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Melina and Forge - Mirror Universe

After Jack and Melina left with old Forge back to their own timeline and dimension, the young Forge flew away and went on his travels around Kilara.
To continue his journey around the lands as he pondered all that his old self and the two humans he would not see for another 300 years.
The first few weeks Forge missed Melina, allot more than he had anticipated, remembering his older self, battle scars covering his scales, a mangled crest and an embittered personality led Forge to decide he did not want to turn into that sort of dragon.
He decided to take an alternative path to the one that was set out for him, the lucky charm on his horn reminded him of the kindness and caring that the human Melina had given him, he held hope that he would meet her again one day and would become a peacekeeper than a warlord, he would wait and hope.
As the years, past what Jack and Melina had told the young dragon came true as his brother was born and named Bronan, his brother grew into a fine young dragon and soon met up with a pretty dragoness called Tahsis.
These things Forge knew and watched as time passed by for the dragon, he had already changed his destiny, being more of a peacekeeper and had become known as a dragon who was very diplomatic, he was not afraid of fighting or battling but he vowed not to turn into the bitter warlord he had seen.
Forge lived a more peaceful life however what Forge did not know is that this was an alternative future and would not affect that time line.
Bronan soon announced his brother that Tahsis was carry eggs and would soon have a clutch, he would be their sire Brother, Forge greeted the news with a smile and happiness at the news, but Forge knew this was coming and soon the humans would be arriving.
A time he was dreading, knowing what Forge had told him about the humans coming to invade them, he had not looked forward to this, because it meant he might have to turn into the very dragon he had vowed not to be.

However, the future warlord Forge had told him would not come true, Forge’s changes and decisions affected this timeline, having a knock on effect, things panned out allot differently on Earth and history was about to be rewritten on Kilara.
In May 2057 the first earth based ship arrives on Kilara, ESA (Earth star alliance) ship Agamemnon Captained by Jack Harkness, the man made contact with Kilara dragon elders and representatives from dragon clans.
A peaceful accord was reached and with the permission of the dragons, they could open a unique type of mine to collect valuable orbs, gems and fuel for their home on earth.
Jack Harkness was a kind man, but also a very accomplished negotiator, an ideal model of a human being and this seemed to win over the elder dragons and the many clan representatives.
They agreed the one mine would be allowed and the environment and disruption would be very minimal, this pleased Jack and the commanders on Earth, it was then agreed perhaps the two species could work together in mutual cooperation and that the humans would be allowed to build a subtle but big complex to promote peace and cooperation between the species.
News soon travelled around the clans of dragons that a strange bunch of people had appeared from the stars and that they came in peace and had agreed happily of cooperation.
Forge knew something had changed from what his old self told him and excitement and hope grew of finding Melina once again.
Ardon who was only a small drake at the time was taken by Forge to go see the humans, he had told his brother, he would take the young and inquisitive drake away to give the new parents a break, out of the four siblings, Ardon was the only male and the urge to explore was strong with the young golden dragon.
Forge knew about the bond between Jack and Ardon, he took the young drake to go to the humans, hoping that Jack was there, so he flew towards where the human starship was based.
he met the kind Captain Jack Harkness, it took a little time to realise that this version of Jack had never met him before or knew what he knew.
The man looked completely different to how he looked when the dragon had first saw him, not the tall, bulky human he remembered, he felt a little disappointed that Professor Melina was not present in the ship.
Forge felt that perhaps if Brathille, the ancient bond could bring her there, so he introduced his grandson Ardon to Jack, as if on cue, the two touched and Brathille happened between them, the man had looked surprised but Forge explained the bond of Brathille to Jack who felt so honoured to be chosen as it were by Ardon, not knowing the full details but it was beginning of something wonderful.
The next 5 years was eventful, due to the Jack and Ardon bonding, Earth decided to spend billions of credits on a new facility, with the intention of it being dragon friendly and to act as Earth’s embassy on Kilara.
Jack had found a subtle location which would not affect the environment or cause pollution.
A massive base was constructed in the same place as the old Torchwood Base Forge encountered in the other universe.
This time the base was not for Torchwood as the organization did not exist, instead a new organization that looked after the cooperation between dragon and humans would be defended and preserved, the organization was called Kilara and Earth Alliance (KEA) and in 2063 the massive facility was completed and was called Comhaltas.
It was an old Irish word, meaning close friendship and unity was the purpose of the name, the base took a while to build but there was no expense spared and soon dragons offered their brawn and services to aid in the construction.
Jack was given the role of Director of this facility, a perfect choice considering he was bonded to the little golden dragon Ardon, however Forge still hoped he would see Melina again but did not ask Jack about the woman and patiently waited.
Soon as the staff began to be assigned to the base Dr Melina Goodwin put her name forward to be chief of human and dragon medicine, hoping that studying dragons and being more of an expert in dragon medicine and healing would aid her development in becoming a professor.
Melina arrived one year after the base was completed, there were inevitably teething issues with the base initially but the engineers and technicians soon sorted out the bugs.
Forge had been excited to see the woman again, the one who showed him kindness when he had faced such a low point in his young life all those years ago, the short term bond had soothed his aching heart and while initially against the bond, he had come to accept it and miss it.
With Melina here, the silver was pleased to see the woman once more, though he had to hold back excitement as she had never met him before.
His worries were ill founded as Melina in this time was exactly the same, kind, caring, clever with a bit of a fiery streak which surprised and pleased the old male.
Brathille once more worked its mystical magic, Forge felt the signs and the pull, this was what he had waited for, ignoring his future warlord self, he bonded with Melina once more, much to the delight of Melina and Jack.
The link once more between them and this time it seemed to be there with vigour as the new pair were bonded.
Soon Jack’s team began to shape up more members joined and more dragon’s volunteered their services to KEA, including a young bold wing female called Zyra who had volunteered after Jack’s small team visited the other continent past the endless sea.
Zyra ended up bonding to a female officer in KEA who was head of conservation and environmental protection Amanda Gillis.
Soon after this bond a strange dragon approached to volunteer, his name was Icarus a night striker, offering to provide night cover within the base, he soon bonded with a man called David who was in charge of internal facilities in the mass complex.
In 2070, KEA was well established on Kilara and the base had 5 bonded dragons and a mass team of 600 people working on the base, including 10 dragons who had made the base their home.
The base location buried under the large mountains was state of the art, for the humans who lived there and for dragons who were residents and those passing by, the base was open to every dragon who needed help or a place to stay if in need.
This was the basis of the KEA organization, with all this in mind there were over 30 naturally adapted quarters for dragons, combining the technology of humans into the more natural caves with subtle lighting which could be adjusted, toilet facilities and of course they all have luxury naturally heated pools for the dragons to lounge in.
There was a large medical facility for the dragons and for humans which Melina oversaw, there were also Gym facilities for the dragons if needed as well as a massive canteen where food was naturally hunted and supplied for by a number of dragons, a large garden growing other resources for humans and dragons like veg and fruit were also done, to give dragons variety.
Transport ships from earth brought in supplies and goods for the humans however it was discovered some of the dragons enjoyed the human treats and food delicacies as well.
The facility had a complex and powerful computer system and command centre which was maintained by Professor Baxter who had invented the system, using organic components to enhance and increases computer speed and power, he also created the AI software on the base that would look after all aspects of base life, from defence systems to the environmental controls inside and controlling allot of the base facilities.
Indeed, it was a pure work of technological triumph and KEA was privileged to have such a working system with them.
The base was a success and with the bonded dragons all under the banner it seemed very much that the whole future told to him by warlord Forge panned out allot differently, whether it was due to his decision not to pursue the warlords steps he was unsure but one thing was for certain. He preferred this alternative timeline.

May 2071
This month would be a very important one for the KEA, now established on Kilara would celebrate its 2nd birthday of its creation and it would be the base’s 1st annual birthday in which the facility was open and operational fully.
It was something marked on the calendar and Jack wanted to ensure he always celebrated it, to show the union between humans and dragons still continued stronger than ever, it had accomplished so much in just 1 year of existence.
It offered shelter and protection for over 50 dragons from a vicious storm that raged across the continent for a whole month, it had helped negotiate new peace deals with dragon clans, with Forge being the diplomat and peace keeper.
There was also celebration as Melina became a professor of medicine and had now categorized over 100 dragon species in her dragon medical library, it was indeed progress and the good professor had made leaps and bounds on dragon medicine.
Jack would also celebrated his 30th Birthday on Kilara and it was discovered Ardon and some dragon kind of liked the idea of celebrating Birthdays and hatchling days, any excuse for good food and some lively conversation.
Music was also something dragons seemed to like, luckily a satellite in orbit acted as powerful amplifier so music could be picked up by the base.
It was all pleasant and peaceful, with summer not far away, the rocks provided warmth in the winter and was cooler in the summer due to them being underground, although the base itself was very open and bright
The base itself was pretty quiet, a chance for some staff to go on shore leave back to earth, while certain areas closed to minimal operations.
Melina had decided to have a lie in, after doing allot of medical and research papers in the canteen till late at night, she was sleeping in, her quarters were based on the lower levels, like many of the bonded dragons and humans were, sharing each other’s company however there was privacy for both if needs be.
Melina slept with a large comfortable bed in a small alcove in the cave quarters, Forge her dragon slept close by with plenty of room for the adult dragon.
Melina stirred and lazily glanced over at the wall clock embedded in the Rock, a digital time for Kilara, which was also worked out by Jack’s first team.
It read 9.30am eastern Kilarian time.
“ is that the time, I think I over indulged on a studying binge” she cringed pulling the blankets over her head comically.
"That is not unusual for you," replied the silver.
Melina looked over to the large silver dragon, “Thanks for the support silver, you give me motivation to get up today” she chuckled lightly.
"Dragon fire under your feet would be fine motivation. Should I try that?" He asked.
Melina laughed as she jumped out of bed, chucking a pillow at the silver.
“Your terrible, good job I put up with you, Brathille must of guessed we would work well together” she grinned walking to pour herself some water.
The dragon was quiet for a moment in contemplation. "Yes, I would have to agree." He said with a smile.
Melina nodded as she sat near the large silver dragon, smoothing his scales lightly with her hands.
“Jack was saying that Ardon’s parents, your brother are coming to visit, to celebrate the facilities 1st birthday, seeing those dragons all grown up, though Ardy being to only guy in a clutch” Melina said amused.
"It will be nice to have the family together though I can just hear the noise of all the chatter already." Replied the silver, shaking his head.
Melina smiled.
“Now, as a respected silver, you got to attend your duties, heck you got to put up with Ardon’s antics on this base” Melina said.
“Your scales are really glittering today, you been in the thermal pools?” she asked.
"I have. And don't worry, if Jack doesn't keep Ardon in line I will." Nodded forge as he stretched.
Melina chuckled lightly as she got up from the place she was by Forge.
"I caught Icarus and Vonriir in the thermal pools, relaxing, never heard those two talk so much before, I think they were a good investment" Melina said.
"Hah, well I think everyone has been enjoying them. It shouldn't surprise you that Vonriir can chat though." Smiled the dragon as he dipped his head down land brushed his muzzle against the top of her head, ruffling her hair.
"An old dragon like myself appreciates those hot springs."
Melina laughed as she smoothed his muzzle.
“Oh give over with the old dragon stuff, your still fit as a fiddle, your medical was incredible, for a dragon your age, still got near pristine scales, your crest and when we went flying all those acrobatic moves in front of Ardy and Zyra?” she said looking up at the fiery eyes of the silver.
"Yeah, yeah." He chuckled. "Have to show the younglings how to run the show. Anyway, where does our day begin, miss?"
Melina smiled and glanced at the time on the wall, now reading 10am.
“Let me get my shower, I meet you in the Ibantu Canteen once I’m done, can you order me a tea and a fruit muesli please” Melina said as she went to get a shower.
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Forge made his way slowly down the massive halls of the building, headed to the canteen while his Attilu prepared for the day. He looked around as he walked. Comhaltas was a sight to be seen. The ceilings rose up higher than even Vonriir could reach on his hind legs and lent enough space to not allow the dragons to feel crowded. It was a masterpiece within itself. Large junctures between wings offered communal spaces and the grand design of it all was welcoming.
He meandered into the canteen and set an order in for himself and the items that Melina had requested. She was quick in her morning routines and her tea would still be hot by the time she came down to the lounge.
He looked around and found that it was bustling today. Vonriir was lounging after having a hearty meal, talking to two officers. Two other dragons of different breeds were conversing with one of the Talkiir consultants in the lounge, a common sight for new dragons in the facility. Dozens of others meandered around as the celebrations were amping up to take place later that evening. Xerrus was in his quarters most likely, being nocturnal after all, but David was chatting with his two daughters that came over with his wife once he was bonded to the great night striker.
The Silver nodded to others as he passed by and sat down at one of the tables to wait for Melina.
He recalled the lonely days where he waited and waited for signs of humans coming from the stars. 300 years was a long time to hold patient while anticipating for your life to change for a second time. He told no one, not even his own family about the strange encounter he had with Jack and Melina. He feared that others would think he had lost his mind over Tavalia and not believe him. Instead he kept the meeting secret, even wondering at times that he had lost his mind and it had all been some bizarre dream. Small hints, like Ardon’s hatching reinforced his hope and kept the dragon sane while he waited out the years.
He had flown endless miles over Talkiir, spreading peace and helping clans solve conflicts between their members. Forge became a formidable figure in the ascent for peace. He had vowed to himself that he wold not become the battle scarred warlord that his future self had been. Though now he often wondered if he had done right to change it all.
The day he met Melina, for the second time, he had battled with himself; to bond like Brathille urged him to, or to listen to the embittered older version of himself and refuse. In the end he felt he had to. Brathille had obviously wanted the match to be made and he submitted to it with a joy in his hear that hadn’t felt in ages.
He had felt guilt when he and Melina first met Zyra. His older self had told him that in lieu of their bond, Melina had bonded to Zyra in his timeline, and loved her dearly, did not have that chance anymore. It was his relief that she bonded to the conservation officer Amanda Gillis soon after her arrival even though the Boldwing did seem drawn to the Doctor.
In the end, he decided, his decision was far better than what his future self had done. No war, death or fighting. Jack Harkness hadn’t been taken and tortured. The young man was healthy and happy, not weighed down by the corruption that plagued him in the mirrored universe that Forge had glimpsed.
Ardon had benefitted from the way things worked out as well. He had not hatched from a stress-sick mother and stepped into the world as a healthy sized hatchling, speeding his growth and with the help of Brathille’s Magic he was turning into a fine young dragon.
All in all, the great silver was at peace with how things had turned out. He had only a brief glimpse of how the alter Forge’s universe had panned out and he was positive that his choices had led to a far better future.
“Where are you, Forge?” suddenly came a familiar voice.
The silver snapped back into reality and looked down at the Boldwing at his feet. She smiled, “You’re not one for daydreaming much.”
“Zyra, just thinking about a few things,” Responded Forge, “Are you ready for the celebrations today?”
“I am,” she nodded.
“Me too,” Said her Attilu, Amanda as she walked up with a cup of coffee in her hands. “Chefs have been working like machines the past few days to prepare. Apparently we’re having a ton of guests attend. Luckily some of the dragons have hunted extra and are smoking the hatch to ensure everyone gets fed.”
Forge nodded. There was a large dragon presence in the facility and soon to be more. A few minutes later a group of five very familiar faces came walking up the hall to the canteen from the entry bay. Forge looked up and recognised the faces of his brother Bronan and his mate, Tahsis. Their daughters, spotting Forge came running up.
“Uncle, uncle!” they cheered. Beauties, all three of them. Ucluelet, the oldest of the girls, was a pearly, pale blue-green with eyes like her mother. Belcarra, the second, had her father’s copper colouration while Kitsilana had scales of pale bronze. All had grown into elegant dragoness’s and they all looked eager to be here for the celebrations.
“Girls, welcome,” smiled Forge, dipping his head to greet them.
“Forge, you’re looking well. Thanks for inviting the clan out to your humble abode,” grinned his brother. They tapped horns in a customary greeting while the silver and Tahsis gently dipped their heads to one another.
“I’m glad you all could come,” he replied.
“Where’s that son of mine?” asked Bronan, looking around.
“I’m sure he’s busy with something. He and Jack should be down soon.”
“Ah, as long as he’s not causing any trouble,” chuckled the copper dragon.
“I wouldn’t bet on that much.” Smiled Tahsis.
As if on cue Ardon walked into the canteen.
“ARDY!” yipped the girls. The gold dragon looked surprised as they rushed towards him. All he managed was a step back as crowded him, smothering him with sisterly affection while he grew steadily more and more embarrassed.
“Ugh get off!” he half teased, hoping that they would settle down, everyone was looking and he didn’t want to seem like a soft big brother. He was the dragon of the leader of the building and had a reputation to uphold.
The girls settled down and lapsed into chatter, asking him all about his job here, how it all was going and how he was growing, his bond and everything in between that they had missed out on since they last saw each other.
“Expect our family reunion to deafen the rest of the canteen,” said Forge, shaking his head, wondering if Melina would come down soon.

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Jack came down the stairs from just attending a meeting on the monthly updates on the base and how many dragons they were expecting for the celebrations and to ensure there was enough food and facilities for the dragons.
The tall slim man came down the large steps as he entered the canteen, seeing it bustling as Melina walked in giving Jack a smile.
“Good morning Jack” Melina said with a smile as Jack looked at his watch.
“Bit late for you isn’t it? Your usually all sorted and in the labs by now” Jack said noticing the time and Melina being outr of her normal routine.
Melina gave the man a look.
“Yeah, well I deserve a lie in now and then, least I’m here now, seems we got allot of people here” she said observing the amount of dragons around.
Jack nodded in agreement as the two of them approached their usual spot near the far left where Ardon and the others were gathered.
"Ah there's your Attilus," boomed Bronan with a smile.
"Thank you for having us for the celebration," said tahsis with a small bow.
Jack smiled and nodded I respect ot Ardon’s parents, the man was pleased they could be there for this celebration of the facilities existence.
“The honour is ours, have you brought the clan as well? They currently with Ardon” Jack asked as Melina smiled, greeting them and thanking Forge for getting her food, giving a quick pet to Zyra.
"Yes, he's gone to give them the tour, or try to escape them, not exactly certain," chuckled forge.
Jack smiled lightly.
"I take the latter, well they will keep him active" Jack laughed lightly, Melina agreed with a nod.
"How have things been here?" Asked Bronan. "All is well?"
“Your brother has been on good behaviour also, keeping me on my toes, wouldn’t want things any other way” Melina said with a smile.
“I assume you two would like the Luxury suite for your visit with the extra-large thermal pool” Jack said raising and lowering his eyebrows quickly.
Bronan chuckled, "Why not if it's available."
"Love, we really don't nee-" came Tahsis' soft voice.
"Ah nonsense. They offered. Why not be spoiled while we're here?"
Melina finished her tea and spoke to the couple.
“It is lovely quarters, big enough for you two and the girls, plus that pool, the engineers were allowed to play with the design on that one, the Kilara suite it is officially called” Melina said as Jack nodded.
“Yes, please do, we would be honoured, all the dragons here have said they are amazed by humans ability to create some amazing things, this is certainly has all the dragons in awe” Jack said to the dragons.
The parents nodded in agreement when Amanda walked up with Zyra.
"Yes, it's pretty incredible what such little creatures can do." Teased the dragoness.
Jack chuckled lightly.
“Come off it Zy, me and Amanda have caught you and Ardy, relaxing in the thermal pools, snoozing in the shallow bit, while it kept you warm, especially in the winter and raining season here” Melina teased back lightly.
"Hey, I'm not complaining. The opposite actually." Smiled the dragoness, turning to see Ardon approach.
"Lost them?" Asked Forge.
"They're speaking with the two new dragons," said the gold, looking relieved he didn't have to suffer to entertain them for the time being.
Jack looked and saw the dragon approach, he was looking mighty impressive these days, his golden scales sparkling in the light, he was really a handsome creature to see, he had grown up with plentiful food and training that the KSA did with Forge’s guidance.
“Looks like your scales are looking pristine, glad to see them sparkling again” Jack said giving Ardon a light pat on the shoulder.
"Had to look my best for the celebrations of course," grinned the gold dragon. "You don't look half bad yourself."
Jack rolled his eyes lightly, shaking his head.
“Well he is growing more and filling out” Jack said as he felt proud of Ardon as the dragon picked up on this.
Ardon stretched and rolled his shoulders. Zyra caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of her eye and smiled as she looked away in a shy manner.
"Oh you show off" Jack said as Melina chuckled lightly.
"what, I was just stretching." Ardon huffed at Jack jokingly. "And thank you, Melina." He said, giving her a quick lick.
"Forge, Tell your nephew here to behave and stop posing" Jack joked with the large silver dragon.
"Ah Ardon, rein yourself in," chuckled the silver.
"Oh you all are terrible," said Ardon, shaking his head.
Jack shook his head lightly, this was usually how their interactions were like, friendly banter but happiness from the human’s and dragons was in no doubt, this group loved one another and were close knit.
"Come on handsome, let's greet the other dragons who are arriving, you two settle into the suite " Jack said to Bronan.
As Jack led Ardon away so they could mingle with the other dragons in the facility who had travelled in.
Melina turned and smiled at Amanda, " how's things with you and Zyra" Melina asked.
"Really good." The woman replied, "we've been making a lot of progress on the local area and venturing a bit beyond now. Cataloging and classifying has been our primary project over the last few months. I wouldn't ask for a better partner on the task."
The professor nodded in agreement at Amanda’s words.
"Zyra is a fast dragoness, I think we're all lucky to be with such diverse and awesome dragons" She said happily
"Yeah, it's incredible the variation. Beautiful creatures, all of them. How are you doing with big silver?" She inquired.
Melina smiled looking up at the large silver dragon before her, the male seemed content, listening into the conversation.
Forge looked down on the both of them, "We've made a good team I think," he said with a smile.
Melina couldn’t agree more.
“I totally agree, we got a very close knit team of humans and dragons, Brathille chose us well, I think though Forge’s family might be more prone to bonding, just a theory of mine” Melina said.
"Two out of the clan not bad. I thought Ucluelet might be one to bond if she hung around long enough," replied Amanda.
Melina nodded, “Well don’t want Jack to have a headache, anyways I believe we are due to greet the elders of Kilara who are arriving and the Brindlebacks, so were on diplomacy duty” Melina said looking at Forge, then to Amanda and Zyra.
"It will all go smoothly I'm sure." Nodded the silver.
"I can't wait to meet up with everyone once all the official stuff is done." Smiled Zyra.
Melina nodded with a smile.
“We will catch you soon, we see you for the evening do, get to dress up and all, see you later” Melina said as the gang split up to do their duties for the day.
As Melina and Forge walked out of the canteen, the silver dragon spoke ot the professor.
"Melina, would you mind giving my scales and crest a once over before the celebration?" Asked the silver.
Melina looked up and grinned.
“Of course I will, I use the new polish we got in, make you look very regal for the dragons and the evening, it should be amazing, I would say first, a dip in the the thermal pool to rinse the scales then I polish” Melina said, she was a pro at polishing, not just did she do Forge’s but Ardon and Zyra, but Vonriir and Icarus had cottoned on and had put in requests.
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Brianne, Tara, Michelle

Forge and Melina took the time to get ready without rush. More and more dragons were arriving to the facility for the celebration, many of them bringing gifts.
The human’s arrival, in this altered timeline, had brought bounty and prosperity to the dragon. Medical advancements and tools were among the many things that the dragons had benefitted from and for that they were honoured to bring offerings of thanks on the anniversary of the opening of the facility. It had become tradition for visitors to bring something on these celebratory days.
Food, trinkets, gems –especially jade and opal-, fossilized wood where all items of value to the dragons that they brought with them.
Just over 80 dragons had come to attend overall. While not all of them could crowd the facility, the grounds above it offered plenty of room for celebrations. Great bonfires and smokehouses to cook food were built. A river that ran down at the end of the grounds offered dragons a place to drink.
The area had been decorated with brilliant coloured streamers and balloons that delighted the dragons. It didn’t take long for everyone to gather. Human mingled with dragons without batting an eye, shifting through the crowd. Breeds from all across Kilara had come to attend, sizes large and small. Vonriir stood out as the biggest, followed by Forge but there were dragons a small as dogs in attendance which made up for an interesting group.
A few Boldwings had come to join, Zyra and Amanda chatting with them about life back on Iban’tu.
Jack and Ardon walked up to a wooden podium. The gold dragon looked magnificent with brilliantly shimmering scales as he stood proudly beside the man. The crowd grew silent as all eyes turned towards them to listen to the directors speech.
"My friends, welcome to our celebrations, I will keep it short, today we mark another year in which our mutual cooperation and friendship between our people continues to grow and strengthen, now...the words you all been waiting for, the buffet is open" Jack said with a smile as the humans clapped and the dragons thumped their tails or stopped their right paws upon the ground in applause.
The crowd broke into a mingling gathering. Peace and friendship reined as food was served and good natured chatter broke out.
Dragons parted to let through three dragons, Elders of old clans that had made their way to Comhaltas to offer their blessings. Itare, Voltus, and Fayla, approached. Three different breeds but all looked like they had been mighty dragons in their time.
“Director Harkness, we hope that the seasons ahead bring you peace and prosperity,” said Voltus in a raspy voice.
Jack smiled, " I hope so too, we are honoured you came along again, My bosses will be pleased of our continued friendship" Jack said.
The dragon bowed his head. “Send them our respects if you will.”
“Young Ardon,” Said Fayla, “You are keeping up with your duties as Guardian?”
“Yes, ma’am,” the gold nodded and bowed his head.
“Good. You’re becoming a fine dragon. Don’t let the girls distract you, son,” Itare said with a croaky laugh.
“Heh, of course not,” Ardon grinned awkwardly, thankful to be whisked away to another conversion with Jack.
The gathering was looking like it was going to be a success. The food was plentiful, served hot and delicious.

