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Unread Jan 7th, 2018, 01:52 PM   #26
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Mark returned to his office as the base went onto Amber alert, it was bellow Yellow alert but security would be ramped up in the base, with restricted areas increased security presence and level 3 encryption on sensitive systems.
Mark was now overseeing all the sections and ensuring Amber alert procedures were being carried out, now the man was given full authority to continue being in command, he was certain and determined to do a good job and show Jack the base was in safe hands.
He was typing on the laptop as he sent emails to the department heads to enact their procedures for the alert and printed off additional patrols and checks on staff entering and leaving the base.
"Check everything. Make sure it's complete," the wraith said over his shoulder.
“Martin and Daniel are on it, I should have the report by the end of the day, then as you suggested I check it all out” Mark said to the wraith.
"Yes, let me know if you find anything off when you make the checks," said Veyron, satisfied that Mark said he would.
Mark frowned and looked at the wraith.
“What is your issue Veyron, you been acting really odd for the last month or so now with me double checking all security procedures” Mark said with a frown, not understanding the dragon’s logic.
"Better safe than sorry. Saved my hide more than once," was the wraith's vague response.
Mark shook his head and continued his checking.
“Control to Mark” came the voice on the communicator, Mark pressed the button on his desk as he answered the call.
“Mark here” he answered.
“I have priority one transmission from Amelia Deputy director of the EA, secure channel only” came the operator.
“Ok, put her through the security checks and then send it via our secure line” Mark ordered as the operator complied.
Mark turned to Veyron and spoke.
“Well, that did not take long, for them to get in contact with us, perhaps we be required to offer protection to the world president, you staying for the chat?” he asked Veyron.
"Yes," nodded the little dragon, hopping up to where he could easily hear. His bright green eyes were alert.
Mark cleared the communication from Amelia Clarke who appeared on the screen.
“Hello Commander De Santa, I assume you have seen the media reports and what has happened” she asked the man.
“Yes, we have been alerted and all watching the airwaves as we speak, we are on amber alert here to ensure security is not compromised, we hope the world president is ok” Mark said.
Amelia nodded.
“Yes he is in a secure bunker for now in a undisclosed location, we are still investigating with other agencies the attempt on his life, President Sheridan has no real reason to fear anything like this until now” she replied back, it was clear this incident had shaken up the EA to its core.
“Any idea who could of done this attempt on his life, anything been dug up yet?” Mark asked.
“Nothing as yet, our agencies are working round the clock, the president is understandably shaken but it appears the assailants knew where and when he was coming, his presence was always going to be known by media but the route was classified, so we think this information has come from a inside informant” Amelia said with concern in her voice.
Mark seemed concerned as well if there was mole inside the EA that leaked this information.
“This is a very serious breach of security” Mark replied.
“Very, therefore I have spoken to the world president and I concur, if our security has been compromised then we must look to other avenues of protection until we can be sure this threat is neutralised, hence this call” Amelia said.
Mark straightened up in his chair a little bit, hearing this news.
“Are you asking us to be of some assistance director?” Mark asked.
Amelia nodded.
“Yes, you have the resources and limited access to your systems, hence you’re a secret organization, it hasn’t gone down well with FBI, CIA or other agencies but I agree the world president would be safe with Torchwood 5 assuming full control and command of his protection” Amelia said as Mark nodded.
“We accept this role, we wont let you down director, but I need a bit of time to prepare, give us 72 hours and we get mobilized, keep the world president in the bunker until then, when we are ready we can get him the protection” Mark said.
“Thank you commander De Santa, you will have total control and authorization to use whatever EA forces and services needed, you also free to do as you see fit, keep security tight and only relay instructions to me on this secure channel, all messages between us will be terminated after 4 hours”.
“Will do, I be in touch, De Santa out” the screen changed back to the Torchwood logo.
Once Amelia had finished the conversation, Mark slouched back in his chair leaning back, giving a glance to the small wraith.
“So, they do not trust anyone in the EA so they want us to take it forward, I wonder how many people in the FBI they pissed off” Mark said to the wraith.
"I wonder what made them decide to call on us now?" Pondered the wraith.
“No idea but we best come up with a plan, with you being uneasy with Daniel and Martin for goodness knows what I think it be best to discuss the plan, just me and you” Mark said.
"Good, you're using your head today," came Veyron's dry reply. "Have anything rattling around in here in terms of a plan?" he asked, tapping the man's head with his knuckles.
Mark brushed Veyron to get off his shoulder, with his antics.
“Least you can do is lock the door and I put us on private, secure network, but I warn you, you get up to funny business Veyron or backstab me here, you wont have this chance again little dragon and you go back under Jack’s care and restrictions” Mark warned, his voice allot sterner than usual as he wanted to make a point, knowing Veyron’s tendencies.
"Jesus, I thought you and I were on better terms than that, Marky," scoffed Veyron as he leaped off the man's shoulder and ensured the door was locked.
“Just making sure, ok we are on secure network, let us get planning then we can present it back to Amelia before telling the team of our plan and the procedures” Mark explained, getting out another laptop that only connects to the secure network, only Jack, Mark and Melina had access to.
"Sounds good to me," nodded the wraith as he hopped back onto the desk to get started.

Martina had gone back to her quarters to have a shower and freshen up after her patrol, once that was done, she dressed in her casual clothes as she came out to talk to Vonriir who seemed eager to chat with his Atillu.
"Are you enjoying your responsibilities as squad leader so far, Martina?" he asked her.
Martina nodded as she sat on one of the stones in Vonriir part of the quarters, his chamber was done natural and was very cosy, Vonriir did also use technology embedded in the rocky cave theme he had.
“I do, it is nice to be able to do the job Jack hired me to do, are you enjoying being bonded to a bold female human” Martina asked the massive dragon.
Vonriir laughed, "Yes, I am." he said with a smile and an accompanying thrum.
Martina smiled and looked up at Vonriir.
“I can tell you wanted to bond with someone, very much, it makes me even more honoured Brathille chose us to be together, you’re a really sweet and wonderful dragon to have” Martina said, her words genuine and happiness bounced from her to Vonriir.
The large dragon beamed, "It's the highest honour to be bonded. We are," he paused, "I think we're only the 8th to have been bonded. Incredible to think about. 8. I do like that number. I will consider it lucky, now." he said happily
Martina laughed lightly as she hopped off the rock and moved towards the dragon, standing before her.
“ old does your breed live to?” she queried.
"Mountain dragons can live about 800 years or so. It's around the same for Crag backs as well," he explained.
“Oh” Martina said realising that she would die long before Vonriir would and that the lovable Crag back would be lonely for a big portion of his life without her, oddly she did not know of Brathille’s gifts to the Atillu’s.
"Oh, what's wrong?" asked the large dragon, bringing his head close to the floor so that he could see her.
Martina shook her head lightly.
“It is nothing Vonriir, sorry, I be ok” she replied back, trying not to look sad.
"No, what is it?" he insisted kindly.
Martina looked up at the dragon and sighed lightly.
“Well, humans do not live that long Von, best age I could get to is about 120 maybe, but I frail old and all the nice things that come with aging, this great gift between us, but you be left alone for a long time, 70 odd years seems a short time to be bonded to a dragon” she said.
"Want to know a secret?" he suddenly asked her, smiling despite what she had just told him.
Martina looked at him oddly.
“What is this secret Vonriir?” she asked, curious why he was smiling despite this rather morbid conversation they were having.
"Well, Young Ardon had been bonded for nearly, ah 20 years is it? He's told me that Jack looks like he hasn't aged much in all that time. Plus," he said, with a happy gleam in his eye, "The rumours that have floated around about Brathille for eons is that Attilu's lives are extended quite a bit."
Martina seemed to look surprised.
“So, you telling me, Brathille is……slowing my body clock ageing so I live as long as you do?” she asked.
"That's the thought," he nodded, "Granted Ardon is the one who has been bonded the longest so we're taking the word of old tales and what we see here in the Academy."
Martina nodded lightly and smiled.
“Well, I guess I got plenty of time to write a book or something, 800” Martina said, her mind a little blown at the fact Vonriir had told her.
He chuckled lightly, feeling her surprise, "I hope you can put up with me that long." he teased.
“We will see, I cannot see why not” Martina said as the two continued to talk more.
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Ardon and Zyra where posted outside to patrol over the hangar doors and main entrance. It was a bit of a redundant task considering the amount of security and cameras that surveyed the facility inside and out. The idea was that the dragon’s presence would ward off anything unusual and offer a secondary source of surveillance while different organizations began to work together to solve the mystery of who would dare try to attack one of the most protected men on the planet.

Zyra was posted to the front entrance while Ardon was to supervise the hangar doors and keep an eye on the comings and goings of the facility. The two of them would swap from time to time, to keep their eyes fresh and not grow weary from staring at the same things over and over.
Comox continued to help Baxter in his offices while Hittiki ensured that everyone logged going in and out, matched the reports given to her.
Vonriir helped out wherever else he was called to while his Attilu was out on her own separate patrol with her squadron. When not actively assisting he sat himself by the portal room.

It kept the young dragons busy, which was a good thing considering they often got antsy when there was nothing to do despite some great concern lurking about.
Having these postings was fine by Ardon. He was a social butterfly in every sense of the term and any sort of positive attention was accepted enthusiastically.
By being able to greet and send off anyone who came and left the facility, he was able to chat with more staff than on any other given day.

It was Ardon’s desire for interaction that was one of the reasons that Veyron had suggested to Mark that he be posted in such a place. The other reason, one that the wraith kept to himself, was that most dragons possessed a higher level of sensitivity to their sense of smell. They could easily identify who was coming their way by their scent just as well as their other senses could manage. This would be another layer of confirmation that Veyron was more than happy to utilize.
The wraith was resourceful and clever, though he often didn’t share these insights, hoarding information as his kind naturally did.

The gold dragon returned to his quarters later that evening, tired from his day worth of flying about.
"Hey Ardon, anything to report from the patrols?" Jack asked when the dragon flopped down onto the cushioned floor.
"Nothing," said Ardon, rubbing his face before his talons went to the back of his head out of habit to check on his horns. "But it was a good chance to stretch my wings for the day and say hello to everyone coming and going. I get to actually talk with some staff that I don’t often get to. Nothing interesting happened but I guess that is a good thing."
"Good, good, Mark and Veyron are producing plans, I have to go see Melina and say sorry for lashing out, I must learn to take a step back, we got a strong core team," Jack said
"Do you want me to come? Or you braving this one alone?" asked Ardon, rolling so that he was upright now. He scratched under his chin absently as he asked.
"Its up to you, maybe you could say sorry to Zyra, you two did sort of pick your sides" Jack replied.
Ardon gave a sheepish smile. When he had been told to go out on patrol with Zyra there had been a little tension in the air. They had gotten their scales up defending their respective Attilu’s. Even though it hadn’t come to shouting, there was still the underlying mild embarrassment perhaps. Ardon had been the first to speak up on the matter and was relieved when Zyra had apologized as well. A little laugh at their own expense was shared and after that all was well again, much to the gold’s delight.
They chatted between their shifts in outside patrol, something that always made Ardon happy.
"We already spoke this morning. Mark put us out on patrol together," explained the dragon, “She didn’t kill me so I think Melina will go easy on you, if you’re nice.” He joked.
"Ok well I pop down on my own later, hopefully Mark will let us know of any further news" Jack explained.
“I’m sure he will,” replied Ardon with a nod, “I don’t think he’d benefit if he withheld information from us.”
"Of course Mark will keep us informed, he will run any operation well," Jack said.
“Yeah, he hasn’t let us down before,” said the gold dragon, getting to his feet. He stretched and rolled his wings, “I’m going to get cleaned up. I’ll see you in a bit.” He said, “Then maybe after you’re done groveling at Melina’s feet we can have dinner.” The dragon joked, licking Jack’s hair into a cowlick, laughing.
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“All dragons and senior staff to the dragon Academy, priority one” came the announcement as the dragons and senior staff walked towards the dragon Academy hanger where all the meetings and briefings would be held.
Jack gestured to Ardon to lead the way as they all met up, the only ones missing was Mark and Veyron, the two of them had been planning their action plan ever since Amelia had asked for their assistance.
Martina and Daniels checks on their security work came back all clean, all procedures were done, Mark had even done deeper checks on their work and it all came back clean so after much Veyron’s protesting he would give the assignments to their chief of security and Martin to oversee ground operations.
Now the plan had been formulated, Mark had briefed Amelia on the plan via secure channel and now it had full operational clearance, it was now time to brief the team as the World president was now going to be moved form the secure bunker in the USA.
In the dragon hanger, everyone had gathered there and were waiting for Mark to make an appearance to give them a briefing on the actions.
"Do you know anything yet?" Asked Zyra as Ardon trotted in with Comox.
The gold shook his head, turning to see Vonriir appear to the meeting.
“Hey Jack all ok?” Melina asked as Hitteki chatted with Zyra and professor Baxter on what was on the agenda.
“Yeah, feels odd being on this side of the fence but I know Mark has this, him and Veyron have been planning and in meetings, I do worry Veyron getting involved” Jack said folding his arms.
“Well, Veyron has a good talent, when he puts his mind to it, when we were looking for you Veyron was invaluable with work here so I know he is useful” Melina said defending the wraith.
“I suppose so” Jack said as Mark entered the dragon academy.
"Looks like they have news," said Comox, seeing them approach.
Mark was dressed smartly in a blue suit, blue tie and white shirt, the man had shaven and was looking sharp, he held a tablet in his hands as he went to the front with all eyes on the man, Jack gave him a nod of respect, happy he had a strong team of people to take over if he couldn’t.
"Someone is sharply dressed," Zyra noted in a whisper to Melina.
“He is charge now, or he speaking to EA top officials, look bit unprofessional coming in in his usual attire” Melina said with a smile.
"Ah yes I suppose so. Looking the part," she agreed.
Mark begun his talk with all eyes watching him.
“Ok, thank you all for coming, I need to go into detail of what has happened the last 72 hours and to give you a run down of what will be happening” Mark said as Veyron was on his shoulder.
As the team listened in Martin and Daniel were there off to the side, watching intently but being pretty quiet and standing slightly away from the group with arms folded.
“We have received an official request by the EA deputy Director Amelia Clarke, due the circumstances surrounded the attempt on the world president’s life, Amelia thinks there maybe a mole inside the organization, therefore thinks that moving all operation s to Torchwood 5 will keep the world president safe” Mark said as the others nodded.
“Therefore I have accepted this and will will now oversee all security operations and have full command of EA units and staff but to keep security tight, we will use our own teams for the majority of the inner circle work and EA staff and units for external” Mark said to the group.
The dragons seemed to nod, not at all surprised. For them, helping those in need was a way of life and what they were used to.
“Now, I will be showing you the plans me and Veyron have come up with to ensure President Sheridan is safe while under our care, Veyron has all the details on the tablet which he will transfer onto the big screen” Mark gestured to the wraith.
Veyron sat up and grabbed the tablet. Tapping a few buttons with his talons he made the images appear on the large screen above.
“This operation has been codenamed Zodiac, this plan has been put together by myself and Veyron, looking at what is available to us at the time, the president will be moving from the bunker in New York to London where he will fall under our protection umbrella” Mark explained.
"So why is Veyron so involved with this top-level stuff?" Asked Ardon.
"Because I'm good at this ****," was Veyron a snarky response.
Mark tried not to smirk at the response as Jack seemed to listen in, not really interested in the little remarks.
“Anyways moving on” Mark said as Veyron showed on the screen a planned route the president would take in a Torchwood vehicle, and how the EA would be helping in this operation, the path was planned and showed all the routes covered.
“This will be crucial to keep the vehicle and area clear at all times, no stopping and plenty of support and cover, Martina and her fighters will patrol the area in the inner circle, so we have ground and Air cover, with the EA keeping traffic and civilians and media away” Mark said to the dragons and senior staff.
"That's doable," said Comox.
Zyra nodded, the plan was thorough, she thought.
“Of course, the ultimate aim is to move President Sheridan to our maximum-security facilities and I have picked Scala Maximum security facility outside of Norwich, it is an underground facility and is maximum security with very little access in and out, plus nowhere near any populated areas” Mark said as Veyron brought up the location and plans of the Torchwood 5 maximum security facility.
"That seems good," said Ardon.
"It is good. I picked it," replied Veyron dryly.
The gold suppressed a growl. The little wraith was getting a little high and mighty for his liking.
“Let’s stick to the subject matter” Jack said as the others quieted down though Hitteki agreed with Ardon that Veyron was acting like an ass.
“The facility will be on the flight path of Martina’s squadron, there will be a no fly zone for civilian or local authority or local military aircraft, I clearing this with the EA, the only other unit I am drafting in is Torchwood 5’s old Helicopter A49, a twin bladed medium armoured transport unit which will also patrol the skies” Mark said as an image came up.
"That copter is a little outdated, don't you think?" Asked Vonriir sceptically.
"Well, Vonny, if you've got credits piled high in your room that you've been keeping from us you can go ahead and buy new equipment. For now we're limited on resources," quipped Veyron.
Mark nodded.
“Due to us getting new fighters and units for our base, we are running on limited resources, due to the huge operation and with everything going on, we have called Helicopter A49 into service, she will do the job well but with shortage of equipment and man power Veyron has put forward a solution” Mark said looked at the wraith who was to the side of him.
"Every dragon has a part to play. We expect you to stick to your orders," said Veyron.
"Even me?" Asked Vonriir, perking up.
"Yes, even you, Giganto," replied the wraith.
Mark nodded.
“You will all have jobs and roles to do with this operation, obviously suited to your strengths, the bold wings, Ardon, Vonriir even Hitteki will be involved along with Veyron” Mark said as Hitteki seemed happy to be in such a big role.
“Normally I know Jack would not put you all in harms way, but needs must and I need you all to do your part” Mark said, admitting he required the dragons help in this.
Jack smiled lightly, he knew that must have been hard for a person who disliked dragons to say.
"Yes, that can be done," nodded Vonriir.
"We got this," agreed Ardon with confidence.
Mark nodded.
“Good, you all have assignments given to you via coded messages to your tablets, I remind you that this is a classified mission so use your access codes, do not talk to anyone under level 3 clearance, this is to be kept confidential” Mark said.
“I vouch for this as well, due to the nature keep chit chat in canteen and other areas to a minimal” Jack said as the others nodded.
“Thank you Jack, now we need people on the ground, “Professor Melina and Professor Baxter, your areas mean you remain on the base” Mark said.
“I can try and help in Baxter’s area, help him keep tabs on things” Melina offered.
“I can always use the help if its allowed, my team can monitor” Baxter said as Mark seemed to nod in agreement.
“Ok professor, you can help Baxter in observations of CCTV camera’s along the routes” Mark said making Mel nod.
“Martina your job will be to lead your squadron and patrol the area round the clock, ensuring at least 2 craft stay on patrol” Mark instructed.
“Yes sir” Martina said.
“Jack, Id like you to help Baxter and the others in Command centre and with me, I know your on medical leave but I need you in some small way” Mark said as Jack nodded.
“You got it Commander” Jack said.
“Right, that leaves me to say that Daniel will oversee all operations on the ground and Martin will be given the assignment of being with the president at all times, to ensure his safety and protection” Mark said, for Martin it was a big promotion up.
Veyron frowned slightly and his tail curled back and forth, a subtle sign of his displeasure.
“Well done Martin” Jack said with a smile.
"I will ensure the world president is safe, thank you Mr De Santa" Martin said as Daniel nodded and smiled.
"His first big assignment I think your ready" Daniel said as Jack nodded.
“Thank you sir” Martin said with a smile.
“Alright, the president is on his way, it will be another 48 hours till he arrives at Stanstead International Airport, we selected a smaller airport than Heathrow but he will be taken to an isolated hanger and met there by Martin, by then all procedures of Operation Zodiac will be in place any questions?” he asked.
"Will, erm, will Miss Martina be safe on these patrols you're sending her on? I just ask as I am unable to be along side her on her missions." Inquired Vonriir.
Martina looked up at the massive Crag back and smiled.
"Oh Vonriir, you worry too much, I be fine" Martina assured him.
"Martina will have her squadron, we all be communicating regularly" Mark said
Vonriir had to settle with his, nothing else to be done about it.
"Alright," he said, sitting up a little straighter.
“Is there anything else?” Mark asked as everyone seemed to know their orders and seemed eager to get started.
“We are capable and we can this, remember this mission is classified and talk on the base is limited, in light of this Torchwood 5 will move to Yellow alert” Mark said.
“Good choice” Jack said to himself.
“Ok, we got 48 hours, remember to check your tablets, security codes access it only, the system will flag up any security threats is be careful, dismissed” Mark said as he let out a breath, the easy part was done, the hard part was putting this all together, operation Zodiac was a go.
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Veyron had walked off with Mark back down the halls towards the command center. He trotted at a fast pace, his talons clicking on the tile floor
"I still think you should have posted a dragon with the president," remarked Veyron in a dark tone. He had done his damnedest earlier that day to convince the man that having Martin take the role was a mistake. It had been a difficult road and the wraith had nearly crossed the line into insubordination many times bickering, trying to insist on his own suggestions of having a dragon stand watch over the president. He knew he had to be careful when it came to Mark, however. One misstep and he would be kicked out of the inner circle of their temporary commander and that would mean Mark would not heed any of the wraith’s advice.
"And why do you think that Veyron, I thought I had your backing?" Mark said.
Veyron frowned, suppressing a growl of irritation, "I told you why. Better protection. Someone is much less likely to try anything with teeth and talons between them and the man. It’s obvious. You two legged idiots have guns and bullet proof vets but nothing to stop from a creature taking your head off if it thinks twice to."
"Was that dragon you by any chance? Anyways Martin has it all under control and it will be fine" Mark assured the Wraith.
Veyron snorted, "As grand as I am, I'm not exactly a wall of protection. Comox or even Hitteki would have been just fine. They aren’t bonded so you wouldn’t have to worry about their Attilu complicating things. As timid as Comox is he could melt a hole though armoured vehicles or snap a person in two as easily as he bats an eye if needed. Hitteki is….” He hesitated in complimenting her. While Jack had forced them to stop their fighting, there was a lack of civility and grace between them. The tension rose from time to time when they were in each other’s presence for too long, “… she is fierce in her own right and wouldn’t back down from a fight. She’s too gung-ho about making her clan or whatever proud that I think she’d rather die than fail. You still have time to call Martin back," he said, looking up at him as he scurried on all fours to keep up. He still hadn’t told Mark why he had been suspicious. He kept that to himself for now, silently hoping that the man would just trust him and follow his advice. That didn’t seem to be the case, however, much to Veyron’s chagrin.
"I have made my choice, the plan is in motion, here I give you a lift, rather than striding to keep up" Mark said offering Veyron a lift.
Veyron made a frustrated noise before he leapt, clambering up to the man’s shoulders but did not bother to mind his claws as he usually did. Tiny holes marked where he pulled himself up to his shoulder, pricking at the skin underneath, ungraciously.
"Veyron! This is an expensive suit you ass" Mark complained.
The wraith paid the man's protests no mind, flicking his tail in irritation instead, “I told you to wear the grey one anyway. You look like a damn blueberry.” He commented, ruff pulled back, displeased.

