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Unread Mar 14th, 2017, 05:03 PM   #26
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Sam assured Melina that he would fix up Veyron as Melina then went to check up on Vonriir, considering his encounter, Zyra brought medical kits with her so Melina could do an examination, plus she could use the sensor disks.
She arrived in the dragon hanger and Vonriir looked tired, he had been heavily sweating and there were some bruising around his shoulders and some scuffed scales.
“Right, now I dealt with the smallest patient, now the largest, Vonriir my big behemoth of a dragon” Melina said looking up at the giant crag back before her.
"I'm fine, miss. Just a bit of a headache," replied Vonriir, still outrigged in his armour.
Melina looked at Comox and Zyra.
“Can you two help Von with taking off his armour, put it to one side for now, then once its off I’d like you to gently lay down, no going to sleep until I done my tests big guy” Melina instructed.
"Alright. I've already had my nap delayed once," he chuckled lightly as the others helped unclip his armour.
Melina seemed to wince seeing the bruising first hand on his scales, some scuffed scales and she noticed cracks on his giant horns.
“Blimey Vonriir, when Forge sent you here, we did not expect to throw you into battle, just good job Forge isn’t here or he be given me a verbal telling off” Melina said as the last of the armour came off.
"Nah," replied the big dragon. "Don't let him tell YOU off for anything. It was my choice to help, no one else's and I certainly wouldn't stand back while my little clan is headed off to battle after one of our own was hurt. By the way, has Mr. de Santa recovered and what of Veyron?" He said sounded more concerned for them than himself.
Melina smiled, the massive dragon with a massive heart, always thinking of others before himself, she admired his attitude and caring nature, he had a heart of gold this big dragon.
“Mr De Santa is stable and Veyron is bruised and injured but he heal, considering he bore Jack’s whole weight, the injuries and strain are not surprising” Melina said.
"You're delaying, Von," said Zyra. "Just let Professor Melina see to you."
"Oh I wasn't avoiding," smiled Vonriir. "Prone to chatter, as Lord Silver scale always said.
Melina smiled as she nodded.
“Well let’s have a look at you Von, as long as you don’t swear at me like Veyron, you be fine, I must admit his herculean effort would even impress you Vonriir” Melina said as Vonriir sat down.
"Comox explained to me what happened. He proved us all wrong by the looks of it. Fear not, though professor. I'll be a good patient. I wouldn't dare cuss in front of a lady," replied Vonriir, puffing up slightly.
“I am sure you would, Zyra can you attach the medical disks and do a visual inspection of Vonriir head to tail,then check his eyes, changes to light sensitivity, plus those sensors doctor” Melina asked the bold wing.
"Right." Nodded the dragoness, setting to work. Vonriir dipped his mighty head to her so that she could reach up and place the sensors on his scales.
Melina gave Vonriir a pet on the muzzle but she removed her hand which was damp.
“Must have been sweating buckets in that armour, are you feeling thirsty, or dizzy, you feel sick or any twinges?” Melina began her examination and questions.
"Thirsty perhaps, breathing in all that smoke and dust. And the headache of course." Replied Vonriir.
Melina nodded as the sensors began a full diagnosis, she visually checked around his giant head as she checked for cuts, abrasions and bleeding, Melina was pretty good as the sensors gave her readings.
“Ok, medical sensors have detected some muscle strain along the hind legs, some minor scuffs on your scales near your tail, your shoulders are bruised with some internal bruising on your chest, you got a headache as your skull has had some strain put upon it, some micro cracks been detected, brain seems ok and vision ok though your big horns have some pressure cracks in them, including the two big ones on each one” Melina said to the giant dragon.
“Anything you found Zyra?” Melina asked the bold wing.
Before the dragoness could answer Vonriir seemed a little worried. "They won't break, would they? Can the cracks be fixed?" A dragon’s pride was his crest and the big dragon seems anxious that his might break off any second.
Melina took a closer inspection of the cracks, they were not deep but they were pretty large, stretching along each one.
“Hrmm, they aren’t deep cracks at all but fairly big, I do have a technique but it is experimental, hasn’t really been tested but I can give it a go, there is no immediate danger I don’t think from looking” Melina said.
"Oh, good, good," said Vonriir, trying to play it cool though Zyra could see him trying to look at his own crest without much success.
Melina felt the dragon seem a little worried about his impressive crest, so she took steps to reassure him.
“What I recommend is for you to use the large thermal pool we had installed in the other bay, bathe in there for an hour or so, get the bruising up, rest the sore muscles, then I can see no danger in you sleeping, when your rested I will come and fix up the cracks and we can stress test them, to ensure they are still strong” Melina advised the large Crag back.
"Rest. That I can do well, miss," he said with a small smile.
Melina nodded.
“Doctors orders, have your heated floors on too, but before that to the pool please, then off to bed, now next dragon is Co, let’s have a look at you” Melina said gesturing to Von to go and Comox to come forward.
The large dragon lumbered off, happy to be able to go rest while Comox sat down for his medical inspection.
"I-I think I'm okay."
“I be the judge of that, doctor can I have you put the sensors on please, then same visual tests on Co as we did Vonriir please” Melina said sticking the sensors pads onto Comox white scales.
“Hey, you bulked up a little Co, can see through your white scales, impressive” Melina said with a kind smile.
Comox flushed and gulped a bit at the compliment and the fact that Zyra was in rather close proximity as she put on the sensors. "Yeah..."
Melina nodded as Zyra moved away as the sensor disks checked Comox out from nose to tail, before the results Melina spoke to the male.
“How you feeling, tired?, any headaches, blurred vision, muscle aches or twinges?” quizzed the professor.
"No. Just a little tired," said Comox.
Melina heard a beep as the analysis was done.
“Ok, minor tension in your muscles around your shoulders and chest, some strain wing muscles, some strain on the muscles round your acid spurs and minor bruising to your back and hind legs, so not too bad” Melina said.
“I recommend 24 hours complete rest” the professor added.
The boldwing nodded, "thank you, Melina. I appreciate it."
Melina smiled.
“Your acid spurs did really well, Sam will be pleased, you must of pushed them and they did as you commanded, so really pleased , but yes do go rest please, Dr Zyra will also be resting since she did the sprint from London to the edge of Birmingham and back again” Melina said with a light chuckle.
"I will rest once the boys come back. I want to be around in case they are hurt or anything," said Zyra, not wanting to leave just yet.
Overhead the sound of leathery wings could be heard as Ardon swooped through the doors and into the hangar with Jack atop his shoulders. The gold looked tired but the glimmering effect of brathille still hadn't fully faded.
Zyra looked up at him as he landed. Comox spotted how she looked at him with a twist in his stomach.
“Ah, speak of the devils, they have arrived back, excellent” Melina said seeing Jack get off Ardon and take off his armour and harness.
The gold was a mess of sweat and dust but it only magnified his strong form, muscles shifting under his scales as he approached.
"Are you both alright?" Asked Zyra.
Jack nodded lightly, as Melina approached him , looking at the cut on his face and some tears in his clothing.
“It’s nothing Mel, nothing a shower wouldn’t fix, just had a nasty scare, how is Veyron” Jack asked feeling worried.
“Relax, he is fine, very sore and some strained muscles but he be ok, he told me to f off in a grumble” Melina smiled.
“Well, least that’s good news, the other dragons?” Jack asked.
“Vonriir is going in the thermal pool to bring out bruising then resting, then I will try and fix the cracks in his horns, Comox is ok, bit tired, same with Zy, I like to inspect Ardon to see if he is ok, with Zyra’s help” Melina said.
The dragoness seemed to give Ardon a look while he wasn't watching, a half smile to herself.
“You look ok to me Ardon, just sweaty and needing rest, again warm shower, rinse off and rest, I’d say for both of you, how is Daniel?” Melina asked.
“He is there, told us to go home, the EA came and are dealing with things, Daniel said he mop up and told us to go, I sort of had to agree” Jack said though his tone sounded reluctant.
Melina nodded.
“Well you best get some rest, I keep you all updated on Veyron’s condition and I got the doctor to ring me with any news on Mark’s condition” Melina said as the man and dragon walked to their quarters.
“You too Comox, rest up” Melina said as the male nodded, looking a little off as he headed back, leaving Melina to quickly check up on Zyra.

Jack and Ardon were both tired and weary after a long and intense battle, loses were high on both sides but now back the tiredness and aching seemed to overtake adrenaline as they entered their quarters.
Once the door shut behind him Ardon let out a guilty sigh and gave Jack a hug, wrapping his wings around them.
"I'm sorry, I let you down. I couldn't get to you fast enough." He said quietly. The membranes of his wings still shimmering with the slightest residual light of brathille.
Jack returned the hug to Ardon, feeling his worry and regret.
“Hey, its done, do not be sorry, you did your best under difficult circumstances, I am here, you’re here it is all good, you haven’t let me down, you did me proud Ardy” Jack said with a smile.
The dragon let him go and nosed his shoulder happy that it was all over.
"Still..." he said. "We really had brathille working on our side this time."
Jack nodded lightly.
“Your skill, experience and understanding of the situation helped but Brathille is slowly coming under our control, imagine what we can learn and do with it, we already know what it does to you physically” Jack grinned.
The dragon arched his neck proudly, pleased with the compliment, grinning happily
Jack laughed lightly.
“You couldn’t resist it could you, come on, shower time and sleep I think, your bed as its got heated floors” Jack said as he got unchanged to pop into the shower.
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Ardon stuck close to Jack for the remainder of the night. Both of them got cleaned up and tried to settle for sleep but it was impossible to do right away, despite their exhaustion. The energy from the battle still reverberated through their minds even though the wanted nothing more than to sleep.
Ardon circled Jack protectively and they spoke quietly about the events of that day and Veyron’s heroics. They had been wrong to accuse him of treason and espionage. It would be a sheepish apology once the wraith woke.
Eventually their busy minds couldn’t fight sleep any longer and they both fell into a deep slumber with the dragon curled up like a great, golden protective wall.

Veyron woke the next day, blinking and confused. The room was bright white around him and he struggled to make sense of where he was. His mind was foggy and it was hard to think straight. As his vision cleared he realized he was on a bed, a curtain shielded him from the rest of the room.
“Hello?” he called, only to snarl in pain, the movement from his shout made his ribs protest sharply. “Uhg, what the hell…”
He looked down at himself to see that sensors and wires where hooked up across his torso and there was an IV secured at his left wrist. Memories of the day before came flooding back; the raid, helping Jack up. He tried to think about how the rest of it went, all he could make his clouded mind recall was Ardon and …was it Zyra? They showed up at some point he was sure. His who body hurt, the last of the painkillers were beginning to wear off and he felt like any movement would send him into fits of pain. He sighed and sunk back into the pillow he had been propped up on. The machine he was hooked up to was beeping softly and he realized that was what had woken him from his dreamless sleep.
As he shifted slightly again he realized that he couldn’t open one of his wings. He recalled with regret that he had been shot and he winced to think about what damage it had done though he did not have the ability to gather the stretch to sit up and look just yet.
The dragon took a shallow breath as to not hurt his ribs and tried calling again, “Hello?”
He suddenly quieted, what if he was not with Torchwood? What if he had been scooped up by the Archives? He hesitated a moment but the scent of the room was familiar. He could smell the other dragons, though faintly as if they had been in the room a while ago.
He heard footsteps approach and the curtain was pulled back from his bed.
"Hey cool it buddy, I'm here " Melina said coming towards him. "Take it slow and easy."
“Did I break my back?” grumbled Veyron. “It kills to try and sit up.”
"No, not broken but you got a lot skeletal damage and strain, it will be sore for a bit, you overexerted yourself and then some" Melina said.
"Yes, I bet it kills like buggery Veyron, you have to take it easy for a little while and undergo a few treatments and you be fighting fit once more," Melina said confidently.
The little dragon didn’t seem as impressed forced to have to sit and ensure his recovery but there was not much he could really do about that.
“Did the team make it out alright?” he asked.
Melina nodded.
"Yes they did, that was a very brave and bold move you did, you saved Jack from danger, I know he feels bad for inflicting this much damage upon you, but I think your made of sterner stuff," Melina smiled slightly.
“You’ve got that right,” Veyron replied with a groan as he tried to get comfortable, “Do I have to beg if I want more morphine?”

Melina shook her head lightly. "We can up the dose to give you pain relief, just your body has been under severe stress, I think you held more than any wild wraith could," Melina said kindly.
“What did I tell you about underestimating me?” smirked Veyron sleepily.

A short time after lunch Ardon walked into the medical wing and padded over hesitantly to the bed in which Veyron lay. The little dragon’s eyes were closed and despite the bandages he still looked like a mess.
“What the hell are you staring at, Goldie?” said Veyron suddenly, opening his eyes.
“Oh, sorry. Nothing. I just wanted to check in to see how you were,” replied Ardon sheepishly.
“Still alive. Not kicking though,” Veyron grumbled, closing his eyes again and letting out a breath.
“How do you feel?”
Veyron opened his eyes and turned his head to Ardon. “Like I was used as a bungee cord, that’s what. You’re welcome, by the way.”
“Yeah…” said Ardon, trying to work his way up to thanking the dragon and apologize at the same time.
“How are you feeling, drake? Got me all wrong AND then I go and save your Attilu because you were slacking. Must sting a bit,” he chuckled softly to himself, looking rather smug as he settled his head back on the pillow.
“You don’t make apologies easy…” grumbled Ardon.
“You didn’t make my existence here easy. It’s only fair,” he smirked, “Looks like you owe me big time for risking my neck to save his life, though.”
Ardon held back a snort and took a breath.
“Thank you for that…” he started.
“…And sorry for doubting your allegiance to Torchwood.”
“Ah, music to my ears, Goldie,”
Ardon rolled his eyes but he truly was thankful that Veyron had been there to save Jack, as painful as it was to admit. Veyron seemed to know this and while he teased the larger dragon, he knew that Ardon was genuine in his feelings, as awkward as he was expressing them.
“How is he?”
“Who?” asked Ardon. Veyron wasn’t one to ask after other people and it caught him off guard.
“Jack, obviously. Did you get hit in the head or something during the raid?”
“Oh, he’s fine. Resting. At the moment. They have a lot to clear up with the EA now that this is over.”
“It doesn’t feel like it’s over,” said Veyron suddenly.
“Well, there’s a lot of work to be done now, restructuring the Archives, dealing with the public, d-“
“No, I don’t mean that.”
“Its over. Thornton was killed and so was Malcolm, somehow. It wasn’t by any of our team though,” Ardon explained.
The wraith gave a bit of a grunt, seeming like he didn’t quite believe it, “Still, it doesn’t seem over. I’ve got a feeling.”
“That feeling is probably because you used yourself like a rope. I think you’re about a foot taller,” grinned Ardon, his turn to tease Veyron.
“Oh shut up.”

Ardon left to let Veyron rest and meandered down the hall towards the canteen and was surprised to see Zyra. He hadn’t spoken to her since he arrived back from the Archives, the dragoness kept busy with her medical duties.
“Zy,” he called to her.
The dragoness turned, cup of tea in her paws. “Hey, Ardon.” She said as he approached.
“Hey I was-“ started the gold dragon when Zyra batted him over the head with her wing. “HEY what was that for?” he protested, sitting down and rubbing his crest even though it didn’t hurt a bit.
“That, SIR, is for not calling me to help during the raid,” she sniffed, taking a sip of her tea.
“You nothing. You deliberately kept me and Melina in the dark. Why?”
Ardon scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, “Um, well, you were helping Amanda with Mark and-“
“The real reason, Ardon. I want to hear it,” said Zyra, yellow eyes on him with a critical gaze. Her mood was strange. Almost playful but mad at the same time. It confused Ardon quite a bit as he struggled to come up with something that didn’t sound weird.
“Well, jack and I figured you girls would be safer…”
Zyra snorted, “When have I ever shied away from protecting the team? Don’t rule me out, nor Melina. It’s ridiculous. We hold our own just fine and always have. Things could have turned out better for everyone had we known and been able to help.”
Ardon felt like he was getting scolded but understood. “Sorry.”
“You better be, Golden wonder,” she said, her frown turning into a smile now as she reached out and gave him a quick hug around his neck.
“Ok, I get hit over the head and now a hug. What’s that for?”
“Not dying.” Replied Zyra simply.
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The male boldwing buzzed Jack's office in hopes to talk with him. "Jack? It's Co." he called.
Jack was getting changed and threw a top on and trousers as he rolled his shoulders, still feeling sore from yesterdays ordeal.
“Enter” Jack said as Comox came in.
“Oh, Co, how you feeling?, what can I do for you” Jack asked as he put on his socks and looked for his shoes.
"I'm doing fine, thanks. I just wanted to thank you for yesterday. Knowing that you trusted me to aid you all in the raid... and all," he replied.
Jack smiled and looked up at Comox giving him a pat on the shoulder.
“You were on point Comox, you did the branch, me and yourself proud, I could not ask for a better dragon to be at our side in this, you were very switched on and you were determined, miles away from when I first met you Co” Jack said, pride in his voice as he spoke to the male bold wing.
Comox gave a small smile, "Thanks, Jack. That means a lot. I know It's been a struggle with me."
Jack shook his head lightly.
“It has never been a struggle with you Co, everything I done with you has been to benefit you, I understand it can be hard but you done wonders here and I be proud to continue working with you if you let me” Jack said.
Comox dipped his head respectfully. "Of course. Thanks again, really."
Jack gave Comox a petted the dragon on the muzzle and he smiled slightly noticing that Comox seemed to of bulked up a little.
“Looking good Comox, seems Torchwood life agrees with you, have to see if you can beat me again this year” he teased lightly.
"We will see," smiled the boldwing. "You never know."
Jack laughed as Comox was called to Dr Baxter’s office, obviously, the doctor required the aid of the bold wing, Jack was pleased Comox seemed to have a purpose in the base, despite not being bonded.
Comox cocked his head to the side? Hearing his name being called. "Well, I better go. Baxter appears to need my assistance. Thanks again, Jack. See ya." The dragon excused himself.
“Take care Comox” Jack said as he quickly grabbed a jacket as he walked towards the canteen, he would pay Veyron a visit but he needed a coffee before anything.
Ardon was in the canteen sharing his account of the raid, gesturing wildly with his paws as Zyra listened, sitting rather close. At one point he put his paw on her shoulder, explaining where debris had struck him while the dragoness listened with a smile.
Jack entered a different way to the canteen and he grabbed a coffee from Toby, he noticed Ardon talking away as the bold wing seemed locked onto every move.
Jack’s golden eyes watched the golden male with his gestures and he could feel his mood, the happiness and excitement being round Zyra, a small smile crept onto his face as he kept observing but distracted himself with watching the news.
"Then," explained Ardon, "I had to dive out of the way when Vonriir starting swinging his tail around. Shortly after was when you arrived. That was crazy timing-" he paused, sensing Jacks presence.
He turned and flashed a grin at the man before excusing himself to go walk up to Jack.
Jack smiled, drinking his coffee, Ardon would sense the man was a little stiff around the arms today and he still had his graze on the side of his face.
“You could of continued your tales of adventure to Zy, no need to stop because I showed up” Jack commented after observing the gold with the bold wing.
"I was pretty much done the story- the exciting parts anyway," he replied. "So you're up. How are you feeling?"
“Sore Ardon, quite sore on the arms and all, still got my graze but it is healing up already” Jack said pointing to it.
"That's good. I'm glad you're okay. Have you seen Veyron yet?" He asked.
Jack took a sip of his coffee and shook his head.
“No, I will be soon, I been told he has woken up and cursing at everyone, so be interesting to see how he is, still brave fellow to do what he did, I’m not exactly light” Jack admitted.
"No... what he did was crazy but I'm thankful for it. He is up... and he is cranky, forewarning." He said with a sheepish smile.
Jack nodded finishing his coffee putting on the ledge so Toby could take it.
“I visit him and talk, show my appreciation, you on the other hand should continue your story, someone seemed to be hanging on your every word” Jack playfully nudged his dragon.
"What? No..." said Ardon sheepishly.
Jack grinned.
“Yes, you know what I mean, I can feel how warm and fuzzy you get, go get her golden, while I see Veyron to get sworn at” Jack said.
"I-I no, I was j-just telling a story," stammered Ardon, trying to backpedal but he could already feel the heat rise to his cheeks, caught.
Jack laughed lightly giving Ardon a nudge, “You know what I mean Ardy, now go after her, I got to speak with Veyron, talk later” Jack said leaving the golden dragon in his embarrassed state.
Ardon tried to protest and deny it but the man was already walking away.
His confidence had now crashed and burned and he felt too silly to go back and speak with her so he slunk out of the canteen, leaving her to her tea.