Xerrus, the dragon known as Icarus in a different time, walked into the crowd now that it had gotten dark enough for him to attend. The girls, Tara and Michelle aged 6 and 7, raced between his slow, striding steps as he joined the ranks of dragons. His Attilu, David Stonewell, walked hand and hand with his wife, beside the large dragon. The girls went tearing off, jumping over tails and running under other dragons as they made their way through the celebration. The massive creatures were good at keeping an eye out for the children running around, careful where they stepped.

Forge walked slowly with Melina as they meandered around the crowd. The dragons bowed their heads in respect to both the great silver and his Attilu whenever they passed.
A dragon of peculiar design walked up to Forge and gave a low bow, his scales rippled black and white. His markings were almost dizzying. Melina had identified the dragons as a Mirage Dragon, their scales offering camouflage in their natural habitat and confusion in large groups.
“Lord Forge, another prosperous year for you and Comhaltas.” The dragon spoke.
The silver dipped his head in return, “Thank you.”
“Doctor Goodwin, I have come from Sheer Water down in the southlands to pay my respects. You were responsible for my daughter’s recovery from growing sickly earlier this year.
Melina turned around and smiled, bowing before the dragon. "No need to thank me, it is my job here," she said being modest.
“Still,” replied the dragon, “A thanks is in order.”
The mirage dragon handed her a piece of brilliant red coral, a rare treasure from the dragon’s territory along the sea. He bowed one more before disappearing into the crowd.
“That's a nice token," said Forge, dipping his head to look at it. "You get given all the treasures," he mused with a smile.
"It is lovely, can go with all my other collections, he did not have to, it is my job to aid the dragons of this world with human science, it is what makes our alliance so strong," Melina said.
“It will not stop those who you have directly helped from thanking you in their own way. You should be quite honoured. The Mirage put great value on the Crimson sea coral. It is very rare and it doesn’t often leave the breed’s possession.”

He smiled, proud of his Attilu making such an impact, “Keep it safe.”

On the other side of the gathering, David handed a glass of champagne to his wife, giving her a kiss on the cheek as she smiled. They had been talking a break from socializing with other’s when a familiar voice rose through the crowd.
“Dad! Dad! Look!” came Michelle’s shrill, glee filled voice as she came running up, a Brindleback hatchling dangling from her arms, looking a bit panicked that he has been chosen and whisked away from his dinner. David turned from talking with someone to see his daughter sprint towards them, “This is Tobik, he’s going to be my guardian!”
“Ah, I thought I was your guardian, Miss Stonewell,” said Xerrus, looking down at the girl. She giggled as the hatchling wriggled from her grasp and climbed atop her head, trying to get out of reach of her hands.
“You are Dad’s guardian; I can have my own when I’m growed up.”
“Grown, grown up,” Corrected Xerrus.
“Honey, you can’t just point at a dragon and they’ll be your guardian,” Said David, picking up the hatchling from his daughter’s head and putting him on the ground, watching his scamper away from the energetic child.
“Aw, but I want to be an Attilu,” she huffed, folding her arms.
“One day, little lady.” Said Xerrus, giving the girl a lick, invoking a smile out of her. He dipped his head and let her climb atop his crest. He lifted her into the air and smiled.
“Should we go find you something to eat?” he asked her.

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Ardon was speaking ot a couple of dragons when Jack went and grabbed a glass of champagne, looking over the dragons and human’s mingling in conversation, he smiled to himself.
This had been a great project and his name and others would live on as pioneers of this grand project, the base was a pinnacle of human engineering was so welcoming to dragons, that many saw it as an important place on Kilara, holding such a facility and people in high esteem made him swell with pride as he saw Melina and Forge mingling around.
The massive form of Vonriir lumbered slowly up to Jack. He brought down his giant horned head, "Director Harkness, what a wonderful turn out again this year. Thank you again."
Jack snapped out of his day dream as Vonriir brought his massive head down to the man, to thank him for another great celebration.
Jack smiled and put his hand on the giant dragons muzzle.
“It is always our pleasure to host this, to celebrate the landmark and the era of peace, we forget when doing day to day, history is being made here, on both our worlds” Jack said to the giant dragon.
"This is very true," hummed the large dragon, enjoying the pat. "History to be proud of."
Jack had to agree as he smoothed the dragon’s muzzle.
“You had your scales polished, did you utilise the services of one Professor Goodwin? How did you get past the silver” he grinned.
"Nah I dare not intrude. Lady Itayla was kind enough to offer," he said, looking rather pleased. The dragoness he had mentioned was one in attendance, a pure blooded Cragback and one he had come to like.
Jack smiled.
“Ahh I see, excellent” Jack said.
“Are you still to continue your role in the KSA? I know we said it was rolling contract sort of deal, but you have done allot here, plus we get to boast we have the largest dragon on Kilara here” Jack chuckled lightly.
“I know you may want to pursue other things” Jack hinted to the male.
"Oh, no I am plenty happy to continue with the KEA. It's a rather nice title to have with ones name." He smiled.
Jack smile got bigger as the large male committed his future to the facility.
“Well, I wonder if you be interested in another role here, I am going to ask Forge but you know Robert, chief of facility security, well I am looking for a dragon security liaison officer to aid him, wondered if you were interested” Jack asked.
"What would the job entail?" asked the large dragon, his interest piqued.
“Well, working with Robert, accessing security risks to the facility, look at best ways of defending the base from dragons, humans and anything nasty, while keeping us open to all those who are friends, we got good security arrangements but always good to have a dragon’s perspective” Jack explained to the giant dun dragon.
"And you'd think I'd be a fit for such a role? That's a mighty fine thing for you to offer," smiled the dragon. "I could talk to Robert and go from there."
Jack nodded with a smile.
“Excellent I let him know, he is busy up in the human areas of the base sorting stuff out, I don’t think you be fitting in his office” Jack laughed lightly.
Jack appreciated the giant dragon’s presence in the base, he was easy going and always willing to please, for such a giant dragon he was gentle as a feather with the humans and others.
“I meaning to ask, if you’re a Cragback, how come your massive compared to the others of your kind, you break all the records, well hold all the records here” Jack asked him.
"Ah well I am half mountain dragon as well. The doctor said that I must have taken the best of both ...genes I think she said it was, from my parents and went a little wild with growing.
Jack listened to the giant dragon intently.
"Indeed, bet noone bullied you then" joked Jack
"Hah!" Chuckled Vonriir, "no, can't say anyone ever dared."
Jack was about to go until he remembered something Melina had told him a few weeks back.
"Melina said you broke your own record in lifting with those disks, you kept that quiet..was going to congratulate you sir" Jack said.
Vonriir waved a paw as if to dismiss the congratulations, "I don't like to boast."
"But still, an impressive feat, though Forge wasn't happy I hear "Jack chuckled
Vonriir laughed, "Well, he does like to be top dog and not many would challenge that. Rather foolish of me to attempt, now that I think of it." he smiled.
Jack looked at him oddly, " why, we encourage you dragons to be healthy and competitive, kind of a human and dragon thing" Jack explained.
"Just don't want to step on any toes, especially that of an old friend," replied Vonriir.
Jack nodded but tried to ease the giant dragon’s concerns.
"You worry too much, Forge will try it, but hide behind saying he doing it in Melina honour and name" Jack laughed.
"Everything that silver does is in her name, I don't think he could be more proud to be a guardian," said the massive dragon kindly.
Jack agreed whole heartedly with the dun dragon.
"Yes, he always wears that thing round his horn" Jack noted.
"Says he found it out on the grounds I think. Turning into a magpie I think," Vonriir laughed lightly.
Jack laughed as he thought about Forge collecting trinkets and other things, he be right at home with all the gifts the dragons brought the facility.
The celebrations continued well into the evening, as the party started to dwindle, Jack and Ardon mingled around bidding the dragons who were staying good night.
David had one of his daughters in his arms as she had fallen asleep, tired of all the excitement of the party, with his guardian close by, helping as they rounded up their other daughter.
Melina had been having a wonderful time, conversing with all the other dragons and people, she spoke to Amanda and Zyra as she petted the bold wing, the dragoness was very intelligent and was studying medicine as well as her environmental duties, it was strange Zyra was drawn to Melina, when she was already bonded.
However the woman was sat at a table after having a few too many glasses of wine and champagne in the celebrations now catching up with her.
Forge come to take his Attilu back to their quarters for her to rest up after all these amazing celebrations.
Using his muzzle to gently guide her, the silver dragon herded the woman back towards their quarters. "I think you had a glass or two too many." He mused with a smile.
Melina chuckled lightly, “I was pretty good I have you know…just socialising with dragons and people, it does require some liquid courage” Melina said.
"When have YOU ever needed supplementary courage? My Attilu has always been a confident one." Teased forge.
Melina laughed, weakly pushing his muzzle away.
“Your terrible my silver, but…I’m glad I got you with me” she looked up and grinned.
"Someone has to take care of you." Smiled the silver, messing up her hair with a snort.
Melina laughed and shook her head.
“Forge!, your awful, no sympathy for me, I did not poke you this much when Vonriir took the records from you” Melina teased back.
"I recall otherwise," replied forge. "Come on then, let's get you back. You should rest."
Melina was led back to their quarters as the woman got ready for bed, however this time the woman wanted to sleep next ot her dragon, which he always allowed, letting his fire lung warm her through his scales.
As Melina got settled with her blankets she spoke.
"Forge?, I love you my silver" Melina said gently to the silver.
The dragon turned his head to her, drawing he blankets higher to cover her shoulder as she dozed in the crook of his forearm.

He lay his great head down beside her and let out a content sigh.
The woman was sleep comfortable with her silver dragon as she slept soundly as the lights dimmed for the night.
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Day days passed since the celebration. Ardon’s family would be sticking around for the week before venturing back to the Sunbreak isles.
Ardon was dozing beside the indoor hot springs after a busy morning. Most of the dragons were having a lazy day today. They had all worked hard to convert the celebration preparations back to the standard fair, clearing the gathering grounds, shifting the large stage and putting everything back in order. On top of that Ardon and Jack had been busy prepping for the coming summer months. Jack had orders to expand their base’s medical wings. Melina would be receiving applicants that would be taught Drakine Anatomy and medicine to help cover the great need across Talkiir and beyond.
The research department would also be given an overhaul. It was all quite exciting but a lot of work, the gold dragon was coming to find. He took these quite breaks with eagerness and on dreary days he enjoyed laying by the pools, often lulled to sleep by the warmth.
It wasn’t until he heard the sound of talons ticking towards him that he cracked open an eye from his poolside nap.
“Zy?” he asked.
“Oooh who’s Zy?” came a voice he wasn’t expecting. A cacophony of laughter followed. Ardon groaned; all his sisters had come down to disturb his mid-day siesta.
“Yeah, Ardy. Who’s Zy?” the girls teased, pulling at the edges of his wings. He yanked them back, folding them tighter against his sides.
“No one, I said hi,” he lied.
“Hmm, I don’t think so. I definitely heard a Z in there,” joked Kitsilana.
“Yeah me too. I heard Zy for sure,” agreed Belcarra.
“Stars above, go away,” grumbled Ardon as the girls settled around him by the pool.
“Now, dear brother, that’s not how you talk to your sisters who you only get to see once every couple seasons,” tsked Ucluelet. “Now tell us about this Zy. Oh…” she had a thought and looked over to Belcarra.
As if reading her sisters mind the dragoness broke out into a smile. “Zy wouldn’t be short for Zyra would it? That Boldwing.”
“Ooooh,” the girls conspired. “Ardy likes Zyra!”
“I do NOT.” He huffed, “I thought it just might be her when you lot came in. Only a few dragons use the pools down here.”
“Oh he’s testy,” cooed Kitsilana.
“Knock it off. I could say any female’s name and you guys would go nuts,” grumbled the gold male, not pleased to be so outnumbered. The girls chattered on and he drew his wings around over his head, trying to drown them out. One of them shoved his shoulder and he grumbled.
“Oh come on Ardon, we’re only teasing. We hardly ever get to see you now that you’re a guardian. Least you could do is tolerate a little teasing. You dished out your fair share in the past.” Scolded Ucluelet.
“I just wanted to have a quick nap,” Ardon replied, sitting up.
“You can nap later;” said Belcarra, “Tell us what you know about that cute Sunchaser that was at the celebration the other day.”
Ardon rolled his eyes and groaned, this was going to be a long day.

In the labs Forge was laying off to the side, head resting on his paws. He had been supervising Melina as she worked but his eyes had grown heavy as he lay there. It was peaceful, just listening to her heels click about him, the scratching of her pen as she took down notes and the gentle ticking of her nails on the glass tablet screen.
He listened, half sleep, a giant silver guardian of the Science wing. Not that anyone would, but no one would ever dare bother the woman with Forge looming so close by.
“You’re down to 2nd in all these dragon tests my silver, have to reclaim what's ours" She said with a cheeky smile. Her voice broke through the haze of his dozing mind.
Forge opened an eye and peered at her, “All of them? I think you’re pulling my tail, Doctor.” He said with a yawn, displaying rows of daunting teeth.
"Yeah, Computer display all results for Forge to see on Screen 2," Melina instructed as the screen like up showing top 4 dragons in each contest done. "See?" Melina pointed.
“Well, had to set the bar so the youngsters could have something to aim for. Give your old dragon some credit,” He replied.
Melina smiled, " I do Forge, you know that, I sing your praises all the time, I think there is life in the old dragon yet" Melina grinned. "And all the pills I slip into your food" She quickly said.
Forge lifted his head, “You do what?”
"Only natural things and supplements, essential oils to keep your joints good and scales sparking, Calcium for your bones and vital minerals for your muscles" She said.
“You know what, I think you’ve been drugging me so that I am complacent,” he joked back.
"Forge...I am so offended, here I was going to make you my earth delicacy just for you that your nephew begs me to do," Melina said.
“Oh, bread pudding? Please accept my heartfelt apology then,” he replied with a cheeky smile playing at the corners of his mouth.
Melina laughed feeling happy and content as she walked to him and put her hands on his muzzle all of a sudden Forge scales and her palm began to glow lightly.
Warmth washed over them both as their happiness for one another amplified Brathille.
"Wow " Melina said in awe.
Forge smiled as she opened her palm, a soft glowing visible. He thought about the steel gaze of his older self that he had met so long ago. It almost seemed like a dream now but he could clearly recall how abrupt and petulant the silver had been. Forge now knew that, that version of him had not allowed himself to find joy nor be accepting of love in any healthy denomination. That version of himself gave up every bit of happiness, punishing myself for losing Tavalia and not allowing himself to risk that loss ever again.
He wondered what that dragon would think of him now, in this universe with everything that had been changed. This Forge had altered the course of events so drastically but he was confident that it was for the better in every way.
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Jack had sensed Ardon was in a bit of a grump, guessing he had been disturbed for his usual midday nap, he ventured down to the thermal pool where Ardon usually hung out when he was relaxing, as he entered he could hear numerous female voices.
Jack chuckled lightly as he approached.
“Afternoon ladies, are you teasing my guardian dragon again? I bring gifts in square, chocolate form” Jack grinned revealing the chocolate bar.
"Oh, we're just talking with him," said Kitsilana.
"Is that chocolate?" asked Belcarra.
Jack laughed lightly as he nodded.
“Yes it is Belcarra, you girls know the drill to get the chocolate” Jack said, to the dragons.
"What, this?" Kitsilana asked, stepping up and giving Jack a lick upside his head, taking the bar between her teeth while he wiped his face as the girls giggled.
“Oh you crafty girls, been picking up bad habits from your brother, when you were small, you use to do some tricks I taught you” Jack said as he sat close to the thermal pool where Ardon was.
"We're respectable ladies now. Can't be doing silly things like that anymore," laughed Belcarra as she broke off a piece and passed it to Ucluelet.
"Fawning over every male dragon that passes by isn't silly?" scoffed Ardon, standing up and stretching.
"Oh shut it," giggled Kitsilana, squinting at him in warning that they could spill the beans on his own little crush.
Jack chuckled lightly.
“Now now, play nice, I do not mind banter but we don’t insult one another here” Jack said with a smile as he wondered what the stare to Ardon was for.
"We're only teasing," said Ucluelet, "Anyway, thank you, Jack. I wish we could indulge in chocolate more often. What a treat."
Jack laughed lightly.
“Your family has a history of enjoying chocolate, you dragons have a sweet tooth it seems, but professor Melina says you guys can have it in moderation, Ardon got caught red pawed munching on the double chocolate chip muffins that were delivered from earth” Jack said.
"Oh they were so good," said the gold, not even attempting to deny his bakery heist.
Jack gave him a look.
“That was a little bad Ardon, I should set your sisters for such an act and you did not even stash some for them to have, now we got to wait another month for more” Jack said rolling his eyes but he was just teasing lightly.
"I can always ask if Melina can make some," grinned the dragon. "She's good at making those kinda of things.
Jack nodded in agreement, Melina loved cooking and deserts and tasty traditional foods was her specialty.
“She is making Forge’s favourite in giant size portions, her ingredients are all here, she be cooking it on a mammoth scale” Jack said to the golden dragon.
"Melina, bless her. She's been so wonderful," said ucluelet. "Forge is lucky. She's the sweetest."
"Yeah, she is." Nodded Ardon.
Jack nodded in agreement, Melina and Forge were very happy to be bonded, just like Ardon and him, though Forge seemed to have far more control over Brathille than they did for now.
"Don't get on her bad side, she does martial arts and is very competitive, she’s very agile and flexible" Jack said.
"Oh?" Teased Belcarra. "You know that?" The girls fell into laughter.
Jack resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the girls comments.
"Because young lady she beat me up, in front of my own guardian, who laughed his head off" Jack said nudging the gold, remembering the day, he cannot forget the grin Forge had on his face.
"It was pretty funny, you had to admit. The look on your face," snickered Ardon.
"I bet uncle forge found that amusing." Giggled Belcarra.
"It was pretty funny, you had to admit. The look on your face," snickered Ardon.
"I bet uncle forge found that amusing." Giggled Belcarra.
“Yes he did, big grin on his face, then praising Melina, worshipping the floor she walks on, was amusing but serves me right” Jack said as they continued the conversation.
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Forge found himself in the valley where Tavalia had passed away. He looked around in a startled horror, wondering how in the world he had managed to get there.
"H-hello?" he called out into the quiet glenn. Not a single bird sung nore could he heard the wind through the trees or the babbling of the creek he knew to be a few winglengths away. Not a natural sound could be heard and it made his scales prickle.
"You've ruined everything." came a voice, ome so strangley familair that it took him a moment to realize that it was his own.
"What?" he muttered to himself.
"You've altered the course of history. You've changed everything!"
The silver spun around towards the direction of the voice and startled as he came face to face with himself....the warlord version of himself. Battle scarred, scraped scales, broken horns and a war weary face looked back at him with fire in his eyes.
The warlord took a step foreward.
"You did it... when I told you not to, you did it anyway against my warning," he barked.
"N-no," was all the other dragon could stammer in his confusion. Seeing his own angry scowl look right back at him was unnerving.
"You did!" roared the warlord, he stomped his paw upon the ground, cracking the earth. The rift ripped towards the silver and at once he felt flooded with the power of brathille. Silver light shone from the edges of his scales like glimmering lattice. The warlord swiped his paw in the air and the silver nearly crumpled, feeling the power vanish from within him.
The warlord version of himself glowered, growing as he circled the more immaculate form.
"I warned you not to do it. I warned you not to bond with her, to change the future!"
The silver suddenly grew defiant, no longer patient to stand this verbal lashing. He barred his teeth. "You have no idea. I have changed it all for the better!"
"What, you've bonded to her so that you can die and leave Melina alone? Just like i have been until the human's arrived?" snapped the warlord, lashing his tail. "You'll leave here with that hollow emptiness that we've felt for so long!"
"I haven't subjected myself to that. I let her go and not let her death be my anchor. I still mourn her but I did not let it make me grow bitter and cold like you!" fired back the silver. "Brathille chose Melina and you denied that. Foolish and selfish. You think you did it to save her but you're wrong. You were so wrong to refuse it!"
"I did it for her!" roared the warlord, fire in his eyes.
"You did it so save yourself! So you wouldn't feel that loss again if she ever perished. You are hiding behind that poor excuse, your fear of losing those close to you!" yelled the silver, the glow of Brathille now rising once more the angier he got. "I was given a chance. Jack and Melina accidently fell through time into my world, before it all. I was given an opportunity, one you unfortunatly did not have, to make things right. If you could only see the world I have now, one that I helped create. There was no war, no invasion! There was never any bloodshed when the humans came. We live in peace, a bountiful co-existance. Jack is the director of the Kilarian Earth Alliance, he never got abducted, tortured and genetically tampered. He bonded with ardon and is happy. I bonded with Melina. Forge, you have no idea what you passed up, what you denied for yourself. There is nothing in my life that makes me feel happier than knowing I am her guardian, that I can look out for her and ensure her happiness."
He took a breath as the warlord growled, low. Ignoring his other self's bad temper the silver continued.
"The dragon you know as Icarus, he never lost his Attilu. David is alive and well and his dragon is a part of his family just like his daughters. I have prevented so much grief and loss. If only you had bonded you could have ensured yourself some small sliver of happiness."
"What about Zyra? What of her happiness?" snarled the warlord.
"I- She..." he stumbled. "She's bonded, to Amanda Gillis."
"You fool! You've altered so many bonds. Can you really say she's happy, Zyra? Is she happy?" he demanded.
The silver faultered. He knew that the boldwing had been pleased to bond to Amanda but he felt like there was something missing, something had gone wrong along the way and somehow the dragoness knew.
"You're wrong!" yelled the silver, backing up a step as the warlord approached, teeth barred.
"You've ruined it..." the warlord snarled.
"You're wrong!"
"Forge? Forge? Are you okay?"came Melina's voice. Both dragons hesitated, confused. The warlord took a step back and began to fade.
"No, hhm?" he mumbled before her pets woke him up.
"Hey, Forge... easy..." Melina said softly, putting her hand on his paw, concerned. "Forge, you're having a nightmare..."
Suddenly the dragon was awake. He opened his eyes, looking confused.
"Where you having a nightmare?" she asked quietly.
"...yes, yes you could call it that," he said, clearing his throat. It had felt so real. He could feel his hearts racing, slowing down now in his chest. He looked down at Melina, relieved that she was there. He shifted his forearm over not wanting to ask but hoping that the woman would sit with him for a moment and not leave. He felt unsettled and confused still.
Melina thankfully took the hint and sat down on the crook of his elbow. She looked up and gave a reassuring smile. "Well, it was only a dream, you're here with me now; the best Attilu here." she grinned.
Forge bowed his head to her, nosing her shoulder gently, happy that she was there.
"Thank the stars for you, Melina..."
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Melina smiled giving Forge a pet on the muzzle, the woman had no idea she was destined for another dragoness, that Forge had altered history in this universe and that she would be on Earth part of another organization, to be known as Hylen and be with a feisty Bold wing who matched her spirit.
“Well, I am glad for you my silver, you have been so supportive and kind to me, do not let anyone tell or make you think you are not a perfect match for me, I love you my old dragon…well not old, again with the tablets” she chuckled.
A little wave of guilt went through the silver but he ignored it, closing his eyes and nodding.
"Fountain of youth... Your tablets."
Melina laughed lightly, “Well, keeps you in fine form I think, plus keeps you healthy, least were up early to grab some breakfast, your brother leaves today as well, Ardon will be pleased the girls have been pestering him” Melina said with a smile.
"Yes, he wouldn't admit it but he does care for them quite a bit... Their chatter however..." He chuckled lightly.
Melina agreed giving Forge muzzle a smooth, letting her hands glide over his smooth silver scales, she looked up into his fiery eyes with her own.
“No more bad dreams or anything sad, it is time to rejoice as the chef is doing cooked breakfast, another human thing you enjoy, also known as a fry up” Melina said.
"Mmm, that's a better way to start the morning I think," replied the large dragon, getting up and stretching
Melina smiled as she led her silver dragon out to the canteen to begin the day properly.
Meanwhile, David was coming off the night shift after going on patrol with Xerrus and ensuring the base was ready for the morning, the lights were still set to night mode so Xerrus would still be fine.
David saw Amanda and Zyra was up earlier than normal.
David smiled, the two young girls were really something, to have such an addition to the base and her bold markings as well made David admire the dragoness.
He approached them both with a kind smile.

