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General notices and FAQs... read before posting! (Updated February 14, 2007)

Hello and welcome to the Lion King Fan Art Message Board, lovingly called Lilymud. If you are new here, please take a moment to read the threads here to get yourself familiar with Lilymud's rules and policies as well as the general atmosphere. If you are a seasoned Mudder, please be sure to check back here for important notices and updates regarding forum rules. As always, please feel free to PM any of the mods if you have any questions or comments about the site.

The TLKFAMB Official Rules
Lilymud is a place for everyone to share their voices and thoughts about The Lion King and pretty much everything else, and with so many active members we must enforce a set of rules and policies to keep the place clean, safe, and friendly. Please read these rules. They're not like those EULA things you have to click through when you install software; these are here for your sake, and by following them you can only make your time here at Lilymud better.

Signature Rules
The mods here at Lilymud frequently check to make sure members' signatures fall within the guidelines described here and in the Official Rules. If you have any questions about whether your sig is acceptable or not, this thread will help answer them and provide tips on how to keep your sig "safe" in the future.

Signature Dimensions and Attachments
This is a general announcement regarding signatures and attachments, as well as actions we have had to take due to "growing pains."

Silly Forum -> Fun and Games Forum
Because of issues with the relevance of certain topics on the old "Silly Forum," the Lilymud staff decided to change it into the "Fun and Games Forum." This thread explains some of the details regarding the switch.

Moderated Posting in the Art Theft Forum
Due to the touchy nature of art theft, all posts made in the Art Theft Forum are reviewed by the mods before being accepted. Therefore, your post will not immediately appear. Please read this thread for more information.

Member Policing
The mods always appreciate it when 'Mudders help out to keep the board clean and civil, but things can get touchy when non-mods start acting too much like moderators. This thread clarifies this issue.

Are there any big topics you feel should be included in this list? Please PM a mod with your suggestion and the thread in question. Thanks!
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