Jack entered the medical room as Melina was making notes on her tablet about Veyron’s current condition.
“Hey Jack, come to see our hero of the hour” Melina said as Jack nodded in response.
“Professor, I hope all is well with him” Jack asked.
“Well apart from all the injuries sustained being your support rope, he back to insult and quick remarks, I must insist you keep your visit short so he can rest” the professor said.
“Of course,” Jack said as he pulled back the curtain and sat down on a chair nearby next to the bed.
“Hello Veyron, how are you feeling?” the man asked, his tone had softened seeing Veyron bandaged and sensors on his body still, the man felt guilty for being the cause of this damage to the wraith.
"Oh, ya know. I've had better days. You're still alive I see." Replied Veyron. "I wonder, how many people and dragons did the traitorous wraith saved this past week?"
Jack tried not to smile at the cheekiness, he seemed on the mend at least.
“Seems your personality remained intact from the ordeal, I am sorry to have caused this to you Veyron, I did try and get off you as quick as I could” Jack said.
"What's done on done. I just expect a full pardon and all my stuff back," said the little dragon cheekily.
Jack gave Veyron a look but he soon resumed his tone.
“Well, you did more than just get a pardon, we were fooled by the archives lies, I am sorry we did not believe you, whether you accept my apology or not is your call but I do owe you, but you proved something to me, your mental attributes and loyalty to your new home, which I will restore for you Veyron” Jack said with dignity and genuine appreciation for Veyron’s efforts.
The wraith was silent as he took in his words. He had his name restored and the base's respect. He knew he could live off the favour he did for a while.
"Good." He said simply before almost begrudgingly added. "Thanks."
Jack gave a small smile.
“Your quarters is being revamped, your stuff returned and it being back to how it was, plus a few extra things as a thank you for saving my life that day, I hope when your better I do have a limited edition double blend 25 year old whiskey in my quarters I keep for special occasions” Jack winked at the wraith.
“Don’t tell the medical team” he added.
"Our secret," Veyron replied with a wink. "I could have used some of that while I was in hiding with the archives and Mark sniffing after me."
Jack seemed to find some amusement in his words.
“I also want to address your little activities, that was raised to me while you were here, borrowing items and some dubious activities on cards, I am however willing to wipe the slate clean for you and ensure your activities are all sorted but I want you to promise to end these little activities, if you need things just ask and we will order it” Jack said, raising the issue of his little illegal activities.
The dragon folded his arms though tried not to wince at then pain caused by it. "I suppose i do have everything I need here.... fine. I'll avoid that in the future, Harkness."
Jack nodded.
“Good, when you are well, you be required to attend a ceremony honouring our dragons here, including yourself, I am rewarding all dragons involved at the archives for bravery and valour, you included plus I be lifting restrictions on you as well” Jack said.
"Ah I am trusted enough to have run of the facility now am I? Well that's a treat. As for your reward ceremony, I don't think I'll be walking anywhere soon so hopefully it can wait." Replied Veyron.
Jack nodded lightly.
“It can until you all recovered, I was wrong to question your loyalty, I hope you will appreciate my efforts to make amends, as I said before I am happy to welcome you back, I think Melina will do a sterling job with you, bring you back stronger than ever” Jack said confident in the professor’s abilities.
"Yes, she's been a wonder. Don't let that one go," he took a breath as if the next words were difficult to say. "So yeah, thanks and all that."
Jack seemed to smile a little hearing the words from the little dragon.
“Bet that was hard to say for you” Jack replied to the wraith.
The dragon stuck out his tongue, " don't expect it again any time soon."
Jack chuckled lightly.
“I expect no less Veyron, if I did not get a sharp tongue response, I’d have Melina check you hadn’t taken a knock in your brain” Jack lightly teased back.
"Hah," replied the dragon. "Alright get out unless there's any other praise you'd like to bestow me with. I feel a nap coming on."
Jack smiled lightly.
“Sleep well and rest up” Jack said, leaving the dragon to his nap.
Melina approached and smiled lightly, “Still cheeky with you?” she asked.
Jack shrugged.
“Wouldn’t be Veyron if you did not get a bit of cheek and smugness, will he be ok?” Jack asked with genuine concern.
Melina looked at her notes and smiled.
“You still underestimate me Mr Harkness?”
“No..prodessor I just…” Jack was stopped as the woman put her finger on his lips which stopped him talking instantly.
“I got this, he be fighting fit and lifting weights over his head in no time, just don’t use him as a rope please” Melina said as Jack seemed a little surprised by the woman’s actions.
Melina gave a small sly smile as she saw Jack’s response.
“Unless you need anything else, shoo, I have patients to care for” Melina said as Jack left with a simple nod, Melina chuckled lightly, watching him leave with an interested look in her eye.
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The next day Veyron was struggling to get into a position that was comfortable while he still recuperated in the medical ward. Turning and sitting up was still difficult and on top of that struggle, he was finding himself constantly tangled in the wires and sensors.
It was just after eleven in the morning when he decided he had enough. From his sectioned off bed suddenly the machine that recorded his vitals began to ring with alarms sounding off.
Sam came running, thinking something was wrong but when he pulled back the curtain, Veyron was propped up on one elbow and ripping the IV that was placed on his wrist.
"Veyron, what on earth are you doing? They are monitoring you and keeping tabs on your well being don't rip them off!" Sam said as Melina came running in as well.
The wraith pulled back his ruff in displeasure, licking the spot where the IV had left a bloody mark. He still looked like a mess, but a grumpy one now.
"They pull at my skin. I don't like it," grumbled the dragon, being a difficult patient. "Looking at the IV under my skin makes me want to gag." It was true, the sight of it made his skin crawl and made him nauseous whenever he thought about it too much.
"It's for your own good Veyron now please be a good patient and let's get them reattached, we need to monitor you closely," Melina said as a subtly stern voice.
"I can hydrate myself and I'll holler for you if I figure that I'm dying. I don't need these," he insisted, shoving the wires away even though he still could hardly sit up without help.
"Well it's either you cooperate or well have to keep you under heavy sedation, your injuries are such that you must rest with limited movement, don't spoil being in the good books with this" Melina said.
Veyron glowered at her, wondering if it was worth the fight. At this point his instincts were telling him to go hide in someplace safe and dark and wait for his body to heal. He seemed to think a moment before he resorted to negotiations.
"Sensors fine, no iv though," the dragon tried to bargain.
Melina sighed lightly as she nodded, "Alright but be a good and cooperative patient or the IV is back in," Melina replied.
Seemingly pleased with winning that battle the wraith allowed the sensors to be put back on. "How long will I have to be in here?" He asked. Only two days into recovery and he was already growing impatient.
"You need to give your body rest and time to heal, I will do my best but you got to work with me Veyron, least meet me in the middle, your breed were not designed to hold Jacks weight," Melina said looking at his chart.
Veyron sighed. Getting better was going to be a long and boring road.

After tended to Veyron, Zyra and Comox caught Melina about to leave the medical wing.
"Hey Zy, how you feeling and you Comox?" Melina said.
"We're doing alright," replied the dragoness with a smile. She turned to Comox as she spoke, "Comox was just saying that we might have an issue with Vonriir. They’re been together most of the morning.”
Comox gave a small apologetic smile. "Yeah, he knows you're busy but he keeps fretting over his horns. I think he's worried they're going to crumble right off his head but he doesn't want to pester you." Said the male. “But you can tell he’s rather anxious about them.”
Melina smiled slightly.
"Another difficult patient I see, had some issues with Veyron getting impatient about healing, I could swing by and get it done now, If you help get all the bits Zy, it will make things quicker and can you ask one of the hanger managers to move the resistance machine into the dragon hanger Co" Melina said.
Comox looked a little confused about bringing the machine but did not question it, nodding and turning to get things in order.
"What are you going to use the resistance machine for?" Asked Zyra as she followed Melina.
"To ensure the resin helps, I been developing it with same, based on your discarded horn shavings from your dragons, its like a polyfiller but adds strength into the horn, haven’t tested it until now" Melina said.
Together they gathered the necessary items and headed down to the dragon hanger. Inside Comox was waiting with the machine and Vonriir was sitting hesitantly, now that he knew that Comox had gone off to fetch the doctor on his behalf. They had a quick exchange of words before they arrived, The giant dragon worried that Melina was being kept from other more important things.
"Hello big guy, how you feeling after a good 24 hours rest," Melina said wearing her older lab coat, gloves and had some safety goggles above her head
"Fine miss,” he replied though he was still rather stiff ands sore. He did not want to complain, “You really didn't have to come today. I don't wish to be a bother. I know you have Veyron and Mr. Harkness to look after. Not to mention the others." Replied the big dragon, looking a bit remorseful.
Melina smiled lightly.
"Well Veyron is not a willing patient at the best of times, he is already getting cheeky again, Jack's a big boy, he can look after himself, I am here for you now Von, get those horns all sorted so you still look badass" Melina grinned.
The dragon chuckled lightly, set more at ease with her response. He settled on the floor and laid his head down on the ground so that she could see to his crest.
Melina got out a tool, which was a mobile ultrasound to detect cracks and openings as she began seeing if the density or stability was compromised. Zyra adjusted the settings for her to get to work.
"How do your horns feel to you Von, out of alignment? You in pain or it rubbing the scales?" she asked as she carried out her work.
"No... No I was just fretting when you said that there were cracks," he admitted.
"He slept sitting up last night," Comox informed her, walking up. "He didn't want them to touch the ground in case they broke."
Vonriir didn't look all that thrilled that Comox shared that bit of information, looking at the floor sheepishly.
"Aww Von, you should of contacted me if you were this worried about them, I would of done this sooner for you big guy" Melina said continuing the check on the one horn.
“You were busy enough. I knew you would get around to me sooner or later once the patients in greater need were tended to.”
"True gentlemen" Melina said as she inspected the crack on the horn. "You be pleased to know this horn has not lost its integrity strength overall, the crack is not as deep as it looks but there has been some micro fractures near the big crack, we can sort that" Melina said as she checked the other one.
“Melina will be able to fix you right up, Von.” Zyra smiled to him kindly.
Vonriir returned the smile, feeling relieved as they set to work fixing his crest.
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Melina had checked the other horn and it was the same result, the crack was not deep, but had left micro fractures around the crack that was visible.
Overall, she was happy his horns would not snap off or they fall off overnight when Vonriir slept, she knew a dragon especially males prided themselves on their horns and Vonriir had two impressive ones.
“Ok, this resin I will use to fill up the cracks and then used to keep everything sealed, I also put a resin with a brush which your horns should absorb quickly and strengthen the horns” Melina explained the procedure to the giant dragon.
Vonriir nodded. "Alright that sounds fine to me."
Melina set to work, putting on her goggles and switching on the filler gun, she ensured it was all work, using the precision gun to start filling up the crack in the one horn, using the resin designed by Professor Melina and Sam.
"You must think I am some vain creature, fretting over my crest as I do." The large dragon said to the professor.
Melina shook her head.
“No not at all, I know how important a crest is to a male dragon, you forget I hung around Forge to know this” she said as she continued her work.
"Ah yes. I can't forget that now can I. He hasn't been back for a while, right? Any word on how his new griffin tenant is doing?
Melina was not sure, they had left as the female Grphon had settled on an island away from theirs, Forge said he would help her find anymore of her kind, they kept the shield there to perhaps see if anymore Gryphons would come about.
“I am unsure Von, I hope someone else answers the shields call, I’d hate her to be alone” Melina said as she carried on with her work, wiping off any excess resin.
"Me too. Forge isn't the worst company. Beside if she stays on the islands she has young Ardon’s family."
Melina nodded as she worked on the other horn, using the resin to fill up the crack, again it did not take long as she rubbed off the excess resin.
The two cracks were completely filled in and now were not visible at all as Melina seemed happy with the job she done.
“Ok, the cracks are filled up but now for an experimental bit, going to put this other resin on a brush and paste it onto your horns, let it dry and then test your ram horns on that machine” Melina said, gesturing to Zyra and Comox to grab a brush.
While the bold wings grabbed the brushes Vonriir looked at the machine with dubious expression. "Oh, well, you sure I shouldn't wait...."
“This stuff is Sam’s invention, it will quickly be absorbed into the horn and give the horn renewed strength and vigour, also a glossy shine” Melina said pretending to be one of the tele market sellers.
Zyra smiled to herself but Vonriir didn't seem to catch the joke, just taking Melina's word for what she said. "Alright" he nodded.
Melina grabbed a brush and put on the resin onto the horns, it did not take long as Melina stepped back as Zyra moved the trolley out the way.
“There you go, just wait for it to dry, how you feeling?” Melina asked the Crag back.
"A little more reassured that my head won't crumble to pieces I think, professor." Replied the dragon, giving his head a good shake.
Melina smiled as the resin solution soon was absorbed into his horns, please that Vonriir was pleased but also how well the resin and gloss worked on Vonriir.
“Ok, give it a few minutes then we see how you do, that machine there is padded so no marks on the horns and you be pushing with the horns in those slots there, I use the ultrasound to check to ensure all is well” Melina explained to the giant behemoth dragon.
"Alright professor," replied the large dragon, refolding his wings against his back.
"Looks like it bonded well," noted Zyra. "Good thing Sam stuck around. He's been fantastic with stuff like this."
Melina nodded in agreement pleased Sam had changed his mind to stay, his love of working with the dragons seemed to want to keep him here.
“Well, Vonriir is our test subject, when your ready, line your horns on the pads on the sides, I be standing on the machine the with the ultrasound as you push, I control the resistances” Melina explained.
The dragon nodded and complied, not worried about looking silly, trusting the professor knew what she was doing.
Melina got her ultrasound mobile scanner as she stood on the machine.
“Ok Von, little resistance to push against, nothing too strenuous and on 3 push” Melina said as she was secure on the machine as she used the ultrasound to monitor the dragons horns and the filled cracks.
"alright" said the large dragon, leaning forward while the bold wings watched Comox sidestepped, pretending to get a better look while he stood beside Zyra.
“Stop” Instructed Melina as she checked the horns.
“Ok were good, I knock it up a few notches now, so once again after 3 push and we monitor” Melina said holding her device.
The dragon leaned further forward into the sensors but his horns did not give him reason to worry. They felt strong as they had been prior to the raid and he couldn't help but to smile to himself.
Melina was pleased, the resin was doing a sterling job and his horns were looking really strong and impressive, despite the testing which pleased the professor.
“Oh, I put it up to a marker now, so try again and let’s go, last push big guy” Melina said as Vonriir got into position.
The dragon could feel the pressure on his crest but the curling ram horns held strongly together without issue. "A miracle worker you are!" He cheered jovially.
Melina grinned as she upped it to a new marker, “Let’s try this one out for records and then that’s it” Melina encouraged the crag back.
The crag back pushed his crest against the sensors, testing them out. They seemed to hold strong much to the dragon’s delight.
“Ok Von that’s it, I think I can safely say your horns all back to full strength and the resin has worked well, complete success” Melina said with a grin.
The dragon backed away from the machine and gave a lovely bow before gently nosing the professor, thrumming happily. "Thank you, miss. You're a miracle worker!"
"Oh Von, you big softie. If forge could see you now." Laughed Zyra lightly.
“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, I think Forge would get a little jealous, he likes a scratch behind the horns, despite denying it” Melina chuckled giving Von a pet and scratch.
"Oh I wish he would lighten up, the silver. You've done him worlds of good, though," admitted Vonriir.
Melina agreed as she seemed to day dream, petting Vonriir, knowing more about the silver warlord than anyone there, something she was especially privileged to be part of, despite Forge not wanting to show it, she had seen a brief glimmer of the dragon he could have been, past the hatred and bitterness.
Melina had to smile to herself just thinking about it.
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After Melina left the room to go back and check on Veyron, the boldwings remained in the dragon hanger to chat with Vonriir. The large dragon seemed pleased as punch that Melina had been able to restore his crest to its former glory plus it had been given an extra luster which made him feel grand.
He looked down at the two boldwings and tried not to thrum. The large western cragback knew about Comox’s situation and it delighted him to see them sitting together.
“Didn’t Comox look rather rugged in that armour the other day?” Vonriir asked as he folded his wings and sat down before them.
Zyra nodded, “You all did, very heroic all of you.”
“Ah, well we tried our best.” Replied the large male, scratching under his jawline.
“I am still ticked that Ardon and Jack didn’t let us know what was going on. What if something had happened?” huffed Zyra suddenly.
“Well, I guess Baxter could have contacted you….” Suggested Comox, he had actually been glad she hadn’t been there. It had been a mess, not that he doubted her skill. It was good knowing she had been safe. He was just relieved that when she had shown up, most of the fighting was over. Her pale white scales didn’t have the protective armour to guard her. Flying back from the Archives he had flown slightly lower than her, acting as a shield should someone like to sake a shot at the retreating dragons.
He didn’t think she had noticed, too distracted with the injured wraith in her paws.
Zyra didn’t seem impressed but Comox’s suggestion. “That’s not the point. I am part of the team too and I certainly am not defenseless.“
“No one doubted you of that, Miss Zyra,” said Vonriir kindly.
“It was implied when we weren’t brought along to help, Von. Being sidelined isn’t fun, not that I have a thirst for battle. I have every desire to protect the ones I love and care for just like the rest of you.”
Comox turned at the word love. Did that mean just Melina, or did others fall under that category? He turned away, knowing her frustration but had nothing much today.
“Next time if I find out you two are in cahoots…” she threatened but then smiled as she stood up, “There will be hell to pay.” She joked.
“Anyway, I am going to have a must needed rest. I think Melina and I are going to head back to the hospital to check on Mark’s status later so I will see you around.”
“Alright, Zy. See you later,” said Comox, standing up politely to watch her go.
The door shut behind her and Comox let out a breath, just knowing Vonriir was going to say something. When he turned back around to the massive dragon, the cragback had a silly, joyful expression on his face.
“I think you could almost hear your hearts hammering away.”
“Oh knock it off, Vonriir.”
“You still haven’t ask her.”
Comox glowered, “We talked about this….”
“Yes, we have. Yet you still haven’t made a move,” said the large dragon, standing up and pacing the floor. “It’s almost painful to see you look so forlorn like a lovesick puppy when all you have to do is-”
“Stop, Von, Stars above, just please.” Huffed the boldwing, flatting his sail in irritation.
Vonriir only chuckled, not put off by the boldwing’s mood. “Well, humans have a saying that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”
“It’s more complicated that that. We’ve gone over this.”
“Yes, yes. I do recall.” Smiled the large dragon, “But there is nothing like the fire of battle and the victory there of in your veins to made a dragon bold. If you would excuse the pun in your case,” he laughed at his own joke, shaking his head and sighing happily. “Oh young Comox, I only wish for you to be happy.”
“I am”
“If you say so, son. If you say so.”

At the other end of the building Ardon had checked in on the portal and ensured no signals had come through, tending to a number of housekeeping duties so that Jack’s time could be freed up for more urgent issues. It may have been two days since the raid but that didn’t mean that all things had calmed down, there was still so much to sort out and uncover from this bizarre mess. So, Ardon had decided to be as useful as he could and complete Jack’s rounds about the base to ensure everything was in order.
Afterward he set to work in cleaning his armour and harness. Dust and spatterings of blood had tarnished the once pristine surfaces but Ardon didn’t mind the work for once, it kept him busy and preoccupied. Once he was done he dragon hung up the equipment to dry over the heat register.
Without anything else to do, the dragon tapped his talons on the floor before setting out to go find Jack to see if he was done with his meetings.