As Mark turned the corner the wraith coiled up on his shoulder, ready to spring, "I'm going to take a break. I'll meet you back in the command center a bit later." He told him rather than asking permission.

"Urgh dragons, especially you Veyron " Mark grumbled.
“You love me and you know it,” came the wraith’s shout as he sprang from his shoulder, shimmying up the living wall of plants and moss before leaping onto the little vaulted pathway of his along the ceiling.
He left in a different direction, seeing if he could skulk around a bit. He hadn’t wanted to follow Martin or Daniel outright but perhaps he hadn’t missed them yet….
He scurried quietly now, his talons pulled up so they wouldn’t tap against the surface of the pathway. He pressed himself against the wall as he hurried, ensuring his shadow wouldn’t give him away.

Back in their own quarters, Ardon had accompanied Jack while they waited out their 48 hours until it was time for them to begin the operation Zodiac. The dragon was pleased that Jack was allowed to at least help in some way. He didn’t like his Attilu being stuck on the sidelines, Especially with such a big task given to them.
Ardon, in fact, was a bit jealous that the EA and FBI had given over the reins fully to Torchwood, and to Mark.
That honour should have been Jack’s, the gold thought, trying not to be sour about it. It was a large responsibility but on honour as well.
“I wonder what Mark is going to have us do,” said the dragon, “He said you would be helping Baxter in the command center, but made no mention of what I was going to be responsible for.”
Ardon relaxed on the cushioned floor and stretched out. Might as well get as much rest as they could. He thought that they might have some long days ahead of them depending on how this investigation went down.
"I be doing observation of CCTV camera's on the route and direct communication with you guys, it isn’t front line work but I cope" Jack replied.
“Maybe when he’s not looking I’ll steal you away and we’ll save the president from some unseen foe and be the heroes…. As usual,” he teased.
Jack grinned, "Play nice golden wonder or we be demoted to chief floor cleaners" Jack joked back.
“He couldn’t do that,” protested Ardon, but then a worried expression swept over his face, “….Can he?”
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Martina had been given all the information via her tablet on the president’s route and final destination, Martina was now in charge in ensuring her squadron would provide Ariel cover and a visible presence in the sky, the helicopter A49 would provide lower cover around the area.
Vonriir arrived back and settled down, putting on his glasses to see what his Atillu was up to.
"Seems like you're being thrown into the fray right away," said the large dragon.
Martina looked and smiled lightly at Vonriir, she could feel the large dragon’s worry for her safety and wanted her ot be safe.
“I be safe Vonriir, do not worry, I be with the squadron and its only patrolling the airspace, hopefully there be no incidents, I marked out the routes we be flying, seems simple Ariel patrols” Martina tried to assure the massive Crag back dragon.
"I know," said Vonriir, "I never worried half this much before I bonded. I'm sorry, miss Martina. I know you are fully capable," he smiled lightly.
Martina put her work down and got up from her chair and stretched.
“I think someone needs a relaxing scratch and massage, I been chatting to the professor, she told me where your sweet spots are, come on” Martina said to the crag back.
"Did she now?" He asked, putting his head on his paws, "you should be taking time to rest yourself in preparation, not worrying about me."
Martina reached out her hand and touched the bronze scales on Vonriir, letting them glide across his scales gently.
“I am your Atillu, I care about your well being, happy Dragon, happy Atillu” she said continuing to allow her hands to glide over his scales smoothly towards his massive horns.
The dragon thrummed and happily closed his eyes, "I do hope all goes well with the mission."
“It will Vonriir, now, relax, deep breaths in and out big guy, just relax” Martina talked softly and calmly having her hands glide around, it was obvious she had learnt a bit from Melina and had some practice.
Vonriir tilting his head and the dragon sized purr got even louder.
Martina stifled laughing and allowed herself to make the dragon relax, it seemed to be working hearing the loud sound of the dragon thrumming.
“Very relaxed and happy dragon, that is what I want for you” Martina said softly continuing her relaxing techniques but Vonriir would tell she learnt off Melina.
"I am happy. I can assure you of that," he mumbled.
“Good” Martina said as she allowed her hands to glide off his scales as she smiled, feeling his happiness through the bonded link.
“How was that for you?” she asked with a kind smile.
"Pleasant as the first day of summer," he says, arching his neck in a stretch.
Martina smile got bigger, please Vonriir enjoyed it.
“I’m glad, I been told about sleeping close by to you is an experience, could we try that?” she asked.
"Certainly, but I think your bed will be cozier than stony scales," he said.
Martina nodded lightly.
“Well lets try it, I bring my quilt and pillows as we settle in” Martina said getting changed into her night gear in the opposite room before bringing the quilt and pillows with her into Vonriir’s section.
Vonriir made a space for her in the crook of his left forearm like he had seen forge do for Melina. His curling long horns, however, inhibited from being able to see her when he laid his head down.
Martina got comfortable and wished Vonriir goodnight as she quickly dosed off, the woman had been busy planning and submitting her optimal routes to Mark.
Once Martina was asleep Vonriir very carefully scooped her up in his paws. He hadn't been able to sleep, worried that one wrong turn of his head or movement in his sleep would mean disaster. He gently put her back in her bed.
"Goodnight," he said quietly before settling down on the floor next to her mattress.
Martina slept as Vonriir moved her but the woman slept soundly as Vonriir fell asleep nearby.

Meanwhile Melina and Zyra who chatting having settled in the quarters for tonight, with big days ahead of them, the two wanted to rest up in preparation for everything that was to come.
Melina was discussing her role within this operation, helping Baxter out on communications and monitoring CCTV.
“Be something different to do than medical work, I like to have a go but I be in Baxter’s world now” Melina said to Zyra as the girls talked before they settled into bed.
"You'll do well. Comox says he's a good teacher if you have any questions," replied Zyra.
Melina nodded in agreement.
“I think so too, he is a little shy but he knows his area, so be me and Jack, with Hitteki keeping an eye on things, you guys be careful out there” Melina said to the bold wing.
"We always are. We will have each other's backs," promised Zyra.
Melina smiled, knowing this was true.
"Good I’m glad, this is the biggest operation we ever done" Melina commented, marvelling at the scale of the planning Mark along with Veyron had been done for the world presidents arrival.
"Biggest operation we've been -hired- to do," Zyra corrected. "I feel like we've done a great deal and accomplished a lot outside of this task as well."
“I agree with you, we better rest up, from tomorrow it will be all systems go in preparation, good night Zyra” Melina said as she settled into bed to get some sleep.
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The next dragon the dragons were instructed to run drills so that they were warmed up and had practice. They had done little in the way of group training since Jack’s return from Japan so this was a necessity to ensure that they all worked together without any issue.

The dragons didn’t bother getting into their gear just yet. Their warm up flights would begin first and then they would get rigged up.
Ardon was in charge of these proceedings, a job he took with great pride. He had conducted a number of training exercises before and they had gone off well, he thought.

As was tradition, the smallest dragons lit into the air first, as not to be pummeled by the gale force winds that Vonriir’s wings picked up.

Veyron had devised two plans that they were to practice to call upon on different situations. A break neck race getting an individual to safety as well as a slower, yet more protected route. Ardon was left to devise the details of each plan which he had spent most of the night doing.
The first was using Zyra, their fastest of them as a getaway dragon, as it were. Comox would give her additional support while the armoured dragons, meaning Vonriir, Ardon and Hitteki would act as cover and protection for the fleeing boldwings.
This would put Ardon out quarters with Zyra but he relented and knew the job would be better suited to Comox.
The second trail they had to practice was guarding Vonriir. The dragon was formidable and large. His scales and spikes gave him bullet proof protection for the most part but this was also a disadvantage. He was the slowest of them all, burdened by his own armour.
The dragons would conduct flights, surrounding him like a shroud, offering him further protection from threats as they fled an imaginary threat.

Their first trials with Zyra in the lead had to be practiced a few times over. She was so damn fast that even Comox struggled to keep up the pace. She eventually outflew them so quickly that Ardon would have to call her back and ask her to slow it down a bit so that they at least had a chance to run through their shielding techniques.
“You can fly like the wind in a real situation that warrants it but let us at least try to guard you in the first thirty seconds of it”
“Sorry!” she called sheepishly once she got within shouting distance.
“Try it again, everyone. From the top. Vonriir, don’t forget we are feigning left first, then right,” called Ardon as everyone went back into formation.
This test was run a few more times before Ardon saw that a break was well needed throughout the group.
“Alright, take a breather, I’ll set up the next task,” called the gold as the others went to rest on the ground and drink water from the bowls that had been brought up.

"You were very impressive out there Comox, you fly fast and with a fluid like motion, very confident and on point" Hitteki said flying next to the white scaled male.
The Boldwing was panting fiercely after attempting to keep up with Zyra, “Th….thanks,” he said breathlessly. He did not feel fast nor confident but he was too tired to argue.
"After this, did you want to hang out with me in the canteen, read over our assignment instructions Guardian Comox?" she asked, her emerald eyes hopeful.
Comom was about to answer when a gust of wind blew over them both.
“Sorry, Comox,” said Zyra, landing next to him and Hitteki.
The male Boldwing seemed to have forgotten Hitteki’s question, “It’s okay,” he said, catching his breath a bit, “You’re bloody fast.”
“Its in the genes,” she smiled, ruffling her wings against her sides.
Hitteki frowned and looked at what Comox was doing, she felt jealousy build in her that Zyra was taking the attention, she snorted lightly and walked back into the hanger.
"Wait, Hitteki!" called Ardon as he flew back with the supplies needed for their second set of trials, "We aren't quite done yet." he said with a slight apologetic laugh.
"Oh… I see, ok I did not know" Hitteki said with a bit of reluctance to play second fiddle to Zyra.

Ardon landed and ensured that everyone had a chance to catch their breath while he gave instructions. Soon enough everyone was back up in the air again, this time much slower, much to the relief of some of the dragons.
It was their turn to protect Vonriir this time, shielding his back where a person of special cargo might be as well as his ventral side, from any supposed attacks.
They completed three rounds and were beginning to really get the knack for it.

“Left!” called Ardon over his shoulder and the flight suddenly swooped left, their wings tilting in unison. Vonriir banked and the smaller dragons followed like pilot fish escorting a shark. Their movements were just as fluid much of the time. They were getting better at moving together at Ardon’s orders, though they were still not yet at the level of anticipating each other’s movements and maneuvers. The gold thought they would get there eventually with enough practice.

"Woah!" Hitteki said in alarm as she did banked hard to avoid Vonriir's massive wing as she feared she crash into it.
Ardon broke off from the formation and swooped around to meet her as she fell back into place.
“A bit further back, Hitteki or else you’ll be tumbled by the air of his wing. Like the previous pass. You had that one flown perfectly. Give yourself a little distance. You’re still plenty close,” he advised her with a small smile.
"Thank you guardian Ardon, I am trying, I am not use to flying in formations or doing tactical runs but I am giving it a go" Hitteki said, panting lightly.
“You’re doing grand. Keep at it,” the gold said before returning to his place at the lead.
They continued through another three more rounds before Ardon concluded the practice for the day. He didn’t want everyone exhausted for when Mark called them into action.
“Well done, Everyone!” he said as he landed in the dragon hangar with the others. “If we had more time I would suggest having one of the humans harry us with one of those pant guns to ensure we’re giving protection to cargo and each other,” Panted Zyra as she wiped a bit of sweat from her brow with the back of her paw.
Ardon nodded, “That would definitely be a good, safe test. Perhaps next time.” Nodded the gold.
They all soon departed to wash up and rest for the remainder of the evening.

Meanwhile Veyron hadn’t uncovered anything by skulking about the facility. Daniel and Martin had made themselves fairly scarce since Mark’s orders were given. The wraith had shadowed them where he could but had uncovered nothing and had seen no further abnormal behaviour like the strange marching from weeks ago.
He had brought his lock picks and scurried over to Martin’s office when he was sure that the man was out. He locked the door behind him after he scurried in, ensuring no one had seen him. He rifled through the man’s things, going through every drawer he had but it procured nothing. No clues, no insight. He growled, putting things neatly back in place before he tried Daniel’s office.
The lock here seemed a bit trickier and the wraith was cursing under his breath the whole time, hoping no one would walk by.
Finally he managed to get inside and relief washed over him as he closed the door.
He didn’t bother turning on the light. That might arouse suspicion and his low light vision was good enough for his work. He set to rifling through the shelves, opening books and looking behind knickknacks for anything hidden.
He paused a number of times, thinking he heard something out the door. He stood as still as he could but then finally relaxed, hearing nothing more.
He jumped to the desk, his main center of concern. The man did not have his laptop here but there was a tablet.
Veyron couldn’t get into it, no matter what he tried so instead he opened the drawers that ran along the back side of the desk. Stapler, post-it notes, pens, files.
“Ohh,” said Veyron, going through them. Nothing of interest.
He frowned, pulling himself up to the next drawer and rummaged through its contents.
He snapped a pen in half and dumped it into the important papers in the drawer below so that they’d get covered in ink.
He snickered to himself, digging into the back of the drawer.

"What are you doing Veyron, snooping around in MY office" Daniel's voice sounded from behind the wraith and he did not sound best pleased.
Veyron froze like a deer in the headlights, dropping the stack of papers he had been holding. They spilled out all over the floor, the only thing that moved in that moment as the wraith and man stood still as statues as they stared at one another.
"Um," he said, his normally quick wit vanished at being so startled. Where did he come from? He had heard no footsteps, no rattle of the door or the sound of the key. How had he missed all that? He never allowed himself to be that absorbed to miss someone coming.
"What is the meaning of all this? I seen you snooping on me and my colleague, you don’t think I notice you but I do mister, I wasn’t born yesterday… now what are you doing unless you want me to report this to Mr. De Santa" Daniel threatened.
Veyron reached behind him into the drawer and fished out something that he had seen there just moments before. He pulled up a rather expensive looking watch, something he was known for pilfering back before his forced ‘reform’,
"Bad habit of mine." the wraith said, flashing a hopeful smile that he would buy it.

Daniel frowned, looking at the dragon, he seemed normal but there was something a little amiss.
"I think Mr. De Santa will want to know about this, I wonder how many little perks you lose...if you tell me why your REALLY here, I might overlook this" Daniel replied, Veyron's excuse didn’t work.
The wraith was quicker to answer this time around, "Okay, okay, I was looking for credit cards. I had my credits suspended a while ago...." he lied, trying not to eye the door. He wanted to bolt but the man was in the way.

The man seemed amused, "Oh dear, so if Mr. De Santa found out you had gone snooping through my security files, taking a nose while looking for credit cards, you be in a heap of trouble wouldn’t you.....dragon" Daniel said.
Veyron wobbled his paw in a so-so kind of gesture, "My recent help will likely save my hide. I think I’m safe."
"Hrmph, well I overlook this little incident…. This time Veyron but if I catch you here....I ensure you are thrown back through to Kilara" Daniel threatened.
"Now...Git!" he snapped.
Veyron put down the watch and jumped off the desk. He walked out, not letting Mark intimidate him into scampering off with his tail between his legs.
“I licked all your breath mints,” he said under his breath as he scales up to his vaulted pathway, still cursing himself for getting caught.
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The next morning early the dragons were up ready to start their duties as assigned, Hitteki had joined Zyra and Comox for breakfast as Melina was chatting to Dr Sam as he was taking charge of the labs.
“So are Female bold wings faster than males?” Hitteki queried.
Zyra tilted her head slightly as she spoke, "No, not all females are faster than males. It's fairly even. I'm smaller though, but have a long wingspan so that grants me greater speed I believe."
Hitteki nodded lightly at the explanation.
“I just thought you and Melina’s training routine meant you were fitter than Comox” Hitteki said but she had a teasing smile over Comox who was nearby.
Comox didn't hear what was said but looked up, appearing a bit confused.
"We're all looking pretty trim I think," Zyra laughed lightly.
Hitteki laughed lightly agreeing with the dragoness as Melina came in and for once she was not wearing her lab coat.
“Hey dragons, today is the day, Mark is chatting to Amelia about final preparations, the World president will be landing in a few hours time” the professor said as Martin had already left to meet the president at the Airport.
"We are on standby to get ready," said Zyra.
"Our gear has been inspected and all as well," added Comox. "We will be ready to fly when the time comes."
Melina nodded smiling.
“Good, Martin is on his way to Stanstead, with security agents” Melina said but the woman felt a little off, which Zyra would sense.
The bold wing looked over at her, "what's wrong?" She whispered.
Melina shook off her feeling.
“It’s nothing, maybe that it’s a big thing and Im helping Baxter with Jack, just want to do a good job out of my comfort zone, I be ok” Melina said putting her hand on the bold wing’s scales.
"You'll do great. I don't think there's anything you do poorly," said Zyra, giving her hand a quick lick, "you've got this."
Melina smiled.
“Thanks Doctor, you too, you all have” Melina said.
Jack walked in with Ardon, not dressed in his usual smart clothes but was in Jeans and a jumper, in a far more casual setting, now he wasn’t in charge, but his more laid-back dress code had not gone unnoticed.
"Jack almost looks like a different person in casual attire," said Comox quietly to Hitteki while Ardon walked in with the man.
“I agree but least he is taking this role in his stride, I know guardian Ardon is very supportive” Hitteki replied.
"Yes," nodded Comox, "lets hope this all goes according to plan."

Martina was changing getting ready for her official duties of patrolling the skies, her first big role for Torchwood 5 and being in charge of a squadron of 8 fighters was a big responsibility but she was up for it, something Vonriir would sense as he watched her come out and finish getting prepared.
"Are you prepared? Is here anything I can get you?" Inquired Vonriir.
Martina shook her head.
“I’m ok, I did all the checks on Avalon, he is all set, armed and ready to roll, myself? I’m ready” she said looking up at Vonriir.
"You look ready," he smiled down at her.
Martina laughed lightly.
“Yes, I think I am, got everything planned, we be careful up there, Avalon will look after me” Martina replied.
"He better. I did warn him..." he said with a mock growl as he swayed his tail.
Martina grinned at the crag backs growl.
“He doesn’t want to be scrap metal so he will, knowing you could turn him into a can” Martina said to the large dragon, knowing how capable her dragon was.
Vonriir chuckled, "yes. I wish fair skies to you. I'm sure the younglings will want to share stories of their roles after. Be prepared for that."
“Of course, you too, you have a role in this big guy, though your too modest, rather let them chat, they do look up to you Vonriir, makes me proud you got a positive influence on them” Martina said.
The dragon smiled, "I try. I had... have a great role model myself. So I try to pass it along."
Martina nodded.
“Yes, but least you keep positive, I always feel he’s constantly unhappy or critical of the world that silver, a unhealthy way to view the world” Martina commented.
Vonriir was quiet for a moment, thinking, "he's had a rough go at life. Always put himself before others in his own way and it hasn't been kind every time," he said with a bit of regret in his voice. "He is nice, if you can get past that steely exterior."
Martina nodded, knowing he had great respect for the silver, without him, the crag back wouldn’t of come to earth.
“Well, I think its reserved for someone else, but glad you came over, otherwise we wouldn’t of bonded” Martina said.
"That's how I think of it. I'm glad I had the opportunity and I have Forge to thank for that," he lowered his head and very gently nudged her with his nose affectionately.
Martina smiled petting the dragons muzzle.
"Aww you sweet guy, now you got some to give your pets on demand" she laughed.
"Lucky me," he said thumping his tail. It caused the room to shake and he sat up, laughing sheepishly.
Martina felt the shake of the ground from the heavily armoured tail, she grinned as she spoke again.
"Got some whack with that tail of yours" Martina commented.
"Ah, yes. It's unfortunately seen the demise of many Fragile things..." he admitted. "I sometimes forget to be mindful of it."
Martina glanced at it and nodded up to the crag back.
"I don’t mind, just happy to be bonded with you, regardless if you shake the place" Martina said smoothing his muzzle.
"What is your role in this operation other than to look awesome" Martina joked lightly.
The dragon chuckled, "We're to help if anything goes amiss. The younglings and I have been flying drills most of the day."
Martina smiled when the dragon called the others the youngsters when they were adults, admittedly they were young dragons compared to Vonriir.
"She is," nodded the large dragon. "To be fair , though, I'm sure I swung too wide, catching her off guard. She recovered well enough though."
" guys get on? She told me she knew of your breed...where you’re from, she seemed switched on as she spoke to me" the woman said to the bronze.
"We are on good terms, yes if that's what you're asking," said Vonriir, "Her breed and Crag backs often live ... what did Melina call it? Symbiotically. We're often found in the same territories on Kilara."
Martina nodded lightly.
"Ahh so your breeds are dragon chums then" Martina said with a smile.
"Yes, you could say that," he nodded, smiling
She smiled as she got her gear together ready for flying.
They must of loved your help, big guy like you" she said kindly.
"Mutually beneficial, “explained the dragon, "Crag backs provide protection and the starts of caverns that her kind live in. In turn the Syrian dragons help hunt and alert their resident crag back to any danger."
Martina sounded genuinely interested.
"So there is more types of Syrian dragons? Wow how many breeds are there" she queried.
"Five if my memory serves me right," said Vonriir, listing them off in his head to make sure.
Martina was about to talk some more before she was called to her post.
“Well, I best be off on my duties” she said doing up her zip on her uniform.
"Good luck, Miss Martina, said the large dragon with a low dip of his head.
Martina gave Vonriir a pet on the muzzle.
“Stay sharp Vonriir, I see you later, I be back soon, just look amazing for the world president, show those you mean business” she said to the crag back.
"Yes, ma'am," he smiled, giving her a little bow.
Martina left the dragon in their joint quarters as she went ot fulfil her duties as squadron leader, she felt the dragon was proud of her, but worried for her safety, she tried to think positive thoughts as she headed for the hanger.
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Soon enough the call for the dragons to get ready came. They had gotten a chance to eat and rest a bit before they were instructed to head out.

