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Jack & Ardon - Wings of Fury - Private RP

Torchwood 5 had undergone some considerable changes in the last 5 months or so, with the new facility revamped and redecorated to provide the dragons and the staff a homelier place to live and work had been completed.
The walls no longer had the sterile, metallic look and now there was colour on the walls, a living wall of grass, moss and flowers to give the dragons that earthly smell, to help the dragons feel comfortable being underground as well as being aesthetically pleasing on the eye.
There were more plants and amazing artistic work on display as well, all themed around the dragon academy, with famous quotes and sayings, some inspirational, some logical and some motivational to give the dragons a proper home and training facility.
The relaxation room where dragons could relax in silence was popular the boldwing Zyra as along with her Atillu Professor Melina, the two of them did meditation and yoga, to further enhance their abilities and to promote well being and peace.
The more popular addition especially among the boys was the deep, large and warmed scented pool which was indeed good at relaxing and soothing aching wing muscles, plus allowed the dragons to keep on top of their grooming of scales, the ingredients in the pool made the dragons amazing scales sparkle and gleam in the sun.
Overall the place was allot nicer and somewhere the dragons were very proud of, with some photos hung up to give a professional feel for visitors with photos done expertly of the dragons in the Academy, the only one missing from these was Veyron as he was under Marks jurisdiction as a scout, recon agent.
Another change was the arrival of the new head of all Torchwood 5 security operations, Sub Commander Holtan, a man that Mark De Santa had recommended for the job as the two knew one another from their time in the FBI.
Holtan however was very different to anyone else, having been there for 5 months, the man seemed to keep himself to himself, only attending compulsory meetings with Jack and Mark, he avoided the common areas where the dragons were and seemed to be away from the rest of the team.
Recently Holtan had now moved to a far larger room at the end of the one corridor and this was the armoury, which was moved to another secure location in the base, Holtan now occupied the very large room which was the old armoury but all the security and key codes were kept and altered with only a select few having access to the door codes.
Another odd requested was a large storage area nearby to the armoury was also acquisitioned by Commander Holtan and was also locked and security ramped up there, soon Holtan was given more space as high priority message from Amelia came in stating that their new sub commander needed more room for important EA work, Jack agreed to it and soon the man already had a good section dedicated for him.
The security officer then went on a recruitment drive and brought in security people, with Mark’s approval including Brendon Cooper, a security officer who worked with both men to take command of all security officers and agents.
More strange things occurred as Baxter was asked to install and upgrade the old storage rooms into computer and research facilities, it puzzled the professor but decided to help however the systems he insisted would not link up with Torchwood 5, that was ok with Holtan, they were to be isolated from all external systems.
It was indeed strange behaviour and Jack had wondered what was going on but the executive orders kept coming in but along with it came larger sums of funding, Jack’s eyes nearly popped out at the additional funding sums being thrown at him, all to allow Holtan to have his whims and wishes done.
Jack used this to increase the food and canteen size and to treat the dragons and to allow Melina to upgrade her labs, which pleased the professor and the dragons appreciated the more lavish food as well as more efficient cooking facilities.
These were big changes but Holtan was efficient and resourceful, all security was tightened and there was a good security presence around the base, meaning people felt safe, plus all paperwork was done on time, despite Jack not seeing Holtan much, locked away in his security area.
This month, the base canteen was decorated for the 2090 Rugby world cup with flags and colourful bunting.
Jack wanted to have the whole base and team get involved in this after some months trying to piece together issues from Torchwood 7 and of course the mysteries surrounding Daniel and Martin which still remained unsolved.
Jack felt the team needed something to get behind and to have a bit of fun, Mark refused and Holtan also would not be taking part, but the dragons and their atillu’s would, with the summer solstice on Kilara in a few weeks it be a nice thing to wind down for the summer.
Martina was in her quarters which had been done out in her team of Wales, with welsh flags hanging proudly in her room but extending onto Vonriir’s area with the bunting decorating the area in red, white and green.
Martina although having English mother, had a welsh father and always saw herself more welsh than English and so with this sporting event coming up, she decided to join in the fun.
Vonriir seemed keen as well as Martina was putting the finishing touches round their shared area, the woman in her red welsh jersey with a white dragon etched into the red shirt, it made the woman happy and Vonriir sensed this.
The big dragon seemed excited as her atillu and it was yet another ideal way for the two to bond even closer together.
"I would like to show my support for your home team, Martina," said the large dragon, "Do you think you could find me team colours or something?"
Martina turned around and looked up at the massive behemoth of a dragon and smiled softly at his words, the dragon seemed very keen to join in all the fun.
"Aww your sweet but you’re not welsh, you’re from kilara big guy, plus it’s only a little sporting event" she said downplaying it but Vonriir would sense the woman was excited and happy for this event to be happening.
"But Kilara does not have a rugby team so I will be cheering for my Attilu's favourite," grinned the dragon.
Martina sensed the dragon’s excitement and eagerness, it washed over her and she couldn’t help but smile at his willingness to be decorated out in her team colours, Martina chuckled lightly at this.
"Ok big guy let’s get you kitted out, want some face paints too?" she asked as she dragged out her other supporter’s kit from under her bed in her room and brought it out to where the big dragon was.
The dragon seemed pleased.
"Oh, sure!" he said enthusiastically as he settled on the floor and looked over her shoulder to see what she was preparing.
Martina got out the face paints and all the other goods she had in the box and looked at the giant crag backs face, looking to see where best to put the paints and other things.
" I reckon some red dragons in your bronze scales, then plaster you in welsh coloured things" Martina said as she dragged out a flag for Vonriir to wear.
The large dragon chuckled, "You any good at drawing? Cause I have no talent for it."
Martina grinned and got out her brushes and opened up the face paints.
"Watch and learn" Martina said as she began to decorate the dragons face and make the Crag back an honorary welsh supporter.
Martina and Vonriir were not the only ones getting involved in the spirit of the sporting event, in the professor’s quarters, Melina and Zyra were also getting into the swing of things, Melina had bought face paints and fine brushes as she was going to decorate her face with the Australian flag.
The professor had ensured her face was all washed and clean from lab work and spent a good hour or so using the paints to make her face like the Australian flag, it was nearly finished as Zyra watched with interest, helping when she was needed.
"That looks good, Mel," commented Zyra. “job well done. If you weren't a doctor you could paint faces for a living at festivals," she teased
Melina looked at the bold wing and smiled lightly.
"Well, the magic isn’t over, your next Doctor, though have u seen our resident mini dragon?." she asked the bold wing.
"I can't say that I have, why?" inquired the dragoness.
"He’s picked his country and attire, trying to impress as a certain someone is coming on loan for 3 months" Melina said as she finished her face painting.
Melina and the others had been told over dinner that Torchwood 9 had been in contact and that Asuka was coming for a short loan spell of 3 months to see the work done in Torchwood 5, this news was welcoming for everyone and Veyron seemed to brighten and start perhaps his façade for the eastern dragoness.
"Oh, that poor girl has no idea what she's dealing with," said Zyra, trying not to roll her eyes at the memory of Veyron acting so out of character around her.
Melina agreed but she had to admire the effort he was putting in to support Japan.
"Well we will see, anyways you ready for your face painting" Melina asked the bold wing as she sat up, grabbing her paints and brushes.
"I am," said the dragoness, sitting down and lowering her muzzle to be adorned with paint. "Do you know who the others are cheering for? We really do have a rather diverse group here."
Melina thought for a moment, as she tried to picture the senior members of the team in her head before responding.
"Well professor Baxter is away on a conference so no idea who Comox will support, Hitteki will follow Comox im guessing and Jack is a American, Canadian mix so I guess Canada and Martina is half welsh so Vonriir will be welsh" Melina listed to the bold wing as she begun to paint.
"Hmm," replied the dragoness, trying not to move too much. They indeed had a funny little group in this facility. She already anticipated the banter to come.
"You met the new head of security operations" Melina asked as she started to do Zyra’s body painting, doing her sides first and doing mini Australia flags on her pristine white scales.
"No, not yet. Comox and I were busy with a few errands when he arrived. Have you met him?" said the dragoness,
Melina shook her head lightly.
“No, I haven’t, he keeps himself the other side of the base in that lock up he seems to of made his home, its got really dim round there for some odd reason” Melina said remembering the dimmed lights.
"Yeah I've noticed that. I'll have to make time to go and actually chat with him. I've only ever said a brief hello and a quick swap of names. You'd think with his role here he'd want to know the people and dragons that work and live here." said Zyra. "I wonder if Jack knows what the reason is behind the lights."
