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Unread Feb 25th, 2017, 03:26 PM   #1
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Jack and Ardon - Burying the Hatchet Private RP

Torchwood 5 had gone through a few changes before the chaotic incidents that would surround the branch and the dragons that lived there.
Before the horrific and turbulent events happening at Torchwood 7, there had been some changes to the branch.
Veyron, a small shadow wraith with cunning and cocky attitude and also fully domesticated dragon had gate crashed into the most secure base in world, or so Torchwood 5 though as he arrived seeking shelter from people who were pursuing him.
The dragon held knowledge of the organization and this did worry Jack and Daniel, the small dragon kept information tight lipped and how he came to know this information, though his fear of the archives aroused some suspicion but Jack allowed him to stay.
His attitude and temperament was completely different to the dragons who had called this place home, he held information that he seemed only to share for his own benefit or if he had some sort of trade.
Forge had warned Jack they were a sly and cunning breed, they were the traders of secrets and knowledge on Kilara, always looking to profit from spilling information, Jack too the advice on board but opened the initiation of him to live with the other dragons here but under limited access until he proved himself trustworthy, something Ardon did not believe, only being silenced by Veyron’s threats to spill the beans on his flirty moments with Zyra.
To encourage the dragons to be more productive, the dragons including Veyron were assigned jobs to do round the base, with Ardon being head of the dragon academy facilities.
Melina’s head technician Sam had decided that he would stay with the facility, Melina was pleased, happy that the young man was staying with her team, in fact she had promoted him To Duty manager of the labs, reporting to her directly after the previous lab manager left to join Babylon 6 instead of Sam.
Sam would now be far more involved with the work Melina and Zyra was undertaking, with Zyra now being in charge of researching dragon medicine and injuries, Melina did not yet want for her to apply to be a professor.
After a stressful few years, she wanted the bold wing to relax and enjoy her new position within the labs, but the bold wing had been on the march to learn more.
Vonriir and Comox were the dragons that Jack had a bit of trouble finding things for, both were unbonded and there had been no signs that Brathille was destined for them, still Vonriir enjoyed his life in the academy and was given some duties in the hanger while Comox was taken under Dr Baxter’s win to teach him a new trade.
All was going well until news of the incidents in Vancouver were coming to them, Mark had been monitoring the situation there, following up leads as Torchwood 5 continued to carry out covert operations into the archives activities.
Baxter was spending time looking into accounts and utilising help from Lester in LA, he had managed to collect information, however there was still much to be done before Jack could make any firm decision.
Information Jack assumed Veyron knew but would not divulge to them, it was his ace card and would not reveal that information, this frustrated Jack but he respected Veyron’s space and his independence.
However, this would all change with the Archives calling them on a priority one channel about what was going on with the archives.
Malcolm Tuner appeared on the screen to inform them of the terror cell that had taken hostages and stolen equipment from the archives armed depot, Malcolm also explained that Dillon Morgan had been a double agent, working for the terror cell.
The Archives also mentioned a dragon helping the terrorists cause, blurry images from LA and other areas where the Archives agents were on the hunt for this elusive dragon.
Despite the images being blurry, there were clear signs and similarities to Veyron, the evidence was there, Malcolm warned Jack to keep an eye out for an infiltrator and to watch themselves, the archives unaware Veyron was with the branch.

Veyron leaned up against the door and held his breath, listening. He couldn't believe what he heard. Before the others could make a move be raced away from the command centre as quickly as possible.
Once the message finished Jack was stern in his expression, it made sense why Veyron had kept a secret, he was unsure if the archives were lying or telling the truth, the fact however that he did not know and the secrets he knew he did not reveal led Jack to be given no choice.
Jack looked at Mark and spoke.
“Security team to Veyron’s quarters, bring him into custody immediately, he should be considered dangerous, seal down the base” Jack ordered.
The gold dragon growled low. "I knew it! I knew there was spent hung up with how he slunk around all the time."
The dragon turned and bolted out the door to seek him out.
Mark left with urgency as he went to grab security personnel to go to Veyron’s room.
“Yellow alert, lock down the base” Jack ordered as the team nodded as Yellow alert sounded out as soon security staff began to get to their positions.
“Jack to Dr Baxter, lock Veyron pass out from entering anywhere, keep an eye out where he may try and access, inform security” Jack said.
“Yes sir will do” Dr Baxter replied as the doors to the command centre shut up and the main entrance also locked down.
Melina heard the Yellow alert and request for lock down, she quickly turned to Sam who was working on some experiments at the time.
“Sam, initiate lock down procedures on the vital stuff and close down the shutters for the labs” Melina said as Sam nodded and quickly went to organize it.
“Zyra, you best activate the shutter barriers and close the blast doors on the lab entrance” Melina instructed
The dragoness cast her a 'this isn't good' look before nodding and doing as instructed, "Doors are closed," she confirmed.
Melina nodded and thanked the bold wing.
"Get down to the dragon hanger sad ensure all is good there, I'm sure Ardy is on his way" Melina said.
"I'm sure he is..." said Zyra, "I'll let you know if anything comes up" she replied before hurrying out and down the hall.
Melina went back to helping lock away, not really know the full reason for this alert but the base doors were locking down to prevent the little shadow wraith from escaping.
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Veyron had paused by the door, hearing the conversation from start to finish as he pressed himself up against the wall. Heart pounding, he heard Jack end the call. Before the man could even turn towards the door, Veyron was off like a light. Racing down the hall as fast as he could on light paws he scrambled towards his quarters.
“Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!” The dragon hissed, panicked as he scrambled into the room. He jumped on top of his desk and threw open a drawer. Inside was his leather bag, still filled with his most prized items that he had brought with him to the facility. He pulled at it but the bag refused to move, caught on something inside the drawer. He cursed, yanking at it mightily when suddenly the lockdown warning signaled, blaring through the halls and in his room.
“God damn it!” he snarled. He reached inside and ripped at the bag but it was lodged in tightly. “I don’t have time for this!”
He unzipped the bag and put the leather wallet in his teeth and grabbed the multi-tool that had got him through a number of sticky situations in the past. He gave the room a quick cursory look, regretting having to leave this newly acquired luxury once again. Leaping off the desk the little dragon scrambled out of him room and hurtled down the hall. He could hear shouting from down the corridor.
Running as fast as his legs would carry him, Veyron scurried down towards his planned exit, one of the few that he left off the maps that he had given Daniel during the security sweeps. He had kept these secret for reasons just like this. His heart was racing as he pelted it down the hallway, avoiding everyone the best he could manage.
“Veyron!” came Ardon’s voice from somewhere behind him. The wraith’s scales prickled as he dove behind a potted plant, heart racing. The golden male came running around the corridor and shot past where the little dragon was hiding. Holding his breath, Veyron held still as possible while Jack pegged it past, following his dragon’s lead. They were headed for his quarters but would not find him there. Knowing this, he realized he only had a few short minutes to get to where he needed to be. Once the hallway was clear, Veyron took in a breath and went hurtling down the hallway. Finally, he made it to the corridor beside all the janitorial storage. With the wallet in his teeth and the multi tool wrapped in his tail, the dragon used a combination of mad flapping of his wings and his sharp talons to pull himself up the wall in a mad, desperate frenzy, two weighted down to fly properly up to the ceiling, not that his small wings would give him much lift in normal circumstances.
Once at the top he pushed up the ceiling tile and wriggled himself between the gab but in the process the wallet snagged on the corner and dropped back down the floor.
“F*ck!” the dragon cursed, seeing it lay splayed open on the ground. There was no time to go back down and get it. He froze, hearing footsteps once more and got his tail through the crack and dropped the ceiling tile into place, scurrying along the tiles until he reached the venting system.
He made quick, silent work of breaching the vent and tunneled his way through, remembering his escape route that he had committed to memory. He panted, adrenaline pumping through his veins as he dashed through the maze of air ducts, pitch black except for where they opened up to vent to the building.
He suddenly could scent fresh air and feel it cool on his scales. Turing a corner he spotted light coming from the left. He made a quick turn and nearly collided with the metal grate.
“Come on, come on!” he hissed to himself, picking out the right head for the multi tool and setting it to work. The screws had been wrenched tightly and the dragon was unsure if this had been done prior to his security breach or after.
He wanted to shout profanities as he wrestled with the screws but knew the sound would carry through the duct. Hissing angrily he finally got the top screw to move, jolting his sideways as it released. One other he managed to get undone before a chaotic mess of banging sounded at the end of the duct system, followed by Ardon’s angry snarls.
“F***” the wraith snapped. He didn’t have time for this. He jammed his arm through the gap and set his multi tool on the other side, He tried to pry the metal open enough to wriggle through but the sounds of the angry golden dragon were getting louder.
Shoving his head and shoulders through the gap, the metal grate came down on his back, pinning him against the frame. “F*cking- ggrh!” he snarled, wriggling the rest of the way but the metal ripped at his wing membranes held tight against his back, rending long scratches through the more delicate skin. He hissed in pain but didn’t stop to assess his injuries here; simply giving his wings a quick shake to throw off some of the sting. As soon as his tail cleared the grate the dragon scooped up the multi tool and pegged it across the grounds.
Here was where his escape would truly count. If he couldn’t make it to a safe place to hide before Jack sicked the other dragons on him and sent the search outside. He raced through the grass as fast as his legs would carry him, heading towards the creek and trees where he could hopefully shake any scent trail and lose his pursuers. “This sh*t hole has gone to hell.” He panted to himself, looking over his shoulder to see if anyone was coming before he disappeared into the undergrowth of the woodlands.
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“Ardon, did you find where he’s gone, he obviously bolted it as soon as he heard the alarm” Jack said as he approached the angry golden dragon.
"I heard him... i think i heard his talons in the vents up above," growled Ardon, eyes looking across the ceiling to try to see where he might have gotten through.
Jack cursed in his head as security came running towards them with Mark in tow, the man obviously not impressed he wriggled out of their grasp.
“I told Daniel to seal up all the weakness, foolish man!” Mark said angrily but Jack shook his head lightly.
“He’s a sly one, he probably found a hole and did not tell us” Jack said looking up to Ardon.
“Get to the dragon hanger, take Comox and Zyra with you and find him” Jack instructed the golden dragon.
Ardon didn't need to be told twice and dashed off in the direction of the dragon hangar with haste.
Jack turned to Mark to give the frustrated man instructions.
“Get your agents together and search the perimeter and set up patrols, any small villages and towns as well, notify our spy network” Jack said as Mark nodded leaving with the security officers.
Jack looked back up at the vent, seeing marks on the wall and shook his head lightly as he walked towards the dragon hanger, there he would search Veyron’s quarters for any clue of where he would of rushed off to.
"Ardon, what's going on?'" asked Zyra as she and Comox stood in the dragon hanger and looking on in confusion as the gold came storming in.
"We were released photos that Veyron is likely working with the group that led the attack in BC."
"What!" exclaimed Comox.
"We have to find him. He's escaped and I’m certain he's going to make a run for it. Zyra, you take south of the hangar to the treeline. Co, go from above the garages and work your way north, I'll cover the remaining area," he ordered.
The bold wings nodded and took wing as they set out to hunt down own of their own.
Jack entered the dragon quarters bay as Dr Baxter seemed to come around the corner with haste seeing Jack.
“Dr Baxter, I need you to have your team monitor all CCTV camera’s roads, trains all transport networks, set an observation area 100 miles from the base” Jack ordered.
“Understood sir, I also send any info to our ground units” the man said as Jack nodded.
“Thank you doctor” Jack said as the man disappeared.
Vonriir came plodding out of his quarters, hearing all the commotion.
"Jack, what's happening?" He yawned, shaking out his scales and appearing not overly concerned about all the ruckus.
Jack looked up at the tower of a dragon and spoke to the giant behemoth.
“We had a security alert and situation, I am sorry to report that we have firm sources that show our small dragon has been in cahoots with a terrorist cell who attacked in Vancouver, he has done a runner, Ardon and the others are out searching for him now” Jack explained.
"Oh, little Veyron? He seemed a bit crass but a traitor? Hm," the large dragon mused. "Is there any way I can be of assistance?"
Jack nodded lightly.
“Did he speak to you about anything, like any clues where he could go or if he had a safe place, we be inspecting his quarters soon for any clue, but did he say or act oddly to you?” Jack ask the giant dragon.
"He always acted odd, scurrying about and whatnot. I chalked it up to his breed though. I can't say he divulged anything to me, I'm afraid. Sorry commander," replied the dragon.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Not to worry Vonriir, the others are out looking for him, you are welcome to join in the search with them to stretch your wings or you can join us searching Veyron’s room” Jack daid offering the giant dragon a choice.
"I'll do better outside and not have to worry about squishing anyone," said Vonriir, headed towards the hangar.
“Ok, keep a sharp eye out Vonriir, he is very small and will make use of the grass, trees and cover, he will be a tricky one to catch” Jack said to the behemoth of a dragon.
"I'll keep a lookout, commander," nodded the dragon before headed off to the hanger.
Jack watched the large dragon leave to join the patrol with the other dragons as Jack made his way to the control room to monitor the progress.
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The search for Veyron was in full swing only half an hour after the dragon vanished from the facility. For Zyra, Comox and Vonriir, it felt wrong hunting down one of their own, or one who they thought had been part of their group. Veyron certainly had his differences, but they had not thought he could have turned on them like this. Zyra had paused her search to speak with Melina, now getting the full story of what happened, Ardon had been too riled up to bother stopping long enough to give all the details. It was a blow against the trust they had put in him. They had opened up their home to the wraith, thinking that he was seeking asylum against unknown forces out to get them. It made the Boldwings sick to their stomach to hear that he had been accused of espionage, setting himself up in their facility to likely find out as much as possible.
“He knows so much,” Comox had murmured, shaking his head. They had tried to keep major secrets at bay but the dragon knew of the portal and other key features of the base. It certainly didn’t look good if the dragon managed to get back to whomever he was working for. The dragons searched through the remainder of the day, scanning all areas of the grounds and surrounding lands in hopes that they would find him or at least any small sign of his path of travel. Vonriir, big hearted as he was, had poor eyesight and couldn’t do much to help in terms of a visual search but he had been the one to scent out blood, gathering the team at the sight of the vent where the metal gate had been bent slightly. The large dragon had called the others, and they had agreed it smelled like Veyron. This was confirmed with Baxter’s discovery of Veyron’s escape through the halls on CCTV. Ardon had growled furiously at how close he had come to the dragon, merely feet away when he ran past him initially on the way to the wraith’s quarters.
Zyra had to rein him in with some sever scolding when she thought the gold male was getting a little too ridiculous towards the end of the day. She understood his rage at the betrayal but getting his scales up over this would do nothing to help. The search continued through the night with infrared cameras, hoping to have his heat signature show up but they found nothing but rabbits and other small creatures.
It had been a frustrating endeavor the first night and one that proved to be fruitless. Finally the dragons were called back in just after midnight. The search would have to continue on different terms. By now the little shadow dragon was long gone, too smart to stick close to the facility and visual searches by air would be useless. Jack’s team would have to go another route, searching for activity and possible sightings from the public might get them closer. Veyron was likely to go into hiding, holing himself up somewhere unless he had already been picked up by whomever he had been working for.
Ardon landed in the dragon hanger with the others, a little crestfallen that their search came up with no leads.
“Ardon,” called Zyra, seeing the gold stalk off. Comox landed behind her and watched as she hurried after Ardon, trying to get him to cool it.
“Ardon, just stop for a second!” she insisted.
The gold halted and turned to look at her, “What?”
“Don’t make me say it again, Ardon. Your bad attitude is not going to help things. Jack is already likely stressed out enough that Veyron is on the run with information about the base and all of us without him having to worry about you,” she said, catching up to him.
Ardon let out a breath, as usual she was right but it was hard to admit. He glared at the floor in defeat, knowing there was little he could do now. He did not liking having the situation out of his hands.
“Hey, I understand it’s difficult. Veyron pulled one over on us and it is not an easy truth to swallow. We are ALL feeling foolish right now. You were right to be wary of him. You were the one who was suspicious of the wraith the whole time,” she said to try to make him feel a bit better. Ardon gave a slow nod. He had been right after all, it seemed.
“I know it’s tough not having people listen to your concerns.”
“We are all at risk now. Him being on the loose puts us all in danger,” huffed Ardon.
The dragoness nodded and sat up on her haunches, wrapping her arms around him neck briefly in a hug. The male seemed to relax slightly as she let go. “We’ll sort this out, okay? We’re a team, we’ll get through this, you just can’t lose your head alright?”
“Alright,” Ardon, grumbled, giving her one last look before walking off, “I’m going to find Jack, see you later.”
As he walked away Comox walked up beside her quietly. He exchanged a quiet look with the dragoness before moving on, “Night,” was all he muttered as he padded by.
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Inside Torchwood 5 while the dragons searched the team was busy, monitoring all internet communication traffic, keep radar watch of the nearby area and doing a 100 mile search area with field agents being dispatched.
Jack had been kept up to date with developments, Dr Baxter was modifying the sensors to see if Veyron could be detected, while the security teams were out in force with Mark leading a team and going out into the night with vehicles and scanning equipment.
Daniel was briefing Jack on the security measures being put in place and what he had done with regards sending out agents to towns and cities, he also requested ships look and patrol the area which Jack authorised.
“The dragons will be back soon, with Mark out on the prowl there is not much more any of us can do as night is falling, I head off, keep the base at Yellow and security detail patrolling all parts of the base” Jack instructed.
“Will do sir, I wake you if there is anything urgent we find out” Daniel said.
Jack nodded and headed for his quarters, sensing Ardon was nearby and coming back from his patrol with the others.

Ardon walked into their quarters and looked over at the man, who was sitting with his laptop. "Hey, we had no luck outside...." He informed the man.
Jack did not take his eyes off the screen as he looked at the reports from the field agents that had been dispatched, Mark had gone out and was doing patrols along with agents.
“There been nothing from our agents or field agents either, we got a 100 mile perimeter around the base, were watching the CCTV in towns, cities and transport networks as well as increased radar surveillance” Jack replied to the golden dragon.
"No hits yet though?" Asked Ardon, flipping to the floor with a sigh.
Jack shook his head turning the screen off and turning on his chair to speak to Ardon who had flopped onto the floor near him.
“Sadly no, were doing all we can, the base will remain on Yellow alert so we have night patrols, Daniel is sorting it out and you have to use your pass to access areas, were monitoring all internet chat and communications, he is a slippery so and so” Jack said.
The dragon gave a low grumble like far off thunder, "I knew he was bad news..." He said quietly.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Yes, you did, I am sure the others are feeling bad, me included, I opened our arms to that dragon, seems you cannot trust every dragon, seems history has a way of repeating itself it seems” Jack said as he gestured to Ardon to follow him to his bed.
"Its fine, we'll find him soon and sort this out. Hopefully before anything worse happens." Said Ardon, padding after him.
Jack nodded as he got changed into his night clothes, the man then got himself comfortable in bed as the lights dimmed automatically.
“We be searching his room tomorrow for any clues as to what he has been up to, then I guess after the investigation, we will dispose of his stuff or sell the stuff off for charity” Jack said.
"Burn it," grumbled Ardon, putting his head on his paws.
Jack did not say anything more knowing and feeling how angry the dragon seemed to be, he knew Ardon would have ripped that small dragon to pieces.
“I guess you and Vonriir will provide the fire” he asked lightly.
"Gladly. Ugh. What are we going to do for now?" He asked, scratching his forehead.
Jack reached out of his bed and petted Ardon’s head lightly.
“Just take it easy, there is not much more worrying will do, get some rest, sleep and then we start again tomorrow, perhaps do a more forensic look, start from the vent he got out and go there, he so small he might of left clues, he did leave in a panic it seems” Jack said.
"Yeah, he knew that he was found out. Maybe we'll find something small that will point us in the right direction," he replied.
Jack nodded.
“Exactly, take Zyra and Comox with you as well, perhaps not Vonriir, Melina wants to run some tests on him, she’s got a suspicion that despite his immense power and excellent sense of smell and temperament his breed may have poor eye sight” Jack said to the golden dragon.
"Crag backs are said to have bad eyes, I think I heard my dad say something along those lines," Ardon yawned. "I don't know if she can fix that though if it's true."
“Don’t underestimate her and Dr Zyra, anyways we best sleep, Mark is out and about and Daniel is staying up to keep an eye on security matters so for us its resting” Jack said as the lights went off completely.

The next morning Jack had woken up to no news, Mark was still out with his team and there had been no major reports as Jack checked his emails and the screens, Veyron had been cunning enough to evade their detection, Melina had provided her best calculations where he could of travelled but the small wraith was resourceful.
“Nothing to report this morning it seems, I suggested you, Zyra and Comox go out on patrol and start your search by the vent where he escaped, search the area, looking for an y tiny clue where he could of gone, then in the afternoon you can join me looking in his quarters” Jack said to Ardon.
"Alright," said the dragon, getting up and stretching. "I'll bring a communicator so we can be in contact."
Jack nodded in agreement.
“Baxter made you guys some custom-made ear pieces, so use them, they are in with your harness gear” Jack replied.
"Got it. Good luck, Jack," replied Ardon.
“You too, get your team in gear except Vonriir, he be with Melina this morning” Jack said as Ardon left the shared quarters to round up the other dragons.

