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Jack and Ardon - The place where Time has no Teeth (Private)

Months after the issue with the Ocean Explorer 2 Torchwood 5 had calmed down back into routine, although most of the base was now fully staffed the base was indeed quite quiet, there were no major activities that was going on with regards to Earth and the base was indeed quiet as everything got done quickly.
There was however something special to celebrate, Baxter had completed his projects and now affirmed the title of professor for computer science and technology, he had also taken a course on command and so meant he could climb up the rankings as well.
Jack decided it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the occasion in a rather unique way, however the portal was shut down for its annual maintenance and so they would do something special on Kilara, rather than on the base.
Jack had gone around the other members of the team and the others agreed it would be unique experience for all of them, Jack spoke nicely to the EA and they were allowed to have the EAS Forge 2 to come and pick them up and head off to Kilara for this celebration.
Jack got all the gear and stuff ready while they waited for the ship to arrive, once it did, Jack invited the dragons and senior members of the team, Mark declined the offer and took command of the base, with Vonriir staying to help with Veyron doing his own business, knowing he had a good deal with Jack gone than to come with them.
Poor Baxter had no idea what was going on, he was invited and he tagged along as the team boarded the EAS Forge as it headed towards Kilara.

On Kilara it was the summer solstice as the ship stayed high up as the team were down on the golden sands of the beach on Forge’s families Island.
Jack had devised a little pomp and ceremony for the occasion, again without Baxter knowing, Jack had ordered old ceremonial uniforms for everyone to wear from old Napoleonic time and Jack even had some bits for the dragons to wear as well.
Ardon's family as well as most of the torchwood dragons gathered together, standing in line along the beach.
"Why didn’t Von come again?" Whispered Comox.
"He’s helping Mark I think," Ardon replied.
Jack stood up front along with Daniel, who had returned from the archives and was now back as head of security, dressed smartly in his outfit along with Jack, wearing a captain marked uniform which was dark blue with golden trims around the edges of his hat and decorative markings on the uniform.
Some of the ship’s crew had joined in and were carrying drums and were awaiting the order to be given as Baxter was nowhere to be seen at this stage.
"What's the purpose of the old uniforms?" Asked forge, looking down across the people dressed up. Melina had even encouraged him to wear one of his metals he had been given.
"It's all for celebration. The occasion calls for it. Baxter’s big day after all. He never gets to do anything like this." Explained Ardon.
Forge shook his head, not understanding.
Jack stood ahead and cleared his throat to make a statement.
“Bring out the prisoner!” Jack shouted as the drums sounded behind the crew as out of the cave Baxter was led out with Melina and Zyra who escorted the man towards Jack and Daniel, Baxter was handcuffed and Melina held onto one of Baxter’s arms as the girls brought him out before Jack and Daniel.
Ardon walked across the sand to stand at Jack’s side as Zyra appeared beside Baxter.
"I bring before you, our prisoner!" Declared the bold wing dragoness.
Ardon held back a smile with little success as he saw the confusion of Forges face.
Baxter looked a little confused as the girls stood by the man, as Melina gave a small smile as he stood before Jack.
“Dr Baxter, I always knew this day would come, are you willing to face the charges” Jack said boldly as Baxter wasn’t sure how to answer the question.
“I..I..” he stuttered unsure.
"Baxter, are you prepared to answer the captain of the changes made against you?" said Ardon.
“I..I am prepared?” Baxter said unsure what was going on with all of this but decided to just answer and get on with it, the man not use to being in the spot light.
“Daniel, the charges please”
The man took out an old scroll, unravelling it and coughing to clear his throat before speaking.
“We the Senior team of Torchwood 5, find the accused guilty of the following charges, 1, that he knowingly and wilfully gone above and beyond the call of duty and saved countless lives, 2 most serious that he is well respected member of the team and been a great support to the dragon academy” Daniel said as the man gave a small shy smile.
“3, he has passed the qualification and is now a professor of computer science and development technologist, finally he has obtained management credibility and passed with honours” Daniel said rolling the scroll back up.
Melina grinned as she got the key from her pocket and unlocked his handcuffs.
Zyra and Ardon exchanged a smile as the charges were read and the other dragons followed suit.
Even forge looked happy, pleased to hear about the man's work.
Jack smiled and spoke again.
“For these crimes, I hereby promoted you to the rank of lieutenant in Torchwood 5 and bestow the title of Professor to your qualifications” Jack said smiling.
The dragons cheered, roars and tail thumps of approval.
"Congratulations Baxter, said Zyra, giving him a friendly lick on the cheek while the others gathered around to congratulate him as well.
"Let's get started everyone," Called Tahsis as she and Bronan got the banquet ready.
Jack came over and shook Baxter’s hand.
“Congratulations professor Baxter, you done us proud” Jack said genuinely and the man smiled lightly, not use to all this fuss.
“Thanks, I think, you did not have to go and do all of this for me” he said as Jack patted him on the back, a little too hard that he almost went flying.
“Where the fun be in that, you’re part of the team” Jack said as Melina gave him a kiss on the cheek as the man tried not to go red.
“Well done, you joined the professor crew, just need Zyra to do it now and we be the famous trio” Melina said with a laugh.
"Ooh, will we be part of an evil genius club then?" Teased Zyra.
“You have to practice your evil laughs” Melina said laughing at the joke as Baxter chuckled lightly as the trio spoke.
"So how do you feel as a newly fledged professor?" Asked Zyra.
Baxter looked up at Zyra and smiled.
“Feels good to pass the exams and not doing project work anymore, but with what I’ve done was more than enough work” Baxter said.
"Here you go, prof," smiled Comox as he approached, handing the man a drink. "I think the title suites you."
Baxter nodded lightly.
“Thank you, I hope I can continue to be a good mentor and tutor for you Comox” Baxter said as Melina nodded.
“That you will” Melina said with a laugh.
Forge walked up and gave a little dip of his head. "Congratulations on your successful endeavour, Professor." He said, a generous compliment from the silver.
Baxter looked up to see Forge, the man was still not 100% sure on Forge but would take a compliment as Melina smiled to him.
“Umm, thanks forge…thank you” he said a little hesitantly.
“I think you need another one of those down, professor” Melina said with a laugh.
Comox laughed, "I'll get you another. Celebrate. This day is all about you!”

Jack sat down with Ardon as the food was being made, Tahsis seemed in a mood to cook as the others seemed to enjoy the conversation.
“Nice for us to do this for him considering the portal was out of action, bit of a trip on a destroyer but worked out in the end” Jack said to the golden dragon.
"It was fun though. Not every day we get to ride in one," said Ardon, stealing a bit of the man's food off his plate.
“Oi, you had some you git” Jack said laughing as a message came in.
Soon one of the drummer’s came over holding a tablet as he approached Jack and Ardon.
“Sorry to bother you sir, message from Earth, coded personal” he said as Jack took the tablet.
“Ok thanks, I read this while you get some more food for me greedy” Jack said to the golden dragon.
"Haha fine," said Ardon, taking his plate to go grab more food.
Jack looked at the tablet and typed in his code as the message came up on the screen for the man to read, Jack took his time and read it fully.

Priority one message for Commander J Harkness EA (T5 facility) 7th October 2074 11am GMT.

Report as follows from Director chairman EA.

It is with a heavy heart to inform you that I have received word from your relatives on priority one channel that your parents Aileen Harkness and Darryl Harkness have both perished in a fire engulfing your family home outside the Scottish highlands, emergency services got there as quick as they could but they could not reach the two in time because of the intensity of the flames and structural damage to the building.
I cannot express my deepest heart felt condolences at this very difficult time, I am terribly sorry to break this news to you and you have my deepest sympathies.
I advise you return from Kilara immediately to see to your family, I have spoken to Mr De Santa who is more than happy to support you as am I during this difficult time.
Please contact me if you need assistance or support Jack, I mean that and I am deeply sorry again.

Director and liaison to T5 dragon academy
Amelia Pond

End of message.
The man looked at the text before him and looked like he wanted to mourn out loud but something stopped him as the man was overwhelmed by sadness and grief, mixed in with shock at what he had read, he read further, as the man fought back the tears by what he read.
He turned the tablet off and put it down as he walked to a spot overlooking the sea, he took his hat off his head and looked into the distance, as he tried to assimilate what he had just read.
Jack had not been aware that this raw feeling would of bounced over to the link he shared with Ardon.
Ardon suddenly felt a wave of grief wash over him. Something worse than he had ever felt before. He staggered a moment before catching himself.
"What is it, Ardy, are you okay?" Asked Tahsis, concerned at seeing her son’s odd behaviour.
Ardon didn't answer and instead ran to the beach, instinct driving him forward and panic set in. Something was wrong, very wrong but he couldn’t place what it was. He spotted Jack staring out at the waves on the far side of the beach.
Jack was still in a state of shock, grief flowed through him like an untamed stream, the man stood looking at the waves splashing against the golden sand as the man was lost in his thoughts.
"Jack... what is it?" Ardon made himself ask, afraid to hear the answer.
Jack didn’t answer at first, but only having sensing Ardon’s worry did he speak, in a lighter, quieter tone than Ardon had ever heard from him.
“Yes..yes I’m fine, please excuse me Ardon” Jack said turning and leaving the golden dragon, none the wiser over what news he had gotten from Earth, Jack did not acknowledge anyone as he went to walk along the beach on his own seeking solitude.
Melina noticed and felt something off but wasn’t sure seeing Jack stroll down the beach, something on his mind, the woman wasn’t sure what she was feeling but it was not pleasant.

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Back on the other side of the beach, no one else had known what had transpired. Food and festivities still dominated the sunny day though Zyra had felt a wave of uneasiness a few moments after Ardon had hurried away. Unsure of where it had come from she looked around the beach to ensure all was well. Bronan was telling a rather grand sounding story in a loud and boisterous voice while the others listened, poor Baxter caught up in the middle of it all, putting on a brave face.
No, all seemed well but still that lingering feeling stayed and she couldn’t seem to shake it. Trying to ignore it, the dragoness went back to get something to drink. The humans had brought large pitchers of punch, juice and other things that the dragons could pour into steel dishes. Zyra took some of the mango juice that had been put on ice and took a few delicate sips, the flavour reminding her of the fruits back on Iban’tu.
“Where did Ardy go running off to?” asked Comox as he walked up to the dragoness, “Gone to go pester Jack?”
“Probably so. I think I overheard him saying something about work messages? He should have just turned that tablet off and enjoyed the party for a few hours. That commander of ours is always working too hard,” replied the dragoness.
Comox nodded in agreement, looking back over the beach towards the party. It seemed to have been a great success. All of Ardon’s family was present, including Ucluelet and Neekoh. The sunchaser still had the young dragoness’s interest and it did not seem to be letting up.
A few other dragons from the neighbouring islands also had come to join the festivities, called over either by Forge himself of enticed by the sounds of music and smells of good food.
All in all it was a grand party of celebration through by the dragons and they seemed to all be enjoying themselves immensely, save for Forge, as always, who appeared in his reserved state. He watched over the group, keeping an eye upon it all.

"So, I haven't been earthside in a long while. How are things going there?" asked Bronan, looking over at Melina and Baxter. Forge looked up, interested as well. He had not been over in some time either.
"Things have been good, no major issues or troubles really, just the usual" Melina replied with a smile.
“Isn’t trouble the usual?” teased Bronan with a laugh.
"Well, stuff we do not get involved in, nothing for us to call you, not that we can with the portal being offline for repairs" Melina said.
"Should only be a week or two, we replacing some parts" Baxter added.
“More like you wanted a break from Mr. Busybody here,” laughed Bronan as his brother gave him a cool look.
"Forge is always welcome to our planet, he has an honour..oh,I need to polish your trophies as well, while I'm here" Melina said looking up at the silver.
“Don’t fuss with those,” said the warlord, “They still sparkle from last time.”
Bronan wanted to joke about how his brother tended to them himself but decided it wouldn’t be worth the cuff over the head.
“So,” said Tahsis as she sat next to Bronan, encircling the human group that sat in the middle. “Daniel, how are you enjoying Kilara?”
"It is indeed an experience, working with dragons is a big change from working on a space station" Daniel said.
She nodded, “I can only imagine so. We were happy to hear that another one of the team was coming to visit us. We do like hosting.”
“Well, some of us like hosting,” chuckled Bronan in a low tone, gesturing to Forge.

“I was hoping to bring over a bunch of the notes Neekoh and I collected over the spring.” Said Ucluelet, directing the conversation back to Melina and Zyra.
“We went along the coast and got a lot of clan and breed information. A ton of stuff to add to the collection,” added Neekoh.
“Oh that’s exciting. The Kilaran Anthology will be coming along nicely,” smiled Zyra.
“Slow and steady. It’s still mostly rough notes. I haven’t polished out the text at all yet,” admitted Ucluelet.
“I’ve seen your writing, U, it’s very well worded for rough notes,” complimented Zyra. The dragoness had a knack for descriptive narrative and it worked well for the omnibus. Forge had even participated in the Lexicon of Drakine terms that Neekoh had taken up responsibility for.
Neekoh proudly handed over a few pages of Ucluelet’s neatly written words from their most recent adventure so that Melina could look over them.
"This is really impressive work U, some great detail, I can see that human stories and writings have inspired you to document stuff in good amounts of detail," Melina praised the teal dragoness.
“Thank you, professor. A honour to hear that praise from you.” Smiled Ucluelet as Neekoh beamed proudly.
The chatter rolled from one subject to the next as the gathering talked easily, well, save for Baxter who still seemed a little tense around the dragons though the flow of drinks seemed to be helping a little.
“So now that you’re climbing the ranks, you must have your eye on Jack’s job huh?” teased Comox, returning with the man’s requested drink.
"I am no leader Comox, not much of a ladies guy, more of a geek, my love for tech and all things gadget related," Baxter replied.
Comox laughed, “I didn’t know that was part of the job description.”


Back on the other side of the island the golden dragon was still dealing with an anguish rushing over him. Ardon paused on the beach, watching Jack walk away for a moment but still not able to overcome the grief that was washing through him via the link. It made his throat feel tight and there was a heavy weight upon his shoulders that he could not place.
“Jack, please…. Wait,” called the dragon, “What is it, what’s wrong?”
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A beeping noise could be heard as Daniel checked his pockets and brought out a little communicator, he opened it and pressed the button to accept the communication from the EAS Forge.
“Daniel here, what is the matter” the man asked.
“Sir, we are receiving an distress call from a transport ship in the area, on Kilara, they say they are under attack and request urgent assistance, I haven’t been able to get an answer” said the ensign over the line.
“Ok, download coordinates, sound red alert and send us a shuttle, inform commander Harkness” Daniel said as he got up from where he was sitting.
Melina saw the look on the man’s face and stood up to speak to him.
“Trouble?” she asked.
“Yes distress call, transport, the coordinates are being downloaded a shuttle is coming to pick me and Bax up, along with the commander” Daniel said.
"Distress call? What transport would be this far out?" Asked forge.
Daniel shook his head, unable to provide an answer to the warlord at this time, the engines of a shuttle approaching as the EAS Forge came into view.
“I can’t say but we need to call an end to this party sadly, the shuttle for me and Baxter” Daniel said.
“Well I go with Zyra and Comox ahead of you, the bold wing’s can move faster than the ship, we can get there and see who needs help immediately” Melina said gesturing to Zyra that she wanted to hop on and get off.
Zyra crouched to let the woman up while forge unfurled his wings to follow after them.
"Hang on!" Called the dragoness, launching in the air.
Baxter and Daniel boarded the shuttle as the other dragons looked a little concerned as the crew got on board and the shuttle took off with haste heading back towards the destroyer with Forge following behind.
Soon Ardon was in the skies with Jack on his back as they hovered as the shuttle along with Forge approached their location.
Ardon walked in silence with jack back to the shuttle.
Forge flew over to them and landed.
"We've received a distress call from a transport, the girls have flown ahead with Comox." Explained the silver.
The back of the shuttle opened and Daniel appeared.
“We are getting underway now, the distress call is being analysed on the bridge” the man explained to Jack as the man seemed to be preoccupied with something else on his mind.
“Jack, sir?” Daniel asked as the man snapped out of it.
“Yes yes, let’s get a move on to the bridge, Forge sit tight while we get there” Jack said abruptly as he followed Daniel as Baxter seemed a little uneasy with Jack’s mood.
Forge gave jack and Ardon a look as the man walked past him. Ardon shrugged, indicating he didn't know before following his Attilu.

Melina hung on tight as the two bold wings flew fast, Melina had luckily packed the compact travel harness and was able to get it fitted quickly, allowing Zyra to fly at max speed.
Melina also had a smart watch on which the Destroyer was updating the location of the distress signal.
Zyra beat her wings quickly, flying hard with Comox not too far behind as their flight ate up the distance.
Looking ahead the dragoness could see smoke.
Drawing in a breath she surged ahead, willing her wings to go faster.
Melina held on tight as the dragoness zoomed towards the area, it was only a matter of minutes when they came across the area, Zyra diving in and landing as they observed the area.
The smoke was coming from charred remains of wood and other debris, smouldering as if hit by intense heat, there were debris scattered around the area but the debris did not look like a shuttle or transport, there was enough to make up a ship.
"Stars!" exclaimed Zyra, seeing the scene below.
"Hang on," said Comox, sailing ahead to check for threats. he couldn't see anything imminent, calling back to her it was safe to land.
Melina looked to see heavy indentations in the sound ground, it looked like transport landing gear and nearby were heavy dragon footprints.
“Over here!” came a voice as Melina darted over as fast as she could, soon she came across some injured dragons, small red scaled breed that seemed surprised to see the human before them.
They seemed to be holding and trying to help 4 lifeless people near them.
Melina came over to check the humans, but sadly not one of them had a pulse, judging by the injuries, the men were injured and then shot with a human weapon.
"What happened?" Zyra called out, absolutely shocked at what she was witnessing.
"We're here to help!" shouted Comox, showing they meant no threat.
“We tried to help them…but we got ambushed” the one red dragon said, a large gash on his side and to his face, blood dripping down from them, the poor dragons looked beaten up.
“By who?, humans?” Melina asked.
“No, another dragon, a massive dragon” the other said out of breath as Melina tried to get them to sit down.
They seemed concerned for the lifeless humans but Melina shook her head lightly.
“You were valiant in your efforts but I am afraid it was too late” Melina said as the dragons seemed to go quiet, saddened they did not do enough or help in time.
Soon enough Ardon, Jack and Forge arrived as the ship came overhead and stayed where it was, as Jack surveyed the area.
Melina was given a first aid kit by Ardon and she began to try and treat the dragon’s wounds.
"What happened here?" The great silver demanded, looking around for answers. Why were other humans on Kilara and what had caused such a disaster...
The one red dragon spoke while Melina treated them with the medical kit.
“A large bulky ship landed and those humans got out, then another human held them up with a light stick, we came to help then we got ambushed by a massive dragon with a shield like head, he was bulky and easily swatted us aside and attacked the men” the red dragon said.
Forge thought for a moment before something clicked. "Braigg, a Hopilite Ram." He said aloud, "did he have spines all along his tail?" He asked urgently.
“Yes he did, he was fierce but he seemed to know the one man who attacked the others, he boarded the ship and it took off” the other red dragon said as he growled as Melina applied antiseptic spray on the wounds.
Forge shook his head, trying to figure out how that could be.
Jack looked up at Forge.
“What is a hopilite Ram dragon?” the man asked.
The silver turned his fierce gaze to Jack, "a rare breed. Heavy hitters. Built like mountains."
“You knew one of them Forge?, you said a name Braigg was it?” Melina said as she continued treating the red dragon’s with Zyra’s help.
"Yes. He was in my
Division when we first started to fight back against ... against the humans," forge explained.
Melina seemed a little confused and so was Jack as he tried to think of why a dragon who was with Forge against the humans would willingly board a transport ship with a human.
“If he was with you and was against us, why is he with one now on a transport?” the man asked the silver.
"That I do not know. He was dismissed from our ranks after he lost his family. His mind had been poisoned by the loss and he was a threat to the battalion's safety. I do not understand why he would now be working alongside a human." Said the warlord.
Melina shook her head lightly.
A shuttle landed nearby as Daniel came out with an investigation team as Jack took a deep breath to steady himself.
“Daniel…..” the man seemed to have a loss of thought as he took another deep breath as Daniel awaited the man’s instructions.
“Can you investigate the wreckage, get us the ID of the ship and what it was doing here, ensure Melina has the supplies needed” Jack said as he turned and was going to walk towards the shuttle craft which confused Daniel.
“give me a report later” Jack replied not looking back.
“But sir I…” Daniel was interrupted as the man spoke assertively and angrily.
“Just Do It!” Jack exclaimed as he boarded the shuttle.
“Take off!” Jack said as the shuttle door closed as it took off and headed towards the ship, leaving everyone on the ground, human and dragon stunned by the man’s erratic behaviour.
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Ardon stared up at the shuttle as it rose up and away, headed back for the transport. Jack had been nearly silent since the moment Ardon tried to ask what was wrong save for ordering him to make him back to the shuttle.
Now their commander had abandoned this horrific scene to the few of them that remained. At a complete loss, the golden dragon could still feel waves of anguish and sadness wash over him, without any indication where they could be from. Jack gave little clue to what was going on but his dragon knew something was up.
"Ardon!" Shouted Zyra as she tended to a hurt dragon. "Hey!" She called without success, the male still watching the ship turn into a small point in the sky.
"Ardon, a little help here please, need you here to help these injured dragons!" Melina shouted across the field.
Ardon snapped out of his trance and reluctantly went back down to the field where the others were trying to help. Forge had landed on the scene was making his rounds, helping where he could.