Melina nodded lightly.
“I imagine so, he has gone to meetings and runs the base, I seen more security patrols and checks but he seems elusive, plus with all that work going on, he has his own domain down there, I had spoken to Mark but he doesn’t seem bothered” the professor said.
"Well as long as he's doing his job that is all we can ask for," replied the dragoness with a shrug.
“True, let’s hope Ardon doesn’t go on another love me campaign again like he did with mark” Melina said with a light chuckle, remembering how the gold was with Mark and he went out of his way to make the man like him .
"Oh he's always after that need for approval. I think he's toned it down a bit though," laughed Zyra.
Melina nodded lightly.
"I agree, he must be maturing or he’s got another interest" Melina winked at Zyra with a teasing look upon her face.
The dragoness rolled her eyes, "don't start," she joked, "are you almost done yet?"
Melina took a step back from the dragoness side and inspected her work carefully before smiling.
"Ive done an Australian flag on your sides if you look, then i do your face, i need allot of blue to cover your markings" Melina said.
"I'm going to look like a different sort of dragon if you cover all my markings," laughed zyra as she turned and twisted to look. "Fantastic!"
Melina grinned, happy Zyra liked it as she got sponges and more blue paint to do Zyra;s face, it would need to cover the red markings on her face.
" yes, white makes a good platform and once I done your face we need to take photo for our family down under" she smiled kindly.
"They'd approve I think," she grinned back.
Melina laughed lightly, expecting her families reaction to the photos.
“They will, lets get this done Doctor and then the matches be on later" Melina said.
"It's going to be a rowdy day, I can already feel it," Zyra laughed lightly. "I hope you're ready for it."
Melina nodded.
“Challenge accepted” she said as she begun on the bold wings face, to transform it into the Australian flag.

Meanwhile the other side of the base, Ardon was excited for this event, any chance to goof off from work and take part in more human celebratory activities which included food was always welcome in the golden dragons schedule.
He was now trying to convince Jack to do more than just wear a Canadian jersey, the man was going to support England as they lived there but decided Canada after getting a comical photo from torchwood 7s team.
Ardon continued his nagging with the man in their quarters, he had the face paints out and seemed ready.
"Come ooooon Jack, have more team spirit than just a jersey!" Insisted Ardon, sporting their team colours from nose to tail.
Jack turned and shook his head, Ardon had thrown himself into these celebrations with gusto.
"Trust you to go full hog on this, don’t think Canadian red suits you" Jack lightly teased.
Ardon looked down at himself "what are you talking about? Red and gold makes me look like royalty," he grinned
Jack laughed lightly.
“Oh no, another vanity dragon, I have to stock up on polish and golden coins" Jack teased back at the golden dragon before him.
"I could sit of a hoard of treasure just like the old stories humans have of dragons," laughed the gold.
The man was amused by the mental picture that he had got of Ardon laying upon gold coins and hoarding jewels plus other precious metals like the stories he read as a kid, but seemed strange to have Ardon like that with the goof look upon his face.
"You would if i let you, but you prefer soft blankets and pillows" he chuckled.
"Hmm true," grinned the dragon, "anyway, come on, a little face paint won't kill you."
Jack tried not to roll his eyes as he turned to face Ardon.
"If I got to wear face paint so do you Ardy boy" jack said with a threatening gaze.
"Deal!" Said the dragon, deflecting the look with a goofy grin of his own. "Only if I get to do yours!"
Jack gave the gold a look.
"Great...." Jack said handing the face paints and brushes to Ardon.
" If I look stupid, I’m wrestling you belly up and i make you submit" he threatened.
"I'll do my best, I promise," vowed Ardon solemnly, taking the paints.
He stooped over and took the brush in his large paw. After a few minutes of painting with a very focused look on concentration on his face the dragon backed up and did his very best to horn in a snorting laugh.
Jack frowned at the dragon....."Ardon" he said as he looked in the mirror and shook his head, it would be a long night.

"What! I told you I tried my best! I have no talent like you." The dragon burst out laughing. "It.... it kind of looks like a leaf?" He snickered.
Jack gave the golden dragon a look, “Oh your in for it now golden wonder” Jack said as he lunged for the dragon as Ardon laughed as the two engaged in tomfoolery.

Hitteki had taken to supporting one of the lower sides in this contest, she had some colours attached to her tail and she had Melina dye her white fur in the colours of the team, it was a temporary dye so it would wash out.
She was sat watching the pre match talks about the team she was supporting and focussed on the information and statistics being read out, it fascinated her immensely as she watched with eager eyes.
Veyron stepped out of his large room looking rather unlike himself.
He wore a black robe and the backs of his wings had somehow been painted white around the natural red spots that dotted the trailing edge to make it look like he had small Japanese flags adoring his wings.
He spotted Hitteki and frowned. "What country is that?" He asked, not recognizing her decorations.
Hitteki turned to look at the wraith who was dressed in Japanese traditional men attire.
"Isn’t that a little overboard for supporting the land of the rising sun? And my team is Namibia" she said.
"Never heard of it," said the dragon, jumping up onto her shoulder.
"Well they are only the second African nation to always qualify for a rugby world cup" Hitteki said rattling off the fact to the wraith, it was typical Hitteki, learning all the facts of the nation she be supporting.
Veyron rolled his eyes out of sight as he climbed up to her horns. "Well let's get the show on the road miss Namibia. Might as well enjoy your brief fun with dressing up before getting kicked out of the running."
Hitteki gave the wraith a questioning look.
"How do you know Japan will get far? I know they are playing my team, so we shall see indeed who has the bragging rights" Hitteki said getting up and heading for the canteen.
Veyron laughed, eager to see how this would pan out but secretly hoped that Japan would stop her team into the round just so that he could boast about it.
Hitteki carried the small dragon towards the canteen where toby was preparing dishes for each match, each dish would be native to the countries playing, of course dragon sized so everyone was fed and enjoy their experience trying new foods.
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A short while later the gold dragon had left his quarters to head down to the canteen lounge to go meet up with the others for the opening games. He banged a fist on Comox’s door as he passed.
“Come on! Get your tail out to the canteen!” he shouted at the closed door before carrying on.
Ardon paused in the hub as he spotted who he thought to be Zyra approaching from the other side. Her red and yellow markings had vanished under deep blue paint and she almost looked like a different dragon all together. He laughed and trotted up to her, head tilting with a wry smile as he worked out just what he was seeing.
“Zy!” he exclaimed, prancing a circle around her to admire Melina’s handiwork. “Repping for tha boys down unda?” he asked, trying to mimic the accent.
“Oh of course we are,” grinned the dragoness. “That’s where Mel is from so.”
“You look so different without your red and yellow. A different breed of Boldwing.”
Zyra lifted her sail, revealing her usual colors, unable to be painted over.
“Ah, so it IS you under all that blue,” he laughed.
He then spotted Melina, her whole face painted like the Australian flag. He grinned big, loving that everyone else seemed to be going all out for this bout of fun.
“Mel, you’re looking a little blue, are you alright?” he teased the woman, sweeping a wing around her shoulder in mock consoling. “You’re dragon is bringing you down, isn’t she? Shame. Picking the wrong team will do that to you.”
Melina stuck out her tongue playfully, "I'm looking great thank you Ardy, just like Dr Zyra here, sporting a great flag," she said.
Ardon pretended to look at them both skeptically, considering, “Hmm…. I don’t know about that.”
“So you and Jack are backing Canada hmm?” queried Zyra.
Ardon nodded, showing off his maple leaves, “Going Canada this year. You got that picture from Tarok?”
Zyra laughed, “Yes we did! They look like they’re having a blast over there. They’ll be happy to see that you’re siding with them.”
“Scoring the points,” grinned the gold. “O’ Canada all the way to the cup!”
Footsteps behind their little group alerted them to the arrival of their commander. Ardon moved aside revealing him as he neared their huddle in the hub.
“Oh, Jack,” said Zyra, seeing the man approach and tried to stifle a laugh and hide a smile behind her paw, “Your…. face paint. That’s a nice…. Maple leaf? A two legged moose maybe?”
Jack shook his head lightly.
" me to have a botched job by the golden wonder, but do not worry I got my own back," he said a bit quieter to the bold wing.
Zyra lifted a brow and causally tried to look Ardon over for something amiss in his paint job but the gold had already trotted off ahead to greet Vonriir and Martina who were looking rather dashing in welsh colours.
“Come on then, let’s join the party.” She suggested as the three of them walked to catch up with the exuberant gold.
