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The shuttle arrived to collect the dragons and the riders and return them to the facility on Quadra island, as it landed the back doors opened and the dragons got in, before it left Brogan approached and handed Kris a usb stick, the man looked at it puzzled.
“For Dr Charles and your team to study, dash cam footage and other readings, I grabbed it before that guy in the suit got me” Brogan said.
Kris put it in his pocket and nodded.
“Thanks sir, we be in touch, take care, keep us up to date” Kris said as he boarded the shuttle, the doors soon closed and it took off, Brogan watched it as it flew off into the skies to return to Quadra island.
Piloting the shuttle was one of Jon’s agents Nicolas, Jon went to the front to assist and the dragons and their atillu’s rested in the hold as they travelled back.
The shuttle shook and shuddered a little from the altitude and light turbulence in the air, Kris sat down next to his tired dragon, having taken the armour off the green dragon, seeing that it would need a clean, plus a repair on the main chest plate which was dented.
Amanda was with the coastal dragon the other side resting, after such a intense few hours, the dragons needed rest and once back at Torchwood 7, Dr Charles would check up on them and then resting would be the order of the day.
"You did great today, Blue. You were so brave." Amanda praised her dragon.
He looked down at her and smiled, "I try."
Kris smiled lightly, overhearing the conversation from the two, Amanda cared deeply for the coastal, a feeling mirrored by Tarok, Korrin was also very loyal and they too cared deeply for one another but showed this in a different way to Tarok and Amanda.
Korrin gazed down at Kris, looking him over appraisingly, "are you okay? You weren't hurt?"
Kris looked up and nodded.
“Isnt it my job as your Atillu to ask how you are big guy, not the other way around” he lightly laughed as he got to his feet.
"No, I don't think so. It seems to be a mutual responsibility," said Korrin with a slight smile.
Kris seemed to accept the green dragons comments, returning the smile.
“I am ok, I hope your ok, you did very well in difficult conditions with only a dent in armour, but Christ Korrin, when did you turn into the hulk” Kris asked the green dragon.
"I've been growing. You wouldn't be happy if I didn't have a little oomph behind these scales," replied Korrin.
Kris chuckled lightly.
“No I suppose I wouldn’t, it was still dam impressive if I may say, smashing into the ground like that, it is pretty amazing how Brathille is specialised to breeds” Kris commented, knowing about Tarok’s but also Alyia and of course the dragons across the pond, the Brathille enhancing the abilities of dragons and unlocking unique abilities depending on the breed.
"Yeah, it seems to be unique to each of us somehow," said Korrin, thinking about it. "I didn't really think of doing it, just instinct kicked in."
“Maybe Brathille drives a primal instinct to protect me or an atillu using whatever force is at your disposal, perhaps as you get older, we be like Ardon and Jack, able to control it” suggested Kris, thinking of the stories Korrin told him about Ardon’s unique abilities.
"Yeah, that would be awesome. Summon earthquakes whenever I see fit," said Korrin, making a fist. "To be able to call on that power whenever I need it to do my job.... and not hope it shows up... that would be something."
Kris felt the dragon’s pride and the excitement build within the dragon, he could tell and sense Korrin was eager to see what he could do as he got older and bigger, Korrin would be a force to be reckoned with.
The man couldn’t help but smile at the dragon’s feelings and comments.
“Well, when you do, you might beat golden wonder in London, east vs west part 2” Kris said but Korrin would tell the man was grinning, amused at Korrin excitement at potentially these powers and abilities.
The dragon smiled back. "One day," he agreed.
The shuttle continued home and soon it landed back in the safety of the air dome, waiting for them was Alex, along with Dr Charles and Tara who had brought a mobile medical kit to treat the dragons if they had any light or moderate injuries they could treat right away.
They all stood waiting with an anxious air around them as the shuttle landed and the doors opening, the trio seemed to sigh a big relief as they could see the dragons and the team were ok.
Alex spoke first.
"Good to have you back, team," said Alex as he approached them, "good work today. Let's get everyone looked after."
The team walked out as Dr Charles with a keen eye, checked the dragons with a visual inspection as they came down the ramp.
“Any injuries or bruises, human or dragon, how are we doing health wise” the doctor asked as Tara held up the medical bags.
"A few bullet holes in the wings," said Amanda, "and a few bruises I'd imagine, on Tarok's left side and Korrins chest,"
Dr Charles nodded lightly.
