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Unread Dec 29th, 2007, 01:35 AM   #1
What maximum word count?
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Character profiles thread

This is the thread where you post the profiles for any original characters you're playing in the SRP. Please include the following:

Name: (may include nicknames/aliases)
Age: (may be given as exact years/months or as rough approximations, such as "cub," "adult," etc.)
Physical appearance: (may be as sparse or detailed as you like; images may be substituted for written descriptions, but please do so as links only, to spare those lonely few who still struggle with dial-up [like me *cough*])
General personality: (again, may be as sparse or detailed as you like)
History: (and again, may be as sparse or detailed as you long as you don't copy/paste your entire fanfic here )

Any relation to an FC? (if "yes," please specify who and how)

Anything else we should know? (optional question)
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Unread Dec 29th, 2007, 02:49 AM   #2
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Name: Angel
Species: Lion
Gender: Male
Age: Adult, as old as Vitani, for them being littermates.
Physical appearance: PICTURE
General personality: He actually looks nearly the same as his father, Scar & even their voices sound very alike, still his personality is a quite different one. He is a rather friendly & open minded male. Still he is not to be underestimated, for he certainly knows how to manipulate others into doing the things he wants them to do. What he lacks in physical strenghts, he posesses in witt. He usually keeps from physical fights, but get's his problems solved with words & cleverness. He isn't all too fond of strict rules & has a hard time accepting authority, in general.


Angel is Zira & Scars lost son, he was born soon before Simba's return to the Pridelands & like that is littermate with Vitani (what makes him slightly older then Kovu), Nuka being his older brother.
However he was kidnapped by a group of wilddogs, when Zira & her lionesses were out hunting. So, with Nuka being the dissapointment to his parents he was, Zira & Scar decided to adopt Kovu, so to have a proper heir, whom they took from another lioness. (In my presonal theory of the relationships Kovu is neighter related to Scar nor Zira, but was taken away from his real mother as an infant, by Zira & Scar)

The wilddogs carried Angel far away, being afraid of the lionesses, they stole the cub from, coming after them. The wilddogs, still not having killed the infant, ended up in another pride, where a large lion, the other pride's king, stopped them, making them drop the little cub.

The lion took the lost cub to his own den & there the lions of the pride decided to adopt it.
The infant cub was still so little & also the lion's mate had lost one cub of her own litter not long before.
So, Angel grew up not having a clue who his real parents were.

After Angel had grown a young adult, he decided to leave his home pride, since it was his older brother who'd inherit the throne.
Angel so deciding to become a rogue, see the world & gain knowledge, before maybe one day returning to help his older brother ruling the pride.

Like that, he now wanderers around, searching for new things to discover & adventures to dare. As well as following the strange urge driving him to the Pridelands, which seem so very oddly familiar to him, while the same time, he does not know why.

Of couse nor Scar neighter Zira, Vitani, his sister or Nuka, his older brother have any clue of his existance.
In their eyes he was killed by the wilddogs as an infant cub.

Any relation to an FC? Scar - Father, Zira - Mother, Vitani - Sister of the same Litter, Nuka - Older Brother.
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Unread Dec 29th, 2007, 05:23 AM   #3
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Name: Kisirani.
Species: Tsavo lion.
Gender: Female.
Age: Young adult.
Physical appearance: Very dark brown-grey fur, with lighter shade of the same color adorning her muzzle, belly, toes. She has a deep burnt umber shade around her eyes, this same color can found in her black rimmed ears. Her thin nose is a very dark brown color, and her claws are deep grey in color. She is rather monotone in color scheme, her fur is never truely clean, and quite scruffy looking. The fur is coarse and stiff due to lack of manitance, and her head is adorned with a small hairtuft.

Her body is athletic, and rather lanky in apperance, the bones are visible beneath the skin, though only in the right light; like indirect sunlight. This lioness has a rather long tail, with a small scruffy tailtuft of light brown coarse hairs. Kirsirani's true eyecolor is a pale sea green hue, though only her left eye has visible colors, the right eye has a dull grey color, caused by a birth defect; she was born blind on this eye.
Pictures: Picture (c) Me.
General personality: Due to her rogue lifestyle, Kisirani has a great deal of fortitude, which means she can take quite a beating, and she has a high resilience to pain, but this also leads her to rarely seek help should she suffer any serious injury, which would be quite dangerous.

