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Unread Nov 15th, 2016, 10:29 AM   #26
the listener
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"Oh, you're coming to see them off?" asked Alyia as she followed him out with a bounce to her step. She was still delighted with the man’s gift. It was a small gesture that had a great impact on the dragoness. It reassured her that James was not completely discontented with their bond.
"Kind of got to lass, since were in this club right? James replied, his tone suggested a question.
She giggled slightly, "Well yes, it would be polite, sir. We don't get to see them often," she said as they walked down the hall with him.
"Aye lass of course, I am sure they be happeh with everything" James said as he walked with the creme dragoness
“Ooh look at you, princess.” Said Amanda as Alyia walked in with James at her side. The woman approached her and petted the dragoness’s snout as she marveled over her gift. Alyia was delighted to be able to share the fact that it had been her Attilu that had given her the bow.
“That’s a lovely colour on you,” Amanda praised her before giving James a wink and a smile as she listened to the little dragoness chatter away about it.
James merely gave a nod as he ordered a coffee to help him start the day, as Amanda and others admired the gift James had got her.
“Come on then, let’s have some breakfast and send the boys off,” she said as she led her to the table.
Everyone had gotten together for breakfast to send Jack and Ardon off as they would be making their trip back home. They had a wonderful meal supplied by Kendra and the staff. Ardon helped himself to double portions as he and the dragons chatted. It was obvious that the boys had enjoyed getting together, their banter and horseplay making up most of the time they had spent their. Ardon had enjoyed their stay. Despite the rainy November weather, he had savored the beautiful landscape of ocean, sharp peaked mountains with rivers and lakes.
Jack approached James who was sitting next to Alyia at the table. She was distracted with talking to Ardon about visiting again sometime soon.
"James, I really hope you enjoy being bonded, it is not as bad as you think, Alyia will be your loyal guardian, just give her a chance," Jack said with a smile.
"I did get the lass something, lad, I ain’t heartless," James replied as Jack nodded with a smile, "It’s a start" he simply replied.
"Don't wait so long between visits next time, eh?" said Amanda to Jack as she gave Ardon a goodbye pat on the nose. The gold dipped his head so that she could scratch his crest to which she happily obliged.
"Perhaps you guys can come over for a dragon get together one day, you can meet the giant," Jack smiled.
"We could love that," grinned Amanda as Tarok nodded. "Ardon was talking about something like that. We hope that something like that can be sorted out. How fun would that be?"
Korrin nodded his head. It would be good to see everyone but to meet Vonriir would be something else all together.
"That can be arranged and your all be welcome, we discuss more when we got some plans sorted, until then, look out of one another and Tarok? You might beat me next time" he winked.
The blue dragon have a sheepish smile and dipped his head.
Soon enough the goodbyes where over, with Alex sending them off with a firm handshake and a promise to have them visit again. The shuttle took off and disappeared through the low rain clouds.
“Always so quiet in here after guests leave,” mused Amanda as she looked up at her dragon.
“It was nice having them, here. I hope that Ardon can arrange a visit with all of us soon,” replied Tarok.
“I’m sure it will happen one day. Feeding you all is going to be mayhem but I’m sure they’ll find a way. Anyway, let’s get out patrol done and over with. The sooner we get out the sooner we can come back and get dried off.
“Alright.” Nodded the coastal and together they walked down to the airdome.
Tarok got into his harness while Amanda put on her rain coat and waterproof boots. They could hear the rain pounding down on the metal dome above them.
“You can stay here Amanda, I can go by myself. You’ll get soaked.” Offered the dragon with a little bit of worry to his tone.
Amanda scoffed, zipping up her coat and pulling the hood tight. “I’m not made out of sugar, I’ll be fine, Blue.”
She reached up and buckled the collar piece of his harness before climbing up into the saddle. The dome overhead opened and a torrent of rain came in.
“Oop, come on lets go before we flood the place!” called the woman. Up and out they quickly flew into the rainstorm. On days like these where the weather and visibility were bad, shorter patrols were conducted for the safety of the dragons and riders.
The coastal did his rounds, ensuring he didn’t go to fast and miss anything but kept up a steady, quick pace that took them around the perimeter waters of the island. There wasn’t much activity out on the ocean straight due to the weather but still it was good to ensure that all was well.
Two hours later they returned, completely drenched. Amanda climbed down and unbuckled the harness before taking off her coat. Despite the waterproof material, rain had gotten in and soaked through her sweater and her teeth where chattering as she took off her boots and hung everything to dry.
Behind her Tarok freed himself of the harness and shook then flapped his wings mightily where he stood to get them at least partially dry.
Amanda dried off her hands and face with a towel and held it up for her dragon, wiping the raindrops from his muzzle.
“Ok, time to change into some warm, dry clothes and get you some lunch. You did great today, Tar.” She smiled.
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Unread Nov 15th, 2016, 02:55 PM   #27
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Laura had been working in the HR section of the base and had been ignoring calls from the archives for information under Alex orders, the emails sent and video messages sent were very passive aggressive and Laura did not like the tone one bit.
There was something off, she had done some digging and found the archives had been busy demanding information from other branches as well as EA archives, something they should not be doing.
Soon there was another message incoming which was a priority one message from the archives, encoded for Alex only, she frowned slightly at their persistence and now seemed to be trying to pull rank on the branch.
“Urgh, dam them” Laura said as she buzzed Alex.
“Sir, Torchwood Archives on the line, priority one, coded personally for you only, seems they are growing inpatient at waiting, shall I transfer?” Laura asked Alex over video line.
The man sighed and nodded, "yeah transfer it over. Let's see what has got these guys in a frenzy."
“Good luck sir” Laura said as she transferred the call, soon the torchwood archive logo appeared on the screen for a moment until it vanished and a man with white and grey wavy hair appeared, the man looked old but still seemed to have keen senses.
“Finally, Alex I presume, Torchwood 7 Branch” the man said in a thick Scottish accent, the man looked a little displeased at being kept on hold, or even having the conversation with Alex.
"Yes, this is Commander Alex Robinson, who am I speaking with?" Asked Alex.
The man looked at him with a dismissive gaze.
“Malcolm Turner, director of operations at the Torchwood archives and I am here in an angry capacity” he announced abruptly to Alex.
"Oh," Said the commander, "And why is that?"
The man seemed to stare with annoyance at Alex, unimpressed by his answer.
“You are joking are you?, funny fookin Canadian man is it? I have ordered information from your branch and your lazy ass be wetter’s switch board would not answer our calls, my anger at this defiance of our orders has led me to speak to you directly, I have better things to do than chase up branch leaders” Malcolm said brashly.
"Alright now, no need for name calling, Mr. Turner. As far as I am aware the Archives has been pressing for information you should already have," replied Alex in a stern voice as he folded his hands together.
“You have additional information on your dragons and other information on base upgrades and facilities we need to archive, your refusal to do such an act annoys me and don’t posture with me lad, I can have yoou busted down to cleaning the floors if I so wish, you sarcastic fook” the man said.
“If I do not hear anything in 48 hours, I gonna come down upon you so hard son, you have to put together by aircraft fook investigators, now get me the fookin info, now!” Malcolm demanded as the man cut the link.
Alex leaned back in his chair and let out a breath, "Jesus, they're letting a psychopath run the archives."
Laura soon came back on the line.
“Alex sir, I did some research on the guy and there is someone we know who has worked with him, while at his time at the UK government.” Laura said.
"Oh, who?" He asked her. "Might give us some insight."
Laura smiled slightly, “Your senior press officer and recent dragon member, Mr James McDonald” Laura replied.
"You're kidding me." Said Alex, running his hand through his hair. "Well, explains the demeanour a bit. Could you page his office and have him come down. We need to get this dealt with."
“Will do sir” Laura said.

James was busy in his office with Alyia helping to file his work when a buzzer went off, James answered it.
He nodded and put the phone down.
“Alex needs to see me in his office, yooou ok to continue with the file stuff Lass?” James asked the dragoness.
"Of course sir, I've got his." Said Alyia.
James nodded and made his way to Alex office, unsure what the man was after, but sooner he got there, the sooner he could return to his work.
He soon arrived at Alex office and knocked on the door.
“You wanted to see me boss?” James said as he entered Alex office and sat down.
"Yes, I'm hoping you can shed a little light on something for me. what do you know of a man named Malcolm Turner?" The commander asked.
James seemed to freeze and then man seemed to look serious and something seemed to pinched a nerve.
“Malcolm Turner?, that person is not a man, he’s a nasty piece of work and I do not have fond memories of that nutter” James said abruptly, anger simmering in his voice, these emotions would bounce to Alyia.
Alex seemed a bit surprised. "What can you tell me about him? His credentials, any history?"
James seemed to be simmering with anger, past memories were bubbling up to the surface, it was clear these men had not got on or had a falling out.
“He is a backstabbing Judas, ironic as he called me that, the grey-haired nutter, he drooped me from the UK senior staff after a disagreement, he is a cunning bastard that one” James said assertively as he seemed to be a little agitated.
The dragoness had felt the man's anger though the link and got up her feet, worried. She quickly made her way down to Alex's office and pokes her head inside. "Is everything alright?"
Alex looked up, "yeah we're fine, come in Aly."
James looked to see Alyia there as she was in close proximity, the dragoness calm and easy going nature seemed to act as a blanket on James anger.
Alex seemed a little concerned. If this man could put James on edge they were really dealing with someone horrid.
Alyia shifted uncomfortably, not liking the feeling she was getting off her Attilu but with little ability to do anything about it.
Alex explained that Malcolm was now in charge of the torchwood archives and was demanding information being released to them.
"Something just feels off about the whole thing.
“I dooo not know much aboot the archives boss, all I know is this guy has only been put there to get things done and act as an enforcer, something a jumped-up library shouldn’t be dooin” James replied, calming down slightly with Alyia being close by
The dragoness remained quiet but laid down to listen to the men talk.
"Protecting Torchwood member’s information and files is a high security task but putting that wolverine of a man seems a little much. And to demanding this information when they already hold most of the records just strikes me as odd." Alex said.
“Doo you have any contacts that could help you here? I’m only a press officer but I tell ya this for sure, he is a velociraptor, quite a nasty one, how he gooot that job I dunno but I doont think he’s acting quite right” James said with verbal honesty.
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the listener
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Alex scratched the back of his head as he thought of just where he could start. Letting out a breath.
"I've got minimal contact but I'll send a call for Baxter in London to see if they've been harassed by this guy and take it from there. For now don't hesitate to bring up anything you think might be helpful about this Turner guy." Said Alex.
James nodded, "I will try sir, booot I despite the guy, I'd rather not see his face round ere, ooor I wooont be held responsible for my actions" he replied.
The dragoness looked up at James, and curled her tail around his chair at the venom in his voice. It was clear as day that having those two in a room would not go over well.
"As much of an ass as he's proven himself to be I don't want any nonsense. We're better than that and I won't have us sinking to his level and play his game." Said Alex without accusation, standing and rolling up his sleeves.
James seemed to disagree but Alyia kind nature seemed to be controlling his wild temper.
"As you require boss, I be good," he replied, his aggressive tone vanished.
The commander nodded. “Thanks for coming in. I’ll let you two back to your work. I’ve got a lot to get started on here myself it seems.
Alyia nodded and waited for James to get up and head out the door. Using her tail she tucked in his chair and paced out after him.
"You don't approve of this Malcolm person?" Asked Alyia as they headed back down to his office; she had Missed the first part of the conversation but James' disproved crossing the link was a big enough hint. His anger had appeared to stop from bubbling over with her around surprisingly.
"He done the dirty on me, he kicked me ooot of my old job lass, so yeah I'm not a big fan of that backstabber" James admitted.
Alyia had mixed feelings about this. "Well, we can be thankful he did because then you came here," she smiled, trying to sooth his discontent.
"And then got myself a girl...with scales and horns" James joked lightly.
Alyia smiled proudly, trotting after him back to the office. They settled back into work, trying not to think about Malcolm.