“Ok, lets get them inspected and the holes patched up, Tara grab the kit, Tarok can I have you lay down and spread your wings fully, you too Korrin” the doctor instructed.
The dragons did as instructed and allowed the doctors begin their repairs while Amanda and Kris remove the rest of their armour.
Charles instructed Tara to take care of Taroks wings while he dealt with the other bruises, Dr Hinton had arrived to help Kris with Korrin.
The two dragons would get the best care and Dr Charles would not rush the treatment, he wanted to be sure wounds healed up and the dragons were back to full strength after rest and a good meal.
Tara set to cleaning the bullet wounds so that the doctors could follow behind and stitch up the ones that needed mending. Tarok was distracted telling Charles the events when she set to work and suddenly he made a surprised squawk, whipping his head around to see what the cause of the stinging was.
Tara hadn't let go of his wing but looked surprised.
"Sorry..." she mumbled before gently administering the solution again. Tarok made a face but turned back to Charles to distract himself.
The man shook his head lightly at what he been told.
“Your lucky then you only came out with these wounds, the armour help up and stopped the worst of the damage luckily” Dr Charles said to Tarok with Amanda hovering over her dragon.
"Damn dragon went and faced off with the attackers without a second thought. Lucky is saying it lightly!" Amanda teased though there was a hint of pride in her voice that made her dragon smile slightly.
The smiling seemed to be infectious as the doctor also gave a small smile.
“Ahh, turning into a battle-axe Tarok, you be making your brother jealous over there, this injury is done, I just need to check your forepaw, if you can move it slowly back and forth for me, so I can see if there’s any damage to the tissue under the scales” the doctor asked the coastal.
Dr Charles felt gently round the area and then got a large cooling pad and put round the forepaw where it was sore and strapped it up.
“That should help ease the soreness, I think all we can do now is patch you buys up, rest, then a big meal, organ meats to get you guys repairing” Dr Charles said, he looked up to Amanda.
“Are you doing ok Amanda, do you need medical attention?” the doctor asked.
"No, unless you can prescribe a drink," said the woman, brushing a few loose strands of hair back before rubbing her forehead with the back of her sleeve.
“I am sure that can be arranged” the doctor said as Dr Hinton had finished with Korrin and treating him with the aid of Kris.
“Ensure the dragons got pillows under them, warm ,soft pillows and then let them rest fully, when they wake I have kendra get them a big meal, then to sleep again” Dr Charles said, the man had been looking up professor Melina;s advice, advice given to her by Forge and other dragons to aid in recovery.
"Sleep and food. Got it," said Amanda with a smile, petting her dragons nose. "Better than medicine, eh Blue?"
"Definitely." He agreed.
Kris heard the doctors words and nodded in agreement.
“Come on then Tank, lets park you up and let you rest” Kris said to the green dragon once Dr Hinton gave him permission to move now all the medical stuff was done.
The dragon rose to his feet and lumbered after his rider, already looking forward to the nap awaiting him.
"You'll let me know if anything happens with the investigation?" He wanted kris to assure him he wouldn't be left out simply because he was resting.
Kris looked up at him and nodded.
“You know I will bud, but you need to rest and sleep, that is your orders, while we see who or what did this, you did amazingly well Korrin, you deserve a good rest” Kris said, his tone of voice a bit softer than his usual demeanour.
"You fought too. I wasn't there alone. You should rest as well," replied the green dragon.
Kris fought the urge not to roll his eyes, Korrin always wanting to be involved but ensuring his atillu’s well being.
“I be fine, you need it more than me, now go rest up mr” Kris said to the green dragon.
The dragon paused, lingering by the door, "I could rest after I see what they have found out at the command centre-"
Kris gave his dragon a look.
“Korrin..bed please buddy, rest up and we talk later, off you go, doctor’s orders” Kris said to the tank of a dragon, watching him linger by the dragon, keen eyes watching him.
Korrin frowned but didn't refuse his Attilu's request and lumbered off to sleep.
Kris shook his head lightly, seeing Korrin frown and act like a child who needed to be told to go to bed, he sighed and walked off towards Alex office for their debrief.
Soon Kris met with Amanda who was also on her way to see Alex, Kris explained to her about Korrin’s reluctance to go to sleep and it was like having a scaled child to be told to go to sleep repeatedly.
The woman laughed at his comparison. "He is that kind of guy that always needs to be involved. Blue protested a bit but he knew he was exhausted so relented easily enough." Replied Amanda.
