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Unread Oct 16th, 2016, 09:15 AM   #1
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Jack and Ardon - The Unsung Hero

A few weeks had now passed since the arrival of the behemoth dragon known as Vonriir to Torchwood 5, Forge had brought him to the facility to give the giant dragon a new opportunity and perhaps to find a purpose in his life.
Indeed Vonriir introduction was greeted with awe and excitement from the team, they had never had a dragon of his size before and it was something the whole base seemed to be buzzed about.
Forge had stayed for a little while to ease Vonriir into the life of guardianship and to discuss the proper procedures in place for any dragon.
Vonriir had soon got into the swing of things, his good nature and big heart made him lots of fans on the base, Melina had been in awe at seeing such a dragon for the first time, Forge soon seemed to hang around a little more than usual, perhaps in fear of losing his number 1 spot to this big, friendly giant.
Vonriir had been assigned the biggest dragon quarters in the dragon academy, allowing the dragon to have room and this particular room was themed as a cave with fresh running water in a sort of stream theme.
All the quarters had running water, toilets and shower rooms however to keep things as natural as possible, Jack had all the quarters turned into cavern shaped themes to ensure none of the dragons were spooked or felt overwhelmed with technology.
The only person who was not too enthusiastic with Vonriir appearance was Toby, then man had nearly pulled out his hair, just about coping with 3 growing dragons and now they had acquired one the size of a small office building.
Jack had assured the man to double to food budget but the head chef was feeling under pressure to keep now all 4 dragons fed, meetings with Jack, assuring him if he needed more staff or more room to accommodate Vonriir seemed not to sway the poor man’s doubts.
The brief training and introduction of Vonriir to Earth and Torchwood life seemed to go well, Vonriir understood the need to keep away from larger cities and to maintain Torchwood 5’s location and identity secret.
As well as learning about the world and the politics, Ardon laid out the foundation work for becoming a guardian dragon, the rules and guidance he had taught Zyra and Comox.
Jack was very proud with how Ardon conducted himself here, getting really involved and stuck into the project, Vonriir listened with intent and kept everything civil and polite.
Soon Forge felt his work was done and left for the island, not before getting a secret pet and smooth of his muzzle from Melina, these were his luxuries and no one else would share in these, not even this giant dragon.

Today Melina wanted to get her dragon database up to date, she had been putting it off to ensure Vonriir did not feel overwhelmed but with things going well and Zyra back to studying, Melina grabbed Doctor Baxter’s help in getting readings, stats and to update her medical records.
Melina approached the Vast doors and pressed the buzzer.
"Come in," called the large dragon.
"Ah professor, what can I do for you miss?"
Melina walked in and smiled kindly, looking up at the big dragon who was settled down on the floor, the giant dragon greeting her with extreme politeness.
“I am just here to check you are doing ok, I understand you been here a few weeks, just like to see how you feel you are getting on and settling into our crazy world” Melina chuckled lightly.
"It's been strange but I have been enjoying myself. You humans certainly are creative creatures when it comes to technology." He said with a smile. "I feel I have a lot to catch up with. The kids are so far ahead with knowing this world but I'm slowly catching up with Ardon’s lessons."
Melina smiled calling the younger dragons kids, then again he was right in a way.
“I hope their youthfulness and energy do not wear you down Vonriir, since your now our oldest recruit which is by no means a disadvantage” Melina replied.
"They keep me on my toes but they are good younglings. Good hearts in all of them. You're lucky to have such dragons." He said kindly. "And they are lucky to have such people like yourself to help guide them."
Melina smiled.
“I appreciate your compliments Vonriir, perhaps when you have a quiet few, you be interested in helping me update my dragon database, it just be measuring, height weight, wing span and other things for my medical database, perhaps even see how you measure up in stats, as you can guess Forge kind of holds the records” Melina replied.
"Forge isn't one to disappoint really, well in most cases," he chuckled to himself. "But I am free from study today as young Ardon has work to do. I would happy to be of assistance to whatever it is you need."
Melina was happy Vonriir was willing, “Well there is no rush, we do everything in the dragon hanger since sadly your too big for my labs, but the dragon hanger is used for a multiple range of purposes, I appreciate your cooperation” Melina smiled.
"Well might as well get started though," said the dragon, heaving himself to his feet. He towered over the woman but held out a paw. "After you, professor."
Melina walked out with Vonriir behind her, “You sure? Ardon not teaching you today or telling you where all of Mark’s secret stash of treats are?” Melina laughed lightly.
Vonriir smiled. "Of course I'm sure. I have no role here as of yet. Might as well keep me busy with something."
Melina led Vonriir down to the dragon hanger, the labs were not big enough to accommodate Vonriir size and bulk so Dr Baxter had come up with a new method and Melina felt it was the perfect time to put it to good use.
As they entered the vast dragon hanger, Dr Baxter had his large tablet with him and wearing the lab coat he normally wore on duty, he had come to ensure all the technical stuff was working perfectly, the floor vibrated slightly as the massive Craig back walked in.
“Dr Baxter is here to assist me with all the technical stuff, you remember Dr Baxter Vonriir” Melina said as the man gave a wary nod to the massive dragon.
"Yes, I haven't seen you around much, Doctor, I hope you've been well," Vonriir said, turning around and sitting to face them.
“Yes, thank you” Baxter said with a respectful nod.
Melina knew Baxter was a little taken aback by the dragon’s sheer size and height, despite looking fearsome, he had a very friendly personality.
“Ok, since I have not a tape measure long enough if I can have you stand up while I activate sensors, spread your wings out fully so we can get accurate measurements” Melina instructed the behemoth of a dragon.
Vonriir nodded and complied, getting to his feet. He unfolded with wide wings with the sound of dry leather rushing against itself and spread them out, casting Melina and Baxter into shadow from the lights above.
Baxter activated the scanners which shot down lasers around the massive dragon, it measured his wing span, width, height and length with precise accuracy, the man smiled as Melina nodded, the figures out doing Forge stats easily.
“Excellent, now we like to weigh you as well, if you can stand on that rectangle bit then I can take a measurement of weight, then height” Dr Baxter asked the large dragon.
The dragon put one paw onto the scale and stepped up, the metal groaning beneath him as he got all for feet onto it.
“Do not be offended by the noise Vonriir, it is just obviously measuring you” Melina said as she heard the metal groan under the mass weight of their newest dragon.
"Of course not, professor," said Vonriir, not fussed.

Dr Baxter and Melina both looked surprised as Vonriir’s weight came up in Tons, Vonriir was heavier by a considerable margin, not only was Vonriir the biggest but he was twice as heavy as Forge was, the scales had to recalibrate due to the behemoth’s sheer mass.
“Ok, that is all done, we do the more taxing test and see if you top any other of Forge’s records later, do not want to rush you into things” Dr Baxter replied as all the information was recorded and added to Melina’s dragon database.
"Ah, what would that be?" Asked Vonriir.
Dr Baxter handed Melina the tablet to Melina as she analysed the data.
“Oh just testing to see how much you can carry, how much weight you can hold up etc, as you can guess Forge holds the record” Dr Baxter replied.
"Why would you need to test something like that?" Asked the dragon, though not in a challenging tone. "You're not turning us into labourers are you? He chuckled.
Dr Baxter seemed a little nervous, thinking the dragon took offence until the dragon began chuckling lightly.
Melina smiled, looking up at the giant dragon.
“Of course not, it is just useful knowledge to know, just in case our dragons are needed in dire situations to help if technology fails or we have no transport ships, Forge just did it, basically to prove the stats on him wrong” Melina said as Baxter seemed to nod in agreement.
“He had to have a custom record entered as the computer reckoned based on his physique, age etc, he could only do this amount, but he proved otherwise” Baxter added.
"Ah I see. He's a stubborn old dragon, Forge." Said Vonriir
Melina laughed lightly.
“That he is, anyways it is useful information for us to know, all our dragons have records on this, but we do not need to rush you into it at all” Melina said.
"You keep bringing up things you'd like me to do but then say 'no rush,' you're confusing an old dragon, miss. If you need me to do something just say what and when, else I'd be wandering circles trying to figure out what you need."
Melina nodded seeing the dragon was willing.
“Ok, we schedule this in a couple of days, we free some time in your calendar from the studies Ardon will be teaching you, or if he wants you to go flying” Melina said hoping the dragon would be happy with this arrangement.
"Ah. I would like to spread my wings but I haven't been given clearance yet. Something about releasing a cover story to someone... The media I think it was?" Replied the dragon.
“Oh, well Jack means by that is do not go near the cities or heavy populated areas, if you go up with Ardon and co I am sure that be fine” Baxter said with Melina agreeing.
"Oh that would be lovely." Smiled Vonriir.
Melina smiled, “We go get Ardon and the gang to show you the skies as it were, keep with them and all be good wait here while we get the gang” Melina said as Baxter and Melina headed off to get the 3 amigo’s.
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Soon enough Ardon, Comox and Zyra made it to the dragon hangar, delighted that Vonriir would be able to go flying with them. They wanted to see the large dragon in action. While Vonriir was far older then them, they seemed to enjoy his company. He was fatherly and friendly and reminded Ardon of his sire in ways.
Melina instructed them to stay on the grounds and go no further than the tree line. Zyra promised she would keep the boys in line and ensure that they didn’t stay.
“Come on, Vonriir!” cheered Ardon as the three young dragons got ready to leap out the doors.
Vonriir looked at the ceiling door above. Being as heavy scaled and weighted as he was, he much preferred a running start of leaping from a height rather than getting airborne by jumping vertically. Ardon and the others were already vaulting into the air with grace and ease so he thought he must not dally about any longer. He spread out his massive wings. The trailing edges of the membrane were pattered with blotchy ripples, just darker than the rest of him. Vonriir took two strides and jumped. His huge wings came down, forcing him upward and sending a mighty gust of air through the hangar.
Melina gasped silently impressed by Vonriir immense power and wing beats as the wind caught the edges of her coat. She thought all dragons were impressive but Vonriir definitely impressed her.
The large dragon landed on the lip of the hangar doors, having vaulted up from inside. It was difficult getting his mass in the air vertically.
“Come on, you’re allowed to fly, you’ve been given the green light,” called Ardon as he dived back down, seeing that the large dragon had not followed them up. Zyra and Comox hung in the air, higher up, waiting.
“I’m not made of clouds and feathers like you, little Ardon, I’ve got rocks and the song of the earth in these scales. Give an old dragon a moment,” he laughed at the gold’s enthusiasm.
He took a running start, seeing such a large beast in motion was a spectacular thing. He rose from the ground slowly, like some old battle ship, rising up from the earth.
The younger dragons cheered, wheeling around to fly in his wake. Ardon was used to flying next to Forge, having been a massive dragon himself but flying in the wake of Vonriir was something else altogether.
He was slow but no one could fault him for that. Powerful wings carried him forward in a steady pace. Zyra raced ahead, pursued by Comox. They dipped and dived, making breakneck turns at wild speeds.
“Like watching little birds, the maneuverability you youngsters have. I have always been too much of a boulder with wings for that kind of play,” Vonriir said to Ardon who flew to his left.
“It’s fun,” smiled the gold.
Vonriir’s face broke out into an amused look, suddenly he dipped in the air and rose up again, throwing out one wing while tucking the other, spinning around.
Ardon was pulled sideways by the drag of the air and laughed, righting himself as Vonriir leveled out again, chuckling. “I don’t think stunt flying is for me. But that was fun, I do admit.”
Ardon grinned. “Nah, you can do it just fine.”
“What are you hanging around the slowpoke for? Go join your friends. I’ll just loop around and join you back where we started.”
The gold shot off, rising up and up, racing towards Comox and Zyra. He gave a small roar as he barrelled into the male Boldwing. They tumbled away from each other as they began their game of aerial tag. Ardon had gotten smart and found that dropping like a stone at random was the only way to keep free of the Boldwings speed, hoping that his pursuer would overshoot and lose time turning around.
The game shot back and forth, eventually egging Zyra into playing. Ardon liked to bother her by rocketed past in close proximity and making the air turbulent.
They eventually tired and wound their way back to Vonriir, gliding in the wake of the large dragon.
“Do you fly in formations?” the dun asked, seeing the lazy arrangement in how the hung in the air around him.
“Formations? Rarely.” Said Ardon.
“I’m surprised, under Forge’s guidance at that. It’s less energy burnt if you ride on the softer air of the dragons ahead of you.”
“Is that what you did in the wars?” asked Comox.
Vonriir nodded.
“What was your position?” Zyra inquired. This was Ardon’s question. He rarely spoke to Forge about his previous battles and the like but Vonriir seemed easy going enough to chat to the young dragons about such things, he thought.
“Depends on what we were doing. I was often the lead when fighting large groups. I’m not the quickest but Forge often had me barrel through clusters of dragons, breaking up their formations and sending them into a scramble while the quicker dragons took advantage of the chaos.”
The young dragons seemed in awe. They could only imagine a dragon like Vonriir coming at them in battle fury. It would be enough to rattle anyone’s scales.
“But enough about war. That is all poor business and no fun for anyone,” Vonriir took the topic off the table. Instead he made the younger dragons show him the boundary of the grounds. And Ardon was happy to point out the direction of local towns and such.
“I would like to see a human town or city one day,” Mused Vonriir.
“You certainly would cause quite a stir, wherever you go,” said Zyra. “It would be hard to fit you through many of the older city streets.”
“Ah, perhaps not then,” hummed the dragon.
“We could have Jack and Melina figure something out for you one day,” offered Ardon. This seemed to make Vonriir smile. They circled around and turned for home. Vonriir was not a distance flyer and a good hour was enough for him. It had been wonderful to get the wind under his wings and take a deep breath of fresh air.
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The dragons were now returning back to base as a large ship came into view, it was heading towards Torchwood 5 and flying at a low altitude heading at a slow pace towards the facility.
The ship would look familiar to Ardon but this would be the first time that Vonriir had seen such a beast of a ship up close.
"Stars above, that ship is heading this way," said Vonriir. His last encounter with a star ship had not been a pleasant one on Kilara.
Ardon turned to look. "Hey! Its, the Crio."
"You know that ship?" asked Comox. The gold nodded.
"Yeah, let's go down to the hangar to meet them when they arrive."
The ship moved towards the base, lowering further until the ship slowed down and came to a full stop, the dragons were returning and the doors for the hidden doorway were open as they approached.
"Rather daunting looking, you sure it's alright?" Asks Vonriir.
"Yeah, friends of Jack," Ardon reassured him.
As the dragons landed Jack was there dressed smartly in an EA uniform, he had not been in a EA uniform for a long time, he smiled as he greeted the dragons with a smile.
"Looking sharp but what's with the uniform, Jack?" asked Ardon quietly as the others landed, looking at the man from where they stood.
Jack gave Ardon a look, “It is my EA work experience and Liaison work, I did mark it down on your calendar, it had been coming for a few months now, your allowed to come but it is up to you considering you have Vonriir to look after” Jack replied to the gold.
"Oh," said Ardon, he had completely forgotten with Vonriir arrival. "He's got stuff to work on. I can join you. Should I get my banners? It will only take a second."
“Sure you can, I gave the chef on board a warning, just grab them and we be off” Jack said as he nodded to Vonriir and the others.
Ardon dashed off, only stopping to give quick instructions to Comox and Vonriir. He returned shortly after, trying to straighten his banner as he walked up to Jack. "This look okay?
“Hrmm what do you think Zyra, you’re the banner expert” he smiled.
The dragoness tilted her head to look at the gold. "I think that's as good as it gets with your dragon." She teased as she wiped off a smudge on one of the clasps.
Jack chuckled lightly, “Ok, well good job on getting your harness too” Jack said seeing the dragon all strapped in.
Jack jumped up onto Ardon and settled in the saddle.
“Ok, Mark is in charge of the base until we come back in about a week or so, Melina is Second in command, give her the opportunity to branch out, she fancied trying something new and Comox will be teaching Vonriir, perhaps help if he needs it Zy, anything to add Ardon?” Jack asked the golden dragon.
"Ah, nope. Comox, the material for the next chapter is on the tablet," instructed Ardon.
"Yes I know where," smiled the bold wing at this opportunity. "Don't worry I'll handle it."
Jack smiled, knowing he could rely on the dragons to help aid Vonriir and keep everything going smoothly, he had a very good team with him.
“Ok then we be off, we will see you soon Vonriir, you take care” Jack said.
"See you guys in a week!" Called Ardon, jumping into the air and taking off in a fancy manoeuvre as he flew them up and out.

