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the listener
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Jack & Ardon || Battle of Wills

The morning after Melina’s strange dream was slow going and felt off to the Boldwing dragoness. Melina had seemed awfully quiet but out of sorts, and Zyra could feel the confusion the woman felt trickling through the link as she lay awake in bed, still having not yet sat up or put on her glasses. Zyra herself was still dealing with the repercussions of talking with Ardon and Comox the night before. That realization slowly came over her as she lay on the floor. Frustrated and nearly bubbling over with turbulent emotions, the dragoness rubbed her face with her paws before getting up to shower, letting Melina relax in bed before they started their day, not that she much wanted to.
Zyra stepped out of the shower room with sparkling scales but she still felt the weight of yesterday on her shoulders, unable to wash it away.
Looking over she saw Melina sitting at her desk, reading at her computer. Inquiring after the dream again, the dragoness was waved off and told it was nothing, "Just a silly reoccurring dream Zy nothing to worry about" Melina said as she changed the subject. "How did the talk go with the boys" She inquired.
The dragoness shook her head as she sat down, “Awkward and awful. Something I’d much rather not do ever again.”
"Oh Zyra, what a really difficult situation to be in, not fair on you" Melina replied.
“I really don’t want to go back out there, today…or even this week for that matter. Could I be the worst guardian ever and have you go get breakfast for me?” she asked hopefully.
"Sure I can do that for you, what you fancying?" She asked kindly
“Something light. Fruit Salad and yoghurt maybe with granola if that’s alright,” requested the dragoness. She didn’t feel much like eating but she knew she needed something.
"No problem Zy I get you the good stuff and a calming herbal tea" Melina said, getting up and heading for the canteen.
“Thank you, Mel,” the Boldwing called after her.
Zyra paced the room, out of sorts. She dreaded the moment she would have to speak with either Ardon or Comox again.
The dragoness went over to the computer to see if she could get her mind off things by checking her mail. Powering it on she noticed that there was already an email opened. Curious, she thought she had closed the program yesterday. Maybe Alyia has messaged her back from their conversation earlier.
She read the text on screen but as she read she realized this was not addressed to her...

We miss you! How many times have I said that now? Well over a million I think. And I mean that.
When are you coming down to get together? Moms heart breaks every time you sat next time. Enough of saying you have to work. Let that slave driver of a boss know that you need to see your family! It’s Mom’s birthday on the 28th. We’re all going down to the beach house to celebrate. Please, please, please come. It’s all mom and dad talk about when we get together, their ‘lost daughter’ they call you. It would really make their day, no their year if you came down. They're worried that they've done something wrong, that you don't want to see them anymore. When we offered to come up to see you and you declined mom was beside herself thinking that you were trying to separate yourself from the family.
Besides, your sisters haven’t seen you in ages (the Video calls we get once in a blue moon don’t count!)
Please try to come down, Melina. We’ll be together from the 10th to the 31st. I’m sure you could convince someone to let you have even a week off to come down. We’d love to see you.

