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Unread Oct 9th, 2017, 02:54 PM   #51
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Asuka had listened to his attempt at Japanese, while it was not perfect the dragoness appreciated the effort as she smiled, she responded in Japanese to say thanks to the wraith.
“You also look good in your gear, a very brave scout, an asset to your team’s operations” Asuka said to Veyron, as Mark this time kept silent overhearing it, not wanting to get the Wraith’s wrath twice.
"You're too kind, Asuka" he said before adding a fancy thank you in Japanese with a bow.
Asuka gave a polite nod as Takara came into the armoury, observing the dragons finishing off the final checks on their armour plating.
“Our agents have reported seeing more activity coming in and out of a large private facility on the outskirts of Akita, Anne said while we get a closer look we are transport you under escort to a nearby air force base in the area and await orders from there” she said to the group.
Forge nodded. "Understood," he replied as the rest of the dragons looked ready for action.
Takara seemed to sense the mood in the room as she seemed ready as well.
“We will be based at Funagawa port, overlooking the city of Akita, the other side, we will stay there until we have had information from our spy network, until then, keep a low profile” Takara instructed.
"We won't make ourselves known," Zyra assured her.
"Thank you, Commander. We will wait for instruction," nodded Ardon.
Takara nodded as she led them to the transports which were being loaded and getting ready to take off.
They were large transports which would easily carry the dragons to the harbour and there they would wait for further instruction.
“Ok, you need to split yourselves into the two transports, we be taking off in 10 minutes with fighter escorts, Asuka with me in transport 1” Takara ordered as the dragoness nodded at being given orders.
"Ardon with me, "Zyra, go with Vonriir," forge instructed as the dragons followed their orders.
"Alright kids. We can go with the tank." Said Veyron to the humans as he referred to Vonriir.
Mark would go with Veyron to keep an eye on the wraith.
“Forge, I think Melina and Zyra should go with you and Ardon, give the guy some support, I will keep an eye on our lovestruck wraith” Mark said to the warlord.
"Remind him to keep focused on the task at hand," grumbled the silver.
“I will, I let Mel and Zy know to come with you, I keep an eye on the wraith” Mark said as he went off to shuttle 1.
Zyra walked up the ramp where forge and Ardon were waiting, the silver nodded at her as Ardon shuffled over to make space.
"Change of plans," she explained as she sat down.
Melina came walking up the ramp as she smiled lightly at the dragons and giving a nod to Forge.
“Bit crowded in there with Vonriir, he does need some more room than normal, especially with his armour on” Melina said.
"That's fine," replied forge.
"We have room enough in here," added the gold.
Melina sat down next to the dragons as she strapped herself into one of seats near them, she made sure it was loose but secure, knowing how shuttles tended to shudder and bounce about a bit, especially with dragons on board.
“From what Mark was saying, Commander Takara is going to get us to stay in the larger hangers at the harbour, out of sight and out of mind, until all the recon has been done” Melina commented.
"Yes, a good strategy so they won't be alerted to our presence until it is too late," hummed forge.
Melina nodded.
“Well, least it’s a short fly to Akita at least, we have an overview of the area, I think they want us out of the Japanese media’s eye and only send us in if they are sure Jack is there, I am hoping we get more results” Melina said to the group.
"I hope he is. I feel like we are running out of time." Said Ardon quietly.
Meanwhile in the other transport, Takara and Mark were sat near the entrance to the cockpit, while Veyron kept close to Asuka with Vonriir taking up the majority of the space.
“I have to say warlord Vonriir, you and Forge are the biggest dragons around, how did you hide away from earth and civilization all this time” Asuka asked the massive Crag back.
"I am no warlord, miss," Vonriir replied, "and it wasn't all that hard in a base as large as the London one before I was announced." He said, unsure if he should reveal anything about Kilara. "What about you? How come you haven't been made public. The world is a grand place. I've seen so much."
Asuka smiled lightly.
“Well Anne and the team wanted to keep me hidden and to learn the ways of Japanese culture, learning about honour, wisdom and spirit, it was all I have ever known, I have known no different, Takara said I was kept just in case Torchwood 5 demanded I leave to join the Academy” Asuka said.
"Ah yes, that's right you had mentioned that before. I am glad we have finally gotten to meet you, miss. You shouldn't fear. The dragon academy is a place of learning, not a prison. We would never demand that you stay where you wouldn't like to be," said Vonriir kindly.
Asuka nodded lightly in response to the dragons comments.
“For an imposing figure, you are a polite and well spoken dragon, you have a natural tongue of the English language it seems” Asuka complimented the massive dragon, as the lime light seemed to be drifting from the Wraith.
"Hard not to be, English if your only language, eh, Vonny?" said Veyron, trying to draw the attention back to him.
"And a little Drakine of course," smiled the large dragon. "I wish I could have learned more when I was a youngling."
Asuka smiled.
“Well, seems I am in good company, it has been nice to speak to other dragons” Asuka said with verbal honesty, the two males could tell despite the stern and assertive demeanour of the female, she had enjoyed their company.
"I'm glad you have," grinned Veyron. "Keeping company with someone as lovely as you is an honour in itself. We've quite enjoyed our time here, Haven't we Von?"
The large dragon nodded, "Considering the circumstances, of course. It is always a pleasure to have a new dragon to join the ranks. We dragons are of a limited supply here." he smiled.
Asuka smiled and agreed with the dragons.
“So if Veyron is your scout and recon dragon, what is your purpose along with the older dragon then?, are you the hard hitters?” she asked out of curiosity.
Veyron gave a snorting laugh, "By hard hitter you mean a giant teddy bear."
Vonriir chuckled, "I use my strength when called upon, yes."
Asuka looked at Veyron who seemed amused with himself, “Why a giant teddy bear?, am I missing some sort of joke or humour?” she asked the wraith.
"Don't worry, Cherry Blossom," said Veyron, "Vonny here is our resident softie. All marshmallow fluff until asked to charge through walls and whatnot. He looks intimidating but really.." he said, gesturing to the crag back.
Vonriir chuckled, "Some would call it a flaw. But if I got to choose I would prefer to be an outright pacifist." he joked.
Asuka laughed lightly.
“I see so full time marshmallow then” Asuka said as Mark noticed the dragon’s talking, he was a little amused how Veyron wanted to still have her attention despite Vonriir’s charm and politeness making her respect the massive dragon.
Soon the doors closed and Mark felt the transport start to move after a brief rumbling of the engines, Takara was busy on the tablet, looking at reports.
“Here we go I suppose” Mark said to himself as the two transports made their way to the harbour.
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On the first transport Ardon ant the other dragons had gone quiet. There were only so many ways to offer an encouraging word before the constant repetitions sounded like a hopeless prayer instead. They didn’t want to repeats hopeful words to the point they sounded like nothing but noise.
Zyra turned and saw Ardon fussing with his helmet, worrying the straps that held it against his primary horns.
“It’s caught on your secondarys, need a hand?” she offered, holding up a paw.
“Sure,” nodded Ardon, “Thanks.”
He ducked his head so that she could reach. They had both continuously grown over the past year but Ardon had surpassed her height a few years back and was now really making progress. It seemed like he could have the potential to near Forge’s height if he kept up at this rate. Only time would tell. He certainly still had a long way to go.
She straightened his helmet out so that it settled against the bases of his horns and fit down the length of his nose. Zyra noted the engraved filigree along the edges of his armour. Jack had gone all out to give his dragon top tier protection as well as designed to give him an even more regale appearance.
He lifted his chin and Zyra adjusted the strap and leaned back, making sure it was even, “There, that feel like it’s sitting properly now?” she asked.
“Yes, thanks,” replied the gold.
“You know in the old human stories, where knights in suits of armor go save fair maidens from dragons?” said the Bolwing suddenly.
“Yeah?” replied Ardon, he never liked those stories. Dragons were often portrayed as evil and mean and were often killed in the end.
“Well, if you think about it, we are kinda turning the stories on their heads. Dragons in suits of armour out to save the downtrodden from those with malicious intent.”
“They should start rewriting those old myths them,” hummed Forge, overhearing their conversation.
He admired Zyra’s persistence to keep everyone level headed and not let them sink into despair. While Vonriir was a constant bubbling mass of outrageous optimism, the Boldwing held a perfect balance of realistic expectations and optimism. She was level headed where Ardon was excitable at any moment.
They made a good team, the two of them, Forge thought for a moment as he regarded them as the two young dragons spoke. He wondered if he told her what they had seen in the ribbon. He had guessed not. Things would have been different, or felt different, had that information been shared. Or so he assumed.
Forge let out a breath, feeling the turbulence rattle the transport. They should be there soon and hopefully from there they would find Jack and wreak revenge upon whoever had taken him, Maria or not.

In the other transport Veyron was pulling out all the stops to keep Asuka’s attention geared to him. He tried to keep conversations going while they flew, drawing the spotlight to them when ever conversation allowed.
“So, Miss Asuka, may I ask if you know what your breed is called?” asked Veyron sweetly, sitting on her paw.
"I do not know, but reading human mythology and eastern Mythology I guess I am an Eastern dragon, snake like in appearance," Asuka said.
“I like the term 'serpentine' myself. A fine shape to have, if I could be so bold. Though Eastern Dragon huh? Not very descriptive but very little difference between you and me, I think. Sure I’ve got wings and you’ve got antlers instead of horns,” said Veyron, trying to sidle in how similar they were.
“That and perhaps a difference of a few tons,” chuckled Vonriir before he caught himself, eyes wide at the horrible error he had made, “Oh, my deepest apologies, miss, that was not intended to sound badly, just that you’re so much larger…I… er, my apologies.” He said, clamping his jaws shut before his words became a trainwreck.
Asuka laughed and smiled, "Well you are stating a fact, I do weigh in the tons about 3.3 tons to be exact, how about you and why the apology and funny look it is amusing," She chuckled at the Cragbacks expression.
"It's impolite to talk about a ladies weight, miss. That was my misstep," said Vonriir apologetically.
"Human faux pas," explained Veyron with a flourish of his hand as Vonriir nodded. "An improper way to talk to a young, beautiful lady."
Asuka shook her head, "We are dragons though, not humans, it honestly does not register as offensive, growling and snarling at me would be rude," Asuka said.
“Heavens, I don’t think would any would dare try that with a beauty like you,” cooed Veyron, leaning back in one of her antlers.
"Veyron,” Mark called from the front. The wraith gave an unappreciative sigh and glided down, walking up towards the man.
“Head in the game." Mark said, once again ruining his fun.
Veyron sprang over and jumped onto the man’s shoulder, more roughly than his usual graceful landings.
“Buuuut, I like the game I’m already playing,” he snickered quietly, poking him in the temple with his tail.
Mark rolled his eyes and went back to speaking to Takara, but she wasn’t in the mood to speak either.
"Fine then" Mark said as he folded his arms and sat in silence.
“Someone is moody,” laughed Veyron. He patted Mark’s cheek patronizingly, “Your day will come soon. Keep trying.” He laughed before sauntering back to Asuka, trying out another line of Japanese that he had recalled.

