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Unread Jan 9th, 2017, 09:18 AM   #1
the listener
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Jack & Ardon: Unwelcome Ally

Picking right up where we left off at the end of A Silver's Regret

Ardon ate his breakfast, sitting next to Jack, while the little grey dragon that showed up in their facility unannounced ate his own across the table. The dragon who called himself Veyron, stood no taller than a person’s hip when standing on his hind legs. He had almost Eastern Dragon proportions with a long serpentine body. He had appeared in the late evening, claiming to have snuck through the vents without raising alarm. It was only after he demanded to see Jack that a bit of light was slowly being shed on his story. Ardon wasn’t keen to believe him, his backstory sounding rather like tall tales. The gold dragon wasn’t liking the dragon already; Veyron seemed to extrude a sort of unwarranted confidence, and seemed rather entitled.
He knew Jack wanted things to be amiable so he tried to suppress his attitude towards this newcomer.

"So," started Veyron as he looked over the table at Jack once he finished the small meal that Toby had brought out to him, "what say you? Will you allow me to stay?"
The gold male couldn’t believe that Veyron was already pushing for an answer.
"We just met you," snorted Ardon abruptly, "We've known you for ...12 hours and most of that time we were sleeping. You think he can make a decision already?"
"I agree with Ardon, however since you sought us out we could allow you to stay for the time being but limited access around the facility" Jack said trying to compromise.
Veyron didn’t seem impressed with this response. He climbed out of the chair and onto the table so he could see eye to eye with Jack.
"And what does that entail?" Asked the little dragon, folding his arms and frowning. "I do not want to find myself a prisoner here.” Ardon could already see Veyron calculating his escape should he be told otherwise, the way his gaze flicked to the corners of the great room, searching for routes out. It was subtle but Ardon didn’t miss the small gestures.
"You will have access to the common room, dragon academy and your own quarters if you so wish instead of sharing mine and Ardon’s room, but Professor Melina’s labs, IT and other sensitive areas are off limits" Jack replied.
With his arms still folded, the little dragon tapped his foot as he considered his options. After a moment of thought Veyron nodded, "How long will I be on this probation for?"
"When you proven you are no threat or have anything sinister, then I will grant you more freedoms there will still be some areas you will not go because of their unique nature" Jack said to the small dragon.
An almost inaudible grumble came from Veyron but he relented and sighed. “Fine, if that’s how it must be,” he replied before his voice got more stern, “But if for a second I think that you’re trying to lock me up send me off to Kilara I am flying the coop whether you like it or not,” he said, pointing a talon at Jack accusingly which Ardon found very rude. The man seemed to brush off the little dragon’s threats and change the subject.
"Come Veyron, I show you to your quarters in the dragon academy we got a few rooms for you to choose from" Jack said gesturing for the dragon to follow.
Veyron agreed, hopping off the table and following the man as Ardon fell into step with his Attilu, keeping an eye on the newcomer.
Jack showed the dragon five of the rooms that were currently not taken. Veyron inspected each one was a very critical eye. It wasn’t until Jack opened the door to the last one that the little dragon walked around and hummed. It was the largest unoccupied room, done up in a modern style and not like the rocky, natural ones the other habitats boasted.
"This one will do," said Veyron, looking around, "You guys have something against windows, don't ya? It's like living in a shoebox."
Ardon tried to hide his appalled disbelief at the dragon’s entitlement in choosing the largest room. The dragon could easily have been stuffed in a closet and been just fine, he thought with a growl, now he was critiquing the place he sought asylum.
"We're underground Veyron, sadly it's part of the base design, I hope these quarters will suit you" Jack replied.
“It will do fine,” he nodded. Ardon begrudgingly showed him how to open the door. The little dragon would not be able to lock it himself so that they could ensure access in case anything happened while he was under supervision while they figured out what to do with him. He protested slightly, saying his valuables could be stolen but Jack reassured him that they would be safe.
“What valuables?” asked Ardon, cocking his head to the side.
“Non of your business,” snorted Veyron as they closed the door to his room and ventured back out into the hall, thinking about how he would go about getting his hidden bag of things without anyone taking notice. The little dragon paused as he felt the flood shake slightly. His eyes widened as he tried to figure out what was happening when Vonriir appeared from out of his room two door down.
"Holy ****!" Exclaimed Veyron as Vonriir lumbered towards them. He dashed behind Jack and climbed up his shoulder, hackles raised in alarm. "It's freaking huge!"
Jack tried hard not to burst out laughing as he glanced at Ardon to see his reaction.
"Relax, it is only Vonriir, he's our biggest dragon here" Jack explained as the dragon clung onto his shoulder.
“I thought I heard voices out here. Good morning,” said the massive dragon, peering down at them.
“Von, this is Veyron, he’s staying with us…. For now,” said Ardon, which got a glare from the little dragon.
“Welcome, Veyron,” he chuckled. “You don’t have to worry about any harm from me.”
“Ya, I think I do,” the little dragon snorted as he jumped off Jack’s shoulder. “Watch where you’re stepping. I didn’t come all the way to this miserably rainy island to get crushed.”
“I can assure you I’ll watch where I’m going,” replied Vonriir good naturedly.
"Right, I have a meeting now with the other senior staff, Ardon will be with you to help and ensure to stay out of trouble…have fun" Jack said giving Ardy a nod.
Ardon gave Jack a look that showed he was not happy being left to babysit but the man was already walking away.
“Have you had breakfast yet? I’m going to the canteen,” offered Vonriir.
“Yes, we already ate. We’ll meet you in the dragon hanger later?” said Ardon.
“Sure. See you later,” nodded the massive dragon, turning and lumbering back down the hall towards the common area.
“Jesus, Torchwood pays to feed that thing? I’ve seen him on TV but he’s bigger in person,” scoffed Veyron.
“Well you’re what, two feet tall, of course he’s going to be huge to you,” said Ardon.
Veyron rolled his eyes, “Not everyone can be a giant lump of scales. Anyway, what’s this dragon hanger?”
“It’s where we hang out. Maybe the others are awake and I’ll introduce you,” Ardon grumbled, leading him down the hall. About half way there he felt talons scrambling up his leg. He stopped and snapped his head around to where Veyron had taken a seat on his back.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he demanded.
“If you haven’t noticed, my legs are far shorter than yours and this facility is massive. It’s going to be a freaking hike just to get breakfast every morning. If you want me to go with you I have to catch a lift every once in a while. ”
Ardon grumbled but didn’t protest, allowing to be made into a fire breathing taxi to cart around this rude little dragon.
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While Ardon reluctantly carried his passenger on board his golden back, they arrived at the dragon hanger just as Melina and Zyra had come into land.
Melina was undoing the buckles from the harness from the bold wing, the two of them up for an early morning flight to start the day off, plus she was notified of a meeting.
"Thank god, females actually do live here," said Veyron, hopping off Ardon's shoulder before the gold could say anything.
"Hey Angel Face. You're even prettier than on TV,"
Zyra looked around in confusion for example voice but then spotted Veyron as he sauntered up.
Melina turned hearing an unusual voice as she looked to where Zyra had her yellow eyes gazed upon a very small dragon, one she had never seen before.
“Oh, hello there, you are new to this place” Melina said kindly looking at Ardon and seeing the look of distain on his face for this other dragon.
The little dragon extended his paw to shake her hand, "Name's Veyron," he said, putting on the charm.
"He broke into the facility. Jack is talking with the others about what to do with him," snorted Ardon.
Melina looked puzzled as she shook the dragons paw, “Nice to meet you Veyron….broke in Ardon?” Melina asked confused about the situation that led to him being there.
"I... Got into the building the only way I knew how that wouldn't raise alarms. I don't exactly want outsiders to know I'm here. Golden boy here is a little sour I managed to get in unnoticed," explained Veyron.
"You got in past security?" Asked Zyra, surprised and somewhat impressed. Veyron nodded. "Stealth is my middle name."
Melina was also quietly impressed with this feat, she could just imagine Mark and Daniel having a few exchanges at the moment.
“I see, well you are a very unique dragon Veyron, seems we now got the smallest and largest dragons on Earth it seems” Melina said with a small smile.
"Well, as Ardon said, my stay here might be temporary, waiting on the higher ups approval in guessing," replied Veyron as he climbed up to Melina's shoulder. "Could you put in a good word for a destitute fellow like me?"
Melina was a bit surprised he made his way up to her shoulder and spoke to her, the dragon seemed pretty quick and nimble, his words seemed to make her smile, the woman was clever and she could see the dragon was trying on the charm with her and Zyra.
“I am sure Jack will not send you away, I do want to hear about you and how you came to be on earth and not Kilara, just keep on people’s good side Veyron, were all pretty friendly here” Melina said.
"I'll do my best. So, you bonded to the Iban'tu's princess over here?" Asked Veyron.
Melina chuckled lightly as Ardon seemed to scowl at this dragon but Melina did not notice it, Melina found him fascinating but also took on board what Ardon had said.
“Yes I am, this is Zyra, she is my bonded guardian dragon, we have two bold wing’s here, Zyra and a male called Comox” Melina explained.
"Ah I haven't met him yet. Pleasure to meet you in person, Zyra. I was introduced to the mountain and of course Ardon here. Who else have you got hiding about here?" He asked. "There's that silver one I've seen a few times on the news... Forge, right?"
Melina smiled.
“He is away for a little while, you wont see much of him unless there is a problem or any issues going on here, which for now seems pretty quiet around here” Melina said, not wanting to reveal the portal.
Veyron got a sense that she was hiding something but did not press, "well all in good time."
"Maybe we could go to the canteen and hear about your story. Melina did say she's interested and I'm sure everyone else would like to hear,"
Suggested Zyra.
Melina nodded but a beep from her side communicator meant she had a meeting to attend to.
“Seems I am summoned elsewhere, why not mingle with the other dragons, we be along soon I am sure” Melina said to the dragons.
"Well it was a pleasure being introduced. I'm sure I'll see you around," said Veyron, jumping down from his perch upon her shoulder.
"You can join us in the lounge. I'm sure Comox will be up by now and you can meet him," offered Zyra as Ardon still didn't look too happy about the whole thing.
Melina smiled and waved as she headed off to the meeting with the other senior members of staff, while the dragons headed back to the canteen where the massive dragon Vonriir would be having his morning meal.
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the listener
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Veyron had hopped up to Zyra’s shoulder to be carried back. Ardon wrinkled his nose in distain but kept quiet. The little dragon was chattering away, rather pleasant with the dragoness.
“So you’ve been here for 7 or so years. Do you really like it in this hole in the ground?” asked Veyron as they walked.
Zyra turned her head to him, “I love it. It’s no island chain that I’m used to but I couldn’t be happier.” She replied. “I’m sure you’ll like it here too if you stay.”
“You’re becoming a doctor, I hear?” asked Veyron. Ardon looked over wondering how he knew that.
“Yes, yes I am,” Zyra smiled, “Well, I am working my way to becoming one.”
“Well, now that’s a title to be proud of,” praised Veyron.
Ardon rolled his eyes. It was obvious of the demeanor change of his when speaking with Zyra or Melina. He slathered on the charm and could sweet talk when he wanted to. He hoped that Zyra would use all that brain power to see through the façade.
They walked into the canteen were Vonriir was chatting away as Comox listened as he finished his breakfast.
“Ah there they are,” boomed the massive dragon’s voice, “I was wondering when you’d come around.”
Ardon noticed Veyron squint his eyes slightly in dislike for the thunder of the Cragback’s words.
Comox turned to them and immediately spotted the newcomer. “You must be Veyron.”
“That’s my name,” he responded. He patted Zyra’s neck, “Thanks for the lift, Sweetheart.”
With that he jumped off her shoulder and onto the table that the dragons sat around. “And you’re Comox,”
“Correct,” the boldwing male nodded with a small smile. “Vonriir was telling me you’ve come to stay with us?”
“That I have, should your leader allow it,” he said, strutting across the table on his hind legs.
“Jack has taken in all kinds, I’m sure you won’t be any different,” smiled Comox. “We all have varied pasts but as long as we abide by Ardon’s standards set in his Guardian Program, you do fine.”
Veyron nodded, “The Guardian Program.”
“What, you know that one too?” snipped Ardon.
Comox looked over, a little puzzled at the gold’s tone and Zyra shot him a look but Veyron paid no mind.
“A bit. There’s you four here, the three Canadians and that one dragon living in Montana.”
“You know your stuff!” chuckled Vonriir.
“That’s how I survive in this world, information means survival,” the little dragon said with a wink as he took a piece of bacon off Comox’s plate and winked at Vonriir.
“So how do you know so much about us?” she asked as he had mentioned a few things here and there that made it seem like he knew more than he ought to.
“Eh, I have my sources. A lot of it is public, you dragon being high profile. I work together other facts to come up with obvious information. Other stuff I came across in different ways.”
“How?” grumbled Ardon.
“That’s my secret. It makes me useful so I’m not giving it up,” Veyron replied with defiance.
“Well you can’t keep secrets like that if you want to live here!” protested the gold.
“You can’t demand to know everything, Ardon. It’s not like he knows everything,” said Zyra, trying to ease the tension.
“It seems like he does,” he grumbled. “We have no idea what he knows and we know nothing about him.”
“Oh knock it off,” Zyra hushed him. “Please excuse him, Veyron. Ardon here can get a little cranky at times.”
Ardon looked abashed at being scolded in front of everyone. He frowned but said nothing else.
“Will you tell us how you came to earth. You didn’t hatch here, did you?” asked the dragoness.
“Stars no. I hatched on Kilara,” said the little dragon as he started into his story again about how he had been taken, mistaken for a hatchling and brought back to earth to be sold and how the plan had backfired. He had the other’s captivated with his wild story, much to Ardon’s chagrin. Comox winced at hearing he had been forced to live in a 50 gallon terrarium and Zyra and Vonriir had a good laugh at the part of his story were he had stolen the man’s truck. Ardon could tell Veyron was reveling in the attention he was getting at with his story.
“So you came her because it got too dangerous living in LA?” asked Comox, “Why didn’t you just go into hiding?”
“The wrong sorts of people were looking after me. Others, maybe, that wanted a chance to profit on capturing an ‘unclaimed’ dragon. I lived life on the run for the past twenty two years. Constantly having to uproot and move each time people got too suspicious. I would have it good, living the good life but only for a while at a time before having to bolt. Things got pretty hairy during the last six months before I headed here.”
“So you’ve been here longer than Ardon,” said Zyra. “You must have come when the human’s abandoned Kilara. Ardy you and Jack returned a few years after that. Hey, you aren’t the first dragon anymore,” she laughed, not realizing her comment had rubbed Ardon the wrong way. He wasn’t the first anymore.
“I suppose I am, huh,” Veyron grinned. “It was no picnic the first little while. Having to adapt to such an alien world.”
“It’s a shock at first, isn’t it?” asked Vonriir, crossing his paws.
“That’s an understatement, anyway, now I’m here, hopefully a little safer in this little bunker.”
“Well, Veyron,” said Zyra kindly, “Jack certainly won’t kick you out, especially with the dangers of being at the mercy of the world outside. Welcome to your new home.”
“Thank you, Sugar,” replied Veyron, putting on a grateful expression that Ardon knew was fake.
“Isn’t that a little preemptive?” asked Ardon.
Zyra shot him a look so cold that it shut the gold dragon up. He looked away but could still feel her gaze linger a moment longer.
“So you lived mostly in LA?” asked Comox, taking Veyron’s attention.
“Mark is from LA too,”
“Oh? The confused fellow I met last night. I shoulda marked it in his voice. I had other things on my mind at the time,” said Veyron. “As Ardon puts it, I broke in. I don’t think I made the best first impression with your second in command.”
“It’s hard to make a good first impression with Mark if you’re a dragon,” said Zyra. “Don’t worry though, I’m sure we’ll sort all this out once Jack and Melina get back.”
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“How a small pipsqueak of a dragon could sneak in here, make demands and is now strutting his stuff around the base is completely inexcusable!” Mark said abruptly.
The meeting of the senior staff was a usual affair that was carried out many times, reporting on all aspects of the base operations, but the small dragon had caused heated debate and passions between Mark and Daniel, who always tried to respond in a clam fashion.
“I am reviewing all security measures, ensuring places like air vents are secure to ensure this does not happen, the simple fact he knew where to find us is the most concerning” Daniel said as Mark scoffed this remark.
“Shoddy security, this big plan you had and it’s come undone by a two foot lizard!” Mark exclaimed, the volume in the room getting to a level that was getting too much for Jack’s liking.
“Gentlemen, please” Jack said as Mark folded his arms and let out a frustrated sigh.
“This bickering among us will get us nowhere, what we do know is security will have to be evaluated and modified” Jack said to Daniel who nodded.
“However, I think that if he meant harm that we would not be here, it is true that I feel he has information he probably should not know, we need to identify these sources and find any leaks in our network” Jack said, making Mark seem to relax a little.
Melina interjected a comment into this debate.
“I do think he is an interesting character, I have never seen a dragon like him before, he is very switched on, I have no doubt about that”.
“He’s a cocky arrogant thing, hardly a dragon, just a show off with horns and wings” Mark huffed as Jack raised his hand a little to calm the rather excitable Mark.
“I think he knows allot more than he is letting on, I also think he has got an agenda, I am unsure but the whole sweet talking and winding Ardon up the wrong way is intentional” Melina said.
Jack had to nod in agreement, feeling Ardon’s frustration bubbling through the link.
“Question I think to ask is he a threat or an ally?” Dr Baxter said adjusting the glasses on his face to sit more comfortably.
Jack pondered for a moment.
“Well so far he has come to us, illegally but he has come to us, I am concerned on the kind of people looking for him, he would not of come here if needed” Jack said.
“Has he brought that trouble with him is the question” Daniel said.
“Aye, that is a concern Jack” Mark concurred for once with Daniel.
Jack nodded, taking these opinions on board as they were all very valid points, regardless of the disagreements.
“Baxter, have the systems keep an ear out for any noise on the airwaves and online communication about Veyron, see if anyone is looking for him” Jack said speaking to Dr Baxter.
The man nodded, “Understand”.
“Daniel, review all security procedures and ensure there is checks around the base perimeter and keep Ariel surveillance around the facility, plug any holes Veyron has exposed” Jack ordered.
Daniel nodded in agreement.
“Might I suggest, Veyron is given limited access to networks, access to enter places and keep him away from sensitive areas” the man said with concern in his voice.
“I have already said to him that his access will be limited to Canteen, dragon academy and his quarters, he will not be allowed into the labs, control room, main hanger and all other sensitive areas, I suggest everyone ensures their departments are locked up securely please, especially computer access, weapons and portal control” Jack said to the team who all nodded in agreement.
“I let all the dragons know the new arrangements, in the meantime we will see what information he will give us and see what happens, for now we let him stay and earn our trust” Jack said.

