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Unread Feb 19th, 2006, 06:22 PM   #1
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Name Change History

The following is a list of users who have undergone name changes. Feel free to search through it if you are unsure who somebody might be or if you are just curious about who has changed names lately. If you have undergone a name change and it is not listed here, please send a staff member a PM and we will add it here for the records.

The exact dates of these name changes aren't logged here, but the relative order in which they occurred are. So if someone changed his or her name several times (even back to an older one), there will be several rows here that reflect that.

Vitani (Mona)is nowMona
Rough Pupis nowCyberZeman
Killressis nowKuroneko Tenshi
Saz-Couganis nowSaz
Tokalais nowBarrel
Tamuis nowCheasta
Endless Nightis nowSableAntelope/EN
CyberZemanis nowTyPup
Sheeplis nowThe Poop
Kalinais nowDistant Vampire
Lotus Orientalisis nowCollared Drago'ess
General Grievousis nowTrebor
HellRaiseris nowWesker
Casnewyddis nowCasnewydd NGD
Renruois nowSplodge
Police-Catis nowEspandi
Cyberdyneis nowCyberdyne/Shenzikhan
Silendeis nowRibbons
TyPupis nowRoughPup
The White Knight Xavieris nowXavier
Boomtown Gerudois nowFara Quickblade
Maiis nowMai Tai
Cosmo-staris nowKai (Cosmo)
SheDevilKidis nowKurai
FurryDrakeis nowInactive 543
AmberAlmightyis nowGSwirly
Ribbonsis nowCardinal Phoenixe
RoughPupis nowDumaCheetah
Simba_Heartedis nowSimbaHearted
Cardinal Phoenixeis nowAhnah Sos
thelittlehorroris nowPanthaKat
Casnewydd NGDis nowCasnewydd TW
Ra is nowSekhmetra
Kippyis nowCat B.
Ahnah Sosis nowQuoy
zack2kis nowAftermath
Archimediesis nowAndrey
Sombariis nowAyako
quoy is nowschooner
Sekhmetrais nowRacosa Sekhmetra
Vaquerois nowQoo
Creadineis nowDreadea
King Scaris nowAkela
Scatterheartis nowTeekeeus
Xarima_Koran (XaKo)is nowXaKo
Kidieis nowKydee
Lockis nowDashella
Scottieis nowMaple
Empty_DaRknessis nowYin
_caitlin_is nowXarbsai
Mystiqis nowAndraste
Naquadais nowNaquadah
Lan Mandragoran is nowWolfbrother
Marauding-Stripes is nowKoorii
DragonManis nowCharizard
twinklestahis nowCally
Elberethis nowGemxx
Mai Taiis nowMai Tai/A'iau
Magic-Angelis nowEstaron
Wolfbrotheris nowBen Linus
Racosa Sekhmetrais nowKhaiyrah
Ben Linusis nowTuomas Holopainen
Noodleis nowDougie
Naquadahis nowNaquada
ShadySLis nowNorth
plaguedogsfan93is nowDodie
Shenzi_Khanis nowKingEternal
kmeranteis nowpizazz
thelionking4everis nowThe FullMetal Alchemist
kelsey3251is nowPrincess-Zara
Stimbais nowReVo
Monjaruis nowBlitz Rogue
Lianais now*~Disney Dudette~*
*~Disney Dudette~*is nowLiana
natalie_moormanis nowSkylark
adhamais nowBughudhi
starbucksgrlis nowbeautifully x broken
Ralliis nowmSnitta
Naquadais nowJoallyn
King Eternalis nowCajis
Renanais nowKellySkellington
Lianais nowLiana Amiri
Kittynipsis nowPapillon
Bakarneis nowNox Säkeistö
Azulis nowTigery
beautifully x brokenis nowheather rose
Liana Amiriis nowplaguedogsfan93
Night Ravenis nowPotato
Gheddersis nowKurosa
Emphibivianis nowCoyox
jhaleis nowjwalraven
Asani_Morganis nowMorgan?Massacre
Abyssinianis nowvitani333
eilanachis nowEileanach
mspellman152is nowmspellman
SweetieToddis nowvitani333
Tuomas Holopainenis nowCrimson Wolf
gothic180is nowMaggot
Zack_Fairis nowArzefiel
