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Jack and Ardon - Danger in the Deep Ocean Private RP

Based 4 Months later after battle of wills Roleplay

Sailing along the calm waters of the ocean across the Atlantic in superb sunny weather, a large black and red coloured tanker happily cruised along heading towards its destination in the US.
The Tanker was named The Ocean explorer and it was a brand-new type of Oceanic vessel, using an atomic reactor using thorium which provided the same or more power to the ship’s reactor without using as much as Uranium which was on the verge of ceasing being used as a nuclear fuel.
The ship was very different from the average Nuclear run vessel as it had many advanced equipment, computer systems and sensors which could monitor the Tanker’s contents and the condition of the ship.
The ship also had a self-healing inner skin which could patch up small holes to prevent any leakage of the new and precious fuel that had been discovered, Alsterine a new type of fuel found to be far more efficient than oil which was on the verge of being depleted.
While not a lot of industries used Oil anymore, there was still a need for oil based materials or fabrics or materials and Liquid Alsterine was hailed as the saviour for mankind.
The Ocean explorer was given the task of transporting this vital but combustible substance for its first full delivery to the US mainland.
The advanced sensors, computer systems, the new atomic reactor and many safety features and automated systems meant the ship only needed to be staffed by 6 people instead of a crew compliment of 20.
This would make the ship not only efficient but a very cost effective super tanker which could transport this substance at minimal costs and even in emergencies, the computer on board could pilot the ship to the nearest safety point and anchor up if anything happened to the crew.
On board the Ocean Explorer was the head of the ships engineering and development, along with the captain and 4 crew, which two engineers to do any checking of filters or inspect pipes or maintenance for the tanker that the sensors picked up.
As the ship travelled merrily along the calm ocean water the crew were checking their systems and everything was green, good visibility and they were making good time as the ship travelled along at 60 knots.
The Head of ships engineering and development was talking to the captain as they looked out of the window which gave them a good view ahead and of the ships long deck, this elevated position and rounded design of the bridge allowed them to keep an eye on their surroundings better, along with the ships sensors.
The Captain dressed smartly in his black uniform with the hat, lined with gold outlining as he looked out of his visors to see nothing but clear skies and blue waves.
“All systems are good Sir, seems we are well on course, all our checks have been carried out and the main computer says all is green” the captain said proudly as the man standing next to him nodded in agreement.
“I am most impressed Captain Collins, if all goes well the company wants to put these good little earners into service as soon as possible, we have the most modern tankers in the fleet” he replied back, looking around at the state of the art bridge behind them.
Captain Collins nodded in agreement.
“Can’t say I blame you Sir, 6 men looking after tons of ship and valuable cargo makes the bottom line look good, I am disappointed that the guy who helped put all this together did not join us, I’ve known Nathan Harkness for years and he loves to see his creations operating first hand” Collins said.
“Yes, now he got his promotion he is always with the big bosses, trust me, if he could of got out of it he would be here instead of me Collins, mark my words”.
“I do agree Admiral Jenson and such perfect weather too” Collins said as the men talked as the conversation turned to light conversation un work related.
All of a sudden there was a beeping noise and a metallic clunk which seemed to echo around the bridge.
Captain Collins and Admiral Jenson turned to look at Lieutenant Mathews whose job was to oversee the reactor readings and monitor power and energy output.
“What is it Mathews” Collins asked as the man looked at the screen and typed on the touch screens as the computer brought up an indicator.
“Seems the reactor is overcompensating sir, there is no clear indication any reasons but the levels are rising” he said as Collins looked at Jenson.
“Try Automatic stability control and override protocol 4” he instructed as Mathews did that, returning an error message from the computer.
“No response” he said.
“Speed beginning to increase sir, ship now at 65 knots and rising” came the helmsmen.
“Decrease power and trim reactor levels” Collins instructed in a clam and professional manner to the helmsmen.
“She is not responding to orders Captain, speed continuing to rise”.
Collins went over to to a control panel near the wheel which had manual levers on it, he turned to face Mathews briefly.
“Switch to manual, I trim the reactor from here” he ordered.
“Very good sir” Mathews rpelied typing in the instruction on the computer touch screen as Jenson walked back onto the platform deck and looked out his binoculars.
“Switched ot manual sir” Mathews said to the Captain.
“Ok, give me your reactor readings as I trim” Collins said moving the lever down gently.
“0.60 rising……..0.65 rising” came Mathews voice as he followed the bar as it began to move away from the green area into amber.
“Collins moved the lever down some more and turned to Mathews for an answer.
“0.70, still rising Captain”.
Soon a whirring and rumbling could be heard and felt in the ship as the reactor continued to over compensate for some unknown reason.
Collins moved the lever down further as the ship’s speed was still increasing and the reactor entering unsafe levels.
“Still speed increasing” the helmsmen said.
“Captain, up here” Jenson said as Collins went to the observation deck and saw what the admiral had spotted.
“Seems to be quite a bit of mist and fog up ahead” he said as Collins looked out seeing thick dark fog gathering ahead of them, lingering even, strangely it looked like a wall of grey smoke floating on the surface of the ocean.
“That’s funny” Collins said getting a tablet and looking up the weather report.
“The main computer doesn’t normally slip up on these types of thing, there is no mention of fog in the weather report” the captain said puzzled.
“0.80..still rising captain” said Mathews as the Captain and Admiral looked at each other than out the window as the ship entered the fog, which seemed to get thicker and thicker as they ventured further, the ship was still picking up speed, the sounds of the engines working overtime and vibrations through the hull.
“Activate fog horn and look to bring our speed under control” Collins said as the crew rushed to their stations to get the computer and systems to bring the reactor and ship speed under control.
The ship now deep within the fog sounding off the ships fog horn and lights coming on to help make it more visible.
The ship disappeared into another thick cloud of smoke, as if being swalled by a mysterious grey creature that was fluid as the smoke.
The fog horn sounded once…..the ship continued on its course.
The fog horn sounded again……the ship had vanished from view, with the fog being so thick there was no sign of the ship.
The fog horn could heard once more over the sloshing and splashing of waves.

The fog lit up as a massive explosion inside the thick fog, the Ocean Explorer had just exploded, another loud explosion, then another the ship being ripped apart and the contents spilling all over the ship, dripping down the side of the ship, ozzing from the severely damaged ship.
All of a sudden another explosion and the ship was engulfed in flames as she took on water, soon the vessel was sinking and debris flew off her as the vessel, the pride of the company was lost within the thick and mysterious fog.
Debris floating on the water as the markings of Ocean explorer were scorched on a large fragment of the front of the hull, that had come off during the explosion.

3 weeks later…………………

Portsmouth Harbour, the home of many UK ship building industries and the UK royal navy was bustling with smaller ships and a large crowd had gathered to witness the launching of the Ocean Explorer 2, which was being launched today.
Usually it’s a good ceremony and luck for a ship to be launched properly before she hit the water, this time for the first time in history Ardon had put in a request to launch the ship, as in Jack sent an invitation acting as Ardon’s agent to help launch the ship.
The dock yard and the ship builders, as well as the company who built this ship and owned it were more than happy to accept Ardon’s request, in fact they made him VIP and he would have the honour of a speech and christening the new ship from dry dock and watch her enter the water.
Ardon smiled and nodded to the crowd, saluting with his wing as he walked towards the man podium, trying to draw the crowds attention with shimmering gold scales and flashing a pearly white grin.
The crowd had come in force, many coming to see Ardon and he was indeed drawing a crowd for this monumental day.
Soon Ardon with Jack close by dressed smartly and wearing heavily tinted sunglasses kept close ot his side, hair gelled and looking very unlike Jack as they were approached by the mayor of Portsmouth and the company director, along with the Managing director of the docks, they smiled and greeted Jack warmly with handshakes.
“Ardon, this is Sir Walter smith the Company CEO who own the ship and had it built” Jack introduced the man to Ardon.
“Next to him is Sir Donald Wembly, Portsmouth Dock director and the Mayor of Portsmouth, Right honourable Martin Steadly” Jack added as the three men looked pleased to meet the gold.
"It is a pleasure to be here to meet you all," said Ardon with a bow of his head, fanning out his wings behind him briefly.
“We are all honoured for you to come and launch our ship, I was very surprised and honoured your interest in this ship, your agent said over videophone you were excited to see a ship launching” Sir Walter said.
“As well as drawing, huge crowds and helping local businesses” the Mayor said.
"I am always interested in participating in something like this. Especially for a ship as grand as this one," replied Ardon.
The men smiled.
“Excellent, you honour us so, please this way” the mayor said leading Ardon and Jack towards the podium, which had been reinforced to support the dragon’s weight and to give him space.
Jack leaned in closer as the men were ahead of them and whispered to Ardon.
“Keep drawing the crowds attention to you, smile, do some dragon antics light, while I contact our friends” Jack whispered.
The dragon gave a slight nod, pointing to a member of the crowd and waving, shouting hello to those in the audience.
While Ardon had all eyes on him, there was less security and people asking questions for the other team that had been sent to the ship undercover.
“J to M, how’s the weather” Jack said speaking into his stealthy placed ear piece.
“Weather looking ok, just waiting for the next weather update, also testing the waters” came Mark’s reply.
“Keep up to date, ship be launching soon” Jack said.

Mark soon switched channels to speak to his helpers on this mission, Mark was dressed under cover as a security guard, wearing the docks security uniform and having fake papers provided by Dr Baxter he was in the midst of inspecting the ship.
“M to V, how is the house” Mark asked the newly and perhaps reluctant operative and recon agent for T5.
"The house is just peachy," came a sarcastic voice.
Mark rolled his eyes shaking his head lightly.
“Take this seriously please V, J wants to make sure the house is ready for moving in, ensure there is no bugs or anything that could cause issues, so I ask again is the house ok to move into?” Mark said.
"Yes, the house is ready for new tenants, time to unpack," replied the dragon.
Mark was pleased the wraith had at least made an effort to keep to code, Jack had been firm with the wraith, he would agree to nearly almost all of the things Veyron was after but Mark still had doubts.
“Why I agreed with J to bring you along V, I am still unsure as your services come at a cost” Mark said.
"Oh you know you love me," said the dragon smugly. "The house is clear and ready to go, there ya happy, M?"
“Perfect, now time for you to vacate the property before the tenants are in, meet you by the side door for trip back to the office” Mark replied making his way to the extraction point.
"Right, two minutes out," said Veyron, swiftly making his way to the rendezvous on silent paws.
Mark made his way to the extraction point by the side of the hsip as he radioed in.
“M to J the house is free, tenants can move in, weather is sunny, the office needs sorting” Mark said using the code to signal they be heading back to base.
“Understood M” Jack replied as Ardon looked over to him.
“The weather is pretty good, what a good-looking ship” Jack said to Ardon, code for all was well and they were clear to proceed with launching the ship.
"Stellar," replied Ardon with a nod, scanning the crowd before surveying the ship.

Mark had moved to the meeting point, passing by other security and flashing his pass, they simply nodded and smiled, Baxter had given Mark a security profile and history, there was nothing to doctor wouldn’t do.
Veyron peeked out and spotted Mark. Sprinting the short distance, he climbed up the man's leg and into his jacket, settling on his shoulders so he was hidden.
Mark moved his Jacket to give Veyron more room as he made his way to the unmarked Torchwood SUV parked on the outskirts of the dock entrance, he opened the door and got in, allowing Veyron out of his hiding place as the windows were dark and tinted so no one could look in.
Once in the safety of the car, the wraith crawled out of marks jacket and onto the passenger seat. "Not bad for your first day... working with a dragon," smirked Veyron.
Mark tried not to roll his eyes.
"First day working with one with more wise ass comebacks and replies as a comedian, Jack was firm with both of us on this Mission" Mark said.
"I think I played my part expertly. It got done, didn't it Veyron replied, crossing his arms.
Mark tried not to grit his teeth or sound angry or frustrated with the Wraith with his comments.
" Yes, you did, performed superbly" Mark said but the wraith but tell it was forced compliment.
"That sounded like it was painful," smirked Veyron.
"Oh, why do you think then Veyron" Mark replied
The wraith simply grinned in response, "so, what now?"
Mark checked his watch and started the car engine, allowing it to warm up and checking his mobile quickly.
"Back to base, with sample you collected and the box you planted for our clever clogs back home" Mark replied.
"Excellent," said the wraith, leaning back in his seat
Mark looked at the back of the car where there was a white bag in the back-seat foot well, he was unsure to give it to Veyron, but he had done the Job well.
"Your treat is in the back, consider it my thanks for taking this seriously" Mark said gesturing to the bag.
Veyron twisted around and reached for the bag, pulling it into the front seat.
He made a noise of approval, "aw you shouldn't have, Marky. Have I told you that you're my favourite?" Said Veyron with a smirk.
Mark gave a brief smile as it was a 70cl of the whiskey he knew Veyron liked, the Wraith had similar tastes to him when it came to the whiskeys, which was surprising to the American.
"Remember our agreement, what we say to the professor regarding your activities" Mark replied.
Knowing the woman was keeping an eye on his health and well being, also trying to get him to be more active which was not what the small dragon wanted to do.
"Yeah, yeah, say that I've been working hard at weights and agility skills," replied Veyron.
"What weights, you know she ask" Mark added, knowing the professor would ask.
"Heavy ones?" Was Veyron’s smartass reply.
Mark shook his head and sighed.
“Heavens above” Mark said in response to the Wraiths reply.
"The Prof can't doubt these guns," Said Veyron, flexing for a second in a body builder like pose, though on a noodle frame like his, he wasn't all that impressive.
Mark smirked a little, but he remembered the wraith displaying more muscle than that through his scales when he lifted.
“not very muscular are you really compared to last time" Mark commented.
"What?" snapped Veyron. "I've still got it. If we're pointing fingers, when I sat on your shoulders under your jacket it finally looked like YOU were more than a stick figure."
Mark laughed lightly.
"Ok, I let you have that one, what puzzles me is all this fuss for a ****ing boat" Mark replied as they drove out the dockyards.
"Who the hell knows. I won't complain though. Easy job." Said Veyron, scratching his chin.
“Alright home bound we are, our operation complete” Mark said indicating as they joined the main road.
"So do we have glasses or do I have to drink it out of the bottle?" Asked Veyron.
“You can’t drink that now!, were in the car, remember no drinking and driving” Mark said teasing lightly.
"I'm not driving," replied Veyron. "What are rules for if not made for bending?"
“Yeah to breaking point” Mark countered as the two teased and bickered the way back to the base.

Back at the dockyards Ardon was invited to give the speech and to launch the ship, a bottle of champagne placed upon a cradle which would be released and smashed onto the ships hull to wish it good fortune.
Ardon moved toward the mic and smiled broadly. "It is an honour to be here to witness the launch of this magnificent feat of human engineering. Now, without further delay.." the dragon said, pulling the lever to smash the bottle against the hull.
The crowd went wild as the ship moved away once the bottle smashed onto the hull, the ship was released as it picked up speed and crashed into the water for the first time with a fanfare, cheers and applause came from the crowd.
“Thank you Ardon, it has been a wonderful occasion, thank you for coming and launching this ship for us today” the mayor said as Jack smiled.
"You're very welcome, it's been a pleasure to be here." Nodded the dragon, "thank you for having me here."
Jack shook the mayor’s hands and of the two men as Jack did a gesture with his hands, it was subtle but Ardon would know as a signal to leave and meet at a secluded point for pick up and meet back at the base.
Ardon said his goodbyes as the camera’s all trained on him as he was about to leave.
Unfurling his wings the dragon leapt into the air and spiralled away. He set off at a high altitude to go find the place to meet up.
Once Ardon was gone it was Jack’s turn to disappear, he entered a public loo and placed in one of the out of order cubicles he changed in normal civilian gear, putting the rucksack over his shoulder he strolled out without people noticing as he left the docks, making his way to the agreed location.
An hour later Ardon and Jack met at the meeting point, an open field outside the city, where no camera’s or people could see, Jack waited patiently for the golden dragon to arrive.
Ardon spotted jack down in the field below. Swooping down he landed beside him and folded his wings. "Everything went alright?"
Jack looked up and nodded lightly.
“The plan went smoothly Mark and Veyron are on their way back to the base with samples and information, you did great being a big distraction” Jack said.
"I'm glad it worked out," said Ardon. "I don't ever mind being a flashy distraction," he grinned.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Let’s get home, I got the mobile harness” Jack said getting it out the harness, “We need to see what the results bring up” Jack added.
"Alright," the dragon nodded, clipping on the gear and waited for Jack to get into the saddle.
Ardon unfurled his wide wings and leapt into the air. He spiralled around and headed for home.

Back at Torchwood 5, Melina, Doctor Baxter and the dragons were gathered round the large screen in the canteen, watching the ship launching with Ardon showing off and being good at playing up being there, camera’s glued onto his golden scales.
"Look at him, whenever in front of a crowd he had that ridiculous smile on," laughed Zyra.
"He can't help it," said Comox, shaking his head.
Melina smiled lightly.
“I guess he had to, to keep eyes on him and not on our covert team, why Mark wanted to go instead of Martin makes me wonder, he should be here leading the base” the professor Said.
"This is really Marks calling." Said Zyra.
"After years of doing his kind of work it might be hard for him to sit on the side-lines. If he likes it and gets the job done safely I have no complaints."
"I think it's because he needs to keep an eye on that wraith of ours." Chuckles Vonriir.
“Yes, that little bag of trouble, but this whole operation is a little odd” Melina said to the dragons.
"I have to agree with you there, professor. Seems odd to me," said Comox.
A beeping noise came from Dr Baxter’s tablet as he looked at it.
“Mark and Veyron are entering the base in the car, the link is also established we best get to work, come along Comox” Baxter said getting up.
“And we best get the lab ready for tests on the samples brought in, we best head there now Dr Zyra” Melina replied.
"Do you need my help for anything?" Offered Vonriir as Zyra went to follow Melina.
“Vonriir has been getting in shape to be a boat tug, hes up to 10,000 tons towing capacity” Hitteki said chuckling lightly.
"Multi-purpose dragon," teased Comox to which Vonriir smiled.
"I am just happy to help where I'm able."
“Nothing really, we keep you posted when you are need, keep your training and standards up Von, your looking a very impressive dragon, very toned” she winked as Hitteki smiled, knowing the woman was giving Von a bit of an ego boost.
"You flatter me, professor." Chuckled Vonriir, sitting back down.
Hitteki sat back down as he watched the others get to work, the dragoness sighed lightly, feeling a little useless and without purpose, she knew she was still learning and was merely a recruit but the dragoness wanted to do herself and family proud.
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Veyron had been good and held off dipping into his reward for a successful first mission while Mark drove them back to the facility. For two stubborn individuals with rigid personalities, the two seemed to be getting along for the most part which was rather surprising.
Once Mark swiped his pass to enter the garage, Veyron sat up while he parked the SUV and turned off the engine. The man opened the glove box and handed over the samples that Veyron had collected.
"Right get the fuel samples down to Melina and before that, hide the bottle or she will tell that acid lass to melt me" Mark said to the wraith as he took the samples.
Veyron looked at the items in his hand and the large bottle of whiskey, thinking of how awkward it would be to get it back to his quarters.
"What, I don't even get a lift up? I just walked miles of ship so you wouldn't have to," said Veyron, his laziness kicking in now that they returned from their mission. The dragon was focused and driven while on the job but back here it seemed like he wanted to live the easy life and have much of everything done for him.
Mark sighed lightly shaking his head.
"Just this once and then that’s it, got it?" Mark replied back, gesturing him to come onto his shoulder.
Veyron grinned and jumped up, but not without forgetting his prize. As Mark got out of the SUV and locked it the wraith settled in for the ride, patting the man’s shoulder to encourage him to get going.
"Alright, faithful steed, to my quarters. I can be the hero and deliver the samples to the ladies afterwards myself." Veyron chirped.
Mark shook his head.
"You’re doing this to look fit and healthy for Melina in the labs, I'm giving you a rest" Mark replied.
“I am fit and healthy, I’ll have you know, Marky. Not wanting to take two hours to get from one end of the building to the other.”

After being dropped off at his quarters the little dragon didn't immediately compete his errand to the labs. Instead he opened up the bag and brought out the bottle, setting it on his table.
With a devilish smirk the wraith opened the cap and took a whiff of the whisky with a satisfied thrum. He hadn't been able to sneak much since Melina's crackdown.
He took one sip, then one more before putting the cap back on and stashing the bottle in one of his many hiding places in the room.

"Ahh Veyron, thanks for coming, I assume you got the samples that Jack wanted testing" she asked opening the lab doors to the wraith.
Veyron sauntered in and jumped up to her shoulder, passing over the samples, "risked life and limb for those, ill have you know. Hopefully you can figure out.... whatever it is jack wants to know about these,"
Melina did not reply to that comment, Jack had been sketchy on why they were focusing all their time on this vessel and looking into every detail. The dragons seemed to all want to know what was going on but weren't given any answers. Veyron, the one who always seemed more invasive than necessary was no exception.
"Zyra, can you take these and run standard tests, look for any abnormalities in density or molecular structures" Melina asked the bold wing.
"Of course," nodded the dragoness, taking he samples and bringing them over to the testing station that she had set up. Zyra worked diligently.
Veyron watched for a moment, curious at to what she was doing with them.
"Veyron, is that whiskey I smell on your breath young dragon" Melina said to the wraith, as he still sat on her shoulder.
"Me? Couldn't be," he replied cheekily, flicking his tail back and forth.
Zyra looked over her shoulder briefly at him and shook her head before returning back to her work.
"Veyron...I could do a quick lab test on you or make you run on the treadmill" Melina replied.
The wraith snorted, thinking that was a good joke.
"More like a wobble on the treadmill, hah!" The dragon snickered.
"Zyra, get the treadmill ready" Melina called out to the bold wing.
"Actually I have ....stuff to do. Things. Yes. Later ladies!" He said, jumping down to the floor and scurried to the door.

"Exercise and manual labour, a wraiths kryptonite," Zyra laughed lightly. "Good that we know now how to make him go away whenever we need."
Melina chuckled watching the wraith scarper out of there.
"I think we need to be having words with Mr De Santa, or we drag him to the gym" she said to Zyra.
"Ill put you in charge of that," smiled Zyra, testing the next slide.

