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Unread Dec 7th, 2016, 01:58 PM   #26
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Daniel had prepared to do a number of unexpected drills, using different security sounds to see what reactions the security personal and dragons would react, would they recognize the sounds of the different alarms and respond accordingly on the spot.
It was about 2am when the alarms went off making Ardon nearly jump out of his scales, the dragon
Immediately after checking on Jack to ensure he was ok, rushed down to the dragon hanger and was giving orders to the other dragons, everyone seemed in such hyped-up adrenaline combined with being tired, Ardon did not realise what the alarm was.
So Daniel was surprised to see the dragons wearing their battle harnesses and rearing to go out into battle when it was an intruder alert in one of the dragon academy quarters.
It was indeed not the most ideal start for the dragons, Zyra had tried to tell Ardon but the golden dragon was going at 100mph and wanted to ensure everyone was ready, sadly they were ready for the wrong situation.
Daniel warned he would be doing more emergency drills but would not say when, his advice to the dragons were to check the computer systems and the sound of the alarm.
Soon the dragons all settled down once more, but being woken up at 2am was not the most ideal situation and the golden dragon slept in, while Jack was up and gone to meetings while Ardon slept.
When Ardon finally got up he had missed breakfast as the catering staff were preparing for dinner, sadly he missed the enjoyments of a cooked breakfast because of the early alarm.
The gold dragon lumbered into the canteen, still blinking wearily from waking up only moments earlier. Comox lifted a paw to greet him and Zyra was sipping her tea, both of them looking tired but Von seemed in good spirits.
"There you are young Ardon. How are you this fine morning?"
"Ehhh," grumbled the dragon before sitting down heavily realizing he missed breakfast.
"Toby said he'll have lunch ready in an hour." Zyra informed him.
Baxter walked into the canteen with his tablet and a mug of coffee, seeing the dragons up but in an semi awake state was fairly amusing.
“Morning, or afternoon in an hour I should say, I guess the security drill went as planned?” Baxter said as he was off the base at the time of the alarm drill Daniel had devised.
"Not exactly." Replied Comox.
Baxter seemed to hum to himself on the matter.
“Did you guys not get up or something? I was told it was a pretty loud alarm from what Jack said to me” Baxter said.
"We got up, we just prepped for the wrong... Event." Grumbled Ardon, not pleased about his failure.
Baxter nodded as Ardon seemed to be grumpy about the situation.
“Well I wouldn’t worry about it, that is what the drills are for, I talk to you guys later, I got to speak with Daniel over our cyber security” Baxter said as he left the dragons be.
Comox jostled Ardon and smirked.
"Wonder how Ardy would prep the team for a cyber-attack alarm. Respond with fire blazing Hm?" He grinned while Ardon scowled at him.
One of the lieutenants of the security department approached the table, he seemed newly promoted in his station and seemed eager to meet the dragons, he smiled as he approached.
“Sorry to disturb you dragons, which one is Ardon? I am sorry I only just started my job a few weeks ago” he said with a happy tone to his voice.
"That be me," said the gold as he turned to face the man.
“I have a report for you from Daniel, review of the dragons performance in this morning’s drill, once you read it can you electronically sign it and send it back to him please” The young man said handing over the tablet.
Ardon didn't look impressed but took it anyway and opened the report with a sinking feeling.
Daniel had done a detailed report for Ardon to read and to share with the other dragons however, Ardon being Ardon went straight past 3 pages of detail to see the final ranking score of B, with recommendations for improvements.
"Huh, that's not nearly as bad as I thought." Said Ardon as Zyra read over his shoulder.
"Quick reaction time, commendable group coordination. Those are good."
"See? Just a little practice and you'll all do great," smiled Vonriir.
The report itself by Daniel did go into detail on improvements to Dragon academy security and how the dragons could share in the responsibility of ensuring the area was secure during a red alert or intruder alert.
Soon a beep noise could be heard over the tannoy system.
“Hanger manager to Vonriir, please contact the Hanger” the tannoy system said
The large dragon lumbered over to the screen and pressed the code for the hangar. "Vonriir here," he spoke happily.
The hanger manager appeared and smiled, “Sorry to disturb you, Daniel’s large ship is coming in today, she needs a tug to help her land and move and dock, sadly we do not have one, Jack said you be happy to help” he said to the giant dragon.
"And that I am. Say when and where and I'll be there," nodded the dragon.
“Excellent, she should be here within the hour, we notify you when she is here, were currently making room for her to land” the man said.
"Good, good, I will see you then," said the large dragon, signing off before returning back to the group.
"Herding ships now?" Asked Comox and Vonriir nodded with a smile, pleased to help.

Soon the hour came as the hanger was buzzing with activity, room had been made for the large vessel to land and dock, it would be the largest combat ship to ever be added to the Torchwood 5 roster.
The hanger manager was directing his workers as ships were parked up further away and in the storage areas to make room for her.
The dragon stepped into the hangar and immediately could feel the frantic movement of the staff working there.
The Hanger manager asked a few of his workers to move some of the cargo away so the ship could land before greeting the giant dragon.
"Ahh Vonriir, welcome to the mad house, she’s on the approach, she's bigger than we thought so we had to do some shifting of craft" the man said.
Vonriir chuckled to himself, still finding it humorous that humans referred to their craft by gender.
"Alright. Let me know when I go up." He replied.
The man nodded as a worker approached, “Sir, the Valkyrie is on the approach and slowing down, requesting permission to enter our area” he said.
The man smiled, “Tell them, to hold fire while we send up our Tug substitute” he said as he gestured to the giant dragon, “I’d get your headset so we can communicate with you” he said.
The dragon secured the headset before unfurling his massive wings and leaping into the air.
The hanger manager went to his office and spoke to the head pilot on the Valkyrie, “Torchwood 5 to Valkyrie, we are sending up our replacement Tug to guide you guys in please hold current course and await instructions” he said.
“Understood Hanger dock master, will hold position” the pilot said.
The dragon rose up to meet the ship. "You're right, this thing is huge." He commented over the communicator.
He flew over the bridge and saluted the pilots with a flip of his wings.
“Good lord!” the head pilot said over the communicator as the hanger manager smiled slightly, at their reactions.
“If you two can focus, Vonriir will be helping you to land, keep your location and I instruct Vonriir to begin” the man said.
“Umm…confirmed dock master, standing by” the pilot said.
“Dock master to Vonriir, the Valkyrie is holding position, she is going to have to be pushed towards the larger entrance, can you get into position” the man said.
The dragon did as instructed and swooped down towards where he could help direct the ship. "In position and ready to bring in the ship." He replied.
The hanger manager checked up on the Camera’s to ensure the dragon was in position, Vonriir had position himself at the front of the ships nose.
“Ok Vonriir, there should be 2 large areas covered in yellow and black markings, put your paws there, it is where the tug would clamp on, by the nose of the ship, then push her backwards” the hanger manager instructed.
The dragon placed his paws on the marked areas as he hovered, his wings sweeping around in great arcs before he tried to push forward.
The Valkyrie stayed where she was hovering, the ships propulsion engines shut down and it was on hovering thrusters, but the sheer weight and size of the craft made it obvious why it required a tug.
The hanger manager monitored the dragon’s progress.
The dragon increased the power of his wing beats, "anything yet?" He asked.
“Dock master to Vonriir, no movement yet, keep at it, she is a heavy vessel to manoeuvre, should I call for some support?” the man asked.
"Hang on a sec, let me have a proper try," insisted the dragon, attempting again.
“Acknowledged Vonriir, Valkyrie, please stand by” The hanger manager said as the hanger doors were all open ready.
The dragon frowned as he tried to manoeuvre the ship. "Stars this thing is made out of rocks."
The man nodded his head.
“I did warn you Vonriir, just keep at it as best you can” came the man’s reply
Vonriir pumped his wings powerfully and frowned as he pressed on, trying to move the ship.
The two pilots looked at each other as they could not do much to assist in this operation, the tug would usually put them into position.
The dragon scrunched his eyes closed in effort, a growl threatening to sound at the back of his
throat but he held it at bay.
Finally the ship began to move backwards, Vonriir persistence and strong will made the ship now move backwards towards the wide open doors.
“Excellent work Vonriir, just a little more and the Valkyrie will land, just be sure to support her when she begins to land” the hanger manager said via the headset.
"Alright," he responded, sending his wings into powerful arcs to keep stabilized as he guided the ship.
Soon was in position, Vonriir backed it far enough for the Valkyrie to begin landing procedures, “Hanger to Valkyrie begin landing procedure, your all clear”.
“Confirmed dock master, thanks, initiating landing” the head pilot said as the ship began to lower down into the hanger.
“keep close Vonriir, just for support but I think we’re in for a smooth landing” he instructed as in a few minutes the ship landed safely.
Vonriir came down to land as the large hanger doors began to close.
The massive dragon hovered for a moment before landing with a solid thump. He was a little out of breath as he walked up to the hangar manager. "All is well?" He asked, ensuring everyone had gone smoothly.
“Thank you for your services Vonriir, couldn’t of done it without you, I hope you did not have too much difficulty with the task” the hanger manager said.
"Nah," he said waving his paw at the notion. "Easy as pie."
“I see well, thank you hopefully we will not be asking for your services again, I pass on a good word to Jack” the man said as he watched the giant dragon return to the dragon hanger.
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The great silver took them over fields and valleys as they headed north west, rising up over beautiful lands.
He stopped at various places, explaining their significance to the woman. Sites of historic moments, territories of great events and communities. In their journey they passed over the nesting grounds that his past self had taken them. It was too bustling and the silver did not want to be pestered by dozens of dragons. Their interest in Melina would be bothersome as well. Instead he flew by without a glance back.

The warlord seemed to close back up about his lost mate, speaking no more of Tavalia since they left the valley. That did not stop him from thinking about the lovely gesture that Melina had done. Something felt better, felt right in some small way, now that they had cleaned up the pyre remains and converted it into place of memory. Leaving her necklace on the stones had been a selfless gesture itself and he hoped no dragon would come along and take it for its own.