Come home or else
Xo – Emilie

Zyra couldn't help it; she read the whole thing and sat back on her heels. Melina hadn't seen her family since they bonded. A guilty pit formed in her stomach, wondering if she was the reason why she hadn't seen her family. She immediately thought of the conversation she and Ardon had when Jacks brother had passed away. It was heartbreaking when it had happened and she did not want Melina going through something similar, regretting not seeing her family before anything like that happened.
She fretted, walking away from the screen and back again, wondering what she should do. There was so much going on her mind now that she barely knew what to think. She was drawn out of her thoughts a few minutes later when her Attilu had returned with trays in hand.
"I got your stuff, they had loads of of choice....Zy?, are you ok?" Melina asked, unaware she had read the email.
Zyra sat in the middle of the room, looking agitated. Her tail curled about her feet flicked to and fro nervously.
"Um, well..." said the dragoness, uncertain if she should bring it up
Melina looked over to see her emails open; she put the tray down and walked over.
"Zy, these are my private emails, you had no right to go through them," Melina said all of a sudden raising her voice.
Zyra looked up, drawing her sail back at the accusation. She hadn’t expected such heat in her tone, "I didn't mean to! I thought it was my mail that was open. I wanted to send a reply back to Alyia.”
"You shouldn’t have looked," Melina said looking to see the email from her sister open.
"You opened my Sisters email to me" Melina said, her voice rising in anger,
"I didn't" protested Zyra, "It didn’t open it. It was already up on the screen. I thought it was my email from Alyia. I didn't mean to read it but I did. Why have you been avoiding your family, Mel? They miss you..."
"It’s none of your business why Zy, I have not had the time, I been dealing with a lot of things and now the new issue with you and the boys," Melina said her voice was raised as she seemed angry Zyra had read the email.
The dragoness couldn’t believe the fire she was getting from her Attilu, something was up but she didn’t know what.
"We do have time! If you asked Jack right now and said that you've not seen your family in over 5 years he would grant you all the time he needed. Besides, the issue with the boys is another perfect reason to leave. I can't be here. I can't bear to be around them right now. What's stopping us?" Said Zyra, her own voice rising a little now.
Melina shook her head, "I have you to take care of, Family are all the way in Australia, least I’m talking to them" Melina defended her decision.
"Hardly by the sounds of it.” She retorted, getting to her feet, “I can take care of myself. I am not a hatchling. You're grasping at air for your excuses Melina, what's the real reason?"
Melina shook her head.
"Don’t go there Zyra, I can't deal with your issues and you accusing me of hiding from my family, what gives you the right to point your talons at me!" Melina exclaimed unhappy with the dragoness.
"Because I don't want you to ever go through what Jack did!" Huffed the dragoness, sail rising in her argument. She didn’t want that grief to befall Melina, ever, and couldn’t understand why she didn’t get it.
"I am not I just can’t go see them at the moment, things are complicated here, do not make it even more so" Melina said back, the argument got heated as the two of them raised their voices.
"But Melina..." protested the dragoness, "I just don't understand. There's no reason not to go."
“You! You are the reason!" Melina said in a sudden outburst that stunned the dragoness.
"My family know a Zyra but they do not know she is a dragon from another world, they would freak out, that is why I haven’t gone," Melina said as she stopped looking angry and sat down on the bed, shocked with herself for saying that.
Zyra was taken aback, silenced by the outburst.
"Oh," was all that she managed to muster after a short time. Her mind was buzzing and she held one paw up off the floor, uncertain. The corners of her eyes got a little watery but she blinked to hold it back. She drew an unsteady breath,, "I see..." she said, unable to stop the shakiness in her voice, hurt.
"I shouldn’t of said that.....I'm sorry, but life isn't as simple as you dragons make it out to be," Melina said.
“Simple? You think… think I think this life is simple?” her words came out as an offended whisper. The dragoness suddenly turned and fled the room.
"Zyra… Zyra!" Melina called but the dragoness was already gone, she slumped on the floor and put her head in her hands, what had she done.
The Boldwing ran down the hall. She couldn’t go to Ardon, nor Comox for a shoulder to lean on. Instead her paws yielded to her wings, as they took her up and out of the dragon hangar.

To The End Of Time And Back Again

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Melina shook her head, she should not of said that, never in a million years, the dragoness had been poking and prodding for reasons why she had not been, the truth was she thought her parents would freak out.
They were pretty traditional and lived in a quiet and secluded area in Australia, they knew of dragons on earth but did not keep up with day to day activities as they retired early, to enjoy life away from media and other such things.
If she turned up with Zyra, she imagine they be frightened and scared with the fact their daughter was bonded to a dragon, she knew she might be being silly but she couldn’t risk it.
Though she kept in email contact, she always kept making excuses, saying she had work or projects to do, they had kept pestering her ot visit but Melina had always made up excuses.
Now Zyra was hurt and upset with her, something she did not want to do, but she felt the hurt and anger within her.
“What have you done Mel” she said to herself, wiping a tear away from her eye, Zyra did not deserve that, but the damage was done now.

