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Unread Jun 12th, 2017, 03:44 PM   #26
the listener
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Eventually the woman came down and the clan was reunited for the start of their day. Omlettes were served up, alongside fresh fruit salad and hot coffee. There had been no definite plans made for the day as they had been so busy the week before. Today was going to be a swing day to do what they wanted.
Shortly before everyone finished breakfast Melina’s phone began to ring. Zyra had seen the woman look a bit confused as she read the caller ID before excusing herself to the other room.
"I hope that's not work. Anything short of a disaster can wait," said Zyra as the woman walked away. “We only have four more days so they better not have burnt the place down.”
The woman really hoped nothing disastrous had gone on but Torchwood really had been quiet for the last little while. They were about due for some chaos.
"I am sure it is not Zyra, I am sure it be fine" Larissa said to the white haired woman.
“Yeah,” nodded the girl, taking the last sip of the orange juice that had been offered to her. “That was delicious by the way. These home cooked meals have been lovely.”
Zyra was really enjoying her time with Melina’s family despite the anxiousness being in this state left her in.
She turned as Melina came back into the room.
"Hey that was Martin, he's in our neck of the woods, he moved out here before mum and dad, wants to meet up for a coffee and a walk" Melina said as Suzanne smiled.
"Ahh, lovely lad he was, it's good to see your friend before you go home" she said, Melina looked at Zyra with a question in her expression.
"I'll hang here with your family. You go catch up and we will all meet up later?" Suggested Zyra, knowing that Melina would be okay on her own and didn’t need her following her about especially when getting together with childhood friends.
"You sure?" Melina asked.
“Yeah, I’m sure,” Zyra nodded.
"She be fine, can hang with us, we can tell her all your embarrassing stories" Emilie said as the sisters laughed.
"Oh yes I might have a few good ones to share." The girl teased, leaning back in her chair. "You go enjoy your time with Martin."
"Alright I shoot off" Melina said waving as Suzanne joked, "I get the photo album out" as Melina rolled her eyes as the girls laughed.
"So Zyra, you enjoyed your time here, we have dragged you around places" Ellis saiod with a smile. "Been great having you and bring our lost sister home" Emilie said.
The girls dissolved into chatter. Without Melina around they could poke and ask questions that she would have avoided. Zyra was good, however, only ever divulging what Melina would deem appropriate.
It was a few hours later when a feeling began to grow in Zyra’s chest. She felt worried, an anxious state suddenly take over and she didn’t know where it had come from so out of the blue. Then it changed. The dragoness-turned-human knew then that her Attilu was somehow in danger. She stood up from where she had been sitting with the others on the couch, looking out towards the window.
"Zyra, are you ok?" Suzanne asking noticing the woman's behaviour change.
The girl realized she hadn’t known where Melina had intended to go but the pull was there. Suddenly Zyra vaulted over the coffee table and raced into the kitchen, throwing on her shoes before bolting out the door.
"Zyra, wait! Zyra!" The girls shouted but Zy was long gone before they could tell her to stop. Something was wrong and she would not wait for anyone, not now.
Zyra had raced through the back yard and towards the field, the bond between her and Melina acting like a compass, pulling the white haired girl in the right direction. Ducking under the wire fence that lead to the cow fields, Zyra ran as fast as she could, praying to the stars that Melina was okay.
She felt strange, the panic in her was constant but now there was something else flowing through her. Looking down at her arm as she ran, the girl could see that there were streaks of opalescence across her skin, almost looking like her scales. They glowed slightly before light took over the woman as the cows abruptly ran in fright from where they had looked up to see what the commotion was.
Wings rose out from her back, unfurling to their full length as horns flowed back from her head, her body changing out of its own accord. Scales smooth and glossy rose from where pale skin had been and her soft nails were now glinting white talons. Zyra stumbled to the ground on all fours, feeling like herself again; shimmering with the glittering light of Brathille. She did not take the time to question what had just happened instead she ran and launched herself in the air, racing towards where the bond lead her as pale light streaked behind her.