“Oh Hello Amanda, your up early, good morning Zyra, nice to see you two, I do not get much chance being on night shift with Xerrus” David said as he gestured to the large night striker.
"Good morning, sir," smiled Amanda, putting down her cup of coffee.
"How have you both been doing on the night shift?" Zyra inquired.
“It been good, another quiet one, did a patrol round the area, easy and calm, kids are asleep, Xerrus is brilliant with them, how you get the energy my dragon, is a secret you have to share” David laughed lightly drinking some tea in his mug,
Xerrus looked down and smiled. "They're not mine so I can give them back anytime," he teased.
"It looked like they had a lot of fun at the celebration the other day." Said Zyra and Amanda nodded.
David laughed and shook his head, admitting that was very quick for Xerrus.
“Yes they did, apart from Michelle grabbing that poor hatchling, claiming him to be her guardian, I apologised to the brindleback family but they took it in good humour” David said.
"That's good. Any dragon around here knows the mishaps of children so they shouldn't take offence." Replied Zyra.
"She's eager to be an Attilu it seems." Laughed Amanda.
David nodded in agreement to Amanda’s words.
“Ye she is, Xerrus will have to do, such a chore isn’t it buddy” David said looking up at the night striker.
"One in happy to attend to," replied the night striker, obvious pride in his voice. "They are young yet anyway."
David nodded lightly.
“So, this expansion work going on, exciting stuff, will there be a section for your environmental work or is Melina grabbing it for her medicine and medical things” David asked.

"Much of it is going into the medical wing but we do have advancements of our own happening. We will be getting a small team won't we, Zy?"
"Yeah," nodded the dragoness but lacking her Attilu's excitement.
"We'll be expanding our research on effects of our presence in the surrounding lands and looking towards developing sustainable food sources from local fauna without disturbing the ecosystem too much."
"With this many dragons here, we have to find better ways of feeding them all without clearing out the land."
David nodded and smiled.
“Excellent, I am glad to hear it” David said before asking Zyra a question.
“Are you still going to do some medical stuff with professor Melina? I know you said you were keen to dabble in that side as well as helping Amanda to broaden your horizons” the man asked innocently.
Zyra perked up at this and nodded, "Yes. She's running a new course next month that I'll be taking part in."
David smile, “Fantastic, clever spark you got Amanda, it will be good” the man said before looking at his watch.
“We best be going, the lights will be changing to sun light, Xerrus needs to get back to our cave, speak to you guys later, we best get moving Xerrus” David said.
"See you later," said the large ebony dragon as he nodded to them and followed David out.
"Come on Zy, let's finish breakfast then head out." smiled Amanda, patting her on the shoulder.

“Oh Zyra!, Amanda! Came a voice as a man briskly walked towards them, trying to catch them before their morning patrol.
It was Sam the young junior doctor who was helping professor Melina with her work and was head of the technicians in the facility, he was working towards his masters and to be a professor.
“Sorry to call out, had to catch you before you went out, it was just to quickly wondering if you like to take part in the study program, get a qualification, learn more on medicine, be the first dragon here to have a qualification. Apart from excessive consumption champion” he joked lightly.
The dragoness's eyes lit up, "what, really?" She asked with surprise and eagerness in her voice before her smile faltered and she looked over to Amanda to see her reaction. The boldwing's delight had not gone unnoticed.
"That sounds like a great idea. Broaden your horizons."
Zyra grinned and turned back to Sam, "Where do I sign up?"
"I book you in and Melina can get a plan worked for you, we work around your shift patterns with Amanda, see where we go" the young man smiled.
"Excellent," beamed Amanda, "I'm going to have to take a few classes or something to keep up to your lightning pace, smart cookie."
"I'll teach you," laughed Zyra.

As activity increased Jack was also getting up to start his day as the golden dragon enjoyed his lie in, sleeping in lavish luxury for a dragon his age, he had got use to sleeping on comfortable fabrics, having pillows and other things spoiling the dragon.
Jack did his usual routine and looked over to see the golden dragon enjoying his lie in, he roll his eyes shaking his head as he finished brushing his teeth,
“You know, I am sure dragons did not sleep on luxury fabrics and pillows in the wild Kilara forests and mountains” Jack said chuckling lightly, the man was ready to begin his day, even though it was now 9am.
"No," yawned Ardon as he stretched and shook out his wings, ready to follow Jack out, "But its a change that I can live with." he grinned.
Jack laughed.
“I can see that, spoilt rotten you are, I thought you pick all natural stuff but no, luxury fabric, soft goose feathered pillows, heated floor in your shower room, spoilt rotten dragon” Jack said shaking his finger at the dragon in mock telling off.
"Who influenced all those decisions, hm?" teased Ardon, nuzzling Jack's shoulder affectionately. "If I recall that someone might be you."
Jack shook his head but he did not deny he was instrumental in Ardon being spoilt.
"The cheek of it, I was young and ex cited to be with you, like any human who wants someone to love you, shower them with expensive gifts" Jack replied.
Ardon laughed, "We'll you didn't really have to try all that hard did you? You were stuck with me from the start."
Jack smirked in amusement.
"Alright wise guy, let's go eat and see what kind of a day we will have...remember to say bye to your family" Jack said.
"They won't let me forget to," he smiled. "Though I don't think Ucluelet wants to go."
Jack looked at Ardon oddly, "oh? how so?"
"She's been fawning over that new Sunchaser that's joined, whenever she and the girls weren't bothering me," he said, shaking his head.
Jack had noticed Ucluelet’s behaviour over the brightly coloured dragon known as Neekoh, he had wanted to stay with the facility and grant welcomed him openly, a young dragon with looks, no wonder Ucluelet was drawn to him.
"She..could stay, we got room for her, she is more than welcome" Jack suggested.
"She has shown interest in expanding the written history of Kilara and dragons..." Ardon thought aloud. "Perhaps she could take on a historian role of some sort. That is, if she wants to."
Jack nodded in agreement, perhaps they could give Ucluelet and Neekoh a purpose here and allow the young dragoness to pursue her own path.
“Have a chat with Bronan and your family, plus Forge, if they are all ok, then we get her accommodation sorted” Jack said with a smile as they walked down to the canteen for breakfast.
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Ardon walked down to the canteen with Jack to have a quick breakfast. They spoke more of opportunities for Ucluelet and how she would fit into life here at the base. Afterward the gold dragon set out to go find his uncle. Jack was headed down in search of the dragoness when he spotted her heading back from the labs with a bag full of new books slung over her shoulder for her trip home. Melina had been kind enough to lend her more since her last visit.
"Hey, U, can I have a quick chat with you for a moment?" Jack said kindly to the teal dragoness. She paused midstride, hearing the man’s voice and looked back, spotting him approaching.
"Oh? Sure." She nodded, turning to him. "What is it?"
"Well, I was wondering, would you accept a position here at the facility, perhaps recording our new history together and take part in studies here as well, we can provide accommodation for you" Jack said.
"What?" Asked the dragoness, bewildered and rather surprised at the offer. "R-Really? A lore keeper... Or historian rather?" she seemed to light up a bit as the gears began turning in her head.
"Yes, we can help you and support you here. It is your choice but we can teach you writing and reading, but I think Melina said you’re quite advanced reading, with all the books you take home," Jack said.
This was true. The little dragoness loved to take home new books each time she visited Comhaltas and her own writing was coming along nicely.
The dragoness look a bit flustered, feeling overwhelmed at the sudden opportunity. It was something she had considered doing but never thought it would be a possibility. That and her thoughts went to the dashing Sunchaser dragon she found rather cute. "Sorry for my hesitation… It’s just that this is just so sudden but please don’t think I am anything but appreciative, because I am, Jack, I will have to speak with my family first and make sure that I am making the right choice."
"Of course, but the offer is open if you want to study here" Jack smiled.
The dragoness gave a quick bow. “I will return with an answer as soon as I can. Thank you again,” she said before hurrying off to where the rest of her family was.

It was just after noon when Bronan marched up to Jack in the canteen, scowling. "So, you're trying to take all my family is it, Jack? My brother and son aren’t enough?" He huffed angrily but couldn't keep a straight face and a smile began to pull at the corners of his mouth.
"You got a terrible poker face Bronan, I maybe human but I can read emotions and expressions well," Jack said with a grin. Bronan stopped hiding his own and smiled with a sigh.
"Drat, I've never been a good liar," chuckled the male, his joke spoiled by his own inability to even pretend to be angry, "but really, Ucluelet told me of your offer. She's still fretting over leaving the sunbreak isles but I think Comhaltas will win her over in the end. There are endless opportunities for her here."
Jack smiled, "It is for you guys to decide but she is a bright spark, you know she be well looked after here, as long as she does not order millions of credits worth of human accessories like your son" Jack lightly teased.
Bronan laughed lightly., shaking his head. That son of his was something else, that was for sure, "If she stays I'm holding you responsible to ensure she doesn't get into any trouble." He teased. “Without her father about to scare off the miscreants.”
"Ucluelet will be easier than your son, Bronan, she be well looked after I can assure you good sir, plus your brother is here to watch over, who knows she could bond, it runs in your family" Jack said.
“This is true isn’t it? Ah well, I’m sure we will find out soon enough anyway,”

A few hours later Ucluelet and Ardon’s family had gathered in the common area to say their goodbye’s. The girls were lively, Wishing Jack and Ardon and their uncle all the best before turning to Ucluelet herself. Ardon smiled, figuring it out. The dragoness had decided to stay after all.
The teal dragoness walked up to Jack and gave a polite bow, "If you'll still have me here, I would be honoured to accept your offer to be a member of the Comhaltas team, to further unify our species."
Jack smiled and gave Ucluelet a pet on her teal scales, "Welcome to the team. Before I accept you here, do you know the Ardon drill?" he asked.
"N-no? she replied, looking confused.
"The Ardon drill is if you have anything tasty or delicious, hide it or he sniff it out and devour it" Jack said with a laugh.
Ucluelet giggled, shooting look to her brother who grinned. “Nothing is safe.”
“I’ll keep that in mind, sir and I promise I will do the KEA proud,” she vowed. Ardon nosed her cheek with a brotherly grin, proud of his sister. She turned back to her parents and wished them well. Her eyes glittered as she held back tears, saying that she will miss them.
“It’s alright. Just yet another reason to visit more often,” cooed her mother, hugging her.
After a few more goodbyes, Bronan and Tahsis left with their two other daughters in tow. Ucluelet let out a breath. This was a new adventure indeed.

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“So not only is your nephew here, but also your niece, people might start talking about your family line being Brathille prone to humans, we have to keep an eye on U” Melina said making notes as she spoke to Forge.
The professor seemed to be working on her staff and teaching rota to begin with Zyra and a few others which would start in a couple of months, Sam was already sorting names out for her, she seemed a bit confused why Forge had not replied yet before he finally did.
"Me? Oh, Ucluelet, yes. She would make a fine guardian, though a little shy." He replied.
Melina finished her notes and looked up at the silver, he had seemed a little distant all day, she wondered if the nightmare had affected him more than he would let on.
“You sure you’re ok Forge? You seem very distant today, was that nightmare you had pretty bad?” Melina asked the dragon before her.
"It was nothing," he insisted. "I'm sorry if I worried you. I think I am just tired from the celebrations and having to entertain my kin."
Melina nodded lightly and put her work down and approached her dragon, knowing he was feeling off.
"It's ok, shall we go for a fly around the block and have a quiet afternoon" Melina suggested, perhaps flying out would clear his mind and they had not flown in a few days.
"Only if it doesn't take you away from your work." Replied the dragon, dipping his head down to her.
Melina gave his large muzzle a pet and smiled up at the silver.
"Don't be silly, let's go, we need some us time" She smiled kindly at her dragon.
"Alright, miss," he said with a smile, offering a paw so that she could be lifted up onto his shoulders. "Where would you like to go today?"
Melina took the offer and was soon sat between the spot on his back, she got comfortable and smiled, it was only really Ardon and Zyra who wore harnesses, the larger dragons did not.
“To the edge of the forest I think, we are in a very big area, to the edge of the forest by the lake, can go a bit further if you want, your driving” she joked lightly to the silver.
Forge smiled and when they got to a place where he could take off, the dragon leaped into the air, great wings churning the wind, taking them higher and higher.
Melina smiled and laughed Forge took off, always feeling her stomach leave her body every time, she loved flying with Forge and he might not be the fastest flyer, he was an experienced one.
She looked back at the facility, the doors were closed up and if they did not know any better, it would look like no humans were there.
“I love the facility, you would not think we were here with you guys on Kilara, Jack had the base designed well” she said.
"That he did. A feat of engineering for certain. I had worried it would make dragons feel contained but it's wide and spacious." He replied. "The work you have done in these short years has been wonderful," he praised her.
Melina put her hand on his silver scales.
“Your in a modest mood, you mean we have done allot in these few years, look at all the good we all done, we introduced writing into dragon culture and now historians here can write down events than just passed on, I think it is a golden era for dragons and humans” Melina beamed, her happiness bouncing through the link to Forge.
"I would have to agree, Doctor," he said, turning to look at her. His information about how the future could have been was a blessing, he had changed how it all happened and now they had this wonderful outcome. "An age of prosperity."
Melina grinned back at him, “You know, from what you told me, you could of gone down a different path Forge, makes me sad to think where you could of gone” Melina said to the silver, as she looked at him with kindness, unaware that the dragon before her knew the alternative.
"I wouldn't have gone anywhere but here. I can promise you that," he said firmly.
Melina smiled and nodded, “Well I am glad we bonded and that were together, you been really supporting of me, I hope I have been supporting of you as well, encouraged your diplomacy and seeing the best in people” Melina said happily.
"You have." Nodded the silver. "We make a good team, you and I."
Melina smiled as they continued their flight, going over the thick forest and seeing the views Kilara had to offer here, Melina really enjoyed the flights with Forge.
After a moment of casual flying a small sly smile began to creep onto her face, starting in the corner of her mouth.
“I know you are 593, but think you can fly daring?” Melina asked her dragon.
"You want me flapping about like the younglings?" he laughed lightly before speeding up and making a few lightning quick turns, rising and descending rapidly, nothing fancy for fear of her losing grip on his shoulders.
Melina laughed as she held on, delighted at the dragons change of pace, the dragon did some moves but nothing fancy.
Melina grinned as he levelled out, pleased with all the antics.
“Amazing, you still got it my silver, keep the youngsters on their toes, I have to get a harness made up for you, but I feel for a dragon your stature, it seem a little disrespectful” Melina said.
"I would wear one if you wished," he offered.
Melina mulled it over.
“Well if I did have the guys get one made, we get one that looks subtle and means you can show me more amazing flying skills, that be the only reason to have one done” Melina said.
Forge smiled. "Becoming a daring stunt flyer are we? I'm sure My nephew would be delighted to show off some aerial skills if that's what you're after."
Melina laughed, shaking her head.
“He’s learnt from someone, I know you got a youthful streak running through you still my silver, we have a deal sir?” she challenged.
"Deal, miss." Smiled the dragon. "What do you think of having it done in black, silver thread?" He joked.
Melina nodded, “No joking, those were the exact colours, I put an order in once we are back at base, then you can show me all these amazing moves” Melina grinned, excitement building within the woman.
"Ah, settle down." The dragon laughed lightly. "I have nothing on the young scales flitting around the base. That Zyra," he faltered and paused, "she's a rather skilled flyer. Same with the others."
“Yes she is” Melina said as the silver dragon plotted course back to the facility, it was only round the block as it were but usually this led to them having time for each other and they discussed many things on these flights.
Sometimes they had quiet moments as they simply enjoyed each other’s company, enjoying where Forge’s wings took them.
Once they arrived back at the facility, the silver let Melina down gently as she thanked him.
"Thank you Forge, for the flight, nice to be flying around here, it's beautiful" Melina beamed as she looked up at the dragon.
"Glad you enjoy yourself, Melina. I do like these times myself." He admitted.
Melina smiled looking at her watch, “Let’s go grab a bite to eat for lunch and then I can get started helping your niece settle into her new role” Melina said.
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The next few days passed with relative ease. Ucluelet was doing well so far, a little reserved and shy from her sudden acceptance of her new role but she seemed to be embracing it with a passion, a new light in her eyes at all the possibilities.

Ardon didn’t seem to mind his sister joining the ranks either. The dragoness was eldest of the girls and the most calm, least likely to gossip or annoy the gold. He was happy she would get to put her love for reading and literature to good use. She was most often found with a book or taking notes in the common area. The facility held no official library but Ucluelet made due without fuss. She had unlimited access to the online database of books that they had which suited her fine enough. The vast amount of information available to her astounded the dragoness at first before inspiring her to really work hard to get a written history down of her own species.
Ucluelet had spoken to Jack about how she would go about obtaining her information. She had a number of breeds to reference from within the base itself. Xerrus, the Nightstriker, Vonriir, who had knowledge of Cragback history, Zyra was quite knowledgeable about the boldwings customs and traditions and she had already spoken at length with Neekoh about his Sunchaser clan. It was a good start but Jack had agreed to her taking excursions once the time came to journey a across Kilara to begin the large task of covering a whole world’s history that had never been written down before.
It was a wild and wonderful opportunity and Ucluelet hoped that she could do her job with the skill and detail oriented precision that would come to be expected of such work.

“You started already?” Asked Ardon, one evening as he saw her in the canteen with a tablet and a cup of tea.
“Notes mostly at this point. I want all my facts straight before I get into writing. That way I won’t have to go back and rewrite everything if I get information mixed up.” His sister replied.
Ardon nodded. “That’s a good idea. Jack is really liking that we’re getting a written history and that you’re including Brathille as part of it.”
“Brathille is huge. We can’t miss that chapter,” she smiled.
Ardon nodded in agreement.