"The humans are certainly taking their sweet time. I really must be a daunting concern for the all mighty torchwood," scoffed Veyron.
Ardon clenched his teeth, biting his tongue as he tried not to say anything.
A few moments later Melina and Jack appeared in the canteen as the professor waved to them as the two finished discussing items with Dr Baxter, who left back for the computer labs.
Ardon got to his feet as Jack approached, looking expectantly.
Veyron hopped off the table, "Did you come to a verdict?" He asked.
Jack had to smile at the small dragons up front question, no sooner had they arrived he was already pestering Jack for an answer.
“What makes you think we were discussing you?, Torchwood has many operations that go on that Jack needs to know about and oversee” Melina asked Veyron.
"Well, Ardon here seems quite concerned that I pose a security risk while I remain here unofficially. I figured it might be high priority."
Jack was impressed a little, Melina was right, the dragon was switched on and alert, they would have to watch him carefully.
"Well, as I said to you, I let you stay with limited access, Daniel will get you a pass" Jack said.
Veyron gave a little bow, "for that I am grateful."
Ardon let out a quiet snort as Vonriir smiled. "Welcome to the academy Veyron."
Melina smiled, “We are welcoming to all dragons, Daniel will get you all set up with a pass, I would like to do a medical on you to ensure you’re in the database, in case you get poorly, plus expand our dragon database as well” Melina said.
"I've made it 47 years without a doctor. I think I'll do without the medical exam," replied Veyron, brushing it off like it didn't matter.
Melina seemed a little taken aback by the response, perhaps thinking after all this time a check up would be useful, or the thought of two females fussing over him would stroke his ego.
“I do think a check up is advisable Veyron, you are in very capable hands with Melina and Zyra” Jack commented.
Veyron flattened his spined ruff in displeasure briefly before relenting. "Fine."
"It's not that bad, I promise," vowed Zyra with a smile.
Jack nodded in respect of the decision, “besides you got two girls to fuss over you, what more could you want” Jack joked as Melina chuckled lightly.
"I suppose that doesn't sound so bad," hummed the little dragon.
"Jack, you're terrible," snickered Zyra.
Melina was smiling at Jack’s joke, anything to help Melina, he would do it and she was appreciative of that.
“There will be no rush, once you are settled of course, there is no pressure for an instant examination and all, I am sure you have lots of questions as we have many for you” Melina said to the small dragon.
"Yes, I'm sure. I provided a little entertainment with explaining to these guys how I got here," he said to the woman.
"He drove a truck!" Zyra said with a laugh, knowing Melina would understand her delight to the notion.
Melina grinned at the inside joke Zyra made giving her a nudge to her side.
“Impressive feat indeed, we shall see in due course what you can offer to the facility Veyron, hopefully you will find this underground bunker as you call it a suitable place and enjoy being part of the big dragon family here” Jack said, knowing Ardon would not be looking forward to the next few weeks with this cocky dragon being here.
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"Am I allowed free rein in the areas I'm approved to be in without my golden parole officer?" Veyron asked Jack, jerking his thumb towards Ardon. The gold clicked his teeth in annoyance.
"I would appreciate you respecting my dragon Veyron, I am welcoming to you being here but we are all here because of friendship, respect and trust" Jack said, defending his dragon. Ardon arched his neck slightly, pleased that Jack finally spoke up for him.
“Wasn’t trying to step on any toes,” said the little dragon, putting his arms up in surrender. “He’s just been growling and huffing under his breath every time I say something. Not very welcoming, if I can be so bold and say so.”
Jack nodded lightly. "I understand, Ardon will treat you in respectful manner as long as you return it back in kind, as for your question, yes you can have free reign but it would be courtesy to let Ardon know where you are just in case we need to talk with you, if that is ok," Jack said.
“Of course,” nodded Veyron he turned back around and hopped onto the seat of a chair and back onto the table as Jack and Melina sat down with the rest of them.
"I am saddened to hear how you came to earth, it is not a nice tale or dignified for a dragon at all, we made allot of mistakes on Kilara," Melina said sadly.
“That you did. Bunch of blundering idiots, the ones that got sent to Kilara. Made a huge mess of things; humans did. But hey, every story has a silver lining. I have to admit that I rather like life on Earth, as risky as it can be,” he replied, scratching under his chin.
"But still, I guess you did ok, now you’re with us here in the facility safe, although how you found a top secret base underground in the middle of nowhere is an impressive feat itself," Melina commented. The other dragons had to agree. Their location was hidden away, a supposed secret from the world.
“It wasn’t all that hard to find. Some fact checking got me in the general county. After that it was easy. You can scent it from miles away,” said the dragon, nonchalantly. “It was obvious when you get close enough.”
This made plenty of sense to the other dragons. Their keen senses would easily be able to pick up their own kind and draw them together once one could figure out a general area to look.
Melina pondered the thought, "Hrmm, I suppose, seems were not immune from sensitive smell from dragons, usually dragons smell other dragons, you probably caused a stir for Mark and Daniel," Melina chuckled.
Veyron paused to think about what she had just said before getting an idea. Perhaps he could offer to find the holes in their security. He obviously found and navigated a major one but if he ever had to offer something for his freedom or asylum here, that could be his ticket.
“You said you lived in a skyscraper in the city?” asked Vonriir, changing the subject to something he was interested in learning more about.
Veyron looked rather pleased as he spoke, “Yes. A beauty of a thing. Penthouse with glass windows floor to ceiling. Hardwood floors and air conditioning. It was grand.”
“If the person living there was never home, what did you do for food?” asked Comox.
“Oh, Mr. Duncan had plenty of things stashed away but coming by food in a city as large as LA is not a hard thing to do,” he said with a sly grin that Ardon didn’t really like.
“Well, it’s safe to say that you don’t have to scavenge anymore,” declared Zyra, “Toby and his kitchen staff provide excellent meals. You won’t have to go without.”
Veyron nodded. The rest of the morning was fairly quiet. The group spoke a little more but Veyron now seemed to clamp up about giving any more personal information. Ardon took him down to get his pass from Daniel before telling Ardon that he was going to his room to sort things out there.
It had been difficult losing his tail. Ardon seemed suspicious on his motive but finally relented, probably happy he would get a few moments peace from the little dragon. Ardon watched as Veyron left down the hall he was directed to, to go towards his quarters before the gold male turned back for the dragon hanger. In any case, security monitors would be able to keep an eye on the small dragon.
Veyron looked over his shoulder as he skittered down the hall quickly to the spot he recalled from the night before, dragging a pillow behind him. He looked up, way up; the ceilings were built high to accommodate even the skyscraper they called Vonriir, giving him plenty of room so that he wouldn’t feel cramped. He scowled, looking at how high the air defuser was.
“Heck,” he grumbled. After some contemplation, Veyron placed the pillow in a specific spot under the vent above. Running back down the hall on all fours he stopped and turned around. Racing back he fanned out his wings and beat them with tremendous ferocity. He gained height slowly and finally made it up to the metal defuser. He latched onto the vent, heart racing. Wrestling the vent open he clambered inside. To his relief his bag was still there. Unzipping it, he checked the contents, rifling around in it until he was satisfied that everything was there. He closed the bag and looked down at the drop ahead of him. Winkling his nose he heaved he bag over the edge of the vent, snapping out his wings as he held onto the strap and was dragged after it.
“Hmph!” he exclaimed as the weight of the bag dragged him swiftly to the ground even with his wings trying to slow the decent. The bag thumped onto the pillow he had placed on the floor and he landed on top of it.
Veyron dragged the bag, pulling the strap over his shoulder and headed towards his room. As he set on with determination his bag suddenly caught on something and he stopped dead.
“huh?” he snapped turning around and looking up he froze, spotting Zyra standing over him with one paw on the leather bag.
“What’s this?” she asked.
“It’s mine, Angelface,” he responded without explained.
Zyra gave a small smile, “Need help bringing it back to your room?”
Veyron looked a little suspicious at first but then nodded, “If you’d be so kind, I’d like that.”
Zyra picked up the bag, surprised at how heavy it was, “You brought this all the way from the States?”
“That I did, missy.”
“It must weigh as much as you.”
“Yes, but it contains my life in it so be careful,” he said, pointing a talon at her. She smiled and nodded, following him to his quarters, intrigued by his strange character.
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Zyra had helped the small dragon get his bag into his large quarters, the bold wing curious what was in the bag and why the small dragon needed it but she gave the new comer the benefit of the doubt but seemed to make a mental note about the bag.
The next morning Melina and Zyra were up early, wanting to get their work done before an afternoon flight, the woman had said to Zyra that she would take Zyra for a picnic outing as she had done when she was a human, something Zyra was looking forward to.
Results day was fast approaching and the bold wing seemed a little nervous with anticipation at her final results, all the years of hard work and effort she had put in would soon be revealed.
Veyron trotted into the canteen, looking scrubbed up and ready for the day. He leapt upon a chair and onto the table beside Melina and Zyra. "Good morning ladies," he greeted them.
Melina and Zyra both seemed to greet the new dragon with a kind smile.
“Another early riser it seems, hope you slept well in your room, first proper night in the facility” Melina said kindly.
"I slept alright. The smell of coffee woke me up." He replied. "Thought I better get up and start the day. Maybe get that exam done with. "
Melina seemed to sit a bit more upright, a smile beamed on her face as the dragon mentioned the exam.
“I did not expect you to be up for it so soon, a change of heart perhaps?” Melina asked the small dragon.
"Ah well, Jack was right. Can't be all that bad working with you two beauties. Besides," he said, stretching in an exaggerated manner before pulling Melina's mug over to him with his tail, inspecting its contents. "Zyra here says you don't have info on my breed here. So it would be good to fill you in."
Veyron seemed to know exactly what he was doing, making himself look an impressive dragon for Melina, this did the trick as Melina seemed fascinated by his movements and watched in surprise as his tail acted like another long arm, moving the coffee cup towards him.
“Well, I must treat the newest dragon well then, since he is cooperating with us, what did you want to eat and drink?” Melina offered to get the items for the dragon.
"Coffee before anything," replied the dragon. "Sausage and hash browns would be amazing if there are any."
Melina smiled and gave a nod as the woman left to get the small dragon his breakfast, the canteen quite quiet at this part of the day as some people were finishing off their night shift duties.
"You're a coffee fiend then?" Zyra asked him.
"One of my many guilty pleasures," replied Veyron.
The little dragons only response was a devilish smile.
Melina soon arrived with Veyron’s breakfast, his coffee and her own healthy muesli with fruit and yogurt on it, Zyra had the same as well.
“There you go guys, I swear you should eat meat Zyra, I admire your dedication to eating what I eat” Melina said.
"You're a vegetarian?" Marvelled Veyron, taking a satisfying sip of his coffee.
"Well I eat seafood," replied Zyra.
"You're crazy. I wouldn't be able to survive without steak and bacon in my life. You're missing out, Sugar."
Melina chuckled lightly at the comment.
“Well, I have seen Zyra eat meat, but since she been at this facility, Zyra eats what I eats, most of the time, seems to have one or two health benefits I have noticed in Zyra” she said smiling.
"Whatever floats your boat," said Veyron taking a bite out of his breakfast. "So long as I don't have to live off prey food, myself."
Melina shook her head.
“Toby is very good and should be given a medal the food he makes for the dragons, so you be well looked after here, Jack had wanted to have a more natural form of food for the dragons, hunt themselves and whatnot” Melina explained.
"Heck no. If that ever gets suggested put my vote against it. After living here for a couple dozen years eating human food there is no way in hell in going back to hunting squirrels and foraging for stuff." He snorted. "Give me bourbon and a burger over rodent kill any day."
Zyra smiled to herself. Veyron really was a domesticated dragon through and through.
Melina chuckled once everyone had finished, Melina gathered up all the plates and mugs and took them to the canteen where they would be washed up.
Melina soon returned, “so Veyron you all set for your medical or is there any special requirements you need” Melina asked, offering for the dragon to be carried on her shoulder.
With ease the dragon leapt up onto her shoulders.
"I'd rather not be poked and prodded. I don't like being touched." He sniffed.
Melina nodded in understanding.
“Of course, not, I will not be like that, you are welcome here, not a specimen or anything like that, we best head off” Melina said as the trio made their way to the labs.
Melina took Veyron to her labs which must of looked very pristine from the outside, Melina used her pass and had additional security as well, using a finger print scanner to open the lab doors.
Once they had gone through decontamination, the other doors opened and Melina walked towards the large medical table.
“Welcome to me and Zyra’s home, most of the time, the labs of Torchwood 5” Melina said proudly allowing Veyron to go onto the large medical table.
"Fancy." Said Veyron, looking around, inspecting what he could see from her shoulders. "Looks advanced."
Melina smiled kindly.
“Thank you, it is, the best money can buy, I am so pleased Jack continues to have faith in our aspirations and commitment here, all sorts of experiments happen here, as well as medical facilities for human and dragon, we continually work to improve” Melina said proudly as Veyron got onto the medical table from her shoulders.
“Right, this medical should not take long and we have advanced equipment here to get some great in depth analysis, also add you to our dragon database, so if you do fall ill, we can treat you” Melina said to the small dragon.
"Well I don't plan on getting sick, doc, but have at 'er," he replied, folding his arms.
Melina nodded, turning to Zyra.
“Zy, can you power up the medical computer and get the analysis tests all ready, plus all the measurements and stuff” Melina said.
“You Veyron, continue to be impressive” she smiled.
Veyron made a show of it as Zyra tried to get measurements of his wingspan and head to tail recordings.
She raised an eyebrow as he pretended to roll his shoulders.
You're ridiculous, she thought as she jotted some notes down.
Melina observed as Zyra took the measurements despite Veyron’s obvious attempts to look impressive for the professor as she made notes.
Finally all the measurements were done and analysis was all taken as the computer did all the needed calculations and put together all the data collected.
“I think we got everything, the main computer will give us all the information and it be stored on the database, from the initial readings your all good health wise, considering the diet you are on and drinking” Melina replied as she viewed the results on her tablet.
"Told you I was fine," he said with a grin. "A little caffeine and booze never did any harm."
Melina tried not to roll her eyes or say anything that could upset Veyron, he agreed to this medical so for now she was playing the diplomat.
"They are not really part of a dragons natural diet, your fire lung is not working at full capacity, yet you got impressive scale and muscle strength" Melina said making notes.
"Yeah...I like to keep in shape," he said, brushing off some imaginary dirt on his shoulder. "I'm not worried about my fire lung. I hardly use flame so no loss there."
Melina kept her thoughts to herself as the information was uploaded onto the dragon database, it now belonged in the ever-growing list of dragons Melina had treated and had details of allot of dragon species.
“That is all done then, I appreciate your time allowing us to do all of this, you got any plans today, well when Ardon gets up, were still early” Melina said looking at the computer’s clock display.
"I might have a wander around the areas in allowed to be in. Check it out. I saw the tv in the lounge and the couch is calling my name." Replied Veyron.
Melina chuckled lightly.
“Vonriir does most of his TV watching in the canteen in the mornings, I give you a lift back to the canteen and to the lounge” Melina said as Veyron took the invite as the trio walked out of the labs.
Veyron was coiled about Melina's neck like a scaled scarf. "So, how long have you been bonded to this beauty," Veyron asked Melina as he gestured to Zyra.
“7 years and going strong, she’s really been an asset to me, plus I helped her achieve her learning as well, we soon know if she gets the title of Doctor soon enough” Melina said as the trio continued talking.

Jack and Ardon were now up and the man had gotten showered and dressed as Ardon woke himself up further, he had sensed the dragon’s frustration and fury at the little dragon, his attitude and everything about him sent Ardon’s alarms off.
Ardon scratched behind his horns as he sat in their quarters, "I don't trust Veyron. There's something about him that doesn't seem right. He's too secretive for my liking."
Jack finished putting on a shirt as he replied back to the golden dragon.
“He is very unique, the personality is brash at times, the knowledge he has does concern Mark and Daniel, something we have to find out from him, hence the limited access to many areas around the facility and additional security measures, he knows allot more than he should” Jack said.
"What if he's.... Like a spy or something? It's weird that he's come here after all his stories about living the high life in California," said Ardon.
“We have no evidence of that, I reckon someone or something is looking for him, that is something I think is true, let’s just hope he has not brought the trouble with him” Jack replied with some concern in his voice, sharing Ardon’s own concerns on this little dragon who had the potential to cause big problems for the organization.
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After being dropped off back at the canteen, Veyron saw that only a few other people were there finishing up their breakfast in the main part of the canteen. Over to the right Vonriir was sitting with two others by the TV. Discretely he wandered around the perimeter near the kitchens, looking around.
His green eyes looked up to the high ceiling, lights made to look like large glass skylights to mimic natural light hung high above him. He made note of possible exits, peering into every nook and alcove that he found as he made his way across the room towards the kitchen, peering at the doors to the cooking area. “Whatcha looking for?” asked Toby, leaning out of the serving window. “You still hungry?”
Veyron froze for a moment when he was spotted and stood up on his hind legs, looking at the man.
“No, I’m alright…. I’m just looking for….a glass of water,” he replied. Toby leaned a little further and pointed to a table where the coffee maker and beverage dispenser was. “Help yourself. Glasses are on the left. If you need anything smaller I can find something for you. The dragons have been using the stainless steel bowls there but it looks like you could take a bath in one.”
“The glasses will do fine,” replied Veyron with a flick of his tail. He ventured over and grabbed a glass; filling it up with water as he continued surveyed the area with critical emerald eyes before making his way over to the couch. Veyron placed the glass on the coffee table and looked up at Daniel and Mark who were sitting on the sofa before jumping up and making himself at home on the middle cushion.
“What are we watching?”
"Oh one of Mark's American sports, I prefer UK related sports on the TV, Vonriir seems curious on what Mark watches" Daniel said.
“It’s bizarre, what the human’s regard as entertainment,” chuckled the massive dragon, looking down at him briefly.
Veyron’s eyes seemed to light up.
"Oh is this the Pritchard vs Hutchison match? Turn it up!" he said, spotting what was on the screen. "Damn time zones, I nearly forgot!"
Daniel looked confused, as Mark seemed surprised. "You like wrestling? A dragon, really?" Mark said.
“Why not? No rules against it,” he said, sitting in the space between them, eyes fixed on the TV.
“Yes but, no dragons are interested in human activities, dragons wouldn’t do all of this," Mark said.
"Yes but they got more sense" Daniel replied back.
“This is true but watching human’s do ridiculous things is one of my favorite pastimes.” Grinned Veyron. “MMA is good too, watching people kick the sh*t out of each other, what a riot.”
The strange group seemed to get into watching the match with Veyron right in the middle of it. They would yell or shout at the tv at times, which always made Vonriir smile to himself, thinking it rather silly to holler at a screen.
It was a little while later when Comox wandered in. He spotted the odd group sitting together by the tv. He walked up to behind the couch, seeing Veyron sitting in the middle, eyes glued to the screen.
“Veyron, almost didn’t see you there. How was your first night?” asked the boldwing.
“Did you want lunch?”
“Already ate.”
Comox closed his mouth at the short responses and looked up at what the dragon and the others were watching and cocked his head to the side in confusion. Veyron’s talons were gripping the edge of the cushion as the seconds ticked down on screen.
Comox opened his mouth again to speak but Veyron cut him off, “Zip it, spitter, we’re down to the last bit of it here.”
Comox was taken aback. Vonriir gave an apologetic look to him but put but gaze back towards the screen, obviously knowing the rules regarding talking during the final parts of the match. Comox sat down and watched a bit of the game with a confused look. Sports of any kind didn’t really interest him but he would join the others for when big rugby games were aired. He liked the community of it. This, weird wrestling nonsense he just didn’t understand. Eventually the boldwing left when the guys got heated, shouting at the television with great zest.
The guys were leaning towards the TV, eyes wide as things were looking grim for Mark’s favorite.
“He’s got em! He’s got em!” Hold him!” shouted the little dragon, waving his fist at the screen in excitement. “Go Pritchard! YES!”
He jumped up and down on the couch, throwing his fists about in celebration.
"Oh come on!" Mark said annoyed as Daniel chuckled. "Well, he seemed a little out muscled there, Mark, you haven’t put money on him I hope," the man said much to Mark’s chagrin.
“Hutchison has always been a poor choice. You have to be blind to think he stood a chance!” smirked Veyron, now that the game was over. “Pritchard has been dominating this year. Predicting the winner or this one was obvious.”
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Daniel was amused, “Well it is an interesting American thing but, I far prefer Rugby, now there is a game that no matter what size, you can participate in it and it isn’t all about brawn, there is intelligence as well” Daniel explained.
"I rather like the game, though it does seem a bit confusing," Vonriir commented. "I think I'd do well enough if they placed me on a team," he chuckled.
Mark seemed to concede defeat as Daniel laughed.
“Yes, I would put you as a prop, front of the pack, leading the way, I’d put the bold wings on the….” Daniel paused for effect.
“Urghhh!” Mark said knowing what the pun would be.
"Wing?" Said Zyra with a smile as she wandered into the conversation, making Vonriir laugh.
This caused Daniel to laugh.
“Yes!, see? The dragon’s get it, put the fastest on the ends, I’d put Ardon as scrum half and Forge, well I think put in the front row” Daniel said.
Mark rolled his eyes at this.
“So we got a dragon rugby team sorted then, shall we enter into the rugby 7s in the summer? you ok playing Von?, Zy and Co?” Melina asked chuckling lightly.
"Are we allowed to fly? I think we'd be give the other teams a run for their money," she laughed.
Melina laughed lightly as Mark sat up, not too comfortable being with so many dragons being around here, the smallest one being the biggest concern.
“Well, I have work to do in my office, speak to you all later” Mark said as Daniel shook his head as the man left.
“He is still not a big fan of you guys it seems, kind of odd being employed if you dislike dragons” Daniel observed.
"He does his job well and there's no rules saying you have to love you co-workers," said Zyra with an empathetic shrug.
Melina nodded in agreement as she spotted Veyron on the sofa, “ I guess you enjoy watching people beat each other up, seeing your watching the female MMA matches now” Melina saw looking at the large TV screen.
Veyron looked over his shoulder back to the screen, "eh, it's all entertainment to me." He shrugged.
"Melina is trained in martial arts. She could kick some tail," said Zyra proudly.
"A Karate Doctor?" Snickered Veyron, "seriously?"
Melina gave Zyra a glance before replying, now the cat was out of the bag.
“Well, Jack is a strong guy, very strong, I felt a little inadequate so, I went on a journey to improve, doing martial arts, exercise, eating right and yeah I do know self-defence” Melina admitted.
"Impressive," nodded Veyron, folding his arms. "You already seem to be a prestigious professor, working with dragons at that. No reason to have felt inadequate, love." He said, dishing out the praise.
Melina chuckled lightly, not usually use to having this much praise lavished on her.
“Yes, however I did lose to this one Woman, she was…..very frustrating to break down, she wouldn’t quit” Melina said giving a sly smile to Zyra.
Zyra smiled back and Veyron caught the look, confused. "...well.... You win some you lose some."
“Indeed, never mind, I beat her next time” Melina said as Jack and Ardon entered the canteen, they approached the crowd as Jack greeted all the dragons.
“Good morning Veyron, seems your all having a little gathering here, all ok?” Jack asked.
"Just getting to know the Torchwood clan a little better," replied the dragon, looking up at him.
Jack smiled and nodded at the comment.
“Excellent, I am glad, you met all the dragon crew, seems our academy is growing and that is always pleasing” Jack said as Melina agreed.
“It is always good to see, we got dragons of all sizes here now, I do think we hold the records, although I know our colleagues in Torchwood 7 are after some pay back after you arm wrestled their dragon to defeat” Melina said as Jack scratched his head, acting a little modest.
"Hah, no way. Which one was it? Korrin?" Laughed Veyron, sounding rather familiar with the names.
"Tarok," corrected Zyra. "We're hoping to get everyone together soon. Maybe then they will have a chance to redeem themselves."
Jack was a little concerned how the small dragon knew the dragons from Torchwood 7, he still felt uncomfortable knowing allot of information that he shouldn’t know, that was something he would discuss once he was more settled in.
“Yes, be a great idea for a great dragon get together, I think Korrin would put his name forward against me, Tarok is gunning for you miss bold wing” Jack said with a chuckle.
Melina grinned, “Amanda and Tarok are welcome to test us in the skies” she said proudly, standing by her dragoness.
"I think we have them beat," smiled Zyra.
"A little cross-facility rivalry, Hm? Sounds exciting." Grinned Veyron.
“Well, I do not want to say it’s a rivalry or cause any friction, the team there seem up for it, Ardon seemed keen to represent us against Korrin, I must admit he is a shrunken down version of Vonriir” jack said.
"You think so?" Asked Zyra. "I thought he seemed like a mini, stockier Forge."
"Less grumpy," said Ardon.
Jack chuckled lightly.
“That he is, all good dragons there really, just felt sorry for poor Alyia but I heard that her Atillu got her a little gift and they moved into a house off the base together, so I have hope for them” J ack said.
"What's got you feeling sorry about her?" Asked Veyron, confused. This was information he didn't have.
Jack shook his head.
“It does not matter, it will all work out in the end” Jack said ending that topic, seeing that Veyron did not know that new information.
“So, team dragon, what are your plans today?” he asked.
"Maybe a flight down to the creek?" Suggested Ardon as he looked over at Zyra to see if she was game.
"That sounds nice. You don't need us for anything, do you?" Zyra asked Melina and Jack.
Melina shook her head.
“Easy day today Zy, were all up to date with lab work” Melina said.
“Yes, the base is quiet around this time of year, will you be joining them Veyron, I am sure you get to pick which dragon could give you a lift” Jack said.
"Nah, I'm good here." Said the little dragon.
"Oh you should join us, it's rather pretty," suggested Zyra but Veyron didn't seem keen.
Melina smiled kindly to the small dragon.
“Think of it as a way to bond with the dragon team here, they are all friendly and I am sure as change in scenery would be nice for you, than looking at concrete all day” Melina said.
Veyron dropped his arms to his sides. "Alright. You twisted my arm, Doc. I'll go."
"You'll like it," said Zyra, putting her wing down so he could climb up.
Ardon let out a silent sigh, he had hopped Veyron would have stayed.
Jack seemed content with them allowing Veyron to join them, it would give them, some time to think about what to do with the small dragon and discuss things in his absence.
“Be careful with our new guest Zy, not that you need any reminding, I am sure you need to stretch those wings Vonriir too, you know we have rules on ensuring your all flying” Jack said with a smile.
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“You don’t seem all that keen on flying,” Said Zyra as she, Ardon and Comox made their way down to the dragon hanger after departing from the canteen.
Veyron scurried up her neck and rested his elbows at the space between her horns. The rest of him, including his red striped, whip-like-tail, dangled down the back of her neck. She looked up but couldn’t see him from his new spot.
“My breed isn’t known for their flying prowess. Our wings are mostly for gliding from tree to tree,” he replied.
“You can’t fly?” snickered Ardon.
“I never said I can’t,” Veyron snapped back. Zyra gave the gold a look. Ardon stared back. She looked ridiculous with the smart mouthed little dragon sitting stop her head. He turned back around and opened the door to the dragon hanger.
“What is your breed, may I ask?” Zyra inquired. She and Melina had not wanted to overwhelm the newcomer with a barrage of questions during his exam, thinking it would be best to save it for later.
“I am a Shadow Wraith, Angelface. I guess you’ve never seen one of us before?”
“No, can’t say that I ever have, until now.”
“Well…” he replied skooching forward and looking at her from upside down, “today is your lucky day.”
The dragoness let out a little laugh and Ardon fought to roll his eyes. He thought the dragoness was better than this.
“Wraiths live in the treetops mostly, large forested areas,” Veyron went on to explain.
“You must be good at climbing then,” Zyra hypothesized.
“Very, though a lot of this human made stuff is difficult,” nodded the little dragon.
“Let’s go,” Ardon interrupted, gesturing to the open doors above.
“Alright, hold your horses,” smiled Zyra. The boys leapt into the air, taking wing and jetting off through the gap in the ceiling above.
Veyron looked up, seeing how it had opened when suddenly he was jolted forward as Zyra vaulted into the air.
He hung on tight to her horns as she rose, dashing past both Ardon and Comox, into the bright spring day.

