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Unread Sep 5th, 2018, 09:29 AM   #26
the listener
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Zyra had woken up and wandered into the canteen while Melina got ready for her day ahead. She had brought her tablet with her, doing some light reading on the data Ucluelet had given her when they had been on Kilara. The young seafoam coloured dragoness had been a boon of information whenever they had gone over. She collected notes, stories, old legends and medical information for their archives on earth. While everything had to be taken with a grain of salt and one day everything
“Thank you, Toby,” said Zyra as the man put a dish in front of her. She sipped from her mug, a sweet herbal teal before setting it to the side and looking down. Her usually plain muesli looked vastly different. The usual variety was rather basic and she often had it with a little dried fruit and milk. Today however, today the rolled oats were paired with pecans, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds. The usual bits of dried fruit were replaced with fresh blackberries, raspberries and what looked like sliced ataulfo mango.
“What’s this, Toby?” the dragoness inquired as the man grabbed a few dirty dishes from the table.
“Your breakfast, Doctor, is it not to your liking? I can do you up one with pear or perhaps apricot if you’d prefer those,” replied the man.
“No, no, this looks grand. We usually don’t get berries though unless they’re frozen,” commented the Boldwing.
“Ah well I must admit I splurged on the last restocking trip. Blackberries are in season and I just couldn’t resist. Besides I haven’t forgotten your dietary preferences. The professor had a sheet laminated for me and it’s still up in the kitchens for all of you,” he chuckled slightly before walking back to the kitchens in a rather happy spirit, “Enjoy, doctor!”
Zyra was certainly not going to let this go to waste and she savoured it, smiling and tilting her head back at the tart yet sweet flavours of the berries.
While the dragons had always been fed decently well, a lot of the larger dragon’s portions were largely consistent of ‘filler’ foods such as rice, oats, and easily grown greens. Vonriir, who’s portions were by far the grandest, never complained about the amount of these filler foods that made up a good portion of his meal. Feeding creatures as large as dragons was no easy feat nor was it cheap.
"Hey Zyra, morning, hope you are well," Hitteki said greeting the bold wing warmly.
“Good morning, Hitteki, Rift. You’re both up early,” said the dragoness as the others sat around her.
“Yeah, I witnessed Hitteki’s skill as she was training,” said Rift, trying not to wince as he took a seat beside the Syrian.
“Oh, I thought you would be with Ardon this morning. No training today?” asked Zyra before taking another mouthful.
Rift shook his head, “I waited for a while but he didn’t appear. No one’s seen him or the commander yet so I wandered around a bit and found Hitteki.”
Before Zyra could reply to this, one of Toby’s kitchen staff brought out two plates for Rift and Hitteki.
"Oh, that is new, I notice the eggs are more… orange in colour plus the mushrooms are different," Hitteki said looking at her breakfast curiously.
Zyra looked at the Syrian’s plate curiously, “Good quality eggs it appears. Toby did say he splurged on this week’s groceries. I even have fresh berries in mine. Not the usual banana or apple that can be acquired cheaply.”
“You don’t eat like this all the time?” inquired Rift, in heaven over his own plate of sausages and eggs.
“We always eat well… this just seems like we’re being spoiled at this point,” laughed Zyra.
The wraith wandered into the canteen, looking a little tired.
“Morning Veyron,” said Zyra, taking a sip of her tea.
The wraith grunted as he hopped up onto the counter where the coffee maker was percolating. He sniffed, the coffee somehow smelling richer than usual as he used one paw to try and tame the bedhead the short line of fuzz that rain down his spine from his crest was suffering. He put his hands on his lower back and stretched backwards, hearing a slight crack and pop before stretching the other way and pouring his coffee and taking a sip.
“Hm,” he sounded surprised.
“What’s up?” asked Zyra and the wraith wandered over and joined them at the table.
“Well, the coffee doesn’t taste like **** for the first time in forever,” he said.
“I thought it smelled different while it was brewing, maybe Toby got a new brand or something,” suggested the Boldwing.
"You’re picky and ungrateful," Hitteki said to the wraith as Toby walked past, hearing Veyron's comments.
"I got the luxury brand, glad you find it moderately acceptable," he said as he went back into the kitchens.
“Luxury, hm?” said Veyron, sipping the coffee again, thinking, “bout time. It tasted like sewer water for the longest time.”
A little while later Ardon wandered into the canteen, looking tired.
“There’s the golden wonder, we were just talking about you,” said Zyra before pausing, “You look tired. What’s the matter?”
“Couldn’t sleep,” said Ardon with a yawn. He had cleaned himself up for the day but the bright scales under his eyes held a darker due from lack of sleep.
“We’ll perk up, we’ve got training to do,” grinned Rift.
“Yeah, sorry I’m late. I obviously needed the sleep. Once I eat we can start,” said Ardon. Soon enough a huge heaping plate with sausages, eggs, grilled tomato among other interesting items was put in front of him.
“That’s gotta be… at least 70 dollars’ worth of food sitting in front of you,” said, Veyron, surprised. Normally Ardon’s breakfast was often filled with a large amount of hash browns or beans, cheaply acquired yet filling. On this plate there was very little.
“I’m going to enjoy every last cent of it,” said Ardon, digging in.
“Hey, chef, what’s with the 5 star quality going on here. Not that I’m complaining but...” said Veyron.
Toby smiled as if he possessed the best little secret. He leaned over the table slightly and spoke with a silly amount of glee, “The commander has bolstered my food spending budget quite handsomely. We’re having wagyu beef tonight! I haven’t prepared wagyu in years and years.” The chef seemed genuinely excited and pleased about being able to cook fancier foods with this new spending money.
“Wagyu,” marveled Veyron, mouth agape. He had eaten a very-very expensive steak or two stolen from a ridiculously posh restaurant a few times when living in LA. He never thought he’d be able to have another taste of it again since he came to the facility unless he went out in search of it again.
“Morning, everyone,” greeted Vonriir as he lumbered into the room while the others looked at each other with surprise, “My! We have gotten a new television!”
The dragons looked towards the lounge room beside them and looked shocked.
“How did I miss that,” stammered Zyra as they looked at the massive screen on the main wall where a much smaller TV had been yesterday. “I’ve been in the canteen for almost two hours now.”
“Well that is just splendid. I’ll be able to properly see the little people on the screen now without having to wear my glasses,” Vonriir thrummed.
“What the hell is going on here…” muttered Veyron as he abandoned his coffee and slinked away.
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Black & White
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The new menu and products had not gone unnoticed by other members of staff, although the base served pretty good food and drinks, Toby had splashed out and ordered the more expensive food and other luxuries.
Mark had also noticed, he had been up early to get work done and was enjoying his morning brew, he noticed the quality of the coffee in the taste, he enjoyed it taking another big swig from his mug.
“Nice” Mark said to himself, putting his mug down and began his working day, unlucky for him, he would have a visitor.
Without knocking, Veyron invited himself into Mark's office as usual and hopped up onto the man's desk, folding his arms. "Do you know what the hell is going on here?" he said vaguely.
Mark looked up from his work and frowned, seeing the wraith upon his desk, demanding answers in his usual way.
"Good morning to you as well, what you moaning about now?" Mark said, a bit displeased his quiet moment was spoilt.
The wraith gave him a look and proceeded to speak to the man about his concerns.
"Haven't you noticed some weird changes in here over the last few weeks? New display monitors, new TVs, I noticed there's a new shuttle in the hangar yesterday. Today the coffee doesn't suck and Toby says the dragons will be eating Wagyu," stated the wraith.
Mark leaned back on his chair and though for a moment about what the wraith was saying, he indeed had noticed the new TV’s and the new shuttlecraft.
"Perhaps Jack loosened the budget and wanted to treat us all, I do not keep track of the budget, that is Jack's job, just nice to have a great coffee and sprucing up the tvs" Mark replied taking another swig of coffee.
"I think there's something off about the whole thing. I saw last quarters budget and it wouldn't be able to sustain a tenth of the upgrades here for more than a month. Something going on and I think it might have to do with that Holtan guy," grumbled Veyron.
Mark tried not to roll his eyes or frown at the nosy wraith.
"Why do you think Holtan is behind it?, the EA could of increased our budget, wanted to take care of you guys" Mark said.
The wraith shrugged his shoulders.
"I dunno. He's been all holed up and secretive since he got here. And the changes have only happened since he got here. Just a theory but one I plan on looking into," said the wraith. "I mean, I am not going to say no to upgrades. I just want to know the how and the why behind it."
The man suppressed a laugh.
"Well I think the term ignorance is bless is prudent to this situation, just don’t go pissing off Holtan...or Jack for that matter over better food and coffee" Mark said to the wraith.
"Ignorance is a death sentence or in the very least a good way to screw yourself over," replied the wraith, "I am stealthy. I won't be pissing any one off so don't worry."
Mark sighed and shook his head lightly.
“Well, I am going to turn a blind eye to the investigations of yours, just don’t ruin a good thing” Mark said to the small dragon.
"You think that I would ruin a good thing?" Asked Veyron, pretending to look offended. "If Jack allowed me to bathe in champagne I would. I just want to know why."
Mark smiled lightly.
“You don’t like not knowing stuff, gives you good bargaining power, apparently it’s a wraith’s currency, or so I’m told” Mark replied, taking another sip of coffee.
"One type at least," said Veyron, "A wraith uses whatever will get it then further ahead in life: information, valuable goods... my good looks have also helped a time or two," he said with sly grin.
Mark frowned lightly, looking at the wraith.
"Alright alright....shoo, I got work to do, just exercise caution dragon" Mark said.
"Always," replied the wraith, hopping off the desk, "oh- You earned some wraith points putting that rum in the cooler," he called over his shoulder as he sauntered out.
Mark smiled slightly.
"Your welcome" Mark said as he cracked on with his work, hoping the wraith would cause too much fuss or worse annoy his old colleague.
The wraith sauntered away but had intentions of going to find out what Holtan was all about and uncovering where to source of this generous new income had originated from.

