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Unread Oct 21st, 2009, 04:24 PM   #1
Ish NuKuN!
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Talking Ish Richard

Real name: Richard N.
Alias(es): WaterGate, Mizu-Kun, WG, Water, Mizu, Mattress(long story) and Heart.
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Location: Pennsylvania
Hobbies: Roleplaying and Writing Fan Fiction.
Music: Classic Rock, Classical, Jazz, Grunge, and J-POP<3
Fave food: Antipasto
Fave colour: Black
Fave tv show: Viva La Bam
Fave books/author: Eon: Dragoneye Reborn/Eona: The Last Dragoneye
Fave singer/group: Aqua Timez
Fave actor/ actress: John Travolta or Johnny Depp
Personal statement: Live is to be lived at the best each day. Live it to the fullest, and dont forsake anything you have. Life is to be cherished, not spat upon.

(Self-Pic soon)
<--Kyuuuuute Wiw Cubbeh. Ish Named Fuhara.
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Unread Oct 21st, 2009, 05:38 PM   #2
Since 2006!
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WELL HAI! Nice to see ya here! ^-^ If you need help PM me (Private Message) <3
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Unread Oct 21st, 2009, 06:38 PM   #3
I'm Old Gregg!
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YAYY! Welcome welcome. Hai, black isn't a color, its a shade!! JK. Isn't it REALLY annoying when people say that? I used to say black was my favorite color a long time ago, and people always said that... namely my pestering brother. But now, I go with purple, and then green.

I find that a duck's opinion of me is very much influenced over whether or not I have bread.

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Unread Oct 21st, 2009, 08:06 PM   #4
Ish NuKuN!
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Teh Draggehs! I finally foundsh this site

Anyways, heres my Current Fanfic I've been working on called the Fallen Prince.
I've been Developing it on MLK, but imma start to put it here too. Not sure if theres a section for it on the forums.

So, No one really knows what Nuka's life was like before we meet him.

TFP will include Nuka, as well as one of my OC, who gets his own story. So, this is Nuka's story as I see it.
The Fallen Prince(Part One): Nuka's Story
Chapter One

Stretching and yawning, Nuka took a look around. The morning was young, beautiful, and utterly stunning. A breathtaking view of the sun falling over the side of pride rock always made his eyes shimmer. As he picked up his young, yet lean body, he looked over the side and down at the group of lions down there. He was immediatly able to pick out his mother, Zira. He smiled and then turned around, starting down the side of the rock.

Soon reaching Zira's side, he looked up at her and nuzzle her. "Mother," He said, looking around. "What is going on? Did something happen?"

Zira looked down to Nuka, small tears in her eyes. "Yes, my son." She said. "It seems that, as Scar has died, we must leave the pridelands for affilation with him. They ascociate us with your father. Its time. Lets go."

Even as a young cub, Nuka had a small agression, but even more strong was his loyalty to his mother. He would never do anything to make her sad. Even now, as a teen, he would never rebel against her.

Nuka nodded, padding silently next to Mother as they walked out of the pridelands, never to return. He glanced over at Kovu and sneered at him. He had never liked Kovu, who, to him, was a nuiscense. Nuka did not understand why Kovu had to be the chosen one, seeing as Nuka was older. But Scar had his reason, and he would never question those or Mothers'.

As they padded, Kovu noticed Nuka glaring at him and quickly slid under Zira's legs, shivering slightly. Zira turned around and gave Nuka an eye. "Dont even THINK about harming him," she said. Nuka nodded, silently walking. Kovu, a young cub, had not even fully grown to a cub. He was in the state between a newborn and a cub. Nuka sneered again at the tuft of hair on Kovu's head. Kovu wasent even Scar's child. Why should he be the chosen one. He had taken away Nuka's right.

As the pride padded into the outlands, Zira sighed. "Well," she said, turning back to her pride, "It seems we are right back where we started before Scar brought us into the Pride. Make the best of this, and clear out our old tunnels." The lioness' around her nodded and quickly dispersed.

"Mother," Nuka said, beaming. He was always glad to try and get her attention. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Zira turned around and swiped at him with a sheathed paw. "Hush now, Nuka." She said. "You can help by watching your Brother."

Nuka sighed and nodded. He grabbed Kovu and took him around the back, setting him on a log. "Sit here, termite," he growled. "And dont get yourself into any trouble."