Back at the London Facility Comox and Hitteki had been helping Baxter try to narrow down points from clues or potentially related evidence that had been passed from the T9 offices. It was hard work, and a difficult job to complete when you didn’t know if the puzzle piece you were working on was related to the task at all. The past evening had been one of excitement and progress as the whole team worked diligently to get the new information into light.
It didn’t take long for the transmission to be sent back to T9. They had intercepted a few Yakuza orders. A life support machine, multiple for some reason and a whole slew of advanced medical gear and equipment. Something that would rival the top tier hospitals in some cases. In addition, there was rush request for medically sealing doors, required to be shipped completely sterilized. Something was going on and with each tick off the list of things they were acquiring it gave Comox a bad feeling. Someone was doing some top level medical work and he doubted this was for life saving procedures. He knew enough about Jack to know that he was different, far different from any other human on the planet.
Whoever had him could very well be trying to find out what made him tick and use it for themselves.
“Or,” Comox surmised, “Maybe it’s because he’s bonded. Melina says it’s already changed him a lot. I wonder if they’re trying to figure out how it works. Maybe see if they can manipulate or control it somehow.” He said over his meal.
“You’re asking the wrong person, sorry Comox,” said Toby, Setting down a large bowl of tea.
“I know, sorry, just thinking aloud a lot these days,” he apologized, grabbing the cup in his paws.
“You’re doing good, Co, keep at it. The whole team effort is needed to get the commander back.”
The Boldwing nodded, “I know…”
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Melina had listened in to the conversation Zyra and Ardon were having, she smiled slightly at the comments as she felt her tablet vibrate, it was a message from Professor Baxter.
She typed in her code and answered the call, “Professor Baxter is on the line I just got to wait till we connect, bit hard while we are airborne” Melina said holding the tablet up so the others could see.
Zyra and Ardon leaned in so that they could look on the screen while forge hung back, not wanting to crowd them.
“Baxter here, the signal is a little poor” he said as there was a little bit of lag.
“We are in a transport to a harbour, what you got” Melina asked the man.
“We intercepted Yakuza transmissions and managed ot hack into their order forms, we can see they been transporting allot of medical equipment gear, lots of life support systems, spread out going through fake companies to all link up in Japan, from there is no trace where they went but it is allot” Baxter said to the group.
"Why would they need all of that," wondered Zyra as Ardon looked grim.
"They're experimenting on him ..."
Baxter echoed the grim expression.
“Maybe but why would they be ordering it and why is it scaled up” Baxter said.
“Scaled up?” Melina asked a little puzzled.
“Yes, the measurements are crazy huge, they must be looking to keep or breed a elephant or larger, killer whale size” the man said.
At Baxter’s words Ardon got a cold chill down his spine as he began connecting the dots.
"It's for Skahrsen..." he whispered.
Melina looked at Ardon with some concern.
“That be impossible, Skahrsen DNA is locked away and Brathille put him in permanent slumber, why would they want or even try to get that dragon” Melina said.
"He's the only one that truly is able to stand against us," rumbled forge. "Perhaps this is someone's plan of wiping us off the map."
Baxter seemed concerned as well as the team with this knowledge.
“I do not know much on DNA engineering and biology, but the only people who would know about Jack’s unique situation would be Torchwood staff, not even the EA know at certain level” Baxter said.
“Why would they want Skahrsen back, or a dragon for that matter, the effort required would be far more expensive than it is worth” Melina said.
“Unless they don’t know about Skahrsen and only know he has genetically modified Dragon DNA, which means someone from the Kilara base survived” Baxter said.
"Very likely. Many escaped during the attacks," said forge grimly.
"We need to find him before they start messing with releasing Skahrsen." Said Ardon.
“Agreed keep us posted Baxter, any news let us know” Melina said.
“Will do, Baxter out and good luck” the man said as the screen went off as Melina was a bit concerned but she was trying to work out how they could extract Skahrsen from Jack’s being and if they could keep the man stabilized or the dragon.
Zyra could feel her concern, "jacks strong and has been through mutations and regressions before. He'll be okay."
Melina nodded.
“I hope so Zy, I really do, but someone there must know about Jack’s unique circumstances, Mark was right, there is a traitor amongst us” Melina said to Zyra.
"Within our own team you think?" Asked Zyra worriedly.
Melina seemed unsure as the transport began to lower down towards the harbour, the woman looked at the dragoness.
“We will see what happens Zy but today, do what you need to do, to bring back safely” the professor asked the bold wing.
"You got it, Mel," the dragoness said with confidence in her tone.

Doctor Kimato was sat at a table where a large screen showed the warehouse Torchwood 9 had raided with the dragons help, the footage was showing the raid and all the remaining equipment the facility had looted from the warehouse.
The man fiddled with a pencil in his one hand, knowing the woman before him did not tolerate the failure and mishaps of their partners the Yakuza, which the doctor had links to.
“So, your Yakuza friends assured you this warehouse was secure, away from prying eyes I believe you said, yet it was raided and ransacked” Maria said switching the screen off.
Dr Kimato looked up at the woman’s stern gaze upon him, she had an air authority and intimidation that would make any man nervous or at least uneasy.
“The Yakuza are looking within themselves for potential spies within our organization, we will root them out, this project is lucrative to them, this raid was not done by the Japanese army or local authorities from our sources” he replied back.
Maria nodded.
“No, it was done by Torchwood with those dragons from Torchwood 5, they have now cut off one of our storage supply lines” Maria replied, her voice sharp and to the point.
“Soon, we will need to worry, he is almost ready, the final stages are almost done and he can emerge from the stasis chamber, free from previous influences” the doctor said to the woman before him, he passed over a tablet showing the progress.
As she inspected the reports he spoke again.
“Those dragon’s will rue the day once we have our weapon in place, all tests as you can see have excelled all our expectations, we will have this power under our control” he assured Maria.
“Hrmm, I hope you are rifght there Doctor, my superiors want to know when he will be ready, I must depart to make the report” she said.
“We can bring him out of stasis tonight, he is now fully complete and grown, no dragon will oppose us now” Doctor Kimato said assertively as Maria smiled slyly.
“Do not get over confident Doctor, we shall see if this investment and the help of the Yakuza will be worth the time and resources, get him ready, I sense this facility will be under the gaze of Ardon and his bumbling team”.
“What of Mr Harkness?” Doctor Kimato said.
The woman paused having started to make her way to the exit of the room.
“Least give him a warrior’s death, he deserves at least that dignity, then you can deliver his heart back to his dragon” she said coldly as she left the room, as the doctor seemed to study the reports again, ensuring he was making the right choice in awakening their ultimate weapon.
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" I did not think you were a linguist Veyron? " Asuka said to the wraith after he had offered her a few more compliments in Japanese as he sauntered back over. Mark may have wanted him on the ball but that could wait until they landed. Vonriir was stealing his thunder and he had work to do to keep himself in Asuka’s sights.
"Picking up words here and there. I know more Spanish if anything other than English," said Veyron casually, “Lots of practice in LA back when I lived there.”
"Impressive Veyron, I was told dragons are good with languages, I enjoy learning them, I speak 5 already" Asuka replied
Before Veyron could shower her with another compliment Vonriir beat him to the bunch.
"Five! That's impressive," said Vonriir, "Language is supposed to be easily learned by us when we are younger. I still struggle with it which is a shame. With so many languages it would be interesting to be able to take one up whenever one should choose. Which do you speak, Apart from English and Japanese of course."
"Chinese, Korean, Russian, those are the ones, be learning Indian and French later next year" Asuka said.
Vonriir seemed very impressed by this, giving his tail a thump in applause. This rocked the ship a bit, garnering shouts from up front in the cockpit.
“Jesus, Von” hissed Veyron, clinging onto Asuka’s antler to which he had climbed and had made his personal spot.
“Sorry!” he called over his shoulder, curling his tail closer and put a paw over it so that it would not express his excitement again, "Young Ardon knows French pretty well," he said with a happy tone, pleased for everyone’s success, no matter who. "Though I can't recall which Zyra has been attempting... she's been studying so hard on her sciences instead. Hard working miss and brighter than the sun, she is. Always her snout in a book, learning something."
Asuka smiled lightly, "What do you study Vonriir? You seem a clever fellow," Asuka said.
“Oh, well, Thank you Miss Asuka. Um, I’m still catching up on my Earth studies, learning all the customs and what not. There’s so much to know. So many little details that matter.”
Asuka gave him a funny look.
"Earth customs? But you are a dragon of Earth Vonriir, bit of a strange thing to say" Asuka said having no idea of Kilara.
Veyron caught this misstep by Vonriir and so did the large dragon, he drew in a breath, buying himself some time to think of some excuse. He wasn’t sure if this was information that should be passed on.
“Vonny here has had limited contact with humans. He’s a Western Cragback, the giant offspring of a mix breed and one of which spends a lot of time holed away, right bud?” said Veyron. How easy it was for him to lie was astonishing, Vonriir noted. Not a hint of apprehension on his face. He was too good at it.
Vonriir nodded, understanding the temporary cover up, “I’m just a little behind the times.”
"Well you’re in good company Vonriir, with good dragons and morals," She said with a smile.
“Yes, yes,” he agreed but smiled up at Veyron, knowing he would exclude him from such a compliment. “Good company if for certain. Forge might be a little ruff and …cold but he’s got a good soul. I’ve known him a long time. The youngsters have gone above and beyond many times over. Such heroic tales to be lauded at such a young age. There are two more, Comox and Hitteki that are back at the base. I am sure they would be thrilled to meet you one day,” beamed the Cragback. “I fear you’ve gotten a poor impression of Ardon, however. He’s normally much more upbeat and has a zealous nature for life. Losing his Attilu and all this has really changed his personality.” He said sadly. “I’m sure he’ll come around when Jack is back with the team.
"Yes, he really seems down, I hope we find commander Harkness soon". Replied the dragoness.

The ship finally came into land and the dragons disembarked, unloading their things so that they could prepare to wait. The dragons lingered around, unsure exactly what they should be doing.
Forge drank from a bowl that was brought along and filled with water as the others settled around the wide warehouse space. Zyra kept close to Melina, the protective energy growing within her as the hours passed and they got close to the danger. For a time Ardon wandering the entire inside perimeter of the base, rising up on his hind legs to peer out the windows before continuing around the massive room. This voices echoed in the mostly empty room, kept mainly for scrapped fighters waiting to be parted out.
Vonriir laid down out of the way but in the process he scraped the steel spikes of his armor against the concrete ground, creating a horrible noise that nearly everyone cringed at.
“Do us all a favour and DON’T do that again,” quipped Veyron, holding his ears.
Vonriir ducked his head, embarrassed, “Apologies.”
The silver dragon walked over to the half circle where the others had gathered. He sat down but his ebony crowned head was lifted high and his shoulders were back. He was a seasoned battler and the fire in his blood was heating up on the eve of their next mission.
“We all have to keep our wits about us,” said Forge, knowing that this company was not his to command yet still he felt the obligation to give his pre-battle speech, “We could be facing more than what we have been informed of. Keep your eyes and ears sharp, follow your gut instinct and communicate at every opportunity. Working as a unit will benefit us immensely.”
Vonriir nodded, puffing up in his armour, ready to do what was needed of him. The others seemed of similar mind as well, awaiting their orders from Commander Takara.
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Takara came in with Asuka in close company as they approached the dragons in the hanger, Mark had settled his equipment on a table in the hanger and was getting his sniper rifle ready for the upcoming mission.
“Our sources have found a facility on the outskirts of Akita, there has been activity there, it develops medical equipment and medicines for the whole of Japan, plenty of space there to perhaps hide your commander, though we have no guarantees he is there” Takara stated.
"It's worth eliminating as a potential site, even if it’s not what we are looking for," replied Forge in agreement.
Takara nodded lightly.
“We will wait till nightfall, you have cover of darkness, we have a route for you guys to take, I suggest you allow the smaller dragons for this cloak and dagger, while you two wait on the coast nearby” Takara instructed.
"Will our position be close enough to help in adequate time if things go sideways?" inquired the silver. Being the warlord his take on the situation needed to be clear.
Takara nodded to this query.
“Yes, you will be, me and Mark being a marksman will be nearby overlooking the facility, our hackers in T9 will disengage the power here so gives us a window to infiltrate the facility, your dragons can get in and explore and get out” Takara informed them.
"Yes commander," nodded the group in unison, ready to follow out their orders.
“What about me?” Melina asked.
“Dr Tatsu will arrive and set up a mobile medical area here, you be involved with that” she ordered, Melina not too happy with this plan, being left out, she folded her arms and merely nodded at Takara’s instructions as she went to sit back down, with a look of thunder on her face.
“In the mean time keep calm and rest” Takara said, ignoring the professor’s reaction to the orders.
Zyra caught Mel's look and walked over to her, "What's wrong?" she asked, hoping that Melina didn't want to go with her. She would be safer here.
Melina looked up at the dragoness, the look of thunder had not left her face, she was always being side-lined to do these medical jobs, while the boys and military style people go off.
“You know what is wrong, I have trained and got myself in shape to be a worthy asset, yet I’m sat on the side-lines being a stereotypical dolly nurse to heal your wounds” Melina said, anger in her voice as the emotions bounced through the link, even Forge would sense it.
Zyra understood her reasons but tried to temper the situation, "Mel, I know you could kick some major tail but with everything that's happened I would feel better if you did stay here. If this Maria is here and is anything like Cayman I don't want to risk the chance of you falling into her hands." she said, sounding worried. The dragoness still felt a lot of anger about Cayman breaking the professors leg when she hadn't been part of the Academy.
“Your worrying that you should of stopped him, we were not bonded, you couldn’t of helped me, we were not bonded or together, stop blaming yourself” Melina said to the bold wing looking over to Forge briefly.
Forge shifted uncomfortably, overhearing. He looked away, he hadn't been there to protect her either.
Zyra seemed to think quietly a moment, frowning.
"Come with me then, when we launch you will be on my back. Do you have your gun?" she said quietly.
Before Melina could answer Takara had overheard the conversation, “Your not going anywhere professor, we need you here” she said as Melina took offence.
“I am going with my dragon” she said assertively.
“Like hell you are, your staying here” Takara said in a stern tone as it got the woman’s back up as she stood up to Takara.
“Uh oh” Mark said to Veyron seeing sparks could fly as Asuka got close to Takara.
Zyra stepped forward, her sail twitching as she tried not to tip over into anger. "Enough. Mel wants to join me I think that is her right as my bonded Attilu." she said firmly.
“Your both under Torchwood 9 influence and I am the commander here, I wont be spoken to by some wannabe action scientist” Takara said.
“Excuse me?” Melina said as she gave the woman a daring scare as the conflict escalated, Asuka looked at Zyra, noticing the language.
“Back down Bold wing” she ordered.
Zyra shot daggers at her with her bright yellow eyes.
"I-" she started but was interrupted by the snap of forge whipping his tail to quiet all of them. "Enough, now is not the time to be fighting," he thundered.
Takara gave an umipressed look at the silver.
“You keep out of this dragon, seems the cute little professor here wants to be a hero, what colour is the gun?” Takara said.
That was it for Melina sadly, her fiery nature combined with bonded to a bold wing made her even more fiery.
“OH THAT IS IT!” Melina said and punched the woman in the face as Takara stumbled back, shocked at what just happened.
“Oh ****!” Mark said rushing to stop them going against one another again but Asuka growled at Zyra to stay out of their fight or she go for her.
Zyra stared in surprise, mouth agape as the she realized what was happening. Her sail snapped up but Asuka stopped her from lunging into the fray.
“I warned you professor” Takara said
As the two women fought, both Women knew martial arts as the fight erupted between them, both blocking one another’s attacks as Melina utilised her agility and used a flurry of kicks as Takara struggled with her speed.
As this fight was going on Mark looked surprised and looked at Zyra and Asuka, “You going to stop this?” he demanded but Asuka had eyes locked on Zyra, just in case she interfered.
"I can't," said Zyra in a low, dangerous tone, not taking her eyes off Asuka. "Melina's got this."
The girls went at each other with such intensity, Takara managed to land a hit on the womans face and then again as Melina stumbled back a little bit as blood seeped down from her nose.
Zyra growled, her sail displaying angry colours.
Ardon couldn't believe what he was seeing but no dragon made a move to stop them. This was their fight and any intervention would be poorly met.
Melina frowned wiping the blood from her face as she went at the woman who stood at the ready and had a smug look on her face that Melina was going to wipe off her face.
Ardon looked over and noticed Zyra's scales had a faint white glow and there were flashes of Melina's palm, shimmering in the same light.
Melina went at Takara with a fierce intensity, Takara battled as well, as punches and roundhouse kicks flew at one another but Melina was speeding up, fuelled by Brathille as she landed a number of hits on Takara as the woman stumbled back, Melina grit her teeth and landed a heavy kick onto Takara’s chest sending the woman flying into some empty oil barrels as the poor commander was dazed as Melina panted looking fierce as Takara did not get up.
Zyra's eyes tore away from Asuka as she watched Taraka go flying after Melina hit her with inhuman strength. It looked like the professor was going to go after her again when forge slammed his tail down between them, putting himself between Zyra and Asuka as well.
"Enough, I think the point has been made." he rumbled.
Vonriir looked immensely uncomfortable that the two groups had been in a face off.
Ardon lingered to the side, poised and ready for action in case something happened but Forge was stern and stoic in his posture, determined not to let anything escalate again.
“No more now” Asuka said helping Takara to her feet as the woman looked dazed as First aiders came to her who heard the ruckus, Mark had told Zyra to go get Melina sorted out as the woman had a red bruise on her face and her nose was bleeding again.
Using her wing Zyra guided Melina away and grabbed some tissue from her medical bag to hold up to her face.
"Mel..." she sounded like she was going to scold her at first, "You kicked her ass!" she said in a whisper.
Melina gave a huff of a laugh while holding the tissue to her nose, pinching to stop the blood as Zyra unpacked the kit.
“Told you…I can” Melina said as the adrenaline was slowly leaving her system, Mark shook his head lightly.
“I thought it was only the boys who went into full blown fights” Mark said as Melina looked at him.
“She was asking for it” came her response.
"Well, I'm hesitant to say I’m impressed," said Zyra with a hint of a smile, "But I don't know what damage has been done to our co-operative efforts, she said, looking over her shoulder to see Forge attempting to smooth things over.
“Probably not my most logical career move yet, but I wanted to show I’m not some weakling person” Melina defended herself.
“Yeah, I do not think we are questioning that” Mark said looking over as Takara was being treated with Asuka being close by.
"You got a mean right hook, Prof," said Veyron, standing on Mark's shoulder.
"Save the rest of that for helping me rescue Jack," said Ardon.
"Thanks my adoring fans" chuckled Melina as Zyra sorted her Atillu out.
"Remind me not to pass you off professor" Mark said, again shaking his head, thinking they would be abandoning this issue and could well find themselves kicked out of Japan, but Forge seemed to be doing allot of talking.
Veyron abandoned Mark's shoulder and went over to Asuka and Takara where Forge seemed to try to be settling things in a calm manner.
Takara was still being treated as Asuka kept out the way but eyes locked onto Forge as the large silver spoke in the hopes of smoothing relations out after this little skirmish.
"Tensions are obviously high. I am not condoning Professor Goodwin's actions but dividing a bonded dragon and their Attilu tends to cause unintended issues," said Forge, "I hope that we can put this behind us and act as a unit once again to get back returned to safety."
Takara looked up at the silver, Melina had given her a developing black eye and some nasty cuts as well on her face, but the woman was at least ok for now.
“Next time you ask for help, let us know if your professor’s or technicians come with hazard warnings, your professor needs to keep her hands to herself” Takara replied.
"We don't allow our staff to be defenceless," said Forge calmly, but a little hidden praise for his team, "But I can assure you that we ALL will be on good behaviour from here on out," he said loud enough for everyone to hear.
Takara sighed lightly.
“Fine, she can go once she’s fixed up, she is Zyra’s problem but if any of you step out of line, consider yourselves gone, you hear me?” Takara sternly said, well as stern as someone who had their backside kicked.
"Yes Commander," said Forge and Vonriir as the others nodded.
Zyra helped Melina finish cleaning up the blood from her nose as she saw the bruise darkening under her skin.
"You look like you could take on the Yakuza all on your on," teased Zyra. "Promise me you won't be beating up any of our other allies until we at least get Jack back?"
Melina gave Zyra a look but then relented in giving an answer.
“Alright, no more beating anyone up, except you of course” she tried to joke and give a smile.
Zyra gave her a small lick in return, "You feel okay?"
“I will be, just need to rest up and not start anymore fights at least” Melina said as Forge came over explaining the agreement he had come to with Takara, Melina glanced over to see she was being treated.
Melina took some small comfort in knowing she knocked Takara’s smug smile off her face and that it was her who done it.