“Tarok has more sense than Korrin, I admire his commitment but stubborn as that silver one” Kris said as they walked into Alex office for their debrief.
The meeting lasted over an hour and soon the team dispersed for the evening as Kris returned to his quarters, footsteps echoing along the corridor towards his quarters.
Korrin was already alert, having heard his Attilu's footsteps approaching, "Anything?" he asked the second the man entered the room.
Kris looked up to see Korrin wide awake and alert, despite being told to rest up, the man sighed and looked up at the sky, shaking his head lightly.
"I thought i told you to go to bed and rest up tank...those were orders young dragon" Kris said seeing Korrin was awake and alert.
Korrin gestured to the bed that he was indeed laying it, "I am in bed. Not moving. Resting. I have followed your orders exactly."
Kris frowned lightly and shook his head.
“Stubborn dragon, you knew what I meant, very much a mini warlord” Kris said sitting down on the bed next to the green dragon.
Korrin seemed to ignore that Kris said, still wanting to know if there was news on what had happened, "So, any word?" he insisted.
Kris looked at him and chucked a pillow at his chest which bounced off harmlessly.
“Sleep Korrin, you been told to rest, your worse than putting a child to bed, do I have to read you a story or get you a glass of milk?” Kris replied back, as both were being stubborn.
"Hmm, maybe that would do," he teased tiredly, grabbing the fallen pillow and laying chin upon it. "If the story is of what news came out of the command centre I know you just came from."
Kris chuckled lightly at Korrin’s insistence and the dragon was determined, he sensed that, Kris had to admire the dragons resolve.
“Very strong minded young dragon, alright, you win this round, we had a de brief with Alex, he said that they be looking at images and trying to identify who attacked us, from the initial findings, whoever or whatever they are…seemed to be well resourced and seem to be well organized” Kris explained.
"Hmm," said the dragon, not exactly pleased with the lack of intel that they'd uncovered so far. Yet, now that Kris had gotten him up to date, the green tank finally closed his eyes to rest.
Kris sighed as he got up and worked on a few things before he decided to call it a night, tiredness calling to him as he stretched, hearing the whooshing of breath from the large green dragon.
He gave a small smile before heading to bed and settling down for the night, there was not much else they could do until Alex called them.
The two slept well into the morning as both of them slept soundly.
Korrin shifted in his sleep before slowly waking with a toothy yawn. Blinking he turned his head, surveying the room to see that Kris had finally fallen asleep as well. Korrin was about to lay his head back down when he noticed a bruise that was turning a mottled blue on the man's arm and frowned.
Kris awoke feeling eyes upon him and annoyance feeding from the link, he turned to see Korrin focussed on him with a stern frown upon his fearsome face.
"What....what is that frown for" Kris asked, seeing the dragon’s intense frown after just waking up.
"You got hurt. I didn't realize," said Korrin.
Kris looked at where the bruise was and prodded it lightly, it did not hurt or sting, it must of happened when they rushed to board Korrin before the bomb went off.
"It’s just a bruise tank, nothing serious, I’m fine honestly, just must of came up last night" kris replied.
"Hmm," grumbled the dragon, settled his wings to get comfy again.
Kris knew better than to question the dragon and cause anymore tension, he decided to change the topic.
“How are you feeling, ready to take on the world again? Or need more rest?” he asked the green dragon.
"Perhaps after a meal I could take on the world," said Korrin after a moment, "what about you?"
Kris nodded lightly.
“I’m ok, still impressed with you tank, must admit I thought admirably of you when you tried to carry all of us, plus your armour, very bold move, I do agree with Amanda that you guys are very determined dragons” Kris said, giving the dragon praise.
"I do what I can," Korrin said, attempting to be modest but appreciating the compliment.

The next couple of days flew by as the dragons and their riders recovered from their intense mission, Dr Charles checked up on both dragons soon with good food and rest, they healed up quickly, as this was going on, Jon and his team, along with James were doing some digging and investigation work, with Brogan helping out and keeping them uyp to speed.
Today, the dragons and riders were called ot a meeting room to discuss the findings and actions to take forward, Kris sat with Amanda talking about what could have been found, the dragons joined Alyia as they spoke to one another.
"Did you get that dent out of your chest plate, Korrin?" Asked Tarok.
The green dragon nodded, "kris did, yes."
"I can't believe a HUMAN did that," said Alyia, sounding concerned.
