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Jack and Ardon - New Beginnings (private RP).

Six months on from the awful events at the mountain human base, Young Ardon along with his bonded human Jack, under the supervision of the grumpy old warlord who was still recovering from the extensive injuries inflicted upon him by the genetically engineered Skahrsen, a mutant super dragon which resided within the man, he had inflicted terrible damage upon the silver but lucky for him, he had some help.
The help came from a feisty yellow dragoness, a healer called Calisto, who with her knowledge of local fauna, herbal medicines and other tricks helped the warlord get stronger and back to his usual grumpy self.
She was very head strong and determined, she would boss Forge about, before realising she was talking to a warlord dragon and proper respect had to be shown.
Once the base had been disabled, Jack set the base to self-destruct, to rid Skahrsen of doing any harm using human technology, then when Forge was fit enough they flew away from this place high up in the mountains.
Now, six months on the small group had arrived at the warmer eastern part of talkiir, instead of mountains, rolling hills of lush forests, meadows of wild flowers, a sweet scent from the plants that grew in this part of the world, it was a good place for the dragons to travel.
Forge had still wanted to seek out dragons with knowledge of Brathille, wanting to break the bond or see if there was a way of dealing with the man, he knew Jack was split into two, an alter ego that could resurface at any time but Jack had assured him, Skahrsen for now was silent.
Calisto suggest the Sierra forest, the thick trees with a rich smell of pine and enough babbling rivers to keep their thirst quenched as well as game would aid everyone’s recovery, she decided to lead them here, much to the silver’s grumbling but the healer kept close, ensuring Forge’s wounds were treated and he took his medication.
Forge’s grumbling and assurances, he was fine did not hinder the dragoness resolve, plus she seemed to be more vibrant, her colours reflecting the warmer sun here in the east and she looked more regal and enchanting.
During the travels here, Calisto took Jack on her back, Forge advised against it, fearing the dragon of Skahrsen would reappear but the man seemed allot calmer, Calisto had given Jack a little potion to keep the man calm, in an attempt to keep Shakrsen at bay and trying to teach the man mediation and control.
Calisto had been a godsend for the group and along their travels the young gold had grown, eating fine portions of kills brought back by Forge and Calisto, while she helped Jack have a more varied diet, finding edible plants and berries.
Ardon had now grown the size of a small horse and his shoulders were up to his elbow, the dragon was also looking like a stronger male, considering how he started life, Brathille seemed to be growing within him and Jack and helping spur Ardon’s growth.
The group decided to settle in the Sierra forest, to rest up from their long flights along the eastern lands, seeing the sights and sounds but now Calisto insisted rest for them both, so they settled in the middle of the forest, away from other dragons but near resources like water and game.
The group made camp and made a fire, Jack helped move stones to keep the fire contained and along with his camping gear he got from the mountain base, the man had now a place to wash, bathe and drink the water as Calisto used moss to filter the water to make the water drinkable.
This is where they were now week 2 of their stay in this temporary home, the weather on their side as they all slept.
Jack had his sleeping back and blankets to keep him warm near the fire, with Ardon keeping close to the man, sleeping together and keeping each other safe, Calisto always found it cute but she focused on Forge healing much to the grumbles and protests from the old warlord.
A new dawn was upon them as the sun’s rays peeked through the thick pine forest of Sierra, morning dew droplets on the pine needles and the morning mist bringing with it fresh scents, a beautiful way to start the morning.
Jack was sleeping sounding near the fire, blankets covering him as he slept soundly, the man had been fine for six months, Skahrsen had not pestered him or nagged at him, the man knew he was there but enjoyed the quiet and calm, he turned and got comfortable, giving a happy sigh as he slept soundly.
Well…he wasn’t going to get that luxury this morning.
"Jack, Jack, Jack," said Ardon, nosing the man in the ribs repeatedly to wake him, "I want to try flying again."
Jack stirred slowly and groaned as he opened his eyes slowly, blinking the sleep from his eyes, he looked ot see the sun was coming up but was still morning, he looked to see Forge was resting but seemed awake as Calisto slept soundly nearby.
“Ardon, it’s too early , give another 5 hours” Jack said throwing the blanket over his head and vanishing into his blanket tent, to escape the young gold’s pestering.
"You said only to wake you when the sun is up and it's up!" Insisted the little gold dragon. "Come on let's go while the wind is calm. Forge says it's the best time to practice!"
Jack groaned and reappeared from under the blankets, the man disturbed from his sleep, he made a mental note to think of another way to have Ardon not wake him up so early.
Jack got up and stretched.
“Alright then, now you disturbed my slumber young man, let’s give it a go” Jack said walking alongside the young gold dragon.
Ardon had a skip to his step as he led them to the designated take off spot. "Up!" He said, moving his wing back so that Jack could climb up.
Jack gave Ardon a funny look, glancing at the gold’s back then to his face.
“You serious?, I think I’m a bit too heavy for you mr, your being optimistic” Jack said to the gold, looking sceptical.
"No I can do it. I can feel it today," smiled the dragon and repeated, "Up!"
Jack shook his head lightly.
“Fine but don’t complain to me again about eating too much” Jack said giving in as he did as instructed, he still was still larger than the gold at this stage of his development.
"Fine," said Ardon, distracted. His hind paws hopped back and forth excitedly while his wings twitched, ready to be unfurled.
Jack got comfortable and then bore the weight of himself on Ardon’s back.
Ardon took a step back, and rolled his shoulders, allowing to take stock of the new weight on his back. He looked over the edge of the rock to the short drop below.
"Ready?" he asked.
Jack looked at the small drop.
“I still think this isn’t going to work, I should of brought some pillows to cushion my landing” he said to the young gold.
"We'll be fine," insisted Ardon as he opened his wings and lifted them up like sails.
“I assume No does not register in young dragons vocabulary, but yes ready as I ever be” Jack said making sure he was secure.
Ardon slowly sunk into a half crouch, muscles tensing before suddenly he sprang forward, wings coming down in a powerful stroke as he leapt off the precipice.
Jack grit his teeth and closed his eyes, hoping he would land on something soft as Ardon attempted this.
Ardon plummeted, though only for a moment. Some frantic flying brought them higher after a heart stopping second. More wing beats saw them skimming tree tops. Ardon yipped in triumph as he took them around the grounds near their temporary residence.
Jack opened his eyes and saw and felt Ardon’s excitement, his triumph, another milestone made, Jack had to smile.
“I am impressed Ardon, your doing it!” Jack said with a laugh patting him on the side, the dragon had done it.
Ardon was grinning ear to ear as he circled around again. It was tough work but he had it now. Below Forge has emerged out into the open and lifted his head to see what the commotion was.
"Forge look!" shouted Ardon.
"I am looking," replied the silver though he lacked the gold's enthusiasm, "Well done."
Jack laughed as they circled waving to the silver as Ardon flew around again, pumping his wings strongly helping him keep up in the air.
Calisto soon emerged and looked up smiling.
“Another crossed off his list, he’s been itching to take the human up for ages, that human is hardy the amount of times he’s fallen” Calisto commented.
"I'm just surprised that he hadn't broken his neck yet with all of Ardon's attempts," replied Forge. "Eventually I won't have to be the one to carry him around everywhere”.
Calisto smiled lightly.
“One less burden off your already heavy load Forge, speaking of which should I go hunting for our morning meal this morning?, I need to collect some more herbs and ingredients for the salve for your remaining injuries” Calisto said.
"I think they are fine, Calisto. I am nearly healed thanks to you. We can be on our way soon again," he replied.
Calisto gave the silver a look.
“I be the judge of that, if it wasn’t for me ignoring your grumbling and complaints you healed up, I want to make sure, plus allow them some peace before we move on, the Sun and environment has helped all of us, your scales are looking vibrant today” she said to the silver, Calisto wanting to be sure before they went on their journey to wherever Forge seemed to want to go in a hurry, she would no leave until she was sure all was well.
"For once they aren't covered in the dust of travel or blood," he said, giving himself a quick glance to ensure he was indeed presentable.
Calisto chuckled.
“I got this, you take it easy sir, I be back soon, I had my eye on a big elk I saw grazing, he make a fine morning meal, plus the gold one will need to replenish that energy” she said as Jack laughter along with Ardon’s showing off antics could be heard above them.
Forge let out a breath, there would be no arguing with her, as he had come to find. Instead he simply nodded and looked up to see where Ardon had gone.
“I be back soon” Calisto said as she walked off to a clearing to take off.
Ardon swooped in from over the trees. With a few backstroked of his wings the dragon tried to slow himself to come in for a landing but came in too fast with the added weight. He lurched to a stop, tossing Jack forward in the saddle a bit.
"Did you see?!" asked Ardon triumphantly, prancing towards Forge with his attilu still atop his shoulders.
"I did. I'm glad you didn't drop him this time."
Jack laughed lightly at the warlord’s comment.
“I did not know you cared Forge sir, plus he’s gotten his exercise for the morning, I guess he’s still too small to carry me and my gear” Jack asked the silver.
"I wouldn't try it yet. Unless you want another concussion," said Forge as Ardon knelt to allow Jack to dismount.
Jack got off the gold dragon tapping him on the shoulder, a well done from the man, “Impressed he did it this time round, must of grown enough to manage it” Jack said to the silver as Jack gave Ardon a scratch behind the horn buds.
Ardon tilted his head and thrummed, "I have grown," he nodded.
"Yes. And a good fair bit left to grow as well," agreed Forge. "But for now stick to short flights with just Jack. No need to break your wing again doing something before you're ready."
Jack agreed with this, he did not want the young dragon to overburden himself, despite the confidence emanating from the youth, Jack had to smile, the young dragon was feeling he could take on anything after his latest triumph.
“Me and champion here will go gest some water from the stream” Jack said to the silver as they headed off to the small brook that ran in the middle of the forest.
Calisto had put moss in one of the area’s allowing Jack to fill his canteen with clean water, while Ardon could drink plentiful from the small pool nearby.
An hour later a shuffling and dragging noise could be heard as Calisto had landed with the kill, it was a very large and Calisto had struggled to carry that and her herbal flowers and potions back to them, luckily Forge saw this.
Forge went to help Calisto with the catch as he spotted her bring it in.
"Here," he offered, taking it from her.
Calisto thanked the silver.
“Biggest catch I ever done, he was a big fella, should feed us all pretty well, Ardon will need quite a bit of meat” Calisto said to the silver.
“I best get a fire going” Jack said seeing the two return to camp.
Once back Forge spoke to the yellow scaled dragoness, seemingly impressed.
"Well done. You managed to track this after spotting it yesterday?" Inquired forge.
Calisto nodded.
“Yes, caught him grazing, didn’t see me coming with the morning mist, I knew he would be a good meal, once everyone’s eaten I can get working on my salve for your injuries, they doing well but need a bit more work” Calisto said.
"You've already done more than enough," insisted Forge.
Calisto smiled.
“True, but a good healer does not leave a job half finished and I am not finished, once I am then we will part ways at the end of the Sierra forest, then you are free to roam without me nagging” she chuckled lightly.
"A warlord doesn't roam. He flies with purpose and intent," he corrected her but with a small smile.
Calisto looked up at the silver and nodded.
“Of course, forgive me, you can pass sentence on me later” she playfully lightly teased the silver.
He gave her a small smile before taking the elk, "I'll get this sorted while you devise my next round of torture that you call healing."
Calisto laughed lightly shaking her elegant head at the comment.
“Oh hush you, I am sure a brave warlord like you can handle it, I get things made now” she said walking to her corner to get things prepared.
Forge would prepare the meat and get it all cooked for Jack but he knew the dragoness liked cooked meat as well, the dragoness hummed as she worked as Jack came back from the little brook.
“Make sure the champ has a big piece I think he earned it, carrying me and not dropping me” he joked as Breakfast got well underway.
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Forge prepared Calisto’s catch and using the method that Jack had shown him ages ago, he put it on a spit over their campfire. Ardon had even returned from the stream with a few springs of wild rosemary that the man had taught him to seek out. The fragrant herb made a necessary meal a bit of a delicacy in ways. This was crushed and laid over the meat as it cooked, filling the cooking area with a delicious smell. While Jack lacked the culinary equipment and ingredients for most of the meals he enjoyed back on earth, little additions like these here and there were always a welcome switch from the usual meals they had.
With this done, Forge sat back and waited; resting on the ledge that looked over the steeper side of the mountain that they claimed as their residence. He looked down into the pine filled valley below, blanketed in the dark green of the evergreen forest.
The great warlord looked over his shoulder, catching sight of the scene behind him; food on the fire, Jack and Calisto listening patiently while Ardon rattled on about something with energetic excitement.

While the sight was far from normal, considering there was a human in the mix, this was the closest Forge had felt at peace for a long time. Six months had passed without further incident but these somewhat halcyon days had no promise of lasting forever. Threat loomed over them like a persistent thunderhead on the horizon.
The silver thought often of the battle with the brown demon of a dragon that had nearly taken his life. It had pained him greatly to think of how it has felt like a futile task fighting the monster. Like holding one of Jack’s matches in the midst of a hurricane, there had been little that would have stopped the massive dragon, despite Forge’s mastery of battle.
He sighed and looked back over the valley. Calisto had been insistent in staying. Forge felt that enough time had passed and his injuries were no more than silvery scars now, tinged in pink. While there was still twinges of pain here and there when he flew, he had recovered remarkably. Her ability to mend the ragged injuries that had crippled him was astonishing. He was grateful for it but the pull to get going nagged at him daily. It was true that he sought out other dragons, in hope for whispers and old stories of Brathille in attempt to remedy the situation that surrounded Jack and Ardon but he disliked being in close proximity with anyone for more than he liked.
Skahrsen was ruthless and Forge had no doubt that the demon dragon would kill anyone within his grasp which is why he kept insisted to Calisto that her obligations were completed and that he, his nephew and Jack should get going, leaving her to return to her territory that has been abandoned ages ago.

He recalled the tranquil hollow that she called her home where she had first demonstrated her healing abilities. The silver owed her his life, two times over now it seemed. It felt too cold and harsh to demand she to leave but the pretty dragoness was lingering far longer than his comfort liked. He had to admit her company was a pleasant contrast to the dire task the stars had given him.

While the respite was nice, there was another group of dragons along the south eastern coast that he wanted to talk to. He recalled they were storytellers among them and perhaps they might have some clue or insight with the tales they passed along. It would be a long flight but there was little else to be done with a human and bonded youngster in tow.
Forge realized he had been lost in thought for quite a while when he heard the excited sound of Ardon alerting everyone that the meal had finished cooking.
The silver rose to his feet and walked back over to the cook fire where the young gold had already dug into his larger portion, a haunch propped up in between his paws as he ate with zeal. The flight with Jack had been tiring but nothing kept the little gold back from a good meal.

"This is great food, thank you Calisto" Jack said as the dragoness smiled.
"I knew it go down a treat with everyone" she said.

“Hmm!” Ardon thrummed through a mouthful of food, obviously delighted in the warm meal. He swallowed the bite he had been working on to better express his gratitude, “Thank’s Calisto. It’s great.”

“Yes, well done on your hunt. Must have been one of the largest in the forest,” replied Forge, cleaning his face. They had ate well here, in this bountiful forest. Here they could find elk, deer and even the occasional moose. Berries were coming out with tenacity after a wet spring and a warm summer. The long lakes of deep blue that dotted the valleys even had speckled trout and white fish that they ate to mix up their meals a bit.
It was a wonderful place but not where they out to be at this moment. He thought about bringing up the fact that he planned on leaving soon but seeing the contentment in everyone’s expression as they ate made him hold back, for now.
He could smell blackberries and knew that Jack and Ardon had perhaps found some on their way back from the brook. The scent reminded him of something and the large silver drifted off into his own thoughts once more.