The evening soon came as the dragon s waited, it would be another 2 hours before the operation began, however within the facility there were plans already afoot.
Dr Kimato walked into the massive laboratories which was house massive machine which in turn was linked to others, monitoring heart rate and other areas within the stasis chamber, the main computer analysing readings and results and ensuring everything was at peak efficiency, technicians ensuring everything was going well and levels were working well.
A head technician approached and handed him a report, Dr Kimato thanked the man as he studied the reports as everything looked well for the activation.
“Prepare to open the stasis Chamber, ensure everything is in place before we begin the procedure” he said in Japanese as the technicians took to their posts as they programmed the systems to begin powering down and to begin to open the chamber doors.
After a few minutes all stations reported ready as Dr Kimato went to the main computer, typing in his password and finger print ID to begin the opening procedure, as soon as all was confirmed red lights flashed, an alarm went off as the systems supporting the stasis chamber began to withdraw their support.
“All life signs stable, breathing is now independent, liquid draining from chamber, doors opening in 2 minutes” said one of the technicians as Dr Kimato moved towards a raised platform which would overlook the massive stasis chamber.
From the sheer size of the facility, it was clear why Akita research facility had been chosen, it had underground facilities and could handle and support all the equipment, years of work and funding to put this together, once then they needed Jack and knowledge obtained by their sponsors and the support of the Yakuza which he had links due to his lab and chemistry research had now all come to this..the ultimate weapon.
“Chamber doors unlocking and opening in 1 minute” came the call from one technician.
“All life signs strong and stable, no issues reported” came another voice as Dr Kimato stood upon the platform proudly, ready to greet the new arrival.
Soon the locks and other mechanisms unlocked and the large doors with a groan opened slowly, the man seemed to hold his breath for a moment as steam poured out of the chamber, air rushing in as the doors opened slowly revealing the massive brown scales dragon…..the one that Ardon and Forge had feared, had been reanimated, grown in this stasis chamber, using Jack’s DNA and with it came the power of Brathille.
However by removing Jack’s hold and focused on the mutation carried on the man by the labs on Kilara, they found the small amount of Brathille magic had allowed this version of the dragon some unique abilities, combined with making him bigger, better and stronger than the version ever conceived by the Kilara scientist, they had created the ultimate form of Skahrsen.
The doors were now fully open as the massive dragon stood there, eyes closed sleeping, tubes withdrawn from the dragons nose and mouth as well as stabilizers to keep the dragon comfortable while inside, all the support was withdrawn.
A tense moment as everyone looked up in awe at this magnificent beast, years of growth had been condensed down, they had created a dragon from Jack’s DNA, little did they know this dragon personality was anything but ideal.
All of a sudden a joint gasp of men as the dragon his eyes, the dark red, cruel eyes of the dragon looked around, surveying the environment, some security officers kept their guns close, just in case this beast went into a rage.
“It is fine, he is fine, welcome” Dr Kimato said, his voice amplified by some speakers in the wall, the dragon blinked a few times and took steps forward, his frame heavy, muscles well built and looked powerful under thick chocolate scales, horns looking sharper and gleaming, as well as the tail spikes, indeed this was a heavy armoured and powerful dragon, massive wings against his sides as he walked forward, the ground shaking as he approached.
The security personnel who stood by Dr Kimato backed up cautiously, looking at the dragon with guns pointed, as the doctor showed no fear as the massive dragon approached, even with the elevated platform the dragon was tall.
Soon the massive dragon stopped, eyes looked down upon the man, the creator of this dragon, unknown to him the dragon already had a name and memories.
“Hello, welcome to this world, I’m Doctor Kimato, I created you here, there is no need to be afraid, you are safe here” the doctor said as the dragon surveyed the area, eyes looking around, the man seemed to bam with pride, noticing the dragon’s intelligence.
Soon the dragon brought his intimidating gaze upon the man before him and the dragon seemed to take a big yawn which echoed in the entire chamber, the yawn revealed perfectly gleaming, razor sharp teeth.
“You look magnificent!” Doctor Kimato said as the dragon seemed to smile slightly.
“Why thank you Doctor” came the voice of the dragon which made everyone surprised, except for the doctor, the voice like thunder but held significant intelligence.
“Hah, you have mastered language, we did so much, to teach you as many languages as possible, English seemed easier to speak to you than Japanese” the man said.
The dragon spoke in Japanese, which stunned the men around, the grin on the doctor could not get any bigger.
“You are the person response for creating me are you not?” the dragon reverted to English.
“Yes I am, you were grown here, with our care and attention” he said.
The dragon paused, closing his eyes and then reopening them.
“Where is Jack?.....Jack Harkness” he asked as the Doctor looked a little puzzled.
“How…how do you know about him young dragon”.
“Oh I know Jack very well, he does not appear to be within me, or part of me, my thoughts are my own, no background he dead?” the dragon asked.
Doctor Kimato was not sure what to make of this comment as he spoke next, wondering how this dragon knew Commander Harkness.
“No..he is here, we took his DNA and blood samples to create you, taking the DNA and just making it just you, full and complete” Kimato explained.
“Ahh, that is why I cannot sense him, good, very good, I do find another person’s thoughts a little distracting, wouldn’t you agree?” the dragon said.
Dr Kimato coughed to clear his throat, the dragon spoke well and with such intelligence in his words that Kimato was unaware of the impending doom he had unleashed.
“We..must think of a name to give a dragon of your stature, a name to proudly give you, there are many……” the doctor was interrupted by Skahrsen as the dragon put his talon to his mouth which silenced the man.
“Shhhh…..I have a name already doctor and a plan, which you have help and for that I thank you” the dragon said as the man seemed a little concerned.
“Umm, perhaps we need to run some checks on you, make sure your mind is not corrupted by Jack’s DNA or influence or ensure you are well and do not have any mental imperfections” Dr Kimato said as the dragon seemed to chuckle.
“Calm yourself Doctor, there is no fault or fear of limited or mental imperfections, everything is working wonderfully, my name is Skahrsen” the dragon said.
Dr Kimnato was silent for a moment as he tried to find words to speak but the look the dragon gave him made him silent as he felt uneasy.
“You look concerned and tired Doctor, try to relax yourself there were no short cuts taken am I correct?, I feel very much focussed” he said as Dr Kimato spoke.
“No, no short cuts, we made you perfect and ensured you were free of any impurities, there were no short cuts” he assured the dragon.
The dragon nodded lightly with his massive head.
“That is very reassuring to hear Doctor, because I feel your services in this have been concluded and hence forth I am cutting short our interaction, I’m cutting short your life” Skahrsen said as he released a savage bout of fire which Dr Kimato nor his body guards could escape in time as the men were turned to ash.
Others began firing their weapons which bounced off the hardened scales of the dragon, as he swiped them aside with his tail, unleashing fire from his jaws, as the bright yellow and red fire engulfed the area, men screamed in agony as the dragon let out a roar.
“So glad to be back, without any more distractions” he said as the dragon heard the alerts as the dragon began smashing the area as alarms went out, ripping apart machines and smashing through walls to get to the surface.
All of a sudden, an explosion could be heard as fire lit up the sky, burning rubble and debris scattered as the massive dragon left the area, rubble falling down around him as he unleashed fire and fury upon the facility, people ran for cover as Skahrsen took out the defences and left the area he occupied like a war zone.
Skahrsen’s sudden appearance had shocked the men on the surface and ensured there was little to no resistance once he was out, as a section of the facility was in ruin with other bits on fire and smoke rising into the sky.
Skahrsen could see a city nearby and a villainous smile crept upon his face.
“I always wanted to light up the town on a Saturday” the dragon unfurled his massive wings and with a powerful beat, took to the skies and went towards the city of Akita.
Meanwhile in the hanger all the chaos at the facility was being watched by covert CCTV and hacking into the cities camera’s as the one man rushed to inform the team of the developments, running to where the dragons were.
“Fire, in the outskirts of the city!” came one of the recon staff as Takara, Mark and others rushed over to the mobile station that had been set up in the hanger, the CCTV showed fire billowing out one section, structural damage and people lying dead with crumpled military equipment, soon a roar could be heard as a dragon appeared on the damaged part of the facility, one very familiar to all of them as Melina put her hand to her mouth.
Ardon’s hearts stopped as he stared at the screen.
"Skahrsen, no, they turned him," said Zyra, horrified.
“This is terrible, if they merged them back…somehow, how the hell do well get him back” Mark said looking concerned as the dragon wreaked havoc upon the facility on the one side.
"No," said Ardon, suddenly, "I can still feel Jack. He's conscious again. They somehow separated them..."
Forge looked grim. They had always counted on Brathille to help fight off Skahrsen but now that might not be an option for them.
“We need to get Jack out of there, the building is unstable” Melina said.
“Agreed, Ardon, Melina, Zyra and Veyron can go to the facility, can you get any reinforcements, that dragon is heading for Akita” Mark said seeing the dragon take off.
“Reinforcements wont get here for 20 minutes” Takara said.
“Then send Forge and Vonriir, they are the big guys here, they can stop him wrecking havoc on the city” Melina said.
"We will put a stop to him," forge confirmed as Vonriir nodded beside him.
"We won't let him get far."
Takara nodded, “Then scramble, me and Mark will get back up to you, in the meantime head down”
“Good luck” Asuka said, knowing Takara would not want her to venture in without support, she hoped she be able to join the fight soon.
The dragons where then bustling with action. Zyra nosed Melina to get her to hurry and saddle up before Ardon went on without her.
“Let’s go!” Melina said as Veyron hopped on and they took off, heading towards the facility.
Forge and Vonriir had shot off towards Akita city, to stop this dragon.