The evening soon came and the base was a little quieter of late, Mark had gone around with Jack asking staff to take time off work for holiday as the world seemed quiet and peaceful at the moment, even Melina was now all up to date with her work in the labs.
Now she was second in command of the Torchwood base as Mark went home for the evening, Melina was in the almost deserted canteen, working on her tablet, while Zyra was back to continuing her studies, asking Melina for hints and guides if she did not understand something.
Vonriir lumbered into the canteen. He looked around and spotted Zyra and Melina.
"Good afternoon ladies, mind if I join you?"
Melina looked up from her work and smiled, “Good Afternoon, well early evening Vonriir yes please do” Melina said as they moved to an area that was designated for Vonriir.
Chairs and tables had been moved to accommodate the large dragon so he had plenty of room to move around.
“What brings you here, I admit it is allot busier here than this, even at 5pm” the woman said.
"I was done my studies with Comox for the day. Didn't know what to do with myself so I thought I'd go for a wander bout the base." Replied the large dragon.
Melina nodded and smiled, “It is a big base, considering we are underground, I know dragon’s get a crushing feeling being underground but the guys got used to it, regular flying does the trick apparently” Melina replied.
"Yes, being allowed the freedom of going outside certainly helps." He nodded.
“Did you fancy something to eat before Toby packs up for the night? I know it is weird having food prepared but we do not have allot of land for hunting, though Jack is looking to speak nicely to the local council in purchasing more land with cattle for you guys to go hunt, be free range dragons” Melina chuckled lightly.
"No, no I ate well earlier. I should be just fine, miss. I certainly have been enjoying the things you humans cook up. Such variety."
Zyra had given a look at the idea of hunting again. It struck her as odd but with being prepared food for so long there was a slight aversion to killing something herself. "I don't need to hunt; Jack shouldn't go out of his way for that."
Melina listened to what Zyra said, it had been true the dragons here had been domesticated, something Jack was hoping to kind of fully shake off with a new voluntary plan for the academy moving forward.
“He will consult with you guys I am sure, I think he is looking to steer the dragon academy in a new direction, considering Forge seems to be drumming up interest in Kilara for the guardian project” Melina said.
"Ah alright. Yes, forge has done some good finding willing dragons. It's awfully exciting don't you think?" Zyra asked her.
Melina smiled.
“Well yes it has, I mean Torchwood 5 can now boast we have one of the largest flight dragons of Kilara with us” Melina said looking at Vonriir with a grin.
Vonriir smiled, "well I'm glad I'm an accomplishment just by being here. I do hope to prove useful and find my place in this new world."
"Everyone always finds there place here," encouraged Zyra.
Melina agreed, the team always tried to encourage the dragons to take up extra activities and to be the best they can, even Comox who Jack had been worried about was now involved in a number of things and assisting Mark and Dr Baxter whenever possible.
“Oh Vonriir, do you think there is room in your schedule to complete my database with you, with what we discussed? I know Dr Baxter is free tomorrow and Friday to come along” Melina said.
"Tomorrow will be fine." Nodded Vonriir.
Melina nodded and smiled.
“Excellent, thank you Vonriir, have you three got anything planned since the all mighty golden dragon is away?” Melina chuckled lightly.
"Some R&R now that I'm not going to be pestered every five minutes," said Zyra, scrolling on her tablet.
"Oh he can't be that bad. Seems like a bright young lad. And a gold at that," he said with fatherly pride.
Melina chuckled.
“Ah yes, that deep gold colour, Jack has a polish, same polish I use of Zyra’s skin..umm scales I mean” Melina coughed light before continuing.
“Anyways, he does glow and glitter when this polish is used, looks very regal” Melina added.
Zyra rolled her eyes. "You're going to inflate his ego from here. That gold is wasted on a doofus like him."
"Oh, miss Zyra, that's a little harsh don't you think?" Teased Vonriir with a knowing smile.
Melina laughed lightly, as the trio continued talking about today’s events as the base soon switched into evening mood lighting to simulate it being the evening.
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Vonriir chatted with the girls for quite a while until they decided to turn in for the night.
The massive dragon lumbered back down the hall to his own quarters. He settled once he was inside, laying on the heated stone floor. His room was spectacularly made, he thought. It felt natural though the floor was heated for his comfort. It was a delightful luxury that he would never fuss about. While he did feel a little out of place, everyone had been so accommodating to him. Vonriir knew he was a rather imposing guest with a daunting appetite but they had not once made a complaint during his first weeks here, making him feel less like a burden. Even mark had been polite enough the rate times the did cross paths.
He had quickly taken to the food as well. The kitchen staff discovered he had a love for spiced foods but would not question anything offered to him. Unlike Ardon, he did not go sniffing about for meals, only coming down during the set times. He ate a lot at ice but they found that surprisingly for a dragon his size, he only ate once a day, usually in the mornings.
This took any extra strain off of cooking meals for him which certainly helped.
The next morning he was laying like a sphinx in the lounge, propped up on his elbow watching the television while the girls finished their breakfast. He had a fascination with the tv as most of the dragons did when they first arrived. It certainly helped with comprehension and getting to know this world. He had taken a liking to watching sports as well, fascinating enough, joining he guys in the lounge to watch matches while he tried to figure out how the game worked.

"Professor, I might go out for a few laps around the property before we get started today. Warm up before we begin, I suppose."
"Hey Vonriir, Would you like to practice and get use to a human rider being on your back?, I'm pretty skilled without a harness" Melina offered.
"Oh," said the dragon, thinking. He turned to the dragoness. "I do not wish to impose to just carry off your Attilu..."
"By all means, you're welcome to fly with her. Mel is a pro," she said with a smile but decided that she would join them just in case.
"Permission granted, though are you sure you don't want to wait until I have my own harness?" Asked Vonriir.
"I will try it now I be ok Von, we be fine" Melina said with a smile.
"Alright then, professor." He said, getting up to lead the way.
They reached the dragon hangar and Zyra pressed the button to open the door.
Vonriir held out a large paw for Melina to step onto. "I'll put you up, a bit more dignified than climbing."
"Thank you Vonriir" Melina said as she stepped onto the dragons massive paw.
He lifted her up and let her step off atop his back. His shoulders were wide enough to to fit a number of people across. Two great spikes rose up on either side. His scales were rough and matte along the dorsal side but there was space enough to sit comfortably, protected in a hallow between his wing joints.
"I won't drop her. I would not want to meet your wrath, little lady," said Vonriir, giving Zyra a wink.
The boldwing smiled, spreading her wings and taking off.
Vonriir unfolded his own and did the same, taking off slowly.
Melina smiled and laughed lightly as they took off, she felt his power as they slowly went up into the sky.
The great dragon rose higher, following Zyra. He soon levelled off and set his wings into a glide.
"How am I doing, professor?" He turned his head to ask.
"Exceedingly well, now Zyra will try and get to me and you must defend me, a valuable move when being a guardian, they go slow and easy first then increase difficulty" Melina explained.
"Oh, alright," nodded Vonriir as Melina whistled for Zyra. The dragoness came soaring by quickly, making a pass to let them know she was ready.
The large dragon could not roll out of the way or move deftly when Zyra came in to tag Melina.
Vonriir knew that the dragoness was fast and would have the advantage there but he had his own tricks that he could bring in to play.
When she looped by again, he could arch his wings and rear his neck, protecting Melina within a cage of spikes.
"Well that's handy," called the boldwing. "No one dragon my side could propose an attack that would work to get a rider off your back. You'd have to be fending off multiple to break that fortress there."
Vonriir relaxed his scales and looked back at Melina who was unharmed in the protective hollow.
"Very" Laughed Melina lightly, "Vonriir beats speed with armour" She added.
"I may be a bit cumbersome in the air but our armour certainly has its uses. Parents will protect their hatchling in the same manner, Cragbacks I mean."
"It's a good tactic, anyou luck breaking in Zy" She called out.
"Not unless I want to be impaled through the chest with one of those spikes." She called back. With armour that thick not even her teeth or talons would be able to inflict enough damage to get him to free his pass anger. The only thing she had working for her was her acid but she certainly would not use that.
After a bit more of this game they made back for the hangar, time to get the testing underway.
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“Zyra, me and Dr Baxter will be tending to Vonriir, the lab is all yours for your practical part of the coursework you have to do, I got it all laid out” Melina said with a smile as Dr Baxter set up everything, with the 2 large disks which would go on the dragon’s back.
"Ok alright Melina. Thank you. Good luck with your testing." She replied.
“Ah he passes with flying colours” Melina said as Zyra headed off to the labs to conduct the practical coursework, Melina had laid out things for her and with Ardon gone for a week, she could do her write up and conclusions in peace.
Dr Baxter approached the large dragon and showed him the large disks.
“Ok, Vonriir, can you put these two disks on your back, basically they will exert weigh upon you, we ask you to do a number of Repetition or reps and the weight will start small and get heavier” Dr Baxter explained.
“Is this ok with you Von?” Melina asked the giant dragon.
"I suppose," said Vonriir with a nod.
Dr Baxter handed Vonriir the disks to stick on his back, while Melina loaded up the tests and software on Baxter’s tablet.
The large dragon rolled his shoulders. Shifting the heavy spikes so that the disks wouldn't crush them. "Ready to begin."
Dr Baxter nodded to Melina that all was ready.
“Thank you again Vonriir, we do appreciate it” Melina said.
“Never know you could beat Forge’s record” Baxter said but got a nudge and a look from Melina.
"Well, let's give it a shot shall we?" Replied Vonriir.
Baxter began the test, starting out with small weights in multiples of 200Kg to begin with, he started Vonriir on 120Kg and went from there, Vonriir size made Melina think they had started far too low but this was the start point for all 3 dragons, including Forge.
The dragon seemed ready as the task began, unfazed at the start. "A little more is fine."
“We got to go through the proper channels Vonriir, a low start base to ensure it’s fair” Baxter said but Melina knew Vonriir was not fazed at all.
"Don't fret, I can handle more than a feathers weight," he prompted.
“We know but…...” Baxter was cut off by Melina.
“Doctor, your insulting our newest recruit” Melina said as Baxter gave a sheepish look.
"Why the look, isn't this what the test is for?"
Melina chuckled, “Dr Baxter is a bit of a worrier, he doesn’t want to offend you, well we all don’t but obviously everyone else started with the small weights and it moved up” Melina explained.
"You'd have to do a hell of a lot worse to offend me. No need to worry," Vonriir said in a pleasant tone.
Baxter nodded, typing on his tablet.
“Ok the weight has been vastly increased from now on, you all set?” he asked.
"Ready," the large dun dragon replied. He let out a steadying breath as the weight changed.
Vonriir continued with the heavier, showing a cool and calm exterior for Dr Baxter and Melina as he continued unhindered by the jump in weight.
The massive dragon completed the set required on him with professionalism and ease.
"Excellent you did 5 reps of them well, were now increasing again, all yours sir" Baxter said calmly.
The weight was increased again as Melina glanced at the tablet to see the current weight exerted on the giant dragon from the weight disks.
The dragon’s expression didn't change except for a slight furrow in his brow as he took on the next challenge, squaring his paws under his shoulders to lift.
Once again to Melina and Dr Baxter, Vonriir continued with the task with relative ease, this was indeed impressive for the human’s meaning allot of weight in the lower brackets would not hinder him.
"Excellent Vonriir very impressive" Melina complimented as he got halfway through the set of 10.

The dragon pressed on, the large muscles in his shoulders and back caused his scales to shift as he tended. The dragons focus was strong.
Melina smiled, impressed with Vonriir’s performance so far, she seemed pleased they had an asset of a dragon with them.
Baxter checked the data on his tablet computer before speaking to the dragon.
"Ok, so far all good increasing the weight again, so another 10 reps please Vonriir" Baxter said as the disks applied more weight.
The dragon bowed slightly under the weight but remained steady, his brow furrowing a little more as he continued.
The large dragon continued, despite the pressure increasing, the calmness and focus from the dragon gave Melina and Baxter a false impression this was easy, they watched as he continued on with the reps.
The large dragon’s shoulders where now hunched and tense as he looked over at Melina before dropping his gaze to focus on the encroaching strain.
"Excellent doing a great job Vonriir" Melina said with a smile, Baxter typed in commands and pressed the button, "Next set of ten weight increased again" Baxter replied.
Vonriir now closed his eyes but remained steady as the task got harder. The corner of his mouth twitched slightly as his breathing became more laboured.
Melina was in awe of this dragon’s potential and did not notice some well-hidden signs that the dragon before them was feeling the pressure upon him, as he continued on with a calm exterior.
Vonriir began to rise again and focused on Melina as he proceeded. His emerald eyes started to show the barest hints of strain.
Melina gave a respectful nod as the dun dragon continued on, working hard but so far it all looked easy as the weight once more increased up, reaching larger numbers.
"I got this," he huffed to himself. He had to fight to keep his outward demeanour looking cool and collected as the task became harder and more difficult.
“Again, increasing weight, another 10 please” Baxter said as Melina smiled in encouragement as the mammoth dragon continued on.
The dragon stared just over the professor’s head, trying to keep focus on one spot so he wouldn't think about the strain.
The dragon frowned, fighting it as he struggled to keep a calm expression.
Baxter continued monitoring the weight level as Melina kept an eye on Vonriir still unaware the dragon was purposely holding emotions back, to keep the calm exterior he had been holding for so long, in her mind this was all too easy for the big dragon.
Vonriir was losing the battle of keeping an emotionless exterior as he now battled hard against the task. It was getting difficult and he couldn't keep his brow from furrowing in effort.
“Doing great Von, keep going” Melina encouraged him with positive words.
The dragon’s brow furrowed across his broad face, fighting but he could not halt the strain he felt across his back no matter how he tried.
The weight increased again as the two scientists talked quietly about the current results, Melina had an enthusiastic tone of voice to Baxter as they discussed the results thus far.
Vonriir stared at the wall above Melina and grit his teeth, unable to hold back the signs of pressure much longer his massive barrelled chest gave voice to a guttural growl that rumbled through the room like thunder.
Both of them looked up from the tablet after the rumbling growl coming from Vonriir, it was louder than either of them heard a dragon growl before, Melina though it might be signs all was not as rosy as it seemed as Melina noticed a hint of strain on his broad face.
"Are you ok Vonriir? you seem to be fighting something, you able to continue?" Melina asked now noticing the dragon was struggling.
"I'm fighting against the weight, miss professor. Is that not what this challenge is about?" The dragon huffed but not with irritation.
"Of course, you just looked under pressure, which is understandable as we are in the high area, near Forge's best a few off it, I want to make sure you like to continue, so far from looking at you it’s been easy" she smiled unaware of Vonriir fight to keep a straight face until now.
"No it is fine., miss, I can carry on." The large dragon said with a nod.
“Ok, well keep it up Vonriir” Melina said in an encouraging tone of voice.
The dragon was fighting a losing battle in making this look easy. Try as he might he couldn't hold back the struggle he was experiencing. Vonriir's broad nose wrinkled in effort and the corner of his lip twitched as he fought against barring his teeth.
Melina watched carefully as signs of strain were peeking through the dragon’s calm exterior, she found it odd the dragon was actively fighting against showing effort but paid it no heed.
The dragon couldn't hold the strain anymore as he gave another growl of effort as his shoulders tensed under his sandy scales.
The dragon’s growl echoed in the dragon hanger as he completed the reps required.
Dr Baxter looked at his tablet and saw a number flash up in red, looking up he spoke to the large dragon.
"Ok this is Forges best now Vonriir, good luck" Melina said as the dragon had now showed strain at the top end and was on the verge of breaking the current held record.
Vonriir seemed to focus, ready for the challenge as he begun.
"Hrmph," the dragon grunted as his wings trembled while his shoulders tensed. He knew he could surpass the mark but not without a fight.
the two humans watch on as Vonriir now fought to lift up Forges best weight, the dragon really having a hard time lifting himself up with this weight, he had to do this weight 3 times.
The dragon’s legs trembled as he slowly pushed himself up against the disks. He did not let up though even now as his teeth bared in his struggle
“Two done one more to go Von” Melina said to the dragon as he prepared for his third rep.
The dragon sunk down again with difficultly. He let out a laboured breath as her then made to rise up with a half growl half snarl.
“That’s it big guy, you got this” Melina said encouraging him further.
A guttural growl slipped through the dragon’s teeth as he went for it. "Ggrh,"'he huffed.
The edges of his wings rattled against his sides as he rose up to the full height of his limbs with a rumbling growl.
Melina smiled as the dun dragon completed the last, he had hit Forge’s limit and Dr Baxter nodded, impressed with the large dragon’s resolve and determination to get the job done.
"Well done, you matched Forge's best, incredible" Melina said full of praise for the giant dragon.
“Do you think you can beat his record?” Dr Baxter asked casually as Melina turned to face Vonriir to await his answer.
Vonriir didn't stop there but pressed on, determined to beat the score Forge had left.
"Well," huffed Vonriir. "Let's have one more go. No point in meeting a record if you can't beat it."
Melina nodded as Baxter adjusted the weight on the tablet.
“Ok then, 3 reps of this new weight, when you’re ready” Baxter instructed.
Vonriir was given the go ahead, after rolling his shoulders the dragon began this new record attempt.
Vonriir panted and sweat began to bead on his brow. A growl hissed from between clenched teeth as he went to break the record
Melina and Baxter watched as Vonriir attempted the record, seeing the difficulty this was causing the massive dragon.
The dragon struggled with the upwards lift but there was no gain in his effort. His brow furrowed deeply as he fought against it.
“Come on Von” Melina said quietly to herself, watching his attempt.

"Grrh" snarled the dragon as he managed to side up half the distance. His forelegs tensed as he struggled mightily.
"Come on now." He huffed to himself.
Vonriir had managed to do 2 of the reps but still the last one was going to be a big ask, considering how slow he had been with the previous two, Baxter’s finger glided to the cancel button just in case Vonriir submitted or called out about his back.
The dun dragon gave a heave and a growl, rising upwards slowly with eyes closed in effort as he struggled.
"Come On Vonriir, you can do it" Melina said standing before the massive dragon as he was giving his all in this record breaking attempt.
The dragon gave a growling huff of effort through his bared teeth. Talons clenched and shoulders hunched as he fought.
Melina stood in Vonriir’s line of sight giving an encouraging gesture as she wanted him to succeed in this endeavour.
The dragon opened a bright green eye as he spotted Melina trying to encourage him.
"Hhmph," he huffed, barring his teeth and going for broke.
The focus and determination glittered in the deep emerald of his iris as he powered on. He closed his eyes, scrunching them tightly as his teeth bared in a growl.
“That’s it you got it” Melina said offering encouraging words to motivate the giant dragon into working hard.
"Rrrh!" He snarled as he finally straightened up fully. He let out a victory roar, wings fanning out.
Vonriir’s roar echoed off the walls of the dragon hanger as the test was done, Vonriir now held the record and by a considerable margin of weight.
Melina clapped with a grin as she congratulated the large dragon on this.
“You done, superbly, congratulations on that last attempt” she said with sheer happiness and enthusiasm in her voice.
"Thank you, little miss but I think that's enough for me, my back can't take any more," he winced.
“Of course, we won’t be asking this off you for a long while” Melina assured the dun dragon.
“I bring up the results now” Baxter said as the large screen in the dragon hanger lit up, now showing Vonriir, top of the dragons in the academy.
"Well look at that. Don't be telling old silver I knocked him from the leader board." He gave a tired laugh.
Melina chuckled lightly, knowing if Forge saw it and would want to be back in to try and keep his top rank status.
Melina noticed Vonriir’s scales slick with sweat and the dragon seemed a little sore as he rolled his aching shoulder muscles.
"I'd recommend a hot shower in your quarters and a good sleep, you did superbly Von" Melina said once more with a proud smile, which Vonriir would notice.
"A nap sounds like a good idea," he mused, giving her a smile. "And thank you," he lowered his wide muzzle to her.
Melina gave Vonriir a pet was respectful, perhaps Vonriir would begin to understand why Forge liked to keep Melina close as he small yet smooth hands traced along his dun coloured scales in an almost therapeutic way.
The big dragon gave her a smile, thinking that he was beginning to understand why the silver was fond of the human.
“You take care Vonriir, if you need anything call us, I best go and check on Zyra” Melina said as the trio departed the dragon hanger after the recording breaking achievement of their newest recruit.
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The next day Vonriir continued his studies with Comox in the spacious dragon hangar. The boldwing, while a nervous soul, seemed to enjoy teaching what he knew to the larger dragon. His rare confidence shined through when he spoke of things he knew well. He was still the newest dragon apart from Vonriir but it was helpful to be taught by someone who knew both sides of the portal well enough.
Vonriir was a good student as well. Comox had found it a little daunting, teaching a dragon of his size and many years his elder but the Western Cragback was friendly and happy to learn.
Just like with all the other dragons that came through the portal, this new world was a learning curve. Though their social interactions, customs and traditions were complex, dragons lived simply compared to the world of humans.
Comox and Vonriir where just finishing up the morning portion of their studies.
“Well done, you’re catching on well,” smiled Comox, shutting off the screen they were working on.
“Thank you, Comox. It’s a pleasure to be learning from you all. Funny to be taught by younglings. I feel like I’m limping slowly into this new world.”
“You’ll get there. It’s a learning curve for sure and this whole place is a little daunting. Wait until you see cities. Its…. It’s impossible to comprehend until you experience it for yourself.”
Vonriir nodded. He had seen cities depicted on the television. It was amazing to see so many people in one place, under towering buildings. He had thought they would look much like ants upon an anthill in a way.
“I hope to see one soon,” he said with a smile, “That would be an adventure.”
“An adventure indeed, keep in mind though as dragons we’re never not in the spotlight and you will especially be so because of your size.”
“I’m used to the stares, they bother me none,” he said, waving a paw. “I am a social beast, though my size tends to steer others away. I do not mind.”
Comox smiled, “We’ll maybe once Jack and Ardon get back from their trip we can ask for a daytrip out. You’ll have to be publically announced soon anyway. “
“Ah, I am looking forward to hearing my cover story,” he laughed, “All of them seem interesting so far.” Vonriir had been told of all the other dragons back stories so that they were all on the same page in case they were asking about it out in public.
“Oh, I’m sure you’ll get an interesting one,” Comox grinned.

