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Unread Jan 10th, 2012, 08:30 PM   #1
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Lightbulb TLK Fan Character Commissions Master List

Just thought it'd be nice to have a list for Lilymud members to put their prices for drawing quad characters.

Basic format something like:

Character- Quad
Number of allowed characters:
Sketch price: (include the currency type!)
Inks/line art:
Cell shading:
Painted/Full colour:
Real Media:
Complex Background:
Extra Character(s):
Complex char/wings/accessories:

Character- Anthro
Number of allowed characters:
Sketch price: (include the currency type!)
Inks/line art:
Cell shading:
Painted/Full colour:
Real Media:
Complex Background:
Extra Character(s):
Complex char/wings/accessories:

Icons/head shots
Head Shot:

(info on what species you are comfortable with, subject matter, etc. or a link to your Terms of Service)

How to contact/Payment
(your contact info, how you accept payment)

Adjust that for your own offerings. Use INC if it's included, such as you don't care about six legs or wings, use NA if you don't offer something.

(My bad, you can have TLK related anthro versions of rp characters. Oops, added anthro.)

People should be allowed to edit their posts here without penalty at any time to be able to adjust prices and say they are closed/open(add a date when you edit your post to close or open please so people know!)

Aaaand if we could get a mod to sticky that'd be fantastic.

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Unread Mar 4th, 2012, 07:47 AM   #2
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I hope this doesn't count as too much of a necro-bump, but I just updated my prices and would love to take advantage of this master list (which I think is awesome, EN!)

Anyway, here's what I currently offer:

Character- Quad
Number of allowed characters: Up to 3
Sketch price: $3 USD
Inks/line art: $4 USD
Flats: $5 USD
Cell shading: $5 USD
Painted/Full colour: $7 USD
Real Media: $7 USD
Complex Background: $9 USD
Extra Character(s): Add $1USD per character. Up to 3 characters can be in a picture.
Complex char/wings/accessories: INC, no extra charges here.

I also do stickers , these are Prismacolor drawings on Avery sticker paper. It is $4 USD for one sticker, $6 for two. One character per sticker.

I can mail you sketches, real media work and of course the stickers. Just add $1 USD to the price to cover shipping.

I can draw big cats, canines, and have started to branch on into other animals. However, all I ask is you keep it PG to PG-13. Nothing bugs me more than getting excited about getting a commission only to find out it's practically smut they want me to draw.

How to contact/Payment
You can email me at , or send me a note through deviantART ( my gallery link is in my signature). I prefer Paypal for payment, but I also gladly accept deviantART points. You can click here to see the USD to DA point conversions.

As of 3/4/2012 I am open for commissions.
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Unread Mar 5th, 2012, 12:03 PM   #3
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Mod Note: Given that this is a master list the time limit on posting will not apply- within reason. After a year or so non activity (if that happens which I don't think it will!) then it'll probably be locked but for now posting in this one after a month or two is okay.
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