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Black & White
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“Oww” Melina said as she stirred awake, she had fallen down the cavern and had only just come around, she felt her head only to bring her hands down to see blood upon her fingers, she touched her head again feeling a cut on her forehead.
Melina looked at her legs which had cuts and bleeding, but nothing felt broken as Melina did a self-examination, making sure she was ok.
“Nothing broken good, trust Martin to bring his juggernaut in” Melina said standing up and hearing a splash sound.
Looking down, she saw and felt water, coming into the cavern, it seemed to be coming from the back of the cavern but also through the rocks and debris that had fallen down, blocking her path.
Melina watched the water for a moment noticing the water was slowly rising up.
“The tide, its coming in!” she thought as she began to look for an exit but there was nothing there, still Melina couldn’t just stay here as she went to trying to dig her way out in an urgent fashion.
She moved the smaller pebbles and debris as the water came in through small gaps, there was no real time to waste, Melina hoping Martin had gone to get help after his botched attempt of a rescue.
Soon she heard a familiar voice on the beach outside.
"Melina!" Zyra called out, her voice ringing over the water as she searched for her Attilu, desperately. "Mel!"
Melina was glad to hear the voice of Zyra, how she got here so fast from her mothers was not something that crossed the woman’s mind as she called out.
"Zy!, I'm in here stuck, the whole front cavern collapsed, water is coming in, this cavern is going to fill up with water" Melina said, voice muffled by the rocks and debris collapsed over the entrance as the woman tried to continue digging through the stones and debris.
"The tide is coming in," shouted Zyra, trying to figure out how to get Melina out without making more of the cavern collapse atop of her.
Melina saw the water was continuing to rise, she could feel it now submerge her feet as she spoke again with more urgency, Zyra couldn’t do much in her human form.
"You need to get help Zy!, Dad has a 4x4 with a winch" Melina shouted not realising she turned back into a dragon and was glowing with Brathille, although Melina noticed her palm was glowing and warm, she just imagined a glowing human that was Zyra.
"No, by the time I get back the tide will have come in." the dragoness said, starting to dig at the rocks, "I’ll just have to get you out."
Melina shook her head, there was no way Zyra could help, not in this current form.
" Zyra, there's bigger chunks fallen here, you hurt your hands" Melina replied, worried she would shred her hands and delicate skin with trying to get her out.
"You don't have to worry about that," said Zyra, realizing that Melina didn't know what happened to her. With a growl she hefted a heavy rock, rolling it away before scraping away smaller debris.
Melina seemed surprised, hearing rock and debris tumble outside, starting to see some light come through the rock and stones, she continued digging, thinking Zyra had some sort of Brathille strength helping her.
Soon the both of them would dig to find the culprit blocking the way and preventing Melina to escape from the cavern which was still filling up with sea water.
The dragoness worked her way to the last rock, the boulder wedged in, keeping her from Melina.
With the water rising the dragoness knew she needed to get the rock moved. Brathille shimmered across her scales as she grit her teeth and heaved.
Melina heard and felt the rock move a bit, but it was jammed in, Melina still had no idea that the other side of the rock was her dragoness and not the white-haired girl she had left a few hours ago, still Melina tried to help without success.
“Go get help Zy, we can’t move this” she said.
The dragoness growled and locked her talons into the rock, the glow of brathille growing brighter now as she pulled.
Melina felt her palm grow warmer and glow a bit more with intensity, but Melina thought it was futile as she noticed the water still rising, coming in from gaps in the rock and from the back of the cavern.
Zyra was growing more desperate as she fiercely pulled on the rock.
The tide was coming in, water now lingering around the cavern as Zyra pulled, the rock did not budge as the water came round the cavern.
The more the bold wing pulled at the rock the more crackling sound rose up from it. As her claws dug in hard, making the rock crack near her claws.
"Come on," she growled.
Zyra work hard as she tried to move the debris as Melina could nothing more, the professor worried Zyra was thinking she was a dragon but still a human, with time against them.