A few more days passed and Ardon insisted on flying with Jack for a few short jaunts around the territory a day, training his wings to bear the extra weight. Ardon was always exhausted after these trips but the pleased expression on his face after every successful flight was his own reward.
Forge has been quieter than usual over the past few days, thinking of a way to tell Calisto that they appreciated her endless help over the last 6 months but that he needed to be on his way. Every day they lingered felt like it increased the chance of Skahrsen rearing his ugly head once more.
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The evening drew in as Jack and Ardon settled down for the evening, the dragon allowing the man to rest against his side, his fire lung providing warmth and the blankets covered them both as they seemed to easily fall to sleep, the two of them content.
Ardon had been working hard to carry Jack and he was doing well but it was tiring work for the young gold and he always slept solidly.
Calisto used the time of quiet to treat the warlord, the dragoness had made up another batch of salve and herbal medicines for Forge to drink, to aid the dragon’s healing, it had worked well and her work was nearly done.
She treated the silver but the warlord dragon did grumble with the constant closeness of the healer.
"I've already had the salve today. I'm fine," he insisted though he made no further attempt to prevent her from administering her medicine.
Calisto checked his back and the sides, the healer ensuring the dragon was healed or healing up, but she wanted to finish the job.
“You recovered well Forge, I am impressed and I managed to make the scars allot less visible, especially to one on your chest, I think we are nearly done” Calisto said to the silver.
“I bet that is sweet nectar to your ears” she joked lightly.
"I have been meaning to work up the courage to tell you I mean to depart with Ardon and Jack within the next day or so. " said the silver.
Calisto gave a forced smile and nodded her head lightly.
“I thought as much, I was going to say there is no more I can do as a healer…..I have…enjoyed your company” she said with verbal honesty.
The dragoness knowing that Forge was eager to keep moving, truth be told he was ready a week or two ago but she wanted to keep them together in this forest for peace and tranquillity.
"Yours has been equally ... pleasant," replied the silver somewhat awkwardly then clearing his throat.
Calisto nodded lightly.
“I am pleased I have been of service to you Forge, you are an impressive dragon, but carry allot on your shoulders…I only” Calisto words got caught as she found herself smoothing the silvers scales affectionately and she had only realised this.
Forge moved away slightly before he could stop himself. His sense of propriety overruled any notion of possible insensitive gesture.
Calisto seemed to go quiet as she moved away from the silver, an awkwardness now coming between them.
Forge looked at his paws for a moment, drawing in a breath, "My Apologies, Calisto. Forgive an old dragon stuck in his ways and fly with me a while?" He asked.
Calisto looked up and gave a weak smile, “If you allow me to, I’d like that” she said softly to the old dragon.
"The clouds have cleared. It would be a good night for stars," he said, gesturing her to follow.
Calisto agreed walking alongside the silver warlord, she looked up at him.
“Thank you Forge, I appreciate this, I am pleased you healed up enough, just..wanted to give you all some peace and normality before you go off into that crazy world once more” Calisto replied.
"Ah, well, with a human in tow and don't think much will ever be normal again," he said with a half smile.
Calisto chuckled lightly.
“I know they are in safe paws with you, it has been an honour to treat a warlord back to health, I don’t usually see males of high stature often” she said, the dragoness sort of returning to her more vibrant self as she walked alongside the bigger silver male.
"Are we really that few and far between?" Asked the silver in an easy tone.
Calisto smiled, her scales glittering in the clear night sky.
“I live in a quiet area, I do not see many warlords, or other dragon’s, when I look back at how I spoken to you, I am surprised you did not have me belly demanding an apology” Calisto said.
"I am not a ruthless brute. Dragons of not only my standing but all should behave respectfully." He said simply.
“You would be surprised Forge, not many have manners of a gentlemen like yourself, but some males don’t expect a female to bite back” Calisto said giving a growl for effect.
He chuckled lightly at this, "well I know you are not one to let anyone cross you."
Calisto laughed.
“No sir, glad you found that out, took a while but you learnt quickly” Calisto said playfully bumping into Forge’s side before looking sheepishly.
“Oh umm sorry about that” she said quickly.
In a rare show of playfulness the silver jumped, bringing his wings down and sent a scattering of leaves, dust and small debris around her as he vaulted into the air, showing her that there was no harm done.
Calisto laughed lightly as the leaves and debris buffeted her, she grinned as she took to the air, her wings helping her rise up alongside the warlord dragon.
“I love flying in the night, so peaceful” she commented.
The silver nodded in agreement, "it is.”
The two of them flew around the area, enjoying the night air, Calisto talking with Forge about different things as the silver listened intently, he seemed comfortable in her presence but at times they both flew, enjoying the quiet and only the noise of their wing strokes.
Soon they returned to the clearing they had taken off from as Calisto landed first, shaking out her wings, turning and looking up at the silver with a kind smile.
Forge gave her a small smile and then touched his muzzle to the middle of her forehead gently in a brief moment of affection. He rubbed his muzzle against hers and gave her a small lick on the white and yellow scales of her nose before drawing away.
"Thank you for your care and kindness, Calisto."
Calisto had closed her eyes and thrummed lightly, she appreciated the Silver’s kindness and this show of affection, as she opened her eyes as he thanked her.
“It has been my honour, you take care Forge and hope you find what your looking for, I make a move for home in the morning” Calisto said as she bowed low before the silver.
He bowed low in return, "We will see you off after breakfast. I... we will miss your company."
Calisto smiled lightly.
“I miss you too Forge, you been…amazing, we best rest up, I sleep near them, keep an eye” she said to Forge.
The two of them returned and settled down near Ardon and Jack who were asleep and unaware of Forge and Calisto closeness.
Calisto settled down and was surprised and happy as the large silver came he settled down next to her, tail draped over hers as he put his head on his paws to watch the embers of the dying fire dim.
Calisto soon fell asleep, feeling safe and happy with the silver dragon near.
Forge had gotten up early, leaving the others to sleep as he hunted and provided the morning meal, it would be the final meal of all of them together so the silver brought back a good catch for them all to share, cooking it how the dragoness liked it.
Forge went to wake the other but as he approached Ardon the gold lifted his head, apparently already awake.
"Breakfast?" He inquired but was already getting to his feet.
Forge gave him a look but nodded.
The group ate, Calisto smiled greeting them all as they all discussed a number of topics, but soon the food was gone and it was time for the canary coloured dragoness to return home, her job done.
She said her final goodbye’s to everyone as Jack seemed a little sad, to lose such a good healer, Ardon was the same.
"I'll miss you, Calisto," said Ardon, trotting up and bowing to her, "you make Forge less snappy when you're around," he added with a whisper. "So thanks for that too!"
Forge cleared his throat and bowed as well, "we are ever grateful for all your help. May gentle skies see you home safely."
Calisto nuzzled Ardon and gave Jack a lick across his cheek as Jack gave her a pet.
“May the skies stay safe for all of you, keep calm and stick together, may the stars guide you true” Calisto said looking once more at Forge, a brief sad look in her eyes as she took to the skies heading for home.
Jack waved as the three of the watched her go.
“I’m going to miss her Ardon, she was a wonderful dragoness and a brilliant healer” Jack said.
"She is," agreed Forge, looking towards the direction she left. "If she has anything to do with it I doubt that's the last time we will see her."
Jack smiled, “I hope we see her again, she was a very pretty dragoness with bright scales, a majestic thing” Jack commented, unaware of what went on in the night.
Forge gave a grumble in response, "we are headed for the coast shortly now that we can finally get underway. Pack your things and we will head out once you're ready."
Jack nodded lightly, giving Ardon a pat on his shoulder as they began to pack up, it was time to move on.
“I miss this place” Jack said to Ardon as they went to get everything gathered and once more go along the path Forge wanted them to go on.
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Soon enough, much to the silver’s relief, the three of them were once again on their way. Without the underlying worry that Calisto would get caught up in the danger that resided in Jack, the warlord was now a little more at ease. Pangs of regret did come every now and then but Forge always reminded himself at the paramount task ahead on him.
He would search every inch of Talkiir if it resulted in negating the danger that loomed over them all. He didn’t know what solution he would find but he knew or rather hoped, that there was one somewhere in the vast expanse of his home. He had been corrupted by humans but perhaps dragons would be his saving grace.

In the back of his mind a darker voice told him that if he managed to figure out how to break the bond he could simply rid Kilara of the threat once and for all and without any further cause for concern that Skahrsen would emerge again.
He hushed this grim notion whenever the mood brought it to the surface. Over the past few years he had seen how close the two of them were tied. Ardon reveled in the man’s praise and affection. He had come to approve of Jack, in ways of course, as well. The man was brave and determined and had the ability to withstand the overzealous presence of the golden youngster.
A respect for the man had grown within him which was why it was his hope that Brathille would be the cure-all for their problem.
Forge lead them through a week of flying over varied landscapes. They camped at night and would carry on at first light.
They met a few dragons along the way and Forge often kept Jack out of sight for the ease of convenience. There was still a lot of hatred and ill will amongst the Drakine population and he wanted to avoid the risk of any needless squabbles.

The three of them now made accommodations for the night. Another forest with crags of stone that jutted out here and there. A river meandered through the midst of it and Forge had made their stop at the bottom of a stony ledge that gave them enough space yet the trees and rock face shielded them from the elements.
Forge had left for a time to hunt and was gone longer than he usually was.
Jack and Ardon remained at their camp, trotting down to the river to amuse themselves while they waited for the great silver to return with a meal.
Ardon splashed and pranced in the slower pools of the river, turning over rocks and stones. He had even managed to catch a small fish, accidentally trapping it in a pool where he had been rummaging rocks around.
This made a quick snack as he washed his scales from the dust that accumulated by travelling.
"Jack, look what I found!" exclaimed the gold, as he held up a brilliant purple rock nearly as big as the man's fist. Water dripped off of it, making it glimmer and shine even more. Little pillars of bright crystal jutted out at odd angles.
"Wow that is pretty, very unique, be careful its not heavy for you little dragon," Jack said sitting by the rivers edge.
"It's not too heavy, what do you think it is?" he asked once he trotted up to the riverbank, passing the plum coloured crystal to him.

"Hrmm, maybe quartz crystals or purple quartz maybe" Jack said inspecting the rock.
“Neat. I want to keep it. Do you mind putting it in with your gear?” asked the dragon hopefully.
"Sure we can" Jack said opening his ruck sack so the gold could put it in.
Ardon grinned and deposited the crystal.
" Seems the legends about dragons are true, stories from earth said you hoarded treasures in caves, here you are starting your own collection," the man chuckled.
Ardon laughed, he remembered Jack telling him those stories, back when he was small enough to be carried in the man’s arms. He loved those earth tales and myths and often got his Attilu to repeat them despite hearing them a dozen times over by now.
The two of them returned to their clearing to wait and see what Forge would return with. He was later than usual but Ardon didn’t worry much, too occupied with chattering to Jack about everything under the sun.
An hour later Forge had returned with a small deer, enough for Ardon and Jack to cook over a fire. He also had brought along what looked to be an entire limb off of a cherry tree. Too small for the silver to bother picking individually, he had brought a whole branch for Jack and Ardon to choose from.
“You took a while,” said Ardon as he helped drag the branch over.
“I ran into a clan of dragons and tried to get some information from them but they were a suspicious sort and I scared them off instead,” he said as the food was prepared.
Ardon and Jack had started a fire and soon enough the meat was smoky and hot and they had their fill of it.
“Oh!” said Ardon, remembering. He dug his prize out of Jack’s ruck sack and held it up for Forge to see.
“Look what I found today in the river! I’ve never seen a stone this purple.”
Forge held open his paw and took it, lifting the stone to the light, “This isn’t a stone, it is amethyst.”
“Is it rare?” asked Ardon, hoping his little treasure was worth something.
“One this size is…” the warlord started but then stopped, a thought coming over him, “Has there been any trouble since I left?”
“No,” said Ardon, confused about the change of subject.
Forge rose suddenly, “Good. I have to leave again but I won’t be as long as last time. Stay near these rocks. I will be back shortly,” said the silver before leaping into the air, taking Ardon’s crystal with him.
"Ok where is he going in a hurry" man said looking confused at the silvers actions.
“I don’t know but he took my rock,” huffed the gold, he had wanted to see how it reflected the firelight and Forge had taken off with it still in his paw.

Eventually the sound of wing beats announced Forge’s return. He landed in the clearing and folded his wings against his sides, looking less grumpy than his previous appearance.

“Where’s my rock?” asked the young dragon, not seeing Forge carry it in his paw as he approached them.
“I had to trade the stone, I’m sorry, Ardon. It was the only way they could tell me what I needed.”
The gold looked crestfallen then upset but didn’t object, knowing it wouldn’t get him anywhere.
"Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean," jack responded looking puzzled.
“I needed to trade something of value for information I’m after. They would hide until I announced I had something to offer and put it where they could see it. Only then did they tell me what I was after.”
“That was mine,” huffed the gold.
“I know. I apologize. I’ll get you something to replace it. I just had to use it. They were helpful. Jack, there is a human building just off our route to the coast. I don’t know if there will be anything left there for you but we can make the detour and see if there are any supplies. Then we are headed in a more southerly direction than I previously thought. Hopefully we will find something at the cove. We’ll leave tomorrow.”
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The next morning, Forge took Ardon and Jack as they headed towards the human facility to pick up supplies for the man, usually raiding the old bases hurriedly abandoned bases yielded supplies unopened and Jack utilised these, giving the man clean clothes and other things to allow him to survive in.
After a few hours flying on Forge’s back with Ardon flanking the large male, Forge raised his head as he spotted something in the distance that looked man made.
"There's the base. Just over the ridge here," said Forge over his shoulder.
Jack glanced over the silver’s shoulder looking in the direction the silver pointed out and saw the base, it was allot smaller than he expected but the man soon recognised the structures built there and spoke to the warlord.
"Looks like a relay station, should be supplies and other things there" Jack said as he said to Forge what the differences was between the human bases.
"Hopefully there will be something worthwhile in there," replied the silver
Jack nodded as they got closer.
“It wont have heavy defences if any, we should be ok to just go in, plus the walls look intact, they must of left the front door open” Jack commented.
"Luckily for us. It looks like there is a storm rolling in off the sea. We might have a dry place to stay while we wait it out."
Jack saw some buildings nearby which looked big enough for forge to have shelter.
“That warehouse near the control station, I suggest we shut the main doors in the wall and then bring up the weather shields” Jack suggested.
"What are weather shields?" Asked Ardon.
“They offer protection from the storm, coastal outposts had them just extra cover to keep the worst off the base, if it still has power we can activate them, plus any heating or anything” Jack said to the gold as they got closer.
"Will it have power you think? Some of the other ones didn't." Replied Ardon.
“We will see, paws crossed or fingers crossed” Jack said.

