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Unread Oct 30th, 2016, 02:39 PM   #1
the listener
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Jack & Ardon Spinoff: Insurrection

Months had passed since the team at Facility 7 had their run in with Hadassah and Lucas. It had been a terribly disastrous start but it had eventually smoothed out somewhat. The group was in contact with the two of them, checking in from time to time though lengthy communications made Hadassah nervous. It was all working out slowly and the team was less nervous for the boy’s safety these days now that they could make contact regularly.

There had been a number of changed within the halls of the base. The dragons were growing, especially Korrin. His appetite had increased and he was growing into a fine looking dragon. He was getting bigger, slowly turning into the tank of a beast his breed was known for. His scales were dark and glossy, his horns coming in a gentle curve, reaching back from above his secondary tines on his brow. It was looking to be that he would grow into a fine looking dragon as the years went on.
The trio of them well all doing well in fact. Tarok thrived in this environment and loved being part of the team. He had grown slightly as well, his colouration becoming deeper and more bold.
Alyia, however, seemed to have stopped growing over the past few months, the only thing changing was the horns of her crest and the spikes along her spine. She had worried the doctors a bit when she had shown little growth, calling out to Melina Goodwin for consultation. Bloodwork and testing showed that she was not lacking anything and her diet gave her everything that she needed nutrition wise. It was only after referring with Bronan and Tahsis after the professor popped over to Kilara was it determined that Alyia wasn’t exactly the same breed as Korrin. Instead, they had discovered her to be a subspecies, a pigmy Eastern Mountain dragon, a smaller variation of a typical Eastern Mountain dragon. This gave reason why so she halted at 7 feet in height and for her shorter tail and less built stature. Melina had collected the bits of information she could from Bronan and sent it over for their records. The Kilarian dragons offered to find out more if they were able.
This new information didn’t seem to bother the little dragoness at all. In fact she was pleased that she wasn’t going to get too big, happy to be able to be close to people no matter where she went. It was a change she was happy with.
Other changes had swept through the island hierarchy as well.
Jon had been given the honour of being promoted to the head of security. He had big shoes to fill since their chief of security, Robert Dowell, passed away in the line of duty a few years prior. Alex had thought that Jon was now ready to take on the roll and free the commander from taking it on himself. It had gone over well, Jon showing promise in his new role. Alex was pleased to see that everything seemed to be running smoothly now that it was in Jon’s hands.
James McDonald, their temporary recruit, had been hired on full time to become Facility 7’s Drakine Press Officer and Media/Public Relations specialist. Alex had been impressed with the man’s work. He was brash, loud and abrupt compared to the rest of the team but the commander could not deny that James did his job well. Better than well, in fact. The last year the dragons saw a decline of public approval, many fear mongers coming out of the woodwork to put dark marks against their name. People were beginning to grow worried that the creatures were beginning to pop out of ‘nowhere’ as far as they were concerned. James had done wonders to turn that around, at least for the trio living on the west coast. Within a few months their approval rating jumped back up to high standing once more due to all his efforts.

Recently the youngest of the dragons, gentle and timid natured Alyia had taken to the man, surprising the rest of the staff. Normally the little dragoness spooked and hid away at any hit of raised voices. She hated conflict and would avoid it at all possible even creeping off to her quarters if Tarok or Korrin were scolded. So it was baffling why the dragoness had taken to following James around the past few weeks.
Amanda and the others usually tried to keep out of the man’s line of fire. Should they hear his storm approaching, many of them left the room, busying themselves out of his sight so they would not be subject to his temper. Alyia, however, did not seem to flinch at the man’s thunderous presence nor did she cower when he shouted till he got red in the face. No, the crème coloured dragoness simply would stare at him in awe, marvelling at just how mad this man could get. Like watching a train wreck, one could not tear their eyes away from one of his episodes. It took a while but she eventually evolved her tendency to stand back to simply witness the man’s loud transgressions to recently following him about over the last few days. She kept her distance and out of his space for now but the man would find his coffee cup suddenly filled or the file he had been searching for abruptly on his desk without knowing how it got there. It had only been a few days but Alyia was getting braver and today she was beginning to follow him about much to the confusion of Tarok and Korrin.
They had been sitting in the common area watching a movie together when they had heard a door slam. Tarok ducked his head behind the sofa, knowing full well that this attempt wouldn’t hide anything but his face as he heard James’s shoes stomping down the hall. Korrin watched the man pass as Alyia peeked her head out of the kitchens and trotted out, following where the man had gone.
“Is she nuts? He’s going to bite her head off if she gets too close. Someone must have ticked him off today.” Tarok said, shaking his head in disbelief.
“That girl has a few screws loose. She’s been checking up on him the last few days. While I’m not afraid of the man per se, I would not go trotting after him when he’s seconds from losing it,” replied Korrin.
“Amanda’s noticed too. She’s worried that Earth will lose its first dragon if she keeps at it.”
Korrin suddenly snorted. “Could you imagine if they bonded?”
Tarok laughed out loud, “Stars no!”
Together they snickered over their private joke, letting Alyia go about to her odd behaviour.
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James had taken to his Media relations role easily; he was an expert on media spin and ensuring the dragons remained in good polling ratings and using abrupt and brash language to get what he wanted, Alex did give James a unique position of being given free rein in his area, indeed he was allot different to the calm and friendly people at Torchwood 7.
James was on the phone to a local Newspaper that was running an article about the Vancouver dragons and how they could be considered a threat to the city and the whole region, James had gone in to shut this down.
James walked with brisk pace down the hall to his office with his mobile in his hand, his voice echoed in the corridor as Alyia soon following from the canteen.
“Noo, yoou run with this story of absolute rubbish, then I be down there to pry your eye balls out with a fookin rusty spoon, or don’t you use spoons in Canada?, ya pen pushin nonce” James said angrily over the phone as he entered his office still ranting at the media editor.
James stood as he listened to what the editor said.
“Yoou got two choices lad, either drop the story, or feel ma boot up your bony derriere, you pathetic excuse of a man” James then hung up cursing as he sat down at his desk.
Soon Alyia appeared outside his door and spoke.
"Coffee sir?" Asked Alyia as she nosed open the door to his office.
The dragoness had turned into some sort of unofficial PA of the man, not that James had really noticed that this dragoness had taken to him, he had been busy with his own work that Alyia had slipped past his usual defences and had somehow now part of his unofficial staff of Media relations team.
James looked up to see the dragoness there, asking if he wanted a coffee.
"Please, make sure yooou make a large one darlin, none of this Poxy small, energy saving bull, a large coffee" James replied looking for a file on his desk.
"Cream? Sugar?" She replied as she used a talon to move a few papers over to reveal the file he was searching for.
James looked a little surprised, "It's all stapled and everything, when I had it, it was a mess" James said seeing it stapled neatly together, before remembering Alyia next question in his coffee.
"Ahh, milk and sugah ta" James added.
The dragoness disappeared as James read the file that he had been looking for, it was all in order and done neatly, the man flicked through and everything was there.
The dragoness returned with the man's preferred mug; large and a deep blue. Coffee steamed inside with milk and sugar.
"I had seen the file all disorganized the other day so I thought I'd set it right for you so you wouldn't lose anything."
James looked at Alyia and then at the file, "Aye, thanks Doll, have yoou loooked at recent public opinion polls on yoou guys, your more well liked than Father Christmas" James said sitting down and powered up his laptop.
"I heard Kris and Amanda talking about that yes. Thanks to your work in helping calm people about all of us dragons popping up," said the dragoness brightly.
James gave a small smile, a rare thing to witness and the dragoness had witnessed it, the man rarely smiled, more shouting and getting angry but Alyia seemed to glow a little at seeing the real James, past the angry Scottish accent.
"Aye well, thats ma job ay, otherwise I'm jus makin moneh for drinking coffeh" James said typing on his laptop to get up his tasks for the day.
“Where did I put ma organizer rubbish” James muttered to himself as he took a sip of his coffee, once again perfect, just how he liked it, Alyia being the only one to get his order right, the chef was more than happy to let Alyia take on that duties.
The dragoness left the room for a minute before returning with a booklet that she set down on his desk.
"I knew you were busy earlier so I sorted out the new few meetings you have, sorted by date and time and booked your travel shuttles to and from Vancouver."
James looked surprised as he looked at the file, everything was done in detail and it looked so much better than what the laptop spreadsheet organizer had done for him, it had made the man frustrated to the point he was yelling at his laptop.
"Yoou are a clever girl, I diddnt know yoou were the brains of this operation, cheers darlin" James said as he looked at the calendar, "Can ya contact my London office and say I woont be back until the new year" James said.
"Sure, did you have a day in mind or just a general notice?" She asked.
"General, wont be gooing home anytime soon, to the land of tea and angry northern people in kilts" James said.
"Alright sir, I can do that," Alyia said with a nod and a smile, happy to be useful.
The dragoness left as James got on with his work, he had a few things to do as he wanted to make sure at least Christmas was at less busy for him.

Alyia passed by the dragons as she went to get something to eat before doing the tasks James had asked for, the other dragons did not seem to understand why this small and usually timid dragoness was happy to help the angry Scot.
"Alyia, what are you doing?" Asked Korrin.
"Yeah you're crazy. I wouldn't get 40 feet within his office if he was in a mood and you are just following him like a scaled shadow." Added Tarok.
Alyia turned up her nose. "You boys are nonsense. He only gets upset because his job is really difficult and no one helps him." She scoffed.
With that response Alyia went off to do her work leaving the boys more confused than ever why she was doing essentially PA duties for him.

Later on Kris appeared having completed some work with Jon the new security chief on a few things and on the bases defensive capabilities, he saw the large green dragon and smiled. Marvelling at how big he was growing and how solidly built he was also appearing.
"Korrin there you, if you keep growing, we have to nickname you the tank" Kris chuckled patting Korrin on his broad shoulders.
"That's a name I could live with," said the dragon with a small smile. "You were looking for me?"
"Yes, I heard and seen the angry Scot come past and saw his new PA" Kris said sitting down on the sofa.
Jon and Kris had watched in bemusement as Alyia rushed around doing jobs for James, typing up notes and ensuring his schedule was all organized and ready, it was quite a bizarre thing to see.
"You've noticed it too then? A screw is loose in that dragoness' head," snorted Korrin.
Kris chuckled lightly, “Perhaps” he said before turning to see both Korrin and Tarok who was sat the other side.
"You guys been tussling with her or something, shouldn’t fight girl’s boys, besides Korrin we need to get you a bigger harness" Kris said, seeing as the adjustable one was not going to last if he kept on this path of growth.
"We haven't been rough housing with her, that leaves me with no one though, cause Tarok fights like a girl anyway," Korrin teased.
The blue dragon gave a snorting laugh, "I do not. I give you a run for your money just fine."
Korrin looked over at Tarok and raised a brow, smirking.
Kris chuckled as the two-male’s had a respectful and light hearted rivalry, which Kris was glad off, Tarok was the master of speed whereas Korrin was the master of the ground and power.
"Well now he is bigger I think you owe something when we next go on our night shift" Kris smiled at Korrin.
"Speeding away is cheating Tarok" Kris added.
Tarok was about to say somethings when Amanda came walking into the room. "It' isn’t Taroks fault that Korrin can't keep up," she grinned, patting her dragon on the nose and giving his snout a kiss. "You just can't help being fast as lightning."
And the teasing and light hearted banter began between Amanda and Kris, it had gone on since Kris had bonded with Korrin.
Kris chuckled, "Tarok knows he is beaten on the ground with my dragon here, that is why he goes running for the hills of Vancouver" Kris teased back, defending his dragon once more.
"Well, Kris would you take on an elephant in a fight?" Amanda asked the man.
Kris waved away Amanda's comment, "Yeah of course any day" Kris said laughing knowing Amanda would bring up the analogies once more.
"Oh, you seen James new PA?, fetching the angriest man in Scotland coffee" Kris said.
Amanda seemed amused at hearing about this.
"Is she still following him around?" Asked Amanda,
"Good lord that dragoness is braver than the rest of us and that's sad when you think about it." She laughed.
Kris had to agree, Alyia was brave in dealing with him but despite how angry he got and shouting at whatever person or object, Alyia had kept close and merely did what the man asked or told her to do.
"She brought him coffee, did his reports, I saw her working late doing his monthly schedules, he yells, she’s there like a flash" Kris said.
"She's seeking him out when he yells?" She had to laugh out loud. "Alyia used to go running in the opposite direction when Alex and you would yell at the tv."
Kris laughed remembering the incident, the poor dragoness bolted out of the living room when the NHL was on TV and the Canucks were playing Toronto.
"Maybe she likes the sound of shouting incoherent noise, maybe that’s why, or she wants to make him not angry" Kris chuckled.
"Who knows with that girl. I just hope she survives her internship," she snickered.
However no sooner had peace returned inside the facility, it was once again shattered by James shouting from his office, soon the door was opened aggressively as James shouted down the corridor, his voice carried throughout the base.
"ALYIA!, Lattee and a Skinny Muffin, anytime this century girl!" James shouted out of his office door.
“Well, peace diddnt last long, I’m thinking of investing in some ear defenders” Kris said as Alyia trotted into the kitchen, the chef quickly giving her the latte and a muffin on a tray before Alyia disappeared once more.
“That poor girl” Jon commented shaking his head as he went into the canteen, seeing her head off in James direction.
Alyia came trotting down the hall at a leisurely pace, holding a tray in her teeth. She smiled as she made her way to the office. "Here you are, sir."
James took the coffee and muffin and then checked his diary before speaking again.
"Great, can yooou get me the Vancouver media centre, I fancy a bit of a shout now, use the secure line" James said.
"Line two," said Alyia, transferring over the call.
“Ta” James replied shutting his office door firmly shut as the team in the room listened, it was quiet at first until you could hear the man unleash his fury on the poor soul on the other end of the line, with Alyia happily trotting back into the command centre to do her work.
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The week progressed on as still the little cream coloured dragoness doted on a rather oblivious James. She was quite content with her new unofficial role. She still had her other jobs within the facility but she did them with haste so that she could quickly get back to ensuring that their media officer had not been waiting on her.
The boys would tease Alyia in private but she would ignore them for the most part unless she was defending the man when they would make comments about him directly. She paid the boys no mind otherwise.
"Alyia, a word," said Alex as he leaned out of his office door.
The dragoness looked up, stopping her procession down the hall. turning around she nodded and walked into the man's office as he opened the door for her.
"What is it commander?" She asked.
Alex sat down in his chair and folded his hands on his lap. "I've noticed you've been hanging around Mr. McDonald often in the last few weeks."
The dragoness smiled brightly, "Yes, I've been helping him out a bit with scheduling and such."
"Did you offer your assistance or did he ask you?"
"I offered. He's under a lot of pressure so I thought he could use some help."
Alex had trouble holding back a small smile. Alyia has always been a sweetheart; kind to the fullest extent of the word. She was gentle and unassuming. The man simply worried that she might find herself getting her feelings hurt.
"You're happy helping him then?" He asked, needlessly organizing the papers on his best desk.
"Of course, sir."
"Alright then, just making sure," he said with a smile. "Carry on then, little miss."
The dragoness beamed, getting up and trotting out of the office, pleased that she may resume her self-administered duties.
It felt good to have a purpose. Before she had felt like the boys has important, key roles within the facility. While she did play a part, the dragoness never felt like she was able to contribute fully.

Monday morning rolled around after a low key weekend. Korrin was dozing after a large breakfast in Kris's room. The green male was curled up with his eyes closed but he was listening to Kris type away on his laptop.
A short while later Alex's voice came over the tannoy calling the team down to the common area for their weekly Monday briefing. Tasks would be doled out and the usual updates were given to keep everyone up to speed.
"Korrin meeting in the common area, let's head down, champ" Kris said, turning to his dozing dragon. Korrin cracked open an eye and lifted his head, yawning. He got to his feet and reshuffled his wings against his sides, following the man out and down the hall.
They met with the other staff. Amanda leaned against Tarok, texting on her phone. She looked up and gave Kris and Korrin a smile and nod as they walked in. General chatter filled the room as the group gathered.
Alex walked in dresssed in dark slacks and a white dress shirt. In one hand he carried a mug of coffee and in the other he held his tablet. The man was growing out the stubble on his face slightly.
"Morning everyone," He greeted the group, putting his cup of coffee down on a side table as everyone said hello back.
"Alright, I hope everyone had a good weekend. On the roster this week we have..- hang on," said Alex, looking around, "where's Alyia?"
"Knowing her, she is getting Mr Happy" Dr Charles said making the other members of the team chuckle lightly.
Alex shook his head with a laugh, rubbing the scruff on his face, "Oh what are we going to do with her? Anyway, let's see here."
He lifted his tablet and squinted as he tried to read his notes.
"Having a hard time, boss?" Teased Amanda as the group laughed. It was an ongoing joke that their commander was secretly an old man. Alex seemed to have a love of dad jokes, would use old saying that the younger staff would call outdated and lately he seemed to have issues with his sight.
"Yeah, yeah we're all comedians," the man smiled as he pulled a pair of small, rectangular reading glasses out of his shirt pocket he unfolded them and put them on. "I haven't been wearing my contacts so cut me some slack."
"Not liking them?" asked Tarok.
"Nah, they dry out my eyes. Looking into lazik though."
"Ooh fancy. Commander will have laser eyes," snorted Korrin.
"Lazik, not lazer," corrected Alex with a wry smile. "ANYWAY, we're way off track."
The man began the weekly briefing. He gave the doctors their current projects, bumping back deadlines so that they had more time to work. Amanda and Tarok were alloted their duties for the week. A lot of patrolling and ensuring that local waters were safe. The duo didn't mind this at all.
"Kris, you have patrol today and Tuesday. You also have an application from the North shore SAR for a new recruit training program for next year. Up to you both if you want to take that on," said Alex. "I've sent the request to your email."
"Understood, we can have a look at it, are we due on night shift as well next week?" Kris asked but looked at korrin who would know.
"Not until the week after. Its been quiet lately so we're scaling it back a bit," replied Alex. After a few last things the man wrapped up the briefing. Soon enough evenyone filed out of the common area, ready to begin their week.
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The team dispersed to do their work, the doctors were to continue their work in the labs and given more time to complete their work was a little sigh of relief, Dr Charles and his assistant would find the extra time useful.
Jon drew up the security roster for Kris and Korrin, as well as do his weekly assessment of security in the base.
James had not attended the weekly briefing as the man was preparing to spend a week at Torchwood 7 Vancouver office, the old base they used which now dealt with James media relations and intel gathering for the main base.
Kris walked with Korrin and looked up at the large green dragon, “Let me know when you want to go out on patrol today, I have some admin to catch up on, your welcome to sit with me or amuse yourself with Tarok” Kris said.
"We can head out in two hours if you like. Does that give you enough time?" asked Korrin.
“Sure, it will be a quiet one I think, there has been nothing really of interest” Kris replied as he sat at his desk in the command centre.
"Well, quiet means good things for the area, boredom for us though." said Korrin as he turned to leave Kris to his work, "I'll be in the common room when you're ready to go."
“Alright Korrin, try not to go raiding the snacks and no chocolate for Tarok either” Kris said with a small laugh.
"Yeah, yeah. I'll try," the dragon smiled.
“Kris chuckled lightly as he got on with his work, the dragon leaving him to occupy the living area which was next to the canteen.
Meanwhile the cream coloured dragoness bounded along to check on James who would be spending a week away from the base dealing with media related issues.
The dragoness knocked on James' door, "Sir? You'll shuttle will arrive at 3:15 instead of 2. The media director at Island News will meet you in conference room 7 at the Seafare. Your appointment notes have been printed off and have been added to your itinerary." Alyia rattled off what she had done.
James looked up from his work notes and nodded at the dragoness presence, still oblivious to what she was doing.
“Ey, its everyone’s favourite lady, ta for all that I think, just hoope it be an easy venture to the mainland, is the hotel all booked?” James asked the dragoness.
The dragoness nodded, "Fourth floor."
“Good, all seems sorted on this end at least” James said as he looked at his work documents Alyia had provided, which was neat and all in order as he scratched his chin looking at his weekly meetings around Vancouver.
Alyia sat down and smiled, pleased with her work and waited for anything else he might ask her for.
"James?" asked Alex, knocking and leaning into his office. "The rep for CBC is still trying to contact you for an interview regarding the dragons."
James looked up and checked on his schedule, again done by Alyia.
“Ahh yes, the sandal wearing Nonce, wait till I get hold of him, he be a bubbling pool of regret” James said looking up to see Alyia still there.
“A coffee and a moofin would be nice Alyia” he said to the dragoness.
Alex moved out of the way to let Alyia pass as she trotted off to her next task. When she was a way down the hall the commander turned back to the man, "She's a dragon, James, not exactly what you would call an intern..."
James looked up at Alex and looked a little puzzled.
“Yoou what now? that Lass been following me around, I have not forced the lass to do anything” James said immediately going on the defensive.
Alex put up his hands in mock surrender, smiling. "I know, I know, just want to make sure you know that dragons are absurdly loyal. If this doting gets out of hand just let me know."
James shrugged his shoulders at the comment.
“Aye, she’s a good lass, I confused why she’s helping, boot shes dooin fine” James replied as he signed off a report.
"That's good. It's great to see her have motivation and purpose."
Just then Alyia nosed Alex out of the way, returning with the items James had requested. Alex had to smile at the dragoness delight at helping.
"Anyway, better get going with these projects. Good luck at your meeting," said Alex, taking his leave of the man's office.
“Nay bother” James said as he took a drink from his mug, “Ta muchly, can yooou send me any media stooof while im in Vancouver, so I can crush anyone whoo says anything bad?” James asked the dragoness.
"I'll send over whatever I manage to dig up." Nodded the dragoness brightly.
“Good, now, if yoou crack on those reports will ya? I want to be able to get on top of my work by the end of the week” James said giving the dragoness more tasks in her unofficial role.
"Yes sir!" Nodded the little dragon. She grabbed a folder out of the cabinet and trotted off with purpose.
James shook his head lightly, “Women” he said as his mobile went off, another media person for James to grill as he closed the door to begin his rant at yet another poor Canadian media respondent.