"Grr," the dragoness huffed, racing to free Melina before the water it too high.
Despite the bold wing’s efforts the rock did not move, the water now entering and filling up a bit faster now as Melina watched in silent gasp as the water was rising.
The dragoness stepped back, panting. Thinking, the dragoness fired her acid at the edges of the rock where it was wedged against the cavern walls to loosen it.
The power of Brathille feeding her muscles was also feeding her acid glands, they urged the dragoness to spit and with it was a far more concentrated and stronger acid, even the intensity escaping from the glands was enhanced as it hissed and began melting the rock.
Zyra could see that her acid was eating away at the rock with greater intensity that normal, powered by brathille. With the stone now not to tightly wedged she set to work.
Melina seemed puzzled it had gone quiet but smelt a sulphur smell near the one end of the rock, the professor puzzled by it as the rock seemed to dissolve at one end but Mel soon got distracted as water came in more vigorously.
“Zyra!, hurry!” Melina said.
"Hang on, Mel, I've almost got it!" She called, voice trembling as she pulled at the rock as it very slowly gave way.
The rock was awkward shaped and heavy as Zyra battled with it.
The dragoness struggled as the rock seemed to want to slip from her grip.
"No," she growled, pulling at it, using her wings for added lift.
Melina seemed impressed that her human form was this strong but she could hear the woman struggling the other end, it was not looking good.
“Water is rushing in, if Brathille is with you, need it to do something now” Melina said seeing the water reaching her knees, blood trickling into the sea water as it sloshed about in the cavern trapped.
'Rrghh," snarled the dragoness, struggling tremendously as she tried to pull the rock free. The stubborn boldwing would not give up until her attilu was out of harm's way.
Suddenly with a loud growl the glittering light intensified and the wrenched the rock free, flinging it behind her, not hesitating a single moment before diving in to rescue the woman.
Melina looked in astonishment before looking at Zyra and not seeing the white haired woman with plae skin, instead she saw her bold wing dragoness, glowing in a white Aura and eyes also white in an Aura of power, Melina was stunned.
"Zyra?!" the woman said, her palm glowing brightly and the woman looked ok despite cuts to her face, arms and legs which were bleeding.
The dragoness didn't answer her, too out of breath and worried that the woman was bleeding. She wanted to get her away and where she could get fixed up.
Melina was hoisted up in the air before Melina could make sense of it, Zyra flapped her wings and was heading for Suzanne’s house, Melina realised they could not go back with Zyra in this form, how on earth would they explain such a thing.

"Zyra, can’t take me to my mum's not like this!" Melina said realising her parents would see Zyra and her.
"Oh, oh..." the dragoness said, now that she had a moment to think. Zyra hadn't really realized the magnitude of what happened. "Stars, Melina, what do we do?"
"Put me down first, your glowing like mad, we need to land" Melina said.
The dragoness set down on the grass and let Melina stand. "I don't know how it happened, I just changed. Brathille knew you needed me."
“Yeah, seems so, how or why isn’t the issue” Melina said as she heard honks of car horns as two 4x4 land rovers approached, stopping just short of where Melina and Zyra was, the girls got out and rushed towards their sister only to stop in shock and fear at seeing the large bold wing before them.
Larissa looked warily at the dragoness and then to Melina who she saw was still bleeding from cuts on her legs and forehead.
"Melina..your hurt, let's head home sis, slowly away from the dragon" Larissa said.
Zyra cast a worried look at Melina, not sure what she should do or even say in this moment. They were caught and couldn't get out of their charade now.
Melina had not paid attention, seeing blood still on her arms and legs but she could not ignore the situation they were in now.
Melina looked at Zyra and then her sisters as her mother had gotten out the jeep and was running to them.
"Girls.....mum, I’d like you to meet protector and guardian" Melina said as the girls looked stunned.
The whole of Melina’s family looked stunned by Melina’s comments on this creature being Zyra, the woman that they accepted into their family, the looks of disbelief and looks of worry were on all their faces.