“Is she showing off for him?” grumbled Ardon.
“Do you… do you think she likes him?” asked Comox quietly as they watched her rise higher into the sky.
A flash of jealousy went through Ardon but then he scoffed at the idea, “There’s no way she’d even be remotely interested in a dragon who’s smaller than her own head. I think she just is eager to learn as much as she can.”
Comox nodded, she was smarter than that, they figured, and could see through his facade of charm and compliments. At least they hoped she did.
Zyra felt Veyron grip her sail spines with tense talons.
"You alright?" She asked, levelling off. They had flown as high as she normally would go, the large landmarks of the world below were small as ants.
"Yep. Excluding when I flew in a plane this is the highest I've ever been. Taller than buildings even." He said looking down.
"Really?" Asked the dragoness.
"Yup," replied the dragon. "I'd give myself a heart attack trying to fly up this high myself."
"Well let's head to the creek," said Zyra, angling her wings towards a large stretch of trees that bordered the stream. The boys fell into formation behind her, talking about something she couldn't quite hear.
"So do you have a family back on Kilara?" She asked Veyron as they flew.
"Not really," his response was non committal. Zyra decided not to continue with the questions and instead pointed out the little creek through the trees.
"That's it, then?" He asked and Zyra nodded. To her surprise he snapped open his wings and parachuted backwards with the wind before angling downwards. He glided behind her headed towards the spot she pointed out before shutting his wings and diving away like a arrow straight into the canopy.
He disappeared completely and as the others landed they realized he was no where in sight.
"Where did he go?" Asked Comox as they looked around.
Ardon got a bad feeling when they couldn't hear or see him anywhere in the clearing. Light filtered through the leaves and only the babbling brook could be heard.
"He flew the coop. I knew he was bad news," he grumbled. He immediately thought that bringing him back out of the facility had been a bad idea. Even with his short time in the base he could have figured out enough about the building to cause some sort of harm.
"Ardon, that's enough," Zyra hushed him. "He was going really fast, I hope he didn't hit anything and hurt himself."
"But where could he have gone?" Asked Comox, puzzled.
"Here," said a voice atop Ardons head. The gold startled and thrashed his chest, sending Veyron sailing through the air. He snapped out his wings and turned around. Settling on zyra's left horn, curling his tail around it to keep him steady.
"Where did you go?" Asked Ardon a little tensely.
"I was here the whole time, of course." The little dragon replied. "You just weren't paying attention."
Zyra laughed, "Very good! That's must be why your kind are called wraiths."
Veyron gave her a wink and a smile as they all moved towards the creek to lounge around the water.
"Being as quiet and stealthy as you are must have made it much easier to live in a big city," said Comox as he took a drink from the creek.
"Precisely so. I might be small and some might think that's a disadvantage but it much easier to get most things done when you aren't the size of a bus."
"That's true. Trying to hide in cities or towns is next to impossible when you're our size." Nodded Comox.
The four of them sat by the creek for a while until clouds came in and it began to rain lightly. They headed back for the base and this time Veyron again jumped off Zyras crest as they got close. Ardon and Comox landed in the hanger followed by Zyra. Veyron came in last; Ardon had spotted him looking at the mechanical doors on the way in. The dragon seemed to survey everything, the gold noticed.
"Have good adventure?" Asked Vonriir who had been dozing in the hangar.
"Yeah, it is always nice to stretch your wings," nodded Comox.
"Well, I have some things to get done in the labs so I'll see you boys at dinner."
"See you, Zy," said Comox as he turned to speak with Vonriir.
Ardon watched as Veyron trotted towards the doors that lead to the hallway.
"Where are you going?" He asked.
"To my quarters.... That IS allowed, right?" Came the little dragons reply.
"Yes, of course," Ardon responded curtly. Maybe Zyra had the right idea, getting him on his good side might shed more light on this strange little dragon. He didn't know how he was going to manage it but he'd give it a try at least. "See you at dinner." He called out after the greys retreating tail.
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Melina had received a letter address to Zyra in a large white envelope, Melina recognised the logo’s and insignia on the envelope from the medical exam board in the UK and Europe, her exam results were in and she had brought them to the labs.
She had put the envelope neatly on her desk and looked at it, a pang of nervousness held over her as she hoped her dragoness had done enough to pass, logically Melina knew she had, but she wanted her dragoness to do well.
The bold wing had worked since she arrived on Kilara to work hard and progress, obtaining her degree, masters and now she was on the verge of being the first dragon to be awarded a human title, it was exciting and nerve wracking for the woman.
The dragoness stepped through the doors and into the lab, feeling a nervous tremor through the link, "Melina? Is everything okay?" Asked Zyra.
Melina looked up and smiled slightly, pushing the envelope to the end of the desk so the bold wing could see what she had.
“It has arrived, it was handed to me in the post room, waiting for you to open it” Melina said to Zyra.
Zyras eyes grew wide and she hesitantly stepped up. "I almost don't want to open it..." She gave a nervous smile.
“I know the feeling, whatever it says Zy, I am proud of you, I want you to know that before you opened it” Melina said calmly to her dragon.
"Can you open it for me? Well read it together." Said Zyra.
Melina smiled taking the envelope back and opening it, she flipped the lid over slowly and seemed to pause, not wanting to reach in and grab the paper.
"Oh just open it. This is killing me," said the dragoness, sounding anxious.
“Ok, here goes” Melina said reaching and pulling out the paper gently as she could, as she turned the page a massive grin appeared on her face at seeing the writing.
“Congratulations….Doctor” Melina smile could not get any bigger as she looked proudly at the bold wing.
Zyra started to tear up as she took the paper from her to read it over again. "Really?"
Melina chuckled.
“I would not lie to you about something this big Zy, read it yourself, passed with honours, high exam marks and course work, congratulations” Melina beamed standing up and standing before her dragoness.
Zyra scooped Melina up in a big bear hug, lifting her off the floor and thrummed tremendously. "I can't believe it!" She exclaimed. "All thanks to you, Melina."
Melina was taken a little by surprise but laughed as Zyra smothered her in love and appreciation, she had never heard Zyra thrum so loudly, the waves of happiness and joy over Brathille seemed ot intensify more and more and Melina felt her palm get warm.
Once she stepped back she grinned.
“Your glowing Zy, a bright pearly white” Melina said noticing an euphoric Aura envelop them both from Brathille.
Zyra looked down at her paws and saw the strange light. "How strange it does this when we're happy." She held up the paper again. "This is simply amazing. I can't believe I did it."
Melina grinned.
“You deserve it, you worked hard for it, plus an historic first as well, first dragon to get an award, I will ensure you get a cap and gown as well, frame your doctrine certificate and you can take your foot off the gas” Melina said.
"Why stop now?" Joked Zyra with a laugh. "I can't wait to tell the boys. They're really going to start calling me a nerd now." She grinned.
Melina laughed lightly.
“Let them, you deserve it, plus when you glowing like this no one will mess with you my bold wing, I would celebrate but I be meeting my Sam replacement soon, so it will be you, but we have a bit of quiet time later just us” Melina assured her.
"Of course," nodded the dragoness, giving her cheek a lick and a nuzzle. "Oh I wish he wasn't going."
“Well, maybe you can convince him to change his mind, I can still cancel his move to babylon 6 if he wants it, I do wish he would stay, he has been an asset to us, plus sort of saved your life a bit” Melina said.
"Yeah," the dragoness hummed, remembering. She owed him and Baxter at that, her life for what they did to save her. "I think his heart is set on it. I wouldn't be doing him any favours begging him to stay. If it's what he wants who I am to say no to chasing dreams?"
Melina nodded, “Yes I agree, we will see what he wants to do, in the meantime, go celebrate and tell the boys” Melina grinned giving the bold wing permission to shout it down the halls and in the corridors as loud as she could.
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In the hangar, Ardon was laying by himself after the other’s had left. He stretched out lazily after their short flight, enjoying a little peace and quiet to himself. After a while he realized he was smiling, though he couldn’t think of a reason why. There was some strange, unidentifiable happiness that was growing ever slightly stronger as the minutes passed. He closed his eyes and lay his head on his paws, letting out a content sigh.
A short while later Zyra was trotting down the hall, taking herself to the dragon hanger, the letter tucked into the crook of her wing.
“Ardon!” she called, spotting him from the door and came running in. The gold dragon looked up, the feeling of joy rising in him the closer she got. He sat up, puzzled at why she had returned so soon after saying she had work to do in the labs.
He had no idea why she had such a big grin on but he couldn’t help but to plaster on a goofy smile of his own as she approached.
“Ardy! I did it!” she cheered, rearing up and throwing her paws around his neck in her glee. He caught her from toppling them both over
“Huh? What did you do?” the gold asked, still grinning.
“I’m a doctor!” She exclaimed, her enthusiasm was palpable, and Ardon thought she was almost glowing with an aura of sheer joy.
She giggled and dipped her nose to is, touching muzzles ever so slightly. She froze, realizing she had her arms wrapped around his neck and was in rather close quarters.
“Oh, sorry!” she laughed sheepishly, backing away and sitting down. A rosy band of blush rose across her muzzle. “Just so excited about it. I can’t believe it. I’m a doctor!”
“All your hard work paid off,” beamed Ardon. “Great job, Zyra. I knew you would achieve great things.”
“Thanks, Ardy. Do you know where the others are? I want to tell them too.”
“They just left, actually. Vonriir is probably headed to the canteen and Comox went to go finish some sort of techy thing with Baxter.”
“Oh, well I’ll tell him when he gets back for dinner then.” She said, “I’m going to tell Vonriir, I’ll see you in a bit?” she asked, getting to her feet, bright yellow eyes on him.
“Sure!” he nodded, watching her go, a strange fluttering in his chest.

Zyra made her way back to the canteen in search of Vonriir to share the good news. His mountainous self wasn't that hard to find. He turned and smiled at her approach.
"Well you've suddenly got a spring in your step, young lady. What's gotcha smiling today?" He asked her.
"Well...." Zyra began. "I just got my Results back. You are looking at the first dragon ever to be titled as Doctor."
"Little Zyra!" Boomed Vonriir, thumping his tail on the floor so hard that it shook the whole canteen and Zyra along with it. The kitchen staff shouted in surprise before they realized what has caused the tremor. "What an achievement! Good on you, missy!"
Zyra grinned, pleased with his enthusiastic response. She gave a dragons version of a curtesy, bowing and flaring her wings slightly out behind her.
"Thank you, Von. It's just all so exciting. I still can't believe it."
"Well you better believe it cause it appears to be so. All your hard work paid off. You're a smart cookie. It's no surprise that you did well. Does Melina know?"
"Yes. We opened the letter together," she nodded.
"Well, she must be quite excited as well. You're both lucky to be bonded, you make each other shine like nothing else I can imagine."
Zyra dipped her head at the dragons kind words.
"Thank you, Vonriir," she smiled.
That night she got to tell the rest of the team. Everyone was happy to share in her achievement. Even Veyron gave her his share of the praise. There hasn't been enough time to prepare a nice dinner in celebration but Ardon had the stirrings of an idea going on.
As they ate, Ardon caught Melina's attention over supper and leaned his head down to speak.
"Mel," said Ardon quietly, "what do you think about going out to dinner on the weekend to celebrate Zyra becoming a doctor. A surprise of course. I know it's a big ask but I could use sine of my credits to help pay for it. I think she deserves it for her hard work though."
"I think that would be a wonderful idea Ardon, Jack was thinking of something special when her official cap and gown stuff arrive" Melina said.
Ardon grinned, happy that she was on board.
"That's awesome. If you don't mind figuring out a place that will take us, that would be amazing. I'll deal with the rest."
"I will do Ardon, do not worry it is Vonriir that be an issue" Melina chuckled lightly.
"He probably won't go but I'll ask him just to make sure. He prefers it here anyway." Replied Ardon, confident that it would work out.
"I sort something out so our biggest guest can come, dont you worry, also Zy is in an euphoric mood, so Brathille is in an excitable state, just to warn you" she grinned.
Ardon laughed, "I thought she was glowing slightly earlier."
The night winded down, everyone in good spirits as they departed for the night. Ardon was already excited for Zyras surprise dinner they were planning.
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By the evening everyone had now been told that Zyra had completed her course to become a doctor, an achievement she had been working hard towards and everyone was proud of her, the first dragon from Kilara to be awarded the title Doctor of sciences.
Melina was proud and had a spring in her step as she had asked Toby to bring something for them both in the evening to celebrate Zyra.
The woman managed to get her work done, as she headed off to her quarters early. Unable to focus on work, she could feel the excitement and rush from Zyra bounce along the Brathille link, she looked at her palm seeing it still lightly glowing.
She grinned, thinking her bold wing was still happy and on a crest of euphoria, which Brathille responded to, it would be an interesting thing to study but the professor was not interested in that, some things were best kept a mystery.
Zyra spotted Melina and picked up the pace. She laughed as she scooped Melina up and put her atop her shoulders. The dragoness was in good spirits and it showed.
“Woah!, chill girl” Melina said with a laugh as Zyra caught her by surprise, the light glowing on her scales had not dimmed as she sparkled lightly.
Zyra pranced back to their quarters where she let Melina down, nosing her shoulder happily thrumming the whole time.
Melina laughed lightly as Zyra seemed to smother her in love and nuzzles, the bold wing joy still burning strong throughout the day, even in the evening.
“Oh you soft thing, I know, you been brilliant I am so happy for you” Melina said smoothing her muzzle and horns.
Zyra laid down with a happy sigh. "It still doesn't feel real," she thought aloud. "Thank you for all your help and pushing me when I wanting to tear my own scales out."
Melina smiled as she took off her lab coat and hung it up, taking her shoes off.
“You did not need me to push you, you are a very smart and intelligent dragoness, you just needed a little guidance, that is all2 Melina said being modest.
"Give yourself more credit. I wouldn't have advanced so quickly without your help. You're the best, Mel," she said with a smile.
Melina grinned as she walked with her socks on, they were the bold wing socks made especially for her and Zyra when she was a human, the woman was very fond of these socks.
“Well, might of nudged you a little but you did allot of the hard grafting, this is a great achievement, see? I am wearing my bold wing socks” Melina showed off the socks on her feet.
Zyra laughed. "I like those, if you were a dragon I'd think you'd fit right in with the boldwing crowd."
Melina chuckled lightly.
“If I was a bold wing I could take your belt off you” Melina looked up at her dragoness with a sly grin on her face.
"Sure, sure," Zyra laughed. "It's mine till the end of time. You should be pleased." She joked.
Melina laughed as there was a knock on the door, Melina smiled.
“Come in” Melina said as the door opened, Toby stood there with a tray and a nice glass with the chocolate cream liquer that she had sampled when Zyra was a human, next to it was a metal pitcher of the same drink.
“This is where the party is I assume?” Toby said as the girls laughed, Melina got up and took the tray.
“Thank you, Toby, appreciate it” Melina said as Toby left them.
“Thought I’d treat you a nice tipple, like we did, only yours has to be up scaled” Melina laughed lightly.
The dragoness laughed, "oh you didn't have to?"
Melina put the large metal jug in front of her.
“Oh shoosh, it is your day to celebrate, this is how I’d like to do it Zy, so drink up missy” Melina said lifting her glass up to toast Zyra success.
“To Dr Zyra Bold wing” Melina said with a happy smile on her face.
Zyra grinned and took a sip, "what's in this?" She asked.
Melina looked at the dragon with a curious look on her face.
“Do you not remember drinking this with me?” she asked.
"Oh, it tastes a bit different than I remembered. I wonder if it's because I'm a dragon now?" She pondered.
Melina nodded lightly, as she gave a heavy sigh, as memories of their time together as she was a human ran in the back of her mind, she appeared to day dream as she held her glass.
"You miss it a lot? .... Me being human?" Asked the dragoness.
Melina snapped out of her day dream, she overheard Zyra calling her out on missing her being human, this was unfair.
“No, no I do not Zy, I love you just the way you are, it is unfair of me to want that shouldn’t of happened” Melina said.
"Well I can be just as fun as a dragon. Just swap driving for flying and don't hope that I can squeeze into any of the old clothes I wore," she smiled.
Melina smiled lightly.
“Come on, enough talking about stuff that will make you sad, we shouldn’t talk about such things” Melina said to Zyra.
"Fine," grinned the dragoness, giving her a lick on the cheek. "Tell me something that makes YOU happy then."
Melina chuckled as she finished her drink, putting the glass on the tray, she soon sat and leaned up against her dragoness.
“You…you make me happy, very happy indeed” Melina said smoothing her pearly white scales.
"Well I'm glad for that. It's my job after all," she replied with a thrum.
Melina smiled as she had a thought.
"I was not aware it was part of the job description, now Id like to try something, just need you lay down on the floor flat" Melina asked the dragoness.
"Like this?" Zyra asked with curiosity as she laid belly down on the floor, yellow eyes looking up at her.
Melina scooted out the way so Zyra could lie flat on the floor, Melina nodded as Zyra did as she instructed.
“That’s it, good now, close your eyes and relax” Melina said to the bold wing.
Melina soon asked the computer to dim the lights, once they had dimmed Melina began to move her hands ever so delicately over her pearly scales, moving gently and carefully, as she begun her dragon massage.
She had practiced a few times with Forge and Ardon, she had also done some reading on techniques as her hands glided over the softer scales of the bold wings eyes, behind her horns and along her shoulders.
The dragon let out a quiet thrum, eyes closed. "I could fall asleep like this."
Melina smiled as Zyra approved, she was very pleased as she continued on with her massage, as her dragon relaxed allowing calm to wash over her.
Soon Melina finished as he hands slowly got lighter as she let her hands glide off the smooth pearly scales, Melina then bent down and gave her bold wing a kiss on the muzzle before sitting on her knees on the floor next to her.
“How was that?, been practicing a little, goes down well with other dragons, thought Id treat you” Melina said, her voice was calm and soft, allot more than it usually was.
"Practicing?" Zyra mumbled. "On who?" She teased.
Melina chuckled lightly, “Well, I had to practice before you got the best session, Comox and Ardy”, Melina leaned in closer to Zyra and whispered.
“But the best saved for you”.
"Ah, as long as that's the case," Zyra snickered. "Then i suppose it's alright."
Melina sat by her dragoness and smoothed her horns and scales on her head.
“You can get up if you want, or I might smooth you to death Zy, you seemed so relaxed afterwards, it is pretty impressive” Melina said.
"How to tame a dragon, your secret," Zyra laughed getting back up and stretching. She arched her back like a cat before shaking out her scales.
Melina smiled, “You did enjoy it didn’t you Doctor?” Melina stood up and grinned looking up at the bold wing.
"Very much so. Now that I think about it, being pet to death wouldn't be a bad way to go," she smiled.
Melina chuckled lightly, she was pleased that Zyra enjoyed her little massage session and seemed happy with everything.
“Well we best try and get some sleep, I best go get changed and get ready for bed” Melina said stretching.
"Alright. Today has been eventful." She said, laying down and curling up. "Even ardy seemed happy for me and normally he gets jealous at every little thing." She yawned.
Melina smiled, “I am glad, pleased for you, he is happy for you, I know he is” Melina said as she got changed and got into bed.
“Computer, lights out” the professor asked as the lights switched off, “Night Zy, love you” Melina said getting comfortable in her bed.
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A few days later the weekend finally arrived. Unbeknownst to Zyra there were secret plans for a celebratory dinner underway. She had spent her day reading and taking notes in the lab, going about her day without an idea of what Ardon and Melina had prepared for the evening.
The dragoness returned to her quarters to wash up and lay down with a good book, reclined on the cushioned floor of her side of the room. She hummed a little song to herself, tapping her tail on the floor as she turned the page. Melina was getting something out of the closet when she turned to the Boldwing.
"Hey Zyra, fancy a trip to town? I’d like to get a few things, thought you like a change of scenery," Melina said as she got changed.
"Really?" asked the dragoness, closing her book and looking up at her. They didn’t often go into town together. It attracted a lot of attention, and required Melina to give restaurants a heads up if they were going to visit. Zyra smiled at the opportunity, “That would be nice."
"Sure, it will be a little different to the last time, you get a lot more people coming up to you, but it shouldn’t be too bad," Melina said, hiding the real reason why she was taking Zyra out.
“That’s fine,” the dragoness nodded, sliding a bookmark into place in her novel and putting it on the desk.
Once Melina was ready, Zyra opened to the door, "Well, let's go get my harness and we'll head out?" She asked with a smile.
"Yup need your carry harness I think for shopping," Melina said.
“Alright,” nodded Zyra, walking with her down towards the hangar. As the entered the large room they spotted Vonriir napping. He opened his eyes, hearing them approach. The large dragon had declined the invitation to attend the surprise party. He knew it was difficult to accommodate him in many situations and he didn’t want to make the planning more complicated with his being there. He would happily doze in the quiet of the facility while the others went out.
“Where you off to, ladies?” he asked them, playing his part.
“Into town to run a few errands. Melina needs a few things,” replied Zyra as she got into her harness with a little help from the woman.
“Well, have fun and be safe,” said the mountain of the dragon, trying to fight the knowing smile crossing his face.
Zyra didn’t seem to notice as she shook to ensure the harness was secure before Melina go into the saddle.
“Have a good evening, Vonriir, we’ll see you later smiled Zyra, as she opened her wings.
“You too, ladies. Enjoy,”