Kris had finished his work ahead of schedule and had now gone in search of Korrin for their patrol flight.
“Korrin, It is time, finished early so let’s go have a fly around” Kris said with enthusiasm in his voice.
Korrin jumped to his feet, eyes bright at his Attillu’s enthusiasm. "I'll get my harness."
Kris smiled as he met the dragon in the hanger area where the dragons and the shuttles usually came in, Korrin came in looking pleased.
Once Kris was on the doors opened, revealing a pretty nice autumn day, Korrin soon took to the skies as they flew outwards and onwards towards their patrol route.
“When we reach our midway point, I want you to head towards the small village on the one island, want to pick up something for us to munch” Kris said with a smile.
"Mmm," hummed the dragon, angling his wings slightly to the left as he altered their course to better take on the wind coming off the tide.
They soon arrived at the village where there was a big fishing community there, usually Amanda and Tarok visited there but today it was Kris and Korrin’s turn.
It would be quieter due to the season but the fish gathered was always delicious and always a favourite with the dragons.
As korrin landed, Kris jumped off as he approached the fishmonger and could see they were cooking some salmon the other side, separated by a glass panel.
“You fancy cooked or raw fish today Korrin? It is salmon, looks good” he said.
"Do they have any of that smoked salmon?" He asked
Kris asked the woman who nodded and smiled, “Can I have, a large amount of smoked Salmon for mostly my friend and some for me” Kris said as the woman got the food ready.
The Woman soon gave Kris a large crate of it, cooked to perfection and would be kept warm and fresh inside.
Kris took it off her hands and paid the woman, soon Kris got back up and secured their food, “Ok Korrin, to the coastal edge where we been before, you know the one” he smiled, the man seemed in a really good mood.
The dragon turned back to look at him, smiling. "Alright." He nodded before unfurling his deep green wings and jumping into the air to head down to the spot.
Soon the two of them arrived there as Kris got off and opened up the crate, the smell that came from the crate was devine, Kris smiled.
“Tuck in Korrin, have as many as you like” Kris said sitting down by the tree watching the waves crash on the coast below them.
The dragon laid down beside the man and propped a piece between his front paws and chewed away at his food; eyes closed as he enjoyed the rare treat.
Kris gave Korrin and a pet behind his horns as he smiled, “Thought I’d treat you, since it’s a quiet patrol and its official 1 year today we been bonded, exciting stuff” he said with a laugh.
"One year? Really?" Asked Korrin, "I should have gotten you something."
The dragon leaned over and gave the man a lick up one side of his face." There you go. Happy one year bonded, Atillu."
Kris laughed, “Oh, don’t go soft on me Korrin, remember serious face and serious dragon” Kris chuckled giving him a pet again on his smooth green scales.
"I am serious enough," replied Korrin, scratching under his chin. "I just know how to smile once in a while." He said with a wink.
Kris nodded, he liked the happy medium the dragon had gone into, he had relaxed a little since coming to Torchwood 7 and eased up now he was bonded with Kris, it seemed they balanced each other out.
They lay there relaxing, watching the waves crash into the rock below them, the sunny afternoon made them see for a good distance outwards.
“I’m amazed how big you have grown these last few months, Alex did say Forge had mentioned you guys would grow quick, especially with the nourished food we provide” Kris commented.
"Yes, apparently, I'll grow up until 80 or 90 but right now it's going rather quick. I hope I turn into a great big dragon like my father, then no one would mess with the west coast." He said, puffing himself up.
Kris laughed, feeling the dragon’s pride, he was impressed with his ambition.
“Was your father a big tank of a dragon then?” Kris asked.
Korrin nodded, "From what I can remember. All I know of him was from my shell memories."
Kris put his hand on the dragons shoulder, “You do him and me proud, but are you ready for a challenge you swore to try again one day?” Kris asked the green scaled dragon.
"Ready!" He nodded confidently.
Kris smiled as he got up and walked towards the large rock that was marked with an X, Kris looked as Korrin seemed up to it.
“Well you said next time, you would drag it to the ocean, thought you like another go, only difference is I be in the harness, being close and encouraging you on” Kris explained clearing the shrubs away from it, his old claw marks still visible.
Korrin put his paw where he had scored a mark in the stone. He was far taller now than he had been when he had made that scratch.
Kris watched as Korrin looked at the scratch he had marked, perhaps remembering how disappointed he was when he tried on their night shift.
“Want to try again Korrin?” he asked the dragon, knowing the green scaled dragon had a score to settle with this boulder.
"Let's go for it," said the green male.
Kris smiled patting on the shoulder as he got back into the harness, he took up his position he had done before, not to impede the dragon but to be in close proximity to perhaps help him out this time, then cheering on the side lines.
"Alright I'm in the saddle secure, get into position then, then I count you off" Kris said.
The dragon nodded and set his neck and shoulder against the Boulder. "Ready."
Kris nodded as he was about to count off but he decided to ask the green scaled dragon a question.
"What do you reckon this time?" Kris asked briefly.
"Count and we will find out," replied Korrin.
Kris smiled.
“Ok big guy, 1…..2…...3 and push!” Kris declared now in his position in the saddle as he saw the dragon tense and roll his shoulders.
The dragon dug his talons into the sand and scored the dirt as he powered forward.
Kris watched as his dragon went for it pushing against this rock hard, he could feel the determination coming off him as he tried.
“That’s it Korrin, let’s do this” Kris said from the harness giving him support.
The green scaled dragon coiled the muscles in his hind legs as he pushed forward, trying to get the rock to move.
“Keep at it Korrin, you got this” Kris said as the dragon continued on with this challenge.
The dragon gave a low growl as he tried to roll the rock up from where it rested, determined to get it to the ocean surf.
“Come on Korrin, give it your all champ, you can do this” Kris said as Korrin continued his efforts.
The dragon pressed on with a mighty effort, using his shoulder as the point of power in his stature.
Kris kept in his pose as the dragon pushed and shoved at the rock hard, he could feel and see the dragon working hard as he continued this challenge.
The dragon was churning up the sand under his feet as he tensed his hind legs and pressed forward.
"Hhmph," he huffed through grit teeth.
“Don’t give in Korrin, you can do this, your strong enough” Kris said to his dragon as he saw his hind legs churning up the ground.
"Ggrr," growled the dragon, not letting up.
“That’s it come on big guy, you got this” Kris said feeling Korrin going for it despite no movement as yet from the rock.
The dragons tail kept him steady as he fought against the giant boulder with all his might.
Kris watched as the dragon continued his efforts, impressed once more by his determination and effort in this, the rock despite his size and increased strength was still hard work.
"Ggrh," growled the dragon, giving it his all. He told himself that he would not fail this again.
Kris watched and saw the green scaled dragon work furiously.
“Good Korrin, keep working hard, come on champ” Kris gave him a pat on his shoulder.
The dragon’s hind legs were beginning to tremble from the effort they exerted, and his scales began to collect sweat along the edges.
Kris was going to call it off when he heard a crack or two from the rock, glancing upwards the large rock moved, the rock churning up the ground around it, it began to slowly yield to Korrin.
The man got excited by this as finally they got it to move a little, this was encouraging signs.
The dragon was spurred on by Kris and the promising sounds in the rock and he doubled his efforts with a growl.
The rock moved again under Korrin’s power, this time he was making progress as it got closer to the edge.
“This is going in the ocean Korrin, don’t let up” Kris encouraged as he was excited by Korrin’s progress.
The dragon barrelled forward, feeling the rock shift more now. Korrin was pushing with all he had, a mighty effort.
Korrin progress continued as the rock moved again however it was now going into more stone like soil as it got harder to move and came to a halt.
"Umph, come on!" He huffed loudly as he tried to get back the momentum he had lost. His wings were opened just slightly, lines of sweat caught in the creases of the barred green markings.
Kris sensed the dragons frustration and the heat coming off his scales.
“Your really close Korrin, let’s go for it, last big effort and..go!” Kris said loudly, they were so close now.
The dragon’s chest reverberated in a roar that escapees his jaws as he shoved the Boulder mightily. It went tumbling suddenly and he had to catch himself from falling in after it, flaring his wings to hold himself back.
“YES”! nice one Korrin” Kris said patting him on the shoulder as the rock went into the ocean with a loud splash, completing his vow.
Korrin reared up on his hind legs, letting out a blast of flame and a roar of victory before coming down hard on his front paws, thrashing his tail in celebration behind him.
“Woah, easy big guy, but well done, you done it, your promise to yourself” Kris smiled feeling happy, Korrin would feel this in the link.
The dragon tossed his head, trotting in a circle. Looking over the cliff edge the Boulder had disappeared under the waves. He was immensely pleased with himself for his effort.
“I think you earn the JCB title now, I know it wasn’t easy for you but you seemed determined to do it and being bigger and stronger helped” Kris chuckled lightly.
Korrin gave a snort, "it certainly does....what do you say we get out of the security business and start our own landscaping company?" He teased the man, looking up at him with his yellow Amber eyes.
Kris laughed lightly, “And be done for dragon cruelty, no thanks, come on lets head back, get you cleaned up and ready for the evening meal, you deserve today champ, I think you can call this promise fulfilled, cant wait to see more from you big guy” Kris said as Korrin seemed pleased with the compliments.

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The next morning Alex ended a call with the island police department and grabbed a cub of coffee from the canteen. Reports were coming in that with the dragon presence along the coast there had been a visible decrease of crime in the area. With the dragons on daily patrols and being on call to investigate suspicious activity, there was now a feeling of safety over the island and costal communities.
While only three dragons could cover so much ground, their work was already proving more than useful in making the area a safe place to be.
It had been great news to hear and something the man was looking forward to pass onto the group at dinner.

As Alex made it way down the hall he heard rummaging coming from James’ office and the sound of metal filing cabinets being opened and shut.
The man halted his procession down to his own office and walked back down to the other side of the office wing where the man’s door was open. Peeking inside Alex saw Alyia, hunched over stacks of paper, multicoloured files, sticky notes and an assortment of loose paperwork. She was moving things around and it looked like she had categories laid out and was sorting papers between them.

“Alyia, what on earth are you doing?” asked Alex as he leaned up against the side of the doorframe and folded his arms.
The dragoness jumped at his voice before she turned her head to look behind her, “Oh, Alex, sorry. Was I making too much noise?”
“No, just wondering what you’re up to in here.”
“Oh, well James wanted me to look for this old report to send to him today while he was away, from when we first came to Canada, but his files were so disorganized. Its hard to find anything in the file cabinets he has. So I decided I would tidy everything up and re-file everything in a better system so articles and such would be easier to find.”
She looked down at the mess of papers around her, “I promise it will get sorted, had to take everything out first.”
“I’m sure it will, but you should really get clearance from James before doing stuff like reorganizing his office.” Alex said though he smiled kindly.
The dragoness looked a little sheepish. “I had the same thought, but once I got started…well, this happened. I think I got a little carried away…..but it will look great once I’m done. ”
Alex shook his head, giving a light laugh, “You’re a good dragon, Alyia, I just don’t want your hard work to get you in trouble.”
The dragoness gave a smile. “It won’t, I’ll get this organized.”
With that Alex let her be. It was obvious that the dragoness was happy doing what she was doing, even if it may seem a little odd. She was content and not getting into trouble so Alex didn’t think he needed to step in.

Up above Quadra Island Tarok was getting some air with Amanda perched upon his back. They had finished their daily patrols and were now just enjoying riding on the wind that the tides brought in.
The night before the group had a little feast celebrating Korrin and Kris’s one year of being bonded. It had been a happy evening and everyone had enjoyed themselves. Tarok was still feeling full from the amount of food he had consumed last night. Amanda had bought cupcakes with bright green icing on them to commemorate the day and the blue dragon had eaten a half dozen on them in one bite.
“Feeling a little sluggish today, Blue?” asked Amanda from where she sat in the saddle.
He gave a noncommittal hum in his throat, not wanting to admit he indulged. Still his Atiilu laughed and reached up to scratch down the back of his neck.
“Eyes bigger than your stomach, eh? Well, let’s work some of it off.”
Tarok nodded and dipped his right wing down, taking them back out towards the beach. As they made a few passes over the island the dragon seemed to shed the stagnant feeling in his wings and began to fly faster. Amanda yipped and patted his side, spurring him on.
They passed over their little beach cove where the dragons spent most of their time in the summer months. Now the island was alive with the colours of fall. Brilliant oranges, yellows and reds mottled through the vibrant evergreens that made up most of the island foliage.
It was a beautiful time of year but it almost meant that winter was on its way and the temperatures had dipped quite a bit. In the morning Tarok’s breath would fog when they opened the skydome and Amanda had switched out her summer riding gear for long, insulated jackets and gloves.
Together they flew over the gentle waves and passed by the harbor of the neighbouring islands.
In a bout of playfulness, Tarok suddenly flipped upside down, lowering towards the ocean surface.
“Tare!” shouted Amanda with a laugh, pulling herself close to the saddle so that her hair wouldn’t get wet from the waves. She tugged on the collar piece of his harness, “If I get wet, Tarok there’ll be no dessert for you tonight!”
The dragon laughed and righted himself before pulling up and away from the water. They flew a little longer before the clouds rolled in and it began to lightly rain.
“We’ll there goes the fun,” said Amanda as she pulled her hood over her head.
Tarok turned and headed back for home. The rainy season was certainly upon them. A few cool days were graced with the occasional glimpse of sun but as they headed towards November it looked like it would be a wet and dreary winter.
Tarok landed on the polished floor of the skydome, scales dewy with rain. Amanda quickly dismounted from the saddle and stood back to that the dragon could shake. And shake he did.
Tarok’s scales lifted slightly to release the water and the spines on his tail and neck rattled as he shook. Amanda grabbed a towel and held it up. The dragon lowered his face and thrummed as she dried from his nose to his horns.
She also got him to stand on the towel to dry his feet so that he would not bring in soggy footprints across the freshly cleaned floor.
“Alright buddy, let’s have some lunch.” Amanda smiled up at him as they walked down the hall.
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Kendra had made an excellent variety of lunch time specials, ranging from Greek food to Fish based food, he was starting to take a leaf out of Toby’s book and using cheaper bulking foods like potatoes and rice to satisfy the dragon’s ever growing hunger.
As he served the food out, he made sure the dragon’s large steel bowls had a good amount of the rice and potatoes to bulk it out as meat tended to be expensive.

Meanwhile there was a knock-on Alex door as the man was doing his paper work, Alex usually was found in his office before lunch, catching up on reports and paperwork.
"Come in," said Alex as he turned around to see who was at the door. "Oh Angela. Nice to see you in. How can I help ya?"
Angela smiled lightly as she entered his office.
“Good afternoon Alex, here is there reports you asked for on the recent EA and Canadian government targets for the conservation work on Vancouver Island in paper form” she said handing them over.
“Also we had a request from Kendra who is after another person to help him in the cafeteria full time due to the dragon’s increasing eating habits, he prefer one full time and one part time to help him” Angela said.
Alex took the documents for the government targets and flipped through them briefly as he listened about Kendra requests for extra kitchen staff.
"We could do two part time for sure. I'll have to look through the budget for full time but we should be able to make it work." He replied.
Angela nodded in agreement.
“We could have someone on say 30 hours and another on 18 hours, to cover the busier days when the dragons are hungry from patrols and conservation work, Kendra ideally would like a full time member, they have to go through advanced security checks” Angela said.
"Yes the whole procedure is a bit of a process. Please tell Kendra to give me a few days and I'll sort it out," Alex nodded as he scratched at the scruff on his chin. "We will get him the help he needs."
Angela smiled.
“Of course…Oh there was one other thing, we received a information request from the Torchwood archives, waning data collected by us on the area and dragons for the last 3 years, thought Id bring it to your attention, they seem rather adamant they get it” Angela said.
"The archives? Shouldn't they be on top of that anyway?" Alex snorted. "The dragon's reports can be filed to them immediately, encrypted. The location data they should already have. Nothing changed there."
Angela agreed with Alex on the issue.
“I think just something, normally we do not have the archives contacting us, it seems other branches have also had some rather blunt demands for data, it doesn’t feel right to me Alex, if I am being honest” She replied.
Alex straightened up in his chair, "is that so? Hm, maybe hold off sending the data and I'll contact them and see what's going on." He said, wondering why the archives would be reaching out suddenly for all this information.
Angela nodded, “Well rather you than me, they got a new director of operations, another angry scot, has a long resume of being director of communications, I can try and dig up some stuff on him if you like Alex” Angela offered.
"They're multiplying," Alex said with a shake of his head. "If you don't mind, Angela that would be great."
Angela nodded and smiled, “No problem sir” Angela replied as she left the mans office.