Zyra pressed gauze against a bleeding scrape on one of the red dragon’s neck, trying to step the flow of blood. “Hold this here, press firmly.” She instructed, gathering some medical tape so she could secure it. The little dragon also had a few puncture wounds from something, not teeth, she concluded.
“Forge, you said that the Ram had spines?” she called over to the silver.
“Correct. All across it’s tail, like a porcupine.” He replied.

Zyra frowned, these would take time to heal and would have to have a close eye kept on them to ensure they didn’t get infected. Light and nimble on her feet she dashed away and fetched some antibacterial salves to help the injury along.
"You said a human held up another with a light stick? Could you explain that to me? I don't understand," she asked the little dragon as she continued to work.

"The human was dressed in the same fabric as the others, he then pulled a metal stick out at them, the others looked surprised and scared" The red dragon explained.
“Was it a gun?” she asked before realizing that he might not know what that was. “Was there a loud bang?" The dragoness she tried.
The red dragon nodded, " Yes he shot the first two humans, the dragon killed the others" he replied.
"Did the dragon say anything?" Asked Zyra. “To either the human or you guys?”
"We did not hear anything other than roaring and snarls" the one red dragon replied.
“Sorry for all the questions. We just need to know what happened so that we can try and prevent it from happening again. There you are, on your feet.” She said, helping him up before walking over to Melina who was finishing up tending do another.

"Other humans aren't allowed on Kilara, right?" Asked the dragoness. "It's still forbidden after they abandoned it?"

Melina nodded lightly.
"Yes, only us and others have to get permission from Kilara dragons and EA, sounds like this was a rogue operation" She said with concern in her tone of voice.
Zyra’s brow furrowed into a worried expression as she looked around where the attack had taken place.

Ardon had the grim task of sorting out the deceased humans. Under Daniel’s instruction he respectfully wrapped them in the material that Jack had left them from the shuttle.
They had not known their intentions but as part of the investigation they would have to be brought back.
While he worked his mind was a mess of what they were dealing with hear as well as the encompassing worry for Jack’s strange behavior. It was all very out of the ordinary and he couldn’t forget it.

"You're Ember Nymphs, aren't you?" Asked Comox, helping one of the small red dragons to their feet as they finally sorted out the last of the injured.
"You are correct," nodded the little drake. “Thank you,”
“I wish we could have gotten here sooner.” Said Comox sadly.
“We wouldn’t have made it without you. Your arrival was star-sent.”

Finally they seemed like everything had been dealt with and the gold seemed anxious to get back to the transport.

" I can fly you back," Ardon said to Daniel, walking up to the man. "I think we've done all we can here.."
"Oh, I umm never flown dragon back before Ardon, I don't know how good an idea that would be," Daniel replied.
"It's that or stay here and hope Jack remembers to pick you up and pray whatever did this doesn't come back." Replied Ardon.
"Alright, guess we can try it, how about you professor?" Daniel asked.
"I got two bold wings and a warlord to protect me, you head on back," She said.
"We will follow along shortly," nodded Forge.
Ardon crouched so Daniel could get up. "Working at a dragon academy means you have to fly every once in a while. I promise you'll be safe."
"Actually, Jack forgot to put it in my contract, just said security matters," the man lightly joked.
Ardon gave him a tired look at let out a breath. He wasn’t in the mood for games or jokes. Something was very wrong and he didn’t know what, both with the scene they had uncovered here and with Jack.
“Let’s go,” he said before lifting off into the sky, trying to get back to the EAS Forge as quickly as possible without upsetting his green rider.

Forge guarded the remaining team at the scene of the attack while they loaded up the rest of the equipment in preparation to leave.

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Jack had returned to the EAS Forge and had already begun to be a bit irritable at people, the seemingly patient man seemed to have a short fuse, he also seemed distracted by some of the crew on board, even Professor Baxter had noticed as the commander had sent him to work.
The man soon disappeared into the large assigned quarters for him and Ardon, although not as large as Torchwood 5, it was still pretty spacious for the ship.
The man returned to his quarters and heavily sighed, he sat down at the table and opened his tablet, unlocking it he opened up a file with family photos from their recent trip, old Christmas photos he had taken and he the man tried very hard not to cry.

Daniel returned with Ardon as he jumped off as an ensign approached them, looking a little skittish, but the ensign was young and not quite use to being around fire breathing dragons.
“Commander Harkness wanted the professor and one or two others to investigate who authorised the transport here, we are looking through databases now and seeing what we can find” the young man said.
Daniel nodded.
“Ok, I best head to the bridge, where is Commander Harkness?” Daniel asked.
“He came aboard, barked some orders and disappeared, I think he is in the assigned quarters, but I think he has put a do not disturb and locked it” the man said.
Daniel looked up at the golden dragon for his reaction on Jack’s strange and erratic behaviour, but the dragon looked as stumped as him.
"I'll, go see," said Ardon hesitantly, turning to head down the corridor.
“Ardon, perhaps wait until Melina is back, I think it might be wise” Daniel said as if on cue, Melina arrived on Zyra, along with Comox and Forge, followed by the shuttlecraft.
"Why?" Asked Ardon, casting a look over to Melina as if she would know the answer. "what's going on?"
Before Daniel spoke, Melina came over sensing the awkwardness going on between Daniel and the golden dragon, the woman guessed what was going on.
“I come with you to see Jack, see what is troubling him, he has been acting out of character, you coming Zy?” the professor asked.
"If you'd like me to," said the dragoness. Ardon didn't wait a second longer, headed down the hall with the others in tow.
Melina went after the dragon as he came stomping off towards the dragons quarters as Daniel was left with the warlord as he looked up at the old dragon who kept a serious composure and seemed stern.
“We investigate what went on, will you be staying no board?, we might have to leave Kilara if required” Daniel asked the silver.
"I will stay. I want to know what happened. If the dragon left in the ship, I feel like they won't be around here anymore." Said the warlord.
The man nodded, knowing the warlord would stay on board.
“Ok, I keep you updated, I’d invite you up to the bridge but umm, your big so” the man replied feeling a little awkward.
"I will remain here." Said the great silver, settling down on the floor and crossing his paws to wait.
“Ok sir” Daniel said leaving the warlord in the large hanger.

Jack flicked through another picture as he started into the abyss, feeling sad and unsure of what ot do next, he did not even have time to mourn, with everything going on right now, but the sadness and grief he felt ran raw within him.
Soon he was brought out of his thoughts by the door buzzer, it had run twice but he must have been too deep in his own thoughs and anguish to hear it.
“Come in” Jack said unlocking the door and finding Ardon, Melina and Zyra there.
“Oh, I wasn’t expecting three of you, anything I can do?” Jack asked.
Ardon and Zyra walked in quietly, the dragoness feeling Ardon's worry radiating off him.
Melina went with a kind, soft approach with the man, sensing the difficult emotions raging around the room.
“Actually, I am here to see if there is anything I can do for you Jack, you had us a little worried” Melina said, her tone soft and gentle as she approached Jack slowly.
Jack shook his head.
“Just some personal issues, nothing more” Jack replied.
“Oh?, I see” Melina replied back.
Jack brought out the tablet and brought up the photos of his parents for the professor to see, he had not really shown Melina the photos that he took.
“You never met my parents I don’t believe, never invited them to the base, I should of really, this was a nice one, my mother Aileen, a real fiery woman, could stand up for herself simple enough, true scot” Jack said as Melina sat down nearby and smiled lightly.
“My father Daryl, he had to put up with it, he did sort of mellow as he got unlike Aileen loyal and…” Jack all of a sudden began to get upset, voice wavering in a very emotional state, never seen from the ran as he struggled to finished his sentence.
“So…very noble” Jack managed to say as Melina looked concerned.
"Jack.... what is it?" Asked Ardon, a horrible feeling rising in his chest as he assumed all the horrible possibilities that might make Jack react in such a way.
Zyra looked at the floor, not knowing what to do, seeing her commander in such a state, so unlike him.
“What has happened Jack?”.
“Aileen and Daryl, both burned to death in a fire at their family home” Jack said as a tear rolled down his cheek as Melina seemed in shock at the news.
Zyra looked shady, not believing the words that had just come out of his mouth.
"No..." was all Ardon could muster at first. "No, they must be wrong..."
Melina finally spoke after overcoming her own shock at what had been told.
“Jack…..Jack I am so sorry” Melina said putting her hand on his.
Jack sniffed and wipped his face with his free hand.
“It’s’s ok, these things happen” Jack said very sullen as Melina shook her head lightly.
“No Jack, it’s not ok, this is……really overwhelming, when did you know” Melina asked.
“Priority one message from earth 9 hours ago, family tried to contact me but, did not take my mobile….got the message, emergency services did…all they could but..” The man couldn’t finish his sentence as tears rolled down his face.
“Oh Jack” Melina said hugging the man tightly as the man wept, Melina giving him a kiss on the side of his head as the woman held onto her close friend and commander, doing all she could at this moment.
Ardon was frozen in place, hearing the news. He wanted to break but he knew that he had to be strong for Jack. The link did not make it easy. The raw grief crashed over him, threatening to drown him in this horrible loss. They had just been all together. He could hear Aileen's laugh in his head and Daryl hollering at him for dinner. It felt all impossible.
The gold dragon bowed his head and closed his eyes against the tears that rose up.
Zyra put her neck over his and placed a paw on his own.
Melina soon released Jack from the hug she had held him in so tightly as she looked to see Ardon and Zyra, feeling the grief and emotion washing over all of them.
“Jack…” Melina said as she took Jack’s hand and guided him towards the dragons as the two sat down with their dragons, before Melina hugged the man once again.
Ardon brought his golden muzzle down to the side of Jacks face and hugged him and Melina tightly, unable to stop his own tears from running down his scales.
"I'm so sorry..." whispered Zyra, not knowing what else she could say.
Melina reached and touched Zyra’s muzzle thanking the bold wing as she kept her hug arms wrapping round the poor man who was silently weeping as Melina gave Ardon a kiss on the side of his cheek.
Melina kept quiet and just continued doing what she knew how to do, her own sadness for the man bounced across her link with Zyra, but a small trickle also went to the quiet lingering link between her and Forge.
Ardon gave Jack a gentle lick on the side of his head, curling his tail around them.
In the hold forge could feel something tugging at him. A sadness that he couldn't place.

The peace and time for mourning came to an end as a beeper sounded in the corner and soon Daniel’s voice over the speakers.
“Daniel to Jack” came the man’s voice as they ignored it.
The man not knowing continued.
“Jack?, this is Daniel please respond over” he asked again.
Melina looked up from hugging Jack and frowned as she spoke with some fire in her words.
“Can we get back to you Daniel?, sort of not the best time to be calling at current” she said as the man went silent for a moment before speaking.
“I do apologise but it could not wait, the professor has gotten information about the transport and the EA have sent us an urgent message that requires the Commander’s attention” Daniel said.
“Urgh, seriously” Melina replied as Jack wiped his face, getting back up onto his feet, walking over and grabbing a tissue to wipe the tears from his eyes.
“I be there in a moment, Jack out” the man said.
Melina stood up, giving Jack a look.
“Jack, you cannot be serious about continuing this, you need to return home to your family, be a unit this is far more important” Melina replied as the man sniffed and shook his head.
“It will have to wait, got more important things to do than mourn” Jack replied as Melina shook her head.
“Bull!, you know that’s rubbish, Jack family calls before duty or anything, tell him Ardon” Melina protested but Jack spoke.
“Well, I’ve lost my family, so this is all I ****ing got right now Mel, Ardon understands, this is our work protecting Kilara as well as finding out how those men died and what Dragon is on the loose in space, I need this or I will be lost” Jack replied back.
"But, don't you think we should go see your siblings, be there for them?" Asked Ardon, knowing jack liked to immerse himself in work to avoid emotional things like this but the dragon worried that if he didn't properly grieve it would fester and grow.
Jack was quiet for a moment before talking.
“If I can’t do this then I am no good to anyone, besides the portal is out of action so we got no choice, once we find out what is going on, we return to Earth and I go on leave” Jack said.
Melina sighed as Jack smartened up and walked towards the door which opened as he headed ot the bridge.
Melina watched in disbelief that the man had gone, leaving her with two upset dragons, one being his own.
“He doesn’t mean it Ardon, he still cares for you and knows you feel what he is feeling its just…I don’t know with him” Melina sighed shaking her head.
Ardon sunk to the floor now that jack had gone. His eyes glittery and wet from unspilled tears. "This isn't fair." He sniffed, looking away from Melina and Zyra.
"I know, Ardon, none of this is..." said Zyra quietly.
Melina nodded, understanding the young dragons heartache and frustration with his Atillu.
“When we return home, we get you and Ardon sent off up to Scotland, did you want me or Zyra with you?” Melina asked the gold quietly.
"I think Jack might want to have less people there, but....I don't know... I don't know anything right now," he said sadly.
Melian came over and knelt down by Ardon giving the golden dragon a hug round his muzzle and smoothing his golden scales.
“I know Ardon, I know” she said gently, trying to comfort the young golden dragon as best she could.

On the bridge Jack made it up there and approached Daniel who was with professor Baxter at a terminal.
“What you got” Jack asked as Daniel and Baxter turned around.
“We discovered the information we were after, discovered a transport, a Orion heavy transport ship was hired to go to Epsilon 2, a moon not far from Kilara for transportation of medical supplies, it never got there and has been reported missing” Daniel said.
Baxter brought up the information.
“The guys discovered have been identified, the medical team took swabs and we ran through the database, the crew compliment was 6, we are only showing 5 bodies downstairs” Baxter said.
Jack crossed arms at hearing the news.
“So the person who is missing must have been the one who killed those people, where does the dragon fit into this?” he asked.
Daniel shrugged.
“No idea but the transport that has been stolen could easily transport dragons, whoever it was must of come to here with the purpose of picking our scaled friend up, no other explanation” Baxter said.
Jack frowned, not liking the sound of what he was being told.
“So is the other guy registered?” Jack asked.
“We ran database checks, he doesn’t appear at all, Baxter ran it through his own systems and it was a fake ID, we are using an unorthodox way of locating who it was” Daniel said to the man.
“Hrmm, can we trace the transporters trail at all?”
Daniel was about to answer when the comms officer came over and spoke to the men.
“Sorry to interrupt, priority one from EA HQ, large science observatory around Sigma star has gone silent, they want us to investigate as matter of urgency” he said.
“Sigma system, that isn’t far from this system at all, sensors also show the transport heading in that direction, but the trail is weak, they could of gone into hyper space” Baxter said.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Inform Forge of our plan, tell the EA we are on our way, get this ship moving, once we left Kilara’s atmosphere initiate jump into hyper space” Jack ordered as the crew got into action, the dragons downstairs and Forge would sense the ship was now moving and beginning to gain altitude in the sky as they went on their way to the Sigma stat observatory.
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Ardon was nearly silent as he closed his eyes, the news reeling in his mind over and over while Melina tried to sooth him by stroking his muzzle gently.
Zyra felt the ship lurch forward and the engines power up as she could feel them beginning to ascend into the sky. Ardon made no move but the dragoness looked up. Jack was already on the move, running headlong into this new issue to avoid dealing with this ongoing reality.
"Melina, can you go see what's going on? And make sure Jack is okay? I'll stay here with Ardon," she said quietly to the woman. She rubbed her nose gently against her arm, seeing her own sadness.
"Will do, I report back to you both" Melina replied, getting up and leaving. Zyra watched her go before turning to look back down at Ardon who was still heaped on the floor.
The poor dragon had to contend with not only his own grief, but Jacks as well, the anguish multiplied by the link. He couldn’t believe it, still. Didn’t want to believe it either…. But the words that Jack had said about his parents were repeating themselves and he couldn’t bear it. Thinking about what had happened to them made the dragon want to cry out, roar, destroy the room but, it crippled him at the same time. He closed his eyes, trying to shut out the world of pain he felt but it followed him into that darkness as well. It was no use. There was no escaping this tragedy.
Zyra sat next to the golden dragon with her paw on his shoulder and he stared miserably into the abyss. There were no words she could say that could make this any better, nothing that she could do that would change what had happened. It hurt her hearts to think about the horrific loss that Jack and Ardon would now suffer through.
Turning her gaze down to the gold who lay on the floor, she wished that she could make things better somehow but knew that it was impossible.
“Ardon, I am so sorry…” she said quietly. She saw him blink but he didn’t respond.
“Mel and I will do everything we can to help you and Jack through this, okay? If you need anything, anything at all, don’t hesitate.” She continued, hearing her words yet knowing they were of little use.
“Thanks,” Ardon said in a whisper.
He was silent for a long time but Zyra stayed by his side, talking with him softly, trying to ease his pain even the slightest bit by way on conversation.
Ardon could only think about how he had just gotten the Harkness family back into Jack’s life after such a long absence. He had recalled the moment Aileen had realized her lost son was standing on her doorstep and how the family had come together despite the time of loss. The dragon had been brimming with happiness, seeing the family together once again. Jack had seemed happier, knowing he didn’t have to hide away from them. That had just begun and now it was gone forever. The realization cut Ardon deeply.
Suddenly the gold got to his feet.
“What is it?” asked Zyra, standing back as he wiped his face with the back of his paw. He let out a slow breath and rallied himself.
“Ardon?” Zyra repeated.
“I can’t sit here and… and do this.” Replied Ardon, in a state of mixed emotions. “I have to be strong like Jack… for Jack.”
“It’s okay to feel grief, Ardon. Especially for something like this,” Zyra tried to explain to him but the dragon shook his head angrily, trying to keep his eyes from springing new tears.
“No, I can’t, I’m going to the bridge,” he said, sniffing and arching his neck, trying to shake the feeling and stand strong.
“Ardon…” Said Zyra but the dragon had composed himself and left.

