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Unread Nov 24th, 2016, 04:48 PM   #1
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Jack & Ardon - A silver's regret - Private Arezura

“Seriously more gifts and fan mail for him? he is going to need a bigger living space if all this stuff piles up, I thought the other dragons fan mail was bad enough” Mark said shaking his head lightly as the post room carted off the large sacks of letters, fan drawings and other little gifts that had been sent in.
It had been over a week since Jack and Ardon came back from Torchwood 7 and 3 weeks after the events up in Scotland, ever since Vonriir’s valiant rescue of the scientists from the cave, allot of people had been contacting the EA press office about the heroics of this giant dragon.
Once again, the EA office provided a story and said the dragon was currently staying in a secret location in the UK to bring the dragon up to speed with the world and the politics of that, it had been amazing the level of support and admiration many had for the large dragon.
The media had interviewed the scientists who had only praise for the dragon who had saved them, this was all good press for the giant dragon as soon fan mail and drawings came in after the EA released a photo of the behemoth in all his glory.
Torchwood had helped polish his scales and had professional photo’s of the dragon taken, In a neutral location so no one could recognise where he was based as he was stationed at Torchwood 5, he had offers from other Torchwood branches and EA branches, as well as governments who wanted the services of the giant dragon, however for now the EA was content with keeping the dragon at Torchwood 5.
There was allot going on and Kilara was also reaching a pinnacle time, it was nearing the summer solstice on the planet and Melina was eager to go there to see the dragons and experience the summer there with Zyra, the dragoness had passed her final exams and was now on the cusp of becoming a doctor.
Zyra had passed her masters and was now completing her final bit of tests and practical work, with Melina’s support as her marks and credits were high enough that the pressure was eased up on the dragoness.
Once this was done, she would get her qualification of being a doctor, the first dragon to reach a highly respected and decorative honour, she would have a title and be the first dragon with a human qualification title.
Melina thought it be good to take Zyra there and perhaps spend time with her favourite warlord, she had a niggling feeling after she spoke to him the night that he had turned Callisto away, she was a beautiful dragoness and for Forge to deny him this was sad, however she had done the same 3 weeks ago, and perhaps wanted some reassurance she made the right decision.

Meanwhile all this was going on Ardon and Comox was with the giant dragon opening all of his fan mail as well as their own, Jack had said the bags and bags of mail was getting a little out of hand and so the boys would be helping in this matter.
This would allow Zyra to do her work with Melina in the labs for her doctor practical, this was indeed important, Jack had been speaking to his new security chief, Daniel Pine who had come over from the Babylon 6 as he was head of security, he had swapped with Sean who had found it difficult on the base and the lifestyle, he decided to work on the station.
Soon the doors opened as the post workers brought in 5 more full bags of post for the dragons, Mark walked in after them unimpressed as they entered the giant dragons room.
“More popular post for the dragons, Jack said these are the last ones and then the storage room is clear for other post, Jack is wondering if we should use one of the large storage rooms for all your fan mail” Mark said crossing his arms, not too impressed by all the stuff coming into the base.
Ardon laughed, opening another envelope, "that would work, just dump it all there,"
"This is quite enjoyable though, post, I rather like getting letters," chuckled the massive dragon.
Mark seemed not as amused as the other dragons, it was getting a bit too much for the man with all this post.
He also amused how the dragon’s selfless act had been widely publicised whereas the giant dragon had been rather laid back about it.
“I think we should do a world’s strongest dragon tv show, instead of humans we got enough dragons on earth to do a competition like it” Mark replied.
Vonriir laughed lightly. "I was thinking I would be good on one of those cooking shows instead," he joked.
Mark seemed to nod lightly.
“That is an idea, flaming grills or dragon recipes, you might get even more fan mail” Mark replied.
"Dragon Dinners and Dishes," Comox supplied a title for this made-up television show.
"Perfect! Love it," Vonriir laughed. "Sign me up."
Mark shook his head lightly.
“I leave you to the post, have fun” Mark said as the man left the dragons to their own devices.
Ardon stretched, reaching his wings up before folding them back again. "Do you enjoying the fan mail?" He asked and Vonriir nodded, crossing his paws.
"Very much so. I wish I could reply to everyone but there's just so many letters."
"I like every ones that kids send in of their drawing of dragons. Very cute," added Comox.

While the boys were busy opening post and being distracted, Melina was with Zyra for her final practical to be a doctor, it would be the final practical and would go some way for her final marks, she had already done so well with high marks with Melina’s guidance but soon the dragoness would be able to relax once this was done.
So the dragoness was on the final part of her practical as she worked in the labs writing up and performing her tests and experiments for her final project paper, with Melina close by to offer advice and guidance from her own wealth of knowledge.
"Mel, can you come check my variable against my control for me here and ensure my notes are correct?" Asked Zyra.
Melina came over and read the notes the dragoness had done, she read them carefully and smiled.
“Looks good to me but give a bit more of an example of your method here and why you feel this is beneficial than the current method, examiners love the detail you put in here” she advised.
"Detail, right. I think I try to lay down just the basics and by embellish it at all. Thanks Melina." The dragoness smiled at her.
Melina returned the smile.
“Final lap now Zy, then that will be it, but I am looking forward to Kilara summer solstice in a few days, be good to be there with Forge and Ardon’s family, be a nice break for you as well” Melina said.
"Yes, I can't wait. It will be lovely to soak up some sun," smiled the dragoness. "And catching up with everyone."
Melina nodded in agreement, glad her dragoness was happy with the idea, it gave her a goal to work for.
“I think it was a good idea to put the boys to use with the post, keeps them out of your hair for doing this and keeps it all peaceful, Vonriir finds it all new and amazing that he getting fan mail and drawings” Melina said.
Zyra laughed lightly. "Yeah, it was excited when I learned about fan mail. I'm glad he's enjoying it."
Melina chuckled lightly.
“Jack said first time he has seen Ardon excited to open post, must be Vonriir enthusiasm for it that is driving him to do it, anyways back to it young lady” Melina said with a smile.
"Yes, yes" Zyra said, her own smile on her face as she wrote down a more detailed report on her findings. She liked the easy nature they had while they worked.
Melina sat at her desk as she had a call, she answered it.
After a few moments of conversation, she put the phone down and seemed a little sad, a wave of sadness seemed to come over her from the telephone call.
"What's wrong, Mel?" Asked Zyra, stopping what she was doing to turn to the woman.
Melina snapped out of her day dream and looked at Zyra, who seemed concerned at feeling her sadness.
“It was Sam, well Dr Sam now, he was telling me he has been offered a position on Babylon 6 as a researcher there, he is excited to go, I am happy for him but I am losing one of my best students and workers, for everything he has done for us” Melina said.
Zyra was surprised, she knew that Sam had been working towards such a goal but she had never imagined him leaving torchwood. "Oh," she said, understanding Melina's disappointment. She loved working with Sam. "When does he leave?"
Melina looked at the note she wrote down.
“In the next few weeks, he finishing his holiday then he be living on that giant space station, its just a hunk of metal in space, I cannot see the pull really when we got dragons” she said with a small smile.
Zyra leaned over and touched Melina's shoulder with her muzzle. "We will demand that he comes back and visits. You're right, it's just a piece of metal in space. He won't last long when all the cool people are down here at the base," she winked.
Melina smiled, knowing the dragoness was trying to cheer her up, she gave Zyra a pet on the muzzle.
“Good luck to him, just dislike losing my own people to other places but cannot be helped, still least we got one of theirs, Daniel Pine he was head of security there on Babylon 6, now he is with us” Melina said.
"He's going from security to the labs?" Asked Zyra, confused.
Melina shook her head.
“No no, I have not begun looking for Sam’s replacement, I meant our new security chief Daniel is from Babylon 6, he swapped with Sean, the guy wasn’t too comfortable here sadly, so Daniel is here and Sean is up there” Melina explained.
"Not comfortable here..." Zyra said, shaking her head, "I hope all these changes don't upset the balance of the team. Why does everything have to change once things begin to go smoothly."
Melina agreed lightly before looking at the time.
“Come on, sooner you get this done, sooner we can it for the day and grab something to eat2 she smiled gesturing to Zyra to continue her work.
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Zyra carried on her day but with a new cloud hanging over her head. She was happy for Sam but she was already missing him and he had not yet left for his new job. She tried to keep lighthearted for Melina’s sake but it was hard to lose a member of their little lab family.
The dragoness completed her report and left it on Melina’s desk to proofread before she would send it in tomorrow.
With a sigh Zyra made her way down to the dragon hangar while her Attilu went into a meeting. She had avoided the chaos the boys brought for the last few days so she could get work done but now she could use a little boisterous chatter to keep her mind off of Sam and the stress of all her exams.
As she walked through the doors there was a booming laugh from Vonriir. Ardon was sitting back on his haunches, evidently having just told a hilarious story or something. Comox was wiping tears of laugher from his eyes.
“What’s so funny?” she asked, walking up.
“Oh, nothing, little lady.” Chuckled Vonriir.
“Oh come on, I can’t walk in on laughter like that and not be told the story…. Wait, where you laughing about me?” she accused them with a suspicious smile.
“Stars no,” snorted Comox. “Ardon, show her the picture.”
Ardon held out the photo. Forge, looking tremendously unimpressed and grumpy one Christmas. Someone had put a little reindeer antler hat on him while he was asleep and Ardon had managed to snap a photo seconds after Forge realized what had happened. It was very unlike Forge to be festive and he had not been pleased.
Vonriir found it hilarious that his old warlord commander had been eternalized in such a picture, thinking it would be a riot should his followers have seen it.
“Oh you guys are so mean to him, you know that.” She said, taking the picture but couldn’t help but smile. “You have put him through hell and back since you hatched Ardon, least you could do is not tease him so.”
“Oh but its so funny.” Snickered the gold.
Zyra shook her head and gave the photo back, “He will kill you if he ever finds out that exists.”
“Well he won’t find out. Right?” Ardon looked accusingly at them.
“Cross my hearts,” Vonriir promised, making an X across his chest.
“Well, I’m sorry to bring some bad news after such a laugh but Melina and I heard a few hours ago that Sam will be leaving us to take up a job on B6.”
Comox looked surprised. The man had been an integral part of his recovery and played a key role in getting the Boldwing’s confidence in humans. Everyone had thought that Sam would remain part of Torchwood so long as it stood.
“Really?” he asked.
Zyra nodded and then sighed, “Yeah, it sucks but if it makes him happy we shouldn’t complain.”
“It will be hard to replace him though, he’s done so well as part of the lab staff, and one of the few that really followed in Melina’s knowledge of Drakine medicine.”
Zyra agreed, “We’ll find someone to stick around, eventually.”
“We’re getting a sew security head as well.” Said Ardon. Things were constantly changing in the facility it seemed. He was glad for the reliability in his friends and the core group that they had.
“Daniel something,” said Comox.
“I believe we’ll get to meet him sometime this week, but anyway lets focus on something that isn’t so dreary,” said Vonriir, seeing the younger dragons seem to get a little melancholy. “Solstice celebrations soon!”
The dragons dissolved into chatter as they talked until dinner, spirits lifted somewhat by Vonriir’s happy nature.

On the Sunbreak Isles Ardon’s family was getting ready for the gathering during the summer Solstice at the end of the week. Tahsis was always pleased to have the family together. She had gathered a number of different fruits and berries, storing them in the back of a long cavern, keeping them cool. Bronan had returned that morning with Forge, bringing with them enough game that they had hunted to feed the family twice over.
Preparations were getting underway. The meat was cured and smoking under dragon-fire lit coals in a specially made hollow. This would ensure the food would keep until the celebration and ensure there was enough to go around the day of.
Tahsis, the pale, silvery teal dragoness was making her way up and down the beach, clearing it free of driftwood and large stones.
“Where is Uke?” asked Bronan, as he approached Tahsis, rubbing his muzzle against hers affectionately. The dragoness lifted her head and licked her mate’s cheek.
“On the mainland.” She replied.
“That boy again?” snorted Bronan.
“It would seem so.” Mused Tahsis, turning back to her task of clearing the beach were everyone would gather. “I think she really fancies him. She even abandoned her books for this visit.”
“Oh is that so? Things are getting serious.” Chuckled Bronan. Ucluelet had introduced the male to her parents one day as a friend, but the older dragons knew better.
The dragon she fancied was rather handsome, a deep orange with bold markings of pure white and ebony. The breed where commonly known as Sunchasers and were a migratory breed that followed the hot seasons. His clan had been passing through when he and Ucluelet crossed paths and he seemed to have abandoned his trip in favour of spending his time with the young dragoness.
“Sounds like trouble to me.” Grinned Bronan,
“You certainly were trouble when I met you,” smirked Tahsis as her mate pranced off, arching his neck in a playful fashion. Despite his age and being a father, Bronan often dissolved into a comical nature when he was with Tahsis, spurred on by a jovial spirit and a love of making her smile
“And,” she added, “Just as much trouble now. No wonder where Ardon gets it from.”
Together they laughed and made their way back up to the beach where Forge had landed with the newest haul of food.
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Jack had brought Daniel into the canteen to chat more on the man’s duties on the base the security team available to him, the man was dressed smartly in an blue EA uniform and had allot of decorative badges on the left side of his uniform, the man had a very short buzz cut of brown hair and blue eyes.
The man was about 6 foot in height but Jack still towered over the man, but he seemed pretty serious and reserved at the time as Jack sat with him with a coffee as he drunk some tea from a large mug.
As they dragons walked into the canteen Ardon spotted Jack talking with their new security head. The gold looked at the others before approaching. "Hello," he said dipping his head.
Jack looked up and smiled as Ardon approached with the gang, the sight of so many dragons must have been a terrifying sight, Jack noticed the man grip his mug a little tighter.
“Relax” he said to Daniel as Ardon said hello.
“Good afternoon” Daniel said, his voice was pretty deep and held an eccentric English gentlemen tone which must have sounded a little odd to the dragons.
“Daniel this is Ardon, my guardian dragon and head of the dragon academy, then we have Zyra guardian of professor Melina, Comox our utility dragon and the newest recruit Vonriir” Jack said doing a quick intro.
Zyra and Comox also gave their greeting and welcome as Vonriir stepped up and dipped his huge head down. "Pleasure to meet you," his voice boomed.
“Goodness, that is a giant of a dragon Mr Harkness, impressive and intimidating” Daniel commented as Jack smiled.
“Vonriir is our gentle Giant Daniel, he is very laid back and easy going, a very focussed and dedicated dragon I am sure you will see” Jack said with a smile as the man seemed to calm slightly in the dragon’s presence.
"Welcome to the clan," chuckled the large dragon.
"We hope you like it here. It can get rather exciting." Said Ardon.
Daniel gave a gentle nod of his head.
“I have heard that things can get interesting around here, I was informed my quiet life in Babylon 6 would be over, especially being part of an organization that houses 5 dragons” Daniel said as Jack nodded lightly in agreement with his words.
"Well I'm sure you'll settle in fine. Just watch out for Ardon here, he likes to pilfer everyone's food if given half the chance." Laughed Zyra.
Daniel gave a small smile at Zyra’s comments.
“I see, so the new fridge with reinforced padlock will keep him out?” he said to the dragons as Jack chuckled lightly, glad the man seemed to be easing up around the dragon’s considering that they would have to work together.
"Hey, I'm not that bad. Why is that always the first thing people get warned about working here?" Scoffed Ardon but in good humour.
“Relax Ardon, I been telling Daniel here that you all make him welcome and if he needs anything you all be able to help him with any sort of security operations, Daniel and I have been discussing new security procedures in the base, some of the ideas he is bringing from Babylon 6 are really good” Jack said.
"Like what?" Asked Zyra with interest.
“I think a few idea’s improving the security screening before you enter the base and keeping certain areas closed to specific personnel to improve base security, as well as upgrading the base defence systems” Daniel said in response to Zyra’s questions.
"Oh very good," she nodded. The dragons seemed impressed that he was already thinking of upgrades on contributions.
Jack smiled, he was liking this guy already, he was switched on and had great plans to improve base security, the was pretty security conscious but adding more layers would not harm the base.
“Daniel is having some ships brought here from Babylon 6 which will become part of our inventory, Vonriir I’d like you to help Daniel in this situation, while you Comox will be responsible for updating our ship inventory, I want old fighters gone and new ships in” Jack said.
"I can do that, sir," replied Comox while Vonriir nodded. "At your service, should you need me."
"What about me, I can help." Said Ardon, not knowing why he had been bypassed.
Jack seemed to stop short of rolling his eyes as Ardon seemed to be wanting to do stuff as well, he decided it be no harm Ardon being involved.
“As long as that backlog of fan post and all is cleared, you can help as well Ardon” Jack said.
Ardon snorted, getting shelved with the boring work. "It's cleaned up and sorted for the most part.
Jack nodded lightly taking a swig of his coffee.
“Then you can help Comox, I give you our budget and go through what ships we need since the EA gave us that block of funds” Jack said looking up at Vonriir.
“We might need your brawn Vonriir, one of Daniels ships needs a tug to guide it in and assist with landing and manoeuvring due to its size, we have no tug here, are you up for the job?” Jack asked him.
“I hate to keep asking you” Jack added.
"It's fine, commander, I'm glad I can be of use," he replied with a smile.
"Do we have a roster or inventory list to go through?" Asked Comox.
Jack nodded, “You can access it on your computer systems with your security codes, be sure to check it properly, inspect the ships and check wear and tear, all that stuff, the ships won’t be arriving for another couple of weeks so this will be after our visit to Kilara” Jack said.
"Oh good so we have time," replied Ardon.
"We will ensure it gets done," nodded Comox.
Jack smiled.
“Thank you, give your findings to Daniel here when you do, now I got to go chat with Daniel some more in my office so we see you lot later” Jack said gesturing to the man to follow him.
“Nice to meet you all” Daniel said following Jack as the two men chatted while walking.
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During the hours after meeting Daniel, Vonriir went to go have a nap in his quarters while Melina and Zyra went back to the labs, leaving the boys to their own devices. They hung out in the hanger for most of the afternoon, lazily passing the day away.
Comox sat in front of his tablet and was scrolling through walls of text, reading quietly.
Ardon lay on his side, kicking a ball back and forth against the wall absently with his hind paw, herding it back with his tail should his aim go astray.
“You know this whole ship sorting job is just to keep us busy,” the gold said.
Comox looked up from his tablet a few wing lengths away. “Pardon?”
“This job, getting the inventory done, inspections for damages, compiling a list of ‘what we need’, it’s all bunk. Getting you.. well us, to write up reports.”
“How so?” Asked the Boldwing.
“Do you know what a rear differential panel is? How to assess if a thruster is burning oil?” Ardon asked, kicking the ball and caught it after it bounced off the wall. He turned to Comox to catch his reply. The Boldwing looks confused and a little sheepish.
“N-no… I don’t,” He admitted, feeling like this job was over his head now.
“Of course, and neither do I. Jack isn’t going to let two dragons who don’t know a thing about ships make these critical decisions. I can almost guarantee that he’s already had the hanger chief do it already. He just wants us out of his hair while Daniel settles in so we don’t scare him off like Sean.”
Comox thought Ardon was mad about this but looking up he saw the gold was smiling, pleased with his deductions.
“Then why’d he pick me to do it?” grinned the Boldwing. “I’ve never hounding the new hires.”
“He knew I’d take the bait and not want to be left out, thus keeping both of us busy.”
“Ah! So there is a clever dragon underneath that ego and gold scale.” Laughed Comox.
Ardon chucked the ball at the Boldwing, who deflected it with a wing.
“No one gives me any credit, sheesh.”

