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Unread Oct 27th, 2016, 02:20 PM   #26
the listener
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The dragoness had turned away when she had seen Grant lean in to kiss her, giving the two of them privacy. She did not witnessed what became of that gesture, sitting out away from the tent and looking at the stars above. She smiled to herself, happy and a little giddy for Melina. It had made the dragoness so happy that the woman was finding joy in being here and elation in being around Grant. Seeing one's Atillu safe and happy was a dragon's greatest desire. When Grant had asked for a moment aside with Melina the Boldwing had tried her best not to give Melina a knowing look.
Behind her she heard the sound of fabric move as the flap of the tent door opened.
Zyra turned and smiled as Melina walked out but saw the woman's expression as she passed. Following, the dragoness looked concerned, wondering what could have happened in those few moments. a few worrying things popped up in her mind, "Mel, what is it?"
"Nothing Zy, let's get some sleep and rest" Melina said as she went back towards their tent. She did not look at her dragon or make eye contact. Concern grew as the dragoness followed.
"No, Mel wait," said Zyra, trotting to keep up as they walked briskly through the camp, "Mel what happened?"
Melina opened the entry to their cabin tent, rushing inside. Zyra paced after her, confused.
"Let's rest ok?, got a fair bit to do tommorow" Melina said as they entered her section of the tent.
Zyra reached out and grabbed the woman's sleeve gently to stop her from ignoring her. He looked up at her with bright yellow eyes, full of worry. She asked the question even without speaking words.
"He wanted more Zy, I could not commit, rather than let him suffer the wait I said it how it was...I have a great commitment than anything, I cannot abandon that responsibility" Melina said abruptly to the bold wing
Zyra pulled away not understanding, "what makes you think you can't have both? I won't hold you back from what makes you happy... You've seen what forge has gone through, don't do that to yourself..."
The dragoness couldn't wrap her head around what Melina had done. The woman had been so happy, so eager to be in Grant's company only just moments ago and now it came tumbling down. She recelled speaking to her Atillu after they had come back from Kilara. Melina has explained a little of Forge's disappearance and the odd behaviour between him and Callisto. Zyra had felt the sadness coming off the woman, knowing that her heart ached for Forge and what had happened. They had talked of his silly decision and critisized, though lovelingly, about his choice. It seems to odd now that she was following in his footsteps, ignoring her own advice that she had given the great silver only months ago.
Melina shook her head lightly, "No Zyra, I understand now, why he had to, why Ardon had to, it will never work, my commitment and responsibilities are too great to be interfered with, I made that choice, rather than him want me it was best to end it" Melina replied assertively as she got changed.
"Mel... You were so happy when this started though. I'm sure we could figure out a way to make it work. We could move out of the base..." She tried to come up with a solution. It wasn't idea but they could find a way to work around the issues that came up. Zyra so desperatly wanted Melina to be happy that a million ideas ran through her mind. She wouldn't mind... in fact she would enjoy flying in to work together if they moved out of the base to make a relationship work, live closer to town. Zyra was independant and could be happy without hanging onto Melina's heels 24/7. They were bonded but that did not mean they could not give eachother the space one needed in life. She made to suggest more but the woman stopped her.
"I appreciate you trying Zy but trust me, it will not work, I prefer us to continue on and do our bit, do not push me on this Zy" Melina said.
The dragon grew quiet, having been hushed by the professor. She could feel the woman's heartache and it did her no good. She worried, even as the woman turned off the light, dipping them into the darkness of the tent, only the glow of the fire outside gave any hint of light. She let the silence stretch on but she knew the woman was still awake.
"I don't want to be the reason why you can't have relationships outside of work, friends or otherwise." She said quietly though the dark.
Melina turned to face Zyra looking at her, the firelight through the tent walls just catching on the shimmering white scales of her dragon's face, "You are not the reason, I have a commitment to you, as you have to me, we both know it could not work" Melina said quietly. The boldwing knew the first part was a lie. If Melina wasn't tied to her this would have never happened. She wouldn't have rejected him.
"We don't know that..." Said zyra.
"We do Zy, you know seen it twice, it needed to be done, rather be friends than nothing at all," Melina replied.
No matter what Zyra said she could not convince Melina to change her mind until finally Melina gave up talking on the matter. Zyra lay in the tent, hearing the others in the camp slowly drift off to their own beds and grow quiet. She could not sleep and listened until melina's breathing slowed. She slowly crept out of the tent, not knowing where to go.

Across the camp Comox was still awake, tending to the fire after Baxter had turned in. Vonriir had gone off somewhere in to the night, saying he would return shortly. He and the male boldwing had talked quite a bit that evening, Comox explaining a little more openly about his reservations about Zyra. The fatherly dragon slowly turned his confidence around, telling them that he would either have to live never knowing and never taking the chance or going for it, whether or not he liked the result.
He was thinking about what to say, and how to admit his feelings when out of the darkness of the night the dragoness walked up into the firelight.
"Z-zy, you're up late...wait, is everthing okay?" he asked, seeing her expression.
"No," she muttered, sitting across from him and flicking a stone into the fire with her talons.
Comox sat up and cleared his throat, "Why, what's the matter, did dinner not go well?"
"No, dinner was lovely.... it was after dinner that..." she stopped, unsure if she should be telling Comox this. After a bit of prompting she explained partially what happened, leaving enough out not to tell everything that happened.
"She won't let herself be happy. Just like Forge and just like Ardon. Being bonded means you have to give up things and we're learning this as we go along. You're lucky in a way, Comox. Being unbonded means you can do whatever you want, nothing to hinder your happiness. You don't need to worry about your Atillu being alone for the rest of their life."
She sighed, rubbing the side of her face with a paw. The male was silent, letting her vent. "Relationships are hard enough as it is. Being bonded just makes it even harder. I don't want Melina to be alone forever."
"She won't be... she has you, right?" prompted Comox, trying to be helpful.
"Yes, but that's not the same, you know that. Dragons, people, they need love and not the kind you find in friendships and in bonds, its different. I'm realizing that now and what I've done to hold her back from that life necessity by being bonded to her."
"You can't give up on that, Zy, she'll come around," replied Comox. He wanted to reach out his wings to her, comfort the dragoness but he hesitated.
"No, Melina doesn't change her mind. She sets herself to an idea and won't let anything sway her. If she's forsaken love and relationships for me, it is only fair that I do the same. I could not take what she's abandoned for us."
Comox shuffled his wings uncomfortaly. This was not how he planned this. Asking her now seemed like a horrid thing to do, almost promising a negative response. "Don't say that..."
Zyra shook her head, already decided. Besides, their pursuit of knowledge and and learning took up most of their time. The more she thought about it the more she realized where Melina was coming from. This whole bond had changed their lives in more ways than she could imagine.
"I'm sorry for venting, Co.... I gotta go," said the dragoness, getting up.
"Zyra- wait," Comox called after her. When she turned to look at him he faltered, "Um, it will all be alright. We'll talk in the morning?"