On the way to the bridge, Melina passed the open doors to the hold where Forge was laying like a giant, silver sphinx.
"Oh Forge, your still on board, thought you would be back on sunbreak islands,” Melina said.
"The ship left with me still aboard so I am along for the ride it seems. What's going on?" He asked, having heard nothing since the others had left.
"I'm off to the bridge to find details out, we seem in a hurry, got the main engines on, I let you know when I know," the professor said, turning away.
"Wait..." he said, pausing, catching the light on her face. She was flushed and there was a streak of dampness where she had wiped away a tear earlier that he spotted. "Are you alright?" He asked, the echo of that weird feeling lingering in his chest that he couldn’t place. The great warlord realized she had been crying and his protective defensiveness was suddenly stoked.
Melina sighed lightly, " That bond working a bit it seems, sadly no things aren't alright…" Melina replied.
"Are you hurt?" He asked, a hint of concern escaping into his voice.
"Hurting for people I care for Forge, had some terrible news about Jack's parents, they sadly died in a fire a day ago," Melina said closing her eyes and a tear rolling down her cheek, "Ardon is devastated" She added.
"You are certain of this?" He asked, stunned, hearing her words. When he saw her tears his expression softened. "My deepest condolences, Melina. I am sorry."
Melina wiped her face with a tissue. "Sorry, bit emotional, Jack is terribly upset, only thing keeping him going is his sense of doing his job," Melina said.
Forge understood the man’s behavior in response to the loss. The silver had thrown himself into the line of duty to mask the pain and agonizing loss of Tavalia all those years ago. It was sometimes easier to immerse oneself into work to help ease the grief.
He broke out of his trance to see Melina struggling to hold it together. He ever so slightly dipped his head, inviting her closer in a rare show of empathy.
Melina approached and ensuring no one was looking she hugged the silver dragons muzzle, resting her head as a tear dropped from her cheek onto Forges silver scales. He looked down the length of his muzzle at her, disliking seeing her in such a state.
“It will be alright.” He said, though he knew nothing would be the same.
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Ardon was nearly silent as he closed his eyes, the news reeling in his mind over and over while Melina tried to sooth him by stroking his muzzle gently.
Zyra felt the ship lurch forward and the engines power up as she could feel them beginning to ascend into the sky. Ardon made no move but the dragoness looked up. Jack was already on the move, running headlong into this new issue to avoid dealing with this ongoing reality.
"Melina, can you go see what's going on? And make sure Jack is okay? I'll stay here with Ardon," she said quietly to the woman. She rubbed her nose gently against her arm, seeing her own sadness.
"Will do, I report back to you both" Melina replied, getting up and leaving. Zyra watched her go before turning to look back down at Ardon who was still heaped on the floor.
The poor dragon had to contend with not only his own grief, but Jacks as well, the anguish multiplied by the link. He couldn’t believe it, still. Didn’t want to believe it either…. But the words that Jack had said about his parents were repeating themselves and he couldn’t bear it. Thinking about what had happened to them made the dragon want to cry out, roar, destroy the room but, it crippled him at the same time. He closed his eyes, trying to shut out the world of pain he felt but it followed him into that darkness as well. It was no use. There was no escaping this tragedy.
Zyra sat next to the golden dragon with her paw on his shoulder and he stared miserably into the abyss. There were no words she could say that could make this any better, nothing that she could do that would change what had happened. It hurt her hearts to think about the horrific loss that Jack and Ardon would now suffer through.
Turning her gaze down to the gold who lay on the floor, she wished that she could make things better somehow but knew that it was impossible.
“Ardon, I am so sorry…” she said quietly. She saw him blink but he didn’t respond.
“Mel and I will do everything we can to help you and Jack through this, okay? If you need anything, anything at all, don’t hesitate.” She continued, hearing her words yet knowing they were of little use.
“Thanks,” Ardon said in a whisper.
He was silent for a long time but Zyra stayed by his side, talking with him softly, trying to ease his pain even the slightest bit by way on conversation.
Ardon could only think about how he had just gotten the Harkness family back into Jack’s life after such a long absence. He had recalled the moment Aileen had realized her lost son was standing on her doorstep and how the family had come together despite the time of loss. The dragon had been brimming with happiness, seeing the family together once again. Jack had seemed happier, knowing he didn’t have to hide away from them. That had just begun and now it was gone forever. The realization cut Ardon deeply.
Suddenly the gold got to his feet.
“What is it?” asked Zyra, standing back as he wiped his face with the back of his paw. He let out a slow breath and rallied himself.
“Ardon?” Zyra repeated.
“I can’t sit here and… and do this.” Replied Ardon, in a state of mixed emotions. “I have to be strong like Jack… for Jack.”
“It’s okay to feel grief, Ardon. Especially for something like this,” Zyra tried to explain to him but the dragon shook his head angrily, trying to keep his eyes from springing new tears.
“No, I can’t, I’m going to the bridge,” he said, sniffing and arching his neck, trying to shake the feeling and stand strong.
“Ardon…” Said Zyra but the dragon had composed himself and left.

On the way to the bridge, Melina passed the open doors to the hold where Forge was laying like a giant, silver sphinx.
"Oh Forge, your still on board, thought you would be back on sunbreak islands,” Melina said.
"The ship left with me still aboard so I am along for the ride it seems. What's going on?" He asked, having heard nothing since the others had left.
"I'm off to the bridge to find details out, we seem in a hurry, got the main engines on, I let you know when I know," the professor said, turning away.
"Wait..." he said, pausing, catching the light on her face. She was flushed and there was a streak of dampness where she had wiped away a tear earlier that he spotted. "Are you alright?" He asked, the echo of that weird feeling lingering in his chest that he couldn’t place. The great warlord realized she had been crying and his protective defensiveness was suddenly stoked.
Melina sighed lightly, " That bond working a bit it seems, sadly no things aren't alright…" Melina replied.
"Are you hurt?" He asked, a hint of concern escaping into his voice.
"Hurting for people I care for Forge, had some terrible news about Jack's parents, they sadly died in a fire a day ago," Melina said closing her eyes and a tear rolling down her cheek, "Ardon is devastated" She added.
"You are certain of this?" He asked, stunned, hearing her words. When he saw her tears his expression softened. "My deepest condolences, Melina. I am sorry."
Melina wiped her face with a tissue. "Sorry, bit emotional, Jack is terribly upset, only thing keeping him going is his sense of doing his job," Melina said.
Forge understood the man’s behavior in response to the loss. The silver had thrown himself into the line of duty to mask the pain and agonizing loss of Tavalia all those years ago. It was sometimes easier to immerse oneself into work to help ease the grief.
He broke out of his trance to see Melina struggling to hold it together. He ever so slightly dipped his head, inviting her closer in a rare show of empathy.
Melina approached and ensuring no one was looking she hugged the silver dragons muzzle, resting her head as a tear dropped from her cheek onto Forges silver scales. He looked down the length of his muzzle at her, disliking seeing her in such a state.
“It will be alright.” He said, though he knew nothing would be the same.
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Jack was on the bridge observing the work the professor and Daniel were doing as the ship reached high orbit, they would soon be safe enough to engage a jump into hyperspace.
“When we reach a safe distance, jump to hyper space and bring us to yellow alert when we are near” Jack instructed.
“Aye sir, jump will be in 10 minutes” the helm answered as Jack took a deep breath to compose himself.
Ardon entered the bridge and walked up to Jack. "What's going on?" He asked.
Jack turned and looked surprised to see the gold on the bridge, he obviously composed himself and had his head raised up as he spoke.
Jack went over to him and spoke quietly as Ardon observed him with golden eyes.
"Ardon...I don't think you should be here, under the current circumstances, I think professor Melina would be more suited to..."
"Why not? I'm your guardian. I think I'm suited just fine," said Ardon, cutting him off.
Jack gave Ardon a glare as he looked at the rest of the crew working diligently.
“Fine, come over then” Jack said not trying to sound frustrated in his tone of voice, gesturing for the gold to follow towards where Daniel and Baxter were working.
Ardon followed obediently but ducked his head, trying not to strike a nerve with his Attilu.
Jack approached the console and spoke to the men.
“Any news from the station?” Jack asked the two men, Daniel shook his head lightly.
“The station is not responding to any communication, we have tried and no reply” Daniel said as Jack nodded lightly.
“How about finding out about the shuttle and its crew” Jack asked.
“Looking now Jack, EA are also looking, also looking into any other means that they could have accessed the shuttlecraft transport” the professor said.
“We need to find out who was on it keep working” Jack said as he turned to Ardon.
“You can tell Forge we are heading to a large space station in another system, it appears the engine trail from the transport is heading in that direction, we may need his and yours” Jack said to the gold.
"Alright. I'll be back after I tell him," said Ardon, looking over his shoulder before heading down to the hold.
Jack watched the young dragon leave the bridge to head towards the holding bay where Forge was stationed.
Daniel approached Jack and spoke lightly.
“Sir, if you need to go back to your quarters I would totally understand if you…” the man was cut off.
“No, just carry out your instructions and find out who was on Kilara” Jack said assertively, his voice raising a higher tone making some crew notice the man’s mood.
Daniel sighed but nodded, “Yes sir” he said leaving Jack to sit in the Captain’s chair as the ship left orbit of Kilara and was about to head towards hyperspace.
Forge could hear talons coming down the hall so he pulled away gently from Melina to settle back in his stoic self. Though, as Ardon approached he could see Melina standing close to the grand silver, wiping a tear from her face.
Ardon cleared his throat, "were headed for another station, following the engine trail. Jack thinks we might be needed."
"Very well then," nodded forge.
Melina straightened up and made sure that Ardon did not see the large silver’s moment of being soft with her, the gold dragon informing them of the situation.
“I best go get Zyra and prepare the medical bay, how you holding up Ardy?” she asked kindly.
Ardon shrugged, not knowing how to answer.
Melina gave Forge a look as she left the gold and the silver to talk or not to as she went to find her dragoness, her own sadness bouncing over the link for Jack as she quickly made her way back to Zyra.
Back on Earth, the base was rather sombre as news of Jack’s parent’s death had fed through, Mark was feeling bad for the commander as he sat there with Sam, everyone had been poured a whiskey on the table as the men were quiet, even the dragons Hitteki and Vonriir were sombre and quiet out of respect.
Even Toby had sent his staff home early on full pay so he was with the group as Mark sat at the end of the table unsure really what to say as a silence gripped the room and did not want to let it go.
“It is a terrible loss, to lose one’s parents, such a tragedy” Hitteki said quietly as Sam nodded in agreement.
“It is such sad news for all of us really, we are a big family, when one hurts, we all do” Sam said to the group.
Vonriir shook his giant crest, "how horrible. Poor Jack. I do not know what he must be going through right now."
"A terrible loss. May they find joy in the starlight," said Veyron, reciting an old shadow wraith phrase of passing, lifting up his glass.
Mark nodded as everyone raised their glasses, or bowls in the large dragon’s case as Mark stood up at the head of the table.
“The Aileen and Daryl” Mark said.
“To Aileen and Daryl” the group repeated as everyone took a sip of their drinks, all of a sudden Hitteki began to splutter, unprepared for the fiery sensation of the whiskey.
“Blimey, you humans drink this stuff?” the Syrian asked as a few smiles from the men appeared.
"It's an acquired taste, Fuzz," replied Veyron. "But if you don't like it more for me," he said, reaching with his tail for her glass.
Hitteki looked at Veyron and tapped his tail with her paw, “I get use to it, I adapt to human customs” she said to the wraith, dashing his hopes of another drink.
“It’s a good one Hitteki, 25 years, Scottish whiskey always the best in my opinion and I’m American” Mark replied.
"You haven't tried my hidden stash of silver ridge bourbon. That'd change your mind quick," replied the wraith.
Mark’s eye’s lit up as the wraith mentioned it.
“I arrange a meeting later then in your quarters Veyron, how did you find the drink big guy” Mark asked the crag back.
"Bit like dragonfire... the taste I got," replied the large dragon.
“I see the dragon’s don’t appreciate a good whiskey, ah well, least you were all here to raise a toast for this occasion” Mark said as everyone finished their drinks.
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When Melina left the hold Ardon lingered a moment, not knowing what to do with himself in that moment.
“This will be a different test of your Guardianship, Ardon,” came Forge’s voice behind him.
The gold turned to see Forge had rose to sit, his fiery orange eyes on him. “You can protect him from danger, in nearly whatever it fashions itself as but you can’t shield him from loss. Death will always come, sudden or expected. As sure as the stars in the sky, there will be losses in every soul’s life.”
“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” snapped Ardon.
The hackle scales along Forge’s back rose briefly before he let out a breath. Ardon hadn’t suffered a loss like this before. He had to be patient with the gold. Ardon was often brash but he was also a sensitive dragon and Forge grumbled to treat him as such.
“No, Ardon. I just don’t want guilt to rise up. I know you are prone to it. There is nothing you could have done. All you can do is be there for your Attilu now,” he replied.
“He doesn’t want me around-“
“Right now, perhaps. But I know that Brathille binds you and he will need your courage and support,” said the great silver, trying to give some somber advice, “Don’t let him push you, or anyone else away.”
Ardon wanted to say that this bit of instruction was hypocritical of him. From what he heard from his parents, Forge had withdrawn from everyone he held close to him. Perhaps this was some lesson that he did not want Ardon or Jack to repeat.
“Was Melina okay?” the gold mumbled a short while after.
“She hurts for you and Jack,” he replied.
Ardon nodded slowly, lingering in the hold, not really wanting to go back up to the bridge if Jack was going to be mad with him. He knew it was his pain and loss flaring in this was but it had hurt his heards to see the glare and look of frustration Jack had shot at him when Ardon had tried to impose and help.
“Go, Ardon,” ordered Forge.
The gold turned and looked up at his uncle, unsure.
“Go, your Attilu will mend with time, for now you will guide the way. Go to the bridge. I’ll be here if anyone has need of me.”
Hesitating only a moment, Ardon turned back and headed up the corridor back to the bridge.

Back on the base, the remaining team had spoke late into the night, mostly in somber tones. As Sam had said, it had been a blow to the team. They were a close knit group and when one suffered a loss, they all felt it. Vonriir had gone rather quiet, feeling quite badly for the man and Ardon as well.
Eventually the others meandered off to bed at last, leaving only Mark and Veyron. The dragon was on his second, rather generous glass, and wavered slightly whenever he sat up from where he sat sprawled on the couch.

"You are up late still, you sleep in or something?" Mark said pouring him and Veyron another glass of whiskey.
The wraith coiled his tail around the glass and dragged it over to his side of the couch, “Semi-nocturnal… what did the professor call it? Cre…crepuscular? Whole legend behind it, a-actually,”
"I reckon it’s you drinking your stash and listening to music me thinks, or putting bets online,” Mark said with a light laugh.
“Perhaps. I used to like the LA night-life. You humans are crazy, you know?” hiccupped Veyron as he took another sip.

"That was a very noble and moving tribute earlier on, where is it from?" Mark asked.

“I have a way with words, don't I? Ah, 'May you find joy in the stars'. “ said Veyron, “An old phrase that we say when one passes one. It’s from Myth says that wraiths used to hang out under the sun and all that. Our scales used to be ivory coloured or some ****. A-anyway we were too clever or something, pissed off a load of larger breeds somehow sooo the larger dragons banished us to the shadows, hence shadow wraith. We’re hoarders, as I’ve been so kindly called, and worse. Stealing things that remind us of the sun n’ stuff. All bull**** really… I go out in the daylight and all, not like that giant Night Striker that would burn into a crisp in the sun. I…. just feel most…. Peppy around the twilight hours most days. Though, that’s kinda changed since being Earth-side though. More… diurnal, I guess But I digress, the saying means that the joy we lose out from being banished to the dark is found when we pass on, to go up into the stars above and find paradise there or some BS like that,” explained the wraith, slowly sinking into his seat, long body coiled around his glass. It didn’t take much to exceed his threshold for a dragon as small as he was.
"One last thing, what's with stealing my pens, pencils and other items, you're like a magpie," Mark commented

The dragon pointed at Mark with an ebony talon, “That… that is instinct, my friend, and a good system for getting what one needs. I’ve wriggled out of many a bad situation by offering something, whether it be a possession or information. It’s our only way of dealing with the larger, more aggressive breeds. Not trying to s-sell us short –heh- but pit me against a larger dragon, I am not going to win out on scales and tooth alone. Appeasements and trades help make life a bit easier for the little guys like us. Plus... some things just have a certain appeal.”
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Melina went in search of her dragoness, she wanted to find the dragoness and let her know what is going and to be with the dragoness as she knew the poor bold wing was being affected by all of this as well, sadly she really wanted to mask her feelings but Brathille wouldn’t allow it.
The boldwing dragoness then came around the corner, spotting Melina, "Mel, there you are. Did you go to the bridge to see what was happening?"
Melina nodded lightly in response, the woman pleased to see the bold wing.
“Yes, we are heading to a space station, they lost contact with it and the EA want us to investigate, the shuttle transport engine trail is in that area” Melina said to the bold wing.
The dragoness nodded, realizing that poor forge was on the ship to as it rocketed off towards the station, "And Jack?"
“He’s on the bridge, I think Ardon is there with him or going to be, he must have been asking Forge for guidance” Melina replied.
"Alright. I hope we can get this all sorted. What a mess of compounded circumstances," sighed Zyra.
Melina had to agree, with everything going on, she just wanted for Jack to get home but the man had delved himself in his duties to hide from the pain of losing his parents.
“I hope so too, I am sorry, I know Brathille makes you feel my hurt and sadness, I have tried to block it out but to no avail” Melina admitted.
"Don't. We're all hurting now. We just have to be there for each other," she said, licking Melina's cheek gently, "We'll help get the boys through this."
Melina nodded lightly.
“We best help Doctor Stevens down in the medical bay, just in case the station has wounded” Melina suggested, perhaps taking advice and guidance from Jack and immersing themselves in work.
"Let's hope not," replied Zyra, following her. "But you're right, we best be prepared."
Melina nodded as they walked down to the medical bay which they would have to use the cargo lift to transport the bold wing down to the lower levels.
“It might be smaller than what your use to in the medical bay Zy, despite being a larger ship for dragons, I think they missed the point on some bits” Melina said, making small talk.
"We will make due with what we have to work with," replied Zyra.
“Alright, lets lend a hand” Melina said as once the bold wing was in the lift she closed the door and they descended down to the lower levels to go to the medical bay.