Finally the end of the week finally came and it was the day for Jack, Melina and the dragons to head over to the Sunbreak Isles to celebrate the summer solstice with Ardon’s family. As usual in Jack’s absence, Mark would oversee the facility while they were all away, even then it was only a quick jump across the portal should they need anything.
The team had eaten breakfast and Jack gave the remaining staff instructions for while they were away. Ardon seemed excited to be headed back over to celebrate. It always meant good food and lazing about. Vonriir was looking forward to sitting in the hot sand, a sweet escape from the dreary winter they were having.
Zyra made sure the labs were set for them to leave before headed back to their quarters after to see if her Attilu had finished packing. It was only for a few days so it shouldn’t take long, or so she thought.
"Mel?" asked Zyra, coming back into their quarters. "Mel are you about ready?"
"Yes, nearly packing light summer stuff and the good old fashioned silver dress but I'm wearing boots not heels on the sand" She chuckled lightly.
"You are allowed to wear something other than that silver dress on special occasions you know." laughed Zyra. "You should really spoil yourself and get something new."
"True but keeps Forge happy, he doesn't have too many luxuries in life, and I know he likes this dress" Melina said. Zyra wanted to smile and shake her head. He liked the dress because it was silver. Flattery went far with dragons and Melina knew how to make Forge listen to her every word.
"You spoil him you know that," Zyra teased. She knew that Melina held Forge in high regard and cared a lot for the old warlord. A small flicker of jealousy lingered in the Boldwing’s heart but she didn’t often let it grow. The great silver had suffered great loss in his years and she knew Melina only meant to heal those wounds with her friendship and empathy.
"Oh I know" She grinned, "but I spoil you too my bold wing, spoiled you when you were human too" She teased back.
“Yeah, yeah, you did.” She smiled as Melina closed her luggage, “I’ll take that for you. Should we go see if the guys are ready?”
Melina nodded, "Sure, I'm guessing Vonriir will be waiting by the portal already" She said.
“He’s ready to park his scales in the sand I think. He’s enjoying it here but I think we all miss the heat.”
Zyra carried Melina’s luggage down to the portal room and arrived just as Ardon and Jack came around the corner.
“Ready for a mini vacation?” he asked her.
“Oh I think so!” Zyra replied with a happy smile.
It didn’t take long for everyone to gather. Baxter set the portal up for them and ensured that everything was running smoothly before wishing them a good weekend.
“Me first!” yipped ardon, jumping through. With smiles and laughter the rest of them followed.
One after the other they stepped through the portal, leaving the rainy skies of England behind and jumping onto the sun baked beached of the Sunbreak isles.
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The rest of the team stepped forward and in a flash of blue light they were on the warm shores of the Sunbreak Isles and Melina had to squint as the sun was beating down upon the islands, she soon got her sunglasses out as they all walked out to greet Ardon’s family.
Indeed the team knew it was really close to the summer solstice as the heat from the lands could be felt but there was a bit of a cooling breeze from the sea, the sound of waves crashing on the shore in the distance.
"Welcome, everyone," Tahsis greeted the group as they appeared before her and Bronan.
"Hope you've all been well," said the bronze dragon.
“Yes were all good, thank you for accommodating us again this year, our team seems to be growing” Jack said as he gestured to the giant dragon Vonriir who made the ground shake lightly with his movements.
"We don't mind," insisted Tahsis.
"Vonriir has been a friend of forge for a long time. That's more than enough reason to have you with us," smiled Bronan.
"Speaking of the old scale, where is he?" Asked Vonriir.
"Down two islands. He should be back shortly." Replied Tahsis.
Melina smiled, hearing the dragon was not too far away, she was keen to see the old dragon again, after all that happened last time.
“Is Ucluelet home or is she galivanting around?” Jack asked the dragoness as the humans got settled in a side cave based near the portal, the team had brought sleeping bags and blankets, though with the temperatures being as they were, they probably wouldn’t use them.
"She's around here somewhere." Said Tahsis with a shake of her head. "She brought a friend to this year’s celebrations."
Melina overheard the conversation and smiled lightly, “Oh, she has a friend with her this year?, a friend or more than a friend” Melina said as she look up and smiled, Jack also had a small smile going across his face.
"She hasn't admitted anything but I think it's a fair guess that she fancies this drake." Tahsis laughed lightly.
Ardon frowned, wondering who this dragon was as he felt protective over his sister.
Jack felt the protection and feelings coming from Ardon, he had to smile as he put his hand on the dragons side to steady him, not wanting him to lunge at the new dragon.
“I’m going to go on a walk along the beach, I take my shoes off, be nice to walk” Melina said as the man nodded towards her.
“Here Comox you can help us unpack here and then Melina’s backpack as well” Jack said to the male bold wing.
“I will not be long gang” Melina said as she gestured towards Zyra to accompany her.
The two of them strolled along the beach, Melina being barefoot as she walked on the soft sand as the sea rose and retreated along the shore, the water looking clear and calm as Melina dipped her feet in if the sand got too warm on her feet.
"This is nice." The dragoness thrummed, striding in the sand beside Melina.
Melina nodded in agreement.
“Very nice to get away from winter and come here, I am kind of glad Kilara follows different weather cycles than Earth, just amazing that this planet has life on it similar to earth, although this place has two moons than just our one” Melina said to the bold wing.
Zyra smiled. "The similarities are wild when you compare them," she nodded and they walked in silence for a moment. "So Uke has got a drake following her about..." She laughed.
Melina grinned looking up at the bold wing.
“Did you SEE Ardy’s face it went from smiling to the look of thunder in a matter of moments, he looked just like Forge with that deep frown” Melina laughed lightly.
"I wonder how he's going to act once he meets this drake." Snickered Zyra. "Oh poor Ucluelet. I hope he isn't horrible to her new admirer."
“Well, you can set him right if so and Jack can, there is enough people around to correct his attitude, he has to expect it, she’s her own person, she can court whoever she wants” Melina said.
"This is true but big brothers always seem to hold that role, human or dragon." She smiled. "I don't think Uke would let him get to out of hand anyway."
Melina nodded lightly.
“I hope so, shes a good girl, she be ok, now let’s head back, the sun is going down” Melina said as the two of them walked back towards the caves after enjoying a lovely walk along the beach.
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The group gathered once more on the white sandy beach that lay in front of the caverns. Collected around a pile of wood that would make their dinner fire in a few hours, they chatted and caught up under a gently fading light. Comox was even getting into the conversation. The usually quiet dragon seemed relaxed in a group like this, happy that he and Zyra could feel at ease on this side of Kilara.

“Oh, there they are,” whispered Tahsis as two dragons came walking up the beach. Ucluelet , in her soft, pale seafoam coloured scales, highlighted with a silvery pearlescent tone. Beside her strode a tall dragon with angular features. He was a brilliant coppery orange over most of his body, with bold markings across his face and crest that continued down the length of his frame. Long wings where folded up against his back, tipped in black tines. His tail possessed a fan like rudder, the top edge armoured with spines much like the ones of his crest. He was a handsome fellow and his eyes were on Ucluelet as they walked up, listening to her talk looking like nothing else mattered on the beach but her. It was rather sweet to see.
Melina smiled as they approached as Jack whispered in Ardon's ear, "Be nice" he whispered.
"When am I ever not nice?" snorted Ardon under his breath.
"You know what I mean" Jack whispered back as he looked up and smiled at the incoming dragons.
Ucluelet turned to face the greeting party with a nervous smile.
“Hey everyone, welcome back. We’re happy to have you for the summer celebration.” She said in her gentle voice.
“I would like everyone to meet my friend, Neekoh.” She said, introducing the male. He dipped his pronged crest to the group and gave a bright smile.
“Hello! I’ve heard so much about all of you. It’s a pleasure to finally get the chance to meet you all.”
"Oh hey there really nice to meet you, I love your markings, very cool colours" Melina said as Jack smiled. "Welcome to the chaos that is our world" Jack chuckled lightly.
“Thank you,” said Neeko with humble gratitude. Ardon was silently assessing the stranger from where he sat but everyone seemed to approve of this new dragon. He was friendly enough and hung rather close to Ucluelet but kept a respectable enough distance.
Bronan started the dinner fire as every sat in a loose ring, Vonriir a massive mountain among the smaller members of the group. Forge had still not returned but that did not stop the chatter from rolling.
Neekoh had evidently been informed about Jack and the others, the strange history that had brought this group together.
“How’s the Dragon Academy going?” he asked Ardon at once point, surprising the gold.
“Pretty good. It’s been a turbulent ride at times but it’s gotten off the ground with far less difficulty than had been expected.” Ardon went in to explain a little more, seeming greater at ease now that he was talking about his project. It was hard not to be amiable with Neekoh, even though his presence brought out a brotherly suspicion. He was pleasant and seemed to enjoy talking but was also an attentive listener.
“How did you find living among dragons while you were here on Kilara, Commander Harkness?” asked Neekoh, turning his green eyes on the man.
Jack looked up at Neekoh, "You can call me Jack" he smiled before continuing. "To answer your question, very interesting, I been with these two as they grown up" Jack added.
Ucluelet smiled. “Poor man had to deal with my brother while being stranded here.”
Of course the chatter dissolved into playful banter, often revolving Ardon, much to his chagrin.
The group ate a wonderful dinner and chatted well into the night. Stars glittered overhead as the fire burned low, down to softly glowing embers.
Forge had not made an appearance over the course of the evening, which was a little odd but there was little they could do about that for now. Slowly everyone headed off to bed. Tahsis and Bronan covered the fire with sand and bid everyone goodnight before going to their cave. Vonriir slept against the treeline, happy to snooze in the still warm sand while he listened to the waves crash gently on the beach. Ardon, Jack and Comox rested in one half of the guest cavern while Melina and Zyra took the other side.
"Very unusual for grumpy not to show, hope he is ok, perhaps he out chasing another female" she chuckled lightly
Zyra snorted as she curled around Melina and settled her head on her paws. “I’m sure he’s fine. A dragon as decorated as him I don’t know why he hasn’t settled down. Callisto seemed nice.” She said, not knowing what had happened that day. Melina had kept her word and not said much to anyone about her conversation with the warlord.
"He is still torn up about his past, I cannot answer all of it but, he is hard on himself" Melina said.
The dragoness made a little noise under her breath, “He’s going to spend his whole life alone if he doesn’t stop letting his past control his future.” She said quietly.
Melina nodded lightly, "I guess so, I know he loved her dearly, that is something I am certain" Melina said, not really wanting to discuss any further as she promised Forge not to say much more about their time alone and what was said.
To her luck the dragoness didn’t press any further, tired and full from dinner. Soon enough she slipped into a content sleep as the night carried on.

Out on the beach Ucluelet sat in the sand and chatted more with Neekoh, looking out over the dark waves. The moons above, nearly full, sent down their glow that played on the ripples in the water, casting everything in a soft light.
Vonriir cracked open his eye as the sound of gentle laughter woke him. Down by the waves he could see Neekoh smiling as Ucluelet leaned against him where they sat as he brought a wing about them both.
Vonriir smiled as he closed his eyes.
“Ah young love.” He muttered to himself as he fell back asleep.

