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Unread Jul 9th, 2017, 10:58 AM   #26
the listener
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The next morning Ardon was working hard at getting things together for a training exercise he had been planning. With his nose in the storage closet, the dragon pulled out multiple targets that he had ordered for the practice. With them he gathered up a bunch of the Velcro ribbons that he and Zyra had used to play keep away. It was more of a game than serious training but it made the dragons think and strategize as well as gain aerial experience. He wrapped everything in a thin crimson blanket he had found and tied it together so he could carry it easily.
He had spoken to all the others, and while Veyron had firmly declined in participating, Vonriir was rather looking forward to give it all a try but had been called to the aircraft hangar last minute to help with something, much to his disappointment. Ardon wasn’t surprised about Veyron and thought it would go better without his little remarks anyway.
The gold dragged out everything he needed and threw what he could over his shoulder and carried the rest tucked under a wing. A few of the coloured ribbons dragged on the floor as he walked, making him look rather bright as he trotted down the hall to meet the others outside.
"Where are you off to with all that kit?” came Jack’s voice, the man looking out his office door.
Ardon paused and readjusted his wing grip on the targets.
"I've called for a training day for the others. It's been pretty quiet here so I thought it would be good to practice. " explained the dragon with a hint of excitement in his voice, "Is that okay? You don't need us for anything do you?"
Jack smiled, "No you go ahead, I think that is great idea, get out and about and hone your skills" Jack replied approving of the idea.
"That’s the plan. Headed out to impress," grinned he gold.
"Well, you best do, Golden boy, or I be a little disappointed" Jack teased lightly.
“When do I ever disappoint you?” asked the dragon, sticking his tongue out cheekily. “I’ll catch you later and let you know how it went.”
The golden dragon trotted away, eager to get started. Once he got to the hanger he grabbed the things tucked under his wings in his front paws and launched himself skyward.
It was a cooler day today, as he burst out into open air. It looked a little grey but the clouds above didn’t seem to threaten rain.
“There you are, we thought you weren’t going to show,” teased Comox as he and the other’s stood in the grass.
“Sleep in?” jested Zyra.
“Hey now, that’s no way to speak to your mighty trainer,” snorted Ardon, good naturedly as he put down all the items he had brought. The other’s laughed as he got organized and untied the blanket. “I had to get set up.”
"So what are we participating in for this training session?" Hitteki asked.
"I was thinking a few different things." said Ardon with a twinkle in his eye, pulling out the targets, "Aerial practice as well as a little target practice."
"Sounds good to me" Hitteki replied with a smile.
“Target practice?” asked Comox.
“Yes, I got these targets made,” He explained, holding one up. “We are going to be making flying passes and striking these with the greatest accuracy as possible.”
“But, we really shouldn’t get our acid all over the grounds,” said Zyra.
“That is something I thought of,” replied Ardon with a smile. “I had sand brought in and laid out over there,” he said, pointing. “That should absorb your acid fine and we won’t be setting the grass on fire. Jack would hand my tail to me if we caused a brush fire,”
“Oh, good thinking, Ardy,” Comox nodded.
Ardon handed out the targets to the dragons, “Place these a good distance apart on the stretch of sand and then we’ll get started,” he said, taking the deep crimson sheet he had used to carry them and wrapped it around his neck like a cowl. Zyra gave him a sidelong glance, thinking the rich red fabric and deep gold of his scales made him look rather regal and stately in a way. He was carrying himself with an eager confidence that was hard to ignore.
“Alright,” said Ardon, “let’s get a move on.”
The dragons set up the targets and to add an extra challenge, Ardon put up a different set of green targets that were made simply of paper. “Don’t hit these, collateral damage,”
“Oh, really making it a challenge now?” asked Comox.
Ardon grinned. “Yep. Alright, now everyone let’s get into the air and begin.”
Once the group was aloft, Ardon explained that he would call out names, and they were to go down and strike a target of their choosing.
Zyra was the first to go, shooting her acid with deadly efficiency, flying back up to the group with liquid grace.
“You make that look so easy, miss Zyra,” complimented Vonriir as she returned to the group.
“Simply instinct, Vonriir,” she replied humbly.
“Alright, Hitteki, let’s see what you’ve got.” shouted Ardon.
Hitteki zoomed in using Syrian tactical flying she dodged and weaved and released her flame hitting the first target dead on before zooming off at speed.
“Well done, Hitteki, alright, Co, go again,” called out Ardon.
The Boldwings had such deadly accuracy with their acid it was almost frightening. No matter where the targets were or how close they were to the green markers, Zyra and Comox would strike them without getting anything else caught in the spray. The targets crumbled and melted to nearly nothing after each pass while the other targets smouldered lightly from Hitteki’s rounds.
“Aright, Hitteki, one more go,” called Ardon.
Hitteki did as instructed, beating her wings harder she went in faster gaining height and them dropping down to gain speed, soon she had hit the second target and flew back a little out of breath as the other’s complimented her skill.
"How's that" the Syrian said looking to see the burning target.
“Well done, you really did well countering the breeze there,” grinned Ardon.
"Thanks, I gave it a fierce go" Hitteki said lightly panting.
Comox went once more after Zyra, striking the target at nearly full speed and rocketing back upwards in a spiral as he had seen Ardon do once before.
"Nice going Comox, that was amazing skill and speed too," Hitteki said excitedly.
The Boldwing smiled lightly as he returned to the group, “Thanks.
A number of the green paper targets had blown away in the passes, caught up in the wind of their wings as they had rocketed by. A single one had been left untouched at the very end.
Just then, Vonriir emerged from the aircraft hangar and winged his way up to the group that circled in the sky above.
“Sorry! Had to help right some tipped equipment, how’d it go?” he huffed once he reached them.
Ardon pointed to the ground and Vorniir saw the accomplishments of their target practice.
“Oh well done,” he beamed.
“Want to have a go? Show us what you’ve got?” asked Ardon with a grin.
“If you like,” nodded Vonriir.
“Alright, pick any target but don’t hit the green one if you can,” Instructed the gold.
The massive dragon considered the range down below before he took off, diving steeply before turning to make his pass. Vonriir drew in a dep breath and opened his jaws. What emerged was shocking . A massive gout of flame shot out before him , all the targets and the range of sand disappearing within the hellish inferno as Vonriir flew past. He closed his mouth and rose back up, all the remaining targets aflame save for the lone green one at the very end.
“Woah!” shouted Comox.
“Stars, Von! That was AMAZING!” yelled Ardon as the massive dragon returned to them.
Vonriir gave a smile and an improvised bow was he flew up to the others while they cheered.
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Black & White
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The next day the Ocean Explorer 2 set off from Portsmouth with a big fanfare and escorted out of the docks by tug boats as the massive tanker headed off towards the Atlantic ocean on her maiden voyage to New York harbour, carrying tons upon tons of Liquid Alsterine.
The Captain in charge was a Canadian by the name of Eric Wright was placed in command of this vessel along with his first officer, a British sailer by the name of Lee woods, the other crew were British and worked for Nathan’s company.
The ship was now out on its own in international waters at a cruising speed or 80 knots, the ship’s new paint and shining steel pumps which snaked along the top of the massive tanker all sparkled in the sun.
“All systems functioning Captain, cargo is stable, engines at peak capacity and weather report says smooth sailing all the way to new York” Woods said as the Captain looked out of his binoculars checking the sea ahead and nodded.
“Excellent work, we are well and truly on our way” the captain said as the ship sailed along the calm waters away from the UK, media helicopters followed for a short while before going back to shore as the tanker continued sailing.

Back in Torchwood 5 Jack had contacted Torchwood 7, having asked Alex to do some security checks and background checks on the Canadian Captain of the Ocean Explorer 2, Jack had seen the man was from BC and his family was based there, the man wanted to be sure.
Soon the video call connected and Alex appeared on the screen.
"Evening Commander Harkness. I hope all is well with you and yours," said Alex.
“Morning Commander Alex, all is well here, I hope the dragons are behaving themselves there and no training to beat us next one” Jack lightly teased.
"That's classified information," smiled Alex, "The dragons have been doing great, really doing well here. "
Jack chuckled lightly.
“Great, now the Ocean Explorer 2 has set sail for New York harbour, big fanfare, the Captain is Canadian as you know, what have you managed to dig up on the Captain Eric Wright, he is from BC” Jack asked Alex.
"Yeah, we've done background checks. didn't come up with anything out of the ordinary. It all checks out by our search," explained Alex.
Jack nodded lightly, thinking it was better to check and be sure, rather than let it slip, despite Nathan saying they were all checked out, he had to be sure.
“Ok, no worries, I appreciate you taking the time to check up, the ship seems in capable hands from the sounds of it.” Jack replied back.
"Yes, it appears to be so. Born in Halifax, moved to BC at age six with his family. Father and grandfather were both in the ship industry as well," replied Alex.
“Thanks for checking up for me, I can rule any foul play now, you take care Alex” Jack said.
"You too Jack, talk soon," replied Alex with a nod, signing out.