Back in the medical ward, Veyron had spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping. The medication and painkillers he was given made it next to impossible to stay awake for great lengths of time. While he disliked the pain, it wasn’t half bad getting to lay about and sleep away the day. The dragon had to be told off, however, from trying to climb down off the bed to sleep beneath it. When injured the dragons natural instincts tried to urge them to hide while they recovered. And twice Sam had to detangle the drake from the bed railings and put him back in place, the loopy state the medication put him in only made it that much more difficult.
The dragon was crabby and difficult to deal with but most of Melina’s medical team knew to take it all in stride. His complaints varied throughout the course of the day but most knew that it was all grumblings from a creature in pain and didn’t take it to heart.
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Jack had been attending meetings with Dr Baxter and Daniel who was broadcasting via video link, Daniel had been assigned the interim head of the archives until new replacements and vetted officers were picked.
Dr Baxter had been working with his team, along with Lester who Dr Baxter requested that he brought in to help him analyse systems and their records.
The Archives was now in the process of being repaired with the EA helping out and providing people to help out, Jack had also sent teams out to the archives to reinforce Daniels team.
“I had word from the hospital, Mark is no longer in intensive care, he has shown improvement and is in no longer in their critical ward” Jack said to the team who all smiled and said their happiness of hearing about Mark’s recovery.
Ardon looked through the window to see Jack was still in a video conference in the office. He tapped on the door softly and stepped inside, mouthing "sorry" silently as he walked up and sat next to the man.
“I was just saying Ardon, the hospital rang and Mark is out of intensive care, they putting him in another ward, we all just been discussing the aftermath of the Archives raid” Jack explained.
"Oh," replied the dragon as he seemed a little relieved at the news, "oh that's really good to hear."
The men nodded as Daniel spoke via the video link.
“We will continue to send information from the systems here and send it to Dr Baxter, I should also get the post mortem results on Malcolm as well, I keep you updated” Daniel said as Jack nodded.
“Thanks Daniel, stay safe” he said as the screen switched back to the Torchwood logo.
Jack turned and spoke to Dr Baxter.
“When you have concrete results and got something, let us know and do inform me when Lester arrives on the base” Jack said as Dr Baxter nodded grabbing his stuff and leaving the conference room.
Once Jack was alone with Ardy the man sighed lightly rubbing his face with his hands.
“The more we dig, it feels the more questions we have, losing 50 men in the raid and 4 million credits worth of equipment was not part of the deal” Jack said to Ardon.
Ardon didn't know what to say to that, "Sorry," was all that managed to slip through his teeth.
"We haven't ask Veyron again have we? Maybe he will reveal more information?"
Jack shook his head.
“Can’t really interrogate the dragon who saved my life, he is still out of it, apart from being a difficult, grumpy patient, he doesn’t deserve or need to feel unwelcome” Jack replied.
"I wasn't saying that... really. Just maybe we can have Zyra and Melina ask him if he knows anything else that mighty sort this out. He seems more open to talking to them anyway," Ardon said with a shrug.
Jack nodded and agreed with the golden dragon.
“I agree, perhaps he will but we will not count on it, Daniel is the interim leader of the archives until we have recruited and vetted the people, I might ask Vonriir to head on up there to keep an eye on things, perhaps even Comox” Jack said looking at Ardon.
“You ok?, you seem anxious, or feel some anxiety, I guess I am not really a good Atillu for you at times” Jack said.
Ardon shook his head, "what? You're the best one out there. I just hate not having any answers that's all."
Jack gave him a questioning look.
“I meant me Ardon, how many times have I cheated death or been in life or death situations in your life, even when you were small I was in danger, I haven’t really been an easy Atillu to live with” Jack said petting his muzzle.
The gold gave a small smile, "no, you haven't but then again I guess I haven't been the easiest either. I've just decided you can't die and that's why you're so lucky." He tried to joke but his guilt wore through and he looked away.
"I feel like I haven't been a good guardian with how often you've been in danger..."
Jack stood up and moved his head towards him so Ardon and Jack could see each other eye to eye.
“You have nothing to be sorry for, you been a fantastic guardian, never let anyone tell you otherwise Ardy, you’re the first and most powerful guardian of Brathille, I feel we will do great things, let us not dwell on this and move forward, considering we have in 8 months a massive dragon party coming here” Jack said with a small smile.
Ardon’s smile returned at he met jacks gaze, happy for the pep talk and change of conversation. "You ready for that many dragons under one roof?"
Jack chuckled, “only one way to find out, although I reckon we be challenged on our home turf by Korrin and Tarok” Jack said with a sly grin on his face.
"Don't worry. I wouldn't let them win," smirked Ardon.
“Good, the reputation of Torchwood 5 is at stake, I know Tarok wants to test his mettle against Zyra and I guessed Korrin was eager to test you, despite the height difference” Jack said as the two chatted as they made their way to the canteen to get something to eat.
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The months that passed after the raid saw the recovery of both Mark and Veyron. The little dragon had been an irritable patient but healed up well with the help of Melina and her amazing medical team. The wraith’s recovery had been a little slow, hindered by his constant need to do the opposite of what was advised of him much to everyone’s chagrin. Eventually the little dragon was well enough to leave the confines of the medical ward though walking for long periods of time caused him great aches. During this time he resorted to using nearly everyone as a taxi service, though preferring to laze across Melia’s shoulders like some crass, bossy scarf while she worked. The shadow wraith really played with the notion of him being a hero, his efforts saving not only the others but the leader of the base. He would bring it up whenever he felt like he was being scolded or told off for his behaviour, and for the most part, it worked well enough for him.
Eventually he was well enough to get around on his own, the only complaints his body gave were after long days though the professor said it would pass with time. He had returned to his room, still too oversized for a creature of his stature but no one complained, at least out loud. He had told Jack he would avoid his previous habits and so far that held true, but for how long that would last, no one was quite sure. Ardon was certain that things would start disappearing once more when the wraith began to feel like enough time had elapsed from his verbal commitment.
With Veyron healed, the dragons were privileged to attend the award ceremony that Jack had set up in order to reward the valiant and brave efforts in during the raid and the days leading up. Veyron had been rather proud, smug even, being bestowed his own medal of recognition and selfless sacrifice. The metal, shining silver and brilliant had been set around his neck on a ribbon of blue and black. He wore it all day after the ceremony, rather pleased with it all and afterward it took a place of honour above his bed in his quarters. Vonriir, Ardon and Comox were all given recognition to their service that day as well, Jack not wanting anyone’s hard work to go unappreciated.
To everyone’s relief Mark had made a slow but full recovery though he hadn’t yet returned to the base to work. Today would be his first day back in a gradual return to his full time position.
They were about a week out from Ardon’s dragon gathering which seemed to be an odd moment for a man who wasn’t the biggest fan of dragons to return back to work. Ardon and Zyra had a laugh over the notion.
Ardon was nearly beside himself with excitement that his idea had come to be and that they were only a few days away from the largest gathering of dragons earthside, ever. He had been busy preparing in the weeks leading up. In addition to the 5 of them that already lived at the base, Ardon was expecting Tarok, Korrin and Alyia as well as Icarus. His family had also said they would make an appearance, with Forge of course. The silver always had to be present at events like this even though he would never admit to ever enjoying the company of others, especially in close quarters.
The facility only had four extra dragon holds but that hadn’t bothered Ardon much. They had enough rooms for all the humans that would be joining them, it was just the dragons that would have to make due with sharing though Ardon anticipated most of their time would be spent together anyway. They would sort things out when they got there, worst case scenario.
Food, and lots of it had been shipped in for the event. Not only were they feeding additional dragons of all sizes, but their human counterparts as well. To help take the strain off that requirement, Tahsis and Bronan had brought over a bounty that they had collected to be frozen and stored for the purpose of satiating the appetites of so many large creatures. This helped tremendously with the budget and would give the earthside dragons a taste of home.

Ardon, though cowed by Jack’s knowledge that he had shown interest in Zyra, hadn’t fizzled out that spark completely. Instead it had seemed to grow in the months after the raid. He found ways to spend more time in the spaces she occupied, taking the longer routes around the base in hopes of bumping into her. The dragon thought he was being clandestine but not to those who knew him well enough.
Zyra, oblivious to it all, seemed to find the overzealous company annoying at times and would hide out in the labs to study without the boys pestering her.

The dragoness had been told by Melina that she needed to take time off from studying. Zyra was ambitious and conscientious, a creature dedicated to her study and progression of education but it almost seemed like an obsession at times. The woman had thought the Boldwing needed time to be a dragon and enjoy her youth. She would have hundreds of years ahead of her for study. Zyra had begrudgingly listened at first but it was hard for her to keep her eyes away from the things that would pave the way to her goal.
The dragoness had tried to keep it hidden but she had gotten her paws on prerequisite work that would lead her into the journey of reaching towards her professor title.
She sat hunched over a stack of papers that she had tucked into one of her journals and read quickly, looking around every once in a while to make sure no one was reading over her shoulder. She was absorbed in the words upon the page though and didn't hear a certain someone come walking up behind her.
"Aha, caught you bold wing," came the professor's voice, making the dragon jump. "I knew you were being snearly, what did I tell you about a breather and enjoying the moment" Melina said to
"It's just some reading..." said the dragoness sheepishly. "I haven't actually applied or anything..."
"Young lady, be a dragon, enjoy your accomplishments, go chase Ardy in the sky or sun yourself while we got nice weather" Melina said taking the book from the bold wing.
"I chase no one, may I remind you," Zyra joked.
"Well, I'm chasing you out this, lab, go on, out out, enjoy being a young dragoness not buried in books, you can chase after me academically another time doctor" Melina said.
Zyra didn't want to listen but the woman shooed her out anyway. The dragoness found herself out wandering the halls, not knowing what to do with herself now.
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“Security for the event is being ramped up and we have patrols around the facility grounds as well” said Martin who had stepped up to be the interim head of security while Daniel was still at the Archives.
Martin was briefing Jack on the arrangements for the celebration, Jack did not want any lack of security or slip ups hosting this event, he had informed Amelia of the event and she would be attending in a large shuttle with fighter escort.
Jack was going to prepare for her arrival and it be as good chance for the woman to see the dragons all together and the good they brought to Earth, she knew of the portal project and was the only one in the EA to know of its existence.
“Good Martin, I am glad your plan for security has been well planned, I want this event to go well without a hitch, especially with the deputy director being here, have we got plans for her arrival?” Jack asked studying the security plans on the tablet.
Martin nodded, showing Jack the quarters she be staying and the security detail that be assigned to her for the visit.
“Excellent, we seem ready, I’d like the base to be on heightened security but not yellow alert, we are an academy after all” Jack said as Martin nodded in agreement.
“Of course sir, was there anything else?2 he asked.
Jack shook his head.
“No Martin your all good, is it your first time being in charge?” Jack asked.
The man worked under Daniel on Babylon 6 and had been requested by the man to come to Torchwood 5, the man was 35 but he had been a fighter pilot and in charge of a squadron at a young age on the station, though his tactics were wasted as Babylon 6 never had any issues with rogue ships.
“Yes sir, I must thank you for the opportunity for the experience” Martin said as Jack smiled.
“Well your doing a good job, I will ensure you get paid for the responsibility of this role” Jack said as the man shook his head.
“There is no need sir, you pay me well anyways”
“I insist Mr Smith” Jack said with a small smile.
“Then I must thank you sir, I best get cracking” Martin said as he went back to the command centre as Jack took a lazy stroll towards the dragon hanger, with his mug of coffee in his hand.
As Zyra turned the corner she bumped into Ardon.
"Oh, hey. Sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going."
"That's okay, replied Ardon, "neither was I."
"What are you up to? I just got kicked out of the labs for studying too much,"
Ardon snorted. That did seem silly. "Well. I was going to find Jack to see if he needed anything done. Wanna join me?"
"Yes please," smiled the dragoness.
Jack wandered into the dragon hanger with a mug of coffee in his hand as he looked around to see Ardon had decorations up and there were already alterations, the equipment moved away to give the dragons more room and freedom to wander about.
"Hey, Jack," called Ardon once they found him in the hangar. "Whatcha doing?
Jack looked as Ardon and Zyra approached and smiled.
“Oh not a lot just had a security briefing and now just seeing how things were going here, nice to see you about Zyra, why aren’t you with the professor?” Jack enquired.
"Heh, I got kicked out of the labs," she admitted. "Melina thinks I'm putting too much time into studying. Wants me to be a dragon, whatever that means." She smiled.
Jack chuckled lightly at hearing this.
“You trying to play catch up with her it seems, I know she has your interests at heart though Zy, anyways I have some news for you guys, Amelia Clarke will be joining us with the celebrations here, so I will require our dragons to escort her shuttle in in a few days’ time” Jack said.
"What? Really?" Asked Ardon.
"She coming to see how we're fairing?" Inquired Zyra
Jack nodded lightly.
“Yes, I also hope if she sees how well you dragons contribute to human society, she may lift the ban on the amount of dragons here, Bronan has said there had been enquiries about joining your program from Kilara, some I think feel they owe Hylen Melina a debt of service” Jack replied.
"That would be wonderful if she did lift the ban." Said Zyra before turning to Ardon. "That means no tomfoolery from you,"
"Me? Never," grinned Ardon though he was already rethinking some of his plans. He would like nothing more than the cap to be lifted.
Jack smiled lightly at Ardon’s reaction to Zyra’s comments.
“Also Mark is popping in to say hello as well soon but I will give him the celebration week off, as he isn’t a big dragon fan plus gives him chance to heal” Jack said, knowing Mark would not want to be there.
"Aw maybe being around so many dragons would do him good," joked Ardon. As much as they didn't get along he was looking forward to seeing him back again.
“Well, be nice to him when he is back, just a flying visit as it were, he should be here within the hour” Jack said to the dragons.
"We promise, don't we Ardon?" Asked Zyra.
"Yeeeeessss," he pretending to sigh as if it was a monumental task.

Meanwhile back on Kilara, the weather was once again beautiful over the sunbreak isles, the dragons enjoying the peace and quiet that the islands brought, with the old warlord enjoying the peace and quiet in his cave not too far away from his brother and Tahsis.
Soon the flapping of wings could be heard as Bronan approached where Forge was resting and dozing the afternoon away.
"Brother," called bronan as he landed on the sunning rock on which the silver lay.
Forge looked up, frowning that his peaceful afternoon had been disrupted. "What is it?"
"We have some visitors from afar. The Syrian forests from the south."
Broan walked with the old warlord to meet the 3 guests that had arrived on their island, the dragons were around Zyra’s size, their wings were slightly smaller than normal, meant more for shorter flying and gliding than long distance flight.
They were a colourful breed, emerald scales with bold red markings running down their bellies, with a white mane down their back that led to their tails.
The two adults stood there with a slightly smaller dragon near them who seemed to be uninterested being there as Forge approached.
The silver stood and dipped his head to the male. "Welcome to my isles. I am Forge."
The two adults dipped their heads and with a nudge the younger dragoness did as well, in respect of the warlord before them.
“We are honoured to meet you Warlord Forge, thank you for granting us an audience, my Maesteg and this is my mate Caerwyn” the male introduced as the female sipped her head elegantly to the silver.
"Welcome, both of you. You have travelled far. May I inquire as to why you find yourselves upon sunbreak?" Asked the warlord.
The male coughed and cleared his throat, as Caerwyn took Hitteki away towards the beach for a walk as the female seemed a little confused why her father was talking to Forge quietly.
“Sorry, I wanted to speak you without my daughter here, her name is Hitteki, although we love her very much she is spirited…….very spirited and strong willed” Maesteg said.
"And what could an old warlord across the continent do about that?" He asked though not rudely. He wondered what they had in mind but suspected it would have to do with the humans.
Maesteg smiled sheepishly, obviously the warlord commanded respect with the male.
“Well, our kind are mostly tunnel diggers, living in vast tunnel networks under the forest of the south along with our other cousins however, I feel Hitteki is meant for so much more, more than I can give her…..your friends could provide her with a new challenge” Maesteg said.
"The humans don't just take anyone who comes to their door. We have had issues in the past of malevolent dragons seeking revenge for the past." Forge was blunt but he wanted to see just how keen these two were. His requirements were strict, they would soon find, but not without reason.
Maesteg nodded but a determination came across in his response to Forge’s words.
“I believe Hitteki will be a loyal dragon to Ardon’s guardian project, she has focus and is very clever, she is just spirited and needs a challenge than digging tunnels, she has got herself into trouble being protective of our clan, she has challenged dragons bigger than us in defence of the clan, that is my fault as a father not to discipline her but I can see she needs more than Kilara and its moons can give” he said.
The silver pondered this for a moment, "I would need to have you answer some questions, an interview if you will. And your daughter, I will need to speak with her as well."
Maesteg nodded in agreement.
“Of course, I be happy to, I hope Hitteki proves herself worthy, as I said she is head strong but loves a challenge, I hope she can rise to your interview” Maesteg said.
"We shall see." Replied Forge, sitting down.
He read their body language, looking for anything that might give him any information while he spoke. "What are your experiences with humans, in the past when they were on Kilara?"
Maesteg sat on his haunches as he looked up at the towering silver dragon.
“We have very limited contact, we heard rumours, varying from how evil they were to the miracle of Hylen Melina, the saviour of dragons…she saved a member of the desert Syrian dragons who came to use, her cure saved their young daughter, it made me think that there is a world outside the tunnels and Kilara” the male said honestly.
Forge took in their words with some thought. There seemed to be no underlying anger or distaste for the humans within the two of them.
"What do you know of the human world?" He asked next.
Maesteg shrugged lightly.
“Not much, only rumours of the guardian project and how the humans are pretty resourceful, outside that nothing really lord Forge” he answered with verbal honesty.
"Would it be alright if I spoke with your daughter now?" Asked Forge.
"Similar questions. I need to be sure I can be confident enough to say I am vetting for her when bringing her application to the humans."
Maesteg nodded.
“Of course, she is with my mate on the beach I shall bring her to you and leave you to talk to her” Maesteg, getting up and heading over ot the beach, soon enough Hitteki approached the warlord, head held high and deep blue eyes locked on the silver, she displayed no fear or awe in front of the silver.
The warlord looked down at the little dragoness.
She seemed confident, maybe too much so when standing in front of a dragon like himself.
"Hello Hitteki, my name is Forge. Will you tell me about yourself?" He asked her.
Hitteki sat on her haunches tail by her side, still not looking away from the warlord.
“My name is Hitteki, daughter of Maesteg, leader of the Forest clan, I been sent here because my parents feel that I’m too spirited and desire to protect my clan” Hitteki said assertively to the silver.
"Is it YOUR desire to leave the clan?" He inquired.
Hitekki seemed to smile slightly.
“Our species dig holes and live under the southern forests, the females live lazy lives, I can do whatever the boys can do, I do love a challenge and there is no challenge in my clan….I can be a little physical but I am determined and loyal to a cause, do not doubt me there…….sir” she said.
"You did not answer my question," forge said with a small hint of a smile, "Do you want to leave your clan, your life, friends and family behind for a place you have no understanding of?"
Hitteki seemed to frown slightly.
“You know how BORING digging tunnels are? , do you know how BORING females lives are in those clans, I mean no male in those tunnels will tussle with me because I kicked all their scaled rumps, I love a challenge……have no doubt about that” she said assertively.
Forge had to chuckle under his breath, this was a wild child indeed, "I get it, miss Hitteki, but you still avoiding the question. I need a proper answer."
Hitteki huffed as she stood up, head raised high looking directly at Forge’s fiery eyes.
“I am willing…whatever you ask I am up for it, I told you, I love a challenge, the harder the better, I don’t want to be a boring female” Hitteki said, her tone of voice showed determination and focus.
"Well," said the silver, "we can't have boring, can we? How many summers have you seen hitteki? And what do you hope to accomplish in the human world other than challenging yourself?"
Hitteki answered, her tone never altered from the assertiveness she had.
“Too many underground, I seen enough tunnels to bore anyone, if you are guarding this world with an interrogation of a young female, then its worth a go”
Forge grew serious now,
"the human’s world is not there for an adventure or is it a challenge to simply overcome. To go across means to pledge yourself to them. The guardian project is the stepping stone to unifying our species. It is not a game nor is it there to prevent you from getting bored. Your life would be different in every sense. Your duty would be to the humans and your loyalty to them as well. Do you understand me?"
Hitteki seemed to listen and take in on board what was said to her.
“I can meet the expectations and more, this guardian project is important, I have heard rumours and stories, I know there are dragons wanting to join but come before you, if you think I’m some hot-headed dragoness, your mistaken, I have a lot of heart and loyalty and that won’t change for the humans, the honour of my family will not be spoiled by me” Hitteki assertively said with resolve in her voice.
The silver nodded, "Heartfelt words, young dragoness. I am only the gatekeeper. You have to go through more steps of approval before being fully admitted. I can go and request an audience with the commander and see if he is willing to let you try and test your mettle on earth."
Hitteki seemed to relish the challenge.
“And I would love to test my mettle there too, as I said to you I love a challenge” Hittkei said as the fiery dragoness seemed to impress the silver.
Forge nodded, "it is not an instant reply. I will send in my request to have the commander meet you. Then we shall see."
“Alright, I can wait, I’d rather not go back to sun bathing and looking pretty, where is the fun in that” Hitteki said to the silver, this female seemed up for any challenge and seemed resolute in her mentality.
"Well, if you're accepted you'll have plenty to do." He replied
Hitteki gave a small smile to herself, more the better and Hitteki felt she had to prove her point, not just to her family but also to this old silver dragon.
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Forge knew that he could get an answer right away should he call through the portal but he wanted to have few days to get to know the dragoness. His normal vetting process was extensive but for a dragon to show up randomly at his residence had been unexpected and he toyed with the decision knowing that Jack and Ardon already had a lot on their plate at the moment. He invited them to stay on his island while they ‘waited’ for a response from the other side of the portal. Over the course of the few days Hitteki and her Family spoke at length with Forge and his brother. He found her spirited, in a boldly wild sense. She seemed to back down from no challenge nor was she ever cowed by being scolded.
The reason he had insisted on knowing whether or not she wanted to go herself was to ensure that she was not being forced to leave against her will. If there was one thing Forge would not accept, was an unwilling participant in the guardian project.
She seemed more than interested however but he knew that as soon as she stepped across that portal she would be in for a shock of a lifetime. From what her parents had said, they had not encountered humans and their ships so it was likely that Hitteki would be in for a surprise.
The silver figured she might be a handful, even on earth but maybe that wild spirit could be focused on a task on some sort. What he wasn’t sure just yet.
As the days went by he finally figured it would be safe to get Jack’s opinion on the matter. The warlord made the call through the portal, sending his request through the line from the Kilaran side.
A few hours later Jack came through the portal with Ardon in tow as Forge waited, "Afternoon Forge, seems both Earth and Kialara are having a hot spell" Jack said.
"Yes. Nice weather and all that," he said, not one for small talk, "I’ll get down to it. You have a new... and rather unique applicant that has come to my islands specifically for you. I know you're still working on getting things up and running at the facility, not to mention the gathering but this dragon has flown from the other side of the continent." Explained forge.
Jack seemed curious, "Oh? That is a heck of a way, to come find you what brings them to our attention?" he asked.
"Their daughter seeks a more fulling life. She seems like she has more fire in her veins than a dragon has in their lungs. Strong headed but seems to have a good heart. I am uncertain of how she'd do so I request your personal appraisal." Said the silver.
"Oh, a feisty female, we need more of them right Ardy?" Jack said to the golden dragon.
"We collect them it seems," replied Ardon with a snort. They already had Melina and Zyra. Did they really need another?
"I think with the proper discipline she might have potential. Will you meet her?" Asked Forge. “I don’t know if I could stall much longer. Her father is the leader of his clan and with the journey hes already been away too long most likely.”
"Yes please, I be honoured to meet her" Jack said with a smile.
Forge got to his feet and led them out back to the beach, talking briefly about what he knew of the dragoness. He only knew her for a few days so he admitted there wasn’t much of a chance to really see what made her tick.
As the silver walked down the beach with Ardon and Jack in tow he could see the Syrian dragon’s look up in interest.
"Hitteki, this is my nephew, Ardon and his Attilu, Jack Harkness."
Maesteg and Cerwyn bowed but Hitteki did not, looking at them with head held high, Jack could sense she was strong spirited.
"Hello there, nice to meet you,” Maesteg said politely.
"You as well," said Ardon, giving Hitteki an appraising look. She was rather unique looking and sported soft looking fur across her back and ears…. Ears Ardon noticed, visible ones unlike his own. Snapping back to focus he asked her, "You want to join the guardian project?"
Hitteki seemed to shrug, "I love a challenge and to try something new," she said as Jack nodded.
"Well, you be in the right place with us," he said.
Ardon raised his eyebrow to Jack in question if he really wanted to take on a new dragon now. Ardon was always eager to expand the guardian project but he was worried about pushing it, especially with Amelia set to arrive in just a week.
"Well we have got a sort of limit on how many dragons we can take...but we can have you on a trial period of 6 weeks and see how you do" Jack said, this seemed to perk the Syrians interest.
"There are plenty of rules to follow," added Ardon as he explained the gist of it. "You would be coming in at a rather interesting time. Next week all the guardians are gathering together so you would be able to meet them. What do you think?"
"Sounds interesting....this some special club of yours?" Hitteki asked the gold dragon.
Jack smiled, he liked her fire in her veins.
"The guardian project? No," said Ardon though he tried not to frown. "Were a dragon academy with a mission to unify our species. It's important. We just haven't had a gathering since it started."
"Sounds a bold project, I can offer my services to...I assume you guys train to be guardians" Hitteki said, thinking it was a strict academy of focused learning and combat training.
"We do train," yes, said Ardon, looking at Jack. "So what do you think, would you like to come and see what it's like? If it's not for you, you are welcome to leave any time."
"As I said I love a challenge, I am ready" Hitteki said assertively.
With a bit more talk the dragons confirmed it was now or never to have Hitteki join them and travel across the portal.
"Do our clan proud Hitteki and behave for Jack and guardian Ardon" Maesteg said as the family hugged one another in a trio hug while the others stood away so that they could say their goodbyes in private. "I will mother and Father, I won't let the forest clan down," She said as they did a sort of a huddle that sports teams did before Hitteki stood before them.
“This should be interesting,” Ardon whispered to Jack before the dragoness came walking back up to them, ready to start a new chapter in her life.
“Well,” said Ardon, flaring his wing towards the shimmering portal they would walk through, “Welcome to earth.”
One after the other, Ardon, Jack, Forge and Hitteki all stepped through the glittering surface and into a world unknown to the Syrian dragon.
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Mark came hobbling in after his wife drove him in, everyone greeted the second in command with a smile with a few HR girls giving him a hug as Mark seemed a little overwhelmed by the attention which made his wife Amanda chuckle lightly seeing him keep his temper in check.
While Amanda chatted to the others Mark hobbled off with his one crutch under his arm as he made his way to the small dragon’s quarters.
He had heard about the small dragon’s heroics and even though he was not keen on speaking to him, he did save his life and prove himself to the team, even he had to acknowledge that.
He arrived at the door and pressed the buzzer on the large doors awaiting his blunt reply.
"What?" Veyron barked at the door but looked up when it opened and was surprised to see Mark.
"Oh- sleeping beauty. You've come back."
Mark hobbled into his quarters noticing the medal polished and shinning above his bed, Mark tried to have a small smile as he responded to Veyron.
“Yes, pleased to see you too…I heard you been out of action for a little while” Mark said.
"Eh, a little bed rest. Nothing keeps me down for long," said the little dragon, crossing the room and hopping up into his desk so he could speak to the man without having to look up too much.
"Looks like you made a full recovery."
Mark nodded lightly at the comment.
“Not any taller are you?, as for me apart from this crutch and hobbling places I am ok, generally speaking, Jack giving me some more time off while you dragons party” he said, secretly glad he would not be here for this event.
Veyron ignored the comment on his height. He had heard that one enough times to have gotten old.
"You should stick around, champ. We're not all that bad. You might even enjoy yourself."
Mark snorted in amusement at the comment, fat chance of that.
“I think I will pass, you got enough people to tease as it is” Mark said as the conversation turned a bit more serious.
“Listen, I want to say thank you…..I was told by the professor if you had not applied pressure when you did I would have been dead, so….yeah seems I owe you one” Mark said.
Veyron jumped up to the man's shoulder and leaned on his head with his elbow. "Oh no biggie, you were looking a little worse for wear. Thought it would be good to help especially after you hunted me down. You got pretty close by the way." Said the dragon, rubbing it in even though at that moment he had been terrified and had done everything he could muster to save his life. The dragon carried a lot of guilt over it but he wasn't about to show it.
Mark smirked at the comment, looking at the small dragon standing on his shoulders leaning on the side of his head.
“Well, seems my judgements were ill founded, anyways I brought you something, do not tell the professor or I get it in the neck, since you got a similar taste to me” Mark said reaching into his bag and pulling out a special edition Whiskey for Veyron.
"For me?" Asked Veyron, jumping back down onto the desk to inspect the bottle.
"Well isn't that nice. You can doubt me any time if that's the result, De Santa. Though I can't say I got you anything. I guess your life is gift enough, eh?" He said with a smug grin.
“Alright alright, no need to be snarky dragon, I said my thanks to you, I do have another older year bottle at home but you have to earn it like you did those credits when your better” Mark said in an almost challenging tone but he then gave the dragon a limited-edition glass of the same marking of the whisky.
“For your collection” he said.
"Too kind, Mark," grinned Veyron. "I think those bullet holes may have left room for a soft spot for dragons after all."
Mark waved off his comment.
“Yeah, yeah keep thinking that dragon, I will be off for your gathering, anyways I best hobble off, take me an hour to get back to the canteen” Mark said putting the bag in his pocket and was about to set off.
Veyron's tone changed slightly, more genuine without the sarcastic twang he usually held.
"It's good to see you, De Santa. You had everyone worried for a while there. You've got quite the team rooting for you. Share a glass -or two- with me sometime when you're better," said the dragon, tapping his talons on the glass bottle.
Mark looked back and gave the barest hint of a smile towards the wraith.
“Maybe we can, we shall see, until then thanks” Mark said as he left the small dragon in his quarters.
The dragon leaned out the door and watched the man hobble away only to be spotted by Vonriir.
"Mr. De Santa!" He boomed at the man, jumping into an excited crouch to speak with him.
Veyron snickered and shook his head, retreating back into the room.

