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Unread Feb 9th, 2017, 09:38 AM   #1
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Torchwood 7 - Insidious plots - Private Rp

Winter time for Torchwood 7, normally a wet, dreary and miserable time for the team turned out to be one of the coldest on record, including the heavy snowfall all around the province, Torchwood 7 experienced a winter wonderland, with the rivers freezing over, meaning the waterfall which was the grand centre piece of the base was reduced to a small stream, not providing enough power for the base and therefore the base relied on generators.
The heating in the base was put on full blast, despite the rocks providing natural insulation, as well as the bases own thermal insulation surrounding all areas, the base did get cold and the heating remained on continuously.
Dr Charles had to cut back on some of his work and experiments to conserve power so the generators could be used for essential purposes and keeping the heating running.
It was not just a problem of power, food deliveries to the base were scaled back due to some of the severe snow storms happening and therefore Kendra had to make do with the stores of food which were not always the most appealing for the team or the dragons.
Jon also had to make some changes to ensure the generators ran efficiently, turning off non-essential systems and keeping the defence grid and security operations running, luckily the base had been repaired and things were running smoothly.
Some of the HR operations were also put on hold as some of the team could not get into work, Alex decided to shut down this area and tell the staff either to stay at home and they would be paid, Alex was a kind boss and did not want the hard-working HR team to be out of pocket.

Indeed, the base was in a sort of semi shut down phase while the extreme winter hit the province, even patrols were called off due to the coldness and severity of the winter weather, James and Alyia were also away from the base, unable to travel, the man worked from home and did his work there, meaning the base was a little emptier than usual.
Today was the same as many others, Dr Charles, Dr Hinton, Dr Francis and Jon were watching the weather and news on the TV, the signal had been a bit unreliable, but luckily the snow storm they had a few days ago had ebbed away, allowing a signal to get through to the TV.
The new reporter told of more wintery weather coming in and the cold temperatures meant more blizzards and snow was on the way for them, with temperatures in the province dropping to double digitals in some places.
A collective groan came from the men as Dr Charles shook his head lightly, unable to return home for the last couple of days and stayed on the base in the repaired and refurbished rooms.
“That means all those experiments and reports will not get done, Torchwood 5 seemed keen to get the dragons progress reports but it cannot be done” Dr Charles said with a heavy sigh.
“Worst still another few days more of this weather, I feel the dragons and everyone is getting cabin fever being stuck here, plus the work were cancelling” Jon said in agreement with Dr Charles.
The weather had gone on far enough but the dragons were not able to stretch their wings or venture outside in these conditions, Alex and Jon were in full agreement on this and it was hard to keep the two dragons amused and stimulated while cooped up inside the base.

The green dragon lumbered back into his shared quarters, grumbling under his breath. He paced before laying down with a thump.
"You sure we can't go out and just one small lap around the island?" He asked Kris. Being cooped up was not a good thing for the dragon and his pent up energy could be felt whenever he paced the halls.
Kris was reading with a battery powered light as the base had turned allot of things to minimum power to conserve power for more important things, the generators could power the entire base but ran on conventional fuel, with no recent deliveries, Jon and Alex took the combined decision to conserve power and not draw more energy than needed be.
“The weather is icy cold and the fierce winds would be a too much even for a tank of a dragon like you, I dread to think how Tarok is feeling 2 weeks of this weather” Kris replied, his tone of voice clearly indicated he was fed up with this winter weather.
"I'm sure he's been driving Amanda crazy," said Korrin, rubbing his face with his paws. "I can't stand this. Alex was saying he's never seen a winter storm like this here."
Kris nodded in agreement, it had gone on for far too long, it was affecting everyone’s mood and there was not a lot they could do.
“Just like you’re driving me up the wall, perhaps we should ask Jack to come over and tussle you to release that pent-up energy of yours” Kris glanced at the large green dragon and gave a smirking smile.
"I am not driving you up the wall," huffed Korrin, taking offense to the first statement and ignoring the rest.
Kris shook his head lightly, putting his book down and sitting next to his dragon.
“I am only teasing Korrin, relax, I understand your frustrated, I do wish we had the gym facilities Torchwood 5 has, then you and speedy could sort yourselves out” Kris said.
"Yeah, wishing doesn't do much unfortunately. Let's just hope the storm blows itself out soon," replied the dragon, his wings refolding against his back in a fidgety manner.
Kris gave Korrin a pet on the muzzle and stood up.
“Tell you what, why don’t you head down to the hanger, I’m going to call Amanda, we do some sort of activity, let you guys blow off some steam and hone our skills as humans as well” Kris suggested to the green dragon.
Korrin looked up, "What are we going to do?" he asked.
“Something fun, I hope now I best call Amanda” Kris said as he typed on the computer screen, as Amanda answered the call.
“Hey there Amanda, seems the weather is not going away anytime soon, is Tarok driving you up the wall?” he asked.
"He's been pretty good," Amanda responded. "Enjoying some downtime for the most part, though I can tell he's getting a little antsy."
“Well, I planning a little exercise for us to do, sort of let the boys release some steam and keep us active, you two game?” he asked.
Amanda gave Tarok a poke on his nose, "What do ya say, buddy?" she asked him.
"Depends what it is," replied the blue dragon, not feeling up to getting beat up if that's what kris had in mind.
Kris seemed amused.
“No nothing like that, very non contact, but some agility, mixed in with some thinking on your feet sort of plan, Korrin wont be charging the blue down, I can assure you” Kris said.
"Alright," Tarok agreed.
"Meet you down in the air dome?" asked Amanda.
Kris nodded.
“Yes, meet you there” Kris said as the screen went off.
“Come on then Korrin we best head down there, you up for it?” he asked the green dragon.
"Yes," said Korrin, getting to his feet and shaking out his scales. "Let's go."

Meanwhile on Vancouver Island, in the nice, large house overlooking the frozen river with snow covering everything, James and Alyia were settled into their new home, they had together made choices on furniture and James had been kind enough for Alyia to pick her cabinets to house her collections.
The house really did feel like home for the dragoness, as she had been bonded a few months with the angry Scotsman, who had been a bit calmer over the recent months, with Alyia’s personality and soft, kind nature acting as a blanket, calming the man’s fierce temper, but the man usually had his moments still and today, James was watching the football, with Rangers Vs Celtic on the TV, James was shouting incoherently at the TV about the referee’s bad decisions while Alyia remained close by, reading but glancing up to check on James and the TV.
"They can't hear you when you yell at the TV, sir," said Alyia gently.
James sat down and looked at Alyia who was nearby, “It’s a good thing too, I would of told that Dull waste of space too get his eyes tested, what a pooor decision” James complained, gesturing to the TV where one of the players got a yellow card for a foul.
"Maybe you should be a referee in your spare time?" smiled Alyia.
James stop short of rolling his eyes as he sat back down, having another swig of his bottled beer, which Alyia had gotten for him, the man did not like much Canadian beer and so Alyia was kind enough to buy him stuff he use to drink in the UK, it was expensive but it made James happy which was her primary concern.
The man looked over and saw her reading once again on a tablet that James had bought her, it had a nice large screen and was perfect for the dragoness to read her novels, James also gave her credit so she could purchase online books.
“What ya reading this time Darlin?, I can see tha gizmo was a wise investment for ya lass” James said.
"Oh, just a story," smiled Alyia, putting down the tablet she read on, "I'm reading all the classics. Suggested online for those wanted to begin reading stories."
James nodded his head lightly as he was somewhat impressed.
“Well, doont let me stoop ya, I watch the rest of this, then something to eat eh” James said rubbing his hands together in anticipation, the good mood and conversation did not last long as another poor decision sent the man on another rant at the TV screen.
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Amanda walked Tarok back down the hall after their little game. The dragon seemed a little better now that he had been given something to do a now looked a little less antsy from being cooped up.
It had been a fun game of agility and problem solving. Kris had done well to think up the task to set the dragons to work and Amanda had been rather impressed.
“That was a fun challenge,” said Tarok, taking a drink of water once they got to the canteen area. “It’s good to keep busy. I don’t like being stuck inside all the time.”
“I know,” replied Amada, patting his leg. “You would spend every minute outside if the weather permitted.
The dragon hummed in agreement, lapping up the water.
“Not a house dragon, are ya?” she laughed.
The blue dragon licked his lips clean of the water and turned his yellowy eyes to her. “No, can’t say that I am. Speaking of which, I wonder how Alyia is doing on the island? I hope she hasn’t driven James mad.”
Amada smiled, “I think she could get away with nearly anything, that girl. She’s cast some sort of spell when it comes to James. She’ll be fine.” The woman knew that Alyia was happier to have quiet, uneventful days anyway so being snowed in was not much of a problem for her. She imagined that the dragoness was happily curled around a cup of hot chocolate with a book propped up in her paws.
Grabbing a snack to eat, Amanda and Tarok ventured to the lounge. The little waterfall was now a tiny trickle and the glass ceiling above that looked through the lake was cloudy with the ice that had taken over. It cast everything in a dim light but it was quiet and peaceful, at least it was when the room wasn’t filled with the guys yelling at the television.
Amanda flopped down on the couch while Tarok curled up beside her, resting his head across the back of the cushions. She smiled and reached up behind her, stroking his muzzle as she turned on the TV to find them something to watch. He let out a happy thrum and closed his eyes, leaning into the scratches. After clicking through the channels for a while she let out a sigh, “After all this time inside, even I’m losing interest with anything on TV. I hate just sitting here. You know what, we should fix that tear in your riding harness.”
“If you want to,” replied Tarok.
“Come on, before I lose my mind,” She laughed, getting up and drumming her hands on his neck to get him moving.
“Okay, okay,” replied the dragon, getting to his feet and stretching. During her twenty or so minutes of channel surfing he had gotten in a quick cat nap.
Tarok made to go down to the air down again but Amanda tugged at his forearm.
“It’s in our quarters you goof.”
“Oh, right,” Tarok laughed. He lowered his head and pushed at her back.
“Hey!” she exclaimed with a laugh, leaning back and letting her dragon push her down the hall as if she were on skis.
They passed by Korrin and the woman waved, laughing at his puzzled expression as she was scooted past.
“This is a top secret security organization, not a playground!” he shouted after them as Tarok picked up the pace.
“Don’t be a stick in the mud, Kor!” the blue dragon called back as he turned the corner, Amanda hanging on with all he had.
“Okay, okay stop or I’m going to go flying,” laughed Amanda as they got close to their door. The dragon stopped and pushed her upright to her feet.
“Trouble maker, now you got mister grouchy after us,” she teased him, opening the door.
“Oh never mind him. Anything fun puts him in a mood,” grinned Tarok, taking down his broken riding harness and handing it to her. During one of their training exercised he and Korrin had collided and the eastern mountain dragon’s sharp spines had cut right through one of the straps.
“We could just send it in to the harness maker?” Tarok suggested, not exactly confident in Amanda’s sewing skills.
“Oh have a little faith, would you? He did give us a little kit in case any patches needed to be made.
Amanda sat down cross-legged and got to work, while he dragon curled about her and supervised.

Later that evening after dinner Alex came by to talk to Amanda and Kris as they were chatting and putting away their dinner dishes. Tarok looked up and he could feel Alex’s presence was more than the gentle leader today. He had something to say and it was obvious there was tension that came along with it.
“Hey guys, glad I caught you. I have been talking with the Archives,” he put up a hand to quiet Korrin who looked like he was about to say something abruptly.
“Just hang on a second. I know what you’re thinking. This is going to be away from facility ground-“
"Those scum bags, they tried to kill us!" Kris exclaimed and protested.
“Kris, just give me a second to speak here, please.” Said Alex, a little more firmly. “I know and I understand where you are coming from, 110%. There has been some serious allegations from the Archives saying that their equipment was high jacked and that the attacks were done under their name to mask those truly responsible.”
"That is bull, Jon said they had Archive markings and they were registered ships, they attacked us, we did not shed blood and sweat for them to waltz in as if something hasn’t happened!" protested Kris. Amanda could hear the outrage in his voice. She folded her arms, displeased with this news. She wanted to speak up but Alex was already talking again.
“I’ve already discussed it with Jon and his team. The meeting will be off base, in a place of our choosing and with only minimal people there. We’re going about this the safest way possible. The other branches are aware but we have to make steps to start to figure this whole ordeal out. Maybe some light can be shed on this and get to the bottom of it. I need your support on this guys. It won't be you or the dragons at risk this time. I'll be heading the meeting with my security detail hanging back.”
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Jon made his way into the room with a tablet under his arm as Alex was explaining the situation to Amanda and Kris, judging by how agitated Kris and Korrin looked, the news had not gone down well, Jon was aware of the plan and had organized the plan for the 2 agents to accompany them in strategic locations.
Kris was still arguing the case with Alex keep a civil but stern tone of voice as Jon stood by the man observing the conversation unfold, he would be dragged and it wasn’t long before Alex gave him a look to get involved.
“This is not up for discussion Kris, me and Alex have spoken about this and considering we want to keep information from them just in case of another attack, it was decided to hold a meeting off base to reduce the risk to personnel” Jon explained to Kris who did not seemed pleased with the response, this was also true with Korrin.
"This is ridiculous. You're going to meet with the people that tried to blow up our home?" Demanded Korrin.
"It's going to be done safely. It's our only option to figure this out, Korrin," explained Alex.
"Then we're coming as backup," the dragon insisted.
Alex shook his head. "No. There will be minimal personnel involved for a reason."
Jon nodded in agreement to Alex comments.
“It has been decided not to put you dragons at risk, we cannot endanger your lives or you riders either, our duty as a branch is to ensure your safety here” Jon said but Kris shook his head at what Jon had to say.
"But what if it goes sideways. What if this is a setup?" Protested Korrin.
Jon put his hand up to calm the green dragon.
“It will be fine, my security team will be accompanying Alex, we will also be taking the hornet for air support and coverage, I am going into this tactically, it has been discussed fully.
“What about me? I am part of the security team, I have a duty to be there, same with Korrin” Kris argued, his tone of voice still held anger and frustration at this plan.
Jon shook his head.
“No, your position is unique being bonded to Korrin, therefore your duty is to your dragon, as Amanda is to Tarok, you will not be participating in this operation” Jon said, this seemed to outrage Kris.
"This is ridiculous! You're going in and risking your neck for some sort of half baked apology that our home got attacked?" huffed Korrin, his hackle scales rising.
"Kor is kind of right, Alex. This risk seems bigger than the gain," Amanda pointed out.
"We're going. If they're going to pull anything it's going to be at a moment like this," insisted the green dragon.
"Enough," Alex said, his voice raising just enough to invoke quiet among the discontented ranks. "It's already settled. Dragons and riders are to remain grounded. I am not chancing you both again. It will be easier to evac a few people rather than the whole team. I assure you we have all of this covered."
Kris was far from done with this argument, the man was annoyed they were being hidden and cast aside because of the incident, plus the whole idea with meeting with those traitors made his blood boil, all these emotions passed to Korrin who seemed to get his adrenaline pumping.
“This is really stupid, you need us there, the dragons aren’t made of glass, they want to protect and be loyal to us, you can’t keep them hidden, Tarok and the big guy fought valiantly to defend their home” Kris protested fierecely.
Jon shook his head.
“No, your duty is to remain here and you will not be involved, your duty is to Korrin, to ensure his safety” Jon said.
“But come on..!” Kris said as Jon interrupted him.
“Enough, that is an order agent Thomas!” Jon said using a stern formal tone, which shocked the man.
“As your senior commander on the security team, you are ordered agent Thomas to remain on the base until the meeting has transpired, you will not be taking part in this operation, if you ignore I will count it as insubordination towards a senior officer and you will be punished accordingly” Jon said sternly with firmness in his voice.
Kris looked to Alex for some sort of support from the man.
Alex folded his arms, standing beside Jon. "These are the plans and we can't have anything go sideways because of foolish behaviour. You have been given an order. Any action against it will be viewed as misconduct." Alex's voice had gotten serious. Amanda and Tarok stood shocked but silent that their commander had to reach such levels.
Kris looked at Jon and then glanced over to Korrin, he was still surprised the formal tone was being used, it had never been, even when they went ot the factory to avenge Robert, they had never had a falling out like this.
Not yet cowed by the threat of consequences Korrin took a step forward and opened his mouth to speak.
"Korrin," said Alex, putting up his palm to interrupt him, "enough. You have been given your orders. Please don't make it worse."
Kris frowned and looked at the floor, clearly displeased with the outcome of this as he folded his arms.
“It is settled then, Alex will be attending the meeting with me and the security team, with the Hornet as support Kris, Korrin, Amanda and Tarok, you will remain grounded to the base until the event has been done, there will be limits on where you can go, if the weather improves you be only doing small patrols” Jon said as the meeting ended.
Kris, disgusted by the result excused himself to his quarters, not wanting to be in the same room as everyone else for now.
The green dragon lumbered after Kris to their quarters, pacing endlessly once inside; steaming too much to lay down. "This is unfair and absolutely ridiculous." He growled.
Kris agreed and was feeling angry himself, but he knew it was just fuelling Korrin rage and displeasure at the result.
“I shouldn’t of lost my temper or got mad, it doesn’t do me or you any good, my anger feeds to you and you got nowhere to release it” Kris tried to say calmly.
"If Alex was reasonable we wouldn't have to worry about that," huffed the dragon. "I can't believe he and Jon came up with that plan. What if something happens! That's not enough backup."
Kris nodded lightly.
“I know..but part of being..mature and a responsible guardian is accepting their judgements…I should not rev you up to such a state” Kris said but was struggling to keep calm.
Korrin sat and let out a slow breath, "it's going to be torture, forced to sit here and wait," he said quietly.
Kris agreed as he sat on his bed, after a moment of silence he spoke.
“If the weather was nicer, we have to find you a bigger rock” Kris said looking at Korrin with a smirk upon his face.
"Hah," snorted Korrin. He shook out the tension in his wings and refolded them. "I'm going out tomorrow, no matter what it's doing outside. I can't stay in here a day longer without anything to do”.
Kris agreed, Alex could not hold them here if they made a short journey out.
“That game I came up with in the hanger seemed good, got you to think without bashing into one another” Kris said trying to change the subject.
Korrin merely grumbled in response, his mood still soured.
“If it improves we go out for a small fly around the block, I need to pick another challenge for you, since the last one is in pieces in the ocean, due to some impressive tank like power” Kris said walking close to him, trying to compliment the green tank of a dragon.
Korrin seemed to relax slightly at the praise. "Thanks, Kris." He said quietly.
Kris smiled.
“I know that you’re an ambitious dragon, unless you want to live on past glories, but what you reckon to my challenge young dragon?” Kris teased lightly, nudging his shoulder with a smile.
The ghost of a smile played on korrins face. "Sure," he replied.
Kris gave the dragon a scratch behind the horns, the man knew that giving compliments and setting him goals brought out the best in the young dragon, he was eager to please and as he got old, he was bulking out and was their resident tank, Kris just imagined Korrin and Ardon having a spar, that would be very interesting to see.