Daniel was completing his sweep of the dragon academy quarters, checking security in these holds, inspecting the cameras and security systems before deciding it was time for Breakfast.
Veyron looked out he door and saw Daniel coming his way.
He gave a whistle before scurrying up the man's side to settle on his shoulders. "Headed to the canteen?" He inquired.
Daniel had not been paying attention until he found something crawling up him swiftly, before he knew it Veyron was with him asking for a lift.
“I am, I guess you timed that well Veyron” Daniel said as he walked towards the canteen, “Thought Melina gave you that fitness schedule for you to do” he replied to the wraith.
"Ppft, I think I do enough without walking miles upon miles just to find some coffee," said Veyron.
Daniel smiled light as he continued to walk towards the canteen.
“Well this little lift didn’t happen then, so I can tell Melina you did all those miles of walking” Daniel chuckled lightly.
The dragon patted Daniel's shoulder, "Good man." He said with a yawn. "I could kill for a coffee."
Daniel gave him a look.
"Thought she said to cut down on your coffee, you like a lot of human things for a dragon" Daniel commented.
"She tried to cut all the joy out of my life but I've lived here for nearly 20 years. It's kind of impossible to live any other way." Veyron replied.
"Hell no," Veyron snorted, "life without electricity.... cable TV... booze. Couldn't do it."
Daniel smiled as he heard the Wraiths reply.
“Ah, so fully domesticated” Daniel said as they were near the entrance of the canteen.
"Don't talk a dragon domesticated. It's like calling humans tame. We're civil creatures even without the tech you guys have you know." Replied the wraith, hopping off his shoulder and onto the counter, drawing in a deep breath from the coffee scented air.
Daniel nodded.
“Point taken, well I let you go have your coffee and breakfast, odd the professor isn’t here, shes usually an early riser” Daniel said.
"She's Probably plotting some torture routine in the name of health." Muttered Veyron as he got a mug.
Daniel gave Veyron a look.
“You cant be like that, she did heal you up and got all those scales of yours back in line, so cant be overly bitter” Daniel replied.
"Yeah, yeah, I already said I was grateful." Veyron said while taking a sip of his drinkJack was up and on checking his work schedule when his phone went off, checking it, he could see it was from his dad, telling him that his mother and him were off to the coast in the large house that overlooked beautiful scenery of the Scottish coastlands, it was big enough for Ardon to fit in.
Jack gave a small smile, it had been months since they went up the last time, perhaps it be a nice break away from the base, especially after Ardon little issue with Comox and Zyra.
Ardon looked over at Jack, the gold still feeling blue about yesterday. "Whats up?” he asked.
Jack looked over to the golden dragon.
“Dad’s inviting us up, they are having a holiday on the coast so wanted to know if we want to go along, Aileen was saying we haven’t been” Jack replied.
"Oh..." said Ardon, perking up a bit. "Could we.... i mean, do you want to go?"
Jack nodded lightly.
“I do, be nice change, plus we got too much holiday again, so rather than face the wrath of the HR manager again” Jack said giving a sheepish look.
"We should go, I really wouldn't mind getting out of here for a bit," the dragon admitted.
“I thought you might, be a good idea, clear the air with you three, perhaps see if Melina needs some time off as well, she hasn’t said anything yet” Jack commented.
Ardon mumbled something and let out a breath. It would be good to see jack’s family again. The gold loves his parents dearly.
"When would we leave?"
Jack smiled lightly.
“I speak to HR now and check my calendar, fancy flying up or shuttlecraft?” he asked with a grin.
"Lets fly," suggested Ardon with a small smile back. He enjoyed those kinds of flights with Jack.
"Excellent, we take the travel harness and then go from there" Jack said.
Ardon smiled, feeling happier now that they had this trip to look forward to. "I look forward to it. It will be nice to see them again.
Jack nodded.
“Right I send an email off to HR and get them to check, doubt they have any issues but we can be on the way in a few days’ time” Jack said happily.
