldn't be too long."
“Ahh ok, I can see you miss her when she’s on duty” Hitteki commented to the crag back.
"I do. If only I could keep up with her ship, I wouldn't have to," he chuckled.
The dragons showed asuka round the base, having a tour of the dragon academy and all the facilities it had to offer, it had of course undergone decorations and looked far more vibrant and looked very much like their home, but keeping a professional feel as well.
"And this is our flight hangar." Explained Ardon, "we do lessons here for new academy dragons and use the sky door as our exit to go flying."
Asuka inspected the place with a keen eye.
“It is very impressive, very similar to back home, secure but we haven’t got a specific dragon hanger” the dragoness commented.
"We had to get our own, our hangar manager couldn't contend with ships and dragons at the same time," smiled Zyra.
“You are the biggest Organization so that makes sense” Asuka said looking around again.
"Well anyone would request their own space after having to share with the golden wonder. " said Veyron.
Asuka smiled lightly.
“Are you implying that Ardon is not a competent flyer?” Asuka asked the wraith as Hitteki fought the urge not to roll her eyes at Veyron’s cheeky comments.
"I fly excellently. Second fastest to Zyra here. Queen of speed," retorted Ardon.
The team chuckled as they moved onto the next area of their tour in Torchwood 5.
Next they visited the Labs where the professor Melina and Doctor Zyra were based, the massive labs were allot quieter than normal with it being summer and people on leave.
"This is Melina and i's pride and joy here," said Zyra happily. "Our labs where we are devoting many resources to develop a drakine standard of health and medicine."
Asuka peered in through the glass to see the labs and equipment, it was pretty large but, in some ways, less advanced than back home.
"Impressive, is it used for human or just dragon?" Asuka asked.
"Both," said Zyra.
"Melina is well known for her mastery of her practice on both sides."
The eastern dragon nodded lightly, turning her head to face the bold wing.
"What is your role within these labs Zyra? What research do u do?" Asuka queried.
"I currently am doing research for our drakine health database and I also help Melina conduct any medical exams and procedures." She explained with pride.
“It is indeed very impressive facility you have here for both dragons and humans” Asuka commented as the team nodded, holding big respect for Melina’s work.
"They'll stitch you up good if you get in a scrap. Though don't expect the best bedside manner." Said Veyron.
Asuka seemed puzzled by the comments made by the wraith, perched still in his favourite spot between her horns.
“Have you been a regular visitor there Veyron?, what is your role with this big organization?” she asked.
"Well as an individual who specializes in recon and intelligence gathering I’m often put in dangerous situations. After saving our second in command and Our grand commander, Jack. I did my time in this infirmary."
Asuka smiled lightly.
“Such a brave dragon Veyron, how did you exactly save Mr Harkness then?” she asked.
"He was only just trying to fall to his death. I stopped him from making that mistake," grinned the wraith.
Hitteki did respect Veyron for his feat of bravery but he did milk it.
"Veyron used himself as a rope for Jack and basically got turned into a bungee cord, which could of snapped at any time" Hitteki said.
Asuka seemed surprised, " that is very bold and brave of Veyron, I am impressed" She said.
Veyron smiled at this, "well I figured I won't have a job if I don't have a boss." He shrugged.
The team moved on and continued the rest of the tour as they went rounds the offices and others sections, apart from the lower level as they seemed to be closed off.
The final part took them past the big command centre where Torchwood 5 monitored all the activities in the UK and all over with the big screen and computer monitoring all internet traffic and information, with operators at their desk also checking and keeping updates with the relevant departments.
"And this is the command centre." Said Ardon, leading the way. "It had a recent upgrade as well. " he explained as they entered the large room.
Asuka looked around the room and seemed quietly impressed with what Torchwood 5 had at their disposal.
"I am impressed with your facilities, you run a very organized unit here, Anne seemed to think you guys ran a less efficient operation" Asuka said
Hittkei gave a small smile behind the eastern dragons back at the comment.
"Never," said Ardon, trying not to be defensive, "Jack is very efficient and the base is run in the same manner."
"Hopefully with this new relationship between our bases we can coordinate and communicate a bit better." Said Zyra.
Asuka nodded lightly in agreement.
“I hope so, I did notice one room with guards and big heavy doors, what is that?” the dragoness asked the team.
The dragons seemed to go quiet when Asuka pointed out the one room which was their prized asset.
"Just some ... experimental tech," said Ardon, not sure how much he should reveal just yet.
Veyron seemed unimpressed with the golden dragons explanation.
"Just tell her what it is, Goldie. You guys are going to disappear through it in a few days anyway. Angel face, this is our facilities pride and joy. Portal to Kilara, world of dragons I suppose. Where nearly every one of us has come from at some point or another." Said Veyron.
Hitteki looked surprised and seemed annoyed with the wraith.
“Veyron, that is highly classified, its not for you to reveal it for others” Hitteki protested as Asuka seemed a little surprised by the Syrians protest.
"She'd find out in a day or two anyway! She's likely kilaran in some way so it's her right to know," retorted Veyron.
The green Syrian protested again about this with poor Asuka caught in the middle of the wraith and the Syrian arguing over the portal.
"Okay, okay. It's fine. Veyron is kinda right. She would have been told about it. We were going to invite you, asuka to the summer solstice on my family's islands." Said ardon, trying to diffuse the situation.
Asuka seemed intrigued with this.
“Could I see this incredible machine called a portal?” she asked the golden dragon.
"We need jacks’ clearance first. Or mark," said Ardon.
Asuka nodded lightly understanding.
“I understand, well I will accept the invitation to this Kilara, perhaps it will be a enlightening experience for me, I do appreciate the tour” Asuka said, her words genuine.
"Nah, kilara's got nothing interesting. Just wilds with no hint of civilization." Scoffed Veyron, not wanting her to go over.
Hitteki seemed to smile, knowing the wraith diddnt like to go to Kilara.
“Veyron isn’t keen on our home world, he owes other wraiths money, or he’s backed out of agreements” Hitteki gave the wraith a jab with those comments.
Asuka smiled lightly.
“I am sure that isn’t the case, Veyron is a very bold, brave and intelligent dragon, the fact he is a smaller breed makes his achievements all the more impressive, I do hope you come with me Veyron” she asked the dragon on her head.
"I'll think on it but I really think you'll like it better here," he replied.
The dragons went back to the canteen to find Melina and Jack had gone obviously to carry out their jobs for the day, the people were there now swapping shifts with others coming into work and leaving.
"Well that's the basics of the base," said Ardon, "and that concludes our tour."
"Back to mine then?" Asked Veyron, looking down at the dragoness from her horns.
Asuka chuckled lightly.
“Sure, be nice to have a little catch up, thank you again Ardon and all of you, I really appreciated it” Asuka said as she went off to the wraiths room.
The dragons watched Asuka and Veyron go as Ardon spoke.
"That went well...: right?" Asked Ardon, looking around the group.
"Id think so," said Comox.
“I agree, she had a good tour of the place, we should have something to eat and we can catch up with them” Hitteki suggested to the dragons who agreed.

Jack had returned to his quarters to do some work, thinking he could sneak an hour or two to free up time to spend with Ardon before they ventured away to Kilara.
He was about to start when his screen flashed up with an incoming call on screen, priority one from the EA
Jack looked a little surprised but then spoke.
“Computer, authorise secure message, Jack Harkness, level 1 clearance 34678/e and move ot secure channel 4 tier scramble” he said.
“Confirmed identity, line secure opening” came the computers response as Emelia appeared on the screen.
“Director Clarke, how may I help you?” he asked with a smile.
“Hello Jack, I hope I haven’t caught you at a bad time” she said.
“Not at all, anything I can be of assistance director” Jack replied to her.
“The EA has a sensitive project, a very sensitive project in the works, that was being developed and overseen by Sub Commander Holtan on our EA R&D branch”, Jack listened carefully to what the director said.
“Due to current security levels and with the strange happenings going on, what with the world president, what happened in Canada, we need this project secure and your base, along with Holtan’s work and experience will be well suited, so we like you to accept this and to allow Holtan to continue his work on this”. Emelia said.
Jack hummed, uncertain.
“He is technically Torchwood 5’s head of security operations, so far hes doing his job, but with the favour I did for you, he is locked downstairs working with his small team in those rooms on the lower level” Jack said.
Emelia nodded.
“I understand, we appreciate your flexibility in this, we would make it worth your time, check your emails, I have sent something to help your Organization reach new levels” she said as Jack checked his email as he saw a funding boost to the base, Jack did a double take.
“You serious?” he asked very surprised.
“We are, we know its asking allot, but you run a great team Jack, allow Holtan to do this for us and to take responsibility and ot lead the project, you can really help your academy, improve infrastructure and enhance the lives of your dragons, all it cost will be to store safely and securely the project, no questions asked”
Jack seemed a little surprised as he leaned back a bit on his chair.
“We can treat the dragons allot with food and luxuries, we have ot ensure it is spent to meet budget requirements” Jack commented to Emelia who smiled.
“You do this for us Jack, with Holtan running it, you get all the credits you ever need and then some” she said.
“Alright, I agree to it, when is it coming” he asked.
“5 days time, it will be arriving under the cover of night, minimal escort ships as to not attract attention, ensure it arrives, but is never recorded” she said as jack nodded.
“Ok, understood, we be ready for it” he said.
“Excellent, treat the dragons on us, thank you again commander, Emelia out” the message ended as Jack put his hands behind his head and looked up at the ceiling whistling at what the base had been offered.
A few hours later, one of the waiting staff in the kitchens knocked on Veyron’s quarters doors, the dragon had ordered some oriental style food and some other bits to go with it, but the door was locked as the man waited.
“Veyron sir? your food as you ordered for you and your guest” he said.
The door unlocked as the man waited expectantly.
Veyron leaned out of the room, looking a little flushed and dragged in the platter without a second word before shutting the door with a solid click.
“Strange fellow” he said to himself as he returned to the kitchens, wondering why the dragon looked hot under the scales.
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Late the next morning Veyron sauntered into the canteen looking as proud as a peacock. His smug expression had somehow reached new levels. Hopping up onto the stainless steel counter that held the much-used coffeemaker, the grabbed himself one of the tiny mugs purchased just for him and filled it to the brim.
Steaming, he took a sip of it, not bothering to wait for the coffee to cool before parading over to Hitteki who he had noticed watch him come in.
He set the coffee on the table and hopped up to where she was trying to enjoy her breakfast.
“Good morning, Fuzz,” he said to her in mock friendliness, tapping his talons along the side of the ceramic mug.
Hitteki looked up from her porridge, seeing his expression.
"Morning, your cheerful".
"Any why wouldn't I be?" asked Veyron.
"You tell me sir, why are you today?" she asked.
“Oh… you know… didn’t spend much time sleeping. Cultural exchanges and all that,” he said with a wide, devilish grin.
"Hitteki made a face puzzled, "Did you talk all night really?" Hitteki said.
Veyron just smirked knowingly and took a sip of his coffee twitching his tail as she tried to puzzle it out.
Hitteki frowned and pushed her porridge bowl away from her, shaking her head lightly.
Veyron pushed the bowl back towards her, "Oh come on, you're that prude, fuzzball?" snorted the wraith in laughter.
Hitteki snorted, "I am not, I mean how, the size fact no do not answer" hitteki said.
Veyron barked with laughter, enjoying this little exchange.
Just then Zyra came into the room for her own late breakfast and heard the laughing coming from the tables, “What’s so funny?” she asked, walking up.
“Oh Hitteki here is getting her tail in a knot over-“ began Veyron but the other dragoness cut him off.
"Umm he is just being Veyron picking on me for yesterday ...hah just my luck," Hitteki quickly said.
Veyron snickered.
“Knock it off, Veyron,” chided Zyra as she poured herself some tea, “What qualities Asuka admires about you I don’t understand.”
He was about to reply with something a little risqué but Zyra caught her mistake.
“Nope, just… don’t. Go slink around somewhere else.” She stopped him as she came over to the table with her talons wrapped around her mug.
“Sheesh, good thing I’m getting a little love somewhere else. You ladies are cold as ice,” snickered the wraith.
“GO,” Zyra repeated, not yet having enough caffeine in her system to deal with his nonsense.
Veyron was about to head off anyway but turned around at the end of the table.
“PS, could you STOP trying to convince Asuka to go to through that damn hell machine? I doubt T9 would want her off the planet anyway. She’s their only dragon.”
“Veyron, she wants to come. Ardon is getting Jack to send off a request to Anne so we can all head off together tomorrow,” replied Zyra, as she sipped her tea.
Veyron frowned, “Fun police, all of you.” He said before jumping off the table and sauntering away.
“Gross little dragon,” Zyra muttered to Hitteki.

On the other side of the facility Vonriir had woken early and snuck out-about as quietly as a dragon his size could sneak- to the flight hangar where his Attilu’s ship was stored. It had not been washed for a while and the numerous flights had left a bit of dirt and grime covering the smooth and usually gleaming surface. The Cragback knew that the woman took such pride in her ship and loved to see it in top form so he had requested help from the hangar manager, Joseph, to fetch soap and water, rags and the hose and set to cleaning it up.
The man normally did not like dragons of any size in his flight hangar but had made hesitant allowances for Vonriir considering who he was bonded to. Still the dragon’s size made for a bit of concern for the protective hangar manager as he kept a close eye on all the other expensive ships and equipment in his proximity.
Normally a multi-hour task for any person, Vonriir’s size allowed him to nearly complete the job of cleaning the ship in just over half an hour. Cleaned, polished and dried, the Avalon now looked like it had just rolled off the production line.
He stood back and proudly admired the work, smiling as he hoped that Martina would be happy.
“Looks good, Vonriir,” said Joseph as he and an engineer named Scarlett stood on some mobile scaffolding and worked on the wing of one of the other ships.
“Thank you, I managed to buff out a few scratches,” he said happily.
Martina woke and saw Vonriir wasnt there, she looked a little puzzled.
She left their quarters and went hunting for the massive Crag back.
"Von" she said in a loud whisper as she made her way to the hanger, "Von!" she said again in a loud but hushed tone.
Vonriir suddenly heard her call and smiled, "Martina! In here!" he called as he positioned himself to block the ship from view, puffing up a little with anticipation.
Martina looked puzzled as she yawned, "what you doing up at this hour and in the hanger?" she asked.
Vonriir smiled but realized he had left the bucket of soapy water and rags on the floor beside the ship, an unsightly mess next to his hard work and tried to kick it out of the way with a back paw. Instead, however, he reached too far and knocked the scaffolding that Joseph and Scarlett had been working on. They shouted as their platform rocked dangerously, spilling tool off the side. Vonriir realized his mistake and lunged to steady it before they could fall off but in his haste his tail knocked the wing of the Avalon.
"Vonriir, watch out!" she called out in alarm seeing a potentially disastrous event about to unfold.
It teetered dramatically but he caught it with his back paw just before it rocked past the point of no return. He stood there with two paws on the scaffold and one on the ship, breathing fast in the sudden turn of events and panic.
“Stars!” he said, “That was very close!”
“Close?” stammered Joseph, “You nearly killed us!”
Vonriir looked a little taken aback, now standing besides the Avalon.
"I apologize, my dragon is new to the whole bond, as am I and he wanted to make my life a bit easier, he just wanted to help out" Martina said.
“No harm done,” said Scarlett, climbing down to fetch the lost tools. The hangar manager grumbled something under his breath as he walked off to the office.
“Erm, ta da?” said Vonriir gesturing to the Avalon half heartedly, the wind taken out of his sails for the surprise.
"Oh Vonriir, that’s really sweet, you did not have to big guy, its part of my duties...i hope you haven’t been up plotting all night" she said to her dragon.
“No, no,” said the Cragback, shaking his large head, “Since it’s a day off for you I figured I’d let you sleep in and clean the Avalon for you so you wouldn’t have to. Sorry about the… chaotic unveiling…”
"Aww I love it,. Come here as I can’t reach up there" she laughed lightly.
Vonriir lowered his head, and thrummed happily, glad that the near disaster didn’t ruin anything.
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Asuka was sleeping peacefully in Veyron’s room, after the evening’s shenanigans the wraith offered her to sleep there and she had nodded off in the early hours of the morning.
Soon the doors opened and the wraith came trotting in with his coffee, the dragoness shifted her coils as the door awoke her.
"Rise and shine," said Veyron as he returned. "I ordered you breakfast but it might be faster if you go out to the canteen and eat.
Asuka opened her eyes and lifted her head up, giving the wraith a small smile.
“That is very kind of you Veyron and thank you for allowing me to sleep here, you have very nice quarters” she said as she stretched herself.
"Well when your the team hero you get nice things," he replied.
Asuka chuckled lightly as she moved elegantly towards the door to head to the canteen, she lowered her head to the wraith before her.
“Thank you for an eventful evening, you are full of surprises” the dragoness said with a grin.
The wraith laughed, "That I am. So, about this Kilara thing... you aren't really considering going to that hell hole are you?"
Asuka thought about it carefully.
“Well it is your home Veyron, it is where the dragons come from, though I consider earth my home in reality, its where I was born” she replied back, she was not sure why the wraith was so against going to Kilara but the small dragon before her was adamant about staying.
"Oh come on, I can think of far better things to do here than go over to kilara," he said with a smile.
Asuka looked at the wraith with a small, cheeky smile creeping upon her face.
“Such as Mr?, you have something in mind?” she enquired.
"Eh We'll think of something," he said with a wave of his paw.
Asuka chuckled lightly.
“Well if your breed got a bit of stamina, I could suggest a few things we could continue our cultural exchanges and cook food from my home you enjoyed” she replied.
"Deal," laughed the little dragon.
Asuka smiled and nodded.
“Ok, I get breakfast, do my Yoga and exercises before we continue with my loan visit” she said as Veyron grinned and gave a cheeky gesture as left his quarters with a fluid grace towards the canteen with the wraith with the eatern dragoness, perched up by her antler horns.where Hitteki and Zyra were, discussing or trying to get the crude images out of their minds.
"Good morning Asuka," said Zyra as she looked up from her breakfast. "Toby has your breakfast set for whenever you're ready."
Asuka nodded and smiled.
“Excellent, I shall try your foods, may I ask is there somewhere to practice my morning routine?, I know I am on loan but I like to keep my skills sharp” she asked the dragons.
"Beside the hot springs we showed you yesterday there's a room for that kinda thing," replied Veyron. "And you're not a movie rental. You're here visiting not 'on loan'."
Hitteki had not eaten her porridge after their previous conversation.
“I would like to practice with you Asuka for Yoga, I know Guardian Zyra does it with the professor” the Syrian said.
Asuka seemed pleased.
“Well I would love to see how you guys have progressed, you were all so incredibly good considering you had travelled so far” Asuka said.
"Thank you, Asuka. That's kind of you to say. We could all go down together sometime," suggested the boldwing dragoness.
Asuka smiled.
“After I finished breakfast we can, you can bring the professor if you like, she was indeed someone I hold high respect, despite being fiery” the dragoness commented.
“Professor Melina and Zyra compliment each other very well” Hitteki replied.
"All these compliments and you both are going to make my ego as big as Ardon's," joked Zyra.
Soon the dragons made their way to where Melina and Zyra practiced their mediation and yoga, the place was beautifully decorated, with plants, flowers and a nice babbling indoor waterfall, the chamber was light and airy despite being underground.
Soon they spot Melina putting some scented candles round the place, to aid in relaxation and for aiding their session today, Melina and Zyra tried to do this every days at least once if not twice, she had really enjoyed it in Japan and wanted to continue it.
Asuka had to smile to herself seeing a few decorations about, clearly the professor had taken inspiration from Torchwood 9 in designing this room.
"Hello, Mel, I have brought company today," said Zyra as she lead them all into the room.
Melina looked up and smiled.
“I had a feeling you want to do some Yoga and other things, to keep to a routine Asuka, so I prepared it all for us to practice, I think you be surprised how far we have come” the professor said.
“I am honoured you got it all set up for me professor, we shall begin” the dragoness said as Melina nodded as she asked the computer to play some relaxing zen music.
"Oh I like this track," said Zyra as she settled into her usual spot and took a grounding deep breath.
The session begun with basic moves, as Hitteki was new they started off slow, the young Syrian dragoness kept with the pace, stretching out as the session got more complex.
Hitteki breed was not the most slender and so her movements were not as fluid or as graceful as the bold wing or the Easter’s but she was trying.
Zyra moved fluidly through one pose to another, keeping her breathing even and steady.
"Good work, Hitteki, keep your tail level and it will help maintain your balance better. Just like flying," she mentioned to the dragoness beside her. Looking up she noticed Veyron was laying between asukas antlers.
"Veyron, are you not participating?" She inquired.
"I am," said the wraith, not even nothing to open his eyes. "I'm doing that.... savvy-ass pose."
"Savasana you mean?" Asked the bold wing.
Zyra looked at Hitteki and rolled her eyes before carrying on.
Asuka pulled off a rather complicated pose with grace and finesse as she then tried a daring move, she was perfectly balanced on her two front paws with the back lifted upwards, Melina seemed impressed.
“That was amazing Asuka” Hitteki said as the dragoness gave a small smile and a nod as thanks.
“Zyra has been practicing a power pose for a little bit, would you like to show Asuka Zy?” Melina asked the bold wing.
"Sure," said Zyra and stepped into a new pose that she had been practicing. She wobbled slightly but then caught herself and steadied after a moment.
The eastern indeed was impressed with the bold wing’s pose and how she pulled it off.
“That is very impressive Zyra” Asuka said.
Melina smiled.
“She isn’t done yet, this next bit will have you in awe, you think your ready for the next bit Zy?” Melina asked.
Asuka looked over to see what else the bold wing had in store for them.
The dragoness didn't reply, stead focused on her balance. One by one her hind paws rise into the air then followed by her left forepaw until she was perfectly balanced on one foot.
Asuka and Hitteki seemed very impressed with Zyra’s move, it was a really show of grace, finesse and power, Zyra held the pose very well on one forepaw.
“I am really impressed” Asuka said quietly to Melina as Hitteki nodded and spoke quietly not to break Zyra’s focus although she resolved to hold the pose.
“That is incredible” Hitteki said.
“I know, she’s practiced a few times but its her resolve to hold the pose that awes me” Melina said to the other two as the bold wing maintained the pose.
Zyra smiled inwardly as she resolved to keep her balance, pleased that the others were impressed. Finally she set herself lightly back down.
The dragons soon spoke to the bold wing after her impressive yoga pose.
"That was indeed impressive, a great way to end our yoga session" Asuka said as Hitteki panted lightly, the young Syrian had worked hard and found it a bit more complicated than it looked.
"Seems like not everyone was entertained enough," said Zyra, noticing that Veyron had fallen asleep during the course of their practice.
Melina tried not to chuckle as the wraith snoozed between the eastern dragoness antlers.
"Ahh i return him to his quarters and i take a trip into the skies here, i will not be long" Asuka said carrying the sleeping wraith.
Melina turned and smiled.
" That was impressive I was worrying you start trembling or wobble trying that pose, she is impressed" Melina said to Zyra.
"I've been practicing so I hoped that I'd do okay," replied the dragoness.
"You did more than ok, brilliantly id say" Hitteki said.
Melina smiled.
"Plus stubborn and a strong resolve, you were determined not to shake, I sensed that from you" Melina said.
"I'm not stubborn," corrected Zyra.
Melina gave a knowing smile to her dragon.
"Where did you learn such a pose Guardian Zyra?" asked Hitteki.
"Just modified something that I've seen Melina do," replied the dragoness.
"Of course I do it better" teased Melina as Hitteki smiled lightly as Melina joked about being better than the good doctor.
"You have three less limbs to work with," laughed Zyra. "It's harder for me.
Melina grinned.
"Well you shouldn’t show up your atillu missy" Melina lightly tapped her shoulder in jest.
The dragoness smiled lightly. "I get to stand in the limelight every once in a while."