It was late afternoon when the dragon angled his wings and took them down towards a series of pools that dotted a rocky bank beside a river. The pools were warm, much warmer than the meandering river that fed into it. The thermal pools were heated naturally and dragons often flocked to them to soak sore muscles and wings from long flights. He thought this might be a good place to rest up after what had happened earlier. Tall trees surrounded the pools and the river, giving it a little seclusion from the rest of the world. Small birds sang overhead in their branches as the brook babbled to the north of them.

He landed lightly on his hind legs before setting his paws on the stones beside the water. Kneeling the dragon allowed Melina to dismount before removing her luggage.
"Forge, this is amazing, I love a hot spring" Melina said as she grinned, seeing the bubbling pool of water.
“It’s a place of healing… for dragons.” He said somewhat stiffly as he walked around one of the pools. “Doesn’t look like anyone else is about though.”
"That sounds a good place to swim, I brought my costume with me and a towel, be nice to freshen up a little" Melina said.
The dragon nodded and settled down beside the water’s edge, shuffling his wings against his back as the woman found a private spot to get changed.
The dark grey stone of the pools was streaked with veins of quarts and fools gold, making the pools rather sparkly.
Melina came back and sat by the edge of the hot springs and put her feet into the water, smiling as she felt the warmth of it.She turned to speak to the silver.
"Are you ok Forge?2 she asked the silver kindly.
"Yes, who do you ask?" he returned her question sounding like his stoic self.
"Just… you haven’t said much about anything on our way here, that is all" Melina said.
"I... don't do a lot of chit chat," he countered.
"You know what I mean Forge.... you can be open with me, I have been with you a while now, silver" Melina countered back.
The warlord grew quiet again. He was not used to all of these and it put him on edge. The woman seemed content to wait while he cycled through the things he wanted to say.
"I was just thinking that... what you did not Tavalia's memorial was...kind," the dragon seemed to be struggling with finding the right words but making a determined effort to talk about it. "She would have approved of you."
Melina smiled at the silver, "Your welcome, I am glad she would of approved, it just felt I had it a silly human gesture but I had to" Melina said.
"I do... like some of your human customs. They are unifying in a sense." he admitted, turning his great head to look at her.
"I am pleased you approve Forge, I am glad I could do that for her, something will honour her" Melina said with a smile.
The silver nodded, thinking about how the two of them would have gotten along before dismissing the thought, just thinking about it hurt. He sighed and relaxed by the pools but never going in, the idea of it seemed a little undignified for a dragon like himself for some reason. Instead he dozed at peace while the woman enjoyed the heat of the hot springs until nightfall.
"What did you do with your time after her passing?, in the other time you seemed at a loss where you would go, I think our appearance mucked that up a little" Melina said later that evening.
Forge sat up a little straighter and sighed, “I immersed myself in keeping Kilara safe. I fought others, dragons who sought to over power others, those who brought war and strife. In my grief, I hunted down the dragon that killed Tavalia. I was young and foolish, quick to anger and did not think my actions through. I threw myself into the brawl unprepared, blinded by my need to avenge her death. That fight was were I broke my crest,” he said, shifting his head to emphasize the shorter primary horn on the back of his head. “But that break saved my hide, allowed me to twist free.” The dragon looked away for a moment and drew in a slow breath, “The days after I lost Tavalia were… difficult. I dealt with her loss by filling the void she left with anger, fire and battle.”
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Melina listened in as Forge explained what had happened during his time after Tavalia’s death how he became the warlord he was now, how his crest got damaged in his quest to avenge her death, she felt sad about how things turned out.
She thought for a moment as she approached Forge and sat near to the great silver dragon as he finished explaining what had happened.
“It is frightening how easy hate, anger and fire can fill the void where love once was in our hearts……I think it is a very bitter substitute” Melina said to the silver.
"But a substitute when nothing else will do," replied the dragon.
Melina was quiet for a moment as she flicked a pebble into the hot pools as she considered her words carefully.
“When we were in the alternative universe, Tavalia’s attackers jumped us, three of them, Jack and I ran for cover, I felt that..that anger, hate and rage, but that Forge felt my fear and Brathille ignited within him, he used a silver fire and killed him dead as the fire ate away at his scales…” Melina said, recalling that day.
"...Rykus." He said in a low growl hearing about how differently it had gone about when Melina and Jack had been there. "Coward would try to gang up on me with his snivelling cohorts." His talons raked furrows on the stone as anger rose up in him.
Melina looked at the silver.
“Forge, it is ok, you dealt with both universes, I also healed you…you were a bit shocked at first but I healed you a little and we went to the nesting grounds you past a few hours ago, your younger self watched over me, as you do now” Melina said trying to lighten the mood a little.
The dragon slowly became less tense but as usual he never looked truly relaxed.
"A healer in more way than one it seems." Said forge.
Melina smiled as she got up and went to her bag to get a towel to dry off, she had enjoyed her swim and the conversation.
“I wonder what your alternative version is doing now, whether he follow what you did, or go on a different path” Melina mused.
Forge wondered that as well, thinking whether or not the young silver listened to his older self or not.
"With how hints went anything could have happened."
Melina excused herself as she got changed, the woman was pretty quick changing as she got her stuff ready for bed, getting out her blanket and unrolling the sleeping bag.
The great silver dragon looked up as the stars glittered above.
"No cloud cover and wind from the north mountains. It will be a cooler night than the last we've had." He said before turning to look at her. Forge gestured with his paw, inviting her to sit close with him. "You only brought a small blanket, it will be warmer." He offered.
Melina smiled, “Sleeping bag as well but I take you up on your offer” Melina said as she got comfortable, wrapping the blanket round her as she felt the heat from his fire lung.
“How do you feel having a lingering bond with me Forge?” she asked him directly but in a softer tone of voice.
"Guilty," he replied, looking away.
Melina looked at him and put her hand on his silver scales.
“Don’t be, a part of me is happy for that, I know you did what you did but…can you at least assure me we will try and make the best of it, between us…..please?” Melina said.
"That has always been a promise I have kept." He assured her.
Melina smiled slightly, “But do you still feel your promise can continue now you know we hold a residual bond, I do wish you can see what good I can do for you Forge, I appreciate your protection but I have shown you I am happy to be a shoulder to lean on” Melina replied.
In a rare show of humour forge leaned over slightly, "a dragon would squish you if they took you up on that offer."
Melina chuckled at Forge’s comments and grinned at the silver.
“I love to try my silver” she said before sheepishly looking at him, “I…ummm…uhhh” lost for words why she said that out loud.
The dragon gave a low chuckle and brought down his wing to shield her from the wind, ignoring her awkward reaction.
Melina soon nodded off to sleep, comforted by the old dragon’s protection and his hospitality, in her heart she was happy and content, instead of feeling sad or upset the woman felt safe and content, this seemed to wash into the residual link they had and drip feed into Forge, due to their close proximity to one another.
Forge gave a sigh, knowing the content that Melina felt. He looked down and gave her a small, brief smile.
Melina seemed to rest peacefully with the dragon, the blanket wrapped round her as she slept next under the protection of the silver, in her heart, she felt they were making progress together, even if it was small and that made her happy.
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The next day Forge and Melina lingered around the pools for some time, having a quiet morning before they planned to set out again. They watched a heard of elk passing through the valley below. A gigantic herd, their numbers strong as they made their way down through the bottom of the gulch. It was rather peaceful to see such a large group moving in unison. Soon after the two of them decided to carry on, continuing North West where Forge planned to make a visit to an old friend.
Once the breeze died down and the entertainment of watching the elk ended, did they take to the sky again. It was a blue bird day and a warm one at that. Forge flew on, gliding upon thermals where he could. He was not a stunt flyer like the other dragons; he flew with a purpose and without any added flair.
He took them over forests canopies and lakes. Along the way they passed only a few dragons, much less than he was used to seeing.
“The sickness has made coming across others on the stretches a bit rarer now.” Explained Forge. The illness that had spread across Talkiir had done great damage but the population was just beginning to slowly recover.
He changed the subject to something lighter. He wasn’t much of a talker but he could tell that Melina rather liked his stories, the ones that did not involve darker themes anyway. As they flew he told her about how he met Vonriir and how he convinced him to help the silver with making Kilara a safer place.
They stopped by a creek for a break and to have something to eat, breaking up the monotonous stretch of flying. The dragon gathered some wood for a fire and cleared away an area for them to sit with a wide sweep of his tail.
Forge laid on the ground like a giant sphinx and crossed his forepaws as the fire he had made crackled as it cooked Melina’s dinner. The dragon had washed up in the creek and was sparkling clean, his silver shining brightly. He let out a long, slow breath and closed his eyes as he sunned himself in the afternoon warmth. Pondering in silence, he listening to the sounds of a metal spoon stirring the meal over the fire. Whatever it was the woman was making smelled lovely. The dragon almost shook his head. Domesticated, he thought to himself, thinking about how abhorrent he had been to Jack letting Ardon get involved in too many human things, like fancy meals and human luxury. Forge had to admit he enjoyed much of it himself even though he would hate to admit it.
With a slow sigh the dragon opened his eyes and turned his gaze onto the woman who seemed to have finished cooking her meal and was now blowing on a spoonful to cool it. He contemplated something she had said a while ago while watching her for a moment.
“It is in my opinion that you should have said yes to Grants request to court you,” said the dragon suddenly, right out of the blue. “That is if he seemed suitable.” He added.
Melina looked up and sighed lightly, "Perhaps, but you cannot tell me one thing and you do something differently, that would be hypocritical Forge," Melina said.
“It is not.” He said resolutely. “Your situation is different than mine.” And that he firmly believed.
"Why you interested in my personal life all of a sudden, I said no to him, I would not have worked out anyways, how could I say, oh by the way I come with two dragons" she said.
“You were interested in mine.” He responded to her first question, “Besides, I thought it was only fair to turn the questions back on you after you went digging in my affairs,” Said the warlord but then his tone changed, “I don’t want you living I life like I have.”
Melina smiled, "I appreciate that Forge, perhaps something will come up... although… there is someone else.." she said.
"That so?" hummed the dragon, "Do they need to be set through a trial of dragon fire to ensure they can live up to the standard set by your drakine associates?"
Melina seemed to go a little shy and blush lightly, as her feelings would float over to Forge.