By the time Forge and Vonriir had arrived at the city, parts of it were in flames, there was destroyed military armour and wreckage of fighters as parts of the city burned, some buildings crushed under heavy paws, it looked a manic warzone.
Skahrsen was near two large buildings as other smoked and burned as he toppled one to the ground, the noise echoed around as the dragon seemed to continue his devastation upon Akita, dealing with threats easily.
Tanks fired at the dragon, the shells exploding upon his scales but the chocolate coloured scales repelled the impact.
“My turn” he said as black lines traced down his scales as he spat fire balls in their direction they had a strong tint of black, they collided with the tanks as men ran for cover causing them to explode in spectacular fashion due to the intensity of the heat and impact, the heat melting the tarmac on the road as Skahrsen chuckled.
In a flash of silver and tan wings Vonriir and forge landed. The crag back drew a breath and let out a challenging bellow.
"Skahrsen!" Shouted Forge but as the dragon came into view, he noticed something different about the brown dragon.
The dragon approached the two dragons, flames rising up making the dragon look far more intimidating and villainous than Forge had ever seen him, the dragon stopped near the dragons as sirens sounded and evacuation sirens were sounding as people can for cover.
“I am so glad you’re here Forge, I never forget a face and you brought some help” Skahrsen said looking at Vonriir.
“Loving the new look” the dragon gestured to the armour with his paws.
"I can't say that I'm delighted to see you in return, Skahrsen," thundered the silver. "You were banished by Brathille. Why have you returned?" He demanded, trying to buy them time.
Skahrsen looked at the silver warlord with the red eyes that Forge was used to.
“Humans are so clever, especially corrupted ones, looking to exploit something for their own end, sadly, they did not know the dragon DNA trapped within belonged to me, they thought they had a dragon they could control….but alas no such luck” Skahrsen replied.
Forge growled, so no one controlled him. He had no ties. This dragon was even more dangerous now.
"Where is Jack?" Demanded Forge, making him linger a little longer.
Skahrsen smiled, looking at Vonriir then Forge.
“You said to me I talk too much, I’m done talking..shall we” the dragon said snarling at them but black marks crossed his brown scales, black smoke coming off the dragon.
"Be careful, Vonriir," snarled forge, seeing the ominous black smoke.
The two of them launched into the air, knowing that being grounded while fighting was a disadvantage. As they flew forge could already feel the fire rising in his throat.
Skahrsen roared as he launched black tinted fireballs at the two dragons, they would feel very hot to the dragons but the speed at which they were launched would catch them off guard.
Forge spun out of the way, launching fire of his own at the brown dragon. Vonriir barely managed to get out of the way in time, slow in the air as he was.
The dragon dodged the fire balls and launched more fire balls, so far staying on the ground, the dragon grabbed a fuel truck nearby, throwing it into the air at Vonriir who was the slower flyer, he launched a fire ball which connected with the truck causing an explosion close to the cragback.
The large dragon shouted in alarm, feeling the heat of the fire envelope him. He dove as quickly as he could, feeling the burn on his thinner scales.
Forge roared and swooped at Skahrsen, swinging his spiked tail at his face.
The dragon dodged, grabbing the dragons tail and with intense dragon strength pulled and flung the dragon into some buildings.
Forge didn't have time to slow himself down as he crashed into a building behind him, lost in the rubble as it came down.
Vonriir snarled and lunged at Skahrsen, charging into him with all his might.
Skahrsen snarled and ran towards the massive Crag back, the two soon met with an almighty bang, two of the largest heavy weight dragons colliding, both had felt the impact of their collision as it was indeed a bone and scale shaking encounter.
Both dragons had now gone into a push of war as Skahrsen growled pushing back against the behemoth of a dragon.
Vonriir took a gasping breath as he was met with Skahrsens incredible strength.
The chocolate scaled dragon pushed, exerting unimaginable pressure upon Vonriir, it was really unnatural how strong this dragon was, the dragon gave a sly smile at the corner of his mouth as he pushed again, testing the Crag backs strength and resolve.
The crag back threw everything he had into trying to overpower the other dragon, panting hard as he fought.
Skahrsen pushed again, increasing the pressure piling on poor Vonriir, seeing how much this large dragon could give in terms of power.
The large dragon began to tremble and shake from the effort, his talons sliding on the ground as he tried to keep his paws stationary.
Skahrsen felt Vonriir tiring and pushed again with a growl as Vonriir skidded backwards a little, his talons screeching against the concrete and ground as the Crag back struggled to fight back against this insane monster.
"Ggrhh," snarled Vonriir, fighting against the massive mutant of a dragon with everything he had. Everything was not enough for he could feel himself tiring already.
Skahrsen pushed back and felt the dragon struggling under his power, Forge was still stunned but Skahrsen felt that is he could topple this dragon, nothing would stop him.
“You supposed to be the strongest guy here, come on is this all you got pudgy” Skahrsen snarled at the dragon.
Vonriir bared his teeth and pushed back harder before opening his jaws and unleashed a torrent of flame.
Skahrsen scales were not affected by the dragons flame, he was designed and created to counter dragons and to overpower them, indeed he was beating the strongest of them on Earth, Skahrsen gripped firmly on the armoured and pushed, the force denting the armour as his claws pierced the metal plates protecting his shoulders.
"Grrhh," growled Vonriir, fighting with everything he had, limbs shaking in his fatigue. He grappled with the other dragon mightily. "We ... will .... stop.... you!" He huffed through heavy breath.
Just then a vicious snarl sounded behind them. Forge had returned, dusty and bloody as he leapt onto Skahrsens back. He bit down on his wing as Vonriir tried to make the most of the distraction.
Skahrsen snarled and flung the warlord off him, then with a burst of power toppled the massive Crag back as he withdrew backing away as the smoke markings appearing on his scales as he unleashed a fierce torrent of black fire which was incredibly hot as tarmac bubbled and other items began to melt in this great fire wall.
Vonriir cried out as he righted himself, clumsily jumping into the air. Forge scrambled to grab a slab of broken rubble. "Ghrah!" He roared as he threw it at him.
Skahrsen clenched his paw and threw it at the object, it smashed into pieces, the dragon diddnt even blink, this dragon had been made into a super strong, ultra tough version of this hellish brute.
The dragon spotted a tower as people were trying to evacuate, he gave a sly smile as he unleashed fire balls towards the tall building, it hit structure with a powerful hit, as the whole building began to groan and rubble fell down as the structure began to buckle under its own weight from the mutant dragon’s attacks.
Vonriir heard the cries of people trying to escape the weakened building and rushed to their aid. He jammed his shoulders under the archway and flared his wings against the falling debris.
"Stay with them!" Yelled forge as he turned and swiped at Skahrsen with his talons.

The sparks flew and forge snarled, realizing his talons did nothing on the thicker scales. Instead he bared his teeth and lunged for his throat.
Skahrsen growled and leapt up catching the silver dragon’s forepaws in his own as he moved backwards slightly, as the two stood on hind legs locked in combat.
Forge threw all his weight into trying to push his opponent down and Get him to stop his rampage. He snarled viciously, thrashing his tail.
Skahrsen gripped tighter, baring his teeth as he slow pushed upwards, the Silver roaring with effort but the dragon was gaining the upper claw in brute strength and power.
Muscles shifted under silver scales as forge growled, trying to overcome his opponent with little luck. He shut his eyes and put all his focus into stopping this monster dragon. "Grrhhgh" he snarled.
The Brown dragon gave a villainous look, seemingly taking perverse pleasure at watching Forge slowly yield to him, the old dragon heaved and pushed but Skahrsen beat him here as Forge exerted everything to keep him from harming anyone.
Forge blinked away that sweat that trickled down his muzzle as he fought valiantly, his whole-body tense.
"I won't let you win," he snarled, shaking.
“You got nothing left, you got stronger but your efforts are futile, back on Kilara and back on Earth, you lost Forge” Growled the brown dragon pushing again as Forge trembled all over.
The silver knew that he needed to do something to stop Skahrsen. He coiled his body like a giant spring, muscles tensing as he snarled loud, lunging with all his weight. The sudden movement jarred the two dragons toppling the brown scaled monster.
Forge didn't waste a chance, he trembled but he raised his sore forepaw and slashed at Skahrsens underbelly.