Back in the den, Zira and the other lioness' struggled to clear the termites out of their old caves. Zira spied a log that she herself had once slept in, the one her father had put her in as a cub. It was shaped like a cradle. "For my Kovu," she said, smiling sweetly. This would serve as a meeting and sleeping room. All would go well, and Zira would have her revenge, one way or another.

Chapter Two

His tail twitching in pure boredom, Nuka lay there, watching Kovu jump around. He had gotten off of the log and Nuka warned him that he would be hurt, but Kovu had ignored him. Irritated with the cub, he let him do what he was doing, and laughed every time he fell. Currently, Kovu was trying to make his way up a rock, but he kept falling on his face. "Mother's going to be unhappy with you, Kovu," Nuka said. "She left me in charge, so you gotta listen to me!"

At the precise moment that Nuka said that, Kovu fell down again. He had been halfway up the rock, so he fell a nice distance. Landing face first on a sharp rock, He cut himself across the nose. Nuka fell back, laughing like a hyena. "You IDIOT!" Nuka said, half angry, half indifferent. "Your beautiful Face has been hurt," he exclaimed in a mocking tone. "What ever shall we do!"

Kovu, taking him literally, ran up to him, sobbing. "M...Make me feel better?" he said in a soft voice. He tried to rest his head, wet with tears, on Nuka's side, but Nuka picked him up by the scruff of the neck.

"Hey, Termite!" Nuka yelled. "Paws off the coat!" He growled at Kovu, then dropped the growl, along with Kovu, instantly. "Mother!" Nuka exclaimed. "What are you doing out of the den? I thought you were clearing it up?"

Zira padded up to him and wrapped a paw around part of his half grown mane. "We finished," she snarled. "What have you done to him, Nuka!"

Kovu, sensing an opportunity, let his tears flow harder. "H..He threw me against a rock and cut my nose!" Kovu cried, burying his head into Zira's leg.

"There there, my little prince," Zira said, trying to sooth him. "Mommy's here, and she wont let anyone hurt you. No she wont." She pulled up on the part of Nuka's mane she had and ripped it out. "Dont you dare lay a paw on him unless I tell you to. Do I make myself clear, son?" she hissed, spitting out the last word. Nuka wordlessly nodded and, tail and ears down, low to the ground, slinked to the den. His head was bleeding where she had pulled the hair out. Tears running down his face, he entered the den and found an unoccupied spot. He spat in disguist and slapped a rock into a wall before laying down.

"Stupid chosen one" Nuka growled. "We'll see who's king one day. I'll overthrow him if I have to." He hissed, resting his head on his paws and falling asleep

Chapter Three

The sun rose over the barren wasteland that they referred to as the outlands early as usual. It was perhaps quartersun at the most and was already too hot. Nuka, stretching, accidently kicked a sleeping lioness. He cringed, but, luckily, did not wake her up. Picking his way through the crowd, he got outside and sat down, yawning loudly. Zira padded silently next to him and sat down. "Nuka," she said. "I want you to go out and scout. There should be something worth reporting out there. And take Vitani with you. Though Kovu's age, she is smarter than she looks. Unlike some of us."

Nuka nodded. It had been perhaps a halfmoon since the incident with Kovu and the rock. He sighed and called out in a singsongy, "Hey, Vitaniiii, Lets go out for surveilance!" Vitani quickly darted out from a rock and jumped onto Nuka's back.

"Great kings of the past," she said, sneering. "If you were any slower, an antelope could kill you!" Nuka growled lightly and smiled sweetly to Zira. He started walking out to the pridelands. As soon as he was out of Zira's sight, he ripped Vitani off of his back and plopped her down onto the ground.

"Now Vitani," He said, looking her in the eye. "Lets go over this one more time. If you see a pridelander behind us, you..."

"Yeah, Yeah," she said. "I flick my tail twice." Nuka nodded.

"Keep your eyes out for ANY trouble," he said. "Anything worth reporting to mother will do wonders." He started to walk again, Vitani at his side. They reached a crest of hills and Nuka lay down facing Pride Rock. Vitani nodded and turned, facing the other side. Together, they kept watch, and, eventually Nuka tapped Vitani with his tail.

