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Unread Aug 3rd, 2017, 01:09 PM   #26
Black & White
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The group had gathered together, Melina, Zyra and Sam were there, with Melina making notes as the team seemed to be having a session to work out what was going on, so far there had been no news from any of the EA relay stations and no sighting of the transport.
"So what have you found?" asked the silver dragon, hoping that they had managed to get a few more clues since his return from the hanger.
"Well we got information, it's just putting it all together and working out why Braigg has allied with the very beings he hates" Melina replied as Jack seemed in agreement.
"Of all things, that baffles me the most," admitted Forge, "He was hell bent on destroying them on Kilara.
Jack seemed to be thinking still, still unable to find a link.
"We think Degrade promised him something, that he willing to fight and work alongside him for...but what" Jack asked the sliver.
The silver seemed deep in thought before he spoke.
"The only thing Braigg ever wanted was his family back. It consumed him. Nothing else mattered," replied Forge.
It suddenly clicked with Jack as he looked at Ardon and then back to the group, cursing himself how he missed this, this is why Braigg was following him around.
"That's it.....that is what we are missing from, he must of sold the idea of Braigg having his family back in the Ribbon, if it even exists" Jack said to the group.
"It is likely that Braigg would believe him if he offered that chance," said Forge. "Even if it was false."
"But why does Degarde need Braigg?" asked Zyra.
The group discussed more before the professor spoke.
"How strong are the Hoplite Ram breeds Forge" Melina asked the silver.
"Strong," was all that Forge said in reply.
Noone would push the warlord dragon for more of the answer, Melina sensed it was begrudging respect for the hoplite.
"I imagine protection and being used as a workhorse, but Braigg will do it if he can see his family again" Jack said.
Forge nodded. "A dragon like that is dangerous put in that kind of position. He has nothing else to lose and everything to gain."
"Kind of need to decide which dragon to counter the threat posed by Braigg" Sam said.
Forge snorted in the man's direction. "I can deal with him." He said bluntly.
Melina seemed to flash Sam a look as he went quiet, as if she couldn’t believe the man had the cheek to question the warlord’s ability.
“Are there any consequences in the dragon hierarchy for attacking you as he was your commander and you’re a warlord” Jack asked the silver.
"When he was removed he lost all titles and his standing." Explained forge, "if his attack on me had been on Kilara, in front of others in my command there would have been a fatal consequence."
Jack seemed to have a grim look on his face.
“I have a feeling he doesn’t care about respecting you or anyone else, he will not allow us to interfere with Dr Degarde’s work” Melina said.
"No, I sense the same sort of disrespect and animosity," replied Forge.
"We will have to be on guard if we encounter him again," said Ardon.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Well I will speak to Baxter about finding this Ribbon if it is about anywhere in our galaxy it is really in existence, so far we heard nothing, wherever they are they are keeping hidden” Jack commented.
"Well let us know if there is anything we can do, commander," said Zyra as Ardon nodded.
Jack left the dragon hanger with Ardon in tow as Melina watched them go, discussing the issues more with Forge and Zyra.

Jack seemed to come to a stop in the corridor as he seemed quiet, the man had mixed feelings about what they had discovered, if this place was real and the Ribbon did not have time, was there a chance he could see his parents once again?.
Ardon paused, noticing Jack stopped, feeling a bit of confusion cross through the link, "you okay?"
Jack looked up to see the golden dragon asking if he was fine.
“Oh its just, no it’s silly, I shouldn’t let myself be taken in by all of this right?” Jack asked Ardon.
"Its only a theory. It very well could not be true," said Ardon quietly, knowing what he was thinking now. He dipped his muzzle and touched the man's shoulder gently.
Jack smiled lightly, petting the golden scales muzzle lightly with his hand.
“I be, we best speak to Baxter, then I think we need a break, a fly round the block be good” Jack said as they continued their journey to the professor’s office.
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Unread Aug 4th, 2017, 02:07 PM   #27
the listener
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Forge had gone off to think in the relative peace of the dragon hanger. Most of the team where elsewhere working on this very strange issue of Degarde and their theory on why Braigg had followed the man. He paced the room, trying to think of other options that might be more plausible but nothing really came to mind.
“Forge?” came Vonriir’s attempt at a quiet voice.
“Hm?” grunted the warlord, still pacing like a caged tiger; a lot on his mind.
“What happened at the meeting? Was anything uncovered?” asked the large Cragback, stepping into the massive room and sitting down.
“Jack came up with a theory as to why Braigg would take orders from a human,” relayed the silver.
“Oh is that so? What was his theory?”
Forge paused, shaking his head briefly before he turned his fiery eyes on Vonriir. He still couldn’t fathom it himself.
“From what they gathered from Degarde’s journals and writing, he thinks that Degarde might believe there to be a … he used the word ribbon but I think it as like a door, or gateway to another place.”
“Like the portal?” asked Vonriir.
“Kind of, except … I don’t think it’s made by men. Not that it matters. The man thinks that there is a place where time doesn’t exist. Where you can have the things you’ve lost…”
Vonriir was quiet for a moment, “His family.” He said at last.
Forge nodded. “That’s the only reason why I think it’s a possibility. I don’t understand the science behind it but if such a place is possible this man could have a huge following behind him, not just one dragon. Braigg was so far gone that the promise of seeing his mate and hatchlings again would be the only thing that would bring him to heel. Nothing else matters to him.”
“That can’t possibly happen though, for a place like that to exist? Human’s can’t engineer something like that?”
The silver dragon shook his head, “As I said it’s only a theory. From what Melina said the man’s journals seemed like something a man bent on obsession and loss would have written. Jack was going to speak with Baxter to see about possibly finding the whereabouts to this ribbon. So that will be our next step. “
“Alright, sir.” Replied Vonriir.
The silver sighed and rubbed his temple with a paw as he sat down. Vonriir tilted his head slightly, looking at his commander. “Are you alright, sir?”
“I’m fine, Vonriir. I just wish I had done something more in regards to Braigg during the invasion. This has had a profound rippling effect and it can only get worse.”
“You did what you had to at the time. There was no time for figuring it out. The humans had us surrounded as it were.”
“But afterwards. I was so consumed by tending to Ardon and dealing with Jack’s.. dilemma, I had lost all thought of Braigg now lives have been lost because of it. Innocent, and uninvolved, brought down by his lust for getting his past back,” growled the warlord, clenching his paw angrily at the memory of all the bodies he had witnessed.
“You had enough on your plate.” Said Vonriir, “You were the sole dragon who began the process of freeing Kilara and protecting Ardon and Jack, the beginnings of Brathille. You kept them safe, helping restore Talkiir to its former self while ensuring that Brathille itself was not snuffed out. You couldn’t possibly be held responsible for Braigg’s downward spiral. That was on him, alone,” The large dragon said kindly.
“I’m not saying this for your sympathies and words of comfort, Vonriir. I just am kicking myself for not doing something sooner.”
“Ah, well, hindsight is 20/20. That’s a human saying you know, an odd one but I like their idioms.” Said Vonriir, not deterred by the silver’s grouchy demeanor.
Forge let out a breath. Vonriir always have a way to turn the conversation into something lighter.
“We’ll figure this out, Commander, I know we will. This team doesn’t seem to let go until the issue is resolved.”
“I certainly hope so, Vonriir,” said Forge, suddenly opening his wings. He jumped aloft and took out through the doors above. Vonriir watched him go, knowing it was best not to follow him. The silver liked to be alone with his thoughts often and did not like hangers-on.

Vonriir respected the warlords need for quiet and turned to leave the hangar. He made it halfway down the large central hall towards the canteen when he spotted Veyron. The little dragon had a paw on the wall and was grimacing until he saw Vonriir looking at him. He straightened out the best he could and stuck out his paw like he was hailing a taxi.
“Hey, catch a lift?” he called up.
“Sure, Veyron, where you headed?” asked the large dragon, bringing his nose down to let the wraith up, noticing that Veyron wasn’t quick to scamper up his scales.
The little dragon didn’t want to admit it but he was rather full on top of being sore from his strenuous workouts that his body wasn’t used to.
“My room, if you care to turn around,” said Veyron, knowing the dragon had been headed to the canteen instead.
“No worries there, I do not mind. It takes me very little time to get from place to place in here,” he chuckled lightly. “You’ve been elusive lately… well more so than usual, what have you been up to?”
“Working,” was all Veyron could reply.
“Ah, well good, good. Glad to hear it.”
Vonriir chatted on some more but Veyron wasn’t listening, tired and with a full belly, all the little dragon wanted to do was sleep.
He hopped down once they reached his door and walked inside with a half hearted wave to the Cragback in thanks before shutting the door.
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A week or so had gone by with no news to report, Baxter had been busy liaising with EA communication officers and accessing the relays and keeping an eye on activity, Dr Degarde and Braigg seemed to be hard to track.
There had been no sighting of the transport shuttle and there had not been any major things to report, much to the frustration of Jack, Ardon and especially Forge who was anxious that the longer this took, Braigg could be causing more misery and taking lives of innocents, they would all soon have news to process.
A beeping sound made the silver dragon grimace in his sleep; trying to will away the noise. When it persisted, he opened his eyes and lifted his head, seeing that it was four in the morning.
He grumbled and went over to the screen.
The screen activated and professor Baxter appeared on the screen, the man looked tired as well, seemingly been woken up by some news.
“Hello Forge, I am really sorry to wake you at this hour, but I have had news come in from the EA and we located what we been looking for, I am setting up everything in Steller cartography, don’t worry its massive you fit in with room to spare” Baxter said, not wanting to stay on too long and face the Warlord’s wrath.
Forge blinked, they actually found the ribbon Degarde had mentioned in his books.
"Alright. Are we leaving shortly then?" Replied the dragon.
“I need to explain things, please come down to the room, I wake Ardon and Jack up and let them know” Baxter said to the silver.
"I'll be down in a few minutes, then ," said the warlord
Baxter ended the meetings and then sent a message to Jack’s room, knowing the time would not be ideal, but the information he had received could not wait, he knew contacting Forge despite the time was wise as he wanted to be fully involved.
Keeping the silver in the dark would be a grave mistake and he did not want an agitated warlord.
Ardon heard the beeping and grumbled. "It can't be 7 already."
He nudged Jack with his nose. "Your turn this time." He mumbled sleepily.
Jack stirred as he reached and checked the time on his mobile.
“Urgh, it’s 4am, you haven’t been ordering room service from Toby again” grumbled Jack as the beeping continued.
"No, it's too early to eat," replied the dragon, covering his head with his wing to help muffle the noise.
Jack grumbled as he answered the call.
“Hello Jack, sorry ot wake you and Ardon, but I had information come in, can you come down to Steller cartography, Forge is on his way as well please” Baxter asked Jack who looked tired.
“Yeah, I be there in 10, Jack out” Jack turned the screen off.
“Wake up Ardy, we are needed, news has come in, about time, its been over a week since we had any news” Jack said yawning and stretching.
Ardon got to his feet and rubbed his face with his paws, "it better be worth getting up this early for." He yawned.
Jack agreed, it was too early for all this as he quickly got changed out of his Pj’s and into work clothes.
Once they are ready him and Ardon walked towards the new area that Baxter had created near the dragon academy, a massive room with a large 360 screen which would encompass all the known areas the EA had mapped in the galaxy and the next which was andromeda.
Ardon looked up at the impressive screen, still feeling tired from being up so early.
"What's this?" He asked seeing forge already there, waiting.
"Baxter will explain," replied the silver.
Jack marvelled at the room and at what the professor had done, proud the man had utilised the generous funding to give them this high tech room as Baxter walked in.
“Sorry to wake you all, but I have been given news, the main computer has been downloading the information, obviously it takes some time considering the location of relay stations and other ships, once its all loaded we can see everything on the massive 360 screens around you” Baxter explained.
"But you think you've found something with the information that's processing?" Asked forge.
Baxter nodded and sat at the large control panel as he typed away as information loaded up on the massive screens, the picture of the galaxy, the milky way in view.
“According to Dr White’s notes, Dr DeGarde’s studies and the basic information from the probe before it got destroyed, the Ribbon is a complex stream of energy, that passes through this galaxy every 200 years or so, from what I’ve studied using the main computer to simulate models it is indeed something of unknown origin” Baxter explained to the group.
Forge tried to follow along, frowning as Baxter spoke.
"So definitely not human made?" Asked Ardon.
Baxter shook his head lightly.
“No, definitely not, I am not expert but this is a natural anomaly, a ripple in the fabric of space and time, bit like a rip in some paper that travels through space, high intensity energy, the reason we could not find it before is the energy is fluctuating in and out of our time, I had to adapt the sensors and get them passed through the Relay’s” Baxter explained.
"Clever," hummed forge, a hint of a compliment. "So now we know where it is, what do we do?"
Jack agreed with Forge’s words, professor Baxter was very clever and knew his way round computer systems.
“Do you have it’s current location?” Jack asked.
“Yes the computer’s plotted its current course” Baxter said typing away as a large red line appeared on the zoomed in map.
“This is it’s current location, the computer has taken into account the signals we got from the relay stations, two however were destroyed by a shockwave, it seems Dr DeGarde launched the Sun probe and destroyed the stars” Baxter explained.
“Hence the delay in information” Jack said as Baxter nodded.
“Yes, it is only when ships went to investigate that they found the debris” Baxter said as Jack looked concerned, such a weapon had dire consequences.
"So," began Ardon "what was the purpose of destroying the stars? And what happened to the systems around the destroyed stars?"
Baxter typed and brought up the system report.
“The destruction of the Sigma star has had the following effects, gamma radiation has increased by 20%, UV radiation also has increased, the EAS destroyer the Valiant was forced to make a course correction…ambient magnetic fields” Baxter continued with the list.
"What do you mean by that last bit?" Asked forge.
Baxter stopped and looked back at the silver dragon.
“Which bit sir?, I listed quite a bit” the professor said.
"Why was the valiant there and why was it necessary to make a course change?" Asked forge.
Baxter had a look at the Valiant’s course.
“The destruction of the Sigma star has significantly altered the gravitational forces in the system and the sector, any ship passing through would have to make a minor course correction” Baxter explained to the silver but it got Jack thinking.
“Minor course correction” he muttered to himself quietly.
“Baxter can you zoom into the current path of the Ribbon” Jack asked as the professor typed, they zoomed in on the big screen as the red Ribbon was marked as a line moving in a smooth snake like pattern, not really straight and it got Jack thinking.
“Where was the Sigma star in relation to this map?” the man asked as Baxter typed again, a dot lit up, near where the Ribbon was.
"Could the destruction of the star ..." began forge but wasn't sure how to pose his question.
"Is it needed to um activate the ribbon or something?"
Ardon finished the thought for him.
Baxter shook his head lightly.
“I don’t see how it can be relevant, there is nothing on the notes or the journals about destroying a star to make the Ribbon appear” Baxter said.
Something in Jack clicked.
“Baxter, you said that the destruction of the star affected the gravitational forces in that area, now did the computer take it into account, when plotting the direction” Jack asked as Baxter checked the parameters on the system.
“No sir I make the appropriate adjustments” the professor said.
The Sigma star blinked and went out as soon as it did, the Ribbon changed direction slightly, moving away from the destroyed star, its course had been altered.
“That’s what he is doing, he’s changing the course of the Ribbon” Jack said.
“Blimey, your right sir, the absence of the gravitational pull of the star has amended the course of the ribbon by 10%” Baxter said.
"Where is he trying to get it to go?" Asked Ardon.
Jack was thinking the same thing.
“Why, would would he want to change it’s path?, why doesn’t he fly into it with the shuttle?” Jack said looking at the screen.
“The evidence from the probe suggests any ship that approaches it could be destroyed or severely damaged” Baxter said looking up to Jack briefly before focussing on the screen.
“Hrm, he can’t get to the Ribbon, so he is trying to make the Ribbon come to him” Jack said assertively.
Ardon had a terrible thought that made his scales prickle, "he's not trying to get it to come here? Is he?"
Jack felt the dread wash over him, feeling what Ardon was thinking.
“Search for any habitable planets near its path” Jack asked Baxter typed but the man froze when the computer brought up the result.
“What is it?” Jack asked.
The map on the screen zoomed in and showed the solar system and the Ribbon was passing between Earth and Venus.
“What would happen if DeGarde destroyed our home star?” Jack asked as Baxter typed it in, the Sun dimmed and the Ribbon moved and seemed to go to Earth.
“That’s where he is going with Braigg, he’s going to bring the Ribbon to Earth” Jack said with a grim expression.
“It should be noted sir, that the destruction of our sun will produce a shockwave like the one we witnessed at the Sigma system….” Baxter said as dread seemed to fill the room.
“What is Earth;s current population” Jack asked.
“40 Billion sir” Baxter replied quietly.
"How much time do we have? Can we evacuate..." asked Ardon hesitantly.
“Hard to tell, we need to find him” Baxter said.
“No **** Sherlock, calculate the best place where he could launch that weapon, is the portal online?” Jack demanded.
Baxter seemed to go a little quiet.
“It is still offline sir, we were hoping to get it working the end of the week” the professor said, Jack looked at the man with frustration.
“Get your team and get that portal online within the next 48 hours, I want to begin evacuation of the dragons, inform Torchwood 7 of this immediately, tell them to evacuate the base, same with Icarus, I want everyone on Kilara!” Jack said.
“But sir…”
“No buts, just do your job, get on it professor” Jack demanded as the man nodded acting meekly to Jack’s anger and left to assemble his team.
Ardon turned to look at Jack and even forge seemed surprised at the man's tone. This was serious above all else but they had never heard him raise his voice like that, especially to someone like Baxter who had been working non stop to figure all this out for him.
"We'll stop this, Jack." Said Ardon quietly. "Baxter is doing everything he can."
Jack sighed lightly as he shook his head, not wanting to take the risk but without knowing how much time, it be hard and extremely difficult to evacuate the dragons and even impossible to evacuate Earth.
“Forge, would the dragons on Kilara accept us coming over once the portal is active?” Jack asked the warlord.
"Torchwood or earths population?" Asked the silver, looking down at him.
Jack seemed ot have a grim expression to the question.
“I inform the EA but stopping him and Braigg must be priority, however in worse case scenario, Torchwood staff, dragons and senior members families” Jack said.
"I will make them accepting of it if I have to. You'll have a better reception than last time, I will make sure of it." Replied the warlord firmly.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Once Baxter has located the spot where Dr DeGarde and Braigg will catch this Ribbon, we will head there, in the mean time, Ardon, contact T7 and Icarus, tell them to evacuate and head immediately to Torchwood 5, I organize my family transports here, prepare to evacuate Torchwood 5” Jack said in a serious tone, the scale of the task now before them.

On Torchwood 7 upon hearing the news Jon went rushing to Alex quarters he banged on the door loudly to wake the man, urgency in his knocking having received an evacuation notice from Torchwood 5, despite it being only 9pm Alex usually went to bed early.
"Jesus, what it is?" Asked Alex as he opened the door. His expression changed when he saw The look on Jon's face.
“Sir, we received a priority notice from Torchwood 5, Jack Harkness sent priority one, he ordered us to evacuate immediately and head to Torchwood 5 for immediate evacuation to Kilara via the portal” Jon said.
"You're serious?" Asked Alex, reaching for his coat. "Details." He ordered as he readied to rally the others.
“He has said a potentially fatal disaster could happen with the next 24 to 72 hours, he has said him, Ardon and Forge are going to try and stop, but if they cannot he said we only have 20 minutes till the Earth is destroyed, he is ordering all dragons and riders, including senior staff to Torchwood 5, immediate evacuation to Kilara, I was about to activate the evacuate alarm” Jon said, his words rushed.
"Do it. Contact the Stonewell family in Montana if that hasn't been arranged already. We'll have to retrieve them with our transport." Said the commander. "I'll contact Alyia and James" replied Alex hastily as he then took off down the hallway to get things underway.
“Jon rushed ot the alarm system and activated the evacuation button as the alarms sounded on the base, the whole evacuation of dragons had begun, Jon sent a message back to Torchwood 5, informing them they were evacuating.
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At the Quadra base the facility was a rush of mad scrambling, trying to get organized before they abandoned the island. Alex was shouting orders, something he rarely did but he needed his team on the ball. Dragged from their beds by the news, the facility was alive as people rushed around.
On Vancouver Island, Alyia had taken the call, finding out that they were in serious danger and had to evacuate asap. The order even encompassed immediate family members. She had been asleep when the call came in but now the dragoness had flown into a sudden panic, rushing James out of his seat in the living room, disrupting his viewing of a match on tv. She hadn’t gotten the whole story but relayed the danger to the man and immediately began packing things into large suitcases, calling for him to hurry from the other room. He had followed along at first; not completely understanding what was going on.
The dragoness’s inner alarms were going off, knowing she had to protect her Attilu from this mystery danger. She got into her soft grey harness and nosed James out the door, trying to get him to hurry.
"Dammit Lass!" James said, jumping onto Alyia’s back once his items were fastened.
"Alex said we have to hurry," replied the dragoness hastily, waiting for him to clip into the harness, hopping from paw to paw with anxiety,"You should call your family. They'll let them evacuate with us." She said, turned to ensure he had to phone to call.
"Joost move it Girl! I call once we are airborne" James said as he was securely in. She didn’t need a second prompting. She spread her crème colored wings and took off at speed into the night sky, leaving behind the quiet beach house and all her collections, the only thing of utmost importance was now sitting in the saddle upon her shoulders.
"What's the eta on the transport?" Shouted Alex from the command desk. The team had gathered to help shut down the base as they prepared to abandon it.
"Transport Eta 10 minutes sir, approaching Quadra Island", came Kris reply as he checked the sensors.
“Begin Judgement Day lockdown procedures. Close out all access as we prepare for the blackout operation,” Came Alex’ next orders, cursing to himself as his phone reached his brother’s voicemail for the tenths time.
"We sure this news is serious enough for a total base **** down? It take ages if this is a false alarm," he replied back.
"Jack wouldn't call for an all-out evacuation if he wasn't certain. Just do it," Alex responded firmly.
“The Stonewell’s are ready. Icarus is flying them up at a meeting point so we won’t be delayed too long,” Amanda said as she ran into the room, a backpack slung over her shoulder.
“Good, we’re nearly done here. Get everything loaded on the transport the moment it touches down. Only the essentials. We don’t have time to waste,” ordered Alex, putting in the top tier security passwords to shut down the base for good.
Alyia landed, breathless, in the front entry before she and James walked inside. Korrin bolted past them, “Airdome is secure!” he shouted, turning down the hall.
"What the fook is happening here eh?" James said seeing everyone running about.
"Shutting down the down the base." Said Amanda as she jogged into the room with Tarok. She was relieved to see that they had made it so quickly. "The transport will be here in under ten minutes."
"Well me and the lass are ready, where exactly are we gooin’?" James asked.
"T5. Then evacuated to Kilara if I got the information right," replied Amanda, hanging over duffle bags for Tarok to carry outside.
"Woah, woah wait, what are yooou talkin abooot?" James demanded.
"Something is going on. Something bad. Commander Harkess has called for an evacuation to Kilara." Said Tarok.
"Woah...ya mean we are gooin to the land of the fire breathers an...angry fire breathers! , fook that! James said as he turned and walked out.
“Sir wait!" Called Alyia,as she ran after him and jumped in front of him to stop him from leaving back out the front doors.
"James we have to go. By the sounds of it, it's either Kilara or ..." started Amanda, wringing her hands.
"Or we perish," said Alex, coming into the room with a grim expression. “Jack called in an hour ago, saying we have to evacuate. The Stonewell’s are coming with us. We’re taking off for T5 and from there the portal to Kilara. Whatever is happening it’s not good. The planet is in danger and by the sounds of it, nothing can stop it from happening.”
“Something from space, coming to take out the planet,” said Korrin.
"Ya cannae be serious, we hear it all over the news, unless Canadian media joost shoows unicorns and fookin fairies," James replied back.
"It's not gone public yet," said Alex grimly. "He sent word as soon as he knows. I don’t think government officials even realize what’s going on. We have to move quickly. We’re picking up immediate family and then jetting off.”
"Hell with this, gooin to dragon island, it's not my idea of fun" protested James.
"Sir, you are going to Kilara. If earth is in danger it's the only way you'll be safe," insisted Alyia, desperate worry in her expression.
"Ya gooin to make me lass? oor you gonna knock me unconsious" James said.
The dragoness puffed up the best she good, meek as she was she wasn't going to let James walk away. She had an obligation to protect him and she wouldn’t let his attitude stop her, "If I have to I'll carry you on myself."
"Listen to your dragon, James, this is our only chance if this all comes to be." Said Alex, slinging a bag over his shoulder, "and consider it an order from me."
James rolled his eyes and sighed.
"Fine but I wanna cave by The beach and drinkin from a coconut," James replied.
“Let’s see if we make it off the planet first before you start planning a beach party.” Said Alex.
“Transports here!” came Korrin’s shout.
“Alright everyone, I want us loaded on that ship yesterday. Move it!” ordered the commander as the whole team jumped into action.

