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Jack &Ardon - The traitors within

3 Months Earlier to Jack’s Kidnapping……

Martin and Daniel, Torchwood 5’s head of security and deputy was on a away day at the EA Security meetings, it was a 5 day course where experts from the EA talked about new risks and potential hazards that could arise in the next 10 to 20 years and how new techniques and methods were being used to counter these new threats, such as cyber hacking and of course infiltration of facilities.
Jack had wanted the two men to go attend the course, of course Torchwood 5 was not mentioned, instead they were heads of two fictional branches of the EA security team, which allowed them to attend without jeopardising Torchwood 5 secrecy.
The course was being held in the EA head office in New York, Jack’s hopes were that they would be able to bring back what they had learnt and then to conduct a new security review of all the base, to ensure there was no risks to Torchwood 5’s staff, its systems, labs and of course the dragons in their care.
Jack wanted to ensure all their methods were kept up to date and being the most important facility in the Torchwood organization, Jack wanted to be sure that his team was the best in everything.
Martin and Daniel attended the 5 days of lectures, discussions, workshop groups at New York before they would head back to the facility via shuttlecraft.
The shuttle was waiting for them at a small private airport outside the city limits of New York, after the events years ago thanks to Cayman, the new mayor of the city decided to ban shuttles, cars and transport ships flying above the city, meaning cargo and other business needed to be taken to the city by road or rail, the only ships allowed were EA military or emergency services craft.
Martin and Daniel were travelling back on a quiet stretch of road to the small airport having left the hotel they were staying at; the two men were discussing what they had learnt and how to implement it for Jack.
Daniel was pleased with his second in command Martin, he was being given a great chance to shine in Torchwood 5 by Jack, giving him the big assignment of reviewing all security for the dragon academy and portal.
“Well Martin, Jack has given your first big assignment, I wish you luck” Daniel said as he was driving along with Martin as the passenger.
“Thanks, I appreciate, do you think we need to do much improvements to the facility, after what those talks said?” he asked.
“Well judging what happened to Jack and his team at Heathrow all those years back and discovering that plane was an imposter, whoever or whatever is behind all these strange goings on, has resources to draw upon, plus what happened at the archives” Daniel said remembering the events there as well, it all ended very bizarrely.
Martin nodded lightly, looking at the notes he had made on his tablet, seeing everything he had managed to get down.
“It is all strange, if only we knew who or what was going on, it is all strange to me” Martin said as Daniel nodded.
“I think whoever is behind this, I just got a feeling they are watching us all the time” Daniel said as Martin seemed to look up from his notes briefly before studying them again, little known to either men, that be the last conversation they had……
All of a sudden the left hand tyre blew out and the car Lurched to the side, Daniel unable to control the vehicle as it skidded off the road and plummeted down a steep rock hill, the vehicle hitting the ground and rolling down, the sound of metal being crunched, glass being smashed as the car all of a sudden burst into flames and exploded, creating a fireball.
Wreckage scattered around the remains of the vehicle which was now on fire, Martin and Daniel never stood a chance of survival and the two men were laying on the ground, thrown from the vehicle lifeless surrounded by wreckage of their car.
Flames engulfed what remained of the car and any green that happened to be nearby as the fire burned.
The body of Daniel laying broken on stony ground, then it was dragged along the stones, someone was dragging the body of Daniel away from the crash site, Martin’s was also being dragged away, the bodies of the men were put into a deep ditch out of sight of anyone.
As the bodies lay to rest standing over them were two humans, looking with lack of expression or empathy, stoic faces looked upon the dead men, looking at them was Daniel and Martin……
They each grabbed a shovel and began to dig up ground and threw the churned-up earth onto the two dead men, burying them and any evidence that they had been killed, once it was done the men disposed of the shovels and then made their way up the bank as there was sirens in the distance, obviously the flames and smoke had attracted attention.
Soon a police car arrived on the scene as the two men got back onto the road, the officer got out and rushed over.
“My word!, you two guys ok? Were you two in that vehicle?, are you two ok?” he asked as Daniel nodded and Martin spoke.
“We are fine, just fine”.

Present day……..

It had been a few weeks since Jack was rescued from Japan with the aid of Torchwood 9, sadly there had been no sightings of Skahrsen and there was no evidence to suggest he was anywhere close, the dragon had vanished.
Despite Forge’s reluctance the dragon went home to Kilara while the team arrived back, Hitteki and Comox had welcomed the dragons back as the whole team gave a debrief, professor Baxter had been working to see if he could find the source of the leak, so far nothing had appeared.
Jack had been given time off to recover, the man had been subjected to allot of experimentation and torture to create Skahrsen, so much so that despite his super human abilities and the power of Brathille the man was recovering slower than usual.
Melina ran checks and saw that had been damage done unseen in the previous assessment and that if Jack had not had his abilities he would most likely of died, still the man kept upbeat and allowed Mark to handle all base operations while he got better.
Ardon stuck to the man like glue the first week back, not letting the man out of his sight in fear he could fall over or hurt himself more, the dragon primary focus was Jack and so he was not seen much around the base.
Jack however despite his recovering state had set about ringing in changes to the way Torchwood 5 handled its affairs in the past, especially after the conversation with Anne from Torchwood 9, he had felt really bad that Asuka, a beautiful eastern style dragoness was scared and nervous about T5 finding out about her existence as she thought the academy would take her from her home.
Jack did not want that, he was going to change it for the better and begun by allowing T9 to have access to the dragon databases and for them to input their own information on Asuka, like Torchwood 7 did for their dragons.
Jack also contacted Amelia and with some discussions, Amelia allowed T9 to get additional funding, skimmed off T5’s excess in budget, since Jack had managed to underspend in their last 2 budget years, allowing T9 to move away from their other not so legal activities.
Jack also decided that he wanted the dragon academy to change, he had had chance to tour the base with Anne, seeing that despite their base being underground, they have beautiful architecture, painted walls with intricate designs, meditation areas, Spa places for the dragons to relax and Jack knew looking at large, dull steel walls was no good.
So Jack entrusted the dragons to come up with what they wanted their dragon academy to look like, how to make it more homely, welcoming, relaxing and to see what they had seen in Torchwood 9 to bring to their facility.
The dragons talked among themselves and soon they had a plan to bring their Academy to life, Zyra wanted allot more colour, light and green around the area, plus to have a meditation and relaxation chamber.
So Jack decided to get orders done and to bring in the paint and other things and allow the dragons to decorate and to design their academy, everyone was excited and since it was the facilities quiet time, Melina and others helped the dragons to decorate and to get their agreed ideas into action, all the while not knowing of what had gone on with their security people as they for everyone else knew carried on as normal.
Today most of the humans and dragons were helping decorate the academy and shape it into what they had envisioned, giving the chance for everyone to settle after the events in Japan, the EA and T9 managed to get media updates out and prevented any news that shouldn’t of been released out, T9 went about it a little heavy handed but it was contained.
Melina was with the help of Vonriir painting the steel walls with a more cheerful colour along with the others, Hitteki helping the hanger manager bring in trees and other ornaments into the academy.
Vonriir lifted his nose a little higher, lifting Melina up so that she could reach higher with her paint roller.
"That alright, Professor?" He asked her as a bit of paint dropped onto his nose.
“All good thanks Vonriir, though I did say I could use a scissor lift to paint rather than you, plus your horns are good for hanging paint off” she chuckled lightly as she saw Zyra, Ardon and Comox painting.
Vonriir smiled and let his eyes wander to see the others helping out as well.
"Whoops," said Ardon teasingly, getting paint on Zyra’s flank.
"Ardon!" She chided but it was all in good fun. The group was having fun redecorating the facility.
Melina looked down to see Ardon had given Zyra a magnolia stripe across her side as the two teased one another, Ardon covered in paint in places, Melina laughed lightly at the mess they were getting into.
"Ardon!, can you not decorate my dragons scales and new shade of magnolia" Melina called down as Sam came with more paint.
"I think it's an improvement," snickered Ardon. "Want to match?" He asked, waving a paint brush at Melina.
"I think you find Dr Zyra will defend the professor from paint based attacks from dragons" Sam said with some amusement.
Zyra let out a playful hiss but Ardon got the point, laughing. "Fine, fine."
Comox stood back from the area he finished. "It's looking really great, guys."
Dr Sam had to agree, the paint brightened up the dragon academy and with more softer LED lighting coming in, it would look a far more welcoming place.
“The paint has really helped, I know we had to do several coats but its looking great, Hitteki is sorting the plants and water fountain Zyra ordered” Sam said as Melina finished her bit off and took the paints off Vonriir’s horns.
Vonriir lowered his head and held out his paw so that he could help her down.
"I quite like the new art that's to go up on the walls."
“You got me and Zyra to thank for that, inspired by the Torchwood 9 designs we saw, I really enjoyed what they had and Asuka’s meditation chamber was amazing” the professor said.
"Yeah, it was lovely there. It's nice to make this place look a little less..." said the bowing deaconess.
"Sterile? “Asked Comox.
"Good word, yes. It was a little lacking." Agreed Zyra.
Dr Sam smiled lightly and looked at Melina.
"Don't let Jack hear you say that, this base costed billion to build, but I'm glad he allowed you to redecorate it" Melina said with a smile, knowing Ardon had asked Jack and had been leading this revamp of the academy.
"I think some pestering helped convinced him," she said with a wry smile at Ardon. He gave a cheeky grin in return. It has been his persistence that made it happen in the end.
As the group was talking after painting and redecorating much of the day Mark came in and looked around with Veyron on his shoulders, the wraith kept close to them an to keep out of any of these activities.
"I have to wonder if you dragons got more paint on you than the walls" the man said shaking his head.
"It's all part of the fun," said Zyra with a smile.
"Manual labour is not fun," said Veyron dryly, "but... I have to say it's looking a little classier in here."
"And where we're you Veyron? You could have been helping " Hitteki said as Mark looked amused.
Veyron is doing research for me" Mark said.
"Best whiskey to have with fish?" Melina said as the team laughed.
"Important stuff," replied the wraith, folding his arms across his chest and giving them a pointed look. "Besides, jolly giant over here can do huge swaths of walls at once. It's more efficient to have him do it."
Melina looked up to see the massive crag back with big blobs of paint on his bronze scales, from head to tail.
"Oh Vonriir, look your covered in paint, I am sorry" Melina said as Mark shook his head.
"I don't know which is worse kids or dragons" he said.
"That's alright, Miss, I think spots make me look a little flashier," chuckled Vonriir.
"You're the only one with experience with both so I'd say you’re the ones that should have the answer," snickered Ardon.
Mark rolled his eyes and left with Veyron on his shoulder as the others chuckled.
"Right, now we are all covered in paint you know what this means" Melina said grinning as everyone knew what had just recently been installed, a giant heated pool in one of the spare chambers with enough room for even the big tank Vonriir to submerge in.
"Rinse off first for the love of the stars above!" Shouted Zyra as Ardon, comox and Vonriir went trotting off.
"They are going to get the new pool filled with flecks of paint," she said with a sigh after it seemed like they didn't hear her.
Melina laughed and shook her head lightly….. “Boys” she said to the bold wing.
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After Zyra helped Melina take the painting supplies back to the utility room for the day the professor released her to go wash up and enjoy the new facility amendments.

The walked by to what they referred to as the ‘living wall’. A large stretch of wall that connected the living quarters to the central hub was now covered in ivy, moss and other plants that grew well on a vertical surface. Of all of the suggestions, Zyra was surprised that Ardon had come up with this one. It was a beautiful addition to the building. A little water feature ran along the bottom and the whole hall smelled earthy, reminding her of her time on Kilara.

A little feature that seemed to benefit dragons and humans alike were large window like panes that were attached to the ceiling as fake skylights. They mimicked the light from outside and made the facility as a whole seem brighter and so much more airy than it had been before, allowing the illusion that it was even bigger than it already was.
The dragon’s agreed they felt less ‘trapped’ with the weight of all the earth above the underground facility now that there were these faux skylights.

The dragon’s agreed that Jack was a saint for allowing them so much license over the redecoration of the building. This was their home after all and while they loved it regardless, it was beginning to really feel like a homier place.

As she turned the corner she could see one of the staff was putting up art along another corridor. She was tempting to peek but she thought that she would wait until everything was up to take it all in at once. She was excited to see more art up upon their walls. It was something she rather enjoyed at the Japan facility and was happy that they could have some of their own. She and Melina had acquired a few pieces from local artists and other paintings and photographs has been collected by others and she was excited to see what other art would line the walls.

The canteen and adjoining lounge remained mostly the same aside from a fresh coat of paint while other areas of the facility like the command center and hangars were left untouched. It was mostly the living spaces and corridors along with the central hug that was given new life and each of their style preferences could be seen in the ebb and flow of colours and additions throughout the building.

Veyron liked a modern style, clean and sleek so a lot of what he wanted the facility already had. His contribution, however, was a strange crown molding system that had almost a shelf along it with strip lighting that splashed onto the ceiling and could be dimmed or brightened according to the time of day.
It was only after it was installed that Zyra realized why Veyron had chosen this as his sole contribution. It gave him another avenue of travel, being able to scurry high above everyone else along the lit ledge, unhindered and unnoticed without having to crawl through the dusty ceiling tiles. It was a clever little idea and the dragoness suspected that the wraith had other little hidden pathways and such littered throughout the facility amidst all the construction.

There was still a lot to be done but with the dragon’s helping with things like painting and such they could save a little on the cost of the renovations. The large list of work to be done kept them busy and from otherwise fretting over what had happened to Skahrsen or where in the world he might be.
Zyra walked through the doors into the new pool room, seeing that Vonriir and the others were already floating around like ornate crocodiles in the bubbling water.

The room was a giant, even for a spare space. It was originally built is case they needed to expand again and now the once empty room was revamped with a large heated pool. The floors were made out of natural surfaced stone tile and heated in places around the pool so that the dragons could doze and happily dry off in the warmth of the room.
Essential oils were an option to put in the water for their scales or other benefits. Today it smelled of citrus and sandalwood.

“I hope you guys washed off the paint before getting in there,” said Zyra, tilting her head as she walked up.
“Of course we did…” said Ardon, trying to subtly pick off a large splash of stormy blue paint from his cheek. They painted with azure a few days back…. How long had that been there? He didn’t have long to wonder as a shadow fell over him as Zyra stood over the edge of the pool.
“Jack is going to kill you if you clog the filter with paint when the pool has been operational for less than 3 days.”
“We scrubbed off, Miss Zyra. Rest assured,” chuckled Vonriir.
“Minimal paint flecks in the water,” added Comox, his eyes closed as he floated weightlessly along the surface.
“Well that’s something. Where’s Hitteki?” she asked.
“She said she was coming, she might have gotten caught up with her project,” said Comox.
Zyra slipped into the pool and thrummed at the warmth, “This is nice after all that painting.”
“You’re telling us. My back feels stiff from all the odd movement of the brush strokes. This is the perfect way to unwind,” agreed Ardon.
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After Zyra helped Melina take the painting supplies back to the utility room for the day the professor released her to go wash up and enjoy the new facility amendments.

The walked by to what they referred to as the ‘living wall’. A large stretch of wall that connected the living quarters to the central hub was now covered in ivy, moss and other plants that grew well on a vertical surface. Of all of the suggestions, Zyra was surprised that Ardon had come up with this one. It was a beautiful addition to the building. A little water feature ran along the bottom and the whole hall smelled earthy, reminding her of her time on Kilara.

A little feature that seemed to benefit dragons and humans alike were large window like panes that were attached to the ceiling as fake skylights. They mimicked the light from outside and made the facility as a whole seem brighter and so much more airy than it had been before, allowing the illusion that it was even bigger than it already was.
The dragon’s agreed they felt less ‘trapped’ with the weight of all the earth above the underground facility now that there were these faux skylights.

The dragon’s agreed that Jack was a saint for allowing them so much license over the redecoration of the building. This was their home after all and while they loved it regardless, it was beginning to really feel like a homier place.

As she turned the corner she could see one of the staff was putting up art along another corridor. She was tempting to peek but she thought that she would wait until everything was up to take it all in at once. She was excited to see more art up upon their walls. It was something she rather enjoyed at the Japan facility and was happy that they could have some of their own. She and Melina had acquired a few pieces from local artists and other paintings and photographs has been collected by others and she was excited to see what other art would line the walls.

The canteen and adjoining lounge remained mostly the same aside from a fresh coat of paint while other areas of the facility like the command center and hangars were left untouched. It was mostly the living spaces and corridors along with the central hug that was given new life and each of their style preferences could be seen in the ebb and flow of colours and additions throughout the building.

Veyron liked a modern style, clean and sleek so a lot of what he wanted the facility already had. His contribution, however, was a strange crown molding system that had almost a shelf along it with strip lighting that splashed onto the ceiling and could be dimmed or brightened according to the time of day.
It was only after it was installed that Zyra realized why Veyron had chosen this as his sole contribution. It gave him another avenue of travel, being able to scurry high above everyone else along the lit ledge, unhindered and unnoticed without having to crawl through the dusty ceiling tiles. It was a clever little idea and the dragoness suspected that the wraith had other little hidden pathways and such littered throughout the facility amidst all the construction.

There was still a lot to be done but with the dragon’s helping with things like painting and such they could save a little on the cost of the renovations. The large list of work to be done kept them busy and from otherwise fretting over what had happened to Skahrsen or where in the world he might be.
Zyra walked through the doors into the new pool room, seeing that Vonriir and the others were already floating around like ornate crocodiles in the bubbling water.

The room was a giant, even for a spare space. It was originally built is case they needed to expand again and now the once empty room was revamped with a large heated pool. The floors were made out of natural surfaced stone tile and heated in places around the pool so that the dragons could doze and happily dry off in the warmth of the room.
Essential oils were an option to put in the water for their scales or other benefits. Today it smelled of citrus and sandalwood.