"Good morning guys, how are your studies going? I was checking to see if you were free for me to ask some questions about your breed" Melina asked kindly.
“Hello Melina, we were just wrapping up for lunch,” said Comox.
“Certainly, professor, I have some time while Comox here steps out for a break,” said the large dragon as the Boldwing slipped out from the hangar. “Mind though, I am a crossed breed, I know most of each breed I hail from but not much about my mix itself,” he chuckled lightly. “Bit of a mutt but I’ll answer your questions best I can.”
Melina smiled, "Excellent just some general questions, I know Forge said you were gifted with your size for your breed" Melina asked.
Vonriir shifted out his arm for Melina to sit with him, “Ah, I’m larger than both breeds, though I don’t know how that happened. My father says I hatched under dual full moons, and that’s the reason why. It’s said to be good luck.”
Melina chuckled lightly as she sat close to the dragon, "So luck and genetics seemed to play a role it seems, I assume your the biggest natural flyer in Kilara" Melina asked.
“I haven’t come across anyone larger than myself that could fly. Have you ever seen those earth dragons? I’m about the same size without the wings. Leviathans hold the record for largest Drakine species however.”
Melina nodded, "Well....there is one, but I wouldn't class him as a natural dragon" Melina explained.
"Oh?" Asked Vonriir, looking down at her with green eyes. "Not natural? What do you mean?"
"Well, when you met Jack, I am sure you noticed he had a dragon like scent?, I am sure you sensed it" Melina said, looking up at the dragon.
"Yes, of course but I thought that was due because of his close proximity to the other dragons here. Are you telling me that isn't the case?" He asked, cocking his head to the side in confusion, a silly gesture for a creature so large.
"No, Jack the hands of our own, basically they were trying to create the ultimate defence against dragons, therefore Jack was transformed into a dragon, a genetically engineered creature, to big, strong and unstoppable" Melina explained, as she brought up an image of Skahrsen.
Vonriir regarded the picture on the screen with fascination. Formidable and deadly looking, he could see features from a number of breeds blended into this fearsome creature.
Vonriir was stunned that humans could do such a thing. "That seems like dark magic from old stories... Does he change often or is something to worry about?"
Melina shook her head lightly, "No Ardon's Brathille bonding kind of nulled Skahrsen influence on the man, however you notice Jack is more solidly built and all compared to other humans, he is essentially super human" Melina smiled lightly, "But that dragon is what he was, taking your measurements he was still slightly bigger, heavier etc" Melina explained.
"Hm, well that is certainly a story. I am glad all is well with him, then." Replied the large dragon. "Looks like a fearsome fellow like that though."
"Yes, he did not make friends easily, was there any other info on your breed" Melina asked.
The two of them chatted on more as the dragon explained more about the breeds that made him up. He bent his head down to talk about the curving horns that made up his crest.
"May I touch your scales? Perhaps try something on your with your permission" Melina asked.
"Of course. Mind your hands on the spikes above my brow, they're sharp."
Melina gently put her hands on his scales, she was grinning as she gently allowed her hands to glide along his scales in smooth motions.
Her soft hands made their way to his scales near his eyes which were not as dense as the others.
The dragon gave a happy sigh, seeming to be enjoying it.
"This must be how you tamed that old warlord," smiled Vonriir, closing his eyes.
Melina smiled, "What makes you think this tame's a dragon as fiery as Forge?" she asked quietly.
"Well he talks of you fondly, something he never does about anything," he smiled. "There are very few things that, that dragon holds dear but it's clear to see what those things are."
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The next morning Melina was up early with Zyra as they went for breakfast, they found getting up early enough they would have enough time for Toby to worry about the giant dragon coming in the canteen to eat.
Melina was reading Zyra’s experiment as well as her paperwork afterwards and her findings, much to Zyra’s nervous wait for the professor’s reply.
"Does it all sound alright? I tried to be to the point as I wrote it." Asked Zyra.
Melina continued looking at the tablet with the document on it as she ate her breakfast, she looked at the dragoness and smiled.
“Eat your toast before it gets cold, I’m nearly done, so far so good, I reckon with the work so far I be calling you Doctor Zyra Bold wing” Melina said proudly.
"Really, it's alright?" Zyra’s voice was eager as she forgot Melina's suggestion about her breakfast.
Melina nodded.
“Yes, your analysis was good, use of sources was also good and your conclusions were also really impressive so well done, put this together with your portfolio and its ready for marking” Melina said.
The dragoness smiled and let out a happy thrum, "thank you Melina, I worried that it wouldn't be enough."
Melina put her tablet down and gave Zyra a thumbs up for the work.
"Well you done all the hard work so when the exams come in a couple of months and you do them, I be calling you Doctor, first dragon to have this accreditation" Melina grinned,
"Don't jinx it!" She said but grinned. "I can't wait. I hope I pass, I've been studying my tail off."
Melina had to agree, Zyra had been studying hard, despite the incident with her turning into a human for a few months, she went back onto it, with a determined focus and she had done a really good job on it.
“Have to go out and celebrate, less alcohol this time round” Melina chuckled.
"Ugh," said Zyra, wrinkling her nose in regret as she remembered that night. "No celebrating ever again." She joked.
Melina laughed lightly, nudging Zyra.
“I haven’t forgiven you for beating me at my own self defence class miss, I got fat chance now unless I become a dragoness” Melina said pretending to be a dragon in a moment of silliness with the bold wing.
Zyra laughed, "would you be a boldwing then, if you had the choice? Or perhaps something else?"
Melina thought about it for a moment before smiling.
“It have to be bold wing, fast, dangerous and looking really pretty” Melina replied.
Zyra laughed lightly and nosed Melina's shoulder affectionately. "We Bold wings are the best aren't we?" She joked.
Melina chuckled lightly as she gave Zyra a pet on the muzzle, “I forgot strong too, Bold wings are strong, not as strong as golden boy but still” Melina laughed.
"That may be so but he wouldn't dare challenge me," she smirked.
Melina nodded, knowing her Acid threat’s usually put the golden dragon in his place pretty quickly, she did not even have to hiss, just a hint and Ardon would comply, plus Brathille seemed to not want those two to tussle, even friendly.
Soon a rumble could be heard as the water in Melina’s glass shook as Melina guessed the large dragon was approaching.
Vonriir padded into the room looking like he had just woken up. "Good morning you two."
Melina looked up to see the large dragon and smiled.
“Good morning Von, your up early, I hope you slept ok after yesterday” Melina said.
"Slept like the mountains." He smiled, taking a sniff of the air to see what he might be having for breakfast. "What are you ladies up to today?"
Melina chuckled lightly.
“Well just finishing breakfast and looking at Zyra’s work, Zyra and Comox can perhaps help you with your studies and take you out for a spin, perhaps if your careful you can see the outskirts of London and return back” Melina suggested.
"He's bound to get noticed though, should we wait for his press release so people don't panic?" Asked Zyra.
Melina seemed to agree, Jack would not be happy about Vonriir being caught on camera by the media.
“Alright, a leisurely flight around the block” Melina said getting up.
“I best warn Toby your up, what did you fancy for breakfast Von” the professor asked.
"Whatever is made I'd be happy with," he said cheerily.
Melina chuckled, “Ok, I go warn Toby and get him on the ball, Zy can you give Comox help with teaching today, I have to do a few things in the labs and then I have to contact an old friend of mine” Melina said getting up as she headed off to the labs, her high heels clicking on the floor as she walked off.
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Zyra watched Melina walk away. An old friend? She didn’t mention any acquaintances from the past that she planned on contacting. She wondered who is could be when Toby pulled out a large trolley, followed by his kitchen staff pushing two others.
“Good morning, Vonriir,” he said, offering the meal to the large dragon.
“And to you as well, Mr. Hilton,” greeted Vonriir with gusto at seeing such a spread brought out for him. Zyra turned her head, realizing that in all her time at the facility, she had never known the chef’s surname. She felt a little guilty that she had never thought to ask but Toby was already waving away Vonriir’s polite manner.
“Toby is just fine, eat up and let the kitchen staff know if you are left hoping for more.”
Vonriir nodded and dug into his food. The facility was lucky that at the dragon’s age, on quiet days he required usually only one meal. The bulk of it was often something cheap and filling like rice or potatoes, not that the dragon’s minded. The food was always delicious and benefited them nutritionally better than they could in the wild.
Zyra watched Vonriir eat out of the corner of her eye so that she wouldn’t seem rude. The amount of food he could consume in one sitting was staggering but not unwarranted for a creature his size. Once he was done he licked his lips, displaying rows of pointed teeth.
“Should we go study?” she asked him as she got to her feet. “I think you lesson today is a little more exciting than the previous one.”
“Certainly, it would be good to get an early start. Is Comox about?” Asked Vonriir.
“I’m sure he’s getting ready in the hangar,” Zyra smiled. Vonriir shifted to the side to allow her space to walk alongside him. She had to trot to keep up to his slow yet long strides.
“So I heard you beat Forge’s old records yesterday,” she said looking up at the large dragon.
He chuckled, “That’s what they tell me.”
“Forge will be green with envy that his name isn’t at the top spot any longer.”
“Ah no one needs to be telling Old Silver,” grinned Vonriir.
Zyra smirked at him, “Oh not you too? You’re scared of him?”
“Not scared,” he chuckled. “I respect him. He’s a tremendous warrior and has more knowledge in those old scales than I could shake a stick at. I certainly wouldn’t want to be his enemy but that doesn’t mean I want to boast about my win to his face.”
Zyra nodded, she had only been teasing but it was evident that Forge was a well-respected dragon across Kilara. She knew that the silver male had accomplished things many couldn’t even dream of. He sacrificed so much of his own life for those of others. While he had a cold and grumpy exterior, his motives were decisions of the heart. It was no wonder why Vonriir wouldn’t be ribbing his battle leader over his own accomplishment.
“What has been your favorite thing you’ve learned so far?” she asked in, changing the subject.
The Western Cragback seemed to think a moment as they walked, “Everything really. This world is fascinating. I did quite enjoy the first unit though, the introduction to the project and the Guardian’s Vow. You can really tell how much thought Ardon has put into this.”
Zyra nodded, remembering the Vow, the oath that Ardon required all potential new guardians to swear upon, upholding the bond, the protection of the humans of earth and the unification between their species. She had been quite proud of his brilliant work there. It was something he was passionate about and it clearly showed through the detail of his program.
They entered the hangar as the male Boldwing was setting up for the day. He seemed surprised to see Zyra walk in with Vonriir.
“Oh, Zyra you’re joining us today?” Asked Comox, with a slight hesitation to his voice.
“Yes I finished my papers, decided to give myself a bit of a break before I get into the thick of it studying for my exams coming up in a few months.”
“So your idea of a break is studying… this stuff instead?” Comox raised a brow.
“I know all this, it’s easy, besides I like the company of this little study group,” she smiled at him.
Comox gave a weak smile back, hoping that the heat rising to his cheeks wouldn’t show through the white of his scale.
“Ahem, anyway, we’re on Unit 4 today, beginning with—” Comox dove into the work for today, reading aloud and answering Vonriir’s questions. Zyra had not taken part in a lot of these study session as she had been busy working on her paper but now with her here the Boldwing seemed to stumble over his words if he looked at her while he spoke. He kept his eyes trained on either Vonriir or the screen when he could and it seemed to help a bit though he felt like she might be judging his teaching performance.
He took a peek at Zyra when Vonriir was reading and noticed she was flipping through some of old units.
She was smiling at one of the pages that had the Guardian Project. Ardon had done a rather terrible doodle of an insignia he planned to use for the dragon Academy. It had been lacking a dignified and regal look to his scribbled logo so she had gone to Jack to ask him draw a better one up for him. Jack had come up with a beautiful design and Zyra had commissioned a local shop to craft the insignia in metal, decorated with a thin plating of gold leaf. Together they had presented it to Ardon for his most recent birthday.
She remembered the look on his face when they unveiled it. She looked up to see it mounted on the wall in the hangar they studied. Feeling someone’s eyes on her she turned to see Comox had been watching her.
Comox stumbled at first but then caught himself, “Uh, we’re passed that Unit already. You’ll falling behind Zyra.” He winked.
She laughed and turned the pages to where Vonriir was now reading from, “We really should have a unit or at least a reference chapter about possible roles or career paths that might be an option for new dragon’s coming through. If I hadn’t known I wanted to work in medicine I would have been very lost.”
“Yeah,” Comox agreed. He knew that he felt that way often. He knew that he was helpful around the base and had proven himself in minute ways here and there but it would be nice to have a set position.
“We’ll bring that up to Ardon when he gets back. I don’t see him disagreeing with the benefits of that idea.”
Zyra nodded, her expression bright, making Comox smile lightly to himself.
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Jack and Ardon’s week on board the EAS Crio was an eventful one, Jack had agreed to a shadowing experience program a few months ago and now the man was with his dragon as he did work experience.
Jack had not been in a EA uniform for 10 years and it was indeed a weird feeling to be back at a Lieutenant commander position within the EA.
He had spent the first few days being Captain and doing patrol runs, running scientific analysis of the outer solar system and organizing Fighter drills for the pilots on board, it all soon came back to him as the EAS Crio Captain observed and marked his progress.
The Crio had been upgraded so Ardon could travel on board, areas of the ship were expanded and heightened to accommodate the dragon’s size.
They also made it so Ardon could stretch his wings and hover but sadly there was no garden or facility for her to go flying around the ship.
Jack had finished his duty for the day as the ship was orbiting Saturn in high orbit, the jewel in the solar system’s crown with its magnificent ring system and of course it’s moons, there was an outpost on Titan which they would be visiting once scientific analysis of the gas giant was done, Jack had ordered the science station to run a number of experiments before he signed off from duty.