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The morning soon came and Melina rose early and yawned stretching, she decided while the others slept she would go to the beach and practice some meditation and Yoga, she had been doing this alongside her self defence courses try and better herself and indeed it was showing on her figure, she crept away as she went down to the beach.
She took a deep breath in and began her routine, she was dressed in her gym clothes that she had managed to change, since no one was awake she merely changed quickly and went there.
Melina began her routine of calming herself and doing a couple of breathing exercises followed by a couple of Yoga moves, it was different to do them on the sand but she felt warm as the sun rose, blasting a soothing warm heat for the summer.
Zyra wandered down to the beach where Melina was and joined her. She stretched deeply in a pose adapted for dragons and took a deep breath. "Morning,"
Melina opened her eyes as she was mediating in a yoga pose and smiled, “Morning, you did not have to come down and join me I thought I was quiet enough to let everyone slumber in on their full bellies” she said as she changed positions.
"Well in always one to get up early so if thought if join you." She smiled.
The shifting of scales alerted them to Vonriir waking up.
"Ladies," he greeted them, clearing his throat.
Melina greeted Vonriir with a smile, “I was hoping to do all this without too many prying eyes” she chuckled lightly as she finished her Yoga poses and just sat crossed legs on the beach and took some deep breaths of the salty ocean air.
"Whatever it is you're doing it's interesting," chuckled the large dragon, crossing his forepaws, not understanding what Melina was doing.
Zyra shook out he wings, "fancy a quick run through of your defence routine?"
Melina stood up and shook herself out, wiping the sand off her legs with her hands, “Sure I am all warmed up so nothing should be pulling” Melina said getting into her defence pose.
The dragoness counted her down and guarded as Melina zipped through her routine with intense accuracy.
"My, my! Zyra your Attilu has a little dragon fire in her blood I think!" He said, impressed.
Melina was up for this as she hit her target’s which were Zyra’s paws with good intensity, Melina showed excellent flexibility and speed as she showed what she could do.
"You're improving, getting much quicker, Mel," smiled Zyra.
"Well done, little Miss. Colour me impressed." complimented Vonriir.
"Impressed you should be. She's the best Attilu out there." grinned Zyra.
Melina ted not to blush as she was complimented by both her dragoness and Vonriir, she seemed a little embarrassed she had an audience but smiled kindly.
“Well with Jack having his abilities, I felt I little inadequate, so I began this routine, seems to be paying off, eating right, doing all this seems to help, although I lost to this one girl who was very quick” Melina said Vonriir, giving a glance to Zyra quickly.
"To be fair, she was pretty awesome," giggle Zyra as Vonriir missed the inside joke between the girls.
Melina chuckled lightly.
“She was very quick and agile, how she beat me was pure fluke I think, but anyways I try my best for Zyra like she tries for me, Jack doesn’t have to work out or anything to keep his impressive figure because of his unique abilities” Melina explained to Vonriir.
"Well you do it with an effortless grace, miss" Smiled Vonriir, bringing his nose down to her level.
Melina smiled giving Vonriir muzzle a pet, “Well thank you, you honour me with your comments, I appreciate it” Melina said with a smile, giving him a scratch.
The massive dragon closed his eyes and let out a happy thrum.
"Oh you big suck up," teased Zyra but Vonriir took no offense, chuckling lightly.
Melina chuckled along with Vonriir as she smooth his dun coloured scales, she was happy that at least Vonriir enjoyed her smoothing and massaging the dragon.
“Least someone appreciate my pets and smoothing of their scales” Melina said as she continued giving Vonriir pets on his muzzle.
Zyra scoffed, shaking her head and smiling. "Yeah, yeah."
Melina laughed at Zyra’s response letting her hands slowly glide of the dun scales of Vonriir’s muzzle.
“Right, I think breakfast and some activities from the other’s me thinks, I get changed later on in the afternoon, you will tell me if Jack goes red seeing me in my gym gear” she winked at Zyra with a light chuckle.
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“You’re terrible you know that,” grinned Zyra as they walked off, leaving Vonriir to go wash up down by the beach. Breakfast was eventually dished out as the group slowly woke, fruit and honey and smoked deer to begin everyone’s day.
During the cooler morning hours, before the blistering heat of the day overwhelmed the island, the dragons were at their most active. Ardon had brought a large beach ball and with the others, they played a game they called Airball out over the ocean.
Two sandbars on either side of their playing area signified goal lines and the aim or the game was to get the ball across the opposing team’s line while not dropping the ball. The boys had devised the game but never had enough dragons to play until now. Ucluelet acted as referee while Ardon and Zyra teamed up against Comox and Neekoh.
They could only move the ball along with their muzzles or strike it with their limbs, as carrying the ball would be too easy to defend against others. Once everyone knew the rules the game could finally begin.
There was a lot of laugher as the game started out. The wind off the ocean made preventing the ball from being blown off course a little harder but added to the game. With a Boldwing on each time the match was lightning quick and the points tallied up on either side as the others gathered below to watch.
“Hey! Here!” called Ardon as the ball sailed towards him. He lifted his muzzle to stop its flight but suddenly Comox ripped upwards right in front of his face, taking the ball with him. The gold braked hard and chased the Boldwing with a growl.
“Get it! Come on, Ardon! Show them what you’ve got!” Yelled Bronan from where he reclined in the sand, his mate laying against his coppery side. ‘Shush, dear you’re getting loud again,” tutted Tahsis. Bronan grinned and looked down at her, giving her forehead a lick. Vonriir chuckled as the youngsters dived and rolled to keep out of the way of each other up above.
Ucluelet dashed around, her fluid maneuvering kept her clear of the scramble of the game but close enough to watch and make sure the rules were being followed.
“Neekoh!” Comox shouted, stopped hard and whipping around. His tail struck the ball and sent it flying over to the orange dragon. Neekoh caught it and directed it with his muzzle, racing away towards the sandy goal line. Zyra chased after him at a wicked pace but he made it across the line, scoring his team a point.
Ucluelet cheered for him and he flashed a bright grin her way before bringing the ball back to the center to reset. She took the ball and threw it straight up as Comox and Ardon surged forward to get the ball first. Ardon knocked it back with his nose towards Zyra who caught it with a flip of her wing.
The chase was on as now she had to get to the opposite side to score her team a point.
“Ardon!” she hissed as he failed to guard her as Comox and Neekoh came racing after her.
"Play nice you two, remember to work together!" Jack said loudly up to the dragons, Melina chuckled and added her voice as well. "If he lets you down Zy, dunk in the sea" Melina chuckled.
The game went on, and the points stacked up on either side, the upper hand jumping back and forth constantly. Whenever the ball was dropped into the water a teasing cry went up from those who gathered to watch and once Ardon nearly ditched in the ocean trying to prevent the ball from hitting the water. It was an exciting game and everyone seemed to be enjoying it.
“What are they doing?” asked a familiar voice over their heads as Forge walked up behind the row of spectators. He had appeared without warning. Somehow the massive dragon had caught them all off guard, though he didn’t mean to.
Melina turned and smiled, she was very pleased to see the warlord. "Hello there, really nice to see you" Melina said with a smile looking up at the warlord. Jack turned around and nodded, "Nice of you to come by, it’s some sort of game, haven’t worked it out yet" the man admitted.
“Hmm. I see,” the silver sat on the sand behind Melina like a giant guard dog and made no move to dip his muzzle to her but instead looked at the chaos of the game.
“Ardy and Zyra are on one team while Comox and the new drake are on the other. Not sure who’s winning at this point though,”
“We are!” shouted Ardon, overhearing as he bounced the ball off his nose and back into play. There was a mad scramble in the middle as everyone went in to grab for it. Zyra came away with it with a cheer and Ardon winged his way quickly over to guard against Comox and Neekoh from taking the ball from her as she raced towards the goal line. She ripped across it and Ardon let out a victory roar.
“And that’s fifty! We win!” he cheered.
“Woo!” Grinned Zyra, arcing around and flying back to the gold dragon. He grabbed her talons in his own and spun her in the air before letting go, watching her glide away with a laugh. Comox noted this flirty little moment with a wrinkle of his nose but quickly smiled as the dragoness was suddenly beside him, grinning.
“You did well. You almost had us.” She complemented the other Boldwing.
“Forge! You made it just to see the triumphant end of Airball.” Called the dragoness as they all landed back on the beach, tired and a bit sweaty from their vigorous game. Ardon trotted over to Jack and made a show of rubbing his damp muzzle all over Jack’s face, pushing him backwards playfully.
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“Oh Ardon!, you gross lizard you, get out of it!” Jack said as Ardon continued his assault on the man.
Melina laughed as she rolled away before the ruckus happened, she was amused that Ardon wanted to rough house with Jack despite doing this high intense game.
Melina saw Zyra land amused at the ruckus the two boys were making Ardon relentless as Jack tried to fight him off from covering him in sweat.
“Do not try that with me Zy or we be falling out” she warned with a light laugh.
"I'm not that gross," Zyra assured her as she used her tail to herd Melina back from the tussle.
Ardon abandoned his first attacked and went straight to licking jacks face like an overgrown puppy.
Jack laughed as he tried to push Ardon away, the adults seemed amused leaving the two to their own devices, Jack did think it was a little embarrassing in front of the adults, but Ardon did not seem to care, diving on Jack trying to lick the man to death in front of everyone in playful antics.
“Get off you overgrown lizard!” Jack said trying to stop himself getting licked to death as he could not wriggle free much to Melina’s amusement.
Zyra turned her head and tried not to laugh at her poor commander. Ardon finally stood back when he thought Jack had had enough. He grinned "you'd think you'd be more appreciative of your dragons affection," he teased.
Jack got up, brushing the sand off his clothes and giving Ardon a look as he wiped his face of the excess slobber from his dragon.
“Not when your sweaty and bouncing all over me, your terrible” Jack said as Melina smiled, “Well who’s fault is that Commander” Melina said as Jack sighed shaking his head.
The dragons laughed and the younger ones of the group took a brief splash into the ocean to rinse off before coming back into the beach to sun themselves and let the heat dry their scales.
Jack got cleaned up as Melina sat on the warm sands as she watched Zyras and the other dragons bathe in the clear sea water.
“Is all well Forge?, you been on your travels” Melina asked the old silver dragon, she sat near to the silver dragon, finally having a opportunity to speak to him, she was curious where he had been the night before but knowing Forge as she did he probably did not want the noise or hassle.
"I have stayed on the islands mostly for the past while," said the warlord. "All has been quiet on the mainland for some time now."
Melina nodded lightly.
“That is a good thing surely, no dragon conflicts or anything like that, a nice peace and calmness on Kilara, that would be nice” Melina said.
The dragon nodded slowly. "Yes, I suppose it is... nice. Have you been well back home?"
Melina smiled, happy to have these sorts of conversations with the warlord, least Zyra gave her this freedom to talk to him.
“All is well, your newest recruit is doing well, find of holds all the records as he is a massive dragon, biggest addition to the academy by far, no pun intended” she chuckled lightly.
A hint of a smile crossed forge's face, pleased that Melina was happy. "Well that is good. Vonriir has always been a steadfast dragon one can count on. I am glad his integration has been successful so far."
Melina agreed with the warlords comments, giving him a smile.
“Yes, he is very easy going and laid back, always willing to please, just he amazes people with his size, still impresses us at times, still I got my favourites” she winked at him with a kind smile.
"I'm sure you do," forge replied, knowing that his place in her heart was safe.
Melina leaned against his side as she sighed, happy and content, “I love coming here in the summer, so nice for you all to invite us to see the Summer solstice, it is always beautiful and warm” Melina said.
The dragon looked down at her but did not move away even though he felt this closeness was a little much. He did not want to risk hurting Melina's feelings.
"It was Bronan's idea." He said matter-of-factly.
Melina seemed to like the answer and smiled.
“Good idea your brother had, only fair since you come wandering over when we have hot summers, it is somewhat uncommon but we do get them” Melina said.
"Only fair?" asked Forge, raising an eyebrow.
Melina laughed lightly, “I am kidding Forge, it is nice to be welcome on this Island and be part of Kilara culture, I feel honoured to be with everyone and privileged to be on your world” she said with verbal honesty, although the woman was being modest with what she had done here, in helping cure a ravage disease and saved allot of dragon lives.
"Ah well, I had thought I got my lifetime pass over to earth by saving you and Jack all those times," the dragon replied in his low tone but the woman would realize it had been Forge's poor attempt at a joke as the dragon had a small smile pulling at the corners of his lips.
The woman laughed, “That is true, I am glad your attempts at a joke, that is why you always be my number 1, despite getting some fierce competition” Melina grinned gestured subtly to where Vonriir was dozing off.
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The call for lunch broke Melina and Forge’s conversation and the day slowly progressed under a brilliant blue sky. Games and storytelling filled most of the afternoon, the motley group of dragons and humans circled in the shade of the lush island trees.
Ucluelet looked absolutely enamoured as they all listened to Neekoh’s tails of his many migratory journeys across Talkiir.
Zyra contributed her own stories for the island dragons of her work back home. Vonriir allowed Comox to share the grand epic of their rescue of the dig up in Scotland. Forge had looked over at Melina during the telling, displeased that she had been in such danger.
Soon enough the hours had passed and it was time for the celebratory feast as the sun finally began to set over the ocean. Everyone collected their meals and sat in a large, lazy circle, boisterous laugher and chatter filling the night as it cooled from the head of the day.

Zyra gestured to Melina to sit with her for the meal. Everyone was in good spirits and the dragoness was no exception. The night was clear and warm and there was good food and great company to be had all around. A jovial mood was in the air and it was hard to ignore the infectious spirit.
"Look at you plate!" She teased Melina as she walked up and sat against her side, "you really going to eat all that?" she asked, curling her tail around them so the wind wouldn’t kick sand up into their food.
"I got 3 dustbins to clear up if I don't, also got Jack," She laughed lightly.
The Boldwing thrummed, finally relaxing from the stress of her studying and work back home and now enjoying herself. She rubbed her muzzle against Melina's shoulder affectionately, happy to be here, relaxing with her friends.
"Hey, going a little soft Zy, don't want your strong, independent woman image to be ruined" She joked petting her muzzle.
"I'm not Forge. I'm allowed to be silly," smiled Zyra while beside them Jack gave Ardon a nudge.
"Ardy, need your help with that little thing we discussed," Jack said giving the golden dragon a hint.
Ardon’s eyes lit up, he didn't think that Jack would have actually brought them! He got to his feet and trotted after the man down the beach, a mischievous grin on his face.
"Uh oh, what are the boys up to?" said Zyra as she spotted them sneaking off.
"No idea, I am sure we will find our sooner or later" Melina chuckled and Zyra watched them head off down the beach.

Ardon stood by the man as he knelt in the sand and took out bright tubes from a bag he had brought. With a glint in his eye he watched as Jack stuck them into the ground so they stood upright, angled slightly over the water.
"Ok then, we are all set Ardy, rockets here, and the big boom ones here and some little ones here, so all they need now is your contribution," Jack said with a smile.
“Alright, stand back,” said Ardon. A burst of dragon fire light up the far end of the beach and the boys scurried away from where they had been loitering.
With a sudden screech that startled nearly everyone that sat by the campfire, a firework shrieked as it ripped upwards into the night, the light fading for a moment before its burst with a bang. Green and red glittered down from the sky as Vonriir’s eyes remained wide at the display.
“It’s ok, Von, it’s a firework. They’re harmless from down here,” chuckled Bronan.
Seconds after three more went off in sequence, bursting into bouquets of purple, green and blue. Two more rose into the sky, popping loudly before sizzling in an angry manner as bolts of light ripped in every direction.
Comox let out a little cheer at the light show.
"Wow, so that is what he was up to, amazing!" Melina said as a smile erupted on her face seeing the fireworks. A purple one burst into view, followed by shimmering white light that followed in the wake of its great bang of noise.
"Stars above! Look at that!" Vonriir's voice boomed, obviously stunned by the display as now a massive one burst into the sky. Forge was much more reserved, having seen fireworks before but the old dragon seemed to enjoy the show. As quickly as it came the show was over and above the island the air hung smoky and smelled slightly of sulphur.
"He did not skip out on the fireworks, some really good ones, what a way to celebrate the summer solstice on Kilara with Fireworks, I think you need more human stuff like this." Melina chuckled lightly, smiling as the fireworks lit the sky with bright and wonderful colours. Tahsis and Bronan agreed. Ucluelet giggled as she realized Neekoh was stunned into silence, amazing at such a show.
Ardon and Jack walked back up the beach and most of the dragons thumped their tails and their right paws on the sand as a Drakine version of applause. Ardon gave a showy bow, laughing as they approached.
"I am going to get an earful from startled dragons on the mainland that saw it though," grumbled Forge.
"Ahh yes I did not consider that, but it is a time for celebrations" Jack said defending his firework display. No one else seemed to question the show, all rather impressed, having seen nothing like it before.
The night dissolved into more chatter as the food was slowly cleared away. Ucluelet took off with Neekoh, quietly while the others were distracted. It was well after midnight when everyone eventually headed to sleep.
“Move over,” said Zyra, pushing Ardon’s tail out of the way so she could make room for her and Melina. The gold dragon was already snoring lightly with Jack against his side but grumbled and shifted over a bit, eyes still closed. Comox was curled up in a pearly ball at the back of the cavern, already dozing.
Zyra laid down in their shelter and spread out a blanket for Melina. The dragoness set her head on her paws and closed her eyes, happy, full and content with the day’s festivities.
Melina was about to sit down with her when she heard the sound of dragon paws on the sand outside. A glint of silver, lit by the moon passed by their cave as Forge made his way back down to the dark beach.

"Hey, I'm just going to chat with grumpy a moment, I be back soon, keep my space warm" Melina smiled giving her dragoness a pet on the muzzle.
“Mmhm,” murmured the dragoness in a sleepy tone, curling up to sleep.

Down on the beach Forge laid down in the sand and let out a breath and he watched the waves, relaxing now that the boisterous celebrations were over. Everyone else seemed to have enjoyed their evening but there had been something amiss with the warlord.
Since Jack and Melina’s last visit the silver had been listless, thoughts of his decision on Callisto and recurring memories of his past continued to haunt him.
"Am I disturbing you?" came Melina's voice. Her tone was quieter and softer, knowing the warlord would want some peace.
The silver turned his great crest and set his fiery orange eyes on her. "No, you're not," he said, giving a subtle shift of his forearm, welcoming her to sit with him.