Back in the dragon hanger Ardon landed, kneeling down so that jack could dismount. He shrugged out of his harness and hung it up with the others.
"What else do you need from me? Is there any follow up I should do?" He asked the man.
"Study the ships plans and designs we acquired, look for anything unusual, i want it gone over with a fine tooth comb" Jack said his tone was more assertive than usual.
"Oh," nodded Ardon, growing calmer at jakes tone. "Alright. I'll catch up with you later."
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Dr Baxter was carrying out analysis and tests on the computer systems on the Tanker, testing to ensure that hackers or malicious software could not cause anything tragic or cause any danger to ship, so far all of his tests and analysis on the advanced computer systems but so far nothing that would cause the doctor any concern.
Dr Baxter accessing the systems via the concealed black box in the ship that Veyron hid very well, but again nothing that worried the man.
The dragon went over the last bits of information Baxter had asked him to go through, reading it over carefully. "No indication of tampering," said the bold wing, "Systems are in order and there doesn't seem to be any issues from what I can tell. We're clear."
Dr Baxter adjusted his glasses as he replied to the bold wing.
"You checked the non-urgent systems security and ran a level 2 diagnostic?" Baxter asked.
"Twice," confirmed Comox, "Just to be certain."
"Hrmm, Jack won't like the answers, download the reports onto the tablet" Baxter asked.
"Downloading now," nodded the dragon. "I would think no signs of tampering would be good news? Why would he want something to be wrong?"
Dr Baxter shook his head lightly, taking a sip of his tea from his work mug.
"Jack is after an easy answer, I seen the before, he is very engrossed in this investigation and I'm also puzzled by his actions on this ship" Dr Baxter admitted.
"I think everyone is. Not even Ardon seems to know what the obsession is about," admitted the Bold wing. "It's strange."
Baxter nodded lightly.
"He is the boss, what he says goes, just make sure the report is water tight please" the man asked nicely.
"Will do, Bax," nodded Comox, going over it again before he sent it off to the commander.
Baxter thanked the dragon for helping him and sending the report.
"Fingers crossed, thanks for your help Comox, you been very helpful" the doctor said.
"Any time, Baxter. I have found I kind of enjoy this sort of work," replied the dragon.
The man smiled, glad the male was feeling useful and finding the young man’s line of work interesting.
"Shall we look at your training workbook and see if we can get that done and sign you off" the man asked.
"Sure, if you have time," replied Comox.

In the laboratories, the girls were running tests and analysis on the samples the wraith had provided to them, Melina was finishing off computer analysis on the samples and running the standard procedures, she normally did with liquid based samples.
Zyra found Melina a while later with tablet in hand displaying the results from the samples Veyron had taken.
"Mel, from what I could tell everything seems normal but I have to admit, this kind of fuel is out of our field of expertise."
Melina looked at the results and nodded lightly.
“We are a medical specialist unit, not really a fuel analysis centre, although id be stuck without a main computer, I know basic human biology and toxicology but nothing more advanced really, sadly Sam has the basics but nothing advanced either to be honest” Melina replied.
Chemistry was never her favourite subject, she knew toxic chemicals and how they interact with cells in living organism and knew basic A level chemistry and elements but no expert in fuel dynamics or reactions.
"Do you know anyone that we could call in favours with that could work on something like this?" asked Zyra.
Melina thought for a moment and then something seemed to click in the woman’s mind, she looked up at Zyra.
“Can you bring me up the staff technician roster please Doctor, something has clicked with me” Melina said to the dragoness.
The bold wing nodded, disappearing for a moment before returning with her tablet; the roster brought up on screen
“Thanks, Zy, now let’s see if we can find him, Sam recommended this guy I thought had a very detailed chemistry background, I just can’t remember his name” Melina said swiping her fingers on the tablet.
"Oh, I think you may have mentioned him when we went to that conference if I recall correctly... um... josh? No.... Jeremy, was it?" Zyra tried to remember.
“That’s it!, Josh!, Joshua Sullivan, Technician level 4, degree honours in bio chemistry and industrial chemistry science, there he is….wow only 25, I feel old” Melina said chuckling lightly.
"Oh shush, if you want to talk old as dust go poke Forge," chided Zyra. "Hopefully Josh will be able to give us more insight on these samples."
Melina nodded looking at the man’s qualifications and smiling, recruited to the organization by Sam who scoured the globe for young talent for Torchwood 5, to get the brightest minds in the world.
“Yes he will be very useful, can you check the leave chart, is he in tomorrow Zy?” Melina asked the bold wing.
"He is. From 8am till one it looks like," replied the dragoness.
“Excellent, I ask him for help and support, to be honest he could probably lead this with his experience and learn from him,. be odd being a pupil” Melina said but she was always willing to learn.
"It's never too late to learn," replied Zyra. " it would be good to broaden our knowledge of the subject."
Melina nodded in agreement giving a smile to the bold wing.
“Zy?, do you want me to call you Doctor, Zyra or Zy?” Melina asked the dragoness.
Zyra cocked her head to the fine, "You can call me whatever you want, why do you ask?"
"You worked hard for your qualification, I just want to respect that, calling you Zy seems a bit downgrading your achievements" Melina said.
"You knew me before my title. Zy is just fine. It would be weird to hear you say it all the time. You can introduce me as professor but my regular name is just fine for us," she smiled.
Melina nodded lightly.
"Alright Zyra, you best send our findings to Jack via internal email, ensure its all there, I sense Jack is in one of those moods" Melina replied.
"Oh dear," hummed Zyra as she sent of the secure email. "I wonder if we will ever find out what this is all for."
Melina nodded.
“Yes, ships and all that isn’t really a Torchwood issue, he keeping very hush why, not really telling us, but we will see, he is in charge so let’s hope this is put to bed” Melina said worried that Jack was obsessing over this ship and no one knew why this was.
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Ardon had spent the evening in the dragon hanger, choosing to do his studies there rather than in his quarters. Jack indeed was in some sort of mood and even the gold dragon ensured he was out of the way and not pestering him as he normally did. It had only taken nearly two decades to come to this mature decision but he thought it best.
He had gone over everything that the man had after for in regards to the ship, right down to where the individual parts had come from, where fabrication took place and the hire log from the crew assembled to build the ship. Ardon was at a loss of what he was looking for. Nothing seemed to stand out to the dragon but then again he didn’t know what he was looking for and Jack wouldn’t tell him what he should be searching for either.
It made the gold scratch his head in confusion but he did his best trying to sift through the piles of information that had been given to him.
He heard the tapping of talons and looked up to see the little wraith walk by the hangar doors.
“Veyron!” he called and saw the little dragon cringe and turn around, looking unimpressed.
“Yes, O’ Golden One?” he said sarcastically.
“I need your help-“
“Of course you do,” replied Veyron, folding his arms. “What do you want?”
“Jack gave me these employee ID logs from who built the ship, and who has had their part in it. I only got to give it a cursory look, could you dig a little deeper for me?” asked Ardon.
“Do your work? I don’t think so, Ardon. I already played my part today.” Veyron refused.
Ardon snorted, “Not DO my job, help me. I am up to my crest in this stuff and I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be looking for. You’re good at this kind of thing, finding out information. Could you just-Veyron liked hearing Ardon remark about his outstanding sleuth ability. “What’s in it for me?”
“Um, my eternal gratitude?” said Ardon.
“BZZ, no deal,” said Veyron, turning around and walking off. “I’ve got a hot date with a fine bottle of whiskey,” He made it a few steps before he came to a halt, the gold dragon having stepped on his tail.
“I’ll give you… “ he tried to think of what he was willing to part with.
“I want those box of chocolates that Aileen sent you,” grinned Veyron.
Ardon huffed, wondering how he knew about those. Aileen had sent them special for him as a thank you for bringing Jack back to visit, knowing it was Ardon’s prompting that made the visits more frequent.
“Well, kiddo, do we have a deal?”
“Fine…” grumbled Ardon, letting the little dragon go and passing over the files.
“Good. I’m not doing this sober, mind you,” replied the little dragon, taking the stack of papers and exiting the hangar. Ardon let out a breath, at least a second pair or eyes would be on the project, though intoxicated ones.
After watching the wraith leave, he turned back and laid down to go over the rest of the documents. He found himself so engrossed with the task that he hadn’t heard Comox approach. He almost jumped when his eyes caught the movement to the left.
“Oh hey,”
“What are you up to in here?” asked The Boldwing.
“Going over through this mountain of paper that Jack brought back from the mission today. I just managed to convince Veyron to help so he’s off investigating employment records.”
Comox nodded slowly, tilting his head to read a few of the files that Ardon had spread out. It seemed like a lot to go through.
“Jack is really getting everyone involved in this…this…. I don’t even know what this is. It’s an obsession at this point. He had me attend the christening of the ship, Veyron and Mark got samples, the girls are working on those still I think,”
“Is she still in the labs?” asked Comox and Ardon knew he was talking about Zyra.
It had been four months since the fateful day that they both had found themselves in an awkward situation, not only finding out that each of them had feelings for the Boldwing dragoness but that they had both attempted to state their intentions on the same day. It had been a confused mess, Zyra retreating to Australia to get away and clear her head while Ardon went up to Scotland with Jack, leaving Comox to stew alone in his thoughts.
When they all had returned to base the first couple days had been awkward but eventually things fell back to normal…. For the most part. No one seemed to talk about what had happened, instead forgetting it ever even occurred to avoid the uncomfortable conversation.
This was the first mention of the dragoness between them both since that day and already they could feel the tension. Despite the cease-fire on talking about the subject, Comox had seen the way that Ardon still looked after her and the way he went out of his way to catch her in the hall or in the canteen, acting as if it were innocent coincidence. Zyra had resumed her confident self and seemed to act like she had no recollection of the dinner fiasco.
“She hasn’t said anything to you, has she?” he asked.
“No, you?”
Comox shook his head, “Are we just not supposed to talk about it now?”
“That seems to be what she wants,” shrugged Ardon. “But hey, chin up. I’ve seen Hitteki following you about the last little while.”
Comox rolled his eyes and sat down, “You’re reading into it too much. I think she just wants something to do. She’s like me, unbonded, trying to find her place her.”
“Sure, but then why does she just come to you for everything? She could ask anyone. I see her lock her eyes on you from across the room and march right on over,” teased the gold.
Comox let out a breath. He knew what Ardon was talking about. The Syrian dragon’s assertive manner put the mild-mannered Boldwing male in an uncomfortable state. She would declare being on his team whenever they played skyball or make everyone shuffle over so she could sit next to him during film nights. He found himself trying to leave the room or come up with excuses to leave whenever she got to close and chatty. Hiding out with Baxter was one of his few safe places now.
“I think someone has a crush on yoooou,” jested Ardon, trying to put light into their uncomfortable topic from before.
“Don’t” warned the Boldwing.
“She’s got the hots for Cooooomox.”
“Ardon,” Comox grumbled, sail rising.
The gold started to sing, “Comox and Hitteki sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S- ACK!” Comox pounced on him while his head was turned and the two of them went tumbling. Ardon let out a laughing cry as they rolled, trying to get the upper paw but Comox was fighting against him wildly, not letting Ardon have an easy win again.
They tussled, Comox fending off Ardon with parries of his wings and tail before they grappled, twisting this way and that trying to topple one another. Growling, Comox was bested and landed hard on his back, Ardon standing over him and pinning him by his shoulders.
“Say it again and I’ll melt your face, Goldie!” Comox said through a grit-tooth smile.
“Touchy!” he replied.
Comox growled, the corners of his mouth twitching in a smile as he coiled up and used Ardon’s wn body weight to tip him over and let himself back up. He jumped to his feet, panting as Ardon shook out his wings that had gotten rumpled in the process.
"Impressive, most impressive, you look good Comox" the Syrian gave a small smile.
"Doesn't he?" asked Ardon, nudging Comox and giving a cheesy grin. "So what's shaking Hitteki?"
Comox snorted at the gold, knowing what he was up to.
"I was interested in observing your spar, Syrian tussles and sparring are not as intense or fun as you guys, if you allow me to of course" Hitteki replied.
“Sure!” Ardon grinned broadly.
“Actually, I have to go.” coughed Comox, “I have to get back to sending of….things for Baxter,” he lied, running a paw over his sail to smooth it out before leaving the room hastily.
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Hitteki had watched the bold wing male flee when challenged by the gold, it made Hitteki a little disappointed, considering the tales of his bravery in the battle with the archives and his heroics helping Ardon and Zyra, only for him to peg it when there was an audience.
The female could not understand why an impressive looking dragon was so skittish.
"He is a little shy and not sure of himself for a male" Hitteki said to Ardon, she sounded a little disappointed.
"He's always been that way, though he used to be worse when he first came here," replied Ardon.
Hitteki nodded lightly as Ardon explained the situation regarding Comox.
“Well, let us not waste this time, were you open to a spar guardian Ardon?” Hitteki asked the gold.
"Not today, hitteki, sorry. I'm up to my ears in trying to figure these papers out," said the dragon, gesturing to the files.
Hitteki nodded lightly.
“Another time perhaps, I be in my quarters if you need me” Hitteki said to the dragon, as she began to head to her quarters feeling a little disappointed with the who situation.
"Did... did you want to help?" Asked Ardon, knowing that she wanted to be more involved with the facility.
Hitteki turned around and looked at the golden dragon, he eyes brightening.
"Sure, though I'm still learning reading and writing" She replied in a happier tone.
"That's fine, I can give you some work to keep an eye out for and you can let me know if you come across anything," suggested Ardon.
“I will do, thank you guardian Ardon, I will not let you down” Hitteki said assertively.
The gold nodded, before writing down a few key words on a piece of paper and handing her a stack of files. "Thanks."
“I promise I look at this with attention to detail” Hitteki said in a happier mood, finally being able to help.
Ardon would not be able to savour the peace for long as he was called over the tannoy system to head to Jack’s office immediately.
"Sorry, Hitteki, I got to go." he said, getting up and hurrying out of the hangar to his office.
Hitteki nodded taking the papers that Ardon had given her and headed off to her quarters to study the plans, feeling part of the investigation and most importantly, feeling useful to the organization.
As she turned a corner she saw Vonriir walking down the corridor, in his usual carefree manner, looking like he just awoken from his afternoon nap.
"Hello lit- oh, Miss Hitteki. You seem to be in good spirits today," smiled Vonriir, spotting the dragoness as she made her way down the hall.
“I been tasked with helping in this investigation, Ardon has given me these reports to go over on the ship that was launched, I do feel I am useful in the facility” she replied, enthusiasm oozed from her voice.
"That is good. Ardon is clever to ask you for help. I know you couldn't let him down if you tried, miss." said Vonriir kindly.
Hitteki smiled.
“Thank you Vonriir, what have you been up to, awoken from your afternoon nap?” she asked curiously.
"I haven't been up to much, stretched my wings and now up for a wander." Replied the large dragon.
Hitteki nodded lightly.
“Don’t you feel you should be involved or helping out, just seems you’re on holiday here with your own quarters, breakfast served to you in the mornings, surprised Jack has not asked you to help” Hitteki replied.
"He calls on me when I'm needed," said Vonriir. "I help wherever I am able. As it stands I am a bit too big for more delicate work like research or that computery stuff."
"I see, do you..begrudge being a umm what did they call it...a JCB or a workhorse for them" Hitteki enquired.
"Why would I, miss Hitteki?" Asked Vonriir, looking down at her.
The Syrian shrugged lightly.
"Not sure I was only asking, you told me Forge hoped to help you find a purpose here, that was all" Hitteki said looking up at the massive dragon.
"I have found happiness here. And that, I think, is more important." Replied the dragon.
Hitteki smiled at the answer, Vonriir was a gentle giant, it took a lot to offend him and he was always pleasant and happy to help.
"Well that is all that matters then, I think they do appreciate you a lot" Hitteki replied back.
"Well I am pleased that I can be useful," nodded the large crag back.
Hitteki spoke to Vonriir a bit more before realising she had work to do, she made her apologies to the large dragon who chuckled lightly at the Syrian’s enthusiasm for this task.

The next morning, Melina had asked the female bold wing out to the canteen to get Josh, it was 9am now and the technicians would be arriving for their 9.30am start in the labs but Melina wanted to talk to Josh one to one and utilise his knowledge to help in this investigation.
Zyra went to the canteen in search of Josh and found the man in his usual spot.
"Excuse me," she asked politely as she saw he was eating, "josh? I was wondering if I could ask you a favour."
Josh was a fairly young man with gelled black hair and always kept himself clean shaven and looking smart and presentable in the labs, the man was not your average nerd or geek and did enjoy his sports, particularly football.
The man put down his paper and looked up at the bold wing with his bright blue eyes and gave a smile, wondering why Dr Zyra was after him.
“Dr Zyra, how can I be of help?” he said politely, he had a very calm tone of voice and was always a polite individual, Melina had liked him in the interviews and wanted him on Sam’s staff.
"Professor Goodwin and I received fuel samples to test but it’s a little out of our jurisdiction. We were hoping that we could call on your expertise to help us out." said the dragoness.
Josh nodded lightly and stood up finishing off his tea.
“Sure, more than happy to help you and professor Goodwin, though I must admit I haven’t seen her since my interview 2 months ago” Josh replied.
"We've been pretty busy with lab work, once things slow down you should see both of us around more," explained Zyra.
"But anyway, thank you for helping. If you could meet us in the labs after your breakfast so we can show you what we've got so far that would be wonderful."
“I am ready now, just had a bite to eat, I can come and lend my help” Josh said with a small smile, the man seemed happy to lend his expertise.
Zyra returned his smile with one of her own, "Alright," she said, turning to walk with him to the labs.
As they walked towards the labs Josh spoke to Zyra, trying to get an understanding of what they were working on and what they were having difficulty with.
“What fuel exactly are you analysing and what are you and the professor stuck on if I maybe so bold” Josh asked the bold wing.
"That would be a question that Professor Goodwin would be able to answer better than I can," replied Zyra. "I'm a bit in over my head with this."
Josh nodded lightly.
“If I may ask why is a medical specialist and our labs looking at fuel?, have we been sponsored to carry out any particular work” Josh asked.
"A project of the commanders," explained Zyra. "We are usually the first ones that these things go to but now we realize we need help."
“Oh I see” Josh said as they approached the labs, once they entered Melina was there bringing up the data, she turned and smiled lightly.
“Ahh Josh, thanks for coming, good timing Zyra, found him in good time” Melina said.
“Do Bold wing dragons have a good human retrieving record?” Josh asked.
Zyra laughed, "give us a task and we will see it done."
Melina smiled as she gestured to Josh to come forward.
“Our commander has given us a number of tasks recently, testing fuel and other fuel based samples however my chemistry is not all that strong and the computer analysis on this does really only the basics as we aren’t a chemical analysis lab” Melina explained.
Josh listened and looked at the results and analysis.
"I know very little on this kind of chemistry, fuel at that. Any help would be appreciated," said Zyra.
Josh nodded as Melina seemed in the same boat to them.
“Well, let’s see if I can help out here, Oh Liquid Alsterine, the new fuel that has been discovered a few months ago, judging my the chemical make up and analysis” he said.
"You're quick, and correct on that note," said Zyra.
“I usually keep up to date with everything, a geeky moment of mine” Josh said sheepishly.
“Nothing wrong with that, so please with the readings we got is the fuel ok?” Melina asked.
Josh looked over the results on the main computer as Melina pointed out different results they had been running on the fuel samples.
“Well, the computers are giving good analysis readings and identify the basics and yes there is nothing wrong with the fuel, have you ran anymore results?” Josh asked as Melina looked up at the bold wing.
"Here are he reports we have on the fuel so far and as far as our knowledge goes they seem normal." Said Zyra.
Josh studied them and nodded.
“Well as I thought the basics are covered but again the systems aren’t configured in a way to advance scan however even looking at these I do not think Alsterine is dangerous, well it’s as dangerous as any other liquid fuel about” Josh said to the professor and Zyra.
Melina nodded lightly, understanding Josh explanation to them, at least they had done enough to dispel any hint of not looking hard enough.
"If we give you the tools you need to test it will you be able to search a little more thoroughly?"
Melina nodded in agreement.
“I think we need your chemistry expertise in this Josh, if you like to I’d like you to be part of the main team here and help us out, your knowledge will be valuable in our current line of work” Melina said.
Josh nodded and smiled.
“I’d be honoured to help in any way I can, When can I start?” Josh asked as Melina smiled looking up at Zyra before returning her gaze to the man, she was pleased Josh wanted to help and provide them with more information.
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Over the next few days Ardon and Hitteki worked on the files that Jack had given the gold to go through. He wanted to make sure it had been researched thoroughly so that the did not miss anything. The last thing Ardon wanted was for something of consequence to be accidentally passed over so he double checked Hitteki’s work as well.
Once he and Hitteki completed a good section of the work he went off to go find what Veyron might have discovered on the employee list. Knocking on the wraith’s door the gold waited… and waited.
He knocked again, “Veyron?”
“What?” came a disgruntled voice.
“It’s Ardon, I need those documents back.”
The door was remotely unlocked and Ardon stepped in, seeing Veyron stretching on the bed.
“Sleeping on the job?” asked the gold with a raised eyebrow.
“The job is done. I can do whatever I feel like with my free time, Goldie,” the wraith quipped back.
“Did you find anything?” Ardon asked, trying to get to the point of his visit.
“Not much, the list is pretty clean from what I could tell. There was a Derek Vanguard that was flagged but he’s only got a record for possession, so unless Jack is taking up the war on drugs I don’t think we’ve got anything on these guys.”
Ardon shook his head, “No, I really don’t think he’s after anything like that.”
“What IS he after?” questioned Veyron.
Ardon shrugged, “I don’t really know.”
“You, of all people, should know. Aren’t bonds supposed to make you …like, super close or something?” huffed Veyron.
Ardon shook his head, not wanting to get into that. He wished Jack was more open with him but even despite the bond, the man wasn’t very transparent with a lot of things, which often frustrated the dragon.
“Thanks for looking for me,” said Ardon, taking the documents.
“No problem. I expect to be in a chocolate coma by midnight,” grinned the wraith. Ardon huffed, hoping that Veyron would have forgotten about those.
“Fine. I’ll get them later,” he said, turning to leave.
“Maybe I’ll share!” Veyron called out after him.

