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Unread Jan 23rd, 2003, 09:46 AM   #1
kazamidori luvluvsquall
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Words on threads and posts here

Here's some tips for people making threads in here:

- If there's something you're really not interested in changing at this moment, make sure to say it in your thread. That way nobody wastes thier time.

ie: "can someone help me with the leg joints on this, don't mind the front half okay?..i was really trying to concentrate on the anatomy at the back"

... being very clear means you dont get someone saying.. "the light source is rather ambivilant on the eye", when you're looking for leg help only at this time.

It's also really over-whelming to hear 800 things you need to work at when you just want help with certian things in managable bits at a time.

- Don't say things like.. "i suck!!! :(:(:(:(:( help!" and expect lots of good advice... People arent mind readers. They can only give you some overall advice, and it will probably be conflicting...

If you want specific advice tailored to your style and level, you have to give honest information to work with...

Tips for posters:

- DON'T asume that they want to change thier overall look to what your favourite artist does...

If it's cartoony, give cartoony advice.. if its obviously trying to look real.. give them tips on realistic shading etc...

Trying to tell someone who wants to look more like anime cel shading to tone down thier exaggeration is pointless. Frustrating for you, and irritating for them.

You may like it, but maybe they don't. Not all art is heading towards photographic quality and not all people want to draw anime humans. Just think, what was the impressionist movement rebeling against? ... what about constructivists, mucha, kosuke.. etc.. would you say that was "bad art" because it didn't look real, would you say kosuke cant draw because he doesnt look like toriyama?

- Don't try to impress people when critquing, you're there to help, not to show off...
If someone is asking for help on paws and they are at level they just want it to look like a paw and sit on the ground they probablly don't need your essay on lighting sources, and how different muscle tissue effects movements... plenty of artists can use that advice, but, not all...

.... and you never know who you're talking to. Someone who may not draw that well may have a degree in philosphy of art and culture.. so.. talent doesnt equal iq...

-Don't be nasty just because you think you can..

They asked for critque, not a prose entry of mocking similies their art reminds you of..

Giving critque doesnt equal being a ****, at least not here. nobody wins from that...

If the "real world" is like that, try giving some people to thier face, the critque you would write online.
...would you really say "you may think it's your style, but bad is not a style" to someone's face? would you say thier art makes you wince in pain and still expect them to listen to you?

Wether you're giving the critque or recieving it try always to remember that actual living, breathing people are behind these log-in names.

(Edit: This area is not only for visual art critique! Try for advice on anything we can help you with.)
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Unread Jan 23rd, 2003, 09:54 AM   #2
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That was well said Kaz. I'll be sure to keep all that in mind should I ever put the Critique Forum to use.
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Unread Jun 18th, 2003, 12:47 AM   #3
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Thumbs up : )

You have a very good point with what you said, I agree with you that we should be more mindful about other peoples art when we are giving them help.

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