As the team got aboard Alex was still on the ground, completing the last rounds in the facility before they sealed it off from the world.
The dragons lay down in the converted hold, surrounded by their Attulu’s and the rest of the team.
Amanda’s family had taken their person shuttle and made it to Quadra before the transport had taken off, saving them from one less detour. It was a chaotic mess as no one seemed to know the complete details, just that they were in grave danger if they stayed behind.
"Got everything Tank, we can't go back for it.. We’ll have to try and start a new life on Kilara heh" Kris said.
Korrin turned to look at Kris with a steeled expression, not really in the mood for joking. He was worried but trying to keep his head to ensure the evacuation went smoothly.
"Sorry, was our home, we now going to live our lives on Kilara" kris said.
“I know… I wish I knew what was happening, we could stop this,” said the dragon.
“If we could, Jack would have given us orders. If he’s telling us to get off the planet, you know something’s gone wrong.” Said Tarok, bleakly. The others seemed to think the very same. Amanda set next to her mother as she gently stroked the coastal’s muzzle, trying not to tear up. She had gotten her family with her, but they were leaving behind countless friends and relatives from across the world that they did not have time to retrieve. Tarok felt her sadness and leaned towards her, closing his eyes as she hugged his long jaw.
“Let’s go,” shouted Alex as he got aboard, signaling for Jon to take them up and away from Quadra. The commander made his way through the hold, holding up a hand to stop the questions he didn’t have answers for as he headed for flight deck.
The commander stared out the window and watched as the island dropped away from them as they rose into the dark sky. As they travelled he could see the glittering city lights of Vancouver pass under them. With his jaw clenched the man stared down at the world below. Innocent people, an entire planet of them could very well be sleeping their last, unknowing of what catastrophic events were about to unfold…


“What the ****ing hell is going on!” demanded Veyron as an alarm sounded in the T5 base. He had woken up and was now standing in the empty corridor, scowling at the lack of answers currently presenting themselves.
“Veyron!” called Comox as he hurried around the corner. Veyron ran and leapt onto the dragon’s forleg, scrambling up to his crest.
“Who in the **** turned on the alarm, what’s going on?” demanded the wraith.
“I don’t know but it doesn’t sound good. Let’s go find the others,” said the Boldwing as he hurried onward.
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Torchwood 5 had been active as teams scrambled as Jack ordered the immediate evacuation of the base to Kilara, with the portal offline, Baxter and his team were now rushing around to get it fitted, sadly it would still take time to get it all ready and with people arriving soon, it would be a stressful time for the professor.
Melina had contacted her parents and told them to leave, her sisters were a little confused until a Torchwood shuttle turned up to collect them, once Melina heard the shuttle had taken off and they were heading for T5 she felt a little better.
Zyra came in to check up on the woman, the professor was packing light but the silver dress had made it into the suitcase.
“Zyra, family are on the way, the shuttle picked them up, Torchwood 5 are also on their way” Melina said to the bold wing.
"What can I get ready, mel? What needs to be done?" Asked Zyra in a strange, rushed tone.
“Get to the medical labs and pack up the emergency first aid kits, medicines and put them in the mobile vehicles, the medical mobile outposts are coming, we got 3 being loaded up now in the hanger” Melina said.
“Get to the medical labs and pack up the emergency first aid kits, medicines and put them in the mobile vehicles, the medical mobile outposts are coming, we got 3 being loaded up now in the hanger” Melina said.
“Zyra” Melina called as the dragoness stopped.
“Make sure you, pack some things, that have meaning, your degree, belt and other achievements….for me” Melina said.
"I just need you," replied the dragoness, "those things don't matter on Kilara."
“Please, they matter to me, if we are going to be there and start a new life, then I want to save your goals you did here, perhaps I can live among the bold wings in Ibantu” Melina replied.
"We'll figure that out later," said Zyra quietly. "I'll pack those things though, for you."
Melina gave a small smile.
“Thanks, pack up in the labs, begin shut down and initiate the deadlock seal” Melina asked the bold wing as she continued packing.

In the main hanger the mobile outposts were being driven out of storage and to park just outside the portal entrance.
Vonriir and forge were helping direct the mobile outpost vehicles into position when Comox walked in with Veyron.
Daniel parked the one vehicle and got out of it, the 3 vehicles were now parked nearby as Lab techs led by Sam began loading up the vehicles to the brim with supplies, medical kits, scientific instruments and other systems.
“These 3 vehicles will be used for mobile outposts, they be on the Sunbreak Isles and they will stay there, I hope your family wont mind Forge” Daniel said to the dragons.
"It will be fine. The islands are mine," rumbled the warlord. "Just get what you need so we can bring it across once the portal is activated."
Daniel nodded lightly, “Baxter has his team working flat out, the portal should be operational soon, then we start sending people through, in the mean time we are turning the dragon hanger into a emergency shelter for people’s family, Icarus can go in the core quarter’s dim lights” Daniel stated.
"Back to Kilara?" said Veyron. "No, no, nope. Not going."
"Fine, Burn up to dust here," said the warlord.
The wraiths eyes went wide momentarily. "What!"
"The earth is in danger. There's only a slim chance we can stop it. We are evacuating to the isles so I recommend that you shut it and grab what you need."
"I can't go back to Kilara," said the wraith as Comox turned to take him back to his room to fetch what he wanted.
"You have to, just like the rest of us. So suck it up."
"I'm good as dead either way," grumbled the wraith.
As Forge, Dnaiel and Vonriir were watching the small dragon leave, still complaining and grumbling to the male bold wing a young ensign came running up btowards them.
“Sir, Message from Draco, he said he would like to speak to you Forge sir, he got our message for the evacuation” the young man said.
The silver nodded, and took a moment to go to the screen and call Draco back, the silver walked into his quarters and turned the screen on as Draco appeared.
"Draco, you called for me?" Asked forge.
The red dragon nodded.
“Yes Warlord Forge, I got your message but I will not be joining you on kilara” Draco said to the silver.
"But why?" Asked forge though he was already anticipating the answer. "You can bring people with you. They will be safe and welcomed on Kilara”.
Draco shook his head, “This is my home Warlord Forge, these are my children, this world and lands are what I swore I’d give up my life and existence for, this is out of my control and when faced with this danger…I want to be there with them till the end, I am the guardian of Wales and this world, I will go with my children to the afterlife” Draco said to the silver.
Forge let out a breath. He didn't want to argue with the dragon. He knew how much this all meant to him. He would go out with the world if he couldn't save them all. “I understand. Earth and its people are lucky to call you their guardian. I will ensure that they can call you such for many years to come. I won’t let these be Earth’s last days. I promise you that."
Draco bowed his head in respect back to the warlord.
“ I know, but if it does, take care of my children on Kilara, I trust them in your care on Kilara, I will see you again soon, may the stars guide you to safety and thank you for everything we been through together” Draco said.
Forge cleared his threat, "and thank you. Goodbye, Draco." Said the silver.
“And to you Forge, Take care” Draco said as the screen went blank.
Forge lingered in his quarters for a moment, letting out a breath and allowing the thought of Draco staying on earth sink in.
He knew he had no time to dwell over the matter and soon left his quarters, having to help with the rest of the evacuation preparation.
Ardon spotted Forge as he left his room, and having heard that the silver had gone to talk to draco, the gold hurried over to his uncle.
“Was that Draco? When will he be here?” the young dragon asked.
“He’s not coming,” said the silver, walking past him.
“What? What do you mean?” Ardon questioned him, not understanding.
“He’s staying here, with his people. He won’t leave them.”
“He has to! Why wouldn’t he? He has time-“ countered Ardon but Forge turned his burning orange eyes on him.
“Do not question him. He’s made his choice, Ardon. He can’t save all of those he holds dear. He wishes to remain with them till the end.” Growled Forge sternly, not wanting to discuss the matter. With that he turned and headed back to the hanger.
Jack was busy helping with Sam and other’s setting up temporary beds and bed linen for the families coming in, the dragon hanger was massive and so would accommodate all the people coming, it would indeed be the most people Torchwood 5 had staying but this was an extreme measure, Jack wanted a fall back plan if they failed to stop Braigg and Degarde.
Ardon went to go find Jack after speaking with Forge. It didn't take long to find him, organizing accommodations for the others arriving.
"Jack, Forge said Draco isn't coming. He wants to stay with his people."
Jack stopped what he was doing as the news sunk in about Draco, the man closed his eyes as Jack tried not to get upset with his choice.
“Well, he always had a closeness with people, I guess he feels if he cannot save them from danger, he can be there for them to face it and not alone, a brave honourable dragon” Jack said quietly.
Ardon nodded, not quite as understanding as Jack and Forge, thinking that Draco could at least save a few people. He looked up to the red dragon, however and it hurt his hearts to think he would stay here.
“I know it is sad Ardon but we must respect his decision, this is all a fall back, I am hoping once Baxter has located the ideal location for the Ribbon, we can stop him, then all this will be for nothing, but I cannot take the risk” Jack said to the gold.
"I know." said Ardon, though he had been consumed by the idea that earth was to fall to this ribbon. "We'll stop it. I know we can."
Jack nodded lightly.
“The ribbon wont get us, but the shockwave of losing our sun to that probe Dr DeGarde uses to alter the Ribbon’s course, we must stop him using that weapon at any cost, now until we get a location, you can give me a hand before checking your battle harness for its inventory stock, once we know we ride hard and fast to stop them” Jack said assertively to the gold.

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Force paced the hangar, fueled by a protective anger. He would not let these be earth’s last days. Humans called Draco a guardian of Earth but in truth, but in all rights Forge should have held the same title as well, not that the thought ever crossed his mind. Time after time the old warlord risked his life for the people of this world. It was with the silver’s help, that earth and it’s people had avoided countless catastrophes.
Forge wasn’t going to let his career of tending to the world end here. For a dragon who fought so fiercely against humans in the beginning and who had such a distain for them in their introductory years, he had made a full 180. The silver, as much as he would have hated to admit it, was mightily protective over the humans of this world.
The set up of the hangar was complete but he needed to be doing something. He could not simply stand around, waiting for something to happen. Vonriir appeared in the entryway with an extra collection of supplies, just in case but paused as he saw the older dragon making his way towards him.
“Forge?” said Vonriir as the silver stalked past him, stormily as he exited the large room. The warlord made no reply as the Cragback watched him walk away.

As the silver made his way through the halls, he spotted Baxter hurrying from the portal room. The man looked a bit disheveled, having to orchestrate both their possibilities. This was certainly a trail by fire for the man’s newly appointed title. Forge stepped in front of the professor’s path.
“What is the status on the portal?” demanded the silver.
"We are working as fast as we can, I got teams on it now, Sam is helping, but it be 48 hours before it is ready" Baxter said cautiously.
“And what of the location of Degarde?”
"A few hours while the computer calculates the ideal area" he replied back.
A few hours, thought Forge, “Fine.” He rumbled before turning away from the man, releasing him from his fiery gaze.
The dragon growled, feeling like they were getting nowhere. He knew he shouldn’t be so hard on the man; giving everything he could, he had been working endlessly with little sleep to try to help turn this dire situation around.
Still, Forge was agitated; he hated waiting and knew there was nothing he could do until they found out where the man was. Space was an impossibly large place and it seemed next to impossible to be able to pinpoint their location even with everyone on the lookout for them.

Ardon looked up as an announcement came over the tannoy that the transport from North America was arriving. He and Jack had been doing whatever they could to prepare while they waiting for their options to become possible.
"Ok, we best greet them and have a meeting of the senior teams, so I can keep them up to speed, in the mean time we make sure everyone is comfortable" Jack replied.
“We can gather in the room Baxter showed us the ribbon trajectory.” Said the gold as he and Jack made their way to the flight hangar.
It was bustling in the massive room but everything had slowed to allow the transport priority.
The ship powered down and the ramp descended to the floor. Alex was the first one to disembark, leading his team in their uncertain exodus. Ardon signaled the others to follow him while the commanders spoke.

“Happy doomsday, Jack. I’ve got quite the passenger list today,” said Alex, as he approached, his voice tinted with dark humour. “I’m hoping we won’t be in the dark for long? We know something is amiss but the specifics we’re still unclear on.”
Jack shook his head, "No, I hope that this wont happen but I cannot take any risks, I be briefing you and senior members of the team, we have accommodation all ready for everyone" Jack said.
"Got it. If you have any need of myself or my team we are able and willing to help in any way we can," he replied sincerely. “We may not completely understand what’s going on at the moment but you have us at your disposal.”
"It is a dangerous task ahead, I can explain more but as we are the main facility, once the portal is operational, you all be going over," Jack replied to Alex.
“Understood,” nodded Alex as he followed Jack.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be okay. We’re going to stop Degarde and Braigg. This is just a precaution,” Ardon said, his voice harnessing a confidence he was struggling to find internally. The gold was worried. Every minute that ticked by meant that they were a minute closer to not being able to stop all this. Still, he put on a brave face for the others. He knew they had questions but he insisted that they were working on it and they would all find out momentarily once the meeting was held.
“Here, everyone. I know it’s not 5 star but with this many people we had to make do,” said Ardon, showing them the dragon hanger. Vonriir flared a wing and greeted them in a tone as chipper as he could muster. He could see the teams family members that they had brought with them were overwhelmed by the whole ordeal, never having experienced so many dragons and never having known about these secret facilities.
“It’s alright, Ardon,” said Amanda, “We can’t be expecting the Ritz . As long as we’re together that’s what matters.”
Korrin, Tarok and Alyia all found a suitable space in the hanger as Comox and Veyron returned to greet them.

Once they were somewhat settled, Ardon ensured all the lights were dimmed from the flight hanger to the room that they would be housing Icarus in. He jogged back to the transport and called for the night striker and his family.
“You’re in room 8 again,” said Ardon as he lead them down the darkened hall.
“You don’t have to do that, I understand that we’re limited on space,” replied the large dragon.
“Space we’re fine on, it’s private quarters we’re lacking.” Said Ardon.
“We’re going to Kilara?” asked Tara, sounding apprehensive but cautiously excited at the same time.”
“Well, we’re hoping we can avoid that,” replied Ardon, turning to her and forcing a smile. “We just wanted you all here in case there’s a hiccup with plan A.”
“Well, plan A better work because I was about to start my training with Dr. Charles on Quadra,” said Tara.
“We’ll we can’t delay that, can we? I’ll do my best, Tara,” replied the gold dragon, leaving them to their quarters and headed back to find Jack so they could get underway with the briefing.
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Jack led Alex and Jon along with Dr Charles to the briefing room, with Baxter and Mark as they briefed the men on what had happened.
Jack explained to Alex that Braigg and Dr DeGarde had a weapon that can destroy stars and that he was using this weapon to alter the course of the Ribbon, he also explained the reasons why Braigg, a human hating, mentally unstable dragon was taking orders from the man.
Jack was hopefully clear in his explanation to Alex and his other two staff and how the situation could turn against them at any moment and he decided to devise the plan of mass evacuation to Kilara if they failed.
Alex was silent for a moment as he took in what was going on.
"Well..." he started, "what can we do to help prevent this?"
Asked the commander, not falling prey to the near certain doom that they were likely to face; instead he decided to stand strong with the T5 team.
Baxter looked at the others and spoke.
“The computer will calculate the best location to enter the Ribbon, I imagine it will be one of the peaks on earth but the computer will work it out soon” Baxter said.
“Once it is located, we will head out, Alex, I want you to assume command on Kilara, there are mobile transports that will help everyone and give us some technology, I need to be sure we have a dedicated leader there, just in case” Jack said with verbal honesty, respecting the man’s leadership.
Alex seemed to be momentarily taken aback before he cleared his throat. "Just until you return and give us the all clear." Responded the man.
Jack nodded, hoping that would be the case.
"Of course, Baxter team is working on the portal, along with Sam, it should be active soon, Vonriir will be with you, we have a very large sun shield for Icarus" Jack said.
"Good. I'm hoping we won't need any of this and just yanked us out of bed for the worlds most elaborate drill. I have utmost faith that you'll sort this out. Is there anything else I should be aware of for our potential Kilara exodus?" He asked.
"That is it really, you have a great team coming over and I know you can make this work, along with the dragons of Kilara" Jack said.
Alex nodded respectfully. "I'll ensure that we'll be upstanding citizens if we go over. You can trust me on that one."
Jack smiled, pleased with the man’s commitment.
“We are finalising everything, there will be three large mobile outposts with supplies, medication, mobile tech on board, there will be help from lots of people there, perhaps once settled and if things do not go as planned, there is a facility abandoned but is still structurally sound, a good place for a human colony” Jack said, his words were serious but there was a hint of sadness that things had come to this.
Alex rubbed at the stubble on his face, taking in the information he was given. This was not what he had been expecting to deal with this week and it all seemed surreal. "Alright Jack. We will manage one way or another."
“Thank you, make yourself at home, while I continue preparations” Jack said to Alex.
"Thank you, commander. Find me if you have any further need of me or my team." Replied Alex.
Jack nodded as Alex left with Jon but Dr Charles spoke.
“Dr Dillon is our computer expert, perhaps he can assist the professor” the man suggested.
Jack looked at Baxter who nodded lightly.
“The more the merrier, I come with you, as soon as I have the fixed location, I let you know” Baxter said as he left with Dr Charles.
Once Jack was alone he let a long breath he had been holding through this meeting, it was a massive gamble and one that Earth would fall, so many lives lost because of one man’s obsession, he wondered if that is who he turn into if he discovered the Ribbon.
The man sat down and put his head in his hands, hoping he was doing the right thing, the only family yet to arrive was Melina’s his and Mark’s, but he was assured by Daniel they were on their way.
Ardon paused as he realized he could feel sadness creeping through the link. The dragon, after a brief search, found him in the briefing room. "Jack?" He asked, stepping inside.
Jack looked up seeing his dragon approach in the briefing room, obviously the dragon sensing his sadness.
“Hey Ardon, just had the meeting, I..put Alex in charge of leading everyone on Kilara….just in case we do not succeed, I feel we must, also it all be for nothing if the portal isn’t operational” Jack told the gold.
"It won't be all for nothing. We're going to stop Degarde and Braigg. We've been up against worse and have come out on top," said the dragon, trying to be optimistic for his Attilu.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Its been a tough few hours, perhaps something to eat will help, Toby has said he’s ready for us all” Jack joked lightly getting from the desk and walking with Ardon out of the meeting room.
"Stars," Ardon replied upon realizing that he hadn't eaten since they had realized the magnitude of what was going on. "I guess I at least get a snack before being shipped off to save the world. You too," he said, nosing Jack in the shoulder to get moving.
“Yeah yeah” Jack said as he followed the gold towards the canteen.

Meanwhile Melina was packing up stuff from their room, she was preparing for the long haul, but she had her fingers crossed Jack, Ardon and Forge would succeed in stopping the sun being destroyed.
Quick as she could, Zyra hurried down to her quarters to find Melina.
"Mel," she said as the door opened. "You family is arriving. Shuttle is landing now."
Melina looked up from her packing and smiled lightly.
“We best go see them, they probably a little bewildered what is going on, least I know they be safe on Kilara, heh could even join us on Ibantu” Melina said leaving the room and following the bold wing.
"I know my brother would welcome them but let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's only a backup. I know... we have to stop this. If anyone can it's us."
“Yes, you are right, better to be safe than sorry right?” Melina said.
"Of course. I just don't want you to think all is lost," replied Zyra, rubbing her muzzle on Melina's shoulder briefly.
Melina smiled, giving the bold wing a pet as they made their way to the hanger, as they walked in the shuttle was landing, Melina seemed happy her family was with them, but knew it be a lot of explaining to do to them.
Soon as the shuttle doors open, Larissa, Ellis and Emilie came out first, followed by Suzanne and Daryl who seemed happy to see their daughter as the sisters called to Melina and Zyra.
The girls seemed in an enthusiastic mood as they approached.
“Sister hug!” Larissa declared as Melina grinned as the sisters embraced one another.
Zyra stepped forward and wrapped herself around the group, fanning her wings over them.
"Welcome, though I wish it were under better circumstances."
The group released from one another and marvelled at what they saw around them, they could not believe where they were.
“So, this place is where you work?, with the other dragons?” Ellis asked.
Melina nodded “Yes it is, we got beds and stuff ready for you in the other hanger, being used as a stop gap for now” Melina explained as her mother approaching giving Melina a hug and Zyra a pet on the muzzle.
“Melina?, Zyra, what is going on, we were contacted, told to pack just what we needed, a shuttle turned up and then we were whisked away here to the UK, what on earth is going on?” Suzanne asked as Melina looked up at Zyra for guidance.
"It's just a precaution at this point. We just want everyone safe but we are working on eliminating... the problem we're having." Said the dragoness.
Suzanne looked at Melina and back to Zyra not really understanding what was going on.
“Please mum, you must trust us and Jack, it is for your safety and once we got the all clear then you can go home” Melina said as Suzanne nodded lightly.
“Well, get to try some British food again” she smiled trying to make the best of it.
Melina smiled back as she led her family down to the canteen but Larissa caught a glimpse of the male bold wing, helping Baxter carry items to a large vehicle parked up the other side of the hanger past the rows of beds.
“Psst, hey Zy, who’s the handsome guy over there helping that man?, judging from the build he looks male” Larissa said to the dragoness.
The dragoness looked over and realized she was talking about the other boldwing.
"Oh that's Comox," replied Zyra.
Larissa grinned gesturing to her sisters.
“Hey Zy, he looks a handsome one, you two friends or friends” Ellis winked teasing as the other girls chuckled silently.
Zyra nudged her with her muzzle, "oh you're worse than Raya," she said with a wry smile.
"We're friends. Besides, saving the world is a little bit more important at the moment."
“We should hook them up, dragon dates!” Larissa said as the girls laughed, Melina and smiled, sensing the girls seemed enthusiastic enough with Zyra.
Kris decided to be somewhat useful round the facility, he hated being put in as a refugee for the facility but Daniel happily accepted them to join him on his rounds, they checked in on Icarus and his family.
Icarus looked up as Daniel and kris walked into the room with korrin following in behind.
"Any news?" Asked the large dragon. Brianne looked expectantly for a hopeful answer.
Korrin shook his head, "none yet."
Daniel spoke after the green dragon had finished.
“We are currently working to bring our portal machine online, Baxter is working to disable the enhanced security features as its very selective who comes in and out, so he is working on it, also Melina and Sam have developed a very extra large dark blanket to shield you from the sun if it is sunny over there” the man explained.
"I can shroud myself in an emergency but the shield will help." Replied Icarus. "But isn't it the hope that the danger will be stopped before we have to evacuate?"
Daniel seemed to be uneasy with the answer.
“Jack has said once the Portal is repaired and all systems are operating, evacuations will begin immediately, if it does become safe then we can all come back” Daniel replied.
"So, Kilara is where all of the dragons came from, that's where we're going?" Asked Tara.
"Yes," nodded Korrin. "Ardon's family lives where the portal is. We will wait there while they fix things here."
Daniel nodded lightly.
“Beautiful Islands or so I been told, however there will be three mobile transport outposts coming over as well, so be some human comforts and stuff going over” Daniel said.
Brianne motioned to Daniel for a word away from Tara and Michelle.
"No one has told me what happens if they don't stop... this things from happening." She said, concern for her daughters obvious in her tone.
Daniel nodded but spoke calmly.
“I have every confidence in Commander Harkness and his dragon to deal with this threat, if they do not, this is why the mobile vehicles are coming over, there are plans in place, I can assure you miss, priority is your safety” he replied back.
The woman nodded slowly, "I guess we have little other option. I just hope that all goes well."
Daniel nodded lightly to the woman’s concerns.
“We prepared for all eventualities, the dragons on their world we are on good terms, we have considered it, now if you excuse me” Daniel said as they left Brianne and the others to carry on their duties.
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While the whole situation needed to be remedied and countless lives were at stake, his hearts kept reminding him on Melina. The fragile, echo of a link that had remained even when the silver had denied the bond still called to him. The protective nature that possessed dragons over their charges was not one that could be ignored, even for the incomplete bond. The thought pulled and nagged at him throughout the day, unable to ignore it.
“Vonriir,” said the warlord as the dun coloured dragon passed by, carrying a number of bags that smelled of Veyron. It seemed like the wraith had finally gotten it in gear that this was actually happening and now was trying to get everyone else to move his belongings.
The Cragback paused and turned to his argent commander, “Sir? What is it?”
“I- I have a favour to ask,” admitted the dragon.
This seemed to surprise Vonriir, but the dragon put down what he was carrying and approached the silver.
“Of course. What ever you need, Forge. What is it?”
The silver was quiet for a moment. Unsure how to phrase his request without revealing the secret behind it all.
“If we don’t make it back, I need you to vow to protect Melina as if she were your own Attilu.” The dragon said, his ember-like eyes on the large dragon.
Vonriir seemed to waver under the stern gaze. He knew that Forge cared deeply for Melina, above all others it seemed though the Cragback had never thought about the reason why that would be, simply taking it as fact.
“Miss Zyra will take care of that, I’m sure,” replied Vonriir, not wanting to cross that line. He liked Zyra but would never test her patience or even dare to think about taking over that role. A small smile crossed his face at the thought, imagining the very worst. She knew that The Boldwing dragoness respected Forge and tolerated that closeness he shared with Melina, “The worst fate wouldn’t dare have a try at Melina with Zyra standing guard.”
“I know. But this is my request. Look after the team, should the worst happen. Melina is a binding force for all of us. She must be protected.”
Vonriir dipped his head low, bending down in a bow, “I will take that responsibility to my end days, sir. But I do hope that I can gladly escort her back here when you and Ardon save the day.”
Forge nodded, “As do I. I just want matters sorted before we leave.”
“Of course, sir.”
“Thank you, Vonriir,” said the silver, his tone dismissing the Cragback. The larger dragon bowed his head again and left Forge alone with his thoughts.