“Wake up, Xer, time to head out,” said David later that evening, leaning over and petting the great dragon’s nose. He opened his deep purple eyes and raised his head, yawning. He had slept right through the day and now as the sun was beginning to set, they had to head out on their patrol.
“Xerrus! Xerrus!” came the shrill cheers of the girls as they came racing into the room in fuzzy matching pajamas. They jumped onto the jet-black dragon’s forelegs and clambered all over him without fear, grabbing his spines as holds to pull themselves up. They cheered and laughter broke out in their game, playing keep away from one another, using the dragon as a jungle gym.
“Girls, give him a break, poor guy just woke up,” scolded their father, running his hand through his hair, feeling bad that the poor dragon had gotten such an abrupt wake up call.
“It’s alright, David. This is a fine way to wake up,” he thrummed, dipping his long muzzle down and letting the girls pet around his eyes and face. “I think it’s your bedtime though.”
The girls tried to deny such a fact but the great ebony dragon laughed. “Really, time for bed.”
“Can you tuck us in?” asked Michelle,
“Or tell us a bedtime story?” Tara added.
“Yes, yes,” nodded the dragon as David smiled. Xerrus got up to his feet and stretched before following the girls. They hopped into bed and he pulled the covers up with his teeth.
“Now,” he said, “What story should we tell today?”
“Tell us about when you were born!” suggested Tara.
“Well, little miss, I wasn’t born I was hatched and when I was a pup, I was no bigger than your teddy there.” he smiled, pointing his muzzle towards the stuffed toy that Michelle was holding.
“Really!?” the girls asked in unison.
Xerrus told them a little story about how he first attempted to fly and went tumbling off a rocky ledge and had crashed into a bunch of brush. The girls giggled and laughed when David came in with Brianne.
“Alright girls, that’s enough. Xer and I have to go.”
“Aw, please one more story?” they pleaded.
“No, it’s time for bed. He’ll see you when you guys wake up,” said Brianne, leaning over and kissing her daughter’s foreheads.
“Goodnight!” Tara and Michelle yawned. “Night Xerry.”
“Goodnight girls. Sleep well,” smiled the dragon before heading out with David.
The man walked with him and looked up at his dragon with a grin.
“Guardian or child minder?” he teased.
“Both,” Xerrus said proudly.
“We’re ridiculously lucky to have you, Xerrus. You’ve lit up the girls’ lives like nothing else and I couldn’t ask for a better friend.” He patted the nightstriker’s shoulder. Xerrus let out a thrum and let David climb atop his shoulders once they got outside.
“Come on, let’s fly,” the man called, with happiness in his voice.
The sound of soft, leathery wings unfolding surrounded him before Xerrus took a running start and leapt into the air, silent wings taking them higher, lit only by the light of the dual moons above.
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Jack walked into the large control room on the ground floor, the room was massive enough for the dragons to fit in as well, masses of computer systems and officers who worked on the admin side, as well as monitor all activities around the planet and high orbit.
The command centre was the hub of the facility, able to see if anything was approaching, as well as monitor any geological activity around the planet, as well as tracking transport ships entering orbit to stock up.
Embedded into the rock was a massive screen, the size of three cinema screens, it was divided up into a main viewer and smaller screens which monitored activity around the base and acted as security and surveillance.
An intelligent AI Computer had been created to streamline all operations in the base, the computer used organic circuitry and was able to react allot faster than conventional AI computers, it was a brilliant marvel of engineering and skill created by professor Baxter, who was in charge of ensuring everything ran smoothly.
In charge of all of this was professor Baxter, the man had designed and built allot of the systems the KSA were now using and had a large team of experts with him, who had aided him on completing this feat of human computer engineering.
Baxter oversaw all IT and tech within the facility and was proud of his work, he was a very well respected IT tech scientist and his talents were in high demand, unlike the others he was not overly keen on working with the dragons and spent most of his time in his IT lab with his apprentices, ensuring all the systems ran smoothly, as well as looking for new ways of computer enhancement.

Jack entered the massive control room as Baxter was with one of the operators working at his station and looking up at the gigantic screen showing the planet Kilara in a computer-generated image with a red dot flashing towards the north of the planet.
“Good evening Baxter, I trust you are well?” Jack asked as the man rearranged his glasses on his face, a little habit he picked up, when something was amiss.
“Sensors are detecting an object north of here, it was reported by an outgoing transport ship, we believe it is human in origin” Baxter said to the director.
“Why did we not detect it before?” Jack asked.
“The signal strength is weak, we have had to move satellite Galileo into a different orbital path to enhance our sensors, perhaps the transports exit from Kilara made it detectable” Baxter theorised as Jack heard loud voices approaching.
Vonriir was chatting away as Ardon trotted alongside him when the entered the large control room.
“Perhaps your giant dragon with your golden dragon can aid us” Baxter said to Jack.
Jack turned and looked to see Vonriir and Ardon enter the control room, “Ahh Vonriir, perhaps you can help us, sensors have detected something in the northern part of Kilara, can you zoom in Dan” Jack asked as the massive screen zoomed in to where the red spot was beeping.
Dan nodded and typed in the commands as instructed as the screen gave details.
"What's this then? Something in the polar regions? Probably just some glaciers crashing into the ocean. Looks like the Crystal Coast from your screen there."
“Were picking up an unknown object in this area, it is uncharted as part of Kilara, we have not surveyed yet” Jack said to both dragons.
"What does the computer think it's detected?" asked Ardon.
Jack shook his head unable to provide an answer until Dan spoke up.
“Well we do not know, the signal is weak, it was picked up by the transport ship leaving orbit, they notified us, it is only when we moved the sensor on the satellite it appeared” Dan said as Jack scratched his head.
“Well only thing we can deduce is that it is human in origin, could be anything really, but its way up high in the polar regions from what the sensors say” Jack said.
"That's really odd. We know of all the coming and going of human ships, or at least we are supposed to." Pondered Ardon aloud.
Jack agreed as Baxter looked up the databases of any reported crashes with Dan.
“There has been no recorded crashes or anything sir, just strange we have not detected it before” Dan said as Jack looked to Vonriir.
“Do you know much of this area?, what it is like, we be able to obtain readings but my experience is dragons usually know best” the man said.
The great dragon shook his head. "I’ve never been there. It's a wasteland from what I hear. Too cold for much to grow."
“I get more information when it comes in, I ask Baxter for assistance” Dan said as Jack nodded his head lightly, looking up at the large screen.
“I see whatI can dig up in my tech labs on this, once I have something I send it down” Baxter said as Jack nodded.
“Thank you, professor, any information you can provide will be most valuable” Jack responded as the professor left for his labs and the safety of the human section of the facility.
“We best let Forge and the other dragons know, get contact with David and recall him back to base, we have a meeting at 10pm, that gives Baxter a couple of hours to give us all we know” Jack said.
"I'll go inform Forge." said Ardon, nodding and hurrying out of the control room.
Jack was about to respond but Ardon had zoomed off already, Jack had a small smile and shook his head lightly.
"Anything I can do, sir?" asked Vonriir.
Jack looked up at the massive dragon and spoke to him.
“Yes Vonriir, can you inform Zy and Amanda, also see if you can catch David and Xerrus as well, if they haven’t gone, tell them to abandon the night shift patrol and be ready for the meeting” Jack instructed.
"Will do, director," said the massive dragon as he gave a small bow and headed out to complete his task.
It was lucky for the mammoth of a dragon that Xerrus and David had got far into their night shift flight before Vonriir caught up with them, they were usually pretty much like clockwork, going out before 7pm and patrolling for a good 2 or so hours before returning to check duty rota’s and to to do exploration duties.
"Xerrus!" Called Vonriir as he winged up to the black dragon. He had to call out into the night sky in hopes of finding him for he was nearly impossible to see or hear at night.
“Woah ease up Xerrus, it’s Vonriir” David said as the night striker slowed down and responded.
"I had a hell of a time finding you in the dark," he panted.
"Jack needs us all back at Comhaltas by ten. There's something up in the glacier lands and he wants to hold a meeting."
The black dragon nodded. "Alright we will follow you in."
David nodded as they followed the giant dragon back to the facility, their early night patrol cut short but if it was urgent, they had to oblige.
David wondered what could it be to recall them to base.
“Wonder what it could be Xerrus, I do not think we had our patrols interrupted before, well apart from Christmas and Easter, remember we celebrated it for the first time?” David spoke to the nightstriker.
"Yes, the girls were thrilled. I enjoyed that quite a bit," replied Xerrus. "I hope whatever they found is nothing to worry about."
David smiled remembering the day, he soon snapped out of it when his dragon mentioned the issue.
“Hopefully not, but we find out at the meeting” David said.
Once they landed back down, David filled out the needed paperwork and went to his office to get his notes, the canteen was still open so the two of them could grab a bite to eat before the meeting, the base had now entered night mode so all the lights dimmed considerably, allowing the night striker to move freely around the complex, without worrying.
Meanwhile, Amanda was with her dragoness who was explaining her excitement for doing Melina’s course, it would be an amazing thing, a dragon to get a qualification and expand her knowledge of medicine.
While she did the environmental work with Amanda and did it well, there was a niggling feeling among the team that Zyra interests lay elsewhere, not in conservation or environmental work but in the work Melina did, this seemed to always awaken interest in her.
"How are your lessons going, Zyra?" Amanda asked when her dragon returned with a bunch of notes in hand.
"Wonderful, thank you again for letting me sign up!"
The woman smiled, "anything for my bold wing."
One of the senior staff approached Amanda and the dragoness and told them about the meeting at 10pm, informing them they had to be there.

When the meeting began it was held in the New York suite, this was the biggest and widest meeting room and was primarily designed for the dragons in mind, being able to fit many dragons in a circle, meant it was ideal for meetings concerning the Brathille bonded pairs.
Jack explained once everyone had gathered what had been discovered and that more information had come through from professor Baxter on the object, now the satellite had been moved, it was able to give Baxter far more information, which he passed to Jack to brief the senior members of staff in the facility.
"One of ours?" Asked Ardon, looking surprised.
Jack shook his head lightly at Ardon’s remark.
“Nothing from here, Baxter has identified has identified it as the ESA Cygnus, she went missing over 5 years ago, its mission was to discover intelligent life in out of space, same as mine when I was a captain…she just disappeared according to records” Jack explained to everyone in the meeting room.
An image of the giant ship appeared before them projected up, showing this ship in all its glory, it was indeed a massive ship and seemed no expense was spared on its design and construction.
Xerrus shook his head, not understanding. "There's no record of distress calls? Or last records of location before it went missing?"
Jack looked up the records on his tablet that the ESA had sent to him, all the records sent to him.

“The ship was recalled to earth, but they did not respond to the message, it just vanished, presumed lost, but here she is” Jack said showing the logs and the dates under the 3d image of the ship for the dragons to see.
“What are we going to do?" Asked Ardon? Looking over at Jack.
Jack turned to Ardon and smiled lightly to reassure him, before speaking to the rest of the team.
“Baxter has informed me that the signal seems to be from the communications dish on the ship, it is not a distress call, but a tracker, all ships have one so they can be monitored, so either we missed it or someone turned it on” Robert said as Jack nodded.
Melina seemed curious about why this was not detected earlier, but the comment of someone turning it on could mean people were looking for help or to be found.
Melina spoke, “We need to get there, if there is anyone there, they may need medical assistance” Melina said, concern in her voice if there was any survivors on board.
Forge nodded, if people were still there they would need serious help most likely.
"Are you sending another ship up there? Or us?" Asked the silver.
Jack typed in some instructions into his tablet as it now displayed Kilara and zoomed in to where the ship was.
“Well, this is where the ship is, it is very much north in this location, quite high up as well” Jack said as the 3d image showed the area, the ship was well in the polar North, judging from the readings it was at the highest peak in the polar mountains, higher than anything on earth and bitterly cold.
"Looks like a precarious location," said Xerrus and forge nodded in agreement.
"It would be difficult to land other ships in the area” David said observing the landscape around the ship.
Melina seemed to have a thought.
“Perhaps if we took one of the large transports as close as we can and then carry on by dragon back, but the conditions are not perfect, what do you guys think?” Melina asked all the dragons.
"We have to try. Someone may need our help." Said Ardon.
"In the very least we can put to rest what happened to the ship and inform the family of the crew aboard.” Replied Forge.
Jack nodded in agreement, at all the suggestions, they could not investigate this, despite the harsh conditions.
“Due to the harsh weather and the cold, I would recommend Zyra and Xerrus do not attend this one, because you guys lack a fire lung, it would be Ardon, Forge and Vonriir, is there any disagreements to this?” Jack asked, looking around the room for any input.
Xerrus looked a little disappointed he wouldn't be attending but nodded respectfully at jack’s orders.
"That's fine with us." The others replied.
David felt the night striker’s disappointment and spoke up.
“Jack, I respect your decision but I feel we should be included, Xerrus does not have fire but his shadow smoke may come in use, especially if all the locks are seized up and dragon brawn isn’t enough, he is as solid as they come” David said in defence of his dragon.
"I don't want to be defiant against the director’s orders," said Xerrus, trying not to cause a stir. But his Attilu was right. He could come in handy if needed.
Jack considered David’s counter argument and nodded lightly in agreement.
“Well, I do not run this facility with an iron fist, I am open to options, if you feel up to it then I add you to the team, I hope you and Zyra are ok with our decision” Jack asked the two girls.
"Yes, we will remain here to hold down the fort," replied Zyra.
"Then it is settled, we will come to help," nodded Xerrus
Jack smiled and nodded to everyone.
"Excellent, I want you all fully rested, we leave in 48 hours, I want you all to rest then get everything ready" Jack ordered.
The dragons nodded, understanding. They parted ways.
"I hope if anyone if there that they can hang on until we can get there," Ardon said to Jack.
The meeting was concluded and the team split to get some rest, while Jack left instructions to his officers to get things ready for the trip.

David and Xerrus walked back to their shared quarters, knowing the kids and his wife would be getting ready for bed, she would be surprised to see them both enter from their night shift.
"Thank you, David, you really didn't have to do that," said Xerrus quietly as he dipped his head down.
David smiled and petted the night striker’s muzzle.
"I felt your disappointment and I couldn't let them have all the fun, you may not have a fire lung but you have fire in your heart, strength in your muscles and a powerful shadow smoke" David said complimenting the night striker.
The dragon smiled, happy that David would defend him in such a way. "Well, if I freeze my tail off I'll be blaming you," he teased.
David laughed lightly.
"You won't, we be fine plus if that ship has been exposed to the elements, then your shadow can sort it out, then we send the tank in" David joked, referring to the massive dun dragon Vonriir, the dragon was huge and his easy-going personality meant he wanted to please everyone in the facility.
"You won't, we be fine plus if that ship has been exposed to the elements, then your shadow can sort it out, then we send the tank in" David joked.
"Right," nodded Xerrus with a smile, "It should be interesting to see what happened to the ship after all this time.
David nodded lightly.
"Yes...a ship like that does not simply vanish, we must expect the unexpected" David said.
"We all shall be careful, I can promise you that," nodded the dragon.
“I know, guard up though, now let’s get some rest” David said as they entered their quarters.
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“Are you sure you have to go?” asked Michelle, skeptically the day that the dragons had planned to leave for the Crystal coast.
“Yes, my dear, I do,” replied Xerrus nodding as the girl climbed up his paw and sat on his foreleg as he lay down, finishing his meal before departure.
“You should bring back some snow for us,” Tara chimed in, joining her sister.
“It would melt by the time I got it into the ship. It would never make it home,”
“Aw,” whined Tara, folding her arm before her face lit up, an idea brewing.
“What if you stick it in the fridge?”
“Not cold enough,” replied the ebony dragon.
“The freezer?” suggested Michelle.
“You really want snow that badly? It’s cold, and covers everything.”
“Yes!” the girls cheered.
Xerrus shook his head, chuckling. He lived in more tropical climates and had only ever seen snow when passing by the mountain ranges in his new home. The dragon could not understand their fascination for the stuff.
“Could you at least build us a snowman when you’re there?” Tara tried to negotiate.
“I have never built one, but I could try if we have time,” he replied.
This seemed to satisfy the girl’s demands. Brianne walked up with a smile.
“The girls trying to get you to stay?” she asked.
“No, I think they want me to go now. I have to build them a snowman,” smiled the dragon kindly.
“AND make a snow angel!” added Tara.
“You’re adding to the list, still, little miss. So, you want snow, a snow man AND a snow angel? What even is a snow angel?”
The girls snickered, obviously pleased they knew something that Xerrus did not.
“You lay on your back in the snow and wave your arms and legs like this!” Michelle demonstrated with vigor, jumping up and down afterward.
“You want me to roll around in the snow. I am starting to suspect you want me to catch my death up there and turn into a popsicle,” he grinned.
The girls laughed and tried to convince him it wasn’t that bad until their mother attempted to quiet them down.
“I already said goodbye to David, he had to run off to help prep the ship but he said he’ll meet you down there.”
“Oh alright,” replied the dragon as he turned to look at the clock upon the wall. “I better hurry then.”
He snatched up the last of his breakfast and licked his lips. Nosing the girls shoulder’s affectionately he corralled them off his scales, “Off I go. Be good for your mother,”
“We promise,” grinned the both of them.
“Keep David safe and come home soon,” said Brianne, kissing the dragon’s snout.
“As always. I promise,” he vowed before turning to head towards the hangar where the transport was kept.

Along the way he met up with Vonriir headed in the same direction.
“Xer, there you are. The kids let you go I see,” the massive dragon teased.
“After I gave into their demands. We’re to build a snowman.” He chuckled, shaking his head.
“Those two have you wrapped around their finger.”
“Not ashamed to admit it. I’d make an army of snowmen for those girls if it made them happy.” Xerrus responded with a smile.
“Oh you big sap. You’re worse than me,” Vonriir laughed.
The two of them entered the hanger where Ardon was flying about doing visual checks of the massive transport. It had to be large, having the need to carry massive creatures over great distances. Forge was speaking with Melina as medical kits were loaded onto the ship, they hoped they would not have need of them but as always, they’d rather be prepared for anything.
Forge saw the two other dragons approach and walked up. The three of them were the largest dragons on Talkiir and all members of the KSA, making them a formidable sight. If only outsiders knew how soft they could be it would give anyone a laugh.
“There you are. David is on the bridge with Jack and a few other flight crew that will be coming along. They’re just conducting the last few checks and ensuring the weather will cooperate with out travel route,” the silver informed them.
“Is it looking good so far?” asked Xerrus
“Last satellite reports show that there’s a bit of a wind running through the area and it’s been snowing for the last few days so it might make the approach difficult but we will see when we get closer.”
Vonriir nodded before Jack came down onto the loading ramp to call them up to board. The dragons turned to head up but there was a patter of small feet.
“Xerrus!” called Tara, running up. Her cheeks were flushed and she looked relieved that she had caught him before he left. The large ebondy dragon stopped and turned to her, lowering his head.
“What is it, Tara?” he asked.
She produced a pink scarf from behind her back. He cocked his head, confused.
“So you won’t get cold. Dad said you are from Iban’tu and you don’t like cold weather. I felt bad asking you to make a snowman if you get cold.” She admitted.
“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Xerrus replied.
“Just take it though, to keep you warm.”
Xerrus tried to decline but the girl persisted. He lowered his head and she wrapped the scarf around one of his horns. He had to hold back a laugh as she did so. It was far too small to wrap around his neck so this was her substitute and she looked rather pleased with the outcome.
“I feel warmer already. Thank you Miss Tara. You are very thoughtful,” He gave her a bow and a lick before walking up the ramp. The doors closed behind him as he stepped into the holding area for the dragons.
“What the heck is on your head?” asked Ardon.
“A scarf, obviously.” Smirked Xerrus. “Tara wants me to keep warm.
“Stars above, Xerrus.” Chuckled Vonriir.
The nightstriker just shrugged and smiled, not deterred in the least by their teasing.
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The transport that KSA had at their disposal was a massive heavy duty transport vessel, it was big enough for the dragons to lay down and stretch, it needed to be big for all the dragons to go inside, it would be piloted by 6 crew members.
Jack had spoken to his chief security officer who had recommended this crew, there was however two rookies on their first tour of duty for the facility, Jack allowed them as it would serve as good experience.
The transport did have basic weapons but it was not meant for anything hostile, Jack was pleased with the haste the team had got ready, the transport was now kitted up with medical supplies.
Forge had helped Melina load up the supplies required, she assumed the worst and had loads packed in.
Melina had wished that Zyra had come along to help out, she had done a few lessons on medical first aid and had really excelled, learning quickly but Jack had only allowed Xerrus because of his unique abilities.
Jack came down from the transport bridge to check up on things.
“Dragons are loaded on, how is the medical supplies” he asked.
"Doctor, the medical kits have been loaded," said the silver dragon as he turned to the woman.
Melina smiled then replied to the director.
“All set then, all strapped in, I think were ready, if they do need extensive medical assistance, we got enough on there” Melina said confidently.
Jack nodded at Melina and the silver.
“Good, Baxter is keeping us up to date with the weather in the area, there is a snow blizzard coming in, the weather apparently is very unpredictable” Jack told the professor.
“How they ended up there is crazy” Melina replied.
“We soon find out, were just waiting on David then we be going” Jack said as a beep came from Jacks tablet, it was professor Baxter.
“Jack here report please, tell me you got some good news” Jack said.
“Hardly, the storm is going to be a big one, the winds have increased and the snow falling in that area is going to reduce visibility, I given instructions to your pilot team to be careful, the extreme cold and conditions might interfere with communications” Professor Baxter said.
Jack sighed lightly but nodded his head, there wasn’t much they could do.
“Acknowledged Professor, any developments on the Cygnus?” he asked.
Baxter checked his systems.
“No change still holding its position, which is strange considering the storm, even massive ships like that move a millimetre or two, it hasn’t moved since we first spotted it, hopefully the data from your recorders will aid us here” Baxter said.
Jack seemed as puzzled as Baxter but decided they could speculate all they wanted, but they needed to go.
“Keep us up to date en route, keep everything ticking over, we be back in a few days, hopefully with survivors, a ship or both” Jack replied.
The professor gave a small smile.
“Take it easy Jack, bring everyone home safe, Baxter out” the man said as Jack looked up to see David, wrapped up warm in a thick coat, armed with gloves and winter gear in his rucksack.
“Brianne stocked you up?” Jack teased lightly.
David gave a sheepish smile.
“Yes, Xerrus got his scarf, I got my winter gear and hot flask of mushroom soup” he said, this made Melina chuckle.
They were soon distracted by a tannoy call from the bridge.
“Miller to Director Harkness” came the call.
Jack went to the communication screen and pressed the illuminated button.
“Jack here Miller” he responded.
“We have been given clearance to take off, all systems ready, were powering up, please fasten your seat belts” Miller said.
“Acknowledged” Jack said as he finished the conversation and spoke to the team as the large door closed behind them.
“Alright all strap in, were about to take off, get secure” Jack said as Melina and David sat in seats on the end and strapped up, the dragons had grip points on the floor to hook their talons into to secure themselves best they could.
Ardon looked around and found that everyone was settled and ready to go.
"Alright, next stop, Crystal Coast!" He called.
Jack grinned as he spoke through the communicator to the pilot.
“Jack to Pilot, were all set here” the man said as the whole ship vibrated and hummed as the engines powered on.
Soon the large doors of the facility opened slowly, letting in light as the glass in the ships hold darkened and lights dimmed for the night striker.
Melina looked at Forge then to Xerrus who almost vanished by how dim it got in the hold for them
“Comfy?” Melina asked the black dragon.
"Yes, thank you," replied Xerrus, the pure white of his teeth catching the light.
"How long of a flight until we arrive?"
“Well we will see, this isn’t concord, it’s a big transport ship, not really designed for speed” Jack said to the dragons.
"That doesn't answer the question," chuckled Vonriir. "A guess at least."
Melina lightly chuckled as Jack replied.
“I’d say 3 hours at our current speed” Jack said as Vonriir seemed satisfied.

