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Unread May 27th, 2018, 12:29 PM   #1
the listener
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T7: Of Parties and Peril

Singing softly under her breath, Alyia got her day started early, waking with the soft light of the rising sun streaming through the floor to ceiling windows that looked out across the stretch of beach beyond. The beach house was no longer an empty hull of a dwelling, since Alyia had moved in she had decorated to her hearts content, making it a home instead of simply a place for habitation. Shells and starfish decorated the walls beside collages of picture frames filled with photos that made the dragoness thrum in delight whenever she passed them.

Calmness had resumed through the western cost of British Columbia after the last incident was resolved with the help of the torchwood team.
Their usual schedules of patrolling and gathering with local communities once began became the norm. This week Alyia and James were scheduled to work from the comfort of their beachside home on the eastern coastline of Vancouver island. Tara Stonewell had begun her apprenticeship with the doctors of the T7 clan and she had completed her first few weeks and was settling in comfortably.

The coffee pot was already percolating, a backdrop to the little tune she was humming as she grabbed a bagel and cut it in half. Tossing it up in the air she expertly toasted it with one burst of flame, catching it on a plate and topped it with butter with a side of fruit. Being smaller than the other dragons, she was quite a bit more dexterous in the kitchen and loved the joy of this kind of thing. Having wings and a semi-prehensile tail helped as well, shutting cabinets and opening drawers while keeping her paws free for other things. She had become quite the master of the space, her usual clumsiness vanished when she was in the zone.

She already had a cup of tea for herself steaming on the counter, smelling of bergamot and vanilla. She took a quick bite of her healthier breakfast before wiping down the counter.
Perking up at the sound of James’ entrance into the world of the awake, she grabbed his favourite mug from the cabinet and set to gathering the rest of the man’s breakfast.
A short time later Alyia set down the man’s breakfast and morning coffee, just as he liked it, on the side table next to where he sat reading the news. His focus on this daily task was unbroken but he seemed to acknowledge the presence of caffeine as he had taken the mug and took a sip.

The little dragoness’s hazel eyes were hopeful and bright as she settled next to the man on her spot on the hardwood floor. She looked up at him, not speaking but almost willing him to turn to her and see that she had a question she was hesitant to ask. She seemed to be holding back just blurting out all together, waiting as patiently as she could.
"Ta Lass, best way ta start the daay, with the sun, we doon’t see it often in Scootland," James said taking a sip and reading the morning papers.
She seemed to latch onto his mention of the beautiful weather, her smile brightening.

“Oh, sir I agree!” she said, scooting a little closer but still remaining on the floor, “The sun is supposed to be around all week and get even warmer on the weekend. It would be the most wonderful weekend for a barbeque party. Could we please host at ours? It would be wonderful to have a little gathering in a setting that’s not the base. I think it would be wonderful, don’t you?” asked the dragoness with apprehensive hopefulness.

James looked up from his paper and gave the young dragoness a look, "Ya determined to hoost aren’t ya Lass?" James replied, with a lack of enthusiasm.
“I think it would be really nice for Tarok to have a birthday celebration away from the base. It’s a special one and he has always had them at the facility… it would be a nice change and I would love to help cook for everyone.”

James sighed with disapproval but he could sense she wanted to do this for the bipedal dragon, normally he would not do this sort of thing but James sensed her hopefulness, "Ack, Fiine Lass yoou win, we av a birthday party for the blue raptor ere," James said finally relenting to the dragoness.
“Ah, thank you sir!” she said, thrumming happily. Moments like these she often had the urge to nuzzle him affectionately but knew the man was not pleased with overt affection. Instead she had adapted to a gesture of dipping her head and smiling while thrumming her happiness for all to hear.

“I promise it will be fun! I’ll ensure your favourites are served too and all our friends will be here so that’s certainly a reason to enjoy!”

She seemed so happy but suddenly she sat upright and her eyes popped open, “Oh! So much to be done! I’ll call the base and ensure everyone can come, Saturday at 5 you think?” she said but really wasn’t waiting for his answer. Bouncing to her feet she trotting off, making mental lists of everything that needed to be done.

"James shakes his head lightly, "I'm in charge of the meat Lass, man thing!" James shouted into the house to the dragoness as he shook his head and continued reading.

“A barbeque you say? How did you manage to convince James to agree to that?” asked Alex, smiling through the screen of their video call later that morning. He was sitting in the command center, she could see, and a few of the others seems to be busy at work behind him.
“Oh it didn’t take much, sir. He’s very excited too,” she beamed.
Alex hid a laugh behind a hand, pretending to rub at his jawline, “Oh I’m sure he is. Should we bring anything?”
“No, I’ve got it all covered, just bring yourselves,” chirped the dragoness.
“Alright, don’t go overboard, okay?”
“I’ll try. I am so excited to have you all over. Anyway I better go get some things together. It’s only a few days away. See you later, commander sir!”
She signed off and looked down at a piece of paper, adorned with her list of items needed for the event, “Alright, invites are complete, time for a little grocery shopping…” she said, folding the paper and slipping it between a scale behind her crest for safekeeping.
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With the day beginning with beautiful weather in British Columbia, Korrin and Kris were on early morning patrol, they scoured the islands of Quadra and kept an eye for anything that was amiss or anything that stood out, however much to the green dragon’s chargin there was nothing but birds flying and a gentle breeze from the sea.
The patrol was quiet and uneventful, Kris had decided to have a break on one of the islands as it was quiet and no action, they landed on one of the smaller islands where there was densely packed trees all huddled together on this small island.
Korrin landed and Kris got off and settled down under the trees. Getting out his sandwiches and other goodies from his rucksack as he leaned against the base of the tree, looking outward while munching on his sandwiches Kendra had made him.
Kendra always made sure the team were well prepared and fed well on their active duties with snacks also for the dragons as well, with diets catered specifically for the dragons, Korrin was easier than Tarok as he could not eat meat and was on a stricter diet.
Korrin meandered through the trees, his horns catching in the low hanging branches as he sought to amuse himself with turning over small stones and fallen logs in search of anything that might catch his interest.
Kris looked over his shoulder at the green dragon, looking around.
“bored, are you? Flicking over logs and rocks as if they aren’t anything, if you come here you can have half a sandwich” Kris offered to Korrin.
Korrin looked up and smiled, taking the offered snack, "the patrol isn't anything exciting today. I guess I am bored."
Kris nodded lightly in agreement.
“Yes, not as much action as Torchwood 5, I can see how those guys are sharp and on point, seems they deal with some incident a day, I’m sure they have quiet times” Kris lightly laughed, imagining Ardon being bored and bugging Jack.
"They do, Ardon assures me. But you're right. They are rather occupied with everything that happens there," agreed the dragon, sitting down.
Kris looked at the green dragon and smiled a little.
“You have grown again it seems, each Summer I feel your broadening out and getting bigger, your looking even more fearsome, having to upgrade you from the tank to the Sherman tank” Kris grinned.
"Who is Sherman?" inquired Korrin, turning his head towards the man.
Kris shook his head, amused by Korrin’s question, clearly, he had not read up on human history like Alyia had done, her head in books and tablets reading up.
“It was a type of tank used by the Yanks, it was a tank that could basically rumble and was pretty robust, able to smash through buildings and obstacles with ease and keep ploughing on” Kris explained as well as he could to the green dragon.
"Oh, I see," replied the dragon, subtly arching his neck proudly at the comparison.
Kris could sense from the link Korrin was proud of the words he said.
“Glad to be bonded to someone that determined and focused, pretty much keeps me on point with tasks, even though I tell you to go shoving stones into the sea” he joked lightly with the young dragon before him.
"You ARE a weirdo, Kris," grinned Korrin, snorting to make the man's hair go flying.
Kris laughed lightly as he pushed the dragons muzzle away from him, to stop the dragon mucking up his hair.
The green dragon laughed and settled comfortably, yawning. "So what now?" he inquired.
Kris got up and stretched lightly.
“Well, there is nothing here that could be a challenge for you, so I guess its back to patrol along the northern route and then head for home, got another 2 hours of patrolling left” Kris said, looking at his watch.
"Alright," said the dragon, looking around the clearing in which they sat. He suddenly got a sly look and jumped to his feet before vaulting into the air leaving Kris on the ground below. "What are you doing? Come on, we've got work to do!" he teased, circling above him.
Kris laughed as he got his rucksack back on and looked up.
“You sly one, bet you cant get me” Kris said as he ran into the thick woods the opposite direction to where the dragon was flying above him.
"Hey!" shouted Korrin, the game turned back on him somehow. He barred his teeth in a grin and gave pursuit. It was difficult to see the man run through the thick forest canopy but he could hear him crashing through the brush.
"Vancouver can hear you from here, you're not very stealthy, Kris!" he yelled from above.
Kris grinned as he saw a place where he could hide, running there and taking cover under a thick log and kept low to the ground, hearing the dragon’s wings flapping above as the woods became silent.
"Oh damn it," Korrin muttered to himself, realizing he couldn't hear the man any longer.
Tuning into his other senses he dove low over the trees.
He let out a deep crackle of a predatory growl to let Kris know he wasn't going to win this one.
Kris kept low and hidden, not giving his dragon an easy win, the ma was silent as the dragon sought him out.
Korrin looped around a tall standing cedar tree and flew as quietly as he could to try to hear anything below.
He caught something on the wind and tilted his wings to the left, dicing down into a tight clearing. He landed and lowered his head, looking around and drawing in breath. A dragon in the full appearance of hunting.
Kris remained quiet and quietened down his breathing, keeping close to the ground, using his training when he was in the army and cadets to keep hidden and quiet from his dragon, he was indeed close but Kris kept silent.
Korrin gave a knowing smile as he slowly turned away and pretended to lumber off in a different direction before suddenly turning and pouncing on a fallen log. He hefted it up revealing his Attilu hiding behind it. Korrin grinned, "Surprise," before tossing away the trunk.
Kris seemed surprised as he rolled away as the dragon seemed amused.
“How the heck did you move that? It was covered in moss and looked weighty, that is crazy” Kris said, his tone one of surprise and astonishment what his dragon had just done, the man was finding Korrin could surprise him at times.
"Doesn't matter. I found you," he said. "Now YOU'RE it," he said, poking him in the chest with a talon.
Kris gave him a sly look, “Oh yeah?, we tag this” Kris said looking to nudge Korrin a bit so he could run off again but he hit Korrin with his own shoulder, the dragon was solid and Kris literally bounced off the dragon as he landed with a heavy thump awkwardly on the ground.
A laugh burst from Korrin's jaws but was immediately cut off as he realized the man had hurt himself. He lowered his head to him, "Are you okay?" he asked.
Kris nodded lightly, checking himself.
“Yeah, I’m fine just shaken from the collision, I know how Ardon felt running into you” Kris said rubbing his head slightly, noticing a cut on his elbow.
"Looks like we'll have to amputate. Here, I'll do it," said Korrin, sounding rather serious as he opened his jaws.
Kris laughed lightly, putting is hands up to grab the dragons jaws, “Still wanting to play my dragon?, I told you I can take as much as you can dish out” he chuckled lightly.
"It appears you've had enough," chuckled Korrin, "Come on, let's finish our patrol before you get banged up anymore."
Kris stuck out his tongue.
“Chicken, got to bring the fun to the end, I would not be a good atillu if I couldn’t take a few knocks” Kris said getting up from the ground.
"I could knock you into next week but what guardian would do that to his Attilu? Even one with a thick skull like yours," he laughed.
Kris laughed lightly, “Ok, lets get on with patrol and then home, to get a scolding from Jon for mucking about” the man sighed as he got back on the riding harness on Korrin’s back as they took off to resume their patrol.
Korrin resumed the tracked patrol route as they continued their routine, Kris was settled in the harness as Korrin flew on, with some silence between them before Korrin spoke.
"You said that you were happy bonded to me," said Korrin, looking over his shoulder, "I feel the same way. I'm lucky."
Kris gave a small smile and patted Korrin on the side.
“I am glad, we make a great team, though I expect you to come out on top if and when you and Ardon perhaps have a round “ Kris lightly teased the green dragon.
"Yeah, yeah," replied Korrin with a small smile.
Kris checked his watch before he took out his binoculars to continue his duties as Korrin flew above the islands and the sea.