Ardon made his was back down to Jack’s office and as he passed he could see the man through the windows, eyes focused on his screen. The dragon opened the door and stepped inside, noticing that the man didn’t so much as look up at his guardian’s approach.
Ardon cleared his throat and put the documents on his desk.
"Jack, Hitteki and I haven't found anything of interest in this section of files," said Ardon, tapping the files they had finished with.
“I even had Veyron go over the employee list. Nothing noteworthy came up that we haven’t already discussed. I just don’t see anything in any of these files that could lead us to believe there’s something to be worried about.”
Jack frowned lightly taking the paperwork back.
"You sure you checked all the minor details, it is always the minor detail people miss on things like this" Jack replied.
"Yes. It's been gone over twice and I reviewed Hitteki’s work as well." Ardon nodded firmly.
"Hrmm, alright, thank you, that will all Ardon" Jack replied as he typed on his laptop
Ardon frowned as jack seemed to dismiss him. "It would be easier if we knew what we were looking for. It's like being blindfolded for a scavenger hunt."
It was obvious that the dragon was frustrated but Jack isn’t seem too bothered by that fact.
"I am ensuring there is nothing wrong with this vessel, I'm reading all the reports from Baxter and Melina," the man replied back.
"But..." Ardon seemed hesitant to ask. "Why? What's the deal with this ship that makes you so interested in it?"
"If I see fit to investigate something I am allowed to Ardon, I don't have to give a reason if it ensures people's safety" Jack merely said.
"Geeze, Jack I just wanted to know. We all feel a little in the dark about what's going on..."
"Ardon, I need to read these reports and your being a distraction, be useful or kindly shoo," Jack said abruptly.
Ardon frowned at the man but his attention was already lost. With a sigh the gold got up and left the man to his obsession on the screen, shutting the door behind him with his tail.
He walked back down the hall to the canteen to get something to drink instead, mumbling to himself about how strange Jack had been acting lately.
As he came around the corner he could see across the way that Zyra was headed for the canteen as well, coming from the labs.
“Hey Zy, what’s up?” he asked when they got closer, the dragoness looked a little tired.
“Hey Ardy, just drained, that’s all. Been working hard on these samples Jack is having us work on. It’s really out of my field of knowledge and there is just so much to know. I feel a little lost trying to follow along what Josh is saying when he explains the properties behind the new fuel. It’s in his hands now, though. I had to take a break, I have been staring a tiny text and screens all day.”
Ardon nodded, “Join me for something to eat? I need a break too.”
“Sure,” nodded Zyra, following him up to the kitchens. “What have you been working on?
“Searching documents and files for something… but I don’t know what that something is. Jack is being very secretive with this whole ship thing.”
She could hear the annoyance in his voice and gave him a sympathetic look, “Still nothing?”
‘Not a word. Practically shooed me out of his office and sidesteps the question what I directly ask him about anything. It’s weird.”
The boldwing nodded, “Yeah, weird is definitely a good work. Melina and I have no idea what we are supposed to be looking for either. Really makes things difficult.”
The two of them ordered something for lunch before sitting down and carrying on their conversation about the strange missions they were set on.
Ardon would lean in slightly as she spoke, not being able to help it. The dragoness still captured his hearts like nothing else, though he tried to act casual and avoid it at all possible, not wanting to risk muddying their friendship again with another admission of his feelings.
Soon the conversation turned to lighter things, a new film that was set to come out that all the dragons seemed rather interested in. Zyra spoke passionately of the plot dynamics, and Ardon couldn’t help but mirror the smile on her face.
“What are you smiling like that for?” she said, catching him and giving him a wry look.
“Nothing, you just seem rather excited,” he teased.
“Oh you’re the worst, I can’t help but feel you’re making fun of me,” she said with a laugh, pushing his nose with the cuff of her wing, playfully.
Just then Comox came into the room with Vonriir. The large dragon was caught up in telling the boldwing some story about Talkiir but Comox had seen the interaction between his friends. He turned towards the kitchens, the massive dragon following him, undisturbed by his distracted listener.
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While the dragons were talking about the strange tasks and assignments they were doing for Jack and why his interest of the tanker Ocean Explorer 2, soon they would have their answer.
Baxter came in with his tablet in a rather rushed pace, looking around to see if someone was present or not present as he came over to the dragons.
“Hey, Jack isn’t about, is he?” Dr Baxter asked the group of dragons.
"When I last saw him, he was still in his office," said Ardon, sitting up.
"If you want to talk to him about anything that isn't related to the ship I would advise to wait until he's in a better mood."
Dr Baxter nodded, but did not seemed concerned to speaking with Jack.
“Well leave him there, it is for the best, I took a chance and found you all here, I might be able to shed light why Jack is so obsessed about the ship” Dr Baxter said.
Ardon and the others perked up, hearing this. "What? What did you find out?" Asked the gold.
Dr Baxter put his tablet on the table as the dragons gathered round to see what the doctor had discovered.
“I decided to have a dig into the ship and the company who own the ship, The Ocean Explorer 2 was made and created at a quicker pace because of the loss of the first ship the Ocean Explorer 1 which was lost so tragically, that is when Jack began giving us tasks” Dr Baxter explained.
"Does Jack think that maybe the second ship is at the same risk?" Asked Zyra.
Dr Baxter brought up the news feed and reports on the ill-fated first ship that was lost at sea, 4 weeks before the Ocean Explorer 2 was launched.
“Well, there was nothing much to analyse, floating wreckage and a couple of other things, the reports was inconclusive, considering the ship never sent out a mayday either, just gone, kaput, but there is more as I gone digging into the ship and the company” Baxter explained.
"What else did you find?" Asked Ardon, the other dragons waiting to hear the answer.
“Well the company designed the ship, pretty advanced for a super tanker, look who developed and designed the ship” Dr Baxter showed them the tablet and enlarged the name.
"Nathan? Really?" Said Ardon, surprised.
"Who is Nathan?" Asked Comox.
"Jacks, brother," supplied Zyra.
Dr Baxter nodded.
“Yes, he was the chief engineer and head tech on the ship, its his project and guess who got promoted to the company’s board and is now A COO, one Mr Nathan Harkness, Jack’s brother and amazingly he was due to be on board the Ocean Explorer when for its maiden voyage” Dr Baxter said.
Ardon looked stunned, "he would have died then..: with the rest of the crew. I wonder what made him not go on the maiden voyage," wondered the gold dragon, thinking how terrible it would have been if Jack had lost another brother.
Dr Baxter nodded lightly.
“Yes, but because he was a COO he had other business meetings to attend to, he wrote he wanted to be on that ship, I guess small favours, but this explains Jack’s hush and making us do tests on a civilian vessel, it all makes sense now” Dr Baxter responded to the group of dragons before him.
"Why wouldn't he tell us that he's doing it to ensure his family is safe? I don't get it.." said Ardon, shaking his head.
Dr Baxter looked a little glum and showed Torchwood regulations and EA regulations, highlighting the paragraphs most relevant to the question.
“Jack doing this is essentially to help his family, using resources and facility time, he could get into a lot of trouble and be relieved of command because he is emotionally compromised as a leader and he be forced to step down, conflict of interest” Dr Baxter replied with a grim look upon his face.
The dragons seemed to understand the implications of what Baxter said.
"Oh," said Ardon, hearing the consequences if anyone found out what he was doing.
"What do we do? I don't want him to get in trouble."
“Well, he has my support, I know he have the loyalty of the facility but maybe not the ones who don’t know Jack well but senior staff, I wouldn’t trust that little dragon though” Dr Baxter warned.
"I don't think we have to worry about Veyron," said Zyra.
"He wouldn't risk the chance of losing his place here. He would be shooting himself in the foot if he told on jack."
Dr Baxter nodded lightly.
“In any case I think perhaps calling Jack to the dragon hanger and to talk it out might be best, I would advise blocking the exits so he cant walk away, if Zyra tells Melina and I can be there as well, perhaps get some open dialogue here” the doctor said.
"Sounds like an intervention. I can't imagine he would be pleased to be corned like that." Said Comox.
"It won't be," replied Zyra, shaking her head. "Well all sit down together for dinner and we can bring it up then, as concerned friends and colleges."
"We can make sure he doesn't try to walk away and avoid the conversation." Said Ardon.
Dr Baxter shrugged lightly, happy to along with any of the ideas the dragons were floating by, he noticed Vonriir keeping quiet and listening in to the conversation unfold.
“How about the big guy, you up for helping in this dragon intervention?” Dr Baxter asked, some hesitation in his voice.
"Well," said Vonriir, "I would much rather not make the commander upset..."
"It's for his own safety, Vonriir. You'd be helping make sure he doesn't lose the job. If jack doesn't head the dragon academy that might mean disaster for the rest of us." Said Ardon.
"Who knows, he might just simply talk with us when he figures out that we know."
The crag back seemed hesitant but eventually nodded.
“Then it’s settled dinner tonight then, let Melina know as I whistle and head back to the computer labs” Baxter said as he left the dragons to chat amongst themselves.
"How are we going to bring it up to him?" Asked Comox.
"We should be careful in how we address the issue," said Vonriir.
"I think we are all overthinking this too much." Said Zyra firmly.
"He might have not said anything because he was worried that we would fret over the danger of him getting in trouble."
"Yeah," nodded Ardon at her optimism, "maybe he'll be relieved that we know and we are on his side.

The evening came and dinner was soon served as the others gathered for food, the chef had prepared some lighter options due to it getting warm, coming up to the summer, although the air conditioning was on, he thought it be a nice change.
Everyone was gathered at the table, Dr Baxter and Melina sat together as Hitteki sat the other side near to where Comox was sitting, unsurprisingly.
Mark had gone home for the day and didn’t really partake in these little gatherings, neither did Martin, choosing to go home and commute in to work.
“Ardon gone to get Jack?” Melina asked as she had been brought up to speed on the situation.
Baxter nodded.
“Yeah, then we get the fun bit” the man said, not looking forward to this.
“Well, let us hope he is in a listening mood” Hitteki commented.
Ardon had gone to find the man, it did not take him long to find Jack, at his desk in his office studying the blue prints of the Ocean Explorer 2, using the computer system to point out any flaws or weakness, he was engrossed in it that his golden eyes did not leave the screen or hear Ardon approach.
Ardon knocked on the doorframe of jacks office and peered inside, "hey, jack? Dinner is ready."
Jack looked at his watch.
“That the time?, well I guess it is dinner time, I continue this after dinner” Jack said closing his laptop.
"I'll walk down with you. I think Toby made us something good, it smells delicious whatever it is." Replied Ardon.
Jack looked at his watch and the calendar option.
“Toby is off Ardy, he is back in 2 weeks from now, must be his cover chef team, Mike and his team” Jack correct the gold.
"Oh, um yeah." Nodded Ardon, realizing his slightly nervous small talk had been incorrect.
Jack walked into the canteen with the gold not far behind him as Jack greeted the other team members as he sat down at his usual spot with Ardon close by.
“Ahh great, thanks Mike” Jack said as he began to tuck in, he was about to grab his tablet when he noticed not everyone else was eating and all eyes were on him.
“What?, I’m hungry” Jack said in his defence, not realising what was really going on.
"We had something to discuss with you, commander," said Zyra, turning to Melina and Baxter to start the conversation.
Jack looked puzzled as he looked at Dr Baxter and Professor Melina with a curious look.
“Well, sir, we umm kind of know why your obsessed with this ship and you got us running errands on analysis and everything else” Baxter said his bravery faltering lightly as Jack stared at the man with his golden irises.
“Who says I’m obsessed with this vessel, I am merely ensuring its safety and ruling out possible sabotage or terrorism” Jack said simply, the man not revealing the whole truth.
Zyra gave Baxter a sympathetic look, "we're just looking out for you, jack. There are some serious consequences if things go sideways. We don't want that for you."
Jack seemed puzzled.
“I have no idea what you are talking about, lets just eat shall we?” Jack said, trying to take the subject off the table.
"Jack, were trying to talk to you about something important," pressed Ardon. "Can you just listen for a second?"
Jack put his cutlery down but as loudly as possible, looking at Ardon with an annoyed look, an anger that would be passing through the link to Ardon, it resonated clearly to Ardon as the man looked at him.
“Speak then” he demanded.
The room went quiet as all eyes were on Jack and Ardon, the two were very close but when they did have disagreements, they could be as stubborn as one another.
Ardon glared back at jack, wanting to shout but he saw Zyra give him a look.
He let out a slow breath.
"Jack, you are using staff resources to research every bolt and nail of this ship and those with some smudge of involvement. If the EA find out or the higher ups, it could mean your termination. We know your brother designed the ships and should have been on the first one."
Jack seemed surprised by this comment and Jack looked around the table as if judging who decided to go digging deeper than they should have.
“Been sneaking about and getting information have you, you got proof of your allegations….dragon” he said defensively to Ardon.
"Why are you getting so defensive? We are trying to help and are worried. When have I ever lied to you?" Snapped Ardon as the other dragons seemed uncomfortable.
Melina decided to speak, to try and diffuse the situation a little, perhaps get some sort of order back before it became a mudslinging contest.
“Jack, Sir, we know Nathan was the chief designer of the ship and is now the COO of the company, it makes sense what you been doing, we done the work and we have produced reports, I really don’t think your brother’s ship is in any real danger” Melina said in a clam tone of voice.
"If you are really worried you can post one of us with him for the time being or something," suggested Comox.
"Yeah," nodded Ardon. "None of us have been able to find anything suspicious so I think that first ship was a horrible accident."
Jack sighed lightly, shaking his head, not wanting this to go public but the secret was out now and the dragons were all looking at him.
“If it helps sir, I was very attention to detail, I did not find anything wrong” Hitteki said with a hopeful look on her face.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Yes, the reports confirm that the ship is fine, everything has been investigated, so I can rule out sabotage or terrorism or hacking, despite all of this I’m still concerned about that craft” Jack said, the tension in his voice lessening.
"Does your brother know you're investigating?" Asked Comox, "if you are worried for his safety I would be alright with shadowing him for a while until you think whatever threat there may be is over."
The others were quite surprised that the dragon volunteered.
Jack shook his head.
“I appreciate the offer Comox but no thank you, Nathan is not in danger, after the incident with the first ship, with very little evidence, his reputation and credentials were on the line, he is saddened and feels responsible for those sailors deaths” Jack explained as everyone listened in.
“But the reports were inconclusive and ruled out sabotage or anything like that” Dr Baxter said.
“Yes, but the media are cruel people, accusing him of failing to inspect the ship, I called him and told him I had influence with the EA and would check everything, leave no stone unturned to clear his name” Jack replied.
The group grew quiet, hearing the reason why.
"It couldn't be his fault," said Ardon.
"I understand wanting to clear his name, we all do, but you can tell us these things. We work so well as a team, every one of us," she said, gesturing to the group, "and we can't help you to our full potential if you don't let us in on the whole story right away. You can trust us with things like this."
Jack nodded lightly.
“I was protecting you all, if others found out I could be removed as leader for being emotionally involved and being emotionally compromised, that is why” Jack said as Melina smiled lightly.
“Tell us what?” Melina said as Jack smiled.
Dr Baxter shrugged.
“Quiet time, no harm in keeping an eye on local matters” the man said folding his arms.
The others played along, nodding in agreement.
"Bout time we ensured marine security alongside our other obligations." Smiled Zyra.
“Plus I have a trainee teaching us chemistry, well fuel and that fun, so good learning for us” Melina said with a wink as Jack smiled.
Dinner ended with a positive tone as everyone departed for bed as it had been a long and emotional day, with Jack feeling drained from studying and looking at a computer screen, as he got ready for bed.
Ardon came into the quarters and seemed in a happier mood with the man after their evening conversation.
Ardon nosed Jack's shoulder, rubbing his muzzle against him affectionately. "Thanks for telling us, jack."
Jack smiled as he gave Ardon a scratch behind the horns and other sweet spots.
“Yeah, should of said and not worry but least the team are backing me, but with the reports there is enough to clear his name, anyways, thanks for being a stubborn gold” Jack said continuing to scratch his sweet spot.
Ardon tilted his head into the scratch, "stubborn till the bitter end."
Jack laughed lightly.
“So definitely no Forge in there somewhere?, you got his stubborn streak, yet you roll over for scratches and pets” Jack chuckled lightly.
"Who would go through life without that? You'd be missing out," he thrummed, leaning on Jack now, turned to mush now that everything had been resolved.
Jack laughed continuing to give the dragon pets and scratches as the dragon turned puppy like now all way well.
“Come on you, let’s head to bed, tomorrow is a new day” Jack said.
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“Hold up,” said Veyron, flagging down Vonriir and he plodded past. The large dragon stopped and looked down at the wraith as he climbed up his rough scales. Veyron emerged atop his head, between his horns and patted him on the forehead.
“Thanks, champ. It’s a long way from one end of this place to the other,” he said, stretching out on his back, between the cragback’s crest.
“I certainly do not mind.” Replied Vonriir, moving forward in his plodding gate once more. “Happy to give you a lift. It must be tiring being as small as you and still try to get from place to place here.”
The wraith didn’t seem to answer him so the large dragon continued his slow pace to the canteen.
It had been a day since they had spoken to Jack and Vonriir had been rather pleased with the results. He had worried about making the commander upset, and at first it certainly seemed to be going in a negative direction. He could see that Ardon loved his Attilu very much but that didn’t stop them from butting heads. The gold had Forge’s stubbornness and it seemed like Jack had a similar stubborn streak as well.
It all had ended well, much to his relief.
They passed the Syrian dragon’s quarters and the dragon remembered something from the other day. The large dragon had been thinking since Hitteki asked him if he would ever go home. There were some things he certainly missed back on Kilara but they didn’t outweigh the happiness he had here.
“Veyron?” started Vonriir.
“Would you ever go back to Kilara?”
“Hell no. Go live in the dirt and scrounge around for bugs and rodents to survive off of, constantly looking over your shoulder to ensure you don’t get eaten yourself? **** that,” said the little wraith. “Earth is where it’s at. Humans are a bit of a downer but they are ingenious in some ways, I have to give them that. Us dragon? We were living primitively. It's embarrassing. Nah, I love living it up here. Torchwood isn’t a penthouse high-rise looking over the beach but I have some of the necessities of a comfortable life here.”
“Necessities?” asked the large dragon.
“Down quits, electricity, air conditioning, heated floors.. Good television and fine Whiskey.” Listed Veyron, licking his lips at the last item. He was certainly a ‘domesticated’ dragon as Jack would call it. He lived for the finer things in the human world and would not ever leave that behind.
“But you don’t miss anything from back home?”
The wraith went quiet a moment, considering the question.
“Sure I do.”
“What do you miss then?” asked Vonriir, wondering what it could be.
“Action, The ladies,” said Veyron with a laugh, “We are seriously lacking on the glitterscale front.”
Vonriir snorted in disapproval, “Veyron! You shouldn’t talk like that. It’s rather rude.”
“Oh you’re a giant stick in the mud. You asked the question, not my problem if you don’t like my answer.”
“You shouldn’t refer to them as that though.”
“Oh you’re too damn sensitive for a dragon the size of a mountain.”
"I just think you should have a little more decorum when it comes to things like that."
"Sure, sure. The gentledragon you are." Said Veyron, hopping off as the large male passed the command center. "Thanks for the ride."
"Anytime, Veyron."

The little dragon sauntered off, up to more mischief most likely. Vonriir shook his head, half chuckling to himself, Veyron was something else, that was for sure.

Ardon seemed more at ease the day after they had spoken to Jack. He had worried for weeks but how knew what the obsession was about. The gold cared deeply for jacks family and they were with out a doubt included under his umbrella of protection. Dragons were fiercely protective of their Attilus and that guardianship extended to their family and friends as well. It was easy to see when Ardon visited the man's family up in Scotland. He was close, affectionate but also alert to danger should anything befall them. He would not hesitate to put his life on the line for any of them. The true extent of a dragons loyalty was an incredible thing, but perhaps a great weakness as well.
The dragon was laying in their shared quarters, having been oddly quiet for the last hour.
"We should build a house," said Ardon suddenly, right on the grounds, everyone could life close, we could be.... like neighbours."
Jack looked up from his work a little surprised.
"Talk about about out of the blue, you seem anxious Ardon, my family will be fine" Jack attempted to reassure him.
"Well, now that I know what you were worried about, it makes me worry. It would be easier to protect everyone if they weren't scattered around the U.K. " replied the gold. The residual worry was bothering him and talking about ideas aloud seemed like the only solution.
"I verty much doubt mum would leave her house and she wants us to be independent not surrounding her, you know that" Jack replied.
The dragon hummed, nodding.
"I know..." said Ardon. "I used to check on the house up in Scotland from time to time. Maybe I'll do that again." he suggested.
"I think that is not needed Ardy, they be fine or just giving them a ring if your that concerned, you gone into protective mode again" Jack replied.
Ardon shrugged, jack was right. He did have a tendency to get like this when he worried for jack and the others. He let out a breath, he was over reacting, just like Jack had with the ship, he thought.
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It was Mid day before Baxter returned to the computer labs, having had a meeting with senior members of the team regarding schedules, rotas and other boring stuff that Baxter always referred to on a spreadsheet.
Baxter kept all his staff rota’s and other important events on spreadsheets, it made for easier viewing for him, along with holiday trackers and other paperwork that came with being head of the department.
The male bold wing lay on the door of Baxter’s office, nose pointed at a screen with great focus across his face as he studied a chart that the man had given him. The dragon was hard at work trying to keep up with all the learning material he had been given.
Baxter arrived to see Comox hard at work, not even noticing the man enter the office with his laptop.
“Afternoon, aren’t you supposed to be flying out and about with the others, it’s a lovely day” Baxter replied, sitting at his desk.
"Yeah... but I have a lot to catch up on," replied the dragon.
Dr Baxter opened his file and looked at Comox workload allocation.
“You sure?, you seem up to date ot me, according to your tracker, you been pretty good with your E learning and other things, so why you hiding in my labs and office young Comox” the doctor asked.
"Because..." said Comox, pinning back his sail awkwardly.
Baxter smiled a little as he adjusted his glasses on his face.
“That green Syrian girl after you again is she?” enquired the man.
"How do you know?" Asked the dragon, tilting his head at how he had known.
Baxter closed his laptop and looked at the dragon kindly.
“You always come in here when in need of refuge, I am not a dragon enthusiast nor am I trained in dragon behaviours like Jack and Melina, but I am observant and I have seen a pattern, you come in here, focus hard on your work, when you need peace or a hiding place” Baxter replied.
"You don't mind that I do, do you, Baxter? I understand if you do, it's just easier to busy myself with this than try to talk to her," he admitted.
Baxter nodded.
“Of course it’s ok, what is it about her that makes you run to the hills, or my office If I may ask?” Baxter enquired.
"I don't know. Talking to girls is intimidating," he admitted sheepishly. "And she's intimidating all on her own." He said with a nervous laugh.
Baxter could relate to that, he felt a little intimidated by strong willed women and those with very confident personalities, only because himself was never into the macho lad culture, he was indeed a big nerd as Jack referred to him as, but he made do.
“I know how you feel, seems shes got fire in her spirit and is strong willed, confident, she would intimidate me too” Baxter replied.
Comox nodded, "I’m hoping her interest will pass if I hide in here long enough. Kinda sad." He said, laughing at himself.
“Have you asked her, what she finds appealing about you?, You have grown in confidence Co, I have seen it, heck when Jack and you were vsing, you be down after he beat you, but you went back for another go, I think you got a lot of spirit and confidence than you know Co” Baxter said, his words honest and true from the man.
The dragon gave him a small smile. It was kind of him to say such things. "Thanks, Bax, I rather not ask her so she knows that I know. I'd rather just avoid the whole thing."
The man nodded lightly.
“Well I won’t stop you hiding here, but you can only stay for 2 hours, then you got to do dragon things” Baxter said with a light laugh.
"You're cruel," smirked Comox.
Dr Baxter laughed lightly.
“I set Jack on you, so two hours then do dragon stuff” the man said opening his laptop.
"Fine," replied the dragon, already thinking where he could slink to next to avoid Hitteki.
Meanwhile in the other side of the facility, Melina, Zyra and Josh were in the labs where the young technician was sharing his chemistry background and excellent analysis techniques on the fuel sample brought in.
Melina made notes and was pleased the man seemed confident in his teaching, though he asked occasionally if Melian was ok with this which she was, she tried to reassure him with a smile.
Zyra took notes as she sat next to josh as he explained the fuel analyses process.
"Do you repeat the process if there are abnormalities to ensure it wasn't a fluke or just move on?" She asked.
Josh nodded to Zyra’s question.
“We try and run the test 3 times, to ensure no human error, if we do get results slightly different, we take an average of the 3, usually the first we don’t really count and use it as a base, different fuels give different degree of errors and figures” Josh explained to the girls.
"Your methods seem pretty airtight," said Zyra, impressed, "But do you tend to find that different fuels give different anomaly results?"
Josh nodded lightly to Zyra’s questions.
"Yes, the older fuels or dirtier not as refined fuels tend to get odd results, we usually filter it through large industrial filter systems, to weed out any impurities" Josh explained to the girls.
The dragoness nodded, writing down a few notes. "So what makes Alsterine different compared to the other fuels?"
Josh brought up the information on the main computer on the new fuel with all the data and chemical composition.
"It is allot more pure naturally, it is refined and lasts longer and cleaner than oil based petroleum by 45%, in liquid form it is pretty much ready to go, though it can be allot more flammable and sensitive to reactions" Josh explained.
"Are any sort of additives put in to help with the reactivity?" asked Zyra
Josh shook his head lightly, showing the girls the chemical structure on the main screen.
"That is the great thing it doesn't need any hence why it is a revolutionary fuel and a good in between to fusion power"
Zyra seemed a little confused by this. "You said the fuel is more sensitive to reaction and has a high flammability rating but he manufacturers don't put in any additives to lessen the danger?"
Josh explained a bit more to Zyra.
"Additives would lower the purity believe it or not, it is only flammable in its high pure liquid form" Josh explained.
"Oh okay," nodded Zyra, writing down something in her notes.
“Seems this fuel is the last one before Oil is gone, I know some countries are still developing the modern energies but use older technology” Melina said with the young man nodding.
“It is, very good sort of use, the advantage, you don’t need as much as oil based fuel and it is definitely a major achievement to be discovered” Josh said as Melina nodded as Josh explained the chemical structures and teaching the girls.