Meanwhile, in Jacks quarters the man was just packing up a sleeping bag and other little luxuries to take to Kilara, they would be there for a week and Jack wanted to make sure he had his bits for the occasion, especially since Forge had said there be some guests coming to enjoy the summer solstice on the sunbreak islands.
Ardon was rather chatty today, with the event almost upon them, he was looking forward to seeing his family again.
"I wonder who else is going to come to the island for the celebration this year. From the mainland I mean," rattled on the gold dragon, being an excited chatterbox.
Jack nodded in agreement.
"Its rare Forge would allow people on his island, he hates crowds and noise" Jack replied packing his case finishing it off with a few more items.
"I think my father made it impossible for him to say no. Besides, I think some part of him, deep down, likes the gathering." Laughed Ardon.
Jack grinned and cleared his throat, he stood up as tall as he could and looked up at Ardon, puffing out his chest.
"Now see here drake....I am a respected warlord and you will talk to me as such, this is my island I say what goes" Jack said imitating Forge's grumpy voice.
Ardon snorted with laughter, "he'd kill you if he heard you mimicking him like that!"
Jack grinned but continued the facade.
"Ardon, you must be a responsible dragon and stop eating all the Yorkshire puddings!" he said as he then laughed lightly, struggling to keep the serious tone in his voice while imitating the silver warlord.
"But Melina's bread pudding.... that's mine," Ardon joined in with a deep rumbling voice.
Jack snickered lightly.
"Oh yes do not touch that, that is warlord bread pudding, by my number one fan Melina, the only human I bow down to for pets..oh I mean polishing my scales" Jack continued but was laughing that he couldn’t keep up the voice.
The man was pretty good at doing the warlord’s voice pretty well, though he would never ever attempt it in front of the silver, if he valued his life.
"Melina could get away with ANYTHING when it comes to Forge. I don't know how she does it," said Ardon, shaking his head as the last of the laughter died down, "It's like she's got some spell over him or something."
Jack had to agree, he did notice a chance in his personality when the professor was around, but it seemed this unique status was only reserved for her and her alone.
"Odd isn’t it, like majorly odd how he is, he seems to act a bit funny and approaches her when Zyra isn’t there" Jack said to the gold as he zipped up his bag and smiled, all packed.
"Well, I think maybe he doesn't want to step on any toes, especially ones belonging to someone who could make your face melt off," replied Ardon. "Everyone teases me for backing off when that sail goes up but I'm not going to risk losing my stunning good looks." he laughed.
Jasck chuckled lightly.
“Oh yes, she is a fiery one, must be a thing with us collecting fiery women, anyways im packed, some food I think is in order or elevenses” Jack said as Ardon agreed as the duo made their way to the canteen for brunch.
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"It be interesting to fly around your lands" Asuika said as soon as the doors opened she shot out into the sky without any wings, making quick zig zag motions that carried her into the clear blue sky.
The Boldwing smiled, intrigued by the other’s strange yet elegant method of locomotion. Zyra flared her wings, lifting them high above her before leaping into the air.
“Come on, Hitteki,” she smiled, leading the Syrian dragon out of the doors above.
Catching up with her a few moments later, Zyra glided beside the other dragon. "I hope it's not rude to ask, Asuka, but I'm intrigued at how you fly without wings. How do you do it?"
Asuka smiled and winked.
"Trade Secret Zyra, I can manage it well, just flying straight is a bit difficult," she said, not keen on showing weakness to the dragoness who beat her.
"Perhaps but I'm sure it's very good for evasive flight," commented the boldwing.
Asuka smiled and she shot off, flying quickly, zig zagging in the sky and looping, showing how she could evade others with impressive skill.
Zyra laughed and pursued, “She’s fast, even zig zagging like that, Hitteki!” she said as they flew together to catch up. Once the trio met up again under the blue sky they chatted as they flew and the Boldwing pointing out landmarks in the surrounding area, showing Asuka the grounds and beyond. Hitteki showed her the creek where the younger dragons often liked to gather in the summer to get out of the building and relax.
This is nice, Zyra thought, it was wonderful to talk to another dragoness. Hitteki was great company but the boys dominated the group so it was pleasant to add another dragoness to their little female duo even for a short time.

After a while Zyra rode a thermal as they looped back towards the facility, "I think you should come to Kilara, Asuka. It would be a great opportunity to meet more dragons and see where we all came from and what Ardon is trying to do for both worlds." She said kindly, wanting to really encourage her to join them. Getting Asuka here has been a halting process with T9. They had been hesitant to let her go, especially without a T9 chaperone so any opportunity to show her more of their world and the dragons natural home would be an experience. Zyra didn’t know when they would have a better opportunity anyway. The solstice celebration was one of the best times for making grand memories, "Besides, it's always a lot of fun." She added with a smile. “Sunbreak island belongs to Ardon’s family and they host such a wonderful event. You’d get to meet many other dragons though you’ll have to keep in mind that a lot of the visitors are what the humans call ‘wild’ dragons. Apart from Ardon’s family, none of the others will have been over to earth. Other than that it is always a fun party, unique food and a chance to talk with dragons from all over Kilara.”
Asuka nodded lightly.

"I know, I am curious but… unsure, plus I did say to Veyron I’d stay with him, he has been on good behaviour for me at least", she said.
"Oh don't let him make you miss an opportunity like this. Drag him along, he's always said he'd never go back but we're just going to celebrate on the beach. He might even enjoy it if you could convince him."
"He is pretty set on staying on the base, I find it odd but he rather stay here and I have...missed his personality and him," Asuka said.
Zyra bit her tongue at a cheeky comment that she wanted to make at that. She didn’t think it was possible for ANYONE to miss that mischievous deviant of a dragon.
"Perhaps tell him he get a reward if he comes along," said Hitteki
Zyra struggled for a moment to keep her composure and hide her repulsed reaction to the suggestion. "Oh, well, however you convince him Ardon and I have bet. He doesn't think Veyron will come but I think he will. Don't let me lose to the golden boy okay?" She said with a wink
Asuka chuckled lightly.
"I would not allow a fellow female to lose to a male, do not worry, I find a way to convince him," Asuka said.
Zyra flashed a smile to Hitteki, this might be fun. “Alright. We’ll meet you in the portal room at 4 then. Everyone is going over at once so we’ll see you there.”

"Come on Veyron, it won’t be bad...besides you want me to lose a bet to Ardon would you" Asuka asked the wraith as they walked down the corridors. The last few hours Veyron had been trying to pull every trick in the book to get her to stay in the facility and not go over. He thought that having a quiet building mostly to themselves was a lost opportunity if they joined the others. That thought aside, he had vowed never to step foot on Kilaran soil again.
"You didn't place the bet," huffed Veyron, scrambling up her mane to stand on her head and look upside down at her.
"Oh I did, I been told you dislike losing bets and you usually win," Asuka replied.
"Sugar, I always win," replied the wraith, sounding more cross now. "But going to Kilara is NOT winning."
"Yes it is, come to the party for me?" she asked again.
“Angelface, I can assure you it’s going to be boring,” he insisted but he had lost her attention as they entered the portal room. Everyone else was gathered there chatting while Baxter set up the archway for them all to pass through. It was gently glowing, a static-silver that indicated that it was inactive at the moment.
“Great! You’re coming,” said Comox, seeing the purple dragon step into the room. The others turned to greet her, happy that she had chosen to join them.

Behind him Zyra stuck her yellow tongue out at Ardon but the gold mouthed, “Just wait.” Back at her, still unconvinced that Veyron would go through.
"What…is this machine, it’s massive" she said to the other dragons looking at it.
"It's terrifying and it will Eat. Your. Soul. If you go in there," said Veyron, one last ditch attempt . "Tear ya apart and spit you out on the other end looking like bad chilli."
"Veyron, that is not called for. It is a doorway to Kilara, the homeworld of dragons, it’s the only machine in existence," Melina said.
"And top secret too, hence why we made Veyron make a vow of silence, or he paid him off" Hitteki added.
“Baxter here designed the thing,” Grinned Ardon but the man looked like he didn’t particularly enjoy having all the attention on him.
Suddenly the wavering light turned blue and they were given the go-ahead to pass on through.
"Are we all ready?" asked Ardon as the group nodded. "Asuka, did you want to go through with one of us?"
Asuka looked at the rippling blue in the centre of the portal, she seemed very uneasy.
"I… I go with Zyra" Asuka requested.
The Boldwing nodded, “Of course.”
Ardon gave an excited whoop and sprang through the portal without a second of hesitation. He disappeared through the pulsing blue light. Jack and Comox followed after then Vonriir with Hitteki.
“Alright. You don’t need to hold your breath or anything. Just step through. The portal feels almost….” Zyra paused, thinking about how to describe the sensation. “When you pass through it almost feels like static running across your scales for a second but once you are through it’s just like coming through a door.”
“Don’t believe her,” said Veyron from his place at the top of Asuka’s head.
“Ignore him, come on, I’ll go through with you,” smiled Zyra as they stepped forward.
“****!” cursed Veyron, running down Asuka’s neck and along her back as she and Zyra strode through the portal. He scrambled for his life, running the length of her tail “****, ****, ****!” he swore and was about to leap off the end of her tail when he suddenly passed backwards trough the blue light.”

On the other side he clung to the purple fur of Asuka’s tail, still cursing with his eyes scrunched shut.
"Feeling alright there Veyron?" Hitteki asked the wraith, noticing his uneasiness.
“**** off, Fuzz,” he replied, sitting up and checking himself over, ensuring he didn’t lose any limbs in the journey. To his dismay the portal turned grey again, to be activated once they wanted to return to save energy,
"This is......really astounding," Asuka said as she looked everywhere, her eyes taking in the sights of this new world.
While Veyron was on the verge of a breakdown the dragoness had seemed enthralled with this new world. A brilliant blue sky stretch from horizon to horizon overhead. Bright red birds with black tipped feathers road the breeze overhead. Stretches of white-gold sand reached endlessly beyond them, lapped by crystal clear waves.

The group had come out into the relatively calm area where the portal was kept. To their left rose the mountainous tropical forest of the islands. The main island, the one Forge and his family resided on was the largest of the 16 and carried on for miles and miles. On the beach beyond there was a gathering of dragons of all colours. Only about 8 dragons so far, the early birds and the residents of the island.
“Welcome to Sunbreak,” said Forge as the great silver walked up seeing the large party’s arrival, “It is good to see you again, Asuka. It is my hope that you find my islands welcoming.” He said with a dip of his head. He was actually surprised that she had come, considering his own experiences with her human counterparts had been rather unrelenting and stern.
Asuka bowed respectfully to the silver dragon.
"Yes it is a lot different to what I imagined, very beautiful, reminds me of the Japanese islands used by us for training and if we were lucky, resting," she said.
“It’s not all as pretty as this. Forge took the best bits,” came another voice as Bronan joined the group, followed by Tahsis. “Welcome everyone!”
Behind Vonriir’s bulk Zyra was reveling in her win against Ardon. She had teased him, bumping the gold’s shoulder as he protested, “He didn’t WILLINGLY come, he was dragged through.” He insisted.
“We didn’t specify particulars on HOW he came through, Ardy. Just that he’s here so I win!” she grinned.
Ardon couldn’t be mad at his loss though, not with how she smiled so gleefully. “Well,” he said, “Let’s just hope that he doesn’t have a totally miserable time. I don’t want him to drag down the fun.”
“We’ll bury him in the sand if he does that,” laughed Zyra.

She looked over her shoulder to see Asuka already talking with Forge and his family. At first she couldn’t see Veyron but then spotted the green glow of his eyes, having tucked himself away in the mane between Asuka’s antlered horns; sulking already.
“Come on, Asuka, I wanna show you the islands,” said, Ardon, trotting up to the others. “Then after maybe we can teach you how to play a little skyball!”
Asuka smiled as she nodded. "Ok Ardon, lead the way, you coming Veyron?" she asked.
“Nah, I think I’ll pass,” said the wraith, jumping down from her head to Jack’s shoulder. He didn’t want to seem like a coward but Kilara was one of the last places he wanted to be. His colony might have been thousands of miles away but that didn’t stop the unsettling feeling that lingered. He stretched, faking a casual air. “I need a nap after all my… strenuous work earlier,” he said cheekily before slipping into the commander’s rucksack to sleep away this horrible adventure.
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Asuka grinned and took off into the sky with the others for a tour round the island, Hitteki stayed for now, offering to help out with any chores that needed doing.
She saw the wraith jump into Jack’s bag and nap, it was a little odd for the Syrian to see the cheeky, crafty wraith go into hiding for being on Kilara, it was just strange he had resisted so fiercely to returning here.
"So why do you hate kilara so much? Do you consider yourself an Earth-bound dragon? Hitteki asked the wraith.
"I SAID I needed a nap. What don't you get about that?" came Veyron's muffled voice from inside the bag. "Besides, it's none of your ****ing business."
Hitteki frowned at the Wraith’s response, not wanting to cause more trouble.
"Ahh, i see let’s hope the wraiths don’t come for the summer solstice then" Hitteki said as she zipped up the bag with Veyron in it giving a sly smile at what she had done.
While Veyron liked to stash himself in small spaces the line was crossed when being contained in them. He snarled and ripped open the side of the bag with a sharp talon. "Now annoy someone else." he snapped, irritably.
Hitteki looked surprised at what Veyron had done and he had damaged the bag Jacks stuff was in, she was about to hiss at him for being an ass but Jack came over and saw the damage done to the bag by the wraith.
The man was not impressed at all.
"Veyron you infuriating....."Jack said seeing the damaged bag, holding back his tongue or the urge to throttle the little dragon to death.
"Thanks...really appreciate it" the man said, shaking his head in disbelief.
"You're welcome. Now you have a handy easy access point for your crap." said Veyron, ducking back inside.
Jack looked annoyed and saw Hitteki.
“You shouldn’t of provoked him Hitteki, I expect better from you, you need to stop winding him up and don’t take the bait he waves in front of you” Jack said raising his voice and sounding stern.
“Sorry sir” Hittkei said lowering her head and eyes to the floor.
The wraith seemed amused Hitteki was getting a telling off from the boss.
"Now if you're all quite finished out there can I have a little peace and quiet until we can get out of this hell hole?" grumbled the wraith from inside the ruined bag.
Jack shook his head again grumbling under his breath at the dragons attitude.
I hope you’re going to replace my bag or i break something of yours...urgh Veyron sometimes you can be a right dick" Jack said, the man rarely swore but Veyron had annoyed him severely.
"Hitteki started it," said Veyron, sticking his head out of the bag, "Besides, it's just a backpack. Don't know what you're so upset about."
Jack looked at the wraith squarely with his golden eyes looking at the arrogant wraith before him.
"It was one my parents got me...." the man said as Hitteki went quiet at this news.
Veyron's face went blank but then his ruff went back in realization, "Oh... well.... I'm sure you're got someone on staff that's good at sewing?"
Jack rolled his eyes at this.
"Go back to sleep Veyron...." Jack said walking off as Hitteki seemed uneasy,, " Sorry Veyron....I shouldn’t of done that.." the dragoness said.
The wraith did not share the sombre mood of the dragoness.
"Yeah, you pissed off the boss. Way to go," sniffed Veyron, curling back up to sleep.
Hitteki shook her head and went off leaving the wraith alone as she tried to busy herself with stuff to do like collecting wood and other things, to get rid of feeling guilty.