Ardon was pressed up against the window staring at the planet below, marvelling at the beauty of it.
Jack entered their large shared quarters as he saw the golden dragon staring at the giant gas planet as they orbited it from the large glass screen they had in their quarters.
“Still amazed by Saturn is it Ardy? admiring the rings and the colour?” Jack asked the golden dragon with a smile.
"Yes, it's neat to see up close rather than just pictures." Said the dragon turning to him.
Jack smiled, glad Ardon was enjoying the trip with him for the week, after their stop to Titan, the ship would be heading for earth where a shuttle would take them home.
“You enjoyed coming with me on this trip, I know it has been a little bleh, being on board this ship and all you can do is hover with your wings, but its only for a few more days” Jack said.
"I don't mind it. I like accompanying you on these things," smiled Ardon.
Jack gave Ardon a pet on his muzzle, “Thank you Ardon, have you done your daily hover and flight, remember because were in space it needs to be burdened flight to ensure your wing muscles don’t deteriorate as quickly” Jack said as he looked set to get undressed out of his EA uniform.
"I did, this morning," he nodded.
“Good, good, so any other planets you liked the look of on our journey, you did keep a record right?” Jack asked as got changed into normal clothes.
"I took a few pictures to show the others, yes. They'll all interesting in their own way. Jupiter was nice."
Jack smiled slightly, hearing Ardon had kept some photos to show the others.
“You get some good ones of Jupiter and the deadly Aurora’s at the poles? pretty but really deadly” Jack explained.
"Deadly?" Asked the dragon.
Jack nodded.
“Yes, Jupiter the largest planet in our solar system, it has a more powerful Magnetic field than the one that protects earth, however the radiation levels in the polar regions are deadly to any organic life, hence why even this ship with radiation shielding gives it a wide berth” Jack explained.
"Oh well best we don't plan any visits then." He grinned. "You've already had your quota of run ins with radiation."
Jack chuckled lightly, “Come on you, let’s get an evening meal I’m hungry and I bet you are too” Jack said gesturing to the golden dragon who trotted on alongside him towards the ships canteen.
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Back at the base Vonriir was telling old tales of his own past and legends he had been told as a hatchling while Zyra and Comox listened with interest. The lagre dragon had taken on a fatherly role since his arrival. He loved to offer advice and gentle guidance and the trio did not seem to mind a bit. He had no hatchlings of his own but the young dragons here brought out the ‘dad’ in him and telling stories was one of the things his sire often did when he was a yearling.
As he spoke the dragoness was writing down the myths and stories to keep a record of old Drakine tales. Legends and stories were only shared by word of mouth and many of them died out with families or individuals that the tale never went beyond.
Preserving heritage was important to Zyra and she wondered why dragons never developed a concise written language. It was boundlessly useful. Dragon’s had symbols often used as warnings or markers for travel but it never expanded beyond that as far as she knew. It was doubly lucky that dragons could pick up multiple languages easily and this included writing. With Vonriir being as big as he was, teaching him to write was a difficult task.
“…and that’s the story of the dual moons,” finished the large dragon, snapping Zyra out of her daydreams of languages. She typed up the last bit with a smile.
“Our breed’s story of the moons is quite similar, different names and details here and there but the gist of it remains the same,” said Comox to which Zyra nodded in agreement.
“Half a world away and so many of our stories have similar roots.”
“Strange, that,” hummed Vonriir. “You were typing away while I spoke, were you writing it down?”
Zyra smiled, caught, “Yes, I like to record these things, that way they will never be forgotten.”
Vonriir seemed to approve of the practice. He had never thought of ever writing down something like that to preserve it. “Clever dragoness,” he praised her.
“Clever is an understatement,” Comox said, making Zyra turn to him at the compliment.
“Gentlemen,” she said, raising a paw to her chest in mock vanity, “You flatter me.”
Comox tried to hide a sheepish look as she gathered her things.
“I’m headed out to the labs. I’ll see you both at dinner. Ciao,” She said with a wave of her wing as she left.
Comox didn’t realize he was looking after her until a rumbling voice above him asked: “So, have you asked her?”
He snapped out of his trance and looked up, “Pardon? Asked her what?”
“To court her of course,” Vonriir chuckled.
Comox’s face grew hot and he hoped he wasn’t blushing from embarrassment. “Stars no, of course not. We’re friends, why would you ask that?”
Vonriir laughed at the Boldwing’s horror. “It’s obvious that you fancy her.”
“N-no, I don’t,” he stammered.
“You must at least think she’s pretty?” There was a slight teasing tone in the larger dragon’s voice.
Comox’s white scales across his nose took on the lightest shade of pink. “Well, um, of course, she’s a beautiful dragoness. Well-, I.” he stumbled over his words. “Don’t tell anyone.”
“Your secret is safe with me,” Vonriir said, sitting up and crossing his hearts with a talon.
“I can’t ask her.” Comox said, looking away.
“And why not?” his fatherly voice was emerging again.
“Because she’s my friend…”
“If she says no then things will be awkward and weird and…” Comox tapered off.
“What was that last one?”
Comox looked up at Vonriir who was looking down on him with a bemused smile.
“Not a word, Von,” the Boldwing pointed at the large dragon, his voice serious.
Vonriir put a paw up in innocence, “Never. Not a word.”
Comox shook out his wings, hating having been found out. He cleared his throat, “See you at dinner.” He tried to sound casual but failed as he walked out.
Vonriir chuckled to himself and shook his head after the boldwing abandoned their conversation. He remembered being in the exact same position when he was only a few years older than Comox.

Later that day when dinner came around, Comox felt nervous for some reason. Now that someone knew that he fancied Zyra, it seemed to change things. The dragoness still didn’t know and Vonriir promised not to tell but it was out there now, not just his personal secret. Somehow this made it harder to act relaxed around her. He stared at his food while Zyra chattered away to Vonriir and Melina at the table in the canteen.
Melina had noticed Comox’s strange behavior and moved to sit beside the dragon.
“You feeling okay, Comoc? It is unlike you not to find Toby’s stew appealing,” Melina smiled kindly.
“Oh, um, no it’s nothing. Just lost in daydreams,” he made up a feeble excuse.
“You sure, anything I can help with? You have been really well praised with teaching Vonriir. You’re re doing a really good job, Co. Really proud of your commitment and development.”
Comox smiled at her, happy that she thought such things. “Thank you, Melina, I appreciate that. It’s been a lot of fun, teaching the program, though I feel like a bit of a sham since I’m helping with the Guardian Project but I’m not bonded myself.”
Zyra overheard the last bit of what the dragon was saying. “You uphold all the values of it, no need to be bonded. The program is more than just what Brathille does. It’s about protecting and unifying. You’re a great example and already have shown yourself pledged to those values.”
Comox took a breath. She was right, as usual. “I suppose so.” He nodded, giving a small smile at that.
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Mark entered the canteen obviously for his lunch but was holding a tablet in his hand as he approached the professor.
“Good afternoon professor, here is that emailed report that was sent to you by Professor Taylor at the dig up in the Scottish highland mountains” Mark said handing her the tablet.
Melina’s eyes brightened and Zyra would sense excitement in her Attilu as she took the tablet, thanking Mark and studying the work with a keen interest.
“Oh, this is amazing, been looking forward to this all day” Melina said as she studied the report on the tablet from the professor.
Zyra perked up, feeling the woman's excitement through their link. "What is it?"
Melina looked up and smiled.
“Oh this? It is a report from an old university friend of mine, professor Taylor, he is a head geologist for the EA science division, he has been doing a study on rock formations and has been working with a freelance expert on ancient ruins and places of scientific interest, he has got a dig up in the Scottish Highlands” Melina said he voice echoed excitement.
"Oh that must be exciting, potentially unearthing such old artefacts," replied Zyra, not understanding why Melina was so enthusiastic.
Melina nodded in agreement, although she was a professor of medicine and had vast experience and studies of medical techniques and knowing dragon health and wellbeing, she seemed keen in other sciences, including geology.
“Sorry, I am always interested in other sciences, Geology and Archaeology were really interesting, Professor Taylor did Geology I did advanced human medical and medicine” Melina replied looking up at Zyra.
"Don't be sorry!" Laughed Zyra. "Where did you meet professor Taylor if you both went into such different fields?"
Melina’s cheeks went slightly red as she lightly blushed.
“Kind of an old flame as it were back in university, I studied one end of the block and him the other, use to meet up for lunches, study together and get drunk at the student union” Melina chuckled lightly.
"Ah so this is why you're excited, not about old thing found in the dirt," Zyra teased, nudging her with her shoulder.
Melina gave Zyra a look and tried to swat her on the snout but Zyra moved away, amused.
“Hush you, he is interested in lending our expertise, good equipment mainly on analysing the samples, Baxter does have a large mobile lab that could help them look at things in greater detail” Melina said, suggesting they may have a trip up to Scotland.
"So does this mean another trip to Scotland?" The dragoness asked with enthusiasm as Vonriir walked in.
"Uh oh, you girls look like you’re up to trouble." He joked, sitting down on his haunches.
Melina laughed lightly, shaking her head.
“Why do you think, were up to no good Von? Besides you are speaking with the second in command of this facility while Ardon and Jack gallivant the solar system” she replied.
"Oh, I do beg your pardon. I would not want to offend jacks second in command and her dragoness." He chuckled. "Just those excited looks usually mean trouble."
Melina smiled lightly.
“Oh, it is a report from an old friend Professor Taylor, he has provided me a report to read and is wondering if he can utilise our services to help his expedition up in Scotland, it would be a nice trip, too bad all the cargo shuttles are being serviced” Melina said.
"Could we rent one?" Asked Zyra.
Melina had a think about that.
“Perhaps, have to look and see if we got the budget for it, it be a shame not to be able to help him with our advanced equipment” Melina said.
"What needs to be taken up there? I might be able to help," offered Vonriir.
Melina shook her head.
“Oh no, we could not ask that of you, Forge will kill us for using you as a pack mule” Melina said.
"He's not my father, even though he's old as dirt. I offered. I can help," the dragon repeated.
Melina smiled, “Well only if you are sure you can manage a burdened flight to Scotland, Zyra and Comox can come, because Dr Baxter will be needed but Comox will be gentle with him flying” Melina replied looking at the bold wing’s.
"Co is a steady flyer. Baxter will do well with him," nodded Zyra.
Melina smiled.
“Excellent, I speak to the professor tonight, I offer our services and get Baxter to load up the equipment in the dragon Carry container, I imagine a big guy like you can manage Vonriir?” she asked the giant dun dragon.
"I hope so, seeing as I offered. It would be mighty embarrassing if it turns out I couldn't" laughed Vonriir.
Melina laughed lightly with the large dun dragon.
“Alright, I speak to the professor tonight and let him know, plus I also say about ensuring the site is secure for our dragons, it is in a remote area anyways but still, we best inform the professor” Melina said to the group of dragons.
Zyra nodded, looking pleased about the trip. "You'll like Scotland," smiled Zyra. "I was there a few months ago. It's lovely."
"Ah well that sounds nice, I look forward to seeing more of this world." He replied.
Melina excused herself as the woman seemed to be excited to go visit the expedition in the Scottish Highlands, lost in a day dream as she walked towards her quarters with Zyra in tow.
"So on a scale of one to ten how excited are you to see professor Taylor?" Teased Zyra.
The dragoness laughed lightly. "Well, I'm excited to meet this 'Taylor' and see if he even passes dragon approval."
Melina nudged Zyra.
“Oh you are terrible, I thought you will be better back as a dragoness, but apparently not it seems” Melina said chuckling as they entered her quarters, the woman had a spring in her step and Zyra would sense that.
The dragoness could feel the on and excitement passing through the link and couldn't help but to smile herself. She nosed Melina's cheek and gave her a lick, pleased that her Attilu was in such good spirits.
Melina laughed lightly.
“What was that for Zy?” Melina smiled giving her a pet on the nose.
"You just seem really happy. It makes me happy too." She thrummed.
Melina gave her scratch behind the horns as the dragoness thrummed loudly, it seems the happiness was shared along the link giving them a Euphoric moment, she realised this was what Jack and Ardon felt together.
“Seems Brathille likes to amplify good feelings, good choice” Melina chuckled lightly.
"You're welcome," Zyra grinned.
“Oh, your such a suck for a scratch behind the horns, seems it a dragon trait, plus me being happy makes you happy” Melina smiled looking at her dragoness yellow eyes.
"Guilty," smiled the dragoness as she dipped her head for said scratch.
Melina laughed, shaking her head but giving Zyra what she wanted, Zyra always appreciated a scratch behind the horns.
“Greedy getting more scratches, your getting like Ardon here, do you think Vonriir can manage our equipment?” she asked.
"I am sure he will be fine," said the bold wing.
Melina nodded in agreement, “Professor Taylor will be contact me at 8pm, so we got some time on our hands…Hrmm I wonder” Melina had an idea as she seemed to focus on Zyra and put her hand gently onto her muzzle to see if she could awaken Brathille.
The dragoness closed her eyes and took a deep breath, focusing. The faintest traces of light glimmered up beneath the woman's palm before growing slightly.
The light suddenly faded but they had noticed. "Melina we did it!"
Melina grinned, feeling the energy flow between them, she was sure they were learning and get better at mastering it.
“Hah, Jack and Ardon eat your heart out, the girls are catching up” she grinned looking up at Zyra.
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Zyra had been in utter delight since she and Melina managed to summon the beginnings of conscious control of Brathille. This was something that Ardon and Jack had managed a year or so back and zyra had been secretly envious. It was no doubt that the duo had a powerful and unique and they were on a faster track to controlling the power that Brathille could lend.
Now Zyra and Melina had taken the first step into learning how to manipulate it. It would take practice and discipline. It was the beginning of their discovery of what they would be able to master.
It was certainly an exciting moment and the dragoness was eager to tell Comox about what they had accomplished. She had slept peacefully through the night, slumbering on the floor next to Melina’s bed, dreaming of one day mastering Brathille and healing Melina, freeing her of the last dark physical reminder of what Cayman had done.
The dragoness work the next morning and went down to the canteen for tea while Melina tended to some business in the labs. It was quiet in the canteen as she gathered her breakfast and spoke lightly to Toby for a while. She blew gently over the steaming bowl, poured hot from the kettle as she laid down in the lounge and turned on the TV.
“What’s that smile for?” asked a voice, she looked up to see Comox had joined her.
“Oh, I didn’t realize I was,” she laughed lightly. “I do have a lot to smile about lately.”
Comox sat down across from her. He raised his head when he heard Toby holler that he had seen him arrive. He flared his wing briefly in reply. Breakfast would be out shortly.
“Like what?”
Zyra smiled, “Our trip to Scotland, the fact that I’m well on my way to becoming an accredited doctor, and…”
Comox leaned closer as if they were conspiring, “…and?”
“Melina and I managed to call upon Brathille last night!” her eyes glittered with pride.
“You did?”
Zyra nodded enthusiastically, “Yes, the first time for it to. It only lasted a second but we managed to summon the light.”
Comox’s seemed surprised but a smile broke out on his face, mirroring the joy the dragoness extruded. “That’s wonderful. Well done, Zyra. How do you manage to do it?”
“I don’t know exactly, just… and now this is going to sound cheesy but bear with me, I just center myself, put all my focus into the bond and how it feels and something bubbled up.”
“That’s wild.”
“I know, right? I just hope that Brathille grants us the abilities we want, not something of its own choosing.”
“I’m sure it will give you what it needs,” smiled Comox.
Zyra nodded, “I can’t wait to tell Ardon.”
Comox went silent for a moment and cleared his throat, “Um, yeah, he will be impressed in sure.”
Zyra took a sip of her tea and turned her eyes to the television. Some news story was playing, giving the local weather and events.
“We’ll be giving a press release on Vonriir before we head out. That way he won’t scare people as he flies across the country. Melina says then we’ll give an official interview after the expedition when Jack and Ardon return. Give the media what they’ll be wanting so they don’t try to hound him each time we go out.”
“They will anyway,” he replied, remembering his own first brush with the public. No matter what stories were given, new dragons always caused a stir and Vonriir would cause a torrent of interest due to his size.
“Yeah, I know but this way it will be a softer start for him.”
The male nodded, “That sounds good, what’s Vonriir’s story?”
“Woke in the mountains around lake Lovatnet near Stryn.”
“I have no idea where that is.”
“Norway,” Zyra laughed.
“How do you remember all this?” he smiled, shaking his head.
“Study, dear Comox.”
“Yes, yes” He smirked.
“Here, I’ll show you a picture.” Said the dragoness, turning on her tablet and bringing up a few photos.
“It’s beautiful,” hummed Comox, taking a look at some of the spectacular photography of the area.
“Yes, a perfect place for a dragon his size. Giant mountains, beautiful fjords, rocky isles. I believe they will say he was transported over here for assessment and the like, just like the rest of us. The release will be tomorrow morning and I believe if Melina has everything ready we’ll head out to the dig by the evening.”
“Sounds good to me. I look forward to seeing it.”
“The flyover itself will be lovely.” She said as Toby brought out breakfast for the male bolding. They sat together and chatted for a while, Zyra enjoyed telling Comox about her previous trip to Scotland with Melina and how she was eager to see new parts of the country. They joked about actually stopping to see Jack’s parents this time round just to give the commander a scare.
They lapsed into a comfortable silence as they found something to watch on TV, simply enjoying each other’s company in the quiet of the canteen.
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Melina was working in the labs ensuring the few experiments that were being run were done and the results would be obtained soon.
Sam approached the professor who looked up with a smile, “Professor, you have a priority message coming in from the EA, it is marked for you” the young man said.
Melina seemed a little surprised but nodded in acknowledgement to the EA call.
“I take it in my office, can you watch these tests for me? when they are done record results and input hypothesis on computer” Melina instructed.
“Of course professor” Sam smiled as Melina left for her office within the labs.
When she reached her office, the woman closed the door and went to the table pressing her communication screen and entered her security clearance, soon the EA logo appeared and the familiar face appeared as Melina smiled.
“Amelia, nice to see you again” Melina said as the woman nodded in respect.
“Professor Melina, I see your running the shop while Jack is away on active duty?” she asked kindly.
Melina nodded.
“Yes, chance for me to spread my talents into other areas, it has been a fascinating week or so but all is well” Melina responded.
“That is good to hear professor, the EAS Crio is required on Titan for some urgent work, so Jack and Ardon will be out of the loop for another week, he assured me you be fine” Amelia smiled slightly.
“Of course, Torchwood 5 is in safe hands, what can I do for you Director” Melina asked, now the small talk was out of the way.
“I understand you put in another media request to our department, to make up a story for Vonriir, his discovery in Norway, Europe, from all the information provided he is a mighty dragon and can be an asset to us, your recruiter is doing well” Amelia said with genuine praise.
“Why thank you, Forge will be pleased and I agree, Vonriir has allot of potential and can be a real asset to the program for Ardon” Melina said confidently.
“Agreed, however there has been some development here in the EA, while approval ratings for the dragons remains above the 80% mark it has dropped in support from 92% a few months ago” Amelia said making Melina looked surprised.
“I understand your surprise, now we all still support Ardon and the great work you’re doing with these dragons, however, we are noticing a growing fear and resistance to the dragons, some public groups are saying dragons are awakening, planning to reclaim the earth from us, we are also getting complaints why the UK is hogging the majority of dragons, it is causing friction here politically” Amelia explained as Melina listened.
“I see, well we are an academy, it is only logical for them to be here until they find their way in life, they mean no harm and are loyal, Forge has vetted everyone and all is safe, they do not carry diseases or anything” Melina insisted, not liking where the conversation was going.
“I understand, however there is real pressure on this department and me to see to it that diplomati9c unity and resistance between the nations are kept to a minimum, Norway are not happy Vonriir was supposedly discovered and shifted to the UK when they should have kept him and looked after him” Amelia said.
Melina seemed to frown as Amelia noticed the reaction via the view screen.
“I appreciate your frustration professor, trust me, I know we have agreed 10 dragons, but in light of everything, I must order Torchwood 5 and Forge to temporary suspend anymore recruitment until opinion polls and other nations simmer down over this, ensure Vonriir is the last dragon for awhile, we want there to be a reasonable gap and not spook the public” Amelia replied.
Melina seemed to not like this one bit, Ardon had tried hard to work on this and now they had to abandon it yet again over human squabbles and greed creeping in.
“Can I make a suggestion Amelia, I think this is a pretty knee jerk reaction” Melina said with assertiveness in her voice but Amelia shook her head.
“I am sorry professor, we have a duty to these dragons but we also have a duty to the men, women and children on the earth, this is also Torchwood’s objectives, if Torchwood 5 wishes to keep the unique funding then you have to comply” Amelia said.
“I disagree with the EA recent reaction” Melina said, not impressed.
“The decision is final, Torchwood 5 is to suspend dragon recruitment, Vonriir will be given a story and be introduced to the world gradually, until then keep all dragon media contact to a minimum, this order comes direct from me and the president of the EA, Amelia out”.
The screen went black and the torchwood 5 logo appeared, Melina sighed rubbing her temple with her hands.
Once again the EA had slammed the brakes on the dragon academy yet again, she could not risk losing funding again, with allot going on.
“Damm them” Melina said frustrated and powered up her laptop to work, her negative energy and bad mood would travel to the link and inform Zyra.
Melina realised this and tried hard to block her emotions to the dragoness, the last thing she wanted was to explain this to her, not now.
Zyra tilted her head, catching brief blips through the link, and something overshadowing it, masking it.
"Something up," she said, getting to her feet and leaving to go track the woman down.
Melina had hoped her mind blocking her emotions worked but soon she saw the pearly white scales of Zyra entering the labs.
“Drat” Melina cursed as she focussed hard on blocking her emotions and feelings to Zyra, focussing on her work in her office as the dragoness approached.
Zyra approached quietly, taking a breath and closing her eyes, sending a loving feeling across the link to catch her attention and let her know she was there
Melina sensed something and looked up from her work to see Zyra and sighed lightly, “Can’t hide anything from you can I?” she said.
"Afraid not," she gave a small smile, "why ARE you trying to hide something from me?"
Melina shook her head, not really sure how to answer.
“I don’t want anything ruined so did not want you to worry, with Scotland coming up, I want everything to be fine” Melina said.
"You won't ruin anything. What's wrong?" Asked the dragoness, drawing the woman closer with her wing. "You can tell me."
Melina gave a nervous laugh.
“I’d rather not, I really rather not Zy, just people frustrate me that is all” Melina replied, not really giving a clear answer to Zyra’s question.
Zyra was quiet and gave Melina a lick on the cheek. "Do I need to kick someone's ass? Is it a boy? Do I need to put someone in their place, dragoness style?" she teased her, trying to lighten the mood.
Melina chuckled lightly looking up at Zyra.
“You still wearing your backside kicking boots you wore as a human?” Melina asked the bold wing.
"I never took them off." She smiled. "But seriously, do I need to have words with someone?"
Melina shook her head.
“No no, I explain everything Zy” Melina said as she explained what had happened in her talk with the EA director Amelia and what was said.