"Alright, well that's our cue to go get rigged up. I'll see you later, Jack," Ardon said to the man as he got to his feet and shuffled his wings against his back.

"Before you all go, I like to say some words to your team" Jack said to the gold.
Ardon turned back to him, "Okay, come to the hangar with me, everyone's headed there to get their gear on," offered Ardon.

"Sure, let's go then you can all get ready to head on out, the president will be entering UK airspace soon," Jack said as Melina gave Zy a pat on the shoulder.
"Do us proud Doctor," she smiled.
“Will do, Professor,” smiled the dragoness as she walked off with the others, “See you soon!”

Vonriir, Hitteki and Comox were already in the hangar when Zyra, Ardon and Jack arrived.
Vonriir was struggling to get a few of his harness clips together. He turned in a slow circle, trying to reach for the dangling strap. His stout proportions made it an impossible endeavor.
“Here, Vonriir, wait,” said Comox, holding up a paw to stop him from turning around fruitlessly, “I’ll help.”
“I should have had Martina help me earlier,” he said, wishing he had planned this better.
“But then you would have been sitting in your armour forever and by the time we had to go you likely wouldn’t want to get up again,” smiled the Boldwing, fastening up the straps.
“Ah I suppose you’re right. She was busy anyway getting ready. I wish I could do these up myself,” he said.
“It’s difficult, don’t sweat it,” said Comox, now tightening his collar strap and letting the Kevlar mesh clip into the rigging that ran from his neck to his stomach.

Ardon trotted over to the hooks on the wall and pulled down Zyra’s kit for her which she took graciously before he brought his own down.
He slipped his head into the collar and tightened the black leather straps into the polished buckles.
His battle gear was light yet protected him well. The edges of the armoured plating was engraved with intricate filigree that mimicked his brathille infused state. It made the dragon look rather regal, black on gold
Zyra cast him a sidelong look out of the corner of her eye before turning to her own gear, suiting up.
Jack helped Ardon put on the harness, "You keep yourself safe Ardon, you got this, you are a leader of these dragons, make me proud,” Jack said quietly and then gave the dragon a smile.
Ardon nodded, “I promise,” he said. This was really his first solo assignment where he was ‘in charge’ of the dragons without Jack. Sure, they would be receiving orders from their earpieces but out under the sky, they would turn to Ardon should they find need to. This thought made the gold’s stomach flip a bit but he had Vonriir’s battle experience to their advantage as well.
Ardon handed out the earpieces and ensured the all worked. He walked up and down the hangar to make sure everyone was ready. He had to admit they looked like a ferocious sight. Their armour was the colour of obsidian, fierce and bold against all their varied colours.
Ardon fell into line with the others as they looked as Jack, the man approaching their ranks. He may have been on medical leave and not technically their currently leader but the dragons revered the man and their loyalty was unwavering.

"I just wanted to say to all of you to keep your wits sharp, stick with one another and good luck out there, I know you all do this facility proud and show the world president why the dragon academy works so well" Jack said to the audience of dragons.
"We will," Vonriir said with confidence.
"We won't let you or Torchwood down," nodded Ardon.
"Keep each other safe, use each others strengths and talents, stick together as a team, good luck out there and come back, no knocks" Jack said.
“Yes, sir!” said the dragons in unison. Ardon gave Jack one last wink before turning and unfurling his wings. He was the first into the air, followed by the boldwings and Hitteki and lastly Vonriir.

“Diamond formation, everyone.,” said the gold as they ascended into the sky.
Ardon took the lead, behind him flew Vonriir. To the cragback’s left and right flew the boldwings, and pulled along by the massive dragon’s current was Hitteki, strategically places to give her the easiest flying.

“Alright, everyone,” said Ardon through their ear pieces as they flew, “Our orders is as follows, Vonriir, you are our visible deterrent as Mark put it. You will be flying along the route we went over and discourage anyone that might see you that any funny business will not be tolerated.
“Zyra, Comox, you are going to be jumping from building to building. You’ll be our scouts as planned. You are faster and can cover a wider area to make sure nothing is amiss.”
“Got it,” came their reply.
"Hitteki, you're with me. We will be flying the route ahead of Vonriir to ensure that it's clear of any threats," said Ardon.
"Yes Guardian Ardon, I be close, I wont let you down" Hitteki replied assertively.

“And for everyone, signal if there is any sign of something off. No matter how small. We can’t be too careful. We’ve got all sides covered on this but that won’t stop some people from trying, got it?”
“Yes Ardon,” came a number of voices through his earpiece. He looked over his shoulder and smiled. “Alright everyone, break.”
The boldwings rose higher together, speeding up and racing towards their position. Vonriir maintained his pace while Ardon and Hitteki angled their wings to reach the pathway that the helicopter would be taking.
“Fly in the air wake I make, you’ll tire less quickly,” Ardon said to her. “Let’s go, Hitteki.”
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The dragons left for their duties as Melina and Jack went to theirs, Baxter would be expecting them and they did not want to be late as the base went into Yellow alert.
The two of them made their way to Baxter’s IT labs, they were the man’s pride and joy and always were securely locked from anyone who did not have access, Jack beeped his ID card next to the scanner as well as a fingerprint scan which gave him access.
Professor Baxter was already inside overseeing the consoles and screens on display, this would be Torchwood’s additional eyes and ears around, giving more eyes on the ground, Baxter had accessed CCTV and other satellites which they could monitor the world president’s motorcade.
“Ahh perfect timing I got your stations ready, Jack you’re on station 2 and professor your on station 4” the man said pointing to the machines.
Melina and Jack nodded as they sat in front of the screens and set up the ear pieces and monitors to suit them.
“So many screens Baxter, how will we keep track?” Melina asked.
“The systems have intelligent scanning and will notify you if there is something, think of it as a nudge, but take your time and just keep Mark and everyone informed, he is in the command centre with the staff there and Veyron” Baxter said to the professor.
“Will do, right I just check in with everyone and the dragons as well” Jack said feeling the set up was all ok for him and he began his work.
Jack tested the systems and said hi to the dragons as Melina was also ready and set up, next ot her were a few of Professor Baxter’s IT technicians who had been roped in to help, with Sam being in charge of the labs in case of a medical emergency.
In the command centre everyone was at their posts and working diligently at their assigned duties, Mark was watching over everything, with an ear piece in, across the other side was Veyron, who would act as a second in command in the command centre, with news of the Presidents imminent arrival at Stanstead the operation Mark had devised with Veyron was now in action.
Daniel was also at the security section of the command centre and would oversee security operations liaising with the EA units who were part of the outer circle of protection, they would close roads and ensure no one went further, whereas Torchwood security officers would from the inner circle of protection.
The third circle would contain the dragons and Martin’s team who were positioned in the motorcade.
Mark had gone over the plan with Veyron and the others in the EA to ensure it was right, this was his operation and that came with its own pressures, Mark took a deep breath as Veyron gave him a nod and thumbs up, the wraith being supportive, knowing to keep close in Mark’s circle of influence.
“Sir, EA reports President’s sheridan’s presidential plane is on approach to Stanstead, EA forces have closed off all major roads and blockades in place” came one of the operators.
“Good, Daniel how is our teams looking?” he asked.
Daniel turned and nodded.
“All units report ready, Martina’s squadron en route and so are the dragons” Daniel said as Mark nodded.
“Good, Mark to Jack, how we looking on CCTV” he asked.
“All good, all clear on our end, no issues reported, all green on screen” Jack replied via the earpiece as Mark looked up at the massive screen.
“Stanstead has confirmed the presidents plane is on the ground and landed, Martin’s team is waiting to take him to the max security facility”, said one of the operators as Mark watched on the big screen as Veyron rallied the troops.
The wraith's sharp green eyes were fixed on the screen, seeing that the plane had landed without incident.
"Good, everyone is in position. Let's get this going," he said.
Mark nodded as he stood at the front looking up at the screen as the motorcade met the plane on the runway, the presidents plane’s escort left as all control was handed to Torchwood.
"Martin is there waiting he is with the motorcade, EA units keeping outer perimeter clear" Daniel said as Mark looked over his shoulder and nodded at Daniels reply.
"Veyron eta on our dragons? " he asked.
"Inbound, two minutes," was the wraith's quick reply as he checked on their status.
Mark seemed pleased.
"Excellent well so far so good" Mark said as the teams in the command centre worked on ensuring everyone was in position and the route was heavily watched and cleared.
Veyron moved to where he was close to Mark near the front, keeping his ear piece in as he communicated instructions.
"Yep, looking good. Dragons inbound," said Veyron. He touched his earpiece, listening. "Ardon says they've broken group formation. They're ready."
"Have the fall into patrol with Ardon and Hitteki escorting helicopter A49" Mark instructed as the screen changed to birds eye view with the location of Helicopter A49 pinpointed along with the dragons and Martina’s squadron who were inbound.
"Ardon, hold your position with Hitteki and wait for the copter," instructed Veyron.
"Got it," came the gold's voice.
Veyron gave Mark a thumbs up to signal that they were on target.
“Well, lets hope it is all going to plan on the ground” Mark said under his breath, keeping his fingers crossed in his head.
"Control to team bold wing report on rooftop cover" Mark said to Zyra and Comox.
"We're in position," Zyra replied, "All clear."
“Great, keep checking in on the teams, keep communication open, Jack any news?” he asked.
“Nothing Mark, all green on screen” came Jack’s reply.

On the ground the president left the plane and met up with Martin’s motorcade as in pulled in, Torchwood agents got out and soon ensured the president was in a safe perimeter, the motorcade consisted of 4 Large black land Rovers and a larger Armoured version of Torchwood land rover as the president approached dressed in a nice suit.
The man was taller than Martin dressed in a grey suit, his hair a mixture of grey and white with a small goatee beard matching the man’s hair, his blue eyes seemed bright and alert as he greeted Martin.
“You must be Captain Martin Edwards from Torchwood correct?” he asked shaking the man’s hand firmly.
“Yes sir, here to escort you to our maximum-security facility, your bags will be put in separate vehicle for safety sir, please this way” Martin gestured as the man got in and radioed back to Torchwood control.
"Martin to all units, President is in the motorcade, on our way to location".
The dragons acknowledged him and settled into their positions, keen eyed and ready for anything.
“The motorcade is on the move, president is on board” Mark said to all units.
“All green on-screen EA units have outer circle covered” said the operator.
“Good, let’s hope it all goes well”.
Meanwhile the dragons were checking in on one another as they continued following their orders, Ardon taking firm command of the situation.
Ardon looked over the scene, letting his gold eyes scan the area for any potential danger.
"You good, Vonriir?" he asked through their communicator.
"Good, Ardon. Just making my sweeps, nothing yet." was the big dragon's reply.
"Zy, Co?"
"Still clear here, Ardon," Comox replied.
"Good. Sharp eyes everyone," the gold instructed.

As the motorcade was now travelling, Martin got a message in his earpiece.
“Captain Martin” he answered.
“Dragons overflying the motorcade now” came Jack’s reply as Martin looked up from the window.
Zyra and Comox flew past the motorcade, their wings still as they glided past, surveying the area. Beating their wings in unison, they rose again and banked left.
They split off and flew over the roofs.
"All is clear and everyone is stationed accordingly," said Zyra.
President Sherian looked up as well to see the bold wings patrolling overhead.
“Torchwood aren’t taking any chances” Sheridan said to Martin who nodded in agreement at the comment.
“No sir, let me give you a run down of the security arrangements, the EA units are keeping an outer circle of approximately 5 miles from our location, the inner circle consists of all Torchwood security staff, on every building we have sniper teams” Martina said as Sheridan peered up from the sun roof in the vehicle.
“Incredible” he commented.
“Indeed sir, as well our dragons from the Academy you allowed are also patrolling, those were our bold wing dragons, the speedy ones, the others are patrolling with our Helicopter, the T squadron are overflying the area, ensuring we have a no-fly zone above us” Martin explained.

Back in the control room all the progress was being monitored as Veyron gave the orders.
"Remember to keep your eyes on any nooks or small spaces for anything off," said Veyron, "Martina will by flying over momentarily."
"Got it, Veyron," said Ardon.
In the distance Helicopter A49 came chugging along at low altitude as it approached the motorcade to begin its patrols, in the distance Martina’s squadron as they patrolled the skies.
Ardon flew up to the helicopter with Hitteki in tow. They circled it from above.
The pilots signalled to Ardon and Hitteki as they circled.
"Helicopter A49 to Dragon gold team, we are en route to patrol above the motorcade" came the pilots response.
"Falling into escort position," replied Ardon as he signalled Hitteki.
Hitteki fell in line behind the helicopter as it overflew the motorcade, the CCTV camera’s and drones watched with Jack, Melina and others watching carefully as the motorcade made their way towards the maximum security facility as they left the town and onto the winding roads of the countryside.
“I feel safer when we reached the complex, I know I am in good hands” Sheridan said to Martin as the man nodded, seeming a little distant, before snapping back when president Sheridan spoke.
“of course sir, we are nearly there” Martin said as the helicopter flew overhead as they were approaching the facility.
Vonriir was stationed there to ensure all security was in place for the president’s visit, the facility was locked down and secure, Vonriir was there as a visual deterrent and a show of force by the dragon academy.
"motorcade in sight," Vonriir reported, "Nearly at the facility."
"Got it," replied Ardon.
“Mark to Vonriir, has the motorcade entered the facility” the man asked over the earpiece, the vehicles entered the perimeter as the Helicopter moved off, now going to patrol the outskirts of the area.
"Flying overhead now," he reported back, angling his wings for another pass.
Mark sighed in relief now they were past the danger point as Martin spoke and said the president was now safe and they would make their way into the facility.
"World president at his destination, the dragons operation part is over, mission accomplished, return to base" Mark said to all dragons.
Mark gave a nod to the team who seemed to have a quiet respect for the man, this operation went to plan and everyone seemed pleased the World president was safe in their maximum-security facility.
"Returning to base," confirmed Ardon. He flew up so the others could see him. The dragons all turned and went to the gold to get in formation once more to fly home.
Jack smiled at how the operation had, gone Mark and the others worked really well and he was proud of his team but especially the dragons who had acted professional and carried out their instructions to the letter.
"Well done team dragon, the squadron and helicopter will patrol the area, great work" Jack said to the team.
Ardon smiled to himself, proud that Jack was pleased with their work.
"Thanks, Jack,"
The dragons returned as the president and Martin went inside the facility, the vehicles had gone through scanners and other sensors to ensure they were safe to enter, once out the world president was led to a room where men in protected silo’s armed with guns followed the men as they moved forward on a conveyor belt.
“Nothing to be alarmed sir, just security checks to make sure” Martin said as they moved forward towards a scanner which came online, making the President look a bit surprised.
“It is just an electronic check sir, as we can see, you obviously carrying no weapons” Martin said as Sheridan was moved on and it was Martin’s turn, soon as the sensors scanned him an alarm went off as the men pointed their guns at him.
The man was cool and calm as he spoke.
“Ok, don’t panic” Martina said reaching for something in his pocket as the one man pointed a gun at him as the president seemed uneasy.
Martin showed the item and chucked it on the floor, the latch opened to reveal an intricate cigarette carrier, the alarm stopped and gave Martin the all clear.
The security men nodded as Martin was allowed to proceed with the world president towards a lift.
“For a moment you had me worried Captain” Sheridan said breathing a sigh of relief, the world president wasn’t always spooked or surprised but the recent attempt on his life had shaken him. realising how close he was to being killed.
“All ok sir” Martin said as they both entered the lift as security guards were with them as the elevator went below ground level to the underground bunker under the building.
“We nearly there sir” he said as the lift went down towards their assigned home for the next few weeks.

By now the dragons had returned, with Martina still out on patrol, the dragons had done their duties superbly and were now back safe and sound.
Once the dragons landed Ardon took off his Helmet and looked at his team, "Good job, everyone. I think we are really working as a truly unified team."
Comox smiled, "Yeah, I have to agree, we worked well out there."
"Forge would be proud of your leadership," said Vonriir kindly.
“I am proud to be part of this operation, that was amazing, we all did so well” Hitteki said with a smile, she felt she had done well and stuck to Ardon’s orders, bringing honour to her and her father in this endeavour.

Meanwhile back at the maximum security facility the lift stopped and opened into a large room which was nicely decorated, there was ambient lighting on the walls and the décor was neutral with EA logo at one side and a desk with camera’s so the president could make speeches to the outside world.
“So, this will be our home for the next few weeks, I hope you play a good game of 3-dimensional chess Captain Martin” Sheridan said as his stuff was brought in by other security personnel, he thanked them as they left.
Martin looked at the president and smiled lightly.
“I play a very good game sir” came his monotone reply as Sheridan sat at the EA desk, hearing a noise.
“What was that?” he asked as a Camera moved in its secure location.
“Not to worry sir, just CCTV all in this place, they watching our every move, for security purposes” Martin said sitting down on the other side of the desk.
“Well, I must say Torchwood has gone above and beyond, the dragons as well, you must be very proud, I have nothing to fear I see2 the man said to Martin.
Martin did not respond as his face seemed void of emotion as the man stared at him, not even blinking.
Sheridan coughed, feeling a bit awkward.
“I was just saying that I have nothing to fear with your organization, looking after me” he said.
Martin gave no response, he was still and motionless.
“Captain?” he asked.
No response.
“Captain Edwards…are you ok?” he asked.
All of a sudden smoke, began to come out of the man’s clothing, escaping everywhere as the man continued to be frozen in place, Sheridan looked surprised and alarmed as he reached for a button underneath the desk as Martin continued to smoke and it got thicker.
A massive explosion rocked the facility as the whole building came crashing down in a series of explosions and fiery mess, the building had been totally destroyed, there had been over 100 people in the building, noone could of survived as Martina’s squadron passed overhead alerted by the explosion.
Martina's squadron saw the explosion and they turned to investigate, Martina had a grim expression on her face as she reported back to Command urgently.
“Martina to Control, urgent, there has been an explosion at Torchwood Maximum Security facility, repeat, total destruction” she said as the team swooped overhead seeing the flames and the debris, smoking billowing out.
Mark had been alerted as the alarm went off as Torchwood went to red alert straight away, Mark rushing back from a well-earned coffee with Veyron on his shoulder.
Everyone was up from their chairs in shock as they saw the satellite images of the facility, it was in ruins with flames billowing out along with black smoke, as the images were displayed.
"Holy ****!" Veyron said, ruff pinned back in horror.
Mark had his mouth open in shock, “My..god!” the man said as Jack, Melina and Baxter rushed in seeing the destruction on screen.
Comox and Ardon were helping Vonriir take off the large plates of armour when Red lights began to flash, code red blaring.
Half dressed in his armour, Vonriir abandoned finishing the task and lumbered after the smaller dragons, floor shaking in his wake.
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Ardon came rushing into the room with the hot on his heels. The gold dragon was still wearing all his black armour from the shoulders down; he and Vonriir had been the last to have been able to remove their gear, now interrupted by these explosive events.
"What happened?" Came Zyra's shocked voice as everyone stood in shocked silence in the command centre.
"The whole facility has been destroyed, total destruction," one of the operators said.
"There was over a hundred people in that building..." Mark said in shock at the images on screen.
The wraith was clicking through the images coming in from Martina's units. They were horrific. Complete destruction was exactly what they saw. Fires burned, belching black smoke into the air above. Nothing was left to be seen. No walls remained except for rubble and pitiful stands of brick.
"Stars above," said Vonriir quietly, unbelieving, "How..."
"Martin...," came Comox's voice suddenly breaking the silence had been growing, "Martin was there with the president..."
"What about David." Asked Zyra, looking around their group with yellow eyes, bright with worry.
"I'm here, I have monitored the operation. Martin was in there," Daniel said in a monotone voice.
Zyra breathed a sigh of relief but Veyron cast the man a sidelong look. Not the type of tone one would expect after someone lost their long time work partner.
A beeping noise could be eased as the operator typed quickly on his screen.
"Sir, a distress beacon from this location. It's the world president, Mr De Santa, he used the escape tunnel pod."
There was a gasp of surprise from the crowd.
"Thank **** for that," Mark said abruptly.
"We have to retrieve him," said Ardon, his wings twitching on his back, ready to dash at the word. "Martina is still there to give cover, we have to go back."
"I will go, Mark, while you look into this," Jack volunteered. Mark turned to him and nodded.
"Take Comox and Zyra and get there as fast as you can and bring him back here... patrol the skies around." Their stand in commander instructed.
"Come on," said Ardon, urging Jack to get on his back so he could race to the dragon hangar with the others. Zyra and Comox had gone on ahead to scramble into their gear quickly.
"Daniel, put the base on red Alert. Total lock down," Mark ordered.
"Yes sir," Daniel replied.
"I get all the data from the CCTV, Mark, and put it all together," Baxter explained as the red alert sounded.
"Hurry," called Ardon as he came running into the hangar with Jack. The bold wings were nearly all in their gear. Ardon grabbed his helmet and Jack's vest, having it to him.
"Ready!" Said Zyra. With a tremendous leap, the gold was in the air, flanked by the bold wings. He beat his wings furiously, trying to eat up the distance with each stroke. Zyra and Comox kept up the pace as they raced towards the billowing tower of black smoke that was growing on the horizon.