Jack nodded lightly as he sighed, wondering if he was missing anything but thought he was over thinking until he had a message from Professor Melina.
“Jack here” the man answered.
“Hey Jack, do you mind coming down to the labs please, we have something to show you” Melina said over the video call.
“What’s the matter professor?” Jack asked, a little confused.
“Josh has identified the cause of the interference with the digital systems, but it raises and creates a few problems” Melina replied.
“Ok I’m on my way” Jack said as the screen returned to the Torchwood logo as the man left to go towards the labs.
Inside the labs Melina returned to Josh and Zyra who was in the laboratory setting up the experiment again.
“Ok, let’s set up again and just be careful” Melina said to Zyra who was in charge of pouring the two liquids into Separate tubes labelled A and B.
Josh looked and nodded.
“Yes, very much so be careful and keep distance as well, it might be lower doses but still” Josh added his comment after the professor to keep Dr Zyra on alert.
Zyra carefully poured small amounts of liquid into the selected tubes, still marvelling about the reaction the team had discovered.
Jack came walking in as Zyra had finished putting the tubes containing the blue and yellow liquids into separate tubes labelled up which were now in the test area in Melina’s labs.
Zyra smiled and greeted the man.
"Thanks for letting me show you this, jack," said the dragoness as she carefully went over her plans.
Jack seemed puzzled looking as the tubes raised up with a microphone and analysing machine in the middle between them.
“So you got some coloured liquids, what is this all about?” Jack asked as Zyra moved to the side where Melina was.
“We worked on Josh’s theory and worked on it until we discovered this, so please watch and listen Jack” Melina said as the man nodded.
Josh cleared his throat.
“See the two liquids before you, Label A the blue liquid and Label contains the yellow liquid, now I move these two liquids together” Josh said typing commands and the tubes moved slowly towards one another.
“As they move towards one another, you can see a reaction happening here, this reaction between the liquids, which can disrupt and cut off communications, including digital signals as we can see here” Josh said as the instruments signalled the interference and the signals got more intense as the tubes got slower.
Jack looked and saw smoke and light bubbling from the top of the test tubes.
“I turn the microphone and instruments off and retract them” Melina said as they disappeared as the tubes got closer the tubes producing thick white smoke as they came closer and closer.
“Ok, so it disrupts the signal so what is the cure to keep Baxter happy?” Jack asked.
“Too fast, Mr Harkness” Josh said.
“Huh?” Jack replied a little puzzled.
"Just keep watching, the reaction doesn't stop here." Said Zyra.
Jack looked back to see more smoke rising from the tubes and the smoke getting thicker.
“Further interaction as they come closer, will occur, until finally they just…..”
The two tubes exploded with a violent flash, luckily the reinforced glass protected them as there was nothing lefty of the tubes, Jack stood back stunned at what he had just seen.
Zyra looked up, seeing Jack's surprise. It had matched her own when she had first come to realize what this was.
“Wow, ok tell me what I just saw?” Jack said.
“It means that there will be a very large explosion wherever one finds liquid from A and B” Josh said as Jack still seemed surprised what he had just seen, a violent explosion even for a lab test.
"I have ran multiple tests, double and triple checked just to be sure. Our findings are firm in what we've seen here and have been identified." said Zyra.
“So what is it?” Jack asked.
“Tube A contained Alsterine and B containing…”
Jack’s eyes lit up a little concerned.
“Alstrerine you say?” Jack asked.
Josh nodded lightly.
“Yes sir, Alsterine and OD50 coming into contact with one another which would cause this mass explosion, its incredible really OD50 is used to make pet food, dog food to be exact, a organic nutrient from the sea” Josh said as Jack seemed concerned.
“Where is this OD50 based normally” Jack asked as Melina brought up the map on the main computer.
"We've identified the organic material, sourced in South America but from what we uncovered its miles away from any major shipping lanes. We've found the company that uses it however." said Zyra.
Jack looked and felt uncertain about what he was seeing.
“Do we know why these two explode at all?” Jack asked Josh.
“It would need some more work looking into it but we can look into it, these tubes were diluted down and produced this kind of explosion” Josh replied.
“Was it Liquid alsterine?” Jack asked.
“I’m afraid so” the man said.
“What’s the name of this company that uses the OD50 for pet food or dog food” Jack asked.
"Seasource, a pet food company." explained Zyra.
"We had a sponsorship with them, doing fundraisers and the like. We're on good terms with the CEO and might be able to call in a favour."
Melina agreed with the bold wing.
“Yes we can go undercover, I pose as Zyra’s agent and we can go from there, we come up with a cover story and pretend we are looking for their name on a book” Melina said.
“Ok, get to that right away, contact the guy and get where they harvest their OD50, I want all their locations” Jack said assertively as Melina nodded.
“What you thinking sir?” Josh asked the man.
“I just got an awful hunch about all this” Jack said to the team.
“A hunch?” Melina asked.
“Yes, a very strong hunch is we are going to find a large deposit of OD50 somewhere in the Atlantic, its more of a hunch that sailing with tons upon ton s of Liquid alsterine is on board ocean Explorer 2” Jack said, now really concerned on what the labs had uncovered.
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the listener
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“Hold on, wait a second,” said Zyra, having an idea come to her, “We might get further with a little help. What if we have Veyron come with us?”
"Hrmm, he is still healing so might not want to" Melina said as Jack sighed.
"He’ll want a price on it, I cannot be bothered to haggle with him," Jack replied back.
The dragoness understood his frustration but she was convinced that having Veyron on the mission would allow them to have a chance to uncovering more information, "Let me try and speak with him at least. Melina and I can only get so far with questions before someone gets suspicious. Veyron would be able to do dig further than we could, if I can convince him."
"Ok, I leave it to you, we need those locations and time is against us, I got a bad feeling coming about the ship" Jack replied.
"I won't let you down, Jack. Mel, can you get our transportation in order? I'll convince Veyron one way or another to help." said Zyra. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”
"Will do, we set off immediately, I make the arrangements" Melina said with a smile.
Zyra went off down the hall to go find the snarky little dragon. She hadn’t seen him most of the day so she guessed checking his room would be the best option. When she walked up she could hear loud music.
Knocking on the door the dragoness waited, but the noise didn’t lessen. She knocked again, louder.
The door opened and Zyra winced as the noise blasted out.
“What?” Veyron shouted, at the base of the door.
“Turn that down, I need to speak with you,” she yelled back.
Veyron disappeared and the music stopped as he reappeared.
“What is it, Angel Face?” he asked her.
“I need your help-“
“Everyone seems to,” grinned Veyron, “What is it?”
“Melina and I discovered what the compound is that is causing the disturbance you and Comox uncovered. It’s a product used by a pet food company. We found out that it’s called OD50 and when it comes into contact with liquid Alsterine… it has devastating consequences. We believe this is what caused the first ship to blow up and now with the second ship headed across the Atlantic we are running out of time. I need you to accompany Melina and I to help find out where they are sourcing all this material.”
“Okay,” replied the wraith.
“I don’t want to hear any excus- oh… did you just say okay?” said the dragoness, surprised, she had thought out exactly what she would say to him but it hadn’t been needed.
“Really?” asked Zyra.
The shadow wraith jumped into her shoulder and climbed up to her crest. “Don’t act surprised. Let’s go.”
Zyra was confused but didn’t question him, worried that he might change his mind. It was good that she didn’t have to argue her case to him in order to gain his help. Perhaps he was turning a new leaf, she thought.
Veyron wasn’t one to quickly agree to anything but he knew he was on a short leash right now so he needed to act accordingly.
Zyra walked quickly with Veyron back towards the offices where she found Melina just g getting back from her quarters with a small bag for the trip.
“Prof, you requested my expertize?” said Veyron.
"Glad you’re here, I guess Zyra explained it all, need you to rummage in the files and find the locations of OD50 in their paperwork, needs stealth, discretion which you excel in" Jack said to the wraith.
"That I do. So what's the plan? You two show up and I have to do all the running around? What exactly is it that you're wanting me to find?" asked the wraith.
"The girls will keep the CEO chatting and you look for the locations of OD50 should be in resources or harvests or something like that I imagine" Jack said.
"He's an old guy, doesn't trust computers; does everything on pen and paper," Melina added.
Veyron nodded. “That I can do.”
“What’s going on?” asked Ardon, stepping into the room to find them all talking.
Zyra explained what they had discovered about the chemical compounds they had been working on for the past few days and what they had realized it had come from. The implications shocked Ardon and he looked surprised as he explained what they now meant to do. “Melina, Veyron and I are headed to Seasource to find out where they are sourcing their OD50,”
This sounds all a little risky to the gold, “I’ll go too, you never know what might happen.”
Veyron snorted, knowing what this was about.
"Zyra will be enough Ardon, we don't want to attract attention" Jack said but Melina spoke.
"Perhaps be nearby on the roof of a nearby building?" She suggested.
Ardon looked over at Jack to see if he would agree, "it wouldn't hurt to have backup,"
"Alright but discreet and quiet" Jack replied assertively.