"If I tell you, you promise not to say anything until it is time, it might or might not happen, if you do I set Zy on you" she said.
"I think you know with that look my silver dragon" she chuckled lightly, "Your very switched on… most of the time".
“Are you going to confirm my suspicions?” he asked her in almost a teasing voice. He seemed to be in a funny mood, perhaps he was relaxing more in her company and allowing himself to step away from the steeled armour he masked himself in most of the time.
"Oh Forge, you such a tease at times, well the person is keep that quiet" Melina said pointing her finger at him, as if telling him off.
The dragon put up his paw up in mock surrender. “Your secret is safe with me, Professor.” He replied.
Melina laughed lightly, shaking her head, "I think Ardon has a little thing for Zyra, I have noticed some… flirty moments between them, again keep that to yourself Warlord, Or I take that title from you," she said knowing this would amuse the silver.
“Warlord Goodwin,” he said, bowing his head to her, “I have noticed that too, but then again my nephew has never been very good at being inconspicuous.” The dragon fought rolling his eyes. He had seen in recent months how Ardon acted around the dragoness, much to her annoyance.
Melina smiled and put her hands on his muzzle, "That is true, I prefer dragon tamer Goodwin, than warlord.... although I already have a dragon title" Melina grinned.
“Hylen,” he nodded, “That is an honourable one as a title should be for you.”
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Jack had been busy the last couple of days working with Daniel on the new security procedures, so far there had been 3 alert drills run at different times of the day, Daniel had commented on the improvement in response from the dragons which made Jack happy.
Ardon had done a sterling job to continue improving and they were able to respond to an intruder alert in a designated location, with each dragon knowing their roles and responsibilities during these drills.
Daniel had s security had now improved across the base and now the team had to wear ID passes to swipe in and out of restricted areas of the base, this meant the portal was only reserved for the dragons and most senior personal.
Jack was on his way to see Vonriir, the giant dragon had helped land the Valkyrie and had done very well considering the difficulties he experienced with the ship.
Jack pressed the buzzer on the large door to Vonriir’s quarters, it was a lazy afternoon and the giant dragon usually went for a lie down in the afternoon’s.
"Come in," called the large dragon. He turned and smiled as he saw Jack walk in, "Commander, I hope all is well."
Jack smiled as he entered the large quarters.
“Afternoon Von, I hope I am not disturbing you, I know you normally go for a nap in the afternoon’s, hope your quarters are still ok” Jack said looking around the natural looking quarters, which was used by Forge when he visited.
"Yes, they are perfectly suitable, much more luxurious than my standard cave," he smiled.
Jack smiled, looking up at the giant dragon.
“I come down here to say thank you for your help in landing the Valkyrie, the hanger manager sang your praises at your efforts, he did say you found it a bit heavy” Jack asked.
"Well any hunk of metal is, but it did just fine." replied the dragon.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Well, it was appreciated, I also pleased your settling in here too, helping out with our younger dragons and being a good role model too” Jack said.
"Awh," said Vonriir, waving away the comment with his massive paw. "They're good kids, they are doing quite well on their own, I'm just happy they don't think of me as some old Dust scale. You've done well for them."
“We try, but it is good to have someone less grumpy than Forge to guide them as well, but I know perhaps the kids as it were can show you London, as long as you don’t land, you can see the largest city on these lands” Jack said to the giant Dun dragon.
"I would quite like that." nodded Vonriir. "To see more of your wild cities."
Jack laughed lightly, shaking his head at the giant dragon’s words.
“I am amused you think it might be amazing, well you see for yourself soon enough, I have a few things to do so I shall speak to you later on” Jack replied to the dun dragon.
Vonriir dipped his head to the man respectfully. "Thank you, commander. See you later."
Jack left the giant dragon to relax, he was unsure what the boys and Zyra was doing but he decided to head to the command centre to just check up on activities going on, he decided while it was quiet to get some work done before golden scales showed up.
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The following days had been relatively peaceful as the silver took Melina across Talkiir. It was a slow and steady journey, he allowed her to take notes and pictures and pack away anything interesting she came across. He appreciated her eye for detail, noticing things that he would pass by without a second thought.
He considered her admission from the previous day, her liking the commander. He thought it was a fair match and well suited to their situation but he was not one to gossip or fuss over such things, usually avoiding it all together.
He did, however, find it amusing that Melina had noticed Ardon’s behaviour. He shook his head whenever he thought about the gold, all gallant and heedless of everything all at once.
"Do you remember Gower?" Asked the warlord, turning to look at her. They had taking a break at the hanging lakes of Konlouise, a series of alpine bodies of water set high in the mountains. It was cooler here but a beautiful place dotted with beautiful turquoise waters. From here they could see far across the surrounding lands and it was a sight to see. Forge sat by a stand of pine trees while he had let Melina look around. It was quiet up here. They had only seen one other dragon who flew off upon the warlords approach.
Melina thought for a moment before she remembered, "Oh Yes, the coastal Earth dragon ,he has some amazing blue scales" Melina said.
"Yes.” Nodded the silver. Gower was a bold looking dragon indeed. Striking markings crossed a brilliant sapphire colour of his scales. “How would you like to visit his part of the world?" He asked her next. He had been considering making a visit and he thought Melina would like to as well. So far they had avoided other dragons and he figured the woman could use a little more company than just his brooding self. Gower was a friendly dragon and is clan was a good group.
"I would love to, he seemed a nice dragon, quite a rare breed of earth dragon, I did chat to him, it is a shame there is not many variations" Melina said.
"He's the only Coastal Earth dragon I know of, but you have seen the Gold and Black earth dragons. There are other flightless breeds as well out of their group." explained Forge.
"Yeah, be good to see him, he seemed nice at your celebration evening, he was very friendly" Melina said with a smile.
The silver nodded. "That he is. He lives with Coastal Ridge dragons, the same breed as Tarok. Perhaps you can take some notes to expand upon his breed’s profile." he suggested knowing that Melina’s records of the coastal breed were lacking, something that wouldn’t be good should a medical issue come up.
"I would love to...hang on, Jack told me about you and Gower, don't you two owe each other a proper tussle" she chuckled lightly.
This elicited an eye roll from the warlord. There was something else following him around that he couldn’t shake.
"Jack said you had to act it all out to win favour with the other Coastals, I was impressed, you acting it all out" Melina said to the silver.
Forge snorted, standing up and shaking out his wings. "That was years and years ago. I am hoping he had forgotten. I did not enjoy the act. Seemed like foolishness to me."
"Well, if you think about it, if you did not the coastals wouldn’t have gotten involved, he has influence over the clans of coastals, I think he did you a favour" Melina replied.
"I am not denying that," said Forge. "Acting is just not... my thing."
"That is true, ah well, I look forward to meeting him and the clan" Melina said with a smile.
"They'll like you. They're a ....chatty bunch." He replied with a small smile of his own.
Melina lightly tapped him on his scales, "Hey, watch it you" Melina joked lightly.
“Just an observation, Miss,” he replied, bending down so she could get aboard.
“Come on then, let’s go have you meet the chattiest group this side of Kilara.”
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Melina jumped on board as Forge took off towards the coastal dragon’s lands, the breed lived on the eastern coast line, Melina was keen to see the blue earth dragon again, she remembered him and could see how well Forge got on with him.
Forge had not noticed but Melina had hawk like vision and saw that Forge had been happy to see the coastal dragon come to his celebration evening, Melina had a smile plastered on her face that day.
"There are five different clans of the coastal dragons, all living on the western cost of Talkiir.
Gower governs over them all buy stays with the Clearwater clan.
There are other provincial leaders of the three clans but all come to Gower for a final say." Forge explained the hierarchy of the clans.
Melina listened in to what Forge said, the hierarchy system they had seemed very organized and well run, the coastals seemed to appreciate a ranking order, with Gower at the top.
“Didn’t I hear Gower is their longest serving leader of the coastal dragons?, he must command allot of respect among the clans” Melina said.
"Yes, he commands with a gentle heart but he knows when his talons need to come into play. He's a tried and tested leader." Commented forge.
Melina smiled.
“You hold the dragon in high regards, I can tell in your voice and I sense you hold him in high regards, along with Draco back on Earth, I must admit for an old man he was pretty strong” Melina said remembering back.
Forge nodded, "yes. It's more than physical strength I admire."
Melina nodded lightly.
“I did not say that, I know you appreciate other leadership qualities and other things, Gower is very sensible leader from my quick chat to him” Melina said.
"Well if you choose I'm sure he would like to talk to you further." Replied the silver.
“I probably will do” Melina said.
As they travelled along, Melina noticed the wind seemed to have a salt like smell to it, soon she begun to see the coastal areas and she smiled, the wind picked up a little now they were on the verge of going into the coastal areas.
“They do live in a beautiful part of the world Forge, Gower does live life well here” Melina said as a smile spread upon her face seeing the amazing views from Forge’s back.
"That he does. Jack, Ardon and I spent some time here."
Melina nodded, “I think you enjoy living on the islands with your brother, you live by the sea in your own little area, I think your glad we installed the portal there, keeps it out the way and away from prying eyes” Melina said.
The sun had also come out from the clouds ahead of them as Melina felt the heat come down, however the wind coming from the sea made the temperatures a little more tolerable in the midst of summer on Kilara, Melina quickly admiring the sparkle coming from Forge’s silver scales.
“He scrubs up well” Melina said to herself and chuckled lightly.
She soon was brought back from her thoughts with Forge’s reply to her.
"Yes, it's a suitable place. Easily defended on the island." The dragon flared his wings put, slowing them down and he landed, "here we are."
Melina smiled as they landed, however she seemed puzzled as there were no coastal dragons around, there was evidence of them living here, marks on the ground but there was no coastal dragons around.
“Strange there doesn’t seem to be any blue dragons around” Melina said as Forge knelt down and she jumped onto the ground.
The silver looked around. "They're hunting maybe..." He pondered. Normally the cliffs were alive with chatter.
Melina was wondering until they saw a young coastal dragon fly towards them, he landed gracefully and bowed in the presence of the warlord.
“Welcome to our lands Warlord Forge, I am Duroc, assistant to our wise leader Gower, may I ask what honour do we have in welcoming you to our lands” he asked politely.