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Korrin’s mood was still low and he grumbled to himself for the remainder of the day, not happy about Jon and Alex’s decision earlier. He thought it was rather unfair, the whole situation. All he wanted to do was his job, help keep his team safe but apparently they had other plans. Thinking about it only made it worse. He was cautious about what dangers that Alex was possibly getting himself into. Korrin was a strategic planner. He liked knowing all the facts and going over the details before any mission. Not knowing all the details about this meeting was making him antsy.
The next morning his tablet buzzed, waking him from his deep slumber. He opened his eyes, blinking in confusion. Once his eyes adjusted to the din of the room he looked over to see Kris still sound asleep. Yawning he shook his head and stretched. The pale notification light glimmered across his tablet. He unlocked the screen and his eyes widened.
“Kris,” he called, “Kris,”
The dragon nudged the man repeatedly in the shoulder until he stirred. “The weather advisory has been lifted.”
Korrin waited for Kris to get changed, trying not to pester him too much to get up and going but it was apparent that he was eager to get his wings out in the open sky.
“Alright let’s go, but we stay close to the base to stretch your wings and wander around," Kris said putting on his winter gear. Korrin allowed enough time to grab a mug of coffee before they headed off down the hall towards the airdome. Once inside they saw fresh leaves on the floor and that Tarok’s riding harness was gone they realized that that Amanda and Blue had beat them to escape the confines of the facility.
"Seems the speedy gang are out already" Kris commented to Korrin.
"Well let's catch up," said Korrin, grabbing his harness so that Kris could help him into it. He put his head through the collar loop and shrugged his shoulders into the main part of it, buckles clanging against his thick scales.
Kris helped Korrin into it and secured everything down before jumping up into the saddle, "Right then big guy, let's go" Kris said with a smile. The dome opened above and with a powerful leap, jumped up into the air, wings pounding to gain him altitude.
The air was bitterly cold, shocking his lungs once he broke out into open sky, but it was worth the brief twinge of discomfort. The day was surprisingly clear, the stormy winds evidently having pushed most of the clouds away. It was still rather chilly but there was dragon fire running through Korrin now, finally able to stretch his wings. He flew as fast as he could, warming up as he did so, taking them to the end of the island and back again. Invigorated, he let out a growling roar that rattled his scales.
His call evidently summed Tarok because seconds later he came blazing out of the sky, ripping around Korrin before snapping out his wings to glide beside him. Amanda sat on his shoulders and smoothed out her windblown hair, loose from its normal state of being tide back or braided. Upon closer inspection the woman was only wearing one of her tall riding boots, looking disheveled.
"Did you get out the wrong side of the bed Amanda?" Kris said lightly teasing as they came to land on a rocky outcropping that looked over some of the straight.
"SOMEONE didn't give me enough time to get properly dressed before dragging me out to fly." She said, grabbing Taroks sail and rattling it back and forth after he landed beside Korrin. "Thank goodness that I had time to grab my coat." She swung her leg over the saddle, the first moment of pause since the dragon’s made dash to get out, and took off the one boot she had on, stuffing it in the saddle bag. She opted to go barefoot than go with just one shoe on. Tarok looked over his shoulder at her sheepishly and she swatted at him with a grin.
Kris chuckled, "Korrin is eager to explore as well, good to stretch their wings, I told him I got to find him another rock," Kris teased the green dragon.
“He’s not a bulldozer, Kris,” smiled Amanda as she leaned over Tarok’s neck to give Korrin’s nose a pet. The dragon looked up at her with a small smile of his own.
“Here,” said Amanda, reaching into her pocket and pulling out two granola bars, tossing one to Kris. “Blue didn’t give me time to have breakfast let alone get my gear on properly.”
The four of them sat together for a short while, chatting away before Tarok felt like it was time to take to the air again. He jumped up into the sky and wheeled around, desperately hanging on while stuffing the wrapper from her snack into a coat pocket so it wouldn’t go flying.
The blue dragon dashed around, dive bombing Korrin and antagonizing him by nipping at the edges of his wings, trying to goad him into a chase before dashing away.
"What is he up to?" Kris said as Tarok seemed to be teasing Korrin, "You know we cannot beat his speed" Kris muttered. This didn’t seem to bother Korrin. He waited patiently, seemingly ignoring the other male. It wasn't until Tarok came around again to swoop at him once more, that he found the moment he had been waiting for; he lunged at the blue dragon, causing the coastal to squawk and laugh as he tore away. A game of chase ensued, Korrin getting better at learning to cut the faster dragon off, using his strategy to aid against Tarok’s speed.
It was good for the dragons to get airborne again and fly out all the pent up energy they had been saving up. This freedom was much needed after the winter storm.
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Kris was pleased that the two dragons were doing well, it was good for them to fly and release their pent up energy, he was also proud of Korrin, the dragon was maturing and thinking strategically, knowing to counter Tarok’s speed with calculating moves and taking opportunities.
It seemed very Forge like and Kris was happy with his development, Tarok was growing but still did not think too far ahead, using his speed to get himself in and out of trouble.
“I’m going to take Korrin for a ground walkabout, we meet back in the base a bit later if you want Amanda” Kris said giving korrin a pat on the shoulder.
"Alrighty," said Amanda with a wave as she and Tarok took off, "See ya later!"
Kris watched as the blue dragon shot off back towards the base Kris smiled, Tarok was a fast dragon and seemed to love shooting across the sky, his attention snapped back to Korrin.
“Ok, now I haven’t got the dragon police on me, fancy finding something for my tank of a dragon to move? If we are to open a excavation company, got to practice” Kris joked lightly.
"I thought we decided landscaping?" Teased Korrin.
Kris laughed lightly.
“We could do both, specialise out, besides Melina got some more info on your breed for me to read, you guys excel at goals and smashing them, which explains why you like shaking Jon in the hornet” Kris chuckled lightly.
The dragon smiled, "well It wouldn't do to walk away from a challenge, would it?"
Kris laughed and agreed with his dragon.
“Come on, I think we can land on that other cliff edge, I think we can find something there to join that other stone in the ocean” Kris said, pointing to the green dragon where to go.
The dragon followed the man's directions and landed on the edge of the rocky cliff, stone skittering away from his talons.
Kris got off the green dragon and walked around looking for something that could be a challenge for his dragon, Korrin was always seemed to please and he wanted to measure how much Korrin was developing as well.
“See anything you feel up for?” Kris asked as he was still looking around.
"I don't know," hummed the dragon before he snickered. "This should be your challenge this time. Push your dragon off the ledge."
Kris laughed, shaking his head
“Where is Jack when I need him, I have to say he was very shy about us challenging him, Ardon was up for it, you were up for it, Jack was very hesitant” Kris commented, remembering the man’s responses to their challenges.
"I don't think he likes to show off," replied Korrin. "He doesn't seem like the type to."
“True, well we see when we go visit their fancy base, we owe them a rematch after he beat Korrin2 Kris said.
"I'm looking forward to going back there. It's been a while," replied Korrin. "Getting everyone back together will be nice."
Kris agreed, they had received their invites and the team were looking forward to visitng, it was going to be a big job but he knew Torchwood 5 would rise to the challenge and host an amazing event.
Kris continued wandering under he saw a rock near the other side of the cliff edge, it was larger than the one he had pushed last time, but a bit closer to the edge, meaning the dragon wouldn’t have to work too hard for long.
“Hey Korrin, I found your rock, its got your name on it” Kris said writing Korrin’s name in the snow on top of it, “See?” Kris teased.
The dragon gave a small smile. "That really it, eh?" He asked.
Kris chuckled and nodded lightly.
"Yes it is, bigger but shorter distance to the sea, what say you my dragon" Kris asked.
"What's todays incentive?" Grinned the dragon.
Kris pondered for a moment before speaking again.
"Steak, I saw Kendra bring it out 28 day matured steak" Kris said with a smile.
Korrin considered this a moment, "Hm. Alright. Seems fair." He nodded.
Kris smiled as he moved out the way to allow Korrin to square up and get into position.
“Obviously got to take into account the snow and condition’s will make it tricky, I won’t sit in the harness, I do not want to burden you” Kris replied.
"That's fine," replied Korrin, trotting up to the rock.
Kris nodded as he watched the dragon coming towards the rock.
“When your all ready I count you off, see if we cant make it two wins out of two” Kris said.
"Ready, ready," insisted Korrin, not wanting to drag it out
Kris chuckled lightly and started to count.
“Ok big guy, 1…2…2.4…..2.6…” Kris said lightly teasing the big dragon.
Korrin grinned but them immediately set his shoulder to the stone and gave a heave.
Kris smiled as the dragon began his little test, Kris watched close by as the dragon set to work, amazingly the rock creaked and some light debris came off the large rock, including some snow.
Korrin shook his head, sending snow that had fallen into his muzzle and heaved again at the rock, tilting it up off the ground.
Kris was amazingly impressed by the dragons technique and the rock was budging but very slowly, as Kris watched.
“Easy does it big guy” Kris said, encouraging the dragon as he could see the weight was getting to him.
The dragon wedged his shoulder under the ridge of the Rock and continued to bulldoze forward slowly.
“That’s it big guy come on” Kris encouraged Korrin as he was making really good progress, it was slow but steady progress, Korrin was a lot stronger than he thought.
Korrin persisted, and the Rock shifted again, ever so slightly. He thrashed his tail as he continued.
“That’s it come on Korrin, keep at it” Kris said, clapping his hands and encouraging him to go forward.
The dragon powered forward, shifted the rock as he gave a rumbling growl, his wings lifting off his back slightly.
The rock creaked and shifted slowly as Korrin was progressing but it was still slow process with the weather providing challenges for the green dragon.
“Keep at it big guy, your doing good, let’s get this thing into the ocean” Kris said.
The dragon growled and pressed on, pushing against the rock.
Kris watched carefully as Korrin continued, he could not fault the dragon’s determination in this challenge, he was indeed impressing the man.
"Ghrh," huffed the dragon, his hind paws slipping slightly in the snow.
“Keep at it big guy, you got this, keep on it” Kris encouraged the green dragon
"Hmpf," huffed Korrin, shifting the Rock so it rolled towards the cliff edge.
“You got it, get it over Korrin, not far to go2 Kris said, watching as the rock was giving way to the green tank’s power.
The dragon rumbled again, "k, here we go,"
He growled heaving the Rock again, shifting it closer to the edge.
“You got this Korrin, keep at full power” Kris said, rubbing his hands together to keep warm as he watched steam come off the green dragon’s scales.
The dragon barred his teeth and shoved as hard as he could "rrgh!" He snarled, moving the Rock but it rolled back, pushing him backwards slightly before he caught it and shoved back again.
“Remember there is no such thing as Can’t Korrin, you can do this big guy” Kris said giving him loud vocal support.
With a crunch of the Rock rolling over stones, Korrin heaved the stone over the cliff edge. It fell with a tremendous splash into the ocean. He grinned, and watched it sink.
“YES!, great Job, your a lot stronger than I thought, I knew you were bulking up but I am impressed!” Kris said excitedly, his feelings of happiness and excitement bounced across the link.
The dragon gave a little bow, pleased that he impressed his Attilu. "So we're going to call it Korrin's Landscaping, eh?" He joked, modest about talking of his own accomplishments.
Kris laughed lightly as he approached his dragon.
“I think, we best head back, hopefully the icy wind will cool you off, a lot of steam coming off your scales, you can’t complain your cold now” Kris said as jumped into the saddle.
“A victory roar and some flame to finish us off please” Kris egged him on.
The dragon gripped the edge of the cliff with his talons as he leaned out over the ocean. His shoulders hunched as he took in a deep breath and let out a booking roar, deep and thunderous that rang out over the water.
Kris had to put his hands over his ears but he laughed and gave a fist to the air in celebration, the man was really proud of the dragon’s achievements.
“Were coming for you Ardon” Kris teased lightly giving Korrin a pat on the shoulder, “Let’s return home”.
The green dragon laughed and jumped into the air, turning his wings back for the base.
Kris smiled as they took to the air, as they were traveling back Kris put his hand on the dragon’s green scales and smiled to himself.
“Really proud of you, you gotten a lot stronger, I imagine when you’re an adult you be even more of a tank than you are now” Kris commented with pride.
Korrin gave a thrum, happy. "No one will mess with us then."
“I very much doubt people will mess with us now, I get a feeling you will grow a lot bigger than your wild relatives due to the food and training” Kris said.
"Remember that I am a different breed than Ardon, though. I hope you don't think I'll get to be as big as Lord Forge," said Korrin, looking over his shoulder at Kris
Kris nodded.
“I know Korrin, but you will be more compact and bulkier breed than Ardon, he may have height but you have weight and muscle with you, I will be really proud of my tank” Kris grinned.
Korrin gave him a small smile. "I'm glad." He said quietly. Before coming oh over the air dome and landing inside.

Meanwhile on the other side of British Columbia, Alex, Jon and his two agents had selected Garabaldi Provincial Park for the meeting with the archives, the meeting was arranged near nannygoat peak, due to its closeness to accessible roads, however Alex flew in on a shuttle with the hornet providing air cover.
Once the shuttle had landed, the two agents Nicolas and Joe were position in places hidden armed with sniper rifles and weapons should they be needed, they were the hidden security while Jon provided air cover and visible support for the Commander.
Jon had also decided to use a scrambled unique communications signal instead of the standard Torchwood scrambled signals, just in case the archives were listening in, everyone was set as the wind blew some of the snow off the mountains and hills.
Despite the clear sky and the sun shining it was bitterly cold, with Alex wrapped up warm as he waited patiently at the agreed location, that over looked the peak, there was not a single soul about and provided excellent privacy from the public.
“Jon to Alex, Nicolas and Joe have reported in were all set here, I be providing cover from here, I keep close by and a visible presence for you” Jon said speaking to his boss who was wearing a wire while he waited outside for the archives arrival.
"Alright. Hold and wait in position for any signal or indication that somethings gone awry" The commander ordered, "Let’s get this done and over with, without incident."
“Understood sir” Jon said as Alex waited with the hornet in a hovering position close by, soon his scanners picked up movement approaching it appeared to be 4 vehicles approaching by land and a ship along with a fighter escort approaching by air.
“Alex, scanners detect movement, 4 vehicles approaching and 3 air borne targets approaching us” Jon replied.
Alex let out a breath, "Brought the party. Seems a little excessive for a meeting. Keep your eyes on them."
Soon 4 totally black 4X4 land Rovers appeared, coming along the roads and soon came off road as they approached Alex.
“Keep a look out boys” Jon said as the vehicles stopped as armed men got out and positioned themselves in defensive positions, weapons visible and locked onto Alex, Jon set weapons to lock onto the vehicles.
“Stay cool boss, I have locked onto them, returning the favour” Jon said.
"I thought this was supposed to be a non-hostile meeting. You're armed to the teeth. This doesn't set a peaceful precedent for communication between Torchwood and the archives." Alex called over.
The men did not respond as the transport ship approached, slowing down and coming into land, with the ship was two blue fighters who had locked weapons on the hornet, they stayed in a close formation as the transport landed, kicking up snow and buffeting everyone around.
“The fighters have weapons lock on me, I imagine the guy you need to talk to is on that landed transport ship” Jon said to Alex.
Alex looked over at the weaponized vehicles they brought along. This didn't bode well for their meeting. The commander gave instruction to his team before stepping out into neutral ground to initiate the meeting
The transport ship doors opened and a walkway lowered down, as more armed guards came out but this time a man in a long, thick coat dressed in a shirt and tie came out, the man looked to be in his late 40’s but looked ex military, buzz cut short military style hair cut with some scar marks across the one side of his head, the man was pretty tall at 6 foot 6, his seemed bright and alert compared to his face which looked tired with some wrinkles across his forehead.
The man approached the neutral area in the middle of these two forces where the archives had Torchwood 7 outnumbered and outgunned.
“I assume your Alex Robinson, commander of Torchwood 7?” the man asked as his guards locked weapons on Alex as after he asked.
"You are correct. I don't appreciate having guns pointed at me, however. This meeting was supposed to be a claim to the Archives innocence in the attack last year. This isn't a good start for you." Replied Alex.
The man seemed to be slightly amused, he turned around and nodded, the men withdrew their weapons and got back into their cars as the engines started, the two armed men also withdrew their weapons and returned to the transport, the two fighters fly overhead to patrol the outskirts of the area.
“I do apologise for the heavy security Mr Robinson, but with recent incidents we cannot be too careful, the vehicles are withdrawing and the fighters will patrol the outskirts of the area for our security, I appreciate you tell your pilot to stand down, were on the same team, aren’t we?” the man said to Alex.
Alex was quiet a moment, not thinking that they had exactly the same idea of what was meant but gave Jon the code to stand down but remain alert.
"Sorry, I didn't catch your name," he said afterwards.
Jon piloted the hornet down and landed near the shuttlecraft and powered down the engines.
“Dillon Morgan, I’m in charge of Archive Security and have been brought in to oversee changes, Malcolm gives his regards to you Alex” the man shook Alex hand and gestured to a bench overlooking the peak to talk more.
Despite the pleasantries, Alex was on guard. "I had figured it would have been Malcolm that I would be speaking with today."
Dillon seemed to nod as the two men sat down.
“He sends his apologies, Malcolm as you can understand is a busy man, but I have come as his representative here, the demands of one man’s time are considerable, as a leader of the Torchwood 7 branch you understand” Dillon said.
Alex merely gave a shallow nod.
"So, I'm told that you're here to tell me that the attack on my base was not you’re doing?" He sounded sceptical.
Dillon nodded, he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a USB stick and handed it to Alex.
“On the USB stick is the full report for your inspection, it will confirm that a Group who is very anti dragon, thinking that they are savage beasts awakening to bring death and destruction over mankind, hijacked and stole fighters and armed transport ship, injuring our pilots and killing 2 security officers who attempted to stop them, in there are all the medical reports and report from Police officers at the scene” Dillon explained.
Alex seemed to want to ask a question but kept quiet.
“We take this extremely seriously and I have been brought in to tighten security at the archives and to bring in new procedures to ensure this unfortunate event does not happen again, we have already put in place new robust plans, we were also quick to offer your branch support and launched an investigation” Dillon said.
Alex listened to Dillon speak until he went quiet, allowing Alex to add his 2 cents.
"I am sorry for the loss of your men but I have a question; why on earth would an information archive be armed to the teeth in the first place?" Asked Alex. "It doesn't make sense that you would have such weaponized vehicles to hijack in the first place."
Dillon nodded lightly.
“A fair question, but after this incident we needed to ensure the archives has its own security force, to protect the classified information we store for all the branches globally, rather than rely on support from branches such as yourselves and burden the leaders, we decided to set up our own security force to ensure we take full responsibility for security, it is part of our strategic plans to keep data safe” Dillon replied professionally, as if it was almost rehearsed to the letter.
"Seems excessive for a place that hasn't had a violent breach since its founding days," said Alex.
Dillon seemed switched on to Alex comments, he seemed to always have an answer and said in a professional tone of voice.
“Times are changing, we need to ensure with events such as Dubai and with the attack on Torchwood 7 that we are prepared for anything, it is vital our plans change accordingly, it is just a shame we did not bring these plans to action until the horrific attack, for that we are truly sorry our security let you guys down, Malcolm and myself are determined that will never happen, hence the security” Dillon explained.
"Fine, I'll read your report," said Alex, pocketing the USB. "Anything else, Dillion?"
The nodded.
“I hope we can put this awful incident behind us and work as one team, we hope to move forward from this, keeping things open and honest between us” Dillon said standing up.
“It has nice to meet you Alex, my regards to your team” Dillon said offering his hand to be shaken.
Alex shook his hand, "and mine to yours." He replied, standing back.
Dillon nodded as he walked off to the transport ship, soon the fighters returned and began to hover as the transport ship powered up and took off from the ground.
It only took a few moments before it got under way with the fighters in close formation heading back to towards the Archives building in the next Province.
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Alex lingered by the bench and watched the Archive vehicles power up and leave before he walked back down the small slope towards his own team that now flew in from their positions during the meeting. Pulling the USB out he turned it over in his palm. Plain and unassuming, he wondered exactly what the reports on it said. The commander wasn’t sure he would believe whatever was in the documents he had been offered. Alex’s easy going demeanour had been traded in for something more quiet and suspicious. The safety of his team was paramount and this just added another layer to the mystery of what had happened at the base. He ran his hand through his hair and let out a breath as he descended the hill.
Jon’s hornet was waiting at the clearing beside his own ship while the other ships piloted by Joseph and Nicolas approached. Alex walked up and turned off his earpiece as Jon disembarked his vehicle. The others had heard and recorded the conversation to play back again later in case they had missed any details.
"What do you make of that, Jon?" he asked, folding his arms.
"He doesn’t look friendly Alex, if I were to guess, he's ex-military for sure, that was a lot of fire power they brought with them" Jon said. Alex nodded. The man was a dark presence that was for certain. Between the scars across his face and the firm look that Dillion possessed, it was obvious he was a man with a history. Alex found it absolutely disrespectful for Malcolm to have sent someone else to go proclaim his divisions innocence, especially after such a high scaled attack that could have proven fatal if his team had not been vigilant. To give the excuse that he was too busy to attend a meeting of great importance and send a team with armed escort was a heavy insult.
“I agree with you there. The BS excuses he gave for why they were armed to the teeth don’t really fly with me. He said they beefed up their security AFTER the attack, and missed the point of my question when I asked him why they were so outfitted prior to the assault on our base. There is something amiss here.”
"Yes considering the escort fighter were Venom mark 2 fighters, they carry some heavy firepower, why would they need them?" Jon said to Alex, sharing his concern.
Alex dug into his jacket pocket and handed Jon the USB, putting it in his palm. “We’ll use a protected network to check this out. Nothing linked to our own systems. Let’s get home.”
"Agreed boss, I escort your shuttle back, now Nicolas and Joe are here, they come with you, I keep in close formation," Jon said.
“Right,” Alex nodded, patting his hand on the side of the hornet before getting into his own ship. Buckling in, he looked across the clearing to the bench where he had been sitting moments ago. He didn’t like this one bit but at least there had been no threats or hostility in the moments that had passed. Alex did, however, not miss the tension that had hung in the air between them during the meeting. There was something big going on and he knew he was being purposefully kept in the dark.
The shuttle rumbled alive as he powered it up. He flicked a few switches, and checked the gauges.
“Alright everyone, back to base,” he called through the radio as his shuttle lifted up towards the sky before setting course for home.