Forge landed and drew in a breath, scenting the air for any sign of occupants. After a thorough search he determined it was safe and knelt to let Jack dismount.
Jack got off and looked around, considering the base was inactive it was a very good condition, everything looked in working order.
“Forge, shut the entrance doors so least we got this place secure” Jack asked the silver pointing to the doors that were open in the defensive wall.
Jack scanned the area and saw the base was abandoned in a hurry with papers scattered around the base but he could see electronic doors were closed and sealed to prevent entry.
"Right we go look to gain access to the base" Jack said as he approached the doors but they were shut up.
"Forge, need your brawn after the doors" Jack said pointing to the sealed door entrance.
Forge approached the doors and knocked them in easily, "there”.
Jack nodded to the silver as thanks.
"Me and Ardon will look inside and see what we can find, the warehouse will give cover" Jack said.
"Be careful," warned the silver. "I'll wait here."
Jack went inside the base building, Ardon small enough still to accompany the man as he went in looking, it was dark but there was light coming through the reinforced windows giving them light as they explored inside.
Ardon, the ever curious dragon, looked around the base, opening boxes and cupboards wherever he found them. He often would hold someone up or point to it and ask Jack what it was or what it did.
After an hour Jack entered the control room, Ardon and Jack had gathered supplies and were now gathering round as Jack could hear rain falling and the wind howling against the building.
“Storm is coming in, let’s see if we can get some power running, get the weather shields up” Jack said to the young gold.
Ardon nodded. The could already hear the rain on the roof. "Alright. What can I do?"
Jack looked around the control room and could see something in the corner.
“Ardy, think you can get this door open?” he asked, he could of done it himself but wanted the gold to feel useful.
"Yeah," nodded the young dragon. He lowered his head and charged the door. It opened far easier than he expected however and he went skidding into the room.
Jack entered the room and smiled.
“Yes, this is a generator room, we can get emergency power from here, just need to see where we can activate it and start it up” Jack said looking at the generator.
"You're very clever to know all about this," mused Ardon, looking around.
Jack smiled lightly.
“Only because I worked on stuff and know human technology, nothing special really, I know nothing on dragon culture so you beat me there” Jack said as he grabbed a handle pulled it but the man’s strength made it come off in a whole causing Jack to go wide eyed briefly at the handle then giving a sheepish look.
Ardon stifled a laugh with a paw, "that wasn't important was it?" He asked, "or did you mean to do that."
Jack shook his head.
“No, shoddy workmanship, hang on let’s try this, looks like I need this button” Jack said pressing the button as the generator started and the base powered up, lights switching on and Jack grinned.
“Am I good or am I good little dragon” Jack said.
"You're great!" Cheered Ardon, dancing paw to paw.
Jack chuckled lightly at the dragon’s comments.
"Let's see what we can do about the shields and then see what is online and not" Jack said heading towards the control room
Ardon trotted after him happily. "This seems more advanced than the other base," he noted.
Jack nodded lightly as he approached the main computer and typed to activate the systems.
“It is a relay station, it has advanced tech but not much weapons or defences, looks like we got full power for allot of systems” Jack checked and something caught his eye.
“Oh…..interesting” Jack said out loud looking at the computer in front of him.
"What?" Asked Ardon, trotting over to see.
Jack did not want to say what he had found, especially to the dragon.
“Nothing of interest, can you go tell Forge the base is online I activate the weather shield and close the warehouse doors and then perhaps I raid the food cupboards” Jack said to the gold.
"Mm food! I hope there's chocolate!" Chirped Ardon as he sprang to his feet to go tell forge.
Jack smiled and watched the young dragon leave, once gone Jack worked away and saw the relay station had operating signal, there must have been a satellite still operational in orbit.
Jack could see the communications relay was working and he could send an SOS here to this location, finally the man had a chance to go home, he had been debating it and decided he could not live like this forever, he needed to go home and perhaps they could help with keeping Jack’s demons away.
Jack left that thought, looking to discuss it with the silver, he turned the PC off as he went to look for food for them to consume, as well as activating the weather shields and heating.
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With the weather shields up against the pounding rain and howling wind that had blown in surprisingly fast, the three of them hunkered down in one of the warehouses that joined the smaller relay building.
To Ardon’s disappointment, Jack had not found any chocolate. Simple dehydrated rations that could be made with hot water and some canned goods were all that was to be had.
Still Ardon and Jack ate all the same. Forge had forgone any of the food that the man recovered, saying that he was still fine from the meal he had earlier that day. He knew it would be futile to brave the storm in search for food. Anything worth eating would currently be hiding from the weather themselves.
“It’s really loud out there,” commented Ardon, once he licked his lips clean of the small meal that Jack had heated up.
“The storms come in fiercely along this stretch of coast,” explained the silver, “I am glad for this shelter, anything less would find us a lot less dry than we are now.
While the building smelled of dust and the scent of long gone humans, it was a much better alternative than trying to search out a dry cavern or cleft in some rocks to squeeze in to. This was much more convenient.
Forge slept now that he had nothing to do except wait out the storm. The building was safe, secured and there was no sign of Skahrsen making an appearance.
Ardon couldn’t be occupied by simply sitting idle for too long. After the excitement of food had gone, the little dragon had spent his time flitting about the warehouse, inspecting any and everything until Forge finally opened an angry orange eye and snapped at him to settle down. Solid rest was hard to come by for the ever-vigilant silver and he wasn’t about to let it get ruined by a rambunctious young drake.
Finally they all settled for the night, the sound of the howling wind sometimes making them stir. The weather shield had silenced some of the noise but it couldn’t keep nature out completely.
One thing Forge was secretly grateful for was the heat that the facility provided. It began to slowly warm since Jack turned on the power. It was a nice relief from the cold outside.
Forge was dismayed, however, when he woke to find that the rain and wind still pressed on.
"You got a face of thunder Forge, what is up, are base rations not to your liking?" the man said.
"I wanted to continue on today but nature looks like it wants us to stay a little longer. Ardon can't fly in this." Replied the silver.
Jack agreed with him there.
"No he cannot, despite his bravado, he struggles with my weight still, but he powers on.. remind you of anyone?" Jack lightly joked.
He dragon let out a breath that might have been an attempt at finding the humour in what Jack said and looked out one of the windows. Lightning crashed outside and there was a rumble of thunder that seemed to stretch on forever, “We’ll have to continue to sit tight and wait it out it seems.”
The morning was spent with Jack preparing more of the dehydrated food, but some of the canned goods could be heated up in the small kitchenette in the main building, something that Ardon watched with fascination. This wasn’t any sort of high class cooking, not with the ingredients they salvaged at least, but it was a small look into how Humans prepped their food and it enthralled the young dragon.
Bringing the food back to the warehouse, they ate; Forge even took some of the strange food, though just enough to taste.
Ardon began rattling on about anything under the sun that caught his interest. It was just before midday when the gold remembered his amethyst stone that had gone astray.
“Hey, Forge, what are you going to do about the crystal? That was the start of my hoard!”
“Your hoard?”
“Jack said that the stories he had on earth, the dragon’s collected gold and treasure and had a hoard that they guarded. People would try to steal it sometimes,” Ardon explained, “They needed gold and fancy metals.”
“Ardon, a dragon only needs metal ore for-“ Forge started.
“Piles of coins and jewels!” interrupted Ardon, “and the dragons were big as mountains and would sit on their treasure…”
The silver’s threshold for irritation was wearing thin, “Ardon, go occupy yourself somewhere else,” Said Forge dryly, not wanting to deal with the young dragon’s antics.
“Go get more of those canned items, We can bring them along if you find another cloth bag for us to put them in.” he suggested, trying to keep the gold occupied. “That way Jack can have them along.”
“Oh, okay!” nodded Ardon before trotting off. He’d do pretty much anything for Jack’s benefit.
Forge let out a sigh and glanced back through the window to the stormy world outside.
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Once Ardon had trundled off to go looking for more food rations, Jack seemed to go quiet, as he seemed a little uneasy about what he was going to ask, he knew Forge might react badly but he had to try.
He cleared his throat and spoke to the great silver.
"This base has active communications and the link to the satellite is operating..."Jack mentioned to Forge subtly dancing round a topic.
The dragon turned his fierce eyes to the man, "And that means?" He said, not understanding. The dragon had no notion of satellites or what he meant.
Jack responded calmly.
"Means....I could send an SOS, to home" Jack said to the silver.
"To earth?" Asked Forge, his steely expression marked his surprise. "How?"
Jack explained the basic principle to the silver, saying the systems detected an operating satellite with power and connected to the relay station.
"Well means, I can send a message, this is a communications station, they find it and send help to come get me" Jack replied, looking up at the silver.
Forge was silent for a moment, staring at the man, "have I told you nothing? You can't leave, Jack. You are bonded. The separation could kill you both. We aren't talking distance of islands or across a territory. You say you live in the stars." He said, looking down at him.
Jack seemed to look disappointed by the silver’s reaction.
"You said you don’t know what to do with me, you said we past the worst can't help me but my people can..I can't stay here" Jack lightly protested.
"You can't take Ardon either," snorted Forge, "your people did this to you. Why would you think they'd help you now?"
Jack shook his head at the warlord’s words.
"Things have changed, I wouldn’t take Ardon...he will be fine, we cope" Jack said.
Forge growled, "no. I am sorry Jack but I can't let you go if there is a chance that Ardon might come to harm because of it."
Jack frowned and looked annoyed losing patience, "I don’t need your permission, I will send the sos with your consent or not" the man said assertively.
"You will not," threatened forge, jumping to his feet in a flash. "If you have any sense of decency you will not leave Ardon to a miserable fate. Potentially fatal consequences aside, Brathille bonded you. It would wound his soul to abandon him."
Jack ground his teeth at the dragons stern resolve, unhappy with his response.
"What you think you could do to stop me Forge...nothing that’s what i can’t live like this..alone in a world of dragons...screw you" Jack angrily answered back.
Forge fought back a snarl, "it's my regret to condemn you to a life without other humans but it's for the greater good. You have Ardon. You aren't alone. If I have to burn this place down to stop you from cutting his life short do not think for a second that I won't!"
Jack seemed as angry as Forge this moment looking up at him and standing before him defiantly.
" you wouldn’t dare do that to me" Jack answered back.
"You threaten my nephew's life, yet you don't think I'd dare?" Snapped Forge. "You're a bigger fool than I ever imagined."
Jack was going to threaten him with Skahrsen but he felt something, Ardon seemed in trouble, he sensed it via the link.
“Ardon needs me, I can feel it in the bond” Jack simply said turning towards the exit of the building to rescue the youngster.
Now that they weren't shouting forge could hear faint shouts from another building. "This conversation isn't over, Jack." He said. "We will have to discuss this after."
“Fine by me” he shouted back at the silver, disappearing through the entrance as the rain and wind continued to batter the facility.
Forge snorted angrily after the man left and paced back and forth. "Fool," he cursed to himself.
Jack went looking for the dragon having heard the calls for help and his name being called, plus Brathille guided him as he made his way through the base.
Ardon was hanging upside down, wings and limbs tangled in pulley ropes and wire. He had been investigating the storage hangar on the opposite side of the building, trying to find something useful for Jack to pack away. The angry feelings that surged through the link had sent him into a frenzy to get back but got trapped in the process.
"Jack!" He yelled, not realizing the man had come in.
Jack walked in in and turned, trying not to laugh but he looked and saw the dragon again and burst out laughing.
“How…how the heck did you get in this situation” Jack said laughing still with the drake in a comical position.
"Don't laugh!" Huffed Ardon indignantly, swinging slightly. "All the blood has rushed to my head. I was trying to save you. What happened?"
Jack came up and looked to free the dragon.
“Stop wriggling, I get you out” Jack said as he untangled the dragon and helped lower him down clearing the ropes and tangled wire from the dragons limbs.
“There free from swinging from the ceiling” Jack said smiling lightly.
Now back on his feet the gold refolded his wings a little embarrassed. "Thanks... Why were you angry?" He asked again.
Jack shook his head lightly.
“It doesn’t matter, just a minor disagreement, what did you find apart from learning how to get tangled” Jack asked the young gold.
"I found another cache of canned food. Water in those plastic containers. A few things that I don't know what they are." He rattled off a list.
Jack smiled.
“Good, let’s go get them and we can have dinner” Jack said gesturing for the dragon to show him what he had found.
Ardon trotted ahead, leading the way. "I found what I think you said are soap and toiletries as well. Oh and this," he said, gesturing to his collected pile of items. In it was what look like a few personal items, one of which was a deck of cards and what appeared to be board games. The bright colours had drawn the dragon into including in his hoard.
Jack inspected the items carefully and was pleased with the young gold’s efforts, there was plenty of food and the toiletries would come in handy, as well as packaged clothing.
Jack attention went the other items and Jack looked at them.
“This is a board game Ardon, well two board games, Chess and snakes and ladders, the cards be handy too, I can teach you how to play if you want” Jack offered.
"Okay!" Grinned the dragon, pleased that did discoveries would be useful and potentially fun.
Jack helped carry the items back to the warehouse, with the storm still going on, there would be no rush to get moving as of yet, small mercies for Jack.
"Forge look what I found!" Said Ardon cheerily as he and Jack returned to the warehouse with his collection of found items.
Forge still seemed in a foul mood but Ardon wasn't paying attention, "he's going to teach us how to play a game called chess."
Jack sensed Forge was in a foul mood and perhaps best not to pester him, the young gold could be allot sometimes.
“Ardon, come on I show you how to play” Jack said getting a box and putting it on the floor as Jack laid out the pieces on the board.
Ardon laid on the ground beside the board and picked up a few of the pieces. "They're different."
Jack nodded.
“Yes, they are they are all have different roles and move in particular ways, I give you a run down, it is a game of tactics and logic, patience as well” Jack said as he began to explain each piece and the moves.
Forge watched from where he sat, still going over his half of the argument still to be had with Jack but now the game at his feet taught his interest.
Jack taught the young dragon the moves, the names of the pieces and how they moved, he decided to play easy on the little dragon as it was an alien game to him.
Ardon caught on to the game after a while of repeatedly asking what each piece did but struggled with the strategy of it.
"The castle, move that one there." Said four he suddenly, pointing with his talon.
The two of them played with Ardon getting tips from the silver on movements, the fiery eyes of the warlord watched keenly as Ardon finally lost the game, but Forge seemed to get more involved in helping.
After the game the young dragon had curled up to doze away the rest of the night. Forge had taken up the abandoned chess pieces to begin a new game.
Jack smiled lightly seeing the young dragon sleeping, the brain power must of drained him as he begun to snore lightly by Jack’s bedside, Jack turned and approached the large silver as he rearranged the pieces.
“Do you fancy a game Forge?, you seemed to get into it more” Jack asked the large dragon, keeping a calm tone.
"Sure," replied forge, moving closer to arrange the pieces.
Jack began and started the game, moving one of the pawns first, Jack watched intently as Forge studied the board.
“I thought you like this human game, your have a tactical mind” Jack said.
"Strategy is something I'm familiar with. It's interesting to pick out the moves ahead of time," he said, taking one of Jacks pieces after a move.
Jack smiled.
“You know this game well, I was playing easy for Ardon, I play properly with you” Jack said in a light-hearted challenge to the silver.
The dragon made a noise in reply, moving another one of his pieces. "Our earlier conversation should not have dissolved into a shouting match. I know your reasons for wanting to return but you must understand mine as well," said the dragon calmly.
Jack nodded lightly moving the knight into a position of strategic advantage.
“I agree, I am sorry Forge I do understand, I would never abandon Ardon, I love the annoying golden guy, but…..there is only so much you can do, it cant be healthy for us to live like this, Ardon needs life experiences, I feel my kind can offer a solution to my problem” Jack said to the silver.
"But leaving for your world will break him. In every story I've heard about brathille, if an Attilu dies or the distance between them is too great, the dragon dies or is left a shell of what he once was. As for you, I am uncertain of what would happen. This is simply what I know and what I won't risk.
Jack nodded, understanding.
“Then let me make that call, get a ship here and allow me to talk to people, there is one person I know or I hope will still be around I can ask for help, you done as much as dragon culture can help me, I wont allow Ardon to be a shell” Jack said to the warlord.
Jack moved his queen and took one of the pieces from Forge, putting it on the side.
“To look into helping me manage this condition, Torchwood did this to me….now they can try and fix me, you are trying and I appreciate that but we are going to need help and work at keeping me like this, not that brute” Jack commented.
The hackle scales on Forge's neck flexed briefly as he drew in a breath, "but then what? Say they can fix you? Or need to take you back to your home to fix you. What. Then." He made both words stand out, wanting to know how this all would end.
Jack was quiet for a moment before he spoke.
“Ardon needs adventures, he was never going ot be a normal dragon, let me take him to Earth, if it doesn’t work Forge..well I will come back to Kilara….willingly and leave with you and your family” Jack offered and moved the queen into a dangerous position.
“Check” he said.
Forge was silent.
The end of his tail twitched back and forth and suddenly he banged his fist on the ground, causing the pieces to rattle on the board. He got to his feet and paced, "Black night!" he cursed as thoughts tumbled about his head.
Even if Jack was able to bring Ardon to earth there was no way of ensuring his safety. They were over two months of steady flying from Ardon's parents but he felt like he couldn't hand off their only son's life to the will of humans he did not know.
"You have no idea if he would even be safe. They could just as easily as take Ardon from you and do whatever strikes them like in the mines or the laboratories." he voiced his concern.
Jack stood up and watched Forge have his little outburst.
“I will protect him, I can and I will, do not doubt me, I will fight for him, you know I would” Jack assertively said.
Forge shook his head, obviously caught in a troublesome choice. He had to admit to himself that this years of searching had been next to fruitless. There was very little he had learned of Brathille and none of the scraps of story he had collected had helped.
"If I agree I will be wilfully handing over my brother's only son to the creatures that caused all of this." he said quietly.
“We will be fine, or perhaps ask Ardon himself…..there maybe a way however2 Jack said something clicked.
Forge sat down and was pinching the bridge of his nose as he battled with the choices put before him, "What did you say, Jack?' he asked realizing he had missed something.
Jack had an idea in his mind, something had click in his mind and it was a hope that perhaps his mad idea would work.
“There is something I could do but I need to contact home, to have the best of both worlds, the answer Torchwood gave to us” Jack said to the silver dragon, maybe..just maybe his mad plan worked.
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The silver dragon moved one of his pieces but the grim line on his face marked that he already knew he had lost.
"Let me sleep on it before you do, Jack," Forge said then, unable to make up his mind in these quick few moments of revelation. "We can talk again in the morning. And I want to confer with Ardon, though I can already anticipate his response."
"Alright Forge and Check mate" Jack said as his queen took his King.
"Next time," promised the silver with a dip of his head.
"I look forward to it, good game for your first try Forge, picked it up well."
To this the dragon nodded and rose to his feet, pushing the tiny chess pieces to the center of the board with a giant talon.
“Goodnight, Jack.” Forge moved away and laid down in his spot close to one of the back walls but did not sleep. His mind turned over and over with the conversation he and Jack had. There were so many things to consider. So many decisions he had to make on behalf of his brother and his mate. Could he really be the one to decide his nephew’s fate?

The next morning, just as the sun began to peek over the horizon, Forge was awake, staring at a bright pink dawn as the sky began to take on beautiful streaks of colour. Rose tinted light filtered in through the window instead of the dark gloom that had shrouded the base for the last two days.
Jack woke up and yawned stretching, seeing Forge already up he walked over slowly. The dragon made no indication that he knew the man was even there. His stoic presence was statuesque as he looked out the window and to the beach; tide receding from the shoreline.
"Have you made a decision, sir?" Jack asked.
The silver ignored this initial question, "Tell Ardon we will be right back. The storm has broken so you can walk with me outside," said the warlord, nodding towards the sleeping gold.
Jack seemed to understand and approached Ardon and smiled.
"Me and Forge are going to have a chat, stay out of trouble and I found something for you" Jack said revealing a bar of chocolate.
Ardon was laying on his size and he stretched lazily, reaching for the treat after just barely cracking an eye open to inspect what had been offered. He hugged it to his chest and gave a sleepy thrum, “Mmhm.”

Jack had followed the dragon out of the warehouse and turned off the weather shields before they walked together in silence outside and onto the beach. The day they had arrived they hadn’t been able to see it, the clouds had been so dark and ominous. Now it was beautifully lit and the waved lapped at the beach gently as if they had forgotten the violence of the storm the night before.
The great silver dragon was quiet for a long time, sitting at the shoreline with Jack as he collected his thoughts.
"I...” he paused for a moment, “I will allow you to contact your people. As much as it pains me, you are correct. I could fly across the whole of kilara if I could and still be unlikely to find more than I already know. The humans are your greatest chance to rid yourself of him. I wish I could have fixed this, but Skahrsen is out of my realm of ability." He growled, “I don’t have the knowledge of Brathille to even know if it can cure you…”
Jack nodded lightly.
"Thank you Forge, I appreciate it, I will ensure Ardon is safe but what about my other idea?" Jack asked.
The dragon looked down at him to clarify what he meant.
"Ardon shouldn’t suffer, he would suffer being stuck on our world, he needs you and his family, I might have the answer," Jack said.
"Which would be?" the silver prompted, trying not to be impatient. He did not like having to prompt others for answers that they obviously had.
"Using Torchwood technology, have our people build a portal to connect our worlds," Jack said.
This made the dragon pause at the thought. He was silent for some time after this but finally found his words, "You mean like that story you told Ardon, a door that opens into another world? I thought those were only tales you told to keep him occupied. Though, I shouldn’t be so quick to discredit them. Humans have shown a ridiculous understanding of things like this… A door that leads into both worlds… That could be potentially very dangerous, Jack. I will not stand for another invasion. Or have the door manipulated to harm my kind again."
Jack shook his head, "not time travel a connect our worlds but we both have keys.. no one else just us," Jack explained.
Forge sighed, "You think this is actually a possibility? There is so much that could go wrong. I can just see the ships coming in once more causing terror."
"Trust me on it, I know who to call," Jack assured him.
“Trust you?” said the dragon, an ironic half smile crossing his face, “I don’t think I even trust myself with these decisions.” He let out another breath, “Go on and wake my nephew and ensure he is okay with all this first. Then you can call your people.”
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Jack returned back to the warehouse as Forge followed the man inside and followed the man, Jack remembered what the silver had said as he approached the golden dragon, still near their bedding.
Ardon was halfway through the bar of chocolate when he looked up seeing them return. He looked a bit sheepish as he said, "you're back. Where did you go?"
Jack smiled lightly sitting down near the gold.
“Me and Forge had a little chat. About me and what will be best for us all, after much talking the only people who could help me, is my own kind..other humans” Jack explained to the youngster.
"But all the other humans left in the ships," said Ardon as he sat up.
Jack nodded.
“Yes Ardon, but this base is a communications station, basically to not confuse you, I can contact my people and send out an SOS from the base and in a few days, they be here to pick me up, but the big question is, due to our bond we cant be separated that far” Jack said to the golden dragon.
“So I spoke to Forge and its up to you but would you like to Earth, with me” he asked.
Ardon was quiet only a short moment as he took all this in. Golden eyes bright and excited he yelped, "earth! Yeah let's go!"
Forge gave Jack a look, his prediction of Ardon’s response had come true.
Jack seemed to smile and looked a little surprised by his reaction, the dragon seemed eager to go, he had not thought of the consequences.
“Well, it is a big choice Ardon, being away from everyone and this world to come into a strange world with me, the reason why is, I think they can help me keep this beast under control” Jack explained to the gold.
Ardon didn’t seem to understand or care about any consequences. This was simply a new adventure to a new world that Jack had spoken at length about.
"Yes, I'll go. We can see planes and the theatre and try milkshakes and meet your family!" He chirped excitedly. "I'll go. They can help make Skahrsen go away and I get to see your home!"
Jack smiled lightly but looked up to the silver to perhaps try to be some voice of reason.
"Ardon, please take into consideration that you will be the ONLY dragon there. Just like jack is the only human here. No family, nothing familiar to you. We don't know if you would ever be able to come back. It might be very dangerous." Said the silver.
"Well," started Ardon, "if I have Jack that's all I need."
His response was confident and resolute.
Forge let out a breath, "just be certain of your decision, Ardon. I don't want you doing anything that you would regret."
The gold shook his head, "I want to go. It will help Jack get better."
Jacked seemed happy Ardon seemed willing to jump into the unknown but he would not allow the young dragon to be as alone as he was, they would find a way to make it back, with his idea.
“I am hoping it will be a short separation from Kilara Ardon, I have a plan but I need to contact an old friend of mine, I send a signal out today” Jack said.
How can I help?" Asked Ardon, leaping to his feet.
Forge looked withdrawn, silenced at the confirmation that this might all come to be.
“Why don’t you and Forge have a little talk, I send the message via the communication tower now, I think uncle Forge will want to say a few things” Jack said giving the golden dragon a pet on the muzzle before heading off to the control room.
Ardon wanted to help but he could see the silver waiting, his expression steely. "Okay," nodded the young dragon as he walked up to his uncle.
While Ardon and Forge talked, the man went back to the control room and programmed the antenna and to get the relay to transmit the SOS signal, he used the computer to ensure things were aligned and able to send the highest quality signal.
It did not take long before Jack heard the clicking of Talons.

Ardon bounded into the control room a short while later, "Jack! Did you send it yet? What should be the first thing we do when we get to earth? I want to see one of your cities!" He said in quick succession.
Jack smiled lightly.
“Well, to not cause panic keeping you hidden will be the order of the day, but we will see, having a dragon on Earth might cause people to be scared, for your protection I think keeping you hidden would be advisable” Jack said.
"I'm not scary though," said the gold, "I think people will like me once they know me."
Jack wasn’t sure how to explain this to the gold, he was too young to understand the dangers, Jack would have to keep him safe.
Jack typed a code and used a signal that would be recognised by one person in particular and ensured he would detect it and send the SOS as the signal transmitted up to the satellite in orbit.
“Ok, I have sent the signal, now we wait and see if there is a response” Jack said to the gold.
"How long does it take?" Inquired Ardon.
“Well, the speed of sound back through the galaxy to the next relay station so, it take about 3 to 4 days and then another 2 to get a response” Jack said working out the maths.
"Oh," said Ardon a bit disappointed, "not instant than. I guess we will have to wait then."
“It be ok Ardon, try not to be disappointed, think of it as time to prepare for your adventure and IU think I will need to teach you how to read and write” Jack said.
"Yes! I'd like that," nodded the gold. He had come to recognize certain text over the years but never had proper lessons on how.
Jack smiled.
“Yes, teaching you will help you on earth, then you can read stuff like signs, it will be a little long but you lean and show you what things are with regards to technology” Jack explained.
"Alright!" Said Ardon, already excited to learn more. Forge had always been disapproving when Jack tried to teach him human things but he had no excuse to be now.
Jack smiled lightly.
“Great, I think a fly first would be nice, the we can begin teaching you things, so when you get to earth, you wont be overwhelmed” the man said, knowing the dragon was keen and happy to start his new adventure.
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The next few days were busy in a new way. Ardon spent his time learning the letters of the human alphabet, repeating them and drawing their shapes in the sand of the beach in lieu of writing instruments.
Ardon was delighted to learn how to write his own name, spelling the word in large letters on the large stretches of beach. He learned quickly and soon enough he could manage simple sentences. Speaking the language was one thing, tricky spelling was another. Jack patiently corrected the mistakes and allowed Ardon to learn at his own pace.

To practice reading, Ardon read aloud words in the sand that Jack wrote as well as all the signs and items that contained English text within the facility. It was halting and slow at first but the male was slowly getting the hang of it. Forge was silently learning as well, keeping an eye on the youngster while he was being taught. He would practice in his own time when the two of them weren’t around. He always made sure to clear away the sand and any trace of his work, however, or let the tide and lapping waves wash them away.

