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Unread Jan 24th, 2017, 12:24 PM   #26
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Jack was having a meeting with Melina, Baxter, Mark and Daniel about how to assign jobs for the dragons, Jack was concerned for Comox well being, that having the dragons mope about in the base was doing them no good, with the only events in their calendar was food from the canteen.
Melina had said that Vonriir had actually lost weight since being in the facility.
Melina had noted his meals plus more exercise had made him shift a fair few hundred kilograms, Forge had mentioned to Melina had may have put on a bit of weight but the large dragon had toned up a little since being at the facility.
“What I need from you guys is jobs for the dragons to do, they just seem to laze around here and were an academy” Jack said with Melina giving a cough as Jack smiled.
“Zyra exempt of course, becoming a Doctor of science, I do think we should utilise her talents more” Jack said.
Melina agreed with this.
“We are still working on the disk embedded in the rock, we will be getting results soon and then try and free the disk from the rock, I can have Zy work with me doing that, as well as look at projects she do to enhance the dragons health and wellbeing here” Melina said making the others nod in agreement.
“I could perhaps help you with Comox, he seemed to have an interest in the maintenance side of the computer systems, he be too big to fix stuff but perhaps perform computer diagnostics on our systems and learn the systems there” offered Dr Baxter.
Jack smiled, that would help Comox give him a purpose and to keep the male occupied, plus it would be a quiet area where he would not have to do much interaction.
“Thank you, Dr Baxter, so it is just Vonriir” Jack stated as the team was unsure.
“Well, he is too big to do many things Jack, he is a bit too placid for security or normal operations, he could help the hanger manager and moving cargo and checking on ship numbers” Mark suggested which made Jack seemed sceptical.
“I’d rather him not do physical activity, he is much more than a bull dozer, like to keep him mentally stimulated, he’s a nice guy” Jack said.
“We’ll have him work there and perhaps get him to do patrols on the sensor grid, just to check the hidden sensors are working, get him outside” Mark added as Jack seemed to like the idea.
“Yes, Comox could also attend as well, to run diagnostics on the tablet, that would work well” Jack said as he noted the suggestions on his tablet.
“I will sort out Ardon as well, I think he needs to get more involved in being the leader of the dragon academy, to be more claws on as it were but we need reports as well, I get him to do that, plus assign him roles like clearing the fan mail and to do weekly checks on the dragon academy and ensuring it’s all fine” Jack said as the team agreed.
“The concern with Veyron is still there Jack, I really dislike his knowledge of the portal, it is our key asset and he may use this as bargaining power over us, or try and spill the beans to those who offer him something better” Daniel said.
“I speak to him and talk to him, he is still restricted to places but perhaps he can do a few things for us if he is willing of course” Jack said.
Mark shook his head in disagreement.
“That sly dragon won’t do something for nothing, he is only interested in trades or what benefits him, he won’t do anything out the goodness of his heart” Mark stated.
“I understand Mark, I will think of something, until we know any different then trust me on this, right is there anything more to add to this meeting?” Jack asked as the team shook their heads.
“Meeting adjourned then” Jack said as everyone gathered their notes, Jack looked at the clock as he gestured to Melina that they head to the canteen and discuss with the dragons the new roles they be doing, to contribute to the academy.
“Jack, I must urge caution as security advisor with Veyron, id feel comfortable if he did not learn much more about the portal” Daniel said.
“Noted, thank you Dan” Jack replied as the man nodded, heading towards his office.
“Daniel is really taking his role seriously, I have ot say he has done well with security here” Melina said.
Jack nodded in agreement, the man had been very security focussed but Jack had to keep the balance between security and keeping the dragons feeling free and not confined or under a curfew.
“I agree but we need to keep a fine balance between security and not oppressing the dragons” Jack replied to Melina.
“I suppose so” she said back to Jack as they walked towards the canteen, where the dragons would be at this time of day.

The dragons rested in the canteen while the humans took to their meeting. After their own conversation died out there was a moment of silence as the talking lapsed.
"Gets awful quiet in here," noted Vonriir.
"Yeah, when it's just the base crew in here it does get pretty quiet."
Soon Jack and Melina appeared in the canteen and approached the group of dragons, Melina and Jack smiling as they joined the large group of dragons.
“Hello team dragon, just want to discuss some plans going forward for you all to do around the base to improve the academy and to also give your roles within the facility, to help make it a great place to be” Jack said with enthusiasm.
Vonriir perked up but Comox looked a little sheepish, wondering if this was because of him.
"Am I included in this roster?" Veyron asked.
Jack looked at Veyron as he questioned whether he would be involved in all of this, an awkward question to ask but Jack nodded.
“Yes, I need to have a private word as well afterwards” Jack responded as he looked at his tablet to remind him of the notes of the meeting.
Veyron folded his arms, wondering what that meant.
"So, what are we going to be doing?" Asked Ardon.
Jack brought up the notes and re read them before speaking to the group, Melina was close by to give her opinion and support the commander of the base.
“Well we decided to get you more active roles within the base, obviously you can say yes or no to the roles but this is our decisions” Jack said looking at Ardon.
“You Ardy boy, being the leader of the guardian project will now be given more of a role in the running of the academy and its facilities, it will be your responsibility to ensure the area is running well, reporting any issues, ordering items from the budget and ensuring all the other dragons are doing ok, as well as assigning training, flight and target practice plus the fan mail duties” Jack said.
Ardon looked eager until the bit about the fan mail, that was always a long task.
"Alright," he said with a quick nod.
Jack turned to Zyra next.
“Dr Zyra, you will continue to be Melina’s assistant in the labs and help out where the professor seems fit, however you like you to perhaps take on a pet project of your own, perhaps work on medical wellbeing and enhancing performance of the dragons here, would that be something you be interested in?” Jack asked as Melina looked at her dragoness and smiled.
"Yes it would. I have wanted to expand the medical records on dragons here so that we're all able to have a more complete health record." Nodded the dragoness.
Melina smiled as Jack nodded in approval.
“Excellent, that would be a real help and earn points if you want to go for being a professor” Jack said as he then went to the largest dragon.
“Vonriir, We would like you to assist in the base hanger, just general duties and flying out to the base perimeter to check up on our early warning systems and CCTV covert camera’s so ensure we keep a safe perimeter around the base” Jack said.
"That I can do," nodded the large dragon. "You can count on me."
“I appreciate that Vonriir, we want you all to be active members, now Comox, Dr Baxter has kindly offered a position on his team, he said you were interested in learning about the IT systems or the smooth running of them, he was happy to tutor you and have you to monitor the system and to check systems, nothing complicated but help with maintaining the systems here, you be going out with Von to do diagnostic tests on the sensors when your up to speed” Jack said to the male bold wing.
"Only if it doesn't put anyone out," said Comox, not wanting to be a burden of it had been difficult to make a place for him on the team.
Jack shook his head.
“Dr Baxter was happy to help and to enhance your learning, so you be on his team as of next week, now I’d like to have a private chat with Veyron so can I borrow you a moment” Jack said gesturing to the small dragon.
The dragon hopped onto the ground and followed the man. Looking up at him with his brilliant green eyes he seemed curious.
Jack led him towards one of the nearby offices and sat down as Veyron leapt onto the table looking at the man as Jack spoke.
“At the moment Veyron, you are not popular with my security officer, he is not too impressed about you knowing about our top secret asset, he feels you should have been kept out of the portal room” Jack said quite bluntly.
"Well too late for that now," replied Veyron, standing up on his hind legs.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Yes, Daniel is not happy with me showing you, so I am willing to give you duties here to help us but I must have your word that your knowledge of the portal remains quiet and off record” Jack asked the small dragon with assertion in his voice.
"Of course. I wouldn't compromise my accommodations," he replied though sounded less than enthusiastic. "What labour am I going to be subject to?"
Jack looked at the dragon sceptically.
“Well, we will be watching you closely Veyron, very closely” Jack said.
“I also know you do have a good sense of reading people and finding out information that could prove useful, I can give you back internet access to work and aid us” Jack said.
"You seem to like to take things away just to repeatedly offer them back," said the little dragon, folding his arms across his chest. "How would I aid you?" He asked, looking for specifics.
Veyron did have a point but Jack tried hard not to roll his eyes at the small dragons little pokes and nit picking with their methods.
"Perhaps identify any threats or activities that could be danger to this facility or to the EA, if everything goes well then I offer more perks, I also ensure you won't be doing anymore weighlifting for cash in bets" he said.
"You want ME ensuring the security and safety of this building? You seem to be contradicting the feelings of certain employees..."
Jack sighed lightly.
“Ok, you know what, Melina wanted me to include you in this despite your not so good record and keeping secrets from us, so I was trying to be reasonable, if it was up to my security officer, you be locked in your quarters and under severe surveillance, or as Mark suggest ship you back off to Kilara” Jack said losing a bit of patience with the dragon.
"Sorry," said Veyron, putting up his paws. "Years of looking over my shoulder have made me overly cautious and not the trusting sort." He seemed to be back peddling, realizing his attitude was going to get him in trouble instead of genuinely being apologetic.
“I understand, but you have to earn our trust, I am offering this task to you, you can take it or leave it, if you take it I might be inclined like the other dragons to pay you a wage, which you can use on that cash card you won” Jack replied back, his voice a little calmer.
"Fine, I'll do it," said Veyron, holding his paw out to shake to seal the deal.
Jack shook the small dragons paw, he nodded in agreement to Veyron.
“I do not encourage dragons being bet on by my staff however, if Mark does put a bet on, make sure you hold out for the big money” Jack chuckled lightly as they ended the meeting.
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The weeks that followed saw the dragons settling into their new duties. Ardon surprisingly had gone above and beyond in his role now that he had been given more rein. When it came to the Guardian Project he took it very seriously. It was his ultimate dream of fully uniting dragons and humans but that goal was still a long way off. Still, he worked hard, trying to make the academy work at its full potential.
Zyra too was immersing herself into her work. Between current facility projects and working on the disk, she was deeply engrossed with her vision of crafting a modern method of medicine for her kind. She wasn’t starting exactly from scratch as she had Melina’s notes and records as her foundation but it was a monumental task that loomed ahead of her. Instead of being daunted by the seemingly endless feat she put on her shoulders, she took it on with passion and great determination.
Comox, while hesitant, found himself more comfortable working behind the scenes with Baxter. It kept him out of sight and even better, it kept him occupied from thinking about his predicament. He completed online lessons and courses that Baxter had signed him up for, trying to keep up with the ever changing technology. While Baxter was nervous around dragons, Comox was a kind of kindred spirit. The Boldwing was quiet, reserved and notably shy. He kept low key around the man, knowing that he wasn’t fully comfortable around his kind and that partnership seemed to work well.
Comox found himself working longer hours, drawing out his online lessons, simply to avoid Ardon and Zyra. Baxter didn’t seem to be giving him any trouble over it, yet anyway. The Boldwing was just content with being left alone so he didn’t need to think of anything else but his work.
Veyron wasn’t quick to jump into being helpful. His inclusion in this new project was slow going. His secretive attitude and lack of willingness to openly help didn’t speed things along but his restrictions to sensitive information didn’t help him either.