Once up in the air, Zyra angled her wings to Melina’s directions, taking them away from the familiar lands around the facility and towards town.
"So what did you need to pick up?" She inquired, turning a bright yellow eye to her as they flew.
"Few bits and bobs here and there; shouldn't be too long." Melina said.
Zyra laughed lightly, turning back to look where she was going. Melina wasn’t usually this mysterious and the dragoness had thought it a little odd that she had dressed up in a nice blouse and fancy trousers to simply run a few errands. She shrugged it off to just wanted a change from her usual work attire.
A short while later Melina pointed out a building below, directing Zyra to land there. It was a bar and restaurant to Zyra’s surprise. She descended anyway and landed on the sidewalk. It was a beautiful place, she noted as they walked up.
“Here?” she inquired, confused.
"Come on, best get cracking before the crowds" Melina said with a smile, gesturing for her to follow.
Zyra padded after her, still puzzled as the wide doors opened.
“Welcome,” smiled the host as he held the door for them. “Right this way,”
Melina took off after the host and Zyra followed her, curious. As they rounded the corner the room opened up into a wide seating area with a bar on one side. There were people enjoying their dinner around the room but in the middle a number of tables had been moved together and when Zyra spotted who was sitting there she froze.
“Surprise!” the group shouted in celebration.

Ardon, Jack, Baxter, Comox, Daniel and even Veyron had all come, sitting around the table there to surprise her. The little dragon stood on what looked something like a leather wallet upon his chair, propping his forearms on the table. Zyra looked at the group, eyes wide. Comox sat beside Baxter and Daniel with Ardon and Jack on the other side of the table.
"Ahh there she is, our newest Doctor" Jack said as the other clapped the hands as Melina grinned, pleased Zyra had no suspected a thing.
“You guys!” She laughed, still rooted to the spot from the surprise. “What’s this all about?”
"We all wanted to celebrate your success, we are all very proud of you, plus we had a golden opportunity to celebrate," Melina said highlighting the golden word so she would know who was the main architect of the get together.
Zyra flashed a smile at Ardon who looked rather pleased with himself.
“Come, sit,” Offered Comox. She took off her harness and joined the others at the tablet, simply delighted at the surprise party to celebrate her success. She felt so honoured to be the guest of honour at such a lovely gathering.
“You really didn’t have to do this. We had dinner together the day I found out,” said the dragoness.
“That was nothing special. We thought we ought to celebrate in proper fashion,” grinned Ardon.
The others agreed, happy to be part of the celebration. The night began with laughter and chatter. Food was brought around and drinks poured for everyone. The other patrons in the restaurant didn’t seem to mind the odd group as they mingled over their meal and beverages.
“So, Angelface, what do you plan on doing with this new title of yours?” asked Veyron, stepping across the table.
“Well, I will always continue my studies. I would like to turn more towards Medical sciences starting this year. I would like to develop the foundation for Drakine medicine. If dragons continue coming to earth, we will need to keep health and wellbeing in mind,” said Zyra as she took a sip of champagne that had been offered to her. Jack and the others kept liquor to a minimum when it came to the dragons, but Melina had figured a little champagne was warranted in this situation.
“Well, that sounds like quite a feat,” replied the little dragon.
“She’ll accomplish anything she takes on, she’s already proven that so far,” grinned Ardon, bumping his shoulder to hers and giving her a quick side hug with his wing. She laughed and from across the table Comox had seen the interaction before looking back down at his food, his sail pulled back to his spine. With bright green eyes, Veyron had taken note of Comox’s subtle body language before the little dragon hopped off the table and onto the floor.
“Thanks for the vote of confidence, Ardy. It is a huge undertaking but I want the best for our kind,” said Zyra as Veyron disappeared.
"You have made history Zy, I am so pleased for you, it has been a journey, just glad it has been worth it" Jack said to Zyra.
The dragoness nodded, “Thank you, Jack. It’s been totally worth it. Even with the distracting duo here,” she gestured to both Ardon and Comox, “I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support; so thanks to all of you.”
On the other side of the room, Veyron hopped onto a barstool before pulling himself up onto the bar. With the conversation at the table he figured that no one had noticed him slip away.
“What do you have for whiskey?” asked Veyron, standing up on his hind legs and peering at the bottles behind the bar.
“I think I’ll get in trouble giving a hatchling booze,” the man said as he wiped the counter.
“I’m forty-seven,” huffed Veyron. “Just give me a damn drink.”
“Alcohol isn’t being covered on the golden dragon’s tab,” warned the man. “It’s all individual.”
“I got it,” nodded Veyron with confidence.
The night drew on, filled with chatter and conversation. Comox had gotten a little quiet over the course of the evening but now that Veyron had returned to the table, his own contributions had gotten louder.
“-you should’ve heard the noise he made when it happened. I thought he was going to give himself a heart attack from the fright!” Zyra laughed, telling David the story about the time she pranked Ardon, pretending to spill acid on him.
The gold rolled his eyes as everyone laughed at his expense but even he was smiling. The night was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.
“Well, who wouldn’t be freaked out when they think they’re going to have their face melted off? Anyway I got her back with a joke of my own,” he grinned, sharing his own story.
Zyra and Ardon were sitting awfully close as the dinner plates were cleared away and Comox’s stomach twisted in jealousy as he sat across the table from them both as they both shared funny stories with the group in animated fashion.
“What’s eating you, kid?” asked Veyron, “Something not to your taste?”
“No, I’m just tired,” the Boldwing lied but as the words left his mouth Veyron seemed to give him a knowing look that made his scales prickle.
“Sure, kiddo.”
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The evening had gone down well and everyone had a good time, however no one had noticed Comox reactions as Zyra and Ardy were close, giving bumps and wing hugs during the conversation, the poor male bold wing seemed displeased with all of the contact between them, luckily no one else knew apart from Veyron.
The team returned late in the evening as Mark had gone home and the base was more or less quiet, Daniel was staying overnight in one of the human quarters as all the team said their goodnights to one another and went to bed.
The base went into night mode as the lights dimmed but there was hardly anyone around apart from the night shift security detail and a few workers who were employed in the control room which was always had security protocols followed in the night shift.
Comox wandered into the canteen, unable to sleep and had made his way down to make some tea when he saw Daniel.
"You're up late," he said to the man as he approached quietly.
Daniel looked up to see the male bold wing approaching, he seemed to be doing work but it looked like he was keeping up to date with news on Babylon 6.
“Yes, could not sleep, still getting use to sleeping where there is proper day and night, the space station, it was pretty dark, until the sun appeared” Daniel said.
Comox nodded, "yeah, sleeping in different places is always a challenge. It was the noises here that kept me awake when I first arrived. Can I join you?"
Daniel nodded.
“Sure you can, it is quiet enough here, there is a tea made if you want a bowl of it, I do think Toby spoils you dragons rotten” Daniel said.
"I'd have to agree. Coming from Kilara has been quite the change but I'd be lying to say that I don't enjoy it," smiled Comox. He left and returned shortly after with a bowl of tea. He set it on the table and lay like a sphinx across from Daniel.
Daniel smiled and nodded, as he checked up on the news from Babylon 6 before speaking once more to the male bold wing.
“So, If I maybe so bold, what is your function in Torchwood 5?” he enquired, asking honestly and not rudely.
"Well," said the bold wing, tapping his talons against his cup of tea, "I'm a bit of a floater, I haven't settled in a set official role. I'm unbonded, like Vonriir. I help teach new dragons to the guardian program and I have been assisting Baxter here and there. I had been doing conservation work at the African outpost before Jack pulled strings to bring me back here permanently."
Daniel nodded, listening to what the dragon said, the male bold wing seemed to say he was floating between roles in the facility, then again he agreed Vonriir was doing the same.
“You do enjoy it here I take it, Vonriir thinks the same, I guess it takes a bit of time to discover your role, it is fortunate you have Jack who is kind enough to let you live here” Daniel replied.
"Yes... He is kind. I owe the people of this facility my life. I had come to them in bad condition. It's my personal vow to offer the best I can in return." Said Comox.
Daniel seemed to recall something in the back of his mind.
“Oh, so you are the dragon who was brought in very badly injured, I had been given all the reports on the dragons here and I remember reading your file, I am sorry to hear that, I read Melina has performed numerous operations on you to repair and aid you, she wrote you got allot of heart” Daniel smiled slightly.
Comox sipped his tea, unsure what to say, it was nice to hear that complement from her. "yeah, she went above and beyond to get me healthy again."
Daniel smiled and nodded in agreement.
“What do you make of Veyron?, in an honest opinion, Jack has told me he is still a little unsure on him” Daniel said a little quieter, he had turned to check no one was around.
"Um, he's hard to read. I think there's a lot more to him than meets the eye," admitted Comox. "It's difficult to tell at this point. He seems alright but there have been a few things I've noticed that I'm not so sure on..." He said, almost looking worried to share.
Daniel seemed to see something in Comox as he spoke.
“I’d rather you be honest Comox, I am in charge of security here, so if you have anything you feel you should say, please do, but..quietly” Daniel said calmly, moving his head closer to hear anything the male bold wing could say.
"He lurks around a lot. Ardon's seen him snooping around when others aren't paying attention and At Zyras celebration I'm pretty sure I saw Veyron pay for things with a credit card. As far as I know dragons can't sign up for those." He said, cringing a little, he did not like sounding like a tattle tale but it had concerned him.
Daniel nodded lightly, he was a little concerned by this and wondered where he had gotten a credit card from, wondering if he had stolen it from one of the team.
“Do not feel bad Comox, he has not made a good first impression with some staff members, me included, I will do some digging but I keep this between us for now” David said as the two continued to talk more.

The next morning Melina knocked on the door of Veyron’s quarters, Zyra was fast asleep in her quarters and she thought it would be nice to chat with the newest dragon, perhaps find out more about him, so she could better understand the dragon.
"What?" An irritated voice shouted from inside the room.
Melina was taken aback a little by the dragon’s response but soon recomposed herself, she knew she have to get use to his brashness.
“Sorry to wake you, it is me, professor Melina, may I come in?” Melina asked through the communicator.
Veyron grumbled and on the other side of the door the sound of his talons hitting the flour could be heard as he passed up to the door. With a click it opened and he squinted up at her. "Come in," he replied, turning back into the room and jumping on his bed. It looked like he acquired a number of blankets and fabric to make himself a cushy nest.
“Thank you” Melina said as she observed the items in his quarters.
“You feeling a little rough?, I can see you got yourself some extra bedding” Melina said sitting down near Veyron’s bed.
"Heh, yeah I've collected a few pieces. "I'm alright, just happened to sleep in a bit. What brings you down, professor?" Asked the little dragon, curling up.
Melina smiled slightly.
“Well, Zyra is sleeping, I thought it be nice to have a quick talk with you over a few things, it will be up to you if you heed my advice or not, you know I am a little unsure with you drinking” Melina replied.
"Prof," the dragon scoffed, uncoiling himself and stretching his wings before folding them back again, "I didn't get out of hand. Besides, I saw the Tobes bring you and miss Zyra a little drink a few nights ago but you're going to contest a little sip of whisky on my part?"
He jumped onto her right shoulder. "I'm fine, I assure you. I'm no foolish hatchling." Veyron gave a sly grin.
Melina chuckled lightly.
“I never said you were Veyron, I know how clever you are, I just concerned for your physical well being, that is all, I have to ensure the dragons here are in peak physical health and fitness, sort of the code of Torchwood 5, being an academy” she said.
"I thought you already gave me the all clear," said the little dragon, rolling his shoulders in an exaggerated fashion.
Melina nodded to Veyron’s words.
“I know, which is pretty impressive, I had some time to check your readings, you’re a pretty strong dragon, for…I mean your breed from what I can see” Melina said catching herself for mentioning the dragons size, she did not want to upset him.
"I know I may seem small," snorted Veyron, "especially compared to that scaled mountain you call a dragon out in the canteen, but believe me, Prof, good things come in small packages." He leaned on the side of her head with his elbow, picking his talons. "I'll surprise you all, given the chance."
Melina smiled lightly at the dragon beside her.
“I know, I just want to say and if you know about us already how supportive I am to all the dragons here, I know your introduction was rocky, a bit rough round the edges but I always support our dragons in everything they do, I want you to know that” Melina said with heart and genuine sincerity to the little dragon.
"You are too kind for your own good, professor," replied Veyron, hopping off her shoulder.
Melina laughed lightly.
“I can seem soft but I do have strong beliefs in ensuring the dragons here live healthy, productive lives, I hope you will accept my olive branch with time Veyron, I am around if you like to talk, I just thought id let you know, but do not think I am all soft and fluffy” Melina replied, getting up onto her feet.
Veyron chuckled lightly. "Well I appreciate it, Prof. Now if you would take that olive branch to the others and give them a few good whacks that would help," he said with a wink.
Melina chuckled lightly, “I see what I can do, just ease up on the drinking, or I’m putting you on the tread mill” Melina joked.
"Alright, alright. I get it." Said Veyron, surprisingly in a good natured tone.
Melina thanked Veyron for his time and left the dragon to his own devices as she returned to her quarters to check up on Zyra and have a relaxing day, with no work planned.
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Nearly a month had gone by since Zyra’s celebratory dinner. Veyron was beginning to settle into his own routine within the facility. He seemed to show himself as benign apart from his often brash attitude and often unprofessional language. He kept out of everyone’s way for the most part and kept true to his promise of staying out of the restricted areas, as far as everyone could tell so far.
Ardon still wasn’t pleased with their newest member of the group. His dislike of the little dragon had settled somewhat as each day passed by but he was still suspicious of Veyron, not fully trusting the crafty Shadow Wraith.
He had spotted parcels in the mail room addressed to the little dragon but before he got a chance to investigate, the packages would disappear. He had no idea how Veyron was getting mail but he wanted to find out.
Ardon also noticed that he was often misplacing things or perhaps they were going missing. He wanted to blame it all on Veyron but he had no proof. The dragon seemed to wander around empty handed whenever he saw him in the facility. Whatever was going on, Ardon thought that he was up to no good.
He tried a number of times to bring it was but was met with skepticism and Jack had told him off good for a little tiff he and Veyron had gotten into over a dinner the week before. He was walking on thin ice so the gold kept alert for now.
In was early afternoon on a Saturday when Ardon was rifling around their quarters, turning over cushions, rummaging through the desks and side tables in a desperate search for something.
"No Ardy, I haven't, where was the last place you put it?” Jack asked turning from his desk to look at Ardon.
"Well, I thought I had it in the hangar but it isn't there so I must have brought it here,' he said, sounding frustrated. He lashed his tail as his most recent attempt turned up nothing.
"Your tablet has a tracker on it, why not use that to locate it, borrow mine, it should tell you" Jack said handing his over to the golden dragon. Ardon took it and turned it on but once he got the device turned on he seemed a little lost.
"Show me how to use it?" he asked, handing it back.
"Sure" Jack said powering on the app, he then brought put a list of tablet users and smirked at the obvious one for Ardon.
"Really? That is what you picked for a username?" he gave a sly smile.
GoForGold it read on screen.
Ardon grinned back, “Of course.”
Ardon took the tablet and scrolled through the options before a scowl crossed his face and he went suddenly stomping out of the room.
"Ardon? What is it? Ardon?" Jack said looking confused as the golden dragon went stomping out without another word, taking his tablet with him.
Ardon marched himself down to the end of the hall where Veyron’s quarters were. He used his override code to force open the door.
“Hey!’ demanded the little dragon, scrambling to his feet on the bed. “Don’t you know how to knock?”
“You have my tablet,” growled the gold dragon, standing over him. Veyron didn’t seem cowed by the looming drake, standing defiantly with his arms crossed.
“I believe you’re mistaken,” snapped Veyron.
Ardon looked around the room. It appeared that Veyron had somehow acquired more things since he last saw the place but before the gold had much time to assess his new possessions, he spotted a familiar gold case across the room.
His tablet sat on the desk in a number of pieces; it looked like it had been taken apart and laid out across the surface of the table.
“What the hell!” he demanded.
“Oh, that’s yours? I found it in the hangar. It had been there for a few days. I thought it was fair game,” shrugged Veyron, hopping off the bed to walk across the floor and jump up on the desk where Ardon’s tablet lay out in its various components.
“Why did you destroy it?” growled Ardon.
“I didn’t,” replied Veyron as it appeared he was putting it back together. The air of casualness that he did so made Ardon blink in confusion as all the components were fitted back into place. “I was just trying to fix it.”
“It wasn’t broken, Veyron,” he growled.
“Testy, testy. No, not for you it wasn’t. Since I’ve been disallowed my own internet access, I had to find other means to get connected,” he explained, snapping the back to the rest of the tablet.
“So you steal my tablet to…. Hack it or whatever you did to it?”
“In a way. I figured out your password easily enough-“
Ardon froze, his breath caught in his throat, “How?”
“Simple observation, you need a password stronger than four letters, by the way.”
Ardon growled but Veyron ignored it, carrying on, “I needed to alter a few things because your Techy, Baxter has put the internet access on fort Knox level lockdown. But I eventually managed to get what I needed.” He said, completing putting the tablet back together and powering it on to show Ardon it worked. The gold grabbed it from the little Wraith with anger, turning it over to see that it was alright.
“You better watch yourself,” said Veyron, walking to the edge of the desk towards Ardon.
“Excuse me?” Ardon seethed, Veyron was giving HIM a warning? After all this?
Veyron put up his paws in display that it wasn’t a threat, “Not a warning from me, just-” he jumped onto the gold’s shoulder and climbed up to his head, “-some friendly advice. You’re buddy Comox is getting jealous of your bold little advances. I’d watch yourself. That kind of rivalry never a healthy thing between friends.”
Ardon shook his head, trying to send Veyron flying but the wraith jumped free and glided back to the bed. He wanted to yell at Veyron but he was speechless. It was then when he noticed a sound system and a large Tv sitting on the tablet opposite to the little dragon’s bed as well as a few other things that looked out of place.
“Keep your paws off my stuff.” He warned Veyron.
“Yup, now get out of my room,” the wraith waved him away, knowing that he had Ardy on some sort of leash now that he knew some of his secrets.
Ardon slunk out of the room, tablet now returned but with concerns were beginning to bubble up.
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Ardon was not the only one to have some issues with the small dragon, Mark was also not having fun, noticing his prized whiskey collection he hide away in the staff galley was disappearing quicker than anything, the whiskey themselves were worth allot and Mark had noticed two bottles had been consumed.
He did not have any proof but suspected the little dragon was behind it since he had a taste for the finer things, he also was getting complaints from the post room that large Amazon drones were dropping off items and post was coming through for purchases to the little dragon.
Today Mark had found not stuff delivered to Veyron and surprise his 15 year old whiskey bottle, bought for him for his promotion empty.
“Dam, that scrawny, punk of a dragon, how he gets access to my whiskey stores without the CCTV picking it up is beyond me!” Mark complained, slamming the drawer shut aggressively.
Ardon was wandering passed the office when he heard marks voice. He paused, tilted his head to listen and heard veyron a name. Mark didn't seem happy. At least they were on the same page about that.
Ardon poked his head in, "Mark?"
Mark looked up and saw Ardon there, looking at him.
“What are you after Ardon, I am a little irritable at the moment” Mark said abruptly to the golden dragon as he sat back down in his chair with a heavy sigh.
"Well if you're complaining about Veyron I was hoping to join you," Ardon said, sitting opposite to him on the other side of the desk.
Mark seemed to give a small smile as it seemed he was not alone in being frustrated with the little dragon.
“My whiskey has been evaporating into thin air, including my best one I was saving, empty bottle, I know its that little bugger, plus all the stuff he is ordering in his quarters, the post room aren’t happy either” Mark replied.
"They noticed too? Thank the stars it just wasn't me. I don't know how he's managing it," Ardon huffed.
Mark seemed to agree with the golden dragon, nodding his head.
“His lavish purchases when his internet usage has been limited, Baxter made sure of it, I have no real evidence and there is no CCTV footage or anything, he is a sly one, well I wont be tolerating it, When Jack and Melina are away on that conference, I will be challenging him” Mark said, a devious look appearing on his face.
Ardon raised an eyebrow, "How?" He asked.
Mark put his hands together and sat back down on his desk.
“Well, the little bugger likes his pocessions and likes to gamble, I have seen him watching, I am going to give him a challenge, if we win, I will be selling all his stuff and I will relegate his quarters, something more suitable to him, he gotten comfy for too long, If he wins I will give him this” Mark showed a cash card in front of the dragon.
“Its got 500 credits on there, more than enough to double his luxuries, plus he can have access to the net reduced so he can utilise his own machine” Mark said.
"You think he'd take the bait?" Asked the gold dragon.
Mark nodded, “he will, it is high risk, high gain it will appeal to him, plus to rub my face and yours in it will be too tempting, but the challenge plays to his weakness, he’s a small dragon, he never be able to lift up a set weight from the gym, so you see it’s a safe bet, his ego will blind him from the difficulty” Mark said but then spoke to Ardon once more.
“Are you in with me?” Mark asked.
"Yes!" Ardon grinned, already thinking of the little dragon’s reaction now. "I like it. Take him down a notch or two."
Mark smiled.
“Good, that is good, if he continues to act an ass, which is highly likely then we can approach him with it” Mark said as the two-continued discussing it.
“Veyron is a small dragon, a stick compared to you, he will lose and not even get the weight off the ground, mark my words, we got this in the bag” the man said.
"I wanna be there for the bet, is that okay?" The gold asked. He wanted to witness Veyron lose the bet.
“Sure, I insist you be there” Mark said.