Zyra gave a shallow nod before creeping back towards their tent.
Comox was left standing there in disbelief, not knowing what had just happened. A rush of wind and a bone rattling thump alerted him to Vonriir landing behind him in the clearing.
"So, how'd it go?" he asked cheerily.
Comox gave the large dragon a look that told stories before walking off into the dark.
"Well then," said the large dragon to himself, looking around to find himself alone.
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Melina did not sleep too well, the heartache she felt was not easy to mask, she did care for Grant, the man had made her happy, he still did but he could understand or live with the huge responsibility of Brathille and sharing that love with Zyra.
Melina soon got up as she heard a rustling outside, soon a familiar voice could be heard, it was professor Taylor and it made Melina cringe a little, she would have to tell him again and be more unfriendly this time.
Melina pulled the sheets over her head as she did not want to have the same conversation that they had yesterday, she wanted to preserve their friendship and not end it with her telling him she had no interest.
"You'll have to speak to him sooner or later, Mel," whispered Zyra. "You might as well before things get more awkward."
Melina threw the sheets off her bed and sighed heavily, getting to her feet.
“As if last night wasn’t awkward enough, now this, be prepared to pack Zyra” Melina instructed the bold wing as she put on a fleece to go meet the man.
Zyra made a low, sad sound as she watched Melina leave the tent, wishing that this had gone differently.
Melina unzipped her section entrance and the man was there with two mugs of tea, one was meant for Melina as he gave a small smile.
Melina gave him a look and shook her head lightly.
“Do I need to repeat myself again? I’d rather us not end on a bad note Grant” Melina said going on the defensive, her voice assertive in her response to the man.
The dragoness had been listening to the voices outside the tent and pulled her head back at Melina's abrupt tone. She felt horrible and guilty for all of this as she lowered her head to her paws sadly.
Grant cleared his throat and offered the tea, “I am not here to beg you back Mel, I understand your reasons, I’d rather us be friends than lose you over this, please accept this as a friendly gesture” Grant said as Melina looked at him as he put the mug on the table.
“I hope that whatever responsibility or commitment you got does not hinder you in whatever your endeavours are, I know you’re a committed woman Melina, I know you achieve your goal with this to the best of your ability” Grant said as the man made to leave.
Melina looked up at the ceiling of the tent and spoke.
“Grant, wait” she said.
The man stopped and turned around, curious why she had told him to wait.
“You want to know? This commitment, I show you, come, perhaps you understand” Melina said as Grant made his way over.
Melina invited Grant into their living cabin and sealed up the entrance.
"Mel, do you want me to go? Give you a moment alone?" Zyra asked, sitting up
Melina shook her head, “I need you here Zyra, please” Melina replied as the man entered their living space.
“Sorry for the mess and untidiness, but what I say here does not leave this place, understand?” Melina said assertively.
Grant nodded, “Of course Mel, you can trust me fully, you know that” the man replied with verbal honesty.
Melina nodded with Grant’s words.
“My responsibility and commitment is to my dragoness, Zyra, it is much more than words, the thing is we are bonded, what I mean is that we are connected by the ancient dragon tradition of Brathille” Melina explained.
Grant looked puzzled.
“Brathille? What is this Brathille?” the man asked the woman, curiosity in his eyes what this all meant.
"Brathille is a bond that binds the souls of a dragon and human. It's complicated but in a sense, it's connects us, it's everlasting..." Explained Zyra. "I am her guardian, as it's called. We're in tune with one another. It sounds strange but in a sense, it's ...magic. Brathille is a power that we are just only beginning to learn about."
Grant listened in and was curious as Zyra explained it to him.
“The bonded human is left with a mark, the colour of their dragon to affirm that bond” Melina said showing Grant her palm which he saw, the pearly white on her hand matching Zyra’s scales.
“This is…this is incredible, I can..understand why you did what you did, this is really fascinating but beyond any scientific understanding” Grant said.
"I know, it's been a learning process since it was discovered," replied Zyra.
Grant nodded lightly.
“This is your big commitment and responsibility” Grant asked.
Melina nodded.
“Yes, it is, Zyra is in tune with my emotions and moods, what I feel usually Zyra can read it and vis versa, its Brathille, making us aware of each other to help one another, like another sense is the best way to describe it” Melina explained.
“I understand, your secret is safe with me ladies, I truly now understand why you feel you had to and I appreciate that gesture, doing it to protect me” Grant said.
Melina nodded.
“I could not commit when I have a far larger commitment with Zyra, I have a duty of care to her, as she does to me, Brathille is a gift, but it’s also a curse” Melina explained.
"Melina.." Zyra started, not wanting to undermine her Attilu, "Don't give up things on my account. I am not a hatchling; we might be bonded but we can't give up everything because of it." the dragon spoke softly, at almost a whisper. "I'll stand by whatever you choose but I want you to know that you do have the ability to choose."
Melina smiled at Zyra as Grant nodded.
“Your dragon is right, do not let this unique bond be a hinderance to you, I understand your reasoning, but please do something for me, when you do find that person, in your line of work or anything, take Zyra’s advice and go for it” Grant said.
Melina nodded slowly as Grant gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead, the two embraced for a little while until Grant released her.
“Friends?” he said with a smile.
Melina smiled, “No, close friends” she replied.
“You best get your tea, it get cold, we got a a few days of the dig left, be good if you guys came too” Grant said.
“Of course, I go grab the tea” Melina said.
Grant looked up at Zyra, “You take care of her for me Zyra, she is a wonderful woman, do not let your bond hinder you both, but do cherish it well” Grant said with a smile.
"I do cherish it, with both my hearts." she said before sighing. "it's times like these were it becomes a struggle."
“We both be fine, I understand Melina’s reasoning, rather us all be friends, that is something I cherish allot” Grant said as Melina entered.
Melina gave Grant a kiss on the cheek.
“Thank you for understanding” she said.
“It is ok, now get ready and come on over in an hour, it’s fry up today then we be going a little further today to explore the east wing of the site, should be good” Grant said leaving to two women be.
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the listener
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As the girls were left alone Zyra looked down at her paws, not sure what to say. She was glad that there hadn't been a fight but she honestly wasn't happy with Melina's decision, as much as it was made for the dragon's happiness. She was so incredibly grateful that the woman took her happiness into such high regard but Zyra felt like she was unable to be happy knowing that the woman was giving up so much.
"What's with that look Zyra?" Melina said seeing the dragon’s expression.
"Nothing," replied the boldwing, getting to her feet.
"You know it's for the best Zy, Grant understands it now" Melina said.
The dragoness gave a half-hearted nod. "Doesn't mean I have to like it." She almost laughed thinking about how much she sounded like Ardon. He would be one to throw a fit in a situation like this if it had been Jack instead of Melina. Instead she nosed the woman's hand and sighed. "What now?"
"We go over for breakfast, bring something back for Baxter and then onto the next dig," Melina replied changing.