On the rear side of the warehouse someone had scratched a crude looking dragon, setting fire onto a crowd of stick figures into the paint of the siding. It was rusting where the metal had been lain bare years ago, giving it an even darker appearance.
“D-de-mon,” Forge sounded out the word below the sketch one morning, realizing at last what the sketchy scrawl had said at last thought the drawing was enough to grasp an idea of how the artist had felt about dragons.

He was sure the feeling was mutual on the Drakine side of things. Forge contemplated warning the inhabitants of the area that a ship might return. He did not want any dragon to feel like the worst had come again but he also did not want to alert anyone to their presence there or their arrival either. Still, the silver disappeared for the day to ensure that no one resided in the immediate area in any case. That would be the last thing he wanted to add onto the already difficult situation he faced now.
The silver dragon had been even more resigned and stoic than usual over the last few days. Knowing that this heavy decision weighed on his shoulders was consuming. He had to tell himself that this was for more than just Jack’s benefit and that Ardon wouldn’t be lost to a life of being a dragon broken by brathille’s curse.

Six days had passed since Jack had sent the transmission. The young dragon had checked whenever he got the chance to see if anything had come through but the console was disappointingly quiet.
They kept themselves occupied, however, in hopes not to get sullen over the silence. Ardon was writing in the sand again under a sunny afternoon sky while Jack sat on a nearby driftwood log. The gold was writing simple sentences again. Easy words that reflected his world around him.

I like elk
I am a dragon
My name is Ardon
I fly fast

He had asked how to spell Drakine words. The dragon’s language was only an oral one and he had never seen it written down. With Jack’s help they puzzled together the spelling of ‘Brathille’ and ‘Attilu’ so that he could include them in his repertoire.
"Your doing really well Ardy boy, picking this up very quickly" Jack said, impressed with the youngsters progress.
"Thanks, you're a good teacher," smiled Ardon, practicing his letters again while they ate lunch. Beans from a few of the canned items and smoked deer that Forge had caught the day before.
"Well I try, lets go over these and get the important ones again" Jack said to the gold.
Ardon rewrote his capital R's a few more times, trying to get them not to look like wonky B's, "I saw Forge writing his name yesterday, he's watching your lessons too," he said while he wrote.
"Oh, he is, is he? Obviously doesn’t want to miss out, tactical stuff and whatnot" Jack said to the golden dragon.
Ardon laughed, making a grand, sweeping capital A. His favourite letter, he had decided upon learning it was the first letter of his name.
"Well...sleeping in a comfortable bed would be nice, but just being back home is nice" Jack said thinking about how he managed all this time without technology and life's comforts.
“I want to try ice cream. You made that sound nice. And cheese, whatever that is,” said Ardon, “I can’t wait to see your world.”
Jack smiled, "Ok I make sure that we get some in for you to try, give you some variety, I imagine human food will taste rich so a bit of moderation, don’t want a rounded dragon" Jack lightly teased.
“I wouldn’t get fa-“Just then Ardon froze, listening. His hackle scales went up as he stopped breathing, trying to force quiet on the noisy beach to hear something. His golden eyes were wide and searching.
Jack sensed alarm as he saw the little dragon seem to puff up.
"Ardon? Ardon what is it" he asked.
“The alarm! We got a message!” he suddenly shouted as the alert noise was now clear with the change of the wind’s direction. “Come on Jack let’s go!”
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Jack seemed surprised how the dragon heard it.
“A message? how did you hear that?” Jack said, his voice echoed the look upon his face, the dragon must have had sharp hearing.
"There's beeping, can't you hear it?" Grinned Ardon
Jack listened in and heard it as he got up and headed to the control room with a quickened pace as hew made his way towards the control room, with no other dragons, Forge had opened the big doors, allowing them freedom back into the base.
"Hurry!" Called Ardon over his shoulder as he sprinted ahead to the control room.
Jack chuckled lightly as the young drake ran into the control, seemingly hopping from paw to paw, the man was behind him as typed on the control panel and brought up the response.
He brought up the message on the screen, it was what he was waiting for, the message was received and a ship was en route to the bases location for immediate evacuation.
The dragon near him seemed excited to know what was going on, he was like a bottle of pop and excitement radiated from him.
"What's it say, what's it say?" Ardon asked repeatedly, pressing close to look, "are they coming? Will it be a big ship? Is your friend going to be there?"
Jack laughed as he sent a response back to the message, it would be received much quicker as the ship was coming closer to the planet.
“Woah, hold your horses Ardon, the message says they are coming, ship is on its way and a shuttle will land here” Jack explained.
"How long?" He got his next question out just seconds after Jack finished explaining what was in the message.
Jack smiled lightly at the gold’s excitement.
“You THAT eager to leave Kilara, this lovely place behind for Earth and all its things” Jack said to the golden dragon.
Ardon circled around Jack and licked his forehead, "of course I'm excited. Because it means you get better too which makes me happy," he thrummed.
Jack chuckled lightly.
“Well the ship is coming, 2 days it will be here, we best start to pack, perhaps something to remind you of home here” Jack suggested.
Ardon looked around and hummed in thought, "well I would have liked that rock..."
Jack smiled.
“They won’t be here for another 2 days, let’s head down to the beach and try and find something shall we?, plus letting your uncle know” Jack suggested to the young gold.
Ardon paused in his merriment, "I don't think he liked that we are going."
Jack had to agree, the old silver was unhappy that his nephew was going away from Kilara and to a strange world, with creatures that had caused so much hurt.
" No, he isn’t pleased, he’s putting his trust in me with you, its allot to ask" Jack said.
"I think he's worried about telling my family. But I think it's a good thing. You'll get better and I can see your home." Said Ardon confidently.
Jack had to smile at the youngsters excitement and confidence, he always saw things in a positive light and yearned for adventure, this he felt via their link.
Soon they found Forge and told him the news.
“A ship is on its way, 2 days it will be here, I’ve left the beacon on so they can pin point the location, probably wont get underway until I’ve discussed my plan with them and yourself, you be speaking on behalf of Kilara” Jack explained.
The silver nodded slowly, "I understand. I want to sit in on any conversation that could potentially affect Ardon. I wish to ensure his safety the best I can before you depart."
Jack nodded understanding the silver’s wariness to this.

“It is a hard thing but for my plan to work, we need their help and support, the guy I have contacted is someone I hold in great respect, he will help us” Jack said to the silver.
"You seem rather confident," remarked Forge, "was this friend of yours a part of the original humans that first came to kilara?"
“The guys name is Colonel Alexander Sanders, quite high up with Earth Alliance and special ops, he will be able to help and get my plan off the ground, just need to convince him” Jack explained.
"Well I wish you the best of luck, Jack. Is there anything that should be done to improve your chance of success?" He asked.
Jack had a thought.
“Perhaps we should be honest, about the bond, we want to ensure we are with him, he is pretty to the point and honest, so no secrets” Jack said to the silver.
Forge bristled at the thought, "You must be careful, Jack. I fear that someone might try to exploit that fact, knowing you're bonded. You're unique in all the world, or worlds I should say."
Jack seemed uneasy, the man was pretty open and honest, he was well respected and Jack trusted him, he would not fall for fabricated stories.
“What do you suggest then, I trust this man, I only sent the SOS to him” Jack said.
Forge shook his head, troubled, "do what you think is best and what will be the safest route for Ardon."
Jack nodded, knowing Forge supported him, despite being uneasy.
“I need to see if I can gain access to Torchwood files, the portal schematics must have been saved somewhere” Jack said to the silver dragon.
Forge gestured for the man to do as he needed, "If Ardon hinders your search send him to me."
Jack nodded.
“He be ok, I am not sure what I can get from the systems here but I try, also once we are on our way, should I have this base destroyed?” he asked the silver.
Forge turned to look at his shoulder back towards the collection of buildings, "No, I would leave this one. It had proven useful to you. Perhaps again one day it will again."
Jack nodded lightly.
“Alright, I best crack on, if Ardy annoys you, just get him to start packing, he is bouncing off the walls at the moment, wanting to go to earth” Jack said to the silver dragon
"Yes, so I hear," replied Forge, lacking the enthusiasm his nephew possessed.
Jack went back towards the control to try and access the torchwood files or EA files to find plans for the portal, his plan hinged on the clever people to build this machine, not for time travel or causing death, but uniting two worlds afraid of one another and be a bridge to unite them behind one goal.
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Forge had taken Ardon for a walk down across the beach in hopes that he could speak with him while Jack worked on the computer systems inside the building.
“Ardon there is…” started the silver but realized he had lost the little gold’s attention already. He stopped walking and looked behind him. Ardon was springing from log to log on a large stretch of bleached driftwood that had been pushed up by the rough sea. Small bugs jumped away and evaded his paw swipes and raking talons.
Forge sighed. Ardon was still just a youngster. Only a few years marked his level of experience. While his upbringing had been turbulent and unlike any other hatchling on Kilara, he was still innocent, naïve and easily manipulated. Looking at him now he still saw the hatchling that he had watched breach the shell amidst the most terrible war of Kilara’s history.
“Ardon, listen to me,” said Forge, even more sternly than his usual tone.
This caused the little gold to stop and look up, crouched a bit submissively as the warlord approached him, “Sorry, Forge. I’m listening.”
The silver looked down at him, frowning. The severity of his look caused the young dragon to fold in on himself even further.
“Ardon, I want you to listen to me closely. This is no game, this is your life, you understand? If the humans that Jack say are coming are indeed unlike the ones from before, during the war, things are going to change drastically for you. In a way that will likely change your life forever. If you go to earth you will be in the same position as Jack has been in all these years. You will be the ONLY dragon. You will be thrown to the stars, far beyond the reach of family and friends. Nor will you have the familiar things of this world you are used to. You have felt Jack’s loneliness through the bond, yes?” he prompted with such severity that Ardon couldn’t find his words for a short moment.
“Y-yes,” he stammered. He had known that the man had longed for home, in between the moments of adventure and danger that they often faced. Due to his naïve young nature, Ardon had always thought that he could ward off that longing with chatter, grins and his general goofiness.
“You will be the only one of your kind. In a world full of the creatures that fear you. I am not trying to scare you, Ardon. I just want you prepared for what is to come. I have no idea what your fate will be once you leave my circle of protection.” Forge had pressed on. The smell of sea air was brought in on the wind despite the tide being pulled far out from the dual moons near the horizon.
“But Jack said that they can built a door, a portal,” said the gold. “You could come visit earth too.”
Forge shook his head, “You can’t rely on that, Ardon. It might not be possible, or he might not be able to convince others to make it so. He was only a captain when he came to Kilara. Their ranking system is complex but he might not have the authority or the way to make that idea possible. These are the kinds of things you have to consider. I want you to be certain, without a doubt in your hearts that you are ready for this. You have to trust Jack but you also have to trust your own instincts as well.”
The silver lashed his tail in frustration, not at the youngster but at the whole situation that they found themselves in, “I am sorry I haven’t been able to procure a solution to Jack’s problem but your Attilu is right. This might be his only chance. My fear lies with the safety of yourself once you are in the human’s hands.”
Ardon stood a little straighter now. His confidence in Jack had waivered when he had witnessed Skahrsen had been within him since the mines but it had only grown stronger since the battle.
“Jack won’t let anything bad happen to me. If the humans come and it looks like they won’t listen to what Jack says, we can just fly away and call for someone else.”
“Ardon, I don’t think the relay works quite that way,” said Forge.
“It doesn’t matter. This will work. He had friends back on earth. His family and people he knows. They will want to help him. I know it.”
Forge drew in a slow breath. That’s all I can hope for… he thought.
He gestured for the gold to follow him again as they walked along the beaches.
“Will you tell my parents that I’ll miss them? And that I love them?” asked the young dragon, trotting to keep up with the silver’s wide strides.
Forge had a pained look in his eyes but nodded, “I will.”
“Tell them that I want to go. That I am happy to, okay?”
“Yes, Ardon. I will,” Forge said at last. That was a painful chore that would have to be completed in the near future.
The large warlord stopped and looked down between his paws. Lifting his talons, he scored the sand gently and carefully picked something up.
Ardon came around with a curious look to see what his uncle had found.
Forge opened his paw and held it so that Ardon could see. On his palm rested a stone with brilliant bands of crimson and rusty reds. Circles like eyes dotted the stone as it shined brightly in the sun, polished smooth by the fine grains of sand on the beach.
“Oh!” remarked Ardon as Forge gestured for him to take it.
“Dragon-eye Agate,” explained the large silver. “A poor replacement for your Amethyst, however.”
“No, I like it,” said Ardon, holding it up. “Thanks Forge.”
“We best go see if Jack has found anything useful in the files he’s searching. You head up there and I will gather something for us to eat. This may be one of the last times you eat real food.” Said Forge.
“Jack eats real food,” protested Ardon lightly, tossing the stone up and catching it.
“If it comes in a metal can I daresay it isn’t…”
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Jack had been in the control room and been trying to find out information on the portal project that Torchwood was doing, sadly he found his old pass code to access EA systems had been removed, he could see that they assumed all hands were lost when the Agamemnon went down, still he found the base commander’s pass which he must of left in a hurry.
Despite being unable to access Torchwood systems, he found an EA project marked as the wormhole portal project, he managed to read the information before a beep appeared on the computer screen.
Jack could see that sensors had detected a ship in orbit and a shuttle was on its way to the base and would be there in 10 minutes.
He decided to go and tell the two dragons and tell them his plan, he did not want the shuttle to open fire upon them.
He approached them in the warehouse where they were finishing up breakfast, Ardon had been busy packing and getting ready to leave Kilara.
“Forge, Ardon, the ship is in orbit, the rescue shuttle will be here in a couple of minutes” Jack informed them.
"Is it really?" asked Ardon, nearly choking on his food.
A grim line drew across Forge's expression, "How soon will they be here?"
Jack checked a watched he had acquired in one of the store rooms, he had to explain to Ardon and Forge how it worked.
“10 to 15 minutes, but I do not want them to open fire or be scared off, I need to speak to them and you guys keep hidden until I am ready for you” Jack explained to the two dragons before him.
"But-" Ardon began to protest but was silence by Forge.
"We will wait in the warehouse until you signal us," he said.
Jack was pleased Forge agreed with his plan, he wanted this to go smoothly and he knew Sanders would have an armed security detail with him.
“Thanks, I want to be sure, Sanders will be with an armed security team, we cant risk a confrontation, not until I explain anything but he will be more open to my words” Jack said to Forge.
The silver had a brief moment of suspicion, thinking of the possibility that the man asked them to hang back so that he could depart without Ardon. He pushed that thought aside, back from the dark place it had come from.
"We understand. How will we know that you are ready for us?"
“I bang on the doors of the warehouse 3 times, you then come out slowly and carefully, nothing sudden, keeping cool, once its fine I bring Sanders inside the warehouse and we can all talk” Jack said, hoping Forge would go along with this.
Forge nodded and looked down at the gold, "You understand? You can't go running out there."
"I got it," said Ardon.
Jack nodded in approval of this, he was sure Forge would keep Ardon safe.
“Good, they will be here shortly so be ready I wait outside, any issues there is an escape route behind there, head out but I doubt there will be” Jack said but he wanted to be sure both dragons were safe.
"Good luck," said Ardon, giving the man a lick across his temple.
Jack smiled, "chocolate milkshake..that be your first drink on earth" Jack said scratching behind his horn buds.
Ardon grinned then sat, waiting as patiently as he could as he and Forge watched Jack walk off.