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the listener
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Zyra had fled outside out of the dragon hanger and nearly collided with Vonriir.
“Woah,” chuckled the large dragon before he saw the look on her face. “Hey, now, what’s wrong?”
Zyra landed on the grass, trying to wave off his questions but the cragback followed, setting down beside her.
“Little lady…” he said, fanning out a wing around her.
“It’s nothing, Vonriir,” she managed to choke out but the large dragon wasn’t buying it.
“I can see tears in your eyes, little miss. What has got you so worked up?” he asked gently.
Zyra was silent for a moment but eventually she conceded, telling Vonriir what happened. The cragback listened, respectfully quiet as she spoke. She tried to hold back tears but some escaped, the dragoness’s mind revolving around guilt, betrayal and anger. Not knowing what to think the dragoness grew quiet again at the end of her explanation, bowing her head and rubbing her face with the back of her paw.
Vonriir looked down at her with an empathetic expression, patting her softly on the back with a large paw.
“This isn’t your fault, Zyra.”
“Yes it is. How is it not?” she sniffed. “I bonded with her and made her feel that way.”
“Brathille chooses, not you, little miss. Do not let guilt take over your hearts. It is a difficult situation you’re found yourself in but you’ll work this out. You’re a clever one, and stubborn as all hell too,” he said with a small chuckle that made the Boldwing look up at him with a ghost of a smile.
The two of them spoke for a while longer, until Vonriir was certain that the dragoness was no longer in distress over what happened. A fatherly sort, he didn’t want the Boldwing to be sad but knew he couldn’t fix the problem himself.
When Zyra finally left the grounds, an inkling of an idea sparked in her mind and grew throughout the day. She hid away as she thought over her plan, weighing the pros and cons of what it could mean. It wasn’t until later that afternoon that Zyra finally set her mind to it.
The Boldwing made her way down the halls of the facility, careful to keep an eye out for Ardon or Comox while she did so but the building seemed fairly quiet. She made her way to the commander’s office. She knocked on the door and poked her head inside, relieved to see that Ardon wasn’t there.
“Jack, are you busy?”
"Oh hey Zyra please come in, are you ok?" The man asked.
"Yeah," replied the dragoness a little sheepishly, she wondered if Ardon had told him of their conversation from later night. She had other things to worry about anyway. "I have a question… and a request."
"Go for it Zyra, what's on your mind?" Jack said kindly.
The dragoness took a breath, "I would like to know if Melina and I could take some time off, so she could visit her family. Her mother's birthday is coming up and her sisters are getting together." said the dragoness, "My request is to keep it a secret. I want to surprise Melina with the tickets… and stuff."
"Oh, umm yes sure you girls can, it's stupidly quiet here, me and Ardy are off as well so good thing to head off down under" Jack replied with a small smile.
"Oh," said Zyra quietly upon hearing Ardon was leaving too, she paused a moment to wonder why, "You sure it's alright? All of us gone?"
"Yeah, Mark is back soon anyways so there is a boss figure, if not Daniel would be in command" Jack said.
“Okay, if you’re sure. Thank you so much,” she said before giving him the dates she requested before leaving the office, headed towards the next part of her plan. She had Jack’s permission to take holiday with Melina, now she needed tickets.
The dragoness found herself knocking on Veyron’s door, lingering outside while she waited for a response. Instead of a shout from inside or the clicking of the door the Boldwing nearly jumped when his voice came from her left.
“Didn’t mean to spook ya, angel face. What brings you knocking at my door?” asked the wraith, finishing off the last few bites of a croissant.
“It’s a secret,” said Zyra.
“My specialty,” grinned Veyron, “Come on in.”
With Veyron’s help she purchased tickets with her credits from his computer and printed off the confirmation numbers, with his promise that he would not tell anyone about the departure to Australia. He complied but she wondered how soon he would use this information to barter for something else he wanted.