Zyra walked down the hall towards the labs so that she could get some work underway but then felt a fluttering of happiness through the link. Quickening her pace to find out the cause, she smiled to herself as hurried off to the labs.
Melina was happy and quite rightly so, she had been after this item, not for her but for her aspiring doctor and professor, she was pleased as the technicians unpacked it.
Melina looked up and waved to Zyra who had come into the labs with a curious look upon her face at what was going on.
"What's in the box?" Inquired Zyra as she stepped through the doors to the labs, looking curiously at what the techs were pulling out of it.
Melina looked up and smiled.
“Well this was ordered by Jack but been after it for ages, its not for me, it is for you, your own mobile workstation!” she grinned.
"What?" Said the dragoness, not understanding as she peered at the equipment in disbelief.
“I wanted to get you an advanced mobile workstation, with mini analysis machines and all built in for your dissertation work for being a professor, Jack had said it was a bit on the pricy side, so it went on the back burner, then today its arrived” Melina said.
Zyra held her head between her paws, stunned. Everything had been made custom for her. The height of the station, the equipment that went with it all was made for her ease of use. Sitting back on her haunches the dragoness was reduced to speechlessness, shaking her head. "You're kidding me..." finally managed to leave her mouth after a minute or two.
Melina seemed to tun into a big child, clapping her hands happily as she inspected the workstation, she was thrilled.
“ you like it?, it will really help you catch up to me Brainiac” she said , but Zyra would sense and feel how excited and happy Melina was and soon Brathille knew.
"Of course I like it. I love it. How could I not?" Stammered the dragoness, overwhelmed. "I just never thought... oh thank you Melina!" She said, losing her words again and just scooping her up into a hug.
Melina laughed and hugged the dragoness back, her palm grew warm and the dragoness scales began to glow ad glitter in an excited state.
“Im pleased you like it, so you can start doing your work to be a professor of science, this will help you allot, I am so pleased I got this” Melina said.
"Thanks again, Melina. I never thought I'd have my own station. I knew how expensive it was... This is too good to be true..." said the dragoness.
Melina looked up and grinned.
“Its amazing, I am glad you like, we need to just get you all set up on it, so we can do that, then this afternoon a fast fly, what you say doctor?” Melina asked the bold wing.
"Sounds like the perfect day," thrummed the dragoness, pleased as she could ever be.
“Excellent, let’s get this set up shall we?” Melina said as they began to get everything set up for the dragoness.

Vonriir lumbered back from the canteen with a small container cradled with care in a massive paw.
"Martina?" He called into their quarters as he stepped in. "I have something from the canteen especially for you."
Martina appeared, dressed in her uniform to go on patrol, she would be a good number of shifts with her team, to ensure the skies around the base and around the south of England were clear of anything or anyone looking for the dragons.
"Yes? What have you got there" she asked the crag back, looking at the box in his massive paw.
"Toby has been making these wonderful little baked goods, I think a few of them were called eclairs and macarons? They look like little bits of art," he said, handing her the container.
Martina opened the box and smiled, looking up at the crag back.
"Oh Vonriir, these look good, these are bad for me big guy" she lightly teased, picking one up.
"Not if you only enjoy them every now and then. I can assure you one won't hurt," smiled the dragon, "I think they look almost too lovely to eat, though."
"Yeah exactly, how you feeling von, you up to much today?" she asked with curiosity.
"No grand plans for today. The hangar manager has no need of me today," he said, settling down on the floor.
Martina seemed to frown lightly at her dragon mentioning work in the hanger.
"I rather not have you being a work horse, want you to be doing more productive plans" Martina said.
"I enjoy being helpful and assisting the staff wherever I can. Don't worry, Martina, I like helping," he assured her.
Martina nodded lightly.
"Alright, as long as you are Mr, I got patrols to do today" Martina said, finishing her cake.
The dragon lowered his head and nuzzled her shoulder gently, "Be safe, and have a good patrol. I'll be here when you return."
Martina gave the big a pet before she waved and went off to get her other gear stashed away in the pilots lockers before heading out to the skies in Avalon.
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the listener
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Zyra helped Sam and Melina put together her new work station, trying not to thrum like some mad hummingbird the whole time. She was so unbelievably pleased over this very generous gift. Many things in the lab had been altered to her own comfort but she never had something custom built like this for her that would truly be her very own.
After it was all set up the dragoness looked over it another dozen times it felt like, her excitement bubbling over as she kept going back to Melina to hug the poor woman. It was like she had Ardon’s excitement in that moment.
The station had specialized castor wheels and could easily be moved smoothly or locked into place, making it easy for the dragoness to find a comfortable space for her to work in.
A while later she had finally left the labs in search of sharing her good news with someone, anyone really. To her delight she spotted Jack walking down one of the halls towards his office. A big smile crossed her face. Just the person she wanted to see.
"Jack!" She called, dashing over and circling around him quickly, making him stop in his tracks. She nuzzled his cheek and licked his temple, thrumming all the while, "You shouldn't have but I love my new work station! Thank you a thousand times over!"
Jack smiled lightly and petted the dragoness’s muzzle.
"You got Melina to thank for it really, I just press order and signed the tablet," he said.
"But that is what got everything in motion," smiled the dragoness, “It was a pricey piece for our labs but it’s going to make my life so much easier now that I have it. Finally I don’t have to use the tips of my talons to type on tiny human sized keys on the computer and fiddle with tiny dials.”
She was so genuinely delighted at the generous gift and it was clearly apparent. The closeness between her and Jack allowed her to feel comfortable with such an affectionate display of thanks. Her, Jack, Melina and Ardon had been through thick and thin and that had made their own friendships its own special sort of bond. Ardon was just the same with Melina, not hesitating a second before jamming his golden muzzle at the professor to unabashedly demand pets.
Speaking of the golden dragon, he now appeared from around the corner, having finished today’s lesson with Rift, "Hey, paws off my Attilu, you’ve got your own," teased Ardon, walking up and spying Zyra and Jack chatting, "What's with all the smiles?"
"Zyra was thanking me for her new toy, Melina wanted her to have it, I just agreed the order, it was nothing," Jack said.
“It wasn’t nothing! It’s everything,” insisted the Boldwing.
"Oh, that workstation that you have a picture drawn up?” asked Ardon, recalling a small doodle of the workstation she had envisioned.
Zyra nodded, happier than anything, "Yes. It's all set up and everything now too,"
Jack smiled, "Well I am happy your happy doctor, you have fun" Jack said with a pet on her smooth scales.
“Thanks Jack!” she said, giving him one last lick before prancing away, delighted as ever.
“Stars, I should have put that order through, not you,” sighed Ardon with a wistful smile at the departing dragoness before sharing a knowing look with his Attilu.