Melina was up and after speaking with Zyra and encouraging her to get a good breakfast down her for the patrols and investigation work to track down Veyron, Melina buzzed on Vonriir’s quarters, waiting for a response.
The door to the large dragon’s room slid open and Vonriir cocked his head, looking down. "Good morning Professor,"
Melina looked up at the massive dragon and smiled.
“Hello Vonriir, sorry to wake you, I was hoping to do some tests with you today, if your willing of course, do not worry I won’t be asking you to move mountains” she chuckled lightly.
"Am I not needed to help find the little dragon?" He asked, a little concerned.
Melina shook her head.
“Ardon is taking Comox and Zyra around, I think the guy is long gone so looking for clues, no matter how small, which brings me onto the tests which are to do with your eye sight” Melina said.
"Oh, what do you mean, miss?" He asked, bringing down his head close to her to speak.
Melina came forward and gave Vonriir’s scales a smooth, the dragon was massive to her small hands but she smiled confidently.
“Just concerned for your health and wellbeing, if there is anything I can do to help, then I will, I’d just like you to allow me to test your eye sight” the professor asked.
"Sure, sure. I assure you I see just fine, though. Since I was a hatchling," he replied.
Melina nodded as she entered the dragons vast quarters.
“It will not take long, I use your massive screen here to do some of the tests” Melina said bringing out her tablet so she could have remote access to his computer.
Melina looked around and saw Vonriir had stuck some fan mail drawings up of himself done by children, she smiled as Melina spoke.
“Decorated a bit I see, did Ardon fetch those children’s drawings of you to stick up on your wall there?” the professor asked.
Vonriir squinted at them, "Yes he did." He chuckled lightly, "an honour it feels like, to have people around the world draw pictures of you."
Melina smiled as she brought up letters on the screen.
“Ok Vonriir going to be a bit like a human eye exam just dragooned up in size, for you dragon plus” she chuckled, if you move back to the end there and then tell me what letter you see” Melina said.
The dragon plodded over to where she pointed and sat down. He squinted back in her direction. "Letters? Where?"
“The big massive A on the screen in bold, the screen here, its on the biggest size for this test, can you see it?” Melina asked.
"Oh, yes, yes," said the dragon, losing his smile and feeling a bit silly. "Um. A, of course. As you said. The next one is an E. Then P then... N no wait an M?"
Melina looked at the board and seemed a little concerned, he was on the 3rd line and the difficulty was coming through already.
“Ok Von, carry on, until the letters get too small for you, tell me which row you stop on” Melina said kindly.
The dragon read out a few more letters but was now leaning forward and squinting heavily.
"X? R maybe? Whatever the that line there is professor." He said.
Melina looked up and nodded lightly.
“Ok Von, thank you, I do not wish to be rude or offend you but is your breed known for limited eye sight?” she asked approaching the behemoth of a dragon.
"Well, mountain dragons are known for their great sight but crag backs aren't... Really." He replied.
Melina smiled giving Vonriir a smooth on his muzzle and a scratch behind one of lower smaller horns.
“It’s ok, I think we can help you out there, I can’t give you amazing eye sight but we can improve than what nature gave you” Melina said to the crag back.
"Really?" Asked the dragon, surprised.
“You under estimate me dear Vonriir, I give you scratches, pets and smoothing along your scales, you do not think I might have some things up my sleeve” she grinned petting his massive muzzle and continuing to scratch behind his horns.
" I know you are beyond clever, miss Melina. I don't mean to doubt you," smiled Vonriir, enjoying the pets.
Melina smiled stepping back and looking up at the massive dragon before her.
“Take it easy today, we keep you updated and once I’m done I call you, if Ardy does need your help do tag along” Melina said giving Vonriir a kiss on the snout as she left him to his own devices.
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“And on tonight’s show we’ll be hosting…” came the overly loud voice of a talk show host on the television. Veyron blinked, confused momentarily before he realized where he was. With a groan he uncurled himself from atop the cupboard where he had hit, using an old dishtowel as a blanket to help protect him from the thick layer of dust that coated the top of the cabinet. He rubbed his eyes and looked down at the old woman who sat on the dated couch in the living room. This wouldn’t have been his first choice as hideout but he was left with little option during his escape. He couldn’t hide at the first couple houses he found, thinking that the others would be bound to search for him there. Instead he ran through the night and into the next day, catching a lift on the back of a lorry into a town about forty minutes away from the facility. He had jumped off and scoured the neighbourhood, grumbling at its state compared to the places he was used to staying. Next to exhaustion without must energy to look further, he settled upon coming to the doorstep of a small brick sided house.
The old woman’s house would do fine for now. Luckily for the wraith, the woman could hardly see past her nose let alone hear, proven by the obscene volume of the television this morning. He stretched, grimacing at the pain in his wings from the scratches and in his muscles from laying curled up on the hard shelf, hidden by heirloom china and baskets of odds and ends.
With a discontent gurgle, Veyron’s stomach protested its hunger. He could smell toast burning in the kitchen beyond. He looked over his shoulder to ensure the woman was busy with her show before jumping quietly off the cupboard and slunk into the kitchen. Hopping up onto the counter he surveyed the room.
Nearly jumping out of his skin at the sound, Veyron let out a relieved sigh as he realized it was only the toaster.
“Get it together, you’re losing it,” he grumbled to himself, flattening his startled hackles scales down with a sweep of his paw own his neck. He walked over to the toaster and found it was burnt black, nearly as charcoal colored as his own scales.
Winkling his nose he took the toast and tossed it into the bin below the sink. He turned the toaster over and fiddled around with it before resetting the dial to a lower number. He grabbed two pieces of bread and reset the toaster, meandering over to the fridge only to be disappointed by the contents. He settled with picking at some leftovers. Hearing the woman get back up, Veyron dove for cover, hiding beneath the draped cloth covering the dining table.
His green eyes squinted as he watched her shuffle into the kitchen. She marveled at the toast not being burnt, spreading on some jam before toddling back into the living room. Veyron let out a breath. “What the hell am I going to do?”
After some searching, he found that the woman only owned a landline phone and no computer. “How the hell does anyone live like this?” he hissed to himself. He would have to wait until nightfall to risk going out in search of better accommodations as he thought out what the hell he was going to do.
He cursed to himself, resigning to coiling up back at the top of the cupboard to sleep away the day. He had no idea what kind of search party would be out after him. He decided this was a good thing later that afternoon when there was a knock at the door. From his hiding spot he could see into the foyer clearly but he slunk behind a collection of picture frames to watch from the shadows.
The old woman didn’t hear the first knock but the second was louder, more persistent and, Veyron thought, malicious.
He crouched as she got up and meandered to the door.
“Hello?” she asked, cracking it open.
“Afternoon ma’am,” said a man’s voice. “Wraith Tech Pest Control. We got a call that there have been some animal disturbances in the area.”
“Pardon Sweetheart? Speak up,” the woman croaked.
The man leaned in closer, repeated himself impatiently. Veyron spotted him through the crack in the door but could not tell if this was one of Jack’s minions or those of the archive. He didn’t appear familiar but he did not look friendly.
“Pests? Heavens, no thank you,” she said, closing the door as the man tried to interject. Veyron smiled, liking the woman a little more as she toddled back to her chair even as the men called ‘ma’am’ a few times before giving up and moving onto the next house.
The dragon moved to the window and peeked out of the tacky lace curtains. The men were continuing on down the neighbourhood, with another set going across the street. The hunt for the wraith was on and Veyron was at a loss of what to do.
He needed to get to a computer, or a mobile of some sort. He curled back up in his hiding place and concocted a plan to get him out of this mess...
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Jack attended a briefing as David and Dr Baxter sat in to discuss the security of the base, there had not been any sighting of the dragon’s whereabouts and Mark was on his way back in to get some rest, the dragons were out searching for clues by the vent where Veyron escaped.
“The main computer is still checking the airwaves looking for any sighting or anything related on the online web traffic, we also got agents led by Mark out searching the areas, so far nothing has appeared, if he had gone to a major city we would of noticed it” Daniel said.
Jack looked at the reports on his tablet.
“Anything more from the archives?” Jack asked and Dr Baxter shook his head.
“Nothing, they seem to of gone silent again, probably focussing on the clean up operation in British Columbia” Dr Baxter said.
“Hrmm, they warn us then no support or anything, how odd” Jack said signing off a report.
“Keep an eye on the archives, continue your investigations and liaise with Daniel on enhancing our security and surveillance” Jack instructed as Baxter nodded.
“Daniel, security measures in base, I want us on Yellow alert for the time being, continue all enhanced security checks of incoming post, transports and ensure all staff know the security drill and procedures” Jack replied.
“I am already implementing plans including staff searches and ID usage on the doors and restricted areas, all green so far, Mark is on his way in to rest, he should be here soon and he informs me he be out again” Daniel replied.
Jack shook his head lightly, the man seemed annoyed Veyron got past security, although he was second in command the man seemed still reluctant to hand full control to Daniel.
“I chat to him, let him rest and go out again, as long as he is directing the agents on the ground it helps, while you focus on internal security here” Jack said.
Daniel nodded but did not seem too keen on Mark sticking his nose into his line of work.
“It will be done sir” Daniel finally said.
“Good, report again at the end of the day or any news we gather, keep me updated gentlemen” Jack said as Dr Baxter and Daniel left the briefing room.
"Hey, Jack," said Ardon, walking into the room, "any luck yet?"
The man shook his head, finishing the reports on his tablet.
“No sightings or anything really, we got agents looking all over for him, Mark is on his way back in to rest up, the man been out all night, has your search around the vents with your team come up with anything” Jack asked.
"We found a few footprints close by the vent but nothing else. He left no trace beyond the grounds as far as we could find." The dragon said.
Jack nodded lightly, letting out a sigh as he stood up.
“We best make a start on his quarters, search it in detail, have Comox join us as well, I know Zyra can do some work for Melina” Jack said gesturing to the dragon to follow.
Jack would have the room properly investigated to ensure any clue laying about would be found but Jack knew the small dragon had the ability to think on his feet, so tracking him would be very tricky.
Ardon nodded, following after the man and flagging down Comox as he returned from the canteen.
"We're searching Veyron’s room?" He asked.
Ardon nodded, "yeah, see if we can find anything."
"Your working on the Cragback file?" Asked Zyra as she entered the labs and put down a cup of Melina's favourite tea next to her.
Melina looked up from her work and smiled.
“Oh, did not hear you come in, thanks for the tea, no I am working on a solution to improve his eye sight, it is umm quite bad if he was a human” Melina said to the bold wing.
"Really? That's likely why he has to get really close when he speaks to people, so he can see who it is he's speaking with." Replied the dragoness.
Melina nodded lightly but then smiled.
“That and he is a touchy-feely kind of dragon, loves a pet and behind the horn scratch” she chuckled lightly as she typed out a formula on the computer as the computer analysed the solution and the Crag back’s results.
"Are you considering lasik?" Asked the dragoness, "or were you thinking glasses? Considering his hybrid nature glasses might be the safe bet," said Zyra.
Melina nodded lightly.
"Was considering a chemical solution that could stimulate his eye receptors and improve his vision, it won't be perfect and it only enhance his vision 15 to 20%, but better than nothing" Melina said, showing Zyra her initial findings.
"What are the risk factors in a chemical based solution though?" Said Zyra with a hit of scepticism. "We still don't know a whole lot about specific breed standards when we get to that level of complex detail."
Melina nodded in agreement to Dr Zyra’s suggestions and she knew risks involved in creating such a solution.
"True, hence why I am ensuring I get things right, using his blood work and other things to ensure there is no side effects, the computer will calculate a formula" Melina said.
Zyra nodded, "that's good. I am sure he will be pleased with any improvement."
"Yes, better than glasses" Melina said.
"I still think glasses might be your best option. It would bump up the improvement of sight A bit more and there would be no risks. Besides, might give him a sophisticated look," smiled Zyra.
Melina chuckled lightly.
“Perhaps we get some Lenses big enough, I got some contacts to make it work, do not worry” Melina said making a note on her tablet.
The dragoness smiled and touched her nose to the woman's forehead gently before looking over the notes with a sigh. "I'm glad progress is being made somewhere. We still have had no luck finding Veyron. He's likely shipped himself off to an entire new country by now,"
Melina sighed lightly.
“Wish we paid more attention to Ardon’s warning, but he did not seem that dragon, sure he was rough round the edges but not a spy, he was very nervous when I mentioned the archives to him” Melina said to the bold wing.
"Hindsight is 20/20 I'm afraid," said Zyra softly. "We can only learn from our mistakes and hopefully correct this before something happens."
Melina nodded lightly, giving Zyra a small pet on the muzzle before continuing with her work, the woman feeling sad for the path the small dragon had chosen.
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Through the night, Veyron had slunk out of the old woman’s house and scurried under the cover of dark to the bus stop a few blocks away. He waited in the shadows and watched the traffic go by until he heard the whine of breaks come from around the corner. It looked like the one he wanted and as it approached, he coiled himself up and sprung, clinging onto the bumper as it sped past, no passengers to drop off at the stop where he had lurked.
The little dragon heaved himself up and climbed up to the top to the vehicle before dropping down the other side and into one of the windows that had been cracked open slightly for air.
Quick as he could he dashed to under the seats, the three passengers and driver unaware of his entry. He curled up and grimaced at the disgustingly sticky floor, at his level he could see all the dirt and grime tracked in by people’s shoes.
It was a short ride into London and as he approached he felt the conflicting pros and cons of trying to hide in the city rise up in him.
The city may have more eyes but it also had more places to hide….

A drizzly dawn was just beginning to break when the wraith slunk into a quieter neighbourhood. Rows of flats rose up on either side but he picked one with darkened windows and a pile of rain soaked papers at the door. Using his deviously acquired skills he picked the lock on the door and crept inside, holding his breath and listening.
The house was cold, quiet and still. It appeared furnished and upon further investigation he found that it did looked well lived in. Perhaps the owners were just out on vacation and forgot to put a halt on paper delivery. The dragon searched all the rooms in silence and ensured that no soul was present before he let himself relax slightly.
He set down the mutli tool that he carried the whole way from the facility down on the table and stretched his cramped tail.
He dried off with a dishtowel that hung from handle on the fridge as he appraised the potentially useful items in the home.
Just as he noticed a small bowl of kibble with an automatic feeder there was a noise at the back door.
Veyron wheeled around, bright green eyes wide in alarm as an orange tabby walked in and paused in surprise as it spotted the dragon. The two stared at each other for a moment, wondering if the other would make a move.
“Go on,” Veyron finally said, trying to shoo the cat away. Lingering just a bit longer, the tabby finally sauntered away, feeling like Veyron was little threat to it.
Shaking his head the dragon looked around the house further, grabbing a snack from the pantry and sitting down with his thoughts for a moment while he ate.
To his fortune there was a computer sitting on the desk in the den. It didn’t take too long for Veyron to circumvent the password login and get onto the internet. Of course there was no media release about his escape but he searched local reports just in case anything might pop up.
He spent the next hour searching, scribbling down notes from the computer screen onto a scrap piece of paper. Light was beginning to filter in through the blinds as Veyron rubbed his eyes, having been up for over 24 hours. He yawned and ensured all the doors were locked, putting a few odds and ends in front of them. Should the door be opened he would hear it first.
He slunk off to one of the small bedrooms and curled up on the bed, dozing intermittently, waking up at every noise and car that drove past the house too slowly.

“Hmmph!” he suddenly jarred awake, just as the cat jumped off the bed in alarm and darted out the door, evidently spooked by the wraith’s movements. “Ugh,” groaned the dragon, rubbing is face with a paw before looking over at the clock. It read 7:33pm. He realized he must have gotten in a solid hour of sleep in there somewhere between all the startled awakenings.
He walked into the kitchen and saw that nothing was out of place and all the cans were still sitting neatly behind the door.
He grabbed crackers from out of the pantry and sat on the counter, looking over his notes from earlier. With the light fading, he would soon be able to leave the house and get to the first step of his plan. The only catch would be getting the right ears to listen. It was going to be tough but he didn’t have much option right now.
He grumbled to himself as he munched on the crackers before movement on the floor below alerted him to the cats return. The tabby stood in front of the waterbowl that sat next to the kibble dispenser. The water looked a little gunky to the dragon. He wrinkled his nose and jumped down, scaring the tabby back up to the couch where it stared at him with bright yellow eyes.
The dragon grabbed the bowl and jumped back up to the sink, dumping out the stale water and filling it up fresh.
“Hold down the fort, I’ll be back in a few hours,” he said to it over his shoulder before he left out the cat door out the back of the house.
With his paper in hand and a crudely drawn map, the dragon set off in the din of the dimming evening light. He climbed to the top of the building and glided from house to house, flying over the streets that divided the blocks.
His journey took him to the other side of the city, far enough away from his hideout that he felt comfortable enough.
He looked across the street to where a Tesco’s sight was lit brightly. Making his way through the shadows he managed to get through the loading dock unnoticed. It was fairly quiet this time of night, only the graveyard shift crew, stocking shelves and receiving orders. Veyron slunk into the back area and found a hall that lead to what looked like a manager’s office.
Looking over his shoulder the dragon made sure all was clear before he slipped inside the room.
There was a store phone sitting on the desk but the dragon was hoping for a mobile so that his call would be harder to trace. He searched the room, digging through he pockets of the jacket’s that were left hanging off the back of the office chair.
No luck. The wraith growled to himself and crept back out to the loading bay where two men were unloading a truck. With keen green eyes trained on them, the wraith snuck over to the receiving desk and looked through it’s contents before spotting a mobile.
“Yes!” he thought to himself. Just as he reached for it the phone lit up and began to blast a loud ringtone. The dragon dove for cover as one of the men turned and walked over to the desk and answered. The dragon cursed under his breath and watched the man walk off with the mobile before ending the call and putting it in his pocket.
He would have to risk using the store line but he figured he was far enough not to worry too much about them tracing the call. He would be fleeing back to his hiding place moments after anyway. It was part of his plan.
The dragon made his way back to the store office and shut the door behind him, locking it. He hopped onto the desk and picked up the phone, dialing a special number that he had filched from Ardon’s contacts months ago.

Back at TW5 Jack’s personal mobile rang, an unusual caller ID coming up on screen. Ardon lifted his head from what he was doing and looked at the phone.
“Jack….” He said, confused, “Any idea why Tesco’s is calling you at 11 at night?”
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Jack turned and looked oddly at Ardon, then his mobile as he walked up to it cautiously, looking at the caller ID.
He frowned, thinking it was odd and out the ordinary, he did not give that number out freely, it was his own personal number, Jack approached the phone and picked it, dialling 570 on the mobile which would mean Dr Baxter automated tracking machine would go hunting for the call and location.
He pressed the green button and answered the call.
“Hello?” Jack said cautiously.
"Jack? Jack I know you're mad but just don't hang up," a familiar voice said urgently.
Jack listened and recognised the voice all too well, he looked at Ardon and frowned as he replied.
“I must admit Veyron, your very resourceful and clever, I must compliment you on your espionage skills” Jack said.
Ardon heard the unmistakable voice of Veyron on the phone and gave a threatening growl.
Veyron heard it and huffed, "I know exactly what you're thinking but you're wrong. I've been framed."
Jack listened carefully to the small dragon over the mobile as he tried to explain.
“How exactly are you framed, I feel let down plus you got what you wanted, all our secrets to see to that group” Jack said sounding a little bitter but trying to remain calm, hard when your dragon’s anger was boiling through the link.
"I didn't get what I wanted. Ugh humans!" The dragon sounded exasperated. "I told you when I arrived someone was after me. This is exactly what they wanted, to flush me out of hiding,"
"Bull-" growled Ardon.
Jack put his hand up to Ardon’s words to quieten him down, but the dragon was furious.
“You saying the Archives wants you, now why would that be, what have you done to make the archives come after you Veyron, what did you steal or obtain” Jack said to him.
"Nothing!" Veyron hissed. "Maybe I could just be some pawn in whatever game they're playing. I didn't stick around to ask questions."
Jack sighed lightly.
“What do you want Veyron, you upset and hurt a lot of people here, what did you want to say to me, you gone to a lot of trouble to contact me” Jack said over the phone, gesturing to Ardon to go to Dr Baxter’s IT room to see if the machine picked up the phones location.
The line went silent for a moment until footsteps and the sound of a door closing could be heard on the other end of the line. When Veyron spoke again it was at a whisper, "I need you to know that I'm not working for the archive. There is something going on there. I don't know what game they're playing but it's not a good one. Whatever it is I'm not a part of it."
Jack sighed lightly
“Veyron, you need to turn yourself into us, if you want this to end then you need to do what is right, we will find you one way or another and bring you to justice, you need to consider what is noble to do for a dragon” Jack said honestly to the small dragon.
Veyron made an exasperated noise, "are you so blind that you can't see past your own golden hellhounds bias against me? I didn't do this!" He hissed, "why else-"
The dragons voice paused as noises could be heard in the background. "Don't trust the archives. They aren't on your side" was all that was whispered into the phone before the dragon suddenly hung up.
Jack removed the phone from his ear and put it down, as the call ended as Jack shook his head, knowing full well Veyron had no intention of handing himself in, he had decided what he wanted to do and they needed to catch him.
Ardon ran back into the room, "Jack, Bax tracked the number and knows which store he was calling from. There's a patrol car just a few blocks away."
Jack quickly spoke.
"Get to control room and get that car to the shop there, we won't have much time before he scurries out of there" Jack said to Ardon.
The dragon went off to relay the orders, hoping that Veyron wouldn't slip past them and back into the shadows.

The two Torchwood patrol cars who were in the area, were radioed in urgently and sent directions, two large black land rovers sped towards the supermarket’s location, one vehicle going round the back entering the loading yard and the other at the front.
The wraith was about to slink out the bay door when the blue flash of lights made him skid to a halt.
He cursed to himself and looked for a different exit.
Men got out of the vehicles and approached some of the colleagues showing security service badges, these were used as two men entered the store looking for Veyron.
The dragon dashed on silent paws under pallets of stock before he came to a stop in the shadows, bright green eyes searching for an exit. He spotted a door and looked over his shoulder making sure it was clear.
The men looked around much as the night shift manager looked confused as he spoke to one of the officers as they looked about, trying to see any evidence or glimpse of the small dragon.
The wraith saw his opportunity and slunk out of the building silently, running through the dark and away to safety.
Sadly them men were nowhere near the wraith as he vanished from the store, escaping into the darkness, it been a rough scare for Veyron but he was a master of stealth and getting out of a jam, luck favoured the wraith this time round.
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The wraith made it back to his home base a few hours later, panting from hurrying all the way. He knew that he had lost the men just a few blocks away from the store but that did not slow him down. The less time he was on the streets where he could be seen, the better. He crept through the catdoor and let out a sigh of relief. The home owners still hadn’t returned and all his security markers where still in place, undisturbed.
“Meow?” came an inquisitive voice. Veyron looked up to see that the ginger tabby had come down the stairs and was now sitting on the bannister with a curious look.
“Didn’t go well. We’ll try again some other time,” replied the dragon.
He hopped up onto the counter in the kitchen and rubbed his face, tired and at a loss.
Jack had said to turn himself in but he knew that it would mean a likely death courtesy of Ardon or he was be expelled back to Kilara.
Or, he thought, because he knew so much about Torchwood, they would keep him locked up and not risk him being scooped up by the wrong kind of people.
“Ugh,” groaned the wraith. He was truly stuck at this point and had to figure out some way to prove his innocence though at the moment he had no idea how. It was the Archive’s word against his and with his escape from the facility, it didn’t make him look very trustworthy.
The Archives must have not been able to find him since he left LA. Somehow they knew to go after Torchwood and flush him out by lying that he was an accomplice and working with whomever had instigated the attacks. It was a clever plan but they still had not acquired their dragon that had the information they were after.
Clearing his throat the dragon set to making himself something to eat before doing some more research online. When the light began making its way through the curtains did he decide to finally head to sleep. He curled up under one of the beds, an extra safety precaution, and fell into a light sleep and the city woke up around him.