"Were here to see him if he'll have us. Please tell Gower we wish to speak with him." Said forge.
Duroc nodded kindly.
“Of course, he is in the caves, please follow” Duroc said as he led the large dragon and Melina to the large blue dragon.
“Seems a little empty here” Melina commented.
Duroc turned and spoke to the woman, “It is the height of our annual ceremonies, each clan takes turn in hosting our summer celebrations, there is only a dozen of us here to provide security and care of our lands” Duroc replied.
Melina nodded and smiled as they approached the large caves.
Soon from the large entrance came the blue coastal earth dragon, Melina grinned as the dragon before them had sparkling blue sea scales, glittering in the summer sun, a grin erupted onto his face as Duroc announced their arrival.
“Forge!, What an honour to see you here” he said, enthusiasm in his voice as he approached them, he gave a respectful bow to both Melina and the warlord.
Forge returned the bow, "I hope we aren't intruding. I thought it might be acceptable to visit, returning the favour after you came all the way to sunbreak. Gower, you remember Hylen Melina?" He asked, gesturing to the woman.
Gower bowed again to Melina.
“Hylen, it is an honour to welcome you here as well, I enjoyed our conversation, though brief at Forge’s celebrations” Gower said.
Melina bowed respectfully and looked up smiling.
“I am happy to be here, thank you Gower, it is nice to see your home, like Forge said I hope this is not a bad time” Melina said.
Gower shook his head lightly.
“Of course not, it is quieter here as most of my dragons are with the other clan, celebrating the summer, they be gone for a week or two, I got some guards and advisors here, not many but I know our silver guest prefers quiet” Gower said.
"Ah that's why we weren't greeted with a thousand voices. Not celebrating this year, Gower?
Gower smiled.
“I did last year, like you I….appreciate some quiet, I get to enjoy the sound of the waves a bit more, not deal with dragon politics” Gower said as he looked down at Melina.
“You must tell me how you make those sweet things, they were delicious” Gower said, remembering a desert he really enjoyed.
“I will do don’t you worry, we hope to stay for a little bit, on a bit of a tour, me and Forge” Melina said.
Gower looked at Forge and nodded.
“Did you get permission from her fiery bold wing dragoness, I sensed she is a firecracker of a dragoness, when I observed her” Gower asked the silver.
"Of course. I haven't carted her away without requesting her blessing. No one on Kilara would be so foolish to cross a bold wing." Smiled forge.
Gower laughed, shaking his head.
“Or a Bold wing’s Atillu, I have heard you are as fiery as a bold wing” Gower said as Melina laughed lightly.
“Only when provoked” came her quick reply.
Gower grinned.
“We will have fun here, please, your my guests of honour, we shall feast this evening, please follow me to where you can stay” Gower said gesturing to them both as Gower led them to another cave close by his own throne cave.
“I hope this accommodation is suitable for you, it is reserved for our diplomatic guests and honourable members and friends of our clans here, please make yourself at home, Duroc will be here to help you as well” Gower said with a smile.
"Thank you, Gower, much appreciated." He turned to Melina, "what do you think, honourable Hylen?"
Melina looked around, putting the bags on the smooth floor and smiled.
“Its perfect, keeps the wind off us and looks comfortable” she said.
Gower seemed pleased, happy the two of them approved.
“I am pleased to hear that, I am glad you have visited me, a feast this evening round a large fire is the least I can do for our close friends and allies” Gower said, he sounded genuinely happy they were both here, a youthful sparkle in his eyes and scales seemed to come through as well.
"Melina and I look forward to it," replied the silver with a dip of his head. "Thank you, Gower."
Gower nodded and smiled.
“Not at all, I am glad you finally came warlord Forge, it has been too long since you come to visit me here, we have much to talk about and other things, but please, get settled, Duroc and a few others have gone out to sea to hunt for our feast tonight” Gower said.
Melina was happy that Gower seemed in really good spirits, she could tell Forge was pleased to be here, though he seemed more reserved and kept emotion at bay, but he was appreciative of the earth dragon’s kind words and excellent hospitality.
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Forge put down Melina’s things at the back of the cave. The floor and walls were polished smooth and it was cool and dry, a safe escape from the heat of the day. Melina seemed pleased with the arrangements which the silver was content with.
He walk out along the beach with her, letting her stretch her legs while they walked back up the path to the cliffs where the feast would be held.
“What do you think of Gower’s coast?” asked the large dragon as he walked slowly beside the woman, a giant silver shadow. He ensured they he didn’t lose her in his long strides, keeping pace with the woman as she navigated over the sandy beach.
"Beautiful, Forge, Kilara is beautiful, he is a lucky dragon to live where he does," Melina said with a smile.
Nodding the warlord looked out over the sea. The remaining coastal dragons were out fishing for the meal. Watching their acrobatics as they plunged into the sea only to burst out moments later with a fish in their jaws was rather entertaining. There were about a dozen remaining coastal dragons that stayed here at Clearwater while the celebrations were underway at Clifftide peaks, a few dozen miles away.
He could hear them calling to one another from over the sea breeze and crashing waves.
“I have always thought Coastals were rather bird-like in their manner,” pondered Forge aloud as they paused to watch them. They hunted much like Cape Gannets, diving seabirds. They had a ferocious speed as they dove into the water, striking back out into the air with their prize.
Coastals also had a tendency to hop when excited and often tilted their head in a rather comical manner. He had seen all this before on his other encounters with the breed but it was interesting to note each time he came across one.
"Yes, they do have that birdlike charm to them, Jack told me that Tarok wants to race Zyra one day, they both very fast dragons" Melina said, walking alongside the warlord.
Forge snorted. “I’m sure he’s fast but no one can seem to match your Boldwing.” The dragoness was fast. Light, delicate scales gave her an advantage against the heavier, armoured plating of other dragons. Her breed was streamlined and built for speed and evasion even though they possessed a fatal attack.
Melina grinned, "We shall see, Zy will do well, I am sure," Melina said confidently. He noticed the certainty.
Forge nodded, “Ardon was prattling on about some gathering of the dragons Earthside at the base.”
Melina nodded, "Yes a big dragon gathering, your worst nightmare come true my silver, lots of young dragons, making a racket" she chuckled lightly.
“Stars save you all.” Forge said, shaking his head. He could just imagine the chaos. He didn’t think Icarus would be one to join in the festivities but you never knew with a gathering like that. Forge could already see Ardon making a fool of himself in front of everyone.
Forge smiled to himself, shaking his head. The warlord seemed a little more relaxed now. Ove his many years, the dragon had travelled the world but being close to the sea was where he seemed to enjoy the most. Surf, sand and the endlessness of it all was comforting in a way that he could not explain. He had been born high in the mountainous regions of Talkiir and he did savour his time there, but something always had called him back to the coast. It was no surprise to himself that he made his home on the Sunbreak Isles.
“Well,” the dragon said, moving on again from where they paused to watch the Coastals, “we should be getting up to the cliffs.” Along the way he explained how he met Gower, and how the Coastal Earth Dragon had come to find himself among the bipedal dragons. It was a sad story, his kind nearly wiped out by the Black Earth Dragons but he had found a new place among the chatty breed, bringing them prosperity and peace.
Soon enough they made it to the top of the cliff and walked along the soft grass towards the common gathering area were the others were beginning to flock to.
“They know humans, having met Jack before. They will be interested to talk with you so enjoy yourself and chat away. I know I am not the best conversationalist. You might as well get your fill while we’re here.” Said the warlord with a small smile.


“Oh come on, Zy, keep up!” called Comox as he turned around and realized the dragoness had fallen behind. He and Ardon winged their way back over to her. The Boldwing tried to put on a smile as they approached but they knew her better than that. Their smiles faded a bit when they drew near.
“You alright, Zy?” asked Ardon. They had tried to take her mind off everything with a little flight around the base grounds now that it had finally stopped raining but it didn’t seem to cut it for Zyra.
“Yeah. Just missing Melina,” she admitted with a shrug. She didn’t like being so broody in front of everyone but it had been hard the last few days.
Comox nodded as he flew alongside her, it had been two weeks and the dragoness seemed listless in the woman’s absence. She tried to keep busy but a bonded dragon would never be able to shake the feeling of something missing when their Attilu wasn’t around.
“How about we take Vonriir over towards London? Jack said we could if we wanted, just not land in the city limits,” suggested Ardon. That kind of adventure might keep her mind off the yearning.
“Sure-“ she started but the boys were already in action, diving down to the hangar doors, giving a yip of excitement. She could hear them shouting the large dragon’s name. as they raced away to fetch him and acquire permission from Jack.
The dragoness sighed and followed them down. At least Vonriir would get a kick out of the little adventure.
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The evening drew in and soon the gigantic fire was lit, large amounts of wood were brought to the giant fire spot, in the middle of the two caves and set alight by the coastal dragons, the flames licked up the wood as it began to burn brightly.
The light from the fire illuminated the whole area, while the warmth from it kept the chilly coastal wind away as the mass east began.
There was no special words or ceremony, just fish piled next to the fire, allowing the guests to have their fish cooked or to be eaten raw, which most of the coastal dragons did, Melina had her giant portions of fish put near the fire to cook, Duroc kept a close eye on the fish while Melina socialised with the others.
She wore silver trousers and a silver streaked hoodie which sparkled in the fire’s glow making her clothes glitter lightly like the warlord’s scales.
Gower observed the human as she spoke to the females there, they all seemed curious and were happy to chat with the human female.
Gower used this time to walk over to where Forge was eating his fill of the fish, keeping Melina firmly in view of the silver dragon.
“I hope the fish are to your satisfaction, there seems to be allot more fish in these waters this year, lucky for us, means we can throw a bigger feast” the blue male said.
"The meal is more than adequate." nodded the silver. "It is good to hear you've had a plentiful year."
Gower nodded sitting down near the silver, giving the dragon some space, as the fire warmed both dragons.
“Melina dons your colours in her clothing, both your silver markings are glittering in the fire we have going here, she holds you quite dear to her heart I can see” Gower said with a small smile.
"She is a great ally to all dragons," said the warlord, shifting the focus off of himself.
Gower had a knowing smile on his face as he changed the subject, he thought it be the best time to suggest his idea.
