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Unread Oct 30th, 2016, 05:17 AM   #1
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Secret Santa 2016 Sign Ups

Lilymud's 15th Annual Secret Santa Sign Ups

(Icons of picture above will be available at the trading tree on the LKFAA.)

Welcome to the 15th year of the Lilymud Secret Santa Project. It has been 15 years so lets make this a good one. Spread the word.

What is the Secret Santa Project? (For New Members):

It is just like an art trade in many ways. But you do not know who is drawing for you in return. (Obviously that means you cant tell the person you are drawing for that you are doing their picture.)
Once you have decided to sign up you will fill out the information near the end of this post with your own information. This is to tell the person drawing for you what characters of yours they can draw for you.
At the date assigned below you will be sent an e-mail to the e-mail you have provided telling you who you will be drawing for. Keeping it secret you will come back to this page and find their information and draw a picture for them. Instead of sending it to them, send it to me. I keep all the pictures safe till the day they are assigned to be sent out. At that point within about 4 hours everyone will have their picture in their e-mails and at that point once the secret is out you will be allowed to post the picture you made in any public gallery.

Rules and Information:

Usual Rules apply still.
You have to do a picture
It must be your own
And keep it secret.

Also I am bringing back an old one again. There needs to be at least two colours in the background. Digital or real media needs this. Unless there is a major reason to do it in black and white please do a picture in colour.

NOTE: I have a new e-mail address. Please use it instead of my old one.

Important Dates:

(If you have a phone or anything you keep important dates in you may want to put some of these in with some reminders if you are forgetful.)

October 30th 2016 - Sign Ups Open
November 21st 2016 - Sign Ups Close
November 22nd 2016 - Names will be e-mailed out
December 16th 2016 - First Deadline (Check your e-mail if not finished)
December 22nd 2016 - Final Deadline
December 25th 2016 - Pictures go out (Around 6AM EST)

Sign Up Information:

To sign up please fill out the information below and post it below or e-mail it to me If you need help understanding what you should put for each category please go here. You will need at least one cat-like character. (Anthros are fine but allow people to draw them in feral form if they are the one character you have that is feline.)

(If you are a long time member you may want to redo your sign up information rather than just copying and pasting from previous years. There is a lot of new stuff and often links do not work when you copy and past it. Or your e-mail may be old.)

TIP: You can post between 1 and 5 characters. Before you start think of how many characters you wish to add. Copy and paste the stuff for the characters that many times and that way you can easily add the information for your characters without getting mixed up.


Artist Name:
First Secret Santa?: (With me - Yes or No?)

Character Name:
Character Page: (Example)
Extra Pictures:
Brief History:

Anything to say:


Check out past Secret Santa pictures at the places below -


Facebook ***NEW*** , Deviant Art


Secret Santa Youtube Playlist


If your name is in RED it means you wont be allowed back next year. (Shown after the final deadline)
If your name is in PURPLE it means you have dropped out. People in GREEN are not talking and could be removed. (Anyone with a * beside their name has an approved extension till December 23rd. If for any reason they find the time and get theirs in before the final deadline that will be removed. If they use the extension it will remain on and their name will appear bold as they finish.)
If your name is BOLD that means you have your picture in. (Your responsibility to keep an eye on your name and make sure we have received your picture.)

Lord Sesshomaru
Blazing Black Mage *
Orca Owl
Leorgathar *
Willow Fengs
Cindythebunny or Cajis
Pepper / Fran
Timba twotail
Oncoming Storm
Serge Stiles
Sukala A.P.
TellTaleHeart (Telly) *

LKFAA / DA Archive / Facebook / Secret Santa Facebook Group / Secret Santa DA Club / YouTube
RIP Vanessa (Sarah Mercury) 1986 - 2014

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Unread Oct 30th, 2016, 08:47 AM   #2
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Artist Name: Lord Sesshomaru
First Secret Santa?: pfft, no

Character Name: Varian
Species: lion
Character Page:
Extra Pictures:
Personality: loyal, temperamental, generous to his friends and allies, loving
Brief History: the heir of his pride, his father was killed by a trusted friend and he was forced into exile. He returned to reclaim his pride's lands once he was grown, claimed a mate and sired his own heir. His mate was slain during a riot of unruly younger lions unhappy with his rule, this led to him sinking into a deep depression as his cub grew from infancy to pre-adolescent. As his son grew, he came out of his depression, but there was a female, one of his advisors, who sought his crown for herself. He overcame her influence, leading to her kidnapping his son to regain leverage, only to be slain by Varian in his efforts to save his son. He is a fierce warrior, often leading the charge when his pride goes into battle.