“Alright,” said the dragoness, waiting for Melina to get ready. Together they walked through the camp. She could see the top half of Vonriir sitting up on the other side of camp, the rest of him hidden by the collections of tents. The large dragon stretched his wings and refolded them against his sides, the great spikes on his shoulders rising up behind him. He seemed to be talking to someone as they passed but the shroud of tents hid his visitor from view.
Zyra turned her attention back to Melina as she followed her through the maze of the camp towards where the good smells of breakfast where wafting from. She didn’t really feel hungry after what had happened but she knew that she needed to eat. Making Melina feel bad about her choice would do no one any good. Zyra decided she needed to suck it up and let it go. Melina wasn’t going to go back on her decision any time soon so it was best that she didn’t add any more stress to the situation.

Over on the other side of camp Vonriir had been chatting with one of the members of the dig team. Sonia, an archeology student that had been accepted to come along as part of the group. She had been ecstatic to have her first hand on experience to be such an exciting site but when Professor Taylor had briefed them all about the dragon’s arrival it had thrilled her even more.
Since their arrival she had kept her distance, the closest she had gotten was nearly bumping into Comox while he had been walking with Baxter through the camp. Sonia had wanted to be respectful but it was hard not to gawk, especially at the largest of the three, that could have walked over the tents, should he choose, and not cause them to stir. She had finally gotten brave enough this morning to talk to them. Vonriir had gotten up to watch the morning bustling as everyone got ready for the day.
Approaching him was daunting but his voice could be heard across the grounds, jovial and pleasant. Vonriir had been happy to talk with her, he seemed to like chatting and settling on the ground like a sphinx to speak with her. As they talked Sonia watched as this creature of myth sat before her. It was almost too much to comprehend, a creature of his size, laughing and gesturing with his paws, each large enough to hold her within his talons if he chose.
They seemed to be getting on well as Comox came walking into Vonriir’s clearing.
“Ah and here is surly scales. Comox, have you met Sonia?” beamed Vonriir who gestured to the woman who was sitting on an unburnt log of firewood. She smiled, giving a little wave, “Hello.”
“Hi,” he said quickly before looking up at Vonriir, “I am not surly”
“Hah, well, I beg to differ,” chuckled Vonriir. “You’re acting more and more like old Forge these past few days.”
“Forge?” asked the woman.
“The big silver dragon, he’s been on those television boxes with the pictures on them. Surly.”
Comox half groaned and growled, rubbing his face. He hadn’t slept well and was in no mood for Vonriir’s lively chatter and chipper attitude.
“S-should I go?” asked Sonia, holding her mug of coffee, thinking she was caught between some sort of dragon argument.
“No, no. Comox here is just having a little trouble with the fairer-“
“VONRIIR…. Please,” Snapped the Boldwing.
Sonia sat up straighter, wondering if she should leave.
The large dragon, unfazed by his attitude just laughed lightly, “Ah, never mind that then. Comox, this young Miss here is in her second year of University, is that right? Yes. She’s writing a paper on the old stuff they’re hauling out of that cavern they’ve been working on.”
“That so?” grumbled Comox, trying not to be grumpy.
“Um, yes,” she said, going on to explain her paper and the reason for it. Comox seemed to relax a bit as the three of them got to talking, distracting him from what his mind kept lingering on.
A short while later Grant’s voice rang through the camp, alerting everyone that they would soon be headed out to today’s part of the dig.
“Well, I better get going. Nice talking to you both,” said Sonia excusing herself. “I hope you sort out that trouble you’re having.” She smiled at Comox before trotting off to get ready.
The Boldwing gave a grumble, looking up at the sky in frustration. “Vonriir you said you wouldn’t say anything!” he voiced his annoyance.
“Oh, I wasn’t going to state specifics,” replied the large dragon.
“Zyra is the only female dragon on this half of the planet out of two on the whole earth! She’d figure it out!” he said, incredulous at the other male.
“Well… perhaps there’s the start of your girl problems then,” laughed Vonriir good naturedly.
Comox didn’t appreciate the joke. He huffed and stalked off to find Baxter.
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“Comox!” Melina called out as she saw the male bold wing retreating back to their large tent, Grant had spoken to her and said that Drew would need some extra help carrying artefacts found in the western part of the ruins, for analysis by Baxter.
Melina walked towards the male bold wing as she called out again to him.
The dragon lifted his head and walked over to the woman, "What is it, Professor?"
Melina approached the bold wing and smiled kindly.
“Professor Taylor has asked for your services, Drew needs you to be their pack mule sadly but it is to collect the variety of Artefacts they found in the ruins in the west part, they all go back to Dr Baxter for analysis, you up for helping?” Melina asked looking up at the male.
“It would be very much appreciated, Zyra is going to be the medical carrier, part of the rules is designated medical carrier, since Zy can carry allot and with the number of people going down to help, they are coming to the end of their dig” Melina said to the male, hoping he would agree.
Comox looked a bit hesitant at first. He rather not go underground and he'd prefer not work alongside Zyra at the moment but Melina had asked him for help.
"Y-yes. I can help," he nodded.
Melina smiled looking up at Comox.
“Thank you, we do appreciate it” Melina replied.
Melina walked towards where Vonriir was currently sat, unaware of the previous awkward conversation.
Melina spoke to the large dragon, who had been watching the activity going on within the tents and the crew putting on their gear.
“Comox is coming down with us today Vonriir, trying to make the last day or so on the dig count, you and Dr Baxter will be holding the fort here” she said with a kind smile.
"Holding the fort, yes miss. You can count on us for that," he smiled kindly.
“Right we best get on, I go check on those two, day after tomorrow we be heading home” Melina said as she was followed my Comox to get the bold wing equipped with what he needed.
Melina helped put medical supplies and got Zyra kitted out and ensured she had sufficient protection for the dragoness.
She then got Comox ready and made sure the dragon was all equipped up and since it was his first time, she had asked Zyra to help support him.
“You be fine Co, Zyra will help you out and stay close as well, you be fine” Melina said with a smile giving him a pet on the muzzle.
"Alright," he nodded, trying not to feel nervous. Zyra stepped up beside him and nudged his shoulder.
"You ready?"
"Um, ready as I'll ever be." He replied.
Melina looked up at the male and spoke.
“Keep close and you do fine, listen to Drew and Grant as well, all will be fine” Melina assured the male bold wing.
Soon Grant appeared all kitted out as he smiled, “Ok are we all set here? The teams are ready to go” Grant said as Melina nodded, tightening a strap.
“Yeah, were all good here” Melina replied back as she grabbed her rucksack and led the dragon’s out towards the large cavern where allot of the teams had already set off.
“Kind of the last big dig we can do before we start packing up, so most of the team is here today, we got one or two starting to clear up but we need to have a good day today” the professor said.
Melina nodded, understanding the man’s need to utilise all his team to make the most of this crucial day.
“Of course, were just glad to help out” Melina said as the group entered the caverns following the lights placed on the walls which acted as a guide down further into the earth.