Meanwhile in Torchwood 7’s labs Dr Charles was catching up on some reports while it was quiet and helping their youngest member of the team, Tara with her workbook that the man had made for the girl the things needed for working on the base, Dr Charles was impressed with her determination and scientific like approach to the scenario’s presented.
Tara hunched over her workbook, pen scribbling industrially across the page. She suddenly frowned and paused, rereading something.
"Doctor Charles...." she said, still trying to figure out the problem even as she asked for help, "I'm not sure what this means here." she said, pointing to something on the page.
The doctor came over to the young girl’s desk and looked at the page Tara was pointing at.
“That is the equation for calculating metabolic rates, its been modified for dragons and regardless of the breed the same equation can be used” the man explained.
"Really? All dragons?" she asked, surprised, thinking of the vast differences between dragons like Vonriir and Veyron.
Dr Charles nodded.
“Indeed, pretty handy, you got professor Goodwin to thank for that, she worked it out and it means we do not use separate equations for each dragon breed, then Dr Hinton put it into our main computer, so it does much of the complex calculations but it is good to know the equation” the man explained to Tara.
"That's genius," remarked Tara, trying to commit the equation to memory. "The more I learn the more I realize that I have so much catching up to do."
Dr Charles smiled kindly.
“Your doing exceptionally well Tara, I have been most impressed by your dedication and your work ethic, I think you got the makings of a fine Doctor, but as you are under my tuition I think its time for a break, refresh your mind” the man said to the young lady.
The girl smiled a put down her pen, "Alright. I could use a break before all the numbers start running together."
“Yes, it can feel like that, I try and do it in bitesize chunks for you, but I think that is enough for today on the theory, you done some practical work yesterday, I think an afternoon of social time, having some food, fresh air and exercise will help rest your mind ready for tomorrow” Dr Charles said to Tara, putting her workbook in the draw.
"Alright, thanks again, Doctor Charles. I'll catch up with you again tomorrow to finish off that workbook," Said Tara, getting up and heading out.
Dr Charles nodded as he went back to his own work, having a small smile on his face at Tara’s dedication to learning, it pleased him that she had joined and taken up the professor’s offer of studying at the facility.
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the listener
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Sitting on the couch with her tablet propped up on her knees, Amanda typed away with her brow furrowed at the screen.
“You know, you look like you’re about to give someone a good talking to when you are focused on typing,” came a voice, jolting her out of her trance.
“What? Oh, my dad always said the same thing. I’ve always had this intense look when I’m writing.,” she said with an embarrassed smiled as she looked up at her dragon.
“Just means you’re extra focused,” Tarok grinned.
“If you say so,” laughed Amanda before sighing, “There’s so much to fill out here. Who knew this job would mean so much paperwork?”
“Still filling out those reports?”
“I think I will be until my dying day, either that or until my fingers fall off from all this typing.” She said, pausing to flex her fingers and rub at her wrists with a wince.
“Do they really need all this?” the dragon inquired, swerving his neck about and tilting his head to read over her shoulder.
“Yeah, apparently. With you and I participating in SAR, every call we respond to needs to be given a report to go along with it. Record keeping and all that legal nonsense you know.”
“Who knew saving lives could be so much work?” teased Tarok. She smiled and pushed his nose away from the screen.
“A lot of work, Blue. Now you distracted me, where was I?”
“You should take a break, let’s go fly to Bold Point and I can get some oysters.”
Amanda made a face, “Yuck.”
“Yum!” insisted the dragon, nosing her shoulder, “Come on, just a short break.”
“You’re going to be shore hunting for hours if we go. I have a deadline for these,” she said, gesturing to her tablet helplessly.
Tarok made to grab the device with his teeth, “Oh no you don’t!” shouted Amanda, grabbing at it. “Go find Kris and Korrin on patrol, burn off some of this energy you’ve got boiling over.”