Later that night, having snuck quietly out of Asuka’s room while she slept, a certain little wraith had made his way to his room, grabbing his trusty multi-tool. Using the special gangways, he slunk out of sight, keeping to the shadows and avoiding any internal security cameras, knowing where nearly all of them were pointing.
His gangways ended at the hub where the stairs led down to the lowest floor. From here he had to climb through a few air vents until he came out at the juncture from where the corridors led to one of three places, the pools, the garage or Holton’s wing.
Veyron glided down from the air diffuser and crept along the walls. The dark stone that made up the walls here was easier for him to blend into but still not perfect. What really helped was that down here the lights were at the lowest setting, allowing for the darkness to hide him even more. A wraith’s night vision were one of the best in the dragon world so this caused him no hindrance.
Holtan’s office was locked of course, but the wraith wasn’t bold enough to just barge in there even if he could find a way to get the door open.
Instead he found an air register at floor level. The metal grate looked similar to the one that had allowed him entry to the facility when he first arrived at torchwood.
He grabbed his screwdriver and hastily undid the four screws securing it to the wall. He caught each one so that they wouldn’t made a sound falling onto the floor before securing his talons around the edges of the grate. Veyron heaved but the grate would not budge. Attempting again the dragon found nothing but resistance.
“What the hell?” he hissed to himself, confused. All the screws were out. Why wasn’t the grate coming off. He peered at the edges of the grate and realized that the damn thing had been welded shut. Why and who would weld a grate like this shut? He hastily returned the screws to their places even though they weren’t really necessary and searched for another point of entry. Three other grates were secured in the same fashion, refusing him entry much to his chagrin.
Both doors that lead to different parts of Holtan’s wing were shut with lock and key and had security cameras about so the wraith dared not try those just yet. Instead he made the climb back up the stone wall before launching himself up to the diffuser he can come from earlier. If anyone knew the inner workings of the facility it was Veyron. Escape routes, dead ends, safe spots to hide, supplied with bits of survival items littered the insides of the walls and ceiling of the building, courtesy of the little wraith.
What he had not explored before was down in this lower level. He backtracked through the ductwork and turned down right, taking an unfamiliar route in hopes of finding a place within holtan’s quarters to drop into.
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Veyron continued to try and gain access to Holtan’s wing but was left frustrated as the small areas had been welded and sealed tight, the security had been increased around the man’s area and there was for now no way in for the wraith to get access.
Grumbling, the wraith returned to his quarters empty pawed and irritable that the man would not give up his mysteries to the nosy wraith that easily, it seemed the man was more switched on to things than the dragon anticipated, appearing to hear a very keen eye for attention to detail and keeping his cards and secrets close to his chest, not something Veyron liked.
Meanwhile, Zyra had been in a wonderful mood since she delivery and had been all smiles the rest of the day. That hasn't stopped now as she pestered Melina a bit, chattering away about this and that
Melina smiled lightly as Zyra had been in a chatty and playful mood all evening as she got changed for bed.
“You been in an excitable mood all day, now its come to bed time and your still buzzing about” teased the professor lightly.
"I just keep thinking about the things I will be able to do without hassle now. I want to get back to the labs and work without being in the way or having to skirt around others or fumbling with tiny equipment," smiled the bold wing.
Melina nodded lightly.
“I have upgraded things for you anyways, got bigger equipment you can use, this work station will make you progress with catching up with me and be a professor” Melina said as she seemed in a teasing mood.
Zyra grinned, "scared to have earths first bonded dragon with a professor title?"
Melina held her head up and pretending to be a bit snobbish with her reply.
“No, I am not scared young doctor, I am merely saying I’m still the best” Melina replied with an over exaggerated posh British voice.
Zyra laughed at this, "You do the best voices. Almost as good as that mimic," she teased.
Melina chuckled at this, the excitable energy seemed to be passing through the link and keeping both of them awake and energized.
“I can’t sleep now, Brathille is excitable currently, so its bouncing between us, my palm been glowing lightly all day missy” Melina pretended to complain to the bold wing.
"Oh, my joy is too annoying for you?" Asked Zyra, grinning with a playful gleam in her eye. "Should i tone down my happiness so you can get some sleep?"
Melina shook her head as she got out of bed and grabbed some clothes.
“I think we need a fly, what do you say doctor, fancy some fast flying, late night?” she asked the dragoness.
"Sounds like a lovely idea," replied Zyra, already pushing the woman to the door with her muzzle.
Melina laughed, pushing the bold wing’s muzzle away.
“Let me get dressed first Zy, or it be a 18 plus night flight” she teased.
Zyra laughed, "well then hurry, my wings are itching to get the wind under them."
Melina smiled as she got changed quickly and then followed the excited bold wing to the dragon hanger, where the riding harnesses were kept.
Zyra was in an excitable mood, a light skip in her step as Melina got everything out for their night flight.
"Oh you're slow as a turtle in molasses," teased the dragoness, nudging the woman to hurry up and get ready.
“Hang on you, just got to clip this on and we are good, the doors are opening so once I’m on, we can fly” Melina said as she clipped the last buckle and then jumped into the saddle.
As soon as the dragoness heard the buckle click into place, she shoot off like lightning, soaring off into the night sky.