The little dragon had overheard their security chief complaining that Veyron had done nothing since the weeks after Jack had given him his new role. He figured that it was about time he coughed something up, to keep on everyone’s good side. He carefully wrote down some notes and a little before noon, the wraith headed down to Daniel’s office.
Walking on his hind legs with papers in hand, he looked up at the door. He reached up and grabbed the handle, trying it only to find that it wouldn’t budge – locked. It wasn’t one he could pick either, he found. Knocking, the dragon gave an irritable growl.
A voice came over the speaker phone, " What do you want Veyron" Daniel said.
Veyron looked up at the speaker above, situated on the wall beside the door, high up. The little dragon put down his papers, coiling up and springing up to the speaker. He grabbed onto it, hanging on as he pressed the button to speak.
"Let me in, I've got a contribution to my part of the responsibilities Jack has given me." He quipped.
Daniel reluctantly buzzed him in. The dragon hopped off the speaker and onto the door handle, opening the door. He jumped down and grabbed his papers before looking around the office as he stepped inside. Awards, metals and certificates decorated his walls ad well as a large picture of Babylon 6 hung behind him. Veyron took his time, reading the awards and medals that hung on the wall as he slowly approached.
"What did you want Veyron, I have a lot on today," Daniel said.
Veyron hopped up onto his desk without invitation and laid out his papers, “I have potential security breach points for you to go over.”
The dragon’s offering was neatly printed out in capital letters, including diagrams and maps of places he found that could use work. He hadn’t included everything of course. He kept his own secret routes hidden as well as a few exits that only he could get through just should the need arise.
“Places that suggest vulnerability,” said Veyron simply. “You have a neat little bunker here, David but it won’t help if something smaller than a human can get in. Drones are a threat, remotely operated. You have security at the dragon hangar doors but should anything manage to breach that, human or otherwise, you’re hooped. There’s no secondary lockdown point between the hangar and the rest of the building.”
"Hrmm, these are pretty relevant points you have brought to my attention, I shall look into them, so what is the catch or trade off for you?" questioned Daniel.
Veyron gave a sly smile, “This is my contribution in exchange for my uncontested residence here,” He hopped off the man’s desk and headed towards the door. “You’re welcome, Chief.”
With that he left the room, purposefully living the man’s door left ajar.

That afternoon Zyra was in her quarters after she and Melina had finished in the labs. With a small cup she watered a familiar flower that grew in a deep blue pot.
“It bloomed well again this year,” Zyra smiled, turning to Melina, “Seven blooms this time.”
The pure white peace lily had been sitting on her desk for six years now, cared for weekly by the dragoness. Ardon had given it to her for her 13th birthday and still it blossomed every year in its pure white flowers. She had kept good care of it over the years and was surprised when it came back to flower every year. The dragoness didn’t think she had much of a green thumb but she had done well not to let it die.
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The next day Melina was up and showered when Zyra was woken up, the woman had wanted to make progress on the disk, the results from the disk were inconclusive, the material were from Kilara but there were no detailed mineral deposits registered on the planet, it looked like Jade and emerald merged together which was interesting, making a very robust disk that survived time and the rock that engulfed it.
“Oh, sorry to wake you Zy, wanted to make a start on removing the disk from the rock, it’s been embedded in there for a while and we need to remove it to study it more” Melina said to the bold wing.
The dragoness yawned, showing off rows of pointed teeth, "I'm up." she said, getting to her feet and shaking out her wings. "Have you got breakfast yet or should I grab us something and meet you in the labs?"
Melina shook her head.
“No not yet I’m all changed, however I need to ask a favour from you, it involves your acid, how accurate and control you got on the flow and stream?” she enquired.
"Deadly accuracy, though i worry at residual residue eating away at the disk," replied Zyra.
Melina nodded.
“Well I will have some solution on hand, it would be quicker than drilling and possibly less harmful, unless I ask Vonriir to try and crush the rock to make it splinter” Melina said.
"That's probably a bad idea..." Said Zyra, rubbing her nose against the inside of her foreleg. "I fear he might break it. He does not know his own strength when it comes to delicate things."
Melina agreed with the last comment, Vonriir was very strong, too strong at times and sometimes a small thing he does could cause a lot more damage than he wanted.
“We will see, let’s get breakfast done then go for it” Melina said as the two left their quarters to the canteen.
After a healthy breakfast and a cup of herbal tea, the girls made their way to the labs, Melina put on protective clothing which was acid resistant to any splashes, she also wore a mask due to the fumes as she activated the air filters.
“Ok, I’m all set up are you ready?” Melina asked as she held a large Acid neutralizer in her hands, she would control the erosion best she could.
Zyra nodded but hesitated for a second. This was the first time since her accident that she would be using her acid and the sudden thought of it made her a little anxious.
Melina noticed the hesitation in the female bold wing, she felt the anxiety in the dragoness and guessed why.
“It’s ok Zy, your all good trust me, take your time and fire when ready” Melina said with a kind tone of voice.
The dragoness fired her acid on the marked spot. It sizzled but surprisingly didn't eat away at the rock as expected.
"What the?" Said Zyra, tilting her head in confusion.
Melina looked puzzled, she approached closer and saw it had eaten away but some of the acid was not dissolving the rock as expected.
“That’s…strange, the rock composition shows nothing acid resistant, hit it again with a stronger stream” Melina said getting out the way.
Zyra arched her neck and fired again in the same place to double the acid used.
The rock sizzled but it was not making a dent as she expected, it was very slow and not making an impact as she wanted, or expected.
“That is really bizarre, your acid hasn’t lost strength has it?” Melina quizzed the dragoness confused.
"I ...I don't know, it shouldn't have. Should I call for Comox?" She asked.
Melina turned and grabbed the litmus paper she used for testing Zyra’s acid levels, she had not spat since the transformation and she wondered if there were any side effects from it.
“Ok Zy, open your mouth I use this litmus paper to check the acidity level of the glands” Melina asked the bold wing.
The dragoness nodded, sitting down and opened her jaws.
Melina put the litmus paper near the glands opening, Melina wore her protective gloves as she tested it.
“Sorry Zy” she said not wanting to make this uncomfortable, she removed the paper and her puzzled expression intensified.
“Litmus paper test says your acid is highly acidic, perfect for bold wings, so it must be the rock, somehow there is something on the rock giving resistance, scanners aren’t detecting anything” Melina said.
"So strange," hummed Zyra as she looked at the rock carefully. "What do we do now?"
Melina took a moment to have a think before replying.
“Call Comox to the labs, in the mean time while he makes his way up, empty the tank, the strongest and longest acid stream you can give, aim all in that area, the disk is shielded, so give it your all” Melina said to the bold wing, gesturing to the area to hit as she moved out the way and put the litmus paper for proper disposal.
The dragoness nodded and after a quick call to borrow Comox from Baxter, the bold wing set out to use the remaining supply of acid she had left.
With precision shots, she fired at the stone until she couldn't any more. With a breath and shook her head. "So odd. Normally acid at least makes a good dent in stone."
Melina looked to see the fizzing and the rock soaked, the acid was eating away at the rock but nothing like what she expected, it had made a dent but not significant.
“Try and spot the deepest dents in the rock, I assume you’re out of ammo” Melina asked Melina.
"Yeah," the dragoness replied, leaning over the Rock to inspect her work. It was disappointing the lack of progress it has made.
Melina inspected the rock with Zyra until there was a door notification from the computer, with Comox appearing on the computer screen.
“Ah, that must be Comox, can you go get him for me, let him into the labs and I try and find a point of entry, otherwise were calling Vonriir” Melina said.
The dragoness walked up to the doors to let Comox in.
"Hey Zy, what is it?" He asked once he passed through the doors.
"It's the disk. Come check it out," she said with a smile. "Acid... Or at least my acid doesn't eat away at it like other rock."
"What, really?" Inquired the male.
"Really! Come, let's see if you can do any better."
Melina looked up and waved lightly inside her protective gear, still looking at the rock as the one side was damp with Zyra’s acid.
“Hey Co, we need your help with this rock, Zyra has emptied her glands but there is something resisting the erosion from the acid, so we need you to have a go, I found us an entry point here, it’s the deepest, so need you to help us get the disk loose” Melina asked the male.
"Hm," the dragon inspected the stone before giving Zyra a quick glance.
"Alright, stand back." He said before firing at the stone.
Melina watched as Comox fired at the target, the dragons acid was met with the same resistance, although the hole that Zyra’s acid had eaten into was getting larger and deeper, but it was not as quick as she thought.
“You have to empty your glands Comox, give us your best attempt, I know your acid spurs haven’t been pushed before but best to see” Melina asked the male.
The dragon nodded and tried again, emptying his spurs with a number of shots before sitting back on his heels, taking a breath. "Anything?"
Melina looked and nodded as the acid was making progress however the acid seemed to pool a little in the larger hole, but at least they made some progress but not enough to free the disk.
“It’s eaten in but it is still not going to make taking the disk out easy, it is weird, the sensors are not picking up anything, this rock should of fizzled and be half eaten” Melina said looking around.
"Thats so weird," said Comox and Zyra sat down next to him, looking at the disk.
"Yeah, it is. It would take forever for us to make a decent dent in the stone with our acid. We're Outdone by a rock, Comox, that's sad," she laughed, bumping her shoulder to his. "Melina, I still am hesitant but I think we need to call in the heavy machinery."
Melina agreed, while it was not ideal, it certainly would help them get the disk out.
“yes, I think we need to call the big guy, you made a dent into it a fair bit, but I call Vonriir, I get this moved to the dragon hanger, can you two manage to put that on the pallet and move it down to the hanger?, oh and cover it in neutralizing agent as well” Melina said as she went to fetch Vonriir.
With help from the lab equipment Comox and Zyra managed to get the disk on a rolling pallet and together pushed it down the hall.
"Thanks for helping, Co. I hope I didn't drag you away from anything important." Said Zyra with a huff as they pushed the heavy object around the corner.
"No... Of course not. You're always welcome to call on me," replied Comox. He felt butterflies when she turned to him with a genuine smile.
"Thanks, Co, you're the best."

Melina had gone to Vonriir’s quarters and hoped he wasn’t on hanger duty or anything like that, she pressed the buzzer on his door.
“Hello?, Vonriir? , It’s professor Melina, may I enter?” she asked.
"Sure can, professor," came his voice as the door unlocked.
Melina entered to find the large dragon resting, he greeted her with a kind smile and seemed happy to see her, Melina returned the smile.
“Hello Vonriir, sorry to bother you and I do not like asking but I require your strength to aid me and Dr Zyra” Melina said to the massive dragon before her.
"Oh is that so?" He said, lowering his great head to her, "How may I be of service?"
Melina reached and smoothed his muzzle gently with a smile.
“Well, the rock Forge brought wit the disk embedded has been interesting, in the process of trying to get it out, the rock heavily resisted the acid from our resident bold wings, their glands are empty and its only made a few dents in the rock, we though we call upon the heavy artillery” Melina replied.
Vonriir chuckled, "you aren't afraid I might break it?"
Melina laughed lightly.
“Well, its resisted the acid, well in some way, the bold wings have given you a bit of a helping hand, but I just have a feeling that disk has some unique properties, the whole thing is odd and the sooner we get it out the better” Melina replied.