Forge was still not settled by the time all of the humans had their family arrive. He hated the waiting game that they were playing now. His warlord nature wanted him to go, fight, put a stop to all of this but at the moment it wholly was dependent on finding the location of Dr. Degarde and Braigg.
The dragon growled thinking about either of them, the fire in his lung burning hot as his hatred for them both. They would potentially sacrifice the lives of every being on earth just so they relive what they had lost.
Just as Jack had, the great silver now contemplated at the idea of having a second chance… another opportunity to save Tavalia. It pained him to think about her, even after all these years. He had not forgotten the graceful angle of her jaw, nor the bright sapphire eyes that had captivated him over four hundred years ago. He had never been able to, not that he ever tried, to shake the memory of her.
He wondered what he would have chosen, should the question be presented to him. The silver looked at the two doors across from him and found himself lost in thought.
Imagining that behind the right door was Tavalia nearly made the warlord’s throat tighten at the mere thought. But her door would come at a price: an entire world. The door on the left would ensure he would never have the chance to see her again, ever, something he thought he had already come to terms with, long ago. The left door would ensure his loneliness and pain for the rest of his days but ensure the lives of billions.
It was the hardest choice yet the easiest at the very same time.
Forge stood up, and sighed, departing to the canteen though the left door.
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“Have we connected the capacitors in, I don’t want this thing blowing when we power on!” Professor Baxter said sternly to his team as they worked furiously to bring the portal online, it felt like Jack was asking for them to move a mountain with their bare hands, an almost impossible task.
Dr Hinton was helping out with the circuitry replacements but time was against them, the portal was a very sensitive tool of theirs, if something wasn’t right it wouldn’t work.
Even Baxter who built this and redesigned some of the systems from the original blueprints found on Kilara’s Torchwood facility did not cover allot of what the man had to do.
Baxter had to improvise on a lot of components, circuits and other areas that needed time and patience, testing systems and ensuring there were fail safe’s in place, if not the portal would explode and they would lose all the hard work forever.
“I finished the wiring and soldering, the final circuit is ready professor” Dr Hinton said putting it back into the complex network, ensuring it was all clicked in as the team backed up, laptops and desks surrounded the immense circuitry behind the scenes with the portal, Baxter’s team had worked round the clock to get this thing working, now it was the moment of truth.
Baxter approached the main panel and took a deep breath, putting his hands on the side to steady himself, he noticed they were trembling, usually Baxter had time to do it properly, but with the threat of the sun being destroyed, it only gave them 20 minutes to evacuate.
“Ok, here goes nothing, initiating start up sequence and powering on systems” Baxter said as the team watched as lights came online, the massive portal started to power up, the start up sequence began.
The main computer running through checks and ensuring all systems were operational before the portal would be powered up fully.
Baxter waited anxiously as were the rest of the team, watching the portal power up, the computer doing checks and boot up sequences.
“How long does the boot up take and the portal establishes a connection?” Dr Hinton asked.
“Another 5 minutes, if there is an issue we know about it or the circuits will blow or fuse at worst, so keep tools handy” Baxter said.
All of a sudden the portal roared to network came online, the shimmering blue returned in the middle of the massive circle and the connection was established.
“YES! WOO!” Baxter said throwing his fists into the air like a boxer winning the rounds in the ring as the team clapped and cheered, the man was not one to show off or be visibly proud of himself, always keeping composed but the pressure seemed to lift off his shoulders.
“Well done Professor” Dr Hinton said patting him on the back.
“I increase the power, I inform Jack and Forge, we need to get people through now” Baxter said as he contacted the warlord first.
Forge got up to his feet as he heard the ringing and went over to answer the call, feeling suddenly alert at thinking something might be up. "Forge here." He said.
“Baxter here, after blood, sweat and tears the portal is operational, we made the connection to Kilara” the professor said sounding relieved that it was working.
"Good. We need to get everyone moving then," said the warlord, already looking towards the door.
“I will inform Jack and Ardon, perhaps you should go over to see your brother, inform him of the situation, also the computer has given me a 10 minute notification, we will know where the best location is if the Ribbon were to come to Earth” the professor added.
"You will find out in ten minutes?" Asked Forge, wanting to clarify.
Baxter nodded his head.
"Yes sir, I call you when I know" Baxter said to the warlord.
"Good. I'll get started on preparing Bronan. I want everyone moved over as quickly as possible." Replied the silver.
Baxter nodded lightly, agreeing with the silver.
"I begin evacuation procedures, Baxter out"
Baxter turned to the others and spoke.
“Begin the evacuation to Kilara, let’s get moving” Baxter said as the team packed up their laptops and shot off as the professor contacted Ardon.
"Bax?" Said Ardon, answering the call, "what's up? Any news?"
The man nodded to the dragon’s questions.
“Yes Ardon, portal is online, connection established, I’ve spoken to Forge and he wants a full scale evacuation now, my team has rushed off now to get things under way, I be heading to the IT labs as the computer has calculated the best location on Earth to access the Ribbon, I’m going down there now” Baxter said to the gold.
"Okay, I'll relay everything over to Jack and get the evacuation going. Thanks Bax, you've been amazing." Said Ardon.
“Ok I let people know and we begin evacuations” Baxter said as the screen went out, leaving Ardon to tell Jack.

Forge went to go alert Melina first, the pull drawing him to but instead came across Zyra on the way to their quarters.
"The evacuation-" he started.
"Is starting. I know. Ardon just told me. I'm going to wake mel up now." Replied the dragoness, not sticking along long enough to hang onto the conversation.
Melina was in her quarters sleeping or dozing while she had the bare essentials were packed up, including Zyra’s degree certificate, the title belt and her other achievements all packed up including her own, along with clothes and other necessities.
"Mel?" called Zyra softly, approaching the bed. "Mel, it's time to get up, they've got the portal working."
Melina woke up and looked up at her dragoness and nodded lightly.
“He got the portal working?, that is impressive, what is the plan?” Melina asked the bold wing as she got herself up and off the bed.
"We've got to move everyone and all the equipment over now," replied Zyra. "Forge is going to get everyone started."
Melina looked surprised at the comment but she guessed as soon as the portal was active, Forge would of wanted to begin the evacuation process.
“Ok, I put these items into the mobile outpost and then I think that is it, I had to pack your certificates and stuff, I wanted to take them…just in case” Melina said.
"I know. We'll bring them but you're putting them back up when we're back," said Zyra with a soft smile, trying to put her at ease even though she was nervous herself.
Melina nodded lightly as she grabbed some bags and a rucksack to begin the evacuation, “No time to lose then, I got these bags, if you grab them then we will get them to the mobile outpost” Melina said.
"Alright," nodded Zyra, grabbing the items and putting them over her shoulder.
Their room looked bare without all the little adornments that they had collected through the years, now packed away.

Through the portal Forge reappeared with Bronan, Ucluelet and Neekoh. The dragons of Sunbreak had been alarmed by the news but had jumped into action quickly, not delaying a moment.
Tahsis stayed behind to gather provisions and clear the area for their arrival.
"Alright, I need you three to start bringing over everything that is on the left side of the hangar to start," ordered the silver.
"Alrighty Forge," nodded Neekoh.
Jack soon arrived with Ardon in tow as Baxter manned the computer panel, using his laptop to keep up to date with the computer’s analysis of the best peak for the Ribbon, when they found that out, they would find Dr DeGarde and Braigg.
“The mobile transports are on their way here, what is the weather like there, Icarus need his sun shield up? Or is it night time there” Jack asked the silver.
"It's midday. Cloudy but still bright," replied the warlord, "he will need the shield."
“Ardy, go let Icarus know so he can get the sun shield on, you got a dark cave for him to go into?” Jack asked Bronan and Forge.
"Yes. Ours is the closest. He can rest there until dark," said Bronan as Ardon went to go fetch the night striker and his family.
“Ok, the mobile outposts are coming through, they basically be our tech centres, I cant thank you enough for taking us all in, I just hope it is only for a short while” Jack said as he could feel and hear the rumbling of the three big mobile outposts.
"You know that we will help no matter what, Jack. I just hope that this is all temporary, for your sake." Said Bronan, looking to see the outposts.
“I hope so Bronan, I really hope so but we will stop this madness but this is a fall back” Jack explained as Vonriir came in escorting the outposts as they made their way towards the portal.
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The mobile outposts rumbled through the portal, directed by Bronan to establish where they would be set up on the island, for the time being anyway. Forge’s tranquil island home and all its beauty was now the unloading zone for this exodus from earth. The team of dragon was making quick work of getting as much equipment over as possible. The essentials went first, of course, each securing a place on the beach before the dragon bringing the items raced back to the portal to fetch more.
It was a constant flow back and forth through the portal and Forge had been concerned that their archway through to the safety of the isles might get overworked. Once the basics were over he stopped the caravan of items and ordered that the families of the team now proceed through in case anything should happen with the portal.
“Go across, I will meet you there later,” said the black dragon, wanting the girls across the portal to where it was certain they would be safe until he could finish helping the others get things across.
“We will be waiting,” said Brianne, petting the slightly iridescent scales on his cheek. Tara and Michelle gave him a kiss on the nose before they grabbed their bags and followed their mother.
“See you soon, Icky!” called Tara, looking over her shoulder to wave at the black, serpentine dragon. He watched them go with his deep amethyst eyes; worried about their future.

The girls met with Alex and a number of others by the portal. The man had been given orders to take over to Kilara and would now be handed over the reins while Jack, Ardon and Forge dealt with the threat on earth.
“Alright, everyone, we’re going to pass through the portal quickly now, just a few at a time as we don’t want to overwork the machine. As soon as your across move away from the landing area. We’ll help set up temporary living areas while the others continue to bring evacuation gear over. This is Forge and Bronan’s island so we are going to treat it with great care while the host us.”
No one contested this but as Alex looked out over the small crowd of people his stomach twisted. He was now aware of how big of a threat they faced and the consequences they would have to deal with if they didn’t succeed.
“Alright,” said Forge, his voice rumbled over the group as he walked past them towards the portal. Everyone turned to watch the silver dragon; there was a captivating and commanding presence about him, “I want all non-essential personal and civilians through the portal now, then we can finish bringing over supplies.”
“As the dragon ordered, let’s go,” nodded Alex, holding out his hand so that the group would begin to move.

On the other side of the portal, Tahsis looked up from trying to assemble a canvas shelter she had been given, having heard the sound of the archway change again. There already had been a number of passes through as equipment and items came through, normally carried in by Vonriir or her mate, Bronan. But now, three people she did not recognize stepped out onto the white sand.
“Hello, welcome. Come this way if you please. I don’t want you getting trampled if anyone else comes through the portal,” Tahsis called to them, trotting over.
“Are you Tahsis, Ardon’s mom?” asked Tara, looking up at the soft, blue-green dragoness.
A gentle smile crossed her face, “You would be correct.”
“People will be coming through now while they prepare all the other things to bring over,” said Brianne just as The Gillis family appeared through the shimmering blue of the portal, looking gobsmacked at stepping out into a tropical paradise.
“Come, come this way,” Tahsis called again. “Everyone, I’ve set up a little area here to rest while we get everything done. Please excuse the disorganization,” she said, leading them over to a sheltered area where she had gathered the essentials to ensure their comfort. More people began to come through the portal.

When it was finally Icarus’s time to go across the dragon was fitted under the sun shield and on the other side of the portal Bronan was holding up one of the canvas tents to cast a slight shadow on the area directly in front of the gate.
“Whenever you’re ready, Icarus.” Said Vonriir.
The night striker nodded and opened his jaws. Out came the black smoke, shimmering indigo in places as he contorted it to wrap about himself as an extra precaution. Vonriir stood back, alarmed but Icarus paid him no mind, stepping forward and through the portal’s blue surface until the very tip of his long tail disappeared.
A few moments later Bronan and Tahsis turned up through the portal.
“Everything is ready on our side,” said the copper dragon. Ardon’s mother reached out with her wings, hugging her son and nuzzling his head with her muzzle.
“You’ve always done us proud, Ardy, I know you’ll continue to do so. Be safe, okay?” she said quietly.
Ardon had found himself in a countless number of situations but Tahsis had never been around to offer him her motherly worry or support. Now the threat loomed, there had been time for her to fret over him. He hugged her back.
“Don’t worry, we’ll be safe.” He said softly to her as she released him.
“Do what you do best, Forge. I know you’ve got this by the horns.” Said Bronan to his silver brother. Forge nodded.
The parents drew in a breath and thanked Jack, letting him know that they would guard the others with their life, vowing to protect them all until they returned. ‘If’ was never said, it was always ‘when’. They had to hope for the best. The only other option was too grim to think about.
They turned to leave, disappearing through the portal’s surface.
Finally all that was left were the torchwood team 5 and 7 members, apart from Alyia and James who had needed a little coaxing to get through the portal.
“Good luck, Ardon,” said Korrin as he clinked horns with the gold. Tarok did the same and Amanda gave his nose a pat.
“Go kick some butt. I don’t think I can live without coffee so you better save the planet okay?” she said in a confident voice but the dragon could see her eyes were beginning to grow watery.
“I promise,” replied Ardon, looking down at her.
"Alex, this is for you, only watch it if things know don't work out," Jack said to the T7 leader.
Alex took the usb and flipped it over in his hand; the torchwood logo shimmered slightly in the light. He nodded and tucked it safely in his jacket pocket. This was something he hoped he would never have to see again.
“Good luck, Jack. We’ll be waiting,” said Alex, offering his hand.
Jack nodded and shook the man's hand firmly and smiled " You got a great team and allies, you make it work I'm sure" Jack said.
“You can count on me,” he said, nodding. Alex turned to his team and drew in a breath. “Alright everyone, let’s move. They’ve got a world to save.”
With that the last of the T7 Team crossed the portal and all that remained was the core of the Torchwood 5 team and Forge as they stood in the bare portal room. Everything possible had been moved across and the building was now eerily quiet after so much noise and commotion over the last 48 hours.
The 11 members, dragon and human, stood together before the portal. This was it, possibly the last chance the others would ever see Jack, Ardon and Forge again. Veyron had even delayed his escape across the portal to hang around, sitting across Mark’s shoulders.
Forge looked across at Vonriir and gave the slightest tilt of his head in Melina’s direction. The giant cragback closed his eyes and gave a solemn nod, understanding.
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The mobile outposts rumbled through the portal, directed by Bronan to establish where they would be set up on the island, for the time being anyway. Forge’s tranquil island home and all its beauty was now the unloading zone for this exodus from earth. The team of dragon was making quick work of getting as much equipment over as possible. The essentials went first, of course, each securing a place on the beach before the dragon bringing the items raced back to the portal to fetch more.
It was a constant flow back and forth through the portal and Forge had been concerned that their archway through to the safety of the isles might get overworked. Once the basics were over he stopped the caravan of items and ordered that the families of the team now proceed through in case anything should happen with the portal.
“Go across, I will meet you there later,” said the black dragon, wanting the girls across the portal to where it was certain they would be safe until he could finish helping the others get things across.
“We will be waiting,” said Brianne, petting the slightly iridescent scales on his cheek. Tara and Michelle gave him a kiss on the nose before they grabbed their bags and followed their mother.
“See you soon, Icky!” called Tara, looking over her shoulder to wave at the black, serpentine dragon. He watched them go with his deep amethyst eyes; worried about their future.

The girls met with Alex and a number of others by the portal. The man had been given orders to take over to Kilara and would now be handed over the reins while Jack, Ardon and Forge dealt with the threat on earth.
“Alright, everyone, we’re going to pass through the portal quickly now, just a few at a time as we don’t want to overwork the machine. As soon as your across move away from the landing area. We’ll help set up temporary living areas while the others continue to bring evacuation gear over. This is Forge and Bronan’s island so we are going to treat it with great care while the host us.”
No one contested this but as Alex looked out over the small crowd of people his stomach twisted. He was now aware of how big of a threat they faced and the consequences they would have to deal with if they didn’t succeed.
“Alright,” said Forge, his voice rumbled over the group as he walked past them towards the portal. Everyone turned to watch the silver dragon; there was a captivating and commanding presence about him, “I want all non-essential personal and civilians through the portal now, then we can finish bringing over supplies.”
“As the dragon ordered, let’s go,” nodded Alex, holding out his hand so that the group would begin to move.

On the other side of the portal, Tahsis looked up from trying to assemble a canvas shelter she had been given, having heard the sound of the archway change again. There already had been a number of passes through as equipment and items came through, normally carried in by Vonriir or her mate, Bronan. But now, three people she did not recognize stepped out onto the white sand.
“Hello, welcome. Come this way if you please. I don’t want you getting trampled if anyone else comes through the portal,” Tahsis called to them, trotting over.
“Are you Tahsis, Ardon’s mom?” asked Tara, looking up at the soft, blue-green dragoness.
A gentle smile crossed her face, “You would be correct.”
“People will be coming through now while they prepare all the other things to bring over,” said Brianne just as The Gillis family appeared through the shimmering blue of the portal, looking gobsmacked at stepping out into a tropical paradise.
“Come, come this way,” Tahsis called again. “Everyone, I’ve set up a little area here to rest while we get everything done. Please excuse the disorganization,” she said, leading them over to a sheltered area where she had gathered the essentials to ensure their comfort. More people began to come through the portal.

When it was finally Icarus’s time to go across the dragon was fitted under the sun shield and on the other side of the portal Bronan was holding up one of the canvas tents to cast a slight shadow on the area directly in front of the gate.
“Whenever you’re ready, Icarus.” Said Vonriir.
The night striker nodded and opened his jaws. Out came the black smoke, shimmering indigo in places as he contorted it to wrap about himself as an extra precaution. Vonriir stood back, alarmed but Icarus paid him no mind, stepping forward and through the portal’s blue surface until the very tip of his long tail disappeared.
A few moments later Bronan and Tahsis turned up through the portal.
“Everything is ready on our side,” said the copper dragon. Ardon’s mother reached out with her wings, hugging her son and nuzzling his head with her muzzle.
“You’ve always done us proud, Ardy, I know you’ll continue to do so. Be safe, okay?” she said quietly.
Ardon had found himself in a countless number of situations but Tahsis had never been around to offer him her motherly worry or support. Now the threat loomed, there had been time for her to fret over him. He hugged her back.
“Don’t worry, we’ll be safe.” He said softly to her as she released him.
“Do what you do best, Forge. I know you’ve got this by the horns.” Said Bronan to his silver brother. Forge nodded.
The parents drew in a breath and thanked Jack, letting him know that they would guard the others with their life, vowing to protect them all until they returned. ‘If’ was never said, it was always ‘when’. They had to hope for the best. The only other option was too grim to think about.
They turned to leave, disappearing through the portal’s surface.
Finally all that was left were the torchwood team 5 and 7 members, apart from Alyia and James who had needed a little coaxing to get through the portal.
“Good luck, Ardon,” said Korrin as he clinked horns with the gold. Tarok did the same and Amanda gave his nose a pat.
“Go kick some butt. I don’t think I can live without coffee so you better save the planet okay?” she said in a confident voice but the dragon could see her eyes were beginning to grow watery.
“I promise,” replied Ardon, looking down at her.
"Alex, this is for you, only watch it if things know don't work out," Jack said to the T7 leader.
Alex took the usb and flipped it over in his hand; the torchwood logo shimmered slightly in the light. He nodded and tucked it safely in his jacket pocket. This was something he hoped he would never have to see again.
“Good luck, Jack. We’ll be waiting,” said Alex, offering his hand.
Jack nodded and shook the man's hand firmly and smiled " You got a great team and allies, you make it work I'm sure" Jack said.
“You can count on me,” he said, nodding. Alex turned to his team and drew in a breath. “Alright everyone, let’s move. They’ve got a world to save.”
With that the last of the T7 Team crossed the portal and all that remained was the core of the Torchwood 5 team and Forge as they stood in the bare portal room. Everything possible had been moved across and the building was now eerily quiet after so much noise and commotion over the last 48 hours.
The 11 members, dragon and human, stood together before the portal. This was it, possibly the last chance the others would ever see Jack, Ardon and Forge again. Veyron had even delayed his escape across the portal to hang around, sitting across Mark’s shoulders.
Forge looked across at Vonriir and gave the slightest tilt of his head in Melina’s direction. The giant cragback closed his eyes and gave a solemn nod, understanding.
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Baxter came into the room with information regarding where Dr DeGarde and Braigg could go to obtain an optimum location to enter the Ribbon if the man used the weapon to destroy the sun, time had been of the essence as they did not know how long they had.
“Computer has finally calculated where the two of them will be, based on calculations the best location for a launch and to enter the Ribbon based on Dr White’s calculations is Mount Everest, at over 8,848M above sea level, perfect place” Baxter said to Jack and the others.
"We must leave for this mountain then. Is there a calculated time for the jump into the ribbon?" asked Forge.
Baxter checked his laptop for Forge.
“It will reach the gap between Earth and Venus in 5 hours time, you do not have long” the professor said.
Jack nodded.
“Right, last people over now, I shut down the main base systems but leave the portal open, put onto standby, we get some artic gear and head up there, the rest of you head off” Jack instructed.
"Good luck, you guys." said Comox apprehensively.
Vonriir nodded. "If anyone can fix this, it’s you three."
Melina looked at Jack and seemed uneasy, she knew the stakes was high and they could lose their home, she looked to Zyra and then to Jack and Ardon, approaching and petting the gold.
“You guys stay safe, I want all three of you back or else I be cross” the professor said but her stern words hid her worry and aching heart, the only ones to feel it would be Zyra and Forge.
Forge nodded, "We won't fail you." He said, turning away before he could let his own worry get the best of him. He hated to see her go so instead he put on his cold, steeled exterior and walked off to get ready.
“We be fine, honestly, this is all a precaution” Jack said as Baxter shook Jack’s hand.
“Good luck Jack, Ardon” the man said as Mark came forward and nodded shaking Jack’s hand as well.
“Get back soon or I have Veyron whining about the lack of amenities and luxury quilts” Mark lightly joked.
"Quilts are the least of my concerns," grumbled Veyron. "Go get em, commander."
Jack smiled.
“Thanks Mark and you Veyron, you be back soon, just keep together and look out for one another and if things do happen, least you got a great team, best head over” Jack said as Mark nodded as Baxter and Mark vanished along with Comox.
“Jack can I have a quick chat in private” Melina asked as Jack nodded, curious why the professor wanted to have a talk.
Once they were out of view Melina spoke.
“I’m just for you, all of you but we been such a close team, I hate to lose you” Melina said.
“Hey, it be ok you see, we be back, honestly, they need you on Kilara, you’re the smartest person I know and I know you can help Alex if anything happens” Jack said with a small smile, keeping positive for the woman.
All of a sudden Melina stepped on her tip toes and gave Jack a kiss on the lips, Jack was a bit surprised but soon the two embraced and Jack kissed the professor back, the two were close friends and had a good working relationship but this was different and it seemed Melina did not want to miss that chance just in case the man did not return.
"Just be careful okay? I don't know who I'll make fun of if you don't come back”said Zyra.
Ardon nodded and an awkward quiet lapsed between them. Suddenly Zyra lunged forward and hugged Ardon around his neck tightly.
"You come back or else you idiot." She said.
"I promise." He said, hugging her back before he let her go.
Melina appeared as the dragons spoke some final words, Melina followed the bold wing, looking back at Jack and Ardon, then to Forge who nodded respectfully to her, Melina nodded back and soon they disappeared through the portal.
Jack let out a breath he had been holding for a little while, this was very real now and they had to stop them.
“I will go to the storage area and get my Artic gear, we do have some artic gear for the dragons too, Vonriir’s stuff should fit you Forge” Jack said.
"I'll use whatever would work," replied the silver, nodding.
Jack nodded as the dragons followed him, the base was now fully empty, their footsteps seemed louder as there was no noise from any of the systems and only the emergency lights were on.
“The base seems creepy without the systems running or people about” Jack commented to Ardon, as they made their way to the storage area.
"Yeah you can feel it, the difference in here," ardon agreed.
Jack went into the large storage room outside the dragon hanger, where all the equipment for the dragons and riders were, Jack picked up two boxes and put them outside to take them to the hanger to load up on the transport shuttle.
“Ardon, help me bring your gear and Vonriir’s if you can give us a paw Forge that be great, we check to see if it fits and then we load it up on the shuttle” Jack said to the silver.
"Yeah I can do that," Ardon said, dragging out the gear.
Forge pulled out Vonriir’s rigging and held it up. "I'll drown in this but there are straps to pull it tight. It will work."
Jack gave a small smile.
“Yes, he is a big dragon, but the straps will make it tight and secure, just the weather on the tip will be cold plus Oxygen will be thin there so conserve your fire for hits, I expect the area to be defended band Braigg wont let anyone get near DeGarde, with him being this close” Jack said as they made their way to the shuttle hanger.
"Dragons can fly at high altitudes with less oxygen so we might have a small advantage though at that height we have to be careful." Said forge.
Jack nodded as they made their way to the shuttle.
“We approach lower so we aren’t detected and then go up on dragon wings, let’s hope they are snoozing when we arrive or distracted enough to stop them, 5 hours to save the world” Jack said to the two dragons.
The silence seemed to grip the room on Jack’s comments, the next few hours would be make or break for them as there was a lot at stake.
Jack felt bad for not informing Amelia and only evacuating the other dragons and staff, along with immediate families out, but they had no time now, they had to stop these two.
“Ok, board the shuttle while I program the shut down” Jack said opening the large doors so Forge and Ardon could go in the back.
The dragons boarded the shuttle and settled in for the trip.
"Leave Bragg to me, no matter what. Just keep Jack safe while you go for Degarde." Ordered the silver.
"Okay," nodded Ardon quietly.
It was only a few moments until Jack returned and entered the back of the shuttle, the door closed as he made his way up to the cockpit, “Ok prepare for Launch” Jack said as he activated the control panels, soon the engines came online and Jack used the controls and the shuttle took off from the ground.
Jack piloted the shuttle upwards out of the hanger, as soon as the shuttle left the hanger doors closed, once the doors were shut the computer activated a base wide shut down as lights and systems powered down, leaving the active base in silence and darkness, the only thing still on standby was the portal for their return.
The shuttle was up in the air and was heading towards Everest as the battle to save Earth had now begun.
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Baxter was the last one across the portal and as soon as he passed through the group turned to look at him. The look on his face told them that things were underway, this was really happening now.
Alex could see the apprehension on the crowd around him. Not much had been done since they came over. Everyone seemed to be in some sort of daze, still trying to grasp what was happening.
Alex cleared his throat and stepped atop a rock and cleared his throat.
“Alright everyone. Jack, Ardon and Forge have now left to go deal with the situation so in the meantime we need to finish setting up the tents from the outposts. Bronan and Tahsis have kindly agreed to allow us to reside on their island until they return so let’s make our stay as comfortable as possible.”
“How long do you expect us to be here?” came a voice as Amanda’s father raised his hand.
“That, I can’t be certain of; as long as it takes for them to neutralize the threat.” Replied Alex. “So, I need 6 people to help drag out the canvas and get the power hooked up. Let’s get set up then we can relax in paradise while the trio save the world.” Said the commander, wanting everyone to be busy so they wouldn’t worry.
"Baxter, I know you've been running full tilt but I'll need your help with the system start up with the outpost." said Alex as he then directed a few others for more tasks.
As people got up to help others mingled about. Zyra had lingered by the portal and when the blue, wavering colour disappeared and was suddenly replaced by a static grey her hearts skipped a beat. The gateway home was now on standby. She stared at the portal, knowing that there would be no way back now unless the boys succeeded. She immediately felt a twinge of regret but there was nothing to do that now.
"Zyra, they be ok, I'm sure of it, dear," Melina said to the worried bold wing.
The dragoness turned to her and nodded, not wanting to leave the portal but knowing they needed to get set up. “Let’s go help.” She said to the woman, casting one last glance over her shoulder before following Melina.