Character Name: Clopin
Species: lion or tiger
Character Page:
Extra Pictures:
Personality: laid back, fun-loving, mischievous, loyal
Brief History: Number 4 of five cubs, he became leader of his nomadic pride when his brother opted to leave to form their own prides instead of leading their own. He is fiercely protective of his pride, forever wandering to stay ahead of a lion bent on their destruction. They were finally able to find safety and settle down after the death of the enemy lion.

Character Name: Caden
Species: cougar hybrid
Character Page:
Extra Pictures:
Personality: quiet, reserved, shy
Brief History:

Anything to say: To those who don't have a problem with this, if you're going to draw Clopin or Varian, please draw them together as they are intended to be mates (lions will do that in the wild)
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Unread Oct 30th, 2016, 11:56 AM   #3
Seifer Almasy's #1 Fan!
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Artist Name: Kamakari
First Secret Santa?: Nope!

Character Name: Elijah
Species: Luim
Reference: http://shinigamimaxwell.deviantart.c...ling-403068364
Extra Pictures: http://shinigamimaxwell.deviantart.c...hart-459069048
Personality: Cheerful, friendly, and outgoing.
Brief History: N/a But I will say this...the scars are only on his ONE shoulder!

Character Name: Raloth
Species: Blood Elf
Extra Pictures: http://shinigamimaxwell.deviantart.c...aloth-50040724
Personality: Quiet, and comes off as reserved, but he really isn't.
Brief History: working on it....but here's a tidbit...his eyes are NOT his kinds normal glowing green, they are human looking, and a brilliant blue color when seen...but he wears goggles alot seeing them is rare!

Character Name: Rainbow
Species: Kangaroo
Reference: http://shinigamimaxwell.deviantart.c...Sheet-14300917
Extra Pictures: http://shinigamimaxwell.deviantart.c...nbow-4-5772282
Personality: Outgoing and friendly
Brief History: He is very clear on what he thinks and how he loves, and while it has gotten him in trouble, he's had a relatively decent life so far.

Character Name: Tyrone
Species: Human
Reference: http://shinigamimaxwell.deviantart.c...yrone-16785163
Extra Pictures: N/A
Personality: A bit arrogant and cocky, but overall a good guy.
Brief History: working on it..but I can tell you he's a great basketball player!

Character Name: Doctor Floss
Species: Earth Pony
Reference: http://shinigamimaxwell.deviantart.c...loss-454747614
Extra Pictures: N/A
Personality: Charismatic and gentle
Brief History: He always knew he wanted to be a dentist..but it took him awhile to get his family to approve fully. He is a general practice dentist, but he's great with children especially!

Anything to say: All of my characters love the holiday if you do a themed pic..great!
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Unread Oct 30th, 2016, 02:27 PM   #4
Here for the Secret Santa
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Artist Name: KanuTGL
E-mail: abjorkman783[at]
Website: &
First Secret Santa?: No! (This is my 10th Christmas SS )

Character Name: Kanu
Species: Lion
Reference Picture:
Extra Pictures: (old colour scheme)
Character Personality traits: Outgoing, thoughtful, friendly, independent, courageous, a leader.
Brief History: She has lived with her pride all her life and is, as the king's eldest daughter, next in line for leadership. Every now and then she has ventured out on journeys to explore the world, but she always returns to her pride in the end because she knows that that is where she belongs.

Character Name: Axell
Species: Lion
Reference Picture: (drawing by AnnChovi/Sami)
Extra Pictures:
Character Personality traits: Kind, quiet, compassionate, loving, shy, low self-confidence, indecisive.
Brief History: ?

Character Name: Karasu
Species: Chi Cat (species by AnnieHyena)
Reference Picture:
Extra Pictures:
Character Personality traits: Eccentric, kind, intelligent, curious, whimsical.
Brief History: He lives alone on the outskirts of a small village and has gone a little bit feral - other Chi Cats tend to stay clear of him due to his wild appearance. He’s fascinated with the art of healing and both grows and gathers various herbs to experiment with. Some say that a lot of his eccentric ways stem from prolonged exposure to the strange herbs he collects… and there may be some truth in that. But he is very intelligent and often notices the small things that others miss.

Character Name: Tri
Species: Dog
Reference Picture:
Extra Pictures:
Character Personality traits: Loyal, brave, cautious, anxious.
Brief History: Tri is a British Word War I messenger dog. Previously a farm dog, he was given to the army by his owner and taken to the battlefields of France. There, alongside his companion dogs, he has the incredibly dangerous task of running messages through trenches and across no-man's land. He is good at his job, but doesn't enjoy it and would much rather be back at his farm.