“Hello,” came a voice as Tara walked into the room, seeing Amanda holding the tablet to her chest and trying to fend off the coastal with her foot, “What’s….. going on in here?”
“I am trying to get heaps of work done but my dragon here is being a pest,” said Amanda, trying to be stern but losing out to s smirk.
“I am not,” snorted the blue male.
Suddenly Amanda’s eyes lit up, “Say, Tara are you working with the professor at the moment?”
The girl shook her head, “No, I’m done for the day.”
“Do you want to go fly the island with Tarok?” offered Amanda.
Tara tried not to look too excited, “Oh, sure! If You want to, that is,” she said, looking at the dragon.
“Fine by me if my Attilu is just going to sit about all day.” He said, getting to his feet.
Amanda pretending to swing her tablet at him, “I’m working. Not sitting about you big blue lizard. Go stretch your wings for a bit so I can actually get some work done.”
Tarok laughed and gestured to Tara with a flip of his muzzle.
“Come on, I can show you Bold Point.”
“He’s going shellfishing so bring a book, you’ll be out there all afternoon,” called Amanda from the couch.
Tara hurried so that she could catch up with the dragon’s long strides as they headed to the air dome.
She helped put on his harness and eagerly got aboard. Soon enough he burst out into the beautiful blue sky above. Flying across the island to its southeastern side, Tara could see a number of lakes glittering below, the dusty remains of old roads from when the island used to be inhabited by other people.
Tara smiled the whole flight. She loved Icarus and had flown with him often across their property under glittering Montana skies but this was different. Flying in the middle of the day, seeing a whole different part of the world was an experience that thrilled her every time. The dragons of T7 were kind and let her fly with them every so often. Aylia asked her often as well, seeing as James rarely flew if he could help it.
“It’s so pretty over here,” she commented, leaning over the side of the saddle to look as they came over the little inlet.
“Good for oysters too,” commented Tarok, flaring his wings and slowing them down. He landed on the remains of an old dock and it wobbled under his weight. His wings were spread for balance as he waited for the floating dock to steady. Tara dismounted and unclipped the paddle board and oar they had attached to his harness.
He took off his riding rigging so that it wouldn’t be damaged by the salt water and deposited it in a heap on the old deck boards.
“I’ll be just there,” said the dragon, pointing to a small island in the middle of the inlet, only a dozen meters away. “You can paddle around the island if you like. They used to farm oysters here and they’re plentiful now that they aren’t harvested.”
“Hmm, go enjoy that shell goop,” Tara said, making a face.
Tarok laughed and jumped into the air, sending the dock rocking back and forth.
Tara got the board in the water and followed him out into the inlet. The little cove was protected and the water was calm here, clear enough to see down into the shallows where the shellfish made the bottom appear bright turquoise.
She watched with interest as the dragon wallowed into these shallows, using his deadly long claws on his hind leg to pry open the sharp shells.
His head would resurface with his prize in his jaws before moving on for more.
Tara paddled about and could see small perch hiding under the dock and anemones
floating in the current below. It was a magical place, full of life.
“Are you excited for your party this Saturday?” she asked when he lifted his head above the waves again.
“Yeah, I’m surprised Alyia managed to convince James to host,” said the dragon.
“It will be fun, I’m certain of it. I was so excited to be invited.”
‘Oh course you’re invited. You’re part of the team now,” replied the dragon.
Tara smiled at this. She never imagined in her wildest dreams that she would be working with dragons.
She laid on her back and let the sun beat down on her as she drifted past the dragon for the countless time.
“Hey, come here,” said Tarok, breaking her out of her daydream. She sat up and paddled over.
“Hold out your hand,” he instructed and she did so, wondering what he was on about.
He lowered his nose to her hand and dropped something in her palm. A small, pinkish pearl rolled in her hand.
“I find them occasionally. That one’s for you,” he said.
“Thank you!” she said delighted.
“Alright, let’s head back. Time to see if Amanda had finished her work,” said Tarok as they met back on the dock to get his gear back on. She sat on the paddle board in the water as the dragon got his rigging untangled.
A sudden noise made them both look up and Tara gasped, “Look!”
A small pod of orcas had come to investigate the cove, chasing in a school of fish. The surfaced with a woosh of air and sea spray, tall finds cutting through the water.
“I’ve never seen a whale before,” she said, astonished.
Tarok watched protectively as the whales swam close by and with Tara still on the water. They seemed to pose no danger, gliding by with a flash of white and black.
“That was wild. I can’t wait to tell the others!’ Grinned the girl once the creatures had departed.
“I love it here,” she beamed, climbing aboard.
“We’re glad you do,” cheered Tarok, jumping into the air to head back for home.
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The week went by quickly and uneventful as Saturday was soon upon them, Alyia’s BBQ would be in the evening and all the bits were set, Alyia had gone for a walk along the golden beach near where their home was, James had gone to get the bits from the kitchen for the bbq but the man soon got frustrated not finding the items he was looking for and as usual began to lose his temper.
This feeling would soon pass through their link and inform Alyia that the man was once again unhappy.
Alyia paused on her meander across the beach property in front of the house. There was a familiar feeling coming through the link. It was then she heard the shouting.
"Oh!" she said, trotting back towards the house.
As the dragoness came back, she could hear clattering of plastic on the floor and the ranting and angry expletives coming from the kitchen, soon plastic cutlery began getting chucked out of the window and clattering outside on the wooded balcony.
"Sir!" called the dragoness, grabbing a spatula that had been hurled out into the sand, curses coming from the house.
"Sir! What are you doing?" she repeated, catching a pot before it hit the ground.
“Can’t find anything in this fookin house!” came an angry response as more picnic and plastic Tupperware was flung out of the window in quick succession, the so focused on curing and ranting, he did not even notice Alyia there.
The dragoness ducked out of the way but then peered through the open window hesitantly. "What do you mean you can't find anything? It's all organized. What are you looking for, sir? I'll help you find it."
Soon there was silence and James appeared with the BBQ tongs and his apron with its comical comments about being an angry scot by a bbq, subtly apt for the occasion.
“Ahh there ya beauties be!” he declared but then saw the mess outside and seemed to look at the dragoness with a pang of regret.
“Ahh sorry Lass, I muckin up ya day aren’t I?” he replied back to Alyia.
"No, no," said the dragoness hurriedly, "it's alright. No harm done," she said, collecting the flung items.
James soon came outside and came to pick up the bits that had been flung outside as Alyia looked like she was in a hurry.
“Lass, ya sort tah food girl, I tidy up ere, I made the mess, I tidy, I make ya a hot chocolate as a sorry for being a foul-mouthed bastard” James said picking pu the bits and putting it up on the table neatly.
The dragoness peeked up at the news of hot chocolate, "Oh, sir you are not ... one of those. I get huffy myself when I can't find something in the kitchen," she said, though that couldn't be further from the truth. Alyia had to be the most patient and calm creature in the country.
James had finished picking up all the plastic cutlery and plates for this evening and put them neatly on the table outside, looking to see everything had been picked up.
“There all done, you park your bonnie scales rump ere, I goo make you a hot choccie, be too ticks” James said as he walked back into the kitchen, the man feeling a tad guilty with how he lost his temper a little, it was a rare occasion to see the man act in this kind of way.
The dragoness smiled to herself, not used to being doted on.
"Thank you!" She called after him before looking around and thinking what else there was to be done before the party.
James went back into the kitchen whistling a tune as he made the dragoness a hot chocolate, his way of making up for his temper tantrum earlier, soon he arrived back with the treat for the crème dragoness.
“There ya are Lass, hot choccie with cream and little chewy things and sprinkling of chocolate, foor it too be authentic Scottish, we av to deep fry it” he said putting the mug on the table and sitting at the table with a cup of coffee.
The thought of somehow possibly frying a liquid item made the dragoness pause in confusion for a moment before she realized he was kidding.
"Mmm thank you," she thrummed, taking a sip. "I'm excited about tonight. I hope everyone comes over."
“They better, oor I be avin words with em Lass and you know I can be persuasive” he replied.
Alyia laughed at this, "You're still okay to tend to the barbeque?" she inquired.
James nodded his head lightly.
"Aye, man job cookin the meat, im all prepared, whats on the menu lass? " he asked.
Alyia listed off an absurd number of sides that she had prepared yesterday. She had cooked and prepped the whole day. It was a lot of work feeding dragons and Kendra should be commended for all the effort involved.
"You were in charge of the meat.... you DID get it... right?" she asked, suddenly a little pale.
James gave Alyia a look.
“Are ya questioning my abilty to goo shopping wee dragon?, I av literally cleared the butchers oot of meat and some fish foor our velociraptor” James said.
Alyia let out a sigh of relief, "Oh, good. I think aside from cooking that, all the food preparation is done.... I feel like I'm missing something though..."
James shook his head lightly.
“Its all in hand Lass, joost hope you got enough fire in ya to cook all the meat” James said with a serious look upon his face.
The dragoness looked confused... "Me?"
James nodded.
“Aye you, I been toold I gotta feed ya fatty stuff for ya lung thingamajig, we best get ya prepped” James said getting up and leaving the table, walking into the kitchen.
"Wha..." she said, getting up to follow him. "I can't ...." she began to fret, the night would be ruined without the main course! She looked out the window and spotted the barbecue with a number of propane tanks sitting next to it.
"Oh, sir..." she said, realizing the joke. "You got me worried! “she laughed.
James stuck his head out the window in the kitchen and gave a small and very rare smile to the dragoness, it was so rare in fact that Alyia should have had a camera to film it.
“See?, I can joke and av a laugh Lass, now..get ya arse in ere or I might av dragon as a light supper” he said.
The dragoness laughed and followed him into the kitchen, thrumming happily.

“Well this little get together in the evening will be interesting, lets hope James is in a good mood or he be throwing sharp objects at us” Kris joked lightly to the others in the common room.
"Don't upset him and you'll be safe," said Amanda with a wry smile and she pet Tarok's nose.
Kris chuckled lightly.
“Same goes for you tank,. Be good or he will be serving dragon kebab to us” Kris said with a grin on his face.
"Ew," said Tarok and Korrin snorted.
"I think I'm the only one of the team he hasn't shouted at," said the green dragon.
"Yet," added Amanda.
Kris chuckled lightly as Jon looked up from his work, listening in on the conversation.
“I got our two security operatives will man the fort, I enticed them to stay, paying double time and a half, oh and Dr Hinton is staying as well, he take command while we are all eating meat and deep fried mars bars” Jon said.
"Whaaat!" Exclaimed Tarok.
Amanda was quick to try to subdue this excitement, "Noooo none for you bud. It's chocolate."
"But its deep fried chocolate," said the dragon wistfully, "I have to try it."
Kris laughed lightly.
“Oh no, no chocolate for not after last time, no way” Kris said as he remembered the last time they gave chocolate to Tarok.
“If you feed him chocolate I set Korrin on you” Kris added.
"Oh come on, that's not fair. Chocolate shouldn't exist if I can't have it," huffed the blue dragon.
"I'm evacuated. Don't send me into that battle," said korrin.
"Boys, be nice," chided Amanda but knew that it was all in fun and an ongoing joke for the group.
Kris shook his head as Jon chuckled.
“I do worry for that poor dragoness, I hope James will be ok, I know this is the worst thing for him, perhaps shes told him to behave” Jon suggested.
“Bribery I think” Kris replied as Amanda rolled her eyes as the banter continued in the canteen, even Jon getting involved despite there being work to do before the bbq.