Meanwhile on the other side of the caves under some trees, Martina was unpacking the cases that she had brought with her, including the guitar, but she brought out the sleeping bacgs and covers to make it more comfortable.
Vonriir was laying in the warm sand, happily humming a tune that Martina had showed up while she unpacked. "I do hope you'll enjoy the celebrations."
Martina looked up from what she was doing and smiled lightly, sensing the crag backs excitement.
"I been told its amazing experience, I’m just getting things ready and all" she said gesturing to the sleeping bag.
"Like..... a certain instrument?" he inquired with a growing smile.
Martina nodded.
"Yes, I brought it, I picked some music to play as well" Martina said, as she opened up the case and showed Vonriir her papers.
Vonriir thumped his tail in the sand, "Oh good! I am so glad you are going to play. I think everyone will be mightily impressed."
“Well we will see, lets not count our chickens Vonriir” Martina said as she carried on her unpacking, making sure the bed was ready.
Suddenly Vonriir hefted himself up to all fours, seeing that Bronan and his family had wandered over.
"Vonriir! We heard the good news but haven't met your Attilu." said the bronze dragon.
"Oh, yes, this here is Martina Williams, squadron leader of our flight division. Martina, this is young Ardon's father, Bronan, his mother Tahsis, sister Ucluelet."
"A pleasure to meet you, Martina," said Tahsis kindly.
Martina bowed respectfully to Ardon’s family and smiled, looking up.
"An honour to meet you both, Ardon is a very enthusiastic dragon" she said with a smile.
Bronan laughed, "Yes, he is. Hopefully he's been a good representative of his kind, despite his enthusiasm."
"Yes, it seems the magic of Brathille decided to bond me with this charming gentleman here, well the biggest dragon around" Martina said with pride in her voice about the dragon she bonded with.
Vonriir beamed, "It's been a adventure so far."
"We are so pleased for your bond," said Bronan. "It's brought our Ardon so much joy and I hope all the same for you."
Martina agreed and talked a bit about other things but soon the excitement got to Vonriir as he came in again to contribute to the conversation again.
"Martina here is a talented beyond words. Not only does she pilot ships and instruct a whole flight crew but she can also play guitar." he boasted proudly, "Absolutely enthralling and she's brought it for the celebration too."
"How lovely," said Tahsis. "What is a guitar again?"
"That stringed instrument that you saw on the TV at Christmas when we were over," explained Ucluelet, "They use it a lot in their music."
"Yes, and Martina knows endless songs." said the crag back, "It's going to be wonderful when you play."
He thumped his tail again and sent a shower of sand everywhere.
Martina laughed lightly at this.
"Well, I am getting there, did I mention my dragon is excitable" Martina said having a light joke, dusting sand off her top.
"Seems like most bonded dragon's are," Tahsis laughed lightly.
Vonriir gave a sheepish grin and tried to paw away some of the sand covering a few of Martina's things.
The group chatted until Tahsis and Bronan went off along with Ucluelet to get their place ready for the summer solstice celebrations

Vonriir had resumed humming happily to himself, content as he could ever be.
"I'm excited for you to see how we celebrate on this side of the portal.I hope you enjoy it." he told her.
Martina smiled as Vonriir’s excitement and happiness bounced over.
“I am eager too, it will be great I am sure” Martina said and she felt her palm go warm, she looked to see it glowing bronze and sparkling.
“Woah…” she said, mesmerized by its colour.
Vonriir looked down to see what she was looking at and smiled at the shimmering light. "Well would you look at that."
Martina looked up and saw on Vonriirs nose and near the horns he was glowing as well, a bronze colour.
“Hey, your glowing too in places, what is going on?” she asked the large dragon before her, not knowing what was going on.
"Where?" asked Vonriir, looking over his wings and legs, "Ardon says this happens sometimes. Martina chuckled lightly.
“On your nose and near your horns, your lightly glowing, what did Ardon said it means?” Martina asked the behemoth of a dragon.
"Its a physical display of your bond," said Forge, who had come over at the sight of the glowing light, "It happens during certain moments when Brathille is engaged due to certain emotions."
"There you have it," said Vonriir, thumping his tail at the realization that their bond had grown that much.
Martina smiled and looked up at Forge.
“Well Vonriir is Happy and excitable, so Brathille is reacting to that?” she asked.
“It is called a Brathille Aura, it happens when both dragon and Atillu are happy, everyone sort of has it when bonded” Melina said with a kind smile as she had wandered over.
"Well that is interesting," said Vonriir. "I quite like it. I'm sparkly."
"Stars," muttered Forge under his breath, closing his eyes. Being sparkly was not something a battle tested dragon would usually advertise.
Melina chuckled lightly, sensing Forge’s disbelief in the crag back.
“Not a tactical thing Vonriir cant use sparkly as a tactic” she said as Martina chuckled.
“Well, dazzle the enemy” she said as Melina grinned.
"New battle scenarios to work out, Forge," grinned Vonriir.
Forge rolled his eyes, "decoy. I suppose it could be worse..."
Melina laughed lightly as the others found it amusing apart from Forge who found Vonriir’s little comments a bit too much to bear, luckily Melina read him.
“Speaking off sparkling things, I got to go polish Forge’s precious metals so I speak to you guys later” Melina said as Martina and Vonriir wished them well.
"I suppose I should keep you company while you lend a hand," said the silver dragon as they walked off together.
"I'm glad you came," he told the woman as they walked along the beach, "but where is Zyra? I don't want to upset her. I've sensed that she's not been the most pleased with me lately."
Melina looked up at Forge.
“She’s ok Forge, she is showing Asuka around along with Ardon, it is fine and I wouldn’t miss this for the world, I’m glad the work I did hasn’t left you looking like Frankenstein” she replied.
"Frankenstein...." said Forge trying to recall the name. Then he snorted, "that's the monster... reanimated body parts isn't it? Yes. I am quite glad I don't look like that."
Melina smiled.
“Perhaps not Frankenstein but not looking patched up, you heal well my Silver, I am always impressed” Melina said as they came towards Forge’s cave.
"I do my best. Have to credit my doctor," he replied, allowing her to sit with him there.
Melina sat down and smiled at Forge.
“That is the first time you said that to me, I like it” the woman said, her voice sounding a bit softer, it was clear the woman appreciated those words.
"I've thanked you before, surely," said forge, a bit surprised.
Melina shook her head lightly.
“You have, you never said my doctor before….well you did say my Melina but that was another place..and time” Melina said to the silver.
Forge felt a little wave of guilt wash over him, "I, well, I hope I can make up for that mistake of mine, one day." He said, lowering her head to her.
Melina reached up and touched the silver scales gently and smoothed his muzzle lightly.
“Just no more fights with dragons please, stick to paw wrestling or sumo wrestling” Melina said with a light laugh.
"My life is all fight, I'm afraid," replied the dragon. "I'm sure you'll have to patch me together at least once more."
“You dragons need to develop non contact challenges, like chess or some knowledge questions” Melina said as she begun to polish Forge’s prized trophies and other precious metals, given to him by the EA and Melina.
"I do like chess. But I can guarantee you that no territorial dispute will be resolved by a game. My years and years of work trying to get a little diplomacy going between clans and breeds and territories was nearly wiped clean from the illness." replied the dragon.
Melina nodded.
“I know, I was just saying, I never question your methods” Melina said as the two chatted about a variety of topics but it was clear to see the old silver dragon revelled in these conversations and quality time together, it seemed he looked forward to these despite not admitting it.
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Ardon had given Asuka a brief tour of the islands, they flew down to the last of them and back again, creating a large loop, stopping at some significant points of interest. Comox and Zyra tagged along, reveling in the opportunity to stretch their wings in the warm sun. Lagoons, crystal pools, waterfalls and the like were all explored, giving the eastern dragoness a small taste of what this part of Talkiir had to offer. Ardon was more than happy to explain the different regions of this place, answering to the best of his ability, the questions that Asuka asked. Eventually they returned back to the main island. There they met up with Neekoh and a few other of the inhabitants that called Forge’s archipelago home. Together they sat on a stretch of beach, not too far from the main entrance of Ardon’s parent’s cavern.

Sonquay, a dragon with dark maroon scales speckled with bright white lived on the furthest island. He was a Sanguire, or Bloodscale that had been living on the outskirts of the archipelago since the illness broke out. Della, a little dragon, no larger than a draft horse but built like a greyhound with scales of bright canary yellow and marked with bold black streaks was a part time inhabitant of the fourth island. Having made friends with Ucluelet and Neekoh on their tours of Talkiir, the little Sand Swift had taken up residence during the summer months and journeyed south in the winter.
This dragon seemed to have caught Comox’s eye while the group had chatted merrily. Della was cheerful and bright as her scales and loved to tell them about her adventures with Ucluelet and Neekoh. As if summoned the western dragon and sunchaser pair appeared on the beach and after introductions to Asuka they joined the circle.
“So who else is Forge expecting to this year’s celebration?” asked Zyra after a lull in the conversation had stretched on.
Ucluelet laughed a bit, “Well, I don’t know who else HE’s expecting but father invited everyone on the coast I think. We might have upwards to 70 dragons on the beach. Most are coming tomorrow for the start of the celebrations.”

“Oh dear. I hope he doesn’t have a coronary at seeing his beach crammed with dragons,” chuckled Comox.
“We’ll see, uncle Forge has been getting a little more tolerant at times lately,” said Ucluelet.
“Oh hey Hitteki!,” said Zyra as she spotted the dragoness walking up with a bundle of driftwood under her wing
Hitteki came over with a small smile.
"Hello guys, how was your flight around the islands?" she asked.
“It was good. Got to show Asuka a brief look at Sunbreak,” said Ardon as he smiled at the purple dragoness briefly before he noticed the wood that Hitteki had gathered “Oh, firewood! That’s actually a good idea.”

“We should all gather some more too. My parents have a good stockpile but its super dry and burns fast and probably won’t last the week,” said Ardon.
“Should we all go collect some more?” asked Comox.
“Yeah I think so. Let’s make a quick game of it I think.” Said Ardon, slyly getting to his feet and opening his wings. “The dragon who collects the least in 15 minutes is a dropped egg!”
With that he launched into the air without any further delay with a whoop of excitement. Zyra was on his heels though and dashed right past him, halting his quick launch by making him stop to not collide with her. She laughed as she sped off, having delayed him.

He grinned and swung down to the far side of the island where he knew that wood would often be brought up to shore by the tide.
Asuka seemed a little confused that they played games but she decided to join in.
"Ok then, let’s do it," Asuka said as she shot off like a flash to collect wood.

The dragons scoured the island, picking up stray logs and bits of driftwood, hauling them back to drawn circles in the sand. The T5 dragons made mock swipes at each other and would try to snatch driftwood from other’s piles when they weren’t watching, laughing wildly at the nonsense of the game, chasing each other away from their hoards.
Ardon, the largest of them, had brought in the largest logs, whole tree trunks that had broken up on the rocks of the far side of the island. Comox had collected a huge pile of smaller pieces, however, having stumbled upon a large collection of them stuck up on some stones in a little inlet.
Asuka had to smile, seeing the torchwood 5 dragons mess about but they had a big bond, all these dragons from different species made up Torchwood 5 and their academy, she had begun to realise that Ardon had created something very special.

Ucluelet and Neekoh raced for a heap of driftwood branches but the little female beat out the bright coloured male, sending him off in search for more.
Sonquay sored overhead, his arms full of small logs, tumbling out onto the sand as he tried to make it back to his own circle.
“That’s time!” called Della and the dragons swarmed back to the beach, uploading the last bit of their collected firewood. Ardon tried to swipe one last branch from Zyra’s pile into his own with his tail but she caught him out of the corner of her eye and let out a little hiss that sent him skittering sideways, eliciting a laugh from everyone.
“Hitteki wins!” grinned Sonquay once he surveyed the piles.

“How the heck!” said Ardon, looking at just how much she had managed to find.
Hitteki grinned, "You should never challenge a Syrian, especially one as stocky as me" she chuckled.
“Well done,” congratulated Comox. Together the group compiled the separate collections and stacked them with the other gathered firewood.
“That should be about enough for the celebrations,” said Ardon, looking at their hoard.
“Did Jack bring fireworks again this year?” asked Della, eyes hopefully bright.
Ardon pondered this, “I actually don’t know. He brought a bunch of stuff over so maybe he brought something fun along.”
The dragons of Sunbreak had been mightily impressed the pervious celebration when the commander had brought a small collection of fireworks and set them off on the beach at night. It had been the highlight of the event and he wondered if his Attilu had remembered that.
The dragons took a few of the larger logs and laid them in a large circle so that the humans and smaller dragons would have a place to sit around the fire. Stones were collected to encircle the fire pit and soon enough it looked like a grand place to gather for a celebration.

Ardon turned to see his mother coming down the beach. She looked a little thin still, not having fully gotten back the weight that had been wasted away during her bought of the Drakine influenza. Thankfully the bright spark in her eyes had returned and she smiled at the group before looking in surprise at the firewood.
“Well done, thank you all,” she said, “That is one thing I had completely forgotten about in the preparation.”
“No problem, Tahsis,” said Zyra, “We’re happy to have been able to help.”
“Go round up your humans. Dinner will be ready shortly,” said the pale blue dragoness.
“I can smell it already,” said Comox, taking a deep breath of something that smelled divine.
Ardon had departed the group in search of Jack and now that he wasn’t distracted by the excitement of earlier he could feel something across his link. Jack was upset about something. Hurrying now, the dragon scoured the beach until he found the man at the lookout point not far from the portal.

“Jack?” he called to him as he trotted up.
Jack looked up and the man seemed to not be in a good mood as he was sat on his sleeping bag under a tree.
“What’s wrong?” asked the gold dragon, looking around. There was no danger about and the man didn’t seem scared or worried…. But mightily upset about something. The dragon sat next to him in the sand, looking down in concern at him.
Jack sighed as he shook his head.

"It’s nothing Ardon, honest, just need a bit of time on my own that’s all" Jack replied.
Ardon flopped down in the sand and shoved his nose into Jack’s field of view and smiled, “It’s celebration time. You’ll get no alone time if I have anything to do about it. So, either tell me what’s up orrr…. Tell me what’s up AND then come eat.”
Jack smiled slightly putting his hands on the golden muzzle. Ardon smiled back, he sometimes had luck dragging Jack out of dark moods and this seemed to have been a small success.
"You’re awful, well there is something, you know that bag I got from my parents? The one I brought along? well Veyron and Hitteki were bickering and Veyron decided to rip it a new side entrance" he said to the gold.
Ardon’s hackle scales prickled a bit and he fought back an annoyed growl. “I’m going to chuck him in the sea.” The loss of Jack's parents affected the dragon deeply as well and he missed them dearly. Any last thing that contained memories of them was a sacred treasure to the dragon, regardless if it was his or not.
"Trust me, I wanted to dump him back with his own kind, that dragon has no respect or anything, he does infuriate me," Jack admitted, despite offering Veyron full privileges and he had a salary.
Ardon was about to get up to march off and possibly tear the little wraith in two for messing with Jack but the man stopped him, it just wasn’t worth ruining the celebration for. This was supposed to be a weekend of fun and relaxation.
“When we get back I can find someone to mend it,” Ardon vowed, “For now, let’s go get some good food and chat with the others. Take our minds off of killing a co-worker.”
" Sounds like a plan Ardy, let’s do that" Jack said, getting up. Ardon sprang to his feet and walked with him towards the gathering spot, telling Jack about Asuka’s trip around the islands and their game on the beach.

Back where Jack had deposited his things Veyron had felt a little guilty for ruining the bag. At first he tried to ignore the feeling but the wraith wasn’t totally immune to realizing his faults. While the dragon didn’t like to display his guilty conscience, it nagged at him every now and then. Everyone knew about what happened to Jack’s parents but it was a topic that was blacklisted for conversation. No one mentioned it. While most things were fair game for the wraith to bring up he even respected that.
So, while the others gathered down on the beach he slunk through Melina’s things. He knew she was always prepared for anything so if he were to find something to help it would be in her things. He rummaged through her bag and found what he was looking for next to her first aid bag. Holding up a little mending kit he surveyed the meager contents and decided it would do.
Slinking back to the damaged bag he set to work quietly.
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Melina had finished polishing the warlords collection of trophies and metals he kept in his cave, as to not make Zyra jealous or to arouse suspicion, Melina left the silver’s cave alone and soon met up with Martina, with Forge joining them a bit later.
Melina and Martina talked a little bit about the island as Vonriir threw little gestures about Martina playing as he was sunning himself.
"Hey," said Zyra, walking up to Melina and Martina. "Thasis says that dinner is ready. What are you all up to over here?" She asked, seeing Vonriir laying in the sand behind them.
The two girls looked up as Zyra approached, with Melina smiling, seeing her bold wing return from their adventures.
“Hey Zy, just chatting with Martina here, I got roped in by Von to encourage her to play tonight when we are all around the camp fire” she said as Martina shook her head lightly in amusement at how Vonriir was trying to get her to play.
"Oh," said Zyra, her eyes brightening. "That would be lovely."
"I told you..." smiled Vonriir, not opening his eyes as he basked in the sun.
Martina laughed lightly.
“Oh you’re a pest Vonriir, alright ok you win big guy, I play tonight” Martina said as she opened up her case with the guitar inside.
“You be amazed how much dragons like music” Melina said.
"Best way to draw them in aside form food," laughed Zyra, "speaking of which let's head down to eat before Ardy scarfs it all down."
Melina agreed as Martina followed them down towards where the fire would be as the sun was setting in the sky.
Vonriir had followed along behind swaying his tail and head back and forth, humming a happy tune. Pleased that Martina would play for certain now.
"Hey guys, Vonriir, you look mightily pleased." Grinned Ardon.
"I am. I have no reason to be otherwise!” he replied
Melina chuckled lightly seeing the giant dragon being excitable and eager to hear Martina play her musical instrument.
“He is happy as Martina will be playing her guitar” the professor said.
Jack smiled at this.
“That be nice, well before that, food, you guys haven’t even lit the fire yet” Jack said, gesturing to the logs and wood gathered.
The dragons and humans had assembled as the beginning of Kilara’s summer solstice would begin soon.
"Asuka, would you like the honour?" Asked Vonriir kindly, "The dragon who lights the first fire of the solstice celebration is supposed to be granted luck for the season."
Asuka looked up and smiled lightly.
“My fire capacity is no match for yours Vonriir, be more efficient if you lit it” she said to the big crag back.
Jack had to smile, the dragoness was back to thinking of Torchwood 9 mentality.
"Efficiency doesn't matter, miss Asuka. Give it a go. Have something to tell your team back home," he smiled graciously.
"Yeah, Asuka, it's something special to light the first fire," said Zyra. "It will catch, don't worry."
Asuka nodded and approached the fire, she took a deep breath and unleashed her fire, which had a green tinge to it as the flames licked up the wood, with the smaller, drier branches catching light and soon it caught.
The green fire was amazing to see and seemed to light up the area with a green hue, the light reflecting off the rocks and the trees vas the fire took hold.
"Woah," said Ardon, marvelling at the colour.
"That's very pretty," commented Zyra, "Possibly tinted with naturally occurring Copper reserves or... well boric acid wouldn't naturally occur..."
"Oh stars, she's geeking out, watch out everyone." teased Ardon but she shoved him back with the edge of her wing.
Melina smiled.
“Well spotted Doctor, seems that dragons fire lungs are different and obtain different elements to get the flame colours” the professor said as Jack seemed impressed.
“I assume different dragon breeds have different coloured fires?” he asked Bronan.
Asuka gave a bow as the others were impressed by her fires colour.
"Well," said the bronze dragon, scratching his head, "Most dragon breeds I know have your typical orange fire. Those little shimmer wings have a tiny blue flame and Bloodscales like Sonquay have a deep red fire but theirs is rather oily and burns at a lower temperature. The only other colours I've seen are from bonded dragons.
With that revelation the others turned to Asuka with curious looks for an answer.
Asuka smiled lightly.
“I cannot explain it only that its always come out green, Doctor Tatsu said it burns a bit hotter than a conventional flame but I lack the oily flame I seen you guys have, other than that I got no real explanation” she explained.
“Your diet would help as well, if Japanese culture had you eating certain types of fish with minerals, it could explain it as well” Melina said as the food was passed around.
“Seems logical” Jack added as Hitteki settled near to where Comox was, content that she had been useful in the wood gathering.
"Very true," said Zyra, taking a small bite of fruit. "Whatever causes it, it's a very pretty colour."
"Agreed, a good colour to start off the celebrations with, and my own favourite at that," smiled Vonriir.
Comox turned from his meal at the sound of paper shuffling.
Della, Sonquay and Neekoh seemed intrigued at the sight of her guitar, wondering what strange contraption this could be.
Vonriir seemed alive with contained excitement.
Martina felt Vonriir’s excited expectation as she smiled lightly as she tuned her musical instrument to make sure it sounded right.
Jack saw some confused and intrigued faces from the other dragons.
“On Earth, round a camp fire in summer months, people use to play that instrument and tell stories through song, Martina probably play us some tunes as well” Jack said to the dragons.
The new dragons eyes lit up expectantly, leaning forward to see or hear what would happen.
Vonriir then began to quietly sing the opening verse to an easy song she had shown him, keeping time with gentle beating of the end of his tail in the sand, hoping to encourage her to start.
Martina smiled as she began to play a song with her guitar, the music coming out of the guitar seemed to captivate the dragons as Jack hummed the tune lightly.
The new dragons seemed enthralled with the music, enjoying it immensely. The Torchwood dragons, used to music, wavered to the tune of the song, Ardon singing along to the familiar lyrics.
Asuka watched as well with curiosity as Martina played well, she seemed lost in focus as she played the guitar, with a captivating audience over the green tinged fire.
Just then the large cragback seemed to shimmer all along his wings and across his nose again as he boomed out his favourite verse.
Della and Sonquay seemed stunned, unsure what they were seeing.
Martina smiled as her palm glowed as she played, making the Brathille light up as Jack smiled as Martina played and the tempo picked up and as Brathille between Vonriir and Martina continued to glow.
Brathille Aura, it was a sight to see on the massive crag back, he could sense that their magic was powerful and vibrant, growing with them both, it pleased the man immensely as the start of the long weekend of celebrations begun in earnest.
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The sky was glittering with stars and many songs had been played by the time Veyron had slunk in through the shadows, keeping out of sight as he scrambled up Asuka’s back to his spot between her antlers. He settled there but said nothing, eyeing the group around them with suspicion.
"Hello there, saved you some food sir," Asuka said gesturing to the food nearby resting on a smooth stone with palm leaves underneath.
"Ah, thanks," he said, a bit distractedly as he surveyed the unfamiliar faces around the fire as if trying to determine something. When he didn’t go down to the rocks for food Asuka had kindly lifted some up for him. He took it and began to eat quietly as the music played, the song being sun now was a lively one and no one seemed to be paying attention to their corner.
"They seemed in a trance by my fire colour and music from Captain Martina" Asuka said to the wraith.
"Hmm, yeah, I forgot it was green," he said through a full mouth as he ate some of the baked fish. "Just wait until they hear real music for the first time. Let's get a speaker and some classic rock up in here. That would blow their minds. This is some folky ****."
"Agreed it’s a little acoustic, I have to let you borrow my Japanese heavy metal music recordings," she grinned.
Veyron smiled slightly, “Yeah.” he said but felt a set of hostile eyes on him. Instead of staring back he looked up as the stars and finished his meal.
Across from Asuka, Ardon was giving the top of her head a death glare, having spotted the wraith return to his usual spot.
"What’s with the frown Ardy, do you not like this song?" Jack asked, noticing his dragon’s stern glance.
The gold pried his eyes away and looked at his "No, its Veyron. He's back." Ardon grumbled quietly. "I still think I should toss him into the ocean. Make him swim back if he really wants to go through the portal again."
Jack looked up to see the wraith, "Not now, leave him be till after or the morning" Jack replied.
Ardon snorted, unsure if the commander was being serious or not. He decided to worry about it another time as a familiar song began, Martina strumming the guitar strings with practiced ease now.
While most of the Kilaran side dragon didn’t know the words to any of these human songs they enjoyed it none the less. Ardon and the others sang, allowing the new dragons to catch onto repeating verses if they felt brave enough.
Forge had joined them not long ago and sat in his spot beside the fire. He didn’t seem to show much emotion, looking like he was required to be there rather than actually enjoyed it.
It was when the next song began the Kilaran dragons got even more excited. Vonriir began to sing a traditional flight song, a familiar tune usually sung on long flights to keep the journey from becoming too mundane. A silly little song that nearly every dragon on Kilara knew. Melina had improvised some music to play along to the song after hearing Vonriir sing it on a flight together. The other dragons didn’t hold back and sang along with Vonriir’s booming voice. Every dragon save for Asuka, Veyron and Forge sang the merry little melody.