Up in the bridge the ship was now in hyperspace and would be arriving at the space station in 20 minutes, Jack had kept quiet as he read the reports to keep himself from being in his own thoughts too long.
Ardon appeared through the entry and stepped back into the bridge, making his way over to Jack. "Forge says he's prepared if we need him," he said stoically.
Jack nodded lightly.
“That is good, the station is big enough for him, it was a large way point and a science facility, reading up on it, researching about star’s and their activities, the star this station is around is pretty similar to Earth’s” Jack explained.
"Oh," said Ardon, listening as Jack spoke, no indication in his voice of the pain he felt through the link. "Still no response yet though, from the station?"
Jack shook his head.
“Nothing, we tried but no luck, we be there in about 10 minutes, we have a shuttle to take Forge over, me and you will go over there as well” Jack said as Daniel turned his head to give Ardon a look, the man not really wanting Jack and Ardon to go.
"It will be safer if the three of us go," said Ardon. "Greater protection in numbers."
“And who are you suggesting go Ardon?” Jack asked the gold.
"You, Forge and I," said Ardon, thinking that was obvious.
Daniel approached Jack overhearing the conversation.
“Jack, sir If I maybe so bold, I think you should stay here with Ardon to command the ship, you are a capable commander but I think the ship needs a sub commander, let me and Forge go, along with a few security details” Daniel said.
"Were fine to go, Daniel. It will be safer if we do," insisted Ardon
Daniel was a little disappointed that the golden dragon did not agree with him and he spoke again.
“Sir I really do insist you stay on board, you need to be in command here” Daniel replied.
Ardon looked over at jack to see what the man's reaction would be.
Jack looked between Daniel and Ardon and sighed lightly.
“I think we be fine, Daniel, you be in command here, I think it be best we go over and investigate” Jack said, Daniel reluctantly nodded.
“We are about to come out of hyper space now sir” said the man at the helm as Jack looked at the screen.
The ship came out of Hyperspace and the station appeared in the distance, indeed it was a large station with a large dome in the middle, the Sun shone brightly in the back ground as the ship approached.
“Any readings or life signs?” Jack asked.
“Sensors are not getting through, no idea why sir” the one officer said as the station seemed in one piece and no obvious damage or anything significant.
“I think I can get one of the large shuttle bay’s to open for you Jack, the others seem locked down, again sensors are being jammed by the station” Baxter said as Jack looked at the screen.
“Daniel, take command, bring the transport shuttle to the hanger and prepare our gear, we are going over, keep communications clear and inform the EA of the situation” Jack said gesturing to Ardon to follow as Daniel sat in the commander’s seat.
The gold nodded and put some haste in his step as he followed Jack down to the hangar.
The teams in the other hanger began to bring the transport shuttle out that would take the dragons across and Jack, the bay where Forge was staying was big enough for the shuttle to be in there with him
The silver dragon turned to see the shuttle and frowned, knowing it would be a tight squeeze to house a dragon of his size.
Jack and Ardon entered the bay where Forge was residing and greeting the silver warlord dragon, the man in his gear as a pilot would accompany them to fly the shuttle.
“We arrived at the station, we don’t know what is going on there, sensors are being jammed, Baxter’s found us a way in, I see the shuttle is all out ready” Jack said.
"I will be prepared for any sort of reception we will encounter," replied forge.
Ardon puffed himself up a bit, "I'm ready."
Jack nodded lightly.
“Well, hopefully there is a simple explanation but best be ready, we will keep on our toes, or talons, ok we best get on board” Jack said to the dragons.
Forge attempted to board the shuttle but his horns hit the ceiling despite him ducking.
Jack could see Forge was going to have difficulty with fitting in, but the ship’s bigger shuttles were being serviced and so not stocked on board, Jack did not think there would be a need for them, he cursed at himself.
“Just do your best to squeeze in Forge” Jack said they waited for the warlord to be in secure.
It wasn't graceful but the silver managed to crawl aboard and curl himself up as small as possible. His great crest had scored lines in the ceiling where they dragged.
Jack and Ardon went in and squeezed in as the door closed, the pilot on board getting into the front as the engines powered up.
“I guess it’s a good job we did not ask Vonriir to come” Jack said to the two dragons, his attempt at light humour.
Ardon forced a smile. "That would have been tricky."
Forge grumbled something Under his breath as he tried to get comfortable for the short trip.
The shuttle took off and headed out into space, leaving the destroyer as it travelled towards the station, the small windows in the back provided Forge with a look into space, perhaps for the first time, Jack wasn’t sure.
“You never been in space, or seen it have you Forge” the man asked.
"I've seen space," said the silver. "Stars and the great darkness. I have not been in it, no."
He did not care to admit it was a bit worrisome.
“Wont be long now” Jack said as the shuttle craft headed towards the transport hanger as Baxter had gained access to the automated systems and allowed the space craft to go into the space dock the one side of the station.
Once the shuttle had settled down the doors opened to allow the dragons out, once Forge had gone out the others followed.
“Alright, keep close and keep eyes open, hopefully we find some of the staff on the station and find out why the radio has gone dead” Jack said to the dragons.
"Alright," nodded Forge, lifting his head to see if he could hear anything while Ardon remained Close to Jack.
The trio walked towards the shuttle bay exit, Jack gesturing to the pilot to keep the engines on standby, in case of a quick getaway, the station itself was large, easily being able to accommodate the large silver.
Jack was a little concerned that there was no one around, no movement of people, although Jack noticed the red alert notice had been activated, the lights flashing along the side of the large corridor they entered.
Forge drew in a breath and caught something familiar.
"Dragon, and dragon fire." He alerted them.
Jack looked up at the silver, concern on his face.
"Serious?, that can't be good if Braigg is here, this stations big, he could be anywhere" Jack quietly said.
"We will catch wind of him before we see him, I'm certain. Stay behind Ardon," said Forge, stepping forward to begin the search.
Jack nodded lightly, concerned the rogue pilot and the dragon had arrived at the station and caused unimaginable chaos and destruction, so far he had not seen claw marks or any markings in the corridor they slowly walked down, now on alert.
"How well does he fight, I imagine he's yours while we look for the hu man who brought him here" Jack asked quietly to the silver.
"I will deal with Braigg if need be. He fights well, though brashly when I knew him," said Forge quietly as he kept alert; his Orange eyes trained on the area around them.
" You got stats on this heavy hitter?, how big is he, weight etc" Jack said as they continued walking with caution in their footsteps.
"Shorter than I but wider - outweighs me I suspect." Said forge. His words short and to the point as he kept alert. "I fought larger and won."
“Let’s hope he’s groggy” Jack muttered as they continued their search for any crew members or any signs of life.
The team would soon discover the cause of the dragon fire, a large steel door had been punched through, claw marks and metal bent and mashed beyond recognition, charred embers on the side of what remained of the doors.
Jack also saw what he feared, humans dead, the only remains were charred remains of them, jack tried to keep his head.
“Seems they were here” Jack said to the others as they observed the carnage before them.
The smell coming from the room made Ardon recoil. Forge stepped forward, taking in the grisly scene.
"He is not leaving any survivors..." said forge
Jack looked ahead and saw light coming from another smashed in door, leading to the massive gardens on the station, the one they saw in the giant dome in the centre of the station.
“Good place to hide there, the stations forest gardens, seems he smashed his way into there” Jack said to the silver.
"Stay here with Ardon until I say it is safe." He ordered the man as he went forward to investigate.
“Forge…just be careful, could be a trap” Jack warned the silver.
Forge flicked the end of his tail in response, knowing very well it could be a trap but he couldn't just sit and wait.
"Braigg," he called into the gardens.
Jack seemed a bit confused why Forge would shout his name out, removing the element of surprise, but he allowed the silver to do what he knew best, if Braigg was here then surely the man he travelled with was too.
The silver dragon walked forward slowly, listening for any noise that might alert him to danger while his eyes scanned over trees and shrubs. Only the sound of running water met his ears.
"Braigg, if that is you, I wish to speak with you." He called again.
Silence seemed to meet Forge’s call but there were eyes watching him in the distance, seeing the silver stick out in the green of the gardens.
“So… old commander has come forth allied with the very beasts he swore to kill on site” came a deep booming voice all around the gardens, obviously the dragon was using the human tech to keep his location hidden.
"Come out from wherever you hide so we can speak, Braigg. Much has changed for I see you too are working with humans." Replied forge.
The dragon laughed lightly.
“Because, unlike you who dedicate his life to serving the humans, I have an arrangement, for my own purposes, I do not serve” Braigg replied.
"I do not serve. It is a collaboration. One with ancient roots," said Forge. "We were both wrong, humans and dragons, in the beginning."
There was no comment for a moment before braigg spoke again.
“Soon, it will not matter, I too have an arrangement, one that promises so much and I will not allow anyone to stand in the way of that, so my commander, return home, abandon the stars with you two legged, it will be my only offer” Braigg warned.
"It is an offer I will not accept. You have murdered countless people and spilled drakine blood in the process. It is not something I will walk away from." Replied forge calmly.
Braigg seemed to growl through the speakers.
“Then you will share their fate, a regrettable choice but you will not stand in the way of seeing the ones I hold dear” Braigg replied as the lights in the garden dimmed.
“Forge, I’d get out there” Jack urged.
"I'll deal with Braigg. Fine his human associate," said Forge, turning to Jack and Ardon.
“Right, let’s go Ardon” Jack said as they left Forge to deal with the dragon, as if on cue the giant dragon appeared in front of the silver.
He was indeed a heavily built dragon, a rusted iron colour with jet black spikes, the spines on his tail were also the deep black colour, his scales thick and strong, covering a heavy muscled frame, indeed Forge would remember the dragon very well.
“Looking well for your age Forge, island life must suit you” Braigg said.
"Salt air agrees with me," responded the silver as he sized the other dragon up.
He looked much like he had when they fought together.
"Your mention of a plan intrigues me. Care to explain it?" He asked, hoping it would bide jack and Ardon enough time to find the human.
The hopolite Ram smiled slyly.
“Wouldn’t you like to know Forge, I’m afraid I cannot allow you to interfere in my arrangement, plans are all ready under way, an opportunity regained when it was once lost” Braigg said, talking in riddles.
Forge frowned. Braigg still seemed out of touch with reality as he had been after his family was lost.
"Come back to Kilara with us. We can talk there and make things right."
“It is far too late for talking, it is all in motion now, nothing can stop it, I value this arrangement as much as you valued Tavalia” Braigg replied.
Forge tensed at her name, scales prickling. "What is this... arrangement?" He said in a steeled voice.
The dragon growled lightly.
“There will no further discussion, my final warning commander, go back to Kilara” Braigg threatened.
"If you still call me commander you would still listen to orders, Braigg," rumbled Forge. "Stop this murderous rampage. I can help you right whatever is wrong."
Braigg seemed to approach slowly towards the silver.
“You can’t help me, the human can and I will not allow you or your little team stop us now, not when everything is in motion” Braigg said.
"That is where you are wrong, Braigg," said forge. "I won't let you harm anyone else."
“Then you are not my commander but an obstacle, one I intend to remove” Braigg growled as the dragon seemed to getting ready to charge at the dragon.
Forge took on a defensive stance, knowing how the male fought. "This is a mistake." He told him.
Braigg growled.
“No Forge, it is you who have made the mistake.
All of a sudden a flash appeared in front of the silver, seemed like a flash flare had been ignited, the distraction was enough and planned so Braigg managed ot land a heavy hit onto the silver dragon.
The light stunned Forge for a moment and before he could take a breath Braigg had slammed into his shoulder at full force.
Forge smashed into the steel wall of the garden dome, the metal denting and creaking from the silver’s weight.
Forge snarled and tried to shove Braigg back but the dragon was heavily armoured.
“You lost your strength Commander” Braigg snarled as he pushed the silver back into the wall hard as the dragon rammed his front into the silver’s shoulder and side.
Baring his teeth the warlord swung his head, driving the many points of his crest at Braigg's neck.
The dragon backed up and whipped his tail round as the dragon released the jet black spines on his tail as they flew towards the silver.
Forge dived, rolling before twisted himself upright to land back on his feet. He reared and slammed his paws onto Braigg's chest and shoved but the dragon seemed like he was made of stone.
Braigg growled as his hind legs began to churn up the ground, “That all you got old dragon” Braigg snarled pushed back on the silver.
Forge growled in reply, muscles in his shoulders shifting under his silver scales as he shoved back mightily.
Braigg was in control using his bulk and size to advantage, Forge was strong but the heavy scales made him able to boss the silver dragon about, but the old dragon wasn’t out for the count yet.
Shifting his hind legs, forge suddenly changed his stance, using his tail as balance as he tried to lift Braigg's forequarters off he ground as an idea sprung on him.
He snarled viciously, baring his teeth.
Braigg tried to escape the move but the close proximity meant he was locked in place, unable to move back as Forge held on firmly.
Forges legs trembled in effort as he tried to lift the mountain of a dragon.
"Grrr," he snarled savagely.
Braigg moved so he had more front weight, trying to stop Forge lifting him, he growled as the two were locked in a strength sapping tussle.
Forges forearms were beginning to burn as he fought against the hoplite's staggering weight, the warlord battling hard and not giving in as the dragon kept Braigg locked in position.
Using his tail as a counterweight, forge slowly began to lift Braigg upwards, growling as the muscles in his neck grew taunt under his scales.
Braigg seemed surprised as his front began to lift up, but he still had traction in his front paws to keep Forge from lifting him fully.
Forge was trembling with the weight but appeared strong, fighting against the Ram with all he had. "Grhh," he snarled.
Braigg saw and sensed the old silver was struggling, the hoplite’s weight being a tough task to overcome.
“Hah, you cannot lift me, your weak in your old age silver” the dragon taunted, words he soon have to regret saying to the warlord before him.
Forge seemed to cool for a brief moment, before shoving hard and throwing the dragon to the ground on his back. He roared and leapt at the downed dragon, talons pressing on his throat.
Braigg half snarled in surprise and anger as his massive bulk was lifted as he crashed onto his back, the whole area shook with the impact.
Briefly dazed the hoplite tried to get back up onto his feet with Forge battling to keep on top.
Forge had to fight hard to pin the hoplite, gritting his teeth as he struggled. He put his hind paw on of the dragon's wings, securing that to the ground but had to grapple mightily to ensure he couldn't get up again. His opponent was strong and this would not be easy.
Braigg snarled and struggled, with Forge trying to keep him down, Braigg swung his tail but the dragon missed as Forge tried to go for his throat but both were fighting each other intensely as they fought for supremacy over one another, snarls, growls and roars could be heard echoing from the garden dome.

Jack and Ardon hastily made their way to the command centre, seeing more people lying dead around them, some were killed by gunfire and others dragon attacks and dragon fire, the man seemed to feel angered by such loss of life.
Why a person would bring a big dragon to the station, murder everyone on board was not making any sense, there seemed to be no purpose, chaotic and Jack was struggling to understand why.
Ardon could feel Jack's anger coursing through the link, riling his own. His scales prickled as a faint glow ran down from his crest to his tail along his spine, slowly trickling down his sides.
“Why on earth would anyone go to a station and kill the people, doesn’t make any sense Ardon, the sooner we find this guy the better, assume he’s armed and dangerous, don’t go in gentle” Jack said to the dragon.
Ardon nodded, understanding. "Get behind me if anything happens. You're not wearing any protective gear."
Jack wanted to argue but the look the gold gave him, made him think twice, Ardon was switched on with a laser light focus.
“This way” Jack said as they went down the corridor, all of a sudden a click could be heard and a laser lit up pointed straight at Jack, as an automated sentry turret opened fire on them.
Ardon barely had time to leap in the way, blocking Jack from the turret fire. He closed his eyes, anticipating the fatal strike but heard something ricochet. He opened his eyes and saw a transparent gold half dome shielding them, rippling with light.
The light began to flicker and the dragon realized he was unable to maintain it.
"Run!" he urged Jack.
Jack looked surprised for a moment seeing the golden shield, he soon snapped out of it hearing Ardon’s voice, his palm glowing as he ran back and took cover as the gun continued to fire.
The dragon began to step slowly backwards, trying to concentrate on maintaining the slowly disappearing shield as the turret continued to fire. He grit his teeth, trying the will the shield to stay but he no longer had it.
Finally he had to jump to where Jack had concealed himself as the magic faded completely.
Ardon was still glowing but did not have a shield anymore as Jack peeked to see the turret had stopped firing.
“ the heck did you do that!” Jack said to the gold in amazement and surprise.
"I- I don't know, it just happened. I couldn't hold it though," panted Ardon.
Jack patted the dragon’s shoulder, giving the gold a small smile.
“You keep impressing me every single day, Brathille grows stronger in us, just that trick would be really handy again, to get past the turret” Jack said, peeking again.
"I don't think I can manage it again. I don't know how I did it," admitted Ardon.
“Give it a try focus hard and try and bring it up, I put my hand on your chest and see, worth a try” Jack said putting his palm on the dragon’s golden scales as he felt his palm get warm.
Ardon took a breath and tried to visualize the shield again, attempting to harness Brathille's power into the defence.
“That’s it Ardy keep at it” Jack encouraged as the man tried to focus along with the golden dragon to try and revive the shield.
Sparks and ripples of light glimmered in the faint shape of the shield but it fizzled out and faded away when Ardon attempted to hold it.
Finally he had to let go. "I Can't do it again, sorry, Jack," he said.
Jack smiled lightly patting his shoulder again.
“It’s ok, least you tried, hows your fire balls and accuracy, saw you practicing with the others, I reckon you could hit that turret from here” Jack said.
"I can. I don't know how well it'd do but I'll try," replied the dragon.
He listened for the machine before jumping up on his hind legs and firing three shots directly at it before diving back down again.
The three fire balls hit the turret which exploded and was left in flames, parts scattered over the floor, Jack looked in amazement.
“Woah, nice shooting, come on, lets go to the command centre, whoever put that there, doesn’t want us to go snooping there” Jack said, gesturing to the gold to follow.
Ardon nodded, leading the way so that he could protect Jack. He passed the downed turret, the oils of his fire still smouldering against the metal.
The two of them made it to the command centre and they could see the station was on alert, again there were people laying lifeless on the floor, Jack ignored that and typed on the computer screen as he looked at the CCTV footage.
There was the footage of Braigg and a man walking down the corridors shooting the staff as the dragon backed him up, the security was no match for the large dragon, considering this was a research station facility.
Jack tried to contact the EAS Forge and transmit the items to Baxter but the dish had been disabled, as well as the communications antenna.
“Ardon, look around for a USB stick, I download this footage, the man showed his face and we can use the torchwood systems to identify him, he’s disabled the communications array” Jack asked the gold.
Ardon dug through a few drawers, searching. Lifting some papers he found one, "Will this work?" he asked, holding it up.
Jack nodded.
“Yes yes all good” Jack said taking it from the gold as he plugged it in and downloaded the footage to be used later, Jack tried to locate the man but again the internal sensors were out.
“Come on Ardon let’s try and find him, there is a research facility a few floors down, we go looking there” Jack said to Ardon.
Ardon turned to follow Jack but something caught his eye. He looked up on the screen and saw the launch of a missile from the station, directed at the sun.
"Jack..." he managed to get out, not realizing what he was witnessing.
Jack turned to see a missle shaped item leave the station at high speed, heading towards the sun, Jack rushed to the control panel and typed away.
“A solar probe has been launched into the star, I can’t make out what is going on” The man said as what they witnessed next was beyond explanation as the sun dimmed considerably from its brightness.
Jack seemed confused about what he was seeing.
"What's happening?" Asked Ardon.
Jack shook his head, not understanding himself what he was witnessing, as it looked like something was making the sun shrink and dim.
Back on board the EAS Forge sensors were going onto alert as Daniel looked at a zoomed in image of the star, which was shrinking and dimming, Melina came up to the bridge With Zyra as they both looked concerned.
“What’s going on Daniel?” she asked warily.
“Sensors say the station launched a solar probe into the sun about 5 minutes ago, according to sensors all nuclear fusion is breaking down with the star, it’s about to collapse” Daniel said as Melina shook her head.
“That’s impossible, the sun cant be switched off in an instant” she said as Baxter looked at his computer screen worried.
“All fusion is stopping inside the star, it’s also produced a shockwave that has left the sun and is travelling outwards” the professor replied.
The science officer quickly came over to speak to Daniel.
“Sir, that shockwave is a level 12, it will destroy everything in this system, I estimate it will reach us in 10 minutes” he said.
“Contact Jack, tell him to get out of there” Daniel ordered.
“Sensors and communications blocked sir, can’t get through”
Daniel seemed to worry but had an idea.
“Calibrate the cannons to fire a spray of red shots in front of the station, let’s hope Jack see’s it” Daniel said as the ship went to red alert, Melina looked at Zyra with worry before back to the main viewer.
“Ready sir” came the helm officer.
“Fire” Daniel ordered as the destroyer fired several bright red shots past the station.
Ardon spotted a bright read streak passing the station as cold dread suddenly seized him.
Jack felt Ardon’s dread and fear as well as seeing the red shots fly by the command centre, he also noticed a white line approaching from a distance.
“We need to get out of here and grab Forge, back to the shuttle move move!” Jack urged the gold.
Ardon broke out into a run, grabbing Jack and vaulting him up onto his shoulders mid-stride.
"Forge!" He roared through the corridors as he ran.
Jack did not have time to argue, riding on the dragon’s shoulders as he galloped out towards the gardens.
“Forge!” Jack shouted out.
Forge stepped out of the gardens, looking fatigued, blood trickling from his nose and mouth.
"He got away. The light went out..." he rumbled.
"No time for that we have to move! Back to the shuttle!" Ardon yelled.
Jack gestured as the dragons ran back to the shuttle bay, Jack giving directions to the gold who was rushing fast.
"Whats going on?" Asked forge as he sprinted after the gold.
"They fired a missile at the star. We're within range of it frying us," Ardon said over his shoulder.
Forge looked confused but Jack spoke.
"Explain when we back and safe, get in the shuttle quick as you can" Jack said as they ran towards the shuttle.
Ardon got into the shuttle, letting Jack off his shoulders as Forge crawled in, trying to get in hastily.
"Boarded! Fly! And fast!" He roared to the pilot.
“GO go go!” Jack shouted as the engines powered up and the shuttle craft took off and left the station, in the distance Jack could see a ship jump into hyper space in the distance, guessing the man and the dragon on board.