"I know it's confusing. I am not actually the woman that you had met...., this is what I really am. That dragoness from the TV," Zyra explained in a hesitant tone.
The atmosphere wasn’t good as Suzanne stood with her girls, still in shock and in panic that their daughter was next to this dragoness, the bold white scales and the warning colours stood out brightly in the Australian sun but the girls sensed from the colours that this dragon was danger, unawares they just had food with this person about an hour ago.
“Melina, your hurt my gem, just walk slowly to me no sudden movements, we need to go home now and quickly” Suzanne said as the girls seemed ready to grab her and run.
Zyra's heart fell at the turn of events.
The dragoness laid flat upon the ground and lay her head down in an attempt to show that she was no harm by taking a submissive stance.
"Please understand. I am here to protect Melina. I had to save her. I can assure you that I am no threat to any of you."
Emilie and Ellis kept distance but were ready to run, Suzanne seemed ready to get her daughter while Jason and martin were in the cars ready to go, before they knew it Larissa was edging forward towards the dragoness.
“Larissa, what you doing, get back!” Emilie hissed as they noticed her edge closer to the bold wing.
“Stop being stupid get back here!” Suzanne said urging her daughter to return.
Something drew her to Zyra as she approached stretching her hand out and looking down at the dragoness before.
"It's still me," Zyra said quietly, looking up at her. "I am the same as the girl you met three weeks ago, just... in a different form."
Larissa touched the bold wings scales on her muzzle, releasing a breath she been holding, her hand was trembling lightly, a bit in fear and a bit of adrenaline taking the move, she looked into the deep yellow eyes of the dragoness and saw exactly the same irises the woman had with her.
Something connected with Larissa as she looked at Melina and then back to Zyra.
"It is you Zyra, I can see in your eyes, the same yellow eyes" Larissa said with a smile smoothing her muzzle.
The dragoness smiled, relieved, "I know it's a shock, but I want you to know that I am no danger. I look a fright but I'm not."
Larissa smiled weakly smoothing her muzzle.
“Girls its Zyra!” Larissa said as the other two sisters approached with caution, Suzanne keeping back, unable to make her mind up, she was scared and fearful and not trusting of this dragon who claimed ot be Zyra.
Melina seemed to smile as well as her sisters looked to her for reassurance.
“She’s friendly and harmless, she’s the Zyra you know” Melina said calmly.
The girls stood back in awe as they took in the size and look of the dragoness before them.
The dragoness slowly stood but made sure to keep her head low to ensure that she didn't seem too daunting.
"I'm afraid it's going to take a lot more of your homemade hash browns to feed me now, Suzanne," said the dragoness with a weak smile.
This struck a chord with Suzanne, how did this dragon know that?, only Zyra would of known but Suzanne was still uneasy, so were the boys who looked at Suzanne for guidance, for once the usually strong willed woman was at a loss what to do or reply.
Finally she nodded lightly and replied, the tone still not trusting.
"Let's get Melina fixed, Zyra you wait outside while we patch her up, go around to the extension by the kitchen" Suzanne said.
"Alright," nodded the dragoness, walking off slowly, still uncertain of how everyone felt.
Melina was taken in the land Rover as Zyra took to the skies towards the house, the others followed in car.
Melina could not remember much as the adrenaline left her system, thinking about how to explain this to her family, the cover was blown and a part of her felt responsible, if she hadn’t of gotten into difficulty, then Brathille wouldn’t of turned Zyra back to a dragoness.
How exactly Brathille decided to change her back was another matter entirely.
Melina was in a daze as these thought swam in her mind, her body demanding rest but she did not hear her sisters question her or her mother asking her assertively why she was with a dragon and how the dragon was Zyra…she have to explain it all.
Once Melina was home, the girls helped their mother get Melina patched up and cleaned, being a doctor of science and human biology, Suzanne knew first aid and treatments, the woman was scared to take Melina to the hospital just in case the dragon followed.
The last thing Suzanne wanted was panic, so after Melina had showered, Suzanne along with the girls helped patch Melina up while Zyra waited anxiously outside.