The cavern was massive and easily fitted the dragons and team as Melina kept close to the dragons with professor Taylor not far ahead of them, the lights led them further down where it got darker, the rocks felt cold and damp and you could hear the trickling of water in the dark corners of the massive cavern.
“We all ok guys, I know it seems odd but this whole area is secure, we need to go a bit further down” Melina said checking up on Zyra and Comox, as their light from the torches illuminated the area.
"We're alright with that," said Zyra but Comox remained quiet. The dark, enclosed cave was giving his instinct a bad feeling.
Soon the cavern began to get small and more compact, it was still big enough for the dragons but the freedom of room had narrowed as they continued to venture down, Taylor’s team installed lights and barriers to keep people on the trusted path.
The deeper they went, the more wet and humid it started to become, Melina kept close knowing Comox would be a little uneasy as she put her hand on his side.
“How you doing Co?” Melina asked him as they continued their journey down towards the dig.
"Fine. It's fine. I'm fine," his words came out quickly and bot very convincing.
Melina gave Zyra a quick glance to perhaps ask her to give him some support.
"Hey, it's okay. I've been down here a few times now and I've always come back out. Filthy, yes, but just fine," Zyra smiled at the male, brushing the edge of her wing against his in support.
Comox nodded and looked away, taking a breath.
The team ventured further down however the dragons were told to take a different path which was more secure and would take their combined weight, Melina and professor Taylor went with them as a wind echoed through the rocks, the sound of water still present.
“Not far to go now, it gets a little cosy in a moment but once we get past that bit, we be at the dig, this path has been done for you guys as the other way is not structurally sound” professor Taylor said.
Melina kept with the dragon’s being there for Comox, to give him support, so far the male was doing brilliantly although showing his nervousness at times, he seemed to be coping well.
“Nearly there guys, you are going to be amazed at the structure when you see it Comox” Melina said with a smile.
"What could be so amazing in the dirt?" He asked, not understanding.
Melina chuckled lightly, “You will see”.
The 4 of them now had to squeeze through a small area, it was lit up but the group would have to go single file through it to reach the excavation site, “Just through here, be careful and take your time” professor Taylor said as they went along this narrow path, still going down.
Melina turned to check on the dragons, her torch light catch Zyra who squinted.
“Sorry Zy, just checking on Comox” Melina said.
Zyra looked over her shoulder at Comox who was stepping through the tight quarters. She could see from his expression that he was gritting his teeth, looking down at where his paws were going. He appeared uncomfortable and she thought that he would quickly turn around and leave as fast as he could should Melina tell him to.
Zyra turned back around to her Attilu. "Well," she said quietly, "I don't think he's having much fun."
“We are nearly there, it opens up and it is brighter around there” Melina said as the cavern opened.
“You’re doing well Comox, really well, were approaching the dig site now” Melina assured the bold wing.
"Great. Good," nodded the male bold wing.
Soon they were through and a new cavern opened up, there was light and noise ahead of them, Taylor smiled as he helped Melina up over some rough terrain.
“Here we are, the teams are already busy digging and making notes, we got a good view here, the path will take us down there and we marked dragon safe areas, stick to them please” the professor said as Comox would see the dig site first hand.

Indeed it was a grant site, it seemed an ancient ruin buried under tons of rock, there was a building still standing, partly buried in the rock, it could be seen more now the excavation teams had painstakingly cleared the rock away from the building, some bits had collapsed but the front still seemed in good order.
It looked like a church or a place of worship, there was glass debris scattered and marked off by one of the teams, but the structure and design on the front still remained, even if the glass hadn’t and the wood had rotted away.
“It is amazing how much progress you have made on this” Melina commented.
“It is, the more we learn about it, the more surprise it gives us, it is probably the best find this century, we sent some samples to Baxter for dating” Grant explained as he gestured to the dragons to follow the red marked path, safe enough for the dragons.
“What do you think Co? impressive isn’t it? There is more but its round the sides, where Drew is” Melina explained to the male.
"How did all this get buried?" Asked Comox, a bit of his worry fading into awe.
Grant overheard the conversation and came over, seeing the awe in the dragons eyes.
“Well, this area was geologically active, it is possible humans or different variants were around living in this area at the time, lost when things shifted around, but we discovered something very interesting…I think you guys will like” the professor said.
Zyra perked her head up in interest while Comox looked over her shoulder to see. "What is it?" she asked.
Melina also seemed curious as the professor smiled.
“I go get it stay here” Grant said as he went off to fetch something.
Melina looked at the building in awe and could sense Zyra and Comox felt like that as well, seeing this building mostly intact.
“It is just amazing, one of the professor’s team found coins, some small bracelets and metal work too in the west part of this building, Baxter is running checks on them” Melina said pointing it out to Comox.
"That is incredible," replied Comox, looking to where the woman pointed. "Must have been quite exciting to find."
Grant came back with some stone but it looked like a tablet more than part of the building, on it was old paintings, and engravings, on it showed a village and up on the top overlooking it all was an dragon, watching over the village.
Zyra's eyes went wide, "Stars above, is that real?" she gasped.
"Ardon is going to lose his mind when we tell him about this," said Comox as they looked at the figure.
Grant nodded, “Yes, it is all authentic, I been with Melina on this, we think this church was a place in honour of this dragon, we think it was a protector of this village” Grant said to the dragons.
"That's wild," said Comox in wonder of what they had uncovered.
"Have you found scales or anything made of dragon scale?" asked Zyra, knowing that they lasted a tremendously long time without decomposing. "Because that would be... unbelievable evidence to Ardon's theory. Wouldn't it be wild to find that this was more than just a painting of myth?"
Grant nodded with a smile.
“This is why professor Taylor has everyone down here, to see if we can find any sort of remains and then to locate anything really, I have sent the EA a message to see if they can fund the dig a little longer so the guys can look” Melina replied, the enthusiasm in her voice was very noticeable.
Zyra smiled, "oh I hope we find more. How amazing would that be?"
“Indeed, biggest find ever” Melina said as professor Grant talked to them on how the day was going to pan out, with only so much time left to finish this sig, they needed all hands-on deck.

“Ok, this is what we will be doing, Comox if you go see Drew, his team will be putting the samples for testing and anything else into the bags on your harness, Melina and Zyra will be helping” Grant said with a kind smile.
"Yeah, I can handle that," nodded the male bold wing, his tail wavering behind him.
Melina followed Grant as they went around to see Drew and his team digging, Grant pointed out what they be digging and the of them began.
"This is exciting, isn't it? More clues that place our species on earth," whispered Zyra.
Comox nodded. "I don't understand how that could happen but it is wild.
Melina smiled, glad to see the dragons were talking and at least the male was a little more at ease being underground.

Meanwhile Baxter was continuing to run samples and to ensure that all data was collected for the dig, the final report the professor would have it once the dig had been completed.
Baxter finally came outside the tent to have a break from the computer screen, it did not stop him writing up a report on the most recent samples.
The massive dragon lumbered over to where Baxter was and lowered his head. "All’s well?" He asked.