Later in the evening Jack returned to his quarters with Ardon dozing in his room, Jack started to pack a rucksack and putting files into it.
“Hey Ardy, get up please and fetch your riding harness” Jack asked the golden dragon.
"Where are we going?" Asked Ardon.
“Meeting my brother Nathan, at his home, but going at night so we are not seen so perhaps need to put your night riding gear on, the stealth stuff designed for you.” Jack said to the gold.
"Oh, alright," Ardon nodded, wondering it was all about as he left to go fetch his gear.
“I meet you in the hanger” Jack said as the dragon left as Jack got ready.
Ardon walked into the hangar and retrieved the stealth rigging from where it hung on the hook.
He hadn't used this gear before but managed to get into it without much issue. A fine matte mesh stretched over his scales to hide their shimmer.
Jack walked in and nodded to Ardon.
“Looks a good fit, how does it feel and expand your wings, make sure nothing catches” Jack said
"My wings feel weird like this but I don't think they will hinder flying all that much." Said the dragon, fanning his wings.
“Good, the reason I’ve ask Ardy is that we cannot be seen by the EA or anyone, we must be stealthy, If I am seen to be giving information to Nathan, then my position and his in jeopardy, this time we must be stealthy” Jack explained.
"I can do stealth," nodded Ardon, with a serious look but he worried that his size might complicate things.
"Um, I hate to give it to Veyron but he might be a safer option if you want there to be no risk."
Jack nodded.
“Yes but Veyron will utilise things for his own good and want something in return, I know how he works and so does Mark, he is in it for him, not the greater good, while he is excellent at stealth and scouting, I’d like him to be in controlled situations, besides he couldn’t carry this ruck sack” Jack said.
Just then Veyron was suddenly on jack’s shoulder, having appeared out of nowhere. "Oh, that's what you really think of me, huh? After I save your life and all that? What kind of thanks is that?"
Jack looked surprised to see the wraith was there.
“What did you” Jack seemed to stutter, genuinely surprised the wraith had appeared.
“You been following me?” he asked.
"I saw Goldie get into that ridiculous getup and thought I might stick around to see what's up," said Veyron smugly, pleased that he had startled them both.
"You see, taking that elephant of a dragon, suit or not, is ridiculous if you are going for a stealthy angle."
Ardon growled, not pleased it’s having Veyron sneak in the way he did without him knowing.
"Cool your jets, only stating the obvious." Veyron replied.
“This is a sensitive matter Veyron, let us be honest you want something in return, despite the generous contract we agreed to, plus this rucksack be bit heavy for you” Jack replied.
"Maybe I don't want to help, after those insensitive comments?" Said the wraith through his teeth.
Ardon huffed, "you wouldn't be here if you didn't part to be part of it."
"Ah you're right. I mostly want to know what's in the bag," smirked Veyron. "Tell you what, I'll do it IF I don't have to do any of that professor’s nonsense routine that she's trying to get me to do. I don't think that's so bad of a trade."
Jack smirked slightly at the trade offer.
"Oh Melina's wraith fitness program, to make you Torchwood 5 Olympic weightlifting champion" Jack lightly teased, knowing the professor was trying to get Veyron to conform the the routines of the other dragons, much to the chagrin of the wraith.
"Yeah, take that off my requirements and I'll go run your little errand." Said the wraith.
"Think the rucksack is a little heavy for you Veyron" Jack stated.
"Well what's in it?" Asked the wraith.
“Important hard copies, reports and conclusions on the investigations of the Ocean Explorer 2, Hard copies of all reports, analysis and conclusions, to be delivered to my brother Nathan, again important work I cant be seen to be associated with” Jack explained to the wraith.
"Where does he live?" Asked Veyron.
"What does it matter?" Snorted Ardon.
"It matters," quipped Veyron, pointing a Talon at him.
I can't carry it across the country but if someone gets me close I can manage. Or drone it in, I don't care."
Jack had to agree, “Well Ardon could take you and then you carry it a short distance to the house, as I said I still think its too heavy for you Veyron” Jack replied.
"I'll be fine. Just have goldilocks here drop me off from a distance and I'll get it done," said Veyron confidently.
Jack looked at Ardon and tried not to roll his eyes at the wraith’s comments.
He took off his rucksack as Veyron climbed down now on the ground, “Lets see if you can carry it first of all” Jack said putting the heavy rucksack on the small shoulders of the noodle of a dragon.
The dragon kept a straight face as the initial weight of the bag nearly toppled him, Veyron had to use his tail to prop up the bag, neat as big as he was, so that it wouldn't drag.
He walked in a circle, showing off with a flashy grin.
Ardon snorted, two small plumes of smoke billowing out of his nose.
"Thought it couldn't do it, huh, bucko?"
Jack nodded lightly.
“Ok, I protect you from Melina’s regime for this, a deal is a deal Veyron, just take things in moderation” Jack said the wraith.
"Yeah, yeah," said Veyron with a wave of his paw.
Jack sighed lightly, why he agreed to this made him wonder, a deal was a deal.
"Ardon, take Veyron to my brother and deliver the papers please" Jack asked the gold.
"I'll let you know when we're back," said Ardon, picking up the bag and letting Veyron jump up.
Jack smiled lightly.
“Remember, stealth and keep out of sight, oh and make sure Veyron isn’t too rude” Jack said to the gold dragon as he took off, the doors opened and the golden dragon flew out.
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“You look like the equivalent of a man in a onesie in the getup you’re wearing,” teased Veyron.
“I do not. It’s to help stop my scales from reflecting light.”
“You do. You look like a lizard shoved into ladies stockings.,” Veyron poked at the mesh.
“I can dump you off right now, wraith,” growled Ardon.
“Oooh touchy are we?” cooed Veyron.
“Just knock it off,” huffed the gold. “Why did you want to do this?” asked Ardon out of the blue.
“Cause I could,” was his passenger’s non-committal reply.
“That’s not an answer.”
“I’m nosy. How’s that? And if the simple errand of dropping off some papers at Jack’s brother’s house gets me out of Professor Goodwin’s torture boot camp than so be it. “
He wasn’t going to tell the golden dragon that he hating hearing the team doubt him, and hear that they thought so little of him, but he liked proving them wrong more. The wraith was a prideful dragon; he lived on the ego boost he received for things like that.
Ardon snorted at that answer but accepted it non-the-less.
“When you drop off the papers be nice. I don’t want Jack telling me that you were rude to his family,” warned Ardon.
“What do you take me for?” said Veyron in mock offence.
“A rude noodle with ulterior motives that has a tendency to run his mouth.”
“That be you’re truly,” chuckled the wraith. Ardon rolled his eyes.
They flew on in relative quiet the rest of the way until they approached a beautiful neighbourhood. Large houses with manicured lawns and beautiful cars in driveways decorated the trees below. All seemed quite but the numerous street lights and decorative lighting from the houses below lit up the night like a stage. Ardon flew high above, so he wouldn’t be detected but didn’t know how he was going to get down there without drawing attention and setting off every motion detection light in the area.
“Jack wanted me to get him here without getting noticed?” said Ardon, circling high above the neighbourhood. “I wouldn’t have gotten close.”
“No, this is a pretty affluent neighbourhood. My guess is that there would be a ton of security cameras to protect all their ****.”
“I don’t know if I could get you very close without being seen.”
“Don’t worry about that, keep circling. I’ve got an idea,” said the little dragon, running down Ardon’s back. The gold turned his head to see what the wraith was up to.
“Hey!” he shouted when he could see Veyron ripping at the ultralight flexible panelling that covered his flanks. The wraith ignored him, tearing the stitching out from the mesh. It was made of a matte plastic and once he got it free he held it up.
“You just wrecked-“
“Oh shut it, Goldie, I know what I’m doing. You can survive a little wardrobe malfunction.”
“What are you doing?”
“Well, I’m going to jump, obviously. But the bag is as heavy as I am so I ain’t flying totally on my own wings alone. I have devised myself a little help.” The wrath explained, putting on the backpack.
“You’re going to use it as a parachute?” asked Ardon.
“In a way.”
“I’m not going down there if you splat on the ground,”
“Love you too, Goldie, I’ll meet you back home, don’t wait up.”
With that, Veyron jumped off of Ardon’s back and began to plummet to the ground, The gold was about to dive for him when the wraith opened his wings and the improvised parachute. It slowed him down but he still fell at an alarming rate.
“Crap,” cursed Ardon as he watched Veyron hurtle downwards.

“****,” Veyron Swore, trying to manipulate the piece of plastic to slow him down further. He twisted and caught the air better with his wings, slowing his decent as the bag pulled him towards the ground. He crashed through a tree before landing with a thump in a bunch of shrubs.
“That went better in my head,” said the wraith, detangling himself from the branches and dragging the bag with him past the pool and towards the back door. He heard Ardon’s wings fly off into the sight but couldn’t spot him above. He let the back go and rapped his knuckles against the door and waited.
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Nathan approached the door and opened it, thinking it could be Jack and Ardon, having gotten a cryptic email on his laptop and then it deleted itself 2 hours later, it indeed made Nathan wonder but he did not see anyone at the door which puzzled him.
"Down here," said Veyron, folding his arms as he tapped his foot impatiently.
Nathan looked down and seemed surprised to see the small dragon waiting on his porch, tapping his foot and looking inpatient.
“Oh, hello there, I was expecting Jack and Ardon, he did not mention he had any other dragons coming” Nathan said looking around to see if Jack and Ardon were hiding or lurking about.
"They thought it would be safer to send me. Getting Ardon anywhere covertly is next to impossible if you ask me. Besides, Jack isn't very conspicuous either. So you have me, master of stealth. The name's Veyron." Replied the little dragon.
Nathan nodded lightly.
“Well pleased to meet you Veyron, please come in, want me to take that rucksack?” Nathan asked, not knowing the kind of dragon he was dealing with, if he expected the wraith to be like Ardon, he was in for a shock.
"Sure, it's for you anyway," said the wraith, passing it off and walking into the house with an appraising eye.
Nathan followed the small dragon and looked a bit puzzled about the contents of the rucksack.
“What is in here anyways Veyron, did you umm want something to drink or eat?” Nathan asked.
"Documents, hard copies of files, nothing interesting." Says Veyron, hopping up on the table. "I'll take a drink if you have it." He said, looking around the nice kitchen, thinking he wouldn't mind living in a place like this.
“Oh, about the work he had mentioned I guess, I do appreciate him going to great lengths for me, what would you like to drink, I am not sure what dragons might drink besides water or milk” Nathan said.
"Anything harder? I just got dropped out of the sky with that bag." He replied.
Nathan looked at him puzzled.
“Harder?, as in like alcohol?” he asked the wraith, not realising who he was dealing with before him.
"Yeah, it would make the saunter home a little more enjoyable," said the wraith.
“Oh I see, well what is your tipple if I may ask, I have never heard of a dragon liking alcohol before, Ardon usually just has water when I see him” Nathan said.
"Whiskey, bourbon?" Said Veyron. "He's just a kid and a dragon his size would be a bull in a china shop. You have a pretty sweet house here, Nathan. Better than living in a bunker."
Nathan seemed al little taken aback by the dragon’s request, drinking on the job, but the man complied with the dragon’s request opening his cupboard and pouring a tumbler of whiskey, but he did not hear much of the wraith’s compliment.
“Umm, do you have it straight or on the rocks, or with water?” Nathan asked.
"Straight is fine," said Veyron. "So, pretty lucky you weren't on that first ship, you must be ****ting horseshoes or something.
Nathan seemed again surprised by the language and tone the wraith used, not really sure how to approach speaking with this colourful dragon.
“I’m doing what? And umm yes small favours I is your drink” Nathan said putting the glass next to the wraith.
“Scottish blend from up the highlands, 18 years old aged in oak barrels” Nathan added.
Veyron took a small sip and seemed to approve. "Thanks. So, for the brother of a high ranking commander that works with dragons, we don't seem to see you around much." The dragon said, digging for information.
Nathan seemed a little amused by the dragons comments, “Well, Jack has always kept himself to himself, always gone in a different direction to most of us, least he is with us and not dead as we all assumed years ago, he is a good man” Nathan replied.
"Must have been quite the shock for him to return from the dead," hummed Veyron.
“Yes it was quite a shock, I am glad he is back at least” Nathan said.
Soon enough footsteps could brd coming down the stairs, walking into the kitchen was James, who was in his Pjs as he looked at his dad and then his eyes were locked onto Veyron.
“James, this isn’t a good time, I thought you were in bed” Nathan said as James nodded.
“I was, couldn’t sleep, came down for a glass of water, heard talking, thought Ardon would be here” James said.
Nathan shook his head.
“No, just this little fellow, Veyron, he been sent by Jack to deliver some notes and papers” Nathan said.
“Ardon told me about you, he says you’re a very sly and nosy dragon, he told me to be careful of little wafer dragons” James said not getting the breed quite right.
Nathan seemed surprised James had not mentioned anything as he watched the wraith lock his eyes on James.
"Hah, wafer? Kid, I'm a shadow wraith. Ardon just said that cause I'm more clever than he is and he doesn't like it," he said, jumping to his shoulders. "Having a wraith on your side is good luck."
James looked at the wraith with a funny look.
“Uncle Ardon said your crafty and can talk yourself out of trouble, he says you also have a drinking problem” James replied, the kid seemed more switched on than the wraith gave him credit for.
The wraith's expression change, dropping his fake smile, "Kid, Ardon says a lot of things. Most of them are stupid."
Nathan coughed and interrupted the conversation.
“I appreciate you bringing the notes, give Jack my thanks, have you got transport back to Jack or is Ardon meeting you somewhere” Nathan asked as James kept his gaze on the wraith.
"I'll figure out a way back," said Veyron, hopping back to the table and draining the last bit of his drink. He gave a salute before jumping off the table and headed for the front door.
Nathan looked at James and then to the wraith.
“Wait, I wouldn’t be doing Jack a good deed if I did not email him back or phone him and arrange transport for him, come back in and James can watch you” Nathan said gesturing him to come back as James sat at the table.
"I don't need supervision, but I'll take you up on your offer of a way back." said the dragon.
“Ok, I get Jack on the phone” Nathan said as the wraith made his way back to the table as James watched him.
“Do shadow wraith’s like cookies, as well as whiskey, I was told not to pet you as you click your teeth at me” James said.
"A cookie? Sure, kid, as long as there's no raisins," said Veyron.
James went and got the biscuit tin and opened it, getting two out as he gave one to the small shadow wraith.
“One cookie, chocolate chip, no raisins as ordered” James replied.
The dragon took the treat and bit into it, chewing thoughtfully. He turned to see James still looking at him. "What?" He asked.
James seemed to smile.
“Just observing you, very different to uncle Ardon, in many ways, you must glide, your wings aren’t big enough for you to fly regularly” James observed.
"I can fly just fine but gliding is easier," said the wraith. "Have you met any of the other dragons? We're all quite different."
James shook his head lightly.
"Just Ardon, he tells me of others and who to watch out for, you were one to watch out for" James replied eating his cookie.
"It's because I'm too smart for him. He doesn't like it," replied the wraith.
“I see” replied James, not totally convinced.
Nathan came back in and said that Jack was sending someone was coming to collect Veyron from the house.
James asked another question as the wraith seemed to enjoy the additional cookie provided.
"Are all wraiths like you" James asked.
"Dashingly handsome? No, I'm an exception." He said.
Nathan smiled lightly as there was a knock on the door, Nathan went to answer it as a black unmarked car waited on the drive way, it appeared Veyron’s lift had arrived.
“Well, seems your transport is here” the man said.
"Thanks for the hospitality. " said the wraith, walking out the door, "come visit some time."
He hopped through the window of Mark's car and settled in the front seat.
"Hey, my number one fan. Did know taxi duty was part of your job description."
Mark glanced over to him and shook his head.
“I am the only one that seems to have a tiny bit of respect for you it seems, was sent to get you as soon as you and Ardon left for Nathan’s orders are to bring you home” Mark replied.
"Home can wait, lets go someone more interesting than the concrete hole in the ground before I have to go back," said Veyron.
Mark raised a brow and gave the wraith a questioning look.
"Oh?, where exactly did you have in mind, people would say your a spoilt dragon".
"I dunno. Drivers choice. Somewhere not Torchwood." Said the dragon.
"What if that isn't my orders, Jack would not approve" Mark replied.
"Oh you're just as fun as the rest of them," Veyron huffed, sitting back in the seat. "Fine, fun police, let’s go home."
Mark gave a small smile.
“I know a bar outside, quiet place and won’t attract attention, just this once Veyron or I be reprimanded” Mark said as he drove off away from the house.
"What would you be getting in trouble for. You came and got me. We will eventually go home. Consider this a detour," said the wraith with a grin.
Mark shook his head as they drove off, taking the detour and heading towards a bar that Mark visited a few times, he knew the owner and it was a quiet place where mark could reflect on matters without his family in his ears.
When they arrived, Mark looked at the small wraith who seemed pleased that Mark had taken his demand to go for a detour.
“Ok, I go get us a private area and our own space at the bar, you best stick close” Mark said.
"Like a shadow," said the little dragon, following him.
Mark gestured for him to hide in his coat as Mark went in, he spoke to the barman and after a few words Mark got a private place with their own bar, the barman was paid to keep his mouth shut and a few stern words the young barman shook his head.
“Ok Veyron coast is clear, come pick what you want” Mark said, opening up his jacket where the small wraith had been hiding.
The dragon jumped out onto the seat beside him and peered over the bar. He relayed his order to the man before sitting back on his haunches.
"I used to hit up a few bars in LA, unnoticed of course. It's rather interesting up in the rafters, people watching." He said.
“Well, keep this between us dragon, I don’t want to take sides or appear soft but, you got a certain character I respect, but you betray that, I make Melina put you on an intensive fitness course” Mark replied.
"Fair enough," said Veyron, putting up his paws briefly. "A wraith won't ruin a good thing if it benefits him, as I've heard said."
Mark gave a small smile.
“Good, cheers then and enjoy, our secret” Mark rsaid.
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The next day Ardon was given the day to himself now that the job of getting Nathan the files had been completed. He had been disappointed that the wrath had been the one to do the job but he had to admit it was better that he did. Ardon did not want to risk anything that might put Jack’s career in jeopardy.
Everything seemed to go according to plan and when he woke up there had been a check in that Veyron had made it back to the base safely. Ardon hoped that he had not been terribly rude to jacks family while he was there.
The gold dragon rolled his shoulders and shook out his scales before trotting down the hall in search of the others.
He found Hitteki first in the hall opposite on her way to the canteen, working on her reading and writing comprehension.
"Hey Hitteki, do you want to come down to the creek with me and the others?" Asked the dragon, “it's a nice day out so I thought we'd take advantage while it's quiet in the base."
Hitteki nodded getting to her feet, "Sure, I would love to accompany you, is everyone going?" she asked.
`We have to find them first, I know Zyra is in the labs but we`ll have to figure out where Comox has gotten to.`
Hitteki nodded lightly, "I be honoured to come along guardian Ardon, I am sure Comox is around...somewhere" the female replied following the gold.
Ardon smiled to himself where she couldn’t see. This dragoness was a funny one.
“You don’t have to be honoured, we’re just hanging out. Come on, let's go find Comox. Zyra is probably in the labs so we can get her last,"
After a bit of searching they found the male boldwing hidden away in Baxter's office, working on organizing files for the man.
"Hi Bax. Co, let's go," said Ardon.
"Go where?" Asked the dragon, spotting hitteki behind the gold.
"We are all going to the creek and you're coming." Ardon informed him.
"But I have work to do..."
"Your two hours is up young bold wing, time to do dragon things," Dr Baxter said as Hitteki chuckled lightly.
Comox Gave Baxter a look, “We’re supposed to be on a team,” he whispered to the man as he got up and followed them out.
“So, the creek?” Comox asked, walking next to Ardon.
“Yeah, we have to find Zyra first, let’s go head down to the labs.”