Ardon nodded, happy that Jack didn’t stop him from going.
“Well let’s get going. Time is not on our side,” insisted Zyra, turning to head towards the hangar where their transport was waiting. They had to be quick. Danger was lurking.
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Jack and the others left the labs and headed towards the hanger, the shuttle craft would be easier and allow for Jack and Ardon to be dropped off and listen in to the conversations going on inside the building as well as Veyron’s progress.
Ardon had grabbed the discreet ear pieces so they could all keep in contact and listen in, as well as keeping things silent and quiet during the conversations Zyra and Melina were going to have.
“Once we are on board the shuttle, I want you Zy to do a tweet or whatnot saying something interesting will happen and looking to be working with an old friend, it will keep our cover and Ardon to say he be around ensuring the skies around London are safe in this area due to increased crime” Melina said to the two dragons.
"Right, I can do that. We can make a few posts," replied Zyra.
"I'll put a picture or two up," added Ardon.
Jack saw Vonriir entering the Hanger obviously looking for work for the day but the hanger manager sdaw Jack and his team and approached them while Vonriir followed, Jack looked up and spoke to the massive Crag back.
“Vonriir, I need you on standby, we may need your brawn and size for the next part of this operation, be on standby in the dragon hanger and ask Hitteki, Comox and Bax to help you into your harness” Jack instructed the behemoth of a dragon.
"What do you mean, next operation?" Inquired Vonriir, "Do you have more training lined up for me, commander?"
Jack shook his head.
“No no, basically we discovered a serious issue that could jepordise the Ocean Explorer 2 the ship that set sail, we are off to a place where they could help us identify locations of a plant like organism that could cause the fuel on that tanker to explode, time is against us, once we know, you will be needed, I want you ready to board the shuttle and fly out with us, when we return” Jack explained.
"Right, I'll be ready, sir." Nodded the dragon, going to fetch his harness.
“Thanks Vonriir” Jack said as he turned to speak to the hanger manager who was speaking to Melina.
“The only shuttle available is the old Beta class transport shuttle but its overdue a service “Melina said as Jack looked a little concerned.
“Sorry boss, usually quiet time the shuttles go for servicing and maintenance” he said as Jack nodded, understanding the logic.
“It will have to do” Jack replied.
“Don’t push it too hard ort it might not be as reliable to transport you back safe” the hanger manager said.
“Ok, got it” Jack said as he gestured ot the dragons to the older shuttle parked up on the left hand side.
The dragons, mainly Ardon was not impressed with it.
"Why did we get this hunk of junk? We'd get there faster by flying ourselves." Said Ardon, shifting to make himself more comfortable on the bare floor of the hold.
"This looks more like a livestock transport. Where are the amenities?" Moaned Veyron.
"Stop whining, were off for a mission that could save lives , not a vacation," scolded Zyra as Ardon seemed to go quiet.
Jack quickly boarded and the doors shut behind them, Melina also tagged along, “Ok, we granted immediate take off, hold it, strap in, we be taking off” Jack said as the two humans ventured into the cockpit as the engines started and the ship took off with a groan before heading up above the surface and launching itself into the sky.
"So the prof said this guy is old school?" Asked Veyron.
"Yes. Sir Walter Jeremy, he's in his mid seventies," nodded Zyra. "Does all his personal bookkeeping in hand written journals. He never trusted computers all that much."
"All the easier for me." Replied Veyron.
"You sure you can manage that?" Asked Ardon.
The wraith scoffed at his concern. "I got this."
The shuttle shook as they travelled towards the building where Seasource London HQ was based, luckily it was not based in the famous canary wharf but outside the city in a new development made to encourage businesses to spread the wealth of London outside the bubble of the central London districts.
It meant there was room for shuttle landing pads and other things which made Jack’s job easier, Melina pointed to the large blue building with a sea logo lit up on the top of the building saying SeaSource.
“Ok, You ok to take over?, me and Ardon will monitor from that building there” Jack said asMelina nodded, having passed her shuttle craft exam and now had a day licence.
“Yes, been a little while but I got this, prepare to disembark, I ask for clearance” Melina said as Jack went to the hold where the dragons were.
“Ok Ardon, belt off, the doors will open and we need to be quick and land on the yellow building not far from the HQ, Melina will hover the shuttle to block us from view” Jack instructed.
"Got it," nodded the gold dragon, getting to his feet and waiting by the doors as his wings hovered slightly above his back, ready to jump.
Jack jumped up onto the dragon, holding onto the harness.
“Testing, can everyone hear me?” Jack said testing the ear pieces.
The dragons relayed their callsigns to ensure the ear pieces were working.
"Seems like we're all in order, Commander," said Veyron.
“Excellent keep on this scrambled channel, no one can hear us apart from us, systems all good here” Jack said as Melina spoke.
“Ok waiting for clearance, back doors opening Jack”.
The main shuttle doors opened as air rushed into the hold as Jack gave Ardon a tap to signal it was time to go and to shoot off towards the yellow building to observe.
Ardon coiled up then sprung out of the doors, fanning his wings just enough to zip over to the yellow building. He landed quickly and folded his wings, hunkering down hastily.
“Good work Ardon, that was executed superbly, we stay here and listen in” Jack said to the golden dragon.
"10-4," replied Ardon, keeping down.
On board the shuttle Melina had been given clearance, she spoke in the ear piece so everyone could hear.
“Ok, been given clearance, coming into land on the pad, Veyron use the back exit, there is a ventilation shaft there, there is some lightweight tools in the one drawer in the hold you can use to gain access, me and Zyra will head on down to meet the guy” Melina said as the shuttle moved towards the Building and began landing procedures on the large landing pad for the shuttle.
"I already brought what I needed," said Veyron, slinging a small bag across his back. "Catch ya on the flip side, ladies."
“Good luck Veyron” Melina said as the shuttle came in to land and settled on the pad.
“Ok opening doors, I be there now Zyra” Melina said as she shut down the engines and powered the shuttle down, it was her first proper unassisted landing and she was pretty pleased with herself, remembering her attempt on Kilara.
"Well done, Mel!" Said Zyra, "That was a perfect landing. Feeling more confident since Uban'tu?
Melina smiled.
“I think so, you can buy me a drink later, we have a job to do” Melina said as the cargo doors opened wide for them all to get out.

Meanwhile the Ocean Explorer 2 was continuing its journey unhindered by the sea as the smooth sailing conditions continued, on board the captain was looking at reports with his first officer as the communications officer contacted the port to update them on the progress.
“This is Ocean Explorer 2 calling Portsmouth harbour port, coordinates update and report” Jenson the communications officer said.
He soon received reply.
“This is Portsmouth port, go ahead Ocean Explorer 2” came the voice.
“Sailing all green, weather good, sailing grid reference 39C by 42D, all systems working and no issues reported, heading at 82knots steady” Jenson said.
“Good show Ocean Explorer 2, New York port are expecting you, we have a reception committee waiting for you at………..zzz…shhhhhhhhh” the radio link made a racket.
“Get rid of that noise Jenson!” The first officer said as the man turned off the radio and video communications as the system’s went down, static was all that greeted the poor communications officer.
“What was that all about?” Lee asked Jenson who seemed stumped.
“Communications are down, severe interference, no digital signal, its breaking up it seems” he replied making the first officer puzzled.
“In this weather? Surely not, I go check the dishes and antenna, see if a seagull has knocked it, run a level 2 diagnostic” Lee said as Jenson nodded typing away.
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Melina and Zyra walked up through the main doors of the building and into the tastefully decorated lobby. A woman sat at the desk at the back on the room, brunette hair pulled up into a bun with wide glasses on her face. She looked up and an expression of mild alarm came across her face as she spotted the dragoness.
"Hello there, I'm here to see Jeremy, I phoned ahead, he is expecting us," Melina said politely.
"I- ah, oh,” said the secretary, looking down at her appointment log and realizing the word DRAGON beside Zyra’s name did not mean surname, but what visitor she should have been expecting. , “Wonderful, we unfortunately are unable to host the Zyra is it? In the normal conference room. Please proceed to room 201. It’s the second on of the left here. I’ll let him know you're in."
She pointed and picked up the phone to call in their arrival.
"Ok, not to worry, thank you" Melina said gesturing to Zyra. The dragoness followed Melina into what appeared to be an auxiliary room of some sort.
"I feel nervous for some reason, I don't like lying," said Zyra in hushed tones once they reached the room.
"Just relax and try and seem interested, I make notes and we do the article easy enough, but Jack knows what he is doing" Melina replied.
"Miss Jones and Zyra, good afternoon," said a hoarse voice as Sir Walter Jeremy walked into the room, "Such a pleasure to have you contact me out of the blue.”
The thin man wore a dark navy suit with a pale grey tie and shirt. Sparse white hair was combed back and matched a narrow beard that accented his long face. He looked up at them from a hunched yet confident posture, brown eyes watery yet friendly.