The next few days proved to fall into place, Mark’s whiskey continued to drain away oddly and more packages were arriving from the post room, Jack had been informed but the man seemed to tolerate this for now as he was due to go to a conference with Melina to discuss new equipment for her labs.
Sadly the dragons could not attend as the building was not big enough for them, so Zyra and Comox would be going to get more books and reading material for the newly promoted Doctor, leaving Mark and Ardon to enact their plan.
Mark was in the canteen when Veyron waltzed in and turned on the TV watching more human boxing and other sports on the TV shooshing people who made too much noise.
Mark saw this as the golden chance to confront him, Ardon had also made his way in and spotted Mark approaching Veyron, he was sure not going to miss this.
“We need to talk Mr, now, your being a right pain in the back side” Mark said brashly to the small dragon.
"Hhmph," said Veyron, looking up from where he lay on the couch. "Can it wait. There's five more minutes left."
Mark frowned as he shook his head.
“No, not five minutes now, you been irritating some people and you have been stealing as well” Mark accused the small dragon.
The dragon rolled to his feet and climbed he back of the couch so he could look mark in the eye. "You think so?" He asked.
“I know so, not only have you been accessing the internet that I know Baxter limited you, but my whiskey has been disappearing allot quicker than normal, including my 15 year old vintage whiskey, given to me for my promotion, plus all the items you been getting for your room” Mark accused.
"I've seen you drink, Mr. De Santa, are you sure it wasn't yourself?" He asked, avoiding the other accusations.
Mark seemed unimpressed by the dragon’s remark, he knew full well he had not touched the bottles in his stash for a good while, they had certainly been consumed.
“I know it was not me, Veyron, I also know about deliveries to your quarters, Heck we got Amazon Drones flying in your orders, this is a secure facility not a warehouse, you are treating us with contempt” Mark replied, unhappy at Veyron’s attitude.
"People aren't supposed to know we're here." Growled Ardon
"Untwist the knot in your tail, Golden boy. I used the fake address you guys get stuff sent to. I've been careful." He said, opening his paws. "I have to live here so I wouldn't compromise it."
Mark did not believe this excuse, he had a bad feeling about this dragon and nothing he would say would change the man’s stubborn opinion.
“That maybe so, but where you getting these funds, it is not on and is unacceptable, however I am willing to perhaps sorting this out as men…or dragons” Mark said.
Veyron froze slightly when Mark mentioned the funds but perked up with a curious look when he continued.
"And how do you suppose we do that?" He asked, noticing the look on Ardon's face.
Mark saw the dragons eyes seem to light up at hearing his suggestion.
“I am willing to for now overlook your little actions and keep Jack sweet on you staying here, however I have a challenge for you, if you lose, then you will return all the items you have ordered and you will surrender your accommodation for something more suitable to your needs” Mark said confidently.
"I take it that 'more suitable' means a broom closet?" Snarked Veyron. "What happens when I win?"
Ardon noticed the little dragon said when and not if. He didn't seem to think he would lose.
Mark gave a small smile.
“Well as a true gambling man myself Veyron, your efforts will not be unrewarded, you can stay in your quarters along with your stuff, with added perks of I allow you to have your own tablet with relaxed internet control, plus this” Mark showed Veyron the card.
“It’s a cash card, loaded with 800 credits, 500 from me and 300 from Ardy’s wages as well” Mark explained.
Veyron suddenly looked suspicious. "The reward for me seems greater than what's in it for you..."
“The challenge is you to lift up a weight from the gym, it will be a realistic weight, to lift over your head, that is the challenge to you Veyron, high risk for high gain” Mark said.
Veyron considered this a moment before jumping onto marks shoulders. "Let's go to the gym and once I see the weight you choose I'll decide then."
Ardon gave Mark a cautious look to see if he'd allow it.
Mark nodded in agreement.
“Come on then” Mark said allowing the small dragon to travel on his shoulder, it was not a far walk to the human gym, it had been rebuilt to allow the dragons to walk inside, but today it was quiet, not many people on duty at the base and so the place was deserted.
Mark opened the large doors so Ardon could get in, on a soft foam mat lay the weight which was on a bar, with a couple of weights each side of the bar.
“There is the weight I have for this wager, you may inspect it and see, but that is the weight based on your records from Melina and realistic calculations done on computer” Mark said, allowing Veyron off to inspect it.
Veyron circled the weight as Ardon and Mark watched. He seemed to be calculating something before he stood up straight and looked at Mark. "You're sure you want to part with all those credits?"
Mark seemed a little taken aback by the confidence in the small dragon, he had asked the computer to calculate what a fit, healthy dragon of that species could lift at max, the computer then based the data on all the information and readings it was given in Veyron’s examination.
“As I said the challenge is there” Mark said, his confidence returning, knowing Veyron was not fit and he did drink at times, Mark assumed he was not a strong dragon either.
The little dragon stuck out his paw for Mark to shake, "we have a deal then? I lift this above my head and I get your credits."
Mark seemed confident as he shook the little dragons paw.
“Deal it is” Mark said, sealing the challenge.
Veyron approached the weight and rubbed his paws together vigorously.
"Already deciding what I'm going to buy with your funds, boys," he said, bending down and getting a grip on it.
Mark tried not to roll his eyes at the confidence, he leaned towards Ardon and whispered up to him.
“It’s all an act, he wont lift that, the weight is the max his species could lift if they were fit, Veyron isn’t fit” he whispered to Ardon as he looked back at Veyron.
“Ok get a good grip and then I count you off when your ready” Mark said.
Ardon had to agree. Veyron was a noodle with wings. He couldn't manage it.
"Ready," called the wraith.
“Ok, then, 3..2..1 and all yours” Mark said as he folded his arms, he would now watch and the two of them assumed Veyron would not lift it, they would watch what both of them believed was a safe bet, assuming Veyron was overly confident and could not resist a high stakes gamble.
Ardon watched as Veyron took the edge of the weight in his talons, his serpentine body looped over. It was almost painful to watch but a smile crossed his face knowing that this would never work.
"Umph," Veyron huffed as he began.
Mark and Ardon watched as Veyron began his attempt on the weights, Mark leaned over and whispered to Ardon.
“He realise it’s too heavy for him, then watch that cockiness drain away” Mark said.
Ardon smirked as Veyron seemed to struggle to even get the weight a few inches off the floor.
"Ghrr," the wraith huffed as he lifted.
Mark smirked and looked at Ardon, holding his hand out behind his back for Ardon to tag his hand, the challenge was looking in their favour.
As the little dragon wrestled with the weight, Ardon leaned over and whispered to Mark, "I think this is the best idea you've had."
Veyron had changed positions and redid the grip on the weight, holding tighter and he heaved up with a growl.
Mark looked up at Ardon and winked, they felt this would be easy, as they observed the dragon struggling.
To Ardon’s surprise Veyron hefted the weight upright with a snarl, the long muscles of his arms shifting under the grey suede scale.
"Quit your whispering, I can hear you, you know," he huffed.
Mark also seemed surprised that the weight had come up off the floor, with Veyron telling them off, “Ok, so far you been very enduring and your stronger than you looked” Mark said.
"Hhnk," Veyron growled as hefted the weight to his chest. Ardon thought he was going to topple over but the wraith was using his tail as an anchor. His wings trembled against his sides and his face contorted into a snarl but still he persisted.
Mark seemed surprised that he managed to do this so far, the dragon was going at it with determination but Mark thought Veyron would still no manage to get it above his head.
The little dragons brow was glistening with sweat as he held the weight to his chest, swaying slightly as he tried to muster his strength.
"He's going to fall over," said ardy quietly.
"Screw off, gold nugget, I've -hmpf- got this." The last of his words coming out in a pained growl.
Mark smirked silently, the dragon was struggling and things were still going their way as the burden of the weight on the small dragon was getting to him.
The weight slipped a little lower suddenly as Veyron huffed, muscles clenched from nose to tail. He growled and huffed, sweat across his brow as he slowly lifted it up again.
Mark watched the little dragon battle, he had to admit, Veyron was genuinely trying hard, no snarky remarks but actually genuine effort was going into this challenge, which had lasted allot longer than he had anticipated.
"Urg," snarled Veyron as the weight almost slipped from his talons.
"There, he's losing it." Whispered Ardon, thinking about how sweet it would be hauling all of Veyron’s stuff away.
Mark seemed to agree with Ardon as this challenge continued on.
The wraith was sweating now, having stopped the weight and bringing it back up once more. "Ggrh," he huffed, pulling it up.
Mark seemed surprised but did not show it, he did not want Veyron to get any momentum or confidence back in this challenge.
The little wraith made an increased effort, growling in his struggle. His tail went rigid as a counter balance, teeth clenched and wings rattling as he lifted it higher.
Mark watched a little concerned as Veyron continued to battle through, the dragon slick with sweat and tensed up, showing a strong, powerful frame underneath those scales.
The dragon staggered a bit, his hind paws pivoting to get a better stance but caused the top half of him to wobble slightly. He tried to lift it higher but it was slow going.
“Surely not” Mark muttered to himself as the man grew concerned that the tide was changing against them, he expected the dragon to give up or collapse ot the floor but the little dragon was not calling it quits and was succeeding, though slowly.

Veyron suddenly have a vicious snarl for his size and to Ardon's surprise, the wraith began to lift the weight slowly higher.
“This is impossible, there is no way he can lift that” Mark said to himself quietly as Veyron was winning this challenge.
Ardons mouth dropped open as Veyron was beginning to get the better of the challenge. The weight was at eye level now and steadily rising. The little dragon’s muscles shifted and tensed under his scale as he pressed on, almost tasting victory.
"Mark..." Said Ardon, not taking his eyes off the little dragon.
“I know” Mark said looking shocked as Veyron was on the cusp of victory.
Veyron gave a sly look over to mark and Ardon, the hint of a grin passing the grimace on his face before he closed his eyes and heaved.
"Rrr!" He growled, the weight nearly over his head.
Ardon looked panicked, mouth agape as he watched.
Mark look said it all as the dragon was nearly going to win all the credits and the challenge, he did not have a reply to this.
Veyron could feel his shoulders trembling with the effort he was exerting on them but he thought about that reward and the look on mark and Ardon’s faces, pushing himself to win. “I got this!”, he thought to himself. He growled, scrunching his eyes shut and went for it.
Mark could believe what he was seeing, Veyron was going to win this and there was nothing they could do but watch with shock.
"Ggrrrh," he growled, shoulders rolling as he heaved the weight over his head and taking a step back to balance himself. He looked over at Ardon and mark with a sly grin. "How do you like that, suckers?"
“Impossible!” Mark exclaimed as the small dragon had completed the challenge with the weight over his head in triumphant victory as he stood, mouth agape.
Veyron stood where he was, a victorious smile across his face as he showed off, muscles obvious as he held it up over his head. Grinning, he dropped it to the ground with a loud thunk. "That's impossible!" Said Ardon, still in shock.
"I'm pretty sure I just proved you wrong," Veyron, quick as a flash climbed up to marks shoulder again. "Now cough up the prize," he said, holding out his paw.
Mark grumbled, “How in the world did you lift that, the weight was your max your breed can manage” Mark said as he got the card out from his pocket and reluctantly handed it over to Veyron, he had been beaten at his own game and was not best pleased, along with an annoyed golden dragon.
Veyron took it with a grin on his face, "My secret. I'm used to people underestimating me. Maybe from now on you won't." He laughed, jumping off the man's shoulder.
Mark frowned, “I hold my end of the bargin….I get you a tablet as promised, but ask me this, did you know you could lift it” Mark asked the dragon.
"Yes." The dragon replied simply.
"How? You're a pool noodle with wings. It shouldn't be possible," huffed Ardon.
Veyron clicked his teeth. "My breed climbs trees for a living and hauls prey up to high branches. We're used to lifting more than our own body weight. Sorry, pal.
Mark ground his teeth, “Fine….you win, you shown us up, unfortunately” Mark said as the man tried not to go smashing things out of frustration, trying to keep it cool as Veyron showed off, waving the card in victory and he continued to show off as he grinned, he had won and proven them both wrong.

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Veyron had been rather pleased with himself, winning the bet much to Mark and Ardon’s disbelief. He had taken the card from the man, tapping his talons on it, wondering what he would buy.
It didn’t take long for him to decide. He bribed Toby with a few credits and made off to his room. His tablet was delivered shortly after, much to Mark’s dislike, and he was given full access to the wifi, though his movements on the Internet would be monitored. The little dragon knew this but didn’t seem to care at all.
It was later that day when Ardon was walking up the hall to the staff quarters when he saw Toby at Veyron’s door. The man had a number of dishes on a trolley and from the looks of it, the chef had gone all out.
The door to the room open and Toby went inside.
“Your requests, Veyron,” said the chef, smiling as he put the dishes onto the desk. Ardon peeked inside and the Wraith was reclined on his bed, stacked high with soft blankets stolen from around the facility.
The grey dragon turned his green eye gaze to the door and grinned. The tablet was propped up on his lap and he held up the card, waving it in the air.
“Oh Ardy! I was just making a few purchases with your generously donated credits. Order should be here by Friday,” he smirked.
Ardon snorted, moving out of the way as Toby left the room.
“This is ridiculous,” the gold huffed, looking at the amount of food that the little dragon had ordered. Charcuterie platters and cheese boards, plates filled with the finer foods one could imagine. “You couldn’t eat all this if you tried.”
“No, I couldn’t,” was Veyron’s reply, turning back to the tablet, pressing the screen with his talon. “I’ll just toss out what I don’t eat.”
Ardon looked aghast at such a waste that would be. He would happily eat everything here in one sitting but he knew Veyron was not sharing his prize, especially with him.
“But!” Ardon started, stepping further into the room.
“Get out. These are MY quarters. You do not have permission to be in here,” said Veyron, not even bothering to look up at the gold. When Ardon didn’t move he repeated it again, “Get. Out.”
Ardon reluctantly agreed, marching out to his own quarters, feeling sour for losing. It was a few days later when the gold was headed to the canteen that he saw the purchases that Veyron had made being wheeled off to the Wrath’s room. He had no idea what the dragon had bought but there were a number of boxes stacked upon each other headed his way.
Ardon shook his head and stormed off.

The shadow wraith was delighted when the delivery made it’s way to his room. Behind closed doors he opened the boxes. Luxury, expensive items had been what he had sought out. The room, in his opinion, had been drab and severely lacking the amenities he had in the penthouse loft he had called home back in LA.
Now, with his underhanded purchases
Veyron replaced the prized bottle he had nicked from Mark’s office, placing it on his desk when the man wasn’t there. It was the least he could do. There was a tiny speck of guilt in taking it so he thought he would repay him, even if it was with his own credits in the end. The dragon figured it would be best to get on Mark’s better side, or at least make an effort to, seeing as the man was second in command. It was this gesture he hoped would win him a few points at least.
He kept a few nicer bottles for himself, stashed away in the hidden corners of his own room.