“I would be honoured if I can show you and Melina round the golden stretch, beautiful beaches and miles of sand, I hope you two would appreciate seeing our prized coastline” Gower said.
"I'm sure she would enjoy that," said forge as he gave a mini bow of gratitude. "She has already said your territory is beautiful. I'm sure she would like to see more of it."
Gower nodded and smiled looking at the woman as she spoke to the dragons, Gower had to smile as the woman seemed to talk almost as much as the coastal dragon’s themselves.
“I can see she is well adjusted in coastal dragon culture, she can chat like the females” Gower chuckled.
Forge gave a small smile. "That she can. She has always tried to immerse herself in our history and standards, she does well for an ambassador for her species."
Gower nodded in agreement.
“She is highly respected and has a drakine title to her name, grand healer, I think allot of dragons owe her their lives, for what she has done for all the dragons on Kilara” Gower said to the silver.
Forge nodded. "This is true. She's been an asset to our kind."
Gower and Forge spoke more on a number of issues while Melina continued chatting with the dragons, the woman seemed happy to talk with them, learning allot of interesting facts about the coastal dragons and building new relationships with them.
All the dragons respected Melina, thanks to her the cure was found for one of the worst illnesses in Kilara history, although under half perished, her cure managed to save the rest and this was appreciated by all the dragons.
Soon the fire began to lost its ferocity and was dying down, the fish that had been stacked now only a few remained as the dragons settled in for the night, Melina yawned and agreed with the others as she made her way back into the cave where Forge was.
“Well, that was an amazing evening, ate my own weight in fish, hope you had a good talk with Gower, I certainly did with the girls” she chuckled lightly, going into her bag to get the blankets.
"I am glad you enjoyed yourself. Gower wishes to know if you would like a tour of a stretch of beach further up the coast tomorrow." Says the silver.
Melina smile could not get any wider as she nodded.
“Yes, that will be fantastic, are you joining us as well for this little tour, along the golden stretch the others mentioned?” she asked.
"Of course,. You are under my guard. I wouldn't let you go unescorted." He replied.
“Good, all that is needed is a good night’s sleep, is it ok that I sleep with you? you got a fire lung, despite the cave holding onto some of the fires heat” Melina asked the silver.
"Of course," nodded forge as he shifted over to give her some space. "Zyra would kill me if I returned you with a cold."
Melina smiled and laid against the silver’s chest as she grabbed the blanket, wrapping it round herself as she settled in to sleep.

The next morning Melina and Forge woke up early and after a hearty breakfast of fish, Gower led them to the golden stretch, it was not a long walk to the golden stretch but already the day was warming up and the breeze from the sea had eased slightly.
Melina wore her summer outfit with sun glasses as she walked alongside the two large dragons, Gower spoke and was giving a tour of the coastline.
Melina marvelled at its beauty, the sand was golden, the water looked clear and there were plenty of palm trees dotted on the hills edge, offering some shade, Melina was near the water, allowing her bare feet to cool as the sand was warm, with the sun beating down Melina was enjoying this.
“This continues a few miles and end on the eastern peninsula, I usually come down here for quiet contemplation and relaxation” Gower said as Melina nodded and smiled.
The dragon followed her and gave a small smile, seeing her enjoy the walk. Using his tail he splashed a little water in her direction in a friendly manner.
Melina darted quickly and laughed, as the flicked some water in her direction, Gower smiled seeing the two of them.
“Oh Forge you pest, you’re lucky I’m in such a good mood I will not retaliate” Melina said looking at the silver, however she was happy he was relaxed here and being a bit more open, she savoured the moment.
The warlord chuckled in response, his own good mood was obvious.
Soon Melina put on her sandals and climbed some rocks as she sat on the top to relax as the dragons stopped for a break, Gower seemed to take a drink from a freshwater stream that made a pool in the rocks, allowing the dragon to drink.
“How are you two enjoying the tour of the golden stretch? It can get quite quiet here which I enjoy, but company is nice once in a while” Gower said as Melina expressed her appreciation to the dragon.
"It is nice here. I have always favoured the coast." Nodded forge
“I agree it is very nice” Melina added.
Gower nodded as he shook himself out and seemed to be limbering up, Melina thought he was going to do an Olympic style sprint down the beach.
Gower approached Forge with a sly smile on his face, “I am sure Melina would appreciate some entertainment, I remember some time ago that we made a vow when you left my lands” Gower said politely.
"Did we? It was so long ago..."'replied forge.
Gower gave a small smile, knowing Forge tone of voice.
"Yes we did, considering the only spectator is Melina, I'd thought it be bold of me to ask a warlord for a friendly tussle, not acting just us, one audience members and the golden sands" Gower said.
"I am not a young drake anymore..." Grumbled the warlord, thinking that a tussle would be rather undignified.
Gower chuckled lightly.
“Nor am I Forge” Gower said as Melina overheard the conversation.
“What you two talking about, judging by Forge’s look, it is something he does not like” Melina smiled looking at the dragons.
"I promised an actual brawl, nearly two decades ago." Said the silver in a begrudging tone.
Melina smiled and looked at the silver.
“You did? that sounds cool, it be interesting to see, you normally repay your promises Forge, as long as I’ve known you” Melina said with a light chuckle.
The silver dragons tail wavered behind him in a mix of irritation and reluctance.
"You are supposed to be on my side, professor." He grumbled under his breath, looking around.
"Fine. I be good to my word then."
Gower smiled as Melina grinned at the warlord’s announcement.
“I am on your side Forge, I am rooting for you, from this very spot, it is a simple play spar, no need for it to get heated, unless your losing” Melina said with a smile.
"I will not” he said, getting some distance between them and the woman to ensure she did not get in the way.
Melina went back onto her rocks as Gower turned to face the warlord.
“Who are you rooting for Hylen Melina?” Gower asked.
Melina grinned.
“My silver of course, I will always back him, unquestionably in a battle or play spar” Melina said as Gower nodded.
Forge thumped his paw in the sand. "Well lets get this over with then."
Melina chuckled at Forge’s reaction, he wanted this done and dusted so he gestured to Gower to focus on that, not to keep the silver waiting.
"Rules if you please Forge so we know" Gower asked.
"No talons or teeth not fire, first to be pinned on a count of three loses. I will not leave the ground of course."
Gower nodded to the warlords rules.
"A count of 10 for the pin" Gower added as he rolled his shoulders.
"Go Forge!" Melina cheered, eagerly awaiting this.
The silver dragon bowed before taking his spot, waiting for Gower to call the beginning of the game.
Gower did the same, showing his respect for the silver before the game was called by Melina, which would catch Forge a little by surprise, the blue earth dragon charged, he was allot faster than Forge had anticipated and was upon him before he realised.
Bracing for the impact, forge took on a strong stance as Gower dashed at him. They collided with a solid crash of scales.
Melina seemed to wince slightly at the collision, Forge moved back a little from Gower as they battle for supremacy in this initial confrontation.
The silver growled, shoving back as he tried to keep his talons from dragging through the fine sand.
Gower was heavier than Forge but he knew the sands well, knowing how to get good traction in the sand as he pushed forward, Forge skidding backwards a little.
Growling again forge tried to gain his footing, using his tail to balance.
“Your very strong..Forge” Gower said in a huff as he battled the silver for the initial supremacy.
As if to put some proof behind that complement the dragon took another step forward.
Gower growled and slide back as he pushed against the warlord hard, this was a test of pure brute strength and Melina could see this clearly.
The silver dragon was holding out, using great strength to hold Gower back. His brow was furrowed and he had a look of focus to his eyes.
Gower kept trying, eyes scrunched tight and teeth bared the large earth dragon pushed against silver scales to get him to budge and overpower him.
The dragons battled on and the old warlord was giving a good show of effort as he held Gower back with increasing difficulty as the game went on.
“Go Forge!” Melina said, cheering the warlord on as the two dragons battled evenly.
With a growl the warlord seemed to harness a burst of power and reared up on his legs. Using his tail the dragon took out Gower's hind legs and toppled him backwards.
Gower toppled backwards and landed on his back with a thump, Gower was on his back as he shook his head and tried to roll over.
The silver attempted to stop the earth dragon from getting his feet under him. With a growl forge made to pin the blue dragon.
“ don’t!” Gower said as he hook his forepaw around Forge’s and threw the warlord away from him as the dragon landed on his side with a thud, sand kicked up.
The silver stumbled, regaining his footing in the sand but immediately charged Gower before he had a change to fully right himself again.
Gower countered, the dragon had experience and good knowledge of battling on the ground as he leapt and body slammed the silver dragon to the ground, Gower took advantage of the situation.
Forge's eyes widened in surprise as he realized he was suddenly on his back.
Gower was on top and went dead weight on the warlord, Gower weight pinning the silver to the sand as he seemed to be a master of utilizing his body weight to his advantage.
Forge huffed, twisting to the side to get his wings positioned in a way that they could help.
The silver growled and shoved his paws at Gower’s blue scales
Gower seemed to have the warlord under control as he began to count the silver out, Melina watched as the warlord seemed on the end of a defeat.
The silver used his paws and hind legs to try to lift the heavy dragon off of him. His teeth barred against the struggle of it.
Gower did not budge, his body weight helped him remain where he was as Forge struggled on against the pin, not one to give up but Gower had the upper paw as he counted out loud up to 4.
Growing and with shaking limbs the silver did everything he could to get himself out of the pin. His face twisted into a snarl as he shoved the other dragon away.
“I think I’m too heavy for you, I admire your effort” Gower said as he counted, Forge was trying but he couldn’t budge Gower so far.
“Keep going Forge” Melina said in encouragement.
Forge glared at the blue dragon and tried to shove him away once more.
“Your up to 6 Forge2 Gower said in a huff as he kept the warlord down, Melina was feeling a little concerned, Forge was finding Gower a heavy opponent to deal with, this is where Earth dragons thrived, in ground battles.
The dragon’s limbs were trembling from effort. Sweat beaded across his nose as he growled, struggling mightily. He held Gower in a fierce glare, his orange eyes aflame.
Gower battled the warlord as it was nearly time up for the silver to move him, but Forge was not giving up.