"Yes, Zyra wanted to meet you to discuss a new blog article she is writing on the benefits of food produced by the sea for our pets here in the uk" Melina said
“You’re not being fed dog food are you, miss Zyra?” asked Sir Walter, alarmed, “Not that it isn’t good but a creature of your intellect and standing must get something …. More?”
Zyra laughed lightly, “No, of course not, sir. Much of my diet is sourced from the sea, however and I am wanting to really push the benefits of ocean based foods and why we need to keep the planet healthy in order to sustain such things.”
“Ah yes, yes. I understand you, my dear,” nodded the man, running his hand down his well groomed beard.
“Could you tell us a little more about one of the ingredients in your food?” inquired Zyra, “OD50?”
“Oh that number based name is nonsense and scares people away from all the healthy benefits that the plant has to offer. Science mumbo jumbo. I wish they could just call it what it is so that people don’t get in a tizzy over something they don’t understand. It’s locally known as Redstreak seaweed. We founds that it is simply packed with nutrients and we’ve been using it as a supplement in our food.”
“So I hear. How did you come across this plant?” inquired Zyra.
“A colleague of mine, Hugo. We studied at rival universities but eventually came together to work on a project about nutrient density in certain flora. That was in, oh, 2040 I think. The year we had that wild heatwave, do you recall, oh of course not. You wouldn’t have been too young, Miss Jones and Zyra, I don’t think you had come into existence yet. Ah, it was a hot year…”
The man seemed to go off in a moment of reminiscing. Zyra cast Melina a good look before turning back to him to prompt Walter to answer more questions.
“The seaweed, sir?”
“Ah yes. Studying different species as it became a fad to dry it and eat it as health food. This south American strain seems to pack the biggest punch when it comes to natural minerals and vitamins. It’s the damn shipping costs that are costing us.” He grumbled.
“It’s ridiculous the prices these pirates are trying to charge. Utter nonsense if you ask me…” he rattled on and started in on the numbers in a frustrated rant.

On the other side of the building a small wraith had managed to get in without much difficulty. He made his way through the offices, looking for one that might hold what he was looking for. It took some time but eventually he came across a door marked, ‘Sir Walter Jeremy’.
“Bingo.” Said the dragon, picking the lock deftly with an item from his pack before slipping inside, shutting the door behind him.
He whistled to himself while he pushed a chair under the doorknob to ensure no one else came waltzing in.
“Alright, gramps, where do you hide the good stuff?” he said aloud as he began to rummage through his desk drawers.
“Ooh,” he said, finding an expensive watch sitting on one of the shelves by a cold cup of coffee. He put it on like a belt before resuming. He eventually abandoned the desk and went over to a row of filing cabinets. He rolled a drawer open and began to search there. Much to his chagrin there was a ridiculous amount of paper in the folders, much of it old and useless to him.
"J to V, are you receiving me? What is your status" Jack said.
"I thought we agreed on less lame call signs?" came Veyron's voice through the earpiece as he rifled through the documents.
"I'm in, just sorting through 70 years’ worth of crap in here it feels like."
"Standard code procedure has any of the paperwork mention OD50 locations or harvesting reports?" Jack asked.
"Nothing yet, please hold," said Veyron before making a clicking noise and then humming away like hold music was playing.
Jack looked at Ardon and shook his head lightly at the wraiths antics. The gold rolled his eyes, laying where he was in wait for their mission to finish.
Suddenly the singing stopped and there was a surprised noise.
“What is it?” asked Ardon, alert.
“Found something. I’m headed back in 5.” Came the wraith’s reply.
He dashed to the door with the papers he found, rolled up under his arm as he removed the chair and put it back.
Peering outside the wraith slunk down the hall. He could hear Melina and Zyra speaking behind one of the doors as he turned into a supply room, finding what he was looking for. He jumped up onto the photocopier and played the papers down.
It beeped at him angrily as he tried to make a copy. He growled, punching in codes to no avail.
“Stupid outdated pieces of ****,” he grumbled, trying to figure it out. Just then he could hear a few excited voices in the office adjacent.
“Arla, sugar, what’s the code again for the photocopier?” he called from the supply room, hoping the name he had seen on the door belonged to one of the voiced.
“1590,” came an absent reply before there was more excited talking about a dragon in the building.
“Thank you,” he said as the photocopier accepted the code and spat out copies of the papers.
Veyron sneakily replaced the originals before escaping the building unseen, running through the shadows back towards the yellow building, important information tucked away in his pack.
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Jack peered over and saw a crowd gather outside the SeaSource HQ and the streets, phones and tablets looking up in the sky looking to see a glimpse of the golden dragon, since he had tweeted he be patrolling in this area, Jack thought it be good distraction to allow Veyron to find an opening to get to him and give Zyra and Melina a chance to take off without media crews being called.
“There is a crowd down there, not a big one but a few people with camera’s, mobiles I can see, do a swoop around and have the attention on you, give Veyron an opening, say you’re doing patrols as your twitter status said” Jack said.
Ardon nodded and got to his feet, fanning his wings and jumping into the air.
He swooped down and greeted the people down on the street.
Jack smiled as the people gasped and waved, also cheering, calling out his name as they filmed the impressive golden dragon flying through the area looking regal and impressive.
“Given you some cover V, you should have an opening to us” Jack said over the ear piece, Jack peered over to see Ardon attracting the attention of people, luckily this meant no eyes were on Veyron or the Sea Source HQ.
"En route. There in 5, J." Came the wraiths voice as he could hear Ardon talking animatedly to the crowd, allowing them to take photos with him.
Jack smiled the plan was going as he pictured, with Ardon providing a good distraction, it made it easier for Veyron.
Inside the HQ, the conversation was wrapping up, after a few quick promo photos the girls were on their way.
"Thanks again, Sir Jeremy. It was a pleasure to speak with you," said Zyra as he held open the door for them to depart.
"The pleasure is all mine. Not everyday you have a dragon in your offices," he replied. "Take care ladies, I look forward to reading your article."
“It will be published soon, I will send you an email and confirm the endorsement to our agency and Zyra will be able to be happily mention you to her millions of followers” Melina said to Jeremy.
"I appreciate it immensely, “smiled the man.
Melian and Zyra thanked the man again before leaving for the shuttle, Melina would be pleased to hear the plan was working well and Ardon giving them some cover.
“Seems our friend outside is giving us some cover, I would say he loves the limelight” Melina chuckled, pointing it out to Zyra.
The golden dragon was happy to pose for photo’s speak to people and speak proudly of what he was doing there, people loved that he was being a guardian of the city, even police officers were having photos with the gold.
"That he does," replied the dragoness, smiling to herself as she saw him chatting away.
Melina gestured to the shuttle as the bold wing got into the back, they would pick Jack and Veyron up and Ardon would leave the area and meet up with the shuttle.
“Ok, don’t strap in I need you to pick up Jack and Veyron quickly, while Ardon has the media and people distracted” Melina said as the engines powered up.
The shuttle took off slowly and Melina opened the rear bay doors to allow Zyra to go in and fly by to pick Jack and Veyron up, the bulk of the shuttle hiding the bold wing as came swooping in to pick them up.
Zyra landed on the roof.
"All went well?" She asked, crouching so that Jack and Veyron could get up to her shoulders.
"Got what we were after," nodded the wraith, climbing up to her crest.
“Excellent, we head in and I radio Ardy to meet us, Melina as soon as we are aboard climb up towards the low hanging cloud, Ardon can swoop in there” Jack said as Melina nodded.
“Got it” she said as Zyra arrived with the passengers, soon the shuttle began to climb higher, the rear doors opened slightly awaiting Ardon’s arrival.
“Mission is Green return to clouded area towards green meadow” Jack said to Ardon over the ear piece as the shuttle hovered in the dense cloud, hidden from view.
"Alright, everyone, thanks for chatting with me but I have to go," said the gold, making his exit.
Ardon flew upwards into the sky and through the clouds. He rose up and tucked his wings, landing gracefully in the hold.
"Success?" He asked the group.
The doors closed as Jack was looking at the paper work as Melina flew the shuttle back to the base, he was pleased with the information that Veyron was able to get.
“Just reading it now, thank you Veyron, an excellent mission, should I even ask about the watch belt?” Jack said noticing it on the wraith.
"Just a souvenir," he said casually. "Hopefully what I got for you is helpful.
Jack shook his head and read the paperwork, he kept reading as he tried to understand what Sea Source company had been up to with harvesting with OD50, he kept reading on with the paperwork that Veyron had given him.
"Veyron, we talked about this," chided Zyra.
"It's a natural instinct, can't help it. " Veyron replied.
"Like Ardon here can't stop eating."
Ardon snorted in disapproval.
Jack allowed the bickering as he focussed on the reading the odd bump from the shuttle craft made him sit more securely on his seat between the dragons.
As he read more he found what he was looking for and the prognosis wasn’t good at all.
“Look at this, the main source of OD50 is found in the warm ocean’s of South America on the coast between Argentina and Brazil, the transportation costs are massive, so one of their researchers and with approval have dumped 250 tons of active OD50 into the Atlantic Ocean dead on in the centre near the equator line, in the hopes it will flourish and reduce costs, in fact this is deemed classified” Jack explained.