It was late afternoon a few days later when Vonriir had been called back down to the labs. Melina’s order had finally come in for his lenses and she wanted him to give them a try. He was happy to come down, chatting away merrily with the girls as they worked, fitting the lenses into makeshift frames that they had made up. Once they knew which one’s worked they could commission less crude frames that would fit the lenses snugly. While they worked with the glasses, Vonriir was more than happy to supply them with a little entertainment with his story telling.
Hearing tales about him meeting Forge were interesting though he didn’t like to talk about the battles or wars he participated in.
He hadn’t known Forge when he and Tavalia had been together so all the western cragback knew of the silver was his stern, warlord self. That didn’t seem to put off the massive dragon at all, and he spoke of his friend with pride in his voice.
Zyra smiled to herself as she listened to Vonriir’s stories. It was always interesting to hear these kinds of tales, especially when Forge wasn’t much of a talker himself.

"Ok Vonriir, we need to see what lenses improves your vision, be the first dragon to wear glasses but until I can guarantee the solution were developing is safe, these will do for now" Melina said.
The great dragon brought his massive head down. "How do we go about doing that, miss Melina?" He asked.
"Well, we will try these large lenses and show up the letters again and you tell me if it’s better or worse" Melina said explaining as the large lenses were lifted upright.
"Do I just put them on and wear them like yours?" He inquired.
"Yes you do, but before that we got to pick the lenses for you then we will see, you have a sophisticated look," Melina said looking at Zyra with a smile.
The large dragon chuckled at the comment.
"Ok Von, we try these lenses, can you see the letter with, or without" Melina asked him.
The western cragback picked up the glasses and put them on his face, fitting against the broad sweep of his muzzle. He blinked a few times, getting used to seeing through them. He had to hold them in place for they were not yet fitted to his face but he looked down at Melina, smile broadening.
“Lady Melina! These somehow make you an even prettier miss. My, you even have a few freckles on your nose!” he marveled, grinning as even the little improvement in his vision helped. The dragoness smiled, “Oh Vonriir,” she laughed.
Melina grinned chuckled lightly giving Zyra a look, "You flatter me Von, extra pets for you, but we try a few more and see, your suppose to look at the letters not just at my looks,” she smiled kindly.
Vonriir was convinced to try two more sets but found the second was the best.
The dragon looked around when he put them back on. It wasn’t a grand improvement by the doctor’s standards but Vonriir seemed impressed with it. “A E N M X O S K!” he read aloud the rows of letters he had missed before.
He thumped his tail on the ground, pleased. Zyra had to lunge to make sure things didn’t topple as he did so.
“I think he likes them,” Zyra laughed, looking at Melina.
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Melina laughed lightly as Vonriir thumped his tail, Zyra dashing to stop things toppling over from the large dragons thump of a tail.
“I must say Vonriir, you got some clout with that tail of yours, but I am glad you like the lenses, we get it all smartened up for you, but should help you, we make a leisure and action pair as well” Melina said.
"Thank you, professor, I do appreciate it," he smiled.
Melina smiled.
“I know you do big guy, just watch that tail in here” Melina said as she gave Vonriir pets on the muzzle and give him a scratch in the sweet spots on Vonriir.
"Sorry, I didn't break anything, did I?" He asked, looking over his shoulder briefly before returning back to look at her for pets.
The massive dragon gave a happy thrum, loud considering his size.
Zyra laughed and shook her head, "Von, if the world saw you now, they would think dragons all have the demeanour of puppy dogs."
"Now, would that be a bad thing if it were?" He joked back.
Melina laughed.
“Forge would not be impressed, his top dragon thrumming the house down” Melina said giving him one final scratch and smooth on his muzzle, her hands gliding over his scales.
"What lord forge doesn't know won't kill him," replied Vonriir.
“Good answer” Melina said with a chuckle, the large Crag back clearly enjoying the attention from Melina, knowing full well he had her attention and Forge would not be taking any of the pets from him, as Zyra looked on amused more than anything.
A massive dragon, weighing tons upon tons and the strength of immense proportions thrumming happily and loudly to scratches and pets.

Meanwhile in the command centre, Jack had been informed that the small dragon had escaped the Tesco superstore and avoided the agents, however the location was brought up on the large screen in the command centre as Jack, Baxter, Daniel and Ardon were looking up at it.
Ardon’s golden eyes scanned the screen as he looked at the location of the dragon’s call.
"He's hiding out in London," the dragon growled. "Why would he go to such a busy place?"
Daniel responded to Ardon’s query.
“Plenty of hiding places in a big city, a lot of background noise to throw us off, smart more, easier to hide in a crowd than in a field in the middle of nowhere”.
The dragon gave a begrudging hum in response. "I wish Zyra the others and I weren't so conspicuous or else I'd be out there helping find him."
Jack nodded lightly at Ardon’s comments.
“Well, seems his size has its uses, but Melina has given us some approximate details and measurements on how far Veyron could travel and sort of the realistic radius based on Veyron’s habits, she did a psychology evaluation on him” Jack said.
"He agreed to that?" Ardon asked.
Daniel spoke again as Jack did not reply to that one.
“I asked Jack for all dragons to have an evaluation done, to see about your potential risks to staff on this base, it was part of my security review” Daniel said bluntly.
"Even me?" Asked Ardon with a frown as he looked at Jack.
“Yes, you’re not exempt Ardy, though you appeared lowest down the list” Jack winked.
Ardon snorted, settling with that fact but still slightly offended that he of all dragons had to go through the assessment as well.
Jack knew Ardon was annoyed but did not worry about that as Baxter entered the details onto the computer screen as the AI calculated the small dragons radius, using Tesco as a starting point when the call was made.
The Computer took into account Veyron’s behaviour, his psychology report and his breeds natural abilities and would project a distance where Veyron could most likely be hiding.
“Ok Jack, all the details are entered into the system, the computer has given us an answer with an error range of 35- 48% “ Dr Baxter said adjusting his glasses.
"That seems a bit high," said Ardon sceptically, "is that number include him possibly taking transit or hitching a ride? I don't see him running around everywhere on foot."
Daniel nodded lightly as Baxter explained.
“All London buses and transports are fitted with inner and outer CCTV camera’s that feed into Transport of London’s security network, which we have access to, Veyron would have flagged up by now” the man explained.
Ardon nodded, "he's too sneaky," he huffed. "You need to get scent hounds out looking for him or something. "
“Let’s have a look what the computer says” Jack said as Baxter brought up a red ring round the Tesco superstore, it gave the distance of 20 miles which surprised Jack that is wasn’t wider.
“Hrmm, interesting a lot of residential areas in the red ring area” Jack commented scratching his chin.
"It's a huge area and I really don't think he'd stay in one place for long," said Ardon as he surveyed the map.
“Well, we can assume perhaps Veyron would pick a house that is empty or the occupants are away, that would be most logical for him to hide about, as a base of operations” Daniel said.
“That will take a while for the computer to look up records and private areas, some might not be registered” Dr Baxter said.
“Then you best get cracking Baxter, we need to narrow down the search, in the meantime have our agents looking in the red area and be vigilant” Jack said as Daniel nodded as Jack gestured to Ardon to walk with him.
"Jack," said Ardon as he walked with him, "I wish I could be more help with the search. I'm feeling kind of useless."
Jack gave Ardon a pet on the muzzle, “I know you do but we must keep you guys in a positive light, plus you will show up more than a car, did you find anything in Veyron’s room” he asked the dragon.
Ardon shook his head. "A whole lot of ill acquired stuff but nothing useful to the search."
“Anything odd with his stuff, like tools or anything?” Jack asked Ardon, hoping to go over anything with a fine tooth comb.
"There were a few tools that looked like they were from the hangar but nothing big. Screw drivers and stuff," replied Ardon.
“Hrmm, crafty sod, we will have to do an audit check of equipment he might of borrowed as such, as he his possessions, we will have forensic team go through everything then just empty the room” Jack said to the golden dragon.
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Veyron spent the next three days holed up in the house, researching madly and trying to find proof of his innocence. The dragon knew both parties were out searching for him so he ensured that he made no trace. The home owners still had yet to return so Veyron continued to hunker down in the house while he tried to sort things out. It was a constant frustration, being stuck hiding like a criminal. He had left his life in California so that he wouldn’t have to be on the run anymore and now he was right back to his early days, skulking about, always looking over his shoulder. Luckily, at the house, the only one ever present was the tabby cat that seemed to survey the wraith with curious interest. Whenever the dragon would turn to scan the room the cat was usually there, and getting braver with each moment that passed.
His food options were beginning to grow limited in the house the longer he stayed, For lunch he managed to find a can of tuna and opened it while sitting on the island counter. The sound of soft paws made him look up. The ginger cat had jumped up to join him, staring at the wraith with a bit of caution, looking like it would jump away at any moment.
“Cats eat tuna, don’t they?” he asked it, taking a piece on his fork and offering it to the feline. The cat sniffed it, not taking its eyes off him before delicately taking the offered food and eating it.
“Seems like you do,” Hummed the dragon, consuming the rest of the tin before sliding over the can with the tuna water closer to the cat.
Almost with surprised delight the cat took to it and lapped at the contents of the can. The tag on his collar jingled against the tin, making Veyron look up and reach for it.
“Harvey,” he read it aloud, “Well its better than calling you cat.” He sighed, looking out towards the window.
“I feel like I have used up all my knowhow, tricks and things… and now I don’t know how I’m going to get out of this mess…”

Back at the base, Zyra was helping go through Veyron’s room more thoroughly with a team of people as they pulled out everything from his dresser drawers and shelving. They had to go through tons of items, pulling strange things out of a multitude of hiding places. Ardon’s initial assessment was correct, the wraith had filched a number of tools from the hangar. They also found a number of loose papers and a ring of keys that they couldn’t figure out where they belonged to. As they went through his room a number of items belonging to other staff members were found, much to their surprise. Smaller items, many of them electronic in nature but it seemed like the dragon had liked to hoard other things as well, maybe that’s where the tales of old dragons got their legendary hoarding tendencies from.

“There’s where my damn charger went!” Tsked Zyra but as she picked it up from the drawer the thing fell to pieces as if it had been taken apart. “What the heck?”
“It seems like he has a habit of taking things apart and putting them back together again,” said one of the others, holding up the tablet he had been given that had some sort of contraption build into the side of it.
Zyra shook her head, moving on to the other side of the room. A large TV and Sound system where being wrapped up to get moved out of Veyron’s quarters.
“How on earth did he acquire so much stuff in such a short time?” Zyra wondered aloud as she put some items in a box while after going through them for any clues.
“Those credit cards I told you about. I’m sure he took those and has been using them,” said A voice from the doorway.
Zyra looked up and saw Comox standing at the entry to the room, looking in.
“Credit cards? Oh like the one you saw him use at my dinner? I remember you mentioning that… what a little…” her words turned into a grumble.
“Yeah, I told Daniel that he might want to alert anyone in the base to check their statements to ensure no strange charges appeared on their cards since he arrived.”
Zyra shook her head excusing herself from the rest of the team to join Comox out in the hallway, “I just don’t get it. He had everything he wanted here, didn’t he? Why would he do something like this?” she asked with a sigh.
“He likely played us from the beginning. My theory is that he’s working for someone, came here to beg for asylum against an unknown danger, got comfy and earned our trust while he acquired any information he was after then fled when he got outed by the Archives and headed back to his employer early,” Comox explained.
Zyra sat across from him in the hall, shuffling her wings against her sides, “But, Ardon told me the other day he called Jack late at night and tried to say he was innocent.”
“Maybe he didn’t get the information he was after?” suggested Comox, “Or if he gets back into the base he can set something up that he was supposed to? I don’t know, it all just sounds very sketchy.”
Zyra had to agree, “It feels so awful knowing he was doing this under our nose the whole time…” she said sadly. “I thought everyone was just turning their noses up to him because he was different, a little rough around the edges, but it looks like I was wrong,”
“We all were,” said Comox, putting his paw on her shoulder. She looked up at him and gave a small smile.
“Well, I hope we can make it right again,”

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It had been two days since there had been any activity near the house where Veyron was housed up, soar Torchwood and the archives had not been able to locate the small dragon, Torchwood 5 was beginning to send patrol cars to area’s in the red search area the computer suggested, unknown to them, Veyron’s hideaway fell in that red area but the distance was vast.
With no evidence or contact it seemed the small dragon could remain hidden to both organizations as they continued looking, however today this would alter.
The neighbourhood was quiet until a black van with no markings accompanied by two land rovers drove down the street towards where Veyron was housed, they seemed to pull over close to the side streets, obviously, they did not head straight for the house he was in, not knowing where he was.
There was a squeal of breaks outside that made Veyron look up. A dark van had pulled up and men in archive uniforms were getting out.
The wraiths eyes went wide as he cursed, jumping off the counter.
Agents got out the van and the cars, dressed smartly wearing shirt and tie, dark, shaded glasses as they began walking around the street, getting into position to knock on every door on the street.
“Alright knock on the houses, remember the cover story and search this entire street” the lead agent said as the men dispersed, they went in pairs, knocking on doors and when people answered, fobbing the innocent public with the impression they were special agents looking into serious crimes.
The dragon slunk up to the window, keeping low he spied on the men as they travelled up and down the street, knocking on doors.
"How did you bastards figure out where I am? He hissed to himself as Harvey jumped into the window sill to watch with him.
The small dragon remained hidden as the men went from each house, knocking and quizzing the home owners about any strange sightings or anything odd, looking for signs Veyron had been active in this street.
Fortunately for the small dragon he kept a low profile and left little to no clues, it was soon apparent they were merely crossing streets off their list.
Two men approached the house Veyron was in, they were about to knock when 3 more Torchwood land rovers turned up pulling over to the side and gents getting out, Torchwood 5 Agents led by Mark.
The man had a puzzled look on his face seeing the archives also searching.
The wraith squinted as he spotted Mark across the street, talking to the men from the archive. It seemed that both teams had finally spotted each other.
“What the hell, what they doing here” Mark said as he agent shook his head, not knowing the answer.
Mark approached as the lead agent also approached as the men seemed to converge to the middle of the road, this road was not busy but it was attracting attention.
“You the lead guy here?” Mark asked the lead agent who wore a long navy coat.
“Who is asking” came his response.
“Mark, Torchwood 5, this search is on our time, the archives did not contact us about support” Mark said as the other agent looked bemused.
“Perhaps our leader did not trust your people to find the trouble maker, we are conducting searches and doing a pretty efficient job at it, so why not leave this to us” the lead agent said and Mark frowned.
“And wise ass you are?”
“Agent Thornton, on assignment exclusively by the archives, since your leader seems…bogged down in bureaucracy, we are conducting our covert operations, you turning up isn’t helping” the man said as tension seemed to rise among the group.
The wraith could see that things looked like they were getting a little heated, tensions rising out on the street.
Harvey let out a little meow and the dragon nodded, "good idea," he replied, dashing off and returning hastily with an iPad, holding it up awkwardly against the window and set the camera to record, just in case he could use what happened out on the street.
“I think I’ve heard enough of you, go tell your old man in the library that this is Torchwood 5’s operation and for him to keep his goons out of our business, we don’t deal with library keepers” Mark said as the two men stared each other down as the agents around them seemed to get a little tense.
“I do not think you should be talking to me like that you dumb American halfwit” Thornton said bluntly as Mark snorted, unimpressed.
"Harv, I think something is about to go down. It's not looking good out there," he said, wishing he could hear.

“Beat it, take your team with you and move on, or we will take you all in obstructing a Torchwood investigation, then we can hear old scots porridge ****e his pants hearing you interfered in our operations” Mark said back with some anger in his voice, the man not liking Thornton or his goons one bit.
Thornton seemed to give a sly smile, holding his hands up and stepping back as Mark straightened his suit and tie walking back to his team.
As Mark walked away, Thornton drew his gun quickly from his coat, the Torchwood agents shouted as Mark turned and tried to dodge but was shot, Thornton shooting the man 3 times as the agents drew weapons and opened fire as people screamed and took cover.
"Christ!" Exclaimed Veyron, abandoning the tablet at the window and pulling the cat from the sill so he wouldn't be in the way in case more shots were exchanged. Horrified the dragon peeked back up to see what was happening.
Gunshots rang out as Agents took cover, however Mark’s agents were outnumbered as bullets flew, a window smashed downstairs as stray bullets seemed to spray over the houses in the direct line of fire.
Soon there was silence as the agents carried their critically injured into the van and rushed back into the cars and soon the archives sped off, tyres screeching as they took off.
The archives had left destruction, bullet holes riddled the T5 cars, with one smoking and on fire as men lay still, dead, some of the archives agents who had been shot were left there, Mark lay still in the middle of the road as his team lay in ruins.
Veyron dashed to the door and unlocked it hastily, running out into the street amidst the chaos. None of the archive agents remained on scene from his quick assessment.
"Mark! Stars help me, Mark!" Yelled the dragon as he raced over to the man and grabbed his collar, trying to shake him awake.
“Urgh” the man said as he rolled a bit, blood coming out of his clothing, the man was in pretty bad shape as his eyes seemed to flutter open and close as he was losing blood.
"Nope, stay with me," said Veyron, panicked as he patted marks face with his paw, trying to get him to stay awake. The dragon cursed to himself as he looked down at where the blood was seeping. He put pressure on the wound to hold back the blood and reached for his radio to call for help as he could hear sirens far off.

“Daniel!, code 1 Agents down, emergency code activated, local reports coming in that shots fired on Alberta street” the officer in the command centre said as the computer zoomed in on the street.
“Call nearby teams and get emergency services there now, get senior staff here now move!” Daniel said as people rushed around as Agents scrambled to get to their vehicles.
“Jack and all senior staff to the command centre immediately code one, agents down, I repeat Agents down” Daniel said over the tannoy as an alarm sounded.
Jack heard the call and dropped everything as he ran out of his quarters with Ardon in hot pursuit as they made their way to the command centre, hearing Daniel and the alert notification.
Ardon ran full tilt down the corridor with Jack and Melina at his heels, Zyra not far behind as they raced towards the command centre.
Seconds after Comox came skidding to a halt behind them, eyes wide. "What's going on?" He asked urgently.
Daniel turned to the team as Dr Baxter came rushing in as well.
“Shots fired at Agents, emergency beacon been activated sir, Alberta street, outskirts of London, teams have been scrambled to get there, from the information were getting from the airwaves, there has been fatalities” Daniel said.
Melina went wide eyed and put her hand to her mouth before speaking looking horrified.
“Mark was out there Jack with that team!” she said.
"Is anyone responding to their radios?" Asked Ardon urgently as Zyra put a wing around Melina, her own worry mixing with the woman's across their link.
The one operator looked up and shook his head as Daniel looked at him.
“Jesus, Melina, Zyra and Co, get medical supplies and go now as fast as you can, Ardon get your battle harness and tell Vonriir to launch as well” Jack said to the team as Melina nodded as they rushed off to the medical labs.
As they grabbed ear pieces as they headed off, the emergency crash kit was put in the harnesses between Zyra and Comox, Melina jumped on and they shot into the sky.
Ardon galloped to the hangar and hastily got into his battle harness, wings out and open, desperate to get out into the air and go help. "Hurry," he urged Jack, crouching so the man could get up in the saddle.
Jack quickly jump on and spurred the dragon to get moving, Melina, Zyra and Comox had already set off with Vonriir coming into the dragon hanger.
"Go, go!" Called Vonriir, "I'll catch up!"
“Fast as you can Ardon, go for it!” Jack said as the doors opened fully as fighters took off nearby to provide air cover while the dragons were on the ground.
Ardon jumped into the air and flew as fast as he could, his wings beating at a lightning pace.

Melina stayed close to Zyra, to allow her to fly fast, the medical gear was all strapped down in her first response harness, used for emergency medical missions, originally planned for use only in Kilara.
“Fast as you bold wings can go, we need to get there quickly!” Melina said as she kept close to Zyra, allowing her to fly fast without flying off due to the speeds they were travelling.
Zyra, the fastest of the three of them raced again, Ardon not begrudging of her speed for once. The dragoness's wings were a blur as she sped on ahead, hoping that they would make it in time and that their team would be alright.
Melina felt her worry along with the rest of the team, she knew the ambulance crews would do their best but they had to get to Mark, she did not envy Jack’s task of explaining to the agents loved ones if they were dead and Marks family if he did not make it.
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Veyron remained curled up on Mark’s chest, half hidden over the man’s jacket that he pulled over himself as he continued to hold pressure on his injuries. Emergency personnel were racing in but the street was in such disarray that where Mark lay he wasn’t the first one to receive help.
“Just hold on,” hissed Veyron, looking up and wishing someone would help. “HEY!” he shouted, “HEY! Over here!”
His voice was lost in the shouting and noise of the street, no one immediately coming to Mark’s aid.
Zyra was the first dragon on the scene. Ambulances and emergency personnel had arrived but the street was such a mess that it was hard to tell what was going on. Veyron had stayed with Mark, keeping pressure on the wound and trying to keep the man from falling unconscious. Once he heard wingbeats he looked down at Mark with a grimace, “Hang in there you stubborn jackass,” he said before dashing across the street just as the bold wings shadow moved overhead. He dove into the shrubs in the front of the house, not wanting to risk opening the door and drawing her attention. “Melina!” Zyra cried, spotting Mark and diving down to the ground. She landed and ran over as paramedics looked up from what they were doing. “Oh my… Mark!” Melina said as she leapt out of the saddle and rushed over to the man who seemed to be drifting in and out of consciousness. The ambulance crews looked shell shocked and unable to cope with the massacre before them.
Just then Ardon caught up and flew over the street, looking down at the scene below.
"Ardy, land over there, we try and get some organization here, it seems something bad has not just happened here but around the area" Jack said. Ardon did so, landing in the street so that Jack could dismount. There seemed to be no direction going on at the moment and lack of coordination between teams.
"Shouldn’t we be out trying to look for these guys?" Ardon protested once Jack had managed to get some orders out to personnel as they arrived on scene.
"Have a patrol round with Comox, but they be long gone, Baxter will be looking for video footage and reports" Jack said.
Ardon nodded, taking flight again while Jack took charge of the scene.