The group found Hitteki in the canteen lounge waiting for him and they all greeted each other warmly, chatting with beaming smiles about the show of sportsmanship and level of decoration that each of them had done.
Vonriir loved the streamers and bunting that were strung from wall to wall. A big poster with all the teams were listed above a chart that would check the progress of each game with spots for the winners to be written in when others were eliminated.
"Very impressive colours, I must admit this is all rather fun" Hitteki said with a small smile to the other dragons.
“Hitteki! You died your hair!” marvelled Vonriir in his booming voice. He lowered his great head to inspect the new colours. He had never seen anything like that, especially on a dragon. Paints where one thing but this was something new altogether. He was genuinely impressed.
Hitteki smiled, "I had some help from professor Melina and Zyra but yes a Syrian Dragon sporting these colours," she replied.
“Looks good,” agreed Ardon.
The group chatted and settled into their preferred spots in the lounge while the TV played some of the prematch shows quietly as they all spoke.
“You and Martina should take a picture of yourselves and send it to Draco,” suggestion Ardon to Vonriir.
The large dragon thumped his tail in approval of the suggestion making everyone start in response, “Grand idea! I think he’d be very happy knowing he had some rabid fans cheering on his country.”
“Watch that tail during the matches, Von, we don’t want a canteen earthquake,” laughed Zyra.
Vonriir grinned sheepishly and curled his tail around, putting a paw on it as if to hold it down. “It’s got a mind of its own!”
Just then Comox appeared in the wide entrance of the canteen and the group cheered enthusiastically.
He paused, startled at this welcome but everyone was in celebratory mood already.
“Oh I’m late..”
"Oh, hello Comox, you not joining in?" asked Melina.
“Yeah you’re not decorated!” Ardon pipped up. “Shunnnned, you can’t be here if you’re that lacking in enthusiasm! Veyron is even dressed up…. Wherever he is.”
"I am sporting team colours," insisted the boldwing dragon, pointing to a very small flag stamped onto his shoulder. "You guys though.... I didn't know it was such an over the top event. I guess I am underdressed…" he said, looking around at the chaotic mess of colour that now engulfed the lounge.
"Well normally not but decided to go a bit mad, but it’s all good, once in a blue moon is all good, my face paint was done golden wonder, hence the crooked maple leaf," Jack said to the bold wing.
“Oh, that’s supposed to be a leaf?” asked Comox, tilting his head to the side to make sense of the shape.
“Okay I get it! I’m not Picasso!” shouted Ardon dramatically as everyone laughed.
“You should get with the spirit of the event,” rumbled Vonriir. “One little flag isn’t enough I think.”
"You can have some of my colours Comox, you can support Namibia like me, I got a bigger flag or two" Hitteki offered.
“Oh, um thank you,” he hesitantly accepted even as a flag was draped over his shoulders, one edge clinging to his left horn.
“Come on then, shuffle over everyone,” ordered Ardon, as a few of them moved to make room for Comox.
Veyron suddenly appeared on Jack’s shoulder, having leapt out of nowhere but almost spilled his drink on the man as he found balance on three paws. “Started yet?” he quipped.
"Not quite, but it will, your looking very dapper Veyron, very smartly dressed," Jack said to the wraith.
"It was a gift," he replied, sipping his drink. He would have never worn anything like this in a million years if it wasn’t to impress a certain someone. He knew how to win brownie points when it came to certain games like this and he took what he could get.
"Oh it was? Who from I wonder" Jack replied, having a guess who it was.
"I know you're not exactly the brains of the operation here, Jacko, but I think you could figure it out," replied the wraith as he reached down to pilfer some of the snacks that Jack had.
"Ahh there it is, the sharp tongue of a wraith dragon, was beginning to think you were going soft," Jack replied to Veyron.
“Never,” said the wraith, “You were given bad information.”
The little dragon looked around the surveyed the sea of colours, “So, you’re telling me that not a single person is rooting for England? Won’t we –a facility based and partially funded in the damn country- get kicked out for such a slight against the nation?”
“Hey, hey,” said Toby as he came into the lounge wheeling a cart of game snacks and drinks. He paused and drew back his apron revealing England’s colours. “Someone has to cheer for the home team.”
“There, we are good to continue operations,” laughed Ardon.
“Does everyone here like this ****ing sport?” asked Veyron in disbelief.
“If you don’t why are you here and dressed up?” said Zyra, turning to him.
“Because if I’m here with you lot of weirdo’s, I don’t have to work.” He said, taking another swig of his drink.
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As the weeks went on and the matches dwindled down with the teams being knocked out, the party in the base still kept alive with Toby preparing foods from the countries knocked out then countries still in the running to win.
Surprisingly Japan was still in the contest and through to the quarter finals with Wales, Australia and New Zealand, Hitteki had washed out the colours in her quarters but there were still light tinges on her fur.
Today the dragons were by the pool relaxing and the dragons were graced with the presence of the wraith who had been in a buoyant mood for the last few weeks, mainly winding everyone else up.
"Washing out the colours already?" Teased Veyron, sitting in the curve of Vonriir ram horn. "Too bad you chose a team that was a sure bet of getting knocked out so quickly."
Hitteki looked up at the wraith and tried not to roll her eyes at his comments, the wraith seemed on form today.
“I can accept defeat with dignity, it be interesting how you handle it, especially with our guest arriving in a few days time” Hitteki replied as she got out of the warm pool.
"All the better company for a win," he said confidently.
"Okay, okay," said Zyra, wanting to keep the peace and tranquillity that was supposed to be a given in the pool. "No sports talk in here or I'll melt all of you," she said, floating in the warm water.
Hitteki smiled as she shook and lay on the smooth warm floor alongside the pool, an upgrade that the professor suggested to help the dragons.
“I do have a question, has anyone actually met Sub Commander Holtan yet?, he has been here 5 months and I never see him, he seems locked away in his section next level down” Hitteki commented.
"I've seen glimpses," said Comox. "But apart from brief sightings I can't say I've held a conversation with the man or even said more than a hello."
"Same here, he seems like a reclusive fellow," rumbled Vonriir.
"Maybe he's like Mark and doesn't like dragons," shrugged Ardon.
"Veyron? You're nosy as they come. What have you heard of the man?" Inquired Zyra, looking up.
"I gather intelligence, I'm not nosy," was the wraiths reply.
Hitteki chuckled.
“No, you are nosy, you need to know everything and then you got something to bargain with or sell right?” the spirited Syrian said.
"It's come in handy," said Veyron casually.
Soon there was the sound of footsteps as the doors opened and Martina and the professor walked in, Melina waved to Zyra as Martina smiled, looking up at the crag back.
"You've come to join us?" asked Vonriir happily as he spotted his Attilu.
"If you enjoy bickering a swimming you'll fit right in," said Zyra.
Melina laughed lightly.
“Yes I might come in for a swim and do a few laps, how about you Martina?” she asked to woman.
“Oh, I thought this was the dragons pool only” she said.
“Well if you do not want to swim Martina, you could just have Vonriir cart you around” Hitteki suggested which got a chuckle from the dragons.
"Anyone is welcome to use the pool," said Ardon.
"Just watch out for Ardy, he turns it into a splash park if he's not supervised," joked Comox.
Melina smiled lightly.
“Well hes bonded to Jack, explains it all, anyways us two are going to change so keep the area clear” Melina said as Martina followed.
“I think its nice we got more females with our team” Hitteki said.
"Yeah, can't let the boys think they can run everything," hummed Zyra, closing her eyes.
Hitteki Nodded in agreement as the boys just seemed to roll their eyes at the comments, it seemed the girls who joined Torchwood 5 were always feisty and strong willed.
“How is your bond with Martina going Vonriir, it has been 5 months now since you bonded, how you two getting along?” Hitteki enquired.
"I couldn't be happier or more pleased with who brathille chose to be my Attilu," beamed the large dragon, his voice bursting with genuine pride.
All the dragons could sense the dragon was proud of being bonded to Martina, she seemed an incredible person and well suited to Vonriir.
“She is very talented, I heard music coming from your joint quarters, does she play an instrument of some kind?” Hitteki asked.
"A guitar." he said proudly, "And she is simply grand at it too, though she won't admit it."
Soon the girls walked out, Mleina wearing her custom Bold wing costume and Martina seemed to wear a bronze colour bathing suit, which matched Vonriir’s colours, the girls looked amazing and Hitteki grinned seeing them both.
"You guys actually went out of your way to match your dragons?" scoffed Veyron.
"What? I think they look great," said Zyra.
"Veyron you're such a stick in the mud," said Comox.
"Yeah, they look great," added Ardon.