Her next step would be her biggest hurdle. She took a breath as she left the wraith’s quarters, thinking about where she would hunt down what she needed next. Her paws took her around the facility without much luck until she found herself at the canteen. Baxter was sitting with a book and an empty plate at one of the tables and Sam was about to walk past with a cup of coffee in his hand. Zyra flared a wing to catch his attention before speaking to both of them.
"Sam, Bax. I have the hugest favour to ask," she said, looking around to make sure no one was about. "Can we go talk in your office?" She asked Baxter.
Baxter and Sam looked at each other then back to Zyra, "Sure we can talk, follow me" Baxter said with Sam following. They walked in relative silence, Zyra’s hearts thudding in her chest as she thought about the question she was going to ask.
Zyra closed the door behind her and sat down as Sam and Baxter looked at her expectantly. "I am going to sound crazy but just hear me out before you say anything, okay?"
Dr Baxter seemed to get uneasy as Sam was silent, "I am listening Zyra, go ahead" Baxter said.
"I was told that you kept my human form logged in the machine from last year. I want to change back. Just for a few weeks, if it's safe.” She blurted.
Baxter seemed surprised and shook his head.
"The technology is still very new and there is no guarantees Zyra, it is risky"
Zyra was crestfallen, that wasn’t the answer she wanted to hear.
Sam nodded lightly but scratched his head, "We technically could, the form saved was the one you had, we could recall it, but why?" Sam asked.
"Because.... it's just really important. I want to know if I can swing this, also, and this is important, Melina can't know until after," she said, hoping they wouldn't press for the answer.
Dr Baxter seemed unsure but Sam seemed a bit more positive on the idea.
"Well technically we can Zyra, the machine is still all set to last time, we can technically put you to human and back, it does take a lot of power to use but you suffer all the phantom feelings," Baxter warned.
"I know," said the dragoness, hesitantly. This was the one thing she had grappled with the most when she had thought the plan. Being in that human form had nearly driven her crazy. Her throat got tight and she got anxious whenever she thought about turning back but the dragoness thought that this would be the only way to fix things, "I understand the consequences, but this is really important and if we can make it happen i would be super appreciative."
Dr Baxter nodded lightly.
"Well, we can do it, the system is stable and we can do it, the form saved was enhanced in a way, I reckon Brathille your bond will enhance you as a human" Baxter said.
"oh? Well that doesn't matter much. I just need to change over for a few weeks. Then back to normal. Can we do this? How long will it take to set up?
"You seem keen to do this, you were pleased to go back as a dragon, why now?" Sam asked as Dr Baxter still seemed unsure,
"I am.... and I am happiest a dragon and rather not go back but ...Melina hasn't seen her family since we bonded and it's because of me," she admitted. "If I turned back just for a few weeks she can see everyone again. I know she won't go alone if I sent her by herself. So this is the only way I can make it work."
"Have you told Melina this? does she know your planning on doing this, she come after me and Sam " the man said.
"No.... and you have to keep it a secret, please. I know she wouldn't approve but I don't see any other way around it. I don't want her going through the same thing as jack did..."
Dr Baxter sighed lightly, shaking his head.
" Alright, give us a few hours and we be ready" Baxter said, much to her surprise. She honestly had not thought they would have agreed.
"Thank you so much, from the bottom of my hearts." Said Zyra, hugging them both.
"Alright Zyra, come to us at four, we be ready...umm bring some clothes as Dr Baxter lowered his gaze and seemed to blush.
Zyra didn’t seem to notice, getting to her feet so she could go gather things to get ready, “Right. I’ll get what I need. Thank you both again. See you soon!”