Zyra and Melina had gone down to the portal room after hearing that the boys had been called down and as they arrived they were surprised to see a new dragon in tow.
Melina smiled as the new dragoness came in and seemed to catch herself, wings splayed as she came to a sudden stop and instinct told her to break, she looked back and her eyes seemed to gleam in awe and a small smile plastered on her face.
“Welcome to Torchwood 5 Hitteki, please this way” Jack said as the green dragoness sorted herself out and walked down head held high.
“Professor Melina, Zyra I’d like you to meet our trial candidate” Jack said as Hitteki looked to see the bold wing and the professor.
“Wow, you are a colourful creature, I am professor Melina I look after the human and dragon medical bays here, this is my guardian Dr Zyra” Melina introduced the bold wing.
"Welcome to our home," said Zyra, dipping her head.
"Hitteki is here to see if she wants to be part of the guardian program," explained Ardon.
Professor Melina smiled kindly up to the female.
“Wow, another female, seems you got company now Zy, least were not overrun by boys here” Melina joked lighty.
Hitteki gave brief nods in respect as she spoke.
“Pleased to meet you all, I am here to be a worthy candidate to your guardian program and I do relish a new challenge and opportunities” the female said in a somewhat serious tone.
"Well, I hope you find that you'll like it here," replied Zyra.
"Were home to five permanent resident dragons," said Ardon, "Zyra and myself being two of them. You'll get to meet the ones that live in the other base next week."
Hitteki nodded.
“I assume they are part of the project and are in training to be disciplined guardian dragons” Hitteki said as Jack seemed to scratch his head, he hoped she would not be a Forge in female form.
“Oh, it isn’t as professional as that, they are part of the guardian program but they are allowed freedoms” Melina explained.
"There is a lot to learn but this isn't a - hm," Ardon tried to find words that she would understand, "place where you learn to be a warrior in a sense. It would be easier to show you and explain along the way."
Hitteki seemed to show a bit of disappointment but that soon left as she replied.
“As long as I am not expected to dig tunnels or practice the art of sunning oneself then I will be content” Hitteki said.
Jack listened in and it seemed Hitteki was a little firecracker, it made the man smile, he seemed to like spirited females, humans and dragons.
“Ardon, why don’t you and Zyra show Hitteki the dragon hanger and all the equipment there, I am sure our budding warrior here will appreciate it and meet the other dragons” Jack said.
"Sure, Hitteki, follow us and we will show you around," smiled Ardon gesturing for the Syrian dragoness to join them.
Hitteki nodded as she looked around and her eyes seemed to show intelligence.
“Were underground right?, I notice the construction seems to lack natural air vents, plus I know the feeling as well” Hitteki said.
Good eye. Yes the base is underground, built specifically for joint accommodations for dragons and humans," explained Zyra.
"It's good that you're used to living underground. For others it takes some getting used to." Said Ardon.
Hitteki nodded lightly, eyes darting round, taking in the sights of the facility.
“As I said my kind spend most of their days digging tunnels, as long as I don’t have to dig any”
Hitteki said as she seemed to dart ahead and tap the metal with her claws.
“Reinforced steel, from the sound its titanium” Hitteki said which would shock the dragons.
"You know about fabricated metals?" Asked Ardon, surprised.
Hitteki nodded.
“I took an interest in our mountain dragon clan who worked with metals and ores, they are more muscular and rugged than the forest Syrians, pretty good fighters too” Hitteki commented as she took in the sights.
"Very interesting," said Zyra with a smile. "Here you'll be able to learn about pretty much anything you can think of. Whatever captures your interest."
The shuffling sound down the hall signalled Vonriir's arrival. He turned the corner and spotted the trio of dragons.
"Why hello! Is that a little Syrian I see?"
"Yes, this is Hitteki," said Zyra. "She's joining us for a while. Hitteki, this is Vonriir, the last dragon to join before you and the largest."
"Pleasure to make your acquaintance." He said with a flourished bow.
Hitteki looked up and seemed in awe but a small smile crept into the corner’s of her mouth.
“Wow, are you a Crag back dragon, but you are massive!” Hitteki said as a hint of excitement crept into her voice as she looked up at the behemoth of a dragon before them.
"A mix, little miss. I have western mountain dragon blood in these veins as well," he chuckled.
"You know her breed?" Zyra asked Vonriir.
"Yes, yes. Cragbacks live in large caverns after all. We have always been on good terms with the Syrians," Vonriir explained.
Hitteki nodded.
“They help the mountain Syrians with their work, they always been on good terms with all the breeds but you sir are the biggest I’ve ever seen, you have an impressive dragon in a Crag back” Hitteki said to Ardon and Zyra.
"Yeah he's pretty fantastic," laughed Zyra.
"Ah, thank you, little lady and welcome to the facility. You're in good paws with Zyra and Ardon," replied Vonriir.
"Apologies, I'll keep that in mind, miss. When you're my size everyone is little," he chuckled. "Anyway I best let you get on With your tour."
Hitteki nodded as Ardon and Zyra led the green dragoness on as they were going to walk past Veyron’s quarters.
Veyron was making his way down the hall when he spotted the others walking up. He stood up on his hind legs and folded his arms.
"Guests arriving already? I thought we were still a week out," he said.
"An unexpected guest, not from this side of the portal," said Zyra.
Hitteki stopped and her eyes locked onto the wraith, the nice face of the dragon turned into a snarl, completely unexpected.
“What is THAT doing here, unwanted little snitches” Hitteki said with aggression in her voice.
Veyron's ruff fanned out angrily at her reaction. "EXCUSE me? Dirt for brains, you don't know who you're talking to!"
"Hey, hey, easy," said Zyra, spreading out one wing to help diffuse the introduction. "Hitteki, that's not how we talk to members of our team. Same with you, Vey. Let's try this again. This is Veyron."
“I know EXACTLY what they are, little snitches who hoard and steal things that don’t belong to them, then they try and bargin the item they stole back, little vermin they are Wraiths!” Hitteki said, the anger had not left her voice.
"He's one of us, Hitteki. Take it easy," urged Ardon.
Veyron wanted to growl back but decided he would you with her dislike, with a breath he relaxed his hackles and grinned at her. "Sounds like you got fooled one too many times kiddo," he said turning to saunter away.
Hitteki was not impressed, the Wraiths were not a popular breed to the Syrians and she had to deal with the breed, arrogant cocky and a knack for taking things stealthily.
Hitteki frowned as she planned to attack the cocky wraith as he walked off, without a care in the world, if it wasn’t for Zyra and Ardon being there, she would of dealt with him.
"Oookay," said Ardon, stepping in front of the agitated Syrian and shut his wing to guide her down a different hall.
"Well let's just leave him be for now. How about we go check out the canteen?"
"Hitteki, what do you normally eat?" Zyra tried to change he subjecting get her to stop focusing on Veyron.
Whatever is going, I’m a good hunter, I like to see the dragon hanger” Hitteki said, wanting to see their facilities.
"I suppose we can see that first," said Ardon, giving Zyra a look before guiding her down the hall towards the hangar.
"This is where we hang out a lot if we're not outside or in the canteen." Explained Ardon, opening the door to the massive hold.
Hitteki’s eyes darted around at the massive space, the marked floors and the large reinforced door that led outside, it was a huge area, easily accommodating Vonriir with room to spare.
“Impressive facilities” Hitteki said taking note of the area carefully.
"Yeah, you'll find us in here quite often. Lots to do. I like to do our into to the guardian program study in here so you'll see it a lot." Said Ardon.
Hitteki nodded lightly, finally relaxing after meeting the cocky wraith, something about his breed wound her up the wrong way, but she had ways of dealing with him.
“Do you participate in combat training and tactics here as well?, I can see markings here, reminds me of the circled markings during the spar tournaments I have seen back home” Hitteki gestured to the markings.
"We have but that isn't our main focus," said Ardon. "Comox and I spar from time to time though."
This perked Hitteki’s interest.
“I’d appreciate observing if I may, it be good to see, you mentioned a canteen? What is a canteen?” the Syrian asked.
"Oh, a place we gather to eat," explained Ardon.
"We don't do any hunting here." Said Zyra. "We have a man here named Toby who does all the cooking for the staff here. Us included. "
Hitteki listened in as Zyra explained to her what this place was.
“That seems a little lazy, to get a human to hunt for you, when they do not have the protection or weapons we have, I thought as guardians we are here to protect humans” Hitteki said bluntly.
Ardon was prepared for something like this having to explain to other dragons how it worked here.
"Well, you'll soon find that the world up above isn't quite... suited for hunting. It's a much different world up there and we have to remember that this is the place where humans live so we have to adjust to their culture."
Zyra smiled, Ardon didn't jump in defensively like he often did.
"It works best this way. We still protect them as you will see but if a different way than you might expect."
Hitteki seemed to accept this and she was prepared to go along with their wishes.
“I see, well let us see this canteen and how you all get your food” Hitteki said as she followed the dragons towards the canteen as Ardon and Zyra led her there.
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The gold lead the way, explaining this and that as he and Zyra gave Hitteki the tour of the facility, explaining all the things she had never seen before; artificial lights, screens, windows, the list went on. Zyra was helpful in keeping them focused, adding in her own experiences to help make the dragoness feel not out of place or overwhelmed.
Ardon turned the corner to the large room, pointing out the canteen to the right and the lounge in the left. The area was massive, nearly as big as the hangar as to not ever feel crowded.
"This is the canteen. The kitchens are there, you can get food and drinks anytime. Over there is the lounge, where we usually get together and relax." Said Ardon.
“We sometimes have gatherings in here, dinners together with the whole group on special occasions. You’ll see we’re a close knit bunch,” smiled Zyra.
"Something smells......interesting" Hitteki said as her nose directed her to Toby's hatch window.
"Smells like roast. I think you'll enjoy it," said Ardon, taking a sniff.
"Your nose is right," came Toby's voice, "hello, you're a new face. I hope you're hungry for a hearty meal tonight." The man came around from one of the ovens, wiping his hands on a cloth before throwing it over his shoulder and walking up to the serving window. Behind him his kitchen team looked up to greet the dragons as they usually did.
Hitteki eyes inspected the inside of the cooking kitchens as the chefs waved hello.
"You provide the meals for the whole base right?" Hitteki asked Toby.
The man nodded proudly, "Yes we certainly do. A tough job, feeding a whole base worth of people and dragons but it's a rewarding one. Get to test all my new creations and recipes on Ardon here. He’s always game to try a new dish. You've come to stay I imagine?" He asked.
"You do an exceedingly good job, I shall partake in this...Roast and I'd like to try those circular things" Hitteki pointed to the yorkshires.
He handed one two her, "A taste test. The rest for dinner. I’ve got a nice dessert on the go as well that should be a good treat."
Hitteki looked at them oddly as she sniffed it before eating it, after a few chews she gave a small smile at the corner of her mouth as she gave a respectful nod.
“Hah, you’ll do well here, pretty dragoness. Go, enjoy. Dinner will be ready in a few hours. I’ll expect you all back here soon with appetites.”
Zyra and Ardon lead her around the lounge and explained the television, much to the Syrian’s surprise and awe. It took a while for her to understand the function of it but they were eventually able to tear her away to continue the tour through the building. Ardon tried to get in as much important information as possible without overwhelming her.
As they passed by the offices they crossed paths with Comox. They spotted him walking towards them, a slightly confused look on his face.
"This is comox, our other resident boldwing and the last of our group for you to meet." Said Ardon as the male walked up shyly. He dipped his head quickly, giving the dragoness a quick look. She was pretty though it was hard to keep his eyes off Zyra whenever she was in the room.
"Impressive colours Comox, you and Zyra are the same breed, I like the stripes on your neck" Hitteki said.
"I, um, thanks" said the dragon hesitantly, "Males have the stripes- of our breed I mean."
"They look good, on White scales I mean, a good canvas," Hitteki said respectfully as she was unaware she was making the shy male uncomfortable with the compliments.
Zyra noticed her compliments with a wry smile. Could it be that Comox had caught the eye of their new comer? The male boldwing didn’t look super eager to be caught in the spotlight and quickly excused himself after accepted the compliment with very little grace.
“He’s shy,” explained Ardon as the male hurried off. “Once he gets used to you he’ll come around. He’s my best friend so no growling at that one, okay?” Ardon teased with a grin.