"Alright. I am intrigued by Forge's treasure he brought over anyway. I'll gladly help," he nodded.
Melina smiled grateful for the large dragon’s help as they walked towards the dragon hanger, there Comox and Zyra waited patiently along with the rock on the pallet.
Melina showed Vonriir the rock with the disk the other side, she was trying to work out where best for the large dragon to grip.
“I think try and break the bulk here off where the bold wing’s acid dented in, we neutralized the acid so it’s all safe, the disk is on that side, just get a good grip and we check before we give you the off big guy” Melina explained to the giant dragon.
The large dragon looked over the disk before hooking his talons where he through the stone would break. "That alright, professor?"
Melina looked around the rock ensuring that his talons were away from the disk, once she made the large dragon make some minor adjustments, she was ready.
"Right, your all good to go, least we will get the bulk of the Rock away and get the disk free" Melina said.
Vonriir nodded and tensed his claws, shoulders bunching as he made to crush the Rock. It splintered and cracked and he suddenly stopped, thinking he had broken the disk, cringing, "I didn't break it, did I?"
Melina around to see thankfully the disk in one piece, the rock had splintered from the point the acid had eaten away at it.
"No, just the rock, disk looks good continue" Melina said.
The dragon managed to crush away a much of the lighter stone but his talons scraped against harder rock suddenly.
Melina observed with the bold wings as Vonriir used is amazing power to shatter the rock, though oddly it seemed there was resistance.
The dragon dragged his talons across the stone, determined, though the harder rock was more stubborn and he frowned as he worked.
"Doing great Vonriir, you doing well" Melina said but noticed Vonriir had hit hard rock which the scanners did not detect.
Vonriir put some power into it, but was mindful of the disk underneath as the harder stone began to chip away with his efforts.
Melina check on the disk as Vonriir continued his work, cracks appeared in the hard stone but was still taking a fair effort from their largest dragon to achieve this.
The large dragon was very careful to prevent the disk from breaking while he chipped away at the Rock. His muscles rolled under his shoulders as he tensed and talons flexed, working away the harder, more resistant rock.
The dragon closed his eyes briefly, steadying his paws as he frowned, trying again.
Finally to rock cracked and splinted, falling away, the cracks had spread and freed the dusty looking disk as it rested on the floor with the rock crumpled away.
Melina seemed to go wide eyes seeing around the where the disk was, was gemstones, they were dulled but they were gemstones and a rare one on earth with a high hardness level.
"No wonder it was hard to break, surrounding the disk is gemstone, that looks like Alexandrite, very rare on earth" Melina said as she picked up the disk from the rock debris, the size of the disk looked like a large Viking shield, it even had a handle on the back, Melina inspected it as she looked back at the crumpled rock.
"It's rather pretty," noted Vonriir.
"Even prettier when it's cut and polished," said Zyra, brushing away some debris to at the gems.
“We can collect some and try and polish them off, best do before our resident merchant comes to take a few, thank you for your help big guy, we see if we can polish up this shield as well” Melina looked up and smiled.
"You're welcome, miss. Glad I could help," smiled the big dragon.
Melina smiled as she held the disk up, it was a bit heavy but Melina was strong enough to hold it up.
“Feel like a Viking or one of those Celtic warriors, get me some face paint and a sword, Id scare you all” Melina grinned.
"I think you scare the boys already at times," Zyra snickered, grinning at Melina. "Warrior Goodwin."
Melina laughed as she lifted the shield up and did a powerful pose like a warrior female princess, riding into battle, she felt a little silly doing it but she found the shield had that draw to it for her to pose as she did.
"Hold on," said Comox, pointing with a talon, "look, there. Something is glittering strangely."
Melina stopped and lowered the shield, and the glittering seemed to fade, she looked to see the light heaters hung up to keep the hanger warm.
She lifted it up and the glittering returned, she gasped lightly as a smile came over her face.
“It’s reacting to the heat, giving a glittering appearance, we must clean this up and polish it up and see it in its glory” Melina said.
Zyra seemed excited, helping put the broken bits of alexandrite on the pallet to bring back as well.
"Could... Would you mind if I joined you?" Asked Comox.
"It's caught your intrigue Hm?" Smiled Zyra, she felt the same, wanting to know this mystery.
Melina nodded.
“Sure, I let Baxter know you be cleaning polishing stuff for us today, Zyra and me can sort the shield out, thanks again Von, go have a rest and when we got more information we call you” Melina said as the dragons split up, Melina excited to learn the mysteries of this unique disk.
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While Zyra, Melina, and Comox attended to their new discovery in the labs, Ardon had spent his day working diligently on his own projects. Kept busy as of late, he had been on excellent behaviour and out from under Jack’s feet while occupied with his own work. It had been a nice change, though as all things, it didn’t quite last forever.
“How’s Daniel finding working with Veyron?” asked Ardon as paged through a book Zyra had lent him. He lay sprawled on the floor of their quarters, golden scales glittering as he shifted his weight over to his left and refolded his wings.
He hadn’t gotten much of out Veyron the last couple of weeks. He was secretive and not prone to sharing what he was up to, whether or not it was to do with the work Jack had set him out to do. The gold still found him more often than not, in front of the television in the canteen or barricaded in his quarters with his ridiculous collection of luxury items,
Jack chuckled lightly, " He is not too keen with working with that little dragon, but he is putting a brave face on it" Jack replied.
Ardon made a little humming noise as he pondered that. He wanted to say that the wraith was more trouble than he was worth but even in his head that sounded unkind. He wanted the Dragon Acadamy to be a welcoming place but Veyron was making it hard to be a good host.
He let it go for now, turning another page of his book. He thought with a smile something that he had been planning in his head for a while. He had expressed his interest to Jack a few times before, in getting all the Guardian Project dragons and their Attilu’s together, but he hadn’t pushed it excessively, wanting Jack to agree on his own terms but he had waited quite a while since he last inquired. With a moment to ponder, he raised his head and gave it a try.
“So… could I plan for a gathering next year? Start of summer, have all the dragons here for a celebration?” asked Ardon.
Jack looked at him with a small smile. "You’re determined to have this gathering of all these dragons," Jack replied.
“I think it would be fun…. Should I drop it? I know it’s a lot of work, feeding and boarding…” he said, excitement in his voice drooping a bit.
Jack shook his head. "Ardy, stop that, of course we can have a gathering, that is no problem, be a real hit however, expect us to be challenged since we beat torchwood 7"Jack chuckled lightly.
Oh, thought Ardon, this was the answer he had been hoping for. He perked up, grinning.
“I’m not afraid. I have all those dragons beat,” he smiled. “They can throw challenges all they want.”
Jack grinned at Ardon's reply. "Love your confidence but yes get it arranged, remember to include all the dragons including Draco" Jack replied.
“Yes, thanks, Jack.” He said, pleased and now rather excited to have everyone come to their facility. It would be a big event and would be a good opportunity to see everyone. It was difficult to get everyone together and the last time Ardon got to see anyone from facility 7 it was only briefly.
“It will be nice to see how Icarus is doing. We don’t hear from him very often,” said Ardon, thinking about the night striker.
"He is probably so happy to be with David's family and enjoying time with them" Jack said to the golden dragon.
Ardon nodded, Icarus had come from an unfortunate past, as many of them did. He hoped that he was doing well with David’s family in the states. He was the one dragon aside from Veyron who stayed out of the media spotlight. His presence was publicly known but there was very little out there on the elusive black dragon. Ardon assumed he preferred it that way anyway, being able to live out his life in the quiet reaches of the ranchlands.
Ardon wondered if he could be convinced to journey out this way. He grabbed his tablet and set to working on dates for the event so that he could send out a notice to the others. He would also have to convince Toby to feed so many large creatures as well before he could get going with the invitations. He grinned anyway, this would be fun.

Back in the labs Comox was enjoying being able to help where he could alongside Zyra and Melina. The shield was intriguing, especially so that now they had discovered that it shimmered with the addition of heat and light somehow. He Helped prep the table to examine it, watching Zyra out of the corner of his eye while he did so.
“A reactive material, how bizarre,” hummed Zyra as they worked.
“Adds another layer of mystery to it,” replied Comox.
“And a layer of beauty at that. So neat that it was encased in gemstone!” She turned on her heel and made a number of notes on the computer so that Melina wouldn’t have to.
“Have you heard back from Grant at all?” asked Zyra. “About the samples and photos we sent?”
The familiar name made Comox tilt is head, surprised that the professor had been contacted after what happened at the dig.
"Yes, we did, he says from the photos the rock looks volcanic in nature however he said the patterns also suggest mud hardened around the disk and turned to rock, it has him a little stumped," Melina replied.
“The rock guy is stumped, geeze, that really puts the pressure on,” said Zyra though she didn’t seem to be disappointed by the news, instead she seemed even more determined to get to the bottom of the story behind this strange disk.
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Melina worked on getting the mud and remaining rock off the shield, using a cleansing fluid mixed with water to clean it up, using a brush to get the surface as it should be, being careful not to damage the surface underneath the debris.
However after 2 hours the professor was making progress as the bold wing’s chattered about the gem stones they were cleaning up, Melina soon gasped and smiled as the bright green shield was on display, the dirt and rock revealing a beautiful jade green and some ancient markings on it, a pattern of sorts.
“Guys, come here, come see this” Melina said as they got closer showing the dragons the beautiful emerald green with a pattern in black etched on the disk.
"That's neat," said Comox, leaning over to see.
"Gorgeous green hues in there," noted Zyra.
Melina nodded, agreeing with both dragons as the woman continued cleaning the rock and dirt off the disk, “I continue working on it to get it cleaning, then polish it before showing you, then we can run tests on it to see what it is made of, but the colour and shine is very Jade like in appearance” Melina said.
"Do the patterns seem familiar at all?" Asked Zyra.
Melina looked at the markings that were visible on the disk, the design reminded her of old celtic designs she saw but she could not tell when 70% of the disk was still covered with rock.
“Cannot say for sure, looks like old Celtic designs but I will not know until I fully cleaned the disk, I will continue at it” Melina replied.
"That means 'go away don't rush me?'" Comox laughed lightly to Zyra. The dragoness giggled. "I think so. Melina do you need our help on this?"
Melina chuckled lightly.
“I’d like some help please, but only if the gemstones you been working on are all washed, be some unique items to keep or sell on for funds for us” Melina replied, though she expected Jack to tell them to keep the stones.
"The stones are done for now, but we're happy to help, just let us know what you need from us," nodded the dragoness.
Melina nodded and she directed bold wings to clean up the other side of the disk while she continued working on getting the bits off on her side, the team worked together and soon after another hour of hard work the shield was revealing its beauty and splendour.
"It really is looking like a treasure," said Zyra.
Comox had to agree, "really is pretty," he nodded.
Melina nodded as finally the dirt and rock was taken off the disk and it revealed a jade coloured disk with ancient black markings around the disk with a large + sign in the middle which was also black, the jade shimmered and looked very majestic as Melina got some towels to dry it.
“Amazing craft work, it makes me wonder if there was any extinct species on Kilara capable of this, perhaps a sub species with intelligence maybe even before the first dragons set foot on Kilara” Melina said.