Anything to say: Kanu and Axell exist within the same universe. The other characters are separate and have nothing to do with each other. Also I love winter themes for these pictures! Have fun! ^__^

>>TLKFAA << >> DeviantArt <<
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Unread Oct 30th, 2016, 02:29 PM   #5
the orangeness >8D
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Artist Name: Poonie
First Secret Santa?: No. Like 7th maybe? idk

Character Name: Kivuli
Species: Lioness
Character Page:
Extra Pictures: (cub ref)
Personality: Her personality is rather laid back and very clumsy and forgetful!
She's also a little skittish and a scary cat at times.
She rather not likes to be alone. Because she has rich huge fantasy,
most things look more scary than they actually are.
Brief History: Was born near the beginning of Scar's reign. However, Scar was not her father. Because of that, scar wanted to exile her mother, because she had an affaire with a rogue lion.

Anything to say: Her cub colours are lighter as her adult one, so if you feel like drawing her as a cub or teen, remeber she has lighter colours than her original adult version c: the ref is included!
__________________________________________________ _____________

Character Name: Poonie
Species: Mutt Dog (think like border collie/aussie mix thing but a tad smaller.
Character Page:
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Overall pretty exited, happy, and she is literally everywhere, and LOUD.
Really talks before thinking. which can result into weird situations.
Poonie si childish and very playful, and loves attention of her partner.
She really likes to do stuff with her friends, and is happy when they are too.
She'll do basicly anything for them to make them smile again.
Also very protective of the ones she loves, BETTER NO HURT THEM uuuu.
She has grumpy periods which doesn't last very long, but she can hold her grunge against you for quite a little of time.
Brief History: -

Character Name: Diffy
Species: Dog, Labrador
Character Page:
Extra Pictures:
Personality: On the couples tour he's defnitly the more mature one.
Being some quiet, and laid back, he still can enjoy his lif to the fullest.
Poonie can make him as hyper as she is with her silly little games,
and he ejoys that. He's protective and does not like to be in the center of full attention much.
Brief History: -

Anything to say: me (poonie) and my boyfriend (diffy) will be together on the 24th of December for 8 years! ;u; <3 So i would LOVE it if you drew the both of us together, but feel free to draw anything that makes YOU happy too! c: So if you prefer to upload it onto TLKFAA too, feel free to draw Kivuli if you feel more comfortable doing that c:
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Unread Oct 31st, 2016, 12:54 AM   #6
Puffballs Quachir and Nora
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Artist Name: Quachir
Website: TLKFAA and DA
First Secret Santa?: No, gotta be around 12th to 14th year, kind of lost track

Character Name:Pollux
Species: Lion
Character Page: (From the LKFAA or other places)
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Serious for the most part, family brings on his softer side. Adores his niece and nephews. Cautious of outsiders. Loyal to his pride's royal family.
Brief History: Brother of Castor and Dutchess, Mated to Sakura. Uncle to Mayah, Rotrer, and Filibuster. As an adult, is a boarder patrol guard. Did not meet Sakura until adulthood when she came in as a wondering lioness.

Character Name: Sakura
Species: Lioness
Reference: (original ref when adopted from KaLEi)
Character Page: (From the LKFAA or other places)
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Curious and likely to explore. Can be energetic. Pollux can test her positive nature every so often.
Brief History: Was a rogue lion who wondered into the lands of her current pride unwittingly irritated her future mate as she was the third rogue to request joining the pride in less than a moon. Their bickering would later show their love for one another.

Character Name: Solar
Species: Lioness
Character Page: (From the LKFAA or other places)
Extra Pictures: (on the left. No other markings other than those shown; chest marking is the sun in a solar eclipse)
Sometimes known as the female half of the Eclipse Twins, Solar, or Sol as close friends and relatives call her, is a very serious looking and acting lioness, rarely prone to smiles. If she's ever caught joking it's always with a serious face and dry humor.

She seems sad/depressed/lonely at first glance but is far from it... that is unless she's love sick.

Her brother Lunar is one of the few who can get her to smile. Regulus, her future mate, works hard to find ways to make her show a smile
Brief History:
Not much story here, grows up not showing much emotions on the outside, crushes on Regulus as a cub but doesn't show it outwardly until they are older.

Character Name: Regulus
Species: Lion
Reference: (original design by Sasha)
Character Page: (From the LKFAA or other places)
Extra Pictures: (colors slightly off, use color chart ref instead) (colors also likely off)
Personality: Prone to flirt from a young age. When young was confused when other female cubs didn't fawn over him thus his focus on Solar. Still a bit of a flirt as an adult but loyal and loving to his mate, Solar.
Brief History: From a young age Regulus was a lioness's lion and knew it. So it confused him how Solar could look like she was not interested in him causing him to flirt with others to try to catch her attention until he realized he needed to be more direct in getting her to notice him. Won her attention fully finally in their late "teens" after curbing his flirty ways and focusing more on getting Solar to show more emotions.