Soon the ship vibrated a bit more as the ship took off slowly with its heavy cargo of supplies and dragons as it elevated into the sky, it did not have the grace of Vonriir when flying but it soon picked up a bit more speed and began to climb up into the sky.
“Course now plotted and heading towards location, we will be at 40,000 feet in 10 minutes” came Millers voice over the tannoy.
The ship continued to rise up as Melina and David glanced through the darkened window as they flew through clouds, the ship had a small wobble and shudder from turbulence.
“Relax guys, bit of turbulence, going through some cloud” Jack said knowing at least 2 of the dragons had not been in transport ships before.
The dragons seemed a little tense. While creatures of flight themselves, they didn't like the lack of control being in a transport lent.
Soon the ship reached a cruising altitude and the seat belt light went off, Jack undone his belt and stood up stretching, walking over to Ardon.
“I think this method is quicker and more productive than flying just on you dragons, least your energy is preserved if it is needed on the ship” Jack said.
"Not criticizing, merely curious, director." Smiled Vonriir.
Melina unclipped and sat by the large silver dragon as the ship vibrated lightly as it encountered turbulence.
“What is the report of the ship Jack” Melina asked.
“Well last report it was holding its position, even as the storm was getting more intense” Jack replied.
"So strange." Commented Xerrus.
"Well, if it's crashed, did you expect it to move?" Asked ardon.
“true but Baxter said it was hovering, but we see when we get there” Jack replied.
Melina closed her eyes in though as she rested by her dragon’s side with the odd rattle of the ship due to air turbulence.
“Let’s hope we can get there in time and help out any survivors” Melina said.
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Back at Comhaltas, all was calm and well after the transport had left the base. The many other staff and unbonded dragons still remained to keep things running as usual.
“Hey,” came Amanda’s voice as she entered her shared quarters, putting her tablet down on the desk and taking off her hoodie, hanging it on the back of the door.
Zyra lifted her elegantly angled head up from the book she was reading and gave a kind smile. “Hi, you’re back from your meeting already?”
“It was cut short, due to missing some integral members,” replied Amanda, taking off her boots and sitting down on the floor beside her dragon. She leaned upon the pure white scales of her side and let out a breath, running a hand through her bangs to brush them out of her eyes. “I saw Ucluelet down in the common area. One of the interns is helping her with research. She seems to be enjoying her new role.”
“That’s good. I’m glad she’s fitting in.” nodded Zyra.
“What are you reading?”
“Biology texts from Melina’s labs,” said the dragon, turning the book over to show the woman the cover. If Amanda had to guess, her dragoness had already gone through two dozen such textbooks since starting Melina’s programme. The Boldwing’s lust for knowledge was inspiring to say the very least and a dragon’s ability to learn and retain information and language was astounding.
“Another one? You Brainiac,” Amanda teased, looking up at her. “I’ve got to be bonded to the cleverest dragon on this side of Kilara.”
Zyra smiled at the praise and opened the book back up to the page she was reading. Amanda leaned over to look over some of the text and shook her head.
“Stars above, girl, I only know a few of these words here. Are you telling me you actually understand all this?”
“For the most part; I’m still learning,” the dragon said with modestly. To her surprise, Amanda got up and climbed over her forearm, sitting down between her forelegs so that she could read the book too. Her dragon had taken such an interest in these things, the woman felt that she had a duty to at least try to keep up.
“Well, I’m learning too then,” grinned the woman, “Teach me what you’re working on right now.”
“Really?” asked Zyra.
“Really,” nodded Amanda, resolute. Zyra thrummed, absolutely pleased that she had taken such an interest. The Boldwing often felt guilty having different passions than the woman. They worked well together and their bond was something she felt so blessed to have but there was another calling, and one that she hoped she could share with Amanda.
“Well, let’s start back at the beginning then,” began the dragon, turning back to the beginning of the textbook. Amanda reached up with her left arm and scratched under the dragoness’s chin while the Boldwing read, stopping when Amanda had a question or needed something explained. The day quickly slipped away as they studied, forgetting the world outside their quarters.
“-preventing ruptures of the cells,” Zyra finished the page that they were on before suddenly looking up at the clock on the wall.
“What is it?” asked Amanda, not understanding why her dragon had put a halt to their study.
“We haven’t heard back from the transport yet.”
“Well, we haven’t but control probably has. It was going to take them a few hours to travel up there, more if there was poor weather. I’m sure we would be alerted if anything was up. We haven’t been called upon or informed of anything yet. No news is good news as they say.”
“Hmm,” the dragoness hummed, closing her book.
“What has got you so worried? You never fret about anything,” said Amanda, standing up and held Zyra’s chin in her hands, looking over her with concerned blue eyes.
“It’s nothing…”
“You’re lying, missy. I can tell. You never look me in the eye when you’re not telling the truth,” teased Amanda, “Out with it.”
“Nothing, Amanda, really…”
“You’re worried,” guessed the woman.
“About the crew?”
Amanda grinned. “You’re worried about someone on the ship!”
Zyra tried to act nonchalantly but her Attilu could see through the act. “Who could it be? Mr. Forge is a bit old for you,”
The Boldwing made a face, “Ew, he could be my grandfather twice over.” She scoffed as the woman began to pace while taking exaggerated steps, holding her own chin as if contemplating the options.
“Xerrus?” Amanda asked in a singsong voice. “I think a few of the other dragoness’s fine him handsome… and mysterious.”
“Amanda… don’t, it’s nothing.”
“Not Vonriir I hope!”
“It’s Ardon, isn’t it? You’re worried about him,” grinned the woman, spinning around on her heel to catch her dragon’s reaction.
Zyra was frowning. “I don’t think I like your game.”
“Oh, but why? It’s so fun!” giggled Amanda. “My Zy had got a crush!”
“I do not,” huffed the dragoness.
“Oh, come on, don’t be sour. I’m only teasing,” Amanda relented, walking back up to her dragon and smoothing the scales along the bridge of her nose. The woman leaned close and looked the Boldwing in her brilliant yellow eyes and whispered, “I just have seen how your eyes light up and you get all funny when he talks to you,”
“A-man-da!” laughed Zyra, flipping her Attilu over and pinning her on the ground with a friendly grin, teasing, “Let’s talk about how your eyes light up and how your voice goes up ten octaves whenever you speak with Kyle on the security team!”
The girls burst into a fit of laughter, and teasing, their study session firmly over by now, corrupted by amiable banter and smiles.

Back on the transport Ardon looked out the window. Snow had collected around the outside frame and little ice crystals where starting to form along the borders. It was blowing with a freezing wing outside and the dragon had nearly had enough of being jostled around in the craft.
“See anything?” asked Xerrus, spotting the young gold peering out the small window.
“Snow… ice…. More snow?” replied Ardon.
Xerrus shook his head, “I’m already not looking forward to leaving the ship.
“Oh come on, you old bat. It will be fine. A little chilly weather wakes you right up,” chuckled Vonriir.
“I’ll take your word for it.”
“We should be there soon,” said Forge, turning to the both of them. “Then we will see what this ship has been doing here all this time.”
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The storm was getting worse the further they went up towards the polar regions, Jack had spent some time in the cockpit with the pilots and crew as the transport made its way up, the ship began to move and shudder more as they were encountering the storm.
Melina was with David sat in the cargo hold, she was sat close to the silver leaning on his white chest, while David read his book near to where Xerrus was, Ardon peering out of the small darkened window as snow and Ice was all he could see.
The ship wobbled and shook as it hit more turbulence, putting the dragons on edge as they entered the storm, Jack had not appeared yet but the ship was rattling and shaking lightly more as they went further up the artic region.
Forge put his paws gently around Melina to ensure she did not get rattled about from the turbulence.
"You alright?" he asked.
On his left, Xerrus turned to David, pulling his tail closer around them to prevent the man from falling.
Melina looked up and smiled kindly.
I am ok, I’m not a nervous flyer, kind of a good job if I’m flying with dragons” Melina replied.
The silver smiled lightly at his Attilu's nonchalance at all the rough turbulence.
"Jack isn't a nervous flyer either. We like to stunt-fly," Ardon spoke up.
"Dizzying spins and freefalls. I've seen you rocketing about like a sparrow with a death wish," chuckled Vonriir.
David had overheard the conversation and smiled, putting is book away as he smiled.
“I can assure you Xerrus can do some really impressive stunt flying as well, I think he give you a run for your money” David replied.
Melina grinned.
“Well, Ardon learnt from the best, my silver can do some amazing stunt flying even at the tender age of 598” Melina boasted.
Forge gave a small smile, Melina would stand up for him no matter what the subject.
"Well, all you can have your stunt flying," said Vonriir with a chuckle, "I prefer the straight course, without that fancy manoeuvring."
Melina laughed lightly as the ship shook again, soon Jack appeared as he climbed down into the cargo hold sitting where Ardon had put himself so he could look out the window.
“Sorry for it being bumpy, were really entering the storm now, we will be getting more bumpy as we lower our altitude and slow our speed, they are doing their best” Jack said as turbulence shook the transport again.
Vonriir gripped the floor and lowered his head, not liking being rattled about. He put his head down on his paws and let out a breath.
Xerrus didn't look like he was enjoying the ride either, while Forge and Ardon were more used to the sensation of flying within a ship.
"Are we nearly there?" Ardon asked Jack quietly.
Jack looked at the dragons and understood the nervousness of Vonriir and Xerrus as Jack gave David as nod as the man sat with his dragon, to reassure him and to take his mind off it.
“Were nearly there, we are now lowering down, the ship is near the highest peak or so we can observe” Jack said.