Inside Alex’s office he was just beginning to get underway. He was kicking himself for not getting this done earlier. With the new bond and Jack’s arrival they had pushed many things to the back burner and they were just realizing that this had been a poor move as they struggled to catch up.
Malcolms attitude had really thrown Alex. He had dealt with horrible and angry individuals before but this man took the cake. Imagining the man’s cruel look made him want to shudder.
He paced his office for a moment before sitting back down in his chair.
Alex called Laura back after the door shut, "Laura, I need you to keep digging for info on this Malcolm Turner. When was he hired, and who by. Find out what happened to the last head of Archives, anything you can manage."
"I will try my best Alex, it might be difficult, the archives aren’t known to be very cooperative on releasing information" Laura warned.
"I understand, just see what you can find, please," replied Alex. "The more we know the better."
"Yes Sir, I try my best, Laura out" the woman said.
Alex made a few calls to other branches within a reasonable time zone and got similar replies. The Archives have been after information from Torchwood facilities all over. This sudden spike in information requests and their nature gave the commander a wary feeling. He didn’t think it right to feel threatened by stat keepers. It was beginning to put him on edge the more he dug.
He finally looked at the time and made a call to the London base. Jack wouldn’t have made it there yet with Ardon but he could ask their tech officer and hopefully find something out.
The call went out and was quickly answered, the man obviously close to his computer.
"Hello, Dr. Baxter here How can I help you Alex sir?" Baxter said, adjusting his glasses on screen.
“Hello, doctor, we’re shipping your commander priority mail. Should be back home to you guys in a few hours.” He replied with a small smile before getting down to what he called for, “The reason for my call is that I need to know if the Archives have been pressing your branch for information, specifically from a man named Malcolm Turner.”
Baxter scratched his head, "Well they have been making more demands than usual, all for archive purposes which is a little odd, we had some reports in from branches that the archives are pushing their luck" Baxter said as he typed on another screen. "Malcolm Turner is it?" Baxter asked.
“Yes, crotchety old man, creepy eyes. We’ve been hearing the same from a few of the other branches as well. Sudden, urgent requests. He came down T7 like a storm demanding the release of our new facility upgrades and the dragons updated stats, something I feel rather uncomfortable doing.”
"Well...the archives usually keeps information under lock and key but I reckon I get the information you require, I just need some time and I can contact you on this secure channel, just in case" Baxter replied.
“That would be most appreciated, Doctor. Call anytime if you find anything out.” Alex nodded and soon ended the call. Baxter was on it and he was well known facility wide for being able to twist technology for torchwood’s benefit. If anyone could find dirt on Malcolm it would be him.
Alex looked at his watch,
“Crap,” he said and grabbed the phone again and punched in Jon’s number, having forgot to inform him after all this mess.
“Jon, your new security hires are going to be here shortly. I won’t have time to come down to do a meet and greet with them today so you’re on your own.”
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James and Alyia worked and continued on as they returned to James office, the dragoness looking and filing work in his work filing cabinet as well as making a digital copy using her adapted tablet that Alex had given her for admin duties.
“Not bad lass, we got all work done, think yoou can get me a coffeh darlin?” James said looking at the dragoness, “get whatever you dragons drink as well, water or milk or something” James added.
The dragoness smiled and nodded before she left. She returned with a large cup of coffee that she placed on his desk before sitting down with a dish of hot chocolate for herself.
James took a sip of his drink before peering over to see what she had got herself.
“You’re a choccie lover are ya lass?” he asked, James unusually making conversation with the dragoness, an odd treat indeed.
"Yea," she nodded a little sheepishly. "It's my favourite but I like anything sweet really."
The man seemed amused.
“Well, we all got to have our luxuries don’t we lass, I wouldn’t worry aboot it” James replied taking another swig of his coffee, finishing off a report.
"The boys tease me about it but I don't care," she said taking a sip, "they're nonsense most of the time anyway,"
James seemed to nod in agreement as he finished the report, “Good Lass, we are all up to date…I must ask, how did you know I was angry? we were in separate rooms” James enquired.
"I could feel it of course, " she said simply.
James seemed surprised, not realising the full extent of their bond.
“Oh, why did you come to the office? Was it to see if I had not caught on fire?, it was strange you came and I felt an odd feeling” James said trying to describe what he felt.
"I can only sense strong emotions. I wasn't sure what had happened and wanted to ensure that you were alright, sir," she explained but didn't understand the odd feeling he was trying to describe. "You felt strange though?"
James nodded lightly, using his hands to gesture what he felt.
“Just, like a calming effect, like a blanket coming over, silly I know but you entered and it was like yoou wrapped me in a blanket” James said struggling to explain.
Alyia found this a little odd. "Strange. Maybe you just knew that you had a dragon to back you up."
James nodded lightly.
“Anyways lass, were all up too date now, sooo you can show me these collections yoou got in your quarters, I heard you like collecting things” James said with a small smile.
Alyia lit up, "oh, you really want to see?" She asked as she got to her feet.
James nodded simply, he might as well considering they were going to be with each other for a while and James had finished all his allotted work for the day.
“Aye, might as well, were all done here, only stipulation is no tellin the other dragon riders, I cannae have them thinking I gone soft” James replied getting up from his desk.
"Our secret," she beamed, leading the way.
James followed her as she seemed excited about showing him, he felt her excitement and he was unsure if he made the right choice, he was about to find how much of a true dragon Alyia was compared to the boys.
In her quarters the dragoness shared her collection of prized seashells and things she found on the island. She brought down a little box of pretty stones, some of her favourites being jade and fools gold. She saved the best for last: a glass jar. "These are my favourite though, sea glass. I love the blue ones." She said as she looked at the few pieces that rattled in the bottom.
James was stunned how much she collected, the seas shells were nice but seeing allot of them made him realise that she was indeed a hoarder and collector.
“You got a big collection here Lass, we have to ensure we got a big enough house for your collections” James said as he looked at all the sea shells and stones.
"I'm allowed to bring them?" She asked, surprised.
James nodded.
“We got too be happeh haven’t we Lass? Were going to be together, I cannae say no can I?” James replied.
"I'll keep it neat and organized," she promised in exchange for this kind gesture, already imagining being able to display all her treasures.
James seemed to nod to the dragoness vow, he was now wondering what he had got himself into, or more importantly what this bond had install for them.

Later on, in the evening Laura buzzed Alex as Dr Baxter had been in contact with them.
“Alex sir, Dr Baxter on secure line for you, it is a late call there considering its 8pm here” Laura said.
The call was transferred to Alex straight away on the secure channel.
"Baxter? Alex here," he said after accepting the call.
“Hello Alex, sorry to call you so late in the day, I have been busy obtaining information, kind of give you what I’ve managed to find out” the man said adjusting his glasses.
"Don't be sorry at all. You're the one whose up late, er I guess early at this point. I appreciate you work, what did you manage to find?"
Baxter nodded and typed away on his laptop.
“It was not easy to get information, I had to use one or two friends of mine, the archives keep things locked away but what I do know is there has been allot of activity going on in the archives, requesting information, acquiring buildings in several global locations and acquiring military hardware as well” Baxter said.
Alex rubbed his forehead, "why on earth are they collected this stuff? That didn't seem right at all. Anything on Malcolm?"
Baxter shook his head, “No idea, it is rather worrying” he agreed with James suspicions.
“As for your Malcolm he was hastily put in place over a year ago after the previous Archive leader, Dan Harris was killed in a plane crash, it was ruled as an accident as he was travelling to an EA meeting on a private contract plane, crashed into the ocean, body never recovered” Baxter read it out.
Alex shook his head, this puzzle was frustrating to piece together, "Convenient. What has facility 5 done in regards to their demands? Are you just refusing to send anything for now?"
Baxter nodded.
“We have started to provide false information, while we carry out our own covert investigation, Jack thinks something is up, I would advise sending reports to them but ensure you do not reveal anything sensitive on the dragons or base defences, if you have any” Baxter suggested.
"That's what I was thinking. Just want us all to be on the same page before we supply them with anything. We appreciate you looking into this, Doctor," said Alex with gratitude.
Baxter nodded.
“Not a problem Alex, all I suggest is keep a watchful eye on them, something is up, it is odd that the archives purchases or acquires the military hardware they seemed to have gotten, we will keep you up to date, Baxter out” Baxter said as the screen went blank.
Soon there was a knock on Alex door and Jon entered, “Sorry to bug you Alex, the two new agents have left for the evening, both as good to bring on board, they be staying in our Vancouver office and travel in by shuttle to work….is everything ok?” Jon asked.
Alex seemed distracted for a moment before looking up. "Oh, Jon, sorry." He said scratching his jawline and let out a huff and explained what was going on, "I was about to come see you. The archives are getting aggressive about getting information from all the bases. Jack is sending out falsified reports while they look into it. Something just isn't sitting right about the whole thing."
Jon seemed concerned by this news, it was not like the Archives to go sticking their noses in, it gave him comfort torchwood 5 were looking into it.
“We best send false reports as well, enough information they would not know better, but nothing major, perhaps the new security guys tomorrow can monitor our camera observation grid, just in case” Jon suggested.
Alex nodded, "that'd be good, Jon, thank you. I'll keep you updated with anything else that comes through."
Jon nodded.
“We do have a defence grid, I won’t be reporting but Robert had one installed for our base, before the know, but we are not totally defenceless but it’s never been tested” Jon said to Alex.
"Can you test it without drawing too much outside attention?" Asked Alex
“Possibly, turn it to non-lethal mode and have the dragons fly around to test the tracking and how our turrets react to them darting around, plus do a drill on the security alert procedures.” Jon suggested to Alex.
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Alex had devised up some fake documents to send to the Archives to get them to rein back on their insistent hounding. Drafting up information about the base was easy enough, leaving out the most recent upgrades to the security system and left the defense notes rather vague.
For the dragon’s documentation he filled out the majority of it with public knowledge, fancied up with medical jargon with the help of Dr. Francis. He added a few flourishes and omitted any Brathille based information to keep that under wraps.
He sent the files directly to the Archives and crossed his fingers that this would be enough to keep them at bay while they figured this out. Alex informed Laura that the information had been sent and to keep an eye out for why other responses.
As soon as that was done he walked briskly down to the airdome where the others were waiting for Jon’s orders to test out the defense grid.
He arrived just as the man was giving instructions. Alex stood off to one side to oversee operations.
"Ok team, we are going to try out Robert's defense grid and see if it all works ok, I’ve powered it up so you guys will be attacking bad guys, it will not be shooting paint but you each wear a sensor which will vibrate if your hit, Kris and Amanda will wear these head sets which will show where on the dragons body they were hit" Jon explained.
Amanda nodded and took her headset. "So we'll be as fast as possibly to see if the system can keep up." She said, putting it on.
Jon nodded, "The base will be put on red alert and we will initiate defense procedures however, the person monitoring all the action will be our two new agents, Joseph and Nicholashere and Dr. Hinton as he has technology experience." Jon explained as the two new agents waved. Tarok dipped his head politely. It would be a good first lesson to test their skill in this way.
"Where will you be?" Kris asked.
The man smiled, "I be in the Hornet coming after you" he said.
Korrin gave a snort. "Oh, good," he said, shifting from one paw to another.
"Well then, let's get started shall we?" Said Amanda, climbing up into Tarok’s saddle.
"Sure were ready," Kris said as Jon shook his head.
"No, swap dragons, Amanda will be with Korrin and Kris with Tarok, just to mix it up" Jon said as Dr. Charles chuckled lightly, James merely folded his arms as his response. Alyia sat beside him to watch the proceedings as she wouldn’t be out flying this mission. She was relieved, she didn’t much like getting shot at, real or not.
Tarok looked a little confused, switch week was well over by now. His Attilu didn’t seem to bothered, another test for them as well.
Amanda hopped back down. "Get my dragon shot down and we'll be having words, mister." She pretended to be serious as she pointed at Kris as she walked to Korrin.
"Get mine shot and we be having words as well, I think I learnt from last time," Kris said to Amanda as he jumped up on Tarok.
Korrin knelt down so that Amanda could get up easily.
"Remember to head out the far coast and then come back, the defenses will be up" Jon said.
The dragons and riders nodded before taking off as the airdome opened. Amanda and Korrin took off north of the island while Tarok took them east over the ocean to get out of range while the defenses were activated.
"Is this far enough out?" Asked Tarok as he circled over the water.
"Yes I think it is, we use your speed to your advantage, allowing Korrin to attack, perhaps use you as a flash and dash tactic" Kris said to the blue dragon.
Tarok nodded and drew in a breath, ready for Kris's orders when the ready signal came in.
To the north Amanda waited with Korrin.
"See if you can follow in behind Tarok when he makes his passed and strike the targets then." She suggested.
"Alright. You keep an eye out for Jon in that hornet, I don't want to be caught by surprise."
"You won't, I've got your back plus we will hear that thing before we see it in any case." Promised Amanda as she put on her glasses to keep the wind out of her eyes. It was a chilly November day for target practice and their breathed fogged and clung to the air. Amanda zipped up her coat to the top and made sure she was buckled in tight.
Jons voice came through the headset.
"There's the signal. Let's give it all we've got." She said, patting the green dragon's shoulder.
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In the command centre, the radar and main computer picked up the dragons approaching the base, Jon watched with a smile on his face as Dr Charles watched on the main screen, Agents Joseph and Nicolas manned their stations, Dr Hinton was also stationed at a station as he had experience with defence systems.
“Ok then, Sound battle stations” Jon ordered as the base alarm sounded the command centre went from its normal luminosity to red, as the base was now on alert.
“Activate defence grid and power up the practice lasers” Jon said as Joseph activated it, soon across the base entrance and around the rock, defence turrets popped out of strategic locations and were now powered up.
Alex watched the screen as the defences went up and the base readied itself for the mock invasion. The man had high hopes for Robert's defence grid as nothing their old security chief did was ever poorly contrived.
Targets also popped up for the dragons to hit, there was a total of 10 targets for the dragons to hit with flame, once this was done Jon spoke.
“Ok, Doc, I need you to monitor communication and how the defence grid performs, you guys will try and keep the base intact, well the targets, I’m going in the Hornet now, once launched, initiate base lock down with blast shields” Jon instructed.
“You got in Jon, your cleared to launch” Dr Hinton said putting on the headset, Dr Charles remain stood there in the command centre watching it all unfold.
Soon Jon launched the hornet as very large doors closed up, and parts of the base were sealed, Dr Hinton spoke over the base tannoy, “all non-essential personnel please head to the emergency bunker immediately” he said as the command centre closed off.
“Ok then were all set here” Nicolas said as Dr Hinton nodded as they now watched on the main screen of the approaching dragons.
“All turrets online, laser targeting, practice mode activated” Joseph said as he typed on the computer station.
The team was working well, as Charles watched everything unfold with Alex observing as well, the catering staff, cleaners and Jamie along with Alyia would be in the bunker.
The commander folded his arms as he surveyed the team. They were doing exceptional, especially working with different partners. He was impressed, "We should conduct base drills more often, I think. It's good practice and would keep everyone sharp."
“I agree Alex, should be good but we are all on lock down” Dr Charles said.
“Targets approaching now, they be in range in 1 minute” Nicolas said as the team watched.