“Sir, shuttle craft approaching!” the one officer said as Daniel looked pleased.
“Shockwave closing in, impact 5 minutes!” came the science officers call as Daniel turned to the girls and spoke.
“Get strapped in, we going to get out of here quick!” Daniel said as the crew buckled up as an alert sounded around the ship.
“When the shuttle has landed get this ship under way, all power to engines, prepare for jump to hyper space” Daniel said as he belted up in the commander’s chair.
"Mel, here,” Zyra urged her as she sat tucked in the corner of the bridge. She held the woman tightly to protect her.
Melina held onto the dragoness tightly as the shuttle approached as Daniel waited for the shuttle to come in and land.
“Bridge to shuttle craft, once landed get huddled together and hold on tight, we going to emergency speed” Daniel said as the shuttle landed.
"Just hang on to me," Ardon told Jack as they felt the shuttle touch down.
The large destroyer turned and massive thrusters fired at max, as it moved away from the station picking up speed as the shockwave approached, time was short as the ship moved away.
“Jump engines be ready in 2 minutes” said one of the helm officers.
“Engines at maximum!” the other officer said as the ship shook and creaked as the thrusters fired into overdrive, lights dimmed as the whole ship shook.
Zyra hugged Melina tightly, encircling her protectively with her wings.
Melina hugged Zy tight as she closed her eyes, hoping they would get out of this as her heart raced, the ship continued on.
Down in the hanger, Ardon used himself as a protective barrier, shielding Jack with his golden scales, curled around him with his head bowed over the man.
Even Forge laid down to shield them as he once did back on Kilara, nose to tail knowing that it was all he could do.
Daniel and the rest of the crew were hoping they would get out of this as the shockwave drew closer as the wave obliterated the space station.
“Jump engines charged, opening jump gate!” the helm shouted as he quickly entered the code for Earth as the destroyer picked up speed and the ship went into Hyper space just in time before the shockwave hit.
The lights came back on as the shaking stopped as the destroyer returned to normal, Daniel let out a sigh of relief that they made it, with the ship now on its way back to earth.
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Ardon’s hearts had been hammering in his chest the moment he had seen those red flares. He truly thought that this had been the end now was now deeply grateful that they had made it out in the nick of time. He uncurled from his protective posture around Jack, letting the man go as Forge got to his feet and moved aside.
“You’re both alright?” asked Forge, looking down at them with his fiery orange eyes.
Ardon nodded, letting out a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding.
"We best get down to the bridge and find out what went on, also to hand this usb to Baxter, I get Melina down here to treat you Forge" Jack said.
"I don't need anything I'm fine," grumbled Forge, laying down in the hold. The blood that had trickled from his nose and the corner of his mouth had stopped but he still looked a little rough.
"I think Melina would disagree, but we need to go, let’s head off Ardon," Jack said.
The gold followed, still reeling slightly that he had just barely got out of there before the shockwave had hit. He trailed the man up the corridor, thinking about how, mere seconds from a certain death and on the heels of tragic news of his family, Jack was still going strong, immersing himself in his role as commander. It was something Ardon always admired, Jack being able to keep his head in the worst situations. He knew this couldn’t be easy in the wake of knowing his parents had perished, but the dragon worried that at the same time, he wasn’t dealing with it in a healthy way.
Still, he stayed back, letting him manage this all in his own way.
They made it up onto the bridge, seeing Melina and Zyra turn at the sound of their arrival.
Melina gave Jack a hug, glad he was back and Jack embraced her, sensing her worry.
"You nearly did not make it" Melina said.
"Yes, but you know me and Ardon live dangerously" he attempted to joke.
Melina gave him a look and shook her head.
"Men" she replied.
Zyra had trotted up to the gold and dipped her head to tap their horns in greeting.
“Could you not wait until the last possible second to get yourselves out of danger next time?” she asked.
“I’ll try my best. It was too close of a call for me anyway,” he admitted.
Zyra touched the edge of her wing to his, “What matters is you all came back safe.”
The gold nodded, giving a hint of a smile as he turned to listen to the humans talk. Jack explained to the others what he had seen and passed over the USB. Once they got back to earth and regrouped they would know more.
A while later Forge heard the click of heels coming towards the hold. Looking up he saw Melina approach through the doors.
"I heard you needed medical attention, don’t worry Zy and Ardy are talking, thought you wouldn’t want an audience" she said.
The silver straightened up as she walked up to him, "I can assure you I am fine. You humans lose your heads the moment you see a speck of red. I am in no danger of dying on you just yet, " said the dragon, he had tried to clean himself up so she wouldn't worry but had only smeared blood across his scales. It had been a valiant attempt, considering he had no other means to straighten himself out in the empty hold.
"I'm not worried, I'm getting you battle ready, if you want to think like that, so come on you know the drill my silver" Melina replied.
Forge huffed but lowered his head after a moment seeing her look.
Melina got to work as she got out her medical kit; she put on her gloves and grabbed some cloths and wipes to clear up the blood. The warlord gazed off into the distance as she gently cleaned up his muzzle. He had been lucky, considering how solid his opponent was, there hadn’t been much time for a fight.
"I guess you bumped into Braigg," Melina said.
“Just a bit it seems,” grumbled the dragon.
"He socked you good here didn’t he, I hope you returned the favour" Melina replied giving him a quick glance, before focussing on the cuts.
"He'll have a few scars to commemorate our reunion," said the silver, shifting slightly to make her work easier, "I am glad you were safely aboard this ship and not the station."
Melina had wanted to go over to the station with them but had decided it was best to stay, "Zyra wanted to help you" Melina said looking up at the silver as she wiped his muzzle and began patching him up.
"She is a good dragoness," said Forge. "Am I presentable again?"
"Nearly, let me just fix this up" Melina said but then gave Forge a once over and a smile appeared on her face, a feeling of proud and impressed filtered through to Forge as a whisper from Melina to the warlord.
"What’s that look for?" Asked the warlord, raising his head back up.
"Just have to say you look really strong and muscular for an old dragon, a fine example of an older western mountain dragon" She smiled sheepishly.
“I thought it was an insult to call someone old, Professor,” he said, the corners of his mouth hinting at a smile. “You should go back to the others. Something is certainly strange about this whole thing. I hope we can solve this mystery before anyone else gets hurt.”
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The ship continued on its journey into hyper space on its way back to earth, it would be another couple of hours before they reached Earth, having to come out of hyper space by Saturn.
Daniel approached Ardon as Jack was talking with Baxter about the USB stick that they had recovered with the cctv footage of the man on there.
Baxter had seemed hopeful, they could identify the person using the systems back at Torchwood 5, Daniel looked up and spoke quietly to Ardon.
“We got another 4 hours before we arrive back in our solar system, then another hour to arrive at Earth, perhaps encourage the commander to put his head down for a little bit” Daniel suggested to the gold.
"Yeah I'll try," nodded Ardon. "Thanks Daniel."
The man nodded as he left to check up on the reports from the rest of the ship, there had been minimal damage during their hasty escape but Daniel wanted an inventory of how many people were on the station to report ot the EA about the fatalities.
Ardon walked over to Jack, "hey," said the dragon quietly.
"We've got about four hours until we arrive at earth. We should try to rest for a bit while we can." He suggested gently.
Jack looked at Baxter who nodded lightly, attempting to agree with the dragon’s suggestion without saying anything to make Jack mad.
However the man nodded.
“I think that be best Ardon, shower clean up and sleep, will have work to do when we get home” Jack said to the gold.
Ardon was relieved that he didn't have to try to convince the man to take a break.
"Let's head back to our quarters then."
Jack followed the golden dragon back to their adapted quarters, as they entered Jack rolled his shoulders lightly.
“Shame there is no dragon shower for you, I pop in and be back out, keep the bed warm” Jack said as the man grabbed a towel and some clothes as he went to clean up.
Ardon laid down on the bed and rested his head on his paws while the man got cleaned up. He let out a sigh, finally having a quiet moment to process the everything that happened.
Jack soon returned dressed as he stretched and got comfortable, leaning against the dragon’s side and the man went quiet for a moment, only the sound of the engines could be heard.
Ardon looked up at Jack with his golden eyes, head still rested on his paws. "I know it's a stupid question, but I have to ask, are you doing okay?"
Jack closed his eyes briefly and let out a sigh, now finally being with his thoughts, the fact he had lost his parents saddened him but the man took a small comfort.
“If Aileen was around, she give us both a smack, stoop cryin an stoop mooping around, goo save the world” Jack said in a bad Scottish accent.
Ardon let a small smile trace its away across his face.
He reached up and gave Jack a lick on the cheek. "She might smack us both but that doesn't mean you're not allowed to be sad."
Jack nodded lightly.
“She wouldn’t want us to be sad, as sad and hurt that I am, I don’t know, perhaps what is going on with that dragon and the man, seems like a good distraction, but she tell me to get on with it, you know how it was” Jack replied back softly.
"I know..." said Ardon, curling his neck and tail around him protectively, "I just don't want... don't want you to 'pull a Forge'. I will be here for whatever you need."
Jack put his hand on the dragon and gave a small smile, he was glad that Ardon was there for him, he knew he hurt and was sad as he was, it felt comforting to know the dragon was there for him.
“I do feel bad, when we are on a high Brathille gives us power, strength and increased abilities, but you feel each other’s sadness, pain and hurt” Jack replied.
"That’s part of it. We help share each other's burdens. I miss them too, you're not alone," said the golden dragon.
“I know you do, I miss them as well, I speak to my brother and others when we return, but this current mission needs our attention as well, we best rest” Jack said to the dragon.
"Okay, Jack," Said Ardon, putting his head back down on his paws. He closed his eyes and tried to get some rest.
"Okay, Jack," Said Ardon, putting his head back down on his paws. He closed his eyes and tried to get some rest.
Jack soon fell asleep, tired from the events of the day, the man emotionally and physically drained as he fell asleep against the gold’s side.
The gold dragon stirred in his sleep before waking slowly, feeling the changes in the ship as it slowed. Their approach to earth would now take long now.
The destroyer had come out of Hyper space outside of Saturn and was now travelling using conventional engines, the ship was passing Mars when Ardon woke up.
Melina came down to the hanger with professor Baxter with Dr Zyra in tow as they went to speak with the silver dragon.
"Have we nearly made it to earth?" Asked Forge. "The ship sounds different now.
Melina nodded lightly.
“We come out of Hyper space and been making our way to earth, we be there in another 30 minutes, the destroyer is needed elsewhere so two large shuttle transports are coming to pick us up and take us back to Torchwood” Melina explained.
“The EA has said they can take you home on the destroyer, the portal is still out of operation but I reckon it be up and running within 3 weeks, maybe 2” Baxter added.
"I'd rather say with the team, in case Braigg or that human decide to make another appearance," said the silver.
Melina smiled lightly.
“Told you he would Bax, we inform Mark to get your guest quarters set up for you, in the meantime we just waiting till we orbit Earth” Melina replied.
Forge nodded, understanding.
"Sorry that your celebration was disrupted, Baxter," said Zyra, just now realizing that the poor man had been in the midst of his part for becoming a professor when things went sideways. "Hopefully you had fun while it lasted. Now we have all this to deal with."
The professor nodded lightly to Zyra’s comments.
“Another day in the office for us, in our line of work, once I’m back on my own computers I can see what we can about this man, prefer to do it on ours just in case” the man said.
“Agreed, I think in this circumstance it be good to see how our dragons are doing and ensure they are all up to scratch” the professor said, this meant bad news for Veyron.
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The rest of the trip was fairly quiet in the destroyer. Ardon’s usually chatty self was subdued, as seemed everyone else. No one was really up for talking about all that had happened. Eventually the two shuttles arrived to transport them the rest of the way to the facility. There was still work to be done in the wake of tragedy.
Ardon, Comox and Baxter boarded one of the shuttles while Forge, Zyra, Melina and Daniel took the other.
It was a long two hour ride to the facility but Ardon had spoken quietly to Comox in the hold while the humans were away on the other end of the shuttle.
“He’s hanging in there?” asked the bolding,
“Best he can, he still has to lead here so that seems to be helping,” said Ardon.
“I can’t imagine how that must feel,” said comox, shaking his head.
“We’ll get through it. It’s going to be tough but we’ve been through hell and back plenty of times.”
“Yeah,” nodded Comox, “And you both always seem to come out stronger in the end anyway.
Ardon nodded, he could only hope. A while later the facility grounds came into view and Jack returned to the hold to stand with Ardon.
"So... what's the plan now we're home?" Asked Ardon, turning to Jack as they waited by the loading ramp while they felt the shuttle descend.

"Well, Baxter will run that man's face through the systems, in the mean time we will see if there been any reports of missing shuttles, but I think a talk to Nathan maybe in order" Jack quietly replied back.
"Okay, I can go talk to the others if you want to slip quietly to our quarters after the debriefing," offered the dragon. "Unless you want me there instead."

"I appreciate that Ardon, just get caught up with all activities from Comox, then perhaps see about getting some drills and training set up, so all dragons can harness their skills, we may need the academy for this" Jack commented.
Ardon knew the man wanted to put him to work too so that he would fall into a melancholy state as well.
“Alright,” nodded the dragon.
The doors opened and they walked down the ramp, seeing Mark waiting for them. Thankfully the others who had stayed behind hadn’t been gathered in the hangar. Ardon knew Jack wasn’t keen on a lot of sympathetic attention.

"Welcome home Jack, Ardon, I am really sorry to hear of the dreadful news, my deepest sympathies Jack, anything I can do, please say" Mark said.
"Thanks Mark, I like a briefing first and then I deal with family matters" Jack replied.
"Of course Sir" Mark said being respectful and polite.
Ardon followed as they made their way to the conference room as the other shuttle landed behind them.
Ardon stopped so he could pass along the news as the others disembarked, Melina and Zyra the first to appear.
“Mel, we’re meeting in conference room 2. I think Jack wants to know more about the dragon, so if you could convince Forge, that would be … appreciated.” He asked the woman kindly before hurrying back to catch up with Jack.

Forge had uncurled himself from his position in the shuttle and was now making his way down the ramp, rolling his shoulders and rearranging his wings after being confined.
"I need some more info on this Hoplite Ram dragon, Braigg then I let you rest,” Melina said to the silver.
Forge nodded, following her while Comox and Zyra walked off to the canteen to find the other dragons who had stayed behind and let them know what all had happened.

In the conference room, Jack got everyone up to speed on the events that transpired both on Kilara and the space station. News of the grim discoveries in both areas rippled across the room. It was still shocking to imagine such carnage. Hopefully with Baxter on the search for who the human was they could have a chance at getting closer to figuring out what it all had been for.
Ardon explained what he had seen on the screens of the station, and the rocket headed towards the star. It all seemed surreal, like something out of science fiction but he had seen it with his own eyes.
Finally Forge relayed his brief battle with Braigg in the gardens.
"What do we know about him, you said he is a heavy hitter, any more sort of details on size, weight, how he looks" Melina said getting her tablet to type the notes.
“Hoplites have solid and sturdy builds. Heavy scales, nearly impenetrable by tooth or claw. They have a flattened crest, almost like a shield on the back of their heads instead of horns. It and additional spikes along the spine protect the neck from fatal bites. The tail is short and broad, covered in razor sharp spines, much like a porcupine. You do not want to be on the receiving end of a swinging hoplites tail.”
"What do you know about Braigg, you said you dismissed him, losing his family, did he have some sort of break down?" Daniel enquired.
The great silver nodded, “Yes. He was a great fighter in my battalion when the invasion first began. It was after word came in that his mate and yearlings had perished at the hands of humans did he seem to break. He became unstable, prone to strange and brash behavior, speaking to himself and lashing out at others while we were on the move. When he began to attack human ships on his own and endangering the rest of the battalion I had to dismiss him.”
He watched out of the corner of his eye as Melina typed away, taking down what he was saying.
"Ok, now we know what we dealing with I have some matters to attend to, excuse me "Jack said heading to his quarters to contact Nathan.

Ardon left the conference room and let Jack be, instead turning down to the canteen knowing that the others would likely be there.
He wasn’t wrong. Vonriir looked up as he walked into the room, seconds after Comox, Zyra and Hitteki turned to watch him approach.
“Young Ardon, I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Aileen and Daryl,” said Vonriir, dipping his head solemnly.
"Ardon, I am so sorry for you and your Atillu Jack, it is such tragic news, I am here to support you guardian Ardon" Hitteki said with a light bow of her head.
“Thanks, Von, Hitteki. It’s been rough.”
“The boldwings have told us what happened At Baxter’s event and then on the station. Grim.” Said Vonriir.
“Yeah, it doesn’t look good, no matter where you turn.” Said Ardon, “But… I have faith that we’ll figure it out before anything else happens.”
“Good lad, and you’ve got us too.”
“Yeah, all of us, for this… and what you and Jack are going through,” said Zyra kindly.
“Thanks guys, I appreciate it.” Said Ardon, almost overwhelmed at the support offered.

“Where is Veyron?” asked Ardon, changing the subject. He didn’t want to wallow in it right now.
“Probably still hungover,” said Vonriir. “He and Mark have been getting along well over whiskey lately.”
“Mark getting along with a dragon. Melina is going to love that,” said Ardon with a half-hearted laugh, rubbing the back of his neck with his paw. He felt exhausted after all the chaos.
“I think I’m going to head back to my quarters. Jack wants us to do some drills but we can begin tomorrow when I have some time to figure stuff out.”
“No rush Ardy,” said Zyra kindly.
“Forge gave Melina details on the Hoplite that Forge fought so feel free to put that in your Drakine encyclopedia.”
“Yeah, I’ll have to reference her notes when we get a moment,” nodded Zyra.
“Did you say the dragon was a hoplite ram?” asked Vonriir.
Zyra nodded.
The large cragback seemed to recognize the name as he got to his feet. “I will be talk to you later. I’m going to speak with Forge. Don’t hesitate if you need anything, Ardon.”
The gold nodded, “Thank you, Vonriir.”
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“There was a dragon on a human space station?, with a human, that is really bizarre, I have not heard of that species of dragon before” Hitteki said as Ardon had discussed what had happened to them, including the whole incident and how they only got out with their lives.
"Forge said they're a rare breed. Not many of them around on Talkiir," explained Ardon
Hitteki nodded lightly.
“Sounds a big hitter of a dragon, just strange a dragon who hates human’s is working with one, it all sounds a little mad, but maybe he has lost his head?” Hitteki commented.
"Forge apparently kicked him out of his battalion when they were fighting the humans when they first came to Kilara. He seemed to have gone crazy by the sounds of it," said the gold.
Hitteki could just imagine the old silver commander being stern on this dragon, it was a daunting feeling to think about, the warlord angry, something Hitteki hoped to never see.
“We got a clever team here, I am sure they figure it out, what is our plans guardian Ardon?” the Syrian asked the gold.
"Jack wants us doing drills as we were for now, while the others try to figure out who the human was."
Hitteki nodded lightly to the gold’s comments.
“You can count on me sir” Hitteki said as the dragon’s discussed the drills and practices that would be going on.
While all this was going on Mark took the opportunity to go visit Veyron, the dragon had not been seen all morning, it was now 3pm in the afternoon and still no sign of the shadow wraith.
Mark approached the door and knocked on it, seeing if the dragon was awake or in a semi-conscious state.
Veyron blinked open his eyes and grumbled, rubbing his face.
He knew the sound of Marks knocking.
"It's too early for this, he huffed before looking at the clock and realizing what time it actually was.
"What is it, Mark?" He called at the door.
Mark looked down to see the dragon a little worse for wear as the wraith had been drinking mostly all night, Mark noticed the empty whiskey bottle on the table.
“Afternoon, good to see you joining the land of the living dragon” Mark said entering his quarters.
"Do I have to?" He asked, sitting up and using a paw to flatten out his disheveled ruff along his cheek.
Mark tried not to roll his eyes as the wraith seemed not in the mood to talk.
“I’ve come to give you a warning young wraith, Jack has returned and ordered the dragons to do training, you being included but on a special training for a dragon of your talents, I been told by same it be in 3 days time, you need to sober up and get focussed” Mark warned the dragon, wanting him to pass.
"I thought our little arrangement excluded me from this bs," grumbled the wraith.
“Seems Melina and Jack are classing this as vital after their encounter on a space station, look just get yourself sobered up in three days, keep off the alcohol and try and not splutter to a stop, its meant to be a surprise drill, but I’m giving you a warning” Mark responded.
The wraith groaned and looked unimpressed. "Fine," he grumbled. "What use is a deal if one party doesn't hold up their end?"
Mark frowned.
“I got overridden, apparently Jack is that concerned that he cancelled the deal, plus if you flop then they know of me giving you whiskey, so try and be competitive if you can, to keep our arrangement and all” the man said.
"Yeah, whatever," huffed the wraith. "I got this."
Mark nodded lightly.
“I hope you have Veyron, or we both be in for it, once I get anymore info I let you know” Mark said to the wraith.
"Yeah, now if you would kindly get out, that would be helpful to my ... recovery," veyron replied
Mark gave Veyron a look before leaving, once out Mark shook his head, wondering if this would go badly wrong.
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Vonriir had gone to see Forge upon hearing that their foe had been a hoplite. He only knew of one male on Talkiir during his time serving under the silver’s command. He had to know if it was the one that he met on the station.
“Yes,” came Forge’s reply when he asked.
Vonriir could see a purple bruise forming under the thin scales of the warlords nose. From what the silver had said of the fight, it had been brief but hard hitting.
“Braigg would be the last dragon on Kilara I would ever expect to tolerate a human’s presence.” Said Vonriir in disbelief, shaking his head.
“He said that he only sided with him for a certain arrangement, a purpose that benefited him, though I can’t see what. He lost everything he cared for. I don’t understand what any human could offer him.”
“I don’t know, sir.” Replied the large cragback. “But from the sounds of it, it can’t be good….”


Ardon made his way back to his shared quarters, nosing the door open gently, peering inside to see if Jack was still on the phone.
"Hi Ardy, you ok?" Jack said quietly, Jack had tears in his eyes and they had run down his face as he grabbed a tissue.
The dragon approached and laid down at his feet like a giant golden hound, "...Are you?"
"Not really, Family is heartbroken, Nathan said it be a wait to give them a proper send off, Dad wrote a will so that's coming into effect" Jack said drying his face.
"Is there anything I can do? That we need to do?" asked the dragon, never having had dealt with such things before. It pained the dragon to see Jack in such a state. He wished to whisk them away to somewhere where this grief couldn’t follow but he knew no such place.
"I think, for us...just to do our job, find out who the man was helping Braigg, until then, run a tight ship" Jack replied.
"We aren't expected to go up at any specific time?" he asked, looking up at the man.
Jack shook his head. "No point, police are investigating and other...not very nice things to find out cause of death etc, he said it be best to stay here, he contact me" Jack said trying to not to get upset in front of Ardon.
“I’m sorry, Jack,” said the dragon quietly, raising his head up and encircling him with a wing, hugging him tightly.