"I know... someone was very amiss with those men but we haven't found anything out yet," rumbled Korrin.
There was a brief moment of silence as the team waited for Alex and others to arrive with what had been found, the team had worked solidly while the dragons recovered and healed, along with Amanda and Kris.
"James certainly did a good job of getting word out there about the transport," said Tarok.
Alyia smiled at this, "Yes, he always ensures the job gets done right."
Kris overheard the conversation and noticed Alyia smiling lightly.
“Hopefully he did not get annoyed at anyone, or threaten to disembowel them” the man lightly joked to the dragoness.
"Only once," she beamed with a happy thump of her tail.
Soon the team came in and set up the computer as Alex got his notes together and then to present the findings to the team.
Shortly after Alex approached the group, "I know you all are hoping for answers during this investigation but unfortunately we've only dug up more questions than answers at this point. Brogan's team is still tasked with looking into it further but right now we have very little to work with despite our efforts."
Dr Charles and the others with him seem to nod at Alex comments, it made Kris feel a little frustrated and knew Korrin would ask a bunch of questions as soon as Alex asked if anyone had any questions.
"Did we find anything about the men that attacked us?" Korrin was the first to ask.
Dr Hinton answered the question.
“We did not get full matches of the people who attacked you, the images were blurry, I tried using facial recognition but the details were shrouded by glasses and the blurriness, despite this the computer did come up with closest matches…but they were dead ends, the database says the closest matches for the men were all dead” Dr Hinton explained.
The dragons looked utterly confused at this statement.
Alex folded him arms and spoke, "Captain Harkness informed me only a short time ago that the two members of their team where in fact duplicates, with the originals perishing in the states months earlier."
"Clones?" Stammered Alyia.
“Copies of people?” Kris asked.
“We do not know, Jack has said they are still investigating what happened and how these people were reconstructed” Jon added his two cents in.
"Captain Harkness's team is still in the process of working on it in their own investigations and ensured they will keep us updated." Said Alex.
"What about the ship?" Inquired Tarok.
"Or the teleportation technology that they seem to possess?" Added Korrin.
“The teleportation stuff is a mystery, to me it is theoretically possible but the power cost is enormous, I have no idea how they are doing it” Dr Hinton said.
Soon brisk footsteps could be heard as James approached, waving a USB stick around.
“Ey guys, I hs some information, I doog up for ya little gathering” the scot said, the man seemed pleased with himself.
Alyia smiled at her Attilu who looked rather pleased with himself, "what have you found?" She asked.
James put the USB in and brought up a hologram Image of the aircraft that attacked the dragons and riders.
“Ere we are lads and lasses, your cool highly advanced an fookin, big aircraft, the Harbinger gunship, armed too the teeth with all ya favourites..perfect for clearing large areas” James said pointing out the big guns and advanced weaponry.
"Yes that's it!" Said Korrin, only just now able to look at the ship in detail. During the fight it had been mayhem.
"That looks scary," said Alyia, shrinking back.
"Who owns these things?" Asked Tarok.
James grinned.
“Well lads and lasses there is one tiny..tiny problem with this lovely aircraft of death, developed by the EA in their R&D section” James said.
"Their research and development division?" Asked Amanda.
Dr Hinton nodded lightly.
“The Earth Alliance has a large research and development division, some of it has public, private and classified projects, some of the weapons and spacecraft are done by a division called Black watch” Dr Hinton explained.
“This aircraft would be under that division then…” Kris said.
The room seemed to go quiet before the green tank spoke up about the situation.
"How do we go about this then?" Asked Korrin? "If the EA is possibly behind this... or are allowing this to happen..."
Jon put his hand up to halt the green dragon.
“Your forgetting James tiny tiny problem….no one has picked up on” Jon said to the dragons making Kris look puzzled.
"And that would be?" Asked Amanda.
James pulled out the usb stick and the hologram image disappeared as he tossed the usb stick onto a table and spoke.
"It doesn’t theory Darlin, the woork was abandooned 5 years agoo, the vessel offically does not exist on any EA records, the project was terminated" James replied.
"Could someone else have gotten a hold of the plans?" Asked Tarok, surprised at this turn of events.
Dr Charles moved a little uneasy and Jon spoke.
“The EA are checking the records but according to their rules and regulations, once a project is abandoned the plans are destroyed after 4 years, these were apparently destroyed, but only a handful had access to the work, the EA are trying to locate the original design team, but their systems were hit by a complex computer virus and has caused corrupted files, the are investigating” Jon said.