The warlords focus grew in intensity as he fought on. Growling, he pressed on his limbs shaking with effort.
Gower began to struggle as the warlords strength began to show as Gower snarled and growled back trying to hold him as he counted to 9, leaving Forge not much time.
Coiling his muscles the silver get out a booming roar and threw the dragon off of him, sending sand flying in his sudden movement.
Gower landed hard on the sand as he rolled and stood up upon his feet, “You are one very strong flight dragon Forge, I am impressed” Gower said, panting.
The warlord dipped his head in response to the other dragon’s comment and he panted lightly.
“Whoo!” Melina said as she clapped, watching the warlord back up on his feet.
The next 10 minutes the two males fought fiercely, however as the temperature of the day rose, the fight got slower and looked more strength sapping as finally Forge got the upper claw on Gower, however both of them looked sweaty and tired from their spar fight.
The silver reared up and stepped forward quickly, toppling the other dragon. He didn't start the pin very gracefully. the fatigue that surrounded them both made the silver stumble into the move but he finally managed to put the blue dragon into a pin.
Gower had fought valiantly but Forge had pinned him, although the poor blue earth dragon was sweating, he offered some resistance against the warlord, but it was still weak compared to earlier on in the fight.
The silver wasn't going to give up. He would win this for Melina one way or another. He maintained the pin, shoulders trembling in effort.
Finally, the count of 10 was called Melina clapped and seemed happy, Forge feeling this happiness as she climbed down from the rock as Forge let Gower up.
"Congratulations on your win, that was a challenge " Gower said bowing in respect to the silver.
The silver bowed back in respect. "You put up an impressive fight, Gower." He said as he caught his breath.
Gower smiled lightly.
"I am stronger than I look but we're getting too old for this" Gower chuckled as Melina approached with a grin, Giving Forge front limb a hug, she was pleased with his win and wanted to show her gratitude to the warlord.
The dragon seemed almost surprised but gave a small smile and touched the top of her head with his muzzle. "Your honour defended, Hylen."
Melina hugged his muzzle and kissed him before pulling her head away, remembering that Forge was covered in sweat.
" Urgh I always do that when u guys are sweaty" she said as Gower chuckled lightly at Melina’s reaction as he headed to the sea.
Forge laughed slightly, shaking his head. "Maybe a quick trip down to the ocean would do us good."
Melina agreed walking with the silver
"Proud of you my Silver, you fought well and I was impressed " she said, her words genuine as she smiled up to the silver.
"You are impressed by anything with scales I think," he teased lightly.
Melina gave a sheepish look initially to the silver before responding.
"True, but still I'm currently impressed by silver scales" she chuckled lightly.
"Ah," nodded forge. "Well I am glad to have been entertaining."
"You made me proud Forge, I was rooting for you" Melina said.
"Then I am glad I did not fail you." He said giving a little dip of his head to her.
Melina smiled as they approached the water’s edge.
"You never fail me old faithful Silver though, don't go sparring with Draco..he's older than u" Melina teased lightly, thinking he be king of the old dragons in sparring.
"Well that would be quite disrespectful of me. I wouldn't dream of it." Replied the silver with a smile before stepped into the water to rinse himself off.
He shook out his scales in a dignified manner before stepping back into the beach and dipping his head back down to Melina. "Better?"
Melina put her hands on his muzzle, they were smooth again and not slick with sweat, she smiled and kissed him on the muzzle again with a smile, “Much better” she said.
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The two of them stayed one more might along the coast, enjoying the warm sun and the endless sandy beaches bordered by tall cliffs that stood guard over the ocean. It was relaxing and tranquil, when the Coastals weren’t about to ask hundreds of questions or ask Melina for her opinion or advice on a multitude of topics. Forge had made a quiet inquiry to Gower, asking after any possible word of what happened to Tarok’s parents. The male had shaken his head, he knew of no one who had lost a son by that name.
It wasn’t until the next morning that Forge and Melina got ready to depart from the seaside cliffs. They made their daily walk up the trail to the top off the bluff where they were offered pleasant breakfast to see them out on their way.
"Gower, I would like to thank you for your hospitality.” Said the warlord, giving a graceful bow “We beat be on our way before Zyra sends out a search party and hunts me down for having her Attilu away for so long."
Gower smiled, " it is an honour to host you here, you are all welcome here in our lands, I think a win against you another time warlord" he said.
“When my scales have long turned to dust,” replied the silver. He shifted over and looked down as Melina walked passed him to give her appreciation.
"Thank you Gower, for everything" Melina said.
Gower bowed respectfully before the woman, "You honour us with your visit, Hylen Melina, fair winds on your return home."
Forge nodded and let Melina up upon his back, securing her items before he opened his wide wings. He leapt off the Cliffside and into the arms of the breeze coming off the see before angling south. The remaining coastals escorted them down to the far stretch of the beach before shouting their own goodbyes, watching them fly off into the distance.
Forge flew steadily on, as the ground slowly changed as they passed by.
After some time in the air, the silver finally spoke as they glided over the coast. "I hope you... Enjoyed your Kilara tour. To some extent at least- I know I was a bit difficult at the beginning."
Melina smiled putting her hand on the silver's shoulder as they flew. He turned his head slightly to look at her.
"I loved our time together, I am glad you been open with me as I have with you, I have loved being on this adventure with you," Melina said with verbal honesty and Forge would feel that happiness and joy in Melina, slowly trickling through.
"It is not easy talking about the past. I applaud your patience with such an old silver scale."
"And I am grateful you allowed me to… honour her, properly and with dignity after all this time, I know it hurt, but it was something I had to do for her" Melina said.
"And I am glad for it," replied the dragon quietly, thinking of the memorial and the gold pendant that hung there now.
Melina smiled slightly, "I know you are, thank you for doing this for me, I really do appreciate it" she said. Forge turned back to look straight on to where he flew and smiled slightly to himself.
Soon enough familiar landscapes rose up to meet them. They crossed over the land and beaches where Melina had healed so many dragons before breaking out over the ocean towards the archipelago.
As they approached the island they could see the large coppery shape of Bronan who was sunning himself atop some rocks. He raised his head as he heard their approach, getting up and leaping down onto the sand.
"Welcome travellers! Did you enjoy your kidnapping, I mean adventure?" He teased with a grin as Forge landed and let Melina down.
Melina chuckled "Get him back for that comment Forge, when I'm gone of course" she said quietly to the silver before waving at Bronan.
"Yes, it was very good, enlightening" Melina said.

"Enlightening? Dear brother, you actually carried on a conversation?" Laughed Bronan.
“I can converse just fine, with the right company.” Said Forge dryly.
Melina smiled but spoke up in defence of the silver.
"He has been brilliant Bronan, so no picking on him, it has been an excellent adventure for me" Melina said proudly.
Bronan gave a deep bow that brought his nose right down to the sand. "Oh apologies, Hylen," he chuckled while forge rolled his eyes, not impressed with his brother’s antics. It was no wonder where Ardon got his ridiculous nature from.
Melina came over and gave Bronan's muzzle a pet, using the same smoothing technique she used on all the dragons.
"You are forgiven Bronan" she chuckled lightly.
“Ah well, that’s mighty kind of you,” smiled the copper dragon.

Forge gathered Melina’s things and together they walked towards the portal. There was a melancholy taking over the Silver, now that he was on the verge of watching her leave. This small woman made him feel so vulnerable and afraid and powerful all at once. The echoes of Brathille had never died out and it had been too much to fathom all at once. He had to let it all go, for Zyra held her place as guardian and he would never challenge that.
"This is where I leave you," said forge as he paused in front of the portal. "Thank you.... For... Well, and - I'm sorry," he fumbled overhead words trying to sound stoic and apologetic all at once.
Melina nodded and smiled at the dragon.
"I understand, thank you again and... for everything" Melina said before disappearing back to Torchwood 5 as the portal then shut itself off.
Forge let out a breath as the portal powered off, closing his eyes and bowing his head. He remained there for a moment in silent reflection before turning away, to go find solace in the quiet of his cave.

Melina had stepped through the portal with her bags and found herself in a quiet room. As she made her way down the hall she did not see any activity. The base was quiet today, evidently. It wasn’t till a few minutes passed by that there was a mad ticking of talons on the floor could be heard approaching.
"Mel!" Called Zyra as she raced up to meet her. The dragoness seemed to have sensed the moment that the woman had stepped back onto the earth side of the shimmering archway. Throwing on the brakes the dragoness came skidding to a halt and hugged Melina tightly, giving the poor woman an enthusiastic greeting accompanied with a thrum and licks across her cheek.
Melina laughed as she tried to contain the boldwing’s happiness at her return, she could feel the joy and happiness bounce across the link as they were once more close to one another. “I am so glad you’re back! I’ve missed you!” she could not hold back the joy in her voice at being reunited again.
"Oh, I've missed you too, missed you so much my girl" Melina said.
"Please tell me I don't need to kick anyone's tail in," she mumbled, nuzzling the woman's cheek with her snout.
Melina laughed lightly and shook her head, "No you do not, everything is good now, were all ok," the woman said smoothing the bold wing's pearly scales with her hands.
“Good,” said the dragoness firmly. “Come, tell me about your trip…”
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Melina and Zyra walked back to their quarters where Melina put her bags down, Zyra felt so happy the woman was back and Melina felt the happiness at being close to her once more, it was a nice to feel the closeness of the dragoness back again.
Without the link it did feel lonely, whereas she felt she had company again.
Melina sat down with Zyra as she talked about her adventure, Melina noticed she had caught the sun on her arms, legs and face, her skin no longer pink but a brown bronze like colour.
Melina told Zyra of her adventures, where he had taken her, some beauty spots, time with the coastal dragons and the feasts and tour of Gower’s lands, she did not tell Zyra of what had caused this hurt or their visit to Tavalia’s resting place, she did not want to hurt the dragoness.
She described to Zyra she took some notes from the coastal dragons and remedies they recommended, it would increase her knowledge of the breed and keep Torchwood 7 up to date on Tarok.
“So, it was an adventure, Forge was very good and looked after me, it was indeed an experience and I am glad he decided to be a gentleman about it and I think we have made amends for what happened, settled everything” Melina said to Zyra with a smile.