Alyia sat in the sand and flexed her talons through the fine, white grains, quite different from the beach back home. “What do you think, sir? It’s rather pretty here, isn’t it?” she said cheerily. She loved how blue the water was here and she had already found pink and purple pearlescent shells along the shore. James sat on a large driftwood log, looking out of place in his suite on the beach.
"Aye, needs mooore bars and an Ice cream wouldn't go amiss" the Scotsman said.
"Well... ice cream would be difficult to come by but you should think this as a vacation." replied Alyia as she picked up another shell and put them in a growing pile beside where the man sat.
"A holiday Lass?, we are on another wooorld and Earth might be goone in the next few oours, soo how can ya be jolly, apart from this is ya home?” James replied back.
“Just trying to make the best of our situation, sir,” replied the dragoness, laying down in the sand beside the log. "I know Ardy won't let us down. Soon enough he'll come back through that portal and tell us its all safe to come home."

“What the hell do we do in the meantime?” asked Veyron, still having not left Mark’s shoulder. The wraith seemed reluctant to have come in the first place but now appeared to be at a loss for what to do with himself. He wanted his bed, his TV and air conditioning. The wraith was already dreading the potential of having to stay here.
"I don’t f-ing know Veyron, were on a beach and the mobile outposts are being set up, what more can we do. I thought you love to stretch your wings and chill in the water, not pumping iron" Mark replied back.
“I never said I wanted to, besides if I had known the damn world was going to go to ****, I wouldn’t have bothered wasting my time trying to prepare for the prof’s stupid test.” Grumbled the dragon.
Mark sighed lightly, "I was saving something for an emergency, but there is a crate of booze in the one outpost vehicles....just in case things don't pan out, but it’s up to you, either go back to your dragon wraiths or stay with me and the others here," Mark said to the Wraith.
“I’m staying here where the good stuff is,” replied Veyron with a snort. “To hell if I’m going back living like a feral. Stars, forget about rationing or waiting to hear about our almost certain doom, we should crack into it now...“
A bit further down the beach, Amanda tied her hair back and rolled up her sleeves. It was much warmer here than she expected.
“So,” she said, just now taking the time to look around where they stood. The island was indeed beautiful and not what she had imagined when Tarok told her about the brief visit he had before Forge led them through the portal. The main island on which they were stationed was huge, and mountainous while lush and green at the same time. The waters that surrounded them were brilliant sapphire blue, bright against the pearly sand. “This is Kilara, huh? It doesn’t all look like this, does it?”
“No, my breed is from the ivory cliffs along the coast, north of here,” replied the coastal dragon. “Maybe I could show you…”
Amanda turned to her dragon and pet his azure cheek. “Maybe.” She nodded, knowing that Tarok had never been able to find his family before stumbling into Forge’s path.

On the shuttle Ardon lay on the hold flor quietly, thinking about how the lives of everyone on earth now rested on their shoulders. The world was depending on them but still they didn’t know for certain that they had all the answers. He just hoped to the stars that they could stop Braigg and Degarde before it was too late.
“Have hope, Ardon. You have never been one to think something was impossible. Don’t start now,” said Forge, looking down at him.
Ardon realized that he must have been watching him. “I’m not.”
“Hm,” Forge hummed in response, looking away. He could feel the weight of their burden too but he knew he had to put a stop to all of this, for everyone.

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Professor Baxter along with the other doctors got the mobile vehicles expanded out and operational as the three of them got the generators working and begun unloading the supplies and other equipment.
As Kris approached with Korrin the three of them along with Sam were finishing off the opening of the mobile outposts, which would expand out and the generators on board provide power and the equipment on board would run, along with the fridges and other facilities on board.
“Hows it going guys, I can see that the outposts are up and running” Kris said.
Dr Charles nodded.
“Yes all running ok, the refrigeration units are up and running as well as the scientific equipment, we do have a few sleeping areas in the outposts so some people can sleep if they have difficulty” Dr Hinton said.
Kris smiled lightly.
“Perhaps that small dragon who is moaning to Mark De Santa might appreciate it” Kris said making Baxter smile.
“I was thinking that” the professor said as Kris nodded in agreement.
“How are you coping you two, it is a big jump I know but least the supplies are safe and the generators are online” Dr Charles asked Kris and Korrin.
"We'll do fine until they come back," said Korrin, firmly believing that this would only be temporary
“Good, well we are going to start distributing supplies and other things around to people, we do have working loo’s on board at least, Baxter is going to locate the abandoned outpost not too far from here” Dr Charles said to them.
"If you ask Bronan he may be able to take some of you there to check it out. He probably knows where it is," said Korrin, looking across the beach to see if he could see the copper dragon.
“We will see, until then Alex has said to give out the rations and get bedding and stuff set up, if you guys can help that be great” Baxter said to the team.
"Of course," nodded Korrin, getting to his feet as he looked over at Kris, "Where should we begin?"
“I hand it all out along with bedding, Sam is going to check on Icarus and Brianne, see if the kids want to sleep in the Excelsior next to us, has 6 beds and gives the girls some privacy” Dr Charles said.
"That's kind of you," replied Korrin. They would certainly have to make due with their current circumstances.
The other side of the beach Melina approached Amanda and Tarok who were sat down, watching the waves crashing on the golden sands of the island, the team seemed to want to simply try and make the best of the situation.
“Hello Amanda, Tarok, I been told by Sam that the Excelsior and Valiant outposts have some beds and some small comforts, Sam said it’s being offered to the girls and children if they want them, I do not mind sleeping amongst the stars” Melina said.
"Oh, thank you professor but Tarok and I don't mind at all. We're used to the great outdoors. Please offer the spot to someone who needs it," smiled Amanda, patting her dragon's shoulder.
"Is there anything we can help do, though?" Tarok inquired.
“Zyra is helping distribute rations and blankets for tonight, Baxter has the three mobile outposts operating, Toby is setting up a mobile kitchen as well, I might help out there” Melina replied.
"What about a fire, for some light tonight? We don't exactly need the warmth but it could help brighten up the beach and not have to run any of the generators or whatnot," suggested Tarok.
Melina smiled.
“That is a great idea, perhaps gather some fire wood and I give Toby a hand” Melina said as she went to help Toby noticing Suzanne and her sisters helping out Toby get a mobile kitchen set up and also her dad’s BBQ came along as well.
“What you guys doing?” Melina asked.
“Can’t expect us to sit here and do nothing, your speaking to the expert campers, we are giving Toby a hand, so are the girls” Suzanne said as Larrissa, Ellia and Emilie got tables and the tents set yp for the evening meals.
“Anything I can do?, I was going to help Toby out” Melina replied.
“I got enough help from your Family professor, I survive” Toby said with a smile.
“Alright, I go check up on the dragons” Melina said as the Goodwin family continued to help out and be useful, Melina had to smile at her mum’ she hated sitting about and they had sprung into action.
"Hey, I've got Co and Hitteki handing out blankets and pillows. The sheets and sleeping bags have been distributed already. We're nearly done." said Zyra.
Melina with a smile to the bold wing.
“My family have taken over the kitchen area with Toby, trust my mum hating to be sat down not doing anything, but they are experienced campers and love sleeping under the stars, best people to have” Melina said to the bold wing.
"That's good. Everyone seems to be holding it together for the moment," noted the dragoness. "Hopefully it stays that way."
Melina agreed with Zyra, everyone’s spirits were high and had faith Jack and co would prevail and they be back in earth in no time.

Sam meanwhile was checking up on Icarus, the poor night striker was confined to a cave surrounded by trees and deeper away from the beach where the sun wasn’t beating down and was cooler.
“Hello there, just come to check up on you, sorry for the delay, been setting up the mobile outposts2 Sam said politely to Icarus and the others.
Icarus looked up as Sam walked into the dim cave to inquire how they all were.
"We're doing alright, thank you." said the dragon.
"Getting hungry though," added Michelle.
“Well, you need not worry, we are distributing food rations and Bronan and Tahsis are on a hunt ot bring back food, the other dragons have offered to help as well, Toby is setting up a mobile kitchen for us all” Sam responded with a kind smile.
"Like an all inclusive resort, with dragons," said Tara with a smile. "Doesn't sound that bad, being stranded here for a while."
Sam chuckled lightly.
“Indeed miss, we have prepared for all eventualities here, Toby is very resourceful with food and so is professor Baxter, by the way our mobile outposts have beds and air conditioning, the beds are being given priority to families and the ladies of the group, Amanda and Melina have offered their places up for you girls if you want to sleep more comfortably” Sam said.
"That's very kind of them," nodded Brianne, looking towards her daughters.
"Thank you," replied Michelle. "We haven't had a good chance to actually catch some shut eye since we left home."
Sam nodded understanding their concerns.
“Well, you can have the beds in the Valiant if you like, or we bring bed blankets and stuff here to be with Icarus, the cave walls will keep it cool in here in the day but might be a bit cold in the night, it is up to you but we can always add more blankets” Sam said.
"I'll stay here with Icky if you want to sleep in the valiant." Tara said to her mother.
Brianne nodded. "Alright. We'll be happy with the valiant accommodations."
Sam looked at Icarus and then to Tara, “Icky?, that your nickname Icarus?” Sam asked the night striker.
The dragon smiled, "It would appear to be. Icarus is a bit difficult to shorten."
"He doesn't mind," laughed Tara.
Sam chuckled lightly.
“I think your dragon allows you to get away with A lot Miss Tara, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day if we found you practicing your vet and dragon skills on Icarus, using all the bandages” Sam said with a smile.
The large dragon let out a gentle chuckle. "I've acted as a stand- n patient already."
"I was supposed to start my drakine medicine course on Quadra in a week before we were told to come here." Said Tara.
The large dragon let out a gentle chuckle. "I've acted as a stand- n patient already."
"I was supposed to start my drakine medicine course on Quadra in a week before we were told to come here." Said Tara.
“Sam nodded lightly.
“Speak with Dr Charles and melina, we might need your help down the line while we are here” the man said.
"Yes sir. I brought all my textbooks and everything with me," smiled Tara.
“Good, well I best do my rounds, I be back later” Sam said as he left to do his rounds, with the other people on the beach and to check up on the others.

Meanwhile the shuttle trundled on towards the high peak of Everest, travelling high above the sky leaving the UK and heading towards the peak at the max speed, ensuring they had the time to stop them.
Jack had gone faster and the engines were being pushed to get them there, this started to create turbulence as they got closer to the peak, soon the weather changed and it seemed there was a snow storm round this part of the world which caused the shuttle to rattle and jostle about in the air.
"Huh!" Exclaimed Ardon as he was jostled awake by the turbulence. He hadn't realized he had fallen asleep. Forge was looking out one of the barrow windows and did not turn to the gold as he spoke.
"We're getting closer but we now facing a storm on top of all things."
"Oh.." replied Ardon hesitantly.
The shuttle rocked a little bit as the snow storm continued, in the distance a shadowy object appeared in the distance as Jack checked the GPS and saw they were not far from Everest, he imagined Dr Degarde would be at the top, with this storm it would provide cover for them.
“The snow storm will provide us some cover for us, I imagine Degarde and Braigg will be on the very top, I’m going to increase our altitude” Jack called down as the shuttle moved upwards.
The shuttle complies as it crossed over the snowy tips of the mountains surrounding the highest peak on Earth, the shuttle wobbled lightly in the turbulence, the snow fall continuing to come down, Jack switched the sensors to see if there was a suitable area that they could touch down near the peak.
All of a sudden the snow storm cleared up and they were flying in clear conditions, the sun coming down and the bright white of the snow below them, Jack couldn’t understand it.
The dragons noticed the turbulence and rumbling suddenly stopped.
"What's going on?" Ardon yelled to Jack.
“I do not know, the weather has just cleared up, sensors have detected power signatures around the highest peak, it seems to be keeping a large area around the peak clear of the storm, I did not know such technology existed” Jack said surprised.
"They must have done something so that accessing the ribbon would be easier," said Forge. "Battling a storm would have likely made it nearly impossible."

Soon alarms were going off in the shuttle as rockets were approaching the shuttle, it appeared Dr DeGarde had prepared for any potential uninvited guests with rocket turrets.

“Hang on!” Jack said as he threw the shuttle into a quick and swift manoeuvre, trying to evade the rockets that had locked on them.
Forge and Ardon sunk their talons into the flooring and tried to avoid being thrown about the shuttle. "They were expecting us!" shouted Ardon.
The shuttle was slow and large and unable to do the type of evasion moves that were needed as a rocket exploded underneath them, the explosion rocked the shuttle harshly as Jack check on the status.
Ardon half shouted, half roared in alarm.
"Jack! What's going on!" Yelled Forge.
“We been hit, Engines compromised, we are going down, open the back door and let’s get out of here!” Jack shouted locking the controls and pressing a button to vent the smoke out of the engines to provide them with cover.
Ardon struggled to his feet but managed after a panicked moment and grabbed Jack as he came running. Forge all but pushed them through the shuttle doors before he himself leapt into the smokey air as the shuttle fell below them.

The shuttle crashed and exploded, sending plumes of black smoke up into the area, watch from the highest peak was Dr Degarde, dressed in a thick white coat with a hood over his head, he watched the shuttle burning and smouldering.
Next to him was the massive Hoplite Ram who growled lightly at the shuttle’s destruction.
“That will take care of any passer by’s no one could survive that” the man said to the dragon who snorted.
“I keep an eye out, you continue with the preparations Doctor, no one will be interfering with us” Braigg said walking off with the man, unknown to them Ardon and Forge had flown low, using the explosion and smoke for cover as they landed close to where the peak was.
Ardon and forge landed on the ground, the snow so deep it rose up to the golds chest.
"Braigg," rumbled forge as he spotted the dragon flying above the turrets higher up the peak.
Jack could see the dragon patrolling in the sky not too far from there location, they have to be quiet to sneak up to the peak to get to Dr DeGardes facility there.
“We need to get up there without being noticed, I think you need to provide a distraction Forge, Braigg will spot us if he continues flying that path” Jack said as the dragon seemed to slow and land on the mountain peak.
"That I can gladly do." Rumbled forge. "Are you ready?"
"I am," said Ardon, hearts pounding fast already.
“Ok, just be safe, we find DeGarde and look to disable the Sun probe, while you deal with our sumo dragon there” Jack said, as he jumped onto Ardon’s back, without a saddle he have to cling to one of Ardon’s spikes as they lost all their resources in the shuttle.
"Done," growled forge as he unfurled his wide wings and leapt into the air, aiming for Braigg.
Jack watched Forge go as he tapped Ardon on the shoulder.
“Let’s sneak round the side and reach the launch pad” Jack said to the gold.
Ardon nodded and with a bit of difficulty from the depth of the snow, the dragon managed to get aloft. He skimmed the shows surface as he flew fast along the eastern side of the peak.
He shivered and could already feel he biting cold nip into the thin membranes of his wings.
"We do this Ardon, I know we can" Jack said assertively to the dragon, feeling his nervousness.
The gold heard his attilu's determination and quickened his pace, trying to hurry as they searched for Degarde.
Braigg landed on the flat area that was below the peak, overlooking the mountains, his breath visible as he tried to steady his breathing with the air being thin here, but for a dragon it was not an issue, the cold did not bother him either as he looked out to the horizon.
Forge suddenly swooped up behind Braigg and landed a few wing lengths away.
"Braigg," he called to him, orange eyes burning brightly.
Braigg turned around and looked at the large silver before him, the dragon before Forge seemed emboldened with a laser beam like focus on getting into the Ribbon, going through anyone who stood in his way.
“So, it was you in that human craft, your Nephew and the other human?” he asked the silver.
"It doesn't matter who was with me. You and Degarde need to stop this madness now," ordered Forge.
Braigg snorted at Forge’s comments
“Why do you care Commander, you built a career and reputation on killing humans and driving them from your lands, now you defend their home, something that isn’t even yours, your authority does not extend to earth” Braigg replied back.
"Much had changed since the human's first arrival and I have as well. I care because you are throwing away the lives of billions of people... for what?" growled the silver.
“I do not think I am your enemy Forge, nor the people of this world, your real enemy is time, admit it Forge…aren’t you feeling a little old, time catching up on you?” Braigg said to the silver.
Forge snorted, shaking his head. Braigg wasn't making sense again, "That is life, Braigg. Something we all have to live with."
Braigg gave a sly smile to Forge’s comments.
“I think that human, Dr DeGarde said it better, time is like a predator, stalks you and chases you down, you can try and outrun it, but in the end it makes its kill, it will catch up with you…where I’m going…time has no meaning, the predator has no teeth” Braigg said assertively to the warlord before him.
Forge growled, his tail swaying behind him, "But at what cost? You risk billions of innocent lives. You can't possibly know what you'll find in the ribbon?"
Braigg looked at Forge with a cold look.
“I know what I will get, I wish there was another way, but then I thought…we are all going to do, its just how and when, just the people on this world will go a little sooner” Braigg said, no care or remorse in his voice.
The silver dragon bared his teeth at this. "You have no right to play god and call death upon an entire world! You're selfishness is incomprehensible!"
Braigg growled back at the silver.
“You know so very little, the world and the stars are bigger than your morals and honour, I know what I want from this and no old, broken warlord of a dragon will stand in my way” Braigg challenged back.
Forge would not stand for this any longer. He had to stop this mad dragon, no matter what. He lunged, teeth flashing, at Braigg.
Braigg snarled and went directly for the silver, unlike other breeds, the hoplite Ram was very heavily armoured up front and built solidly, Braigg and Forge crashed into one another as they went to try and get the first mental points over the other in this fight.
The silver dug in his hind claws, halting and pushing back, recalling how strong the hoplite species really was.
Braigg snarled and pushed harder as the two went for it, the dragon seemed up for this fight as he upped the pressure upon the warlord.
Forge could feel the other dragon bearing down on him and he had to push hard, scratching the stone and ice with his hind claws.
Braigg managed to use his weight to his advantage, piling on pressure, his aim was to beat Forge in brawn and slam him hard against the rock, then the dragon would beat the living day out of his old commander.
Forge growled as he valiantly tried to fight Braigg back.
The large dragon was heavy and mountainous, however and it took tremendous effort to hold his ground.
Braigg pushed again sensing weakness in the warlord, his weight winning here as Forge edged closer to the intended place, Braigg snarled and continued his frontal assault on the silver.
Skidding backwards, the silver lost his footing on a sheet of ice and slid, losing his hold on the ground. He barely recovered as the other dragon seemed to take the opportunity to bear down on him further.
Braigg took full advantage as both dragons rose up to try and deal a blow to the other.
Forge snapped at the softer scales under Braigg’s throat but missed. “Grrh!” he snarled, shoving back as hard as he could but with little luck. Teeth barred and fire burning in his eyes, Forge wasn’t giving up.
Braigg then hit the dragon with weight and power, using his armoured crest he crashed into Forge who couldn’t hold him as with effort the Hoplite rammed the silver against the cold stone rock wall with a fierce crash.
Forge’s back struck the stone hard.
His paws on Braig’s armored forelegs as he tried to fight him off. Pinned to the wall the silver was at a great disadvantage but it only spurred his fight for survival. He swung his crest right for the other dragon’s face, trying to drive him away.
Braigg dodged the attack and smacked Forge backwards, the rock cracking and crumbling under their combined weight but Braigg had the upper hand.
Braigg clenched his paw into a fist, seeing how humans fight, he thought Forge would fight old school dragon and the human move would throw him.
Braigg launched his fist towards the silver’s face, if it landed it be a massive hit for the hoplite and would stun the silver, allowing him to dominate here and allow Dr Degarde to continue his work on bringing the Ribbon to their location.
Forge caught Braigg's fist in his paw and made to twist his arm, "You're not the only one who has taken pointers from humans," he snarled.
Braigg looked surprised that Forge caught it, realising the warlord had upped his game and seemed to know human moves.
In one fluid motion, Forge threw Braigg's forearm aside and lunged, tackling the ram by the middling, catching the back of the other dragons arm between his horns as he tried to lift him up and topple him.
Braigg was caught off guard at Forge;s motions, now Forge was in a place he could not look down or bit him, due to the heavy armour, Braigg head movements were limited, the silver had utilized a blindspot on the heavy dragon.
The silver dragon had the fire and determination coursing through him as he tried to topple the other dragon, feeling the armoured weight of the hoplite.
Braigg was surprised the warlord was trying to topple him again, the old dragon got lucky last time but the Hoplite wouldn’t let it happen again as he went deadweight on the silver.
Forge felt a burning sensation across his back as his forearms trembled with the force he was exerting in this do or die fight.
Braigg growled.
“You fool, Hoplite’s are the heavy weights of the dragons, you can’t do it again! Braigg snarled trying to get out but locked in place.
Forge snarled, "I've fought worse than you!" The silver was fierce but failing now as his momentum slowed and the heavier dragon began to gain ground.
“Hah!” snarled Braigg as he growled trying to get out of Forge’s lock.
The silver rumbled in response, fighting hard but realizing the dragon was too heavy for him.
Braigg knew Forge was failing and tried to help by moving in such a way to pile on the weight onto Forge’s aching muscles.

The warlord cursed inwardly, knowing that the other dragon was to heavy as he battled against his trembling hind legs.
Braigg smirked seeing and feeling Forge’s body tremble and weaken before him.
“You always take on more than your old body can handle, you fail here as you failed with your mate years ago, admit it, your finished!” Growled Braigg angrily.
"Don't you ever mention her again!" Roared Forge, as he stopped and shook as he slowly lifted the other dragon.
“WHAT!” Braigg growled in surprise as Forge lifted him him, he tried to reach with his paws but he could not, Forge had him stuck and the dragon felt a bit of dread as Forge took control.
The silver trembled, shaking as he continued to slowly lift the other dragon
“Impossible, How!” Braigg snarled and growled as Forge continued his assault, not matter how heavy or tough this dragon thought he was, the warlord never gave up.
The silver, fuelled by his rage coiled and lunged forward with a tremendous roar, toppling the ram to the ground.
The heavy hit from Braigg hitting the rock shook the whole area, as the rock had cracked from the impact.