"You don't think it could have been dragon though?" Asked Zyra, "What if we had our own civilizations at some point? That would have been mind blowing to find."
Melina agreed with Zyra’s idea.
“Could well be, perhaps an earlier species of dragon that evolved, a lost species before dragons repopulated the planet, it happened with Earth, different species of humans, it could be possible” Melina commented.
Zyra seemed excited at all the possibilities that could come from unveiling the history of the disk. Comox too seemed intrigued but was more reserved in his enthusiasm. For the project.
Melina was pleased as she continued drying shield, inspecting it closely to ensure there was nothing left on the smooth Jade surface.
Ardon knocked on the glass and Zyra smiled, waving him in.
"Ardy! Come look," she said excitedly.
"Neat, a giant frisbee." He said, not overly impressed with the jade disk.
Zyra shook her head, laughing lightly while Comox sat back on his heels while Zyra explained what they had found. The bold wing watched as Ardon listened politely enough as Zyra excitedly told him more.
"So, what brings you down to the labs?" Inquired the dragoness.
"I just wanted to see what you're up to in here... That and we've got a party to go to!" He grinned.
"Jack gave the approval for the big dragon get together next spring!"
"No way, that's awesome. Count me in."
"Great, it's a date," joked Ardon.
Zyra laughed and swatted at him before she realized Comox had left the labs. She looked around, confused to where he went.
“He said he had to return to his work with Baxter and went” Melina said, unaware of what was really going on with the dragon.
Melina picked up the shield and held it as she grinned, “This thing is amazing, look how shimmering the jade looks, plus I look bad ass holding it” Melina grinned.
"I think it look better against my gold," grinned Ardon.
Zyra shook her head, "Of course you would think that"
Melina chuckled lightly as the dragons looked at the disk in awe
Ardon picked up the shield carefully and took on a battle pose, "warrior guardian?" He laughed.
"I don't think so, put it down, it's an artefact, not a toy," Zyra scolded but couldn't help the smile on her face.
Melina shook her head as Ardon put the shield down as the woman looked over it, inspecting the detail in the designs on the shield.
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Comox had slunk out of the labs after making a quick excuse to leave the labs. Normally he would have been able to deal with the joking around between Ardon and Zyra but hearing Ardon say that the party would be a date brushed him the wrong way and he had to get out of there.
Feeling foolish and overly sensitive for a creature that was supposed to be daunting and fearsome, Comox retreated back down the hall, hoping he would be able to get back to Baxter’s office without coming across anyone else. He was in luck. The halls where quiet and he didn’t have to pass the canteen where he knew that at the very least Veyron would be lurking.
He knocked gently before nosing his way into the office.
“Sorry for jumping ship,” he said, making his way back over to his side of the room where he had been working prior.
"Welcome back, I trust you are done with Melina's work?" the man asked.
"Yeah, for the most part. Under all that rock was a shield made out of some weird green material," he said, flopping down in front of his tablet. He propped his chin up with one paw while he used the other to turn on the device again. The dragon had been sorting files for the last day and a half. A tedious job but something he could do that would free up Baxter to work on more important matters.
"Oh, that is interesting, has the professor been looking at its composition and all that?" Baxter enquired, showing some interest.
“Um, yes. Has a number of samples and what not being sent off for testing. Not really equipped here for that kind of work.”
"It's ok, do not worry, everything is fine, quiet one really, though I'd like you to do those tutorials on the tablet so I can show how to do a basic maintenance scan of the systems tomorrow" Doctor Baxter said.
Comox nodded, “Alright, that will be good,” he replied, thinking that getting out of this monotonous work would benefit him in some way. For now he set to work, sighing softly to himself and trying not to think too much about Zyra.

After hanging out in the labs for a bit, Ardon bailed so that he could follow his hunger down to the canteen. He trotted in, baited by the delicious smells coming from the kitchen.
“I see you, Ardon,” came Toby’s voice through the serving window.
The gold dragon put his face up to the opening, looking inside the kitchen. “And I see you. Whatcha got on for dinner?”
“Take a guess,” said Toby, standing over the stove, stirring something in a large pot.
Ardon drew in a breath. “I want to say roast, but it doesn’t smell like your usual.”
“Your nose is too good, dragon. Yes, it’s roast but I am playing with a new recipe. You’ll have to let me know if it’s any good at dinner.”
“Well it smells wonderful, I could taste test it now?” offered Ardon with a grin.
“Keep your paws out of the serving window. You’ll have roast when everyone comes for dinner. I’ll give you something to tide you over till then,” Toby moved away from the stove to fetch a tray. Ardon waited at the window like an obedient dog, eager for something to eat.
“You must be growing again,” Said Toby, pushing the tray over to him and leaning over the serving ledge to look up at him. “You’re having to duck quite a bit these days to spy on my kitchens,” he chuckled. “What are we going to do with you?”
“Same as Vonriir, you feed him with no complaints,” Ardon grinned.
“No complaints? Lord help us if you get as big as him. The building’s budget is going to be spent primarily on keeping you guys fed,” laughed Toby, rubbing the side of his face. The dragon could see a basket of buns stacked on the inside of the serving window. They smelled divine and like that they must have been recently taken right out of the oven.
“Is something burning?” asked Ardon.
“Damn it!,” shouted Toby suddenly, turning back around to run for the pot on the stove.
Ardon stealthily grabbed a handful of the bread and took his tray, hustling over to the lounge. As usual, Veyron was there.
‘His spot’, the right hand cushion of the main couch was where he lay, cushioned by blankets. A mug sat on the coffee table as he looked up at Ardon’s approach.
“Those are for dinner,” he said, noting the stolen buns.
“These are just for taste testing. I subject myself to it for the good of my team,” said Ardon, taking a large bite out of his snack.
“If that’s what you’re calling it,” replied Veyron with a small smile to himself. He held out his paw. Ardon looked at it for a moment before he realized what the dragon wanted.
He took one of the buns, still warm from the oven, and put it in the Wraith’s paw.
“This makes you my partner in crime,” said Ardon.
“Worth it,” Veyron replied, biting into the bread with a satisfied thrum.
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The next few days proved eventful as Melina and Dr Zyra worked on analysing the shield and the design that was imprinted on the disk, the tests showed the shield surface that was Jade gemstone, the markings seemed to be imprinted onto the Jade surface when the stone was allot softer in its time.
Melina was unsure what the purpose of the shield was however in the heat, the Jade glowered and shimmered, it was very pretty to see and Melina felt it seemed to give off some sort of magical aura but she could not really prove it.
Zyra heard the clicking of talons and turned to see a familiar silver face through the lab windows as he approached, "Hey, Melina, you have a visitor."
Melina looked up to see Forge approach the labs, Melina allowed the dragon access as the large silver dragon entered the labs after being decontaminated in the dragon entrance to the labs.
“Good morning Forge, what honour do we have for you to visit us here this morning?” Melina said looking up with a kind smile.
"Just checking in," said the warlord. "How is your work on the disk, going."
Melina smiled, the warlord seemed genuinely interested in the outcome of the findings of this strange disk that was found on Kilara.
Melina picked up the shield and held it as she looked up at Forge.
“All, polished and cleaned up, what do you think, I personally think Jade suits me” Melina said looking up with a happy grin on her face.
"I think there are other colours a little more complimentary," he said, "But - it is rather... interesting. What do you make of it?"
Melina put the shield down and picked up her tablet as she looked at all the information they had gathered on the disk, Melina brought it up on the larger screen in the labs so the silver could see it.
“Well, the rock it was embedded in was interesting, the rock seemed to originate from the eastern part of Kilara, however the computer is unsure if it was mud turned to rock or lava that had cooled, reason being the disk was surrounded by gemstones when we got it free” Melina explained.
Melina gestured to the colourful gems Zyra had cleaned up and they sparkled from the lights in the lab, they were a mixture of colours, the gem itself very rare on earth.
"That is peculiar," hummed forge. "And what of the markings upon it?"
Melina enhanced the image of the disk, showing the markings on it, the warlord would see in high detail of the markings on the jade surface of the shield.
“Reminds me of the old Celtic language and designs, during Draco’s time, but there is nothing conclusive, the markings appear to of been made when the Jade on the shield was still soft, in fact I have tested it and it seems resistant to fire and acid” Melina explained.
"Bizarre. Have you tried..." He paused, wondering if it sounded foolish, "engaging it with brathille?"
Melina shook her head.
“I have not but that is a good point, perhaps it is something me and Zy will try, however I can show something it can do, but I need you to give your weakest flame please on the surface controlled weak flame” Melina said.
Forge nodded and brought down his head. Zyra watched as he parted his jaws and let out a pale orange flame, barely a flicker.
The Jade surface shimmered and glowed lightly when it came into contact with the flame, even once the flame was gone it still shimmered and glowed a beautiful Jade colour.
The silver stepped back, admiring the shimmering disk. "Does it only do that to dragon fire?"
Melina shook her head at Forge’s question.
“No, we established it is from heat and light, however the weather here has been really dull and cloudy, so it has not been reactive to day light or moonlight, the weather won’t improve here for some time” Melina replied.
"It's very sunny on Sunbreak. We could bring it over there to test your theory." Suggested Forge.
"That would be perfect. Saves us from waiting," nodded Zyra.
Melina pondered this and nodded lightly at the warlords suggestion.
“Yes, I think we can come over and test it, how about moon light or night time is it quite bright?, we need to test that hypothesis as well” Melina commented.
"Both moons will rise tonight, quite close together actually," said Forge.
Melina smile got bigger.
“Dr Zyra, can you prepare our sleeping bags and other items, were going on a sleep over to Kilara and we take this beauty too” Melina said to the bold wing with a smile.
"Alright!" Said Zyra with a smile as she headed out of the labs to gather their stuff.
“I let Jack know what we are doing, then we come with you Forge” Melina said to the warlord as she contacted Jack’s office but Ardon answered the video call.
“Oh, Hello Ardon, is Jack about at all or is he in a meeting?” the professor asked the golden dragon via the video feed.
"Jack!" Ardon called, turning away from the screen briefly to shout for the man. "Hang on a sec, he's coming." He said to Melina as he turned back to the scene.
Jack soon appeared on the screen.
“Hello Professor, what can I do for you” the man asked kindly.
“Just notification that me and Zyra are going to Kilara, to test out some theories on the shield, we be gone for a day maybe 2, see if it gives us any leads, Baxter is on his way to the portal now” Melina said.
“Hrmm, ok, that is no problem, I know Forge came through this morning, so just hop on over and conduct your tests, let us know what you find” Jack said as Melina smiled.
“Will do, Melina out” the professor said as the screen reverted back to the moving Torchwood logo.
"We should go too," suggested Ardon.
Jack chuckled lightly, “Oh Ardy, let the girls have their fun, it is their sort of area concerning the shield” Jack replied.
"But what if something happens...." Ardon tried, grasping at straws for excuses to join them.
Jack gave the golden dragon a questioning look.
“Forge is there to keep them safe as well as Bronan, you get a party to arrange young dragon, plus sweet talking Toby to cook for you” Jack countered.