"How? That could displace natural occurring species, they're tampering where they shouldn't," said Zyra.
"All about money and if I'm not very much mistaken, that route is where the Ocean Explorer 2 is going, we must contact Baxter immediately, that ship is heading straight for trouble" Jack said with a grim expression as he left to join Melina in the cockpit.
"If we can get them to reroute for now we can possibly stop disaster." Said Ardon.
"If they can get the message relayed in time," replied Zyra, worried.
Jack was already on the horn to Dr Baxter about contacting the ship and telling them to reverse their course and to warn them of the impending disaster that could happen once again.
Melina seemed concerned.
“I assume our worst fears have been confirmed with that tanker and the OD50” she asked.
Jack nodded.
“Yes, I just contacted Baxter to send an urgent message, how long till we are home?” he asked as Melina checked the ETA computer.
“Another 10 minutes, I speed us up but I can’t go too fast” Melina said as Jack agreed as he headed back to the hold where the dragons were.
“I’ve contacted Baxter, he is going to try and contact the ship and he is also contacting Portsmouth harbour to warn them, once we land we drop Veyron and Zyra off and head on out with Vonriir” Jack said.
"Are we going to try and beat the ship there?" Asked Ardon.
“Try being the optimistic word, it’s a big tanker but its nuclear engines that power it make it pretty fast, but the shuttle can get there before the emergency crews, our equipment is more advanced” Jack replied to Ardon’s question.
"Well let's hurry then," urged Ardon.
“We are, we be home in just under 10 minutes and then we unload Zyra, Melina and Veyron and bring Vonriir on board, Mark will come with us along with Martin” Jack said.
"Try not to get blown out of the sky, k?" Said the wraith.
"Veyron, that's enough," said Zyra firmly but she worries about the danger the boys were putting themselves into.
Jack was about to say something when Melina’s voice came through the communicator.
“Baxter has called in, interference is not allowing their signal to get in, its spread to all frequencies, I’m speeding up now but I informed Baxter to have Vonriir, Mark and Martin ready in the hanger, we been given priority” Melina said.
“Well, that confirms it, its not good waiting for them to make a distress call, because they simply aren’t going to be able to make one” the man said.
The shuttle came in and soon came down for landing, Jack came back into the cockpit to assist as the shuttle lowered down, waiting patiently was Mark, Martin and they were awaiting Vonriir, rescue kits and items all waiting to be loaded on board by crews as soon as the doors opened, soon the massive dragon approached wearing his gear as the rear doors opened wide with Jack waiting there with Melina as the hanger crew rushed supplies over.
"It all went well, all are accounted for?" Asked vonriir, ensuring that they had all come back safely.
"I am ready to depart, commander."
Jack nodded, looking up at the dragon.
“Excellent, get on board Vonriir, we leave soon” Jack said as Josh ran with a trolley fast as he approached Zyra and Melina.
“I brought the medical kits for you, just in case the worst happens” the man said as Jack looked surprised, not really wanting Melina and Zyra to go.
Melina seemed resolute.
“Zy, help Josh load the medical kits on board and grab your carry harness as well” Melina said to Zyra, the woman was not leaving the shuttle.
"We're going?" Asked the dragoness , watching Veyron saunter away, his job now complete.
Before Jack spoke Melina got in ahead of him and spoke to Zyra, Determination in her voice as she spoke, the man seemed to recognize it,
"Yes, they need medical help and your acid might come in use" Melina said.
"Right," she said, nodding firmly, seeing Melina's resolve. She was secretly glad the boys would not be going alone.
Melina left to get her gear on, Jack shook his head lightly as he came back into the hold, looking up at Ardon.
“Melina and Zyra are coming as medical support and Zyra to support you and Vonriir, best not ot Argue” Jack said as he made his way to the cockpit.
"What are you doing, I thought you and Melina were staying," said Ardon when he spotted the boldwing get back on the ship.
"Melina and I are coming in case there are those in medical distress. We don't know what we could arrive to." Explained Zyra.
"Exactly the reason why you should stay here," said the gold.
Zyra snorted. "I am here to help, not stand by and hope for the best."
Vonriir smiled to himself, shaking his head at their bickering.
Once everyone was on board the doors shut and the shuttle soon took off again as Melina came to the back to join the dragons while Jack, Martin and Mark were in the cockpit, Melina had her tablet and brought up the screen so the dragons could see.
“Ok, the boys are driving, we get there as fast as we can, the last location the ship reported in was here, Dr Baxter has calculated the deposit of OD50 must be round here, so the tanker will be coming into contact with it soon” Melina said showing the dragons the map.
"Has anyone responded from the ship?" asked Ardon as they looked at the map.
Melina shook her head lightly.
“Noone can contact the ship the interference is blocking communications, which makes me think it is in the influence of the OD50 and the reactions have already started, let’s hope we get there in time” Melina said to the dragons.
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Ardon paced back and forth in the hold of the transport while the humans sat in the cockpit, piloting their way to the potentially doomed ship. The flight would be a hasty one but still the last half hour was in near silence except for the turbulence that rocked the ship from time to time. Vonriir looked over at the gold dragon, watching him circle the small space that was free in the middle of the hold. The large cragback tilted his head to the side slightly and smiled, looking at the frown that crossed the youngster’s face The gold had been in a tense state since Zyra had explained what they had discovered in the labs with the reactions between the OD50 and the liquid fuel that the ship was carrying. Ardon didn’t understand much of the science behind it but it obviously worried him.
“He looks an awful lot like lord Forge when he does that, does he not?” he whispered to Zyra.
The dragoness looked up and stifled a light laugh, “You’re right, he really does. The older he gets the more I see Forge in how he’s growing.” It was true, while Ardon had a gentler face and kinder eyes, his horns were coming in much like his uncles and the armoured plate scales on the back of his neck were nearly identical save for the colour.
“What are you two smiling at?” asked Ardon, realizing they were looking at him. He couldn’t understand what they had to smile about when they were racing the clock to save a crew and their vessel.
“Don’t get your back up, Ardy. I know it’s a daunting task but we will do everything we can,” said Zyra calmly.
“But we can’t contact them at all. They have no idea that they are headed for disaster,” stressed the gold.
“We are racing the clock, that is certain but we have always come out on top,” she said, trying to be optimistic.
“Not always. Even when we do it’s usually at a price,” mumbled Ardon, looking out the small window to see that they were already out over the ocean.
“She’s just trying to keep your from fretting,” said Vonriir, trying to help soothe the worry.
“She could have stayed back at the base, that would have helped,” grumbled the gold.
“Don’t talk about me like I’m not here, Ardon. I am part of this team and not to be wrapped up in cotton. You should know this by now. I don’t stand on the sidelines and neither does Melina.” Quipped the Boldwing dragoness, having enough of it.
“You two,” laughed Vonriir suddenly, snapping them both out of their words. “…Fight like an old couple.”
Zyra shot him a look and smoothed back her sail, shaking her head. “We shouldn’t be grumbling like this anyway. We’re about to go on a mission, let’s keep our heads clear.”
Ardon agreed begrudgingly, nodding.
“I think the plan might be to help evacuate the crew if the ship can’t be taken off course.,” said Ardon thought he wasn’t certain what to expect when they arrived. He hoped it wouldn’t be smouldering remains of the Ocean Explorer 2. He had seen pictures of the wreckage from the previous voyage and it had been devastating.
“We’ll see what Jack and the other’s say when we arrive. We’re going to probably have to play it by ear and construct a plan when we get there,” Zyra said.
The ship rattled as it went through another patch of turbulence. Each time Vonriir would look a little uncomfortable and his wings would instinctively try to open though he did his best to hold them against his back. There was little room for his wingspan in the hold.
“Flying over all that open water isn’t making me feel all that confident,” admitted Vonriir. The dragon was a heavy creature and much like Korrin, his heavy armoured scales didn’t lend much to keeping him afloat should he find himself ditched in the water.
“No swimming for us today, if we can help it,” replied Zyra.
Ardon walked back over to sit between Vonriir and Zyra when the ship suddenly rocked hard to the left, sending the gold flying. Vonriir reached out and grabbed him by the tail to try and stop his fall but he collided heads with Zyra .
“Ouch!” she winced as Ardon staggered back, paw on his brow.
"Sorry about the bumpy ride, we trying to play catch up and we this thing hasn’t been serviced yet," came Jacks voice as the shuttle shuddered again.
“Ugh… it’s fine,” Zyra called back, rubbing her head. “You’ve got a head like a rock, Ardy.”
“Isn’t that what you say fills it?” he teased, “Rocks?”
“Might as well be.” She said with a small, looking at her paw to ensure there was no blood. “If I get a lump you’re going to get it.”
“Kids, kids,” chuckled Vonriir. “Settle, I can feel the ship slowing, maybe we are almost there?”