"Kor, I can see some of the targets but most of the turrets are hidden by foliage, be careful when you make passes behind Tarok." said Amanda as she leaned over his shoulder and scanned the area below.
“Roger that Amanda, use natural cover when you approach, me and Tarok will draw fire but do flash and dash” Kris said in response over the headset.
"I'll draw the fire away from Korrin but keep an eye out for anything I might miss," Tarok asked of Kris.
“Will do Tarok, keep on focus, make a fast past, let’s see what these defences can do, “Amanda hold back, were about to make a pass at speed” Kris replied.
"Standing by," Came Amanda's voice over the radio.
Tarok took off quickly.
Diving down towards the islands before banking his wings right to sweep across the canopy over the base.
All of a sudden Kris visor lit up as laser beams exploded out of nowhere, the defences were on him, Amanda would see this light show with her visor.
“Tarok, evasive flying, dodge! dodge! dodge!, roll to the left!” Kris shouted as he clung on tight.
The blue dragon immediately folded back his wings and rolled left at a breakneck speed. His wings snapped open and beat furiously to get them away.
“Geeze that was close!, Robert did not muck about!” Kris said as Tarok cleared and went out of range.
"Kor, there are infrared lasers, I'm picking them up on my visor," she called to the green dragon, leaning low over his neck and called out their locations.

Inside the base, as Tarok made another pass, Dr Charles smiled as the team watched Tarok having to dodge the laser targeting system, the guns were very efficient in their application.
“Even in a mock test, Robert did a fine job, the defence grid is pretty robust, considering we don’t usually have any threats it’s a sophisticated system” Charles said to Alex.
The commander nodded, "Count on Robert to impress us even now. He was always one to think ahead."
Charles nodded in agreement as the team continued to work, “Defence grid keeping them at bay, I think they are looking for a weakness, I up the sensitivity” Nicolas said as he adjusted it.

Meanwhile back outside Tarok flew again, barely escaping getting hit, but Amanda was calculating the positions of the turrets while Tarok did the fast flying.
“We made 3 passes do you think you got the locations Amanda, we will go in for an attack in a moment when you are ready, draw turret fire towards us and leave Korrin open to hit the others” Kris replied.
"Yeah we're ready. We'll follow a few beats behind and take out the targets," confirmed Amanda as she gripped the leather handles above the saddle, ready for the attack.
Kris nodded.
“Ok guys were going in” Kris said as he then spoke to Tarok.
“Aim for the corner target, fly as fast as you can and launch your fire at the last minute then pull up quickly so the targeting system can’t get us” Kris said to the blue dragon.
Tarok nodded as he flew. Lining up the dragon suddenly charged forwards, wind ripping at his scales as he soared forward. He could feel the flame at the back of his throat, ready to be unleashed. They approached at speed and the dragon let out a a fireball from his jaws, striking the edge of the target before darting up and away.
Kris looked behind and grinned, it had gone to plan, the target was hit but was not obliterated, a hit was still a hit as he told Tarok to go in for a diving attack on another target.
The green dragon followed in the coastal's shadow. He fired twice in quick succession, striking both targets before rolling out of the range of fire.
“Nice one Korrin, were coming in for a dive bomb attack, stand by again to hit hard and fast2 Kris said as Tarok dived, however out of nowhere the Hornet appeared and quickly was on Tarok’s trail and closing in fast.
"Kris, the hornet's on your tail!" called Amanda through the radio.
Tarok heard it and had to abandon his attack pass halfway through to race away from the new threat.
The hornet came after him and fired its mock lasers, as Tarok had to fly fast.
“As fast as you can, go for it, we got to shake him” Kris said patting Tarok on the side.
The coastal dragon was ripping through the air at tremendous speed, his wings nearly a blur as he sped him and Kris away from the hornet, dodging other turrets and trees as he made their escape.
Amanda could see him race away from her spot upon Korrin's shoulders."Go Blue! lose him!" she called into the radio.
The hornet was pretty fast as well as the laser fired, the dragon dodged and darted around but there was no shaking the Hornet, Jon was a skilled pilot as Tarok was finding.
“Go for it Tarok we got to lose him” Kris replied clinging tightly and was low into the saddle to keep streamline.
The blue dragon was flying as fast as he could but he couldn't keep this sprinting pace up forever. There was a twinge in his wing muscles now and sweat crossed his scales. "I can't lose him, Kris."
Kris thought and spoke.
“Amanda, ask Korrin if he like to be a battering ram, I have an idea to shake up Jon but I need his bulk and brawn” Kris said over the communication.
"He says he can. What do you need us to do?" Came her reply.
“Were going to take cover in the forest to the north close to the base and hide, you fly low to avoid the radar, we get him to follow us close then you guys come up and Korrin collides with the belly of the ship and push upwards, near the nose, the distraction be enough for us to escape, in the distraction we can hit two more targets” Kris said.
Amanda worried that Korrin wouldn't be able to get away quick enough after he took on the hornet. "we'll hide under the canopy and get away that way," he told her
Kris knew that Korrin knew what to do and could do it, it was a bold trick but would work now Korrin was the size he was.
“Right Tarok, beeline it to the forest over there and then take cover in the thick forests, big spurt now Tarok, Amanda, get in position, tell Korrin to wind up ready to hit, he knows the drill” Kris said as he instructed Tarok to peg it.
Amanda confirmed the instructions over the radio as she and Korrin got into position. Tarok put all his power into his wings and tore off through the sky.
"Duck!" He called before diving into the thick cover of trees.
The ship slowed its speed and was now hovering around as Jon looked for them, he switched on a search light as Kris and Tarok had taken cover in the thick trees and brush, hearing the engines overhead.
“Rest Tarok, deep breaths, get your energy back” Kris whispered to the blue coastal dragon, he had flown magnificently in this test so far, but he had pushed himself the last couple of minutes.
Tarok landed at the base of a massive pine, panting rapidly as he tried to catch his breath after the wild escape. He suddenly held his breath and his sail shot up as he listened, thinking he heard something but it was the crackle of the radio. "Kris we're ready." Came Amanda's voice.
“Ok, stand by guys” Kris said as he looked at Tarok.
“How you feeling Tarok?, can you give me some more speed?” he asked the blue dragon male.
"Yeah," he said between breaths. "Just give me a second."
Kris nodded as he let Tarok get his breath back as he knew this was taking allot out of him, he gave Tarok a reassuring smile.
“Hey, you’re doing great, just wait, those wings muscle be sore now but next time, they will power you through and you be faster” Kris said giving verbal encouragement.
"Yeah," the dragon huffed, looking at the sky through the trees. "I'm ready to go again, just give me the word..."
Kris jumped on Tarok’s back and kept low as he heard the hum of the engines as the hornet was nearly on them, overlooking the cliff where Korrin had snuck underneath as the ship hovered.
“Ready…..NOW!, Korrin go go go!” Kris said as Tarok shot out from the trees.
Jon smiled, “Shooting fish in a barrel” he said as Tarok shot out of their hiding place unaware of the plan by the dragon riders.
"Alright kor, up underneath the nose of it like Kris instructed." Said Amanda as the green dragon flew in from the east and came at the machine at speed. Amanda curled up and leaned to the opposite side of the saddle, scrunching her eyes shut as Korrin rolled and barged into the hornet with all the force he could muster. The woman clung onto the saddle as the impact jarred her.
"Holy shi-" she exclaimed as the dragon rolled away and dove for the trees.
Jon was jostled and surprised as alarms went off as Tarok escaped and sped towards the targets, Jon soon turned the hornet.
“Tell Korrin to keep Jon busy, were going in for 3 targets, keep him off us” Kris said to Amanda.
At Amanda's orders the green dragon burst back through the trees and barged the hornets tail, rolling away and keeping under the machine where he could not come into range of its weaponry. Amanda was trying to stop from being thrown in the saddle. She marvelled at the power Korrin could dish out but it was alarming at the same time as she kept out of the way best she could in the harness.
The dragon returned to the belly of the machine and barged into it again with a guttural growl, shoving it upwards at an angle before dashing out of the way.
Jon was taken off guard as he powered up the engines to move the ship away, not sure where Korrin was attacking from, but he was being buffeted by the tank of a dragon.
Tarok had gone in and hit two targets but sadly the third was too well defended but out of 10 targets, they had gotten 4.
“This is command to all participants, the test is now complete, defence systems standing down, alert cancelled return to base for debriefing” came Nicolas voice over the communication tannoy.
“Hah, excellent work Tarok” Kris said as he patted a tired blue dragon on the shoulder as they headed back to base, the doors opening up as the turrets powered down.
"Good job, Korrin," praised Amanda with a pat on his shoulders as they flew after Tarok and Kris back to the airdome.
Tarok landed and allowed Kris to dismount before he sagged to the floor, saying he'd take his harness off after a break.
The poor dragon had given all his wings could muster and was wiped out.
After Korrin landed he sat down and panted, catching his breath with his eyes closed, relieved for the exercise to be over.
Kris was also panting lightly as the adrenaline was seeping out of his system.
“Excellent work Amanda, what it feel like being on a battering ram like Korrin?” he asked.
"Jarring." She laughed. "He did well to ensure I wasn't crushed between scales and the ship so I have to thank him for that." She smiled taking off her visor.
Kris chuckled lightly as he looked at Tarok.
“He really pushed himself out there, did superbly, but he is knackered” Kris replied to Amanda.
The man felt a little guilty that Tarok lay tired on the floor but he had worked his scales off, especially since Jon was on his tail.
"Yeah they both look a little worn out." She said with a small smile. "I think a good dinner in in store for those two."
Kris agreed as he gave Amanda a hug and went to his dragon.
“Hey Juggernaut, Amanda said you did really well out there with the hornet, Amanda tells me Jon experienced allot of turbulence big guy” Kris said sitting next to the green dragon.
Korrin gave a small smile, "Thanks, that part was the fun bit of the exercise." He replied.
Kris gave him a look.
“You telling me you enjoyed throwing your weight around on Jon’s prized ship?” he questioned.
"A bit," he said trying not to grin. "I like testing my mettle when things get tough. Besides he was asking for it when he brought out the ship."
Kris smile could not get any bigger as the man was proud of Korrin, realising he had an awesome dragon.
“You Korrin are an amazing dragon, really proud of you, you do your species proud” he said as the team came in to give the dragon team a de brief on their performance as the hornet came in to land, with Jon pointing fingers comically at Amanda and Kris, although the smile on his face showed how proud and successful the training had been.
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"You did really well out there Korrin, Jon was telling me you were a right old battle axe and he was surprised by your power," Kris said.
The dragon gave a small smile at hearting that, “I hope I didn’t damage the hornet. He was On Tarok’s tail. We had to do something.”
"He did not say anything, not that he would he was just shocked you could haul a 10 tons craft around" Kris said with a chuckle.
Korrin seemed pleased that he did not fail to impress. The green dragon had given his best out there and he was glad that it had not gone unnoticed. Striving to be the best for Facility 7 was a top goal for him. He went to their quarters and cleaned up. When he returned he asked Kris, “Even though we got some of the targets, did the defense system hold up well? Is it enough to keep the base safe?”
"It performed well, Jon was pleased with the reports, it isn’t at Torchwood 5 standard but it will be a useful asset, I hope we never need it though" Kris said.
The green dragon nodded. It was good to have defences but it was everyone’s hope that they wouldn’t ever be needed. He dried off and refolded his wings against his back.
"I think champ you require something tasty from the canteen, shall we partake in the munching of good food?" Kris said comically trying to do a bad British accent.
Korrin snorted, laughing at the man's attempt, "If you drop the weird voice I suppose I'll allow myself to be seen in the canteen with you. Leave the accents to Charles and James."
Kris nudged Korrin playfully, "Alright, let's get going" Kris replied with a smile and his green tank of a dragon lumbered happily after him.

Amanda took off Tarok’s harness, giving him a good scratch behind his horns as the dragon sat lazily, exhausted from his mad flight. He had really shown Kris the true speed and maneuverability his species boasted. He might not be a tank of a dragon like Korrin, but the blue male had his own array of talents out in the field.
“You were a rocket out there. So fast I’m sure those new hires didn’t know what they were witnessing.” She praised him, petting under his chin which elicited a content thrum.
“Come on, handsome. You can get cleaned up and we’ll see about dinner.”
Tarok got to his feet slowly and followed the woman to their quarters. After rinsing off, the blue dragon stepped back into their room and saw Amanda standing there with a big smile on her face as she held something behind her back. Tarok tilted his head.
“What are you hiding?” he asked.
She revealed a container of his favorite brownies.
“You said I can’t have these anymore.” Grinned Tarok.
“Ah, you deserve it today, Buddy. You flew well.”
Tarok thrummed again and ate the whole box in utter delight. His mistake then was lying down after. Once the coastal was comfortable he quickly fell asleep and even ignored Amanda’s call for dinner. The woman shook her head and sat down against him to read her book while the dragon slumbered away.