The next morning Ardon woke up, blinking away the sleep from his eyes. Looking over he saw that Jack was still asleep. Evidently he had needed the rest after all that they had been through. The dragon got up slowly, letting Jack rest on the padded floor.
He made it out into the hall before closing the door quietly, allowing the man to sleep while he could. They had been up most of the night, talking quietly or sitting in silent reflection.
“Okay, let’s get started on today,” he said, shaking his head and shook out his scales before gathering the other dragons.
Out on the field he had assembled everyone save for Veyron after breakfast. Zyra had been one of the first out and she had asked him how he was holding up but only received a shake of the head in response. Ardon didn’t want to talk about it right now, instead just focus on their training.
“We’re going to be practicing battle formations. We don’t have a proper target today but I just want to focus on getting everyone on the same page. We need to work as one; we keep having too many mix-ups.”
“Alright, just tell us what needs to happen,” said Zyra, noticing the gold’s demeanour.
Ardon went into details of the formations that they would be flying, instructing them on the ground first. He was direct, and to the point, adding none of the chatter that he normally filled his instructions with. It echoed a very Forge-like quality.
It was a few hours later, in the midst of their drills when they started making passes at faster and faster speeds.
“Hard right!” called Ardon and the group banked in tight formation, arching right and then down before Ardon led them back up towards the endless blue.
“Starburst!” Ardon then shouted and suddenly the group burst in every direction around the target that Ardon had placed in a tall tree as a stand in for a ship. They each blew past the target and then came together on the other side, rocketing away together.
“Excellent, Hitteki, great job keeping up on that pass, Comox, remember to trim your wings in the pass, the red spot is a great target.”
“Right,” Nodded the Boldwing.
“I’ll have a few of the humans come out in the ships next time so we have a proper target to work with,” said Ardon, panting after another pass. “It will be harder with a non-stationary target that actually fights back.”
“With blanks I hope,” said Vonriir with a chuckle.
“Paint most likely. We can see where we’re in need of practice.”
The dragons nodded and drilled for a few more hours before eventually everyone was tired and wanted to head in for dinner. Ardon dismissed them but lingered behind to clear up his targets that they had been using.

Landing on the soft grass the dragon slung the targets across his back and wandered through the sparse trees, lost in thought.
Ardon was a guardian, through and through. Jack was his Attilu but as the legend and stories had said, kin fell under his circle of protection. He displayed possessive qualities over those he regarded to be within under his umbrella of preservation. Aileen and Daryl, while he had only known for a short time had been deeply imprinted into who he was. His love for Jack’s family was strong and had deep roots despite the short time of being in his life.
It sickened him to think about the flames that had consumed the house. He couldn’t bear to think about it, how they lost their lives but his mind refused to stop playing those thoughts over and over. He sat with these grizzly imaginings until he couldn’t take it anymore until one of the targets he was carrying snagged on something. The dragon shook his crest and turned to a large boulder that sat half buried in the dirt. It was taller than him, covered in moss, imposing on the space in which he walked, the paper target snagged in one of the cracks.
Ardon snarled viciously and clawed at the stone, his talons etching deep furrows in the surface. He attacked it with furious intent, unleashing his hurt and pain into it. He carved up its surface with wild fury, as if it had been the cause of death of those he cared for.
Without realizing it, the dragon’s scales began to glow all at once; dimly at first, but rising to a frenzied brightness as he attacked the rock. Suddenly he stopped and a burst of flame erupted from his mouth. The flames were streaked with gold sparks as they consumed the stone, enveloping it in ardent light. His anger at how unfair this all had been fueled him, how fate could play such a cruel joke on his Attilu after all he had already been through.
He kept going until it felt like his own lungs were burning and then, continued beyond that until every last fiber of him could not coax the fire further. His firelung empty, the dragon let go of the flame and dropped back down to all fours, panting.
The top of the stone seemed to be glowing, half slumped over from the extreme heat of the Brathille fueled fire. The glow faded from the stone and from the dragon’s scales.
Ardon opened his jaws and let out an anguished roar, bellowing out into the twilight.
He lingered there for a time until the soft sounds of wings took him out of his daydream. He turned to see Zyra flying towards him, and the sound of her voice saying his name.
“What are you still doing out here?” she asked, landing and taking notice of the half melted boulder.
The gold dragon didn’t say anything but let out a heavy breath. She could tell that things were not alright. Approaching, she touched her horns to his briefly.
“The beginning is always the hardest. Take each day as they come, it will get easier, I promise,” she said, having lost her mother and knowing the pain he felt.
“How can it get ever better?” asked the gold, looking at the ground.
“I didn’t say it gets better, I said it gets easier… Come you need to get cleaned up and get some rest. You worked hard today. Jack will need you around.” She said, convincing him to go back to the facility.
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Jack had felt the dragon’s hurt and sorrow while they did training, his palm had glowed and felt the waves of raw emotion pass over him, the gold was hurting, so much so that Jack had heard Zyra explain he had taken apart a rock when she found him.
Jack perhaps knew he had to try and control his emotions a bit better or take a leaf out of Ardon’s book and let off steam, keeping stressed was not good here, despite the agony of his parent’s death, they had a job to do.
Professor Baxter was working through the CCTV footage and running images through the database and other id’s but so far had not come across anything.
He was also keeping an eye on ship activity, to see if there were any more unusual instances of bases going radio silent, again it seems Braigg and this man for now had gone quiet.
Baxter decided to contact Lester, their American freelance contact and close friend of Mark’s to help with this.
“Hello Lester it’s professor Baxter here, I might need help with something” he said over the video conferencing.
Lester was dressed in a blue checked shirt, wearing his glasses and was sat at his desk in a wheelchair.
“Hrm, always after something new, what you after?” Lester replied.
“Well, looking for this man in an CCTV footage shot, I’m having no luck through official channels” the man said.
“Ah, so you like to try another option?” Lester said giving the professor a questioning look.
“Something like that”.
“Ah, well I can have a look, I have contacts I can use and methods, I reckon I should find something” Lester replied as he received the image securely.
“I see what I can do, I give you a head’s up on it, also I am sorry for your commander’s loss” Lester said making Professor Baxter look surprised.
“How did you know that, or is that a silly question”.
Lester gave a smile and a light laugh, “I keep tabs, but I am sorry, an awful tragedy, I do my best, Lester out” the man said as Baxter let out a sigh, shaking his head as he worked on the next task.

Veyron looked up from his cup of coffee at the sound of Melina's footsteps.
He sighed inwardly. It had been a rough few days but luckily with mark's heads-up, he had been able to prepare somewhat.
"Oh prof, come to grace the canteen with your beauty again?" He said through his teeth. Attempting a little flattery.
Melina had walked in, having assessments from all the dragon’s courtesy of Ardon, there was now one dragon left, she wanted to surprise him to see how well or badly he was in fitness and other areas.
Unknown to her Mark had warned the Wraith.
“I am charmed, but sadly no, I have come looking for you, surprise fitness and health check, commander’s orders” the woman said sounding formal, unlike her normal self.
Veyron gave a disappointed and unimpressed look before jumping up to the shoulder. "Can't we just fudge the numbers, don't and say we did? I assure you I'm still in top form." he cooed.
Melina shook her head.
“With the mood Jack is in, I don’t want to get on his bad side, sorry Veyron, it needs to be done” Melina said as she walked off to the labs with Veyron on her shoulder.
"Oh come on, he won't know, prof," said Veyron, really trying to weasel his way out of this one. "How 'bout I help fill out your dragon encyclopaedia instead, over a cup of tea, how does that sounds?
Melina had to smile to herself how the small dragon was trying to get out of this, she had to admire her effort in trying.
“Sorry Veyron, normally I would agree but this has to be done, sorry Veyron, needs to be done” she replied to the wraith, she knew he would not be impressed.
The wraith let out a frustrated huff, "You nerds are all by the book. Why not bend the rules a little. It's fun you know." he said, folding his arms, defeated.
Melina laughed lightly.
“I have protected you enough, we have tried to keep you away, utilising your scouting skills, if you do well I buy you something with my own money” Melina said.
"I always do well. Say goodbye to your pocket change, Prof," replied Veyron, eyeing the fancy logo on the side of her glasses.
“Well, give you enough to spur you on, just like you did with Mark” Melina said as they entered the labs and the testing area.
“It is just you and me, I knew you would like an audience so I did that for you at least” Melina said grabbing her clipboard and pen.
"Small mercy, Prof," scoffed Veyron, still perched on her shoulder, not happy he'd have to actually work now that his attempt at coercing her to not go through the testing had been thwarted.
“I know your not happy Veyron, but let’s get this over and done with and then you can be on ebay buying luxury towels or bedding or stuff” Melina said as she brought up some targets.
“Ok Veyron with your fire please hit the targets as they appear please” Melina said to the wraith.
Veyron snorted and leapt down to the floor, rising up on his hind legs. He drew in a deep breath and fired off three strong shots, hitting the targets. As he drew another breath the flames became smaller and smaller before he was then simply shooting sparks.
Melina seemed concerned as there was two targets left, the Wraith seemed to be nearly out of fire, even the scan’s done of the wraith a month or so ago showed reasonable fire lung capacity.
“Still two targets left, are you out of fire?” Melina asked the wraith.
Veyron frowned at her and gestured to his thin torso, "Do you think there's much room in here for fire, lady? Gotta divide up the space accordingly. What I lack in fire I make of for with charm and intelligence." he said, trying to distract her from the task.
“Just see if you can take those targets out please, then we can move on” Melina said.
Veyron grumbled, not wanting to have to show that he couldn't. He drew another breath and shot sparks once more. "There, ya happy?"
Melina seemed to frown and write on her clipboard, clearly the woman was not impressed with the lack of fire.
She moved onto the next course and training.
“Ok, next is a little flexibility, speed and manoeuvrability, done a course with plenty of grips around and small places to weave out, try and do it as fast as you can, follow the arrows to guide you on the course” Melina said to the wraith.
Veyron rubbed his paws together, "Now this is my kind of test," he said, knowing he would impress here.
The wraith started out strong, climbing and snaking his way up and over the course. It was only then that he realized that his mutli-day binge was going to come back and bite him in the rear. He started to slow as he progressed through the course, having to breath heavier. He had started off so quick thinking that he had it but now the dragon was quickly fading. By the time he crossed the line he was nearly wheezing.
Melina was impressed but then concerned Veyron was knackered by the end, it was only designed to be a short burst exercise but Veyron had slowed, now looking out of breath.
“Do you want a water or something” she offered the wraith.
"I'm fine," he grumbled, paws on his knees as he caught his breath.
Melina scribbled on her clipboard again as they moved onto the next test, again Veyron started ok but ran out of puff, much to Melina’s concern, it seemed the wraith’s fitness levels had decreased substantially and she was suspecting the wraith had been drinking and partying with some help.
Melina gave the wraith a 10 minute break before moving onto the final tests which she knew the dragon would hate but she had decided to warm him up first before testing him.
“Test of physical strength now, least test and you can shoot off and I can do the report” Melina said.
"We should call it a day, don't ya think?" said Veyron, very much wanting to go lay down after all this.
Melina sighed lightly.
“Tell you what, if you can lift that weight over there, the one here, which was your personal best last time, then we skip the rest” Melina said.
Veyron considered it. This wasn't the answer he was hoping for but it was a close as he was going to get it seemed.
He walked over to it and gestured to the weight. "This one?"
"Yes, it’s on a bar this time, instead of the plate weight as Mark made you do, but this was your best recorded, lift it up as you did with Mark and I say your good on this" Melina replied.
Veyron looked down at the weight grimly. His body was already protesting from all the other trails and just looking at this next task made his arms feel like they were about to fall off.
"Ugh," he huffed, letting out a long breath through his nose. "Here goes nothing."
He grabbed the bar in his paws, making sure he had a firm grip, taking the extra few moments for a break.
"want me to count you off?, there is powder there to keep your paws protected" Melina said.
"This isn't the damn Olympics." he said, grabbing the bar firmly and started to lift it up.
Melina tried not to roll her eyes as Veyron had a go, the wraith clearly not happy at all, but she was only doing her job.
Veyron's ruff pulled back in frustration as he couldn't even manage to lift it on the first try.
“Keep at it Veyron, you got it” the professor encouraged.
The wraith tried again, heaving up on the bar but it still did not move.
He cast Melina a quick glance, "Heh," he said, attempting a third time, gritting his teeth in frustration as the bar refused to move.
Melina observed carefully the dragon’s efforts and progress, which was simple there was none as the wraith was struggling with a weight he had done previously.
The wraith let go of the bar, rubbed his paws together and rolled his shoulders. Gritting his teeth and trying with all his might, Veyron's muscles shifted under his scales as he heaved at the bar again.
Melina knew Veyron was not having fun here, but she was concerned, so far all the results show that the wraiths fitness levels were way down, a lot lower than when he first joined, making the woman suspicious.
The wraith hauled on the bar, muscles in his neck and long back tense as his legs trembled. He growled but to no avail, the weight still did not move.
Melina shook her head lightly.
“These results and this is very concerning Veyron, very concerning” the woman said as she looked at her clipboard at the current results obtained.
The wraith stopped, looking up at Melina as she spoke.
"Feeling a little under the weather today, maybe. I could try again... some other time." he tried to reason why he couldn't do it.
“Have 5 minutes and try again”
Veyron leaned over the bar and let out a breath, "You are a cruel woman, you know that?"
straightening back up he rubbed his paws together and flexed his talons before giving another go at the weight.

Veyron grit his teeth as he went for broke.
He heaved on the weight, growling, wings fanning out behind him as he pulled. His hind legs trembled and his ruff was pulled back in annoyance.

The muscles in his chest and forearms were drawn tight as he heaved on the bar, snarling angrily. pulled upwards, long body bent as he tried to get the weight to move. His teeth grit together and lips pulled back in a silent snarl as he did so
Finally, after some time bar lifted, just ever so slightly. Veyron took the chance and tried to pull it upwards, Veyron slowly lifted up the bar, growling, sweat beaded on his nose.
The weight only moving a small fraction of what the goal needed to be before he couldn't get any further.
The wraith growled fiercely, trembling as he heaved on the bar, Sweat trickled down his muzzle as he gave a mighty attempt.
Finally the wraith dropped the weight back down and sagged onto the floor, laying on his back, panting.
Melina wrote the final result on the clipboard, signed it and came over to the Wraith lying on his back, sweating and out of breath.
"Are.... you happy" panted Veyron, still flopped over on his back.
“Cant fault your effort, but the report makes for concerning and disappointing reading, I have put on the report you tried admirably, but it is still concerning, I think you and Mark have a little deal going on and I’m afraid this report has exposed that” Melina said.
"I think you're making stuff up," came the wraith's reply as he propped himself up on his elbows.
"I just ran a gauntlet of tests, then you wanted me to surpass my past goal. I told you I wasn't feeling the best."
“I be having words with Mr de Santa about this, in the meantime I be speaking to Jack and Ardon about the results, now do you need a lift back to your quarters?” Melina asked, now that the tests were all done.
Veyron twisted around and got to his feet. "No, I do not." he said irritably.
"I'm sure we can make some sort of deal in exchange for you not telling the ol' commander. I think he has enough on his plate right now."
Melina folded her arms and gave Veyron a look.
“What do you propose, I’m open to listening to it” Melina replied.
"I don't know, what do you want?" asked the wraith, folding his arms, not impressed that he had to resort to this.
Melina sighed lightly.
“I give you 3 weeks to get back into shape, do the tests again, if you improve I say to Jack that you are all good and that I do not feel yearly testing is need, more once every 5 years” Melina said.
Veyron considered this, "Five weeks," he countered.
“4 weeks Veyron” Melina countered back.
"Fine," grumbled the wraith, offering his paw grudgingly to shake.
Melina shook his paw and nodded.
“Agreed 4 weeks time, same tests again, a better performance, I suggest laying off the whiskey from your buddyy Mr de Santa and getting more active, your free to go” Melina said, allowing the wraith to grumble and head on out.
Once out the wraith would see Mark waiting in the corridor, seeing the wraith he looked up to see a tired dragon and this concerned him.
"Not my fault," said the dragon as he made to walk past the man.
“So it is all my fault then?, thanks for chucking me under the bus Veyron” Mark grumbled and sighed lightly.
"Not saying that either. And I tried. She had me go for something unattainable. It wasn't fair," he tried to defend himself.
Mark looked at the wraith.
“The weight she set you was the one you lifted to get my funds and Ardon’s, how come you couldn’t lift it now?” Mark said, a little unhappy with the wraith.
"I dunno, cause I'm tired, alright!" the wraith huffed, getting his scales up angrily.
Mark sighed lightly.
“Look, is it going to Jack or you managed to get out of the boss finding out you’re an unfit wraith, borderline alcoholic” Mark replied back.
"I wouldn't be pointing fingers," said the wraith. "I made a deal with the prof. I'll get it done."
Mark seemed relieved to hear the news at least.
“What did you agree on then if I may ask” Mark asked the wraith as he gestured if Veyron wanted a lift.
Veyron clambered up to his shoulder without a second though. "I've got four weeks to prove myself or the big cheese will hear that I am not performing as expected."
Mark listened to the wraith explain the deal made with Melina, 4 weeks seemed doable.
“Well, get it passed and done, because the week after, were on a whiskey brewery tour, paid for it ot be private so just me and you, got new flavours and all other stuff, don’t confuse that with me going soft for dragons” Mark replied.
Veyron grinned and ruffled Mark's hair with his paw. "Aw, Marky! I've said it once but I'll say it again, I think you're my favourite."
Mark rolled his eyes and lightly tried to get Veyron to stop messing up his hair.
“Just do these tests and lift that weight, something to give you a boost to do it” Mark said looking at the wraith.
"That’s what I was missing today, motive," replied the small dragon, twitching his tail. "I'll get it done. Don't you worry."
Mark nodded.
“Good, let’s get you something to eat and drink and then you can get yourself fit and ready in 4 weeks” Mark said taking him to the canteen.
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The canteen was empty when Mark and Veyron came in. The little wraith was set down on one of the tables. Veyron sunk down to his haunches, wiped from the days exertions. Scratching under his chin the dragon thought about what he’d have to do now to stay in the professor’s and commander’s good books. He would have to do some serious work to get up to par in such a short time. He had been living the highlife and had enjoyed being generally lazy.
Mark brought the tired wraith something to eat and a small coffee, accompanied by a cold drink. The wraith took it gratefully, taking a swig of the coffee before biting into the sandwich that had been offered.
"So, are you in danger of being in the professor's wrath, or both of us" Mark asked drinking his coffee.
Veyron swallowed the bite of his sandwich and absently picked something from his teeth.
"Well. She did say that she'd have a talking with you. But that was before I made my bargain with her. So, my suggestion to you would be to be all smiles when she's around." He said, demonstrating with a forced grin, knowing that Mark wasn’t one who gave out smiles freely.
"Alright, so the deal is you pass all the tests again?" Mark asked the wraith.
The dragon nodded, "Yes, then were in the clear," nodded Veyron, taking a long drink of the water. He wiped off the excess water off with the back of his paw.
"So you need to get up to code then, you got a plan to get faster, stronger and up to standard?" the man asked.
The wraith shrugged, and seemed unconcerned on the outside. In reality he just didn’t want to deal with it today. All he wanted was to finish his meal and have an uninterrupted nap.
"I am a little concerned, if you fail again then we both in trouble Veyron, although you look knackered," Mark said.
“I’ll deal with it starting tomorrow. Right now I am tired and not in the mood for an eye of the tiger montage, okay?” he said.
Just then Zyra walked into the canteen, book under her wing as she stopped by for a quick snack and something to drink. She spotted Veyron chatting with mark and she had to smile softly to herself. Seeing the two of them get on was amusing. Mark, the dragon hater, seemed to show signs of being amiable with the most uncouth dragon in the whole facility. She knew that the wraith had gone through his testing today but hadn’t gotten a chance to talk to Melina.
“Hey guys, how’s It going? I heard you had your trials today,” she said, walking up to them. “How’d it go?”
Veyron didn’t respond, glowering into his cup of coffee.
"He tried but it was tough, he's back again in 3 weeks, he wasn't feeling good today" Mark said in the wraiths defence.
“Four weeks,” Veyron corrected, into his mug.
The dragoness raised a brow at that, "Not feeling good? Could you have something to do with that, Mr. De Santa?" asked Zyra with a wry smile.
Mark denied any wrongdoing. "I do not think so Zyra, I think the wraith just been busy and all," Mark replied.
“Sure,“ she said with a nod. “We’ll I’ll leave you to it.” She replied before taking her tea and leaving.