She is quite maverick as well, meaning; she likes to follow her own path, and prefers to make decitions on her own, this makes it hard for her when working in a team, haveing lived socially alone since the time of her birth has made her dependant on her own decitions rather than orders from others.

She has a firm belife that you do better on your own than being dependant on others. Kisirani also doesn't really care very much about what happends around her, she gives a rat's ass in comitting herself to a cause unless it was any rewards that are to her likeing, or if the cause has any direct affect on her.

History: Kisirani's early years is a mystery atleast to her. She doesn't remeber much of his parents which is not so supriseing considering she has never met them and those of her pride she asked told him that she was an orphaned which they had taken in when she was just a tiny newborn, thus she has lived all her known life in side the borders of the Tsavo Pridelands.

But what she has been told is far from the truth; Kisirani was acctually kidnapped from her rogue mother one fine starry night. The eyes of the cub is what made her interesting; the pale green eye, and grey eye; she was marked by the stars, a sign of great destiny. Atleast that was what her captors thought and they would prove to be right, though Kisirani's 'destiny' came to light sooner than anyone of the pride had ever expected even the lionesses who cared for her was suprised.

Kisirani was teased most of her cubhood by the other cubs of her pride, but the worst came not from a pride cub but a rogue orhpaned, named Teemar. Who was much like Kisirani herself dispite the fact that Teemar was a bully. One day Kisirani decided to end the rogue cub's reign of terror. The lean juvenile told Teemar to follow her; she had found something interesting in a cave which she wanted to show him.

Being bored and having little else to do Teemar under much presuation followed Kisirani to the caves, and it was there she ambushed the other cub, and killed him. When the adults arrived they found the blood drenched Kisirani standing over the bloodied body of Teemar who was barely alive and had blood foaming out of his mouth, it was clear that Kisirani had puncherd his lungs, causing the cub to slowly drown it his own blood.

No one had expected a cub could be capable of such consious cold blooded and if not sadistic murder, this was Kisirani's 'destiny' she was a life-taker! Cause of this event, Kisirani was expelled from her pride, under penality of death should she ever return. She survived her years alone, through both cunning, bravery, and a whole lot of luck, which is quite an achivement considering she is half-blind.
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Unread Dec 29th, 2007, 05:56 AM   #4
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Name: Torbi
Species: Wolf (Yes I know it's not TLK related...)
Gender: Male
Age: Still a pup, about 1 year old
Physical appearance: Bright white and shiny black fur all over his body. A little white patch over his eyes, giving him the nickname "patches" He is bigger then most wolves. He has bright blue eyes. He also has a special crescent moon collar that he wears that was given to him by his parents, who died.
General personality: Fun loving, kind, sweet. Very protective of his family and friends, will fight to the death for those he cares about.
History: He was taken from his home as a very young pup, his parents were killed by the humans who took him during a struggle. He gets lost when the plane he was on crash landed somewhere in Africa. Now he roams the savanah looking for friends and family, but seems to always be alone.
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Unread Dec 29th, 2007, 06:37 AM   #5
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Chris, I'm sorry, but you can't have a wolf involved into the SRP.
No matter if you have a reason for him to end up in Africa or not. Snowy did state clearly that only species native to Africa are to be involved in the SRP. You can find that in her thread about joining.

If you would like to RP your character, you might still simply start a thread in the 'Africa RP' or a thread in the 'Other Animal RP', which would be the right place for a wolf RP.
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Unread Dec 29th, 2007, 07:41 AM   #6
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Name: Zaina
Species: Lioness
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult,
Physical appearance: PICTURE (by Wolvy and with her Angel! - By the way Wolvy loving the new Angel picture <3)
General personality: Zaina's quite flirty and feisty and very confident. She likes it when she flirts with guys and they get all flustered and embarrased and she loves a good adventure! Despite her upbringing, she would never set out or initaially hurt anyone.

History: Zaina is Taka's half-sister from the mother's side. Her mother died shortly after her birth and her father was left to look after them. However, he couldn't cope and abandoned them leaving Taka to look after her and become very protective over her. In that time whilst Simba was presummed dead, Scar decided to look after them both, she grew close to Scar and he is quite possibly where she gets her fiesty nature from but then Scar goes looking for Zaina's father to confront him for walking out and this leaves Taka looking after Zaina once more....

Any relation to an FC? Nope - none. Although she feels Scar is pratically family (what with looking after her and being her half-brother Taka's father.