“I hope you guys washed off the paint before getting in there,” said Zyra, tilting her head as she walked up.
“Of course we did…” said Ardon, trying to subtly pick off a large splash of stormy blue paint from his cheek. They painted with azure a few days back…. How long had that been there? He didn’t have long to wonder as a shadow fell over him as Zyra stood over the edge of the pool.
“Jack is going to kill you if you clog the filter with paint when the pool has been operational for less than 3 days.”
“We scrubbed off, Miss Zyra. Rest assured,” chuckled Vonriir.
“Minimal paint flecks in the water,” added Comox, his eyes closed as he floated weightlessly along the surface.
“Well that’s something. Where’s Hitteki?” she asked.
“She said she was coming, she might have gotten caught up with her project,” said Comox.
Zyra slipped into the pool and thrummed at the warmth, “This is nice after all that painting.”
“You’re telling us. My back feels stiff from all the odd movement of the brush strokes. This is the perfect way to unwind,” agreed Ardon.
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Melina soon joined the dragons for a dip in the pool, she had gotten changed in the changing rooms made for the humans so they wouldn’t have to walk across the long corridors to get changed and to return.
It had taken a long time but the contractors and builders had done a great job in making this excellent addition to the facility, the tiles had unique designs and the lighting brightened up the place, along with the pool LED lighting.
Melina came out of the changing rooms wearing her swimsuit, which had been custom made for her, featuring the bold wing colours in sharp and bold pattern and design, no one would mistake who the professor belonged to.
"Looking like you just flew out of Iban'tu, professor," said comox as she approached.
Melina grinned.
“Had it custom made, I think I look very good in bold wing colours if I may so myself” Melina chuckled lightly as the dragons continued to swim about in the heated pool.
"I wouldn't disagree with you there, but then again bold wing colours are some of the most ..." started Zyra.
"Dashing?" Finished Comox as they both smiled in mock snobbish arrogance.
“Exactly, now clear the waters, I’m coming in” Melina announced.
“If only we had a diving board” Melina added.
"This place is for relaxing, not horsing around," said Zyra, but then was splashed by Ardon who whistles innocently.
Melina laughed lightly at the young dragon’s tomfoolery as she came in and dived into the water perfectly, the woman seemed really gracious and fluid like in her movements just like her bold wing dragoness.
Melina rose from the water and shook her head as she treaded water by the dragons.
"You've got the grace of a dragoness, professor," complimented Vonriir when she resurfaced.
Melina smiled kindly.
“Well I am bonded with the best so no wonder I taken some good aspects” Melina said to the crag back as Hitteki entered the pool room, hearing Vonriir compliment the professor for her fluid grace.
“I wonder if the rest of us will bond?” Hitteki said sitting down near the pool’s edge.
"Get in queue and wait your turn, I've been waiting the longest," Comox said as a joke but there was a hint of sincerity in his voice.
Hitteki smiled and seemed to hear the hint that Comox was after an Atillu of his own.
“Perhaps you might get lucky, I have overheard Mark say we are getting a new staff member, they are a very well trained pilot for the EA coming to take command of our flying units” Hitteki replied to the team.
"Oh," said Comox though he wasn't hopeful. It didn't sound like a good match with his quiet demeanour.
"Who's this?" Asked Vonriir, lifting his head.
"Caleb.... Russell?" Said Ardon, trying to recall the name but he had been in the midst of dinner when the man had been brought up. He looked to Hitteki in hopes she could supply the name.
Hitteki shook her head lightly.
“He did not mention the name, or the gender, Mark said they be coming in the next few days, be exciting a new member of our team, especially in that role” Hitteki commented as Melina nodded as she swam to the pool’s edge.
“Never know, it could be a woman” Melina said.
"Could be..." said Ardon.
"You should pay a little more attention, Ardy," snorted Zyra.
"I was focused elsewhere when Jack and Mark were talking," scoffed the gold.
“Yeah, Toby’s new food menu I saw you peering into the kitchens golden wonder” Melina teased lightly.
Ardon just grinned sheepishly.
Zyra laughed and shook her head.
"Some things never change." Snickered Comox.

In the other part of the base Martin signed off some papers handed to him, once no one was looking he took a usb stick out of a secured location and went to go to his office, walking towards it from where he was he walked past the canteen, the focus and emotionless expression on his face as he walked along the route.
In the canteen Veyron was pouring himself a second cup of coffee, stirring in cream when he looked up to see Martin. He immediately noticed a strange air around the man. Something was off.
Martin continued to walkaway to his office as Daniel appeared, stopping by the entrance watching Martin walk off, he had the same emotionless expression as he looked around as if scanning to see anyone watching.
Daniels eyes soon caught the Wraith, watching while drinking his coffee, the man seemed to lift his head up slightly, as if trying to work out if Veyron was watching them carefully.
Veyron took a sip of the steaming coffee, observing with a slight tilt of his head as he watched the man walk off. He felt Daniels eyes on him but paid him no mind as the gears turned in his head.
Daniel gave a suspicious look but then walked off towards the control room, again something was off with the man.
“Something got your mind working it seems” Mark said coming in to pour himself some coffee Toby had made.
"yeah..." said Veyron, still half lost in thought as he puzzled over something.
Mark was a little puzzled as he shook his head and drank his coffee, not sure what was the matter with the wraith.

Martin entered his office and locked his door, he also shut the blinds in the windows in his office, he went into a hidden safe in the wall and entered a 12 digit code, the safe lock clicked and lit up green as he opened the door and brought out a mini laptop.
He connected a green and yellow cable and connected it to the IT connector and powered it up, entering another password plus his own fingerprint scan, once done he inserted the USB stick into the laptop and began to download and send information to an unknown source, all under the noses of Professor Baxter.
The systems the laptop had bypassed the security and alerts of Torchwood 5’s systems, using a redundant carrier wave which would go unnoticed by the monitoring systems as he provided information on Torchwood operations and photos of the portal he obtained earlier.
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Even though Mark was looking at the wraith with a puzzled expression but Veyron paid him no attention, gears turning in his head. He drained the last of his coffee and set out of the canteen without another word, his tiny talons clicking on the floor as he hurried off on all fours.

“Well, I better get going,” said Vonriir with a happy sigh. He had a little work to do in the hangar, his size being a great help for moving large equipment and such.
The massive dragon stood up and walked to the shallower side of the pool, and water poured from his scales like a dozen waterfalls.
He stood off as far as he could manage before he shook the rest of the water yet still managed to shower the others with droplets. He called a brief apology realizing what he had done.
The others laughed and continued to chat away while Vonriir dried off and lumbered out. Soon enough it was time for the rest of them to move on with the rest of their day after a nice soak in the hot pools. There wasn’t a single doubt that the dragons fully enjoyed this new amenity.

The gold dragon stopped at the canteen for a quick snack before venturing out through the halls again. Two men were installing more of the fake skylights in the central hub where all the other halls connected and led to different wings of the facility. It was really starting to come together.
Ardon made his way down to the dragon hangar where Forge’s armour had finally been returned after needed extensive repairs. His battle wit Skahrsen had been fierce and from the damage on the plating, it appeared that the armour had been a blessing for the warlord. Ardon was thankful that Melina had gotten it done up for his uncle.
He opened the multiple boxes that it was shipped it and ensured all the pieces were there. Looking at it gave him a grim feeling. While the team had moments of happiness and laughter, it was impossible to deny that there was an underlying uneasiness in the base.
Skahrsen was out there… somewhere. It was infuriating that they didn’t know where or why he had gone into hiding but something was amiss for sure.
He hung everything up on the wall where Forge’s items were stored alongside the rest of the dragon’s rigging. Everything had been cleaned and repaired since their last excursion and was looking like new once more.

He tried not to think of it as he ensured everything was put away correctly before turning off the lights to the dragon hangar and headed towards his quarters. Jack was still off resting, shooed away by the rest of the team from doing any work. Ardon was thankful for their close knit team and for the ability for them to run the facility while their commander recovered. Many things he had to be grateful for here, he often realized.

The gold dragon trotted through the door, closing it behind him as he stepped into the room. It looked like every light was on… again.
He entered their living quarters and spotted Jack on the charcoal coloured couch, reclined with a sketchbook in his hand.
“Hey,” said Ardon, trotting in and ruffling his hair affectionately with a snort. “How are you feeling?”

"Getting better, taking its time but been practicing my artwork, might add my decor to the newly painted walls" Jack said showing Ardon his sketch book.
“Nice, Vonriir,” smiled Ardon, sitting down on the floor next to him to look. He curled his tail about himself and tilted his head, inspected the page as he recognized who was drawn upon it. This was no doodle. This was something Ardon would call a work of art. “I would have thought you would have needed a giant piece of paper,” he joked, “Or at least a small canvas. “
Jack laughed lightly.
"Yes, he is a big fellow, Melina told me he has lost a fair bit as Forge called it, his chubbiness and he looks more well built, so I tried to draw that" Jack replied.
"I think you did pretty well. you got his expression spot on. Have you been drawing all day?" he asked, he hadn't seen the man since earlier this morning.
Jack nodded lightly.
"Banned from official business, Mark is running Torchwood 5 at the moment, he got the professor to sign me off so I just been doing this and reading," Jack admitted.
“Going crazy yet from being held back from you normal routine?”
Very, but I fear the wrath of Melina more and if Mark gangs up with her...urgh" Jack said.
Ardon had to give a half smile. He knew how frustrating it could be being cooped up for so long.
"You've saved the world countless times, fought countless enemies yet you're scared of Mel," snorted the gold with a laugh.
"Well you go tell her then, I bet if you did a particular bold wing would make you sit on your rump" Jack laughed.
Ardon grinned, “Well…. Maybe in the very least we could ask her to clear you for a fly. Some fresh air might do you good if you’re feeling up to it.” The dragon suggested hopefully.
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“Of course, I cannot see a reason why not” Jack said putting down his sketchbook and getting up, he was on the mend but movements were still not as quick as they were, the man had been through a massive ordeal, super human or not, he still needed time to recover.
Ardon and Jack went for a fly around the facilities lands, no dare devil stunts today but Ardon still did some gentle manoeuvres, rising and falling on the thermals, allowing the dragon to stretch his wings and Jack to get some fresh air.
Jack always enjoyed flying with Ardon and although there was no stunt flying today, it was indeed a nice day and a great experience to fly with a dragon, he imagined the dragons were happy they had ambitious and fearless dragon riders, especially for Zyra, Melina loved Zyra’s stunt flying, as she glided across the air.
A few days later, the new Academy was coming together nicely as the final bits of painting needed to be done and the final bits added to make the academy a truly unique and welcoming place, no longer the dull steel walls or the bland lighting, it was indeed a big transformation, where everyone had helped out.
Melina was putting on some sketches and unique designs on the one wall while the other dragons finished off painting the one part, now all the electrics had been fitted.
"So," began Zyra as she brushed a few fresh strokes of a warm grey into the wall, “when is this new person arriving again?"
"Soon, I think," replied Ardon, reaching up to the higher parts of the wall on his hind legs.
"Be interesting who they're bringing in now," commented Comox.
Sam had joined the dragons finishing off some of the other bits, since work was low in the labs it allowed him to do something different for a change.
He overheard the conversation the dragons were having.
“I’m surprised you don’t keep up with staff changes, Torchwood 5 is getting rid of the old Hornet fighters and replacing them with the Endeavor class ones, so we need a squadron leader and someone to oversee air operations” Sam said as he finished painting his part.
Dr Sam had seen the designs and it seemed they were much more sleek and Aerodynamic than the older ships, with all weapons and payloads hidden away to reduce drag, he had thought the designers had taken inspiration from the bold wings.
"I normally am," huffed Ardon, "but with Jack on the side-lines Mark has neglected keeping me updated on much. I think he prefers me to this kind of work rather than the goings on with the facility."
Melina chuckled lightly over hearing.
“Well, Mark is just trying to keep things running while Jack is recovering, from the sounds this person is a bit of a dare devil and loves flying, you never know could be another potential Atillu?” Melina said as she glanced over to Comox briefly.
Comox wasn't really paying attention and missed the woman's glance.
"Yeah, maybe. We'll have to see what they're all about." Said Ardon, almost puffing up like he had the final say of approval.
Meanwhile Daniel had gone towards the entrance of the portal, taking photos of the entrance and seemed to be inspecting it as if looking for every scrap of information on this area.
Soon the ground shook as Vonriir appeared, Daniel had thought the large dragon would be with the others, out of the way but not so it seemed as he approached Daniel’s location.
"Ah Daniel, how are you doing today?" Said Vonriir jovially as he spotted the man in the portal room.

"Oh..hello Vonriir, just checking the security systems were still good with our prized equipment, now that it is I can complete my reports" he said though there had been a small gap between von asking the question and Daniel responding.
"Ah well that's good. Anything that I may help ya with?" Inquired the large dragon.
Daniel shook his head.
“No, I think I have all I need, are you out of work in the dragon academy?” he asked the giant bronze dragon.
"For the moment it seems like," replied Vonriir.
The man was quiet for a moment as he tried to think of something, it was not nice being under the gaze of the giant dragon, let alone trying to work on his own private project.
“Why…why don’t you help the hanger manager, he has 20 old fighters to shift before the new ones come in, I’m sure he appreciate it” Daniel said to the massive crag back.
Vonriir beamed, his tail swaying behind him, "that was my task earlier. Done and done," he said proudly.
Daniel looked a little surprised.
“All 20 of them? You sorted?, how on earth did you clear all of them” the man replied to the dragon, simply in awe or acting in awe at Vonriir’s efficiency.
"Just got them ready to ship off," shrugged the large dragon but then smiled at the unintentional pun, chuckling. "Ship off, heh. They're off to the new owners imagine. Still good machines from what I told. But our new... flock? Seems to be quite an upgrade."
Daniel nodded lightly.
“Yes…an upgrade indeed, why don’t you head to the academy and give Melina a hand with some jobs, I am sure the professor would appreciate it” Daniel suggested.
"Sure. That sounds like a good idea. Have a good day, Daniel," said Vonriir cheerily as he lumbered off
Mark was completing reports and keeping the base running smoothly while Jack recovered, he was doing a very good job but had allowed reports to pile up and was now getting round to do them now it was quiet, but the man was not going to have that luxury.
Without a knock or request to come in, veyron stepped into marks office where the man was working, hopping onto his desk.
Mark shook his head lightly and sighed.
“You ever heard of knocking Veyron?, what you after” Mark said looking up from his laptop.
"Have you noticed anything.... odd from certain employees since our return from Japan?" Quizzed Veyron.
Mark gave the small dragon a funny look.
“What you mean anything odd?” Mark asked, not understanding what the wraith was on about this time.
"Yes," was all Veyron replied, looking at mark with bright green eyes, hoping he wasn't the only one who had noticed.
Mark shook his head lightly.
“Nope, cant say that I have no, why have you?” Mark asked the dragon.
Veyron looked vaguely disappointed, "it's just that... neither Daniel or Martin seem.... hm, they seem a bit strange is what I'm trying to say”.
“Oh?, I can go and speak with them if you like, if it puts your mind at ease” Mark offered.
"No, no," said veyron quickly with a firm voice, "Don't."
Mark rolled his eyes.
“No idea what has gotten into you Veyron, you been drinking that Kentucky special whisky again?, I knew it was a bad idea” Mark said not understanding the Wraith’s behaviour of late.
Veyron scoffed at this, "just don't say anything to them, alright?" He said, his request sounding rather close to an order. It was obviously important to the small dragon.
Mark did not appreciate the tone but decided not to rock the boat.
“Alright Veyron, we do it your way, but watch your tone, now unless you got anything else go amuse yourself” Mark said getting on with his work.
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The next few days were filled with more renovations and general running around the facility. Things were quite in regards to any sign of the brown dragon, which everyone seemed to appreciate, especially at a time like this with their leader in recovery.

Saturday finally rolled around and the dragons were given the day off to relax and do as they would, the last of the renovation being handed back over to the pros with the more complicated endeavors.
It was well into summer and the dragons delighted in this just fine, especially the Boldwings. While their Torchwood home was no tropical oasis, they took each sunny day with joy, the warmer the better.
The younger dragons spent the afternoon playing a game of skyball before heading down to their favourite spot by the creek to relax and chat away. Their clearing was bright and lit with the summer sun, spots of shade framing their small glen where trees stood.

“Guys against Gals, I don’t think they’ll be asking for that again,” laughed Zyra as she settled by the creek, flashing a smile to Hitteki.
Hitteki grinned back, pleased with the result.
"What can I say, us girls are not to be underestimated, especially not us" Hitteki said.
The girls gave each other a high five and laughed.
Ardon grumbled but good naturedly, “Maybe we let you guys win…”
“Oh you thought you had it in the bag. You had no idea. Skyball is more than just speed. It’s finesse and strategy, something Hitteki and I seem to possess in greater quantity.”
Comox laughed and shook his head slightly. Ardon’s pride was always on the line but today he seemed to be taking the loss gracefully. He normally was quite moody when a win was taken from him but not today.
All this teasing was good natured banter between the dragons but between Ardon and Zyra, there seemed to be a little more lying under the surface of the jokes and friendly taunting though no one was brave enough to point it out.
The conversation flowed from amicable competition to the facility as the dragon chattered about the new look of it all. The feel of the place has really changed since the renovations began.
"I am liking the new facility decorations, it makes it seem more natural and open, not that I minded the metal, it adds character" Hitteki said to the bold wing.
Zyra nodded, “Yes, It feels…. Cozier to me. Not so industrial looking.”
“Your labs haven’t changed,” said Ardon.
“No, and they shouldn’t. They need to be clean and sterile and free of any embellishments to cut down on any chance of contamination,” replied Zyra matter of factly.
“Ah, of course,” nodded Ardon, kicking himself for not thinking of that obvious fact.
“The living wall was a great idea. I’m surprised it came out of your head, Ardy.” Teased Comox, flicking a leaf at his friend.
“Something I saw when I was with Jack. I thought it was kinda interesting. The pool is my favourite though,”
The group all voiced their agreement to this. It was something they weren’t sure that would be approved but were mightily glad it did.
Later, Ardon was the first to his feet and shake out his wings, voicing the idea to head back for lunch. Comox and Hitteki were still talking but the gold turned to the Boldwing.
“Race you back?” he asked.
“You haven’t a chance in hell,” replied zyra, unfurling her own wings.