Jack waited in the open inside the base as he saw a dot approaching from high in the sky, as it got closer the recognisable hum of the shuttle engines as it approached, slowing down as it was coming into land.
Ardon seemed to looked through a crack in the steel plating in the warehouse and had a very good view of the shuttle coming into land.
"Oh there it is!" quipped Ardon, moving over and peering through a gap in the metal to the beach below.
Forge moved closer and looked out as well. The sight of the ship descending make his scales prickle in remembrance of the times before.
Jack watched as it landed gently, the landing gear on board opening up and the shuttlecraft settling down before the man as the engines powered down, so far so good as he heard the back doors open up and security detail came out to secure the area.
"That little ship travelled through the stars from Earth?" asked Ardon.
"It goes up into the sky where a bigger ship waits," Forge informed him.
Ardon wriggled excitedly, "Oh I can't wait to see earth!"
Jack seemed to smile as he saw the man he had sent the message to, the man was dressed smartly in EA uniform with ranking pins on his uniform, Jack had grown since they last saw each other and Jack did wonder why he was smaller despite the man being 6 foot.
“Jack?, is that you?” came the mans voice as gums were pointed at the man who put his hands up and nodded.
“It is yes, I survived, been living here for a while” Jack said as the man laughed and smiled giving the man a hug.
“I was devastated when I heard, but a bit of me felt you were a fighter, I am glad you found this place to send the signal” Sanders said as the guards lowered their weapons but kept observing the area.
“We need to get you home as soon as possible, the Apollo is in orbit, we can take you back” he said to Jack.
Jack seemed to give a sheepish looked and it made the colonel curious.
“I seen that look before Captain Harkness, it means you got more to say so out with it sir” he said as Jack cleared his throat.
Coneal Sanders sir, I have more to say, I called you because I need your help and I hope to get it, but first I want you to assure your security team will nor fire or do anything brash, they need to stand down” Jack said.
“Why?” the man asked.
“I had help to stay alive and got allot to tell you, but I need them to explain, it will all become clear” Jack said.
The man nodded lightly as he gestured with his hands and the security team lowered their weapons.
“There as ordered Jack” Alex said as Jack went ot the warehouse and banged on the door 3 times.
Ardon almost sprang out but Forge had grabbed him by the tail, halting him.
"Slow," he whispered. "They might be afraid."
The little gold collected himself and slowly stepped out of the warehouse, head low in a submissive gesture.
Forge followed a few paces after, stepping out calmly.
The humans seemed uneasy, even the colonel was a little taken aback as they saw the massive warlord dragon.
“Weapons down guys” the man said as Forge approached.
“Colonel Sanders, I want you to meet the dragon who helped me live and kept me alive” Jack said.
Forge bowed slightly, drawing up to full height to look at the humans before him, "I am Forge, Son of Nathiel and representative of the dragons of Kilara," he said, omitting his warlord title, "This is my nephew, Ardon, son of Bronan."
"Hello," said the young drake, suddenly a little shy at the audience.
Sanders looked amazed at the large dragon, he was intimidating and battle hardened, the Colonel knew that.
“So you guys kept my friend here alive, you have my eternal thanks, on behalf of the Earth Alliance I am sorry for what happened here 3 years ago and thanks for returning Jack to us” Sanders said to the silver.
Forge nodded his head, "it has been an .... interesting experience. It is my hope that you will be able to help him further with his condition."
Sanders looked puzzled at the last comment.
“Condition what condition?” Sanders asked as Jack looked to Forge but then went on to explain what had happened, what the Night watch did and the problem he had now, the colonel looked understandably uneasy and a little angry someone did this to the young man.
Jack explained what happened to him and how the night watch and Torchwood ruined so many dragon lives and how they went about with Jack.
“The Night watch were dealt with, what they did was not protocol, that section was shut down, along with Torchwood, I can assure you, when we return to Earth we will ensure Jack is looked at by the finest doctors, come on let’s get going” Sanders said.
"Wait," said the silver dragon, he looked down at Jack, realizing they had not been informed about the gold. He gave the man a look, prompting him to explain the situation.
Sanders turned around and looked at them oddly as Jack spoke.
“There is more, it is going to take some time to explain, please can I explain everything and it will be much clearer” Jack said as Sanders nodded.
“Ok, shall we have some food and a chat then?, I assume I don’t need my security Forge” he looked up at the silver.
You are under my protection while you are on this beach," Forge said firmly. "So long as there is no threat to Ardon, Jack or myself."
“There will not be, lets head to the base and talk then” Sanders said as Jack gestured to the others to come up to the base and to the Warehouse.
Ardon led the way while forge kept an eye on the group, searching for any sign of something he might not like. So far all seemed to go smoothly.
Jack spent some time explaining everything with the Colonel, from the bond of Brathille explaining everything they knew with Forge adding his two cents to this, to what happened in the mines and the genetic mutation they inflicted on the man.
Sanders listened in surprise what had happened as the whole story was played out before him, indeed it was allot to take in and Jack did well to explain it all to the man.
Finally Sanders spoke having heard all of this with his mug of tea on the table.
“So, let me get this straight, a dragon magic or bond means you and the golden wonder are united as one and must be together, at the same time you could turn into a mutant dragon at anytime without our help AND, you want us to do the portal project linking Kilara with Earth, anything else?” Sanders said as he drunk his mug of tea as the man and Forge sat the other side of the table.
"That's the basics of our request. It sounds ridiculous, like a fantasy tale we know," said the silver. "But Jack does need your help and for you to do so, my nephew must accompany him. I want to be clear, however," his tone grew steeled and stern, "I what Ardon to be safe from falling into the Possession of those who were on kilara before, as well as Jack. They both must remain safe and free from harm."
Sanders nodded lightly.
“You are asking allot, sadly Torchwood is finished as an organization, the last head base was destroyed, an explosion on earth of some sorts, there isn’t anything left, all Jack and Ardon will be going home to is a house in an isolated area” Sanders explained.
"What of Jacks recovery from what they did to him?" Asked Forge. "The monster can't be left unchecked.
Sanders nodded lightly to Forge’s question.
“As I said, I get doctors involved and ensure he gets treatment, but keeping this under the radar will be hard” Sanders said as Jack pondered.
“What if, I brought Torchwood back, do it properly, do things right, make people not fear dragons and Torchwood be the guardians of Earth and all its inhabitants” Jack suggested.
"We could do that," Ardon quipped confidently, not realizing the massive undertaking such an idea would be.
Sanders seemed unsure, he gestured to one of his security staff who came over.
“Bring that young bright spark down from the Apollo, he might be of help to us, bring him down to the base” Sanders said as the man nodded and rushed off to the shuttle.
“I bring down a rising star in the science and computer world, perhaps he will have some input on your wormhole tunnel” Sanders said.
The Silver listened in to the man’s comments and spoke.
"I appreciate your civility in approaching this rather strange series of request. It's been a difficult few years for Jack, Ardon and myself and I did not think this day would ever be a possibility," said the warlord. "Thank you for helping them achieve a future i was unable to offer them."
Sanders gave a small smile.
“Don’t thank me yet” Sanders said as Jack smiled lightly as he peered to see what the golden dragon was up to.
Ardon was giddy, already offered trays and chocolate that he took with enthusiasm from the security officers that has accompanied the team. They seemed unafraid now that they realized the dragon was easily won over by food and no danger to them.
Soon the shuttle returned with a young man dressed smartly in a blue suit, wearing spectacles, light brown hair and blue eyes, the man was slim and lanky and seemed wary of things.
When he saw the dragons he seemed frozen to the spot until Sanders spoke and he made his way to the dragons although with caution, eyes wide in wariness of the dragons, especially the silver warlord.
“Like you to meet our bright spark in the EA, he been on experience but he is a very clever engineer and young man in computer software and organic software engineering patterns, Dr Baxter Greene” Sanders said as the man approached with his case held tightly which carried his laptop.
Forge dipped his head in greeting, where Ardon was more enthusiastic. He bounded up to the man and suddenly sat, "hello! I'm Ardon!"
The seemed a little skittish and jumpy.
“Umm….Hell..hello” the man managed to say as Sanders asked him to sit down.
“Ardon is friend Mr Greene, its ok, he only mug you for chocolate” Jack lightly joked.
"Oh, you have some too?" Inquired the dragon, leaning in to sniff to see if he had any not that the dragon hadn't already been spoiled enough by the others.
Jack could see the man was uneasy and spoke to Ardon.
“Why not give the young man some space Ardon, why don’t you go see if we are all packed and ready” Jack said, hoping to distract the youngster, while the adults talked.
Ardon was reluctant to leave the circle of conversation.
This was his first experience with other humans that hadn't been frightening and he found it all rather enthralling.
"Jack had an idea about a portal, linking earth to kilara so that Ardon won't be completely isolated on your world. Is that possible?" Forge asked, looking down at Dr Baxter with his fierce orange eyes. 'No' was definitely an answer that would be wise to avoid considering the dragons tone.
The young man gulped and looked at the notes that Sanders had obtained regarding the Torchwood portal project.
He adjusted his glasses on his face several times as they waited for his answer, the man had really been thrown in the deep end.
“Take your time Dr Baxter, it is a big project, we just really hope you have an answer, Torchwood were working on it” Jack said to the young man, knowing Forge’s gaze was upon him.
"If not possible now, could it be something that can be achieved with time?" Promoted the silver.
Dr Baxter coughed and looked at the plans again.
“It…it is possible I can do, with the right tools…..bu…but for it to work, we need…to find an ideal location here….analysis says near the equator, where we…we can build a renewable source” Baxter said.
“And away from Dragons who mean us harm, doing this, the technology must be protected Forge” Sanders said.
"I will take this up as my personal responsibility," said Forge firmly. "I will guard it with my life," he assured them. "Show me a map. You said equator, I might have the perfect location..."
Sanders brought a map over of the logged areas of Kilara that the humans had mapped, they showed the silver the equator line.
“That..that area would be ideal..sir” Baxter said, nervousness in his voice and Jack sensed the man was terrified of Forge, he couldn’t blame him though.
"Good. Make any of these three islands and I may easily ensure it's well being there," he said, tapping the map with a large talon, ignoring the man's fearfulness.
Jack and Alex looked at the three islands and seemed to approve of the idea, they looked large enough and away from prying eyes.
“I bring the Ariel view of it from our satellites” Baxter said showing a birds eye view of the islands in closer view than the maps could.
“It looks unclaimed and peaceful” Jack commented.
"It's mine," stated the silver, "Its far enough away from others that the portal will be safe there."
Sanders seemed pleased with the dragons answers.
“We need construction people and equipment to go there, can their safety be assured when they are building it” Sanders asked the silver.
"Yes. I will have my family help ensure that they are kept safe during the construction of the portal," he nodded.
Sanders seemed pleased as well as Jack.
“Ok, well I think I can pull a few strings in the EA and get Jack to be put in charge of Torchwood, we can start from scratch there, Dr Baxter here can be under your command and to build the portal Earth side, it will be classified top secret…I only hope Torchwood’s plans of this work out, it will cost allot of credits” the man said.
Ardon was lingering around listening in but he soon piped up.
"Oh credits, I know what those are. We can get a job to get some if we need them for the portal," Said Ardon, puffing up proudly, "I can help!"
Sanders laughed lightly, maybe at the eagerness of the golden dragon, he seemed to know human concepts of currency and wanted to support or help.
“Well prefer to keep the gold here out of sight, I don’t want people being scared, to keep Ardon safe he be hidden from the general public, only those who need to know will be aware of Ardon” Sanders said.
"Ardon understands and will follow any instructions given to him regarding his safety and well being," Forge said so firmly that Ardon ducked a little and nodded, understanding what his tone meant.
Sanders seemed satisfied, Jack also seemed pleased with the outcome, they could start getting things going, Dr Baxter seemed nervous and uneasy about the whole thing.
“Are we all agreed then on the plan of action here, if we are, then we need to get the ball rolling” Sanders said as Jack nodded.
“I think we are done here, unless you want to add anything Forge” Jack asked.
Just... be safe. Keep Ardon out of trouble," was all the silver dragon managed to muster, "Good luck, Jack. I never thought I'd find myself saying this but I hope I will meet again with you soon. In better health at that."
Jack nodded to Forge’s words.
“We will I can assure you Forge, we will be back, if this doesn’t work I come back to Kilara willingly” Jack said as Dr Baxter spoke up.
“I can make it work….I..Im sure of it” he said.
“Well, we best go” Sanders said.
Ardon was nearly dancing from paw to paw in his anticipation. Just then he remembered Forge.
"Thanks for everything, Forge. For protecting Jack and I. Tell everyone I'll see them soon and tell them all about Earth." said the young dragon, nuzzling the silver's shin briefly.
"Yes, sure, Ardon. Be good for Jack. Listen and pay attention. Be safe, alright?" replied the warlord stiffly.
"Alright!" nodded Ardon.
Jack smiled and nodded, “I protect him, I assure you that Forge” Jack said as the group went towards the shuttle, Jack’s belongings brought along by other security members as everyone boarded.
Luckily the shuttle was large enough for the dragon to go on board.
“Come on Ardon, into the shuttle, we be heading to the EAS Apollo” Jack said to the young gold.
“First dragon to go into space” Sanders said as he gave a respectful nod to Forge.
"Bye Forge," called Ardon before trotting towards the ship.
The silver gave a final nod and watched them go.
The shuttle powered up, the doors closed behind as it lifted off the ground, the ship hovered dipping its nose in respect as the shuttle then flew over the silver and climbed into the sky.
Ardon peered out the window, watching the world below grow smaller and smaller. The silvery form of Forge had dwindled into nothing all together.
“We be ok Ardon, things will be different but we see Kilara and grumpy again I promise you” Jack said as the shuttle entered space and went towards the large ship in Orbit that would take them back to Earth.
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It was a brilliant day on the string of islands along the western coast of Talkiir, two months later when Forge arrived on Sunbreak. It had taken long weeks to traverse the terrain that they had covered over the years towing Jack and Ardon along with him but finally he arrived.
This archipelago, containing over thirty islands of various sizes had been Forge’s prize, the place he had wanted to make his final home before the wars with the humans had begun. He had known of this place since he was a young dragon himself and at one time he had hoped to raise his own family here. They were nestled in beautiful sapphire water, a ten minute flight from the coast of the mainland. A tropical oasis with plentiful opportunity for game and varied food sources. He had told his brother to bring his kin there and raise Ucluelet in safety while he tried to find a solution regarding Ardon and Jack.
Over this time he had only sent word twice back to the island via other dragons. He had not seen his family since he left them after the fall from the mines.
Forge stood on the beach of the largest island. He had two months to think of what he was to say to his brother and his family but now was he lingered on the white sand, every carefully constructed word seemed lost to him.
A warm wind blew in from the ocean and heat baked his scales luxuriously but he couldn’t bask in the restorative warmth just yet.
He heard laughter and looked up. A little dragoness, no larger than a small horse, came galloping out of the forest and onto the beach, chasing another brightly coloured dragon. Her scales were the colour of the shallows before a storm, a dusty teal. The dragoness she chased launched into the sky and looped around; chatter, indistinguishable at this distance followed and Ucluelet waved before the other dragon departed for another island.
Out of the trees came the familiar coppery shape of his brother, Bronan, who called to Ucluelet. The youngster smiled and trotted up to her father who dipped his head in paternal affection.
The sight was so peaceful and full of a gentle sort of love that Forge felt pain across his hearts, knowing that he had to deliver such concerning news to the family. He wanted to turn, hide until he could find a better moment to tell them but he realized then that he had been seen. His brother had lifted his head, staring stiffly at the stranger down the long length of beach. Ucluelet stepped back lingering close to the treeline while her father trotted up the shore towards Forge.
Once he got close enough to see who the silver was, the large copper dragon broke out into a hurried canter, his long strides swiftly bringing him across the beach.
“Forge, Forge,” he said, as he drew near but the warlord could see that his brother was searching for signs of his son, an increasingly worried look crossing his expression, “Where’s Ardon, what happened? Forge where is he?” his voice grew into a demand.
“Bronan, I was unable to stop Jack from transforming. He had a few episodes and Skahrsen appeared. I couldn’t beat him, I-”
“He’s dead? Ardon’s dead?” choked Bronan, horror strangled his deep voice.
“No,” said Forge, shaking his head. Relief seemed to wash over the copper.
“Oh thank the stars. If he is alive, then where is he?”
The silver shifted a bit uncomfortably. This would be the most difficult part to explain.
“Jack was able to contact the other humans, friends of his. Ones that could possibly fix this ailment that hounds him. They came and I allowed them to take Jack and Ardon to Earth so that they could-“
The copper’s usually gentle and jovial expression had transformed into a father’s rage. “You did what!” he snarled, inches from his brother’s face.
Forge remained still, and let out a breath, “Bronan, please let me explain-”
“No! You let humans, the cause of ALL of this to take my only son! They took him to the stars were we can’t save him, Forge? Took him away for Stars know what reason! You saw what they did to dragons, tortured them, maimed and killed them, cut off their wings! And yet still you allowed this? What insanity came over you? May your wings rot off you silver idiot how could you!” his voice was a roar and down the beach Ucluelet was cowering under her mother’s paws as Tahsis came to see what the commotion was about.
Forge was about to speak again when Bronan suddenly hurled himself at his brother. They tumbled into the sand, the copper snarling and snapping at Forge’s neck with rows of brilliant white teeth. The silver blocked the raking hind talons from reaching his belly with his own while they grappled noisily on the beach. Tahsis was shouting something but it was lost in the savagery of the fight. Claws swung and horns knocked together as they battled. Bronan struggled to subdue his brother, fueled by the rage only a parent who has lost a child could possess. His eyes were dark in his fury as he cursed his silver brother for what he had done.
Bronan kicked Forge in the still tender spot along his chest. The silver hissed in pain and staggered back.
The two males managed to find their feet and had reared up, grappling with their talons and teeth. Suddenly Forge swung his tail and shoved, knocking his brother backwards in the sand. He leapt upon him, one paw at the copper’s throat, another holding down a foreleg while a hind paw pinned a wing to the sand.
“Enough!” he growled, panting fiercely, “Enough, Bronan, listen to me! I understand your anger but you have to listen!” snapped Forge.
Bronan was panting and there was a fiery rage in his eyes still but he had stopped resisting, “Go on,” he growled through grit teeth.
Forge backed off and let him up. Bronan got to his feet and shook the sand from his scales angrily.
“Brother, I couldn’t find anything that would stop the man from changing. He nearly killed me more than once and nearly killed Ardon. Brathille was the only thing that stopped that from happening. Ardon possesses a power that I have no idea how to begin to teach him how to control. I found nothing, no scrap of anything useful in the years we travelled across Kilara. Every day that passed led us to another day closer for that monster to gather enough strength to rise up once again. I had no other option, Bronan. This is their best chance. The humans did this to him, so perhaps they can fix him.”
“You let them take him, Forge! What will they do with him? You have no idea? He could be dead!” growled Bronan, shaking his head in disbelief.
“Ardon would likely be dead in the aftermath of the next transformation. The separation would have likely killed him or worse, left him to a life of physical and mental pain had I let Jack leave without him. These are people that Jack trusts. He wouldn’t put Ardon in any danger. I have seen it in his heart and in his soul. He won’t allow Ardon to come to any harm,” said Forge solemnly.
Bronan rubbed his face with a large paw, still in shock about what he was listening to, “I’ll never see my son again Forge.”
“You will,” said the silver in a voice that made Bronan look up.
“The humans have the means to build a ‘door’ of sorts. From their world to ours. They will come and construct an access point here, on this island. It will take some time but you will see your son again.”
“Really?” asked the copper.
Forge nodded.
Bronan gave a choked cry of relief, hanging his head. Tahsis and Ucleulet had decided it was safe enough to come over.
“It will be alright, brother. Things will be brighter soon… I promise….” said the warlord quietly, hoping with everything he had that he was right…
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Jack and Ardon boarded the EAS Apollo as it plotted a course back home to earth, jumping into hyperspace as they were on their way.
Ardon was full of questions, his golden eyes wide and everything filled with wonder and amazement at what he was seeing, the crew gave the small dragon a wide berth still unsure on having a fire breather on board but Sanders gave Jack and Arodn the biggest quarters.
This allowed Ardon to stretch out his wings and have space to rest, Ardon went investigating everything, wondering what things were, Jack had to calm the young drake down as he was like a child but with 7 limbs.
After a few hours the ship jumped out of hyper space and carried on towards earth under normal speed, Ardon had his face smushed up against the window, in awe at the stars and the new planets he would of never seen in his life.
Ardon asked question after question about them, but soon they were approaching a planet which took the dragon’s breath away as his youthful eyes took in all the wonder.
"Woah! What is that!" exclaimed Ardon, pressed up against the window.
Jack looked up from a book he was reading and approached the wide window, giving them a fantastic view.
"Ah, that is the jewel in our solar systems crown, Saturn with its rings" Jack said as they were passing by.
"It's very pretty. Do humans live there too?" asked Ardon.
Jack shook his head.
"No, it’s a gas giant, no solid core and so you fall into and get crushed by pressure so viewing only" jack said.
Ardon laughed and peered out of the window, face pressed against the glass. He was rather enjoying the journey so far.
Jack explained the other planets in the solar system as they passed by giant Jupiter, the red planet Mars and soon the young dragon spotted something that got him excited as it came into view.
"Oh, oh!" Cried Ardon, "is that it? Is that earth?
Jack got up from where he was sitting as Ardon pointed to Earth, the man smiled, happy to see home again.
"Yup, Earth my home....our home Ardon, Earth and all its tech and wonder" Jack said looking to see the young gold’s reaction.
Ardon looked back over his shoulder at the man, "are you excited?" He grinned, knowing the man must be feeling a number of things knowing that he would soon be home after being stranded so long.
“IIt is nice to be home, I must admit” Jack said with verbal honesty, as they got closer Ardon’s sharp eye sight spotted a large object orbiting Earth as they got closer now to the 3rd rock from the sun.
"Oh woah!" Exclaimed Ardon, taking in the sight of the giant space station.
Jack looked and saw the massive station, Babylon 6, the biggest human built structure in space, the station was massive compared ot the Apollo as they got closer, all around there were shuttles, transport ships and EA destroyers.
"Yes Babylon 6, biggest space station, controls all of the traffic around earth and solar system, making sure we all don’t bump into one another" Jack explained.
"That's neat!" said the little dragon.
Soon there was a knock at the door and Jack turned to answer it.
“Come in” he said as the double doors slid open as a man wheeled in a large trolley of food prepared, Ardon smell sense took over as he approached the trolley, the man a bit wary.
“That be all thanks” Jack said as Ardon came nosing to see what was on offer.
“A welcome to earth meal, Ham, egg and chips, one of my favourites and of course, chocolate milkshake” Jack said.
Ardon turned around and his eyes grew wide in surprise. The smells were intoxicating and nothing he could recognize. He sampled a few of the chips, delighting in their outward crispness. The eggs were devoured quickly and swiftly followed by the cured ham. The best was for last, however and the little dragon has chocolate milkshake all over his golden snout.
Suddenly he stopped and made a pained noise, paws covering his eyes. "Arg!" He exclaimed.
Jack looked a bit concerned but then realised what had happened and laughed lightly.
Jack laughed.
"That teach you to wolf it all down, you had a brain freeze, try not to gulp it all down" Jack advised.
"It's so good though," said Ardon. He let out a tiny puff of flame that warmed him up again, making the strange feeling go away.
Jack smiled lightly.
“I’m glad you think so, how was all the food, your very first earth meal, true not the healthiest but still” Jack asked the gold.
"I loved it!" Chirped the dragon. "I could eat that for the rest of my life," he said with a grin.
Jack laughed.
“Well there is more to try, different foods from around the world, but first things first, rebuilding Torchwood and getting the portal up and running if Dr Baxter can do it” Jack said to the gold.
Jack felt the ship slowing down and the engines going to a hum as they seemed to be taking orbit around Earth, Ardon’s adventures on Earth would begin.
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Ardon felt the shift in the ship as it slowed. His talons tried to brace but slipped on the smooth floor and his stomach lurched like when he dropped in flight.
“Hup!” he stammered, getting used to the feeling. He looked over to Jack and grinned, feeling a little silly. Getting used to being in a flying machine had been unnerving. He could feel the engines rumble, their vibrations felt through the floor at all times. He eventually grew used to that but still marveled each time he looked out the windows into the expanse that he had only ever seen from the ground. Space, Jack called it. The stars he once stared up at during the night now few past at a frightening speed as they had hurtled through the galaxy.
He had slept very little on the few days that it had taken for the ship to traverse the great distance between Kilara and Earth and even before that his excitement for his wild and uncertain future had made him put aside sleep in favor of reveling in anticipation. The little dragon had the beginnings of slight dark circles under his eyes but his elation for the new adventure ahead kept him going.
"All the excitement has caught up with you my dragon," Jack said, noticing how sleepy he was looking.
Ardon shook his head, determined not to look tired even though that was impossible, “There’s been so much to see. I don’t want to miss any of it.”
"Oh Ardon, you have had a lot happen over the last couple days, you can rest while we wait to descend down to Earth" Jack said to the gold.
“I want to do a quick lap around the ship first,” insisted the gold.