As the team entered for dinner Kris and Amanda were talking about flight patrols for the dragons for the next couple of days to cover all areas marked out to continue their work.
Korrin and Tarok came waking up, chatting when they spotted Alyia jotting down items in James calendar.
"Aly what are you doing?" Asked Tarok.
"Sorting out the media schedule for November."
"Why?" Inquired Korrin.
"Because I can and that way James does not have to." Replied the dragoness, not looking up at them.
Kris and Amanda walked past and saw the dragoness busy doing work James should have been doing, Kris gave Amanda a look before speaking to the cream dragoness.
“Alyia, you still doing James work?, doesn’t seem to give time off to be a dragon” Kris commented looking over her shoulder to see her working diligently.
"I choose to do most of it. Anyway, the boys normally rough house when we go out so really in not missing out on much," replied the dragoness.
Kris laughed lightly, “I guess you are right, just don’t let James pile work on you, you’re a dragoness not his PA or tea maker, or anything else” Kris said with verbal honesty.
"Don't worry about me, Kris, I am happy to help him," she said, "he's got a difficult job."
Kris smiled.
“Ok Alyia, I leave you to it, make sure you get something to eat” Kris said as he looked at Tarok and Korrin.
“And if you keep rough housing with speedy Gonzales here I have to bring Ardon over” he teased Korrin lightly.
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It had taken a bit of work but Alex managed to work the budget so that Kendra could have the two additional kitchen staff he needed to help feed the growing dragons as well as the team that lived within the facility. Now that he had got it underway the commander realized just how badly they were understaffed in that department. All of the team did their part to help, Amanda often went to fetch groceries from time to time to ease Kendra’s workload and everyone did their part to put away dishes and things like that. Now that they were bringing on two more people specifically for the kitchen, it would take a load off their head chefs shoulders and the team members wouldn’t have to go out errand running so that the man could stay and cook. Alex felt a little guilty but now that the budget had expanded a bit they could forget about those worries and move ahead.
Clearance and background checks had been conducted by Jon and the new hires seemed promising. Ruby Erikson was brought on to be their new full time sous chef and Tony Li would be their part time hire for the kitchen and would take on extra hours if needed or should one of the others need time off.
They arrived by shuttle on Saturday morning and Alex welcomed them into the hidden building.
Ruby had about 7 years of experience cooking a number of types of cuisine. She had jumped from a few different places across the states and Canada before coming to BC where she then applied for the job that Alex had put out.
Tony was a recent graduate from a prestigious culinary school, young and looking to start his career. Feeding dragons would be a hell of a thing to put on their resume.
After they had signed contracts with Jon and had their security passes done up the commander took them for a tour around the building. Ruby was the chattier of the two, talking openly with Alex while her counterpart Tony seemed more reserved. With brand new security ID tags pinned to their shirts, they were given the introductory tour.
They were shown their separate quarters for them to use while on shift.
“Would you like to meet your food critics?” Asked Alex with a wry smile as he took them down the hall to the lounge.
“The dragons? I’m dying to meet them,” grinned Ruby.
“Guys, come meet the new team members,” called Alex as he walked into the large room. The three dragons were sitting together by the tv and all raised their heads at the sound of the commander’s voice.
They got to their feet at padded over to where the three humans were standing.
“Hello,” said Tarok, bending down to look at them.
“My name is Ruby, this is Toby. We’re looking forward to helping keep you all happy and fed,” Ruby said stuck out her hand to shake before realizing that might not be something this massive creatures did. Tarok put one talon in her open hand and shook gently with a smile.
“And we look forward to eating what you make,” he replied. “I am Tarok, this is Korrin and that is Alyia.”
The dragons each dipped their heads when introduced, saying hello to the new staff.
“Whatever this guy tells you,” said Alex, gesturing to Tarok, “He cannot consume red meat. Or dairy for that matter.”
“Please for the love of everyone in this place don’t give him anything with milk in it,” teased Korrin.
Tarok looked a bit abashed but said nothing.
“Anyway, you’ll get the whole rundown on their dietary needs by Kendra. We’ll head off to the kitchen where he’ll begin your training and show you around your new workspace.” Said Alex.
The man took the two of them over towards their state of the art kitchens after saying goodbye to the dragons. To feed not only them but the human members of the facility as well took a lot of space and time so there was no expense spared for the kitchen.
“Welcome!” Came Kendra’s voice as he wiped his hands on a dishtowel when he heard the three of them come in.
Ruby looked around in delight. Stainless steel counters, multiple stoves, ovens and a giant cold storage. It would be an absolute delight to cook here. Tony looked equally impressed as they introductions were made.
“Kendra, I leave them in your capable hands to give the lowdown on your kitchen,” Alex smiled before turning to the two of them, “Good luck to the both of you. Feeding dragons is a huge job.”
“Thank you, Commander,” nodded Kendra before he gestured for his new recruits to follow him into the kitchen.

After Alex had walked off with the new kitchen staff Alyia had immediately gone back to her paperwork.
“Alyia come on, we’ve got the day off, you should come out with us.” Prodded Tarok.
“But Mr. McDonald is coming back today,” said the little dragoness as she worked on some papers.
Korrin rolled his eyes and put his paw on the notepad, pulling it away from Alyia.
“I think you’ve organized his work life up until December. Give it a rest. He’s going to think you’re nuts.”
Alyia frowned and looked up at the boys, “But-“
“No buts, let’s go,” prompted Korrin more firmly now. Tarok knew that the green dragons bossy approach wouldn’t go over well with the sensitive dragoness.
“Aly, you’ve done a tremendous amount to help him out. He’ll be quite surprised when he comes back, I can assure you. Give yourself a bit of a break at least?”
With a contemplative hum, the dragoness seemed to nod, “Fine.”
With that they had convinced her to go flying even though it was a rather dreary day. Clouds had come in and the news station was threatening rain later this evening. So with that hanging over their heads they decided to take the opportunity to go outside before the rains came in.

A few hours later a shuttle returned to the island to drop James back off after his week away on the mainland for business. Alyia had been expecting him a little later but he had finished up early. He walked down to his office and was greeted with a surprise.
"What has happened tooo ma oofice? It's tidier than a suit fitter’s shoop" James said looking around to see everything neatly arranged. His filing cabinets had been moved around to give the office a feel of a bigger space. His calendar sat neatly on his desk, everything colour coded and highlighted for important notes.
"That'd be your scaled secretary," Said Alex, walking passed and overhearing the man. "I think she got a bit carried away."
"Oh she did? Heh" James sitting down in his chair, "That lass likes admin" he added.
Alex nodded, “She’s definitely keeping busy.”
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James had been left in his office by Alex as he was impressed by the crème dragoness work, she certainly had made his life easier, the new planning charts and appointment schedules would mean he could keep on top of press releases, plus the new colour coding system Alyia had implemented.
He soon had a call come in from his mobile with a press officer for a TV network in Vancouver and he took the call.
The dragons were enjoying their first meal prepped by the new staff. They seemed to approve much to Ruby and Tony's delight.
All of a sudden they could hear shouting coming from down the hall.
Ruby looked in the direction it was coming from with an alarmed look on her face.
"Ah, captain happy is back," said Tarok.
"That would be James McDonald," Korrin explained, "He's our press officer and media relations manager."
Kris walked in shaking his head lightly as he entered the canteen with Jon, they had been discussing new security protocol and discovering they required 2 more agents for their security operations, James mass rant down the corridor immediately caught their attention.
“So, from that conversation, he is going to disembowel someone and stick a pool cue up someone’s behind” Kris said.
“Entertaining to see him in action, he once told a media press person for CBS that he was going to rip his lungs out and play them as bagpipes” Jon commented.
"...he sounds violent," said Ruby with a worried look as she made to quickly take the used dishes back off the table and hightail it back to the kitchen.
“Oh he is fine, just fiery, he takes his job seriously” Jon commented.
“A little too seriously, he is responsible for ensuring the dragons are always painted in a good light by the media of Canada and does press releases, so I guess anyone who wants to print anything bad will have to go through our media enforcer” Kris chuckled lightly.
The group flinched as something shattered down the hall. Alyia got up and pushed her dish away.
"Good luck Aly!" Tarok called after her.
"What do you want written on your tombstone?" Added Korrin and the dragoness flicked her tail dismissively before disappearing down the hall.
James had gotten so angry with the person on the other end of the mobile that he had flung the mobile to the floor, luckily Alex had anticipated angry outbursts and bought the man a robust and cushioned mobile phone.
It lay in the middle of the polished floor unmarked as James had slammed the door shut, obviously James had taken offence to the CBS guy’s attitude.
The dragoness nearly stepped on the man's mobile as she made her way towards the office.
She picked it up and stuck her head inside, "sir? I think you may have dropped this. By the way dinner is ready if you're sticking around for a meal." She said happily, ignoring his mood she had walked into.
James turned to look at the dragoness, “I knooow, I threw it because the idiot on the oother end needs to have reconstructive Surgereh on his face when I get ma hands on him, he will look like, he has to be put together by aircraft crash investigators” James angrily ranted as he banged his fist on the table as he stood up pacing.
Alyia didn't seemed fazed by his ranting and merely nosed his shoulder to guide the man towards the door, "well how about some dinner before you go and do that. We have new kitchen staff start today and the meal is quite good. I think you'd like it." She said in her gentle tone.
James seemed to give an unimpressed look but complied with the dragoness wishes, “Ach, let’s see if they cannae make a decent coop of coffeh, perhaps something fried” James said as Alyia handed him his mobile back.
Alex turned in his office chair and saw Alyia herding James down the hall, trotting behind the man happily as she led him to the canteen. Alex shook his head and smiled to himself, thinking that the dragoness certainly had a way with people.
“Uh oh, angry Scot at 3 o clock, look alive people” Jon muttered to the dragons and Kris chuckled lightly as the nervous looks on the new chef’s faces could be seen, seeing James approach with Alyia in tow.
"James, joining us for dinner?" Asked Amanda as the man walked up with Alyia.
"We have steak and prawns, with almond rice and salad," offered Ruby as she put a jug of water down on the table.
“Coffeh latte and a Bacon sarnie lass, I be going home soon, the shuttle should be here too take me home” James said looking at Alyia to see if she had booked it.
Ruby looked a bit confused but Kendra stepped up, knowing the man's preference against the usual menu. "It'll be out in a few minutes then."
Alyia nodded to James and told him when the shuttle was booked to arrive.
James nodded as he sat down with the team, “Soo team dragon what has things been doing ere” James asked the team as Alyia sat down close to the man as he made an effort to speak to the team.
Amanda was the one to respond after no one else took to the challenge, "Well, additional kitchen staff of course.
Tarok and I are going to be aiding SAR next week. Erm, Jon, you're hiring on new security personnel, is that right?" she said, passing the torch onto him with an apologetic smile.
“Umm yes new operatives as it is just me and Kris, well Korrin as well but need a few more only 2 really to boost our security compliment” Jon explained.
James seemed to agree with it.
“Aye, ya do and pronto, security ere needs tooo be important” James said as his mobile ran and he rolled his eyes as anger seemed to build as he answered.
“What is it now, If cannae make this issue goo away, then I’m gonna be there to ram that camera up ya arse!” James blurted out as he left the team to go on another rant.
“Well, that lasted all of 5 minutes, when is his shuttle arriving?” Jon said getting a nudge from Kris as Amanda gave him an unimpressed look by the comment.
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A little banter carried on after dinner as the group finished their meal, now at ease with the angry Scot now storming off down the hall and out of their vicinity. Alyia remained quiet, eating quickly and leaving the table to make sure the man had everything ready to head home.
A while later Alyia grabbed James’s briefcase and sent him on his way down to the foyer to get picked up by the shuttle that would take him home. She trotted off back to the lounge to enjoy a large dish filled to the brim with hot chocolate while everyone else left to head off for the night. She blew across the top, making the mini marshmallows bob in the chocolate drink.
She thrummed to herself thinking about the good work she had done. She had hoped James would be pleased with the effort she had put in, thinking that it would help with all the stress he was under.
She hummed to herself until a door slam jolted her alert. James stormed inside, yelling.
"Where the Fook is that fookin shuttle!, it's been over 1 hour!" James ranted, demanded.
"Course I'm still Fookin ere, waitin an hour already, Jesus! I could of swam home by Noow!" James said angrily. "Whoo did ya order Lass, idiots R us?" he added.
“Oh, um, the usual; Cypress Straight Shuttle services,” she said getting to her feet quickly, “I can go look for the confirmation number, but that that won’t get you anywhere fast…” Alyia seemed to try to think of a solution. Her hot chocolate sat forgotten now.
"I'll try to call for another shuttle but you might be in for a wait..." the dragoness offered, "Or I can see if Amanda or Kris can take you over in the facility shuttle."
James folded his arms, dismissing the comments, "Aye, wahtever joos get it dooone, before my foot goes up someone’s behind" he said abruptly.
Alyia went to go make a call to the company to see what was going on with the shuttle. After being on hold for what felt like forever she was giving the bad news that the man’s appointment had been missed and they didn’t have a single shuttle to spare to pick him up right away.
The dragoness returned looking a little sheepish, “Sir, there was an error somewhere through their dispatch, they forgot about your booking. They don’t have an opening until midnight.”
James paced shaking his head, "For FOOKs sake!, I'm gonna rip someone to peices with ma bare hands, perform a live fookin autopsy with one of those spooons" James said clearly not happy.
Alyia frowned for a moment before she broke out in a smile, “I could fly you home. It’d be the quickest way.”
"Are you bloody daft Lass, no way I'm jumpin on ya back, carried all the way there, I am not fookin Eragon" James said.
The dragoness stifled a laugh, "Oh, why not sir? I promise I won't drop you or anything. Have you at home in under half an hour." She offered.
James sighed light, "Aye, whateva darlin, jus goo get suited up and I be on ma waay, I get ma coat" James said reluctantly but the man would rather that than wait till midnight.
With a bounce to her step the dragoness vanished down to the dragon hangar. She grabbed her rising harness and stepped into it, fastening the buckles closed. She trotted back down the hall and back to the foyer where James was waiting impatiently.
"Alright, hop up and I'll get you home quick as a flash," said Alyia after returning in her harness.
James was uneasy and unsure as he zipped pu his coat and ut gloves on, "Aye, let's see If I can do it" James said as he got into the harness and with Alyia help strapped up. Once he was clipped in the dragoness walked them outside.
The dragoness picked up the man’s bag in her front paws and lifted off into the air gently, sending her wings into soft arcs as they rose up into the air.
“I’ll need directions, sir.” She asked, looking over her shoulder to see how he was doing.
Soon enough they were well on their way, alyia flying quickly as she could while not making the ride bumpy.
"Ya a smoooth flyer Alyia, smooth as glass, or cloose to glass, lackin’ a trolleh service" James commented.
The dragoness smilled, thinking she should have brought along a snack. They flew over the dark ocean straight as they left Quadra heading towards Vancouver Island.
Torchwood had set James up on the island, a 20 minute commute by shuttle. It was set close to the beach in a quiet neighbourhood surrounded by old growth pines and twisted, red barked sequoia trees. It was a lovely house, painted a soft yellow with white trim and a grey shingled roof. It had big windows that faced the ocean and a wide cedar deck with white beach chairs sitting together on one side. Alyia landed in the back yard where she wouldn’t trample anything, being careful to mind her talons on the lawn.a She knelt down and helped the man out of the saddle, reunited once again back on earth.
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James got off and unloaded his items from the pockets on the harness, “Aye, ta Lass, least I am home foor now, I think I’m off tomorrow” James said to the cream dragoness.
"You aren't scheduled until Tuesday so enjoy your days off." Replied Alyia.
James nodded as he walked towards his house, the dragoness would notice the house seemed not very homely as it should have been as James entered through the front door and closed it abruptly, not wanting to keep the dragoness waiting.
James gave a heavy sigh as he turned the kitchen light on, putting his bag to one side as he made himself something to eat, not knowing Alyia was peeking through a window to look.
The dragoness stepped around to the side of the house and reached up to peek through the window, still having an odd feeling.
She spotted James making something to eat in a nearly empty kitchen, devoid of everything but the bare necessities for cooking. She dropped back to all fours, feeling her hearts sink for him.
James got out his laptop and plugged it in, as it powered on he continued making himself a snack to eat before he retired to bed, the man seemed to be living a very minimalistic life here and that could not be good for the man’s wellbeing.
The dragoness flew home with a sadness creeping into her chest, feeling bad that the man led such a lonely, sad life. She had not known.
Alyia returned late as the canteen seemed quiet, Kris was with Korrin watching a TV show with Tarok while Amanda completed her paperwork at a table in the corner, Alyia came in as the TV show on was a prank show with an angry Canadian who was being pranked on this show.
Alyia was just walking in when she heard the boys cracking jokes about the angry man on television and how much like James he acted.
"He needs to be angrier to even attempt to hold a candle to James' rage." Snorted Tarok.
"That enough!" Snapped the dragoness all of a sudden, making everyone stop dead and turn to look. She stomped up to Tarok, "you don't know anything about him so stop making fun of James!" She yelled before storming off.
Kris looked at Amanda and watched the angry little dragoness storm off, such an outburst seemed to be out of the blue, the man seemed stunned as he looked at Tarok who seemed in the same state as he was.
Amanda walked over and put her hand on Taroks side.
"Stars above she just yelled, Alyia yelled. At me!" Said the blue dragon, stunned.
Korrin scratched the back of his neck, equally baffled. "What the hell has gotten into her?"
"Maybe should I talk to her?" Amanda asked, looking over at Kris.
“Perhaps or I can, what has gotten into her?” Kris wondered as Jon and Dr Hinton walked in a little baffled.
“Did Alyia just shout at someone? Is she ok?” Jon asked the small group, Dr Hinton seemed equally concerned as the rest of the team.
"Yeah, you heard right. We were making fun of the man on tv and Tarok made a joke about James and she just went off. Never seen her like that." Said Korrin.
Dr Hinton scratched his head, a little concerned about Alyia behaviour.
“I go talk to her, you hold the fort Amanda, Korrin stay here I see her alone” Kris said getting up and walking towards her quarters.
“Has James said anything? I heard him yell his shuttle did not turn up, she gave him a lift I think” Jon said to the group.
"Yeah but I don't see why that would give her any reason to shout." Korrin spoke up.
"Maybe James' nature is rubbing off on her.." Tarok mumbled the joke under his breath but Amanda heard.
"That's enough, Blue"
The others kept quiet as Tarok received a telling off, Jon gestured to Dr Hinton in getting in perhaps a couple of mugs of tea and Coffee to hopefully calm the team down.

Kris walked towards Alyia’s quarters and knocked on the door, noticing the door was locked and the light outside her room was off, the man was concerned for her, despite being bonded to Korrin, they were all one big happy family.
“Alyia? It is Kris can I have a talk with you a moment? Can I come in?” the man asked speaking calmly and gently.
"I guess..," came a mumbled reply from the other side of the door.
The dragoness released the lock on the door and entered, seeing the dragoness look unhappy, Kris approached and sat near the sullen dragoness.
“Are you Ok Alyia? Is there anything the matter, I am not here to have a go, were all just worried about you that is all” Kris spoke calmly.
"I'm just tired of everyone being so mean," she sniffed, not looking at Kris as she curled up around herself.
Kris nodded lightly feeling the dragoness was feeling off and down about things.
“Is it what Tarok said about James? Has James said or done anything to upset you Alyia? The man asked, keeping his tone clam and neutral.
"James has done nothing wrong," she dragoness said firmly, "Everyone here makes fun of him and its very unkind. I've had enough of the boys being so rude."
Kris could hear the assertiveness in her voice about her displeasure about the joking about James temper, perhaps this now needed to be stopped before Alex got wind of it.
“Ok Alyia, I hear you, it has gone on enough, I have a word with the boys and have them show respect, you keep doing what you are doing with James and I make sure the boys respect that” Kris said to her.
"Thanks Kris," she mumbled but sounded a little better
Kris smiled, “get some rest Alyia, if you are looking for work I know Jon is after some help recruiting some new agents, you can do background checks for him” Kris said as he left the dragoness alone.
Kris soon returned to the common room where Korrin and Tarok were, people had calmed down and there were mugs of tea and coffee out.
"What she say? She's not still mad is she?" Asked Tarok as they all looked up at Kris's approach
Kris shook his head.
“She is ok, I talked to her, but from now on no more taking the mick or teasing about James, she has taken to defending the guy, so let’s all be nice and no further mocking comments, that applies to all of us, we don’t want Alex to get involved” Kris replied.
Korrin nodded and Tarok agreed, feeling bad now that he thought back on it.
"I don't want to hear that either of you have been making comments. We've all been a little insensitive it seems." Added Amanda.
Agreed, James does allot for you dragons, keeping your reputations squeaky clean, perhaps we need to accept how he is, so I agree no comments” Kris reiterated.
"Okay," the two boys grumbled in agreement.
"You think Alyias going to come back out anytime soon?" Tarok asked Kris.
Kris shook his head.
“She is in her quarters, leave her be for now, she come out tomorrow now, we leave it here and move forward I think you agree” Kris said with Amanda agreeing.
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The dragoness stayed in her room the rest of the night, mulling over what she had seen of James’s place. No wonder the man was often so angry, she thought, he had no happiness to fill his home. The base on Quadra island was her home and it contained all the things and people that made her happy. In her room alone she hoarded seashells she found, interesting washed up trinkets and seaglass. Letters from fans and gifts from the other members of the team, people and dragons she considered her family.
Jame’s home had been devoid of anything like that it seemed. She had only gotten a peek but that had been a starling glimpse into his life outside of his job. While the little dragoness was young and rather naïve, she knew that there was something wrong about the whole picture.
She was also feeling bad about yelling at Tarok and the others. Not once in their lives together had she ever raised her voice. She was a quiet, meek little creature with not a mean bone in her body so she realized it must have been rather alarming for her to have shouted like that. Tarok had gotten the worst of it, seeing as he was the last one who had spoken but everyone who had laughed had suffered her outburst.
This made her feel even worse. Getting to sleep was difficult but eventually she drifted off thinking about bare walls and spotless shelves. She had resolves herself to helping make James happier though she did not know how she would accomplish that just yet. One way or another, the dragoness would sort it out.