I may or may not roleplay Taka - if I do I will add his infomation here at a later date.

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Unread Dec 30th, 2007, 08:17 AM   #7
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Ok, I haz decided to use Shetani!

Name: Shetani

Species: Outlander Lion?

Gender: Female

Age: Vitani's age

Physical appearance: Her pelt is a tad bit darker than Vitani's and one of her eyes has a bit of green in it. (Her left one, I'z like left.) Her claws are clear, not black, and her paws are a little bigger. Besides that you gots twins.

General personality: Try Vitani with a slightly more non-chalant attitude...

History: Shetani and her sister, Vitani, are alike in many ways. The fighting, the killing, the hunting, very skilled she is, but she's s slightly bit more devious than her sister. In this fact, them being twins, they stuck together most of the time when they were born. Sparing together, hunting togther, torchturing Nuka togther, but in some strange twist of fate, Shetani was denied the job of helping with Simba's down fall. Though she dearly wante to help, and was misinformed by her crazed mother Zira, was forced to stay behind. Some of the other lioness's th9ought this was a bit unfair, but going against Zira was a certain death wish.

(Uh...I really don't know if it goes any farther than that, I hadn't read the other roleplays yet sorry...)

Any relation to an FC? (if "yes," please specify who and how)

Anything else we should know? (optional question)
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Unread Jan 1st, 2008, 06:29 PM   #8
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Name: Akane
Species: Lioness
Gender: Female
Age: young adult
Physical appearance: She is the size of a normal lioness just reaching her young adult stage. Akane has tawn brown fur. Her eyes are two colors: The left green and the right brown. Her paws are colored a deeper brown and her underbelly and inner ears are the same as well. She has light brown freckles across her cheeks

General personality: She is a very kind lioness, but cunning and brave. She loves a real adventure and tends to find her way into mischeif. She has walked a lonely road for a long time, being a rogue and without family. But her cheery persona says otherwise.

History: She is a rogue lioness from no where. She has walked into the lands with no past or goals for the future except to be accepted by others and find her own true home. (her history will unfold through out the RP if this character is accepted. I dont want to reveal to much just yet.)

Any relation to an FC? (if "yes," please specify who and how) No way!

Anything else we should know? (optional question)
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Unread Jan 3rd, 2008, 09:59 AM   #9
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A couple of more characters I would very much like to introduce or bring back to the SRP. c:

Name: Jekyll/ Hyde
Species: Cheetah
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Physical appearance: PICTURE
Personality/ History: Once upon a time a cheetress gave birth to twin-brothers, yet, there only was one body & so the brothers had to share it.

Jekyll is a shy & gentle soul, he's very understanding & tries to solve problems with words instead of violence, his greatest desire is to be accepted as the one he is & not to be rejected every time, just becourse he doesn't fit quite in.
Hyde, on the other hand, is a out-spoken person, he's of a fierce, untamable nature, his mind isn't quite on the right place, meaning he has indeed sick fantasies, which he isn't afraid to make come true! He enjoys seeing others suffer, especially those who make his brother sad, not realicing his own actions are those making Jekyll the outsider he is.

Just once they found a cheetress who loved Jekyll just the way he was, even calming down Hyde, so he wouldn't show up anymore, as long as Jekyll was with her. Yet, the cheetress was killed, by Simba's lionesses, when she hunted in their territory, making Jekyll's heart break with sorrow & Hyde's burn with rage & hate.

Any relation to an FC? Simba's lionesses killed his mate.

Anything else we should know? He has a split personality.


Name: Shaman
Species: Hyena
Gender: Male
Age: Adult/ Elder
Physical appearance: PICTURE
Personality/ History: Shaman is a wise, elder hyena, who already served loyally under Shenzi's mother, as well as under Shenzi herself. He isn't talking all too much & eventhough he is rather tall for a male, he still is somewhat of the clan's underdog.
This might be becouse of his strange visions, which he has in his dreams, a gift by the gods or a curse by them, nobody was ever really able to tell him why he was given this strange talent.
Most hyenas are a bit scared of him, becouse of this, though. Thinking he might be able to actually curse them, by forseeing a bad future for them.
Shenzi herself does not believe in this & becouse she tolerates him in the clan, the other hyenas also do. He sometimes is even asked for advice, during rough decisions, becouse he might be a bit creepy, but nobody can deny he's just as wise.