Character Name: Firestorm
Species: Pony (half unicorn/half pegasus [does not consider himself an alicorn])
Reference: Working on an updated reference sheet
Character Page:
Extra Pictures: (more for an idea of his mane as of late)
Personality: Likes to socialize but can be leery about crowds of 6 or more, especially if he doesn't know the ponies or at least most of them. Cautious about meeting people and still fears possible foalnapping if it is revealed he has a horn as well as his wings.
Brief History: Born outside of Equestria, twin to unicorn Thunderous Lady and big brother to Stormy Comet, his traits of being half unicorn and half pegasus cause his family to have to flee to Equestria and hide his horn with magic and his messy/static charged forelocks. He earned his cutie mark when he was young and managed to accidentally cause a firestorm and learned to control and put it out. Was found during this event and brought to train in Canterlot while still keeping his secret of having both horn and wings. For a time was a guard in Canterlot, later transferred to the Crystal Empire and finally ended up in Ponyville as a Firefighter specializing in fighting and controling forest fires.

Finds that he knows Rainbow Dash from just before either of them received their cutie marks. Renews their friendship and later finds himself caring about her more than just a friend though it takes him a while to admit it to himself. Doesn't reveal his horn to anybody other than family other than the Princesses of Equestria and one friend whom he trained as a guard with before arriving in Ponyville and it takes an accident for it to be revealed to some ponies in Ponyville.

Anything to say: If you find you might not be comfortable with the characters above feel free to look through my DA and or TLKFAA accounts for my other characters; or if you want to add characters that are related to the characters mentioned. Note that the lions listed are all from the same generation so are all in general the same age.
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Unread Oct 31st, 2016, 08:53 PM   #7
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Artist Name: spazzeh
Website: FA, TLKFAA, dA.
First Secret Santa?: nope. god knows how many years i've been doing it, but i've been at it for a long time.

Character Name: spaz
Species: african lion
Reference: here! (cartoon-y blood warning) (art credit.)
the speckles on his paw pads and tongue are random - BUT there is always one hidden Mickey on his tongue.
his feral form is the exact same design as anthro! i dont currently have a feral ref, but dont feel pressured to draw anthro if youre not comfortable with it.
Extra Pictures: gallery.
Personality: spaz has an upbeat personality, but he can be very mellow. loves relaxing, loafing around, hes pretty much a couch potato LMAO. hes always happy and content though.

Character Name: crowley
Species: old english sheepdog
Reference: here! (art credit.)
Extra Pictures: n/a
Personality: crowley is an absolute GOOFBALL. hes basically the stereotypical sheepdog (think of Max from The Little Mermaid, or Mooch from Lady and the Tramp 2).
hes floppy, playful, always energetic and high-spirited. very affectionate and loving!
essentially the opposite of Spaz in terms of temperament.
hes a big fan of the snow and cold too, since hes got all that fur to keep him warm.

Anything to say: i edited out the history section since both of the characters are my fursonas (spaz being the more TLK / TLKFAA-centric one),
so they dont really have any relevant histories or backstories. theyre just me, in animal form!
with that being said, id love to see the two of them together, even if it isnt the most realistic of scenarios. but draw whatever you feel inspired to do!! im excited no matter what. <3
feel free to make your picture seasonal or christmas specific! nothing religious though, please and thank you.
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Unread Nov 1st, 2016, 06:56 AM   #8
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Artist Name: Sikköl
First Secret Santa: I did this before, but not with you, or your site

Character Name: Angie
Species: Fantasy lion/Lion
Character Page: Not sure what this means
Extra Pictures: and
Personality: Faithfl, loyal, very happy and very friendly, likes to keepa good mood, loves to help others, needs affection and love
Brief story: there's nothing much to a story, fursona is supoosed to be my exact person in lion form

Anything to say: there is nothing special I'd like from the person who will draw picture for me.

LKFAA / DA Archive / Facebook / Secret Santa Facebook Group / Secret Santa DA Club / YouTube
RIP Vanessa (Sarah Mercury) 1986 - 2014

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Unread Nov 1st, 2016, 08:44 AM   #9
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Artist Name: lionobsession
First Secret Santa?: No

Character Name: Kabili
Species: Lion
Character Page:
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Clever, adventurous and passionate about his family and his stories.
Brief History: He met Wema as a cub and were destined to be together. He had distemper as a cub/young adult, and miraculously recovered. Whilst ill, he took up painting and storytelling, like Rafiki, and covered the cave he was kept in with loads of wonderful drawings. With his mate Wema, Kabili had 2 cubs called Amani and Uhuru. Uhuru was taken by hyenas, leaving Amani as his only daughter until Uhuru's return as an adult.