Melina entered the labs with a spring in her step and a smile on her face. "Hey Zyra, we got a guest arriving later on in the afternoon, I hope you be as excited as I am" Melina said. "Who is it?" Asked the dragoness as she looked up from her tablet. The dragoness had felt a surge of excitement through the link about a half hour earlier but couldn't tell what it was. She tilted her head as Melina seemed to delay giving her any answer.
"It’s a surprise Zy, a special one and I hope you be happy about meeting our guest," Melina replied.
Zyra raised a brow and a wry smile crossed her face, "how about I guess and if I get it right you have to tell me?" She suggested, putting down her tablet and giving the professor her full attention.
Melina shook her head lightly. “No, not this time a genuine surprise my girl" Melina said with a smile.
"Hmm," she said, looking at the woman with a suspicious interest before circling her once. She wondered if the professor would reveal any hints in her body language.
“I know what you’re doing so unless you can use Brathille or telepathic mental strength, you're out of luck," Melina said with a grin.
"Fine," laughed Zyra. Just then there was a knock on the window and they turned to see Ardon and the gang waving at her.
"Come to the creeeeeek," came Ardon's muffled voice.
"Do I have time to go out with these goofs before your guest arrives?" Asked Zyra, turning back to Melina.
Melina nodded. "To do dragon things" Melina grinned teasing after hearing Baxter use the same term.
“Yes, dragon things,” laughed the Boldwing. “I’ll be back in a few hours. I want to know what surprise guest is then!”
The dragoness turned and met the others out in the hall. Ardon greeted her with a grin before everyone turned and headed off to the dragon hangar. The group of them burst out into the blue sky above, laughing and flying recklessly through the cloudless expanse.
They landed down by the little creek that ran through the property, surrounded by trees that lent them shade. They chatted and talked amongst themselves as the water babbled by.
“So, I was up last night just after two,” started Comox, starting a new story as the lull from the other one grew.
“Why so late?” asked Ardon.
“I couldn’t sleep. But then when I was in the canteen I saw Mark and Veyron stroll in.”
“At two? Mark left at 11 to pick up Veyron. It should have taken an hour and a half tops, I wonder what they were doing?”
“Well,” snickered Comox, “Veyron seemed a little..” the dragon pretended to stumble and wobble back and forth drunkenly.
The group laughed and Zyra shook her head, smiling.
“That wraith is going to overdo it one of these days.”
“You’re telling me he hasn’t already?”
Another round of laughter filled the glen as they dissolved into more chatter.
“You’ve had goofy smile on your face since we left the labs,” Said Ardon, noticing Zyra with her head off in the clouds.
“Melina’s been in a giddy mood all day. It’s hard not to be bubbly but she said we’re having a guest come to the facility.” Said the dragoness.
“Who?” asked Comox as Hitteki seemed interested as well in what guest could possibly evoke anticipation.
“I have no idea, she wouldn’t tell me, wouldn’t even let me guess,” Zyra replied with a wry smile. “She’s excited about it though, so it must be someone interesting. Speaking of which, we’ve been out here for a while so I should get back to see if they’ve arrived yet. I’ll see you guys later.”
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Soon a shuttlecraft approached the base and descended into the main transport hanger and Melina waited patiently as the shuttle landed onto the designated pad, she signed authorization for clearance for the hanger manager as Melina seemed a little nervous.
She had been searching for ages for this person and finally found him out of pure coincidence and had decided to make contact via email and there had been exchanges of messages and arrangements while Zyra had been away, she just hoped Zyra would be happy.
An hour or two later Zyra was approaching the base, the guest should be here by now as the dragon hanger doors opened up for the bold wing to fly in.
The dragoness landed in the dragon hanger and made her way to the labs but Melina wasn't there. One of the lab tech directed her to the conference room where she had left.
Zyra made her way down, wondering who could be the visitor.
As the dragoness approached the conference room, Melina was stood outside, waiting it seemed for the dragoness to show up, she seemed a little on edge but a cautious happiness fed through the bonded link as the bold wing approached her.
"Hey Mel, has our secret guest arrive?" asked the dragoness.
Melina looked up and nodded with a small smile, the conference curtains were drawn so Zyra wouldn’t be able to see who was inside.
“Yes they have arrived, they are in the conference room, before you go in, I want you to know I did this for you ok?” Melina said putting her hand on the bold wing’s white scaled chest.
Zyra tilted her head to the side, confused, "What do you mean, Mel? Who's in there?"
Melina moved her hand away and looked up at the dragoness.
“You soon know, go on in” Melina simply said.
Melina opened the door and allowed the bold wing to go in first, she crossed her fingers hoping everything would work out.
Zyra stepped into the room and froze where she stood when she saw a strangely familiar face. It took her a moment to recognize who the man was standing before her, now aged from when she last saw him many years ago, back on Kilara.
"Doctor Jacobs..." she said in almost a whisper.
The man stood up slowly and removed his glasses, the man had a lot more grey hairs on his head but his eyes were still bright and sharp, the man was dressed smartly as he looked as nervous and in awe of the dragoness he first saw when she was small.
“Zyra, my how you have grown into a beautiful dragoness, I thought you would have, seeing you all those years ago” the man said.
The last time Jacobs had seen her, the bold wing had been tiny compared to her current stature, way back before he was removed from his station.
"I didn't... I had searched for you the first year I came here. I couldn't ever find you. I thought perhaps you had.... gone." Said Zyra, still trying to process what was happening.
Melina stood by her dragoness to provide some emotional support, she could feel and tell this was a lot to process and a lot of memories to come flooding back.
“The professor reached out to me, after I returned to Earth I kept myself hidden, there was..alot I was not proud of Zyra, I did not want people to find me, but your Atillu was very persuasive” Dr Jacobs said.
Zyra looked over at Mel, surprised before she turned back to Doctor Jacobs.
"You're the reason I'm here. I wouldn't have been able to be here, to have an Attilu, if it wasn't for the compassion you showed me at the Windbreaker labs." she said, hearing the guilt in his voice and wanting to remedy it.
Dr Jacobs smiled but his face told a different story, one of sadness and regret.
“My regret was I could not protect you long enough, I did what I could to keep you safe before I was removed from my position, I saw you on the media news, it made me happy your survived the attack on the facility..but…but” the seemed emotional to say the words.
“Dr Jacobs kept hidden, feeling the shame of what he was asked to do on Kilara, it took me a good while to finally track him down Zy” Melina added as the man nodded lightly.
"That's why I couldn't find you..." said Zyra. The dragoness hesitated a moment but then moved forward, touching her muzzle to his hands in forgiveness.
"I am fine, alive and well and couldn't be more pleased with what and where I am today. You were just following orders but broke them. You are empathetic and compassionate. Don't dwell on the past."
D Jacobs smiled and smoothed the muzzle of the female bold wing, the man was still in awe of how the little dragoness had grown.
“Your scales are still as smooth as I first touched them all those years ago, you grown into a fine dragoness Zyra” Dr Jacobs said happily.
"Thank you, Doctor Jacobs. Have you been well since returning to earth?" Asked the bold wing.
The man nodded lightly.
“Keeping myself busy, lecturer at a quiet university on the edges of Northern Ireland, away from things and activities on the mainland UK, I can see you are in adventures, a doctor yourself, I was so proud and happy to hear that, you were always a very smart girl” Dr Jacobs said as Melina smiled lightly.
Zyra looked down at her paws for a moment, smiling. "You inspired me from the beginning. If it wasn't for that I very much doubt I wouldn't be here today."
Dr Jacobs smiled lightly.
“Always switched on that girl professor, I remember the first few days I allowed her out and was teaching her to read, such a bright dragoness” Dr Jacobs said.
“That has not changed Doctor, she is always got her head in a book, I am very proud to have Zyra with me, enjoying the work I do” Melina said happily.
Zyra didn't know what to do with all the praise, blushing pink a little across her nose.
"It's been amazing, learning here and working with this... this spectacular group of individuals. It's been difficult at times but I wouldn't change it for the world."
Melina smiled.
“Shall we get something to eat, we can talk and discuss a few things, plus can show the good doctor round our labs as well, show him one or two projects going on, since he be here a few days” Melina said to the bold wing.
"Oh you're staying? How wonderful. You can meet my friends as well. I'm sure they'd be interested in meeting you," said the dragoness.
“Of course, only for a few days though” Dr Jacobs said as Melina smiled.
“Please, this way” Melina said as the dragoness seemed happy, giving Melina a quick lick in gratitude to the professor as they made their way down to the canteen.

Jack had found a quiet moment to at least relax and get out his trusty sketchbook and pencils, Ardon was snoozing on the floor nearby as the man sat in his chair and began to sketch out Ardon once again, he had gotten better recently, but with everything going on currently, he had not done much drawing.
Today with his brother confirming he had all the documentation and reports, it put his mind at ease about the other ship, which was due to be on its maiden voyage in 2 days’ time.
Ardon shifted in his sleep, slowly stretching as he woke. Opening a golden eye he saw that jack had his sketchbook at hand.
"Drawing your favourite subject again?" He yawned.
Jack looked up and smiled.
“Sorry If I woke you, was just sketching now I had a bit of time to do so, just quick doodle, nothing grand” Jack said.
"No you didn't wake me, can I see?" Asked the dragon, sitting up and refolding his wings.
Jack nodded.
“I need to draw you in more poses, powerful poses and all, I want to do a nice one for the wall over there” Jack said pointing to it before showing the gold the sketch.
"You can't get enough of me?" Chuckled Ardon. "That'd be nice though."
Jack smirked as he suddenly got up from his chair and closed his book, “Oh you think so? Well Im going to go draw Vonriir the rest of the day if your going to be like that” Jack said making his way to the door.
"You're bluffing," grinned Ardon.
“Fine, watch me Golden boy” Jack said he smiled as the doors opened and he gave Ardon a sly look to see if the dragon would hop up and drag him back in to do the drawing.
The dragon gave a low growl but couldn't mask the smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.
Jack grinned, his golden eyes flashing with the same mischievous intent that Ardon’s had, the man and dragon liked to bounce off each other.
“Try and catch me Ardy” Jack winked before sprinting off down the corridor.
"Oh you're in for it!" Growled Ardon playfully, shooting off at a sprint, skidding out the door and dashing down the hall.
Jack laughed as he ran down the corridor, towards the dragon hanger, taking sharp turns and down the corridors
Ardon couldn't run down the smaller corridors without wrecking the place so he raced off down the further hall, sprinting as fast as he could, "better run faster than that!" He shouted.
Jack pegged it down the smaller corridors before entering the dragon corridors, which were far wider as the man ran fast, to any others he be a blur as he saw the empty hanger.
“Hah, beat you, Computer open Hanger doors” Jack shouted as the doors opened, Jack thinking he had beaten Ardon to the punch.
Suddenly the gold dragon came out of nowhere with a predatory growl, tackling the man in the middle of the hanger.
Jack was surprised as he was thrown to the floor with a thump, Jack realised the dragon had got him and the man was trying to escape, as the two engaged in tomfoolery.
The dragon laughed, holding him down, "you shouldn't challenge your dragon. I'm a born predator." He said before licking him across the face.
Jack laughed as he tried to get away, Jack seemed to go back into his super human routine, managing to throw Ardon off him as he rolled and got to his feet, panting as he laughed, the two of them had not fooled about in ages with everything going on, it was good to let off some steam and act like lunatics once in a while.
Ardon danced to the side before shoving at the back of Jack's knees with his muzzle to topple him over.
“Ahh that old trick” Jack said using some clever aerobatics hew managed to get Ardon into a head lock, however the dragon had grown so it was a struggle to wrestle him down to the ground.
Ardon braced himself and lifted his head high in the air so that Jack dangled from his chest before swooping his head down and flipping jack over onto his back. The dragon pinned him with both paws.
"Now, human," he said, mimicking a deep voice like forge, "should I lick you to death or should I have mercy on you and simply make you draw my mighty likeness instead?"
Jack grinned chuckling lightly as the dragon spoke like Forge, he was slowly not becoming a challenge for his growing dragon.
“Ok Lord Ardon, I come quietly and draw” Jack said with a smile, “You win”.
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Zyra and Melina had shown Doctor Jacobs around the facility. The dragoness was proud of her home and spoke of it passionately. Surpringly they didn’t bump into any of the other dragons. Zyra didn’t mind though, the introductions could come later, for now they had a lot to catch up on. After the tour, the three of them went down to the lounge inside the canteen and sat with coffee and tea, wanting a quiet space to talk.
"I am amazed how well you done, from what you started with, I am glad you have found someone special" Jacobs said with a small smile after Zyra had talked at length about her studies within the facility.
"Yeah, I couldn't be luckier to be where I am today. I had searched Talkiir, the continent on kilara, for ages for signs of this mythical Ardon and Jack when I first heard the stories about them. For so long it felt like I was chasing ghosts but I eventually found Forge, Ardon’s uncle and quite by mistake, too. That led me on the wildest adventure I could ever imagine. Coming to earth was quite the experience but one that I wouldn’t ever change."
Dr Jacobs nodded lightly, "I understand, a big change but I am glad your doing so well, I did think the worse when I heard about the labs" Jacobs said eating his meal.
"She’s done very well Doctor, I could not be more proud, she can also kick scale" Melina grinned.
"The labs were trying – a very difficult time towards the end- but I made it out. It was surviving as the, what I thought at the time, only boldwing on Talkiir that was the truly difficult bit." Said Zyra.
Jacobs nodded.
"Yes, you were considered an asset, well as much as those monsters were, thinking you were the last of your kind," Jacobs replied. “But I see on the media that you’ve found another… Comox is it?”
Zyra nodded but a smile crossed her face, "I don't know if Melina told you, but we made a trip to Iban'tu over a year ago and I found my brother, as well as the remaining boldwings. They had fled the islands and were living in seclusion inland. I thought my hearts would burst when I found them.”
Dr. Jacobs’ eyes brightened, the man seemed relieved and was glad she wasn’t alone.
"Thank goodness, you do not know how happy that makes me happy to hear that" the man said as Melina put her hand on Zyra's paw.
Zyra smiled kindly at the woman.
"It was incredible, finding them. My brother leads the clan now and I couldn't be more proud. The guardians of Iban’tu have been restored and I couldn’t be happier about that. Even on Talkiir other dragons are becoming more tolerant to my breed which is progress. After escaping the labs during the raid I was forced to live in hiding to avoid scraps and being run out of places, but even that was unavoidable. Since coming here and my involvement with the guardian project as well as the help Melina contributed on Kilara, I can make appearances without much issue. I couldn't have done that without Ardon or his uncle."
I am so pleased, makes me so happy," the man replied.
"Zyra was found by Forge with a duffel bag and some vials and a few books" Melina said.
"Oh, why did you have them?" he queried.
"I was trying to carry on my studying and research but it became increasingly difficult. Dragons were destroying all traces of human involvement on Kilara so I was steadily running out of items." Said Zyra.
"Now she has a massive labs to play with" Melina chuckled lightly.
The good doctor smiled.
"I am pleased, I just still feel guilty for what I had to do, I did try and shield you" the man said feeling guilty.
“You were wondering, Doctor Jacobs, It was you who saved me from getting into scraps with other dragons when we were caged together. You allowed me a freedom that could have… and did get you in massive trouble. You have nothing to be sorry for.” Replied the dragoness kindly.
The three of them spoke at length into the afternoon. Jacobs seemed to want to inquire about Zyra’s time in the labs after Stevenson took over but the dragoness was vague. She rarely spoke of those days, not even to Melina. Instead she would turn the conversation to lighter topics.
It was shortly before 6 when jack and Ardon came into the canteen for something for dinner. Zyra waved them over.
"Oh Hey Zyra, professor" Jack said, the man looked a bit out of breath as Melina gave him a look.
"I tried my luck but some golden predator got me" Jack said with a laugh.
"Ahh I see" Melina chuckled.
"Jack, Ardon, I want you to meet doctor Steven Jacobs. Doctor this is our facility commander, Jack Harkness and Ardon, the one who established the guardian project and a good friend of mine."
Ardon nodded and said hello kindly.
"Pleasure to meet you both" Jacobs said as the man shook Jack's hand.
"Wow, strong handshake" the man said as Jack smiled but looked a bit sheepish.
"Sorry, great to meet you, I hope you being treated well?" Jack said as the man nodded.
"Here is my pain in the ass Ardon, son of Bronan and head of the guardian program" Jack said.
"Wow, impressive, a mountain dragon if my memory serves me right"
Ardon smiled, “You are correct.” He said.
“Metallic subspecies, and gold being quite rare,” added Zyra with an air of approval.
Ardon grinned at her and the tone in which she has highlighted the fact.
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The next few days Zyra showed Dr Jacobs the work she was doing in aiding the facility come up with human and dragon vaccines, Zyra had not been assigned any work as of yet as Melina was finishing off some work to do with dragon viruses but once it was done then Zyra being a doctor would be given her own projects to do under Melina’s guidance.
Once Dr Jacobs had left the facility the next day, sending his well wishes to the bold wing and to the professor, Melina had an idea of something for him to have, so he could see how well Zyra had grown up with the life she had now.
Melina and Zyra were in their quarters as Melina seemed to be browsing the net on her tablet while Zyra, as usual had her head in a book, reading.
“How would you like to give something special to Dr Jacobs, so he can be reminded of all you accomplished here?” Melina asked the bold wing, putting down her tablet on the bed.
"What did you have in mind?" Asked Zyra , thinking that it might be a nice gesture.
Melina smiled.
“Was thinking of having our resident artist do a nice picture of you, so we can post it to Dr Jacobs so he can be reminded, that what his kindness led to, a dragoness who is happy, intelligent and sort of fully grown” Melina teased at the end.
Zyra gave a thoughtful smile, "it would be vain sending a drawing of myself?" Asked the dragoness, unsure.
“It is up to you of course” Melina said to the bold wing, “But you can tell how much he has missed you and felt guilty after all these years” Melina added.
"Yeah, it was easy to tell. I wish he didn't feel like that." She replied. "It might be a nice gesture. Let's do it."
Melina grinned and was pleased the dragoness agreed.
“I go call Jack and he can do the picture in here, so we don’t have the boys butting in or Veyron looking to get a deal out of us” Melina said as she went to contact Jack.
"Oh that wraith. I haven't seen him around much these past few days," Zyra replied.
“Yeah, worrying, anyways get smartened up Zy, Jack is on his way” Melina said, she was moving items so Jack had enough room to work.
"Alright," nodded the dragoness, getting ready.
Melina moved a few things and stood back, looking pleased with her work, she looked back at Zyra.
“Decided on a pose and all for the picture?” Melina asked as she quickly tidied up their quarters, not that it was untidy at all.
"Oh, um. I don't know. I was just going to sit and try not to look awkward." Admitted the dragoness.
“You got to have a pose Zy, something nice and shows your beauty, sophistication and the wild side of a female bold wing” Melina said.
"Beauty and sophistication?" Asked the bold wing, looking hesitant. "Um,-" she remained sitting and lifted her head in a rather snooty look. "I feel silly posing."
Melina smiled, “I think just be yourself, that is what Dr Jacobs will want” Melina said as there was knock on the door.
“You two decent?” he asked.
"Come in," called Zyra. "Thanks for helping us with our gift for doctor Jacobs, jack"
Jack came in and smiled.
“Not at all I did say I would do more of you guys, I hope you don’t mind I’ve brought my assistant” Jack said gesturing to the door.
Ardon smiled, stepping inside.
As if it wasn't awkward enough, thought Zyra but she played it cool. "Yeah that's fine. You can sit there if you like. It has good lighting ," she said to jack, pointing at a chair.
“Thanks” Jack said getting his neat paper and posh pencils and colours as he glanced at Zyra before beginning his drawing, with Melina and Ardon as observers.
Ardon tried not to stare but the dragoness was truest elegant, poised gracefully as jack drew.
Her yellow eyes turned to the gold and he looked away, pretending to be rather interested in her certificates on the wall.
After catching him, Zyra felt the corners of her lips pull into a smile as she turned her gaze back to the front.
After an hour Jack was now continuing to draw but he had done the hard graft of the work and was now onto colouring, after a few trial and errors, he finally got a colour to match her pearl like scales and was making good time.
“I must say, drawing Ardon in different poses, working on dimensions, you are a lot sleeker and smoother features, makes for more elegant drawing, though I have shown muscle definition in the shoulders and legs” Jack said as Melina peered at it and grinned.
"I think anyone would be more sleek that Ardon," teased Zyra.
"Hey!" The gold joked back, "I can be elegant too."
Jack chuckled lightly.
“Stop making me laugh, I’m using my brushes” Jack said as Melina smiled lightly.
“I think each dragon has their own unique trait, Bold wings are Speed demons and are very quick and fluid like grace, Mountain dragons have the brawn, power and bold trait..Vonriir is ummm is….”Melina trying to find the right words for the massive behemoth of a dragon after her grand speech of comparisons.
"Sweet," supplied Zyra.
Ardon nodded in agreement, "gentle giant."
“Yes, also massive tank of a dragon” Jack added as Melina agreed.
Finally Jack put his brushes down and looked at Zyra, “I do hope you like this, I hope I have captured you very well” Jack said turning the picture for Zyra to see.
"Jack, I've said it a million times but you draw so well," said Zyra. "Thank you"
"Thanks hope to draw you all, Veyron might be tricky" Jack laughed lightly.
"I think it's the perfect gift” Melina added, pleased Zyra liked it.
"I know, I think so too," smiled Zyra. "I hope Doctor Jacobs likes it."
"You should put this stuff in a gallery," complimented Ardon.
“Im not that good Ardon, but still least I done a good job on this picture I make sure its all tidied up but you can at least not have to be here for that” Jack said as the four chatted away to one another.