Back at the base Korrin had been waiting for their return. Barred from attending the meeting, the eastern mountain dragon had been left to pace and worry about the safety of his commander and team members. Kris had tried to settle the dragon but Korrin was in a mood. Natural instincts of protecting those under his self proclaimed care and guardianship made him irritable when he was unable to perform his duties. He hated being held back from the meeting, even though Tarok tried to explain to him in other terms why Alex had grounded them from the mission.
Now Korrin sat on a rocky ledge beside the airdome, eyes directed west to ensure he would be able to spot the team when they approached. He let out a breath, sitting quiet and stoic as he stared out over the horizon. A leathery flap of wings signaled that Tarok had found him.
“Hey, Kor,” he called out swooping overhead and landing beside him. “They radioed back. All is well and they are on their way.”
Korrin was relieved all was well but did not outwardly show it. “Good,”
“You could come in now,” suggested Tarok. It was still negative three, the storm may have disappeared but the cold snap still remained. “They’ll be here in an hour or so.”
“I’ll stay here and wait.” Replied Korrin. Tarok frowned. “They will be fine. Alyia and James just got in after being snowed in for that long. You should say hi.”
Korrin made a scoffing noise but got up to his feet. Casting one last look over the water he spread his wings and followed Tarok into the air and back down through the skydome opening.
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The Hornet and shuttle landed in the hanger as the doors to the air dome closed up, ensuring no more cold air would enter the base, the hornet’s engines powered down as the team disembarked as Jon took the USB stick to Dr Hinton who was their tech expert.
While the good doctor dud not have the facilities that torchwood 5 had, they did have some computer lab that Dr Hinton could analyse tech and other things.
“There you go Arthur, this is a USB stick the archives got us, Alex doesn’t want it near our systems and wants it open in a secure area” Jon said as the doctor took the USB stick, examining it carefully.
Jon seemed a little confused.
“What you looking for it is just a USB stick” Jon said.
Dr Hinton looked at Jon with a small smile.
“I can usually tell if there is anything suspicious, looks to me a good solidly built Torchwood USB with built in encryption, I get the information off it” he said confidently.
Jon tried not to roll his eyes at the man’s nerdiness.
“Also, can you find out information on Dillon Morgan, the archives head honcho there, use whatever means you need to” Jon said in a more assertive voice.
Dr Hinton nodded.
“I speak to Dr Baxter and his friend in LA, see what we can dig up, we keep it off standard and protocol airwaves” Dr Hinton said as Jon nodded in approval.
“Get what you need so I can brief Alex, I will grab Kris and do some homework” Jon said leaving the man to do his work as he headed to his IT lab, which was a small area part of Dr Charles bigger labs on the upper deck in the base.
The team were in the common room as they were talking to Alyia and James gave Alex an update on the work he done at home and reporting, he had not noticed anyone trying to dip the dragon’s public opinion.
The trio of dragons talked as Alyia talked about her home and how she enjoyed her home, but she seemed to miss being with the boys.
It wasn’t long before the group split up, James returned to his office with Alyia in tow to assist him with organising hopefully a meeting or two with media representatives who he was going to meet in Vancouver.
The man had to cancel various meetings because of the weather, but it was ok as the media outlets cancelled as their people couldn’t get in.
Surprisingly, the man had not gone into a rage about it and seemed focussed on updating his schedule and paperwork left on his desk, which was in his in tray, it had built up as they been away for 2 or so weeks due to the storm.
"Sir, just a remainder of your appointment with CTV and Global at two on Thursday," said Alyia as stuck a post it note on his desk with the reminder written in her neat, bubbly script.
James looked at it and nodded.
“Ta Lass, can yooou arrange transport too and from the Torchwood offices, perhaps yoou like to come along, too be interviewed” James suggested.
Alyia looked up, "Really?" She asked, surprised.
James seemed to be conflicting the idea in his mind as it took a few moments.
“Well, to boost ya ratings, plus it will be good for ya lass, show em ya all good and friendly” James said.
"Oh," she said with a smile growing across her face. "That would be lovely. I'd like to." She thumped her tail softly on the floor.
"I'll get transports ready."
James nodded, “Plus, if they are rude to ya lass, there be hell to play, ma shoe up their behinds” James replied.
Alyia giggled,
"I don't think that will be necessary, sir. At least I hope not."
James looked up from his desk.
“You see Lass, you will see”.
Later on that afternoon, Jon, Kris and Korrin were in the command centre, situated to the left where the main computer and screen was and where Nicolas and Joe manned the control panels and systems there on a daily basis, keeping an eye on communications and other intel to do with conservation and monitoring the airspace around the base.
To the left there was enough room for Kris, Korrin and Jon to do research on the ships and other things Jon had observed and recorded from the hornet.
"Everyone," Alex addressed the group as he approached them as he rolled up his sleeves.
Jon looked up along with the other two as Alex announced his arrival.
“Ahh, good timing Alex, please sit, we been analysing footage recorded off the hornet and identifying the weapons and ships used in our meeting” Jon said.
Kris looked at Alex.
“Looked like they brought a small army with them” he commented.
"You're telling me. I had most of it pointed at me. Not a good way to begin supposedly peaceful talks." scoffed the commander.
Jon brought up on the smaller screen a computer image of the fighters.
“Mark 2 Venom gunships, designed for extreme combat and designed to replace the ageing Havocs our VCPD use, double the firepower, fast and can reload easily, about 400K credits each ship” Jon said as the stats appeared.
"Where are the getting the funds for these things?" Asked Alex.
"No kidding," agreed Korrin. "Having them is one thing, having the money to buy a fleet of them is another. Who is funding the archives defences?"
Kris nodded in agreement.
“It’s suppose to come from the main Torchwood pot really, a bit of Torchwood filters credits to the archives to maintain it, but not to buy weapons of this scale, the Land Rover’s are Torchwood issue but they been modified, plus the transport ship is an attack battle transport, again big money” Jon explained as he revealed the weapons the men carried as well.
"Someone else has been funding them then," said Alex. "But who?"
Jon and Kris looked at each other, looking unsure with one another about telling Alex.
Alex looked up at the team and noted their expressions. they knew something he didn't. "Out with it. What is it?" He asked. Korrin shifted his weight, apprehensive.
Jon looked over Alex and told Nicolas and Joe to leave the control room a moment and close the door, once the men were out Jon spoke.
“It is just a theory, but there is only one branch that had a lot of funds pumped into it before the reorganization, it has been classified code black on records” Jon said to Alex.
"... Thirteen," said Alex, letting out a breath. It may have been a theory but it made sense. If this was proven to be true it could mean dark days ahead. "Do we have any proof that it could be them?"
Kris shook his head.
“No sir, it is a theory” Kris replied.
“We got no proof, the base was assumed destroyed, all personnel killed, the files are all classified under code black, no one has access to those records” Jon said.
"What about Harkness?" Asked the commander. "Someone has to have access, someone does."
Jon seemed to look uncomfortable.
“That’s the problem……Jack Harkness has locked all files, he marked them all code black and they are highly classified” Jon replied.
"He had to be open to hearing the theory in the very least. We are part of torchwood, we are a branch of the dragon academy, one that suffered a near fatal attack. I think he'd shed some light on it," said Alex.
"He has to. He may have blocked the files but if we or anyone else is in danger and it could be because of thirteen then he would have to allow us access, right?" Asked Korrin, looking around the team.
Jon nodded lightly but looked sceptical about whether a man who locked the files would allow them to view them.
“Perhaps float the idea, but we have no proof, if it is them, they taken great liberties to cover their tracks, why would they attack us and what really happened there” Jon said to Alex.
"That's what I want to find out, Jon. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this," replied the commander.
The two men nodded.
“Perhaps, speak to Jack on a secure channel, priority one off grid, then scramble the signal, I must stress sir that what is discussed here cannot be shared with anyone else, due to the code classification, really Kris and Korrin shouldn’t be here” Jon advised.
"We wouldn't say anything!" Scoffed Korrin, offended, "We are on the same side here!"
Alex put up his hand, "I know. And that's not what Jon means. We just need to be careful here.
Jon nodded in agreement to Alex comments, the word they were about to delve into had not been touched for over 20 years and was a dark mark on the torchwood name.
So much so everything about Torchwood 13 was classified and deliberately buried under more news, the strange issue was Jack Harkness classifying all the records and locking them all out.
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The next day Alex put in a request to speak with the commander of facility 5.
“Jack, how’s it going? Thanks for allowing me to set up the private channel to speak with you,” said Alex.
Jack smiled and nodded, "not at all Alex, always pleased to help but you have me puzzled using this line of communication" Jack said.
“Well what I want to bring up is classified in nature,” Alex began before briefing Jack on what happened at the meeting and his teams reluctance to bring up the possibility that Torchwood 13 could be behind this. The commander seemed hesitant to ask, himself but he knew that he had top at least check it out, he owed his team that.
Jacks happy expression vanished from his face, soon as sterner more serious look came out. "What....." was his reply.
"I know it sounds farfetched but we've exhausted our resources out here trying to figure out who is behind the attacks. The archives insist that it wasn't them; that their equipment was hijacked but if you look at the time line they had all this weaponized equipment long before the attack, without reason. And-" Alex added, "They are not funded enough by the torchwood branches to ever begin to even think they could afford such machinery which makes us think there is something nefarious behind all this, that it could be the remains of facility 13."
Jack seemed unimpressed as he listened in, putting his hands together as he spoke next
“Torchwood 13 was lost under tragic circumstances and poor leadership, the base was in ruins and all lives lost, you have no proof they are involved, not that they can be as they are all dead," Jack said assertively.
Alex let out a breath, this wasn’t going where he wanted it to and he could already hear the heat in Jack’s tone.
"I know that's the story and I don't mean to be insensitive, Jack. But As far as we know a ton of credits was funneled into 13 prior to their collapse, if we could just have a chance to go through some of the files so we can either substantiate our claims or toss them out and start again…”
"Those files are black listed and classified under the highest authority, your request is denied Alex, not that you should be discussing this at all with me," Jack was abruptly stern.
Alex held out his hands, not knowing where to go from here after being shot down. Jack had turned a 180 from his usual self but Alex didn’t think his simple question warranted such a tone. He did not want to give up, though, thinking that this was his only chance to get to the bottom of this. "Jack, please be reasonable, I am doing this for the safety of our teams. I have lost a very dear member of my own team a few years back, unexplained, and now we nearly lost a lot of people here in the attacks, commander. The dragon’s lives were at stake too, and I just can’t have that. Wouldn't you want answers if the same happened to your team?" said Alex.
"Some things cannot be discussed, you know what classification black means, this discussion cannot continue," Jack replied.
Alex's look of desperation clouded over now, the man's brow furrowed. Jack was not budging an inch and Alex’s usually steadfastly calm demeanour was now dissolving, "What the hell could be in there that you don't want us to see, Jack? I’m on YOUR side and I'm just trying to save my team from possible destruction and you're putting a lockdown on our only chance at following the single possible lead we have!"
"You have a lead based on no solid evidence and hearsay, we are also conducting covert monitoring of archive activities here in the UK, we're willing to share this with you but as far as our previous discussion, it did not happen under Torchwood black classification...commander" Jack replied his voice was stern in return to Alex’s tone.
Alex fought the urge to roll his eyes at his superior, Jack was starting to sound rather condescending and the man didn’t appreciate it, "As I said It’s just a theory that we wanted resolved with your help. If you're conducting covert surveillance maybe you can tell me where the archives got the money to spend on Venom gunships and why on earth an archive would need them?" Alex fired back.
"As I said Commander Robinson, we're conducting our own investigation into their activities, we have noticed the build up of weapons and looking at a number of leads which could explain the funds issue, including black market activities" Jack explained.

"Did you not think that this might be important information to share, Harkness? When did this become every man for himself? I thought torchwood was a team."
Jack sighed and shook his head as he looked back at the screen.
"We share the information we got so far… however, your obsession with Torchwood 13 leaves me no choice but to information you formally, Commander Robinson, that as of now I'm using my executive right as headquarter branch to issue Torchwood 7 with an Article 1 ruling, effective immediately," Jack gave this response in a formal but sterner tone of voice.
Alex threw his hands in the air and started to protest but Jack interrupted him.
"You been given your orders Commander, if you breach this article 1 ruling, I expect your resignation the following day as it will be Gross misconduct.....Jack out," The man said and the conversation ended with both men disliking the other.
Alex angrily turned away from the blank screen, pacing and cursing darkly to himself.
He stormed out of his office, slamming the door behind him, making Korrin and the others at the control center jump. They had heard the muffled shouting from their commander’s office and had wondered what was going on but now they were all shocked to silence as Alex stomped past them through the room.
“…Alex?” started Korrin.
“Not now,” the commander replied before disappearing down the hall.
The dragon turned to Kris and Jon with a concerned look on his face. None of them had ever seen Alex so red in the face and angry. “I don’t think the meeting went very well…”
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The next morning Alex kept himself busy and did not seem to want to talk to anyone or explain what happened with the meeting with Jack yesterday.
The man had been quiet all morning and only spoken to Jon due their daily catch up, a mood had set in on the base, one that was not nice.
Amanda and Tarok had been told to begin their patrol and by the time Kris and Korrin had lazily got up, the base was quiet with James and Alyia working diligently in his office.
Kris sat in the canteen with a coffee, while Korrin finished his breakfast, both had noticed Alex had not come out for his usual coffee run or sitting down to watch the news, the whole base seemed on edge.
"Alex has been in there for a while now. I think Commander Harkness didn't like our theory," Korrin said to Kris.
“He’s been quiet and locked in his office all morning, with do not disturb sign on, I guess Jack was not pleased with what was proposed” Kris said to Korrin as he drank his coffee in the canteen.
"Obviously not. I wonder what happened though to put Alex in such a state. I've never seen him like this," replied the dragon.
Kris shook his head not knowing the result, Jon had also been in a sterner mood than usual, after his daily meeting with Alex, the man seemed to be nit picking at things.
Jon soon came in and saw Kris and Korrin in the canteen, he looked at his watch.
“Shouldn’t you two be out on patrol in about 10 minutes, the weather improved and your both here being lazy, Amanda and Tarok should be arriving back” the man said in a stern tone of voice.
"I'm ready, we're just waiting," Korrin mumbled.
Jon gave Korrin a look of thunder as Kris saw what was going on and quickly finished his coffee.
“Were head off now Jon” he said as the man turned and walked towards the control room.
"We best get moving, the atmosphere in here is poor whispered Kris to the large green dragon.
Korrin agreed, getting to his feet to lead Kris to the air dome.
"We should give Amanda and Tarok a heads up. Maybe we need to send Alyia in to smooth things over."
Kris smiled slightly, Alyia was a good choice but the dragoness was so busy with James and seeing to him that she would not be drawn away from the man.
“Best not get Alyia involved but I agree to the warning, we patrol round the islands at a moderate pace, so we can check on the CCTV camera’s” Kris said to Korrin as he put on Korrin riding harness.
Tarok flared his wings as he slowed down and landed in the airdome where Kris and Korrin were waiting. The coastal noticed the look on the others faces when he landed.
"What's going on?" He asked.
"Alex spoke with Jack yesterday about a theory we had. It appears it didn't go well and he's been in a mood. Jon too. So just watch out." Warned Korrin.
"Jeeze, that bad?" Amanda asked Kris as she unbuckled Taroks harness.
Kris nodded.
“Whatever was said has put Alex in a mood and Jon as well this morning, I guess Jack had other ideas, but we cannot talk more, we got to be on patrol, just watch yourself for the rest of the day” Kris warned.
"Right," nodded Amanda. "Fly safe out there, boys." She said to them as Korrin flared his wings to take off.
Kris hung on as Korrin took off and headed out into the sky, the wind had died down, another clear sunny day but was still bitterly cold out there.
Back in the base Jon was sat reading security documents with a larger than normal coffee, he was sat in the corner of the canteen and was reading quietly.
Amanda walked in with Tarok, and spotted Jon. "Morning!" She said cheerfully, determined not to walk on eggshells around him.
Jon looked up and checked his watch.
“Have those two lazy bums gone on patrol yet?, you guys did your patrols and checked the areas of interest?” Jon said to Amanda.
"Yes we just passed Kris and Korrin leaving. All points have been checked. It's quiet out there," she replied, sitting across from him. "How's it been here?."
Jon looked at his reports and then to Amanda, “Alex wants a full review of security practices, also staff performance and productivity” Jon said with a heavy sigh.
"You alright?" Amanda asked with a raised eyebrow, taking a sip of her tea.
“Not really no, Alex is in a mood, you best be up to date with all paperwork and everything or he will pick holes, just ensure its all to code” Jon replied.
"We're pretty up to date. Just have to file the report on today's patrol," said the woman.
Jon nodded lightly.
“Good, get that done soon, Alyia will be going with James on his meetings in a day or two, so Alex has authorised it, so just be Tarok and Korrin” Jon said.
"Alright. Well let us know if there is anything we can do," replied Amanda, getting up.
“Thank you” Jon said as he went back focussing on his work.

Meanwhile Alex had been working in his office with the door shut firmly as he focussed on his work, no one had disturbed the commander since the early morning meeting with Jon, the HR team giving Alex room a wide berth for now.
Nicolas ID number flashed up on the communication system on Alex desk.
"Alex here," said the commander gruffly.
"Sir, we received a report from Torchwood 5, it's marked classified for your viewing only" Nicolas replied.
Alex let out a breath, wondering what it could be. More reprimanding? "Send it to my console, will you, Nicolas?"
"Will do sir, Nicolas out" The man said.
The man sent over the email communication for Alex to see.
Alex sighed and turned to his computer and waiting for the message to pass through. Rubbing his temple the man opened the message and was surprised to find that it was the report that Jack had mentioned. He let out a breath, at least he hadn't soured things beyond repair.

James was busy with arranging the interviews with the two Canadian broadcasting companies in Vancouver, the news that Alyia would be interviewed spread fast and he had to approve or reject suggestions in the scripts sent to him.
Alyia came trotting in with a paper bag in her mouth that she deposited on James' desk along with his latte.
"Your usual, sir," she thrummed happily.
James looked up and opened the bag, there was his favourite flavoured muffin and he took a sip of his latte, Alyia got it spot on as he seemed quietly impressed but did not say anything to Alyia but she would know.
“Ta Lass, spot on, can ya go into the drawer there and pass me that red folder darlin” James said as he watched Alyia trot happily towards the drawer.
The dragoness opened the drawer to pull out the file only to find a parcel wrapped in glittery pink paper. "What's this?"
James stood up from his desk and walked towards the dragoness.
“open it and see Lass” James said, in an unusually kind tone of voice.
With a huge smile on her face she sat back and gently undid the wrapping, taking care not to tear it.
James watched Alyia gently open the present with her claws delicately considering she was a dragon, inside the large box was another flower decoration but the colour that matched her cream coloured scales, there was also a beautifully decorated Celtic dragon themed necklace attached to allot of extensions so Alyia could wear it round her neck comfortably, James had persuaded the person to include the extensions or else.
"You are too kind, sir! It's not Christmas or my birthday. You did not have to..." Her words faded out as she held up the delicate chain to look at the pendant, a joyous smile across her face.
James scratched his head and nodded respectfully.
“Well Lass, you know, you’re coming with me to the meetings with these jerks, I cannae av them see ya not all glammed up” James said.
"I'm sure they aren't mean, sir. Thank you, I'll wear these proudly," she thrummed.
“Soo, ya like em eh Lass?, make ya look a princess, the cream colour matches ya scales and so forth” James said.
The dragoness nodded, "very much so. Thank you!"
James gave a slightly small smile towards the dragoness, feeling odd that he felt her happiness feed into him, a strange feeling he had not gotten use to quite yet but he was quietly pleased she liked the gifts, he would make sure Alyia would look like a princess in front of these people because….well because.
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Alyia was rather pleased with her gifts from James though she was careful not to make a big deal out of it in front of him. When it was time for a break she trotted out into the canteen, feeling bubbly and cheerful. Amanda looked up from the book she was reading and smiled at her.
“Hey gorgeous, look at you,” she grinned, “come here, lets see.”
Alyia pranced over and did a little twirl which made the woman laugh. “Look at ya, all dolled up.”
“James gave them to me,” she said quietly but still rather pleased.
“Well isn’t that kind. You look lovely, Aly,” smiled Amanda, giving her a good scratch under the chin. “What are you and James getting up to today?”
“We’re waiting for the shuttle. It’s supposed to come in about an hour and he’s off to do some press interviews that got pushed back because of the storms.”
“You’re going too?”
“Yes,” she said proudly. “Do I look okay? I don’t look silly or anything?” she asked, suddenly worried that she might embarrass the man while out on the interviews.
“Heck no. You’re a beauty, little miss,” replied Amanda, brushing her hand down the dragoness’s nose.
Tarok came around the corner, freshened up from being out on patrol. He cocked his head at Alyia, looking at her new adornments.
“You’re all dressed up again.”
“She and James are off to go do interviews,” explained Amanda.
“Why don’t you and I get dressed up?” asked the blue dragon.
“Jealous are we? Cause we fly around in the rain and hell will have to freeze over before I get in a dress again. Jeans, a tshirt and boots are just fine by me,” laughed Amanda, “You want to dress up all fancy too?”
Alyia giggled lightly, “You could wear my pink bow if you like, big brother.”
Tarok snorted, “I think not. Just, I dunno. I feel kinda plain when Aly comes out all fancied up.”
“Oh knock it off. Aside from those boldwings you are the brightest dragon about. You’re flashy just being you.”
Tarok smiled inwardly at the compliment.

Back in the command center, Alex had cooled slightly from the tension that had surrounded him since yesterday’s phone call. The delivery of the reports has helped the mood slightly but upon reading them he found that there wasn’t much new that they didn’t already know. That was a disappointment but at least the line of communication hadn’t been severed by the heated argument.
He decided to let it sit for now. There was no use chasing the idea at the moment anyway with out things had been left.
Letting out a breath he looked at his calendar. In Alyia’s bubbly writing she had circled yesterday and made a note about checking in with their Drakine resident across the border.
“Shoot,” he cursed, turning back to his screen and dialing the number he had on file. It didn’t take long before the call was accepted.
“Alex,” said Brianne, looking at him through the screen. Her hair was done up neatly and he could see the girls eating lunch at the table behind her. Tara perked up and looked over her mother’s shoulder.
“Hello Brianne, how are you guys doing?” asked the commander.
“We’re doing well, had a large snowfall on the weekend, schools are closed so the girls are having a snow day,” replied Brianne.
“Hi Alex!” Came Tara’s voice as she bounded over beside her mother. “Icarus is taking us for a trip around the ranch in the snow!”
“Exciting,” Alex said, smiling. “How’s he doing with this cold weather?”
“Pretty good for a dragon said to have come from the tropics,” replied Brianne, turning to see where the girls had gone off to. “Don’t forget your scarf, Michelle!” she called after them before turning back to the screen. “Sorry about that. Are you coming down for Icarus’s appointment sometime soon?”
“Yes, that’s what I meant to call you about. I know its short notice but does Saturday work?”
“Our calendars are clear,” nodded Brianne.
“Oh perfect. We look forward to meeting up again.” Said Alex, “Did you get Ardon’s invitation to the gathering in the summer?”
“Yes I did. The girls are ecstatic. We’ve never traveled outside the US so they are looking forward to it. I’m sure Icarus is going simply because of their excitement.” The woman laughed lightly. “Anyway, I can hear them stomping out the door. I’m going to make sure they don’t forget anything. I’ll see you on Saturday, Mr. Robinson.”
“Alright, see you then.” Nodded Alex , signing off and turning to prepare for the visit.