Character Name: Wema
Species: Lion
Character Page:
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Kind, fun, caring, persevering and loving
Brief History: Almost the same as Kabili, only as a cub she was always keen on hunting and would bring him food when he was ill.

Character Name: Amani
Species: Lion
Character Page:
Extra Pictures: (She's the one on the left!)
Personality: Kind, caring, thoughtful and always knows what the right thing is to do.
Brief History: Amani loved her parents dearly and loved hunting. Her mate was Bakari, but his brother 'killed' him and took Amani for his own, which she objected to, until Bakari came back to her and his brother was killed.

Character Name: Uhuru
Species: Lion
Reference and Character Page:
Extra Pictures: (She's on the far right!)
Personality: Fun, loving, caring, yet seems sad and lonely at times even with company
Brief History: She was stolen as a cub by hyenas (who wanted to fulfil a prophecy of sorts) and raised by them until she met Ubora, her mate. Then wandered through the lands until they came across a cave with a painting that Kabili did of his family. She immediately recognised herself and therefore discovered her proper family.

Anything to say: Enjoy!
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Unread Nov 1st, 2016, 11:42 AM   #10
Riverine rabbit
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Name: Fluffybunny
Links to Art:
Religious Picture or Not?: No thank you!
Year in the Secret Santa: 11th

Character Name: Verdant
Species: Hare
Extra Pictures:
Personality: She honestly doesn't really have one! Shes more based on a realistic hare.
Brief History: Shes my 'fursona'. You can draw her design however you like! Flora is completely up to you, interpret her as you wish!


Character Name: Wheatley
Species: Crocobun
Extra Pictures: A ref of baby Wheatley if for some reason you'd like to do him as a baby instead:
Personality: Shy at first but very friendly once he gets to know you
Brief History: Wheatley is the only member of his species so far.

Character Name: Dandy Lion
Species: Felis Flora
Extra Pictures:none yet!
Brief History: Mates with Tigerlily

Character Name: Tiger Lily
Species: Felis Fora
Extra Pictures:none yet!
Brief History: Mates with Dandy Lion

Anything to say: Have fun!

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Posts: 16
Artist Name: Awesomesauce2014
First Secret Santa?: Nope

Character Name: Rogue
Species: Lioness
Reference: http://awesomesauce2014.deviantart.c...2014-495072320 (The Red One)
Extra Pictures: http://awesomesauce2014.deviantart.c...2015-597843409, http://awesomesauce2014.deviantart.c...ever-535201428
Personality: Gentle, Loving, Caring, Talkative, Loud, Excitable, Bubbly
Brief History: Still working on some bugs

Character Name: Ezzy
Species: Maned Lioness
Reference: http://awesomesauce2014.deviantart.c...2014-495072320 (The gray one)
Extra Pictures: http://awesomesauce2014.deviantart.c...Ezzy-572824387, http://awesomesauce2014.deviantart.c...gnal-604932214,
Personality: Fiercely Loyal, Caring, Protective, Strong Willed, Hot Headed, Short Tempered
Brief History: Still working on some bugs

Anything to say: These two are very much in love, please draw them together.
"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

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“Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.”

~Walt Disney
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Blazing Black Mage
Worlds of the Areon
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Name: Blazing Black Mage
Links to Art:
Religious Picture or Not?: No, thank you.
Year in the Secret Santa: 10th

Character Name: Cody
Species: Magically induced mutated creature
Reference: Main Reference
Extra Pictures: DA Folder
Personality: A trickster at heart, kind of difficult to approach as her way of talking and somewhat detached personality can turn people off interacting with her, she's a chatterbox when comfortable though. She can also be conniving and cruel, especially when it comes to her magic. She's very good at getting her way and making a sale on just about anything.
Brief History: Operates a magic shop and co-owns an entire business of shops with her girlfriend Suka. Not a whole bunch is known on her backstory besides working in this shop for an unbelievable amount of time.
Character Name: Blazing Black
Species: Cody's shadow/Other half
Reference: Main Reference
Extra Pictures: N/A
Personality: Speaks as little as possible and tries to use as little words as possible. BB's existence revolves around keeping Cody's mind and magic in check.
Brief History: He exists as a second entity within her mind and can manipulate nearby shadows to produce a physical and palpable form. He's created by her and is completely devoted to keeping her safe from her magic spiraling out of control (again).
PLEASE NOTE: That if you wanna draw two characters I would really love Blazing Black to only be drawn with Cody. Don't feel obligated to draw them both if you just wanna draw BB, for the sake of the secret santa he can be doing pretty much anything without Cody around. :>
Character Name: Furaha
Species: Lioness
Reference: Main Reference
Personality: Prefers to keep quiet, she's insecure about her unnatural mane.
Brief History: Born during Scar's reign in the Pridelands, she escapes as a cub with her mother to the desert during TLK's final act. Her scars come from a violent male that took over their small desert pride and exiled her out to the jungle in her younger teenage years. She comes back to the Pridelands with Saba after Simba's Pride takes place.