Later that night, Melina went to get herself a cup of herbal tea and noticed something in the lounge, asleep, as she got closer she could see it was Veyron, snoring away. He was sprawled out on his back on one of the cushions, remote for the TV still in his paw.
"Veyron?, Veyron are you ok?" the professor asked the small dragon lightly.
The dragon made a little noise, shifting his head slightly to the side, but otherwise didn't move nor wake at her voice.
Melina seemed to look at the dragon puzzled, "Hey, Veyron, wake up, its me Melina" the professor said nudging him gently to awaken him.
"Hmmf," said he little dragon blinked his green eyes. "Yes? What is it?"
He scratched at his collarbone and blinked, seemingly confused as to where he was.
"What are you doing here Veyron, if you are tired you got your quarters" Melina asked.
"No, I think I'm fine here," he said, wobbling slightly as he sat up. His wings stuck out at funny angles, as if almost he had forgotten he had them.
Melina gave him a look, "Mister, have you been heavily drinking? You look like you fallen out of the pub after doors closed" Melina said, observing the wobbly movements.
"I'm fine. Just had a bit of a sampling of something that came in and fell asleep. That's all," he said, sitting in a rather slouched fashion. "What are you doing up?" He asked, turning the conversation on her.
“I was going to get myself a cup of herbal tea, help me sleep but I did not expect to find a drunk dragon on my travels, you did say you wouldn’t drink so heavily Veyron" Melina said shaking her head lightly.
"I didn't," he said, brushing it off, "I can still walk and you're understanding me, right? I've got this. Don't fret. Besides, I'm pretty sure I'm older than you by a bit."
Melina smiled, "You know I show concern for all the dragons here, big or small, now do you need a helping hand to your quarters?" Melina offered.
"Or want some tea or coffee" she added.
"I'll join you for some coffee I think," nodded the little dragon, stretching. Being so small he needed just a small portion of alcohol to knock him back and this stuff had obviously hit him as much as he had denied it.
Melina nodded as she poured herself some herbal tea, but made a fresh batch of coffee for the little dragon, making it a large one as she sat down at the table.
"So, why you been drinking, one of your wrestlers or fighters win on the TV?"
Melina asked.
"Nah, I pissed off Mark and Ardon. Won their bet much to their chagrin. I thought a little celebration with some of my reward was due." Replied Veyron, curling around the coffee cup, taking in a breath of the steam that rose from it.
Melina looked at Veyron with a puzzled look on her face, she did not like the idea of a bet. He drank from the coffee cup deeply as she looked at him with worry.
"First time I've heard of it, I do not like the Idea of you betting with them" Melina said, showing concern.
Veyron shrugged. "I new what I was getting into. I had it figured out. They underestimated me big time and I have a bunch of their credits for this mistake," he laughed. “It was good. You should have seen their faces.”
Melina frowned, "There was money involved? I do not approve of people testing their dragons or testing dragons limits, only when it is needed" Melina said to Veyron.
“Ah whatever. I knew better than them so no sweat off my back,” he said, getting to his feet. “Anywho, thanks for the coffee, Sugar, I’m off to bed.”
And with that the dragon meandered back to his quarters.
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“What exactly did you bet and how much did you bet Mark, Torchwood 5 is a dragon academy not gladiators arena for dragons to test their brawn” Melina said to Mark, the woman was rather frustrated about what had transpired, however Mark had taken all the blame and not mentioned Ardon at all.
“It was my mistake, the dragon was being cocky, the test was to knock him down a peg or two, it back fired” Mark explained as Melina put her hands on her hips.
“This isn’t the first time you bet on dragons, testing them to their limits, Ardon in Dubai, how ridiculous are you men?” Melina sternly said as Mark seemed to be taking the female’s angry verbal lashing.
Zyra frowned, sitting next to Melina. Ardon sat sheepishly to the other side, almost afraid to put in his two cents with Melina so upset.
"What's all the hullabaloo about?" Asked a voice as Veyron strolled in.
Mark and Melina looked down to see Veyron strolling in with a grin plastered on his face, still on the wave of euphoria from his victory.
“It is about you, Professor here is giving me a public flogging as the British would say” Mark said as Melina scowled at him, the woman really upset over this, it was a good job Jack was not around to see this, as he was in a meeting with Daniel and Dr Baxter.
"I wouldn't want to get on her bad side," Vonriir whispered to Ardon.
"Prof," said Veyron casually as he climbed up to the woman's shoulder. "I told you all was fine. I came out on top after all." He grinned. "Really, if these guys want to throw their credits at me I won't complain."
Melina gave Veyron a stern look, before shaking her head slightly, “What exactly was the challenge” she enquired to Mark.
"Lifting a weight, supplied Ardon in a quiet voice.
Melina looked across to Ardon and then to Mark who nodded to Ardon’s comment, confirming what Veyron had been challenged to do.
“You what!”, what if he had dropped it and broke his neck!” Melina exclaimed.
Veyron kept silent on this one, letting Mark and Ardon take the brunt of Melina's accusation. Maybe it was better not to try to rein her in. He had the professor on his side.
The dragons flinched at her tone but none of them spoke up.
“Yes it was a weight challenge and the little bugger lifted it, I based it on the computer data you had done on him, asking the computer for the max weight based on the calculations” Mark explained.
Melina all of a sudden laughed lightly.
“Oh, you did?” she said.
“Did you read the notes how his muscle tone shows heightened physical strength? I bet you didn’t” Melina said chuckling lightly.
"You should ask for clarification when reading notes on breed standards," smiled Zyra.
Mark seemed to grumble a little as Melina laughed some more.
“You really need to read all my work before setting weights or challenges, sure the weight Ardon mentioned was tough but Veyron is very strong for his breed and kind of sets the markers really, I am deeply amused by you Mr De Santa” Melina replied.
Ardon tried not to smile, turning his face away.
Veyron grinned, however. "Amused is a good word for it."
Melina turned to look at the small dragon, who confidence was pretty good considering what he had won.
“You shouldn’t of accepted it Mr, but you seemed to have handled it better than Mark did, so I reckon the old saying don’t count your chickens before they are hatched rings true here” Melina said.
"You calling me a chicken, Prof?" Asked Veyron with a joking smile.
Melina smiled.
“No Veyron, it was meant for Mark” Melina replied.
Mark rolled his eyes and shook his head, feeling like the dragons were having a chuckle at his expense.
“I think I learnt my lesson now guys, as long as it’s kept quiet with Jack please” Mark asked Melina who seemed to think about it.
“Ok Mark, I keep this quiet for now, but next time you want to challenge a dragon, please read what me and Zyra has typed up on all their reports, you might learn something” Melina smiled kindly as Mark nodded.
“Yeah yeah” Mark waved it off as he left for the canteen making Melina laugh lightly.
"Well, prof," said Veyron, patting the woman's shoulder with his paw from where he sat. "You're got some dragon fire in your veins. I didn't think you had it in ya."
"she's got bold wing blood of anything. You don't mess with Melina," said Zyra proudly.
Melina chuckled lightly at the compliment from Zyra, she was pretty quick to praise her when others did, plus she knew how vicious Melina could get, especially seeing her compete.
“You been told by my guardian dragon Veyron, I am not a push over, so do not under estimate me, it be at your own peril” Melina gave a firm look at Veyron before grinning.
"Underestimating someone is the last thing if do," smirked Veyron. "Especially someone who is bonded to a bold wing."
Melina smiled.
“Don’t you forget that Veyron, now how about you dragons grabbing something to eat, perhaps fly on the outskirts of London, see how things are doing there perhaps, keep to the flight path that Jack instructed” Melina said, wanting the dragons to go out and enjoy the sunshine outside.
"Trying to get rid of us, Prof?" asked Veyron, hopping off her shoulder.
"Yeah, she needs some dragon free time i think," laughed Zyra lightly.
Melina shook head lightly at Zyra’s comments.
“No nothing of the sort, I just like you guys to go stretch your wings a bit, enjoy the sun outside, the UK weather isn’t Kilara, so when the sun does come out, need to enjoy it rather than be stuck in here, that includes you too Vonriir” Melina said jokingly telling the massive dragon off.
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Spring blossomed into the early days of summer at the facility. Veyron had spent four months living among the dragons and staff and still he proved to be a dragon that marched to the beat of his own drum. The wraith was vastly different compared to the others. He completely embraced the human lifestyle and seemed to not have a speck of desire to engage in any tradition Drakine-like behaviours.
Ardon thought him lazy, catching him watching TV more often than not, at least whenever he wasn’t lurking around. He indulged in coffee daily, growling at anyone who dare try to ask anything of him before he had his caffeine.

Even over the course of the four months he had spent here, the little dragon had been unable to find a way down the secured hall that lead to the portal room. He had no idea what lay down that corridor but having the access cut off did not please the wraith. He was one that was always after information.
His restricted access had quarantined him off from the command center, labs, shuttle hangar as well as the garage and the other areas of the facility where weapons and sensitive information was kept.
Daniel and Mark seemed to have stepped up their game and Veyron could no longer make his way through the air vents much to his chagrin. He still tested other routes he knew of to get from place to place and so far these had yet to be found by security staff.

The shadow wraith was walking out of the canteen when Comox walked up.
“Hey Veyron, have you seen Zyra?” he asked.
“She’s gone out for a circuit or two outside with your rival,” replied the little dragon, looking up at the boldwing.
“…rival?” asked Comox, confused but a slow realization coming over him.
“Yes, your rival in this little love triangle going on here. You better step it up or you’re going to be left in the dust.”
Comox hesitated, his mouth open but no words came out at first, “I don’t know what y-you’re talking about.”
“Sure, Comox,” Veyron waved his paw in the air and walked passed him, headed.
Comox’s tail drooped as he looked after Veyron and then down the hall that would lead him to the dragon hangar.


There was a tapping on the glass windows that looked into the labs. Veyron had hopped up and was clinging to the windowsill, peering inside for Melina. His tail wavered below him as he waited for her to realize where the sound was coming from.
Melina looked up and saw Veyron knocking on the window. She gestured to the main entrance as she entered the decontamination room. The wraith hopped off the windowsill and made his way to the entry. After a few moments the door opened for Veyron to enter.
“Hello, Veyron, what can I do you for?” she asked kindly.
He looked up at her, front paws crossed behind his back, ”Thought you might like some company in the labs while your dragoness is out and about, if you would be so kind to grant me permission.”
“That is very considerate of you. Yes you can come in as I’m here to supervise,” Melina said as she cleared security for Veyron to come in once past decontamination.
Hopping up onto one of the desks he looked at her with bright green eyes, “So what are you working on today?”
“Oh, just updating the dragon records; all recent stats and achievements that they have accomplished. Plus any insight that other dragons have provided on their species.”
A small smile flickered at the corner of the wraith’s lips.
“Well… if you wanted, I could probably fill out a few more details about my breed,” said Veyron, stretching and fanning his crimson patterned wings out briefly before standing back up again.
The dragon had been rather secretive. He had offered just enough information about himself at the start to satisfy the worst of the questions that would inevitably come his way but his secretive nature proved frustrating from some, Including Daniel and Ardon.
The wraith liked to keep details under wraps. He knew that withholding information often benefitted him, allowing him to offer up tidbits when it profited him. Now, he himself wanted information, he hoped being compliant with Melina would soften her up to answering some of his own questions. He wondered if she would take the bait.
Melina smiled, “That would be most appreciated by myself. Perhaps I can put in your recent achievement on record,” Melina chuckled, bringing up Veyron’s file.
“Sure,” said the little dragon, hopping up onto her shoulder to read what she had written about him. “Anything else you’d like to know?”
“Well, firstly how much you managed to lift and how you did it would be useful,” Melina asked Veyron.
The little dragon explained the weight that had been selected for him and told her about the specialized muscles that ran along his back that made climbing and pulling prey up to the safety of the trees a breeze.
“Wow, that’s very impressive… really impressive,” Melina said, her voice sounding surprised but there seemed to be praise as well despite her being against the bet.
He looked over her shoulder again and saw blank spots beside a number of breed statistics.
“We live to a maximum of 300 years,” he supplied, “Males are bigger than females but not by much. Females have white patterning instead of the red you see on me.”
Melina nodded, typing in the notes that Veyron was providing her, so soon the blanks were being filled in, "This is all interesting information to add" Melina said with a kind smile.
Veyron returned the smile, pleased that she was happy with these rather generic answers. Nothing that would give any of his secrets away.
“So, I have a question for you,” he said, draping himself across both of her shoulders like a feather boa. “How did all your dragons find their way to earth? I am assuming not all of them were easily stuffed away in someone’s luggage.”
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Melina smiled at Veyron at his comment but knew she could not mention the portal to the little dragon, that was highly classified and Jack still had reservations about their newest guest.
“Jack and Ardon came back on a transport ship to Earth, it was not easy but Jack pulled some strings and joined Torchwood, the others all came on transports when we were allowed to do scientific studies on Kilara, Ardon’s uncle Forge, sort of a recruiter over there” Melina replied.
"You said that this Forge guy pops in every now and then, I don't imagine a transport makes that journey often..." Said Veyron.
Melina nodded in agreement to Veyron’s comment.
“Yes, he does not come allot but we have agreed schedules when he visits, so he will be due soon I am sure” Melina said.
"What about Comox then? I heard he was rushed here half dead," he asked, trying not to be too obvious in his prying.
Melina knew he was prying but seemed to keep a straight face with her answers and not give the dragon an inkling.
“He was brought to us in stasis, Comox was very lucky, in the right place at the right time, when the transport arrived” Melina replied as she saved the file with all the new data on it.
Veyron made a sound, almost like he didn't believe her. Something wasn't adding up.
"I see..."
“Am I under investigation Veyron?” Melina countered as she looked at the small dragon with a kind look.
"I didn't think you would be one to quell curious minds," he grinned.
Melina chuckled and nodded as she put her tablet down, allowing the dragon onto her desk table, she knew he was prying for information but she would not say anything on the portal.
“I assure you, I am not, I appreciate you providing me this information on your breed I still think you should look to your inner dragon, you seem to accept human life and all its bad habits” Melina replied.
"But the bad habits, as you call them, are the best parts," he chuckled.
Melina smiled, she had to agree, she had watched his progress in the last 3 months and he had seemed to of embraced human life, but he had adapted to things and survived on his own.
“Well Mark helped fund your habits, can I ask with the weight number you gave me, could you lift heavier?” Melina asked with curiosity.
"Only if I had so I suppose," shrugged Veyron.
Melina nodded as she had an alert on her mobile, she looked at it and frowned as she read the message, before putting her phone back in her pocket.
“That was Jack, he said that we are having visitors coming to the base in a few days, they are our sort of book keepers for the organization” Melina explained to Veyron, but the woman’s tone had changed from happy to slight concern in her tone of voice.
The little dragon froze, "who, again?" He asked, his ruff pulled back against his neck.
Melina explained to the little dragon what she was on about, but would not give allot of information considering the reasons why they were coming to the base to meet with Jack.
"They store our history and files from all our branches, the Archives, they will be here in a few days for a top-level meeting.
"They're coming in the building?" Asked Veyron, trying to hide the worry in his voice. "Have they ever been inside before?"
Melina shook her head.
"No, first time for this leader of the archived, doubt you see him it's top security meeting" Melina said, remembering they had a new leader of the archives, a rude and abrupt Scotsman who seemed determined to get all information from the branches in a hurry, something Jack was opposed to.
"Don't meet them. Cancel it," said Veyron urgently. He seemed agitated.
Melina looked at Veyron with a puzzled expression on her face by the dragon’s sudden reaction to the news.
“Why would we cancel it?, you got nothing to worry about, they aren’t here for the dragons, they are here for another set of circumstances” Melina explained.
"No, professor, the archives are bad news. They were the ones who attacked the Canadian base," he desperately tried to get her to see what he was saying.
Melina seemed to pause for a moment before speaking again.
“How do you know that information Veyron, it is classified information between the branches and only a few people know of it….so why do you know” Melina said.
"Just.... Trust me on this. I just know. Please, cancel the meeting."
Melina seemed to not understand the dragons knowledge and the fact he was asking them to cancel the meeting.
“We need to speak to Jack immediately, I think you have some explaining to do Veyron” Melina said as she led the dragon out of the labs.
Veyron looked hesitant but scurried after her. "I can't tell you or anyone else how I know, prof. You just have to believe me..."
Melina looked concerned as the labs were closed behind them as they were walking to one of the meeting rooms.
“Your worrying me now Veyron, but I feel you have been a little economical with the truth, which is a little bad considering we welcomed you to our facility” Melina said to the small dragon scurrying beside her.
"It's ... For... Jesus, woman, slow down," he huffed, running beside her. He leaped back up to her shoulder. "It's for my protection." He panted.
Melina looked at him with a firmer look than before.
“Betraying our trust is not acceptable Veyron, if you had said you needed protection in the first place, but you broke into our facility and made yourself at home, then complain when we put limitations on you, you cannot have your cake and eat it too” Melina said as they entered the meeting room.
The professor’s tone of voice had become less kind and far more firmer towards the small dragon, only a moment ago the woman was smiling but with this new information and the dragon acting weird with the archives, led her to suspect that Veyron had not been truthful.
Veyron was no longer his arrogant and cocky self now that this had blown up. He looked apprehensive.
"I didn't betray you, I just... Omitted the whole truth, to save my hide."
Melina let the dragon off her shoulder in the meeting room as she went to go get Jack, she was concerned by Veyron’s behaviour but also disappointed by his reluctance to trust them with the truth.
“Jack, I need I need you urgently” she called out to the man who had a cup of coffee in his hand, he nodded and greeted her but his face showed concern as he looked down at the professor as she explained the situation.
Jack took it in and seemed concerned.
“I knew he was hiding something, the question is how does he know, I knew I should of interviewed him further” Jack said bemoaning himself with giving the dragon a chance.
However, someone had been listening in and was already on their way to deal with Veyron.
Veyron looked around anxiously, he moved to the door and as he tried the handle it burst open. The little dragon skittered back as Ardon stormed in. Before he had a chance to evade, the gold grabbed him, holding him down with a paw.
"You're a traitor?" He growled.
"No!" Hissed Veyron. The initial fright faded into anger. He swiped at Ardons nose with one free paw but the gold make snarled.
"If you think you could ever get away with hurting Jack or Melina you are sadly mistaken."
Jack and Melina hurried their pace when they saw the door wide open, when they heard growls they looked to see Ardon pinning Veyron and snarling.
“Ardon!, what the heck are you doing!” Jack exclaimed seeing Veyron pinned beneath his talons.
Ardon moved away quickly, letting Veyron up. The wraith sprang to his feet, scales ruffled angrily.
"Your damn dragon attacked me and started throwing wild accusations!" He hissed, glaring at the gold.
“Enough” Jack said sternly as Daniel entered the room as well after Jack paged him, Melina gestured to Zyra to come in as well as Jack took a seat.
“door please Ardon” Jack said, gesturing for him to stay there to ensure Veyron did not bolt away.
Ardon slunk over to the door and closes it, exchanging a glance with Zyra who sat guard. He sat down next to her and Veyron threw up his arms in disbelief.
"What is this?" He demanded. "If I wanted to run I would have had plenty of chances when the professor brought me down."
Jack put his hand up to quieten the small dragon down.
“Veyron, enough, at this time, you are lucky I am willing to listen to you, what Melina has informed me is very serious and I need you to cooperate or I will be throwing you back to Kilara” Jack said sternly.
Veyron grew quiet, folding him arms. This day did not go how he had envisioned it.
Jack looked at Daniel before they begun their interview.
“The first question is why should we stop the Archives visiting us in a few days, they were going to update us on the attackers on Torchwood 7, they had done their own investigations” Jack said.
“Plus, you knowing of this information is a breach of security at the highest level” Daniel added.
"For one, the archives are the ones who attacked. Two how I know is none of your business. It keeps me safe and ... An asset I guess." Replied Veyron.
Jack frowned slightly but the can kept calm with some assertiveness in his voice.
“Veyron, you cannot make such claims without proof of it, you refusing to tell us makes me think that you are hiding something, something that is important that could threaten the safety of this facility and the dragons that call it home” Jack replied.
Veyron wrung his paws, looking hesitant, "all you need to know is that the Archives Are bad news, okay? They are the only danger, not me."
Jack seemed a little confused why Veyron would say this and not give an y sort of reason why, plus how he knew of the information in the first place.
“You are not helping your case Veyron, Jack has asked you twice and you refuse to give us an answer, the only thing I can assume is that the archives are aware of you, which means you could potentially be involved in some sort of espionage activities” Daniel said as Jack looked firmly at Veyron.
“You need to explain or give us something a bit more, otherwise we cannot simply cancel the Archives visiting without good solid reason, is there an unforeseen danger if they come?” Melina said trying to be somewhat diplomatic against the hardened stance of Jack and Daniel.
"All I know is that the archives are bad news," said the little dragon, a bit calmer. "I found some armature photographer's pictures online of the attack on facility 7 before they were abruptly taken down.... It wasn't too difficult to find out where the logo was from...." He seemed hesitant to continue. "
Jack looked at Daniel and then at Melina before he opened a file on his tablet.
“We have had an email and report from the archives and they are saying that it was an act of terrorism against the dragons in Torchwood 7, they are saying terrorists from a group against dragons on earth Hijacked the fighters and ship meant for the archives to frame them, they also mention they think that also believe that there has been a security breach at the archives, a spy in liaison with the anti-dragon group” Daniel explained.
Ardon gave a low growl at Veyron.
"You're a bigger idiot that I ever imagined if you think it's me," hissed Veyron. "I left LA because my last place was raided... By who I thought could possibly be Archive. I have no proof but I wasn't going to risk it."
“Why would the archives be after you” Jack suddenly said looking at the small dragon.
“What do you know about Torchwood 5 and its facilities” Daniel added.
Veyron threw his paws up in the air, frustrated, "I don't know! At first I thought it was people after me to sell just like the by who took me from Kilara but these guys were professionals. As for what I know about this place is whatever I can find online about Ardon and his gang of misfits here, piecing things together isn't all that difficult..."
Jack and Daniel seemed to be thinking in their own individual minds about tightening up security and media appearances with the dragons, Jack had to admit Veyron was clever and switched on.
“Ok, he is what is going to happen, I will take your advice and cancel the meeting with the archives and I take a video call instead from the leader, in the mean time because of what you know and for withholding information from us I will cutting off your internet access and you will now be on limited freedoms, escorted around by either the dragons or one of us, you are not to leave your quarters without authorization to do so” Jack said as Melina seemed to cringe a bit at the sanctions being dished out.
Veyron seemed to droop, "you can't be serious. I've done nothing wrong."
Melina seemed to agree, as she felt sorry for the little dragon, despite his rough start he did have a bit of good in him.
“Jack, perhaps we can come to a compromise, we should at least give Veyron some leeway” she said.
Jack listened to Melina’s words and nodded lightly.
“Ok, I will not put a curfew on you, you be free to go to the places your authorised to do so, but your internet usage will cease” Jack responded.
Veyron looked like he wanted to protest more but he relented, "fine. Just don't let the archives know I'm here.... Please." He said through grit teeth.
Jack nodded to the dragons request to be kept hidden, he agreed keeping Veyron a secret for now would be in their mutual benefit.
“I will keep your existence a secret to the archives, however you will be warned if I feel you are a security risk or you are found somewhere you’re not supposed to be, then you leave me no alternative but to return you to Kilara” Jack replied.
Veyron made no arguments but promised himself that he wouldn't go back. He would flee if it came to that. "...I assure you I am no threat."
“Alright, we end it here and move on from this, if you do feel like sharing some more information, it would be very much appreciated, you are free to leave” Jack said gesturing to Ardon to move away from the door to allow Veyron to either return to his quarters or to the canteen.
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The days following Veyron’s confusing interrogation were strange ones. The little dragon stayed secluded in his room mostly, only slinking out to grab something to eat. He didn’t seem melancholy or sad by how it all went down. Instead, there was an air of cautiousness about him. The wraith kept to himself until after the video call with the Archives had been completed. From what he gathered from the conversation, the Archives were adamant that their ships had been hijacked and they had been framed for the attack on the B.C. base.
Everyone was a little skeptical now that Veyron had thrown his untethered story into the mix. Many were unsure if they believed him or not.
Days passed into weeks after the blowout from Veyron’s admission and eventually things slid back into a regular routine. The wraith was still closely monitored, not allowed to access the internet or anything that would allow him communications outside the base. This did not stop him from lazing in front of the television most days. He reveled in the fact that he had gotten his room in order with all the things he had managed to purchase prior to being put on lockdown.
Jack had relented and said that the dragon wouldn’t have a curfew or have to be escorted through the base but he found that there were always eyes on him, usually Ardon’s critical gaze. Once the weeks passed by, however, even the gold dragon seemed to relax slightly. Veyron resumed his role as a crass and braggart member of the group. Zyra had been the quickest to forgive his transgressions and secrets. She had explained to Ardon and Comox that they should have some empathy for the Wraith, not knowing his past or what he had been through. Ardon still held him at arm’s length however, not fully trusting the little dragon.
It was a warm summer afternoon when Ardon, Zyra, Comox and Veyron were playing a card game in the dragon hangar. The doors above were left open to let in a breeze and light as it had been too windy to play outside on the grass.
Veyron lay between Zyra’s crest, leaning over and reviewing the cards in play.
“The one on the bottom left,” he advised her.
“That’s cheating,” said Ardon, giving the grey dragon a look.
“He’s just helping. I’ve never played this game before and you and Comox have all the experience,” replied Zyra, not bothered at the accusation, flipping the card that he had pointed out. It came up a king. “Yes!” she grinned.
Ardon grumbled something under his breath, risking it and flipping over one of his cards.
Comox sucked in a breath when he saw it was a Queen, “Bad luck.”
“All’s not lost, just hope another comes up on the deck,” said Zyra, watching Comox take his turn.
“We’ve already passed two others up in the desk,” Ardon huffed, obviously not going to win this round if his life counted on it.
Suddenly the light from the doors above was blocked out and Vonriir came gliding in. His massive wings kicked up wind and sent the cards flying.
“Oh!” startled Zyra, trying to catch a few but it was no use, they fluttered uselessly away.
“Sorry!” said Vonriir as he landed, realizing he had ruined their game.
“It’s okay, Vonriir, I was winning anyway,” Zyra laughed, “Veyron had caught her ace of hearts that she had flipped.
“I don’t think so. I believe I was in the lead,” grinned Comox.
Zyra stuck her tongue out at him, “You always win this game.”
“Hey, I have to be good at something around here,” laughed the male Boldwing.
Veyron smiled, happy that he hadn’t soured the game by sending the cards flying.
“Now its 52 Pickup,” said Ardon, scooping up the cards off the floor.
“What were you playing before I so rudely interrupted?” asked the large dragon.
“Golf,” said Ardon.
“That looked nothing like golf…” Vonriir seemed confused.
Zyra giggled, “It’s called Golf.”
“-Or Jacks, depending on where you’re from,” added Veyron.
“Oh, I see,” hummed the big dragon.
“I like War or Slapjack better,” said Ardon, putting the cards back away into their box.
Veyron sniffed, standing on Zyra’s head, “That’s because they require no thinking or strategy. Might as well play Go-Fish.”
“Aw come on Vey, Slapjack is a fun one to play,” grinned Comox. “It gets heated.”
“Vonriir, you would win that one, paws down,” said Veyron. “Though you would shake the whole building doing so.”
Vonriir chuckled, “Fear not, even those cards are too small for me. I will leave you kids to your card games.”
He padded out of the room, and headed towards the canteen.
Veyron let out a whistle from between his teeth, “Still after my time being here, he is ridiculously huge. How he goes out unnoticed I have no idea.”
“We have enough land around us to keep even him out of sight unless someone trespasses,” said Zyra.
“Like someone we know…” said Ardon under his breath.
Veyron heard it and jumped off of Zyra’s head and onto Ardon’s, “Yeah, like someone you know…and love,” he smirked, grabbing one of Ardon’s primary horns and shook the gold’s head. Ardon wrest his crest away with a snort.
“Come on,” said Veyron, patting the top of Ardon’s head, “Let’s go get lunch before Vonny-boy eats it all.”
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Before the gang could get to the canteen, Vonriir had been told to do a 360 and back down the dragon academy with Jack, Daniel and Melina in tow, Jack was holding his tablet in one hand while Melina seemed to be in her lab coat, odd as she was planning a day or not being in the labs at all.
"I thought you were going to the canteen?" Said Comox, spotting Vonriir.
"What's up?"asked Ardon.
Jack looked to see Veyron still with the group, he could not banish Veyron, despite all the threats and everything else, this secret was bound to come up.
“We had a signal from Forge, it’s on the priority notification, so were all heading there now but before we do I need Veyron to make a vow of silence and oath” Jack said telling the others to halt.
"What?" Asked Veyron, still atop Ardons crest. "What are you going in about?"
“I am against this Jack, telling him but I respect your decision” Daniel said.
Jack nodded in response to the comment before looking at Veyron.
“We need to attend an urgent matter, been summoned but what we about to show you is very classified to the highest order, not many in the EA or even Torchwood know of its existence, it is the only thing in this base that very few have access to and security is top” Jack explained.
"Jack... No," started Ardon, knowing where Jack was going with this. Veyron knocked on his golden scaled head with his talons.
"Jack trusts me enough. I solemnly promise I will keep my lips sealed." He said though in a tone Ardon thought sounded a tad condescending.
“You better or I will allow Ardon to administer beatings” Jack said as he gestured to the dragons to follow him, as the dragons did they soon approached the large doors with allot of security camera’s reinforced doors and security devices installed.
Jack entered the code and had retinal and fingerprint scanner activated, before gesturing to Comox to put his paw and eye on the scanner as well as a registered dragon, soon the doors opened slowly and revealed Torchwood 5’s prized secret, the portal.
"Oh now what is this treasure?" Asked Veyron, looking it over.
"It's a portal, our portal, to Kilara," said Zyra.
Veyron whistled, impressed, "you humans are outdoing yourselves! That's a feat of engineering."
Jack nodded in agreement, it was indeed an impressive feat of engineering, when you thought about it.
“It is the only Portal in existence in the world, Dr Baxter helped create this magnificent machine, with old blueprints from Torchwood on Kilara, sadly the man cannot be recognised for it as this is classed as top secret, even the archives are not aware of this” Jack said.
“Which is why it is kept under lock and key and classified, I had to sign allot of documents and swear an oath to be here” Daniel said looking at Veyron.
"So.... You want me to pinkie promise someone?" Asked Veyron.
Ardon growled, he wasn't taking this seriously.
"Fine, sheesh. Just trying to lighten the mood. Your portal is grand, Baxter boy. Where do I need ...." He paused, suddenly suspicious. "Wait, you're not planning on throwing me through it are you?"
Dr Baxter adjusted his glasses as he looked at Veyron, “I do not believe so, we had an incoming notification from Forge, he sent 2 requests, 1 normal then one urgent”
Jack looked at the request log, it had been Forge’s ID number.
“Ok accept it and power up the portal” Jack said as Baxter did, the whole thing came to life and soon appearing in the middle was the wavy blue liquid that rippled inside the circle.
“Portal channel open, all readings are good, systems are fine” Baxter said.
Veyron seemed entranced at the swirling, shimmering light from the portal. He snapped out of it when forge stepped through. The great silver looked around and lashed his tail, having not expected everyone to be there for his arrival.
"Holy crap it works!" Marvelled Veyron. Forge's brilliant orange eyes focused on him.
"You found another?" He asked in his rumbling voice.
Jack gave a sheepish expression as he greeted Forge.
“Well, he found us in a sense, this is Veyron, sort of our newest addition, he was brought here ages ago by the evacuating humans and been around Earth ever since, using unorthodox methods” Jack explained.
"Living in secret is my guess," The great silver looked at the tiny dragon with a critical eye.
"Close enough," Veyron shrugged.
"I see..." Hummed forge, turning his eyes back to the others.
Melina looked up at the warlord and smiled lightly, knowing the last time they were together it had been to make up for allot of things that went on, she seemed to feel a lingering link come alive once more, a small tingling between them.
“It is good to see you again Forge, is there an issue?, Baxter said you sent an urgent request, is there anything wrong?” the professor asked.
"An old friend of mine brought something from to the island a few nights back. It's green- almost jade in colour and seems to nearly glow at night. Ucluelet thinks it's most likely human made but it was buried in rock and dirt so it would have been on Kilara for a while," explained forge.
Jack found this news odd, but Melina seemed keen to have a look at it, to perhaps investigate what it was.
“How big is this item” Melina asked kindly to the silver dragon.
"It's big, but not terribly so. Would be safest if you could bring it to the labs, Vonriir." Said forge.
"Oh, of course," nodded the big dragon.
"I can get the larger doors ready at the labs," suggested Zyra as she turned to Melina.
Melina nodded to the bold wing.
"Yes, that would be brilliant, thanks you and prepare the heavy duty excavation area" Melina said.
The silver vanished back through the portal, Veyron making mental notes as he surveyed the arch.
Forge returned carrying the green disk awkwardly. Vonriir quickly moved forward to take the object from him. Vonriir grabbed it and with ease, flipped it up into his back so that his wings cushioned it to be carried.
"Show off," muttered forge.
"Aw you did fine," chuckled Vonriir, thumping him on his shoulder with a great paw. Forge didn't look very receptive to this friendly gesture.
"Von looks like a giant turtle with that thing on his back," snorted Veyron.
Daniel overheard Veyron’s comment and gave a small smile before replying to Veyron’s little remark.
“I very much doubt you say that to his face, remember you could be his snack at your size” Daniel stated.
"He would never," replied Veyron with a flick of his tail. "If anything, he'd get a chuckle out of it."
Jack had to agree with Veyron, the massive dragon was not aggressive or offended easily, he was a gentle giant and was always looking to help others, he was an easy-going dragon who Jack saw great potential in.
“Were you planning on staying or are you heading back Forge, I do not mean to force the topic, just wondering about keeping the portal gateway open, due to new security procedures” Dr Baxter, a hint of anxiety in his voice, which always happened speaking to the warlord.
"I will stay for a day or two," replied the silver, looking down at Baxter, "...if your new security procedure allows it.
Baxter nodded as he entered commands in the control panel as the portal powered down and the blue rippling pool vanished as the portal powered down in a sleeping state, the control panel powered down and a security screen closed over the controls.
“Your catching us in our summer or beginnings of it, we put you up in your usual quarters Forge” Jack said to the warlord as Melina, Zyra and Vonriir had gone down to the labs to begin work on this find on Kilara.
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With Zyra and Vonriir off to the labs with Melina, the others finally began to make their way down to the canteen for lunch after they had been interrupted by Forge’s arrival. Veyron had given the large silver an appraising look as Ardon served as his taxi down the hall. The gold was chatting away with Comox about the jade coloured disk that had been brought over, theorizing what it could be.
“So that’s your uncle?” Veyron interjected.
“Yes,” replied Ardon, almost going cross eyed to look up at the wraith perched between his secondaries.
“You metallics must be a catch for the humans. Is your sire a gold?” asked Veyron.
“Bronze, my grandsire was gold apparently,” said Ardon.
“And you were the one who lucked out, shame,” tsked the little dragon.
Ardon snorted at this but Comox looked confused. “Is there something special about it?”
Raising his head proudly Ardon nodded as Veyron clung on to his crest to avoid being shook off. “Mountain dragon’s can come in nearly every colour, but my family’s colouration, metallic, is rather rare and my sire says gold is the rarest of them.”
“Oh, I’ve known you for years and never knew that,” hummed Comox.
“Surprise there with Mr. Show Off over here,” snickered Veyron.
“Oh can it, you’re just jealous,” Ardon replied.
“Sure, kid,” said Veyron, patting the gold’s head.
"Jack," asked Forge, stopping so that the others would continue to the canteen without them. "Tell me how you came about having a wraith in your midst."
"Well as I said, he found us in a more unorthodox way than others, kind of not made the best impressions with us," Jack replied.
“Explain,” the silver said with an expectant look. The man may have been in charge of the facility, but the warlord considered it and all who dwelled within it under his protection and didn’t like surprises.
"Well, he broke in, through the air vents, we secured it all up, seems he was brought to Kialra by some dumb witted soldier trying to sell him on, but he escaped and has been living an unique way of life, sort of scrounging off other people... he seems happy with human life," Jack explained.
“I don’t doubt it. Be careful, though. Wraiths are tricksters and have a tendency to ‘borrow’ things, in their own words,” warned Forge, “They are clever and use their sly methods for their own gain. Wraiths are known for being keen observers, watching out for anything that might benefit them.”
Jack nodded, "Yes his personality is allot different than anyone else, Ardon has not taken to him at all, he is very cunning and sly but he left the life he was to find us, specifically, I do believe he is withholding information to keep his hide safe here" Jack said.
Forge nodded, “They work with many currencies but information is one Shadow Wraiths love. They keep secrets, use information for barter or insurance I guess you could call it. Meeting them on Talkiir was always a headache, especially if you need to ask directions to had a question. One always had to have something to trade for any bit information. No surprise there that he’s keeping things from you, especially if he is using it to bargain his stay here.”
Jack seemed to understand this. It was good to have a well-traveled warlord in their midst. He was well versed in the many breeds of Talkiir. The Boldwings were from a different continent all together so would know very little about breeds like his while the other dragons were too young to have acquired much knowledge on other breeds that they hadn’t personally come across.
Forge had Jack explain a little more about Veyron’s story. The silver listened with a critical gaze, looming over the man like a giant gargoyle.
“Well, I just urge caution with what you trust him with,” said the silver, turning back to walk toward the canteen to meet up with the others.
In the canteen the dragons had lunch while Ardon asked his uncle about how things were back on Kilara and how his family was doing. As usual, the stoic dragon’s answers were short and to the point. Veyron seemed to hold a certain respect, as if he knew that the silver was an honoured presence in the facility. He wasn’t overly polite, simply quieter and less crass that he usually was. The wraith was listening, taking in the conversation and storing it away to later draw from.
Vonriir returned to them shortly after, hungry after having been delayed from his lunch.
“How is it going in the labs?” asked Forge.
“Oh, you know, the girls are hard at work with Melina’s team. They’ve got to clear away a lot of the dirt before they can begin really poking at it,” he said, laying down like a sphinx as he food was brought over.
Forge nodded, though it didn’t appear outwardly, the silver was interested in answers regarding the strange disk.
It was the desk day when Veyron was trotting passed the dragon hanger when Forge spotted him.
“Veyron,” his thundering voice rumbled. The wraith stopped mid stride, turning to look through the large doorway to the silver.
“That’s my name,”
Forge gestured for him to approach. After a second of hesitation, Veyron did so. He was miniscule compared to the large silver but still he walked up on his hind legs, head up and confident.
“What’s up, Sterling,” he asked.
Forge blew out a breath in response to the nickname, “Jack has told me all about you.”
“That so? Good things I hope,”
“Don’t be smart with me, Wraith,” rumbled the warlord. “I know your kind and I’ve heard your underhanded way of establishing yourself here. I don’t like it and you would be smart not to put anyone under this roof in any form of danger. Should you do anything that threatens any of the team-“
“Like Melina?” asked the wraith, he had seen the exchange between them when the silver had arrived.
Forge snarled, thinking that singling out her name sounded like a veiled threat.
“-ANY member of the team, you will have to answer to me, that is if someone else doesn’t get to you first.”
The wraith pulled back his ruff, not liking Forge’s tone. “Right…”
Veyron turned to leave when Forge thumped down his tail, blocking the way. Veyron stopped and looked over his shoulder at him.
“Do I make myself clear?” asked the warlord.
“Crystal,” snorted Veyron, slinking out of the room.