Melina gave a bow and Martina had a little cheeky moment sticking out her tongue at Veyron’s comments.
“I think your just jealous Veyron, I wont be swimming for long, just an hour” Melina said as Martina went to dive in.
“The Kilara Summer solstice is soon, we going over to visit?” Hitteki enquired to the group.
"Jack said we could," said Ardon. "It would be nice to go over and celebrate."
"Yeah, your family would love to see you," replied Zyra.
"I'm game, I wouldn't mind having a visit," smiled Comox.
Veyron turned up his nose as the suggestion, "Count me out."
“Well, you have a guest to entertain when she arrives of course” Melina said with a wink as she jumped into the pool, once again the dive was smooth and graceful.
Veyron flashed her a grin, "very true"
"We should go, too, Martina," suggested Vonriir
“And bring your guitar?” Hitteki asked as Martina seemed a little sheepish with the mention of her musical instrument.
“Have you been signing my praises Mr Vonriir, I only paly as a hobby I never played in front of dragons or on another world for that matter” Martina said as she swam in the pool with Melina swimming to her dragoness.
"Time to cross those firsts off a list then," he chuckled.
"Yeah, no one else in the base can play an instrument. I'd like to hear," said Ardon.
“We can play a good beat on Ardon’s head, sounds like some drums” Melina said as a joke as the team laughed.
"Hey!" Ardon said, pretending to be offended and splashed water at her.
The team chuckled and continued chatting as Martina and Melina joined in the conversation, indeed the pool was a very good addition and everyone loved it.
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The next few days in the base were fairly casual, the group gathering in the evenings to watch the progress of the matches. With teams being eliminated there was a shuffling of suggestions of who would make it to the cup.
Lots of banter and chatter filled the lounge with great communal spirit during these days and it had been a lovely change of pace for the team as a group. Ardon began to feel that during these little events they were beginning to have that family atmosphere that the Canadian base seemed to have.
Games and banter aside, there were other fun things afoot.
With only a few days to go before the summer solstice on Kilara, the team members were preparing for their visit, 3 days of celebrations to be held on the beaches of Sunbreak. Ardon knew his mother and father would be hunting and gathering, preparing great feats for the inhabitants of the island. It was one of the very few social events that his silver uncle allowed.
The warlord’s islands, which had been his ideal place for retiring from his wild life, had transformed into a hub of activity every now and then. Plus, it was the stronghold for the portal and a beacon for dragons that needed help or sought out the human world.
No longer the eternal tranquil paradise that the silver once hoped for, this seemed to be a second best option now and he tolerated it with relatively good spirits. Not a dragon that loved company, he knew that it was best to keep traditions strong, especially communal celebrations. Having the humans and bonded dragons come for the festivities would lend connections to the wild communities and foster good relationships between such vastly different worlds.
Ardon was glad he tolerated these events. While the young gold loved working with Torchwood and being on daring missions and such, he was still early in his years and loved the glory of getting a group together and simply enjoy the bizarre life they had all found themselves in.

In the meantime, the dragons of T5 where going about their days, trying to get ahead of the game so that work wouldn’t get backed up while they were away.
Zyra was returning from Baxter’s office, a few borrowed books tucked under her wing from his little library. Suddenly the lights above her dimmed, making the dragoness pause in confusion.
“What?” she asked herself out loud, seeing that the lights were dimmed around the corner as well.
Zyra peeked around the corner, confused about the sudden dimming of the lights and spotted the reclusive man that they had been talking about only days earlier. She saw this as her chance to finally connect with the man and perhaps hold a conversation other than a brisk greeting
"Sub Commander," she greeted warmly with a little dip of the head as she trotted over, "Good to see you around. Do you need help with something?"
The man did not initially acknowledge the dragoness until she loomed close and looked up at her.
"Huh? What’s that?" he asked the dragoness in a rather brisk tone of voice.
Confused, Zyra tried again, "Sorry sir, it’s me, Zyra. I just was wondering if you needed help with anything. We usually don't see you up on this level."
"You’re the Doctor dragon, ummm Zyra right?" he said remembering, though the man's words seemed to lack any warmth.
"Yes, I am," she said with a hint of pride to her voice. "We were very excited to have you join our team, Sub commander, it's nice to see you about," she tried to offer a kind word to see if he would open up a bit.
"Hrmm, if you excuse me I have work to do, so much to do so little time" the man said as he walked back off leaving the dragoness there, empty handed in her attempts.
The dragoness stared after him as he walked away. After he disappeared the lights turned back on to their regular brightness but shedding no light on the strange encounter for the dragoness.
“Um, well, that was strange,” she commented to no one, looking around. She readjusted the books under the crook of her wings and walked down the long hall, passing Jack’s office towards the labs. Inside she found Melina sitting at her desk with a cup of tea in hand as she scrolled on her tablet.
"Hey Zy, you alright? What is that look for?" she asked the dragoness when she saw her approach.
"I think I just had my first conversation with a robot," Zyra said, sitting down next to the woman, still looking utterly bewildered.
Melina looked at her dragoness oddly.
"You what? It’s a bit early for me to have riddles, not until my second cup of herbal tea," she replied.
Zyra fussed with her sail as she gathered her thoughts of the encounter, "I was coming back from Baxter’s office, and the lights went really low. I turned the corner and met Holtan in the hall, and it was almost like talking to a strange AI,” she tried to explain, “At first it was like he didn’t know who I was and then kind of avoided all my questions.”
"Oh, yeah he isn’t seen much at all, he is down in the lower level, big section for him, Jack granted it apparently, hes kept quite silent, the only time I know hes about is when the lights dim" Melina said to the bold wing.
“Yeah, that’s what tipped me off to him being there in the first place. But what a strange encounter.” She shook her head and if dismissing the weird interaction, “Anyway, what are you up to today?”
"Well, we are pretty much up to date, apart from your project work to catch up on but we can look at that after the summer solstice trip to Kilara" she said.
Zyra nodded, “I’m ready to go. I’m glad Jack allowed us all to attend. It will be nice to have everyone over there. Martina has never seen it so that will be nice for her.”

On the other side of the base Veyron was working with a staff member to ensure that one of the extra rooms where up to his standard for their guest who would be arriving later in the day. The room was simple but beautiful. One wall was made to look like a rock face with glittering streaks of quarts and fool’s gold making the whole side of the room shimmer.
A large bed of plush red, embroidered with gold, accented with blue pillows was built into the floor. Veyron had put a few items that would remind the dragoness of home about the room and soon enough he nodded and approved of the décor.
Just as he was leaving the guest quarters Ardon was making his way down the hall.
“What are you doing in there again?” he asked the wraith suspiciously.
“Making sure it’s ready for her arrival,” replied the wraith casually.
“Hm,” was the gold’s response, “You spend an awful lot of time in there. Nervous That Asuka won’t like it?”
“Hell no, Goldie.”
Ardon grinned and brought his face low to the wraith, “Yeah you are… Veyron’s nervous about his girlfriend coming- OW!” he yelped, jerking his head back from the swat that the wraith administered across his snout, “Geeze, touchy!”
Veyron’s expression dared Ardon to try to tease him again.
“Erm… So, we’re going to invite Asuka to come to Kilara with us so she can experience the solstice celebrations for the first time. She’s never seen Kilara before and we’re only going to sunbreak so I think she’ll like it.”
“Nah, don’t bother,” said the wraith.
“Why not? Zyra and Comox thought it was a good idea.”
“She’s going to be busy enough,” smirked the little dragon. “Anyway, get lost. I have **** to do.”
With that the wraith sauntered off.

Ardon rubbed his nose and shook his head. Time to head off to Jack’s office and drag him back to their own quarters to get him to pack for the short trip.
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With the arrival of Asuka’s shuttle from Torchwood 9 coming this evening, last minute preparations were being made to make the dragoness feel welcome, it was indeed a big leap of trust by the facility in Japan to let Asuka, their prized dragoness come on loan to the academy.
Everyone saw it as an exciting chance to share what the academy had to offer and how the team and dragons interacted with one another.
Professor Melina was especially pleased Asuka had agreed to come along, the dragoness had no other dragons to talk to or interact with, she kept to strict timetables and regimes in Japan, perhaps to stop her getting bored or let her mind wander, it be nice for Asuka to interact with dragons roughly her age.
Melina was finishing the last-minute packing for their couple of days in Kilara for the summer solstice, it was a good excuse for everyone to relax and for her to see the silver dragon, the two of them enjoyed one another’s company and Forge always seemed to be pleased to see the professor, only change this year is getting Asuka to come along.