His personality is a very calm, sober-minded one, he isn't exactly the most couragous creature & would hardly safe anybody, but himself, if things get really rough. However, he still is always willing to give his advice & a helping paw, as long as he sees himself capable.

Any relation to an FC? He lives with Shenzi's clan.

Anything else we should know? He's leucistic, which is why his eyes are that blue & his coat that light.


Name: Giza
Species: Meerkat
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Physical appearance: PICTURE
Personality/ History: Giza is a meerkat with an ego & mouth twice his size, he's loud, he's pompos, he's fierce, he's stubborn & he has one terrible temper! He once found out it startles others, including predators, to be attacked so very straightly & so, that's what he does.

He has a colony, but mostly lives somewhat away from the rest of his clan, which is the same as Timon's, by the way. He is not scared of anything or anyone or better, that's the impression he wants to give, for he mainly tries to hide fear by acting agressive.
He might appear a bit cranky, but also does have some positive qualities, like a very strong sense of curiousity, an out-going nature & in whole, quite a good sense of humour, maybe a bit sarcastic & rude, though.

Any relation to an FC? He lives in the same colony as Timon, so, they might be cousins or something. c;
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Unread Jan 7th, 2008, 02:12 PM   #10
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Name: Tanis
Species: African lion
Gender: Male
Age: 4 years, 8 months

Physical appearance:

Light, almost creamy fur is what characterizes Tanis, providing a suitable counterpart to the dark browns of his mane, which has just come fully into its own (as per his age). He is well built and healthy looking, having come from a stable environment with a ready supply of food, but the months spent in lone wandering have begun to show: hard lines of muscle, and a survivor's intensity that is instantly noticeable and marks his every feature. His eyes are an intense shade of blue.

General personality:

Amiable as a cub, and friendly enough as a young male, Tanis's outlook and personality took a turn for the worse the day his mother was killed in his sight. He became more cynical, bitter; and while he can still put up a front of civility, to trust someone is not something that comes easily anymore, and to befriend someone is an even rarer occurrence. Love is not something Tanis practices now; attraction, on occasion, but to truly feel what others would call "love" is now a foreign sensation, almost forgotten entirely. He rarely smiles, and laughs even less; and if he does show amusement, it is usually of the cynical variety. Any acts of kindness are most often with the intention of gaining something.

To be fair, emotions of the purer kind can be found in Tanis, as well as virtue, but these have dulled with time and bitterness. Unless Tanis rediscovers them in the future, though, it is likely to be a dark road that he walks, with death at the end.


Born to a common lioness in a kingdom to the east of the Pride Lands and beyond the Outlands, Tanis was turned out of the pride at the age of three, as most young males are. It was not in his nature to seek out and join a coalition of rogues, however; a cub of few friends, and fewer close ones, he was not inclined to confide much in others, choosing to keep to himself more in his youth, and carrying that habit into adulthood. A year and a half was spent in wandering the savanna, during which time the young lion grew into his full maturity, both of body and mind. In due course of time, loneliness overtook Tanis, and a desire for something more led him back to his homeland, to rejoin his pride and his mother, and to accomplish some good in the world.

It was not to be.

Upon his arrival at the kopje, Tanis found that a group of rogue males had taken control of the pride by force. The deposed king, royal family, and all others who resisted the takeover -- one of whom was Tanis's mother -- were killed before the entire kingdom, including its lost son, who saw the execution from amongst the herd animals . Overcome by his grief and anger, but unable to exact any vengeance against the new rulers, Tanis fled the land of his birth while he still could.

Since that day, over a year ago, Tanis has continued to live a rogue's life, surviving day by day, and refusing to become tied to anyone or anyplace for fear that he might lose them again, a fear that was born in him the day he saw his mother die. And that fear has given birth to another, darker feeling: a growing desire for dominance, to be able to order the pathway of his life and ward off all the pain and loss that might await him in the future.

The paw prints of Tanis have now brought him to a new land, a land threatened by oncoming drought, a land that has also seen its share of loss. A land where he may find himself again...or lose himself forever.

Only time can tell...and it always does....

Any relation to an FC? No. (How 'bout that, a one-word answer. )
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Unread Jun 23rd, 2008, 08:12 AM   #11
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Name: Fox
Species: African Lion
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult--somewhere between adolescent simba in TLK 1 1/2 and kovu in SP

Physical appearance: Reference Pic

General personality: Fox likes to think of himself as being a bada$$. While he is courageous and can be vicious, he has a good heart. He's a goofy, sarcastic, and smart guy who's rather easy-going and sweet once you get to know him. He has a playful side but is also cursed with a sort of obnoxious streak at times. Depends on the company really. He aims to please to a degree. But he will not go out of his way to be accepted...unless of course there are other 'special' circumstances involved.