Just before one Alyia knocked on her Attilu’s office door, “Sir, the shuttle is here.”
"Ta Lass, are ya all ready?" James asked the dragoness.
“Yes I am,” she nodded, grabbing his suitcase for him.
She backed out of the way so he could lead and she trotted after him, humming happily to herself. She was rather excited that she finally got to go attend one of these interviews with him. She was used to hanging back either at the base or at home whenever he went out on this kind of work. The dragoness figured that it was a hassle bringing along a creature her size so she never minded. Now she made a mental note to herself to be as out of the way as possible to ensure that things went smoothly. Straightening her bow and ensuring her pendant hung correctly, she looked up to see the shuttle waiting for them, ramp extended. She gave James a small smile before they boarded.
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The shuttle soon took off and was heading towards Vancouver, Torchwood 7 kept the offices in their old base open, there was only a few admin HR staff, but there were still quarters where James could stay as well as Alyia, though it might be a tighter fit than usual.
James looked at his paperwork to see the times and locations of these stations, there would be 3 interview done over the 2 days they be away for, so James who normally get 2 meetings done in a day would spread them out so Alyia would not be overwhelmed.
“So Lass, who we seeing this evening” James asked as Alyia was checking her dragon adapted tablet, which contained all the meetings and schedules for James.
"Marcus Tillham is the rep from CTV that you'll be meeting at two. Then Jillian Steward at 4," Alyia read off the schedule.
James nodded and getting his notes on these two people, James was very methodical in his approach when dealing with the media people, knowing things that perhaps they did not want to know usually gave him leverage.
“You be accompanying me for these meetings darlin, I want tooo make sure when they interview yooou, that I’m close by, no nasty comments for a princess eh” James said.
"You really don't think they would be mean, do you?" asked Alyia, a bit naive to the whole industry.
James looked at Alyia with a small , sly smile.
“That’s why I be with ya lass, they say one thing wrong, they regret it, just do what ya dooo” James replied.
"Oh alright, sir," said Alyia, now a little worried that things might go sideways. She ruffled her wings slightly against her back and powered off her tablet in preparation.
James felt and noticed the dragoness nervousness, he put his paperwork down and put his hand on her smooth crème scales, looking up at her.
“You do fine Lass, trust me, you do great” James said in a softer tone than Alyia had ever heard before, the man seemed to gently run his hand down her smooth scales to reassure her.
Alyia tried to hold back a happy thrum but couldn't quite manage it as she gave the man's forehead a quick nuzzle, knowing he wasn't one for much affection.
James seemed to be not complaining as he moved his hand and scratched behind her horns gently, he had watched the others doing it, thinking it was a sweet spot, he did not normally do the hug and petting thing so this was a rare occasion.
The dragoness closed her eyes, soaking in the moment in content quiet.
James soon finished the petting and affection, Alyia seemed to relax and enjoy the brief moment that James had given her as the shuttle shook a little from a bit of lower air turbulence, James looked out of the window and could see Vancouver coming into view as the shuttle lowered in altitude as it approached the city.

Back in torchwood 7, Dr Hinton the tech expert was working on the USB stick the archives had given them, Alex did not trust the archives and therefore the man was accessing the information through a safety program to detect and filter out and viruses or anything put on there maliciously.
The system was processing the report, running checks and filtering the information through.
Dr Charles and Jon entered the small area where Dr Hinton worked as he was reading the information obtained from the USB stick so far.
“What have we got so far” Jon asked as Dr Hinton turned around and spoke.
“So far, nothing malicious and the data on the USB stick is the report from the archives on their investigation into the attack on the base, were at 80% now” the man said.
Jon folded his arms and replied.
“Bit slow isn’t it?, you been working on this for 3 days now” Jon said as Dr Charles shook his head at Jon’s reply.
“Dr Hinton does things professionally Jon, to protect our systems, he’s made good progress I feel” Dr Charles said as Jon reluctantly accepted the outcome.
“Of course, I am sorry, please continue” Jon said.
Dr Hinton brought up the report on the computer screen.
“Well, all authentic, the report is genuine and basically they done their homework from what I can see, blaming an anti-dragon terrorist group, determined to keep humans top of the species here, the archives have said so far that they had become bolder in their attempts to hamper dragons integration” Dr Hinton explained, showing the documents on the screen.
Jon rubbed his chin in quiet contemplation.
“When will you have, this report done, Alex will be keen to read this, considering him and you Dr Charles are going to visit Icarus” Jon said.
“Give me a few hours and I get it sent to Alex and you, but so far, my checks and programs show no viruses or anything nasty, the clean-up process on my systems here will capture anything if they have put anything on it” Dr Hinton said as Jon accepted this.
“Good, keep me up to date or if you see anything off” Jon replied as Dr Hinton acknowledged the comment as the man headed off with Charles, talking about the visit to see Icarus.
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Once the information had gotten back to Alex, he made note of what had been extracted off the USB before setting his team into conducting research on vocal dragon opposition groups. It was a small step but at least it kept everyone moving forward in trying to search for answers.
Afterwards the commander got set up for departing to Montana with Dr. Charles to check up on Icarus and complete his medical exam so that results could be sent to Melina back in the UK at her request.
Het met the doctor in the hall as they headed towards the small hanger where their vehicles were kept. Instead of chartering a shuttle, Alex opted to fly them down themselves in his own aircraft.
"Ready, Doctor?" Asked Alex as he walked with the man towards where their shuttle was stationed.
"I am, got my medical gear so we can give him a good checkup while we are there," Dr. Charles said.
“Excellent,” nodded Alex gesturing for the man to board. The commander sat in the pilot’s chair and buckled in, setting coordinates and powering up the ship while Charles got situated.
“Alright, Stateside here we go,” he said aloud as the ship took off. After a brief stop at the border to check in, the shuttle carried on across state lines until they crossed into beautiful country. High reaching mountains bordered lakes and farm country as they flew over lakes and creeks. The property was located in an area that was normally swept with lush green fields but everything had been coated in a sheet of white, just as Brianne had mentioned. A beautiful place where snowcapped mountains rose up behind the large farmhouse. Newly painted and refurbished from its neglected state, it looked like the setting for a postcard, Alex noted with a small smile. He brought down the shuttle in the front lawn area, kicking up flurries of snow, spotting an old Chevy in the driveway. The sun was just starting to set behind the mountains and was streaking the sky with pink and orange.
“And we’re here,” said Alex, powering off the ship. As they disembarked, Brianne came out onto the front veranda and waved gently.
“Welcome. I hope the flight wasn’t bad,” she said as the men made it to the front porch.
“Not bad at all. The winds have died down considerably,” replied Alex, shaking her hand.
“You remember Dr. Charles Drake,” he said, gesturing to the man.
“Oh course,” she smiled and nodded.
"Good to see you again, I hope all has been well for you, hopefully Jack has been taking care of you and the girls," Dr. Charles said politely.
“Yes, he’s gone above and beyond. Anyway, you’ll catch cold out here. Come inside and I’ll put on something warm to drink. Icarus should be back with the girls shortly,” said the woman, welcoming them in to their cozy home. Old photos still remained on the walls, pictures of Brianne and David smiling from their frames.
Newer pictures of the girls and Icarus had been put up, however, Tara and Michelle grinning as they clung onto the large dragon. Moments in time showing the closeness they had found over such a short period. Alex smiled softly, seeing how well he had integrated into the family.
“Back with the girls?” asked Alex, taking a seat with Charles at Brianne’s instruction.
“He’s picking them up from the bus stop. The girls take a dance class on Thursday nights,” she said with some amusement in her voice as she took mugs out of the cupboard and fussed about the kitchen, putting on the kettle and setting out a plate of goodies to eat, “He’d pick them up from school if the sun didn’t keep him back.”
Alex smiled, “He certainly cares for them, doesn’t he?”
“Beyond anything I could ever imagine. I have to admit I was terrified when he turned up on my doorstep at Jack's heels, looking like a creature out of some dark nightmare, but he has the heart of a teddy bear, the sweetest thing imaginable when it comes to the girls, “ said the woman as she placed steaming mugs in front of them and took a seat across the table.
"Dragons from my experience are loyal, a dragons care extends to family and they are fiercely protective and caring." Dr. Charles said and Brianne nodded.
“That’s the truth, seen here every day.”
“That’s good, he seems to be doing alright?” asked Alex.
“I think he’s finding it a little troublesome now that they are getting older,” said Brianne before explaining further, “Teenagers, especially girls, are a complex puzzle to navigate for anyone.... let alone a dragon. They love him dearly but other interests have taken spark. Namely boys.” She smiled to herself. “Poor Icarus has been like a concerned father, asking all sorts of questions about Michelle’s friends and a certain boy that’s caught her eye. If he wasn’t restricted to low light I am sure he would chaperone every event possible. I thought I was an overprotective parent but Icarus take his guardianship to a different level. You should hear him voice his concern at times. I worry for the day the girls experience their first heartbreak. That is going to be an interesting mess.”
She paused her story, hearing a sound outside, “There they are now.”
The dimmed motion detection light turned out, setting a silhouette of an enormous black dragon out on the lawn. His white wings and marking upon his chin lit up more in the din as he landed and walked into the large, converted barn.
“This way,” said Brianne, leading them out to the building. As they entered, Tara and Michelle were just hopping off the dragon’s shoulder. The barn was massive, an added extension built for the dragon made it roomy enough to feel like a livable space for such a large creature. The walls were well insulated and the barn was outfitted with everything the dragon may have needed, courtesy of Torchwood.
“Welcome back. How was dance girls?” asked Brianne.
“Good,” said Tara shyly, spotting Alex and Charles.
“You remember the commander, Alex Robinson?” asked their mother to which the girls nodded. “And this is his associate, Dr. Charles Drake, he’s here to ensure Icarus is healthy.”
“Hello again, Commander,” said Icarus; lying down like a sphinx and looking down at them all with his deep purple eyes.
“Hey Icarus. I hope you’re been well,” he smiled up at the dragon.
The night striker nodded, “Very well, thank you.”
After a little chitchat and exchanged pleasantries, Michelle excused herself to go put her things away.
“And talk to that boy for hours on the phone again, I’m sure,” said the dragon once she disappeared out of earshot.
“Oh hush, you. It’s fine,” smiled Brianne, putting her hand on his scales. “You’re more of an overprotective parent than I am, and that’s saying something.”
Alex and Charles explained the exam to Icarus who did not seem fussed at all. He knew the routine by now.
"Ok Icarus, firstly how have you been yourself, Jack had done a report for us to keep tabs on you, are the girls keeping you active" he asked as he opened his case to bring out his medical equipment.
“Yes, I have been well, as mentioned. Tending after the girls has kept me occupied,” replied the dragon.
"Good good, now If I just stick these pads onto you so we can have a scan of all of you, technology is pretty good these days" Dr. Charles said bringing out the sensors and sticking pads. Tara hung around, seemingly interested how this would all go about. Her backpack slung over her shoulder as she stood by her mother.
The dragon complied, allowing the sensors to be placed on to take readings such as heart rate, temperature and blood pressure. Icarus chatted lightly about the things he did on the farm. He had proven to be a great help to Brianne and her daughters, cutting much of the labour in keeping a small farm running in half.
“Doctor Charles-” Asked Tara, leaning over the wood railing, watching the progress, she seemed to overcome her initial shyness and appeared interested in what the man was doing, “Are you a doctor-doctor or like a veterinarian?”
“Tara,” scolded Brianne, thinking it was a rather rude question.
Dr. Charles chuckled lightly, "It's ok, I was a human doctor for a good few years in the UK, in London to be exact, decided a change of scenery, came to Vancouver and was told I be a doctor to dragons as well as humans, so steep learning curve," the man said.
"Are there many doctors for dragons?" Asked Tara as the reading from the sensors where taken.
"Well, only 2 really, me but the real expert is professor Melina in the UK, she is an expert on dragon medical stuff, she’s really on the ball with this" Dr Charles said as the computer processed the readings.
“Tara, you would do well in a field like this if you keep your marks up,” said Icarus before turning to Charles. “Miss Tara does very well with her schooling and had proven to be a very intelligent young lady.” The dragon seemed proud of this, puffing up slightly as he said so.
“Yeah…” hummed Tara, “I don’t know what I want to be yet though. Picking a career is hard.”
“You’re still young yet, you’ll find your calling, I’m sure,” Icarus seemed confident. Her mother nodded as well. If the farm did not call to her, she was sure her hard work would take her far.
“Do you like your job?” The girl asked the doctor. Alex smiled. She seemed to be awfully interested in Charles’ field of work.
Brianne smiled at Alex and whispered, “You might have a new recruit in a few years if this keeps up.”
“I’m sure we could accommodate a trainee,” replied Alex.
"Yes I do, it is certainly unique and I get the honour of working with these guys, though Icarus is a unique dragon in his own right," he smiled. "Well Icarus, seems farm and family life is suiting you well, from the results Jack gave me comparing them with now, you’re in a really healthy condition, increased stamina, muscle mass and lower stress levels," Dr. Charles said showing the girls the results. Tara looked over them and tried to make sense of the findings.
"'Lower' stress levels?" Icarus joked, casting a look at Tara. He knew what Charles meant but it was always good fun to tease the girls.
"Don't look at me, its Michelle that you should be poking at for that," Scoffed Tara, handing back the tablet with the results.
Brianne shook her head gently. “Between the two of you…. Really,”
Dr. Charles laughed lightly, "I think you’re doing well Icarus, you have shown massive improvements and I'm please to give you a clean bill of health, whatever you ladies are doing is working for him" Dr. Charles said with a smile.
"Keeping him on his toes, that's for sure. Anything we need to change or is what he's been doing alright?" Asked Brianna.
"Well, what does Icarus eat and his activites, I assume he's helping you on the farm and keeping active" Dr Charles asked Brianne but before she could answer the dragon spoke up for himself.
"I'm eating fine. Country diet of local produce and the cattle here. I can't do much better I assure you," insisted Icarus.
Dr Charles nodded, "I agree, the report seems to agree with you there, so I say carry on, any issues do call us, or if anything else I am sure Jack will sort out the financial side of it for you as well" Dr. Charles said.
Brianne looked down at her clasped hands. Jack’s generosity had helped them rise out of financial ruin that the mother had been facing when David had died. She was eternally grateful for the aid the academy had given her and her daughters but it was still a delicate subject to broach.
Icarus knew this and bent his great head down to touch the woman’s forehead.
“Miss Tara, why don’t you help your mother bring down dinner, we can all eat together and talk about this trip in the summer,” smiled Icarus.
The group of them gathered over dinner in the converted barn, the girls talking excitedly about the trip to the Uk facility and asked a ton of questions about what was different there. Icarus didn’t seem overly interested apart from the fact his Attiu’s daughters were beside themselves at the opportunity to travel and meet the other dragons as well. The night winded down and Alex and Charles were set up in the guest rooms so that they could fly out early the next morning, their assessment of Icarus now complete.
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The morning soon arrived and Brianne had made breakfast for her guests and for her daughters and they all had the food inside the large barn where Icarus resided in the day, the doctor was impressed how the barn was constructed to not allow any light in, they also had special dim lights so they could eat with Icarus joining them.
They discussed a number of things over breakfast as the men were appreciative of Brianne’s cooking with Tara helping her mother, but the young girl was inquisitive on the work Alex and Dr Charles did as well as Torchwood 5.
"Thank you again for coming down this way to check in on us. I am endlessly grateful for you and Jack and everyone who had made this possible for me," said the large dragon in a quiet tone.
"You're very welcome, Icarus. I'm glad commander Harkness was able to reunite you with David's family," nodded Alex.
Dr Charles agreed as he got something out of his case.
“I heard you like reading Tara, well if you promise to keep this safe and I spoken with Professor Melina via email, she said you can read up on the dragon breeds she managed to do reports on” Charles said offering the girl a usb stick.
"Really?" asked the girl, taking the USB. "Thank you!"
"She's going to learn all your secrets, Icarus," smiled Brianne.
Dr Charles chuckled lightly.
“It does come with some T&Cs Brianne, the information is sort of private and classified, so keep it very safe and secure, the data must not be shared with the world so if anything happens Melina will have my head” Charles replied.
"I'll keep it safe, Dr. Drake. I promise," vowed Tara.
The man smiled as he finished his tea, the girl looked pleased.
“I’m glad to hear it, also make sure you keep any notes you make about Icarus for the summer for the professor, if she’s missed anything on Icarus, she be more than happy to add your contribution to the database” the man said.
Tara exchanged a gleeful look with the night striker. "We'll think of some stuff to contribute."
Brianne smiled, "Thank you both, we appreciate it."
It was time for the men to head back to the base, they both thanked Brianne for the breakfast as they were preparing to leave.
“Any issues or problems, please contact us and we be back if there is any issues, great to see you again Icarus, glad your doing well here” Dr Charles said with a smile.
The dragon bowed his head to them respectfully. "Better than well."
The men said their goodbyes to everyone as they headed back to their shuttle, once in Alex took the controls and slowly the shuttle took off as they piloted straight for home.
“Icarus is happy, you can see how much it means for him to be with David’s family, he would have wanted this for them and for his dragon” Dr Charles said to Alex in the shuttle.
"I believe you're right," nodded the commander, "It's a shame that things went the way they did, though. I wish the outcome could have been a little happier."
Dr Charles nodded in agreement.
“The report Jack sent over on where Icarus was, it was a very sad report to read, the poor creature staying in the wreckage of that ship because it belonged to David, trying to hang on to his memory as it disintegrated around him”.
"Well, as you said. Dragons are loyal a fault it seems," Said Alex, as he flew the shuttle. "I'm glad he could be given this chance with David's family and not have to live out his life in the rusted-out hull of that ship."
The man agreed as they continued on their journey towards Canada and Vancouver.
All of a sudden, an urgent message came through on the shuttles communication panel as Dr Charles brought it up on his screen.
“We received a priority one message from the base Alex, its coded and I access it now” Dr Charles said working at his control station on his side of the shuttle.

Alex looked over at him, brow furrowed, "What is it?" he asked while he accessed the message.
Charles read the message and looked surprised and shocked.
“There been an incident in Vancouver sir, an attempt on James Mcdonald’s life while he was Alyia in the city for those media interviews” Dr Charles said.
"What?" asked Alex, stunned, "You're serious? Are they okay? What happened?"
Dr Charles scrolled down, “They are at the Vancouver office safe, VCPD Lieutenant Brogan is there with them, seems they are ok, James with some abrasions but nothing serious, Alyia seemed to save the day so it seems, the drivers ran while Alyia took James to safety, Jon is there along with Kris and Korrin” Dr Charles said.
Alex ran his hand up his forehead and through his hair, thankful that everyone was alright, "I'm guessing the driver hadn't been nabbed yet? Any surveillance video from surrounding businesses to help identify who it was?"
Dr Charles checked the message for any details but nothing detailing what Alex was after was on there.
“The message does not say, I guess that is why the police is there along with Jon and Kris” the doctor said.
"Well let's get back," Said Alex, speeding the shuttle up towards home. He shook his head and let out a breath, "Why our media rep? What the hell is going on lately?" he grumbled to himself.
Dr Charles shook his head, not knowing.
“If I were a nasty organization out to get us, James is the weak link as it were” Dr Charles commented.
"They don't know James then," Alex huffed, his habit of trying to joke past his stress was coming through.
Dr Charles smiled, “Perhaps the police are there to stop James going on a city rampage, it would be something I would agree with” Dr Charles said, joining in the banter.
"Alyia is probably the only thing preventing him from going out on a riot. Thank heaven for her," Alex replied.
The doctor nodded as they sped up heading towards Vancouver offices and hopefully they get to the bottom of this.

Previous night…..

Alyia trotted behind James, smiling at passers-by. "May we go someplace that serves French fries as well?" She asked, not having eaten since the morning.
James gave Alyia a funny look.
“Ya like all that fast fooood crap Lass?, or I can get some proper chips, so thick ya could sword fight with em” James said.
"Chips, right," Alyia giggled, "I just haven't had any in a while and I AM a little hungry...
James looked to see there was a fast food place open nearby, next to a liquor store, James nodded lightly.
“Alright Lass, stay by there, our shuttle should be ere sooon, I jus pop over the road” James said as he went to the traffic lights to cross over the road.
"You sure you don't want me to go with you?" She called after him.
James shook his head as he waited to cross the road, due to them finishing late, there was not much traffic about, however there was eyes on the two of them, while the broadcasting centre had security that kept people away while they waited, a large black 4x4 had parked near the opposite side of the road to the studio.
It had been there quite some time and the people inside had been watching Alyia and James closely as the man was crossing the road, an opportunity appeared for the people inside with malicious intent.
The engine started and soon the car pulled away and sped towards James despite the lights being red to allow him to cross, the car picked up speed and was gunning for the Scotsman, engine revving as it got close, James saw it just in time and flung himself out of its way and landed roughly on the pavement.
"James!" Shouted Alyia in alarm, springing to her feet and bounding into the road.
The black 4x4 skidded and turned around, seeing it had missed the man, the tyres squealed as smoke was kicked up as the car came back for another run.
“Alyia, mad max incoming!” James shouted as the car had turned and was going for another swipe at James.
The dragoness gasped before putting herself between the vehicle and James without hesitation, bracing for impact.
James looked surprised Alyia was diving in the way, the car was coming although it had not picked up speed, it was big chunky 4x4 vehicle coming at the crème dragoness.
“Lass, move your backside!, fly!” he shouted as he saw he was bleeding from the abrasions off the concrete.
The dragoness either didn't hear him or chose to ignore the man, gritting her teeth and scrunching her eyes shut as the vehicle raced towards her.
The car made contact and James cringed watching the hit as steel hit scale, Alyia was not designed for this compared to Korrin and James was concerned.
With a yelp Alyia was shoved backwards but the bulk of her managed to stop the suv before it could reach James, her only concern. Her paws had come up in defensive position and the contact had crumpled the outer panels and grill. Her head was bent low from cowering against the hit but now she looked up, breathing hard from the spike of adrenaline.
“Lass, get away!” James shouted as the wheels of the car began to spin on the tarmac, pushing against the small dragon as she valiantly held it there.
Alyia's hackle scales went up as she realized what the driver was trying to do. She cemented her hind paws to the ground and tried to put a halt on the cars progression.
The cars wheels spun as the driver had aggressively put their foot down to the floor, the dark tinted glass made it very hard to see who was driving it but the engine roared against the dragoness.
The dragoness was slowly skidding backwards, her legs and back shaking from trying to hold back the vehicle.
"James, run!" She shouted desperately, not giving the driver another chance to hurt him.
“I’ve scuffed ma knee and bits Lass, just Goo!” James called but all of a sudden his palm felt warmer and with surprised eyes his marking on his hand glowed.
Suddenly a soft light dazzled across the dragonesses scales. She bared her teeth and sunk her talons into the metal of the suv's hood, "Don't you dare try to hurt him!" She growled.
James was stunned as Alyia glowed with a shimmering light over her crème scales, it was amazing to see and James seemed in a trance as Alyia battled on, his palm glowing more as Brathille erupted more.
The shimmering light grew bolder as Alyia hunched her shoulders and shoved the vehicle backwards, crumpling the hood.
The wheels spun around more as Alyia crushed the front of the vehicle more, Brathille fuelling the dragoness to do more and enhancing everything to ensure her Atillu survived.