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Onboard the Ocean Pioneer 2, the ship continued on its course unaware of the danger it was heading into, inside the ship Jenson the communications officer was trying to contact New York or Portsmouth Harbour without success only getting static back on all signals, even the digital radar was playing up.
“Ocean Pioneer 2 to Portsmouth Harbour are you receiving this transmission over?” Jenson said only to be met with static over the radio on all frequencies.
The first officer came across to check on the progress having informed the Captain of the issues affecting the ships communication systems.
“I’m terribly sorry sir, we still got no answer and the radar is also playing up, systems check out ok” Jenson said to Lee who nodded lightly.
“Very odd circumstances indeed, no issues on our side, must bea fault with the satellites dam things” Lee replied.
“Mr Woods, please check your indicator, the reactor is 5 points over!” Captain Wright said as Lee made his way to one of the engineers monitoring the reactor and engines.
“Reactor over compensating sir” the engineer said.
“Trim the engine down, we don’t need to be going fast” Lee said as the man nodded but frowned as the computer failed to respond.
“She’s not responding to orders Captain” Lee said as the Captain came down to check on the situation, the humming of the engines starting to sound more prevalent through the ship, as the Tanker wasp picking up speed.
“Switch to manual control on primary console I trim the reactor manually myself” the Captain said.
“Very good sir, manual control transferred to you”, the engineer said.
“Monitor my readings Lee” Captain wright said as he moved a manual lever down as the Lee monitored the situation.
“0.5 rising, 0.6 and rising” Lee called out as the Captain moved the lever down more, looking at Lee for any indication the ship was responding to manual control.
“0.7, still rising, coming up to 0.8 and still rising Captain”.
“Speed now increasing to 90 knots Captain, reactor going to danger levels” the engineer said as the engines whirred and whined loudly as the deck began to shudder lightly as the ship increased speed and charged ahead across the water.
“Jenson signal a mayday to the harbours immediately use any booster you can manage” Captain wright said as Lee nodded.
“This is an emergency, Ocean pioneer to any harbour or nearby ships, this is an emergency, we require urgent assistance” Jenson said but again was met with static.
An Alarm went off as the reactor was going into overdrive.
The Captain shook his head as he looked at the readings from the ship and it did not look good at all as the six crew members seemed a little panicked as the Ocean Pioneer was speeding out of control for reason’s unknown.
“Its no good number 2, the reactor has gone too far, close down radiation shields, get the men all inside the command decks now, helm steer course 297 by 258” Captain Wright ordered as two engineers rushed in and took their stations as all 6 crew members were now inside.
Eric went to glass screen along with Lee as the ship continued its course with the engines and reactor working overdrive and entering critical.
“Some maiden voyage this is turning out to be, even the weather is deteriorating” Eric said as thick white clouds appeared in front of the ship, Eric pressed a button and heavy lead lined shields came down over the windows and entrances to protect the crew from any radiation leak from the reactor that powered the engines.
Emergency lighting came on and fans activated recycling the air as the ship headed towards the thick white clouds covering the sea in front of them swallowing the ship as it travelled inside, the crew unaware of the chemical interactions with the Alsterine and OD50 causing the issues.
Eric hit the radiation and alert alarm as the ships loud horn issued an alert about radiation danger as the command bridge shine red for the emergency.
The ship continued as coolant gas escaped the emergency release values on the ship as the Asterine interacted and forced the reactor to overload.
“Course heading as plotted at 100 knots” the navigator said making Eric look alarmed.
“100, the engines will overload, they wont stand it!” he said as below the engines vibrated and rumbled as they were forced to work beyond max, smoke billowing out as they rattled and strained under the pressure of keeping at this speed.
All of a sudden there was a small explosion, the engines all of a sudden went silent, the systems on the ship switched off as emergency lights kicked in, a loud click could be heard as the air vents seemed to stop pumping air into the bridge.
“Report” Eric said.
“All systems down, the engines must of shut down, reactor seems to be in safe mode but there’s no power, we are dead in the water” Lee said as the Captain looked at him with a grim expression, without power the air vents would not pump out the build-up of Carbon dioxide and recycle Oxygen into the cabin, they could not open the radiation shields.
The ship now without power drifted in the water, lights off as the thick smoke surrounded the ship as she drifted closer to the centre of the thick white smoke clouds and the active OD50.

The shuttle was powering away as fast as safely allowed, the turbulence continued for a little bit but the shuttle was slowing down as Mark pointed ahead, thick white smoke was appearing all over, rising up from the sea.
“This must be the place, sensors are very limited and we lost contact with Torchwood Jack, radar is inoperative” Mark said.
“Ok, lower us down gently keep us 1000 feet above the water, slow speed and look out the window for the ship” Jack said.
The shuttle lowered and entered the thick white smoke that seemed to engulf the shuttle as Mark switched on lights to try and see better and keeping the ship low so they could see the ship if it was around.
Ardon looked back out the window and was alarmed to see that they were descending into a thick white smoke.
Zyra rushed up next to him before moving to the other side and looking there, trying to see if she could spot the ship through the haze.
“Keep eyes peeled, visibility is limited but keep eyes open and shout out if you see the ship” Melina shouted into the hold as the shuttle moved slowly.
"Alright," confirmed Vonriir as he turned back to window.
"Want us to go out and search?" Called Ardon, not taking his eyes from the window.
“Not yet” Melina said as the dragons looked out the windows as the shuttle moved slowly in the thick white smoke.
"Hey!" Shouted Ardon suddenly, "9 o'clock, there's no lights."
Zyra turned to see the ship. "She's adrift. No wake behind her. I don't think they have power!"
Jack looked to where Ardon shouted.
The ship was adrift, moving still forward from momentum and looked dead in the water, the water seemed to be bubbling lightly and thick white clouds swirling around them.
“We need to get on board, there is a landing pad on the back but I dislike the way the water is looking around the ship, we might need more time, this is where you come in Von” Jack explained.
"What do you need from me, commander?" Asked Vonriir, turning to him.
“We open the doors, there is heavy duty cables, fly out Ardon will attach it up to the anchor points, the shuttle will land, drop us off to get the crew and help you out” Jack said.
“This thing will struggle, the engines have been worked hard to get us here” Mark said calling back from the cockpit as Melina looked down to see the ship drifting, she could nmot see any movement down there.
"So I am stopping the ship from continuing further. Got it." Nodded the massive dragon.
Jack was about to give orders when Melina appeared from the cockpit, hearing Jacks idea and she did not seem happy with it.
“Hang on Jack, you cant ask Vonriir to do that, that thing is massive, Vonriir is over ocean and its very risky” Melina said concerned for the Crag back’s well being.
"We don't have much other choice, miss Melina," said the large dragon. "I'll do what I can. Just be quick as you're able."
Melina remained unconvinced but they did not have much of a choice, they needed time just in case of any complications.
“Ok, Mark will open the shuttle doors, Vonriir and Ardon, you get the ropes attached and secured to the ship and Vonriir, give him a hand if needs be, once we landed me, Melina and Zyra will head to the bridge and get the crew, Mark will keep the engine running for a quick getaway” Jack said as the doors opened.
The dragons all voiced their acknowledgement to the commander's orders before Ardon and Vonriir jumped free of the craft, sailing down quickly to the stern of the massive ship.
The shuttle lowered and hovered above the ships landing pad at the rear, Vonriir was a massive dragon and they could not fit the giant dragon and the shuttle, so Ardon and the massive Crag back was to go first, sort their stuff out before moving to allow the shuttle to land.
Vonriir dropped down onto the landing pad, quickly followed by the gold who immediately set to work on gathering up the thick chains and ropes, ensuring they were connected and wouldn't snap before securing them to Vonriir's harness.
"You're going to have to hold onto these as well, or else they will snap your rigging," instructed Ardon. "I can help with this one-"
"No, I've got this, you go help the others," said the large dragon, flaring his wings and jumping back into the air.
Once the massive dragon was airborne, the shuttle landed trying to give the massive dragon some room if he needed to rest, the ship continued to move as Jack, Melina and Zyra came forward.
“Monitor Vonriir Ardon, keep him going, if he does need help you have to jump in, I know your no tug boat but we need everyone to try” Jack said as Melina gestured to Zyra to follow her.
Ardon nodded, flying up to help the other dragon while Zyra turned to follow Melina with a look of determination on her face.
Vonriir jerked to a stop as he flew backwards to the end of the slack in the chains he held. With a frown he began swivelling his wings mightily to stop the ship from drifting any closer to the reactive material.
Meanwhile, Jack, Melina and Zyra went towards the bridge entrance, the smoke was thick and the air felt humid as the team looked to locate the crew and get them out of there.
“The air feels humid, the fog is really thick, keep close Zyra” Melina said to the bold wing as Jack led the way, as they walked on the deck towards the entrance.
"I won't stray far," nodded the dragoness, keeping close.
Ardon kept hold on one of the chains while he looked up at Vonriir, watching the Large dragon try to hold the ship steady.
Vonriir pulled, feeling the waves wanting to carry the ship away.
“How is he doing Ardon?” came Martin’s voice by the side of the golden dragon.