Baxter looked up from his work and nodded.
“Yes all is well, running these samples and then I have the results for the professor, I think he be pleased to get the results so quickly, hence why we were called” Baxter replied, finishing off the report.
Baxter had been busy for most of the morning, testing and cataloguing the artefacts, the machines he brought, proved useful in providing accurate dates and to clean up the items, some restored close to their original condition.
"Zyra has said they've been finding interesting thing down there in that cave of theirs. I'm glad it's been going well for them."
Baxter nodded putting the report down.
“You have to meet Earth’s resident dragon, he is big but nowhere near your size, he is a bit older than Forge, he seems to have allot of respect to him” Baxter said as he put the kettle on to make a coffee.
"That's Draco, is it?" He asked, recalling Ardon talking about him.
“That’s the guy, lives in a refurbished Castle in Wales, about an hour’s flight from the base, Ardon will have to introduce you” Baxter replied.
"Ah well I look forward to that. An earth hatched dragon. Baffling." He chuckled.
Baxter nodded and finished the report before heading back towards the tent, feeling he had finished his small break, he thought about what Comox would bring back.
The large dragon froze, lifting his head as if he were listening to something.
"Doctor, Doctor there's something wrong..."
Baxter stopped and turned around puzzled but then birds were flying away as the man looked up to the sky, soon there seemed to be a roaring as the ground began to shake violently, Baxter stumbled around as he realised what was going on, it was an earthquake but it was impossible, there was no major fault lines in Scotland.

Inside the cavern the rumblings began to get closer and closer as the team stopped what they were doing, Drew felt the ground and his eyes widened.
“We got an Earthquake coming, we need to get now! move!” Drew said as the man told his team to go as the teams quickly abandoned their places and ran for the exit.
Zyra and Comox could sense something coming and began to gather people to get out of the cavern.
"This way, we need everyone to file out now," said Zyra in a calm but urgent voice.
Melina and professor Taylor were coming as the people got out of there as the Earthquake struck, the ground shaking as rock began to rain down upon them.
“Out!, head for the exit!” Drew yelled as he urged people to get out, rock tumbled down smashing into lights and equipment abandoned as it hit, rock and other debris fell upon the ruins as the last of the team got out.
Melina followed quickly but the large jolt around them made her stumble and landed hard on the rock, cutting her knee, the woman gritted her teeth as she tried to stagger up.
Zyra rushed over to Melina and helped the woman to her feet, ensuring she was ok. As Comox turned to make sure they hadn't fallen behind there was a cracking sound overhead.
Leaping forward he pushed them both out of the way as rocks came tumbling down, he flared out his wings around them to shield them both from stones and dust as it went flying.
“Comox! are you ok!” Melina shouted out as she got back to her feet with Zyra’s help, the professor was there coming back for Melina.
The dragon folded his wings, "yes, I'm fine. Are you both okay?" He asked to which Zyra nodded. "Thank you, co."
The dragoness looked at the pile of rubble now laying where they had been standing seconds ago.
“We need to move; the whole place is caving in!” Grant shouted as the continued effects of the earthquake was bring more debris down.
Ahead of them, they could hear shouts and screams of panicked people as they desperately tried to get to the cavern entrance and onto the surface.
The digging team ran but rocks and debris fell around them as they made their way towards the cavern, all of a sudden mass of rock tumbled down, relentlessly crashing down, some of the team slipped and others got hit by the flying rubble and debris as a giant mass of rock crashed in their way bring down the cavern.
Dust, rock and sharp dagger like stones came raining down on the team as their only route out was now blocked.
Melina and the others got there as the dust was settling, Grant looked to see their way was blocked and the team were dragging injured people away, some were trapped under rubble.
“Comox, go help get people out the debris, Zyra we need to get an area for treating injuries” Melina said as Drew was helping drag people out of the rubble as the ground stopped shaking, the debris still came raining down but it eased.
“Were trapped, the mass of the mountain has collapsed in, were sealed in” Grant said as the thousands of tons of rock blocked their path.
"Hang on, hang on I'll get you out," the dragon called, digging away some of the loose stones, shoving them clear. Using his shoulder, he squared up to the larger rock and pushed, "mmph" he huffed as he moved it clear enough to grab the man and drag him free of the rubble.
Drew helped drag the man away as other people were being recovered from the rubble, Melina was getting the medical gear out as Grant said one of the team was a first aider, Melina looked up.
“Check up on people and rank them from most urgent to least and we deal with it here, Zyra has the medical supplies get Comox to bring them here” Melina said as her knee was still bleeding.
"Melina, wait. The boys have this for now. You're still bleeding." Said Zyra as Comox and professor Taylor gathered everyone to a safe area.
Melina looked down to see her knee still bleeding, the adrenaline was still rushing and she had not noticed until now.
“I think there is bigger issues than my knee being cut and all, we need to treat the people more injured than me” Melina replied to Zyra.
"The others can manage just for a minute," said Zyra hastily as she wrapped gauze from her pack around the woman's wound. "There,"
Melina looked at it and nodded, “Thank you Doctor Zyra, now the medical gear we got lots of injured people to see, I am glad we packed so much medical gear in” Melina said.
"Always prepared," nodded Zyra, walking with Melina to go tend to the others.
Melina helped treat a few people with nasty cuts and gashes, however no one had died, but the air was dusty from rubble and debris, making it not good to be breathing in.
The professor was helping treat people and at least try and keep people calm, Melina focussed with Zyra on the injured.
Comox carried over a young woman with a bad cut to her shoulder to Melina and Zyra. He set her down, telling them of her injuries. "I have to help Drew move some of the rubble, holler if you need me."
“Ok Comox, be careful” Melina said as the male bold wing went off, Melina and Zyra treated the woman.
Drew and a couple of other people had begun digging the small bits of rubble away, some had managed to get small shovels and were digging.
“We need to get some air in here or were all going to be suffocating with all this dust, seems we got a massive boulder here blocking the way but some of it is moveable at the corners” Drew said as the others kept digging.
Drew saw Comox come and nodded, “Comox, can you move these two big rocks here and start digging in the corner, I have dean and Kris to help you once those are clear” Drew said.
"Right," said the dragon, putting his talons into it. He heaved one over and had to work the second one over with his shoulder before he could pry it free.
Drew nodded, pleased the dragon was helping with their efforts.
“Good work, now gently did anything big try and move just be careful, Kris and Dean will dig alongside you, how’s your team?” Drew asked the male.
"They're ok, helping the injured." he said as he dug away at the dirt and rock with his talons. His white scales where filthy, covered in dirt and dust.

Baxter and the remains of the team on the surface had watched in horror as rock and debris collapsed onto the cavern, a mass rock slide was caused from the earthquake, in a matter of moments the cavern was blocked off.
“They are trapped!” Baxter said as two of the team rushed towards him, “We go get help, the farm isn’t too far away, we go now and get people up here” one of them said as Baxter nodded as they went off, leaving the man with the large dun dragon.