In the dragon hanger Forge was pacing back and Forth while Vonriir looked on, trying to talk away the silver’s worry.
“Well at least it is Briagg, you know how he ticks,” he said, a hopeful tone to his voice.
Forge shook his head as he paced, one paw falling silently in front of the other while he walked. “No one knows how he ticks, Vonriir. That’s the thing. He went mad, went crazy after he found out his mate and yearlings died. He stopped making sense. The words he spoke were riddled by his grief and anguish. You saw how he acted when we were trying to rally the others. I nearly lost hold of my battalion, their confidence shaken by his mad ramblings. Then when he went rogue and took off he endangered my dragons. We could have lost many that day had I not put a stop to it.”
“I know, sir.” Nodded Vonriir quietly.
“Running him out was my only option. He was putting other’s lives at risk. So no one knows how he ticks. He’s a bomb waiting to blow. He said he lost everything but now that he has some sort or arrangement…”
“With a human at that.” The cragback shook his head, not understanding. His great round horns framing his face. He was wearing his glasses today, after Melina had kindly cleaned them for him.
“That’s what doesn’t make sense the most. Braigg had blood rage for killing humans. I wouldn’t ever guess that he would work alongside one, no matter what the offer was,” muttered Forge.
“Maybe he thinks he can bring his family back,” suggested Vonriir.
The silver twitched his tail irritably, he had had the same thought, “Humans have wild technology, yes, but they can’t bring back the dead. The human would be no use to him in that regard.”
“Has Baxter gotten any information yet?” asked Vonriir.
“No, I have been meaning to inquire but he’s been down in his offices since they got back. I’ll see if I can catch him on his way to the canteen and see what, if anything, has been figured out.” Said Forge.
“Gently, sir.” Suggested Vonriir.
The silver cast him a look, knowing what Vonriir meant. The human, though he had been working alongside dragons for years, still seemed rather intimidated by the large warlord. Forge turned and stalked out of the room, muttering to himself. He patrolled the corridors until he happened across the professor. He paused in front of him, almost blocking his path, not that Baxter needed much persuasion to ever listen to Forge.
“Professor, has there been any new information or leads on the human that Braigg was with?” he asked.
"I am having Lester run the face of the man through other databases, the EA will get back to me on the transport, we are keeping ears open for any news from satellite and EA traffic," Baxter said.
"Not yet I'm afraid, I will keep you posted sir, the portal will be up and running in 2 weeks’ time, i try and get some more people in to speed it up" Baxter said, not liking seeing the warlord grumble.
“Do not worry about that, I don’t intend on leaving until I have dealt with Briagg,” replied the warlord, turning and leaving, no further need for discussion.
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The next day, Jack had arranged a meeting to be held in the dragon academy, news had started to come in and Lester with is network had uncovered the person responsible and more information had come in while the others slept.
Professor Baxter had gotten up early to answer the call from Lester and he had received several incoming emails and notifications from the night team, so the young man had gotten up to gather the information, once he had he informed Jack who had been up and on with Ardon close by.
Jack decided it was best to wake the warlord and inform him of the news.
Forge’s screen in his room lit up and flashed that a call was incoming, awaiting the warlord’s vocal command.
The large silver dragon pressed the button to accept the call.
"Forge here," he said.
Jack soon appeared on the screen before the silver dragon.
“Good morning, sorry to wake you Forge so early but we have news and information that came in last night, there be a briefing in the dragon academy in 1 hour” Jack said.
"I'll be there, Jack," nodded the warlord.
It was an hour before the dragons and the senior members of the team were gathered in the dragon academy hanger, Baxter was preparing the information and Melina was talking to Daniel, most of the humans were holding mugs of tea and coffee.
The dragons had gathered, waiting to hear the new information that had come in through the night.
"Hopefully something productive," said Vonriir.
"We will have to see," replies Comox.
Soon Jack stood and spoke clearing his throat, all the dragons were there except Veyron who was having a lie in after his tests and trials, Melina had been vague and said he had given a lot of effort and was feeling sore, Jack decided to let him rest.
“Thank’s for turning up so early, well 8am, we been getting information in from a number of sources but decided to brief you all now on the current state of affairs” Jack said as he looked at the tablet and read the information Baxter had provided.
The large screen lit up showing the man’s face, the human at the station who seemed to be in cahoots with the dragon Braigg.
“Official ID records seemed to of been wiped expertly by hackers, however the name on the system is Robert Yates, this name is a fake, we believe this is the name he used to access the shuttle using a very sophisticated fabricated documentation, allowing him to access the transport from the EA” Jack explained to the team.
"Any further links that will get us further than an alias?" Asked forge.
Jack nodded top Forge’s question.
“Professor Baxter has worked with our contact Lester, through some unconventional contacts, we discovered that this man is actually Dr Francis Degarde, a man who studied interstellar travel and has accommodations in research and development of many areas, one being rocketry and solar probes” Jack explained.
"So what does he need a dragon for?" Asked Comox.
"I can't say we would be very useful in space travel," said Vonriir.
“Doesn’t really make a lot of sense for him to have a dragon there, or to have that transport carted about”, Mark added
Jack agreed with all the points raised.
“That I am afraid is a mystery, Lester has managed to find off record the same large transport ship was hired out Robert Yates, 6 months earlier, Lester had said the logs had been altered and he managed to obtain where they went, it appears Dr Degarde had been to Kilara before the red dragons encountered him with Braigg” Jack said.
"I have heard nothing of a ship arriving on Kilara before, not that we hadn't been expecting." Said forge, eyes burning at the idea that news that they had gotten past him.
Forge looked annoyed and it made the professor a little uneasy, Jack noticed and decided to continue speaking.
“We do have a lead, Dr Degarde worked within a big team on advanced research and development of interstellar travel and anomalies, a Dr Dean White, retired, lives in Cornwall, we will be contacting him and arranging a visit, to get more information on this man, in the mean time we are trying to work out what exactly we witnessed on the space station and the destruction of the sigma star” Jack said to the group.
"Anything that we can do to help, Jack?" Offered Zyra
“I’d like you and Melina to find out more about him in science circles, any journals published however small, to give us an inkling into this man, Sam will be working with Baxter on what happened to the sigma star, me and Ardon will be visiting Dr White once arrangements are made” Jack replied to the dragons question.
"Right, can do," said Zyra with a nod, already thinking of places to begin her research.
"What about us?" Asked vonriir.
“I like you and Forge to head to Whitehall depot, it is not too far here, the hanger manager Fabien is expecting you, he can provide information on the transport model and it’s uses, might give us a clue of where this shuttle is at current” Jack said, knowing the warlord would want something useful to do and this would help their investigation.
"That we can do," nodded Vonriir, puffing up, "you can count on us. Your team will help see you through."
Jack smiled.
“Thank you, all I ask is Forge and Vonriir, you two are the biggest dragons here and you be quite intimidating to Fabien and people on the base, just use diplomacy and keep it civil and polite” Jack asked the two dragons.
"I always keep it civil," said forge, casting Jack a look.
"Warlord?" Said Vonriir to which forge snorted. He has admitted to Melina before that he wasn't exactly proud of that title.
“That is all we got at the moment, once I have more we will let you know, the drills will continue as planned by Ardon, I need you all sharp and on the ball, just in case, before I end the message, we need to be aware of Braigg’s unpredictable nature” Jack warned.
"Before the station the last I saw of him was when we removed him from the battalion. He does not listen to reason and don't expect him to show mercy. He is obviously not taking prisoners so should we ever come across him again, be cautious." Warned forge.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Ok team, dismissed” Jack said as the team gathered, Melina gestured to Zyra to head with her back to the labs, while Daniel spoke with Mark on the way to the canteen.
As Ardon approached Jack spoke, “Get Dr White’s detail and have HR get us a meeting with him, then we be paying him a visit” Jack said to the gold.
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Zyra walked back to the labs with Melina, quietly chatting about their newest task.
The dragoness had a published article that she read a few years back that she had recalled might have their targets name on it. While space and rocketry were not subject Melina and her were very familiar with, there might be a few crossover pieces that they could start with.
"Look for anything Zy, even hypothetical journals" added the professor.
“Right, I’m running a search on a few scholarly databases here, for public works. I’ll see what it brings up,” replied the dragoness, running the program to see what they could find.
They lapsed into a comfortable silence as the girls eyes scanned the screens, flipping through pages and pages of documents, articles and anything that might give them a hint.
“His name appears on this article on a new type of space grade insulation but I think he was just a collaborator. Nothing that gives any insight on him here.” She said, putting one of the articles into the folder they were working on together.
Endless searches across various university databases, reference logs, scientific research notes, everything they could find.
They broke for a quick snack at lunch and Ardon popped in on them to check their progress. Zyra was sitting back in the office area of the labs with one paw curled around a cup of steaming tea.
“How’s it going?” asked the gold, sitting beside the dragoness as she ate a pawful of red grapes.
She shook her head, “Nothing useful yet but there are a lot of papers to go through. What about you and Jack, I thought you were going to visit Mr. White?”
“The appointment hasn’t been confirmed yet. He’s itching to go but we’re waiting for the greenlight.”
Zyra nodded, understanding. “Well, my break is over, I have to get back to those documents.” She passed before walking back into the labs. “You’re still hanging in there?” she asked softly.
“Yeah,” said Ardon quietly. “We’re doing okay, keeping busy with this task at hand.”
“Good, I’ll catch up with you guys later,” she said, turning back for the labs. She dove back into the work, large cup of tea sitting on the table beside her. It was late into the evening when she found something that made her do a double take.
She had uncovered a paper on the theory of a place or alternate universe where time didn’t exist. She read it a few times over, trying to comprehend the idea. She had read about how gravity effects time, distorting it but this was something else altogether. Even Dr. Degarde’s writing style seemed a little different in this paper; more impassioned and enthusiastic, she thought.
"Mel.." said Zyra, with a confused expression, "Come check this out. It's a little....odd." she said, gesturing to the screen that displayed the paper she found."
"What is it Zyra, you found something?" Melina asked coming over to where the bold wing was.
"Yeah, it's a little strange. A theory of an alternate dimension or maybe universe where time.... doesn't exist I guess. It's very different from his other work."
"How big is the journal, it seems very bizarre" Melina agreed with the bold wing.
“It goes on for pages, a ton of footnotes too. This is rather strange…” she said as she and Melina looked over the extensive paper.

“Have you been to this place before?” asked Vonriir as he flew alongside his silver commander. They had departed just before noon to head to the depot to speak with their contact.
Forge shook his head, “No, but Jack showed me a map. I know the way.” He replied, angling his wings and shifting to the left, recalling the instructions in his mind.
They had to fly over a few towns along the way and while people knew of the dragon’s existence, it was a whole other experience having two largest on earth fly overtop your house. Forge ignored the shouts to them and people waving, focused on his task, getting to Whitehall and getting the information he needed. Vonriir, on the other hand, smiled down at the onlookers below, giving a salute with his wings to ensure them that nothing was wrong, knowing it must be daunting to see such a thing soar over their homes.
Residential areas gave way to industrial before Forge spotted the hangar they were looking for. It was a large building with a number wide doors along one side. Forge landed in the empty half on the carpark, moving over to allow Vonriir to touch down.
“Do we call for someone?” asked the cragback, folding his large wings against his sides.
“I think our arrival is anticipated, besides, we are a little hard to miss,” replied Forge, turning his attention back to the doors.
A number of security officials approached cautiously towards the two big dragons.
"What purpose have you got here gentlemen?" one of them said.
“We have a meeting with a man named Fabien,” said Forge, looking down at him with his fiery eyes.
"Ahh, he did say he had two unique visitors coming, fly round the back and enter the depot there" The man said.
Forge took off without another word but Vonriir dipped his head in thanks before following the silver. They landed on the opposite side of the building at a single massive hangar door.
“Watch your tail,” chided Forge as Vonriir realized he had almost swung it into a parked car.”
“Oops, “ said the dragon, raising his tail a little bit, moving to the side before sitting down where he couldn’t harm anything by chance.
A man walked out of a smaller side door of the building and approached them.
"Ahh, you be Warlord Forge and Vonriir, the biggest EA dragons" Fabien said greeting them.
“Correct,” said Forge firmly choosing to stand and look down at him, “We are here to retrieve any information about the transport, model TX1098. We want to know it’s primary uses and if you have any information where ship 167R0 is currently.”
“Please,” added Vonriir, making Forge’s frown deepen.
"Ahh, those are pretty new, heavy duty transport shuttles, brought in for big cargo hauling and some models modified for you guys, shame that one went missing," Fabien said to Forge.
“When was it reported?” asked the dragon.
“It was reported missing when it did not reach its destination on Beta 2 by its ETA, human colony there needed medical supplies and other things, some bad weather on the planet, it did not make it to Sigma 3 space station and was reported missing," he replies
"Anything else you can tell us about the ship or its crew? Have any made contact?"
"Yes, it was a little strange the person in charge wanted a dragon shuttle transport, but we were short of the usual ones, the EA is building a new colony at Sigma 5" Fabio said.
"Did they give any reason why they wanted a Dragon transport? Those are only cleared for -" started Vonriir.
"The EA," said Forge, in cause the cragback had a slip of the tongue and revealed Torchwood.
Fabien shook his head, "It got signed off as it was an urgent mission to the colony, so the dragon transport was used, sadly now its gone missing, we tried trying to track it down but all the sensors and systems we used are turned off" Fabio explained.
“So no signal or beacon has been pinged since?” inquired Forge.
Sadly the answer was no. The three of them exchanged a bit more information before the dragons decided that they had run the course for this lead.
“Thank you for your time,” said the great silver, spreading his wings and jumping aloft.
“Take care!” called Vonriir, taking off after the warlord.
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The girls both studied the odd journal of Dr DeGarde’s, looking for clues or anything that could help them in their current investigation, the more Zyra seemed to get deeper into it, the stranger it became as Melina studied his other papers on her tablet, keep close to Zyra.
"There seems to be a lot of rambling notes here, scribbled in thoughts and ideas... almost sounding like fantasy rather than solid science." Said Zyra, shaking her head as she read.
Melina looked at the journal bits a little bewildered at this find, it did not seem to fit anything about the man, from the other journals.
“Is there anything said where this alternative reality is, or how to find it?” Melina asked.
"No definitive location, just ... rambling of openings in space or time maybe? It's hard to be clear. It sounds like fantasy though." Replied the dragoness.
Melina scratched her head lightly.
“Download it to my tablet, it be evening reading, perhaps a clue into why he’s done this journal, is there any comments on there from other scientists?” Melina asked.
"None that I can see, no," replied Zyra as she sent Melina the file.
Melina nodded lightly.
“I think this Dr White might provide an insight into the man’s behaviour, his other journals are sound, logical, but then this…well this is way off the mark” Melina replied back, taking a drink of her tea.
"Yes, almost sounds like it's written by someone completely different. It's bizarre." Replied Zyra.
“Hrmm, it is an interesting theory though, despite the madness” Melina said to the dragoness.
"It's sounds more like a dream than a theory," said that he boldwing.
Melina nodded lightly.
“Baxter will provide us with his details, question is, he went to the trouble of hiding his identity, when did he write that paper?” Melina asked the boldwing.
"I couldn't find a date on it anywhere. No time stamp either," said Zyra.
Melina shook her head lightly.
“This get’s more bizarre as we dig deeper, ok save what we got, then I think bed time reading, there isn’t anymore we can do really” the professor said picking up her tablet.
"Yeah, besides my eyes feel like they're going to fall out. I haven't read that much in one day since I started studying for my exams," sighed the dragoness, rubbing her face with a paw.
Melina smiled lightly.
“You’re a keen academic, but even the best need a break, come on we go get some fresh air outside, before summer leaves us” Melina joked lightly.
Zyra hummed in agreement. Summer was a fleeting thing here. "Alright, I could use some fresh air."