History: Fox has basically been a nomad for the most part. He'd rather settle somewhere nice with a pride...he just hasn't found the right place or pride yet. So instead he's been searching.

Any relation to an FC? Nope
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Name: Ari (Swahili for "enthusiasm")
Species: Spotted hyena
Gender: Male
Age: Young adult
Physical appearance: A moderately-sized male hyena. Unlike his more savage brethren, every aspect of him seems to exhibit an aura of compassion and trust. His soft yellow eyes are bright with enthusiasm and his relatively narrow face often wields a shallow smile. In contrast to the grayish-tan coat of the other hyenas, Ari is clad in warm, coppery fur offset with a shade of light tan underneath his body. His neck features four dark splotches on either side, whereas three dark spots adhere to each of his flanks. The back of his neck is covered with a dark auburn mane which leads up to a set of short bangs that lay flat against his forehead.
General personality: A cautious creature, Ari never runs spontaneously into a dangerous situation. As a planner, he tries to weigh his options and take the route which most likely leads to success. When it comes to hunting, he is also patient and observant. Despite his nature as a hyena, he never seeks to torment his prey. Rather, he hunts for the sake of survival and survival alone.
History: His wary ways likely stem from the breaking up of his original clan, many of whom were scattered after they were attacked by a larger hyena clan. Whether or not such an event had occured, he was still purposed to leave his home clan and find another to join eventually. As a loner, he now seeks a new group with whom he can stay. Although he would prefer the company of other hyenas, Ari is very open to friendships with other animals.
Any relation to an FC? No.
Anything else we should know? He sees his purpose in life as that of a peace-maker. There has long been a feud between hyenas and lions. Ari, however, does not believe that it must stay this way. His earnest desire is for the two predatory species to settle their differences and live in harmony. As such, he often finds himself searching for younger, less dangerious lions with whom he may speak and reason with. He believes that if he can gain allies in both the lion world and the hyena world, he can work to mend the wound that seperates the two species.


Name: Choma (Swahili for "pierce")
Species: Lion
Gender: Male
Age: Young adult
Physical appearance: Reference Picture
General personality: Mostly a loner, Choma is a rogue without strong ties to anyone. Due to his shyness, he often has difficulty opening up to others. Although he is reluctant to join in the activities of other lions, he is more than willing to step out if he sees a fellow feline in danger. He doesn't mean to come off as cold, but others may perceive him as being so due to his avoidant personality. Despite his nervousness in the presence of others, he can still put his foot down when he wants to. He tends to be determined and not easily shaken from his goals.
History: Choma had a relatively normal cubhood, except for the fact that his eyesight started to deteriorate during his adolescence. He became a rogue as soon as he reached adulthood. Other lions of his age may have found a pride by now, but he hasn't yet discovered one that he feels comfortable with. Due to his poor eyesight he has more difficulty catching prey than most other lions would. He often relegates himself to scavenging for this reason.
Any relation to an FC? No.
Anything else we should know? Probably nothing of importance for now.
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Unread Oct 1st, 2008, 12:21 AM   #13
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Always wanted to get involved in RP.
Name: Kean a.k.a. Space Jaguar.
Species: Aztec Jaguar
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult

Physical appearance:
Dark Purplish/Bluish Black like the night sky. Quite an average sized cat with far more energy than size. His overall physique is slim and only lightly toned, he is light and fast. He has bright green eyes and a tiny bite mark on his right ear.

General personality:
He is frisky to the bone, defiant of authority; a rule braking hooligan with sharp claws and a personality disorder. A hyperactive prankster with a wide toothy grin who would not miss an opportunity to play a joke on someone. Still, a complete kiddy on the inside with an undying passion for just about anything shiny or playful. He seeks exotic adventures dealing with thrill and danger. He, as he likes to admit sometimes-is a do first, think second kind of guy and somehow he is proud of that. He is clumsy and breaks things on accident all the time. He is fierce and courageous with his enemies, always honest and loyal to his friends. He would be willing to give his life for the concept of justice. When something is unfair he is the first to speak. Kean will say what’s on his mind, no matter who is listening. He is very open minded and understanding but when you cross his path you will be lucky if you wake up the next morning.