"Hey," he said, turning her around. "Get a look at that. Isnt that Simba with two cubs? Do you think they are his?" Vitani chuckled and cocked her head. Sure enough, maybe half a mile ahead of them, there was Simba walking with a cub on each side of him. Nuka nodded curtly and they both turned, running back for the Outlands. Mother would be so happy, so proud, and so thrilled with Nuka. She might even reward him and kill Kovu. Ofcourse she wouldent, though. Kovu was her 'little prince'. Nuka sighed, remembering when he had been Zira's 'little prince'. He turned his head forward and continued on towards the Den.

Chapter Four

Simba nodded, walking with his two cubs, Kiara, and Kopa. He smiled to each of them, laughing. "Well, my children," he said, "Thats the extent of the pridelands." Kopa stepped forward after they stopped. "Whats that place over there, Dad?" He said, swishing his tail. "That, son, is the outlands. You are forbidden to ever go there. That means you as well Kiara." Kiara grinned sheepishly, then smiled innocently. Like she would ever go over there.

Kopa turned and started to walk back home, his tuft swishing in the wind. "Were are you going, son?" Simba asked. "Back home, Dad!" he called back. He froze as he noticed what appeared to be two other Lions walking on the horizon. Had they heard them? He shook his head. He would go out and find them tomorrow, try to talk to them. Meanwhile, Simba and Kiara turned towards the Jungle. "Time to show you where your father lived for two years." Kiara nodded purring lightly as she followed him, tail swishing.


"Ya think they say us, Nuka?" Vitani asked, jumping in front of him. Nuka pushed past her, sighing. "Such a pain in the tail," he said, ignoring her question completely. He brightened at the fact that, for once, he had something to report to Mother. She would be so proud of him, taking away Kovu's position and giving it to him. Perhaps even more! His whiskers stood straight on end at that thought. What could she give him? Recognition? More love? Attention? There were endless possibilities!

"Hello...." Vitani said, jumping onto Nuka's head. "Earth to Nuka... You there?" Nuka smiled lightly, sweetly, and devlishly. "Oh, Vitani," he said. "If only you knew..." If only she knew. The den was now in sight, and they padded up silently. Zira was waiting for them, leaning against a rock pillar. "Mother!" Nuka called out, half purring. [b]"I have wonderful news! We saw Simba, and, he has two cubs!"

Zira's eyes lit up. She grabbed Nuka's whiskers and pulled him close, bending them crookedly. "And," she said, expectantly. "Did you catch them?"

Nuka looked down. "Well... No," he said. "I figured we could rally a pla...oww, Oww, OWW!" he exclaimed as Zira started to pull on his whiskers.

"You were HIDDEN!" She roared. "You could have AMBUSHED and CAUGHT them! Nuka, You disgrace me!" She released his whiskers and watched him fall back with disguist. She turned and walked away, heading for the small cave near the den. Nuka rubbed his face and felt his whiskers. They were crooked. He tried to straighten them, but they wouldent go back. He sighed and roared in agony once. Nothing had gone to plan. He stormed past Vitani and went for his usual corner. Turning three times, he rested his head in the same spot he had that half a moon ago.

Chapter Five

Sun filtered through the pridelands as first dawn struck. Kopa was already sneaking out of the den when someone behind him yawned. He froze, slowly turning around, only to realize it was Kiara. She hopped over to him and pulled him outside. "I'm comming too," she said adamantly. Kopa sighed and nodded. "Fine," he said. "But dont you go and tell dad." She nodded and followed him as he jumped down the rocks and ran off towards the outlands.


Nuka looked up from the rock he was perched precariously on. He would work his dexterity up so he could catch those rotten cubs. He took a breath and jumped from Rock to rock, eventually landing on the small plateau that was infront of him. He nodded, and, with an air of accomplishment, hopped down, falling right onto Kovu. Kovu rolled out from under him, gasping for air. "What was that for!" he exclaimed, glaring at Nuka. "I diddent mean it, you little termite," he said, flicking him on the nose. "Now," he said, "Go tell mother I'm heading out to the pridelands. I've got to do something." Kovu nodded and dashed off to tell Zira.

Nuka, meanwhile, turned his body and attention to the pridelands as his paws directed him there. Crossing over the familiar log, he slipped and almost lost his balance. Quickly regaining it, he padded through the path towards that same hill he had first spotted the cubs at.

Soon, Nuka reached the crest and sat there in plain sight. He could only hope that the cubs came and not some lioness.
Chapter Six

Kopa nudged Kiara with his tail, making her stop. "Is something out there, Kopa?" she said, quivering. Kopa nodded. "It looks like a lone lion, sleeping. Best not mess with it." Kiara sighed in relief. Kopa then started to move again, heading right towards the lion.