Anything Else you would like to say?: Please keep in mind Furaha's story if you decide to draw a background! She wouldn't be in areas that have a wintry forest or snow.
Both Cody and Furaha characters can be drawn with Suka's characters who can be found in her post Here. c: It's not necessary though! But the characters are in relationships with each other (Cody/Suka, Furaha/Saba).
Let it go, let it go, and I'll rise like the break of dawn!

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Artist Name: Scarla
First Secret Santa?: Nope! Its a tradition of mine

Character Name: Scarla
Species: lioness
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Loves all the decorations; lights, snow, fires, anything glittery and festive. She can be shy at first, but once she warms up to you there is no going back lol. Shes funny, hyper, and very caring. She loves to take people on adventures, sometimes leading her into trouble.

Brief History: She is my fursona. All of her markings have some sort of meaning - but I know her purple sock markings can be complicated. You are more than welcome to simplify them or make some up!

Anything to say: First, thank you <3 I hope you have fun with this. You can do a christmas themed picture, or a normal picture - up to you! I dont want to restrict any creativity. If you need inspiration, I think the terms "adventure / curious" sums her up well. Also - it is important to note, not all of her facial markings are symmetrical. See the "Extra Pictures" above.
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Unread Nov 1st, 2016, 07:43 PM   #14
orca owl
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Location: Florida.
Posts: 160
Artist Name: Orca Owl
Website: deviantART | TLKFAA | FurAffinity | Tumblr | Twitter
First Secret Santa?: (With me - Yes or No?): No, this is my 10th year!!

Character Name: Orco
Species: Lioness
Reference: link
Character Page: (From the LKFAA or other places): N/A
Extra Pictures: link | link | link
Personality: intelligent, spiritual, intuitive, withdrawn. Likes nature and quiet, peaceful places. Is drawn to the ocean, space, forests.
Brief History: N/A

Anything to say: N/A
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Unread Nov 1st, 2016, 11:20 PM   #15
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Join Date: Nov 2014
Posts: 20
Artist Name: Leorgathar
Website: DeviantArt, TLKFAA
First Secret Santa?: No

Character Name: Phyllon
Species: Plant-Lion
Reference: Phyllon Ref. sheet
Extra Pictures: Cub Phyllon, Autumn Phyllon (by Nukaleu), Phyllon (by KanuTGL)
Personality: Personality: His general behaviour has mood changes depending on the season he's in, but he's generally a very nice and polite lion. He's a carefree spirit who likes to promote love instead of war and hate. Also, he's gay
Brief History: Phyllon has the ability of communicating with plant forms and control them at his will. He fulfills the role of a forest guardian/spirit, a benevolent force of nature that keeps watch over the forest and the flora/fauna it holds. Phyllon's forest provides refuge for unfortunate souls who wander lost in it, but whoever represents a threat to his forest will have to face his anger.

Character Name: Coatl
Species: Jaguar
Reference: Coatl Ref. sheet
Extra Pictures: Coatl, cub Coatl, Coatl (by Kotenokgaff)
Personality: Coatl is generally calm, usually in a good mood, sometimes even funny. He doesn't do well with meeting new people, but he tries =P
Brief History: Coatl is my main fursona. He has a history elsewhere, but it's irrelevant here.

Character Name: Jared
Species: Wolf
Extra Pictures: Jared sketch (by KanuTGL), Jared and Coatl
Personality: Jared is one happy and very curious wolf pup. He gets very shy when introduced to strangers, especially those much bigger than him.
Brief History: He has no background history right now. I'm still exploring on what to do with this character. For the time being, I'm drawing him along with Coatl to see how they would interact.

Anything to say: Happy drawing, and Merry Christmas in advance!
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Unread Nov 5th, 2016, 04:43 AM   #16
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Posts: 3,834
Artist Name: Willow Fengs
First Secret Santa?: No, something like my 4th with you?