Melina thanked the warlord and sat down in the crook of his forearm. They were quiet for a moment, the stars glittering overhead and nothing but the waves making noise on the beach.
"You should know by now Jack and Ardon like to bring loud things to parties, fireworks, party whistles, you name it" Melina said chuckling lightly.
"Yes, the need to be incessantly loud when in a group is something I've never understood." He said, shaking his head. "They have both always been ones for grand entrances."
"I prefer more subtle quiet company" Melina said leaning back and resting on the warlords silver scales. Forge let out a quiet breath as a pensive look crossed his face
"Are you ok?" she asked quietly.
Forge looked out over the ocean, avoiding her eyes, "Yes, why do you ask?"
"Just wondering, you seem a little distant. Last time I left here, you were not in good spirits for obvious reasons" Melina said.
The silver sighed, a hint of frustration to his breath, and didn't look at Melina, "I had to, you have to understand that," his voice was low and sullen. Callisto was not a topic of his preference these days.
"I know, I did the same.....up in Scotland on a dig, the man there Grant, he wanted to go further in our friendship, but I could not, I had a duty to Zyra," Melina admitted as she cuddled to Forge a little closer.
"You are wiser than that, Melina." Said Forge in a half scolding tone as he looked down at her. She had chided him against his choices on their last visit so he could not believe she had done the same. At once he worried that it was because this man had been ill suited for her. "Did Zyra approve of this man? Did he treat you well?" He asked, interrogating like a concerted father just hearing of Grant for the first time.
Melina nodded, " Yes she did, but I have a duty and responsibility to Zyra and to Brathille, It is not something you can brush aside Forge...I know you make hard choices every day, but you never experienced a bond," She said softly.
The dragon shifted uncomfortably, quickly looking away. He opened his mouth to speak but quickly closed it again, hesitating.
Melina could sense something was up with Forge.
"What is it?" She asked, “Something on your mind?" She added with a weak smile, looking up at him.
His thoughts battled internally for a minute before he felt her eyes on him, waiting for an answer.
"Yes? What is it, sir?" She asked.
"Do you remember the day we were introduced?" He asked, his voice was low and far off.
Melina smiled, "Yes I do, was an amazing day, I remember seeing you and being in awe, I think I was star struck a bit, embarrassed myself" She sheepishly said.
There was a slight pained look in the silvers expression. Every word he said he wasn’t sure if he was doing the right thing but the words kept coming, "Something happened that day... Something that I never told you... Or anyone else."
"Did the portal not work ok? It was a little off," Melina replied but got quiet as she saw the expression on his face.
The silver shook his head gently, “No, I have lied to you…well, a lie by omission…”
He cleared his throat; thinking about how he wanted to explain himself, explain that day all those years ago. He felt like he needed to be truthful to the woman. She deserved to know, he owed her the truth, right? His thoughts battled internally for a minute before he felt her eyes on him, waiting for an answer.
"The day we met, when we were introduced.... I felt the pull, an overwhelming need to draw near. That's why I stayed away.”
The dragon’s voice was low, like a far off storm and he did not meet her eyes. He shifted slightly, again, uncomfortable. The silver was never known for sharing details and it was difficult for him to find the proper words. Melina sat leaning against him, listening with a slight confused expression across her face.
"I kept my distance but it felt like I was magnetized, that I had to seek you out. The pull to lower my head to you and ask you to touch my face was maddening… and grew worse the more I ignored it." He let out a sigh and closed his eyes as if his words held a weight that was hard to bear. "…When you startled me that night, touched my scales to wake me, a jolt ripped through my chest but I defied it, I resisted what that contact had done with every fibre of will that I had. I didn’t know it was possible to do so but I did, somehow. That's why I couldn't speak, why I left so suddenly. I had to get away. Refusing Brathille, the one thing that is supposed to be out of our control, left me shaken. I just couldn’t bear it, I had to leave…”
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Melina listened in as she reminisced that day she had met Forge, how he was, remembering she had startled him and he had pegged it, Melina was unsure why and put it down to nerves of seeing more humans, after what they been through she had understood but what Forge had told her next made her speechless.
After Forge had explained what had happened that fateful day, then explained that Brathille had meant for them to be together but the warlord had resisted and actively stopped Brathille from happening, it all made sense now with how she felt a little odd that day.
Melina moved away from Forge, he eyes wide and mouth slightly open, the woman was shocked and stunned by what he had told her, she knew that they were meant to of been and the feeling of longing for Forge.
She put it down to being close with the warlord, unaware this feeling was because he had defied Brathille so fiercely.
“How could you” she said shaking her head lightly as it seemed her eyes were getting watery, hurt, shock and upset followed over her, “HOW COULD YOU!” she said again now with a raised voice.
She simply could not believe what she was hearing, the dragon she had looked up to and admired, had refused to bond, his younger self in the alternative dimension had acted differently almost accepting of it.
Forge seemed surprised the Melina raised her voice, "I- I wanted you to know... I thought you deserved the truth," he managed to say.
Melina shook her head again, “You actively stopped Brathille from working, all this time I thought I was being silly and stupid about wanting you as my dragon, in an alternative dimension we WERE bonded, you let me feel and go through this and you knew all along” Melina said as tears began to roll down her face, the woman was so hurt and upset with the silver dragon.
"I didn't mean for any of it to happen, for you to bond when you fell through time when the portal malfunctioned." He said, failing to understand the scope of her hurt.
Melina saw the look on the dragon’s face and it made her even more hurt and upset as she wiped tears from her face.
“You don’t understand do you, why I am hurt and upset….” She said as the dragon looked at her blankly.
“You not only lied to me but you took something magical and amazing away from us, from me and you do not feel any sorrow whatsoever, you are just proud you are the first to resist Brathille because your too stubborn, you made a decision you had no right to decide” Melina said, her voice volume rising.
Forge was not doing well in comforting her or making this right. In his mind, he had thought admitting the past would better their future and that had backfired terribly.
"I was protecting you from... Me. You have a remarkable dragoness, Melina. I couldn't be a guardian."
Melina was just so torn with all of it, the hurt and upset being caused stung the woman and this pain and hurt with such intensity would be bouncing to Zyra in a massive wave.
“Bull****!, you had no right to make that choice, you know dam well you could have been a great guardian, my experience with you in another time and place proved it!, how did you lose your way so badly that you thought this was ideal!” Melina said.
While this was all going on the waves of anger, hurt and upset crashed through to Zyra like a tidal wave.
In the cave Zyra jolted awake, feeling unbridled anger and hurt fly across the link.

"You are far better off with Zyra!" His own voice rising, "do not dishonour your bond with her for wishing for one that could never be!" The silver unfairly tried to turn it around on her.
Melina got angry with Forge, for the first time in ages.
“Do not turn this around and throw it back on me Warlord Forge!, how dare you even throw this back in my face and using Zyra as an excuse to hide what you have done!, You got lucky when Zyra came into our lives and we bonded, though not straight away, because you WERE THE FIRST CHOICE!” Melina exclaimed.
“All the times I been known you, been kind and treated you with respect and dignity and you did not respect mine, sitting on top of you perch all high and mighty, you dare to lecture me about responsibilities and commitment when you turned your back on me, how dare you even raise your voice to me to justify your argument!” Melina scolded the warlord.
Forge lashed his tail angrily and opened his mouth to speak but with a snap of leathery wings Zyra landed beside them, confused. She saw the look on Melina's face before looking up at forge with suspicion.
"What the hell is going on?" She snapped.
Melina turned to look at Zyra, the woman was upset and was trembling lightly with hurt and upset, the sheer raw emotions had caused Zyra to respond to her Atillu.
She turned back to Forge and spoke, “You hurt me Forge, you really have, I gave you my time, care and love, thinking you could do no wrong…but you have and I hope that haunts you for the rest of your living years, I don’t want to ever see you again!, you can go running off to wherever you want but know this, me and you are done!” Melina said as she began to walk off in a brisk pace tears running down her face as she sniffed and tried to break down from the sheer hurt that was in her heart, Zyra would be feeling this full on with their close proximity.
Forge seemed to want to speak and call out to her but she shouted, “Don’t you dare speak to me!” she called out walking towards the portal.
Forge stared after her with his mouth hanging open slightly.
"What the hell is wrong with you, Forge!" Yelled Zyra, snapping him out of his trance. Her sail was up and she was furious.
"Nothing... We were just talking." He said.
"Bull! If you hurt her-" she hissed, venom in her voice.
"I would never!" Yelled the silver, outraged at the accusation.
"You did something to upset her like that and I'm not going to have it!" The dragoness lashed her tail, having never spoken to the warlord in such a manner. "Stay on Kilara, forge." She threatened before suddenly wheeling around and dashed off after the direction that Melina had gone.
Forge made to follow and make things right but the bold wing turned around and hissed, flashing the yellow of her jaws.
"You've done enough harm! Don't you dare come through that portal!" She warned him before leaping away.
Melina quickly grabbed her stuff and powered on the portal, it did not take long as she was flustered and raw with hurt and upset, “How could he do this to me” she muttered to herself over and over as she shook her head.
Jack awoke seeing and hearing the portal power up and Melina there with all of her stuff, confused the man got up.
“Melina is everything…” he did not finish his sentence as Melina cut him off abruptly and replied with anger in her voice.
“Don’t speak to me!” she said as Jack held his hands up and backed away as Melina jumped through the portal.
“What has gone on” Jack said as the group began to wake up.
Zyra dashed up to the cave and found Melina was already gone with her bag. She was out on breath and looked angry.
"Whats wrong?" Asked Ardon but the dragoness wordlessly backed out of the cave and down the beach to where the portal stood. The boys dashed out after her and blocked her way. "Zyra! What happened."
"Get out of my way!" She snapped. "I have to find Melina."
When Ardon and Comox didn't move she snapped her sail up and hissed. The boys startled and scrambled out of the way, the dragoness sped between them and through the portal in one fluid leap.
Jack came striding towards the portal as the boys seemed dumb founded, Melina was upset and he had seen her tears marking her skin, what could have happened.
“What has gone on, Melina and Zyra, what the heck went on while we slept?” Jack said scratching his head.
Melina had rushed off to her quarters, it had just gone midnight in London and it was a good job it was quiet and the night evening lights were on as Melina rushed to her quarters, once she entered she threw her bags to the floor violently and cried sorrowfully into her pillow, using it as a way to block out the noise of her being so hurt.
Zyra stepped into the room hastily, the feelings passing over the link worried her.
"Mel?" She asked, curling about her protectively.
Melina stopped crying briefly and looked up from her pillow the woman looked a state, she was feeling all sorts of emotions, anger, hurt, sorrow, betrayal and frustration of herself for getting this upset about it, she couldn’t help the damage Forge had done to her.
“Oh Zyra, I’m so sorry..I’m really sorry” Melina said as the woman got off the bed and hugged her dragoness tightly as she began crying again.
"Melina you're scaring me, what's wrong? What happened?" She asked, enclosing them in her wings.
Melina tried to speak but she could not get any words out easily, all she managed to say was “Forge..he’s really hurt me Zy, he really has” Melina managed to say before crying again, the waves of emotion and hurt Zyra would feel with her bond.
Zyra didn't know what to do other than hug Melina, head bowed down protectively.
"What did he say?" She asked quietly.
Melina could not answer that question, she was too upset to, she only managed to reiterate the warlord had hurt her badly and she was too upset to say anything more, the damage had been done and all this would fuel Zyra anger at what exactly Forge had done, to ruin such a perfect evening of the summer solstice on Kilara.
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The two of them did not sleep much through the night. Try as she might, Zyra could not get Melina to tell her what exactly had happened, what Forge had said or done to put her in such a state. The dragoness was deeply confused, knowing that the Forge she knew would never bring harm to Melina. She was one of the very few he allowed at a close distance. There wasn’t a thing she could think of that the silver could have said to elicit such a response from her Attilu.
It was around 8 when she felt Melina shift against her side. The dragoness dipped her head down and licked her cheek gently.
"Do you feel up for going down for breakfast?" The dragoness asked quietly, hoping that maybe the thought of a light meal would spur her into getting up.
Melina looked pale and shook her head lightly, the poor woman looked tired and still upset, the girl looked a mess with her hair tangled and frizzy in places.
"Why don't you get washed up and come bring you something?" She offered. Maybe a hot bath would refresh her, she hoped.
"I suppose I can" Melina replied quietly as she got herself up as she went to shower. Zyra sighed and watched her go, getting to her feet she walked down to the canteen.
Ardon and Comox were there having breakfast but perked up when they saw the boldwing approaching. It looked like they were hesitant to speak to her after their last interaction.
“Zy, how’s Melina?” Ardon asked, the braver of the two.
The dragoness shrugged, “I don’t know. She’s been quiet since we got back.”
“What happened?” asked Comox.
Shaking her head she sighed, “I honestly don’t know. All she’ll say is that she and Forge had a falling out. He said something that really hurt her but she wouldn’t say what. I tried not to press her into telling me, hoping she would open up after a bit but she still isn’t saying much.”
“We couldn’t find Forge after you left,” said Ardon. “I went to look for him but he was gone.”
Zyra sat back on her haunches and rubbed her face with her paws, “I really don’t know what to do.”
“Tea,” replied Comox. “Melina always brought me tea on my bad days here when I first arrived.
Zyra nodded, “I was going to get her breakfast…. Where’s Jack?”
“Command center with Mark, catching up since we came back early. If Mel doesn’t want to talk to…er dragons I guess, I’m sure he’ll listen if she needs.”
“Thanks Ardy, she won’t even speak to me so I don’t know if she will with anyone else, yet.” Replied the dragoness. “I’ll come chat with you guys later.”
The boys nodded and Zyra grabbed a quick breakfast and a mug from Toby before exiting the canteen with her offering that would hopefully coax a few more sentences out of her Attilu.
Zyra returned to give Melina sitting on the bed, showered and dressed but still looking out of it. The dragoness put fine the tray of toast and eggs and a cup of her favourite tea, "Do you want to talk about it?" She asked softly.
Melina sighed lightly, grabbed a cuddly toy Zyra had bought her and hugged it, she shook her head lightly as it was clear the woman was still feeling hurt and raw about everything.
"I wish I knew what to do to help you, Mel," sighed Zyra, putting her head down on the bed beside her. Forge hadn't told her what happened and now Melina wouldn't either. The dragoness was feeling lost and confused about the whole thing but wanted nothing more than to make Melina happy again. She was furious with Forge but the sadness she felt over the link was overwhelming everything else.
Melina reached for the tea and took a sip from it, "Thank you for this" she said quietly as Melina picked at the breakfast before her.
Zyra ensured that the woman had a quiet morning and did not press her for answers again.
The morning passed through to the afternoon as Zyra and Melina remained in their quarters. The dragoness put on one of the woman's favorite shows and read aloud from the book they had been enjoying together. It was just after three when the dragoness looked at the time.
"Do you want to come fly with me? I always feel a bit better after a few laps." suggested the dragoness.
Melina nodded lightly, "That would be nice, gentle today would be good Zy," she said getting up as she tied her hair up into a pony tail.
Zyra nodded and they walked quickly out to the dragon hangar. Luckily they didn’t pass anyone on the way there, no questions to ask or concerned looks to deal with.
Harnessed up with Melina clipped in, the dragoness took to the air and with gentle strokes of her wings lead them up into the cool air.
The day was dotted with grey clouds but bits of blue sky showed through as they sailed over the acreage in silence. Zyra looked over to check on the woman, concern in her yellow eyes.
"I be ok Zy," she said quietly as she seemed to be enjoying the peace of flying.
The dragoness turned back around, eased slightly that Melina looked a tad bit better. They flew for over an hour before setting back down again in the dragon hangar, a silence hanging between the two of them.
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Jack had not attempted to bother Melina or Zyra since last night, Forge had vanished when the boys tried to get an answer from the warlord, he had gone, perhaps needing some time away himself, but this all left unanswered questions.
Jack had a scheduling meeting with Mark who had brought him up to speed on the 2 days they had gone, the man had ran everything smoothly, jack was pleased his judgement in the sometimes moody American was well founded.
“Is there anything else I need to know Mark?” Jack asked as he signed a digital paperwork marking on a tablet that a HR office assistant had asked him to approve.
“Well, I do require some time off please, perhaps 3 weeks to go to LA, see some friends and family, Amanda is wanted to see the Californian state again” Mark said.
“You mean spending money from your promotion wages” Jack said with a small smile crossing his face.
Mark huffed in amusement.
“You could say that”.
Jack nodded lightly at the comment.
“Well I see no harm in it, finish this week off and take the next 3 weeks off, I cannot see us being busy, how is Daniel settling in?” he asked.
“Yes, he is settling in, got his office up and running and has a few ideas for security he wants to implement straight away but I told him to check with you, I approve of them personally, but scheduled a meeting for tomorrow with him as he meets his security teams and operatives” Mark said.
Jack nodded, “Excellent well I look forward to hearing his ideas, I just be mindful to say were not a space station” Jack lightly joked.
“Yeah, yeah” Mark said as Jack smiled in amusement, before heading off to the canteen to pick up his daily liquid stimulant in the form of coffee.