“You weren’t lying, you really did want to fly, you quick off the blocks this evening Zy” Melina said finally able to speak as the bold wing soared in the clear night sky.
"Can't get rusty so I must practice quick launches every now and then. Can't let anyone else think I'm getting slow," said the dragoness as she levelled off.
Melina grinned lightly, knowing the bold wing was fast, with the aid of brathille being an extra incentive, she had a bit of a plan to try and burn off the energy.
“Well, we haven’t done this since you vsed Tarok, so I’m going to see how fast you can go, lets go into gears once you warmed up, show me what you got doctor” Melina said buckling down close so she remained secure and as aerodynamic as possible for these fierce speeds bold wings could reach.
The dragoness allowed her muscles to warm up, doing a number of circles above the base before to began to glide again.
"Hang on," she instructed before launching herself into high gear. Wings beating hard the dragoness rocketed across the sky, swooping and arcing in every direction to mix up her flight pattern as she raced through the night.
Melina held on as the bold wing raced across the sky, eliciting whoops and laughs from the professor, who loved travelling at speed and getting her adrenaline flowing into her,
“Faster Zy!” she shouted.
As she flew at breakneck speed the dragoness seemed to tap into another gear, surging ahead with even greater speed as she wove through imaginary obstacles under the night sky.
Melina was impressed and grinning as Zyra flew faster than she felt was possible, her wings were a blur as she sped around in the night sky, the bold wing showing how quick bold wing’s were.
The dragoness began to feel the pangs of sore muscles and began to slow, panting hard after sustaining such a rapid flight for so long. She stopped beating her tired wings and just let the thermal carry her.
Melina smiled and patted her shoulder lightly but felt the sweat lightly on her pristine white scales.
“Blimey Zy, you flew the fastest I’ve ever seen you fly, that was indeed incredible speed from you” Melina said to the dragoness.
"Hm," was all the dragoness could do to reply as she caught her breath.
Melina grinned as her heart rate was returning to normal.
"I dont think any Coastal will beat you after that performance Zy, you are the queen of speed...though sweaty" the professor lightly teased, feeling the perspiration come through the scales from her intense speed flying.
Zyra laughed, "Sorry. We can head back so I can wash up. My wings feel wobbly now anyway."
Melina agreed with this. Nodding her head.
"Well, least you sleep, you give Ardy and run with wing muscles like that" Melina said with a sly smile.
She had noticed the wing muscles enlarged under the scales and Melina was proud that she did look pretty impressive, this would feed to Zyra through Brathille.
"Is that a little competitiveness I hear?" Teased Zyra, looking over her shoulder at the woman.
Melina gave a small, sly smile as she tried to reign in her competitiveness as she did not answer the bold wings question, just a knowing look on her face and in her eyes.
“We best head back Zy, you flown really well” Melina said.
Zyra gave her attilu a look, lifting an eyebrow in, "mel..." she prompted.
Melina shook her head.
“Its nothing Zy, we best head back, I think I have worn you out enough now” Melina said with a teasing smile.
"I have you 200 feet up in the air. I can stay here until you answer my question," grinned the dragoness
“Zy!” Melina said laughing as she looked down below at the ground, she could see Zyra grinning.
“You probably can feel what I’m feeling, Brathille gives it away” the professor said.
"I have a vague idea," smirked the dragoness, circling in a lazy loop, waiting for the woman to reply.
Melina gave the dragoness a look as she circled in a wide, lazy loop in the sky.
"Zyra come on....lets go home, you need a wash" Melina lightly protested.
"Why won't you tell me?" Asked Zyra, sounding sincere now.
Melina sighed lightly.
“I’m competitive, I want me to have the best dragon, Ardy and Jack are top of the brathille chain, but always got to be a close second” she finally admitted.
Zyra laughed, "I can kick Ardy’s tail in a number of things. We aren't number two," she insisted.
Melina chuckled lightly.
“Well that is true, but they beat us in a few, but 2 out of 3 isn’t bad” she smiled lightly.
"See, not all bad. Besides, You gotta let the boys win once in a while or else they get Whiny," she laughed.
Melina laughed lightly, nodding in agreement, she tried not to let her competitive side worry Zyra.
“Come on you, home time or we both get cold up here, circling” Melina said.
"Alright alright," said she, diving down gently. "Back to reality."
Melina smiled lightly as the dragoness glided back towards the base, she was being gentle and flapped her wings occasionally.
"Thank you for the flight...apart from circling the airport...just like waiting to land at Heathrow" she teased.
"Better service, thank you," scoffed the dragoness, landing on the ground in the hangar.
Melina got off, patting the dragoness lightly on the shoulder as she took off the dragoness saddle and gear and hung it up, she would clean it in the morning after breakfast.
The two girls returned to their quarters as they both went into their separate shower cubicles to rinse off after their flight.
Once out of the shower, Melina had gotten into her PJs and Zyra had come out after drying off best she could, some areas remained out of reach for the bold wing.
"Hey, can you dry the spot that I can't reach between my wings?" Requested the dragoness.
"Sure Zy I can do that “Melina said getting a soft towel and drying her scales gently in small circular motions, to dry her scales which now sparkled clean.
"Thanks," smiled the bold wing. "Shaking your shakes dry just doesn't cut it when one is introduced to towels," she laughed.
Melina smiled at this comment, thinking of her wild counterparts.
"Spoilt you dragons are, in the wild there be no soft towels or beds" Melina teased.
"Nope. That's why I consider myself lucky to be here," she grinned.
Melina finished drying the dragoness and put the towel to hang dry in her bathroom as the conversation moved onto their anticipated trip away.
"So, when do you think we'll get time to go to Iban'tu again? Asked Zyra.
"We should be ok to visit in a few weeks’ time if all is well" Melina said.
"A few weeks! Really?" said Zyra, she didn't think they'd be able to get leave until a few months from then at the very least.
Melina nodded lightly.
"If your very good and all goes to plan, we should be good, have to take a shuttle" Melina said.
Zyra laughed, "If I'M very good?"
Melina grinned at the bold wing.
"Yes, now sleep I think doctor" Melina said diving into bed and getting settled under the quilts and the pillows she had.
The dragoness laughed lightly again, shaking her head before she settled into her own bed on the floor with a happy sigh, "Thanks again, Mel."
Melina soon drifted off to sleep and soon so did the dragoness on her bed as the lights dimmed and switched off.
The next morning Martina was up early for her patrol, she had already showered by the time the massive crag back stirred awake and now came out of her section of their shared quarters, oddly she was in her kit for flying with the massive dragon.
Vonriir had woken as usual to walk Martina to the hangar for her patrol but noticed she was wearing her flying harness.
"Miss Martina, I think you may have your days confused. You're to fly the Avalon for your patrol today."
Martina looked up and smiled.
"Your replacing Avalon today big guy, so you have to get ready mr" Martina said.
"Am I really?" He asked with a smile, "and why is that?"
Martina grinned, looking up.
"Mark said it be beneficial to learn and get more experience flying with you under my belt, plus keeps you active" Martina replied to the crag back.
"You're sure it was Mark who said that?" Chuckled Vonriir, turning to go get his own harness.
Melina nodded her head.
"Come on, before he changes his mind, it is beautiful out, or so said the BBC website, be mice for us to fly" Martina said.
"Alright, alright," smiled Vonriir, putting out a paw so he could lift her up to his back. "We'll get going."
Martina got on and soon once all the checks were done, Martina activated the dragon hanger door which opened and light came in, along with the crisp morning air.
“Looks great for flying Von, hopefully the air be calm for you, not that you get buffeted easily” Martina said to the cragback.
Vonriir lifted his head and stiffed as the door above opened, "Smells like it will be a fine enough day for flying."
Martina smiled.
“Excellent, well I am all strapped in so when your ready Vonriir, we can go” she said with a hint of excitement which bounced via their shared link.
The crag back chuckled and unfurled his massive wings, "Upward and onward,” he said before launching himself into the air.
Martina gripped on and laughed as she felt the jolt upwards as Vonriir slowly flew up into the air with the massive beats of his wings.
“I always find this part amazing, going up in Avalon is far different than on dragon back” Martina said, a bit loudly so the massive dragon could hear her.
"A bit slower than Avalon," smiled the large dragon. "But I'm glad you enjoy my take-offs."
“I do enjoy flying with you Mr as well, just part of the job is I have a ship with me, don’t get jealous sir” she said.
"I don't get jealous," laughed the large dragon, banking left slightly, catching thermals wherever he could find them on their route.
Martina smiled as she surveyed the area as they went about a patrol route, she looked with her binoculars and could not see anything troubling or a risk to them.
" I think another 30 minutes and then back in, we head over there” Martina directed the dragon as he flew towards where the woman pointed to, their patrol continued as the sun shone down, with Vonriir’s scales sparkling at times.