Character Name: Kivuli
Species: tigon
Character Page: above
Extra Pictures:
Personality: calm, friendly, laid-back
Brief History: Essentially my fursona for TLK-related art at this point. I've had her for going-on-7 years now and love her to death X3

Anything to say: Have fun and a happy holiday season!

LKFAA / DA Archive / Facebook / Secret Santa Facebook Group / Secret Santa DA Club / YouTube
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Unread Nov 5th, 2016, 12:54 PM   #17
Was Maggot
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Posts: 1,595
Artist Name: Anniehyena
First Secret Santa?: Nope, 8th, maybe?

Character Name: Y'sena
Species: Lion
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Kind, fun loving, sarcastic, shy.
Brief History: Baby sister of Mufasa and Scar, has a good bond with both her brothers, even if Scar is a little distant with her some times. She is a cub when Simba is born, so is a teenager around the time Mufasa is killed.
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Unread Nov 6th, 2016, 04:06 PM   #18
Wants your babies :D
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Posts: 190
Artist Name: Kitchiki
First Secret Santa?: No (7th)

Character Name: Kitchiki
Species: Fantasy big cat
Extra Pictures:
Personality: In ref
Brief History: My artist mascot/main fursona c:

Character Name: Febzhyena
Species: Hyena
Extra Pictures:
Personality: In ref
Brief History: My more personal fursona (represents my real self more)
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Unread Nov 7th, 2016, 03:06 PM   #19
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Posts: 442
Artist Name: Tru
Website: DA-Main-DA-Fanart-TLKFAA
First Secret Santa?: No - 9th

Character Name: Tru
Species: Lion
Reference: Click
Character Page: Click
Extra Pictures: 1 2 3
Personality: Fiesty-Tenacious-Outspoken
Brief History: Tru is a feisty and ferocious young lioness. She is a skilled huntress. She is also a very loving and loyal to her mate, who she has known since they were young cubs. She definitely has an attitude and is never afraid to speak her mind, no matter what the situation and she isn't afraid to fight for what is right.

Character Name: Barrett
Species: Lion
Reference: Click
Character Page: Click
Extra Pictures: 1 2
Personality: Calm-Collected-Go with the flow
Brief History: He doesn't let much bother him and tried to to be too confrontational. He is a bit of a live and let live type of guy, but that would stop him from fighting for those he loves, especially his mate Tru

Character Name: Spirit
Species: Wolf
Reference: Click
Extra Pictures: 1 2 3
Personality: Gentle-Shy-Introverted-Caring
Brief History: A young adult wolf who lives with her mate, West She is very shy and quiet, but once you get to know her can be very outgoing.She is fiercely loyal and very protective of those who she loves.

Character Name: West
Species: Wolf
Reference: Click
Extra Pictures: 1 2 3
Personality: Aloof-Brave-Loyal-Grumpy
Brief History: West is a very steadfast and brave wolf. He is willing to jump to the aid of someone else at the risk of his own life. He cares deeply for his mate and would never let anything bad happen to her. He doesn't have many friends, but those he does have, he will stand by through thick and thin.

Character Name: Kimber
Species: Golden Retriever
Reference: Click
Extra Pictures: 1 2 3
Personality: Hyper-Quirky-Cuddly-Ball of Fluff
Brief History: Kimber is mine and my husbands young puppy who will actually be hitting 4 months old on Christmas Day. She is a little spit fire who keeps us on our toes. We love her to bits.

*Note about Kimber, can be drawn on her own or with West/Spirit

Anything to say: Have fun and Happy Holidays!

~No other road, No other way. No Day but Today.~

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Unread Nov 7th, 2016, 05:00 PM   #20
Savage the Bunny
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Location: SSM ON CA
Posts: 3,747
Artist Name: Cindythebunny or Cajis
Website: and
First Secret Santa?: (With me - Yes or No?) no

Character Name: Cajis
Species: Spotted Lion
Character Page: (Example) none
Extra Pictures: none atm
Personality: Kind, outgoing, giveing, team leader, positive
Brief History: Cajis has come from the sand parts of africa. shes apart of a Sanddune pride.

Anything to say: omg i actually have time this year to do a Secreat santa >_< lol

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Unread Nov 8th, 2016, 02:45 PM   #21
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Location: Southern CA
Posts: 11
Artist Name: Kimmorz
Website: deviantART | TLKFAA
First Secret Santa?: Nope

Character Name: Fiasco
Species: Tiger
Character Page:
Extra Pictures: [Use this one for the colors, more pictures linked on character page]
Personality: Happy-go-lucky
Brief History: None

Anything to say: Have fun!
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Unread Nov 10th, 2016, 04:42 PM   #22
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Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: Inside Astrocat's head >D
Posts: 2,290
Name: Jezzabelle
Links to Art:
Year in Secret Santa: 11th
Secret Santa Helper: No

Characters and References:

Character Name: Teegee'ay
Species: Winged Lioness
Reference: (NEBULA FORM)
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Is very peaceful, doesn't talk very much and is free spirited. Please refer to her reference for more she is also Pagan. Her nebula form can only be seen at night while her official form can only be seen in the daytime.