Sam had been told by Lucy in HR that they had contacted Dr White and had he had made arrangements for them to arrive, giving the terms of any visit by jack and Ardon, Sam went on the hunt for either Jack or the golden wonder.
Ardon turned his head to see Sam approaching him quickly.
"What is it?" He asked, "did you find something?"
“We got hold of Dr White, he can see you and Jack tomorrow morning, he said to be discreet, despite him living in a secluded area in Cornwall” Sam said.
"I'll have to check out the location to make sure I can make that happen." Said the dragon, catching a glimpse of his brilliant gold scales, "thanks though, Sam. I appreciate it."
Sam nodded.
“Oh and Forge and Vonriir have just touched down back in the dragon academy if you want to debrief” Sam added.
"Oh, I didn't think they would be back so quick. I'll get Jack and see what they've found out." Replied Ardon.
“He is in the canteen, last time I saw him, speaking with Daniel on security matters, I best dash, back to the labs” Sam said as he headed off.
"Thanks again," said Ardon with a nod before he turned to quickly make his way to the canteen.
Ardon met up with the dragon’s that had arrived back from the depot and the gold was hoping for some good news.
"What did you find?" asked Ardon, walking up to the silver.
"Fabien relayed that the transport was reported missing when it didn't arrive at the station." said the warlord, explaining further what else the man had told him.
Ardon hummed, considered what he had said. "So no calls, no mayday?"
"No, from what he told me”.
All of a sudden, a tannoy announcement came on asking for Ardon to head to the computer labs, the dragons soon moved there, Vonriir not attending as with his size and being near sensitive equipment.
Ardon and Forge appeared at Baxter's office door. Comox looked up and waved them in,
"You called?" asked Ardon.
Baxter showed up and nodded.
“Yes looking at the old theories and there is one that seems to stand out and is of most concern, have a read of this paragraph, I put it on the big screen here so you can see” Baxter said, showing them the highlighted words.
Ardon read it aloud so that Forge could take it what was said. The large silver shook his head, "Sounds like utter nonsense."
“Read again” Baxter said, making the dragons read it again.
Ardon read over a few sentences and grew quiet.
Gears turned in his head as then something suddenly clicked. "Do you... do you think he could possibly trying to recreate this idea by harnessing energy from what he did to that star?"
“The whole idea here is what we witnessed with the Sigma star, the collapse of the star itself, the break down of the core thing, the fusion reactions in the star, I don’t know the science but that is how stars burn their energy, giving us light and heat, this theory stops it dead, which is impossible but we witnessed it on the EAS Forge, I got the records” Baxter said, his voice serious.
"What do you think he's trying to do then?" asked Forge, "Trying to carry out this nonsense fantasy that he crafted?"
“Well, this theory and what we witnessed means that Dr Degarde has a weapon that could wipe out entire solar systems, he could sell it for founds for terrorist cells but its frightening” Baxter said.
Ardon didn't realize the danger was that great, "we have to stop him."
Baxter nodded lightly.
“The real reason is why, I am monitoring all the outposts to see if there has been anything and notified EA observatories as well, we see if we can find him” Baxter replied.
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The next morning Ardon had woken up early to get ready for their trip to Cornwall and to see Dr. White. He made his way down to the hangar while Jack gave out orders for the day. After eating a quick breakfast he had passed by Comox.
“Have you seen Veyron around?” asked the Boldwing.
“Can’t say that I have actually. Still in his room maybe?” suggested Ardon.
“No, he’s not there, I checked. Odd,” replied Comox, scratching the back on his neck. “Oh well, he’ll turn up. Anyway, good luck with Doctor White today.”
“Thanks,” said Ardon before he drained the last bit of water from his bowl and hurried off to the hangar.
The dragon buckled up his black leather riding harness carefully before planting all four paws on the ground and shaking to ensure it sat correctly without moving. The sound of footsteps alerted him to Jack’s arrival. Ardon looked up to see him come through the door.
"All set to go Ardon I see, you able to get us there discreetly" Jack asked the gold.
The dragon nodded, "I'll do my best, I saw a map of the place. We should be all right if I keep a high altitude for the flight there and land quickly," he said, crouching as Jack climbed up into the saddle. After a last check, Ardon vaulted into the air, his wings shooting out and down, lifting them through the hangar door above.
He flew quickly in the early morning light, rising high into the sky so that the clouds could help mask their travel. Soon enough the smell of the ocean met Ardon’s nose and they could see it on the horizon as they drew closer to Cornwall.
Ardon remained at high even as they came over where the doctor’s house was. The dragon surveyed the land below, high enough to look like a speck in the sky. His keen golden eyes found the proper house, a converted barn on a large piece of property. Spotting a large tree and a line of shrubs that lent the back garden a little privacy, he decided it was safe to land.
He could feel Jack tighten his grip on the leather straps and lean closer over his neck. Ardon brought his wings in closer and began their descent towards the house. The dragon made quick work of the distance, before flaring his wings, slowing them before his paws met the cool grass behind the house.
Ardon folded his wings and looked around, making sure no one had seen.
Jack got off the dragon and looked at the house, "Not bad for a doctor."
“Yeah, it’s got a view of the ocean too,” he said, noting that they could see the sea from where they stood.
“Not bad for a retirement home,” Jack added.
Ardon felt a pang across his chest, thinking about the converted barn up in northern Scotland. Jack’s parents had talked about their retirement options and considered making that their full time home. He shook the thought from his mind and laid down in the yard so that no one could see his golden scales from behind the foliage.
"See if he'll come out here and talk," he suggested giving Jack a gentle nudge with his nose. The dragon watched from his hiding place as the man crossed the lawn and walked up the veranda, knocking on the door.
A white haired man appeared in the doorway, of average height. He pulled the glasses down from his head and placed them on his nose to better see.
"Ahh, I assume you are Jack Harkness, your office told me to expect you, but they said you be with a dragon," Dr. White said as Jack nodded.
"He's hiding at the moment, you said to be discreet."
"Can he fit round the back?" Dr. White asked.
"Not really," came the dragon’s voice as he stuck his head up from behind the plants, revealing how large of a dragon he was. He saw the man catch sight on him from where he stood.
"Ahh, I see, well there is a couple of trees in my garden, go by there and me and Jack can talk" Dr White offered.
The dragon nodded and shifted over, laying down like a giant golden sphinx, crossing his paws as the man approached.
"Hello," said Ardon, looking at the man as he and Jack drew near, "My name is Ardon. Thanks for speaking with us on such short notice."
Dr. White nodded lightly.
"Your team said it was urgent, so I thought I’d get on with it, just wanted you to be discreet, neighbours are nice but nosy" he replied.
"I tried to be quick so hopefully our arrival went without notice." Said Ardon, reshuffling his wings along his back.
"I am sure we did ok Ardon, you did well to get us here in such good time" Jack said with a smile.
Ardon gave the man a quick nod in response before turning back to Dr. White.
“So, we have a few questions…”
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Jack sat down in one of the chairs and looked at the doctor, the man seemed kind and caring enough as Ardon had said they wanted to ask questions.
“So what are these questions Jack, if you leave it too late I might not be here for too long” Dr White joked.
Jack gave a small smile.
“We need to ask you about a colleague of yours, one that you worked with on a number of projects, if you know him of course, a Doctor Francis DeGarde” Jack asked the man.
Dean thought and seemed to close his eyes, a look of seriousness crossed his face as he reopened his eyes.
“Francis DeGarde is a name I haven’t heard of in a long time Jack, it has been awhile” Dr White said.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Sir, it is vitally important that you tell us what you know of him, he has committed serious crimes, theft of a transport shuttle, murder of people on a space station and has a dragon with him, perhaps in an agreement with him, we just need to know what he is up to” Jack said.
Dr White looked confused.
“He got a dragon working with him?, in a big ship in the galaxy at the moment?” the man asked.
"As far as we know, yes," nodded Ardon.
Jack nodded to Ardon’s words.
“We think that Dr Degarde, has developed a weapon, that can collapse a star, could kill millions of people in solar systems in this galaxy, we noticed allot of his journal’s or later journals are filled with theory, some nonsense by our experts” Jack said.
Something in Dr White clicked, as if something Jack had said had made him remember something buried deep within the back of his mind.
He shook his head lightly.
“Francis isn’t interested in Money, power or being a weapons dealer, he is pursuing a theory and a strong hunch based off his own hypothetical workings, he is looking to go to the Ribbon” Dr White said.
"The ribbon?" Asked Ardon, tilting his head in confusion. He couldn't possibly be talking about the theory from that bizarre paper...
Dr White nodded as he saw the confused looks on the men’s faces.
“Yes, an old piece of work he looked at and mentioned, it was only when disaster hit the man that he went a little unstable and began to drift down a road I could not follow, none of us could, hence why we could not work together anymore” Dr White said shaking his head and sighing heavily.
"You said disaster, what happened that lead to you part ways?" Asked Ardon
Dr White nodded lightly.
“Yes, the poor man lost his only son to an aggressive form of cancer, his wife died in a car accident and his parents died in a shuttle crash on Mars, the poor man seemed to break down, I wanted to support him, he became fixated on his theories and hypothetical calculations on the Ribbon” Dr White explained.
Ardon shook his head, not able to imagine being able to remain the same person after so many losses.
"It was more than an interest in the idea then, an obsession?"
Dr White nodded.
“Yes, he became fixated in the Ribbon and theories, we had some news come in of a large energy Ribbon, I helped him design a probe to go in there, sadly the energy in the Ribbon destroyed the probe, but before it did it gave back some interesting readings” Dr White said.
Jack listened in interested and curious.
“What were the readings” he asked.
“Well, the readings were never 100% was allot of electrical interference, we could not confirm anything, hence Dr DeGarde lost support from some but the man pursued and got obsessional, I could not help him” Dean replied.
The dragon pondered this with a bit of worry. It was concerning that a man with a history of obsessiveness fuelled by grief was now in command of a large vessel.
Jack cleared his throat.
“Doctor it is important, no matter how daft it sounds, we need to know” Jack said.
The old man nodded lightly.
“Ok, well, none of this isn’t proven, so I cant say for definite” Dr White said.
“Try us Doctor”.
“That energy Ribbon out there?, it isn’t some random energy fluctuation in space, the readings pointed that it was a gateway, to another place, another dimension, outside our own rules of knowledge, from the brief readings we got it seemed to indicate that time, what we know of time is not existent” The doctor explained.
This was almost too much for Ardon to wrap his head around. "You said the findings were never 100% though, do you believe it to be an actual possibility?"
Dr White shrugged his shoulders.
“I guess it is even if it was 1%, he just became too obsessed, cut off communication from those and turned aggressive when we suggested he needed help, he just felt this was work strongly worth pursuing” Dean said.
“So he thinks that there is something there, tunnel vision, a laser beam focus, does he think it could help him?” Jack asked.
“Who knows with him, but if he is still as obsessed with it and the theory behind it then he could be a very dangerous man” Dr White said.
Ardon nodded, casting a look at Jack, "so what now?"
Jack though for a moment before looking at Dean.
“Why would he destroy a star?” Jack said his eyes switched back to Dr White who remained quiet, unable to give him an answer.
“Thank you Doctor, for all your information, we try and use this and look for more leads” Jack said getting up gesturing to Ardon to get ready to fly.
Ardon knelt down and shifted his wing back so that Jack could easily climb atop his shoulders and into the saddle.
“Jack, if what I think is true, then you not going to care about any of this, your not going to care about the consequences, all you want to do, is stay in the Ribbon and you wont want to come back..if you do go” Dr White said.
Jack was quiet for a moment as he thought about what was being said, his breathing seemed to slow lightly.
Soon he simply nodded to the doctor and tapped Ardon on the shoulder, “Lets fly, back home” Jack urged the gold on.
Ardon dipped his head to the man before fanning out his wings and jumping into the air, swooping away quickly.
Jack would have plenty to think about as the they flew back to the facility, he would need Baxter to locate this Ribbon and to get the girls to look through that journal as well as himself.
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The male Boldwing had searched the entire facility over the last few days to no avail, Veyron seemed to be missing and no one had seen him. He had been looking for something for a while now and he was certain the little wraith would know something about.
Comox walked into the canteen for one last look but spotted Hitteki.
"Hey Hitteki," said Comox, approaching her.” I know you're probably not the best person to ask, but have you seen Veyron?" he asked the dragoness. Maybe he had ticked her off again and she had locked him in a closet or something for a little peace and quiet. He tried not to smile to himself at the thought, it seemed like something she’d not hesitate in doing.
"I have not Comox, no idea where he maybe, been working with Martin in the hanger?" She replied.
Comox shook his head, sitting down, “No I don’t think so. No one has seen him in the last day or so.”
Mark was eavesdropping into the conversation and decided to go look for him. It wasn’t particularly unusual for the small dragon to keep out of the limelight for a short time, especially after a failure like the tests but to have disappeared completely was a little odd.
As the man headed down the corridor he passed the facility’s gym though the main lights were off and there was a sign that said closed for maintenance. As he passed he could hear music coming from under the door.
Mark was puzzled, music was playing but no one there. He had a quick scout, on silent feet keeping quiet.
Green eyes had been on him the moment the wraith heard the door handle rattle, hidden away in the room. He watched the man creep through the room, looking behind equipment to see who had put on the music and vanished. Suddenly Veyron leapt onto Mark’s shoulder from where he had been hiding in the rafters.
"Bloody hell what was....oh it is you Veyron," Marked replied, seeing the wraith.
The dragon grinned; being as small as he was, he got a kick out of surprising people. He sat on his left shoulder and turned his head so he could look at Mark.
"Don't you read? Closed for maintenance," He said, breathing hard for some reason.
"I can but...what you doing in here? Why you sweating" Mark observed droplets on his grey scales.
Veyron wiped his forehead with the back of his paw, "Keeping up my end of the bargain but... since you're here you can suffer with me." Replied the wraith.
"Oh, you working out? What do you want from me?" he asked.
"Entertainment. The MP3 I took off of Comox has the worst music. Least you could do is shoot the **** with me so I'm not bored out of my skull." He replied.
"Oh, or I could let you get on with your workout and actually block the gym off on the facilities system" Mark commented.
"Whatever you like," said the wraith, jumping off his shoulder and taking a quick drink of water from a pink bottle that was obviously not his before turning down the music.
"I am offering support but I know you work alone and don't like an audience, so I could just grab a better music range" Mark said.
"Sure, music would be great. I rather you be my DJ than a cheerleader. I don't think pompoms would really suit you.” Grinned the wraith.
"Cheeky sod, alright smart guy I get a change in music, continue." Mark said.
“For an American you’re really picking up on the local lingo,” said Veyron as he climbed some of the gym equipment. He had spent most of the last hour or so running circuits through the room but now that he was warmed up he decided to focus on something else for a short while
"Adapting to British customs, still a loud American who loves big cars and watered down beer," Mark replied.
The dragon laughed at this, hanging down from the pull up bar by his front paws, shifting his talons for a better grip. He began to do slow pull ups, having to curl his tail in during each rep.
"Just think, pass this and the whiskey brewery tour is ours" Mark commented to the wraith.
“Which one is it? I’ve considered going on a few… self-guided tours but decided against it, our lord commander would disapprove.” Said the dragon through grit teeth as he did a few pull ups.
Mark laughed, "this one does tasting so be just me and you, decided to keep you hidden from public eye," he said.
“Is that so? Dragon hater can’t be seen with one, makes sense,” puffed Veyron as he did one last round.
"I can always give the ticket to someone else if you can't do all the bits in this test including the strength one dragon" Mark replied back.
The dragon flipped on the bar, holding himself up by his tail. He reached down and picked up a small weight, holding it to his chest and curled his body back up towards the bar where his tail was wrapped.
“Yeah right. Who else would go with you?” teased the wraith through grit teeth, trying it again.
"well, depends if you can lift that" he teased back.
Veyron threw up a middle finger as he slowly rose again.
“Bring your wallet when we go. I’m going to sample top shelf,” he grinned.
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Mark laughed as the wraith insulted him, as he continued with his training, the dragon seemed focussed and it impressed the man what the wraith was doing, he seemed determined with the deadline to pass.
“I got to admit, you routine here is very impressive, how your holding your weight with your tail and doing those sit ups” Mark commented.
Veyron twisted so that he wasn't looking at Mark upside down, "My breed live in trees, climbing and pulling up our own weight is all part of being a wraith. Our wings are of little use so we have to be able to do this sort of thing."
Mark nodded lightly, trying to imagine wraith’s in the wild, however he could not imagine a wraith that was not like Veyron.
“How many sets you got left of these?” he asked.
".... I wasn't counting," realized the dragon. "I'll just do a few more then I think I have earned a well deserved break."
Mark seem to have a sly look on his face, “ If you can lift that weight on the bar there 3 times before you break I go off and bring you food to you, call it encouragement or me having an off day” Mark lightly chuckled.
Veyron smirked and twisted back around, grabbing the weight. "I'm thinking lobster, I haven't had that in ages."
He said before lifting up slowly.
“Sounds like a deal Veyron” Mark said as the wraith began his task on the bar weights.
The dragon managed the first lift without much issue but as he went for the second one he found that he was growing tired, his limbs protesting.
He grit his teeth, not wanting to fail a second time and lifted upward slowly.
“That’s it” Mark simply said seeing the increased effort.
"Grrgh," grumbled the wraith, through bared teeth, lifting slowly up.
“Your doing good there Veyron, keep at it” Mark gave the small dragon a small bit of encouragement as he managed to do the second rep over his head.
"Okay last one, then its gourmet meal time," he huffed, sweating as he went for the last round. It was the slowest one yet but he dragon wasn't going to back down now that someone was watching. He grit his teeth and willed himself to complete the final rep.
Mark observed watching the wraith try, seemed with the right motivation Veyron could work hard at something, as he found out last time when they first had an encounter and he lost funds.
The weight reached the half way point as his body trembled, tired from the exertion. He pushed further, determined to finish the rep.
“That’s it Veyron, you got it, you breeze through this test in a few weeks time with this effort” Mark encouraged again.
The dragon gave a fierce grumble, blinking back the sweat from his eyes as the muscles in his back tensed to pull him up.
“Last bit now dragon” Mark said as the wraith struggled with the weight.
The dragon growled as he got the weight over his head. He grinned, panting. He dropped the weight to the floor.
"Well on my way to winning that tour," he huffed.
Mark chuckled lightly, “Got to get through Melina first Veyron, still got another 3 weeks left to get fully on top form” Mark commented, seeing the reaction from the wraith.
"Melina can't critique me now," said the wraith, posing on top of the bar before opening his wings and jumping down to the floor. He brushed back his ruff with his paw and looked up at Mark. "I better not have to do any more of this bs after the test." He smirked.
" hopefully not, looked very good Mr show off, keep doing this and you do that test” Mark reminded him.
"I'll pass it with flying colours, just you wait and see," replied the dragon.
“I eagerly await it, now time for lobster, clean up first” Mark said as the wraith flashed him another middle finger making the man laugh once more.

Jack had grabbed the journal that the girls had read, after what Dr White said, the man wanted to read it for himself, being open to the slightest possibility of what the man was up to.
He sat in his room on the bed reading the journal from his tablet, along with the probe results obtained.
"Find anything interesting in that?" Asked Ardon, stepping into the room to find Jack reading from the journal.
Jack looked up from reading.
“Reading this it seems made up but, after what Dr white said, I am trying to find a reason why Braigg would join with him” Jack said to the gold.
"No idea. From what forge said, he hates humans. So I can't think of a single reason why he would join him on whatever this is," said Ardon.
Jack nodded lightly.
“But..let’s suppose what Dr White and these notes from the probe said are proven, what would he promise to Braigg to have his support, so much so he will go against his own commander for it” Jack asked Ardon.
Ardon shook his head, not knowing but then paused, thinking. "Does Francis say anything about what he thinks he's going to find in this... ribbon thing? What was it? Another universe?"
Jack shook his head.
“No, nothing on there but, what he said, time doesn’t exist, what would you think by that?” Jack asked Ardon, trying to bounce ideas of the dragon.
The gold considered what he thought it meant. "Im not sure. Time doesn't exist... no one would get old? Time is paused somewhere? I'm really not sure."
“Yes, there is a clue here we are missing, time doesn’t exist, as we know it, what kind of world or universe would that be?, why would Dr Degarde and Braigg want to access this so much, putting all their money on this bet” Jack replied back, as he got up and paced the room to think.
"Yeah it seems dangerous or risky in the very least of they don't know what's on the other side. Unless they already do. This might be a good question to have the girls take a crack at." Replied the dragon , scratching under his chin as he thought what could prompt them to go.
Jack kept wondering under an idea seemed to snow ball in his mind.
"Time, what if Braigg was promised the impossible...something that he never thought possible".
"What would make you join a whacky idea, with a very very slim chance" Jack asked the gold dragon, looking up at him.
Ardon was quiet for a time as he remembered what forge had told him about Braigg, "I'd go if I lost something very important to me, and had the chance to get that back.... forge said that Braigg lost his family... maybe - could he have been swayed to join if Francis offered... no that sounds crazy."
"What is it Ardon....say what you got" Jack said.
"What if Francis told Braigg he could go somewhere... where time didn't matter. Where he could get back what he lost?" Said Ardon.
Jack thought for a moment and looked at the dragon, “my enemy of my enemy is my friend” Jack said quietly.
Ardon nodded, "that's just what came to mind. It could very well be something else all together."
Jack nodded in agreement.
“Yes, we are missing something, maybe we chat to the girls, Forge and Baxter, try to find this energy Ribbon, if it is in our solar system” Jack said to the gold.
"Yeah, we can see at least," replied Ardon.
Jack gestured to the gold to follow the man towards the labs and to see Professor Baxter, “The only thing I worry that Braigg in this state will fight fiercely, I just hope Forge is ready for him” Jack said to the golden dragon with concern in his voice.
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Ardon followed Jack out into the hall and down the corridor.
"I'm sure he'd fight Braigg if he needed to," replied Ardon, wondering how that fight would go, "If we do go on mission to find them, it might be Kinder to bring tranquilizers..."
He imagined that would be tough to manage with a thick hide like a hoplites, but that method had potential to save them a lot of grief.
"Have to see what Forge says, I am sure he wants to put Braigg in line, but after the last encounter, don’t know if that be wise" Jack said.
"Yeah, my worry just is cornering a mad dragon in a tin can in space. Forge already had to kick him out once before because he went mad. I can only imagine its gotten even worse with time,” said Ardon, shaking out his wings before refolding them, "To me it just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.”
"You think so, Forge would hate it, but again if what he is after is the holy grail, he put up with it for the ultimate reward, just wish we knew what Dr Degarde promised him," Jack replied back.
“Yeah, same,” nodded Ardon as they turned the corner and approached the laboratory wing. No one seemed to be in the labs themselves so they continued down towards the office.

“Zy’s been reading non stop, trying to help Melina figure this out too, they’re probably there for a little quiet.”
Ardon peeked around Jack’s shoulder as he knocked on the doorway to the lab offices. Zyra looked up and put down some of the notes she was going over.
“Mel, the boys are here,” she called before getting up, folding her notebook closed, a pencil marking her place where she had been jotting thing down.
She waved them in and put her book on the
“Hey guys. You alright?” she asked, walking over to them. While they had a serious mission at hand, she still worried for the wellbeing of both of them. From what she could tell from Ardon, they had dived headfirst into solving this mystery and not bothered with much else. She knew it was a difficult time but didn’t bring it up for now, knowing they likely were here for other matters.
“We are doing okay, I've read the theory journal and what Dr white has said, I typed up the report for Melina and you to read, hoped you might have clues," Jack said to the bold wing.
Ardon handed over the tablet and Zyra skimmed over it, reading it quickly. The gold watched her brow furrow as she read, thinking.
"What clues were you hoping for? I feel pretty stuck with all of this. Things don't add up." She said as she read.
Melina soon appeared and Jack hoped for some news. Zyra passed over Jack’s write up as she finished reading.
"It is a little out of our field boys, we are medical doctors and human dragon sciences, nothing astronomy or special anomalies" Melina said, knowing where her limits were.
"We're trying, though," said Zyra kindly, not wanting to disappoint Jack, knowing this was important to him. It all seemed so overwhelming, no answers and so many questions at the moment, "You've read his journals. Have you or Ardy taken anything away from it?"

"Only that whatever Degarde promised Braigg, its got him a scaled ally, one who is dangerous, Forge said he has weight and bulk behind him" Jack said as Melina nodded lightly.
Zyra nodded, "I've never seen a hoplite but based on Forge'a description it does seem a bit dire.”
“And he came out with a bloody nose last time. Forge doesn’t let anyone easily get hits in so that’s a bit worrying. At least next time if we find them he hopefully won’t have to face him alone.” Said Ardon.
Melina and I had talked about what Degarde could possibly offer him in exchange but nothing seems reasonable when you think about his circumstance.
" The dragoness pondered this, “Well, pretty much anything could be on the other side of Francis’s theory and it would sound just as probable as his current ramblings.” Zyra hummed, “But if He’s lured Braigg onto this mission to find whatever this ribbon thing is, my question is why. Why does he need a dragon along?”
“Jack and I had a few ideas, but yes, anything we think seems a little farfetched.” Replied Ardon.
Melina thought for a moment.
"Ok, let's put down what we do know and see where we are missing the clue' I suggest we get Forge involved, he might have a different insight on it" Melina suggested.
“I can go get him,” said Ardon, excusing himself quickly as he hastily trotted down the hall.
“This is certainly a tough one to crack. So many unanswered questions,” said Zyra, sitting down and looking over Jack’s notes one more time. “With every trip to talk to someone else that knows DeGarde, we seem to come up with even more questions than answers.”
It was not long before Ardon returned with the great silver warlord in tow.
“You had need of me?” asked Forge, staying outside the office so he wouldn’t crowd them inside.
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