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Veyron had made his third attempt a few days later. Nothing he had done so far had worked but his time had been limited. He had not wanted to waste any time with Asuka and he had to ensure that she was asleep before he slunk away as well as the rest of the facility so that he would risk less of a chance at being caught.
So far his usual routes through the inner workings of the facility had proven fruitless down in the lower level. The whole system was set up differently where it connected to Holtan’s wing.
Today he decided to try a different route, however. He had drafted up plans while Asuka joined Zyra and Melina for yoga the previous morning, plotting where he thought ventilation shafts and air ducts would be. There had to be airflow for that side of the building so there must be a way for him to get in. He was certain of it. He stole blueprints that he had managed to find in Mark’s office but they were incomplete, much to the dragon’s chagrin so he had to improvise and guess where certain things would be.
“Harvey, get off my work,” hissed the wraith as his ginger tabby decided to lie across his blueprints while he was in the middle of committing them to memory.
The cat gave him a look with his yellowy eyes before sauntering away.
“Yeah I know you think it’s a bad idea but I want to know what he’s up to in there,” Veyron said to the cat. Harvey, sat down on the floor at looked at the wraith.
“Don’t give me that look, I know what I’m doing,” he said, pointing his pen at the cat, “I’m going to find out one way or another.”
In the early hours of the morning, before most of the facility woke for the day, Veyron had crept down to the lower levels and broke his way into the ceiling, carving a hole in the drywall from inside one of the walls near the hub. He pulled away the loose bits of gyprock and squeezed through the opening.
Inside he could run along the interior rafters, being careful to run along the structural beams and not on the ceiling tiles that here acted like his floor.
He followed wires leading from the known side of the facility towards Holtan’s but was met with solid concrete time after time
“God damn it,” he snarled after a fourth dead end. Finally he managed to squeeze his way between a wall of cement and a steel beam towards another area. He figured he was above Holtan’s office door. “Yes!” he grinned to himself, seeing an HVAC system that went straight into Holtan’s quarters. An access panel was tacked onto the side, more than large enough for the wraith to saunter through once opened.
The wraith braced himself on the top side of the T-bar ceiling, keeping his paws along the thin metal beams and put his paws on the edges of the metal flap that would allow him access. He cursed to himself, seeing that the panel was going to be a bit tricky to remove.
Hitteki, who had been in the hall below him during this time, stopped and titled her head, listening in as she heard cursing and talons clicking, she seemed puzzled looking upwards at the ceiling.
Just as the wraith began to pull up did he realize he had been hearing a strange buzzing the whole time he had been in the ceiling. Too late. The second he pulled up a shock of electricity streaked through him. His fur pointed on end and he was flung backwards. Hitting the concrete wall he flopped forward, breaking through the ceiling tile.
Veyron came tumbling out of the ceiling above, and hit the floor in front of the Syrian with a thump, still smoking slightly and unmoving.
Hitteki looked surprised to see the wraith but the dragoness had to fight a smirk appearing on her face, she was trying not to laugh as she looked at the dragon still now as he begun to slowly shift, moaning. He had fallen awkwardly and had not been alert enough to break his fall properly. His hip sent sharp shocks of pain as he moved.
"Ugh, ****," groaned the wraith, sitting up carefully and patting out a patch of his suede-like hide that still smoked. Just then he realized there has been a witness to his misfortune. He closed his eyes and rubbed his face, growling.
Hitteki was fighting hard to not burst out laughing as she tried to speak normally.
"Are… are you ok?" she asked.
"Do I look okay!" Snapped the wraith, getting to his feet and dusting himself off, "Some ******* booby trapped the damn hvac system up there!"
" that why you look like you been on the bbq," she said as she then burst out laughing.
Veyron ground his teeth, "Shut it! Why the hell are you down here anyway?" he demanded
Hitteki was still laughing, "You know you could be a wraith candle" she said as she continued to laugh.
Veyron growled, pissed that Hitteki of all people had been the one to show up for this. The sound of her laughter rubbed him the wrong way, "Enough, you fuzz brained idiot." He seethed before seeing the mail she carried. An idea sprang to mind. Something could be done about this… just if… "You delivering that to Holtan?"
Hitteki looked at the letters.
"You just missed delivery, Scorch, I am taking these to the post room to send out." she said.
“Damn it…. does Holtan answer the door when you take him things though? Or do you just slide it under the door?" the wraith questioned her, still plotting.
"I put them in his secure box outside his office, I am not allowed in there, security clearance and all" Hitteki said.
"****, well, does he answer his door for anything?" he asked her.
Hitteki shrugged.
"I do not know, I hardly see the guy at all to be honest," Hitteki replied still chuckling lightly at seeing Veyron before.
His other plan foiled the wraith resumed his grouchy mood. Jabbing his finger at her he growled, "Not a damn word to anyone!"
"What’s the terms" Hitteki said to the wraith, her turn to use a bargaining chip.
"You are still stuck under my rein for another month from our bet," he said, "Don't say a word or else..."
The wraith paused, thinking, "Or...find me a way in to Holtan's office without anyone knowing and I'll free you of your debt to me." He offered her, hoping she’d take the bait.
"I haven’t versed Asuka yet Veyron, she hasn’t approached me and I haven’t either… but for now I keep it quiet" Hitteki said.
"I thought I still had a month..." said the wraith, rubbing his head. He could feel his fur was sticking up all over the place. That shock must have zapped more than his hide. "Anyway, whatever, if you get me into Holtan's office I'll make it worth your while."
Hitteki sighed lightly, shaking her head.
"I see what I can do, no promises mind you, can’t believe I’m taking instructions by a wraith.
"You'll do well in life if you do," said the little dragon, groaning a bit as he limped over to her and climbed up her foreleg. He settled on her back, "Now, kick that tile out of sight and if you could kindly drop me off at my room before anyone sees us down here."
Hitteki tried not to roll her eyes as she carried the wraith back to his quarters, she still chuckled lightly to herself as they walked back to the upper levels.
Veyron had a splitting headache and a bone to pick with whoever had set that system up.
He slid off Hitteki’s shoulder and went into his room without a glance back or a thank you. Shutting the door, Harvey looked up from his spot on the bed and meowed at the wraith.
“Not another word,” huffed the little dragon, wandering over to his bath room. He hopped up onto the sink and tried to wash away the burnt fur and soot. Veyron had a strange mix of soft scales and a suede like fur on most of his body, a dense short hair sprouted up along his spine but most of this bad been charred and burned in patches, making him look a mess. He scrubbed what he could but catching sight of himself in the mirror he still looked dreadful. Luckily he didn’t sustain any major burns or injuries so he’d save face not having to go down to the infirmary to see Melina.
He dried himself off and climbed onto his bed, flopping down on the luxurious duvet. He cracked open a green eye when he heard his door open but realized it was Asuka. He sat up and fussed with the hair between his crest horns.
"Oh Veyron, I wondered where you were, what has happened, are you ok my bold dragon?" she said.
"Someone set a system up to shock me on one of my gangways," he lied, trying to make his short hair not stand on end anymore. "Pretty sure my heart stopped for a minute."
"Oh no, who could of done such a wasn’t that green dragoness was it?" she asked as she curled about him.
"Could have been. I don't know," he said, emphasizing his limp to garner more sympathy from her. He leaned against her purple scales and sighed dramatically, "I work my ass off here and this is the thanks I get."
Asuka growled lightly. "She is in big trouble if she has, I be handing her tail to her, such disgrace," Asuka said.
“You do that and you’ll make my whole year,” replied the wraith, holding his temples to attempt to make this headache go away. Whoever zapped him was going to pay for this insult.
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After the morning Yoga and morning flight, the professor and Zyra headed towards the canteen for breakfast, the professor was in good spirits today and this fed through to Zyra who also had a smile on her face.
The bold wing offered to get their breakfast for them both as Melina sat down and watched the news on the much larger smart TV in the canteen, indeed it had become popular as staff sat nearby with their morning brews of coffee and tea, some commenting on the quality of the 4K HD crisp look on the TV.
"Another 5 star menu," Said Zyra, looking at Melina's dish before setting it in front of the professor. "I have been loving all the fresh fruit we've been having."
Melina smiled noticing the higher quality of food.
“Yes, we seem to be splashing out a bit, Jack hasn’t said anything, better food, more upgrades and your workstation, very strange isn’t it” Melina said eating her breakfast, but enjoying the taste.
“Mmm, this is good” she said quietly.
Zyra nodded, "It would take a generous sum for all these upgrades. I wonder if we've been given a larger budget but I can't see the EA offering surplus money just for a fancier grocery list and newer equipment when the things we had before were just fine... more than adequate really."
Melina agreed as she continued her breakfast, chatting with Zyra, soon enough Mick came out of the canteen with a wheeled trolley with nice, luxurious goodies on it.
Melina noticed and spoke to the man with a smile.
“Hey mick, what’s with the lavish tray of food, someone coming” she asked as she picked up her mug of herbal tea.
Mick smiled lightly
“Had orders, we got a new person coming in this afternoon, a new person a professor Monroe I think?” mick said.
That name dropped onto Melina like a bombshell as she let go of her mug and its contents fell onto the table, the mug broke and a loose chip cut the woman’s hand as she was now bled lightly as Melina seemed in shock at hearing about professor Monroe.
Zyra jolted in surprise, "Mel, you cut yourself!" she said, brushing away the pieces and reaching for her palm to hold a napkin to it.
Melina took the Napkin as Mick got a cloth and went to get the first aid kit.
“Are you ok professor?” he asked her but the woman did not answer.
Melina soon got up with haste and left, with Mick looking at Zyra, a bit puzzled at the woman’s reaction as she walked away at a brisk pace and seemed to be heading either to her quarters or the labs, Toby had come out as well to see what was the issue.
“Is the professor ok?, is she hurt?” Toby asked the bold wing as the professor had vanished.
"Um, excuse me," said Zyra, quickly getting up and hurrying out after the professor. "Mel!" she called after her.
Melina seemed to be in a trance as she walked back to her quarters opening the door and it shut quickly behind her and locked the door, preventing the bold wing access, she took a few deep breaths as she inspected her hand and then went to the bathroom to clean it up.
Zyra heard the door shut as she turned the corner. Hurrying up to their quarters she quickly realized that she had been locked out.
"Mel..." she said, leaning against the door. She could feel some strange tension bubbling through their link. "Mel are you okay, what's going on?"
Melina looked back at the door, hearing and feeling the bold wing nearby, she seemed to try and block out the feelings via the link focussing hard as she went to wash her hand, clearing the blood away to reveal the cut, she washed it in cold water to stop the bleeding.
Zyra could feel the feelings passing through the link waver and fade slightly in and out.
"Don't hide from me, Mel. What's going on?"
Melina seemed to ignore her dragoness as the woman went to reach for the medical kit and bandaged up her hand, putting some salve on it as she then looked at the mirror and sniffed lightly as she tried to block out Zyra’s probing and the link sending her feelings.
"Melina, don's shut me out," pleaded Zyra, sensing that she was still trying to shield herself from their link. "Let me fix whatever is going on. Please tell me..."
Hitteki was walking along the corridor and saw Zyra outside her quarters, calling inside, the Syrian guessed the dragoness was speaking to Melina, she noticed the dragoness looked in a bit of distress.
“Is everything ok guardian Zyra?” Hitteki asked the bold wing, seeing her outside her quarters.
"Um... yes.... just waiting for Mel to get ready..." lied the dragoness.
Hitteki gave the dragoness an odd look but nodded.
“Oh ok, I see I speak to you later then” Hitteki said head off down the corridor.
Zyra waited until she couldn't see the dragoness anymore before turning back to the door. She pressed her forehead against it, exasperated, "Melina... you got upset after that other woman was mentioned.... was it her?"
Melina did not respond all that came was silence and the wavering feelings of emotion as she tried to block the link between them, the emotions passing and then coming back, Melina had gone to her bed and lay there, staring up at the ceiling.
Zyra sighed, putting her paw on the door. Closing her eyes, she focused on their link, and breathed slowly. She didn't know if it would work but she tried to pass through the feeling of love and tranquillity, trying anything to get through to Melina.
Melina sighed looking at the door, she sensed the bold wing was close, she was feeling something from the link, care and calm trying to reach her.
Melina sighed again as she lay back on her pillow, “Computer, unlock door” Melian said as the bold wing would hear a click.
Zyra thanked the stars under her breath and slowly opened the door. Once inside she shut the door quietly behind her and waited for the woman to speak, not pushing for answers of bombarding her with questions the second she entered the room.
Melina had her back to the bold wing, laying on her bed as she did not say anything, the silence between them continued for a few minutes, soon Melina spoke.
“If your worried about my hand, don’t be I sorted it” she said, her voice lacking warmth or care.
"That's not what I'm worried about.." replied the dragoness, laying down on the floor.
Melina turned to face the bold wing, looking at her with a judging look.
“You wouldn’t understand, I be alright in a few hours or whatnot, go mingle” she said.
"Why wouldn't I understand?" asked Zyra gently, not allowing Melina to push her away from this conversation.
Melina shook her head.
“You never had another bold wing dragoness, who did loops round you or was a bit faster, bit smarter” she said to Zyra, the bold wing would sense an anger building via the link from the woman.
"No... you're right, I never had a chance at that," said Zyra calmly, "Is this other professor a rival of yours? Someone you worked with?"
Melina nodded lightly.
“You could say that, in a sense, be glad you never had that experience” Melina said to the dragoness, the woman seemingly opening up to her, though slowly.
"Was she mean to you?" inquired the bold wing softly.
“Not mean per say, belittling, we disagreed over allot of things, we did work together for a time, but we disagreed and her being a bit more experienced in some areas, belittled me and criticised my methods and techniques, we fell out big time and basically had to be dragged away from one another….it was the last time I saw her again” Melina explained.
Zyra tried not to bristle at hearing the other woman had belittled her Attilu in order not to feed into Melina's anger.
"Well...." she started slowly, "It’s been years since you last saw her. You work for one of the most high-ranking facilities in the world, entrusted with the Medical and science departments of a secret organization AND you are bonded to a dragon," she said with a hopeful smile, trying to bolster Melina's mood, "This Monroe lady has nothing on you, Mel.”
Melina seemed to have a whisper of a smile on her face, but it went as realization hit her.
“Maybe….but now she is working for Torchwood, she want MY labs, Jack wouldn’t of signed off on this, I got a feeling Holtan is behind it” Melina said getting up.
"They're your labs, Melina, whether she likes it or not and Holtan can't say otherwise," said Zyra firmly, "Mel, listen to me. Don't let her rattle you. If she was the one to criticize and look down on others she will want to ruffle your feathers. Show her who's in charge here and don't give her a second to think that you're put off by her coming here... okay?"
Melina looked at the bold wing.
“What happened to diplomatic Zyra?, the one who says me to keep calm, think logically and to listen to reason” she asked, but her face had a teasing smile creeping in.
"What part of keeping your cool is not diplomatic?" said Zyra, smiling back, "I think being the bigger person is the logical thing to do.... besides, it might infuriate her to see you act so nonchalant by her arrival," she said, sticking out her tongue playfully.
Melina gestured for Zyra to come closer, intending to hug her muzzle tightly, the bold wing was always there for her regardless, she did feel a bit bad for storming off but the news had shocked her.
Zyra pulled her close and licked the woman's temple, "You're the best professor the world could ask for and don't for a second think anything different."
Melina smiled and hugged her muzzle, giving her a kiss on the snout.
“I don’t deserve you at times Zyra, you are amazing dragoness, I do not know how grateful I was to bond to you all those years ago” she said though deep in her heart, some part of her yearned for the silver.
"I am too, Mel. Now don't let that woman bother you a second more. She's not worth a second of your time, okay?" Replied the boldwing.
“Alright, did I ever tell you about the fight?” Melina said chuckling lightly letting go of the dragoness muzzle.
"No you haven't," Zyra replied. "What happened?"
Melina smiled, trying to remember from all those years ago as she began to tell the bold wing what happened when she lost it with the other woman.