The next morning Alyia had yet to be seen. Tarok had considered bringing her a cup of hot chocolate, her preference over tea to satiate her sweet tooth in hopes to mollify the tension from last night. When he went to go check on her, large mug held between his paws, he found her room empty. It appeared that the little cream coloured dragoness did not want to visit with the others dragons just yet. Defeated he took back the mug and found Korrin in the lounge.
“You talk to her?” he asked, pushing his breakfast dishes away and looked up at Tarok.
“No, she wasn’t in her room. I didn’t see her outside earlier either.” The blue dragon replied, sitting down.
“Hm, I wonder if she’s avoiding us.”
“Maybe. She’ll come around soon though, I’m sure.”
“I’m sure she will. She just needs a bit of a breather. She’ll come chat when she’s ready. She doesn’t like being alone so it won’t be long.”

Alyia had giving the lounge a wide berth, knowing the boys would likely be there. She didn’t want to avoid them but she didn’t feel ready to talk to them just yet. The dragoness felt like they would ask a dozen questions that she did not feel like they had the right to hear answers from. Instead she took up Kris’s advice and wandered down to the security wing of the building. She stepped into the commander center and found Jon who was facing the collection of monitors on the main wall. He turned as he heard her come in.
"Good morning Alyia, what can I do for you today" the man said as he sat in the command centre monitoring activity and local, regional and national news.
Alyia shifted her weight from one paw to the other, “Last night Kris said you might need help screening applicants for the new positions,” the dragoness offered.
Jon smiled, "Ah yes, thank you, that be perfect I got 5 applicants and I need background and security checks done on them, also I'd like you to monitor Torchwood Archive radio traffic as well....discreetly" Jon asked the dragoness.
This made Alyia perk up a bit, “Oh? Anything I’m supposed to be listening for?”
"Anything, odd or unusual, record it and put in our secured files only TW7 security staff and Alex can access" Jon said to the dragoness.
Alyia nodded and got set up on the other side of the command center where she would be out of the way. It was nice to clear her head and be busy with this task so she wouldn’t have to think about yesterday at all. With a set of headphones in she tapped into the radio communications. It was rather quiet for this early in the morning so she continued to listen while she worked on the background checks for the potential new security staff.
Jon had a set of 5 applicants that had been short listed for the two positions to fill. Alyia was thorough with her work and made sure that each person was intensively back checked against their security programs. Her and Jon worked in near silence for a few hours until the dragoness moved away from the desk and turned to Jon.
“Well for your applicants all are screened. My personal suggestion would be for you to consider Isaac Fraser, Joseph Martinez or Nicholas Simmons. They cleared with flying colours and have the most promising notes to their resumes.”
Jon nodded, "Excellent, we need to pick one to be assigned here full time, to work alongside me and Kris, any suggestions out of those 3?" Jon asked the dragoness coming over to look.
“Joseph looks friendly,” Alyia said sheepishly, pointing at the id photo attached to his application papers. “I’m not security so that decision would be best left up to you.”
"Ok then, let's send him an invite to our Vancouver office and then we can see then, if he can survive living with 3 dragons" Jon chuckled lightly.
Alyia smiled lightly, “That’s the qualifier is it?”
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The dragoness stayed in her room the rest of the night, mulling over what she had seen of James’s place. No wonder the man was often so angry, she thought, he had no happiness to fill his home. The base on Quadra island was her home and it contained all the things and people that made her happy. In her room alone she hoarded seashells she found, interesting washed up trinkets and seaglass. Letters from fans and gifts from the other members of the team, people and dragons she considered her family.
Jame’s home had been devoid of anything like that it seemed. She had only gotten a peek but that had been a starling glimpse into his life outside of his job. While the little dragoness was young and rather naïve, she knew that there was something wrong about the whole picture.
She was also feeling bad about yelling at Tarok and the others. Not once in their lives together had she ever raised her voice. She was a quiet, meek little creature with not a mean bone in her body so she realized it must have been rather alarming for her to have shouted like that. Tarok had gotten the worst of it, seeing as he was the last one who had spoken but everyone who had laughed had suffered her outburst.
This made her feel even worse. Getting to sleep was difficult but eventually she drifted off thinking about bare walls and spotless shelves. She had resolves herself to helping make James happier though she did not know how she would accomplish that just yet. One way or another, the dragoness would sort it out.

The next morning Alyia had yet to be seen. Tarok had considered bringing her a cup of hot chocolate, her preference over tea to satiate her sweet tooth in hopes to mollify the tension from last night. When he went to go check on her, large mug held between his paws, he found her room empty. It appeared that the little cream coloured dragoness did not want to visit with the others dragons just yet. Defeated he took back the mug and found Korrin in the lounge.
“You talk to her?” he asked, pushing his breakfast dishes away and looked up at Tarok.
“No, she wasn’t in her room. I didn’t see her outside earlier either.” The blue dragon replied, sitting down.
“Hm, I wonder if she’s avoiding us.”
“Maybe. She’ll come around soon though, I’m sure.”
“I’m sure she will. She just needs a bit of a breather. She’ll come chat when she’s ready. She doesn’t like being alone so it won’t be long.”

Alyia had giving the lounge a wide berth, knowing the boys would likely be there. She didn’t want to avoid them but she didn’t feel ready to talk to them just yet. The dragoness felt like they would ask a dozen questions that she did not feel like they had the right to hear answers from. Instead she took up Kris’s advice and wandered down to the security wing of the building. She stepped into the commander center and found Jon who was facing the collection of monitors on the main wall. He turned as he heard her come in.
"Good morning Alyia, what can I do for you today" the man said as he sat in the command centre monitoring activity and local, regional and national news.
Alyia shifted her weight from one paw to the other, “Last night Kris said you might need help screening applicants for the new positions,” the dragoness offered.
Jon smiled, "Ah yes, thank you, that be perfect I got 5 applicants and I need background and security checks done on them, also I'd like you to monitor Torchwood Archive radio traffic as well....discreetly" Jon asked the dragoness.
This made Alyia perk up a bit, “Oh? Anything I’m supposed to be listening for?”
"Anything, odd or unusual, record it and put in our secured files only TW7 security staff and Alex can access" Jon said to the dragoness.
Alyia nodded and got set up on the other side of the command center where she would be out of the way. It was nice to clear her head and be busy with this task so she wouldn’t have to think about yesterday at all. With a set of headphones in she tapped into the radio communications. It was rather quiet for this early in the morning so she continued to listen while she worked on the background checks for the potential new security staff.
Jon had a set of 5 applicants that had been short listed for the two positions to fill. Alyia was thorough with her work and made sure that each person was intensively back checked against their security programs. Her and Jon worked in near silence for a few hours until the dragoness moved away from the desk and turned to Jon.
“Well for your applicants all are screened. My personal suggestion would be for you to consider Isaac Fraser, Joseph Martinez or Nicholas Simmons. They cleared with flying colours and have the most promising notes to their resumes.”
Jon nodded, "Excellent, we need to pick one to be assigned here full time, to work alongside me and Kris, any suggestions out of those 3?" Jon asked the dragoness coming over to look.
“Joseph looks friendly,” Alyia said sheepishly, pointing at the id photo attached to his application papers. “I’m not security so that decision would be best left up to you.”
"Ok then, let's send him an invite to our Vancouver office and then we can see then, if he can survive living with 3 dragons" Jon chuckled lightly.
Alyia smiled lightly, “That’s the qualifier is it?”
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Later on in the afternoon Jon entered the common area where Alex, Amanda, Kris and the dragons were, Alyia trotted behind as the team were merely chatting away with cups of coffee or tea in their hands.
“Good afternoon, sorry to interrupt but just a few things to quickly discuss about the security side, we are interviewing another full time agent, he has passed the checks and we see if he is happy to be stationed here full time” Jon explained showing Alex the details.
“That will ease up duties on you to go out on missions” Kris said as Jon scoffed the notion.
“Nah, too much fun and my ship wouldn’t get flown” he winked.
"Sounds like a good candidate," nodded Alex. "Hopefully it works out and he does well here with our crew."
"Will the new full time hire live here on the island?" Asked Tarok as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other.
“Yes he would we have the room, well we have a room for him to use and make his own I should say” Jon said as a silence gripped the common room, Kris all of sudden felt sad, knowing the room was Roberts.
Despite stuff being cleared out, which again was a sad and solemn time and it had become a bit of a memorial to Roberts memory, despite him having a plaque put up and the man honoured in the facility.
Jon coughed lightly which cut out the awkward silence.
“I also here to ask our dragons and riders to do a week exchange, a swap as it were, on patrols Korrin will be with Amanda and Kris with Tarok, to better understand each other’s dragons and how to work effectively as a team” Jon suggested.
Alex smiled, "now there's an idea. That would be perfect for getting in tune with how the team works. Good thinking, Jon."
Amanda looked over at Kris, "dragon swap eh? That sounds like it would be fun."
Kris smiled, liking the idea.
“I think that is really good, gives Amanda a chance to ride the champ while I fly on blue concord over there” Kris said as Jon looked at the dragons for their opinions.
Tarok ruffled his wings, "i suppose that would be okay,"
Korrin nodded, "would I do doing my normal duties but just with Amanda or am I switching duties as well as rider?"
Jon had a think for a moment.
“For this time round stick to your normal duties I will do a swap and change, also a little exercise at the end of the week which will be useful to see, as long as I have Alex permission, I’m working on the exercise with Alyia” Jon smiled.
The dragoness had a hint of cheekiness to her smile as she sat up a little straighter next to Jon after Alex gave his consent to the work.
Jon smiled as the team seemed on board.
“Ok then in 20 minutes I want you guys harnessed up and outside please, we can begin the week” Jon said making Kris look confused.
“Come on, grab your gear and head sets and get out there, it is sunny but bit chilly” Jon said.
The gang headed towards the hanger where the team got ready, it would be strange riding on different dragons but the experience would prove vital for them.
Amanda helped Korrin clip on the strap that went over the dragons wide shoulders. "It's going to be fun working together," she smiled, fastening the buckle. The scratched the green dragon behind the horns before jumping into the saddle.
"You'll have to do up his collar strap, Kris. He can't reach that one “she called over to the man.
Kris came over and done up the collar strap, making sure all was secure.
“All set Amanda” he said giving Korrin a pat before going over to Tarok.
“I be a little heavier than Amanda being a guy and all, I think I’ve done your harness up correctly” Kris said to the blue dragon.
"That's fine. Everything looks correct." Said Tarok as he bent down so the man wouldn't have to climb up too far.
Kris jumped on and got settled in the harness, feeling a little odd riding on the bipedal dragon.
“How is it feeling Tarok? All good?” he asked, getting settled in.
"Yes, just don't yank on the sail and you'll be fine," replied the dragon as he straightened up and shifted his shoulders slightly.
Kris nodded seeing the dragon shift his shoulders slightly.
“I’m not too heavy for you I hope Tarok, I know you use to Amanda” Kris said, looking over as Korrin would probably find Amanda the opposite, being lighter than he was.
"I'm used to carting groceries and SAR supplies around. You're not bad," said Tarok
Kris chuckled lightly.
Soon the doors opened, revealing the vast views around the base as a cold wind flew in now Autumn was well and truly upon them.
“Ladies first after you Amanda, have fun” Kris said gesturing to Korrin and Amanda.
Korrin opened his wings and leapt into the air, rising up slowly out of the air done.
Once the area was clear Tarok jumped up and sped out of the doors to catch up with Korrin which took no time at all.
Kris smiled as Tarok was far faster and manoeuvrable than Korrin, he seemed to glide in the air while Korrin was more bred for ground battles, it was funny being on this harness.
Jon soon spoke to the team.
“Kris, Amanda, Jon here are you receiving my communications all ok?” Jon asked.
Amanda lifted her radio, "we certainly are." She replied in a cheery voice.
“Excellent, this exercise will be looking on how well you deal with scenario’s I have a remote ship approaching you, Alyia will be controlling it, adopt your normal procedures, the ship is not armed…as such” Jon said.
"Alright," replied Amanda before clipping her radio back onto her belt before patting korrins shoulder. "Okay, kor, let's go."
Kris also spurred Tarok into action as they flew towards the location, sure enough the ship came into view, with everyone knowing Alyia was piloting it back at base.
“Well with Alyia controlling it, this should be fun” Kris said to Tarok.
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The dragons approached the ship cautiously and sized it up. It was a junker of a thing, rusted out in places with old decals ripped off its sides. The paint was peeling off the wings, a murky tan colour and the primer could be seen showing underneath. It looked like it had seen better days but the dragons didn’t mind. If the goal of the game was to take it out of the sky, an older machine that was worth nothing was good fodder for them. Korrin spotted a long barreled gun mounted on the underside of it and a shorter one on the top.
“I thought he said it was unarmed.” Said the green dragon.
Amanda squinted and looked at the weapon. “It’s a paint gun. She’s going to try to light us up with paint!” she laughed, glad she had put on her thick jacket.
“Put on your goggles!” she called over to Kris who seemed to clue in at that moment. Amanda was already getting hers on. Last thing they wanted was a stray paint ball to the eye.
“Alright Kor, what do you think?” she asked the green male.
Korrin surveyed the ship. They were not allowed to use fire to take it out, that would be too easy and could be done from a distance. No, this was a team effort and they would have to use other skills to get to their goal. “We can force it to the ground or cripple its flight systems so that it crashes.”
“Good, I want you to be careful that thing looks like garbage but it can maneuver pretty quickly.
Amanda was less daring to put her dragon into line of fire and did not want to order Korrin right into the thick of things but the male seemed to be chomping at the bit to get going. He was better armoured though slower than Tarok.
After hanging in the air, hovering in spot slowly the ship suddenly lunged towards them, Alyia evidently bored of waiting for the others to figure out what to do.
Amanda ducked and leaned in the saddle, Korrin winging out of the way.
"Right seems were treating this as hostile, Let's limit it's maneuverability, let's go in and bend the main rudder" Kris instructed the blue dragon after they dashed to safety.
Tarok looked over his shoulder, "What?" he asked bewildered.
"Come on, chop, chop, " Kris said absent mindedly as he repeated his instruction.
The blue dragon didn’t feel fully confident in the man’s orders but complied anyway. Amanda rarely steered his wrong and with Kris’s training, he must know what he was doing.
He arced around and came at the ship from the rear. The paint began to fire out rapidly but the dragon was flying flat out in the space where it could not reach until he got closer. Tarok flared his wings as he collided with the rudder, grabbing on with his long hind talons. He flapped madly to keep balance but had to be careful not to be struck by the paint that was firing just over his crest. He flattened his sail to his head as he grabbed on.
"Bend it to the left so it just goes round in a circle " Kris ordered.
The dragon tried but Kris had not considered that strength was not Taroks strong suit. Pulling with all he could, the coastal was unable to manipulate the rudder enough to cause the reaction they needed. The hydraulics that powered it where too much for the bipedal dragon’s smaller, more dexterous forearms. “Korrin we have to help, knock it off balance so that they can get away and reposition,” called Amanda, leaning low in the saddle.
Korrin complied, kicking his wings into gear but with far less speed than Amanda was used to. As they approached she could see the bottom gun swiveling towards them.
The dragon rolled to the side but got lit up in yellow across his flank. Diving urgently he dipped below the ship and came up on the other side, chased by a relentless spray of paintballs. Above it looked like Tarok wasn’t faring much better.
"What's the matter with you, why can't you bend it Korrin?" Kris said looking disappointed at the coastal dragon.
Tarrok flattened his sail at the man’s tone before arching his back to haul on the rudder once more. This new position left him vulnerable and the gun swiveled around and got the coastal across the throat and up his shoulder. He threw out his wing to shield Kris before leaping off the ship and diving away.
He shook his head, sail whipping back and forth against the sting of where the paintballs struck him in nearly point blank range. Splatters of bright orange stood out boldly against his blue where he was struck.
"Christ, what was I thinking, Sorry Tarok thought you were Korrin, what stupidity have I done," Kris said shaking his head.
“I’m fine,” the dragon replied, turning around to look back at the ship. They could see Amanda and Korrin flying low over the pine trees on the other side of the ship.
More paint fired after both of them, scattering the dragons before they could regroup.
Amanda realized that they were not doing right by their dragons and not using their proper strengths to their advantage. If this were a real battle the dragons would be suffering for their rider’s mistakes. She had to use Korrin’s strengths to their advantage while protecting his weaknesses.
As Korrin flew them to safety
“Kris,” Amanda’s voice came out over the radio on their specific channel. “Get Tarok to draw fire away and Korrin and I will take out the ship.”
"Right on it" Kris said as he spoke to Tarok, "Were to distract enemy fire and Korrin will go do the grunt work, let's keep those guns, well paint off them" Kris said patting Tarok on the shoulder.
The coastal nodded and threw his wings into action. He lunged right at the ship, zipping over the bow of it, looping around and dashing through the hail of paint. With the ship distracted Amanda called out instructions to Korrin. The green dragon came at the ship from below. He barged into it with his shoulder and struck the bottom gun with his tail. He got struck twice in the tail at a result but disarmed the bottom turret of the ship, leaving only one for Tarok to have to distract. Amanda lead the dragon away then back at the ship again from another angle to take on one of the rudders. He collided with the ship with a solid thunk that jarred his rider in the saddle. She clung on so that she wouldn’t be flung about in the harness.
Each time the gun would attempt to turn on Korrin, Kris would order Tarok back to the ship to dive low, drawing off the fire and flying quickly out of the way.
She could feel the dragons muscles ripple and move under his heavy scale as he powered his forearms against the rudder ripping loose the hydraulics before slowly bending the rudder itself with a snarling growl that reverberated through his chest.
Amanda watched in surprise of the eastern dragons might as Tarok drew the fire away from them from above.
“There!” shouted Amanda. “Let go!”
Korrin shoved the ship away from him as he sprang free, not allowing his wings ot get fowled in the wings as he backstroked, hovering before rising up to a safe distance. The ship turned in a tailspin before crashing down into the trees.
“Yes! Good job Kor.” Said Amanda as he patted the dragons shoulder heartily.
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Kris patted Tarok on the shoulder as the dragons returned to base, covered in paint but nonetheless they were successful after a brief bit of confusion, it showed to Kris to appreciate the dragons and how they needed this exercise to be more in tune, working together.
The team soon landed back in the hanger as the doors closed, Kris and Amanda quickly got off the dragons and removed the paint splattered harnesses as the dragons sorted themselves out.
"Well done, Korrin," said Amanda as she gave the green dragon a roll deserved scratch behind the horns. "Sorry I botched the beginning. You did well despite that."
She gave Tarok a kiss on his nose, "and you sir, did splendidly, my brave Blue."
Kris smiled giving Korrin a respectful nod towards him as Tarok seemed to be happy with the praise by his Atillu, despite Tarok not being as strong as Korrin and regardless of his lack of concentration, Tarok gave his all and showed allot of bravery and composure under pressure.
"I must admit, I was very impressed with you Tarok, despite my muck up, you gave it your all, you have allot of heart" Kris said giving him a pet on the muzzle.
"And Korrin, excellent work" Kris added, adding a verbal praise.
The dragons seemed happy that they had done well and received praise from Kris and Amanda.
"We still got decorated though," said Tarok looking down at himself spattered in Orange and Korrin in mostly yellow.
Kris seemed amused by the paint splattered on the dragons scales but realised that the smiles could have been different if it had been the real thing.
Jon and Alyia soon joined them in the hanger to quickly give them a debrief on their performance in this exercise.
"Oh look at you two, we watched it on the ships CCTV, nice shooting Alyia" Jon said giving her a nod.
"Colourful dragons" he added with a laugh.
Alyia gave a small smile as she walked alongside the man.
"A little trigger happy I think," said Korrin.
Kris chuckled lightly agreeing as Jon smiled looking at the dragons.
“Well you were a little bad to start but got there in the end, it shows that this is a good exercise to do, the paint proves it” Jon said.
Kris nodded in agreement, realising that now the exercise was done.
"I think it shows this is a good idea, knowing each other's strengths and weaknesses and learning how to utilise them to help the other" Kris said making Jon nod in agreement.
"That is the aim of this week, however Dr Charles wants to give the dragons a physical check-up after this, to make sure they are ok" Jon said.
"It's just paint," said Tarok.
"Might be so but you got shot right in the throat and Korrin looks like he might have got a little scratch here," said Amanda, looking at his wing membrane.
"It's nothing," scoffed Korrin, bringing his wing around to look it.
He must have cut it on the rough edges of the ship though it was small enough he hadn't really noticed it.
"Maybe have the doctor check your hind legs Tarok, you did grip very hard" Kris said concerned.
Tarok looked down at his hind legs and shrugged.
"That’s what they are for. I feel fine." Replied the blue dragon.
“Still prefer you both get checked out, before that, clean the paint off” Jon said as the dragons nodded and headed for the showers before they went to see Dr Drake and Dr Hinton for the physical exams.
The two dragons spoke to one another about each other’s performances as they went to clean up.
"You did well drawing off the fire, Tarok," said Korrin. "It's much easier as a team."
The blue dragon gave a small smile. "Isn't it? And Thanks."
As the dragons walked ahead Kris smiled and spoke to Amanda.
“Tarok is a fast guy, with allot of heart in him, I can see why you two bonded so well” Kris said to Amanda.
The woman smiled. "Yeah we certainly do well. Korrin certainly surprised me today. I knew his was strong but with age he's turning into a bit of a tank."
Kris smiled, glad Amanda appreciated the dragon as much as he did, while they teased each other, both riders were impressed with each other’s dragons.
“He surprises even me at times, just you feel that power from him and sometimes I can’t help but be in awe” Kris admitted to Amanda.
She nodded in agreement. "Yep. The boys certainly are growing up to be fine dragons. Lucky us." She laughed lightly.
Kris nodded but the man felt a little guilty over his mistake, thinking Tarok was Korrin, putting him in an impossible situation where he could not perform to the best of his abilities.
“Tarok has bags of determination and heart in him, even though I really mucked up, he still tried, I really felt bad if he’s hurt himself Amanda” Kris said looking a little guilty at his mistake.
"Hey," said the woman brightly. "He may not be a tank but Blue isn't made out of glass either. He seems absolutely fine to me so don't stress about it. The whole exercise was a practice in learning to work together in a scenario we aren't used to."
Kris nodded as he smiled, appreciating Amanda’s comments about Tarok as the two-continued walking after their dragons.
Once the dragons had showered and cleaned off the paint off their scales, the dragons went to see the doctor in the lab who ran medical checks on both dragons, checking on the mark on Korrin and found it was not a deep cut and should heal ok.
Dr Hinton was helping Charles as he checked on Tarok, “can I check your hind legs Tarok and your claws, one foot at a time” Dr Hinton said.
The coastal dragon lifted his right hind paw and balanced on the other so that the doctor could conduct his checks.
Dr Hinton checked his hind leg, then the other as the dragon cooperated fully with the exam.
“Some slight tension in your muscles in the hind leg, I assume your gripped hard” Dr Hinton said as he finished his examination and moved onto his back and tail.
"Yes, was trying not to go flying off the back end of a ship." Explained the dragon.
Dr Hinton nodded, “Well you are all good to og, no major injuries here Dr Charles” Dr Hinton said.
“I was going to say Korrin is in good health as well, you two are in good condition guys” The man said to the two of them.
"Cleared by the doctor. That's always good news," smiled Tarok down at the man.
"Thank you," added Korrin.
“Not a problem, I heard from Jon you both did well, we do another check up end of the week but your all clear from us” Dr Charles said with a smile.
The dragons left the lab and headed for the common room where Amanda and
Kris were sat down chatting to Jon who had the reports on their performance, Alyia had typed them up and was sat with a hot chocolate by her side as the 3 of them talked.
“Hey you two, what did the doctors say?” Kris asked the two boys as they approached their table.
"Fighting fit," replied Korrin with a bob of his head as he sat down next to his Attilu.
Jon smiled.
“Excellent, well end of the week will be most interesting, Alex has informed me we have 2 guests coming to stay with us for a little bit, they are coming back from a little excursion from Titan” Jon said to the team.
"Who?" Asked Tarok with interest as he perked up at the news.
Jon smiled.
“Commander Jack Harkness and Ardon, they did an EA exchange program and they returning to earth but Melina has said for them to use their time to adjust back to earth to come here and see our new facility” the man said.
“That sounds amazing, be great to see them” Kris said.
"Oh no way that's awesome," smiled Amanda.
"Ardon? That will be great to catch up with him!" Tarok said as he seemed pleased.
The team seemed really pleased Jack and Ardon were visiting, it would be good to see the two of them again, Kris gave Korrin a nod and a wink, teasing about their previous conversations between them about him and Ardon.
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When evening finally arrived Amanda and Tarok retired to their quarters to rest after the eventful day. The blue dragon curled up on the cushioned portion of the floor that made up his head and Amanda leaned against his shoulder in the crook of his arm. Tarok tucked his wing around her as a blanket and laid his head upon a pile of blankets. It didn’t take long for his eyes to grow heavy, slow, gentle breathing whooshing out his nose.
Amanda was reading when she looked up from her book to see her dragon dozing so peacefully. She smiled and put her hand on his neck, smoothing back his scales gently. They were a perfect stormy blue, accented with bold yellow, black and white. Her hands traced the streaky stripes of ebony that radiated down from the black tines that supported his sail which laid relaxed on his spine. She found some orange paint still stuck to the side of his scales which the scratched off with her finger nails.
“You really are a gorgeous thing,” she said softly as she leaned back and let out a sigh.
“Hm?” Tarok mumbled, cracking open an eye. The dragon shifted a bit and tucked his head closer to his Attilu so that she could pet his muzzle easily. With a soft laugh she complied, running her hands down the dark stripe on his nose.
“I’m proud of you, Blue. You did amazing today,” She praised him. “I think you really showed Kris what you’re made of.”
“Yeah? Thank you, I’m glad you think so,” he said sleepily.
She smiled and continued to pet his muzzle gently, listening to the rise and fall of her dragons breathing. She was immensely proud of Tarok, and for more than just today. She didn’t think she could have asked for a better dragon in her eyes.
“I love you, Blue.”
“I love you too.”