"Holding steady," was Ardon's reply.
Jack and the girls arrived at the entrance to the ship only to be met with a large steel shield across the entrance, Melina looked at it and tapped on the metal.
“Lead shielding, thick as well, this is going to be hard to get in even with cutting equipment” Melina said as Jack started to set up the mobile thermal gun to gain access in.
“Zyra we will need your acid here, but I don’t know how effective it will be against thick lead shielding” Melina said to the bold wing.
"Lets try it. Stand back," said the dragoness. Once the woman was clear she shot out a stream of acid against the weak points.
The acid fizzed and ate into the lead but it made a limited dent in the hardened metal, but it was progress nonetheless.
“I don’t normally ask this Zyra but you work those spurs hard, we need to make a good dent in this” Jack said as Melina seemed to look outwards as the ship continued to drift.
"Got it," nodded Zyra, firing again with greater force.
“Hope Vonriir and Ardon can buy us time” Jack thought to himself as Zyra attacked the door with her acid once more.
Vonriir was fighting against the pull of the waves, huffing as he churned his wings in the air, trying to pull back. Ardon heaved on the chains beside him, trying to help in any way he could.
Vonriir gave a low growl that reverberated through the chains.
"That's it Von, you got it!" shouted Ardon as he beat his own wings hard.
The ship still moving as the two dragons pulled mightily against the sea and the weight of the ship Ardon trying very hard to help the massive Crag back and take the pressure off him but it was his turn to struggle with the task.
"Grrh," huffed Ardon, pulling on the chains.
"That's it, Ardy," grumbled Vonriir as he hovered, trying to keep the ship in place.
While the boys were trying valiantly to slow and stop the ship moving further into the dense, thick white smoke, Zyra was also feeling the pressure, her acid while strong was not creating the devastation it usually could with the thick lead radiation shields as Jack and Melina stood out the way.
Zyra fired a few more times, focused determination on her face as she raced against the clock.
She tried again but this time nothing hit the door.
"I'm out, that's it," she said.
Jack checked and the acid had made enough of a dent in the metal but it had not eaten through fully despite the bold wing’s deadly shots.
“Ok, it’s better than nothing, I cut the remainder with the torch here, once I got an opening, me and you Zy will pry it open and gain access, we have to move fast.
"Got it, Jack," nodded the dragoness, ready.
Jack switched on the blow torch and began to cut into what remained of the lead shielding as he worked to make an opening in there large enough so they could reach the crew, the smoke getting thicker and denser as the ship moved further forward.
"Mel..."said Zyra, pointing. "The water is smoking, and I can see bubbles."
Melina ahead and saw the water was bubbling and puffs of smoke being emitted coming up into the air in the distance.
“This can only mean one thing, we are coming towards the centre and right over the OD50, we need more time” Melina said as Jack was cutting away.
“Come on boys” Melina said to herself keeping her fingers crossed.
The dragons above kept trying to maintain the ships position, pulling on the chains mightily.
"Umph," huffed Vonriir.
As the two battled on, Jack was still cutting through the lead shielding, trying to gain access to the bridge, it was slow work and time was against them, the ship was a ticking time bomb ready to go off in a moment’s notice.
Zyra ran full speed through the corridors and up to the top of the ship,
"We're nearing over the OD50! We need more time!" She shouted.
"We're trying!" Ardon yelled back.
The clouds swirled about the ship, Mark looking a little worried in the shuttle cockpit as he saw Zyra ran down back to where Jack and Melina were.
“We are cutting it fine” he said to Martin who nodded lightly.
After Zyra ran back down vonriir turned to Ardon. "Alright, give it all your might!"
Ardon grit his teeth and growled, pulling as hard as he could.
The two dragons worked hard to try and bring the ship to a stop to give Jack some more time as the sea water bubbled all around the massive tanker.
By the time Zyra had returned Jack had made a good hole in the lead shielding and was cutting in to give them the best chance of gaining access.
“Ok, Zy grab one end and I grab the other, it should be weak enough” Jack said getting a grip.
“Do me proud girl” Melina said.
Zyra hung onto the door and counted, "one, two, three, pull!" And heaved
Jack had the other end and pulled his side, the man’s amazing talents came into play as the metal bent with Melina watched on.
“That’s it Zyra come on” Melina said seeing the light from inside the bridge.
"We got it!" She growled, pulling mightily.
The metal bend back as it broke in places, Jack doing his part as Zyra had success with her side.
“Last go Zyra, make it big enough for us all to get in” Jack said grabbing the other section and pulling back fiercely.
The dragoness heaved on the other side, throwing her body weight into widening the gap.
The metal gave way as they no made an entrance in, Jack and Melina went in with Zyra not far behind, they could see the crew slouched over and looked in bad shape due to lack of oxygen.
“Bring round the crew and hurry” Jack said as he rushed over to the captain and first officer as Melina and Zyra tried to wake everyone else up.
Outside the two male dragons were pulling with their all, Ardon trying hard to be of some support to the large Crag back.
"Grrh," huffed Ardon between clenched teeth.
"Keep at it, young guardian!" Encouraged vonriir, beating his wings powerfully.
All of a sudden Mark appeared and looked up at the dragons.
"They gotten into the bridge, hang on boys!" Mark shouted up to them.
"Were holding!" Rumbled Vonriir, beating his wings madly while Ardon did his best to keep up, growling to himself.

Inside the bridge the crew was coming round and Jack got the captain to his feet.
“Captain lead your men to the shuttle craft on the landing pad and hurry” Jack said as the rest of the crew came round and were up on their feet with Melina’s and Zyra’s help.
“Young fellow, I just wanted to say” Eric was saying but Jack cut him off.
“Sorry Captain, there is no time for that, your ship is about to blow up” the man said making Eric look alarmed.
“Its what!” he exclaimed.
“Come on move it, let’s go go go” Jack said as the crew got out and rushed towards the shuttle, Mark saw them coming but could also see water being tossed and chucked into the air making large splashing noises with more smoke puffing out, the OD50 was really reacting and it wouldn’t be long before the Alsterine blew.
“We done all we can, you cant tow this tanker out, cut loose and get away, we follow, cut all chains and ropes and get clear!” Mark shouted at Vonriir and Ardon as the crew rushed up the landing pad towards the shuttle.
Ardon dropped his chains into the water and swooped over to Vonriir to unhook his chains. Once they fell free Ardon dove down to help evacuate the crew, followed by the large dragon.
Ardon landed to try and help but Von stood in his way, "Skyward Ardon, we've got this."
"I'm a faster flier than you, I can clear out of here quicker than you can, Von, you should get a head start.
"I promise you I'll be fine, head out," insisted the large dragon.
Jack came running and being the last one as the crew board, Melina and Zyra running onto the ramp and into the shuttle.
“Ardon!, fly get out of here, the tanker is going to blow” Jack said waving the dragons off.
All of a sudden towards the front of the ship a loud bang could be heard as one of the vents on the side of the ship exploded in a fiery inferno, the Alsterine had ignited.
Mark powered up the engines.
“Let’s get the **** out of here, the whole ship is going to explode!” Mark said as Jack jumped on board, he told the crew to get to the far end to give Ardon and Vonriir room to get in once they were clear.
"Get a move on, Ardon!" shouted Vonriir as the gold dragon looked on in shock. Suddenly The cragback shoved him upward and Ardon was forced to open his wings.
"Go, go!" urged Vonriir, "Get going!" he shouted to Mark as the last of the humans loaded onto the shuttle. As the shuttle lifted it wasn't going fast enough so Vonriir gave it a good push with his muzzle, trying to get it further away from the danger that loomed behind him.
Another explosion happened on the same side as the first, fire erupting out of the vents as another two explosions sounded, the shuttle was climbing in height away from the ship as multiple explosions rocked the ship, another explosion by the landing pad as a massive one rocked the massive tanker, kicking up sea water as liquid alsterine poured out as flames climbed higher and higher around the ship.
The dragons boarded the shuttle, panting hard as she turned back to see the ship in flame, dark smoke rising up.
"We barely made it," panted Zyra.
All of a sudden a massive explosion rocked the whole area as the ship had exploded violently as the smoke moved with the impact of the explosion, the shuttle leaving the smoke and entering the clearing.
Melina was helping treat the crew as Jack spoke to the dragons.
“Well done you guys, you did really well, all of you, I am proud of our dragon team today” Jack said as the shuttle chugged along back to the UK coast.
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The trip back over the Atlantic was mostly a quiet one for the dragons. They could hear the humans talking from the cockpit. The crew was still in a state of shock as they smoke from the blast fell away behind the horizon. They had been ridiculously lucky. Between the lack of oxygen and the explosion, they had been very close to meeting their end. It was almost hard to imagine just how near to death’s door they had come.
Zyra could hear Melina explain what happened, and why both ships had succumbed to the same fate despite all the safety checks. It surprised the crew and she could hear their confusion about how two normally stable things could cause such a devastating reaction.
After a debriefing, the closets hospital was radioed to let them know they would have survivors checked in to ensure that they didn’t suffer any lasting damage from their ordeal.