Meanwhile as the two battled, over the other side the building Vonriir was holding up was being evacuated, people ran out scared as wardens used Vonriir’s support to get everyone out as debris fell upon the dragon and surrounding area.
The crag back was doing everything he could to kept the entrance from collapsing in. His armour protected him from the little things that crashed down but he was struggling to keep the area clear for evacuees.
People ran out as the dragon held as the remaining supports began to crack and crumble as Vonriir held it up as people left under the guidance of the wardens dressed in bright green illuminated Jackets, wearing helmets as people were ushered to a bunker.
"Hrmph," the crag back grunted, hoisting up his shoulders more to try to keep his legs from trembling.
"Not meaning to rush ya, but I can't....hmph... hold this much longer...." he called.
The one warden looked to see the dragon struggling, he could see this was heavy as the building leaned a bit more.
" Please hold it up sir, we got few more people to get out" the warden urged the dragon, speaking in broken English to the Crag back who took kept himself in place.
"Please....hurry," he said shakily.
People were still rushing out, obviously trapped or had just found the way out as the building leaned more, debris raining down upon the ground as people screamed in fear.
The large dragon shook mightily, broken pieces of armour rattled against his scales.
He coughed in the dust, drawing in a shaking breath.
"I can't.... I can't hold it much longer," he yelled.
The building began coming apart as rubble fell down upon the Crag nack, the weight pushing him backwards slowly.
Vonriir grumbled against the task, feeling pain across his shoulders.
"I'm losing it. It's falling apart," he yelled, louder now before snarling, trying to use his wing spurs to help hold it all up.
The final bits of people ran out as the wardens ran with them towards the underground station which also acted as a bunker, the dragon had done it, before the building was on the verge of collapse.
When the last person was clear the dragon staggered backwards. His hind legs crumpled under him from the strain as he laid in the rubble panting hard.
"Stars above, I need to hit the gym with the younglings," he huffed, lifting his head to see where Forge was, but his limbs protested when he tried to rise up.
Sirens sounded as rubble burned, Forge was occupied with Skahrsen while the poor Crag back had been pushed hard and was severely tired, help was on the way, the only hope was the others were able to find Jack in what was left of the facility, the fight was far from over here in Akita.
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Melina jumped up onto the saddle and patted Zyra, "Let's go!" she said with urgency.
Just then Zyra had a thought. She turned and hurried up to where Mark was gathering his things in a hurry, the wraith standing on his shoulder.
“You’re coming with us, Veyron,” said Zyra, grabbing him before he had a chance to dash into Mark’s jacket.
“I’m in infiltrator and in recon, not bait for a rabid mutant dragon!” he shouted, wriggling in her grasp.
“You’re little,” explained Zyra, breaking out into a run to catch up with Ardon. She could see his tail disappear out the doors and hear the sound of wings snap open, “We might need you to get in through the rubble.”
She handed him back to Melina as she burst through the doors.
“Christ…” exclaimed Veyron, sitting in the saddle with the professor. He looked back over his shoulder and grimaced. He could have been out of the line of fire for just a little longer, sticking with Mark and getting back up mobilized but now there was a good chance he would become a dragon pancake running through the ruins of the destroyed building. Zyra kidnapping him meant that he wouldn’t be alongside Asuka either.
Zyra had to beat her wings at tremendous speed to catch up with Ardon. He didn’t let the weight of his armor slow him, eyes focused on the burning ruins. Fire light rose up from the destroyed building and they could see the red glow from the city as well. Skahrsen hadn’t wasted any time.
“We’ve got your back,” she said when she finally caught up, “You focus on finding Jack, we will deal with anything else.”
“WE?” asked Veyron.
“Yes, we,” repeated Zyra, turning to glare at him briefly.
Ardon gave an affirmative nod, breathing hard as they raced for the warehouse.
As they approached the building they could see the massive shape of Skahrsen far off, laying waste to the city with a get stream of fire.
“****, that’s HIM?” exclaimed Veyron. He had only ever seen a picture on one of Melina’s files and didn’t realize how much of a behemoth this monster was, even at this distance. His scales prickled at the thought.
“He’s bigger,” said Ardon grimly. He hoped that Forge and Vonriir stood half a chance against him. Forge had never fared very well against the engineered dragon.
"Let's keep out of his sight, Vonriir and Forge will deal with him," Melina said to Zyra as the dragon was laying waste to Akita.
Ardon turned his wings and angled downwards towards the warhouse. The middle was collapsed in where the dragon had burst through.
It was a mess, they realized when they landed.
Ardon looked around for a suitable entrance.
“Stand back,” he commanded, swinging his tail at a window. The glass shattered, raining down and shimmering in the light of the fire.
Ardon leapt through, followed my Zyra in a graceful jump.
Once inside they were met with a collapsed archway and three paths to take.
“Which way?” asked Veyron, not certain that Jack was even in this building.
Ardon, knew, however. Somehow he was pulled to this place. He looked at the paths they could take and after a moment he turned his muzzle to the right and bolted through the corridor.
Zyra had to jump to action to keep up. Ardon was on a mission and nothing would slow him down now.
"Keep eye out for danger, we don’t know what we will find round the corner," Melina said to the bold wing,
Zyra nodded in response, her yellow eyes scanning every space they passed.
Veyron crouched low in the saddle before climbing up to Zyra’s crest. Keeping low, the wraith looked around, keeping an extra eye out for danger.
Up ahead she heard gunfire and Ardon’s roar.
“****,” hissed Veyron as they arrived on scene. The gold had knocked the two men back with a heavy swipe of his tail, breaking their weapons in his teeth before moving on.
Zyra coughed, the place was full of smoke and the heat of it was hot on her scales. As she flanked Ardon closely. Her wings weren’t folded completely, half lifted up from her back to give Melina greater protection.
It was dark and difficult to see from the smoke and haze that lingered in the building. Only a few emergency lights remained where the electrical hadn’t been ruined.
Zyra grabbed Ardon’s tail, putting a stop to his progress through the hall. When he turned to look the dragoness pointed to live wires that sparked overhead, just inches above his crest. She let his tail go as he nodded thanks.
Together they weaved trough the catacombs of the destroyed building. Zyra thought she could hear far off roars and it gave her a chill down her spine, worry welling up for how Forge and Vonriir were faring. She hoped that Mark and Takara’s backup would arrive soon.
They passed by numerous human bodies, a grim sight to behold as they travelled. The ruined building had collapsed in places before everyone had a chance to get out it seemed.
“On your left, Zy!” yelled Veyron, ducking as shots suddenly sprayed out from behind a fallen concrete column. As she turned she opened her jaws to spit acid towards the concrete but a huge burst of flame roared from Ardon’s mouth, having leapt to her aid. The man’s sleeve caught fire and he dropped his weapon, screaming. Ardon dealt with the man before reemerging.
"Nice work, keep eyes peeled, we don’t know what they been up to here" Melina said assertively to the group.
The four of them passed through the containment room where the equipment used to create Scahrsen still stood. The smell of burnt flesh filled the room and made the dragons uneasy. This is where it had started, they realized. They passed through the space, following the strange pull that Ardon could feel.

As Ardon got closer and closer the light from Brathille grew brighter. There was a primal instinct that was driving him onwards through the rubble to find his Attilu. Every part of him that made him a guardian roared in his ears to reach Jack.
He panted; his liquid gold scales now dirty and covered in dust from the ruins of the building, clinging to the sweat on his back.

Suddenly they turned and came to the crumbled ruins of a wall. Ardon put his paws up to it and peered between a small gap between two steel beams. As soon as his muzzle came up to the gap he could catch the scent of the man on the air.

“Jack!” yelled Ardon as he suddenly dug frantically at the wall, “Jack! Are you there?”
He was desperate to hear something from the man inside. He could just see a few abstract shapes through the hole he dug. Inside the space was dark and the air was still.
"Ardon? Ardon that you? Or am I going crazy?" came Jack's muffled voice.
Melina looked relieved to hear it but he sounded drained and tired.
Hearing his Attilu’s voice fueled Ardon and he picked up the pace, heaving chunks of fallen concrete and steal with unusual strength, “I’m here! I’m on my way!”
Zyra reared up and helped, dragging away the debris to widen the gap so that Ardon could get through. They had to be careful to not allow the rest of the upper floor to come down upon them. Veyron watched from atop her crest, his ruff fanned out in surprise as the wall finally gave free. The gold scrambled through the gap, followed by the Boldwing and the others.
"Jack!" Ardon cried, rushing over to the man, seeing him tied up but very much alive. The glow from Brathille shimmered brightly casting the space in a gold haze. The man was bound to the chair, clothes ragged and bloody.
Jack seemed to brighten up a bit more now in close proximity to the dragon, he gave a weak smile.
"Glad you could stop by," he coughed lightly.
Ardon made a strangled noise; half a thrum of elation and half a keen of despair seeing Jack in such a state. The dragon held back from smoothing him with relieved affection but it was certainly a struggle. He wasn’t sure how to get the chains off without hurting him further and they were without a key.
Zyra came hurrying over as Melina dismounted.
Ardon was overcome with relief that the man was alright. All this waiting had pained him greatly and that weight was finally lifted.
"Hang on, Commander, we'll get you out in a sec," Said Veyron, jumping down from Zyra’s crest and onto Jack’s lap and fetching something from the pack between his wings.
"Ah, I'm very surprised to see you" Jack said as Melina checked him over. Veyron worked a lock pick in the mechanism that kept the chains tight.
"Veyron been an asset Jack, a real asset to us," Melina said as Jack gave a weak smile.
“Yeah, thanks for getting kidnapped, boss, its done me a world of luck,” grinned the wraith as the chains came free and clattered to the floor.
“Okay, easy, easy,” Zyra said, gently helped Ardon get Jack to his feet and on the gold’s back.
“We have to get him out of here,” the Boldwing urged the group. Veyron leapt onto Ardon’s shoulders to help strap Jack in and keep him stable while they fled the ruins.
The gold wasted no time, leading the way while Zyra and Melina followed closely behind. The building creaked and groaned in its unstable state.
“Hurry,” Zyra urged again.
Together the group fled the building and leapt into the cold night air. From the city behind them, roars of battle sounded, chilling them to the bone.
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Forge and Skahrsen continued to fight, Forge had toppled the massive beat over and had slashed at the dragon’s underbelly but his hide was allot tougher than expected and even trying to hold Skahrsen down was a challenge among other things.
Forge snarled and slashed at Skahrsens underbelly, creating sparks where his talons hit.
Fury spurred him on and he attacked again, this time his dark talons slashed furrows against the brown dragons scales.
Skahrsen snarled and tried to chuck Forge off him, the dragon was not impressed by being pinned on his back, despite being bigger with tougher hide, the dragon twisted and turned to get out from under the silver.
Forge couldn't let Skahrsen escape. He let out a burst of flame at the dragon's wings before swinging up with a clenched fist, cracking him in the jaw before following that blow with another just below his left eye.
Skahrsen looked at him after the last punch and spat out a tooth, “That all you got Forge, I expected better” the dragon said catching Forge’s fist and in an iron grip crushed down upon the warlord’s forepaw with unnatural force.
The silver dragon grit his teeth in pain, a hissing snarl escaping his jaws. With his free paw he swung at Skahrsen's face again.
Skahrsen grabbed that one and proceeded to crush that paw as well, a villainous smile crept into the corners of the dragon’s mouth as his unnatural strength was showing through and Forge just could not compete with such power.
Skahrsen saw families and other humans trying to escape, the dragon seemed to focus on them as if to punish Forge and Vonriir for interfering.
Forge gave a gasping roar as he felt his paws being crushed.
Looking up he could see that Skahrsens blood red eyes weren't focused on him, but the people trying to flee to safety.
Suddenly the silver let his legs give out under him, dragging Skahrsen down with his full weight.
"Run!" he roared to Vonriir, trying to stop Skahrsen with all he had.
“Oomph” Skahrsen said as Forge went dead weight on him, he snarled and pushed upwards as Vonriir tiredly lumbered over to guide the people through flames and debris to get to safety in the underground station as Forge did his best to hold the dragon.
The silver struggled mightily to keep the brown dragon down. He growled, shaking as he bat his wings about to make it difficult for Skahrsen.
Skahrsen snarled gripping tighter, baring his teeth he slowly was starting to overpower the silver, despite forge’s determination and power.
The silver was determined to stop Skahrsen, despite knowing he stood little chance against the monster of a dragon. He growled and fought against the brown dragon, teeth clenched and shaking.
Skahrsen moved the warlord further up, this was a battle Forge was losing as Skahrsen moved upwards.
Forge tried to speak but it came out as a strained snarl, the brown dragon was too much for him to keep down. White hot Pain raked his body but still he fought on, knowing there was little else between him and Skahrsen killing countless innocent people.
The chocolate scaled dragon snarled pushing the warlord upwards as he managed to now get off his back, the dragon was making Forge work to breaking point as he was overpowering him.
Pushing down with all his might the silver gave one do or die attempt, shaking and sweating as he mightily fought to keep Skahrsen down. He snarled viciously, wings outspread for balance.
“You got anything more in you Forge, I thought you were the strong one, come on” Skahrsen growled as poor Forge worked to breaking point.
"I'll fight you till my dying breath," forge hissed through his teeth.
“Then show me dragon, what this world and all who live on it mean to you” snarled the brown dragon seeing if Forge had anymore strength in him.