The dragon has no more excuses to go to offer up, "fine. I think Toby would be up for the challenge anyway."
Jack nodded in agreement.
“I think so too, I said to him if he needs more staff he can bring them in, or some staff have offered to help in the kittchen’s including Melina and Zyra, which I thought was nice” Jack said to the golden dragon.
"That's nice of them to offer. Maybe I should help too," he said with a grin.
Jack chuckled.
“Oh no, you be hosting the event, this is your project, you are owning it, I will help and guide you but you are leading this one, I also help with the invites too” Jack said to Ardon as the two discussed the event more.

It did not take long for Zyra to pack everything up and to be on Kilara with professor Melina and Forge.
Melina came through the portal holding the shield close to her, she had brought a large bag with padding to keep the shield safe and free of dirt best she could.
As she looked around the familiar landscape of the sunbreak isles Melina noticed there was no Bronan or Tahsis.
“Where is your brother and co gone Forge?, seems quiet around here” Melina asked the silver dragon.
"The rest of the family has taken off for the coast. Visiting or some nonsense," replied forge.
Melina smiled, knowing Forge usually did not travel much to the mainland unless there was a problem, it gave him the chance to relax and have some peace and quiet.
“Well, means you got the island to yourself, peace and quiet, I know you do appreciate it” Melina said as Zyra carried Melina’s sleeping bag to inside the cave for their evening sleep over.
"A rare bit of calm," nodded the silver, looking around.
Melina smiled as she helped Zyra get everything settled in the cave, she took the shield out of the protective covering that she had put over it to protect it from the effects of the portal and perhaps keep sand off it too.
The silver dragon dipped his head to the shield, giving it a quick sniff and inspecting the polished surface with mild curiosity.
Melina looked to see Forge inspecting the shield, she gave a small smile.
“It is very beautifully built and designed isn’t it, a real Kilara jewel” Melina replied.
"I have an odd feeling about it," Forged said, shaking out his wings.
"What do you mean?" asked Zyra.
"I don't know, just something." the silver replied.
“Something bad?” Melina asked the Silver looking at the disk, strangely enough, it was not glowing or doing anything in the sun, so Melina thought that perhaps, it might work in the night.
"As I said, I don't know. It's curious. Perhaps just that it's yet another unknown thing that's shown up on Kilara," he mused.
Melina nodded as she picked up the shield as she inspected it for any reactions, all it did was reflect the light and focussed it as a mirror would, which was interesting.
“It isn’t glowing or shimmering, just reflecting light like a mirror and focussing it in one spot, nothing special at the moment, I guess we can wait for nightfall” Melina said.
"I'll build a fire," said Forge, to busy himself with something.
"I'll grab us something to eat?" suggested Zyra.
Melina nodded to Zyra at the offer of her hunting.
“You do remember how to right?” she lightly teased.
"Ha-ha, Mel," said Zyra, turning and spreading her wings, "You're going to get rocks for dinner."
“Yummy” Melina joked as Zyra flew off, she put the shield somewhere safe in the cave and got the rest of her stuff unpacked while Forge made a fire.
A few moments later Melina ventured out of the cave having unpacked everything and smiled as Forge finished the final touches to the fire.
“How have you been since we saw each other on Kilara, how is my silver” Melina asked the warlord kindly, looking up at him with a small smile.
"I am fine, Professor. Its only been a few days," replied Forge, setting the logs he collected on fire.
Melina nodded lightly, letting out a sigh and changing the subject, he was sure Forge did not want to talk.
“Well, lets see if the light of the moons and stars makes it do anything amazing, we know it shimmers and glitters when near fire, so I do wonder combining those two” Melina discussed with the silver.
"We will see. I think that it won't be enough light from the night sky to cause much reaction, if I could offer my own theory," he said with a hint of a smile.
Melina smiled and nodded.
“Very good Forge, seems my logic and intuition is rubbing off on you, but can only be room for one dragon doctor” Melina lightly teased.
The dragon smiled slightly, "Good thing I am satisfied being a warlord then."
Melina smile left her face as a memory came floating up into the surface, her recent dream and it had been vivid in places but she remembered them being bonded.
Noticing that something was off about the woman he tilted his head slightly to the side, "Is something the matter?"
Melina looked up at the warlord.
“I had a dream, a weird dream, some parts a little vivid but I do remember a fair bit of it, it was basically an alternative time, history had changed……” Melina said.
"It was just a dream," he said dismissively.
Melina nodded lightly, “Yes..just a dream but the world I knew did not exist, there were changes….we all lived on Kilara and Zyra was bonded to Amanda, I was bonded to Icarus David” Melina said, looking away, unsure if she should of said anything.
"Things were different..." he said, looking down at her with his fiery orange eyes. "What was the world in your dream like?" he asked.
Melina looked up at the fiery irises of the warlord looking down at her.
“Peaceful, there was never a war, the old Torchwood base was actually a sanctuary to dragons, Torchwood did not exist and you, well dream Forge was happy he changed history, thinking he changed it for the better” Melina said.
Forge shifted his weight uncomfortably. "Well, that's not how things played out for us, unfortunately." he said quietly.
Melina looked at the old dragon, he could see hints of regret, she decided to try and lighten the mood.
“It was only a dream as you said, anyways in that world, you were not a warlord, had allot less scars and had pristine silver scales, that really isn’t the Forge I know” Melina said.
"Well," the dragon replied, "again, it was just a dream. This," he said, gesturing to himself, "is unfortunately what you have to put up with."
Melina smiled.
“Adds character, makes you look more hardy to the girls” she winked kindly.
Forge snorted, but with a small smile on his face, "you think So?"
Melina smiled grew bigger.
“I know so Warlord Forge” Melina replied.

Zyra brought back the kill which Forge helped cook for Melina, the trio discussed many things over the fire, Melina chatted to Forge about Zyra being a doctor and the plan to keep the dragons busy, she also told how Ardon was organizing the largest dragon gathering of all time soon.
Night soon arrived and two moons around Kilara lit up the night sky, along with the bright stars that filled the blackness of the sky, creating a illuminating shimmer on the water, the fire illuminated the area around them.
"Now seems about right to bring out your shield, Melina " said forge, looking up at the stars.
Melina nodded and went to get the shield, it did not take the woman long as she approached, with it in her grip.
As soon as she approached the fire it began to shimmer that Jade green glow, it seemed more intense, as Melina then walked with it and moved it upwards towards the light of the moon and stars, the black markings illuminated and glowed white on the Jade surface.
“Guys, look, the markings, its reacting to the light, they gone white! the whole shield is shimmering and glowing” Melina said excited.
"Woah!" exclaimed Zyra, staring at the shield in awe.
"Stand back, just in case," warned Forge, always the one to be on guard.
Melina’s eyes looked excited as well as her guardians, this was incredible, the shield was glowing and shimmering, the green and white looked sharp against one another.
“Let’s get to a clearing on elevated land to give it more moon light” Melina said excitedly walking briskly to an elevated verge that would overlook the beach.
Forge brought along the shield, following her up as Zyra trotted alongside him.
"Careful," she instructed as he set it down.
Melina took the shield from Forge, it was still shimmering beautifully as Melina got a good grasp as held it up and the shimmering intensified from the white markings along with the green around it.
"Oh, Mel, look! It’s getting brighter," Zyra noticed with an excited tone.
Melina to see what it was doing and grinned as she took a deep breath and held it higher and made a thrusting forward motion with the shield, the shield seemed to get brighter and then it released an emblem of light shaped like the shield with the markings as it travelled away from them through the night, travelling higher up into the sky.
Melina mouth was open as she saw what was happening before them.
"Stars above!" exclaimed Zyra as they looked at the display. Forge stood still confused as to what was happening.
The image travelled high up into the sky and soon disappeared as the shield still shimmered and glowed, but with less intensity than what it had been.
“That, that is one of the most beautiful, strange and amazing things I’ve ever seen” Melina said looking at the shield with a grin on her face.
"What is it doing? It does not seem natural-" said Forge, a skeptical tone in his voice.
“Looks like it’s a beacon, maybe its calling something? Or it is a pretty light show, but we will not know for sure, perhaps whoever created this to be meant for has long pasted” Melina said to the two dragons who had witnessed this amazing display.
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Back on earth all was fairly quiet in the base. Ardon had gotten the details of the get together in order and with Jack’s help he had sent out the notices to the other branches as well as Draco’s accommodations and to the ranch where Icarus resided. He was rather pleased with himself. It was still far away but moving this many dragons and housing them all at once was a feat in itself.
They had plenty of quarters to offer, though to Ardon’s displeasure, Veyron was staying in the one most suitable for Icarus at the moment. The other rooms would do nicely, however. All in all, the young dragon was excited for such a gathering to happen. He would be able to address all the earthside dragons that were part of the guardian program at once. Perhaps collaborate and share new ideas or visions for the group as well.
Ardon had extended an invitation to Hadassa and Luke, not knowing if they would get the message let alone come. He thought it was polite to at least invite them out of politeness sake.
After finishing off a good midday meal Ardon made his rounds through the facility as he often did when he had no pressing matters to attend to. Perhaps some of Forge’s old habits where rubbing off on him, or the dragon was growing more protective of his home with age. He meandered down the halls, to the science labs that stood dark and quiet while Melina and Zyra where away. Locked up and safe, he passed on through down the halls.
Catching a sniff of something, Ardon paused at the hall that lead down to the portal room. There were two security doors one had to get through to access the hall and room now but something made him halt and look down through the thick windows.
It smelled like Veyron, but then again, most of the building possessed the dragon’s scents as ventilation circulated air throughout the facility.
He took a closer look; nothing seemed tampered with nor did anything seem out of place. A few more cursory sniffs around the doorframe gave him no further clues.
“Hmm,” he murmured to himself, passing the hall with one last glance.
Tucked in the underside of one of the storage doorways sat Veyron, watching the golden dragon pass, unnoticed as he crouched in his hiding spot. He had been lurking quietly and hidden when he heard the familiar tap of talons on the floor. He watched in the shadows as Ardon walked away before turning his eyes back to the locked hallway, restricted from him.

The gold dragon trotted into the dragon hanger and took off through the ceiling hatch and into the sunny day outside. It was pleasantly warm for once and he smiled as the rays hit his wings, making them glisten in their golden light. While it may not be hot like the Kilaran sun, he enjoyed it none the less. He flew out over the fields that were part of the facilities property before he spotted Comox walked through the tall grass below.
With a mischievous grin he tucked his wings and fell silently as he could from the sky.
“Sneak attack!” he roared out at the last second, just as Comox turned around in surprise, his sail shooting up. Ardon had thrown out his wings to slow him down but still collided with the boldwing with a solid thump. The two of them went tumbling through the grass as Ardon immediately turned it into a boyish game of tussling.
Ardon had him beat from the get-go, having snuck up on him unawares. Having finally grown larger than the other male helped as well.
Comox resisted the attack at first with surprised vehemence but then rolled away, freeing himself.
“I don’t think it’s a sneak attack if you yell it out,” he said, panting while he shook out his wings.
Ardon rolled his shoulders, laughing, “You knew what I meant. What are you doing out here alone anyway?”
Comox shrugged, “Just out for some quiet, I guess.”