As Melina knelt down to help, the dragoness leaned down, tilting the man’s head gently to ensure his airflow. “Melina, what the hell happened here?” she asked, looking over her shoulder while Melina worked. It was chaos. One of the vehicles was still burning and the few bodies laid scattered about. It was a mess and Zyra had to tear her eyes away to look back down at Mark. Blood was seeping through his shirt and he was rasping as he breathed. Just then as Melina was patching him up the best she could the dragoness noticed something. On the man’s shirt collar, there was strange blood spatter. Upon closer inspection she saw something unmistakable. Paw prints. Five toed and small, they were unmistakable.
"Mel, there's bloody paw prints on his shirt..." She said as she held the oxygen mask to the man's face.
"Hrmm, from the injuries these are bullets not paws, though it looks very familiar," Melina said as she tried to stabilize Mark.
Zyra nodded in agreement, looking up, scanning the area. Veyron had been here. She couldn’t believe it. This might have been a gun fight but the wraith had been present and there was now their team’s blood on his claws. She held back a low growl and looked back down at the man.
"Will he be okay?" Asked Zyra anxiously, brushing back the hair from his forehead.
"He's been shot three times. He needs a full analysis but he has lost a lot of blood, but his injuries and bleeding out has been stemmed from the little helper," Melina said. Zyra wasn’t sure if Veyron had helped or been the one to instigate this but she didn’t have much time to think about it.
Comox dashed up with a spinal board with a few paramedics following close behind. With the dragons help they carefully lifted the man for transport before the paramedics took him away to a waiting ambulance. One of the other torchwood team members that had raced in at Jack’s command jumped into the vehicle as well. Sirens wailed as the ambulance roared off followed by one patrol car.

Ardon passed over head and Zyrea flagged him down. The gold dragon landed with a concerned look on his face as Zyra filled him in about Mark as well as the other agents that hadn’t been so lucky.
Ardon growled, making to move away and continue his pointless search of the ones that got away when Zyra put her paw on his chest to stop him.
“Ardy, wait. Mark had paw prints on his shirt when we attended to him.
“Veyron?” asked the dragon urgently, turning his golden eyes on her.
The boldwing nodded, “He was here. I don’t know if he was trying to help or what he was doing here but there is no question that he was present when this happened.”
Ardon took a deep breath to steady himself, “Okay, I’ll let Jack know...”

Back in the house Veyron was in a mad panic. With all the chaos outside, this would be his only chance to slip back into the shadows. He grabbed the tablet from the window and fetched his other things before racing to the back door.
There was a questioning meow from the bannister above him. Veyron looked up to see Harvey sitting on the railing, looking down at him.
“Sorry, I’ve messed up worse than I ever thought possible. I have to fix this…”
With that he dashed through the cat door and out into the back alley, running with all he had before the other’s had a chance to regroup and search for him. The coppery tang of Mark’s blood was sharp in his nose, his paws still streaked with crimson. His heart was hammering, the scene playing itself over and over in his mind.
“This is all my fault..”
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“Agents are searching the surrounding area but there has been multiple incidents in the area, the police as suspecting gang meeting that went wrong, police are looking for the vehicles but when the shooting started, no one got the number plates” Dr Baxter said to Jack over his ear piece as the man was asking the ambulance people to keep tabs on the agents who did not make it.
“Can we get anything from the vehicles, one vehicle has had it but the other seems in somewhat good nick” Jack said as he could hear typing on his computer over the ear piece.
“The data is badly corrupted, bullets must of damaged the processors, get a record from the log and bring it back here, I can physically examine it, a digital download might be risky” Dr Baxter said.
Jack nodded as he saw Zyra had taken off to follow the ambulance that had Mark and Professor Melina inside.
A large shadow fell over the street as Vonriir came swooping in, landing as lightly as he could. "Stars above!" He puffed, winded having flown as fast as he could. "What has happened here!"
Jack looked up at the massive dragon, police officers ushering people who were in awe and staring at the sheer size of the dragon before them.
Luckily Torchwood agents had managed to put a media blackout on the area for now, with Baxter blocking electronic equipment from transmitting or receiving anything.
“Trouble, that is what, we lost 8 agents and Mark De Santa is in critical condition, Professor Melina is with him and Zyra is heading to the hospital” Jack explained.
Vonriir shook his head, unable to believe it. "Is there anything I can do, commander Harkness?
Jack looked at the wreckage of the one Torchwood car, it still looked like a car but the glass was smashed, and fire marks had damaged the pain works, the car was a write off.
The other vehicle they could salvage, back at the base, the engine seemed to be ok and large cosmetic damage from the bullet holes and smashed glass.
“I need to get the log recorder from the one vehicle, that one has had it, if you could make it easier for the scrap metal recovery people that be great, the other car we can salvage, id rather not wait for a transport, could you carry it home?” Jack asked.
The dragon nodded, "that I can do," he said, walking over to the vehicles.
Jack pointed to the one that was a write off for Vonriir to sort out, while he went to the other one to recover the data log for Baxter to examine.
The dragon reared up on his hind legs and brought his front paws down on the car, folding it in on itself. The metal crumpled down and the western Cragback made quick work on stomping the ruined car flat. He put his paw on one end and folded up the other with his powerful forearms, muscles bunching underneath his scale as he pressed it flat again.
"There," he said, stepping back.
Jack was in the middle of getting to log out of the car when Vonriir’s immense strength could be seen once more.
“Blimey Von, you made quick work of that, I swear you gotten stronger since you been with us” Jack said to the massive dragon.
"Just a tin can to someone my size," he says, brushing off the compliment modestly.
"Tin can or not you can't even tell it was even a car, really," said Ardon
Jack agreed as he got the data log out of the car and put it safely in Ardon’s harness, he looked up at the massive dragon he stood there awaiting orders.
“Ok, Vonriir, this one is salvageable, gently with this and take it back home, plonk it down gently in the fighter hanger, you are expected by the mechanics there” Jack said moving out the way.
"I'll just meet you all back there?" he inquired as he jumped into the air and hovered over the car.
Jack nodded having to shout over his wing beats as he kicked up air and turbulence around them, the massive dragon was indeed a grand sight to see.
“Yes, get it home and we meet you back there, if we need you I send a message, you sure you can lift that?” Jack asked.
"Yes, yes. Don't worry about this I've got to it. You're got enough to worry about here, commander." said the dragon, taking the car up gently in his paws. It took a few mighty wingbeats to clear the street and get above the houses but soon the dragon made his way slowly away from the road, heading back home.
Jack smiled lightly shaking his head then looking at Ardon.
“Radio Comox to escort Vonriir home, have him report in every 20 minutes until they are home Ardon, I radio to Melina to see their state of play” Jack said unaware Ardon had more news for him.
The golden dragon did what he was asked but lingered for a moment. "Jack, Zyra and Melina found something on mark when they were stabilizing him..." He began.
Jack turned and looked at the golden dragon with concern as he asked.
“What did the professor find on Mark, out with it lad”.
"Bloody paw prints," said Ardon. "Veyron's."
Jack’s facial expression seemed to get sterner as hearing the slithering dragon was here durong the mayhem made him suspicious he might have had something to do with this.
“Was Mark, attack with tooth and claw or was he shot in Melina’s opinion, kind of important, if he did get involved then……..we have to respond accordingly” Jack said as Ardon would feel the man’s anger at the fact Veyron had been here.
"He was here and he was around mark but his injuries were consistent with gunshot wounds," replied Ardon.
“So we know, what he was doing to Mark, any sort of message left on him or what on earth he was doing so close to Mark while he was down” Jack quizzed the golden dragon.
Ardon shook his head. "We don't have any idea why he was there, unless Zyra or Melina have any idea."
Jack scratched his chin in quiet contemplation.
“We best return to base with the logbook recorder, I radio Melina when we are home, Baxter needs this so we can see what the cameras caught” Jack said to the gold.
Ardon nodded, taking one last look around with a heaviness in his heart. He nosed Jack gently to signal that he was ready to fly back.
Jack jumped up into the saddle and got strapped in, he gave Ardon a pat on the shoulder once he was ready for the golden dragon to go, to head for home.
Ardon’s communication headset buzzed and Comox's voice came through.
"Jack," relayed Ardon after a few minutes of conversation, "Vonriir and Comox made it back to base, and he's told me that Zyra and Melina are at the hospital with Mark but things are still up in the air."
Jack nodded lightly as Jack seemed more subdued than normal, feeling anger for Veyron to be there and sadness that one of their own was in a critical condition in Hospital and 8 agents were dead, he was going to find great difficulty doing formal letters to the families of the 8 agents, as well as informing Amanda that her husband was wounded in the line of duty and might not make it till the next morning.
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At the hospital that Mark had been taken to, there was a worried tension in the air. The man had been rushed into emergency surgery, leaving everyone guessing if he was going to pull through. Zyra was left to wait atop the hospital roof, her presence already too much of a distraction and she wouldn’t be able to navigate the halls without issues.
She laid on the pebbled rooftop, nothing to do but wait and worry. A while later she turned at the sound of the roof access door opening. Melina walked towards her, without a smile on her face which distressed the dragoness.
"Mark is in emergency surgery, the doctor in charge I know from university in medical school, he is in the best hands" Melina said to the bold wing.
Zyra dipped her head to Melina and hugged her close with a wing, "We just wait here then?" she asked quietly.
Melina nodded lightly feeling sad but concerned Veyron had been there.
"I get a full report from him afterwards, just worried for him," Melina said.
"Same here, Mel. What a disaster. He's tough though. He will make it, though," she said, not sure if she was trying to comfort Mel or herself with her words, "How long will he be in surgery?"
"Hours Zyra, the bullets went in pretty deep and they see what damage has been done, if you want to return to base then you can, don't want you getting cold" Melina said. Dark clouds were creeping in and threatening to rain down. Zyra could feel it in the air.
"I'll be fine. There's a hotel across the street if you want to get some rest while we wait. I can see a gazebo on their roof I can wait under," offered Zyra. "Or I can fly you home to change," she said, noting block speckled on the woman's clothing.
"If you rush back, get me clean pair of clothes and I book us the penthouse suite so you can come in" Melina said.
"That’s not necessary," said Zyra, giving her lick on her forehead, "I'll be back in an hour or so. Go rest while you can and I'll talk to the boys before I get back.
"You know it will happen so stop acting like Vonriir, just think positive thoughts for Mark Zy" Melina said giving her a pet on the muzzle. Zyra closed her eyes and let out a sigh.
“Of course, Mel,” she replied softly, standing up and spreading her wings. “I’ll be back soon.”

Back at the base Ardon had left Jack be so that he could compile correspondence to the next of kin. He would have their HR representative and Daniel go out and personally deliver the news but there was one that he had to relay himself, once he figured out everything first.
Ardon had cleaned himself up and sat in the dragon hanger after Comox and Vonriir had left, the Boldwing headed to help Baxter uncover what was on the dashcam of the torchwood vehicle. The gold sighed. Even though he and Mark didn’t see eye to eye, he did worry about him and it was hard not to feel the emotions coming off Jack through the link. A sound overhead alerted him to Zyra’s arrival.
“You’re back,” he said, standing up as she landed.
“Yes, just for a moment. Melina is staying at the hospital. Mark’s still in surgery so I’ve come to fetch some things of hers, and Marks too I suppose…” she said, hoping that he’d need them. “How’s Jack?”
Ardon shook his head, “Dealing with it. It’s difficult.”
Zyra nodded, “I’m sorry this happened, Ardon.”
“Don’t say sorry it’s not your fault,” he replied, touching his nose to her forehead briefly before she turned away.
“I’ll contact you guys when I’m back at the hospital and let you know how it’s going,”
“Alright,” said Ardon, watching her walk away. He left to go back to Jack’s office shortly after, walking up just as the man was leaving the room, putting on his jacket.
"Ardy, can you take me to Mark's house please? I think I need you for support" Jack said, the man not often expressing himself with the male dragon.
“Of course, I’ll get my harness…”

The trip up to the air was mostly quiet. It was getting later in the day and the sky was beginning to grow dark though the rain held off for now.
"Do you want me to say anything when we're there?" Asked Ardon quietly as they flew, Jack giving direction as to where to go.
Jack nodded lightly. "Please, might be worth it, if you get a chance to that is, she might be too upset to even listen to us," Jack said.
“He’s still fighting…. There’s a chance…” Ardon said at almost a whisper as they flew. Jack directed the dragon towards a large and beautiful house. The dragon landed in the yard and walked up to the front door with Jack, giving him a reassuring nuzzle against his shoulder.
Amanda answered the door and seemed surprised to see Jack, but the look on her face seemed to go from confused to worried.
"Jack...something's happened to Mark hasn’t it?" she said, reading the man's sombre look he gave her.
"He was injured while on duty today around 4. He's in surgery at Silver Arch Hospital,” supplied Ardon when Jack couldn’t get the words out quickly enough. "I am told that he has an excellent surgeon working with him now."
Amanda tried not to cry as she suggested Jack and Ardon come in, Jack gestured to Ardon to come in through the far larger double doors around the side of the house. The dragon padded around towards the patio but even with the French doors open, it would have been an impossible task to get inside the house without wrecking anything. Instead he laid down in the doorway with only his forequarters inside. He was getting a little big for conventional spaces despite marks house being rather large.
"I am so sorry Amanda, the agents with him were not so lucky." Jack said as Amanda seemed to look like she was going to cry but held it together as she opened the doors to let Ardon in. She refused to sit, pacing the floor with her arms folded against her chest, her hand coming up to cover her mouth as she tried to make sense of it as Jack explained what happened.
"He'll be fine, Mrs de Santa, he's too stubborn not to. I can take you to the hospital now if you would like to wait with us." Offered the dragon kindly.
Amanda looked at Jack and then to Ardon.
"I, I will drive there" Amanda said but Jack shook his head.
"I think Ardon would be better Amanda, please, I can stay here with the kids," Jack said as Amanda shook her head.
"Kids are away with their uncle, it be best not to say yet to them, let them enjoy their holiday," she said as Jack nodded.
Ardon backed out of the house and stood in the yard while Amanda locked up the home and walked outside, pulling her coat tight against the cold.
"I've never flown on a dragon before" Amanda said holding onto Jack's hand as they approached Ardon, she was a little nervous but Jack smiled slightly.
"Ardon is a fantastic flyer, it be very smooth, you go at the front and get strapped in and I be behind you" Jack said gesturing to Ardon to help and encourage. The dragon crouched so that she could climb up fairly easily. She had no grace of a dragon rider but managed just the same.
“We’ll get you to your husband,” promised Ardon as he unfolded his wings once Jack was seated on his back.
With a smooth jump and a stroke of his wings, they were aloft, headed for the hospital, praying silently for Mark’s survival.
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Ardon flew to the hospital and Jack saw Melina on the roof, Jack directed the dragon towards the roof to ensure any media activity there would not capture the dragons easily, Amanda had been quiet throughout the journey as she held on tightly to the straps on the harness.
The woman seemed too focussed on reaching the hospital but Ardon flew magnificently and it was a very smooth and trouble free ride.
Ardon landed on the roof as Melina was there as Ardon knelt to let Amanda off, Melina gave Amanda a hug and thanked Melina for doing her best for Mark on the scene, Melina reassured her he was in the best hands.
The bold wing approached the roof and landed lightly, standing back with a bag of Melina's things as well as items that mark might need. She exchanged a worried look with Ardon.
“Me and Zyra will stay here and keep you up to date, I book the penthouse close by for us but I be with Amanda” Melina said as Jack nodded.
Amanda soon came up to Ardon to thank the large golden dragon for the smooth flight and his kind comments about her husband.
The golden dragon lowered his head to Amanda, "good luck. I know he won't need it though. He's too stubborn to not make it through this. He's got a lot more years ahead of keeping me in line." He said, trying to reassure her with a weak smile.
“Thank you Ardon” Amanda said giving the golden dragon a quick kiss on the snout, she looked back and gave a weak smile.
Ardon leaned forward and nuzzled her shoulder in reply, "tell him Goldie says hi when you see him okay?"
“I will do, thank you again, all of you, just make sure you find the ones who did this” Amanda said to Jack.
The man nodded assertively.
“I will, don’t you worry” Jack said with a resolute tone of voice as Amanda was led downstairs by Melina.
“We will head back to base, keep us up to date with any developments Zyra, keep your eyes peeled just in case” Jack said to the bold wing.
"Yes sir," nodded Zyra. "Be safe, both of you."
Jack jumped back into the harness and gave Ardon a pat on the shoulder.
“Let’s fly Ardy, back to base and get some answers hopefully” Jack said as Ardon shot off and headed back to Torchwood 5.
Once they landed back, Jack went to Dr Baxters labs and handed in the data log, hopefully the man would be able to do something with it and find out what went on during that incident.
Jack went ot his quarters to try and get some work done, as Ardon went to speak to Comox and Vonriir to keep them up to date on the current situation and Mark’s condition.

From his new location where he hid himself away Veyron dialled jacks number once more. If he couldn't convince him this time, he didn't know how he ever would.
Jack’s mobile went off again, this time it was an unknown number, he had a suspicion who it could be and did the same trick again so the computer could track it.
Jack answered the phone and slowly brought it to his ear.
“You phoning to gloat or to brag about what happened today” Jack’s tone of voice was stern with anger, the dragon had the cheek to phone.
"No, Jack, why would I? Nothing that happened today would be something to be proud of..." Came Veyron’s voice. "Is ... Um, Did Mark make it?"
Jack listened in carefully before he replied, giving a pause in his response.
“He is alive, barely, he’s at hospital in surgery, 8 of my other men were not so lucky… were there and I want to know why” Demanded Jack.
The wraith was silent for a moment as he tried to figure out how Jack knew he had been there. "Chance," replied Veyron. "I assume Mark was looking for me, as well as those guys from the archive that attacked them when they crossed paths on the street."
Jack frowned, Veyron had no proof of this and to accuse the Archives of being involved felt like he was trying to sliver out of trouble yet again.
“What, what are you going on about” demanded Jack.
"The men that attacked Mark and his team. They were from the archives," Said Veyron, "they got into an argument on the road and then the other men opened fire. I recorded it. I've sent the file to your email."
Jack seemed annoyed but he opened his email on his computer to find the anonymous address and an attachment, as Jack opened it showed what happened and although it was not best quality, Jack could see what was happening.
“So you filmed this to gloat about it, to gloat at Marks injuries and us not being able to find you” Jack said.
"I'm not doing this to gloat! I didn't start this! Its proof I didn't do anything!" Veyron shouted.
Jack watched on as he felt his hear race, seeing the archives there and the one agent shooting Mark three times and the fire fight, he heard a meow and Veyron jumping for cover.
"...Jack? Did you see it?" was all Veyron could say, unsure of how the man was on the other end of the call.
Jack composed himself and spoke, “ yes, yes I am here……I seen it” Jack said, he was feeling anger and horror, seeing what he saw, normally the man was a rock and pretty cool headed in these types of situations, but seeing his staff brutally attacked by allies, the same team made him feel funny.
"... maybe now you can spot who these guys are and bring them to justice," said Veyron, "It's the archives as I said."
"What's going on?" Came Ardon's voice as he walked into the room, beckoned by the strange feelings coming through his link with Jack.
Jack seemed to put his hand up to ask Ardon to be quiet.
“Since we cannot track you, as our computer has stated, what you planning to do, if this video is true, that is a serious allegation to the archives Veyron, will you return to torchwood 5” Jack said.
The dragon was silent for a moment, he could hear it in Jack's tone that he still didn't believe him, "Not until my name is cleared completely. I'm working on it."
"He's lying, Jack. Why else would he be there to record this. He knew what was going on," rumbled Ardon.
Jack seemed to agree, why would Veyron do this, for all they know, he could of instigated it, the recording did not prove his innocence.
“If I offered you Amnesty, would you return to base, I ensure you are not arrested, you can clear your name here” Jack said as Ardon gave him a scowl.
"Jack, no." hissed Ardon. "What the hell are you thinking?"
Veyron wanted very much to no longer be on the run but he knew it wouldn't work out well for him, this move if he took it. "I can't, not yet."
Jack nodded lightly.
“Then you must understand we will continue looking for you, with more intensity than before Veyron, I cannot allow you free reign, I hope you can find that evidence, until then we be out in force looking for you” Jack said.
Veyron wanted to fire something back but he held his tongue, "You won't find me. Don't bother wasting your resources on me. Uncover what the Archives are doing. That's the real threat, Jack."
Jack listened in and shook his head lightly.
“I look into it, but sorry Veyron, we cannot stop looking for you, we will find you, I can assure you Veyron…good luck” Jack said as he hung up, looking at Ardon.
"You offered him Amnesty, after what happened?" asked asked with a snort.
Jack looked at Ardon putting his mobile down.
“You need to prove he is lying then, until then, double our efforts to find him, ask Comox to monitor all internet traffic and CCTV, he must be found, in the mean time I will check if this is genuine” Jack said assertively.
Ardon shifted his weight from one paw to the other, "alright," he agreed reluctantly.
Jack nodded.
“I speak to Dr Baxter and he is going to analyse the dash cam footage, then we will see, fingers crossed for Mark as well, if he dies….I will tear this city apart to find that wraith” Jack vowed.
"He won't die. He can't, you pay him too much to," Ardon tried to turn the mood around.
Jack gave Ardon a look and folded his arms.
“That funny Ardon, now we got work to do, come along” Jack said assertively as he left his quarters, sending the video for analysis by Baxter, to see if Veyron’s footage and the dash cam footage matched up, if they did not..Veyron would be in a lot of trouble.
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Ardon’s weak smile disappeared. He knew now was not the time for joking but it was hard in this difficult time and a little bit of humour was how he tried to cope with the stress. He followed Jack out, trying to be supportive as he could as everything seemed to be crumbling around them.
The day ended with the good news that Mark had made it out of surgery but they still knew he was not out of the woods yet. The team were all worried for the outcome of what would happen.
Zyra stayed with Melina out at the hospital, having someone there with Amanda was a good idea and the Boldwing could relay any updates to the team.
Frustration had taken a hold of Ardon as the hours ticked by. His bright golden stature didn’t make him very stealthy and it would be too conspicuous to go patrolling in the city, even though Veyron could be anywhere by now.
Comox and Baxter were working diligently trying to figure out where Veyron had placed the last call or where the email had been sourced but the dragon was getting crafter. Wherever he was he had the means to cover his tracks. It was infuriating that they had gotten so close, only to have him slip away again.
Ardon kept thinking about the bloody paw prints on Mark’s clothes. He had been there, within reach doing hell knows what and they still managed to miss him. Comox had said not to beat himself up over it but there was little he could do than have dark thoughts cloud his mind.
Veyron indeed had left the house he had called home during the last week and holed himself up in a commercial industrial area. It wasn’t ideal but he had the equipment to work with and make the call before he would set up for his next plan. He didn’t know if it would work, or even if he had all the information correct but there was nothing else he could do. He had no other options to exhaust. This was it.
“Stars, just let this work,” he sighed to himself, leaning up against the wall after the telephone call with Jack had gone sour. He needed to clear his name and now, even more then that desire, he needed to bring whoever was puppeteering the archives to their knees. He had unintentionally brought this all down on their heads, he needed to make it right…