As the evening fell Melina had kept quiet, only answering yes please and no thank you to questions concerning food or drink.
Soon the family gathered outside in the evening, in the garden, Melina sat with her dragoness who was pleased to see her, but now they would be questioned about all of this, something Melina was not looking forward to.
Finally after awkward silence Suzanne spoke.
"I want to know what is going on, no more hiding..the truth" Suzanne said to the dragoness.
"..What do you want to know?" asked Zyra warily, casting a look over at Mel, wishing she knew exactly what she wanted to be told or left out.
Suzanne responded before Melina had chance to speak.
"How did you come to us, to our home as a human and now you’re a dragon" Suzanne said assertively.
“Dragoness, female dragons are called a dragoness” Larissa said as her mum shushed her quiet.
Melina nodded to Zyra to talk and say all.
"I am and always have been a dragon. I was just changed my form so that we wouldn't have to explain why Mel has a dragon following her around." Started Zyra, wondering if that was enough or if they would want to know more.
“How! I mean why, have you been keeping it a secret from us Mel?” Suzanne said, looking at her daughter, desperate for al logical answer.
Melina sighed and spoke.
“My answer won’t be easy mum, it isn’t easy to explain to you all, it’s one of the reasons you have not seen me, you see me and Zyra have bonded, an ancient magic called Brathille, it bonds us and she becomes my guardian dragon, to protect and guide me” Melina said as she continued as the family listened carefully.
“Because of the sensitive nature of my work I cannot tell you much, only that I work for an organization within the Earth Alliance, where Zyra and I, along with other dragons work to keep Earth safe and to ensure the safety of people” Melina explained.
Melina went on to explain some of the finer details, not saying about Torchwood but explaining her role and Zyra’s in her life and how they worked together as a tight unit and how much they loved one another through the link and the bond of Brathille.
Zyra soon added her two cents in as the Goodwin family listened in, surprised and in awe of the story, some things sound too sci fi but Larissa seemed to see it all click into place and soon Emilie seemed to as well.
"Melina is my world and means everything to me. Being bonded to her has been the best thing to ever happen in my life. All I want is her to be happy which is why I hid my true self so she could visit but I have enjoyed my time immensely with all of you. I know having a dragon around is more than a shock but I hope I won't scare you all away. I have never felt more part of a family than I did these past weeks." The dragoness admitted.
The bold wings words were genuine and true, Larissa could see that as the others seemed sceptical on all of this.
Finally, after a moment of silence Larissa spoke.
"I forgive you Melina for keeping this secret from us, in return I like a ride in sky with Zyra" the woman said with a smile.
"I take that" Emilie said with a chuckle as Melina smiled.
Zyra seemed to echo the smile on Melina’s face, hoping rising in both of them.
"I would be more than happy to have you fly with me," said Zyra, delighted.
Larissa, Emilie and Ellis looked at one another before getting up and approaching Zyra who kept still, Melina got up and looked a little worried but that soon went as the girls smiled, looking to give their lost sister and their newly acquired sister a hug.
“How do you hug a dragon” Emilie said lightly laughing.
“Zy can sort that” Melina said with a kind smile giving Zyra a nod.
Zyra lowered her head, using her wings to wrap around them in a hug, so relieved and happy that things hadn't ended in disaster that she couldn't help but to thrum.
The girls seemed confused at hearing the thrum sound for the first time.
"What is that noise, it’s like a purr" Ellis said.
"Never had a hug from a dragon before" Larissa laughed lightly.
"Means she’s happy, Zyra is still Zyra, she’s just a much bigger sister" Melina said.
"It's called a thrum, and yes it's like a purr." Laughed Zyra. "And yes I'm a bit different than how you met me. Hopefully not too scary."
The girls laughed lightly.
"Always wanted a dragon for a sister" Larissa laughing giving Zyra a pet on the muzzle as Melina smiled looking up at the dragoness happily.