"Well, that's good then. I'm still not impressed with him making you upset in the first place but I am glad he was able to fix things." Said the bold wing. "Saves me from kicking his butt."
Melina smiled lightly.
“Yes, he was very wary of you, apparently, you are not a dragoness to mess with when I am upset” Melina said giving Zyra a pet on the muzzle.
“Amazing how a large warlord can turn his heels at the sight of an angry Bold wing female” Melina added.
"It's only because I'm a spitter. If I was a regular Talkiir breed he wouldn't be so cautious," smiled the dragoness.
Melina nodded in agreement, she had to admit, having a spitter dragon as a guardian had its advantages, many dragons feared the bold wings and usually attacked first before they could unleash their acid.
However Melina had found they were nothing like the tales from the other dragons and they were quite timid with other species and had good allies in the Brindlebacks.
“Well, Bold wings are not what many on Kilara make out, your quite a passive species really, I just think your pretty feisty anyways, bonding with me just added more petrol to your flame” Melina grinned lightly.
Zyra laughed, "that may be true. Ah, in any case I'm just so happy that you're back. Never leave me to babysit the boys alone again!"
Melina chuckled lightly at Zyra’s comments.
“Were they THAT bad while I was gone?, they are supposed to look after themselves and with Vonriir but I suppose you need the girls to keep their paws firmly in line” Melina said.
She was interested to hear the stories that had been going on the last couple of weeks while she had been around Kilara, what was all going on here, she did notice she had a new pass on the table near her bed.
"Just too much testosterone in here. I hope the next member to the academy is a dragoness," she laughed.
Melina seemed amused by the comment.
“Ah, so missed my femaleness is it then?, the boys bit too much to handle?” Melina queried.
Zyra smiled, "nah they were alright... I just like to tease them. Ardon was really good surprisingly. Helped keep my mind busy so I wouldn't worry too much."
Melina nodded getting up and stretching as she yawned.
“Well, I am glad, it was a awkward feeling, not being able to sense you, felt quite alone in my thoughts and feelings, as soon as I stepped back onto Earth I instantly felt your presence, it was comforting” Melina said with a smile.
"Same. It was rather lonely, in awhile other sense of the word when you're bonded," Zyra agreed.
“Well, I am back now, all be it tanned and looking like I been bag packing in the Australian outback, I hope all was kept well in the labs, but you can tell me more once I’ve had a shower and a coffee” Melina said with a smile.
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Zyra was delighted to have Melina back at the base and so was everyone else. They had a lovely dinner together to welcome her back. Ardon was pleased to tell her about the drills they completed and their new roles and task they had been assigned by Daniel. Slowly everyone got into the new routines and Melina and Zyra got back to the swing of things. The dragoness seemed content now that all was well between her Attilu and Forge. Tensions had risen to exponential levels when everything first had happened so it was nice to be back to normal. The Boldwing did respect Forge greatly but it was good to have him in her good books again.
Dusk had slowly rolled in a few days later, setting the base grounds in a soft twilight. It was quiet on the property except for some sudden cursing down in the grass.
“Hhmmph!” grunted a small creature as he dragged a large bag, nearly as big as he was, towards the steel grating of an air vent that stuck out discreetly from the ground. It was a small dragon, standing just over a foot at the shoulder when walking on all fours. But nearly five feet in length which was mostly made up of a long and whip like tail. While tiny, his proportions were long and snakelike, his body serpentine like the depictions of eastern dragons except he possessed wings and more reminiscent of a western dragon.
Brilliant markings of crimson adorned his webbed ruff that rose out from his cheeks and dotted along the edge of his wing. A garnet stripe raced down the full length of his tail as well while the rest of him was a deep, charcoal with points of black and downy grey. Over his scales the dragon seemed so possess a softer layer, a gentle suede like finish to the top of his scales that got thicker like fur along his neck and rump.
The dragon lugged the back over and set it down with a huff, panting lightly. He brushed his forepaws off and sat on his haunches while he surveyed the thick metal grate that covered the air intake for the ventilation. Running his talons around the edge of it he tested its durability. Scratching his chin, the little dragon turned to his bag, unzipped it and pulled out a multibit screwdriver. He selected the head needed for the job and set to unscrewing the metal grate, all the while humming to himself.
With a metal ting, the grate came loose. The little dragon caught it and set it on the ground quietly. Putting his paw on the upper edge of the intake, he peered inside, taking in a breath, scenting the air. He looked over his shoulder before grabbing the strap of his bag and dragged it into the metal duct before leaning the grate back to where it was to cover his entry. He made a few steps forward before stopping, tilting his head to listen. He heard nothing to his surprise.
“Infiltrated, that took all of...” he grabbed a rather fancy looking watch from out of the bag, “a minute and 6 seconds. Come on, Torchwood, you’re disappointing me, here.”
He replaced the tool and the watch, zipping up the bag and dragged it behind him as he stealthily scurried through the ductwork. He was careful to keep his talons up in order to make minimal noise but the sound of the bag dragging across the metal was unavoidable. The dragon found a wider spot over a diffuser and stopped here. Peering down he could see that he was over a large room that smelled greatly of other dragons. He set his bag downwind of the diffuser, making a mental note of where he left it before grabbing the multitool and carried on down the ductwork. To his chagrin this ventilation system was separated from other wings, for safety reasons it appeared.
“Well at least you get points for that.” He scoffed. Using the screwdriver he opened a diffuser and peered down into the hall. The coast was clear so the little dragon snapped open his small wings and glided down to the floor, holding his multitool with his prehensile tail.
He landed and scurried over to the wall, hiding behind a few chairs that lined the hallway. His hawk-like eyes looked out into the hall with suspicion. Once he ensured that everything was quiet he ventured onward, keeping a sharp eye out for anything. The dragon lunged behind a potted plant as Toby walked by on the way to the canteen. The little dragon sat curled around the plant and waited for his opportunity to move again. Stealthily he navigated through the halls, looking for something but not finding it to his frustration. He luckily hadn’t come across any of the dragons in his travels, he had a method to his plan and he didn’t want to go off track if he didn’t have to.
Making a left he found himself in the office wing of Torchwood. He read the names across the doors and found one left ajar.
“Hm,” he dragon peered inside and spotted Mark, leaning over his tablet as he sat at his desk.
“Bingo,” the dragon said to himself as he walked over.
“Mr. De Santa?” asked the dragon as he walked around the man’s desk. Mark didn’t seem to notice so the dragon stood up on his haunches beside his desk chair.
“Mark Stuart De Santa?” the dragon tried again, maybe his memory from the photos deceived him and this wasn’t the man he thought he was.
Mark looked up and was puzzled, he heard his name but there was no one there, he looked around his office, wondering if he was hearing things.
“Down here,” Huffed the tiny dragon, tapping his back foot in irritation. He stared up at the man with bright yellow-green eyes and a resolute expression made fierce by the bold, dark markings on his face.
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Mark looked down and his eyes came across the dragon, one he had never seen before, his markings were bold and he looked completely different to what the other dragons looked like.
Mark did not understand what he was seeing, there was no record or anything mentioned bringing another dragon here, nothing on Jack’s rota and Melina did not mention anything when she got back through the portal.
“What the..bloody hell, who are you, where did you come from” Mark said, looking a little surprised there was this dragon in his office.
The little dragon jumped back at Mark's response. "I came through the damn door," he hissed, pointing at it. "I need to speak to your commander. Where is he?"
Mark looked at the door and frowned lightly at it before bringing his eyes back to the dragon, not use to looking down upon a dragon.
“How did you get into this base? We are not expecting any dragons coming from Kilara, where have you come from little dragon” Mark said.
"I flew over from California," huffed the dragon, jumping up onto Mark's desk so he wouldn't have to look up at him. "and I have a name, thank you. Sheesh. Little dragon... Do you want me to call you 'absurd human'?"
Mark seemed bewildered by this dragon, he looked at his wings and seemed unsure how to deal with this little dragon.
“Hang on, you flew? With those wings?, you haven’t come from Kilara then? That means you illegally broke into the base” Mark said, some assertion in his voice.
"It wasn't all that hard," scoffed the dragon, folding his arms in rather a human like fashion. "For a base that's just acquired a new security chief Torchwood is severely lacking complete protection."
Mark shook his head, bringing his hand upto his forehead to try and understand the dragon before him.
“So you flew, with your wings over from the USA, broke into our top secret underground base, somehow have all our names and are demanding to see the commander?” Mark asked.
"First, 'sir', I came over on a plane, the rest is all correct. Where is Commander Harkness?" replied the dragon, getting short with Mark now.
Mark frowned at the dragon.
“You’re not in a position to demand dragon, you give me one reason why I should not sound the intruder alarm and bring every security person here, including the dragons” Mark threatened, folding his arm.
"Because this is a dragon academy and I am a dragon. One who has valuable information pertaining to the issues you've been having with the archives." He sneered back.
Mark seemed to look inpatient with this cocky young dragon.
“And why should I believe a dragon who broken in here and could be classified a threat to us, regardless if this is a dragon academy, I am most concerned how you know all this information” Mark said.
"I didn't BREAK anything!" The dragon replied with a scowl. "I came through the damn vent. I thought walking in would be a dumb idea to just try walking in through the front doors. I come as someone who has valuable information to give you."
Mark did not seem impressed.
“A spy or a pain in the ass I think is the correct tone, I take you to Jack but if he decides to throw you in chains, then your going in chains and then back to Kilara, come on and don’t try anything funny” Mark warned him.
"Well aren't you the friendly host." Snorted the dragon, hopping off the desk. "After you." He gestured with a sarcastic manner.
Mark reluctantly led the small dragon down the corridor and towards Jack’s quarters, the base was quiet so luckily there were no odd looks or people to question, Mark was not trusting of this little dragon at all, especially how he broke in, Mark would order Daniel to review security of all air vents and base CCTV camera’s.
Soon they arrived and he buzzed the door, soon Jack’s voice could be heard as the doors opened, Jack turned to see Mark with a visitor, Jack looked puzzled looking at Mark, then the small dragon.
Ardon sat up, looking confused, he didn't expect anyone through. "Hello?"
The little dragon gave the slightest of bows , "ah Ardon, you're bigger than you seem on TV." He turned to Jack.