Soon the engines hum began to go quieter as everyone felt the ship lower down, Miller’s voice came over the tannoy system and spoke.
“Buckle up guys, we are expecting it to be a bumpy ride to get to the Cygnus, were expecting to lose base contact” he said as Jack answered the call.
“How is it outside” he asked.
“Very stormy sir, very stormy” came his reply as the ship began to shudder and wobble allot more than before, metal creaking and things rattling as the transport lowered down.
“Hang tight everyone, it is going to get bumpy” Jack warned as the ship lurched and jolted more as they entered the storm.
Melina and David buckled up near to Jack as the ship wobbled more, Melina looked at Jack and nodded lightly as the man was also strapped up as Ardon kept looking out the window, which was being battered by snow.
"Stars above," grumbled Vonriir, under his breath, bowing his head as uneasiness rose in his stomach, nauseous from the flight.
"Nearly there, Von." Said Forge, over the rattle.
"Yeah, I'm hanging in here. I just want off this ride as soon as we're there." he grumbled.
Jack grabbed his tablet as the screen showed their descent, there was no longer a satellite line to the base, the weather had garbled the signal, so it was relying on the transports sensors.
“This storm is really powerful, more powerful than storms on earth winter or tropical” Jack said as the ship lurched left, then right, wobbling and rattling like mad.
“We lose base signal as predicted, were on our own for now, keep hanging on guys” Jack said as the ship dropped a little all of a sudden, David closed his eyes as the turbulence got to him, Melina remained stoic and put on a brave face.
Xerrus draped his tail over David's lap to steady him.
"This is what happens when we let humans think they can master flight," said the ebony dragon.
David looked at the dragon and smiled, “Then we be freezing cold then, plus the wind would be buffeting you all about” David countered.
Jack smiled.
“Least you can travel here sort of comfortable and we carry supplies too” Jack added.
"I suppose," said Vonriir.
"Gotta be good for something at least." he said with a forced chuckle.
"We'll get there soon enough. Just hang in there," replied Forge.
The ship now rocked and was shaking all over, the turbulence had turned rough, high winds and the snow battered the transport, it was causing all sorts of problems, visibility was at minimum and there seemed to be no end in sight, snow piled onto the transport as it battled forward, the speed now slower as the pilots had to navigate the icy tops of Kilara’s highest mountains.
"Umph," Said Ardon, steadying himself from being knocked about.
Xerrus laid flat on the floor, wrapped around David to try to still the bumpiness they felt.
The dim lights flickered as the team held on, the turbulence reaching a new high, the ship lurched here and there, Jack was a little concerned but had trust in Miller and his team they could navigate this storm to the Cygnus.
"How we doing guys " Jack said to the dragons as the turbulence seemed to intensify.
"Just peachy," came Vonriir's reply.
The transport moved slowly forward as it navigated the riskier part of the operation, Jack held onto the tablet as he looked at it, they were navigating towards the highest mountain, trying to use the others as cover from the storm but it was unwavering in its intensity.
Ice and snow clung to the transport and was building up, Jack felt the cold start to seep into the cargo hold.
“It must be really cold, I can feel the cold” Melina said as all of a sudden the turbulence stopped, everything was calm, there was not a peep from outside.
Jack was puzzled looking around, there was nothing, it was smooth as glass, the engines had now dimmed to a thrum, David and Melina looked at each other confused, they had just been buffeted and tossed around and now apart from the low humming of the engines, there was no storm.
"What... What's happening?" Asked Ardon, the first of the dragons to speak up.
Their scales prickled in some anticipated danger that they did not understand.
“I do not know, the storm has just died” Jack said.
“That’s impossible, the ship was being rocked about and now nothing, what is going on?” David said as everyone went to a window.
The gold looked out the window in awe. Their transport was caught in the middle of some sort of bubble while they could see the storm raging beyond the surface.
He looked up and his jaw dropped.
"The ship!" He called. "The ship is above us!"
Jack looked out the same window as Melina and David looked out of another, to try and understand what they were seeing.
Jack saw the storm was raging around them but there was a protective bubble encompassing the massive ship that was above them, there were no lights on but the ship was stoic and remained motionless in the sky.
The transport engine hummed as they increased altitude to reach the ship, it was a massive thing, steel moulded and shaped into unique lattice designs, antenna from various places, two large domes near the front and massive thrusters at the back, along with support thrusters at the front for manouvering.
The ship also had a large structure coming out of it, it looked like the command tower, it was night and pitched black, soon lights shone from the transport onto the apparent dead ship.
“That is one impressive ship, shes bigger than this transport” David said in awe.
“Looks like she is in one piece, no signs of power though but, we seem to be in some sort of protective bubble” Melina said letting Forge have a look.
The silver leaned over her and peered up through the window, having to tilt his head to see.
"No lights. I can't see any visible damage from here."
The humans agreed as the transport got closer to the massive ship, there did not seem to be anyone home, there was snow dusted on the ship and some ice as well on some of the parts but it was still intact.
“Question is, why is she here, if there is no damage or anything then why is it here?” David asked.
Jack nodded as he looked up.
“Then if the lights aren’t on and there is no damage, what is producing that shield” Jack wondered out loud.
"Well, we won't find out sitting in this tin can." Said forge. "Should we go see?"
“I agree, I speak to Miller now” Jack said as he undone his belt to go up to the cockpit.
“I’m no engineer but but the snow on the ship, the light dusting and icicles on the antenna, it hasn’t moved from that spot, I think we will need your brawn Vonriir and Forge” Melina said.
“Xerrus can help out, anything rusted or seized up he can unlock” David said.
"The three of us can go up first. Make sure it's alright." Said Forge. "Then we can see if we can muscle our way onto the ship."
"Four of us," added Ardon.
The transport moved across the ship looking for any signs of life, but there did not seem to be anything, this concerned Melina as the dragons seemed prepared.
Jack soon re-joined the group in the cargo hold to give them the briefing.
“Ok, Miller has ran scans of the ship and there is a place near the front we can gain access to, it appears to be some big cargo doors which the transport can use, we might need your guys help to open them so the transport can get in” Jack said looking at Vonriir and Forge.
"Alright," nodded Forge, as usual ready to lead his dragons on the task. "Do we have something we can bring up to communicate with you with?"
David spoke up.
“I can tag along, if you give me a communicator I can relay instructions” the man offered.
Jack nodded.
“Ok, be careful despite the protective bubble it is still very cold out there, when we are in range the transport doors will open for you, Ardon can assist if he can as well” Jack said.
"If," scoffed Ardon. "Of course I'll help."
The gold was by far the smallest out of the dragons aboard but he did not let that hold him back from wanting to be part of the mission.
The dragons readied themselves at the doors to head out.
The tannoy came online as Miller’s voice came on.
“Miller to cargo hold” he said as Jack grabbed the other communicator.
“Cargo hold Jack here, were all ready” he said.
“Acknowledged, we are approaching the area now, stand by” Miller said as the transport moved to where the large doors were.
All of the sudden the ships lights came online, the whole ship brightened up the night sky, Melina had been looking out the window and got dazed from the bright light.
“Urgh” Melina said, the shock of the lights coming on made her fall onto the floor with a heavy thump.
Xerrus made a pained noise and retreated back towards the dark while Forge bent down, "Melina? Are you alright?" he asked, nudging her with his snout.
Melina nodded lightly as she got up.
“Sorry, just startled lightly, it was pitch black and then lit up like a Christmas tree” she said as her sight refocused as the ship was fully illuminated.
The ship now fully lit up, like a beacon, shining down on the Icy mountain it was hovering over, David had seen Xerrus retreat to the shadows and knew his services would be limited.
“Miller to Jack, the doors are opening for us, shall we go into land?” Miller asked.
Jack was hesitant at first, unsure he wanted to go inside, but there must be someone or something there wanting their attention, be in friend or foe.
“Take us in, use caution, then open the doors once we landed” Jack instructed.
The transport entered the large vessel and soon landed, the whole ship fully illuminated, Jack peered out the window to see shuttles and other smaller ships sat in their pre designated places, unmoved with Ice on the glass.
They had not moved from their positions, which made Jack believe that the crew had not abandoned ship with these methods of transportation.
"What's happening, I can't see from here, said the nigh striker, confined to the safety of the shadows where the other ship's lights did not touch.
"Can we dim the lights and windows more for Xerrus" David nodded as Jack nodded.
Jack adjusted the lights and the windows to dim now they had landed inside this massive ship, the doors closing slowly.
As the lights went down the dragon stepped forward with the others to look at the strange sight of the ship.
"So strange the lights came on at our approach," said Xerrus.
"I wonder if its automated or if someone is aboard trying to signal us," replied forge.
Jack agreed but a part of thing felt it could also be hostiles.
Melina checked Jack’s tablet for information outside the transport ship.
“Temperature inside the ship is slightly warmer but it is still in the minuses, I suggest we wrap up warm here” Melina said as Jack nodded, going to the storage container on the other side of the hold, opening it up to get out the artic clothing and gear to wear round the ship.
“Check the ship out first then we can bring the medical supplies me and Miller can” David suggested.
“Great, that would be good” Jack said as he looked outside the window.
"Xerrus won't be able to join us on board the ship" Jack said, gesturing to the lights outside.
David sighed lightly, a little bit disappointed they could not venture with the other dragons on the ship, but with the lights on it was too much risk with the night striker.
"I am sorry, David," said the night striker in a low voice as he dipped his head down to his Attilu in apology.
David turned and looked up at his dragon and smiled lightly.
"Never apologise Xerrus, when they find out where the lights switch is, they can dim it for us to enter" David said.
“Yes, when we secured it we look to dim these lights and you can join us” Melina said with a smile to David and Xerrus.
“Besides, might be best you stay here and guard the ship, just in case” Jack suggested, making the night striker feel useful and given a purpose.
"Alright," nodded the ebony dragon, understanding.
"Are we cleared to go yet?" asked Forge, eager to get underway. Ardon stood next to him, still staring at the ship through the window.
“Yes Miller is opening the door, keep to the shadows” Jack said as the cargo hold went dark, allowing Xerrus and David to move to the back as the massive door opened, allowing Forge, Vonriir and Ardon to venture out, with Melina and Jack close by.
The ship was bitterly cold, as Melina and Jack were wrapped in thick coats, gloves and googles to ensure they did not freeze, torches and other items to keep them warm along with first aid kits and supplies.
“Lets explore” Jack said as they made their way to the door on the far right, it opened smoothly as the team walked down the vast corridor.
The ship was massive, with large open corridors that seemed to be endless, with doors on either side leading to different parts of the ship.
"It's huge, isn't it?" wondered Ardon aloud.
"Makes you wonder how they managed to lose such a thing, hummed Vonriir as they looked around the ship, staying close. Their breath fogged in the sharp, cold air. "It's freezing in here. I don't think any crew would survive long in this."
"Unless they have separate areas. They wouldn't heat the whole ship if they didn't have to," reasoned Forge.
“Hey I think up ahead is some crew quarters” she said as she walked with a more brisk pace as she approached the door, she pressed the button and to door opened.
Melina gasped and put her hand to her mouth as she came face to face with some of the crew, frozen into statues, Ice crystalized round them as they all had poses and the look of fright forever etched on their faces.
Jack had gone to comfort Melina as the woman tried to regain her sanity as the dragons moved ahead of them to witness this horrific act.
"Stars," said Forge, stepping close to Melina as they looked at the crew.
The dragons were silent for a moment, struck by the gruesome scene.
"What on Kilara happened here?" asked Vonriir. "They look like they where frozen in the middle of a horrific sight."
Jack shook his head as Melina tried to analyse what had happened, Forge kept close to her, feeling her nervousness and anxiety of what she saw.
“They looked as if they were frozen on the spot” observed Jack.
Melina seemed shaken but tried to swallow her fear as Jack kept close.
"They...they look like they died instantly, the Ice is packed solid, from the look they been dead for years, the Ice preserving them" Melina said.
“From their poses looks like what they faced was not pleasant” Jack commented.
"What could have caused this?" asked Ardon.
Forge looked around. "There doesn't seem to be any breaks in the coolant systems from what I can see. Everything else looks intact."
Jack nodded, “Let’s carry on forward, make our way to the control tower” Jack said as he put his hand on Melina’s shoulder, she nodded and mouthed a thank you to him, she took one last chilling look at the frozen crew before following the others.
Jack could see up ahead a control panel, perhaps they could gain access to the lighting systems to allow Xerrus to join them.
Jack went over to the terminal to open them but found he could not gain access to the control panel, it had been locked out.
"The computer systems are all locked out, all access is through the bridge, whoever or whatever is calling the shots is there, I think that is where we need to go" Jack said.
Ardon stood close to his Attilu, wary.
"Then let's head up there." said Forge, offering to lead the way to ensure everyone behind him was safe.
Jack saw up ahead some blast doors which had been activated, they were now blocking the route to the control tower, which loomed overhead.
Jack went over to the security panel and again it was locked out.
"These are blast doors, the computer system won’t let me open them, Forge..Vonriir" Jack asked the two.
"Be careful “Melina said to the silver.
The silver looked at the doors and ran his talons down the seams and hinges. "They swing out." he noted.
"Grab that side and I'll grab this one," suggested Vonriir and the dragons did so while the others stood back as they pulled.
Ice cracked and splintered coming off as the doors were being forced open, Jack and Melina stood back as the large dragons pulled.
“Keep at it guys, the Ice is keeping it sealed, acting like an adhesive” Jack said.
Forge let out a thin flame from between his teeth to help melt the ice. Water started to trickle down and the doors groaned and ticked slightly from the temperature change.
“It’s nearly open guys, one big effort should do it” Melina said as the two watched the big dragons working to open the blast doors.
Ardon backed up as Vonriir's tail swung left to counterbalance him as he yanked on the doors, grumbling while Forge continued to pull against the other side.
The doors opened with a groan as they opened up, but they wished they hadn’t, Melina gasped as standing there were 3 massive dragons.
Their scales an Icy blue, they had no wings on their back but they had heavily armoured scales and had wickedly sharp claws, they looked armoured on their back, the dragons did not seem to have horns on their head but their eyes, Icy blue and they seemed to glow.
Jack and Melina looked in complete surprise, this was not what they were expecting, dragons and they were unlike anything they had seen before.
Forge and Vonriir stood their ground, surprised to see other dragons, flightless at that on the other side of the doors.
"Hello," said the dun dragon. "We weren't really expecting... Dragons."
The dragons did not speak but advanced forward, the three now stood there blocking the way, soon tapping could be heard behind them as 2 more Ice dragons appeared cutting off any sort of escape as they stood there, their glowing eyes making Melina nervous.
Ardon put himself between the humans and the two other dragons, his hackles going up defensively.
The dragons stood there, observing their captives with mild interest but they did not say anything but they closed in on their position making their comfort zone smaller and smaller.
“Umm, Guys I think defensive positions might be a good idea” Jack said as Melina kept close to Jack a little uneasy.
Ardon growled, flaring his wings slightly to shield Jack and Melina.
"We are here to respond to reports of a lost ship," stated Forge in his thunderous voice. "Stand down. We mean you no harm."
The Ice dragons did not seem to respond until the three before them parted and another approached, he was the same apart from the silver markings under his eyes and had white tips on his icy blue hair.
“You will be the ones to stand down, if you wish for this encounter to go smoothly, we have the advantage of numbers” came the voice of the dragon.
"My name is Forge, we are here with the members of Comhaltas." Said the silver.
The Ice dragons looked at one another, the name did not seem to ring a bell with them as the marked Ice dragon spoke again once more.
“We will take you to our leader, he is in the control tower, we will take the heavy duty elevator up, it is the only way dragons can go up, due to our size, only 3 at a time” the Ice dragon said.
“What is your name” Jack asked.
“That is irrelevant at this time but if you must know to quench your curiosity my name is…Tonris”.
The Ice dragons led them to the cargo transport elevator and told Jack, Melina and Forge to get on first, Vonriir would come up afterwards.
Vonriir gave a nod as they boarded, the dragon using his claws gently pressed a button which activated the elevator, the doors closed and soon they moved upwards slowly towards the control tower, to meet whoever or whatever was in charge here.
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Back at Comhaltas a young dragoness was flying back from a brief trip to one of the lakes that shimmered close to the base. It had been a refreshing break from her studies and given her time to freshen up in the sapphire waters surrounded by ancient pine trees. Ucluelet was day dreaming when a voice from her left startled her.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to spook you,” said Neekoh, the brilliantly scaled dragon from the Sunchaser breed.
“Oh, I – you didn’t..” the dragoness stammered, trying to hold back the heat that threatened to rise on her cheeks but the male dragon was smiling.
“I haven’t seen you around much. I heard you accepted a job here,” said Neekoh as they flew on.
“Um, yes, I have,” Ucluelet nodded quickly before lapsing into silence.
“…well, what is it?” laughed Neekoh, thinking that the dragoness was being rather silly in her shy manner.
“Oh! I’m going to be a historian,” she smiled brightly, happy to show off her new title. She was rather proud of it.
“And what does that entail?” he asked as they landed on the manicured grounds in front of the base. Ucluelet landed beside him and folded her elegantly long wings against her sides. She looked up at Neekoh, he stood a few feet taller than her, she had noticed the first time they had met. The sunchaser’s scales were a deep orange, bold markings in burnt brown accented his kind face and traveled the length of his lateral line, his belly a soft crème and brown wispy stripes reached down from his spine.
She looked away from his green eyes as she spoke, leading them towards the base, “I’ll be collecting information of the history of Kilara. Dragon breed customs, traditions and information on territory. Battles and major events, notable dragons of the past and present.” She was on a role now, knowing the ins and outs of her new job.
“Myths and legends?” inquired Neekoh with interest.
“Yes.” Ucluelet smile, “That part I’m greatly looking forward to. I always enjoyed the stories my father used to tell us as hatchlings and every clan has different tales or variations of well-known ones. Those will all be very interesting to document.”
“My breed has a fair number. We like to tell stories when we travel so we’ve got more than you could count,”
“Really?” asked Ucluelet, her eyes lighting up as they passed through the doors. “W-would you like to share some with me today? I could write down a few of your favorites for my records.” She asked hesitantly.
“I’d love to,” he smiled.
Ucluelet beamed, “I’ll meet you in the common area. I’m going to go grab my things. I’ll see you in a minute.”
The male nodded as the dragoness skipped off, hurrying back down to her quarters. She grabbed her tablet from her room, turning off the light and humming happily to herself as she made her way back down the halls.
“You look happy,” Said Zyra, coming out of the labs.
“Yes you, there’s no one else about, silly,” the Boldwing laughed.
Ucluelet thought the dragoness was rather pretty, bold markings against brilliant, stark colours.
“Oh, well, I’m really settling in now, I quite enjoy it here. I’m not as homesick as I thought id be,” she admitted.
“Ah, well the distractions help. That and you have some of your family here. You’re lucky. I do wish my brother would have come along but he’s walking in my parent’s paw prints and had the makings of a clan leader.”
“Yeah, its nice to have family about. But even nicer to have good friends,” smiled Ucluelet.
“Aw you’re sweet,” beamed Zyra, giving her hug with a wing. “I should let you go, it looked like you were in a bit of a hurry anyway.”
“I’m ditching some of the fact finding I’ve been doing and moving onto a more fun project for now. I’m taking down myths and clan stories.”
“Oh that does sound exciting. I’ll have to send you some of my families,” offered Zyra.
“Please do! I would love that. There are not many here that are from across the endless sea. Stories from your homeland are bound to be interesting,” nodded Ucluelet.
“Well I’ll do that for you sometime soon then when I find time between my studying and patrols,” promised Zyra. “I’ll see you around, Uke,”
“Bye, Zy,” she waved before headed down the rest of the way to the canteen. Dragons were always present here, no matter if they were permanent members or not. There were a few mountain dragons and two coastals that had flown in and would be staying for the duration of the week, their own temporary roles an important part of Comhaltas.
She spotted Neekoh sitting at one of the tables in the middle of the vast room. She trotted up and put her tablet down before sitting.
“The inquisition has arrived!” teased Neekoh, making Ucluelet break out into a smile.
“Let’s get started,”
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The cargo lift finally got to the control tower, the doors opened revealing a large circular dome shaped control room, there were 2 levels up from the ground where they were but it appeared no one had touched those controls for ages.
Jack looked around to see a total of 8 blue scaled dragons, they seemed to be working on the delicate computer screens, obviously they had been adapted for dragon use, the 8 dragons seemed to have a good understanding of the systems on this ship.
Melina felt the icy cold, there was a cold fog lingering on the floor and there seemed to be some sort of Icy throne overlooking the large windows the one side of the control room, which overlooked the rest of the ship.
“Come along” Tonris said as they walked forward, the ice dragons turned to look at their new occupants, they seemed to emanate cold from their very being, glowing blue eyes, as Jack observed, the computer systems were still working normally and Jack could see two massive screens showing the Cygnus schematics and systems reports.
Forge was silent as he took in their surroundings, watching the ice dragons as they worked with the human computers with what looked like practice ease.
"No, could they all be the ones frozen in the lower level?" he whispered back
“Surprised the systems were ok in these temperatures, I cannot see more frozen crew” Jack whispered to Ardon as they were ushered forward towards the blue icy throne by the guards as the lift doors opened and Vonriir joined along with Tonris and another guard.
Jack wondered how the floor hadn’t caved in with this many dragons on the bridge, these guys were bigger than Vonriir, though not by much.
“Surprised the floor hasn’t caved in, there is 12 of them, plus us, must be tons upon tons bearing down on this floor, just be careful where you step” Jack said to the dragons.
Ardon backed up closer to the wall when're the support was better.
"What happened to the crew?" Forge tried to ask them.
“Silence!, show your respect to our leader in all his glory” Tonris announced proudly as a large Ice dragon stepped out of his Icy throne, however he was different from the others, he had two strands of thick hair which was a blinding white, he had golden markings under his eyes and seemed to have a vast intelligence about him, his eyes were more green than the icy blue of the others.
Melina shivered feeling the cold aura coming from them.
The dragon approached and stood before them, silent for a moment before speaking, his voice was not booming but Jack felt this dragon was clever.
“Welcome, aboard the Cygnus” he said to them with a small sly smile creeping upon his lips as he looked at the humans before him.
Instinctively the dragons grew closer around the humans, protectively.
"We were informed that the Cygnus was lost years ago. How as it come into your possession and what has happened to the crew?" Asked Forge.
The leader dragon smiled.
“Where are my manners, I am the leader of the Ice dragons of the northern realm, we exist in the Icy north and snow, my name is Enceladus, I can see you dragons brought humans with you, as guides?” Enceladus asked the large dragons.
"Not guides," Said Forge, recalling stories of ice dragons but never having laid eyes on one before. "We are bonded, through Brathille. We work and live together as the bond signifies."
Enceladus seemed to listen intently as he heard the large silver’s words.
“What the silver says is the truth, we are bonded by Brathille, I am Jack Harkness director of the Earth Kilara security Alliance, this is my dragon Ardon, son of Bronan, this is professor Melina and she is bonded to Forge” Jack explained.
“Ahh, the old tales of Brathille, I thought it was a mythical tale, to spread across the world, you say you have a facility here, Jack Harkness of the KSA, this ship does not contain any records of this” Enceladus said.
"The Cygnus wasn't intended to go to Kilara, They would have had no record of our home," replied Forge.
Enceladus looked around as the other Ice dragons went back to work.
“Still, it is here and I must say it is a marvellous piece of engineering, that is what you human’s call it, to build something, precision, power and elegance, words I had to be taught, dragon tongue does not accommodate such interesting vocabulary” Enceladus said.
“He’s stalling” Melina whispered to Ardon.
Ardon frowned and took a step forward, "Yes, human words are intriguing but Forge asked you what happened to the crew. Why are you here?" asked the gold in a resolute voice.
Enceladus laughed lightly as Ardon threw his demands to him, it was amusing.
“Ah yes, the crew of the Cygnus, well now this ship has another crew, it has us” Enceladus said in a deeper, darker tone of voice.
“The previous crew have been……put on Ice”.
"You killed them," growled forge and the dragons hackle scales rose up angrily.
Enceladus had a cruel smile on his face inspecting his claws.
“We did not kill them, I merely call it, a changing of the guard, this ship is now under our control, the humans we kept alive for a little while were most helpful, adapting the controls of this magnificent ship to our usage” Enceladus said boastfully.
"Changing of the guard. You are disgraceful, killing humans and stealing their ship. This is the kind of dragon you are?" demanded the silver.
The guards around them growled.
“Of course not Forge, we are far more clever and cunning than any of you, you see we require this ship for transport, we intend to leave this world and head towards one where we will be worshipped as gods” Enceladus said.
"I think not," huffed Ardon.
"You could know nothing of worlds beyond this." said Vonriir.
“There is one” Enceladus said looking down and pointing at the humans with his icy claw.
“Their world will do us nicely, we will be masters of a planet once more, like our history has told us, we now control this ship that will take us between the void from this world to the next” he said.
"You cannot expect that to work," scoffed Forge. "12 dragons, on one ship expecting to take over an entire world?"
Enceladus clicked his talons on the floor and the large screen lit up with picture of the ships main engines, it seemed to have an airy glow to it, white light leading downwards a never ending line going down.
“This ship has enough energy to supply a half of the planets energy usage, the records on this ship confirm it, I have calculated, with the late captain of this ship that, setting this ship into overload would cause a catastrophic explosion, this would be the equivalent of a small nuclear explosion, aimed at the correct place, will cause a super massive eruption on Earth, the ash blocking out the sun light and eternal winter on earth” Enceladus said.
The plan clicked with Jack and Melina seemed to also realise what they were planning to do.
“Yellowstone” Jack said.
“Where the Volcano is underground” Melina said.
Ardon looked horrified. "You can't!"
Forge barred his teeth. There was no way he would going to allow these monsters to leave this world with such evil intent.
Enceladus laughed with evil intent as Jack saw the Ice dragons circle round them.
“Now, we cannot have you guys messing with our plans, it just so happens that some brave crew members on your transport are venturing out, responding to your call to bring supplies” the Ice dragon said.
Jack looked confused.
“We haven’t” the man said.
An evil smile broke upon the Ice dragons face.
“Well according to them you did, as we were talking my dragons managed to put a sentence together, recording your voices and sending them a transmission, so now they are on their way, either go peacefully to the holding cells or, they will be adding to our sculpture collection” Enceladus threatened.
"No," said Vonriir, now that more of the team was compromised.
They had to hope that Xerrus would be able to avoid being detected.
"No one else needs to come to harm," said Forge fiercely. "Let them go back."
Enceladus shook his head.
“You are forgetting who is in charge here dragons, the thing you got here with Brathille, very impressive, but it is irrelevant, they will die unless you head down to the brigs, you do that and I let them live” Enceladus replied as the screen lit up showing the men walking along the corridor, walking straight into the trap.
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The flight dragons seemed at a loss of what to do now. The lives of the transport crew were on the line if they did not comply with the ice dragon’s demands. Forge did not like this one bit, nor did the others. At the very least David and Xerrus were still on the other ship. The silver hoped that the ice dragons did not know he was there. The night striker and his Attilu could possibly be their only chance of getting out of this mess.
Enceladus seemed to be growing impatient that their group had not moved back towards the lift. His guards gave a snarl to threaten them to move along.
“Ok, alright, there is no need for further loss of life, we will comply. Just spare them and we’ll go to the brig,” Jack said, putting up his hands to show that they would listen. Ardon walked close to Jack, slinking beside him, wary of the ice dragon guards as they passed. Nothing about this ship felt right and now they were being cornered in such a way that any retaliation would see a loss of life, something Ardon and the others would not allow.
They moved forward, flanked by the ice dragon guards. Vonriir exchanged a growl with one of them but they continued back towards the lift.
“Stay close to me,” Forge whispered to Melina as they made their way down the hall. He did not want to risk her being singled out. As the woman moved closer, Enceladus watched them carefully.
“How noble Brathille makes you dragons. It knows no limits… or age for that matter,” he commented.
Forge lifted his head from speaking with Melina, “It’s something that should be allowed to prosper, and not be lost to cruel actions.” Said the silver as thy walked, “Your plans will put an end to any chance of that continuing.”
“Well… all good things come to an end, perhaps things will be made right then,” Enceladus said as they were taken down the cargo lift.
Shielded by Vonriir’s bulk, Ardon circled around Jack, protectively, “I don’t like this. Is there any way you can signal the transport?”
Jack nodded as he pressed a button silently on his watch. The light upon it changed from green to red, signaling that they were all in danger. Aboard the transport David’s watch would light up as well and alert the remaining members on the ship. For now it was their only form of communication and they hoped to the stars that it would be enough to keep the remaining members safe.
“Let’s just cooperate for now, easy Ardon,” Jack said, speaking slower and shooting the dragon a look. Ardon understood but frowned grimly as they all were directed into a hold.
“All in there – move it!” barked Tonris as the team went into the large brig room. Large, heavy doors shut behind them but the dim lights above remained on. Suddenly a screen on the wall powered on. It lit up and displayed the crew members and before their eyes the humans were ambushed by the ice dragon’s; the monsters unleashing their ice breath upon them.
Vonriir gasped and Ardon let out a horrified cry as they watched, helpless to do anything to aid them.
“Liars!” roared Forge viciously as he reared up on his hind legs and slammed his paws on the heavy doors. “You said no hard would come to them! We complied!”
Enceladus soon appeared on the screen, “The arctic is cruel. Why should life be any different? On this ship my rule goes and once we are underway we will be disposing of you. Enjoy your last moments together.”
“No!” roared Forge again.
“You traitors!” yelled Vonriir, snarling. Forg was yanking on the door but it was sealed tight and nothing the silver did could cause the door to budge. Dents had appeared in the steel but nothing more and they did not possess the night strikers star fire that could manipulate the locks. It looked hopeless to them as they sat stuck in the brig.
“What do we do? We have to stop them. This is utter madness, the plan they devised.” Huffed Vonriir, stepping back so that he wouldn’t crowd the others.
“David has to do something,” urged Ardon, “What if they could fire on the ship? Damage it so that it can’t leave?” his thoughts came out quickly in his desperation.
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David had been sat in the darkness with Xerrus and kept put along with the 2 rookie members of the cockpit crew as the others wheeled out the supplies, unknown to them it was a trap.
David had begun to wonder where they had gone when his watch seemed to go red, David looked down and could see it was a KSA alert status.
The night striker tilted his head and peered at the watch, "it's gone red... What is it?"
David looked up at Xerrus and stood up, “Something is wrong, red means there is danger and hostile action” David said going into the weapons locker and getting out a gun and arming himself.
“I need to go out there and check what has happened, I see if I can dim the lights to get you involved” the man said as he got out another weapon and reloaded it.
"Before you go see if you can message the crew that went over there so we're not going in blind. They still haven't returned from bringing over the supplies.
David nodded,” I go speak to them now and tell them to hold their position and to arm the weapons on the transport, then I’m venturing out, hopefully this gadget Professor Baxter gave me will let me into their mainframe, just do not come out or you harm yourself” David said.
"You cannot possibly think you're going in there alone," the dragon said, putting himself between the man and the exit.
David looked up and sighed lightly, not sure what the dragon was thinking.
“Well how will you get out, we have talked about this, wait till I turn the lights down, you cannot keep the shroud fully on you forever” David said to his shadow dragon, worried he was going to do something risky.
"I'm not letting you go to whatever danger there is alone. Inform the captain and remaining crew of what's going on. I'll get us over there and find a dark patch to hide in," Xerrus said firmly.
David sighed knowing he would not win this argument, he turned and climbed up the later to speak to the crew members.
After a few moments he came back and looked at Xerrus, seeing the determined look in the purple eyes of his.
“Since your going to do this, get that shroud round you now” David said.
The dragon arched his neck and opened his jaws wide. Dark, ebony smoke that shimmered with a purple iridescence trickled out, slowly encompassing Xerrus.
David waited patiently making sure he had it secure and fully wrapped round him, the lights in the cargo hold were bright and so he wanted the Xerrus to be fully protected.
“How long can you maintain that, the lights out there aren’t dim, pretty bright, just concerned for you” David replied to his night striker.
David’s immediate concern was Xerrus and his abilities, just a speck of light could cause damage to him so he had to make sure he could protect himself.
The dragon let go of the smoke and it dissipated pretty quickly without him maintaining it. "I can hang on long enough to me to find more shadows."
David nodded lightly at this.
"Well keep it as long as possible Xerrus, There is shadows by the end your best" David said pointing.
There was a shadowy part where the light did not reach, creating a dark corner, nearby was the large doors and a control panel he could gain access to via Baxter’s gizmo.
The dragon turned his long muzzle to where the man pointed and nodded. "I can do that."
David checked his weapons and wrapped up warm as he was about to venture out.
"Right, I get to the control panel, you head for the shadows when your ready" David said as he headed out.
The dragon let out his dark smoke again and concealed himself, stealthily slipping out in silence, making his way hastily to the shadows. Here he could keep an eye on David and remain hidden and protected from the light.
David made his way over there, making sure he was quick on his feet as Xerrus made his way there, so far so good as David reached the control panel, he tried to access it but found it locked.
Using Baxter’s Gizmo he powered it on and attached it to the systems, the professors software and handiwork did the trick as he gained full access without the ice dragons knowing.
"David?" Xerrus' voice whispered out of GE shadows, "find anything yet?"
“Hang on, let me sort this” David said as the lights in the cargo bay now dimmed down considerably.
“This dark enough or do you need it dimmer?” David said gesturing around to the now reduced light in the cargo bay.
"That is fine. I can manage with this," said Xerrus, letting go of his hold on the rippling smoke.
David smiled as he worked on the system, although his knowledge on systems were not advanced, he could still navigate round security systems and other areas.
David used Baxter’s device to gain access to the CCTV, a timer went off on the device as it said he had 5 minutes before the alarm was alerted to him hacking the system.
What David saw shocked him as he enlarged the screen for Xerrus to see, “Are those, dragons? Running this ship?, they look pretty competent on using the controls” David said pointing them out on the CCTV.
Xerrus crept closer and looked, "flightless.... Ice dragons from the north?" He pondered aloud. "Do you see the others?"
David looked and shook his head.
“Nothing yet, let me check, I only got 4 minutes before they realise someone is nosing in” David said working on the panel, he switched ot a corridor cam and saw the men frozen solid, into permanent statues.
David took a deep breath and shook his head.
“I know what happened to the crew, they wont be coming back” David said with a grim expression on his face, showing Xerrus the frozen men”
A low growl came from the dragon's throat in response, "What do we do? I won't let that happen to you or the others."
David nodded to Xerrus words, “I think we can assume these dragons are hostile, do you know anything about these guys, I do not think we ever encountered Ice dragons” David said as he searched around.
"I have never lived where I would have chance of encountering them. They live in these polar regions. Their reclusive from what I hear." He tilted his head to the side "you only have three minutes on that gadget of yours. Be quick. Can we disable something to buy us time?"
“Looking” David simply said as he continued looking for Forge and the others.
Soon he stumbled across them as saw them, he quickly brought up a map of the area, luckily they still ooked well but they had guards there.
“They are here, locked up in the brig near where we are, but there is 2 Ice dragons, I can dim the lights to fully minimum in the adjacent corridors, then perhaps knock out the lights there so you can sneak in, but they look big guys Xerrus” David said.
"I will have surprise on my side. I have to try, David," said the shadow dragon firmly.
David was concerned but felt they needed to.
“Well, we always wanted the opportunity to test ourselves, now is a better time than any right?” David said to his night striker.
Xerrus nodded. "If anything comes, hide away. I will find you. We can't risk having you captured," said the dragon. He would have preferred having David go back to the ship and fly to safety but he knew he would never be able to convince him of that.
David smiled, as he knew they would be going into their first combat situation.
“remember our night watch saying?” David said making his hand into a fist.
"May the grace of the stars guide us." Said the dragon before breaking out into a small smile. "Tara would be telling us to kick butt about now."
David laughed lightly.
“Amen to that Tara” David said as he typed quickly.
After a few moments he powered the control panel down and took Baxter’s Gizmo off it, placing it securely in his pocket.
“I have dimmed the lights without switching them off, plenty of shadows and other places, but they are dimmed down massively, until we reach the corridor they are trapped in, I use Baxter’s gadget to turn off the lights fully, then you sweep in and get them” David said his plan to the night striker.
"Perfect," nodded the dragon, the muscles shifting under sleek black scales in anticipation. "Let's go."
David nodded as he led the night striker down the corridor that the lights were so dimmed that Xerrus moved unhindered, they used the shadows created by the long corridor to hide, there were CCTV camera’s about buty their movement and the darkness of the shadow areas meant they moved undetected.
Xerrus was quiet and moved silently in the darkness as David ran on light feet, keeping noise down, soon they reached the corridor where Forge, Jack and the others were hiding.
David went over to the control panel and activated Baxter’s device, he soon regained access and got control of the corridor lighting systems, including the lights in the brig, he have to shut off the whole corridor and inside the brig.
“Ok Xerrus, we got 10 minutes to get them out or the alarm will go off, Baxter’s gadget will emit a false image but it wont last long, there is two of them, you got this?” David said to the night striker.
"I've got this," he reaffirmed, as he silently reshuffled his wings against his sides. "I'm ready."
David nodded, typing in the commands on Baxters machine as it counted down.
“Alright 3..2..1” David said as the lights went out in the corridor.
“10 minutes” David said giving Xerrus the nod.
The ice dragons in the corridor looked at each other confused.
“Is Tonris playing with the security systems again” the one said.
“Stars knows, he knows we be on the move any moment” The other replied, unaware it was David and Xerrus.