Character Name: Andre Caspian
Species: White Tail Deer.
Reference: MAIN FORM: Feral (optional)
Extra Pictures:
Personality: He's a serious character, pretty stuburn and most always grumpy! But has a weak spot for Jezz - she knows what makes him tick .
Brief History: Grew up in Texas, moved to Europe, lost a very close friend at a young age. He never emotionally recovered from it. Still working on other parts with him.

Character Name: Jezzabelle Forest
Species: Norwegian Forest Cat
Extra Pictures: Feral form (optional!)
Personality: She is very bouncy, happy, friendly and always fun to be around. She's quite feminine too and she loves snow let alone this time of year! She also has a crush on Andre, so if you wanna draw these two together, her being affectionate and Andre not really knowing what to do (maybe blushing slightly) would be adorable!
Brief History: Was involved in an unknown incident which left her partially feral, which she needed therapy for. Is now a reformed citizen and now wishes to wrong her past. Still working on her full back story. She has a crush on Andre, as stated.

Religious or Not: I'm Pagan

Something to Say:

- If you choose to do Teegee'ay, I'd love it if you could include some Pagan themes (please scroll down to get references).
- If you choose to do either Andre or Jezz please leave the Pagan themes out.
- If you really want to, or if it's any easier, you can lionize Andre or Jezzabelle, I'd love to see what your imagination comes up with, but keep in mind, Andre keeps his antlers in what ever form he's in! xD
- Pagans normally celibrate a holiday called 'Yule', here are a few Yule themes to give you an idea of what to include in a possible picture of Teegee'ay:

A Yule altar: [
Lady in Yule clothing
Alternatively, please refer to this Wiki article:

In a nutshell, Yule is not much different to Christmas, except the absense of Jesus and a celebration of the Winter Solstice instead.

- Lastly, have fun! Seasons Greetings!
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Unread Nov 11th, 2016, 06:49 AM   #23
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Yes, please!

Artist Name: Pepper / Fran
E-mail: Will PM
First Secret Santa?: No - must be 4th or 5th by now.

Character Name: Frio
Species: Snow Leopard
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Has his pretentious moments, agile, curious, likes to explore
Brief History:

Character Name: Unique
Species: Mythical; Zebracorn
Reference: (I've drawn her quite 'moosey' but feel free to make her more zebra/horse-like.)
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Strong, balsy. Almost constantly moody. Occasionally brightens up at the minor misfortunes of others she has a little chuckle, and just anything that peaks her interest. Despite this she is not through and through cruel or anything.

Character Name: Cynewulf
Species: Mythical; Luckdragon
Reference: (Ref is a bit scruffy (really need to make a new one) so below is a really good interpretation to get inspired
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Kind, generous, brave, playful

Anything to say: Have fun! As ever I do like an obviously Xmassy theme to it.
My not-so-frequently-updated TLKFAA page:
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Unread Nov 11th, 2016, 10:47 PM   #24
Timba tt
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Location: Europe
Posts: 7,856
Artist Name: Timba twotail
First Secret Santa?: Nope!
something: wooo almost forgot!

Character Name: Timba
Species: Cheetah
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Quite eccentric, is a trickster of sorts, enjoys tea
Brief History: began his existance as a lion, died, reborn as cheetah, died, reborn as cheetah again, died, reborn as cheetah again, still alive

Character Name: Lampface
Species: undead kippopolous
Extra Pictures:
Personality: imagine the friendliest happy labrador. shows affection by shining a bright light in your face.
Brief History: unknown
No Birdy lunch for you!
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Unread Nov 13th, 2016, 06:00 PM   #25
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Posts: 19
Artist Name: SafiSafi-SushiSushi (Quailtea elsewhere)
Website: quailtea,
First Secret Santa?: Nope!

Character Name: Miro
Species: African Civet
Extra Pictures: all here!
Personality: Bubbly, friendly, but shy
Brief History: Fursona! So nothing really

Character Name: Cassiopeia
Species: tiger
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Haughty, majestic, brave
Brief History: Space tiger pirate

Anything to say: Have fun with it! Miro can definitely be drawn with brown hair like in the headshot, don't worry about using green if you're not so inclined. She can also be drawn feral, don't worry about the anthro references.
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