“Don’t you get enough of that working with Baxter?” teased Ardon, “He’s never been one to hold a conversation at length with one of us.”
“Leave him be,” Comox replied, turning back for the facility.
“Hey! What’s gotten into you?” asked the gold, trotting after him. He had noticed the Boldwing was quieter than usual and had been making himself scarce as of late. Ardon knew he wasn’t an extroverted sort of dragon but this was a little much. His melancholy moods had been taking over.
“Nothing, Ardy,” replied the Boldwing.
The gold frowned, “You’ve been acting weird lately, Co.”
“No I haven’t,” countered Comox, he took wing and jumped into the air, flying away back to base.
Ardon was left standing in the grass with a puzzled look on his face as he watched his friend fly away.
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Melina and Zyra discussed what they had saw in length over the evening fire, the shield still shimmered and glowed but not with the same intensity as before, still Melina seemed pleased it did something for them here on Kilara.
She took photos and readings with the equipment she brought, including a giga counter but there was no abnormal radiation coming from the shield.
Forge seemed to keep his distance, sceptical and not knowing what he had witnessed before his eyes, it was unlike anything any of them had seen and perhaps gave an insight into a world when dragons first began populating on Kilara.
Zyra and Melina talked of theories well into the night, not realising the time as the two chatted, Melina’s excitement and curiosity channelled into Zyra like a fast-flowing river, Zyra seemed to revel in it and contributed to the conversation as Forge tried to get off to sleep.
Zyra chatted away with Melina about what the disks light and symbol could have meant.
"Whatever it was I'm sure you alerted the whole of western Talkiir with that light display." Grumbled forge. It had looked like he was sleeping but he hadn't fully dozed off. "If dragons come flocking to my islands I will be blaming you, professor."
Melina looked the silver dragon and chuckled lightly.
“Well, it is your fault overall, allowing your dragon friend to bring it in the first place, besides this is history, it could reveal life on Kilara before dragons became dominant species, I think it is exciting” Melina said with passion in her tone of voice.
"Right," sighed the silver, shifting his head to his paws.
"Don't mind him. Scientific discoveries aren't his thing," Zyra whispered to Melina with a smile.
Melina agreed with a small smile.
“Forge is old school, a battle dragon, anything that he doesn’t understand, it could be a danger, which is why I am surprised he liked bread pudding” Melina said with a grin to the silver.
"It was dangerous.... for his waistline," snickered Zyra.
"My waistline is just fine, thank you. If that isn't obvious maybe your new title should be reconsidered," forge replied, eyes still closed but he had obviously overheard.
Zyra blushed slightly but smiled sheepishly, "sorry, Forge. I was only teasing."
Melina chuckled lightly as she saw Zyra react to Forge’s comments on the bread pudding.
“He loves it really, in fact I be baking more next week, I will bring it over before his brother wants a slice” Melina said.
"You better save some for your dragoness too," smiled Zyra, not wanting to miss out.
Melina nodded.
“Have to fight the silver for a slice Zy, uphold my honour” Melina laughed lightly as she rolled out her sleeping bag.
"He's a gentleman. He wouldn't contest it," she laughed, laying down and crossing her paws.
Melina laughed lightly giving Zyra a pet as she settled down in her sleeping bag, keeping close to Zyra as the small group settled down to sleep.
Melina took one last look of the shield and smiled as she settled and soon fell to sleep.

The next morning soon came and Melina and Zyra were still asleep as they had been up for quite a bit of the night discussing the purpose of the shield and what they saw, the two girls slept closely together as the shield was gently leaning against a rock, covered up in the protective pocket as it no longer shimmered or glowed.
Forge opened his eyes, blinking as he got up.
Thirst pulled at him from his sleep and he wandered over to the clear pools of fresh water that collected on the island.
The silver lowered his great head and drank deeply before pausing. He could feel eyes on him and it made his scales prickle. He lifted his gaze and there across the pool from him was a strange creature.
The creature that stood before the silver was unlike anything anyone had seen, a glossy, thick coat of golden feathers covered the creatures body with a few lighter, greyer feathers appearing in some places, with feather wings tucked tightly against the sides, the tail swooped down and seemed to be no having weaponry.
Powerful shoulders led down to armoured fore paws and hind legs with wickedly sharp claws on the ends.
The creature also had a sharp, powerful beak with two golden eyes that seemed to focus in on the dragon’s movements.
The creature gave the silver a fierce look and walked towards the warlord from the other side of the pool, head held high and his posture looking strong as he approached the silver warlord.
"Do you understand me?" Asked the silver. "I am Forge. You are on my island."
The creature stopped and looked at Forge, the feathers on his body seemed to be puffed up and ruffled.
“I do and I know what you are dragon, the creatures who have driven my people to extinction, you will pay in blood for this” the creature said, the voice was surprising it was female.
Forge was confused as he tried to place what this creature was. Something clicked when he thought of Ardon’s old book of myths.
"You're a griffin," he said slowly as he realized. "Your people? I don't know what you mean."
The Griffin did not seem impressed by the comments.
“You insult me not knowing what we are, when many of your kind have driven us from our homes, claiming these lands and world as your own, I will not withdraw, I shall fight against you unjust creatures” the Griffin snapped wings flared out to the side lightly.
Forge held back a growl, not understanding. "I have never seen a creature like you in my 500 years. I know not of the quarrel you speak of. I am not your enemy."
The Griffin stopped and looked confused.
“Wait…500 years? What…is the year, someone summoned me, for help and assistance, I saw you and thought you were threatening the shield bearer” the Griffin said.
"...the shield? The green disk? That was myself, and my companions. We did not understand what the purpose of it was," explained the warlord.
The Griffin looked at the dragon a little confused.
“Your companions? you mean more of your kind, this is a trap” The Griffin said as she got defensive again.
“You killed the shield bearer to lure me here!” she exclaimed.
"No, settle down! No one is here to kill you. We found the shield stuck in a rock, another dragon is here as well as a human, investigating what the shield was. We don't know who this shield bearer is that you speak of," said forge calmly, not rising up to her anger.
Melina heard the ruckus and soon woke up as Zyra did as well, they could hear Forge stern voice in the distance, not too far from them.
Melina quickly got up and rushed outside, following the voice of the warlord as Zyra followed close by, the woman stopped dead seeing before her a beautiful golden Griffin, the creature of mythical tales and legends standing before them, obviously speaking to the silver.
Zyra paused, catching sight of the creature, "Mel, Mel look! And I going crazy or is that a griffin?"
“That…that is a Griffin Zy” Melina managed to say, as her eyes widened and her Jaw slightly open looking up in awe of this creature.
Melina and Zyra approached and the Griffin’s eagle like eyes spotted them, she could see the dragon was smaller than the warlord but had bold markings, she did not know about the breed but her instincts were these were warning colours.
“Are these the others you were talking about Silver dragon?” the Griffin asked, the hostility seemed to ease from the golden Griffin.
"Yes, this is Zyra and Melina," forge introduced them, avoiding their titles in order not to confuse the griffin.
Zyra had the sense to give an elegant bow.
"Pleasure to meet you- sorry, what was your name?"
The Griffin returned the bow, keeping things civil for now seemed to be priority for the warlord as the Griffin spoke.
“My name is Eurybia, Daughter of the golden clan of the mountains of East Kilara, it is interesting to meet, peaceful dragons, you two legged look familiar, you remind me of the two legged shield bearers” she said.
Zyra sat, showing that she was no threat, "shield bearer?" She asked.
The Griffin nodded.
“Yes, the shield bearers were chosen by the clans of two legged creatures who called upon the Griffin’s in times of need, everything was peaceful until the dragons began to appear on the lands” Eurybia said.
"This is a story we aren't aware of. If you would excuse the insult of our ignorance on the matter, would you tell us what you mean by that? Griffins, as far as dragons are aware, were simply myths," said Forge.
The Griffin seemed to relax and ruffled her wings as she explained.
“Myth?, we are no myth, we have been driven out of many places by dragons but I can assure you, we do fight fiercely and despite heavy losses we do hold our ground, sadly the shield bearers have not been so fortunate” she replied.
Melina looked up at Forge.
“We need to tell her” Melina said as the female Griffin looked at them confused.
"Eurybia, there is a chance that you may... Be one of the last of your kind on Kilara." Said Forge as gently as he could.
"We're sorry to give you news like this," said Zyra quietly.
Eurybia seemed shocked and confused at the revelation, she seemed to go from relaxed to stressed quickly, Melina noticed her feathers ruffle up, similar to how dragon’s scales rose up when agitated, afraid or surprised.
“Eurybia, please, I understand the shock, but this world is predominantly ruled by dragons for hundreds of years, I think you must of somehow been suspended in time by means not known, there is no evidence of Griffins or any species before dragons here, we found the shield buried under rock” Melina explained.
Eurybia seemed to look despondent and sad as the reality of the situation hit her, she had been driven by the shields call for help, but now an awful truth that she was the last of her kind and that what she had been trained as a youngling had faded into dust by time.
"I understand it is distressing, Eurybia, but I assure you that you are safe here. I personally offer my protection and assistance to you. We will help any way we can," he offered.
Melina also approached and spoke.
“Eurybia, I am also here to offer help as well, I perhaps can help in different ways that perhaps Forge cannot and vis versa but we are here as friends for you” Melina said with a kind smile.
The Griffin looked at Melina and her smile, nodding her head lightly.
“I have alot to catch up on, forgive me, it is a little unsettling to know I am all that stands between my race falling into the voids of time” she said.
"It's okay," said Zyra, empathetic to her situation. "I was in the same situation as you, once."
"Maybe all is not lost, where did you come from, when the shield... Called for you?" Asked Forge.
The Griffin tried to remember, looking up at the sky.
“East of here, as the sun rose, I followed, over the mountains and towards the coast, all I can remember is waking up to the call, seeing the light enter my cave and my eyes, calling to me, I answered it and no I am here” she said.
“Perhaps we should fetch the shield and get something to eat, sort of start from the beginning, there is much we must all discuss” Melina said to everyone.
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Back on earth Ardon had awoken the next day and ha da quiet breakfast by himself in the canteen. Jack was off at yet another meeting and everyone else seemed to be kept busy with their own projects, leaving the gold to figure out what to do with his day.
After some consideration he made his way down to the dragon hangar and set to work on a much neglected duty: fan mail. He had loved it at first, and admittedly still did, in moderation. When he received his first few letters and parcels, he had made a promise that he would respond to every one who had sent him things in the post. He now regretting that decision immensely. It was next to impossible to keep up with and the growing mountain didn’t seem to dissipate no matter how much he worked at it. He may have gone public years and years ago but that didn’t stop the interest.
He sighed, sprawled out in the midst of a huge pile. He spent most of his morning in the hanger like this slowly getting through letter after letter, typing up a reply and sending it off. He found himself smiling though, so many of the pieces of mail where from kids, marveled by the idea of dragons.
Some letters were inspiring, others came with sad stories and were the hardest ones for Ardon to read. A few came with humorous stories that kids had written about his adventures. Many of them asked innocent questions, curious about funny things like his favourite colour or fast food place. He answered them with a small laugh to himself.