“Zyra? Are you there? I can’t see anything.” Said Ardon, later that night as he set up a video call with the dragoness who was still at the hospital in central London.
“Sorry, it’s dark,” came her voice and the sound of shuffling as she moved over to a better spot. It was still dark but he could make out the gentle slope of her muzzle as the camera adjusted.
“Where are you?”
“Still atop the hospital. Melina set us up at the hotel but where still here. I don’t want to go far,” explained the dragoness.
“But isn’t it raining?” asked Ardon, a little worried.
“Not anymore. It’s a little cold but Melina brought up a blanket for me. I’ll be fine don’t worry.”
The gold dragon gave a little hum, knowing she couldn’t be swayed to go wait in the warmth of the suite that Melina had got for them while the professor still remained at the hospital. “Any news?”
“None yet, sorry Ardon. He hasn’t woken up. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing though. It may take a while. Mark went through a lot.”
Ardon sighed, “How’s Amanda holding up?”
Zyra shifted and the display adjusted again so he could see the green of her eyes reflecting in whatever light was atop the building.
“She’s… hanging in there the best she can. Melina’s been inside with her mostly but she comes out here for a breather every once in a while. She looked ragged which I can’t blame her for that. I think it was good that she saw that we were here though, and when you and Jack visited. She knows she’s not alone in this. They still haven’t told their children yet.”
“She’s waiting till he wakes up,” supplied Ardon, knowing the consequences of the alternative.
“Yeah…” sighed the dragoness. “Have Baxter or Comox found anything with what they were given?”
“I haven’t heard anything yet. They’ve been working through the day. Veyron called again.”
“What?” asked Zyra suddenly more alert. “What did he say?”
“He showed Jack footage he recorded from the incident. Mark getting shot and the other agents going down…. Jack said it wasn’t easy to watch.”
“Why would he do that?” the dragoness sounded horrified.
“To prove his innocence. If anything it proves he was there and did absolutely nothing. I think it was a set up. He must have lured Mark’s team there somehow, leading them into a trap against whoever he’s working for. Jack offered to let him come back here and clear his name but for some reason he wouldn’t take it.”
“Snake,” Zyra hissed darkly. Ardon was surprised at her tone and she seemed to notice. “Sorry, Ardon. It’s just this has been… its been..”
“…yeah. Exactly. Its just hard to deal with.” She agreed.
“Do you need me to bring you guys anything?” offered the gold.
“No, I think we’ll be fine. Keep your notifications on loud. I’ll ring you if there is any updates. Please do the same if anything comes through on your end.”
Ardon nodded, “Of course. Talk to you later.”
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Melina had gone to speak with the doctor who operated on Mark, Amanda had gone to get a coffee, a nurse was with her to ensure she was ok, Melina admired the woman’s resolve, she kept quietly hopeful her husband would pull through.
“Doctor, I am glad I caught you” Melina said seeing the man there who smiled kindly at her.
“Hastings wasn’t it, sorry it has been late” Melina said as the man nodded.
“Yes, we did our best, he is a very lucky man… you must of reached him in time with your dragons to stem the bleeding in that one area” Hastings said making Melina confused.
“Block the bleeding?” she enquired.
“Yes, there is evidence that a lot of pressure was applied to the abdomen, where most of the blood from Mr De Santa was lost, one of your dragons must of applied pressure that stemmed the bleeding, he is lucky, if he lost another pint of blood then we would not be here talking” Dr Hastings said as Melina went quiet.
“Veyron…” she whispered.
“Excuse me professor?” the man asked.
Melina soon snapped out of her day dream.
“Oh, sorry doctor, just glad to hear everything went ok” she said.
“Of course, we managed to remove the bullets too, strange shape for bullets I must say, I use to do some ballistics work, you know back in our university days?” the man said as Melina looked at him with an inquisitive look.
“Yes, I remember best in your class, what was strange” she asked him.
“The shape, diamond like head very sharp, designed for very efficient killing from my records, never seen a bullet like it, we were lucky the bullets fired at Mr De Santa could have caused a large more damage if we had not operated sooner” the man said as Melina seemed to ponder something.
“Professor?” Dr Hastings asked seeing the woman’s mind wander.
“Can I see the bullets in your labs please, it is urgent” the professor said as Dr Hastings nodded, he led her to the infirmary’s lab where the bullets had been taken.

Melina went running up to the roof with important news that Jack had to know, she rushed up the stairs to the roof where Zyra was.
The boldwing got to her feet as she felt Melina's urgency through the link; worried green eyes on her she approached.
Melina had come running up to the roof to see the bold wing, she seemed to be concerned with the look on her face confirming it.
“Contact Ardon immediately, Dr Hastings showed me the bullets fired at Mark, I seen them and quickly analysed them, they are standard issue and only one organization uses them” Melina said to Zyra, urgency in her voice.
"Who!" Asked the dragoness as she reached for her tablet and pressed the golds contact info.
“The torchwood organization, but the bullets had been enhanced and edited, pretty new..the only place upgrading their forces is the archives” Melina said.
"Veyron has been saying this whole time that it was the archives," said Zyra as Ardon suddenly picked up the call.
"What is it?" He asked.
“Ardy, where is Jack, we have evidence the Archives are in London, the bullets retrieved from Mark are Torchwood issue, the archives have modified the bullets, stop Jack contacting the archives, plus Veyron stopped Mark dying, the bloodied paw, he applied pressure to one of the wounds” Melina blurted out all at once.
Ardon seemed dumbfounded by the information and blinked as he put it together.
"Ardon!" Hissed Zyra, spurring the gold into action. He turned and taking the tablet with him, went down the hall to the man's office. "Jack! Jack! Melina and Zy have urgent news," he said before relaying the information.
Jack had been looking at reports when Ardon came running in with the tablet, he spoke about what happened.
He took the tablet off Ardon and spoke to Melina.
“Your sure of this professor” Jack said as he had a serious tone of voice.
“Yes, the bullets match our standard arsenal of weapons, I’m no weapons expert but Torchwood issue” Melina said.
Jack frowned and seemed to take a moment to think of the next course of action.
“Ok, you two stay there, I get Daniel to send agents to the hospital for Mark’s protection, just in case the Archives want to get at him, ensure they all have Torchwood passes, the password is Zodiac, anyone who doesn’t know it or says it incorrectly must be dealt with” Jack said.
Melina nodded.
“Ok Jack, we will keep our eyes peeled” Melina said as the communication ended.
Melina handed the tablet back to Zyra.
“Keep your eyes out, we got back up coming, Jack says anything that is hostile, we deal with it…. deadly force if needed” Melina said assertively.
"It's been so quiet since the attack; do you anticipate another?" Asked Zyra worriedly, wishing she had brought her proper gear.
Melina shook her head.
“Doubt it, I reckon they kept quiet as they plot something but keep alert, I’m going to check on Amanda” Melina said giving Zyra a quick pet on the muzzle before heading back inside.

Back at the base Jack was speaking to Ardon on what their next action would be, Daniel had dispatched a team of agents to the hospital to give mark protection.
“We need to get Baxter’s evidence, if what is going on is true, this is very serious” Jack said to the golden dragon who nodded in agreement.
The sound of racing talons preceded Comox skidding into the command centre.
"Ardon, Jack, we managed to work with the corrupted data and get the recording! It was archive team members that fired on Mark and his men."
Jack looked stunned hearing this news, it meant Veyron’s recording, combined with the film reading and the bullets meant the archives had fired upon their team, ending 8 lives and leaving his second in command crippled.
“Veyron was telling the truth, something sinister is going on there, all this evidence cannot be ignored, get the Archives on the horn…NOW!” Jack demanded as the operators rushed to their posts and began typing away.
"Baxter is working to lock out our data and system access from them as we speak," explained Comox.
Ardon cursed to himself, turning his gold eyes back to the screen.
“Ensure Baxter informs the other branches, just in case the Archives makes a dash for anyone’s systems, go help Baxter Comox, Ardon, we contact the archives in the private suite” Jack said gesturing to the golden dragon to follow.
The boldwing nodded, dashing off to go aid Baxter as Ardon turned to follow Jack.
"What are you going to say to them?" Asked the dragon.
Jack looked at Ardon.
“Demand a dam well good explanation and then demand them to stand down and to be put under investigation” Jack said assertively.
Ardon could feel jacks anger rising through the link but kept quiet, following him at a quick pace towards their quarters.
Jack typed on the computer keypad and sent a priority one message to the archives, he tapped his fingers on the polished wooden table as they awaited a reply.
"I doubt they'll give us a straight answer, or deny it all together," said Ardon quietly as he stood beside Jack, waiting for the call to be picked up.
Jack nodded lightly to Ardon’s comment.
“Or they won’t answer at all, which will make me even more suspicious, still we get answers from them, even if it means we attack their HQ in Birmingham” Jack assertively said.
Ardon turned to the man with a surprised look. Attacking them outright was not what he expected as an option, not that the dragon had opposed the idea.
Soon the screen came on and Malcolm appeared, looking his usual grumpy self as he looked at Jack with distain.
“Why are yooou bothering me at this godly hour, can you see I’m working here, I am not at you beckon and call, I have work to do2 the man said abruptly that seemed to make Jack frown.
The dragon growled at the man's sudden abrupt response. "We have every right to call, Malcolm. It's not like the archives are off limits to us."
The man seemed to shake his head in response to Ardon as Jack spoke, his tone assertive.
“Malcolm I have serious allegations involving the Archives that I demands answers for, I cannot let this past considering the seriousness of it”.
Malcolm responded in the same abrupt tone of voice.
“Cannae see I’m busy here? I got a to do list longer than family of five’s shopping list, I cannot answer accusations or mere speculation!”
“I believe that I have the right to contact you or any Torchwood organization, especially this seriousness that has led to fatalities of my staff!” Jack said sternly as the man dismissed his concerns.
“Jack, I think you are exaggerating any potential issue, I think you need a break, hunting for that terrorist dragon has put you on edge” Malcolm said turning the issue onto Jack, Ardon would have none of it.
"Stop trying to turn this around back on him," growled Ardon, "We've uncovered things that point directly to you. Stress or not, it doesn't change that."
Jack nodded lightly.
“The allegations and evidence we have is that your agents were in London and opened fire on our security teams, leaving 8 dead and one man severely wounded, I want to open a full scale enquiry into the affairs of the archives and your accounts” Jack demanded.
Again, Malcolm waved this off in a dismissive manner.
“You have no authority over me, I run the archives and I do not recognise your authority here, how dare you even suggest us to answer to you!” Malcolm exclaimed not impressed with Jack or Ardon.
Ardon looked unimpressed.
"Jack has full authority over the archives so you'll just have to give up that attitude," replied Ardon, "The archives should have no worries with submitting to a full investigation if they have actually done nothing wrong and are innocent."
Malcolm seemed to get more irritable and aggressive the more the conversation went on, as Jack explained the evidence and how archive Agents opened fire on them, the archives leader refused to believe the evidence.
“Perhaps we had agents in the area, to catch this elusive dragon you and your team who carries secrets to our organization is running around London, your dragons rather than eat and sit on the scaled arses all day, perhaps they should be looking, you show a chronic contempt and incompetence Mr Harkness” Malcolm accused the Torchwood 5 leader.
Ardon held back a growl.
"I don't have some magic control over every dragon as you seem to think. He wasn't one of ours and if you can be brought down by a creature no bigger than a house cat to think the blame falls on you.
“I am ordering you to hand over all information and submit to a formal investigation on my Authority Mr Turner now” Jack assertively said.
Malcolm shook his head.
“What part of no don’t you get lad?, I will not submit to this threatening behaviour and I do not recognise your authority over us” the man said defiantly.
“Then I will have to make a raid on Archive property to obtain answers for the investigation of the archives” Jack said.
“You threatening me..lad..big mistake if you think you can bully us, I will not submit to this extortion and this is an act of treason against another Torchwood organization” Malcolm protested strongly.
"Id like to know how you think we're committing treason, were investigating likely leads to the deaths of a number of our own." Snapped Ardon
Jack nodded lightly.
“I will be getting answers Mr Turner, I will do a raid on your facility, I will get answers with or without your cooperation Malcolm, I will get to the bottom of this, I suggest you cooperate and allow us access” Jack assertively said but it got a negative reaction from the archive leader.
“Do not threaten us, we will resist any attempt to be blackmailed, if you come to raid, we will respond with force to defend ourselves, you have been warned, approach our facility and you be committing treason against another organization branch” Malcolm said as he cut Jack off abruptly.
Jack folded his arms and shook his head lightly in disgust as he looked at Ardon for his two cents.
"With that level of denial I think he knows the game is up," said Ardon, turning to the man.
Jack scratched his chin.
“Or, they feel they can defend themselves very well, considering the evidence of new weapons, I get Daniel to assemble a strike team and inform the EA about this, they will not be getting away with it” Jack said.
"What can I do?" Asked Ardon, not wanting to have Jack manage this on his own.
"Well, I do not know whether to bring in Comox, Vonriir and you, if they are armed, I cant risk you guys" Jack said.
"This is what we're here for, Jack. You can't expect us to sit here and wait for it all to go down," replied the dragon firmly. "We're coming. I'll ensure everyone's gear is in order."
Jak smiled, feeling confident his dragon stood by him and was willing to go into the lions den with him.
“Ok, ensure Comox is ready and Vonriir too, we need the guys strength and bulk” Jack said.
"Should I have everyone get outfitted now?" Asked Ardon.
Jack shook his head, not wanting to rush off into battle yet.
“No, I must gather Daniel and senior staff and plan an entry, in the meantime, you can tell Comox and Vonriir to get ready for battle, Vonriir’s armour is arriving tomorrow so he will be fitted with that” Jack replied to the gold.
"Lucky break." Nodded Ardon. "Alright, I'll ensure everything is in order. Call if you need anything," said the dragon before hurrying away.
Jack brought up the plans for the archive facility in Birmingham, the facility was an old surveillance and communication base outside the city, away from civilians, the archives had upgraded it to store big vaults for storing records.
Jack contacted the control room as one of the control room staff answered.
“Send a priority one message to Amelia at the EA, explain we will need their help in dealing with an internal problem, send her call through to me in this room please” Jack said.
“Yes sir, will do” said the operator as Jack went back to studying the plans.
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Since the last failed conversation with Jack, Veyron had set plans into motion. The wraith, who had never been one to think about the consequences of his actions affected other people, was now feeling the guilt of what happened in front of his hide out house. Eight lives were lost and Mark could potentially be added to that tally if he didn’t pull through surgery. It was his fault that both parties had been out in force looking for him. He hadn’t been honest with those who had given him refuge, thinking that it would complicate things and result in his expulsion to either Kilara, or even worse, back into the hands of the men who originally had come looking for him.
Back in LA he had lived a life of hiding in plain sight. He reveled in it, lapping up the luxury he found at other people’s expense.
His days of anonymity grew to a halt when two men had managed to catch him by surprise and corner him in one of the shops he frequented in secret to pilfer stuff from.
The meeting was strange, dressed in sharp, dark clothing he could tell that these weren’t your average citizens, and they had a strange logo emblazoned onto their badges. He had been cornered but instead of being surprised at finding a dragon down one of the far aisles of a local grocer, it appeared that they knew who they were looking for.

They wanted him to pretend to be interested in joining the other dragons in the UK and gain access to the hidden facility. They had offered him everything he could think of in exchange of getting certain information. The wraith had been suspicious from the moment he had spotted them and declined but the men had persisted. They managed to find him a number of times, insisting on him taking up the job, their offers of reward getting more and more alluring.
Veyron had disliked the look of them and the feeling they gave off made him uneasy. He knew of Ardon and the others, just as the world did but infiltrating the place that kept them safe for these unknowns seemed like a bad idea, no matter how great the reward got.
Between these strange meetings, Veyron set to finding out who these men were. It was no easy task and the most he could discern from the logo on their badges were that they worked for something called ‘the Archive’
The more the dragon said no, the more aggressive the men became whenever they found him, no matter how hard he tried to evade them until the day they discovered the penthouse he had been residing in. It was only sheer luck that the click of the door handle had woken the wraith, sending him scrambling as the men swarmed the ritzy apartment. He only just managed to hide away, peering out as he saw that this time the men had come with backup and equipment for his capture.
That is what sparked his escape from California. The dragon had left in a hurry, grabbing his bag of items and fleeing once the men had left the penthouse, unable to find the dragon.

Veyron was now sitting in the back of the lorry, leaning against shipping crates as the truck bumped along the road. He had caught a ride by reviewing shipping documents in one of the warehouses he sought refuge in during his stint in the industrial area. It hadn’t been all that hard to sneak aboard. The labourers there didn’t seem to be too observant and he had been loaded onto the lorry with the other cargo before they shut the sliding door and the vehicle rumbled to life.

Now he sat in the near pitch black of the trailer, lights only coming and going with the street lamps outside. He felt the vehicle shift as it slowed and made a final turn. Veyron waited until the trailer backed up to loading doors and the back opened up. Between the pallets unloading he made a dash out of the lorry and into the night.
He gathered his bearings as set out into the dark of night, heading for where he thought the Archive building would be. He hitched another ride by hopping onto the back bumper of a car as it waited at a stoplight, trading vehicles to get close to the outskirts of the city as possible.
His journey took him most of the night and into the early morning hours just as the sun was beginning to rise. The city was waking but he was only just beginning as he got to the city limits. The wraith scuttled down the road with his items tucked into a pouch that he slung over his back with a shoelace. It was makeshift and not to his liking but it worked and it was all he had to work with at the time.
“Ah, there you are,” he said, breathless from his hast as he spotted what he guessed was the building he was after. It looked unassuming from the outside but Veyron knew that the place would be armed to the teeth. He waited in some shrubs to watch and catch his breath. He planned to wreak as much havoc as possible but breaching the building would be the most difficult task ahead of him. He took the much off his back and dug through the contents, making sure he still had everything.
Multitool, USB drives, wire cutters were included in his collection. The items weighed him down but each were necessary for what he had in mind.
"Alright," he said to himself, taking a deep breath as he looked up at the building, "Here I come..."
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“Torchwood 5 will be here soon, sending a raiding party, I refused all of Jack’s egotistical crap but he is coming and he will bring a raiding team here” Malcolm said as he was speaking into a unmarked Laptop, there was no image on the screen apart from a glowing green background that seemed to pulse light and dark with a online logo flashing in the left hand corner.
Malcolm Turner was now preparing for Jack and his branch to raid the base, he had already ordered the mobilization of the defence turrets which were now positioned all around the facility as well as on top of the buildings.
The voice on the other side spoke but it was distorted and seemed to be scrambled so no one could track it, even the laptop itself seemed to have a code machine attached to it so it would scramble the signal so not even Baxter could track it.
“So, Jack thinks he can storm your offices, is he aware of your newly acquired equipment?” the voice asked as Malcolm paced the small room he was in with the laptop on a table.
“No, we did not share that with any of the branches, the core of the defences is here” Malcolm responded.
“Good, then utilize them to deadly efficiency, you have the upper hand, it will be Jack’s misjudgement that will cost him Torchwood 5, once it is over you will action a seizure order of all Torchwood 5 assets due to the traitorous actions of commander Harkness” the voice said.
Malcolm seemed to stop his pacing as he looked at the screen.
“What about that dragon, it has not been found yet, my agents continue to look for it”.
“It is now irrelevant considering what will happen in the next few hours, prepare your defences and emerge victorious, with the weapons you have acquired you shall find the raid an easy encounter, use surprise to your advantage Archive leader” the voice said.
Malcolm nodded lightly.
“It shall be done, I will ensure we are successful” Malcolm said with resolve in his voice.
He was about to shut down the laptop but the voice spoke once more to him.
“Remember Malcolm, I will be watching your actions, do not disappoint me” the voice said before the laptop powered down.
Malcolm seemed to suppress a shiver as he packed up the laptop and carried it to his office, there he kept it locked up securely and away from prying eyes.
Once he did that this there was a knock on the door as Agent Thornton walked in and nodded to Malcolm.
“What is the defence preparations “Malcolm asked bluntly as he sat at his desk, while the man before him stood.
“Turret defences have been mobilised and are in position, a mixture of laser and bullet turrets, plus rocket turrets which are new to us” Thornton explained.
Malcolm nodded in approval.
“What of our forces, I want this place more secure than fort Knox” Malcolm assertively said.
“20 venom MK2 gunships are ready, I am mobilising the APV units Gamma, epsilon and Alpha are being mobilised and strategically placed in spaces around the facility to prepare for a air or ground offensive, I am also dispatching security teams to also secure entrances, the large doors will be sealed and the large heavy duty blast doors will close up” Thornton said.
“Well, carry on then, inform me when radar picks up T5 units approaching, I want this library ready, there must be no quarter given” Malcolm said as Thornton nodded and left the office to prepare the defences.