“Over churning seas and the tallest reaching pine,
Unto mountain high and sweeping valley low,
I search for that pretty dragoness divine,
Singing of endless heartache woe,

I’ll fly until the day my wings shall fail,
Searching for you, love,
I would fight the storming gale,
For the girl I’m dreaming of!

Then one day when my hope is slight
I’ll find her under the twinned moon,
And oh, how she dances in the night
Making my hearts a-swoon

Girl, now I have you here,
What do you say?
She shouts, grinning ear to ear
Eigo tunsuma-vay!”

The dragons all shouted the last bit and laughed heartily at the merry song having been so wonderfully accompanied by Martina’s guitar. The dragons seemed to have loved the this rendition and were now talking merrily about what other songs they wanted to have accompanied with music.
"I do not recognise that language Veyron, what are they speaking?" she asked the wraith quietly.
“What you know like… 6 languages or something but you don’t know what …. Oh. Right. You were an earthside hatch, I almost forgot. The last bit means something along the lines of, ‘I am always yours’ in Drakine, it’s an old dragon language,” replied the wraith.
"Oh, that is interesting, I have never heard it before, well how would I was not born in this… place" Asuka commented.
Veyron yawned, “Well it’s a broken, half-dead language anyway. No one really uses it for everyday speaking.”
On the other side of the fire Martina smiled lightly as she saw them all in a gleeful mood as she finished her music for the night.
"I told you they would love it," Vonriir tried to whisper, nudging her shoulder with his muzzle. "You played beautifully. I think they loved the last one"
"Thank you, I’m here all weekend and I take requests Sunday" she laughed as she put her guitar away safely.

Shortly after everyone went their separate ways for the night. It had grown rather late and the gold dragon was having trouble keeping his eyes open as he meandered behind Jack to their sleeping spot, a small cave that faced the beach.
Ardon practically threw himself on the bedding of dried palm leaves and let out a happy sign. Day one of the celebration had been good. He half listened to Jack unroll his sleeping bag and get ready to sleep.
" bag, it’s been repaired, it’s been sewn back together" Jack said, holding it up showing Ardon.
The dragon peeked open an eye before lifting his head, inspecting the fine but imperfect stitching job, "Oh, did you ask Melina to mend it already?" asked Ardon.
Jack shook his head, "No haven’t told anyone except you… it must have been Veyron" he said.
"I didn't think he had a conscience," pondered the gold out loud. "I guess he gets to live another day."
"Yes for now, but he might say hes paying back for the damage he did, just dunk him in a rock pool," Jack said.
Ardon lighted lightly and yawned again.
“Night, Jack.” He said before quickly falling off into sleep.
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Melina woke up first, always an early riser, she stretched and got up, the evening party celebrations was very good and Melina had slept soundly with Zyra close by, being a wind barrier and offering protection to her.
She smiled lightly as she got up and shook away the tiredness from her body, she was feeling pretty good and wanted to do her usual routine when they were over at Kilara.
The Boldwing dragoness yawned and stretched, waking up at her usual time.
"Headed down to do some yoga?" She asked Mel.
Melina turned to see Zyra was waking up, she nodded her head lightly.
“Morning doctor and yes, best time to do it in the morning, not many prying eyes judging me” the professor said with a light laugh.
"Why care," said the dragoness, getting up to Follow her down to the beach.
Melina didn’t really know how to answer that, it was indeed strange why would she care?
“Just a silly feeling I got” Melina said to the dragoness as they made their way down to the beach as the sun was already climbing up into the sky.
Zyra stretched, splaying her talons in a catlike pose before sitting to start her own routine.
"I'm glad you showed me this, it feels right to start every day off this way."
Melina smiled.
“You mean showing you yoga?, its known to help strengthen core areas and brings a focus to the mind, some of what it is is scientific but others best left to myth, but you learnt quickly” Melina said complimenting the dragoness as she began her routine.
"I had a good teacher," said zyra with a smile as she moved into her next pose.
Melina smiled as she took a deep breath and did her stretches and poses, moving with a grace and air rather like a bold wing dragon, she moved smoothly in unison with her dragon, the two of them were synched in their movements.
They soon moved to the more complex poses, Melina doing hers, showing improved skill and control as Zyra finished her movements.
Zyra moved into the pose she had demonstrated for Asuka in the facility but found it hard to balance on the shifting sand.
“Hey, that is a bold one to try on the sand” Melina said finishing off her pose and watching the bold wing try.
Zyra laughed as she couldn't manage to keep the stance with her paws slipping in the sand. "You're right, onto something else."
Melina had a challenging look in her eyes as she grinned.
“Fancy a wager doctor?, maybe it’s the sea air or perhaps being in the sun but I’m up for a little atillu dragon competition” she said to the bold wing.
Melina had a challenging look in her eyes that sometimes mirrored the dragoness look she gave Ardon.
"What are you talking about?" asked Zyra with a smile.
Melina quickly left the dragoness and grabbed a thick section of palm leaves and created a more solid foundation for their yoga poses so the sand wouldn’t disturb them, all the while the bold wing was puzzled.
“Right, we both do that power move you showed Asuka, first one to fall loses, if I win you get to do lab cleaning for 2 weeks, if you win…well name your terms” Melina said laying down the gauntlet for the bold wing.
Zyra thought about it a moment, "Fine, if I win, YOU do all the lab cleaning for two weeks," she laughed.
Melina chuckled lightly.
"Challenge accepted young dragoness, lets go for it on your count” Melina said as she rolled her shoulders and prepared to go for the pose, seeing how long they could do it.
"three, two, one, go! “said the dragoness, as she lifted herself into the pose.
Melina did the same, she went into the pose, pushing herself up wards into a handstand and then removed her one hand and stretched out as she held the pose on one hand flat on the palm leaf, the little contest had begun.
While the palm leaf helped a tiny bit the dragoness was still having difficulty with the sand sliding around underneath the leaf under her paws.
“I got you on the ropes” Melina said as she tried to keep her balance but wobbled slightly.
Zyra laughed at the professor, seeing her wobble. The motion of her laughing however, sent her own balance out of wack and the dragoness yelped as she listed beyond recovery and promptly fell over backward into the sand.
"Ah no!" she launched into giggles.
Melina laughed , but still kept on her one hand which was lightly trembling, the woman grinned upside down.
“Haha, I win, plus I’m still holding it, allot to learn young Zizi” she said proudly as she saw she had outdone her bold wing dragoness.
"Zizi? Don't let Ardon hear that one or else!" grinned Zyra as she got up to her feet and shook off the sand. With a sly smile she nosed Melina, toppling her over. She pounced on the downed professor and licked her forehead, not letting her up as she laughed at the silliness of it all.
Melina laughed and tried to push the dragoness head away but was laughing ash uselessly tried to defend herself from the lick attacks.
“I don’t want to get melted Zizi!” she laughed.
Zyra laughed and gave her one more lick before stand sand to fly.
She let her go and grinned, "are you sure you won now?" She laughed.
Melina got up onto her feet, dusting off the sand off her clothes as she seemed to line herself up and go charging at the bold wing, attempting to tackle her, it wasn’t often the two girls did such tomfoolery, but when they did, both were as stubborn as one another, it was this drive that fuelled each other to do better at everything.
Zyra spun around, looping her forearm around Melina and tossed her back into the sand gently with a laugh.
"You just don't quit. That's one of the reasons why I'm so proud to be your dragon," smiled Zyra.
Melina smiled kindly and gave Zy a kiss on the snout.
" Im happy you feel that way, must be why you dont quit either, I’ve passed it on" she said, proud that Zyra was proud of her.
"Maybe," smiled the dragoness.
"How does a bit of breakfast sound? Then maybe we can fly to the lagoon?"
Melina nodded in agreement to this idea.
"Sounds like a plan, be nice since i won, but open to a rematch on earth" she grinned at the bold wing.
Zyra shook her head and laughed, "well come hop up then and we'll head down."
Melina got up, dusting herself off of sand again and jumping on the back of Zyra as they headed back to the caves for breakfast.
Back at the camp, the others were slowly waking up, Bronan and Tahsis was up and getting breakfast ready as the others were getting up, Hitteki was up and helping out with getting a fire going for the food and tidying up.
Martina was sleeping soundly under the palm trees as she slept soundly as the smells of cooking wafted over to Vonriir.
"Rise and shine, miss musician," rumbled Vonriir. "The sun is up and we should be too."
Martina stirred and opened her eyes and stretched in her sleeping bag.
“Morning sir, I must of overslept, usually I am pretty good, you shouldn’t be so comfortable to sleep close to” chuckled the woman.
"It was a late night of music and chatter. But I smell coffee brewing so someone is already awake with the right idea." Smiled Vonriir.
Martina chuckled lightly.
“Alright I am up, a coffee be good, Jack must of brought some over” Martina said as she got up and rolled her shoulders.
"He's usually prepared," said the large dragon, getting to his feet and stretching. "I might try for a swim today... maybe."
Martina looked up at the dragon and smiled.
“I did not you could swim, but then again I heard you do make a splash” she chuckled lightly.
"Weellll," started the large dragon. "I get my paws wet. Maybe calling it swimming is being a bit generous. I sink like a rock."
Martina laughed lightly at this as they made their way to where the coffee and breakfast was being made.
Fish was being cooked but Jack had sett up some camping equipment to get hot water to make the coffee and porridge.

Forge walked onto the beach with a young wingless dragon in tow. He had scales of bright crimson and a snow white belly, obsidian marked his spine, horns and legs.
The young male had bright green eyes and a bit of a mischievous look to a sly smirk that crossed his face. He was built for speed like a cheetah, lean and strong.
Jack looked up to see Forge approach with another dragon in tow, the man got up and gestured his mug to Forge.
“Good morning Forge, hope you slept well after the first late night festivities” Jack said with a smile.
"It took a while to get the ringing in my ears to stop from all the off key singers," said Forge a little dryly, "One of our first mainland guests have arrived. Jack this is Rift. He is a spine-back. I'm not sure if you've encountered one before. Rift, this is Commander Jack Harkness, the one I told you was bonded to my nephew."
Jack smiled and dipped his head in respect to the red dragon before him.
“Really nice to meet you Rift, I have not seen your species before, you indeed look impressive” Jack said to the red dragon before Forge.
"Thanks," said the dragon, no larger than a horse as he looked the man over. "I've heard stories but I'm happy to report I'm equally impressed." He grinned. "The famous Jack, first to be bonded my brathille. It's an honour to meet you."
Jack smiled lightly.
“I hope I live up to the fanciful tales you dragons have painted me out to be, I have heard a few, here is my dragon Ardon, head of the dragon academy” Jack said introducing the gold to the red racer.
Ardon had walked up and dipped his head, "Hey."
Rifts seemed a little surprised, looking up at the gold, "great to meet you," he finally said. "So tell me, how long ago did you bond? I heard you have some crazy magic or something."
Jack was amused by the dragon’s enthusiasm, it reminded him of a younger Ardon, the dragons green eyes were alert but full of mischief.
“Yes, the bond does grant us some crazy magic, only when required so all good” Jack said as he watched the gold and red interact.
"Wild!" Grinned the red dragon. He seemed young and excitable but cautiously curious.
"Yeah it's pretty cool," said Ardon, pleased he was impressing someone.
"So I guess I can't see an example then if it only appears when you need?" Asked the spineback.
Jack smiled lightly.
“Well…..we do know one little trick, Ardon if you would please” Jack said as he moved his marked palm upwards towards Ardon’s muzzle.
Ardon dipped his head and when contact was made the dragons scales burst out with light along the edges, running up his face and around his eyes.
"Woah!" Exclaimed Rift, taking in the sight. "That's incredible!"
"Just a little hint of what's possible. Brathille has done some pretty crazy things. Every bonded dragons is different too, we are finding."
"That's incredible," said the spineback and after asked what exactly the academy was for, Ardon explained. Rift seemed surprisingly interested and asked a lot of questions before They realized that Forge had slipped away.
Forge had gone for a walk along the beach and soon would see a familiar sight of blue scales approaching up the beach towards the silver.
"Gower, glad to see you made the journey," said Forge as he strode forward through the sand to speak with a familiar blue dragon.
Gower smiled and bowed in respect to the silver dragon.
“It is good to see you again Forge, I am honoured to once again been invited to Sunbreak, though I must have a go at you for making me walk here and lose a few pounds” the dragon chuckled lightly.
"How else would I hear what is going on in your part of the world if you don't walk through it to get here and tell me?" Asked Forge, "I hope the trip was alright. How is your clan fairing these days?"
Gower smiled, Forge always wanted reports and wanted to keep an eye on things.
“The clan is fine Forge, all is well my side, we been keeping an eye on things, making sure your orange scaled friend is keeping his vow, which for the most part…he has” Gower said.
"Most part?" Inquired forge, hoping the other dragon would elaborate further.
“A few weak minded dragons have despite your fight victory has joined him on the western territories, he still controls that side quite well, but then again those were always his strongholds” Gower replied, keeping the silver up to date.
Forge hummed and nodded slightly, "well that was to be expected. As long as he's not churning up trouble and discontent again..."
Gower nodded lightly.
“Enough of these unpleasantries, we here to celebrate, not to talk tactics or warlord stuff, I’m here to enjoy the celebrations” Gower said as he walked with Forge back up the beach towards the others.
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Rift had seemed so impressed with their little brathille light display but Ardon could tell that the young spine-back was a little cautious over the whole thing. He was young enough not to have lived through the human invasion but it was doubtless that he heard stories about the humans and what they had done. On the other paw, however, he had obviously heard about Jack and the bonded dragons to some degree.
The three of them chatted a little before Ardon suggested that he take him to go meet the other team members. Perhaps if the spine-back met a few other T5 dragons and their human counter parts, it would seem a little less intimidating.

“I am surprised your uncle had an open invitation to the islands this year,” said Rift, looking up at Ardon as they walked together.
“That was more likely my father, Forge’s brother. Forge isn’t one for big gatherings but my father loves it. I think my uncle is just trying to be nice. Say, how did you get over here anyway?” asked Ardon, noticing Rift’s lack of wings.
“I swam, well, most of the way anyway.”
Ardon’s eyes went wide in utter surprise, “You SWAM? That’s got to be… I don’t even know the distance… it takes about 15 minutes to fly at speed from here to the mainland!”
Rift grinned, “I heard that the humans would be here. And that this is where the bonded dragons go. I wanted to see for myself!”
“Did you ever. I can’t believe you swam the whole way,” marveled Ardon. This young dragon was either an idiot or very determined, or perhaps both.
“Well,” started Rift, sounding almost reluctant to tell the truth seeing at how surprised the gold was, “I made it most of the way before I was sure my legs would fall off and I was going to drown. But that giant dragon with the Cragback horns spotted me and I got a lift the rest of the way.”
“Oh, that would have been Vonriir, he’s bonded to a woman named Martina, I’m sure you’ll meet her soon enough. I’m glad he spotted you,” said Ardon.
Rift laughed, “Me too.”
Ardon shook his head, this dragon could have easily killed himself trying a stunt like that, all to see what the hullabaloo was about on Sunbreak.
They came to the main beach but only Hitteki was about. Ardon hummed, confused as to where everyone had gone.
“That’s Hitteki over there, go introduce yourself and I’ll find out where the heck everyone went,” suggested Ardon as he spread his wings and jumped aloft, “I’ll be right back.”
Rift watched him go before trotted down the length of beach, head up and confident as the dragoness turned to see him.
"Hello there, haven’t seen you around here, I’m Hitteki" the Syrian dragoness said.
"Hey!" replied the red dragon, "The name's Rift. Nice to meet ya. Are you one of those Brathille dragon's too?"
Hitteki shook her head lightly.
"No, I am not bonded, I’m part of the dragon academy though," Hitteki replied.
"Really," said Rift, sitting down to chat with her. Initally disappointed she wasn’t a bonded dragon, he was intrigued that she was a member of the academy. Rumors had gone around years ago saying that Forge was the gatekeeper and would judge a dragon before determining if they could cross through the magical gateway into the human world to work alongside them. Forge was not a mystical force as some hatchlings had imagined but meeting him for the first time had been daunting, "Do you like it there? On the human world?" he asked her.