Meanwhile in the dragon academy Hitteki was looking for the male bold wing, she had not seen him in days and wanted to have a talk, she enjoyed and liked his company, he looked pretty good too but Hitteki was confused why a dragon as bold and proud like his species suggested was timid as a mouse.
Hitteki approached his quarters and waited patiently for the male to answer.
"Hello?" asked Comox as he opened the door but then saw who it was and froze. "Uh, hi Hitteki, what's up?"
The green Syrian smiled kindly.
“Hello Comox, I hope I am not intruding on anything important” the Green dragoness said.
"Um, well, just working on this and that. you need something?" he asked.
Hitteki nodded lightly.
“I was wondering if you wanted to come to the canteen with me, they have this thing called a roast?, apparently it is very good, so much so that Vonriir will be coming out to get his and he only eats one meal a day” the green dragon said.
"Um, thanks but I uh, already ate. I hope you enjoy it though. Ask Ardon. He's always up for a meal." replied the hesitant boldwing.
Hitteki titled her head as if thinking as she looked at the dragon with her emerald eyes.
“Are you ok Comox?, you seem a little jittery and uneasy, have you not conversed with females a lot?” she asked.
"Yeah, I'm alright. I am just... distracted?" he didn't sound confident wit that excuse as much as he tried.
Hitteki nodded at him lightly.
“I see……another time perhaps, I hope I do not come across as an intimidating figure to a mightily male bold wing as yourself” Hitteki asked, probing a little more.
Comox didn't know really what to say. The Syrian dragoness was a blunt and to the point kind of creature with a very forward manner of speaking.
"Erm, no. I hope you enjoy the roast." he said, hoping that it would give her the cue to head off and find Ardon.
“See you later Comox” Hitteki said with a smile before leaving the poor male bold wing alone for now as she went to the canteen to grab the roast that had been mentioned.
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With a spring to his step, the massive dragon, Vonriir, lumbered down the hall from the dragon hanger where he had flown in after stretching his wings through overcast skies. A smell had enticed him back to the facility.
"Hey Vonriir, where is the fire? You seem a hurry for a large dragon,” Hitteki said looking up as she crossed his path.
The Western Cragback stopped in his tracks to see who had been talking to him. He smiled, spotting Hitteki.
"That smell has been teasing me all day," he chuckled. " I’ve waited long enough now I think, and I'm giving into temptation to see what it is. What about you, miss Hitteki?" he asked, careful not to call her ‘little’ or ‘lady’ as he usually did with the others. He never meant any offence by it but had made careful considerations to ensure that Hitteki was referred to in the manner of her choosing.
"I am attending this roast, whatever it is, seems to spur the dragons here," Hitteki replied.
"Toby said he was testing a new recipe, been slow roasting it all day as I hear. If you don't mind I'll join you, Miss Hitteki," smiled Vonriir. "Good company is always welcome and I would like to hear a bit more about your clan back on Kilara if you care to talk to a dusty old rock like me." He said, gesturing to her to walk with him to the canteen.
Hitteki smiled. "Well Cragback's were our allies and friends, I am sure you know enough about our kind," Hitteki replied kindly.
"That I know for sure, but there is a more specific topic I’m after. The reason I ask is that I had a thought. When I was a fledgling, many, many years ago," he laughed, "my father mentioned that a relative of mine was a guardian of sorts to a clan that sounded a lot like yours."
"There are many Syrian clans Vonriir, the ones the Cragback’s help is the mountain ore gathering dragons," Hitteki explained.
"Not only them, Miss Hitteki, we did act as warden for other clans, but I do recall my... great grand sire, I think it was, guarded the lands of a forest clan. I think the reining leader at the time was ...ah, Halasyn? Does that sound familiar?"
"Oh him, he handed the reins to my grandfather, yes we did have a Cragback help us, that was your great, great grand sire?" Hitteki said with a smile.
"Aha! Yes, Draylund was his name," beamed Vonriir.
"Oh, I never met him I heard stories, was he as big as you?" Grinned Hitteki.
"No, definitely not. I outgrew every member of my bloodline as far as anyone can remember. I think I will hold the title of the largest for some time."
Hitteki chuckled lightly, " must of been a weird experience" She replied.
The large dragon nodded, recalling old memories as they walked, "Outgrew my two brothers rapidly, even during my hatchling stage. My poor sire, cragbacks usually only have a one egg clutch but there were three of us due to our mother’s lines," the dragon laughed, thumping his tail at the memory of his father’s exasperation trying to round them all up.
"So, not really a fight then in tussles or sparring, you out gunned them," laughed Hitteki.
"No, not quite. They did like to tussle but they would gang up on me to try to take me down. I didn’t have much affinity to that rough and tumble as I grew older. They thought it was great fun though. Having such a large brother meant they would get away with anything and point to me to defend them as much as I hated having to be responsible for getting out of trouble. "
"As long as you won that is the main thing Vonriir, then you left on a high streak." Hitteki replied back as they walked into the canteen and sat down together. Toby spotted them and waved to the dragons that he would be a minute.
The large dragon laughed lightly and shook his head, "Miss Hitteki, you place a lot of value on winning and coming out on top, don't you? Winning is important to you?"
Hitteki smiled.
"I've had to fight for where I am, female Syrians are lazy and boring, my father protected his little gem, but I wanted to be part of something bigger, so I began fighting for everything" Hitteki said to the behemoth dragon. He seemed to take this into consideration, recalling what he knew of Syrian clans. She would have had to fight fiercely to work her way towards anything.
"Fair enough, look where it had brought you," he said, looking around the room. “You are were very few dragons will ever comes, part of the fledgling stages of a wild adventure. Just remember that with losses come lessons." He told her, sagely advice from the behemoth.
"I haven't had it all my way Vonriir sir, I have had defeats but once the challenge is conquered you look for a new one, such as being here" She replied.
"So you're here. What's your next challenge?" Inquired Vonriir. "Do you wish to become a bonded guardian?"
"Well that or to defend the values of the academy," Hitteki said assertively.
“Good, I think you will be a mighty fine guardian, Miss Hitteki. Torchwood is lucky to have you.” He praised her. Just then Toby and his staff came with trays, rolling out food for Vonriir’s massive appetite and a generous plate for Hitteki.
“I hope you enjoy this. Let me know what you think of this recipe. It’s been one I’ve wanted to try for a while now.” Said the man.
“I think I approve already, just by the smell alone,” smiled Vonriir.
“Well, don’t let me hold you back, tuck in and enjoy, you two.”
“Have a setting for one more?” came a voice as Ardon trotted into the room.
“Of course, Ardon, have a seat, I’ll bring you out your portion.”
“Yesss,” grinned the gold.
“Young Ardon, come join us,” smiled Vonriir, patting the ground beside him so hard that the table and cutlery rattled.
Ardon laughed lightly and nodded, joining the two of them.
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As the dragon’s tucked into their meal, another would be joining them, although not the dragon people would have wanted.
Picking the remains of his roast out of his teeth, the little wraith sauntered in. Having had the meal delivered to his quarters Veyron figured he would see what everyone was up to.
“Here comes trouble, that little pain in the rump that is Veyron” Hitteki muttered to Ardon as her emerald eyes locked onto the wraith.
"Don't let him ruffle your feathers. He lives for that," Ardon whispered back.
"Veyron!" He said a little louder. "What brings you out of hiding?"
"Boredom mostly. Been a bit of a bore here the last little while," replied the wraith.
Hitteki seemed to frown, he was indeed a lazy dragon and a typical wraith only much more arrogant and very full of himself, she reminded herself of the look he gave her after his dunking, she seemed to smile inwardly at that.
Soon Jack came into the canteen and smiled at the dragons, seeing the wraith out of his luxury suite.
“Nice you come down to mingle with the common riff raf” Jack said lightly teasing.
"Have to grace the commoners with my presence every so often." Replied Veyron. "This place feels dead since we kicked your nautical obsession."
Jack smiled.
“Well you did a mighty fine job helping us out, so brownie points for you, but I take one off for Mark bringing you back drunk from delivering the papers” Jack replied.
"Says who?" Asked Veyron, playing oblivious.
Jack seemed to give Veyron a look to suggest he knew.
“I have my sources, so the point still stands, anyways I must dash and sort out some bits, have fun” Jack said heading off to his office.
“Seem to like winding people up Veyron, perhaps Kilara would be a good place for you2 Hitteki said.
"And why would you say that, Fuzz?" Asked Veyron.
“Because you could be just like your wild relatives, you fit right in” Hitteki replied back as she finished a Yorkshire pudding eating slowly, emerald eyes watching the wraith carefully.
"I think not. I've developed finer tastes than what can be found on Kilara," replied Veyron.
Hitteki snorted lightly to the response.
“Pity, I watched the wildlife shows here, usually animals in captivity are released back into the wild” Hitteki said, the undertone insults between the two of them continuing, it was clear the Syrian greatly disliked the wraith.
"And normally they put down the unruly ones," he fired back.
"Okay, settle down. I just ate my weight in roast and am too full for this bickering." Said Ardon.
Hitteki went quiet as she halted her trading of insults, the female smiled.
“Still, I know the procedure to help Veyron when he is feel a little sensitive after drinking” Hitteki said with a sly smile.
Veyron barred his teeth, "do that again and you're going to wake up bald one day."
"Hey! Knock it off!" Ordered Ardon, thumping his paw on the ground.
Hitteki went quiet as she kept the sly smile on her face, knowing she prodded somewhere tender, Hitteki pleased to be able to hit the sensitive topic with the wraith, Ardon however was not impressed.
"Hitteki, don't antagonize him and Veyron... just don't in general." Said Ardon with a snort, showing some leadership.
"Whatever," replied Veyron.
"As you wish guardian Ardon" Hitteki replied as once again the wraith showed a lack of respect to Ardon, Hitteki went quiet, not liking the Ardon raised his voice.
Veyron wanted to make a comment about how ridiculous she sounded saying guardian every time but he didn't push Ardon's patience, Hitteki decided her frustrations and the tension’s in the canteen was too much, being this close to the wraith.
"Please excuse me" Hitteki said as walked off back to her quarters leaving poor Ardon and Vonriir with the Wraith.
"You've gone and upset her," tsked Vonriir sadly.
Veyron shot him a look, wanting to defend himself but that would mean revealing what happened.
"Screw this, I'm out." Said the wraith, walking off.
The young Syrian cursed Veyron under her breath, that spoilt brat of a dragon, a typical wraith, given everything here and saying what he wanted, it made her blood boil he got away with so much and held onto an act of bravery and wore it as a badge of honour, using it as an excuse to be rude and arrogant.
“Curse him, he wont get away with this!” growled Hitteki as she changed course and would get into Veyron’s room, she observed an override code Baxter used and decided to use the to gain entry to the wraith’s quarters and wait to serve justice.
Veyron walked back to his quarters and opened the door. He paused for a moment, feeling something wasn't quite right. Before he had a chance to react he was swatted across the room, hitting the tv stand on the other side.
Hitteki snarled in anger, emerald eyes blazing after the initial hit.
" You arrogant vile creature!" came the angered words of Hitteki as she hit the wraith again hard.
Veyron struck the wall and slid to the ground, dazed.
"What the hell!" He snarled, scrambling to his feet and dashing for somewhere where the insane dragoness couldn't get him.
Hitteki saw the wraith was trying to get away and hide, she was determined to not let that happen.
Things shattered as the wraith crashed into them and slid off the other side.
He feared for his life now, knowing Hitteki was not kidding in her rage.
"You're ****ing insane!" He shouted at her from under the desk. Jumping up onto the shelf the dragon tried to leap and fly to the rafters above but his left wing wouldn't open. Looking over his shoulder in panic he tried to scramble away again.
Hitteki surged after the wraith, she was angry and seemed to want to dish out more punishment on the small dragon.
"I will make sure you don't jeopardise my future here!" Hitteki snarled going after the wraith once more.
Veyron let out a plume of smoke to distract her before leaping straight at her, opening his jaws and unleashing a burst of flame at the fur on her head.
Hitteki was an experienced fighter and knew the attack was coming, the wraith moves predictable as she ducked and swatted the small wraith mid-air into more ornaments the other side of the room as if he was nothing.
Veyron went crashing into them but was furious now, and once he recovered he began hurling things at her, "get the hell out of my room you psycho!" He yelled.
The young green Syrian dragoness would not be deterred in her mission, Hitteki went for him, the female crashing over furniture to get to him she hit a chair with her tail which hit the wraith and pinned him to the wall.
The hit knocked the wind of out Veyron and he gasped as he tried to draw in a breath, barring his teeth at her.
Hitteki grabbed the wraith and slammed him to the ground paws ensuring he was pinned and secure, the poor wraith had been battered and knocked about by sheer aggression of the Syrian dragoness and now he was at her mercy as she growled.
Veyron struggled to get out of her grip but she was far too strong and he was impossibly outmatched. "Some guardian you are!"
“Your no guardian, or worth the title of guardian, you are a free loading dragon only concerned with yourself and not others, you live in luxury and contribute nothing!” she accused.
The wraith did everything he could to get away but it was no use, no matter how much he writhed and struggled he couldn't get free.
"I went and helped warn the others when the archives where going to blow them out of the sky and helped save Jack, even after they falsely accused me of being a traitor. I am no freeloader !" He shouted, cursing at her angrily.
"You ponce about with luxuries befitting kings, dragon hoarders, your only in it for yourself, you only came running when your scam way of life was threatened and you made my time here miserable, wraiths can never be trusted" Hitteki said anger in her voice as she gripped the wraith tighter putting pressure on his old injury where he had suffered holding Jack from his fall.
The wraith snarled in pain, new injuries and old flaring in agony. "I made YOUR life miserable?" He snapped.
"You're just jealous and pissed off that I'm not some suck-up like you."
Hitteki gripped tighter in anger, seething at the accusation.
"I'm respectful, you’re a jerk" Hitteki hit back.
Veyron couldn't speak as the dragoness crushed him tighter in her paw. He could feel his old broken rib protest and his back was enveloped in white hot pain.
Alerted by the noise, Ardon and Comox came running.
"Hitteki, stop!" Shouted Ardon as he burst into the room and saw what was happening.
"Stars, what happened in here?" Asked Comox, seeing the room as it looked like a bomb had gone off.
Hitteki looked to see back up arrive for the Wraith as Hitteki looked up to see Ardon and Comox looking in wide eyed disbelief at the state of Veyron’s posh quarters, ornaments smashed, dents in the wall and mess everywhere.
Ardon could see the rage in her eyes and the condition the wraith was in.
"Hitteki let him go and go wait in the hall," ordered the gold.
Hitteki looked at the wraith and growled keeping a tight grip on the wraith dragon, she seemed reluctant to see this wraith walk away without learning a lesson in manners.
"Hitteki, please," said Comox, gesturing with his wing to the door.
"Let him go, Hitteki." Said Ardon, firmer than before, his brows furrowed deeply at her unwillingness to listen.
Hitteki seemed to not want to listen as she held onto the wraith but finally the dragoness released the wraith and backed up, before leaving Veyron’s room.
Ardon approached Veyron who hadn't moved since Hitteki let him go.
"Veyron, are you okay?" He asked.
"Do I look okay?" He wheezed, his hearts hammering in his chest.
"Comox, take him to the medical bay, I'll go speak with Hitteki."
The bold wing nodded and went to tend to the wraith while the gold went out into the hall.
Hitteki watched as Comox took Veyron to the medical bay to be treated as she stood there seemingly quiet and unmoved that Veyron had to seek medical treatment due to the savage attack on the wraith.
"Can you explain to me what the hell happened in there?" Asked Ardon in a serious tone.
Hitteki sighed lightly shaking her head.
“I lost my cool with the wraith, his attitude and arrogance, his words wound me up the wrong way and I basically went into a rage against him” Hitteki admitted with verbal honesty.
"That looked like a lot more than losing your cool. The room is a mess... I'm worried if Comox and I hadn't come in it could have gotten a lot worse..." said the gold, not happy with the situation he found himself in.
“I went into a rage, wraiths are no allies of Syrians and are no allies of us, Veyron is nothing more than a free loading dragon, you can’t say you wanted to wipe that arrogant smile off his face, I should of not risen to it but I went into a rage and..yeah that is what happened” Hitteki replied, her words honest and genuine.
"He gets under everyone's scales but I will not tolerate violence in the academy between members and I know that commander Harkness would not either, Hitteki," said Ardon, he seems to be channelling some sort of steely air reminiscent of Forge as he spoke to her. He had to defend his guardian program and would not let it go sideways because of some squabbling that got way out of hand.
"I will speak with Jack and discuss consequences."
Hitteki nodded lightly.
“I understand, what happens now?” she asked, her words seem to hold some regret as she spoke.
Ardon shook his head, not knowing what the procedures would be. "Just go cool down in your quarters or something."
Hitteki nodded and left the golden dragon as she returned to her quarters a tear ran down her cheek, feeling regret for what she had done.
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As Ardon hurried down the hall to Jack’s office he couldn’t believe what had happened. He was thankful that he and Comox had been around to hear the commotion and been able to stop Hitteki when they did. When he had burst into the room there had been a rage in her eyes that struck him. Her great hatred for Veyron and his breed had gotten truly out of hand. As much as the little wraith rubbed him the wrong way he hoped that he would be all right.
Without knocking the gold dragon stepped into Jack’s office with a worried look on his face.

"Hey Ardon, where is the fire what's the matter?" Jack asked.

“Jack, we've had a bit of an incident and I don't know what to do," said the gold “Comox and I were walking down the corridor when we heard a ton of crashing coming from Veyron’s room. We ran to see what was going on and the room was destroyed and Hitteki had Veyron pinned to the ground. He’s in a bad way. Co had taken Veyron to the Medical wing so I don't know the whole story of how it started."

Jack was surprised and shook his head lightly, rubbing his face with his hand.
"I think its obvious, sounds like Hitteki ambushed him in his quarters by the sounds of it, I best head to the medical bay, where is Hitteki now?" Jack asked.
"I told her to go cool off in her quarters," said Ardon, shifting his weight from one paw to the other, "I'm hoping she'll stay there until we figure something out."

"Well, I want security on her quarters please, can you arrange that please Ardon, I’ll have Comox there with you, I go to the medical bay" Jack said.
“Alright, I’ll catch up with you in a bit,” nodded the dragon, headed back down the hall while Jack got up to go to the medical bay.

On the other side of the facility Comox rushed Veyron into the room and laid him down on one of the beds.
"Oh my, what has gone on here" Melina said seeing Veyron being brought in as she had just finished talking to Josh when the boldwing had rushed in.
"That frizzball dragoness tried to murder me," hissed Veyron angrily though he looked in bad shape. His left wing was splayed awkwardly behind him and he sat doubled over, holding his ribs. Dark bruises where starting to show under his eye where the thin scales where.
“We had a bit of an incident…” said Comox.
“AN INCIDENT?” snapped Veyron, “You call an attempt on someone’s life an INCIDENT?”
Comox paled, “I didn’t mean…”
Melina looked surprised and shocked as Josh came over to help, "Let's get him hooked up to the machines and check his vitals" Melina said as Josh nodded getting the equipment required, wheeling over the machine for her.
"My wing is broken, I'm sure of it," he said, trying not to growl as he was hooked up. Melina was as gentle as she could but Veyron was in pain and pissed off, "and there's something definitely wrong with," he sucked in a sharp, painful breath as he moved, "ugh, my ribs."
His tail curled around him protectively as he grumbled.
"Alright, just take it easy Veyron, let's see if we can hook you up on some pain killers and we do a mobile X ray, just work with us," Melina said as the dragon was hooked up to machines.
Jack came into the medical bay and approached the professor and the Boldwing, "Comox can you go and guard outside Hitteki's quarters for me please" Jack asked.
"Oh, of course commander," said the boldwing before turning to leave the labs.
"She needs to be locked up," grumbled Veyron, wincing as Melina felt the bones in his wing.
"I want to know from your side what exactly happened, I can take a guess but I'm giving you the opportunity to say your side of the story" Jack asked the wraith as Melina continued her work quietly.
"After you left to go to your office Hitteki was making some snide comments. I fired back some nonsense and Ardon told us to quit it. She got all huffy and left. I went back to my room and she had broken in." He said angrily, ruff pulled back in his discontent. "She ambushed me, swatted me across the room and proceeded to beat the **** out of me."
Jack nodded lightly, shaking his head hearing all of this.
"I cant say you have a way with words that makes people like you Veyron, so she basically lost it with you" Jack said to the wraith.
"Are you f-" shouted Veyron but then reined himself in, drawing a breath and trying to keep calm, "are you seriously saying that because she is too thin skinned and sensitive and took offence to my mere presence that it gives her the right to try and take my life? Cause that's exactly what she did." He was furious now but in no condition to do much other than just sit there in pain.
"You’re jumping to conclusions Veyron, I will ask Ardon, Comox and Vonriir exactly what was said to make Hitteki walk off, this is a serious case of misconduct by a dragon candidate, once I completed all my talks I will make a decision whether or not to expel her back to Kilara,” Jack explained as Melina seemed to cringe a bit at the thought.
"Good," grumbled Veyron, she would be kicked out for sure once they saw the extent of what she had done, "If you need any other sort of proof take a look in my room. I have surveillance in there too after... well it should be recorded so that's all the evidence you'll need."

"I will conduct an review and Melina will give me a state of your injuries, just try and rest up for now, also if I hear a peep from you or a complaint from the staff, you be in review" Jack said assertively before heading off.
"Oh Veyron, what a mess this has become" Melina said.
"No kidding. This is BS Jack points his finger at the dragon that almost got murdered in his facility." He bristled. "He almost had to buy the worlds tiniest coffin and he has the nerve to tell me to watch it."
"Veyron, please just calm down, we do our best for you" Melina replied. The little dragon gave a halfhearted growl and closed his eyes.
"I didn't expect to be in your care again so soon," huffed the wraith, trying to settle so she could work.

"Well, if you come back a third time, treatments free" Melina gave a small smile as she worked.
“Hah,” replied the dragon sarcastically.
"The wing is broken and we can reset the bone, your rib is not broken but the muscle around is bruised so we need to aid you with that, plus scratches, cuts and strained muscles along your body" Melina said reading the diagnostic report.
“Good, she didn’t crush the life out of me completely.” He grumbled, laying back on the bad.

Back at Hitteki’s quarters Comox walked up to see Ardon sitting in the hall.
“Has she come out or said anything?” he asked quietly, sitting beside the gold.
Ardon shook his head, “Nothing yet. I haven’t heard a peep.”
“What a mess. Jack didn’t look very happy when he came into the medical bay.”
“No,” said Ardon, “I don’t expect him to be very impressed with any of this. How’s Veyron?”
“Still alive enough to beak off. Grumbled the whole way to the medical wing and tried to rip me a new one. I don’t suggest interacting with him while he’s not under pain meds,” replied Comox.
Ardon let out a breath and rubbed his paw against the golden scales of his neck, “This is awful. I don’t know what Jack’s going to do about this. This is some serious stuff here…”
“We’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Guys? What’s going on?” came a voice as they turned to see Zyra walking up the hall.
“Oh, where you not in the infirmary?” asked Ardon.
The dragoness shook her head.
“Oh, we’re dealing with a situation…” Said the gold as he and Comox told her what happened in hushed voices. The dragoness seemed shocked.
“Are you serious?” she whispered, “She’s in there?”
“Yeah, we were told to guard the door,” said Comox.
“Stars above,” replied Zyra, shaking her head sadly.
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Jack to now conduct an investigation and begin formal procedures, it was not something he wanted to do but now he had no choice, Jack understood that Veyron’s sharp tongue got him into trouble and his attitude did not bode well to many in the facility, in fact he had dozens of complaints about Veyron sleeping in places he shouldn’t after drinking too much, the arsy attitude and the orders he received.
Jack was typing when there was a knock on the door from Martin.
“Hey Jack I heard the dragon’s speaking about an incident with Hitteki and Veyron?” he asked.
“Yeah, Hitteki attacked him, he’s in the medical bay at the moment cursing and god know’s what” Jack said shaking his head.
“Ah, well I best leave my issues to one side” Martin said about to leave and this got Jack curious.
“No no, what is on your mind?” Jack spoke as Martin put a file down in front of Jack.
“What is this?” he asked puzzled.
“More bad news, Veyron has been shifting funds around on stolen credit cards, buying luxury items, it is only by chance an odd reading came through and there was a match, I investigated further and Veyron been busy on the net, I have Baxter run tests and analysis” Martin said as Jack flicked through the report.
“Geez Veyron, I told him not to do this, he is like a bloody magpie, got to have shiny, I did not mind the cat but now this?” Jack said shaking his head.
“Yeah, plus all the complaints, I looked and this is Gross misconduct, abuse of Torchwood facilities, if it were a human he be sacked” Martin replied.
“Leave it with me and I sort it”
Martin left Jack to ponder what was going to happen now, the investigation was going to get more complicated with all of this.