With a growl, most unlike the dragoness, Alyia shoved the car until it came to a halt against the curb. Swinging her tail she hit the suv hard enough to make it tilt up on two tyres before it came down with a loud bang, it's bumper clattering to the ground.
"Oooo you-you horrible person!" She hissed at the drivers side window, so angry she wasn't able to come up with anything better. She spat a burst of flame towards the windshield, not enough to catch fire but enough to give a display of her great displeasure.
Hackle scales still spiked up angrily she ran back to James, scooping him up in her forepaws and jumping into the air as her wings snapped open.
James seemed surprised and did not speak as he was scooped up in her forepaws securely and the crème dragoness took off, heading towards the torchwood 7 offices on one of the big skyscrapers in the city, as she flew the golden crème colours flowed behind her as she vanished into the night as police sirens and havocs approached.
The Driver shakily got out of the ruined car and ran before people could stop him as the car lay on its side wrecked by the power of Brathille in the small dragoness.
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Alyia had careened off without direction at first, so frazzled from what had happened that it took a moment to orient herself and her thoughts. Her hearts were still hammering and her breathing hadn’t yet slowed. She was still reeling from the incident; an overwhelming combination of fleeting anger she had felt when confronting the driver and now a sick feeling rising up in her stomach. The light from the magic of Brathille was quickly fading now as she angled her wings to take them towards the Vancouver base offices. Sirens wailed behind her as she flew thought the artificial light of the city.
“Are you okay, sir? I know you shouted something but I don’t remember…” she asked voice wavering, looking down at him as they flew.
James looked down and seemed to cling to Alyia a bit tighter, "Jesus woman! Just get to the building so we can land lass!" James said obviously looking down was not a good idea.
The dragoness teared up but set her eyes back onto where she was flying, not wanting to show that she was upset but the emotions bowled over her and she trembled lightly now that the shock and adrenaline had worn off.
She hugged him tightly for a brief moment, relieved that he was alright enough to shout at her. As she approached the building Alyia flared her wings and landed on the roof where she gently deposited James on his feet.
“We need to get you looked at,” she said, trying to hold back the distressed tone in her voice as she looked James over. Her sharp sense of smell alerted her to the coppery hints of blood.
The dragoness had cuts and scratches across her forelegs and shoulder where the impact from the vehicle had struck her. She hadn’t realized she was bleeding lightly until now, not even thinking about her own possible injuries. Her crème scales were scuffed in places, not that it mattered to her in the moment.
"Just bumps and grazes Lass, we Scots aren’t made of glass ya know, just give me a breather eh doll," James said resting as Torchwood personnel rushed out to see to James and Alyia.
"I'm fine, Sod off!" James shouted as he got himself up and went indoors.
Alyia followed after him. Luckily, being small in comparison to most of the other dragons, she managed to navigate through the hallways, following the others. Once on the top floor of the office buildings the dragoness sat in the hall and waited while James spoke with the others in one of the smaller office. He sounded furious and for now had seemed to have forgotten his dragon.
She curled up into a heap, sitting with her thoughts about what happened. A few moments later one of the staff came out to assess her injuries.
“Just minor abrasions for the most part, dear. You’ll be alright,” said the woman.
“What about James?” Ayla inquired after she was cleaned up.
“He’s raising hell. It would take more than a tumble to slow him down. Jon and Kris are on their way and we’ve sent a message to Alex.”
Alyia nodded and waited quietly, out of the way as much as she could manage. She now began to think about what a mess this all was. She was horrified that someone had tried to take out James but she was also worried that she had made his job exponentially more difficult with her violent reaction in the streets.
She sighed and listened to the muffled conversation coming from the room down the hall. Her paw reached up to her neck and felt around for her necklace and pendant but she couldn’t find it. Sitting up she pawed at her scales but it was gone, she must have lost it in the hectic scene on the street.
“Oh dear,” she sighed, sinking back down to the ground with a frown.
Jon soon arrived in the hornet as he landed on top of the building, closely followed by Kris and Korrin. "We best get below and see how they are," Jon said as Kris nodded gesturing to Korrin to follow. The green dragon was much larger and fitting through the doors of the building that was a bit more difficult. The offices had been built prior to Torchwood 7 acquiring dragons. The stairwell was tricky but Korrin managed to get down to the proper floor. As Jon and Kris hurried passed to get caught up on what happened, Korrin stayed in the hall where Alyia sat.
“Korrin,” she said, looking up.
“Are you okay? What happened?” he asked.
“Someone tried to run James down in the street, twice. It wasn’t an accident,” she replied and Korrin had a grim line cross his face.
“Don’t worry, we’ll figure this out,” he paused and noticed the cuts on her crème scales, “You’re hurt!”
“I – I stopped the SUV when it came around a second time,” said Alyia quietly.
Korrin seemed incredulous, “You what?”
Alyia explained, in the most modest way, what happened. Korrin patted her back, genuinely impressed with her reaction. Alyia seemed confused by this but the green dragon seemed rather proud.
“Look at you, little sister! You do have some fight in you after all!” he said.
“But-” she began to protest.
“You just needed the right motivation. I am proud of you, Alyia. James is lucky to have a dragoness like you watching out for him.”
Korrin then looked up at the sound of the office door opening.
“Alex and Dr. Drake have received our message. They’ll be here in an hour,” said one of the staff.
“Thank you,” Korrin nodded.
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James was ranting and raving inside the office as Jon and Kris came into the office, the man seemed to be on a verbal rampage, the shock now gone, the man angry someone had the audacity to kill him and was wanting to get back at the driver.
The voice of the Scotsman could be heard as Lieutenant Brogan had come to the offices to try and get some answers from James but the man was politely told to go forth and multiply, Kris and Jon apologised and told Brogan to wait until they calmed him down.
Korrin was with Alyia as they talked more, furniture and bits moved so it was a bit more comfortable for the large green dragon.
"Will the others be able to find out who tried to attack James?" asked Alyia, worried.
"They will, don't worry, Aly, we will figure it out." replied Korrin, trying to ease her fears.
Soon Brogan entered the room the dragons were in, the man straightened his uniform as he approached the dragons.
“Your friend in there seems to prove that Scotland is full of shouting, angry people” Brogan said to Alyia.
"...sometimes shouting gets things done?" Alyia said quietly.
Brogan seemed a little amused at the quiet comment by the female.
“I think he is angry that someone hurt you Alyia, I think he is grateful for what you did for him, I think that is why he feels like he did and the language he is using is well…feisty to say the least” Brogan said.
Alyia looked down at her paws and nodded, understanding but unsure what to say in response.
Brogan sat down on a chair nearby looking at Alyia as Korrin was close to her, giving the crème dragoness protection and comfort.
"You were very brave Alyia, that was no small car you managed to heft up" Brogan said.
"But... I," she said, sounding hesitant. She was happy that she managed to save James but regretted her behaviour, "I acted like a wild animal out there."
Brogan nodded lightly but tried his best to console her.
“You reacted in a way due to extreme situation, you saved James life, it was self defence, yes you could say you behaved like an animal but you are a dragon and your fiercely loyal to your angry Scot in there, that shows bravery and heart Alyia” Brogan said trying to make the dragoness feel better.
Alyia gave a weak smile, looking up at him, "Thank you, sir. You sure he'll be alright?"
Brogan nodded.
“Yes he will, James McDonald is a feisty man, you made a good friend there Alyia, though he needs some of your calmness” Brogan said not knowing about Brathille.
The dragoness nodded, "Hopefully we can go home and get away from this mess soon," she sighed.
Brogan smiled lightly.
“Alyia, can you remember what happened or any details we missed out on?” Brogan asked kindly.
Alyia explained what she had seen from her point of view, apologizing that she had not been able to see the driver through the window tint to describe him.
“That is ok, we taken witness statements and forensics are checking the vehicle now and checking all possible leads” Brogan said.
Brogan’s radio went off as he excused himself as the person on the radio seemed to have a lead on the vehicle, he excused himself to the corridor as James seemed to still be ranting.
"That's good news, it might give us a clue, Alyia. Chin up, okay?" said Korrin and the dragoness nodded in reply.
Soon the door opened and Alex and Dr Charles entered seeing both dragons, James had finally gone quiet and there seemed to be some calm.
“Thank goodness your both safe, I see the team has cleaned up your injuries Alyia” Dr Charles said as Alex seemed to look down the corridor to see James sat down, finally getting treatment as Kris and Jon was speaking.
"Hey, everyone alright?" Asked Alex, walking into the room.
"Everyone is alive and well," nodded Korrin.
Soon Brogan entered to room and greeted Alex and Dr Charles.
“Glad you are here, forensics has found a document to where the vehicle was leased, the plates were changed on the vehicle but the damaged document is addressed to a warehouse on the outskirts of North Vancouver, Havocs have been dispatched there with a riot team” Brogan said to the team in the room.
Alex nodded, "Keep us updated on their progress. Last time we inquired, there was no intel on any surveillance in the area of the attack, have we obtained any yet? Maybe get a lead on who the driver is?"
Brogan nodded.
“Were looking at CCTV footage and will find this person, I need to go and organise the raid, I be providing support there, so I will catch you later” Brogan said.
"If I go now, I can help in the raid, Brogan," said Korrin, getting to his feet. "I could be useful if there is something amiss there."
Brogan stopped and looked at Alex, Dr Charles went to fetch Kris and Jon, since they needed to be here.
"No, Korrin, Brogan's team has this handled. Alyia has already been banged up. I don't need anything else going wrong tonight," Responded Alex as Kris and Jon entered the room as Brogan informed them of the raid at the warehouse in north Vancouver.
Korrin cast a look at Kris to see if he would speak up and try to convince Alex.
“Sir, me and Korrin should be to offer support with the raid, we have support and we can handle ourselves” Kris said.
Jon scratched his chin.
“Perhaps I can go with the hornet, be a lot safer while you guys head back home in the shuttle with Korrin providing an escort for your shuttle Alex” Jon suggested.
Alex nodded. "I have to agree with Jon. He can take the hornet close to the raid site and offer any assistance if needed. The rest of the team I want back at the base, including you, James and Alyia, at least until we have more information."
Kris gave a heavy sigh not happy with the decision but the look Jon gave him made him tow the line, Brogan gestured to Jon as the two men left to head to the warehouse.
“James has been patched up, he can come in the shuttle with us, so can Alyia, be bit of a squeeze but she fit in” Charles said to Alex as James folded his arms.
"Right. Let's get everyone loaded up. Jon, I'll fly out to you once I've dropped everyone off back at base. I'll keep the communication channels open in case anything happens before I get there. Let's go everyone," he ordered.
“Your going Alex?, you need a protection escort, we can provide that for you” Kris said trying to sneak in through the back door, giving Korrin a gesture to encourage him.
"No, Kris, I'll be fine. I have Jon and the havoc plus all of brogans team. I need you guys to stay at the base," said Alex firmly.
Kris sighed and nodded lightly, knowing he could not argue here.
As the team went to the shuttle James asked Alex for a moment with Alyia as he gestured to Alyia to stay behind for a moment.
"Yes, don't be long, we have to go," nodded Alex, turning to go get the shuttle ready.
Alyia had gotten to her feet and waited as James approached her.
James nodded as he approached Alyia.
“Hey Less, I just wanted tooo say…you know thanks for, what ya did, you were a brave Lass with fire in ya belly” James said to the crème dragoness, compliments not coming naturally to the man.
"I'm sorry if I made a mess of things for you, I just got so mad that someone tried to hurt you... I needed to protect you, sir," she said quietly.
James reached out and gave her muzzle a smooth, being gentle and very unlike James.
“Nah, nay bother Lass, yoou were a star and always a good egg eh?” James said as he gave her a gentle scratch behind the horns.
"Thank you, sir," she replied with a relieved smile.
James nodded as he finished his smoothing of her scales.
“Came on Lass, let’s get home” James said gesturing to Alyia to follow towards the shuttle.
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The shuttle ride back to the base was fairly quiet except for the sounds of Alex speaking into the radio with Brogan, getting updates as he flew across the straight and towards the island. Alyia could feel Kris and Korrin’s discontent with behind sidelined once again but she said nothing, simply curling up into her small space beside James as the ship flew through the night. With her head resting on her paws, the dragoness would look up every now and then to see if the man was alright. He seemed to have come down from his fit of rage earlier. It was late and mostly everyone had been up for hours and hours.
“What time is it?” she whispered to Korrin.
The green dragon twisted slightly to look over his shoulder to take a glimpse at the pilot console and squinted at the digital clock.
“2:12am” he replied, laying back down.
The ship rumbled on through the dark sky before coming to land at the base fifteen minutes later.
“Alright, everyone out. I’ll be in contact prior to the raid and I’ll send details when possible. Everyone is to remain on the island for now. I’ll return soon.”
Everyone disembarked and headed inside, Kris and Korrin immediately going to the command center. If they were going to be grounded again, they would at least be as useful as possible where they were able.
Alyia stood in the foyer as James seemed to decide on what they should do.
“Sir?” she asked quietly.
"I guess we should type up that report eh lass," James said to Alyia.
"Maybe... maybe you should just sit down and relax for a moment, sir? You did just nearly get hit by a car," Alyia suggested, trotting after him, "and it is quite late," she added.
James looked at the time and nodded lightly, "Aye, a latte and a skinny muffin ey Lass?" James said to Alyia.
She nodded, “Of course, sir. I’ll meet you back at our quarters,” she replied, watching him walk off down the hall before she turned towards the canteen. The sound of hurried footsteps made her look up, spotting Amanda.
“Aly! You’re alright!” she called to her as she approached, “Stars above I was worried about you guys. James is alright?”
“Yes. He’s fine apart from a few scratches, we were lucky,” replied the little dragoness as Amanda petting her muzzle in a soothing manner.
“Brave girl, I got transmissions from Kris and Alex. I couldn’t believe it. I’m just glad you’re both okay.”
“Me too.” Nodded Alyia. “Where’s Tarok?”
“In the command center; we were sent duplicates of the surveillance footage to see if there is anything we can pick out that might have been missed. So far we haven’t found anything new.”
“You must have just missed Korrin and Kris. They were headed that way,” Alyia said, gesturing down the hall. “They aren’t happy that they couldn’t be involved more.”
Amanda pushed some hair that had come loose from her ponytail back behind her ear and let out a huff of air through her lips, “It’s tough for them.”
Kris entered with Korrin close by, the man seemed a little frustrated. Evidently there was nothing else left to do in the command center, As Tarok had just finished going through the footage and they were now still left without any further answers.
"Hey guys" he said to them both as they approached.
"Hey, Kris. I've only heard everything second hand. What's going on? Why isn't Alex back?" Asked Amanda.
"He's gone to oversee the raid the Vancouver police are doing, Brogan is there with Jon, he put a curfew on us yet again, keep the dragons safe after Alyia incident" Kris said.
Amanda could tell Kris wasn't pleased that Alex held them back once more, "I understand you want to help but he's doing that for our safety, he's got good intentions, Kris."
"Korrin and Tarok have proven their mettle, he is too cautious at times" Kris said.
It was difficult being set aside when they knew they could help. Amanda did think Alex was overly cautious at times but it was difficult for their commander too. The dragons were rare assets, and so were his team that he held in close regard, like family in a way. It was difficult for their leader to voluntarily put his team in dangerous situations when he didn’t know all the facts. She valued the man’s protectiveness but did think it hindered the teams purpose as a whole at times. "I know. But he doesn't like putting them or any of us up to the unknown," she tried to get him to understand.
"I suppose, I guess the only adventure me and Korrin will have is a trip to the canteen to see what the soup of the day is" Kris said giving Korrin a nudge.
“You’re hungry at this hour?” asked the dragon just as Alyia remembered she was supposed to get Jame’s his coffee and muffin.
“Oh, excuse me, I have to go,” she said quickly, turning away from the group.
“Alyia, you’re sure you’re okay? After what happened?” called Korrin.
“I’m fine!” she replied over her shoulder before turning down into the kitchens.
“I can’t believe it. Alyia of all people. She’s got a heart of gold that one with just enough kick to let the world know not to mess with James,” said Amanda, shaking her head.
Korrin snorted, “No kidding. As if James’ temper wasn’t enough of a warning….”

After fetching the items, Alyia returned to their base quarters and stepped into the room quietly. The light had been left on but James had fallen asleep in his chair, still dressed in his roughed up suit. She set the coffee and treat down on the table beside him and drew one of her large, soft blankets over the man before turning off the light and laying down at his feet.