Meanwhile Dr Baxter had called for Vonriir to come to the dragon hanger for a quick run down and drill over transporting the equipment.
"Doctor Baxter, how are you?" Asked the dragon, stepping into the hangar and making the floor shake slightly as he approached. "Are you looking forward to this little adventure?"
Baxter moved slightly uneasy as Vonriir entered still a little uneasy being with such a massive giant of a dragon as Vonriir.
“Hello, I am umm fine thanks, I Just like to have a dummy run of the cargo you be carrying in this container, I put weight disks in there to simulate the weight, just like to know anything, we can do to help make carrying it easier” Baxter said with a nervous tone in his voice.
"Alright, don't be shaking in your boots. It's fine." Chuckled Vonriir.
Baxter gave his head a shake, “Sorry, just not fully confident in dragon’s and your very big, can you see if it’s ok for you to carry and fly with?” Baxter asked.
"Certainly can," nodded the dragon.
Baxter nodded, “Well the container has handles that can be moved, they are magnetic so can you give a demo so I can sign it all off?” Baxter asked cautiously.
The dragon jumped up and hovered above the container, wind swirling around him kicked up from his wings. He locked his talons about the handled and set his wings in motion. He churned the air as the container slowly lifted off the ground.
Baxter observed Vonriir’s effort, “Is it too heavy, or unbalanced or” Baxter asked nervously.
"A little unbalanced towards the front but I could make it a fair distance with this much cargo, further and faster with a bit less." Replied the dragon.
Baxter nodded, noting it down.
“That will roughly be the weight you be carrying to Scotland, we can give you straps and better gripping handles, we also strap down the equipment to balance it out, can you manage with that weight?” Baxter called up.
The dragon put down the container and settled back into all fours on the ground. "Yes I should be able to do alright, might be a fair bit slower than those Bold wings. Wings made of lightning on those two."
Baxter nodded lightly, writing down the notes from Vonriir comments on the container.
"Doctor, really you have nothing to fret about, I assure you," he said, lowering his head down to the man. "You have nothing to fear from me. I offered to help, and I truly don't mind lending a hand getting this equipment up to where the professor needs it.
Baxter nodded nervously, scratching his head lightly and fiddling with his glasses.
“It isn’t just that, please I hope I have not offended you, I am just nervous round dragon’s overall and your big, the biggest I’ve seen, it can be umm daunting” Baxter said with verbal honesty.
"I do suppose it would be. Do not worry about offending me, Doctor. Would take a heck of a lot worse than what you could come up with. I do suppose it would a bit daunting for a creature your size but fear not. I haven't squished a soul yet. You're in good company with me. Surely you must be used to dragons having been around Ardon all these years?"
Baxter smiled nervously.
“You think so but I keep a small distance, I will umm take your suggestions and get it worked on, thank you sir” Baxter said as he went off at a brisk pace to make the adjustments.
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Zyra had listened closely when Melina explained what Amelia and the AE had done, putting a halt on the academy once more. The dragoness knew that Ardon’s entrance into the public light on earth all those years ago had been a major ask. Now with 11 dragons known to the citizens of this planet, it was almost guaranteed to cause a stir that could easily lead into global alarm should the wrong idea take hold. The EA was on panic control with the advent of the dragon academy. The Alliance knew that the dragons were beneficial, had great potential more than just the novelty that creatures of myth had sprung back into existence but they could not risk the public discord that might follow if they didn’t tread lightly with their introduction.
Zyra wanted to cry foul on the director’s decision but knew why Amelia did what she did, as much as she disliked it. It was for the dragon’s safety as well. Should the masses slip into fear and distrust of them, it could mean their lives could be in danger should they leave the safety of their respective facilities. They had already had a taste of this fear when media released pictures of Ardon, mouth bloodied, standing over Cayman. The man had been a plague of terror but even as the gold dispatched him from the world all that many people saw was a savage and unpredictable beast, capable of taking human life.
The EA had gone on a rampant cleanup to repair the damage those few fear mongers caused, bringing Ardon back into favourable light. This task was much harder with more dragons and more people worried for the safety of humans across the globe as they thought dragons were springing from the earth, unregulated.
“Just another roadblock, Melina. We’ll get around it soon enough,” said Zyra, trying to be encouraging in light of Amelia’s decision.
"Well, they are bowing to fear and concern but its narrow mindedness, you’re not here to invade us," Melina replied with a heavy sigh.
“Maybe we are, for your bread pudding,” she smiled giving Melina a gentle nudge on the arm as she tried to get her to smile, “They’ve uncovered our plan.”
"Hah, Ardon be leading the invasion then" Melina chuckled lightly.
Zyra smiled, “I’m going to go talk with Comox and Vonriir. Hang in there okay? I’ll see you for dinner.”
The dragoness gave Melina a quick hug with her wing before heading off to the dragon hangar to find the boys.
As much as Zyra played it off and tried to get Melina to smile, she was quite worried herself. The constant stop and go that the AE put on the guardian project was frustrating and something that made her a little nervous. The EA had the power to banish them back through the portal on a whim, should that satisfy the public, or do away with them in whatever method they thought necessary.
She gave a sigh and stepped through the door into the hangar. It was only Comox in the room, Vonriir evidently had stepped out. The male Boldwing turned to her and could read her expression, the dragoness was bearing bad news.
“What’s up?” he asked.
She sat down beside him, “The EA put another stop on the guardian project. They haven’t pulled the plug on it but after Vonriir here, they aren’t allowing any more dragons for a while.”
“Why not?” Asked Comox, frowning.
“As Melina explained it, it had a lot to do with political friction and how the public is taking the arrival of so many of us. The EA is dealing with citizens that are frightened that we’re ‘invading’ or something.”
Comox shook his head, “That’s ridiculous. Invading.” He snorted.
“Well, we used to be myths and legends, something that didn’t exist up until Ardon’s arrival. So, in about 8 years we have had 11 dragons show up on earth, that’s something to talk about. Ardon’s been here for 9…” she marvelled at that idea for a second before she realized she was going off topic. “It’s not a mass invasion but it’s something that people are talking about.”
“And what’s this…what did you say, political friction?” he asked.
“Well Vonriir’s cover story is that he was found in Norway, right? Well in order to have no holes in his backstory we need compliance from Norway to back up his story as truth. Well, now the rest of their government who aren’t in ‘the know’ with where we actually come from is up in arms about the UK hoarding all the dragons, bringing him back here and not allowing Norward to keep the dragon they supposedly found.”
“We aren’t objects-“ he started to object at the ridiculousness of it all but Zyra put up a paw to silence him.
“I know but we are treading a thin line here. I’m sure it won’t be forever but we have to be careful. If the EA doesn’t like how we’re perceived it could be disaster.”
Comox sighed, understanding but still upset over it all. Just then Vonriir walked in, returning from his break.
“Miss Zyra, coming to join the riff raff?” Asked the massive dragon but he could see the dismal expression on the other dragons. “Oh dear. Is there something wrong?”
Zyra explained what had happened as Vonriir settled on the ground, crossing his paws in front of him as he listened.
“Well,” he began when she finished. “We are fire breathing, ahem, and acid spitting creatures that supposedly were only myths a short time ago. I’ve only been here a short while but I would understand their fear. Stars, Doctor Baxter eats, lives and breathes in the same building as multiple dragons and still he is skittish as anything. You have to imagine those who don’t know us would think there might be something to fear.”
Vonriir was right, thought Zyra. “We’ll just have to be careful, I guess. Maybe focus our exposure to outside world onto helping the public and show them we are a good force in their world.”
The others nodded. It would be a challenging time but they would get through it one way or another.
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Melina was in her quarters packing up for the trip to Scotland, since they did not have a shuttle, the equipment, tents and other items would be carried in the container that Vonriir would be transporting.
Although the large dragon would manage just fine, she was conscious of not putting too much in so that could overburden the giant dragon, to ensure his trip was smooth.
Soon a notification came up on her computer screen, Melina smiled as she walked over to the screen and cleared the incoming communication as Professor Taylor appeared with a kind smile at the woman.
“Good Afternoon Professor, I am sorry if I have disturbed you from anything important” the man said politely as Melina felt her cheeks lightly blush.
“No, of course not, it is very good to see you again Grant…. Oh, I mean professor Taylor” Melina said correcting herself.
The man laughed lightly.
“I do not mind Grant; you know better than that Melina” he smiled.
Melina chuckled.
“Of course, so you ready for our arrival?” she asked.
The man nodded, picking up his camera and showing Melina the cleared area for their party to arrive, it was the best flat land they had in the area and it was now reserved for the team, Grant also showed Melina the large refrigerated trailer that was there for food for the dragons.
Melina smile got wider as the man had gone out of his way knowing they were having dragon’s coming with the professor.
“We are all excited to have you and your dragons coming, I am sorry to hear of the EA decision but they are welcome here, we hope you be kind to allow us to take photos and raise funds for the continuation of the dig if your dragons approve it for us” Grant replied.
Melina nodded assertively.
“Of course, they be happy to, thank you Grant, you have gone out of your way for them, they will enjoy the peace, quiet and surroundings away from technology” Melina replied enthusiastically to the man who smiled.
“I eagerly look forward to your arrival, please take your time up and see you soon, be good to see you again” Grant replied.
Melina tried not to blush and she smiled.
“Me, too, until then, see you soon” Melina said as the screen went black, Melina got up and began to bounce around the room, excited about this trip, seeing her old university friend again and being involved in their dig in Scotland made her giddy with excitement.
She felt like she was back in university, feeling how she did and of course it was an area that interested her but did not have the experience or expertise that professor Taylor had, she had been impressed with his achievements and recognitions in the scientific world.
This would be an interesting and exciting times for the team, with Vonriir helping it should be a good flight towards Scotland.
Melina continued to pack but she seemed to be light on her toes as she packed her clothes, humming a tune and smiling as she seemed to float about the room.
The dragoness trotted back towards her quarters with a spring in her step and let out thrum, surprising herself. Happiness washed over her and she wondered where it came from before an idea lit up in her mind. She smiled and nosed open the door to their room.
Melina seemed to bounce across to her case and put more clothes in before she noticed the dragoness had entered their quarters.
“Oh, Hello Zyra, your looking all happy, sorry did not hear you come in” Melina said with a smile as she neatly put her clothes neatly in the case.
"What where you getting up to in here? You could have pulled Forge clear out of his grumpiness with the glee that was coming over the link," she teased.
Melina chuckled lightly at Zyra’s comments.
“Oh, just spoken to professor Taylor, he is eager and prepared a site for us all to stay, so looking forward to it” Melina said skipping along to the cupboard to get the final bits of clothing into her case.
"What's gotten into you?" laughed Zyra.
“It’s exciting, come on Zy, you cannot say this isn’t fun, the views, the beauty, be amazing” Melina said with allot of enthusiasm.
"We've been across Iban'tu, beautiful lands before, you've been to Scotland countless times, you're not this excited just to go look at a dig,"
Melina gave her dragoness a look, “This is exciting and yes, it is the dig” Melina said but bounced over to Zyra and tapped her snout lightly.
“” she said tapping Zyra’s snout after each word.
Zyra licked Melina's cheek, hooking her wing around her. "Mel..." She smiled knowingly. "Remember our promise?"
Melina laughed, “Oh Zy, it be fun, so excited to see professor Taylor, been awhile since I seen him, be nice to catch up” Melina said giving Zyra a kiss on her muzzle.
The dragoness gave a little hum and let her go. "Well, no matter the reason, I am happy you are excited. I look forward to it and so do the others."
Melina laughed and bounced over Zyra’s area and grinned looking at her belt, “I think I should wear this to show off to Grant..umm I mean professor Taylor” Melina said.
"No, no, I think he'll be impressed enough with you without dragging all our trinkets out." Zyra laughed.
Melina took the belt and put it around her waist, doing the strap up and doing a powerful pose.
“Hah!, dragon champion of the world, well the base, silver suits me” Melina grinned, the happiness and excitement emanating off her pass through to Zyra.
"It's a little big for you I think," laughed the dragoness, unable to keep the smile off her face. She was delighted that Melina was so giddy and happy. It was rare to see any of the team in such a state.
“I think it suits me better than you, anyways I beat you so I at least get it for a week” Melina teased with a chuckle.
"Fine, fine. You'll be as showy as Ardon in that thing," she grinned.
Melina took off the belt and put it back on the wall properly, rubbing off the finger prints so it was still sparkling and clean.
She turned and looked at Zyra with mischief in her eyes.
“I wonder, if it works for Jack, I wonder if it works for me” Melina said as she rolled her shoulders and moved quickly to Zyra to try and topple her over.
The dragoness faked falling over dramatically. "Oh no!" she couldn't keep from laughing.
Melina laughed but she seemed to go to pin the dragon, “Hah, pin you now, I should take a photo” Melina said chuckling.
"Dragon champion, Melina Goodwin!" She cheered.
Melina chuckled, “Oh you let me, it is no fun when your acting” Melina got off the dragoness and sorted out her hair with a chuckle, her palm seemed to glitter lightly.
Zyra sat up and nosed Melina's hand. "Look, it's glowing."
Melina looked at her palm and smiled, looking a little surprised, she moved her hand to Zyra’s muzzle and once again Brathille began to glow, this time with a bit more intensity, Melina gasped in excitement as Zyra’s scales glowed.
The energy of brathille began to rise up within the dragoness, the scales around her face glimmering the lattice of light. "Melina," she said in wonder, her voice sounding strange.
Melina grinned.
“Were getting a bit of control and getting stronger, we give those boys a run for their money” Melina said as the glowing intensified with Melina’s excitement and mood.
Zyra breathed out, her breath sparkling with glittering flecks of light. "This is wild."
Soon the sparkling and glow dimmed and was lost, Melina grinned and jumped up at her dragoness, giving her a massive hug.
Zyra let out a thrum, wrapping her wings about them happily, her tail curling about her feet.
Melina smiled feeling happy that slowly but surely the two of them were bonding deeply and Brathille was awakening in them.
She had seen some of the stuff Ardon could do, she had high hopes their Brathille will produce amazing abilities in her bold wing.
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The next morning all the equipment was prepped and ready to go in the dragon hangar while the other’s got ready for their flight. Zyra was chatting in a lively way with Comox, the excitement in her voice sounding clear and bright in the large room. Comox sat looking down at her while she helped clip him into his riding harness. Even though he did not have an Attilu, Jack thought it good to ensure he had his own harness and they had found it useful not having to dig out Ardon’s each time he needed it.
“There,” said the dragoness, stepping back and admiring her work, “Does that feel okay?”
Comox stood up and shook to ensure the harness fit snugly and did not slip. “That’s great, thanks.”
“Mmhm,” she smiled, clasping her own on.
“Is that Melina’s?” asked the male, pointing to a few cases at Zyra’s feet.
“Hm? Yes,” Said the dragoness as she looked down to see what he was looking at. “I’m going to carry them, one less thing for Vonriir to worry about.”
“I could carry them for you,” Comox offered clearing his throat, hoping she would appreciate the gesture.
“That’s nice of you but I got these, you could take Baxter’s, that would help Vonriir,” she said, nonchalantly, not cluing into Comox’s offer.
“Oh, yes, of course,” he nodded, getting quiet as he watched her secure the luggage to where her saddle bags would normally sit.
“I’m looking forward to this adventure. I just hope I can keep up with you two.” Came a voice from above.
Zyra looked up and smiled. “We won’t leave you in the dust, we’ll be flanking you as we fly up to the dig sight, not to worry.”
“Good, good. Not that I worried.” Nodded the large dragon.
“I’ll be back,” the female said, turning to see that Melina had walked into the hangar with her riding jacket on and a few last minute forgotten items in her hand.

Vonriir looked down at Comox, “Those harnesses difficult to put on?”
“Not really.”
“You just like the help then?” he teased.
Comox frowned and snorted, looking away as Vonriir chuckled, patting the Boldwing on the back with a massive paw and nearly sent the Boldwing tumbling forward.