Back in the command centre red lights and alarms were flashing as the base went into lockdown.
"Vonriir, Hitteki, get your asses topside and ensure the path to the facility is clear," said Veyron, making his own orders now as he raced from the main screen down to the communication system on the other end of the desk.
He contacted Martina while the two dragons left, "Squad leader this is Veyron, circle back around and conduct continuous flybys. The president is still alive. We need your cover. Dragons inbound for extraction."
"Understood, we will head there now and oversee the area. Emergency services are coming towards the facility," marina advised Veyron.
"God damn it," The wraith leapt onto one of the screens so he could see one of the operators, "You, Todd, Tony, whatever the **** your name is, contact emergency services. They have to stand down until we give them the all clear." He snapped.
He jumped onto Mark's shoulder and hunkered down close to his ear so that Daniel couldn't see, "I want Daniel out of here. Send him to drive to the facility. one of the Tocheood cars," he whispered to the man in a firm tone.
"I send him to the facility with a mop up team," Mark replied to Veyron as Daniel was instructing security staff about patrols in the base.
Veyron was surprised at the last of resistance to his order. He would have preferred Daniel to be stowed away in a locked room but he knew the man would never go for it.
"I want someone to tail him, one of your men," he pressed, seeing how far he could push this.
"What? You serious, Veyron?" After all this you want to pull this **** up?" Mark said.
"Mark, just trust me," bristled the wraith, not wanting to deal with the mans stubbornness right now.
"Ugh fine... if the report comes up clean you shut it... understand me?"
"I'll do whatever if I'm wrong so long as you do it," growled the wraith as his eyes went back to the screens, watching Ardon and the others approach the disaster zone.
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President Sheridan had just managed to escape with his life, the man had knowledge of the emergency exit behind the presidents desk, he had luckily pressed it as he was moved at speed backwards as a reinforced wall closed behind him, the man had been put into a capsule and fired away from the facility at speed.
He now found himself squinting as the pod had come to rest about a mile away from the facility which was in smouldering ruins.
A beacon notification was flashing on the screen as help was on the way, Sheridan rubbed his face as his heart beat was just returning to normal, he was not sure how to describe what he had seen, all he knew is that had he not reacted, he would be dead.
Ardon and the team were rushing to the scene to collect the president as the bold wings kept close, Ardon was going as fast as he could to reach the man.
“Martina to Jack, President’s pod spotted outside, he seems ok but swooping round for another pass” she said as she looked to see the man opening the pod door, it had come to rest in the grass after being fired out of a hidden shaft at speed.
"Go Zy," Ardon urged the dragoness, seeing the pod further ahead. She was the fastest of the three of them. The dragoness pulled ahead without a word, focused on getting to the survivor as fast as she could.
The man got out and checked himself but there was no injuries that he could see from the looks of him, he was just badly shaken up a bit after the experience.
Zyra rushed in to land, quickly surveying the area as she did so.
"Sir, sir are you alright?" she asked as the man got out. She flared her wings protectively around to shield them.
The president nodded, the man looked a little shaken but otherwise ok.
“Yes, yes I am, who are you young dragoness” he asked as Martina’s fighters flew overhead, surveying the area.
"My name is Zyra, sir. If I could ask you, to climb on my shoulders and I'll get you to safety," she said, crouching as Ardon and Comox caught up, circling the site.
“Oh sure, I warn you young lady, I’m no dragon rider like your friend up there” he said with a nervous smile.
"That's alright, sir. I won't let you fall. I promise I've got you. Just hang on to my sail there," she instructed before gently leaping into the air, guarded by Ardon and Comox.
Overhead Martina’s squadron overflew the dragons there.
“Martina to control, the president is safe, he is getting a lift from Dr Zyra, I repeat the world president is safe and sound, dragons on the scene for quick extraction” Martina reported.
"Good, provide cover. We'll ready the hangar. Vonriir and Hitteki are en route for addition support." came Veyron's reply over the communication system.
“Understood, will do” Martina said as the fighters flew to provide cover from a distance as the world president go on Zyra’s back and soon they took off towards Torchwood 5 and take the world president to safety.
The dragons kept in close formation as they made their way back to the facility, Martina’s squadron keeping the area clear as the dragons kept in communication with one another.
"Route looks clear," reported Ardon, as he beat his wings, keeping a steady pace as Zyra's side.
Comox guarded her left, Looking around with keen eyes. "You okay Zy?" he asked.
She nodded, "Yes, fine."

Back in the control room Mark watched as Jack and the others made their way back as Veyron was still being bossy and ordering people about, everyone seemed to comply, knowing he was with Mark who was running the facility.
“Sir, control reports Ardon and the others safely on their way back here, eta 25 minutes” came one of the operators to Veyron and Mark.
"Good," nodded Veyron though he did not relax just yet. They still have to get the world president secured safely.
Soon armed guards approached and stood in the entrance ways, as was procedure armed personal were stationed around exits and areas to ensure total coverage of the base to ensure maximum security, the dragons would also be on security watch patrols as well.
Mark was looking up at the screen when his focus was diverted.
“Base is on lock down sir, confirmed by Colin head of security operatives, guards positioned and all passes are on level 4 clearance for restricted areas” one of the operators said to Mark and Veyron.
"Daniel?" Veyron whispered to Mark from his perch upon the mans shoulder.
The man moved his head to listen to what the wraith had to say.
“Right, I deal with it, just focus here and I get him to go, I have a word with Agent Jax as well, to keep an eye” Mark replied to the Wraith.
Veyron nodded and jumped off his shoulder to remain in the command centre to ensure things ran smoothly.
As Mark went to speak to Daniel about heading out to the facility, Martina called in via the ear piece.
“Martina to Control, dragons are on approach to the facility, eta 5 minutes, area clear, going to do a final swoop around” she instructed Veyron.
"Roger that, I want you to make a few more passes over the site then return to base after the President is secure," replied the wraith.
“Understood Control, we have a few wider passes of the base and check local area, so far president is safe on the dragon’s” Martina replied.
“Sir, base defence turrets are now online, shall I deploy turret defences?” the one operator asked the wraith
"Standby only. They're close," instructed Veyron.
“Understood” was the reply as Mark arrived back as Daniel took some men with him to head to the remains of the facility.
“Daniel is on his way, to ensure the mop up team handles it before the emergency services come in, I asked for a list of names of those on duty, I have to send condolences to the families and relatives of those men there, good people” Mark said to the Wraith.
"Yeah," said Veyron a little remotely, "that will be a job. But we also have this explosion to investigate and ensure that the WP doesn't have any further brushes with death."
Mark nodded in agreement.
“I’m already on it, Baxter is investigating and uploading the CCTV footage from the presidents suite before the explosion, I am already looking to get the world president to a new location of maximum security” Mark said as they watched on the screen as the team was approaching.
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Vonriir and Hitteki were hovering over the facility when the rescue team returned, circling protectively. The Cragback was a considerable sight to see hanging in the sky.
“Here we are, sir,” said Zyra as the doors to the dragon hangar opened.
She descended slowly, followed by Ardon and Comox close by. Once they landed Vonriir and Hitteki joined them and the doors sealed shut overhead.
A loud buzzer rang, indicating that the base was secure once more now that the doorway had been locked.
Zyra folded her wings, breathing hard from her rapid flight. Gracefully as she could so not to tip the president off her shoulders, the dragoness knelt so that he could dismount, now in the combined safety of a multitude of dragons.
Ardon leaned so that Jack could jump down, the only other human in the expansive room.
"Mr. president, I hope you’re ok, I know an unconventional way of flying but we needed you to get you to safety", Jack said as Sheridan nodded.
Soon Mark came down and shook the presidents hand and introduced himself.
"Thank Mr De Santa wish we could meet in better circumstances but I must thank your dragon team for getting me here so quickly" the president said looking at the dragons around him.
"Our job, sir," said Ardon, taking off his helmet, "Mark, do we have accommodations for the president while we... um, reassess?"

"Of course, we will accommodate you and security will be tight sir, please this way, Professor Melina would like to check you over," Mark said as Melina smiled.
"Just check up Mr president, just make sure you’re okay," she said as they left.
"Good job, all of you, Ardon with the base on lock down the dragons will be on security patrols," Jack explained.
“Got it, I’ll take first run with Hitteki,” he offered, knowing the boldwings would be tired. He himself wished to have a break but he was still on high alert from the earlier events.
He broke away from Jack so that he could address the dragons.
“Jack wants us on patrols while the president is with us,” Ardon explained. Two above the facility and two patrolling inside to make sure all is well, we can trade off, the fifth getting a break and rest.”
The dragoness nodded, it seemed like a good plan.
“I can patrol inside,” offered Comox, “I have to check in with Baxter anyway.”
Ardon nodded, “Von, you’re inside too for the first shift. With Martina coming back it would be good to have you both on the ground for a bit.”
The gold turned to Hitteki, “Are you alright to make the first few patrols above with me?” he asked the dragoness.
Hitteki nodded, “Of course guardian, Ardon. I can do that no problem,” she said, willing and diligent as always.
“Good, go have a drink first, We’ll be out there for a while,” he turned to Zyra as the other dragons went to go get ready, “Zy, that leaves you with first break.”
“But,” she began to protest, feeling bad that she was the only one not put to a task right away.

“You did good work, Zy,” said Ardon quietly. He could see that she needed a breather.
“I didn’t do much. I have to admit I was worried about being blown out of the sky the whole time,” she said sheepishly. It had been a concern of hers while they had been flying back. Or being taken down while she was grounded, getting the man atop her shoulders. Everything had been so uncertain that it had shaken her. Not knowing if or where an enemy would appear was distressing.
“We had you covered, and Martina’s team too,” Ardon assured her.
Zyra smiled weakly, “That didn’t help earlier. Ardon, the whole place blew up… from the inside,” she said, her expression turning worried again. “We missed something, something horrible,”
Ardon nodded. The explosion hadn’t come from above, they would have seen it, or detected it some how. The patrols wouldn’t have had allowed that mistake. No, from the looks of the devastation they saw on screen, the explosion had come from inside.
“This wasn’t a gas leak or some unfortunate accident, I can feel...” a chill ran down the length of her spine and she shuddered, “I can feel that something is really wrong.”
“We just had a terrible scare, adrenaline is making you jittery, we will figure this out,” Ardon tried to make her feel a bit at ease.
Zyra rubbed her face, “We will have to.”
“Get out of your gear and go relax for a bit. We don’t have anything to worry about until Mark gets our next move sorted,” Ardon told her.
She nodded, “Right,” she said, setting off to hang up her harness and go find Melina.

In the control room Veyron was fighting with himself internally. He had been glad that Mark sent Daniel on some busy work to get him out of the facility but the wraith was wondering if he had done the right thing.
Should I have been the one to tail him? Should we have had him somewhere secure where he couldn’t get away? Was he possibly a greater danger here or lose in the world? His thoughts rumbled through his mind like a storm. This was all too much coincidence. Strange behavior from the two men leading up to this catastrophe was too obvious to ignore but he couldn’t figure out what sinister threat was behind all this.
He paced up and down the desk, directing his gaze to the screens from time to time to ensure nothing else new was happening.
“You okay, Veyron?” asked one of the operators in the control room, seeing the dragon circle and grumble to himself.
Green eyes flashed as the dragon bristled, “We just ****ed up the biggest task we could have been given and only by some small miracle did we manage to keep our ****ing key objective alive.” He snapped.
The man looked surprised but did not bother the wraith further, turning his shocked expression back to his computer.
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Vonriir had gotten out of his gear and now had hurried over to the ship hangar where he waited patiently for Martina.
Martina’s squadron came into land, once the large doors opened Avalon came down to rest on the landing pad marked for her as the ship touched down in an elegant fashion, landing gear came out and the ship landed in a faultless, perfect landing as Martina began powering down the engines, she smiled lightly seeing the massive dragon in front of her.
The big dragon watched as the ship landed with a calculated sort of grace, unlike the bulkier ships he had seen.
He rose to his feet as Martina got out of the ship.
Martina took her helmet off and walked towards her dragon, she smiled looking up at the massive Crag back but she was concerned he had waited for her and needed some rest.
“You did not need to greet me Vonriir, you must be needing a rest after all of this, terrible events from where I was, must have been horrific here” she commented.
"Devastating turn of events," said the dragon quietly, "I am on base patrol for the next couple of hours. I can walk you back to our quarters. Then I can joint you when it is my turn for a break."
Martina nodded as she walked with the large dragon as she noticed increased security visible around the base.
“I seen some awful things in my career and this is up there, I hope we can get to the bottom of this, I hope you and the others were ok” Martina said, keeping pace with the large dragon.
"Yes, we are fine. A little shaken by what happened but we will solve this," he said looking down at her. "I'm glad you weren't close when it happened. "
Martina nodded.
“Was on patrol, kept the area secure but I felt you worry, you should not worry so much big guy, I can watch my back” she assured him.
"I’m new to this guardian thing," he admitted, "still learning, it's hard not to worry. I understand the younger ones fretting now."
Martina smiled.
“Well, have some faith in your little Atillu, she can pack a punch I assure you, I can watch my back Von, you just continue being awesome, we get through it” she said.
"I know, I know," he said with a small smile, "I'll do my best."
Martina smiled again.
“Good, see you taken me to our home, I see you later, I go wash up and changed, don’t worry I lock the chamber doors, you know the pin right?, I don’t want you crashing through the steel doors” she said with a light laugh.
"I remember," he said with a slight chuckle, "I will come find you later."
Martina nodded.
“See you soon big guy, eyes sharp” she said as she entered the chambers and the doors closed, Vonriir heard the seal lock activated and the pin pad illuminated up, Martina was safe.

Melina had given President Sheridan the once over but he seemed well apart from elevated adrenaline and heat beat the man seemed ok.
Mark was there as Jack remained as well, the man still on medical leave but kept close as Melina signed off the world president.
“I am sorry for the loss of your men Commander De Santa and Commander Harkness, the plan was solid, you guys planned everything, attention to detail” the president said.
Melina was quiet as she busied herself with some odd job work as Mark seemed to be quiet and ground his teeth quietly.
“We are investigating, our team are pulling up footage and a team is on the scene to look for clues” Jack said as Mark seemed to be silent for now.
“Well, I am grateful that you had that fair safe or I be not here, your dragons as well, they were impressive” he said, the man’s words genuine.
Mark nodded lightly.
“We are keeping you here until we are sure we have another secure facility, as Jack said a full investigation is under way and we are on lock down” Mark said.
“I wish you well in your investigation Commander, I am truly grateful to see this place finally, after all the work” Sheridan said making Jack smile.
“The dragon academy is our prized asset sir, they shown today how they are helping Earth and its people” Jack said as Mark merely nodded.
Melina interrupted the men talking.
“I advise some rest for the president, it has been a daunting day and some rest will help” the professor said as Sheridan smiled.
“Doc’s orders” he said as Jack nodded.
“I take the president down to the quarters Mark, I let you crack on…sir” Jack said giving the man a respectful nod as they left with an armed escort.
Melina looked to see Mark still there in silence, arms crossed and in deep thought.
“You can’t blame yourself for this, you planned this all to the letter, the president is alive and you got support here” the professor said.
Mark looked up at her.
“Wasn’t ****ing good enough was it” Mark said as he left the labs as Melina sighed shaking her head as she watched the man march back to the command centre.
Zyra paused in her search to find Melina, watching Mark storm off. Confused she turned from where he came, the labs, and walked inside.
She felt something trickle through the link, "Melina?" She asked, concerned, "Mel what happened?"
Melina shook her head and sighed sadly.
“Mark, the man is feeling guilty for the 100 guys we lost, I told him there was nothing he could of done, I know this, the world president does, Jack does, but he feels this operation was his and has that burden on him” Melina explained.
"Oh," said Zyra, understanding, "it would be difficult not feeling guilty. No one could have known though..."
Melina nodded lightly.
"Mark does feel guilty, he might seem a tough guy but he does care and this plan was solid in my view, he also listened to Veyron allot so the wraith must be agitated too" Melina replied.
"Probably," nodded Zyra, "I wish there was something to be said to make Mark feel okay, that kind of weight on your shoulders isn't good for anyone," the dragoness said, her voice low.
Melina nodded in agreement to Zyra’s comments.
"Just keep doing what you are doing Doctor, we get to the bottom of it" Melina said with a small smile.
The dragoness nuzzled her shoulder briefly, "I know."
Melina nodded and then had a thought.
"Are...are you ok going out with Ardon and the others? I can make you more permanent here and work in the labs" the professor asked the bold wing.
"No, they will need my help. With everything going on we need to keep an eye out. I can help in the labs if you have dire need of my assistance though," said the dragoness.
"Ok, I wanted you to anyways just offering you a choice, I think you also have a calming effect over Ardon, he keeps a cool head" Melina replied.
"I don't know about that..." the dragoness said, "well, maybe I should give him some credit. He did well today."
“Yes he did, Jack was proud” Melina said.
"You all did, i must ask though are males slower than females?" Melina asked the doctor.
Zyra tilted her head to the side, "bold wings you mean? No, I think I'm just the faster of the two of us though I think I have the upper hand. I can feel brathille helping me along often."
"Interesting so normally your breed are both speedy, male and female" she asked Zyra.
The dragoness nodded, "yes, we have to be strong fliers to brace the wind that rips though the ibantu islands. Being fast is also necessary."
"I will make a note on your file Doctor Boldwing, all information helps me better understand you guys" Melina smiled making a note on some paper.
"When life isn't so crazy we should take a... working holiday back to Iban'tu. we can work on our Drakine records and medical references," suggested Zyra.
Melina agreed, she had missed the tropical weather and wondered how the bold wing clan was getting on, but then she had a thought about the anger of the overthrown leader.
"That be nice unless that ex leader wants to melt my face off" she joked lightly.
"It would be mine if anything. If my brother is still in charge he wouldn't let him back. It would be nice to see how he's doing."
Melina gave an assertive nod.
"We arrange it, have to take a shuttle across, maybe bring co along too unless you want just me and you" she asked.
"I'll ask the others when all this is dealt with," said Zyra
“Agreed, you best rest up, your turn to patrol will come quick” the professor said as Zyra and Melina left the labs to get something from the canteen.

Once Mark returned the news channels were on one side as news reports of President Sheridan began to circulate and brief reports on a large explosion in the countryside, luckily no news crews were allowed to get closer.
Mark saw Veyron pacing and knew that his mood probably reflected his, this would be ruined as one of the operators approached Mark.
“Commander, priority one message from Amelia Clarke, she’s requesting you answer, urgently, she’s on the line now”.
Mark sighed and rubbed his face with his hand.
“Fine I take it in my office, you coming Veyron to this grill fest I’m, about to endure?” he asked the wraith.
"I'm always down for a good roast," said Veyron. He scrambled up the man's clothing to his shoulder.
Mark seemed amused.
“At my expense. Then again that is right down your street isn’t it” Mark said walking to his office with the wraith on his shoulder.
"As long as its not me," said the wraith but there was no bite in his joke. He knew Mark was dealing with a lot.
“Well, lets see what happens” Mark said entering his office as he sat down, taking a deep breath as he accessed the laptop to open communications, on the other end he was sure would be an angry EA official.
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Zyra had cleaned up and circled in her bed before laying down. She settled with a sigh, putting his head on her paws, finally getting a moment to rest after the chaotic morning they had endured. Their loss nagged at her and she found it difficult to fall asleep. She didn’t know the members that had lost their lives. They were an extension of Torchwood but she hadn’t known their names. That thought bothered the dragoness as she struggled to think of what the families would be going through today and on.
She finally got some fitful rest but was eventually woken by a very apologetic Vonriir. They swapped roles now as the large dragon got a chance to rest and Zyra took up his patrol inside the facility.
“Hey, Zyra,” called Comox as she passed down an empty hallway.
The dragoness stopped and looked down the corridor she passed. Comox was sitting by one of the larger suite doors. Two armed men stood further down.
“Is this were the WP is?” she asked, glancing at the door.
Comox nodded, “Yes, I’ve been told to stand guard here instead of patrol. An extra layer of security,” he explained.
“Oh,” replied the dragoness, “He’s okay?”
“Yes, he came here after Melina did her medical checks. Told to rest, but I think it’s also to keep him in one place so that he’s easier to watch out after.”
“Fair enough,” said Zyra, realizing that she had forgotten to ask Melina earlier about how it went down. She had been too distracted talking about Mark. “I’m on facility patrol now, filling in for Vonriir while he catches a rest. Then it’s your turn to have a break I think.”
“Alright,” he said, “I’m starving so I welcome a break when its my turn.”
“I’ll swing by the canteen and grab you something,” offered Zyra with a small, forced smile, “It’s on my route anyway.”
“Stars bless you, Zy,” said Comox as his stomach growled.
“See you on my next loop round,” replied the dragoness, turning to complete her circuit of the facility. The building had a somber feel to it, she realized as she walked. A subdued feeling after what had happened that morning