Veyron rubbed his hip as he poured coffee into a small mug, wincing slightly. As the lights dimmed he suddenly stopped what he was doing to see Holtan walk into the canteen.
Holtan approached and got himself a coffee, pouring it into his own sealed cup and took an apple from the fruit stand nearby, not speaking or greeting anyone.
Abandoning his coffee the wraith jumped onto the man's shoulder as he passed by, "Sub Commander!" He said to the man, "funny to see you here up on this level."
Holtan looked at the wraith upon his shoulder and seemed uninterested in speaking or having a dialogue with this annoying dragon.
“ahh, Veyron right?, Mark’s scout and saboteur” he said to the wraith.
"Saboteur? More like recon and intel, but yes. Veyron’s the name," said the dragon casually, "you've been rather elusive. You should come up more and mesh with the team."
Holtan seemed to have a neutral expression as he looked at the wraith, it was very hard to tell what this man was thinking.
“I do not mingle with many people, I have more important things to be doing, so if you kindly climb off, it would be much appreciated” Holtan said.
"well how bout I join ya? I'm sure you could use a little help if you're so busy," said Veyron slyly, settling more comfortably on the man's shoulder.
Holtan lifted his chin up, looking at the wraith, the dragon wanted something and the man knew.
“I work better alone, I think Mark will be a better shoulder to be on, so if you don’t mind” Holtan gestured to the table.
"Aw come on, Holt, nothing better than being part of the team," Veyron pressed, one last time.
Holtan did not give the wraith anything but then gave Veyron a knowing look.
“Come on then, you can see what I get up to, I am sure you be bored off your skull” Holtan said.
Veyron couldn't believe his luck, "Alright!" He said, playing cool.
Holtan walked with the wraith down to the lower levels, again everywhere he walked the lights dimmed to accommodate this mysterious person.
Soon they walked down the corridor and he reached into his pocket and put on some heavily tinted glasses and he put them on, odd since down here was darker than before.
The wraith seemed to notice.
"Cool shades, Holt. Seems the lights are even darker down here. Not that I mind. I've got good low light vision," said the wraith.
Holtan nodded.
“I know, I looked up your file on Wraiths, hence why the next bit has to happen” the man said.
Veyron had a second of uneasiness go through him before a brilliant light suddenly blinded him. He toppled backwards, missing Holtan’s jacket to save him from falling.
He hit the floor and just as his eyes adjusted to the light something stung him on his arm.
"What the ****!" He shouted, trying to scramble away.
Holtan grabbed the wraith by the tail and hung him upside down as the lights resorted back to darkness.
“As I said little wraith, I read your file and how you are nosy, too nosy for your own good, I am sorry but you will not compromise the work that is being done here” Holtan said.
Veyron swung by his tail already feeling drowsy but trying to fight it.
"You bastard. I'm a key part of this team. I WILL find out what you're do... doing ..down here...."
Holtan gave a rare smirk upon his face.
“But you won’t mr key dragon, because mixed in with that sleeping agent is a special concoction, you wont remember any of this encounter, or remember anything of today” Holtan replied.
The dragon was starting to be overcome with the drugs feeling but not before he held up both his middle fingers at the man before slumping asleep.
Holtan smirked as he carried the wraith away, by the time he woke up, he would not remember what had happened nor would he know how this transpired here.
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A few hours after Veyron’s mishap in the corridor leading to Holtan’s wing, the little wraith woke up feeling like he had been hit by a truck. He shifted slightly, grumbling at the soreness along his left side before he realized he wasn’t resting on his bed. Instead he was encircled by Asuka’s deep purple scale.

"Morning, you slept well it seems, must of been busy" Asuka said with a smile, her voice coming from high above him.
Veyron held his head, sitting up and groaning as a splitting headache woke up with him, "What time is it?" he asked, somehow feeling like it was rather late. He suddenly remembered that he had planned on getting up in the wee hours of the morning today to go for another round of investigating.
“Hold on…. What time IS it?” he repeated. Despite the pain in his head he tried to stand up and peer over her coils to see his alarm clock.

"Round about 9am, I can get you your coffee if you like?" Asuka offered.
"****,” grumbled the wraith, sinking back down into a laying position, realizing that he must have slept through his alarm somehow, “I'll need it," he grumbled, rubbing his temples, confused. He swore he hadn't drank anything the previous night but he couldn't remember what he had done towards the early ours of today either. He had tried to keep his drinking to a minimum around the Japanese dragoness, wanting to keep himself in a good light with her. The worst of it had been on Kilara but she had been too stricken with the new world to notice his slight wobbling or slurring of words too much.

Asuka moved and smiled lightly as she went off in a fluid like motion to the canteen to get the wraith his coffee. After she had vanished from the doorway, Veyron had slowly gotten up from the bed, feeling almost as bad as when he had gotten electrocuted the other day. His left side felt bruised even more so than before thought he couldn’t think of how or why. Perhaps he had been pushing himself too much after his previous plummet through the ceiling?
He washed up quickly, standing under the hot water for a time to see if that would wake him out of the strange stupor he was feeling.
“Maybe I was drinking…” he wondered to himself, “Have I gotten to that point where I can’t remember if I did or not? No…. it couldn’t be… I haven’t needed to.”
His mind circled over his confusion sluggishly as he toweled himself dry and flopped back onto the bed, struggling to keep his eyes open.