“Sounds like someone doesn’t want us to go digging too deeply” Kris said.
“That is what we think, we also think whoever attacked you guys has large resources in which to draw upon” Dr Charles said.
Tarok shuddered at idea, "this is a much bigger threat that originally thought..."
Kris nodded in agreement to this, this enemy of theirs was bigger than they thought, it made him wonder if all that had happened over the years were caused by this shady operation.
“What is the plan or what are we going to do Alex” Kris asked the boss.
"We are going to digging a little deeper ourselves," said the commander, "something isn't right here are we are going to get to the bottom of it before anything else happens."
“We are keeping things quiet, no to arouse too much suspicion” Jon added as the others listened in as Kris chewed over the information and then spoke again the Alex.
"In the mean time what can we do, increase patrols...put the base on alert?" Kris asked Alex.
"Yes, we'll be extending the patrols further down the coast as well I think, just to have us a bit closer to the city in case anything should go amiss. Jon, you can ensure all our security systems are live and we'll get the doctors and a team gathered to pick apart what we've discovered so far."
“Of course sir” Jon said as Dr Charles nodded, it seemed to team were in agreement here.
A plan was decided and the base put on a higher state of alert, with the loss of the hornet, Jon had to borrow a Vancouver police Venom gunship, Korrin and Tarok begun their long patrols, sometimes together and covering large areas.
It was indeed long and tiring work for both dragons but it was needed, the base kept radar watch and kept an eye on noise online, Jon also had the defence grid tested and Dr Hinton ran checks to ensure the base was ready just in case.
While all this was going on, investigations continued
With Dr Charles and the others working with experts in Brogans division to gather more clues about their enemy, despite some progress, the key pieces of information were not there and both teams now seemed at an impasse 2 months on.
Another issue was now 3 months on and there had been no activity, everything had gone back to a lull, nothing really out of the ordinary, Alex decided that the base would stand down but keep eyes open just in case, but expending the dragon’s energy was not in their best interests with nothing going on.
Therefore, it was decided that patrols would resume as normal to the designated paths and Jon would fly out with his new ship when it arrived.
A few weeks later, something to give the team a break and to enjoy normal life, the Rugby world cup of 2090 was about to kick off, Alex decided it be a good opportunity for the team to relax and socialise, taking their minds off things.
Kendra had decorated the canteen and common room where the large flat screen TV hung up on the wall, the head chef decorated with all 25 countries who had made it to the world cup and was doing dishes based on the countries in it.
Today it was Canada Vs Uruguay and the dragons had aligned themselves with their atillu’s respective nationalities and were getting involved in the game..some more than others, as the dragons and the humans watched the TV.
"Go, go, go!" Rumbled Korrin, getting into the spirit of the game.
"Go team, do the thing. Score the points," said Amanda in mock enthusiasm as she brought a tray of snacks to put before everyone. Her own dragon sported a banner hanging from one of his horns as they all gathered to watch the match.
Soon footsteps could be heard as another member of the team approached the gang.
"How they doing the old canucks" Dr Charles came in wearing his England rugby shirt proudly, stark contrast to the sea of red Canadian shirts.
Tarok turned and saw the shirt that the good doctor was wearing.
"What the heck are you doing wearing that thing in here?" Teased Tarok. "Someone get him into a home team jersey!"
The doctor laughed.
"Oh listen to you, one game of rugby on the sand and he is an expert on the game, im from England...hence the shirt" Dr Charles said.
"But you're on Canadian soil," grinned Korrin.
This comment got a chuckle from the rest of the team, good natured and a great spirit among everyone here, it was an asset to the Torchwood 7 branch.
"Well....if you think Dr Charles is bad...wait till you see Alyia" Jon said with a chuckle as he took a swig of his beer.
Korrin rolled his eyes but with a good natured smile, “she would joyfully cheer for a rock if that's what James was a rabid fan of.”.
“Oh most likely, that poor girl” Dr Hinton said as he shook his head lightly at the thought of the dragoness supporting a dull coloured rock.
Just then as if summoned, the little dragoness came trotting out in almost enough blue to rival Tarok's scales.
Someone had managed to procure a jersey to fit her and temporary tattoos of her teams logo had been decaled onto the scales of her cheeks and a little flag had been tied with blue ribbon to the end of her tail. "Hello everyone!" She cheered.
