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Sera Imara - (The Sendoff)

Here's a section of of Part 1, "The Sendoff".
(Click here if you'd like to read the rest!)

Jenghis and Daegan were cousins. Their mothers were littermates, both of pure golden race. But while Jenghis was an average golden race lion of average build and appearance, Daegan was an anomaly. Not only was he born mysteriously white with cobalt blue eyes that never turned, he was a giant of his species. For this reason he was more revered than even Kale, who was his father and the king. Some of the pridefamily considered him a gift from the gods, and they decided that he should stay with them and become their king when Kale was unfit. "He will make us great," they often said. "When he is king everyone will fear us. He will scatter our rivals so that we can take their land."
All of this had gone directly to Daegan's head. He loved every word.

"There's my favorite cousin..." The great white lion nudged Jenghis in the ribs until he stood. "I've come to make you an offer, and you mustn't refuse."
"What mustn't I refuse?"
Daegan flashed a small grin. "I will be named King soon, and I have plans to conquer a large territory.. Expand the pride.." His tail lashed behind him. "You are the only other lion here besides my father. You're young and fairly strong. Stay with me, serve under me.. Help me.. And I'll call you my brother. Prince of all Africa."
Jenghis smiled and shook his head. "That is a tempting offer, but I don't know."
"Picture it," Daegan said. "Anything you want will be yours. I'll give you first pick of the lionesses. You'll eat like a king and live out the rest of your days as a celebrity.. Because Jenghis.." He pulled the smaller lion close. "I'm not just going to expand the pride. I'm going to rule it all."
Jenghis laughed quietly. "I can see that when you dream, you dream big!"
Daegan let go of him and sat back. "It's not just a dream. It'll be a reality soon enough. The lionesses.. They think I'm a god." He smiled on the word god.
"You know there's no such thing as 'the gods'."
His brow furrowed. "Of course there is. They sent me here."
Jenghis shook his head. "Sorry Daegan, I appreciate the offer but I just can't stay. My Sendoff is in a couple of hours."
Daegan stared at him. "You're turning me down?"
"Yeah. I'm sorry."
He was silent for a moment. Then he pulled his lips back into a snarl. "You would have slowed my progress anyway. Better that you leave." He whirled around and was gone.
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