Skyler Dumais nowSkyler Puma
KatdaKat1988is nowKerijiano
Sadikiis nowAdwoa
emmaiseffedis nowNWY-EEZTW
Tigonis nowMjau
E'Vrenais nowZazunica
The Gaugamay Angelis nowJezzabelle
Mai Taiis nowHoku
Xavieris nowKiran
spazzeh_teh_ruleris nowSpaz
Gemxxis nowLittle-Bird
KaidaTigeris nowShawchert
Lilithis nowSaz
Pixis nowDasypus
Spirited-Mindis nowCheckerz
~Fireheart~is nowFirestar
Kurosais nowKitten84
heather roseis nowHeather Hurricane™
Swampylionis nowZola the Lynx
LobaFerozis nowAguara Guazu
JRis nowLionPride
Morgan?Massacreis nowRemix?Kitten
Almost_Crazyis nowAlready_Crazy
Hokuis nowMai Tai
Adwoais nowSadiki
AngelofIceis nowGlacidia
Aneiis nowSergeAnei
Shinshin-chanis nowShinda
Already_Crazyis nowBayWell
Kirenis nowSergeant Mwezi
Quillis nowQ
Sassis nowOatmeal
Cajisis nowShenzikhan
Coal Chaseris nowDembe
Naquadais nowMesalline
Khaiyrahis nowKayla
Mai Taiis nowHonu
criquetinis nowBuddy Rich
Kinkajoguis nowJogu
Dougieis nowBuddy Rich
Oatmealis nowSassy
Tsunamiis nowMigrant Mother
Wolverinais nowDodger
Drago Joviis nowDrago
Arzefielis nowZach Fair
Killressis nowKoi
Heather Hurricaneis nowDisaster At The Alamo
Titan-Katis nowMeerkitty
Koiis nowInactive2323
Mesallineis nowTagaen
Qis nowQuill
Skyler Pumais nowDuma
Callyis nowTwinklestah
Estarialis nowkwakwakawakawa
Sillydog47is nowSillydog The Great
Twilightchaseris nowDeadWing
Dashellais nowCoraline
BayWellis nowTemporicide
Dumais nowSkyler Duma
Maggotis nowAnnie
ShenziKhanis nowThe-Dark-Lion
Scapeis nowFawkes
Coralineis nowDashella
Honuis nowJaharia
Northis nowShady Leopard
Zola the Lynxis nowScarecrow X
Monais nowthe black rabbit
Torazis nowGuandoya
Nukiis nowTessa Teardrop
Joguis nowCirce
Circeis nowJogu
VampireRawris nowAngelOfMusic
Meerkittyis nowInvader Meer
Tessa Teardropis nowKoma
Black_ravenis nowBastet_Greypaws
zincis nowScene
The Snow Gryphonis nowShellcat
Disaster At The Alamois nowAwkwardCupcakes
The-Dark-Lionis nowthespottedhyena
Kitty17794is nowMiss Manday
Shady Leopardis nowSeymour
Komais nowNuki
Sceneis nowLeeza
Leezais nowRarw
Kavu Sungurais nowFlamingo
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Unread Feb 25th, 2011, 10:31 PM   #2
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Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Ohio
Posts: 2,866

Sassyis nowCandyApple
Dragois nowJazzOfSuburbia
Zelosis nowJudas
CandyAppleis nowSassy
Shenzi_Khanis nowDessikeeno
JazzOfSuburbiais nowDrago
Galactacianis nowKim
Quillis nowUnacattu
DeadWingis nowTC
Joyannais nowMistymara
SableAntelope/ENis nowEndlessNight
Unacattuis nowQuill
Dashellais nowMograine
Mistymarais nowlily-faun
Kitiarais nowJinglez
Royal_Pirateis nowAerazura
Bhati-Terrais nowTerraWolfDog
thespottedhyenais nowOverdrive
Casnewydd is nowIapetusCas
Coal Chaseris nowAkitaMutt
Mograineis nowDashella
TheProtobabeis nowZorayda
Overdriveis nowSavagethebunny
Zentina (Jacqui)is nowZentina

Mods: use the following template to update this list. Simply add the line that starts with "tr" into the above code chunk after the final "/tr" you see. Be sure to replace "OldName", "NewName", and "123456" with the appropriate values! Also, be sure that everything remains on one line; due to the way vBulletin handles HTML in posts, extra newlines will make everything show up goofy.

OldNameis nowNewName

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