The first day seemed to go well, the dragons hung out together and answered as many questions as the Syrian could think of, in turn asking their own. The dragoness was a year older than Ardon and a year younger than Zyra, which made them all smile, so close in hatch dates. They ate dinner together, and while Comox was rather quiet they all seemed to enjoy the communal gathering, Hitteki giving her seal of approval on the meal. Ardon grinned, her comment about being lazy and not hunting seemed to be fading away now.
It would be interesting getting her to mesh in with the group here and how everything ran. She was strong spirited and had a wild soul it seemed. The fire in her hearts exuded through the dragoness but Ardon felt that if she could find her place her, it would be a good fit. They would just have to get over her dislike of the wraith and who knows what else. No one could expect a drew dragons arrival to go off without a hitch. They would smooth over the issues as they came, or so Ardon hoped.
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Hitteki was assigned to her quarters which was positioned away from Veyron’s quarters, Zyra and Ardon showed her how everything worked and how the lights dimmed.
She was a little in awe at such wonders and technology at her talon tips, the young dragoness did not manage to get much sleep in the new surroundings despite the quarters being one of the natural settings designed, she decided to go to the canteen.
Once there she saw the TV was on and sat down and watched the news quietly, fascinated by the TV itself but also what was going on and all, she was so engrossed in the information and everything going on that the dragoness did not hear Zyra come into the canteen, an early riser dragoness.
"Good morning Hitteki, would you like some tea?" Asked Zyra as she poured herself a cup.
Hitteki looked at the bold wing with a curious look in her eyes.
“Tea?, what is this tea, is that the liquid your pouring from that contraption?” Hitteki asked.
"Just give it a try. It's my favourite," she said, handing her a cup. "It's hot,"
Hitteki took the advice of the bold wing, looking at the liquid curiously before taking a sip, it took a small moment before Hitteki seemed to like the taste.
“Human’s do flavours well, they have many items which are full of flavours that are unique, it is an experience” Hitteki said.
"You have no idea. Flavours from all over the world. You'll have a lifetimes to try them all," smiled the dragoness.
Hitteki nodded lightly.
“I get the feeling that I am…not what guardian Ardon expected, I feel he has expectations on how female dragons should act…that’s boring” Hitteki said to Zyra.
"No, he just .... he's just ardy. Your strong willed and not a push over. That takes some getting used to with boys it seems." Smiled the dragoness.
Hitteki seemed to give a small smile in return to Hitteki’s comments.
“Well, Syrian culture for females are boring, we just sit around, talk, nurture our young and sun ourselves, how boring is that, I always enjoy getting stuck into jobs, rough and tumble as it were, far more fun” she admitted to the bold wing, she really wasn’t like the other females in her clan.
Zyra smiled, "sounds like you have a yearning for adventure and challenge."
Hitteki nodded at the comment, she indeed yearned
for that kind of challenges life threw at her, sadly they seemed to of dried up on Kilara.
"I do, one of the reasons I'm here, I enjoy a challenge, harder the better, very unlikely female like" Hitteki said waving her paw in a gesture.
"What brought you here, seems you like a challenge as well" Hitteki enquired.
Zyra explained her early life, being captured by the humans and growing up in the labs.
"I loved learning. While it wasn't the most conventional upbringing it sparked my desire for knowledge. Forge found me actually and set me on my path here and I am profoundly glad he did. I've recently achieved my title as doctor, have an amazing attilu and a grand life here."
Hitteki nodded lightly as she remembered the dragon’s guardian human Melina.
“Your human seems in peak health, I noticed she seems very....athletic, that is what the TV said" Hitteki said.
"Yes, Melina may be a book worm like me but she can kick some tail, don't let her fool you," she said proudly.
Hitteki smiled, more genuine this time as her curiosity perked at hearing about Melina.
“So how exactly does your human kick tail, I am intrigued” Hitteki asked the bold wing, her emerald eyes had lit up hearing about the fact the human female was not only clever but could be a formidable opponent of her species.
Zyra smiled, "well, she's quick witted and the smartest person I know for one. And," she added, "she's trained in a style of fighting humans have here."
Hitteki nodded interested in learning more, the bold wing spoke very proudly of the human and she could sense that Zyra was proud of her.

On silent paws Veyron walked into the room, green eyes searching as he spotted the girls chatting.
"Ladies, “he said, sauntering up.
Hitteki frowned as eyes locked on the wraith, her dislike for the dragon obvious as she looked briefly at Zyra that she wasn’t impressed with this dragon.
Zyra turned to the wraith, knowing he and Hitteki weren't on good terms, "what's up Veyron?" She asked in a calm tone to ensure things didn't get heated.
"Oh, you know. Just making my rounds in this damn bunker. You enjoying it so far, Fuzzy?" He asked Hitteki with a fake smile.
“What? You call me Lizard” Hitteki said in a unimpressed tone.
“Keep your mouth shut if you cannot say anything but insults wraith” Hitteki added.
"Veyron..." Zyra warned and the little dragon put his paws up.
"Geeze. Fine. How are you enjoying it so far..." he exaggerated his words.
"Hitteki," Zyra supplied her name for him.
Hitteki snorted in the response of the dragon, nothing would satisfy her than throwing the snake like dragon across the canteen, the words of her father came into her mind.
“Im doing..fine.....Veyron” she managed to say past her annoyance for this question.
"Good!" He said in over exaggerated cheeriness before a look from Zyra sent him on his way.
"Catch ya around!"
The boldwing sighed, "he really isn't that bad you know. We've had our trouble with him but he is a bit of a hero for our facility."
Hitteki shook her head.
“Wraiths are not popular with Syrians, they are crafty, sneaky and are irritating vermin, when I see him, I want to fling him across this facility, or dunk him in a ice cold pool of water, his attitude also irks me” Hitteki said to the bold wing.
"Yeah... his attitude isn't the best but try to keep your cool around him. He likes to rile others up so don't let him know he's getting to you and you'll be fine. Also- I should add we have no tolerance for violence onwards team members, dragon or human." Said Zyra with a small smile so she didn't seem so serious
Hitteki nodded lightly.
“Pity, I would of put him in his place but I am here to learn and not get riled up, I shall ensure I obey the guardian program laws and rules” she said assertively taking a sip of the tea to calm herself down.
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Zyra had spent most of the morning with the new dragoness. She was a unique dragon with a fiery spirit. She seemed wildly independent but seemed to want to prove her worth no matter what. The boldwing felt that if she could find a way to mesh in with the rest of the team, they would have a hardworking dragoness in their ranks.
The immense dislike of Veyron would definitely be something they would have to get around but that would come with time, she hoped. Veyron was a hard one to love but there was no denying he went above and beyond for all of them. Zyra wanted to say something more about the discrimination, for she had dealt with it first hand upon her arrival, but she didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot with the Syrian.
So, for now, she kept her mouth shut and simply tried to steer the conversation in a different direction whenever she felt that the little wraith might be brought up. Luckily for her, Veyron kept mostly to himself and didn’t bother them further.

Ardon joined them later that day and together they set into teaching Hitteki about life on this side of the portal. Ardon had tons of things that he needed to teach new arrivals but the fundamentals and key rules always come first. There would always be a million questions that would follow, even years after they first stepped foot on earth, but getting the most important things down first as a foundation, he felt like things went a lot smoother.

With Zyra’s help they taught Hitteki the promise and vow of the Guardians, followed closely by the standards expected by the project. To Ardon’s surprise, Hitteki seemed a patient enough learner. The fire in her eyes seemed to show how much she wanted to prove herself, even if the learning was simple and low key for the time being. He had expected her to get bored, almost like a hatchling, wanting to be occupied with more exciting things but she was a diligent student for now it appeared.
There was a lot to learn, especially right before the party. He wanted to get as much done as possible so that he could focus on the gathering instead of ensuring she didn’t get overwhelmed or anything during the event.

He tried to make the lessons interesting by interjecting their own experiences in every now and then. The heroics and daunting missions Ardon and Zyra had been a part of seemed to attract the Syrian’s attention. Ardon often liked sharing these tales anyway, they were exciting and key moments of his own life.

Having Zyra help with the lessons was nice; the dragoness kept the material moving and would rein in the gold whenever he got off track, sharing some sort of semi-related side story, filling in her own points if Ardon forgot anything. He smiled, working with her was nice. Comox usually participated in these new arrival lessons but he had been absent the last few days, citing that he was busy with Baxter working on projects.

Ardon shrugged it off, knowing that the boldwing was trying to be more involved in other areas so it didn’t bother him much, more time to work alongside Zyra, he figured.

On Hitteki’s fourth day, with three to go until the gathering, Ardon, Zyra and Hitteki were walking towards the canteen for dinner after one of their lessons. Ardon had been going over details for the party while Zyra had conducted the new dragoness’s study and now he was listing off the things that needed to be done before they arrived.
“It really isn’t a whole lot left. The kitchen’s the biggest thing to worry about but it’s in good hands with Toby,” said Zyra, trying to reassure them as they walked into the canteen.
“I know. He’s set more hours for his team and brought in a few more during the days that everyone is here,” nodded Ardon. Toby and his team had prepping meals all week in preparation. The smells coming from the kitchen had been mouth watering at all hours of the day.
They gathered their meals and sat at the table in the canteen.
"So, this massive gathering of guardians on this world, what has brought about such a special occasion? Hitteki asked the gold.
“Well,” Said Ardon, turning to her, “I started the project years ago. As I mentioned, we have the three bonded guardians at the Canadian branch and then we have Icarus in the states, who was bonded but now lives with his Attilu’s family. We haven’t had a gathering with everyone since the beginning of the program so it would be good to get everyone together. We are using the event as a way to ensure that everyone is still on the same page, that things are going well and a way to talk about what needs to be changed, if anything. Stuff like that.”
Hitteki nodded, seemingly agreeing with Ardon's words. "Very sensible plan of action, ensure the guardian codes of law continue to be followed" she replied.
Zyra smiled, “Exactly. Ardon and Jack visited the Canadian base last year the day after our youngest dragon bonded, so it will be nice to see them in person and find out how they’ve been doing.”
“Yeah, and we can use it as an excuse as well to let off some steam. Wait till you get a chance to play the game we invented,” grinned Ardon.
Hitteki looked at Ardon confused. "Games? With a project like this there is no time for hatchling games with important guardianship work to be done" she responded.
“We can’t work every moment of our lives, Hitteki. The program is important, very important but that doesn’t mean we can’t relax once in a while. You’ll see. Being on guard at all hours isn’t healthy. I had to learn that the hard way.” Said Ardon.
“Me too,” said Zyra sheepishly, thinking about her most recent boot from the labs.
“We have a balance, work hard play hard,” laughed Ardon. “You’ll see.”
Just then Comox walked into the room, “Hey, sorry I’m late for dinner.”
“No worries, Co.” called Zyra. “We just started, grab your plate and come sit with us.”
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Bronan and Tahsis stepped through the portal, followed by Forge who looked around, his typical stoic expression surveyed the room as they arrived.
The portal had been opened and remained open without authorization to allow the dragons to venture in and out whenever they pleased but the portal would power down when not in use.
Greeting the dragons would be Martin, the head of security on the base.

“Ahh Hello there, you must be Ardon’s family, welcome to Torchwood 5, I’m Martin interim head of security, you are a little early, the gathering is not for another 72 hours” the man said.
"We know," said Forge, turning his eyes on him.
"To help set up," added Tahsis to soften the edge on the silvers tone.
Martin nodded lightly at the female dragoness comments.
“Ok, well we have Powys quarters assigned to Bronan and Tahsis and Forge you got the Natural design quarters next door” Martin said looking at the reserved quarters list.
"Bronan and I are only going to stay for a short time just to say hello. Don't worry about quarters for us once everyone arrives," said Tahsis kindly.
"And I can sleep in the hangar, offer my quarters to Icarus if he doesn't have any assigned yet." Said forge.
Martin looked at the list, “Icarus has his own enhanced quarters at the end, it has been modified for him, as well as the hanger lights will be dimmed so he can move about easily” Martin explained, “You son has been planning this for months” the man added.
"We've heard," chuckled bronan. "Well if there is anything we can do to make things easier please don't hesitate to ask."
Martin nodded lightly as Jack entered the portal room.
“Ahh, excellent you are here, you met Martin our interim head of security, the gang is in the canteen, we are expecting Draco soon and Amelia clarke this evening via shuttle” Jack explained.
The dragons nodded, greeting Jack.
"Good, I hope Ardon has been on good behaviour?" Bronan asked Jack.
Jack grinned.
“Ardon is Ardon but he is growing up to be a fine young dragon, we are also discovering Brathille seems to be coming under our control” Jack said, excited to share the news.
"Oh, now that's... that's something!" Smiled bronan.
"I hope you're being careful with it," worried Tahsis.
Forge was quick to correct her fretting, "I hardly think brathille will allow them to hurt themselves with its power."
Jack nodded with Forge’s words.
“It has its benefits on Ardon, anyways, please come and see everyone, including the new recruit and I am sure Vonriir would like to say hello as well” Jack said.
Bronan and Tahsis happily followed while Forge picked up the pace to lead with Jack. "No problems since the raid?" He asked quickly to get the info before he was required to socialize.
Jack looked puzzled as he responded to the massive silver.
“Raid?, what raid?” Jack said, unaware that Forge knew of the Archives raid.
"Ucluelet told me after she came over here to borrow more books from Zyra a month ago," forge stated. "I assume she spoke with someone here."
Jack sighed lightly shaking his head.
“I did not want to get you involved or drag you into it, your suppose to be retired remember?, sunning yourself on the beach, dreaming of the good old days” Jack replied.
Forge snorted, "I am close by. I should have been called to help. Retired or not."
Jack nodded lightly at the comment, despite the dragon’s aging years he still wanted to be involved, retired or not, it was a foolish attempt to keep something that big from the warlord.
"We had Vonriir to assist us, it was fine Forge, you deserve to least enjoy some peace, all dragons performed admirably" Jack said to the warlord.
"Well, that is something to be glad for," said the silver quietly, walking beside him.
" Vonriir is a real battle-axe Forge he’s a force to be reckoned with on the ground, he impressed everyone" Jack said.
"Good. He should after fighting alongside me for years. I knew he would be useful to you, despite his size," nodded the warlord.
"Yes, but your not called a warlord for nothing but he might give you a run for your money" Jack lightly teased.
"I would turn him on his crest," snorted Forge, "Experience outdoes weight."
Jack tried not to chuckle at the comment, the warlord still prided himself on taking down dragons and was quick to jump on the defensive.
“He is a mountain of a dragon to stop, I would be impressed to see you put that massive Crag back down, there is very few dragons who can stop him” Jack said, seeing what sort of reply he would get.
The silver just made a thoughtful noise in his throat and continued to pace alongside the man, appearing uninterested in offering to prove his claim.
Jack led Ardon’s parents towards the canteen, offering to get the dragons something to eat as a number of chefs were now entering Toby’s kitchen to begin 5 days of very hard work for their guests.

As always, the silver felt the pull to go seek out Melina whenever he was on earth.
A feeling he was unable to shake, he usually listened to it. Excusing himself he went down the familiar corridors that led him towards the lab, where he dipped his head and waited for Melina to notice he was there after tapping on the glass gently.
Melina had decided to do some updating on the dragon database, working on the large screen in the labs to make modifications and adjustments to the files on all the dragons in the academy, Zyra was with Hitteki and would be helping Ardon with the guardian lessons.
She turned to see Forge who had tapped on the window, Melina smiled and pressed a button to allow the large dragon inside.
“Hello there Forge, it’s really good to see you” Melina said with an affectionate smile, seeing the warlord approach.
"You as well, professor. I hope you have well?" he asked.
Melina nodded.
“Yes, thought I’d do some updating of records on the dragon databases, while its quiet and just me, Zyra is with Hitteki” Melina replied.
"How is she doing, the new dragoness? I was uncertain how she'd fit in with the team when I met her," he asked, laying down so that he could speak with her while she worked.
“She is a fiery one, I love her to bits, determined dragoness, reminds me of my dragons” she smiled.
"That so?" Mused Forge. "I hope she does well here."
Melina chuckled lightly as she put the tablet down and approached the warlord.
“I missed you Forge, I enjoy your company, are you staying or just here for the day” she asked, her eyes sparkling with hope that he was staying.
"No, I think I will stay for the duration of the events," replied the silver. "It will be good to ensure all are doing well."
Melina grinned, pleased that the dragon was staying for the duration of the event and her excitement was evident.
Forge could see the happiness, it was plain on her face. He smiled and lowered his head to the professor.
Melina happiness seemed to reach new heights as she reached and smoothed his muzzle, ensuring no one was watching as she smoothed his silver scales.
Melina was smoothing gently, knowing how Forge enjoyed his small things of attention from her but decide not to overdo it.
The great silver closed his eyes at the woman's pets, quietly enjoying the moment before she pulled her hands away. He did not press for more attention though he was disappointed that the moment ended.
“If your lucky, you get longer dragon relaxation therapy, I am glad you enjoy my company Forge, comforts me” Melina said quietly giving him a kiss on the snout.
"It does?" He asked quietly. "Why?"
Melina shrugged lightly.
“It just does Forge, I hope you feel a tiny bit of what I feel” Melina said to the warlord.
"You know I do," he said softly before clearing his throat. "Anyway, ahem, i should let you get back to work."
Melina chuckled lightly at Forge’s change of topic.
“I need a herbal tea, fancy a walk with me sir?2 she asked him kindly.
"Um, certainly," he said getting up and gesturing for her to lead politely.
“Thank you Forge” Melina said as the woman walked with the dragon towards the canteen where Jack had led Ardon’s family.
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Forge walked down to the canteen with Melina and enjoyed the quiet conversation she offered. He was grateful that she had eventually forgiven him, it had pained his hearts tremendously to have her her so badly with his revealing of the truth behind their first meeting.
While he was a stoic and proud creature, he still found himself balancing awkwardly between his warlord status and the echoing of Brathille’s pull that called to him endlessly. He managed alright though some moments the silver seemed to shut down and revert back to his proper mannerisms rather than relax and act like the near bonded friends they were.
Melina seemed to take this in stride, either oblivious or patiently gracious about his fluctuating moods.
Their quiet conversation ended and they were soon joined by Ardon and his family and then Zyra and Hitteki. The chatter was light hearted with undertones of excitement as they all anticipated the gathering ahead. Forge sat back and observed the canteen crowd grow louder as the chatter rose up between the five of them. Ardon’s parents seemed welcoming to the Syrian and asked about her first days on earth.
“So, Hitteki, how is your first week going? You enjoying earth so far?” asked Tahsis to the young dragoness. “I hope it hadn’t been too overwhelming, humans and all their technology,” added Bronan.
“It is very different but I am enjoying this experience.” Replied the dragoness.
“What have you come to enjoy the most so far?” asked Forge, surprisingly.
"The whole idea that Guardian Ardon has done, I am impressed with the facilities and the steel used is of a high standard" Hitteki said.
"I was not aware you knew so much about steel and Metallurgy Hitteki" Jack said as Hitteki gave a knowing smile, pleased to surprise people.
“She knows quite a bit apparently,” beamed Zyra, “A fellow Syrian clan she grew up alongside works with metal ores and the like.”
The conversation flowed from metals to other skilled trades before eventually coming back around to hinting at the party.
“I was informed of a little gathering for all dragons of this world.” Hitteki mentioned.
“Little, probably isn’t the best adjective,” laughed Zyra, “wait till you see us all in one room. It’s going to be a riot.”
Ardon grinned, “So the plan is: letting the others from across the pond have the first day or so to catch up to the time change. They’ll be here tomorrow morning, our time. Jet lag is no fun. “We’ll have a formal dinner on the third night. Toby has been preparing something amazing or so he says. The only other scheduled event is the meeting to go over the success of the guardian programme and take in any ideas or suggestions of things that may need changing, We’re trying to constantly improve after all.”