A few days later Alyia got a call that she and James had been waiting for. Laura had managed to find another home just a few minutes away from James’s old residence. It would still be a similar flight in and it was secluded enough for Alyia’s safety for when she would be there. They had to pull some strings to get the possession date moved up but they had managed it and still came under budget, a feat within itself. Alyia took down the address and instructions and skipped off to James’s office.
“Sir, Laura says your new house is ready to go. Just a few minutes up from your current residence,” Alyia said, trying to hold back the excitement in her voice.
"Oh, excellent, we can begin moving bits over, though we be done in 2 days for my stuff" James replied looking up at Alyia.
“Shorter than that, I should think. Should I hire a moving truck?” she asked, already in motion, looking up companies on her tablet.
"Good, idea, how about your collections?" James asked.
“I’ll box them up tonight.” She said, giddily, picking up the phone.
It didn’t take long to find a reputable mover. She scheduled them for the end of the week so that she could help pack everything and make the move a little easier. The day arrived and the little dragoness was bubbling. She wouldn’t be the first guardian to live off of a base, Icarus held that title but she was quite excited to have a home to call her own. In these moments she was especially glad she was of a smaller breed and wouldn’t outgrow human houses. She had brought her boxes of collected items, neatly packed and taped and set them in the corner of the room. The house looked even more barren now that everything had been put away into boxes to be ready for the movers to load them into the truck.
“Oh, the movers are here, I’ll go hide outside,” said the dragoness as she stepped out onto the back yard and sat hidden underneath one of the windows. The less people knew that a dragon was living on the island, the safer it would be for her and James. She could listen as she heard James open the door for the team of movers.
The packing seemed to go well at the start. The larger furniture was moved first, couches and mattresses. When it came down to the boxes and smaller things, James seemed to keep a closer eye on the event.
"Oh great, Can ya be careful with the cabinets and the boxes with ma collections please," James replied, these were really Alyia collections that would be moving into the house with them.
“Yes sir,” nodded one of the men as he picked up one of the boxes. He set it down a little too roughly and the items inside rattled loudly.
"Hey!, what I just fookin tell you you clumsy Clog, what part of take care doon’t you get, you dim witted ****e!" James erupted into anger at one of Alyia collections perhaps could of been damaged. "Just dooo your fookin job right, or you end up like mel gibsons jesus!" James threatened angrily.
The man looked up, wide eyed and nodded quickly; hastily leaving with the boxes and out of sight of James. The movers moved with greater care now after such a scolding.
“Psst, sir,” came Alyia’s quiet voice from the window as she tried to get his attention.
James went over and leaned out the window, "What is it lass?" he asked.
She looked up at him with a smile, "I know you're not a rider but if they're nearly done will you fly over with me to the new house? I want to beat them there and look around before they move the stuff in." she asked politely.
"Oh....ya doo? hrmm I suppose this once Lass but doon’t make a habit of it or I be called up for dragon service, I prefer a shuttle," James replied.
“I know, sir. Thank you,” she beamed and waited while James dealt with the last bit of instructions for the movers before he came out into the yard where the dragoness was waiting patiently. The trip over to their new accommodations was quick on dragon-back. She gave a little gasp from the air as it came into view. Alyia landed gently on the lawn and let the man dismount from the saddle.
“Oh look at it, sir. It’s such a lovely little house,” Alyia said, walking up the pathway.
The pale blue house was a single level rancher style home. The side that faced the ocean was nearly completely made out of giant panes of glass to let in a ton of light and to give a spectacular view. A lovely garden sprawled out in front of the windows before it faded towards the trees and then the sandy beach. The property was surrounded by trees that gave it a private and secluded feeling. At the back of the house stood a large garage and a pad for a shuttle, a gravel path led the way to the town road a mile back from the house.
The dragoness handed James the keys to his new place and followed him up to the French doors that would be wide enough to allow her through. He unlocked the door and entered into the foyer.
Alyia stepped inside and looked up. Vaulted ceilings made the house feel lofty and airy, plenty of room for the little dragoness to reside. The walls were a soft grey, so pale it was nearly a silvery white. She peered out the large windows, through the stand of trees to the ocean beyond. It was quite beautiful and she delighted to think that she would get to spend a lot of time here.
The house was barren except for the stove and fridge. Not a lick of furniture or décor in the place but that would soon change when the moving shuttle arrived with James’s things, and Alyia herself would see to that it resembled a home instead of simply a house. She turned to him and smiled.
“What do you think, sir?”
"Its larger, can fit yoou in Lass and your collection of trinkets and baubles" he said looking around.
Alyia explored the house a little bit. One of the bathrooms had been outfitted to suite a dragon which was why finding a place had taken so long, renovations had to be completed to make it comfortable for the dragoness.
The moving truck soon rolled up, Alyia hearing it before it even entered the property. “Movers are here. I’ll go hide.” She said. The less people that knew that this would be a residence for a dragon the better. Seclusion and anonymity would mean the safer they would be.
Alyia took off down the beach to wait out the movers, thrumming happily to herself thinking about the joys of her new home, not yet thinking about possibly being homesick for the others during the times she would be away.
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James monitored the moving guys as they quickened their pace, the man had been angered that one of Alyia’s collections could have been damaged by clumsiness or being brash. The men worked quicker but were careful on where they put stuff as James watched as he unpacked some essentials for the kitchen.
The dragoness was scouring the new stretch of beach that she could call her own for shells and anything else that might catch her eye. She had already picked up a few items when she uncovered a brightly coloured stone. She brushed away the sand and found that the bright orange stone, flecked with glints of pink and tan was roughly heart shaped with a little chip in the top right corner. She picked it up and trotted back towards the house, humming to herself.
In about 2 or so hours the boxes had come of the cargo ship and the movers were done, some glad to be out of the gaze of James as he signed the electronic tablet and they left, the ship took off from the launch pad and zoomed off back to Vancouver.
Once the movers had gone James waited until the area was quiet before going outside, sliding back the doors to heard to the edge overlooking the beach, he could see Alyia in the distance in her own little world of collecting and looking at the beautiful scenery.
"Alyia!, get ya arse in here Lass, they gone!" James shouted out as the house was now surrounded by boxes and other bits, he did move a few to allow the dragoness some room, moving them to the edge so at least they had somewhere to eat.
Alyia looked up from her newfound trinkets and trotted up to the house, wiping her paws free of sand on the grass before coming in. "That was quick." she said, looking around.
“Yes Lass, they moved pretty quick when I had a go at them” James replied as Alyia came into the house.
“Did ya fancy a takeaway Lass?” James said getting out his mobile, the kitchen was full of boxes and there was no way there be any cooking tonight.
"Sure," she nodded, setting her collected items down on top of a box, sitting down to admire them while James called in.
“What ya find Lass, expanding your collections is it?, have to get another cabinet, also what ya fancy Lass?” James asked.
"Whatever it is you wish to eat, I am not picky," said the dragoness, sorting the shells before handing James the heart shaped one. "There, that one's for you. You can start your own collection now."
James looked at it, while he was not keen on collecting items, he did make an effort to appreciate Alyia little trinket and the shape, he made an effort to appreciate she brought this back for him as he spoke.
“That is a unique shape Lass, it is very good find from you, perhaps we should frame this little nugget, shall we?” he asked the dragoness.
Alyia gave a little thrum, "And put it above the mantle there?" she asked, pointing to above the fireplace.
James nodded.
“Sure lass, we can put it there, yooou picked ya food yet, I fancy eating exotic, Thai sound good?” the man asked.
Alyia smiled, the man was rather different away from the office.
"Thai sounds great, sir." she nodded and set about finding places for items in the boxes labelled 'kitchen'.
James nodded and dialled the number on the flyer, ordering the food and giving their address as Alyia began trying to sort out the kitchen.
Soon the call ended and James went wandering towards the large kitchen where Alyia was putting stuff away from the boxes.
“Dooont fret Lass, we get it all unpacked sooon, just get us, well me sooome cutlery and a plate or twooo” James said as he moved some of the sturdier boxes into a square, putting a sheet over it as Alyia walked out.
“Tada!, instant Table” James said as Alyia handed him the bits for their incoming takeaway, James seemed to grab his large tablet and power it on looking at a news website as Alyia continued unpacking.
James seemed immersed in his news reading, the man was a big follower or local, regional and international news, then again being a press officer he needed to be.
The dragoness hummed a tune softly as she brought a cup of coffee she made to James and placed it beside him.
James looked up from his reading to see a freshly made coffee on the side, with a coaster on the box on his left.
“Cheers lass, yooou know ya doont have to unpack everything right this instant, right?” he replied as Alyia hummed and carried on unpacking.
"I know but it's fun. I've never had to do this before and once it's done we don't have to worry about it," she said
James raised his brow in a questioning look until he shook his head lightly and let her carry on, she was cracking on with it and if it made her happy then James was fine with it, he looked at his mark on the palm of his hand.
The crème scales were underneath his skin, the glittering effect had faded and it now looked to have a slight shimmer to it, he shrugged and carried on reading.
Soon the doorbell went and James looked up and got off the floor, “Alyia, grubs here” James announced as he went to deal with the takeaway driver.
The man soon brought back a large box of food as he had tripled on everything so Alyia could taste it.
The dragoness got out two plates; they had borrowed some dragon sized dishes from the facility and Alyia made up James dish, offering it to him before daintily enjoying her own food.
“Hows that Lass, I ordered a large portion, well tripled up on everything to ensure yooou had enough grub, Dun want Alex to say I doont fed ya” James said as he was eating his own food, not using the chopsticks provided.
"The delivery guy must have thought you were stocking up for the winter," she mused between bites.
James nodded finishing off the one portion, opening up the container of another as he tucked in offering some to Alyia.
“None of his business if I am, but it is you know, a sufficient amount, right?” he asked Alyia.
"Yes, sir. It's plenty." She smiled at his concern.
James nodded lightly, “Goood, good, good” he replied as he continued eating his meal, there seemed to be an awkward silence between them, James unsure what to ask or say or anything so he just kept eating and taking a gulp of coffee.
“Should of gotten a beer I think with this food” James said to himself out loud.
"I think we packed some over from the old house. I'll check." She said, meandering over to the fridge. "You're in luck. There's one."
James looked up as his eyes brightened.
“Is there?, brilliant Lass, any chance of opening the top, the opener all packed up” James said as he piled more food on his plate.
Using the curve of her talon the opened it and handing over the bottle before settling on the floor and crossing her paws and looked around. "I think once everything's settled it will be quite nice."
James nodded lightly as he took a swig of the beer, it was not his favourite but it would do as he continued eating, finding they had eaten all the food ordered.
“We get this place looking smart Lass, be home, ya need to call bagsies on which room you want Lass, I think we can put your collections in the other room so you got a dedicated room for ya sparklies” James said as the two discussed their vision for their new home together.
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The week pressed on, Jon and Alex conducting more security tests with the dragons and their riders. It was good practice even though they had never been under personal threat. They guarded the western coast so diligent training and practice would allow them to be ready should any threat befall them but it was everyone’s hope in the facility that they wouldn’t ever have to deal with something like that.
The weather hadn’t been kind to their patrols or training however. It had rained nearly every day in November so far and the rest of the week didn’t look promising either. Winter was nearly upon them, casting the province into dreary weather. The dragons were already longing for summer but the dim days meant sitting by the fire and hearty food to keep them energized for their daily routines.
Korrin and Kris returned from a rather soggy patrol. Nothing of great note again today but they arrived in the airdome drenched to the bone. The dragon landed solidly, his harness clips ringing against his scales as a shower of water cascaded down. He kept his wings open as Kris dismounted but gave a mighty sneeze before he shook his wings and scales out, more water dripping to the floor.
"Oh thanks a bunch you wet lizard," Kris said taking off his wet coat, he looked a little unimpressed his clothes were soaked through.
"Sorry, it was cold." sniffed the dragon, folding his wings against his back.
Kris shook his heads as he put the coat on a hanger, "I need to dry off, I grab a few towels and all" Kris replied.
When he returned the dragon dried off the best he could so that he wouldn’t drag the water through the entire facility and upset the custodian. He told Kris he would meet him back in the canteen after the man changed into drier clothes.
Korrin padded out into the lounge area and ate his lunch in front of the main fireplace as he watched television, happy to have the quiet of the room to himself.
That didn’t last long though as Alyia soon came trotting down the hall with a smile on her face. She had spent the last few days at the house and today was her first day back with James. The man was busy on a call so she had wandered out to the common area to see who was around.
“Korrin!” said the dragoness happily, jumping up and putting her paws over his neck as he tried to rest. “Stars you’re freezing!”
The male grumbled, unhappy to be disturbed but unable to be angry with the dragoness. He hadn’t seen her in a few days. “I was out on patrol for the last few hours. It’s been raining if you haven’t noticed.”
She seemed to ignore his grouchy tone and hung over his neck as she chatted away.
“You have to come by the house sometime, it’s so lovely!” she thrummed, so pleased to be able to finally tell him about her new residence. “There’s floor to ceiling windows and its sits back a bit from the beach so I can watch the water all day…” she went on to explain the home to him. They had managed to get most things unpacked. James had kindly offered her an entire room for her collections. It was barren for now except for her boxes but he had promised that they would get some shelving in to display her stones and shells, which had pleased the dragoness greatly.
The one downside was that James had offered the dragoness her own room. She had gotten used to having James sleep in the same place while they were in the facility but she reluctantly accepted that he wanted his own space.
Now Alyia was talking Korrin’s ear off when all he wanted was to catch up on some sports or doze in front of the TV. He allowed her to hang off of him while he frowned, trying to pay attention to the scores on TV and listen to her prattle on at the same time.
“Korrin are you even listening?” She asked, pulling on one of his crest horns with her teeth.
“Alyia!” Korrin growled, swatting his paw towards her so that she would let go. He was protective over his growing crest and didn’t want it to be scuffed up with her playing.
Just then a familiar voice sounded at the other end of the room.
“Ah there’s our little home owner. Are you bothering the grump?” Amanda asked as she walked into the room. Alyia scrambled off Korrin who gave an ‘umph’ before getting comfortable again as the dragoness trotted up to the woman for pets.
Amanda happily obliged and rubbed her hands across the crème scales of her nose and forehead.
“It’s so pretty, Amanda, and James is setting up a room for all my things to be displayed.” She thrummed.
“Oh is he now?” smiled the woman; happy to hear the man was caring for his dragon in such a manner.
“Yes. And there’s a beach and I’ve already found a few treasures.” She beamed, happy and vibrant as ever. Nothing could get the optimistic little dragoness down it seemed. Amanda got a cup of coffee and sat down on the couch behind Korrin while Alyia sat to her left.
“Aly,” the woman asked.
“I heard that Alex leased a little shuttle for James to get back and forth from the island.”
“Yes, it will save a lot of funds in the long run instead of calling a shuttle taxi each time,” She nodded.
“And how do you feel about that, flying in on your own?” Inquired the woman, obviously concerned that Alyia would feel put out by not transporting him about herself. To her surprise the dragoness didn’t seem too bothered.
“He’s not a rider like you or Kris and that’s fine. Plus he travels so much that with weather like this he would be miserable by the time we got anywhere.” She explained.
“Oh we can’t have that can we?”
Alyia shook her head. “No, besides, I don’t mind flying in. It lets me stretch my wings. Its not far at all really.”
“Well, Little Miss, I am happy you’re happy.” Said the woman, rubbing her nose to Alyia’s and the little dragoness thrummed.