A few hours in the medical bay Melina had bandaged up the wraith’s wing and secure the bone with pins, she also had tried a new technique to help the healing process, she also bandaged up his ribs and cleaned up his cuts on his face and body, the medication had calmed the wraith a small bit at least, no cursing or ranting.
“How you feeling now Veyron, I set your wing and bandaged it up, ribs been done and cleared up the cuts, the pain meds should be working and got you on fluids for now to help the body recover” Melina said, the professor pleased that they worked quickly and thanked Josh for his help.
The wraith didn't open his eyes but gave her a thumbs up and a grunt, all that he could manage at the moment.
Melina smiled lightly.
“I let you rest, the button is there if you need anything Veyron, just try and relax best you can and we get you sorted” the professor said as the systems continued to monitor him.
"Thanks," he grumbled, "Good thing you're here..." Veyron said, a little out of it from the painkillers. "You're a good one, Prof."
Melina smiled lightly.
“Don’t talk too much, or you remember what you said and regret it, don’t want people to know your losing the sharpness of your words” Melina said quietly as she checked his vitals again.
"I cant win, huh? Veyron you're too mean, Veyron... you're... losing your edge," he mumbled, half asleep.
“Just rest up” Melina said as she left the dragon to fall asleep as the woman went to her office to complete the report for Jack, she was not looking forward to doing this considering she liked Hitteki a lot.
Zyra had made her way to the infirmary and found Melina standing over Veyron's bed.
"How's he doing? The boys told me what happened. How horrible is that."
Melina nodded lightly.
“Yes awful, but I feel sorry for our green Syrian too, she cant be all that good either, guards posted on her quarters, I fear that Forge will have very stern words if he found out that a dragon of his choosing has acted like this” Melina replies.
"Oh, I had forgotten about Forge all together. No, that won't be good at all," said Zyra.
Melina nodded lightly, “I got to get this report done on his injuries and then send it to Jack, I got a feeling she’s broken several guardianship rules and vows” Melina said shaking her head.
Zyra cringed at that, "that's certain. We haven't had that issue since Zane and that was before my time here,"
Melina nodded lightly.
“Well I best get this done, keep an eye on our patient, he is snoozing at the moment after a cocktail of pain medication” Melina replied to the bold wing.

A few days later Jack began interviewing the dragons who were both with Hitteki and Veyron before the whole ruckus took place, Jack wanted to gather as much information as possible as he began his investigation.
Hitteki was now told she would be escorted everywhere with another dragon, the Syrian had gone quiet since the ordeal and only came out to eat and stretch her wings, under the supervision of other dragons, she was not allowed anywhere on her own.
Today it was Vonriir’s turn to give his account of the canteen meeting of the day, Ardon and Comox had told their stories and now it was the large dragon’s turn.
Vonriir seemed a little hesitant to but mustered his words, "from the moment Veyron walked up, Miss Hitteki seemed unhappy. She made a few... well, not the most pleasant comments which Veyron snapped back at. Ardon told them to knock it off but Hitteki persisted to poke at Veyron and it got heated. Veyron barred his teeth and her and Ardon put a stop to the bickering. Hitteki left and Then Veyron shortly after." He said, almost wincing at he thought of letting Hitteki down by telling the truth.
Jack nodded as Martin made notes on his tablet as the interview was recorded, Jack was being very methodical in his approach, not quick to rush into any judgement straight away.
“Thank you Vonriir, I know it is not easy, well not for all of us as this has never happened in the guardian programme before, do you think Veyron was actively provoking Hitteki first or was it the other way round, I think we all know the wraith has a sharp tongue” Jack said, looking up at the dragon.
"I think Veyron was just being Veyron, and not there to antagonize anyone in particular but Hitteki let her dislike for him spark the fire." Said the large dragon.
“Ok, thank you Vonriir, I don’t have any further questions, I think that I have a good indication what has gone on, I think we wont need any further statements, your free to go” Jack replied.
"Alright," said the crag back, uneasily as he got to his feet. "Let me know if you have need of me..."
“Thank you Vonriir, that will be all” Jack said as Vonriir left as Martin shook his head.
“She is heading back over to Kilara, it is a offence of the highest order” Martin said.
Jack reluctantly nodded in agreement.
“Seems that way…unless, Martin get the reports ready for me in the next few days, I need some time to think” Jack said as the man nodded and got up taking all the notes with him as Jack pondered an idea.
3 days later, Jack visited the wraith late in the evening while it was quiet as he sat down by the side as the wraith seemed in better spirits.
"Oh howdy Commander, come to visit your ailing employee is it?" Said Veyron, sitting back, propped up by some pillows.
“Yes, come to check on you, how you feeling, Melina has said her techniques have helped you get on the mend quicker” Jack said to the wraith.
"Yeah, the pain need help too. I'm only 6 days in healing. Got a little while to go," said the dragon.
“I understand, well I have completed my review and reports, so I be taking action in a week or so” Jack replied to the wraith.
"What's with the delay?" Asked Veyron, folding his arms and frowning.
Jack smiled.
“I need to ensure I got all the evidence and the paperwork done, I don’t want to rush it, but I think sadly that Hitteki has committed Gross misconduct and will be asked to leave the academy and expelled from Earth, back to Kilara” Jack said waiting for the wraith’s reaction before he spoke again.
The wraith was genuinely surprised but ultimately satisfied with Jack's decision, "Good, you can't have violent dragons in the guardian program." he said, folding his arms across his chest.
"Well thing is Veyron, if I have to expel her for gross misconduct, then I have to expel you for Gross misconduct for falsifying official documents and money fraud" Jack gave him a serious look, revealing the wraith’s little transgressions, he knew he would react angrily but the man felt let dwon by the wraith.
"Are you freaking kidding me!" Said the wraith, struggling as he sat up. "That's bull!"
Jack gave him a stern look.
"You told me, promised me you were done fiddling with money and now we discovered you been fiddling, it's criminal fraud Veyron, hell you get a ****ing salary for goodness sake" Jack said assertively.
"Er... old habits die hard?" Said the wraith. "It was only a thing or two here and here. It was before my salary kicked in."
Jack gave him a look, "So, how can we solve this so that Hitteki and you can continue here" Jack said .
"What! I think nicking a few pennies here and there is a LOT different than trying to kill your co-worker!" shouted Veyron.
The man shook his head lightly, it wasn’t a few pennies and the wraith knew it, he had to appease the angered dragon.
"Hitteki won't get off Scott free, she be given a final warning and will be told to clean and replace all your processions he broke and tidy your room up" Jack replied.
The little wraith fumed at this. It seemed ridiculously unfair that such a massive offense would result in such a minor punishment. "So she gets kicked out the next time she tries to kill me? What if she succeeds on the next round?"
Jack shook his head at the comment.
"She won't, she's done wrong and she knows this and I will be putting restrictions in, if you don't agree then I have to go forward and take action on her...then you" Jack replied.
Veyron grit his teeth angrily, pinning his ruff back. There was no getting around it. He would have to live alongside the dragoness or get kicked out back to Kilara.
Jack saw the injured wraith’s reactions to the news, the dragon was sulking and furious that he was being put on the spot like this, but Jack saw it as an opportunity to keep them both here.
"What is it going to be Veyron, I have spoken to her and she like to talk to you" Jack said.
The dragon was quiet for a moment while he weighed his options angrily but the answer was clear if he wanted to maintain the life he lived. "Fine, I'll talk to the fuzzball. But if she murders me I'm going to haunt your ass and make your life god damn miserable!"
Jack tried not to smile, it was indeed a typical Veyron response.
"There be sanctions on her, a lot of sanctions, she has to rebuild our trust, you I drop the punishments if you agree Hitteki to stay, but no more fraud please or you will be kicked out" Jack assertively said.
"Fine. I agree to your terms," said the wraith in a begrudging tone.
“Good, I go get her now”
Jack stood up and left as Jack went to fetch the Syrian dragoness, once outside Hitteki stood up having sat on the floor, seeing Jack she quickly got to attention.
“What is the news sir?” she asked quietly.
“He has agreed to speak to you and agreed to the terms, but I warn you Hitteki the road will not be easy, your on very thin Ice young lady” Jack said, laying down the law with the dragoness who nodded.
“I understand, I am sorry for all of this sir, I really am” Hitteki said sounding remorseful for her actions, although she really disliked Veyron’s breed, she admitted she shouldn’t of let her anger of the breed control her, especially here of all places.
“Got to try and convince him, I leave you be, keep it civil Hitteki and I wait here for you” Jack said as Hitteki nodded opening the door.
Walking into the medical bay she saw the wraith all banged up in bed with bandages round him, the wraith seemed the notice the Syrian come to his bed side.
So, come to beg my forgiveness?" Veyron grumbled at her.
The green dragoness took a moment to think of her response but instead she shook her head lightly.
"I won't get it if I asked you, I'm here to say I'm sorry and I am ashamed doing this" Hitteki replied softly.
"Are you really? Or just sorry that what you did nearly got you kicked off the planet?" huffed Veyron.
"I'm sorry I attacked you, I shouldn't of done what I did, but I help tidy up your home and work to replace your items" Hitteki said, with genuine honesty.
Veyron wasn't convinced, "You tried to kill, me Hitteki, for the second time. I think sorry doesn't quite cut it."
Hitteki tried not to feel nervous or upset in front of the wraith, if Veyron did not accept Hitteki being in the same facility she would either have ot leave or go somewhere else within the Torchwood facilities.
"What do you want me to do, Jack did say I can transfer to another facility if needs be" The Syrian said, “Torchwood 7in a place called Canada would be where I would go with the others” Hitteki added.
"Nah, then you'll have a clean slate. No responsibilities for your actions." Replied Veyron.
Hitteki seemed pleased to hear that but she was also a little concerned. "There is a price to pay for this isn’t there" she asked the wraith, knowing the breed and Veyron pretty well, everything had a price.
"There always is," grinned the wraith.
"Indebted to me until I see fit"
Hitteki gave a small smile, "I expected as much, it is something I prepared to do" the Syrian replied.
"Well, good," grinned the wraith
“I get tidying your room tomorrow and work on replacing your items and belongings for you, the professor has said you be recovering a little bit yet, so I have time” Hitteki said as the two spoke a bit more before Hitteki left.
“I wish you well on you rehabilitation work and tests the professor has for you” Hitteki said as she left, the wraith seemed to groan, knowing the professor would make him work out and get active, she smiled inwardly, it at least made the punishment easier to accept and swallow.
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Veyron spent the next few days in the medical wing, still recovering from the worst of his injuries. His wing would be bandaged for another few weeks as the bone healed completely. Wing injuries seemed to always take some time to heal in dragons, requiring the time to fully mend to bear the stresses of flight. The little wraith still battled the soreness and aches that had resulted in the attack which aggravated him to no end. He was sharp tongued most days but when things irritated him the dragon had extra difficult to deal with, as grouchy and fiery tempered as he could get.
The wraith was still miffed that in order for him to stay, Hitteki would have to be allowed as well. He fumed about that for hours after Jack gave him the final decision on the consequences of their squabbling. Veyron was not happy but it was better than the alternative. He shuddered to think about leaving the lap of luxury and going back to hunting for simply survival on Kilara. After living such a privileged life for so long he wouldn’t do well going back.
This morning the little dragon was all kinds of grumpy. His IV had been removed by Sam the previous day and it itched furiously now. He bit at it with his front teeth, aggravating it further. In addition to that annoyance, he couldn’t find anything to watch on the TV and his body was still tired and achy, protesting if he attempted to move too quickly.
“What’s up, Doc?” asked the dragon as professor Melina approached him. He stopped itching and hid his wrist so that she wouldn’t scold him for pestering it.
"You recovered enough to be discharged, however the wing will still need to bound up to heal; your other injuries have healed well," Melina said with a small smile.
“Have they really?” grumbled the wraith, getting up slowly. “Then why do I still feel like got my face beat in? Wait, its cause I did.”
Melina tried not to roll her eyes at the comments.
"We done the best we can bruising will take longer to heal, but we keep you on pain killers for now and check up on you every 48 hours," Melina replied calmly.
“Great, more poking and prodding,” said Veyron as he looked over the side of the bed. It seemed like a long way to go down when he was this sore. “So I’m free to leave?”
"Yes, I'm happy to take you to room, Hitteki is in there and she’s just finishing off the tidying" Melina said offering her hand to pick Veyron up.
“Don’t pick me up, let me retain some scraps of dignity,” was his grumble before Veyron gave a feeble leap up to her shoulder, landing clumsily without the balance provided with his wings and nearly fell off her back before he settled. “Ugh, okay let’s go.”
Veyron hung on and tried to keep his wing still as Melina walked him through the corridors towards his quarters.
"She is trying to make amends, so be gentle with her, she knows she's done wrong and trying to make things right" Melina advised Veyron.
“Yeah, it’s going to take more than a little housekeeping to earn my forgiveness,” snorted Veyron but he quieted at the look Melina gave him.
As they approached the room he saw that the door was open and there were a few trash bags leaning against the wall in the hall, with that he guessed was the remains of the broken possessions that had been ruined in the attack. Melina knocked on the door so that Hitteki would know they were coming in.
Veyron looked around his room. It looked like the dragoness had made great strides in returning it to a livable place. A number of things that had been broken had yet to be replaced. The chair that she had sent flying at him was missing and he presumed that it had been broken beyond repair.
Hitteki looked up and saw Melina and Veyron enter, “I’m nearly finished cleaning, I got to replace the items and making a list" Hitteki said as Melina nodded.
“Ah, my housekeeper. Looking alright so far, I think you missed a spot there,” he said, pointing to a spot on one of the shelves. “You’re going to have a hell of a time replacing some of those things. A few of my favourites were difficult to obtain.”
"Well, I try and get as much as I can, Jack given me a budget to replace the items that can be, then to work it off," Hitteki replied. "Very noble of you Hitteki, trying to make amends, I'm sure Veyron appreciates it" the professor said nudging the wraith lightly.
Veyron looked at the professor with a frown as she poked him.
“Yes, sure, I appreciate it,” he responded in a dry tone.
He jumped from the professor’s shoulder and landed on the floor. The landing sent a stabbing pain through his chest and wing but he grit his teeth and didn’t let it show. He didn’t want to give Hitteki that satisfaction.
He climbed back onto his bed, one of the few things that hadn’t gotten utterly destroyed. His usual quilt had been torn but it had been replaced with one of the facilities basic blankets.
“Now if you both would kindly get out, I would like to sleep without constant beeping in my ears,” he said, not having slept well with the noise and brightness of the infirmary.
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Melina and Hitteki left the grumpy wraith in his quarters as Melina helped the Syrian with the rubbish bags, the Syrian still felt uneasy being on a final warning and being made to clean up the mess and replace the stuff but she was determined not to let anyone down again.
“You be ok Hitteki, go grab something to eat I take these” Melina said as Hitteki was about to protest.
“I be fine, go on, run along” Melina said as the woman now attempted to carry the 8 large bags to the rubbish incinerator which was based in the utilities bay.
"Oh here, Mel, let me help," said Zyra, approaching as she saw Melina carrying the bags. She took them for her.
"What's all this?"
Melina was grateful for the bold wing’s help but wanted to try and do it independently but Zyra helping was appreciated.
“Oh Hitteki been cleaning and clearing up Veyron’s room, shes also ordering stuff that was broke to make amends, I told her to go get something to eat as she looked tired, said I carry these to the incinerator” Melina explained.
"Well, I'll help make the trip easier. How was your patient today now that he gets to leave the medical ward?" Asked Zyra.
Melina sighed lightly.
“Grouchy, grumpy and unappreciative of the help” Melina said abruptly, not really impressed with the wraith’s attitude, but he had been through a lot the last 2 weeks or so.
"Oh....I see. Maybe he'll cheer up now that he's in his own quarters." Said Zyra hopefully.
Melina nodded as the two of them chucked the bin bags into the incinerator, Melina thanked Zyra with a pet on her muzzle.
“I do hope so, thanks for helping me with the rubbish bags, least we can do now is was our hands and paws and get some supper, then perhaps get on with some work without Veyron constantly disturbing us, I put back some work to tend to him as he is needy and uncooperative” Melina said to the female bold wing.
"Well cheer up, Mel. I am here to help. We will catch up in no time," smiled Zyra, trying to brighten her mood.
Melina nodded in agreement, about to tell her some news that hopefully would get her excited, she had been holding it off for a little while, wanting Zyra to be a young dragoness and to not be stuck in a book or 5, but the bold wing insane thirst for knowledge and that drive was very hard to hold back.
"Well, it was also to start your course material, you been eager and chomping at the bit to start your professor qualification" Melina smiled, knowing this would make the bold wing happy, she had doubted doing it but she had decided to go with it.
"You're actually going to let me start?" Teased Zyra but there was a hint of excitement to her expression.
Melina laughed, " it's been a struggle holding you back, your really wanting to do this and I can't hold you back forever" Melina replied.
The dragoness beamed, "do you really want to hold me back though?"
Melina shook her head lightly.
“No Zyra, I do not, I just wanted you to be a dragon and not head stuck in notes and figures, you know, I was trying to take a leaf out of Jack’s book but I could see your energies need focus and you got a powerful drive to learn, so I thought to let you loose once more” Melina said.
"It's what I love to do," said Zyra with a wistful smile. "I know I have all my life, hundreds of years to learn but i... I want to know it all, right now." She laughed. "Besides, when do you ever follow what Jack does? It's the boys that need to be taking lessons from us."
Melina grinned, agreeing with the bold wing.
“Well, I’ve taken a few things from Jack’s book and made it better, I’d like to think, before I do allow you off the lead, I must ask, are you doing this to catch up to me Zy?” Melina asked the bold wing.
The dragoness was taken aback a little by her question, "No, of course not. Since my time in the labs on Kilara I have waited to learn, mostly to give back to dragons. Our healing methods are primitive at best. We don't have medical knowledge like humans do here. I want to give back to my kind and take the first few steps for something better for them and the guardian project. And if I can do that alongside the smartest Attilu in the worlds I would be all the happier for it. If you don't want me to get the title I would gladly set that aside if you'd still let me learn. The title means nothing to me compared to you," said Zyra.
Melina nodded but smiled.
“Sorry, it was a bit of a nasty question to ask, I apologise but I wanted to make sure it was for the right reason, since I feel we are both competitive, not with brawn like Jack, or Ardon and Korrin but more knowledge and searching for answers, that is where we shine the brightest” Melina replied back.
"It is never my intention to even begin to try out outdo you. You inspire me, Mel, and you are my motivation to work hard for these kinds of things," she said, her voice clear and genuine as she spoke. She rubbed her muzzle against her arm affectionately, "my hero or role model if you will."
Melina grinned petting her muzzle, rubbing the sweet spoke that Dr Jacobs had told her she liked as a small dragoness.
The boldwing gave a little thrum, happy that Melina wasn't mad.
“I was told about this sweet spot by someone, you can guess who, seems it is still a sweet spot of yours my bold wing” Melina said, smiling.
"I can guess and yes," she said with a smile. "A fatal weakness," she laughed lightly.
“Aha, another to add to my arsenal of knowledge, come on, we grab some supper and then head to my quarters and discuss the plan of action” Melina said as she walked alongside her bold wing dragoness who was happy.
Melina felt her palm get a little warm and noticed that the bold wings pearl like scales glittered a little brighter.
“Your very happy, my palm is warmer and you got a Brathille Aura glow back on your scales” Melina grinned.
"Do I?" Asked Zyra, turning her head to look at herself. "I suppose I do. I have been happy lately."
“Good, I am glad, come on, lets get a move on” Melina said jokingly as the two of them walked to get something to eat.

Comox was making his rounds about the facility when he heard his name being called from the command centre as he walked by. Pausing, the dragon backed up and walked into the room.
"You called for me, Damien?" He asked.
Damian was with his work colleague Andrew who seemed to be having some difficulty with their equipment, the screens were just filled with static and the computer seemed to be throwing up errors.
“We seem to be encountering some issues, our satellite was doing routine sea and weather checks over the Atlantic and the digital signal is being disrupted, we seem to be getting nowhere, the digital signal is being scrambled and we cannot seem to isolate the issue” Damian said.
“We ran level 1,2 and 3 diagnostics but still nothing” Andrew added.
"Have you seen if you can ping off of the offshore stations?" Asked Comox, looking at the screen in confusion, thinking it strange that the signal might be scrambled.
Damian nodded and he attempted again, only for the computer to say dighital signal lost and error messages appeared.
“It wont even let us do that, it wont connect at all, it is really bizarre, we haven’t spoken to Dr Baxter yet as it isn’t too urgent but still” Andrew said to Comox.
"Before you ask Baxter see if there are other weather satellites that are in operation. It's strange that you can't find a signal anywhere. I wonder what happened to cause so many to go down." Said Comox.
The men nodded at Comox idea.
“Well, we know in a few hours, I get the main computer to do it, meanwhile we do a level 4 and level 5 diagnostic, see if the issue is with us, we keep you posted” Damian said as the two men began their work again to identify this odd anomaly.
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Comox had really been confused yet intrigued by the strange scrambled signal that Damien and Andrew had come across. The Boldwing had settled into looking into it himself, trying to see if he could figure it out.
With Hitteki sullen and quiet since the attack, he had been given a bit of space and freedom from her constant hounding so this was a nice project to work on without having to look over his shoulder all the time.
He was working hard on trying to get something out of this mystery, thinking that it would be a good attempt at helping the facility team.
“What are you doing?” came a voice out of the blue so suddenly that the Boldwing jumped, spooked by the noise. He turned to see the little wraith at his side, looking up at the screen.
“Stars above, Veyron, you scared me,” said Comox, using his paw to settled his startled crest back against his neck.
“Everything scares you,” he replied “I’m sure you’ve jumped at your own shadow, kid. So tell me, what are you trying to do here?”
“Um, well yesterday Damien and Andrew found some strange system issues. They were doing routine checks but the satellite signals in this area seem to be scrambled.”
“No signal?”
“Nothing at all seems to be passing through. Static is all we seem to be able to manage, that or a black screen. Nothing they’ve done so far seems to help. They’ve done diagnostics up to level 5 and still no luck.” Explained Comox, shaking his head in frustration. “So I have been trying to bounce signals across other satellites and weather stations but anything that tries to transmit from this area receives nothing but static.”
“Hm,” murmured the wraith before he tried to jump up onto the control panel and let out a pained growl as he pulled himself up.
“She really did a number on you… didn’t she?” said Comox as he watched the wraith straighten to his hind legs stiffly. He would normally wonder if he was playing it up for sympathy but it didn’t appear that he was.
“Yeah, slap on the wrist for it too. Then –I- get in **** and threatened to get kicked off the planet if I don’t let her stay. Bull if you ask me.” He grumbled, turning his attention to the screen. “Have you tried using third-party satellites?”
“Only the one’s I can access.” Said Comox.
“What about off shore weather research stations?” quizzed the wraith, pressing a few buttons.
“We are getting no data from them either. Just static like I said.”
“Well, let’s see…” said Veyron, punching in a few codes into the screen.
Comox looked at him work; the little wraith was silent as he reviewed everything that the Boldwing had done.
“You’re on the right track here, let’s try this…” he mumbled under his breath, saying a few things to himself as he worked.
A brilliant red screen lit up, denying Veyron access to whatever it was he was doing.
The finer text went into legal details of accessing such a system.
“That doesn’t look good..” noted Comox.
“Hold your horses, I’ve got this. Just need a little…. Ah there..” the screen suddenly went away after he began typing madly. “Ah, well look at that.” Grinned Veyron.
“How… what did you do?” said Comox, surprised.
“Well, I saw where you where trying to go with your little investigating here and just got you onto a high level system.” He said casually as if it were no big deal.
“Can’t we get in serious trouble for that?”
“Proxies and scrambled IP’s and other tricks of the trade, my face-melting associate.”
“How do you know all this?”
“Trade secret,” grinned the wraith, “Quit stalling, we only have a few minutes before they realize that we’re using their system.”
“Oh,” said Comox, nodding and diving into checking through the data the system was collecting. It was still very vague but he managed to pull a number of things from it before they were blocked from the system once more. Veyron hopped onto his shoulder and watched the Boldwing process the data, compiling it and running it through a few things.
“What?” he said to himself, reading the findings.
“What is it?” asked the wraith, leaning in to see.
“It’s…. something organic? Something organic is scrambling the signals?”
“Water? A storm?”
“No, nothing like that. I can’t tell what it is from this data except that it’s an organic compound.” He said, standing up.
He turned to head towards the command center, wanting to show this new information to Damien. Veyron hopped off his back.
“Alright, you geeks go do whatever it is you do. I’m done here.”
“Thanks, Veyron. I owe you one,” said Comox, hurrying away.
“Yeah, everyone seems to owe me,” said the wraith as he made it way over to the canteen.