Break in the story as I go on holiday =)

To The End Of Time And Back Again

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Dr Baxter and Sam worked in getting the large machine up operational, since the last time it was powered down but the existing preferences were saved and were easy to bring up, the two men worked to ensure all circuits were operational and to make sure nothing went wrong.
Dr Baxter was unsure about all of this, he was not keen on putting Zyra back into the machine, nor liked the idea that this was all about the professor ignoring her family because of the bold wing, the man had trouble about agreeing to the dragonesses request.
He was soon distracted by Sam who broke him out of his concerns and guilt rising in him.
“The Machine consumes a lot of power Doctor, the portal is on standby, we could shut that down and use the power there, plus a few lab areas to ensure it doesn’t spike on the main system” the young man suggested.
“Yes, do that and reroute the power through” Dr Baxter said as Sam nodded, typing away on the console pad.
“I’m still not comfortable with this, if Melina finds out, she kill us and Jack” the doctor said with an anxious look.
“I understand but she wants to do this, if there is a possibility then we must offer it, I have triple checked the systems and all is running well, no burn outs and her form is saved” Sam said as Baxter heard the doors open and seeing the bold wing approach.
“Too late now I guess” Dr Baxter whispered under his breath, he was not looking forward to this.
The dragoness walked into the room, clothes draped over her shoulder.
"Everything running normal so far?" She asked as the doctors typed and calibrated the machine for use.
Baxter seemed to be making final calculations as Sam approached, he smiled looking up at the dragoness as he took the clothes from her shoulder.
“Yes we are ready, Melina has left the labs so I shut power down there and the portal, so it wont set alarms off, Baxter is getting the human form back” Sam gestured to the large screen for Zyra to see.
"Thanks, you guys, I mean it. I know it's a huge thing to ask," said the dragoness.
Baxter nodded as Sam agreed.
“It is a big ask Doctor Zyra” Baxter said as Sam looked up and smiled.
“Look on the bright side, she is exactly how you left her, very athletic, toned and in peak health” Sam said, the man trying to keep the dragoness in good spirits despite the reasons why.
The dragoness laughed slightly, a nervous tone in her voice, "as long as I'm not some blob."
“You be fine” Sam said as the doors opened to the chamber.
“I think we are ready, I go check and make final calculations” Sam said as he went to one of the control panels.
Baxter came across to speak to Zyra.
“You sure you still want to do this Zyra?, there is a small risk involved in this procedure and the side effects with phantom feelings, I just want to be sure before I press the button” the young man said.
The holding was quiet for a minute as she thought. "Yes, yes I’m sure," she said at last, confident, yet nervous of her decision.
Baxter nodded lightly as he gestured for Zyra to enter the chamber, he let out a breath he had been holding for a while, nerves ate away at him as the doors shut.
“See you in a moment” Baxter said as Sam initiated the procedure.
The machine powered up and soon the rotating sections began to orbit the chamber the bold wing was in getting faster and faster as white light appeared, almost making Zyra disappear as the machine now began the process.
The automated computer now copied the saved human form onto Zyra, with Baxter and Sam monitoring everything carefully.
An alert went off which made Dr Baxter seem to go into a panic as Sam typed on the panels.
“Energy spike, compensating now, no major issues, I adjust the power flow” Sam said as Baxter typed on another panel.
“Process nearly done, all systems stable, completion in 3…2…1” Baxter looked up as the machine began to power down.
“Let’s check on her” Baxter said as Sam nodded bringing a mobile medical kit they kept there.
Baxter opened the doors as white smoke escaped outwards, when the smoke did clear, Zyra the bold wing was no longer there, instead the familiar pale skin, short white hair and blackened rimed eyes greeted them…Zyra was human once more.
Baxter got a large towel and placed it over Zyra’s body for privacy and warmth as the woman seemed to be asleep.
"Zyra?, can you hear me?, are you ok?" Baxter said as Sam checked the woman’s vitals.
“Vitals stable, she is coming aroun” Sam said as his medical scanner confirmed all was well.
"Hmm?" The girl mumbled, blinking, momentarily confused. "What? Oh? Did it work?"
Baxter nodded as Sam brought a mirror.
“See for yourself, you are back as your human version, though looking a bit more defined than usual, I think Brathille had a hand in it during the process, power spiked a bit but yes its worked” Sam said as Baxter still looked a little concerned.
"Good to hear." Said Zyra as she stepped into a private area to get dressed. She came back out dressed in soft blue blouse and grey trousers.
Zyra soon reappeared again dressed and looking very nice in the clothes she had kept from her last time.
"Thanks again. You have no idea how important this is for me. If anyone gives you grief send them to me. I'll take the fall for anything."
Baxter nodded lightly, “Well see how Melina sees it, big sort of moment, don’t blame us if we go into hiding” Baxter lightly joked.
Sam had returned to the panel to reverse the calibration.
“We get it calibrated for your return, we got the dragon form saved” Sam replied.
"Thank the stars for you guys. We should be back on the 31st if all goes to plan." Replied Zyra.
“We be waiting” Sam said with a nod.
The men watched Zyra leave to go speak to Melina, Baxter felt guilty.
“We are going to get into so much trouble Sam” Baxter said.
“Perhaps but Zyra wanted it and all systems worked well, see how it goes, Zyra will be ok, I got her bold wing form saved all secure, no issues there” Sam reassured the doctor.
“Let’s get it calibrated ready, then we can go into hiding” Baxter said, joining Sam in the machines recalibration.
Zyra had left heading towards the professor’s room, no longer a deadly, graceful bold wing but as a human form she did not like but her love for Melina and desire to see the professor’s family was an overriding factor.
Zyra walked into the room, tickets in hand as she collected herself and took a breath.
Melina was at her desk filing in reports to keep her busy, she sensed nervousness in the link from the bold wing and gave a puzzled looked as she turned.
Her eyes widened and hand come up to her mouth as standing before her was Zyra in human form, looking a little nervous as Melina could not believe what had happened.
It took a moment for Melina to come out of her shock and realised what had happened.
“No…no they diddnt, please say they did not” she said shaking her head lightly.
Zyra merely looked at her with her yellow human eyes and Melina got angry.
“They had no right to do this to you!” she said abruptly marching towards the door to find the boys.