Alex was co-piloting the transport that was bringing over the dragons from North America, the great ship warming up for the journey as everyone got settled. To save on travel costs, they offered to bring along Icarus and his family. The large dragon was loaded onto a special separate room during the early morning hours before the rest of the crew boarded. It was dimly lit and offered the night striker a calm place to rest during the transport. Brianna and the girls had flown separately from him one week earlier so they could partake in some sight-seeing before getting picked up in London to attend the gathering. The girls had been so excited. They had never traveled far from their state before; their single mother’s budget hadn’t been enough for those kinds of luxuries so the night striker insisted that they take the chance to go see some sights while they were in the area. It would be good for the three of them to get away from the farmhouse and live a little.
“I can’t wait to get there and see everyone,” Thrummed Alyia as she lay at James’ feet, looking up from the book she had been reading. The little dragoness has been in tremendously joyous spirits since she managed to convince her Attilu, James, to join them for the gathering. It had taken a little work, the man wasn’t keen on going on this adventure but eventually relented, the combination of the sad puppy dog eyes and her reaction when he initially said no had been enough to begrudgingly decide attend the event. She had been beside herself with giddiness when he had finally agreed to go and that had been worth the trouble of this strange holiday.
Alex had been all for it, though he worried about leaving the base without dragons, he knew it was for the best. The youngsters needed a chance to spread their wings, relax and commune with their own kind, especially ones their own age. It would be good for them all, their human counterparts as well.
"I am excited to see the gang, what you reckon Korrin, think we can beat T5 on their own turf?" Kris grinned.
"Aye, ya better...that Jack..struttin roond like a peacock" James said.
Korrin snickered, "We will see," he said flexing his talons. He had grown a fair bit over the spring and summer and hoped it would not fail to impress. He was turning into a fine beast of a dragon, stocky and powerful. He felt like he could hold his own against Ardon now.
"Well, we will indeed, how about you Amanda, Tarok can take on their speed demon Zyra, be interesting race" Kris said folding his arms, seemingly wanting to help T7 get even after Tarok's heroic efforts
The woman reached up and scratched under her dragon’s chin, “We’ll show them what the west coast can bring,” she smiled as Tarok looked down to nuzzle her.
“Maybe all that studying and becoming a doctor has made her slow in the wing,” he replied.
“Aw, now enough of that. You can show them what you’re made of without any of that,” chided Amanda with a teasing smile.
“Thiiiiis is your captain speaking,” came Alex’s mock proffessional voice as the transport shuddered as it left the ground slowly, “We are now departing, once we reach altitude you will be free to move about the holds. We do not have an in flight attendant for snacks and beverage distribution so you’re on your own.”
Alyia giggled at the comment while the drakes laughed lightly. Their commander wasn’t the most serious unless the moment called for it. His easygoing nature seemed to put most people in a fair mood.
“Cross your fingers and claws for sunny skies to stay in London and thereabouts. Weather report is looking good so far. So buckle up, we’re bound for the dragon academy, folks!”
James folded his arms and grumbled lightly. "I could be at home gettin that lad be soo cheery" James complained.
Alyia gave him a little nuzzle on the arm, “Oh, sir, don’t be like that, it will be fun!” she said quietly.
"Hey, what did I tell you lass I am against the huggin and touchy feely" James protested lightly.
The others laughed, knowing that deep down the man really didn’t mind…. that much.
“Well James, you shoulda been bonded to a rock if you didn’t want any sort of attention.” Snickered Korrin as the shuttle took off into the sky.
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With the activity in the canteen going on with the arrival of Forge and Ardon’s family, soon the floor vibrated lightly as the Crag back approached.
"Oh this is what all the racket is. Greetings everyone!" Boomed Vonriir as he strode into the room.
"I told you they had arrived," came veyron's annoying voice, having caught a ride up atop one of the dragons curling ram horns. "Why don't you ever believe me?"
"I never said I didn't, I just wanted to see for myself," he chuckled back. "How is everyone?"
“I think everyone is doing fine, just mingling around” Jack said as Vonriir approached the silver dragon to talk to his old commander and chief.
"Lord Forge," said the large dragon, walking over and sitting down next to the silver.
"Glad you're joining us for the get together. You're still looking in top form."
"You're looking well yourself," commented Forge a little dryly. "The work they've put you to here has done you good."
"Hah, yes. Professor Melina has said I've been looking more trim," he boasted happily.
"Miss Melina even repaired my crest after the raid. Used something... ah what was it called? Epoxy maybe? To strengthen them too!" Beamed Vonriir.
"Ingenious as always, the professor." Replied forge
Melina overheard her name and stood between the giant dragons with a smile on her face.
“I heard my name, I hope your saying only nice things to warlord Forge about me Vonriir” Melina lightly teased, happy that the dragon was pleased with her work.
"Oh never a bad word could be said about you miss," replied Vonriir kindly.
Zyra looked over feeling the wave of happiness through the link. The dragoness smiled but something quietly nagged at her as she watched the woman speaking with the silver.
“It was an experimental resin, we used the shavings from Ardon and Zyra’s horns and sort made a natural, fast hardening, age reversing resin, I even think we can restore broken horns as well” Melina said, giving a glance to Forge.
"I do not want mine fixed if that is what your look is implying, professor. My scars and my crest are the mementos of the battles I won and reminders of the lessons I have learned." Replied the silver.
Melina nodded lightly.
“Of course, I understand, I meant no offence Forge, well Vonriir looks like I can try out all my dragon health things on you” she teased lightly.
Veyron seemed to have enough of standing atop of Vonriir's horns and jumped, gliding down to land on Hitteki's head. "Hey Fuzz. How's it going?" He asked casually.
Hitteki frowned but decided Veyron would not get the better of her, she had to look professional and carry her father’s name with pride.
“Comfortable, are you?” she said as she felt him on her head.
"You could say that," he replied, ruffling the white fur. "How do you keep this clean all the time if you live in the dirt?"
Hitteki kept her temper in check, imagining her throttling this small pipsqueak of a dragon in her mind seemed to ease her temper.
“Practice and a good clean pool of water” she said coolly.
"Ah, well kiddo, you seem to be doing well here so far," replied the little dragon, ignoring her tone.
“I am enjoying the challenge and looking forward to overcoming all obstacles big or small in nature” Hitteki said to the wraith.
Veyron bent down to look upside down into her eyes. "I'm sure you are," he grinned smugly before patting the side of her muzzle and gliding away.
Hitteki tried not to growl as the little Wraith plodded off, his high and mighty attitude rubbed her up the wrong way, luckily Zyra could sense this and brought her out of her thoughts of harming Veyron to a more civil conversation.
Another guest had arrived at the base, it had taken a little while on his own wings but the old dragon had made it, landing in the dragon hanger and sniffing the air sensing more dragons, he followed the long corridor out of the dragon hanger and went to the canteen, once Martin had cleared him through security.

The welsh dragon nearly collided with the small wraith who had been more interested in strutting about among the giants here.
Veyron had to veer out of the way, nearly colliding into Draco. He landed on the ground and looked up at him opening his mouth to speak. Forge saw this and quickly stepped up.
"Draco," he said, giving a respectful bow of his head. "This is one of our newer
Recruits, Veyron." He said introducing them. "This is Draco-"
"Yeah, the dragon on the flag. Good to meet ya." Interrupted the wraith.
Draco bowed in respect of the warlord and to the small dragon.
“Pleasure to meet you Veyron” the old dragon said kindly.
“It pleases me that dragons of all abilities and sizes contribute to such a worthy pursuit” Draco said as Veyron seemed to lose interest and wandered elsewhere, walking to the opening hatch to get a coffee.
The others apologised for Veyron’s abrupt behaviour but Draco did not seem to mind, happy to be in the company of dragons.
Vonriir had spotted Draco, the two had never met before so this was the first time the crag back met the dragon of mythical legend.
"Draco, sir!" Said Vonriir, giving a low bow. "So glad you have come to attend."
Draco bowed his head respectfully.
“Thank you for the kind welcome, I Do not have the pleasure of your name" Draco said, looking up at the behemoth of a dragon before him.
He was slightly larger than Forge but Vonriir towered over them both.
"I go by Vonriir, sir. Pleasure to finally meet you. Ardon speaks highly of you," smiled the dun coloured dragon.
"Pleasure to meet you Vonriir, you are a big chap, haven't seen a dragon your size in years and years if my memory serves me, are you a warlord like Forge here?" Draco asked.
"No, sir. But I have fought alongside him. I prefer a quieter existence if I'm honest" he admitted.
“I see, well an honour nonetheless” Draco said as the trio of dragons spoke.
"You're looking well, Draco. Have you been enjoying the summer? Forge asked the crimson dragon.
Draco gave a small smile and nodded his head lightly to the question.
"My children do spoil me, with polishes and other random things they create, I am well looked after in my caves" Draco said.
Forge nodded, "I am glad for that. Thank you for coming to the gathering as well. It should be interesting."
Draco agreed with the silver.
“It should be an eventful time, my children have accomplished so much, along with your nephew and Mr Harkness, it makes me happy to see this program work so well, plus it is always good to be in the company of dragons of high stature” Draco said.
"I didn't know you had children, Draco. I thought we were the only dragons on earth," said Vonriir, not understanding completely.
"I didn't know you had children, Draco. I thought we were the only dragons on earth," said Vonriir, not understanding completely.
Draco was going to explain but Forge came in with the comment, knowing what Draco meant.
"Draco refers to humans as his children. His guardianship extends further than what we consider to be under our own." Explained Forge.
Vonriir's eyebrows went up in understanding, "Oh, well isn't that something." He said, thumping his tail in approval.
Draco smiled and nodded.
“I am glad you appreciate how I see them as my children, I was sworn to provide guidance and protection, alas I have missed centuries of their achievements but I am happy to be here now” Draco said to the two dragons.
Vonriir smiled,
"humans certainly have a lot to be proud for. Must have been quite a shot to wake up to though. I even was surprised by all they've done and I had been warned, clever creatures, they are”
Draco agreed whole heartedly.
“Of course which makes me proud, I have been spoilt and my door is always open to the dragons of this world” Draco said as the trio talked along with everyone else.
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Conversation lead way through the evening, all the dragons gathered in the lounge and canteen area to chat, their resonating voices filled the room with their chatter. Forge spoke in low tones, preferring to listen quietly to Draco’s stories while he kept an eye on the room. Smiles and cheery voices seemed to dominate the group. Even Comox was getting into the mood for conversation.
Ardon looked around at one point and it looked like the wraith seemed to have disappeared, perhaps feeling like an ant among giants. While the older dragons had gathered in a circle to talk, he and the younger dragons chatted in the lounge after a good meal. Zyra and Hitteki sat across from him while Comox sat beside him while they spoke of Amelia, their next expected guest. Zyra explained what her role was and how important was for them all to impress her with how the guardian project was run. Ardon had to admit that he was a bit worried about Hitteki. She was stubborn and blunt but at least she seemed to want to prove that she would be a good fit for the guardian program. If she kept that in mind, he hoped that Amelia would see that all of them worked well together. Their efforts on earth could not be ignored. While they did seem to be a magnet for trouble, the dragons always seemed to come out on top. Without them, earth would have seen many more tragic losses.
Their conversation eventually turned to more recreational topics.
Hitteki seemed interested in the dragon games that the dragons had invented and the hints of rivalry between the branches.
“We’ll have a few good game I think,” grinned Ardon. “We’ll see how we do.”
"Well, games are all well and good. Just everyone on good behavior,” Instructed the boldwing dragoness, pointing her talon to everyone, “Especially when Amelia arrives... please," said Zyra, already thinking about he disaster that could happen if things got out of hand. They wanted, and needed to make a good impression. She knew that Ardon was aware of this but knew his tendency to forget such things in exciting moments. A quick reminder couldn’t hurt.
"Speaking of Amelia, I think her shuttle has been picked up entering the edges of our airspace, I think be nice if you guys meet her and guide her shuttle in," Jack said overhearing the conversation.
Ardon turned to him with a smile, “We can do that.”
The dragons stood up to go head down to the dragon hangar but Hitteki seemed a bit hesitant as they walked.
"I am not a high altitude flyer, I will be no good for this journey I am afraid, it is a limitation of the Syrians," she said sounding a little disappointed.
“If you flew to Sunbreak, you’ll be able to fly in the shuttle with us. They come in low, only a few hundred feet,” said Comox in encouragement.
“Give it a try, if you can’t you can meet us at the entrance to the shuttle hangar and signal the pilot where to go,” Offered Ardon. That was a job she could do if needed, the pilot would already know where to go, the dragon’s presence was all just flare.
The younger dragons trotted off to the hanger. This would be Hitteki’s first experience outside the facility and out in the proper human world. She had seen some of the ships in the vehicle hangar so those wouldn’t be completely alien to her, which Ardon was thankful for. The shuttle Amelia would be coming in wouldn’t be dauntingly massive but still it would be a sight for the dragoness to witness.
The dragons launched into the air, and headed north west, catching sight of the shuttle not too far off.
“Alright Hitteki, You’ll be following Zyra on the left and Comox will be with me on the right. Just follow her lead and you’ll be fine,” Ardon called over his shoulder.
The little Syrian seemed to understand and they flew in formation towards the shuttle. They didn’t go too fast, not wanting to outrace the newcomer, keeping a steady pace as they rose gently.
“How ya doing, Hitteki?” Shouted Ardon.
"I'm doing ok, I can come up higher if you need me to," Hitteki said as she beat her wings harder to gain altitude.
“You’re good, just follow me now,” instructed Zyra. Branching off and guiding them around over the ship, rolling upside down and flaring their wings in Drakine salute.
followed suit behind Zyra but she gave a more professional look, as she saluted the shuttle and joined back with Zyra.
Ardon and Comox completed the manoeuvre as well, from the other side as they then all fell into position, flanking the shuttle.
“You’re doing great, Hitteki!” Smiled Zyra over her shoulder, looking back at the dragoness.

The dragon’s lead the shuttle to the hangar and followed in after, landing gracefully and folding their wings. Jack had been waiting in the hangar for the woman’s arrival. Ardon stood next to him while the others waited patiently around them as the shuttle powered down and the doors opened.
"I assume the person in the metal craft is of high importance?” she asked Zyra quietly as they stood together.
Zyra nodded. “She’s the Deputy Director from the EA, earth alliance, remember your lessons about them? She’s in charge, in a way, of the Guardian Project. She gives us funds and permission to run the program so ensuring that we impress her while she’s here is important. Her name is Amelia Clarke, the one we were talking about earlier at dinner.”
“Oh, okay. I shall not let you down,” Hitteki said assertively.
Zyra nodded turned back to attention as the woman disembarked.
"Deputy Director Clarke welcome to Torchwood 5 and our little gathering," Jack said shaking the woman's hand.
"Thank you for the invitation, I will be keen to see what the dragon program has brought to your base and Ardon's work as well," Amelia said enthusiastically.
The gold dragon gave a smile and dipped his head, “Thank you Director Clarke. I look forward to showing you what the project has become.
The dragons all gave a little bow, flaring their wings behind them, welcoming the Director. Ardon caught Zyra’s bow out of the corner of his eye. She completed the gesture with such fluid grace, the bold points of color on her wings flashing ever so briefly that he had to tear his gaze away and back at Amelia while Jack spoke.
"This way Amelia, I show you to your quarters, there is ample facilities here on the base and we have catering at your call too," Jack said as Amelia smiled.
"I appreciate your arrangements Mr Harkness, perhaps a herbal tea would be nice," Amelia said as Jack gestured to Ardon to have a tea brought to the deputy directors quarters by Toby's staff.
The gold dragon nodded as they turned to walk away.
“So, she’s the one to impress,” said Ardon as the dragons watched as Jack and the woman walked off, talking quietly.
“Impress, meaning act like civil creatures, NOT the kind of impressing that goes hand in hand with showing off,” corrected Zyra.
“Yeah, yeah, they know what I meant,” Ardon smirked, nudging her shoulder with his.
“Just clarifying, Ardy, it’s usually needed with you,” she gave a sly smile back.
Comox cleared his throat loudly, “Anyway it looks like we got off to a good start. We’ll have a chance to talk to her tomorrow right?”
“Yeah, I’ll be working with Jack and the three of us are going to discuss the guardian project before coming out to the rest of you to kinda show her what each of our roles are.”
“You’ve spoken to Veyron?” asked Comox, worried that the little wraith’s attitude would put a hitch in things.
“Yes. Jack has too. Veyron promised to be on good behavior. I like to think he will honour that promise, knowing what would happen if she cut the guardian program,” replied Ardon. “Anyway, I am going to put the tea order in. The Canadian team will be arriving early tomorrow morning so be up if you want to be there to greet them.”
“Alright Ardon, goodnight,” said Zyra before she turned and bid Comox and Hitteki a good night as well, setting off to go find Melina.

Ardon was just stretching in his quarters, getting ready to curl up for sleep at the end of a very busy day when Jack walked in.
“How’d it go with Director Clarke?” asked the dragon, flopping down on the converted bed that was built into the floor. He arched his neck and spread his talons in a stretch before settling down in a comfortable position.
"It went well, she appreciated the escort and she’s excited to see all the dragons and how far your project has gone on, I know she is considering loosening the restrictions so we need things to go well and really sell this place" Jack said.
His golden dragon nodded, agreeing.
“I think she’ll be impressed. We’re a bit of an odd group, size and breed wise but I feel like after all the work we’ve done, she’ll have plenty of reasons to rein back the restrictions.”
Jack nodded. "I agree, the only one I worry about is Veyron but she has met him before so knows what he is like." Jack replied.
“I spoke to him after you did. I think he gets the point and understands why he can’t be… well, his usual self. He was grumpy about it but I don’t think we’ll have much of an issue.”
While Jack got ready for bed, the gold dragon couldn’t seem to get comfortable. He was fidgety and restless, unable to get to sleep despite needing it after the busy day.
"What’s keeping you up, you seem restless" Jack said to Ardon.
“Just, all of this, the gathering…” Ardon lied quickly.
"Ardon...what’s REALLY bugging you, you know we cannot lie to one another through the link" Jack replied.
“Heh,” the dragon seemed sheepish and hesitant as he rubbed the back of his neck, not looking the man in the eyes. “Well, you know a few months back when you were poking me about Zyra…”
Jack sat up more and was now looking at the gold, "Yes, what about it? You can't still be sore on that, I was only joking," Jack said.
“No, no, I just –um- denied it at the time but…uh… you were right.” The dragon was so flustered that the golden scales on his cheeks and the bridge of his nose had a rosy tint. It was obviously difficult for him to admit and he felt embarrassed for telling Jack but he didn’t know what other options he had, “…aaand I need your help. I don’t know what to do…”
Jack had a smile, which grew into a bigger one. "You have feelings for her?" Jack asked calmly, no teasing or anything in his tone of voice.
“…Maybe?” he said, ducking under his wing sheepishly. Seeing Jack smile at what he admitted was almost too much and he nearly regretting bringing it up.
"I thought you did, she’s a lovely dragoness Ardy, do you know if she feels the same, she given you any hints?" Jack asked getting up from his bed and sitting with his dragon.
Ardon shrugged, “I don’t know. She’s always nice I guess, but she’s that way with everyone. I don't know if it's a good idea. I thought that maybe -um- with the celebrations, it would be a good excuse to tell her or whatever... but, I have no idea what I'm doing..." his words tumbled out in the confused fashion they cluttered his mind.
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Jack could see and feel the dragon was full of confusion and emotion, it bounced via the link to him, he knew last time he gave poor advice to the dragon concerning the last dragoness that captured his eyes and heart, only to be left heart broken.
“How does she make you feel when you are around her” Jack asked in a calm and friendly tone of voice.
"Nervous sometimes. Happy? What's that human expression? Butterflies?" He almost laughed.
Jack smiled.
“Does she make your heart flip flop and flutter, do you enjoy her company, do you find her comely?” Jack asked the golden dragon.
"You make it sound so cheesy but yes. To all of the above," he admitted.
Jack smiled kindly.
“Perhaps but I failed you once before Ardy with poor advice, I just don’t want you to be heartbroken again, hence why I am asking, she is a very majestic and fine dragoness” Jack replied.
"Yeah..." said Ardon, remembering Kala. "I've liked her for a while but never said anything of... well you know... what happened last time."
Jack nodded lightly.
“You know, the way Zyra acted back on Kilara on the Omen, I think she was jealous of you and Kala” Jack said, remembering how the bold wing reacted and acted when Ardy was all loved up with Kala.
"She was?" Asked Ardon, looking up from fussing with his talons. He has been so absorbed with kaka he hadn't noticed.
Jack gave a wink.
“I do have a keen eye sometimes, well your golden eyes to be exact but yes she acted rather oddly and all, I also noticed she does give you a once over when you come back from battle looking all impressive under golden scale” Jack said with a smile.
Ardon gave a goofy smile as if he was trying to hide his delight at the news. "You're pulling my tail. She doesn't."
Jack chuckled lightly.
“I notice things Ardon, I need to, remember you came back from a hard day flying, your muscles showing through those golden scales and coming back from battle, she was looking I can assure you, I think she was impressed with what she saw in you, even I admit you look impressive, you seen my sketches of you” Jack said to the golden dragon, being honest.
Ardon gave a small smile, "yeah sure but I don't know if she 'likes' me. With Kala I knew. I don't know if I want to risk finding out if she doesn't."
Jack nodded lightly, understanding his caution well.
“Well I understand and know why your so cautious, but sometimes you got to just go for it and just learn from experiences, your still very young but do remember the good times with Kala as well as the lessons from it, otherwise you might find it too late and regret it” Jack gave an honest reply.
Ardon nodded, quiet. "I'll think about it." He said, putting his head down on his paws. "You won't tell anyone will you?"
Jack put his hand on the dragons shoulder and looked at the dragon’s golden eyes with his own.
“You know I wont, I tease you at times but something like this?, no of course not Ardy, I want you to be happy” Jack said.
Ardon smiled lightly. "Thanks Jack. I appreciate it."
“Get some rest as tomorrow it is a big day, we got the Canadian lot coming and part of me thinks they want payback for me beating their coastal dragon” Jack said as he got up and went back into his own bed.
"Don't worry. We'll remain top dogs," yawned the dragon.
Jack chuckled lightly.
“Such confidence, how about their battering ram of a dragon they call Korrin” Jack asked the gold.
"I don't have any concerns," Ardon smiled, closing his eyes.
“Hrmm, good night Ardon” Jack said settling down as the lights switched off.
The next morning the young Syrian dragon was up and walked into the canteen, she sat in front of the blank screen which usually had the news, a little confused she titled her head, trying to work out why it was not showing pictures.
“It’s interactive dear, speak to it and and it will switch on” Toby called from the kitchens as Hittki and nodded in respect.
“Light box, show me human information” Hitteki said as the TV powered on.
“Sorry, did you mean show me the news live?” the computer asked which made Hitteki surprised it answered back.
“Umm..yes the news..please” Hitteki said as the TV switched to live BBC news.
“Ahh, much better” Hitteki said as she watched intently, not really noticing the bold wing walking in.
"Good morning, Hitteki," said Zyra as she walked into the room and shook out her wings before recording them to sit with her
Hitteki looked up and nodded lightly with respect.
“I thought I’d keep up to date with developments, there seems to be no mention on the human news about our guest being here, I would think it is strange such an important person not being recognised” Hitteki said, not fully understanding Torchwood whole secrecy.
"Remember when Ardon and I told you about how torchwood was formed? It's a secret organization. The world knows we exist but that's the extent of it. It's for our protection and the worlds." Explained Zyra.
Hitteki seemed to think as she seemed to accept it.
“That makes sense, I hope that the director is happy here with all of us, where is your human?” Hitteki asked.
Zyra smiled, 'her human,'. "She's getting prepped for today. She should be out soon."
“Excellent, will be interesting to see how the celebrations turn out, I see the guys in there cooking facility have been up earlier than me” Hitteki commented.
"Yeah I think they've been working around the clock. Have you determined any favourite dishes from the human world?" Asked Zyra.
Hitteki tapped her claws on the floor contemplating her answer.
“Salmon, that is a unique flavour, our species do eat fish at times from the river nearby, but this fish was not like anything I tasted” Hitteki replied.
"That's good. Toby does fish really well." Agreed Zyra. "I have to admit we're spoiled here."
“I find it strange you do not hunt for food, surely that weakens your hunting instincts, however I guess being a guardian dragon requires a lot of attention so focussing on that is more important” Hitteki replied, considering the advantages and disadvantages of such a process.