Veyron was dozing on one of the lofted lit shelves that now ran along the top of the halls. In lieu of a hammer or paintbrush, he had opted for a quick nap in the warm and safety of these new hiding places.
The sound of footsteps roused him from his light sleep. Green eyes opening he perked up and eased his neck over the edge of the shelf, looking into the hall below.
Martin was walking beneath him and the little wraith watched with vague interest. Something was a little off but he couldn’t place it. The way the man walked? His posture? He couldn’t tell. Veyron was starting to think his paranoia was creeping back but he couldn’t shake the feeling. When the man disappeared from view the little dragon curled back up and let out a contented sigh, looking at a new mobile phone that he was often seen texting on since his return from Japan. Nothing appeared on the screen as it lit up when he checked it. He frowned slightly, only a second of disappointment bubbling up before he cast it aside. He was getting dangerously close to having a heart and he dared not sink into that. That wasn’t the wraith’s way but he couldn’t deny that the positive attention was a nice change from the energy around here.
He set the mobile down and stretched out with a yawn before drifting off again.
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The next few days the dragons continued with the decorating as the academy was coming together, looking allot more like home and vibrant, indeed the transformation had caught the staff’s attention as they marvelled at the change.
However, this morning would be a special time as Torchwood 5 would be welcoming a new addition to its staff, a head pilot and squadron leader to compliment the new fighters going to be delivered to the facility.
Ardon saw Zyra walking back from studying and trotted over, seeing she was headed to the canteen. He bumped his shoulder into hers playfully. "Hey! Watch where you're going!" He joked.
Zyra raised an eyebrow as a wry smile twisted its way across her lips, "oh do pardon me," she said coyly, turning her gate into a prance, taking the lead.
Ardon trotted after her but she waved so they he couldn't get ahead of her, laughing.
As the two of them entered the canteen Melina was there talking to Mark who had asked her to sign some papers, merely boring paperwork to sign off on things.
Melina turned to see the two dragons head for Toby who was serving food out for the staff in the morning.
Jack also appeared with Vonriir accompanying them as the commander talked about the new staff member arriving at the facility soon.
The large dragons tail wavered back and forth, " I look forward to welcoming them to the team."
Mark tried not to roll his eyes at Vonriir’s comments.
“You would big guy, another person to dish out pets and scratches, I was hoping you be the big intimidating figure” Mark said as Melina chuckled.
“Yeah for all of 5 minutes” she said.
"I'm sure I could muster a growl if needed" says Vonriir but chuckled instead. He wasn't very good at pretending to be mean.
“Let us all be nice, they are coming from the elite of the EA to come work for us, I am eager to see them, plus the new shiny” Jack said pouring himself a cup of coffee.
"Don't let Ardon hear you say that. He'll get jealous," laughed Vonriir.
Jack chuckled lightly at the massive Crag Back’s comments.
“Oh I think he has….other things that he is focussed on” Jack said as Melina took a glance and smiled.
“Maybe. Think they noticed us watching them” Melina asked Jack.
“Brathille will kick in in a mo” grinned Jack folding his arms.
As if on cue Ardon’s head swivelled around from his playful conversation with Zyra. He sidled over a bit as he walked so he wasn't so close to her as they approached their Attilus while Zyra adopted a look of casual elegance.
Melina smiled at Jack who winked back as the professor greeted the approaching dragons, as they attempted to act casually.
“Oh hey you two, wondered when you notice us, we going to meet the new person joining our team, we all about to go to the hanger, you coming?” Melina asked.
"Of course," nodded Ardon. "I want to see who this mystery person is."
“Great let’s go, since its warm we can all go up on the fighter lift, so we can bring it down with us once they land, either that or Vonriir can carry it” Jack lightly joked.
"I don't want to be responsible for any fancy new machinery," smiled the large dragon.
The team used the hanger lift which took the dragons and humans up to the surface, it was massive
enough for everyone plus extra room, it was used to transport heavy goods down and the larger shuttles that needed support rather than use Vonriir.
They all stood away from the landing pad as Mark sent Melina a message on her tablet that a fighter was approaching and had been given permission to land.
Soon a sparkling white ship came into view quickly, the sun bouncing off the pristine panels, it looked very different to the usual ships, very aerodynamic and looked very nimble as it flew past as it came into land on the pad.
"Very elegant looking," marvelled Zyra.
Vonriir nodded in agreement.
"Looks fast," said Ardon.
"Bit of bold wing inspiration I think look at the smooth plating" Melina observed as she looked at the bold wing dragoness for her opinion.
"Coincidence," said Zyra but the other dragons did seem impressed.
Soon the ship came in and landed smoothly, landing in a elegant fashion as the engines powered down, allowing the team to see in detail the ship that their new staff member had brought, it was marked with EA logo’s but also had a name etched on the side in a flashy black colour.
Soon the cockpit door at the side opened and a pilot got out, using the steps that opened out, allowing them down as they climbed down.
They wore a a typical EA pilot uniform and a interactive helmet and headset to aid pilots and to enhance vision, Jack felt they looked a little slender in build to be a male but soon the pilot removed their helmet and brown hair that fell to their shoulders, bright blue eyes looking upon them as Melina smiled, their new recruit was female.
Zyra flashed a small smile at Melina, the girls side of the team was growing.
As protocol Ardon stepped forward to introduce himself and the dragons.
"Welcome. I am Ardon, guardian of Commander Jack Harkness." He said with pride in his voice, "this is Zyra, guardian to Professor Goodwin."
To this the bold wing nodded. Ardon introduced the others each in turn and they voiced their own small welcome.
“Welcome to Torchwood 5, I’m Jack Harkness, I oversee operations here” he said shaking her hand.
“Martina Williams, Squad leader, EA falcon division” Martina said
“I’m pleased to meet you, hope you enjoy working here with these guys” Melina said shaking her hand warmly, secretly glad it was another female here.
Martina smiled and looked around.
“Wow, you all look incredible up close, I am honoured to be here, I was told I was in for a treat but wow and wow, look at you big guy” Martina said.
Vonriir smiled down at her. He wasn't wearing his glasses so he lowered his head to see her better, "a pleasure to meet you."
“Vonriir is our biggest dragon but he is a very loyal and gentle giant Martina, he is an asset to our team” Jack said.
“I’m so excited to see you all I heard so much about this place, well from Amelia, we are strictly a secret organization she said with a grin, Melina smiled, Martina would fit in right at home here.
They all came down into the facility on the pad as they disappeared undergrounds and the doors closed up with Grass being moved back over.
Once they were off Jack gestured them to have a tour of the facility.
"We're excited that you will be joining our team," said Ardon.
Zyra saw that he was holding perfect posture with his neck arched proudly and smiled to herself.
"Yes, we hope you like it here," she added.
“I’m sure I will, I been told you all live on the base?, it suits me been used to living in military quarters, hope you don’t mind me bringing some personal things” Martina asked.
"Of course not," said Ardon.
"We've done a little sprucing up, ourselves. Added a bit of a personal touch to the base to make it feel more like home," added Vonriir.
“Oh great, can’t wait for the tour, where should I put Avalon here” Martina tapped on the smooth hull of the ship.
"Is that what you named your ship?" Inquired Vonriir.
Martina nodded.
“Yeah, got to name your ship, I’m big into mystical names and Celtic things, so named it Avalon, then I take care of it, ensure its well maintained, so lucky you, got the newest ship to your fleet” Martina said.
"Lucky is indeed," smiled Ardon, giving it another look.
The group continued with Martina, showing off the dragon academy and its new look, which went down a treat with Martina, soon they passed the labs which the woman showed interest as well, it pleased Melina the woman had some scientific knowledge as this was hers and Zyra’s pride and joy.
Soon they went to the control centre and the other areas with the gold acting as the tour guide.
"This is our central hub. All the halls here connect to various points of the academy." Explained Ardon as the group walked.
Vonriir trotted after them with a quake inducing gate
Melina watched as she noticed Vonriir take an interest in their new guest, as he sped up the ground shook lightly.
“She has got someone’s attention already” Melina said quietly to the bold wing.
"I noticed too," Zyra whispered back, wondering. Vonriir was chatty but now he was even more talkative than usual
Melina nodded as Ardon and Jack showed their new addition round the facility, she marvelled at the effort and work done in this facility.
“It is a wonderful place, this dragon academy is superb, makes Avalon look redundant here” Martina said laughing lightly.
"Oh, I'm sure your ship gets to and fro much quicker than dragon back," smiled the large dragon. "Might complain less too," he added with a chuckle
Martina laughed lightly, loving Vonriir’s humour and friendly demeanour, Jack gave Ardon a look, could these two bond?, Vonriir was really pulling out his best gentlemen like behaviour.
“Vonriir is chatty, we might have another bond” Whispered Jack to the gold.
Ardon’s eyes were bright when he turned to look at him. "I don't know if I'm excited at the possibility or if I actually feel something in the air. Energy." He replied
Jack looked at him puzzled.
“What do you, can you. Sense a potential bond?, remember James and Alyia, I felt something, maybe Brathille notifies other or because of our unique circumstances our version is more heightened” Jack suggested.
"Maybe," said Ardon, remembering the bond on Quardra. The feeling was similar.
Jack wondered if they would bond, it would be quick but Vonriir’s actions and behaviours seemed to indicate that it had the potential of happening.
The large crag back kept close and chatted away, helping the tour along merrily. He sensed a flicker of ... something but couldn't place it.
“This is an amazing facility big guy, you honour me by following me around for this tour, do you all have tasks? Or duties here” Martina asked the dragons.
"We do," replied Ardon before going on to explain what the dragons got up to.
"Some days are more eventful than others added Vonriir.
Martina nodded lightly.
“Well looks like I got allot of learning to do here, it is a fair bit here, you wouldn’t know all of this goes on underground” Martina said, her bubbly and sweet personality so far seemed to be a hit with everyone.
"Yeah, our own hidden home down here," smiled Zyra.
"We do value our privacy. It's harder to come by above ground in the public eye." Said Ardon.
"Being dragons and all," smiled Vonriir.
Martina smiled.
“Of course, well I best head back to Avalon and get my cases to my newly assigned quarters, freshen up and all that stuff girls are supposed to do” she laughed as Melina smiled at the comment.
"I can help you with your things if you like," Vonriir offered kindly.
“Oh do not be silly, I can do it myself, I do not want to set a bad impression” Martina said.
“I think Vonriir would be honoured to show you to your quarters” Jack said with a smile, looking up at the massive Crag back.
"I would be happy to," the dragon confirmed with a happy nod. "Hospitalities of the dragon academy."
“Alright I be honoured” Martina said as Vonriir followed her back to the transport.
Martina asked a few more questions to the Crag back as he chatted away, making the woman feel welcome as they went back to the Avalon, she opened up the one compartment which contained belongings and bags which the massive dragon happily took.
He led Martina to the guest room which would be her quarters for staying on the base, the only one who did not make the base their home from a senior staff level was Mark.
"There you are, Lady Martina." He said, putting down her things for her.
“Your awesome, thank you Vonriir, such a kind dragon, how on earth do they feed you” Martina said looking up at the bronze dragon.
Vonriir smiled and chuckled lightly, "with only minor difficultly or so they tell me. Slow metabolism. I don't need to eat as often as the younger dragons do." He explained.
Martina laughed lightly.
“Amazing, I speak to you later Vonriir, lovely to meet you” Martina said as she carried the cases into her new quarters.
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Vonriir lingered only a moment outside her quarters before he turned to leave. He paused, however, and turned his head, looking back at the now shut door. The smile hadn’t left his face since but he didn’t stop to think of why that could be. The dragon was always one to enjoy company and the introduction of new faces. He was an overly friendly fellow and very amiable with whatever company he found himself in.
He trotted away, a slight skip in his step that rattled the lights hanging above.