He had liked the ship quite a bit and had walked up and down the corridors, peeking into every room that he was permitted entry into. A few of the braver officers and staff on the ship had slowly befriended their unexpected passenger. Ardon was equally delighted, taking offerings of food , attention and affection with joy. It was likely Forge would have had a heart attack at seeing the young dragon act like such a domesticated pup had he been on the ship.
Ardon peered his head around the hall just down from the quarters he and Jack shared and smiled as he recognized someone.
“Hello Officer Elliston,” said Ardon as he took from watching the window to stretch his legs. The ship was waiting for clearance to descend through the earth’s atmosphere. A young woman with short cropped blonde hair smiled at him. She wore her sharp looking grey and navy uniform, emblazoned with the EA logo on her chest and left arm. The officer had hoped she would get another glimpse of the dragon before they landed. Being part of a rescue mission had been exciting enough. She had not expected to meet an actual dragon when they had descended to the alien planet; a talking one at that. Her fear and surprise had quickly turned to an overwhelming curiosity.
The dragon had taken a liking to her best out of the other crew members for she always had something on her person to share with him. Mints, granola and crisps had all been offered to the gold’s eagerly awaiting jaws.
“Why hello Ardon,” smiled the woman. She offered her hand and Ardon nosed it.
“Sorry, I don’t have any snacks for you today,” She apologized but instead she scratched under his chin and down his long jaw, curving her fingers around the points on his cheek. He thrummed appreciatively as she moved her hand to scratch the smooth liquid gold scales between his eyes. “You are the sweetest.” She said with a happy smile. “I remember my favourite stories my mum told me as a kid involved dragons.”
“I like those kinds of stories too. Jack told me a few before,” Ardon grinned.
Just then there was the sound of styeps behind them and the young dragon’s Attilu appeared.
"Hey, I wondered where he got to. You guys feeding him human treats" Jack asked.
Officer Elliston straightened up, clasping her hands behind her and nodding a bit sheepishly, “Apologies sir, just taking the opportunity to talk to a dragon once last time,” she said, looking a little abashed.
"That is ok, just want to keep an eye on him, I promised to keep him safe" Jack said.
“I am safe,” said Ardon, “I haven’t gotten into any trouble.”
“He’s been a wonderful gentleman,” the officer assured him.
Ardon gave Jack a goofy smile at this compliment.
"Of course not don’t worry, like to know where you are, remember my promise to Forge," Jack replied.
Ardon nodded, understanding.
“Well, I better get to my station. We will be landing soon. It was very nice to meet you, Ardon, and Welcome home, Captain,” Officer Elliston said with a smile.
"Thank you, well Ardon you be down on earth soon, your new adventure," Jack said with a smile.
“I’m excited,” he grinned but then broke out into a yawn, unable to chase back the weariness this prolonged excitement had made.
"Come on, get some rest, we will be down soon" Jack said to the gold.
“Alright,” Ardon relented at last, trotting back to their room with Jack to watch his new home rise up to meet them.
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The EAS Apollo was cleared the enter Earth’s atmosphere and head downwards as the ship began its descent down, the ship rocked a little as it hit the atmosphere.
Ardon suddenly startled awake, worried that he missed something while he had dozed, "what's happening?" He asked stretching in the blankets that has been piled up for him.
Jack looked out the window as Earth got bigger and the stars began to fade into the blue of the sky as they were moving down.
"We are descending into Earth's atmosphere, we will be going to a country known as the United Kingdom or UK for short, we be stationed there for a little bit" Jack said.
The dragon watched, seeing the continents below before asking Jack a question or six.
"Is that where you lived before? Are we going to your house?" Inquired Ardon
Jack nodded lightly, "Yes I did, well born in Scotland but without the accent” he chuckled lightly.
Ardon smiled and turned back to stare out the window, "I can't wait to see it all," he said, his voice full of genuine excitement.
Jack could feel the excitement from the young gold, such youthful adventure, Forge had said about young dragon’s wanderlust, especially in males but this was well beyond any dragon.
"Well Ardon, we need to keep you hidden and all, to keep you safe" Jack said.
The dragon did not really understand the need to hide or how difficult it would be to keep him secret but he nodded all the same, "I know."
Jack continued explaining the situation to the golden dragon, trying to keep it simple.
"Plus Sanders said he wants to have you checked over before putting your paws on Earth, in case your carrying anything from Kilara that could be harmful on Earth" Jack explained.
"Oh, like a sickness?" Asked Ardon, looking a little concerned. "I don't feel sick."
Jack nodded lightly.
"Well, you may carry something that doesn’t make you unwell but could make others unwell, you are the first dragon ever to be on Earth” Jack explained.
"Alright. I understand," nodded the little dragon, trying to act less like his own age. He wanted to make Jack proud so he would do his best to listen.
The man appreciated the dragons efforts in paying attention and trying to listen and hold all the information he was being told.
"I know its allot to ask of you Ardon, but for this stage I got no real say in this" he said to the gold.
Ardon smiled brightly, "don't worry, Jack! I'll do whatever will help," He said cheerily.
Jack smiled lightly, giving him a pet on the muzzle.
“You be ok Ardy, you be ok here, I hope that Dr Baxter can get the portal working” he said to Ardon as they both looked out the window as they went past clouds as they continued to descent down.
"He seemed clever. I'm sure he can do it. Though it's nice not being yelled at by Forge all the time," Ardon said, his voice almost dropping to a whisper towards the end as if his uncle could have heard him.
Jack nodded as there was a beeping noise from the door.
“Enter” Jack said as Colonel Sanders entered their quarters and approached the man and the golden dragon.
“You can see we are making our descent down, we got clearance to enter UK airspace, we will be going somewhere isolated to ensure that while Ardon is on board no one can see him, before that he is quarantined till an examiner can arrive” Sanders explained to them both.
"What does that mean?" Whispered Ardon, leaning towards Jack though his attempts at being inconspicuous were poor at best.
Sanders smiled lightly, understanding the confusion.
“Means you have to stay on board until a doctor comes to check you out and make sure your safe to go out into our atmosphere and world, once all clear you can spread your wings around the ship then, out of prying eyes” the man explained.
“The doctor won’t be long and then we can go for a fly” Jack tried to reassure the gold.
"Oh alright," nodded the dragon, pleased about hearing that they could fly soon.
“I will be leaving the ship, got to attend meetings and get the ball rolling, pull a few strings to get things moving as well, won’t be easy but I reckon I can do it” the man said to Jack.
“Me and Ardon Appreciate your efforts Colonel, I imagine Dr Baxter will be busy as well” Jack asked.
"Thank you for finding us and helping Jack," added Ardon.
Sanders nodded to the gold.
“Well, he sent me a message on the relay station, of course not only will the doctor see to Ardon but to you as well Jack, I know a young doctor who works for the EA, she did work with dragons on Kilara, or some work so I get them here” the man said as Sanders was called back to the bridge.
“I speak to you soon Captain, take care” he said to Jack as he left the man and the dragon in their quarters.
“Well, we best both rest up, we wont be going far, so back to bed with you young gold” Jack said gesturing to his bed.
"Oh, but I want to watch us land..." he said, seeing if he could get away with sliding back towards the window.
Jack chuckled.
“These ships don’t land Ardon, we be hovering above the ground, stationary while we wait to for you to be given the all clear” Jack explained.
"Oh," said the small dragon, realizing that despite the explanations he had been confused about how the whole process would work. "I understand now, sorry."
Jack approached the dragon and sat next to him.
“Don’t worry little guy, its just precaution that is all, Sanders wont keep you waiting long, once the doctor has been we can go for a fly, least you can carry me a little bit for now” Jack said to the young dragon.
Ardon nodded, "but soon I'll be bigger and we can fly all the time and I won't have to rest after only a short fly."" He said confidently.
Jack smiled and nodded.
“Yes you will Ardon, indeed you will I can see us having a great future here together” Jack said as he rested with the gold dragon as they watched the ship approach mainland UK.
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Now that the Apollo had come to rest, hovering over the land while they waited, Ardon’s eyes were glued to the window. He was surprised and not at how familiar the forest looked to those back on Kilara. For some reason he had thought maybe there might be drastic differences. Maybe he’d have to wait and see for himself.
“All I see is forests, and fields,” he said, peering around, “Wait, is that a road over there?” he asked, standing on his hind legs to try to see.
Jack looked to see what the golden dragon had picked up.
"It is, we are here because it’s very isolated and free from people, so you can fly without us worrying, after your examination" Jack said.
Ardon smiled at this. He was itching to get the air under his wings. While he could stretch in some rooms of the ship, there was nothing like flying.
“I can’t wait,” he said, excited to step out into this new world.
There was a knock on the door and before Jack could say it this time, Ardon mimicked his “Come in!” turning around to see who it was.
An older woman came into the room, clipboard in hand, tucked under her arm.
“Hello, Captain?” said the woman, “My name Lieutenant Nichols. I have come to let you know we’ve finally got our medical examiners aboard. We apologize for the delay. We had to ensure that we could acquire staff that wouldn’t be a risk to the classified nature of what they’ll learn today.”
"Ok not to worry, we understand, do we need to go and meet them now, or do they need to set up?" Jack asked.
“No I can take you down there now if you don’t mind following me, sir,” she said.
She led them down the halls towards their ship’s infirmary that they would use to conduct the testing. Opening the door she let them into the pristine room.
“They’ll be here in a moment, thank you, sir,” said Nichols, closing the door behind her.
Ardon stepped around the room, looking at the few tables and counters. It smelled funny in here, sanitary and sterile. Jack had moved to speak with him, drawing his attention back to the man.
"Ok Ardy, I need you to be on best behaviour here, good as the colour of your scales, these doctors have never treated a dragon and might be nervous, plus you want to make a good impression," Jack said.
“Okay,” nodded the gold, sitting beside him and straightening up a bit, “Don’t worry, I’ll be good.”
A man and woman entered the room shortly after, let in by Nichols. Two rolling trollies accompanied them, filled with medical equipment and a computer. They looked a little taken aback at the sight of Ardon, sitting in the room beside Jack.
The young woman went wide eyed and a small smile upon her face seeing what was before her, the golden pristine scales, wings and smooth tail tipped with spikes, she seemed in awe of it
“It won’t bite me will it?” asked the Doctor warily, putting on a pair of medical gloves now that the trollies had been set aside.
Jack shook his head.
"No, as long as you treat Ardon with respect and dignity in your examination doctors, he be fine, think small child with extra limbs," Jack said.
“I’m not a child,” protested Ardon, but his youth was clear in his voice, dragonish as it might be.
The man looked startled at this utterance of the English language, clear and fluent as it was. This surprised expression was quickly snuffed out by the return of his professional demeanor.
“Alright then, I am Doctor Olhouser. This is my associate Doctor Goodwin,” he said, gesturing to the blond woman beside him. She looked far friendlier than the rough sounding man. Her hair was wavy and pulled up out of her kind looking face, framed with dark rectangle glasses. Bright green eyes stared at the dragon in wonder but Ardon had to turn back to look at Olhouser as the man suddenly approached him.
“I’m told your name is Ardon?” he asked, looking the dragon over.
“It is,” nodded the dragon.
“Stand for me please,” instructed the doctor, “Goodwin, please get out the swabs and vials. We will be conducting a series of tests to ensure that you aren’t bringing anything hazardous to earth. We will also be going over some basic health exams and taking notes for future references for future checkups. While the captain might have done well wherever you came from, it might not be the same for you so keeping tabs on your condition will be important.”
Ardon eyed him as the man pulled back his lip, inspecting his bright white teeth and pink gums. He swabbed at the inside of his mouth with a long stemmed instrument.
“Whath tha?” he asked, mid procedure.
“A sample of your saliva. We will run cultures and test it for any communicable diseases and such. It also contains DNA that I am sure the EA will love to keep on file,” said the man dryly.
Ardon didn’t understand any of this but nodded, pretending to know. Olhouser pulled a small tube shaped object from his breast pocket. As it turned on Ardon realized this was a miniature version of a torch that Jack had found on Kilara.

The man took a small, bright torch and looked inside the dragon’s nose and ears, flashing the brilliant light into Ardon’s eyes. His pupil contracted into a pinpoint and a translucent third eyelid swept over his eye to shield it from the stunning brightness.
“Hm, nictitating membrane, possibly for keeping the eye clear when in flight,” muttered the man, “Jot that down, Goodwin, will you.”
“You believe yourself to be in good health?” asked the man as he looked the dragon over.
“Yes,” said Ardon, “I haven’t gotten sick before.”
“Is that so?” pondered the man, “No chills? Fever, lack of apatite?”
"Well, he is young and is always constantly hungry all the time," Jack lightly joked to the doctor.
“Young? How old are you then,” inquired the man.
“3 and a half years, by your calendar so Jack says,” replied the gold proudly.
“So you have a way to grow then?”
"Well, I reckon as big as Forge his uncle and he’s a giant of a dragon," Jack said, Melina seemed surprised.
"Wow, that is.... amazing, to think he grow so huge," she replied.
“I hope I grow as big as him. He’s the largest dragon in my family,” boasted the youngster.
Olhouser took a stethoscope that hung around his neck and stooped over to listen to the dragon’s chest.
He frowned, moving the device around, “Be still a moment…. Just… what is that? It’s like an echo, like there are two hearts.”
“I do have two hearts,” Ardon said with a nod, thinking that this was a basic thing to know.
This seemed to throw the man for a loop but he quickly recovered, “I see. I’ll need a few vials of blood. Doctor Goodwin, would you mind?” asked the professor as he deposited his other swabs and samples into sterile containers, writing labels in his precise print.

Ardon watched as the woman approached him and supervised as she wetted a piece of gauze with something and looked at him curiously. After a moment she asked for his foreleg and he offered it to her. She wiped the damp cloth on the inside of his elbow joint where the scales were nothing more than thin, smooth hide, slightly lighter than the rest of his gold. It felt rather cold and suddenly the dragon prickled, his hackle scales rising as he saw a familiar medical syringe. Memories of the medical labs in the mine flashed back to him, remembering the cruel humans there had taken his blood for testing with Jack’s experiments.
He wanted to snatch his arm back but instead froze, eyes wide as he stared at her stiffly, hackle scales still up along the back of his neck, desperately trying to be good.
Jack felt the dragons fear and looked concerned but Melina seemed to tune in.
She spoke softly and smiled.
"Hey, hey its ok little guy, no one is going to hurt you, honestly, your safe here ok?" she said, her voice was friendly and softly spoken.
Doctor Olhouser made a huffing noise that could have been a jarring laugh at the idea of calling a horse sized creature a ‘little guy’.
Ardon winced slightly as the blood was drawn but relaxed after, sniffing at the bandage that she stuck on once she completed the task.
“We’ll send these samples to our facility and incubate them for testing,” explained the man, “For now he’ll have to remain aboard. Captain, you’re next. We’ll have to make sure you you’re alright to disembark. I see on your file that there will be further testing once suitable facilities are acquired.”
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It was Jack’s turn for the examination as he approached the doctors, towering over them Melina smiled shyly, he was a big man, oddly the old medical records said he was 6 foot 2 but he looked taller and well built.
"Well even beside a dragon you're a tall guy aren't you?" said doctor olhouser, giving the man an appraising look now that he was standing.
"He's strong too, and brave," said Ardon proudly, not realizing that these were not necessarily helpful points for the medical exam.
"I am certain he is after living on Kilara for so long." Nodded the doctor.
Jack smiled sheepishly.
“Yes, high protein diet, did Sanders explain about my umm unique circumstances” he asked the two doctors.
"He did," said Olhouser, "We will have to run more extensive testing in a proper facility. As of right now we only have the minimal equipment here on the ship. We will work diligently to help you overcome what happened to you." His voice was sympathetic now, for the first time since he had stepped into the room.
Melina nodded lightly as she got some vials and a scanner as she began to check the man over, her eyes widened.
“Doctor, readings from his scanner, check out Mr Harkness bone density” Dr Melina said gesturing to the scanner readings.
The man walked over and peered at the results. "You're sure the scanner is calibrated correctly? That can't be right."
Dr Melina nodded lightly.
“Yes I did, compared to a normal human his bone density is 30% harder” she commented.
“What does that mean doctor?” he asked them.
Oldhouser was silent a moment, gears turning in his head, "Not naturally occurring. I am uncertain but perhaps... no, we will have to wait for a more thorough examination. I don't want to make speculative guessing when I have so few answers."
Dr Melina seemed equally puzzled but seemed more eager to give an hypothesis.
“Let’s say you wont be breaking anything soon” she said with a kind smile as Jack gave a nervous laugh giving a glance to Ardon.
"I told you he was strong," said Ardon, oblivious.
Melina nodded.
“No kidding, with this density he can punch through Glass, concrete and dent metal slightly, it’s a massive density” Dr Melina said as Jack seemed to be unsure what to say or how to react.
Olhouser looked over at Ardon, "could you calibrate it to check the dragons bone density... I have a thought..."
Dr Melina calibrated the scanner, first scanning the man for his bone density and then onto Ardon’s and the results surprised her and she showed the doctor.
"They are similar densities..."hummed Olhouser, tapping the screen, "This is....something." he said in disbelief.
“What does it mean?2 Jack enquired as Ardon seemed interested as well.
"Means Captain Harkness has dragon DNA embedded in his own" Dr Melina said explaining it in simple terms.
"You have been altered right down to the core, young man," said Olhouser, grimly, "Straight through to your genetic makeup. I won't sugar-coat it but it is going to take extensive work to reverse this safely."
Jack nodded, feeling that what happened to him was life changing and he would not be the same guy who entered the mines all those years ago.
"Ahhh, that will be a challenge" Jack said.
"It is embedded deep, i think its more living with it than reversing it" Dr Melina suggested.
"We can possibly scale it back enough so that you don't experience those adverse effects that you mentioned in the report but complete reversal will be next to impossible I'm afraid," the man said apologetically.
Jack looked at the gold and gave a reassuring smile.
"Your going to have to live with a weird Attilu I’m afraid Ardon" Jack said to the gold.
"That's okay with me," smiled the dragon, "Forge says you deal with me so I guess it's only fair."
Jack seemed amused by the comment.
Melina chuckled lightly, overhearing.
"We can develop some medication like blockers to stop you from doing a dragon up, it will take time" the young woman said.
"We've got time," said Ardon, confidently but then looked a little unsure, turning to Jack, "Right?"
Jack nodded his head lightly in response.
"We do, thank you doctors, i appreciate the help" the man said.
Melina smiled, " the DNA seems inactive currently so be easier for the blocking medication to work, just don’t go throwing g each other about" Melina a teased.
" well I can beaten golden scales, he’s no contest" Jack joked.
"Yet," replied the little dragon, not wanting to sound weak, "I'll get you when I'm bigger."
Jack laughed lightly at the comment from the young gold.
"Keep dreaming young dragon, i got you sussed" Jack said as Melina smiled lightly.
"We'll for now I suggest you avoid any high stress or strenuous situations so that the reactive parts of your DNA stay dormant," said Doctor Olhouser
Jack gave an understanding nod of his head before standing upright from the examination table.
"Ok doctor, we take it easy, just let us know when we got the all clear" he said, standing by the gold.
"We will. We'll get the samples tested quickly and send word," replied the man.
Jack along with Ardon walked back to their quarters along the corridor, it seemed quiet as everyone was doing their jobs and duties on board.
Ardon pranced alongside the man, happy that they were making strides to getting rid of his friend's ailments. He nudged the man's elbow playfully, pushing him about with his nose.
Jack grinned feeling his playful energy.
"Your feeling pretty playful and confident Ardy boy" Jack said to the gold.
"Im just excited that we're going to get you better soon!" he said cheerfully, "I like that doctor, the woman. She was nice."
Jack had to agree, there was a kindness and a keen working mind with the young female doctor and she seemed eager to study dragons but had a soft voice to ease the young gold.
"Yes Ardon, I like her too but this condition will Be with me there is no cure" Jack said to the gold.
"But they said they can fix it, a bit. So that Skahrsen won't appear. That's good, right?" said the dragon optimistically.
Jack smiled lightly at the dragon’s optimism.
"It is good Ardon and over time i learn to control it so he doesn’t come back to hurt anyone" Jack said.
The gold nodded, "we got this!"
“Yes we do Ardon, let’s grab something to munch from the ship’s galley” Jack said leading the gold there.
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Unfortunately Ardon did not get to spread his wings and enjoy his flight during the next few days. Apparently negotiations with the EA were taking longer than expected. With the considerable circumstances that brought Ardon to Earth, there had to be rather extensive conversations about his existence here. To the few people involved in the conversation, there were a few very loudly opposed and colonel Sanders definitely had his work cut out for him, trying to convince others that this would be a benefit to the world. Earth was not ready to know about the existence of dragon. The crew of the Apollo would all have to sign contracts of non-disclosure. It would all be rather tricky business.
Despite this ongoing delay, Ardon kept busy, entertaining himself by chatting with the onboard staff and sitting through more lessons of reading and writing. The gold dragon was progressing nicely, and enjoyed writing, his own script had become distinct.
He had a thousand questions about the world that he hung above and he was eager to see it all but kept out of trouble while they waited for clearance.
The lab results from their medical exam had returned and they had been given the all clear. Nothing nefarious had been brought over from Kilara and the Apollo would no longer be under quarantine This was a step in the right direction but still progress was slow.
"Sorry you haven’t been able to stretch your wings, it shouldn’t be too much longer," Jack said to the young gold as they rested in their quarters. Ardon looked up from the pile of blankets he had curled up in. “Oh, that’s okay. I can wait. I just hope it isn’t forever.”
"Won’t be forever Ardon, just to make sure we aren’t carrying anything nasty, hence why were screened coming on board, soon you be flying about on Earth, first dragon ever," Jack smiled.
Ardon thrummed happily at this. It was terribly exciting thinking that he would be the first of his kind here. He couldn’t wait to see the world and what it had to offer.