“Whatcha doing, Kiddo?” asked a voice that made the gold dragon startle.
Veyron snickered, realizing he had snuck up on Ardon, so immersed in his work he had not noticed his approach.
“What does it look like?” grumbled Ardon, a little embarrassed he had gotten spooked.
Veyron looked at the pile and surveyed the letters with a moment of thought.
“You’re a fire breather, right?”
“Yes?” said Ardon, confused.
“Just torch it then,” replied Veyron, sounding mystified that Ardon hadn’t thought of it himself.
The gold snorted, “No, why would I do that?”
“Because this seems like an absurd waste of time, obviously,” scoffed Veyron.
“People took the time to write letters and draw us pictures, it’s only fair to return the gesture.”
The little dragon shook his head, “I’m glad I’m not public domain. Have you seen the merchandise with your faces on it? It is ridiculous.”
He hopped onto Ardon’s shoulder and climbed up to his crest to speak. “When it was first announced that you were… well a dragon and not a hoax, I thought people were going to lose their minds. Even across the world you were on every news station for ages. I had to make myself even more scarce in the time following your public announcement.”
“…Sorry?” said Ardon, looking up even though he couldn’t spot the dragon sitting on his crest.
Veyron ignored the apology, “It was ballsy, what this place did, bringing over even more dragons and letting the world know that they lived and breathed here. Still can’t believe it myself.”
“Because, while I love this very nice planet and all the amenities that humans had created, it seems absolutely strange to have dragons here. Well, the whole thing is bizarre really, the two planet thing yadda yadda,” he waved his paw, knowing he was going off tangent.
“Anywho, in my humble, and personal opinion, this is all a waste of time,” he said, gesturing to the letters.
“Maybe you think that because you don’t have millions of people mailing you letters,” quipped Ardon with a smirk.
“Thank the stars that I don’t. I like my anonymity thank you very much.”
“It doesn’t interest you at all?” asked Ardon, cocking his head.
“Stars no. The less the world knows about dragons, especially me, the better,” Veyron hopped off Ardon’s head and glided to the floor.
“How come?”
“Because, young Drake, being known puts you in danger. I’ve followed all this mishaps that have been made public that you’ve been in. One disaster after another with you and your merry team of dragons. I didn’t really want to come to this… fine establishment because of all the drama that goes along with it but I wasn’t left with much choice.”
“Its not that bad-“ Ardon started but Veyron put his paw up and shook his head.
“Nope. You can have all the fame and undesirable consequences that go along with it. I am perfectly content with being left in the shadows. It’s better for me there anyway.”
“You’re a weirdo,” smiled Ardon.
“Takes one to know one, kiddo. Have fun with your fan mail,” replied the little dragon as he sauntered out of the hangar.
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Daniel soon came in with two security guards into the dragon hanger, the man seemed to be on a mission and was just in time to see Veyron about to saunter out of the hanger towards his quarters or just to nose around.
“Before you slither out of the hanger Veyron, Jack would like to see you, as well as our guest who is here” Daniel said, folding his arms.
"Who now?" Asked Veyron, stopping and standing on his hind legs.
Daniel gave him a look.
“The director of the Earth Alliance operations Amelia, the one who is with Jack at the moment, your presence is required” Daniel said to the small dragon.
Veyron sighed, begrudgingly following Daniel to meet up with the others. "What do they need from little ol' me?"
“With you involved, who knows2 Daniel commented as he led Veyron with his guards close by as they went towards a conference room as Daniel knocked, the door opened as Daniel presented Veyron.
Jack was sat dressed smartly in shirt and tie while the Director of the EA Amelia Clarke was sat the other side of the table, she looked at the small dragon and gave Daniel a nod as the man left the room and the door shut.
Jack spoke first.
“Veyron, I’d like you to meet Amelia Clarke, director of Earth Alliance operations, she is for now a liaison between Torchwood and the EA, but knowing you, you probably already knew that” Jack said.
Veyron gave Jack a small smirk. "Good to meet you, Director." He said as he turned to the woman, on good behaviour for now.
The woman looked at Veyron and gave a small smile.
“So, you’re the latest edition to the gang I see, every time I speak to Jack you seem to obtain more dragons, big and small” she said with a professional tone of voice.
"Yes, He's got quite the collection going on in his corner of the world," the little dragon replied. "May I ask why I was called down here today?"
Jack seemed to go quiet here as Amelia spoke next.
“Long story short, Jack has too many dragons here, the restrictions were clear, the largest dragon needs to return home immediately, Jack will be sorting out transport, Jack has told me your story and how you been on Earth for awhile, however you are also one too many dragons and must be returned home” Amelia said to the small dragon.
Jack seemed quiet knowing there was no way that Torchwood 5 would survive the funding cut if he refused, Vonriir was a massive mouth to feed, plus Amelia was not too keen on the knowledge Veyron seemed to have.
"What!" Demanded Veyron. "You come in here all sweet like then try to kick us out? What the hell is this? You give Harkness a dragon allowance only to take it away again? What is with humans and pulling this crap?"
Amelia seemed unfazed by Veyron’s abrupt behaviour as she put her hand up to hold his protests, the same trick he did to others to stop the conversation.
“Torchwood 5 is heavily funded by the EA, we assigned it a dragon academy and gave an allowance of dragons, people are concerned there seems to be a revival of dragons on Earth and are fearful, hence the restrictions….you Mr were brought here against your will, you should be happy to be freed from human oppression, more so than any others” Amelia responded back.
"I think not," said Veyron, his hackle scales up in agitation. "I've lived here for years and years and become accustomed to this place. You can't just kick me back to the wild!"
Amelia seemed amused.
“We can and we will, you were smuggled here illegally we do have an obligation to Kilara as well, to ensure any dragons captured are released back” Amelia said as Jack looked up at the sky before bursting out laughing, shaking his head.
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face director” Jack said as Amelia grinned, giving a light chuckle, seeing Veyron still irritated but now confused.
“Relax Veyron, Amelia isn’t here to send you or Vonriir away, shes our ally in the EA, I just felt like messing with you, since you wind up the other dragons here” Jack said to the small dragon.
Veyron folded his arms and pinned his ruff back in irritation. "Cruel joke, Clarke. You have a good poker face. I should have read you better." He grumbled.
Amelia smiled.
“That is something I intend to keep secret from you, call it a protective mechanism, however Jack tells me you seem anxious and concerned about the Torchwood archives, Jack has told me you fled here for sanctuary as people were hunting you, our spy network has detected mentioning’s of a dragon on the loose who was elusive and smart” Amelia read out the report on her tablet.
"Sounds like me. Does it say handsome as well?" Smirked Veyron.
Jack seemed to smirk, knowing Veyron was back to his cheeky self now the threat of deportation was off him, the reaction itself was enough to confirm Veyron was not a wild dragon but fully domesticated.
Amelia looked at the report again.
“No mention of handsome, just someone has put a price on your head, 500K worth of credits, for you dead or alive, we have noticed this is being fed to unsavoury characters who lurk on the web for large bounties…this is why we wonder if your reservations about the archives could be true” Amelia said.
"I wouldn't lie about something like that," said Veyron grimly. "something is going on there and they don't want it found out,"
Jack nodded in agreement with Veyron’s comment.
Amelia seemed to understand the concern.
“Ok, well I know you guys are investigating, we will monitor and try to aid where we can, in the mean time, Jack assures me you will be safe here, however reading Melina’s report on you, perhaps Jack can better utilise you as a scout or infiltrator, since you got into this building” Amelia said as Jack seemed to give a small smile.
“Security has been tightened, I can assure you of that” Jack said assertively.
"That they have. If Goldie isn't sulking around, following me then It's Mark and David. I couldn't sneeze without someone knowing now," scoffed Veyron.
Amelia smiled kindly.
“Well, I known Jack a long time, he is fair and I am sure you earn the trust of everyone, as always, I ensure you are kept out of media spot light or watchful eyes and we monitor everything, I must be getting off but nice to meet you gentlemen” Amelia said as she left the conference room, being escorted to her shuttle by David and the security team.
Once she was gone Jack spoke to Veyron.
“Would that role be something you be interested in? I still have doubts about you Veyron, being brutally honest but I have perhaps been harder on you than perhaps I should, you did come here after all willingly and despite large purchases made on that cash card, I been trying to be accommodating for you” Jack said to the small dragon.
The dragon was quiet for a moment while he considered what the man had said. "Well, only if in not risking my neck every day to do this kind of stuff. I left LA so I wouldn't have to deal with potential hazards to my life."
Jack smiled.
“Have a think and get back to me, you still got money on Mark’s cash card?” Jack enquired, a curious look upon his face.
"Why?" Asked Veyron, not giving up the answer without an explanation for the question.
“I am just curious that is all, I think the way Mark has been I think he wants some retribution, so just to warn you, stay in shape” he replied.
"He can lose his credits any time. I think I took the wind out of his sails last time so I don't know how confident he'll be challenging me again," snickered the little dragon.
Jack chuckled lightly at Veyron’s comments, his words held true in some shape or form.
"Careful Veyron, I reckon next time you be lifting a lot heavier than before, don't count your chickens before they have hatched" Jack said.
"Sure, sure," said Veyron, waving a paw.
Jack smirked as he looked at the time on the screen in the room.
“Ok, I think time for a spot of lunch before more meetings, you may amuse yourself for the day” Jack said to the small dragon, allowing him to go.
Once the dragon was gone Jack locked the door and spoke to the computer.
“Secure channel priority Alpha, delete all records of this event, Priority code ech alpha Romeo, gulf 56742” Jack said as the computer processed the request.
“Confirmed secure channel complete, awaiting request” it said.
“Bring up classified documents and reports for black files, all records on Torchwood 13” Jack said as he looked around to ensure no one was waiting for him.

Back on Kilara, Melina, Zyra and Forge explained to Eurybia about what had happened since she slept, they explained all the history of Kilara, with dragons now being the dominant species on Kilara, the events of the humans coming to the planet, all the nasty details and everything regarding the guardian program.
Melina thought it was key to bring the Griffin up to speed with everything, it was what she deserved to know, the female seemed to take all that was told to her well, explaining thousands of years of history was strange but not unusual as they discovered with Draco.
Finally, after 2 hours they were up to speed, with the finding of the shield and what happened after, the Griffin sighed lightly as the Silver finished his section of explanation.
“I know it is allot to explain but now you are up to date, I hope we did not go too fast for you” Melina asked the Griffin who shook her head.
“No, you all explained everything, thank you, it feels surreal, I know I was picked for great things but being suspended in time till now feels surreal” she said as Melina nodded.
“There is a lot we do not understand, even the bond of Brathille is mysterious and magical, perhaps the era you were in was potentially the last age of magic and beginning of the dragons, it happens in a planet’s history” Melina said.
Eurybia nodded lightly, shaking out her wings, folding neatly at her sides, the beautiful golden coloured pigment of her feathers on display.
“Question is, what do I do now? dragons are not going to accept me” the female said.
“Forge is offering protection, he is a warlord, a lot of dragons respect him and would not dare go against his word or challenge his vow of protection over you, though he supposed to be retired” Melina lightly joked as Forge seemed to snort at the comment.