Back in the hub where the tour had ended, most of the others still lingered after Vonriir, chatting.
“so,” began Zyra after Martina and Vonriir had left, “What do you think of our newest recruit after that brief introduction?”
“She’s a fiesta one. I sense she is strong willed, not complaining here. Its nice to balance the hierarchy out,” Melina said.
“Hierarchy?” smiled Zyra wryly, “And just where do you and I rank?”
“At the top at the very least,” she chuckled lightly.
Zahra laughed and was about to say something when a flash of gold caught her eye.
“Hold on, wait, wait,” said Ardon, overhearing this last bit and trotting over, “I think you might be mistaken.”
Melina looked at Ardon with a wry smile, “I disagree, Arty. Zyra, a demo if you don’t mind,” the professor asked the Boldwing.
Zyra cleared her throat and was about to demonstrate a threatening hiss when Ardon unleashed a large puff of black smoke right at her head, causing her to sputter and cough.
“Ardon!” the dragoness shouted, shaking her head to clear the smoke. A second later Ardon leapt over Jack and Melina, following by a growling Boldwing.
“Oh those two,” Melina laughed as Jack grinned.
“Yes, very much so. He needs to be careful about the fire of a Boldwing.’’ He said as Melina gave him a knowing glance.
As a warm gesture of welcome into their team, a dinner had been prepared in Martina’s honour. Toby had been asked to make a nice roast with all the fixings to be enjoyed that evening. Most of the team, Mark excluded, had gathered early for the dinner. Even Veyron came down even if it was simply because he was too nosy to go very long without checking out the new member of the team.
It wasn’t fancy by any standard but the gesture was nice and the food smelled wonderful as it was loaded onto one of the long tables.
The sound of footsteps caught the attention of Comox who looked up at the canteen entrance, making everyone else look round from their conversations as Martina returned after being sent a message that she was to report to the canteen.
“Oh wow. This is really nice of you all. I did not expect this; just filling in paperwork and getting an id badge is considered the norm,” Martina said with a smile.
“Bit different here considering this is our home as well as our workplace, yours too now, so a little warmer of a welcome than your average job,” chuckled Vonriir.
“well I’m honoured for this, you did not have to but I appreciate the sentiment.” Martina said, looking at the food on offer.
“Any excuse for a big meal is alright with Ardon.” Teased Zyra as most of the table at his expense. He took the joking good naturedly, however.
After Martina sat down food was dished out and everyone tucked in to their meal. Conversation flowed easily
Veyron was sitting in the bottom curve of Vonriir’s left ram horn, keeping a keen eye on things while he ate a Yorkshire pudding that had been served with the roast. He had been rather quite so far and had gone unnoticed until he unfurled his tail and let it dangle from his roost.
Martina caught sight of him then, “Oh, you have dragons of all shapes and sizes it seems here, like the one on Vonriir’s horns,” Martina noticed.
“I urge caution,” Hitteki said quietly to her.
“That would be Veyron, our smallest member, in stature,” Comox introduced him.
“But not in personality,” added the tiny dragon, jumping down onto the table and walking up to her. Vonriir eyed him warily and was about to warn him to be nice but the cragback didn’t get the chance to. To his horror the wraith launched into an almost interrogation-like series of rapid fire questions. From her place of birth to her schooling were all fair game with a few doozies tossed in to see if he could throw her for a loop. To everyone’s surprise the woman did not balk and answered quickly and confident.
This seemed to put a pleased smile on Veyron’s face when he finished his questions.
“That will be all,” he said, with a half bow.
Vonriir was quick to change the subject to make up for the bizarre questioning. The conversation flowed again and now it was the dragons turn to answer questions for Martina. Ardon was pleased to talk about his guardian project and his pride was apparent when he spoke of his own bond with Jack.
The dragons all seemed to be under an unusual spell of excitement. It was almost palpable, the near tangible energy in the room.
“Seems all the dragons are chattier and lively today,” Melina said quietly to Jack who nodded, observing the others.
It was quite apparent that there was an underlying energy feeding into the dragons. Even Veyron seemed to be partaking in the banter with enthusiasm, having approved of the new recruit… for now.
Vonriir was bright eyed and chatty. He spoke at length of menial things but with a ceasing smile slapped across his face. While not maliciously, he seemed to dominate most conversations, participating in every topic he had a thought to contribute to.
He told a few rather funny stories about his time here in the academy and seemed to glow when he garnered a hearty laugh from Martina.
Zyra was explaining to Martina about the regional differences from where she and the other dragons were from when the woman seemed to want to reach out a hand and touch the smooth scales.
“You got different scales. Zyra’s look smooth and Vonriirs are more rough,’ she observed.
“You’re welcome to feel,” offered the Baldwin graciously. She and Ardon had been talking, perhaps this was the invite for them to test their theory…
Zyra dipped her head so that Martina’s fingers could run along the polished scales of her muzzle and started to explain the differences of the scales they possessed when her voice faded out. Martina had turned to Vonriir who had dipped his head in turn and now all eyes seemed fixed on the large dragon and the squadron leader.
Ardon’s jaw fell slightly open as he saw a soft, shimmering amber light faintly twinkling along Vonriir’s back. His eyes were locked with Martina’s but they closed as her hand grew near to the dun scales of his wide nose.
Suddenly the room was momentarily awash with amber light. It dimmed and Vonriir’s scales glimmered around where Martina’s hand had touched. Brathille had bonded them together with a grand display likes of which hadn’t been seen before.
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Everyone around the table was in awe as the light show from Vonriir’s scales lit up the room, soon it dimmed down and a new glowing mark was on Martina’s hand, the marking glittered and glowed the colours of the Crag back.
Jack grinned knowing that there had to be a reason for Vonriir’s happy and cheery mood, Brathille was working its magic and now they had a new member to their club, Martina looked at her paw in awe, trying to process what had just happened.
Vonriir was stunned into silence, but only for a moment. A smile spread across his wide face and he had a shiver of excitement.
"Stars above!" he exclaimed. His tail thumped the ground and made everything rattle on the table.
Ardon, Zyra, cheered. Comox joined in but a little more subdued.
"I knew it!" grinned Ardon.
“What..what just happened?” Martina asked the group who seemed to be smiling like Cheshire cats, the woman was unsure what had just happened only that she felt more emotions that were not her own and the world seemed to open up.
“You been given a great honour” Hitteki said with a kind smile.
“Wow” Martina said quietly looking at her hand as Melina came over to give the woman a hug as Vonriir grinned happily, delighted to be bonded.
Jack went over to Ardon to speak to him, he had felt something perhaps again a notification that a new bond had been created.
"Did you sense that Ardon? Brathille must notify us that a bond has been created but that was a display" Jack said to Ardon as Martina got a hug from Melina, Jack had felt this when Alyia and James had bonded in Canada.
"Yeah, It was like a surge of energy," marvelled the gold dragon.
Jack agreed as Melina explained what had gone on, the woman went from surprised to a smile upon her face, so much had happened in such a short amount of time.
"So I am bonded to Vonriir?, what does this mean?" Martina asked.
"Means you be giving Vonriir allot more pets" grinned Melina
Ardon gave Martina a quick crash course on what it meant to be bonding. As he did so he thought that it might be imperative that they give this rundown to all new recruits prior to their meeting the dragons in the future.
After Ardon was finished his brief spiel Vonriir looked down at Martina with a hopeful smile, "So, what do you think?" he asked.
Martina looked up at the giant dragon and gave a shy smile, feeling overwhelmed a little but excitement growing.
"I'm....I'm so honoured to be chosen by this Brathille, I only joined the team and hour ago and I been showered with praise and now this" She said her excitement and emotion bouncing along their newly found bond between them.
"Some bonds are instant and some take time. They're all different. You got lucky," smiled Ardon.
"The honour is mine. I will make you proud to be my Attilu," Vonriir said, puffing up.
"You couldn't ask for a better guardian, Martina," said Zyra kindly, "it is a heck of an adventure but I think you've got what it takes." The dragoness winked.
Martina smiled, looking around at everyone and then back to her hand where Vonriir colours glittered brightly.
"This is just incredible thank you so much Vonriir" Martina said not fully understanding how Brathille works.
"I'm sure you have a lot of questions. Zyra and I are already bonded so if you want to know anything, feel free to ask at any time," offered Ardon kindly.
Martina smiled but then looked concerned, looking at the professor.
"Will I still be able to perform my duties on Avalon or so we have to have new positions" She asked a little worried she could not perform the job she was hired to do, Jack sensed she was a little worried and he had a sense she wanted her duties to continue.
"It might be a little tricky in the beginning. Because the bond is new and creating ties between us we might experience soul sickness, which...." he seemed a bit worried, "has been somewhat debilitating in past experiences. It doesn't last forever though. We just need to stay close. I assure you I will do my outmost best to ensure you are able to attend to your responsibilities. Though," he paused, "I might not be able to keep up to Avalon."
Jack quickly jumped in seeing her concerned look on her face, she was a person of duty and she had noted that Vonriir was not a fast dragon.
"Well you need to settle in and get all the paperwork done, in the meantime spend time with Vonriir and get to know one another" Jack suggested.
"I'm sure Dr Zyra and Ardon will go through the bonding stuff but Vonriir knows a bit as well" Melina added.
Martina nodded and smiled up at Vonriir then to the others.
“I am honoured for this and I will do what the project asks me to do, once the..soul sickness has gone I can continue my duties” Martina said.
“You find what Vonriir lacks in speed he makes up with loyalty, love and power as well, lots of power” Hitteki said as Martina grinned.
“I am honoured to be bonded with Earth’s biggest dragon, Vonriir is mightily impressive and I’m so happy for this honour” Martina said happily.
"As am I," replied Vonriir, giving a throaty thrum that reverberated throughout the room.
“Well, shall we eat up, Let us not waste this food and welcome to Martina, our newest member of the guardian project” Jack said toasting with his glass of water.
The dragons cheered in agreement. Vonriir was nearly glowing with excitement, his tail resigned to merely twitching back and forth so as to not upset the table.
Everyone enjoyed the meal Toby had made as Martina talked with the others as Vonriir seemed in a excitable mood, ever since bonding, Melina smiled as Martina would smile to herself randomly, Vonriir’s happiness bounding through.
Once it was over Martina was encouraged by Jack to go with Vonriir, allow them to spend time together while Brathille worked its magic, Vonriir still had a glow as Vonriir went to give Martina a tour of the academy and his quarters.
"I know you just set up in your quarters, but.... if you are okay with it, I mean, you are welcome to stay in mine," offered Vonriir. "This was all rather sudden. I'm sure you have questions."
Martina looked up at the massive crag back and spoke, she was tiny compared to the giant dragon who was beside her.
"It is quite a bit to get use to, but I am honoured to of been chosen for this, that green dragoness said your the powerhouse dragon here but a real gentlemen" Martina said to the bronze.
Vonriir chuckled lightly. "Largest one here, that's for sure. And to think of it, the oldest of the bonded dragons now too."
Martina smiled, “First for everything, so is this your quarters?” Martina asked as they approached Vonriir’s home.
"It is," he nodded. Opening the door the dragon gave a half bow and gestured for her to walk in. "What is mine is yours."
Martina grinned looking around in the massive chamber, seeing everything that Vonriir had, she walked around, looking at his home.
“Aww Vonriir you are very sweet, but it is your stuff, I’m new to all of this, you live in nice quarters” Martina said to the bronze looking at his collections and pictures with interest.
"They treat us well here," Vonriir agreed. "I do apologize if this all seems so rushed. I have no control over brathille. It binds whomever whenever it so chooses. I will do my best to ensure the transition goes smoothly for you”.
Martina looked up and smiled.
“From what I have heard, it seems of liked us both together, I hope I will make you happy as well, Jack said happy human means happy dragon” she said with a kind smile.
“I hope to also be able to learn from you as well, I hope you wanted to be bonded as well” she added.
"That I did." Replied Vonriir with a smile as he settled on the floor, crossing his paws. "The greatest honour. I am greatly pleased. I would have never expected such a thing. Star's luck on me."
Martina approached and sat on a rock nearby as the dragon spoke more about being honoured to be bonded, Martina could feel and sense his pride and happiness, she smiled slightly, happy that Brathille had chosen her a very charming and impressive looking dragon.
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Vonriir and Martina spoke at great length throughout the evening.
The dragon was overflowing with happiness. The corners of his hazel eyes crinkled with joy and matched the upturned lips that never ceased to stop smiling. He spoke with a genial yet genteel air to his voice and mannerisms. Despite just having dinner he ordered them tea to occupy their hand…. Or paws, and give them something to do in the momentary lapses in conversation where the realization of what profound thing happened between them.
He lay like most dragon’s did, like a sphinx, paws crossed and the end of his tail wavering ever so slightly back and forth as he spoke.

"So this bond, what does it mean, how does it work exactly?" Martina asked.
Vonriir straightened up a bit and looked for a moment as if he were pulling everything he knew about Brathille together. He tapped his talons on the floor before starting.
“Well, it is a bit of a mystery as Ardon had explained at dinner. We are sure where it comes from or why it ever started. The bond is said to be a binding force between dragons and humans. Ardon and Jack were the first, years and years ago. I think they might have set the whole thing in motion. We used to have old stories, back home, myths and old tales I had always thought them. It connects each pair differently, or so I’m told. Each bond is unique but every bond is eternally lasting and ties the two together with more than just loyalty but,” he got a twinkle in his eye, “Magic.”
He laughed then, a hearty chuckle that came from deep in his throat, “I’m sure Ardon was dying to show off for you but the lad graciously did not step forward to steal the thunder of our bonding. Tomorrow, perhaps he could show you a little bit of what they can do.”

The large dragon saw her questioning look at this. He carried on to explain.
“Brathille seems to give its possessors some level of power, magic or something, I’m uncertain of what to truly call it. Ardon and Jack have been able to harness it the most out of all the bonded pairs. Perhaps because they were the first, or because they’ve been bonded the longest. Whatever the reason they can accomplish much. Magnificent things,” he said wistfully, “Some of which I haven’t seen but only heard of. Ardon, with that power, has saved Jack from dying, more than once. He glows with golden light when Brathille senses urgency, or danger perhaps. Strength and senses are heightened and from what I gather. His flame has turned golden and he can fly like the wind of hurricanes among other things. Young Ardon says he can’t call upon it just yet. Brathille seems to have a will of its own for when it appears, but he and Jack are getting closer to controlling it. Now let’s see, from what I’ve heard, a few of the Canadian dragons have seen their own unique powers come into fruition as well.”

"Wow, that is amazing, all of it, I feel so honoured to be bonded with you....I only been here a few hours and I've bonded to you" She grinned looking up at the dragon. He beamed back at her, happy that she felt that way.

"So, this soul sickness, how far can we go or the distance?" she queried next, bubbling with questions.
"Ah,” he said, knowing that this would be a difficulty with her new job, “Everyone's seems a bit different it seems. Jack told me he couldn't be more than 100 meters when he first bonded," he said, wincing slightly as he hoped that wouldn't be too much trouble, “It will wear off soon enough as I am told. Just for now as the bond… strengthens and such.”
"Well, I have to move in with you here it seems, as my assigned quarters is a little far, but I guess we get to know one another better" she said.
The dragon thought a moment, “If... if you'd prefer. You are welcome to your own quarters instead. I can sleep in the hall," he offered gallantly.
Martina shook her head lightly, "Do not be silly, I wouldn’t be a good guardian human if I did that in your own quarters, just have to make some room," she said.
“Ah, we’ll I’m the guardian,” he said, puffing up and wriggling his shoulders before laughing, “You are my Attilu, the guardian of my soul, as it were. Heh, that does sound a bit cheesy doesn’t it? Ah well, I like it all the same.”

With that he helped bring her things back down the hall and let her set up in the adjoining room that was built into all the dragon quarters. Each one able to be converted into duel quarters in anticipation of a bond. Jack and Ardon had obviously thought ahead on the matter when it came to building the new rooms.
It was late when he finally fell asleep. Thrumming softly in his throat as happy dreams carried him off.
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The next morning Martina woke up and stretched as she got out of bed and washed her face, looking at her palm, she could still it was glowing and glittering on her palm, she smiled looking at it, she was indeed captivated by the glittering shimmer.
Vonriir shifted, waking from his sleep and blinked opened his hazel eyes. His gaze fell on Martina and he saw that she was watching her palm as it glowed.
"Miss," he said, a bit groggily but rose to a sitting position. "Is everything alright?"
Martina looked up and smiled, snapping out of her trance on her palm.
“Oh, sorry Vonriir, I did not mean to wake you, was just having a wash and can see it’s still glowing and glittering on my hand, quite enchanting” Martina said.
"Has it been that way since dinner?" He asked, bending down to look.
Martina nodded lightly but she smiled.
“Did not want to wake you, was going to hop in the shower and then get something to eat, I should try and enrol with Mr De Santa, get all my passes sorted out, as long as we stay close right?” Martina asked.
"I'll gladly escort you about," smiled Vonriir, "We will get you all sorted out."
Martina nodded as she jumped into the shower, the steam coming out of the shower room as it was clear the woman liked her warm showers.
She was humming to herself in the shower as she washed and was soon changed and ready to go as she came out of her changing room built into the shower room.
“So, are all Crag backs like you? Massive and a true gentleman but looking like you could knock a steel door off its hinges” Martina asked as she finished getting ready.
Vonriir laughed, "I'm a bit of a mutt. Crag back on one side, Mountain dragon on the other. The latter the same as young Ardon. I just had a few more growth spurts than the usual dragon, hence my size."
Martina smiled.
“Well, you are indeed impressive, love the shark fins, the spikes, the ram horns seems you were built for heavy duty work…did dragons have you know work dragons, you know like horses you get riding horses, draft horses” Martina said asking loads of questions to the crag back.
Vonriir smiled, full of mirth. Shark fins, she called them. He recalled some of the team making similar remarks about his dual dorsal spikes, especially when he lounged in the pool.
"Back where I'm from there's..... well my breed, well the Crag back in me live in mountainous lands and dig out caverns to live in. So I do suppose we are work dragons in that sense. But then again, every dragon has to work in a survival sense. There isn't much of... well, not the same kind of society as humans have." he said, hoping that he was being clear.
Martina smiled and nodded, understanding.
“Well, you can show me what the breakfast is like here and then we can get on with the day, I have to go get sorted with Mr De Santa, check up with Melina of course and then Ardon for the guardian training with you, though your ahead of me then I got to do my daily checks on Avalon” Martina said, listing her schedule.
"I'll see to it that it gets done," said Vonriir with a smile and a nod.
“Excellent, it be a shame I cant go and fly the ship out with the others arriving but Melina said you all fly on dragon back?, perhaps I can give that a go” Martina said, looking to make the best of everything.
There was a spring to the dragon's step as she mentioned this, "Of course. I would love to take you flying. The younglings might fly circles around me but I am decent on the wing."
Martina laughed at his comments.
“A heavy battleship does not speed around the ocean Vonriir, you have other strengths that counter it, my word I’d be terrified if you came charging at me and I was on the wrong side, especially with those horns” Martina gestured to the ram like horns on the front.
"Well, fear not, that should never be a worry of yours. I've been told my horns make a good hammock though." he chuckled.
Martina grinned as they walked into the canteen, she knew she would get on with this massive dragon, he had been a real gentleman and seemed to be pulling out the stops to ensure he was being a worthy guardian.

Melina and Zyra had started their morning with an hour of yoga, Melina had loved the calming area that Asuka and the staff had and she wanted one for her and Zyra, perhaps others if they were open to it.
Melina and Zyra chose all the décor for this room with calming mood music and a trickling fountain, everything to bring calmness after a stressful day.
Exhaling slowly the bold wing dragoness set herself into a fluid motion that ended with her balancing her weight on her front paws, bent at the elbow with her wings flared out around her.
Melina looked over and smiled at her dragoness, seeing the move pulled off elegantly.
“Hey, you are mastering that one I see, a power move as it were, impressive doctor” Melina complimented as she balanced on one hand and leg, stretching out.
"More grace than power, I like to think," said Zyra, coming down to all for paws once more.
“Of course, I am glad we had this built, something I really wanted to take back from Torchwood 9, they had it all there, could so easily be there with the sushi and raw fish meals” Melina said.
"Yes, I missed that. It brings me back to my days on Iban'tu. Fresh fish and fruit every day," said Zyra.
Melina nodded lightly at the bold wings words.
“Perhaps we should go back there via shuttlecraft, should see your brother and the bold wings only fair” she grinned.
“Or go on loan to T9, but I think the resident boa constrictor will want another bout” Melina replied.
"I'm sure she would. Speaking of her... Veyron has not mentioned a word of her since we left." Zyra said, shaking her head, "As for Iban'tu, I would love to go back, and see how everyone is doing."
“Yes, have to see, let us grab something to eat, then some light lab work then afternoon swimming” Melina suggest to the dragoness.
"A full day," the bold wing replied but with a smile. Sounded like a good day indeed.

Veyron’s mobile flashed and lit up as Asuka sent him a notification, the dragoness still kept in contact and both had exchanged numbers before they departed.
Veyron turned his head at hearing his mobile go off. Turning he grabbed the phone and saw that he had a notification.
The notification was from Asuka, requesting to use the big screen communicator to talk to the little wraith dragon.
He jumped up to the desk that sat in front of it and put in his passcode seeing that it was Asuka.
"Hello Cherry Blossom," he said with a casual air when the screen loaded.
Asuka appeared on the screen and smiled at the dragon before her, she was in her quarters and indeed the lighting suggested it was night time.
“Veyron, it is so good to see you, I am sorry I have not spoken sooner, we have been busy settling our accounts in accordance with Commander Harkness request, Anne has had me busy” she explained to the wraith.
"All is well though?" Asked the wraith, folding his arms and raising his chin slightly
Asuka nodded.
“Of course, Veyron, all is fine, I do miss your sparkling personality and our what did you call them? Dates? I think I got it right this time” Asuka said with a light chuckle.
Veyron gave a rare, genuine smile, "Clever as you are pretty." He said, "will you be taking up Harkness' offer of coming here for a visit then?"
Asuka seemed to pause for a moment before smiling.
“I am loyal to this facility Veyron, this will always be my home but….I am willing to visit the facility to learn more on the Academy and its workings, to take back to T9, also Anne has said you guys can come here on secondment as well” Asuka said hopefully.
Veyron smirked to himself, "No one is going to question your loyalty if you come here for a simple visit... well..." he laughed to himself, suppressing a less that polite joke, "visiting T9 likely isn't in the books for a little while at least, for us anyway, but maybe soon. Still, I think you should come here. Travel. See the world a bit.”.
Asuka smiled kindly.
“Perhaps I consider it, in the meantime I shall be in contact with you more with my tablet, so we can message one another, be good to see you again Veyron, hope your behaving..if not behaving not getting caught” she said with a laugh.
Veyron grinned, "you know me well enough," he replied.
Asuka laughed as they talked about a number of things together before Asuka wished him well and logged off their chat, Asuka going to sleep happily and Veyron…well hopefully happier to start the day.
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A gleaming silver paw stepped through the shimmering surface that glowed through the center of the wide arch, followed by a steely armoured gaze as Forge emerged into the portal room.
Hanving mostly recovered from his ordeal in Japan, the old warlord only sported the silvery scars that remained across his hide. He no longer walked with the limp that Skahrsen had given him, having been healed of that.
The great silver had reluctantly left Torchwood after months of no sign of the brown scaled monster to check on things on Kilara but he couldn’t stay away for long. The saying went, ‘no news was good news’ but still the old dragon’s worry nagged at him. Though he might not say it out loud, Forge cared deeply for those on this side of the portal.
He shook off the tingly feeling he always got travelling through the shimmering portal and stepped through the large doors after putting in his code. Stepping out into the hall he smelled fresh paint and…. Other scent of construction he thought. He had known that they were going to renovate but as he ventured through the halls he realized how much they had accomplished since he had left.
Forge was rounding the corner into the central hub when he saw Melina and Zyra headed towards him.