Jack and Ardon had snuck round and seen Dr DeGarde working, when he heard the thump then he rushed to the launch pad and typed in a command and then grabbed a control pad as he typed something in it.
“Ok Ardy now is our chance, I assume from that roar, Forge just got pissed off” Jack said to the gold.
"He doesn't sound happy at the very least," replied the dragon, angling his wings.
Jack hung on as Ardon flew, Jack pointed to a clearing for Ardon to land as they could have a perfect run up to the launch pad and put it out of action.
“Right you go for the launch pad, I go for the doctor, we need to stop that Sun probe launching” Jack said to the golden dragon.
The gold dragon beat his wings hard and went for the launch pad. Just as he began to slow his wings down to land and dragon struck something hard.
A forcefield lit up in a crackling light as the dragon landed heavily on the ground, stunned by the impact.
Jack turned to see Ardon stunned on the ground, Jack abandoned his pursuit of the doctor and went back to Ardon.
“Ardon!” Jack shouted, vaulting over equipment to reach the gold, soon they came under fire from Dr DeGarde firing a laser type weapon at Jack.
Ardon rolled to his feet just as Jack reached him. He pulled the man down behind a rock to shield them.
"He's armed to the teeth!" The dragon snarled as he tried to peer over the rock and see.
The man kept his gun aimed at them as the two of them hid.
“I assume you are Jack and Ardon…..he told me about you Braigg, back on the station, seems fitting you would be here to ruin my years of work, soon that work will be complete” Dr DeGarde said.
"You can't do this!" Shouted Ardon. "You're about to wipe out the entire world!"
The man seemed to smile lightly.
“Believe me, I did not want to destroy my home, I looked for other ways, there is none, I have set everything out in motion, I have an appointment with eternity and I don’t want to be late, same with Braigg” the man said.
"You can't do this!" Growled Ardon, taking a step forward.
Dr Degarde pointed the gun at Ardon.
“I’d rather not shoot but I cannot allow any of you to interfere, hence the defences, provided by a friend of mine who works for Technical Weapons Divison 13, now stay where you are” the man said as Jack tried moved in front of the dragon.
“We can’t allow this, you going to kill billions of people!” Jack said angrily.
“Oh please, in the grand scheme of things, what is a billion people, where me and Braigg is going, its worth more than money, more than gold, more than anything…a chance to spend eternity with those you love and care for” Dr Degarde said as Jack seemed to falter, Ardon would sense the man’s conflicts.
Ardon glanced over at Jack for a brief second before turning his gold eyes back on Degarde.
"So you'd sacrifice billions of lives to live out your own fantasy? Can't you see how insane that is?"
Dr DeGarde kept the weapon pointed at them.
“Sometimes, to see the ones you care about you have to make big sacrifices, for me it was my career and sanity, don’t you tell me you would not do the same if you lost someone close to you” the man said.
Ardon growled. "Never!" He replied but he questioned if that would be true if he ever lost Jack.
Jack looked at the man and could see time was running out.
“Dr DeGarde, noone is questioning what you discovered or what it could mean, but I think this has clouded your judgement, the loss of your family, I know what that is like, I lost my parents, burned to death in a fire, I know how badly you want something back, the way it was…but this is just too big of a sacrifice for this” Jack said trying to reason with the man.
Dr DeGarde seemed to nod and listen until he fired at Jack and Ardon, Jack fell to the ground as the DrDegarde spoke, Ardon was also hit directly.
"Agh!" Shouted Ardon as the shock surged through him.
“Consider that mercy for your loss, it was set on Max stun, by the time you have regained movement, it be too late” the man said.
"No!" Cried Ardon unable to move, "you can't do this!"
“Too late, you can watch, who knows you might join me and Braigg in the Ribbon, perhaps regain what you lost, once you are there, all this?, will not matter to you” DeGarde said as he went to the launchpad.
Ardon was helpless, unable to do anything but watch in horror as Degarde walked away.
Jack was in no better shape as he felt his body had seized up, luckily he could still move a tiny bit as he spoke to Ardon.
“Ardon!, you need to stop him, surely being larger you got more protection, that hit was for a human not a dragon” Jack managed to say.
Ardon turned his eye to the man, wanting him to know he had been struggling to fight off the effects this whole time.
Light broke out across the scales on his muzzle as he managed to get back to his feet painstakingly slow.
“Woah, how you doing that” Jack feeling his palm get warm as Ardon’s Brathille seemed to be fuelling the dragon.
Ardon grit his teeth and closed his eyes. Suddenly the familiar glimmering gold shield began to appear as he took a staggering step forward.
DeGarde had finished programming the launch pad and the probe was ready to fire as he checked on his watch as he heard a thump in the distance as it seemed Forge was losing steam against the hoplite.
Dr DeGarde looked to see Ardon approaching slowly, glowing and looking quite intimidating.
“Don’t you beasts stay down!” the man said as he grabbed his laser gun and fired it at the golden dragon.
Ardon shrank back for a second but his shield had taken the worst of the hit. Growling, the golden glow began to widen and the dragon started to move forward more steadily now.
The man continued to shoot at the dragon, the laser hitting the shield and the dragon being protected, Jack watched on in amazement as Ardon approached.
“Do not make me turn this to kill dragon!” DeGarde said as he continued to fire at the dragon.
The shield crackled but held strong as Ardon advanced on the man: his gold eyes locked on him.
Dr Degarde seemed agitated as went to adjust the gun but his clock went off as he then chucked the laser at the dragon and ran towards the launch pad.
“Ardon! Flame it now!” Jack shouted as the man went for the launch pad controls.
Ardon drew in a deep breath and opened his jaws. Flames of gold and orange burst from his mouth and the shield vanished.
Degarde however managed to press the button and get out of the way as the Sun probe launched into the sky, travelling fast as it headed up to the heavens, the Launch pad got destroyed by the dragon’s flame but it was enough as Jack was getting to his feet slowly.
"No!" Shouted Ardon as the missile rocketed off, far too fast for him to ever catch. He staggered to a halt before he turned his eyes on Degarde. "Use the computer! Call it back!" He snarled.
Dr DeGarde laughed lightly.
“It’s too late now, it has launched and now years of work will come to life” the man said as the Sun began to darken and soon night seemed to fall upon the lands.
Forge groaned in pain as he staggered to his feet, blood seeping from a slash across his nose. Suddenly it grew dark, all at once like night had taken over.
"No, what is happening?" He managed to spit out.
Braigg growled and a smile appeared on his face, “You are too late, the rocket has fired and now the final phase is in motion, you fought valiantly but you have lost Commander” Braigg said hitting the warlord knocking him back off his feet once more.
Forge hit the ground roughly, snarling in pain. He rose to his feet slowly once more, he was not going to let the world end without Braigg paying for it. He lunged back at the ram, flame billowing from his jaws.
Braigg turned and reacted quickly, with the Ribbon being so close, Forge was not going to rain on his parade, he clenched his fist and punched the warlord hard in the chest, the impact was bone shaking as the Forced Forge back.
Forge hit the ground hard, his head striking the stone, stunning the dragon.
“Now, if you don’t mind I have an appointment to keep” snarled the hoplite as he left the stunned silver on the lower ledge.

Dr DeGarde saw the sun fully darken as darkness enveloped the area, then he saw in the distance, what he had been hoping for, the Ribbon a large red horizontal line approaching that area, glowing and seemingly full of excitable energy.
DeGarde smiled and ran up to the highest platform on the peak to ensure he had a front row seat in entering the Ribbon.
Ardon snarled, brathille lighting up his scales as he chased after the man, paying the other dragon no mind. His focus was solely on Degarde.
Ardon did not see the large Hoplite Ram approach, the dragon caught sight of the gold going after the man.
Braigg growled and launched fire in front of the gold which exploded in the snow in front of the dragon.
"You lost Drake, learn to accept defeat, in a few moments this will not matter".
"I won't sit back and watch you destroy an entire world!" shouted Ardon after he skidded to a halt, he fired back his own golden flame.
Braigg dodged it and laughed.
"Your as fiery as your uncle....but it is too late, the star is destroyed and the Ribbon approaches, killing us now is useless, you lost this fight on this world....perhaps you find peace in the one approaching" Braigg replied.
Ardon barred his teeth, snarling as he leapt up onto the stairs leading to the platform. He didn't know what to do. There was no way he could stop what had happened nor get Jack to safety.
“There is no way to stop it now” Braigg said as he approached the edge of the mountain and looked up to see the Ribbon approaching, a smile on his face, he now believed he see his family again.
“We be together soon my love, soon” Braigg said to himself.
Dr DeGarde was happy as well raising his arms into the air as if to be doubly sure he would enter the doorway as the energy Ribbon approached, electrical bolts shot between one part of the Ribbon to the other, it was a vibrant red colour, wavering about on its horizontal path towards Mount Everest.
Ardon looked up in horror as he suddenly staggered backwards before running towards Jack, eyes wide in fear.
On the rocks a short way below, Forge looked up from his dazed state at the strange apparition in the sky.
Jack had managed to get up, still feeling sore but the stun effect wearing off as he looked up to see the Ribbon approach and Ardon rushing back to him.
Ardon circled around Jack protectively, eyes still trained on the sky above.
"I'm sorry, Jack." whispered the dragon, curling around him tightly.
The man looked at Ardon kindly, if they were to perish then Jack would not show fear or be nervous, he stand in front of the end boldly.
"Hey, look at me, not at the Ribbon, it's ok, it's alright Ardon" Jack said quietly in a softer tone and put his hand on his muzzle.
"It's ok" he repeated.
The gold lowered his head to his Attilu and pressed his muzzle to the man's hand. There was a look of despair in his golden eyes, knowing there was nothing he could do to save Jack.
"I- I couldn't have asked for a..a better Attilu." he managed to say, no words sounding quite right for what they now faced.
Jack smiled lightly petting his golden scales on his muzzle.
"And I couldn't of asked for a better been amazing, do you believe what Dr Degarde says, do you think its a doorway?" Jack asked calmly.
"I don't know. I hope... maybe that it is," replied Ardon.
Snow crunched behind them as Forge appeared, having managed to get up and limp over.
"If this is the end... may we find each other in the stars."
Jack nodded lightly and looked up at Forge, " We about to find out, just to say Forge it's been an honour to be a friend of yours, despite you been a grumpy sod" Jack said with a small smile, trying to at least try and keep things light with humour.
Forge looked down at Jack; a bittersweet smile pulled at his lips. "All for a purpose. Had to help mould you into someone who could keep my nephew in line."
Jack chuckled lightly as the wave approached, Jack hugged the dragons muzzle and closed his eyes as the Ribbon hit, it passed over like clouds passing over mountains, the energy inside was vibrant but Jack felt it being warm, not boiling as if they evaporate but a calming warmth he could feel and touch.
Jack kept his eyes closed as the feelings of warmth and calming washing over him as the Ribbon passed the mountain.
It was only a few minutes as the Ribbon left the mountain, loads of villagers lower down looked up in awe at the disappearance of the sun and then the Ribbon, up on the peak, Dr Degarde, Braigg, Forge, Ardon and Jack had vanished nowhere to be seen as the Ribbon continued on its journey across space, with a shockwave approaching Earth from the destruction of the Sun, Jack and Ardon were not dead but had entered the Ribbon, leaving behind this universe.
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Back on the Sunbreak isles the evacuated people milled about, waiting to hear back about their future. Everything had been set up so now all there was to do was hang in there and wait for news. The moment they had crossed the portal, Zyra had tried her best to help out but her eyes were continuously drawn back to the archway. Now that there was nothing left to occupy her, the dragoness had laid like a watchful sphinx in the sand, yellow eyes trained on the shimmering portal.

Suddenly the soft blue surfaced went grey and almost had a static like appearance before the surface disappeared altogether. A red light appeared on the apex of the arch and there was a soft warning tone that began to sound.
"No!" The dragoness panicked, leaping to her feet. She ran up to the portal and brought up her paw but it went straight through the arch and to the other side. Her hearts seemed to seize in sudden realization about what this meant, "Baxter, what's happened! Something's wrong!"
Not far away, the man hurried over as the dragoness fretted, tapping the side of the portal frantically. Melina rushed over as well, drawn by her dragon’s panic. Baxter looked at the control panel and typed on it, with red words saying ‘No Signal’. Baxter seemed stunned.
He turned slowly to face Zyra and spoke.. I’m....I’m sorry" Baxter said.
A cold dread washed over the Boldwing even as she stood in the stifling heat of the island.
"No, no-no-no, it can't be. What if something is just went wrong with the portal? You didn’t have a ton of time to set it up, we might have missed something..." Zyra stammered, trying to find any plausible reason other than the cruel obvious.
Baxter gulped and shook his head, "I had repaired the link...the conclusion I come to is that… they did not succeed in their efforts," Baxter replied lowering his head saddened.
The dragoness shook her head, tears springing to her eyes, unable to comprehend what she was hearing. Earth had been lost and with it, countless lives. Zyra felt like she was struggling to breathe, her throat tight and her heart beating wildly.
Melina seemed in shock herself, her hand by her mouth as she looked at Baxter who shook his head.
Melina was in as much sadness as Zyra was, "Zy...." was all she managed to say.
The dragoness struggled to fight back tears but it was a pointless battle. Gone. Everything and everyone was gone. It felt like it was just a moment ago that she had hugged Ardon round the neck and had called him an idiot. Her breath caught in her throat as she realized she wouldn’t ever see him again.
Others began to see the commotion going on at the portal and began to hurry over, wondering what was going on.

Further down the beach, the wraith had not ventured far from Mark, still sat upon his shoulders. He had never imagined himself back on Kilara, not even for a second and it seemed like the humans here were his refuge against the ‘wildness’ of it all. Something caught the dragon’s eye mid conversation. Veyron rapped his knuckles against Marks temple to get his attention as he spotted Alex running down the beach towards the portal.
"Hey, what's happening?" he asked, pointing as they could see others gathering by the portal.
"No idea, we best head down there and find out, Jack could be back," Mark said as he made his way there. Veyron stood up on his shoulder on his hind legs as the man walked, much like a meerkat, trying to see what was going on.
“Hurry up, something’s going on,” he urged the man.
Alex was exchanging a few words with Baxter and Melina when Mark and Veyron approached.
"Hey what is going on, what is happening" Mark asked as Melina seemed upset as Baxter tried to console her. The wraith thought this was a bad sign.
Sam looked a bit grim looking at Mark, "They did not make it....there is no connection," Sam said as Mark looked shocked.
"Earth?" he asked hesitantly as Sam shook his head.
“It’s gone,” replied Alex in disbelief.
It was less than 24 hours ago that Jack had asked the man to take charge should the worst happen. Alex hadn’t been exactly given time to prepare should they actually fail. Already others were beginning to gather but the man was almost frozen in place. He hadn’t been able to evacuate everyone, he realized. Everyone back home was now gone. Every last person on earth. The people here on this island were the only ones left.
“Alex. ALEX.” came a voice that snapped the man out of this horrible reverie. He realized that everyone had gathered and were looking at him expectantly, fearing the worst.
“Alex what is going on?” asked Amanda.
Alex tried to speak but at first the words seemed to catch in his throat. Where would he begin? How could he even begin with the fact that he was still reeling from the information himself. Suddenly the responsibility seemed to weigh too heavy on his shoulders but he knew these people needed him. The man cleared his throat and though he struggled, he managed to find words.
“We have lost Earth.”
The crowd burst out in cries and shouts of disbelief and horror, human and dragon alike. All at once everyone began talking, trying to get their question heard over the other.
“They didn’t make it?”
“What happened?”
“What do you mean it’s lost?”
“Earth’s gone?”
“We can’t go back?”
Tahsis looked like she had been shot through the heart. Her firstborn and only son, who had such a tumultuous start to life was now gone, forever. Bronan’s expression was horrified but steeled as he comforted his mate. Alex looked out at the people in front of him. Fifty six people were now under his leadership in a way he had never anticipated, looking to him for guidance in his terrible time.
“This, unfortunately, is what we had to prepare for- What Jack had us evacuate for…. Jack, Ardon and Forge sacrificed their lives for a chance to save our world… one that has proven to have failed… but it is not in vain. Their efforts and the persistence of his team allowed us a chance to avoid their fate….”
"Now what do we do? No earth and no home to go back to?" Mark asked.
“Yeah, what the hell are we supposed to do now
“We… carry on here,” said Alex, “We have to. We have food, clothes, supplies. We’re going to have to start over, here.”
James shook his head and walked off with Mark noticing.
"Hey, where you going?" Mark asked.
"Tooo get drunk ya yankie..." James went marching off as Alyia hesitantly followed after him.
Veyron watched him leave, thinking that was the best idea at the moment but his attention was captured by Bronan who stepped up to where Alex stood. The dragon rallied himself and spoke, his voice deep and rumbling.
“You… we’ve all suffered an unbelievable loss but you don’t stand alone. You all are Kilaran’s own now. My son vowed himself to protect humans and I will now take up that banner. You are not without guardians or allies,” the copper dragon said.
Korrin looked up at the male, seeing the pain in his expression but also the hope that he had for the people before him.
“You have us, all of us,” said Vonriir, looking around at the other dragons present who nodded solemnly.
Alex nodded to Bronan in thanks. There was not much more he could say. There had to be time for grief and to come to terms with what had happened
After a few last words, Alex let everyone go from their gathering. He stood in the sand, shaking his head in disbelief. His hand went up to his jacket pocket where the USB he had hoped to never see again rested against his chest. He fished it out of his pocket and held it in his hand, staring at it grimly.


“Forge… Forge…” came a gentle, melodic voice, familiar and strange all the same.
The silver opened his eyes, slowly blinking as he woke. His head was on his paws and from where he lay he could see brilliant soft light filtering in through a cave opening. The scent of salty sea air reached his nose, brought in by a light breeze.
“Forge, you’ve been mumbling in your sleep again, wake up my love,” said the voice again and a paw entered his field of vision; delicate white scales with pale, buttery yellow markings.
He lifted his head, shaking the haze from his sleep as he looked up at a beautiful face. The silver seemed to startle, jolted into a sitting position as he looked at the dragoness before him.
Bewitching, sapphire blue eyes, kind and compassionate, stared back at him. She was beautiful, in every sense of the word. A long, gracefully angled jaw gave way to a sweet smile; delicate features highlighting her elegant face. Small, pale horns curved back from her head that she tilted to the side, seemingly puzzled by the male’s confusion.
“Tavalia…” he breathed.
The dragoness giggled, bringing a paw up to her mouth. “Yes Forge, who else were you expecting? You’re giving me a look that reminds me of the first time you laid eyes on me.” She teased gently, getting to her feet. She moved with a fluid grace, almost in an ethereal sense that captivated the silver, drawing his eyes over her form. Her scales, pale, almost like ivory and snow in places, were decorated with faint canary and citrine markings, almost like sunshine had traced its way across her back.
“I- ah, sorry. I had the strangest dream…. I think,” he finally managed to reply. “I felt like…. I had lost you.”
Tavalia’s mouth moved into a gentle smile as she approached him and rubbed her muzzle affectionately under his chin, “Well I’m here, not lost, I promise.”
Forge’s hearts flooded with such relief and love though he couldn’t place just the reason why, simply giving in and returning her embrace, wrapping a forearm around her and pulling her close. She thrummed and twisted her neck up, giving him a lick on his cheek.
“What’s gotten into you today?”
“I… just missed you.” Forge said.
“Well, if you didn’t have that nap in the middle of the day maybe you wouldn’t miss me,” replied Tavalia with a laugh. She pulled away and walked towards the cave entrance with a coy expression. “Come fly with me. It’s beautiful today.”
The silver rose to his feet, following the dragoness out. She giggled and trotted ahead, unfurling her wings. Forge grinned, and gave chase.


Forge reclined on the cliff edge, overlooking the ocean above his island with Tavalia leaning against his side. He let out a content sigh and looked out to the horizon were the sky was beginning to paint gorgeous colours against the sparse clouds that hung in the sky. Today had been a fine day and now they reclined with their tails curled together, hanging off the edge of the rocks on which they lay.
A whistle and laughter drew his attention and brought Tavalia out of her dreamy dozing.
“Oh, here comes trouble,” she said with a smile.
Out from the canopy burst three dragons in a game of chase. Three young males, only a few years on their crests pursued each other with squawks of laughter… or shouting, it was hard to tell at this distance.
“You still think its fine for them to wander the island on their own?” asked Tavalia as they watched the youngsters approached.
“They’re fine. Nothing bad can happen to them on Sunbreak,” replied Forge.
He lifted his wing, catching the boy’s attention. They turned their wings and sailed towards them.

The eldest was a silver, like his father, but had a pale underbelly and ivory markings on his wings like his mother. He landed and rolled his eyes as his brothers playfully squabbled over something blue. “They’ve been fighting over a rock since midday,”
“It’s not just a rock is Larimar and it’s MINE,” replied the copper coloured male, the smallest of the three as he held up the sky blue stone. It was rather pretty and one of the gems often found on the island chain.
“But I lifted the log it was under,” snorted the last dragon who had scales of pale ivory and markings similar to Tavalia, except they were the colour of driftwood.

“Aeris, bring it here, let’s see,” instructed Forge, holding out his talons. The copper drake brought the stone forward and handed it over. The great silver turned it over in his paw; the stone was a large one and had veins of snowy white through it. “This is a good find. I’m glad you and Kyvo will share it.” Said Forge in a tone that the drakes knew meant law. Aeris didn’t seem too happy with the ruling but the ivory coloured male grinned.
“Where did your wings take you, today, my little gems?” asked Tavalia.
“We went to the falls on the next island.” Said the young silver.
“Again, Adarin?” asked Forge.
“Adarin wanted to see if he could find that pretty dragoness again.” Teased Kyvo with won him a glare from the eldest.
Tavalia saw this as a perfect time to stop their squabbling, “Go get cleaned up, then off to the cave. It’s getting late,” instructed the dragoness.
The young dragons grumbled and huffed but did not protest. Adarin was the first to jump into the air, leading his brothers away back to their home cave.
Tavalia sighed and then laughed lightly, “Ah what a fine bunch we’ve unleashed upon the world.”
Despite their antics, the silver was brimming with pride for his children. “They’re good drakes. Don’t you remember the trouble that came along with youth?”
Tavalia turned and looked him squarely in the eye, “My dearest Forge, are you calling us old?” she said, though she was unable to keep herself from breaking out into a smile.
“Stars no, I wouldn’t ever dare,” cooed the great silver, pulling her close and giving her a lick across the cheek.


Forge angled his wings, maneuvering closer to Tavalia as they flew across the ocean, their youngsters in tow.
“Aren’t you excited? I can’t wait to meet them,” she beamed.
“Yes. It’s been a long time coming,” replied the silver, “My brother has always looked forward to having hatchlings of his own.”
“How many cousins will we have?” asked Adarin, catching up to his parents.
“They had a clutch of three,” said Forge.
“Just like us. I hope it’s all boys,” said Kyvo.
“Stars help them if it is,” laughed Tavalia.
They crossed the strait and flew on through the mainland where Forge’s brother had settled with his mate, not too far from the Sunbreak Isles. The silver looked over his shoulder and watched his family play on the wind, a happy smile crossing his face.

“Welcome!” shouted the bronze dragon as his brother and family finally came in to land a few hours later.
“Brother, congratulations,” said Forge, tapping his horn against Bronan’s in a friendly manner.
“Thank you. Boys, look at you grow. You’re turning out to be fine young dragons. Tavalia, you’re looking lovely as always,” said Bronan as he surveyed
The dragoness laughed lightly, “Come on now, let’s meet your little ones.”

Bronan looked like he was bursting with pride as he led them to the cavern where Tahsis resided with her new hatchlings. Forge, Tavalia, Adarin, Aeris and Kyvo followed in behind as the cavern opened up into a spacious area.
“Welcome,” said Tahsis, beaming up at them all from where she lay.