Veyron had a difficult time finding a point of entry on the building that wouldn’t subject him to being seen or detected by any of the security defences or staff. Finally he managed to scale up the building, lugging the bag he had with him until he got to the roof where there was aluminium soffit that had been pushed aside but birds for nesting. He scrambled inside, avoided the disgusting spots, fouled up by birds. Through here he could gain entry into the building and get to work. It was only when he finally got into the main part of the building did he come to a halt. As he peeked down from the ceiling into the lobby below he could see a number of defences built in.
“Jesus,” he muttered to himself, counting the potential dangers that were below. The Archives were armed to the teeth. Why would a data firm need this level of protection? He shook his head as he noticed a number of other things that would make his task an ever-growing challenge.
Veyron had entered the massive storehouse which revealed what the Archives had acquired, the armoured vehicles, weapons and fighter craft all brought in ready for battle.
Security guards were marching around the facility as well as the roar of the Armoured personnel vehicles as they were now being dispatched and positioned in preparation for the attack, men could be heard shouting giving orders to the drivers of these metal beasts as some moved out outside to take up their positions.
“Get these vehicles moving, activate defence turrets!” came Thornton’s voice to the other officers as more vehicles seemed to get powered on as drivers rushed to their positions.
Suddenly there was a burst of activity as Veyron looked down. Armoured vehicles were being deployed and hidden turrets seemed to come alive.
The dragon cursed to himself, wishing he had brought a phone. "This isn't good,"
The vehicles moved away from their parked positions some leaving towards ramps leading outside, Veyron noticed out the one window the APV’s were now moving into hidden positions and also pulling up behind the defence turrets to provide more cover for the base, the large vehicles were leaving as men marched with them, armed with guns and armoured vests as Thornton continued ordering them around to get into position.
Veyron could hear more machines coming to life and scurried down through the shadows to another viewpoint only to see that more vehicles were setting out.
"They are going to jump them," the wraith realized with panic. This level of activity could only mean that Jack had finally seen through their lies and was coming this way but Veyron had no way to warn them.

Back in Torchwood 5, Jack was preparing his raiding team to go to the Archives outside the city of Birmingham, there was a number of issues Jack wanted to check before he began the operation, there was transports ready and agents were already en route to the midlands to prepare for the raid, Jack felt they would use defences but did not know the full scale of what the archives had in stall for them.
While Jack was doing that and speaking to Daniel on the plan of attack on the facility there, Ardon was told to speak to the other dragons and prepare them for the upcoming raid, the dragon had taken to his responsibilities in a Forge like manner which impressed Jack.
Ardon had gotten Vonriir and Comox together and explained what went down with the call to the archives.
"We're raiding the building so Jack and I need help from both of you." Said Ardon, getting a nod of agreement from both dragons.
"What about Zyra?" Asked Comox.
"She's staying at the hospital," explained Ardon, preferring her to remain safe there rather than call her out to battle.
"So, will I be needed to bust down the doors to this place?" Asked Vonriir.
"Heh, maybe. We'll see, Von" replied Ardon.
Ardon went over the plan and how they would be approaching the archives and dealing with whatever they could throw on them, Ardon seemed to explain his suspicions that the archives were hiding something and that this raid was justified, considering Mark was still in hospital.

Jack walked into the dragon hanger and joined the dragons as Ardon explained the situation and that the dragons were ready to take part in the operation.
Jack seemed unsure on using the dragons, especially Vonriir.
Despite his size and power he was slow and would be a big target for the archives and this concerned him.
Jack mentioned Ardon and Vonriir saw the man’s expression and concerned tone in his voice, about using him in the upcoming raid.
"What are you fretting about,” said Vonriir. "I volunteered for this. I am not going to sit back while our home is under threat."
Jack gave a weak smile still a little unsure, despite the large dragon’s resolve.
“They will be firing and using vehicles Vonriir, we know they upgraded their weapons and so I am concerned you might not cope” Jack said, looking up at the behemoth of a dragon.
"I've watched plenty of movies and I've heard it all from Forge and Ardon," he brushed the worry off.
Jack knew he was defeated here, Vonriir was willing and wanted to be involved.
“Alright, Ardon will need you to get into the armour that we had made, we decided to get one made for all dragons here so hopefully it will be ok, excuse me while I speak to Daniel” Jack said as Daniel had entered the dragon hanger to discuss the progress being done.
While the men talked, the golden dragon turned to look at Comox who was nearby.
Ardon could tell by Comox's body language that the dragon was nervous, even though he didn't say anything.
"We got this. We've been through worse. We're going in prepared and ready for this." Ardon said, jostling his shoulder against the bold wings.
"Yeah, I guess," replied Comox.
"Remember you've got your acid. You are going to kick tail."
"And I'll be watching out over you boys. Have no worry, “said Vonriir.

A little while later the armour for the dragons were wheeled in for the dragons to be fitted with Jack and Daniel as well as Sam helping the golden dragon and the bold wing into their armoured sets and to ensure it was comfortable.
Vonriir was a little more of a challenge but they managed just fine, the giant dragon helping, putting most of it himself, while Jack ensure everything was secure and tightened.
Vonriir inspected his new heavy armour, covering him from head to tail, same as the others in the dragon hanger.
"This seems a bit redundant on me, don't you think?" Asked the dragon though he had to admit the tail piece did look rather daunting.
Jack smiled slightly as Vonriir marvelled how daunting he looked and his tail piece looked deadly.
"It's to protect you Von, you need protecting too from bullets And of nasty things the archives might throw at us" Jack said.
"I know," replied Vonriir, rolling his shoulders so that the armoured plating would settle properly.
“Suits you well, keep it on to have a feel, I be checking to see how our units are doing, the transports are being loaded up as well” Jack said leaving briefly to attend to that matter with the hanger manager and Daniel as the two men left the dragons for a moment.
"You look pretty intimidating in that gear, Von," said Ardon, looking up at the dragon. "Intimidating is good in addition to protecting you."
"Certainly. We'll sort these guys out soon for doing what they did to our team," snorted Vonriir.

The meeting in the main hanger was short, the transports were ready and the command centre reported agents and raiding teams were on the outskirts of where the facility was, standing by for orders.
Jack relayed messages that the cavalry would be arriving soon and to hold their position.
“Have fighter pilots to their stations, prepare for launch” Jack said to Daniel who nodded as another man gave Jack his ear piece and informed him Dr Baxter had been down to the dragon hanger to fit the dragons with ear pieces, with Vonriir borrowing Forges.
Jack thanked the assistant officer as he made his way back to the dragon hanger as he knew time was getting on and they needed to strike.
The dragons turned as Jack entered the room.
"We're ready," said Ardon with a nod.
"Awaiting orders, commander," Vonriir rumbled.
Jack looked at the trio of armoured dragons, looking impressed as they stood there proudly ready for action.
“You guys look very impressive, the armour is double thick and should give you additional protection, we are expecting resistance, considering their weapons, I must say that I am proud of all 3 of you for stepping up” Jack said proudly.
"Anything for our team," said Comox surprisingly. Ardon turned and gave him a small smile. "Exactly." He agreed.
Jack smiled as he was impressed with the boys resolve, especially Comox.
“Ok, does your ear pieces work all ok? I know Baxter been down and fitted them, these have been set to channel 9A off Torchwood frequency, its important we keep in communication throughout” Jack said.
"Mine does," confirmed Vonriir.
"I've got connection," agreed Comox while Ardon nodded, "mine is good to go."
“Excellent, mine is tuned in, it has sound cancelling so we should hear one another despite the racket, I am here to brief you before we make our way to the archives, anything you want clarification on I will explain, if we head to the big screen I can explain our plan” Jack said gesturing to the trio to follow him to the large screen in the dragon hanger.
Once there the dragons stood to attention, eyes glued on their commander for the briefing, attention locked in his every word.
Jack brought up a picture of the facility from a satellite image which gave a birds eye view of the facility, just outside the city of Birmingham.
“The Archives is based at an old communications facility outside the city, luckily it is away from any major roads and transport links, meaning minimal civilian casualties and risk of anything going on but the EA has begun evacuating the area 50 miles around the base, allowing us to settle this” Jack said.
"Hold on," said Ardon, noticing something off about the image. "This isn't recent, is it?"
Comox shook his head, "no, they blocked access and blacked out the area. This is all we have."
Jack nodded to Comox comments.
“Yes, they seem to be scrambling our satellites creating a blackout, we reckon it is being generated by the archives to keep their activities hidden, we have units standing by on the outskirts, we be arriving, three transports with units to raid the archives, we do have a ram vehicle but I think Vonriir might do a better job” Jack said.
"I'll bring down the doors, no worries of that," replied the crag back.
Jack nodded at Vonriir’s comments.
“We are expecting resistance, we have demanded the Archives stand down but they are refusing our messages, it means they expect us to take action, we have armoured vehicles on the transports which they will drop off near the facility, we be escorted by our venom fighters, I will be with Ardon leading, Daniel will coordinate from one of the ships but will keep his distance and coordinate ground units to attack and bring down their defences” Jack explained.

The dragons nodded, understanding.
"Are we simply trying to apprehend as many as possible?" Asked Comox, a little hesitantly, not wanting to sound foolish. It sounded like they were going in guns blazing but he was concerned that they did not take into account the lives at hand.
Jack seemed coy on the matter.
“I have discussed this with Daniel, if anyone surrenders then take them captive if possible anyone who fires upon you and means you harm, you have full authority to deal with as appropriate, I know it is harsh but we must realise they will not show the same mercy to us, Malcolm will not hesitate to bring me or you guys down, a firm response is required”.
Comox nodded in response at looked at the floor.
Vonriir cleared his throat, "we'll get this done and over with as soon as possible."
Jack nodded, he did not want to put the dragons in danger but they were where they were and he had to allow them to take part.
“Ardon and Comox are quicker so you be responsible for providing air cover and taking out any resistance, Comox, the turrets will be your targets, fly fast and low and use your acid in smaller bursts to increase you usage, once your out resort to hand to hand or acting as a distraction while Ardon flies in with me, Vonriir will take out any armoured vehicles the archives have and clear the way to access the doors” Jack instructed.
"Yes sir," said Comox. "That I can do."
He knew his role was important to this plan. "I won't let you down." He resolved.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Make no mistake, there will those wanting to bring you down, there is danger here, you need to be sharp and keep your eyes open, ensure you watch out for one another and our units, if it gets too much, get out of there, keep channels open and just remember, they could have more weaponry” Jack said, his tone assertive and serious, making the dragons aware of the dangers they were about to face.
"We understand," replied Ardon, looking at Vonriir and Comox as they seemed to agree.
"You can count on us, Jack." Huffed Vonriir.
“Good, the transports are being loaded, Vonriir will provide support as they are slower moving, while Comox and Ardon along with me will be at the front, can I ask you Ardy and Comox to bring in Vonriir’s little item that Melina had ordered for him for these occasions” Jack asked.
The cragback tilted his head, confused at what it could be.
Ardon returned with Vonriir's new glasses but instead of being rimmed in silver they were the same gun metal blue of armour.
"Bullet proof," explained Ardon.
"Hah! What cleverness that is!" He boomed, putting them on. "You must really not want me to miss if you got me these, eh commander?"
Jack laughed lightly at the comment.
“You got to thank the professor, she said just in case you got into rough and tumble, these would be handy, she has said they have improved your vision and will stay securely on as well, she says you see a lot clearer with them” Jack said with a kind smile.
"Yes, my vision does improve with these little pieces of glass. So clever," he hummed as he secured them.
“Make sure you thank Melina about them, when you see her next, I know she went out of her way for you big guy, she is why I will not let her leave this facility to any other job” Jack grinned, some humour before the seriousness of their job would fall upon them all.
"That the reason?" Chuckled Vonriir. "But yes, yes. I'll be sure to thank the professor upon my return."

The Archives continued preparation for the impending raid from Torchwood 5, the archives were armed to the teeth and looked like they would surprise Jack and his team and this was not good, luckily for Jack they had an unlikely ally still roaming despite the enhanced security.
Veyron looked around, keeping to the shadows as he attempted to find something to warn Jack and the others with.
As the dragon lurked around avoiding armed patrols and people walking about the bustling corridors, there was quiet area where the wraith had gone off to, to avoid being seen.
The wraith made a mad dash down a hallway, spotting a storage room with the door slightly ajar. He hurried inside and closed the door behind him, panting but immediately froze, scales prickling as he turned around.
The noise was from two people gathering supplies and putting them in a box to be used for the impending raid.
The men were chatting about it as they seemed to hurry in their task as the one man took a call from an irate manager who seemed to be getting it in the neck by Thornton.
“Come on, we best rush, he’s getting a verbal from Thornton, he says they be here in soon and we must be prepared” the one man said as they continued getting items from the store room.
As quietly as he could the dragon slipped into the shadows, hiding behind some cabinets
He waited as he watched the men leave, only once their footsteps faded away did he venture back out.
Veyron jumped up to the window and could see an emergency kit in the corner of the room but once he tried the door he found it was locked and he no longer had his bag with him. Thinking on his feet he surveyed the room and found an air register.
"That might work." he pondered to himself.
After rummaging through the kit, the dragon found what he had hoped for. A flare gun. He scooped it up with a few charges and made for the vent again.
"Come on," he hissed when the gun got stuck in the entry and he had to angle it sideways to get it through. Bracing himself with all four paws he slowly made his way back up the vent, cursing all the while.
Voices could be heard as it appeared another person entered the storage area, making Veyron’s job harder as was going up the long and vertical vent leading up to the roof.
Luckily, they did not notice anything wrong or equipment missing as they soon left the storage room and locked the door, Veyron too far up the vent to be noticed or heard.
Veyron growled as he tried to climb vertically up towards the roof but the weight of the gun and charges where dragging him back down against the slippery metal surface of the vent.
"Ugh!" he snarled, twisting and looping his tail around the gun so he could use all his paws to climb up.
The sound of engines roaring in the distance sounded as Veyron continued the massive climb upwards with the gun slung around him, it was indeed a hard task but time was running out.
With each step up, the dragon had to heave the gun and flare charges up with him.
It seemed like an endless task but he was suddenly spurred on by the scent of fresh air. He looked up to see a path leading off to the left. If only he could get there. Veyron knew he had a very limited time to warn the others about the ambush. The space was too small to flap his wings but he used them to brace himself and slowly pull himself and the gun upwards towards the offshoot. His paw reached up and felt for the ledge, talons tapping the metal until he reached high enough. He grabbed onto the lip of the vent with both paws and hauled the rest of his body up, the gun clanking against the metal walls.
"Umph!," he huffed as he dragged the rest of himself into the horizontal piping.

“Jack, all parties report ready, I sadly cannot provide more information, expect communications to be jammed, I got everyone’s radio onto local frequency so you can all talk to one another” Baxter said over the ear piece to Jack and the others as the man walked into the dragon hanger.
He was wearing heavily armoured vest and thick clothes with protection on, just in case he fell off or was shot at.
“Thanks Baxter, keep in contact as long as you can and all” Jack said as he walked towards the dragons, standing by the hanger entrance.
"You look ready for battle," noted Ardon, looking over his tactical uniform.
Jack looked at his gear and smiled slightly.
“Yes, Kevlar armour plus metal armoured chest passing as well, Daniel wanted me safe, so I joined the armoured brigade” Jack said, gesturing to Ardon, Comox and Vonriir.
"Well, good," nodded Ardon, relieved that Jack agreed to get suited up. The safer he was, the happier the gold was.
Jack nodded as he adjusted his shoulder pads as the man also carried weapons in his gun holster at his sides.
"Is the raiding team on the move yet?" asked Vonriir.
Jack looked at Vonriir and nodded.
“Yes they are about to take off and leave the main hanger, so we need to be making an immediate launch, so Comox best shoot off first, Baxter has told me there is still a radar blackout around the facility, plus it appears they using communications scrambling, so we only be able to communicate with one another” Jack explained the dragons.
"Alright, commander," said Comox before he spread his wings and lit into the air followed by Vonriir.
Ardon turned to Jack and crouched. "Come on, let's show these guys what happens when you mess with us."
“It wont be that easy, it should but it wont, are you ready?” Jack asked the golden dragon.
"Yes," replied Ardon with a fire in his eyes.
Jack felt the determination and focus, it was a focus Jack had and together Brathille would help them in this situation, Jack jumped into the saddle and strapped himself in.
“Lets fly!” Jack said assertively as the dragon hanger doors were open.
Ardon gave a little growl as he jumped into the air and set his wings in motion, racing out of the overhead doors and into the sky above.
The fighters and transports were already in the sky as Jack and Ardon joined the raiding team, catching up as Vonriir was with the heavier and slower transports and Comox ahead with the fighters as they were in formation ahead of the transports.
Daniel was in a transport ship behind, he would coordinate ground and air, Jack would utilise the dragons and to support the others in their operations.
“Jack to all dragons and Daniel, keep in formation and make sure we keep it tight, do not break formation, stay alert guys” Jack said over the ear piece.
The dragons quickly fell into formation, Vonriir leading the charge with Ardon and Comox flying at his wingtips.
“This is Dr Baxter, we have you on radar an monitoring you, you be out of our radar range soon but we keep in contact as long as possible, agents on the outskirts report they are standing by” he said.
“Confirmed Bax, thanks for the update, we should arrive within the hour” Jack said as he switched the conversation.
“Jack to Vonriir and Comox, how we doing, glasses ok? No issues?” Jack said.
"None sir," came the large dragons voice. "They are working splendidly."
Ardon wrinkled his nose, trying not to smile.
The word splendidly seemed a rather odd word to use moments before a battle.
Jack had to smile, at least Vonriir was in good spirits and all seemed well, he was concerned about Comox but the dragon’s assertiveness seemed to give him assurances he would be ok.
“Jack to Comox, how you doing buddy” Jack asked the male bold wing.
"I'm fine... thank you," came the bold wings reply, looking over Vonriir to Jack and Ardon. "Nearly there." He tried to make himself sound confident.

Soon the dragons and the team were approaching the outskirts of the Archives facility, Jack had checked in on all the teams, everything was going ok, for now it seemed they were on course.
There had been no call from the archives, Jack suspected that Malcolm knew they were coming and was preparing the base for attack.
“Daniel to Jack, we lost contact with Baxter, external signals are being jammed, just internal and local communication possible” Daniel said through the ear piece but the static had increased.
“Acknowledged, look alive everyone, we lost external communications, prepare to lower down and begin raid on the archives” Jack ordered.
At the sound of jack’s orders, the dragons shifted from their flying formations to one suitable for battle, focus clear on their faces.

A beeping noise came through to Malcolm office as he pressed the button to activate the screen.
“Turner” he said.
“Sir, long range radar has detected air and ground units approaching our position from the south, approaching the archives” the radar operator said.
Malcolm seemed to have a stern look upon his face as he got up from his chair and straightened his uniform.
“It must be Torchwood 5 and Jack’s raiding party, sound red alert and have all units stand by, inform Thornton to meet me in the control room” Malcolm said leaving his office as alarms sound, men ran to their positions as orders were relayed out, the APV’s and other defences powered up, waiting for the raiding team to be in range.
Jack’s path was taking them straight into the surprise attack Malcolm and Thornton had planned, APV’s hidden under the thick trees as the weapons charged, ready to fire.
As Veyron hurried through the vents he could hear sirens and the sound of the weapons powering up.
"****!" He hissed as he sped up, trying to reach the roof in time.
Malcolm entered the control room as officers were watching the screen and camera’s around the facility, Thornton joined his boss in the control room as the radar operator brought up the map.
“Raiding team approaching from the south, they be in firing range of team alpha in 5 minutes” the operator said as a sly smile spread across Malcolm’s face.
“Too bad Jack, you were a worthy adversary”.

“Jack to all unit’s lower altitude and approach the base, Comox when things kick off, you speed up and launch attacks, Vonriir stay with the transports and take any ground units, Ardon and I will help here and there” Jack instructed the dragon team.
The dragons all called back affirmative on their communicator and moved into position.
Ardon's hackle scales rose in anticipation, electric energy cracking through him as he awaiting Jacks first orders into battle.
Jack sensed the dragon’s eagerness and energy rushing through him.
“Steady Ardon, steady” Jack said putting his hand on his scales which seemed to make his palm get warmer, a light glow seemed to spread along the dragon’s scales.
Jack seemed to quietly gasp at seeing this for himself.