"Oh, hello Forge, nice to see you" Melina beamed, happiness at seeing the silver dragon.
The dragon stopped and dipped his head to them, "Just stopped by to check in and make sure everything was well before I depart for the mainland. Some business is calling me there." He was hesitant to leave the island, in case the others had need of him but he had put it off for so long that there was no avoiding it any longer.
“Business?” asked Zyra, “Nothing dangerous I hope.”

Forge gave a half shrug, “Just your average land holding squabbles. Duty calls for me to help settle it.” He said, sounding almost irritated at the notion.
"Ah, well we redecorated as you can see and we are all well… oh and the big news of course!" grinned Melina looking up at the silver.
Forge could see her grinning but the word that they had news made him worry, Skahrsen had been in the forefront of his mind since their battle in the city. Not knowing where he was made the silver unsettled. Still, he figured they couldn’t be grinning to share dire news unless they had lost their minds while he was gone.
"What is it?" he asked.

"Vonriir, our gentle giant, he has bonded with a new recruit of ours, Martina, is our squadron leader but she bonded really quickly with Von," Melina said excited.
Forge seemed surprised for a moment before his expression turned that to his usual, somber self.
“That so?” he asked.

Zyra nodded, “She was here only half a day before they bonded. Seems like Brathille had been waiting to pounce on this one.”
“That would seem so,” mused the silver, his mind touching briefly on how soon Brathille urged him to bond when he first met Melina. He shook the thought away as quickly as he might. “When did this happen?” he asked.
“Yesterday.” Said Zyra.
“Oh, so it is still new. Well, congratulations to them.”

"Why not stay for dinner, get some food before your trip and congratulate Vonriir, he was under your command and you encouraged him here" Melina suggested.
Forge paused, shifting his weight slightly before deciding, “I suppose one more day waiting won’t hurt. I will stay.” He said with a nod.
They all made their way to the lounge where Vonriir and Martina were residing after getting her passes and Avalon in order.
The large dun coloured dragon looked up from speaking quietly to her and spotted Forge at the entrance of the canteen.
His eyes brightened, “Oh, Miss Martina, an old friend has come to visit,” Vonriir said, getting to his feet, “I’d very much like you to meet him.”
“Oh another dragon? Where do you keep them in some sort of vault?" she laughed, not knowing about the portal, Torchwood 5's prized asset.
He hadn’t gotten that far into their conversations, not wanting to overwhelm her all at once. For now he was too exited to show off his Attilu to his old mentor and trotted over with her in tow.

As Forge saw Vonriir and the young woman approach he could tell already, somehow, that they were bonded. He couldn’t put a talon on it exactly, but there was certainly something his mind could percept as different.
He allowed a small smile to touch his lips as he dipped his head slightly to the cragback.
Vonriir bowed much lower, already expressing his gratitude.
“Sir, the greatest thing had happened,” said the large dragon, once he straightened up, unable to keep the joyous expression off his face. A mix of pride and exaltation all at once, “I would like you to meet Miss Martina Williams, Squadron Leader of the EA Falcon Division and my Attilu.” He said, nearly bursting with pride as he said her name and ranking in full. “Martina, this is my battalion commander, Warlord Forge.” And in a dragon size attempt at a whisper he added, “Young Ardon’s uncle if you recall me telling you.”

Forge’s smile deepened at the sight of this. If anyone would make a good guardian it would be Vonriir. The silver took a step back with one paw and made a polite bow before rising again.
“An honour to meet you. And welcome to Torchwood. Your introduction seems to have been an outstanding one.” He said.
Zyra and Melina, who had been standing off to the side for most of this smiled. Yes, outstanding was certainly a word to use describing this whirlwind ascent into the ranks of not only Torchwood but Brathille as well.
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Martina looked up at the silver warlord with awe, this dragon was large, not as big as Vonriir but was close, she had heard of a Forge, of course she did not understand how or why Vonriir knew this dragon but she smiled and bowed herself politely.
“An honour to meet you Forge, I have heard about you from my old team, some were stationed on the ship named after you” she said.
Forge gave a humble smile, "Ah, well I hope I've met any expectations being the ships namesake."
Martina smiled.
“Well there is respect for you in the EA pilots ranks, but yes honour to meet you, I did not know Torchwood 5 horded all the dragons, but its great to be a part of all this and its only my 2nd day” she said, the woman’s excitement visible, something Vonriir would feel.
"Well I am glad you are doing well so far. Don't let my nephew overwhelm you," he said at an attempt of humour. "In any case, I can vouch on Vonriir's behalf. You could have asked for a better guardian."
Vonriir raised his head at this, smiling.
“I am sure, I got allot to learn but it is an honour to be bonded to the biggest dragon on Earth, though you are very massive as well if you don’t mind me saying” Martina replied.
Vonriir chuckled, "as long as no one is talking waistlines, Forge won't take offence."
The silver gave the crag back a look but said nothing of his joke, "you've met the largest, what about the smallest of the torchwood group?" He asked with mild disdain to his voice.
Martina kept it civil, not understanding the joke, both dragons were large and looked bulky, she did not know Vonriir had come to the facility a bit chubbier than he was now, training and other events had made him lose the extra pounds and he looked much more impressive.
“Well I have, he gave me the quick-fire questions, 0 to 50 in quick succession, but I had a feeling he’s a bit of a trouble maker and is kept an eye on, I not too bothered by him” Martina said.
Forge looked from her to Vonriir, "A clever one too." He said in an amused tone.
"You're right, miss Williams. Trouble is his middle name. He's pretty harmless, however biting his words can be."
Martina nodded as Melina gestured to people to head to the canteen, soon Jack came with Ardon in tow as he greeted the silver warlord.
“Ah Forge, nice to see you again, good to see your out and about” Jack said to the silver as they all went to the canteen for some food.
"Just for the evening," replied the warlord, "unfortunately there are things to attend to on Kilara. Are you feeling 100% yet?" He asked the man kindly.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Getting there, still on medical leave, Mark is currently running the base, he wants the professor to sign me off when she feels I’m ready for active duty, since its quiet I’m content for now” Jack said, the man itching to resume his duties.
"Relish in the quiet moments then. They don't come often for you it would seem," suggested Forge with a hint of dark humour.
“Hah, we shall see, we already redecorated, new ships coming in to which Martina is squadron leader so bit of change here” Jack said with a small smile.
"I can see that. But hopefully all changes for the better," forge replied, "though I can already tell success is on the horizon if Brathille has anything to do with it," he said, gesturing to Martina and Vonriir with a subtle tilt of his horns.
Jack nodded in agreement.
“Yes, he will be an excellent guardian, when the soul sickness has worn off Martina wants to attend her duties, I told her for now to spend time with Vonriir, get to know one another, Vonriir is pulling all the stops to not make her way” Jack said to the silver.
"As would be expected of him. You think it's a good match then?" Forge inquired, looking down at the man. "A quick one. Like yours."
Jack smiled lightly.
“I think so, I think Vonriir and Martina will be good, she’s ambitious and determined, I think she will push Vonriir to be at his best and he will give her that caring support and big hearts as well in her endeavours, I think Brathille chose them for their heart and spirit of character” Jack replied back.
Forge nodded thoughtfully, "that is good then. I hope they do well for one another."
The team were in the canteen and talking amongst themselves as Toby’s helpers brought food for the humans and then the dragons, with Forge and Vonriir being there together, they need pallet sized food.
Martina sat with the other bonded crew, with Hitteki across from them, room made for Vonriir to sit next to Martina.
Vonriir came around with a plate, tiny in his massive paw and gently handed it over to Martina with a smile.
Martina looked down at her plate, seeing the giant dragon had brought her the meal, she looked up at the crag back.
"Oh Vonriir you gentleman, you did not have to fuss over me, I'm low maintenance" She laughed.
"That's alright miss," he said, taking his own seat. "I'm always happy to help."
"The professor advised me not to take the biscuit, honestly it is fine, I’m independent" she smiled, the woman still happy to be bonded.
"Fine, fine," Vonriir chuckled, relenting for now. Capable and independent or not, that wouldn't stand in the way of the large dragons gallant demeanour.
"Vonriir is a very noble and willing dragon Miss Martina, he will be a great guardian for you" Hitteki said.
"I don’t doubt it,, it is exciting" Martina said looking up at the Crag back.
He smiled down at her happily. It was obvious that he was greatly pleased by the whole situation. "I'm glad you think so too, miss Martina."

In the other part of the facility while all the dragons and most of the senior staff in the canteen, it was fairly quiet in the corridors.
Veyron was making his way to the canteen via his ceiling shelf route when he paused, catching sight of Martin and Daniel.
He stared, head tilting in utter confusion as he saw them, walking in unison in such a strange fashion, not talking but with a bizarre, intent focus to their eyes.
"What the..." said the wraith under his breath.
The men walked away out of sight of the wraith, soon they both entered Daniel’s office and the door was shut, lights off as the door was locked and dead bolted, noone would know they were in there.
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Veyron lingered on the vaulted path along the ceiling for a short while, waiting and watching in silence after the men had turned the corner and disappeared. To this day, he thought, that was one of the most bizarre things he had seen a human do.
Scratching under his chin, the dragon hummed under his breath as he tried to puzzle out what he just witnessed. Gears were turning in his mind but he wasn’t exactly sure what.

The wraith used his suspended walkway to make his way down to the lab wings of the facility. Ducking through his own secret passages he bypassed the security doors by squeezing himself through a small gap he had created where he could drop down into the offices and gain access from there.
He scurried along the polished white floors and spotted the doctor at the other side of the room, going over notes of some kind. Silently he launched himself upward, grabbing onto her lab coat mid back before pulling himself up to her shoulder, startling her in the process.

"Tell me what you know about Martin," he said with no preamble. He took a brief moment to survey the notes she was working on before quickly deducing they were not important enough for a more thorough look.

"What did you get past the security doors or that a Wraith secret?" Melina said.
"Trade Secret," he said briskly in an almost impatient tone, "Tell me what you know about Martin, off the top of your head." he repeated.
"Oh, Martin? our Security liaison officer?, well he's dedicated, quiet and gets on with his job no fuss" Melina said.
Veyron fought not to roll his eyes. Anyone could have told him that. He was looking for something different, "Better details than that, doc," he insisted, not giving her any clue as to why he was asking.
"What is it exactly that you are after Veyron, you need to be more cooperative than that" Melina replied in a neutral tone.
He huffed and twisted around to her other shoulder, fixing his green eyes on her, "what do you know of his family... or where he goes on the weekend..." he prompted.

"His family live in Northern Ireland, Belfast and he has a flat not far from the base and commutes in, he is reserved but does his job well, hence why he was hired by Daniel" Melina stated.
The little dragon seemed to hum in consideration of what she said, his tail twitching as it did when he was in thought as he perched on her shoulder.
"What is going on in that head of yours and why the interrogation of our staff, is Mark giving you assignments now in exchange for alcohol?" Melina asked.
“Would be better than the pitiful compensation I’m getting now,” said the wraith, not answering her other question. He hopped down from her shoulder and took the main exit so not as to reveal his secret entrance without a further word.

Back in the canteen, Forge still remained with Jack and Ardon. Martina and Vonriir had gone for a walk down to the hangar to check on Avalon.
“You are certain there has been no sign of….him?” asked Forge, turning a serious eye to Jack and the gold dragon that sat beside him, full and content from his meal.
Ardon shook his head even as Jack answered.
"Nothing, Torchwood 9 looked and did many sweeps of the area and idea where he has got to," Jack replied.
“Hopefully he’s drowned himself in the ocean trying to get to the mainland,” Forge said darkly.
"I heard what he did....terrifies me he is around but...still here," Jack pointed at himself.
“I thought we escaped him for good,” grumbled Ardon in a half growl.
"Unfortunately not. He seems to be ever present, just our luck. There are matters I have to attend to on the mainland on Kilara that I have been putting off for some time but I cannot any more..." Forge said, a strange pause in his words.
Ardon looked at Jack out of the corner of his eye. It seemed like the silver almost wanted the man's permission to be away from the island. He knew that with Skahrsen on the loose, they couldn’t be sure when he would appear again, or where for that matter. The silver had stayed as close as possible just in case. Forge wasn’t an official guardian but he felt that he had obligations to the team just as strongly as any bonded dragon.
"You are your own dragon, we be fine… honestly, we got one big hitter here… don't need two" Jack said.
“Two did poorly last time,” grumbled the silver. His unhappiness over the situation was more than apparent.
“Well…” started Ardon but fumbled. They could have had the whole team of dragons out and it may not have made a difference which was a major concern.
Jack was unsure what to say to Forge, he was unhappy Skahrsen got away.
"No dragon would of lasted or fought as hard as you can Forge, I know your trying hard to be stronger, faster, smarter but he’s a freak of nature...he doesn't really count as a dragon," Jack tried to say.
The silver rose to his feet, “Dragon or not, he will need to be dealt with at some point. I will make my business on Kilara as quickly as possible. Have word sent to Bronan if you need of me. He’ll send someone quick of wing to find me. I just hope that it wont be needed until at least I return.”
“Will do, Forge. Good luck on Kilara,” said Ardon before Forge turned and left, making his way back to the portal room reluctantly.
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Martina and Vonriir had taken a walk to the hanger where Avalon was placed, the massive hanger could hold up to 30 Aircraft at a time, giving the facility the ability to aid and to defend itself if needed.
Martina’s New aircraft Avalon gleamed sparkling against the others as she checked all the systems and other inventories as part of her usual downtime duties.
Vonriir kept close happy to help giving it a visual inspection to ensure the plating looked fine and in place, while Martina checked the systems on her tablet, the massive crag back chatted away to his Atillu.
"What was your first ship like compared to this one?" Asked Vonriir.
Martina looked up as she remembered her very first vessel given to her when she obtained her squadron leader ranking.
"Oh god, I have a venom mark 1 it was awful and was not a looker" Martina said, explaining it to the Crag back, it was old compared with the standards now, it served its purpose but it was indeed a clunky ship to pilot.
"But I bet you were proud to have it all the same," smiled the large dragon.
Martina nodded in agreement to the bronze words.
"Oh of course, a woman entering a man's world, so anything they gave me I was proud, being bonded to you makes me proud too" Martina grinned.
"That I am very glad of," Vonriir thrummed. "Tell me how you came to become squad leader?"
Martina smiled, the dragon seemed keen to know all about her and to be involved in her line of work, it was admirable and sweet in the woman’s eyes.
“Through hard work and dedication, plus I like to prove people wrong, people have doubted me so gives me motivation to knuckle down and work hard, so through that I got my squadron leader accreditation” Martina explained.
"Well done then. I'm glad your wings found your way here in any case," replied the dragon.
Martina laughed lightly.
“Yes, wanted a change and decided to work for you guys, little did I know I was destined to be a dragon rider or an Atillu? Did I say it right?” she asked the Crag back.
More of an 'ah' sound at the beginning but you've got it," he beamed.
Martina smiled as she put away all of the equipment as the ship closed up and locked up automatically.
“Ok, well that is all done, thank you for your help Vonriir, hope it wasn’t too boring for you, looking at inanimate chunks of metal” she said looking up at the massive bronze.
He's smiled, "not in the slightest." The crag back assured her.
Martina gave the crag back a smile as they left the hanger for the dragon academy, she knew they would be having lessons on the bond of Brathille from Ardon and Zyra today, so allot of learning to do.
“So what time is Ardon and Zyra giving us lessons on our bond?, what do you guys do while on active duty for Jack?” she asked.
"Our lesson is in, ahm, an hour about. We have various small duties around the facility when there isn't anything amiss." He replied.
“Ah, well I look forward to it, I hear you have a pool, might go for a swim later, keep in shape and then maybe we can continue getting to know one another, I am really happy your being a real gentlemen with me, but I don’t want to step on your paws….well theoretically speaking” she laughed lightly.
"What concerns you, Martina? I can assure you, you haven't been underfoot," he tried to reassure her, not quite understanding.
“I want to be the best for you, not get in the way, I don’t want to cramp your style or alter the dragon this team know and love” she said to the bronze.
Vonriir snorted and shook his head with a chuckle, "oh miss Martina, you don't have to worry about any of that for even a second!"
The woman felt his happiness resonate within her and it made her smile.
"Well I'm glad, we best head over to where our lessons are then" Martina said gesturing with her watch to the crag back to follow her to where Ardon had told them to meet.
"Alright." Said Vonriir before gesturing with a paw. "After you."
“Such a gentleman, thank you” Martina said and together they headed to where they would meet Ardon and Zyra, they would talk about Brathille and especially the first few weeks and months regarding soul sickness and how the whole bond worked.
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Veyron maintained his outward calm coolness while the mounting suspicion he felt grew inside his mind the longer that he kept watch on Martin and Daniel. From what he had seen of their behaviour around the base.... he felt something was very off. The little dragon knew that he best keep his suspicions to himself for now so he kept quiet. Observant and keen eyed but otherwise he acted like his usual self. Loud and brash despite his stature, the wraith kept up appearances so that he could fly under the radar.

