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Unread Feb 20th, 2003, 01:09 PM   #1
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Lightbulb Guidelines for the 'Roleplay Den' (New RPers look here!)

Welcome to the Roleplay Den of the Messageboard! ^___^
Here you can find some simple guidlines to the way we roleplay here!
So, let's begin, shall we?!

Short Cuts & their Meaning:

.) OOC . . . means Out of Character
It's used when you want to post a note in a RP without playing your Character

.) BIC . . . means Back in Character
It's used when you posted a note & now play your Character again.

.) IC . . . In Character
Basically serves as the same function as BIC.

.) A.W. . . . means All Welcome
Everybody can join this RP

.) SRP . . . means Serious Roleplay
More info below!

.) Private . . . Private Role-play
Only the participaters involved can join the role-play.

What is not allowed in RP:

.) Here we usually don't 'Power Roleplay', that means that you are not allowed to controll the other RPers characters! For example if you ask another person's character a question you have to wait till this other person replais with the answer!

.) It's also not allowed to kill another RPers character without having the permission of the original owner of this character!

.) It's also not very useful if you make up pasts/friends of another Rpers character without the original owner of the charcter knowing of it! That's often very confusing & destructive for the RP! If you want to create such a relative/friend please PM the original owner first!

.) If you want to join a RP that's already running for at least 2 pages you also should ask before you join, since the storyline often is rather developed then & it's sometimes a bit confusing if you suddenly jump in! So, please ask first!

.) Do not spam! Starting many RPs is nice, but please don't start too many in one day! About 2 or 3 new RPs per day are really enough! Please also dont start RPs with just one scentence as the beginning! Write at least about 5 lines, describing your character & the location a bit!

.) Do not dig out old, dead RPs! You see, every RP one day has to end when there're no new replays to it! So please do not dig out dead RPs that haven't had any new replays for weeks or even longer! It's just rather annoying & after an RP has died & sunken to the bottom it hardly goes ahead again! So it also brings nothing to you, becourse you won't get any new replays! If you want to RP, why don't you simply start a new one? That's a lot more successful & interessting for other RPers!

.) Keep this all a G or PG rating! So please no too detailed violence, mating, cursing & so on! If your character has to curse please use '**' after the first letter.

What to RP where?

Here we have 7 subforums for our RPs.

.) The Lion King/ Africa Role-play
Here goes everything that's related to the LK movies or african animals! (Not just lions, also zebras, gazellas, leopards, cheetas a.s.o.) Please no wolves or other animals! If they don't come from Africa they belong into the Other Roleplay!

.) The Fantasy Role-play
This Section is for everything Fantasy related, like Dragons, Unicorns, Gryphons & other mystical creatures! Also LotR & Harry Potter go here as well as Anime-RPs (Inu-yasha, Vision of Escaflowne).

.) The OOC Area
Here you can post ideas for RPs & organice them!
Please post all your OOC threads here, afterall, this is ment to keep them out of the other sub-forums!

.) The Non-TLK Animal-Roleplay
As the title says, a place to RP all animals that aren't living in Africa, therefore, wolves, dogs, rabbits, horses & such have their home here! Antromorphic animals or Furries go here, too!

.) The Sci-Fi Role-play
This serves for any role-plays relating to science fiction such as Star Trek, X-Files, Stargate, Dune and so on.

.) The Historical Role-Play
This is for any events you wish to play out from history. Pirates sailing the seven seas, ancient warriors clashing in battle, and many varied cultures can be found here from our time.

.) The Other Role-play
Pokemon & Digimon ones & Human RPs, in fact everything goes here that doesn't fit into the other categories! Please no lions, animals & fantasy ones those belong into their own section!

.) The Mature Roleplay
This section is ment, as the title suggests, for more mature RPs & therefore also just accessable for members of a certain age. However, this subforum is NOT open for any kind of porn, it is just thought for RPs involving a more mature degree of violence or other topics of that kind, like you'd find it in R-rated movies!
To access the forum you'll have to become part of it's Usergroup, the Moderators then will accept or deny you, mainly depending on your age, of course. However, we also trust you people in knowing how old you are & how you can handle mature topics, in the first place!
To request to join this usergroup, simply click on "Group Memberships" in the user CP and chosing the Mature RP group. Your request will then be reviewed by one of the RP Den moderators.

So, that's basicly everything important you should know!
But if you still have questions don't hesitate to PM one of the Moderators, 'Scape, Wolverina, or SpiritWolf77! We don't bite . . . hard!
. . . & never forget the most important rule! Have fun! ^_____^
I'm just half as nice as I appear to be, but about double as nice as I'd like to be!
Vacare. Inprimis.
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Unread Mar 30th, 2003, 11:26 AM   #2
The game's a hoot!
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I have updated as well...
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Unread Jan 3rd, 2004, 11:59 AM   #3
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Edited the link to the Stargate RP since it was broken, hope you don't mind Wolvy.
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Unread Nov 14th, 2005, 09:54 AM   #4
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Tagged on more specific instructions on how to access the Mature RP section.
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