"It is different and a challenge, but I like a challenge, my breed or females of my breed or boring" Hitteki explained.
"I see," hummed the spine-back, "So what do you do there? Is it exciting?"
"I think it is yes, it is hard work and requires you to make vows and oaths to uphold the academies goals but it is rewarding," Hitteki said.
Rift was about to ask another question when the sound of wings rushed overhead. Rift stood up as he saw that with the gold were two brightly marked dragons.
They landed and folded their wings and approached Rift and Hitteki.
“You’re Boldwings aren’t you?” said Rift, taking an involuntary step back.
Comox looked over at Zyra, “Told you newcomers would be scared of us.”
Rift seemed to not like being called out for appearing to be frightened of them, “I’m not scared!” he said, bolstering himself up and stepping forward to demonstrate this.
Zyra smiled lightly as this display, “We’re used to getting looks in the very least and yes we’re Boldwings. My name is Zyra and this is Comox.”
“Good to meet you, I’m Rift,” he said, now his confidence had been mustered again.
“Zyra here is a healer of sorts, though on earth her title is ‘Doctor’. She’s bonded to Melina, who is…. Around here somewhere. Melina is our resident Hylen” Ardon explained so that Rift would understand. “And Comox here is unbonded but is pretty damn clever and has been working with our tech department head on earth.”
“Like… the human technology stuff?” asked Rift.
Comox nodded, happy that he had gotten such a compliment from Ardon.
“Wild,” said Rift, impressed with the dragons around him. He had a desire to impress them right back but for now he couldn’t help but get lost with all the questions he wanted to ask.
“So many of you are there on earth?” asked Rift.
This didn’t seem like a dangerous question to answer so Ardon gladly explained, “Lucky number 13 I think,” he said, tallying up a quick count on his talons, “Permanent dragons anyway. Not all of them bonded, however.”
“Only 13? In the whole world? That must get lonely,” said Rift, taken aback by this.
“Not really… not with the lives we lead anyway,” grinned Ardon. “We have very important work to do over on earth and we’re rather popular with the humans since we’re so rare over there...”
Together the small group chatted together on the beach while the waves crashed against the sand. Dragons had begun flying in from the mainland and every now and then a bright colour would fly across the sky above them as guests made to find the lord of Sunbreak and be welcomed to the celebrations.
Ardon and the others would try to guess the breed as they flew overhead. Soon enough the intoxicating smell of cooking food wafted down from the other end of the island.
Ardon went to go nudge Jack out of his hammock, the man taking the opportunity to fully submerse himself into this vacation. Their motley group then walked, out of courtesy to Rift, their only flightless dragon in their small gathering at the moment, towards the other end of the island, still chattering away.

"Oh no, I left my camera in my bag by the portal" Melina said to her dragoness.
Before Zyra could even reply the little red racer spoke up, "Oh, I can get it for you," offered Rift, "it was by that big glowing arch thing that we passed a while back, right?"
"That is kind of you Rift, yes it’s by there, a small grey box shaped thing, can’t miss it its by my bag" Melina said to the spineback.
“Got it, I’ll catch up, don’t wait for me,” he insisted and the group continued their gradual migration towards the gathering beach.
Before they had made it a hundred meters Rift was already at their side talking again, surprising everyone.
"I don't know what a cam-rah is but this was the only small grey thing there. I hope this is it." He said, gesturing to the camera that was held around his neck by a strap. The red dragon wasn’t out of breath at all despite having run half the island and back again in what seemed like seconds.
"Oh wow, that was really fast, you don’t even look tired Rift," Melina said taking the camera off the dragon.
"Oh, well, it wasn't that far...” he said, looking over his shoulder from the direction he had come.
"It was nearly on the opposite side of the island," marveled Zyra.
"Other breeds call them red racers," said Forge, overhearing as he and Gower joined their procession, "They are quick as lightning when they want to be."
“You’re telling me,” said Ardon, just as surprised as everyone else.
"Amazing....may I ask a request young dragon?" Melina said, the professor had curiosity in her eyes on the spine-back breed.
Rift tilted his head to the side slightly, "Did you forget something else?" he asked, taking off the camera and handing it back to her.
Melina shook his head, "No, no, just wanted to see how fast you go, riding on your back," she said.
Rift grinned mischievously, "I don't know if you have what it takes to go red-racer speed, doctor."
Zyra harrumphed at this, arching her neck slightly. This young kid had no idea who he was talking to.
Ardon flashed her a smile while Melina and Rift spoke.
Melina chuckled, "Bold wing dragons are fast in the sky, I’ve ridden fast horses so try me young dragon," Melina said.
Rift regarded her for a moment and then half knelt down so that she could get up onto his back, "Hang on tight or else you're gonna hit the ground at lightning speed. Tell me when you're ready. "
Melina looked over to Zyra and winked at her as she got onto the red dragon’s back, she grinned as she got into a pose that made her secure, very similar to riding a horse. Rift could feel her hang onto the rough spiny mane that ran down the back of his neck.
"Ready, show me what you got Rift," Melina said as the others gathered around to watch.
Without a second of warning, Rift shot off like a bullet from a gun, rocketing down the beach sending sand flying up behind him. The dragon’s body was built for high speed sprinting, long, lean and powerful with a sturdy tail that helped keep him balanced.
Melina held on tight but there was a big grin on her face as she laughed as they shot away at speed.
"Hes really fast" Hitteki said with surprise.
"You’re not kidding, he might give you a run for your money Zyra" Jack said.
“We’ll have to see about that,” replied Zyra, watching to ensure that her Attilu wasn’t going to be dumped off into the sand.
Rift was quickly running out of beach and came to a skidding stop, sending up a shower of sand into the lapping waves just a meter ahead of where he halted.
Melina laughed and gave a whoop of excitement as Rift turned around and trotted back towards the others. His mischievous, cocky grin had returned and he looked rather pleased.
"That was amazing!" she said as her palm began to glow with Brathille Aura.
"Hey, hey! Knock that off!' Zyra yelled, joking, "He's not your dragon!" She could see the shimmering pale light on her Attilu’s palm and even Forge had taken notice, slightly surprised at this.
"That was so amazing Zyra, I can now play tag and speed off with Rifts help," Melina said with a laugh. As Rift returned them to the group and let her dismount.
"Looks like you’re going to have to share your crown, Queenie," teased Ardon as Zyra gave him an unimpressed look.
"Thank you Rift that was amazing, such speed," she said with a respectful nod from her as Jack seemed impressed by the red spine-back.
He held up a paw, trying to be modest but there was a quality about the young dragon that exuded a little boastful nature. “What can I say? I am built for speed.”
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Melina was still happy and excitable after the amazing experience of the red dragon, running at speed across the speed, the thrill and the speed had made the adrenaline spike in the professor and Melina seemed on a high.
Her palm glowed lightly and the woman seemed very youthful and excited as she spoke to Hitteki who smiled and nodded as the professor told them how fast Rift was.
Brathille aura was reacting to the excitement and soon the aura would spread via their link to the bold wing.
Zyra looked down and saw that her scales were shimmering slightly from Melina's elation.
Forge had sensed it too but the evidence was plain on her face to everyone, Melina was happy and so was Zyra as Rift looked at the bold wing in wonder as her pristine white scales glittered.
Melina saw Rift’s look and laughed lightly.
"Oh sorry, it’s a brathille thing, if I’m happy or both of us are very happy, Brathille does this aura, makes Zyra glow lightly and gives us both a bit of a heightened state" Melina explained to Rift.
"You guys look like shimmer drakes glowing like that," Rift commented, staring at the light.
Melina smiled lightly.
"Its an odd thing i think its brathille in an excitable state and so abilities are heightened" Melina explained to the spine back dragon.
"That's so neat," said Rift.
"Yeah brathille can do some pretty crazy stuff," nodded Ardon.
The next few hours the others stayed round the beach as they chatted and dipped into the sea, the dragons talked with one another as they discussed a number of things including a traditional game of sky ball for the celebrations.
As the evening started to draw in, the team retreated back to the caves, Ardon went with Hitteki, Zyra and Comox to gather more fire wood for the evening festivities, Jack had taken the moment to relax under a large palm tree and to read a book he had brought, the man had some peace from the gold.
Rift approached, seemingly unsure and thinking about what to say but then approached the man sat under the tree.
"So, you're the head of this whole, torchwood and academy thing?" Asked Rift as he sat down next to the man.
Jack looked up from his book and nodded to the red dragon before him.
"That I am young dragon...for my sins, i Run Torchwood 5 and oversee the academy project with Ardon" Jack replied, throwing a joke into his reply.
Rift didn't quite understand what the first part meant but he already had a number of questions lined up to ask him that he paid it no mind, "Ardon says that they've taken dragons of all kinds. Do... is there a test or something? How's a dragon chosen to join?" He inquired, trying not to sound too obvious.
Jack put his book mark in his book and put it to one side as he spoke to the red racer before him.
"Well, there is no real official test or trials, we probably should put some in but usually Forge asks questions and judges the character of any dragon who wishes to take part in the academy project" Jack said.
"What about.... a dragon like me? " asked Rift hopefully. "I don't fly, would that exclude a dragon from being able to join?"
Jack looked up at the young dragon and smiled kindly.
"All dragons are welcome regardless of flying or not, i do not discriminate against any dragon breeds" Jack said to the spine back.
The dragon nodded slightly, "I think I have what it takes to be a guardian," he said confidently, sitting up straighter, "id like to give it a shot."
Jack seemed a little surprised by the young dragon’s interest, but he decided to see what drove him to say that to him.
"Oh?, you interested in joining the academy, what can you bring to the academy? Skills and other talents?" Jack asked the red dragon
"Well, I am faster than anything as I've already shown you," he said with a grin. "My breed is fairly stealthy and we're good trackers. Maybe that might benefit your team?"
Jack nodded in agreement, this was no lie, the dragon was very fast and could be useful as a scout or rescue operative.
"Yes indeed, you have proven that very well, can your breed defend themselves, can you fight? " Jack asked, he wanted to be sure that despite his speed, he could watch his back.
Rift nodded, "were scrappy by nature," he smiled, revealing some seriously sharp teeth. "I'm no titan like that Von guy, but I don't mess around. I can hold my own when I need to."
Jack nodded lightly at Rift’s reply.
"Well, I won’t be pitting you against academy dragons, that isn’t our way at all, but I think to make it consistent, I ask Forge to talk to you as he is our ambassador here and gate keeper to the portal" Jack said as he called Forge over, gesturing for him to approach.
Rift nodded, and watched as the silver noticed Jack call him over.
The great warlord walked towards them, "you have need of me?" He asked Jack.
Jack looked up at the silver and nodded.
"Yes, thank you Forge, our young red racer here would like to join the dragon academy, but I said you are our dragon ambassador here, so you will make a call on whether Rift can come over" Jack said and explained what Rift had asked him to bring the silver up to speed.
"Hmm," said the large silver, sitting down slowly and setting his fiery eyes on the young dragon. His gaze seemed to root Rift on the spot and while he had been in awe of the warlord before he now realized just how intimidating the large silver was.
"Why do you want to be a guardian?" Forge asked sternly.
"Well I've only just learned about it but I really like Ardon a vision about bringing humans and dragons to work together. I've seen some of the team and how they get along and... I would like to be part of that."
Forge didn't respond to that answer and instead proceeded to the next question, "Would you lay down your life for any of your team members and risk you life to ensure the safety of the people of earth?"
This was a much more daunting question but Rift was only silent a moment before saying, "yes!"
"Why?" Replied Forge, cowing the spine back by making him prove his previous answer.
"Because that's what the core of being a guardian is about," said Rift
Jack kept quiet and watched, listening in as the warlord dragon quizzed the young red dragon, Jack trusted the silver’s judgement here and wanted the warlord to get an impression of this young male.
"What circumstance would you consider it fair to harm a human?" Was the question that forge asked next.
Thinking this was a trick question Rift paused to think about it.
"I think part of the guardian code is not to harm humans. But if someone was trying to harm one of the team.... or maybe an innocent person.... it would be okay to defend them from that... using offensive measures as an absolute last resort?" He said though his answer almost sounded like a question as he glanced over at Jack to see if that was the right answer.
Jack gave a small nod but then spoke.
"I know they are tough questions Rift but Forge is making sure you pass and show good character as we had dragons with sinister intent" Jack said, trying to explain to the red racer how things were done after what happened with another red dragon.
"Sinister?" Said Ardon, "me? No." He insisted.
"You're a young one, Rift. I don't know if you understand the implications of what it means to be a guardian. There are sacrifices involved." Said forge.
"I can handle it," Rift felt like his chance is slipping.
"Think on it. Talk to the other earth side dragons. We can speak again at the end of the celebration," said forge as he got to his feet. The conversation was now clearly over and he wouldn't tolerate any pleading from the spine back.
Jack watched the silver leave, the questions done for now, Jack looked over to Rift who seemed a little deflated.
"That isnt a no by the way, just think on it, chat to the other dragons and see, then afterwards we can come back to it" Jack said trying to be more diplomatic and understanding.
Rift let out a defeated breath, "Okay. I guess I understand but I really do think I could be a good guardian."
Jack was sympathetic to the young red dragon’s comments.
"I am sure you can, but it is a big culture shock for any dragon, venturing into our world has its rewards but dangers too, Forge wants to be sure that any dragon coming over can rise above instinct and be a good example for the academy" Jack explained to the young dragon.
"I understand," said the red dragon but then he smiled, "I'll chat with the others and by the end of the solstice Lord Forge won't be able to say that I can't be a guardian."
Jack smiled lightly.
“That’s the spirit, Forge likes to test a dragon’s willingness and resolve so keep determined and keen and I am sure he let me know, in the mean time enjoy” Jack said to the spine back.
"Thanks," said Rift with a confident nod. "I will!"
Jack decided to have a walk around the beach, to have a quiet couple of minutes as he walked along the beach, hearing the sea crash against the sand and withdrawing, it was a relaxing noise to hear.
"Jack," came forge's voice as he spotted the man walking along a quieter stretch of beach. Apparently, they had both sought out some silence away from the noise of the festivities.
Jack turned to see the warlord approach, he smiled and nodded at the silver.
“Was looking for some seaweed to stick in my ears before the sing song” he joked lightly to Forge.
"That's why I'm on this side of the beach. I don't wish to endure any more torture. But, Jack, this Rift drake, what do you make of him?"
Jack sighed lightly and walked with the large silver dragon as they discussed Rift and the vibes they got from him.
“He is young, cocky, maybe overconfidence that comes with youth but, I think he means well and has got some desirable traits for the academy, his speed and endurance is incredible and I think he has determination to do well” Jack replied, giving the silver his two cents.
"My only concern is that overconfidence of his. He's heard rumour of humans and brathille and he's only just now hearing what it's all about. My worry is that he's trying to jump in without really knowing the consequences of it all," said Forge.
Jack nodded in agreement.
“That is very true, but we gave Hitteki a chance and she is a reliable and solid member of the academy, he isnt perfect and is a little rough round the edges, but I sense no malice or evil intent, just a youthful dragon wanting to give it his all, Id be willing to give him a chance” Jack replied back.
Forge nodded, "We'll I'll leave the final decision to you and Ardon. I don't see anything that would indicate any malice from him. It's just up to you if you want another young dragon to deal with," the silver said with a hint of a smile. "Vonriir must have been a breath of fresh air compared to all the youngsters that have been coming through."
Jack chuckled lightly.
“You might roll your eyes at his antics considering he was a battle dragon but he has been a great inspiration to the young dragons and he loves Martina to bits, you can see that, but you do know how to pick them Forge, he is so strong it shocks us all what he can do” Jack said remembering what feats he had done in the name of Torchwood 5.
"It's good to have a seasoned dragon on your team full time anyway," said Forge, "I am glad he has meshed with the others, not that I had any doubt. Vonriir could make friends on enemy lines if given the opportunity..."
Jack chuckled lightly, knowing that comment to be true.
“I agree, you did well with Vonriir, he can be a leader and the dragons look up to him, he is a good dragon” Jack said as he then could hear singing with Vonriir’s voice joining in.
“Well, his singing needs working on” Jack laughed lightly.
Forge made a face as he too heard the booming voice, "At least he's happy i suppose. Though he might not realize he's making everyone in the near vicinity deaf..."
Jack laughed lightly again.
“I best join the party or Ardon will be looking for me” Jack said as he made his way to the where the dragons were gathered round a roaring fire.
Jack wandered over as he saw Martina once again, playing with the guitar and strumming a tune, she was also joined by Melina who was playing a pair on bongo drums adding a beat to the music Martina was playing.
With them was Hitteki with a rattle she was shaking to join in with the music as Jack smiled as the dragons sung with the song being played out.
"Welcome to the hotel California!" the dragons rang out for the chorus
"Such a lovely place-," sang Zyra and the others.
"Such a lovely face-," Sang Ardon.
Asuka was smiling, listening to the music as Jack smiled as the dragons sung, the others joined to the words in the chorus as the earth side dragons sung the song with Vonriir loud voice joining in.
The song was soon finished as Martina ended the song.
The dragons all cheered and laughed at the end of the song, having enjoyed singing it despite most of them having no clue what it meant.
Vonriir thumped his tail before suddenly remembering not to and thrummed deeply instead.

Jack clapped as the others stamped on the sand as the dragon’s applauded the song that was played as Martina took a little bow and chuckled lightly.
“Ok so should I do one more song before food then?” Martina asked the gathered the dragons, Asuka seemed pleased to hear more music.
The dragons cheered for one more song as Hitteki grinned as well.
"Yeah!" Said Rift, having enjoyed the music immensely, "one more."
Martina grinned and began to play a slow tune first but soon Jack recognised the song and smiled speaking to Ardon.
“She’s playing Metallica” Jack said to the gold, Melina sort of swaying lightly to the rhythm of the tune.
"That that what this is? I like it!" Grinned Ardon.
Jack nodded and saw Zyra close by.
“Melina on the supporting bongo’s is she” Jack joked to the dragoness.
"Yes and surprisingly her rhythm isn't all that bad," laughed Zyra. "Now what instrument are you supposed to be playing?"
Jack laughed lightly.
“I’m letting the girls run this, they got it plus you got Vonriir on bass” Jack teased.
The large dragon was indeed the deepest and loudest voice they had.
"Yeah he's certainly enjoying it. I think the other dragons are too. Once they leave the island it will be the talk on the wing for months I'm sure."
Soon the song was finished and the dragons cheered as Martina gave Melina a hug and a thank you for joining in as the others went to get food.
Martina was packing up her guitar as Vonriir approached and spoke proudly.
"I knew playing your guitar would be the best decision. I'm happy you finally gave into my pestering," grinned Vonriir.
Martina smiled happily at the comments.
"Yes I did, I can see you and your tail enjoyed the music" Martina laughed lightly, again her palm got warm and glittered.
The Brathille aura had kicked in, both were happy and smiling from ear ot ear that Vonriir glowed once again.
"You're all a bunch of fire flies today," laughed Ardon, seeing the glow.
"Ah I don't mind being a firefly if its means everyone is happy," thrummed Vonriir.
"Considering Vonriirs size, Brathille must have allot of excitable energy" Jack said seeing Martina look at her palm and grinned looking up at Jack.
"No kidding. I can't wait to see what kind of abilities it will give you, Von. We haven't seen anything yet," said Zyra.
"Everyone better stand back whatever it is," laughed Ardon.
Vonriir chuckled at this, "we'll see with time."
The dragons soon got their food and were mingling along with the other dragons, it was good to see them all mingling and enjoying their cooked fish that Tahsis had caught, the humans chatted as they sat nearby.
Rift had been talking with Ardon, Zyra and Vonriir for a good portion of the evening, learning about their experiences and asking questions about their life on earth. It was hard not to be impressed by the academy dragons. They had an air of confidence about them and talked so casually and with such ease about this mysterious world in which they shared with the humans.
While Rift didn't understand a good many of the things they spoke about, he wasn't going to let his inexperience deter him.
"So," he said, as Ardon took a bite of some sort of human food he called bread, "Have you ever regretted bonding or going over to live on earth?"
"Me? No, never," replied the gold with such conviction that there was no possibility he could have been lying, "Life there is challenging of course. It's something that's never been done for but I have never regretted it, not for a second. Being bonded is the best thing I could have asked for."
Hitteki overheard the conversation Rift was having with the gold and threw in her two cents.
"Commander Harkness is an excellent leader and is fair with us all, he asks for the best and we get the best" Hitteki said.
Rift nodded at this, “Has not being bonded made any difference?" he asked, hoping it wouldn't be an offensive question.
"We all got a part to play, bonded or not, it isnt the be all and end all, bonded and unbonded dragons work very well together" Hitteki replied.
Comox chimed in on this, "Hitteki is right. Dragon's come over to be a part of this project. Being bonded isn't a requirement nor is it guaranteed to happen. Apart from Hitteki and I, Veyron isn't bonded either but we all have a part to play in the academy."
"Veyron? I don't think I've met him yet," said Rift, looking around the gathering area but not spotting any dragon he hadn't been introduced to yet.
"You might catch a glimpse of him but don't count yourself lucky if you do," laughed Comox lightly.
Hitteki tried not to roll her eyes or frown at hearing the wraith’s name, she decided to be civil.
Comox chimed in on this, "Hitteki is right. Dragon's come over to be a part of this project. Being bonded isn't a requirement nor is it guaranteed to happen. Apart from Hitteki and I, Veyron isn't bonded either but we all have a part to play in the academy."
"He is a unique dragon....being polite about it" Hitteki replied.
"Oh?" inquired Rift but Ardon shook his head, it wasn't worth getting into.
Melina came wandering over and petted the dragons each, first Ardon, then Zyra, then the other two as she then smiled at the red racer who had been talking about joining the academy.
"So you want to join the mad bunch young red" Melina said overhearing the conversation.
"If you'll let me," smiled Rift, "The more I hear about it the more I like it!"
Melina smiled lightly, his enthusiasm was indeed there.
"Well, sounds like your eager, got to impress Jack, Forge and Ardon, good job we don’t make you fight a earth side dragon to gain entry" Melina laughed.
"I can be a bit rough on others" Hitteki added with a sly smile at the red.
"Oh? You regularly beat up your peers?" grinned Rift.
Hitteki gave Rift a side long glance and raised her chin up.
"Occasionally, want a sample" Hitteki said quite casually.
Rift grinned mischievously but then glanced over to the great silver dragon. Kicking up sand in a little scrap probably wouldn't put him in a good light with the gate keeper.
"Perhaps another day. I have an image to project to get me through that portal," he laughed.
Melina chuckled lightly.
"Hitteki was joking Rift, she just teasing, come on there is more dragons to celebrate with" Melina said to the young spine back.
Rift got up to follow Melina but stuck out his tongue at Hitteki. Joking or not, perhaps one day he'd show them what spine-backs were made of.
Hitteki approached Rift and smiled lightly at the red racer.
“Perhaps if you do come through we do have training facilities, you can see how you measure” she said with a light laugh.
"We'll see," grinned the red dragon.
The dragons went to chat and watch the moons rising up in the night sky as the second day of the celebrations went well.
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It was growing late into the evening and the bonfire had roared up to light the beach and provide a central ground for the dragons to gather. By now the island was nearing 60 dragons that had come to celebrate. Forge had only provided the briefest niceties and welcome to the newly arriving dragons. Apart from that he tended to make himself scarce or sit on his section of the beach with such an expression that kept most revelers away.
But now, around the fire, a number of dragons were gathered, spilling out onto the beach beyond. Chatter and conversation filled the warm evening air. The humans had been a keen interest for many of the visitors to the island but the three of them now enjoyed a bit of peace while they relaxed by the crackling flames.
"Good to see them all getting on and socializing," Melina said to Jack who nodded in agreement.
"I must say you bringing your guitar was a smart move Martina," Jack said as Martina smiled.
"You can thank Vonriir for that and his pestering," she replied as the 3 of them laughed.