“What are we going to do Vonriir, there is no way they can escape that, where the earthquake came from was beyond me, the area isn’t known for any earthquakes and now they are trapped” Baxter said.
"Dig them out," suggested the large dragon. "Clear enough away to give space to free them."
Baxter looked and nodded in agreement.
“Aim for the corners, they could be trying to do the same, do it gently Vonriir” Baxter said as they approached the rubble.
"Stand back, Doctor, please." said the massive dragon as he used his large paws to dig out the rock and dirt.
Baxter stood back as the large dragon did his work, Baxter watched agonizingly waiting for some progress.
Vonriir moved lots of debris and rock out of the way, causing dust to be kicked but soon some progress was made.
The other side of the cavern, Comox and the small team were digging, they were making progress as they dug, they were finding out the massive boulder was a large chunk from the top and had blocked most of the entrance up, it was a massive solid mass but there were moveable debris around.
The bold wing stopped digging for a moment and cocked his head to the side, listening. He could head scraping and the sound of stones falling. He dug faster now.
"Hello!" he called.
"Comox is that you?" came a muffled voice.
"Vonriir! Stars above!"
"We'll get you out, hang tight, bold wing." said Vonriir.
Soon a gap opened and some air came into the cavern, Drew made it a little bigger and soon they had some light coming in, along with air which they needed.
“Excellent, now the other corner please, my team are on the other end, so at least we got two small holes to let air in” Drew called outside to the large dun dragon.
The boldwing went to the other side and began to dig out another gap for air to pass through.
Soon another hole was made and made a bit wider, sadly both holes were not big enough for people to squeeze through at all, but it allowed air in to clear up the stale air in the cavern.
“Can we make the holes any bigger at all?” Drew said looking at Comox.
Comox moved back as Vonriirs talons tried to scrape away to make the gap larger but nothing more would clear out of the way. It wasn't enough for anyone to wriggle through.
"It's this rock, it's what's blocking everything." said the large dragon.
Baxter approached and looked at the holes, soon they were wondering what to do as cranes and digging equipment could take days.
“What options are open to us then, there isn’t anything we can do this end” Drew called through the gap in the rock while Melina, Zyra and Grant had moved forward to see what options were there.
"I can pull out some of the rocks, enough to give them an opening to crawl out from," said Vonriir, his tail waving slowly behind him.
“We have to wait, there is tons of Rock to shift Vonriir” Baxter said cautiously.
"It can't wait. What if they're injured or there's an aftershock? They'll be crushed."
Baxter had a think and an idea came to him, but it was a big ask.
“The small gaps on either side to let air in, we have some heavy-duty chains in the container, if we feed that through and they link it up around that massive boulder there, holding all the other debris, then tie it around you, but I got nothing to really act as a cushion around your chest” Baxter said concerned for the dragon’s wellbeing.
"I've got scales that rival rock," I could do it but I worry that if we pull the debris free more will fall in." Replied the dragon.
Baxter spoke through the small gap made and spoke to Melina who listened in to what Vonriir had said, the agonizing groans and people in pain behind meant they had no choice.
“We got no choice Bax, we tie the chain around the big boulder blocking the way and move back, we need to get out and get these people out” Melina said as Baxter rushed off to get the chains from the container.
Baxter went into the container and got the heavy duty chains out of the back, they were long enough and strong enough to cope with their idea however they were heavy and Baxter struggled to get them to the container entrance, luckily Vonriir helped once they were within his reach.
Vonriir slung the chains over his neck and brought them down to where they could secure them before putting them down on the ground.
Once the chains were down, Baxter fed the large chain through the gap, luckily there was enough to go in, Baxter the fed it through the other side, it was painstakingly slow but soon Melina shouted out.
“Ok it is all linked up and tied securely, get Vonriir ready Bax” Melina called out.

The large dragon pulled the chains into position, laying them over his shoulders and across his chest where the most pulling power would come from.
“You sure you don’t need padding? that looks like it is going to dig in, could rip some tent fabric off” Baxter asked the large dun dragon.
"No, I should be fine. We mustn't waste time." He secured the chairs and ensured the wouldn't slip. "I'm ready."
Baxter nodded as Drew said everything was ready there and the last few people were being moved towards the back of the cavern to ensure any tumbling rock would not fall on them.
“Ok Vonriir, have the chains tight” instructed the man.
Vonriir stepped forward as the chains lost their slack. "You need to move away, further back if case anything come flying." he told the doctor.
“Melina told me to get away and stand over there so I can monitor progress, do not pull until I say” Baxter said but then saw the size of the boulder.
“You sure you can do this; it looks bigger than you” Baxter commented.
"I'll get them out one way or another," replied the dragon.
Baxter could see the determination in his face and he seemed focussed on getting them out, there was no denying Vonriir was going to do this, even if he had to literally drag it out.
The dragon squared his shoulders, the chains clinking against the spines on his back before he nodded to let Baxter know he was ready.
“Alright Vonriir good luck, steady and all, 1...2...3 and go for it” Baxter said.
One paw lifted off the ground as he began to pull, moving forward slowly as the chains rattled against his sides before pulling tight, skittering against the rock until they stopped.
Baxter stood a distance away and watched as the dragon pulled, small rocks and debris fell down the sides from Vonriir’s initial pulling efforts but the main boulder trapping everyone stay where it was.
Inside the cavern, the group watched the chain get tights and dug into the rock, Melina guess Vonriir was beginning his efforts.
The dragon had to shift his shoulders as the weight of the chains pressed into them uncomfortably as the rock didn't move.
Dr Baxter watched on nervously as the large dragon continued his efforts to move the rock.
“More pulling power required please Vonriir” Baxter asked the large dragon cautiously.
The dragon gave a shallow nod of his head. Despite not making much progress he still remained stoic and unbothered.
Baxter watched the chains vibrate as Vonriir pulled, the mass of rock did not budge an inch and there seemed to be no movement at all.
Vonriir looked at the man and he shook his head lightly.
"Still nothing?" huffed the dragon, pulling forward harder now.
Baxter looked concerned, the man looked anxious and seemed a little skitty on his feet.
“It must weigh tons upon tons, the extra rock around it isn’t helping, it must be wedged in tight, I think you have to up the effort again, sorry” Baxter said to Vonriir.
The western cragback nodded, lowering his head and leaning forward, pulling mightily.
Baxter seemed concerned as the chains tightened around his massive chest, his scales seemed to be holding up against the metal rubbing against them for now
Vonriir looked behind him briefly to see if there were any changes. It was starting be apparent that this was going to take tremendous effort but the dragon looked determined as anything to get the team free.
Inside the cavern, Melina, Zyra and Comox watched with baited breath as the chain tightened again, scrapping against the hard rock as it looked tight and vibrated at times.
"Hes going to hurt himself," said Zyra, curving her wing over Melina to shield her from any dust or debris that might come down.
“I hope he knows what he is doing” Melina replied back, there was not allot they could do.
Laboured lines began to show ever so slightly on Vonriir’s face as he struggled mightily to keep his breathing steady now that he doubled his efforts.