"Did you do that?" Asked Ardon, turning around to look at the man.
Jack did not seem to have an answer as time seemed to slow down around them as Jack felt the energy flow and bounce between their link.
“I don’t know, all I was doing was to calm you, seems Brathille is awakening on command” Jack said to Ardon.
"Awesome," replied the dragon, the light playing delicately on the edges of his scales along his spine.
“Seems were controlling it a lot better, how do you feel?” Jack asked the golden dragon, seeing the light delicate glow on his scales.
"Energized," Ardon replied. "I look forward to the day where we can control it at will, that would be useful for moments like this,"
While this was going on the rading team was getting closer into the archives trap, all was going to plan, Malcolm watched as they got closer with Thornton watching with eagle eyed vision.
“Inform APV teams, Gamma and Alpha to commence rapid fire, with Team epsilon providing dispersion fire, once they are in range” Thornton ordered as the operator passed on the message.
“They be in firing range in 1 minute sir” another operator said as Jack’s team got closer to the trap.
Meanwhile the little dragon had managed to get to the roof, throwing open the grid he made his way to the edge to see Jack’s team approach with fighters, transports and the dragons were in view.
Not in view to them were the hidden teams in the trees and woodlands by the facility.
"Oh crap!" He said once he spotted the torchwood team approaching.
He scrambled to get the cartridge loaded. Using his whole body he curled around the flare gun, aiming it for over where the archives members were hiding and pulled the trigger.
The flare flew into the air bright in the sky with the red colour of warning from it, Veyron’s position would soon be compromised after this.
Comox spotted the streak of red across the sky. "Guys look! It's a flare!"
"Red. Signalling danger, “said Ardon, catching sight of it.
Jack could see it and realised something was wrong, he also guessed who it could have been that set it off.
“It’s Veyron, he’s warning us, the archives must of set a trap, everyone break formation!” Jack urgently as all hell broke loose, the Archives losing some surprise advantage as laser fire and bullets rained down upon them, rockets fired and destroyed two fighters ahead of Ardon.
Comox angled left. Following Vonriir's as he stuck close to the transports while they veered to land somewhere safer.
Gunfire rained upon them as the turrets opened fire taking out another fighter, the archives defences were impressive, laser turrets and Armoured carriers with advanced weaponry, Jack grit his teeth as Ardon quickly swerved away to avoid being hit by an incoming rocket.
"They've been waiting for us," growled Ardon. "They are armed to the teeth. They knew we would come after them one day."
“Agreed, we must find a way in!” Jack said as the dragon flew off.

Veyron heard the doors behind him and made a mad dash behind an air conditioning unit before scurrying out of sight back into the duct.
An armed team arrived and searched the roof for the mysterious intruder, they could not see anything apart from a flare gun and ammo near the roof edge.
“Assault team to control, flare gun and ammo found but no intruder, we search the lower levels” the commander said.
“Search everywhere, we have an intruder in the base, mobilize security teams” came Thornton’s commands over the radio as the men left the rooftop.
Malcolm watched the carnage unfold, the raiding Torchwood 5 land rovers had entered the field but they were not armed and easily picked off by the laser turret, an APV also joined wiping out all 5 vehicles and the agents inside, much to Jacks grim look as he saw smouldering wreckage.
Daniel had told the transports to land away from the danger zone, out of the turrets range, landing in a field nearby away from the commotion but it did not last long as 4 APV vehicles approached them.
Daniel saw this and quickly spoke to Vonriir who was overlooking the situation.
"Watch out," said Vonriir as vehicles approached and began to fire on the transports. He dove towards them, the massive dragon headed right for them.
The vehicles were incinerated by the large dragon’s fire as they ground to a halt, however more were on the way to take out the transports.
Vonriir landed with a heavy thud and immediately swung his tail, smashing the heavily armoured limb into one of the vehicles before swiping at the other.
“Daniel to transports, get unloading and fast, we need ground assault teams in position immediately” Daniel said as the doors opened slowly on the transport ships.
“Vonriir continue to provide cover” Daniel said as Vonriir kept a lookout.
The dragon could feel the rattle of shots pinging off his armour. Turning, he spotted the APV racing towards him.
"I think not," he snorted, swinging his hind end around and bringing down his weaponized tail down hard on the vehicle.
The vehicle exploded and was a crumpled mess on the ground as two more opened fire on the crag back, bullets damaging the heavy armour but it was protecting his hide from these bullets.
The crag back
swung his tail, sending another vehicle spinning away before turning to a third that roared up to him.
He swiped at the guns positioned at the front, bending them 90 degrees before sinking his talons into the side of the car. With a growl he ripped the doors off and picked up the car, dumping the humans out of it and onto the ground. Shoulders flexing, Vonriir crushed the vehicle into a crumpled cube before flinging it at another that was trying to shoot down Comox.
Turned back to the shocked men on the ground he stomped and let out a deafening roar that rattled the air, sending them scrambling with hands over their ears.

“Ok Ardon, we need to take out some of those turrets, Comox you take the roof and me and Ardon will take out some of the ground ones, we lost too many fighters already” Jack said over the ear piece.
"Roger," confirmed Comox, racing into action as Ardon turned his wings and angled towards the turrets on the ground.
He drew in a deep breath, ready to unleash oily flame down upon them.
Jack tucked himself close in to Ardon’s scales he put his hand on the dragon’s scales and all of a sudden the magic of Brathille seemed to make the golden dragon glow lightly and seemed to go deeper than before.
The dragon could feel brathille power rise through him. It rose in his throat, fuelling his fire lung. Opening his jaws the dragon unleashed his fire, tinted in flecks of gold.
The two turrets fired upon them, Ardon ducked and weaved with accuracy, Brathille fuelling his wings and increasing his speed, the fire connected with the turret and was destroyed.
"Yes!" Growled Ardon, looking back at the damage he caused with the help of brathille.

"I've breached their defences, taking out the two middle targets," Comox reported back through the headset.
"I can come take out the rest," offered Vonriir.
“There is still a lot of heavy fire Vonriir, keep back until we have the situation under control, Keep attacking hard and fast Comox” Jack ordered as Ardon flew and took out another APV vehicle hiding in the woodlands.
"Got it," Comox replied, whirling away and preparing for another strike.
Daniels quick thinking got the armoured units out onto the battle field to counter the APV’s that the Archives had at their disposal, hopefully it would counter the lack of aircraft they had.
Vonriir winged back to the transports, saluting then with a flip of his wing as he spiralled around to guard them.
"Good luck, lads" he crowed.
Jack kept himself tight to Ardon, holding onto the harness tightly, it allowed Ardon to do hard speed changing manoeuvres without the worry of his Aillu falling off, the glow of Brathille seemed to continue, fuelling the golden dragon to fight harder and fly faster.
Ardon was flying fast as he raced towards a group of Apvs. He drew in another breath, the glow of brathille intensifying across his back and down the scales of his throat as he unleashed a tremendous treat of gold tinged flame.
Jack looked bac to see the devastation the Brathille fuelled fire had caused.
“You’re on fire Ardon, keep it up, I am worried were losing too many people at this rate, the Archives have that place well defended” Jack said over the ear piece to all the dragons.
"Tell them to pull back for now while the three of us clear more out," suggested Ardon boldly.
“Vonriir cannot get involved until the area is clear, Comox, clear the turrets near the main doors, so Vonriir can get involved” Jack said.
"Yes sir," replied the bold wing making another pass, striking his targets with precise aim. He faltered on another sweep and rose quickly away as he was shot at without defence. "I'm out!" He called through the headset.
Jack knew that Comox was now out of Acid, he would have to be used for a dummy run while Ardon hit.
“Ok Co, come to use you be a decoy as Ardy will fly in and do the hitting” Jack said as ground units advanced forward.
In seconds the bold wing flew over Ardon, throwing out his wings to break and hover beside him. "Where should I go?"
Jack looked down as smouldering wreckage of vehicles were around, the area looked like a warzone but they had to clear the turret defences near the doors.
“Do a dummy run on the doors, Ardon will use his fire and take out as many turrets as we can, go in fast then Vonriir can get involved” Jack instructed.
Veyron knew he had to help in some greater form.

The Archives where too well protected and he could see things were not looking in Jack or Ardon's favour.
He squeezed himself into a mechanical room and looked around, eyes darting this way and that trying to figure out a solution. A large generator hummed in the middle of the room.
"If I could just..." he said to himself before hopping up onto it, pushing buttons and flicking switches. The generator grumbled but it wasn't enough. Veyron lifted a panel and grabbed a bunch of wires, wrenching them free from their sockets.

Alerts sounded in the control room of the Archives.
“Sir power failure in generator 3, door defences powering down, back up’s not responding to control commands” the operator said as Malcolm looked at Thornton.
“Units alpha and Omega to generator room 4, seems our saboteur has struck again, find that son a ***** now!” Thornton barked down his ear piece as they now had a gap in the field.
“Have our reserve unit based in the storage bay cover the inner doors” Malcolm instructed as the man continued to watch the chaos outside.
“Turret defences are down, Vonriir, fly low and head for the doors, get it open” Daniel instructed as the large dragon took off towards where he was needed.
The crag back flew towards the blast doors and landed in front of them as he could hear Ardon and Comox battle the fighters overhead. The massive dragon lowered his massive head, giant spiralling ram horns pointed towards the door as he coiled his muscles for a sprint.
Daniel was monitoring the situation where the transports were parked up, ground forces were rapidly depleting and a few remaining were fighting off turrets and Venom gunships, now they only had the dragons as air cover.
“Vonriir, I can get a ramming vehicle in to help you, those doors are immensely thick, don’t want you breaking your horns” Daniel said over the ear piece the behemoth of a dragon.
"I was built for this work," snorted Vonriir.
Jack overheard the conversation.
“Let Vonriir do what he has to do, we provide air support, we must get inside” Jack said as Ardon and Comox focussed on the fighters.
The dragon charged and ploughed into the doors, the metal denting only slightly from the force. Vonriir shook his head and backed up, swiping aside some APV's that had come to try to stop him before he charged again.
“Daniel to Jack, radar picked up air units, looks like archives are launching venom vessels” Daniel said as Jack saw Venom gunships launch heading towards them.
“Thanks Daniel keep your units battling away, we have to breach these defences” Jack said as Ardon continued to provide support where needed.
After a few more tries, the large dragon staggered back and shook his head, feeling more rattled than normal.
"Stars, that's holding up better than expected." he said, rubbing his forehead, thankful that the helmet added extra protection.
The gunships opened fire and were causing problems for the dragons and the ground units, these things were fast and only Comox could really come close but he was out of Acid, everyone continued to battle on as Jack could see Vonriir line up for another hit.
The dragon rammed his horns at the door again. Hearing a crack he paused, thinking it was one of his horns but he shook it off, pressing on, determined to get them through the door.
The steel bent and buckled with each heavy hit but it was still a long way off from being broken, Vonriir was doing a sterling job but these doors were built to withstand punishment.
Vonriir backed up and launched himself again at the door, pushing it with all his might, wings rising up over his back.
The steel creaked and groaned under his efforts, the metal dented but it was still holding together, the markings on the steel showed how hard the Crag back was trying.
With the damage done to the door, it gave Vonriir the encouragement he needed to press on, his talons raking at the concrete as he let out a thunderous growl.
The outer layers were damaged but there was still work to be done on the inner doors, luckily Veyron had played his paws and disabled the turrets, giving him time to keep hitting it.

The large dragon rammed the doors again, feeling all his scales rattle at the impact. Snarling, the dragon pushed against the door, hind legs locked and shaking slightly in the effort.

Vonriir charged again, striking the door with a massive crack and he could feel something off with one of his curling horns. Sweat was collecting on his scales as he stumbled backwards, trying to shake off the dizziness that he was no longer able to ignore.
Jack noticed Vonriir looking a little dazed as Ardon zoomed past, trying to close in on a venom ship, launching a fireball which hit the engine causing it to crash to the ground.
“Von, you ok, your looking dazed how you doing” Jack said as Ardon flew past at speed, attacking a defence turret on the roof of the archive building.
"Yup, I'm fine.." he coughed, shaking his head once more to try to focus.
Jack wasn’t sure if he believed the giant dragon, but they had other problems to deal with, with the venom MK2 fighters causing issues.
“Don’t injure yourself Vonriir, that’s a very heavy door, just be careful if its too much withdraw back to the transports” Jack replied.
"We need to get you in through the doors, I can figure this out," he snorted.
“Keep fighting Von, we need them open, but ramming might do more harm to you” Jack said to the large dragon.
Vonriir cleared his throat and looked over the door. He had managed to cause quite a bit of damage though it did not yield to the large dragon just yet.
"I think I can pry it open from here," he said, getting ahold of it with his talons and setting to work.
Explosions could be heard behind the large dragon as Ardon and Comox managed to take another venom ship down however their casualty count was a lot higher.
The dragon put his all into trying to get the doors apart, hearing the fighting going on behind him.
"Grr!" his snarled, sweat dripping off his face as he clawed at the door.
The metal bent and squealed as the behemoth of a dragon pulled part the metal, it was physically demanding work as the steel was thick and did not give Vonriir very little give.
Despite the chaos around him, Vonriir did not give up at getting the doors open. Muscles rolled under thick scales and armour as he growled, pushing the doors apart.
“Daniel to Vonriir, how you doing with those doors, I hope you got good news” Daniel said as Vonriir worked fiercely.
"I'm, rrrgh, working on it." the dragon huffed back. "They're ajar but getting there," he growled with Daniel replied.
“Don’t pull anything, last thing we need is you ripping a muscle, keep us updated, we provide cover”
"I am fine, Daniel. Last thing we need is any more of our people getting hurt by those damn Archive minions. Don't worry, gggrrh, I'll get us through." he huffed.
"ggra, come on," the large dragon snarled, thrashing his tail as beads of sweat collected on his nose. His shoulders shook from fatigue but he did not give in.
The dragon coiled his muscles for another go, shaking his head to draw the sweat away from his face. He drew in a breath and let out an air rattling snarl as he shoved mightily at the doors.
"Hmmph!" the large dragon growled loudly as the doors slowly came apart, his muscles rolled under his dun scales. His forelimbs trembled slightly as he managed to breach the doors with great effort
Vonriir had broken through, the massive dragon had moved forward only to be shot at by two APV units who had been drafted to provide cover, just in case, bullets bounced off the armour but did make Vonriir retreat as the bullets started to weaken his thick armour plating.

Vonriir winced at the striking of bullets. Turning his head he opened his jaws wide and let out an incredible stream of fire, striking the APV full force.
The vehicles were engulfed in flames as the drivers got out and ran as they exploded, smoke filling the area as alarms sounded, obviously the Archives were mobilizing forces inside.
"Gents," puffed Vonriir, panting. "I've the I don't think we'll receive a warm welcome."
“Understood Von, were on our way keep clear, lets go Ardy” Jack said as Comox stuck close by as they darted for the opened doors.
“Our ground units will try and keep them occupied, I managed to get a signal through we got air reinforcements coming” Daniel said as the fight would now take place in the archives itself.
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Back at the hospital the girls remained, unaware that Jack had launched the attach on the Archives. They had stayed behind, keeping an eye on Mark’s recovery. Being there for Amanda during this trying time was important as well.
It was early evening when Melina walked back up to the roof to see her dragon.
"Mark still in intensive care but his life signs seem stable for now, "Mark still in intensive care but his life signs seem stable for now, its still touch and go, but the fact his condition is stable is encouraging,” Melina said looking a little tired.
"He still hasn't woken up?" Asked Zyra, lifting her head from her paws and shifting over that Melina could sit on the crook of her arm.
"Sadly no, Amanda is with him now, his vitals are stable, just really anxious time" Melina said sitting with her bold wing. Zyra gave her a quick nuzzle with the edge of her nose before tilting her head and looking down at her.
"Have we heard from the boys?" Inquired Zyra. Her tablet had been silent for hours and no one had returned her messages which was a little odd.
Melina shook her head lightly.
"Nothing my end, perhaps sent a message to base see if Ardy will show up with Jack," Melina said.
"I did. Ardy is normally really quick to respond but I haven't heard from Comox or Vonriir either. I'm just a little worried at this point." Admitted the dragoness. It wasn’t like them to be this quiet and all their activity statuses hadn’t logged in for a number of hours.
Melina seemed a little concerned about this.
"Strange, contact Baxter, see if he knows where they all are," Melina suggested to the bold wing.
Zyra called Baxter’s number and held up the tablet so they both could see into the screen.
Baxter soon appeared but the man looked busy as people rushed about.
"Ah Professor, Zyra, this is not the best time to contact me we are trying to get through the blocked signal to contact Jack and his raiding team" Dr. Baxter said.
"What! Raising team? What are you talking about?" Asked Zyra.
Dr. Baxter seemed surprised, "You did not know? Jack has taken Daniel, Comox and Vonriir along with a large force to raid the archives, we haven’t not heard anything for 3 hours or more, the area is covered in a blackout field from the archives" Dr. Baxter explained.
"Why are they raiding, did they attack first? " asked Zyra, agitated and now worried that they hadn't called her in to help. She didn’t understand what was going on much less why they had not called in her to help.
"Jack wanted to hit them to get the data, the raiding team went to get that information, were trying to work round the black out as we speak" Dr Baxter said as Melina frowned, unimpressed at not being told.
"They'll need my help," said Zyra, turning to Melina.
Melina looked concerned, "You never make it in Time, the Archives is in Birmingham or outskirts and were on the edge of London2 Melina said.
"I can't just sit here," said the dragoness. "Baxter, will you please contact us when you hear from them?" She asked, turning back to the screen.
The man nodded.
"I will do but we are unable to get any signal to them currently due to the blackout" Dr Baxter said.
Zyra let out a breath. They hadn’t been in contact in over three hours. That couldn’t be good.
"If you need to help Zy perhaps take the first aid kit and go as fast as you can" Melina reluctantly suggested. It’s still touch and go, but the fact his condition is stable is encouraging,” Melina said looking a little tired.
Zyra hesitated, caught between what to do. Finally the pull of her worry was too much and she stood up. “Ok, I think that’s best. I’ll take a med kit, I just can’t wait here without any news.” Said the Boldwing. She waited as Melina fetched one from the floors below.
“Love you, stay safe,” she told the professor before jumping into the air and hurrying as fast as her wings would let her.

Back in the Archives building, Veyron was sneaking about, hearing the thunder of the battle outside. A large number of men were mobilizing by the main doors, the crashing of Vonriir’s might could be heard from the other side. Veyron stood on the second floor, looking down at the units poised to strike on the floor below.
Looking around, the wraith searched for something, anything that might help. He wished he had been able to take the flare gun with him but he had been in too much of a hurry. Spotting a side table with a decorative lamp and a few things in the drawer he jumped up onto it.
Another bang sounded as bits fell from the ceiling by the force of Vonriir’s attempts to break in. The door then suddenly shifted slightly open, causing the men to yell and ready their weapons.
“Hey! Dirtbags!” yelled Veyron from the railing. A number of the men looked up as the little dragon threw whatever he could get a hold of, the lamp, books, office supplies. Nothing necessarily dangerous but enough to be a good distraction so that the others would have less weapons pointed at their faces once they breached the doors.
“That’s the dragon!” get him!” a man ordered some of his team. They ran for the stairs and Veyron dashed for cover, pelting down the hall and into one of the offices. The men ran past at first but then began searching the rooms systematically.
Veyron hid under a desk, hoping that they would make the sweep quick and move on but he wasn’t that lucky, the man pulled out all the drawers in the filing cabinet . Veyron tried to curl up tightly and shove himself as far back behind the desk as possible but his horns raked against the wood by accident.
The man dropped down to the floor and thrust his arm under the desk and grabbed the dragon around the middle, dragging him from his hiding place.
“Got it!” the man yelled, grabbing for his radio with his free hand, “Thorton, we’ve got the, YUAHHH!” the man suddenly wailed, stumbling backwards. Veyron had twisted around and sunk his sharp little fangs into the man’s arm. The wraith had been released from his grasp and clawed his way up the man’s vest as the man scrambled backwards. Veyron backhanded him with his claws and grabbed the radio.
“THEY DON’T HAVE SH*T, THORTON!” he yelled into it before making a man dash to the door.
“Garrett! Get him!” yelled the first man to his partner that had come running at the sound of the yell. Veyron dashed right for him as the men went to draw his gun. The dragon was quicker however, biting into the man’s ankle with a snarl, making the man fire his weapon up into the ceiling with alarm.
Veyron made a mad run through a number of the team members sent to retrieve him, their shouts of surprise rising up as they spotted the tiny wraith trying to flee. One idiot starting shooting wildly at him as he raced down the hall, the bullet going through his wing.
Veyron snarled in pain, closing his wings tight against him back and turning the corner. He set off a fire extinguished in the hall to confuse them and turned into room, searching for an escape. Ripping the plastic panel off a heat register, the dragon took a breath and climbed into the venting, his wing leaving a visible trail of blood. The men caught up and spotted where he had escaped, foul language lighting up the room as they tried to figure out where he would emerge from next.
Up in the vents Veyron got far enough away to allow himself to stop and catch his breath. His heart was beating so fast that he could feel his pulse in his ears and he was gasping for breath as he slumped against the wall. Surveying the damage done to his wing he cursed as he realized the bullet had struck right through one of the inner wing bones and the membrane. It stung mightily but he wouldn’t let it stop him. With a pained hiss the dragon folded his wings tight against his back and pressed on. He had to do something more to help. His distraction was something but not enough.
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With the main door breach, Jack charged in with Ardon and Comox, Vonriir also came charging in, Jack’s forces had been decimated by the archives but they had fought hard and now thanks to the behemoth of a dragon, they were inside.
But it would not be plain sailing, there was still resistance outside the base which Daniel tried to coordinate plus there was no back up to aid the dragons or Jack.
As soon as the dragons entered the storage area, armed guards and mech units were waiting for them and opened fire, causing the dragon team to take cover.
In formation, the dragons stormed the entry that Von had opened for them but where met with heavy fire, the crag back forced to keep back due to his size.
Jack looked and could see bullets flying, taking chunks out of the wall as they were pinned down in their location, if the dragons moved they would be shot to pieces.
“Were pinned down, they got the high ground, plus those mechs are shooting, we got no back up either” Jack said to the others over the ear piece as the noise from the guns was loud.
"Hold on, I have an idea," came Vonriir shout as he backed out of the entry. He came back moments later, throwing a APV that he had disabled into the thick of the encroaching enemy.
The men just got out the way as the APV crashed into the middle smashing up a mech and throwing a few people away, as they returned fire.
“Got any more APV’s Von, try and hit the bigger units and I see if Ardon can give us some fire balls” Jack said as the machine gun fire returned, Jack urging the dragons to keep to cover.
Vonriir grabbed the remnants of another vehicle he had destroyed and chucked it into the second level as Ardon braced himself and shot out four balls of fire at the men above.
The ensuring attack caused chaos as the men scrambled away, a mech got hit and damaged from Vonriir’s launch as there was still resistance coming in.
“We may need to withdraw, they still outnumber us, we got no back up for this” Jack said as guns fired once more.
Up on the second level, Veyron had emerged from hiding, racing along to the electrical room where he shut himself in and looked around.
"Come on, it's gotta be there somewhere," he said to himself before finding the panel he was looking for. Veyron knew that the dragons sight was far better than the humans while in the dark and he hoped that it may give them some edge. The wraith jumped up to the panel and pried the lever down with all his might. "Arrhg," he said through grit teeth as the lever slowly moved down before snapping closed, plunging the building into darkness.
The lights went off as the men looked confused at the sudden darkness in the underground storage area.
“Now’s our chance Comox, hit and strike hard, Von and Ardy light them up!” Jack ordered.
Vonriir let out a battle roar that echoed throughout the building, signalling the charge. Ardon and Comox leapt forward.
The gold doused his opponents in fire while Comox stuck out lightning quick with his claws while Vonriir swung his tail mightily, crashing into opponents.
The had a window of opportunity as the lights came back on, the damage done as the men retreated upwards towards the main building.
“Hold the fort here Vonriir, cause as much havoc here as possible, Ardon and Comox with me, we go up the levels, lets hope our helper continues aiding us, we got to get to the control room” Jack said.
"Yes sir!" Replied Vonriir, stomping off to go deal with some of the armed men that continued to shoot at him.
Comox fell into line with Ardon hanging back whenever the golden dragon let out a burst of flame.