Veyron jumped suddenly onto Melina's shoulders as the humans spoke. "So when is this celebration supposed to be over again?" He asked. He had made himself scarce, seemingly leery of all these strange dragons mingling about.
Melina looked at Veyron and resisted the urge to shake her head.
"You do know how to bring down a party don’t you Veyron, why aren’t you at least trying to enjoy yourself with the dragoness from the land of the rising sun?" she asked.
"She's off mingling with the others," he said dryly, obviously not exactly pleased to be lacking her company, the dragoness, while apparently reserved at first had been intrigued by all the dragons on the island. From having no other dragons to speak to daily to having 60 odd of them around had been something she couldn’t resist participating in. "I'll have you know that I do know how to party I was just denied the opportunity to bring the appropriate fuel. Speaking of which, did you three happen to bring anything? I’d kill for… well anything at this point."
Martina gestured to the wraith and opened a cool box where there was some alcoholic refreshment there.
"This one is for you, your friend Mr. De Santa, he said it’s one of your favourites" Martina said, holding something up from the ice inside.
Veyron's eyes lit up as he grabbed at the small sample size bottle of whiskey, more than enough for him. The good thing about him being so small was it took very little to get him in a better mood. He grinned as he saw the familiar copper label.
"How did I not see you guys bring this over? Been hunting around so you must have hidden this gem somewhere good. I've been needlessly sober for almost three days!" he said, opening the small bottled and taking a drink.
The team laughed lightly at this.
"Well, we noticed you were occupied with Asuka, thought you two were getting along nice" Melina said.
“Oh, we’ve been getting along veeery nicely if you know what I mean,” he growled suggestively then darting off with his prize before anyone could smack him.

A short while later Ardon came running over from the beach with a small dragon in tow. She was no larger than a mountain lion but oddly she was feathered in bright plumage that ranged from every colour of a spectacular sunset. She had a crest of feathers that haloed the back of her head and a short snout.
"Jack! Jack, you have to check this out. This is Tahlkysa," the gold said, introducing the sweet looking little dragon rather excitedly. The humans had been introduced to many of the guests but she was a new one and rather different comparatively. She dipped her head slightly as they stopped before the little group of humans.
Jack looked amazed at the dragon before Ardon.
"Well hello there Tahlkysa, really nice to meet you" he said to the dragoness.
Ardon looked at her and nodded, urging her to do something they had obviously spoken about prior.
The little dragoness smiled and the said "Nice to meet you too!" But the voice that came out sounded exactly like Jack's.
Ardon hooted with laughter as the little dragon covered her mouth with her paws and giggled shyly.
"I'm a mimic," she said in Ardon's voice. "Your dragon finds it entertaining."
Jack found it amusing as well as Melina took a more scientific interest.
"That is amazing, dragons never cease to amaze me," Melina said as Martina chuckled lightly.
"Her breed uses it to confuse predators and other dragons," said Comox, having caught up. “It’s pretty incredible. She just needs to hear you talk first to get an understanding of how you sound.”
"Come on! We gotta go find Forge and try this!" Said Ardon, urging her along back down the other way across the beach, “I can’t wait to see his face!”
"Nice to have met you!" The dragoness said in Melina's voice, waving a sunset coloured wing at them.
Melina laughed as Jack shook his head lightly amused.
"Well I think I’ve seen everything now," Jack said as Melina nodded in agreement.

A little while later Veyron was sitting on a rock by himself, sipping at the whiskey and revelling in its taste.
“Hello gorgeous,” came Asuka’s voice from behind him.
“Hey Sugar you finally going through wraith withdrawals and come back for more?” said the wraith coyly turning around but instead of the purple dragoness, there was the gold, barking with laughter next to Zyra and a little plumed dragon.
“What the fu-“ started Veyron, suddenly glowering.
“You really thought it was her,” snorted Ardon.
Veyron gave the little dragon a once over with his green eyes, “Well if she’s interest-”
“Veyron!” said Zyra, aghast, “you little creep!”
Veyron shrugged but Ardon was still laughing, leading his little group away while the wraith took another swig of whiskey.

The next day the dragons had gathered before lunch and were wandering the beach, chatting and wondering what they should get up to.
Hitteki seemed to be energetic and fidgety as she opened and closed her wings, rolling her shoulders with a slight skip in her step, she approached the other dragons and greeted them.
"Perhaps today we can play skyball, we haven’t played as yet," she suggested.
The others seemed to perk up, interested. Ardon realized they had never had a large game before. They had always been limited to the Torchwood dragons.
"I would be up for a game," said Comox, stretching.
“What’s skyball?” asked a young charcoal coloured western mountain dragon. His green brother seemed equally interested.
“A game I invented,” said Ardon, grinning.
Zyra cleared her throat and Ardon corrected himself, “That ZYRA and I invented.”
He launched into the rules and details of how to play the game. They had about 16 dragons that wanted to play so they could be split evenly but have extra dragons to switch out which would make things interesting.

"Asuka, want to join us for a game?" Asked Ardon, seeing her listening to how the plays worked.
Asuka perked up and nodded, "I have heard you guys mention this skyball, I’d like to participate" she said to the group.
Great!” grinned Ardon, he broke them up into two teams and Comox fetched the ball while a few of the other dragons and humans gathered by the spent firepit to watch the game.
The teams jumped into play, acting a little unorganized at first with the newbies that were inexperienced with the game and teamwork with strangers but eventually they got into it.
Bronan acted as Referee, tossing the ball up for the start of plays and calling out any interference.
Hitteki seemed on the ball, playing with a lot more energy as she passed the ball to her team mates. One of the coastals that had escorted Gower was a good match for her and together they assisted each other on three goals at the first half of the match.
Asuka soon got the hang of it as she zoomed across the playing area, her zig zagging motion kept everyone on the opposite team guessing.
Her varied flying pattern seemed to confuse the other dragons but Ardon whooped in celebration on her first goal, swooping around her with excitement as Bronan fetched the ball for another start.
“Go Hitteki!” shouted Comox, striking the ball with his tail towards her. The ball was intercepted by the fast green mountain dragon but then Ucluelet got it back to the Syrian as she raced to the goal line.

"Yes!" Hitteki said punching the air in celebration when Bronan called out the goal.
Ardon’s team met that goal with two of their own, one by Zyra and another by Neekoh as the points piled up on either side.
“Go! Cross the line!” boomed a voice above Jack, Melina and Martina.
The humans ducked but then laughed as they realised it was Vonriir, getting into the game. He thumped his tail and roared out a cheer as Hitteki got another point.
"You’re in a cheerful mood Vonriir" Martina said with a smile.
"He loves watching the younglings as he calls them playing this game" Jack said.
"I am too big to play without bowling everyone out of the sky so I might as well cheer them on," he beamed. “Get past her, Comox! Go!” he said before laughing as the dragons almost collided.
"That is true, least they got a big spectator," Melina said as Martina seemed to agree.
Rift had been watching from the sidelines, wishing – and not for the first time- that he had wings- to play. He envied Asuka’s ability to somehow fly without wings. The dragons above seemed to be having a grand time and he wished he could join in their fun.

About ten minutes later he saw his chance. If the ball hit the group, the team who’s member last touched it would lose a point. Zyra had passed the ball towards Ardon but Comox had gotten in the way of the gold and the ball missed his paw and hurtled for the sand.
Quick as lightning Ardon got up and raced forward. Leaping high into the air he twisted and struck the ball with his tail, sending it flying back to Ardon who managed to catch it this time and rocket across the goal line.
Rift landed in the side just to see Ardon’s team cheer, once again in the lead.
"That was amazing, thank you, young dragon!" Asuka said as Jack, Melina and indeed Martina looked impressed at what Rift had done.
“Hey! That’s cheating!” cried Uclulet.
“No it’s not! Rift’s on our team now,” grinned Ardon, sticking his tongue out at his disgruntled sister. “Dreos was just swapping out so we really only had 5 dragons in the air.”
Bronan allowed it and now Rift had joined the game permanently, striking back any ball that headed to the ground. The dynamics had changed but for the better. The other team even tried to convince Gower to be the ground ball dragon so that the teams could match.
Soon enough the game was over, Ardon’s team winning by only one point. Everyone touched back down onto the beach with congratulations and pats on the back, tired but grinning from the fun of it all.
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Asuka soon left the group and slinked back to the cave that her and Veyron were staying in, she had enjoyed her game and socialising with the other dragon’s but now she wanted to spend some time with Veyron.
She landed lightly on the sand outside the cave and entered.
“Veyron?, you about?” Asuka asked as she entered fully into the cave, looking for the little wraith.
"Hm?" said Veryon, looking up from his empty bottle.
Asuka looked to see the empty bottle and smiled lightly, shaking her head.
“Oh dear, my poor Veyron, I was going to ask if you feel up to some more, exploring, but if you had a drink” Asuka said to the dragon.
"Nah, nah I'm fine," he said, sitting up a bit straighter, "Wanna go see that lagoon everyone's been talking about?"
“We can but before that…”Asuka grinned slyly as she approached the wraith.
Jack had gone to speak to Forge about Rift, he knew the young dragon was cocky and a little overconfident but he had a good soul and had gone out of this way to impress.
Jack and Forge spoke about accepting the spine back to come across to Earth, after an hour’s discussion, Jack and Forge agreed on the decision.
Soon they saw Rift trotting along the beach, red scales gleaming in the summer sun on sunbreak, he gestured to Forge who saw the red racer.
"Rift, here if you would," called Forge as Rift was about to trot by.
The young red dragon looked from Forge to Jack, confused then alert, wondering what they wanted from him.
Jack looked at Forge and then back to the red racer before them both.
“Me and Forge have been discussing a few things, including your request to join the guardian programme as an apprentice dragon” Jack explained to the spine back.
"Oh?" Said Rift, sitting down and making sure his posture was good. He hoped any last minute chances of impressing them would help.
Jack nodded his head lightly.
“I have spoken an exchanged views with Forge, discussing the pro’s and cons of perhaps accepting you in as an apprentice into the academy, Forge had also given his two cents into this as well” Jack said to the spine back.
Rift nodded, "So... you'll accept me?" He asked, grinning hopefully.
Jack looked to Forge as he spoke to the spine back, throwing his two cents into this.
“We think while you are young, inexperienced and unfamiliar with humans," started forge, and Rift tried not to frown at these less that positive qualities. "Your hearts seem pure from what we can tell and you possess necessary amiability that would be required so working in close knit groups."
Jack nodded lightly.
“I decided and Forge is happy that, once we leave for Earth, you will come with us as an apprentice of the academy” Jack said with a small smile.
Rift sprang to his feet and yipped with joy before remembering himself. "Um, I mean, thank you. You won't be disappointed. I promise!" He grinned.
Jack smiled lightly.
“Relax Rift, you can celebrate congratulations, we have Ardon do regular check in’s and assessments and we keep Forge in the loop, I wont pretend to say it be a culture shock but I think you be ok” Jack said.
"I can't wait. The others have been telling me about your world and I can't make any sense of half they things they talk about. Anyway, thank you both. I won't be a disappointment," he grinned.
"I'm sure. You've got spirit. Torchwood will benefit from that so long as you mind their rules." Said Forge.
Rift nodded resolutely.
Jack was please, Jack seemed to sense the young dragon’s enthusiasm and excitement building within him, he would be the first flightless dragon to join the academy.
"Good, obviously we got to go through the boring stuff and get you registered, then Ardon and Zyra can teach you about the academy" Jack replied back.
Rift was fighting to contain his nervous excitement but then paused, thinking.
"My clan. I left a year ago but I don't want them to think I fell into the sky..."
"I can inform them. Copper Ridge clan?"
"How'd you know?" Marvelled the red dragon.
"I've travelled around those parts."
Jack smiled as Forge said he would inform the spine back clan and let them know about Rift and being selected to joining the dragon academy on earth.
“Well, you can go spread the news with the other dragons, after the celebrations, Forge will want another word before you come with us, then step through the portal and begin your new adventure” Jack winked.
Rift beamed, still stunned that he was accepted to be a potential guardian.
"Thank you, thank you!" He said, unable to get anything else out. He bowed low and then Forge dismissed him. The spine back trotted off, trying to be casual at first but when he thought he was out of sight he dashed away like a rocket, eager to find his new friends.
Jack folded his arms watching the spine back dash off.
“He be fine Forge, I am sure, he seems eager and I am sure he fit in well, despite being flightless he will have uses” Jack said to the silver.
"He seems a bit competitive and a little cocky so he might have a few bumps in the beginning,” ‘said Forge, "But spine backs are a good sort. They do well with other breeds so I image he'd fit in fine."
Jack agreed with Forge as he knew the spine back would fit right into their group.
Hitteki had gone to where Ardon and the others had gathered, the game earlier had managed to run out some of the built up energy she had and now content, she made her way back to the beach where the others would be.
Soon Rift came zooming down and spotted the emerald dragoness, heading towards her with a big smile on his face.
“Where’s the fire” joked Hitteki.
"Guess who is joint ya in line to be a real guardian," grinned rift, trotting around Hitteki with a wild grin.
Hitteki smiled.
“Oh excellent, congratulations Rift, you be joining us Earth side then, I guess you impressed Jack and Forge, be great to have you on board, we could have our match” she grinned slyly back.
"Let me get earthside first," smirked Rift with a flick of his tail. "I can't wait to see everything that you all described."
Hitteki nodded.
“Come on, let’s tell the others, they be as excited as you Rift, welcome to our club” Hitteki said with a smile as they made their way to the beach together.
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Rift was met by the others with a gleeful cheer at his declaration at becoming a guardian. Vonriir had given a mighty thump of his tail and smiled grandly as the others chatted excitedly.
“This is great, I’m so glad Amelia gave Jack the permission to bring more potential guardians over,” said Comox.
"Yes well done Rift, you be amazed by what’s over there," Hitteki said
Ardon nodded, “Yeah, You’re really going to like it in the Academy. Our facility is top of the line.”
Rift smiled, “Yes, I can’t wait to figure out what half the stuff you all talk about is.”
“Well welcome to the team, Rift. It’s good to have another guardian about,” said Zyra.
“Well hold on, he’s not quite a guardian yet. You’ll have to take the oath and everything once you’re Earthside. THEN it will be official,” grinned Ardon.
“Well, okay, when I take my oath I’ll be a guardian in training,” laughed Rift as they all sat in a circle.
“IF you don’t have your mind blown by the human world. It’s going to be insanely different. Comox here nearly destroyed the place and took out Melina when he came over,” snickered Ardon but the Boldwing cuffed him over the head. The gesture was light though and Ardon laughed.
“I was injured, and just having woken up from being heavily sedated and hooked up to machines, thank you, smart ass,” snorted Comox, shaking his head.
“You almost killed the professor?” asked Rift, stunned but Ardon was laughing and his own confused grin was working its way across his face.
“No!” said Comox, sounding exasperated and a little embarrassed at the revealing of his first days on earth. He wanted to explain himself to the young spine-back and make him understand that it didn’t sound like what Ardon had said but he was reluctant to get into the story with someone so new.
Zyra shook her head, trying not to laugh. It had been a rather traumatizing experience for poor Comox, and one that she recalled all too well. Still, Ardon and Co’s brotherly rivalry often stirred things up, “Okay boys, settle down. Yes, Rift it will be something very different but you’ll get used to it. If Ardon could manage you’ll do fine.”
“Thanks,” smiled the red dragon, still feeling excited but a bit overwhelmed. Ardon patted him on the back before all the dragons got up to go get the last meal of the day, an extra celebration to throw into the mix of the solstice.
As they ate lunch they were joined by a few other dragons, with a number of interested looks at hearing that Rift was the next dragon to go across the portal. They seemed intrigued but no one else made any comment that would suggest that they’d dare go through the portal or put themselves before Forge for judgement.
“Tahlkysa, you should come over and be a guardian,” said Ardon with a smile as the little dragon was about to put a smoked fish in her mouth.
“Think of the ways you could wind up Mark,” snickered Comox.
Tahlkysa seemed to puff up in surprise at the remark, her crest of feathers going up in alarm, “Earth? Oh no, no, no. I couldn’t leave Kilara.” She said in her own high voice.
“Haha, come on, you don’t think you’d like it?” teased Comox.
This made the little dragon seem to hide into her own bright plumage, “No, this is my home. You can come here and visit me. I have asked Lord Forge to stay on one of his islands.”
“Well, welcome to our newest resident of sunbreak,” grinned Ardon, finding it funny that she seemed alarmed at the aspect of an Earthside invite.
Another game of sky ball kept the youngsters entertained through the course of the afternoon while the older dragons gathered for varied discussions of their world and local territories. It was the final night of the weeklong celebration and the revelry had reached its peak. The longest day on the year had finally arrived and both moons appeared in the sky, indicating a good year ahead. The festivities that went on during the evening would be lively and merry.