Vonriir led Melinda to their lessons in Brathille. Together they met Ardon and Zyra in the dragon hanger. The lessons had been spread out as to not overwhelm her. Being an Attilu, she was fast tracked through the process of learning about the dragon's true origins and given the full rundown of Brathille and what they knew of it. Though, even for those like Jack and Ardon, they only knew bits and pieces. It was a process of learning for every guardian and Attilu pair.
Now, the four of them in he dragon hangar, Ardon was completing a lesson on what Brathille could do. From the moment of bonding to the present, the magic of the bond was working, growing and developing alongside those who possessed it.
"Icarus hasn't shown any sign of issuing his abilitys since his Attilu passed apart from one time since his Attilu passed. So from that we can tell Brathille can't be inherited," explained Ardon, "however, a dragons loyalty and Protective side of the bond extends to family, even after death so we know that remains."
"So you say Brathille gives you abilities, what has been discovered so far from you guys?"
Ardon nodded, "Icarus has a dark fog he can control, Korrin shows great strength and Tarik seems to have some wild..." he grappled for the word, " sonic roar that seems quiet effective from what I hear. Zyra here become lightning quick."
"You both glow prettily while you do it. Zyra lights up like a bright star," complimented Vonriir.
"I wish we could choose what we are able to do. Perhaps that comes with practice," said the bold wing dragoness. She would will Brathille to give her the power to heal if she could. She often wished for such an ability.
"Who knows, we are still young. You never know what we might discover," said Ardon, smiling to her kind,y, knowing he wish she held in her hearts.
"Tell her what you can do,"Zyra said then, "go on, we know you're dying to."
Ardon seemed to rein in his pride so that he wouldn't seem too boastful when he explained the abilities he possessed.
"I have my golden fire, that seems to burn much hotter than my normal fire. I have the same speed and strength increases as Zyra. I can call a shield made out of light."
"Explain to Martina what it looks like," suggested Vonriir.
"Like a force field, almost. The air around me glitters in a faint gold along the edges. I've only done it twice when Jack and I were in danger."
"You've arrived Jack twice," Zyra added to the list.
"Yes, I don't know how I did it, Brathille took over some how but yes. Something I am grateful for... immensely grateful."
Vonriir nodded. He hadn't been there for either of the events but he understood that feeling of almost losing someone that he cared about.
"Brathille seems to surprise us at every turn," said the late dragon.
"All good surprises, though." Added Zyra, with a hint of a happy thrum in her throat.
"So," said Ardon, " with Vonriir being A massive dragon and a fully grown one, he might show us come crazy powerful abilities," grinned Ardon.
Martina looked surprised, looking at Vonriir before back to the golden dragon, "Wow, Vonriir is already a force to be reckoned with and he could have all these abilities as well?" She asked, excitement in her voice.
The large dragon was smiling, pleased that she was entertained by this possibility, "Maybe. No one really knows what a dragon will be able to do, though I've always wondered what Brathille would grant me should it ever choose me.
"A shield would be useful but it is exciting that it could be anything." Martina replied.
Vonriir chuckled, "perhaps if we ask nicely, Brathille will grant me something exciting."
"Like...." promoted Ardon.
"Well he already has wicked dance moves, so Brathille doesn't have to worry about that," giggled Zyra.
Martina laughed lightly, "well we will see but I think Ardon and Jack have the best version."
Ardon grinned at this Bit Vonriir flicked his tail and harrumphed, but there was a smile behind the gesture, "we will have to see about that."
This made the group laugh.
Martina grinned at Vonriir's gesture, seemingly happy, "Was there anything else we needed to know like the soul sickness?"
"No, you know what there is to tell. Just stick close for a while and you'll be good," explained Ardon.
"Okay, so trial and error and see when it goes. I'm just eager to do the job Jack hired me to do."
Zyra nodded, "soon enough. Enjoy the break while it lasts.

The week passed and Martina's initiation into the guardian program was now complete. Lessons and information sessions were over so all that was left was getting through the soul sickness phase. Vonriir and Martina experienced their first bout of it simply by accident at the end of that week.
The large dragon had ambled out of their room in hopes to get a few things done for his new Attilu and fetch breakfast so that they could spend more time with their training. It was when he got to the far side of the facility that he began to feel off. Pressing on, wanting to get the woman something to eat he carried on but the symptoms began to grow worse. An unhinged panic seems to rise within him. He turned and galloped - quite a feat for a creature his size- back towards the team quarters, leaving the rest of the building wings shaking in his wake.
He rushed in to find the woman upright in bed, shaking with a fearful look in her eye,
A rush of apologies and repeated requests for reassurance ensued from the large dragon but once the feel subsided he grew quieter.
Thankful that his Attilu was not easily unnerved, Vonriir promised that he would go trying to sneak off to get work done... until, the soul sickness vanished at least.
The weeks passed and it seemed at last the bonds need for closeness was beginning to subside.
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Martina had spent the last few days making herself at home and reading, she wanted to be sure, once the soul sickness had gone, she could resume active duty, she had meetings with the hanger manager and met the pilots in the dragon academy, to ensure the soul sickness would not strike.
To her surprise everyone seemed happy and patient, knowing the great honour of being bonded to a dragon with such respect as Vonriir.
It made the woman happy that the facility had an understanding team, today she was in her quarters reading Avalon’s instruction manual and looking at the design on Vonriir’s big screen, making notes on her tablet.
Vonriir ambled into the room with a small tray in his possession. He put it down next to the woman with a hopeful smile. A selection of small pastries sat upon it. Freshly made. "I hope this makes up for earlier."
Martina had been doing some software updates and doing some studying of her aircraft when Vonriir came in, she looked up and smiled happily.
“Oh Vonriir, your sweet but there is no need to make things up, it’s all learning and it is ok, I told you that last week I was ok” she said, reassuring the crag back dragon.
"I know... I just felt bad that I surprised you like that. I didn't mean to," he replied. "Ardon did warn us but I thought I was close enough."
Martina shook her head lightly.
“Well do not feel bad, it is all learning, besides I had chance to read the instruction manual on Avalon, plus some downloads of software so all good, I am reading and looking at adding a modification on him” Martina said gesturing to the virtual image on the screen.
"Him? Is it?" Asked Vonriir, laying down on the large section of padded floor made for him, "I thought the Avalon looked rather elegantly feminine."
Martina smiled lightly.
“Everything has female names, ships, cars, boats..why not male? Anyways I liked mystical Celtic stuff, you can imagine my reaction when Wales found its dragon” she chuckled lightly.
"Yes, I heard it was a time of revelry," smiled the crag back, "You can meet him, you know. He's a good friend of Torchwoods."
“Maybe, I got my own dragon to get to know first, I feel there is allot to learn but we making good progress with it” Martina said as a notification came up on the screen advising she had one hour session with Melina.
“Oh, I forgot about that, me and Melina have book the gym activity room, I heard she knows a few things, she was going to teach me a bit” Martina said getting up and grabbing a Danish off the plate.
“These are bad for me Vonriir sir” Martina said munching away.
"Nah, a little treat never hurt anyone," he chuckled.
Martina winked as she went into her room to get changed, it did not take long before she was in her gym attire, she wore a jet black top with the EA logo in the middle and her gym joggers also had the EA logo proudly emblazoned on the side.
“So, how do they train you and the other dragons, how do they keep you guys lean and trim?” she queried.
"Sparring, flights. The youngsters playfight a bit still," explained Vonriir.
Martina nodded lightly.
“Well once I’m done, fancy showing this newbie how dragons fly?” she asked with a kind smile upon her face.
Vonriir's eyes lit up, “of course! If you're up to it that is." He said, getting to his feet.
Martina looked up at the massive bronze dragon before her.
“I am indeed, show me your moves, the dancefloor moves can be shown again another time” she laughed as she grabbed her gym bag.
“Plus happy dragon, happy human or Atilla? Atillu? I get it right one day” Martina said shaking her head, still not remembering the name perfectly yet.
"Attilu," said Vonriir in a singsong voice, "come come, let's get some air under your wings... or, well at least mine."
“We will after I have had my little session with professor Melina, I been told shes as fast and deadly as those bold wing dragons” Martina commented to the cragback.
"You be careful," warned the dragon, "she'd definitely be a boldwing if she was a dragon."
Martina looked up at the Crag back who had concern on his face and his eyes also told the story as well, he was concerned for her well being immensely.
“I can handle rough and tumble Vonriir, its sweet you care and I do appreciate it but you can’t wrap me up in cotton wool” she replied back.
“I be careful” she added, to appease him.
"Good, good," he nodded.
“I see you a little bit later for our flight, get those wings warmed up” she said leaving their joint chamber in the academy, it was not too far to the gym and she did not think the soul sickness would kick in there, considering Vonriir had to go to the far end of the facility for it to trigger.

Meanwhile, Melina was also getting ready in her quarters, she got into her custom gym attire which had the markings of the bold wing dragons, Zyra had no idea that the professor had treated herself to the new kit and that she had custom ordered it.
As Melina finished getting ready and walked out to tie her hair back, Zyra spoke.
"Must we beat up the new staff?" Asked Zyra, chin propped up on one paw while eating grapes with the other.
Melina looked at her and shook her head.
“Would you like Comox to come in and wave a big palm leaf over you while you devour the grapes?” she teased, thinking Zyra was acting like some Egyptian goddess.
Zyra lifted her head and reclined back into a regal pose, unfurling her tail. "I think I could stand some pampering." She joked.
Melina grinned in amusement at her dragoness.
“Or, I can call Ardon here to bow at your feet and oogle over you, that be more fun, I go call him now” Melina said lightly dancing over to the communication screen.
Zyra sat up quickly and flicked a grape at her, "don't you have something you should be getting to?"
Melina laughed lightly.
“I do Doctor, I have to show our new recruit who is boss, she asked me during breakfast and yeah, one thing led to another and here I am, I think I wear bold wing colours well don’t you think?” she asked the dragoness for her opinion.
"Yes, yes you do. You'd be a boldwing if you were a dragon. I'm positive of it," replied Zyra.
Melina liked the answer from Zyra.
"I think so, but yes you laze there while i teach our new recruit a thing or two" Melina replied.
"Alright. Try not to break her. Vonriir wouldn't be happy," said the dragoness, popping another grape into her jaws.
Melina shook her head as grabbed her gym bag to meet Martina.
“Well, you take it easy oh empress of the bold wings, don’t scoff too much or I be calling you Ardon” she teased lightly.
Zyra stuck her tongue out at her Attilu, "see you later."
Melina left their joint quarters and headed to the gym to meet up with Martina, she imagined that she would be there waiting eagerly and she was as she gave Melina a smile.
“Ready?” she asked the professor who smiled back.
“Of course after you” Melina gestured as Martina entered the Gym first, it would indeed be an interesting session.

Professor Baxter was in the command centre, doing some work here and there when he noticed a very slight spike in system activity, but as soon as it came it vanished.
“Hrmm, odd, bit of spike in system usage, that is a little bizarre, considering the system isn’t running anything major” Professor Baxter commented typing away.
Comox lifted his head, having hung around to keep the man company, "abnormal surge? I thought we managed to stop those."
Baxter checked on the system logs and was surprised what he saw or what he did not see, this puzzled the man.
“Oh, the system says nothing has occurred, odd no record yet I just saw it on the system, there is no bugs in the system and no major upgrades” the man said typing looking through history and analysis from the main computer.
"That's strange then," said the dragon, scratching behind his horn. "I can help keep an eye on it if you like."
“Hrmm, perhaps run a whole system wide diagnostic, level 2,3 and 4, ensure we are still running ok, the portal is on separate systems so should be fine, but just in case, I head there and upgrade security protocols” Baxter said to Comox.
"Alright," said the dragon, hefting himself to his feet and moving over to the computers to start the work. "I'll let you know if I see anything."
Soon out of nowhere Daniel appeared seeing the two of them talking near the computer monitoring station.
“Is there a problem?” Daniel said, approaching the dragon and the professor, seemingly interested in what the two were doing.
Comox looked over his shoulder briefly before turning back to the screen, "just system checks."
“Ah I see, nothing to worry about, id hate to have to write a report to Mark or Jack” Daniel said as Baxter shook his head.
“Just checking the system and ensuring its working nothing is amiss” he said as Daniel nodded lightly.
“Ok carry on, keep me updated” the man said as he headed off to his office leaving the man and bold wing male a little confused.
"That.... was a bit strange," said Comox with a tilt of his head.
“Yeah, something was off but it’s only Daniel, perhaps he is a bit short with all those new fighters and Mark for a boss as well” suggested the professor.
Comox snorted as he typed, shaking his head, "yeah, Mark as your boss, that would make anyone act a bit off."
Baxter agreed.
“Ok, I’m off to the portal and to sort the systems out, Hitteki can accompany me, I just feel a bit off” the man said heading off, leaving Comox to run the system checks.
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Vonriir waited in the lounge, paws outstretched before him so he could rest his great head across his forearms.

He rose to his feet when he saw Martina walk up, looking a little disheveled. A small smile grew across his face.
“She surprised you, didn’t she?” he said, trying not to chuckle.
"Shes amazing, such speed and fluid, i indeed was taken aback by her, I enjoyed it," she said putting her kit bag down.
“Ah well that is good then. Did you want to put off flying until tomorrow so you can rest?” he inquired.
Martina laughed lightly, "nope, im ready now if you want to show me the skies on dragon back" she grinned looking up at the massive Crag back.
Vonriir smiled, glad for that. He would have graciously waited but he felt a welling excitement for sharing his wings with her.
Together they walked to their quarters were she could shower and change into fresh clothes before he took her to the dragon hanger.
He padded up to the far wall where a number of polished black hooks held up the dragon’s riding gear.

“Each dragon has two harnesses, a riding harness and a battle harness,” he said as he reached to grab the simple leather tack that hung below a fancier and more ornate black version, “This is my riding harness. Mine hasn’t gotten much use. Getting rigged up is a bit difficult. I require assistance from the younglings or other riders, my paws being too large for the buckles and straps and all.”
He shrugged into the brown leather gear the best he could. He was right, it looked less worn than the other dragon’s riding harnesses, the brown leather was stiffer and caught on his spikes, needing readjusting until the straps settled properly.
“If you wouldn’t mind buckling this one here, I think I can manage the rest,” He said, indicating the two buckles that secured the collar.
"Don’t expect me to put this on you, it weighs twice my weight," she joked lightly as she done the buckles up.
“I won’t ever make you take it off the wall,” chuckled the Cragback, “I just need help with the buckles,”

"Doesn’t a harness make you seem....domestic? Rather than a proud dragon," she asked.
“I am not a panther or wolf or shark. I may have lived in what you call ‘the wild’ but that doesn’t mean I don’t have culture, traditions and beliefs,” said the dragon kindly. “If a little bit of leather is all that’s needed to make a creature domestic I’d like to see you try to domesticate a tiger.” The dragon chuckled.
Martina gave a small smile, " true but I want to keep you looking impressive, that is all, especially in front of that silver, I saw your glasses too" she replied.
“My sight is a bit poor, I’m told. Professor Melina kindly made those for me,” he said with a smile, “Anyway, let’s get you sorted.”
He turned away to fetch something else.
“Now,” he said, returning with a much smaller harness off the wall, “This is your harness. You step into it and pull these bits over your shoulders and it buckles at the waist. It clips into my harness by the saddle “
"Oh ok" Martina said putting the harness on, she was a little curious as she didn’t expect to fall off Vonriir.
He felt her confusion and smiled gently, “Until you’re used to it. The wind and pull of it can be jarring, so I hear. Jack and Ardon don’t often fly with harnessed but we will play the safe route for now.”
He waited patiently for her to clip into the gear before he turned and laid down on the ground. He held out a paw, palm and talons upturned so that he could help lift her to his shoulder.
“Just climb up there, and don’t fret about pulling scales nor spikes, I won’t feel it. The saddle is between my dorsal spikes there so you’ll have to lean pretty far forward to see much of anything,” he said, almost in an apologetic tone as if he was regretful of ruining her view. Even if the large stands of narrow horn restricted lateral visibility, they offered greater protection to the rider.
The dragon’s back was broad and the space between his shoulders was wide enough for a few people to sit abreast between the spikes.
Vonriir rose up to his full standing height on all fours once he was sure that Martina was secure in the harness and saddle upon his shoulders.
" I somehow feel rather small all of a sudden," laughed Martina lightly, looking around and down.
Vonriir simply smiled and pressed the button that opened the sky door above.
With the susurrus sound of soft, dry leather unfolding, the dragon’s massive wings unfurled like great dun sails; interlacing pale bands of deeper tan running across the expanse.
“Ready?” he asked, turning his head slightly. Built as he was, the stout dragon couldn’t see past his curling horns to see his rider but knew she was still there.

His body tensed as he lowered slightly, muscles coiling and wings lifting up. Suddenly he jumped and the big wings came down powerfully. They rose, slowly but the power the dragon possessed could be easily felt as they defied the pull of the earth and rose skyward through the overhead doors.
The wind pulled at them as he rose into the afternoon sunshine as clouds dotted the sky overhead.
He rose and rose before leveling off and catching a thermal, the easiest way for the large dragon to fly efficiently.
"This is amazing!" Martina yipped happily as Vonriir flew.
Vonriir laughed and surged forward. He wasn’t a fast flyer nor did he have the ability to do the stunts that the other dragons managed but he flew well all the same. He dove and rose, banking left and right and skimmed the tops of the trees and sent the tall grass of the fields below billowing in the eddied his wings stirred up.
"Never experienced this in a craft, this experience is something else Vonriir" Martina said to the Crag back. Flying on dragonback was certainly different compared to man made machines. The roll and pull of muscle of not only his wings but all those that aided him in flight was easily felt as he kept aloft.
“I’m glad you approve,” thrummed the large dragon.
"Thanks for showing me your world in the sky, I appreciate it," Martina said with a smile to the bronze.
Vonriir chuckled as he turned around and headed back to the base, “Of course, Miss Martina. You were already borne to the sky with Avalon so I anticipate you will be an intuitive rider.”
Just then there were some whoops and hollars from up ahead. Ardon, Zyra, Comox and Hitteki had come out to join them.
“Looks like we have an escort back,” he laughed as they raced towards the two of them.
They yipped and cheered for Martina’s first flight, rocketing around and circling the behemoth dragon. The contrast was sharp but none the less impressive on both sides.