“This is Ucluelet,” Said Bronan, as a little dragon nestled between her mother’s paws looked up shyly. “Looks just like her mother, what a beauty.”
“Briea, come say hello,” cooed the large bronze dragon and from beside Ucluelet raised another little face, having had been curled up next to her sleeping. The little one had beautiful deep metallic navy scales.
“She looks just like my grandsire,” said Tahsis.
“They’re beautiful Tas,” smiled Tavalia, admiring her new nieces.
“I thought you said you had three… don’t tell me that…” said Forge warily, worried.
“No, he’s here somewhere. Little impish drake already, always up to something and only a day old.”
As if on cue there was a skittering of talons on stone. Bronan turned to the silver and looked a tiny bit sheepish as he spoke. “Forge… I hope it’s okay, I used the name you said you wanted if you ever had a gold…. it just seemed fitting when he broke through the shell.”
A little hatchling came racing around his mother, brilliant gold with mischievous eyes, already searching for adventure.
“Hello!” he chirped.
Forge leaned down and touched his nose to the gold and spoke.
“Hello Ardon…”


As the weeks past the silver would often wake in the early hours of the morning, where the light had barely begun to brighten the sky. Woken by strange dreams that he couldn’t quite remember but left him with an unsettling feeling. He tried to shake the feeling that something was wrong, choosing to ignore it and settle back close to Tavalia as she slept soundly at his side.
It was when Forge bent down to drink from a shallow pool of fresh water did he first begin to truly notice something was amiss. As he pulled his face away from the water he caught sight of his reflection out of the corner of his eye. Blinking he turned to the pool again but his face appeared normal. Two magnificent primary horns reared up from the back of his head, followed by a number of smaller other ones that framed his crest and unmarred face.
“Strange,” he thought aloud. He could have sworn he saw a bizarre image of himself, scarred and grizzled, with a broken crest.
He squinted and looked back into the water but his pristine reflection stared back at him. He blinked and for a split second the dragon thought the image returned, clearer this time but only for a moment so he thought he was seeing things. A realization slowly came over him as he looked into the water. The strange dragon that looked like him was actually the one in his dreams.
“This can’t be real…”
“It’s as real as you want it to be, my Silver,” came a familiar voice.
Forge slowly lifted his head and turned, stunned by what he saw….
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The dragon would see standing on a rock overlooking the water a familiar face, Professor Melina, she was wearing her Silver dress that looked liked Forge’s scales, the warlord’s favourite, her hair done and wavy, again just how Forge like, the woman looked beautiful but out of place in this world of Forge’s on the sunbreak islands.
Forge was frozen in place as he stared at her. The woman looked immaculate, not a hair out of place, wearing a beautiful shimmering dress. He opened his mouth to speak but the words failed to appear.
The woman looked up at the silver and smiled kindly, the same smile that would make Forge content and happy, everything about Melina was perfect and everything Forge loved to see with the professor.
"Melina... how are you here? What is this?" He asked in a quiet voice.
Melina smiled back and spoke softly in response.
“Your in the Ribbon Forge” she simply said.
"Ribbon?" He asked. It sounded familiar but he couldn't quite place it. Then something clicked.
"The ribbon? This couldn't be..."
“This is the Ribbon Forge, for you, this is what you have always wanted, this is the perfect life” Melina replied back with a small smile.
"No... it couldn't be..." he said, struggling to accept that idea, "If this is the ribbon then why are you here... wouldn't you be safe.... on Kilara?"
Melina looked up at the silver and smiled lightly.
“I am, but I am also here, think of me, as an echo of the person you know, a part of her that stays with you through the residual bond you had with her” Melina said.
Forge shook his head, "Why are you here.... only now, I mean?"
“I’m here as guidance for you, time in the Ribbon, it has no meaning here, in this reality it doesn’t exist” Melina said kindly.
Forge looked torn. He remembered now, understanding. It crashed over him with the sudden realization.
"What Degarde said was true then..." he replied in a sad tone as he looked across the island. He could see his yearlings flying over the canopy.
"I have hatchlings. Sons. Three of them, there,"
He said proudly, pointing with his muzzle.
Melina looked to sky and smiled lightly watching them glide around in the clear skies of the Sunbreak Isles.
“They are amazing dragons Forge, beautiful boys, proud colours” Melina said to the silver.
"Now I have to leave them? ... leave Tavalia? Again. Forever...." said Forge, turning his eyes back to her.
Melina shook her head lightly.
“As I said before, time has no meaning here, you can go back and see them born, or go forward and see them all grow, obtain lands of their own, see their families” Melina said to him.
"But it's a lie... it's not real, is it?" He asked
Melina looked at the silver as he spoke.
“It is as real as you want it to be, this place, there is no time, time has no meaning here, this is real, a lot of this is beyond human or dragon understanding, this is your world Forge, perfect, a beautiful mate, 3 beautiful sons and a relaxing and luxurious place, free of any harm or fear, a perfect place to raise the hatchlings” she replied.
Forge knew that this was everything he had wanted but he couldn't possibly live in this constructed paradise while knowing what had happened to the others.
"There must be a way to reverse this... Jack and Ardon must be here, somewhere. Am I able to find them... the real them?"
Melina nodded lightly at the Silver’s request.
“Of course, as they are linked to you, you can venture into their world bubble, anyone you have a link to family and love in your heart for those close to you, you can enter their worlds” Melina replied.
"But, can we stop this? Melina, you must tell me how to go back, and stop this from happening at all." Said forge.
“As I said Forge, time has no meaning, you can leave the Ribbon at any point you want” Melina replied with a kind smile.
Forge considered this, nodding, "I..." he started, realizing how difficult it would be to leave again.
“Shall we go see Jack and Ardon’s bubble?” Melina suggested to the silver.
Forge seemed to cast a wistful glance back over his shoulder before turning his attention back to Melina. "Yes." He said at last.
“You can return here, they will not know you gone, you can jump in and out as you want, now close you eyes and think of Jack and Ardon” Melina said softly.
The silver nodded, closing his eyes and let out a breath as he thought of them.
When he opened them again he was no longer on his island. He was standing in snow and as far as he could see he was surrounded by rolling hills covered in white. Soft flakes fell from the sky as he looked up, each melting as they touched his scales.
Beyond where he stood he could see Christmas lights atop one of the hills.
Melina appeared at his side, instead of her silver dress, she wore a silver coat and seemed dressed for winter, again looking perfect as the dragon looked around.
“Winter, beautiful and peaceful, especially here” she said to the silver.
The dragon looked down and saw the woman. "You came with me," he said, a hint of relief in his voice.
Melina smiled, “I am always with you, in some shape or form, as your guide, we are not far from them” Melina said walking in the snow up a small rolling hill.
The dragon walked with her, and soon set upon a beautiful castle on a hill, blanketed in the same white, rolling snow.
"This is their perfect setting?" Asked forge.
Melina nodded lightly.
“They live inside each other’s thoughts and feelings, they have a very strong and close bond, so this world is theirs to share, that is their home” Melina said as they heard a shuttle fly overhead and approach the castle, landing on a landing pad nearby.
Forge watched the shuttle as it landed. "Can they see me here?"
Melina shook her head lightly.
“Not yet, we are merely observers, if we go closer we can see” Melina said as they watched two people get out of the shuttle, wrapped up in winter clothing and carrying large amounts of wrapped presents, beautifully wrapped, walking past a large decorated tree to the massive main doors, pressing a button and waiting outside.
"Those people... they're Jacks parents..." he realized as he saw them knocking on the wide door. It opened and Ardon came bounding out, excited voice ringing out into the cold, welcoming them inside.
Melina smiled lightly seeing Ardon greeting them and inviting them in, she watched with Forge as they were invited in and the large door closed.
It Began to snow lightly as Melina walked forward towards the large castle, Melina gestured to the silver to follow and approach the large window.
Forge walked up to the window and peered inside.
In the den, where he looked he saw a room
Bustling with not only people but dragons.
Ardon and zyra touched noses as tiny hatchlings, bearing the boldwing's patterns but Ardon's metallic colouring raced between their feet. They were pursued by young children as they all ran to Aileen and Daryl as they put presents underneath a beautifully decorated tree.
“This is one of their many happy moments in their shared world here, this is Ardon and Jack’s perfect moment” Melina said as they continued Melina appeared giving Jack’s parents a hug and giving Ardon a pet with Jack dressed in a Christmas jumper carrying in logs for the fire in the other side of the room.
"It looks..." peaceful wasn’t the word forge would use, "Happy. Everything they could ever want." He said as he watched the scene unfold.
Melina agreed with the Silver watching all carry on happily.
“If you want to go in knock on the door and you can interact with them” the woman said kindly looking up at the silver.
"I can?" He asked, but didn't wait for an answer. The silver moved around the side of the house and before he could stop himself he was knocking on the wide wooden door.
Ardon opened the door, looking a bit confused but his eyes lit up when he saw Forge.
"Hey! I didn't know you were coming!"
"It's a surprise." The silver managed to say.
"Hang on. Jack will let you in."
Jack unlocked the large doors which swung open and Jack was there looking up at the silver with a happy smile upon his face.
“Hello Forge, nice of you to stop by, I did not think you were coming, bit cold for your liking, ah but the kids love, come in, they be pleased to see you” Jack said, happiness in his tone of voice as the large dragon came in.
"You as well," said the silver, playing along and looking around the home.
"I hope that it's alright that I showed up unannounced."
Jack grinned.
“Of course, come the children and hatchlings want to meet their grand sire, watch them though, they are a bit over excited” Jack said leading Forge into the massive living room space.
“Oh, hello Forge, I was hoping you show up, I cooked a feast here for everyone” Melina said to the silver, she looked different to how the echo of Melina looked and she seemed happy as little hatchlings came running up.
"Grandsire Forge!" Cheered the hatchlings as they raced up, interrupting Forge before he got a chance to reply to Melina. Three of them, two male and a female all under a year old it seemed.
"H-hello," said the silver.
Jack laughed lightly seeing how excited the hatchlings were, as he gathered up his own children to give the silver some space.
"Oh Aren't they Adorable, ya cannae say that goooolden boy ere got sooome lovely hatchlings" Aileen said smiling as Melina chuckled offering some snacks to Zyra.
"Dont know how mum keeps her cool" Melina smiled at Zyra.
"Years of practice with this one," laughed Zyra, poking Ardon's side with her wing. "Alright kids, let uncle forge get settled. He doesn't need you running all over the place."
Melina chuckled as Aileen went to help the professor in the kitchen, putting Ardon and Jack on child mind duty.
"Do you want a drink Forge?, sorry I'm not being a good host here, especially at Christmas, we got everything dragon sized" Jack said.
"No, it's fine. Thank you," replied the silver, already thinking about the horrible task ahead of him, trying to convince Jack and Ardon to leave this place.
Jack smiled lightly.
“Dad can you hold the fort a minute, want to show Forge a little tour, we wont be long, coming Ardon?” Jack asked the gold.
"Sure," replied the gold as he followed along. "It's been a while Forge. I'm happy you finally get to see the place."
"Yes... tell me how you've both been." Replied the silver
“We been good, everything is perfect, so glad we bought this castle, big enough for both our growing families, away from the city, it is amazing” Jack said leading them to the large room where there were vast books and comfortable furniture around, still plenty of room for the dragons.
"It's nice," the silver replied, but seemed to be lost in thought.
"Whats wrong?" Asked Ardon.
"Nothing, just a long flight," Forge lied, deciding he would let them have their Christmas in peace before he broke the news.
There was a barking as Jack turned around to see a large Great Swiss mountain dog, standing in the door, Jack seemed surprised as he looked at the dog approach them, tail wagging.
“Butler?” Jack said approaching the dog who was happy to see him, licking the mans hand as he petted him, “What are you doing here?, he’s been dead 12 years” Jack said looking up at Forge and Ardon.
Forge looked down at the man and realized that they also experienced the unexplained as he had.
"Jack, Ardon.... there is something I need to tell you."
Jack heard something else as he went over and saw a large cage where 5 Fancy rats were, all approaching the cage, happy to see him.
“My pet rats, from university years, how are you guys here?” Jack said as he seemed occupied with stuff, the man seemed happy and this caused Ardon’s scales to begin to glow.
Ardon beamed, feeling Jack's happiness, his own scales beginning to shimmer lightly. Forge could only look on in hesitation.
Jack then looked at his watch and it was the one Ardon got for him on his birthday, with his golden scale on it, the one that the dragon had lost as he grew up.
“Hey, I got that watch you got me for my 30th, the one with your golden scale in it look!” Jack said to Ardon excitedly as the man seemed wrapped up in this perfect world.
"This is what you want your home to be. This... everything is perfect here. Everything you have ever wanted." Said Forge, is though he hated to tear down the veil of his illusion he knew he had to.
"We were trying to stop Braigg and Degarde, remember? We are in the ribbon, the place where time doesn't exist."
Jack seemed to realise what the dragon was on about looking about, something seemed to click with the man looking around and then to Ardon.
“Of course, we must be in our own perfect bubble, it’s…its incredibly, like being inside joy” Jack said.
The man becoming happy again realizing what had been said was true.
"I know..." said forge solemnly. "But we need to stop this."
"What?" Huffed Ardon. "Why? This place is everything we wanted. Why would be go back?"
"Because," replied Forge firmly, "billions of people lost their lives for this fantasy."
Jack seemed to side with Ardon.
“Ardon makes a good point, why should we go back, here this place is incredible, it is perfect, just what we wanted, forever” Jack said to the dragon.
"Did you not hear me, Jack?" Rumbled the silver. "Billions of people lost their lives!"
"Don't raise your voice to him!" Snapped Ardon. "We are happy here. Jack's parents are here... we don't live underground, the people we care about aren't gone..."
"And you trade that for an entire world?" Snapped forge. "Melina.... the real one, is now stranded on Kilara with no home to go to, same with zyra and all the others. You'd abandon them to that fate?"
Jack shook his head.
“She is here, we are married have beautiful children, Ardon is a caring father with his mate, if we have a perfect world, then you must have one too, an island?, Tavalia back with you, you deny yourself that?, you fought to keep others safe, we all have, the universe owes us something nice” Jack replied.
"Its none of your concern. It is all a lie here. Why are you being so damn selfish!" Thundered Forge.
Jack shook his head lightly.
“Then this world, is none of your concern either, I have been selfless and we saved the world countless times and I have died protecting it, you have the nerve to call ME Selfish?, get over yourself Forge, you can return to your lonely life, I’m going to have Christmas dinner with my family, I think you can see your way out” Jack said walking off.
"How dare you even think of trying to take all this away from him!" Hissed Ardon, scales up as he stood his ground in a more assertive fashion than forge had ever seen. "Get the hell out, go save the world by yourself and leave us out of it."
"You're making a mistake," said the silver.
"I said get out!" Ardon barked.
Forge stared at him in surprise and was quiet for a moment but Ardon didn't back down, thrusting his wing towards the door.
Forge drew in a hesitant breath band fore abruptly turning and left.
“Ardon!, dinner is ready!, you best hurry before the hatchlings eat your portions…again!” came Melina’s voice.
Ardon watched the silver leave and tried to steady his own breathing having gotten worked up.
"Coming," he called back, giving one last look out the window before joining his family.
As Ardon ventured into the massive Kitchen where a large table Jack was immersing himself in his life here, he gave Ardon a look and a nod as he smiled as Melina served up the food along with Aileen and even Daryl.
“Is Forge coming?” asked Melina to Jack.
“Oh, he had to shoot off, family emergency” Jack said as Melina smiled lightly.
“Well, I make him a goodie bag when he comes back, saves food waste, hope your all hungry” Melina said as Jack sat down.
“Cheers son, we are proud of you and Ardon, with your family” Daryl said pouring him a glass of wine.
Jack smiled, “Thanks dad”.
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Forge walked out of the castle, hearing the door shut solidly behind him. The dragon's breath fogged in the cool air around him as he stood in the door snow. Jack would not sway, nor would his dragon allow him to. He knew the gold to be unwaveringly loyal but he had never had turned on his uncle like that before.* Ardon guarded his Attilu and would do so until his last breath. Not a single soul in the universe was more faithful than that young gold.
"It did not go as you wanted, did it?" Came Melina's voice. Forge looked down and saw her there, the echo of the woman, not the ones inside the villa.
"No," said the silver as he closed his eyes and sighed. When he opened them again he was back on the each, exactly the same spot he had left behind. "I had thought they would have understood. I have never known them to hide from helping the greater good."
The dragon suddenly seemed agitated now, striking his talons in the sand, sending a shower of it into the water. "How could they ignore what has happened?"
"It is hard to give up paradise, especially when they sacrificed so much and do so little reward. Just like you, look at your hatchlings, your mate, you sacrificed so much too," Melina replied.
Forge let out a breath, thinking about the dragoness, her elegance, grace and compassion entranced him. Thinking about abandoning it.... he couldn't bear to think of it.
"I know... but how can I be happy here knowing that you.... the real Melina is alone, not to mention all the others?" Sighed the silver, feeling defeated, "not to mention that an entire world is lost because of this."
The woman smiled gently, "is Melina lost? Or is one part of her lost? Do we exist in many places? She is in your hearts, she is in Jack's heart, she lives in multiple places. Tavalia lives in your hearts too, as well as Melina's."
"That is not helpful," grumbled the warlord, rubbing his temple with his paw, "They may live in your heart as memories but it is not the same as having them with you. I've lived with Tavalia's memory all my life, it's not the same...." the dragon seemed frustrated and angry, "I've never felt more adrift than I do now."
"Do Jack and Ardon love their world?" Asked Melina suddenly. "Where they happy?"
"Yes," murmured the dragon, staring out over the ocean.
Melina smiled again at the silver, seemingly positive, a perfect aspect that Forge loved in the woman. "Jack and Ardon don't need a warlord or a warrior but a friend, an uncle..... someone who knows how they both feel. You're going to have to do something you're going to be uncomfortable with... be yourself."
Forge snorted, shaking is head, "this is me." He said stubbornly but he knew what she meant. He was a different dragon when he first came through the ribbon. Tavalia changed him in ways that no one had ever seen. Even his usual cold, steeled exterior was just a mask covering the truth of who he was.
"Is it though? I think you know what I mean. Perhaps spend a bit of time here, as I said, time had no meaning. If you do return, then this will never happen... allow yourself to immerse in your world and perhaps learn why Jack and Ardon don't want to give up this place, just like many others who have entered."
The dragon nodded. He already felt like he new why Jack and Ardon didn't want to give up this place but he didn't know how to convince them to.

Taking the woman's advice, Forge returned to Tavalia, watching after his sons and tried to enjoy what this world offered. At times he would lose himself in the wonder of it all, the call of this place pulling him under, but it would all come crashing down as a memory would resurface.
He jumped through his timeline, witnessing the hatching of his sons, their first flight, first breath of fire. He saw them on their way into the world, catching their return as older dragons, proud and full of life. His sons grew into fine young dragons, Adarin looked so much like him, but with hints of his mother intertwined. He watched them take on their world with vigour and passion that he had felt in his own youth. Forge returned to the crystal pools where he had met Tavalia, reliving their first meeting, over and over, and the day he asked her to be his.
Jumping ahead, years later they had a daughter, Briea. She echoed her mother's beauty in every way; sky blue eyes and scales of silvery ivory. Forge didn't realize he could be more proud of his family until the day she broke through the shell. She had her mothers kindness but her fathers stubborn nature, a true force to be reckoned with.
Despite all the glory that was immersing himself into this life, there was a growing sense of obligation that was beginning to take over his mind. No matter what he experienced here, he could not let go of the fact that he should leave and put a stop to what had happened.
It was when he and Tavalia were curled together atop a cliff, watching the shooting stars cascade down, the night of stars.... like the day they had met, when he had finally come to the painful decision.
She rested her head on his back, marvelling whenever a brilliant meteorite streaked through the sky. She raised her her to look at him when she felt the silver shift to turn to her. He nuzzled her gently, closing his eyes and not wanting to lose this moment, ever.
“I love you, Tavalia,” said Forge at last, the words almost catching in his throat, “I always have…. And I always will.”
The dragoness looked up to him and smiled, “and I love you even more, my silver star.”
The warlord gave a bittersweet thrum as she snuggled up close under his chin. Forge drew in a breath and hugged her as tightly as he could. They remained there, atop the cliff until the early hours of the morning. The sky was beginning to brighten along the horizon but Forge had not slept, staying awake to not miss any last moment he had with Tavalia as she slept soundly against his side.
"Melina," he whispered out into the morning air.
"Hello again, Forge," the woman said, appearing beside him with a smile on her face.
"I'm ready," said the dragon, even though he didn't feel that way, his throat tightening up at thinking of leaving Tavalia. "Will you come with me?"
"I'm always with you, Forge. Have you decided?" She asked.
"I have. I must convince them to leave this place, even as much as it hurts..."
"Have you convinced yourself as well?"
"In a way..." responded the silver quietly.
"Your sense of duty and fairness override your need to have joy and happiness in your life." Melina said, looking up at the dragon.
"That's how it will always be, as it is who I am, Melina. I cannot enjoy the spoils of life if another suffers unjustly for it."
"It has made you what you are, a strong moral compass. Jack has the same but is lost in paradise. Do you know how to approach this?" She asked.
The dragon nodded, silent and somber before turning his eyes to her.
"Close your eyes and we can enter their world when you are ready." She said to the silver.
Forge looked back down and dipped his head to Tavalia as she slept. He touched his nose to her forehead. He lingered here a moment a whispered something before he closed his eyes, leaving her for a second time..... forever.
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When Forge opened his eyes again he would see they were on a beach, similar to the Sunbreak islands but there were more palm trees, the water clear and the sands golden, wherever they were this time, was very different to the Christmas setting.
The sea splashed against the golden sands gently as Melina appeared in a beautiful silver summer outfit, silver of course, again the woman looking perfect in every way possible.
“They are in a beautiful part of the world, looks like Bermuda to me” Melina said to the silver.
"Someplace tropical," replied Forge, looking around. "Perhaps they are on holiday."
Melina nodded pointing out a golden shape in the distance in the clear sky.
“I think they are there, flying about, good luck Forge, I be around if you do need me again” Melina said quietly smiling up to the silver.
"Thank you," he said softly as he unfurled his wings and took off into the warm air.
Jack was lying on the beach in a hammock with a drink by the side of the tree, he looked to see Forge approaching Ardon
Ardon spotted forge flying up to him he paused, hovering as the silver caught up.
"Ardon, " said forge.
"You're back," replied the gold, somehow knowing this was the real silver.
"I am. I need to speak with you and Jack."
"I thought I told you.. " started Ardon
"Please, just hear me out." Said Forge and something in his tone made Ardon pause.
Jack watched through his sun glasses, watching the dragons hover in the sky, the man clearly not too impressed the silver had come back to their reality here, but he sensed Ardon’s hesitancy and so sat up curious what was going on.
Ardon angled his wings down and returned to the beach below, walking up to Jack who laid Ina hammock between two trees.
"Jack, Forge is here..." said the dragon as the silver touched down onto the sand a short distance away.
Jack got off his hammock and looked up at the silver as he looked at Ardon briefly then back to the silver warlord before them.
“Family will be back from the shops in 20 minutes, we are having a beach picnic, all of us, so you got that long to explain yourself” Jack replied to the warlord.
The silver shifted from paw to paw, hesitant in a way they hadn't seen before. He cleared his throat and stood more confidently.
"I understand your wish to stay here. I truly do. Everything I had ever hoped for is here. Everything I lost, everything that I ever had hoped for.
You both have given up so much in your lives but... I need you to make one more sacrifice, not for me... but for the world."
Jack seemed to be having mixed emotions, the idea of sacrificing all this to save the Earth where here his parents lived, their family, it was perfect for all of them.
“We sacrificed plenty for Earth, me and Ardon, we fought, bled, sweated for Earth, you too, you say you know how we feel, what was in your world bubble that you sacrificed” Jack replied assertively, the man not quite ready to leave paradise.
"Tavalia. Our children..." said forge quietly. "Three sons and a daughter."
Jack seemed to go quiet, looking at the beach and then back to the dragons, Ardon had gone quiet as Forge had told them about his world, his mate, they had children, it was the prefect world for them.
“A perfect world for you……and you want to give that up? Out of all of us Forge, you deserve to be happy” Jack said.
The dragon sighed, lowering his head as Ardon sat down next to Jack.
"I don't want to give it up. I don't want to have Tavalia taken away once again. But," he paused, finding the words as he opened up in a way he never had to them, "we have abandoned everyone for this. Everyone who has ever had hopes and dreams, longed for tomorrow, imagined a beautiful future, that is all no more for an entire world, and now on Kilara, our team is all that is left, knowing that everyone else they have ever cared about is gone. They are the last in the world, and my hearts grieve for them. I can't stay here knowing that..."
Jack lowered his head and was quiet as Forge opened up to them, this was new, Forge never did this and for even the steeled, stubborn warlord say all this made Jack realise what he was saying was true.
Jack looked up and the man had a tear running down his cheek, looking around at the world here, the sky, the perfect setting for their lives, the ability to move forward and backwards, sharing happiness with Ardon.
The man turned to look at the gold.
“What do you think Ardon?” Jack asked him, the dragon would see the tear that had ran down his face.
Ardon turned to the man and bowed his head to Jacks shoulders, "I.. I don't know...." he seemed torn. "I'll follow you wherever you go."
“It’s, difficult Forge, aren’t we sacrificing all of this?, we done so much, seen so much, we have a family and my parents are here, we both be sacrificing our happiness again for a thankless world” Jack said to the silver, putting his hand on the gold’s muzzle.
"That world is yours though... and the people who care for you are there, too," said Forge.
"But they're here too... all of them," said Ardon quietly.
"I know... but this is all... what the ribbon is. If you truly care for Melina and Zyra, as I have seen you show it here... you wouldn't leave them to that fate... would you?"
Ardon seemed taken aback by that, thinking about Zyra left to Kilara, and about the hug she gave him before he left.
"The world we left is full of grief and hurt but it's ours, not only ours but everyone's and it had been taken away from billions of people, just so that three of us can have peace. That does not sit well in my mind. I'm plagued by it no matter how beautiful this place is... I- I just can't leave the others knowing that..." the dragons voice broke at the end.
Jack nodded lightly to the silver’s request.
“Maybe that is what defines us, we turn away from paradise to help others, but if we are to leave paradise, I want a beach picnic with my family, all us all to have a moment of happiness before we stop Braigg and Dr DeGarde” Jack said.
"Anything, anything you want," said Forge, nodding, "I would not dream of denying that."
Ardon let out a sigh, rallying himself for what was to come. He looked up at Forge and gave a small smile. "Bring Tavalia. I want to meet her."
Jack nodded lightly.
“I agree with Ardon, bring Tavalia and the kids, I got the perfect setting in mind” Jack said to the dragons with a happy smile.
Forge nodded, immensely thankful, "Gladly, I will."
Jack smiled and closed his eyes, when he opened them, they were on a different beach, far larger amounts of sand, in the sand were fire torches and the sun was setting, creating an orange like glow around the area, in the distance birds flying in the sky and the waves crashing creating beautiful ambience.
"Hey, they're here," said Ardon, nudging Jack before walking out towards Forge who had appeared with his family in tow. A handsome group, all of them as they walked towards the gathering.
"Jack, Ardon, so good it is to see you again," thrummed Tavalia.
Jack looked up and saw Tavalia for the first time, along with Ardon he was amazed, seeing her beauty and her scales and colouration.
“It is a pleasure, always a pleasure to see you Tavalia, still keeping the silver in line?” he joked lightly.
"Always," she grinned, turning to Forge who smiled kindly.
"Boys, try not to cause too much trouble," she said to her sons.
"Hey," said Ardon, recalling the names that Forge had told him. They greeted the gold warmly, each tapping their horns together.
“Guys foods up!” came Melina’s voice as she smiled waving at Tavalia and the group as they approached.
“You love Melina’s cooking, she maybe a professor at science but she is a professor in the kitchen and cooking department as well.
"We have no doubt of that," smiled Tavalia.
"Anything we can help with?" offered Briea.
"Just relax and enjoy the beach," said Ardon, flaring a wing out to lead the way.
Jack smiled as Tavalia went ahead with Ardon leading the way as Melina greeted Forge’s children as Zyra greeted them and so did their own hatchlings and children.
Jack looked up at Forge as he hung back to talk with the man.
“She’s….beautiful Forge, what a…..beautiful and sweet dragoness….I..I…happy you come for this” Jack finally managed to say.
"I am too, Jack," replied the silver in a quiet tone, watching her walk off with his children and hearing her laughter carry over the beach. His hearts hurt to think he'd voluntarily leave this behind. "She is everything to me."
Jack nodded lightly, “I know, I can tell and see that….let’s enjoy tonight, allow us this moment, a perfect moment for us 3 to share and cherish” Jack said with a smile as they walked towards the tents and join in the festivities.
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Forge was guarded at first, being around Jack and Ardon while with his family. He had never allowed them to see him in that way before but soon enough he decided he did not care. If these were truly his late few hours with Tavalia and his family, he would not rein himself in from enjoying their presence. He settled on the warm, golden sand, taking in the beauty of the area as his sons minded Ardon and Zyra’s offspring, laughing at their antics.
Forge seemed to exude a gentle protectiveness as he watch over everyone on the beach, Tavalia at his side. Briea had been chatting away with Zyra in the shade as she finally got a break from the yearlings.
“Careful! Mind the little ones with your wings!” called Tavalia as Kyvo started a game of chase with the younger dragons, while Jack and Melina’s children rode atop their shoulders, cheering wildly. Having two Attilu’s for parents, the children were born dragonriders, fearless and confident.
“They’re being careful,” said the silver, “Adarin is already taking over again, ensuring everyone is safe.”
“He’s protective, much like his father.”
“Perhaps a little,” Forge smiled, giving her a lick across her cheek.
She laughed and his hearts jumped at the sound.