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Jon and his agents had been monitoring the weather and a nasty storm was coming in to hit the coastline, Jon had monitored the weather pattern closing in, it would hit them first before going into the coast and Vancouver.
He had already received a report from Brogan the Lieutenant of the Vancouver Police department who was their Liaison officer, he had reported the authorities were giving advice about travelling and making sure everything was nailed and secured down.
Jon took the report to Alex who was in his office, he knocked on the door and entered the office, as Alex was doing paperwork.
“You know sir, you can use the computer and tablets, think of all the trees your using to do reports” Jon teased lightly.
"Hey, I recycle I'll have you know." He said looking up and putting down his pen. "What can I help you with, Jon?"
Jon smiled and handed over the report on the tablet.
“We have an incoming storm, it will hit us within the hour, Brogan has been in contact on secure channel saying they advising all flying kept to a minimum, it will hit us first before moving to Vancouver Island and the city, I think it be best everyone stays on the base and put the base on yellow alert and close up areas” Jon advised.
"Good. Make sure the dragons are grounded, don't want anyone blown to Alberta. Ensure that are backup generators are functioning in case power gets knocked out." Replied Alex.
Jon nodded in agreement.
“How about the waterfall in the main bit, should we close it off and go to generator power? we utilise allot of hydro, solar and wind power” Jon asked.
"Yes that'd be good, Jon. Batten down the hatches." He nodded.
“Yes sir, the guest rooms are all ready, you have guest room 2 Sir, Alyia and James can have her old room and the guys will be in 3 and 4 so full house including the catering staff” Jon said.
"Well, I hope everyone's ready for a night in," replied Alex, scratching his cheek. "Did they have a projected end to the storm or are we still waiting to hear about that?"
Jon nodded, pointing to the last couple of sentences in the report.
“Supposedly tomorrow afternoon according to weather satellites, Kendra says we have enough food stored for 5 days plus emergency rations but we shouldn’t break into them” Jon said.
"Let's hope not. We've never had a storm like that on the coast."
Jon nodded lightly, “I get sorted” Jon said as he left Alex in his office to carry out the orders given to him and to secure the base for the storm.
Most of the team were in the canteen as Jon came over the tannoy, “Attention all staff, a large storm is approaching the west coast, it is expected to hit us within the hour, due to the severity of the storm the base will be locked down for the storm, there will be no further patrols nor will anyone be authorised to enter or leave the base, the base from this moment is on Yellow alert and will be at this alert until the storm has passed, that is all” Jon finished the message over the tannoy system.
Soon the base lights turned yellow and the Torchwood screens adopted a yellow stripe across the top with alert flashing.
"Lockdown?" Sighed Tarok, shuffling his wings.
"It's that storm they say is coming in. Ah well, good night for movies and a cup of tea." Smiled Amanda.
"No patrols then I guess," said Korrin.
Kris shook his head lightly.
“No patrols, were all in here together, pick your dragon and get comfortable” chuckled Kris as the Doctors came in from the labs.
“Heard the message?” Kris asked Charles and Dr Hinton who both nodded.
“Yeah we heard, we powered the labs down to preserve power, were switching over to the generators so were all good, thought a cup of tea would be nice” Dr Charles said with a smile, Dr Hinton put in an order for them both as Kendra complied.
"Well we may be locked down but it's night being all together," hummed Alyia happily, always one to find a silver lining.
“How’s Mr happy, he still at his desk working its nearly 6pm, when does he finish work” asked Kris.
"He should be done soon..." Said Alyia, knowing he probably wouldn't want to come out and join everyone.
Amanda turned and gave Kris a look from where she sat with Tarok.
Kris saw the look Amanda gave him and quickly changed the subject, not wanting to dwell on this further.
“If were all bored, we could play pile on Korrin” he teased the green dragon lightly as he tried to watch TV.
"Already had to suffer that one today," grumbled the green dragon as the others laughed.
“Yeah but that wasn’t really a pile on when Alyia is not the same size as you Korrin, what you need is Alyia plus Tarok plus your riders for it to be considered a proper pile on as it were” Dr Charles said with a light chuckle as Kris had a sly look on his face.
Korrin sat up, not liking his Attilu's expression. "No..." he warned but Tarok was grinning.
Kris chuckled lightly seeing Korrin do the Forge look.
“Well we put it a democratic vote then, hands up then” Kris said to the drag and Amanda.
"Well I think Kor had been a bit grumpy and could use a cuddle," laughed Amanda, putting her hand up but Alyia was already on the attack followed by Tarok and Korrin tried to scramble away but was too slow.
“Pile on!” Kris shouted laughing as the human riders piled onto the large green dragon, Alyia and Tarok went on top as laugher burst out from the others watching the tomfoolery unfolding before them.
"You guys!" Korrin growled but there was no threat to his snarl as he allowed himself to be flattened by his teammates.
Alyia licked his cheek and thrummed, knowing he hated that.
Kris laughed as he gave Korrin a noogie on his scales as the dragons continued to be piled on the large green dragon.
Having had enough the green dragon pushed himself back up to a sitting position with a huff. Alyia was giggling, clinging onto his neck. "" he grumbled as he slowly shifted forward and got his hind legs under him and powered himself onto all fours.
Kris clung onto Large green dragon’s horns as Korrin managed to lift up all of them
Up as he now stood, Kris laughed while clung to his horns.
“You cant keep us all up forever big guy” Kris teased lightly.
"Maybe not," huffed the dragon, setting himself in a wide stance and shook his shoulders roughly side the side. Alyia squealed and slipped off his neck while Tarok abandoned ship so that he wouldn't rip through his scales with his sharp talons.
Kris remained the only person remaining hanging onto the dragons muzzle now as he gave a sheepish grin at the man.
“Ok so only me left on, still it was fun when it lasted, agreed Alyia?” he called down as Alyia got ot her feet.
"Yes," the dragoness giggled as she sat back down with James.
Korrin reared up on his hind legs and stretched out his neck high into the air so that Kris dangled high off the floor. "What now, dragon rider?"
The team laughed as Kris legs dangled from the dragon’s muzzle, “You have to slam me to the floor dragon, I’m not letting go, I’m pretty stubborn, just like my dragon” he chuckled lightly.
“Joos pin and lick him too death” James said making the others surprised James actually came out with it.
Korrin chuckled and sat back on his haunches.
With a sudden movement, he flipped the man off his nose and caught his shirt in his teeth and swiftly dropped him on the ground with a thud, placing a paw across his chest so he couldn't get up.
Kris tried to struggle out but couldn’t as Korrin had him good, Kris looked up as the large dragon grinned down at him.
“Yeah yeah, cocky dragon, if Jack was here he of lifted you up and chucked you into the ocean” Kris teased while pinned to the floor.
Korrin pretended to ignore the man while he held him down, looking over at the others and chatted to Tarok about mundane things like the weather while the blue dragon played along.
Kris laughed, “Hey, tubby get off” Kris called out as the others chuckled lightly, soon Jon came into the common room seeing the ruckus.
“Now now, let us have some sort of order, when the weather is cleared up I will make you dragons and riders an arena on the beach so you can throw each other to your hearts content there, just not in the base and not on yellow alert” Jon said.
"Sorry, Jon," said Korrin, picking Kris up and putting him back in his feet.
Kris dusted himself off as the team chuckled.
“Ok, so everyone has quarters assigned, due to it being a yellow alert situation, my security team will monitor the situation, the base is locked down for the storm but we maintain Yellow alert procedures, Joseph and Nicolas will take the first watch till 3am then me and Kris until the morning” Jon announced.
"What about me?" Asked Korrin.
Jon looked up at Korrin.
“You be with Kris of course, fully involved and you be standby dragon for the morning” Jon confirmed, hoping this would be acceptable for the green dragon, Kris did not seem to have any complaints.
Korrin nodded, satisfied with that. "Alright," he replied.
Jon nodded as he advised the dragons and everyone to get some rest as the base lights powered down to a dim lit glow, it was to conserve power on the generators.
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Most of the team remained out in the common area to watch a movie while the storm raged on outside. Alex remained in the command center with the new recruits on their shift to keep an eye on things. Dinner had been served and the rest of the evening was rather low key as everyone was grounded for the night. There had been a little grumbling from James about not being able to go home but for the safety of his dragon there were no protests. Alyia was happy enough anyway, sitting content with her large dish of hot chocolate as she sat next to James who leaned back in a recliner.
With the lights dimmed and an early start to her day, Amanda had fallen asleep on her spot on the couch though she was still sitting up with her arms folded, head slightly tilted down and eyes closed. Tarok was seated behind the sofa, his head looming over her but his eyes were glued to the screen. They had collectively agreed on a new action film that had just been released yet somehow Amanda managed to nod off amidst the explosions and gunfire on screen.
“Psst, Tarok, maybe you should put Amanda to bed,” Kris whispered, gesturing to Amanda.
Tarok snapped out of his trance on the TV and looked down to see his Attilu had once again fallen asleep while watching a film. One could almost bet on this outcome each time she agreed to sit through a movie.
“Just when we’re at the good part too. How do you manage to fall asleep each time we try to watch a movie?” he said, nudging her with his nose. The woman opened her eyes and blinked, confused for a second.
“You’re falling asleep again,” teased Tarok, licking her cheek. She pushed his nose away and looked at her watch. “God, I didn’t even make it till 9:30.” She said.
“You were up at 4…” reasoned Tarok.
“G’night men,” she said, getting up. The guys mumbled their collective goodnight, focused on a dramatic scene unfolding. Alyia had looked up as she walked by, “And little lady,” Amanda said, giving her a pet before Tarok escorted her out, lingering in the room trying to watch a few more seconds.
“You can stay, Blue. I’ll see you when you come to bed.” Yawned the woman. Tarok grinned and licked her forehead, “Thanks, love ya,” he said, trotting back into the room and settling on the floor.
Amanda smiled and shook her head made her way to bed.