The rest of the night went on splendidly. The newly arrived dragons had brought with them delicacies and local foods from their territories as a traditional offering to the hosts of a solstice celebration. The humans and dragons had feast after feast, trying new food from all over Talkiir. Zyra and Comox were particularly pleased with a type of fruit brought all the way from a place called Bryrathu down on the southern coast. It reminded them of a similar fruit that they loved on Iban’tu
The bonfire was once again roaring and the main part of the feast had finished but that didn’t stop snacks from being shared around while general chatter filled the air. Jack and the others had brought a few things over to share and there had been great interest in a number of the items brought out.
Bronan entertained the group with a number of grand stories from his youth and Ardon’s strange upbringing. This captivated his audience but Ardon had to correct a number of things that his father had said with a bit too much hyperbole.
Vonriir and the Kilaran dragons started off the evening’s revelry with a traditional solstice song sung specially for the celebration. A great many of them knew the words and sang with great enthusiasm as they rung in the rest of the year.
There was a general cheer as Vonriir had returned from disappearing with Martina’s guitar. He handed it to her as the dragons that had been further down the beach approached so that they could hear too.
There were a few requests for songs to be played again, ones they had heard earlier, but Martina also played a number of new ones. Ardon was mightily impressed with how many tunes the woman could remember how to play, even able to improvise when the dragons sung their own Kilaran songs.
Veyron had kept mostly hidden from the large crowd but the desire to get that one last drink from the cooler had made him creep out of his hidden spot on Asuka’s back. While most of the group was distracted with an exuberant chorus, the little wraith snuck behind logs and behind the humans. He hid behind Jack and stretched out a paw, reaching for the cooler and opening the lid. The glint of firelight on the bright green can caught the eye of a large ivory coloured dragon as he stared at Veyron with an intense look from across the bonfire.
The wraith hid back behind Jack but when he peered out the dragon was still looking but unmoving. His eyes held some sort of studious malice however so Veyron ducked out of sight and retreated to hiding back in the safety of Asuka’s mane.
Bronan joined Vonriir, Jack and Ardon in a rowdy rendition of a drinking song that had everyone laughing merrily by the time it finished.
"Could we do this song? I haven listened to it and think it is pretty," Hitteki said as Martina studied it and smiled.
"Oh I know this one, yes we can, I just need Melina on the vocals and drums," she said. Zyra had fetched the drums and settled down with a pawfull of grapes as Martina tuned her guitar and they got ready.
Soon enough the tune began to float out from the guitar, the rhythm kept by the drums.
"Ahh, a nice soft song to end the summer solstice, I must admit Melina has a nice voice," Jack said to Forge as the girls and Hitteki sung along, with Vonriir adding the occasional base and tail thump.
Hitteki’s request was followed by another few softer songs, and then Martina chose a very sweet, calming ballad with a pleasant melody.
Zyra had been sitting close to Ardon but now had over the course of the night had leaned in and now they were rather close in the sand around the fire pit.
Ardon sang a line of the tune in a funny voice under his breath to her and she laughed lightly, looking up at him in almost a coy manner that made the gold grin idiotically.
Jack turned his head and saw Ardon and Zyra close to one another and he smiled slightly looking up at Bronan.
"You notice your son there?" he said quietly.
Bronan turned to look and spotted the two of them and chuckled under his breath, "You're headed back to Kilara so he's your responsibility. Make sure he doesn't break any hearts."
"I try, but he been following her for some time, I think there’s more there, but too soon to say" Jack said with a small smile as his eyes went to Melina.
“Hmm, so there seems,” said Bronan with a small smile.
At last, late into the night most of the dragons had dispersed to find a comfy spot to sleep. Ardon and Zyra had stayed up just a bit later, looking at the stars together and chatting quietly while Forge put out the coals of the fire before they too went their separate ways as the solstice came to a close.
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The morning arrived when the dragons and humans went their separate ways, after a very long weekend of partying, drinking and feasting, it was time to work and for the dragon’s return back to their respective territories.
Gower had decided to make an early start,. With his escort of coastal dragons as they would return to the coast territories that belonged to them, Forge walked down the beach to see Gower off.
"Thank you again for coming all this way." Said The grand silver dragon
Gower nodded lightly and bowed in respect of the silver warlord before him.
“An honour as always Forge, I wish you well in your endeavours, all I’d advise is no more fights with other warlords or beasts bigger than you” the dragon said but there was a small hint of a teasing smile upon his lips.
Forge gave Gower a look, "You know it's useless advice with me. Until my last breath I am the defender of two worlds now."
Gower smiled lightly.
“I was only joking warlord Forge, I know I ask the impossible, but to let you know, I may not be a big earth dragon like the black ones but I am at your side sir, always, well except in mock tussles if Hylen wants entertaining” he chuckled lightly.
Forge smiled slightly and shook his head at the memory. "It's reassuring to know I have a dragon like you an ally, Gower. Safe travels back home. May all be well there."
“You too Forge, fair winds be in your favour” Gower said as he walked off with the other coastal dragons following.
Back by the portal Jack had activated it and sent a request for a connection, he was now waiting for an acknowledgement from Torchwood 5.
Melina had packed up with Zyra’s help and were now waiting.
“Well, Veyron will be pleased we are going back, but a few days later Japan will send their shuttle for Asuka” Melina said to Zyra.
"He'll be miserable then again I imagine," hummed Zyra, "Speaking of him, he's been lurking around a lot. If he wasn't with Asuka I usually didn't see him around."
Soon Asuka approached with Veyron in his usual spot in between her antlers, the dragon seemed a little happier now that they were heading back.
“Ahh speak of the devil, I hope you enjoyed your time Asuka on Kilara and perhaps Veyron as well” Melina said with a smile.
“It has been interesting, been good few days but I am ready to return to my home” Asuka said as the professor nodded, understanding the dragoness.
She looked up to see Veyron between her antlers, seemingly inpatient to get back home.
“How about you Veyron glad to go back?” she asked.
"Any day now," Said Veyron dryly. "Back to civilization and leave his campfire Kumbaya bull**** behind."
Hitteki overheard the comments from the wraith and frowned lightly.
“That is a little insensitive Veyron, it was a nice few days away in Kilara, seems a little bit ungrateful” Hitteki replied.
"You like it so much, you can stay on this side of the portal, Fuzz," said the wraith. "Enjoy getting sand under your scales and hunting like a wild animal."
Hitteki was going to argue back when Asuka spoke.
“I think he just like to get back home, I think that is understanding, I feel the same but I have enjoyed my time, but be nice to be back” Asuka said though more diplomatically, Hitteki went quiet and moved away.
"Heh," said the wraith as he leaned on her antler. "She's always trying to drag me down. Glad I have you setting that fuzzball straight. She tried to murder me once ya know," he said casually.
Asuka seemed a little shocked but she kept calm, seeing Hitteki move away.
“I am glad you are ok, good job I was not here when that happened, I still owe her a match, I might as the british say, up the anty when we get back, see if she is game before I go home” Asuka said to the wraith.
The wraith seemed amused by the eastern dragon’s comments.
"Hah!" laughed the wraith, "I'd pay top dollar to see you kick her tail into next week. Maybe she'd stop being a thorn in my side then."
Asuka smiled lightly at this.
“Do Wraith’s and Syrians not get on? I know you can be rough round the edges but despite this trip, you been excellent company, in more ways that one” she teasingly said.
The wraith grinned at that, "nah our breeds have never been on the best terms. My theory is that she was enamoured with me but I didn't show any interest so now she's all mad about it."
Asuka grinned.
"Got a finer taste in females I see, you don’t go for the stocky ones" Asuka said laughing lightly.
"Nope, not my style," smirked Veyron.
Asuka smiled as Hitteki glanced over to them as the Syrian overheard the laughter.
Meanwhile Jack had sent another communication again to Torchwood 5 but so far there had been no reply, Jack inspected the control panel and could see no issues.
Ardon walked up to the portal with his father and uncle following not too far behind.
"Is the portal not working?" asked Forge, looking at the silvery static wavering between the arch.
Jack shook his head.
“No, there is still a signal being sent, just darn peculiar, usually its on standby unless its been powered off the other side” Jack said.
"We're not stuck over here are we?" asked Veyron, growing impatient but now worry bubbled up that he tried to contain.
Jack looked up at the wraith who was stood up on Asuka’s head.
“Don’t panic, it be fine, just a delay their side that is all, they must of shut it off, I guess with professor Baxter on holiday the technicians want to not keep it on too long” Jack replied.
"Oh yeah, strand 90% of the team on some island to save a few dollars on the electricity bill. Smart," grumbled Veyron.
"Think everything is actually okay over there? They were expecting us today," said Ardon quietly to Jack.
Jack was about to answer when the control panel beeped and the portal light went green, soon the grey turned into a bright blue liquid doorway as the portal was online.
“See, told you, now everyone over” Jack said as Hittkei took a few things and jumped through first, now it was back operational.
"Homeward bound, Angel face," said Veyron as he and Asuka went through.
Ardon hung back while the bold wings crossed over and then Vonriir.
"Thanks again for hosting. It was really great to have everyone here," he said to his family.
Forge let out a breath, "Next year Torchwood can deal with the chaos."
Bronan laughed and Tahsis licked Ardon's nose before the gold turned to see Rift waiting.
"You ready?" he asked.
"Ready as I'll ever be," grinned the spine-back.
Jack smiled lightly and gestured to Ardon.
“Take Rift across, I speak to Forge and I be over soon ok?” Jack said.
"Got it," said Ardon. He nodded to Rift and together they jumped through, disappearing into the blue light.
Jack looked at Forge and spoke.
“Thank you all again for hosting us, we take good care of Rift, please let his family know he is safe, we keep you updated on his progress” Jack said to the silver and Ardon’s family.
"I'll leave in a day to his home territory to let them know. Best of luck, Jack," said Forge.
"Thank you for coming to celebrate. See you all soon," said Bronan with a smile.
Jack bowed respectfully and jumped through the portal, as soon as he was across the portal powered down.
"You're really going to leave that quick after the celebrations?" asked Bronan.
"Might as well. I've finally have a little peace while I fly since I couldn't find any this past week," replied Forge dryly.
Some other dragons called and said they were leaving and so Bronan and Tahsis left the silver as they said their goodbyes to Ardon’s parents as quiet seemed to be returning to Sunbreak.
Forge made his way back down the stretch of sand towards his cave when he spotted a familiar face.
"Callisto," he said, unable to mask the surprise he felt in seeing her. He wouldn't have admitted it to save his life but the dragonesses absence during the celebration had made him a little wistful. "I thought you might have gone off somewhere else for the solstice when you didn't show up."
Calisto stood there, looking beautiful, her yellow scales glittering in the golden sun, she smiled to see the silver approach.
“I am really sorry I am late, there was a medical emergency that required my attention, so I had to deal with that, sorry I missed the party, but thought id show up regardless” Calisto said with a hopeful smile.
"It was full of terrible singing. You're lucky to have missed it," Replied Forge.
Calisto chuckled lightly, a picture painted in her head.
“Well you got some peace and quiet, then I showed up, I was hoping to see you, I have missed you” she said with verbal honesty.
A small trace of a smile touched Forge's face, "It is good to see you. I have a small task ahead of me unfortunately. I have to leave for Copper Ridge tomorrow.... unless perhaps you want to keep an old dragon company?"
Calisto looked up and smiled, a gleam in her eye as she seemed to be really appreciative of the offer to join the silver.
“I’d love to come to Copper ridge, more than happy to keep you company” she said to the silver as she shuffled her elegant wings at her sides.
"Well, perhaps my errand won't be so mundane now," said the silver and then after a short pause he gestured with his wing, "There's still plenty of food from the celebration. You must be hungry after your flight in?"
Calisto nodded, taking the invitation.
“That be great thank you” Calisto said as the two of them as they walked back towards the area where the party was to get the food.

The dragons had gone through the portal first and noticed the lights had been dimmed in the portal room, only the glow of the blue rippling motions from the portal.
"Oh, your cave here is rather dark," noted Rift.
"This is the building we live in, not a cave. Normally the lights are brighter," said Rift before turning to Mark and gesturing to the lights, "Is Holton about?"
Mark coughed and cleared his throat.
“They should be adjusting back soon but yes Holtan is on his way to meet Jack, he will only talk to Jack” Mark said with a huff as Melina seemed confused by this.
"Oh?" Said Zyra, moving to the side to grab Melina's things. "Something going on?"
Veyron jumped down from asukas head to marks shoulder? "Did you let **** hit the fan while we were gone”
Mark dismissed this suggestion.
“Hardly, all is fine, we all been busy while you celebrated some summer sun over in dragon land” Mark said as the portal doors opened and Holtan entered as the portal powered down now Jack was here.
“Rift, why don’t you get registered with Ardon, the resto f you can disappear” Jack said as Holtan waited patiently for Jack to be on his own.

"Well, why don't we go back to yours. I need to scrub the wild off of me and get a real cup of coffee," suggested Veyron, abandoning Mark to climb back up to her horns again.
Asuka nodded and she went back to her quarters, the wraith obviously happier to be back earth side.
"I'll grab your things, Martina, lead the way and we'll get settled," said Vonriir.
Martina smiled lightly.
“Thank you Vonriir, let’s getting settled home” Martina said and soon Jack was alone with Holtan as his security guards left his side to patrol the base.
Jack walked towards the man who marvelled at the portal.
“Fine bit of engineering if you ask me commander, imagine the possibilities” Holtan said looking at the portal as it powered down.
“You can imagine away, can I help you” Jack said as Holtan gave a knowing smile as he handed a document over to Jack.
Jack read it carefully and he looked very surprised as he looked back at Holtan.
“That much?” Jack asked.
“Well, we are brining a rather expensive toy under our care”.
“Your care you mean” Jack said.
“You know about it too, I want it to be secure from prying eyes, as this is your pool, where can we put it” Holtan asked.
Jack thought and and came up with a solution.
“Emergency hanger two, we can lock it all down properly ready for its arrival, when is that anyways?” Jack asked as Holtan smiled again.
“2 days’ time at midnight, under the cover of darkness, then it lands and be worked upon by Professor Christine Munroe, when she arrives here as we agreed” Holtan said as Jack nodded.
“Do you want the dragons to support…they can be tru..” Jack was saying the man shook his head, cutting him off mid conversation.
“Minimal people, just you, me and the hanger, and the sweet prof” Holtan said as Jack nodded in agreement.
“Well, considering the additional funding, I agree to this but I want reports from you Holtan, I have Mark oversee security for you while you get this settled” Jack said as Holtan nodded.
“Appreciate the offer Mr Harkness, I be seeing you soon” Holtan said as he walked off as Jack looked at the tablet and email again.

"I think that Holtan has a rather large degree of freedom despite being our security head. Mark was never given that much," commented Zyra.
Melina nodded in agreement.
“Yeah, its all a bit odd to me Zy, he’s got his own private place and facility in the lower levels, locked away, high security, yet he does his job but he only reports to Jack now” Melina said.
"And won't talk to any of us either. It's like speaking with a brick wall when any of us do manage to catch him outside of his little lockup," said Zyra, shaking her head.
“No idea why the lights dim when he comes in, well in a few days time I be going down there to chat to him, I use a medical reason” Melina said determined.
Zyra laughed, "Go down there with your med kit and everything. No one can say no to you."
" you want to come?" Melina offered the bold wing.
" medical reasons" she smiled slyly.
"Of course, Ill join you," said Zyra, "then he'll have an extra reason not to be able to say no."
Melina nodded as they continued walking towards their quarters, so they could settle back in and unpack.

Meanwhile, Hitteki with nothing to unpack went looking for Comox, soon she saw the bold wing male in the corridor and trotted towards him to speak to him.
"What are you up to Comox, I haven’t really got anything packed, did you want some company?" Hitteki asked the male bold wing.
"Sure, I was going to go down to the canteen for a bit," said Comox.
Hitteki smiled, looking up at the male.
“Excellent, I shall join you and we can see what’s been going on” Hitteki said walking with the male towards the canteen.
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Ardon had lead Rift away, almost immediately forgetting about the strange exchange in the portal room. He had immediately wanted to launch into his Guardian Programme introduction but Rift was completely new to this whole human world and he would have to do a lot of explaining first before he dove into the topic of the academy.
The lights had begun to grow brighter as Rift even marvelled at this.
“You harnessed the light from the sun. It’s like you created dawn in here,” he said, trotting along as he stared at the ceiling.
Ardon smiled to himself. The program could wait. He recalled when he first came to earth. He had seen a lot of human technology on Kilara but being fully immersed in the world was something completely different.
Ardon was careful to use easy terms and tried not to overwhelm the red dragon with information but Rift seemed to be drinking it all in, asking questions and inquiring about everything.
Was this what Jack had to go through with me? Thought Ardon with a wry smile.
“Come on, this way. Let’s head to the hangars,” he said to the spine-back. “Theres some really neat stuff there that I think you’d like.

In Asuka’s rooms Veyron had hopped into the bathing area and scrubbed away the dirt and sand that had gotten under his scales and his sued-like hide. As he washed he found a tiny line green scale caught behind his ruff. He quickly kicked this down the drain along with the suds.
Now free from the last refinements of Kilara he dried of and flopped down on a large downy pillow with a contented sigh.
“Now if I never had to go back I’d count myself as the luckiest dragon this side of that damn portal,” he muttered, closing his eyes.
"I am happy you feel safe back on earth, I must enquire, what is so bad on Kilara, I loved the shores and the warmth of the sun, reminds me of home" Asuka said.
“You never had to live wild, angelface. It’s no walk in the park,” he replied.
Asuka nodded lightly, "I guess not no, I have had the luxuries of humans, I guess it must be a big step up from living in the wild," Asuka commented.
He cracked open a green eye to peer at her, “It’s not a step up, it’s a flying leap skyward. My breed can’t just stomp on something and call it a meal like larger dragons can. It’s a rough life for a wraith, which is why I like it here so much. Every day isn’t a struggle.”
Asuka nodded lightly, "I understand, I am… sorry your life was hard on Kilara," Asuka said in response to Veyron's comments.
“Not your fault, Cherry Blossom, it’s much better these days,” he said with a wink to her.

Rift had been given the full tour of the facility and seemed to marvel at everything they encountered. He was rather impressed with the ability to conjure up hot water on demand. Ardon had him select a room to call his own and he had picked number 8, a smaller room but with all the amenities the others had. He grinned at the gold, pleased to have his own room in the facility. It was not far from Vonriir and Hitteki’s and it was easy to get from there to the hub without too much confusion.
The hangars with ships and shuttles intrigued him. He had been born after the humans left so he had never seen such things but only heard about them. To him they looked far different than what he had imagined when he heard the stories. TV screen and hologram monitors captivated the young dragon as well. Ardon wasn’t able to explain how these things worked but suggested that the spine-back ask their tech expert once he returned from vacation.
Ardon introduced Rift to whoever they came across before the headed to the offices for him to get registered. He was signed in, giving his name, breed, lineage, kilaran birth date.
“That means your correlating earth birth date would be…” said Ardon, tapping at the computer, “October 2nd.”
“Oh neat,” said Rift, leaning to see the screen to see his own face look back at him. “OH, that’s why you asked me to smile.”
Ardon laughed, “Yeah, your profile picture, for reference. Not that any of us will forget what you look like.” He said, typing away to add the last few bits before sending it off for approval, “Now professor Melina will likely want to do an exam with you for medical history and such. We have very little info on flightless dragons so she’ll want any information on you so that if you ever get sick or hurt she and her team can easily help you.”
“She seems like a nice human. I heard Forge call her Hylen so she must be your top healer.”
Ardon nodded, “Yes, her earth title is professor and Zyra is a doctor, they are both healers though when you translate that over.”