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Melina had gotten up early to work on the object Vonriir had brought ot the labs, the large chunk of rock was sat on a massive slab that was based in the part of the lab allot of the practical work was done and would affect any sensitive equipment or lab experiments.
Melina’s laboratories were brilliantly designed enough so multiple experiments and work could be done in silo and not affect each other, this particular work would be unique as the green circular shield seemed pretty embedded in the rock with only a small part showing, it looked a very precious material.
Melina had run computer scans of the rock’s composition and age as she tried to see how far the green disk was buried in the rock.
Zyra came through the doors of the labs, trotting in quickly. "Mel, you should have woken me up; I would have come to help earlier," she said as she walked up.
Melina looked and nodded, giving a sheepish look.
“Sorry, I should of woken you up Doctor, wanted to get some tests done and sorted, as I think we can begin chipping away at this, or at least get the bulk of the rock removed” Melina explained her plan.
Zyra gave a little smile to herself when Melina used her new title. It was still rather exciting to hear, "Well, I'm happy to help, show me what I need to do and I'll get to it."
“The results from the computer should be back now, I used it give us a dating of the rock and perhaps see if we can find a location on Kilara” Melina said.
Zyra cocked her head to the side as she read the results, "the results don't seem quite right. It's reading far older that I would have thought."
Melina came over as she looked at the results, she gave the same puzzled look as her bold wing, this was indeed a find.
“Has the computer managed to locate where this has come from? On Kilara, we did do allot of soil samples on Kilara and all have been recorded on our databases” Melina asked.
"The closest I could match it to was to the north-eastern regions of Talkiir. Near a place called Fernfell. We don't have a whole lot of data on that area but it lines up with where forge said his friend found it," replied Zyra.
Melina scratched her head as she asked the computer to bring up a map of Kilara and the computer put a flashing red dot in the location of where it was discovered.
“Zyra, ask the computer to look through EA files and old military files to see if we ever had a base or outpost in that area” she asked the bold wing.
Zyra did so and send them over to Melina's tablet, "not sure how complete it is. Let's see if it shines a light on anything." She said, looking over her shoulder to read with her.
Melina had a look on her tablet and seemed a little puzzled, there was nothing in the EA or military records of there being any human activity in this area.
“Well, records are clean here, there was no human activity there, plus the rock age does not match our presence on there, so we have ourselves an archaeological mystery Zy” Melina said with a small smile creeping onto her face as she looked at the rock.
Zyra smiled back, feeling her excitement channelled through the link. "A new mystery on our hands... Exciting!"
Melina looked at Zyra and smiled, feeling the bold wings own excitement channel in, Zyra was always willing to learn and lover helping professor Melina in her endeavours.
“Yes it is, sadly I am no expert on all of this, geology and rock formations, there is one person I do know, I think I still have his email, perhaps send him over some detailed photos of the rock, note any patterns and see what he makes of it, keep the green object off, in the meantime if we can get some samples from the bit of the disk sticking out we can proceed to see if it is human made and what it is made out of” Melina said to Zyra.
Zyra nodded with a smile, "it will be a team effort. I feel with the shape of it, it must be made by either human or dragons. You wouldn't find something like this created naturally."
Melina agreed with Zyra’s guess, it was definatley not made naturally at all, curious this had been found, buried all this time.
“Ok then, let’s get cracking, you get the pictures off and I get the computer to do X ray scans and 3D image scans of the rock, we see if we can have a look how it is inside, plus run tests on the bit of this circular disk that is sticking out” Melina said as the two worked on it.

The day soon flew by the for the two girls as they worked tirelessly to find out the secrets of this item and to determine if it was made by humans or dragons, it was all so fascinating, Melina and Zyra worked very efficiently as a team, Zyra putting her knowledge learnt on the excavation site to good use as Melina ran numerous tests.
In the canteen, the evening was upon them and Jack had not seen the professor or Zyra all day, oddly he did not have a busy schedule today as he wandered into the canteen, seeing Veyron watching the TV with a large mug of coffee.
However to Jack’s and Ardon’s surprise, Daniel was playing chess with Forge, Daniel had dug out the larger Chess set which were large to humans but about as small as regular chess pieces to humans, the two were playing chess with Comox observing.
“Are my eyes deceiving me or is Forge focussed and being quiet playing chess with Daniel” Jack said subtly to Ardon with a small smile.
"It's a game of strategy, so of course he likes it. Forge has caught on pretty quick," the gold replied quietly.
Jack chuckled, agreeing with Ardon that this was a game for Forge, he seemed to enjoy certain traditional games that humans had, despite not showing it, or admitting it.
Jack went to get a coffee as Ardon seemed to stroll over as Daniel made a move putting his castle to protect another piece on the board, looking on the side there was 3 pawns taken each, but now the real strategy was being played out.
Forge pondered the moves available to him for a short moment before speaking, "despite the stalemate here you seemed to know where I would have planned to move my pieces before I managed to figure it out myself. Well done."
Daniel nodded respectfully, he knew the rumour that Forge did not usually give compliments or praising, so Daniel took the comment with the highest regard.
“I do enjoy my chess games besides, I was head of security on Babylon 6, needed to have a strategic and calculated mind” Daniel said.
"Well it looks like you've acquired one." Said forge.
Jack came across as the two-continued playing their game, he greeted Comox as he spoke to Forge.
“I was not aware your interest in playing chess, I thought you shunned most of human culture and our little annoying traits” Jack lightly teased, taking a drink of coffee.
"I didn't say I abhor all things human. I'm finding that I do like the strategy of chess and I have admitted to being fond of bread pudding," he said with a small smile to himself.
Jack looked up seeing the dragon seemed to smile about the little treats he enjoyed, Jack wondered who had taught him chess but he had a good guess who.
“I assume professor Melina taught you chess, she is very good as well, who you think bought this extra large version” Jack said.
"That she did," nodded the great silver.
Jack nudged Ardy and smiled, knowing that the golden dragon would get the hint, the silver had a massive soft spot for Melina, little did they know the truth about them both.