"You IDIOT!" Kiara hissed, tackling him. "Diddent you just say to leave it be?" Kopa put a paw over her mouth. "Shh..." He hissed. He let go of her and got up, creeping slowly towards the lion.

Vitani looked around franticly. If she diddent find Nuka before mother did... She shivered at the though. Zira's words rang through her head clearly. "If you find him lazing around, or if he is doing anything that is not examplery, you report it to me, Understood?" Vitani had nodded, but would not do so, because she knew Nuka wouldent be doing anything wrong.

"Where are you Nuka?" she hissed, running low to the ground. She spotted on the crest what seemed to be a sleeping lion. She ran up to it, noticing it was Nuka. She jumped on top of him, pulling his ear with her mouth. "C'mon Nuka..." she said in a soft voice. "Wake up!"

Kopa yet again stopped as he looked closer. There was something on top of the lion. He cocked his head and moved in closer. He wanted to see what was happening.

"Oh no..." Vitani whispered as she saw grass rustling. She thought it was Zira. "Nuka!" Vitani hissed loudly in his ear. "WAKE UP!" Nuka jumped up looking around. He diddent realize that he had sent a rather upset Vitani flying through the air. She yowled loudly as she hit the ground, but otherwise remained silent as she proceeded to walk over to Nuka and swipe him across the face with her claws. "Idiot!" she said. "What if mother came? You know she dosent like you lazing around!" Nuka sighed. "Trust me," he said, rubbing his face, "I know."

Kopa flinched against the ground, Kiara following suit. He hoped that he haddent been spotted. Slowly creeping up the hill, he rested in the long grass as he spied on what was going on. Kiara hit him lightly with her tail, but he ignored it. He was engrossed in the sibling fight going on.

Nuka turned towards where the Cubs were hiding and nodded. Its them, he mouthed to Vitani. Vitani nodded and, after 5 seconds, both of them pounced on the Cubs. Kopa and Kiara flinched, paralized in fear as the lion jumped onto Kiara. Kopa, however, was bowled over by someone who was about his age. He examined her. I...I've seen her before... he thought, but quickly shook out of it as she slapped him across the face. "What are you doing spying on us?" she demanded. Kopa's eyes glazed over lightly. That voice. He definitly knew her from somewhere.

Nuka hissed at Kiara. "You're Simba's brats, arent you," he said in disguist. "Wheres your guard that should be with you at all times? Nuka sneered, putting on his best Simba face. "Ohh, look at me, I'm mister high and mighty king who can do what he wants without consequences... laadeedaa..." Vitani could not help but chuckle at that before getting back to the task at hand. "Nuka," she said. "Lets take the cubs back to Mother."

Nuka nodded, picking them up by the scruffs of their necks and, despite the disguisting sweet taste of their fur, started to walk back to the den.

Chapter Seven

A few minutes later, Nuka and Vitani found themselves surrounded by lioness'. They took a breath of relief as they realised it was Mothers' hunting party. Nuka set the cubs down and stepped on their tails so they wouldent run. "We have a gift for Mother," he said, grinning with glee. "Is she among you?" One of the head huntresses, Ngoya, stepped forward. "Your mother is at the den still, Nuka." she said. "What marvelous food you have brought us!" Nuka shook his head. "Not food," he said fiercely. "A gift for mother."

Vitani, meanwhile, was looking at Kopa. That Cub, she thought. Probing her memories, they went back about 2 months. She was sitting atop pride rock with Kopa, leaning against him. I'll never forget you and your love, she said, purring lightly.

Kopa raised an eyebrow. Well, he said. Can we still see each other?

Vitani shook her head. Not with what Mother has planned, she said. I love you, but... I cannot. She looked at the ground, saddened.

Kopa nuzzled her lightly. Then, he said, Do me this one favor? Vitani looked at him. What favor is that? she asked. You and me both, he said. Lets always cherish what we had. Vitani nodded, tears in her eyes, and buried her head into his side.


Vitani's eyes widened. It was him. Her eyes lit up with glee. She would finally get to see him again! She nodded to Nuka. "Yeah," she said. "Lets go take them. I'll take the boy, you take the girl." Nuka nodded, picking the Kiara up in his mouth again.
"Yech..." he exclaimed through closed teeth. "Foul tasting pridelanders."