Soon Melina was up and was walking into the canteen wearing some very posh and smart looking clothes, her hair was tied back but she was wearing bold wing socks that were custom made for Zyra and she had a silver bobble tying her hair back the same colour as Forge’s scales.
She waved as she went to the canteen front to get breakfast.
“Your human is very……..polished in her appearance” Hitteki said not really knowing the suitable word for humans.
Zyra smiled, "yes Melina always looks lovely. Hello, Mel." Greeted the dragoness, dipping her head down to graze her muzzle against her shoulder. "You look nice."
"Like my socks?" Melina grinned as she pointed to the bold wing themed socks
Zyra laughed at Melina's silly grin. "Yes I love them. They suite you well!"
Melina chuckled as she looked at Hitteki with a kind smile, as the Syrian watched their interaction.
“Hello Hitteki, up early I see, have you two eaten? How about you Hitteki” Melina asked with a smile.

“I will go up for something, guardian Zyra offered the herbal tea I liked last time but I will go up and ask the food preparers for something” Hitteki said, the whole concept was alien to her still, which Melina understood.
“It will take some getting use to but you get there Hitteki, you got a good group of dragons here to help, once the celebrations are done I’d like to add you to our medical database and information on your species” the professor asked.
“I shall do whatever is needed professor, I hope I can be a good role model for all Syrians, though I was I was born into the mountain Syrians” Hitteki said.
Melina gave a puzzled look.
“Why is that?” she asked.
“They are physically a lot stronger and bigger as they work with metals and are a hardy breed, though I am big for my breed” Hitteki said.
“Well, there’s more to being a guardian than brawn, you need brains, compassion and mutual respect, however it is nice there is a female who is rough and tumble, saves Zyra being picked on” Melina joked lightly, but Hitteki took it serious.
“I am more than happy to take over Zyra’s role in this manner” she said assertively.
"Hey, hold up. Who says I've ever get picked on? I have rule over the roost with the boys," Zyra said defending herself with a laugh.
Hitteki seemed to consider this as Zyra and Melina laughed.
“I do not mind taking over the role Guardian Zyra, allows you to focus on your guardianship of your human I mean..err professor Melina” Hitteki corrected herself.
"It's not a role, Hitteki," explained Zyra. "You'll soon find that the boys fall into line without much effort." She said with a smirk.
Melina nodded lightly.
“I admire your commitment and it is fine, we are just joking, Dr Zyra can put the boys on their rump very well so do not feel you must stand up for us girls here Hitteki” Melina said.
"They're frustrating at times but harmless," smiled the boldwing.
Hitteki nodded lightly.
“I will bear that in mind”.
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The next morning Ardon and Jack woke up early to prepare for the busiest day ahead of them. Eating a quick breakfast they soon went down to the man’s office where they would be meeting with Amelia to talk about the guardian project at length.
The gold dragon had help prepare the information for the meeting a few weeks back and felt confident in the things that they would be able to share, though he was a little nervous for some reason. He lay beside Jack’s desk like a great golden sphinx when there was a knock at the door.
"Welcome, I hope you slept well director, we are honour for you to be here," Jack said gesturing to Ardon as Amelia sat down. The dragon gave her a smile, nodding as he said good morning. After Jack offered some small talk and introduction to the topic of the meeting, Ardon spoke up.
"With the Canadian branch arriving later today and our member from the states, I hope you'll be able to see just how diverse a group we are," said Ardon, crossing his paws.
Amelia nodded lightly as she smiled lightly.
"I am looking forward to it, I wanted to be here to see how everything goes, I want you all to act natural, don't put on a show for me, I want you all to relax" Amelia said.
“We will do our best,” smiled Ardon, hearing Zyra’s voice in his head telling everyone to be on good behaviour. “ Anyway, before we get started, are there any questions that you may have about us or the program that you do not already know?" inquired Ardon, allowing Amelia the chance to ask anything she may want to know directly. “We could start off with that before I go through my overview.”
"Well, I’d like to know the standard vetting and security procedures carried out the dragons, how you judge dragon's attitude, temperament and willingness to be a active member, plus any review you do during the whole process" Amelia said getting out her tablet to make notes.
Jack looked at Ardon, giving the go ahead to answer the question. The dragon took a breath, “We have a two tier process. Any dragons of Kilara that show interest must seek out Forge, my uncle first. He is a well seasoned dragon with outmost loyalty to the program. Before allowing a dragon to come to earth or even know the existence of the portal, he goes through what you could call an interview process. It usually takes weeks. He doesn’t like to leave anything to chance. After he deems them an acceptable candidate then it’s our turn to go through a similar process. Once the dragon has been cleared for the portal they spend a few weeks within the base itself but with limited clearance. This is to acclimatize them to the, well, alien environment and for us to ensure that they will be a good fit. At any time should the dragon feel like this isn’t for them, they are welcome to go back to Kilara but we haven’t had that issue. Forge seems to have a knack for knowing who will do well here.”
"Ahh, The silver dragon, I can imagine him being a good accessor, I was under the impression he was retired" Amelia asked with curiosity.
"He says he is but he can't give in and just relax. He would come to help the moment any one needed, no questions asked. Hes a good ally to have," replied Ardon as Jack nodded in agreement. “He’s been an enormous help on many occasions.”
Amelia made a note and nodded, "Indeed, I am most impressed he is doing this and he can called upon," Amelia said as Jack smiled, pleased that Amelia had no objections.
The gold dragon continued his explanation with their study program, teaching new dragons about life on earth and how things ran in this strange world. He had brought along a number of the programs lessons and showed her on his tablet just what things they were teaching their new recruits. With pride, he showed her the Guardian Program vow and mission statement that she seemed to approve of, Ardon realized with great joy.
Ardon then went on to give basic profiles of each of the dragons that called Earth home, going over how or why they wanted to be part of their project. The fact that most of their stories had tragic beginnings would score empathy points from Amelia. Ardon followed up with achievements, roles and milestones that each of them had accomplished while they were here. He proudly spoke of Zyra’s recent acquirement of her degree, becoming a fully-fledged doctor and of Vonriir’s heroics in Scotland as well as many other key moments in their time here. This was his favourite part of the meeting, proving what assets they were.
The next bit, budgeting, was a bit more painful. Housing and feeding such large creatures did require a lot of funds but Ardon did his best to show that their fundraising and charity work did a lot to help balance it out.
As the meeting was winding down the commander got a call from the hangar.
“Sir, the Torchwood 7 team are coming into land" said the control operator. "Excellent we be there now" Jack said as he invited Amelia to greet them in the main hanger.
“Yes, please join us,” beamed the dragon as he opened the door for them.
Departing the office, Ardon tried to walk slowly with the two humans but he kept speeding up ahead slightly, eager to get there to welcome their guests. His wings fidgeted across his back in anticipation and he couldn’t keep the smile off his face.
Amelia grinned speaking quietly to Jack as they walked down to the hanger.
"He is excited, he is really looking forward to it," she whispered as Jack smiled.
"I know, he been arranging this for some time and now it’s all coming together, expect some fireworks," Jack replied, "Can’t wait"

The large transport had touched down by the time they arrived in the hangar and was just powering down. Ardon heard the hangar doors open behind him and he saw Melina, Zyra and Comox come in, evidently called to the hangar as well. He flashed them a smile as they approached.
“Hey, you made it just in time,” he grinned. The others would come by later so that the newcomers wouldn’t be overwhelmed with so many people to greet. The doors of the shuttle opened and the ramp lowered down to the floor.
Ardon grinned as he saw the three dragons waiting patiently before striding down the ramp behind their human counterparts, Alex taking the lead.
"Alex great to see you, welcome to our neck of the woods, may I introduce you to deputy director Amelia Clarke who is staying with us during the celebrations" Jack said as Amelia smiled.
"Pleasure to meet you at last Mr. Robinson".

Alex offered his hand for a gentle handshake after shaking Jack’s hand, “A pleasure to meet you as well, Director. You’re certainly in for a show with the gathering of our clans,” he said cheerily before introducing the human part of his team first with great pride as they disembarked.
“And – ah, well, the dragons…” he said shaking his head as he realized they weren’t really paying attention, instead Tarok and Korrin had veered off to see the other dragons, their hellos rising up through the hangar.
Ardon clicked horns with both of them, welcoming them heartily with a pat on the back before standing back
“SO glad you guys made it,” grinned Ardon.
“Wouldn’t miss it for the worlds,” Laughed Tarok.
“Korrin, you’ve grown so much!” complimented Zyra. Ardon had noticed too. The green dragon was looking rather solid, his heavy adult scales had come in thick and glossy. It weighed down the Eastern Mountain dragon but offered him great defense. His expression had even grown fiercer with the growth of his two canine teeth that jutted out from his upper lip. He was indeed growing into a fine tank of a dragon, having now gone through one of the growth spurts that Ardon had experiences.
“Yeah, island life has done us well,” said the dragon with a small smile, his voice even slightly deeper to match his larger size.
“We’re so excited to have you here, more dragons closer to our own age will be fun,” Said Comox while the others nodded, chatting away.

It was little Alyia, the crème dragoness that had hung back with her Attilu. She knew that the man wasn’t all that keen on this event and wanted to ensure she behaved like a proper guardian and not make him embarrassed in any way. The dragoness was having a hard time though, so wanting to go say hello. Her Attilu seemed to notice her struggle.
"Goo on Lass, goo mingle why I inspect the eating facilities" James replied looking for the signs for the canteen.
“Go right down that corridor, then left down the really wide on, you’ll see the canteen on your right,” she said, knowing what he was after, after such a long flight before she trotted down the ramp to go say hello to the others. The smile on her face grew even larger as they cheered their welcome seeing her now free from hanging back.

While the dragons where chatting, Alex and the other humans had been talking about the flight over. Amanda said a quick word to Alex who nodded,
“Ah yes. We have Icarus in the other hold of the transport. If you could, Commander Harkness, could we dim the lights so he can disembark?”
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Jack nodded lightly to Alex request knowing the night striker would not ocme out in this sort of lighting.
“We have developed a new type of lighting that is considerably dim but enough light for us without bumping into walls, Dr Baxter has worked with Dr Charles do have these new lights fitted” Jack explained as he spoke.
“Computer, activate Icarus lighting program, alpha 1” Jack said as the lights all over the base dimmed but did not go out completely, although it got darker, the humans could still see with no issues.
“Icarus is free to come out, these lights will remain like this, we have adaptive lighting in the cooking kitchens so the chefs can see what they are doing” Jack said to Alex.
"You did all that for his visit? Thank you, commander Harkness," said Alex with a smile before he turned to call to let Icarus know he could come out.
The doors slowly opened and the dark dragon stepped out into the ramp, looking around.
"Come on out, Icarus, the commander has set up the base for your comfort," called Alex.
Jack watched the dark dragon come out of the transport hold adapted for him as he made his way towards us, Jack was pleased, the dragon was looking much healthier than when Jack first saw him.
“It is great to meet you, I am so happy you were able to come, I hope things have been doing well for you” Jack said politely to the night striker.
Icarus bowed his head, "thank you, Commander Harkness. I cannot be more appreciative for what you've done for me and David’s family. Thank you for having us here as well. The girls were thrilled to be able to travel."
Jack smiled, looking up to the dark dragon who seemed pleased and honoured to be there.
“I am pleased, we have accommodation set up for all of you, to keep close by and all, quarters for Icarus at the end and the beginning of our standard human quarters” Jack said with a kind smile, Torchwood 5 had thought of everything.
"Thank you, sir." Said Amanda as she pets her dragons side, "We look forward to seeing how this dragon bonanza goes."
"It will be entertaining, I’m sure," grinned Ardon.
Jack nodded in agreement with the gold.
“It will indeed, we are prepared for you all, the dragon hanger has been cleared so all machinery etc is all out in storage so everyone has maximum room, Forge and the others are in the canteen, my you all have grown and Korrin your looking very sharp” Jack said as Kris grinned.
“Yes, he is our resident Tank in Vancouver, really pleased with how he’s developing” the man said with Jack agreeing.
The green dragon, not wanting to appear boastful, simply smiled and dipped his head, "thank you," he said though he was brimming with pride at how his own Attilu spoke of him and jacks compliment.
“How’s the arm Tarok” Jack lightly teased the coastal in friendly banter as Kris chuckled, “Oh were all good Jack, were all good” the man said patting the man on the shoulder as the teasing and poking began.
"Oh man, it's started already," laughed Amanda, shaking her head.
"You thought they would hold back?" Smirked Zyra. "Come on, how about we show you to your quarters before the banter breaks out?"
Jack agreed as the team was shown to their quarters as Kris whispered closely to Korrin.
“You see Ardon’s reaction seeing you?, I think he is impressed, you really have grown since he seen you, I think it’s game on” Kris said.
"We'll see," korrin said back with a growling whisper, nudging him with his shoulder.
“Best behaviour” Kris nudged him back as Zyra showed them their quarters, the dragons were still small enough the extra-large quarters for the humans could fit Korrin and Tarok.

James had disappeared and gone to the canteen and had ordered a bacon sandwich and a strong mug of tea as the man ate the food happily, really happy that a UK base got the bacon sandwich right, thick bread, butter and thick pieces of bacon, as he put on brown sauce as he munched away, keeping himself out the way as the dragons talked.
Alyia trotted up happily to James, smiling happily, "found something?" She asked, sitting down next to him.
James nodded as he took another bite.
“Ay Lass, a proper bacon sarnie, noo overburnt rubbish back in Canada, Kendra should come ere and learn some British foods” James replied.
"I love Kendra's meals," said Alyia kindly, "but I can understand you miss what you're used to. I can ask Toby to teach me if you want me to make some of your favourites back home, sir." She offered with a smile.
James gave the dragoness a look, “Nah Lass I be fine, I jus miss my greasy crap foods, I perhaps have to give up drinking and eating bacon sandwiches to stay alive longer” James replied.
"Id approve of that," the little dragoness beamed before leaning over and taking a bite out of his food. "There. You'll live a day longer now with my help."
“Hey, I was enjoying that Lass, I diddnt say take a bite!” James said raising his voice but Alyia would tell it was mostly for show.
The dragoness simply let out a little thrum in return, looking around the canteen happily.
"It's strange to be back here after these years. I remember having my first meal on earth right over there," she said pointing to the tables.
James shook his head lightly taking a swig a tea.
“Bet ya never stole a man’s bacon sarnie did yoou Lass, bet yoou were on best behaviour as a wee dragon” James said to the crème dragoness.
"I still am," she replies, sitting up a little straighter.
James shook his head lightly as he seemed not impressed in the dragoness comments.
“Nay Lass, I reckon you were a good wee dragon, not poking me oor telling me to eat healthy” James said as a very tiny smile appeared on his face, the man’s brief attempt at humour as usually he did not do humour with the dragoness.
The little creme dragoness smiled. She was always delighted to get the man to take a break from the normally stern expression that everyone was used to.
"Will you be alright here? I was hoping to could go talk to the others, and then I can bring your luggage to your quarters shortly."
James nodded lightly.
“Aye Lass, go no sod off, I go get another sandwich” James said as he gestured to the crème dragoness to shoo.
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Ardon lead the other dragons out of the flight hanger while the humans spoke. After gathering their Attilu’s luggage, the younger dragons hung together closely, chatting away while Icarus walked behind them remembering these halls. His heart warmed to think that Jack and the others had done all these alterations to the lighting so that he could enjoy his stay comfortably.
Ardon was leading the way, talking about the different things that had changed since the other dragons had been here. It had been a few years since Tarok, Korrin and Alyia had passed through the halls. Much of it was familiar apart from a few additions here and there.
“We’ll show you to your rooms so you can drop off your things and-“
“have lunch?” asked Korrin with a growling stomach.
“Yes,” laughed Ardon, “Lunch. “
“Hungry after your flight, boys?” inquired Zyra as she strode beside Tarok.
“Yeah, It was a busy day of prepping before we left the island then we didn’t have much in the way of food over the flight. We slept mostly to help jumpstart us for the jetlag,” replied the coastal.
Comox nodded, “Good thinking. Icarus, Mrs Stonewell and her daughters will be joining us tomorrow?”
“They will arrive here tonight in time for dinner, I believe. Alex had told me that Jack arranged the pickup from their hotel in London. They’ll be brought here,” said the dark dragon.
“That will be good,” said Zyra, as they walked, “I hope they have fun here. It’s not the most exciting place in the world for young girls.”
“Oh I would have to disagree. The girls are rather excited to see all of us dragons, Tara especially. She’s been going non-stop ever since Dr. Charles gave her that information package with the dragon write ups. Expect a lot of questions,” warned Icarus with a smile.
“We never turn down a question from a fan of dragons,” grinned Ardon.

They then walked passed the dragon quarters.
“Who’s is that one?” asked Korrin, as they passed one close door beside Forge’s usual room. There was muffled noise coming from it as if a TV was playing quietly.
“Veyron’s,” Comox supplied the answer.
“In that huge room?” Tarok asked, surprised.
“Yeah, bit of a long story. You’ll find out when you meet him. I’m sure he’ll show up later. He’s nosy so he wont hide for very long,” smiled Zyra.
Ardon showed Icarus his room, dark with the option of dim lights. Beds had been brought into one of the rooms for Brianne and her daughters to use.
“This is all so… fancy,” Marveled Icarus.
“If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. I know it’s a little much at times,” said Ardon.
“No, no this is fine. I’ll catch up with you back in the canteen in a few minutes,” said the large, black-scaled dragon as he made to get himself situated in his temporary hold.
Ardon moved the group onto the human side of the quarters wing, showing Korrin and Tarrok their rooms and allowing them to put their Attilu’s stuff away.
“Wait, I’m coming,” came a hurried voice as Alyia rushed towards them with James’ luggage tucked under her wings,
“Here,” offered Comox, taking the cases from here.
“Oh, thank you,” she puffed.
“You and James are over here, Alyia, hopefully this will be suitable,” said Ardon, opening the door. She stepped inside and looked around.
“Oh, it’s lovely. This will do just fine,” she nodded, happily approving as Comox put down the luggage at the end of the bed.
“Are we allowed outside?” asked Tarok when they all gathered in the corridor once more.
“Yes,” nodded Ardon, “But stay on the grounds. We don’t want to draw a lot of attention to the fact that we have – what- twelve dragons here.”
“Thirteen,” corrected Zyra.
“Oh that’s not a very lucky number,” said Alyia in a hushed tone.
“Aw we’ll be fine, Aly. Don’t worry about superstitious stuff like that,” chipped Tarok, giving her a pat on the back.
“So, you guys were in that raid a while back, earlier this year,” Korrin brought up. “Alex had suspected that there was something amiss with the archives.”
Ardon nodded, remembering Jack’s stormy mood after he had gotten off the phone with Commander Robinson where the man had suggested that the Archives had something to do with this. He had grimaced when it had turned out to be true. No one liked admitted that they were wrong. It had been an awkward time but it seemed to have blown over.
“Yeah, it was a whole mess. We had thought Veyron had something to do with it, being a spy for them but that was what they had wanted us to think. They wanted us to turn on our own. It wasn’t only until the raid itself did we realize we had been tricked,” said Ardon.
Korrin shoot his head and Tarok had to poke him, knowing he wanted to say that Jack should have listened to Alex at the beginning.
“Well,” Korrin said instead, “I am glad you all came out on top. We have had the reports and everything but we haven’t gotten to discuss it in detail.”
“I’m sure we can give you the highlights,” smiled the gold dragon. “How about over something to eat?”
He grinned when everyone agreed heartily.