They sailed for home as the sun began to reach towards the horizon.
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A few days later, Martina was in her quarters, completing paper work, while the risk of soul sickness was about, Mark had Martina do the shift schedule and training drills with the new fighters coming in a few days time, while she was yearning to start her new role, she was patient, enjoying her time with Vonriir.
The dragon was a massive softie and idolised his new Atillu and wanted to make her happy and proud at every opportunity while she waited for Brathille soul sickness to pass, but Martina was enjoying his company and they been another 2 flights since their first flight.
Today the bronze Crag back had entered their shared living quarters with something for the woman, who was sat on a chair in the corner of Vonriir’s area.
"I hope it's alright," said Vonriir, "that harness you wore on your first flight was nice but.... not quite nice enough, I thought. I ordered you a new one. Better colours. Grey with bronze stitching. To match my scales you see."
The dragon seemed hopeful as he handed her a cloth bag with the harness inside.
Martina put the work to one side and smiled as Vonriir handed her the cloth bag, she got the harness out and smiled at it then to the massive crag back.
“Oh Vonriir, that is so sweet, you really didn’t have to, I’m not made of glass but this is lovely, you did not need to do this, you and me bonded together is enough of an honour” she said with verbal honesty.
"I know you're not made of glass. But it's a part of the uniform as it were. Things here can get a little bit... chaotic. Not every flight is easy sailing," he chuckled. "Anyway I hope you like it."
Martina nodded lightly.
“Of course I do, I wear it next flight, just doing paper work for my new squadron, Mark giving me the boring paper bits while Brathille does its magic connection thing” she replied.
"What kind of paperwork? I thought you filled out everything days ago, "inquired Vonriir.
Martina double checked her tablet for what she was doing.
“Well, just training drills and schedules, but I am done now…anyways let’s see my dragon with glasses on” she grinned, eager to see.
The dragon turned and reached for a shelf where the steel rimmed glasses were kept on a soft green cloth. He placed them on the bridge of his wide nose and turned back to her. "Zyra says I look sophisticated with these on."
Martina grinned and nodded.
“Yes, very sophisticated and dashing Mr Vonriir, you should wear them more if they help you see” Martina said as she looking up at Vonriir.
"To be honest they give me a bit of a headache if I wear them too long," he admitted.
“Do you have a battle pair at all” she enquired with the crag back.
"I do," he nodded, "more durable. They clip onto my helmet so they don't go flying."
Martina smiled.
“Impressive, you are spoilt a bit here, I have been really happy with spent time together and talking or bonding more as well, I was told you do move mountains with that silver dragon who is around” Martina said, sitting on a rock in Vonriirs part.
"Lord Forge," he supplied the name, "Ardons sire-brother or uncle. He does show up quite a bit here. He's not one to miss out on anything if he can help it. That's for sure."
Martina had sensed he was a dragon not to miss things on the base, he seemed to be part of this organization, although Melina had told her he was retired.
“It’s a family affair here it seems, what made you come to Earth and be here?” Martina asked the crag back.
"Adventure. The pursuit of the unknown. To see a world that very few dragons have gotten to see," he smiled.
“Then you went and bonded to me, your adventure ended” she lightly joked with the large dragon.
He thumped his tail, "I think it's just beginning if you ask me!"
Martina laughed as the two continued to talk and get to know one another, it seemed Brathille had made the correct choice with these two, Vonriir was a very sociable dragon and having Martina made him happy.

Meanwhile Melina had spent a few days away from the labs, the tussle with Martina had been pretty intense and although the woman won, she had pushed herself to impress and was now paying for it as she had aggravated her bad leg.
The woman limped to the bathroom and now was limping towards her comfy seat, Zyra had insisted the professor had just in case.
"Oh Mel," tsked Zyra, getting to her feet. "It's still bothering you isn't it?"
Melina sat down and looked to see her concerned look upon her face.
“I be fine Doctor, I just was in an intensive bout and its flared up a little, I be ok” the professor insisted with Zyra.
The dragoness made an unconvinced noise. "It's been days. I don't think it's just a little flared up."
Melina rested it as she brushed off the dragoness concerns.
“I’m stronger than you think, I be ok, do not worry Zy, I survive” Melina insisted.
"Strong minded," said Zyra, not quite under her breath. "I do worry. I don't like that it pains you after all this time. Something is wrong."
Melina tried not to roll her eyes or get short with Zyra, she was only worried for her well being and it was not fair to snap at her.
Finally Melina reluctantly rolled her trouser leg to show Zyra her injury, “Want to try?, we have gotten better with Brathille a little bit” she asked.
The dragoness stepped closer and sat next to her. Lowering her head she waited for Melina to put her palm on her muzzle to try and conjure up the reluctant magic.
Melina put her hand on the dragoness smooth ivory coloured scales as she smiled lightly and closed her eyes to give Zyra focus and perhaps will to help the dragoness use Brathille.
“Go ahead, I’m ready” Melina said quietly.
The dragoness closed her eyes and called upon brathille. She could feel her scales begin to glow softly under the woman's hand.
Lifting her front paws, Zyra hovered them over the injured leg and focused.
Melina focussed hard, clearing her mind and focussing on one single thing, helping focus Brathille power with her dragoness to heal her leg, she had practiced and had was giving Zyra her laser point focus.
The dragoness was quiet as she willed the magic to work. She could feel the energy brathille gave her but it was disoriented and like attempting to catch mist. Impossible. She suppressed a frustrated rumble and continued.
Melina sensed Zyra’s frustration through the link.
"Easy Zy, easy girl" Melina said calmly as she kept her focus for her dragon.
Zyra was determined and grasped for the power to heal her Attilu. Just as she began to glow a bit brighter, she suddenly lost it, feeling Brathille slip away again.
"Damn!" she cursed.
Melina opened her eyes and removed her hand from the dragoness scales, she gave a light smile.
"You nearly had it, we are getting there Zy, for now scanner and iron tablets" she said calmly, wanting not to make Zyra feel down.
The dragoness looked frustrated and disappointed regardless of what Melina said but went to retrieve the items. She came back with an additional glass of water as well and put it all on the table beside the professor.
Melina thanked Zyra.
"We get there, you see honestly and then you let me go kick ass on everyone" she lightly joked.
This garnered a smile from the bold wing, "For now, leave the ass kicking to me while your leg heals up."
"Then you get all the fun" teased Melina lightly as she took her tablets.
"We take turns, then," Zyra said, sitting down again. "For now, no more kicking butt. I'll see to it if the situation calls for it."
Melina nodded lightly.
“Fine, but you got some catching up to do, I’m at least 3-0 up” she lightly teased the bold wing as the dragon seemed to smile.
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A few days later the facility was just beginning to start the day.
“Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack!” came Ardon’s call as he skittered around the corner of the dividing wall that separated sections of their quarters. It was early morning and the dragon had just finished scrubbing his face when noticed something.
Jack stirred and woke up, looking at the golden dragon, then the clock on his wall. "What, what is it?" he asked yawning.
The gold lowered his face and nearly head-butted the man in his enthusiasm. With his primaries pointing skyward he pushed his crest at Jack as he sat up in bed, “Look! Do you see them?”
When Jack didn’t answer right away, the gold spoke again, “I have another set coming in. Early!” he quipped, voice so cheery that it almost cracked with joy.
Jack inspected his crest and looked back at Ardon, "They coming in already?" he asked.
The young dragon had his slow growing primaries and brow tines had come in when he was on Kilara. His cheek tines had been mere buds against his golden scales upon hatching and had steadily grown over the years. For many dragon breeds, the male’s crest was a source of pride. Healthy, straight horns alluded to good genes and the more horns on a male mountain dragon indicated the older they were and was also considered a considered a point of attraction. “I think they are my secondaries!” he said excitedly, bouncing from paw to paw.
He backed up and arched his neck proudly, prancing in a circle, tossing his head like a champion derby horse, awfully pleased with his discovery. They were still merely small protrusions behind his primaries, set slightly inward compared to the larger horns, but their presence was joyous to the dragon all the same.
“I think they are my secondaries!” he said excitedly, bouncing from paw to paw.
He backed up and arched his neck proudly, prancing in a circle, tossing his head like a champion derby horse, awfully pleased with his discovery.
"Didn’t Forge say they shouldn’t be coming in until you’re older? If that’s the case could be further evidence that how you eat, sleep train here maybe speeding things up" Jack said as a smile broke over his face feeling Ardon's pride.
“Maybe I’ll have more points than Forge one day,” he thought aloud.
He was playful and had more energy in the early hour than he ever did. Ardon jumped, his forepaws bouncing off the edge of Jack’s bed, jostling him.
"Ardon! Go release that pent up energy somewhere else as I try and get ready, I'm still on medical leave you know!" Jack said to the gold.
The gold grinned impishly, dipping his head and licking Jack’s cheek then bounding away and out the door before Jack had a chance to wipe his face and shout at him.
The gold dragon had a skip in his step as he trotted down the hall and towards the canteen.
“Hey Ardy, what’s up?” asked Comox, looking up from his breakfast. He could see his friend was in a celebratory mood, even from the canteen entrance.
“My secondary horns are coming in,” Ardon said as he sauntered with his head held high and back like some regal stag.
“Is… is that special?” asked Comox with a raised brow. He certainly knew about the importance of certain breed’s crests but he couldn’t help but to pull on Ardon’s chain a bit with him being this cheery.
The gold started, his prance coming to a halt as he sputtered, “Of course it is!”
Comox had to fight hard against smiling as he cocked his head in mock confusion, “Why?”
“Cause… it’s important, that’s why!” was all that Ardon could muster.
“Boldwings only have the primary horns and cheek tines you know…” said Comox, a small devilish grin reminiscent of Veyron’s playing on his face now.
Ardon frowned then realized what Comox was hinting at. His cheeks reddened a bit, making the gold scales go a bit rusty, “I know that.”
Comox snorted a shook his head, “I’m just teasing you, Ardy. I’m glad you’ve got more pointy things on your head. It’s nice,” He teased. Comox had been rather quiet, or so more than usual for the male Boldwing, since Vonriir bonded so this stab at joking around was good to see.
Ardon gave a mock growl, “You’re a jerk, Co.”
“Morning kids,” came Vonriir’s voice as he entered the canteen with Martina at his side, “What’s new. You’re looking like you’re up to no good already.”
“Ardon here is getting an even thicker skull,” Comox explained in a casual tone.
“Hey!” said Ardon, pushing the Boldwing who laughed. He straightened up and trotted over to the Cragback. Being half western mountain dragon himself, he might know the importance of such an event. He tilted his head so that Vonriir could see, “My secondaries are coming in!”
Vonriir bent down and squinted but couldn’t make out anything. He reached for his glasses, which he now kept tucked up in a spike along his shoulder after Martina’s suggestion he should wear them more often. Placing them on his nose, Vonriir looked again as Ardon craned his head around for him to see.
“Ah, well you are right, Young Ardon. Your secondary points are coming in. About 5 years early if I remember correctly. Your father will be proud, Forge too.”
Ardon grinned back at Comox and the Boldwing shook his head and smiled.
Martina seemed interested in the entire hubbub about the gold’s crest, "So, forgive me sounding stupid, is horns coming through a celebratory dragon custom?” She asked.
“You do not sound stupid at all,” said Vonriir kindly, looking down at her, “Mountain dragons, the breed Ardon is and that my mother was, have crests, the collection of horns and tines on their heads. Males continue to grow points as they age. Ardon’s here have come in early, which is considered favourable.”
“He thinks he’s all that now, as if he didn’t before,” snickered Comox.
“Oh put a sock in it,” quipped Ardon, though his voice was still good humoured. Today would be a good day, he decided, teasing or not.
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A week had past since Ardon announced that his secondary horns were coming through, he had been excited and proud that he had told almost all of the senior staff and however he bumped into and told them, the only one was Mark who reacted differently from all the positive, Mark told him to sod off and Veyron seemed to concur with his statement.
But today, Martina would be venturing out after being on the base over 6 weeks, Brathille’s soul sickness had receded and now the two of them seemed fine having greater distances between them, Martina had decided to go out on patrol with her squadron today.
Vonriir, the ever-present gentleman, had decided he would escort his Atillu down to the hanger to watch her flight back in her fighter.
Martina was now getting ready; the dragon once again was in a chatty mood with her.
"Are you excited to fly the Avalon?" inquired the large dragon as he supervised her getting prepared.
Martina looked up doing her zip up on her jacket and smiled, nodding her head lightly.
“Yes I am in a way, to get back on duty, I feel I been not earning my pay, though I thought id be spending my credits on a flat” she said giving Vonriir a sheepish smile.
"A bonded pair is an asset to the EA and Torchwood..... and the world I should say," he said with good humour, "You were not sitting idly as you might think. I do hope you like your quarters. I would be disheartened to find that you would prefer a flat."
Martina reached and put her hand on his wide muzzle and smiled kindly.
“You know I am honoured with what I’ve got, being bonded to you is amazing and I would not swap that..besides” Martina moved her hand away and grinned proudly, “I can boast to being bonded to the biggest dragon on earth” she said happily.
Vonriir chuckled, "Well that honour is safe for now. I think you'll be safe to boast about that for a long while yet. I have yet to meet a dragon larger than I."
Martina smiled but then she seemed to be thinking, “There was rumours of bigger…in Japan, the media interview people and said there was a massive one, but then it got stupid when they said he had black smoke and stuff” Martina said not realising that the dragon was Skahrsen.
"That is no true dragon, Martina," said Vonriir's voice. Suddenly serious, "That creature is an abomination to all things good. He is our greatest enemy and if we should ever come across him again you must promise me that you will get as far away as possible."
Martina sensed his seriousness and looked at Vonriir, she felt a little uneasy at what he was asking of her.
“What about you? You need protection too Vonriir, if you are saying this thing is real” Martina said, suddenly concerned for the large dragon.
“I have my peers. The dragons. That's our job," he explained.
Martina seemed to go quiet for a moment, “Can you beat him?” she asked quietly, the mood getting a little lower from before.
"We will have to," was the dragons reply. He shifted slightly, remembering.
“Ok Vonriir, I make sure I stay away, promise me then you beat him, you a big guy, you got to beat him, promise?” Martina made a fist with the gesture of a fist bump.
Vonriir made a fist but his clenched paw was bigger than she was. He laughed, "promise."
Martina’s smile returned.
“Great, we best get a move on or I be a poor squadron leader on my first day” she said with a light laugh.
"Good luck, Miss Martina," smiled the large dragon.
“You coming to watch me take off?” she asked as the woman headed towards the door.
"Of course," he nodded, following her.
The two walked down to the hanger, the two still talking as they entered, the vibrations on the floor let the hanger manager know Vonriir was coming.
Martina appeared and approached her fighter with a smile as Vonriir kept close by.
“Hey Avalon, you met Vonriir right?” she said talking to her pearly white fighter as Vonriir approached.
"Does it say anything back?" Chuckled Vonriir as he lumbered behind her.
Martina laughed lightly at the comment.
"of course, he does, he’s pleased to meet you" Martina replied back.
Vonriir seemed a bit confused and cocked his head to the side, "you're pulling my tail aren't you?"
Martina looked back and smiled.
“You wont even pretend for me?” she asked the crag back.
The dragon cleared his throat and tapped a talon on the shiny exterior, "keep her safe, Avalon, or you will have me to deal with," he said firmly.
“He will” Martina smiled giving Vonriir a quick pet on the muzzle as she entered the cockpit and after putting on her helmet and pressed a button all the systems came online, the engines fired up and with a smooth grace the fighter took off, hovering above the ground a little as the hanger doors opened.
Martina gave Vonriir a thumbs up before flying Avalon outside to join the other fighters already on patrol, in a flash she was gone.
The large dragon watched with hazel eyes as the fighter took off. He let out a little sigh, happy she was fulfilling her duty but sad at the loss of constant company he had grown to appreciate over the past few weeks.