Further up the beach, Jack and Ardon had been watching the silver. It was strange to see him act this way after only knowing a cold and distant warlord for years. It was obvious how much the loss of Tavalia had affected him. This life, with her restored to his side, had allowed the others to truly see the dragon he had wanted to be, not the one who suffered living in the shadow of her passing.
"He is very laid back round her, this is a new dragon we are seeing" Jack said to the golden dragon.
Ardon nodded, it was very strange seeing Forge like this, “It’s like he is not really Forge at all. Before the ribbon I would have never bet anything on seeing him act like this – ever. I would have thought he’d gone mad if he acted this way back home.”
Jack smiled lightly, "I like it, means we can tease him more," Jack chuckled lightly tucking into his food Melina prepared.
“He’ll kill you. I’d tread lightly,” snorted Ardon, shaking his head and smiling.

Forge finally left Tavalia’s side for a moment and walked over to Melina who was preparing another wave of food for their larger guests. Always busy, even in this life, it seemed. A question was pestering him, something he needed to be sure of before going back.
"Melina..." he asked quietly, "Are you happy?" he realized that might be an odd question but he needed to hear her answer for himself.
Melina looked up and smiled, "Of course I am Forge, you silly thing, I got my husband, the kids, the dragons and I got you and your family with me" she said but added, "But you guys eat allot, takes hours of cooking" she laughed lightly.
"You should have someone doing that for you, so that you can relax too," said Forge.
"Oh I do, got Zyra and some help that Jack hired, he is a good man, Forge, just as you are with Tavalia, I couldn’t ask for better company,” she smiled.
The silver smiled slightly, relieved at hearing that.

Zyra was mid conversation with Daryl and Aileen when Ardon came wandering up the beach towards them, pushing his snout into the woman’s hands and nearly spilling her drink, acting much like a pup in search for pets.
"Ahh heya Arrdoon you behaving lad?" Aileen said petting his muzzle gently with a smile.
“When am I ever not behaving?” replied the gold, leaning in to the pets.
“Whenever the day ends with ‘y’,” teased Zyra. “Oh Ardon, you’re as needy as the kids.”
Daryl laughed lightly as Aileen hit him round the head.
"Ya the same mister, I think its a male thing Zyra...yooou keep ma sooon in line Ardy, promise me that, always guide him along his path," the woman said with a smile.
Ardon grew quiet but nodded after a moment, “Yes. Always.” He replied before overwhelming her with dragon licks, thrumming all the while. Zyra laughed and shook her head. “Oh Ardy, you’re the worst.”

With Forge occupied, Jack came over and smiled at Tavalia, "They are beautiful dragons Tavalia, you must be very proud, plus Forge as well," Jack said.
"He is. I couldn't ask for a dragon better than him," replied the dragoness; happiness filling her voice as she looked over the beach to watch the children.
Jack smiled lightly, thinking it was nice to ask these questions before they had to return, get to know the real Forge behind the grumpiness and stoic warlord.
"What drew you to him and how did you meet?" he asked.
Tavalia thrummed at the question, "We met at the crystal pools, inland where the river winds through the forest. It was midday on the night of stars. I had flown in and stopped to take a drink, it was all by chance that we met," She seemed to recall and blush slightly. "He was a sight to see standing there on the other side of the bank. Just... captivating. Ah, there was no hope for me then," she laughed, bringing her paw up to her face as she remembered.
Jack laughed lightly, "Ahh that is how I found Melina, sort of love at first sight, then Ardon decided to find me, then all this, happiness and lots of kids, human and dragon" he laughed lightly.
Tavalia thrummed in response, “The heart knows. It’s best not to ever deny it,” said the dragoness, turning her sapphire eyes to the man.
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Jack spoke a bit more with Tavalia as the man got to know the lost dragoness, she recalled many memories with Forge and their decision to have hatchlings, it was amazing to hear about this new silver dragon he never thought possible.
Soon he excused himself and went over to his parents, he smiled as he sat down with a beer in his hand, sitting near his parents.
“Thanks for the invite Jack, hope your not working Melina too hard” Daryl said as Jack shook his head.
“No, she enjoys cooking, but do not worry I make sure she continues her studies” Jack explained.
“Good, you need to not stifle her growth, yooou know better than that Jack” Aileen said as all of a sudden the man gave the parents a hug, they seemed surprised as the man allowed a tear to drop from the side of his face.
“Hey, Whats goooten into ya lad, you getting all huggy and all” Aileen said as Jack released the hug and wiped his face.
“Sorry, just happy you’re here and all, that is all” Jack lied.
“Well, we woont be here forever ya know, gonna have ot be without us one day, we all grow old but that is life, we learn and move on” Aileen said.
Daryl nodded in agreement.
“Got to treasure every moment Jack, Christmas, days like these, make the most of them, life isn’t always fair” Daryl said as Jack nodded taking a big swig of his beer.
“What if you had a choice between paradise and facing something bad but you had huge responsibilities” Jack asked, looking for an answer to justify him staying here and not go back, but knowing billions of people rested on his decision here and the 50 or so evacuated to Kilara.
Aileen gave him a swat round the head as Jack looked puzzled.
“Your old enough and wise enough noow Jack, you have Children, hatchlings, some days and times you must do the right thing, even if it means giving up your dreams, for the greater good, I taught you better than that” Aileen said.
As Jack rubbed his head and nodded lightly.
“I think I know what I have to do, I think we need more beer, shop isn’t far I take Ardon with me” Jack said getting up giving his parents one last hug much to Aileen’s protests.
He turned and nodded to Ardon, to subtly let him know he was ready to leave the Ribbon.
Ardon understood and with one last nuzzle to Zyra and a long glance at everything he was leaving behind, the dragon turned to follow Jack.
Jack gave Melina a kiss and told the kids and hatchlings that they had to be good for their mother as he was going ot the shop.
“Forge, were off to the shop fancy coming along?, it’s a man thing” he chuckled lightly, hiding the fact that they were going to leave.
"Alright," said the warlord, casting one last look on the happy scene unfolding on the beach.
"Forge.." said Ardon, when the dragon seemed to be frozen in place.
The silver was drawn out of his reverie and turned to follow them, let out a breath he had been holding.
The three of them walked forward towards the direction of the shop, leaving the happy scene behind them, as they were walking Forge’s echo of Melina was walking alongside the silver, unnoticed by the other two.
“You managed to convince them to come with you, leave the Ribbon, leave paradise” Melina said to the silver.
"Can you stop calling it that, it doesn't make it any easier..." said Forge.
“What would you call it?” Melina asked the silver.
The dragon was silent for a moment, searching for something in his mind, "Faralay seems fitting. Drakine word for 'what could have been'," said Forge. "But yes, I have managed to convince them to leave this place, something that I never thought I’d be able to do."
Melina smiled and nodded lightly.
“It will be hard and will take time, but they will move on, all of you will, I will see you soon my silver” Melina said as she stopped walking with the dragon.
Forge dipped his head to her, "I hope so."
“I hope so too Forge, I hope so too” Melina said with a kind smile, as when Forge looked again she was gone, his guide around the Ribbon had disappeared.
Forge sighed, turning to continue following the others, knowing lingering would only make things worse.
Jack and Ardon walked forward as Jack stopped for a moment looking back and then to Forge, he knew it was hard for all of them and this did not make it easier.
“We all ready for this?” he asked the dragons one last time.
"Ready as I ever could be," said Ardon, drawing in a deep breath to steady himself.
Forge nodded, "I am... I have to be."
Jack nodded lightly.
“I’m sorry what I said to you in the castle Forge, I did not mean it, you’re the most selfless and bravest dragon I know” Jack said looking up at the silver.
Forge looked down at the man, his usual burning gaze was soft and genuine, "Don't be sorry, Jack. You have had countless burdens put on your shoulders and have carried them all without complaint. I know it is unkind of me to ask more of you, but I cannot do this alone."
Jack smiled lightly.
“You wont be, let’s go2 Jack said as the trio walked, a bright light opened up before them like a portal, Jack walked towards it along with Ardon and Forge who now left the Ribbon.
When they all opened their eyes, they were back to hiding from Braigg and Dr Degarde, the wreckage of the shuttle shot down by the rocket turrets smoking below them.
“We are back here again, we escaped the shuttle crashing down” Jack said remembering.
"We can't give them the time to launch the rocket," said Forge, standing in the snow. "I'll fly directly in with you, do whatever you can to destroy the control panel and I'll keep Braigg away."
"But what if..." started Ardon.
"If nothing. We have got our chance, we have to take it." Responded the silver.
Jack though for a moment, remembering what went wrong and how to correct it.
“I got a better idea, Dr deGarde is armed with a laser gun, Forge, Ardon I need you to cause a distraction, cause chaos and I deal with the launch pad” Jack said.
Forge nodded, "fine, chaos we can manage," said the warlord, eyes burning again.
Ardon cast a worried glance over at Jack. "Be careful..."
Jack nodded as he went round to get to the launch pad as Dr Degarde was making calculations on the main computer, while Braigg landed nearby, exactly how the three of them remembered.
Ardon and forge bellowed put a roar that made the air shake. The silver struck a bank of snow with his tail, sending it flying into the air as they flew overhead.
Forge locked eyes with Braigg down below and snarled.
Dr DeGarde dived and reached for his gun as he fired at the golden dragon, Braigg snarled and unleashed his flame.
Jack held his palm to try and activate Brathille and give Ardon his shield or the power for him to call upon the shield.
Ardon began to glow along his scales with the light of brathille and the shield materialized in front of him. Light dazzled off the apparition as it deflected a number of shots from Degarde. As he passed over at lightning speed, the gold hit the cooling tanks with a number of fireballs, causing them to explode violently.
De Garde had to take cover as they exploded, the dragons causing chaos, enough for Jack to get to the launch pad, he managed by luck to find it unlocked as he worked on trying to stop the missile, while the dragons continued to cause chaos.
Forge aimed right for Braigg as he flew, using his weight and momentum in flight as he barrelled into the hoplite.
The two dragons collided with one another with a sickening crunch as Braigg was knocked off his feet but grabbed the silver and dragged him down to the lower levels of the peak as Ardon continued to cause chaos as DeGarde began shooting again.
Forge jumped to his feet and narrowly dodged a swing of the hoplites spiked tail.
He growled and jumped out of the way of another strike, recalling the movement from their previous fight.
Realizing the dragon was less manoeuvrable on close quarters, forge decided to stick with this tactic.
The Hoplite snarled and tried to use the heavily armoured shield upon his head to push Forge away and tried to lower down to get a better stance as Forge was upon him.
While this was going on Degarde shot at Ardon who danced away from the laser fire, the man turned to see Jack by the launch pad, he grit his teeth firing off some rounds before charging up the steps towards the launch pad to stop Jack.
The gold dragon angled his wings, turning on a dime and swooping around. He raced back to the launch pad to retrieve Jack.
Braigg was unable to use any of the deadly attacks as Forge was right in his face, the Hoplite had very little room to move as his heavy armour made him less agile than the silver.
Forge grappled with the large dragon, trying to topple him like before.
“No you don’t!” Snarled Braigg going deadweight upon the dragons shoulders and back as the Hoplite had a weight advantage.
"Rgh!" Snarled the silver, stumbling backwards as he tried not to crumple to the ground.
Braigg continued, not allowing Forge a breather, keeping the heavy weight upon his shoulders and back not allowing Forge any release from the crushing weight.
The warlord grit his teeth and rallied himself, trying to throw the hoplites off balance to topple him, but the Hoplite had him, not allowing him to escape as Braigg knew no dragon could handle the sheer dead weight of a Hoplite Ram, even one as strong as Forge.
The dragons shoulders burned from the exertion as he growled as his efforts went unrewarded as he sunk further to the ground.
Braigg seemed pleased that Forge was weakening, once he hit the deck Braigg would have control and would pound the old silver into the ground.
Forge trembled all over, arms and hind legs shaking.
"Grh," he snarled but stopped sinking lower, slowly coming back up.
Braigg look surprised and a little stunned Forge was coming back up slowly, the Hoplite tried to add more weight onto Forge’s back and shoulders by moving to include his whole-body weight.
“Not Possible!” he snarled in surprise.
"Wrong!" Forge growled, baring his teeth, thrashing his tail, continuing to rise up.
Braigg seemed to panic a little not knowing what to do as Forge raised him more, Braigg moved forward so the warlord bore all his body weight.
The silver halted, stopped by the hoplite. He shook as he fought against it, his face contorting into an angry snarl.
Braigg kept the pressure being in close quarters, he thought he had Forge now.
The silver bared his teeth, lips curled up in a snarl. He shook but after a moment he rallied his strength and fought harder.
“Impossible!” Braigg said growling in surprise as the old, silver dragon lifted him up.
With one last burst forge managed to flip the other dragon, toppling him over into the snow, fighting to keep him there.
He use his hind talons to pin the dragons delicate wing membrane to the ground.
“Braigg snarled, but was dazed from the heavy impact, cracks could be heard as the rock under the heavy dragon struggled with his weight.
“Impossible…no…no dragon can move a Hoplite Ram” he panted.
"I have moved mountains... changed worlds... and I will not let a dragon like you get in my way from protecting the ones I care for," snarled Forge.

Jack had finished doing what he needed to on the launch pad and was about to lock the controls under he heard footsteps approach him fast.
Dr DeGarde ran up and pointed the weapon at Jack.
“Get away from that control panel now!” he shouted as Jack looked at him and held his hands up, moving backwards to wards the ledge.
“I have waited a long time for this and I wont let you ruin my chances!” he said as Jack did not say anything.
“Ok” Jack said jumping off the launch pad as the man looked confused by Jack’s actions.
Ardon twisted upside down, reaching out and catching Jack before flipping upright and flying quickly away.
Degarde watched as Jack got away, he rushed to the control panel and saw the magnetic clamps were active and locked, with the missile about the launch, the man looked and closed his eyes as the timer hit Zero, the rocket tried to launch but was fixed in place, igniting the fuel cells and a large explosion happened, killing the man and destroying the launch pad and the rocket.
Jack looked back and smiled as his plan worked.
“NOOO!” snarled Braigg trying to escape hearing the explosion, “What have you scum done!” he angrily spat as he tried to get out of the warlords grasps.
Saved humanity," thundered Forge, holding him down.
The Hoplite growled as Ardon and Jack landed nearby, Braigg growled but could not get away, he looked up at his commander.
“You ruined my chance, to see my family…my children killed by that two legged monster your gold protects” Braigg said bitterly.
"I have always been sorry for the losses you've faced, Braigg, but I can't let you destroy the lives of countless others just to see them again. We all suffer, we all grieve, but it's what we do for others that makes life worth living, not dredging up the past." Forge replied.
Braigg looked at Forge then to Jack.
“What do you know of loss, or suffering, I had a chance to live my life in that Ribbon and you took it from me, just as you took everything from me Forge, you’re a bitter old warlord who thinks he has domain over all, well the world is bigger than Kilara Commander, far bigger than you” Braigg said.
Jack was quiet as the Hoplite spat anger from his voice over being denied in his view his right to see his family and mate once more.
"You we're going to take everything, from everyone!" Thundered forge. "I didn't do this for myself."
“Then I have no point in living, you might as well kill me, it’s the only thing you know how to do well” Braigg growled.
"You are wrong, again, Braigg." Said forge, he then stepped back, letting go of his pin of the hoplite, hoping his decision was right.
"What is he doing?" Hissed Ardon.
Jack put his hand on the golden dragon’s scales, “Let him handle this, if you need to jump in you can” Jack quietly said back as the Hoplite got to his feet panting, looking confused.
"We have all suffered, but we don't need to make others suffer with us. We can't change the past, Braigg, no one is capable of that, but we can chose how we move forward."
Braigg snorted lightly at the comment, not trusting the s
“Braigg, we have all lost someone, we know what it is like, we can help you, your commander isn’t all about killing and titles, he wants to help you as we do” Jack said.
“How, what can you possibly offer me when you taken my only chance away” the Hoplite said.
"We can offer you a second chance on Kilara. Help make it a better place in the name of the ones you have lost," said forge.
Jack added his bit before the large dragon spoke again.
"We can help with the Ribbon as well, we have an amazing team, let us help you" Jack said as Braigg looked at Forge.
"What do you say, Braigg? Asked Forge. "Accept our offer, see what a difference it would make."
The Hoplite was quiet for a moment before he replied.
"Alright......but I refuse to return to Kilara....too many bad memories, put me to work here, hard labour or something" Braigg said as Jack looked at Forge.
"Kilara is your home, Braigg. You can't stay here." Said forge before pausing, an idea coming to him, "I know of a place... a place to start anew."
Braigg looked at Forge puzzled.
"Where" he asked.
"Granite cove on southern Talkiir, it is a quiet place of great beauty. I think you would be.... happy there." Said the silver.
Braigg was quiet for a moment looking at the remains of the launch pad and his chance to see his family, but least he wasn’t dead, but still the loss hurt him more than he wanted to admit.
“Alright, I will never be happy but I can start there……Commander” Braigg said.
Jack seemed relieved that Braigg saw reason.
“Come on, let’s get out of here and home” Jack said to the group.
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The three of them took Degarde’s ship, Jack piloting them all back to the facility base. Ardon looked out the window, staring at the world below. People wandered below, driving, going about their business as usual, not knowing what devastation they had missed.
“You saved them all, Ardon,” said Forge quietly from across the hold, seeing the young gold look out through the window.
“We almost didn’t…” replied the dragon, guilt riding in his voice.
“I asked the impossible from you… and Jack. I understand it was difficult but I’m… I’m very proud of you, Ardon.”
The gold turned away from the window, looking up at his uncle and gave a bittersweet smile.
It didn’t take too long before they arrived back at the facility and Jack went about powering up the systems so that they could go back through the portal. Forge had stern words with Braigg, instructing him that if he even thought of stepping out of line while around the other people on Kilara, Forge would not be showing mercy again. The ram seemed to understand this and did not contest.
Finally the portal had activated again and they stepped though….

Zyra looked up, hearing a subtle change in the sound that emanated from the portal. The light turned green and the surface got brighter. Her hearts began to race as she suddenly got to her feet. Just then Ardon stepped through the portal with Jack, the silver following behind.
Melina was walking along the beach collecting wood, she soon saw Ardon, dropping the wood on the beach as she ran towards the portal and where Ardon was, Baxter noticed and saw the familiar shimmering of golden scale.
"Guys! They did it!" the man shouted across the camp.
All at once those within earshot of the professor let out a cheer, approaching the portal. The beach had gotten loud with excitement, so many relieved that they had been saved from such an unthinkable fate. Tahsis had teared up at seeing her son return safely while Bronon licked her brow and told her he knew there could have been no other outcome.
Zyra didn’t give Ardon more than a second to look around after he came through before she reared up on her hind legs and nearly knocked him backwards as she hugged him. The gold was a little stunned, but only hesitate a moment before hugging her back, tucking his head down and closing his eyes.
“Missed me?” he asked with a slight laugh.
“Just glad you saved the world,” she replied, pulling away but she touched the end of her muzzle to his briefly. “I forgot I left my favourite book back on earth. I didn’t want to lose it.”
“You’re the worst,” Ardon smirked.
Melina ran and hugged Jack as he came through the portal, the two embraced tightly as Melina tried to hold back tears of relief and joy before went to hug the silver warlord around his forepaw.
The great silver lowered his head and let out a breath of relief at seeing her, touching her shoulder gently with his muzzle.
“I-“ he started but just then the hoplite ram came through the portal behind them. The team that had known what the hoplite had done seemed shocked that he had come through. Comox and the others stood warily, prepared to defend the group but it appeared it wasn’t needed.
"That’s the dragon who teamed up with Dr DeGarde?" Mark said looking at Jack as Baxter looked warily, even Melina seemed a little cautious.
"Braigg has surrendered and is returning to Kilara, Forge and him came to an agreement," Jack said to the team.
This didn’t seem to give the others much confidence but the dragon was instructed to go down to the other end of the beach and wait while everyone packed up and moved things back through the portal.

Just then the T7 leader made his way through the excited group, clapping Jack on his shoulder in congratulations.
"Jack, you did it," said Alex, handing back his usb, "How relieved we all are… and I am very glad I didn't have to watch this."
Jack smiled lightly looking at it for a moment before putting it in his pocket.
"It was a failsafe, just in case, but it is done" Jack replied to Alex.
“I know. You’ve done us all proud once again. Thank you, sir.”

Before Ardon began to help the other younger dragons surrounded him, wanting to know what happened and cheering at his return.
"Glad to see you made it out Guardian Ardon, I was getting a little concerned, I think even Veyron was dreading to sleeping in the wild again" she lightly joked as Ardon smiled at her.
“You did it,” said Comox, walking up to Ardon as they tapped horns and he patted him on the shoulder.
“Yeah… we did.” Replied the gold.
“Why aren’t you ecstatic? Saving the world is boring for you now?” teased the Boldwing male, nudging him with his wing.
“Heh, no it’s not that…. It was just”- the dragon looked back over his shoulder at Jack as he spoke, knowing that the man would very likely not share a word of what happened in the ribbon to anyone else. It was already complicated enough seeing Zyra here - “it was…. difficult, you know?”
Tarok nodded. They might not know what have went on but they could easily assume it hadn’t been an easy task.
“The whole world literally depended on you, we can understand,” said Korrin, “You must be drained.”
“Yeah. It’s a relief though. I’m glad you’re all alright,” replied Ardon, looking around their group.
“Well… as Hitteki said, Veyron very nearly did not make it a full 6 hours. I think living in the ‘wilds’ of Kilara nearly killed him,” snorted Comox.
“Let’s not make him wait any longer then, let’s go home, guys,” said the gold as the others seemed to agree. They followed him across the beach and began their return to earth.
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Ardon's family came over and Tahsis fretted over the gold, so relieved that he was back.
"I'm fine, honestly." Said Ardon.
"Just so glad you are back," she replied.
"Well done, son. We couldn't be more proud." Said Bronan as Ucluelet gave her brother a quick hug.
Jack was arranging for everyone to start packing their bags and to begin loading up the mobile transports, the staff would be returning and the base would soon be operational once again.
Baxter with the help of Sam, began packing up with Melina’s family helping as well as relief seemed to propel the people here to get back to earth.
“Vonriir, if you could help out with moving stuff across and perhaps guide the mobile transports once they are packed up then we can sort of leave the beach as we left it” professor Baxter said to the massive Crag back.
"I can do that, Baxter, no problem," replied the large dragon.
Baxter nodded lightly.
“Thanks, more hands make light work” he said seeing Dr Charles and others helping pack away, items and to leave Sunbreak islands how they found it.
While this was going on Mark made his way to the cave where Icarus and his family were hiding out from the summer sun, Mark had Veyron with him who seemed eager to return to his plush bed and earth-bound luxuries.
“I am sure you heard the good news, Ardon and his team were successful, we are moving back to the facility, Jack wants to throw a little celebration when we are back” Mark said.
"Oh, how wonderful," said Brianne with a sigh of relief. She had worried about raising her daughters on Kilara.
"I'll cross over last so I am not holding up the clean up," offered Icarus.
"Sure, whatever ya like. Mark, let's get off this planet," prodded Veyron.
Mark looked at Veyron then back at Brianne and Icarus, “I’m sorry for my friends brash behaviour, he misses the finer things in life, excuse me” Mark said as he left the cave to take Veyron across the portal.
“Not keen on seeing your native brethren then?” Mark lightly teased the wraith.
"Hardly," replied Veyron dryly.
“That because your not a wild Wraith and you don’t appreciate their customs, or are they all like you?” Mark countered back to the Wraith’s dry comment.
"No, you get the honour of knowing a totally unique wraith. Lucky you," replied the little dragon through his teeth. "Besides. Go live in the woods with nothing and have to hunt down your dinner while avoid being eaten yourself and tell me how much YOU like it."
Mark laughed lightly as they approached the portal, seeing some of the technicians who came over going over with items and equipment.
“Well, let’s get you home to your luxury items, just remember to pass that test, then distillery holiday, I booked it off” Mark said quietly as Melina was talking to other team members as they walked past.
"The world just almost blew up, you can't be serious that is still have to take it," huffed the wraith, "I think I've suffered enough."
“Oh shush, you know as well as I do Melina won’t let you off the hook, anyways let’s get you home, I got to get my family home as well” Mark said.
"Fine," pouted Veyron, finally going home but dreading what he's still have to do.
Bronan walked over to forge when most of the supplies were taken over. He had noticed his brother was quiet... more so than usual.
"So, what is going to happen with Braigg?"
"Well," said the silver, "Jack was talking about wiping his memory. I am thinking white water bay would be a good place for him."
"Oh, I see. Perhaps yes. He'd do well there."
As the evening began to draw in on Kilara the mobile vehicles began to rev up and move back towards the portal, most of the families were moved across and now sleeping in the make shift beds once more in the dragon hanger.
Jack approached Alex when he was helping and spoke to him.
“Alex, once we got the vehicles across can you tell your team to meet us in Icarus Cave, I need to chat to everyone Torchwood staff only, no family members” Jack said.
"Right. I'll wrangle the team," said the man, going to fetch the t7 staff.