Melina had returned from her fly with Zyra and head back to her room, she had decided to put a fil mon and watch it in her quarters, Zyra kept her company but had gone and brought munchies for them to snack on.
Zyra approved of this human custom of comfort food, for snacking when times were a little down, Zyra had quickly picked up that bad food to munch on were high up on the comfort food list and brought a variety of snacks into their quarters as they watched a film.
As they watched it Melina turned to Zyra and spoke lightly, “You…glad we bonded Zy? Even with a delay and stuff, would you of chosen to bond with me if there had been another option….or you of stopped it?” she asked.
Zyra looked at her oddly. "I wouldn't wish for anything else in the world. Being bonded has been the single greatest accomplishment in my life," said the dragoness with the sincerest tone of voice. "I wouldn't change it for the worlds."
Melina nodded lightly.
“You wouldn’t have resisted the will of Brathille? Say you found your brother earlier and had to choose?” she asked.
Zyra shook her head, not understanding where these questions were coming from. "No Mel. I wouldn't have. You can't change what Brathille chooses anyway and it chose the best for me I wouldn't have it any other way."
Melina came close to Zyra and cuddled in close, leaning against the dragoness side as she found the answers comforting in some small way, she grabbed the thick quilt from her bed and brought it to cover her and the dragoness.
Zyra draped her wing over Melina and curled her tail around them. "I love you, you know. I wish you felt better."
Melina smiled weakly as she gave Zyra a pet lightly on her scales.
“I love you too Zyra…..” she said quietly.
“Can you pass the Quavers over” Melina said as the dragoness had brought crisps and chocolate biscuits from the canteen to their quarters.
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Jack had not attempted to bother Melina or Zyra since last night, Forge had vanished when the boys tried to get an answer from the warlord, he had gone, perhaps needing some time away himself, but this all left unanswered questions.
Jack had a scheduling meeting with Mark who had brought him up to speed on the 2 days they had gone, the man had ran everything smoothly, jack was pleased his judgement in the sometimes moody American was well founded.
“Is there anything else I need to know Mark?” Jack asked as he signed a digital paperwork marking on a tablet that a HR office assistant had asked him to approve.
“Well, I do require some time off please, perhaps 3 weeks to go to LA, see some friends and family, Amanda is wanted to see the Californian state again” Mark said.
“You mean spending money from your promotion wages” Jack said with a small smile crossing his face.
Mark huffed in amusement.
“You could say that”.
Jack nodded lightly at the comment.
“Well I see no harm in it, finish this week off and take the next 3 weeks off, I cannot see us being busy, how is Daniel settling in?” he asked.
“Yes, he is settling in, got his office up and running and has a few ideas for security he wants to implement straight away but I told him to check with you, I approve of them personally, but scheduled a meeting for tomorrow with him as he meets his security teams and operatives” Mark said.
Jack nodded, “Excellent well I look forward to hearing his ideas, I just be mindful to say were not a space station” Jack lightly joked.
“Yeah, yeah” Mark said as Jack smiled in amusement, before heading off to the canteen to pick up his daily liquid stimulant in the form of coffee.

Melina had returned from her fly with Zyra and head back to her room, she had decided to put a fil mon and watch it in her quarters, Zyra kept her company but had gone and brought munchies for them to snack on.
Zyra approved of this human custom of comfort food, for snacking when times were a little down, Zyra had quickly picked up that bad food to munch on were high up on the comfort food list and brought a variety of snacks into their quarters as they watched a film.
As they watched it Melina turned to Zyra and spoke lightly, “You…glad we bonded Zy? Even with a delay and stuff, would you of chosen to bond with me if there had been another option….or you of stopped it?” she asked.
Zyra looked at her oddly. "I wouldn't wish for anything else in the world. Being bonded has been the single greatest accomplishment in my life," said the dragoness with the sincerest tone of voice. "I wouldn't change it for the worlds."
Melina nodded lightly.
“You wouldn’t have resisted the will of Brathille? Say you found your brother earlier and had to choose?” she asked.
Zyra shook her head, not understanding where these questions were coming from. "No Mel. I wouldn't have. You can't change what Brathille chooses anyway and it chose the best for me I wouldn't have it any other way."
Melina came close to Zyra and cuddled in close, leaning against the dragoness side as she found the answers comforting in some small way, she grabbed the thick quilt from her bed and brought it to cover her and the dragoness.
Zyra draped her wing over Melina and curled her tail around them. "I love you, you know. I wish you felt better."
Melina smiled weakly as she gave Zyra a pet lightly on her scales.
“I love you too Zyra…..” she said quietly.
“Can you pass the Quavers over” Melina said as the dragoness had brought crisps and chocolate biscuits from the canteen to their quarters.
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Forge found himself back in the portal room the next morning, having stepped through after much debate. The dragon paused, one paw lifted in the air as he thought about the words of apology buzzing around his head, feeling completely unsure for one of the few times in his life. The warlord paced to the door and back towards the shimmering portal a few times, trapped by his own uncertainty. Forge sighed and gave a little growl as he made up his mind.
He stepped through the doorway and made his way slowly down the hall. For some reason he could feel a hint of nervousness cross his chest as he made his way through the facility, looking for Melina. As he approached the canteen, Zyra came marching out, having heard his talons growing near on the floor. She had dashed out before he got a chance to even get a glimpse of her Attilu.
The little dragoness looked up at him with a defiant fire in her eyes. Her sail was up again, colours flashing angrily in silent warning.
"You have some nerve showing your face again here after the other night!" the boldwing snapped.
Forge looked down at her and in any other instance would have been amused and impressed with her fiery tone and how she challenged a dragon so much bigger than herself at much greater standing but his thoughts were focused on Melina.
"I- I want to apologize. I wish to speak with Melina." He explained.
"Well I don't know if she's ready to even look at you, Forge. You upset her more than I can even bear to think about!" She retorted. “She told you to never come back through that portal and I told you the same.”
Zyra had marched forward as she shouted and the massive silver, a dozen times her size had stepped backwards; herded further away from the canteen.
“I needed to come, to try to explain myself.” He said bluntly. The dragoness could not hear any hint of apologetic tone in his voice and wondered if he was even capable of feeling sorry. This enraged her. He came to apologize but did not look like there was a spec of regret to him.
“You just want to talk your way out of whatever you did.” Shouted Zyra. “Blame it on someone else maybe, like you usual do. I am not going to let you do that.”
“No!” the dragoness yelled. “To hell with you! You hurt Melina, MY Attilu. I can feel what pain you caused her and I won’t let you hurt her anymore!” her voice held a great ferocity and could be heard ringing down the corridors, making others stop in their tracks. No one wanted to get between to dragons in such an argument.
“Leave, Forge! And don’t you dare come back!” she hissed, barring her teeth in anger.
The silver stared at her but she wouldn’t back down. Instead he turned slowly, walking back down the hall but instead of going left to the portal room, he turned right to where the dragon hangar was located. Zyra stared after him until he was out of sight. She realized that she was breathing heavy from yelling. Taking a moment to cool down she regretted shouting so loud and causing such a commotion but the silver had deserved it. Taking a deep breath her sail relaxed and after a few moments she returned to the canteen where Melina was waiting, likely having heard much of the shouting.

"I told him to go away but I don't think he's leaving. He's gone to the hangar but he says he wants to speak with you," she snorted, sitting down next to her.
Melina shook her head, "No I do not want to see that dragon, no less have him on the base, so soon after he, he cannot just show up like this… get Vonriir and Ardon to send him back to Kilara" Melina said.

Vonriir and Ardon did not test the silver’s patience when asked to see if they could get him to leave. The large dun dragon would not talk to his superior ranking warlord in such a manner and Ardon wasn’t brave enough to take on his uncle. Everyone left him where he was, avoiding the dragon hangar completely. No one seemed to sympathize with the silver dragon, once a beacon of respect in the facility. Many had heard Zyra’s angry shouting and wondered what the dragon could have done.
It was after dinner when some of the group was sitting together in the lounge later the next day.
"He is still there waiting for you professor Melina" Baxter said as Melina shook her head lightly.
"I have to do everything myself, I go down and see him, in my own time, you can pass that onto him if you must" Melina said with a huff.
Still later the dragon remained in the hangar. The silver did not beg to see her, plead with anyone to pass along messages or fuss over trying to find her. The warlord had never been one to do such things and he was more dignified than that. He stayed where he was, sitting in the hangar, waiting silently in hopes that she would come to him when she was ready.
The woman seemed to seethe in anger as she found out he still had not left, nor spoken to anyone else. Determined to rid the facility of him she got up to give him a piece of her mind.
“Mel, wait, you don’t have to go,” said Zyra, worried that the woman was just going to get upset all over again.
“I deal with him, if anyone needs to give him a verbal beating it is me" Melina assertively said, the woman looking angry the silver defied her wishes. The dragoness reluctantly let her go, watching the professor storm away.
Melina finally entered the dragon hanger, she looked at the silver dragon and tried to keep a brave face on this without bursting into tears. The warlord quickly rose to his feet when he heard her enter, turning his orange eyes to the woman.
"I told you I did not want to see you here, I never wanted you back on earth" Melina said to the silver.
The dragon was quiet for a moment, his voice then came low and steeled, "Professor," said the warlord, hoping that she wouldn't storm off again without him getting to say his piece. "I-...I wanted to try and apologize..."
Melina looked at the floor, "You done enough damage Forge, you hurt me enough already, there is nothing more you can do unless you want to take more stuff away from me," Melina said,
The silver dragon sighed, not knowing how to word what he was trying to say. The woman was furious, something he never had to deal with. "Hurting you was never my intention, Melina. I thought it would have been the right thing to come clean but I was wrong." He admitted.
Melina shook her head, "No, you should of told me way sooner, you shouldn’t of kept this from had no right to decide our fate" Melina scolded the warlord. "I have defended your decisions and been an absent follower of yours, I blindly followed a dragon I trusted and would never lie to me....till now," Melina said sniffing, fetching her tissues from her pocket.
“You have to understand I never meant for this lie to hurt you, but to protect you,” His words came out without much feeling, his voice always rough and rumbling like thunder as if he was afraid to show any emotion other than stoic melancholy.

Melina shook her head lightly, "That was not your decision to make, you must think very poorly of me to not let me handle the truth, you did hurt me and now you have to live with that as well as everything else" Melina replied, no sympathy in her voice for the silver.
The dragon stomped his paw on the floor, "Look what the truth has done!" Snorted the warlord, fighting to keep from getting angry, his usual response, "tell me you wouldn't have reacted the same if I told you then."
"Enough Forge, just enough, don't get angry with me for your poor decision making, I will not put up with it, you’re lucky I am even bothering with you now," Melina said harshly before taking a deep breath to continue.
"Circumstances have changed now, telling back then would not of caused this much hurt and upset by me, you KNOW that....I think what I want to know is, what made you think I would not be a good Atillu to you" Melina said, looking up at Forge with watery eyes, tears threatening to spill down her cheeks.
A pained expression crossed the silvers face briefly before softening to a look of concern. "There could have been no other that could hold a light to you," he said, his voice much quieter now. "And I am a fool for resisting it but it was for your happiness." He let out a breath. "I am old and bitter from the pains of my past and I would not let your heart suffer it like mine has." The first hint of grief and regret coming out in his voice.
Melina wiped her eyes as her tears had spilled down her cheek, once she had done that she approached the warlord slowly. "I'm stronger than you think and more switched on than you know Forge, I...I appreciate what you were doing but your fear of losing someone, I know that but you seen what could have you had bounced back...I saw it" Melina said quietly as she approached closer to the silver.
"You found my past self before I became embroiled in the hurt and hate that consumes me. Time was my only saving grace when you had bonded."
Melina put her hand on the large warlord's paw, "I know,it is because of that I gave you more of me...if you did not want that, you should of said, but I think you needed it" Melina said smoothly his silver scales lightly on his paw.
The dragon stepped back and for a second it looked like he was trying to get away from but slowly the massive silver knelt in a deep bow before lowering himself to the floor. He bowed his head, nose nearly touching the ground, eyes closed, “I did….and I do. I could not be more grateful for our friendship. I do not wish to lose that in addition to losing my Attilu,” there was a brief pause as his words hung in the air, “Could you ever forgive an old fool of a dragon?”
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Melina gave a weak smile as she put her hand on his muzzle, trying to steady herself, the dragon had made an effort to come see her and try and apologise for his actions all those years ago, somehow, she still felt hurt and robbed of what could have been.
“I appreciate you coming to apologise Forge, despite incurring the wrath of me and a bold wing” she paused, looking up at his orange irises that were watching her.
“I am still hurt by all of this, especially all the what could have been with us, what we could of done together, that is something that will take time to heal Forge” Melina said quietly, as he hand smoothed the silver scales on his muzzle.
Melina still felt hurt raw by the fact that he had still resisted Brathille, but she could not be mad at him for coming here against the express will of her and Zyra and making an effort to say sorry, she had to respect him for his bravery in coming face to face with something far harder than a battle.
The dragon was quiet as he lay there allowing Melina to pet his muzzle, glad at least she was taking to him now.
He thought of some way to right this wrong, he had messed up dearly and it didn't seem like there was a way of fixing this.
"Professor, will you allow me to make it up to you, in some small way? I know I can never fully correct this wrong but if you let me try..."
Melina looked at the large dragon and nodded lightly, “I’d like that very much Forge, I really would” she said quietly.
“I know if you had a choice between fighting a dragon and speaking to me on this, you pick the fight” she added as a bigger smile appeared on her face, a poor attempt of humour.
"Unfortunately I can't fight my way out of every mistake," replied the silver, his voice low.
Melina nodded lightly.
“No, I guess you can’t” she said simply as she looked up at the dragon once more, having been focused on his silver scales.
“What did you have in mind to make it up to me?” she asked the large silver dragon before her.
The warlord looked out on the spot as he thought for a moment, "would you consider..." He paused "perhaps a journey with me on Kilara?"
The woman’s face seemed to light up at the prospect of doing that, it was indeed some small way to apologise to the woman, perhaps have an adventure and visit places that they could of done, if they were bonded.
“That sounds like a very…thoughtful gesture Forge, just you and me, though I have to speak with Zyra on it” she said as a smile came back to her face as she finished smoothing Forge’s muzzle as she back away, giving the warlord more room.
The dragon shifted, sitting upright. "I'm certain your dragon is one comment away from melting my scales off. You do have one fierce dragoness on your side." He said with a gentle huff.
Melina gave a small smile.
“She is feisty, then again do you expect less from me?” Melina said as her normal personality started to seep through, the personality that Forge liked.
The silver have a shadow of a smile. "No, of course not,"
Melina smiled
“I go speak to her, say we worked something out, calm her down, you are allowed on the base again, go grab yourself something to eat if you want” Melina said.
The dragon nodded, he had gotten this far and he would not push it. "Thank you, professor."
Melina left Forge in the dragon hanger, things had at least settled, despite wounds still being there, the warlord was making amends to make up for his mistake, she had to give him credit, facing the wrath of Zyra and Melina must have been a nightmare scenario for the silver.
Melina entered the canteen looking for her fiery protector bold wing, she had laid into him and she had heard her in the canteen, many people stared and looked but soon hushed away seeing how angry Zyra was.
The dragoness trotted up quickly, a concerned look across her face. "Did you talk to him?" She asked.
Melina nodded as she sat down at a table away from people so she could talk to her dragoness.
“Yes, I spoken with him, we have come to an understanding, he has said sorry to me and wants to make it up to me, he does regret what happened and has been decent about it” Melina said.
Zyra shifted from one foot to the other. "After what happened I didn't think you'd forgive him... Ok glad you both are okay." She paused. "I am still not happy he hurt you so."
Melina nodded to Zyra’s response.
“I know, I have not fully forgiven him, but were on speaking terms, I think you threatening to burn his face off is what made the mighty warlord seek diplomacy and forgiveness” she gave a small smile.
"Well.. I didn't exactly threaten that," she said sheepishly. "But I won't hesitate to scar up that nose again if I hear he makes you upset one more time."
Melina smiled giving Zyra a big hug, the woman appreciative for the bhold wing’s support and loyalty.
“I am grateful to have such a loyal and fierce dragoness like you Zy, you always stood by my side through everything, how you stand up to other dragons twice your size shows Brathille knew we were both spirited” she said.
"Heh," laughed the dragoness awkwardly, "I didn't exactly realize what I had done until after. I can't believe forge let me get away with talking to him like that..."
Melina chuckled lightly.
“Count your lucky stars he does or else it could have been worse, however there is more I need to discuss with you, Forge wants to make it up to me, he has not gone into details but would like to take me to a few places on Kilara, as a sort of make up for ruining the summer solstice tour” Melina explained.
Zyra was quiet for a moment, "just you two? How long?" She didn't like the idea on Melina on Kilara without her very much.
Melina could sense she did not like the idea, especially with Forge being how he had been, she understood Zyra’s concerns and knew she have to persuade the bold wing to see it had to be done.
“He’s offered and given an opportunity to redeem himself, I think I have to accept, to see what he wants to show me, I cannot think it would be a long trip, besides you got enough to do here and perhaps it will clear the air” Melina said.
Zyra gave a grumble, not exactly pleased to have Melina flying off with a dragon that had put her in such a state.
Melina put her hand on the dragoness shoulder.
“I understand your concern, I really do, a bit of me still wants you to kick his rump back through the portal, but I got to let him try to make amends….” Melina replied, feeling the dragoness not approving.
“I don’t want us all to be fighting, it is not healthy for us all, if there is a slim chance then I have to accept it from the silver, he has made an effort to try and put things right” Melina said.
Zyra begrudgingly agreed, thinking she would have a stern talk with him prior to their departure. She dipped her head and nosed Melina's arm gently. "He will have hell to pay if he doesn't go about this trip right."
Melina smiled smoothing the dragoness white scales gently, her hands gliding over her scales calmly.
“I know, he knows that I think, he understands your position on this, I love you my fierce girl” Melina said.
The dragoness gave Melina's cheek a lick in response, hoping that this was the right decision.
Melina gave her a kiss on the snout.
“If it doesn’t work out, get your arse kicking talons on” Melina smiled slightly, as she had to explain to Zyra what Melina had meant one day when she said about wearing her arse kicking boots on for dealing with the boys.
"Yes ma'am!" Zyra nodded, returning her smile.
Melina gave Zyra a pet and smiled at the bold wing.
“I’m going to umm clean myself up and pack the rucksack with bits, so I be in my quarters if you need me Zy” Melina said walking off to her quarters, allowing Zyra to interrogate the silver.
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Forge was dozing in the dragon hangar when he heard the door open. He blinked and lifted his head, spotting Zyra approaching with a little less fire in her eyes this time. The silver hefted himself to his feet to stand respectfully in front of a dragoness.
He looked down at her, not knowing what she had come for this time. Their last encounter she had been all teeth and anger, outraged at his behavior that caused her Attilu such grief. He secretly commended her for that. A guardian who was so passionately defensive over their Attilu was something he could not dismiss. It made his regret a bit less painful knowing Melina had such a loyal and loving dragon at her side.
The dragoness walked up to him and looked the warlord in the eye.
“Forge, Melina mean everything to me and I can’t stand to have her be put in such a way. I know you apologized and you’re on better terms now but so help me,” she shook her head, trying not to get angry,”…so help me Forge if anything happens to her or if I find out that you upset her in any way…”
“You’re very bold to threaten a warlord,” said the silver simply.
The made Zyra pause, remembering herself. She opened her mouth to speak but saw that there was a small smile on Forge’s face.
“I know you would tear my hearts out for Melina and for that I am…contented. She deserves a dragon of your spirit and caliber.” She could hear the truth in his words. Forge had always been respectful to the boldwing dragoness but now there was tension between them and he was being careful how he chose his words. “ I never meant to hurt your Attilu, but I mean to make amends… somehow. Does your coming here mean I have your blessing to take Melina to Kilara.”
The dragoness was silent a moment, her tail swaying behind her, “… a begrudging blessing.”
Forge dipped his head down briefly, closing his eyes before opening them and looking down at her.
“That I thankfully accept.”
“How long?” asked Zyra.
“The trip?”
“Yes, how long will you be away?”
Forge could hear a possessive tone in her voice, much like Ardon got when speaking about Jack.
“No more than a few weeks, I promise.”
Zyra didn’t really like the uncertainty in not knowing when she would return.
“Where will you take her?”
Shifting his weight from one foot to the other, the dragon blinked, “That I am not quite certain of yet.”
The dragoness gave a hum under her breath before nodding and turning to leave.
“Please tell her I will be back in two days… we can go then.”
“Yes.” Replied the dragoness as she disappeared through the door.