Early the next morning the command center was buzzing. Alex had returned an hour earlier with news that the rain had been a bust. Before he had made it into North Vancouver he was radioed with the news that the warehouse had been burnt down, destroying the evidence of whatever had been stashed away in the building. This had been a sour disappointment but some wreckage had been pulled from the ashes and brought back to the island base with Brogan’s approval.
Alex had just sent the doctors off with orders to analyze the items to see if they could pull anything of significance from them when Kris and Korrin walked into the room.
“Good, you boys are here. I need you to fetch Jon in an hour. I have a job for you three,” said the commander, looking next to exhausted after being up for over 24 hours at this point.
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The Debris of interest was brought to Dr Charles lab, Dr Hinton was called as well as Dr Francis who had forensic experience with the Vancouver Police and Los Angeles Police department, the debris was to be analysed with Dr Charles mainly taking a step back as he was a medical physician but he did have some brief forensic experience but nowhere near what Dr Francis had.
After an hour, Jon arrived in Alex office along with Kris and Korrin, obviously been summoned to the commander’s office.
“No disrespect sir, but you need your bed” Jon said as he put some more paperwork on Alex ever growing mounds of paper.
"I'll have a break in a bit, I just need to get a few last things done," replied the commander.
Jon nodded lightly as Kris gave Korrin a quick glance as they went back to the commander, obviously there had been a lot of developments the last 48 hours.
“The doctors are looking over the wreckage brought in, Dr Francis is leading here due to his forensic knowledge with Dr Hinton providing tech expertise, Dr Charles for once is the man on tea duty” Jon smiled slightly.
"I'll need something stronger than tea," mused Alex as he sent of another round of emails, "does he offer double shots of espresso?"
Jon chuckled lightly as Kris seemed to want to get down to business.
“You wanted us here for a job Alex?” he asked the commander, bringing the focus back on what they were asked to do, Jon gave Kris a look but did not comment.
"Right, yes," the man nodded, standing up and clearing his throat. "I want you, Korrin and Jon to go to James' house on the island and check out the property. If there was an attempt on his life we have worry that there might be something going on at the beach house. Jon will be taking the hornet and has been briefed on the procedure so you'll be reporting to him on mission. Please be safe out there."
Kris nodded lightly, pleased to be given a job, he was sure Korrin would be pleased as well.
“Understood we can do that, when shall we leave?” Kris asked.
“As soon as possible, I will catch up in the Hornet, you keep in contact at all times with Nicolas and Joe please, we need safety as a paramount importance” Jon said as Kris nodded.
"We'll check it out sir," nodded Korrin, "I'll get the battle harness."
"I'm hoping that won't needed. Be careful and don't take any unnecessary risks. If its obvious that we have an issue there radio in and I'll send in a bigger team to aid you," replied Alex.
Kris nodded.
“Understood sir, we head off now, come along Korrin” Kris said as the large green dragon left with him to the air dome.
Once Kris was gone Jon turned to Alex and spoke.
“I think that was a good idea getting them to do this, makes them feel useful, I know Korrin is very much like Kris in determination and laser beam focus, shall I put Amanda and Tarok on standby?” Jon asked.
"Yeah, please if you would, Jon. I'm not oblivious to their want to be involved. I want to utilize the team more but I hesitate putting others in danger when I'm not always out there myself." He sighed, "radio me if you find anything suspicious."
Jon nodded, “Will do sir, now head to bed, the HR team can help with the paper work, we need to get you trained onto online, digital documents” Jon joked as he left Alex office.
Korrin buckled in the last few straps, mumbling a few things to himself, "geared up, Kris. I've got the plating on as well."
Kris nodded, checking the pockets and ensuring the armour plating was secure and covering the dragons chest and flanks.
“Were all good, I got boy armour and weapons, plus a scanner, let’s be going” Kris said jumping up into the saddle as the doors of the air dome opened as Korrin took off flying towards James and Alyia’s home on the island.
“Kris to base, we left and are enroute to Vancouver Island, everything good here” Kris said in his earpeaice.
Nicolas answered the call.
“Understood Kris, please adhgere to caution and keep us updated, Jon will be along in the hornet to provide support” Nicolas said as Kris acknowledged the call.
“When we get closer Korrin, drop ourselves down and approach by land, use the large trees as cover and camouflage, we sneak up on the property and check it out firstly” Kris said to the green dragon.
Korrin nodded, "Alright, works for me, I'll keep a sharp eye out."
Kris nodded as Korrin flew at his cruising speed, he was not a fast dragon but kept at a steady pace, Kris wanted to make sure the dragon was fresh and well for any ground offensive, where Korrin really shone.
After 2 hours of flying they could see glimpses of Vancouver Island, Kris ear piece sounded as Jon spoke.
“Kris, I have flown over james house a few times and nothing suspicious visually, however I can see your approaching the island now, I will provide air cover for you as you get closer” Jon said as Kris acknowledged this.
“Understood Jon, we will be coming in on the side with the trees and woods providing cover, we will engage soon, Kris out” the man said as he turned to Korrin.
“Ok Korrin, lower altitude and head for the tall trees, Jon reported nothing obviously suspicious around the property, so we go forward” Kris instructed.
The dragon rumbled low in response, angling his wings to descend through the stand of trees, weaving between their trunks.
Kris was pleased they had cover as the house came into view, luckily the neighbours nor any flying traffic around saw them as they moved closer.
“Ok Korrin, land in the clearing ahead of us and we take cover by that fallen log there, I get the scanners out then” Kris said to the large green dragon.
Korrin complied and landed as lightly as his could in order not to make too much noise. He folded his wings in as he scented the air to see if he could catch anything unusual.
Kris took out the scanner and sent out a signal towards the house, the device was made by Dr Baxter which would detect any trip wires or anything odd, it was designed to detect Torchwood signals as well as non torchwood signals.
After a few moments Kris spoke to Jon.
“Kris to Jon, I have activated the scanner, so far nothing, adjusted the scanning frequency and all is normal” he said as the hornet could be seen hovering over the beach near the house.
“Ok, you have permission to enter the house, use extreme caution, use Korrin to open the door and scent out anything odd” Jon instructed.
“Understood” Kris said as he looked at Korrin.
“Let’s go buddy, sniff out anything that is odd, scanner has come back negative then you open the door, as gently as possible, instead of battering ram” Kris said as he got out his weapon and loaded it.
The dragon proceeded slowly but couldn't hint anything amiss on the air. Creeping forward he tried the door letting it swing open as he backed up a step.
Kris went in holding the weapon as he searched the house, giving silent commands to Korrin to search around, telling him to be careful and see if his senses could pick up anything as Kris checked around, weapon loaded and held out as he moved quietly around.
With care the dragon moved forward, stepping through the house as quietly as he could, gesturing to Kris with subtle flicks of his tail that all was still clear as he progressed through the house.
Kris nodded as he checked out the rooms, bringing out the scanner to check for anything unusual or any laser triggers, the man was pretty detailed in his search before nodding to Korrin as he lowered his gun.
“Kris to Jon, Scans and checks confirm the house is secure, James had the security systems on and theres been nothing since they left, we swept through the house and its clear” Kris said as Jon acknowledged the response.
“Ok, good job I radio Alex now and say James and Alyia are safe to return home, I will also make some suggestions on increased home security” Jon said as he finished talking.
Kris unloaded the gun and put it back in one of the pouches, “Good job big guy, this operation has been a success, luckily they did not know of this place to set any traps, they are safe to return” Kris said to the large green dragon.
"Good," said Korrin, giving one last look around before departing. "The house isn't registered under his name so that probably helps keep it anonymous."
Kris nodded.
“Agreed, that was something our HR department did well in hiding the true owner, paying straight up in credits helped too, I am sure James and Alyia will be given some leave to recover, while I hope the boys in the labs give us some answers” Kris said as Jon approached them to debrief the two of them.
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The next two days were filled with investigation to the attack on James’ life. He and Alyia stayed on the island back for two days while extra security features were added to the beach house and surrounding property. Kris and Korrin were sent out one more prior to Alex giving clearance to return to the island. Alyia was happy to return, her collection and books all stored away in their home.
James shuttled over while Alyia took the chance to stretch her wings. She flew across the strait of water to meet up with him on the property. She flew overhead just as the man was getting out of the shuttle. The dragoness landed in the yard and watched the shuttle lift off as James walked up.
"Ah, home sweet home eh Lass?" James said to Alyia as they walked up to the front porch.
"Yes, it's nice to be back but Korrin’s got me all worried now with his spiel about security and safety precautions," she said, opening the door for him.
"Doont worry Lass, I ensure were safe, let's chill, shall we order ooout?" James asked as they walked inside and turned on the lights.
"YOU ensure we stay safe?" Alyia said teasingly with a smile, nudging his arm as she passed him to venture into the kitchen. She could catch hints of Korrin’s scent in the room from when he and Kris came out to ensure the house was safe. It made her feel a little better that he and Kris has been about a few times to check out the place. Nothing had been out of sorts and they assured her it was safe and others still did not know that it was they who lived in the beach house.
"Well, no one messes with an angry Scot and his lass right?" James said acting friendly, again odd behaviour for the dragoness to see.
She grinned, liking his use of the possessive. It was rare that he addressed their bond but in the rare instance he did it made her smile.
"No, I suppose not. So, what would you like me to order in?" Asked the dragoness, pulling out the chair for him before she checked the contents of the fridge just in case they had something on hand to eat. It looked a little bare since they had been away for a while and would need stocking up.
"Curry, fed up of all this Japanese rubbish, you guys have far tooo many raw fish places" James said, commenting on the lack of his favourite takeaway places like back home in the UK. Alyia smiled at the comment. He was certainly one that liked to stick to what he was familiar with. The dragoness herself loved the variety of food this place had to offer and trying new things was something she enjoyed.
"Oh sushi is delicious, sir. You really should give it a chance. You and your curry," she said, pulling the paper menu from the pile beside the fridge and spreading it out on the counter, "Your usual then?"
"Aye, with more poppadoms this time, large ones, not those poxy sized excuses" James said, going back to his usual ranting self as he sat down.
“Yes sir, I’ll make a note of that,” she hummed, looking over the menu and choosing something for herself. James’ preferred place didn’t deliver as far as their little beach house but it was a quick flight for a dragon. After a quick check to ensure all the doors were locked, Alyia set out to fetch the food.
A while later Alyia returned with a number of bags in her mouth. Landing in the yard she entered the house and trotting into the kitchen, "I ordered you extra, just in case you wish to have leftovers tomorrow. All was well when I was gone?" She asked, getting out plates and humming to herself happily.

"Hey, I shoould be dooing that Lass, go get me a beer from the fridge, I plate up doll," James said taking the bag. Alyia nodded and opened the fridge, grabbing a bottle from him and placing it on the counter.
They ate dinner in relative happiness, pleased to be back home again after such an eventful week. The dragoness was relieved that her Attilu was safe that that there didn’t appear to be any more dangers on the horizon. She looked over to see him sitting in what appeared to be a content enough mood as they finished dinner. Happy Attilu, happy dragon.

Back at the island base, Korrin’s need to feel useful had been sated by the work that Alex had delegated to him and Kris. The rest of the week proved to be a quiet one. No further disturbances showed up nor did they have any hits on their investigation so far. Instead the team was kept busy with patrols and aiding in anything that might be beneficial to the investigation.
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Alex had gone to bed early to try and get a better night sleep, the man had tried to catch up on the sleep he missed but there was always something, despite it being quiet the last week or so, there had been nothing from the archives apart from the report the Archives produced for the branch to see.
Dr Hinton had checked the USB stick it came on and there wasn’t anything malicious on there and the forms were all appearing genuine, so Alex had the full report sent to him.
For now the poor man went to bed and tried to get some sleep.

4am, a beeper went off in the commander’s quarters as Jon’s ID flashed up as it woke the man up at this twilight hour.
Alex grumbled, fumbling around in the dark as his hands reached for the noise. He turned on the voice call as he sat up and cleared his throat, "Commander Alex," he answered.
Jon responded to the commander’s call.
“Sorry to wake you Alex, but Dr Hinton has asked for you, me and Brogan to see him in the lab, his Havoc is en route to the base, Dr Hinton has found some interesting developments, but it poses a few problems” Jon said.
"Alright, Jon. I'll be down in a minute," said the man as he got up.
“ok, I give Brogan permission to land and we meet you there” Jon said as the screen went black.
Jon went down to the air dome as the Havoc was entering, Nicolas giving the officer permission to land.
Brogan was Torchwood 7’s liasian officer, working collaboratively with the police to ensure Torchwood could use their resources and vis versa.
The Havoc landed as Brogan opened his cockpit and took off his helmet, climbing out to shake Jon Jon’s hand.
“Thank you for inviting me, I know your team has been busy at it” Brogan said.
Jon nodded in agreement.
“Yes, sorry to call you in at this hour but our lab guys have a startling development, they want us to meet there, Alex is on his way” Jon said leading the officer towards Dr Charles labs.

Alex hurried into the labs, still buttoning the right cuff of his dress shirt.
"There's news?" he asked, walking up.
The men all looked as Alex entered the labs still trying to get dressed into smart clothing, Lieutenant Brogan was in his smart Vancouver Police uniform as he had been called a lot earlier than Alex.
Dr Hinton nodded as he brought up a picture on the computer screen showing scorched remains of an object and they had zoomed in the photo.
“Yes, we uncovered this, it might not look much but it is part of a sophisticated system, a detonation system which is exceptionally advanced, I have not seen many of these except when they were prototypes” Dr Hinton said.
“So, what is it some kind of explosive device” Brogan asked.
Dr Hinton nodded.
“Yes, an explosive device, a trigger as you will, there are many multiple ways to detonate it, fax, email, heck you can phone it in or instant message it, the detonation system would ignite the explosives, it appears from the burn marks this was an incendiary device, detonated to destroy all evidence in fire and extreme heat, perfect for wiping out evidence” Dr Hinton explained to the team.
“Why did this part survive if it was supposed to get rid of evidence, surely we would not discover this” Jon asked.
Dr Hinton smiled slightly.
“Quality of the product, pays to buy American, then Chinese I guess” the doctor replies as Dr Charles gave a tiny smirk of a smile.
"Who would be in possession of such a sophisticated device?" he wondered aloud.
Dr Hinton responded with Dr Francis changing the angle of the picture for the team to see the remains more clearly.
“Whoever it was , this was a professional job Alex, an expert on demolition and explosives, seems too advanced for government agencies but could be NSA, CIA or even EA intelligence but still seems very advanced” Dr Hinton said.
Brogan scratched his chin in quiet contemplation.
“I can have our boys run some searches for any agencies in Canada and EA based here to see if they use such a device, it is very luckily you discovered this Dr Hinton” Brogan said.
Just then a light when off for Alex and a deep frown crossed his face. He could feel his anger rising up at remembering such a blatant lie and the smiling face of the man who offered it.
"Dillion. The man I met with in the parklands," he explained.
The team turned looked a little confused.
“Dillon?” asked Dr Charles.
Jon responded.
“Dillon, the Archives second in command?” Jon asked Alex.
"Yes," nodded the commander with a scowl on his face as he recalled what the man has said.
“How do we know he’s into demolitions?” Dr Francis said as Dr Hinton typed on his computer and brought up an old file from the CIA.
“Had some help with obtaining this but Dillon Morgan was an agent specialising in explosives and in charge of demolition team while he served in the CIA, sort of leads to him, I think he misjudged how strong the metal plating was, or the quality but it is consistent with his methods from what the file says” Dr Hinton says.
Jon turned to Alex who looked annoyed, “We need to contact the archives and get answers from them, or we be raiding their offices” Jon said.
“you can rely on Police back up as well” Brogan said assertively.
Alex nodded, "get the archives on the phone. We need answers now."
Jon nodded as he left the labs with Alex and Brogan to go to the control room to raise a call to the archives, things were about to kick off.
Brogan spoke to Alex.
“Once you contact the Archives, if they do not give you answers and you need to raid, we can support you, technically we don’t need a warrant, as we class it as an internal dispute” Brogan said giving Alex support.
The commander rubbed the back of his neck and nodded, "thank you, Brogan. We need details on the archives building. I need someone on that while we contact them."
“We look into that” Dr Charles said as Dr Hinton went to his desk and was typing on his machine to bring up the archive plans.
Soon Jon appeared on the screen in the labs.
“Sir, we have a priority message Alpha one urgency from the archives, sent to you personally” Jon said to the commander as Brogan’s buzzer went off.
“Seems I need to head back to the Havoc, urgent message, be back in a moment” he said to Alex and left the labs with Dr Charles escorting him.
"Answer the call, Jon." Said Alex, folding his arms and looking at the screen.
“It’s coded to you only sir, it won’t accept my authorisation” Jon said.
Alex grit his teeth and punched in his own authorization and waited for the screen to load.
Soon the code was authorised and Malcolm Turner appeared on the screen, the Archives there seemed to be on red alert with the man seemingly irritated and typing on his system furiously.
The commander looked at the screen with a stern expression, "your call was urgent, Mr. Turner?" Asked Alex, wanting to see what this call was about first before launching into his own accusations.
The man turned and looked at Alex.
“Finally!, yooou been snoozing while we had this catastrophic breach here!” Malcolm said sounding irate.
"And how is this my fault, Turner? What's going on?" Replied Alex.
Malcolm looked at Alex with a stern look.
“Joost, shut up and listen to me, we had a major security breach ere, those terrorist bastards have hit us and taken staff hostages, whats more they have had inside help, those scum bags” Malcolm said.
Alex's brow furrowed in confusion. "Explain. I need details, Malcolm. You're not making sense."
Malcolm seemed to go into a rant over the tannoy.
“For fooks sake man, are you Canadians all fookin dense, too busy chasing moooses and eating snow!” Malcolm ranted before getting to the important stuff.
“That twooo faced liar of a security man Dillon, he’s a mole, he’s been working with that terrorist cell and he has taken Archive staff hostage, taken em to a museum, the big one in BC, along with terrorists” Malcolm said to Alex.
Alex wasn't all that inclined to believe him without proof especially with all that had happened. The story was bizarre and seemed absurd, "You want me to believe your second in command is - was a mole and YET AGAIN you've been hijacked by a terrorist group. What do you take us for, Malcolm?"
Malcolm was about to let rip into the commander when Brogan came into the control room hastily with Dr Charles.
“We had an emergency call, hostage situation at royal BC Museum, 12 hostages, multiple suspects, they already shot up a police car and they set up turret defences” Brogan said as Malcolm gestured to Alex.
“Now do ya believe me Commander, that sick excuse of a man has our staff, he also had help from a dragon, one we were tracking in LA but lost sight of them, small fella but he high tailed it out, we think he been feeding Dillon information on the archives and Torchwood operations” Malcolm said assertively.
"A dragon?" Asked Alex, shaking his head in disbelief, "Jon, gather the team and tell the others to gear up, battle harnesses. Send out an alert."
Alex turned back to the screen, "We will help sort this but God help you if this is a trick, Turner" he said, pointing at the man.
Malcolm looked offended.
“You did not listen to words I said, I cannae be held responsible for your short sightedness commander, we dooo have information this little dragon boarded a flight to the UK, we will be contact Torchwood 5 immediately, to warn them of the dangers of this dragon plus images we managed to capture, we send them too you as well” the man said as he typed on his keypad and soon pictures appeared though blurry showed a think like dragon with a long tail.
"Looks no bigger than a house cat," replied Alex, taking a look at the photo.
Malcolm agreed with Alex.
“Aye, that they are, we reckon this fella been scouting and infiltrating EA and Torchwood areas, as I said we consider this dragon to be in cahoots with the group Dillon is in, we strongly advise you they are armed and dangerous, we transmit the weapons his group stole from our depot” the man said.
"Any information that can be lent to the group would be beneficial, Malcolm. Jon, what's the status on the team?" Asked Alex.
“Aye, were send it now, we be contacting Torchwood 5, good luck” Malcolm said ending the call.
Jon soon came over the tannoy.
“Jon here, Kris and Korrin are coming along now Brogan has had to go straight away, Amanda and Tarok are up but should they be authorised to come?” Jon asked.
"Yes, the dragons work well together to guard each other’s backs," replied Alex. "Taroks speed might do us well."
Jon nodded lightly.
“Understood, I get them both kitted out in battle gear, I take off in the hornet and offer air support to the dragons, we be under way in 20 minutes, Jon out”
Join turned to see Kris kitting up Korrin with Amanda and Tarok waiting.
“Go suit up in battle gear you two” Kris instructed.
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In the airdome Kris and Amanda were making quick work of gearing up their dragons. Tarok and Korrin had gotten into their battle harnesses and now the lightweight bulletproof plating was being secured to the sewn in brackets. Outrigged in black, the dragons somehow looked even more imposing than their natural state.
Amanda knelt by her dragon’s hind leg and secured the bracer against his shin. The coastal was wearing wickedly sharp metal spurs that had been gifted to him last year from Kris and Korrin. His own talons were deadly enough but this addition was enough to make even the dragon a little uneasy with a sharpness of it.
"The museum in Victoria?" Amanda asked Jon as she clipped in Taroks breastplate, hearing him come into the dome.
"Yes, this Dillon Morgan along with several terrorist have taken Archive staff hostage, Brogan has said they have turret defences raided from the archives," Jon said.
"But why a museum and not the archive building itself?" Asked Korrin, giving his harness a shake to ensure it was secure. The buckles and metal bits clattered against his scales slightly but seemed to be put on correctly.
Jon shook his head, "No idea, I guess we will find out, is it near any heavily populated areas?" Jon asked, not being from around Vancouver.
"It's right smack dab in the middle of Victoria city center. Right by the water." Explained Amanda, showing Jon on the tablet she had with her. She expanded the map and pointed out the tourist points that surrounded the area. It was going to be a mess to deal with, especially if they attackers had already made a scene. This wasn’t some secluded building in rural lands and they had to be extra careful in order to make sure things didn’t go sideways.
"Well then, that may explain the choice, Dillon Morgan is a demolitions expert, it makes me think he have a lot of explosives at his disposal and cause mass damage" Jon said.
Kris was finishing putting on the armour plating and ensure they protected Korrin.
"You ok big guy? will you wear the shield helmet?" he asked.
"Should I? It's a bit bulky," said the dragon, rolling his shoulders to ensure the gear didn't get in the way of his wings.
"It's your call Korrin, just want you protected and all, I ask Amanda if Tarok is wearing his" Kris said.
Korrin looked over at Tarok and he was indeed wearing his. Korrin threw his on and secured it, just in case. He gave Kris a nod, looking over at the man who was outfitted in his own tactical gear. The dragon thought it made the man look a little more imposing, which he approved of.
“Alright, John we’ll meet you there behind the museum in the community park and take it from there upon your instruction,” said Amanda and she climbed up into her saddle.
“Testing,” she said into her headset as the others responded that the lines of communication worked.
“Alright, Blue, let’s go,” she said, patting her dragon’s neck.Tarok opened his wings and leapt, taking off through the opening above, followed by Korrin. While the armour was light, it did put extra weight on both of the dragons to getting up to speed took a little longer. They could hear the Havoc power up as they left the island, knowing that the man would easily outrace them there.
“Alright guys, come in from the south east. You’ll have better cover there,” came Alex’s voice over the headset. “Approach from over the water and keep your distance. It’s a mess out there already. With the gunshots and police presence the public is in a state. Evacuations are in progress but it’s still chaotic.”
“Noted,” confirmed Korrin with a rumble as they flew.
“I’ll meet you in Beacon park.”
“Sir?” asked Tarok, confused.
“I’m joining you with one of the VPD havocs. Fly safe,” replied Alex.
Amanda looked over at Kris briefly as they flew out over the water. A while later they skirted the lower half of the beaches before coming up through the parkland, flying low. Sirens could be heard throughout the city.
“I’m going to make a quick pass,” said Amanda as Tarok surged ahead of them. Fast and quiet, the dragon circled a few times ensuring that their area was secure.
“I can’t see much beyond the back of the building,” he said into the radio.
“Alright, Jon, we’re here,” said Korrin.
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The area around the Meuseum had been cornered off, roads closed off as Havocs flew around, resources being pulled in to aid the police there, Police cars and sirens sounded as Havocs kept their distance.
Alex, Brogan and Jon arrived at the far end where a mobile command site was established, Jon touched down with the hornet as Brogan landed with the havocs on the ground.
“What is the report” Brogan asked the ground Sargent as he approached them, the man seemed a little nervous having not experienced this sort of terrorism before.
“They secured themselves inside the museum, they arrived in a transport ship which has landed nearby, there are automated turret defences in place around the place, with automated APV’s about, two police cars were shot up, the officers didn’t make it” the man said as Jon seemed to cringe.
The dragons were coming into land as many people seemed surprised by their presence here, considering the terrorist group wanted the dragons gone from Earth.
"Have they sent out any demands?" Asked Alex after a moment, wanting to figure this out without any more loss of life.
The Sargent nodded.
“Yes, they want the dragons of Vancouver to leave Earth, along with the rest of them along with saying about the secret dragon base somewhere on the outskirts of Vancouver Island but there nothing there but trees and wildlife, no mystical base” he said as Brogan gave Alex a quick glance as the dragon team approached.
"Leave earth?" Asked Alex, playing dumb. "They want us dead," supplied Korrin as he approached with Tarok, supporting the lie.
Kris nodded in agreement, “Dead or gone it seems, how did they get the hardware” Kris asked.
“Its been reported stolen by a facility North of here, but I think it must be a classified base as were not allowed there, internal security are going” the Sargent said.
“Brogan nodded lightly, reading the report on the tablet.
“Who is in charge here” he asked as the man gave a confused look at the lieutenant.
“You are sir, the chief promoted you to Deputy Captain!” the man said as Brogan seemed a little surprised but went back into his cool demeanour.
“I see, so evacuations all done” he asked.
“Yes sir, last people being moved now” the Sargent said.
“Excuse me gentlemen, just need to check up on things, I be back soon” Brogan said as he went off with his officers to talk about what had been done.
Jon turned to Alex as Brogan was busy talking as the group move to one side.
“What did you see Tarok from your fly by, did the turrets lock onto you at all?” Jon asked as Kris gestured to Korrin for the team to come into a tight circle.
"I didn't get close enough for them to I think," replied the dragon. "But you can see them on the south side."
Jon nodded lightly.
“We have to be careful, those things can shower you guys with bullets and we can’t have that, it seems they been put in strategic locations to nullify any advantage” Jon said.
Soon Alex tablet sounded as Dr Hinton’s ID came up on it.
"Alex here," replied the commander, taking the call.
“Sir, I received the inventory of the stuff stolen from their depot, the archives have provided the information on the weapons and their capabilities, I been going over them with Dr Francis for opportunities for you guys there” he said.
"Appreciated, I'll share it with the team," replied Alex with a nod.
Dr Hinton spoke again on the report.
“Ok, the turrets and APV’s there are all automated prototypes, the archives did not yet get round to testing them, the sensors and radar are very short range and that explains they are not firing randomly at things, but their weakness is that the tracking systems are off, I think Tarok’s speed could deal with them, a lot more efficiently than the havocs due to him being able to change course quickly” the doctor replied.
"So we should lead in, confusing the turret sensor range, and Korrin or the havocs can go in after?" She asked.
Dr Hinton shook his head lightly.
“They be too slow, even as prototype they could holes in Korrin or the havocs, Tarok’s speed and quick manoeuvrability is key here, he will have to go in at speed and hit the turrets with fire balls, and ensure they give impact which they should” Dr Hinton explained.
Amanda nodded, "you got that blue?" She asked, looking up at her dragon.
"Yeah, I can do that." He replied quietly.
Kris nodded in agreement, the fastest dragon here was Tarok and he had been training to do fire balls at speed.
“It’s basically our flash and dash training we did, fly in at speed, fireball it and get out of there, you were a pro at it in training, this be no different” Kris said to Tarok and Amanda.
"I got it," nodded the dragon
The team devised a plan of action and when Brogan came back informed him what the plan would be, Tarok striking the turrets at speed, causing the Apv’s to move around to protect the front, meaning a gap would open for Korrin and Kris to sneak in, along with Jon and try to free the hostages, Tarok would continue to be a menace outside to distract the automated machines and to any terrorist sentries patrolling the building.
"Jon," said Alex, putting his hand on the man's shoulder. "Please be careful, I don't want to... Require a new security chief."
Jon nodded lightly as he loaded up his weapon.
“I be fine Alex, it’s what you pay me for, it is my job after all” Jon replied, doing up his bulletproof jacket.
"I know. Just... you know... I want my team intact." Said Alex.
“I keep my head down and you owe me a coffee” Jon said giving Alex a tap on the shoulder as he got into position with Korrin and Kris.