Later that night everyone but Korrin and Kris had meandered off to bed. The two of them remained in the lounge area and relaxed as the man flicked through the TV channels. His dragon laid beside the couch where he said, positioned like a sphinx but looked tired on the verge of nodding off as he let his eyes close momentarily.
"Korrin? hey come on buddy, we go back to our quarters and sleep there, come on up, up" he said quietly.
The dragon automatically got to his feet at the sound of Kris’s voice before realizing there was no urgent danger. He blinked slowly and yawned. "What time is it?" He asked.
"It's about 11pm, we best turn in if we want to be up by 3am, urgh early rises, not fun, though you got an hours sleep while we watched the film" Kris lightly teased.
The dragon snorted. “So did Amanda, again. I was only resting my eyes.” He insisted.
"Sure you were, come on, you have to get up too since you want to be involved" Kris replied gesturing to Korrin to follow.
The dragon complied. It would be better if he could get at least a few hours of shut eye before having to get up again. The dragon turned a few times on his bed before laying down, letting Kris lean against his side, warm from his fire lung. Korrin nodded off shortly after but was woken by a strange dream. He snapped awake, images of the team running and shouting replaying in his mind. The dragon shook his head, trying to rid himself of the feeling that clung on. He let out a breath and tried to settle down enough to sleep again. It was nearly one and he had hardly gotten any sleep.
Korrin lay with his head on his paws, eyes looking out into the dark room. Even with the insulation and ground cover above them, he could still hear the faint whistling of the wind that roared outside above their heads. Try as he might he could not fall asleep again. He watched the blue digital clock on his Attilu’s dresser change over to 1:45 with still no luck at nodding off.
“Kris…” he whispered into the dark. “Are you awake?” He asked, not really expecting an answer but to his surprise the man looked over.
"Yeah, I am, cannot nod off sadly, seems you can't either," Kris replied.
“No, I can hear the wind. Its really storming out there.” He murmured, shifting slightly where he lay.
"Yeah, were pretty safe in this massive bed of rock above the sea, so were safe, it is just a precaution, your not scared are you?" Kris asked.
Korrin remembered a horrible storm he had to shelter from when he was barely a few months from the shell.. It had been shortly after Alyia’s hatching, during his escape from the back earth dragons. The beginning of his young life had been full of terror but he had risen above it, vowing to be a brave big brother for the little crème dragoness. The tiny hatchling was terrified of the howling winds and he recalled her shivering in fright as they hid under an overhanging of rock. Lightening had cracked overhead and thunder had threatened to nearly deafen them as they cowered back from the driving rain. It had been the next day that they had come across Tarok , having been driven to the ground from the fierce winds, spraining his wing. That had been how the three of them met and began their pact to protect one another.
“Of course not,” he replied. The green dragon scratched under his jaw, feeling fidgety now, “Should we stay here until three or get come caffeine in our veins before our shift?”
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“Well I would advise you getting some sleep Korrin, same with me regardless so were not really tired when we go on duty” Kris said as he got comfortable net to the dragon as his fire lung warmed him up, despite the base heating being on.
The dragon grumbled, putting his head down knowing he wouldn't be able to get back asleep even if he tried.
Kris chuckled lightly, “Oh you got your grumpy head on, was being pinned by 2 dragons too much for my tank?” Kris said teasing the green dragon.
"No," sniffed Korrin. "I obviously showed that it wasn't.”
Kris nodded lightly and yawned, stretching out a little, knowing they would probably get not much sleep at all, with the two of them talking.
“Yes, I was very impressed with that, 2 dragons weight on you must not of been easy, perhaps we should have had you and Ardon tussle instead of Tarok, but fair play to the blue guy, he did well” Kris commented, remembering how impressive he was.
"Yeah he did." Nodded the dragon. "He's got a lot of heart."
Kris nodded in full agreement with his dragon.
"I agree would of been interesting to see you have a go with Ardon, I think you might surprise him" Kris said confidently, always backing Korrin.
"I'm kinda glad I didn't. If he's anything like his Attilu I wouldn't stand a chance, besides, I'd rather not fight the dragon who got me here..." Korrin surprisingly admitted.
Kris was quite surprised by the dragon’s admission, the green dragon had seemed confident in the bet but perhaps it was for show, heat of the moment, Korrin felt his desire not to take on Ardon in any situation and held a deep respect for the gold.
“Well, have to find more boulders then for you to smash, since Tarok is no contest” Kris said in a lighter tone, giving a small smile to Korrin.
The dragon returned his smile, content with the fact that his Attilu had such confidence in him. "You're still certain about that no on the landscaping business?" He teased.
Kris grinned, “Retirement plan perhaps, I have found another rock when things have quietened down for you to beat, if you do, then me and you are off to the Keg in Vancouver, I know the chef there and says I can feed you all the steaks you eat for publicity and a signed photo” he chuckled lightly.
"What, really?" Grinned the dragon pretending to get to his feet in mock eagerness. "Let's go."
Kris laughed lightly, shaking his head as he got to his feet.
“Oh give over Korrin, your not THAT eager, besides you be blown away by the storm, when I think your ready, we give it a go” Kris said.
The dragon chuckled and laid back down. "Alright, alright." He replied.
Kris stretched again.
“So we have a deal then Korrin?” The man offered his hand out to be shaken as he looked up at Korrin with a smile.
"Deal" nodded Korrin, his own paw engulfing the man's hand.
Kris nodded.
“Come on let’s head to the command centre, were not going to get any sleep any time soon” Kris said gesturing to Korrin to follow him out of his quarters.
The two of them went straight there, hearing the wind howl outside and the crack of thunder and lightning, Kris thought it sounded barbaric outside, with no signs of letting up.
“Good morning, you two are up early its only 2am” Joseph said as he handed a coffee to Nicolas as Korrin and Kris entered.
"Couldn't sleep, figured we'd get a head start. Anything to report?" Asked the dragon.
Joseph brought up the weather maps and the local news, the storm was causing havoc with local village communities and in Vancouver.
“Storm has calmed a little but it is still pretty rough out there, least the Vancouver PD can use their havocs in this weather, were still ok, no damage reported around us or in base” Joseph said.
“No kidding, look at these reports, good job lads” Kris said as the two guys nodded and continued working.
"That's good. We can take over if you guys want to head out" Offered the dragon.
“But it be early” Nicolas said looking at Joseph who seemed uneasy at going early when Jon had given them orders to go at 3am.
Kris could see this and smiled.
“Korrin is very hungry and if you stay here, he might be tempted to eat you two as a light supper” Kris said giving Korrin a wink.
Korrin was confused for a second before he realized he wanted him to play along. The dragon clicked his teeth and let a little flame burst out in front of his muzzle.
The two men seemed uneasy as Kris nodded, “Go we hold the fort and go rest” Kris said as the two agents got up promptly and left as Kris burst in laughter.
"You're terrible." Smirked Korrin. "Making the new recruits skittish."
Kris chuckled as he sat down and punched up the data on the big screen, “You played along, releasing a bit of flame, look who is a bad influence” he chuckled.
" You” grinned the dragon. "I am young and impressionable, my Attilu is supposed to be a good influence."
Kris rolled his eyes as he checked on reports and other systems, until there was a beeping noise priority urgent coming in, Kris looked puzzled as he looked at Korrin.
“Seems we got a priority call coming in, marked urgent, do you know who it is on the other control panel?” he asked the green dragon.
"Brogan, from the Vancouver detachment." Replied Korrin, answering the call.
“Brogan?” Kris said with a questioning look.
“Put him on” Kris asked as the screen lit up and Brogan was there, the man looked concerned and a little anxious.
“Kris here, what can I do for you Lieutenant Brogan” Kris asked.
“Kris, has Torchwood 7 got any scheduled ships or anything due along this route or heading towards you?” he asked.
Kris frowned and shook his head.
“No, were shut locked down because of the storm, we have nothing going on, nothing scheduled, what have you detected?” he asked, the man sounded a little uneasy.
“Our sensors have detected a large transport craft with an escort of fighters moving over Vancouver heading north towards your position, they are ignoring all communications from us and before our sensors were jammed they had Torchwood insignia, hence why I am contacting you” Brogan replied.
Kris moved quickly to the next control panel, typing up to bring a map up, using Dr Charles technique he was able to locate the ships, they were now crossing over the water and were about 40 minutes away and closing.
“Brogan, the ships approaching us are not authorised by us, I got a bad feeling about this, can you get to us?” he asked.
Brogan nodded.
“We can but not as fast as we like visibility is poor and the wind is still blowing, the Havocs will be slower” the man said.
“Get here when you can, we might need you, I got a bad feeling” Kris said as Brogan nodded the communication line was cut.
“Korrin, this is not good, there is a heavy escort, they are attack fighters, they bear Torchwood insignia and they be here in 40 minutes” Kris replied.
Korrin was confused but had a firm look on his face. "I'll send a call to wake up Alex. Can we hail them?"
“No, sound red alert and emergency stations Korrin, then go get the armour harnesses” Kris instructed.
The red alert sounded as the whole base lights went red as alarms sounded off, Kris had now locked sensors on the incoming ships.
The dragon did as ordered as soon the red alert alarm was blaring throughout the facility as Korrin ran for the airdrome to get his harness.
Alex came running into the command centre, his hair a mess evidently just woken up.
"Kris what is it?" He said gruffly as his eyes scanned the screens.
Amanda and Tarok rushed into the room seconds after looking concerned.
Jon and the other agents also came in, Jon looked to see the team awake, soon James and Alyia were also there.
“Received message from Brogan, says we have incoming, a transport ship with 10 fighters on an intercept course to the base, they are using a radar jammer but Dr Charles improvements have them, they are here and closing on our position, they be here in 30 minutes” Kris said as Jon attempted to get more information.
"If the base isn't already under lockdown, do so. Keep the communications line open and keep trying to hail them. Displaying torchwood signs like this. What the hell is going on here?" Alex demanded, issuing orders.
"Amanda, get Tarok suited up in his battle harness. I assume Korrin is already there. No one is to leave base unless orders are given."
Kris nodded assertively.
“Yes sir, Korrin is getting the armoured harnesses, but the weather is still bad” Kris said.
Soon Joseph spoke up from his station.
“Sir, I have identified the transport ship as the Carleton and it belongs to the Archive, so do the fighters, they are dated but they are Banshee fighters sir” Joseph said.
“They must be all archive vessels, why would they be this aggressive, it doesn’t look good” Jon added.
Kris listened to all of this concerned about what could happen.
"No it doesn't. Why on earth would the archive have fighters? We haven't heard from them since I send those altered files." Alex replied. "Try the archive line, see if you can get a hold of someone that way. If they get close fire off a warning flare from the south side."
Jon nodded, Nicolas was trying the archive channel and repeatedly trying without much luck.
“They are not responding on our channels, nor are the fighters accepting or answering our hails” Nicolas said.
“Alex, sir may I suggest we implement full battle stations, bring the defence grid online and get all non-essential personnel into the emergency bunker” Jon asked Alex.
"Yes, immediately," said the commander, rolling up his sleeves. "Get the defence grid up,"
Alex made an announcement over the tannoy to have all other personnel to the emergency bunker.
Jon activated the defence grid and brought the base defences online, he also activated lock downs on the living quarters.
“Sir, I know we never done this, but might I have. Access to the armoury and advise on arming all security personnel” Jon asked.
Alex folded his arms, looking torn for a minute. "Yes... Yes, arm anyone who isn't in the bunker. We don't know what we're dealing with exactly and I don't want us caught unprepared."
Jon nodded.
“Right away sir, Nicolas with me and Joe, keep watch, they be here soon” Jon said as the two men went.
Soon James and Alyia approached, “The chefs are in the bunker sir, all the bits are activated, the doctors too” James said as Alyia kept close to the man now danger seemed to be approaching, the lights were still red and the base was on high alert.
"Good, you two head down there as well and put the bunker on lock down," Alex instructed.
Jon and Nicolas went to the armoury based at the far end of the complex, after Jon entered his code and finger prints and eye scan done, the large reinforced door opened.
Jon grabbed handgun’s and a few automatic weapons, the men armed themselves, getting ammunition and put the guns on a trolley and wheeled it out towards the control room.
Soon the men arrived back and the guns were loaded, Jon handed out the hand guns to Joseph and the men armed themselves.
“Sir, here is your hand gun, just in case, also request permission for me to go out with the dragons in the hornet, they need the support” Jon asked.
"Yes," nodded Alex, taking the gun, "They'll need cover if this goes sideways. I'm hoping that the fighter ships are just for show but we're not going to be taking any chances here."
Jon nodded lightly.
“I hope so too, I get ready” Jon said as he gave instructions to Nicolas and Joseph as he headed off towards the hanger.
“Alex sir, ships approaching the outer island, eta 10 minutes, defence grid ready” Joe said to Alex as the ships got closer to them on the map.

In the hanger Jon entered and could see the dragons were both wearing armour plating harnesses with their helmets on as well, they looked intimidating, the riders had bullet vests on and had helmets at the ready.
“You guys ok?, you dragons look intimidating with your armour harnesses on and the armour helmets” Jon said with a respectful nod.
Tarok shifted from one foot to the other, the weight of his protective gear on his harness feeling a little odd compared to their regular rigging.
"We're alright," nodded Amanda, zipping up her jacket over her own tactical vest. She was trying to hide it but the woman was nervous.
Kris nodded as a silence gripped the room, this was their first major combat the dragons had seen and despite Jon hoping to resolve this, the outcome did not look good.
“You be ok, any issues take cover, use your strengths to your advantages, I be in the air helping, so will the defence grid, we get through this” Jon said to them all.
The dragons nodded, ready as they waited on orders. Korrin looked like a true beast of battle outfitted in his black armoured harness and fierce looking helmet.
“Attention hanger bay, enemy approaching prepare for immediate launch” Joe’s voice sounded as Jon went to the hornet, jumping into the cockpit, the door shut as the ship powered up, engines whirring into action.
Jon put on his helmet and headset.
“Jon to control, all set here dragon’s all set” he said.
“Acknowledged Hanger stand by” Joe replied.