The next day Kris and Amanda swapped again for patrols. This was a learning curve as well as the dragons preferred to do their rounds quite differently. Korrin went slower, as his wings and eyes dictated.
Tarok, on the other hand preferred to do his patrol runs at a quick pace, his hawk-like eyes able to pick out fine details easily at speed. He could cover more ground at a faster rate. It was something different to get used to but they managed alright. The riders were the ones who had more difficulty here, getting used to their temporary dragon’s speed of flight while they surveyed the ground they covered.

Later that day most of the team had gathered at the front hangar entrance of the facility when they heard that Jack and Ardon’s shuttle had come into their airspace.
Alex was waiting in a deep blue dress shirt and dark trousers as Amanda and Tarok came up.
“It’s going to be good to see them both after all this time. We’ve had video calls of course but there’s nothing like chatting in person,” she smiled.
Alex nodded in agreement as the others gathered. The shuttle soon landed in the hangar

"Soo, these the heroes of the whole Torchwoood then?" James said looking as the shuttle doors opened.
“Yep, In all their glory,” smiled Alex, giving the man a nudge with his elbow. When Jack and Ardon came down the ramp Alex extended his hand for the man to shake, “Welcome back, Commander Harkness! I hope the journey was alright.”
Jack smiled and shook Alex hand firmly, "Thank you, it is great to be back, I am honoured to be at the new Torchwood 7 for the first time, this place looks amazing" Jack grinned looking around.
“Thank you ,sir. It is a place to be proud of certainly. Ardon, welcome. You’re getting so big,” Alex marvelled looking up at the golden dragon.
"Yes, he has been really shooting up, eating us out of house and home, I am willing to pay our way to feed our golden guy here" Jack said.
"No, no, we can accommodate him without a worry. We have new kitchen staff to help fill the dragons nutritional needs. Speaking of new staff we do have a few new faces for you to meet. One of them being James McDonald here our media and PR officer. James this is commander Harkness and Ardon."
James shook hands with Jack, "Christ alive! You’re a tall guy, yoou a gym freak or soomethin" James said looking up at Jack who laughed lightly. Ardon smirked, having heard similar reactions before. His attilu was easily noticed in a crowd.
"No just genetics, please to meet you, I heard of your work with the team, I am pleased you’re here" Jack said.
"Aye, gotta take care of the media in this land of snoow and Syrup" James replied with a nod.
“He’s done well for us after the last few bumps in the road have thrown everyone about a bit.” Said Alex as the men got to chatting lightly.

Ardon excused himself and walked over to the dragons.
“Hey guys,” he grinned as he approached them. He had tried to be professional and show Jack that he was an excellent rep fro his guardian program but it was hard not to smile when meeting friends face to face after a few years. They all exchanged greetings and the boys tapped horns as per custom. To Alyia Ardon gave a little bow and then allowed Amanda to give his nose a pat as he said hello to the riders.
“Ardon you’ve gotten so tall,” commented Alyia.
Ardon laughed as they all dissolved into chatter. There was a lot to catch up on. While they did talk over video calls every once in a while, they still had a lot to share. Ardon was grinning ear to ear, happy to be able to visit. Korrin and Kris explained the training they had been doing and their exercise to the gold dragon to which he laughed and thought it had been a great idea.
After a while the humans and dragons gravitated to each side of the room, too much to catch up on and the tour of the facility forgotten for now.
Ardon paced back to Jack and nosed the man’s elbow with his shoulder.
“The others want to take me for a tour of the island, would it be alright if we went?” he asked.
"Sure, Go stretch your wings and play nice " he winked at Ardon.
Alyia had trotted over to James and tried to speak to him discreetly.
"Will you be alright if I go for a moment. I'll resume the media release contract after I get back," asked Alyia to James softly.
"Aye, be free and fly, don't let the lads bully ya lass," James said.
The dragoness smiled, promising to come back and finish her project.
The dragons raced off to the airdome to go stretch their wings in the cool November air.

"Kids,"chuckled Alex as they watched them tear off, "well, how bout a tour of the facility and then we can get you set up in a room?"
"That would be fantastic, be good to compare facilities, I think you win on scenery and views" Jack said.
Alex smiled. “Yeah we’re lucky.” He said, gesturing to the man to follow him so that he could show off his little corner of the world.
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Jack was given the guided tour of the Torchwood 7 facility, he was amazed at the base structure and how the base seemingly blended so well with nature and he liked the waterfall in the main area which then led up to the labs, the command centre and the common room.
Alex seemed happy to show Jack around and see the wonderful work and staff on the base, he met the Doctors and the head of security, they all chatted and were pleased Jack took an interest in the work they did.
Overall the grand tour of the whole base was really good and Jack enjoyed seeing this part of the world and how well the dragons were doing, they all seemed to be growing well and enjoying life in their roles here.
Finally the tour ended in the canteen where Jack was introduced to Kendra and the staff there, they cooked up something tasty on the menu, shrimp pad Thai as the two guys sat down to eat their meals and talk more.
As Jack ate he smiled, looking around, still impressed with the facility, however Torchwood 5 obviously was the largest facility there and the man was proud of his staff and dragons as much as this team was.
“You have an excellent team here, I am so glad the dragons are getting on and your facility is grand, I am still bias towards my base” he said lightly joking to Alex as they ate their food.
"Well home is certainly where the heart is so I won't fault you for that," replied Alex, "In any case I'm glad you approve. We've worked hard for our little island group."
Jack nodded, it was an amazing base and really money well spent to keep the dragons out of the public eye and in an isolated area, to their work in peace.
“It is an excellent spot, keeping things natural and in tune with nature is something I wish I could do with Torchwood 5, the dragons probably find it more natural habitat than just looking at concrete all the time” Jack commented to Alex.
He knew the base was set up well and for what they were doing, Alex base was an asset to their work, he was glad to finally visit this side of the world.
"Ardon seems like he's flourishing despite that though. You're going to have a huge dragon on your hands," Smiled Alex. "It's more than just what home looks like it appears."
Jack smiled, appreciative of the comment on Ardon.
“Yes he is, I reckon he be slightly bigger than Forge, now he is a big dragon, or so I thought until recently, Forge brought on of his allies across from Kilara, a dragon who had served under Forge” Jack explained.
"We saw a photo that Ardon sent over. Vonriir is it? You should have heard the ruckus come from the boys." Alex laughed. "What do you feed him over there?"
Jack laughed shaking his head lightly.
“Rocks” Jack simply said with a laugh.
“Thank you again for allowing us to stay in your base, we are your humble guests, I would love to stay here a few days or so, see Vancouver and Vancouver Island, you guys still have Tim Hortens?” Jack asked.
Alex chuckled. "The country would crumble without it. Closest one is about a fifteen-minute flight on dragon back. But yes, you're welcome to stay as long as you like. We're happy to have you." He said with a nod.
Jack smiled, “Thank you Alex, we look forward to seeing what this place has to offer, this Pad Thai is brilliant” Jack said finishing it off.
The sound of talons on the stone floor alerted everyone to the herd of dragons return home accompanied by loud, breathless chatter.
The four of them looked tired but happy as they filed into the lounge.
“Oh, here they come the dragon brigade, the kids did not push you Ardy?” Jack said with a small chuckle.
Ardon sat down beside him and let or a breath. "We played a little tag and I showed them what a western mountain dragon boats for speed." He smiled.
"Still Tarok seems to win at that game every time," chuckled Alyia.
Jack smiled, he guessed a bit of friendly rivalry and the young dragons wanting to show what they could do now growing up, it was good to see and good for Ardon too as a role model.
“Tarok is the fast flyer, you and Zyra would be very close, Bold wings are extraordinarily fast so that be interesting to see” Jack commented.
“Hey Korrin, your looking bigger and your horns coming in nicely” Jack added with a smile.
"Thank you sir," said Korrin trying to be modest but he seemed to revel in the man's praise as he crossed his paws and laid down like a sphinx beside Kris.
“I’m proud of my dragon Jack, he is an amazing dragon” Kris said as Jack nodded in agreement.
“So is Tarok, his speed is an amazing asset, as I said be interesting to see you and Zyra in a speed trial” Jack said to Tarok.
"I would like to see how I compare to Zyra or Comox if we ever meet up again." Said Tarok.
"Oh I'm sure you'll get your chance," replied Amanda, scratching under his chin. "That would be a fun race to witness,"
Jack agreed, nodding his head lightly.
“Be really fast race to see, I am sure Zyra would represent the bold wings well, well and Torchwood 5” Jack said with a wink.
"One day then." Smiled Tarok with a nod. "Facility five against facility 7"
Jack laughed.
“Now, now I do not want to start branch rivalries here, that isn’t our goal” Jack said in a half-hearted manner.
"I think a little friendly competition would be fun," commented Korrin to which Tarok agreed but Alyia remained fairly quiet on the matter.
Jack seemed surprised by the reaction but smiled.
“Well, I am just a diplomat here, I rather us all be on good terms, no such thing as friendly competition, Torchwood 5 is always in it to win it” Jack laughed lightly.
"Ah knock it off boys, Commander Harkness is holding off the party so his facility won't have to suffer a loss. We gotta respect that," Alex pretended to be disappointed, holding out his hands but his tone was all in good nature teasing.
Jack seemed to smile but the man’s golden eyes sparked competition, Ardon would feel this very strongly in the man.
Ardon wanted to chime in, saying he'd be game while his Attilu was acting rather reserved but he could feel a competitive edge growing through the link. He gave the man a look, wondering if he'd take the bait.
Jack smiled as he thanked the team for their hospitality and said he was feeling tired as Alex escorted Jack and Ardon to show them to his room, they would be residing in on the base.
Once Ardon and Jack had gone, Kris smiled.
“He is a patient guy but I sensed he is competitive, I guess when you guys went flying with Ardy you had some…fun” Kris grinned to Korrin and Tarok.
Korrin lifted his muzzle, "We did; we played a few games. It's nice having more dragons around, even if it's just one. With how Ardon acts I would have though commander Harkness would have been game."
Kris faked surprise at what his dragon had said., “Korrin, you bad dragon, encouraging unhealthy competition between Torchwood branches and dragons, shame on you” he said but struggled to keep a straight face.
Korrin looked abashed at first but could see the man struggle to keep from smiling. "You're awful, you know that?" He grinned. "You wouldn't mind a little excitement and competition and you know it.
Kris laughed lightly.
“Yes, but we must remember not everyone, like Amanda and Tarok are not into these things like we are, surprised by Alex, despite the light-hearted teasing” Kris said.
"You see him when he watched hockey. He may seem calm and placid but there's a wild competitive streak under that good-natured exterior." Chuckled the green dragon.
"Not everyone like Amanda and Tarok? Excuse me?" Amanda pretended to be offended while Tarok turned up his snout. "We'd make base 7 proud thank you very much."
Kris looked sheepish briefly.
“Yes you would Tarok, but you wouldn’t agree to inter branch competition would you Amanda?” Kris asked the woman.
"Why wouldn't I? Other business has a baseball league with other branches. It's good for bringing people together and blowing off steam. Don't me putting my vote in for me, Mr." Amanda replied back with a smile.
Kris smiled, “I’m liking you more already” he grinned as the team chuckled.