Despite his blunt approach at life Kean is very gentle and loving, always concerned about the wellbeing of others. When he sees someone laughing he laughs with them, when he sees someone cry, he cries with them. When Kean meets someone of his kind he cannot help but trust them which has gotten him into trouble many times. He was often misunderstood and left under spoken. He sometimes offends people not even knowing it and he gets very sad and disappointed at himself when someone thinks falsely of him. He is quite shy with everyone he is fond of but nevertheless quickly becomes playful. He cries alone sometimes when life turns a dark side to him. He has been depressed for a long time because of his many relocations and the inability to fit in anywhere as a result. Even with the garbage that life throws at him sometimes, Kean always finds something to feel good about.

Even with his very boney form Kean eats a ton. When jaggy joins a meal and the lights go out you will not find jaggy or the food when they come back on. This jaguar loves a good nap in the daytime, preferably with a friend but you do not want to stay up late with him because he will keep you up all night. You will also be lucky if you wake up the next morning after staying up with jaggy.

Kean was born as a youngest of three cubs in the mountains of the North-Western part of Argentina. He was very young at the time when his mother was hunted down and captured by man. From then on he was raised by his two older brothers. He has only met his father twice; once when he was born, and once after he was separated from his brothers for the last time at the age of only a few weeks. He was sitting in a small crate about to be boarded onto an intercontinental ship to Kenya. His father prepared his crying son for the long journey ahead through a small hole in the boards of his crate. A few precious moments later he was off facing the bright sun, and the ocean wind of the Pacific. For two weeks he was in sail and on the third week he finally arrived in Lamu, Kenya. It wasn’t long before he was driven in the back of a pickup truck to a zoo in Nairobi and sold.
The zoo was a remarkably sad place for Kean. They had no other of his own kind and he quickly got bored sitting in a lonely cage. The other animals there didn’t like him; the elephants ignored him, the lions constantly told him to go back where he came from, the monkeys threw fruit peels and all sorts of garbage through the bars, and the birds in the cage next to his would make fun of him and call him names all day long. No animal liked him around all except for a tiny mouse to whom he spoke at night. The mouse would come into the bird cage late after dark to pick out birdseed that fell aground from the previous day. After a few friendly words in-between the two struck an unlikely friendship. Kean and the mouse had a few good moments together but the mouse never once dared to enter his cage. A few weeks later Kean realized that zoo life wasn’t for him and he escaped silently through a slightly open cage door and ran many days without stopping, into the wild African savannah.
Ever since, he lives and hunts on the Kenyan/Tanzanian border. He travels for months at a time, exploring new areas and has met a few friends who keep him happy, including lions. To this day he mourns over the fact that he could possibly be the only one of his kind in all of Africa, and the he will never see his homeland again.

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Name: Yatima
Species: Liger/Tigon
Gender: Female
Pride: -
Personality: creative, naiv, kind, friendly, somewhat putridly, always there for their friends...
Description: see the Picture
Other: attractive, very violatile, misinterprites others and feels bad for it

Story Yatima has no rules just her dreams and follow them. She loves to lie in the sun together whit Jamali.

Yatima is a crazy chicken.
She has constantly only adventures in the head and wants the world to experience. She is supported by her beloved, Jamali.

Yatima is creative and inventive.
She cares affectionately about the 3 orphans Iniko, Makini and Tsehai. They are best friends ans they see Yatima as ther "Mother" too.

Mate: Jamali


Name: Jamali
Species: Lion
Gender: Male
Pride: - (Leader of a own smal Pride whit Yatima)
Personality: intelligent, tricky, friendly, helpfully
Description: see the Picture
Other: realy long Mane, fights with the head, instead of Power

Story: As Yatima, Jamali has no rules. He loves to lie in the sun together whit his beloved Yatima.

Jamali was driven out early from the Pride. King Scar was afraid of his intelligence too much, in order to bear it further. Thus he pulled away and took his loved Yatima with himself, in order to create a new Pride.

Later the young couple find the 3 Orphans Iniko, Makini and Tsehai and they drew up, like their physical children.

Mate: Yatima

If there is any question, please ask!
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I'm closing this thread for now.
Becouse it's, well, somewhat outdated. Right now nothing is happening in the TLK SRP anyway. If there ever should be interest again, just let me know & I'll reopen it.
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