Zyra came back into their quarters, closing the door behind her. "I spoke with forge..."
Melina looked up from reading her book as she had put out her rucksack ready for packing.
"You did? What was he like with you?" she asked.
"Respectful," says Zyra, sitting down. "He says he will return on Thursday if you want to leave then."
She looked at the book the woman had been reading. “He said you might be away for a few weeks.”
"that will be fine, gives me a chance to leave instructions with you and mark your work as well to send it off for your doctor qualification" Melina said.
The dragoness gave a shallow nod. "Want to go to the labs so I can write down the instructions first?” she asked. “ Then we can worry about the other stuff tomorrow. Get marking done over tea before we send it away. ”
Melina nodded, "Yes that will be fine, I go over the bits and mark it ready to go, I reckon you got it in the bag, even if you don’t do well in your exams the course would be enough to scrape a pass" Melina replied.
"Scrape a pass!" Scoffed Zyra, looking over to see if the woman was joking. "I didn't study my scales off to scrape by with a measly pass." The dragoness had been ardent in her study, dedicated to her lessons before any other activity, passing up going out with the others to cram in more time for notes or reading. The dragoness had excelled in her work and it was with Melina’s help that she did so well.
Melina grinned, "I know, you want to kick tail as you dragons say, you will kick tail, I know you will" she said with a smile.
The dragoness returned her smile and walked over to her bedding on the floor. She curled up and laid down while Melina organized her things. Her smile faded briefly as she allowed her mind to wander to a place she worried about.
"Do you think my certification will be challenged by others?" She asked, "For not being a human and all?"
Melina shook her head, "Very unlikely Zy, most be honoured to have a graduation photo with you, plus I wear my arse kicking boots if they do" Melina said with a smile.
Zyra snorted, smiling, “Sounds like being a doctor involves a lot of butt kicking…”

The next day Melina and Zyra sat in the lounge of the canteen, Melina had marked her papers and they had been sent off with eager anticipation. It was when Toby asked about Melina’s trip so that he could pack rations for her to bring along that the dragoness began to grow quiet and withdrawn.
"You ok Zy?, you seem a little...distant" Melina asked her quietly.
I'm fine," she lied, fiddling with the handle from her cup of tea, not looking at her.
Melina gave her a look, "You do not seem fine Zy, what is the matter?" she asked.
The dragoness suddenly looked a bit sheepish. "I'm going to sound something comparable to a needy girlfriend or something but I don't like the idea of you being gone," she half laughed. "We've been pretty close since we bonded... Stars I'm getting Ardon’s clingyness."
Melina gave the dragoness a hug, as well as she could with a dragon. Zyra bowed her head over her, happy that Melina did not scold her for being sad for her trip.
"I know what you mean, I miss you as well, knowing Forge he be fed up with me by day 2" she said.
The dragoness laughed, “No one could get sick of you, Mel.”
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Melina used the days productively to get all her work in order before she ventured off with Forge on Kilara, she was feeling better that they had talked and the warlord’s own admission made her believed that Forge was genuinely sorry and regretted the decision he had all those years ago, she had not let it cross her mind much and focussed on getting her experiments and reports done.
She had now sat in her office and marked the paper Zyra had submitted, these would be independently checked but Melina was a respected scientist in human medicine, although she kept her expertise in dragon medical practices quiet.
She was marking her work, the more she read into it the more the woman smiled, Zyra was ticking all the boxes, she was a very detailed and methodical dragoness, she had learnt from Melina well and applied this to her learning, it was a delight to see.
Zyra looked up, feeling the excitement through the link. " are my papers that good or are you thinking about something else?
Melina looked up from her desk and gestured to the dragoness.
“I have finished marking it and given my verdict, come look” Melina said as she pushed the completed paper towards the dragoness across the table, she would immediately see what made Melina so happy.
The dragoness's eyes lit up, "are you kidding me?"
Melina laughed lightly.
“No kidding, highest mark, full honours on this coursework, it has to be verified by two others but I am sure they be happy with my grading for you, it means you can walk into that exam knowing the solid ground work is done” Melina said praising the bold wing.
"Stars! I knew all that studying would pay off!" The dragoness seemed thrilled.
Melina nodded, “Yes it did, credit to you for studying and being a clever dragoness anyways, your thirst for knowledge has helped you develop well” Melina said taking the coursework paper and putting it in a secure file, ready to be sent off.
"Now just to study my tail off with this exam and then I'll be in the clear!" Beamed Zyra.
Melina smiled.
“Yes you will, now when I am gone, I want you to continue your little side projects, don’t take any acid samples or anything, I am going to use a new method” she said, Melina had removed those machines after what had happened with the bold wing.
“The labs are going to be put into partial shut down, so make sure the essential bits are all locked up, Sam will be back on Thursday, so apart from Sam and the 3 technicians there is no need to access the main labs, make sure all the bits are locked up” Melina said instructing the dragoness on her duties while she is away.
"Of course," nodded the dragoness "I can handle that."
Melina smoothed the dragoness pearly white muzzle and smiled, “Excellent, I keep your days bit more laid back, but there is past papers on the system under revision folder, you can access it in our quarters, but just in case this new security chief wants you for anything, you can go…oh and when you locked everything up, hand a report to Daniel as well, how our internal security works in the labs” Melina added.
The dragoness made mental notes, thinking about what needed to be done. "I've got it covered. You can count on me, Mel."
Melina knew the dragoness had it covered and she trusted her to keep everything in the labs running smoothly until she returned.
“Ok, I need to send this off and finish my packing the rucksack, then I be ready for his highness tomorrow” Melina said to Zyra.
"Don't let him be mean again," huffed Zyra.
“I won’t, if he does, I am setting you loose on him, no holds barred, warlord ranking or not” Melina said, the assertion in her voice sounded like she was being serious.
Zyra was surprised by this but nodded. "No one messes with a Boldwings Attilu."
Melina smirked, giving Zyra a glance.
“You mean no one messes with me, warlord or not, or they feel the full wrath of a bold wing dragoness” Melina said, pride in her voice.
The dragoness scooped her into a one arm hug and licked Melina's cheek. "That's my fierce Attilu.

Meanwhile The new head of security for Torchwood 5 Daniel Pine had called for Ardon to come ot his office, the man wanted to discuss security arrangements and what procedures were in place for the dragons.
He had thought Ardon being the lead of this guardian project, he had the plans and procedures all known and this was a simple matter of enhancement.
Ardon stepped into Daniels office, "Sir?" Asked the gold dragon. "You wanted to speak with me?"
Daniel turned around as he was putting items up on the wall behind his office.
“Ah yes, please sit, well not on the chair but whatever you dragons do” Daniel said as he hung up a picture of Babylon 6 orbiting earth.
"Home sweet home?" Asked Ardon as he sat back on his haunches.
Daniel smiled and nodded.
“Yes, I do miss the station, it might seem an odd thing but it was a strange feeling looking down on earth, like some god like figure, knowing Sean is doing the same up there” the man said as he sat at his desk.
The dragon nodded. He had been able to see the planet from above before and it was a breath taking sight. "Well the view from down here isn't the greatest but I love this place. I hope you'll come to enjoy it too."
The gave a small nod of acknowledgement as he brought up his computer screen and typed on it, bring up the files he wanted.
“Right, I called you here as I’m doing a review of all the security procedures and doing a grading system on our current security, I know Jack keeps things in order, but he has said he wants my expertise and that is hopefully what I will give him” Daniel said with assertiveness in his tone of voice.
"Alright, and you need my help with that?" Asked the dragon.
The man nodded his head.
“Yes, you’re the lead dragon for the academy and project the facility is undertaking, so I thought it best to speak to you, ask you about what security procedures you have in place and plans of action for any sort of security issue for not just yourself but others to follow” Daniel said in a professional and clam tone of voice as he spoke to the golden dragon.
The dragon thought for a moment before he explained the basic procedures, lockdown levels and evacuation methods with relative confidence.
"We, the dragons I mean, are usually the last out, as we can clear rooms and make sure everyone else is out." He finished explaining the evacuation portion.
Daniel listen to the dragon speak, going over the procedures and how things were done, he was impressed with the golden dragon’s knowledge but there were some bits missing.
“Do you have a specific plan for the dragons in the academy, like what to do if this alarm sounds, or if there is an intruder alert what is Comox role?, what is Vonriirs role, that kind of stuff” the man enquired.
"N-no.... I don't think so. Not really." Admitted the gold dragon sheepishly.
Daniel seemed to type something on the computer and noted it down in his book in front of him, it seemed the man had not expected that answer.
“I see, well there is something to perhaps look at, utilising the dragons here to their strengths, to ensure you all work well, I think that be the goal, so each dragon knows their roles inside and out and that they look to you for leadership” Daniel stated.
Ardon nodded, "well we can definitely let you know our strengths and perhaps you can suggest roles and the like." Suggested Ardon.
Daniel smiled leaning back on his chair.
“You got the greater experience on knowing your dragon’s strengths and weaknesses, this is something for you to do and to report back to me with a suggested plan of action, ask the others to lend their support, that female dragoness seems switched on, I am sure she assist you” Daniel said as he dismissed Ardon.
Before he left the office, he spoke again.
“Oh by the way, I be staging some security drills in the next coming weeks to test out the current methods, then the improved ones, just word of warning” Daniel said as Ardon seemed to stomp off from the office.
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The next morning came quickly, too quick in Zyra’s opinion. She was feeling the clinginess that she often associated with Ardon but now she sympathized with the gold, knowing the uneasiness of being away from her Attilu. She knew that if anyone could keep Melina safe, it was Forge. The circumstances were just so strange and she really didn’t approve but Zyra wanted Melina to know that she would not hold her back from anything. She still felt guilty over Grant, and how Melina declined a chance at love because of the dragoness. Perhaps in allowing her this she could show her that she could do what she desired.
They had, had breakfast earlier that morning, when it had been quiet in the canteen. Zyra was careful not to seem too down about the whole trip. She wanted the best for Melina and didn’t want her to worry about her dragon while she was away. Melina had said farewell to the others before they had headed back to their quarters to get ready.
Zyra grabbed Melina’s bags and carried them out of their quarters as she followed Melina down the hall. Forge did not wear a harness, in fact he had always refused, citing his refusal to be domesticated but that would not prove to be an issue in carting around Melina’s things. The bags had thick leather loops that could be hung around the great spikes on the dragons back and not go free falling while on their journey.
Toby had given her sealed prepared rations to pack to keep meals interesting. Forge was more than capable of providing food but variation was always nice.
The dragoness’s talons clicked on the tile floor as she made her way down the hall, listening to Melina talk. She tried not to think about how much she’d miss her while she was away.
"Just be sure you get that report off to Daniel and just be aware of security drills" Melina said to the dragoness.
"Yes, yes," nodded Zyra, "and just be sure to be safe on Kilara." She insisted.
"I will, I remember what you said, any issues to inform you and to give you war paint" she said with a smirk. Zyra forced a smile and gave her a lick as they walked into the portal room. It glowed softly with the light of the shimmering archway.
Forge was standing there, waiting in silence for her arrival. He nodded a greeting to them as they entered.
"Afternoon Forge, how are we today" Melina asked with a kind smile.
"Fine..." Said the silver, "Are you ready to go?" He asked Melina.
Melina gave Zyra a side glance as she nodded, " Yes I am, all set and ready," Melina replied.
Zyra dipped her head to Melina and nuzzled her temple briefly before stepping back and giving a little bow, flaring her wings. “See you soon,” she said as Melina stepped through the portal. The dragoness gave Forge a serious look, one that did not seem aggressive but showed that she was serious; handing the life of her Attilu into Forge’s talons. He seemed to know this, and there was a silent agreement between them,.
Forge looked down at the boldwing and dipped his head low. “We will see you in a few weeks…. Thank you.”
Zyra nodded but didn’t say anything more, watching the great silver step through the shimmering portal until the tip of his tail disappeared.