It was the next day, just after lunch when Ardon and Jack were sitting in the canteen that they were finally given some good news.
"Captain?" said Lieutenant Nichols as she approached them, "Your reports have come back. Ardon has been cleared for a short flight around the ship. You must not go far from the ship, however. Ardon isn't yet permitted to land."
Jack nodded.
"Thank you, he will appreciate spreading his wings around the ship, has Colonel Sanders returned from EA London HQ?" he asked.
"Not quite yet, sir. He's still dealing with negotiations regarding you and Ardon," she explained.
"Ok, that is fine, I best get young Ardon to stretch his wings," Jack said.
As if on cue the little dragon had returned from getting a drink of water when Jack shared the good news with him. Lieutenant Nichols smiled and offered to lead them down to the hold so that they could launch from there. She had expressed her concern about not having a harness for them but was surprised when Jack said they didn’t need one.
Nichols led them through the ship to the holds were the rear cargo door was. She turned and looked at them, hands clasped at the small of her back.
“Stay close to the ship. No more than 50 metres from it please,” said the woman as she pressed the button that controlled the doors.
It was suddenly very loud as the hold opened up. Ardon was struck by the smell of fresh air as he breathed in deeply. Nichols moved back seeing that the young dragon was excited to take flight. His wings flexed slightly at his sides as he could feel the wind on his scales.
Jack got atop his shoulders as Ardon walked to the edge where the floor suddenly opened up to the world below.
"Let’s fly!" Jack said with a grin upon his face.
Ardon unfurled his golden wings and leapt. That stomach churning drop was everything Ardon had been looking for. He beat his wings and rose up, flying alongside the hovering ship. Utter joy enveloped him as he returned to the sky.
Ardon flew around the ship, catching sight of the officers and other staff peering out the windows to see the dragon in flight. He returned this smiles with his own as he passed by. It was glorious to have the wind under his wings again. Forge had always said a dragon’s place was in the sky and now he was beginning to understand. Having been cooped up for so long he had been missing the joy that flight brought him. It was a freedom that had been unknown to him until he had learned he possessed it.
He beat his wings, making them rise higher and higher until he broke over the top of the ship. Clouds dotted a familiar blue sky above. He spotted a thin sliver of moon along the horizon, only one, just like Jack had said. The dragon grinned wildly, looking at the world around him. It wasn’t much in this secluded area but he was excited all the same. This had been a wild dream of his, back when he was a yearling on Kilara. Now he was here, on his Attilu’s world, flying his sky and soaring over his land. It thrilled the young dragon to no end.
“Hello Earth! I’m Ardon!” he called out to the world around him before laughing slightly. If Jack hadn’t been aboard his back he would have danced in the sky for the sheer joy of it. He was beginning to think he would really like this place.
“So, what do you think, young dragon?” Jack asked him.
Ardon turned his head so one bright golden eye looked back at the man, “I love it!”
He gave an excited whoop and played in the air before diving. Not too steep, Jack’s weight on him still bore him down faster than he could manage in a proper dive and gaining altitude was still a task. Still, he looped around the ship, flashing a smile as he flew past the windows that surrounded the helm.
Only when his wings grew shaky and tired did the young dragon return to the hold, panting but joyfully tired from the flight.
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Jack could tell Ardon enjoyed the flight around the Apollo, the dragon was tired but happy when he landed back down in the hanger, Jack decided to treat the young dragon as the gold went back to their shared quarters, Jack told one of the staff to fetch them food from the galley and he put in a request for both of them.
It wasn’t long before the food arrived at their quarters as Jack wheeled the trolley given to him by the cooking staff while Ardon moved to rest on his blankets.
Ardon flopped down on his pile of blankets, exhausted but happy that he had gotten a chance to fly. He perked back up as he smelled food and saw that Jack offered him a plate.
Jack smiled as the young dragon seemed interested in the food choice that he had picked for him, hopefully he would like it.
"Got you food of champions Ardon, 25-ounce rump steak, with garlic butter and chunky chips" Jack said putting the plate before him as the steam rose from the cooked meat.
The dragon's eyes went wide, "Smells good!" he said, eyeing it eagerly.
Jack nodded in agreement.
"Well the chef is impressed, you eaten a good variety of human meals, so this will bulk you up and Forge said it is vital to keep you well fed" Jack said putting the plate by Ardon as he tucked into his own food.
The dragon tucked in and savoured the flavours.
"I think I could grow bigger than him if I ate this every day," said Ardon through a full mouth of food.
Jack smiled slightly at the comment.
"It will be interesting to see, I think our food is richer than in the wild so it could spur your growth" Jack replied.
"Do we get to eat like this every day?" Asked Ardon in disbelief. The food was so deliciously good that he couldn't believe he would eat this week daily. On kilara they sometimes had to go without food for a few long days when hunting was poor.
"You won’t go hungry if that is what you’re asking, as we learn about you, we can modify your diet" Jack replied.
"Well, I’d gladly eat this meal again," he declared.
Jack laughed lightly.
"Well. we don’t want you to be a tubby dragon but considering your having to cart me about, thought you deserved the steak" Jack said.
"Well thank you," thrummed the dragon happily then laughed.
Jack finished his food and put the plates back on the trolley as he sat down next to the dragon, resting on his blankets.
“So, what foods do you like and what you loving about Earth?” he aske4d the gold, seeing the dragon reading a book he had given him.
"I liked everything except those green things at the last meal," said Ardon, "as for earth I haven't been able to see much yet."
Jack nodded lightly at the gold’s comments.
“Yeah, you see more soon young dragon, if my plan and idea goes ahead, then we will have a facility and have jobs to tend to, plus if Dr Baxter can make portal theory into portal fact” Jack commented.
"Have you heard when we will find out if that's possible?" Inquired the dragon.
The man shook his head lightly.
“Nothing yet, but these things will take time, they have to protect people and to protect you from harm, we will make sure it can work, if not, we will go back to Kilara” Jack said to the gold.
Ardon looked up at this, "but if we go back then you can't get better," he said worriedly.
Jack nodded lightly.
“But let’s not worry, come on rest up tomorrow we be doing some flying again, perhaps see if you can do a stunt or two” Jack said.
"I like to try that," nodded the little dragon.
“Thought you might, I do worry I am still a little heavy for you to do these sorts of things, but want to mix up your flying routines” Jack said.
"Okay!" Said the gold cheerily. "We can always try to see what I can do."
Jack nodded lightly.
“Spoilt dragon with all those blankets, considering you slept on the floor on Kilara during our travels” Jack smirked, seeing the youngster enjoying the lavish luxury.
"This is far nicer. I wish we had this back home. Moss is okay but this is much better!" He said with a smile.
Jack chuckled lightly as the man and the dragon settled to bed as the night was drawing near, seeing the sun setting over the forest where the ship was stationed, tomorrow was a new day.
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More days of waiting followed. The process of getting this plan off the ground was turning out to be far trickier than expected. Colonel Sanders would send word every few days and apologize for how long it was taking.
Jack had to undergo a few more rounds of DNA samplings as more tests were conducted by the doctors in a lab somewhere in the city. From what they had heard the two of them had been working around the clock to come up with some sort of serum or solution that would suppress the volatile DNA in Jack’s body. It was going to be a long process and without any background information that the man could tell them, they had to figure out exactly what had been done before being able to proceed with any sort of temporary blockers that would prevent him from changing.
This was likely another reason why they were told to remain on the ship.

Ardon made due, entertaining himself by practicing reading books that the other officers had lent him. His flights around the ship were kept brief, just long enough to keep back the cabin fever. The staff had to be careful, choosing specific times to give the dragon a chance to fly so that he would go on unnoticed. He enjoyed them though and his extended stay on the Apollo meant that he had begun to make good friends with some of the officers aboard.
Officer Jane Nichols had become Ardon’s closer companions on the ship. She chatted with him whenever time allowed and simply marveled at being able to speak to an actual dragon. She offered him the few books she had brought along with her and happily answered the hundreds of questions that Ardon supplied about earth, her home, and anything under the sun that he could think of.
He loved seeing photos that she showed him on her phone, seeing snippets of human life, her family and an assortment of places that he couldn’t make heads or tails of for what they were built for. She did her best to try to explain but some things were better left to see for himself.

He told her he wanted to see cities and skyscrapers and cars and houses. He had heard countless stories from Jack on Kilara but he was so close to experiencing it himself. He eagerly awaited the day, not realizing that there would be a lot of red tape and hoops to jump through along the way. He was allowed to live in this blissful anticipation, no one really wanted to burst his bubble on the matter.

A day later Ardon was laying curled up on the pile of soft blankets, snoozing away the boring hours between anything that might catch his interest. If there was one good thing to come of all this, was his newfound joy of naps. These short breaks gave Jack a little peace and quiet, saving him from being bothered by a bored yearling or asked a ton of questions.
The room had been quiet and Ardon had slipped into a quick catnap as Jack had left to go speak with one of the officers. It was a while later that he heard footsteps approach, rousing him from a dream of flying.
The dragon lifted his head as he heard Jack step into their quarters, turning up the lights a bit.

"Hey Ardy, Sanders has said negotiations are taking longer than expected, so we are going to be here a bit longer than planned" Jack said apologizing to the gold.
Ardon frowned a moment, "oh," he said, unable to hide his disappointment.

"Sorry buddy, I think there are safety objections and fear but give it time," Jack said.

“I know. Do you think they are scared of me? I can tell them I’m not dangerous. You know I’m not,” said the little dragon.

“It isn’t as simple as that. You’re small now but you’ll get bigger and harder to hide. It will take a bit of time,” Jack replied.
Ardon nodded, and put his head on his paws, letting out a little sigh. Even now, standing at the size of a small horse, the dragon was difficult to hide, sparkling gold scales and all.
Ardon had been excited to see the world and experience all it had to offer but now he had to wait and simply live in a daydream of what he wanted to see.
“Are you excited to see your family, once we are allowed to leave of course,” asked the little gold, looking up at the man that sat on the corner of his bed.
Jack seemed to force a smile, thinking about them but they would think he was dead.
"Yeah lots to do," Jack said.

“Yeah, I bet. I can’t wait. I think they’ll like me…” Ardon began to rattle on without cluing into Jack’s feeling on the matter. The naïve youngster really didn’t have a grasp on all the complications Jack’s return would yield, nor would he for quite some time….
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The next few days were fairly routine but Jack could tell the dragon was getting a little bored, he wanted to explore this new world and see what it had to offer, with the meetings with EA high officials appear to be locked in talks, there was not much they could do other than stay on the Apollo.
Jack tried to keep the flights varied but they could not venture far from their designated area and Ardon seemed to just know all the routes and circles Jack set out, the dragon needed far more stimulation and learning than he was getting.
Ardon had been given some writing to do to practice but the young dragon did not seem interested as he looked out the window as the UK weather was right on cue and outside it was raining while sunny, Ardon watched the rain drops streak down on the window as the sun appeared from the dark grey clouds, shining down.
"Oh look at that. You have rainbows too," remarked Ardon, staring out the window and peered outside.
Jack looked up briefly to see before replying.
"Seems our worlds are very similar, quite odd if you ask me, on laws of probability" Jack said reading a book in his chair, trying to get back into the mindset of the story.
"Laws of what?" Asked the dragon, turning away from the window now that the colours had faded. He trotted over to inspect the book in the man's hands.
Jack chuckled lightly seeing Ardon come over and be nosy.
“You are a nosy drake of a dragon, perhaps when the rain stops we can go for a fly” the man said to the bored gold.
"Maybe," nodded Ardon, though he had to admit that flying loops around the ship had gotten a bit boring.
Jack put his book to one side, Ardon would not let him read in peace, focussing on the young gold’s questions.
"Have to perhaps do some stunt flying once the rain has passed, shouldn’t be too much longer, just a passing shower" Jack suggested to the gold.
"Alright," nodded the dragon, looking back towards the window to check on the weather.
Jack had a thought and decided to ask as he did not observe Forge showing the young gold flying tactics.
"Forge teach you any moves or tactical flying at all?" the man asked the young dragon.
"No," replied Ardon, shaking his head, "we were supposed to start after we left the coast but things changed obviously," he said, not sounding out off by the change of plans.
Jack nodded lightly scratching the stubble on his chin.
"Well I have to read up, you might share some manoeuvres with birds like the hawk or American eagle" Jack said.
"I could certainly try to mimic birds. I'm sure I'll learn one way or another," he replied confidently.
Jack smiled slightly at the confidence of the young gold, he was indeed confident.
"Learn moves to protect me while flying, that will be useful trick" Jack suggested to the young golden dragon.
Ardon agreed with a nod, "defensive manoeuvres, Forge called them," he recalled, "they'd be easier to practice when I’ve grown a bit too."
Jack made a note in his little notebook, to keep track of the dragon activities and what to teach, it would come in use later on down the line.
"Good, we have a plan of action then, be a guardian in the sky as it were" Jack said with a smile.
"Yes!" Said Ardon with enthusiasm, "a proper guardian in every sense."
Jack nodded.
"Indeed, an honourable title to have, well work towards" Jack commented.
"I'm a guardian now though," insisted the dragon. "You are my Attilu so that makes me a guardian, right?"
Jack gave a small smirk.
Ardon thought for a moment, "He told me I had to 'start acting like the guardian I am,' once when I was being silly. So I think he would say I am," he replied with a grin.
Jack chuckled lightly.
"Oh so you are a fearless guardian, protector of me and defender of freedom and right" Jack said in a posh voice.
Ardon couldn't help but laugh, he loved when Jack mimicked different voices, "Yes!" he rumbled, trying to sound like Forge, puffing himself up and sitting straight.
"And you young dragon are the one to take up this honour and to build bridges between our races and defend my honour" Jack said using his posh voice still towards the gold.
"A role a guardian must take seriously," Ardon repeated the words his uncle had said to him countless times.
Jack laughed lightly and soon brought the dragon a bit down on his next comments.
"Then again, you’re not a vicious protector, oh lover of chocolate and steak" Jack teased lightly.
"I don't want to be vicious," said Ardon, "People would be scared of me then."
Jack chuckled lightly.
"I’m teasing Ardon, but we do need to teach you to fight and fly in times of need but I’ve beaten you 5 times" Jack laughed lightly, reminding the gold of his victories.
Ardon snorted,
"I'll get you back soon. Though we might have to wait. The doctors said you had to keep relaxed until they find out how to correct your condition. But after...." the dragon grinned, "Prepare to have your winning streak broken!"
Jack gave the dragon a challenging look.
"Oh really, you that sure young gold in a victory for team dragon" Jack asked with a chuckle.
Ardon nodded vigorously, "Yup."
Jack dismissed the dragon’s confidence.
"Oh dream on Ardon" grinned Jack as the two seemed to continue this banter.
The gold dragon grinned, "As soon as the doctors give you the go ahead it's on." He said, sticking out his tongue.
Jack laughed lightly as there was a buzz at the door.
Jack looked over and called out to the person.
“Enter” he said as the doors opened and stood there was an ensign, holding a small brown medical bottle in her hands.
“Apologies Captain Harkness, I been told to give you this, from the young Doctor Melina, it was delivered to us this morning, she thinks these will help with your condition” she said as Jack looked curiously.
“What is it if I may ask” the man asked her.
“Medication for your unique condition, they kept doses low as it is untested but to take 3 times a day and they should according to the note she left with it, should control your dragon self” the ensign said handing over the bottle as Jack inspected the tablets.
“Thank you, ensign, was there anything else?” he asked her.
“Yes, Colonel Sanders will be coming back in 2 days’ time with one of the EA heads, to meet Ardon and to discuss what has been agreed, in the mean time you can go down and land on the ground but keep within the distance” she said as Jack nodded.
The ensign left as Jack opened the bottle and looked at one of the tablets and poured a glass of water, looking at Ardon.
“Seems you get your match sooner than you expected” he said swallowing the tablet and drinking the water to wash it down.
“See what happens” he said finishing off the water in his glass.
Ardon watched him curiously, as if expecting an immediate change in the man, "Do you feel any different?" he inquired.
Jack shook his head lightly.
“No, cant say I feel anything, that doctor could of made them a little nicer to swallow but feel ok, the note says it should suppress the dragon” he said.
The gold gave him a cursory sniff, not noting any differences, "Can those really keep him away?" He asked, surprised that pills that small could prevent Skahrsen from appearing.
“I trust this Dr Melina, she seems determined, she and that doctor seemed to want to help, I don’t understand the science but least it will help” Jack replied reading the label.
Ardon nodded, "as long as it helps. So with Colonel sanders coming back do you think that means we will be able to get off the ship?"
Jack seemed optimistic.
“Hopefully, they be here on Friday and its Wednesday today, so think positive, I take my full dose and then we see if my gold can redeem his honour, beat a human on earth, since I beat you on your home” Jack lightly teased.
Ardon stuck out his tongue, "just you wait. I'll beat you one day. When I'm big as Forge you won't have a chance in the world," he laughed.
“I challenge you to a match tomorrow, in this very room young dragon, loser brings the victor food” he said with a grin.
Ardon considered this for a moment, "okay!" He grinned back.
The two chatted and Jack helped Ardon with reading and writing before the lights came on in their joint quarters, Jack decided to take Ardon for a fly in the evening just so he was able to stretch his wings, when they returned it was time to get ready for bed.
Ardon approached the man once he was changed into his pjs, obviously wanting something before the man settled to sleep.
"Can you read to me again?" Asked the gold hopefully.
Jack smiled and nodded.
“Sure, got a story in mind Ardon?” the man asked the gold, having seen the dragon read some books given to him.
"Whatever one is your favourite," offered Ardon.
Jack smiled and reached for a book with a blue cover and a picture of a dragon on it, “How about this one, since it has a dragon on it” Jack said showing the front picture of the book to Ardon.
"Yes," smiled Ardon, happy that he chose that one.
“Ok, what is the title of the book, since you been reading and learning language, well English at least” Jack said showing the dragon the letters on the book.
"Eragon," read the gold proudly
“Very good, I read this to you,” Jack said opening the book and began to read to the dragon as he settled on his sheets, listening in to Jack reading the story to the dragon.
"Oh, can we just read until the next chapter?" Asked Ardon hopefully.
Jack chuckled lightly.
“You liked the story I can tell, it is a good story I must admit, I read it when I was small, I read to the next chapter” Jack said easily giving in to the gold.
Ardon thrummed happily, and watched Jack with gold eyes as he listened to more of the story unfold.
Finally once Ardon fell asleep, Jack put the book down and slept on the gold’s side, a wing draped over him as they both slept peacefully.