The professor and Zyra were talking about Asuka’s impending visit and the excitement of the summer solstice on Kilara only a day or so away.
"I’m glad that T9 allowed Asuka to come visit us for a time," said Zyra, "Hopefully it will build good ties between our base and theirs."
Melina nodded in full agreement.
"I agree, Asuka hasn't had interactions with dragons, it be a nice break for her" Melina said with a smile.
"Hopefully our group won't be too overwhelming," replied the dragon.
Melina chuckled lightly at the thought of the poor dragoness overwhelmed by all the dragons, big and small, but mostly small.
"I hope not, she get enough of that from Veyron, that dragon been having that poor intern running round to do up the spare dragon quarters for her" Melina replied.
"Ardon told me so," she laughed lightly, "Ugh, that little wraith is trouble."
"Indeed he is, but that is Veyron for you, you never know...she might want a rematch on home turf" Melina lightly teased, but a bit of her wondering if the doctor would rise up to the contest again.
"Nah," smiled Zyra, with a flick of her tail. "Now, are you about packed for the solstice?"
Melina sealed up her little bag up and nodded to the bold wing.
"I am indeed, Vonriir is trying to get Martina to bring her guitar along " The professor said
"She should," said Zyra, "it would be nice to have a little music. That's one of the things that Kilara really lacks."
“Yeah, but she’s been very quiet about it since we all discovered it, I am sure Vonriir is pestering her about it” Melina said as she could imagine the conversation going on.
Funnily enough, Vonriir had been speaking to Martina about bringing it, the woman seemed a bit unsure and seemed to leave the case to one side as she packed for a few days while over in Kilara, her massive dragon had not given up yet.
"Please bring it," insisted the large dragon, tipping the guitar case carefully upright with one large talon. "You make more than just me happy with your music." Vonriir said with a kind smile.
Martina turned to respond to the crag back, seeing the case before her.
"I’m just not that good to play in front of your war commander and Ardon’s family, its allot of dragons" she said putting the guitar case back where it was before Vonriir moved it from.
"Oh come now, you play beautifully. I haven't heard anything like it before," he said, using his muzzle to gently push her back towards the guitar.
Martina laughed lightly at the massive dragon’s antics.
"Hey quit it you" Martina joked pushing lightly against his massive muzzle, before looking at the case before her.
"I dont know..." she said quietly to the massive dragon, still unsure.
"Well, how about we just bring it along, and if you're feeling... musical, you can bring it out to play a song or two." suggested the dragon.
Finally Martina relented to the Crag back’s pestering.
"Alright, if you’re not cheering for me then we are no longer bonded" she said with a small smile as she took the case and put it with her other one.
"Id always cheer for you so I am in no danger there," Vonriir chuckled.
Martina smiled and nodded.
“You must think im bizarre, I fly into battles, fight in the skies, take on bonded humans but not play a guitar in front of 15 or so dragons on a foreign world through a magic gate” she said but then realised the last part sounded more bizarre.
"Never," smiled the large dragon, hunkering down. "Having an audience is intimidating. Though, if it makes you feel better, music is basically non-existent on kilara. We have songs but no music. Any tune would captivate those who can hear it."
Martina found it odd that they had no music of sorts but then again, she could understand.
“Well, I cant imagine you or Forge playing a dragon sized guitar or flute or violin” she laughed lightly.
Vonriir laughed at that, "No, I don't think you'd get forge to play anything."

Veyron leaned out of the spare room at the sound of talons, hoping it would be Comox or Zyra but frowned when he saw that it was Hitteki.
"You'll do, I guess. Get in here for a second," he said.
Hitteki stopped in her tracks and tilted her head in confusion.
“What do you want now Veyron, I am busy finishing off a job” the Syrian dragoness said, unimpressed with Veyron.
"Just take a moment of your precious time. I need this," he said, pointing to a large tapestry like hanging, "put up there."
Pointing to a bare wall over the right ride of the room.
Hitteki looked at the bare wall and then the tapestry and sighed, thinking the Wraith would probably use it against her probation.
“Alright, I put it up there for you” she said as she entered the room, looking a little surprised.
“Is this all for Asuka?, its like Aladdin’s cave” she said.
"A little piece of home. You made your place remind you of home. It was better than what it looked like before in here." Explained Veyron.
Hitteki nodded in agreement, a rare occasion indeed.
“I guess so, let me put this up then, I am sure Asuka will be happy you went to all this trouble for her, quite thoughtful of you” Hitteki said as she went to put the tapestry up for the wraith.
"I’m hoping she thinks the same," said the little dragon, surveying the room for one final inspection.
Hitteki looked around.
“Well if she doesn’t I beat her up and tell her she’s ungrateful” Hitteki said to the wraith, her light attempt at a joke.
"She'd blast you through a wall before you got a chance to make a fist, Fuzz," laughed the wraith.
Hitteki down at the wraith.
“Oh?, you that sure?, Syrians can fight pretty well and I can, so I cannot see how a lighter weight dragoness can” she replied to the wraith, the dragoness tried to sound confident.
"Try her then. I dare ya," grinned Veyron. "You don't stand a chance in the world."
"I take a bet, name your terms Veyron" Hitteki said with a sly grin.
He matched her grin and rubbed his paws together as he thought.
"Hmm let's see, when I win ... we'll extend your little assistant duties another month. And you can run any suitable errands Mark might have for me."
Hitteki frowned at the prospect of this, she did not want to do more probation work having come the last leg of it “what if i win?" she asked.
"I don't know. What do you want?" He asked.
"Weight training Mr Veyron and I pick the terms plus u serve me for a month at my beckon call" she said holding out her paw to shake on it.
"Fine, I look forward to your extended service as my butler," the wraith said, holding out a paw.
Hitteki shook the dragons hand and nodded.
“Alright, you best get your gym gear ready, we see what a wraith can really do” Hitteki said teasing lightly the wraith.
"Yeah yeah, now get out. You're cramping the rooms style," said veyron, dismissing her with a wave of him paw.
Hitteki chuckled and moved off towards her quarters, soon there was an announcement on the tannoy system.
"Control to Veyron, please acknowledge” came a tannoy announcement for the wraith.
The wraith jumped up to the device built into the wall, "Veyron speaking." He said into it.
“Veyron sir, Miss Asuka’s shuttle has entered UK airspace and will be with us in an hour, you wanted to be notified?” came one of the operators.
"Great. I'll get the welcome party gathered," said the wraith, jumping down to go spruce himself up.
Asuka’s shuttle was now coming towards Torchwood 5, having travelled far from Japan, it was indeed an opportunity for the dragoness to see the dragon academy.
After tidying himself up, Veyron called Jack through their internal communication system and waited for an answer.
Jack looked up at the flashing message on his laptop and he answered it, seeing it was from Veyron, wondering what the wraith was after.
“Jack here, how can I help you Veyron?” the man asked to the shadow wraith.
"Asuka's shuttle will be arriving in about 25 minutes if you wanted to gather everyone for a proper welcome and show her how you conduct your circus." Said Veyron.
The man smiled lightly.
"Oh excellent I let everyone else know, we get down there right away, thank you Veyron, can you let the hanger manager know, full diplomatic ceremony for our guest” he asked the wraith.
"Will do," replied the little dragon. "I'll meet y'all down there."
Once the screen went off Jack looked up and spoke to Ardon.
“Let’s get down there and greet her, diplomatic procedures Ardy” he said as the golden dragon grabbed the pins for important diplomatic visits, since Asuka was from Japan they decided to show her full diplomatic honours.
As the humans chatted on the way to the hanger, the dragons were ahead chatting about the eastern dragons arrival to the academy.
"Great that she's finally here," said Zyra as they walked together.
"Yeah, her first time away from her own base I think. I hope she likes it here," replied Comox.
"I'm sure she will," Ardon piped in with confidence.
“I hear she is a formidable dragoness, very different to all of us, I have heard she’s very clever” Hitteki said to the group, walking alongside Comox.
"Yeah she's unique that's for sure. A different upbringing than the rest of us to say the least," replied Zyra.
Hitteki nodded lightly, understanding the upbringing would be different, from what Ardon had said, the dragoness was disciplined and would be an interesting test for the Syrian.
Vonriir had taken up the rear of the group headed down to the hangar when suddenly he stopped and turned back around. "Stars! I forgot my badge! I'll be back," he said galloping away and making the whole place shake.
The other dragons braced as the floor trembled under the force of the large crag back.
Jack turned as Vonriir went back to his quarters, to get his pin, he shook his head amused as the professor smiled lightly.