Once the evening set, the Torchwood team, bar Veyron, Mark and a few staff members already setting the base back up and running were gathered round as Jack spoke to the team.
Icarus family were asked to stay to listen to what the man had to say, since he had a plan of action to clean up the whole mess left by Braigg and Dr DeGarde.
“We need to move to the containment phase, we have stopped the destruction of Earth and we have kept allot of people in the dark, due to the sensitive nature of Torchwood’s operations and existence of what we do here, I have decided I will hold a celebration, wine, food, soft drinks, but the drinks will contain Rednox 5, Melina has developed it along with Sam” Jack explained.
“It’s a mind wiping potion, used to erase people’s memories of events” Professor Baxter said.
“Exactly, I intend to use it on all family members and support staff, even Veyron wont be immune, despite him being a dragon of Torchwood 5, his…natural tendencies might use the information as leverage for his own use, I cant let that happen” Jack added.
The others seemed a bit surprised but understood Jacks reasoning for the most part.
Amanda folded her arms but knew it was to keep them safe.
"Will they only forget the last few days?" Asked Zyra, thinking about Melina's family.
"Is that really necessary, for the girls, I mean?" Asked Icarus, looking disappointed and a bit worried. "Tara is already on her way to working with torchwood as it is..."
Jack put his hand up which seemed to quieten down the questions, he looked to Melina for assistance in this aspect.
“The drug will wipe approximately 2 weeks of their memories, that be enough time before all this stuff happened, its also got very strong sleeping agent, once they wake up, they be none the wiser, it be a very deep sleep” Melina explained.
“Torchwood and Kilara is priority, all family members must be done, the only people who know is the people in this meeting hall, something we carry to the graves, also the dragons here as well, but will be sworn to secrecy” Jack replied.
The group nodded solemnly, understanding but uneasy over the whole thing.
"... I hate to bring it up but Mark and Veyron are absent... are they included in this?" Asked Comox.
“Veyron isn’t no, I let Mark know and tell him the urgency of keeping it quiet, since Veyron has got quite matey with the American” Jack said to Comox.
"But the girls... Tara has done an immense amount of studying over the last two weeks in preparation to working with Dr. Charles. You'll be taking that all away," protested Icarus.
"I would hate to forget all this... as bad the circumstances it's been amazing to see this place," said Tara.
Melina sensed the night strikers concerns.
“Perhaps we can come to an agreement, if the girls and Brianne sign secrecy acts like we all do, and promise not to reveal this to anyone, perhaps we can allow them to slip the net” Melina commented with a smile.
“I trust the girls and we work closely with them, I agree with Professor Melina Jack” Dr Charles said.
“I would have to agree with Dr Charles as well Jack” Kris said.
"Yesss," Tara cheered before realizing that was probably not the most appropriate response, "sorry, thank you, everyone."
"We'll gladly sign. I would ever risk our extended family." Said Brianne with a small smile.
The team had a little chuckle at the girls reaction as Dr Charles smiled.
“You do well kid, you do well”.
Jack had to smile and looked at Alex, “Well they are all yours Commander of Torchwood 7, we will do the party and get together, all the drinks will have the drug in, its odourless and tasteless and works after a few hours, once they all gone to sleep, we have the teams ship everyone home, when they wake up it will never have happened” Jack said to the group.
"Understood, team?" Alex asked his staff who nodded. He turned back to Jack, "Seems a little ... sci-fi to me but then again what isn't with this job?" he said with an half hearted laugh.
Melina gave a small smile as she looked up towards Forge.
“I will give you a more concentrated dose for Braigg but I need to give you something to be immune to the effects Forge, but I’d pour it into a pool of water, not moving” Melina said to the silver.
"I am sure I will be able to find something." Replied forge, trying to remember where the still pools were.
Jack nodded lightly to everyone.
“The party will be tomorrow, the plans will be put in place, once everyone is asleep I ask you to sign our secrecy act clause and then we have a shuttle arranged to take you all home” Jack said to Icarus and his family.
The night striker nodded, looking down at the commander with his amethyst eyes. "Thank you, Commander Harkness."
The man smiled, glad they came to some sort of arrangement.
“Ok, let’s head back to Torchwood 5, the last transport will heading across, to everyone else, it will look as if we helped that transport out” Jack replied gesturing to everyone to leave Kilara through the portal.
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The team crossed through the portal after a farewell from the dragons of the Sunbreak isles.
It was a bit chaotic at first, trying to get everything organized again. A few of the family members wanted to leave for home right then and there but after a little convincing they managed to get them to stay so that they could carry out their plan. Beds and other sleeping arrangements had been set up again in the hangar while Icarus curled up in one of the dragon quarters to hide away from the light and noise of it all though he felt guilty he was unable to help more.
Guilt was a common feeling amongst the staff, knowing that they were going to take away the memories of those closest to them. It was for a good reason, and all of their safety though so it was something that had to be done.
Eventually everything was set up so that everyone could finally get some proper rest, except for poor Toby who rallied his team and set to work preparing for this special sort of celebration.

Melina returned to Forge with a sealed test tube which was full with the Rednox 5, it had a light blue colour and would blend in well in water. After she passed through the portal she found him waiting on the beach, Bronan and Tahsis having retired for the evening, leaving the silver to his thoughts.
Forge looked down at her and rose to his feet politely as she approached.
"That is a super concentrated dose, had to use Vonriir as a guide, so this stuff will knock him out and he forget about all of this," Melina replied.
"Thank you, Melina," said the silver, taking the vial and tucked it in a small space between the horns of his crest for safekeeping, "I will return when it is done."

"Good luck Forge, oh, drink this, it will give you immunity, I apologies, it doesn't taste great, again concentrated dose to protect you" Melina said, holding out other vial. He opened his mouth and allowed her to pour the concoction in his jaws. She was right, the mixture tasted fowl but he didn’t fuss. He brought his head closer to her.
Melina smiled as she petted his muzzle briefly, “Glad you made it back, I was worried about you,” Melina said quietly.
“I was worried for you too,” he replied after a moment’s pause, thinking about the different versions of her that he had seen in the ribbon. He wanted to tell her about it but something held him back. She had been his guide through a turbulent time and she didn’t even know it.
“I will return as soon as I can,” he suddenly said, pulling away and flaring his wings.

The silver met Braigg at the far end of the island where he had left him. He had not been very surprised that the ram had remained where he was, having everything taken from him. He instructed Braigg that they were going to head out and soon they were off, flying towards the mainland.
Forge intended to fly solidly without a break until they reached their destination to ensure that the hoplite ram would drink when shown water. It took a bit of persistence but he managed to keep up the pace.
"Where this this place, I feel we been flying for ages" Braigg asked bluntly.
"Just a bit further now," was all that Forge replied, looking over his shoulder.
"Hrmm" Braigg said and continued flying, his weight keeping his speed slightly slower than the silver's. Soon they arrived on a large peninsula with crème coloured cliffs that reached back into a dense forest.
It was more remote and secluded than other areas but would offer everything Braigg could need.
Forge angled his wings and shot downwards, hoping he would have a moment to put the vial into the water before the other dragon caught up.
There was a small creek that fed into a rock pool that Forge had remembered from his time here ages ago. He quickly lapped at the water before pouring the vial in, watching the blue liquid dissipate.
He raised his head just as Braigg landed.
“Welcome to your new home,” said Forge. “I hope this place gives you everything you need to start over.”
Braigg drank deeply from the pool, finding the water refreshing, the dragon did not click why the silver warlord wasnt drinking.
"How will I find peace in a backwater place like this Forge, it does not not...what" the dragon said shaking his head as his sight started to blur and his eyelids heavy.
"What....what.. you done?" his words started to slur slightly.
“You’ve flown too hard, just lay down,” suggested the silver.
Braigg seemed to nod as he laid down, but the dragon still couldn’t shake the sleeping feeling.
"I.. feel....tired" Braigg managed to say as the dragon tried the fight the sleepiness consuming him.
Forge walked towards him, looking down at the ram with his fiery orange eyes.
“May you wake as a better dragon,” said the silver. Once Braigg was asleep the dragon unfurled his wings once more, headed for Sunbreak.

In the hangar there was a murmur of quiet conversation, much happier now that they knew their world was safe. Veyron had slunk off to his quarters for some peace and quiet and to thank the stars he wasn’t on that beach any longer.
Amanda scratched under Tarok’s chin, chatting with her family quietly on one side of the hangar while Korrin caught some shuteye as he settled next to Kris on the other side.

"Oh, sir, well that was a rather interesting adventure, don't you think?" asked Alyia sweetly, laying on the floor beside the man's makeshift quarters.
"Aye...shame, I was enjoying ma coconut" James said as he settled down to sleep.
She did not pick up on his sarcasm, “Look, I even got a few shells and a piece of that pretty blue stone for my collection. Who on earth could say that they have such things from a different world?” she said, her innocent enthusiasm was rather bubbly. She looked over when Jame’s didn’t reply and realized he had dozed off. Smiling, she put the flower lei crown that Michelle had made her on his head and thrummed happily, curling up to sleep herself.

Jack and Ardon finished ensuring that everything had been set up and everyone had settled for the evening before returning to their own quarters.
Jack had been quiet since their arrival back to the facility, he had unpacked and put away all his stuff and sat in his chair and it seemed a bittersweet victory.
Ardon settled down on the floor, like a golden sphinx and looked at the man, a question playing on his mind, "What are you thinking?" he asked, having been rather quiet himself all this time.
"Just...a bittersweet victory Ardon, we saved Earth and stopped the bad guys, but feel we lost a lot more than we won," Jack replied back.
Ardon nodded slowly, looking at the floor. He fidgeted with his wings slightly as he thought of what to say, "We may have lost our own paradise but we did return hope for everyone here..." he said, "An entire world didn’t realize how close it came to being wiped out but they get to live on because of what we did. We may never achieve what we had in the ribbon completely, but who says we can't at least try for the things we still can?"

Jack closed his eyes for a moment before reopening them, the golden irises seemed to show sadness but resolve in the man.
"I think that is a very wise thing to say Ardon, just we had everything there..."he replied quietly. His dragon understood completely, touching the man’s hand with his nose gently.
"I know... we got a taste of a," he paused to find the word, "Utopia, something that hardly one ever gets to experience. We should try to take it as an experience, and learn from it to find what makes us happy here."
The dragon wanted nothing more than Jack to be happy again but knew it would take time for them to find that after all this.
"Yeah, you’re right Ardon, we get through it and be back to normal, well as much as normal as we see here" Jack replied with a small smile.
Ardon leaned forward and gave Jack a lick; things would be alright… he could feel it in his hearts.
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The little gathering had been arranged and all the food had been prepared by Toby and his team, Melina had discreetly had access to all the drinks and slipped in the rednox 50 solution, putting in a lower dose so people would not fall asleep quickly but once they did it put them out for a good 24 hours.
Melina was adding in the last of the solution into the whiskey’s knowing Veyron would sneak a tumbler glass.
“Veyron is tricky but if we play hard ball with him he get a drink from one of his favourites either James or Mark” Melina told the bold wing dragoness.
The dragoness scratched her muzzle, "Yeah I could suppose that would work. We'd have to make sure he gets the solution in him before he notices everyone else dropping off to slumber land."
Melina agreed with the dragoness.
“Hence the lower dose, it will kick in a few hours after and it will make people feel tired and they naturally go to bed, it will not raise suspicion with anyone, with the party acting as a cover” Melina explained.
Zyra nodded, "Oh okay, that should work then."
“Just remember to take your antidote before as it give you immunity, Brianne and the girls have had theirs done, so has Jack and others” Melina added as she passed the solution to Zyra to drink.
The dragoness emptied the vial into her mouth and winced, "Ugh, that really isn't all that pleasant, is it?" she said, wrinkling her nose.
Melina chuckled lightly at the bold wing’s reaction.
“Yes it isn’t great sorry, next time I invest my time in the flavour, we best head down there, see my parents and mingle” Melina said as she powered down the lab computers.
"Alright," replied Zyra, setting down the empty vial, "The 'We survived the end of the world and are now going to wipe your minds, party'," she said, nudging Melina playfully.
Melina looked round and laughed, surprised by the dragon’s sudden playfulness.
"Your playful today Zy" She grinned up at the dragoness.
"Well, not losing your home certainly puts one in a good mood," said the boldwing.
The professor gave Zyra a sly smile, wondering if there was anything else causing the dragoness to be in a happy and playful mood.
"Anything else?" She teased back.
The dragoness tilted her head, "What do you mean, anything else?"
Melina chuckled lightly at the bold wing, "Oh nothing Zy".
The dragoness gave the woman a funny smile and continued to follow her down to the party.

"So, how's saving the world for the trillionth time?" Teased korrin.
"Is it getting old yet?" Laughed tarok.
Ardon gave a half smile. They were joking but did not know the worst of it, "it seems like I was born to," replied the gold.
"Well, I can't imagine someone better suited," said korrin.
Hitteki was also with the boys, wanting to be part of the conversation, since she found the conversations were usually more exciting.
“You and Jack make a very good team, all the dragons here work very well with humans in your project” Hitteki said with a small smile.
"I wouldn't have it any other way," said the gold. "That's what the guardian project is all about."
Hitteki nodded but then smiled slyly.
“All we need to find is who is top dragon of earth in the guardian project, within the age group” she laughed lightly.
"Is that even a question?" Ardon replied with a half grin.
Tarok chuckled at that, knowing the subtle rivalry between him and Korrin and of course it was Hitteki that stirred the pot.
"Well, I think we HAVE to hand it to Ardon, for now anyway, since he did save the world after all," smirked Korrin.
Ardon shot Korrin a wry smile, knowing that there was likely a rematch in their future.
Hitteki sensed it and smiled lightly, she enjoyed these two going head to head, it was very impressive to see the two males, she did hope Comox would get confident and be more bolder.

"Hey, don't tell me you're actually going down to that thing," said Veyron, leaning out of his doorway.
Mark looked down to see the small wraith hanging by the door in his quarters, obviously sensing Mark approaching.
“Food and booze Veyron, an American’s dream, you should know that, fancy a lift up there?, I heard Jack’s broken out the good stuff” Mark said rubbing his hands together.
Veyron looked like he was going to pass but scratched his chin, "Professor Fun Police will see and I don't see any enjoyment in standing around without a drink."
Mark nodded in agreement, knowing what Melina had instructed him to play hard ball, making Veyron sneak and act as he usually does.
“You are probably right buuut, seeing as your training hard, I’ve seen you and your going to pass, one wouldn’t hurt, I sneak it to you” Mark offered.
"Deal," replied Veyron after a moment's consideration. He leapt up onto Mark's shoulder and settled there. "Onward!"
Mark laughed lightly, as he walked towards where the party was.
“You best pass this time round young dragon” Mark warned lightly as they could hear the families talking in the canteen as they approached.
"Young dragon? I'm fairly certain I'm older than you are, Bucko," said the wraith.
Mark chuckled lightly.
“Alright, lets say hello, you best behaviour and I get us some of the good stuff, food and booze and go sit in the corner away from prying eyes” Mark said plotting.
"I like your style, Mark. Sounds like a plan," smirked the wraith.
Mark smiled as they entered the canteen and greeted a few people who said hello to a few of the people there, seeing the large crowds there.
“Shoot there’s the fun police, let’s grab some food and booze, act cool” Mark said to the wraith as he grabbed two plates.
Melina approached and smiled, “Mark, Veyron, hope your going to be on best behaviour you two” she said.
"Always," said Veyron through a sly grin.
"And could you rein yourself in for the evening? Be nice to the girls," added Zyra.
Veyron threw his arms up in the air, "Jeeze what kind of dragon do you think I am? Have a little faith, ladies. Sheesh!"
Melina gave him a look, “make sure you do” Melina saiod walking with Zyra away, Mark watching as he quickly grabbed the whiskey Jack had put on the table and poured two glasses, walking with them both hidden.
“There you go boss, we sit in the corner and gulp up before food” Mark said.
The wraith curled his tail around the short glass as Mark led them away. He took a sniff of the drink and let out a satisfied thrum.
"You're a good one, Mark. Torchwood better thank its lucky stars that you've stuck around this long. Besides, you're the only one who gives me a little credit around here. Nothing like feeling the daily resentment from your ungrateful peers."
Mark smiled, but knowing about what was in the drink to keep the wraith in check, luckily he had dealt with his family before coming back to deal with Veyron, Melina had briefed him and so far things were going to plan.
“I think people appreciate you in some small way, I just been there and seen how hard you work, physically and in your role as a scout, plus you like the finer thing in life” Mark said sitting down.
"That I do," hummed the wraith, "not that there's anything wrong with that, huh?"
Mark shook his head lightly.
“Nope, nothing wrong at all, I put you under my direct command as I saw you as an asset and also keeps you mostly away from other dragon related activities, now drink up before Melina does her rounds” Mark glanced over to see Melina talking to Vonriir and Icarus.
"Pushy. This is good stuff, you can't just throw it back," chided the wraith, taking a small sip.
Mark laughed lightly taking a sip of his own.
“That is true, can always get you another, I was just saying just in case Melina comes round” Mark replied back.
"Yeah, yeah," was veyrons response as he took another sip, "thanks for having my back."
Mark looked and nodded as he swirled the whiskey in his glass, “Yeah…no worries” Mark said as he took a drink, smiling lightly.
“Your right, it is a nice glass” Mark said, savouring the flavour.

The other side of the canteen, Alyia was running around after the man, ensuring he was well and getting some of the food from the party as well, as the man sat at a table, drinking his favourite tipple.
Alyia placed a plate of food in front and James and sat down beside him, smiling merrily. "Some of your favourites, sir."
James looked and smiled lightly.
“Ta Lass, yooou grab sooomething eh?” the man said in his pretty strong Scottish accent.
"I did," she replied with a thrum. "It's really good."
“Good Lass, nooow goo socialise with ya oother dragoon pals, doont be hangin around meh all night” James said tucking into his food.
"Only if you're sure you don't need anything else," said Alyia.
The man shook his head liughtly at the dragoness concerns.
“Nah, I be fine Lass, yoou goo off and have fun” James said as he carried on with his eating and drinking.
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Veyron began to waver on Mark’s shoulder, struggling to keep his eyes open. He tried to prop himself up with his elbow on the man’s head but couldn’t fight the concoction he had been slipped any longer.
"You alright there Veyron?" Mark asked, noticing the effects of the solution working itself on the small Wraith much sooner than anticipated.
“What.. what’s in this?” slurred the wraith as the glass slipped from his paw. It clattered to the floor before the man could catch it. “Crap…”
"Woah, easy there fella. Here, I think I best take you back to your quarters," Mark said to the wraith.
“Hrhhn,” mumbled Veyron, closing his eyes and slumping over the man’s shoulder as he took him back to sleep it off.

Eventually everyone began to nod off, the rednox working it’s magic. It was a bit odd but it was for everyone’s safety and none of the staff questioned Jack’s choice. With help from the dragons, everyone was loaded up onto a number of shuttle to ship them all off back home. When they would wake they would not remember a thing from
Icarus boarded the shuttle in the dimmed lighting as Korrin, Tarok and Alyia shifted over to make room for the serpentine dragon.
Brianne had rounded up her daughters to board the shuttle but Zyra had called Tara aside before she left.
“Here, I got you a few things to…. Help you along with your learning,” the Boldwing said, handing over a few handwritten spiral notebooks and a proper lab coat that she had caught the girl eyeing before. “Just a few silly things for you.”
The girl flipped through the pages, seeing the dragoness’s neat notes with a few pictures slipped in. Holding up the coat she saw that her own name had been embroidered onto it.
“Thank you, Zyra!” said Tara, hugging the dragoness around the neck. Zyra looked surprised for only a moment before hugging the girl back with a happy smile.
“No need to thank me, I am happy to spur on any hunger for knowledge, especially in fields similar to mine. Now you take that and go begin your studies with Dr. Charles, okay?”
“Yes, of course,” grinned the girl, scooping up the gift and rushing back to her mother and the awaiting shuttle.
With the T7 team and their counterparts loaded up, Alex came back down the ramp to say goodbye.
“We got this from here, thanks again, Jack. Hopefully things will be quiet for the world for a little while at least,” said the man.
"Same here, Shuttles will take everyone back, I know it wasn’t the most ideal thing but it had to be done, when people wake up, they forget all about Torchwood and what transpired here," Jack said to Alex.
“Yeah, for the best though. Having so many people know about us isn’t exactly safe. It will be good to get everything back in order again.”
"But it is going to take an absolute age to bring all our systems online, we got out in a rush" Kris grumbled lightly.
"Least we still have a base of operations Kris" Jon said to him.
“Yes, we’ll get it all sorted out soon enough. Let’s head home, gang. See you T5, happy trails.” Waved the Canadian commander as he and the team boarded the shuttle. Soon enough every ship had cleared the hangar, leaving the base feeling much emptier than it had been the last few days.

Forge came through the portal, looking tired after such a fast paced flight. He had wanted to return as quickly as possible to ensure that everyone Earthside were still okay. When he arrived the halls seemed quiet.
‘Everyone must have left already,’ he thought to himself as he walked through the corridor. Just then Melina came around the corner, as if she had been anticipating his arrival. Other staff milled about, getting the facility back up and running.
"Hello Forge, you missed the party, I assume everything is done?" Melina asked the silver.
“It is done,” ne nodded, “He drank the solution and fell asleep. It is my hope he will be no harm to anyone when he wakes,” said the great silver.
"I did mix in some calming medication in with it, perhaps it will help him start fresh, I know you said Hoplite Ram's are rare breed, it would of been a shame to kill him ,despite all that he has done," Melina said.
“I just hope I don’t have to regret that moment of mercy,” said Forge, seeming to be in an off mood.
Melina looked up at the warlord with a puzzled look.
"You ok?, you seem a bit off" the woman asked.
“I don’t know…” he admitted, looking down at her.

“Ardy?” came a voice and the gold turned around, pulled out of his reverie by Zyra. She walked up as Ardon got to his feet. “Are you alright? You’ve been so quiet since you got back, even with the boys prodding at you.”

Ardon looked at his paws briefly, thinking. How could he tell he what he had seen in the ribbon? He imagined telling her everything then seeing the look of shock on her face, weirded out at learning about what he considered to be his perfect life. He thought better of that.
“I’m alright,” he lied but she saw through it clear as day.
“No you’re not,” she countered, lowering her head so that he would stop looking at the floor and to her instead.
His gold eyes met her brilliant yellow, “It’s complicated.”
“I’ve been told that I’m clever, try me,” she insisted.
He had to smile at her wit, “It’s nothing…. Well everything that’s happened in the past few days. Everything seems to crash down all at once with us. Having to take away a potential shot at paradise for Degarde and Braigg was hard, thinking we lost the world, just barely managing to stop it, Jack’s parents….”
Zyra nodded solemnly, “I almost forgot after all this… he still must be reeling.”
“It’s hard, we still haven’t gotten a chance to go up there yet, or deal with everything one had to when that kind of thing happens.”
“One day at a time,” said Zyra as she reached up and hugged Ardon tightly around the neck. The gold seemed to freeze, hearts fluttering but embraced her right back. “You always have Melina and I. No matter what, okay?”
“Zyra?” he asked as she pulled away.
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