It was now late in the evening and Melina was still working on the rock with the green sphere locked inside, allot of progress had been done but the two of them had gotten carried away, with running tests, analysing the rock and seeing any way to remove the green disk embedded in the rock without damage.
Zyra had gone to take a break and to bring back some herbal tea’s for both of them, while Melina began finishing up the computer tests results, observing their completion time on her tablet, while she signed off the other lab work of the day.
Forge entered the labs and lay down, crossing his paws before him like a great Sphinx.
"Have you been well, professor?" He asked.
Melina looked up, a little surprised to see the large silver dragon, a genuine smile of happiness appeared on her face as she put her tablet down and walked towards the warlord.
“I am honoured you visiting me, it must be late, got a bit carried is good to see you again, I have missed you” Melina said to the warlord.
"There's nothing exciting to miss. You have enough to keep you busy here, professor." Replied forge.
Melina gave the silver dragon a look, knowing he was keeping a formal face and was keeping himself from drifting into more personal conversation.
“You know what I mean Mr, do not try and pull the formal rank on me as you were the one coming to see me” Melina said with a knowing smile smoothing his forepaws briefly as she put her tablet on charge.
"Had to check up on you of course. Good thing I did. No one told me that the base has taken on a wraith”.
Melina nodded, sitting on Forge forepaw as he gestured to the woman she could.
“Yes, I know he has not really made a good impression, but he is a good soul inside, most dragons are I think, we know in time, he knows that people will crash upon him if he steps out of line” Melina replied to the silver.
"That he does," agreed forge, thumping his tail on the ground lightly. "Just be careful with a dragon like him. They are too crafty for their own good."
Melina smiled but nodded, taking the warlord’s words on board.
“I will do not worry, I know he is trying to butter me and Zyra up with compliments but I am a lot smarter than he thinks at times, although I have a soft spot for dragons, do not worry Forge your still my number one” Melina smiled as she put her hand on his silver scales.
The silver smiled slightly, a twinge of guilt rising up. He changed the subject to avoid it.
"Find anything out about the disk?"
Melina smiled slightly as Melina jumped off his forepaw and explained what had gone on today.
“We ran numerous tests, just waiting for the computer to process the information and give us results, I have managed to get a few bits off the disk and running it for tests now” Melina said to the warlord.
"It seemed... Human made, which is why I had brought it to you," said forge after he listened to her review of her tests. "Which would be odd because it looks far too old."
Melina nodded in agreement.
“Well, results and our investigations show there was no human activity in that area when humans were on Kilara, this is way older, especially if this is mud which has turned to rock” Melina explained.
"How strange. Well if anyone is to figure out its origins or what it is, it would be you." He praised her.
Melina smiled, taking the compliment to heart and her happiness bouncing along Zyra’s link, but also to Forge as well.
Zyra was walking back up the hall with tea for both her and Melina when she felt something odd in the link. She could feel Melina was happy but here was something else that she couldn't quite place.
When she came into the labs she spotted forge, "sorry, forge, I didn't know you were here or else I would have brought you tea as well. "
"That's alright. I don't need any," he said as the bold wing handed Melina her cup.
Melina took the cup and had a hearty swig of it, she really liked her herbal tea’s and she needed this one after non stop analysis of this rock.
“Thank you, Zyra, I got the computer’s running the tests, so we should know in the morning, have you told Forge about your good news?” Melina smiled.
"Oh, no I haven't!" Said Zyra, perking up. "I passed all my exams. You are looking at the first dragon officially titled as doctor'
"Well done, Zyra," nodded forge. "You've worked hard for it. You are growing to be an even more brilliant guardian every day. You should be proud."
Zyra smiled. That was high praise coming from the warlord.
Melina smiled, Forge was genuinely pleased and held the bold wing in high regard, however the 3 of them would be feeling the happiness and it was being split 3 ways across the link, due to their close proximity, even Melina was feeling the two links, Zyra’s was stronger but still a little lingering feeling with Forge.
“Anyways, I do not think there is more we can do tonight, so I think we should all retire and get a sleep” Melina said.
The dragons nodded, unbeknownst to each other, they could feel something off about their link with Melina. Forge was less concerned with it. It was only a faint whisper of a feeling where with Zyra she had the underlying sense that something was strange.
"Well, let's head back then. We will see you in the morning, forge." Said the dragoness.
Melina nodded agreeing with the bold wing as they all went their separate ways to their quarters, Melina got herself in the shower and changed into her nightwear as she she grabbed her book to do some bed time reading.
"Hey Melina," said Zyra, laying down. "Did you feel anything... Weird through the link?"
Melina looked at Zyra with a curious look.
“No, I can’t say I noticed anything Zy, why do you ask?” Melina asked kindly.
"Oh, must have ...just been me overthinking it. Thought I felt something odd. I must just be tired," she yawned.
Melina seemed to go along with it, she did not want to really tell Zyra the truth.
“We have been working non stop, plus I do think our bond is getting stronger, as you get older Brathille will be more controllable” Melina gave her two cents.
"Yeah," nodded Zyra, putting her head on her paws. "I look forward to seeing what we can do."
Melina smiled, “I know what you want to do, just patience and we get there, together in some shape or form” Melina replied as she put her book down.
Melina reached over and smoothed her pearly scales, she knew Zyra was wanting to heal her but it was going to be a long journey towards controlling Brathille.
“Don’t be hard on yourself Zyra, my injury happened way before we were bonded, it is nothing, it hasn’t played me up at all recently so all is well, just do not fret over it my bold wing” Melina said, continuing to smooth her pearly white scales to calm her.
Letting out a sigh, the dragoness nodded. "Goodnight, Mel."

The next morning soon arrived with Ardon and the others still in bed, but Jack still had a few things to do, Ardon had been busy with Vonriir most of yesterday so that tired the dragon out who was still in a deep slumber, leaving Jack up to finish off some odds and sods that needed doing, Jack sat in the canteen and signed off the last report as he finished his coffee.
"Hey jack..." Said Comox, walking up to the man. It seemed liked there was something on his mind as he approached.
Jack looked up to see Comox, surprisingly awake at this hour, Jack cold see something was on the male bold wing’s mind.
“Hello Co, you ok?, what’s up?” the man asked kindly, looking up at the bold wing.
"Um, not much. You got a busy day ahead?" He asked.
Jack looked at his work and shook his head.
“No not today Co, my schedule is pretty free considering, which is always good for a change so I am free to do whatever” Jack chuckled lightly.
"Well... Could I bother you to help me with something..." Comox asked quietly.
Jack nodded and stood up from the table with a smile, always willing to help the bold wing.
“Of course Co, I am free and able to help you, you know my door is always open to you” Jack said with a reassuring smile.
"Thanks..." He scratched the back of his head awkwardly. "I was wondering if we would try to do that training again... The one I stopped before."
Jack seemed surprised that Comox was asking him, the last time he had lost heart in it and did not want to continue, Jack respected this and did not push the dragon further.
“You do? I am more than happy to help you, are you sure you like to do it? You seemed to lose heart last time we tried” Jack said.
"I know... I would like to try to work passed that if possible. At least try anyway," said Comox.
Jack nodded, understanding the bold wings reasoning.
“Well, you have grown a fair bit into an impressive male bold wing, I’m not on a Brathille Euphoria, might be your day” he winked with a smile, wanting to boost the dragon’s low self-esteem and belief and get him up for it.
"Okay...." Nodded the holding. "Only if you don't mind."
Jack nodded and reassured the dragon that everything was ok, walking with the male towards the gym.
“Here, we go to the private hall in the gym, it be quiet there and the floor has a new kind of material that will make your grip stronger” Jack said looking up at the bold wing with a smile.
Comox flexed his talons on the ground material. "This is rubber flooring, are you sure my claws won't wreck it?"
Jack shrugged his shoulders, “If you do, you do, it is no problem, have to get more robust material, so let me get changed into gym gear and then we can start” Jack said disappearing for a moment.
Comox sat down, a little apprehensive. He wasn't exactly sure what possessed him to ask Jack to train again. He had hated it in past experiences. But, as he thought, Ardon had no issue with these kinds of things. The gold exuded confidence that Comox could only dream of. He wanted that certainty and courage. Zyra seemed to notice it, one way or another.
He took a breath and waited for the man to return.
Jack soon returned and rolled his shoulders as marked a line with some cones between them to make a line, “Ok then, you all ready to go Co?” Jack asked the male bold wing.
Getting to his feet the dragon nodded, "yes. I guess so."
Jack looked up and gave Comox a look.
“Come on, you’re a dragon, a magnificent creature with grace and power, your not a hermit crab or a human, you’re a dragon, come on” Jack said trying to boost the dragon’s confidence up and get him up for it.
Comox looked a little confused at first but then stances himself like he had seen Ardon do. His tail wavered behind him and he lowered his head, signalling he was ready as he mustered his morale.
Jack smiled at Comox change of stance and this pleased him.
“Good Comox good, that is better, bit more confidence in you that is good” Jack said getting into position, giving him a pat on the shoulder as the man got into a stance.
Comox gave a weak smile, feeling foolish rather than confident. He didn't imagine Ardon dealt with this embarrassment.
Jack looked up at Comox and gave a sheepish smile to the bold wing.
“Sorry, bit too much, just trying to help, I go a little overboard at times” Jack admitted with verbal honesty.
"It's alright. You're trying to help," said the boldwing with a nod. He did appreciate the effort.
Jack smiled but got into his stance against the bold wings chest as he got ready, “Ok, 3..2..1..GO!” Jack said as he pushed against the male.
The dragon surprisingly did not hesitate to begin this time around, pressing forward.
Jack was taken by surprise and Jack skidded a few paces backwards as Comox came at him like a battering ram, Jack struggled to bring Comox to a halt.
Few small sparks of confidence grew at his minor accomplishment and the dragon pressed on.
Jack struggled to try and bring the male to a halt, he had not let up on the pressure and Jack quickly glanced to see he was approaching the line quite quickly, Comox seemed on a role and while Jack was secretly pleased for him, he did not want to give him an easy ride as he tried to bring the bold wing to a halt.
The dragon took another step, his folded wings rising off his back as he tried to continue his progress. His tail wavered behind him, held up for balance.
Jack pushed back allot harder and managed to grind the bold wing’s progress down and finally he brought the male to a halt, just in time as he was very close to the line.
The dragon couldn't advance further, finding that Jack had stopped his progress. He arched his neck, trying again, hind legs pushing off the rubber floor.
Jack struggled and the bold wing would feel this as the man slipped slightly as Comox moved forward slightly but Jack’s resistance grew fiercely.
The dragon fought against the resistance, a focused frown crossing his face. He wondered if Jack was letting him have a head start or if he really had grown enough to actually win a challenge like this.
Jack struggled more as he pushed hard as Comox was pushed backwards a small bit but Jack was trembling lightly, but the man’s strength still was impressive as he fought back fiercely.
Comox dug his claws into the mat, trying to stop from going back any further, his sail pinned back to his neck as he rebelled against getting any closer to the line.
Jack was pushed backwards much to the man’s dismay as he was close to the line as Comox powered on.
Instead of rising up with his confidence, Comox seemed to falter. "You aren't letting me win, are you?"
Jack pushed and his muscles trembled lightly as Jack grunted trying to push the bold wing backwards.
“” Jack manged to let out of gritted teeth as he pushed hard as the man was getting a little hot and bothered.
Comox fought back but the moment of hesitation had cost him. He didn't have the momentum that he had possessed before.
Jack pushed hard and Comox was fiercely pushed backwards slowly but surely as Jack went up a gear, challenging Comox to do better.
"Hhmph," huffed Comox, pushing forward, trying to keep his determination from flagging.
Jack continued to hold Comox there but he was not making any ground, the man was still in dangerous territory and he could see the line behind him still.
"Ghhhr," the dragon gave a low growl, his shoulders tensing.
Jack slipped backwards as he was now back near the line, the man was trembling as he tried to stop being pushed over the line, he was on the back foot as Comox seemed to be turning the screws on the man.
The dragon took advantage of the misstep and threw himself forward, talons cutting into the floor slightly.
Jack let out a strained groan as the man moved backwards, sweat on his brow as his feet were right on the line, Comox was on the verge of winning and Jack tried desperately to hold the bold wing at bay, the momentum was with Comox currently.
The dragons sail rose as he felt like he could possibly win this. He let out a growl as he powered his paws forward.
Jack slipped back and was now on the verge of defeat, this would an amazing achievement for the male bold wing and could give him the confidence he needed, Jack went a bit lower and firmed up his stance as he held the bold wing at bay.
"Grrrah," growled the boldwing, fighting harder now.
Jack held on as Comox continued to pile pressure on the man, usually it was the other way round but for now Jack was holding the bold wing at bay.
Comox gave a frustrated huff, throwing his weight forward, his talons cutting up the floor where his paws tensed.
" it" huffed Jack as he held out, so far denying Co of his victory.
Comox snorted. Losing steam now that he hadn't gotten a quicker win.
Jack continued to hold on but only just, the man was red faced, sweating and unable to get out of the dire predicament he was in, however Comox was being held up and he was giving allot of resistance to the male, hoping he could hang on.
"Hhmf," huffed the dragon, struggling not to give in as much as he wanted to.
Jack slipped a tiny bit more and was now back in a dangerous situation, Comox only need one large effort to beat the man as kept pushing backwards, giving resistance as much as he could.
Comox tried to gain more ground, knowing he was close to possibly winning the match. His tail kept his balance and his shoulders tensed under white scales.
Jack held on, keeping Comox from pushing him over, the man was feeling tired and worn out as Comox went for the decisive blow but Jack was proving a more stubborn foe once again.
The dragon gave another low growl but it faded into nothing as he suddenly stopped and backed away.
"...I can't.... s-sorry," he stammered, having given up all at once. He looked like he wanted to flee the room all together.
Jack nearly fell over as Comox back away, looking fleeting as Jack caught his breath, he had been tensed up for so long that the man had to shake his legs out, he looked to see Comox look nervous.
“You nearly had me…….why did you stop?, I was on the ropes” Jack said taking deep breaths, to Comox it be clear he really pushed Jack here.
"I just... This isn't..." He couldn't explain. He gave an awkward bow and excused himself from the room.
“Comox, wait….just before you bolt away, just..” Jack coughed, catching his breath, “Just..wait a moment ok?” Jack managed to see between breaths as he grabbed a towel.
The dragon lingered by the door, looking apprehensive but waited as the man asked.
Jack was surprised that the dragon did not bolt out but approached cautiously as he gave a small smile to the male bold wing.
“I wanted to say well done, for a stellar effort, you were really good.......I was struggling as you can see” Jack said with a light chuckle.
"Thanks-" said the boldwing quietly. He had come to the realization that this wasn't him, he couldn't pull it off with confidence. He wanted nothing to do with these kinds of confrontations. Unlike Ardon he just didn't have the heart for them.
Jack could see and feel the male bold wings nervousness and uneasiness.
“Co, come on buddy, what is going on…..I can sense your on edge, I can see you did not want to do this, so why did you?, were you testing yourself?” Jack asked.
"Yes," he nodded. "And the result what I figured. Sorry for wasting your time, Jack,"
Jack shook his head.
“Co, come on, come here buddy” Jack said gesturing him to approach the man closer, he wanted to console the dragon, he did not want the male to leave on a low note.
The dragon took a step back, feeling guilty as he did so but he had reached his limit for contact. "It's fine, I'm fine."
Jack shook his head, “Co..please I am asking kindly as a friend to listen to me, hear me out then you can go and hide if you so wish, I just want to tell you some things then you can go, I come any closer than this” Jack replied, seeing the male wanted to bolt.
The bold wing nodded, signalling that he would stay long enough to listen though he kept his gaze towards the floor.
Once Comox had settled, he spoke.
“I wanted to say that you did very well, you genuinely had me on the ropes, I wanted to say you have got stronger” Jack said.
“But, I can see you still have confidence issues, I think you got heart Co but you lack confidence in your abilities but do not feel you got to be as bold as Ardon or the others here, be your own dragon, if you need training I am here but don’t force yourself to do it to impress anyone, do it for your own personal development” Jack said not knowing the full reason why Comox had asked Jack to do this.
"Thanks Jack, I appreciate it. I hope you don't think otherwise. Just .... Struggling to find my place here," Comox replied, knowing that while it wasn't the real reason for his visit, it still held true.
Jack nodded.
“I understand, I know you are trying to find your way, seeing Ardon going off being the hero and Zyra following behind, I can imagine it does not feel nice, perhaps we can look to getting you and Vonriir some duties to do round here, see how that works, I even keep training open to you so if you and Ardy play fight like I know you do, I can teach you a few things” he winked with a smile.
Comox forced a smile and gave a slight bow. "Thank you, sir. I just don't want anyone feeling bad for me. I'm fine. Just a little lost..."
Jack smiled and nodded at the bold wings words.
“I know, I will get the ball rolling and get you and Vonriir active, I hope it will help Co, always you got strengths as well, maybe next time you beat me, you nearly did today, come on, let’s get cleaned up” Jack said with a smile, patting the dragon on the shoulder.
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Comox had cleaned up and moped in the privacy of his quarters, defeated. He felt foolish for even asking, only setting himself up to give up once more. The Boldwing had been wrestling with a number of things recently, and finding his place and confidence was something that was relentlessly eluding him.
On top of that he had been fighting off growing feelings for Zyra. It was hard not to fall for her; the dragoness exuded a beautiful sort of grace. Intelligent and kind, Comox had been struck by her passion for the unknown and determined stubbornness. These qualities hadn’t, however, gone unnoticed by just him. His best friend seemed to have eyes for the dragoness as well.
At first, Comox figured that Zyra wouldn’t ever bat an eye at a dragon like Ardon. He seemed to infuriate her more often than not. They often bickered and had disagreements so Comox thought his feelings had stood alone. It wasn’t until last year that he started noticing something different and then it was when Zyra had her accident that nearly killed her he had promised himself that he would tell her about his feelings for her should she make it through. The promise to himself had fizzled out, somehow. He had heard whisperings of Ardon’s possible interest in her and he had seen a few things here and there that confirmed those rumours.
He hadn’t wanted to step on Ardon’s toes. They were almost like brothers; they had grown together and had become close friends and he didn’t want to risk that friendship at all. But now it was growing painful to see their playful little moments, almost flirty.
Vonriir had been the first to pick up on Comox’s discontent over his predicament. It was at the dig site when the large dragon had noticed, quite clearly, the boldwing’s heartache. The Cragback seemed all for Comox making his move and asking to court her but the male wasn’t so sure. He was still hesitant, and now with his growing feelings, was beginning to be more awkward and nervous around her.
That trip would have been the perfect time to ask her, just the two of them without Ardon around to stomp in on his moment. He had lost his chance, he thought. Melina had soon after suffered her own sacrifice, putting aside a relationship that Zyra had thought was well matched. The dragoness had sworn off anyone else herself, feeling guilty that she had been the cause for the lost chance.
That had put a damper on Comox’s courage to ask her and from there he had just stewed quietly with his feelings until he began to notice the little hints Ardon was starting to show his interest. It was a giant mess, and one that he despaired to find himself in the middle of.
When his quarters felt like they were too quiet, he moped down the hall to the dragon hanger. No one was there. Vonriir was off having his afternoon nap in the sun and Comox didn’t want to think about where anyone else was. He flopped down on the floor, putting his chin on the cool polished concrete.
He sighed, ruminating over everything and at a loss of what to do now. While in the midst of his pensive mood, someone came in through the doors to join him in the hangar.
“What’s got you down, Bucko?” asked Veyron as he came sauntering up. Comox lifted his head, realizing he should have stayed in his room if he had wanted to be left alone.
“Bull,” said the little dragon, making quick work of climbing the Boldwing up to his crest. “What’s eating you?”
The phrase made Comox think about Zyra’s surprise party where he had asked the very same thing after the Boldwing had jealous feelings rise up.
“Really, it’s nothing,” replied Comox, trying to muster a voice that sounded believable.
“Sure, kid,” snorted Veyron laying between the two white horns on his head. “You can tell your buddy Veyron anything. It will be my secret.”
“Buddy?” asked Comox, tilting his head.
“You betcha.”
“Well I don’t have anything to share,” Comox huffed.
Just then Zyra poked her head through the door. “Comox, there you are! I’ve been looking for you,”
The Boldwing turned to see her and a smile began to grow on his face at her voice. He sat up, Veyron still standing between the horns of his crest. Suddenly that fuzzy feeling crumpled as Ardon appeared in the doorway.
“Hey! We’re headed down to the canteen for dinner, you coming?” he asked cheerily.
“Yeah… I’ll meet you there in a bit,” came his tepid reply.
“Alright, see you there!” Shouted Ardon, he turned and folded his wing over Zyra’s head playfully, steering her back out into the hall. Comox looked away, hearing her laughter and silly attempt at scolding him. The familiar twist of jealousy twinged in his stomach again as he remained where he was, sitting, hunched over and despondent.
“I knew it!” grinned Veyron once Zyra and Ardon were out of earshot, looking down from Comox’s forehead and into his eyes, upside down. “Someone is jealous!”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” huffed the Boldwing.
“Oh yes you do. I’ve seen those sidelong glances. I don’t miss much, Spitter.”
There was a sudden rush of wings as yet another dragon appeared, much to Comox’s chargin.
“What’s going on?” asked Vonriir as he landed, rattling the dragon hanger’s lighting above. Comox wanted to slink out of the room but it would not be easy getting past the large dragon and avoid talking.
“Comox here is in the middle of a love triangle,” grinned Veyron.
Vonriir stomped his paw down hard on the floor in exclamation, “I’ve noticed! Quite the mess it’s turning out to be now.”
Veyron nodded in an exaggerated fashion, feigning great sympathy, “Friendship standing in the way of love?” He seemed to like playing this game while the heat rose in Comox’s cheeks.
“Seems to be so I told him to make his move at the archeology dig a long while ago,” nodded Vonriir wisely, “Now there’s more than just you vying for her attention. Not good at all.”
“Smells like trouble to me.”
“Unrequited love is a disease of the hearts and agony of the soul…” Quoted Vonriir.
Veyron nodded, smirking, “Well it seems like neither of the candidates have won her over yet.”
“Well….. Ardon had been hanging out with her an awful lot as of late though..” Vonriir countered.
Comox’s frown was growing as the two of them spoke as if he wasn’t standing right there.
“Enough!” he yelled, startling them both into silence. Comox never raised his voice but now he seemed to be at his wits end. He swatted at Veyron, making him jump off his head before he stalked to the door. He looked over his shoulder, his expression angry and embarrassed.
“Stop meddling and telling me what I should or shouldn’t be doing. It hasn’t helped in the past and won’t help now. So help me if you breath a word of this I’ll melt you both,” he threatened but his voice waivered, not substance behind his threat. He turned tail and bolted from the room.
Vonriir grimaced, “Oh dear, I hadn’t meant to offend him.”
Veyron shook out his wings and folded his arms as he looked up at the large dragon, “Oh well, you live and learn, as will he. I would use the human expression of ‘there are plenty of fish in the sea’ but that doesn’t seem to apply here. Pickings are slim, earthside.”
Vonriir chuckled and shook his head, walking off to the canteen with Veyron in tow.
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