Inside Mark’s office there was the sharp click of the AE communication system signing off. The screen went suddenly blank before the Torchwood logo slowly appeared, replacing the angered face that had once been there.
Mark took a deep breath and out his head in his hands, trying to calm down after Amelia had ranted about what had happened. She had ripped a strip off the man, furious as Veyron had ever heard her.
Veyron was rather quiet, sitting on the desk with his tail curled about himself. He looked like he wanted to say something but let the silence linger a little longer. He had wanted to stand up for the man and he had to muster all his strength against popping into the view of the screen and shouting back at her. He had known that it would only dig Mark a deeper hole instead of making any of this disaster any better. As much of a black sheep he was, never wanting to associate or admit to wanted to be integrated with everyone else, the wraith had felt defensive on the man’s behalf. Amelia had come down on him like a storm, the last thing Mark needed in the aftermath of today.
Veyron cleared his throat. He wasn’t one to be any good at comforting someone but the very least he could do was offer to let the man have a breather while he recovered from being viciously reprimanded
"Mark, go take 5. I'll watch the command center for a bit," he said at last, thinking his offer would give the man a much needed break.
"That's the problem I listened to you and got you involved, now you think you run the ****ing place......well you don’t, now the idea we devised is in ruins" Mark snapped abruptly, clearly the man was not happy.
Veyron bristled. He had thought himself rather gracious to offer Mark the chance to collect his thoughts while he oversaw the command center for a few minutes. This was not the reaction he was expecting and it infuriated the wraith, "I am- I was trying to help you," he said through clenched teeth, trying not to fly off the handle.
"You’re not in charge, don’t think you can rise above your station, just because I wrongly made you feel important, you’re just a pain in the ass that got through our security," Mark said assertively as Veyron glowered at him with angry green eyes.
"**** you, Mark," snapped Veyron, "I was trying to help. I warned you and you didn't listen, don't you try to turn this around on me because **** went sideways!"
"A lot of it was your ****ing plan, then you start acting all high and mighty, well you’re just a little ass of a dragon with an attitude, if it was up to me you would have thrown you back into the wild!" Mark snapped banging the table with his fist in anger at the wraith.
Veyron jumped backwards and growled, "Well ****, if that's how it is why do I even bother trying to help you?" he snarled with vehemence, “You didn’t listen to me anyway. Not the important **** at least, I honestly don’t know why I even tried.”
"You tell me. Now you know that the EA will be taking over now, so I've ****ed up big time...they won’t say it was our greatest chance, just our greatest failure with my name attached to it… **** I need a drink," Mark said getting up and opening his liquor cabinet.
Veyron growled, watching the man poor himself a drink. He leapt off the table and stormed out, talons ticking angrily on the hard floor. He set his jaw, clenched angrily and brow furrowed in his fury as he marched toward the command center. He didn’t care if Mark thought he was overstepping now. If he had thought so earlier why didn’t he rein him in? Veyron didn’t get it. He was trying to save them from disaster, he had done everything to ensure that this mission went well and now Mark had exploded at him.
Vexed beyond all reason the wraith wanted nothing more than to drown himself in whisky in the peace and solitude of his own room but he knew he didn’t have time for that. What he needed now was those CCTV recordings. Seeing what went on in those precious moments before the explosion might give them some understanding.
“Veyron?” asked Zyra as she came out of the canteen with a platter of food in her paw. She saw the wraith stomping his way down the corridor, not bothering to use his elevated platform like he always did these days. The indignant rage seemed to envelope Veyron and she could practically feel his fury in an aura about him, “Veyron… wait.”
“**** off,” he snapped.
The dragoness recoiled slightly, taken aback by the ill-tempered little noodle of a dragon. She watched him continue his progression down the hall towards the command center, “Well, have a good day to you too,” she sniffed before turning to deliver the small parcel of lunch she had for Comox.
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Professor Baxter had been tasked to get the footage from the CCTV in the suite before the explosion, the data coming back from the cloud server was good and they were now analysing all the footage they had obtained, the downloading went into a secure quarantine zone just in case while the computers scanned it for viruses or trojans.
Veyron marched his way into the labs and jumped onto the desk, "any further on getting the footage?" He asked curtly.
Professor Baxter looked a bit surprised to see the wraith as Hitteki frowned at the small dragon from a distance but then went back to watching the footage on the screen.
“The footage is being scanned in the quarantine area on the system, once the computer has completed the full virus, trojan and worm scan then we can observe it, Hitteki is checking CCTV from outside the building but so far nothing suspicious noted” Baxter explained.
"How long until you'll get the footage?" asked Veyron, trying and failing at hiding his irritated tone.
Baxter checked his tablet as the system was analysing the footage for anything nasty placed inside, it was a highly detailed programme and would take a bit of time.
“Analysis is at 75% and rising, so I reckon another 3 hours max then once the system thinks its all good it will be released to download onto our systems here, I can notify you and Mark right away once the image has been uploaded and viewed” the man said.
Veyron muttered something under his breath at this, pacing, "Anything else, no word from any other sources over the matter?"
Baxter checked his tablet.
“Strange, we have not had visual CCTV camera downloaded from Helicopter A49 but I think Martina said their systems aren’t as advanced” Baxter said.
"Where is the helicopter now?" asked Veyron, "I can do it myself."
Baxter checked the system.
“Patrolling the outskirts of London, Mark gave it orders to patrol there” Baxter responded.
"Ugh," the dragon cursed to himself. Getting the copter back to base would require him talking to Mark, something which he didn't feel much like doing at this moment, "Alright, thanks."
Baxter nodded.
“I hope Commander De Santa is ok, it wasn’t his fault, or anyone’s, hopefully we have the answers soon” Baxter commented, not knowing about Mark and Veyron’s bust up.
"Answers would be nice," huffed the wraith, thinking whether or not he should even as permission to bring the helicopter back.
Veyron would not have chance to consider it much as a tannoy came out.
“Commander De Santa and Veyron to the command centre, that is Veyron and Commander De Santa to the command Centre”.
Veyron looked up at the sound of the call, "seeya, nerds," he said, jumping off the desk and hurrying out the door.
Mark made his way to the command centre but in a somewhat slower gate after a whiskey or two as he entered as one of the operators approached.
“What is all the racket” Mark asked as the Operators seemed uneasy with Mark after smelling whiskey on his breath.
“Umm, we lost radar contact and communication with Helicopter A49” the one guy said as Mark looked concerned.
“When was it last contacted” he asked.
“10 minutes ago, then we lost radar contact, we been trying to contact them” another guy said as Veyron could be seen coming in.
The wraith slowed his pace to a more casual gait at he approached Mark though didn't look at him, instead focusing his green eyes on the screen.
“We lost contact with Helicopter A49, she’s vanished from radar, she was last seen patrolling, let’s get a satellite image of that area” Mark said.
"Are you ****ing kidding me ?" Asked Veyron half under his breath.
Just before Mark ordered the screens to change an operator received a response.
“Helicopter A49 to Command, apologies for causing any undue alarm we had a mini systems failure, had to land in field but systems are back online and continuing patrol, CCTV footage being transmitted” Came the pilots reply.
"Thank the stars." Muttered Veyron. "We need... should to get that footage secured once it's transferred." He noted, a little louder. Not wanting to make orders rather he tried to suggest it so not to deal with another mark outburst.
Mark rubbed his head lightly.
"Keep me up to date, Veyron.....your in command any issues yell..quietly" Mark said going off.
The operators looked at each other as Mark went off to rest, his head feeling a bit clouded.
"Think he’s alright"? One guy said.
"Maybe we should call Jack" another muttered.
"He just needs a break. Ordering you idiots around all day is exhausting," Veyron said, coming to the mans defence, "now back to work! We have an investigation to get underway."
The operators at their stations soon snapped out of their comments, listening to the angry wraith.
"Yes sir, sorry sir" the one operator said who was nearby as everyone went back to work.
Veyron paced in front of the large screen, surprised at this turn of events. He didn't let it show though, there were other matters that demanded his attention.
A notification came up and one of the operators spoke to the wraith.
"Helicopter A49 has transmitted all its cctv footage across they heading to Ea depot 005 to refuel" came one voice to Veyron.
"Make a secure copy of the footage and send another to Baxter," he instructed.
“Understood sir”.

Meanwhile Jack was in his room reading an internal email Mark had sent him, in it was briefly the conversation that was held with Amelia, it was not pretty reading and Jack found himself cringing at some of what was said.
“Oh dear..” Jack to himself as he finished reading the email. The poor man was not feeling good about himself, the burdens of command, despite being on medical leave, Jack was feeling as down in the dumps as Mark was.
Ardon lumbered into the room with a yawn, pausing to rub his muzzle against his wing.
"Hey Jack. What's up?" He asked.
“Had an email from Mark, he let me know what went on in the meeting with the EA, it wasn’t pretty, poor man, in my view it was a textbook operation” Jack said shaking his head.
"I don't know how we could have done it any differently. We will have to wait until the investigation is complete," sighed Ardon.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Yeah, I offered to do the letters to the families, I said we make sure that the loved ones left behind don’t suffer any financial loss, Mark did a grand job, we are just missing something” Jack said to the gold.
"Yeah it feels like it. There's something wrong, that's for sure," said Ardon.
Jack nodded in agreement.
“How is morale among the dragons?” he asked the gold.
"It's alright. Zyra seems a little down. The loss really affected her, Comox is quiet as usual and Hitteki I can't really tell," said the gold.
“Well, keep an eye on the mood, you are the academy leader, to inspire confidence and lead, you are a fine leader Ardon” Jack said giving the gold praise.
"Thanks, Jack," said the dragon, settling down on the floor, "how are you doing?"
Jack sat a bit more relaxed in his chair, “To be honest Ardon, I am feeling a bit like Mark at the moment, sad and frustrated, wondering what went wrong, least the world president is safe, when hes rested we going to ask him what he saw” Jack said to the gold.
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Comox sat in the canteen, slowly finishing the food that Toby had brought him. Eyes turned to watch the TV, the dragon saw that the news was still replaying scenes of smoke rising up from the remains of the maximum security building. It was a dreadful thing to think about but it was the only thing on everyone’s minds at the moment. It was only some small miracle that the WP has escaped with his life.

"Hello Comox, how is things" the syrian dragoness asked with a smile sitting next to the male.
He looked up from his cup of tea and now empty plate of food, "Oh you know... it's going," replied the boldwing. "You're finally getting a break?" he asked her. Veyron had updated their status so that two dragons would be able to rest at a time. The only one off rotation was really draining, they had found.
Hitteki nodded her head.
"Yes Guardian Comox, been given some time while Vonriir and Zyra patrol, thought I come here and of course bumping into you" Hitteki smiled.
He almost corrected her when she called him guardian. He wasn’t bonded, though he was part of the program. He didn’t much feel like a guardian. He let it slide though, too tired to protest at any rate.
"Ardon just swapped with me guarding the president’s suite," explained Comox as he pushed his empty plate away and rubbed his cheek, "This routine seems pretty intense but I understand why. I don’t think we’ve ever had someone as high ranking as Mr Sheridan in our facility before. I don’t even think Amelia has been here more than once."
"Yes, hopefully he is resting and then can tell us more, guardian Zyra said he could suffer from shock once the adrenaline goes but he seems a man who is grounded and knows what he is doing," Hitteki said.
“Yeah, I’m just surprised that Mark hasn’t interviewed him already, he must have seen what had happened. I guess they needed to follow EA protocol or whatever,” he said with a shrug. The two of them chatted for a while, waiting out the minutes of their break until they swapped with the others. The chance to rest was nice and he felt like it might be short lived once they figured out what happened to cause such an incident.

On the other side of the facility, Veyron had abandoned the control center for a moment, fetching a number of things from the pantry and dragging them through the halls towards Mark’s room.
Despite the man’s effort to keep his codes secret, the little wraith still managed to break into the room. He pushed the door open and backed into the darkened quarters, dragging the items behind him.
"Hey," he shouted over his shoulder, "you alive in here?"
The door clicked behind him and the wraith let go of the things he had brought, peering into the room. He found Mark laying in bed on the other side.
"Urgh, yeah just about....don’t turn the brightness up or a pillow will be coming at you" Mark said lying on his bed.

Veyron reached into the pile of what he had brought and whipped a chocolate bar at the man before pushing a chair against the wall so he could reach the controls for the lights. The threat of a pillow didn’t deter the little creature.

"Urgh, what are you playing at dragon?" Mark said turning to look at the wraith.
"Well, if I recall correctly," said Veyron, turning on the light, "I was referred to as a 'little ass of a dragon' and because I have 'risen above my station'…. I'm thinking that now you've had your pout and a nap, you can take back control from your usurper wraith pal," he said in a surprisingly joking tone without any hint of resentment as he hopped off the chair and back down to the floor, "So eat this, get that whiskey off your breath. We have **** to do."

Mark looked at the bar and seemed amused, "Favourite of mine" Mark said sitting up right. The wraith had known but made no mention of it. He did not want to be accused of favouritism
"Veyron, look about what I said......" he began to say
"Yeah, yeah, whatever," said Veyron dismissively as he opened a packet of monster much while he sat on the man’s bedside table. The dragon always reveled in being right, or getting an individual to admit so or After popping a few into his mouth he grimaced. "You really like eating this crap?" He asked, holding the bag in front of him to read what flavor he had scooped up. “Yuck.”
"Hey, its good crap from the UK, cant get this flavour in the states..... and I'm sorry, for a dragon… you’re not half bad" Mark said munching on the crisps.
"An honour, coming from you" said the wraith, calmly, though he smirked inwardly to himself, "Anyway, eat. We have tasks piling up. We still have to interview that old dude taking up our fancy suite at the end of the hall. Baxter and his geek squad should have the footage shortly as well.”

"Righto, I get an Irn Bru from the canteen, there English and Scottish, I’m embracing British culture," Mark said with a laugh.
“Points for you, commander,” said Veyron, “We’ll roll out the integration reward ceremony once this bull**** is over.”
He dusted off his paws and jumped off the table, “Meet you back in the command center , can’t leave those guys alone for too long,” he said, trotting out of the room without a further word, leaving Mark to get himself together to go back to work.
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Mark got himself more presentable and was about to walk out of his office when his computer beeped as an internal message was incoming, Mark went over and pressed a button to authorise access, seeing professor Baxter’s ID.
“Mark here” he answered.
“Sir, the footage has now been downloaded, you better get down here along with the others, you want to see this” Baxter said as Mark frowned.
“On my way” Mark said as the man picked up the pace leaving his room, the Irn Bru would have to wait for now.
He soon caught up with the Wraith approaching the control room, he was making a brisk pace on all fours as he called out.
“Veyron, Baxter called in, he wants to see us immediately, the CCTV images cleared quarantine and he has found something” Mark said catching up to the wraith.
Veyron paused and jumped onto the man’s shoulder as he caught up, "I wonder what it is," he said darkly.
“No idea, we best go there, Baxter calling all senior staff, the dragons are to stay on patrol for now” Mark said as he walked towards the IT labs.
"Last rotation was Comox and Hitteki on break. Vonriir, Ardon and Zyra are on patrol now," he informed him.
“Good, we call them all in when we know ourselves what has gone on” Mark said as they approached the IT labs and entered, using the passes as the base was now on lock down, Baxter looked up from his large screen in the labs and gestured for them to come forward.
“Thanks for coming guys, I’m waiting for Jack, Melina and Martina to come here and then I show you the film viewed…” the man seemed to be serious and a little shaken from what he seen.
Veyron wanted to protest and just see it now, the others could view it again when they came but he kept silent for now, his own concerns at seeing Baxter’s reaction were beginning to grow.
Jack followed by Melina and Martina had arrived as Baxter gestured to shut the door, once Martina had Baxter asked them to watch the CCTV footage in the presidents suite just before the explosion that destroyed the facility.
“It is a little shocking, brace yourselves” Baxter said as he played the CCTV footage, the reactions from Jack was concern and shock while Melina put her hand on her mouth, Martina seemed surprised as they saw Martin with smoke coming off him, then seeing the president escape and then an explosion which cut the transmission.
Veyron clenched his paws on marks shoulder. He had known. His suspicion of the man was right. Still, that affirmation did nothing to stop the sick feeling in his stomach at watching the scene on the monitor.
“What the hell did I just see” Mark said, feeling Veyron’s paws clench on his shoulder.
“I like to know, was Martin was the cause of the explosion?” Jack asked.
“He was one of our team, how could he of done that and how, there is nothing medical to cause that” Melina said.
Baxter shook his head.
“Daniel reported in with his team, they discovered a larger bomb planted in the building, he bringing back the remains so we can analyse it” the man said.
“Must have been a powerful bomb to cause that much damage, I thought the building was swept” Jack said to Mark.
“I was assured it was by Daniel, Martin and by the FBI, my guy Agent Johnson” Mark replied.
"I knew something was up with him," bristled Veyron, "him and Daniel have been acting ****ing weird since we got back from Japan.
With no further hesitation as keeping his suspicions secret, Veyron spoke further, "Martin was obviously behind this but I don't trust Daniel as far as I could throw him. He and Martin have been stuck like glue before this..."
The others seemed surprised by this reaction from the wraith, obviously the dragon had suspicions.
“But Daniel has recovered the device and bringing samples to us, he been doing his job well” Baxter said.
“His medical was also fine Veyron” Melina said.
“I had an agent spy on Daniel when doing security checks and did check his work and there was nothing, perhaps Martin was a lone wolf here…why is the tip of the ice berg” Mark said.
Veyron huffed, "fine, you guys can get blown up into oblivion too," he growled, "I say don't let him back into the facility. Keep him somewhere else for now until we figure this out."
“Veyron your being a little paranoid” Jack said but Mark shook his head.
“Let’s do this properly, when Daniel arrives, we interrogate him and interview and check everything” Mark said as Baxter nodded.
“I check all his files and work if you want for any security breaches” Baxter offered.
"Good, something, anything other than just letting him walk in here unchecked," said Veyron.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Ok, have it your way Mark, your in command still, but yes I think we have to interview President Sheridan” Jack said as Mark nodded.
“Yeah, when he is ready we speak to him and get information, in the mean time check all of Daniels work” Mark said as he left with Veyron on his shoulder.
“I check medical records again for Martin, see if there was anything” Melina said as Jack nodded lightly, “Baxter can you compile everything, we need to brief the dragons” Jack said as the professor nodded.
Mark walked towards the command centre as the wraith seemed happy with the man’s plans to interrogate Daniel and to get an investigation going.
"Good work," sniffed the wraith with a flick of his tail, "now we are getting somewhere."
“We will see, can you check the records of Martin, look for anything odd we could identify” Mark asked the Wraith.
"Yes," he said then remembered something, "I ... already tried a few days ago. Daniel caught me rooting through his desk. I don't think he wanted to tell you but he threatened to..."
Mark looked at the wraith surprised.
“Did you find anything” Mark asked with curiosity.
"I didn't get a chance to. But with your permission all do a more thorough look," he replied.
Mark nodded.
"Granted, search the place, while I conduct the interview" the man said.
"Consider it done," said the wraith, hopping down off of the man’s shoulder to hurry to the offices.
Mark watched the wraith shoot off as the dragon seemed determined to get to the bottom of this, soon his focus was off as command contacted him.
“Sir, Daniel is returning with the items from the crash along with his team” the operator said to Mark.
“Ok, have Daniel escorted to an interview room and bring Jack as well, I need his support” Mark said.
“Will do, I let him know” said the operator as Mark went to check up on other things before he head to the interrogation room where Jack would meet him.

Ardon and Zyra were patrolling above when they felt something ripple through the link. They immediately looked at each other, then knew something was up.
"You feel that?" Ardon called and Zyra nodded.
"I'll go see what's going on," said the gold.
"Hitteki, i need you back a bit earlier. Come take my shift up here if you don't mind while I'll check something out please," he said over the earpiece.
“Understood Ardon, I’m on my way” Hitteki said as the dragons would be free to go speak to their Atillu’s the feeling of surprise and concern echoed in the links.
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Zyra remained above, patrolling with Hitteki after Ardon promised he would return with news.
Ardon landed in the dragon hanger and quickly made his way through the facility, letting the pull of Brathille guide him. He passed the offices and found Veyron using Mark’s pass to get into Daniel’s office. He paused and cocked an eyebrow at him.
“****’s gone down, I’m on official business,” explained Veyron, hurriedly.
“What ha-“ Ardon started.
The door clicked open, “Go ask someone else, I’m busy,” said the wraith, disappearing into the room.
Ardon shook his head but carried on, a little more hurried now that Veyron had said that that something had gone down.

“Jack, what’s going on, Zyra and I could feel something amiss,” he said looking across the room to see that Melina was fine too. So it wasn’t an issue of imminent danger.

"We had a development, CCTV footage inside the presidents quarters at the maximum security facility, we will hold a briefing in the dragon academy with the world president soon,” Jack said.
"But," said Ardon, not wanting to wait, why wouldn’t he tell him now? "That's going to take a while isn't it?"
“Mark needs to double check a few things first, then he will brief you and the roles you be expected to play" Jack replied.
Ardon frowned, not wanting to protest or fight Jack on this but feeling left out of the news, "I’m going back out on patrol then."
"I want you to stay on base to keep the place safe, no one leaves," Jack replied.
Ardon didn’t know what to make of this. No one leaves? They already knew that. Or did he mean no one leave the base itself?
"I just had Hitteki take my patrol route outside. We have been flying over the grounds of the base, with the others inside.." said Ardon

"Ok, continue that then until the meeting is called, im needed with Mark so talk soon." Jack said as Melina watched him go.
Ardon let out a breath and looked at Melina, "I'll tell Zy about the meeting. She's off shift in an hour anyway. I'm sure she'll come see you then." he said.
"Alright, Mark wants to be sure before briefing you guys so we know where we are" Melina replied.
He had been hoping that Melina would shed more light on Jack’s very vague response. He didn’t understand was going on but he could feel the palpable uneasiness that lingered in the room.
With nothing else he could think to say, the gold nodded and turned to leave.
“Zy?” he asked through his communicator .
“Yes? Ardon what is it?” came her urgent reply.
“I can’t tell. Everyone is fine in here but something is up.”
“They didn’t tell you?” she asked.
“No, everyone is being rather odd. I couldn’t get an answer from Jack or Melina. We just have to hang tight and wait until Mark calls us for a meeting. I think they found something on the footage from the facility but wouldn’t tell me what.”
He heard Zyra give a contemplative hum, “I guess we’ll have to wait.”
“Yeah,” said Ardon dryly, not pleased that he didn’t understand why he hadn’t been told anything. “Hitteki still with you?”
“Yeah she’s over the south end of the facility.”
“Okay, flag her to come back inside. I’ll be out there in a minute.” He said.
“Alright, see you in a bit,” replied Zyra.

Ardon crossed paths with the Syrian dragon as they passed in the hall by the offices.
“Thank you for covering for me, Hitteki, I appreciate it,” he thanked her.
“No problem, always happy to help. Is everything okay, sir?” Hitteki asked the gold.
He shrugged, “I don’t know yet. we’ll find out soon I think. We’re being called in for a meeting eventually, I’m told.

"Well, I am sure Jack and Mark know what is best, I heard they are interviewing the president and Daniel, I saw him escorted by his own security" Hitteki said.
“What? Really?” asked Ardon, “Just now?”
Hitteki nodded, "Yes guardian Ardon, I just saw it, maybe they found something"
“Yeah I think they have. Keep your earpiece in. They’ll call for us when they’re ready. Anyway I have to get to my post. I’ll catch up later.”
With that Ardon turned and hurried back towards the dragon hanger, thoughts of what they might have found swirling in his mind.