"Commander Harkness. I've travelled a long way in hopes for an exchange."
Jack seemed to look little confused at what or where this dragon came from before Mark spoke.
“He came in asking for you, how he came in was through a security breach, he has come from the USA and not dragon world” Mark said bluntly.
Jack sat more upright.
“Hrmm, interesting, so how we may we be of assistance to you?” Jack asked giving Mark a nod as he left them to it, the door shutting behind him.
Ardon gave the dragon a suspicious look, not liking how he so easily breached the facility.
"I would like to offer a trade. I have information revolving around the Archives that have been giving you lot some grief..."
Jack looked at Ardon then back to this dragon, first of all how did he know all of this information, then secondly how did he know of the archive issues.
“You must understand young dragon, Security and secrecy is our main aim game, you knowing all about our operations, the base location and gaining access to our base is extremely concerning to me, as this is all classified information, how have you obtained information on us” Jack asked.
"That's my secret and what makes me valuable." Said the dragon haughtily. "If I give that up you'll just ship me back off to Kilara and I won't have that."
Jack looked a little puzzled at the dragon’s reply, this dragon knew allot and that was dangerous and was a risk to the organization but Jack played these issues cool for now.
“Well, how you got to earth is a question for another time, why you don’t want to go back to Kilara is another and thirdly how we should see you, as a threat or a friend” Jack said to the dragon.
The little dragon rolled his eyes. "I didn't come here as a threat. I thought for a dragon academy you'd be a little more welcoming to dragons..." He scoffed. "Stop scowling at me you great golden lump, you should be thanking me for finding a flaw in your security." He pointed at Ardon accusingly.
The gold dragon gave a low growl.
Jack put his hand up to hush Ardon, before looking down at the dragon.
“Yes, agreed we are a dragon academy with strict rules and are under regulation, but usually dragons do not demand an open arms welcome when they have slipped through our security, which if you met Mark, he will be onto this exposure….now what is it you are after in exchange for Archives information” Jack said sounding like he was willing to listen to this intruder.
"While I would rather not like to give up my lifestyle I've become accustom to in California but it's become too difficult to remain hidden and maintain my way of life," explained the dragon.
"I would offer to trade my information and the skills I have in exchange for residence here."
Ardon snorted at the idea. "Some information that might not be useful to us in exchange to feed and shelter you? That doesn't seem quite fair."
The little dragon gestured to himself. "Does it look like I eat a lot? My yearly expense for food would be a snack to you, drake."
Jack seemed a give a small smile at the dragon’s upfront and cocky tone of voice, he had to admire the confidence he had in himself, then again, he did waltz into the so called most secure facility in the world.
“So essentially you are claiming asylum in our academy, who knows of your existence, you have not come with baggage or skeletons in the closet? I should not put the base on red alert” Jack asked him.
"Well the idiot who brought me over from Kilara years ago knows I escaped but he wouldn't dare say a word to anyone knowing that he would have to answer to smuggling a dragon back to earth. Humans have seen me perhaps in passing but no one would believe them." Replied the dragon.
Jack scratched his head as he tried to think what to do with this dragon.
“Well, this academy is about building relationships between humans and dragons, we do stamp out corruption and try not to have a toxic atmosphere between Earth and Kilara, Ardon here is head of the guardian project, so if you read our files you know what this place is all about” Jack said.
"I don't know everything, but yes I have a general understanding." nodded the dragon.
“Well, for now I think it best to put you up in your own quarters and perhaps discuss this more in the morning in the dragon part of the base” Jack said.
"We should have someone posted at his quarters doors, or have his quarters under lock down." Said Ardon.
"I think not! I didn't wilfully walk in here to be your prisoner, Goldie, if I wanted that I could have chanced it in Cali."
“Ardon makes a valid point, I appreciate you coming here with information but we can both agree your entrance has been unorthodox, the only other suggestion is for you to sleep in these quarters, I have spare blankets and other things to make you comfortable” Jack offered trying to compromise.
Ardon looked like he wanted to protest such an invasion of his space but said nothing.
The little dragon tool notice of this and smiled. "That sounds a little better." He said with a small bow that Ardon found rather condescending.
Jack nodded and got up, going ot his bed to get the spare blankets and pillows that were kept there, Jack came and made a sort of makeshift bed on the large sofa in the room.
“I do all of this for you but I warn you, your not to leave the quarters or touch or access any of the systems, that is the terms of your stay in these quarters, I hope you will not break our trust on this” Jack said with assertiveness in his voice.
“Or you have to deal with Ardon here, but here is your little bed” Jack added.
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“Yeah, yeah I won’t pull anything,” said the small grey dragon, climbing up onto the couch. Ardon didn’t go to his own bed but lay on the floor beside Jack’s and rested his great head on the edge of the mattress. He guarded his Attilu from the spot and could keep the other dragon directly in the line of sight. Jack locked up their quarters and settled in to sleep.
Ardon watched as the stranger fussed with the blankets, pulling them this way and that before coiling up to sleep. His vibrant eyes opened after a while, looking directly at Ardon.
“Quit staring at me,” he hissed. “I’m not going anywhere after all this trouble.”
The gold male gave a low growl, not liking this strange dragon’s attitude at all. Jack put his hand on Ardon's golden scales to calm him down, he understood the frustration but they had to be somewhat diplomatic.
"Calm Ardon, it's ok" Jack said. Ardon put his head back down and relaxed only ever so slightly but eventually everyone fell asleep once it was apparent that the newcomer wasn’t going anywhere.

Morning soon came and the dragon was right where they left him, but laying on his back upon the couch, reading one of Ardon’s books that had been left on the side table. He turned when he heard Jack wake and Ardon shift over, awakened by the noise.
"Good morning, I hope you slept well. I forgot I did not ask your name, “Jack replied to the small dragon as he got ready for the day. Ardon yawned as he sat up and stretched.
“I slept fine. My name-“ the dragon proceeded to make a rather strange sound which made both ardon and Jack stop what they were doing and stare. The little creature looked like he was anticipating a reaction of some sort as a small devilish smile crossed his lips.
“That’s old Drakine …I think,” said the gold, puzzled. There was no way a human could ever repeat such a name.
"Have you got another name, I cannot pronounce that," Jack said to the dragon.
The dragon smiled and pondered for a moment. He thought about a TV programme he had seen recently, "Veyron. Like the super car... Yes. I think that would work."
Ardon snorted. This tiny dragon wanted to be named after an old supercar that in its time had set amazing records. Seemed ridiculous to him.
"Ok, that is good Veyron, you know all of us anyways," Jack said with a smile.
“I know of you,” corrected Veyron.
"I know it is against my better judgement but in interest of mutual respect and all, would you come down to breakfast with me and Ardon" Jack asked Veyron.
"I promise I won't be running off with your secrets if that's what you're worried about. As long as no one locks me up or roasts me you're safe." Said the little dragon, hopping off the couch and following Jack and Ardon to the door.
"Well that is good to hear, do you walk on all fours mostly or on two legs?" Jack asked the dragon as they walked down to the canteen.
“Fours mostly. It’s faster,” said Veyron. Seeing him scurry after them was almost comical, having to take many quick strides to keep up.
They entered the canteen and Veyron looked around in suspicion briefly before settling on the idea that it was safe. He hopped up onto a chair so that he could sit at the table. Ardon sat on the other side of Jack and turned as Toby walked up to take their breakfast requests.
“Ah, a new friend,” said Toby, not flustered by a new visitor. “What will you have?”
“Coffee, with sugar. No milk. Toast, eggs and bacon,” Veyron ordered with an air of confidence that rubbed Ardon the wrong way. Soon enough Toby went back off to the kitchens to prepare their breakfast.
"So, tell me, how did you end up on Earth from Kilara, also how you kept under our and the EA's radar," Jack asked.

“Well,” said the dragon, looking up as a mug of coffee was placed in front of him. “Some grunt on one of the ships that came to Kilara captured me, thinking I was a kit -a hatchling- and thought he could make a fortune selling me on earth. Kept me hidden the whole way back to this planet after humans abandoned Kilara. We landed in Flagstaff, Arizona where he kept me locked in a freaking terrarium while he proceeded to freak about once he realized the magnitude of what he had done.”
Veyron took a sip of his coffee before proceeding. “I managed to escape shortly after. The guy lived in the middle of freaking nowhere. I stole his truck-“
“You drove?” snorted Ardon, sceptically.
“Yes,” sneered the dragon. “Well… tried to. Took his keys and managed to start the thing. Crashed it a few dozen miles away. Braking is difficult when you can’t reach the pedals.”
Food came out shortly after and the little dragon ate with a satisfied look. “Mmm, haven’t had warm food in stars know how long. Anyway, I knew I wouldn’t survive out there. Ended up hitching a ride on busses and found myself in LA. Hopped around different residences. Worked my way up once I got the hang of living in a human city. It’s surprisingly easy to hide in a place that busy, when you’re my size at least. No one takes notice, its so strange but you learn the most interesting things that way. So, hopped between places, moving when things got a little too dangerous for my liking. The last year I had been living in some rich investor’s penthouse. Real ritzy. He was almost always abroad so I took advantage.” The dragon said, with an air of wistfulness as if he missed it. He recalled the grand apartment on the top floor of a high rise in the middle of the bustling city. Giant windows took in the skyline. Here Veyron had called this place home, using the man’s amenities while he was away, with not a care in the world. He had gone from a scavenging creature, barely getting by on the food that human’s had thrown away to nicking meals at five star restaurants and ordering in food and whatever else he wanted online. It had been a rather glamorous life but one that had too many close calls towards the end.
“So, you traded that all away?” said Ardon.
“Had to, for my own safety. The wrong kind of people began checking into strange reports of my sightings,” replied Veyron, “Trading life in the lap of luxury to, well… this.” He gestured to the room around them with an unimpressed look. This was far from the lavish penthouse he had grown accustomed to.
Ardon frowned. He loved his home and he grew defensive over it. “You better hope you have something worthwhile to divulge if you think you get to stay here.”
A deviant grin crossed Veyron’s face, sharp teeth exposed. “Oh, Goldie, if only you knew half the things I did…”

To Be Continued
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