Veyron helped himself to the small liquor cabinet in Mark's office, using a tail to pick up a small glass from the shelf beside.
"Do you enjoy being the big chief every other month?" He asked, taking a sip of what he had pilfered.
Mark looked up from his work, finally distracted enough by Veyron to have to talk to him.
“Hey knock it off, stop drinking all my good stuff, I knew it was a bad idea to put them in here with you about, I’m trying to do this work” Mark said a little irritated.
"Go ahead, I won't be a distraction," he said, taking another sip as he lounged on one of the shelves, pushing over a picture frame to make room.
Mark shook his head at the Wraith’s antics, yet again being a distraction and annoying.
“Urgh, do you know how much of a pain in the ass you are? Jack put you under my command as I could be a positive influence, all I’ve seen is you consume my cabinet of goods and knocking over my photos” Mark said taking the frame off where Veyron was lounging.
"It should be a picture of me in there. You see me more than whoever that is," he teased, "you are a positive influence. Before you I was positive Copper Rain Whiskey was the best. Now I'm positive that this is," he said, holding up his glass.
Mark shook his head lightly.
“I’m glad I passed something on, maybe a word with Melina and the mention of fitness tests will have you running for the hills” Mark teased the wraith.
"You made a promise about that," said Veyron, pointing a talon at him.
Mark laughed.
“Now who is getting their back up, once every 4 years and to give you 6 months warning of the surprise date that you are not to know but I tell you so you don’t look a wreck in front of the professor again” Mark replied back.
"I did not wreck it," sniffed Veyron, tapping the glass with his claws. "I'd like to see you do anything remotely resembling extensive cardio Mister 'Point-and-shoot-at-things'," he said with a cheeky grin.
“Hah fitter than you Wraith or whatever your breed is called, pain in the ass o saurus is what they should of called you” Mark said scoffing at the notion the wraith could beat him.
Veyron snorted, nearly spilling his drink, "I've had lots of names thrown at me but that's a new one. Gold star, Marky."
Mark rolled his eyes when a beeping noise could be heard.
“Mark here” the man said answering the notification on his laptop screen.
“Sir, I think you should come to the command centre, there has been an assassination attempt on the world president, its all over the news, our systems flagged it up” the operator said.
Veyron sat upright, hearing the news. Abandoning his drink he jump down from the shelf and scrambled up to Marks shoulder.
“We be right there, Inform Jack and the others to go to the dragon Academy and put the live feed through there” Mark instructed.
“Yes sir” the operator said as Mark shut his laptop up and walked out of his office towards the command centre with Veyron on his shoulder.
"An assassination attempt on the world president. Thats ballsy as hell," said Veyron, his joking demeanour gone now.
Mark nodded in agreement to the wraith’s comments.
“Very, the world president oversees the Earth Alliance as well, they protect him and have escorts and top security wherever he goes, plus being American you got secret service, so for this to happen is extraordinary” Mark replied.
"No kidding," said the wraith, "I wonder where it happened."
“No idea, we get in there and see, I like you to start scouring the web and looking for links and other things and find out what the heck went on, your last report on the Japan incident was…excellent” Mark said pausing a little not really wanting to give the wraith more air for his over inflated ego.
Too late, the dragon was already giving Mark a smug look, "You got it." he nodded, jumping off and heading towards a computer to begin.
Mark shook his head as he went towards the screen where new reporters were telling what happened, the other side screens searched the radio waves and brought up information on the incident from EA reports and secret service, Mark had a grim expression on his face, seeing all of this, someone was targeting the world president and somehow it all seemed a familiar pattern to him.
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“So,” Ardon was saying to Hitteki and Zyra in the canteen while all this was going on. The younger dragons were relaxing in the lounge unaware of what was going on, “We were travelling through the forest on the southern coast, just skirting the desert there, I… I can’t remember the name. Was right after the incident at the river. We were headed down there to see one of Forge’s old acquaintances to see about the- “
He was interrupted by Hitteki just
"Guardian Ardon! look!, on the news, something big has happened!" Hitteki said turning up the volume on the TV in the canteen as people seemed to gather.
Ardon dropped his story and hurried over with Zyra.
"What's going on?" asked Comox, having missed the initial shout when he was getting the others some tea. He had hurried over seeing everyone crowded around the screen and put the platter of dragon sized tea cups down on a coffee table.
"Looks like there’s been trouble, looks like there has been an attempt on a important humans life I think," Hitteki said to the male pointing to the screen.
“That’s the world President, Hitteki,” Said Zyra, eyes transfixed on the screen. “He’s literally one of the most important people on the planet.”
“Stars. Who would even dare try,” asked Ardon to no one in particular. His voice was filled with disbelief.
“No idea,” Came Comox’s reply as the news went on, “That’s a death wish in itself.”
“His security detail is supposed to be insanely good.” Added Zyra.
Just as if on cue the tannoy went off, “All Dragons and senior staff to hangar immediately.” The voice said, repeating it once again.
“Well that was quick.,” noted Comox, “Let’s hurry.”
Abandoning their tea and afternoon snack the dragons got to their feet and quickly made their way down to the dragon hangar.
Along the way they met Vonriir who emerged from the flight hangar looking alarmed somewhat. They could feel his steps rumbling the ground as he lumbered over.
“The hangar manager just said that the radio broadcasts are saying there’s been an assassination?” he asked, alarmed.
“An attempt ,” replied Comox, “Come, I expect we’re to be informed of what’s going on in the dragon hangar.”
“But Martina just went out on patrol with her squadron…” said Vonriir, sounding a little worried.
“She’ll be fine. Mark will call her back if we need her. Right now we have no idea what is really going on. Let’s get some information first before we start fretting.” Said Zyra wisely. There was no use getting their tails in knots before they even got the full details of what was going on.
He fell into line with the others as they made their way. A formidable pack of dragons, if anyone who was not familiar with the group should have seen them marching down the hall.
"Hey guys, what is going on, there is lots of people rushing about," Melina said wondering what was going on.
"There has been an attempted assassination on the WP," explained Zyra, "All dragons are senior staff are meeting in the hangar."

"Blimey, seriously that is really jaw dropping someone would even think to do such a horrendous thing?" Melina said following the dragons.
“No idea, but we’re going to find out, I hope,” replied her boldwing. Ardon branched off to go fetch Jack to bring him along too. He wouldn’t be able to make any orders or commands but he knew the man would want to know what was going on in the very least.
Soon enough everyone was in the dragon hangar. The academy sigil was bold against the far wall and the sound dampening banners reached nearly to the floor on either side.
Everyone spoke quietly despite there being only a few of them there. Baxter had arrived in a hurry, likely thinking he was late but Mark and Veyron had yet to arrive.
Vonriir towered over everyone and turned on the screen in the hangar so that they could continue to watch the news. No new information was being released at this time to the public it seemed. The media looked like it was speculating heavily in lieu of proper details but nothing that had been confirmed as of yet.
"This is very serious, nothing like this has ever happened before," Jack said folding his arms as they waited for Mark and Veyron.

"Alright, Capt' got the report of everything thus far. Ready on my end," said Veyron, sending the files and link over to the man on his computer in the command center. He turned and jumped off the chair, hustling across the floor and up to his usual spot on the man’s shoulder, “I sent it to your tablet and left the other in the reports folder. Usual security access code to open it.”
"Right, let's head to the dragon academy and report, Jack is probably pacing and looking worried as he isn’t in charge," Mark replied.
“You got this,” said Veyron, twitching his tail, “Let’s go.”
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Mark made his way down to the dragon academy, Professor Baxter had already gone down and so had Martin and Daniel who oddly were not seen about allot by the agents that worked under them or the other staff members.
Mark arrived and could see the group already gathered there by the big screen, awaiting his arrival, this would-be Mark’s biggest assignment in taking command from Jack.
At once the younger dragons spoke, asking questions as Mark and Veyron came into view. Zyra flared her wings out to quiet everyone, realizing this wasn't the way to get answers.
Veyron heard footsteps and saw that Martin and Daniel had arrived. He tensed on Mark's shoulder, talon's gripping onto his jacket as he otherwise outwardly remained calm.
“Problem?” Mark looked briefly at Veyron, sensing the dragon claws had tensed on him, for some unknown reason.
The wraith just growled under his breath, not wanting to alert the two men he had been keeping his eye on.
Mark tried not to roll his eyes at the wraith’s odd behaviour as he approached the others, Jack waited along with the others, Martin and Daniel were also there, watching Mr De Santa, not really showing anything out of the ordinary but the wraith was suspicious.
“Ok, we are getting the reports in as we speak, the situation is very fluid currently, you all seen the images from the news, our systems are also monitoring the situation at the moment, Veyron has done some recon for us on the web and extracting information from EA and the other services, we can see someone has tried unsuccessfully to assassinate the world president of Earth” Mark explained.
Veyron stood up on Mark's shoulder and straightened his posture.
"So as far as the current situation goes. The WP is alive and has been moved to a secure location. Security had been bolstered to the sky as we would expect. Whoever attempted this is clinically insane or is ballsy as hell. The president certainly has his enemies considering a few of his policies but no one or no group has been singled out just yet."
Martin and Daniel did not seem to ask any questions and merely observed the briefing stoic and quiet, it was a little odd as the men did get involved and were friendly but they seemed to have a colder demeanour that made Professor Baxter feel a little off as he moved subtly to another area as the briefing continued.
“Has the EA contacted us?” Jack asked Mark who shook his head.
“Not yet, as I said the situation is fluid and our services have not been requested, we just keeping an eye on the situation, from what we know it was an attempted kill with a sniper weapon in the USA, in Washington DC, he was out promoting a new global policy when the incident occurred, he was rushed off and is in a secret EA bunker” Mark explained.
"So we just have to sit and wait to see if they need us?" Asked Ardon
“seems an odd way, we should reach out and offer our services” Melina said, sort of supporting the golden dragon’s opinion.
“If they ask, we will get involved guys, we do not want to step on anyone’s toes, I use to work for the FBI and American agencies get cranky when another organization comes in without an invite, plus we got dragon assets to protect” Mark explained.
Ardon wanted to say that it was the other way around, that the dragons were supposed to be doing the protecting but he kept his mouth shut for now.
"I'm sure if things go sideways they'll call for us," said Veyron.
"Let's hope it doesn't come to that," said Zyra.
Mark nodded in agreement to Zyra and Veyron’s comments about the situation.
“We will keep an eye on things, Professor Baxter, I want you to allocate the systems we got to monitor everything we got on this” Mark asked the young man who nodded.
“Martin?, Daniel what are our security arrangements and advice, I haven’t had your reports on my desk yet” Mark asked the two men.
Veyron eyed the men as Mark asked a question, watching them for subtle body language or a change in tone.
Daniel cleared his throat and spoke.
“Of course, the reports are done I get them to you Mark, as for our security I’d recommend we go to Amber alert and increase patrols and enhance security checks on all staff coming in” he advised.
Veyron watched the man speak but couldn't pick out anything strange. "And going out," added the wraith. Knowing who was present and who was missing from the base at all times would be beneficial
Martin gave Veyron a look.
“That would require allot more searches and checks than a amber alert allows us, it would be a significant drain on our resources” Martin said.
“True, but given this is a major thing I think I go with what Veyron suggests” Jack said as Martina seemed to not appreciate the answer.
"Well," said Veyron, casually. "With the dragons on standby, I think they'd be glad to be put to use," he volunteered them so that there could be no further protest in regards to resources.
Daniel seemed to take Martin’s side of the argument as he replied back.
“Martin has a point, Mark, you expecting the dragons to do security checks on staff? Seems a little much” Daniel said as Mark gestured to the dragons to ask for their opinions.
"If it helps, we don't mind..." said Ardon, looking around to the others to ensure they agreed.
"If it's for the good and safety of Torchwood, we'll do it," confirmed Vonriir with a nod. With a new Attilu to consider, he wanted their home to be safe.
“You find the dragons a useful asset in this field, Comox can monitor the IT labs and systems, Hitteki can help with the security teams, along with Ardon” Jack said as the others nodded.
“Alright then, move us to Amber alert, Daniel get all new security procedures online” Mark ordered as Daniel nodded, gesturing to Martin to come with him as the meeting was over.
Veyron watched them go from Mark's shoulder, his keen green eyes fixed on them.
"You still remember the procedures for the security system setup?" He asked Mark once they were gone.
Mark nodded his head at the question.
“I be a poor head of security if I didn’t, why do you ask?” he queried as the others were talking amongst themselves.
"I want you to go over them once Daniel and Martin set it up," he said, "when they aren't around."
Mark looked at Veyron oddly at the question.
“I can assure you Daniel and Martin are security professionals and they can do their work, why would I check their work, they proven themselves reliable” he said to the wraith not understanding.
"Just do it," said the wraith then realized his misstep, "please," he then added. "Trust me on this."
Mark shook his head lightly.
“Alright, I will check, I want you to keep doing recon on all of this, see if anything comes up on the web” he asked the wraith as he was about to move off as Jack called to Mark.
“I think I need to return to command, this is a serious situation and we need all of our best people in their positions, I’m not saying that you aren’t doing a sterling job Mark, but I think needs must” Jack said as Mark replied.
“Your on medical leave…sir” he said as Jack gave a sheepish smile and scratched the back of his head.
“Yes, I know but this is more important than me and some little aches and pains” Jack said.
Ardon quieted from his conversation with Zyra, surprised, yet not surprised at the same time. Jack was not one to sit idle when situations like this rose up.
Mark looked and called over professor Melina, who came over.
"I think Mark has this one handled, Jack," said the wraith as Mark spoke to Melina.
“Professor, I need your expert medical opinion here, is Jack fit to return to command?” he asked the woman who looked like she was caught between a rock and a hard place, her loyalty to Jack and friendship with her medical professional judgement as she felt a little uneasy, Zyra would sense this as Jack looked at her hopeful.
Zyra could feel her Attilus uneasiness and tried not to worry.
The gold dragon felt Jacks hope rising but knew this would be a bit of a battle of wills.
“Professor?” Mark asked as Melina seemed a little hesitant.
“Well….” Melina tried to say but Mark seemed to get a bit inpatient about the professor’s opinion, he knew she had deep loyalties to Jack.
“I do need a yes or no answer professor in your professional opinion is Jack well enough to return to duty?” he asked her again.
Melina bit her lip and shook his head as Jack smile fell from his face.
“I am sorry Jack, but your not ready to assume command again, you need time to heal up, I cannot professionally write you off as fit for duty” the professor said.
“Then that settles it” Mark said crossing his arms as Jack looked at Melina with dismay.
Ardon was quick to come to jack’s defence. "If jack thinks he's ready he should be allowed. He's commander after all."
"He was put on medical leave for a reason Ardon." Came Zyras reply.
Jack was visibly annoyed with the decision but Mark soon took control of the situation, not wanting this to ramble on.
“It is done, professor Melina has given me her opinion, I keep you updated Jack with all developments” Mark said as he left as Jack seemed not be impressed with the decision, as he spoke to Melina.
“What the heck, thought you were on my side Mel?” Jack protested.
"We are, Jack. We are looking out for your wellbeing," said Zyra but Ardon snorted angrily, not agreeing with her.
“I survived worse Zyra, you know that, we all do why am I being treated differently now” Jack said raising his voice as tempers seemed to bubble.
Melina was about to speak to Jack when Zyra beat her, not impressed with Jack’s attitude.
"Because!" Was all Zyra could muster, flustered.
"This is his job. He's commander. If he thinks he can do it he can," retorted Ardon with a huff.
"He agreed to return on Melina's orders," the dragoness fired back.
Melina did not want to have this conversation or want any more arguments, especially when the world president had had his life threatened.
“Enough, just enough discussion over, I wont discuss it more, we got work to do and you Jack rest up and grow up” Melina sternly said as she gestured to Zyra to follow her, leaving Jack and Ardon in the academy looking bewildered at her reaction.
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Zyra had given Ardon a look that dared him to say another work before she turned herself around to walk away with Melina.
The gold snorted, not daring say another word to the affronted dragoness. That could spell disaster. That and he knew… in some small part of him, that they were right in a way. Much to his irritation he couldn’t ignore that but yet he still felt vexed that it had come to harshly said words. He didn’t like that Mark ‘won’ and he notice that Veyron seemed pleased that the man was still in charge for now.
Ardon got to his feet as Jack turned to walk away to his own quarters.
"this is very frustrating, why would Melina refuse to sign me off? I feel better," Jack said over his shoulder to the gold as he followed the man.
"I don't know, Jack. She said she couldn't do it 'professionally' which means nothing to me. She can see you're up and well. It's not like the world's crashing down on our heads right now. It's only given orders and such," huffed Ardon, feeding off the man's frustration, “It’s not like we’re out running around in action.”
"Well, just disappointed, she usually has my back," Jack said but then a smile crossed his face, "You and Zyra share one thing, you both fiercely protective of your Atillu's" he said.
"When have we not?" asked Ardon with a flick of his tail, not getting why Jack was smiling.
"Hah, well I just think Zy has influence over you, golden wonder," Jack said as he tried to shake off his bad mood with light humour at Ardon's expense.
The gold dragon was not catching on quick today and cocked his head to the side, "What do you mean?"
"Well if that sail goes up you sit on your rump quicker than school children in a class rushing to their seats when the teacher is coming," Jack replied.
Oh, thought the dragon, frowning.
Ardon grunted, "Well... natural instinct when you're arguing with someone who can melt your face off in an instant. You try arguing with her and see how brave you are." he grumbled at the man, shoving his elbow with the end of his muzzle.
"Alright, alright, I appreciated you sticking up for me though, perhaps I overreacted, just never been a stand on the sidelines kind of guy," Jack said as they entered their quarters in the academy.
“Me either,” the gold agreed, shutting the door behind them.

In the flight hangar Vonriir waited patiently for the squadron to return from their patrols. The hangar manager had said that they would be delayed due to an extension in their orders for the day.
Vonriir didn’t complain but instead sat his bronze rump down at far side of the hangar where he would be out of the way and waited patiently. Later he heard the sound, not yet familiar, of a ship. The Avalon soon came into view and relief washed over the large dragon. He rose to his feet and waited while the ship docked.
Martina smiled as Avalon landed and powered down, she waved through the cockpit, sensing his happiness of her return. He had lifted his head and smiled back at her, his small eyes appeared squinting with the expanse of his delight across his face.
When the door open and she got out she smiled, looking up at the crag back who stood even taller than her ship.
"Avalon took good care of me, just as you asked" she said.
"Good, he won’t have to reckon with me then," he thrummed, holding up a paw to help her down even though he knew she could do it herself. She stepped into his paw, holding onto the thumb talon as he brought her to the ground where she stepped off lightly.
"Aww, such a gentlemen, how have you been, sweet of you to meet me as I landed," Martina said.
"I wanted to ensure you returned safely. Did you hear the news about the world president?" He asked her.
Martina nodded lightly, her smile leaving her face.
"Yes, Torchwood control notified me, told us to continue patrols and to make another round the outskirts of London, felt odd not sensing you with me," Martina said.
Vonriir nodded, “Yes. I’ve been used to that feeling. Knowing you’re not close was odd. I still felt a bit of that worry but that may have been because of the news,” he explained. "Anyway, the dragons have been put on standby, so I might be put to work with facility security," he said to her, “Mark had upped the level of security for both ingoing and outgoing traffic. Some of the staff thought it was a little much but we’re better off safe than sorry.”
Martina nodded lightly.
"I understand, I probably have increased patrols, so much for our honeymoon period, but yes when Im free and you are free, we go for a fly and a swi, I heard you got a pool2 she smiled.
Martina nodded lightly.
"I understand, I probably have increased patrols, so much for our honeymoon period, but yes when I’m free and you are free, we go for a fly and a swim, I heard you got a pool,” she smiled.
“We do. It’s lovley, I’m sure you’ll like it.” Said the dragon, “Come on, let’s get something to eat and see where the day takes us.” He said as they walked off towards the canteen.
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