Once everyone was in the hanger, the large doors opened as the shuttle lowered down and powered down its engines, soon the back ramp lowered as the two Japanese pilots came round holding the flag of Japan as Asuka came down.
She was light and moved with a very fluid like grace.
Veyron stood in the forefront of the group and smiled broadly as Asuka descended the ramp.
"Welcome to Torchwood 5, Asuka," he said in perfectly polished Japanese.
Asuka bowed her head and spoke in Japanese to the Wraith, she smiled, her eyes bright and seemed pleased to see the small wraith before her.
"I am grateful for your kind welcome, you have more members I see" she said gesturing to Hitteki and Comox, the two she had not seen before.
"Welcome Asuka," said Ardon with a nod. "You are correct. This is Comox and Hitteki, both of which did not join us on our travels to Japan."
"A pleasure to finally meet you," said Comox with a polite bow and flourish of his wings.
Asuka bowed a bit lower in respect, noticing the two dragons were bold wings.
"The honour is mine, I am pleased to of met your mate Comox" the dragoness said not realising the dragons were not mated and the awkwardness around such matters as Jack kept quiet, allowing the dragons to socialise.
The white scales around Comox's muzzle got suddenly noticeably pink, "Um uh, we're just friends," he stammered quickly while his best friend tried to keep his composure next to him.
Zyra stepped in to save him from the awkward moment.
"Comox works with our IT head and Hitteki is our rising star in the facility and currently expanding her skills throughout the base." She said to Asuka.
The dragoness nodded lightly in response and respect.
"Forgive me, I have not had allot of, how you say dragon interaction, always been use to human company" the dragoness said.
"Of course, well there is plenty of dragons to mingle with" Jack said with a smile.
"Would you like the tour, Asuka? Or would you prefer a chance to rest before the riff raff bombard you with such things?" Asked Veyron , "we've had a room set aside for you."
Asuka smiled lightly at Veyron.
“Perhaps seeing my quarters would be nice, it has been a long trip, then I can have a tour” she said offering her paw for the wraith to clamber up.
Veyron leapt up her purple hued scales and took his usual spot in her antlered horns.
"Well meet up again later," said Ardon. "Enjoy!"
“I will meet you all soon, thank you again” she bowed as she went off following the directions of the wraith upon her horns.
Once they were away Veyron spoke to the dragoness from the east.
"Looking lovely as ever, Asuka," the little wraith said in his most charming voice. "I hope you like the accommodations I had set for your stay."
The dragoness smiled looking up at her antlered horns.
"That is very kind of you Veyron, you did not have to do anything special, you know me" she said kindly to the wraith.
"You look very nice in the garments I purchased for you, a true dragon" Asuka said.
"Why thank you," he replied, "I was surprised to see something arrived here for me. So thank you for the gift, princess. Been honoured to wear them." He said though really he thought the outfit made him look ridiculous.
Asuka chuckled lightly as the wraith gave her instructions to her quarters, it seemed the dragoness was happy to see the small dragon again, despite the others knowing his true colours.
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“Well, that was a little more short lived welcome than I had expected,” said Ardon, taking off his pin. After Asuka walked away with Veyron.
“Well….” Said Zyra with a bit of a sigh, “She did just disembark from a very long flight for the very first time in her life. She’s probably tired.”
“And easily persuaded by that wraith,” added Comox, handing Ardon his own badge. “Ever since you got back from that mission in Japan he’s often glued to his phone and I am willing to bet that he was talking with her.”
“No doubt about that at all. What she sees in that little sneak I’ll never understand.”
“Now, now,” rumbled Vonriir behind them, making the younger dragons jump in surprise, forgetting he still was looming around. “Love come in all shapes and sizes.”
“I don’t know if I would call what emotion Veyron is feeling love,” Zyra said, wrinkling her nose up, making the others laugh.

The dragoness was right to have a bit of a rest before being met with a whole facility tour and the very likely chance of having a lot of chatting dragons to contend with.

Asuka has been given a brief look at a few of the halls that lead down to her quarters but now the real tour could begin.

Veyron navigated the way back up the halls they came, turning left towards the center of the facility. The team and staff referred to this massive room as ‘The Hub” as from it led an assortment of hallways, staircases and elevators to every part of the building. The room was mostly spherical in design, giant white arches lending support to the structure. The round ceiling was crowned with large, false skylights, giving the massive room plenty of what appeared to be, natural light. A fountain stood in the middle of the room, as water gently bubbled around the Torchwood and Dragon Academy logos made as statues in it’s center.
The walls were a mixture of brilliant white, and a deep, denim blue and along two of them stretched the living walls, alive with moss, lichen and climbing vines.
To the west lead a wide staircase that reached down to the lower levels, where one could find the staff garage, the hot spring pools, gym and Holton’s expanded quarters.
A curving white staircase lead up from the reception desk, reaching up to the second level that was reserved for human staff quarters.
“This is what we call the Hub,” explained Veyron, ”It’s a bit overwhelming with all the exits and entrances here but you get used to it soon enough. We’re taking that wide entry to your left here. That’s the cafeteria, or the canteen they call it, and the lounge. You can get anything you want to eat here. Toby is our chef and does well enough. You’re welcome to join the group for dinner or have food brought to you. There’s no set mealtimes that you’re required to attend. Pretty much come and go as ya please.”
The dragoness paused to look around the grand space, taking it all in before following through with the next step in his navigating suggestions.
"This a very elegant place Veyron, I can see my home may of inspired your team to.. borrow some ideas" she said looking around with a satisfied look upon her face.
"Perhaps." He grinned down at her. "It was a little.... sterile looking before in most of the main areas. Took a little time to spruce it up. I think the golden wonder was a bit jealous of your digs. I wasn’t one to complain about a little decorative upgrade."
"Oh I see, Commander Summerfield wanted the base to be a living, breathing hub, intertwined with Japanese culture, it is…. strange to see this design of base" she commented.
"It's a big mix of... well everyone's tastes really. Everyone got to throw something in, design wise." Shrugged Veyron.
"Well its very unique and I approve, I also noticed your little gangways, an ingenious thing, you clever thing," she smiled.
Veyron could have thrummed with the pleasure that comment brought but refrained.
"Ah you did notice. I was wondering. I almost got that idea vetoed out. Anyway, angelface, turn left here into the canteen and prepare yourself for the riff raff."
Asuka chuckled lightly at Veyron's comments and moved with a smooth, gliding grace to the canteen.
The dragons had gathered in the lounge to wait for her arrival, chatting as they took up their usual spots on the padded floor in lieu of couches.
At first they didn’t notice her approach and Veyron was about to clear his throat to get them moving but one of the boldwings turned, realizing.
"Hi Asuka," greeted Zyra, the first to notice her return. The others got up politely in turn, welcoming her.
“I hope you got a bit of a breather after your long flight. We had your things unloaded and will take them to your room shortly. Did you care for a quick snack before you get to see the rest of our home?” asked Ardon.
Asuka nodded lightly.
"I would indeed, what food do you all eat here? I was told you have different culinary delights," Asuka replied.
“That we do. It might be quite a bit different than what you’re used to but the menu is usually rather varied from day to day. You won’t get bored of eating the same thing every day,” said Vonriir. “I have the pleasure of having many tasty meals here since my own arrival.
"I think Toby had something special in mind for your arrival. I'll see what he's prepared," said Comox while Ardon gestured to the long table that they moved towards to sit together.
The dishes had even been upgraded in the renovation. The dragons no longer ate out of utilitarian steel bowls and plates but something a little more decorative and homey while still being durable for their size.
A cottage pie was brought out for each of them. Normally a full meal for any human, this would serve as a light snack for the larger members of the team.
"Oh, I am eager to sample this" she said moving forward with the other dragons.
"THIS is something special?" Scoffed Veyron, unimpressed with the dish offered as he sat up in her antlers. This was by far the least impressive looking dish he thought could be offered aside from perhaps macaroni and cheese.

"What is the matter with it? That is a nice gesture from Toby, just because it hasn’t got alcohol in it, doesn’t mean it isn’t good" Hitteki said to the wraith.
He ignored this while the others dug in.
"I must compliment you Toby, this is a different yet very delicious meal" she said with a small smile. The man smiled broadly at the compliment and thanked her before returning back to the kitchens.
"How do you keep so many dragons here, the base feels it is massive and deep underground, though I enjoy the decor" Asuka said to the others.
“This place was constructed with the plans to home many dragons in the future. It was built to be the dragon academy and has been designed with dragons in mind. Having it underground ensures that we are kept under the radar but also gives the building extra stability for the larger employees,” said Ardon, gesturing to Vonriir who chuckled a bit.