Meanwhile, Tara went to the lab to start her work book, tapping in the code as she entered.
Tara couldn't find her workbook or any of her papers as she scoured the laboratory, "I thought we put them here..." she muttered to herself, confused.
Dr Charles appeared from his office with a smile, “I got your workbook, just marking it, so far so good so I think you deserve a day off, I don’t want you wasting your youth” the man said kindly.
The girl laughed, "if you say so I won't complain."
The doctor chuckled lightly.
“Youngsters like you need to be active, perhaps have a day with Amanda and Tarok, you all set for the evening?” he asked the young lady.
"Yes I am," she smiled happily. "It should be fun."
The man nodded but then remembered something that made the doctor concerned all of a sudden.
"You met James right as in fully" Dr charles asked.
"No. I've only seen him once. Alyia was going to introduce me but he was busy." Replied Tara.
The man was a little worried, knowing the Scotsman’s nature.
"Ahh ok, you haven’t been warned then, the man is a little different, bit brash and uses...colourful language at times" the man explained.
"Oh... well I'm sure I can deal with a little swearing." She assured him.
Dr Charles wasn’t too sure he was the right person to warn Tara, he did not want the young lady to be offended or put off by the man’s brash words or personality.
"Maybe best get Amanda to warn you in advance, I’m no good with these sort of talks" Charles said.
Tara laughed, "don't worry about it. Alyia will watch out for me."
Charles smiled.
“I’m sure she will, now off you trot, I got some work to do before I venture out” he said as Tara left to go meet up with the dragons and their riders.
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Earlier that morning Amanda had woken up and very slowly and very quietly managed to sneak away from her slumbering dragon. She looked over her shoulder, smiling to herself. Tarok was curled in a happy heap upon the cushioned floor, nose tucked under the crook of his wing.
Carrying a large tray, she backed into the room, trying to be careful not to spill any of the contents. She heard the dragon shift, waking behind her as she tried to close the door silently with her food.
“Hey Blue, happy birthday, buddy,” she grinned, turning around with the platter in her hands. A very sleepy face looked back, confused for a second before he brightened, his crest lifted a bit in surprise.
“I almost forgot what day it was when I woke,” he croaked, then clearing his throat, “Is all this for me?”
Amanda nodded and put the tray down carefully, “Yes, your favorite. I’ve got salmon and eggs benedict as well as Kendra’s famous fried shrimp hash plus avocado because green things are good for you,” she grinned.
The dragon shifted his weight, sitting up, the intoxicating smell was delicious.
“Thank you!” he thrummed, nudging her shoulder with his nose. She spread her arms and hugged his muzzle, his head bowed to reach her.
“Happy hatchday, I should have said earlier,” she said with a laugh.
The dragon grinned, “Happy whatever is fine with me.”
“I can’t believe how the years have flown by. When you first came you were hardly bigger than a horse but look at you now,” she said, pride filling her voice.
Tarok looked sheepishly happy at her praise. He had certainly grown, now at his full size for coastals grew into their adult height as weight far earlier than other larger breeds.
“Dig in, Blue. Alex cleared your patrol for today. He’s going to take the shuttle about the island but all looks calm.”
“Oh that was kind of him,” said the dragon, after swallowing a mouthful of amazing food.
As the dragon finished off the last morsels of food from his plate, Amanda produced a box from behind her back. It was wrapped in coloured comics from the local paper, a family tradition of hers.
“What’s this?” he asked.
“It’s for you, open it,” she encouraged, pushing the parcel over to the dragon.
Tarok looked pleased and honoured all at once and began to carefully try to pull apart the wrapping, attempting not to tear it.
“Just rip it, that’s the best part about opening presents,” laughed Amanda.
The dragon did just that, the newspaper tearing with a satisfying crinkle and rip.
He opened the lid of the box and set it down, pulling back the colourful tissue paper inside.

Inside there was a thin leather string loop adorned with what looked like hand carved beads of many different types of wood; glossy with a coating of pleasant smelling beeswax. Each of these had little etchings of starfish, shells, trees and mountains. Between the wood beads were small pieces of turquoise. At the bottom of the strand was a carved spiral that mimicked the bond mark on Amanda’s hand. He looked up at her and she seemed a bit apprehensive.
“Do you like it?” she asked. “I made it myself.”
“I love it!” replied the dragon, his joy at the thoughtful gift was evident in his voice.
She knew that the coastal had been a little jealous of Alyia’s adornments and thought that something like this would suit the beachy dragon.
“I made it out of local trees, the ones we see on patrol all the time. Red and yellow cedar, arbutus, maple, Sitka spruce and the little blue beads are turquoise because I know you like the colour.”
“It is the best thing I could have received,” declared the dragon. “Could you secure it to my tail?”
Amanda took the strand and tied it securely at the base of where the dragon’s tail fans started. It was looped around small enough not to be able to slide over the fans and remain where it was, so long as nothing tore at it.
“There, how’s that?” she asked. He turned his head, lifted his tail slightly to see. “Perfect!” he said proudly, liking the soft wooden sound it made as the beads rattled together.
“You said you carved all those yourself?” he asked, turning back to her.
“I did,” she said, holding up a thumb that had been bandaged for weeks, “My thumb paid for it though. A slip of the carving blade. Dr. Charles had to stitch it.” She said, wincing at the memory.
“You told me you did that washing dishes!” chided Tarok playfully.
“Well, I had to tell a little white lie. I couldn’t ruin the surprise telling you what I had been doing.
“We can go for a fun flight once your food settles. Maybe we can stop by the Iron Orca for lunch later and get an ice cream,” suggested Amanda, much to her dragon’s delight, “Then we can get you all cleaned up for the BBQ. Then again, it is your hatchday, so we can do whatever it is you want to do.”
“No, that sounds fantastic,” he thrummed in reply. Together they spent the morning lounging around talking, taking the day slowly. After the dragon was rigged up they flew along the islands that dotted the Salish sea, stopping off in Campbell River for a light lunch and ice cream. The dragon kept checking on his new tail adornments to ensure they were still there. Amanda’s knots were nothing to be trifled with and the beaded strand stayed securely.
It was a beautiful day, hotter than anything but the sea breeze kept them from utterly melting under the brilliant sun.
After a brief nap on the beach the two of them returned to the facility and Amanda polished Tarok’s scales to a brilliant shine.
“There, buddy. You’ll all cleaned up and ready for your BBQ debut,” smiled the woman, putting the polishing cloth away. “I’m going to go make myself presentable and then we’ll head out. Sound good?”
“Sounds great,” grinned the dragon. All the flying had worked up his appetite and he was excited about the prospect of barbecued food.
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Tarok’s birthday day had so far gone to plan, everyone had gotten the coastal dragon a little something and some cards that were proudly on display in the common, put on the table in a decorative fashion as everyone was in good spirits for Alyia’s BBQ evening on Vancouver Island, most of the team were going with a small skeleton crew left to monitor activities.
Kris had retired to his quarters with the green tank of a dragon to polish the deep green scales to make him presentable for the evening.
“Nearly done Korrin, then you be sparkling and looking your very best for you evening meal with Alyia and Mr Happy” Kris said polishing his shoulder and neck scales.
"Are you looking forward to it?" Inquired the dragon, bowing his head so that the man could reach.
Kris smiled lightly, finishing off the polishing of the dragons scales arounds his muzzle and ensuring the dragon looked pristine.
“Of course, I am reserved but I know James will be will be on good behaviour with Alyia hosting and all the work she’s put into it” Kris replied, stepping back to admire his polishing skills.
"I hope so," said Korrin. "Do I look presentable?"
Kris nodded lightly to the dragon’s question.
“Polished Tank, very impressive indeed Korrin, if you were on Kilara you be pulling all those dragonesses” he winked giving a cheeky grin.
Korrin tried to look serious but a wry smile touched the corners of his lips.
Kris laughed lightly.
“Oh I can see that playful side in your Mr, you look great, we best head out, I see if we are taking the shuttle or flying over” Kris said to the green dragon.
Flying. "It's only 10 minutes across the water," insisted the dragon.
“Fair enough, don’t go flying too low or you muck up your impressive looks, so fly gentle to Alyia’s” Kris said as he put his smart clothes in a rucksack.
"Cruising altitude it is," replied korrin. "I'll get us there looking sharp."
Kris smiled lightly.
“Good, I can get changed at theirs into smart clothes, come on let’s go check up on the others, oh out of curiosity how many can you carry now?” Kris asked.
"I'm not sure," said the dragon, looking thoughtful. "I could take a few back if they needed a lift though."
“Don’t worry, the Doctors and Alex will go by shuttle” Kris said as they walked out towards the common which was a little quieter as Kendra and staff were off early today.
As the two of them entered the common, Tarok and Amanda also came into view, also dressed up for the occasion.
"Happy hatch day, tarok. Looking good," said Korrin as he lumbered up to the others. The blue dragon smiled in thanks as Amanda walked around from behind him.
"You too, Amanda. I like your hair down like that," added the green dragon.
Amanda had made an effort to abandon her work outfit to wear a nice blouse and skirt and to free her hair from the normal ponytail it was usually trapped in.
"Thanks, Korrin. You're looked buffed and polished yourself."
Kris gave his greetings to the other two.
“Korrin always looks impressive, scrubs up well, then again so does Tarok, your looking good, you had a good birthday so far?” Kris asked the coastal.
"I have. We went to the Iron Orca for lunch," said the coastal. Korrin looked a bit jealous at this remark but smiled none the less.
"Annnd, Amanda made me this!" he added, showing the ornament on his tail.
"Oh wow, that's nice." said Korrin.
“Very spoilt dragon” Kris said as Dr Charles came in, looking very different without his lab coat and other gear he wore, the man was dressed smartly and wore a different pair of glasses along with Dr Hinton again dressed out of his normal uniform.
“Evening all, there is the birthday dragon, hope you had a good day” Charles said.
"I have! And it's about to get better now that most of the team will be about to celebrate with me," said Tarok, sounding pleased.
Dr Charles smiled lightly.
“Great, it should be good, I think we are waiting for Jon and Alex and then I think we are ready to go, we are going by shuttlecraft” Dr Hinton said.
"I’m here, I'm here," said Alex, hurrying in, trying to button up the cuff of his shirt with a new case of beer tucked under his other arm.
"Shuttle is ready if everyone wants to head over to the hanger."
“We see you there!” Kris said as the team departed to head to Vancouver Island for the birthday BBQ.