"Mel wait, cool it." Said Zyra, standing in the way of the door.
"This was all me. I...I didn't want anything holding you back from seeing your family. Even me. .." she said before holding up the tickets. "Now you have no excuses not to."
Melina looked and saw plane tickets to Australia, first class by Qantas from Heathrow London International.
Melina shook her head, Zyra had done this all for them to go to Australia to meet her parents, all behind her back.
Melina was trying hard not to cry and get frustrated with her dragon and the boys for agreeing to the outrageous request Zyra had put upon them.
"They should have stopped you, how could they allowed you to do this, you hated being human" She said still feeling angry with the boys, just thinking how they rolled over to make Zyra human again.
“Damm that machine!” Melina said out loud.
Zyra spoke with more assertiveness to the professor.
"I hate you hiding from your family because of me even more!" Replied Zyra. "The boys did nothing wrong. I asked them, out of my choice."
Melina shook her head sitting down on her bed looking up at the woman before her, she was just like she was, the grey hair, black rimmed eyes, the athletic figure, it made Melina a bit happy to see her like this again, but she had only just started coming to terms and agreeing Zyra was best as a bold wing.
"you shouldn't of done this....your a dragon, a bold wing, not human...I thought human you was gone" Melina said.
Zyra responded, her voice a little calmer.
"I wasn't going to let you go your whole life hiding from your family because of me, Mel. I would do anything for you, including this," she said.
Melina calmed a little, feeling sad and upset that Zyra had gone to these lengths for her, she had not wanted this at all, but Zyra seemed determined and wasn’t going to change her mind on this.
" shouldn't have, but I guess it be futile to send you back, you beaten me once" She said with a small, weak smile.
Perhaps this would work out, despite being mad and upset with her dragon or now her human form, she had to admire the great lengths Zyra had gone to do this, Melina did suggest Zyra changing back but the woman refused, she was still a stubborn bold wing, despite now being back in her human form.
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"So," asked Zyra hesitantly, "does this mean you'll go?"
Melina looked at the woman and nodded lightly, "you done all of this for me, I cannot say no, we will be going,"
Her heart soared, so happy that the woman, though somewhat cornered to agree, did so. The dragoness had gone to ultimate lengths to ensure her Attilu's happiness and to be certain that she did not hold her back from anything. Guilt already raked at her from the trip up to Scotland. The memories dig site and professor Grant were melancholy at best and made Zyra feel horrible whenever she thought of them.
This, she felt, was some small way to help give Melina a more normal life, by torchwood standards at least. Working within a secret organization alongside dragons was far from the rest of the worlds standard of normal.
" I send an email to Emilie and get it sorted, I ask Jack for time off" Melina said.
"I already asked him, he's approved us through till the 31st, so I guess we should pack?" She said somewhat sheepishly. She felt back that she had done this behind her back but it had really been the only way.
Melina looked a little surprised, "You have been a busy bee I see, running around and transforming to a human...the suitcases are in the usual place" Melina said pointing to the storage cupboard by her bed.
Zyra followed suite and opened the luggage cases on the bed.
"I know I went about this in the most, sneaky kind of way. I did it with the best intentions, I really hope you're not too cross with me.."
Melina shook her head, " No..not cross I'm sad I've forced you to change back to something you dislike," Melina said.
Zyra nodded, she could already feel the discomfort of being trapped in this form already now that the adrenaline of showing up like this had worn off. Her shoulders it he'd fiercely where her wings should be. She tried her best to ignore the feeling.
"Well make it worthwhile and have a good time with your family." Insisted Zyra. "Stars know it's been a long time."
"Yes, I guess we can, they know of a Zyra but they do not know your a dragon" Melina replied opening her clothes cupboards.
Zyra stopped what she was doing and looked up, gesturing to herself, "I am not a dragon... currently. And looking at me no one would ev r think I was. They don't need to know if that helps." Zyra said, folding shirts and putting them in one of the cases.
" No, perhaps they don' can change back, you don't have to be human" Melina said quietly.