Inside the guest quarters Jack had gotten changed and layo n the bay giving a yawn and trying ot get comfortable, it was a lovely room but of course not as big as the one back home, although Ardon had plenty of room.
Their trip had been long and getting use to the gravity and the time zones was going to take a little time but it was great to see Torchwood 7 facility, despite the slight teasing among the branches.
"We come to Canada and you are a suddenly a stick in the mud?" Asked Ardon with a smirk as he flopped down on the floor and put his head on his paws, looking up at Jack.
Jack looked down at the golden dragon.
“Were not here to upset people, no matter how much we could mop the floor with them, respect and tolerance my golden friend, I saw Korrin would like a go at you, he respects you but he wants to see where his limits are, I cannot allow that” Jack simply said.
"Why do you think we'd get into a scrap? We've always got along," huffed Ardon.
Jack smiled lightly and shook his head.
“No not a scrap, just a playful tussle, it is all friendly banter and competition but still, Korrin is a younger dragon, Melina says they are the bulky tanks of dragons” he said.
"Oh come on, Jack, you're getting boring in your old age," teased Ardon, playfully trying to get a rise out of the man.
Jack laughed.
“Oh shoosh, I’m being diplomatic, Korrin is a bit like Forge, I’d hate you to flip him over like a turtle, be nice” Jack replied, knowing Ardy was chomping at the bit.
"Oh he'd roast you for calling him a turtle." Snickered Ardon. "Oh come on. What if it wasn't a match per say, pick something friendlier." Prodded the dragon.
“Goodnight Ardon” Jack said finishing the conversation as he turned to get some rest despite the dragons poking and prodding for a response.
The tour continued around the facility as Alex was keen to show off the views and of the base assets, the man was indeed impressed, happy Torchwood 7 had invested in its beleifs fro renewable energy and to make the base blend in.
Jack and Ardon sat down in the common room as Jack got a coffee and Ardon had gotten a dragon sized snack.
“I think Torchwood 7 is really good, obviously it is a smaller facility and that Torchwood 5 designed with all the facilities we got, which I think would benefit them here but it is good to see other bases” Jack said, unknown to him Korrin had been listening in as Kris was doing a crossword, not hearing the full facts but the words Torchwood 5 better than Torchwood 7 resonated with him.
"We might not have state of the art facilities like you but don't think we aren't training well." Said Korrin overhearing. "If only there was a way to showcase that..."
Jack quickly changed the tone, “Oh I was not having a go Korrin I was merely saying, you guys do great here” Jack said back tracking, not wanting to upset anyone or cause any sort of rivalry.
The green dragon gave a little hum in response. "We do."
Jack coughed, “Obviously us being an academy we have all the latest gizmo’s to help the dragons but I am really pleased with the work Alex is doing here” Jack added.
“I think you will find our dragons more than a match for your elite Torchwood 5 dragons Mr Harkness, in fact I’d say their youthful spirit gives them an edge over your more established dragons” Kris said as people started to turn their heads as Kris got up, soon James appeared overhearing the conversation, joined the man.
"Uh oh, looks like things are beginning to ramp up," Amanda whispered to Tarok who leaned down to hear.
On the other side of the room Korrin straightened up and squared his shoulders, giving Kris a sly smile.
“I am sure of it Kris, you got some determined dragons” Jack said playing diplomat.
“Of course, Korrin here, he is not as big as Ardon but has heart and power, if you seen all the records you be very impressed” Kris said as James listened in.
"The boys may be younger and smaller but they never fail to impress," Amanda chimed in from her spot on the couch.
“Oh of course Amanda, I was not saying anything bad, I do not want any trouble or friction” Jack said.
Kris laughed lightly.
“Oh there is no trouble, I just think there is no harm in some friendly competition, I am rather surprised Mr Harkness, I thought the UK branch would be all game than hiding in a corner” Kris said.
James grinned, “Aye, if it was a Scottish Branch, we be avin a contest right nooow” James added, Kris nodded with agreement as Jack’s competitiveness seemed to bubble.
"And I'm sure you'd win, sir." Smiled Alyia brightly to James.
Ardon had enough of sitting on his heels. He nudged jacks elbow. "Don't pull a Forge. It would be fuuuunnn," he grinned.
Jack smiled, “I think Ardon is a little too old to be having friendly contests with your dragons” Jack said and James seemed to jump at this.
He pulled out his wallet and pulled out a red $50 dollars and put it on the table, Jack looked at the money and then up to James, “$50 maple Syrup poonds says you cannae beat our dragons” James said.
“I match that” Kris said putting cash on the table as Jon walked in, curious to see what the commotion was.
Ardon got to his feet with a grin on his face. finally! He thought.
Korrin was already standing, once again realizing how much shorter than the gold he was but he didn't seem bothered by it.
“Gentlemen, lets not get competitive, Ardon is a different breed and is older than Korrin, I think he is at an unfair advantage” Jack said which made Kris take it to heart a little too much.
“What he lacks in size he makes up in power and heart Mr Harkness I assure you that” Kris said with assertion in his voice.
"I'm tougher than I look," Korrin replied, appearing much calmer than Kris. There was no reason to get heated but he wanted the commander to know that he wasn't a weakling.
"Jacks right," said Ardon " I wouldn't want to hurt anyone."
"Oh come on its a game we aren't battling to the death," scoffed Korrin.
Kris nodded in agreement with Korrin.
“Exactly, it is just a little friendly contest, Ardon would find Korrin a surprise package Mr Harkness” Kris said as James made a silent chicken gesture when Jack wasn’t looking that made Jon and Kris smile.
Jack sensing things getting feisty, got up and smiled, “Alright, I accept a friendly challenge, not Ardon but me as I am the leader, here is my counter wager, I arm wrestle one of your dragons, if I lose, me and Ardon will go out and get us a large takeaway of you guys choosing, if I win, then the money you slapped on the table you buy us food and some beers” Jack offered.
James seemed a little surprised at his wager, not realising Jack’s unique position, he soon got the wallet out again, “That I will pay to see, another $50” James said.
Jon chuckled getting out his wallet “I’m game, here is another $50” the man said adding it to the pile.
Kris also chucked some cash in on the table, everyone seemed in agreement.
“Which dragon?” Jack asked casually giving Ardon a wink as the dragon would know Jack was no push over.
“Korrin” Jon said.
“I go Korrin too, we got no others really for this challenge” Kris replied.
James nodded.
“Aye, oonly the large green tank is qualified foor this”.
The green dragon tried not to smile as most of the team wanted him to go for it.
Tarok on the other hand appeared a little dismayed about being overlooked again. He didn't want to seem whiny but his Sail went back in indignation. " Korrin usually gets to do these things, let me have a chance,"
The guys looked over at Tarok to see his sail up and saw the dismay in his face, the blue dragon had been dismissed, even by Kris.
“Oh Tarok, perhaps another time you can, I think Korrin might be better suited” Kris said although he felt a little awkward saying it as the others went quiet, Jack merely observed this reaction from the coastal dragon.
"Oh come on, Tarok can do it besides it will be more fair" Amanda said, defending her dragon as he stood up and marched over.
Kris tried to ease the tension seeing Amanda give him a look and Tarok look determined, “Tarok, I meant no offence, you should think about this” Kris said but the coastal dragon seemed wound up at being dismissed so easily.
The blue dragon sat down and put his forearm on the table.
Despite being bipedal the coastal's forelimbs where still bigger than Jack so be believed he wouldn't have an issue.
He thought Jack a tad crazy for taking on Korrin so willingly when that dragon was a tank.
"Ready," he said after seeing Korrin tilt his chin up to him.
Jack approached slowly looking at the team who seemed surprised by Tarok’s actions.
“You sure your ok with it and not pressured Tarok?” Jack asked the dragon calmly, feeling some residual resentment by the coastal dragon being cast aside.
"No, I’m fine, let’s go." nodded the coastal.
The blue dragon seemed ready as he'll ever be. Amanda patted his flank. "Show them T5 boys how it’s done, we're all backing you up," she said with a wink and a smile.
As Jack sat down James nodded lightly at Amanda’s comments, “Aye I’m with ya blue boy” James said, a rare show of support, Kris nodded lightly, “I’m backing you Tarok”.
Jon also said it as well as the dragons as the team pulled together to get behind the coastal dragon for Torchwood 7’s pride.
The dragon pinned his sail back, almost embarrassed at all the support.
Once Jack was ready he wrapped his paw around the man's hand, minding his wickedly sharp talons.
Jack nodded to Tarok as the man gripped his forepaw firmly back but Tarok had a good grip as Jon put his hands over the two of them.
“Ok, after 3 begin ok?” Jon said, looking at both opponents.
The coastal nodded and firmed up his grip, showing that he was game.
Jack nodded as Jon counted them off.
“3..2…1 and go!” Jon said releasing his hands as now it was Jack vs Tarok, Torchwood 7 vs Torchwood 5.
The dragon went for it but was not met with an instant win. Major resistance met his paw and his sail shot up in surprise. How could one human be so strong?
Ardon looked over at korrin and gave a sly grin as the green dragon himself looked incredulous. Korrin raised an eyebrow in question but Ardon said nothing.
Jack smiled as Tarok forepaw was held firm, Jack was holding his own and not struggling with Tarok as he noticed the sail shoot up.
After the initial gasps from people with Jack holding Tarok, Kris spoke.
“Go for it Tarok, keep strong, go for it” the man said as the team rallied behind the blue dragon, as the team rallied behind the coastal dragon.
Amanda cheered along her blue dragon as the coastal refocused after he initial surprise and set to work.
Jack kept composed as Tarok pushed, his arm did not move and the surprise from the others was justified, they did not know Jack had these unique abilities and holding Tarok Forearm from moving meant there was a game on their hands.
Muscles shifted under the powdery blue scale at the dragon fought on.
Jon moved over from the rowdy boys as he went over to Amanda who was also encouraging her bipedal dragon in unison with Kris and James.
"Think he can do it Amanda?" Jon quietly said to her as Tarok battled on.
"Of course he can, he's my Blue," she said confidently.
Jon looked to see Tarok trying hard, his muscles in his forearm stood out as he continued this battle for Torchwood 7.
"Glad to hear it, what you sensing from him with your bond" he asked as James voice echoed cheering for Tarok.
James cheered, his voice was rather loud as Kris as the man cheered for Tarok, the spirit of the competition now running through them as the canteen staff had come in to see the astonishing bout between human and dragon.
"Determination," Amanda replied with a proud smile.
Jon smiled as he clapped cheering Tarok on as the blue coastal dragon continued.
The dragon gave a low growl as he pressed on hearing Amanda cheer for him as he went.
Jack kept Tarok at bay, so far nothing major but he sensed the determination and effort as the blue dragon had another go to end the deadlock, as Jack held the dragon’s forearm there with Ardon encouraging Jack.
“Goo for it lad!” James said his voice echoed as the team kept the encouragement bandwagon going for the blue dragon.
The dragon battled on mightily, his scales shifting slightly as his arm trembled. He let out another low grunt of a growl.
“That’s it Tarok, you got it buddy” Kris said as they watched Tarok have a good go to end the deadlock.
"Go, Blue, go!" Cheered Amanda. "You got this."
"Come on, fish breath, show 'em what you've got," came Korrin's shout.
The coastal powered on, fired up from the support and wanting to make them proud continued on with a rumble in his throat.
Jack had kept Tarok firmly even, the dragon’s effort was admirable but Jack knew that he had to make a move, he gave Ardon a sly glance as he kept Tarok at bay.
Ardon returned the look, a mischievous grin creeping across his face.
Jack went up a gear, despite Tarok’s resistance the blue dragon’s forearm began to go the other way, the team gasped in surprise as Tarok forepaw moved the other towards the table slowly, the blue dragon seemed unable to stop it for now.
The dragon didn't want to lose and now he was facing that possibility. He threw more effort into the fray
“Come on Tarok, don’t let him get you to the table” Kris said as the team still cheered Tarok on as the poor coastal battled for all his worth against this impossible opponent in the form of Jack.
The dragon’s eyes closed tightly as he fought. He could hear Amanda cheer his on as he growled low.
The dragon was starting to get sweat beading across his back.
Jack continued as it seemed Tarok was being overwhelmed, Ardon watching his Atillu do what he always did, surprise people.
"You still got this. Go!" Called Amanda.
“Come on Tarok!” Jon shouted as Jack continued his onslaught.
The dragon let out a frustrated growl, his sails pinned back in effort as he really threw all his effort into it. He was finally gaining slow ground, pushing the man's arm back but at a snail’s pace and at the cost of great effort.
Jack looked genuinely surprised and it was Jack’s turn to show effort as the blue dragon moved his forepaw back up, much to Jack’s chagrin as Tarok seemed to have found a burst of strength within him.
"Ok, what is going on with your Attilu, that's not normal." Korrin leaned over and whispered to Ardon.
The gold dragon looked down at him and gave a sneaky smile. "It's a secret." He grinned.
"Oh secret my scales, is this some brathille power? Can you show Kris how to do that?"
Ardon shook his head. "Not brathille."
"But no humans that strong."
Jack was starting to struggle as Tarok efforts had been excessive as Jacks arm began to tremble as Tarok found new fire in his efforts.
The dragon could begin to feel Jack tiring out. This gave him a boost of confidence as he threw more effort into the game.
Jack struggled a bit more as his arm moved slightly but Tarok still had it all to do, but the encouragement seemed to boost the dragons spirit and will in this as Jack grit his teeth fighting back.
The dragon barred his teeth slightly and growled as he was slowly gaining ground.
"You got em Blue! Go for it!" Yipped Amanda.
The cheers from the staff could be heard as Jacks arm moved slightly towards the table as Tarok took the momentum with him against Jack, who was battling fiercely the bipedal dragon.
"So much for your super powered Attilu," commented Korrin slyly to Ardon.
"Yeah, yeah," The gold snorted, . "Go jack!" He cheered.
Jon had come around again to speak to Amanda who’s voice had joined the Torchwood 7 team, Alyia had asked the chefs to get water and stuff ready for when the bout was over, as Tarok was sweating and Jack getting a bit more red faced.
“Can he keep this up?” Jon asked Amanda as Tarok kept fighting.
The blue dragon let out a low guttural growl, hissing out from between his teeth.
"He wouldn't give up," said Amanda to Jon.
“It is taking allot out of him, he’s doing amazingly well, just seems someone is going to have to give” Jon said watching.
“Yeah we will see how this plays out”
Jack struggled but Tarok was not making too much ground currently as the two of them battled fiercely in this contest.
The dragon was giving it his all, beads of sweat collecting on the decorated scales along his neck. His forearm was trembling with effort but he was slowly pushing his opponents arm back.
The Torchwood 7 team cheered as Tarok moved his arm a little in the right direction, the coastal showing the team his worth, impressing everyone.
Amanda could feel Taroks growing determination across the link as she cheered him on, the results looking promising.
Jack closed his eyes tightly and gripped Tarok’s forepaw firmly and pushed, nothing happened at first as the man battled the coastal.
The blue dragon gave a growl as he was now losing the advantage. He shook his head, sail spines rattling in irritation.
Jack was gaining ground as he moved Tarok’s paw back to the centre, the team kept cheering Tarok, it was not over yet as the man seemed to pile on the pressure as Tarok’s forearm trembled allot now.
The dragon tightened his grip as he battled on. Beads of sweat rolled down his muzzle now and over his brow as he struggled on.
Jack continued his assault, Tarok growled loudly as Tarok’s fore arm moved the other way towards the table, Jack’s power coming to full force as Tarok was buckling.
"Oh he's losing it," Amanda said as she realized it.
Jon looked at Tarok struggling now as Jack’s power made the coastal dragon buckle.
“Can he give any more he’s got to stop it” Jon replied to Amanda as the team watched on as Tarok hand got lower to the table.
"He's trying," she said through grit
"Looks like dinner is on the T7's tab tonight," Ardon grinned to Korrin.
Tarok seemed to tremble all over as the coastal dragon gave a desperate effort to stop Jack moving, the dragon was on the ropes but no one could deny his efforts.
"Oh dear he's losing it," she winced, hands going up to her cheeks.
Jon shook his head lightly.
"Can he come back from this? Jack's got him" Jon said
"I dunno, Jon! He's trying!" She said, her voice going up a few notes as she watched her dragon.
Jack now had Taroks arm further down and he was only 3 or 4 inches from his hand touching the other side of the table as Jack powered on unrelenting.
The coastal dragon barred his teeth one final time, sail pinned to his neck as he gave a desperate growl and put all his might into it for one last attempt to win.
Jack pushed down as his paw was only an inch or so from the table now, Jack’s victory close and Ardon seemingly pre-emptively celebrating his win.
Amanda stood up now, unable to hold back, "go, blue go!"
Tarok gave his all as he trembled fiercely.
"That's it, buddy, hold it!" She called.
Sadly Amanda’s encouragement was not enough as Jack brought this epic match to an end, Tarok had lost but the team clapped together giving Tarok pats on the back, the poor dragon was knackered but Jack looked worn out as well.
Amanda's face didn't fall when Tarok lost.
A smile crossed her lips, proud as she was of her dragon. She ran up to him and hugged him around his neck. "Oh Tarok you almost had him, what a show!" She praised him. The blue dragon had his sail pulled back at all the attention he was receiving; half embarrassed because of it and his loss though he smiled awkwardly.
Ardon looked over at Korrin and smiled, "looks like dinner is on the Canadians tab tonight."
Korrin snorted but had to laugh, shaking his head as Ardon went off to Jack. The gold dragon nosed him. "You almost lost it there, you're losing your touch." He teased.
Jack tried to swat him but Ardon laughed and backed away.
“He was really strong, plus he had support, he did really well” Jack said getting up as he approached Tarok.
“You were magnificent Tarok, such determination and heart, you did yourself proud” Jack said making a fist bump gesture with Tarok, “Amanda, you must be proud, he was really strong and determined and I felt that” Jack said to Amanda.
Tarok returned the gesture, acting a little shy now at the commanders compliments. He dipped his head to Amanda and she rubbed her nose on his cheek.
"Yep, I certainly am proud." She smiled at her dragon before turning to Jack.
"You sir, have some explaining to do I think!" Amanda laughed.
Jack laughed tiredly as he rolled his shoulder, feeling sore and stiff from the bout.
“Explain stuff?, I do not know what you could possibly mean miss” Jack said in light humour as Jon and Kris patted Tarok on the back as they discussed what to order in.
"Explaining how you took on a dragon of course," she laughed.
"And don't tell me it's just time in the gym. I won't believe that one bit! Ardon and brathille must have something to do with it." She squinted at the gold dragon in mock suspicion.
Jack looked sheepish as he rubbed the back of his head, not really sure how to explain it, perhaps over food and a few beers would help.
Ardon gave a knowing grin and hung close to jack’s side.
“Perhaps I explain over dinner, I think I need to clean up and same with Tarok, you did well young dragon, head up” Jack said with a respectful nod as he approached the guys who were counting the lost bet pot.
Jack opened his wallet and put his card on the table, “Order us some food, put it on my card, put the cash to a good cause” Jack said as the guys looked surprised.
“But you won Jack, you beat Tarok” Kris said.
Jack smiled.
“Yes I did and Torchwood 5 won the arm wrestling, but Torchwood 7 won the team effort and how you all rallied round Tarok and even after defeat you congratulated him, that makes me smile and happy, it is what my team and dragons would do back home, so go order some food some beers, send a shuttle and after a shower I be back” Jack nodded as he left with Ardon.

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Ardon was pleased about the outcome of their little game. It wasn’t just because Jack had won. The Canadian team had showed them that they were a united group, willing to back up their members with tremendous support. When Ardon had devised the Guardian Project he had always imagined this level of solidarity between dragons and humans. It was obvious that even outside the two bonds, the group was close knit, and loyal beyond words to one another. It made his hearts swell with pride. This was an exceptional beginning to his vision.
Ardon smiled as he walked behind Jack back towards the quarters. He thought about how even on video calls with the dragons he could almost feel the friendliness and warm nature that surrounded the group. Once, with Korrin they would be chatting on a video call and out of the corner of the screen Amanda would appear, grabbing the green dragon’s face and planting a big kiss on his nose before waving and disappearing. Korrin had seemed embarrassed but Ardon had seen a smile of contentment creep upon his face afterward.
He had received countless pictures of the group on outings together or simply hanging out as one big family. Tarok had sent them a photo of the team when they sat all around a table together for Thanksgiving, smiling towards the camera. Alex had his arm around Alyia, Amanda and Tarok where squished next to each other with great big grins while Korrin sat between Kris and Jon with a proud look on his face.
Now on their visit here to the island facility he was delighted to see such comradery. Tarok had warned him a little of James, their newest core member but even he seemed to fit in well enough, Alyia taking a shining to him.
It pleased the gold dragon greatly to be able to witness it all and he sighed with content as he laid down in their room as Jack got prepared for dinner.