Forge gave a bellowing roar, deafening as he shook. He swung his barbed tail, fighting with all he had.
Skahrsen growled and with a powerful kick the poor warlord went flying into the debris, the heavy armour protecting him absorbed the impact but had dented the steel badly, if Forge had not worn the armour his bones and ribcage could have collapsed.
Skahrsen stood and roared out, his victory over the silver in this battle of strength as he saw the warlord crash into the burning rubble.
With a tremendous bang the silver crashed into a pile of concrete and rubble. The wind was knocked out of him and he gasped for breath. He struggled to right himself, his body exhausted from the fight.
Fortunately shots were fired and Skahrsen skipped the laser cannons as Takara’s back up had arrived, fighter’s helicopters and Gunships which fired at the dragon, Skahrsen was hit and snarled as he stumbled backwards as he fired back hitting one fighter.
As this was going on Asuka landed on the scene, rushing to Forge and to help the big dragon up before snarling, looking to go against the massive brown dragon who had fighters and the gunships circling him.
"Don't -agh!" He hissed in pain as Asuka helped him up, "don't engage him, he is too strong." He said between heavy breaths.
Asuka paused as Forge got his words out, “Alright but he’s caused so much damage” Asuka said watching on as Skahrsen took down another 2 fighters, the guns firing but bouncing off his tough armour as he snarled at the gunships circling.
Just then a bellowing roar sounded as Vonriir charged onto the scene and into Skahrsen with his ram horns lowered in attack.
"No!" Shouted Forge but it was too late to call him back.
Skahrsen saw the massive dragon charging towards him, the dragon moved quickly and had the massive dragon’s head in a lock and began to put severe pressure on his neck and kept him from escaping.
The large crag back thrashed and grunted as he tried to escape the brown dragons grasp but it was no use.
Vonriir could not get out as the brown dragon upped the pressure upon the crag back, the dragon was now under pressure, his neck and windpipe being crushed by the dragon’s strength.
Vonriir tried to claw Skahrsen off him but seemed to be fading and quickly.
"Stop!" Snapped forge, his voice echoing off the ruins. "Let him go!"
Skahrsen looked up at Forge and tightened his grip as the ships above him flew past, not firing as the dragon had Vonriir close by and they could not get a good shot.
The massive crag back was starting to go blue in the delicate scales around his eyes, his attempts at freeing himself turned weak and slow as a strangled whimper escaped his mouth as he struggled for air.
"Enough, Skahrsen!" demanded Forge, advancing on him, his jaw lit with unleashed flame.
Skahrsen growled aggressively.
"Come closer and I tighten and snap his neck, back down all of you" he demanded tightening his grip on Vonriir.
Asuka growled but looked at Forge for guidance against this beast, to Asuka he was a massive brute.
Forge stopped his advance, growling to himself and thrashing his tail in frustration. "Let him go."
“Back away or I snap his neck like a twig, call your air ships off as well slinky” Skahrsen demanded as Asuka growled but spoke into her ear piece and the ships withdrew but kept a wide perimeter as Skahrsen watched them go as the dragon kept his blood red eyes on Forge.
"Fine..." said Forge, taking a step back and hoping that he would let Vonriir go. The crag back wasn’t looking good and his attempts to fight him off had nearly stopped.
The silver glowered at Skahrsen with his fiery orange eyes, this wasn't over.
Skahrsen smiled slyly as he let go of the Cragback , hearing him cough and splutter..
" You and I have unfinished business Forge, we settle this next time2 the dragon said backing away a bit so he had space to escape.
Vonriir sagged to the floor and wheezed for breath.
"You will regret ever coming to this world again," Forge threatened, though calmly. The danger and severity of his words were reflected in the tone in which he spoke.
Skahrsen laughed, "My dear Forge, you cannot even hold me down, beating me is beyond you and same for tubby here, he is no match" Skahrsen said as he backed away as Asuka growled at him.
"I don't care if I forfeit my life to do it, but I will rid the world of you, Skahrsen," Snarled Forge.
"You will die then, I cut your scales then I crush you to death and snap your neck as easy as a twig between my talons" Skahrsen said.
Forge growled a warning, saying nothing more as he stared Skahrsen down.
Skahrsen gave a sly smile as black markings and smoke emanated off the dragon, making him look like some hell beast as the smoke enveloped the dragon, then with a gust of wind the dragon had vanished, Asuka looked stunned, not knowing where this dragon had gone.
As soon as the dragon was gone Forge lowered his head, his wings and tail drooping in exhaustion and frustration.
"Sir, I'm sorry, I couldn't-" started Vonriir, apologizing.
"No, you fought valiantly, Vonriir," was Forge's tired reply.
Asuka looked around at the devastation, as she heard something in her ear piece.
"Hanger reports Jack and the others are back safely, should I have Takara get a transport ship here?, you both look exhausted" she said seeing the dragon drenched in sweat and armour damaged, thw two of them looked in a mess.
Relief at hearing that Jack and the others were safe seemed to show on the silver's face.
"Please, miss Asuka," rasped Vonriir, nodding.
"Ok, rest up here guys, well done, let’s get the armour off you, get air to your scales" Asuka said undoing the straps of the damaged armour starting with Vonriir first as he was coughing and spluttering.
Vonriir tried not to wince as he took his helmet off, his whole body felt like a wreck.
Forge seemed to be in the same state, but his stoic silence didn't waiver as he took off his armour, letting it clatter to the ground.
Soon a large transport came down and landed on a clearing in the city as emergency services were arriving on the scene along with the Japanese authorities.
“We best go, onto the transports” Asuka said to the tired dragons.
Forge and Vonriir walked together, slow and limping at they boarded the shuttle.
The crag back flopped down on the floor hard, rattling the ship.
Asuka got in as well, having instructions from Takara from her ear piece as she banged on the side of the transport as the doors closed, the engines rumbled as the transport took off, taking them back to the harbour across the river.
Vonriir lifted his head and looked at Forge, "I know you said-"
The silver dragon cut him off, shaking his head, "if you're apologizing again, Vonriir, I won't have it. You fought well today and came not only to my aid but dozens of others."
The crag back gave a small smile, "I guess we have to get some training in to take down that monster. Well get him soon enough, Lord Forge."
The silver let out a breath. He was nearly strangled to death yet still his optimism ran at full strength.
Asuka smiled lightly.
“You all did very well, rest up, we got medical teams waiting on us, plus Anne is there, Jack is currently being treated” Asuka said as the transport flew with an escort of fighters.
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Jack looked around at the hanger and everything going on as Melina treated him as he lay on a comfortable stretcher in the hanger.
Ardon hadn’t left his side, pacing back and forth. The adrenaline and energy from brathille was still coursing through him. He still glowed lightly though it was nearly faded now that they were out of immediate danger. He had been in a state since they got back. Jack was alive, breathing and talking, but was in ragged condition, which unnerved the golden dragon.
Zyra had made Ardon stand back while she and Melina worked on helping tend to some of his injuries. Even with the mobile setup in place, there was only a little they would be able to do in the warehouse.
"Oww" Jack said as Melina put some Iodine on a cut on his back.
"Sorry," Melina apologized.
"Oh come on, our commander can hold up to a little iodine," teased Zyra lightly, trying to keep things upbeat despite what was going on. They had heard that Forge and Vonriir were on their way back with Asuka but there had been no word of what happened to Skahrsen yet.
"Yeah... I can, Ardon stop pacing, your making me sick" Jack said seeing the dragon continuously walk back and forth around him.
"Sorry," said the gold, stopping and sitting down but he couldn’t stop his tail from twitching. He hadn't been able to make Brathille heal him when they first arrived, no matter what he did and it was hard not to fret over Jack after being separated for so long.

"We fix him up Ardon, don’t worry, though he got some marks on his back, if you can see," Melina said gesturing to Jack's muscled shoulders as someone brought the man another drink and chocolate to boost his energy.
The gold dragon got to his feet and leaned over. Zyra moved out of the way to that he could see. Angry red marks littered his back and along his spine, many of them surrounded by dark, cruel bruises.
"Needle marks?" Asked Ardon hesitantly.
Melina nodded.
"Yes, looks like they went in deep, I need to do a thorough analysis when we go back to Torchwood 9, I ask Dr Tatsu if we can utilize his facility," Melina said as Jack cringed as he moved onto his side as Melina treated him.
"Zyra can you pass the bandages and the graze cream" Melina asked the bold wing.
“Yes,” nodded the dragoness, turning to fetch them and nearly bumped into Ardon.
“If you’re going to be in the way could you at lease grab us some gauze?” she asked him. Ardon mumbled something in agreement before digging through one of Melina’s bags to find what she asked for.
Zyra returned with the bandages and crème, handing them over and Veyron jumped onto her crest to supervise. He had been rather quiet for his usual self since they returned. Perhaps he knew the situation was dire and held back his usual sarcastic comments.
“Can you remember anything of what happened, sir?” asked Zyra calmly. She knew Ardon was dying to ask what had happened but for now she and Melina needed to know what had gone on when it was taken to better heal his wounds.

"They were extracting my blood, getting cells, my DNA, went and got the rich stuff through my spinal cord," Jack said as Melina bit her lip, she wanted to make sure there was no spinal damage.
Zyra saw Melina’s expression. Any tampering with the spine was not without risk.
“Just going to do some rudimentary tests then until we can get you scanned properly,” said the dragoness, feeling Ardon’s worried gaze behind her.
“Oh, they’ve taken your shoes. I rather liked the ones you were wearing at the studio. We’ll have to get you another pair,” she said, trying to keep things light, for everyone involved. The dragoness asked Jack to bend and point his toes. When that was successful they knew that was some good news. No massive damage if he still had feeling.
The sound of the transport lowering down could be heard outside and soon Forge, Vonriir and Asuka returned, coming in through the wide warehouse doors. Forge and Vonriir looked rough but luckily there was very little blood. Most of their injuries where hidden under scale, steadily bruising.
"You're all okay?" asked the silver, hurrying over the best he could in his condition. He limped, one of his paws in great pain from being nearly crushed. He was relieved to see Jack was awake and responsive, though his back looked terrible.
Melina looked and saw the state the dragons were in, "Goodness Forge, you look rough, Jack is ok just sore and tired," Melina said to the silver.
“We are as well,” he said, unable to hide the disappointment in his voice from his loss to the monster dragon.
Jack smiled weakly, "Least you all made it out ok, just a sore back," Jack said as Melina spoke to Takara, though reluctantly about Evacuation.
“I’m glad you’re alive Jack. We’re had quite the adventure without you,” said Vonriir.
“Yes, but not all news is good. We lost Skahrsen. He disappeared in the hellsmoke he’s managed to conjure.
“What?” asked Ardon.
Forge shook his head, “It was like when you light up with Brathille, Ardon. Except it was black. The darkest black, like it was taking light instead of reflecting it. Black fire and a black …glow if you could even call it that. He disappeared in an obsidian fog. I don’t know how he managed it…”
The group looked grim, that didn’t sound promising at all. Corrupted Brathille? Or something else all together, they couldn’t be sure.
“We’ve already informed T9 and they are sending alerts out to the other branches as well as the EA” explained Vonriir. “We’ll know if he appears again.”