The beach was quiet. A gentle summer afternoon. Birds called above and the waves lapped at the sand as wisps of clouds drifted overhead. Forge stepped out of the portal and onto the beach behind Melina. She was breathing in the clean sea air as he looked in the direction she was gazing. The silver drew in a slow breath, wondering what he signed himself up for with this way of apology. The dragon felt off, strange; this was his idea, to willfully carry off a human across the continent in search of her forgiveness. He didn’t know what he was doing and hoped that he would not muddle this up even more.
"What is the plan for our time together" Melina asked the silver, looking up at the large dragon.
Forge had to admit to himself that he really didn’t have an itinerary nor exactly a plan. He just wanted some time and to be able to figure it out as he went along, he hoped at least. He hadn’t been able to think it through so he hoped that it would all work out.
“A tour,” he said after a moment. “Of Talkiir, well, some parts of it. Does that suit you?” he asked her, looking down at the woman with his brilliant orange eyes.
Melina nodded, "Of course, I am happy wherever" Melina replied.
The silver cleared his throat and picked up her backs, reaching around and placing them on his back.
Holding out a paw he offered his talons to her to lift her up onto his shoulders.
“Hang on,” he said though knew she did not need to. The broad expanse of his back gave her plenty of room without the worry of falling off. She was an experienced rider at that and would not go making silly mistakes.
The massive dragon unfolded his great wings; the sound of soft leather rasping against itself could be heard as he shook them out. He raised them up, casting Melina in shade for a moment before taking a leap and bringing them down in one fell swoop. His wingbeats took them high over the ocean as they headed towards the mainland.
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Jack has finished his meeting as he entered the canteen, he saw Zyra looking a little down, he guessed Melina had gone over to Kilara with Forge, he knew the poor dragoness had been through allot the last couple of days after what happened at the summer solstice.
“Hey Zy, are you ok? She be back before you know it, you see” Jack said with a kind smile, trying to cheer her up.
Zyra gave a small smile back, "yeah I know. I guess I know kinda how Ardon has felt in the past when you've been parted from him. ...dragons are clingy creatures it seems," she laughed sheepishly.
Jack smiled and gestured to Zyra to sit down with him, he understood where she was coming from, Ardon was the same with him, even being bonded all this time, Ardon like to be nearby to ensure he was safe, him being locked away in Dubai drove Ardon mad.
“Melina will be safe with grumpy guts, I think it will do her good and will do him some good after all that unfortunate business” Jack said.
"Yeah, I feel selfish not wanting her to go but you're right. It will probably be good for him. Who know, he might come back a little less cranky." She replied.
Jack nodded in agreement to Zyra’s comments.
“I had heard you were a bit of a firecracker towards him a few days ago, heard reports him backing away from you, very wise choice” Jack gave her a small smile.
Zyra looked embarrassed. "Stars... I shouldn't have yelled but he had upset Melina so much..."
Jack listened to the bold wing carefully as she explained.
“You acted exactly how Ardon would have, the bond makes you not only aware of your emotions but of us too, even more so, her hurt was your hurt, I would never condone your reaction Zy, heck I had an earful off her, she is a spirited woman, she needed a spirited dragon to go with her” he replied.
Zyra bowed her head briefly and gave a slight smile, happy to hear that the commander did not disprove of what she did, "thanks, Jack."
Jack gave Zyra a pet on her muzzle, smiling as he let his hand glide over the pearly scales.
“Strange how your scales feel different to Ardon’s, mainly cos his personal grooming is pestering me to polish his scales” Jack chuckled lightly.
Zyra laughed, "he cleans up well enough though. His scales are quite a bit different than mine."
Jack nodded as he finished petting her, it was good he had a good relationship with the dragons on Kilara and they were happy for him to pet them and be there for them all, not just for Ardon.
“Well, I look forward to the next few days, Daniel has informed me of what he is planning to do, I am all for it, I make sure you check in with Ardon and see if he has a plan yet” Jack chuckled lightly.
"You're entrusting Ardon to crafting a plan?" Teased Zyra. "Good luck!"
Jack laughed lightly at the comment.
“Well, he is leading this project, so therefore he had to take some responsibility in helping Daniel keep this base secure, I know I keep security good here, but it is good to have someone from the outside, especially on Babylon 6, where security is paramount” Jack commented.
Zyra nodded. "I'll try to make sure he stays on track," she promised him.
Jack was pleased with this, Zyra was a clever dragoness and the gold could take some wise words from her, when developing his plan for Daniel and his new security review.
“Good girl, I think he need some input from you all, also do not be afraid to ask to go for a fly with me, I know it is not the same as with Melina but I am pretty good” Jack grinned.
Zyra smiled and gave a little bow, "that's kind of you, thanks Jack. I appreciate it.
Jack nodded and got up from the table, “I got another meeting now, so I speak to you all later, take care Zy” Jack said giving her a pat on the shoulder before walking off to meeting room 5, leaving the bold wing to her own devices.

On Kilara, Melina was enjoying being with Forge, the large dragon flew onwards, over the ocean towards the main land, leaving the sunbreak isles behind them, she looked down and smiled to herself, thinking about how she had seen this landscape in another time over 500 years ago.
Forge looked over his shoulder at her, catching her smiling. "What is it?" He asked.
Melina was in her own little day dream before Forge snapped her out of it.
“Oh, there is nothing wrong Forge, just remember seeing this landscape, from this height, over 500 years ago, in another place and another time” she said giving a sheepish look.
"I....he... You went here?" He asked, trying not to sound too interested. "Where all did you go?"
Melina shook her head.
“Well, not here exactly, I meant the Sunbreak isles, seeing it from a distance, I remember seeing it 500 years ago, looked allot different to what it is now” Melina said, clearing things up.
"Time changes all things..." Hummed forge in response.
Melina nodded lightly as she put her hands on the silvers scales and smiled.
“Thank you again for, all of this, I do appreciate it” Melina said to the silver, a hint of regret in her tone of voice about how things went down a week or so ago between them.
The dragon cleared his throat, "yes, well.... Had to make some amends to... To what I did."
Melina went quiet for a moment.
“Do you…regret not bonding with me? I guess seeing your younger self and what happened when we were in that time, must have shaken you a little” Melina said.
The professor regretted asking as the dragon was silent, it had been an awkward question to fire off at the silver, it was still a sensitive subject.
"I'm sorry, rude of me to ask or even pose that question to you2 Melina said, feeling regret in asking.
Forge shook his head. "I just don't know how to answer it, professor... That's all."
Melina nodded her head lightly.
“But still…not the best question to ask, putting you on the spot and that is unfair of me, so I am sorry Forge, I feel I will enjoy these weeks with you” she smiled changing the subject.
The dragon was quiet for a moment before he spoke. "I hope you do. There are a few places I wish to show you."
Melina smiled.
“I am sure I will Forge, I’m sure I will”.
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The first leg of their journey ended at a place Forge called the Sapphire Sea. They flew over lush green forests until they ended abruptly at crumbling white limestone cliffs. Before them stretched a massive body of salt water, shimmering bright blue, the pale sand highlighting the water’s colour which gave the sea its name. It was a brilliant, warm evening when he set down in the sand gently.
His talons sunk slightly in the soft beach, the sand nearly white from the limestone. Folding his wings the great dragon knelt so that Melina could get down.
“We will camp here for the night and continue on in the morning.” He said to her as he looked out over the sea briefly as the sun hung in the sky, casting everything into a beautiful light.
Melina smiled, taking in the sights. "This is beautiful, awesome views this place, it is such an amazing day” She said happily.
Forge nodded, so far so good. The woman seemed in good spirits, the tension between them from their argument had dissipated for now at least.
The dragon gathered driftwood and put it into a pile before opening his jaws and setting a jet of intense flame upon it to start their evening fire. It snapped and crackled to life, the smoky smell mixing with the salty air that came out over the sea.
Settling in the sand, Forge laid down, facing out over the sea. Melina used one of her rations, cooking it over the fire. It smelled good but the could hold off finding his own meal until tomorrow. They sat together and the woman ate while Forge explained the history of the Sapphire sea, recounting details of past families that had lived here, its abundance for food.
Melina gave Forge a knowing look, she was not stupid and knew the dragon was stalling, but let it continue for now. "Sounds a wonderful place with vibrant history, I always loved the beach in my youth," she replied.
“Did you live by the ocean?” he asked her.
Melina nodded, "Yes, lived in the UK on the coast before my parents went to go live in Australia, in a place called Gold Coast. Always been a sea faring lass" Melina smiled.
"You did not go with them then," replied Forge, his words almost sounding like a question.
Melina shook his head, "No, I did not, wanted to continue my studies in the UK, they went to the other side of the world, they were not impressed but they said I was strong willed and stubborn" Melina said to the silver.
“That certainly hasn’t changed,”
The night wound to a close with a spectacular show of a sunset. Above them, stars glittered between streaks of cloud. Forge laid down with his head on his paws as the fire burned low. The remaining light glinted off his silvery scales and highlighted the many points of his great crest.
"Do… do you mind if I umm sleep close to you, you have a firelung" Melina said.
The dragon lifted his head and shifted his forearm over so that she could lay in the crook of it. Once the woman pulled the sleeping bag over her Forge put his head back down on the sand, enclosing her in a protective nook of silver scale and ebony horns. He could head her fall asleep rather quickly while he remained awake, staring out over the beach.
The dragon was slowly developing a plan, or rather a route that he would take her. Seeing some beautiful places of Talkiir. She already knew Sunbreak like the back of her hand and she had spent time on the neighbouring beaches of the mainland during the outbreak as she healed dragons. He hoped to take her to a few places she might appreciate. His idea would take them in a messy loop but they would get to cover a lot of ground that way. He decided he would play it day by day to see how this all would go.
With a gentle sigh, the warlord closed his eyes and fell asleep, paws curling protectively over his charge that slept against his silver scales.

“That,” the dragon said, gesturing to the grey coloured peak in the range of mountains they headed towards. “-is Shale Mountain, where Ardon and Ucluelet hatched and I met Jack,” he explained. They had flown for a few hours after they departed from the Sapphire Sea, headed southwest over ridges of low mountains and evergreen forests. He had not returned to this place since the fateful day that Ardon had bonded with Jack and it was a sight to see after all these years.
"Oh, that is really cool, it looks a beautiful place, from a distance" Melina said.
The dragon landed on the summit of the mountain and looked down upon the other side of it. The remains of Jack’s ship still lay crumpled like the body of an enormous and ancient beast against the side of the mountain. Forge was silent as he took in the sight that had changed his life completely. The hull was rusted and worn from the years of being subject to the wind, rain and snow. Life had taken over some of it. Moss grew on many of the panels.
"Is that what I think it is? The original ship?" she asked hesitantly.
“The remains of it, yes,” nodded the silver.
"I am sorry, about what had happened here, it was a dark day for both our peoples, why did you want to show you this" Melina asked.
The dragon was quiet for a while, not answering right away as he stepped over the loose stones and watched them go skittering down the mountain side towards the ship. This had been a fateful day. Any minor change could have altered everything. If Ardon hadn’t snuck out, or if Forge and the others hadn’t managed to bring down the ship… he didn’t know what could have happened or how the future could have played out.
“This is where our lives changed; where the beginnings of the story began where humans and dragons became united. If it were not for this crash, Ardon would not have met Jack and in turn I would have not come to earth.”
Melina nodded lightly, " the beginning of our story together....some more willing than others to participate" Melina said looking over at Forge from atop his shoulders.
Forge grumbled, walking them back up the mountain peak.