“Well, technically so am I, yet there were warlord dragons in my time, kind of clashed with them too” the griffin said with a sheepish look.
“Wow, you did? I know you guys you said were in a war but I was unaware you went into battle” Melina said amazed by this news.
“What happened” the professor asked.
“I defeated 2 warlords, Griffins are ..well were at the time stronger against dragons, I am rather large for my species size, was a giant female” she chuckled lightly as Melina grinned, girl power seemed to cross species and had no boundaries.
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Forge, Melina and Zyra had spent the last few hours explaining to Eurybia what she had missed since she fell into what could only be described as a dormant state. The silver had supplied the older history, as far back as his knowledge went. It seemed like there was a very long gap between the furthest reaches of history that Forge knew, and where Eurybia’s knowledge of the world ended. Now with their side of the story explained, the warlord wanted to learn more about this mysterious creature and where she had come from. In order not to overwhelm her with questions, Zyra gave her a bit of a break when the Boldwing offered to go grab them food. She entrusted Forge to keep Melina safe but as it stood it didn’t seem like the griffin would be a threat. All this news seemed to be a lot to take in.
"Do you eat fish?" asked Zyra as they gave the griffin a break from questions about her past. The dragoness hoped a meal would do them all good.
"Yes I do, it is a nice meal to have" She replied.
Zyra returned with fish and fruit, hoping that something she could offer would be to the griffin’s taste. Forge stoked up a fire and cooked the fish on heated flat stones, searing the scales until they crisped. It smelled good as they baked on the rock while the other food was offered around.
"Here, Eurybia," offered the dragoness, handing her some, thinking she must be hungry after being dormant for so long.
The female munched on the fish and gave her thanks, "I appreciate this, cooked food by dragon fire is very tasty, I could learn to enjoy this," she said as Melina smiled, agreeing with her.
The fish seemed to suite them fine. Making neutral small talk about food and the weather, Zyra and Melina filled in the silence that seemed to stretch across the group as Eurybia slowly processed her new world while she ate. Zyra made a few mental notes to write down in her findings. The griffins in books and stories had always been much smaller, no larger than a horse. Euyrbia was nearly Forge-like in proportions though the Boldwing theorized a portion of it was made of up of the rich, golden blonde feathers that covered most of her body.
At last the silver seemed to think that enough time has been given and he settled on the sand, laying like a sphinx with his dark forepaws crossed. The shield lay between them all, a centerpiece to their circle.
"Could you tell us the last things you remember?" He asked in a quiet tone. It seemed he had put away his harsh, steely manner, which seemed to help. Zyra didn’t know how it all could have gone if the silver had been in one of his moods.
The Griffin female tried to remember, "I know we were at war, our species, Griffin's were old and dragons were the new species, the fight to be the dominant ones of these lands, looks like you guys won in the end," she said to the silver.
"I ... I know, I meant specifically. What did you do the day... the hours before you fell into that sleep you were in?" Forge attempted again.
"Oh...I cannot remember, I needed rest after my watch, keeping a lookout for any danger, then I rested in a cave nearby as the storm was bad, then I woke up when I saw the light from the shield" the female explained. This didn’t shed much light on her past and he didn’t want to press her with an interrogation.

Forge tried another question, “Do you know why our species were at war?”
The Griffin looked at Forge with her golden eyes. For a moment the silver considered their colour. While gold like his nephews, the griffin’s were a pale gold, ringed in a bold dark medallion hue. Striking and wild, much like he was beginning to think griffins to be.
"Dragons wanted fertile lands, our vast territories and to be the dominant species of this world," she simply said to the warlord.
This was not the past he knew, nor the past that had been told through stories and song. He didn’t know if she was lying or her version of the truth was skewed by whatever befell her. It was an odd place to be. She seemed so sure of the tragedy that it was hard not to want to think that her story was indeed true.
“Well, I can’t say anything of the past and the dragons that came and went long before I took my first breath but I can assure you now that you are safe. Kilara is a changed place, much changed in recent years I am afraid that I have not seen another of your kind before but that does not necessarily mean that you are the last of them,” said Forge gently. “Do not lose hope. “
“Could we try to use the shield again? Send out another signal and see if there are others?” asked Zyra, thinking that perhaps giving it another shot with someone who knew how to work the shield would offer better results. Maybe it could call more of her kind to her. If she had been hiding away in the depths of a cave, perhaps others were too. “We admittedly didn’t know what we were doing when we summoned you.”
The female nodded, "Yes that would be fine, but it is much more than a beacon, it can be used for another purpose, which I can demonstrate but I will need you to use the daylight and focus that light onto an object," Eurybia explained.
“Oh let’s see,” said Zyra. With Forge’s help he tilted the shield and moved out of the way so his silver hide would not cast it in shadow. At the griffin’s instruction he pointed it at a large stone.
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The sunlight seemed to hit the reflective shimmering of the shield and light was reflected onto a rock which was resting on the sandy beach leading towards the sea, the shield acted as a mirror would as a large circle of light appeared on the dull grey rock.
Melina and could see a change in the Griffin her pale golden eyes seemed to enlarge and were changing colour from gold to green to red and back again, the Griffin lifted her tail up with it pointing in the direction of the beam.
All of a sudden a multiple of coloured lightning bolts shot out of her tail striking the rock, causing burn marks and scarring the surface until the rock heated up and broke into pieces, collapsing onto the sandy floor, once the light was gone, the Griffin’s eyes returned to normal.
Zyras eyes went wide, "oh wow!" She exclaimed.
Forge was a little more reserved in his reaction but seemed impressed.
Melina was the same as Zyra, she had a massive grin plastered upon her face, it was such an amazing ability and she could see the shield acted as a focus point for this unique power she revealed to them.
“It is very impressive, is this your main defence or only with the shield’s aid and support?” the professor asked the golden Griffin.
Eurybia nodded.
“Yes, it is an ability only able to be used with the shield, hence why the shield bearers were specifically chosen and the Griffin’s too” the female said with a small smile.
"That's wild," replied Zyra. "You said Melina kind of looked like your shield bearers. Where they human?"
Eurybia looked at the professor and she seemed to have a blank expression as she tried to think.
“I think my deep slumber has affected my memory, I know for a fact they were on two legs, but I cannot remember fully sorry” the griffin said.
“That is ok, its still brilliant to have you here” Melina said with a smile.
"Yes, remarkable," agreed forge, looking over at the shield. "Does it do anything else?"
Melina chuckled.
“Typical warlord, what else does it do, I think the last thing was pretty amazing, also the fact she has beaten a few warlords so watch up Forge” Melina lightly teased, getting a chuckle from the female.
"I was simply inquiring," the silver grumbled. There were a few too many strong headed females about.
"We know, we're just teasing, Forge," smiles Zyra.
Melina nodded in agreement.
“Yes, besides I think discovering a Griffin is amazing enough, perhaps she can stay on one of the large islands surrounding this place, there are a few uninhabited” Melina suggested to the silver.
Reluctant to give up even one of his islands, he knew it unkindly not to.
"There are three larger ones at the end of the archipelago. You are... welcome to call any of them home should they suite you. I would like to inform the locals of your presence before you venture out, however, just so that your arrival doesn't surprise anyone."
The female Griffin smiled and nodded respectfully to the warlord.
“You are not like the warlords of my time, hungry for power and lands to boast of, you are very diplomatic and tactile in your methods, I respect that immensely” the Griffin said to the silver.
"I hope you find that dragons have changed much from your memory of them," replied Forge.
Melina nodded to Forge’s comments.
“I agree, dragons had their troublesome times but they have matured as a race, they are now helping mine to learn and be mature, to live in peace, Forge is a fine and proud warlord in all of Kilara, his word goes and be sure your under his umbrella of protection” Melina said speaking very highly of the silver dragon.
the dragon raised his head and straightened out his wings a little in response to Melina's high praise.
The griffin female smiled.
“I appreciate all of your work Professor Melina and my big thanks to you Forge and Zyra for your kindness, I hope I can repay this In time” she said, her words genuine.
“Well, tonight we will try the beacon once more and see what transpires from that, hopefully there are more, if not then you know we make you feel welcome in this time” Melina said as the Griffin appreciated the support.
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That night, Forge, Melina and Zyra helped Eurybia set up the shield once more. Using the light of the moons and stars, the beacon was sent out into the sky, racing out towards the dark horizons beyond their sight.
“There, it is done. We will see who else awakens to its call,” Forge said quietly when all traces of the light vanished. The shield was stored in his cave for now and the griffin would tour the other islands another day to see if any of them suited her. Zyra and Melina went back through the portal to log their findings and excitedly tell the others what wonders they had come across. It would be quite the tale telling the others that they had found a griffin and that the stone itself had summoned her at that.
Back on the island, hours passed and with every sound the griffin had looked up, hoping to see a familiar face but no one came. Forge was even looking out on the horizons with expectation. He had set up a large fire on the beach should the others come in the night, he did not want them to pass by the Hours turned into days and still there was not a sign to be found that any one else was coming, summoned by the call.
Forge was empathetic but remained quiet over those days, sensing Eurybia’s discontent with the growing realization that no one had heard her call.
On the fourth day he found her sitting on the beach, staring out across the water. The waves were gentle today, gulls calling out over head. Forge approached and sat down beside her. A quiet stretched out between them for a while as they watched the waves in silence.
“I am sorry that no one has come, yet," said the dragon quietly after a short while. . "Perhaps we need to take it elsewhere to have it call to your kin? Mountains perhaps."
The female Griffin nodded lightly, "It was a long shot, I will keep my hopes up, but I know I have you looking out for me, I do appreciate it" she said.
Forge looked away. His even growing collection of charges, whether they be lost and alone, weak and troubled, seemed to never end. Once it used to only be dragons, but over the years his rein of protection had expanded over humans and now a griffin. His life story was a unique one to say the least.
"You are welcome," he said, taking a breath. "These islands, however, are not your prison. And I do not want you to think of them as such. You are free to go where the wind carried you but you are always welcome here."
Eurybia smiled and nodded respectfully, “I appreciate that, thank you, I will probably for now stay close by until I know more of this new lands, I am sure I will learn," she said sounding hopeful.
“I know you will. When my family returns they will be eager to meet you I am sure. Between myself and my brother Bronan, we should be able to help answer any questions about our world that you may have. When you are ready I could join you to take the shield elsewhere should you need help.”
"That would be good, you have very kind allies, especially that female human, she is someone, very close to you; I can see," the female said.
“She is a special individual, that is for certain,” he nodded. Just then Melina and Zyra came through the portal and walking out onto the sand. They looked hopeful as they scanned the beach, hoping to see more griffins but only Forge and Eurybia sat there.
Zyra’s smile faded as they approached.
"Has anyone answered the call?" Melina asked as the griffin shook her head.
"No, but I am not being downbeat, I am planning on learning this new world and being positive," the female said making Melina smile.
“Good,” said Zyra with a reassuring smile. “I hope you like this place. It really is lovely.”
Forge nodded. It would take some major adjustment but he had faith that the griffin would do just fine here. She had a fire in her heart that he knew wouldn’t go out simply because her first attempt at finding her kin had failed. She would make this world her own, one way or another and Forge had vowed to help in that quest.

The End
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