"Alright Mel, I think we're just about ready, just waiting on Baxter," said Zyra, buckles on her harness jingling against her scales as she trotted up
"Yes, Baxter just making sure that everything is fine in the container that Vonriir will carry" Melina replied jumping into the harness.
After a little more waiting it seemed like everything was in order.
“Bax!” called Zyra.
The man came out of the container and locked the door. He looked a little strange in a harness as he was not one to make a habit out of flying with the dragons.
"Sorry, was making sure everything inside the container was strapped down and secure for Vonriir, plus had to grab the rucksack" Baxter said getting up into Comox, harness and clipping himself to the collar strap around the Boldwings neck.
“If you want me to go slower just say or give me a tap on the scales if I can’t hear you,” Said Comox.
Baxter nodded, holding on tightly, "Just go at a leisurely pace please, not as mad as those two" Baxter asked.
“You got it.”
“Ready Von?” called Zyra as she unfurled her wings.
“Yes miss, after you,” he nodded, jumping into the air and hovering over the container.
The Boldwings would go up first, giving the large dragon room to rise up after them. Zyra leapt into the air with practiced grace, her long wings taking them up and out of the wide doors above.
“Hang on,” he called to Baxter before gently taking them to the air. They took off through the door and met Zyra and Melina up above the grounds.

They hung in the sky and waited for Vonriir. The sound of scraping metal came from the dragon hangar as the container lifted off the ground. The massive dragon slowly came up, his wings churning the air powerfully as he rose into the air.
“Up, up,” he called to the others. Zyra knew what he meant. Once they got to their cruising altitude it would be easier for him and the less time he had to hover would mean the less energy was wasted. They wheeled around and rose higher, giving room for the larger dragon to lift the container higher.
“Alright, let’s head off kids,” he said.
The flight was a long one and they had to stop once for Vonriir to have a rest and re-establish his grip on the container. He had been quiet an did not complain the whole trip, steady and focused on his work though he did look a little tired and hung back at time as they flew. Soon enough they were up in the air again. They flew high enough not to be an immediate notice but they had not gone on unseen. Zyra could see people pointing when they passed but the container had been painted in a fashion that indicated that they were no danger. The large dragon did draw attention but no one seemed to be in any panic it appeared.
Zyra could feel Melina’s excitement grow as they got closer. Everyone seemed to enjoy the flight and being able to take in the beauty of the lands they flew over. Eventually the dig site came into view. They could see the large clearing that had been set aside for them.
"There, the large open clearing, Vonriir lands first with the cargo and we land nearby once the container is secure" Melina instructed.
Zyra called the instructions over to Vonriir and the dragon nodded, panting as he descended towards the grassy space. His wings beat in powerful arcs as he slowed his landing, setting the container down slowly and gently. It settled and seemed secure on the flat ground before Vonriir jumped clear and landed on the grass.
Zyra and Comox followed, landing in the clearing before folding up their long, brilliantly coloured wings.
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The excavation site was based in the vast highlands of Scotland, in a national park, due to this large heavy duty vehicles were prohibited as well as keep large transport vessels on land, therefore once their equipment was placed down the shuttles moved off until needed again.
The site was miles away from anyone but it did not bother the 20 or so people here to assist with the excavation led by professor Taylor.
Soon the large dragons soon got the attention of the staff and soon Professor Taylor appeared from a large tent and smiled as the dragons came closer view and focus, there were gasps and awes from the workers as Vonriir landed with the Container.
Soon Melina landed with Zyra and Comox, the crowd grew around the 3 dragons, some in real awe at the bold wings but even more so at the giant before them.
Melina soon got off her saddle as professor Taylor approached, dressed in a blue shirt and waterproof jeans with some dried mud in places, he laughed he walked up to the woman, Melina went to him as her smile could not get any wider as they embraced in a big hug.
Melina emotions and joy would bounce to Zyra as the two friends seemed both happy to see each other after all this time.
The dragoness stood back and smiled, delighted to witness such a happy reunion. She could feel the nervous joy cross over from Melina.
“Oh Melina, it has been too long, how have you been? your looking really well” Grant said with a smile as Melina laughed lightly.
“I been doing well thank you, your looking good, with a big team here, it is great to see you” Melina said with genuine sincerity in her voice as her smile couldn’t get any bigger.
“I been doing good, were doing allot of work here, but to have your technical expertise and your equipment will help use analyse some of the advanced samples we got” Grant said with enthusiasm in his voice for their help and arrival.
Melina grinned, glad the man was pleased that they were there, the guy had not changed much since she left university, he had a nice personality and was a very kind man, this position suited him well with his passion for the science.
Melina snapped out of her day dream as she gestured to Grant to follow her as they approached the dragons, the crowd gathered standing in awe of the dragons.
“I’d like you to meet our dragons, this is my dragoness Zyra Bold wing” Melina introduced the female to the man.
“Zyra this is professor Grant Taylor, the person in charge of the dig here” Melina said to Zyra.
Zyra placed one foot in front of the other and gave a graceful bow, fanning her wings out behind her. "A pleasure to meet you, professor."
“Wow, such a beautiful dragon and a female as well, seems you picked a dragoness that matches you very good Melina” Grant said making Melina laugh lightly but her cheeks got warm.
"Thank you professor Taylor," said Zyra to take the attention of Melina. "We're excited to help you with the dig."
Grant smiled.
“It is a pleasure to have you here, although I think you guys have taken the lime light from the dig seeing all the awe on people’s faces, many people have never seen a dragon up close let alone 3” Grant replied as Melina nodded in agreement.
"Well we are all the friendly sort so anyone is welcome to come up and chat. Do let us know if we can be of any help." She smiled.
“Of course Zyra, we be glad for you guys to be involved” Grant said as Melina gestured to Comox to come forward.
“This is Doctor Baxter our IT specialist, allot of the machines to aid you in your excavation and sample evaluation” Melina said as the men shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.
“This is Comox, a male Bold wing dragon who is here to assist and help as well” Melina said introducing the male dragon.
"Hello," smiled Comox a bit nervously as he dipped his head to nod towards grant.
“Nice to meet you, glad you came along and we hope you will be happy to be here and help us out” Grant said with a kind smile.
“Oh he will, all I ask is all the dragons get space and privacy” Melina said, not calling Comox out but Grant seemed to understand.
Melina then took Grant to the main attraction that everyone seemed interested in and in awe of his sheer size, looks and power.
Grant seemed a little uneasy until Melina took his hand and guided him towards the dun dragon.
“I’d like you to meet our newest discovered dragon from Norway, this is Vonriir” Melina introducing the large dun dragon to professor Taylor.
The large dragon turned to the man and brought his massive head down to the man and spoke in his thunderous voice, "a pleasure professor. I am pleased to have been able to come along. As I hear it we're digging in the dirt for some old thing yes?"
Grant laughed lightly and nodded.
“In simple terms Yes, you are the biggest dragon I’ve ever seen, you drawn quite an audience here” Grant replied.
“I know Vonriir looks pretty intimidating but he is a gentle giant, he has a voice of thunder but he is gentleman and a very patient dragon, we have found only briefly since his awakening” Melina said.
"I hope we won't be a bother, professor Taylor," said Zyra. "We're here to help and hopefully not be a distraction."
Grant nodded to Zyra’s comments.
“Of course not, all will be fine, I will have a meeting tonight with the team and explain the rules, obviously, you must expect curiosity and some people wanting photos but I ensure you guys get privacy” Grant said looking at Vonriir and then Melina before continuing, “I will say though with Vonriir’s size to be careful as we have fragile samples and sensitive excavation work going on” Grant asked.
"I’ll mind my paws and tail, I assure you. Point me to a safe spot for me to park myself and I'll be sure to keep out of the digs way." Said Vonriir with a smile.
Melina looked up, “Here will be fine, I think hang around this area and you be fine” Melina assured the giant dragon.
“Agreed, this area will be good keeping to the flat land, the caves and caverns although large will be a squeeze, be a little embarrassing if you get stuck, we got no heavy equipment to pull you out” Grant said.
"Well I won't be going anywhere near that then," the large dragon chuckled.
“I let you go get settled and I get the team’s together, I see you soon professor” Grant said with a smile.
Baxter was glad to be on the ground, despite the flight not being too bad, he had not really enjoyed the alternative to shuttle craft travel and while the conversations and introductions had taken place, he had opened the container and was unpacking the items.
Melina came over to give the man a hand.
“Ok dragon team, if we get all this gear out and set up camp, “Vonriir, once all the equipment is unloaded, can you move the container away over there and I think we have to keep this large area clear for a fire and Vonriir’s bed, it’s the only place with some cover from the trees” Melina suggested.
"Sounds good to me," nodded the large dragon.
"Shall we help unload then?" Asked Zyra.
Melina nodded as the team began unloading the items and setting up the very large tents and areas that would make up the mobile lab and workstation for the equipment brought.
“Vonriir can you gather us some fire wood for this evening, we will get the container emptied out for when you return” Melina asked the large dun dragon.

"Certainly," rumbled the dragon, lumbering off to fetch some logs.
While Vonriir went off to gather wood for the fire, the team got out the extra large tents and set up the foundations first to provide some comfort when stepping inside the tents.
Once they were done, it seemed pretty easy as the large tents were put up, with the help of Comox and Zyra, they had everything up and running no problem.
The tents were big enough for Zyra and Comox at the current time but as they grew more, they would be unsuitable and have to sleep outside.
The large tent was secured in place and Melina began putting down the thermal padding on the floor as well as the sleeping beds and items to make their stay here pretty comfortable, Melina took the one chamber while Baxter took the other, there was a middle section of the tent which be used to do cooking and eating as Baxter brought in the table and chairs.
In the next tent, there was a generator that would power all the machines, it was a unique high power electric generator which would easily power the systems and equipment here for well over 2 months, plus the high storage batteries Baxter brought along.
Their camp was settled while Vonriir had the task of making a large patch for the fire and then lighting it, considering he was the only flame dragon here it should be no worries as Melina smiled, in 2 hours their mobile base was now operational and they were ready for the evening which was drawing in.
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Zyra and Comox helped set up the large work tents as well as the smaller ones for Baxter and Melina. It was fairly quick work with the dragons on hand to help. All of the equipment was moved from the container to the work station tents, hooked up to the generators and set up for the work ahead of them.
Vonriir had returned with whole trees in his claws; roots, branches and all although of the smaller variety. He landed with a thump and put down the wood, breaking it between his paws easily into smaller, more manageable pieces. He stripped the branches of their leaves to minimize the smoke that would be made by the flame. He stacked it in a pile before he was alerted that the container was now empty and could be moved. The large dragon temporarily abandoned his task to walk over to the container. He had to be careful not to blow over all the tents with the great sweeps of his wings. Vonriir leapt up and grabbed the container, moving it away as quickly as he could to not disturb the rest of the camp with the wind he stirred up. He had garnered an audience as people working with professor Taylor on the dig, stopped what they were doing to watch the large dragon in action. It was incredible to see a creature of his side move and work. Vonriir didn’t seem to pay them any mind, completely focused on the tasks that were asked of him.
After depositing the container off sight the western cragback returned to the pile of wood he had gathered. Without finding any tinder or kindling the dragon brought his head over the logs and opened his jaws, unleashing a huge gout of oily flame that caught immediately.
"My word, you have a very powerful flame there Von" Melina said with surprise and a smile on her face.
“Big lungs, big fire,” he smiled, moving the surplus firewood off to the side where it was out of the way. He circled a few times like a massive dog before plunking himself down on the trampled grass. He let out a content sigh, tired from today’s work.
Zyra tied down the last peg of Melina’s tent, stepping back to look at her work. “You luxury accommodations are complete.” She joked.
"Thank you Zyra, Baxter along with Comox is setting up the work station room so Grant's samples can be analyzed, we got a roaring fire because Vonriir pulls up trees than small logs" Melina chuckled lightly.
“Yeah, it’s a little big isn’t it?” laughed Zyra. With the generators they already had plenty of light from the stand up floodlights that the dig had set up but it would be good for the dragons to have adequate warmth during the night. With Vonriir being far too large and the others finding it difficult to fit into larger tents without complication, it would be nice to sleep beside a crackling fire.
“Excuse me?” came a voice from behind the dragoness. She turned around, setting her bright yellow eyes on a young woman.
“Sorry, it is Zeera?” asked the woman hesitantly.
“Zyra.” The boldwing corrected her.
“Oh sorry, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve set up a water station for the three of you just to the left to the mess tent.”
“Oh, thank you very much. That will save us the five minute fight down to the lake we passed. What’s your name?” asked the dragoness.
“Cathy Alders.”
"Pleasure to meet you, Cathy."
The two of them chatted for a short while about her responsibilities of the dig before the woman excused herself to go back to her work. The people from the dig seemed friendly and excited to be working alongside the dragons. It was an experience of a lifetime. While the dragons did go out in public at times, not many got a chance to be this close. To be working alongside them, living within the same camp next to these wild creatures was certainly an experience.
Most of the people kept a respectable distance for now upon the dragons arrival. With a little time they would get braver and likely seek them out to talk to them.
Zyra took off her harness and shook out her scales. She placed it inside the door of Melina's tent so that she could grab it easily should the need arise.
She walked over to the equipment tent where Comox was finishing up helping Baxter.
"All good?" She asked him.
"Yep. Everything seems to have started up properly." Nodded the male.
Together they walked over to Vonriir so that they could all chat while Melina and Baxter spoke with Grant and his team.
Zyra had been happy that Melina had been delighted to see her old friend. It would be a nice change for her and to see her Attilu so happy made he dragoness' heart soar.
"So Melina seems very excited about the dig," said Comox as if he was reading her mind as they walked.
"Yeah, she's been looking forward to this and meeting up with her friend. They've known each other since their university days."
"Well that's nice then, catching up and all over something potentially exciting. It would be awesome if they uncovered something interesting while we are here." Said Comox.
"That certainly would. I hope they do too!" Agreed the dragoness as they walked up to Vonriir and say beside them.
"Alls well?" He asked.
"Yep, set up is done. Mel and Baxter are just talking with grant I believe," said Zyra.