Vitani walked up to Kopa as Nuka walked towards the den. "Dear," she whispered in his ear, "I'll get you out later. For now, lets go." She winked at him, then hissed. "Come on, Pridelander. Get your tail in gear and WALK!"

Kopa looked over, confused, and, head and tail down, started to pad behind Nuka. Vitani smiled sweetly and devilishly, following him.

Chapter Eight

As Nuka walked, he found that Kopa was now cooperativly walking next to him with a defeated look on his face. Kiara, on the other hand, was violently swinging around in his mouth still, trying to get loose. Kopa looked up to her, and, in a small voice, said, "Just... give up Kiara. They've won." Kiara looked over at her brother, astounded. Nonetheless, she settled down, looking very sad.

Nuka smirked. This would HAVE to work! If it diddent... he diddent know what he would do. Vitani looked over at Nuka with an approving smile, then to Kopa with a devilishly sweet smile. She turned forward and said, "I'm running ahead to ready mother and the others." She said, breaking into a run. Nuka nodded, and Kopa looked over at him. He was half tempted to make a run for it, but shook his head, thinking otherwise.

"M..Mister Nuka?" He said in a small voice. "Where are we go--" He was cut short by Nuka.

"None of your buisiness, Runt." he said through Kiara's fur. Kopa turned around, walking ahead silently again. Every few seconds he would open his mouth to say something, but would think against it.

A few minutes later, the party reached the Den to find Zira, her guards, and Vitani waiting for them. Nuka could pick out the lioness' that were hiding here and there. "My, my, Nuka.", she said, grinning ear to ear. "You've finally done something right for once! Bring them to me at once."

Nuka nodded, and, pulling Kopa by his tail, Kiara in his mouth, he took the cubs over to Zira. Dropping them at her feet, he looked up at her expectantly. "D...did I do well, Mother?" he asked.

"Yes, my son." Zira said. "You have done well." She examined the cubs, then told the assembled lioness' to take up guard around the Den, lest Simba be worried and come out here. "Nuka!" she said, finally done. "Take these cubs to the rock-cages in the Den."

Nuka nodded. "Anything for you, mother!" he said, picking the cubs up again. By now he was used to their taste. He walked into the den without looking back.
Chapter Nine

Nuka sat in his corner, away from the two cubs, each in their own makeshift holding pen. He was beaming with joy, enthralled at the fact that Mother had aknowledged him. For once, he had done something right! He couldent stand it. Laying there, he closed his eyes, thinking about what could possibly happen to him. Maybe mother would finally recognize him as the true chosen one! Maybe he would have the honor of being the king! Thinking these thoughts, he soon fell asleep, forgetting about the cubs.

Vitani, peering around the corner, noticed that Nuka was asleep. After a few minutes she decided it was safe, so she ran over to the two cages and slipped to Kopas. Working her claw at the reeds Nuka had used to secure it closed, Kopa looked at her. "What do you want, Outlander." Kopa said coldly.

Vitani raised an eyebrow, yet kept to working the reeds out. She finally popped them out and tore down the makeshift walls.

"I said, what are you doing, outlander." Kopa said, staying put. Vitani, meanwhile, rushed into the cage, now torn down, and pulled Kopa into an embrace.

"K..Kopa..." she sobbed. "I missed you so much!" she leaned awkwardly on his shoulder, sobbing into his fur as he looked at her oddly.

"Who are you!" he exclaimed.

"You've... forgotten... havent you." she said. " Remember?" she put her 4th claw up to his, wrapping it around his. "Lets cherish each other, forever." she said, quoting him.

Kopa cocked his head. That voice was definitly familiar. He shook his head all the same. "Ok," Vitani said. "I'll let you figure it out." she stepped back. "Your free to go. No strings attatched. That that way," she said, indicating the rocks behind her. "Take your sister as well. You'll remember me one day," she said.

Kopa nodded, wide eyed as this she-cub that seemed to know everything about him let him free. Himself and Kiara ran for pride rock. When they reached home, neither of them spoke a word to Simba.

With tears in her eyes, Vitani curled up against Nuka, who, not even noticing her, pulled her closer. He was overjoyed still, imagining it was Zira. Sobbing, Vitani fell asleep.
<--Kyuuuuute Wiw Cubbeh. Ish Named Fuhara.
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