In Daniel and Martin’s offices, Veyron had gone through everything he could think of to look. Drawers, files, personal belongings. He dug through the shelves and opened books, feeling behind furniture for anything that might be hidden.
The only discovery he had made was a very old banana in Martin’s office that made the wraith recoil in disgust.
He wiped his paw on his scales and resumed rummaging through the offices. The computers looked clean and there were no call records on the devices he was able to find.
“****” snapped the dragon, kicking over a container of pens, “Nothing, nothing! Are you kidding me. ****ing blow up a max security facility and I can’t find a damn shred of wire insulation or forgotten text?” he cursed to himself.
Now I AM going to look paranoid, he thought with a growl.
He didn’t want to have to report back that he found nothing but knew that it had to be done.
He jumped off the desk and hurried out, in search of where Mark had gone to now.
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Once Daniels team had arrived back from the base, the debris and wreckage of the device was taken from him and he was led to an interview room where Mark would interview him.
The man seemed surprised but kept his cool, walking with the security guards in tow, a few people glanced to see this happening.
One of the senior staff escorted to an interview room, it was quite unnerving seeing the head of security operations being escorted by security officers.
Jack was on his way as well as he saw Daniel being escorted to the interview room, Jack gestured with his head as the guards escorted him into the room, Jack waited for Mark who he could see walking towards them, signing tablets to authorise rolls, something Jack was a little glad he didn’t have to do as he was supposed to be on medical leave.
"Mark," called Veyron, coming around the corner, "You have a second?"
Mark stopped giving Jack a nod as he entered the room, Mark looked at the wraith and spoke, hoping he had found something from his investigation.
“What have you found?” he asked the wraith, knowing the dragon would of left no stone unturned.
Veyron pulled back his ruff looking rather grumpy, "nothing. It's clean. Too clean if you ask me."
Mark tried not to roll his eyes or lose his temper but it did show the man was disappointed.
“So he is in there on a hunch with no evidence, least we can do is interview him, Jack is in there with him, you coming” Mark asked the wraith.
"Yeah," replied Veyron, jumping up to his shoulder, "more than a hunch. I can't prove it but they have been acting strange. I saw them... doing this weird march together. Blank faces. That was almost a month ago."
Mark seemed interested but he took Veyron inside the interview room, Jack was sat down on one seat, across from his was Daniel with two armed guards on either side, the man did not seemed panicked or concerned at being held here.
Almost too calm…
Mark sat down and spoke.
“Sorry for the delay, I had some things to sort out” Mark said as Daniel seemed to nod lightly.
“Is there some sort of problem? I go out on your orders, recover a device and evidence of another bomb in the building and I’m put under guard when I arrive in” Daniel said as Jack remained quiet.
Veyron sat hunched on Marks shoulder, his tail twitching as he kept his mouth shut, not wanting to overstep again.
“There been a severe breach of security, CCTV footage recovered from the president’s suite before the explosion shows Martin Edwards, your second in command spontaneously combust before us, it concerns me that one of our officers could of turned on us, I want to know if you noticed anything odd, or peculiar in his behaviour” Mark asked assertively.
Daniel seemed surprised by this news as he rubbed the stubble on his face, he looked like he was thinking of something.
“Is this true?, surely not” he asked.
“I’m afraid it is, considering Mark had a class 1 telling off from the EA about this we must investigate all avenues, you were with him for a good portion of your time, we need to know if you noticed anything” Jack said.
The man shook his head.
“No sir, I did not, we worked together and his reports were always in order, if he did turn out to betray us I am in shock as you are Commander’s” Daniel replied back.
Veyron's crimson ruff twitched in annoyance, he didn't believe the man. Frowning he glowered at him, "How could you not know if we worked so closely?" He grumbled.
Daniel looked at the wraith with a cool, calm look upon his face, he did not bat an eyelid.
“As I said, the man displayed no unusual signs nor seemed to act out of character around me, he is always a little quiet, diligent worker, I had no idea he would do such an act….otherwise I would of put an end to it” Daniel replied.
Veyron turned his head and gave mark a 'so what now?' Kind of look.
Mark seemed to want to prod further.
“You cant seriously tell me Daniel Logan, that you had no idea with Martin, it puts my trust in your abilities shaken, I find this all very bizarre and it nearly costed the world president his life” Mark replied.
“Was there anything at all Daniel?” Jack added.
“No sir, there was nothing, I checked his work, I inspected the operation myself, you checked and signed off my work as well, I am sorry that Martin did this but I assure you, I did my duty and I discovered the wreckage of a device we got leads on” Daniel replied.
The wraith snorted, "a failure of this magnitude is ridiculous." He said coolly, "I think someone else should step in for Daniel going forward until we figure this mess out."
Daniel looked at the wraith calmly.
“I do not think that is necessary, I am focussed and dedicated, I will ensure the world president is safe under our care, Martin surprised and let us all down” the man said.
Veyron flicked his tail in annoyance, "your right hand man ****ing blew up one of the most secure buildings in the world and did it right under your nose and you want to resume duty as if it were nothing? This wasn't some minor paperwork **** up or a fender bender on the freeway," He snapped, waiting for Mark to back him up.
“You forget Veyron, you burst into my office unauthorised and went snooping through private files, you could of given Martin the opportunity to exploit any weaknesses, the drawers were locked, you gained access through unique circumstances” Daniel said.
“Veyron is not the one being investigated Daniel” Jack said.
“Then perhaps you should, if there is no evidence then you cannot discriminate based on a hunch, I have important work to do, I thought we were a team but I can observe paranoia seeping in, especially you commander De Santa, listening to the dragon on your shoulder” Daniel added.
"I'm on the payroll too, pal," said Veyron, "my help has been beneficial in the past so don't go insulting your superior for taking a little advice here and there."
This was getting nowhere and Mark could not hold him without evidence, even if Veyron had a hunch.
“Ok Daniel, we needed to be sure and investigate what has gone on” Mark said.
“We need you to resume your duties then Daniel, investigate Martin’s activity and report back, plus we appreciate your find” Jack said as Daniel stood up, looking at Mark.
“Be careful who you listen to..Commander De Santa, the plan was done without my consult, you consulted the very dragon who broke in here 2 years ago, just remember about appearances sir” he said, hinting that Mark would be more in trouble if it came to legal procedures.
“Noted, dismissed Mr Logan” Mark said as Daniel left the interview room.
Veyron jumped down to the table, "can't you at least keep him under.... I dunno, some sort of watch until we get to the bottom of this? There must be some sort of loophole..."
Jack seemed to give a grim look.
“Technically he could complain about this meeting and the way it was handled” Jack said as Mark sighed lightly.
“We cant really do anything can we?” Mark asked Jack for advice.
“Without evidence no, plus we already in the firing line for a failed plan you and Veyron devised in secret” Jack pointed out.
"It wasn't secret," protested the wraith, indignant.
“Regardless, he brought back useful evidence for us to look at, your agent reported nothing, your inspection of his work shows nothing, you literally have nothing” Jack said.
Veyron didn't appreciate this conversation very much and his posture indicated such feelings, "Well," he huffed at last, "what the hell are we going to do now?"
Mark shook his head.
“We see what we can dig up, if anything is found we can use it to move Daniel to another assignment, until then he is head of security” Jack said as Mark did not like the answer.
"I skim a few cards and almost get killed by a rabid dragoness and I get probation and threatened to get kicked off the planet AND a strip ripped off of me yet Daniel let's his partner nearly blow up the WP and gets to walk free. Yup. Seems fair," Veyron said sarcastically.
“Veyron..” Jack warned.
“Fine, we reassign him and ensure he is nowhere near the world president, I wont let him go to the EA until I’m certain he is all clear” Mark said.
"THATS a bit better," huffed the wraith, folding his arms across his chest, "playing it safe is the least we could do."
Mark nodded lightly.
“Keep it short and sweet gentlemen, do not give him a chance to get leverage, overall it’s a sad state of affairs” Jack said getting up from his seat and left the interview room.
Mark sighed and rubbed his hands on his face, it was not going according to plan.
"Thanks for the support, Harkness," said Veyron dryly when the man had left the room, "Well this has been a fun ride so far,"
Mark looked at the wraith and frowned.
“Your attitude doesn’t help here Veyron, you searched those rooms and nothing, I really hope paranoia is not kicking in because it looks like it, with no evidence this is all pie in the sky” Mark replied to the wraith.
"My 'paranoia' has saved my life and yours a few times, thank you very much," Veyron said with a twitch of his tail.
“Alright, we try it again then” Mark said getting up gesturing to Veyron to his shoulder.
The wraith climbed aboard, "alright Commander, what's the plan?"
“Get the reports and brief the other dragons, in the meantime, keep an eye on Daniel for the next few days, if there is nothing then I have to move him back” Mark warned as they walked down the corridor.
Veyron rubbed his paws together, "oh I do enjoy a good game of spy," he said, "I'll round up the dragons for the briefing. Want me to lead it or are you going to grace them with your presence?"
Mark seemed to smile.
“I am in charge of this facility until I’m kicked off it, so I lead it, can do some recon on the EA max security facility, make sure their place has no holes” Mark said to the wraith.
"I think it's just one giant hole now," Veyron responded.
“Hrmph, just see if there aren’t one before I get put in one” Mark said as they carried on walking along the corridor.
"Yeah no holes or the potential to be a giant crater," Veyron said dryly
Mark smirked lightly.
"We need to work on your tactile conversation skills" Mark joked to the wraith.
"What? You don't like my style or wit and humour?" Asked the dragon, raising a bow in mock surprise.
Mark laughed lightly, shaking his head.
"True, must be why i tolerate you" Mark replied dryly in response.
Veyron laughed, "maybe."

Vonriir returned from his patrol and stepped into the large room, shutting the door behind him, "Miss Martina?" he called into the room.
Martina appeared in her casual clothes and gave Vonriir a smile.
“Hello big guy, you on a break or rest period from security watch?” she asked sitting on a stone in Vonriir’s part of the quarters.
"Break," nodded the large dragon, laying down. "How was your patrol?" he asked.
“Was ok, just wished we could of done more, but with all that has gone on keeping discipline and formation in the sky helps” Martina said.
The crag back nodded, "Keeping busy always helps," he agreed, "The sitting and waiting bit of things kinds of things are always the worrisome parts."
“I understand, you seem to be a big team of action, even you Vonriir” Martina said to the dragon with a smile.
"It's a fast paced environment here, that is for sure," replied Vonriir.
Martina nodded in agreement.
“Well big guy, get some rest, you deserve it my dragon” she said with a smile as she approached the bronze dragon.
Vonriir smiled, "You should be getting a bit of a rest too. I don't know when we'll be called out again."
Martina smiled putting her hand on the giant dragon’s scales.
“I will I assure you, just want to make sure you rest, been a long day for you” Martina responded.
"I'll be fine. Look at me go, currently resting," he said with a small chuckle.
Martina smiled as she gave the Crag back a kiss on the nose as she looked up at her dragon with a kind smile, it seemed she was embracing Brathille and they were doing well together.
The large dragon let out a thrum and smiled, "I am rather liking this guardian thing."
Martina laughed lightly.
“I think you been after someone to give you attention and scratches it seems but I do appreciate having bonded to you, plus with my job got to give you attention when we do get together” Martina joked lightly.
Vonriir smiled, "I can deal with that."
Martina smiled smoothing the bronze scales upon his muzzle, his scales had gotten smoother and seemed to have a sheen about them, perhaps the good lifestyle and exercise was helping the dragons scales improve.
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Vonriir closed his eyes and just relaxed, listening to the gentle sounds of Martina puttering around their shared quarters. With all the worry going around in his head about the incident involving the world president, it was nice to have a moment of relaxation where he could put that to the side for the time being. There was something contenting about listening to the idle sounds of menial work, the daily tasks of life being conducted around him.
He let out a relaxed sigh and was about to fall asleep when a thought jerked him back awake. His hazel eyes opened and he could see Martina putting away some of her things in the closet on the other side of the room.
"Oh, Miss Martina," said Vonriir suddenly, looking a little sad as he lifted his head from his paws.
Martina looked up and seemed a little concerned, "What is it Vonriir, you ok?" she asked kindly.
"Something I said a few weeks back. I feel like I've unintentionally misled you..."
"Oh?,what do you mean Vonriir, I don’t quite get you" she asked.
He shifted uncomfortably, unsure. He wasn’t one to fret like this at all. Vonriir was normally a calm and collected dragon but his new role seemed to have put him in a temporary state of concern, "You asked how long dragons lived, my breed makeup, if you recall. You seemed rather... excited about the possibility of 800 years," he seemed a bit concerned, "But I am 338,"
Martina gave the dragon a look, "What about it Vonriir? How is there an issue big guy?" she asked, still not understanding.
"Well, You seemed excited about the possibility of living 800 years, But I've already taken up 338 of those so I only have ...” he paused to count, tapping his talons together, “462ish to offer you, if what Brathille's legends say is true. I feel like I lied and can now only offer you half the extended life I had talked about."
Martina smiled and put her hands on his massive muzzle.
"Oh Vonriir, you silly thing, that is still a long time, do not worry yourself, I do not care, it’s what we do together from now that counts, so stop worrying, you’re a mighty dragon… remember?" she smiled.
He seemed relieved that she wasn’t mad or saddened by this fact, “Oh. I’m glad you think so. I had been fretting thinking I had dishonoured the bond by lying… but not really lying… Oh, perhaps I was just overthinking it all.”
Martina gave Vonriir's nose another kiss and then looked up at him with a kind smile.
"You worry too much big guy, do not worry about me at all, I love you Von so don’t go worrying about little things" Martina said.
He thrummed deeply and thumped his tail – softly- on the floor, “I love you too, Miss Martina,” he said joyfully.
Ardon was laying down on his bed, scales freshly washed after a very long day. He finally got a good chance to rest his wings from all the patrolling he had done. He still was waiting for the call for the meeting, however and thought it was taking an awfully long time, especially with word from Hitteki that she had seen Daniel being escorted through the halls under armed guards.
“Hey Ardon, you on a break from patrols?" Jack asked seeing the dragon on his bed, deep in thought.
The dragon looked up as the man walked in, “Veyron just called us all back for a break. He says Mark has gotten the other security to take our place for a bit. Comox is still posted outside the president’s suite though, just an extra bit of protection there but it was my turn for a break,” he explained before jumping into his own questions, “Hitteki said you were hauling Daniel off to one of the offices to interview him. What’s going on? Mark still hasn’t called us for a briefing and we have no idea what you guys found out when Baxter called for you regarding the CCTV footage.”
Jack sighed and sat down on the chair, "We doing checks and making sure everything adds up, I been doing some work for Mark, he wants to be sure before he briefs you all and what our next plan will be" Jack tried to explain.
"That’s exactly what you said last time I asked," huffed Ardon, putting his head back down on his paws. He was getting nowhere with this. The young dragon fully believed that they shouldn’t have to sit and wait for details when things were going sideways in their own building.
"Ardon, we are in the midst of investigating, we need to have our facts right… but if you must know a snippet to stop you sulking on the bed, we discovered a bomb planted in the building the world president was in," he explained.
Ardon sat up, not liking being scolded by Jack. He knew he was being a pain but he couldn’t help it. Being part of the team made him feel like he ought to know what was going on too.
“I thought so, with how big the explosion was. It couldn’t have been anything else,” replied the gold in a low tone. He wanted to question why Daniel was being led away earlier but thought it best not to push it.
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The next days were not eventful for the dragons but for Mark, Veyron, Baxter and Jack, the senior team was busy getting all the details from their investigations behind the scenes and on the bomb wreckage.
Following Veyron’s advice Daniel was given other roles away from the investigation, at first the man complied but now he was getting suspicious, with no further evidence appearing on Daniel being in cahoots with Martin, Mark allowed Daniel back into the loop, much to the small dragons chagrin.
The dragons were up early, having breakfast, the base was still in lock down and so security was very tight, the dinner staff going through vigorous security checks to get in meaning Toby and his staff were behind.
"Toast?" Offered Zyra as she approached the table with a platter.
"Thanks," said Comox, reaching for some.
"Any word?" Asked the bold wing dragoness.
"None yet," replied Ardon.
Hitteki wandered in, smelling the toast that Zyra had brought out, she quite liked toast, especially with the butter used on it.
"Morning, Hitteki," said Zyra as the others called their greetings to the bright dragoness.
Hitteki greeted them and grabbed a slice of toast for herself.
“I assume no news if we are all in here munching on toast” Hitteki asked the other dragons.
Comox shook his head, "No, afraid not."
"Still waiting," added Ardon.
“Is the president ok?, I saw Toby wheel in his food and they tested it all before he had it, pretty serious security” the emerald dragoness said.
"I was just on watch before Vonriir’s turn. He's fine, I think they're conducting his interview," said Zyra.
“Ahh ok” Hitteki said as soon a voice on the tannoy went out.
“Attention, could all dragons and senior staff please report to the dragon academy immediately, that is all dragons and Senior staff to the dragon Academy Immediately” the announcement came out.
"Finally," said Ardon, getting to his feet quickly.
Zyra and Comox followed his lead.
"Come on, Hitteki," said Comox.
“Coming now Guardian Comox” Hitteki said grabbing another slice of toast before she jogged off towards the dragon academy.
The dragons soon arrived at the dragon academy, where the big screen was so Mark could give his briefing to them, the dragons arrived to find Professor Baxter, Melina, Martina and Vonriir already there, awaiting Mark and the others.
"Hi Vonriir," said Comox as they approached, "Hello Miss Williams."
"Hello younglings," greeted the large dragon.
Martina had to smile as Vonriir called the dragon’s youngsters, she was a little puzzled by his wording since they were in theory young adults in dragon terms, she looked up and spoke to the massive bronze.
"Vonriir, why do you call them younglings?" Martina queried.
"Why...because," said the large dragon after a minute, "That's exactly what they are of course, especially to a dragon of 338 summers," he chuckled.
“They could call you old dragon in retaliation, but I think they see you as a fatherly figure, steer them in the right direction” Martina said.
"Oh, I think lord Forge is more a paternal figure, or hmm, I guess he's more a kingly sort, perhaps I'm more of an uncle type," he said in a whisper, or what could be considered a whisper for a creature his size.
Martina chuckled lightly.
“I still cant believe I am bonded to the largest dragon on earth, I feel a great honour in that” Martina replied looking up at the bronze.
Vonriir tossed his head proudly, "Well, miss, I'm glad you think so."
It wasn’t long before Mark accompanied by Jack and Daniel, who were then joined by the president himself, flanked by two armed guards as they entered the dragon academy.
The dragons seemed to stand to attention as Mark approached the front, the man looked tired after two days of intense investigation work.
Mark cleared his throat as he begun to speak.
“Hello team, sorry for the delay, we been in intense investigations about what happened and what was recovered from the wreckage, as we can see the latest attempt on the president’s life has failed, the EA now plan, due to what happened plan to take full control of President Sheridan’s safety and move him to a new place of maximum security” Mark said as it seemed the EA no longer trusted them.
The dragons seemed surprised but didn't want to protest after the catastrophic failure from earlier.
"But didn't they ask us because they didn't believe their own security was sufficient?" Tried Ardon carefully.
Mark nodded in response to Ardon’s question.
“The EA has informed me that they will resume the operation of protecting the president, utilising the EA’s Night Watch, under the command of Colonel Yates, they will take over the safety of the President, but thanks to President Sheridan and some kind words, we will be responsible for taking him to the facility” Mark explained.
"When will this be happening?" Inquired Comox.
“In the next few days” Jack replied as Hitteki shook her head.
“I felt we all did our duty well, we did everything and ensured high levels of protection, just seems unfair to me” Hitteki said, protesting a little.
"We did play our portion of the role to the highest level," agreed Ardon.
“I know you all did, for that I an extremely grateful, I will always vouch for you guys” Sheridan said as Mark nodded lightly, bringing the conversation back to topic.
“It is unfortunate, but I have President Sheridan for his kind words to Amelia Clarke and Yates for supporting our role in escorting the president to his new secure location, but before we do that, we have the Images from right before the building exploded, I must warn you it will surprise you, just be prepared” Mark said gesturing to Professor Baxter to play the footage.
The CCTV recordings filmed the president with Martin, as smoke began to rise off the man, the smoke growing in intensity, the world president pressing an emergency button under his desk which activated the emergency escape tunnel and pod.
The footage showed how lucky the president had been, if he had delayed any further then he would have been dead as Martina exploded and the CCTV TV image lost.
The senior staff were silent as the dragons viewed the footage showing Martin, one of their own nearly succeed in assassinating the world president.
The dragons were aghast as they saw what happened on screen.
Zyra raised her paws to her mouth, horrified.
"Martin?" Demanded Ardon.
Mark nodded, “I am afraid so, this id why the delay, we needed to be sure and conduct an internal investigation” Mark said as the room, went quiet.
"What did you find?" Asked Comox before Ardon to inquire.
“What does this all mean” Hitteki asked to Mark as well.
“Well, the first thing we have discovered is that the president here, only just escaped with his life” Mark paused as the dragons seemed concerned as he continued.
“The second thing it tells us, is that Captain Edwards had a bomb on his person, perhaps a trigger to detonate another larger bomb planted in the building” Mark said.
“My analysis of the bomb indicates it is a device typically used by EA and Torchwood forces, which would coincide with Martin being the man who tried to kill president Sheridan” Baxter said.
Everyone seemed shocked about what had been uncovered, Daniel seemed to be quiet but considering the man had been under investigation as well, he had kept quiet.