In the canteen Forge sat with Draco, talking quietly of things of human nature when Icarus stepped around the corner, looking around to ensure he was in the right place.
“Icarus,” called Forge, getting to his feet. The Night striker heard his voice and turned his indigo eyes towards them before walking forward on nearly silent paws.
His movement was fluid, similar to the smoke he could conjure up at will.
“Another, warlord Forge? I have not seen so many dragons in centuries, a human saying: when you are waiting forever for a bus… two come along all at once,” Draco said with a small smile.
Icarus approached and Forge was quick to introduce them. “Draco, this is Icarus, the dragon we spoke of yesterday that resides in Montana. Icarus, this is Draco, of Wales.” Forge had been sure to let Draco know about Icaru’s background the previous day, knowing that the old dragon would be grieved to find out the moment they met, about the cruel twist of fate that had left Icarus without his Attilu.
“Pleased to make your acquaintance, Lord Draco,” said Icarus with a bow, sweeping his snowy white wings back before rising again.
“Draco returned the bow and smiled, “I appreciate your kind words but I am no lord, only a guardian of my children. Grand titles do not befit an old soul like me,” Draco replied.
“Fair enough, Draco- good to speak with you,” said Icarus, sitting down and curling his long tail around himself so that it would not get in the way of any of the staff wandering about.
“The flight over was smooth?” inquired Forge politely.
“Yes, it was good. Alex outrigged the transport to suit my needs and I come here to find special lighting done up simply for my comfort.”
“Yes, Jack doesn’t rein himself in much when it comes to us – dragons I mean.” Nodded Forge.
“Is your family with you, Icarus? I have been informed you are enjoying life on earth,” Draco said.
Icarus nodded, “ Yes I have enjoyed my time here, and yes, they traveled here earlier this week to sightsee. They will join us tonight. Young Tara will be delighted to meet you.”

Just then Ardon and his little gang trotted into the canteen, chatting noisily as a group of five youngers could. Toby came to the serving window looking ready for the challenge as he rubbed his hands together.
Vonriir lumbered in afterwards, veering towards the older dragons to greet them.
“Stars help us if they get out of hand,” muttered Forge as their introductions were almost overwhelmed by laughter on the other side of the canteen.
“Oh come now, Silver Scales, kids will be kids. They haven’t gotten half a chance to be young drakes and all, experiencing their youth as one should. Cut them some slack you old grouch,” chuckled Vonriir cheerily.
Icarus had to pretend to look at something else and tried not to smile. Vonriir seemed to be a jovial fellow which was definitely a polar opposite from Forge.
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Draco smiled but did not chuckle as Vonriir came out with a rather bold comment, not that Forge would argue with a dragon of Vonriir’s size.
“I must agree warlord forge, the young dragons are experiencing a break from their duties as guardians, it is good to see them all conversing so well, a true marvel of Ardon’s excellent program under your close supervision on Kilara” Draco replied, complimenting the warlord.
The silver nodded, "yes. He's certainly surprised everyone. I didn't think it would get off the ground, to be honest."
Draco smiled as the adults continued to confer as Hitteki joined the other younger dragons the other side of the canteen, the dragoness continued to keep a professional demeanour as she approached head held high.
"Hi Hitteki, you've come to join us," smiled Ardon, "let us introduce you to the group. This is Tarok, Korrin and Aliya, everyone, this is Hitteki, our newest recruit."
Hitteki nodded respectfully to the dragon’s as they were introduced to her, Korrin in Hitteki’s eyes was impressive but Tarok was also unique as she never seen a coastal dragon before.
“Pleasure to meet you all, there is lots of variety in the guardianship program” she said as the green dragoness talked to the others.
"She's an... assertive one," Korrin said in a quiet voice to Ardon.
"Yeah, she's certainly a lively one. Could be a real warrior with the right training,"' Ardon replied.
The younger dragon’s chatted while the older ones also conversed the other side of the canteen with the humans speaking and discussing a variety of things over food and drink, the noise level soon drafted out the wraith.
Veyron had finally emerged from his room and made his way over to the younger crowd, preferring not to get stuck with the stuffy, older dragons.
"Hey kids. Getting the party started already. The name's Veyron."
"He really is tiny," Korrin tried to whisper to Tarok but the wraith's keen ears didn't miss it. He leapt onto the green dragons face and stood on his crest.
"You'd best be leaving the comments in your quarters, Hulk." he quipped.
Hitteki would of ideally liked to of knocked him flying but remained quiet, “Wraith dragons have unique personalities, plus sharp tongues” Hitteki said, knowing that Veyron loved to wind dragons up and tease, poking and prodding to get a response.
"That's right," Grinned the dragon, hopping down off of Korrin's head.
As way of distraction, Zyra quickly introduced the younger dragons to the wraith.
"Pleasure to meet you, Veyron," Alyia said politely.
As Veyron was talking Hitteki approached the female bold wing who was sat nearby, she had heard from Ardon about how the quietest dragoness in Torchwood 7 bonded to the angriest man on the base.
Hitteki looked once more at Alyia and then spoke to Zyra quietly.
“That the dragoness bonded to the angry human I heard about” Hitteki commented.
"He isn't angry..." said Alyia quietly, overhearing Hitteki’s words.
Zyra nudged Hitteki gently while Ardon asked how the cream dragoness and James had been doing.
"Really good," she said, perking up, "it's been nice working with him."
James was a unique one, despite Brathille being a lot calmer with these two, in emergencies it erupted aggressively, stoking Alyia and turning her once calm and friendly demeanour into a aggressive protector in a matter of moments.
Soon the conversation turned back to the wraith as he been doing his rounds, jumping, climbing up the dragons heads and shoulders as he shimmied around the young group.
"So you're the one the Archives were after. You were at the raid?" Asked Tarok, looking down at Veyron.
"You bet. The Archives wanted what was in here and these guys threw me out thinking I was a spy."
He scaled up Ardon’s foreleg and to his head, tapping his talons on his crest.
"Looked a bit foolish after I came to the rescue. Ended up saving Mr Harkness when Goldy couldn't" he said with a grin and Ardon snorted.
"Really?" Asked Korrin.
"Would I lie to you?" Smirked the wraith.
Hitteki seemed to grit her teeth at the wraith’s posturing however she was, reluctantly impressed at Veyron’s bravery, even she had to acknowledge that.
“That was…very honourable, Wraith’s are known for carrying weight up to 3 times their own weight, it is…impressive” Hitteki said, managing to say it without a growl or a snarl.
Veyron smirked, "why thank you little lady."
Hitteki merely frowned lightly at the comment.
"WELL," said Ardon, "were all thankful and all that.... it was a mess of a mission and we lost a lot of our team but we have more questions than answers now."
"We'll figure it out... eventually," said Comox.
"And you always have us at base 7," nodded Korrin.
Hitteki nodded as well.
“You know you can always count me in on aiding in your goals guardian Ardon” Hitteki said in an assertive tone of voice.
Ardon nodded with a small smile.
"Thanks, Hitteki," he looked around the group of dragons with an appraising gaze, "All of us. We are a force to be reckoned with."
Korrin gave a growl of approval.
Meanwhile the humans were discussing a variety of things, talking about the bonds and how they affected each person individually, Kris was sat close to Jack while Amanda was talking to the professor, Alex was chatting to Martin, the interim head of security as Toby cleared the dishes and topped up everyone with drinks.
“Impressive place you got here Commander Harkness, I love the dragon Academy, so much space you have” he said.
“Yes we spared no expense here, as long as we stay on Amelia’s good side we are pretty much good” Jack replied.
“That is good, Ardon is looking a fine dragon Jack, he is growing up nicely2 Kris said as Jack nodded.
“Korrin is looking good as well, seems West coast life in Vancouver is suiting him” Jack replied making Kris grin.
“Ah yes, our resident tank, he is very impressive, I know he will prove a lot of people wrong”.
“Oh really?” Jack asked but a twinge of rivalry creeping in.
Kris sensed it and winked.
Ardon looked over at the group of humans with a smile. They seemed to be getting along way but he could feel something trickling through the link. Friendly rivalry perhaps. He saw the competitive look exchanged between his Attilu and Korrin's.
Ardon turned back to the group to find the green dragon with a hint of a smile pulling at the corners of his mouth. He could sense it too.
"Yeah, that's good though," said korrin, thinking about when times had been tense.
"I'm glad they're all getting along," smiled Zyra.
"Good humans, play nice," grinned tarok with a laugh.
As the conversation continued Veyron seemed to pick up on Jack and Kris little chats and exchanges, with James there now he could sense a little friendly competitiveness was growing already.
Of course, the wraith seized on the moment.
"So, I've heard of the little rivalry the bases have going on," mused Veyron.
Comox gave an apprehensive look, knowing where he was going with this.
"Now, as a betting dragon is certainly put my money on the reigning champs. After all, I am part of facility 7 now." He grinned.
"A one-time win doesn't necessarily mean anything," snorted Korrin in response.

The young dragons went a little quiet as Veyron continued to poke and prod the T7 dragons.
Veyron had heard Ardon’s recounting of the arm wrestle when he first came to the facility.
"I heard velociraptor here didn't stand a chance, Jack had him beat from-"
"Veyron, that's enough," Zyra hushed him, seeing Taroks expression.
"Fine, fine, stick in the mud," he grumbled, folding his arms but smiling to himself.
Hitteki eyes lit up and widened at this news.
“A human did what?” Hitteki said surprised at what she was hearing.
"Jack beat Tarok," Ardon boasted and Zyra rolled her eyes, unable to contain the situation.
"Me too," Comox suddenly brought up, not wanting the coastal to feel singled out. Zyra gave him a thankful smile that made his heart skip a beat.
“Impressive….” Hitteki said but the look from Zyra seemed to make Hitteki think that the topic perhaps was sore.
As the evening got on the teams all retired to their sleeping quarters, a big event of celebrations would begin tomorrow with Icarus having the family arriving in the morning to join in the festivities.
Korrin walked back with Kris to their quarters with a furrowed brow, muttering something under his breath.
Kris noticed the green dragon’s behaviour and could feel his emotions bounce through the link.
“What’s the matter Korrin, you guys seemed to be having a great laugh and joke over there” Kris said.
"Nothing. Just that it looks like we're going to really have to prove ourselves here," said Korrin. "Veyron kept picking on Tarok, betting that we would lose again."
Kris did not reply at first shaking his head lightly.
“Jack mentioned Veyron likes winding up people, you have to not let him get a rise out of you, I am sure there will be time for fun and games, speaking to Jack I think he is open to the idea, your both big enough now to take hits, as long as it isn’t aggressive, I can’t see an issue” Kris said.
"We'll see," said the tank of a dragon with a smile.
"Even though it would be good to test ourselves I do want to enjoy this trip in the company of dragons our own age."
Kris nodded but a cheeky smile came over his face.
“Of course, pleasantries first, play time later” Kris said with a laugh.
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Ardon rose far earlier than his usual time, eager to start the day. Stretching like a cat he yawned and shook out his wings as quietly as possible, trying not to wake Jack who was still asleep in bed. He tiptoed through the room but one of the spines on his tail caught Jack’s coat, sending the chair it had been hanging on clattering to the floor. Ardon froze, looking over his shoulder at his Attilu. The noise seemed to have been loud enough to wake the whole facility at this hour.
"Urgh, what the....What time do you call this!" Jack said looking at the culprit of the noise.
“Umm…..Party time,” said Ardon, realizing his attempt at being quiet had failed. He put his front paws on the bed and jostled it with a grin.
"Ardon, don’t make me get out and kick your scaled rump, some of us want a sleep before the 5 days of dragon's partying," Jack said.
Ardon nosed him playfully before backing off, “Fine, I’m going out with the others, I suppose I could let you sleep in.”
Ardon laughed when this was met with a grumble. “Night!” he said before departing the room, walking down the hall. He stopped at Melina and Zyra’s room, lifting his paw to knock and wondering if he should. The gold might have no worried waking his own Attilu but he dare not disrupt Melina. As he weighed his options the door suddenly opened, spooking him.
Zyra stood there smiling at him with bright yellow eyes, “Making sure I was joining you guys?”
“Yes,” he said quietly as she stepped out and the door closed behind her.
“I am surprised you function at this hour,”
“I’ve been up this early before,” replied Ardon
Zyra wrinkled her nose in response, “Sure.”
“Hah-hah, we should go see if they others are at the canteen already.
“Let’s make sure Hitteki is up first,” said Zyra and together they walked down the hall. The facility was so quiet at this hour, almost a peaceful tranquility.
Zyra hung back a few steps as Ardon approached the door and knocked softly.
“Hitteki, it’s us. Are you coming?” he called through the door.
The door opened as Hitteki stood there with a small nod of her head. "Of course guardian Ardon, I am always ready" she said.
“Great,” smiled Zyra and the three of them walked back down the hall, meeting up with Comox.
“The others are already down at the canteen. I think the time difference has got their sleep schedule all backwards,” he explained as they headed there to join up.
Korrin and Tarok were sitting in the canteen, having already eaten their breakfast. Flaring a wing in greeting, the coastal smiled at the other’s approach.
“Oh my, a lot of you are up. I’ll warm up breakfast,” said one of the kitchen staff as Toby had not started his shift yet.
“Just something quick, Leslie, please and thank you,” replied Zyra as the three of them sat down with the others.
"Where is the smaller crème dragoness from yesterday… is it Alyia?" Hitteki asked.
As if summoned Alyia came hurrying into the canteen, “I’m here, I’m here. Sorry I’m late. I didn’t want to wake James so I didn’t set an alarm,” she yawned.
“That’s okay, we still haven’t eaten or anything,” replied Ardon as she sat next to Korrin and rubbed her eyes. The dimmer lighting didn’t lend itself to letting the dragons wake up fully so coffee and tea was brought out prior to their breakfast being served. They chatted in the canteen, slowly getting more lively as caffeine and food hit their systems.
Ardon stretched, rolling his shoulders and Comox noticed, with a twinge of jealously, that Zyra had given the gold a sidelong glance as he did so.
Snapped out of his thoughts by the movement of everyone getting to their feet, Comox did too.
“Alright everyone, look alive. It’s time to head out,” smiled Ardon, leading the way to the dragon hanger.
“Remember no leaving the grounds, we have all the airspace we want at this hour but we can’t go beyo-“
There was a sound above that made nearly everyone halt with surprise, looking up at the doors above.
Hitteki continued walking and knocked into the golden dragon. "Urgh… sorry Guardian Ardon but why you stopped?" she said.
She was answered by the dark shadow above. Icarus had been out for a flight in the dark and now that dawn was approaching he had returned. His black scales shimmered with their iridescent shine as he jumped down from the entrance above in almost perfect silence, leaving the younger dragons in awe. Folding his snow white wings to his ebony sides he turned his spiny crested head to the group of youngsters.
“Hurry, or you will miss it,” he said to them, padding away with a liquid smooth grace on silent paws.
Ardon turned to the others and grinned, opening his wings. He jumped aloft, followed by Tarok, Comox, Korrin and Alyia.
“Come on, Hitteki,” called Zyra, following them.
Hitteki spread her wings and took off, although she was not as quick as the bold wings of the other dragons around, plus her smaller wings meant she could not fly at high altitudes.
“Don’t worry, we don’t need to go all that high,” the female Boldwing said to her as she swooped around the Syrian. The first light was beginning to show over the horizon.
The seven dragons played in the air, chasing each other as they waited for the sun to rise. It was already fairly warm, the summer sun had baked the earth and the warmth had remained overnight so there was no chill in the air.
Just as hints of golden light breached the horizon the dragons paused their games, all landing atop the highest hill in the area to watch the display.

Bright light lit up the sparse clouds with a grand flourish of colour, bathing the grounds in a shimmering light. The dragons soon could feel the rays of sun on their faces, raised to the dawn. It had ben silent but then suddenly Zyra began to sing softly.

“Gifted a gold touched morn’
Pale light- scale gladly adorn

Rose and red of fires bright
Signal –gently- a halcyon night”

“That was very pretty,” complimented Tarok. Ardon had to agree.
“One of the few things I remember from my mother, she used to sing it,” the boldwing replied.
The dragons lapsed into silence for a short while after, watching the light take over the shadows across Torchwoods extensive grounds.
As the sun fully crested the horizon, Ardon suddenly leapt into the air with a loud whoop of delight, signaling the beginning of a playful game of chase, letting the others race after him with laughter as
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While the dragons were out enjoying the sunrise and playing numerous games in the sky, the older dragons slept in, the humans were just about waking up as Toby started his shift at 9am, still no sign of the older dragons as of yet as his second in command told him about the early risers but they were prepared.
Jack, Melina, Amanda, Kris and Alex all met up in the canteen greeting each other with smiles as they were queuing up for the breakfast help yourself as a lot of early morning staff started their day with Toby’s famous breakfasts.
“Good morning Alex and co, did you all sleep well? Any sort of jet lag kicking in?” Jack asked kindly.
"Nothing a few cups of coffee can't fix," replied Alex with a smile.
Jack chuckled lightly.
“Of course, Toby ensures all the base has their daily caffene fix, got a few varieties as well” Jack said pointing it out on the end where steam rose from the 4 coffee jars which had been brewed recently.
Melina preferred herbal tea in the mornings as she has her muesli and yoghurt.
“Despite technology improving we still seem to get it, however seems like our dragons were all up and on, no sign of them” Melina said as Amanda seemed to agree.
“Mine woke me up, knocking stuff over and making a racket” Jack lightly grumbled.
“Yours would!” Melina said as the humans all chuckled, even Jack.
"James was right, the bacon is different." Said Amanda as she got her plate of breakfast. "He should be happy while we're here." She joked.
“You guys have that streaky bacon you cook until its charcoal, I can agree with him there, do remember he is Scottish so they tend to like fried things” Jack said with a chuckle as he helped himself to a full English breakfast.
"We've come to discover that. Kendra, out in house chef has adapted." Grinned Alex.
"He's done well enough with us, though Aliya has been a world of good for him."
Jack nodded, knowing Alyia would try and sort out the man’s things to prevent the man getting angry, a form of damage control.
The Humans went to the middle table and sat down as the talking continued.
“How is Alyia doing, I know the bond is a different sort of thing compared to Amanda and Kris, I know James is not as fussed, embracing it, well least when we left” Jack asked Alex.
"Alyia is doing great. She's really liking her new role. While it is different from what we've seen from the other dragons it's perfect for them," said Alex.
Amanda nodded, "they are opposites, that's for sure, but they balance each other out. His enthusiasm for the whole idea was lacking at the beginning but he's come along and we have no doubts that she's happy."
“He might not show it or admit it but Alyia does a lot of running around for him, she enjoys it and we do see little hints of kindness, just as long as the his cell stays quiet” Kris joked as the team chuckled.
The conversation continued as the team’s discussed a few things regarding what they learnt from the bonded dragons, James soon appeared, having a lie in as he approached the help yourself breakfast laid out by Toby.
“Now that laddie is a proper breakfast” James said rubbing his hands together in delight, also seeing coffee in the distance.
“Crackin lad” James said.

The dragons had flown back after their early morning sunrise and had now landed back in the dragon hanger

Veyron was waiting in the hangar when the group of dragons came flying back into the hangar. "Early birds," called the wraith before scaling up zyras leg to her head. "Any chance you're headed to the canteen, missy?"
"Sure, Veyron," smiled the dragoness.
The dragons made their way towards the canteen.
Alyia was trotting along with the others when she felt a gentle happiness trickle through the link. She smiled to herself and Comox noticed.
"Think of something funny?"
"No... I just think James found breakfast." She thrummed, making the bold wing give a confused look.
Hitteki had also noticed the crème dragoness strange behaviour, she was thrumming away at feeling James being happy, it was odd for Hitteki to see the bonded dragons showing such affection openly.

The group of dragons could be heard even before they made it into the canteen, chatting away in excited tones as they shared stories.
As they turned into the canteen Zyra saw, with a smile, that most of the humans had gathered for breakfast at a more reasonable hour.
The humans were finishing off their breakfast and chatting away, their chatter joining in with the others around as Toby’s staff were working to get breakfast all ready for the big guys who had yet to get up.
“Ahh the early risers are back, if you were up any earlier you be joining Icarus” teased Kris seeing the dragons come in.
“Except for Jack who got no sleep because of Ardy” Melina said as the team chuckled lightly as the dragons approached.
"We only have five days here," Tarok said
"So we want to make the most of it," korrin was quick to add.
Ardon smiled and nodded in agreement. "Only so many hours in a day,"
"Surprised you haven't had Zyra getting you all to do dragon Yoga" Jack teased but Melina shot him a look of disproval.
Zyra let the comment slide. "We have enough to do and talk about anyway."
"Yeah, I think they'll leave that boring crap alone," said Veyron as he walked across the table after fetching himself a coffee.
As Jack finished off his toast Ardon went round to speak with Jack, or he was looking for scraps from his human’s plate.
"So, what you got planned for your dragon following today" Jack asked the gold dragon.
"We're going down to the creek later I think, then our own meeting regarding the guardian project," said Ardon.
Jack nodded, making sure Ardon had planned today out for the gang.
"Just making sure and tonight's events? " Jack asked.
"Just a relaxed dinner. The big one is on the last night," supplied the dragon.
Jack smiled, glad at least he had a plan without flapping about, but he knew Zyra would aid in any sort of planning.
“Good, I am glad, when did you want the inter branch games to begin, I was thinking towards day 4, gives Toby time to make the large portions you guys all eat” Jack said to the golden dragon.
"Sure that works for us," agreed Ardon as the others nodded.
“Excellent, the plans will be made then I let Toby know” Jack said as Ardon went to tell the others of this.
"That will be fun," said korrin with a hint of a smile.
"Now, don't everyone get all worked up. It's just some fun," said Zyra.
Hitteki gave a small smile “Yes….fun” she said quietly to herself, rivalries were never fought for fun.
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