The team looked in surprise at Alyia, easily aligning herself with her mad Scottish Atillu, she look very patriotic.
"My word Alyia...its mrs Scotland 2090" Kris said with a grin.
"Wow, you really gone the full mile Alyia" Jon said.
The little dragoness gave a deadline version of a curtesy and when she flared her wings behind her they were even bedazzled in blue and white.
"I'm feeling the team spirit," she admitted.
"Good thing blue really compliments you," smiled Amanda.
Alyia blushed a little, "thank you!" She said before looking over her shoulder to see her Attilu was coming along to join them.
James approached in more casual attire, only really wearing his Scoh rugby jersey as he approached the others, the man seemed a little relaxed and not tense, or look like he was about to strangle someone.
"You're not as decked out as your dragon, James," commented Amanda.
James looked at Amanda and replied.
"I cannae show up ma girl, can I Lass" James said looking at Alyia, it made Kris smile a little, considering the man was not too impressed with the bond.
The dragoness thrummed happily at what the man had said and sat down next to Tarok to watch the game with the others, looking awfully pleased.
Amanda smiled and reached over to pet her nose.
"Anyone feeling like placing a bet on this years winner?" She dared.
That seemed to start the small bantered bickering between the british members of the Vancouver team.
"Oh that is easy, England of course, real favourites here" Dr Charles said.
"Ack!, yoou goot ya head up ya Arse, its time for us to soar" James said and then gestured to Alyia who was decorated in Scottish colours proudly.
Alyia beamed and flared her wings, letting their colours show.
"Oh Alyia, you traitor," scoffed Korrin.
"well to be fair, none of the dragons aren’t Canadian, your Kilarian" Jon said as he munched on some crisps.
"I consider myself Canadian enough. We live here, are we are known as the Canadian team aaaaand you are Canadian and we're bonded so..." said Korrin.
"Close enough," agreed Tarok.
"Time for an actual application for citizenship for these guys, hm kris?" Laughed Amanda.
Kris shook his head and laughed lightly at the teasing and humour.
"Eh, they let anyone in, as long as they love poutine, maple syrup and oversized trucks" Kris joked.
"Where is our boss?, he isnt usually late to one of these little sports things" Jon said, looking around for Alex.
"I was working unlike the lot of you," said the commander, coming around the corner as if on cue.
"Docked pay, all of ya," he joked.
The team made room for the commander to sit, Jon handing him a beer as Kendra made more snacks for the team to munch on.
"So who are you supporting sir, considering your dressed neutral" Kris said.
"Ack, my jersey I knew I forgot something," he said, patting his collared shirt realizing he hadn't put it on after he left his desk.
"Canada of course unlike some of our team who lack a little maple leaf loyalty," he said, pointing his fingers at his own eyes then at the others in turn.
"This will come up in thee yearly employee evaluation," he said in an attempt at a stern voice.
“Eh” Dr Charles said shrugging his shoulders as James waved it off, he seemed to know something and it seemed to amuse him and Alyia seemed to also know, not that the team noticed.
“Wonder where Tara is?” Dr Charles said looking around.
A short while later Tara came in wearing a much too large blue and jersey. "What!?" Exclaimed Korrin, offended. This shout from the Canadian supporters made the girl freeze, clutching the tray of food she brought for everyone.
"What do you mean what!" She quipped back, trying to find her confidence. "If I came in here wearing MY home team colours I would have been kicked off the island. Alyia said James had an extra jersey so I took her up on the offer."
Alyia stuck her tongue out at Korrin and he scoffed at this. "Kris could have given you a better team shirt."
“Tha ytooung laady has a great shirt, goood choice lass” he toasted his drink of whisky to her and drank it much to the grumblings of Korrin.
"Now now, lets enjoy the game shall we?, you look good young Tara, sadly England are playing Scotland" he said as James pointed to the doctor.
"Aye, were friends until kick oof laddie" James said as the others chuckled.
Tara took her her place on on of the couches and went to set down her tray of snacks when Taroks nose came down and stole one.
"Hey! Let me put it down first!" She laughed, smiling as she was feeling more like one of the team every day.
The team laughed and continued talking as they watched the match together, a nice chance to relax and be themselves after the ordeal of a few months ago, despite whatever was thrown at them, Torchwood 7’s team had a unique strength and bond that noone would ever break.

THE END...roll credits.
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