An hour or two later the wraith was sitting on one of the sofa’s finishing his cup of coffee while he watched a program on TV. He had been left alone for the most part. Ardon had come by for lunch and asked how he was doing, receiving only a vague response from the wraith while he watched his show.
Hitteki walked in to see Veyron watching TV, she decided to get some breakfast before going online to try and reorder the broken items in his room.
“That you, Fuzz?” asked Veyron, looking over the back of the couch. “I have a coffee that needs refilling.” He said, holding up his mug and wiggled it back and forth.
Hitteki sighed quietly, knowing this was what the wraith was going to milk for all its worth.
She approached the wraith and took his mug from him.
"How do you drink your coffee?" Hitteki asked.
"With sugar and cream," he replied, sinking back down into the cushions. "And if there are any of those cookies left of the table I'll take one of them too."
Hitteki did as instructed and got the wraith his refill and the cookie that was left on the table near the kitchens.
"There you are Veyron" Hitteki said.
“Splendid, I rather like this system, don’t you, Hitteki?” he asked as he reclined back on the pillows, taking a bite out of the cookie.
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Hitteki knew better than to growl or show aggression, she was hanging on a thin thread and she would have to develop a thick skin to cope with the wraith’s poking and prodding.
“It is something I have prepared myself for, It is part of the package” Hitteki merely said to the wraith.
"Yep," he simply replied, staring at the tv and taking a sip of his coffee.
Hitteki decided to make his way to the canteen to get her breakfast, “I’m going to get some breakfast and then make a start ordering replacements for your stuff” Hitteki said as she made her way to Toby’s kitchen opening.
"Can you ensure you replace that Tomaniko vase that you smashed first? It was a favourite of mine," he hollered over to her, knowing it would be the most difficult to obtain and would send her on a wild goose chase for it.
Hitteki ground her teeth but took a deep breath and replied.
“No worries, I add it to the list Veyron” Hitteki replied as she was unaware of the item in question would be so rare it would be very hard to come by, the wriath’s little joke.
The dragon hummed in response, thinking she was handling this a little more gracefully than he anticipated. He shrugged to himself and took another sip of his coffee.

Dr Baxter had been doing some maintenance work on the computer systems and had been working on ensuring the facilities computer infrastructure was up to date and fully protected, being designed with organic components as well as the AI on the main computer meant it was the fastest and most secure system in the world.
Comox had taken his findings and knocked on Baxter’s office door.
"Hey Baxter, do you have a minute?"
Baxter looked up and smiled seeing the male bold wing, “hello Comox, how can I help you” he asked the dragon.
"I don't know if Damien mentioned the strange signal scrambling he's noticed but I looked into it -and had a little help from Veyron- I discovered signals are being distorted by some sort of organic matter," he said, passing the man his tablet to show him what he had found.
Baxter checked up on his issues log and searched on there and saw Damian and Andrew had put in a work issue log for him to look at on a medium scale of importance.
“Yes, Damian sent me a work issue report, put as medium importance, I bring up the notes now, seems that there is static and digital signals aren’t reaching our communication dishes” Dr Baxter said looking at the screen.
"It's not only ours though. It's next to impossible to get any data from that region from any station," said Comox.
Dr Baxtrer adjusted his glasses on his face as he typed away, reading the report and seeing what had been done, it confused the doctor as the signals although digital and encrypted were still very strong signals.
“Hrmm, most bizarre, you said something organic or compound you discovered, interfering the signals?” Dr Baxter asked.
"Yes, from what I could tell anyway. I couldn't figure out what exactly though," said Comox.
Dr Baxter scratched his head a little confused.
“It is very bizarre, no organic compounds should produce something that could interfere with radio and digital communication signals, that is very strange, sadly I’m no expert on organic compounds or anything like that” The doctor said confused.
"Should I ask Melina or Zyra if they have any theories?" Suggested Comox.
Dr Baxter agreed, nodding his head.
“Yes, we best head down there and see if they can make head nor tail of it, because I cannot think for the life of me something that would interfere with the signals, sadly I am a computer geek, not a chemistry or biological geek” the man said getting up from his desk.
"Well good thing we have at least two on hand," said Comox, walking down with him.

Soon the two entered the labs where Melina, Zyra and Josh were sat round a computer discussing the work being done on the fuel research and analysis that was done for Jack on the alsterine fuel.
“Oh Dr Baxter, Comox, nice of you to come into the labs, did you wipe your feet before coming in?” the professor smiled with her lightly teasing joke.
Comox didn't get the joke and had already started wiping his feet when he heard a laugh. Looking up Zyra passed by with a tray and samples she was working on.
"How can we help you, gentlemen?" She asked.
“We are having some issues with our digital signals, they are being disrupted by and we cannot connect to our stations, Comox here thinks it maybe an organic compound of some sorts” Dr Baxter explained.
"Really?" Asked Zyra. "Organic matter disrupting signals?"
"That's what my guess is from this data."
Josh seemed a little puzzled as did Melina, who looked at Josh to perhaps shed some light on this, “Have you got a log of the start of the incident and the location, then at least we can check up any natural phenomena, or weather patterns that could cause it, though seems highly unlikely” Josh said as Melina nodded lightly.
"They noticed yesterday so if there are any natural anomalies in the past few days that would be a good place to start." Said Comox.
"I'll have a look on our network and see if I can find anything," replied Zyra, turning to go to her computer.
“Anything you can find out would be grateful” Dr Baxter said.
“Of course, I let you know and keep you updated, send over the files and we can take a look at it all” Melina said as Baxter nodded as the two guys left the room.
The three of them set to work and it wasn’t long before the data came through to Melina’s main computer, the three of them worked long, checking up a number of things that could cause digital signal disruption in the wild or anything natural but so far things had come to a blank.
A good few hours passed as Josh, Melina and Zyra looked at the data provided by Dr Baxter and his team and still the answer was not jumping out of them at all, the more the professor looked, the more puzzled she become.
Zyra rubbed her muzzle with her paw and took her eyes off the screen.
"I can't seem to find anything that stands out here. History records and our recent files in our database. Just... nothing. I've gone over everything and nothing seems to be going on."
Melina yawned and nodded in agreement.
“Nothing here either no natural occurrences at all, Baxter sent an email saying there were reports of disturbances in communications like we are facing but nothing that can help us” Melina said to the dragoness.
"That's so odd. I guess the next step would be sending someone out that way to physically see what's going on?" Asked Zyra.
Melina nodded.
“Maybe, let’s go see Josh, see if he has discovered anything, he has been working pretty solidly” Melina replied.
"Alright," said Zyra, getting up and stretching after sitting for so long researching.
Melina left their office and went to meet up with Josh who was sat down and working on the main medical computer but Baxter had transferred some of the main computer to split screen, the man had his usual mug with chemistry symbols on there.
“Hey Josh, have you had much luck in looking for stuff, we been looking and cannot find anything, just brings up more questions than answers” Melina said.
Josh looked up at the girls and shook his head, “A few bits and pieces but nothing concrete I’m afraid, I was about to go get some tea or something” Josh said looking at his mug.
“It’s ok we are going to take a break so we will get one for you” Melina said taking the mug and walking towards the canteen.
As they walked down towards the canteen Melina looked at her watch and seemed surprised.
“Blimey Zy its nearly 10pm, we been working for ages and still nothing, Josh seems at a loss too, I just feel we are missing a big puzzle piece here” Melina said to the bold wing.
The dragoness nodded. "It all seems so odd. I don't understand it at all."
“Well, a cup of tea and a light supper, we have another two hours of it but then bed then, we can continue in the morning” Melina said grabbing a chair, “Can you grab me a herbal tea please Zy?” Melina asked.
"Can do," replied Zyra, headed to the counter to make some up. She returned shortly after and out the cup in her hands. "There you are."
“Thanks Zy, it just leaves me puzzled all of this, if it got Baxter stumped then what hope do we have, we don’t really do the tech side of it” Melina said taking a sip of her drink.
"Yeah, I don't know what to do either, Mel. It's puzzling that's for sure." Agreed the bold wing.
Melina chuckled lightly, “Well it’s a work out that is for sure” she teased lightly nudging the dragoness shoulder.
Zyra smiled and nudged her back. "Yeah, for the brain."
All of a sudden Josh came in at a quickened pace and approached the girls, “Sorry professor, doctor but I think I have answer or somewhere we can go, I just worked on it for 20 minutes something came to me” Josh said as he laid out his notes and a map in front of the professor and the dragoness.
“Oh?, please what do you think you found, as we are both a little loss, any little thing can help, can you just move the cups and plates Zy?” Melina asked the bold wing kindly.
Zyra cleared away their plates and cups as josh brought something to their attention. "What is it?"
Josh sat down and explained what he had discovered.
“It is just a theory but I reckon it will get us somewhere, I think we got this all wrong, I think we are looking at two compounds, coming to together” Josh explained.
"Really?" Said Zyra, surprised. "What does that mean?" the bold wing asked as the cogs in Melina’s mind were working, trying to follow what Josh was saying.
“Like a chemical reaction, mixing two ingredients together” Melina said for clarity which the man nodded.
“Or, the reaction when two chemicals meet, the reaction and interactions could be causing the interference of the signals, I think we need to look at chemical reactions, perhaps the more extreme ones, I can easily look and see the reports” Josh said.
Melina nodded in agreement.
“Could we replicate this in the lab at all?” Melina asked.
“That was my next question, we could carry out some lab based tests in safety conditions to test out things, hopefully we can find it” Josh said.
Melina turned to Zyra.
“Do you reckon we can clear out the one test facility and allow Josh to utilise that area for the tests, it is worth going down this route of investigation” Melina asked the dragoness.
"Yeah I think we can," nodded the dragoness
“Excellent, we can do that for you” Melina said.
“Thank you, professor, I will sort of circled the area the interference is, using the satellites position and the tracking stations and amplifiers” Josh said putting a circle on the map where the area was.
Melina seemed to look very surprised and also a little concerned…the area Josh circled was the Mid Atlantic.
“You best check that out tomorrow to ensure you got it right” Melina said as Josh nodded, knowing what he suggested was not good news.
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The next day the wraith had been out and about the facility before returning to his room. Upon entering it he paused, scenting Hitteki on the air. He suspiciously looked around before he realized she was not there, but had been earlier. A few new items had been placed in the room.
While it was good to see that she was making strides at fixing what she replaced, the wraith did not like the fact that she could waltz in at any moment.
He recalled living in one of the first high rises he had stayed at in LA. It was at the beginning of his life in the shadows and he had been in an almost paranoid state at the beginning, thinking that someone would be after him or getting caught again by humans.
It was only after some time and a lot of practice and acquiring knowledge that he had learned how to live a safer and more relaxed life. Recent events had now had his scales up which he detested greatly.
The little dragon left his room and marched down to the office wing of the facility. Veyron rapped his talons on Mark’s office doorframe before walking in.
“Mark, good, you’re in.”
"What you after Veyron, I be rather busy today, so make it brief" Mark said looking down from his desk.
"I have a request,” said the wraith after climbed up and stood on the man’s desk. “Regarding my safety. I would do it myself but apparently I’m no longer allowed to ‘modify or alter base security’” he said in a mock tone with air quotes, obviously displeased with it all. “As per my shiny new restrictions.”
"Oh? What is this request if I may ask?" Mark asked.
“I’m asking you cause I know you’ll get it done. Martin doesn’t know a threat if it came up and bit in him the ass. Somehow, Hitteki still has access to my room even after that incident. I want my door entry security updated. Only I know the password and a rescan of my paw print for entry with both required to get in."
"Hrmm I can do that for you but to make you aware me and Jack will have override clearance, security and safety policy" Mark replied.
"Yeah, yeah. I get that. I can deal with that so long as it’s only you two that have access," he responded. "I just wanted done asap."
Mark seemed puzzled.
"What's the rush Veyron? has Hitteki scared you into submission?" Mark asked.
"No," growled the wraith, his ruff prickling at the accusation, “I have lived a life constantly on red alert since my escape in Arizona. I don’t want to have to deal with that in my own quarters, having to look over my shoulder or be tempted to give into instinct.” He said firmly, folding his arms, “Being nearly killed twice in your own … home will do that to you, not to mention the countless other times I nearly saw my end.”
"Ahh I see so Hitteki dunking you in the toilet and beating the living crap out of you has nothing to do with it" Mark said.
Veyron realized he must have seen the recordings from his inroom security system, likely after the attack and found out what had happened. He knew that was a likely outcome but he fumed at it all the same.
The wraith ground his teeth, "Are you going to do it or not?" he asked, ignoring the man's comment.

Mark laughed, seeing how angry and frustrated the wraith was getting.
"Oh, your face says a thousand words, I will get it done tonight for you...I've had my amusement" Mark said chuckling lightly.
Veyron prickled at being laughed at. He had a short fuse as of late and it wasn’t going well for him.
"I thought your were on MY side!" huffed the wraith, "Where is the god damn sympathy? Imagine… someone a hundred times bigger than you are…. Imagine Ardon tried to humiliate you and kill you in the process, I doubt you'd be laughing then!"
"You tease me all the time and answer back, if you can't take what you can dish out, then maybe you should tone it down, I am on your side Veyron...most of the time, I get it done for you now," Mark said assertively.
Veyron glared at him, staring him in the eye as he swiped a pen from his desk. He pointed it at him in warning as he hopped down to the floor and stalked out.
Mark rolled his eyes as he set about sorting Veyron's request out, "The things I do for that brat of a dragon." Mark muttered as he typed on his laptop.

“Veyron!” came the cheery voice of Vonriir in the corridor just beyond as he spotted the wraith grumbling as he walked away from the offices. “It’s a beautiful day out today, I was going to go stretch my wings if you wanted a lift to get some fresh air. I know you’ve been stuck inside for a few weeks.”
The large dragon was chatty and happy to have someone to talk to, everyone else seemed busy lately.
Veyron stopped and Vonriir held out a paw. The wraith climbed up his forearm and up the dragon’s neck to his crest.
“What’s that?” Veyron asked, pointing to the ceiling.
Vonriir looked up to see what the wraith was pointing at. “What?”
“There, closer,” insisted Veyron, still pointing.
“Here? I don’t see anything,..” said Vonriir, stretching up and trying to spot the mystery.
Veyron walked to the end of the large dragon’s nose and pushed up the ceiling tile.
“Thanks,’ he said before lifting it all the way up and jumping inside. The tile popped back into place and there was a sound of talons in the ceiling above.
“Veyron….?” Said Vonriir, confused at to what just happened. “Veyron?”
There was no response and Vonriir shook his head, puzzled before deciding to forget it and continue his idea to go stretch his wings.
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Jack was in the canteen watching the news on the large screen, the man was sat on the sofa watching the news report as the Ocean Explorer 2 was docked up and loading up with the fuel for her maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in 2 days’ time.
Jack had mixed emotions on this, although the reports his team showed that tere was nothing wrong with the ship and many possibilities were ruled out, Jack still have a nagging feeling he could not shake that something bad was about to happen.
Jack continued to watch as the news reporter continued speaking.
“Here we have live footage of the ship in Portsmouth dock, the most advanced ship that ever graced the waters, one ship, six crew and the latest aid to mankind liquid Alsterine, which will travel to the USA and arrive at the New York port in 4 days’ time from setting off from Portsmouth” the news reporter said.
“Of course our thoughts go out to the six crew members that lost their lives on the ill-fated Ocean explorer 1 which was lost in mysterious circumstances 5 months ago”.
Jack sighed lightly taking a sip of coffee from his mug, wondering what was nagging him so much about the ship.
"Hello commander, I hope you're well," said Vonriir, walking into the lounge and spotting the man.
Jack looked to see the behemoth of a dragon Vonriir approach, the dragon seemed in a happy, chatty mood it seemed.
“Hey Von, you doing ok?, haven’t seen much of you these days but I know the whole team has been busy with stuff” Jack said.
"I've been around, trying to stay out of the way mostly. I've been helping a bit in the hanger," explained the dragon, sitting down.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Well, our fault really, you are a very sociable dragon, we should been around to have a chat at least, I’m just watching the news report on the Ocean Explorer 2, she is being fuelled up ready for her maiden voyage in 2 days time” Jack said, gesturing to the TV.
"Your brothers ship, hm? I hope it's smooth sailing," Vonriir replied. "Where is it leaving from?"
Jack nodded lightly.
“Well, it was the 2nd ship, it was nearly finished before the incident with the first ship, it is still painful for him, but least we done our bit on the side to reassure him, it is a very big ship for six people to control and maintain during the 4 days sea voyage” Jack said.
"Yes, it looks like a rather large vessel on the television. I wonder why they wouldn't have extra crew aboard just in case." The dragon pondered aloud.
Jack smiled, as the large Crag back thought outloud, it was something the large dragon did, but despite being massive he was a very intelligent dragon.
“Shouldn’t you be wearing your glasses Melina made for you? If you cant see the picture well, to answer your question its all automation and computers now Von, this base would have far more staff without the computer systems” Jack answered, looking up at the Crag Back.
"I do suppose it would," nodded Vonriir, "your technology is grand but I wouldn't complain if we had more people here," he smiled.
Jack chuckled lightly at the comment.
“More people to talk with I’m sure, I hope the hanger crew are treating you right, Melina was telling me on the latest check-up that Earth life seems to be agreeing with you” Jack smiled.
Melina had said the dragon had lost a fair bit of weight since joining and was a lot fitter and was looking even more impressive than when he first arrived, it was good news and showed that Earth life and the quality of foods and work could enhance a dragon than on Kilara.
"It would appear so. I don't have any complaints," he chuckled. "I rather like it here. I don't know why forge ever leaves."
“He doesn’t want to feel we are domesticating him or other dragons, that has always been my worry, you guys getting use to the luxuries of food on demand and heated pools and floors and just human life, but now we are finding Zyra and Ardon are not keen on hunting unless needed, then again Toby does a great job” Jack said.
"That he does. I wouldn't worry about it too much, Commander. This kind of life comes with the territory. In my opinion, the public wouldn't be so warm to our presence if we seemed more like Kurrux, terrorizing the countryside for a meal."
Jack laughed lightly, nodding in agreement.
“Well, you could be right there” Jack said.
Ardon trotted in and turned his eyes to the screen. "Oh it's Nathan's ship, it's almost ready to leave now hm?"
Jack nodded lightly.
“Yes, be on the sea and travelling in 2 days’ time, just flicked it on to have a little look, Nathan won’t be there to see it leave the port” Jack replied.
Ardon was satisfied with that, though he didn't want to say it, he was relieved that Nathan wasn't on the ship. The dragons possessive and protective nature was ticking.
“Hopefully it will be a smoother ride than the previous vessel, but I still have reservations about that ship” Jack said finishing his coffee.
"I'm sure with the stepped up safety and security since he last incident they will be fine," Ardon assured him.
Jack sighed, getting up.
“It wasn’t security Ardon, I know that for sure, look if a 65,000 ton tanker can just suddenly disappear or blow up in the middle of nowhere who is to say it wont happen again, despite all the reports I still have doubts about that ship, I think we hear a lot more on it once it has left port” Jack said assertively.
"Okay, jack," nodded Ardon, uncertain.
"I think all will be fine," said Vonriir, always the optimistic.
“I am sure and if it breaks down, Vonriir can be our resident tug to help tow it back to Portsmouth” Jack grinned looked up at the Crag back.
The large dragon laughed lightly. "I don't know how I'd feel about flying over the ocean."
The trio carried on talking for a little whilel the Crag back using his optimistic tone to clam Jack down, helping cool the tension that the man and Ardon were feeling.

Hitteki had spent the last day or so replacing the damaged items, she had now come back with the aid of Joe who had a big pallet of goods which he moved with an electric pump truck towards Veyron’s room.
“Thank you for doing this Sir, I appreciate it, it be harder for a dragon to do this” Hitteki said as the man smiled.
“Aye, no problem darlin” Joe said having a strong farmer like accent from the countryside.
Hitteki pressed the buzzer on the door to Veyron’s quarters and awaited a reply.
"Who is it?" Yelled veyrons voice.
“It’s Hitteki along with Joe from the post room, we got some items arrived for you, your replacements” Hitteki said over the speaker.
The wraith grumbled but if Hitteki was with someone he would allow it. He unlocked the door and opened it.
Joe greeted the small dragon as Hitteki came in with him.
“Helpin young Hitteki ere, bring all your boxes little man, I’m surprised its less than what you usually order” he said, Joe being an older member of the Torchwood team usually not afraid to speak his mind and was rather coarse at times.
"My quota has been reined it." Veyron muttered. "So what's this one?"
“All the items that were broken, most of them anyways, there is more coming the next day or so” Hitteki said as Joe nodded.
“Aye, more overtime for me, Young bright scales ere got ya the items from that there list” joe added.
"All of them? Really?" Asked Veyron, hopping up onto his dresser.
Hitteki nodded.
“Oh yes, even that one you strangely highlighted and underlined for me, no idea, took awhile and I asked joe for help as he is an expert on collecting rare items online” Hitteki said as the man nodded lightly.
Veyron couldn't help but looked surprise.
"The Vase too?" He asked, knowing that should have been a wild goose chase. Only three had ever been made.
“Aye that there Vase of yours, unless you were pulling young uns leg ere, it was tricky but I knew a guy who is a serious collector and he had one, so for a price we got it for you” Joe replied putting the boxes in Veyron’s room.
Veyron raised an eyebrow at Hitteki, wanting to say she cheated at his game.
"Maybe I'll hire you as my personal shopper then."
Joe laughed.
“I think not, I am a few years to retire an I’m happy doing post, anyways there is your boxes unloaded, see ya tomorrow” Joe said as he left the dragons to it.
“Well I best be going, I got to pay this off by working in the academy hanger then helping the hanger manager out” Hitteki said.
"Have fun," he said grinning at her but inside still puzzled as how she managed to get all his things.
Hitteki smiled and left the wraith to pay off her debt to the facility, she was happy getting the items for Veyron, unaware the one item was a test and she had surprised the wraith without even realising it.
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