Soon the targets were approaching and were heading straight for the base, no signs of slowing or deviating from their current course.
“Still no reply sir, they be in firing range in 5 minutes” Nicolas said.
“Hanger all ready and standing by sir” Joseph said, awaiting on Alex orders.
Alex folded his arms. "Tell them to hang tight. Fire one more warning flare straight across the lead's nose. If we get no response have the dragons get ready to take to the air. The second they move to attack... If that's what this is about, set them loose. Defensive formation."
The two men nodded as they carried out Alex orders.
“Flare warning fired” Joe said as they monitored the crafts approach.
“Sir 5 fighters and the Carleton are slowing down, five fighters continuing on course, they are arming weapons, energy build up in weapons systems detected” Nicolas said.
“They be in defence grid firing range in 2 minutes” Joe said.
Alex cursed under his breath, "get the dragons out, secondary door of the sky dome. Have them hold position under cover and ready the defence grid to fire back if they attack within range of our weapons."
“Understood, defence grid awaiting commands” Nicolas said.
“Control to hanger opening secondary door, hold position until told to leave hanger, please be aware of any incoming fire” Joe said.
“Understood” Jon said as the large secondary door opened, wind gushing in with rain and thunder sounding outside, the rain poured down, getting the edges of the hanger soaked in minutes.
"Couldn't they have picked a nicer day to do this?" Asked Tarok, his nervousness manifesting in slight joking.
"It will be harder for them to see us. We will have to use it to our advantage." Said the green dragon.
Kris nodded to Amanda who nodded back, he sensed she was nervous, Kris leaned down and spoke to Korrin.
"You ok Korrin" Kris said quietly to the green dragon.
"Yes, I'm fine," he replied, turning his eyes on Kris. "You ready for whatever this is?
"Yeah, worried for Tarok and Amanda though" admitted Kris.
"He won't let anything to happen for her and I've got Tarok's back," replied Korrin.
Kris nodded as he sat back up in the harness, he put his hand on the dragon’s scales and steadied his breathing, looking brave and bold to give confidence to the others.
The figters approached the base and soon they could be seen in the rain, their lights on and approaching the base, they were slower than Jon had thought but guessed the weather was bad, it would give them an advantage.
“Fighters now in range of defence grid, targets locked on, they still coming at us, I don’t think they know about the base defences” Joe said to Alex.
"Good," said the commander firmly. "Weapons armed and ready?" He asked.
“Yes sir, all ready” Joe said.
Nicolas checked the sensors, “They locking onto the base with their weapons sir, detecting surge in energy, they be in range in 1 minute” Nicolas said.
Alex had his eyes locked onto the screens, scanning them as they watched the approach. "Lock onto targets.... And ready....," came the commander's voice. "Open fire"
The base defences opened fire on the unsuspecting fighters, lighting up the stormy sky with laser fire, the red beams of light stuck two of the fighters as one exploded mid air while the other crashed into the rocks as the others quickly split upon realising the base was better defended than originally thought.
Soon another explosion could be heard as the defences blew up another fighter, in the distance the others were coming in to attack.
“Three fighters destroyed, more incoming, using dispersion fire to counter attacks” Joe said typing in commands into the computer.
"Send out the dragons. Have them attack from below, give them the tree line to work with. Keep the fighters busy and off their tail with cover fire." Replied Alex.
“Control to hanger, Immediate launch, Dragons are to attack using the tree line as cover, keep close to defence grid range” Joe said.
“Ok control we hear you” Jon said as the engines roared into action, “Ok dragons let’s drive them back” Jon said as the hornet took off from the hanger.
Tarok shot out into the freezing rain and wind, angling his wings so he wouldn't get blown off course and Amanda shouted instructions to him. Korrin launched himself into the air and took off towards the south coast of the island, using the tree cover and his natural colouring to keep hidden.
The fighters attacked the base as laser fire hit the rocks of the base as the hornet lit up the sky with gun fire as a dog fight ensued over the sky, rain pouring down.
Two fighters came in and launched rockets as it hit the rocks, the whole base shook as some debris fell down in the corridor and control room.
“No major breaches sir, but we have taken several hits” Joe said as the whole base shook again, with alert sounds going off.
"Where are our defences failing? See if you can have the dragons lure the remaining ships from those areas and into range of the turrets," Replied Alex”.
“Control to dragon riders, try and lure some of the fighters into the defence grid, we provide cover” Joe said as the message reached Tarok and Korrin.
Outside the battle raged as the fighters launched attacks, the defence grid fired as the sky lit up with gun fire, the Hornet had downed another ship but soon the Carleton was closing n with 3 fighters staying close.
Tarok had managed to get a fighter to pursue him through the driving rain.
His chest heaved as he drew in air, powering his wings forward as he ripped over the tree tops. Amanda crouched in the saddle, half turned to keep an eye on the fighter, "right, right, Blue!" She called out, voice straining to rise over the howling wind and battle that went on over the island. Tarok angled his wings and tore over the hidden turret as the fighter followed.
The pursuing fighter opened fire and Tarok had to dodge as the fighter kept its distance, the wind and weather giving some advantage, the fighter continued firing, lasers zipping past Tarok.
The blue dragon snapped his wings **** and rolled, dodging the gunfire before his wings burst open again and beat rapidly, leading the ship back over the turret path. "Go, Tarok!" Amanda yelled, as they passed over it with the fighter close on his tail.
The turret locked on and fired destroying the fighter, “Excellent job Tarok and Amanda, keep your head down and wits sharp” Kris said seeing the tactic as Korrin released a bout of flame which hit a fighter chasing after Jon.
Soon the larger ship fired, launched rockets towards the base, it struck the base hard as the whole base shook, rock smashed onto the floor and electrical panels sparked and blew, in the control room a few fuses blew and debris fell upon them.
“The large ship is firing from range, external damage to base, minor damage to base systems” Joe said as the base was hit again, this time the base shook far harder and large debris of rock fell down, systems sparking.
"Christ, damage report!" Ordered Alex. "Where's Jon in the hornet? We need to deal with that ship."
Joe checked the damage report.
“External damage to the west of the base, certain sections damaged but no breach in the base yet” Nicolas said.
“Control to Hornet any chance of taking out the large vessel” Joe said.
After a bit of static there was a reply.
“Negative, it is too well defended, I got 2 fighters keeping me from getting close and the dragons cant either with it armed with turret defences” Jon said.
Soon the base shook again and a control panel exploded as debris fell down, rock could be heard falling on the marble floor and sparks flying.
“Considerable damage to west wing and exterior, reading structural damage on base” Nicolas said as Joe used a fire extinguisher to put out the electrical fire.
Outside the large ship fired still, it was just out of range of the defensive turrets as it launched another rocket at the base, Jon was being kept at bay by the fighters keeping close to it.
“Dam, I cannot get close enough” Jon said.
"Alex," came Amanda's voice over the radio, distorted slightly from the wind and rain.
"Tarok wants to make a pass of the big ship. Give us the best cover you can muster from that distance and Kris, fly in with Korrin after, like we practiced on the turrets," her voice wavered, trying to sound braver than she felt.
Alex wanted to call her off the idea but it was their only chance with the damage that they were taking from the ship.
"Jon, keep as many of the other fighters busy," ordered the commander. "Keep just out of their range but close enough to goad them into following you."
Kris listened in and was not too keen on the plan, the transport ship was heavily armoured and Korrin could get hurt, despite knowing the ship had a sensor blind spot behind the engines.
"It’s a bit too big for Korrin to take on with this plan Amanda, I'm not sure" Kris said as they observed from the trees under the ship.
"I can at take out a gun or two," growled Korrin with confidence in his tone. "The base is just going to continue to take hits otherwise, Kris."
"The back looks vulnerable and I think it's a blind spot, fancy ripping some metal off it?" He asked the green dragon with a small smile.
The dragon growled his affirmative in response, his hackle scales rising in anticipation, "tell Amanda to make her pass and I'll fly in." His voice rumbled.
“Ok Amanda, it is all yours, Jon come in for attack and cause as much chaos as possible, me and Korrin will deal with it” Kris said.
Jon smiled, “Alright, coming in for an attack, Tarok, get ready to unleash fury” he said as the hornet came down and opened fire, as the fighters returned fire and scrambled to get the Hornet away.
Tarok came shooting in unleashing a blue fire ball as the ships turrets fired at them causing Tarok to scramble away quick, the distraction was enough as Korrin and Kris snuck up behind the ship while its attention was on the ruckus around it.
The green dragon landed hard on the back of the ship, hidden out of sight. "Where, Kris?" He asked, his shoulders rolled under the scale as his talons gripped the hull.
Kris looked around as rain poured down and the wind howled, the man was soaked as he looked and saw the area they could get in.
"Over there, that get me access to the fuel system but this is really thick and heavy armour Korrin" warned Kris as he saw the Hornet fly in front of the ship and the turrets opened fire.
"I've got it, he insisted, moving to where the man had indicated. He set his talons into a seam in the metal and put his hind legs into a powerful stance before heaving up on the armour.
Kris took up a stance on the harness so Korrin could work without worrying about him, he strapped in and stood in the harness while the green dragon did his work.
the green dragon was focused on the task at hand, ignoring the chaos around him as he tore away at the metal with all he had.
"Grrrh," he snarled as he ripped a small piece clean from its rivets, giving him space to work at the larger plates of armour.
"That's it come on" Kris said assertively as Korrin worked on the larger bit, he encouraged as Korrin moved onto the harder and heavier armoured panel on the back, all the while guns and other things happened around them.
The dragon tried ripping up on the metal with great force but now he was beginning to have trouble. His progress halted as he heaved upwards on the armour.
Kris kept low and kept a look out hoping no fighters would see their work but luckily the front distraction was doing enough.
"Kris, it's not moving!" Growled the dragon, trying the other side.
“Keep at it Korrin, we got to get access or we won’t be able to bring this thing down” Kris replied to the green dragon as he continued on with difficulty.
The dragon was violently ripping at the metal panels but nothing he did was getting anything moving. He gave a frustrated snarl, striking the hull with his tail angrily. "I can't!" He growled, hell bent on trying to rip out the back of the ship.
Jon Hornet flew past and hit one of the fighters on the wing but not enough to bring it down as the turrets lit up the night sky as Jon evaded the gun fire.
The dragon's hind legs were trembling from the amount of force he was outing on them trying to destroy the hull.
"Rrgh!" He snarled as he attempted to rip the seams apart. "Kris, I can't! This isn't working."
Kris turned to Korrin, the dragon was trembling and he could feel the dragon’s frustration and energy, he had never admitted to Kris he could never do something, this was a first and Kris got determined, a strong emotion washing over him.
"You can do this Korrin come on!" Kris put both hands on the dragon’s scales and a power built up causing Korrin scales to erupt in a green glow.
The dragons scales shimmered in a soft mossy green as Brathille took hold. He gripped the seams in his talons and bared his teeth.
"Ghrhh," the dragons growl turned into a roar as he ripped up the metal panels.
Kris grinned seeing Korrin getting the upper hand with the power of Brathille rushing through them both.
"Hah! now last one go!" Kris demanded as the glowing intensified.
The dragon was surrounded by an iridescent light as he rolled his shoulders and heaved on the metal, making it bend and curl over as his limbs trembled with the power Brathille had.
"Just a bit more and we got access, come on last go!" Kris said assertively, Brathille bouncing between the two of them.
"Hhmph!" Huffed Korrin, ripping up the metal with greater ease now. He barred his teeth and heaved again at the new panel he held in his talons and yanked it upward with a vicious snarl.
Kris watched and was pleased with the dragon as he continued his impressive feat.
"All your strength Korrin last bit, then I got a surprise for this ship" Kris said pulling out a a few grenades he had kept for a special occasion.
"GO!" he shouted.
"Rrrah!" The dragon roared as the metal lurched and bent as he ripped it clear off the frame, rivets flying out after it.
“Great” Kris said as he pulled the pins out of the grenades and dropped them down into the gap that Korrin had made.
“Fire in the hole!, get clear!” Kris said to Korrin.
The dragon pushed off from the ship with a few powerful backstroke a before twisting away and racing back towards the forest, a trail of green streaking off his scales.
Soon a large explosion could be heard as the ship was smoking and on fire as it was losing altitude, Jon quickly took down another ship as the fighters closed in on the Hornet.
“Control to dragons and Hornet we have incoming, Vancouver Police havocs approaching” came Joes voice as the flashing lights and ships appeared, the large ship seemed to get power back and was retreating.
“YES!, they are retreating” Kris said throwing his fist up in the air.
Korrin let out a victory roar after the retreating ship. Snorting he shook out his scales to a relaxed state while overhead Tarok and Amanda let out a whoop of joy.
The Vancouver police took up pursuit as Jon let out a sigh of relief as he spoke, “Ok everyone return to base, Brogan is coming to land as well” Jon said as everyone returned to base, Joe opened the hanger doors but as the team came into land, they could see the damage done to the base from the attack.
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With the attacking ships now on the run, retreating and being pursued by the VPD Alex let out a breath he had been holding. His team had made it through the harrowing chaos and made it out alive. He could see the dragons on the screen, celebrating before they were ordered back to base. Never had the team before been on a mission like this, sprung on them during the early hours of the morning, fighting assailants that refused to communicate their intent.
"Joseph, send an urgent notice to the other branches, let them know what happened and that our attackers where under the archive insignia." Ordered Alex. If they had been attacked who knows what else might be in the works. The other facilities needed to hear what happened so that they too could be on guard. "Nick, I want a complete damage assessment and let the others in the bunker know it's safe to come out now
"Acknowledged sir, I let them know, I get a full damage report now sir," Nicolas said as Joe sent a message to the bunker.
Ensuring that everything else was okay in the control room, Alex ran down the hall to meet the returning dragons. His mind was spinning from the assault they had just faced. The commander had not wanted to strike first but could not let his team sit vulnerable to the attack when they had the chance to turn the fight in their favour right at the beginning. Alex rushed into the airdome as the dragons landed. "Anyone hurt?" He asked Kris as he could see brogan approaching from the air.
"No boss, were ok, wet and soaked through but were ok" Kris said as Brogan's Havoc landed as the Hornet landed as well. The commander nodded, patting Korrin on the shoulder. “Good work.” He said, ensuring Amanda was alright before he walked up to the ship as it landed in the space of the airdome.
"Lieutenant," said Alex as Brogan appeared from his ship, "Arrived in the nick of time."
"Sorry we took so long, the weather did not help, how is everyone here, do you need assistance" he asked.
Alex shook his head, “We’re fine, looks like we will have to do a few renovations but we made it through without injuries.” He said quickly, wanting to get to the current pressing issue, “Your officers took pursuit of the fleeing ships? Have they radioed in a capture?”
Brogan shook his head, "Were in pursuit but the Havocs aren’t really good in this weather, I hope to have a report from one of my pilots in a few moments, glad you guys are ok," Brogan said.
Alex wanted nothing more than for the people who had done this to get run down my Brogan’s officers and dealt with. He hoped that even through the driving rain and wind, they could manage to ground the other ship somehow. The commander briefed Brogan on their side of the fight since the last communications from the command center.
Around them the smell of smoke tinted the air. There had been some major damage to the south side of the building but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with time. Everyone was just thankful that there were no injuries or casualties in the event.
A crater in the concrete above the west wing smouldered, the worst hit section of the building. It would have to be cordoned off due to severe damage in the structure. The exterior of the control room had been stuck heavily as well, with many internal instruments needing replacement from the attack.
For now the team was just simply catching their breath and coming to realize what they had just been through. The dragons were dripping from head to tail from the rain, their riders not any better. The glow on Korrin had faded to nothing as he stood there, catching his breath and looking to the dark sky as the dome closed above them. A shiver ran down the length of his spine.
He sensed Kris walking around to face him and looked back down at his Attilu.
"Let's get this wet armour off you Korrin, get you dried and looking smart again," Kris said undoing the clips and taking off his armoured helmet off his dragon.
"What if they come back?" asked Korrin, stepping back to stop the man from undoing his harness.
"They won’t, calm down Korrin" Kris said as he unclipped the armoured plates.
"How can you be so sure?" asked the dragon, Picking up a paw so he could step out of the armour. Across the room he could see Amanda and Tarok leave the hangar, the woman’s hand on Tarok’s flank, sticking close as they walked.
"The defences are up and we got some support, we were just in a big battle Korrin, yet you seem willing to go back out there" Kris said taking off the last armoured bits.
"You defended your home admirably, we need to assess the damage and chase everything up" Kris added as his dragon seemed on guard now.
Korrin gave a low grumbling growl under his breath and shook out his scales again, trying to relax from the surge of adrenaline and Brathille. He followed Kris back to the quarters after having been told to meet back in the common room for a debriefing once everything had been settled. On the way they met up with the doctors and the others had that taken refuge in the bunker.
The lights in the hallways still glowed red due to the structure breaches and it would be some time before they could get everything back to the way it was.
Korrin tried to relax while Kris was in the other room getting cleaned up but the dragon couldn’t. Something was picking at him and it wasn’t just the worry that the fighters might return.
"Calm down Korrin, were safe now, least my quarters are still intact, poor Dr. Charles has had his wall punched in," Kris said.
The dragon grumbled; he knew they were safe but that wasn’t it. “Kris, I let you down. Brathille was the only reason I managed to breach the hull. If it hadn’t been for that things could have gone much worse.”
Kris gave him a funny look, "You performed admirably Korrin, do not be silly nor dismiss your talents young dragon, you were amazing" Kris said.
The dragon grunted, not really believing him.
"Korrin...what is on your mind, are you feeling ashamed of what you said to me?" Kris asked sitting next to the dragon.
“Never mind… just leave it,” Korrin said, moving to the door. He didn’t want to talk about it. . “We have to get back to debrief.”