"Hey there guys, welcome to the canteen, where all the delights happen," Hitteki said with a light laugh.
Comox looked up and smiled. The two of them had been sitting in the lounge area, catching up on the local news to see if they had missed anything important.
“Your home is amazing. Especially for being underground,” said Rift, trotting up but taking in the large room with his bright green eyes.
"It is an amazing feat of engineering, with a good variety of metals and other bits, it needs to be big for all dragons, including the large ones," Hitteki added her bit.
“Yeah, even Vonriir would look modestly sized in his room, the hub or the hangars,” thought Rift out loud.
“You told him about the kitchens yet?” asked Comox, popping a few pretzels into his mouth.
“Yeah I heard that you don’t hunt, someone cooks for you,” Grinned Rift.
“Yep. The only hunting you’ll have to do is on the menu. Toby will have set prepared meals but if you want something specific he’s pretty accommodating,” said Ardon.
“So long as you ask nicely and don’t demand it like someone we all know,” added Comox.
Ardon snorted, shaking his head lightly, “I’m going to go find Jack, Rift you want to hang out with these guys?”
“Sure, we’re not going to do the program work?” inquired Rift.
“Nah, I don’t want to overwhelm you. We can start tomorrow,” said Ardon, smiling as he turned to go find his Attilu and ask him what Holtan’s urgent need of him was.
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Jack had returned to his quarters, with Holtan’s plans now confirmed, he would have to ensure that section of the base was out of bounds, even from the nosy wraith, he hoped Asuka’s presence would keep him distracted, whatever he got up to with that dragoness.
Jack put the case down and started to unpack, making sure everything was back neatly away, he was theoretically on leave until tomorrow and he wasn’t worried that the base was quiet, it seemed to be running ok.
Ardon stepped into the room and spotted Jack, "There you are. Done with Holtan already? What did he want that was so important to talk to you alone?"
Jack looked up and smiled lightly as Ardon came into the room.
“Just a few things, nothing major, just unpacking everything, least I got today off” Jack replied to the gold as he continued packing away.
Ardon helped put a few things away, setting the man's book on his side table for him, "What had to wait for you and not Mark though?" he inquired.
Jack remained vague about what was discussed between Holtan and himself.
"I run the base so he wanted to ask me a few things that is all" Jack replied, putting the case away and looking pleased it was all done for another year.
Ardon gave him a look but decided not to press the matter, yet. Maybe he'd tell him later.
Jack recognised the look upon the gold’s face and decided to change the subject quickly, rather than him prying again.
"How’s rift doing, he found the canteen yet?" Jack queried.
"He's liking it so far. I left him in the canteen with Co and Hitteki. He's all registered and he's chosen room 8," Ardon replied.
Jack smiled.
" Excellent, glad he’s all booked in, hope he wont be too overwhelmed with the technology", the man remembered how Ardon was when he first came to earth.
"He will be for a little bit but he's taking it all in stride. It helps that he's interested in everything," said Ardon, circling once and flopping down on his floor bed. "I think he'll do okay."
Jack agreed, the dragon seemed alert and bright, he knew being young would help and he thought the dragon would soon become an established member.
“Well, he’s going to have a blast I think, he seems energetic but that could be the spine back breed, I am glad Forge decided to allow him to come over” Jack said to the golden dragon.
"Yeah," Ardon agreed, "We could always use another good guardian," he said with a smile.
“Be interesting to get some tactics involving him, I want him to succeed, I know he is flightless but I want him to be the best he can be with your encouragement” Jack said to the golden dragon.
"Don't worry, I'll do everything I can to ensure he's the best guardian he can be," vowed Ardon. "Different is good. I think we might be surprised by him."
Jack smiled lightly as Jack was pleased with Ardon’s commitment, he wanted Rift to do well and he was sure the young spine back would show what he could do to them all.

Melina had packed everything away and was now sat in her usual comfortable chair as Zyra took up her usual spot, the room not being as big as Jack’s one.
"It was a nice celebration. I don't think I've been to one with so many dragons before. It was fun," said Zyra as she settled on her bed with her tablet.
Melina nodded in agreement.
“Yes it was, best one yet I think” Melina said as she looked around the room, as if looking for something but the thing she looked at elude her.
“Zy?, do you find this room small at all with us two?” the professor asked.
Zyra looked around, "I don't know. I'm used to it in here. Are you feeling cramped in here?"
Melina smiled lightly.
“Ardon and Jack moved to the dragon academy quarters, just if you felt you need more room or you get another growth spurt we can move ot the academy quarters, to give you far more space, I just like the cosiness of this room” Melina said to the bold wing.
The dragoness seemed to ponder this a bit. She had room enough to move easily in this suite and feel like she wasn't trapped in a small space, "I'll move if you want to but if you enjoy the cosiness of this room I'm fine to stay so long as you're happy."
Melina looked over at Zyra.
“Well I want what is best for you, at the end of the day, a room is just a room, if your happy being here with me then I’m happy” the professor said.
Zyra hummed as the thought. There was a very nice room between Ardon and Forge's suites but she'd accumulated many happy memories in this little room and it made her sad to think that they would leave the quarters they shared since they had bonded, even though the other room was only a short distance away.
"Perhaps... I'll think on it."
“Well see what you think, does your breed go any bigger than you are now or have you paused?” the professor asked, grabbing her tablet.
"I don't think I'll get much bigger," said Zyra. "I feel like I'm taller than most females of my breed anyway and I'm not sure if that's Brathille or just my genetics. You're not getting a giant like Vonriir, sorry." she laughed.
Melina laughed lightly.
“Or perhaps its because of the training, good food and guidance your beloved Atillu gave you, I got no praise in that statement”, the woman said as she stood up and hands on hips with a typical Melina judging look upon the bold wing.
Zyra laughed, "Fine, it's all on you. I have to be as grand as my lovely, intelligent and divine Attilu."
Melina seemed to narrow her eyes and looked at the bold wing before leaping like a cat, pouncing upon her prey, which was Zyra in some tom foolery between the girls.
Zyra laughed out loud, catching Melina mid-pounce and lifted her into the air, "Now, that's not the politest way to accept a compliment." she teased.
Melina laughed as she was caught.
“Curses, you can read me like a book now doctor, you know when I’m going to pounce you” Melina said with a playful grin.
"You make a face when you're about to," giggled Zyra, putting her down, "You get this glint in your eye and your left eyebrow goes up a bit. Every time."
Melina felt her face and pushed against the bold wing lightly.
“Your terrible” Melina said resting on Zyra’s bed, resting her head against the dragon’s pristine white scales.
"Then you're just as bad," smiled the boldwing. "I learn only from the best."
Melina grinned.
“Well I should act my age, I do act like a big kid at times, sometimes too playful” the professor said to Zyra.
The dragoness curled her head and tail around the professor and gave her a lick on her forehead, "Never change, okay? That silliness you have should always been in balance with your professional manner."
Melina gently smiled.
“Thank you Zyra, I love you my bold wing” she said happily, soon her palm felt a little warmer and she noticed Zyra’s white scales began to glimmer and glow lightly.
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The next morning Rift had gone down to the canteen early, eager to start his first day of training. He was still awed by the smallest things around the facility. Summoning light from switches, doors that opened automatically…. The amazing things the humans had created seemed infinite.
Rift’s first meal back had been roasted chicken and vegetables which he had enjoyed immensely. This morning toby had informed him that he was making traditional fry ups for those who wanted a full meal. The spine-back had no idea what that meant but he accepted and went over to sit down at the table where Asuka was already enjoying a cup of jasmine tea.
“Good morning Asuka. It looks like we’re the first one’s up,” said the red dragon, sitting down and looking up at her, “Today’s my first day of training with Ardon, learning about the human world and taking my first steps in the guardian program. You’re from a different facility, right? How do you feel about this place?”

"From what I have observed so far, Ardon and his team here work very closely and with this academy, he uses it to unite humans and dragons in a world of peace and prosperity, when you are here your here as a guardian of the world, regardless if your bonded or not" Asuka gave her two cents to the spine-back.
Rift nodded as she spoke, "Do you want to be bonded?" He asked her.
Asuka pondered the question.
"I do not know, I am in no really urgency to bond, it is the stars, or so I been told make the decision, when you find your bonded Atillu?, I think that is what human’s are then you know" Asuka replied.
Rift nodded, "I think it would be interesting. One day anyway. All the bonded dragons do seem quite happy. It’s obvious how much they care about each other. Something my father would have never expected back home I can almost bet on that. Anyway, how long are you staying, Asuka?"
Just then Toby brought out a large platter of food for Rift. It smelled divine but he had no idea what some of the items on the plate were. As Asuka spoke he picked at different elements of the meal, sampling each bit.
"Just for a few more days, then I return to Japan, well my own facility near Japan, Torchwood 9," she explained to the inquisitive young spine back.
"Comox was saying that you're the only dragon there, don't you get lonely?" Inquired rift, deciding that he liked the fried sausage the best out of the whole platter.
Asuka smiled lightly.
"I been use to being on my own, I got enough to do to keep me busy, I have a strict timetable but it is rewarding, who knows, we could have another join us" Asuka said.
“Maybe it’ll be me,” grinned the red dragon, “I heard that some dragons here can be sent to other facilities if it’s suitable.”
Just then Ardon trotted into the canteen, a number of things tucked under his arm. He smiled and greeted both of them warmly, waving his free wing at Toby to signal that he was ready for breakfast.
“Ready for your introduction to the rest of your life?” smiled Ardon sitting down next to Rift.
“I certainly am,” said Rift, sitting up straighter.
“Where’s Veyron this morning?” Ardon asked Asuka, noticing that she was missing her limpet.
"He had duties to attend to apparently, catching up with Maark" Asuka said.

“Well if that’s the case, did you want to come join us and see how I kick off the Guardian Programe introduction?” offered Ardon, “It would be a good opportunity for me to get another’s perspective on how I run it. Maybe even through in a suggestion or two if you have any by the end.”
"I would like that very much" Asuka said with a smile.
Toby brought out Ardon’s breakfast and the gold ate quickly, ready to get underway.
“Alright gang, we’ll head to the dragon hangar so we won’t be distracted by everyone else coming and going throughout the day. “
“Okay,” said Rift, getting up and stretching. The three of them headed down the hall towards the massive dragon hangar to begin Rift’s introduction into the program.

In Mark’s office Veyron had been beckoned to help with a few things that the man normally took care of. The wraith sat on the edge of his desk with a tablet propped up in front of him, typing away with the click of talons. He wasn’t overly pleased that he had been dragged away from more entertaining activities but he had kept his mouth shut for the most part. The least he could do since Mark had so generously sent Jack and Melina off to the solstice with his favourite drink stashed away.

"Bloody extra work.... already got enough stuff to do," grumbled Mark under his breath as he typed on his laptop.

“So why are we getting this crap dumped into our laps again?” asked Veyron, looking up at the sound of Mark muttering.

"We? There is we now is it" Mark said looking up from his work at the wraith.
The wraith held up his tablet, "You called me away from my own –very important- personal work to help you with yours, or have you forgotten already" he said, gesturing to the screen he was working on.

"Urgh, fine its Jack asking favours and all to free up Holtan’s schedule" Mark replied.
"And why does he need all the time freed up? I think he's getting a little much for someone who’s been here for less than half a year,” grumbled Veyron, sending off the e-mail he had been working on and setting up the next task on his list.
"Agreed but Jacks orders apparently, Holtan’s got important stuff on. Whatever that means" Mark said.
Veyron thought about that. He really did not know much about that man. He had been kept too busy the past few months to do too much digging into it and now with Asuka around he had been rather distracted. Not knowing was something that Veyron disliked very much and with the last couple days of strange behaviour he was beginning to think about more than just Asuka.

Later that day the wraith sat on Asuka’s back with a small handtowel hung over his shoulders. Finished with Mark’s extra workload for the day the two of them decided that a visit to the hot spring pools was in order.
As they went down the steps to the landing, Asuka turned left at the juncture to head towards the pools. Veyron however stopped midsentence and perked up. Some strange banging noises where coming from far down the right hallway.
He jumped off her back and stood at the landing, listening.
“What is that?” he wondered. Down that hall was Holtan’s hideaway. He crossed out the possibility of janitors… it almost sounded like construction… maybe?
“I don’t know if you’re hearing is better than mine but can you tell what that sound is?” he asked the dragoness who had now noticed he was not following her.
"Its probably nothing, come on, lets head down to the thermal pool," Asuka said to Veyron.
The wraith didn’t seem to be listening to her. With his towel still hanging over his shoulders he made to go walk down the right corridor.
"Veyron, come along, I haven’t got many days left" Asuka said as she used her slender tail to move Veyron along.
He looked over his shoulder but was scooted along back towards the pools, still wondering what the noises could mean.
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A few days later, Jack would be needed to go to the emergency hanger, the delivery was happening tonight and would be arriving at 1am under the cloak of darkness.
Jack and Holtan had put a high restriction on the area, the only people who could go in and out of there was Jack and Holtan, everyone else’s access was restricted.
Jack turned in his bed to look at the small clock on his side table, ir read 12.40am, Jack slowly got up and changed in his section of the man’s shared quarters with Ardon.
Once dressed, he tried to sneak off past the golden dragon’s section and exit their room to head towards the hanger and meet Holtan and his small team to bring the top secret item in safely, Jack was silent as he moved towards the door, trying to be as quiet as possible not to wake the sleeping dragon.
Ardon turned in his sleep, rolling upside down and mumbled something as his legs pointed absurdly into the air. Something made him stir though as brathille sent along something through the link. He opened one golden eye, "why are you on the ceiling... wait," he said righting himself, "where you going?"
Jack cringed as Jack had been discovered by the golden dragon, he turned to see the dragon looking at him oddly.
“Oh…..hi?” Jack said with a sheepish look upon his face, it was dark but somehow with their enhanced vision, they could see one another pretty well.
"Hi...." said Ardon, waking up enough to become a little suspicious. He stared at the man, waiting to see if he'd supply a reason as to why he was trying to sneak out.
“I’m umm just going to get something to eat, midnight snack, then just pop over ot hand a report to Holtan, I wont be long…want anything?” he asked.
"I can join you for a snack," said Ardon, getting up and stretching.
Jack looked a little worried.
“No no, its ok, look you settle back down and I be about 30 minutes, honest, keep the bed warm and all” Jack said.
Ardon was already up though, masking his suspiciousness with hunger, "I have that leftover pudding calling my name though... in any case I'll protect you in those creepy dark hallways," he teased.
Jack looked at the dragon with exasperation as he needed to get to the hanger.
“Why don’t you go down to the canteen, get the left overs and I join you in a bit, just got something to get from my office” Jack said, trying to find another way of disappearing.
"Why don't you want me to come," asked Ardon, walking up to the man now so he'd have no choice but or answer or let the gold follow.
“Ardon..I..” soon there was a notification at the door, Jack looked and opened the door with Sub Commander Holtan waiting.
“Wakey wakey Commander, we have places to be” the man said.
Ardon moved so that he reached the door before jack and opened it. "Sub commander!" He greeted the man warmly. "Where are we going?"
Holtan looked at Jack and then back at Ardon.
“You are going back to bed, I need Commander Harkness here for about 30 minutes of his time, private stuff” the man said bluntly as Jack sighed lightly.
"You want MY attilu, to sneak out of our room in the middle of the night. Not without me," said the dragon cheekily, moving forward to go into the corridor with a smile.
Jack put his hand on the dragons chest to stop him going out.
“Ardon, please, just go to bed, I got something very important to deal with, me and Holtan need to go, I cant arse about with you” Jack said in a unusually harsh tone.
Ardon was stung by how Jack spoke to him and wanted to bristle back or refuse to budge unless they let him join but the gold didn't want to undermine Jack's authority in front of Holtan.
Instead of defying his atillu or looking weak in front of the sub commander he decided to state his case.
"I'm the head of the dragon academy. I help run This place and I have defended it with my life. I think I can be trusted with whatever you two have got going on." The dragon said resolutely.
Holtan sighed as Jack gave him a look to see what the sub commander would say.
Finally the man nodded.
“Alright, but not a word to anyone this is top secret, its my project” Holtan said sternly.
“Yes, you made that clear, Ardon will keep quiet…wont you young dragon” Jack said looking up at Ardon.
"I can keep a secret," Ardon assured them, pleased that putting his foot down had worked.
Holtan nodded lightly.
“Good, come on we are going to be late, she’s almost here” the man said as they walked quietly in the base towards hanger 2, which was only used in emergencies, they 3 of them kept quiet as not to disturb the others as they moved in the shadows.
Soon they arrived as the doors opened with them walking inside and the big, large doors closing behind, once in there they could see equipment and other things along the side and the hanger bay doors wide open.
Holtan waited patiently as Jack waited with the gold, there were some security staff there with them as they waited patiently with only the sound of rustling grass and trees above their heads.
Looking up as they walked into the hangar, Ardy saw a dark, cloudy sky above.
"So, what exactly are we waiting for?"
Jack looked up at the gold and whispered.
"A very important and special delivery Ardon, its coming at night hence the secrecy, the EA sent it to us for safety, passed down by the highest order, with Holtan in charge" Jack replied quietly.
"Is it a weapon or something?" Ardon said quietly back.
“You see, its almost here” Jack said as a low humming could be heard outside, it got louder as soon a large dark sillouette appeared in the sky, no lights on as it soon cast a shadow below it as it hovered up in the sky.
"Woooah" said Ardon in awe as he looked upward.
Holtan put on a headset and spoke as Jack and Ardon watch this thing lower down into the hanger and the doors closed above.

The next morning, the green Syrian was in the dragon academy, practicing and honing her skills in quiet, she usually did train without an audience to keep herself sharp before breakfast, today she would be greeted by the red racer.
"Morning Hitteki. What are you doing?" Asked Rift as he stopped to see her in the hangar.
Hitteki stopped and looked up ,nodding to the young spine back.
“Morning Rift, just practicing, I normally train alone here early, before the best dragons come out, I like to keep active a bit though im a bit stumpy” she said.
"You're not stumpy," laughed the red dragon. "What are you talking about."
Hitteki laughed and smiled.
“Well, Syrians like me or my clan we dig tunnels, well the males do, the females just lay about sunning themselves, boring, I had my father teach me to fight and practice, he said I took after my
uncle he was a biigish forest Syrian, the bigger Syrians are the mountain Syrians” Hitteki explained.
"I've met a mountain Syrian once. Well saw one from a distance. In any case I still don't think you're stumpy. Why don't you train with the others though?" Inquired the spine-back.
“Oh I do, but I play a bit too rough at times I think, so I just come down here and train with the equipment we got, then only thing that gets hurt is the objects” she laughed lightly.
Rift couldn't help but to laugh, too rough? She was the smallest of the group aside Veyron if he didn't count himself. "Is that so..." he said with a teasing grin.
Hitteki nodded her head lightly, not noticing the teasing grin playing upon the red racer’s face.
“Yes, so I do another 10 minutes on these and then go for something to eat, start the day off” Hitteki replied back.
Hm," said Rift with a cocky smile as he trotted around her, "I think you'd get proper practice with another dragon rather then a dummy that can't fight back"
Hitteki then notice a competitive streak appear in Rifts eyes and she smiled.
“Oh, you offering young sir?, to take on a poor defenceless female like me?” she said with a teasing look upon her face.
"I'll go easy on you, I promise," Rift laughed
Hitteki grinned and went into a defensive stance.
“Let’s see what spine back’s got then Rift” Hitteki said with a growl as she watched the red racer.
Hitteki did not give Rift the chance to warm up as she pounced upon the red racer with unusual speed and with a hard hitting force.
Rift had closed his eyes as he made to trot around her again and set into showing off what he could do. When suddenly he was lurched sideways and dipped onto his back. He hit the ground with a thud on the specially made sparring floor. His green eyes went wide. "Stars I didn't see that coming," he wheezed as he drew back the air that had rushed out of his lungs.
Hitteki pinned the red dragon and secured the pin, it was obvious to Rift now the Syrian female was experienced and knew how to play to her strengths.
Rift tried to wriggle free, not liking being pinned upside down, "Alright get off, you made your point."
Hitteki smiled and let the dragon up, offered her paw as he got up.
“Sorry, I did not give you a chance, my father’s training, but hopefully I’ve shown you what I’m about” she winked at him teasing.
Rift got up and shook himself, "I'm getting the hint." he said with a laugh.
Hitteki smiled.
“Well I am always happy to practice again, shall we get some breakfast?, I must admit the mountain Syrians are impressive of our species, they are larger and they are metal crafters” Hitteki explained to the red dragon.
"I could do breakfast," said Rift, gesturing for her to lead the way.
Hitteki thanked the spine back as she led the dragon towards the canteen for their first meal of the day.

Jack and Ardon’s early morning event meant the two boys were sleeping in, Jack had disappeared under his quilt and was sleeping soundly while Ardon slept comfortably in his large bed.
At the sound of Ardon's alarm going off the dragon grumbled from under his heap of blankets. He reached out with his tail and thumped the alarm clock, silencing it before going back to sleep.
Jack chuckled lightly in his half awake state.
“Good dragon..” he mumbled before going back off to sleep.
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