The door clicked open a short while later. While the wraith was a suspicious sort, he had left it unlocked since the dragonesses arrival. was Asuka returned with some food and coffee and noticed the small dragon was limping.
"Goodness, did you have a rough night sleeping or did you drink too much again?" she asked, putting the food on the table.
Perhaps she had noticed his drinking on Kilara then….. he thought to himself. On Earth they had only shared a bit of champagne here and there.
"I don't remember," he said, trying to hide his limp from her as he reached up and took the tiny mug of coffee from her talons, "Weren't you with me?"

"You told me you were busy and needed some time, so I went back to my quarters and settled down for the evening" Asuka explained.
Veyron grew quiet at this…. Yes, yesterday he had planned to leave her in her room before carrying on his little secret mission down in Holtan’s quarters. What had happened? His internal clock surley wouldn’t have let him sleep through everything?
The wraith sat down, looking utterly confused as the coffee steamed between his paws.
"Hey, its ok, I'm sure things will get better and improve, its not like you to be down, chin up Veyron, you always make me smile, regardless of your antics," she said.
“Just groggy this morning, Cherry Blossom, but maybe it’s your turn to make me smile,” he said slyly, sipping his coffee.

Ardon was in a brave mood this morning. He had finished an early lesson with Rift and the little spine-back was now working with Vonriir. The larger dragon loved being able to teach and it gave the gold a break every now and then.
Ardon had picked out a few stems of flowers, bright red and pink. He had no idea what they were but he figured they were very pretty, or at least that someone would think so.
He had paraded into the canteen, hoping to catch Zyra there before anyone else came around. Just to his luck Zyra was sitting at the end of one of the tables, drinking tea with a bowl of fruit in front of her.
As he walked up to her, however, he realized that now might not be the best time for a gesture of flowers. She had a furrow between her brow and looked troubled by something.
“Hey Zy, what’s going on? You’ve got that look that someone has crossed you,” he said, sitting down next to her. “It wasn’t me, was it?” he tried to joke.
“No, but good guess though,” she said with a reluctant smile, “But no, it’s Melina. Apparently her rival has come to Torchwood to work with Holtan.”
Ardon nodded, “I think her last name is Monroe. A rival you say?”
“Yeah, I just don’t want Melina unhappy.. ..hold on, are those flowers?” she asked, seeing a few of the blooms behind his back.
“Oh, no… we yes, yes actually you’re right,” he said, showing them to her and trying not to blush madly at having been caught with them, His confidence had petered out and he changed his motive at the last second, “They’re…..For Melina,”
“Oh really? How nice, whatever for though?” inquired Zyra.
Ardon shrugged, unable to think of a lie on the spot but then his eyes lit up,“Just because. We had a few bunches of fresh flowers put in the hub to brighten it up even more and I thought she might like some in her office or something.”
“That’s very sweet of you, Ardon. I think she’d like that. Especially right now. She should be down any minute if you want to give them to her,” suggested the Boldwing dragoness.
“Oh… good,”
He liked the solution he had come up with anyway. Melina was by far his favorite human aside from Jack and he hadn’t offered any thanks lately for all that she did around the facility and for the dragons.
Just then, as Zyra had predicted, Melina had stepped into the canteen. Zyra waved her wingtip at her in greeting.
"Hey you two, all good?" the professor asked the two dragons.
"Yes we are. Ardy has something for you," said Zyra with a smile. Hoping that the gesture would boost the professors mood.
From behind his back are produced a pretty bouquet of flowers, offering it to the woman.
Melina smiled lightly and took the flowers.
"Aww you big golden softie, these are beautiful...what’s the occasion" she asked.
"Um, just cause," he said, meaning it. If he couldn’t give them to Zyra he was more than pleased to make Melina smile with the gesture. "You put up with all of us so you should be thanked for that once in a while at the very least."
Melina gave Zyra a look briefly before smiling at Ardon.
"I go put these in our quarters, they look lovely on the table, the professor said.
Zyra gave her a smile and Ardon offered a parting lick on her cheek before the woman disappeared.
“I think you’re just trying to get back at me for thanking Jack,” she teased the gold.
Ardon just grinned at her sheepishly in return.
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No sooner as Melina had left the lights went dim around the canteen and soon the dragon’s would see Holtan, with another person with her, dressed smartly, Short brown hair, blue eyes and wearing glasses, she was roughly Melina’s height and seemed to have a similar slim build to how the professor was before she bonded with Zyra and begun training.
Indeed the dragons would know who this woman was, she was wearing a security badge and seemed to be looking around as Holtan spoke.
The dragons noticed the lights go dim, not a common occurrence up on this level but saw the sub commander walk in with a woman.
"Good morning, “Greeted Ardon, getting to his feet.
If this woman was Monroe Zyra decided she'd kill her with kindness and not let her stir her own feathers due her protectiveness over Melina.
The dragoness smiled and nodded her head, echoing the golds greeting.
Holtan looked up and so did the woman, who seemed a little in awe at the two dragons approaching, Holtan gestured to the dragons.
“The dragons of the academy, the gold is Commander Harkness dragon and the other is professor Goodwin’s dragon, she is also a doctor” Holtan said as a realisation came over the woman’s face.
“Professor Goodwin?, Melina?” she asked.
"Yes," said Zyra with a proud smile, "she's the head of our Medical department and the founder of drakine medicine ."
"She's a favourite around the facility that's for sure. By the way, my name is Ardon, this is Zyra, welcome to torchwood," said the gold.
The woman looked at them, appearing to be judging them.
“Charmed, nice to meet you, is the professor here?” she asked as Holtan stood there quietly and kept quiet as the woman talked.
"She was in the canteen for a bit but went off to tend to some things," said Ardon
"We can let her know you stopped by if you like," suggested Zyra
The woman thought for a moment.
“You can go with Zyra and Ardon, our conversation can wait, we can meet Commander Harkness soon” Holtan said as he left and the lights resumed to normal brightness.
“I’d like to speak to the professor please, I imagine she works in a lab here correct?” the woman said.
"She runs the labs here," corrected Zyra happily, "Her pride and joy. I'm not sure what is on her schedule today but perhaps we can get together in the afternoon?" Suggested the dragoness, hoping to be able to give the professor a heads up before the woman showed up at her door.
The woman nodded lightly.
“I would like that, be a experience to see what she has been up to” professor Monroe said as she walked towards the canteen to get a drink and something to eat.
"I'm going to go warn Melina," whispered Zyra.
Ardon nodded, "I'll chat with her a bit so she doesn't go searching right away. Good luck."
Ardon went to where Professor Monroe was as she inspected the menu today in Toby’s canteen, Holtan had once again disappeared, apparently leaving the woman to mingle as such.
Melina had put the flowers in a lovely vase and placed them on the table, she smiled lightly looking at them, unaware they were for her dragoness.
"Hey Mel," said Zyra, closing the door softly behind her, "I have some ... not fun news.... Monroe is out and searching for you. Ardy is distracting her at the moment though."
Melina seemed to be uneasy as she looked at the flowers, Zyra would sense the professors awkwardness and nerves, hearing that name made her uneasy and now she was finally here now working for Holtan.
"I'll go with you. You'll have to talk to her at some point," said Zyra, coming over and touching the woman's shoulder with her muzzle. "I already made it clear that those labs are yours and.." she laughed slightly, "Ardon was singing your praises. You're already looking golden and she hasn't even seen you yet."
Melina sighed lightly.
“She find something to pick a hole at, or belittle me, she hasn’t changed since our spat, the only difference is now I know more moves to give her a bleeding nose” Melina said.
Zyra gave Melina a look then smiled slightly, "I only saw her for a minute and it was clear who the better professor is. Remember what I said earlier? Don't let her get your scales up. This is YOUR facility, this are YOUR labs and you have more accolades to your name than you could shake a stick at."
Melina turned her head and smiled lightly, putting her hand on the bold wing’s muzzle.
“Thanks Zy, means allot to me, we see what happens, no spitting acid though” Melina said, teasing a little at the end.
"I'll try to refrain from any of that," smiled the bold wing.