Back at the base Ardon had devised a list of the dragon’s attributes and offered suggestions with Zyra’s help. Ardon liked working with her for the most part, the dragoness was knowledgeable and always offered workable ideas. It was good for her to keep busy anyway and not worry about Melina. The first night had been the hardest, sleeping alone in their room when he had been so used to Melina’s presence there.
Zyra turned to Ardon as he clicked send on his tablet.
The gold sent off the list to Daniel with a satisfied look to his smile.
“Well done, and on time too,” said Zyra.
“I’m always on time.” He scoffed.
“Sure, sure.” She smiled. “Should we go find Comox and see if Jack will let us go down into town?” she asked.
“Yeah! That sounds like a good idea.” Grinned the gold dragon, getting to his feet.
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Melina watched as the warlord moved onwards, walking on the mountain ridge, she gave a glance back at the ship and sighed lightly.
“I appreciate you showing me places Forge, I do but..I have so many questions for you, I do not know when to ask” the woman said to the silver.
"Questions? Like what?" He asked, daring to hear them though uncertain he wanted to asset.
Melina shook her head, “Not now, I do not want to ruin the tour, I am amazed how life on Kilara can reclaim things humans once put on this planet, bit like on earth” Melina said.
"It’s quieter here," said the dragon, looking back down at the ship. "When left in peace nature can be unhindered and take back what belongs to it."
Melina agreed with this comment and smiled lightly as the warlord checked the clear skies of Kilara, the sun was beating down and the temperature was rising.
“Going to be another warm one on Kilara today I think, where next on our tour” she asked the silver with enthusiasm in her voice.
The dragon paused for a moment, "Hm, down through the valley, to the opal river." he replied.
“That sounds great Forge” Melina said as the warlord took the skies once more as the two of them travelled through the lush green valley, following the opal river as Melina took in the sights and sounds of the place.
She was wearing here sunglasses and baseball cap as Forge flew onwards towards their next camping spot.
It was a smooth bit of land that was near to the opal river, some trees to provide cover and it would be a nice place to sleep on their adventures together.
Forge had brought back food as the fire place was made, Melina showing the warlord she knew enough about taking care of herself in the open world of Kilara.
Forge had offered some of the catch, she immediately recognised the taste and smiled.
“This is Elk, it is very tasty, your younger self caught this and wanted me to try it, with Jack’s encouragement I tried it and it was lovely, I remember the look you gave me..I mean your younger self” Melina said.
The dragon found it still so strange to hear her talk about a past self that he could not remember.
"...well... I'm glad you like it. Was...I surprised that you hadn't tried it?"
Melina looked up at Forge and seemed uneasy all of a sudden.
“Sorry, how rude of me, I shouldn’t talk about what happened there” she said to the silver.
"No, it is fine. It is just surreal hearing about my past that I didn't experience," he replied
Melina looked up and gave a small smile as she got up where she was sat by the fire and sat close to Forge, resting herself against his silver scales.
“To answer your question, yes you were, very pleased…I feel him being pleased with it, along with everything else” Melina said as she looked at Forge with a cheeky smile.
“you were a very slim young dragon at 87” Melina said.
"Are you saying I'm fat, professor?" Replied forge, turning a fiery orange eye down to her. "Because I can assure you I am not."
Melina shook her head.
“I did not say that, I was merely saying how different you looked all those years ago, it was strange to see you like that, but I liked it…can I ask you something Forge?” Melina said looking up at the warlord.
"...what is it?" He inquired, directing his attention to her.
Melina wasn’t sure what to ask, but she had spoken to his younger self and he had said a few things to her when Jack had gone, stuff she did not tell the man or the old warlord.
“When you went to speak with your younger self, I guess he told you what happened and everything else, were you…mad or angry with him?” Melina asked.
"I did not like that he altered the past but I could not scold him for what he did not know." replied the silver
Melina listened to Forge’s explanation.
“No, I guess you could not, it was different reality in the end Baxter said, so there was no contamination to our time line” Melina said resting close to Forge.
“The bond was only temporary, Brathille kicked in to help when I was in danger, Jack explained what happened and it burnt off” Melina explained, she had not told Forge what had gone on and how she ended up losing the bond.
The warlord nodded, "what happened?" He asked.
Melina was quiet for a moment, gathering her thoughts.
“Did he tell you, what happened?” she asked.
"No, that's why I am asking you." Replied the dragon.
Melina took a deep breath and replied to the silver, knowing she had not told the old warlord about what had happened that day.
“Well, when I did come round, I could not feel you..I looked and saw the silver marking was gone, Jack told me that Forge had used his all to save me, Brathille sparkled and illuminated his scales….he told me I was free from him, I saw sadness in his eyes, I broke into tears…I was so sad to lose..what we had” Melina said as tears spilt down her cheek without her realising, remembering the day.
The warlord shifted uncomfortably. This admission was a tough one to hear and he was never good with words in times like this.
He reshuffled his wings and opened his mouth to speak, "Melina-" he stopped, thinking that some jumbled words would not suit best. Instead he dipped his head hesitantly to her and nosed her shoulder with a gentle grace not expected from a creature so large.
Melina sniffed wiping the tears away and she hugged his muzzle and rested her head on his snout, it was hard for her to say it to him as her hand glided over his scales calmly, for a moment she let out a happy sigh that Forge had done this.
The silver remained where he was, allowing her to pet his muzzle and hold on to him. It pained him to see her upset but he could not think of anything to say that would make this better.
"Try to not mourn the loss of him. I am a far different dragon than the version you met. It would not have been the same..." his voice was low.
Melina nodded lightly as she released her embrace from Forge.
“I know, he was just so sad, looking at you, back then…just made me sad, I know it was early days in your life but……I was so honoured to be bonded….he was too” Melina said.
“But you wouldn’t have done what he did…..would you” Melina asked him.
Now there was a loaded question, thought Forge. If he admitted to still resisting the bond he would look like an ass, but if he told her that he would have bonded it would make the hurt of his regretful choice even worse. The dragon was stuck and couldn't quickly come up with a lie that would spare her feelings.
Melina shook her head at his hesitation.
“You STILL think you made the best decision, even after all of this……..I just cannot believe you, your younger self was right, I spoke to him and he really disliked what you had become….I knew he told you that, he told me before we went back” Melina said getting up and stand to face Forge.
The silver cursed under his breath, "even by not saying anything I am muddling this up. Melina, I am old, I am battle scared, and broken. The good parts of me have been eroded away by what I've seen and experienced. I would die before you got to live half your life and that short time would have soured by the fact that I am entrenched in what I am, a bitter soul and I would not have that misery put on you..."
Melina sighed lightly, as she regained her composure, trying not to fly off the handle.
“I know your in a difficult position, but regardless, I would of still been honoured to be your Atillu, I love you to bits Forge I really do, which makes what you said a week ago heart breaking, I would of shouldered that and I think hope would of shone through all of that, I would of tried to heal you……I know I would have” Melina said.
Th dragon looked away and sighed, "I can't be fixed Melina and I don't want to burden anyone by letting them try. Zyra is what you needed. You have her an amazing chance at starting over and the two of you have done far better together as a bonded pair than we would have."
Melina shook her head promptly.
“You were wrong to assume that when you fought Brathille and you are wrong now, I know allot more about than you think Forge, all those times we been with each other, you opened the door a tiny bit for me, I know you never open it up fully, but do not forget I know that pain you felt on that day……because we were bonded, if I wasn’t put off then, I wouldn’t be put off now, I think I have been a bigger influence to you than you think” Melina said, taking a breath before continuing.
“I think your afraid of letting anyone get close, in fear they turn to dust in your paws, me getting this close scares you, it plagues and eats away at what is left of you…because you know that I could have been brilliant for you” Melina said her voice had risen in volume to sound more assertive.
Melina decided to sleep away from the warlord, unable to be close or she feared she get angry and hurt again, they were only in day 2 of their tour and things had gone downhill.
She settled in as her sleeping bag was close to the fire, so she keep the cool wind off her, the woman seemed to still be upset and annoyed Forge was still thinking it was the best, but he had gotten lucky.
Forge sat there in burning silence. There was so much he wanted to shout at her, make her realize where he was coming from but he wouldn't do it.
He growled and laid down, still watching over her from the other side of the fire.
Melina got comfortable as the woman silently got upset, Forge still thought he was right, that hurt the most, despite saying he regretted what he did, he was still adamant that he did the right thing and that Zyra was the perfect choice.
That was a decision Melina thought Forge had no right to make, bonding with the bold wing was pure luck.
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The two of them slept through the night, not speaking a word to one another. Forge simply did not get Melina’s anger as him decision not to bond. He had expected her to be sad, yes, but this level of vexation at him was perplexing to the warlord. He believed she just could not see the sacrifice he had made for her benefit and in turn that angered him as well. Both sides were burning with their own opinions and they seemed to be at a standstill for the time being.
Forge was done apologizing, for now at least. He wasn’t good at it in the best of times and he felt like he shouldn’t apologize again for what he felt like he forfeited for her happiness. He was sour that she did not see it how he did, how he let go of being bonded to ensure her potential Attilu’s happiness.
In the early morning hours he stewed over it, rolling between guilt and anger, thinking about what to do to fix this mess. This trip was supposed to be his way of apology, and to make it up to her and now he had gone and ruined it again.
The dragon set a fire and prepped breakfast quietly while the woman slept. It was not too long after that he looked over as he heard Melina awake.
The silver dragon sat in silence, shifting uncomfortably while she woke. "We can head out when you're ready."
Melina nodded lightly as she began gathering her stuff up and putting it in her rucksack, tying her hair back. The silver was too stubborn to apologize again and they didn't talk much through the morning. In silence the dragon wandered the camp and put out the fire and set her things upon his back. Soon enough they were aloft. Flying somehow seemed to ease the tension ever so slightly but still it remained, lingering.
Melina remained quiet as well, possibly feeling regret on coming on this trip, the two of still had fundamental differences of opinions, the woman merely observed her surroundings and took in the sights, more than chatting to the silver.
They had been flying northwest when suddenly the dragon turned east, leading them away from where he originally planned. He said nothing of their departure from his planned route as he carried them away over a range of mountains. The brilliant red cliffs ebbed and flowed, becoming carpeted by lush green forests. After a while Forge seemed to follow a slow moving river that they could see peeking through the trees. Bright emerald green and sapphire blue, they traced its meandering path to a large clearing where pools of crystal water had formed, fed by the river. Great trees that reached towards the sky stood around, like ancient sentinels. Forge landed in the soft grass by the pools and let the woman down.
Melina smiled taking off her bags and putting them to one side; the woman looked and smiled kindly at Forge as she went to check out the water.
"This is where I met her," said Forge in a low voice as he followed her to the pools edge.
Melina was quiet for a moment, realising what the silver had said.
" her here? In this beautiful place?" she asked.
The silver nodded slowly, sitting down at the water’s edge. He looked out over the pools with a faraway gaze that made it seem like he was elsewhere in his mind. "I had just passed my 80th summer. It was the Night of Stars, when the meteors pass by in late August."
Melina sat down at the water’s edge with the silver.
"She was a beautiful dragoness....I was told, very head strong for a female" she gave a small smile.
She was, thought the warlord as he imagined her; a beautifully proportioned dragoness, scales of pure crème, long elegant wings and eyes as blue as the sky above.
"But kind." said the silver. "Too kind."
"But that’s why you fell for her, she was kind and she could tame a young budding dragon warrior," she said.
Forge had no more words as they sat quietly by the pools. He sat in silence as he remembered her voice, how she had boldly walked up to him when everyone else had just kept away in respect and awe. There had been something in her darning move that had immediately drawn him to her.
As quickly as they had arrived, Forge took them away again. He would make her see what he was trying to avoid by refusing the bond. He did not want the woman to feel guilty but he needed her to see why, why he had denied Brathille.
They flew for a few hours but as the forests turned into valleys dotted sparsely with trees, rocky screes and granite boulders, the warlord slowed his pace, as if he didn’t really want to bring them here. His breath caught in his throat but yet he pressed on.
Melina frowned and seemed to grip tighter onto the dragon's spike, something pulled at her, a strange feeling of anxiety, she did not know why she felt like this.
"This place...." she managed to say as she tried to pin point why she was feeling nervous and not wanting to be here.
The dragon landed at the base of the valley and folded his wings. He walked them over to the bottom. Nothing seemed remarkable about this place at first but then the longer they stood there, the more haunted it seemed to feel. Melina dismounted and walked in front of the dragon.
The silver stepped slowly behind her before coming to a halt, "I showed you where I met her. This is where I lost her." his words sounded forced and rough.
Melina took deep breaths as waves of emotion seem to come over her, the hurt and sorrow.
"You were too tried to get back" Melina said, her words coming out forced.
"I couldn't save her." His voice had turned into a whisper.
Tears streamed down her face, Melina felt sad and sorrow, she could not explain why she was feeling this. Grief filled the valley they stood in.
"I am sorry Tavalia...I wasn't there for you" Melina said quietly as her hand touched the ground.
"I promised myself I would never come back here." murmured the dragon, looking at the small pile of stones that had once been the base of the pyre. They would have gone unnoticed, covered in hundreds of years of moss, grass and dirt but he could not forget the place where he had stood. "I failed to preserve her memory in anything but anger and hostility."
Melina approached the remains of the pyre and put her hand on it, as she started to feel faint, she closed her eyes to steady herself but could not.
"Forge.....Tavalia....." Melina murmured before the woman seemed to pass out as she collapsed onto the ground.
“Melina,” called Forge, startled out of his state by her reaction. He scooped her up in his talons and fled the valley.

Dusk was setting in when the silver laid down under the branches of a twisting oak tree. Melina was still dozing by his side where he had wrapped around her protectively. He stared out into the twilight with his head on the ground and sighed.
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Melina stirred and opened her eyes slowly, she was a little dizzy at first but soon snapped out of it as she blinked a few times, it was night time and they were in a large field overlooking a valley, Melina guessed she must of passed out from the whole sudden ordeal of emotions that flooded her, she did not understand how she could of felt anything like that.
The dragon lifted his head and looked down on the woman. "Are you alright?" He asked.
Melina lifted herself upright and nodded lightly to Forge’s question.
“Yes, I think so, I must of passed out…just got hit by a tidal wave of emotions” Melina tried to explain to the silver.
"You did? Why?" Asked the warlord.
Melina shook her head, she did not have an answer for this, it was as if she was connected with someone, but it was impossible as Zyra was too far away.
“I have no idea, perhaps you can explain, the feelings I had, self hate, fear, sadness, sorrow, it all came at once, through a link but I am too far away from Zyra to sense anything” Melina explained.
The silver grew still and silent. Those where not things that Zyra was feeling.
Those had been his own emotions. That was the only thing it could be. "-you... there must been some residual link...from when I refused Brathille." He said, astonished. "You could feel what I was feeling."
The dragon suddenly grew ridged, not liking this new vulnerability.
Melina eyes went wide and she stood up, looking at Forge with bewilderment at what he had explained to her.
“I thought you said you resisted Brathille….I thought it died between us” Melina said, surprise in her voice.
"Something must have remained, if you truly felt what you did enough to be overwhelmed by it," the warlord replied in a low tone. "It would explain..." his voice trailed off.
Melina seemed to look at the ground for a moment but a small smile seemed to creep onto her face, why she did not know but a sheer sense of relief and happiness seemed to well inside the woman.
The dragon gave Melina a sidelong look, not understanding what strange glee he could feel.
“It all makes sense, I just thought that we were close, or I was a good reader of people, but that wasn’t it, we always had a lingering bond, that is why I have been closer to you than you let anyone. Even Callisto, it explains why I bonded with your younger self in another time” Melina explained.
Forge shifted uncomfortably. Even after all this time and after he refused, Brathille had defied him and still knew. The woman would be able to read his discomfort with this new realization.
Melina felt and saw his look and the smile faded quickly.
“Your angry, you hate this don’t you, that we still have something” Melina said.
"I am not angry." Replied the dragon. "I-I...." He didn't know how to explain himself. He felt guilt and grief and everything in between but also afraid... Something he did not deal with well.
Melina approached and put her hand on his paw, looking up at the silver.
“Hey, everything is safe with me, you know that, I know how hard it is, but I said to you something, I would have been your anchor, to share the burden, I will honour that for you, what goes no here remains with us” Melina said, as if it was her vow to the warlord.
Nodding at her words the silver relaxed slightly but was still processing it all. He let out a sigh and shook his head. "I've made a mess of all of this," he said.
Melina smiled and smoothed his silver scales on his paw, “Perhaps, I understand why you did what you did, I can see that now, I really do, but I also said I’d be a shoulder to lean on, that is what I will be for you Forge” the woman said, with assertiveness in her voice to assure the silver of her vow to him.
The dragon sighed, bowing his head, defeated. He did not know what to say or how he should feel, bringing his nose down to Melina in some small thanks.
Melina smiled as she gave his muzzle a pet, “It be ok Forge, it will be ok” Melina said reassuring the silver as she let her hands glide across his silver scales.
"It was never my intention to hurt you by refusing the bond. You have to understand that I had good intentions." said the warlord quietly.
Melina nodded lightly, speaking softly to the large silver dragon, her hands gliding up and down his large muzzle.
“I know, I understand that, I know why you did it, I you understand why I was upset as well, but I’d rather have what this is…than nothing at all” she looked up and smiled.
The dragon looked down at her, content that she understood. "I do not want to dishonour Zyra's bond." he admitted.
“You wont, we both wont, I can assure you of that Forge, I always fancied having two dragons” she chuckled lightly.
"Hoarding now, are you?" he asked.
Melina smiled.
“Sound like a dragon thing to do, be the first human to be bonded with two dragons, Jack got his uniqueness, I think I am allowed something unique” Melina said quietly.
"You already were, without two dragons," said the warlord, giving a rare compliment.
Melina smile only got wider as she gave Forge a scratch behind the horns, he smoothed the scales near his fiery eyes.
The dragon closed his eyes to her touch, lost in thought of everything they had been talking about.
Melina smiled, she continued to give Forge a scratch behind the horns and continued smoothing the dragon’s softer scales, she did not speak, allowing the dragon to relax a little, after days of tension between them, it would be nice.
The dragon gave the barest hint of a thrum. He could not remember the last time that noise had left his jaws and it sounded strange in his ears.
Melina grinned, happy that she heard a thrum, it was not like Zyra or Ardon but he was slightly content and that was enough for Melina.
She finished and kissed Forge on the muzzle.
“Thank you Forge” Melina said softly as she settled down, grabbing her sheet to get down to rest, after what had happened to her, she needed a rest, she had a difficult question to ask of the warlord tomorrow.
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The next morning Forge was sitting by the fire, his eyes pointed north, onto where he planned to take their next leg of the journey. He heard Melina getting breakfast ready behind him. Rising to his feet he turned and walked over to the woman.
"We can go whenever you are ready." he said to her, tilting his head ever so slightly to watch what she was doing. Now that they knew that there was a residual undercurrent from Brathille between them, so many things made much more sense. His fondness for her and his protective nature over the professor. He could never truly place it, thinking that he only thought these things because Brathille had tried to bond them. The idea made the silver question anything. Fear of what it meant had taken over though he hid it well enough for now.
Melina gave a nervous smile, she spoke quietly as she fiddled with a stick she picked up off the ground.
"Forge, I have a difficult request to ask of you...." Melina said.
"What is it?" He asked, turning his fiery eyes on her again. He thought of a thousand possible things that he didn’t want to hear but what she said next was something that made his scales prickle.
“I need to go back to Tavalia's resting place, I feel awful seeing how the moss and leaves have taken over, she deserves a proper memorial to her memory" Melina said.
The dragon did not move, "I don't want to go back there again. That is not her resting place. She is gone" he said stiffly.
"I Know....but I owe it to her, I cannot allow her memorial to rot into the ground, she deserves much more than that Forge, this is not what she deserves" Melina said.
"Dragons do not leave memorials as humans do..." he tried to avoid it using a weak excuse. He could not think of what the woman owed to a dragoness murdered four hundred years ago. His heart beat quickened in his chest. He did not want to go down to the valley again, he did not want to walk over the place she had fallen and not risen from again. His tail swayed behind him, exposing his anxiousness at going back.
"She deserves to be respected and given a proper memorial, regardless of what you say, you cared for her deeply and she deserves her memory preserved, not buried in moss and leaves" Melina replied.
The dragon paced before letting out a frustrated growl. He scooped Melina up and took her back down into the valley. As they approached all he could think about was seeing Tavalia laying there, or the smell of smoke as he lit the pyre with dragonfire.
Melina soon saw the pyre, again emotions seemed to be rising from the warlord, this time Melina held a steely determination to see this through, thinking of calming thoughts and being focussed on task, acting as an anchor for Forge so he did not have to face this alone.
The dragon landed solidly beside the ruins of the pyre. "What did you have in mind?" He asked quietly as Melina stepped down onto the grass.
"You will see, if I need you to reshape some of the stones I ask you to if that is ok, if not you can leave me here if you want to be away" Melina said as she got to work immediately, in clearing the leaves and moss from the rocks.
The dragon worked alongside her in silence, shifting the small stones with ease, moving them to where the woman pointed, stacking them in an orderly fashion.
Melina cleaned up the rocks and removed all the leaves, soon the pyre looked like an old Celtic burial memorial, with the rocks neatly in a corner.
Melina took out of her bag some flowers she had picked on by their last camp and placed them on top of the new memorial, she also took out a love heart shaped necklace which she paused to look at before placing it with the flowers on top of the memorial for Tavalia. The warlord watched her place the glinting gold object around a pale stone that rested on top of the monument.
"What is that?" Asked the silver, bending down to look at necklace. He never recalled seeing her wear that piece of jewelry before.
"It is something my grandmother gave me before she died, supposed to bring peace and calm, it’s been with me for a while, I give it to Tavalia" Melina said.
The dragon did not show it, but the gesture had resounded with the silver. To part with something so important for a dragoness she never met was something he did not expect. Melina felt his pain and his long lived grief and was trying to help in the only way she knew how, love and caring, something that Forge kept away from.
Silence fell through the valley as Forge dipped his head and closed his eyes, standing before the monument like a silver statue. Memories rose up and faded as he recalled a past he had kept hidden for so long.
After a few moments the woman spoke up. "There is a belief in human culture that, after we die, we leave our physical body and our spirit lives on in another place, where I do not know, but it is believed the person lives on and is reunited with people who passed away from the family, the story is one day we will all be together again" Melina said to Forge.
"Your afterlife sounds far less lonely than a dragon’s. We cremate the dead and the ashes are said to be swept across the word by the wind before rising to the sky to become stars." Said the dragon in a low voice.
Melina smiled slightly, "No one really knows, all I have done is honour her with this memorial here, in some small shape or form" Melina said getting off the ground after she had bowed respectfully at the memorial.
"We can now go" Melina said. The dragon didn’t move at first, giving one last look at the memorial before slowly turning to her and lowering his great crested head. Gentle as could be the silver brushed the edge of his muzzle against her shoulder before kneeling and unfolding his wings to take them away from this place.
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