The dragons remained hidden in the transport while the crew were received by the medical staff. After the drop odd was complete, the shuttle took off once more and then headed back for the facility, tired dragons en route.
Jack eventually came down to the hold once he had a free moment to step away from the others.
"How are we feeling apart from knackered?" Jack asked the dragons.
"Fine, Jack. We’re tired but glad we managed to get to them in time. I do wish we could have saved the ship, though," admitted Ardon.
"It's just a ship Ardon, human's can rebuild it and make important improvements, human life, that is different and will always take priority over anything screwed together with steel and bolts, you and Vonriir did your best" Jack replied back.
"I hope this doesn't put a negative light on your brother's career..." said Zyra quietly. “It was a very unfortunate and unforeseen consequence of two new compounds coming together. He couldn’t have ever known.”
"I speak to Nathan when we are back and explain everything, also to release the information without compromising you guys so we keep our affiliate links," Jack added.
Zyra nodded, “If there is anything we can do, just let us know,” said Zyra.
They made it back to the base and the team disembarked. Comox and Hitteki were waiting anxiously for their return and sighed a breath of relief upon seeing the team come back unscathed. Baxter had told them all was well but it was good to see them with their own eyes to know for sure.
"I am so glad you guys are safe, must be dangerous mission to be on,” Hitteki said to the others.
“Yeah, so glad you made it back safe,” agreed Comox. “We heard that the other ship was destroyed.”
Vonriir nodded, “Sadly we could not save it but we did manage to rescue the crew, thank the stars.”
“So what happened?” asked Comox when he felt something scramble up his neck.
“The ship blew up, didn’t it?” came Veyron’s voice, atop Comox’s head.
Ardon nodded. “That’s why you didn’t come? You figured it was going to blow up?” he said snidely.
“Could I have done anything useful there?” said the wraith, gesturing to himself. “I did my part on the intellect side, getting you the resources you needed. I don’t see you strapping riot gear on Baxter and putting a gun in his hands each time you go out to battle. We each have our roles.”
“Fair enough,” said Zyra, cooling things before they had a chance to get out of hand.
“Vonriir and I kept the ship in place, or tried to at least, so that it wouldn’t get any closer to the reactive material while Zyra and the others got the crew out,” explained Ardon.
“They were nearly unconscious in the bridge. Radiation shields had gone up but the power was cut so they weren’t being vented oxygen,” added Zyra.
Comox shook his head, “That’s insane.”
“You’re telling me,” said Ardon.
“They both did very well, you should be proud of your team mates, “ said Vonriir with a smile.
“And you too!” said Zyra, “Without you as main tugboat I don’t think we would have had time to get them free.”
“Ardon certainly helped,” Vonriir modestly noted.
Zyra turned a kind smile to the gold, “Yes, I know he did. Let’s get out of our gear and cleaned up while Jack and the others begin all the legal cleanup from our participation.”
Ardon and Vonriir nodded, taking off their gear while Hitteki and Comox went to go get something for them to eat after their hard work.

“I think I ruined some of the buckles, “ hummed Vonriir, seeing that they had pulled where the chains had attached, the softer metal was pulled slightly out of shape from the force.
“I’ll send in a work order to Emmanuel,” replied Zyra, helping take off a few of the clips.
“Thank you, miss Zyra,” said Vonriir, stepping out of his harness and hanging it up. He rolled his shoulders and wandered off to go wash up, covered in soot and salt from the ocean adventure.
“Catch you in the canteen, Ardy,” smiled Zyra before she too headed out. “Good work today.”
“You too, Zy,” he called after her, watching her go before hanging up his harness.
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Jack called up his brother via secure link and explained what had happened, the man seemed shocked and surprised about what had happened but thanked the man that they had rescued Eric and his crew.
Jack explained that Jack would send over the data from the girls to him for his lab team to discover and to basically relook at how the work is done, also he told Nathan the location of the active OD50, to ensure they discovered it, ran tests and confirmed what it was, keeping their work secret.
The conversation lasted a while but finally the man logged off video chat and leaned back in his chair and sighed lightly rubbing his face with his hands.
Ardon stepped back into the room, clean once more. "Was that Nathan you were talking to?" He asked, folding his wings.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Yes, explained the whole situation to him, I send the data to him and inform him the location of the active OD50, he has sent his personal thanks to us, he wants to do a celebration and call you all heroes but I said he can thank you all subtly” Jack said to the gold.
"So what happens now?" Asked the gold dragon.
“Now, we done our job, we monitor the situation and let the EA know about what has happened, I get a report sent to Amelia after I’ve rested and let people know these two things shouldn’t mix” Jack replied before turning to face the gold.
“Vonriir told me you helped him out immensely and you had a steely determination much like a young dragon who became a warlord” Jack smiled at the gold.
"Oh don't compare me to the old grump," said Ardon, laying down by where the man sat. "He did most of the work anyhow."
Jack chuckled lightly.
“That is not what Vonriir said, but then again Vonriir is a modest dragon for a big juggernaut like him, he apologised to me for not saving my brother’s ship, but Nathan would rather have us saved 6 lives than one ship” Jack replied back.
"I know, it's what comes first but even with the people saved, two lost ships can't feel good," replied Ardon.
Jack nodded lightly in agreement with the gold.
“But still, they can be rebuilt, do not feel bad, you and Vonriir bought us some time, Zyra helped me peel back the lead shielding and we got the crew out in time, but I think 24 hours rest and I can have a chat with you all once everyone is rested” Jack said.
"Have a chat? Sounds like we're hatchlings in trouble," replied Ardon.
Jack laughed.
“A debrief silly, now I think its time for me to show and bed me thinks, where do you want me to sleep bed or with you?” Jack asked, getting up from his desk and stretching, giving a yawn as well feeling a little tired.
"You're always welcome to lean on me," yawned the dragon, moving over to where he wanted to sleep and curling up.
Jack smiled lightly as the dragon settled into his bed.
“I think it is a habit we have brought from Kilara, plus we both feel safe with each other being close, none of the other dragons seem to have that closeness we do, even the bonded ones” Jack said.
Ardon laughed lightly.
"I don't think we're that unique. Melina and Zy are pretty close and I'm certain Amanda and Tarok and glued together by the sounds of it. Alyia would be if she wasn't bonded to someone like James I think.
Jack grinned, thinking about those two, the unlikeliest of bonds and that even surprised him, Brathille worked in mysterious ways at times.
“I still don’t get how those two bonded, it is a big definition of opposites attached, I imagine any attention he gives her she take it and run with it, bless her” Jack said.
"She's happy, that's what counts," he gold said, putting his head on his paws.
“Exactly, that is what counts, now I’m going to get this shower, keep the bed warm” Jack said as the man went off to have his shower and clean up before bed.

Mark had read the report Martin had given him and also he had been told about Veyron being good and doing as he was told, but also the wraith had proven he had the skills to help out and his work managed to save 6 people’s lives, even he had to acknowledged that.
Mark decided he deserved something and got him a small whiskey, against Melina’s rules but he had to treat the small wraith for his efforts.
Mark buzzed the door and Veyron answered, allowing the man inside as he had a package for him.
"For me? You’re moving this relationship a little fast don't you think?" Joked Veyron, hopping up to the desk, "what's this?"
“I wanted to give you this 18 year whiskey, small bottle but you enjoy this as a hidden tipple, since Melina has put restrictions on you, plus I think you deserved recognition, your work helped save 6 people” Mark said.
"You're getting soft, but that will be my secret," grinned the wraith, curling around the bottle, pleased.
Mark tried not to roll his eyes at the comment the wraith gave him, perhaps he was but he would never admit it, not wanting Veyron to be become accustomed to being spoilt.
“As I said before don’t get use to it dragon, it was only to say well done on an efficient job” Mark replied.
"Nah, I think you're breaking. Not your first random act of kindness," teased the wraith
"I can always take the bottle back off you" Mark said reaching for the bottle in his own teasing way, watching to see his reaction.
Veyron coiled around the bottle tighter and swatted at his hand. "Now who can't take a joke?"
Mark laughed lightly.
"You for protecting the bottle for dear life, I'd ration it as I got you a 50cl, keep it hidden" Mark suggested.
"Will do, I've got my hidden caches." The dragon replied.
“"Good, Jack said you helped save the lives of 6 people thanks to your recon mission, despite grabbing a watch" Mark replied.
"It's a brushed silver Rolex. Not really my colour. You can have it if ya like," he said, holding it out with his tail.
The man gave him a look.
“Why did you snatch it and what is the catch " Mark replied.
"Habit. Wraith instinct to hoard. No catch. My.... show of appreciation if you will," he grinned, dangling the watch in front of him.
Mark too the watch from the wraith, “Well can’t return it can I” Mark said as with a nod he left the wraith to his own devices, he studied the watch and decided to wear it, “What the hell” Mark said as he walked back to his office, to finish the large amount of paper work this little mission was going to produce.

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Oops, Cas please delete this. Not sure how it happened.

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