Meanwhile over in the beach hut on Vancouver island, Alyia was busy making final preparations for the event, she had been working non stop and James was getting ready, taking a far more relaxed approach, he sorted the meat out the day before and Alyia seemed to be grateful for his small contribution.
As the time ticked away with not long to go, the dragoness was quickly going back and forth to get the final details ready.
"Oh dear, oh dear," fretted Alyia as she rushed about trying to ensure that everything was ready.
"Sir!" she called as she grabbed napkins and tried to put them in a pretty little holder, "Sir, have you gotten ready yet?" she called over her shoulder.
Soon a voice could be heard as James appeared, dressed very smartly in a light teal blue blazer, with dark blue shirt, purple tie and matching light teal blue trousers, the man indeed looked very smart.
“Yeah yeah Imma ready lass, calm ya scales” he said as he looked to brush his hair a bit tidier in the mirror.
Alyia stifled a surprise squeak of happiness as seeing James looking splendid.
"You look great," she said, fussing about to fix his collar.
James frowned and smacked her paw with his hands as Alyia fussed over him.
“Im fine Lass stoop fretting, I sort myself goo do what ya dooin” James replied as he straightened his collar.
Alyia smiled sheepishly but managed to flick away one last piece of lint on his shoulder before turning back to her own tasks, "Now what else do I need to ..." her paw went up to her own head, "Oh no, my bow! Where did I put that thing..." she muttered to herself.
James shook his head lightly.
“Ya getting too round up Lass, ere its by there on the book shelf, nice an safe, joost chill or I goo get a sedative” James said, hading her the sparkling pink bow.
"I know, I know," said Alyia, taking a breath as she tied the bow to her right primary horn, "I just want this all to go right."
James came over and made sure the bow on her was on securely and looked pretty, he also got the replacement necklace and put it round her neck gently, it was as if Alyia was bonded to another person.
The fiery Scotsman tamed for now as he gave the cream dragoness a small number of smooth pets on her muzzle to clam her down, at the same time being quiet, it was as if he was in a sort of Brathille fuelled trance.
Alyia was surprised but pleasantly so.
"Thank you," she thrummed but before she could say anything else, the timer for something in the oven went off and the dragoness dashed for her oven mitts.
“Get tha Whiskey oout Lass, top cupboard, we might be needing it, I know I will!” James said as he strolled outside, awaiting their visitors.
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Alyia looked out the window as she plated the last of the appetizers and made sure all the tables and chairs out on the deck were still okay. Tablecloths of white and beachy blue fluttered gently in the slight breeze off the ocean and food of all kinds was presented in lovely fashion across them.
Tilting her head she heard the familiar rumble of the shuttle’s engine. “Oh!” she said, scrambling to get the last of the food on the plate. She swept off her apron in one graceful swoop and hung it on the peg by the pantry.
"Sir, they're here," she said joyfully, looking around quickly to make sure everything was in order.
"Right lass, engage operation party....where’s my drink!" James said realizing he had an empty glass.
"Here, sir," she said, passing him another glass she had at the ready as she went out to meet their guests.
"I get the meat oon Lass, goo mingle and all that rubbish" James said taking a large swig of drink before rubbing his hands together.
" er up then" James said as he got things going.
Alyia was already headed out towards the front door, opening and giving a cheerful welcome as she saw the shuttle doors open.
“Welcome!” she beamed as Kris and Korrin landed as well.
Amanda walked down the shuttle ramp beside her dragon into the sun of the summer day.
“What’s in the backpack?” asked Tarok, just noticing now that the woman had her worn grey bag slung over her shoulder.
She smiled wryly at him, “Just some stuff. You know I never go anywhere without it.”
“That is true,” he said, but couldn’t help to think there was something more to it with that smile she gave. He didn’t have time to think about it for Alyia had trotted up and spread her paws. He lowered his head and accepted her hug with a smile.
“Happy Birthday, Tarok,” she smiled in her cheery voice, pulling away, “I hope you like your party.”
“Oh I’m sure I will. I can smell something good cooking already,” grinned the dragon.
Korrin and Alyia tapped horns, greeting each other before the little dragoness herded together the group to walk around the side of the house to the beachfront.
“Oh Alyia everything looks so lovely. You went all out,” said Amanda as they came around the side of the house to see yellow and blue balloons, Tarok’s colours, plus all the tables and chairs circling a stone fire pit.
Alyia looked pleased but humbly so at all the compliments. The ‘backyard’ as it were looked out onto the beach. A large patio ran from the wall to ceiling windows at the back of the house and held the festival sized barbecue. Beyond the patio was a small lawn before the beach sand took over. Patio furniture had been pulled out to the fire pit area to give enough room for humans and dragons to mingle.
Kris came round along with the two doctors to see James who was firing up the BBQ.
"Hi James, your looking smart and you seemed on the ball," Kris said as James waved off his greetings.
"Yeah yeah, fook off...beers in the fridge, help Ya selves but no touchin ma whiskey or I be serving you all up to the dragons," James said as Kris chuckled shaking his head.
"Thanks for the invite" as he went inside as the Dr. Charles rolled his eyes lightly, Mr. happy on fine form it seemed.
Alyia was pointing to the ice coolers and small beer fridge, instructing the others to help themselves to everything offered. She was in full host mode and seemed to be loving it. Her nurturing nature had taken over.
Tara poured Korrin a drink into large pitchers that the dragons used as cups before getting herself one, smiling and happy to be part of this little event.
“Head’s up, Kris!” called Alex as he lobbed a can of beer to the man.

Kris caught it and laughed lightly.
"Cheers boss" Kris replied as he opened the can.
"Ya peasants, ya doont drink proper beer ere, ya all drink coloured water," James said as he put the meat on the hot griddle and it sizzled away.
"Hey, hey now, it's not nearly half as bad as American beer,” Protested the commander lightly, cracking his own open, “ and anyway I brought you whatever.... this is," said Alex, holding up the case in offering, having asked Alyia what the man's preference had been but already forgetting the name of it.
James eyes seemed to light up a little, but tried not to smile.
"Ahh ya brought the goood stuff, Tennants beer an’ cider" James said but Alyia would sense the man’s secret happiness.

Amanda had taken a small plate and looked over the little goodies offered, putting a few on her plate. She spotted some fudge brownies and grabbed one.
“Woah wait there, buster,” she said, pushing Tarok’s paw away from the platter. “No chocolate, remember?”
He pulled a frown, “it’s my hatchday,” he said in mock sadness as she popped the bite sized treat into her mouth.
“Oh, no. You don’t want one of these, they’re awful anyway,” she insisted as she grabbed another.
Tarok gave her a wry smile, he was holding out for one of those mythical deep fried chocolate bars anyway.
For now he took a good sample from the different appetizers and went to mingle with the others.
Good natured banter took over the group as they chatted while the main course cooked, the mouth watering smell wafting across the beach.
It was a brilliant and beautiful day to be outside enjoying a party such as this.

From Amanda’s backpack the woman got her camera and took candid photos of the group for a keepsake of Tarok’s special day.
A game of passing a football broke out on the beach and Amanda snapped away, capturing the laughter and silliness of the group. Alex staggered in the sand, trying to avoid a full beer can as he lunged for the ball.
Alyia suddenly produced a stack of silly party hats and handed them out, smiling as laughter broke out when everyone put them on. Tara chose a bright green one and wore it proudly as Alex took a blue one with a crepe paper tassel on top. Korrin unintentionally made himself into a unicorn as the stretchy band wouldn’t go any further back around his head.
Tarok snorted in laughter at the green dragon. Korrin then lunged at the coastal and put on two of the tall, conical hats on either side of his head.
“There, now you look just as good,” he grinned.
They posed for a photo as Amanda raised her camera.
“Smile, Korrin, you look so serious!”
“I am smiling!” he protested, grinning bigger but now he just looked silly. The two of them broke out into laugher and the camera clicked away, capturing the moment.