Inside the building the 12 Archive personnel were all huddled together in fear, some were only normal admin staff and nothing to do with the sinister plans of the leader, nor did they know anything more.
The terrorists guarding them had their faces covered in black balaclava’s and owned primitive AK47 style weapons.
There was a number of these terrorists inside the museum around 20 members, all armed with weapons, some were rolling large canisters of flammable liquids into places of importance and along the structure supports.
All of these were wired to blow, the explosives and detonators were advanced equipment that Dillon had provided his expertise on, the men patrolled round keeping an eye out for any activity from the police.
In the Museum manager’s office Dillon was there, dressed smartly in shirt and tie while the leader of this group wore body armour, paramilitary style clothing like the others with anti-dragon slogans and anti capitalist markings covering the jacket he was wearing.
“So, you be armed with a dead man’s switch eh, that is impressive stuff, I am glad we got you in to help us, the dragons will soon be gone with 12 hostages from your friends” the man said smoking a cigarette and acting overconfident with him slouching in the seat with his feet up on the desk, knocking over paperwork and ornaments without a care in the world.
Dillon looked out the window to see the turrets still active, the blinds pulled down so no snipers could get a clear shot of them.
“You don’t talk much do you, I was surprised your boss was so willing to let us have this equipment and your expertise, soon we be doing things my way, those pigs will be wetting themselves” the terror leader said.
Dillon sighed lightly.
“Well, you are correct to a point, there has been a little change in plan” Dillon pulled out a silencer weapon and in a quick moment shot the terrorist leader in the head, the silencer ensuring no noise came from the gun being fired.
Dillon pulled out a tablet from his bag, using an encrypted security system which seemed to open a method of communication.
“I have done what you asked, that guy was annoying, I find it strange you want to reward me with this task than Malcolm” Dillon said to the tablet as scrolls of code spread across the screen, soon a voice answered back, almost computer generated in nature, the words slightly distorted by the speaker but it was clear enough that this was not Malcolm’s voice.
“I have plans for the archives to continue doing what I have instructed, our plan is working well, Malcolm will trace that little runt of a dragon and I will continue to look for him on here, we will flush him out of his hole” the voice said.
Dillon nodded.
“I understand, the last of the explosives are being laid, how should this proceed” the man asked.
The voice on the tablet spoke.
“Well, the police will not do anything, but Torchwood 7 will be involved, Alex Robinson is a cautious fellow and will not endanger the team, he will mope about until the situation has developed, once the place is in ruins and everyone is dead..then that will create enough of a distraction for us to continue with our plans”.
“What about me?” asked Dillon sounding slightly concerned about his survival and the promise of millions of credits.
“Head fgor the escape route downloading on this device, there you can detonate and come to no harm, follow the underground tunnels to the outside, a transport will be waiting to take you away, the money will then be moved into your account or your holding company?....human finances weird things happen there” the voice said back.
Dillon nodded.
“I understand, your work will be done” the man said with new resolve.
“Good, remember, stick to the plan exactly, we will be watching” the tablet then went offline as Dillon disconnected the equipment and put it away as he left the office and locked the door, pulling down the blinds so his deeds would not be seen yet.

Outside the plans were being put into place, Tarok would cause chaos, if things got overwhelming, the Havocs would come in on an air strike raid on the targets to offer cover and offering another target.
Brogan agreed to this high risk strategy, hoping that it would but seeing Tarok in action, he was confident in the blue dragons abilities.
Amanda got into the saddle and clipped her harness in. "Alright blue, lets go!" She called as her dragon jumped into the air. Leaning low over his neck the woman gripped onto the harness handles tightly as he picked up speed.
“Let’s hope this goes to plan Alex, your small team ready to go?” Brogan asked Alex as Korrin, Kris and Jon were ready to go towards the basement level via an old entrance which Korrin could smash into.
The commander gave a nod as the blue bolt of lightning came speeding towards the first target.
The coastal rocketed across the sky before diving low over the targets. Amanda could feel the rumble of air surging into his lungs as he drew breath and suddenly fired, striking with deadly aim before racing away to safer ground.
The turret had turned and begun firing but it wasn’t quick enough as Tarok stuck with deadly accuracy as the first turret exploded, catching the attention of the men inside, running to the windows.
Dillon saw flames from what remained of the turret as he went about in urgency to finish sorting the charges out.
"Okay, second round!" Amanda shouted.
Tarok came around again and raced towards the other targets. "Left!" Yelled the woman and the coastal rolled at breakneck pace in the air, dodging fire with tremendous skill. He flipped over onto his back then rolled right to evade more fire before flames burst out of his jaws, striking his targets before he spiralled out of his manoeuvre.
Another target destroyed as some terrorists got onto the roof to see what was happening, there were two more turrets positioned near the front as Tarok would go in for another shot, as predicted the automated APV’s were moving into position to provide cover.
“Amanda, you got APV’s moving into position, hit low and hard and get out of there quick, keep Tarok moving at speed” Jon said through the ear piece.
"Tare, be on your toes." Called Amanda.
The dragon have a brief affirmative growl, spiralling back around.
"Go, go!" Amanda shouted as Tarok ripped forward. The dragon then dashed through violently quick dodges and spins as he avoided the cover fire with desperation. He only got out one shot of his own before hurtling away.
The next turret exploded as Jon and Kris watched in awe as Tarok was causing chaos, causing activity towards the front of the building, the APVs moved to counter Tarok’s attacks.
"Were going for that one," said Tarok, spinning around on a dime and launching himself in another attack.
The blue dragon broke out into another burst of speed, feeling Amanda lay low in the saddle. "Left!" He heard her shout before gunfire erupted from that direction. He spiralled in the opposite direction and dove before rocketing up and around, coming back around to send four fireballs towards his intended targets.
The next turret exploded as the other APVs present now moved to the front of the building, Tarok had taken out four of the 6 turrets and attention was on him.
Jon radioed in to Amanda.
“Great Job, area is clearing, create as much chaos as possible” Jon said as the trio were given the go ahead as they made their way to the basement entrance.
"Will do!" Amanda responded, patting Taroks side as he tore back to the right to make another pass. "Let's give them some cover!"
“I hope this works” Brogan said as Tarok came in for another pass, guns started to go off as the APV’s started to fire as Tarok shot towards the front, no one saw the small team heading towards the basement doors that would lead into the museum.
Once in position Kris gestured to Korrin.
“Big guy, doors, get them open, then we get in, Tarok giving us cover” Kris said as Jon had his gun up and looking around defensively.
The green dragon nodded and with a growl he threw himself at the door with his full weight behind him.
The doors smashed open as Tarok hit another target as the team entered.
“Amanda, were in now, cause a bit more chaos on the roof with the terrorists there, just look to cause chaos as we enter, keep them occupied as long as possible” Jon said as they entered the museum.
"We got it," replied Amanda and over the radio Taroks roar could be heard amongst the crackle of dragon fire.
Jon smiled as the team continued forward, as Tarok continued to cause chaos while they continued to move through the lower chambers and making their way through the maintenance areas as they were approaching a door that led into the main parts of the museum.
“Keep close guys, Tarok doing his best but keep it tight and quiet, Korrin keep your senses alert” Jon said to the dragon as Kris nodded and moved forward.
"Of course," rumbled Korrin quietly, yellow eyes bright and searching. The dragon was on alert and in his element.
They soon heard footsteps as more men rushed to go up to the roof to provide cover, Kris and Jon froze as the sound went past, as soon as they had gone Jon spoke quietly.
“I hope Tarok can continue with this high intensity, it is giving us perfect cover but I hope it can continue” Jon said to the other two.
Amanda looked over her shoulder as Tarok turned to make another pass. She put her hand on his neck to find his scales slick with sweat. The dragon was breathing hard and his passes were slowing so he had more time to catch his breath. "You got this buddy." She encouraged him.
The gun fire sounded again as this time as it tried to take Tarok out of the sky, the men on the roof doubled as they shot at the coastal.
“Amanda, do you need support or to withdraw, there’s a lot more fire coming at you this time” Brogan said.
"Blue is slowing but we're got this for now," replied Amanda after getting a look from Tarok
“Ok, be careful out there” Brogan said.
The dragon raced in got another pass, letting out a jet of flame. "Hurry!" Shouted Amanda as the cover fire began to catch up with him. Tarok was breathing hard when he finally got out of range of the guns.

Inside the museum Kris, Korrin and Jon now entered the main part, so far Tarrok was doing a sterling job, ensuring that they had free roam of the lower part of the place, however there were still no sign of the hostages.
"Wait!" Korrins voice rumbled, flaring out a wing to stop the others progression. He spotted wires that lead up to explosives on one of the pillars. "Jon, Kris, look."
Kris stopped as Jon looked at the explosives carefully and how they were wired, it was Dillon’s work but he could not see a sensor or proximity detonator there.
“It’s safe, it isn’t movement activated, it must be wired to another detonator, I imagine, he plans to bring this place down it seems” Jon said to the others.
"Coming down in an instant doesn't seem safe, Jon, the dragon grumbled.
Jon nodded his head in agreement, the real difficulty was that Dillon had not made an appearance, nor did they know what would detonate all these bombs.
“No, it doesn’t, let’s keep moving slowly, once we find the hostages we lead them out there, let’s keep moving, Korrin stay close to Kris, I go ahead” Jon said.
The dragon nodded, not that he had planned to leave his Attilus side for a second. "Be careful," he told Jon.
The man nodded as they continued to walk quietly around the place, they had been fortunate that Tarok was causing enough of a distraction, but they did not know how much longer they could count on that support.
They moved forward carefully, keeping sound to a minimum, even Korrin was being quiet.
"Kris," hissed the dragon, low, "there. I can see the hostages. There are more explosives set up as well.”
Jon nodded, there was two guards keeping the hostages in the centre of the one exhibit, the people looked scared about their fates.
“We need to get them out, there is two guards there, can you handle it Korrin?” Kris whispered to the green dragon.
"Got it," the dragon nodded. He crept forward, keeping to the shadows as he tried to stay low and out of sight, a complicated matter for a creature his size. He managed to get up behind the first guard, taking him to the ground with minimal noise. It was a waiting game for the second. Korrin had to pause and wait for the man to turn away before he pounced, tackling the guard and muffling the sound with his wings.
Once the danger was eliminated Kris gave Korrin a pat on the back as Jon searched them both for the detonator, sadly it was not there.
“Right, you two get the hostages out, same way we came in quietly, I go looking for Dillon” Jon said.
"What if you need back up?" asked Korrin, unsure of the plan.
Jon was not going to argue.
“Get the hostages to safety Korrin, that’s an order, when they are free, come back inside, now go” Jon said as Kris nodded.
“Come on buddy” the man said.
The dragon nodded and set to work, trying not to frighten the hostages even more than they already had been but his size and expression did not help much.
The hostages gasped but Kris put his hand to his lips telling them to hush, they did not need more terrorists coming after them.
“We here to rescue you, you need to hurry quietly, come on lets go” Kris said as the scared hostages looked at each other got up as quietly as they could following the man and the dragon, back the way they came, while Jon hunted for Dillon.
"Guys, Tarok is running out of steam. You better pick up the pace." Amanda called into the radio.
Jon radioed back to Amanda, as he took up a defensive position.
“Has he got one more pass left in him, were evacuating the hostages now, Dillon has rigged the building, all the focus is on you guys currently” Jon replied back.
"I...can," huffed Tarok.
"Blue, no," said Amanda worried. His sides were heaving for breath and each pass was slower and slower, allowing for greater risk of getting it.
"All they need... Is... One more," he insisted, spinning around to line himself up for one last run.
Jon could hear the panting and the dragon sounded tired.
“Amanda, what’s Taroks condition at the moment” Jon said weighing up the risk of one last pass.
"Not good but he's gonna go whether I say or not," she said, reading her dragon.
Jon shook his head, “Tell him dig deep and go, then get the hell out of there” Jon said as he went forward, looking for Dillon.
“Keep moving, down to the basement and out, hurry” Kris said as Korrin provided defence from the rear, the man guided the hostages down to the basement, “Kris to Brogan hostages coming out the basement door, get ready, Tarok is making one last pass, then we will be heading back in” Kris said as Brogan responded.
“Understood, we be ready, be careful you guys, Alex orders” the man said as Kris gave a small smirk.
The dragon gathered all the energy he had left and went for the pass, Amanda shouting encouragement as his wings pounded.
He was slick with sweat as he flew, and she could feel the fatigue in the movements of his wings. He opened his jaws but only a small stream of flame made it out, his fire lung spent.
"Go, go, go!" Yelled Amanda, thumping his side with her hand. He powered his wings and flew clear of the chaos before barely clearing a stand of trees and landing heavily in the park, chest heaving to catch his breath.
Amanda nearly tumbled out of the saddle when her dragon landed but her harness caught her, jarring the woman roughly before she got her feet back in the stirrup.
She hastily unclipped herself and jumped down, running to Taroks head as he panted harder than she had ever seen.
"Blue, blue you did so well!" She praised him, stroking his long muzzle, ensuring he was alright, "I'm so proud of you!