While they were talking, Veyron had stolen away and bounded over to Asuka. He rose up on his hind legs to speak with her.
“My cherry blossom warrior. I’m relieved to see you’ve returned without a scratch,” he smiled impishly up at her. The wraith knew no boundary when it came to the appropriate time to flirt, it seemed.
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Jack was given some pain killers and allowed to rest with Ardon being close by as Melina turned her attention to the dragons before her, now out of their armour, their muscles looked enlarged and sore, Melina had seen the dragons had sweated allot through the scales, Vonriir had some frothing on his back.
“Can we have water brought in for the dragons immediately please” Melina said as some people in Japanese spoke and rushed out to get what the professor asked for.
“You two lay down, I have a look at you guys” Melina said, Forge knowing this was not a request.
"Umph," groaned Vonriir, laying down on the ground.
Forge just sat down and took off the rest of his harness that had held his armour together.
Melina approached with Zyra, as the woman moved a medical trolley towards the dragons, she was prepared to examine them as Fork lift trucks took the armour away.
“Water is coming now lads, I want to check up on both of you and we can go from there, judging
by the froth on your scales and enlarged muscles you two must be aching like mad” Melina said.
"Just a tad sore," said Vonriir though his wincing said otherwise.
“I beg to differ, come on I want to examine you two, any refusal will mean consequences, I already been in one fight, I can have you two belly up in no time” Melina pointed to her bruise on her face as she smiled jokingly.
"She means business, Forge," chuckled Vonriir before wincing. "Ouch," he moaned, rubbing his neck gingerly with a paw.
Melina smiled lightly.
“Let’s check on you first Von, the I check up on silver” Melina said, gesturing to the crag back to lower his head.
Vonriir did as instructed, lowering down to face her.
"Forge made him let me go, but because I got caught we lost Skahrsen," he said quietly as a massive dragon could, guilt in his voice.
Melina put her hand on his sweaty scales and gave a smile.
“You did it to help, it was very noble of you, Skahrsen is……..” she paused a moment as she gathered her thoughts.
“He is a freak of nature, built to defeat dragons by brute force, genetically engineered” Melina said.
"Something from nightmares, i'd say," replied Vonriir. "It makes me uneasy, not knowing where he's gone."
Melina checking the dragon and seemed to wince seeing the marks and bruising on his neck.
“Oh Von, you went in head first it seems, your scales are all scuffed and bruising under your scales, sweat is frothing on your scales on the shoulders and back” Melina said putting a damp cloth on his forehead.
“Cool you down” she said.
"Much appreciated, professor," said the large dragon, closing his eyes for a moment.
“Rest up Von, water is coming, drink it slowly and rest here, we are arranging transport for all of us to torchwood 9” Melina said as the professor went to the warlord.
"Good, good. Thank you miss Melina." Replied Vonriir, groaning as he settled to wait.
Melina approached the silver as water was wheeled to the two largest dragons in big containers for the dragons to drink.
"That eye makes you look... dangerous," said forge as she approached, trying to take her attention away from him.
Melina gave Forge a small smile.
“Nice try my Silver, you know the drill or did you want one of these” she said looking up at the warlord dragon.
Forge twitched his tail, "I don't understand how everyone can be so jovial when that hell-bent monster is stars know where," his voice was like far off thunder, still avoiding treatment.
Asuka overheard the conversation and approached the warlord with Veyron in between her horns, she was also concerned about the dragon escaping their grasp.
“We are searching the area, we have gunships searching the area, Anne and her team are collaborating with the Japanese military services” Asuka commented to the silver.
Melina nodded lightly.
“We find him Forge, I know we will , now stop stalling or I get Zyra here to make you listen to me” Melina said folding her arms waiting on the silver.
The warlord let out a sigh and lowered himself slowly to the floor, "nothing you can fix with gauze or iodine," he assured her.
“You know it” she smiled checking on the silver carefully, she checked for any marks or scuffs as she inspected his shoulders, the muscles were enlarged and seemed to be releasing allot of heat as Melina felt round for any muscle tears.
"Just sore, Melina," he said, wincing slightly. "You promise me that if he comes back you hide. I don't wish to hear about your warrior ways," he said, though not unkindly. He was being uncommonly genuine and kind, "I just want you safe from that fiend."
Melina put her hand on the silver scales of the warlord and nodded lightly to Forge’s request, she felt a whisper of his genuine heart felt concern, she knew how important he considered her in his life.
“I promise I go and hide, for you Forge but you promise me to kick his ass next time you meet” Melina said.
"I've already made that promise to him," he said with a nod and a growl.
Melina nodded lightly.
“Good, you just overexerted yourself, I think a soak in the thermal pools in T9 and sleep will help heal you, I think you have pushed your muscles past normal tolerances, then again for a more seasoned dragon you look very impressive” she said with a wry smile to the silver.
Forge gave a small smile in return, his mind still circling the danger that Skahrsen posed.
"You look like a warrior in the making yourself, professor. I just wish you'd stick to your sciences and let me do the ... more dangerous tasks."
Melina laughed lightly at the comment.
“I blame Zyra giving me a fiery streak….plus you Mr” Melina said poking him lightly on his nose jokingly.
Forge clicked his teeth in return, "be careful," he said gently, casting a look towards Zyra who was still talking with Ardon.
Melina grinned briefly at the dragon’s playful nature, even if it was brief Melina loved seeing this side of the steeled warlord.
“Alright, the transports will be here soon” Melina said leaving the silver to go back and check up on the dragons and of course Jack who was resting on the stretcher as Takara was arranging them to leave the area.
A beeping came from Melina’s mobile, which was odd, she thought it was from Baxter but was puzzled when the number and ID came through as unknown and withheld ID, puzzled she opened the text and read the message.
“We are watching you all carefully, actions have consequences professor” – Anom.
Melina felt a little uneasy as the message deleted automatically from her phone without her doing anything, Melina scrolled and could not find any history of the message ever being there, she looked around and walked out the hanger but there was nothing as she put her phone back in her pocket and went to tend Jack…someone had sent her a warning.
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Zyra paused in her conversation, feeling something through her link with Melina. The dragoness turned to see the woman putting her phone back in her pocket, Forge’s shape looming behind her, eyes turned to the professor as well. His line of vision then met hers before he looked away, clearing his throat. Zyra felt a little odd at the exchange but she didn’t have much of a chance to ponder on it.
“Zy, what where you saying?” asked Ardon, drawing her attention back to him. She turned and he was giving her an expectant look.
“Oh, sorry,” she said, realizing she had stopped mid conversation, “ I was saying that the medical scan will give us a clear indication of whether or not Jack has any long term damage but from what I could see in just sensory responses it looks alright. I’m sure he’ll be fine. Just feeling a little rough, like Forge and Vonriir. He’ll be on the mend quickly, I’m sure,” she replied as Melina passed behind her to tend to Jack.
“Good,” nodded the gold yet still he was troubled. It was plain on his face. Ardon had never been any good at hiding his emotions. He was expressive and seemed to lack much ability for keeping it contained.
Zyra knew exactly what it was. Skahrsen was out there… somewhere. Ardon had told her the stories from when he was young on Kilara. Defeating the mutant dragon had always been because of Brathille’s intervention. Same with on earth, and the times she had witnessed. Forge and Vonriir, the two largest and most powerful dragons they had were unable to give the hell beast more than a scratch and from what they heard; human weaponry had been of little use as well. Their future looked a little bleak if they couldn’t find a way to stop the mad dragon.
“We will stop him, Ardon. I know it. I can feel it in my hearts. I knew we were going to get Jack back and I know that we will stop Skahrsen. We will have the whole of Torchwood on our side, the EA and stars know everyone else will be on the lookout for him,” said Zyra, putting a paw on his shoulder in comfort, “I’ll melt his face next time we see him.” She smiled, trying to lessen Ardon’s worry.
“You better,” Ardon replied, mirroring her smile.
Together they went back over to Jack to see how things were going as Melina stood by his side.
"I run some tests on Jack once we are at the facility, least he seems ok and vitals are good, least we got him with us again" Melina said to Ardon.
The gold nodded, "Thanks, Melina. I appreciate it,” He turned to Jack and spoke in a lower tone, his voice sounding guilty as his wings twitched against his back, “I'm sorry I wasn't with you outside the studio..."
Jack turned and looked up at Ardon, "Hey, its ok, do not worry, I'm here, I’m glad your safe" Jack said with a weak smile his hand reaching out to touch the dragons snout. The gold closed his eyes, happy for the pet before looking down at him again.
"I know, but I should have been there. I guess I get docked guardian points." He said with a small smile.
"Then regained them as you found me, but glad your safe" Jack said as Melina smiled.
"You know now Commander, he won’t let you out of his sights" Melina said jokingly.
"Yeah," said Ardon, bringing his face very close to Jack’s, barely an inch away. "Like this from now on so I can keep an eye on you."
"Please don't, I don’t want nightmares" Jack laughed but started coughing lightly. Ardon backed off but not before living the man’s forehead a lick, hoping that he’d be feeling better soon.
"Seems hes back to somewhat normal, those two being together," Mark said folding his arms as Melina nodded.
"Our dynamic duo is finally back together," said Zyra with a smile as she packed away their medical supplies, "speaking of which where is your partner in crime, Mr. De Santa?" She asked Mark.
"Where do you think?" Mark said gesturing with his head in the direction of the wraith.
Zyra looked over and shook her head. Veyron was sitting between the antler-like horns atop her head with a sly expression as he spoke to her, their voices just out of range.
“Hm?” inquired Ardon, looking up from speaking with his Attilu.
Zyra gave him an incredulous look, “Are you kidding me? The whole time we were here? You haven’t noticed that going on?” she asked with a laugh, gesturing at the two dragons behind her at the other side of the large room, “Sleazy version of Casanova over there.”
“I’ve been a little preoccupied…”
“Oh Ardon,” said Zyra with a laugh, shaking her head, “Anyway, commander, that’s a …funny story for you…”
“Yo!” Came Veyron’s voice, interrupting at he shouted from atop Asuka’s head, “The transport is coming in. Let’s get out of this dingy warehouse.”
“We’ll tell you later if you don’t figure it out yourself,” smiled Zyra, grabbing her and Melina’s things so that they could get back to the T9 base and allow Jack to be properly tended to before getting some rest.
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Two large transports landed outside the large hanger in the harbour, then another smaller vessel landed nearby, obviously Torchwood 9 had sent them as Takara spoke loudly to the dragons.
“Ok, dragons in the big transports, Jack in the medical shuttle!” she said as medical teams came to help carry Jack on the stretcher.
“I guess we split the big dragons between the two transports again” Mark said as he saw men come to collect the equipment and other items as guards stood by the entrance, the armour would be collected later on.
"Commander Takara, I need to go to other Jack... please," Ardon half stated and half asked at once.
Takara looked at the shuttlecraft to see if Ardon would fit inside, there was luckily enough room inside but it would not be comfortable.
“It will be a squeeze Ardon, it isn’t designed for you and it be cramped for you, he be safe, we got Jet Tengu’s here to offer escort” Takara said to the gold as the others were moving off.
"I don't mind squishing in," said Ardon truthfully, "I would be much happier if I could."
Takara sighed lightly, shaking her head in disbelief at the gold’s request, however she had to acknowledge the dragon had been through allot these last couple of weeks and he was just pleased his human was back in safety.
“Alright but go in when the medics have him secure and stuff is all done, we see you back at the base, Dr Tatsu is preparing the sickbay” Takara said as Melina nodded at Ardon.
"Thank you," The gold looked relieved. He looked at Melina, "are you going with Zy?"
Melina nodded her head lightly.
“Yes, there be no room for me there, you go with Jack, we see you back at the base” Melina said looking at the two tired dragons.
“Time to be going boys, take your time again split yourself between the transports” Melina said to Forge and Vonriir.
"Alright," nodded the crag back, heaving himself up to his feet with a groan before lumbering stiffly to one of the transports.
Forge rose a little more gracefully but still looked pained as he made his way with the others to the second ship.
Melina directed Zyra to Forge’s transport as Asuka, Veyron, Mark and Takara went in the transport with Vonriir, once they were in the doors closed up and the powerful engines roared as they took off slowly heading towards the Torchwood 9 facility.
The medical ship would be the last to take off as the medics moved so Ardon could fit inside.
“Ok Ardon, you can come in, it is going to be snug” said one of the medics.
The dragon stepped inside gingerly, careful where he put his paws and mindful of where the points of his growing crest wandered.
He settled at last and made himself as small as he could manage.
The door closed up as the ship made its way up into the sky, Jack had been put on a bed with breathing apparatus, as well as securing him in as machines monitored his vitals.
The ship was soon surrounded by Jet Tengu’s to escort them back to the base, least now the team were together again and hopefully no lasting damage was done to the man.
“Ardon?” Jack called out quietly to the gold dragon, squashed in next to him.
"I'm here," the male replied, lifting his head and resting his chin lightly on the edge of the stretcher so that Jack could see his face.
Jack closed his eyes briefly before speaking again.
“Am I…..a good Atillu? Despite being what I am?” Jack asked out of the blue.
Ardon made a face, not understanding, "What do you mean?"
“Just, I always seem to get into danger, you would of thought, a man with super human strength and dragon DNA wouldn’t get captured so easily” he said quietly.
"It's because you're unique that you get in all sorts of trouble, Melina told me once that you and I are magnets for mayhem. I'm the one who started all the trouble, after all," replied the dragon with a small smile, "You couldn't possibly do anything else to make me more proud to be your guardian. You are the damn best Attilu, Jack," he said firmly.
Jack gave a weak smile at Ardon’s comments.
“Only because I bonded with you at an early age, I think that is why, the only reason cos you wandered off” the man said lightly chuckling.
“Then chaos ensued” he added.
"The best kind of chaos," said Ardon, licking him across the forehead happily.
The medical ship travelled along under the watchful gaze of the escort Jengu’s as they entered the Torchwood 9 facility, the journey had taken 2 hours but the golden dragon seemed happy to be back with Jack that time meant nothing as they landed.
As the doors opened Ardon back out as the medics went and brought Jack out as Dr Tatsu and Melina were waiting.
“I like to get Jack down to the sick bay to run tests, see if there is any damage we cannot see, Professor Melina will be helping as well” the man said to the gold.
“You can come in, it is big enough but mind your extra limbs, its big but not as big as back home Ardy, the rest of the team are resting” Melina said.
"I'll be careful," Ardon assured her, pinning his wings close against his sides, glad that he didn't have to leave Jack's side.
Jack was quiet as they wheeled the man to the sick bay, Melina and Dr Tatsu close by with Ardon being the caring guardian over the man as he went in to be checked over.

Meanwhile Mark and the others were back in their assigned quarters, joined by Asuka, with Veyron sticking to her like glue as the dragons were trying to rest.
“OK so who is first in the thermal pool, you know the professor’s orders, in the thermal pools to relax the muscles and all that stuff” Mark said as Asuka looked up at Veyron.
“Your professor Melina knows allot about dragons, she has allot of knowledge” the dragoness said.
"She's been working with us for years. Smart cookie," he replied, looking down at her.
"Go, Von, you first," offered Forge.
"You sure?" asked the large dragon.
Forge merely nodded, sitting down.
Asuka watched the warlord silver lower himself down gently, both of them looked sore and tired, the battle with Skahrsen had taken allot out of both dragons.
“I should of helped you two out, or perhaps gotten Zyra and Ardon in as well to take him on” Asuka said to the silver.
Forge shook his head, "There was nothing you could have done. He would have just hurt anyone who got in his way. We need a proper plan of attack. An inescapable trap and means to rid him of this world." he said grimly.
“How did he make himself disappear like that, what exactly did they extract from Jack to make that…that monster” Asuka said shaking her head lightly.
"Melina would be better equipped to answer your second question as for the first....I don't know how he disappeared. He's got some new power, something that I haven't seen..." he paused, "I don't know if I've asked, are you familiar with brathille?"
Asuka thought for a moment and nodded.
“I have heard of it mentioned, well when our facility was spying on yours and watching you guys” she said sheepishly.
Forge snorted at this, shaking his head with a small smile, "And here I thought all branches got on well," he said before giving Asuka a brief overview of the magic that was Brathille and aspects of the bond, detailing the reason why Ardon acted in such a manner.
"A number of dragons are bonded at the London base as well as in Vancouver and the United States. When Vonriir and I fought the brown dragon, he had this obsidian, lightless version of Brathille. I don't know why or understand how but it is bad news for all of us."
Asuka nodded as Mark approached.
“Takara is sending out ships to look for him, in the mean time I think rest is required, once Von is finished then you can jump in then Forge” Mark said to the silver.
Asuka looked up at Veyron once again and spoke.
“I think me and you need another date, before you head off home to London” Asuka said to the wraith with a smile.
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Veyron had grinned at this, calling for sake as the two of them wandered off.

With Ardon gone to be Jack’s shadow once more, Veyron off who knew where and their two larger dragons trying to get some rest, Zyra wasn’t quite sure what to do with herself. Melina had gone off to help Dr. Tatsu tend to Jack but with Ardon in the medical ward, that didn’t leave much room for the dragoness. She paused in the center of the guest common area, wondering what she should do. She decided washing her scales off would be a start and ventured to the back of the room where the showers were.

After Vonriir had gotten out of the thermal pool and moved off to go sleep away his aches and pains the silver dragon took his turn. He sighed tiredly as he eased into the water. His right paw was throbbing angrily, Skahrsen having crushed it badly in his talons. It was painful to put weight on but the great silver didn’t want anyone fussing over him so kept quiet.
Forge rested his head on the edge of the pool and let the rest of his silvery form float in the near-hot water.