The next morning Jack woke up early, luckily no side effects as yet but the man had a restless sleep but had taken a day’s dose and took another in the morning.
Today Ardon would want to reclaim a win against him, but Jack had other plans, he wasn’t going to lose, he knew Ardon would get bigger and these little sessions would end, until then, he help keep the drake aiming for a goal.
Ardon woke and stretched with a yawn, "Ready to bring me breakfast?" he teased.
Jack looked over his shoulder as Ardon seemed to be in a playful mood.
“I should give in now, I got no chance” Jack teased back as he brushed his teeth as Ardon seemed to be rolling his shoulders which made Jack chuckle.
"Probably. Would save you from a very embarrassing defeat," laughed the dragon.
“Fine, it is on” Jack said as he entered back into the main room, as he moved a few items out the way to given them space to tussle, Jack imagined Ardon would be up for it and he have to be on form, then again with his unique position he reckoned he could keep the young gold interested for a good few years yet.
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“Right, little drake, no flame, clawing me to death or licking me to death. The rest is all game,” Jack said, annoi
Ardon dipped into a crouch, looking like a giant golden tiger ready to pounce. He growled playfully, “You sure, you’re ready.”
“I’m always ready, young gold. You should know that,” the man grinned.
Ardon smirked back, his tail wavering back and forth in anticipation of the game. He clicked his teeth and tossed his head back and forth as if he had a magnificent crest like his uncles.
Jack put on a posh announcer voice.
"In the red corner, the current champion, the dragon tamer Jack Harkness, in the blue corner the golden wonder, Ardon the devourer of chocolate milk," Jack said with a laugh.
“That’s all the recognition I get?” asked Ardon playfully, swiping at the air with a paw, “None of my heroic deeds mentioned? I do like chocolate milk…. But…”
"Ok, the potential guardian of Earth and the bringer of peace, that better?" Jack said.
“That’s better!” crowed the dragon, clicking the spurs of his wings against the hard scales of his flank.
The two of them locked eyes, spirited yet good-natured vigor in their posture. Ardon was full of fire and burning energy of playful youth but his desire to win always won out on his restraint of keeping calm.
"Ok then, lets see what you can do now young Ardy" Jack said giving him the nod.
Ardon lunged forward swiftly but suddenly jolted away, trying to spook Jack with speed. He kept low, knowing that the man would have a more difficult time if he did.
The dragon feinted left and right and then lunged again, this time without recoil.
Jack moved quickly and avoided the dragon's lunge, the man a lot quicker thanks to his mutated genes.
Ardon let out a growl and skidded, twisting over himself to turn about and go after the man again. His wings, still folded, hovered just over his back, acting as a counterbalance along with his tail as he moved quickly about the small space.
“You think you’re quick but I am too!” said the little dragon confidently. He thought he had him this time. Today would be his day to shine and he would finally win after countless times being wrestled into submission by his Attilu. No longer was he a little pup of a hatchling, considering himself to be adequately grown now, despite being only three and a half years old.
Ardon grit his teeth and lunged again, leaping towards the man.
Jack quickly went on the offensive and knocked Ardon off his feet keep himself close to the dragon so he had control over the gold.
Surprised by this sudden turn on event, Ardon leapt back to his feet and tried to back away but the wall behind him blocked the way. Surging forward might be his only chance but that would allow Jack to turn him any which way. Seeing no other choice, the gold dragon lunged forward and tried to take Jack down with him. He immediately regretting this decision and found himself grappling for the upper hand.
Tangled in such a way, and unable to bring up his head, the dragon grinned to himself. Jack said no fire or claws, he had said nothing about teeth.
Ardon opened his jaws and bit down gently just above the man’s ankle, teeth barely touching the fabric of his trousers, seeing how far his mischievous twist of the rules would get him.
Jack kept his grip tight as he ignored Ardon's cheeky tactic and flipping Ardon onto his back to pin him down to count him out.
Ardon let out a yelp and tried to twist away, wriggling madly as he did when he had been a hatchling.
Jack went for the pin, just as he did when he was on Kilara.
"Pinned...1...2" jack counted.
“Umpf, no!” grunted Ardon, bringing his hind legs up to kick Jack away, swinging his tail wildly in the process.
Jack countered and kept Ardon in the pin.
"Got you young gold..3...4," Jack said.
His tail, failing blindly, knocked over the chair that Jack had tried to push out of the way. It fell with a loud clattering on the floor and immediately there was a knock on the door just as Jack said the number ‘5’ to end the match.
“Sir? Captain! Are you all right? I’ve heard snarling!” came a man’s panicked voice. Ardon recognized it to be one of the ensigns.
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Jack got up after the count of 5 hearing the call, a worried ensign thinking the worst had happened behind the closed doors of their shared quarters.
Jack approached the door and opened it as the ensign seemed to jump back as Jack seemed ok but a bit our of breath.
“Sorry ensign, I was rough housing with Ardon, did not mean to scare you” Jack said as the ensign seemed a little relieved.
“Ok sir, might I suggest any future human vs dragon encounters happen off ship sir, to prevent any misunderstandings” he suggested as Jack nodded lightly.
“Of course, is there any news?” he asked.
“Colonel Sanders shuttle is coming from London, should be here in the afternoon, accompanying him is the EA deputy director Grant Lewis, he like to meet Ardon” the ensign said.
“Ok, thanks for the heads up we be ready” Jack said as the door shut.
"Who is it?" Asked Ardon, rolling to his feet and sitting up.
“Sadly, fun time is over, Sanders is on the way back along with the Deputy Director of the Earth Alliance, Mr Grant Lewis to come and see you, so we best be on good behaviour” Jack said to the young gold.
Ardon looked alert, "really?" He asked excitedly. I'll be good. I promise."
Jackj smiled and nodded his head.
“Well best behaviour and I reckon we will get what we wanted, have to see how it goes, are you alright?” he asked the young dragon who shuffled his wings against his side.
"Yeah I'm fine," said the dragon a little sheepishly.
Jack grinned.
“You thought you were going to win this one, still got some learning to do mr” Jack said.
"I'll get you one day," insisted the gold.
Jack chuckled lightly at this comment.
“Never give up mentality is it young dragon?, been with your uncle too long” he lightly teased.
Ardon grinned, "you never give up so why should I?"
Jack admired the dragons response.
“Right, I best shower and get ready, then perhaps clean your scales so your sparkling for the director’s visit” Jack said.
"Alright nodded the little dragon, feeling excited to meet the people that might help change Jacks future and his own.
Once Jack got out of the shower and smartened himself up for the meeting, once he had gotten changed he came over to help polish the dragon’s scales, he had asked for some microfibre cloths so he could polish the dragons golden scales.
“Right, time to get you all looking smart and tidy for these people, hopefully shiny scales and a gleaming grin will seal the deal” Jack said, gesturing for the gold to come forward.
Ardon stepped closer and sat down, dipping his head lower so that Jack could scrub at his scales.
Jack was pretty good at attention to detail as he polished the golden dragons scales and his small horns so they had a glossy sheen and he looked professional and smart.
Jack stood up and inspected his work and smiled.
“Very regal, your golden scales really gleam with a good polish and clean” Jack said, admiring his work upon the dragons scales.
Ardon struck a pose, "think they'll be impressed?"
Jack nodded in agreement.
“I think so, perhaps polish a bit more and you look grand, but your starting to fill out my dragon, must be all the wrestling” Jack smiled.
Ardon laughed, and straightened his posture, glad that Jack thought that.
“You show off, come on lets get the last bits polished” Jack said, getting his cloth to polish the remainder of his scales and horns.
Ardon dipped his head again and leaned into the scrubbing, chattering excitedly about what he wanted to do once they were allowed to go.
Jack smiled lightly as he finished polishing off his scales as they gave a shimmering gleam after Jack had finished with them.
“So you want to see a city, see cars and all our flying contraptions and eat all the food” Jack asked chuckling lightly at the young dragons excitement and enthusiasm.
"Yes!" Grinned the dragon, that much was obvious.
Jack was amused.
“Was there anything else, If you keep being this excited you not want to go back to Kilara, do traditional dragon things” Jack said.
"I don't mind if we don't go back. This is your home. It can be mine too now," said Ardon.
Jack seemed to lose his smile as something plagued his mind.
“What about your family, Forge and others in your life” Jack asked, a feeling of guilt entering his mind, the dragon would feel it.
Ardon's smile fell but only for a moment, "the magic door... what did you call it? A portal! I'll be able to see them whenever right?"
Jack gave a weak smile at the youthful optimism.
“There is no promises Ardon, it is allot of work and science that I do not understand, it is a big project to undertake, I keep my fingers crossed but don’t get your hopes up, that is all im saying, whatever happens I come with you” Jack said giving the gold a pet on the muzzle.
Ardon smiled and closed his eyes, thrumming, "We will be fine, no matter what."
Jack smiled lightly.
Soon there was a notification as Jack got up and answered the call on the screen.
“Jack here” he said responding.
“Sir, the shuttle has arrived with Colonel Sanders, the EA deputy Director and EA security director” the ensign said.
“ok where we meeting them?” he asked.
“Conference room 2 sir, not far from your current location” the ensign replied.
“Excellent, Harkness out” Jack ended the audio call and turned to the young gold, waiting enthusiastically behind him, all gleaming and sparkling.
“Ok then, ready to meet these people young man?” Jack asked as it was time for them to meet the main heads of the EA.
Ardon nodded a squared his shoulders, trying to look professional. "Ready!"
“Let’s go then” Jack said as together they left their quarters and headed towards the conference room they had been told about, Ardon kept close to Jack as they approached, security posted on the entrance to the room as the guards inspected the two before allowing them entry.
Inside was a large table, sitting on the one side was Colonel Sanders dressed up in his smart EA uniform, the others seemed to be more decorated in medals and ranking markers, but nonetheless dressed smartly.
Jack recognised the two other men, the first was deputy director Grant Lewis and next to him an older man director of EA security, Sir Edward Norgrove, a man who served with the UK armed forces before becoming a director in the EA.
The men stood up and shook Jack’s hand warmly, the two men surprised by Jack’s growth in height and build.
Jack then introduced the reason they were here.
“Allow me to introduce you to Ardon, son of Bronan, first dragon to be bonded to a human through Brathille, the ancient magic and wisdom of the dragons” Jack said getting the gold’s title right.
Ardon smiled and gave polite, quiet hellos at first, trying to follow Jacks lead but his eyes were bright and the smile broadened, his youthful excitement breaking through.
"hello," smiled the dragon.
Mr Lewis spoke first.
“Welcome to Earth young dragon, I must say you are a very impressive creature, remarkable” he said as Sir Norgrove nodded.
“A fine colour gold” he merely said as Jack smiled lightly.
"Thank you!" Replied Ardon.
“Right then, down to business then if you please Captain Harkness” Mr Lewis said as Jack sat down with Ardon sitting down next to the man.
“Right, Colonel Sanders has been in intense discussions with what you are proposing and I apologise for the delays, we do have a few things to discuss” Mr Lewis said as the conversation and negotiations engaged.
Ardon watched with interest, listening intently.
The conversation and explanations passed back and forth between the men, in no time at all it became clear that the two directors had concerns having a dragon on earth and the building of this portal.
Time went by and it had been 2 hours of intense talking before Mr Lewis looked briefly at times at the gold dragon who had sat and listened patiently as the bureaucracy of the human took place.
Mr Lewis asked numerous questions, especially on the experiments done on Jack and offered an apology to Ardon on behalf of the EA for what Torchwood and night watch did on Kilara and what their experiments had done to the Captain.
Soon Mr Lewis asked the gold a question.
“So, Ardon, I need to ask, apart from being with Jack because of your unique circumstances, what is your purpose on Earth” the deputy director asked the gold.
Despite being out on the spot to describe his purpose on earth the little dragon spoke with ease and confidence.
"I want to be the best guardian I have the potential to be. Humans and dragons didn't get along in the past on my home, but I think that can really change. It could be good for both our species. Beneficial," he said, using a word he heard Forge mention. "For both humans and dragons. Working together."
“Very noble” said Sir Norgrove scratching his chin.
“He is a very good dragon and will grow to protect what we stand for” Jack said.
Mr Lewis nodded lightly.
“I hear you and Captain Harkness here are bonded, by some magic or whatnot, I also know you asked for a link between our worlds, using schematics used by Torchwood, the young man Dr Baxter I think” said the EA deputy to Ardon.
The gold nodded, "Jack wants to be sure that I'm not without my family for long."
Mr Lewis nodded reading his tablet on the portal schematics carefully, knowing the risks this would involve.
“You seem a smart creature, you understand why many would fear you, after all that happened on your home world between us, a dragon on Earth could spark fear and hostility, humans are easily fearful creatures, you understand what I’m saying” Mr Lewis said.
"But if we let everyone know that I am no danger that could help stop everyone from being scared," offered the dragon innocently, thinking that this would be an easy solution.
Mr Lewis seem to smile slightly, the youthful innocence seemed to win him over, Ardon was being as good as his scales colour and was acting mature for his age, Mr Lewis could see the dedication of the dragon to Jack, they seemed to be joined at the hip.
“It isn’t as simple as you think….however, in view of the circumstances, we should at least give this a try, the whole of the Torchwood organization needs restructuring, they have a facility underground, outside of London, they need a commander and I think this will be the best place for you both” Lewis said.
Ardon turned slightly to flash an excited smiled at his Atillu at the announcement. "He would make the finest commander!" Said the dragon confidently.
Grant agreed with a small smile.
“I think so too, we will look to give Ardon a background story to cover the situation, in the mean time, assemble a team Commander Harkness and bring the organization back in line, as for the portal project, I given permission for it and funds for it to be built, its existence is classified” he said to everyone there.
Ardon gave an excited whoop of victory but immediately clapped a paw over his mouth. "Sorry!" He said sheepishly.
The little outburst got a chuckle from the men the other side of the table.
Sir Norgrove spoke next.
“All of this is classified, Torchwood will have to follow EA rules to unlock funding, also if and when Ardon is introduced to the world, he is EA, not Torchwood, they don’t exist, they are secret organization” Lewis said as Jack nodded.
“Ardon understands, right buddy?” he asked.
Ardon nodded enthusiastically.
“Good, the facility has staff there but its been mothballed due to unfortunate circumstances with Torchwood 13, they went rogue, therefore with you in charge Commander Harkness, Torchwood 5 will be the head of the organization, you be responsible to reorganize the organization and do its purpose, to protect Earth and its people, to liaise with us” Sir Norgrove said assertively.
“I will sort it sir, you can rest assured” Jack said.
Mr Lewis nodded.
“Well, we sign off the papers and get Torchwood 5 modernized for you and Ardon, plus we will assign Dr Baxter and his technicians to Torchwood 5 staff inventory, the rest you can pick, choose your team wisely and keep Colonel Sanders up to date” Mr Lewis said.
“Of course, I appreciate all of this” Jack said as the men stood up and so did Jack, shaking their hands.
“Good to have you back Mr Harkness” Mr Lewis said as the meeting concluded, soon Jack and Ardon were heading back to their quarters.
Ardon was grinning widely now, "it worked. You're going to be a commander!" He said, pride bubbling up in his voice.
Jack smiled, feeling the dragon’s enthusiasm via their link
“Yes, indeed, in charge of Torchwood, there is allot of work to do but I reckon we can do it, plus you have lands to stretch your wings and grow, Forge will want to see me doing right by you” Jack said.
Ardon has a joyous skip to his step, "I can't wait!"
“Well, let us see, the hard work begins here, hopefully this portal will operate and we can have the doorway to your world back” Jack said.
"Forge is going to be so impressed," said the young gold.
“Doubt it young gold, he didn’t want you to come here, or for me and you to be bonded, he only let us because he couldn’t cure me, or kill me without affecting you” Jack said in reply but regretted it with a quick cringe, cursing himself.
Ardon stopped and turned, trying to tell if jack was joking or not. "Nah," he said, the smile returning, "he'll be excited for us. He has to be."
Jack nodded lightly.
“Yes, yes he will Ardon, just don’t tell him you lost again, I say you drew” Jack said with a small smile.
Ardon gave him a goofy, sheepish grin, "'maybe I'll get you before the portal is built."
Jack laughed lightly.
“You might do, got allot of work to do but at least now we have the all clear, a celebration flight and food, then we get down to business” Jack said as they entered their quarters, both smiling as their journey to begin their new adventure on Earth was about to begin.
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