Once Amanda and Tarok got back to their questers to clean up she patted his shoulder and smiled up at him.
“You’re a superstar, Blue. Did you hear? You even had James cheering for you. Imagine that.”
Amanda wrapped her arms around Tarok’s neck and he lifted her up, bending his head down and gave her a lick.
A short while later they returned to the common area where the boys had added a few leafs to the table to make it bigger to accommodate their guests. After a bit of debate on what to order Alex ended up calling into their favorite fish and chip place much to everyone’s delight.
The commander grabbed his keys to his shuttle and stepped out to pick everything up to make it easier for the restaurant to compile their massive order.

Eventually everyone returned to the lounge and took up the seats around the large polished cedar table. Ardon and Jack sat across from Amanda and Tarok while everyone else filled in around them. The sound of the shuttle at the front of the building alerted them to Alex’s return with food and drink. Without being asked Korrin and Tarok got to their feet to help bring it in. They soon came back with bags upon bags of hot food and Alex had a few cases of beer tucked under his arm. He put one on the table for Jon to dole out while he went to go put the others in the fridge.
As the food was opened up the smell of hot fried food filled the room. Everyone grabbed their plates and dug in. Alyia played a full plate in front of James before grabbing food for herself Ardon noticed with a small smile.
"Finally Soomething on this dam continent that is fried" James said as Jack chuckled, "Ahh yes Scottish staple," Jack replied tucking in. Beside him Ardon nearly thrummed with happiness at the hot meal he was currently working through.
“What are you talking about? We had a fried lunch the other day!” laughed Amanda, biting into a French fry, teasing, “I fear for your arteries, Mr. McDonald.”
"Story of my life, being hen pecked by the lasses in this base," James said as Kris chuckled. "Oh James, they only care for you," the man said putting a beer bottle next to James.
Alyia raised her paw and using the curve of her talon, popped the metal cap off for James absently before turning back to her own food.
"Ta lass" James simply said as James drank his beer, although he pulled a face before looking at the bottle.
"Not to your taste?" Jon asked James.
"I grab a whiskey in a mo," he said eating some more chips but Alyia had gotten up and disappeared into the kitchen, returning with the man’s favorite in a short glass. She placed it to his left before sitting down again.
Kris and Jon looked at each as Jack seemed confused.
"You ok Alyia?" Jack asked the little dragoness.
"Of course I am, why?" asked the dragoness, looking up from her meal.
"Nothing Alyia, enjoying your food? He asked trying to steer the topic away from what they had seen Alyia do.
The dragoness nodded, smiling. “Oh very much so. Thank you again for getting us dinner.”

“Can you reach the ketchup, Blue?” asked Amanda. The dragon leaned over and grabbed the bottle with the edges of his teeth and brought it over to the woman. When she reached up for it he pulled away, keeping it out of her grasp. She tried again with the same result, Tarok smiling mischievously.
“You stinker, give that here,” she stood up and grabbed the bottle from him. Sitting back down she proceeded to pour ketchup into a big pile on her plate.
“Would you like some fries for all your ketchup?” snickered Korrin.
“Oh you boys are terrible. Leave me be.” She smiled, dipping her fries into it. She turned to look at Jack from across her side of the table.
“So, Commander Harkness, are you going to tell us how on earth you can beat a dragon Tarok’s size? Asked Amanda before taking a sip of her beer. Ardon turned his head to Jack and gave him a look that said not to dampen to good mood with the full story.
Jack got the message and seemed to lightly smile, scratching his head, "Well it is a umm little complicated to explain to you" Jack said.
“Oh you can’t leave us with that!” prodded Korrin. “Tell us how you do it.”
Jack gave Ardon a look and then spoke to the team, "It isnt a umm nice story guys, it is a complicated thing, but it is not Brathille based," Jack said.
“Hah! Told you!” grinned Tarok to the green dragon.
Korrin scoffed and shoved his second portion of fried fish over to Tarok, evidently having lost a bet. The blue dragon seemed pleased, pulling the plate closer to himself, "Well, if not Brathille, then what?"
"Let's just say I'm not your average human anymore guys" Jack said.

The table looked at him oddly as they tried to piece it together, confused.
“Through a series of events he wound up with partial dragon DNA rendering him a superhuman,” supplied Ardon. Everyone at the table looked a bit stunned.
"You’re kidding right?" Kris said surprised. "Seriously?" Jon said looking equally as surprised as the others apart from James who was too busy enjoying his food.
A few questioned followed but no one seemed to poke too much into the back story, more so inquiring about the man’s abilities. At one point Korrin asked if Jack had ever managed to best Ardon, to which the gold dragon rolled his eyes and gave a begrudging yes, sending everyone giggling. The conversation eventually flowed politely away, knowing that Jack had been a bit reluctant to talk about it in the first place. It didn’t take long for other topics to quickly pop up, and the chatting became spirited fairly quickly.
Alyia saw that James had finished his drink already and brought him another, placing it in his open hand as he gestured while he spoke, already opened for him. The group was enjoying lively banter and great conversation as the night went on. Beer and drinks flowed throughout the evening without much incident except for the volume of the chatter rose considerably.
The boys seemed to like to rib one other with good natured teasing. Alyia remained fairly quiet but attentive to James and did chat lightly when a question was directed to her. Everyone seemed to have an excellent time as the night drew on.
Kendra had heard about them order in and put the meal he had prepared for that night in the fridge for tomorrow but insisted they eat the dessert he had made as it wouldn’t keep. No one questioned this when he brought out some sort of masterpiece between a cake and a brownie with a caramel filling.
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“This is amazing cake Kendra thank you” Jack said as the chef seemed happy with the man’s compliment as the team continued to talk and discuss stuff.
Jon, Kris and James had been talking, Alyia had kept bringing James his drinks and he was getting slightly drunk, then again so were the boys as Jack chatted with them about a number of things, being sure to include Amanda and Tarok too.
Jack once again said well done to the dragon for his efforts, the coastal had almost had him but ran out of steam, as he got older Jack would be no match, even as strong as he was.
It still amazed the boys about Jack’s unique abilities, they did not delve more into it but the man was something special.

James went and sat down on a chair in the corner, nursing his whiskey as he seemed in a fairly pleasant mood, looking at his glass and swishing his whiskey around the glass as seemed comfortable in the chair.
Alyia trotted over with a happy expression. "Sir, are you doing alright? Do you need anything?"
The man looked up and shook his head lightly, he was slightly tipsy from his whiskeys but still sort of aware.
“Nah I’m good lass” he said as he then gave a rare smile to Alyia.
“Yooou are a good egg you are, yooou really helped me ooout, a shouty, angry Scot” he chuckled to himself, rare compliments from the man.
"Oh you're only a bit shouty I think," the dragoness beamed, seeing him smile. "I am happy to be able to help."
James shook his head lightly.
“Nah Lass, yooou do well, really good job, been really good….nice someone looks after me” James replied to the cream dragoness with a small smile, the compliments coming from the Scot.
Alyia sat down next to the man happily.
She looked down at James and was pleased he had enjoyed the evening. It was nice to have him be able to unwind a bit.
A feeling came over her, slowly at first but she found herself nearly overwhelmed by it. The creme dragoness lowered her snout and nuzzled the side of his head with great affection.
James nodded as he went to pet her snout, he had never touched Alyia at all and there was nothing he could feel as his hand came into to contact with the crème dragoness scales as a spark shot through them.
Jack was the other side of the room when he sensed something and looked at Ardon, to see if he felt it, like Brathille was notifying them of another bond being created although it was a gentle subtle feeling.
James pulled his hand away, but it did not click, thinking the dragoness had gathered static from somewhere.
Ardon exchanged a look with Jack, feeling something rather odd.
Alyia blinked in surprise, thinking that there must have been some static shock but the feeling of brathille encompassing them soon took over. "Stars above! Mr. McDonald look what you did! We bonded!" Her voice rose with her excitement and she unabashedly licked his forehead and let out the happiest thrum she could muster.
“I’m what now?” James said looking a little confused at why Alyia was so happy and giddy, “Hang on, hang on lass, what ya talking aboot” James asked, the alcohol had numbed the effects of Brathille but the man was indeed bonded as the marking glittered on the mans hand.
Tarok raised his head and Amanda looked over as they heard Alyia's joyous tone.
"What now?" Asked Korrin, looking over.
"We bonded, sir, just like the others," the dragoness chimed, absolutely elated at what had happened.
Jack noticed Alyia raised tone, but in joy as James looked a little confused as Jack approached with the others.
“You two ok?” Jack asked but he felt energy emanate from them, although not powerful, allot calmer and subtle.
“You two have bonded” Jack said as a smile broke out on his face.
“Seriously?....I am stunned” Jon said wide eyed.
Alyia seemed immensely pleased, "I never thought..."
"Some bonds take time and some are instant, we don't know why but that's how it works." Said Ardon, unable to keep from smiling himself. Another dragon had bonded!
Amanda walked over with Tarok, smiling. "James, congratulations, hold out your hand. Let's see the mark."
James looked at her oddly but then looked at his hand, the creme coloured scales of Alyia were on his hand clearly, slightly glittering as the bond was new.
“How exactly did this happen, cannae be whiskey that does this” James said.
Jack laughed.
“No James, Brathille chooses, even before I thought you two got on well, perhaps Brathille decided to go for it, Alyia is an excellent dragoness to be with” Jack said with a smile.
Ardon nodded in agreement of his Atillu's words. The little creme coloured dragon sat up proudly at Jack's comment.
"I hope I will do you proud sir, as your dragon.
Jack could see James was a little confused and not really understanding the implications of this, all the fussing from everyone probably did not help.
“I think James had enough excitement and whiskey for one night, Alyia I think you best take the newest member of our club to his quarters so you two can talk” Jack smiled.
“We best let Alex know, he went off to bed earlier, best to tell him…along with Dr Charles when he gets in on Monday” Kris said.
Alyia nodded and put her nose under the man's elbow to help him to his feet. "Thank you everyone," she thrummed again.
As Alyia took James to her quarters, Jack smiled to Ardon.
“Brathille works in funny ways, looks like the crème dragoness found her calling after all” he said to the golden dragon.
“This should be an interesting bond, Alyia calmness and James fiery personality, bit chalk and cheese if you ask me Amanda” Jon said to the woman.
"I think it will be good for them though. If you think about it, Alyia has always been calm and soft spoken. Not a mean bone in her body. James would be her confidence and she his anchor." The woman replied. "Sometimes opposites do wonders to balance each other out."
"I just hope James doesn't wake up tomorrow and flip his lid when he realizes what happened in real clarity." Admitted Tarok.
“Yeah, that is a worry, just you two be on stand by ok?” Kris said to Korrin who nodded.

Alyia herded the man gently down to her own quarters where there would be space for them both. She moved over a box of her collected shells out of the way and made room for James. She settled on the floor and crossed her paws, looking awfully happy. "Oh, Mr McDonald isn't this lovely? What a thing to happen."
“Hrmm, yeah….” James said mumbling.
The man was a little tired and a little confused why he was here and in Alyia’s room, but the man was tired.
There was a knock on the door as Kris entered with blankets and pillows for James, “There you go Alyia, well done again, if you need us were all here for you two, just be easy on him when the alcohol wears off” Kris said with a wink and a smile.
"Of course," nodded the dragoness, taking the blanket from him. Outside her door Korrin gave her a nod and a hint of a smile before he walked off with Kris.
“I need to quit drinkin” James mumbled yawning and stretching out, the poor man was tired and Alyia would feel this bounce via the new link.
The dragoness laid a blanket over and man and curled up about him, minding her wings did not get in the way. Lifting her head she gave a smile and licked his temple affectionately. "You will make a grand Attilu, sir." She thrummed before putting her head on her paws.
James mumbled something as he fell into a deep sleep amusing the dragoness it seemed.
"You won't be alone anymore, you'll have me."
James was long gone not hearing Alyia sweet and kind comment as he fell asleep, not really knowing the full impact of their bonding, he would in the morning.
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Ardon had gone back to their temporary quarters with Jack, buzzing about the news that there was another bond, as odd a combination as it was. They chatted for a long while before Ardon called Zyra. It was early morning where she was when the dragoness answered his call. She was half laying on her side, propped up by her elbow. She looked tired.
“Hm, hello?” she asked groggily.
“Zy, did you sleep in?” the gold laugh. He looked at the clock, it was just before midnight here, and he counted on his talons, so it was just before 8am there.
“Melina and I stayed up late with Bax and Co. We have the day off so I-“ she then yawned, “I’d thought I’d take the opportunity to lie in. You’re not even home yet and you’ve managed to mess that up,” she half laughed, rubbing her face. “So why the call? You haven’t managed to tick off the Canadian’s have you?”
Ardon laughed, “No, I have good news, we have another bond!”
“Alyia?” asked Zyra, perking up.
“Yep,” Ardon nodded then explained, much to her surprise. They spoke for a while before Ardon signed off, needing to catch up on some sleep, promising to tell her and Melina more about their trip when they returned to London.
Ardon fell asleep soon after, happy for the good day that they had.

The next morning Alyia was dozing soundly. She had been so delighted that getting to sleep had taken awhile but with her new charge under her care she eventually fell into a deep slumber. She slept curled loosely about James, her head upon her paws tucked up against his side. Before the bonding her affection had been minimal but this had given the dragoness new licence so snoozing in such a way made her happy.
"Urgh my head, thats the last time i goo drinkin" James rubbed his head and looked around.
"Why am I in this room?" he asked scratching his head.
Alyia blinked open her hazel eyes as she heard his voice and suddenly jolted awake. "Oh sir, I sept in. I haven't got your breakfast in order." She said hastily sitting up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.
"Hang on lass, why am I dooin in ya quarters?, did I get that blind droonk I needed a carer?" he asked
"Oh," said the little dragoness, not thinking he wouldn’t have remembered. She nosed his hand. "So you don't remember? We bonded last night, look at your palm." She smiled, trying to combat his confusion with her happiness.
James looked at his palm and his eyes went wide, "Holy!" he jumped up looking at his hand, "What...What av yoou doone lass?" James said.
His surprise nearly startled the dragon.
"I didn't do it. Brathille did. Last night after dinner," she said, a little dismayed that he did not recall but that just meant he got to relive it a second time. "But isn't it wonderful!"
"Bra..what a mun?" James said looking confused at Alyia and then to his palm, "This is a weird dream right?" he asked her.
She shook her head briefly, "No, sir. As real as the sun and stars in the sky." She thrummed happily as he struggled to make sense of it all.
"Oh, so what does this mean now?" he asked seeing Alyia happiness and it was strange he felt her happiness.
"This is, really strange lass, you sure I'm not in a drink induced coma?" he asked her.
The dragoness laughed, "No sir, it's not. I assure you. I am your dragon now, your sworn protector and you are my Attilu." She said with great pride, almost puffing up.
"You mean like the others?, oh umm do yooou think this Bra something voodoo made a mistake, I mean...I’m not like them" James said not really knowing what to say to the happy dragoness.
"Brathille doesn't make mistakes, sir, so I'm told. I promise I'll be the best dragon I can be for you," she said up proudly and raised her head. "We can talk to Alex over breakfast if you like."
"I guess that be fine......jus gave a sec lass, just allot to take in" James told her as he rubbed his head lightly.
Alyia could feel the man's confusion and bewilderment over the link. She was a little sad that he hadn’t been overjoyed like her but she understood. It would take some time to wrap his head around what happened.
"Sir, why don't you sit down a moment? I'll grab you breakfast and a coffee." She offers, gently pushing him back towards a chair.
"Oh, yeah that would be good lass, ta, make it a strong coffeh" James said letting out a sigh.
The dragoness nodded and got to her feet, trotting out the door. She walked out into the canteen where Amanda was watching the morning news.
“Aly, good morning. How’s James?” she asked, getting up and walking over to the dragoness as she waited for Kendra to make her up a plate to bring back to the room.
“Well, he’s a little confused and maybe a bit hungover…” she admitted. “He didn’t remember when he woke up.”
Amanda scratched the little dragoness behind her crest. “Well, give him some time to figure this out. Be patient with him.”
Alyia nodded and grabbed her plate. “We’ll talk to you guys when he’s ready. I’m sure he’ll have questions.”
The dragoness grabbed the platter with hot coffee and breakfast steaming. She returned to her room and placed the tray down beside James before sitting down, quietly and waited for him to talk first. She watched as he grabbed the mug and shifted the plate of food over to him.
"Sooo, your now attached to me by ma hip is it lass?" James asked taking a big swig of coffee before eating his fry up, trying to understand what had happened.
"Well, for the first little while at least, soul sickness and all." She smiled. "When I joined the guardian project Ardon told me all about it so if you have any questions I could answer them. Or Alex, oh! Or Ardon and Jack themselves. They know best."
"I see, sooo what about me gooing home, I cannae doo that now with you, we gotta be close like sardines in a can?" James replied.
"Well, for the time being I could just sleep outside in the garden when you want to go home. It wouldn't be all that bad." She offered.
James shook his head, "So were stuck together eh Lass?" James said finishing his breakfast.
“Well… stuck wouldn’t be the word I’d use but I suppose so, yes.” She beamed.
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James finished his breakfast and put the plate and looked at his palm, the mark was under his skin, it matched Alyia’s crème scales, it was really odd and strange for James, the man was not sure how to react to this.
“A gift?” he thought to himself, not sure really that he would of asked for this but as the dragoness said, Brathille had decided this and it could not be undone.
James sighed lightly as he looked at the bottom of his coffee cup which he finished, unsure what to say to the dragoness, who seemed happy and beaming.
Alyia approached James and gave a little dip of her head, "I promise to be the best guardian that I can be and I vow that you'll always have someone at your side to back you up no matter what." she said quietly.
James looked up as the dragoness smiled, “Why did your magic pick a scot with anger issues Lass?” he asked her, searching for an answer from Alyia, perhaps trying to make sense of it all.
"Why do YOU think it did, sir?" she said with a small smile.
James shook his head lightly, “Perhaps your magic had decided I needed taming, perhaps a challenge accepted and yoou were picked to dooo that” he replied getting to his feet.
“Yoou now expect me to fly and fight crime and stoof like the other two?, that is crazy, I’m joost a media officer, nooo super hero” James added.
The little dragoness laughed, "I really don't think Alex will expect that of you. Nor do I. I have never been a daring one unlike the others. You're safe on the ground with me."
James seemed slightly amused, “We best get this show over, shall we go see the boss darlin?” he asked gesturing towards the door to the crème dragoness.
She nodded and stepped through the door, turning to wait to walk down alongside James.
James walked with the dragoness as they now approached the common room, James gestured to Alyia.
“Go straight to the boss, I cannae deal with people today, all their smiling faces and grins” James said to the dragoness.
"That's fine, we don't have to," she said as they walked. "Should I frown?" she joked lightly.
James looked up at her.
“Aye, snarl and growl and look scary, keep away people until I’ve had ma second coffeh” James said as they made their way to Alex office.
The dragoness snickered, having been told that she could never look scary if her life depended on it.
The two of them made their way to Alex office and James took a deep breath and knocked on the door, not really looking forward to the conversation they would be having soon.