Zyra returned the smile, feeling her joy. "It is so lovely to be included in a family like yours. I only had my father when I was a hatchling so it is quite nice to have Been able to share these weeks with Melina's family."
After the hug Melina spoke to Zyra as Suzanne still was a little unsure despite the girls encouraging her to go forward and pet Zyra but she was still unsure.
"I contact Dr Baxter to get us some transport home, until then can we stay a bit longer?, Zyra isn’t a massive eater mum, please, Zyra is just as you know her, she only wants the love and care of us all" Melina said as Suzanne looked sceptical, not fully on board like her sisters at the moment.
"I have my own credits that I can use to feed myself so you won't have to worry," Zyra said. "Other than that, apart from my size there's not much different from what you already know about me. Give me a chance, Mrs. Goodwin?" She asked hopefully.
Suzanne looked up the dragoness but she could understand what Larissa meant, the eyes were the same and it was still Zyra, if everyone was ok with then she had to be.
“Call me Suzanne” she said with a small smile.
The dragoness gently hugged the woman and rubbed her muzzle against her cheek, "thank you, Suzanne.
The family was reunited once more as Suzanne got back to normal, kicking Daryl to get the BBQ out as the family chatted and soon food and drink was passed round, Melina was happier that they were finally accepted as they truly were and no more hiding.
After a few hours the family retired to bed leaving Melina with Zyra as she sat back in a chair near a fire lit to keep her warm, the heat coming from a fire cove as the night drew in, her mother stayed up to ensure Melina was ok before she retired ot bed, her sisters all wanting to get a good nights sleep for their day with Zyra..again in dragon form.
"You feeling okay?" Asked Zyra, still worrying over her injuries.
"I'm fine, just cuts from falling and bruises, nothing major, what I need to ask you is, how did you change back" Melina asked, finally feeling able to ask the bold wing.
"I don't know. I think brathille did it all in its own. I don't think it liked me being human anyway so took the chance to change me back when you were in danger." Said Zyra.
Melina nodded lightly.
"How strange, unless it decided you needed to be a dragoness again to save me, there is so much we do not know about it" Melina said.
"I don't think will we ever truly know the reasons behind it." Replied the dragoness. "So, how did you get caught in the cavern. I didn't think to even ask with what happened."
Melina looked at Zyra with a sheepish look.
"Me and Martin were hiking the caves and I fell, Martin tried to bring the 4x4 but the cavern collapsed in, he is lovely lad but not too clever, I was ok just cuts" Melina replied.
The bold wing seemed in disbelief.
"Stars above, what happened to just having coffee?" Asked Zyra, shaking her head. "I'm just glad you're okay.”
Melina smiled sheepishly, "Both adventurous, so I went along with it, I blame you Zy for giving me a wild bold wing streak" she teased the dragon lightly.
"And none of the sense," teased Zyra with a smile.
Melina laughed lightly.
"Charming, thanks for saving me Zy, I am in your debt saving me, seems bold wings are made of sterner stuff, not just speed" Melina said getting up to give Zyra a hug.
"You know it," thrummed the dragoness as she hugged Melina back. She went to give her a lick before thinking better if it, instead nosing her shoulder happily.
Melina smiled petting her muzzle as she sat back down with Zyra close by, enjoying the time with Zyra and liking the fact that the Goodwin family was embracing the change and accepting Zyra as she was.
"I'm really happy that your family has embraced me as their own. I feel really lucky," admitted the bold wing.
Melina agreed with Zyra.
"I was worried but they accepted you, but don’t think Larissa will give you an easy ride flying" Melina said.
"Well I didn't think to bring my harness so it won't be anything too wild." Said the dragoness.
"Ahh , well do your best then, glad to be a dragoness again?, I do like your human form as well" Melina admitted, a little bit of her sad she had turned back to a dragoness.
"I much prefer being me so it's nice to be back," Zyra thrummed.
Melina nodded lightly, pushing the thought of regret from her mind, Melina was just happy that the visit was going well and the fact this happened had not hindered them.