Alyia had doled out all the hats save for one last sparkling purple one that said, “Party Animal!” in bright yellow. She walked up to her Attilu who was busily flipping burgers and such on the barbecue. She held up the hat and put her best hopeful expression on.
"Am noot sticking that on ma head Lass, yoou dare an we be avin Alyia kebab" James threatened, pointing his spatula at her.
"Pleeeeease," she said in her most hopeful voice, holding up the hat, undeterred yet by the threat of the spatula.
"No lass...shoo" James said looking at her sternly as he seemed to be holding his ground.
Alyia whistled, pretending to be casual as she leaned forward to put it on for him while his hands were busy with the grill.
James ducked as the dragoness tried to put it on him.
"Lass, what ya dooin, get lost will ya" he said trying to dodge the dragoness putting on the hat.
She was insistent, turning this into a game now and managed to get the sparkly purple hat on his head with a cheerful laugh. "Just while you're playing chef, please, James." she pleaded through her genuinely happy smile. She was flushed with the joy of the party and it would be the cruelest thing to say no now and spoil her glee, and the man knew it.
James shook his head and rolled his eyes as he turned back to cook, leaving the hat on for now.
“Oh I have to get this on camera,” whispered Amanda to Korrin as she lifted the camera and clicked. The dragon stifled a laugh. It was too surreal seeing the man in a sparkly birthday hat and apron standing over the grill.
More laughter followed the pouring of drinks and conversation as the team mingled amiably. Tara shyly showed the group a disappearing coin trick that she had learned at school and smiled almost embarrassed at the applause it garnered.
Amanda snuck over to the patio, knowing that the food was nearly done and that there was precious little time left for what she had planned.
She pushed a fresh glass of whiskey in James’ hand and thanked him for cooking before throwing an arm over his shoulder and grinned as she cheered, “Party selfie with the chef!” as the camera clicked.
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James frowned and looked at Amanda unimpressed with having his photo taken with anyone, the man was pretty reserved and was not one to have photos taken.
“Ya crazy Canadian!, why you take a photo of us, I am against the taking of photos” he protested to the woman.
"Aw, come on it's a great photo," she said, showing him the display screen. "The only photo we have of you at the facility is your staff photo. Besides, Aliya will love it."
James shook his head.
“I prefer being in the background young lady, not plastered oover the interwebs, ya lucky it’s the blue raptors birthday, oor ya be threatened with a variety of objects” he warned her.
"Well I consider myself lucky then that it's blues birthday," she laughed.
James looked at her and nodded.
“Lucky you, now goo get ready for food missy, I be serving up soon” James said to the woman as he put the fish on the BBQ for Tarok.
"I will await the meal with my plate eagerly," said the woman.
James shooed the woman away who laughed as she left the man to get on with the BBQ, James muttered to himself about not socialising ever again out of work.
Soon enough Alyia called out to everyone that food was being served up, James was putting the meat and fish out on the table for people to eat, as Alyia put the salad and other bits there as well, the Scotsman seemingly calmer after the initial excitement from the team before.
“Seems food is being served guys, we best take our seats” Kris said to the others on the beach and to the dragons as well who were resting on the golden sands by the steps.
"Alright," said Alex, patting Tarok's side as he got up to get food.
Soon everyone gathered round the table where the food was plated out for everyone, the dragons had more space on the ends of the table as Alex got up to give a speech.
"Id like to make a toast," said Alex, clearing his voice. "Tarok has been an essential member of our little team here on the coast, a great friend and an exceptional dragon. To our speed demon in blue, happy hatch day, tarok!" He said, lifting his drink.
“Here, here” Dr Charles said as the team clapped, as Kris smiled lightly seeing the happy look on everyone’s face including Tarok.
“Tarok, speech, speech!” he teased lightly.
"Um," said the dragon sitting up a little straighter, "uh, thank you all. This has been a wonderful day." He said a little shyly, put on the spot.
James soon broke the awkwardness as he saw the food was getting cold.
“Right, took in now before the winds throws it into the sea, that’s enough of the Oxbridge pleasantries” he said as the team chuckled and tucked into their food.
The team tucked into the food, the meat and fish cooked in such a way that it was soft and tender, everyone was enjoying it as salad and other things were passed along as the party continued to go very well.
People were impressed with the Scots cooking skills on the BBQ.
"This is excellent, thank you chef James!" Said Tarok. Tara and korrin agreed with their own genuine compliments.
"I didn't know you could cook," said Alex.
James looked at Alex with a frown.
“Are you questioning ma cookin skills?, ya wouldn’t wanna doo that lad or there be trouble” James said as Kris shook his head.
“It was just a compliment James” he said as James looked at Kris and nodded, “Aye, fair enough lad” James said eating his food as Kris seemed surprised as he looked over to Alyia, to see if she was having a calming effect on his temper.
Alyia smiled at him and gave a little wink before digging into her own food. She thrummed happily at how well this whole party was going.

Once the food was eaten, people allowed their food to go down as they talked and rested, as Charles and Kris helped clear the tables and plates to help Alyia along the way, Tarok had enjoyed this gathering immensely as he talked with Korrin.
Tarok leaned back and knocked something off the corner of the patio.
"Oops, oh what's this," said the dragon, holding up a rugby ball emblazoned with the blue and white of the Scottish flag."
"Hey, look what I found. James, I didn't know you played!"
Amanda looked a bit apprehensive at her dragons find.
James looked over and saw Tarok was holding up the rugby ball with Scotland emblazoned on the ball, Kris looked and seemed to want to warn Tarok that he was about to get a mouthful from a fiery Scot as the man walked over to the dragon who was holding the ball.
“Oh this is going to end bad” Hinton said to Charles who watched with held breath.
Alex looked a little tense, ready to jump in as alyia looked over, concerned that James was going to erupt and give the dragon a good verbal lashing, even the dragon sensed it.
Tarok pulled back his sail, looking concerned as he held the ball out at arm’s length.
James approached and looked at the ball taking it surprisingly gentle from the coastal dragon who thought he was going to be told off.
“Aye I did blue boy, back in the day, I played Rugbeh union, not that rubbish they play in Yankie land, was given this ball after I scored tah winning try in the cup” James said calmly as everyone seemed surprised at his reaction, the man was calm and collected, very unlike James.
"Oh no way, that's awesome," said korrin, genuinely surprised as the other looked.
Kris smiled, giving a wink to Alyia, the man seemed to be calm, whether it was the drink or just perhaps Brathille Aura making the man calmer and less threatening.
“Who was playing?” Dr Charles asked as James spun the ball and caught it again as he spoke.
“Glasgow and Airdrie, we won, 90th minute” James said as Charles smiled lightly.
Kris overheard the conversation and spoke, after James described the win and the party afterwards.
“I always wanted to play rugby, ended up playing Ice hockey instead in my college days, it’s a very nice rugby ball” Kris said joining in the conversation.
"You proved you're a good cook, you should show us some of these champion rugby skills," suggested korrin and Alex nodded in eager agreement.
"Come on, let's see."
James looked around and nodded.
“Alright touch beach rugby then” James said holding the ball as Kris grinned to Korrin as Dr Charles chuckled.
“I might not be young but I can give it a go, plus with touch everyone can play” suggested the doctor.
There was a general cheer of enthusiasm as the team got up to play.
Tara lingered back beside Alyia, "I don't know how to play... I've never been any good at sports." she whispered to the dragon.
"Me either. We can cheer them on though," beamed the dragon; excited at the opportunity to watch her Attilu play a game.
The teams were decided, Tarok, Amanda, Charles and Alex on one team, Korrin James, Kris and Dr Hinton on the other.
The game was explained and the rules set out, Charles helping Kris, Alex, Amanda and the others to explain how to do the game and with James explained it, soon everyone got the hang of it and it was game on.
James was lined up to kick off when he spoke to Kris, seeing the green dragon on all fours on the sand.
“Hang on lads and Lasses, how the heck is koorin gonna play, he’s on all foors!” James said as Kris chuckled.
“He’s the tank, he can cope” Kris said to James.
"I'll figure it out," said the dragon confidently with a swish of his tail. Korrin could rear up to grab the ball but running with only three legs would likely slow him down even more.
“Alright lets kick off then” Charles said as James kicked off beginning the game as the ball was caught by Charles who knew how to play.
Alyia was smiling, eyes bright as she watched the game begin.
"You seem extra happy today, Alyia," commented Tara, unable not to mirror the dragon's smile with her own.
"Oh, it's been a wonderful day and so nice to see James having fun." she replied.
Amanda had kicked off her fancy shoes to run barefoot in the sand and passed the ball to Tarok.
He snatched it out of the air and darted forward. Korrin barrelled towards him, his usual determined look across his face.
The coastal passed the blue ball over to Charles in one quick motion.
Charles went forward and despite being a little older than the others he got past his fellow doctor with some quick foot work and scored a try as he panted lightly as Tarok’s team celebrated.
Tarok gave a shrill whistle of celebration as his team scored a try.
"Yeah!" grinned Amanda.
The game soon restarted and Charles kicked back to James team as James passed the ball, avoiding Amanda as he passed the ball to the green dragon.
Korrin took the ball in his left paw and tucked it safely against the crook of his arm so that he could charge forward, though clumsily on his remaining free legs.
Tarok ran at him, quick and agile in the sand. His sails were up, flashing brilliant yellow as he set to making it as difficult as possible for Korrin to pass the ball.
“Just go forward Korrin!” Kris said, seeing the coastal dragon blocking his passing as the others were in a defensive line.
Korrin glowered at the coastal, saber teeth flashing as he made to barrel forward.
He was blocked by Tarok who grinned and growled, "Tag!" at the green male, setting his powerful hind legs into the sand, showing he would not yield.
The game continued as Tarok got involved, Korrin was getting better at running on three legs and was fearsome to see him charge forward as he passed the ball to Kris who dodged Alex and made a beeline for the try line.
Tarok lunged in front of Kris to block his way. In full predatory mode the coastal was hunkered down low in the front while his rigid tail kept his balance for lightning quick movement.
Kris thought he be stuck but decided to go for a more comical get through, diving as Tarok missed him and the man slid under the dragons legs and scored the try to bring the game even as the whole team laughed at Kris ingenious way to get past Tarok.
Tarok's yellow eyes went wide in surprise as the other laughed lightly.
Korrin grinned back at the coastal, playfully smug, "Try," he said and Tarok gave him a snort in reply.
The game had its funny moments but there was some good rugby being played and the dragons were well involved.
Tarok was immersed into the game now as he seemed to take charge and shout directions for his teammates.
Charles listened and watched, impressed how Tarok began being a captain, learning to put people in defence to stop James and co getting ahead. It was something worth noting to Alex after the game.
James despite his somewhat unhealthy lifestyle, was on form and showed why he was such a good player, scoring two tries for team Korrin, however Amanda the only girl on the team scored a wonderful try thanks to a excellent pass by Tarok
Tarok cheered as Amanda scored. She jumped, throwing her hands in the air as her dragon let out a burst of flame high above them.
The game was now tied at 30 -30, with the light dimming, this would be the last moves of the game before they had to call it in and both dragons wanted to win.
Soon Korrins team were on the attack, James used some fancy footwork as he dodged Amanda and Alex and went forward, Charles making the Scotsman pass to Korrin to continue their attack.