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Asuka’s official tour of the facility began, with Veyron positioned in between the eastern dragonesses antler horns, Ardon, Zyra, Comox and Hitteki led the way, with Vonriir taking up the rear, Jack decided to let the dragons take their new guest round the base themselves, allowing them to have the interactions.
He hoped that this would be better and encourage Asuka more to perhaps pursue the academies philosophies and values, rather than those that Torchwood 9 had given her, there was more to life being a guardian dragon on earth than yoga, endless training sessions and learning to be battle ready, but to get life experiences and interactions with other dragons around her age.
Hitteki looked up and spoke to the massive crag back, noticing that Martina wasn’t with Jack or Melina in the canteen.
“Where is Martina Vonriir?, I did not see her in the canteen with Jack and the others” she asked.
"Martina had to leave to do her patrols today," said the large dragon, looking down at Hitteki "A shorter shift today though, she shouldn't be too long."
“Ahh ok, I can see you miss her when she’s on duty” Hitteki commented to the crag back.
"I do. If only I could keep up with her ship, I wouldn't have to," he chuckled.
The dragons showed asuka round the base, having a tour of the dragon academy and all the facilities it had to offer, it had of course undergone decorations and looked far more vibrant and looked very much like their home, but keeping a professional feel as well.
"And this is our flight hangar." Explained Ardon, "we do lessons here for new academy dragons and use the sky door as our exit to go flying."
Asuka inspected the place with a keen eye.
“It is very impressive, very similar to back home, secure but we haven’t got a specific dragon hanger” the dragoness commented.
"We had to get our own, our hangar manager couldn't contend with ships and dragons at the same time," smiled Zyra.
“You are the biggest Organization so that makes sense” Asuka said looking around again.
"Well anyone would request their own space after having to share with the golden wonder. " said Veyron.
Asuka smiled lightly.
“Are you implying that Ardon is not a competent flyer?” Asuka asked the wraith as Hitteki fought the urge not to roll her eyes at Veyron’s cheeky comments.
"I fly excellently. Second fastest to Zyra here. Queen of speed," retorted Ardon.
The team chuckled as they moved onto the next area of their tour in Torchwood 5.
Next they visited the Labs where the professor Melina and Doctor Zyra were based, the massive labs were allot quieter than normal with it being summer and people on leave.
"This is Melina and i's pride and joy here," said Zyra happily. "Our labs where we are devoting many resources to develop a drakine standard of health and medicine."
Asuka peered in through the glass to see the labs and equipment, it was pretty large but, in some ways, less advanced than back home.
"Impressive, is it used for human or just dragon?" Asuka asked.
"Both," said Zyra.
"Melina is well known for her mastery of her practice on both sides."
The eastern dragon nodded lightly, turning her head to face the bold wing.
"What is your role within these labs Zyra? What research do u do?" Asuka queried.
"I currently am doing research for our drakine health database and I also help Melina conduct any medical exams and procedures." She explained with pride.
“It is indeed very impressive facility you have here for both dragons and humans” Asuka commented as the team nodded, holding big respect for Melina’s work.
"They'll stitch you up good if you get in a scrap. Though don't expect the best bedside manner." Said Veyron.
Asuka seemed puzzled by the comments made by the wraith, perched still in his favourite spot between her horns.
“Have you been a regular visitor there Veyron?, what is your role with this big organization?” she asked.
"Well as an individual who specializes in recon and intelligence gathering I’m often put in dangerous situations. After saving our second in command and Our grand commander, Jack. I did my time in this infirmary."
Asuka smiled lightly.
“Such a brave dragon Veyron, how did you exactly save Mr Harkness then?” she asked.
"He was only just trying to fall to his death. I stopped him from making that mistake," grinned the wraith.
Hitteki did respect Veyron for his feat of bravery but he did milk it.
"Veyron used himself as a rope for Jack and basically got turned into a bungee cord, which could of snapped at any time" Hitteki said.
Asuka seemed surprised, " that is very bold and brave of Veyron, I am impressed" She said.
Veyron smiled at this, "well I figured I won't have a job if I don't have a boss." He shrugged.
The team moved on and continued the rest of the tour as they went rounds the offices and others sections, apart from the lower level as they seemed to be closed off.
The final part took them past the big command centre where Torchwood 5 monitored all the activities in the UK and all over with the big screen and computer monitoring all internet traffic and information, with operators at their desk also checking and keeping updates with the relevant departments.
"And this is the command centre." Said Ardon, leading the way. "It had a recent upgrade as well. " he explained as they entered the large room.
Asuka looked around the room and seemed quietly impressed with what Torchwood 5 had at their disposal.
"I am impressed with your facilities, you run a very organized unit here, Anne seemed to think you guys ran a less efficient operation" Asuka said
Hittkei gave a small smile behind the eastern dragons back at the comment.
"Never," said Ardon, trying not to be defensive, "Jack is very efficient and the base is run in the same manner."
"Hopefully with this new relationship between our bases we can coordinate and communicate a bit better." Said Zyra.
Asuka nodded lightly in agreement.
“I hope so, I did notice one room with guards and big heavy doors, what is that?” the dragoness asked the team.
The dragons seemed to go quiet when Asuka pointed out the one room which was their prized asset.
"Just some ... experimental tech," said Ardon, not sure how much he should reveal just yet.
Veyron seemed unimpressed with the golden dragons explanation.
"Just tell her what it is, Goldie. You guys are going to disappear through it in a few days anyway. Angel face, this is our facilities pride and joy. Portal to Kilara, world of dragons I suppose. Where nearly every one of us has come from at some point or another." Said Veyron.
Hitteki looked surprised and seemed annoyed with the wraith.
“Veyron, that is highly classified, its not for you to reveal it for others” Hitteki protested as Asuka seemed a little surprised by the Syrians protest.
"She'd find out in a day or two anyway! She's likely kilaran in some way so it's her right to know," retorted Veyron.
The green Syrian protested again about this with poor Asuka caught in the middle of the wraith and the Syrian arguing over the portal.
"Okay, okay. It's fine. Veyron is kinda right. She would have been told about it. We were going to invite you, asuka to the summer solstice on my family's islands." Said ardon, trying to diffuse the situation.
Asuka seemed intrigued with this.
“Could I see this incredible machine called a portal?” she asked the golden dragon.
"We need jacks’ clearance first. Or mark," said Ardon.
Asuka nodded lightly understanding.
“I understand, well I will accept the invitation to this Kilara, perhaps it will be a enlightening experience for me, I do appreciate the tour” Asuka said, her words genuine.
"Nah, kilara's got nothing interesting. Just wilds with no hint of civilization." Scoffed Veyron, not wanting her to go over.
Hitteki seemed to smile, knowing the wraith diddnt like to go to Kilara.
“Veyron isn’t keen on our home world, he owes other wraiths money, or he’s backed out of agreements” Hitteki gave the wraith a jab with those comments.
Asuka smiled lightly.
“I am sure that isn’t the case, Veyron is a very bold, brave and intelligent dragon, the fact he is a smaller breed makes his achievements all the more impressive, I do hope you come with me Veyron” she asked the dragon on her head.
"I'll think on it but I really think you'll like it better here," he replied.
The dragons went back to the canteen to find Melina and Jack had gone obviously to carry out their jobs for the day, the people were there now swapping shifts with others coming into work and leaving.
"Well that's the basics of the base," said Ardon, "and that concludes our tour."
"Back to mine then?" Asked Veyron, looking down at the dragoness from her horns.
Asuka chuckled lightly.
“Sure, be nice to have a little catch up, thank you again Ardon and all of you, I really appreciated it” Asuka said as she went off to the wraiths room.
The dragons watched Asuka and Veyron go as Ardon spoke.
"That went well...: right?" Asked Ardon, looking around the group.
"Id think so," said Comox.
“I agree, she had a good tour of the place, we should have something to eat and we can catch up with them” Hitteki suggested to the dragons who agreed.

Jack had returned to his quarters to do some work, thinking he could sneak an hour or two to free up time to spend with Ardon before they ventured away to Kilara.
He was about to start when his screen flashed up with an incoming call on screen, priority one from the EA
Jack looked a little surprised but then spoke.
“Computer, authorise secure message, Jack Harkness, level 1 clearance 34678/e and move ot secure channel 4 tier scramble” he said.
“Confirmed identity, line secure opening” came the computers response as Emelia appeared on the screen.
“Director Clarke, how may I help you?” he asked with a smile.
“Hello Jack, I hope I haven’t caught you at a bad time” she said.
“Not at all, anything I can be of assistance director” Jack replied to her.