Up in the control room Power was restored to the basement level but they could see the chaos being dealt, Thornton spoke to his security demanding they find that troublesome little dragon.
“Instructions sir, now these dragons are making a dent in our defences, plus that little git of a dragon is still out there” Thornton said as they watched the battle in the main depot underground.
Malcolm turned to face the man, his expression one of concern and frustration.
“Initiate Plan Omega and destroy all evidence, get your senior staff to do, it, ensure we have defences everywhere and you deal with Jack and those dragons” Malcolm ordered as Thornton left the control room as Malcolm folded his arms and watched the battle unfold inside and outside the facility.
Unknown to them someone else was watching through their camera’s and CCTV monitors and a plan was already under way.

Jack’s small team moved forward as they dealt with the security guards, it was indeed a running firefight as Jack opened fire, shooting the guards with accuracy as Ardon moved forward with Comox.
The whole building shook as an explosion sounded, one of the venom ships crashed into the building causing damage as Daniels team began to get out on top.
Thornton had gone into the Arsenal chamber and picked a Mech for the ability of sorting out Vonriir.
The Raptor was designed experimental prototype designed to endure heavy duty tasks and was going to be used as an assault weapon for the archives, but it had not been tested.
Thornton jumped in and powered it up, immediately arming the high explosive rockets fitted to it, he assumed it would take out the big dragon easily, the massive behemoth had caused no end of trouble for the archives, ripping their door open and allowing the fight to be taken to them.

Vonriir gasped and ducked under the rocket that roared past before charging the mech with a growl.
The mech machine reloaded and was about to fire another but Vonriir weight hit the Raptor mech with Force as Thornton accidently released the rocket which flew up into the air and hit the ceiling with a massive bang.
The rocket was a powerful weapon and took a massive chunk out of the ceiling, causing severe internal damage, Jack, Ardon and Comox were walking just where the rocket hit, the huge explosion and collapse of the whole section as chaos ensured.
Comox and Ardon went tumbling through the floor as it exploded beneath them in a horrific boom. The gold roared out in a panic, trying to open his wings but the debris dragged him down along with Comox.
The blast had ripped a massive hole in 3 levels above the basement, the rocket had caused major structural damage to the base, Jack had been flung like a ragdoll, bouncing until hew managed to grab hold of a rebar as some of the ceiling fell down, Jack once more was thrown harshly but the man clung on, despite plaster and debris falling all over.
Veyron had heard the explosion and saw Jack clinging onto a sketchy looking ledge, with no sign of Ardon in sight. Gritting his teeth, Veyron ran for the man, racing along the railings before jumping up a level, hurrying as fast as he could.
"Hang on!" He shouted as he approached.
Jack held on as debris and rubble fell all over, the massive drop below would signal the end for Jack, the man clung to the unstable edge as Ardon was unable to assist and nor could Comox, Jack gripped as hard as he could but could not get any purchase, his other arm aching slightly from the blast.
Veyron would see that no one was coming to help. This was all on him.
"Just hang on, I'm coming!" He yelled, trying to tread lightly and not let any more debris rain down on the man.
He looked down and realized that this would be no easy feat but he had to do it. Jacks life hung in the balance, risk or not.
Hurrying the dragon carefully climbed down as far as he could, coiling his tail and hind legs around exposed rebar. He stretched his paw out towards the man. "Come on!" He yelled down at him.
Jack looked up to see Veyron, now there was a sight to see, the dragon had his arms outstretched urging him to grab on.
“Your crazy!, I’m too heavy for you!” Jack shouted knowing Veyron couldn’t hold him, he was far too heavy and it could severely damage the little dragon, despite his predicament he wouldn’t hurt a dragon.
"Shut up!" Snapped Veyron. "You don't have any other option!"
Jack looked at his situation and then back to Veyron.
“You be ripped apart!, I can’t do that to you!” Jack shouted back as debris dust fell around them, Jack was still gripping hard now getting his other hand to support him in his precarious situation.
Veyron growled and lunged as far as he could reach grabbing Jack's sleeve cuff, "Climb!" He ordered, having no care to who he was yelling at. "I rather deal with you than your damn golden idiot of a dragon when you splatter on the floor if you fall!"
Jack knew he had no choice as more debris came down Jack grabbed onto Veyron’s serpentine body, as the wraith used himself as a rope.
"Ack!" The wraith squalled at first before taking on a shallow breath. "Jesus you're made out of lead," he wheezed. "Hurry!"
Jack looked around and tried to see if there was anyway to take the pressure off Veyron as he kept a firm grip on the little who was struggling with his body weight.
Veyron scrunched his eyes shut as he felt something pop along his ribs, his hind paws holding onto the rebar for dear life.
Jack could see a more secure ledge to the right and went to grab it as he knew the pressure on Veyron was immense.
"Could you hurry your ass up, commander!" Hissed Veyron, feeling the pain grow hot through his ribs and back from bearing the weight.
“Keep hanging on, I reach for that ledge there, hold on!” Jack said as he made to reach up to it with his other arm.
The little dragon was finding it difficult to hang on.
He was a tiny creature using himself as a rope for the man to climb upon and his spine was roaring out I protest, pain making the corners of his vision go dark. He cursed aloud between strained breaths.
Jack continued but he was just out of reach, it was a good thing Jack was naturally strong and able to support his own weight for a while, but Veyron was struggling.
"What the hell are you waiting for, man?" Yelled Veyron, "hurry the hell up!" The scales where he was holding onto the rebar with his hind legs had broken in places and something cracked in his chest. The wraith felt the pain and knew one of his ribs had failed under the weight.
“I cant..reach the ledge, I’m trying!” Jack stretching more as Veyron bore his full weight, the small dragon under so much unrelenting stress from Jack’s body weight.
"Ugh," the wraith choked out, feeling like his torso was about to be pulled free from the rest of him. He was trembling and sweat collected along his ruff and crest.
“Sorry!” Jack said as he made an attempt to reach for the ledge but was just very narrowly short of grabbing it.
Veyron could feel his tail and hind legs losing grip on the rebar.
"Hurry... I can't hang on ugh- much longer," growled the dragon.
“Nearly got it Veyron, just hold strong for a few more seconds, nearly there”! Jack said reaching as his finger tips brushed the edge of the ledge.
All Veyron could do was let out a rasping noise as he struggled to hang on, his whole body trembling with pain.
“Keep with me Veyron, hold on!” Jack said trying again to reach it.
The dragon coiled all his muscles as hard as he could against the weight he was carrying. He cursed loudly, the scene of what would happen if he couldn't hang on flashing in his mind.
"I can't hold on!" The little dragon roared, trying not to let go with everything he had.
“Dammit I cant reach, hang on!” Jack said moving upwards a bit using Veyron as a rope as he tried again.
"Grhh," Veyron snarled, feeling the pain rip through him, his back felt like it was on fire.

Outside the battle was being won as Daniels team fought hard and began to get superiority, Veyron’s actions disabled the communications scrambler allowing Baxter to say EA reinforcements were on the way.
"Daniel!" Called Zyra, spotting the man outside the building. She flew in fast and landed deftly on the ground beside him. Her face was flushed pink and she had the shimmer of sweat across her scales from her flight. "Where is everyone?" She asked him with urgency in her voice
The looked to see the bold and seemed surprised to see her, without Melina there as well.
"Zyra, where did you come from, thought you were with Melina at the hospital" Daniel said surprised to see the bold wing.
"Well..." she said, panting, "No one bloody told me we were raiding the archives!" the dragon huffed, "What's going on? Is everyone okay?"
"Jack and the dragons are in there, we got control in here, back up will be there but you best go in, keep low and fire if you need be" Daniel said knowing better than to stop Zyra entering.
Without another word Zyra jumped back into the air and hurried over to the building. A rising sense of danger was beginning to grow in her mind, something was wrong. The boldwing beat her wings faster in her worry.
Zyra would of seen Jack dangling bellow a large drop with Veyron looking strained and on the verge of buckling under pressure.
Suddenly there was a rush of wings as Ardon rushed up and grabbed Jack, lifting him up and away just as Zyra hovered and reached for Veyron, the wraith letting out a hiss of pain as she scooped him up in her paws.
"I'm sorry, Stars I'm sorry. I got pinned down when the floor collapsed," apologized Ardon, his hearts hammering.
Jack coughed and panted, he was a little grazed on the face and dusty on his clothes but he was otherwise ok, he went over to Zyra who was looking at Veyron, the dragon looked a state, cracked scales, cuts had been opened and he was bleeding, bruising also coming through as the wraith pushed himself to breaking point to keep Jack alive.
“My Gosh Veyron!” Jack exclaimed as Zyra examined him.
"Vey, Veyron," called Zyra as she landed with the little dragon in her paws.
His green eyes had trouble focusing on her before they closed and he lost consciousness.
“He looks a mess and passed out, we need to get him back to Torchwood 5 as soon as possible, take him back Zyra, Comox you go with her, me, Ardon and Vonriir will get Malcolm, I can see Vonriir dealt with Thornton”
Jack said looking down to see the crumpled mech and Thornton laying still, Vonriir had gone in for the kill to defend himself.

Zyra nodded and jumped back into the air to rush him away but comox wasn't so sure. "You certain there's no need of me?" he asked.
“You done brilliantly Comox, I want Zyra to have some protection, you can provide that, I need Ardon and Vonriir here, plus Daniels men will be in here soon, protect her and Veyron back to base” Jack instructed.
"Will do, stay safe," nodded Comox before taking off after the direction the other bold wing had gone.
"You sure you're alright?" asked Ardon, still breathing hard himself.
“Im fine, just the damage I’ve done to Veyron….he saved my life, he knew he couldn’t handle my weight but he did it anyway….that was brave and courageous” Jack said to Ardon.
The gold gave a shallow nod, knowing that Veyron had just risk it to save his Attilu, but that was something he had to be grateful for at another time. They still needed to go after Malcolm.
“Come on let’s head upwards to the command centre, Vonriir and Daniels forces will keep cover, let’s go” Jack said as they moved down the corridor.
Ardon heard the doors behind them begin to close and rushed past Jack, rearing up and putting his paws upon them.
He was furious with himself, having let Jack down; the result of nearly letting him die resonating in his mind. If Veyron hadn't been there...
The gold growled and shoved the one door backwards, though it moved excruciatingly slow. He took in a deep breath, the light of Brathille rising up along the edges of his scales suddenly.
"Grrh!" he snarled, pushing the door back open in a display of brathille fuelled power, the hydraulics on the door busting from the force.
“Impressive, lets keep moving Ardon, keep cover” Jack said as they pushed forward, Ardon glowing with Brathille, they would not be stopped.
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Before leaving the Archive grounds, Zyra found Daniel and told him to send a message to Sam at the base and Melina at the hospital now that the signal scrambling had been cut. She would need them at the ready for when she arrived at the facility.
“I’m coming with you,” said Comox, as she jumped back into the air, nose pointed for home.
“Just hurry,” said Zyra as Comox took off after her, guarding her from any remaining Archive member that might want to take them down before they left the grounds.
She flew as fast as she could, for the second time that day. She raced across the dull grey sky, holding Veyron safely against her chest, curving her paws around him to protect him from the wind.
“Hang in there, Veyron. We’ll get you better soon. You just have to hold on,” she would call to him intermittently. The dragon had only managed a moan in response. Still out of it.
Once they got closer to the facility Comox turned to her. “Go, I’ll meet you in there in a bit.” He knew that she could outfly him and he was holding her back. It would be safe for her now without any danger of Archive members here.
Zyra didn’t have to be told twice. She threw her wings in gear and dashed off at the dizzying speed. Comox watched her race off towards the facility and spurred his wings to keep up the best they could. He was exhausted from the fight but wouldn’t hang back now.
Out of breath and with her lungs burning from exertion the dragoness swooped into the dragon hanger where Sam had been waiting for them. She reared up and landed on her hind paws before lightly dropping her forequarters to rest on one of her front paws while the other still held Veyron. Blood from his wing and shorn scales showed up brightly against her snow white scales.
"Goodness!, Veyron what has happened" Sam said seeing the small Wraith in such a state in her paws.
"The… stupid thing used himself….. like a rope to pull Jack up from falling apparently. He hadn't said anything. I think he's still out," replied the dragoness replied between breaths.
"Oh dear, we best get him to intensive care as soon as possible, we best hurry, Jack is a heavy guy, why would he of done this to himself its 3 times what his breed can lift" Sam said guiding her to the labs.
“More than that, I would guess,” replied Zyra, following at a quick pace.
With Sam’s help, Zyra gently laid Veyron down on the table. The dragon let out a pained groan which made Zyra wince.
“Hang in there, Veyron. We’re going to sort you out now,” Said Zyra gently she pulled down the machine that would scan the dragon while they worked. She set up the settings, though limited as they were for his breed and initiated the scan.
Sam attached sensors and got fluids attached to his body, the computer scanned him, "Zy can you get the breathing equipment and let’s treat and wrap up the damage to his scales here," Sam said to Zyra.
“Got it,” replied the dragoness. The oxygen mask was far too large for the wraith’s small face but it worked fine as she held it over him and handed Sam the kit to clean up his abrasions and wound to his wing. All the while the Boldwing seethed, this could have been avoided if they had called her in to help and not left her in the dark. A storm cloud brewed in her mind, thinking the worst, that she had been left out for her own safety.
The computer beeped, signaling the end of the scan. Zyra looked over and read its report. “The third metacarpal has been shattered just above the joint. That doesn’t look good,” said the dragoness, wondering how to best set the bone. Wing injuries were always difficult if they involved broken bones as they were very delicate. “I’ll set it the best I can but we’ll have to secure his wing closed or else any movement will make it heal incorrectly.”
She hoped that Veyron wouldn’t feel too anxious by being grounded, not that he flew much anyway. A vertebrae closer towards the base of his tail had been separated by the force of the weight, resulting in paralysis of the power half of his tail. Luckily they had the means to fix this, though it would take him. = As she worked the computer would beef softly, recording his vitals. The dragon was a mess, crushed scales and a number of his ribs where broken which also would be slow and painful to heal.
“The computer is reporting extensive musculoskeletal injuries,” she reported. Those would have to heal on their own time and there wasn’t much other than pain relief and anti-inflammatories they could offer for that.
Melina walked in and promptly rushed to the medical bay, "Gosh what happened here" She asked.
Zyra turned, relieved that she was here. While Zyra may have had her title as doctor, she always felt most confident in her work when Melina was there to oversee everything. As the professor looked over the little dragon Zyra gave her a quick synopsis of what had happened at the Archives, still fuming that they had not been told about what was going on. Zyra felt like such a big event should have seen her included, or informed at the very least.
"Stars what a brave lad, poor Veyron" Melina said.

"We were wrong to think we would have betrayed us," said Zyra feeling guilty.
Melina touched the wraiths paw and nodded.
"Yes especially, the archives did a number on us, such a brave lad, have to spoil him." Melina lightly joked.
"Don't f-ing touch me," grumbled the little dragon on the table, still out of it and now loopy with the pain killers.
Zyra looked up at Melina and gave a little smile, "Well, there he is. I think he'll be alright."

A while later Vonriir arrived back in the hanger, having been dismissed from the Archives now that things had settled. He confirmed that Jack and Ardon were still alright and just dealing with the after math.
“Are you alright?” Asked Comox, he had taken off his armour but he was still covered in dust, grit and soot, tarnishing his normally pristine white scales.
“I have the most horrid headache,” said Vonriir, feeling exhausted. Without removing his gear the dragon laid down, looking like he was ready to sleep.
“No, no wait, Von. Don’t close your eyes. If you have gotten an concussion you can’t sleep,” said Comox, rushing up to him. He knew that the impacts on the door couldn’t have been good for the large dragon.
“Nonsense. Just a wee catnap,” protested Vonriir.
“Nope, not even that. Just wait until Melina is done with Veyron, then hopefully she can clear you to rest.”
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Before leaving the Archive grounds, Zyra found Daniel and told him to send a message to Sam at the base and Melina at the hospital now that the signal scrambling had been cut. She would need them at the ready for when she arrived at the facility.
“I’m coming with you,” said Comox, as she jumped back into the air, nose pointed for home.
“Just hurry,” said Zyra as Comox took off after her, guarding her from any remaining Archive member that might want to take them down before they left the grounds.
She flew as fast as she could, for the second time that day. She raced across the dull grey sky, holding Veyron safely against her chest, curving her paws around him to protect him from the wind.
“Hang in there, Veyron. We’ll get you better soon. You just have to hold on,” she would call to him intermittently. The dragon had only managed a moan in response. Still out of it.
Once they got closer to the facility Comox turned to her. “Go, I’ll meet you in there in a bit.” He knew that she could outfly him and he was holding her back. It would be safe for her now without any danger of Archive members here.
Zyra didn’t have to be told twice. She threw her wings in gear and dashed off at the dizzying speed. Comox watched her race off towards the facility and spurred his wings to keep up the best they could. He was exhausted from the fight but wouldn’t hang back now.
Out of breath and with her lungs burning from exertion the dragoness swooped into the dragon hanger where Sam had been waiting for them. She reared up and landed on her hind paws before lightly dropping her forequarters to rest on one of her front paws while the other still held Veyron. Blood from his wing and shorn scales showed up brightly against her snow white scales.
"Goodness!, Veyron what has happened" Sam said seeing the small Wraith in such a state in her paws.
"The… stupid thing used himself….. like a rope to pull Jack up from falling apparently. He hadn't said anything. I think he's still out," replied the dragoness replied between breaths.
"Oh dear, we best get him to intensive care as soon as possible, we best hurry, Jack is a heavy guy, why would he of done this to himself its 3 times what his breed can lift" Sam said guiding her to the labs.
“More than that, I would guess,” replied Zyra, following at a quick pace.
With Sam’s help, Zyra gently laid Veyron down on the table. The dragon let out a pained groan which made Zyra wince.
“Hang in there, Veyron. We’re going to sort you out now,” Said Zyra gently she pulled down the machine that would scan the dragon while they worked. She set up the settings, though limited as they were for his breed and initiated the scan.
Sam attached sensors and got fluids attached to his body, the computer scanned him, "Zy can you get the breathing equipment and let’s treat and wrap up the damage to his scales here," Sam said to Zyra.
“Got it,” replied the dragoness. The oxygen mask was far too large for the wraith’s small face but it worked fine as she held it over him and handed Sam the kit to clean up his abrasions and wound to his wing. All the while the Boldwing seethed, this could have been avoided if they had called her in to help and not left her in the dark. A storm cloud brewed in her mind, thinking the worst, that she had been left out for her own safety.
The computer beeped, signaling the end of the scan. Zyra looked over and read its report. “The third metacarpal has been shattered just above the joint. That doesn’t look good,” said the dragoness, wondering how to best set the bone. Wing injuries were always difficult if they involved broken bones as they were very delicate. “I’ll set it the best I can but we’ll have to secure his wing closed or else any movement will make it heal incorrectly.”
She hoped that Veyron wouldn’t feel too anxious by being grounded, not that he flew much anyway. A vertebrae closer towards the base of his tail had been separated by the force of the weight, resulting in paralysis of the power half of his tail. Luckily they had the means to fix this, though it would take him. = As she worked the computer would beef softly, recording his vitals. The dragon was a mess, crushed scales and a number of his ribs where broken which also would be slow and painful to heal.
“The computer is reporting extensive musculoskeletal injuries,” she reported. Those would have to heal on their own time and there wasn’t much other than pain relief and anti-inflammatories they could offer for that.
Melina walked in and promptly rushed to the medical bay, "Gosh what happened here" She asked.
Zyra turned, relieved that she was here. While Zyra may have had her title as doctor, she always felt most confident in her work when Melina was there to oversee everything. As the professor looked over the little dragon Zyra gave her a quick synopsis of what had happened at the Archives, still fuming that they had not been told about what was going on. Zyra felt like such a big event should have seen her included, or informed at the very least.
"Stars what a brave lad, poor Veyron" Melina said.

"We were wrong to think we would have betrayed us," said Zyra feeling guilty.
Melina touched the wraiths paw and nodded.
"Yes especially, the archives did a number on us, such a brave lad, have to spoil him." Melina lightly joked.
"Don't f-ing touch me," grumbled the little dragon on the table, still out of it and now loopy with the pain killers.
Zyra looked up at Melina and gave a little smile, "Well, there he is. I think he'll be alright."

A while later Vonriir arrived back in the hanger, having been dismissed from the Archives now that things had settled. He confirmed that Jack and Ardon were still alright and just dealing with the after math.
“Are you alright?” Asked Comox, he had taken off his armour but he was still covered in dust, grit and soot, tarnishing his normally pristine white scales.
“I have the most horrid headache,” said Vonriir, feeling exhausted. Without removing his gear the dragon laid down, looking like he was ready to sleep.
“No, no wait, Von. Don’t close your eyes. If you have gotten an concussion you can’t sleep,” said Comox, rushing up to him. He knew that the impacts on the door couldn’t have been good for the large dragon.
“Nonsense. Just a wee catnap,” protested Vonriir.
“Nope, not even that. Just wait until Melina is done with Veyron, then hopefully she can clear you to rest.”
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