Korrin caught the ball and ran for the line drawn on the beach. Tarok came to a skidding stop, sails flared as he stood as the last line of defence. He stomped a great taloned paw, sending sand flying as he flared his wings, a determined smirk on his face.
Korrin snorted and made to step forward but Tarok wasn't going anywhere, blocking the line.
"Not today, Fish breath," rumbled Korrin through a showy display of barred teeth but Tarok grinned, lurching forward and blocking him further with a growl.
Korrin made to try again but the coastal stood firm, unrelenting, claws embedded in the sand as he held the tank up right on the line, to have the game stop to reset as he was held up.
Before the dragons could do anything else there was a sharp whistle.
"Time! I'm calling it here. Tie game all around," said Alex, looking a little winded.
"Tired already, boss?" teased Amanda.
"Never," he huffed, making a show of putting his hands on his knees, doubled over to catch his breath.
The whole team seemed tired but it had been great fun to watch and play as Charles patted Tarok on the side.
“That was an amazing hold there Tarok, well done son, very well played” Charles said with a smile.
“Aye we make a rugger player of ya yet bluey” James said.
Tarok smiled, pleased at the praise. Amanda kissed him on the nose and gave his muzzle a pet, "Well done, mister!"
"You played well too," Tarok smiled.
“That was indeed a game and a half, very fun too” Dr Hinton said as they walked back to where Alyia and Tara were as the girls would go get everyone water and squash to drink.
“Well played Korrin, you did superbly, on three legs you did very well” Kris complimented the green dragon.
Korrin chuckled at that, "For once I have to give it to Tarok, being bipedal has its uses."
Kris patted the green dragon on the side.
“He was up for it today, I have never seen that intensity and determined look since he took on Jack 2 years back, I saw the same look” Kris commented on the coastal determination.
"He's a reserved one, but he has fire in him," said Korrin before he smiled, "Can we talk about that lame pass earlier? WHO were you trying to pass too? Lucky you I'm fast and caught it," he teased Kris.
The man laughed lightly.
“Well I must admit it was poor, I think James called it a hospital pass, if it was full on tackling, id been taken out and winded on the floor” he said chuckling back, both walking to the house.
As the team rested, Dr Charles approached Alex with a glass of squash and sat next to the man who was resting up.
“I must admit Alex, despite it being a game Tarok showed leadership and confidence out there, thought it was worth mentioning” Dr Charles said to Alex as the others mingled and sat down the other side.
"I noticed. He's been really stepping up lately, in all aspects. I'm glad we have him around," said the commander, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand.
James had drunk a glass of water and now had a squash as he took his rugby ball and put it away so it was safe, after using a towel to wipe the sand grains off it.
"You did really well out there, sir!" said Alyia, happily, taking advantage of the rare mood, "I wish I could have seen you in your championship game." There was the nearly ever present echo of a thrum in her voice as she spoke.
James looked at Alyia and nodded, giving her crème dragoness a pet on the muzzle gently.
“I was, a bit different in ma youth Lass, yooou be even moore embarrassed of me, buut still have it” he replied.
"More embarrassed?" said the dragoness, leaning her muzzle into the pets, "Nonsense, I'm not now and I wouldn't have been then. You were fantastic."
James continued smooth the dragoness crème scales gently and then gave her a scratch in a sweet spot, this was all very rare for James to do, he was almost acting like a normal Atillu.
“Well Lass, Im glad ya think soo, we serve up cold drinks an see aboot tidying up” James said, still petting the dragoness.
Alyia nodded, and closed her eyes, happy as she could be. There seemed to be a slight glimmer and sparkle across the bridge of her nose, faint but there
James continued but finally after a few minutes James gestured for them to re join the group, Alyia very happy for this rare and lovely moment between them, noone else saw it but Alyia would know despite the man’s attitude and brash behaviour most of the time, Brathille had a way of making even the angriest man in Scotland to be calm and show affection to his dragoness.
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The rest of the evening was a hit. Korrin aided in the making of a bonfire that the group surrounded with drinks and chatter as the sun went down in a brilliant show of colour. The fire crackled and snapped as they piled on driftwood. Alex told enthusiastic stories about his early years, training and becoming a head of his own Torchwood division.
Tarok insisted to hear a few funny stories from Amanda from when she was a wildlife officer that had everyone in stitches.
Now that the stars began to poke out through the twilight the team began to get to their feet and get ready to set off for home. A chattering of thank yous to their hosts followed as Alyia trotted them out to the shuttle.
The little dragoness was nearly glowing with delight as the success of her first ever party.
“Thank you, again little sis, it was a wonderful party,” said Tarok, bending down to touch her forehead with his snout.
She beamed up at him, “Happy Hatchday, it was lovely to have you here. I’m very glad you enjoyed it.”
Amanda patted the dragoness affectionately before boarding the shuttle with the others, full and content from the evening festivities.
“See you on Monday, everyone!” cheered Alyia, waving as the shuttle took off into the air. She sighed happily as she stood next to James as they watched the craft fly away.
“That was a perfect afternoon, I think,” she smiled. “Couldn’t have gone any better.”
"Aye, ya had yoor visit, soo no more parties for a year," he replied.
"A year!" Laughed the dragoness, turning to him, "is that the limit, one annual party?" She knew that asking for any more would be pushing the line but was happy regardless.

"Yes, I don’t dooo peopling Lass, yoou know that" James replied back.
She wanted to say that he did nothing but deal with people on a daily basis, being in the media but she knew better than to spoil the moment with that kind of banter. It wasn’t really her style anyway.
"I know, I know," she said smiling, "but this was very nice. Thank you."

"Nay time for a night cap, ya joining me lass, noooo gonna hide now," James said heading back into the house.
Alyia trotted after him, a bounce in her step, humming under her breath. Today had been grand.

The next week saw the team dive back into the normal tasks of daily life. Tarok and Korrin conducted patrols up and down the coastline. One eventful day saw to their participation in a rescue for a capsized fishing boat but other than that event the days had been fairly calm, allowing the dragons and their riders to conduct drills and practice their aerial skills.

Tara dug into her studies once more and was often found in the small labs, taking notes and reading from extensive studies. She looked forward to being able to put her hard work to practical use one day. Being a specialized dragon doctor, for veterinarian didn’t quite the word to use, would be amazing and she’d be one of the few people in the world to have such a job.

