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General guidelines for this area and useful threads... please read before posting!

Welcome to the Share Your Tips forum, a place for fellow Lilymudders to help each other out with problems they may be having with artwork, pets, computers, what have you. (For help with more personal problems, please check out the ECI forum.) In order to make it easier for people to help you, please follow these simple guidelines when posting:
  • Use descriptive thread titles.
    Generic titles such as "Help!!!" or "Ummm... question?" really do not help anyone because they give absolutely no clue as to what you really need help with. Better titles would be "Help with Photoshop brushes" or "Question about dog grooming."

  • Thoroughly describe your problem.
    If you are having problems with, say, feline anatomy, please don't just write "How do u draw lions?" That's far too generic, and you'll likely only receive generic responses. A better thread message would be "I am having problems drawing feline hind legs. Does anyone have links to any tutorials that focus on feline anatomy?"

  • Provide examples/details if possible.
    If you're having an art-related problem, provide a sample picture that clearly shows the issue you're having (or utilize the Constructive Criticism forum). If you're having a computer-related problem, provide some relevant details about your system and setup: operating system, make/model of your computer or the part that is having problems, any relevant hardware, type and speed of Internet connection, etc.

  • Describe what steps you've already taken to try and resolve the problem.
    If you've already tried to fix the problem, describe what you did! If you've already tried solutions A, B, and C, then someone writing back to offer help can offer solutions D, E, and F instead of wasting time suggesting things you've already tried.

  • Follow up with the solution that worked!
    It's always great when a certain solution or tip works, but it's even better when you mention it so others having similar problems later on can give that solution a try. It also lets the people who helped you know that you appreciate their input and guidance.

Below are some threads that contain a lot of useful information that can be applied to many different types of problems. If you happen to find a thread with a lot of useful general information that you think should be added here, PM me and let me know.

Random tutorials!
In what is arguably the most useful thread in this entire forum, AirGuiTaR has collected links to all sorts of online tutorials, ranging from general and specific art techniques to fursuit construction. If you have a "How Do I..?" question dealing with some aspect of drawing or creating, this should be your first stop.

Free digital art (and related) programs
If you're just getting into digital art or are a veteran looking to widen your palate of tools, check out this thread to find a list of free programs you can try out. It is by no means exhaustive, but it should be a good starting point in your online search.

Customizing your Artist Comments page - the guide
This small tutorial I wrote describes a basic technique for customizing your Artist Comments page on the TLKFAA. While it's entirely possible to do this using tables and old HTML4-style markup, the more robust and forward-compatible method involves using simple CSS, which I describe here.

Useful Applications
Looking for audio players, FTP clients, firewalls, office suites, or anti-virus applications but don't want to pay money for them? This thread contains a huge list of free programs to help you with many aspects of computing, as well as some notes that point out particularly good programs or features.

Internet browsing... ~the safe way~
This thread is geared mostly to Windows users and is slightly dated, but the tips can be applied across pretty much any operating system and are in general good ideas to follow wherever and whenever you're using your computer. Beware the Internets!
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