Baxter knew Vonriir was giving his best but there was still no movement, much to his worry, as he spoke to the large dragon.
“You can do it Vonriir, just don’t pull anything out of your sockets” Baxter said worry in his voice as Vonriir continued.
"I won't," huffed the dragon pulling mightily again. "I’m solid as they come."
Baxter knew the words from Vonriir ran true but did not stop the young man worrying, so far Vonriirs efforts were not being rewarded as only small pebble like debris shifted with his efforts.
The dragon was still giving great effort but there were tremors of strain beginning to show in his wings and the corner of his eyes.
Baxter seemed to pace lightly, checking on the movement of the rock and then to Vonriir to see if he was ok, the man was anxious about everyone’s wellbeing.
The dragon pressed on with great effort but he was holding back a growl in his chest as he pulled forward.
Rubble fell down but there was still no movement from the rock, something resisting the amazing power of Vonriir must have been very heavy indeed.
The dragon was beginning to lose hold on his composure as his lips began to curl in the beginnings of snarl.
Baxter looked at the rock then back up to the dun coloured dragon worry plastered on his face.
"Doctor, it's fine." Huffed Vonriir, pulling harder now and battling to keep his composure from cracking. The scales on his back were starting to grow slick.
“It isn’t budging, I think we need to consider other options” Baxter mumbled nervously.
The dragon stared at the dusty ground as he focused on his breathing, trying not to think about the crushing weight of the earth above the boulder he was trying to pull free. His mouth twitched in a grimace for a moment before relaxing as he took a breath to slowly steady himself while Baxter went on about something he wasn't quite listening to.
Baxter seemed to be trying to calm himself down, but the man was a bag of nerves at the moment, worried Vonriir would injure himself in effort, with Jack finding out and the silver also knowing, the consequences made him shudder.
The dragon’s paws flexed as he dug his talons into the dusty soil as he tried to keep steady.
It was quickly becoming more and more difficult to move any further forward. His brow furrowed and he was starting to grimace between the pain and effort it took to pull despite him trying to hold it back. Beads of sweat were beginning to collect on his nose as he squinted his eyes.
More debris fell down as the chains went across the hard stone but it refused to yield to the large dragon’s immense pulling power, much to the Doctor’s worry.
The large dragon’s thick, armoured tail wavered behind him slightly as he kept his focus on a small collection of stones on the floor. Fossils they looked like, abandoned in the collapse. He tried to focus on those instead of the strain as he pulled. His shoulders trembled momentarily, hard spiked on his back scraping against the stone above before he reined himself in, trying to keep collected and not allow his face to contort into a snarl. His eyes were nearly scrunched shut in his effort.
“It isn’t budging sir, keep at it” Baxter said with nervousness in his voice, wondering how much could this dragon give.
Vonriir kept where he was, working determination, trying not to show strain that would make the doctor worry about whether or not he would lose out on his task. But it was getting too hard. He struggled against everything, the corners of his mouth twitching into a snarl as it was too much to hold back.
The rock continued to resist and although more of the loose rock was falling away, the main solid block trapping the team did not budge.

The dragon was desperately trying to hold back everything while pulling at the heavy chains with all his might. He could feel Baxter's eyes on him but he could not focus on that. His lips twitched into a snarl as his sharp teeth ground together in the mighty effort he put forth.
His face contorted even though he was desperately trying to hold it off, sweat beading across his scales now.
Baxter could see this and was worrying, this was not good, the dragon was having a hard time and there was not allot he could do.
“Vonriir? You alright?” Baxter said getting a little bit closer to check on the large dun dragon.
The dragon seemed to have enough of this nonsense. A rolling, guttural half snarl, half roar thundered out of his jaws, shaking the cavern and echoed in a deafeningly loud reverberation as he launched himself forward against the chains.
Baxter was surprised by this reaction and tumbled backwards onto the ground, he adjusted his glasses as he got back to his feet, making hand gestures.
“Woah, stop pulling, it’s too much!” Baxter urged the large dragon.
The dragon ignored him, pressing forward against the chains as they rattled now against his scales as his shoulders shook.
Baxter shook his head and waved his arms to get the giant dragon to stop.
“Vonriir, stop! you’re going to hurt yourself, we have to wait for back up, please!” Baxter said getting anxious as the chains tensed and rock began to tumble down the sides.
Vonriir didn't seem to respond to anything the man was going on about, keeping focused on trying to free the opening of the stuck rock.
Inside the cavern as Vonriir gave valiant effort after valiant effort to move the rock, the team inside watched and waited.
The dragoness shielded Melina and ducked her head as the massive dragon pulled at the rock from the other side.
"Stars," said the male Bold wing as they watched he chains shift against the rock.
“He’s going to break himself, I don’t know if he can give anymore, the pressure must be on him” Melina said to the dragons as the metal trembled against the rock.
"He'll get it. Von won't let us down." Said Comox.
The western cragback was showing his worth.
The tank of a dragon was growling low, his body tensed and trembling in the effort he was giving but finally there was a shift in the chain, the rock was finally moving. He took that sign to heart and pulled even harder, taking a slow step forward.
Baxter's face told the story as the large rock was budging, rocks tumbled off as it moved a little more, "I think its yielding to you Vonriir" Baxter said.
"Bout time!" he roared back, lunging against the chain to jostle the rock free.
The rock moved, dragged forward by the massive dun dragon’s efforts, it was yielding to Vonriir’s power at last as it seemed things were turning in their favour.
"Another pull should do the trick Vonriir, you still got this?" Baxter asked cautiously.
"Yes, move further back," he asked him, throwing his nose to point. When he collected his breath, the dragon coiled and tensed every muscle in his body, lowering his head like a bull ready to charge. With a deep breath, he vaulted forward with all his weight.
The rock seemed to go dead weight as the dragon pulled, putting more pressure on Vonriir as Baxter nervously watched his efforts.
The mighty dragon kept pulling forward, the chains dragging across his shoulders and chest were scuffing the scale terribly now but he paid that no mind as he was determined to get the rock unstuck.
The chains shook and trembled against the rock and against Vonriir’s massive chest as the large dragon kept at it.

The dragon shook his head, the sweat beading down his snout causing streaks in the dust across his scales. His breathing was coming out gruffly now as he powered on.
“You can do it Vonriir” Baxter said as he watched the large dragon power on as Vonriir took another step forward, heaving his shoulders to follow as the chains rattled against his scale, his breathing shaky and tired.
Soon the rock began to move slowly away and Baxter seemed to brighten at this as Vonriir kept at it.
"It’s starting to budge Vonriir, its creeping forward" Baxter said seeing it budge a small bit as Vonriirs efforts were rewarded.
The dragon pulled forward, snarling as his teeth bared. Sweat dripped off his face as he threw his all into it.
All of a sudden the rock moved as an opening now appeared as the rock was dragged, giving a clearing.
“You done it Vonriir!, I go help them get out of there, rest up” Baxter said running down to offer help and assistance.