“I heard you talking to Asuka,” came Zyra’s voice what seemed like a short while later, making Forge open his eyes and look up at her. Strange, he thought, looking up at the little dragoness, looking up to anyone really. Being submerged in the pool gave him a different perspective.
“-You said Skahrsen had a black glow….brathille?”
The silver lifted his head, water dripping from the spiny scales on his chin.
“I am unsure of what I saw, Zyra. The way that you and Ardon glow when Brathille is ignited in you, how the light glimmers on the edges of your scales… it was in the same pattern but it was so black, like it took the light around it, if you could understand that.” The warlord tried to explain, thinking he was doing a poor job of it.
Zyra nodded, trying to imagine it.
“He could also conjure up this black fire.”
“Like Icarus’s black smoke?” inquired the dragoness.
“No, not like that but he was surrounded by this black, swirling fog at times as well. There is a shimmer, an internal light you can see with Icarus’ smoke. Skahrsen’s was pure black again. It looked unreal in a sense. When he released Vonriir he disappeared within a burst of this smoke or fog. I don’t know how he was capable of it.”
“Could he have bonded?” asked Zyra.
Forge shook his head but then paused, “I don’t know. I hate that I have to keep saying that,” he said, his voice heated at the thought. He drew himself back on topic, glowering, “He could have, but if he did something had gone incredibly wrong for Brathille to act like that. It’s either that or Jack’s DNA, and being bonded to Ardon had somehow transferred over when they created him, corrupting the abilities that Brathille normally gives.”
The Boldwing got a chill down her spine. She didn’t like the sound of what Forge said.
“Mark has said there hadn’t been any sighting of him yet,” added the silver.
“Let’s hope his disappearing act went awry and he teleported himself into the center of the sun.”
Forge gave a small smile, “If only it were that easy, young dragoness.”
“I’ll let you rest, Forge,” Said the dragoness with a gentle dip of her head before she turned to leave, retiring to her quarters while she waited for Melina.

A while later the professor had returned, walking into the quarters, smiling as she saw the bold wing dragoness get to her feet.
"Hey, how is Dr. Zy doing?” she asked.
"A little tired, but I'm well. How's Jack doing?" she asked, nuzzling her briefly.
"Dr Tatsu ran tests on him, they did take allot of blood from from, apart from bruised tissue, tiredness and dehydration he is doing ok" Melina said.
"That's good to hear. Will we be staying here for a while longer?" she inquired, not knowing what the next step would be.
"Well, Dr Tatsu will give him the all clear and see what happens, he told me to get treated as well," Melina pointed to her face.
Zyra licked her cheek, “Healed.” She said, wishing that she had the ability to do just that.

Forge was getting out of the pool when Melina approached after talking to her dragoness. Torrents of water poured off of him, trickling through his scales as he stood on the slightly slanted floor beside the pool so that the water would run back in.
He held off shaking the excess away, not wanting to drench Melina as well as dreading the motion on his sore body. Instead he unfolded and refolded his wings, letting the water free before he moved off to sit down, not allowing the full weight on his right paw.
"Hey, Forge, how you feeling, did Mark give you two my advice, well medical instructions?" she asked the silver.
“He did,” Forge nodded, wavering just ever so slightly as he avoided stepping down on his right foot.
Melina looked at Forge's right paw, something was amiss.
"What is up Forge, you’re not putting weight on that paw" she said.
"It is nothing, just tender," he said, trying to dismiss her concerns.
"Forge...what is it, I can see its causing you discomfort, did you bang it up badly?" she asked.
“I assure, you, Melina, it is nothing more than just sore. It will heal with time,” he said gently.
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The next few days allowed the dragons to rest and recover from their ordeal, Jack was continuing to recover from his ordeal as well as Dr Tatsu monitored the man’s progress, professor Melina was popping in now and again to check up on Jack and Ardon who had not left his side since he was back.
Takara had been kept busy by Anne as they searched for the dragon, however they were having no such luck, a massive brute like that vanishing, but he had some unique powers now that he could use to his advantage,
By day 4 Jack had been given the all clear to return with the others in their quarters, apart from aches and pains the man had recovered well, Dr Tatsu telling the man to take it easy for the next week or so until he was fully fit.
Jack made his way to the team’s quarters with Ardon not far from him as he entered, Mark saw him and got up to greet the Commander, Melina also looked up from reading to see Jack on his feet.
“Glad to see your on the mend Jack, you had me worried and looking after these dragons” Mark said gesturing to Forge and Vonriir.
“Well, Doctor said take it easy and I am sure to follow their advice, I am sure Ardon won’t let me do too much” Jack said giving the gold a pet on the muzzle.
Melina approached with a smile.
“Dr Tatsu gave you the all clear?” she asked.
The man nodded his head lightly.
“Yes, up to me now to heal, I wont be running round for a little bit” he joked as Melina chuckled lightly.
“Well good, glad to have you back here and I can see Ardon has made a full recovery” she lightly teased, noticing the dragon’s happier mood.
The gold dragon looked a bit sheepish but it was obvious that the dragon was much happier.
"Good news," said Forge with a brief nod.
"Great news, Forge, not just good. Our commander is back," replied Vonriir, beaming.
Jack smiled.
“Thank you Forge and Vonriir and thank you for your bravery and valour here, everyone did our facility proud, bar me of course, it is something I need to fix” Jack said as Mark and Melina looked at one another then back to Jack with puzzled expressions.
"Fix?" asked Ardon, the other dragons equally puzzled.
Jack nodded as he took a seat as Mark handed him some water as the man nodded.
“yes, I have been updated about what Torchwood 9 do, to get extra cash, selling weapons scavenged from raids and hacking into accounts to drain accounts on mass, it is not how Torchwood operate, it is partly my fault for not including these guys in our operations” Jack said to the team.
The dragons grew quiet as Jack spoke, realizing what T9 had been doing to fund their base.
"It couldn't be your fault," Ardon tried to assure him.
“I agree with Ardon Jack, it isn’t our fault they get up to this activity” Mark said.
“I know but, we are the main base, the academy, I reorganized the organization, we have not really spoken or engaged with them, Dr Tatsu was telling me that Asuka, the dragoness here is scared we take her away to the academy…that isn’t right” Jack replied.
"I've assured her that wouldn't happen," Forge told him.
"It was a bit of a shock finding out she was here after all this time," said Ardon.
"Working more closely would benefit everyone, I should think," added Vonriir.
Zyra also spoke and added her two cents about the snake like dragoness.
"She's a great dragoness, and including her as part of the extended Academy would be great, I think. She's had no other contact with dragons until we arrived," noted the bold wing.
Jack nodded lightly at the advice.
“Well, we need to lead by example, as I am the leader of Torchwood 5 I have a duty to set things right here, I can understand why Takara and Anne are short or hostile to us because they see us taking stuff from them, as a leader I bear the responsibilities and I must endeavour to lead” Jack said as Melina smiled.
“Those words sounds like someone I know, bold and wise words” Melina said, giving a glance to the silver.
Forge shifted, meeting Melina’s eyes for a moment.
"Elegantly said, Commander," said the silver, "You can be sure that we all will back your decisions." he said as the dragons nodded in agreement.
“Good, I have a meeting with Anne so I will see how it goes, you all rest up, it is something I need to do myself” Jack said getting up from the chair shaking lightly as he got to his feet.
Ardon put his nose under Jack's arm to help him up, "You sure you don't want me to go with you?"
Melina watched as the Commander got to his feet with Ardon’s help.
“Take Ardon with you, he is head of the academy after all, plus he can be some support, Anne is not known to mince her words” Melina said.
Ardon smiled at Melina and mouthed the word 'thanks'.
"Looks like your guardian is joining you," he told Jack.
Jack nodded lightly, “Seems so, let’s get there, I speak to you all later, I want a dip in that thermal pool later so no hogging it Von” Jack joked lightly.
"You've got it, commander," replied Vonriir with a small smile.
"We'll talk to you soon," said Forge, motioning for everyone else to come wait in the common area of their guest quarters.
Jack thanked them and walked slowly towards the meeting quarters, a member of staff greeted Jack and they followed the man to where Anne and Takara would be, it would be a tense meeting between the leaders.
“Just don’t go off the handle if she throws insults and other things at me, just keep your cool and allow this to happen ok?” Jack asked the gold.
"What about just a little growl if she crosses the line?" Ardon asked, letting one escape his jaw for example.
Jack smiled lightly.
“No Ardon, just be good and rein it in, I know you want to defend my honour but allow it to run its course, I be ok” the man assured the golden dragon.
"Alright, alright," said Ardon, flicking his tail behind him. "Promise not to back down to her, she can be stone cold."
Jack nodded, “Deal then, I honour your advice” Jack said as they approached the meeting room as Jack patted Ardon on the shoulder.
Ardon drew a breath and lifted his head proudly, "Ready."
Jack entered the room where Anne was sat, it was a very large room and obviously designed with dragons in mind, sat the other side of the table was Anne, hands together observing the man walking in as Takara sat next to her.
“Thank you for meeting with me” Jack said as Anne gestured to the chair as the man sat down, Anne then nodded to Takara to begin.
The woman handed a tablet over to Jack who picked it up, on it was a report and cost for his recue and the raid on the warehouse, it gave a detailed list of the names of pilots and those who died, as well as cost of losing equipment and cost to replace.
“As you can see, your rescue and transporting the dragons round has been a drain on our resources, although we are pleased to recover you, it has cost the lives of 30 of our pilots, 20 security service personnel and considerable amount of lost equipment” Takara said as Anne kept quiet, watching the man’s reaction with a hawk like precision.
Jack stayed quiet as Takara read other things that happened and seemed to cringe a little hearing of Melina’s assault upon Takara, it was not a pretty picture painted, Jack had noticed the woman seemed to have a bruise on her face but did not ask why.
Jack tried not to smile seeing Takara with a black eye and trying to be serious, but Anne was the one Jack felt put out by.
Jack could feel bubbling anger from Ardon bubbling up, he put his hand on the dragon’s scales to calm him, he knew it was not Ardon’s way to just allow this verbal bashing of his Atillu to go on unchallenged.
Ardon was doing his very best to keep himself reined in. He had promised Jack to keep quiet but it was next to impossible with the other commander shifting all the blame onto his Attilu.
The gold's couldn't help from keeping his tail tip from twitching back and forth in frustration from her words.
Jack listened as Takara ran off some other issues as well, when the man was finally given the opportunity to speak he took a deep breath and spoke.
“I’m sorry” Jack said as Anne raised an eye brow and a questioning look, as Takara seemed a little surprised by this apology.
Jack continued.
“As the commander of Torchwood 5, I am responsible and to ensure we all work together, your right, you are indeed correct, we have been arrogant and come across as the ones strutting around like a peacock, I am sorry I have not included your facility and briefed you, plus shared knowledge on the work we do, that is my mistake and I am sorry for that” Jack said as the two women listened in, Anne a bit more intently.
“I assure you, that when I am back home, I speak to my sources in the EA to ensure you get additional funding, heck I do it from our budget if needs be, to show I want us all to work with one goal and to include Torchwood 9 in many things, as well as information sharing” Jack said to Anne who kept her cold, stoic look upon her face.
“I want to bring you guys on board and to work together for the greater good here, I understand the anger and fear you have, especially with Asuka” Jack said.
Ardon nodded in agreement with Jack.
“I know Asuka is your dragon, this is the home she knows, the Academy is not a hoarder of dragons nor do we seek to take her awake from where she is happy with you” Jack said as Takara seemed to nod in understanding Jack’s comments.
Ardon also chipped in as he was the head of the academy for all dragons here.
"The academy welcomes all dragons. It's not a prison nor would she be bound to our location. If she wants to remain here we wouldn't dare ask her to change that. We just want to offer a place where our values align, somewhere we she has the chance to interact with her own kind. Being the only one can be challenging, and lonely..." said Ardon, recalling the years that Jack was the only human on Kilara or his time being the only dragon on earth. "She is welcome to visit or even stay with us for short lengths of time, to study and catch up if she wishes. It's up to her."
Jack nodded to Ardon’s comments.
“It comes at a cost, all of this offering, you must cease the illegal acts of weapons dealing and hacking to fund yourselves further, I ensure Torchwood 9 does not lose money, plus invest more so you can carry out operations, instead of having a big military force” Jack said.
Anne finally spoke, looking at Jack and resting her hands on the sides of her chair, she had been listening in to all of what Jack said to them.
“Your terms are acceptable, we will cease our operations, in return for additional centralised funding, we also look forward to being more involved with Torchwood 5 and it’s academy” Anne said as Jack nodded.
“Thank you, that is all I ask, with Asuka, ask her if she like to come with us, if not, then that is fine, we can send her information the academy has collected and she can add her own in, with access to what we know, to help you help her be a great asset” Jack said.
This appeared to go down well with Anne and Takara, they both looked at one another with Takara nodding her head.
“Very well, we will accept this, Asuka currently does not wish to go however, things could change….please use your remaining time to heal up Commander Harkness and transports will be arranged to take your team home” Anne said as after a few more details agreed, the meeting concluded.
Jack was pleased to get a result here and Ardon also seemed happy it had all worked out, after a tense start.
Ardon thrummed, nuzzling Jack's cheek with uncontained pride before giving him a lick, "Well done!" he said proudly.
Jack smiled lightly.
“Thanks, I can tell you wanted to go soppy on me throughout it, I hope this will be a new direction and beginning of cooperation between T5 and T9” Jack said hopefully.
"Me too," replied Ardon, looking down at him with bright golden eyes. "You might want to go poking around the other branches to see what they've got hidden," he teased him.
“Ardon!” Jack said weakly pushing the dragon’s head away amused as they made their way back to the shared quarters.
“Can’t wait to jump into that thermal pool” he said to the gold.

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