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Baxter soon appeared from the tent as the sun was setting, but the man could feel the heat from the large fire Vonriir had made, he had some tea made in a thermos flask as he seemed to keep a little distance from the fire.
“Done a good job Vonriir, can feel the heat in the tent, it will keep the surrounding area and yourself warm” Dr Baxter said.
The large dragon nodded. "Yes, hopefully it will keep the chill away."
Dr Baxter seemed to agree, taking a sip from his flask as Melina soon came out in more outdoor gear with a smile.
She looked different in this outdoor jeans, weatherproof boots and jacket, compared to her usually smart attire and a white lab coat.
“I’m going to meet up with Grant, he invited me over for some supper, hope that is alright with everyone here” Melina asked the group.
Zyra laid down and crossed her paws, "just the two of you?" She asked, trying not to smile.
Melina nodded.
“Yes just the two of us, just to discuss the dig and what our role will be, I am disappointed the caverns aren’t big enough for Vonriir to be of use, but your assistance here is very much appreciated Von” she said to the giant dragon with a kind smile.
"Not a problem, professor. It's nice to be out in the country at the very least." He smiled.
"Well, have a good time at dinner," Zyra said brightly.
Melina smiled at her bold wing.
“Thank you, I see you all later, rest well” Melina said waving at the group as she made her way over to the expedition tent where Grant would be, the other side of encampment.
Baxter watched as Melina seemed to have a spring in her step and he looked at her a little odd before looking back at the dragons.
“She seems happy enough, if she is this excited about being here, imagine what she be like going down to the site in the caverns” Baxter commented, sitting down on a log near the large fire.
Zyra smiled to herself, thinking that Melina had more than one reason behind her happiness.
"Yes that will be rather exciting. She's looking forward to that quite a bit."
"Baxter will you be keeping us company for dinner?" Asked Comox.
The man nodded but looked a little skittish being with 3 large dragons, “I will be but I haven’t got anything massive enough for Vonriir, I brought rations and the camp has a large refrigerated container but I worry we won’t get enough for our biggest dragon” Baxter said sounding genuinely concerned.
"I ate well enough this morning. Well deal with meal finding tomorrow," said Vonriir.
"If we go to the coast do you think he'd be allowed to try to find some fish?" Comox asked the man.
Baxter nodded lightly.
“Yes I assume so, so long as we don’t diminish the local stock I cannot see it being a problem, I know Melina was concerned just in case Vonriir was needed but they seem to have everything under control here” Baxter said observing the camp and the open cavern where the dig was being done, down in the depths of the earth.
Comox nodded, "we will figure it out one way or another."
“Oh, another thing, the rock here is granite but rom my basic geology in school and college I reckon there is elements of Bauxite and other types of rock buried in with the granite, so I’d advise no using Acid in there, keep your glands shut or whatever it is you guys do” Baxter said getting a little unstuck at the end.
Comox laughed. "Doesn't work exactly like that but we get the idea. Why shouldn't we use acid though? Is there a bad reaction with those types of minerals?"
Baxter nodded to Comox question.
“You could inadvertently cause a toxic gas as the acid in your glands is highly corrosive, it would amplify any reactions in the rock, so when you’re down the caverns no acid at all, or you all could kind of kill people” Baxter said with a sheepish look.
Not feeling too confident in telling the dragons what they could and couldn’t do but this was something important he had to say.
"Oh..." Said Comox, straightening up, "well let's not be doing that then."
Zyra nodded. She had not used her acid since she had been returned to a dragoness and had no plans on using it any time soon.
Baxter seemed pleased the bold wings agreed with his comments.
“Do you guys need to spit? what happens with the acid in your pouches and saliva if you don’t spit after a long period of time?” enquired the doctor.
"It doesn't build up if that's what you're asking. Melina discovered it gets broken down every few days by natural enzymes in our body and resupplied constantly” said Zyra.
Baxter nodded, with genuine interest in how the dragon’s anatomy and acid defence.
“Ahh, that is good, she is pretty good Melina with your bold wings, all the dragons got detailed files in her reports, apart from Vonriir” Baxter said.
"Yeah, she's trying to create records for as many breeds as possible so that they can be used in the future for medical purposes. She collaborates with the doctors at facility 7 as well, using any of their findings to put into the record." Nodded Zyra. "It's only a matter of time before vonriirs in the system too. He's our first cross breed so it will be a little different."
Baxter nodded in agreement as they all continued their conversation as the light slowly left the Scottish Highlands and it was soon night time.
After a light supper with the bold wings the team retired to bed, Vonriir was sleeping outside as Melina returned back from her meal with Grant.
It had been a lovely evening, catching up and speaking about the dig and how each other was getting on, the food was pretty good to as Melina entered the large tent and opened her sleeping area where Zyra was reading a book.
The dragoness looked up from her book and spotted Melina returning. "Hey Mel, how was your evening?" She asked.
Melina smiled, “It was great, had a wonderful catch up and it was amazing, food wasn’t bad either” she chuckled happily, as the woman got ready for bed.
"That's, good," yawned Zyra. "Do we have a plan for tomorrow?"
Melina nodded as she got into bed, with Zyra helping a little.
“Yes, we have an action packed day, I am going into the cavern with professor Taylor and a freelance archaeologist specialist, Drew Nathanial, he’s been aiding the professor collect samples, I think you and Comox can come along but just have to be careful as you guys weigh tons” Melina said, hoping not to offend the dragoness.
"Would it be safe for us to be down there. I don't mind staying up here if it's a safety issue," she shuddered to think that her presence might cause a cave in.
Melina shook her head.
“There is safe places, just need you guys to be careful, they tell you where to go and not to go, Comox will enjoy it if he is given a task or two to do for Baxter, poor Vonriir will be unable to experience anything really” she said.
"I think he's enjoying himself all the same to be honest. It's been nice for him to get out of the confines of the base back home. Baxter said he could fly down to the coast to fish for food instead of putting a strain on the rations here. Would that be alright?" Asked Zyra.
“Of course, best thing for Comox confidence is to keep him busy with Baxter, you can be with me where you can, you might be asked to get your paws dirty but I said you’re a robust lady” Melina chuckled lightly.
"I don't mind," smiled Zyra. "This is quite the unique little adventure and I'm happy to be here with you for it."
Melina gave Zyra a pet on the muzzle, “I can see why Jack and Ardon work so well, it is like us, kind of being involved and intertwined, I think we are really close Zy” Melina said softly petting the bold wings muzzle.
Zyra closed her eyes, leaning in, "I agree, and I wouldn't have it any other way."
Melina smiled, “Don’t tell Ardon you got a soft side, I want to keep you as the ass kicking female bold wing” Melina grinned.
"He'll never know," she thrummed.
Melina laughed as she petted the dragoness for a little bit but soon the both of them fell asleep, eager to start the new day and to see what Professor Taylor’s team had discovered.
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Zyra woke up rather early the next morning. The tent was just beginning to brighten at the dawns first hint of light. Melina was sleeping soundly in her cot as the dragoness decided to get up and walk about camp for a bit. Due to the size of the tent it was rather cramped for a dragon and she had to be quite careful as she backed out of it, trying not to catch the fabric on her horns or spines on her way out. She Found Vonriir and Comox already up and awake by the smouldering remains of the fire.
“Hey guys, what’s up?” she asked them.
“I’m going to take Vonriir out to go find some place to hunt so he can eat. We should be back in a few hours by the time everyone is up and wanting to get going for the day,” said the Bolding.
“I hope we didn’t wake you,” the large dragon spoke in an apologetic tone.
“No, no. I always wake up with the dawn if I sleep outside. Can’t help it.”
“Oh, good then.”
“You boys be careful, try not to disturb anyone or get to talking with people along the way.”
“Of course,” nodded Comox. He would avoid people entirely if he had the option to. Being in the camp he was subjected to the 20 strangers that were new to him. No one had yet bothered the Boldwing but he liked to keep a good distance from people that weren’t in his immediate circle of familiarity.
The boys took off over the highlands. The coast was a little far for them to go when they would be needed later today. Instead they stuck to the lochs and navigated over a river to find the massive dragon something to eat. Vonriir had paused, looking over a herd of cattle, eyeing them with a look of hunger.
“No, Vonriir, we can’t eat those. They belong to someone,” Comox said, wheeling around in the air to stop him before the western cragback went after the group.
“Ah, a shame. That would have made for a heartier meal than fish.”
Their hunt was not terribly successful. The fish they did manage to catch where small and hardly a meal for a creature so large.
“We might have to reassess this idea with Melina later,” hummed Comox as he watched Vonriir stand belly deep in the water, now muddied and brown from the large dragon kicking up silt in his hunt.
“I’ll make due,” insisted Vonriir but Comox shook his head.
‘You can’t live off of a few bites of fish. We’ll head back and ask if we could barter or use some credits to pay for some of a local farmer’s livestock.”
“Now there’s an idea.” Nodded the massive dragon. He did not want to be a bother or put a burden on anyone but he did have a stomach to fill and he would clear out the lakes if he ate like this every day.
“Or I could go back to the base and just return when you lot need me again. That might be easier.”
“Melina won’t care to send you away. We’ll think of something.” Suggested the Boldwing. To his surprise Vonriir stripped bark off some trees, eating that as he explained that when food was scarce, certain plant material would make due in a pinch. The breeds that made up the large dragon had meat as a primary part of their diet but were omnivores and could eat pretty much anything which did them well in terms of diet.
Just as they were about to leave two hikers came through the trees and froze at the sight of two dragons in the water.
“Oh, stars. Come on, Vonriir, let’s get going,” said Comox, unfurling his wings.
“Pardon us!” he smiled at the stunned people as he took wing after the other dragon. They stared at them as they flew away, hardly expecting to see such a sight.

Once they were back in camp, it seemed to have come more alive since they had left. The smells of breakfast cooking were wafting up and Vonriir then missed Toby’s cooking as he settled down in his clearing to rest. Sleeping would conserve his energy and make hunger hold off a little longer.
Zyra was coming around the mess tent when she almost bumped into Comox.
“Oh, you’re back, how’d it go?” she asked him.
“Well… there’s not much to eat in the area that’s of great sustenance to a dragon his size. We’re having a little difficulty.” He admitted. “We fished a bit, but trout and lake fish are hardly anything to Vonriir in the matter of portions.”
“Hm,” Zyra thought. “We’ll we can talk to Melina about that when we get back. That alright?”
“Of course.” Nodded Comox before Zyra walked off to go find her Attilu.
“I’m ready to go,” she smiled to the woman after breakfast as the team got ready to go down into the caverns.
"Alright, hold your horses Zy, we go meet professor Taylor and get some safety equipment, perhaps you would carry the first aid kits on your travel harness" Melina suggested.
The dragoness nodded, going back to the tent to fetch the harness. She shrugged it on and buckled it up before trotting back out to Melina where they packed the first aid kits and emergency supplies within her saddle backs. It was good to know that she was being somewhat useful in carrying these items so that the archeologists would not have to worry about it. The dragoness was indeed a little nervous about going underground but it was exciting none the less.
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Melina soon came out in sturdier steel toe capped boots, warm clothing, a waterproof jacket and a helmet with two torches on the side, she grinned looking up at the dragons, she also had a rucksack on, looking full like someone going excavating underground.
“How do I look dragons!” she said with excitement in her voice, this passed along the Brathille link, another euphoria moment.
"You look ready for adventure," laughed Zyra. "Definitely not your usual attire.
“Very much so, looking forward to it, how did breakfast club go?” Melina asked Comox but noticed the dragon did not seem overly enthused.
“Is it that scarce here? That could be a problem” Melina replied seeing that they would be here for a good couple of days.
"We will be unable to keep him fed by scavenging." Says Comox hesitantly.
Soon professor Taylor came over smiling and then saw the concern on the woman’s face, he also saw the one bold wing’s hesitant facial expression.
“Is there a problem I can help with?” professor Taylor said with a kind smile to the group.
"Oh, um." Stumbled Comox.
"We're having trouble getting Vonriir fed." Supplied Zyra.
Melina looked at Grant with a sheepish smile.
“Yeah, there is only a handful of fish in the loch’s and Vonriir is a big guy and needs a fair bit to eat, even if it is once a day” Melina said.
Professor Taylor looked up at the massive dragon and nodded, “Yeah you be a bit hard to find large amounts of fish in these loch’s we are very high up in Scotland” Grant said scratching his head under his woolly hat.
"There was a farm nearby," began Vonriir.
"I had the idea of paying him for some livestock. I don't know if it's in the budget though..." Added Comox.
Professor Taylor eyes lit up, “Ah yes, that farm grows pure beef cattle, they do fetch better at market, I think that crossing their path with silver, they agree to your dragon swooping in for some drive by breakfast, depends how many he eats at one sitting” the man said as Melina went back into the tent to get Dr Baxter.
"One every other day should do if that's not too much to ask." Said Vonriir.
Melina came out of the tent with Baxter in tow wearing a jacket and warm clothing, the man looked a little tired, not being allowed to wake up properly but the man was up.
“Comox, take Baxter to the farm and offer them a very good severance package, agree a price and pay them immediately, once you paid them and they agreed how many cattle they can spare, Vonriir can then swoop in and munch, agree an area where Vonriirs food will be kept to not disturb the others” Melina said.
"Oh, ok. Yes, professor." He said nodding and turned to the man. "Ready to barter a dragon’s breakfast?"
Vonriir shifted uncomfortably now. "This does seem like too much. I could fly back to the base and wait to pick you up when you are done here, professor."
Melina shook her head, “Nonsense Vonriir, your more than welcome here, Baxter will sort it all out, you forget we do have allot of resources” Melina assured the large dragon.
“Besides, the farmers up here will probably go for it, especially if you perhaps allow them to use you for marketing purposes of selling their cattle, Scottish Highland beef, Vonriir approves” Grant said with a chuckle.
Baxter nodded and got up onto Comox harness, once the man was secure, Comox gently took off, flying in the direction of the farm, Melina watched and hoped they would come back with a good result for them, as well as the farmer.
"Only if you say so, miss. I would hate to be a burden." Said Vonriir.
Melina approached the dragon and gave him a gentle pet on his paw, “It will be fine trust me, for today if you could ensure the fire is ready for the evening, that be great” Melina said with a smile
, hoping this job would make the large dragon feel useful and part of the expedition.
"Certainly, professor. I can do that." Replied Vonriir.
Melina nodded in confirmation as the professor seemed to snap out of his awe for the large dragon’s size and looks as his sight returned to Melina and Zyra.
“Right, now it is all settled I think it is time to go to the caverns professor” Melina said to the man with a grin.
Grant laughed lightly, “Of course, our teams are in there now with Drew, I introduce him, first we put Zyra in reflective gear around her legs” the professor said.
"Reflective gear? Isn't being blindingly white bright enough?" Laughed the dragoness.
“True but health and safety and all that” the professor said giving the straps to Melina to put on Zyra’s paws.
“Afterwards, you can have a dance and pretend they disco strobe lighting” Melina winked.
The bold wing snickered, shifting her weight and bringing up her paw so they it would be easier. "That will impress everyone for sure."
Melina chuckled as the professor led them into the cavern, Melina put her hand on the bold wings side, sensing her nervousness at going underground.
“You ok, still want to do this? you can sit it out” Melina said to Zyra.
"No, no I'm ok," she said, trying to be brave. Even though she felt a little anxious being cramped underground. Her wings would twitch against her sides, a nervous habit.
Melina smiled.
“Hey, it be fine if you want to sit it out, don’t feel you must Zy” Melina said giving her a pet on the muzzle.
"No, I'm okay," she repeated. "Just trying to ignore instincts."
“It is ok Zy, we be ok trust me” Melina said as the three of them entered the cavern.

Meanwhile thousands and thousands of miles away on Saturn biggest moon Titan, Jack and Ardon were resting up in the colony there.
The EAS Crio had been asked there to transfer supplies from Earth to Titan, although the Colony was pretty well self-sufficient, certain things would not grow in the confines of the Colony.
Jack and Ardon had spent a day in the colony chambers and were greeted warmly, with photos taken and the chef providing excellent lunches for Jack as well as the dragon.
Today Jack and Ardon would walk and fly within the colony domes for the first time, it would be
A new experience for the golden dragon as the gravity on Titan would be different to Earth, only being as strong as the moon’s gravity.
Jack had brought the harness along and grinned up as the two of them made their way outside into the main dome.
It was a little dark despite the artificial light but the predominant colour was orange but the Colony was large enough for them to go flying, to counter the lighter gravity, the colony had built magnets into the ground and the people of the colony wore Magnetic boots or straps to ensure they did not float away or suffer muscle weakness.
Jack had been given some as well as Ardon, but they had control mechanisms on them which Jack could alter, the colony governor said it take time to find the right resistance for them to walk comfortably.
“So, first dragon on Titan and now we are going to fly on Titan, well in the colony domes, you all set?” Jack said making sure the magnetic straps were on Ardons, fore paws and hind legs.
The gold nodded, unfurling his wings, eager to find out what flying in these conditions would be like.
Jack jumped up into the harness as the dragon got ready, Jack set the magnetic straps up but a mischievous eye and set Ardon’s level much higher and Jack got settled.

"Ok Ardy, let's fly" Jack said sitting in the harness comfortably.
The dragon made to jump but something put a halt to his leap and he tumbled forward, catching himself awkwardly with his wings not having left the ground.
"What the hell?"
Jack clung on and coughed, “Your wings got weak or something?” Jack said giving him a look.
Ardon looked at the man over his shoulder and tried to lift his feet. "I don't think my wings have anything to do with it."
Jack chuckled lightly, “Sorry, couldn’t resist, it’s back to normal now, so let’s try again” Jack said hanging on tightly.
Ardon gave a snort, shaking out his wings again before brining them down. They shot upwards, nearly vertical as Ardon circled his wings in a panic trying to get control.
“Oh shiiii” Jack words were left on the ground as Ardon’s powerful wing muscles out did the gravity as Jack hung on for dear life, it would of looked rather comical from the people in the colony.
“Ardon!” Jack called out as they were still shooting upwards but slowing, “The gravity, beat back down to the ground” Jack instructed.
"Working on it!" He called back, his wings swivelling and scooping the air. Ardon slowly got the hang of it and brought them lower to the ground.
Jack gave a sigh of relief as Ardon took control, “You don’t need to beat your wings as hard here, just gentle swoops will be enough, a hard swoop from your wings and we shoot up, it rests your wings but you guys were never designed for weaker gravity, same with humans” Jack said as he marvelled at the colony domes and the size of them.
"Yeah, flying in this Gravity is so weird," he replied, he was now getting the hang of it and circled around from where they took off.
Jack agreed, as the orange hue shone through the dome, people in buildings looked and were astonished to see a dragon flying in their colony.
“Shall we go to Kurri Dome and see Saturn?, it will look cool from there the governor said and there is an observation platform” Jack suggested.
"Sure. Should I fly there or should we walk?" Asked the dragon.
Jack smiled, “Fly there, but gently, I don’t want to be a new decoration on the top of the dome” Jack said lightly laughing.
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The trip to the farm had been a success. It had started off a little rocky, with much of the cattle panicking when Comox first landed but after Baxter spoke with the farmer things seemed to get under control. The offer has been generous enough for the man to part with four heads of cattle and he even offered to corral them, one a day, to the furthest field so that vonriirs presence wouldn't disturb the others. Vonriir had offered to help with some other chores around the farm to compensate so that torchwood wouldn't have to take the brunt of the expense but the man had declined. The dragons presence disturbed the animals but the farmer seemed happy enough to agree when Baxter offered a deal that would allow the man to advertise under Vonriir's name.
After the trade Comox took Baxter back to the camp, satisfied with their work.
The day passed steadily on. The large dragon completed the task he was asked if by Melina and had a fire roaring by the time everyone returned from the caverns. Zyra was almost bouncy on her feet, her body delighted to be out of the cave with open air about her. She shook out her wings and did a quick lap above the camp, her safety reflective gear glowing.
She had leaned a lot on the trip but it was a nerve wracking experience for creatures that detested being underground. Professor Taylor had been an excellent teacher, pointing out different layers in the rock, faults and points of interest as they explored.
Even with the excitement of learning, Zyra couldn't ever fully shake the feeling that something was wrong. She chalked it up to being simply underground where her instinctual alarm bells sounded off.
Still, when she landed once more with the others she happily exchanged stories, telling them of what they learned on the excursion and then asked what the boys had gotten up to. They chatted until the sun went down and they retired to their places. Zyra curled up in Melina's tent whole Comox and Vonriir slept on either side of the fire. The next morning Zyra managed to sleep in some what and was only awoken by Melina who was already getting ready for the day.
"Wake up Zy, time for another adventure, we get to study the cool artifacts we found" Melina said from the other side of the tent.
"Hm? Okay, I'm up," she yawned. "We documenting the items we brought up?" She asked as she stretched.
"Yes we are today, then going back in to help with the dig, Drew seemed excited about the progress, I do hope you had fun despite being underground" Melina said giving Zyra a hug and pet.
"Mhm, I did. It was exciting to be there while they uncovered history," said the dragoness, giving her a lick. "Are you liking the experience so far?"
Melina nodded with a smile, "I am, this is amazing, granted its not my area of expertise, but isnt that the best thing about learning" Melina said giving Zyra a scratch behind the horns.
"Isn't it so?" She agreed, tilting her head and enjoying the affection. Together they left the tent and ate breakfast out in the morning air when Vonriir flew back into camp and landed in his clearing with a thump that rattled the tent poles.
"Morning Von, was it cattle today?" Melina said with a smile, seeing the large male a bit more active.
"Yes and it was Good, but a few of the farm staff came to watch. Felt a little out of place so I took it with me to somewhere a little quieter. Comox thought it might look bad if someone took a picture but everyone has to eat, right?" He said as he settled down on the ground and folded his wings. He crossed his front paws in front of him in rather a proper fashion.
"Well, yes, surprised they even had staff on the farm, how many you take?" Melina asked.
"they looked young. Coulda been kids. I only took one of the cattle. I'll do find on that," he replied, thinking back on it.
"Ok, tasty though?, Comox said the farmers said they raise the best tasting beef in the highlands" Melina smiled.
"Yes, lovely prey they are. Hardly the sense in them to run though."
"They've been dumbed down with breeding I believe," supplied Zyra just as Comox landed. Beads of water where rolling off his scales evidently just having come from bathing in the loch nearby.
"Morning everyone." He greeted them.
"Good morning, Co, how was the lake?"
"Cold," he said with an exaggerated shiver as Zyra laughed.
"I bet," smiled the dragoness. "Well Melina, should we go find Professor Taylor and get started?"
"I think so, samne duty as before Von, we see you later" Melina said with a nod.
The boys wished the girls luck as they set off for today's work.
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Melina thanked the boys as her and Zyra headed off back towards professor Taylor’s camp, Baxter would stay with the boys and run some analysis on the samples that Melina had gathered.
The equipment that they had was advanced enough to give good accurate readings and would help the dig immensely.
Melina seemed to skip over towards the camp, the woman seemed more lively and this emanated between Melina and Zyra, Brathille seemed to latch onto the positive feelings and amplified them between human and dragon.
Zyra trotted alongside Melina, nosing her shoulder happily as they headed across the camp.
Melina smiled and gave Zyra a quick pet as they approached grant’s tent.
Melina smiled as professor Taylor greeted them with a mug of coffee, “good morning ladies, coffee? Tea?” he offered.
“Oh, could real go for a cup of tea please” Melina said as Taylor looked up at Zyra.
“Anything I can get for you? I haven’t got anything dragon sized but we have a bowl of such we can use if that helps, a steel bowl” the professor offered to the bold wing.
The team were talking to Drew the one side, looking at maps and plans of the excavation work being undertaken, it seemed the team were all eager beavers, ready to start the day.
"A steel bowl is fine, thank you, professor." Nodded the bowing happily, sitting down and folding her wings against her back.
Melina was handed a cup of tea and Zyra brought tea in a large steel bowl, sadly the crew did not have anything more decent for the dragoness but Zyra seemed to make do.
“So, ladies are you ready for another day of exploring the caverns?” Grant asked them both as Melina nodded enthusiastically.
"I am, Yes," said Zyra with a little forced enthusiasm. She liked the adventure but being underground made her anxious.
Professor Taylor smiled and nodded at Zyra’s comments.
“It will be good today, the area we be going is very stable, so you Zyra can get more involved, also I’d like to invite both of you girls for dinner this evening” Grant said as Melina smiled kindly.
Zyra looked over at Melina and smiled. "I’m game if you are."
“Of course, we both love to professor Taylor, thank you, we both look forward to it” Melina said as they all continued to chat before they put on their cave exploration gear and go back underground to the excavation site to continue their work.