Back inside the museum, Jon had gone into the Chinese exhibit, as quietly as he could, there were numerous artefacts, statues and the room had been decorated up in Chinese themed buildings as he moved carefully around.
Jon kept hidden but a pair of eyes was watching him enter.
“You know this place is wired to blow, your efforts while admirable are futile” came Dillon’s voice.
Jon kept his gun close trying to locate where the voice was coming from.
All of a sudden silenced gunfire came out as Jon took cover as he barely made it, bullet holes riddled the floor.
Jon breathed slightly quicker, the man had a silenced automatic weapon, he had dangerous accuracy.
The last of the hostages had escaped out the back as Kris gave them cover, they had word from Amanda that Tarok although deadly tired was fine, it was now Jon, Korrin and Kris that needed to be clear of danger.
Korrins heat jerked up at he heard the sound of gunfire. "Kris! We have to go help!" He called out, running in the direction of the shots.
Kris ran after the large dragon as he quickly caught up.
“Hold it big guy, your going to be a large target and we do not have Tarok providing cover, we will have incoming, there is still 10 or so terrorists armed who love to put holes in you, work smarter not harder ok?” Kris said to the dragon.
The dragon growled, stopping. "We have to help. I am wearing armour. I could take them out!" He insisted.
Kris sighed but nodded, loading his weapon, “Alight, keep your head down and let’s go” Kris said as they entered the museum once more following the sound of Jon returning fire.
Soon they heard footsteps coming as the terrorists on the roof were coming down to punish the hostages, they soon realise they been distracted.
“Korrin, we got incoming, try and flank them I act as bait, use all force needed” Kris said as he went out into the open, seeing one of the men rushing back as he fired taking the one guy out as shouting could be heard as Kris was the target as he took cover.
The dragon barrelled into the room, snarling. Teeth bared, the dragon did not hold back, natural instincts guiding him as he swatted a man against a wall and used his tail to strike another with a sickening thump.
Kris felt the dragons adrenaline and battle cry rush through him as the man took shots, amazingly Brathille quickened his reflexes and he took out more men, In a few short minutes Korrin and Kris had cleared house.
A gun fired and Korrin snarled out, putting a paw to his face where the shot grazed him, cutting a bloody line across his cheek. His yellow eyes locked on the man who had paused in horror. Korrin lunged forward and grabbed the gun, snatching it away. His shoulders rolled as he used his large paws to crush the weapon in his talons before hitting the man over the head with the crumpled gun.
Kris soon came up with his gun loaded as he approached the green dragon who was lightly panting, he could smell blood.
“You ok Korrin, did he injure you?” Kris asked looking over his dragon
"I'm fine," he replied, rubbing the back of his paw over his bloodied cheek. "Just grazed me."
“Bastard, least your ok, come on we need to help Jon out, I think he’s the other side of the museum, let’s help him, keep your head down Korrin” Kris said.
The dragon nodded and moved forward, using his bulk to shield Kris as they made their way to find Jon.
The two made their way to the Chinese exhibition and soon gunfire came about as Kris told Korrin to duck, Jon returned fire as Dillon ran.
“After him you guys, he is armed and dangerous” Jon said as Kris nodded as the man and dragon gave chase.
Soon the man seemed to run into a castle like structure and closed the heavy metal gate behind him, “Thought you Torchwood guys were faster than this!” he said as he ran down into another exhibit.
Korrin gave a low growl and set his claws around the grate, trying to move it so that he could get at the man.
Jon came running up.
“Guys be careful, we can’t kill him” Jon said as Kris looked at him puzzled.
“Why ever for?” he asked.
“Dillon has a dead man switch, he is holding the detonator, if we kill him the bombs will go off, we have to disable it, Dr Hinton is on it” Jon said as Kris looked at Korrin.
The dragon growled in frustration, struggling to get any movement from the grate but lashed his tail in determination.
Kris looked at Korrin as he was struggling as Jon was speaking to Dr Hinton on his earpiece.
“Is it jammed or locked big guy?” Kris asked the dragon.
"I dunno," he huffed, moving aside so Kris could see.
Kris looked around to see any locks or latches keeping Korrin from lifting it.
“It’s proper cast Iron grate used in old times for castles, to stop raiders getting in, it’s pretty heavy stuff” Kris said to the green dragon.
"I'll get it moving," he growled, pushing Kris out of the way with his nose before setting to work, pulling at the metal bars.
“well Tarok did his bit now it’s your turn big guy” Kris encouraged him as Jon approached, as he reloaded his gun.
The dragon gave a grunt in response, setting his hind legs in a strong stance so that he could use them and the strong muscles in his back to heave upwards.
“You got this Korrin” Kris said encouraging him.
"Gggrr," snarled the dragon, wings unfolding slightly to act as counterbalance as he heaved upwards, eyes locked on the where the grate would hinge from.
Jon looked on, seeing if there was another way into the next exhibition but there was not, they were relying on Korrin.
The dragon had an intensely determined look on his face, made even more vicious by the cut across his cheek. Muscles shifted under green scales as he heaved upwards.
“That’s it big guy, keep at it, don’t give in, remember all of our training” Kris said, spurring the tank of a dragon on.
"Hmmh!" He snarled, brow furrowed and lips curling in a growl as his teeth bared. The determined expression didn't leave his face as he worked.
“Dillon ran into the medieval exhibit and blocked our path with a castle grate, Korrin’s working on it” Jon said in his ear piece as they continued to wait for this to be lifted up by Korrin.
“You got this” Kris said as he began to hear the old grate starting to yield to the green tank.
The green dragon growled and heaved up on the grate showing visible effort in the attempt.
Kris was impressed with his dragon.
“Last big go Korrin, I go under and lock it in place, then we deal with Morgan” Kris said
The dragon gave a quick nod and tensed his legs, using his whole body to heave upwards. "Grhh," he growled as he did so.
The grating lifted up enough for Kris to slip under and lock it into place, Jon came about as Korrin came across.
“Don’t drop him yet, Dr Hinton is looking to cancel out his signal to the explosives, we keep him busy, once I’ve had confirmation, drop him” Jon said moving forward.
“Can you continue big guy?” Kris turned to Korrin.
"Yes, of course," nodded Korrin with a determined glint in his eye. "Let's keep moving."
Kris nodded as they followed Jon into the next exhibit. The theme was medieval with many pieces on display in a castle courtyard theme, it was a little dimmer in here as Jon took with Kris and Korrin sneaking in.
“If you kill me the whole place goes up, if I drop this switch, the whole building will blow up with you in it, toy willing to risk that” came Dillon’s voice from an unknown location.
Korrin let out a low, cracklings growl as sparks of flame danced around his bared teeth as he turned his head, trying to figure out where the voice was coming from.
“Easy Korrin” Kris whispered as Jon moved forward looking around as bullets fired at him as Jon took cover.
“You do not have a chance, you have no idea what is coming, who is coming, when it does, you will all end” Dillon said as a shadow moved on the top of the castle wall scenery.
Korrin caught the movement and motioned to Kris silently.
"It doesn't have to be this way," shouted Korrin to the opposite direction to make it seem like he hadn't seen.
The man moved quietly, reloading his weapon as he saw Jon sneaking forward.
He heard Korrin talk to him as he replied from his hiding place.
"Dragons are like humans, they betray one another, just like the one who provided these goons with data on Torchwood....seems dragons aren't as loyal as you make out" Dillon said.
"There's no proof aside from a blurry photo," growled Korrin, taking offence. "Even if it was true, one dragon doesn't speak for us all. Just like one human doesn't represent all of them."
Jon took cover as Dillon fired his weapon, Kris told Korrin to get down as the man showered them with bullets from his automatic weapon.
“Jon, this is Dr Hinton” the man said over the ear piece.
“Now is not a good time doctor!” Jon said as he returned fire before taking cover.
“Well, I have disabled the signal, even if he drops the trigger the signal is cancelled out, I activated it, your welcome and goodnight” the Doctor said as Jon gave a odd look at the conversation and shook his head before calling out to Korrin.
" Korrin, Dr Hinton has disabled the signal, get him and put an end to this" Jon said as gunfire rained down on them.
Dillon used the gunfire as cover and to keep Jon at bay but he did not see the large green dragon sneaking up near where he was, the man stopped firing as he went to reloaded.
Korrin leapt into action, eating up the distance between him and Dillion with surprising speed for his bulk. As the man raised his gun Korrin swatted it away, the weapon clattering to the floor behind the dragon.
Teeth bared, Korrin approached like a hunting cat stalking prey as a low growl rumbled from his throat.
The man pegged it, running fast with the dragon close on his heels, Kris not far behind the tank as Dillon ran knocking over a large amount of boxes to slow the green dragon down.
Korrin crashed through the boxes as if they were nothing, hurling himself after the man.
Dillon managed to get outside onto the balcony, slamming the glass door behind him but knowing full well Korrin would not stop, this dragon was coming at him like a battering ram and he had armour on.
Jon climbed up a ladder to reach the balcony as the man was now trapped and unable to escape with a large drop down to the ground, there was no chance of escape.
With a smash, the green dragon burst through the glass and out onto the balcony, flames flickering between his teeth as he snarled.
Kris came and pointed his gun at Dillon and Jon soon came with his gun pointed at him.
“It’s over Dillon, we can end this peacefully” Kris said as Dillon seemed to raise his hands and dropped the trigger and nothing happened as it hit the floor, the man looked confused.
“The signal is disabled, you lost Dillon” Jon said as Dillon seemed to smile slyly.
“No gentlemen, you will lose, no dragon can survive without their human” Dillon said as he quickly pulled out his silenced weapon to shoot Kris in the head.
The dragon suddenly lunged, shielding Kris in a shroud of green scale as he encircled him.
Jon got his gun up first as he shot the man 3 times as he fell over the balcony banisters, his limp body hitting the ground with a thump.
Kris looked and saw Jon looking down over the balcony, he was breathing a bit heavy as he pressed his ear piece.
“Jon to Alex, the siege is over, enemies neutralised, all green” he said as Kris gave Korrin a a couple of firm taps on his shoulder, “Good job korrin, great were exceptional” Kris said as Jon agreed, the siege was over.
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Korrin allowed Kris and Jon to climb up onto his back so that he could fly them down from the balcony. Even if Dr. Hinton had said that the bombs had been disarmed, he didn’t want to stick around any longer than he had to. Police were already closing in around Dillions body below as he jumped clear of the balcony and winged away from the building. The dragon took them down to the park where they dismounted. Amanda spotted them from where she was across the park where Tarok was taking a well-deserved drink. He had worked extremely hard and the woman couldn’t be more proud of her dragon. His valiant efforts had been the key to getting the mission underway.
"Guys, you made it! No one's hurt?" asked Amanda, running over and hugging them both.
Kris smiled giving Amanda a hug back as Jon nodded lightly.
"Yes, were ok, you guys did superbly and so did Korrin, you should of seen our green tank in action, immensely proud of all of you" Jon said, being complimentary.
Amanda nodded, putting her hands on Korrin’s nose and rubbing the pebbly green scales. She knew Korrin must have gone above and beyond what was asked of him, as he usually did.
“I wish I could have seen it. Just when I thought Blue and I could have a moment to breath Alex called us in to fly away the hostages after you got them free. They were running out of the building and it was a mess trying to get them away safety but we managed with a little help,” she explained as Tarok can walking over, licking water off his lips. Amanda reached up to pet his side while she spoke to the men and Korrin, “You guys did phenomenal, not a single one was hurt.”
Korrin gave Tarok a respectful nod and a smile.
“You look like some bloodied hero out of an action movie,” commented the blue dragon, gesturing to the painful looking cut.
“It’s nothing,” shrugged Korrin.
"So, did I hear right, Dillion is..." asked Amanda, hesitant to continue. She knew it was their line of work but it was never pretty to discuss.
"Dead," snorted Korrin with a flick of his tail.
"He pulled a gun on Kris, I had no choice but to end it" Jon said his voice replied.
Amanda shook her head, “Jesus, I’m just glad you guys are all okay. Alex is tying up loose ends right now. Brogan just needs statements and then we can leave. Dr Hinton arranged for a transport for all of us.”
“But Quadra is not all far off,” said Tarok.
“Do you really feel like flying all that way though?” asked the woman to which the dragon shook his head, “I thought not. No, it will come and fetch us and we can all take a breather from this chaos. It’s been a wild couple of days. I think we deserve a break.”
The others seemed to agree and after their statements were taken down by one of Brogan’s officers they were left to wait in the park. They could see news crews waiting at the edges of the police tape that had cordoned off the expansive area around the park and museum. They took pictures and tried to ask questions but officers held back the media ranks as best as they could to keep the situation under control. A short while later the large transport had flown overhead and landed in the park’s grassy field to take them home.
"Let's get on board the transport, it be taking you guys home, I be following in the hornet, you both be too tired to fly back to base" Jon said as the transport lowered its doors.
“Fly safe, Jon. Meet you back home,” said Amanda as they spurred the dragons to their feet and towards the ship.
Tarok and Korrin lumbered up the ramp, clearing exhausted from their exertions. Once situated inside, Amanda was quick to help take off all the armour plating on Tarok’s rigging. The blue dragon gave a relieved thrum, the weight of it finally off his tired shoulders. He gave a weak, relieved thrum, rolling his sore shoulders as the woman unclipped the collar of his harness.
“Oh this certainly needs a wash,” she grimaced, holding the sweat soaked leather straps in her hands before piling them in the corner. She would sort them out to wash and dry once they got back to the base.
Korrin began removing the armour plating for the dragon, to free him up as he was tired. As he did he spoke quietly, "You done me and yourself proud Korrin, you were very impressive, a tank of a dragon… plus thank you for shielding me when Dillon pulled that gun out," Kris said.
“You would have done the same for me,” replied the dragon, giving Kris a rare lick up his forehead, making his hair stick up straight.
Amanda snickered, catching sight of it, “You should leave it. You rock that look, Kris,” she laughed, leaning up against Tarok’s side as her own dragon tried not to smile.
Kris pushed his hair down, "Oh Korrin you’re terrible" Kris chuckled as he gave Korrin a scratch behind the horns. The dragon tilted his head into the scratch, relieved that all was finally over and they had all made it out alive and well.
Once the transport made it back to the island, everyone disembarked and made it into the building. Kendra and Ruby had come to welcome them back after hearing the horrible news of what had happened in Victoria. They took the dragon’s gear to go hang up while everyone else departed to get washed up. After a lengthy conversation with Arthur, Dean and a medical assessment from Charles, the team finally got to relax in the common room.
Tarok and Korrin were quick to fall asleep after such exertion but Amanda stayed up with Kris, watching the news and saw how the media unfolded the story of what had happened. They knew that James and Alyia were out in force, hard at work ensuring the dragon’s image remained clean and free of any blame for this. It was hours later when Alex finally returned to the base. He showed immense gratitude to Kris, Jon, Amanda and the dragons, praising them for their hard work and steadfast teamwork during the mission. It was hard for the dragons not to puff up with pride as their commander lauded them all for their effort. In reward for their work Alex was happy to announce that they should all be seeing bonuses in their next check. Tarok and Korrin exchanged a look that meant, ‘dinner out!’ before turning to listen Alex explain further the details uncovered after Dillion was killed.
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The next couple of days the base seemed to return to the usual norm, however the events from the archive did get Dr Charles and Dr Hinton thinking as they carried out their own analysis of the weapon arsenal that the archives had acquired.
The men would study the limited arsenal list and do some research using contacts Dr Baxter had around the globe.
Meanwhile Alex was speaking with Jack Harkness from Torchwood 5, the man was explaining the dragon Veyron and how the small dragon escaped the facility and was now on the run.
"If he fled do you really think he is guilty of what they say?" Asked Alex.
Jack shook his head lightly.
“I do not know Alex, he knew a lot more than he was letting on, keeping that information made him have something to bargain with us with, how he got that information is another thing, the pictures though blurry match Veyron to the letter” Jack explained.
Alex shook his head. This made things so much more complicated. Even he didn't know about Veyron until now. "Anything you want us to do, Jack? I'll have my team on the lookout..."
Jack nodded lightly.
“Just keep an eye with your contacts in the police if the dragon tries to enter Canada or your area, he could disappear but I doubt he head your way, he too domesticated to live in the wild” Jack replied.
Alex nodded, "we will certainly notify you if we have anything suspicious come up. For your sake I hope he just hides away and doesn't slink back to whomever he had been working with before."
Jack nodded in agreement.
“I do too, Ardon was in a rage, angriest I’ve seen him in a while, he is patrolling and looking for signs daily, however I wanted to say congratulations to you team on your efforts, you and the dragons prevented a massive disaster” Jack said.
"Yeah," replied Alex, scratching the back of his neck, "the team did remarkably well. Korrin is a massive asset for the work we set him to and Tarok did amazing. Thank you, commander."
Jack gave a small smile.
"Yes your dragons have really excelled and done the branch proud, be great to speak to them when you guys come over" Jack said.
Alex nodded, they were still invited it seemed. After their last heated conversation Alex hadn't known where they stood. "Everyone is greatly looking forward to it." He said with a small smile.
"Might give our dragons a run for their money" Jack joked lightly, the man seemed to want to build bridges.
"Tarok has been feeling rather confident with his speed and if his efforts today count for anything he might be brave enough to challenge Zyra. Korrin is always game for a challenge no matter what," he said with a small laughed. "We look forward to getting everyone together. It will be a much-anticipated break from all this."
Jack agreed with Alex comments.
“I must attend more pressing issues, keep us up to date, take care Alex, Torchwood 5 out” Jack said as the screen went black as the torchwood 7 logo appeared up.
Soon Alex screen lit up with Nicolas ID number from the control room.
"Alex here," said the commander, picking up the call.
“Sorry to disturb you sir, Brogan’s Havoc is approaching the base, he is requesting permission to land and is requesting to meet you in the hanger, shall I allow him permission” Nicolas asked.
"Yes, alert him that I'll be down there shortly. Thank you, Nicolas," replied Alex.

Inside the Canteen Amanda, Tarok, Kris and Korrin were resting on the sofa’s drinking coffee and chatting, the dragons had been thanked and praised highly from many branches of Torchwood and the work James and Alyia had done on the media front had pushed their approval ratings to new heights.
The dragons seemed happy and both riders were proud of their efforts with Kris being happier and cheeky than Amanda would of seen him.
“When we go to Torchwood 5 I hope Zyra and Ardon will be ready, me and Korrin are ready for some friendly competition” he chuckled lightly.
"We're there for a party, not a contest," smiled Amanda, trying not to get the boys wound up on the idea of competition.
Kris grinned.
“Of course, a party and celebration but surely you cannot deny you love to see Tarok take on the queen of speed Zyra and to watch the fastest race in history, Tarok would be a blur” Kris said complimenting the coastal.
The man had been complimenting Tarok , he had good respect for the coastal and seeing how hard he worked for them in the museum made that respect grow, same with his admiration for his own green tank of a dragon.
The woman smiled, looking up at her dragon who seemed to be happy with the praise, "well, maybe if she or Melina suggests it first. We wouldn't want to be rude guests, right?" She asked, petting the blue males nose.
Kris nodded lightly.
“Well I think Ardon will be surprised with Korrin, our bulldozer of a dragon is turning more into a tank, it’s cool that our branch has speed and power under one roof….and a gentle crème dragoness who is bonded to an angry scot” he laughed lightly.
"Yeah, we are a motley crew aren't we?" Said Amanda.
Korrin nodded, "that's what makes us a good team though, I think."

Soon Alex walked in with Brogan who was in a different uniform as Jon joined with a smile on his face, giving Brogan a firm hand shake.
“Congratulations on your promotion Captain Brogan” Jon said as the man nodded.
“Thank but I am not here for me I am here for your team there2 Brogan gestured to the dragons and their Atillu’s.
"What's going on?" Asked Korrin as the others got up and approaches brogan, uncertain as to why the man was here.
"Is everything alright?" Asked Amanda, confused.
Brogan smiled and nodded.
“Yes, all is ok, I am here as an official representative of the Police department and the Vancouver provincial government, they wish to commend the bravery and heroism of Tarok, Korrin and of their riders Kris and Amanda” Brogan said as jon smiled folding his arms.
“It is my duty to award you four with two medals each, one for heroics in saving the hostages, fighting the terrorists and saving lives, the next is for valour in showing us all how determined and selfless you guys are in protecting us for those who wish to destroy our dragon human relations, so these medals are for you guys” Brogan said showing them the beautifully decorated medal for the four of them.
The dragons seemed taken by surprise. Never have their efforts had been awarded in such a way. Amanda beamed at her dragon who looked awestruck.
"Way to go Blue!" Grinned the woman, patting his side.
"Really?" Was all Korrin could muster.
Kris patted Korrin on the side proud of his dragon.
“You guys deserve it, I do have a commendation for your media team as well from the mayor of Vancouver over their excellent work with the media, I find it interesting that your head of media relations seems to have the media under control” Brogan smiled as Jon chuckled lightly.
"If anyone can sort out the media it's James," said Tarok and Amanda nodded in agreement.
"That's why he's on board wth us," replied Korrin.
Kris laughed.
“Yes, he has a unique approach to the media, we pass it on, we give to Alyia, she appreciate it a lot” Kris said as he took the medal and passed them to Amanda to show Tarok as Alex invited Borgan and Jon for a coffee and a chat.
Kris held the medals for Korrin to see and grinned looking at Amanda.
“Still think our dragons are awesome to bring it on for Torchwood 5” he grinned cheekily.
Amanda laughed, "yeah, yeah I think we'll do well."
"We'll show them what we're made of," snorted Korrin, looking proud.
“I know we can” Kris said as they held the medal proudly, the dragons happy and their Atillu’s were happy, Brathille entering an euphoric state which enhanced both rider and dragon as both Amanda and Kris markings glowed ever so slightly.
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The dragons and riders were absolutely thrilled with their rewards. Amanda was proud of all their work and delighted that Tarok and Korrin were given medals to thank them for their efforts. They put their lives on the line, time and time and it was nice for the city to show its appreciation for what the dragons put themselves through. The medals, while larger than the average size, did not fit around the dragon’s heads and crest so Amanda got Tarok to bring his head down and she hung it over his primary horn with a laugh. It gleamed brightly against a dark blue ribbon and looked rather sharp against the blues of Tarok’s scales.
“Looks good?” he asked, tilting his head to the side.
“Spectacular!” chuckled Amanda and Korrin grinned, it was nice to be lauded for their effort. The four of them chatted for a bit, talking about the scene at the museum once again. It seemed surreal now that it was all over. They still couldn’t believe it all happened just days ago.
It didn’t take long for Kris and Amanda to find Alyia as she trotted back from the kitchens with a familiar looking latte in her paws. It was evident that she was on another caffeine run for the man as she hummed merrily to herself as she walked by.
“Hey Aly, wait up,” called Amanda as Kris passed her the certificate. “We’re got something for you.”
The dragoness paused and looked over at her with puzzlement, “Pardon?”
“Brogan offers this to James and you for your work in handling the gongshow that has been the media as of late. The city wanted to thank you for your hard work.”
“For James?” she asked, dazzled by it. She held open her free paw and Amanda placed it on her palm. It was a beautifully printed certificate, done up in blue and gold, and put in a lovely looking frame. The dragoness wouldn’t consider it her own reward, as she figured she just merely assisted James in the work he did but she was over the moon regardless. “Stars, this is lovely. I can’t wait to show him. Thank you both.”
“It wasn’t us,” said Amanda, flashing a smile at Kris briefly before turning back to Alyia. “It was Brogan. Anyway, enjoy little miss!”
“Oh I will! She cheered, turning to hurry away to go deliver it. She trotted down the hall and nosed open the wide door to the man’s office, bubbling with pride and happiness.
"Sir! I have wonderful news,” she declared, putting his latte in front of him on the desk and sitting down opposite to him, “Brogan and the city wanted to offer their thanks for your work handling the media after all these incidents. Lauding you with this!" she thrummed, holding it up for him to see. “Oh it’s so lovely, don’t you think?”
James looked at it and then seemed unimpressed by the colourful display and writing upon it.
"Ack, mooore bureaucratic tosh Lass, I cannae say it’s worth the paper it's written oon" James said dismissively. The dragoness didn’t seem to be dissuaded by his lack of excitement over the award. She had enough of her own to make up for him.
"Oh, but it's so nice to be recognized for all your hard work isn't it? I think we should put it up," she said, looking around the office for a good place.
"Nay bother Lass, it's only a piece of paper, not a precious possession" James said to the dragoness.
"Well I think it's nice," the dragoness, setting it up on top of a filing cabinet and sitting back on her haunches to admire it. "You work hard sir, so I think you deserve the recognition."
James looked up and frowned lightly.
"Lass, I am not one for gloating, displaying fancy bit of paper is for insecure people, I Doon’t need some fancy polished paper to show I work ma backside off," James said.
Alyia simply smiled and looked up at the award in the frame. A dragon prided itself in the achievements of their Attilu and it pleased the dragoness that he was given such an item. She hummed quietly to herself, happy and content as she listened to the sounds of James typing madly away on his computer, coffee at hand.
Peace and tranquility had returned once more to facility 7, just as things were turning tumultuous and stormy half a wold away …

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The dragons and riders were absolutely thrilled with their rewards. Amanda was proud of all their work and delighted that Tarok and Korrin were given medals to thank them for their efforts. They put their lives on the line, time and time and it was nice for the city to show its appreciation for what the dragons put themselves through. The medals, while larger than the average size, did not fit around the dragon’s heads and crest so Amanda got Tarok to bring his head down and she hung it over his primary horn with a laugh. It gleamed brightly against a dark blue ribbon and looked rather sharp against the blues of Tarok’s scales.
“Looks good?” he asked, tilting his head to the side.
“Spectacular!” chuckled Amanda and Korrin grinned, it was nice to be lauded for their effort. The four of them chatted for a bit, talking about the scene at the museum once again. It seemed surreal now that it was all over. They still couldn’t believe it all happened just days ago.
It didn’t take long for Kris and Amanda to find Alyia as she trotted back from the kitchens with a familiar looking latte in her paws. It was evident that she was on another caffeine run for the man as she hummed merrily to herself as she walked by.
“Hey Aly, wait up,” called Amanda as Kris passed her the certificate. “We’re got something for you.”
The dragoness paused and looked over at her with puzzlement, “Pardon?”
“Brogan offers this to James and you for your work in handling the gongshow that has been the media as of late. The city wanted to thank you for your hard work.”
“For James?” she asked, dazzled by it. She held open her free paw and Amanda placed it on her palm. It was a beautifully printed certificate, done up in blue and gold, and put in a lovely looking frame. The dragoness wouldn’t consider it her own reward, as she figured she just merely assisted James in the work he did but she was over the moon regardless. “Stars, this is lovely. I can’t wait to show him. Thank you both.”
“It wasn’t us,” said Amanda, flashing a smile at Kris briefly before turning back to Alyia. “It was Brogan. Anyway, enjoy little miss!”
“Oh I will! She cheered, turning to hurry away to go deliver it. She trotted down the hall and nosed open the wide door to the man’s office, bubbling with pride and happiness.
"Sir! I have wonderful news,” she declared, putting his latte in front of him on the desk and sitting down opposite to him, “Brogan and the city wanted to offer their thanks for your work handling the media after all these incidents. Lauding you with this!" she thrummed, holding it up for him to see. “Oh it’s so lovely, don’t you think?”
James looked at it and then seemed unimpressed by the colourful display and writing upon it.
"Ack, mooore bureaucratic tosh Lass, I cannae say it’s worth the paper it's written oon" James said dismissively. The dragoness didn’t seem to be dissuaded by his lack of excitement over the award. She had enough of her own to make up for him.
"Oh, but it's so nice to be recognized for all your hard work isn't it? I think we should put it up," she said, looking around the office for a good place.
"Nay bother Lass, it's only a piece of paper, not a precious possession" James said to the dragoness.
"Well I think it's nice," the dragoness, setting it up on top of a filing cabinet and sitting back on her haunches to admire it. "You work hard sir, so I think you deserve the recognition."
James looked up and frowned lightly.
"Lass, I am not one for gloating, displaying fancy bit of paper is for insecure people, I Doon’t need some fancy polished paper to show I work ma backside off," James said.
Alyia simply smiled and looked up at the award in the frame. A dragon prided itself in the achievements of their Attilu and it pleased the dragoness that he was given such an item. She hummed quietly to herself, happy and content as she listened to the sounds of James typing madly away on his computer, coffee at hand.
Peace and tranquility had returned once more to facility 7, just as things were turning tumultuous and stormy half a wold away …

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