Meanwhile in the canteen Jack and Ardon had woken up and joined the others who were awake, so far there had not been an appearance by the newly bonded pair but Jack assumed the shock of being bonded to a dragon had sunk in for the scot.
“So, Brathille seems to have struck again Ardy, can’t believe it myself, just odd how it picks and chooses people and dragons” Jack said as they went up to where Kendra nad his small team were preparing breakfast.
"Maybe it knows more than we do, knows better than us." Ardon replied with a smile.
Jack nodded in agreement.
“So what does the golden dragon want for breakfast” he asked as Kendra smiled and greeted them, Jack looked over as Kris gave a brief nod with Korrin closely, Manada was watching the news with Tarok.
"Whatever is on the menu," replied Ardon.
He looked over and spotted Tarok sitting in the lounge, "Hey Tare, sore from yesterday?" he laughed.
The coastal snorted and gave Ardon a sheepish look in response.
Jack chuckled lightly, “That will teach you to gloat when it was me doing the hard work, next time I should just let you and Korrin chuck each other about outside” Jack said as he took his breakfast as Kendra prepared Ardon’s breakfast dragon sized.
"Says the man who nearly had to be coerced to have a little friendly competition," Ardon laughed.
“Oh shush you, I wanted to set an example and be grown up and tolerant, I did not want to get into more trouble with Melina on egging you on to do stuff” Jack said as he sat down and greeted Kris and Korrin.
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Alex turned around at his desk as James and Alyia came into his office. The dragoness pulled out a chair for the man and sat to his left happily. She knew that this was all overwhelming for the man to wake up to after a night of drinking but there was so much for her to be pleased about. She hoped that the man would soon feel the same.
“Good morning, James, Alyia. Congratulations are in order,” said Alex as he folded his hands in front of him.
"Apparently, can’t remember much, the lads were rooting for our dragon" James admitted rubbing his head a little.
Alex tried not to smile too much, “You really don’t remember then. It was a while after the end of that match when you bonded the others tell me. I missed the show unfortunately as well.”
“I know it’s all a little much right now, especially with how it came about but you should know that this is a grand thing. You two have done well over the last few months and I think Brathille believes you both fitting.”
"You reckon?, I feel I’m dreaming, ya cannae expect me to goo out flying, fighting and being some sort of super hero, it isn’t me," James replied, genuine concern in his voice.
Alex put his hands up to stop him there, “And it is not something I will expect of you, James. We hired you on to be our PR Officer and there is where I’d hope you’d stay if you allow it. You do your job better than anyone could ask for and I’d be a fool to take you out of it to put you on patrols like the others.”
James seemed to nod in agreement, letting out a sigh of relief, "How about the lass, she want to goo flying with them, but she said she needs to stick cloose or somethin?" James asked.
Alex nodded to the dragoness as he spoke, “You and Alyia will have to remain in fairly close proximity for the next while. It gets better with time but for now it’s going to be a bit difficult. Soul sickness is unfortunately a real thing and from what I’m told is rather unpleasant which leads me to bring up your accommodations. I know we have you sorted with the beach house just outside of Campbell River but that might not do well for Alyia in the winter months.”
“Oh but he has a cute little house,” said Alyia, feeling bad.
Alex shook his head and smiled, “We can’t have you sleeping outside in the snow and storms that come through. So James our options are that we can either set you up with permanent residency here or have you moved to a larger home on Vancouver Island.”
James seemed to scratch his chin, as he now had to consider the dragoness as well, he was not keen on living on the base. He turned to the dragoness and spoke, "What you wanna do lass?" he asked.
“Well, sir, you do get a bit squirrely when stuck on Quadra for too long. If you don’t mind my company I wouldn’t mind living off base.” Said the dragon kindly. It was kind of exciting to think that she might have a home away from the facility.
"Aye, I would, I think a bigger house for us be goood, secluded but big enough for her, don’t want Alyia squashed up in a room" James said.
“I’ll get Laura on that. She loves house hunting. Give us a little time to find you something suitable but for now you’ll have to put up with the base for a little while longer.”
"I assume this is a permanent thing then between us, what will happen with Alyia in this bond?" James asked.
"Well, we won't know for sure until it happens. Every dragon is different." replied Alex.
"In time we will find out I'm sure." Smiled Alyia.
"Alright, I think I get it" James said standing up from the chair.
“It will all be good, James, I can promise you that.”
Alyia nodded a thank you to Alex before following James back out into the hall and closing the door behind her.

With Kris talking with Jack, Korrin chatted with Ardon about the gold’s recent adventures over breakfast, marvelling at his stories. The green dragon had to admit he was a little jealous over how exciting Aron’s life seemed. He did not only go on wild journeys and save countless people but his Attilu was something to revel at as well. No wonder this dragon had been first to bond. He and Jack seemed destined for greatness one way or another.
This morning he was rather glad he had not taken on the gold. He held great respect for the dragon and would have preferred not to have his tail handed to him by his mentor. It had certainly been a sigh of relief and Korrin had been rather proud of Tarok for taking up the challenge. He really didn’t give the blue dragon enough credit at times. Their banter sometimes got carried away but that is common for brothers, he thought.
“Have you got to meet Icarus since he arrived?”
Korrin shook his head. “No, but Brianne contacted Alex a few times with questions a while back.”
“It’s been over a year since he arrived… we really need to get all the dragons together one day.” Said Ardon, thinking. “Or more like a meet and greet. Half the dragons on earth here haven’t officially met each in person.”
“That would be a riot. Could you imagine? I think it’d have to be at T5 to hold us all,” replied Korrin with a look of excitement crossing his face.
“Yes, oh man, I think I’ll bring that up to Jack soon. How good would that be? Everyone all together for a little reunion. “ Ardon Grinned wondering if Jack would even entertain the thought. It would be a big task to feed all those dragons at once.
“There would be 8, or 9 if we could convince Draco to come. 10 if my uncle shows up.”
“A party we’re talking about?” asked Tarok, walking up.
“Yeah, if we can convince Jack. Mark is going to have a coronary if Jack lets us,” laughed Ardon as the others joined him, remembering the man’s look of disgust when the three little dragons had arrived in Forge’s care.
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James was unsure about the whole Brathille thing, all he knew now his future would include the dragoness, she seemed really happy about it, elated, it was strange to feel that elation in him, he did not speak much to the dragoness as he headed towards the canteen to get another coffee.
As soon as he entered with Alyia close by, Kris, Jack and Jon smiled and all stood up to give their congratulations to the man for bonded with Alyia.
He gave the crème dragoness a look as he went to get his coffee, he did not feel being peppered with 500 questions at the current moment.
The dragoness looked down at the man and could see he wasn't in the mood for conversation with the other team members just yet. She gave a small smile and nosed him in the direction of the kitchens while she wandered towards the others to head off their questions.
“Hello Alyia, how you feeling?” Jack said giving her a pet on the muzzle with a smile, Kris looked to see James getting coffee and quickly exiting the canteen with his latte in his hand.
“Is James not joining you, we wanted to see how he was feeling after yesterday, you haven’t had a falling out have you?” Kris asked the dragoness.
"Of course not," Ayia laughed, sitting down. "So I'm part of the club now." she said, defecting the conversation.
Jack smiled and nodded.
“Indeed you are, though the first dragoness to have a male Atillu if I recall a first I think for our club” Jack chuckled lightly.
Kris looked at his dragon and then to Amanda as he thought about the dragons being bonded and seemed to agree with Jack’s comments, mainly because he couldn’t be bothered to overthink it.
"Ooh, no way." the dragoness beamed, "Do we win something then?" she joked.
“A lick from Ardon, a great honour” Jack laughed lightly, as the boys seemed to laugh along with Jack at the joke.
"Oh!" Alyia blushed and tucked her chin down. Ardon wanted to groan at being offered up but didn't want to embarrass the poor dragoness. He bent down and gave Alyia a friendly lick on the forehead.
"Ooooh shes turning four kinds of pink, Little Aly, you have a crush!" teased Korrin.
"Oh I do not!"
The room was filled with laughter as Jack patted Ardon on the shoulder, amused he actually carried it out.
“Korrin, Ardy has all the ladies after him, he follows his uncle in pulling young dragonesses to his side, runs in the family” teased Jack.
"Oh yeah?" grinned Tarok.
"All the dragonesses?" Korrin snorted. "There are a grand total of two on earth and I really can't see miss Zyra falling for our gold here. You'll pulling our leg, Jack."
Jack grinned making Ardon feel a little embarrassed by his comments.
“Well he is the leader here, well of the dragons of earth, it is his program so you guys wouldn’t be here eating luxurious food and flying with mad humans if it weren’t for the golden boy, it is just a good job Torchwood 5 won yesterday” Jack teased.
"Yeah, yeah. We're only teasing," chuckled Korrin. "We couldn't ask for better with Ardon's Guardian project.
Jack smiled.
“I thought you said Korrin was the serious, Forge like dragon in your team Kris” Jack said.
“Well, normally he is, must be an odd day, catching him on an off day, Tarok is usually more lively than Korrin” Kris said making Jon roll his eyes slightly.
"The boys get a bit rowdy when given the chance," explained Alyia.
"Korrin has his moments. His mood can turn in an instant if work gets brought up though." she laughed lightly.
Kris chuckled but saw the look on his dragons face.
“Ok, let’s cool things down, you Alyia better be checking up on James, make sure is isn’t hiding in a darkened room, tell him to relax, we give him space just he needs to at least acknowledge this is a celebration” Kris said.
Jack nodded.
“I agree, but if he needs time, then that is fine, I am sure he is happy with you Alyia, he couldn’t ask for a better dragon, well dragoness even” Jack said.
Alyia seemed to puff up proudly at the praise. "I'll try to drag him out for dinner." she promised them.
Jon smiled, “best help him get all set up, if he needs a distraction I put some work on his desk, if he needs a distraction of course” Jon said to Alyia giving a small nod.
"Thank you, Jon." nodded Alyia, getting up to go find James.
James had made a beeline for his office, he then cursed he had no work to do, having caught up on everything and Alyia organization had put all his work into order, therefore no outstanding work.
James looked and saw in his newly established in try that Jon had given him some work to do, James began it to take his mind of the sudden life changing event that had happened.
Alyia knocked on the office door before peeking inside. "May I come in, sir?"
James looked up and nodded, not speaking as he typed on his laptop, looking at the work Jon had given him to do.
The dragoness stepped into the office and closed the door.
"Is everything alright?" Asked Alyia.
James nodded, “Aye I cannae complain, coffeh is up to scratch at least” James said not looking at Alyia as he typed away on the laptop.
"Sir..." Pressed the dragoness, sitting down on the other side of the desk.
James looked at Alyia.
“What do you want me to say, I joost been told I am linked to a wee dragon and that I cannae move to far away or we both get sick” James said looking at the dragoness for an answer.
"Oh... It's only for a little while, that bit." She tried to say cheerily.
James looked at the desk and tapped his fingers on the wooden parts before putting his hands on his face and sighing.
“It’s allot to take in alright Lass?, it work out, I cannae afford to fail this job or us noow” James replied looking at the crème dragoness.
"I understand," she said quietly. "You'll do fine, you have since you came here. You just have me to help you along the way now." She gave a timid smile.
James seemed to show a small smile.
“Yeah, I have you, least I won’t be sat at home on my own again” he said to her, strange the man would admit it to her.
Alyia looked at her paws and gave a small, thoughtful smile. She was glad for that too. "Do you cook? Or do I have to learn?" She laughed lightly.
James turned his laptop off and closed the lid.
“I can make a mean Spaghetti bolognaise and Lasagne, I also perfected the art of cookin steak” James said as he gave a light laugh.
"Those don't sound like fried meals, James. You do eat other things!" she grinned, "those will do just fine."
James looked at the table then to Alyia again.
“I am not like Amanda and Kris, that goo flyin savin the day and winning all the glory, I am fairly boorin lass, boot, I hoope we can do things together……or make the best of what we goot” James said with verbal honesty.
"You're just fine, sir. To be honest I'm not much of a wild one myself. I'm sure we'll do alright," she smiled.
James nodded lightly.
“Goood, good..well, I guess I cannae hide in here all day, I suppose I get to know my dragon……I mean umm you lass” James said looking a little sheepish.
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“You can call me your dragon, sir. It’s an honour to be.” Said the dragoness proudly.
"But you’re not a possession, I cannae put you in a collection can I? " he replied.
Alyia laughed lightly at the idea of someone collecting dragons. That would have to be a full time hobby.
"No, but were bonded so you're my Attilu and I am your dragon or guardian I suppose."
"What dooo you want to be and what's this Atilla the hundreds stoof" James asked.
“Attilu, it’s a Drakine word. We speak English of course but we have a lot of our history woven with our old language. Brathille means Soul Bond, and an Attilu is a word for a human bonded to a dragon,” she began and explained the myth that she had known about the whole strange process. She tried to keep it simple into the point as she saw the blank look across the Scot’s face.
After she ended her little explanation she waited with a little smile on her face as the man tried to process everything.
" ’James, the man I am bonded to ‘will be fine lass nooo funneh words or anything complicated ok darlin? " James said looking up at her.
“Alright sir.” She nodded,
"So how much do you guys eat and sleep and do you need exercising or what" James said in a rather blunt way.
Alyia giggled. "Well, three meals a day like you, but just larger amounts. Alex said you won't have to worry about feeding me. He'll get that sorted. I sleep about 7 hours a night. A nap during the day if I can find time and for exercise, well flying about does me just fine. I'm not a pup so you won't have to be taking me for walk or anything like that." She said in an amused tone.
James nodded lightly, "I am sorry for the questions lass, I just don't know how to approach awkward questions" James replied.
“It’s alright, I am happy to answer pretty much anything,” she nodded. The two of them relaxed and spoke through the afternoon. It was still a lot for the man to get his head around. He vouched for the dragons daily and spun stories for the public opinion of them but he never had really gotten to know any of the dragons on a friendly level. Now, suddenly faced with being bonded to one, that would soon change, and hopefully for the benefit of them both.
Alyia tried not to overwhelm him with information. She spoke gently and mostly answered the questions that the man asked, trying not to over explain anything. The dragoness knew much the man’s business life but little of his personal life other than what she had glimpsed into at the beach house yet she did not press. He wasn’t known for open chatter so she kept it light and did not ask anything of him.
Alyia looked at the clock on the wall "oh, we've been talking for ages, it's about dinner now. We should head down." She said, surprised that they had managed to talk for so long.
"Dinner? oh..cannae grab a sandwich and eat in my office?" he asked the creme dragoness.
"Oh come on, you can't hide forever." She said, opening the door. “I may be your new guardian but I cant hide you forever. The team will want to see us. “ she said kindly.
"You not going to take no for an answer a ya lass" James said folding his arms.

She shook her head, smiling. "Please? We can hide out for the rest of the week. I promise," she said putting her paw over her chest. She knew what was waiting for them out in the canteen and truly wanted to go. She loved celebrations but knew that it wasn’t James’s idea of fun.
"Alright lass, I come quietly, but yoou be speaking lots" James said giving her a look.
She gave him a smile and nosed his shoulder in gratitude before leading him down the hall.
Alyia stepped into the canteen with James and most of the staff were seated around the large table, "There they are!" smiled Amanda as all the others shouted their hello. Most had been wondering if they would see the reclusive newest Attilu this evening.
Alex walked up and patted James on the back, “I know you aren’t the flashy sort but we’ve had a celebration for our other two bondees so we couldn’t pass up our third."
"You really shouldn’t have, Boss, I was happy with a sarnie," James said as he sat down as Jack gave him a respectful nod.
“Ah it’s nothing. An excuse for a get together is always good in my books.
"We'd like to welcome you to the club," Amanda handed James a glass of champagne and held up her own, "To that which binds us together." as the others raised their glasses.
James put on a brave face as he looked at the others all smiling and happy. Alyia joined their smiles as James simply drank the champagne as he nodded to Amanda. The little celebration wasn’t anything overwhelming, knowing who it was being thrown for but Alyia seemed to enjoy it immensely. She was proud to have been bonded and on the same level as the boys. The dragons chattered and the boys theorized what magical abilities Brathille might grant her. She wasn’t one that was known for fighting so they tried to come up with ridiculous abilities that made her wrinkle her nose at the suggestion.
“Oh boys leave her be. She’ll find out whenever it happens.” Said Amanda as she pulled her champagne glass away from Tarok’s sniffing snout. She pushed his muzzle away with a finger, “Not for dragons.”
“Why do you get to have it?” he teased.
“Because I’m over 19 that’s why, Kiddo.” She laughed as the night dissolved into good humoured chatter.
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The next few days that followed the celebration seemed to go past as normal for the newest bonded pair, James seemed to return to his duties spending hours in his office, doing work and keeping others away.
Alyia continued working with him, running about as his PA as he got on with his work, sending Alyia out for him for food and drinks, not really wanting to be spoken to by the team.
It was unusual for them not to hear James shouting, the man usually was shouting at someone but had been busy doing work, with Alyia’s help but the man did not seem close to Alyia as the others were and this made Jack feel a little bad for the dragoness.
The little dragoness carried on her duties for the week. She started out with pep and happiness but as she carried on James still didn't seem enthusiastic about the bond as the days went on. This put a damper on the dragoness joy. She tried to ignore it and chalked it up to the overwhelming situation he was in.
The start of a new day was beginning and James stayed in Alyia’s quarters, a bed wheeled in for James to sleep with a few things for the man to feel more comfortable staying with his dragoness, most of the work done by the dragoness herself, eager to try and please her bonded human.
James did not show much affection or anything towards Alyia but he said night and then went to his corner of the room to sleep, if Alyia was lucky she might get a bit of a conversation out of him but nothing grand.
Today would be different as Alyia slept peacefully James put a beautifully wrapped present by the crème dragoness, it was covered in glittery pink paper and a nice bow and decorative animals on the present.
“Morning Lass, up time” James said in an unusually friendly tone for the Scotsman.
The dragoness opens her eyes, thinking she was dreaming. She had never heard James with such a cheery tone to his voice before.
"Hm?" She said, raising her head and spotting a gift wrapped up in glittery pink paper. "What's this?" She asked, confused.
“Open it” James simply said sitting down on the floor nearby looking at the dragoness and then the present.
The dragoness paused, looking at him oddly before turning to the gift.
She opened it carefully and lifted the lid. "Oh!" She said picking up the delicate fabric. "It's beautiful... But it's not my birthday or anything."
James nodded looking at the floor.
“I know, just a pressie lass, something for yoou, you know a gesture thing” James replied not really knowing how to explain the present, looking back on the dragoness.
"Oh, Mr McDonald you did you have to. It’s so lovely, thank you!" She thrummed.
James nodded, “Well if you are with a temperamental Scot you might as well have something nice eh Lass?” he gave a ever so slight smile.
The little dragoness seemed delighted at such a lovey gesture and wore her ribbon and bow proudly. "How does it look?"
James got up and secured it on one of her horns so it now sat neatly there, secure and would not come off.
“There, now ya loook a Million Canadian Syrup dollars lass, matches your colour too” James said taking a step back to look how it sat and nodded lightly.
Alyia wrapped a paw around him in a bear hug and gave him a lick across his cheek. "I love it, Thank you!"
James shook his head, “No no, I am against the hugging Lass, remember the no hugging rule” he said to her but not getting much luck.
"Tough," smiled the dragoness as she let him go. "Once in a while you'll have to tolerate it."
James seemed to protest a little but Alyia did not pay it any heed as she released him, the man straightened out his clothing and looked up at the happy dragoness.

"Can’t get out of this then Lass, it is non-negotiable" I’m guessing James replied.
Alyia smiled.
"You could try to negotiate with dragons but if advise against it," she laughed.
James seemed to nod lightly, accepting of the fate, though not willingly.
“Fine, you made ya point, you do like your gift, don’t you?” James asked the dragoness again picking up the wrapping paper.
"I think it's perfect." She thrummed happily.
James gave her a confused look when she thrummed, it was an odd vibrating sound that James had not heard.
“What is that noise lass, frog stuck in your throat?, or do you purr like cats” James asked.
"It's like a cats purr, it's a way we show happiness." She explained.
James gave a slight smile, “Go figure” he thought to himself.
“Well, it is Jack and golden scales last day here before they fly back home, are yooou coming down then lass?” he asked as he put the wrapping in the bin as he gestured towards the door.
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