The dragon hastily pulled off his chains, trying to catch his breath as his chest heaved, taking in air. Despite all that he just went through his eyes were bright and searching as he began to help Baxter evacuate people from the cavern.
"Come, come this way, watch your step," he said through his panting, holding out his massive paw to help guide them.
The team soon climbed out over the rubble, the dragons helping the most injured over while other helped those limping and had minor injuries as everyone seemed relieved they had survived this ordeal.
Melina soon came with the other dragon’s Baxter helping professor Taylor carry wounded as sirens sounded in the distance.
“You’re the hero of the hour Von, thank you, I’d kiss your snout but your covered in sweat” Melina weakly joked as looked up at the large dragon.
"It wasn't just me. The doctor did a mighty fine job himself." he said proudly.
Baxter shook his head quickly pointing to Vonriir as Melina nodded with a knowing look, despite Vonriir’s words of modesty, he had done the grunt work.
“You did the hard work, I was worried as it had wedged into the cavern but you got it out, you were not going to give up on us” Melina said with a smile.
"Young lady, do you think I would leave you lot stuck in a hole in the ground? Certainly, not." he chuckled. "Everyone IS alright though? No one got hurt in the quake?"
Melina lightly laughed and then shook her head.
“There is injuries but people are ok, air ambulances are arriving, you dragons, all of you are heroes, Comox, Zyra and you Vonriir, with herculean physical strength, incredible efforts” professor Taylor said to the trio of dragons there.
"Ah, only did what anyone would have." Smiled Vonriir.
"Well, we are all guardians in a way after all," said Zyra kindly.
Melina approached Vonriir and gave the dragon’s giant muzzle a hug she looked up and mouthed the words thank you and kissed him on the muzzle, before pulling a face from the sweat on his scales.
"Sorry miss, I need another splash in the lake it seems." He smiled sheepishly.
Melina chuckled lightly at his comment, the large dragon acting modest past his heroics.
“It’s ok, as long as it doesn’t froth between the scales, if Forge ever says anything bad, he has to deal with me after this Von, you are on the road to being a guardian dragon” Melina smiled embracing his muzzle once more and then spoke again.
“So proud of you Von” she said.
The dragon closed his eyes and gave a thrum which coming from a creature his size was rather loud.
"Why thank you, Professor. I am happy to have been able to help to get you all to safety."
Melina nodded as professor Taylor smiled.
Soon ships with medical symbols, police and other services arrived by shuttles and transport ships to tend to the injured as they landed nearby, luckily the two members of the team had reached the farm and called for help and the emergency services responded quickly.
“All you dragons are heroes today, I will ensure they are all made to be heroes Mel, you have my word on that” he said.
Melina looked at the man and smiled kindly.
“Thank you”
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The hours that followed the evacuation of the cavern passed in a blur. Emergency response teams arrived to take over the medical care of those injured. Miraculously there were only minor cuts and scrapes. So much to be thankful for in todays events. They had all gotten out alive and Comox had surfaced with his saddle bags still fully loaded with the packed and wrapped items collected from the dig site. These had come up unharmed and intact much to their relief. It would be a long while before the site would be assessed and deemed whether or not it was safe to go into again but for now it looked like the dig site would be lost, for far too much of it was in danger of collapsing completely. This was a shame for they had just began to find clues of dragons in the items found down there. It would have been amazing should they find Drakine remains, scales or any other proof that a dragon had lived there centuries and centuries ago.
The boldwings had come up to the surface looking filthy. Covered in dust and dirt from getting people to safety. The three dragons got a much deserved scrub down before they helped sort out the rest of the camp.
Comox had been surprised when Zyra had come up to him to rub her forehead against his in gratitude for helping save her and Melina from being crushed when the cavern roof had collapsed above them.
The male had gotten flustered and his nose flushed a lovely shade of pearly pink as he tried to say that it had been no problem at all. Zyra had gone on, oblivious to his embarrassment, repeating her thanks to him before walking off to talk to Vonriir.
Comox had been left standing there in a daze as his hearts hammered in his chest. He cursed his situation in his head, upset that Melina and Grant had passed up their chance, making Zyra decide to stand by her Attilu in that choice. This would have been the perfect opportunity to ask her, in that moment.
He sighed, the moment lost. Perhaps he would just have to wait it out, see if the dragoness came around to abandoning her stand on the matter.

The artifacts and equipment were loaded up into vehicles and Grant had been kind enough to hire a semi truck to take back the container of Melina and Baxter’s equipment to save Vonriir the hassle of flying it back.
It was the next morning, the day of departure, when Zyra woke up to help dismantle the camp. She and Comox helped take down the tents, shaking them out and folding them up to allow the others to store them away. It was bittersweet to have everything come to an end. They had made big strides with finding great evidence in the dig. There was plenty to be recorded and study now and their findings would be sure to add to the history of the land already known.
The last breakfast from the mess hall had been dolled out, the leftovers given to Vonriir who happily ate them, licking the large steel dishes clean.
He and Comox talked a little more. The boldwing had felt bad for the large dragon. There were scuffs in his scales where the chains had rubbed against but the western cragback didn’t seem to mind at all. He scoffed the Comon’s worry, waving a massive paw.
“Don’t fret. I’m not a glitter-scale looking to show off. This is just proof that I helped,” he chuckled.
On the other side of camp, a few goodbyes were being made. Zyra had moved away when Professor Taylor had approached Melina. Not wanting to make it awkward the dragon had stepped back, walking to where their tent had been but she couldn’t help but to look over her shoulder.
Melina and Grant seemed to speak as they both hugged each tightly. The dragoness could see the two uttering goodbye's and soon they released each other from their embrace as Melina walked towards Zyra. "It best not to drag it out, he is very thankful to you, Von and Co for saving his team," Melina replied.
Zyra nodded slowly, looking at the ground for a second as she collected her thoughts, “You’re ready to go then, I’m guessing?”
Melina nodded lightly, "I am, I am glad they managed to get a fair bit from the cavern, that ruin is lost forever now, so is the secret of the tablet" the woman said.
‘Oh no, did it not get packed away in Comox’s bag before the cave in?” asked Zyra, dismayed that the item had been lost.
Melina look surprised and walked at a brisk pace towards Comox bag, in the hope of finding it, she grinned as she pulled it out and showed Zyra.
“Oh thank the stars it made it up!” she said, taking another look at it, “What-- what should we do with It?” she asked, feeling selfish that she wanted to keep it back at the facility. “You should probably give it to Grant..”
"You can keep it, I feel your guys will need it more than us," Grant said behind them with a smile, seeing the tablet in one piece. "Thank you Grant" Melina said with a smile. It would be an incredible thing to show Ardon once the boys returned from their trip. Zyra could just imagine his surprise over it.
The dragoness smiled and leaned over, giving the man a lick on the cheek to thank him. After a quick goodbye, the dragons rounded themselves up and took into the sky, flying a salute over the remaining dig team members before heading home.

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