"How... how could that happen?" Asked Zyra, shocked. "He would have had to set up somewhere. That had to be here right? How could that have been missed?"
“I have had Veyron doing work and looking but nothing has come up” Mark replied back.
President Sheridan spoke after shaking his head, amazed at such an audacious plot on his life.
“The whole thing is hard to believe Commander De Santa, are you telling my that Captain Edwards was in on this plot and he deceived you all?” the president asked.
“I can assure you that Martin Edwards was one of my finest men, that is something I can be sure about as of late, ever since the plane incident and our return from Japan, there has been some off occurrences, Agent Johnson, my friend and contact in the FBI, again a trusted man, has disappeared on his return from New York and hasn’t been seen this” Mark explained.
"What? Do you think this could be related?" Asked Vonriir.
"I do not know but i do know is that the president will be leaving here in a day or two" Mark said.
The dragons murmured between themselves for a moment, contemplating the things that they had just been told.
"Well, you have our support whatever happens next," said Ardon after a moment.
Mark nodded.
“I appreciate it but wont be needed, you all served the Torchwood organization well and deserve some rest, the operation of transporting the president will fall upon our head of security Daniel Logan, who will take the president to the new location, Martina and her squadron will escort them there as well” Mark said.
Ardon caught Veyron’s look of disgust at this statement and wondered why that could be.
"Bad idea," Veyron hissed to himself.
Mark then looked at Martina and spoke.
“Martina, you are to escort the main shuttle to the maximum-security facility south of here, Daniel will pilot the shuttle, I cant stress enough that this is of vital importance” Mark said.
Daniel nodded lightly.
“Of course Commander, I take good care of the World president, we wont let you down” Daniel said as Mark nodded.
“Ok, meeting closed, the president will be leaving us in 24 hours’ time, I want Zyra and Comox to escort as well until you hit base limits and return back” Mark instructed the bold wings.
"Got it, commander," said Zyra and Comox nodded as well, understanding.
Mark seemed to have said all he needed to.
“Meeting closed then, everyone can be dismissed, thank you” Mark said as the screen returned to normal as the meeting was now concluded.
Ardon circled round Jack to walk back with him, "this seems to have crumbled now that the ea have taken back the reins,"
Jack nodded lightly.
“Yes it seems that way but Mark has taken full responsibility, I know President Sheridan has said a few things to calm tensions but yeah, the man is a little gutted” Jack said as he looked up at Ardon.
"I can imagine he would be," said Ardon quietly. "Dark days for our team."
All of a sudden they heard a voice behind them speak.
“Commander Harkness, Ardon” came President Sheridan’s voice.
Jack turned around with Ardon.
“Mr President” Jack acknowledged the man.
“I wanted to say despite everything, I think you do a fantastic job here, the dragons as well, please thank your teams and the dragons as well, you all did very well, I had a word with the EA and explained the situation, do not think of this as a failure, you were not to know” he said.
"Thank you sir, I just wish we had been able to stop what happened," said Ardon.
The president smiled lightly.
“Part of the risk being president, whoever is behind this, got to your man, I am sorry for that, I can see you all feel betrayed and I feel the same way, but I know your bigger than one bad apple, you get over this and I am grateful for your support” Sheridan said.
"We are deeply appreciative of your support, Sir," said Ardon with a dip of his head
President Sheridan nodded lightly.
“You got a good team here Commander, don’t let Mark go, he is a good man, a little rough around the edges and a bit abrupt but he do well” the president said before he left.
Jack had a small smile upon his face.
Ardon returned the smile, "yeah you could say that.
“Come on, bit of rest I think been working on this for a few days, I am suppose to be on medical leave” Jack said to the gold.
"alright," said Ardon, not opposed to a bit of a break

Mark returned to his office with a annoyed and irritable wraith upon his shoulders, Mark tried not to mention anything as they entered his office.
"What happened to Daniel being put on a different task for now?" Snapped Veyron, once the door closed.
Mark sighed lightly, knowing Veyron would not approve.
“I assume you have not dug up anything new, I reassigned him to a task but then he complained and said that he should be looking after the wellbeing and security of the base, without any evidence, my hands are tied, unless you want him to file for discrimination” Mark said sitting down at his desk.
The wraith knew that would do him no good. He growled to himself and raw a paw through the short fur at between his horns that ran down his spine as he paced the floor.
“You seem like you need a drink Veyron, there is nothing we could do further, look you searched both offices and I double checked his reports, I got nothing on the guy” Mark said.
"I know, but I can't shake this feeling," said the wraith, rubbing his face in frustration.
Mark nodded lightly.
“Listen, allot of people have said some good things about you, how you worked and been good in this investigation, so thank you for that, also Zyra did say you told her to **** off” Mark said with a questioning look.
Veyron stopped and folded his arms, "I was in the zone," he said dismissively, "she knows I didn't mean it."
Mark seemed amused.
“I know, I apologised on your behalf, I thought sending you to apologise to her in person, least you had some positive comments, I take that” Mark said.
"at least I had some positive comments' well thank you mark for the confidence boost," said the wraith dryly.
Mark laughed lightly as he opened the drinks cabinet, “Did you want something or no?” he asked the wraith.
"No," said Veyron, holding up his paw, "...thanks though" he added belatedly.
Mark seemed surprised the dragon said no, perhaps he was thinking of keeping a clear head as he was trying to work out what he was missing and was still suspicious of Daniel.
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Mark’s thoughts about Veyron were correct. The dragon might have liked to indulge into drinks more than the average person but his leaps into complete sobriety in times of high alert were enough to surprise anyone. Living a life on the run and a few very close calls when tipsy made the wraith realize the value of a clear head in moments of danger.
He was now restless and irritable. Whether that was from the prolonged absence of his favourite pastime or the compounded missteps and failures to find dirt on Daniel and Martin was unclear. The wraith was certainly testy at any rate. He lingered in Mark’s office only a short while before departing, hauling himself up to the vaulted pathway in which he navigated the massive facility.
Instead of returning to the sanctuary of his own quarters, Veyron cat napped in various hidden spots throughout the building, keeping an ever watchful eye out in case anything else should go down.
Lounging in the hidden corners of the elevated platform, Veyron kept his green eyes trained on the goings on below, discontent whirling inside him.

Now that they were dismissed from duty Ardon took full advantage of getting a good sleep. When on his breaks during the first days after the incident he hadn’t slept much, keeping in a half aware state in case anything should happen, resting with his ear piece in just in case one of the other dragon’s should need to call him.
This behaviour was highly reminiscent of a great silver dragon’s on guard demeanor though no one mentioned it to the young gold.
He had slept soundlessly most of the day once they had been dismissed, sleeping straight through lunch and on towards dinner. It was obvious he had taken his leadership role seriously if he had missed meals for it.

He and the others had taken the time to clean their harnesses and insure there were no tears or in any state of disrepair before he had wandered off with Jack to go catch up on some rest.
Now the gold was snoring softly, curled on his side in his cushioned bed.
"Ardon? Buddy? Up time" Jack said trying to wake the gold gently.
"Hm," grunted the dragon, stretching and covering his eyes. "What time is it?"
"Its 7pm Ardy, dinner time, you slept through breakfast and lunch time" Jack said.
"What? Really?" Asked the dragon, yawning. He rubbed his face and looked at the clock on the opposite wall, blinking away the sleep in his eyes.
"Yes really, you do not want to miss out Toby's shepherd’s pie do you?" he said to the gold dragon.
“No, no I do not,” replied Ardon, getting to his feet. He couldn’t believe he slept that solidly for that long. He must have needed it.
With out much further prompting, Ardon and Jack made their way down to the canteen to get their evening meal.
Zyra and Comox where there chatting over empty plates, having had come on time.
“Hey there he is,” said Comox, as Ardon approached while Jack went to let Toby know his resident dustbin had arrived.
“We were going to assemble a search and rescue when you didn’t show up on time for dinner,” teased Zyra.
“I was sleeping,” said the gold, sitting down next to his friends.
“This whole time?” marveled Zyra, surprised, “You slept the day away.”
“To be fair, he took more shifts than the rest of us. You didn’t get a whole lot of rest did you?” asked Comox.
“Nah, I think I needed it,” Said Ardon.
“Definitely needed some beauty sleep, yes I can agree with that,” nodded the male Boldwing, teasing.
Ardon snorted a plume of smoke at his friend while Zyra laughed lightly.
“You’re beautiful enough, Ardy,” she smiled.
“At least someone knows it,” the gold said, throwing back his head in a model-esque post before looking at the plate Jack brought to him, “Thanks, Jack.”
"There you go Champ, Shepherd’s pie, in dragon size" he chuckled lightly as he put the food before the gold.
It was then he realized how hungry he was. The shepaerd’s pie smelled delicious. It was a simple enough meal to make in individual containers for the dragons. Toby often made a whole freezer full of them in advance so that they could be taken out and baked when cravings struck.
"How are you holding up, Commander?" asked Comox as Ardon started in on his dinner. He raised his wing to Hitteki who was just turning into the canteen to join them.
"Doing ok, just still like the rest of everyone, feeling betrayed" Jack said bluntly
Zyra nodded, "The people here feel so much like family, it's a hard thing to process."
"Very much so, Mark has taken it a little harder than I expected, kind of shows the man cares despite having a temper" Jack replied.
Ardon looked up from his food to nod to the Syrian dragoness that sat down to join them.
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The president stayed in the Torchwood facility for another day or so to ensure all plans were in place for the president to be transported, the man was in good spirits with Jack giving him a tour of the base facilities.
With the dragons off duty, Sheridan had a chance to speak to them all, Jack was showing the president the guardian program and how it was founded, the only thing kept private was the portal, that was their secret and nobody would see that.
Today was now the day where President Sheridan would be transported, the plans were set and Mark made sure the shuttles and fighters escorting were searched fully, tracking device was put on, taking Veyron’s advice, the man installed another discrete tracker for the shuttle, Daniel would not know and they could keep track of them.
All the results came back all green and Mark signed off the go ahead for the mission in what Mark thought be his last big decision in command, Jack was recovering and Melina would sign him off soon to return to command.
Hew was sat in his office clearing the reports that had backed up with Veyron keeping himself amused, once he was done Mark sighed lightly as the wraith seemed to sense that the man was tired after all that had gone on.
"Well, it will soon all out of our hands now," said the wraith.
“Yeah, the world president will be off in a few hours, Daniel will pilot the shuttle, escorted by Martina’s squadron, we be tracking the shuttle as it flies” Mark said to the wraith.
"They allowed us that much, I'm surprised," Veyron replied.
Mark was amused by the small dragon’s comments.
“Sheridan had a word with the EA directors, told them we done a sterling job and that what happened could not of been foreseen, he even gave me a commendation, you also helped as well” Mark said to the wraith.
"So my name was mentioned too?" Asked Veyron.
Mark gave a small smile.
“I mentioned you to the president and said you were our key intel recon and that you looked with detail to investigate and you looked into everything, he appreciated your dedication” Mark replied.
"Well that's something at least," hummed Veyron, lapsing into his usual self-centred demeanour momentarily. "So it's not All bad."
“Not really, we best head to the command centre, we be tracking the flight” Mark said offering to give the wraith a lift.
Veyron jumped to his shoulder and settled, "I think you might need a vacation after all this is done,"
“That might be a good idea” Mark said as he walked out of his office towards the command centre where they would be monitoring the shuttles progress.
Meanwhile in the canteen, Martina came towards the entrance, in her gear, the president would be going soon and she decided to grab something before the flight, Vonriir had beaten her to it, being up and on, seeing her approach with her breakfast.
"Are you prepared for your flight today?" Asked Vonriir as he pulled out a chair for her to sit as she approached with her breakfast.
Martina nodded lightly at the bronze.
“I do, we be flying standard formation, pretty close, we be fine, the route seems clear and we are all good” she said sitting down and ate her breakfast.
"That's good, miss Martina," replied the dragon, settling down beside her.
“We checked everything so should be smooth, Commander De Santa had checks and double checks done, Daniel done his risk assessment, it should be fine, I be prepared for anything” Martina said with a kind smile to the Crag back.
"I know you will be," said Vonriir proudly.
Martina smiled, feeling the dragon’s pride emanating through the link it was an odd experience to sense the dragons emotions.
“I still got to get use to feeling your emotions, it is a unique experience” Martina smiled.
"Sorry. I'll try to quiet them a bit," he joked with a chuckle.
Martina laughed.
“I very much doubt you can, from what professor Melina said, you cant block the other from sensing each other’s emotions, she has said she has tried but Zyra always knew” Martina said to the bronze.
"I know, I have heard. I was only kidding," he smiled gently.
Martina nodded as she finished her breakfast as she looked at her watch.
“Oh, time gets away, I best get to my post and brief my team, I see you later big guy, perhaps a fly around would be nice” Martina said getting up.
"I certainly will be glad to fly with you when you return. Safe skies to you, miss Martina." Said the large dragon.
Martina looked up and grinned at the bronze.
“No nuzzle to say bye or a lick?” she lightly teased holding out her hands for a hug, but the size difference between them amused the woman no end.
"Well I certainly didn't want to embarrass you while you set out on your mission," joked Vonriir, lowering his head to her.
Martina smiled as she gave the bronze a pet on the muzzle, “See you later big guy” Martina said as the woman left the dragon, Hitteki greeted the woman and then entered the canteen as she noticed Vonriir watch her leave.
“You miss her when she goes on mission don’t you sir?” Hitteki asked the crag back.
"Yes, I do, young Hitteki," replied the large dragon, turning to look at her. "It feels like a piece of me is missing when she's absent."
Hitteki nodded lightly.
“Cant be easy but she is doing an important job Vonriir, I sense she can handle herself well, you picked a fiery one” Hitteki said with a smile.
The large dragon chuckled, "I certainly did."
The president was escorted to the hanger where the shuttle was, it had been checked for anything odd or out of place and passed, the man was surrounded by Torchwood armed guards as they entered the hanger, Jack and Ardon were there to send off the president, while Daniel would fly the shuttle to the EA’s facility.
"Safe travels, sir," said Ardon politely to the man.
“Thank Ardon, Commander thank you and I hope you continue your work, give Commander De Santa my regards” President Sheridan said as he shook Jack’s hand.
“I will do, good luck sir, you be in safe hands with Mr Logan, we be monitoring your progress” Jack said as the president nodded.
“Take care Commander and I say good things about this place, take care” Jack said as the president was escorted with armed guards as Daniel followed giving Jack a nod.
“Remember Daniel, to be prepared, he is in your hands” Jack said.
“Don’t worry, I take good care of him” Daniel said as he went to the shuttle, Jack felt a little off with Daniel’s comments, something felt off to him, but he did not know what.
Ardon gave Jack a look out of the corner of his eye, sensing the uneasy feeling from him.
Jack shook off the feeling as Martina and her team entered and went to their respective fighters, the hanger manager had now given them clearance to proceed as the hanger doors opened.
“You best let our bold wings know they been cleared for take off” Jack said to the gold.
Jack watched as Ardon turned on his ear piece to notify the dragons who were waiting in the dragon hanger, doors open ready for the off.
The bold wings were picked as they were fast fliers and could keep up with the fighters and shuttle at low speeds, plus act as a physical deterrent.
"Ardon to Co and Zy, fighters are preparing to take off," said The gold into his ear piece.
"Ready, in position," came Comox's reply.
“Ok, let us head to the command centre, we watch it all from there” Jack said to Ardon as the engines started to power up.
Ardon turned to follow jack, giving the ships one last look before trotting after the man.
Zyra and Comox took their positions to escort the ships, flying alongside their flanks.
"Martina, Daniel, we have fallen into escort formation," said Zyra.
“Understood Doctor, we are in formation, Martina to control we are now en route and will leave Torchwood airspace in 5 minutes” Martina contacted the command centre.
Mark and the others watched on the big screen as the trackers monitored the shuttle with Martina’s escort, Mark stood at the front with Veyron stood on top of the nearest workstation close to the man.
"Well, so long," said Veyron, watching the screen. "Not our problem anymore."
Mark nodded lightly.
“Ok, Mark to Bold wings, your reaching the outskirts, your role is done, break formation and return to base” Mark said over the ear piece.
"Got it," replied Comox. "Preparing to break off formation."
Martina watched as the bold wings keep a strict formation, she smiled, the dragons were an asset to the academy and had an elegant grace in the sky.
“Thanks, for the escort guys, see you back later, proceeding as instructed” Martina said to the dragons.
"Fly safe," said Zyra. The bold wings gave a salute with their wings before breaking off to return.
Sheridan watched the bold wings leave and he smiled.
“Well there goes the dragon escorts, you must be proud” Sheridan asked but Daniel said nothing focussed on flying the shuttle, oddly with firm focus which made the president give the man a questioning look.
Daniel still said nothing.

"Veyron?, sir we got a priority one message from EA operatives in New York, they say it is urgent and need to speak to someone in command, encrypted too" said David, one of the command centre operators.
"Boss," called Veyron, shouting for Mark, jumping across a counter to get to one of the screens.
Mark turned around, hearing the wraith call for him.
“What is it Veyron?” he asked the small dragon.
"New York EA has an urgent and encrypted message for you," he explained, pointing to the screen.
Mark seemed surprised as he approached, he entered in his clearance code and took the call on his ear piece, he relayed it to Veyron so the dragon could overhear.
“Commander De Santa here” Mark answered.
“This is Agent Robin Komas, EA operative, New York Division, a body was found on an old junction 20 miles out from the city, discovered by some clearance workers who were clearing the wreckage of a car crash, body has been identified as Captain Martin Edwards..he has been dead for some time judging by our coroner” he said.
Veyron’s jaw dropped aghast. He was speechless for a short moment when he finally seemed to snap back. "Are you certain? Was it just one body?"
“We are currently searching the area, we will notify you when we uncover anything, we will keep looking” the agent said.
“Yes, yes of course thank you, De Santa out” Mark said.
“That is spooky, what does this all mean” David said to Mark.
“It means the man we thought was Martin Edwards was an imposter……something happened at that car crash we don’t understand” Mark said.
"But how. The man we saw looked, sounded, talked and heck, smelled like Martin, how could they have gotten any one else to pass for him?" Asked Veyron.
Mark shook his head as Jack and Ardon walked in, approaching them with curiosity as Jack spoke to them.
“Problem Gentlemen, you look concerned” Jack said.
“We had a report Jack from EA new York operatives, the body of Captain Martin Edwards was found, buried at the scene of the car crash over a month ago” Mark said to Ardon and Jack.
Ardon looked surprised, "what? How?" He managed to stammer.
"Daniel was there with Martin at the conference. He would have.... should have been there with him," said Veyron suddenly.
Mark look aghast at this with Jack looking concerned.
“Whatever happened to Martin , might also have happened to Daniel, contact the shuttle, tell Martina to escort the shuttle back to Torchwood 5 immediately” Mark ordered.
Veyron connected with Martina's communications. "Squadron leader Williams we need you to turn the escort around and guide the shuttle back to base immediately." The wraith said with authority.
Martina heard the message and opened communication to the shuttle that was flying normally at the moment.
“Captain Logan, you have been ordered back to Torchwood 5 immediately, please alter course, we will escort you in” Martina said.
There was no response.
“Captain Logan, you been ordered back to base, have you got my message, please respond” Martina tried again, her voice sounding in the shuttle cockpit where the world president was but Daniel did not respond as Sheridan seemed a bit uneasy.
Martina seemed unhappy and reported to command straight away, something felt off and she diddnt like it.
“Martina to command, Daniel does not answer calls to respond” Martina said as Mark looked at Jack and spoke.
“Something has happened to Daniel, someone or something has influenced him and now the world president is in grave danger” Mark said.
"What? Influenced him? What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Snapped Veyron as everyone now seemed on high alert.
Jack seemed to be quiet as he looked up at the screen as Veyron seemed to be incensed, what were they missing.
“Put the base to Red Alert, bring up the tracker location of the shuttle’s position” Mark said as it came up on the screen.
Lights cast the room in red glow as Veyron set the base to red alert.
"Tracker should load up in a moment," he said, looking at the screen.
Mark looked at the large screen as Jack did as the base was at red alert, Mark scratched his chin as the marker beeped.
“They just approaching the outskirts of London” Jack said to Mark.
“Patch me through directly to Martina, please, I have a plan” Mark said looking at the others.
Veyron jumped to action before any of the operators could. "Connected, go ahead, commander. "
Mark cleared his throat and spoke to Martina.
“Mark to Martina, I need you to listen carefully, I want you to make a dummy attack on Daniel’s shuttle, open fire and make sure you miss” the man said as Jack looked surprised.
Ardon mirrored his Attilu expression,
"what mad thing are you thinking now?" Asked Veyron.
“Understood sir, making a run now upon the shuttle” Martina responded as Mark waited watching Martina’s tracker on the map go off into an attack formation.
“I need to get Daniel out the shuttle, if he think’s he’s being attacked, he ejects, we can move ground forces in” Mark said.
"What should we do?" Asked the gold, his voice edged with his anticipation for possible battle.
Jack could sense the dragon wanted action.
“We can go out and get there, we can bring the president in safe, if you send too many people Daniel could sense he being threatened” Jack said.
Mark agreed.
“Take an ear piece and head to the outskirts to London, we try and get him to eject, go” Mark said to them both as Jack nodded as he looked at Ardon.
"Come on, well round up the others and get going," said Ardon.
Jack shook his head.
“No Ardon, we cant attract attention, it just be me and you, we cant spook him” Jack said as he jogged alongside the gold.
"Okay," nodded the dragon, hurrying.

Martina went into attack and Avalon fired in front of the shuttle, which shook but Daniel did not respond as Sheridan seemed to concerned, reaching over and activating the communications radio to Torchwood 5.
Daniel turned all of a sudden and punch punched the president hard as the man hit his head on the window, knocking him unconscious, the man having a spike in strength as he focussed back on Martina who was coming at him at point blank range.
Daniel looked to activate weapons but Mark had disabled them as a just in case, Daniel frowned and typed into the control pad as emergency alarms went off as the emergency escape pod was activated with Daniel and the president inside.
“Martina to control, Captain Logan has ejected from the shuttle and the escape pod is heading to the ground” she responded.
"Hah!" Barked Veyron, "it worked!" He said, turning to look at the man.
"Have ground teams move in on the beacon, get Martina to monitor the situation" Mark instructed.
Veyron nodded, "ground teams moving in," he reported, "Williams, keep within range to monitor the situation." Veyron instructed.
“Understood command, will update” Martina responded.
Mark turned and spoke to Gareth the acting security officer who was put in charge or temp promotion.
“Gareth, get ground teams to the location when they have landed and lock Daniel out of all systems, accounts” Mark ordered.
“Yes sir” he responded.