Meanwhile Vonriir was giving the young spine back a tour of the facility and they approached the flight hanger for the human transport ships and fighters.
"And this," said Vonriir, opening the hangar doors to let the little spine-back in, "Is the flight hangar and that," he pointed, “Is the Avalon."
Rift trotted up, green eyes wide as he looked at the ship, "Woah.."
Martina was working on her ship as she saw Vonriir with the red racer, she waved to the two dragons.
“Hey guys, what you doing in the fighter hanger?, nothing interesting here except for flying metal” she said with a smile.
"This is YOUR ship?" asked Rift, trotting up to her, "It's really nice... I think. I don't know anything about ships but I like how it looks."
Vonriir chuckled, lumbering up slowly, "It is a fine ship."
Martina smiled lightly.
“I have the fastest ship but the biggest dragon, they compliment each other, but yes these things help us to defend Torchwood and help others who need it, he’s only been called upon a few times to fire upon others” Martina explained.
Rift seemed to marvel at that, "I never saw ships on kilara. Only heard horrible stories. This look much more elegant than the tales we were told."
“These ships, no one would of seen, these are top of the line, brand new, only entered service this year, taken some inspiration from the dragons I think, the bold wings, but these are very advanced ships and expensive” Martina commented.
Rift nodded, "well, that is something. You must be good at flying if they gave you one."
Vonriir smiled, "best pilot we've got."
Martina laughed lightly, shaking her head as the two males complimented her on her flying skills with Avalon, but the woman was modest.
"Boys, you make me blush, I’m alright, nothing special, anyways you behaving Von" she asked the crag back teasing a little bit.
"Of course I am!" Said the large dragon.
Rift laughed, "he's been helping teach me some of the guardian program."
"Im just teasing, excellent. You not overwhelmed so far? Or want to run back to kilara? She asked.
The spine back shook his head, "I couldn't go back after seeing all this. Is it a lot to process.... your world is so different but in a good way."
Martina smiled lightly at the young red dragon’s enthusiasm for this world.
"You don’t fancy going back to kilara and living the quiet life?" Martina asked the spine back.
Rift shook his head, "No, not after seeing all this. Everyone says that I have barely seen a fraction of it... I couldn't go back now."
"Well, its good to have you here, i am pleased you like Avalon, he’s pleased to meet you" Martina said patting the shiny hull.
Rift looked a bit confused, "He's alive?"
Martina smiled looking up at Vonriir briefly and giving the crag back a wink.
"Say hello won’t you" Martina said with a smile as she jumped off the wing.
Vonriir chuckled, "an inside joke, he's a good ship. Not as grand as flying by dragon but still, a fair piece of machinery," he winked at Martina.
Martina nodded her head lightly in agreement.
"Yes he is, anyways what you hoping to get out the project Rift, do you want to be bonded?" she asked.
"I think being bonded would be interesting. Everyone of the other bonded dragons I've met seems happy. And the powers I've heard about sound amazing," said Rift.
Vonriir smiled, "Yes, I think any dragon would be pleased to be bonded."
"Maybe one day. For now I want to learn all about your world and be a good guardian," said the spine back.
Martina smiled, looking at the young spine back.
“Well, there is no rush, but you might get lucky, like I did, when I bonded with this amazing giant, it was pretty quick, he obviously liked me enough and that magic took over” Martina said, remembering the evening they bonded.
"Ardon said that bonds can happen any time. His was immediate too from what he told me," said Rift.
"Yes, his was and so was Tarok’s and Korrin didn't take too long after. Young miss Alyia and Zyra were delayed but that doesn't change how the bond works. We aren't sure why or how brathille chooses. But it's never failed in it's choice," smiled Vonriir.
"That's awesome," said Rift.
Martina smiled.
“Oh I don’t know, I think it made a mistake with us, I think it was looking for a big man to go with a big dragon, but it found me and thought close enough” she laughed lightly.
Vonriir chuckled at this, "no I'm certain brathille chose right."
"I might be new to all this but I'd have to agree," smiled Rift.
“Ok, I am out numbered I think something to eat and perhaps Ardon or another dragon can take you round the other places” Martina said as the three of them walked out of the hanger.
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The night before Asuka’s return home had finally come. While Veyron would never admit it to anyone, he would miss her company. He had gotten himself all smartened up again and made some effort in making the final day a fun one. A nice lunch with the rest of the dragons had taken place on a quiet stretch of beach after everyone had been shuttled out for one last hurrah. It had been a lovely day for it, not too hot but with bright blue skies above.
The group had chatted about their time together and ensured Asuka knew that they had enjoyed her company and had been very pleased that she had been allowed to join them, especially on Kilara. It was a pleasant day and even Veyron had reined in his sarcastic manner for the occasion.
Later that night the wraith had joined Asuka in her rooms for dinner. He had put aside his desire to search for what Holtan was hiding in favour of offering his focus to the dragoness. The search could resume once she was gone and one he didn’t feel like he had gotten run over.
"It’s a bittersweet night, I am happy to go home and see my team but I miss everything here, plus of course my favourite dragon," she said with a quiet sigh.
“Hm? Yeah, now you have all the more reason to come back and visit,” replied Veyron as he sunk into a pillow and closed his eyes. They had just enjoyed one of their finest meals yet for their final dinner together. Toby was nearly giddy with the task, using new ingredients that he had been longing to try. To top off the night they had enjoyed a bit of champagne and sakura blossom crème brulee.
Asuka smiled lightly, "Indeed, you going to miss me or be glad of the peace?" she joked.
Veyron tilted his head up and peaked at her with a vibrant sliver of his green eye, "Having you around means Mark has left me alone for the most part. They work me here to the bone so it’s been a mini holiday for me, it's been nice," the little dragon chuckled.
"I see, good positives to have, would you like me to stay here tonight or yours?" Asuka asked.
“Here, I don’t plan on moving for a while yet,” hummed the wraith. “Why bother when all we need is here?”

The next morning Veyron stood on the polished floor of the hangar, looking up at the dragoness as her belongings were loaded onto a fancy looking shuttle that would soon carry her home. T9 had sent it for her, showing off the high tech ships they possessed. It was a sleek looking craft and tastefully painted with a rose gold hue to its wings and tail fin.
Jack, Melina and Martina joined them with their dragon, as well as Comox and Hitteki to see the Japanese dragoness off.
Thank you Jack for allowing me here and to experience the facility, there is a lot I can take back with me to Torchwood 9," she said as Jack smiled.
"It’s been an honour having you here, safe trip back and you’re welcome to come back anytime," he said as Asuka gave a traditional Japanese bow which Jack did as well.
“We really enjoyed your company here, Asuka. I’m so pleased that you could come,” said Ardon.
“Please don’t be a stranger. Call any time and do come back to visit. Melina and I will miss having a talented yoga partner.”
Asuka smiled.
"I appreciate it, you have improved a lot Zyra I am impressed," the dragoness said.
Zyra bowed a little, happy with the compliment given to her, “Thank you, Asuka.”
“Safe travels, Miss Asuka. It was a pleasure to see you again,” said Vonriir with a very gentlemanly bow. After a few more farewells she finally came back to the little wraith.
"Been great to see you Veyron, hope you visit down our way or when I return here again," she smiled lightly.
Veyron smiled and said something in Japanese so that no one but her could understand before grinning slyly as his tail twitched mischeviously.
Asuka looked around and seemed to have a tinge of red appearing on her face.
Veyron laughed at evoking this response and said something else.
She responded in Japanese back with a smile wry smile.
“See ya, Cherry Blossom,” he said, reverting back to English after the brief exchange.
The shuttle powered up as Asuka went up the ramp. As soon as she had boarded the engines flared a deep indigo and lifted from the hangar floor. The doors above were already open for departure and the group watched as the shuttle rose into the cloudy sky above.
As the others moved to head out Zyra lingered to see Veyron watch the ship disappear from view before he realized she was there.
“Do I want to know what so said to her?” she asked.
“Probably not,” he said with a grin, “Or maybe you do. I do have a vacancy now.”
Zyra wrinkled her nose up at this, “You are awful, Veyron. She just left. No great sorrowful yearning or grief for her departure?”
Veyron shrugged and laughed slightly, “Well, time for a drink I think.”
“It’s not even noon yet…” said Zyra as she watched him approach her, knowing she was about to become a taxi.

“Mark is gone for the day and I know tomorrow he’s going to make me get back to work so today I will do whatever I please,” he said, climbing up to her horns.
“Don’t you do that already?” asked Zyra, shaking her head slightly as she walked him down the corridor.
“More or less. Whatever I get away with,” replied the wraith with a yawn.
“Which I think is far too much,” replied the Boldwing.
“You sound jealous, angel face,” laughed the wraith, patting her head.
“Knock it off, you’re reached your destination. I should really start charging you for these lifts,” she said as Veyron jumped off and sauntered to his room with a casual wave of not so genuine thanks.
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