“Me too Zy, tomorrow is a new day, new adventures in some shape or form” Melina said happily.
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The days that followed where just as joyous at the ones that had led up to the revelation that Zyra was a dragoness. It had been an incredible thing to wrap their heads around but with time and a little conversation, the Boldwing’s presence became normal.
Suzanne had been out of sorts when she realized the dragoness wouldn’t fit inside the house so Zyra had to do her very best to reassure her that sleeping outside was just fine with her. Australia was warm and just the same at night plus it gave her a chance to sleep under the stars just as she once did when she was younger back on Kilara.
After the first night Melina and Zyra sat underneath the glittering night sky and spoke quietly together as the pale light faded from the horizon The dragon had bowed her neck, closing her eyes as Melina had brushed her hand down the smooth scales of her muzzle; a relaxing habit that seamed to ease them both from the trials of the crazy day.
The dragoness turned her bright eyes to the woman who sat between her paws. “So,” she started, “The beans have been spilled, how are you feeling about the whole ordeal? I am glad to know they aren’t terrified of me. Makes visiting in the future a little easier I think. “
"Went better than I thought, I expected never to see my family again".
That broke Zyra’s heart a little to hear, "you're serious? You would have avoided them forever?" She asked quietly.
"They could of rejected me and you, said what had happened was wrong and felt wrong, but Larissa was always bold, I expected her to push past the shock and surprise and engage," Melina replied.
Zyra went quiet, still fussing over the fact that Melina would have said hidden from her family forever, just like Jack had tried to. It made her sad all over and she didn’t know what to say, feeling guilty.
"But that never happened and we are all together once again, everyone is happy to have a scaled daughter in the family," Melina smiled.
Zyra gave her a small smile. “I am happy to be an honorary Goodwin then.”

The days that past were fun, despite the enormous, dragon-sized hiccup. The girls were even brave enough to go flying with the boldwing, much to her delight. Zyra was happy that the family was a competitive one for no one had wanted to be left out, each taking a turn, proclaiming themselves dragon riders. The dragoness was filled with joy that they all had not stopped being themselves around her. She had been worried that they might have become reserved or cautious around the dragoness but that proved to be wrong. Once the initial surprise had passed, the girls seemed to go right back to normal.
They had returned to the beach, sat by the patio and had drinks and endless conversation, now renewed by the sisters many questions about dragons for Zyra. The dragoness was happy to answer whatever she was able to without compromising Melina's job or Torchwood itself.
Living the girls with a bit of mystery elicited whines from a few of them but they seemed to understand and not press too much into knowing.

The day had come for them to finally depart from Australia and its beautiful Gold Coast. It was a bittersweet day as the family filed out into the yard, having seen the shuttle arrive and land in the field beyond.
"We see each other again, I come via shuttle for obvious reasons and thanks for having us," Melina said as she hugged her sisters and family, Suzanne trying not to cry.
"Come on, family hug, you too Zyra girl," Suzanne said as Larissa gestured to the bold wing to join in the family hug.
Zyra unfurled her wings and encircled the entire family with them as they all embraced Melina goodbye.
“I promise I’ll make her return before another 5 years pass,” she joked once everyone stood back.
After a few more, long goodbyes Melina finally led Zyra towards the loading ramp while the family stood back to watch them go.
The shuttle took off into the sky while Zyra and Melina waved from the window. They were finally headed home after weeks of adventures, family and good memories.
Zyra sighed, knowing that she was leaving such a fun place and good people. Returning home was nice but she knew then that she would have to deal with the boys. That worry had grown less prominent over the weeks, but now she’d have to face the music. She wanted to wish it all away and pretend it never happened but that wouldn’t be the case.
Zyra shook her head. She was still technically on holiday so she dumped those thoughts and turned to Melina, wrapping one arm around her and giving her a surprise lick on the cheek.
“I am glad I am your dragon.” She said with a thrum, “I wouldn’t change it for the world. Let’s go home and make sure the place wasn’t burnt down with the boys left in charge.”

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