Meanwhile Jack and Ardon made their way to the dragon hanger to get kitted out and off, they had ran down and were now changing into their gear.
Ardon shrugged into his harness and quickly buckled it up. "Do you think Daniel is in on this too?"
“We must assume the worst Ardon, we try and bring him in but if he resists or puts the president in danger, we must respond with force, deadly if needed, you ok with that?” Jack asked Ardon.
The dragon nodded solemnly, but hoped it wouldn't come to that. "Yeah, I got it."
Jack gave Ardon a pat on the shoulder, knowing the dragon was feeling a little conflicted.
“Ardon, we must assume Daniel is not the Daniel we know, for some odd reason he been cloned or something, the real Martin died, we must assume Daniel did as well, we must do all we can to ensure Sheridan’s safety” Jack said to the gold.
"I understand," nodded Ardon, feeling rather confused about what could have happened, "I'll make sure he's safe."
“Good, we need to focus on that, president must be safe, all other things are secondary” Jack said as Ardon nodded, finishing getting into his battle harness and putting armour on, soon a familiar voice came through the ear piece.
"Ardon, get your golden ass moving!" Snapped Veyron in Ardon’s earpiece.
"Daniel has ejected from his ship and has the president with him. We are sending to coordinates to Jacks tablet. "
“Understood Veyron we are on the road, right Ardon ready for some fast flying?” Jack asked the gold.
"Yes," nodded the gold. Once Jack was ready, he launched into the air and set off at a lightening pace.
Jack held on as Ardon shot up at speed, the golden dragon pounding his wings hard as they flew away from the base, jack kept low in the saddle, allowing Ardon to fly more aerodynamically.
Jack too out his tablet and activated it as the coordinates were downloaded on, Jack pressed a button to activate the directions.
“Ok Ardon head left and step on it” Jack said as Ardon picked up the pace.
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In the canteen Vonriir was sitting with Hitteki, waiting out the time for the shuttle transport mission to be completed. It was odd being sidelined after such a large disaster but the dragons made the best of it, trying to keep busy while they waited for life to resume as normal. Toby had made them a good lunch, though Vonriir ate little, instead choosing a large cup of green tea to occupy his paws, a drink that he had come to rather enjoy since their time at the T9 base.
Hitteki and Vonriir had been chatting idly when the large dragon suddenly went quiet. Feeling a strange confusion trickle over him. He wasn’t sure where it came from at first but it nagged at him while he seemed to drift off into thought.
Suddenly the lights turned red and the red alert alarm went off, jolting him from his contemplation.
“Stars above what now?” he asked, jumping to his feet.
"Oh no! what has gone on!" Hitteki said looking alert, as her eyes darted around for danger.
"Something's amiss" said Vonriir as he could feel something bubble across his link. Worry, something was wrong.
"We need to head to the command centre, see Commander De Santa," Hitteki said to the Cragback.
“Agreed,” nodded the large dragon.
They hurried out of the canteen and rushed down the hall when they caught up with Comox who called to them, asking what was going on.
“We aren’t certain. We’re headed to the command centre,” explained Vonriir, unable to shake the weird feeling he was experiencing.
"Let’s hope Guardian Ardon will know what to do," Hitteki said to Vonriir.
“I don’t think you’ll get any answers from him,” said Comox, “I saw him and Jack head out a moment ago. They didn’t stop to explain.”
“Come, let’s see if we’re needed,’ urged Vonriir.

The three of them made their way to the command centre, the wide doors, built large enough to Forge just barely accommodated the massive Cragback. Upon their arrival they saw that Zyra had already beat them there, having been in the neighbouring wing of the science labs.
“Veyron, we should be out there with them,” the dragoness was saying.
Fully immersed into his role the wraith had stopped his tasks long enough to take his eyes away from the screens to answer her.
“No, we need stealth here. If the whole of Torchwood drops down on him there is going to be issue,” he said.
“But they will need back up,” protested Zyra.
“No,” said Veyron firmly, “Not yet. They have Martina and her squadron. Jack and Ardon are nearly there.”
Zyra was apprehensive, not liking the idea of leaving them on their own. The previous mission has been a disaster and so many lives had been lost. It distressed her to think something of that magnitude could happen again.
The dragoness cast a worried glance over to Mark, hoping that he would override the wraith’s orders and send them out to help the gold and his Attilu.
“Mark?” she asked.
"Jack and Ardon can do this trust me on this" Mark said.
Zyra frowned and turned as she saw the others walk into the command center, questioning looks on their faces.
“What’s going on?” asked Comox.
Veyron growled in irritation, going back to his work.
Zyra approached them, “He wants us out of the way. Mark received reports from the EA that Martin’s body was found at an auto accident site close to where they had their conference a few months ago.”
“What?” stammered Comox as the others looked equally confused.
Zyra nodded, “It was him. They don’t know what is going on or who the Martin we’ve known for the last three months really was. With that news coming in they ordered Martina and the shuttle back but now Daniel isn’t listening to orders.”
“Stars,” said Vonriir, looking up to see if he could see anything on screen. He felt nothing new over his link and thought everything must still be okay.
“Yeah, this is pretty messed up. I don’t even know what to start to think,” said Zyra, shaking her head. “I just hope everyone is safe out there, and that maybe we start getting more answers instead of more questions…”
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Martina flew over the area where the escape pod had come down, it had gone into a field and Martina flew over to see what was going on, while her squadron patrolled close by to ensure their leader was protected.
“Martina to Command, Daniel and president have left the escape pod and has taken the president hostage at gun point to a nearby vehicle” she reported in.
Mark looked at the fighter camera’s which were up on display, they could see the president being shoved into the passenger’s side of a blue SUV style vehicle with Daniel getting in and driving away, Mark frowned seeing the owner of the vehicle had been chucked out rather roughly by the man.
“Command to Martina, keep a track fix on car and identify the vehicle use your ANPR computer and transmit to us, we try and activate the vehicles infotainment system to track its progress” Mark said.
“Understood command, car has now sped onto a country road and is heading for the M25 outside London” Martina reported back.
"Don't lose them," Veyron said needlessly as he checked the other screen to see where Ardon and Jack were.
Mark turned and spoke to Baxter, “Can we hack into the vehicles GPS and monitor it?” he asked the professor.
The man nodded.
“Once we got the car ID we can gain entry, depending on the vehicle model we can disable the engine using the vehicles own security theft prevention system” he said to Mark and Veyron.
"It's a newer year, we should be able to," Veyron said hopefully.
“Martina to Command ANPR details coming to you, vehicle is heading towards the M25, population traffic will increase and make it more difficult to pursue at this height” Martina said.
Mark looked over to professor Baxter who received the information and was typing away at his station.
“Well?” Mark asked
“It is an older model, it doesn’t have that engine neutralizer but I can discreetly activate its GPS so we can track it” Baxter said.
Mark nodded his head.
“Do it, load coordinates onto the main screen, pass the information onto ground forces and Jack” Mark ordered as Gareth nodded.
“Yes sir” he replied.
Soon a blip came up on the screen and showed the car’s location, it was heading towards built up areas and would be difficult to track and apprehend Daniel, the man using the crowds to slip away from them, but unaware of the GPS activated.
“I am still tracking the vehicle, so far roads are quiet, but this won be the case if he joins onto the M25” Martina said.
“Understood” Mark responded.
Mark watched with a plan brewing in his head, looking at the map above on the screen as everyone waited for the commander’s next orders.
"I can see the gears turning," commented the wraith, looking up at the man, “what’s your plan?"
“Computer, zoom out and show possible exits before M25” Mark said as the main screen zoomed out and showed 2 exits, one joined the M25 via a bridge over another road which led to London’s car view, a massive structure which cars could park and have a view of the City of London, it was built on the outskirts and was going to be used as a shuttle and ride service to cut traffic into the capital.
“Command to Martina, there are two roads Daniel could take, one of the roads terminates at London car view, break formation and destroy bridge leading to M25” Mark ordered.
Veyron’s eyebrows shot up at this. "Destroying a bridge, Mark you evil genius." He remarked, "we should set up a roadblock on the opposite side so civilians don't turn their commute into a short flight."
“Make it happen Veyron, direct ground units to cordon off the bridge and inform local authorities” Mark said as Martina reported back.
The wraith nodded and jumped into action, getting the police department on the line to ensure no one else came into harms way.
“No traffic on the bridge, going in to attack” Martina said as Avalon peeled off from the formation, Martina put the ship into a dive and once in range fired missiles and pulled up, in a brilliant quick attack manoeuvre.
The missiles hit as the bridge was destroyed, Daniel quickly changed direction and left the road joining the dual carriageway leading to the car view.
“Harris to control, Daniel has just turned off and is now on the road which terminates at London car view, continuing to monitor situation” he reported.
Mark nodded.
“Download coordinates to ground forces to converge on London car view, let Jack know as well” Mark ordered.
Gareth approach Mark and spoke.
“Sir, nearest air unit is Helicopter A49” he said as Mark smiled, feeling his plan was coming together.
He pressed a button on his ear piece.
“Helicopter A49, to you hear me?” he asked.
“Confirmed command” came the reply.
“Change course to London Car view, Daniel is going to the London car view, when he reaches the top it’s the end of the line” Mark said.
“Understood sir, heading to London car view” came A49’s response.

Jack was flying on the gold who was pumping his wings hard as they were now in the local area, guiding the dragon to fly to where Daniel and the president were seen.
"Control to jack," came veyron's voice. "We've sent updated coordinates to your device.
Jack checked his tablet and saw the coordinates led to the London car view, the man guessed they had managed to force Daniel to go there.
“Jack to Veyron, we got the coordinates and are heading there, its about 10 minutes from our current location” Jack responded back
"We need you there in 7. Hurry up. Teams will be converging on the location momentarily," ordered the wraith.
"The A49 is on its way to the location as well," added Veyron.
“Understood Veyron, we get there” Jack said looking at the gold dragon.
“You got any energy left to sprint towards London Car view, head west towards that tall thing in the distance, head there as fast as you can go” Jack said to the dragon.
"Yes," was all Ardon huffed back between panting breaths. He angled his wings and beat them at an even faster pace. Gold light began to trail behind him as he surged forward.
“Keep at it Ardy,. We get there, we got support, let’s hope Brathille keeps the tiredness away” Jack said feeling his palm get warmer, he decided to put on the gold’s scales ot see what would happen.
The light grew slightly brighter as Ardon flew at a breakneck pace.
Jack had to hold on tighter as Ardon surged forward at speed uncalled for from a mountain dragon, the man was pleased that they had some sort of control of Brathille and it was focussing the power for their own uses.
Back in the command centre, Mark and some operators seemed surprised to see the blipping light that represented Ardon and Jack was speeding up to levels unseen for the golden dragon.
Zyra had returned to the command centre, eyes trained on the screens.
"Is this going is real time?" Asked Zyra, seeing he dot that symbolized Ardon and jack on the map.
"You got it, angel face," said Veyron, distractedly.
"They're going so fast. Must be brathille," she said.
"Huh, well lucky us. He needs to hurry his ass up to make the target point in time.
As Jack hung on as Ardon rushed there with a gold trail behind him, his scales glittering, Jack used his ear piece.
“Jack to Helicopter A49, what is your location” Jack asked, hanging on tight.
“I am already heading to London car view, will rendezvous in 4 minutes” came the reply as Jack seemed pleased, least they had some support, along with Martina.
However as Helicopter A49 flew towards the car view, something was off about the craft, if anyone looked closely through the glass of the cockpit, they would discover the helicopter had no crew aboard and was flying of its own accord, the controls moving as if some invisible pilot was moving them as it flew on with Jack or any others unaware.
Martina and her squadron flew past the London Car view, Martina peered to her side to see the car Daniel and the president were in had smashed through a barrier and was now climbing towards the top of the car view.
“Martina to command, Daniel and the president are moving up the levels of London car view and should reach the top in a few minutes, I can see a golden trail in the distance approaching, we will circle to ensure the airspace is secure”.
"That would be Ardon. He's on the approach." Replied Veyron.
Mark watched as teams were converging on the car view, Daniel had nowhere to go, or so it seemed.
“Keep eyes alert everyone, Daniel has the president hostage, use caution and ensure he doesn’t escape” Mark said.
"Got it," replied Ardon with confidence.
Daniels acquired car climbed the car view the man focussed on reaching the top, the president was in the passengers seat with a cut lip and brow from the punch and force Daniel had used to get the man in the car.
“Your escape is blocked Captain, why don’t you surrender and make it easier for both of us” he said but Daniel did not respond as they reached the top, Daniel drove to the end of the car park and stopped the car abruptly.
Taking the gun, he pointed it at the president.
“Out, to the end corner, now” he ordered as Sheridan complied.
“You got no escape route and your surrounded” Sheridan said, holding his hands above his head.
Daniel gave a sly smile.
“We are very resourceful, Mr president” he replied and shoved the president forward.
Martina and her squadron flew past and again saw the two men moving towards the corner vof the large open car park at the top of the car view.
“Martina here, Daniel is at the western corner of the car view, he is near the edge there, holding the man at gun point”.
"We need to deescalate the situation here, Mark," warned Veyron.
“I got full faith in Jack and Ardon to bring this to a conclusive end, they also got the backing of Helicopter A49” Mark said with confidence to the wraith.

Jack and Ardon were approaching the London car view, Jack knew they would need some support from the helicopter, perhaps utilize Brathille to speed in and grab the president while the helicopter distracted Daniel.
“Helicopter A49, you know the situation, use your weapons and distract Daniel, then we rush in and get to the president” Jack said over the ear piece.
“Understood sir” came the reply.
“Let’s climb Ardon” Jack said as he hung as Ardon would gain altitude and reach the top.
The gold dragon circled around the car view, ascending before he slowed and began to hover. Gold light glittered off his scales as he searched the area below.
"There," he said, pointing at the men below.
Jack spotted them as well as he looked into the sky and saw the dot of Helicopter A49 approaching, Jack looked at Ardon.
“We let A49 come in and distract Daniel and then we get the president quickly just keep us here for a few moments” Jack said to the golden dragon.
"Got it," said Ardon with a nod, keeping his focus on the president.
The Helicopter came in and changed course to come in for a run but it was heading towards their position in an attack posture.
Jack seemed a bit confused.
“A49, did you get my least message?, please respond” he said but had no answer as the Helicopter closed in on them and opened fire with laser cannons.
Ardon had little time to react as the golden shield came up, glittering brightly at each heavy strike.
The lasers hit his shield, the power of Brathille absorbing the heavy hits.
“****, who the hell upgraded its weapons!” Jack said as more hits landed.
"Evasive Ardon!" Jack shouted as his shield took another round of heavy laser fire from the helicopter as it closed in, Jack had no idea why they were under fire from their own.
Ardon growled and swung to the left, his golden forcefield rippling around him, dodging the helicopter as it flew past and was now about to turn around, Jack looked back and then radioed in.
"Jack to Martina and Command, Helicopter A49 is firing at us, must now be considered as hostile" Jack shouted as Mark looked shocked at the screen, taken by surprise.
"Who do we have piloting?" Demanded Veyron.
“Helicopter A49 not responding to any calls sir” Gareth said with some concern as Mark had to roster brought up.
“Smith and Davies are running it” Mark said as Jack came on.
“It flew past us, there was noone inside it, we going to try and get the president before it catches up with us” Jack said.
Ardon could hear Jack talking but was focused on keeping them out of harm’s way, his wings tilting this way as that as he raced to avoid getting struck down.
Daniel shot at the from his location as Jack returned fire, Ardon’s shield protecting them both, Jack felt his hand get warmer still.
“Hold the shield as much as you can Ardy” Jack said as he fired his gun, the bullet grazing the metal making the man step back as Jack looked over his shoulder to see the helicopter coming at them again.
"Trying," Ardon said, gritting his teeth, willing the shield to remain.
The Helicopter opened fire as a few laser shots hit the shield, Jack knew Ardon could not withstand this.
“dodge Ardon, dive down and corkscrew” Jack shouted as the Helicopter came closer.
The dragon did as he was told, flying through the motion like a golden rocket, Jack hung on as the helicopter flew past again and began a wide turn to come back at Ardon and Jack.
“Martina, come in to attack, I repeat come in to attack” Jack called.
“Understood Jack, hang tight coming in” Martina said as Avalon broke formation and headed towards the target.
Ardons gilded glow was even brighter now and the light had taken over his eyes, his pupils lost in the shimmer.
The edges of his scales glittered like molten gold as a comet trail followed behind his movements.
Jack had to squint as Ardon glowed even more, Jack could see the glow had spread from his palm across the underside of his arm.
“Ardon? Are you ok? Ardon?” he asked the glittering golden dragon.
"Yes, I'm alright," came the dragons voice. "Did you do that?"
“I got no idea, lets hope you can keep that shield up” Jack said as Daniel shot at them again and Jack ducked behind the gold.
Ardon rolled, protecting his Attilu. His shield glittered, still holding strong for now.
“Ardy A49 incoming” Jack said as the helicopter opened fire upon them once more upon them, the laser weapons landing against the shield.
Ardon gritted his teeth and bolstered his shield the best he could manage, knowing he couldn't out manoeuvre the machine now.
Jack held on tight as the Helicopter flew past them, heading out and making another wide arch bank to turn around.
“Your taking these hits admirably Ardon but we cant rely on this shield for long, help is coming just hang on” Jack said to the golden dragon.
"I'm trying," Ardon growled, diving down and then suddenly before twisting in the air.
Martina was coming in fast with Avalon as she saw the helicopter A49 coming towards the car view, Martina would not let it attack again as soon as she heard a target lock she opened fire, hitting the helicopter as smoke bellowed out as Avalon flew away.
"She got it," shouted Ardon triumphantly.
The helicopter lowered down, smoking out of the back but was heading towards the car view, Jack went from relief to horror as A49 crashed into the London Car view, an explosion on the lower twirling ramps as the wreckage fell down and then exploded, causing the whole platform to shake and then bend as metal creaked and groaned as supports had been taken out.
“Oh ****!, that thing has crashed into the car view, the supports are giving way, this thing is going to come tumbling down” Jack exclaimed seeing the top end lean to the right as Daniel and the president struggled to keep level footing.
The gold dragon approached the men intently. He flinched slightly when the bullet rang off his shield, still not used to the temporary immunity.
He snarled, "this is it, you've got no where else to go. Let's end this sensibly."
Jack had his gun out and looked over Ardon to see Daniel with an emotionless expression and holding the gun as the whole building leaned more as metal began giving way under the weight of the car view at the top.
“Alright Daniel you don’t stand a chance, you throw your gun away and Ardon can come in and pick you both up” Jack said as president Sheridan looked at Daniel.
“You heard him Captain, do as he says” the president said as the man glanced at the president before firing his gun at Ardon again, bullets deflecting off the shield Ardon as the structure lurched again as Sheridan was now dangerously close to the edge and so was Daniel.
The dragon flinched again as sparks shot off his shield before he lunged and snapped at the man. Daniel shot gain and Jack could not waste anymore time with this, Ardon could not absorb these hits forever.
“Ok Captain Logan its either going to be you or us” Jack said as Daniel fired again, Jack got his gun and fired hitting the man in the chest, the man clung to his chest feeling the pain of the laser hit upon him as he stumbled backwards and lost his footing, tumbling over the dsafety ramp and plummeting off, the yell and screams of the man echoed as he fell to the ground.
Jack felt off doing what he had to do but the platform lurched slightly as the president tried not to go over himself.
Jack turned hearing a screeching noise.
“Ardon!, watch out for the car, its going to squash the president!” Jack said in alarm, with the top of the car view at a dangerous angle, cars were now crashing against the barriers.
The dragon staggered a moment then jumped forward, using his shoulder to stop the car from sliding into them, throwing it to the side.
“Hop on up Mr president, quickly!” Jack said as Sheridan grabbed his hand as Jack hauled him up onto the back of Ardon.
“He’s on board Ardy, back to base!” Jack said to the gold as they could hear the metal supports buckling and could break at any moment.

“Jack to command, I got the president, returning to base, get the EA to meet us there and inform the emergency services the car view is coming down, noone else is here, luckily its shut” Jack said as the structure collapsed and crashed down to the ground.
Confirmed Jack, Martina and her squadron will escort you back” Mark said.
“Thanks Martina, lets keep it tight” Jack said as the fighters surrounded Ardon and slowed down to offer support and protection.
“Tell Ardon to go at his own pace we can slow down” Martina said looking and doing a thumbs up as Jack nodded lightly.
“Thank you again commander for saving my life, it was weird, he acted all ok then seemed…possessed” Sheridan said to the man.
“We get you back to safety and get the EA to pick you up, they wont be pleased this has happened” Jack said to the president.
“Leave it to me” Sheridan said.
The glow of brathille was fading quickly now and the golden dragon was tiring quicky. His newfound skills with his aura shield had taken everything out of him. He was breathing hard as he urged his wings on, feeling exhausted.
Jack seemed concerned, the dragon looked tired and was sweating heavily, Jack assumed the energy needed to block the shots were huge.
"Ardon...can you make it?" he asked the gold.
"Yes, i'm.... fine," he said between panting breaths, "I can."
Jack did not seem convinced.
"Ardon I think we best land and get a shuttle, brathille took some heavy blows and now the energy is going..." jack commented.
The dragon shook his head, a droplet of sweat dripping off his nose.
"I got it, Jack," he insisted.
“Alright dragon, have it your way” Jack said allowing Ardon to power on as the fighters escorted them back.
Soon after a long laborious flight, they were nearly there.
"We're only ten minutes away," said Ardon as his wings kept a steady place.
Jack shook his head, " you stubborn dragon, your drenched and we are slowing....we need to lighten the load" jack said.
The dragon was indeed exhausted but too stubborn to ask for help. The facility was so close that he didn't want to give up now. instead he ignored Jack and pressed on.
“Let’s hope they are ready for us” Jack said.
The gold was slowing down, his wings waiting for the moment to be able to set him down. Ardon was already thinking about napping the moment he landed.
“Nearly there buddy” Jack said urging Ardon on the final stretch to the facility.
Up ahead Ardon saw Zyra appear through the hangar doors. He grumbled under his breath.
"Share the fame, Ardon," said Zyra, kindly when she approached. They aligned their wings so that the president could get onto the bold wing’s back easily.
The president with Jack’s help managed to get Sheridan up onto Zyra’s saddle and now Ardon would only have Jack to worry about as he came in for landing, the fighters broke formation heading to the open hanger to land.
Ardon flared his wings, slowing down but stumbled as he landed, not realizing how tired he was.
The rough impact from Ardon landing jostled the man out of the saddle and he fell, landing on the ground with a thump, apart from the impact, the man was robust enough to not be injured.
Ardon suddenly turned to help support Jack, "Are you okay?" he asked, concerned.
Zyra looked up as she assisted the president off her shoulders.
Jack nodded lightly.
"Im fine i can handle a bump you on the other hand Jack said as the doors shut closed.
"I just need a breather," Ardon said though he looked exhausted.
“Can you take the president to medical, I deal with Ardon” Jack asked the bold wing who nodded and took the president to medical, Jack could report to Mark about everything once Ardon was cleaned up and resting.
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