“The EA has a sensitive project, a very sensitive project in the works, that was being developed and overseen by Sub Commander Holtan on our EA R&D branch”, Jack listened carefully to what the director said.
“Due to current security levels and with the strange happenings going on, what with the world president, what happened in Canada, we need this project secure and your base, along with Holtan’s work and experience will be well suited, so we like you to accept this and to allow Holtan to continue his work on this”. Emelia said.
Jack hummed, uncertain.
“He is technically Torchwood 5’s head of security operations, so far hes doing his job, but with the favour I did for you, he is locked downstairs working with his small team in those rooms on the lower level” Jack said.
Emelia nodded.
“I understand, we appreciate your flexibility in this, we would make it worth your time, check your emails, I have sent something to help your Organization reach new levels” she said as Jack checked his email as he saw a funding boost to the base, Jack did a double take.
“You serious?” he asked very surprised.
“We are, we know its asking allot, but you run a great team Jack, allow Holtan to do this for us and to take responsibility and ot lead the project, you can really help your academy, improve infrastructure and enhance the lives of your dragons, all it cost will be to store safely and securely the project, no questions asked”
Jack seemed a little surprised as he leaned back a bit on his chair.
“We can treat the dragons allot with food and luxuries, we have ot ensure it is spent to meet budget requirements” Jack commented to Emelia who smiled.
“You do this for us Jack, with Holtan running it, you get all the credits you ever need and then some” she said.
“Alright, I agree to it, when is it coming” he asked.
“5 days time, it will be arriving under the cover of night, minimal escort ships as to not attract attention, ensure it arrives, but is never recorded” she said as jack nodded.
“Ok, understood, we be ready for it” he said.
“Excellent, treat the dragons on us, thank you again commander, Emelia out” the message ended as Jack put his hands behind his head and looked up at the ceiling whistling at what the base had been offered.
A few hours later, one of the waiting staff in the kitchens knocked on Veyron’s quarters doors, the dragon had ordered some oriental style food and some other bits to go with it, but the door was locked as the man waited.
“Veyron sir? your food as you ordered for you and your guest” he said.
The door unlocked as the man waited expectantly.
Veyron leaned out of the room, looking a little flushed and dragged in the platter without a second word before shutting the door with a solid click.
“Strange fellow” he said to himself as he returned to the kitchens, wondering why the dragon looked hot under the scales.
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Late the next morning Veyron sauntered into the canteen looking as proud as a peacock. His smug expression had somehow reached new levels. Hopping up onto the stainless steel counter that held the much-used coffeemaker, the grabbed himself one of the tiny mugs purchased just for him and filled it to the brim.
Steaming, he took a sip of it, not bothering to wait for the coffee to cool before parading over to Hitteki who he had noticed watch him come in.
He set the coffee on the table and hopped up to where she was trying to enjoy her breakfast.
“Good morning, Fuzz,” he said to her in mock friendliness, tapping his talons along the side of the ceramic mug.
Hitteki looked up from her porridge, seeing his expression.
"Morning, your cheerful".
"Any why wouldn't I be?" asked Veyron.
"You tell me sir, why are you today?" she asked.
“Oh… you know… didn’t spend much time sleeping. Cultural exchanges and all that,” he said with a wide, devilish grin.
"Hitteki made a face puzzled, "Did you talk all night really?" Hitteki said.
Veyron just smirked knowingly and took a sip of his coffee twitching his tail as she tried to puzzle it out.
Hitteki frowned and pushed her porridge bowl away from her, shaking her head lightly.
Veyron pushed the bowl back towards her, "Oh come on, you're that prude, fuzzball?" snorted the wraith in laughter.
Hitteki snorted, "I am not, I mean how, the size fact no do not answer" hitteki said.
Veyron barked with laughter, enjoying this little exchange.
Just then Zyra came into the room for her own late breakfast and heard the laughing coming from the tables, “What’s so funny?” she asked, walking up.
“Oh Hitteki here is getting her tail in a knot over-“ began Veyron but the other dragoness cut him off.
"Umm he is just being Veyron picking on me for yesterday ...hah just my luck," Hitteki quickly said.
Veyron snickered.
“Knock it off, Veyron,” chided Zyra as she poured herself some tea, “What qualities Asuka admires about you I don’t understand.”
He was about to reply with something a little risqué but Zyra caught her mistake.
“Nope, just… don’t. Go slink around somewhere else.” She stopped him as she came over to the table with her talons wrapped around her mug.
“Sheesh, good thing I’m getting a little love somewhere else. You ladies are cold as ice,” snickered the wraith.
“GO,” Zyra repeated, not yet having enough caffeine in her system to deal with his nonsense.
Veyron was about to head off anyway but turned around at the end of the table.
“PS, could you STOP trying to convince Asuka to go to through that damn hell machine? I doubt T9 would want her off the planet anyway. She’s their only dragon.”
“Veyron, she wants to come. Ardon is getting Jack to send off a request to Anne so we can all head off together tomorrow,” replied Zyra, as she sipped her tea.
Veyron frowned, “Fun police, all of you.” He said before jumping off the table and sauntering away.
“Gross little dragon,” Zyra muttered to Hitteki.

On the other side of the facility Vonriir had woken early and snuck out-about as quietly as a dragon his size could sneak- to the flight hangar where his Attilu’s ship was stored. It had not been washed for a while and the numerous flights had left a bit of dirt and grime covering the smooth and usually gleaming surface. The Cragback knew that the woman took such pride in her ship and loved to see it in top form so he had requested help from the hangar manager, Joseph, to fetch soap and water, rags and the hose and set to cleaning it up.
The man normally did not like dragons of any size in his flight hangar but had made hesitant allowances for Vonriir considering who he was bonded to. Still the dragon’s size made for a bit of concern for the protective hangar manager as he kept a close eye on all the other expensive ships and equipment in his proximity.
Normally a multi-hour task for any person, Vonriir’s size allowed him to nearly complete the job of cleaning the ship in just over half an hour. Cleaned, polished and dried, the Avalon now looked like it had just rolled off the production line.
He stood back and proudly admired the work, smiling as he hoped that Martina would be happy.
“Looks good, Vonriir,” said Joseph as he and an engineer named Scarlett stood on some mobile scaffolding and worked on the wing of one of the other ships.
“Thank you, I managed to buff out a few scratches,” he said happily.
Martina woke and saw Vonriir wasnt there, she looked a little puzzled.
She left their quarters and went hunting for the massive Crag back.
"Von" she said in a loud whisper as she made her way to the hanger, "Von!" she said again in a loud but hushed tone.
Vonriir suddenly heard her call and smiled, "Martina! In here!" he called as he positioned himself to block the ship from view, puffing up a little with anticipation.
Martina looked puzzled as she yawned, "what you doing up at this hour and in the hanger?" she asked.
Vonriir smiled but realized he had left the bucket of soapy water and rags on the floor beside the ship, an unsightly mess next to his hard work and tried to kick it out of the way with a back paw. Instead, however, he reached too far and knocked the scaffolding that Joseph and Scarlett had been working on. They shouted as their platform rocked dangerously, spilling tool off the side. Vonriir realized his mistake and lunged to steady it before they could fall off but in his haste his tail knocked the wing of the Avalon.
"Vonriir, watch out!" she called out in alarm seeing a potentially disastrous event about to unfold.
It teetered dramatically but he caught it with his back paw just before it rocked past the point of no return. He stood there with two paws on the scaffold and one on the ship, breathing fast in the sudden turn of events and panic.
“Stars!” he said, “That was very close!”
“Close?” stammered Joseph, “You nearly killed us!”
Vonriir looked a little taken aback, now standing besides the Avalon.
"I apologize, my dragon is new to the whole bond, as am I and he wanted to make my life a bit easier, he just wanted to help out" Martina said.
“No harm done,” said Scarlett, climbing down to fetch the lost tools. The hangar manager grumbled something under his breath as he walked off to the office.
“Erm, ta da?” said Vonriir gesturing to the Avalon half heartedly, the wind taken out of his sails for the surprise.
"Oh Vonriir, that’s really sweet, you did not have to big guy, its part of my duties...i hope you haven’t been up plotting all night" she said to her dragon.
“No, no,” said the Cragback, shaking his large head, “Since it’s a day off for you I figured I’d let you sleep in and clean the Avalon for you so you wouldn’t have to. Sorry about the… chaotic unveiling…”
"Aww I love it,. Come here as I can’t reach up there" she laughed lightly.
Vonriir lowered his head, and thrummed happily, glad that the near disaster didn’t ruin anything.
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