Jack looked up as the lights went offline, Melina also seemed to look around as the man stood up, unsure what was going on.
"Stars, what now!" Demanded Forge. He dared not light the room with Dragon fire.
Ardon got down on the floor and peered under the tiny gap in the door. It was dark beyond their cell, only dim emergency lighting remained in places.
"It's dark out there too" he said.
"Wait, could it be Xerrus?" Wondered Vonriir, aloud.
“Shh, just in case be ready” Jack said as the others nodded.
Xerrus crept through the halls on silent paws, his great mass quiet in the dark.
The dragons night vision far outshone any other breed and he used this to his advantage. He snuck up behind the first ice dragon, the creature confused and angry
He stilled before suddenly exploding into action. Xerrus leapt upon the dragon, sinking his teeth into its neck viciously as they tumbled over. The dragon let out a strangled cry before going still.
The second one snarled and went for Xerrus, the two tumbled as they dragons fought for advantage, the Ice dragon letting loose his Ice breath but missing its target as Xerrus moved quick in the night.
The shadow dragon shifted and manoeuvred stealthily, trying to keep one step ahead of the larger dragon. He barred his teeth and struck his claws out at the males face.
The Ice dragon stumbled back as the night striker slashed his Icy scales, but the dragon came back slamming the dark dragon into the corridor walls with a thump, the metal denting and bending from their combined weight.
The dragon cried out in a vicious snarl before it choked into a wheeze as his opponent tried to cut off his air. Xerrus twisted his head, sucking in breath before opening his jaws and unleashing his shadow smoke. He directed it to the other dragons face and forced the magic through his nose, aiming to strangle him in turn.
Ice Dragon snarled and shook his head trying to clear the smoke from his nose, snorting loudly and feeling the thick smoke go down his throat, a choking cough as he tried to use his Ice breath to force the smoke to break up.
Xerrus called upon more of his smoke, feeling the other dragon faltering now, he took his chance and used his power to his advantage.
The Ice dragon choked and spluttered as the Ice dragon was deprived of air, in lone last gasp he used his Ice breath to full force to try and push out the thick smoke or break up the smoke in his dying effort.
The shadow dragon forced his forepaws free and clawed at the ice dragons throat while he continued to manipulate the strange smoke coming from his jaws.
The second Ice dragon was defeated, Xerrus had done it, with minimal damage to himself, David came round the corner to see the two dead dragons.
“You alright Xerrus, good work on this, you injured or hurt?” the man asked.
The dragon shook his head, panting. He had bloody scratches on places but nothing that would prevent him from pressing on. "No," he said, his voice a bit raspy from being strangled. "Let's continue on."
David rushed to the door and tapped on it, before getting down on the floor and speaking.
“Jack?, Jack you guys ok” David said.
Jack heard the familiar voice of David and went to the edge and went onto the floor, “Yes were here, great to see you” Jack said as David seemed relieved.
“Hang on we try and get you guys out” David said.
"Careful!" warned Forge, "There are 12 of them out there," his voice came from the other side of the door.
"10, now." Replied Xerrus as he looked over the door. "I can see the locks. I'll try to get it open, we wont be able to muscle the door open." The shadow dragon lowered his head and let the smoke escape once more, trickling through the gaps in the door mechanism.
Jack stood back, “Vonriir, Forge get in position, Xerrus will sort out the locks, then we need you guys, Ardon you two, try get it up a little then the adults can do the rest” Jack instructed.
The dragons on the other side of the door got ready, ensuring Jack ad Melina were out of the way. They cold see wisps of shimmering smoke rise up through the door as Xerrus manipulated the inner workings of the lock.
“What is our plan once were out” Melina asked Jack as the man turned to her.
“We must prevent this ship leaving, getting a SOS out to the facility wont do much good, we need to stop the Cygnus reaching space” Jack said as Melina nodded understanding.
The locks were not moving like the shadow dragon was hoping. He barred his teeth and tried harder, his talons tensing as he worked.
David felt the dragon tensing and saw his talons tense.
“Xerrus, what is it?, is there something wrong?” he asked the night striker.
"It's a complicated lock, hang on, I've got this," he said as he tried something different.
David nodded lightly, “Do not rush, do your best, you got this my dragon” David said, giving words of encouragement as he let his dragon focus.
The shadow dragon was silent as he worked the lock, the focus and struggle clear on his face as he fought the mechanism with difficulty.
Suddenly a part gave way, and he was enveloped in a renewed vigour as he continued on.
“You got it buddy, I know you have” David said as he watched Xerrus work in determination against the lock, the team on the other side waited patiently for the night striker to do his work.
The dragon found his smoke at another blockage as he tried to finish opening the lock.
It was tiring work but he knew that David and all the others were counting on him. Time was ticking away and he didn't have long for this to work. He willed his magic fog to work harder, his shoulders tightening in response as the smoke worked its way insidiously through the lock.
Jack and Melina could see the smoke building and lightly trembling, the lock must have been tough and this was the first real test for the night striker and his dark shadow smoke he had but Jack admired the determination.
He shadow dragon was doing all he could as he struggled with the lock mightily. He bared his teeth and tilted his head, jerking it to the side to drag the fog to the left to turn the lock.
“That is it buddy, you got this, go for it” David said with encouragement once more for his dragon.
The dragon, spurred by his Attilus words, pressed on. Nearly there, he thought.
David kept close watching the progress of the night striker.
The shadow dragon cursed, "it won't budge!" He hissed through grit teeth.
“You can budge it Xerrus, I know you can” David said hearing the dragons words through his gritted teeth.
Xerrus attempted once more, using all his magical might to test the lock.
The dragon shook his head violently, more smoke rising up towards the door, Almost engulfing it. He swore again and attempted for what felt like the hundredth time knowing that the clock was ticking.
David felt his dragon needed help and he would make the dragon succeed, he placed his hand on the dragons dark scales, all of a sudden a purple glow illuminated upon the dragon, a lattice shaped design appearing on this muzzle.
“Here, we do it together, the power of Brathille on your side my guardian” David said as he felt his palm get warmer as purple sparkled along the night strikers smoke.
A deep purple light burst across the black dragons scales and through his dark smoke he bared his teeth and snarled, the lock shattering inside the door.
Forge and Vonriir were quick to open the disabled door.
"Well done!" Praised Vonriir.
David removed his palm as the purple glow remained for now, pumped up by Xerrus adrenaline and determination.
Jack appeared and smiled giving a respectful nod to David and Xerrus.
“Excellent work, both of you but big thanks to you Xerrus I felt Brathille power come into play, thank you for rescuing us” Jack said.
“Yes, our hero’s of the night and the hour” Melina added.
"We're not out of the woods yet. What happened here?" asked Xerrus.
“Yes, a ship run by Ice dragons what is going on” David asked.
Jack had to explain quickly.
“The Ice dragons took over the ship, it got lost off course I reckon, the crew met these dragons, they learnt what was shown and then froze the crew to death, now their leader who up in the control tower wants to take this ship to earth, use it as a weapon to cause a super volcanic eruption on Earth, to force an eternal winter so they can rule over all of earth, there is more of them on their way here, about 40 or so Ice dragons” Jack explained as quick as he could as they walked towards the transport ship.
"We need to stop them," said forge.
"But how?" Asked Vonriir.
"Destroy the ship?" Suggested Ardon.
Jack thought but there was nothing he could think of, they needed to get to the engine room but he guess Enceladus would have a crew of dragons there, it was something they had to do but he could not risk all the team going.
“We go to the engine room and attempt to shut down the engines, or at least disable them so the ship cannot move, they still got the ship but it be useless to them, I need you and David along with Forge and Xerrus to return back to the transport and wait for us there, me, Ardon and Vonriir will take out the Ice dragons in the engine room” Jack said his plan but this made Melina frown.
"You can't take all the dragons alone," scoffed Forge. "I'm not going to let my nephew and one dragon hang back alone."
"We can't leave you to fight on your own," agreed Xerrus.
Jack sighed lightly at the resistance but agreed, as a team they would be formidable and they needed all the help they can get.
“Ok, Let’s get down there” Jack said.
“I will use Baxter’s device to dim all the lights so Xerrus can assist, I get directions now” David said as he went over to the terminal and once more used Baxter’s device to ensure Xerrus could join the fight.
“We hang back while you guys clear the area, or distract them, then we can go in, do not worry Jack we trained for years for situations like this” Melina said as Jack nodded lightly as Ardon seemed to be with Melina on this one.
"There are enough dark places to hide in here so do not worry if the lights come. I can manage." Said Xerrus.
Ardon shifted his weight from one paw to the other as he waited with anticipation. This would be his first great battle and he was nervous.
Jack put his hand on the dragon’s golden scales to calm him down a little, he felt his nervousness and Jack kept cool and calm, one of Jack’s many quality assets that under pressure he was pretty calm and cool under pressure.
David had been busy working on the control panel as he removed the device and spoke to the team.
“The engine room is a couple of corridors down towards the control tower, I dimmed the lights enough as well, we best move as well” David said.
“Alright let’s go, quickly and quietly” Jack said.
The dragons flanked the humans, surrounding them protectively as a grainy scales guard as they proceeded through the halls.
Jack kept close as Melina and David walked alongside each other, making sure the dragons were flanking them, protected by a wall of scales.
The gold dragon quickened his step so that he could walk slightly ahead of Jack, remaining close and alert. "Stay behind me to I can guard you." He said to the man.
“Ok Ardon” Jack simply replied, not preparing to argue with the golden dragon when they had an important job to do.
However the CCTV caught the dragons making their way to the engine room, Enceladus watched with Tonris on the large screen, a growl escaped the leader’s mouth as Tonris sensed the dragon leader’s frustration.
“Orders sir?” he asked.
“We must accelerate our plans, prepare the ship for departure, you will defend the engine room, get your guards to stop them, use to automated turrets” Enceladus ordered as Tonris nodded gesturing to the two Ice dragons to follow him as they went to the cargo lift.
“Brayosh!” Enceladus shouted to the one Ice dragon operator on the left who looked up from his work.
“Power on the engines and bring us about” Enceladus ordered as he sat in his Icy throne overlooking the viewing windows, the ship moved away from the jagged rocks and turned to a clear path which the ship could accelerate forward without crashing into anything.
Forge paused, looking down at the floor. He could feel the vibrations of the ship intensify, trembling up through his talons.
"The ship is moving. They are trying to jump into their plan before we can interfere."
Jack could feel it now as they were making their way towards the engine room.
“The ship is turning, they are looking to leave, we must hurry” Jack said as everyone quickened the pace towards the engine room.

“Fire aft thrusters!” Enceladus ordered as the ice dragon pressed a button on his control panel, the engines lit and fired, all the engines at the rear of the ship fired as the ship began to move.
“Ascend to Kilara atmosphere, once we are up in space, all avalaible Ice dragons to intruders is time to liquidate our guests” he gave a villainous smirk upon his icy muzzle.
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“Look out!” David shouted as the ice dragons lunged out from the dark.
Vonriir blocked the blast from hitting the others with his massive bulk. Ice formed up his left side as he was hit squarely.
Using his long, whip-like tail, Xerrus herded the humans away from the danger, shoving Jack, Melina and David into a small gap to protect them.
Already mayhem was being unleashed. The team of four was up against 7 ice dragons. Outnumbered and out weighed by a lot, the attacked team would have to put up a bitter fight.
Vonriir twisted and the ice cracked free from his scales. Charging, the western cragback barreled into two of the others, clearing a path so that Forge and Xerrus could take on their own opponents. While Vonriir was busy keeping two of them at bay, Forge unleashed a gout of flame across an ice dragon’s face. The shriek of pain echoed deafeningly loud in the cramped metal room.
Apart from Ardon, Xerrus was the lightweight of the larger flight dragons. His scales were not the heavy armoured kind that made up the Mountain dragons hide. Dashing out of the way he had to maneuver quickly to keep out of the ice dragon’s deadly grasp. He bared his teeth and lunged, using his smoke to help blind his opponents to give him the upper hand.
“Stay here!” Ardon commanded, shoving some metal cabinets against the place that the humans sheltered to help protect them. He turned with a snarl as an ice dragon picked him out while the others were busy with their own battles.
Ardon roared to distract him and leapt away from Jack and the others. They were locked in a deadly duel just a few wing lengths from the final hall that would lead them to the engine room.
The ice dragon pursued Ardon, lashing out with talons and teeth, sending blasts of icy breath after the gold. The room grew bitterly cold and slick with ice and dragon fire melted water as the elements raged on in their fight.
Ardon was suddenly cornered with nowhere to go. He drew in a breath to unleash a stream of flame but the ice dragon was already upon him before the flickering fire even reached the back of his throat.
Suddenly the ice dragon cried out in pain as reared back. Forge had taken the back of the dragon’s neck in his teeth and bit down with all the power he could muster. Eyes aflame, the silver thrashed and clawed, fighting in the wild, violent manner of his kind. Ardon saw his chance and lunged, dispatching the ice dragon just as another came charging towards Forge.
With his uncle turning to face the new opponent, Ardon leapt into action, loosing his flame where he could to help the others.

Just then, another ice dragon bust into the room, letting his icy breath slick the floor. The gold stumbled as he went skidding towards the newest attacker.
Ardon barred his teeth, fanning his wings open and his hackles raised to instinctively look bigger and more threatening. This did not deter his opponent, who opened his jaws and let out another stream of icy breath. The gold twisted violently to the right to escape it’s freezing hold, unleashing a jet of flame himself. The ice dragon stumbled backwards to evade it. Here Ardon saw his chance. He broke into a run and leapt at the dragon, teeth exposed as he went for the throat. The gold, so much smaller than the average ice dragon, was undoubtedly either brave or foolish for taking on such a large opponent but he wasn’t going to stand back with the humans in danger. Ardon sunk his teeth into the softer scales on the ice dragon’s throat but was quickly ripped off his hold by jagged, blue claws.
Ardon tumbled away, rolling back to his feet with a frustrated growl. The ice dragon circled him, the other glacial creatures keeping Ardon’s team busy and unable to help. Xerrus was streaming blood from his brow and right flank. Vonriir had an ice dragon backed into a corner while Forge battled tooth and claw, his nose bloodied by claw marks.
“Fool of a drake,” snarled the ice dragon, advancing on him. Ardon unleashed a savage roar as he suddenly leapt forward.
The ice dragon swung his tail, catching Ardon full in the chest with a heavy thwack, sending the gold male flying into the wall opposite. He hit with a sickening sound and fell to the floor, gasping and winded as his attacker advanced on him.
“ARDON!” Jack shouted as he saw what happened from their hiding place behind the cabinets. His panic and anger at seeing Ardon man handled so badly by these brutes caused his palm to glow and get warm.
Suddenly a gold light ripped through the room, Ardon’s scales lit up in intricate lattice work of glowing gold from nose to his chest and wings, it’s procession to his tail slowed now.
“What on Kilara..” snarled the ice dragon, aghast.
Drawing in a tremendous breath, the gold dragon took the power Brathille lent him and let out a blast of gold-lit fire. It consumed the ice dragon without a pause while the others finished off the remaining attackers.
Vonriir sent out a blast of flame as Xerrus unleashed his smoke to finish off the dragon he had been fighting.
The next thing Ardon knew that the room was still, the only noise coming from the panting of the flight dragons as light slowly faded from his scales. The ice dragons lay still, having been dealt with by the others. The gold’s hearts were hammering in his chest as he surveyed the scene around them.
“Stars above, Ardon!” stammered Vonriir.
Xerrus looked surprised before looking himself over. The light that had come off of Ardon had lit the whole room when it had ignited but he hadn’t felt a bit of pain as he normally would when trapped in the light. The only thing that hurt where his physical injuries.
“Well done,” Nodded Forge, looking around them, he spotted Xerrus hobbling towards where the human’s were trying to get free of their safe spot. The silver let out a sigh of relief to see that they all emerged unharmed.
"Xerrus!, are you ok" David said running to the dragons side.
“I’m fine, just scratches, David,” insisted the night striker even though it was apparent that his injuries were far worse than his superficial diagnosis. He knew that they weren’t done with this mission yet. They still had to get to the engine room and no one knew what they would face there.
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“The engine room is on the far right of the corridor, expect heavy resistance there, Enceladus will have it guarded now were under way” Jack said to the others.
The team knew they had a fight on their hands just to get in there, they also knew the Ice dragons had control over the security systems and would most likely use them to their advantage.
Melina came over to look at Xerrus as David seemed concerned for the night striker, he had said he was ok but he was not putting much weight on his left forepaw.
“I haven’t got anything to hand other than on the transport, you must of taken a nasty injury to your forepaw Xerrus” Melina said to the black dragon.
"I am fine, I assure you," insisted Xerrus.
"That injury is going to hinder you in our next fight-" started forge but the black dragon snorted.
"I'm FINE," he said firmly. "Let's get a move on. I want out of this frozen tin can as soon as possible."
Jack sensed some tension and soon snapped his fingers.
“We have not got time for this, the ship is on the move, we soon be too high to escape without dying without oxygen so we need to move now, Xerrus says he can fight then let him fight” Jack said in an assertive tone.
“You guys take out the dragons, us humans will shut down the engines, or try and hinder our progress to outer space, let’s get going” Jack said as the team seemed to regroup.
The dragons growled in agreement, falling into formation again around the humans to set into their next move.
"Be careful, stay out of harms way the best you can." Forge instructed Melina.
Melina looked up and nodded but gave a smile, “YOU be careful my Silver, I can keep my head down” Melina said.
“She’s a fighter that one Forge” David said with a smile appearing on his face as they approached the engine room doors.
Jack and the others entered the engine room and the man was in awe of what he saw, the whole place was massive, holding the biggest reactors and generator of power he had ever seen, he felt small as well as the dragons did being mere small dots in this vast chamber.
No wonder the doors had been so large, it was indeed an impressive spectacle, he was however not able to enjoy the whole design and concept for long.
“Get them!” came a voice as the Ice dragons charged at them, Tonris, Enceladus right hand dragon ordered them to attack.
“Ok boys, they are all yours” Jack said as he pressed a button and the lights dimmed, allowing Xerrus to join the fight.
Xerrus opened his jaws, unleashing his smoke at one dragon. Forge leapt above and spread fire at the ranks of ice dragons while Vonriir charged forward, eyes locked on Tonris.
Melina, Jack and David headed for the gangway’s as the dragons fought, getting to higher ground and the controls while all the chaos was happening around them.
Tonris spotted the massive tank of a dragon heading his way, the Ice dragon turned and charged as the two collided with a loud crack that seemed to shake the floor around them.
The Cragback dug his hind claws in to steady himself as he bared his teeth and shoved back, tail swinging behind him to help balance.
Tonris dug his Icy talons from his hind legs into position on the floor and pushed back hard, the two massive dragons seemed at an impasse as Tonris claws caused marks in the steel floor making an awful screech noise from them as the two giant dragons seemed locked at a stalemate, while all the battles were going on around them.
Vonriir let out a rumbling snarl that reverberated through the room as he fought with Tonris.
Flames rose up in his throat as he prepared to unleash his dragon-fire.
Tonris sensed the dragon was about to unleash the fire in his belly and he moved as he pushed Vonriir into the side, the steel bending against their combined weight.
The two seemed to caused the banister nearby to collapse as Melina jumped just in time as they scaled the steps towards the reactors control panel.
With the fire extinguished in his throat, Vonriir gave a grunt and kicked hard, lashing his heavy tail to strike the other dragon.
Tonris was struck but the Ice dragon took the blow and retaliated as he dodged the heavy tail and shoulder barged into the dragon’s side.
“Hah, big lump that’s all you are” Tonris snarled as he punched the dun dragon in the chest and side, keep Vonriir pinned to the side.
While the fight was going on the Cygnus continued to climb up into the sky, protected from the harsh winter storm which was now dying down as it continued its ascent towards the stars, the thrusters were still pushing the craft along much to Enceladus pleasure.
Suddenly Vonriir caught Tonris' paw in his own. A deep frown had crossed the normally pleasant dragons face. He pushed and twisted the ice dragons arm back, showing him exactly who he had mocked.
Tonris snarled and ripped off the side a steel pole from one of the crumpled supports where both had crashed into as Tonris barged into the giant dun dragon aiming to put the bar upon his throat to strangle him.

Inside the transport, the two rookie pilots were getting nervous, the sensors showed the ship was on the move and there had been no sing of the crew or Jack’s team, they had a close call as an Ice dragon team rushed past but they were heading for the engine room and did not bother checking out the transport.
“Pete, we need to get out of here, something must of gone wrong, we got to get out of here and warn the others” Damian said getting nervous, looking out the cockpit window to ensure no Ice dragons were coming for them.
Pete seemed unsure, “But Jack and the team?” he said.
Damian shook his head.
“Jack would of reported back by now, someone would have, they could be locked up and chained by those..those things..we need to go now” he said as Pete’s reluctance soon gave way as he bagan powering up the transport.
“Let’s go then, program the main cargo doors to open and we be gone now” Pete said as Damian jumped into his seat pressing the buttons hastily as the transport door shut and engines powered on.
“Door code entered, opening in 10 seconds” Damian said.
Pete nodded.
“All systems go, when we get in the clear we radio an SOS when we are safe” Pete said as the giant doors opened fully, Pete moved the transport out gently as he could but he was still a novice as the bottom scraped against the floor as the ship moved outside.
“Cant you fly this thing!” Damian said with panic in his voice.
“Hey, I only just passed, I needed experience points, just..just focus on your bit ok!” Pete snapped back as the transport moved in an erratic fashion as it left the Cargo bay hold.
The engine room continued to be a symphony of chaos and noise as the battle continued, with Tonris being in control over the tank of a dragon Vonriir.
The Cragback sputtered and gasped for breath as he struggled to push off the steel beam, back arching in effort to free himself.
Around him he could hear the others fighting on.
Roars of defiance and the snapping of flame collided with the crackle of ice.
Ardon was harrying the ice dragons that forge and Xerrus fought, making it difficult to keep focus.
Tonris grit his teeth and pushed as Vonriir struggled with his might.
“I knew you had nothing behind that bulk, its just hatchling fat, you got no power in your tubby” Tonris taunted.
Vonriir bared his teeth, locking his eyes on the ice dragon's and slowly began to push the bar off his throat.
Tonris growled as he pushed back hard as Vonriir was showing what he was worth.
Vonriir pressed up on the steel beam with all his might, letting out a savage snarl that echoed around them. Suddenly he cause his breath, sucked in air and let out a tremendous roar, flinging the ice dragon off of him.
Tonris crashed heavily into another beam causing another gangway the humans were using to collapse, meaning the humans were trapped up by the reactors control panel as Jack and David worked to gain access.
Vonriir got to his feet with a groan but didn't lose a second. He charged, lowering his spiral horned head and went bowling into Tonris with his fell weight behind him.
Tonris roared out as he crashed into the side, the metal bending and cracked as the combined weight of the dragons caused the panels to dent and break.