Baxter had put the artefacts for analysis in a tray ready to be put into the machines in the tent however Baxter wanted to collect some soil samples of the surrounding areas and to perhaps check the water purity up here.
Baxter walked out and approached the dragons, yawning as he was still waking up slowly from Melina’s eagerness and excitement for the next day underground.
“Hello guys, do you fancy heading to one of the Loch’s with me, Id like to collect some soil samples and check the water purity, Vonriir can come along perhaps for a swim” Baxter suggested.
"Sure, Baxter. Would you like me to bring any of the equipment along?" Asked Comox as Vonriir looked down at them.
"I wouldn't mind coming along."
Baxter gave a cautious smile as Baxter shook his head lightly, “Just rucksack that will be all, I need you to be my transport Comox, let’s get a move on” Baxter said Comox got his harness as the man got ready, packing his sample tubes and other bits into the rucksack.
Once he came out of the tent the dragons were ready, Comox knelt down as the man got up onto the harness.
“Just to say, I appreciate your careful flying, still not a dragon rider like Jack and Melina” Baxter said.
"Of course. I'll take it easy whenever you fly with me. You're doing well though so give yourself some credit," smiled Comox.
Baxter nodded lightly as Comox took off gently, along with the man on an easy flight path, soon Vonriir was up in the air as the two dragons flew a short distance towards one of the larger loch’s in the area.
“That is the loch, if we land close to the shore, that be fine, can have Vonriir land nearby” Baxter said.
Comox landed gently onto the sandy shire as Baxter got off, putting his rucksack down and going to get the samples from the surrounding area, the land here was pretty unique and it was good analysis for Baxter to see if modern technology and efforts to reduce pollution and carbon dioxide in the air was healing the earth.
Comox had left Baxter to do his work while the dragon jumped into the lake to rinse off the mud that had collected on his scales from the dig. Vonriir drank from the waters edge while Comox washed his paws.
"A guy like you would make a tremendous splash." He laughed as Vonriir looked up, water dripping from his jaws.
Comox looked over at Baxter who had the equipment well away from the lake edge. Feeling that hint of mischievousness that he got from Ardon, he grinned at Vonriir.
"Let’s see your worst."
Vonriir took a step back before charging forward. Leaping, the massive dragon tucked his limbs in and crashed into the lock with all the force of his weight behind him. The wave created was huge and Comox laughed out loud trying to paddle against it as it rose up.
Baxter saw a wave approaching the shore and jumped to higher ground as the water splashed into the shore, Baxter had gotten splashed as the water rose and crashed into the shore.
He looked to see Vonriir chuckling with Comox paddling, he shook his head and tried to dry off a little as he collected the samples.
“Like dropping a boulder into a pond” Baxter said with a small smile, seeing Vonriir rise up out of the water.
Vonriir quickly got out of the water, making sure his feet reached the bottom before he lumbered out of the lake. Water poured from his scales and he shook the rest of the droplets free, making it rain down around him.
Baxter collected his samples and put them securely in the tubes and then kept them safe in the rucksack.
“You guys finished making a splash?, your scales seem to glitter now Vonriir” Baxter commented to the dun dragon.
"They're clean now and that's something” chuckled the dragon, folding his wings against his sides.
“Right, we should get back” Baxter said as Comox offered to take him back, now the harness was put on him.
Once Baxter was secure the two dragons took off and headed back towards the camp, “Once we get back, Vonriir a fire would be nice as well, I guess it be us again for the evening” Baxter replied as they flew over the lands towards the camp.
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"Yes, they are good friends back when they both in university, strange they took different paths, but both well respected in their fields" Doctor Baxter said.
Comox turned back to look where he was flying. Baxter didn’t take the bait for gossip but then again the man was awfully quiet about most things, idle chatter was not something he partook in often.
Comox landed gently and knelt down to allow Baxter to climb off his shoulders. “Do you need any further help from me before dinner?” he asked.
"Perhaps yes, if you come assist me for loading the samples, you know how to use these machines" Baxter said, remembering to keep Comox active.
The young dragon nodded and told Vonriir he would return when he was done helping Baxter. The large dragon nodded and walked off to finish drying off where he would not get his sleeping area all muddy with lake water.
Comox kept himself busy, focused on cataloguing the samples and helping Baxter take notes. It certainly helped keeping his mind off of Zyra, something he found increasingly difficult over the past few weeks.
When Comox returned he large dragon was stacking some of the last pieces of wood from the pile into a campfire.
The boldwing looked up at Vonriir, “I’m going to collect some more wood from where you harvested it from, I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
The massive male nodded and Comox took off to the pile of timber that Vonriir had knocked down the other day and broken up. He collected as much of it in his forearms as he could, mulling over various things in his head.
He flew back and dropped the wood down in a pile beside the fire the western cragback had managed to call to flame.
Sitting down he brushed the woodchips off his scales.
“Baxter come out for dinner yet?” he asked.
Vonriir was laying with his front paws crossed, warmed by the fire. “No, he’s still in the tent.”
“Hm,” said the boldwing, sitting down and staring entranced at the fire. He thought about his promise to himself, that if Zyra had survived the accident that nearly killed her in the labs, that he would tell her his feelings for her. She had been turned human for over a month and that certainly put a hitch into things but now that she was back to normal he was finding every excuse in the book not to say anything. Letting his feelings about her simmer, unknown was almost as bad. His budding adoration for the pretty dragoness was hard to hold back and he was beginning to feel nervous around her, when before he had been in a way, relaxed. There was so many things that could go wrong if he asked to court her and she said no.
This place was his home and he was afraid of losing it should she not feel the same. He also had no idea how how best friend felt on the matter. When he had first been introduced to the facility Ardon had seemed defensive and possessive over everyone, including Zyra. He wasn't certain of this was because the gold liked her or something else.
He had heard whisperings and talk from the other staff members that there was a chance the gold might like the dragoness but Comox didn't want to risk that friendship. Ardon was his closest friend and he couldn't bear losing that.
He must have been staring at the fire for a while when a voice from above snapped him out of his trance.
“Are you alright, son?” asked Vonriir.
“Yeah I’m fine,” replied Comox, not sounding very convincing.
“I’ll believe that the day the sun rises in the west.,” chuckled the large dragon. “Now what’s eating away at ya?”
“It’s nothing, Von,” Comox insisted as he looked back at the fire.
Just then Comox was nearly hurled sideways as Vonriir nosed him in the side. He stumbled, barely catching himself from tumbling over as the large dragon laughed.
“It’s the girl isn’t it!”
Comox shook out his wings and frowned, “No..w-what makes you say that?”
“Ah, a dragon with my years knows. Always knows. I know heartache when I see it. I don't see why you haven't asked yet..”
"I have my reasons and I'd appreciate it if you kept you voice down," he glowered. Vonriir did try to whisper but a dragon his size made no small noise, no matter how quiet he tried to be.
"Oh now, no one knows." Smiled Vonriir.
"That won't last very long if you keep talking about it."
"What is the matter Comox?" asked Baxter noticing, the dragon was a little grumpy.
Comox shot a look to the larger dragon that implied he was not to say a word.
"Its nothing, Bax. How did the rest of the data cataloging go?" He said, forcing a change of subject. Vonriir simply smiled knowingly from above as he rested where he lay.
"Went well some interesting finds I think the professor will be pleased, thanks for your help as well" Baxter added.
"Yeah," said Comox, itching the back of his neck, "no problem, I don't mind helping at all. I'm happy to be of some assistance."

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The excavation was once a successful one as Melina and Zyra got the chance to be more fully involved in the process, Melina enjoyed every second of it and Zyra helped with some of the digging work.
Professor Taylor spent allot of time with Melina, showing her the ruins, telling the history of this place while Drew, a more adventurous type was responsible for the digging team as they worked on one part of the old structure.
Melina was really fascinated with all of this as Grant even sat down with Zyra and Melina telling them about the rock, the structure and what the team was looking out for when investigating the ruins.
Melina had a smile on her face and her enthusiasm for what the professor told him was evident with her as she examined items carefully, using her tools, with the man not far from her as she dug up ruins and dusted them off with a brush.
The dragoness had been enjoying herself, being included in the dig. And now even more so that Melina seemed to be nearly glowing with happiness to be part of this experience. Zyra noticed that she could sense her attillu's giddy excitement whenever she was around Grant.
It made the bold wing happy for her, not having experienced this side of Melina before.
Grant seemed to have gotten the dragons seal of approval.
Zyra judged him to be the sort of person she wouldn't mind Melina hanging about. He was kind and intelligent, and Zyra seemed to approve of the man.
“Right that’s it for today professor, I think we call it a day with light falling” Drew said as Grant nodded in agreement.
“I concur, let’s finish up here, head up to the surface, I see you ladies later, come over in a few hours or so” Grant said with Melina smiling.
“Of course, let’s get cleaned up Zy” Melina said as they made their way out of the deep cavern towards the cavern entrance.
Soon they were above ground and the two girls head back to their tent to clean up, the fire already roaring for them as once again Vonriir provided the flames as the heat seemed to disperse the chill within a good radius of the tent.
Melina smiled and waved at the boys as Baxter poured himself another coffee and was drying his trousers, socks and mountain boots after the Vonriir tidal wave.
“Looks like you had fun” Baxter said.
Melina nodded, “Yes we did, what happened with your clothes?” Melina asked the man.
“Vonriir tidal wave in one of the loch’s they are nearly dry” Baxter said, sipping his coffee.
Melina chuckled lightly at the news, just picturing it in her mind made her laugh, the poor Doctor had accompanied them only to be given dragon sitting duties.
"That must have been quite the splash," laughed Zyra.
"It certainly was," nodded Comox.
Baxter shrugged making Melina laugh, “Oh Baxter, I am sorry, you alright?” she asked the man.
“Never better, when you having your meal?” he asked.
“In a few hours, enough chance to clean up, I’m glad you brought the mobile shower and of course a hose for Zyra” Melina said to the man who merely nodded.
“Right, we best get cleaned up for our meal, let’s get going Zy, I can polish your scales as well” Melina said opening the large tent entrance.
Zyra trotted after Melina, dipping her head under the tent flap and settling down on the ground so that her horns would not catch.
“Should a good evening, I wonder what he has got for you, since a nice evening meal for you needs to be allot larger than what is on my plate” Melina said as she got bits ready for the shower, one of the things Melina wanted Baxter to pack.
"I don't mind whatever it is. I've been eating fine since we got here," smiled Zyra.
Melina nodded lightly.
“Ok, I am going to jump in the shower and then get ready” Melina said as she took her clothes and other items into the small portable shower cubicle.
Granted it was nowhere near comfortable or the water pressure anywhere near matching her own one in the base but she made do.

Soon the night time drew in but Melina was showered, washed and ready, sadly high heels would not be useful on the ground despite it being dry so walking boots was the order of the evening.
Melina now had time to polish the bold wing’s scales with a cloth and some polish.
“I bet you were a very cute baby dragoness, your beautiful now just the gleam from your scales after a good polish” Melina commented as the woman buffed the polish into her gleamy pearly scales.
The dragoness gave a little thrum as Melina buffed the scales across her nose. "I could have fit in your arms, the size I was when I hatched."
Melina smiled, trying to imaging the dragoness in a smaller version, she smiled looking at her muzzle, the small scar that was on her face was gone, Zyra was renewed after transforming back to the dragoness from her human form.
“I’m glad Baxter’s machine left you free of scars, marks and other things, you look perfect” Melina grinned finishing her polishing.
"Melina you're going to make my ego as bad as Ardon's," she joked. "Think Grant is impressed?"
Melina chuckled lightly.
“Yes, he was very impressed, I do not think we are bonded with Brathille, I still feel that is a secret if we do get close, I do trust him but still” Melina replied to the bold wing.
"Close?" Asked Zyra, tilting her head to the side slightly
Melina coughed finishing off polishing and smiled, “There, your all ready to look amazing, we should go over there soon, been a few hours now” Melina replied.
"Thank you, Mel," smiled the dragoness, looking down at her gleaming scales. "I look ready for an interview, not a dinner at an archaeology camp."
“You be fine Zy, let’s head out” Melina said as the two of them emerged from the tent.
“See you later you two” Baxter said as the two waved to the dragons as they made their way to the professor’s tent.
Vonriir spotted the dragoness leaving the tent with Melina, scales glittering.
"Your dragoness is looking lovely this evening, Comox."
"She’s not my dragoness," responded the bold wing but he couldn't help to look up from his reading to watch her walk away.

Melina and Zyra made the short walk across to Grant’s large tent where the man was staying, luckily things had been moved out to allow the dragoness to enter and not be squashed up inside.
The professor appeared and opened the entrance to go as wide as possible, Melina marvelled at the decoration inside, small battery powered tea lights, giving a romantic glow and there were lights placed in different areas.
The man had gone out of his way to make the tent look nice and accommodating for the two of them and Melina appreciated this from the professor.
“Thank you both for coming, please come on in” the man said dressed smartly as he welcomed to two girls in.
“Thank you for hosting us, it looks amazing in here, plenty of room for Zyra too” Melina commented as the man smiled.
Zyra stepped into the tent carefully and sat down, curling her tail around her feet so that she took up less room.
"Thank you for having us along, professor."
The man closed the tent entrance and nodded, “Not at all, can I get you ladies something to drink?, wine, soft drink? Water?” Grant said making Melina chuckle.
“Wine for me please, what you having Zy?” Melina asked as Grant went to get a bottle.
"Water is just fine for me, thank you," the dragoness said brightly.
Grant brought over the glass of wine in a plastic wine glass while water was given to Zyra in a steel bowl once again.
“I am sorry for giving you this, a creature as magnificent as you do not deserve to be given water in some steel bowl, but it’s all we got” the man said sounding apologetic.
"Please, professor, don't worry. I'm used to making due. It's not like people have been making dishes for my size of creature for years. Everyone has been more than accommodating. Do not worry," she smiled.
“Well, hopefully the meal that is coming up will make up for it, for us, we doubled the size for Zyra but please enjoy everything” Professor Taylor said.
The meal was served by the man and despite the camping cutlery and the large amounts of containers keeping different parts of the meal in, it was delicious, the conversation was good too.
The three of them talked on a number of topics, the digs, what Melina had done and some amusing throw backs to their time in uni.
Grant telling Zyra of Melina doing sports and how Melina caused a mass brawl in the women’s football team and the match had to be abandoned, Melina laughed and lightly blushed as she remembered, having Zyra hear she was ahead strong woman made her a little embarrassed.
"You never told me about that!" Laughed Zyra, seeing Melina get embarrassed. "There's certainly more than meets the eye with you!"
Melina laughed.
“I was young, head strong and foolish, I took a dislike to the girl’s attitude, so I decided to do something about it, my team just backed me up, I was so stupid” Melina said as Grant laughed.
"We all do silly things, remember?" Zyra said kindly. "But," she grinned, "that is hilarious. I can just imagine..."
The trio continued talking well into the evening and soon it was time to go, professor Taylor had been a wonderful host and a good conversationalist with both Melina and Zyra, the tales and stories were brilliant.
“Thank you both again for coming, I really do appreciate it” Grant said as Melina smiled.
It’s been wonderful thank you for having us” Melina said making her way outside the tent when the man spoke.
“Can I borrow you for 5 minutes alone? I won’t keep you long” Grant asked.
“Sure, Zy you ok to wait outside a moment, I won’t be long” Melina asked the bold wing.
The dragoness waited outside, sitting in the grass beside the tent. After a moment, she couldn't help herself and peeked around the corner.
Grant thanked Melina who smiled and Grant went in for a kiss but Melina stopped him, making the man confused.
“I appreciate all you done Grant, it is good to see you again and I’m loving all of this, please do not spoil it” Melina said.
Grant seemed a little taken aback.
“I am sorry Melina, I just thought, we got on so well, we have chemistry, we always got on” Grant said as Melina turned away sighing.
“I cannot, I love everything, I have missed you, this, all of this has been good, superb but I cannot commit” Melina said.
Grant put his hand on the woman’s shoulder, Melina turned and put her hand on his, her eyes looked a little sadder than before.
“I cannot, I have commitments, big commitments beyond anything you can imagine, it means I cannot commit to anything” Melina said.
“Your dragon, your more than welcome to..” Melina stopped him there.
“Your hospitality and kindness has been amazing Grant and for that I thank you deeply, just please don’t let this spoil what we got now” Melina said as Grant was quiet for a moment.
“Please?” Melina asked softly.
Grant nodded, “Of course professor, I always had feelings for you Mel, I hope this commitment is worth it” he said as Melina nodded, leaving the tent with sadness in her heart but resolve that she had denied herself this for the greater good.
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