In Amanda and Tarok’s quarters the woman closed the door and leaned back on it, letting out a shaky breath. Droplets of rain dripped from her wet bangs as she tried to collect herself. If there was one thing the woman was good at, it was putting on a brave act during intense situations but once alone she had to struggle to keep it together.
She had feared for her dragon’s life and of that of her team and the magnitude of the aerial battle was coming to realization as she came down from the high that the adrenaline surge lent.
Tarok turned around when he didn’t hear her footsteps leave the threshold of their door.
“Amanda?” he asked, turning and lowering his head down to her. She hugged his nose tightly. “Are you okay?”
“Yes, yes I am.” She said, “Just processing what happened, what could have happened.” She said, forcing a smile and standing back, shaking out the tension from her hands. “phew, what a ride. You were amazing out there, Blue,” The woman gave a tense laugh as she moved towards her dresser. “I’ll get changed and we’ll go meet Alex back in the common room.”
Tarok nodded, giving her a lick before waiting for her to get ready, proud of his Attilu for her bravery out in the sky above the island. Without her quick thinking, he and Korrin would have been a step behind the hornet fighters and much worse for wear.
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Kris was not sure how to speak to Korrin when he was in this mood, the dragon had put this blame upon himself and the dragon seemed to feel he had let Kris down despite them succeeding.
It did not seem to matter to Korrin that Kris talked him up, the male was stubborn and would be in this mood for some time, it frustrated Kris but he could not do much other than follow him out the door towards the common for the debrief.
Once everyone had gathered Jon spoke of the damage done to the base, Brogan was in attendance as he was still speaking to Alex, as the man gave out the damage report.
“The western wing of the base has been damaged, there has been a structural collapse here after taking a hit directly for a missile, we have had a collapse of structure on two quarters, one wall collapsed, a couple of computer systems damaged, a small structural damage in the control room and damage to the canteen area” Jon read out the damage done to the base.
The Doctors cringed a little at the damage, sadly they had lost the one quarters due to the wall collapsing in, Kris shook his head as Jon continued the list as Nicolas sat nearby, Joe was monitoring the situation in the control room.
“Christ alive, such a mess” James replied shaking his head lightly.
A deep frown crossed Korrin's face as he learned just how extensive the damage was.
"When will we have answers?" The green dragon tried not to demand it but sounded angry.
"I don't know, Korrin. I hope sooner better than later," replied Alex, knowing there was very little that they could do at the moment.
"Blue and I can bunk in the hangar, give the doctor our room while his is being rebuilt," offered Amanda, feeling bad that people were getting displaced.
The Doctor smiled, “I wouldn’t worry Amanda, I can stay in Vancouver in our branch there while we get sorted” Charles said.
“I know sooome hotels with discounts in Vancoouver you could use, save ya sleeping on the sofa” James replied as Charles nodded in respect to James offer.
“I have contacted the relevant contractors and requested additional funds, which we are getting, allot of the other branches have chipped in to help us” Jon said, looking at his notes.
“The canteen suffered some damage but luckily the kitchens are in good order so you can all still have cooked food” Jon lightly joked.
"How kind of the other branches to chip in," said Amanda, thinking it was so thoughtful.
Korrin still seemed out of sorts and had a frustrated expression across his face. Alyia nudged him and gave a small smile. "It will be alright, Kor." She said quietly.
Kris looked at Korrin and smiled, putting his hand on the dragons scales to calm him, the dragon was bubbling with frustration and anger about the whole thing.
“Brogan has reported to us that they engaged with 3 fighters who tried to block their path as the Carleton transport ship attempted to escape, all 3 fighters were shot but the transport ship was lost” Jon said to the team.
Brogan cleared his throat, “They piloted into a fierce part of the storm, sadly the Havocs could not keep up with them due to the air turbulence and harsh conditions, we are still trying to locate it and will keep you updated, the 3 fighters were destroyed after firing on our officers” Brogan said.
"No one was recovered from the fighters?" Asked Korrin, wanting some justice from those who attacked them.
Lieutenant Brogan shook his head, “Just bodies, our Havocs used missiles and destroyed them, they had no choice and I will always defend my officers in preserving their life in situations like this, we did give them ample time to surrender but as your head of security has said, they attacked the ships, so we had to respond” Brogan said as Kris felt the dragon’s anger bubble.
Korrin nodded, understanding but not satisfied that the larger ship had gotten away.
The people who attacked his team were still out there somewhere and it made the green dragons scales prickle. "Of course, Lieutenant, understood."
“In the meantime, Lieutenant Brogan has been kind enough to increase patrols along this area, now the weather is improving, we will remain on Yellow alert and keep defences operational until we have been repaired, I will conduct patrols with the police Havocs, we keep radar watch and we be back on our feet in no time” Jon said dismissing the team.
Kris nodded as he turned to Korrin, “I want a word with you in private Korrin” Kris said gesturing him to return to their quarters.
Korrin gave a little groan. "Now? Can it wait?" He asked, not in the mood to talk.
Kris rolled his eyes in frustration of the dragon’s reply.
"Yes now, while I still got patience with you" Kris said assertively as he gestured for him to follow.
Korrin gave a confused look at his attillu's turned back and reluctantly followed.
Kris led Korrin back into their quarters, once the door was shut Kris looked up at the green dragon and spoke.
“I know you are frustrated and angry about what happened and seeking justice, I am wanting to do some unorthodox investigations myself into this, I do need your help with this if you are willing” Kris said.
Korrin looked surprised, thinking he was going to get reprimanded for something only to have Kris respond with this, "W-what?"
“You heard me Korrin, I want to find out who did this as much as you, so I want to do my own investigation, this time do it properly and not go into it as brash like last time, but I need your help but there is a catch to this” Kris said looking at the dragon.
"Of course, what is it?" Asked Korrin.
Kris sat down on the bed.
“I want to know why you are being hard on yourself, you said you failed me, I did not think you had failed me, was it because of what you said during us being on the ship?” he asked.
The dragon looked at the ceiling, not wanting to talk about this. "Yes, fine. That's it. I hated admitting that I couldn't okay?" He huffed.
Kris nodded lightly but smiled.
“I understand, admitting you couldn’t doesn’t make you any less of a dragon, your still growing Korrin, besides it is a moot point because you did do it, Brathille kicked in but regardless I am proud of you Korrin, never forget that” Kris said with a small smile.
The dragon nodded, begrudgingly. He was happy that Kris thought that and that he was proud but still the reality of it bothered him for now.
“Ease up big guy, you did well, you are literally the tank of Torchwood 7 a grand title, I am proud to see you grow and at least we can see how much of a tank you are when Brathille kicks in” he grinned looking at the positives to try and dampen down Korrin’s poor mood.
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Korrin gave a small smile back. Kris was really making an effort to make the dragon feel better. The green tank could not fault him for that. He was deeply grateful for who he had bonded too. He was pleased he made the man proud and couldn't ask for much more than that.
Korrin gave a sigh, "Thanks, Kris." He thought for a moment and realized that Kris never explained what his idea was, the real reason why he had wanted to talk in private, "so what's this plan you need me for?" Asked the dragon, tilting his head with curiosity.
"I do some digging about the archives, see what they been up to, I know they have an office and a number of places across the region, we can go investigate them as well" Kris said, showing the dragon his plans. Korrin looked them over with a fire in his throat to throw himself headfirst into the fray to take on the Archive but something else held him back. He cleared this throat, unsure if his cautious response would be what Kris wanted to hear. He shifted from one paw to the other where he sat.
"Alex won't let take that risk though..." Replied the dragon as he looked over what Kris was showing him.
"Well, we have to not let Alex know, I do things secretly, I also got one or two contacts in the office we can use," Kris said to Korrin.
Korrin did not like the idea of going behind Alex's back. He was loyal to Kris but the dragon liked structure, and following the line of command. “How would we get leave from Quadra without raising suspicion?" He knew he would do anything that Kris asked of him but he would rather not risk the man's job or standing within torchwood.
Kris sighed lightly, "Perhaps I should speak to Alex about this, get his backing while we carry out this investigation, ask Jon as well" Kris admitted, seeing the look on the green dragons face.
"Believe me, Kris. I want to get to the bottom of this but we've always worked best as a team. Alex is being careful but I'm sure he won't let us down..." Korrin replied, knowing that Alex couldn’t be sending his team out on a wild chase against the unknown. He would not risk the members of T7 like that. Their facility had never dealt with danger like this before so they had to be careful in their next steps. Korrin hoped that Kris would see that.
"Perhaps go see Alex and Jon tomorrow, see what they say, I know they are trying to get communications back online to the archive" Kris said.
The dragon nodded, "we will find out who did this and make them deal with the consequences of messing with T7. " promised Korrin with great determination to his voice.
"Agreed, it will require a bit of digging but we get there, I am confident with you by my side we get to the bottom of it Korrin" Kris said.
The dragon nodded, looking tired as his wings sagged against his sides. The excitement of the battle now gone and exhaustion was beginning to take over. The dragons had fought with great valour.
“Korrin, you should get some rest. You be aching once all the adrenaline has left your system, get some shut eye,” Kris advised his dragon.
Surprisingly Korrin didn’t object. He nodded and sunk down to the floor, crossing his forepaws and putting his head down. Tomorrow would be another day and they could then begin taking the next steps after the battle.
For now the team rested after such a wild battle defending their home, sleeping through most of the day while the storm died down outside. The dragons received a much needed sleep while their riders thanked the stars that everyone had made it out unscathed. Everyone was busy in the aftermath of the attack. James has his work cut out for him explaining what had been seen from the coast on their island.

In the days that followed the repairs were slowly made on the facility. Tarps had been tied up to keep out the rain and the special contractors that would keep the facilities secrets hidden were brought in to assess the damage and start rebuilding.
It was a great relief to see the building come together slowly. The scars of where the damage happened where hard to look at but better than the alternative of what could have happened that fateful day.
November passed into December and with the upcoming holidays to look forward to, it gave the team something happy to keep them occupied while they made small steps in returning to normal life. For now calm and quiet reined but there were dark shadows on the horizon.

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