The transport left the cargo bay and flew upwards, Pete struggling with the controls as he had to do the work of two pilots as Damian tried to help as the transport moved erratically and lurched to the left.
Up in the control tower Enceladus saw the transport move upwards and was now moving slowly away from the ship but seemed to be a little out of control.
Enceladus feared the transport could hinder or damage the Cygnus and their progress towards earth, he would not allow that to happen.
“Blow it apart before it hits us!, FIRE!” Enceladus ordered.
The ice dragon pressed a few buttons as a laser turret turned around and fired at the transport, hitting it directly on the one engine, the Transport lost control and headed for a collision course for the Cygnus.
By the time Enceladus knew what was happening the large transport ship crashed into the side of the ship and exploded , causing a massive explosion at the side of the ship, the impact causing the whole ship to lurch left abruptly, as Enceladus and other Ice dragons tumbled with a thump at the ships sudden movement.
The sudden movement made everyone get flung to the left, Melina was thrown to the barrier which broke, she let out a loud gasp as she grabbed the barrier bar at the last minute and clung on for dear life.
Ardon and the others were thrown violently off their feet as the ship was jarred to the side.
Forge looked up and blinked. "Melina!" He roared out. He tried to lunge for her but an ice dragon held onto his hind leg. Snarling he kicked him in the jaw and dashed towards Melina, reaching out his paw to scoop her up.
The ship continued to lurch left as alarms sounded, Tonris had been hit by falling metal bars and was dazed as the other dragons had been defeated for now as Jack managed to drag himself up and look at the control panel.
“The ships been hit, we lost containment and the control stabilizers, we need to get off this ship NOW!” Jack shouted.
Ardon rushed to Jack's side, urging him to climb atop his shoulders as the other dragons gathered to flee.
"Hurry!" Hollered Vonriir, running towards them.
Jack jumped onto Ardon as David was helped to board his dragon Melina did the same, it be easier for the dragons to have them on dragon back, they hung on tightly as the dragons moved out the engine room.
“She’s been hit badly Jack, I do not think they got enough Ice dragons to stabilize the ship, shes going to crash down” David said as Jack nodded.
“To the cargo bay, hurry!” Jack said to the others as debris fell down and the ship groaned as the team could feel the ship nose moving downwards.
The dragons clung onto footholds where they could as the ship listed heavily, making moving around it's halls a difficult task, especially for the three that had passengers on their backs.
"Watch out!" called Ardon as crates were knocked loose and sent skittering down to where Forge was making his way. The silver nudged Xerrus to the side and flattened himself against the wall as the crate slid past them.
The dragons continued to move forward as they finally made it to the cargo hold, Shuttles and other things rolled loosely about as the ship moved as the ship lurched more towards the earth, the Ice dragons still not in control of the Cygnus.
“Ardon, Hit the emergency release on the right hand side, to open the doors, everyone wrap up we got to brace the cold weather” Jack said.
Ardon clambered towards the release and looked over his shoulder.
"ready?" he hollered. Receiving a solid yes he turned back and hit the button.
The cargo doors opened up slowly as sparks flew from the mechanisms as the wind entered the cargo hold, a wild chill in the air but the vicious storm seemed to be mostly gone, luckily it was night so Xerrus could get out.
Jack was about to order Ardon out when a shuttle was skidding towards them after the ship lurched to the left again.
“Look out Ardon!” Jack said pointing towards the incoming shuttle craft, skidding towards them.
The dark dragon cried out and lunged for the ship that was skidding towards the others. He hooked his talons around the landing gear, stopping it from sliding further.
Jack and Ardon had prepared for the impact only to find the night striker holding it at bay, David clung tightly on his back as his dragon held the heavy shuttle away as they ship leaned more left, losing control.
"Umph!" gasped Xerrus as he struggled to hold the shuttle.
"Ardon! Move your tail!" commanded Forge. The gold startled then scrambled out of the way.
Xerrus let go of the shuttle as it crashed into the far wall, David thanked and complimented his night striker as the main doors opened.
“Cargo doors are open, let’s get the heck out of here!” Melina shouted as the others agreed.
Ardon leaped into the air, dashing out of the way as Forge and Vonriir followed.
Xerrus let go of the shuttle as soon as every one flew clear and launched himself out into the bitter cold.
The dragons were lucky the storm had died down and it was night but the bitter cold still could be felt as they flew down towards lower ground, Jack looked back to see the Cygnus lurching left still and heading for the mountain side.
“Keep flying fast!” Jack shouted as the dragonms went as fast as they could go without leaving Vonriir behind.
Suddenly they heard a loud explosion, Jack turned to see the ship had crashed into the side and the loud explosion rocked the whole mountain side.
Melina turned back to see the ship’s destruction, the front crumpled, disappearing in a blaze of fire and smoke.
The dragon hovered in a close group, looking down at the ship as it erupted into flames. Flames rose up with black smoke, rising high above the crumpled remains.
"They couldn't have gotten off the ship in time, not from that height and speed." said Forge quietly.
Melina shook her head, while the dragons had not won any points for their actions, the professor still felt a bit sad for their demise.
“Come on, let’s head for warmer ground and home” Melina said to the silver.
The others nodded and followed Forge back down to the ground. Xerrus was already trying to hold back shivering as they landed.
There was a cave which was large enough for all the dragons, they were a long way from the initial crash site and lower down but it was still cold up in the lower mountain regions here.
Jack looked at his and seemed to go through the menu section to the SOS application.
“I will send a SOS beacon out and get a transport here, we are at least away from the mountain region, we can stay here till our ride gets here” Jack said pressing his watch as it sent out a SOS beacon to the facility.
"Will it reach them?" Asked Ardon, sounding a little unconvinced as his uncle looked around for something to make a fire with.
Jack gave his golden dragon a look.
“Oh ye of little faith, Professor Baxter made these, the signal will reach them, I can see the signal strength is high, now were out of the worst of the mountains, they will get it soon Ardon” Jack replied as David moved some stone to create a barrier from the wind.
"Here," offered Vonriir, take over the task and moving much larger stones with relative ease.
"Better tell your garden hose with wings to knock it off before he makes his wounds worse," said the large dragon as he gestured with his nose towards the night striker who was attempting to help built the shelter.
David thanked the large dragon as he saw Xerrus doing his part, “ Hey, Vonriir says he has this, let’s go sit in the back of the cave, it be warmer” David said to the night striker as Ardon brought in sticks and small bits of twigs from nearby and helped Jack make a fire place.
"I don't feel right sitting back while everyone else helps," protested Xerrus as his teeth chattered together, shivering.
David and understood the dragon’s concerns but noticed he was cold as Vonriir finished off the wall barrier, to help keep the heat in.
“I know my dragon, but you done so much already, you have been a real battle axe Xerrus, you proved your worth to everyone” David said to the nightstriker.
The dragon dipped his head to the man and let out a breath. "Glad I could have helped be part of the solution to get everyone out. I wish we could have helped more, though."
David looked up and seemed puzzled at his dragon’s reaction.
“What you mean? You did amazingly well, do not put your abilities down, you did fantastically well, just be prepared to be covered in love and plasters by the girls playing nurses” David said with a light chuckle as Ardon set fire to the small amount of sticks and twigs found, to try and ebb the chill away.
"There's not much to burn up here here but we will make due." Said forge as he entered the cave, followed by Vonriir who curled himself as small as he could manage to join the others.
Melina came over to Xerrus and looked at his injuries, putting her hand on the black scales of the night striker as David watched.
“Such a brave dragon, thank you for helping us, how is your injuries, once we get back, I get you patched up” Melina said with a kind smile.
"I'll survive," said the black dragon, looking over his punctures and the frost bitten edges on his wings were the ice dragons breath had caught him.
"I'll just be glad to get out of this wasteland."
"I agree. I don't know why anyone would choose to live here," agreed Ardon, curling up around Jack.
Jack quietly thanked Ardon as Jack spoke.
“Those thermal pools sound mighty good at this time, least the fire will keep us warm until the team comes to rescue us, if they haven’t arrived, we have to travel down lower, but I am confident they will find us” Jack said.
"Yeah, we kind of left a rather large marker..." Said Vonriir, shifting to a more comfortable position.
"I'm sure they'll find us," nodded forge with confidence.

The dragons and humans talked until they settled down for the evening, the dragons making sure they acted as wind barriers for Jack, Melina and David, the man huddled to Vonriir to keep warm but soon the fire had taken the chill from the air and made the cave warm, enough to stop Xerrus shivering.
It was still dark and early in the morning when a noise could be heard approaching, as the humans slept the rumbling noise got louder as Jack stirred awake, followed by Melina.
“What, what is that noise?” Jack said as it seemed to get louder and closer.
Forge opened his eyes, a deep rumbling having woken him up from sleep. As he lifted his head Vonriir shifted and woke also.
"They arrived!" He called, looking out of their shelter.
Jack grinned as looked up to see two large transport ships and an escort of fighters as well, they had found them as the transport doors opened, one darker than the other, the two large transports landed on the flattest part of the mountain while the fights hovered above.
“You Melina and Vonriir in that one, we go with David” Jack said as everyone got up, excited to be on their way home.
Vonriir shook out his wings and leapt into the air. Forge followed with Melina atop his shoulders while the others made their way tithe second ship.
Once the dragons had made their way to the transports the doors closed to keep the dragons warm and out of the cold, under the safety of the fighters.
“Thanks for finding us, Baxter’s tool worked a treat” Jack said to Robert who nodded.
“He notified us straight away as it was picked up on his system, we soon tracked you and went out for you, Amanda and Zyra are getting the medical bay ready and we had some young helpers preparing the thermal pool for their hero” Robert said as David gave a light laugh.
"I am going to get smothered aren't I?" Said Xerrus.
"Don't act like you're not looking forward to it." Teased Ardon.
David laughed shaking his head, “Those girls, you knew what you were getting into when you bonded with me or Brathille did, just be prepared for them to be nurses for you, they follow me being stubborn and resolute once they put their minds to it” David said as Jack chuckled.
“I do a full report when we get back, then contact earth with all the details” Jack said as Robert nodded.
"It will be hard to tell the families but it will be good for them to get closure on what happened to their loved ones," said Ardon.
Jack agreed with Ardon, it was never going to be an easy thing to do but he would inform earth of their loses so the familiescould greive, he had not wanted anything like this to happen but they did not stand a chance with the cruelty of the Ice dragons and their leader.
“I will be ensuring their families are looked after and that they knew those men died with honours serving the facility, we also hold a vigil and honour them in the facility, we will remember their selfless bravery and valour” Jack said assertively as David nodded lightly hearing the man speak, they had lost 6 good men up there and he felt Jack's obligation to them was honourable, he could see why the man inspired all of this hard work between dragons and humans.

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Before the transports departed they hovered over the wreckage to take photo documentation and do a few scans before leaving the ships remains to be claimed by the bitter arctic. One of the crew brought thermoses of hot coffee for Jack and David to help warm them up after their night in freezing temperatures. Ardon laid against the wall of the cargo wall, happy to be in the heated hold. He sported a few claw marks across his nose and a few scales on his side had been cracked and broken badly from the heavy blow he had sustained. He could feel it bruising already and breathing in made an ach run across his side.
“We should be ready to go in a few minutes,” said the crew member that had brought them down the drinks.
“Hold on, wait!” Said Xerrus suddenly. “Open the doors again. There’s just something I need to attend to first.”
David gave his dragon a puzzled look while Ardon and the crew member looked rather confused.
“What is?” asked the gold dragon but Xerrus was already waiting at the doors as they opened as David scrambled up his night striker’s back.
“I won’t be more than a moment,” he promised as the blast of cold air hit them again. He opened his long wings and jumped silently into the arctic morning. On quiet wings he dove back down to the snowy ground to his Attilu’s puzzlement.
“What on earth has gotten into you, Xer?” asked David as they landed in the snow. He zipped up his coat higher and pulled his hood over his head.
“I have a promise to keep,” said the dragon as David dismounted. Xerrus explained, garnering a laugh out of the man. “You suck of a dragon, alright. Let’s get it done and back up to the ship before I bring you home frozen solid.”
With the man’s help they built a crude snowman with pebbles for eyes. David took a picture with his phone of their creation with Xerrus’s large head beside it. The dragon then rolled on his side in the snow before flipping over and wriggling about. He jumped back up to his feet with a pained groan from his wounds now clearly shivering again; his scales covered in snow.
“That- “ laughed David, “Was the most undignified thing I have seen ANY dragon do.”
Xerrus snorted. “A dragon keeps his promise though.” He retorted, shaking off the worst of the snow.
“Let’s get back,” insisted David.
“Wait. There’s one more thing…”

David and Xerrus made it back up to the ship and landed in the hold. He stepped forward, the snow that still clung onto his scales quickly beginning to melt off as they were enveloped in the warmth of the ship.
“What the heck where you doing out there?” asked Ardon.
“Just completing something I said I’d do.” The large dragon replied, shaking off the water. “Let’s go home.”

On the other ship Forge and Vonriir settled in the dragon hold, finally warm and safe as the ships began to turn for home.
“You were very brave, Melina,” said the silver, bringing his massive head down to her.
Melina smiled and put her hands on his muzzle, smoothing his scales, "I had you to thank for that" She said
"I don't think so. You hold your own without a second thought." Replied Forge.
"Well I can be fiery when I want to be... just ask Jack" She grinned.
Forge chuckled, “I don’t need to ask for proof. I see it daily,” he said, nosing her shoulder gently as the headed back to Comhaltas.

Hours later the ships arrived, allowing the weary passengers to disembark, finally home. Vonriir immediately made it way back to his chambers to sleep away the day after such an adventure. Melina and Forge went to the medical bay to tend to Ardon’s minor injuries, letting Xerrus know that they would be waiting for him once his family had been reunited.
Xerrus hobbled slightly beside his Attilu, grateful to be back in the base.
It wasn’t shortly after they walked through the halls that they heard the stomping of feet. Tara and Michelle came running around the corner, followed by Brianne who moved with haste.
“Dad!” cheered the girls, running up and throwing their arms around their father. Xerrus looked at the happy reunion with a smile.
"Hey girls I brought our hero back, he needs rest and TLC," David said as he gave his wife a hug.
“We were so worried when they said they received an SOS,” said Brianne. “I couldn’t have been more relieved when they said that you and Xerrus were alright.”
David explained in quiet tones that they had lost some of the flight crew members while Xerrus distracted the girls who now reached their hands up to his face.
“You came back!”
“Of course I did. I couldn’t stay too long from you two troublemakers,” smiled the dragon, letting the girls pet his muzzle.
“Oh, you’re hurt,” said Tara with alarm.
“Mom, Xerrus is bleeding!” called Michelle who looked up, concerned.
“Don’t worry. It’s nothing Melina and the others can’t fix,” insisted Xerrus, “Were you good for your mother.”
“Yes,” they said in unison.
“Miss Tara, I’m afraid to tell you that I lost your scarf. I am very sorry.”
“That’s ok!” she pipped up, not concerned.
“You sure?”
“Of course!” Tara nodded.
“Well, I’m glad. I do have a surprise for you. Fetch your father’s phone,” instructed the dragon.
Michelle raced her sister back to their dad as he spoke more with Brianne, chuckling lightly as they fished his phone out of his jacket pocket before bolting back to the dragon.
“Look at the last photo,” he smiled.
The girls opened the photo gallery and broke out into laughter as they saw the picture of Xerrus posing with the snowman he and David had made.
“You made a snowman!” giggled Tara.
“And a snow angel,” said the dragon with pride. “Or snow dragon if you will.”
“You did?” asked Michelle with a laugh. “You’re the best.”
“Wait, there’s something else. I brought something very special back for you, Tara,” said Xerrus as he turned to his saddle bag and pulled out the thermos.
“What’s this?” asked Tara as he handed it to her. She opened the lids and peered inside, wrinkling her nose in confusion. “Water?”
“Liquid snow, right from the artic regions!” Xerrus said with a cheeky grin.
The girls squealed with laugher, joking about the melted snow that the dragon had brought them, obvious pleased at the joke.
"Ok girls, give the big guy some space, I got to take him to medical for a once over" David said.
They begrudgingly agreed but only if they could walk with them to the medical wing. Xerrus limped with his family, relieved to be home and soon enough he would get patched up and feel right as rain once more.
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David had Melina taken Xerrus down to the medical bay where Zyra, Melina and Forge were there, Amanda joined them but mostly observed as the bold wing was given on the job experience, Melina had seen to Ardon and now Xerrus turn to clear up the marks left on his forepaw and to ensure no infections got past the skin.
“It was lucky the bite mark did not go any deeper, or you needed stitching up Xerrus” Melina said as David sat nearby and smiled as the professor did her work.
"It's nothing, I could have sustained far worse. I was lucky," said Xerrus.
David agreed with the night striker, he was indeed the dragon with the most disadvantages however the dark dragon had proven his worth and been a worthy asset on the trip, it was unfortunate it had gone the way it did but it could have been allot worse if the Ice dragons had escaped with the Cygnus.
He was snapped out of his day dream by Melina speaking as she looked about finished with the night striker.
"Real battle axe he was Forge" Melina said as she finished cleaning up the marks on his scales before put a bandage on the dragon, Zyra helping out and learning close by.
Xerrus nodded. "We all did well together."
Zyra took a few notes and updated the night strikers file while her atillu looked on with a mixture of pride and regret.
Melina smiled stepping back.
“There you go sir, you can get hugs and cuddles from the girls now” Melina grinned looked up at the dark scaled dragon.
"Are those Doctor recommendations?" He smiled.
"Yes, it is on a prescription, love is a great healer and those two have more than a dragons share to give you" Melina said as David chuckled, "Come on then big guy, let's rest up" David said.
"Alright, alright I don't need to be told twice." The dragon chuckled.
Melina watched the two head on back to their quarters as she turned to see Zyra making her notes, with Amanda close by.
“Thank you for your help Zyra, hope that was some hands on experience, I think I have hogged you enough today, let Amanda have a chance” she joked lightly.
"It was good to be able to help." Smiled the dragoness.
"I'm glad she's learning. Thank you for helping continue her education, professor Goodwin." Said Amanda.
Melina nodded as the two girl’s left the labs but Melina seemed a little concerned as the bold wing and Amanda left.
“I get the feeling Amanda feels a little down that Zyra is more into this line of work than her environmental or conservation work she is passionate about” Melina said to the silver, who had sat in his usual spot quiet.
Forge opened his mouth to say something, feeling a little guilty knowing that in another time the dragoness was fulfilling her dream to become a doctor herself.
"Amanda seems alright with allowing her pursue her interests..."
Melina nodded lightly at the silver’s comment, she knew Zyra was happy with Amanda but the dragoness seemed to have another calling, from the initial tutoring she gave Zyra, she soaked up this work like a sponge.
The professor shook her head looking at the time, “Come on my Silver, let us rest up, been a hectic 72 hours for us, some rest and relaxation is what we need, I even have the heated floors on” Melina smiled kindly to the old dragon.
"Those words are music to an old dragons ears," he said with a smile, nuzzling her shoulder with his nose before following the woman.
“Oh you big softie” Melina lightly teased as they left the labs and settled into their joint quarters, Melina put the floor heaters on and Forge settled down relaxing, soon Melina brought her quilt and pillow over to sleep next to her guardian dragon.
“Hope you do not mind me sleeping here with you tonight, just do not fancy the bed” Melina said to the old silver.
"Have I ever given you a fuss over it?" He asked with a smile.
Melina chuckled as she settled down with her silver dragon, happy and content where she was as she slowly felt herself drifting off to sleep.
“Love you my silver” Melina said to her guardian dragon.
"And I you," replied forge with a happy tone in his voice.
Melina smiled settling into her large silver dragon as she soon fell asleep, knowing that tomorrow would be the memorial for the crew members who lost their lives on their trip to the USS Cygnus, plus ensuring that her report was done.

Melina soon woke up in a bit of a confused state, she looked around and was puzzled why her quarters were smaller and a distinct lack of rock around the place, she looked to see the dragon sleeping around her was not the silver but the bold wing Zyra.
She was going to tell Zyra what on Kilara was she doing here and did Amanda but she caught herself…it had been all a dream, a weird dream and it made her puzzled.
"Mel? Mel what's up?" Asked Zyra.
Hearing Zyra’s voice snapped out of her confusion as she realised her link had pulled at Zyra and woken her up to tend to her Atillu.
"Oh, sorry I did not mean to wake you, just very bizarre dream" Melina said softly, as she tried to shake the dream from her mind but could not, it seemed to real to her.
"What was it?" Inquired the dragoness, licking her forehead empathetically.
"Just dreamt of a different world, how things might of turned out if things had changed, was really weird" Melina said to the bold wing.
"Oh, tell me," said Zyra brightly. "I love weird dreams.
Melina tried to recall the dream but did not want to go too much in detail as it puzzled her still.
"Well....I dreamt history had altered and we had a base on Kilara and all the bonds were different" Melina explained.
The dragoness snorted, "Well, at least you can be assured that Brathille doesn't make mistakes. You've got me so don't worry," she smiled, oblivious to what Melina had dreamed of.
Melina replied but was a little hesitant at first before speaking.
" doesn't make mistakes" Melina said settling back into Zyra chest.
The bold wing gave a happy thrum, hugging Melina with her foreleg. "I am happy it chose me to be your dragon," she yawned.
Melina smiled weakly as she gave Zyra forearm a pet, feeling a little awkward about the dream and of other recent events.
"I'm glad too" She said.
The dragoness smiled slightly as she settled back to sleep, content with her Attilu at her side.
Melina wasn’t sure if she should ask the next question but she did anyway out of curiosity.
"Zy if you had a choice, who would you pick to be guardian of...apart from me" She enquired.
"No one of course," Said Zyra, opening her eyes to look at her at the strange question.
Melina was silent a moment before she replied.
"No one at all?" She asked again.
"No, I wouldn't choose anyone but you. Why would you want to know that? Would you have hoped for someone else if it hadn't been me?" the dragoness asked, her hearts beating a little faster, worried that Melina was not happy with their bond.
Melina decided to end the topic there as she smiled slightly.
"No of course not Zy I'm so happy to be with you, we push each other to be the best we can, the only thing is of course Jack said Tarok wants a race with you" Melina said, redirecting the conversation.
Zyra blinked in confusion at the abrupt change of topic but followed along. "...sure, I could beat him any day of the week."
Melina smiled, "those coastal dragons are fast, Tarok is a speed demon I hear" Melina replied.
"Not nearly as fast as a bold wing. We will see how well he keeps up, one day," replied the dragoness.
Melina reached up and petted her muzzle, " love you Zy" She said as she got settled to go back to sleep.
Zyra snuggled around her, tucking her wings in close. "Love you too, Mel." she replied.
Melina soon fell back asleep but the memory kept close to her heart, knowing that Zyra would be heartbroken if she knew the truth and her faith and trust in Brathille making the right choices was misleading, she would not ruin that dream, despite knowing what she did now.

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