“Are you still enjoying your studies?” asked Icarus, his deep purple eyes flashing through the video call screen later that afternoon when she had taken a break to call home to see how things were going.
“I am,” smiled the girl, “I am doing a lot of biology work and I am taking a few online courses so that I don’t turn the Doctors into full time teachers. They have their own work to do as well. It’s been tough, especially organic compounds and that kind of stuff, but they always have answers if I have questions. It’s a new field so they are learning as they go too, about dragons I mean.”
“Of course, that all sounds very interesting, Tara. I am glad you’re enjoying it. When will you come back to visit again?”
Tara smiled at this. Her mom often asked the same thing but the dragon too wished to see his family as well and asked after her often.
“I don’t come back for my next break until the 15th of next month,” she said.
“Oh, that is quite a while,” replied the dragon.
“Don’t worry, it will come sooner than you realize,” she reassured him, “Hows Michelle and Mom?”
“They have been well. Michelle is away from the house more and more so your mother and I have been tending the farm. She’s enlisted some help and hired a neighbor to run some of the machines for harvest later this year.”
“Justin Halwark?” asked Tara and the dragon nodded.
The girl looked at her watch and back up at the screen, “Break’s over. I have to get back. It was nice talking with you, Icky, I’ll call again when mom is home, okay?”
“Alright, be safe, Tara,” said Icarus.
“I will, see ya!” she smiled, ending the call.
She let out a sigh as she turned around and looked at a large textbook that waited for her on her desk.
“Alright, time to tackle you,” she said, opening the book.

In the lounge Amanda had just returned with Tarok from a lengthy patrol. She grabbed a sandwich from the kitchen and sat cross legged on the floor, leaning against Tarok as they took their break in the common area.
Her dragon’s breathing was steady, not winded from their circuits. The dragon’s stamina for long, steady flights had grown with him over the past little while. His light frame made catching ocean breezes and updrafts along the coast a breeze and lent extra efficiency to his flight.
“Good job out there today, Blue,” said Amanda, tucking her riding gloves into a pocket before balancing her plate on her knees to eat.
“I flew, not really hard work,” replied the dragon humbly.
“You’re doing more than flying, Blue, you’re helping keep our community safe. It’s good,” she insisted.
Tarok smiled at this, “Yeah, I suppose you’re right.
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Jon came out from the command centre with a small smile on his face and approached Amanda, Tarok and Kris who was snoozing on the other sofa with Korrin reading on his tablet the news.
“We have incoming dragon riders, approaching fast, your needed in the hanger I think” Jon said to team dragon.
Tarok and korrin jumped to action with their human counterparts.
"What is it?" Asked korrin as they hurried to the hangar.
“we will see” Kris said as the team rushed into the hanger as the doors opened up, then coming in quick as a flash was a green object approaching them at speed.
Korrin frowned, staring at the strange thing in the sky, tensed and ready for action should it be needed. He could sense Tarok readying himself to his left.
Jon soon arrived seeing the dragons tense and their riders puzzled, he chuckled shaking his head at their reactions.
“Do you seriously think I’m a poor security head?, I wouldn’t open the door to just anyone, surely you know who is coming into land?” Jon said as Kris looked at him puzzled, not understanding.
"Uh, no?" Said Korrin, now confused.
Soon the object appeared in better view and soon it became apparent who it was as wings appeared to slow them down and came into land.
Kris looked up now that this strange object was allot clearer in view.
"Oh, it's Hadassa!" Said Amanda, suddenly realizing.
The dragons looked surprised as they realized who it was.
"He has Lucas with him," noticed korrin.
Lucas appeared and smiled waving as Hadassah landed, giving a respectful nod and allowing Lucas off, the boy had grown from the youngster they met a few years ago, the dragon had also grown, his antler horns were bigger and he seemed more muscular with allot more fluff around him, but the dragon seemed to have a more grown up appearance now.
Korrin stepped forward, realizing how the other dragon had grown in the time since the team had last encountered them.
"Welcome, Hadassa, Lucas. It is good to see you again."
“Hello Korrin, Tarok its great to see you, I hope you have all been well, we thought of popping over, hope it was ok?” Lucas said as Hadassah remained quiet for now.
"Of course. Lucas you've grown so tall! I feel like it's been ages. How have you been?" Asked Tarok.
Lucas smiled as the team spoke to the young man.
“We are doing well, I’m having fun in school, I’m only 2 years away from finishing grade school, living with my grandparents, Hadassah is with us too!” he said excitedly as the dragon shook his head, amused.
"Oh that is great. How is it all working out," asked Amanda, directing the question to the dragon.
Hadassah looked at Amanda and replied.
“The food isn’t too bad, Saves me hunting” the dragon said, his voice sounded deeper and it appears the dragon had a sense of humour.
Korrin smiled slightly at that, "more free time, then. You should have visited sooner. We just had a party for Blue, we would have loved to have had you there."
Hadassah nodded.
“This is why we are here, Lucas, you have something for Tarok, have you not” the dragon said.
“Oh yeah!” Lucas said excitedly as he got his rucksack off his back and got out a gift wrapped in Orca themed paper.
“Sorry its late, happy birthday!” he said as Kris smiled.
“That is very kind Lucas and thank you Hadassah for bringing Lucas” the man said.
Tarok looked surprised and gently took the gift.
"How thoughtful, you really didn't have to..." he said and he carefully pulled back the paper.
Once the dragon had unwrapped the present, he see it was a hand crafted Celtic cross Symbol with Tarok’s name in the middle with blue and yellow colours painted on it to match the dragon’s scales, Lucas seemed exited as Tarok saw it.
“I really hope you like it, I made it myself for you” Lucas said as Kris and Jon peered to look.
"You made this?" Said Tarok, astonished, "its lovely! Thank you!"
"I can attach it to your harness if you like, Blue. It would look nice on the chest strap." Suggested Amanda.
Lucas seemed pleased as gave a high five to his dragon who smiled lightly.
Alex soon appeared, "sorry I'm late! Welcome, Lucas, Hadassa, I hope the flight over was okay." He greeted them warmly.
Lucas greeted Alex happily, the humans talked as it gave more chance for the dragons to talk with Hadassah.
"How have you been lately, Hadassa?" Asked Tarok, trying to get the other dragon to speak more.
Hadassah turned to speak to Tarok.
“Im ok, grown a bit as you can see, still fast” he winked at Tarok, his tone was allot more friendly.
The blue dragon grinned, "I wouldn't doubt it. It's good having you around. Are you both staying long?"
Hadassah nodded.
“Lucas would love to stay overnight, he wanted me to fly fast, which I obliged of course but a rest be nice overnight” Hadassah asked.
"Then it's settled. We can let Kendra know that you'll be joining us. We can give you a tour if you like," suggested Korrin.
Hadassah nodded lightly.
“Lucas and I would appreciate it, been a little while since I came here, I umm must offer my apologies for my behaviour, Lucas basically said I acted like an Ass” the green dragon said.
Korrin shrugged, "it's in the past. Don't worry about it."
Hadassah smiled lightly, glad everything was ok with them all.
“I owe you an ass kicking though” Hadassah said with a serious look but a teasing smile crept onto his face.
"Is that so?" Smirked Korrin with a flick of his tail.
Hadassah nodded lightly.
“Ive grown now so Im up for a rematch, but in the distant future” he said as the humans gestured to everyone to come inside to the common area.
"Deal," said korrin as Tarok gave him a look out of the corner of his eye. Korrin lifted his chin and carried on, leading the dragons towards the others.

Meanwhile on Vancouver island, James and Alyia were resting up in their home, Alyia was busy making food while James was watching the football on the TV, shouting at the referee’s decision and threatening to rearrange the referees teeth as Alyia ignored the threats coming from the living room.
Alyia was singing a little tune under her breath as she puttered around the kitchen, popping food into the oven.
"Sir, do you... oh," she said looking up to see the man had fallen asleep on the living room couch.
James was sleeping on the sofa, the remote in his hand still as the tv was on with the Scottish football on, the man had returned to his usual shouting self.
Alyia smiled to herself. He had been shouting at the tv screen just moments before. She decided she'd let him rest and he would wake when he was ready for food. She tip toed over quietly and turned down the tv a bit so the noise wouldn't wake him.
The man continued to sleep soundly, the dragoness making sure he was comfortable as she returned to the kitchen to continue making their evening meal.
Alyia plated the meal with care, a traditional Sunday roast with the usual fixings, though perhaps a little more generous towards the ratio of vegetables.
She smiled to herself, pleased. It smelled delicious.
She put down the plate on the coffee table in front of the man and gently nudged his arm, "sir?" She called to him.
James stirred and opened his eyes, seeing the dragoness, he was about to ask why she woke him up but then smelt the food and saw she had made it all and was all laid up on the table.
“Best way too wake up a sleeping Scotsman..with food, good thinkin Lass” James said getting up from the sofa and sitting at the table.
"Enjoy," she said, setting about getting her own meal.
James tucked into the food as Alyia ate hers, he noticed more vegetables on his plate.
“Ya tryin too tell me something lass?” he asked pointing to the large portion of veggies on his plate.
"Me? No sir," she said casually as she took a bite of her own food.
James frowned slightly, not fully believing the crème dragoness.
“Hrmm, I’m watchin ya Lass, ya cannae force me to get healthy” he said as he continued eating his food, glancing over at the TV to see the football.
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