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Unread Feb 5th, 2005, 07:35 AM   #1
The game's a hoot!
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I have a warrant for your toe-nails

I haven't done one of these in decades (I'm way back on the ninth page). Yawn. Frith, I was so hyper and immature.

real name: Reda

aliases: 'Scape

DOB/Age: December 31, 1986. Do the math and I'm 18.

gender: female

appearance: I am 5"5. I have brown hair but it's been lightened now. I am caucasian. I use to have blue eyes but now they're sort of greyish. I don't like wearing one specific "trend". I wear what is comfortable for me. I love camo but I'll never go in the military.

location: Virginia, USA

favorite color: blue

favorite animal: felines, equines, rabbits, red pandas, ring-tailed lemurs

favorite type of music: a lot of rock, but not any of this new rock with untalented people. I like movie soundtracks as well. Danny Elfman, Howard Shore, John Williams.

favorite singer/group: Aerosmith and the Beatles. I also like listening to some Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd, Queen, Stones, Zeppelin. I'll even listen to some of my folks favorites like the BeeGees, Eagles, and Wings.

favorite books: Lord of the Rings and Watership Down. I'm just starting to read the Dune Chronicles. Also liked Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, and Narnia. May pick up Plague Dogs in the near future.

favorite actors/actresses: Johnny Depp, but for different reasons other than the usual fan-girly "OoOoOoOoh! He's soOoOoOo gorgeous!" Hrm. Christopher Reeve as well but I haven't seen that many of his movies so also for different reasons. I can remember listening to cassettes of his narration after the accident as a child. He was an inspiration.

favorite movies: Dances With Wolves, Jungle Emperor Leo, Lion King, Lord of the Rings, Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Watership Down. Actually, most of the Tim Burton movies could fall in this category as well. I'm junkie so I won't list anymore.

favorite shows: CSI (the original and Miami. New York's so-so), Farscape, Smallville, X-Files

As for a personal statment, I tend to lurk nowadays. That's all.
Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest forms.
- Sherlock Holmes, The Greek Interpreter

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