Zyra dropped her arms down into her lap as she sat cross legged in front of her case. She shook her head , "too late for that, Mel. You were obviously uncomfortable with it so I'm human for a while. It's going to take a while for the boys to reset the machine anyway're stuck with your bff colleague from work who has never been to Australia so you thought you'd bring her along," replied the dragoness, explaining her cover story.

Melina smiled weakly.
"Alright, you made your point miss, I want you to pack your Boldwing hoodie though" She asked the woman.
Zyra smiled, "of course."
Together they packed what they needed for their adventure before rolling their cases down the hall towards the garage so that Melina could drive them to the airport.
They managed to avoid mostly everyone, Zyra raeally didn't want to explain what was going on but that plan was foiled by a tiny grey dragon.
He came around the corner and looked up as Melina, giving her a slight nod but pausing as he caught sight of the unfamiliar woman.
"Morning Proffesor, who ya got with you today?" He asked but as soon as he made eye contact the wraith paused. His own eyes grew narrow and suspicious as he looked at the stranger. He then caught the smell that she carried and his eyes grew wide as he vaulted up her side.
"What kind of abomination is this?" He exclaimed, sitting on zyras shoulders and inspecting her face rather closely.
"Zyra, what the hell?"

Melina turned defensive, " Stop it Veyron!, leave her alone or I use you as a bungee cord" the woman snapped.
Zyra turned to her, alarmed at her tone but veyron was the first to speak.

"Woah, cool your jets, prof. I meant no offence so cool it. You've got the venom of a spitter after being bonded so long huh? Not everyday you see witchcraft. You don't mind, do ya, angel face?" The wraith said to Zyra.
The white haired woman sighed, not knowing where to begin.
"So, dragons not allow in Australia or what?" He asked, Melina.

"It's complicated, sorry Veyron, it's a pretty sensitive topic currently, prefer you not studying her, she is a beautiful dragoness and beautiful human as well" Melina commented.
"I guess," said the wraith, cocking his head to the side, "thought I am not one to judge human beauty. Anyway, freakshow, enjoy your trip down under. I expect more of an explanation when you get back."
"I'm sure you'll nose around while I'm gone," said Zyra, picking him up off her shoulders and putting him down on the ground.
"You know me well enough," grinned he wraith.
"Maybe if you ask nice you can get turned to a human too," joked Zyra.
"Ugh hEll no. I'm having a hard time keeping my lunch down looking at you," he teased. "Nah, I prefer not to be a squishy two legged weirdo."
"Veyron, has anyone ever told you how charming you can be?" Tutted Zyra before she and Melina pressed on towards the garage to start their journey.

To The End Of Time And Back Again

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